The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 24, 1851, Image 1

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    EgTABLIS DD IN 1786
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O SILT—Ser./I hars
o Per a mum, parable .IV/early
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1 srr I.llare o.rannum. in elm.. Duras
.111 barer:ll.l. 3lor Dd.]. antillhoorr—
Tv. lifl3. 13 00
IttiWeitT i. 'n es..l3 o D3 33 by T. 71 3 .4 d'innericrof: ter.° ,
• sod to Monk inve.sally as Metal. Tio CLub Nests will
began/ error Der SWAM the mower is met for
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ra.31, 5. 3d =al 0.1;
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- Dui tirclve indatLi IS 00
Petah. Dards. (0 Doo Ton a l ss. b. annum -SS 00.
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for emits dlimnal Mum, Inserted over one m l5OO
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abamtaelut csalWato. Cr (.01. to be charged Uses..
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eniabor of Dus till Osumi/used tillootd.l.l.lpay•
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The pniatert of tuaaal udvarliaorris rsktlr 1.1.1 to
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Imseollaely.otioaand 013 b 0601, 000 and all
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Elm Mitre...l, trill be charsed at tho usual rates For
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All kittrtulnatetat etattlablos itstacattana, ftre tam.
P.att, VASIL teartikalp, itti.l mime pub. me es
.16 h., bs half pro.s, pand o
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Marriage iam. di tharrad bleta
Deatla UM* lerartod elltanyt thargv, ushicia secoompa
ad by Alberti lot mitl ILIA or Id itu,iry ec hms. and en.
aamparded 01.
Resular ailvolibcras and all others seculins omattmelar
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pima shares are made tar admittance—all =ate. 02 pil•
rata at. , .tial,--catty 6.014,44.1.114 ta .11 atstalack
minds re Ireptiesegralcalmal tr od .led to mom., indt
T 14.1 inicred. merely . he Insip ri..h the utaltroaand•
. 5 . la tha 05 .. 1000 b. Pulii . rd 1110teuded to bb
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iome rrr GO- Notlnni la he chatuol triple price
Tays. SiMsh.
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ataaaat of bill y s
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0 1. 6 3‘. 0 1 7. 1 USW is MILT Psfum
Dee Dam 60
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, tbruattalicirm ertmrralust.
0. Num, (10
004 =nrierlion .- 60 matt.
111 tnestivat a 4 mut...mete to hest. le advs..
Ai}CUTER; Attorney n:iLaw.—Collee
• epd .u.nd...1 Co. or
,-11.1,1arelt Ukalklinsr, Grant k mar Co. Coati
A NlO4 P..FCERRi Attorrinj. in - Law-OE6Oe
0 .48 F..1..11, betwutst Ilmlidald and Ormat. Pitts.
DOS. WEAfF.R, 'Attorney at Law, Fourth
to etre., war ch., 31•Tnes Of &a, llttcparch,
ncrecin csitMense, f• ekitiaanna aeAkna.
• (Late of Unkanorn, Va.) I 41.ene or Wahine. en!
LIPIIANT TAYLOIL, i •!• Attorneys at
On Ynarth etri,.1:1),52).;, between Waal
• ta
eel Slkha 4 terrete,Titketainet. Da_ •
D OtiptinnV is Commissioner for the State of
rrk. salt)
runway a..emmr...—
sit[,llntNN & COLLIER, Attorneys at Law—
t• 09 loarib nrrtt, u , xlve Stoltho4.l4.
14%. F. WHITE; Attoriley at Law—Of
beeo antic nr.eyikent V s lrth. Arars'ltu dd.
. St 1.4. f Std 444 E. ,14, 44.t+itht.4. 4 4 .. 10 7
. 4 th'
.cte.oo rat , lmmh. . . - tent°
.4,131E8 4, - KIXIIN, Attorney nt Law, of
in Tilgbituan hall. antler. of Grant :treat mod Disruczt
Pittet,unrh. AWAIT
A ANC IS C. r LANEG IN, Attorney at Law,
NO. 170 Fourth otieroi. IlltAtmrgh.
