The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 31, 1851, Image 1

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'JAMES ItOSS' SNOWDEN; Attorney end
C0M12.31 tor at La, .Na. 123 Fourth rare:, Pittabarab.
.• del3qa
W, !CUTER, Attorney at Law.—Collor
• . as 4 Convvrancincearrfully attended . u
Urant street. neat thelburt
• no7:y
A51.r3 F. Klllll Attorneyati t w—° itvec eebtlamlrsl,
4.9S,VVEAVEIt, Attorney at Law, Fourth
..11111.011 01.11,1141,i, ,
• ••••''. Lt," 7.M j'.: pnute u r f n , '" ,..,:14 f
(I, l7 butek. p,.
flak - L Commissioa4 for o
j IV; WIIITE Ateuracy Lacr--01-
i.l'''.nearrhhhhi Iti ikrthhhi.
1 • Inr.IMIT
P. 4. O. L' 8.. PETTERAIAN, Attor
. taps at law and Mats Atz7U, N,41.107 ItII
Pitembnralt. - feblo
/1,51E5 - J. KUHN, ttorney at , Law, OSCC,
111 gh.mart 11211. tomes et,Onrat wheel sad Diamond
.111.4.burgb. • ' .• .
I . "'VA.Vgitiy7kitom e e at- Law,
!.V.P` .I,ll k DAY: John Snyder, Pnoz
ton, Itmiftst R t:.4 %V u. B. Puns-hJaa FISLIJa4 A .'
•' :• countanh Goi,J7,lantoon,Pittobn= ' . 17
,71DwAi 1.) Y. ONE.. A .y at Law:
'Mee ca Faure! ttrett. betseen Irerdstui Scat],
ASPER...E. READY', Attorniy at Law,
Ne. RO Fifth scroat. Pittaburcb. Pa. ' •
Oh -eY Miami
Th'''' 7 dri.r.OßGE-- E. ARNOLD ,d 0
ot Eankons:
I . 'V i tsUl=lLT:ilt4't the B
ran.l.l s.r.a the pro-stei e of Pi n
nazittel to
pro . par
•.! 0fv0z..,....d. o. , corm.
WILLIAMS • &. CO, - kßazikers
a n d l'hirstr.=rjg: Moral E"' verger °lll'd
r All troasaellon.4 i ttldo:on /Thema tenni, add 'Tarpons
I r t , R.. KING, Banker and ExcliangO Broker,
rourtb otrrad...Deoler In Bonk Mole, of Er:
....i..._ . &e%15 . 1 . 11aft.l storks boughtand sold.
nut IMan and n Jrd= To d d l ' l ' p r ooTot
wm. LARIMEII, - JR, Banker andßroker,
4116 Olv.otega Oro adjoining the Dank of Pltolborgb.
WILKINS lc ExrLange Brokers,
Booth Sort Corner of Third scal IllArkst anteta. All
• - ••• at mon Ilberfl
-la DOOMS St SON, Dealers in Foreign
I.lthrtntetlel3lllrer Ithrlllutte Certif./. or 1,,
Wk Not. tout Npetie. •Ne. W.l. lilt.
Nur. .I.
lEhANAlettleht mete en It the trttatip,l chits
atthellettetl Butes • • • •
RAILM, Bankers and' Ex
'etwags pm_ Dealer, le Forel= .11 tio44l.stle
4, ofEselulaq. ll.rtltatn D•pualte Dank Illota4.—
! --C l
M ' Ch n r r tlg f lt r l. dA'"'" "" l4& ' tUr CrP'n.
MrIIID & IRVlN.`Commission ISlorchants
end SIII Broker; Ne. 114 SGeolli street: Petentssl we!
Notate eseseittes from SIODta 510440 away. e m bend
dom.. S.. MUM.
• E ALMER, • IIANNA & CO. Successors to
• 'llniver, Mane k• CO" De...etrad, Lenz., Brame.
dreier" Forrigti and Domestic Krehanire, Certificated,
Waalreaft. rank Notre; and Jim:re—heath Kent reran. of
and Third - servet cakr...tlToner revolved on Pc
- -poet Nada Cliecta klr rale, and nited rearan muo-
ea4a.. , Wow the rainciral prints of oho Um • ••• •
--•- „istiart . premium raid for .rote: ard rttyaaf
• eletranakeeraneleeintrinsigninantserrrialacertaapect nat.
on liberal feria,
112. SCLOB, Commissinner and Bill
LA Bab.; 112 Seowar street. Strict likOmtlon' will be
~; 'seta to all banneee eattoted to Ile este. Pitlabotall
aumalleotwed ankes l alwaye Duel or wmared &On
Notes. Deals, Mortgasea Co, negetlatel on Woo
able terecal--Advauere male.llronered. oe22
9._o3owlzoN, lateJohnston•k,Stock
.ll.ll''tom itnol.efl,r,l3tetk.orr,Prlotrx. and Binder, cor
r, of Ilakrt yodnifhilltre.4.2ltteborch. •
B:.1101,11ES'-cheurt Li,teru. Depot,
Thiel. tenet. Oriocito the Itttl. OCles. -New. Boobs m
oo:sod doilr Irrtotorroo. orrolyof to war of
thoMoraftreo or FinnflarfAX.robllitzek at the publisher's
_ _
..R.EA. , , tiookaeller and Stationer,
. No. IS Wm:lth •creel. Stand Bataan. -
Mannfacturerand fm
V u=rgTzt.,,o§) Cloths, En. Bon Trlm•
n 4.79 sroat6t.trlusb:
POINI cornerrof Waterand
ma,t Mon." comannoy AXtrag .
1101,Ve:' anti' inr tfla yurciaas and Ate IOW!,
Rosters Perdue*. frau, Nalls,Ulas.s,atalthe male arra
o( IlOstasrah asarrallr. •
' for Ow sale or N. Ilaraor& . areel.
oslef.eated Munro anti (tar Yorke, at raawou.
We., OM Jestklal a (1a... superlmpacka4 Tear: . aplott
CA A; Me.% ULT Y & CO---Tracispqrtors,
i Irerwardloir sai ronoadxfan
CLIstU, rna i‘mn ravnt. ritt.g.atn.
I t..
'l' .woons fr.:SOlgviltODUCE DEALERS
11 6m.ueLona ilexlmats. No. 61 WAterr Arid.
tV 31: 11. 'UOIINSTON, Forwarding arid
.yiTr,,,,Lk.nrciladari McsitiaN Na us sand atone.
Pitt.b.r.k. •
Ntit & JONES, PCTlrrieigid COM
- ahem Marchanti. Dwl•ra Pratir sad rittr
J 4 C.,. La-en. • Sareath
ARDY, JONES & CO., Sactessare to At-
Wr/t ' gri , it e es.Vitt. ° J,'.V. F .r' 444 Alll'
tvat.,o4:llsc.ii)t )
AVA:MASON A, CO.; 'lVlinlesale and Retail
41,1kalari In caner awl %Os Lir noala CZ:Market
suaat. Cabtatrgh•
Kiii 3 ll,l7 I.IIUIIOIIIOIELD, Wilous&t.s
r.a.41 Dry Goods ttryrkanta. dattry of Your"
itet stetctf. Pittryorrii: •
HUNT, I)entigt, Corner of Fourth
MI Ikea= at.. bstsval Itszket sail WM' James,-
P • 'ooc
Onneo Aferehiatift the tale Aingriftn
vn (hods. 1.32 Lltorr9 et.. PiEt.burgt.. -
A 4.7 ILAILBAUGIE, - Wool MercLants,
Destennon, and POoduiv aelperaDr. teal' Inn
Irudininiend Ornasnliainn lbrcbm3[l,.N. - 1/5 nrirt
ad 116 ktond street. nttsbisreb.
A• •
ADAM HARDIE, Veterin,zry Surgeon,lite
Mill • lilltibarzla,.Bmtlatal would rempewAtally
kount tbmpublie, that he hss pemlu b )e. hi 1h
Olfjt=t=3:llopleorg.:raTf=* d'""
let coensetion stet Jam*. Ilantaa. Ilona tibodaa wad
general will be ...Hod a, at tin core . ...
Mat übtl
Doctor_G. Beichhelm
INFORMS hififriends and the public in gen
end. th.t b. has ramose/ bit Gam to Peon street. No
next to Bt. Clair !EBB].
. • • •
P. 3.—Pervwx tooletdad to MU. Ed, length or thno, are
roloosted to told., their ...would,
F. R. Moore, M. D.,
opftial attwollou to iho trewtior at of dlotapow. of wok
looind ohlldrvn, and &ato db.,. gotwrall. wed aa
obroola add ourideal dlotoww. °taco Audrrsoo Arr.;
otewr th.. Hand .trees Uriotwo, god coat door to d, Plan.
Allestowor City. 011 x. bourn from 7t09 A. 51.
from l Lk 3. sod from 7 to 9 P. M.
tK. J. J. 14IYE RS---Surgeon and Physician.
um. sea n's dwelln oorr of Darlingto nn,, No.
hird pt.. on e d i oor g
abov n e a Smithfield at.
Dr. 31yero hot pr.:tat:wordy located in Pittaborah, d
trill attend to the dune. of his Prge:giold He rill giv an e
wrtronlar attentien Strioricat earl.. and the dtrevera of
woman and children.
TAMES 31cOUFFEY, (successor to John D.
ON Whnlepala Druggist, and dal, In ohs,
ralnts, 1/n- t Parininerina, an., N. Ul
Wcol streeL ona door donator Diamond alley. Pittsburgh.
Pa. Coto:aptly on hand • supply of Moron's Cough Jr.
run. Ida, I . lll,and Worm n
n A. P,III,NESTOCK. & CO., Wholesale
• Dropo•o, tam inanufacturars of White Laud, Cod
I*l, nod Lltbarga, norm, Wood anal.erwat strut., Pitts
burgh, Pa. culla
t. C. 1,4 , 61.1.
411. 0. IL LEI.. i
l ir EI:UR Sc bicDOWELL, (Succoosors to
K co Kerr A lierrier,) Wholesale Kral Iletai/ Dr. and
lresrdiptlon Year., corner or Wood Freud and All.. alley.
Physicians . preernierlorie carefully compouraled and
la. -3: ;La
I KIDD CO., IV boleanle Druglritann Deal
az rilLn, sad Luni 6,y-ros, No. armee co tVa..l no d
Vuorth otro,..,l•lll.Aburgt. Orde..lll no...fully park.
nod forwardr.l .an diquoteh.
IC.I E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
DM, Palo., pro , Stull), Varolebno. Co., 1.e..
47 Wood Rtrvvt, Pittnburr.2l, Pi. Goain vrarrant,..l.
I N. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
JI.J • lto.l lu Set.l6 tad Agricultural Impletut , utA,
so.. lei and 103 Wtxkl rtlYt. extrove of Sixth.
......... ..... dada.. ann.
".• {{ALIN it. KELLER, Wholesale and Retail
Dra4r.d‘ta. e.-draeraf lildertd. and Pt. Clair
rcb, Pa.
Pcb. Ps
JSC IIOONMAKER Ss Wholesale Drug.
No. 21 word et.. Plttnburch.
OUT= nu,-
BLACKBITHN CO., Wholopule Oro
tt hand al 1.1,1 r Waretrum, 11l Warns rare, i'll.burid3
I *.
LE F. WILSON, Wholesale OrOcers and
Y • Cornipi.i.m Merriman., A4era• bawd, nf
Pnot , Ponder. So. 11, wed 1.17 Fr.4l .PI
JL. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Cummitotion
. N.Nrebant., an.l dealer In Paper load 11.vw corner el
Y.. and Irwin htobar.h.