QTOW:iI et. WATSON, , AttfTileye at Law,
114 io,rth ptr.C. Pittsburgh.'
. • wordy,.
Day; Jam' Pnydor, Wor•
word,. k Intm. Ficanlng. Ao
eountant: 44e,.. W. Ja , kikar, l'sttAtrolkli. • jakl:lr
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tO • Attorney
0 . e:e_pn To th nree t. tv.tweollV at i
Foal ari Law:
TASPER E.. BRADY, .Atuintby at Law,
eN..era iitth Igtrret:l'itSxburb.
- 1 . HARRISON.SIVELL. Ataaritay at Law,
U . 'OW Ble.C.rnakedaliar,ftr taktnA Aci
vvratvlaments.otl)...4e.)l, slam
Memo.% Coto., Bonk Nam 10., No. If
fourth *Loot, not: Oa. to No Ito of Ylmsborth._ Cot.
corearttowial to,!bad procac,ts restiocoato
I. wazza....—..t..OM.
& .00-, Bankers
Drolumt. tioith ;sat touter o( Wood
Ind Irtrees s Pittsburg),
AlEtransoettora mad. 'au nt"..ral tuns, wad coUeetkcos
incomptly latesdni to. • Ja9.l
11D. KING; Banker and Exchange Broker,
.7ourtlk. rtnmt.. Dealer itanlr Nous, Ms;
ngs, Gold " Btoots bottsht and sold
Tba blahest',c grins 7 , 1 : d , In premium he .old.
•ftVallsosorod 4 ll.- 10salsh nouan. 111.17
. .
AVM. LARIMER, JR., Banker and Broker
T ittreit„lio.G, Alloh3lllB the Bank of liadrarth
KIN S & CO.Exchange Broken,
. . [bath East; Comer of Third sod Marlat stmt. All
4 .... s,
OLNi„ .t SON, Deillers , in 'Foreign
. • • ...4 krtairstininior eel:bang., ttarlikeatee of-
. %ate. and ttreeir:- Na.• GO ktuket street, Pitt.
— lo.Colirctiont takta, ou J 1 pa prhasipal r , /tha
Moa k „at the Unitist Stat., ''-• • • -
E.l ;..Bankete and-Ex
' fir :
•Brelteric lieelenr In V cre4
• •of Ya.ten ejlerilditerer or reitccite, " = ltetee.—•
et eesrdnuird and Wood Moots, directly oyiXitite
[W. 4.13yr0y
nAiRp.a ,III YIN, bominisaiun Aferoharas
.4 Inil Ittokns, Nn. 114 tot stmt. PRMIId ond
Inttte Or , nutelso fonn MO to $lO.OOO siva," on butt
VaTeluit• nun.... 1.
' , 405011., LW:
tIALME.R,III;LNNA CO:, Successors to:
ilktantr e flannndt Excurnor Innyrrin
• &Were to FOAM, and Drametie rub nuln. Certidtune•
at Dernalle:atnk.ritunt, ntLdiornitt=2:ortre Wert corner. of
Wont mtd 71unt Ann:, Current Slow ear./ on Dr
ptait,nlght Cheers' far este, and muumuus made ort wan
if . 11 ard , mtdred 3•4nte or the oeum
toweette!eu!ouyas far Turentu and knell=
.dtlintisit MO*64 NrJlimantsof P;redura rblnfueln•rte
TA YL 014, Commissioner and' Bill
iltakii; striot. gm.* attantlon ar to
Lava to Alit ballet., entrootial to Mt or Plttsbanth
caanallactuted articla alwarg pa haml 0 0 . 0, + 4 at ~hnrt
E11 " ="4% 'l'"i r'l z uf . fl e44l"
*ma mato. r
Boolutttthl /Jul, sTitnomtits
It 0:4 OCKTON, JAW duhnstoti 004- ,
o 31:;'fult1.1'417aVtharet=r4
JAS. B.'4Ol3lES' Ch 4ap'Liteiark - Dbpot,
Third Ansi; ordiaiite tt. ro-t 441... New Doris nr-
FgalZa 'i rot T orke r' igiiil; ,' i ' i t onk . .traTit 'ZIA=
L. READ, nonksellar and Stationer,
tl 111. „NO. 78 Fourth miseet, ApcktkoThilLtings.i • • 1
MCLINTOCK, Mtunifactuterand lm =
0,1.'0. oil Cloths. Steno Pura Trim.