AMI.I.EL P. SIIK TbR, Whulesalu Jnr
Sraval plevvt. Wood :lalthut4d. rltuburgla.
JOH" .... .... . .....
1101 I N S. DI LWORT. 11 s (JO., Wholesale
Orocers. Prcdoro and Comaawien Alerc.hants; nod
[ran for lls.w.rct Med., Co, of Ll.xartlvllle. Coon, Z.. 0.
St Wad id„ Pitt•lirgh.
J. Mr. jUltll4lll,tl.] B. P. 01 , .A111.
'JP Grocersand Cetataselen 2.1 a Ile bt..
harem, all 4 1,0 First Meet. Pittetetreh..
HEY, bIATTUEWS A CO., Wholeßala
14 Grocrrs, Comma:lino and forwarding Airrebanta. and
gen. for Brighton COILOD Vann, 67 Water SI, kittAbstrgh.
JOHN WATT & CO., Wholesale (Iromrs,
Comminnon )I.rthan Ix, and I , alerm In Protium...a
flttaboroh, Ou. 2C6 Librty ofrert, • ritt.
burgh. I'..
1 B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
to • Commission and Enmeanlln M•rchlm‘ and Whoin
pale Dealer ha Waxen. Iteserva Chemin, Butter. Pot and
Penal Ash. and IVeatern uer cenerallr. ICatar ECtet..
bercren Smiddloid and Pittsburah.
161, F. VON BONNLIORST & CO., Wholo
-80 • Azle Gmerr, Fon/antic, sad Combasm Merch
ants.• Dealers in Pittatarch sala ATt•stern
Uti, comer of !root trivet and Chaneery
lo.SA II DICKEY CO. Wholesale Oro
cern, Cozaal.'m' 31exchaats. am; Della* Prkluce--
Wan, ar.d 107 Front stmt, llttitbarstL.
& BENNETT, Into English,
Gallagher Wholn,Golinarrra.laanaraisnonaral
&lag MarcLana, ' anal lhaler, ha Freda:, and
Wrath 11.ufseuras. Nu. 122 Second sc. lard 121 }lnd a..
between Wcal and tivaah2,ll.
mm. KVIII.--...1..(01 D. •ws..—.raznn C. DD.
M'GILLS h ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
Cornmisriva itnclaanto, No. I.IbMT
ttOBERT MOORE, ,Wholesalo Grocer,
Bettering Dietiller, dealer in Perdue. Fatebragh
%factures, and all kind& r e Forrig - r,
a lnd tha texce,lie.
Ines and Liqnor o. axe L i s a
ai. f case.
w t . 11.4 7,
Wjeliirti An c lat 1
ROBERT_ DA,LZELL it, CO., Wholesale
i mi t:L =cmzoivaltsta i rlers tu
• I 6,nett..
Etta...! boiter httat=Auturct- Si o. L ff;
Limrty erect. l'itlmbortl.
W. U. Tooowla.z..._ ...w.rd tsasu.
ri BAOALEY & CO., Wholesale Gro
cers, Nca. In and 2:1 Wood Stront. Pittobuirla.
WICK & IIIeCANDLESS, successor. to
1.. AA/. D. Wick. Whalers!. anger, IrprearDna
era' llainalsann Marth.ta. dealers la Ima. Nail+. alai.
Collets Varna. and Pasettarall taartatartarer
corner of Wood and Water meet. Pittabstrata
. and Uniimtruloo Slercbmata. Deelrra In Pro.
, =. 4 .l34l .. r h t,nt . t . Stalautscrured Article, Is 6 LltYert,
LD. WILLIAMS Sr. CO., Wholesale and
• notoil F•pflly Orem, l'onranlino nod Como:Oxfam
ots. and Destertin Country Proloce aad Pittaborob
Marinfactutn, roomer of Wood of Ykith oto.. littatnargh.
jaOBINSON, LITTLE i & CO., No. 255
Libnty otmet, Pittattarrai. irbcl.•2lo Gmws, try.
vet utd Cemmishma Mertb=l.s. deslers P. burgh
R. ELOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Corn
AlconnsuW. and Deakin in Produce—hound
Awn DoWinton, frontlnn on Litorty . Wool, and ninth
moo., Ilinsbusgh. Po.
u Drains ln Piednee, Foreign Mune, Liquors. Old )Sao
ela and liectitted Whiskey—No. b. C l omm.relal Itov.
Liberry at.l.ll.4lburrtt. •
Wholesale .oiocer, Co rn
=l/Plintl and Farrnatitng Merehatss, andd•alla
Olaaa, =4 Plusbonthillamulacinrea
at...rattly—No. Water rt.. awl 78 Yirat Pittebttrgb.
! JOHN H. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Forte,
aml 11,10.1 IlutrumentA.. School 11.1 u.
iIjENRY-KLEBER, Dealer in Male, Mu
rk.] instruments, and Import. of Rail= Ntrzora
&oogord for Norms it Clark's ,e - rand sal oqoaro
Colornatie Xoksoo Auselarnent. Aloc, for Dunham'
I OIIN WerIIERELL, Maiifacturer of
orr of doderroa and Robio,x are.. ono Mall., from C,,
hood htivet Eridr., A Iltahoor of Or. mar.
44 Pennock & Co..
WARKDOESE--NO. r.e WOOD arum Pirreovitou,
ANUFACTORERS of Cotton Yarns,
grt=MI V ,M A
• Anaxt.s for raw of AK...110E AND KEYSTONE sma..r.
111.3 .... . . ro,
ONES & Q GIIG , Manufacturers of Spring
"A.Sid Mite, incel, Plough nisei, gioci l'inagb Wings,
• 4. and , OHOe tigrings. nommen.' Iron Aolog and
dealer. in lionionig— • Comings, Fire Motive Lorne, smi
noun Trimming. generally. corner of Ito. and Front et..
tILLI S, WILSON k. CO., Manufso
tamers of sloes WI.. NO* •tal ftio B D toot.. R.
halr, and Doing nail& a.h.lains, 01008,
*boo nail& Cow banal and WWI6a do.: al. runt od and
2.1 blood nails.!n,no,
00too LIPPENCWIT & CO. No.llB, Water Pt., Parr
=Cs. alaguteeture atril keep conetantlr ea hand CI
ea. of Tacks, thuds, and bparablee. Yisistainu,Clout t tnd
Hob Pial#, brae 111.1,1/.. barrel aud Letbiait ticu4
Cupp. halle lad 'Tacks, PIMA IM. Copperaud Zino
abue Nal. Pattern Cakes.' Pointe, hirers, warted mac,
dr., Cr- rte. CHESP 00.,
Watetcusga SO WiPer Pittsburgh.
jitiNNED , • MMUS it CO., blezufactu
rr4 of ...ry ulterior 44 etu•dtur. rerp..4 Chain
uot Trine SW4 NUltt. Ye. MM. klUtborth.
act, Bo
.mykCa, Gisoalsoiofer• of Soda AGO. Idase....b
Poo`d... 31tufotio and Out:ohmic Add:. Warehouse,
No. G 3 Water below Mom.
A.BR.OWN would mint respectfully inform
'th•ouNh. , that he engem head stltle stand oath* ewd
euteof the Lestuntel, Allogireur. ear. eeterarte woortruent
by the
of VetlitibweAll bitu ety ie. Yerati tibattero ore wide to orb.
de ebe .
werrentel Rates lilt bawls ewebrenWe rmt d b i u h r u U the tore
eernw drirer. fleeing paroblowl the latlktg?le t endwoM
of the cabinet erlehlieloment of lterarey filetArboad. am
nrepered la furnish their old rastomere. as well oe the rube
lerayt, watt every. thlng I. their
lo a.h Wood stmt. l'ittsburch.
A A. nuolcw.
OBERT MORRIS, Ten and Wine Mer
Le, chant. Riot silo of the tholoood. Pittsburgh;
Ad'CLUR .15c CO.; -anent* nnd
V , Te 4 Deelvo, No. 2:41 Liberty streeve Wood
have 114.1/, 11.001 ••WV, allN.truerit or Chow.
011/24 Vine Teas. Alm — koreirn Praitv aa4 Nate. Who.-
•I• aryl non th•
ALT R u. :f i e j . ii !,ll.lS rt llA . L ., L, D, SteLev r..r to
iinranno WI Rot , :inrn; Window
praora, tn. Printion.
ora g wrapping raper, N 0.156 Wain still, brawran 'torah
Irtnatund #l.3r. Pttutmb,
liAr 'CORD & .CO., Wholesalo and Retail
.1.7 IL Manufacturer.. and Anders In Flate s capkand Punt
corm, Wnott and Iflfllt atreetn, Pittsburgh. Whore they
fret a full and mantas dock of Hahn Cap /fur., de, of
fru duality and atria, Whatall• Und Egad, and to
flto the attend° of titer Intaccoeta unquote...ors
417. mauling th r eat that thry tad ou the moat advao
goon,. tonal.
j.CHESTER, blerenant Tailor and Clo
c• thin.. No. 71 donttnald Particular att. .
nald to [loyal and You , edMill/. non , /
AIME. DIGEk, nt Tailor, Draper,
and Deeded In Mandy no. 1= W arty et,
3. Will
WHOLESALE and retail manufactu
, rem and deida Rata .and lAtpa o. PI
oat rime/. thin/ door re
010.1 Diamond A/ley, N Mts.
burich—•here they offer a full and coon.. nod/ of LiALI
and Dana of their corn aml klestion manufacture, of de ery
nuallte and kyle. hy wholeoala anil Mall. and loolia the
attention /4 their oustotoersll,l4 the nubile, Asami. Mr/.
%hid thsy oo the anael ratao.ble tan..
JAMES IL PARKS, Designer and Wood
9Enamors. Philo Ball, Third strtot, over Piast °Mee.
ttsird atory, tared re•rertfully Inform. the pdblie that be
1. prepared to .lurid. all kinds of Dealaniug, and Wood
..Entrraring. ouch as %leas of Building. dtrarnbrals., and
kladlinery, tiodoties . Peals of ever, deaeriptiort. Ornamen.
tel Newspaper Head. Druggists' Label. Cotton Romig.
and Ohms Bolt. Le. Tams se, moderate nOll
I`l SCLIUCIIMAN'S Lithograph
, ir Establishment, Third atreet,oPTgdito tits Pant
11 Pitteldsreb. Maps.Latolstmso, Portraite.'Sibow
Pro:s24, Loud, Label. Arrldtdateral nod filtodsind
Drawing, Ihssinvta and Visiting Carla, Pr., engraved or
drawn on .±tone and printed In colors, tiold, Bro., or
Blank, in the mews anrrtovesi ed.. and at the most macre
.111 E ABOVE FIRM respectfully axinnunco
. w their trienU and the ;oldie genenitly. }hat the.;
are , prepared to exe c.. thr (12,4 kyle of tEtetr art, alt
order-,ftr thew Cards. 1 1 1111, Dtplomaa, Cheek; letting
and I'mA...lmnd Canl,t Slane, Chart, Labels, Re.
r , tal,linbtnent 1. st No, t'AS Alaeket ettoet, between
Third and Fnarth nv noire nieh&tr
Henry , Riellardson, Jeweler,
AVING re-fitted his store in a
l 11 handsome manner and but recently return-1N
ed trout the eastern calve with a. fine . assortment
of WA rellEe. A.:ft - Elan . and FANCY 1.1000,
would nil the attention of his Bientla and customers tone
fart that among Ws Watches will be found the most desi
rable styles, patterns and makes.