ALF he. %Vara awe. No. IR Fourth et,
wood V
D -W.-.POlNl)EXTER;cornerof:M i tOand
i:ltkitot rittibtlith, CoalliMax-1211 , 107,
haw Sad n le of FL=
ritti!it t l ' o e jlaoatlttmatannfactarad
Mick,of Iletsburtb '
Atw—Accut kr the Weor j,RatimrtCo,end.,l 141.1-
ce.tobeat.F.Mantais'la4-Itat Forks; at FluarlopAla
!" , ,Dricort tad leatant a Co'., bno4rl6tpackwt Tam *orif
•TTIVZOIii;C&i .
Ibramimlen Merchanti. ND. el Irgo' stft4t•
H.. J9IINSTON, .Forwalding . and
mtv.l. Zral.e."9 tto, , 113 8.y.11 stmt.
1-6j~rlEEt . 4
- JONES; • Forwarding road Corm ,
"Inlosiovi Wrrh.t•ll.alers - 111 Produee KM Mts
..; Maorafseetrefiartriur, •Caall near P•rreatb
atreet.-Pitubnrith. •
ARDY,:JONES &.. 00-. Zomboni to-Ai.;
wood: Atm *Va . , Cointedasl6l3 and Forwarding Mar.
• dela. re , In fittenagb itaral.eturto,Goo.u. plus,:
DiTy — i6dbs
a.a. - Illiov&ou-rrreaatin.....—c.i...SauSt lb:C.lol2i
A. MASON k CO., Wholemlo And 11001 .
tk•rs Tscier rni Eta•leUri Grads. 0 htirtot
• ••., lttb Ward, : -
URNLI Y &.• BUItUtIFIZLI), ,Wnour.saut
rte.a) ThT (1.44 3:nro.anto, rot...a. of Fourth
Mutat streets, l'lttAdrgh.
IL ItUNT, Dentist, Corner of yotuth
I as Natura.. beverti Market a9d,Pm7 Knot.,
MvaURPIIY .k LEE. WOOL Da ans and
Oneallaton Mercbalitit tor the ...Ile of American
God.. 2i o. 11,"• Meru. Pittsbugh,
Qit W. HARBAUGII, Wool Merchnnta,
Dram I talcur arty=o•
t Ati EL Veteihriry Sargeon, hie
hr. Ecllnbafth, lkotl.ll. would . Is • Iblly •1:••
of lho public m. be b. extramv.,l -A
roinfl9. .1, er.,lrefol
MalVailta "‘" l " b.MAVIZ"th.,
Doctor G. Reichhelm
INFORMS hie friends and the public in gen
• -
eral, that ho hue remora! lite °Mon to Penn atm.; No.
next to St. Glair Hotel.
S.—Peone 104.1.4 to him far a length of time. am
reomote.l to 22111. their account. iittwt=
F. IL Moore, M. D.
'l've.' .11,uu,.n to the (restatesat of dieemoi of wo
olen sod ehildree, and mute dismemgenerally, os se
etuende sal ell:give', dtemses. Chloe Co Anders., stsust,
neer the Maud Kart Bridge. and DMA door to Dm Plan•
log Mill, Allegheny City. (rMrs• home from 7 to gA. '
'from t to h. and from 7.m 9 P. M.
R. J. J. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
t/0100 and dwellioo. estrum of Darangtoolerow. No.
.11,1 rd street
Insane &or above Emlihnield et.