(If Jeweirs, the lobos style. ot /troche. Breast
Fobs nd Peet CluthaChains.Yingi,e Ba, Ere
inar Clog. Miniatu
- • •
doeh aa Panior Macho, WorkTahlea, Wort
noawa, pao‘a. ra•or . 3 - VaAra. Parlame Mottles, Table Mats.
Volt's Pato'', Porto Mt:males In gropat .arty, CL loot roll
and Coke blibea.,lca, With an moth.. eari,.ty of taxcluil sod
orrounentil arUrle, wlllon hate only to Is area to W. 1.-
Prooiat.A. (not] No. SI 3IAIIKI.T STIU,AT.
WILspN, Watehes;Jewelry, Silver
°GAN, WILSON & CO., Importers aud
WI. karats 141.1 e., to lbardwarr .21,1 ClUtlery. No
str... hrtabcgewtt.
ctirner of Third truer and
110. Llm e e + e iw t, Mot tar. Lath. le-. fur nlw
I 011 N A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the Lake
ity Erie and 511thtsna Lin. to 8e1,1,1 . and thd LILY...—
Ando. on the, corned of Water and Mmittnield
LEECI tt 00.,•Tmasporters by Canal
1 Fanrardin, Similar.. owner or Perm street
an. th
New Marble and Freeport Stone Works.
kIIaILIND WILKINS, in addition to his
sst,,,,tss sstsbostonion oo Llbedy atm, he,.l or
fret, Cu opened a hyena of 'his Work..
a.barYnt to tile Cetertery.eetr. wtier4+, ream libel:rya ye.
..ry •atiety of !fart. end Srver.r.rt bthue, Tic SIOn unmet..
Teal.. Tomb Stow... aleotelo. to. Marble: eurtnaz
and Wonting for Crtaetery Lots, Froepcat.t.tnne—•
yrre durable Wateillti. lwat,t,.l
no me renle. t.ho
IlerirtYty, Le is , pretend tn camst
order* te/tb mint.
itude, end on We Ingot terr.,...—and Lope. fur a oozitinti.
an, of the Liatrt , tzto• err...tore so Liberally extended.
Wm. M. McKnight
LL give special attention to the
tiue of Mahn. tot Morena,. and others, In War,
to Patursplaanla and Lnatern Ohio.
UMl , l3nnnata o h . Now Dann, D ra y.,
iirrerenoca—Jnbn Mortlern. P.C. Mercian, D. N. Whine.
Ihonytn. awl Mr1..N.14110,
itr //MART & NOBLE—City Flouring
rMU.. No. tat I.nbartr nor of Adam. at. Pituburah
„LI Dranttntsmanni, and Prarru nil !Nang in ata. Matra
dranklira Moirla tor toe natant Chlee, drawn. of 61.6.1-
nos, tor Minor'
1 , WatAr %Inns, 61ar
tonand lartnizto M. and 6P.M. at big rrantraco. No. 21
Alvbary straw!, Plttaburati Janlandly•
ONEOGER Er co: Importers of 1 Vines,
twean L:uth,n m f d r w. Chrr. 161 nainutl - A6et.n.
• •
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delterure Mu
tea Boer IrsamamOsaivion. .2 Wahl. amat.
1 GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
el rm. !aroma,* Commn. ziorth .ant nram cf Wool
ul Tnird
11 131 %2
.M.r0tru.211.1.V.1.1ue.'.74.'' , " ,w01 !w00d tobtttutl4ll). boot* to Es - motor, or old fw aa
, ocicul ant,' y. or tepairod. N ants pat. lo glltletotos.
ci.ogn obo or.. Waling are 10011.11.0 call. ?mot ley.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
sion, Heeerring and Forwarding.
nALDIVIN, PLUME 1 i CO., Rase this
moral...l.lth lbwm Mr. Jam Law,. alAl off,
Cu>yltrk o, okerriceo la the pubiir etearobowt A pruto.
h t
"".. 1411=7 " 1 , i ' llall
IActAMTA. April 11... 15:4. .142 William.' how.
iIOUNTY LANDS—Cerr. C 1149. NAYLoz,
Attonm , at W.. No. ItZ,Tbinl ft, corner or Cbarry
hartna mad. arrangement., for the purpor, al/1
proem, Douro. Lands I. <Oren and taliarr,heir
aid.," and childrro. awl will at.nd to any , de , " bind
now, connected with the iroveratoent or au, of 11. ire
manta the Penelon otlY, or the Courts at 1.1. t. City of
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
R. R. SMITH is now prepared to Rive
It to a few purl In in the ddierent bratrtiee
r . . 1 1119 delightful an. at Lb mama, in llama Pmelfe
Attlimoin new building. First Wort. Mtwara Woad and
Market atreety. Boum o
ff` stroctio. from IN tor ra nd
from alto /ii/ ie. Ci and otber Part/mama
k t " fi ' m 'lh f r l o 4n"'" rrdl " JaPadtf
Dr. attain r. 1406
Rockingham and Domenic Rnecnswase.
v niacin,. of Rockingham and Yellow Cane Ware,
RUM Immaroot. Ohio.
rtirliatarla Room, rotary 01:th ant Liberty aimed.
(Round Chumb building.) antral:ma mat dine In J. Jt R.
(bar ext.:trite Work. enable us' to 1111 anise. petrorptly.
A rompeteut daytime, being constantly . employed. atm in
.,'" ill day, to limp twee with ell the new and Improved sty kw
of tha
. .
Water Urns. ZnitOnna:cher. Pc:tutors. Demon Seta
Flayrer V. Goblet... Mantel Ornankrttx.• and
Snuff J. and artiela for domestic we. In Ovine Intzietr.
Orders man4f.lll ,
Yo. 19 Wood street, between Pint and Second ft..
itE i rm%!, L E,zuREA „ . r Iv . e . rt i le p acrivi on
tiro, mud mob es will muter Mc twat satiefsettro.' P4t.
dher--I,LILLOIt STOVEn. Luang which will bo found
Jewell t. boors eeleihnited foldin ff door Parke tikeek Epp
Phloem Iladfolusk Yn.nhlm lituwee; pieta mod Isoc7 Orates,
to wlikb we Invite this ateoltion of builder; Tim Nelllmq
Ilollow - WitZen Weikel Mees e -be: to all of which lei/invite
the attention of &Mere Whore ourchulust eleow hem
Pittabtugh Gaa Pipe and Tube Works.
/FIB undersignod have just completed their
and are now nmentartnring all slud.dt Oka MA.
earrudlya and other flue, and all duo of
which trbry °liar tbr We at the Wrest prime. nay are
now prepared to et an t e ordics, to toy extent, without de.
lay. !, dPAilll A CU,.
ri0.:91 end 1 , 4 'treat,
Plrrenu.. ,• Ur
Bolitrar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
GLOVE...II,S LER & CO., Peorturroes.
• .
liE 817B8CRIBERS, having been an
... pointed Agento roe the above tumid corn. roll
constantly on Wad a von!, of the celebrated liollrad
Fire brlelf 4 Crnciblo kireClar,rnmare neartemed throne.
erred, alto prepared to receive order. for whichet, to
be ln slto and shape to welt purchasers. vhall
be r romptlyfllled.
We do not dean It Amateur to entnnonte the =Lay ad.
vont/mos the Bolivar Plre Brlek
4 porni over o_there.hat
have been offured i r zivale trlr h :or
-nea rtorlt /I[l%l °l' g: propririors h to
ero ditornaina til r
tliat th r :
Beek sheik...none of their pnownt amiable reputation.
and that no expense *hall be *pared to male theta oven
better then they have heretofore tern. Thin it the only
tetablhddrent now zoottafiwtorio.
IC Vire BM eldraln.
Brick at Glitlivar.
toch7 Crovol Pavia Beventb ea. Pittsburgh.
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
Staterter f 4 any /ratchet etwridfelrdin PlaMtfraft•
11.1011A.RDSOINI, 81 Market street, is
Meag eti = e t e i g * Zlte'din u le d . a . r IT. A 'tl V h " '" .
lir appointment to the Admiralty, Wet. LiaAON: Ohre
rirliehtforedendu, I:r o ch alsoufacturer, 46 King polar dew
f This certif. that the atom y - ina We 11. ho. —.lt
.arraia,a by me to to of my martutetture l 'omet noWadb
with my name open It lipenuine halter mr-mtopettled b
a earth:rate belering rar eign eine,=
the Oh o W e t e h n. -. Ir.e.p time to the sar
f the pnerbeere. Nrih.
„ It
RICIIARD J. C. BOECKINO, blanafitatu
na of Looklna (11.1 as and Pinata 'rano, and Deal
er to looking (Aura, On. 76 Vaal nova, Philo Itall
I'ittAturgh.l ( .. 00,..11T
SSAMUEL KROESEN keep; conetant
1. good workooot of Ruh mad Bath
Ttosulabmn. OA V 1 en, -Knob. og Drew
%Voodoo noolo, Morns, Dry_ilessures, , Zine loud
W.h nonolo. and on otbor nada of worm in lani
Wororooto. blooonle flan. Ent etre.. Pinstaargh
ORENZ & W AJAR, (ormerly of the
&to of Wm. t 034 klanufsetorsrs Of all
k of VIALS, BOTTLI.K. and WINDOW:I/Lata. 63
IS sloe tot 65 Proof , ittsett.l'ittstantb. Pa
A. U.—"rtiotass stantion_psid to 041 sixes of Window
Ulan and tants moulds for Uottlos and Visit so oat
C. W. Felix, Professor of Music,
EOS leave to inform the eitixons of Pitts
4,?fe i NTifYI:IIIO'I,7,IIP
the Uolien
Wegner; Bnechner & Mueller's
Alexander Bradley,
7 on
, rot
1 et ti
h Pa.
Penn Glass Works.
. .
Exchange Livery Stable, and Farniehbag
No. 178 Penn rtreet, near the 31. Clair Hotel.
VI, The subscriber, thank-
Ail tbe publle ths liberal
a ot esetsm llns hertitstont, wintlif Inform them
U.S be her eststuetteett the UNDERTAISING business In
with bin LI VititY huskies,: slat will Attend to
funeral • LA reasonable term. as any In the cite. Ant
••elott any thing to do In his hoe, •Ito may tilts
eau depend upon t no r . lr . b . nsitaawit o.t . tiZitstteutlett
• prsmi tly, and an the best
tits3.2in /ACAS ATV mant es.
0 5 STOVES. whieb rocrirod firstprlro for MO and
1 1, al Mr Arlonßung' Fair. of RlNina./ enr.q. P.
sad al
Mr by IWO persona who hero Wend in ore
Of =talent aryls, s great, variety of pattern*, betutifu
LO •
A large stock of all th P e
ModVU US. s
In ow. Ilall4 Patent 1.
ma. True American, Er ales, Omar% Wood's.
Peacock's. BOIL Imp. Roll.
• The Michigan Double Plough a • on, patent Plough,
that has Main tba_premtum at the State Fain o 1 Ohio.
Deans/I , PP Nz i gork, and at the Apienitural Fair of
Allegheny Coup y. for 111511 It boa been highly operand
trimmer Died, Is superior latoodS of cultivation to
uay other klod. :autting the firma Into two slices. and
leaving • DP, dmi. and perfect seed 1.1.
Eight beautiful deal.. of Ornamental renting.
J. C. Parry's Patent Chilled Ro l l.. Al.a, Itolling !1111
Casting. We m •rder.
Patent Kettles Dr Map, Pot Ask, Bah A. de.
For the manufacture of Cans num. no Kettles .n
cast on lb. proms:pitanted by J. C. Parry. sod sup
dor tor durabilit p l an./ any other, and eold itipr than Ulnae
made on the old
AR - Mores of per descrligion, litore Pipe and Tin
Ware for Stor., and Cantinas Of ow,' nencrlntion. MO,
1110 N and NAILP,,:aII of which sr offer t the Tory loaiat
prkes. " .1 J. C. PARR./ a co.
Tillinghgrat's Premium Churn.
PATENTED, June 19,1849 . Great Leon
oy Iv I.abor.— The undertlintedarr
umetorl rn og the ahoy (lion, of Rockingham an, and
they are nos for sal at their watchous, corner of Math
and Liberty rdreeta„, This CUarn baa received ihe re.stu
utn at every Stale and County Fair enerp lt ham' been ex
hibited, and It recently toot tte premium at as Fair uf
tb, AMPri[lkll Iturutuin, Now York.
ono 1•00 DIVA RD. BLAKELY . Ott
tbv of truqmla •nd'tbn public geurnal,
SVCOIII, la. mr. rlllll sad Wood •tw
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A, WHITE,CO. to
nvandi, inform the subtle that the,' hem
(awlack, between . Primal and Minden,
Afters They are now malhie sod ere prepared to meelre
osier. for ecer, dencriptlori of vehicle.. Unachea, l'hationt
Ilerocichee. Bungles. Murton, te., eme no. the
lona esrerienee al.) mmatifernore of tha *bore
and fin Wilklra they hate, the) . feel confident they are
to do work on the moot reasonable term. with
those wardloa articles In their line.
Payton partieul. attent,on to the eelectten of 13121trillb
and hating none hot competent workmen,
forehse no
heeltallon In wenn:Wag their work. Pis W e sak the
attention of the public to this matter.
N. It. Repairing none in the beat manner. and an the
most reszentable terms
FASIIIONS--Just receivoil
at the store of slea. A. LEECIL N 0.9 at,
.11.11.1vopon Leg inspection NI TbundaT
Friday of this week. in spection
rya will tad a boont4
Ivi amoitmoot of as ent,ro 113.1 f style of Kral, Silk, t 4 atio
Volv. &mama and Trlonattics, of rations kitods,
soitahto tor the scsonti.
P. d. Childrrn'a I , ..nneto. an. and /lead Innss+
or rink and 6natistui adsles. a.t.lant
Patent 431 tingles.
XHE SHINGLES made of Walnut, Pint
and Ch.stnut.. vitt/ te.nel'a Ituemeetel St.toule M
feeetred the taut preheituu the 13.11 kale uf
ball Couuty. Ibe Ma.bin. 1. lo oreratiest at the Obit.
Heeler 11111 of Pitepaon, l'Ounu A C.. 31aucheeUre.. Uo
band eap salte 10.00 rhlualra per ear. trout the Wenb
of any abut of Wet., that aro.. la one country, It an
Nether luU,rmath.a b eant.J. plero. ran 11 the auhstre
her. at D. Wray.r's cern, of Fourth and ileattEiti.,
lquehoruh. loet:t1 F. It. 1111110061.
NVILKINS, No. 245 Liberty eV: ,
Dead of Wtrtl strrtr. Pittstatrah..f.
11rtoartat,Ilartal Valta.,:rettutatart.
tr., Mantle, 11rte, gart hrt-Trt,a,
Warty" oe and nude, to order, or the
ebrtmrt Ma
c. ,arvl at rrry Prturnd
elertson J UruunJr en
grarr.tar i
I •Ort" ,
g frtna hart. --,1 I
I 1•
LsJ L.,
Lion /Lamar Prue) T ern •11,14.
Jadgr Lllrjar Japa ll R0bt...3..,, J. W. Kirr. Eaq. Arakirtri.
Jabs Nayder, Eaq, east N. Hobart • Saw, IrtrALL•rt.
httAbar•b hank. A Imp.. dc ,
J. H. •bronhrr,rt. Ilin • Carty. 11 ,
Wlrtou!ireandltar,lLK. float) liararat,
Hotartt IlleKuhr•L. WO3.
Jo• Mehertht. Each. Irtortax , O. T. alphe en
Darn. Ja•hva lthodo • Ca Pratrrs
Lrthror, E.N...lllrtgbetrt.
W. Nola •rtteral (or the Ti. 117 Martel r.irnitivi ra.
crtra• , Itrtirta 51004,5 rt.. In true, rlty. 4 r , ••. 1, 4 aDa
lart.artfai hot Acta aartarted ITU tart UV to Mr wart,
tato, and arllloodravrt rtulwr satlC.,zoo n isrrutirs:
4 , 9 Ttird atter:
f ., l”";:w:=ll77nlceto• his
nudoenere that he hae cosopletei the term
end hotel stork of honeehold fornitu, ever twroxv nlu
Ole ME, all be art.= In uphold q wait,. with
well.wesoned meteriale, ta•et workstuduhlp, and beige. .to
alram, awl Iron the extent of Loa orders .1 facillty
manufacturing. h. ensbleki produce warrentnl turni
tom at the loweet
Ile bee adopted I. yrinelpie of 14 enter' tut the otlehau
ere' lotereet with Ms own. in quality and price. and
Niters on hand the greatewt vat lety of every deeerlotko of
furniture. from the Lhestwet and ptelnaid, lei the ctset ern
want and aettr, that a tonna.. or ant pare of • ne. mar te.
furnished fret] hie Idoelt. or roenutectored enpreatil
node, He there/On adliclto en leataction. that the will.
.1r44 1 " a'risrttlti
:70!;;L asta tloteh moues 6, aurpaaved to eny of the Lietere
Parlor, dnorlug, dialog. and Led room awn , : of aver,
ruirty,emulating of reausoal , tuattoaany and walnut,
Elisabeth., Cottaerudoge anti Ea.. 7 Chun,, of erarl dta
criptlon Couches, pen., telsertata and Means of the Weal
rewash and Amerieut putern; b..Notaiand
WWl' parlor Writing Desk,. of rations kinds; Wort lilies
and fancy Inlaid stands, rotate stands. and holders, mart-ls
top, mahoguiy, or Wood and walnut eentro sad ta
bles, extendas dialog tabl, all data of the most Ito pn , sed.
and deadeily tine best kna , learl. lisold,,ke hall sod
pier tallea wardrobes, leediteals and sra.listanda W ...11 •
lugs assortment; antlul ball and p...r10r reorption <balm
ottoman. and stoo ls, secretary and boot mass, aide Wards.
fire assn,, toast ricks, hat standa, arwl mude sta , le.erlba
and rum tot children, paper macho, tato uad tea
mahogany, rossatod, and Inlaid pearl Tables,lc. Se. le.
• large unortment of Common Yon:drive and
Chairs CUttnst makrn aunnWal with all artielm in
/lieu:lA.lo nod, forobbod at lb, shortest !IOU!.
A I ard or , prolarliT
gAGLE MARBLE WORKS, (entablished
16321 by EDMUND WILKINEL N. lit UW/4
of W 0,4 otravt, Pittsbuyg. 31untatYCII.. / , 1111Si
Vnulbs, Tombs, Lloaol•toneo. Aluttpl Piro., Cooly. and
her Tope. a/ a ars honJ. made la otflor.
11. A AhAir. 1.....n00 on boot into
The only real New York Plumbing - 2i-in&
lI THERE work ie done on Seientifio l'rin
lo all Its' brand , .
done wltt nratnras and dirpatch.
oath. !Mod op nth sbnyora from.. 10 tn'll3
Tuba to sl
%IJoh titandtontop,—. ..... ---
rt; ne raafen
?to 0
Clarets, eutopk. II
lie•r rump.. ....... ... §
Eltebea hungek (hurt Iron Ith tka.hrtuyo. lint Air
Purnheft, sod 1.40.1 Floe , turouthvtl hod put op al the I
• I
' Lrft 44 Pomo, II rclrsulll Hams, mortant.
17 on P aw l. Patca.od put V i p at nor illsokoro th. count,.
PepatHitg net
1.) 4 111 ti 12b rim it.,
.144 between WO. and Markt,
/thew the celebrated Hey and Manure Forka.
tenured Iron manwfatitherrehilade I pHs, On ir01114:11-
m.i sy:d PDy “Le by W. VOINI/EXT}Ilt,
Water Sreet.
For entwine of Ontsb Intrittelo 'eine, th ews t Forke
cannot be etn t ereseth tad tbe for Orin at wbleb they en
seld.mert noun then Introduction.
1110 VI,
PAPER—LS' 0 re./until b 7 Sh Printing Pager:
800 •• 24 by 00 •
" 111. by DJ. 24 by 82. 24 by 24. 23
by 41, Di br 42;
400 " PIED. Phetory Paper:
IDYO Odle ea:l,6,omm ittium Par,
Double ••
" Medium l •
840 Helium era Eine* Dawn bud.
The undergymed lune aralair on brh o l fur7er,
. 11 . r ule'd b t7 r att - V. '.ol.4l6 ::re. ' Lld ' T•TPayeru h' ll•4lo.4
Dian* beige.
diso—Pulting of elms.. for paper mlnufarturere
Printing Paper wade to order ort
Conon. of INntl .113 , 1 Irwin Ak.
Ft, Beaver Counni, and adjacent
SUBSCRIBER, baying been booted
t.r.on• n.ttourlahluganvillithor
New Brlghton. and tee ed tor mire than twelvo nal" twat/a the 'ninny of the pan., and during that dme his lib
Motion nu been alma alum{ exclusively to Lund num.
ties. For the accommodation of the piddle gaMrath, he
`eu I`;.° "tg.°V
mt. or e{6.r Rai flat, PS • iiL , l , l2 . ,... h tglatry 4... r clawing the towul l'ole
Mumma mnr umituber of Minable lota arid flue pub
Mamie la the Borough and neightrorhoul, sale at low
rum, and Emma all untegumts.
dwere etricth .xamitorl tram and
will tw Wend !mime the Ude iv Indlaputabla. no Itrolvertr
Persons desirous of purchaaiugwili do well to and
examine for Ukrt4ll.ll.lo. BENJ. NUN OKADA/Ida.
auul Gana
Rm.] Intato APO,
Law Notice.
lIAVE resumed the . Pruetiee of the LAW,
nod xlll &Vote my whole tlmr and attention to It.
al42r. k:kr xhlen
ti ft ard i t i Itt i ! pot=
by mutual .onPont. I have taken Jull N 11. thoirom.
Mag.. Dartnrrabin. °lnfect° /burin, plre.letnithteld
DI. 114.1tPttiN.
Vet. 111. lA.3l.—jeolnlown,9
/0113 Nunn—. -
S MITLEY Wadi. Coal Merchanta
and Dealer. in Dar (ineda, tirecerirm, - Iton land ria
. cama . WalAg sus. sad Waabindton narnalkolica
r. " " Ailtr...•
To Printers.
PRINTING OFPIeR, amply supplied
with all oateigary .tar f o y a Pyre. nue
.le Nal Job Busloae.. In Lille Pity. together 'pith the ulf
expired ofthe preageoa, tibial will, Pc. le bendy of
fend Pa val. The oteterlale are el/ In RaW Mkt and
mall, new, sal se tbo owner. ant engegltt so Othcr .-
tem. will Oct grid yeti touch below Mpg value. oo emote•
mandating lean.. he shore periwig, ao opeoloß which
• ocsam For partlentlare apply at this (glom
IN - trauma, coiN , BANE. NOIII4
at I 7 , 1 P.M ttouPPU UP BPai cif re:sOurolt,
Nola. sad Rs= sallactad on all at ttpo Aridok
Moak batuat sad mkt on
THE subscriber has in store and offers at
low pries, a gsod assortment of Alpacas, .