Dr. Myers lam Motly located If Pittsburgh, sod
will attend to the dutlee of his Profession. He will Mee
particular attnatiou to BIISIIICJI MOW. sod the Maslow of
Imams mid ehildmo. &plea.
J AMES 111r0UFFEY, (ouceessor to John 1).
gr frr2stirn:fig:2:. , hAT,'t 1 412.T.;',...., "•1-
Wo.I stmt. ono door mouth of 1H•mooi a/my. P Ittaburlib.
Pa Cons:Aral, on hrd • rupply of Storman's Cou.o
run. Larne PilM.and. Worm hillar. nuM4
PA.LiNESTOOK. & CO., Wholesale
brumes.' mud omuufse, White surer. of W Lava
bur ,
A• br, wad Lltharge, morttor Wood 004 *oat otrv.tVitt
LA. 4. 11..i..14 11. O. ... •LL
jiEYSER & MAK:WEIL, (Successors to
to ge & Store .) Wholesale virgin
reseriptloncomer of Woo] street andalloy``;
PhyActane , preectiottoos earafullr eosapoondod night atest
• • - •
KIDD & CO., Wiioieeaie Druggiitts: Denl
ritit • :ra In Painte, , Okl% Dye Stara, and Ittat.rvinennn—
prt tare of Dr. bl Leame'e cmlobratod World epects
er Pine, and Long Syrup: :in. tk), 1,-corner
fourth stremta, Iltnburgh. Orders win be earm fully k
at. and krmardirl witkk dispatch.
1:11 E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
ok.qoo dDarl, Dye a buff% . OM I Van a h. wa rdrean Ad,
Prfrea ol
N. WICKERSIIAM, Wholesale Druggist
. and Dnnt.r In Swam and Avieußural Impl,nents,
1ua.164 acid 101 Wood won, corner of 811 M.
pRAUN RErrEtt, 19holesale and Retail
inuartna mums, labwrty wad ML Clair eta., Pitt,
Ah. P.
JSCIIOONMAKER3 CO., Wholesale Drug
a au, No. :4.1 Wood st.. Pittabragb.
curt. BLACCUrIt LL .100.
i3LActi.Buits s CO., Whole s ale Oro
'V • eers Furttlab.ra, and daadera In Yawl...a-and
htlaburah alanula.tnr, OIL.. Path land Oakum altar
Oo hand at tbair Watelauutta. lal %Yaw Pittatuttea
"PL' , )
wat. t aii • •
It. . WILSON, Wholesale (Itocers and
• V • • Uonutile3l.n Nl.rtaanta AKenta sale of Du
Pont.Lowder, B. ILS daoontl, .at 147 Yront
JL. Wholesale Grocer, Commission
. Merchant. and dealer In Papa, and Ka.. corn.r
Penn AGA Irwin Pltteburah.
horood 1.1..0t. bet..n W&mt and 11:3111004. T-41.1041nc1a.
. ..........
A OIIN S. DILWORTH &, CO., Wholesa le
Urocer. Itnature sad ltantalraion Merchant. and
• We
for Masan! Potrder co.. et /laaaoslll.oann.. Na
31 Waal ra.,Tirtahurata.
..g_p Ume..m 111ortbkota, no. ue W.*
wee', a 14960 First c.v.. Pittsburgh.
Rh EY, MATTHEWS k CO., Whulesale
eg..LaYr= t ia.= Yarts. Virtfet, ""
JOO3 IFATI . — ..101.01 was.,
rK CO., Wholesale Grocers,
j u.b Cchohia=lechanta ii h o uil . .= Pml 4
e0 h u1d .. ..1
I B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
Oommtatan : nu rm .. wnq a 1 ': •,-'pniail"
Pearl datz..hd Westrrn Prod ;tor =wt.
a...1a/Itch/ and %Vv.'. PitlAsurhh..