P'll and egured Unnse Lola., Poplins. Pr t ats, PI,
r a tim! S. Calm:Flannels. Thibet. ntraillis, and Woof
Prawn arid Ellasthed kluellan. Tiskins. Cam.
brie. Psida.‘, (tsar s ., trubsella, blank pad white Net.
flogs, Colton Lloeo. i 4.1 Kik Lace, Ribbons , Linen Table
Clotho. Wool]. Cowart Clore, Cosier), Thread,
lintroam als o. large misty of goo,b, to which
I moot reapeetfully Waite the sceotiou of mertlisats and ,, oel , C. ARBUTHNOT, op Wool in
Ladies ! ! Read This!!!
)I , N THE PRESS, and will eliortly be ready,
”TILK 11A.ND3141 TO THE of
comPennnK • of the U mechanism of the Inatentnen4 tne
detect" to which It I. liable (about MO In numter), the
recno•lyineeech dfet, emt maruelleno
teen the Instrument &leers In tune" B, P. B.
livery ywreon having a Plena ehould hem • copy of Ude
leak. emrk of the kind ha ever berbre been publish.
The Infoymalloo It Imparts le worth ten tionw lIA
r prin.—one dollar; and , among other w,"
tually guard you Mow baring lour Piano spoiled by
unskillful tuners.
Lease. ittd gentlemen in Ihe Mimi of Plttshure , and
Allegheny. dem/rtige earlypow of the work. ma th e
at Malt maiden...A hr Iheir addrass at the
oas. of any of the PiltAburgh mornin g paper, or at Mr
t i Lue n i ,r e y er i r:,: c e , ..l i kknri:. t 4o ,. l:_n 11. Mello r,
Wand . treat. and
By au i n. cl,a
tive. l'itt.h l u n . o
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to Amy port al the United Ph
Men! dleeount to II
Thyre I, no more , apyroprl.
con make to a led, thiln •
Mend to !our orders!
the out bor. at lb. Quetta Of
I be forfranf, fr.. of Po•tag.
Wm. Six etpleo far nye doe
hook gaffers audllualedelders.
late prpreut that • fl ,, aft.Offo
op, of tills Wok.
Chester's Emporium
VIL I FY'S WEAR, embracing every 'article
ttrAded fzr wens' a outfit. Workmatodilp war
ran. ; rommeneurate with the time,
ibis' Wpm —boys from . 2..5y year. old and upwards,
forniebed •ith a evmplete outfit at the shortest notice;
19/0 suit. Boyle Clothing on hand. Also. Boyle bhlrta.
otes, Purpendeis, Ilmake.rehlefs. bolts, Gm.... &cu.
a' riii . ,lltW .tr...L user Blamond Alloy.
VI-NE WATCUES, of the bent Enit-E 1
• !Olt. Parte, and Geueea manufactuer, now
on band, In sarellent variety. and at very low
Lever moo . to VO,l
in IPP
.• Cylinder •• in, to 4aou
All Watebes warranted Ile represented. or the money re
WATCH RENY Lit Lno executed In the bog manna, be
asiir.l b, •operiot Etedlleh anil,l,,r,ayeracsnien.
od, A/ Marls, et.. enrnekol L'ourtly
Fall and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
. .
--- • •
A A. MASON & Co. ,rould most respect
r, to their iarge
carefully aeleretrel rhea of ( to
heals, In r fall arrirelbterredee,
eldrb will be 0111.01 larver 11.00 any they he
rr to
fo r e o
'W. hare received na TO1101•10 'n".
you hales..
l llualitex 6500 lougaudequare eharrhe
100 Dril.s Irsuaterge. tag/ pre /erPerror Menke
Hannah, nul'd.rto-, Wu area 0,1001 Prtntel '.
" Ticking pe. Irene!, lertreat.
110 taxes Irldle tre Ilarametta a Ven . l.r
MAN.:mg e Fr, ps Alpareas, all cra,
to plerdr lduen t ShertlArd 10 an Irish Iduenc
10,1 L . VgisS;Cletheri
C.... 31.01, 4.01 000 pa. l'eacy 0111,
To 3 WM c ontril ti 21 ca.. pro pl'd Uwe', 1020 dn.:. Iloslery;
Tweedeand.letrue, Artro there.
lo n a Dry
sith every article, %racially torro,l Dry
Good•eordlaldueur. f.. 2 and al Market at oeplb
- . _
M. DIOBY begs to inform his friundri
arid notnixisn. that he is rsclitlror Ms Idiot supply
o FALL AND WINTIII 000 D,. i - oroprionit u• al
thin. Mal I. hislilopithlis. wod. and new. h..7l,sntiv
men • wear.lwing utti.rlT ths
vansty arid slegrithos of the itTit• ant d.artsru, of his euos
lb ..errs. ash) Vo4lhorm. ths suprotor • quality of hhilidhs.
proprudor hop.o 1.1,01 all who wwth purer...tiny
uni ca h. Dun will (nor hint with am sari,- rail Also.
on band, th- hrst niruntosurol. arid non rub
stook or 01:01/0 MAW: i:LoTill!oi Iv Th. clty,
alof which .111 ti. nlhoool at N., n,. (dust pnrarfar
etliltrartnta. rOLLT, Mirthful, fud whn pur•hato
lrKeir.will no 4 it muoh their ado. utfge to oxfuilne
the rfook boforir porrhaflog. fo they =vet wtth
• In th. rallnnne to cni• nth.
.tYI. •t [Le ah•rio•t non,
A rate ,a1,...cy1n=4,1 tann...nati I,
Copiey's Yee Brick
TCOPLEY CO.. near Kittanning, hare
c • hand a I , r; tbounn , l vinn 11ItIC6 nl I sn.rn•nl
c " ° " — "`"
JC • CIL ,rtalare ' nur nla
nlartoNr.nniartura 1 , 1 C., I, ttlx.•
mun J h 1,11 • ell.
11"...I•tree, are cone ngenls tins 1..1 name..l
rplIE SUBSCRIBER haring taken the st.ire
.t - u. 62 FOCR77I An? Prrn•rlr nr
.11r. 1. 11. EA vo. rotstair rvetl.4
viii Open, op 12 , 1. t dar et no p1.r.,6-r. wttb • lard. and
-evrerrior go,k CI
lkeiether With eta..., TIII.VSfi NG, A.NII
1.15 , : 1150 . 1 .. , .0.• i. e, lh.t ...el
ketbele &eel Passrlle gel..leltre.a.,
Ile wou'el reepeetfully 11.ree deDlrms
llpatnlp.•thl Muer Putuzehlea or eetreti 11(.1% {h. IL
t' o i4" . I t ''',!ityn.
l.mte• l theee b. loratelee ett.els he
eee, wipu tat
tupe tLe mele,
171("/, r.tcVN of
Puteut Self-Acting Hinged; Spring.
Tliß attention or Carpenter. anti Builder.
Is ralle,l u, the arriete, adkla i•prouounewd by
Aba ecievtlte men a .N.• York sad gibor a.teru wale,
ta *Om, be int*t vJuable turapttou of the 1.1.341
where it Aar bwen.eur.omtlully futiodurea trul bAr* uOl
It e.w.• w• ul• runt rill *Cr 4. 4gq,..NSIT en I
TN f. tett* .**o au I ol th*.b..r to ler,. it to 10
plae. LI., tt,..1004 the ol I wehtub**l •teribta lrey lb.
dour. etc*. its.lbiereeleoAoe.a af •I It the Jtaagrewalbe
*lobe filswwwW4. It mute* ..0* chewy, I. not Ile Ala to
Wet Out of re.patt, 'yr, ex•tly ayt.l,l. aced lb t• wubsrl r
adayte4 Iv *lure tukimg. *fib,. bar f,4.1. awl otewr .100 s.
A tar... **up!, twat rweal..4 Nveyr l u rk. alre.. , a
eactple •ttb tho Ituyruercoeht wb. - L raw
tar *tett uu abrltotio.o I* .101121 A. 1 1 1AAPAEA..
A , bwbeta, IW•110, LIMA
u..2lb,at .
Fresh Teas at Reduced Prices!
TOW being received, and nit handAl v
Litord, oat, page . ..f
t'llOlCt. LI Ttott.. t,t144 -
toolgtst ...neeG lIRE
Lbw roco E nt A%
nu , two IILA.
zn the ea...1-w
w bleb we at fully dt. per cant Lel... our 4..eldwr
Blaek . 14....1 1 II .
Very An. F.onhala trefkl•at let It '.tic
it.. W. ahoto Laaor In the t.r.alnal o• and half
welch...sur put or
are partteu.arlt invito th• •.tento.t. of altdAll tiro.
r Cbada, And 11, 10. 0. a. and esnniatert dut
t'or Y. 31
I k(11 will be re,4eirect in exchange (with
lemall Ar,..unt of [none, I tor TiVil 1.070,
t • Attu. Want •Enottlro of
•New Dress Bilks
`lll varetyo
AI plata fid:oted Enact. Odlu the latter of new
Also Pi•id French .11,1 nos. • warm snarl, and rat;
to rood, for thlt tented/
Tog the: with an itt•ortmont of Cotton er.lorod. Green.
oh tlaronn. And ...Ler thadee Of plain 'dont. Ja LAILIOS
trod Morin., of elsoira. deal. •I[Fi other talcs. Gluck
Intl i not. Ltroehs Long Shau,
Art rata Ribbon. Zr
001•111 • IlUllell VI OLD.
.IS Northavt ear. Totmn 31artet
f ughay run, ttorga.... Worn. killer. Morgan's
le, tot Nerre and none Idnlroont. •itlt •
t ucoortu.ent oi 'rust.Paint....oll., Dye
Ma ett ,
*.arno.h.o., he., lettoloonto And terl. et he nra 4 ofore JANIErt Stela TVk 1 .
nol 50.., Wood .[reel. l'ltt•hurob.
: "ball ' s Chemical Washing Fluid.
gill ' FLUID is fur superior to any other
TI Id or Soap l'crdererrroffend to this c - trimunlty. '
It • dm ...but A trial to mast; any •ho at, Iwo. •
let of It• we - main run:ovine dirt ur tfreutr
acre.O. not In ant way Injure the fantod fabrt, If
.1 ling to thr direettens. It ran he had by the
lon or in totttlen In stilt {Putt:toter. Persona telthlng
try II o Slut I emu Into • botch. (nn of -barge at the
sell of 0. IC ittOlii:II811A.11,
eormer Of Wool and Hiatt....
1 .0
10 it
Nos. a and gl Shaer street, Are vow opening and
sums , tYJ csokr. estiralr ticol,
lag 2 5 Cul. of Long and Spurr. Woolen Shawls.. A/ muss
l'a rugor
Laill rl t4K 10 a Cloth
...v.: 15 nag Cul:Lunar, I , rsiuu
Cloth. Ux Allmerstr. YF Uomsuio , s. er.; 150 ps..res 1115,1 nal Fr. $
ag •
largo KU of Ulan, Ilaudlerehlrfo. Chetui
[site.. Rod ottirr emgrol.lerleu Also. klannel, Callrorr.
I.Husaum. Aa ^,
110USSEL'S AMANDINE, for tho Caro
sod Prevention of gtuthreff lhatem.—The ex.
to.measlos of the Athesfulin , during the lath thinfaru
rear, therawir .tart the hi:h eethustion in which it to
bold by the echttoutilty: and on ettleatheuy era It.. healing
virtues that it cony. without east...thou. be men/ea we
• 00000 fetuedy hd. the aerethor Ihkl.o,4oe•muf the
tkie. vith whieh to many ve alttleted dutluit the inclem
ent/4.40ne et the yam
a "Pr
E11 ' 1tt1 ' ..21 0 , 0 .14 ~ ;, ! j! , •
....11LVER 'Napkin ltinA, Part 111oktn?.ted,.
10 Alarm Clrckr, V 111... Fruit I:nlve,r,
Urwrlttr lure,
Idardol Onamsals., Glamws. tiont•
Ferneb Ppy filmrsci. Patent Wux hi/mho:A, le!lto i t ag c ;
60 bit. shoat. V. LI., hap.. 6 boo Costar's rating:
and U. P. Tea: 3 by
Wen Fleur!
110 slams Oolong nod Chu 10 lal $11e.11145
1.11 Trod 2 bit lolngla.s; 1. •
Nu boa Grose lend Black do: 160 boa alas Candler,
lu bbd. N. 11. Sudan 10 boo Spend de:
La) We ioas aed oreoht‘l 10 No. No 1 Classoloor:
-• &lox: 6 hos (Woo alallllreaka,
40 bos troll Tahooarn - 6 boy Afrisau l/16,sr.
DU 31 -Havant and hall d Las. Lam/ Island Murdd:
Ca . '
76 ha. Me Celt, 11.50 rots hue slain Sa/C
dl bon Cloth. Cu;
5 boo Laguarna I fat IladdrO;
lb lac, 111 d Oar J 0,., I Cei.ll iMliii,
60 Las Itoolo &alp; IV rake Cocas!,
' 6 6.0 4 4611 e aro IS I.llls Nu 1 a 3 3 1asksool:
; 1g Ilrb n ltZalo ' o• To;I: l a - IT ,t iT:ie",,lti.",:li..."V".'
2 Ls. In Isoc h. do: 12 del NW Curas; P
',VAT'. March 4.b.,,, ,:l 4 1 9 n 0 P 'n' T 21'''' 1 1
cod rtail, by J.'l/... iVlatnig . 2 ' l ',7 l. '• •
_oett: _
_____ , Nortlt : eaot tuna, 3Vooal and Falk /do.
. ................
English Be ssrestr
viriloLEsALE GROCERS, Commission
T Mercb.ts wnd douUrs lb Produce .•/ 111Ushurch
Manufzetures—fl n. 122 llsebod (Land 151 et, boort,.
Wood and Smithfield en.. Ihtt.dlorrh. Pa.. hese on hand
and .111 mules - the Salloldns muds. mbloh thor . 166 1 . tor
Ado at (be !gum market ranee—
DU beats trawro Tobacco, 050 lets. Rio Goffs.
160 " 6'll. Ps olb Inutp, 140.5. Vou.s
lIJA>t Tea,
11 Its. twist Tobacco, LIPS, Imp. a o.l'.
1 60 inva Soo cut ammo do fs) hbds 6 , 10. Suss.
41-Ifain:aglertsmotiny y 0 bt‘'
11/ " Prinsips
Su. brabraNulls, asn't o 1 ms,
45 Havana
10$ lktrofoGs . ir(4111: ".•
50 heirs Allnonde. Filbstts,2 (sio Gmbro usaJsr.
G. Watts ern. puts alms ts Alum
:::4?',16121 -tlff
b. canes Tu.. Cat.up, 10 •• P boxes
50 P.m.:sal., no Ihnoot nm Candles
• ••- L6/014.0.,
160 drums 61.. llu bble Cr.ker.
'Af t/eross
100 buses 01. IL RAM., 11.001, lbsoo. I Crushed Suss,
100 4' Ground Splose, 160 phv pt. at. 10,5166,16.
WO nastier!. 5O übis Loaf mugar. .
taittfriWbileikiauit ~CgrP4
5111 bases thirsts . ' dleadtarpet Cuswe
P 47 Gloaroal .17.1
_ _
hrretsuand. u 0 Ihnt , %OSA liflD P : 0 ADELPHIA.
lemurs. 1 1 A GR LAT S'EECH.
4nitnd n. 443 O. ion Ii Yin IIJ. I •
~ Du. 5'4 too 10214 /tAI InL Ploba Ang
Vcana.)llanla 0 4 too coo: lUS Int Jan• July i ''' •
Do 6 • jou 94, 1.1 '10t. 0450 Aug i ratt.s LPIIIA, Enda Dee-26
Allen, Co dm - Inn 95 , 92 tnt.l44. : 4 4 ,
Do rutty, 0 ...cop Into on Os du i The Citizen's Bong , tto Koseuth eod at
Pa. roup c., iou 43 do I
Plttabornh 0 . :7 ley 100 no NT InLJan• July , the klusioal Fund , H I 6&.) gun mm eat
to, Mon 4'2, Phil_ 10. t„ 4.4 do
/1 th •hen/ -1101% .
pt. It 0 ,r,.. 101.0., . , o , down to dinner. Geo ft Dolly. prosi 11, sup
'''. I ported by Judge Kane a•d Senator Co per
2.41 Z Ir..
Arr ,k b.t .,..q.,.. 4 .,,,,r e .... ,, tt , t t ,. o , tor ~a , , 4er -4 The greatest enthusiasm wavanifested. \ Let.
I. , , t t , „..,, eu li A Guy c,.. tent from kfessrs. Clay, 00-13, ucluman, Miler,
InLISIG• llTOtrs. ...
Sumner and Seward ware rea4 \ all encouraging
440n0n.b04 0.494 115 24 24 D,4 LIT Jul r 7 M• 4 4
SL wet to the Hungarian cause, and were received witi l / 4
oar tic . 11r1,1co, ,
„ o cy pr,4
Bard lit Brlditn-
Northern lAbertl4.4 ,„ GO 46 41 great applause—exee p
InsLannt t an intima '
on on Ittgler's`i
iilltlanopOrt ltrulae „c ,
that our Government ought not to .l teeters .
1F,..n.r0,44 Cla 1 , ... i. S . pp, ~,,,, ev „ Mr belles made an eloquent ape ,h, in gm.
Lhltronlnt . /woman.. Co , ' a . Inr In-, I 4 4.,4.
I.4eodatml Fireman's Co .7 ~,, tog the third tout of ~ Ilungary—heilL'onstltet-
tine violated —her people in choins—h r Chief
l'ltt'ith to PhiPo u . L . O 4! 14 Div Q.r 300 a . 1
/211 .l gg '' . ''''
' '0 :" " D 4 *i f
' '''
e The Star of Freedom will, y shine
blurt.. trannetan . /,0 '-', U.
' ' o ' o through the dark night of her despair, h low
a-la in,44, 01-44Ennitn•
cog that spot within her borders from wh ce
" ti 'r s:‘ , its
ritutotrim as or (41 50 c 5 Glr-Itny ',pre shall be proclaimed her liberty and indep -
low:mast/41a ntackwoder 40 4. 54
troughtogLeny 4 , lackaratr co ,c, dense .'• _
Pamela Gent:rat lull !toad 50 42 34h
Ohio 1 Pantile- Rau 1(.4 co , ~,, c ,.
Nit 4 Otoo !tall It.att Sc
Clroreland • 114114114 IL It co to ~,
M.ine K 14 a) Dry Doca ioo 1 0 , i ,,,,,,,,,, , oc ~.,c ,
Wayett. ihniuf On GU .41 Ou In the evening came the great dinner of the
Elia Catutl Dondx, (old/ - IP) II
people at the Musical Fund Hall, and after the
D., .1.). tn 4.) lOU J.
Tonle Creek 'lank Hind % 21 50
preliminary speeches , and the customary toasts
Allea A Pertilerill4 Pk 1(41 cc ..,.„, ~N %
Ormastro Turne. ke Rd. co ,
charwn coal Gov Kossuth arose and spoke Ls follows
COMA GIATL. 4 - 11 [N—Retorning my molt humble
lllinnennts len Lk, thank. for the honor of the toast and the maul
,:;'•;l7'iroh..l,l:,;""' 4 : `, 1 03 V.:,, ' sit v "' festation of your eytopathy, I would at once beg
leave to enter uponrome respectful remark II COD-
NortA ‘1 e•wrla
Iron Cif, netted with what I consider my mission. There
.. . -
ritieburiiiih }ih,;l.
Ohio lOr Rood'
Dwax 1 . 1....1.t0n . ..1
OnGnmann ...... .....
Ohio Trap 1i...A
orautatto Dank roa Ina rtrrdarkan Salmi. Sr
N 110LAIE8 & SONS, Banker&
An. 67 Carpi al, btu en ]lard sod ihtorthata./Ittrtnerna-
Pe.NNAILI•aNIA. Braneh at Ilasolion .. . I
/lank of PitLihurort_.- —parihrand, at tica , ann•-..._._d0
Esettart,.r li , int of do -par Branch at L.E.- . . do
Mar. and Mau al le.. --tat/Branch at Yountratown---do
Bank of Commons par Car Bank. Csitrainatt . . 410
Bout of N. rth Ano ,, ea-Par Commer-tal Ilk. etnelonatloo 1
Ilant otNottlenL3la rti.c. put k "ankh a hank -.- do '
Bank of P..onarlraca• -Pal ' , UP... , lank ..... - - . do
rank ot Pe n n r , wo^nlP-rat Uton Lin, Inc. l Truat Co-do
•Ilana of tbn Unites/ rte.§ 12 . .lanern 11.ea,dva hank__do
Cotornarrnd Bank . I ]'._purl Bank of 31analllon- ---do
karms.o.' 4 Ihretunlea• Lk par .mall Note.. .. - - -do
Girard Bank ~.- - - tar, NEW tat/LAND
Benaookt , a hank . . 0f...15:1.1.e. banks- --..- 1
Thanu• Lac) A Bunt...parr 3KW l'Oltk
1 1. ,,, 1a01 , .. Bank-... --. pariNave fort City' . ....-- -par
Aloyametaing Hank .. . par t.',,,utary I
Philadelphia Ban. ... par tlAlt% LA:Nr,
6..... k ....
Ir.Vl7,Tt•nt*, - .`.:. ..--.- priNostrsi. - , i iiii:iii ...
Pant I All solorlf ' , n.0..- 1
Yank of eh-ote: Count, -pari % IBUINIi
Rank of 1,..”111. . parlllan It 00 th 0 %all., I
7,,,,,, o f I. 7 ~, L., , tar .par Ita at 1 tt,dola. Itachnaohd -
Bank of Germantown -..par kr Back,. W.. Norfolk-. .
hank of I :etaraLuralt I t artaere Bank of a IrtooLit
Hula I - f I.lelatoan - - Mon - tura' a Mac). !lank -
Paut cf 10.1dletran .- I North 11 .-ttart, nank....& •
~a,..r, ea. Bank- par linnet,. -.. ..- . ...
Banc ~I Sort...tartan./ tar, NORI'LI CAII.I;LINA , I
G all o Back , . . l 'nk of C.