• sale tirseArx., Conaloollm ant 'Coannala:ton Mrsoto
all Denton an Pattiatrurgh .111 - actures and Woatern
Plodlaco, No 36. corn, of Itoort hat and Cluaneorr Loam.
mull 11leitT.. loony man. l
SAIMI DICKEY & CO., Wholesale Oro
oalt.°,°:.:nh'ilxV• ttl,fttzt P-4°
LkNGLISII i3ENNETT, Into English,
Oatlazher &Co, Wboll.oellroverNearamission and
edicLOiczchants. and braier• iu f4Wuw awl I.
buTch Mualabste.res. 1.2 . / Second :121 Firzt
between Waal ext ectithflebl.
D. 211 . 90.1.....-111,17..
Xi'GILLS & ROE, Whulased! Grocers and
.. Zmaissiun Merelua., 1.:/j....A.rbarty Erma,
jtOBERT teIOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
:Decalslag DiaUlm, dealer Pr Produce. PPreborglo
umthetures.sa4 ktyl4 of .Pres,buo sad Domes.
'Coo snot L1uu00..7.1e Liberty =sob' Oa bead •
eePrLeorn etoek oProperlar okt Ht (. ua;Wlt..FDLsto7 L '
'whlsh Ina be sold kor braked .
no °BERT D 7.7.FLL *. CO, Wholesale
jut tl o u eers, cemad.sea kletret . l.:Lts, desinv la Produce
'l"ittanligb. "Wh • Üb.ty
Grocer, Produce, Primer finerimlesibb arr.
e and Deal. tb Pittebbrith "Arzahant..- IL:11
Liberty street; Pirtsburtiti.
A. aaaaur..-...--.----nass L °mum..
WM. .BACIALEi r & CO., .Whojaa.le Oro-
V -mn. Nos. 211 sad Z 3 Woad ono. PitaboWth.
successors to
V=" i "li l iltrunrAV:datr7g * laltg.
!water of Wood and Watrf street.. Pifig.ofcb-
Larecen and pm litexchsirts. Dealers PTO.
Etlde.A.ra Ylticr 6 flt . lliendertared Article,. 196 Liberty
JO. U..
, a. ,..11. WILLIAMS & CO., Whaleisale and
' • Retell Fancily Grocers. Forcrording wad Como:dud.
Ws. end Dos ler. In Cloconry Produce and PlUotouryb
idartursclurcoosomor of Wool and Filth ate. Pitdoburgli.
stmt,Libecti Pittobarala. • • eel. Ortteng. Pro.
`yens Man:. .vcmnn nary
4 dc 1 1 145 Yb, Wholesale Grocers, Com
. minion bleynbatrie, eta Deniers In Proinee—Ronivi.
carob Buildings. trontlnc on Liberty. Wood, nun nlyth
'Areas, Plitsbainb. Ps.
JOHN t m t
PeK . E,lt il t ...L. O u th . o . lesalo ,.. Gger:
ouganda 6666166et11366 irtdskily—No. 6. Ociamorrau
Lawny Pitteburgh.
AS. LIALZELL, WhOlesale Grooer, Com
tiat naleallald YonantlngliertlisnitnB4raberbalem
cotton Van, and Pittntunth rtanntacture•
genet . ..l4-710. 68 Water et. .nd 78 First it, Pi 7 7 ,887.1 1 8-
..O : ~ : : 4: i :.c ; y
011 N IL IaELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
Mod., orrcl Model bartroscnsta, &hoot Soots. sod
ratioosry.. Solo swot for Chielorrimes Alan° Nortek for
Ventrre I'rrorrylr.lB—No. 81 Kurd rt.
I NRY &LEBER, Dealer in Musia, Mu
. deal Instnuanat.s,ancl , lmportar Bttlogs.
•mentfor , N,OßD• Chat • pan! and *gums Plana
' .
; VW L.a.inao Attlelo2.l.. el., fur Dunham
HUN WETHERELL, • Manufacturer of
Aor of
toulm od mi
> or.
Bard=notßridesAW. oa,ouoquAA WA ND
'Sing, Pennock & Co.,
IkANUFACTURERS of Cotton Yarns,
naltre, Car Warp. Cotarlat yam, W mac Caudlo
e l'lt Un saTe of"P r elJE AND KEYSTONE MEET.