10ar..., • i
comat,,,, La a knla• Li, par, nit aid ot N Carolata. 1
=7: -. l7.. ' nt 'k . . flil e it ' :otn, ' L L4tk" ''' ; ' ..frX, ' 4
ii,,;01 bourn that/LA.I3N
Harmer: Pk af hock. Co par,to ol IL, , kt of 0 Canhoa 2 1
Harmers' BS of purl Pant of P,,tan tat
_ ..... . 2
Partner:Baokotltvadint par l Cant of Charknon-, .... 2
Pus. Hoot ,tru, MAIO. ;ar Hann,* A ilaepaa,A.a . Lk 2 ,
igr Prot ara,,,eaby.a I t11:01t./1.1
ullto La Wartdoston par A agoata Ina 4 liank , nt:tho 1
Barriaborr Bank. l
Hoc.aLdr H•ol . ... Ina , t 1titr , , , , ;. , ,: , ep . ,.. nat.. 2
Laarart,r ‘,... - ;mei
L oin, amarte o r I ., ,unt) Bank . aariallaoltent a-.. - .
At. 1 VII 1r
Mtn• ra 1:.,05 01 Pott.attla Ighk of haat. ,Lotsvii,o /
alen, , naara“ Not pa. Pk a
-tor Ir k I/ , humps '
Wen Ina, I, Bank . ]'Norther n Olt o Icentveay •
Wronn. , n Bkartilk.tbarr, sr ;800 them Ilk of untuer t •
I 11.i.atIL I.
ilaf :,.4.,a- lißt of 1.... of NI, till 1
1.3/tl.l ILLINuIa
Okio Stale 1ank.._._.... I Mau Bank and at.. 60
Brawl, at dame-. .- dolkNok of Illlooie . .._.,
Branch at Atha. do - W.f....11":"4.
III• 1. I, al tzu.-.,,..rt. ..1, Mart. a Fin , 1..C0 cla 6
branch al (I,ihnatta-3111111/I.W
Branch a, (letalant .. do k armare Machattwa' Uav 3
Brunet, at la Int,. . no tiovatnnata At0,.1. Bank B
Pranoh at 1. 1 ...a1ra.ra. .- d , .!lnso- - atace Company -- . :
Blanch at [ . ..tomb. ... dt la tate, Bank.. - .2
oat Aatitabala - .dol eAsaiii:
Bran.)h at Paleva. . .. dalßk H. h Anorie.2oronto6
11y..,ah la 11s , ,ei1 . do , Rartk HI the P0t,h1... Tnrontt.6
....., at k p 1.., • . 1 ,, 10005 ot a.. , t,1-,ai...
kr ... n o' I , .. , ,at.,,,., o, ha at r r I ton of. ..ire' ~ ng t.
kr., t. at .11,_, no ~ r 1 4 •0/ ( 15 K \ PO L lA:daii
Itran r, at it and,,,-nn-. tt..lots !war ,5 II rrla) h.
',an , . at Lana d.. 1 ,n, ktuadelahla ,
!hawk .t Lao , -..ier do 00 0 Baltitont.. Jo n`
\ I.
h.,,,,,,h a,,,,,,,,,,,,i1 a . _ s.o, A ndlklaN LAVIIANtitI
Bran ,-.{
11`"""'" . "4 ' n. . d ''.'" ' r . ' ) L ' uL ta, si 7 i.dir'Cit'l
";P, .1 V ri-d"' .:.. ,V.r,,Lek, t..., , ,,...'h' i::‘,7*
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...owl to hint for an limproveutrAttu Um arrangement of
georina lor driving machinery. for *oven years
to Oran. of gala patent. which tales Oa, on thy sixth
day of February. 4.1, 1841
It 4 ordereill that the .aid petition be heard at , the FaV
eat titnre on Thuntar, the Mb of February. 184.1. at 12
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B.____ C. WYEIII.
are come carious incldente which I cannot for
bear briefly to mention in order that you may
pee whoa sort of enctuice I have the bad fortune
to meet, even here, in this land of freedom and
publicity—that you may lee to what means the
enemies of the once which I plead resort to
emborrnes my way—and you will judge by this
bow, just my coo.° moot be, that my enemies,
hidden in darkness, employ each - base and das
tardly means against it. The drat in, that I
have received four checks of considerable
amount from different places daring my sojourn
in New York as substantial aid for Hanuary,
and kind letters nceempanying them, signet" by
well-known honorable names. It earned out
the letters nod checks were forgeries—now how
base a trick.—l can acareely imagine its inten
tion. if it be not to hurt my feelings and excite
disappeintu.ent. Then again the Committee of '
arrangements received eponymous leitors con.
containing printed slips ealumniathag my per
'fault) character, and going evert se fern's to ess
townies° the very honor of my nation bytnating
that it is not me. but Austria which had freed
a population of nine millions in Hungary, and
that I was au instrument of the Aristocracy to
keep these nine millions in bondage. Now, an
to myself, I have the aonaolatron of the Ger
man Poet—
•,tbuse are no , the worst fruits, which the
wasps :wail!' But as for the character of our
struggle nod the immortal honor of 'my nation,
sanctthcd by the death ogthousends of, our pea.
ple—unneunal demigods—and by the blood of
our numerous martyrs, that there can bo found j
one single man amongst the millions of hriman-
By, capable to lie so in the very fare of the living
nation no to rail the 1:1000-81112, midnight—moon
light, darkness—fire, ice, so to belie history:.,
not of by-gone ogee, lon of yesterday—atating;
not that Nero was a Alarcon Aurelian, btatt,tbet
we fought for Aristocracy—and the Despotic,
Ariateeratie, Jesuitic Austria, has !Ought for
Democracy and Liberty: to state that, things
'which were Clti•COlOtleett by millions of soy °outs
try men clod witnessed by the whole worlik did
not happen: 'though the whole living genera-.
Lion of mankind, except the two yearn old infant,
has seen, heard, and witnessed it--ta eiy that
just the contrary happeneJ—itideed, ibitleneo,
this is a Sacrilege for which the human tongue
has yet no word, but it is also a great trial to
my country to see that it is so highly just., so
poor, en virtuous, that our mortal foe, our op
pressor. our'hangroaan, cannoteven tryleny plea'
of not guilty, but by melding our inerit andheng-
Mg the mantle of oar virtue upon his own 'l9 Hopi
:kut shoulders. Tbinis indeed a trial nupareled
t history; but let , me,preudly say, this trial we
bit \t e merited. Having for inc, God, Justice,
ry—my nations -you—theworld—lot tne
here—some self esteem's, some humbilklimi•
meat of my own Imoraladignity, and pass over
ouch beictica'istunary 16.1;411%1:mt. But th e third
incident yet me urines if, possible; and the
mere abominatilgi.ause \to nrreat my move
ments, a niejeleas enemy in the dark intend
,ed even t 0 .14.111011 th e honor \of your own
fellow citizens,' received a leper gain a fcrg
seone. The Antleman whole it em the forger
abused, has dted to me thatit tea vileend
stupid forgery following is tbeletter al
luded to: \
• '4 \
DcceMars 241 18.51
Hoe, Lents ROSOCT4, Respected Sir-4111 my
unpleasant duty to appilimyou that the interven
tion or naninterventiso agliznesta that yet:knave
promgated your epee s ea in the city °gales!.
York, are unsuitable to th 'angidti-cifPennsylva
nits, situated's:l she iv on thitrdere of several
Haveholding Staten, and after conference with.
, my distineuished uncle, the HoAdultn Sergeant, j
the Ilon. Horace Blaney and oth distinguished
Counsellors, who concur with m lo the 'dent'.
meet, I feel, most reluctantly lam you, that,
j such-sentiments are incendiary in thadr charact
' er and effect, and as the conservator Nhe pub
lie meals and the peace of she. ,ountry,'
having acorn to comply with the Conen,,,tution
lof the United States and the state of ylva- - on taking upon myself the office of ey
I General, of the county of Philadelphia, I shall
be obliged, tobring any each sentiments :to tke
notice of te Grand Inquest of the; county fag,
their action and consideration.
W. E. Rein, Attorney-General.
Now such Mletter, andyet "forgery, is indeed,
k despicable trick but though it is a forgery,
still there is one thing which forces me to some
humble remarks, precisely because I, know not
whence comes the, blow. I am referring to these
words--Your intervention or non-intervention
sentiments are unsuited to the region of Penn
sylvania, situated as she is on the borders of sev
eral alive-holding States." I avail myself of this
opportunity to declare once more that I never
did nor will do anything which, in the remotest
way,„could interfere with the matter alluded to,
nor with whatever other, domestic, question
of your united Republic, or of "single State of
it. I have deelared It frankly and openly several
times, and on all and every opportunity I have
proved to be as geed as my word. , I den say
that even the pledge of the word of honor of an
honest men should not tie considered a sufficient
security in that reapect. The publicly avowed j
itmy be's claim!, and the unavoidable
login of , wouldtels ground
to be a decisive author- '
ity. What is the ground upon which I stand be-
fore thetnighty tribunal of the public opinion of
the United , States? It is the sovereign right of
every nation to dispose of its own domestic con
cerns. (Great applause.) What' is it I humbly
ask of the' United Stares? It la that they may
• ,
generously be pleased to protect this sovereign
right of every nation against the nuerosaluing
violence of Rassia. It ia, therefore, kminently
clear' that, this befig my ground, I cannot and
will not meddle With\ any domestic question what
ever of This Republic. [Applause.] Indeed I
more and mere pereekee that, to spetikwith
Homlet, "there are more things in heaven Moil
earth than was dreamed \lf in my phlhisophi \'
(Laughter' and applause. ditut null I will ottai,
upright on however slippery ground, by' ticking \
strong hold of that legillmate\genee of not Mica
'dllnis its your domestic operatiCni.
l)ot me, therefore, return to ode o wn Eon:treats j
concerns. It Is a necessity for aMaa in my po
sition to conform to the esigeneles\ of his situa-,
tionen, ritenitne, I must feel animus to be
srow'ntY attentiOn at Ohio very Moment on the
important events Rio France, which so
amity my prodintiOn that We are on' e very
\eve of a crisis on ttie European , continua We
are itt the beginningOf the end—the doom of
ilitturrienne are blown down—and on It Mill
`en. [AmPlitiliel Let die elate the true natnre,
of but flrit a few remarks . When. I asiteA
count rinte aubstantlal all by which to bette;'
fir the nse of Hungary , and of European Lib.'
erty,‘th idea wan net forth that I had the ins
tentionto volutionire Europe • with it. I an.
swered 'the it Wan not so. Bedlam me, gentle
men, were I Ter so happy as to meet „your Pert
ple's flnanislit euppoit fog My conntry,,th ,the
full extent of My expresi wishes , all,this Wink
not be , enongh My
to make a - European Iteict
tirevert,,td curry .on war in Hungary."
theretore,.cannot \hare the intention , o spend
that financial eta, tor, such a - purpose, and the
leen because \ere*nsible tor eMploy
ment of sect` dollar dollar Xis - ray 'own - count to
which the generousbeciple arils United States
give!! it; and Which, aefu,, as It goes—being 'a
inan—,my country will higktii pay. Thetethre;
throe gh the confidence ot to/people, and through'
the national unanimous and Isgulinate origin of
P,t4blia I shall ; diapose 'of the. em-
Ployment thereot.till I am 'responsible •to my
• \
-- - -
~;- --_---------- \
country that I Copley it ina national way to Its -,
benefit. And what \is thatlray! To make an' \
outburst of revolution in Etempel No; for the
simple \reason that the reedintion is already
made, without • single the
of yours. , I hue
said openly, revolution is ,unavoidable. Its first • .
blew,is near. My prophecy has proved `more
true than you, but not 1, may have perhaps ex=
peeled. , Even so I tell you ao power on earth
can hinder the eibration of the already etriken
blow, throughout Europe, Oven in my own COUP- •::,
try. , To be sure my people. honor me with fond
trust and and confidence, but that trust and coati-
\tence is limited by the condition to lead it on to
e recovery of Its freedom and independence,
anot to check this aim. I have plower to giro
a f orable direction to the ,UPOTOldllble move
men if Lean get efficient means f ' 'that pur
l= but to atop the inovemimt, e I even
odo ea. and certainly lam a I hare :.
not the over to stop the . movement- --- to arrest
the outbr kof the revolution-neitker I nor
whosoever tbe in the world have peel to atop
it It may ~ crashed again if the ET tad States ...
sad Epglan4grant a, charter to Czar to ,-
, place Ms foot\ oa Ettrope'e neolz, stop Its
1, outbreak no man can. l'ermit me, therefore, to • -
bay that AmerieLl4 financial aid will not make a '.•
ti c
revolution in Eu pe -- therevolution Is made. _
A erica remain' indifferent; will not avert
revolution In Euro but th , Vinited Bates - r - TA.