IfitT oel4
kONES 8 WHO, Mnnufactnron ofpnng
.osi Blister littvl,-Ploagh 6t 1. 131m1 Plonk Wino
h sad 12 dyrings. Ilammond ,
dollen-1w hish.his Puh. Flhi E*lll..
(bath Truamings graitrallf. homer a nor i id meat
Ritt.hurgh, -
lIILLINOgi 'WILSON & CO., Mina.-
- ltuvrir flti .bas War, lan, and gap tuka, daze
, chat, and Saba nallr. linlehlna, clout, bob, and
Rrhea oath; Soar barrel ami lathing do; Alen fins ad and
d . blual nails. tr., so
•01Sce al LIP,PINCOTT 4 CO, N 0.113, Vrator at., ?qt.
basalt... JI ,
.1:11011. X. C. -
_—_ .kin!, CHM— cam. Windy
acrlbbre inanui.ter• and FiepLooestantli 0 , 3 bawl all
aim or Tack; Bradt, and ill:41.01m P 1 Within', Clout. aed
/lob Meta tom Bled Flour Barrel aloe Lathing N.ic
=it jail i. o t ted TrA..4•l4l4•Mrpe . sed . plo,
r• • L
~:learthsttse. 69 W ruubmb:..
• N ~ !.1.• II 111: • • 1., j , actu
• li
W a•
. 1 E r a u tinerk. x 'P 4 e 4 td Slhel.l ~t f itzb N
11 . 11:f • .4! : eti.
aat t • 4 Co. tlannuctami of Sods Ash.Blear.b.
immix BLmDS.
• •
X.rfttOWN virOidaixtostrespoctfullyinform
gine°, the Digninnit; Allegheny ity., am Nt* assorttneut
Al Vsniburblni4; Yrnitissi Shutting immune to Oder
In the best Ark , . warrunind moat u m bd
sca.. .ithonv eb• ald of •
wren darer. llorion Duras...44[U , Oink, toois, sail west
of the cabinet ensbli ment of Ratans* licar..a. lam
preprint to famish tbelr old C0MM01 . 144.1 te Lk. DO .
Ile at lass. 0010.. as thing 10 thins line.
Agirnit. a. 6 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
1. A. BfilYWlt. •
DOBERT MORRIS, Tea and lee Mer
W:•;1:;, AVOWED CO., Orocers arid
tei•Don./oro, No. ".S6 'Agri/ street, atm@ Wood
hot. ohntro oft bow No.
ssoonasson of sham Groan ,
SiD• Tau olloo—korotop traits oad ts. W 064-
• ....A...0
PA.PBII imroiaras.
SUCtnt . lo:
At.rican Parwr.Aisasinic.
Shade., ilr• ibarditiuth .
Wr.DOl.B cee• ,666 W. 4 " 11n
DUS..d an?. ttaburstr • • .
ytcoidi CO Whaleardo and Rei - alt
x dtanoraedorrra. ,
Dealcrs In - llsb,Car. sod F...
mrnpr of Waal and Fifth atfaa•La Pittaborgb. - Maar. •b•T
nRn• f°ll end .T.P•da nook of Wad. Cap., Tom de, of
U0.:1bT, ' .11 . 1 - 7.lrngiWn i"" 7.3n a7:SZTar
tnoi , on. on.
L{ CHESTER, Morehant Tailor rind Clo
lt• thirr, No. 71 Panthflahl trnart. Particular att.•
Win pall to Pope and Youth,' Cloth!ntg. folly
WM. MGM', Merolla:it Tailor, Draper,
V an4 , land.r In P.M, Mato Clotblug. 157 Llyrfr a.
.Wilson a: Son.
IIrIiOLESALE and retail manufaetu-i s ji
IS•r0 anti deitlers lo Lista and IST. No. 91
1 Meet. third tknr below inarnand eller.•ritts
htttt[h—'etere they offer a full mad complete stock of IlMa
aod earn of their meo.' Eastern mannfactere , of ela err
guantr find atria, by wholesale and retail. and tnrltn the
atteotloo of their mask:mama and the nubile. mesonpa them
that lb., will sell no the most reurmahle term.
AMES PARKS. Designer and Wood
• Lugravor, Philo Third etroot, met Pmt (Hate.
etury,, most respectfully Intone, the Public that he
le prepared ouchn all kinds of ilow,oleg and Weal
En=. Ink, as Views of Buildings, rilmintrea., and
Sl.htro.ry, F.wirtios . Foals of preys doo - riPnon• Oro‘it."."
tal ticirepoper Heads, breuritOte halals. cotton Ste.i.
ansl:thno Bats. Cc. Terms oorf ttliders.. aril 'e
VILLIA3I M Lithograph-
Netradistinleut, Third stwer, ol , poodle the. lbst
Pltt,burgh. 11..t.n,l.aludpcsprr, Pnrtralts. Show hilly,
11, 11brAd., Ui Bod. Lallvls..irrhitocierAl , l.lo 31arld.
Drurritur, Ilunirwso er.1.1 Vlrltlng terd.. a co,eved ur
` ,3 "rn "^ Awl 0'1,144 In roh.r.., Gold. or
111...4.,1. mr..d autrosi..iiro....., et the
I •
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
PIE ABOVE FIRM respectfully nnnouneb
to their Meads au.l the public 'roundly. that titer
end to Shun C
end I'm( ' NlRl.4..Chart., 1.41.w1, c.. is at No bd Itsvitot rtrert. Warn.
Thtni and Fourth .tr....te. nn .alts , uublitt
Prtal:4 II 3:1.3
Henry Richardson, Jeweler,
111 AV INO re-fitted his enure in to
haalsolus matmer and but rserntly raturn.
ea Bum the rrasb.rn MU., with a floe assortment )
,of WATCIIE.... JEW ELB'. scut FANCY 1.10010, -
,•oul.l roll ttn.sttention of hi. trio ads and euammera tn tn.
Ilan that among his Wstohea will Pa found lb. toust deal.
rab. ntyi•s. Pst...rns
Of Jnereire, the latket sty le. of Broub.. Breast Flu,
I rob Rua TeAl Cbain, Vinaer Rings. Ear Mugs, Miniature
Lurk... u...
at Pan lAr,:tk,e lwttl,•t, Tail. s
r i tle. [cork
Porto Sounalel in groat 'minty, Chula Fruit
; and rale. •Ith etalle.s sarh.ty of ussful 111.1
aru,iee. which bare °sal( to be aeon sr
vre.elsts,l f rant No al SIMIKET STKEKT.
It' W. WILSON, Watches, Jewelry, Silver
v an, .1 Alltuary that of Slants, and
Fourth rt.-vets, Pittsburg u. V., N. h.—Woo...seal and
OCLA V, IV 1 LSON k CO., Importers mid
Wholano.l. u..l<. saJ Cutler,. N.
oni sts..4.ll.BNurah..
Puovaras—ltraid.e, owlwr of Thlrd Iktreutso4lraOt
N. H —Limn Sand. Mortar. lath. Se.. fur sal.
I OliN A. CAIJOHEY, Agent fur the Lake
ft? Lb. gin t u r:A i r
LEECH t CO. TrAnsporiere Le Canal
nd V
rw.l3n, M er chant,. corner a P;sat etre.
JO.. ea.!
New Marble and Freeport Stone Works.
1.1511;ND 't% ILKINS, ut addition to hi,
LA extewlve Potet,holicutit e, Ltherty str,t, beta of
41 ad, open,•,l ,2 , 6rwarb bia ka.,o4lll.bte
CV p
‘4l,l.ect tho awe, when. ha Inammeturn
Tarteti MiLrhie sw.l reop f rt 41,..11r MonFeeht..
oroues, Nepal., .se. of !Labia; curt..
rardlroorroic for l!rarreri Frapert ktvoir•-•
Trvg durable to.,•nal Uettt,: loc4tea tocoarentent tolls
toR prviraril •trrirus ordorn 'nth prolnt-
Ilamit. sad ,gl2 the IDS.% arm..—api n,opre for a cootirw
aturri tea purollayentratolarry ro irtmeralh extml-il.