Mari fin ing th e LIRA f natio restoring th e
right of commerce of their own Wrens to the
rightfutns of the eve acting principles of in-
ternatio I law, and roc icing the legitimate
charecter`of lie overelgn ght.of very nation
to alter its insert - one and e form Of its Gov-
enoment„-and the prirate ci ens of the United.
States imparting their genero s financial - aid,
achieve so MAO &At HOD will b
Pee- ,
r.t i eil in a good direction to act' the cense.-
Acit It wilt In every cue. and by ate (In a good
directiou it will immediately contrib to that! e
ga \
European revolution ma \ ostlott be ..b ght to
'definite issue - favorable t (theprincini of free- . ,,,,
data-cid contribete to azreart, rests on of ' -
peace-whereas else the War will be, el„'
bloody and long; and by its 'very,dura not
i l liz
only your generous -feelings o( brotherly I ye,
but also your commercial interetswill be.
, ilt , . ' .""
Allow me, gentlemen, ilt respect I(/ ' Inter , ‘ ..,`
est humblyte consider tbat s it would be th us - \ •
very dialavorable for the Nara af., to:oane
\ \o7.
had the world - reason to be permuted. t nom-
menial monetary remade CAIII \ check either a \ .:
policy beneficial to the freedom o,r , the ww- T(W? , \
the generous 'propensity to forward its tile at
triumph-this conviction weal hare such a'\ • - '
Rat as that which those gentlemen I apprelie d -- •,
very soon will feel who hadiheir treasures el , • '
\ •.',
Ways open for the despots to crush liberty:with, \ ;,
i\ \
They have excited a bow:alms hatred of . al\ \
that people in Europe agsinst them,setileh had l '
to suffer So much from their ready financial aid
to despotism. lam na socialist-no oecominitst
you know-and had 1 the means to act efficient-
ly Lam firmly resolved to act eo that the =gait-
ableirsolution may not hereon Issue sabre:sire
of social order, founded upon the security: . of
Persons and, of property, but so touch that Leon- \;,.. - •.: .
fidently declare that in the spreading of entareiti , :5•1; , :•' - ',. %
initial doctrines 14 certain quarters of Eurniiie, -
notics, has so much contributed as thaseEtiro-
peen capitalists. who by incessantly, .abling the
despots with their money, have iosplired many
of the oppressed '. with the LOUT that. fi- -.1
nancial wealth is dangerous to the freedom Of '' . 'l ,,
the world. (Applause.) Rothschild istise*let .
effective apostle of' communism _ 44ppleitas.]
It a never good to put any particular interest in •
oppoeitiou to the highest hicerests of humanity. .
And as to commerce and industry I am glad to A.
hear that Philadelphia holdaa highly important "
and distinguished place in thimanufacturing and ‘,I
commercial interests of the United. States. It •
Is not mine,to investigate what May be the fu- . '
ture of the commerciith. system :t . i., the Gaited -, ..EN
States-profection.orrfree trade- is your do- - 1. - ..
[acetic questioe I am not to mediffe with it--
but so much I know, that let the one dr the other i
principle prevail, \ large manufacturing pIU ,
es? : -,
like Philadelphia, the commerce and shlanieg inr': - -'1." ,, ,•".„----,
=rests of which are \ o - Bietly 'founded uponpane,r .;, , ..a.7 -"--;
i factoring industry, want ,on every case \lar. ~-4,.. 44. ,
marl:eta throughout the World-they wind lt 4. ; „? ..-
when protection continues, because their` Oletr',:" -
domestic industry is itarresabig iticentegialyli, ...s.
they want it should protection be replaced% '--, _ ..
the free trade lystetn, luaus they, will, meet . - ~!
rivals where these rivals &relit& more favorable e" :
`condition than they theresetvelf 7 and ao the bal- \i . ''..,
g \
since CAA only be restored by finding other tear- • , • ,
te s ts wbere (lila would be more fileorablyaliteed ~ _... „",„,....
-thak-thtlf .:ralaCitt-ei Is true, . \ - --,
that victorious despotism shots th e \ parka= of
Europe. snit victorious liberty opal'in
the'to in-',.. ' \
dnetry.VApplatisel - Be pleased to, bestow,.` `,.`.
not an euthuodutio, not a passionate; but a „„" "-%
cern, reflecting consideration to these few hum- . :\
Me remarks-they are not unworthy year itten-_• \ ...-
tion, Gentlemen, because T thinf say !there Is\ "-,
truth in them : Now as to the laportant news \. ~
from France it Was reported in onedistieguish- , - \
ed organ of thep a lly Prank thal o thenews of
Lords Napoleon's stroke fell lthe a bowksindi \ \
upon me, and that my =element Will hiwrest- ' \
ed by It' 4 Now I confidently. elate that thin!'
news instead of - arresting ray movements, can. - i,r,
only haviThe effect to' hasten -my movements, , ' ,\ ' i
to forward their aim, and to bring them In a \ '
much shorter time, to a happier, at least' to a ,
speedier definitive decision than the case would,
have been without this" news: And .as to the \I
bomb-shell, (laughter) I really must decline the
honor of ackneeledgtng that sempllment.
I feel indeed no harm from - the bomb shell,
'(laughter) and not only - do I net,' feel ',tanned.
by Mona Louis Napoleon Bomparte's itamill-
glees Cm at the very life of Itepublicanice, but • • ,
t tale it rather for one of thou prolidental of- . - A
recta by which the terkcristie terns hit only to •• -::
promote that just came Which it, was Intended
to et:press. (Cheers.) I could • •lacionte
,seethed or stunted by it, because It wae,tmeir- ' \ -.
petted' by m
e. I have very often, = New York 1 1
, • - et\
publicly, and privately, foretold that entrin- , - • . ' 7 ,
Every eteamer may bring us tidings of the Mt- ' ' ,
break, or the unavoidable crisis of the European .- • 's •
Continent'because almost the day of=thegreat , ~,, i
contest between Ambition and FreedOm filming \--- ..._ ,Ai
pointed out by the Preeldentialclictionitillance - \ - i - Me
It Is quite certein that the ambition or , Louie \ ' ' 1
Napoleon Bonaparte, pushed ou by Russian moil -_-_, •-•(
Austrian craft, will not await the day but cell \ I 1 -
!forth the struggle, at the earliest time. , I hale -
firetold this publicly ; and, indeed ; here was AO -\ . '''....i
Ilepedilty to read the etars;ser watch the light - ..- - .f.
of ape clouds , in eider to finesse that event-4- ' , '
' i
Loull(Napoleion Bonaparte haeattScientlY Pray - • si
ed, by„his wholeefe, that his only aim is po, copy ' ‘, l
his mote. (Laughter.) In heroism ? Oh no,
.. t t 'A '-
no! Intelligence ! \ Oh nh,- - .lont itf,theambitina
to wear tit\kmperial crown! That was- clear to -..
every Man. I only was Surprised to sea, that
the French nation was. able, fornee.slegle - zoo- . t.
ment, to believe that a \ crown pretender might ' -i
-became a faithful Repribliemzuod to show. al
so ,7
the whole Enacutive power a its unhappily 1
centralised Republic into the de of a man - --
who so often proiell nothing, else' but a mere - 0
MAXI pretender; 4d what Is - to , in th at '
very despicable - caparety pretended crown _ \ )
I se
not even his - by the Weak prettinie e inherit- \ • •
antra-not Oven by theNudicrous , prot st, that i
his' an ees tont wore that 'crown ; etilk leis-tT rho
virtue of any conspicuous deed ethatererefddol-
sett t' but einorily because due' ias 'once' i Man . "„
-not his solemner, but his uhCle (sheers) ohly
.._ -..-
-who, ambitions as bold: oven raisedltinie4 ;
for a short time and thought - thi rally but Me ,-- - , .4
descendants only, to an , unperial,"thirone upon . ' . -
the murdered freedom of his flack land. 'And
yet the French people trustedle that - cations •• Fl
edidon of crown pretender - trusted tO,ltle - oath, - - 4.
by which l_iii swore - to stiaintain the eoncittition \
of his country. And trusting to his oattkraised •. \
him to the - Presidency of the heads' Ittipithlic, It was strange, =deed, to see thief deluslottof a; • I
' past glory, alike vein and lojuziouS to - libekty,' . -.. I
teed a great ' nation astray. But. very -Mindia -,..1 -
strange fascination panned, and th e Frenelt;ne k \ ..-- . 1
tics saw that i the President who swore id man-W
tale the Republic, was only a pretender ; while ''..,.: • ,
- he'lraS cheered by some wltlia sheet of "Hu- ~ \ :
Ali for the Emperor!" he was told by the intim:Cl ,
ftrat the verde of , klngi_wonliktie sit' ern era ' -
without glorj; itul boostenitheie oninieklited i - • •"i
man whom his: adtitiree ealled - 14tipeleen 'the
Great, there Wes nn incision Tor lusting littiole-
on the Little. ',Elenghter Sod Apptaitse
A' l.; \ i
'tied Augury - for his Imperial' dream; no \ - 1
that there remained' aciarcely etty chancefortim - „,
but to
,keep pit a'while the power of a Pfeil-.
dent, e 4 ''to tuts& hittoself by It to the ' - nactile- -
• \\)
glous tent `Of en usurper `• . •
r (its' avow hew he ' • .*
exhausted e - ery passible plan to leen= hare- . • - 1 --
election. - But( ever* device broke to pieces - en
the rock of the ConatifittiM,- which ape- -
I 'day - forbade" the ta-eleetion 'of the 'actual • t
I President. So indeed `fifer,' rein might biro •
foresees. that, brathg haled In these ettessfas,_ • - • . i
his'would resort te liolenee to Cushatter down that • : - .., , i(
CenstEntion which - eieluded bite 'from 'power,
and by this exclusion'from the trescheroni're- . - ~...
'alizatiOn of his emblems, dreams, with allotent
etrok*emilly to beYoreseen and to be foretold. •,. , „
But it wise °galley May to \ foresee and*elell,
that be would; without an y delay, baleen, to - -- - 1
Strike hisinjarlects blow. The moment- of his . ' .• - A
going out cif office and of miner wee fixed' by
the constitution. He saw that \ the ftietilli of
the Repeblicin ematltution as well as bjer.dy- , . -
l i
glAlito rivals were day by day preparing ~ ek.,k , •
. 1
step by step marshalling their fortes- . . _
-mmw the. the Republican party . r sem is - . -
ye. covvte a decialonabout its no 0 2m mi.
nee for the Presidency, was entireirrendy
to oppose lie blow tint Eel jr• Every toninent - '' -,
of delay might mizip, his euceetta,-eci there - ' • ,11
wie no alternative ;meter to hasten this'll:a-
:\. '