Wm. M. McKnight
11TILL give ppecial attention to the Collec
tion einiees ler IforrhsotA aid others, In W..
rro 'emu, Isnot& &or ta.susroortios,
.othrs to night:um DAD. ormolu , the New Court house.
I:ofers weer—John 31orrison, P.C. Flu!clN. D. N. W?..1.4
Deonrott. and %m.res:
VLMAir,til it NOBLE . --Cny flouring
Mils, No. Ora Liberty au or Adams rt.
j' Draught...J:l,mA Pr5..1.41 wolooAgentaaiw
amught. at bluelels for the Pot..spt arcs. of Alort.l.
:wry f.r Minos, Watrr Warty, Notting' Mills, 00.. Iter be
towel tmtolrl 10 A. SI sod o nteersocr, No.:1
Aterieur etrert. Pittsburgh. peon - dlr.
tiONECIOER k CO., Impertery of Winer,
lAltxore, asel Swiss Cheese, lob Nosithteld Onsets 11.
ter,. Math arml Perenth.
), A. MAMMA, Agcnt for Delaware kW
ttau tufAr Irrarazkeev,RlALar. 42 Water street.
JOARDINER COFFIN, Agentfor Franklin
AZ l o rz , r anr9k. mat oraer a Wood
W4ll. GLENN, BOOK BlN)tfle Wood exec('
T., wind dcor firms the ooroer of Third when kw la
g7=l 4 l:T e . 3 l7JOM P ors ' ogwi n nfi . 4 th or t rrl,
bound eviletahtlally. nalr. natobaw.. or okr crooks
breohl =retell), or revelled. hashre pet on In ¢llt lettere
Three who have bhutout are Invited to oah. Prkee low.
St‘mboat Agency, and General Commis!
lion, Receiving and Forwarding. - '
ItALLIWIN, PLUMER .t. CO., have this
day associatel with them dlr. John Ltostnn. and otter
it yentas co tbir public as Stootalrat Ayes.. Usucral
entatulasioa aud Yoreantlng 0,21i15.A. under the style of
Us - arm Aprills.lßsl.
tptilltddy lad Willndus' Ron. I
:114JNTli LANDS—Cerr. Cll6l. Nanza,
ittontry at Lsw. N 0.169 Third xt., rorner of Clurtr i r
preg;rs " Po n u g ai: " lftEste fftontw ' re for arti ' w°lll=b74;
widokriand child., and will attend to say other bust
neati,souneeted pith the government or au, of Its Prwart
sten . the Pension al., or the Courts at the Mr of
Waahlrttnn. la27,dtt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
p 2 ..11LH is nowlrepared to give
61' I delightful art. at trZtutrl , :nrearr t e. renl ' lS
Attbsoun'a nen budiciltot.aint street. hew.. Wond and
Started streets. noun. of I nettuu4net, from DS: USX, .0
front Ot tot le P... Charges
other narticulin “o to
Rot,calling (afternoon) a nd
so Dr. Gamin or D. Addison.
RoOtinghani and Domestic laneetorware.
tyOI2D , I:A . R a D,
N. Jan -Vs% L.Ottko,
1 14 , t8atuals Rastas, comer dizth and Liberty slaw.
(Itoond Church buildlnst.l sutras. as{ do la J. fa.
Inasleaal• =car',
Oita autanolys Warke enable sta ta dil °sclera pr , o u suptly.
trtralrepl:c7tr i rtrallir ' s ..`4,ll'gr?:.d:?set:
Of at! day.
Rata:. rns. Spitaotuart.hta, ?Lacy Tom Damen Stu,
?lolls! . Vas., liodati, Mantel Ornaments. Irtedlntsa and
8.41 Jars, acut arliurea lar damsstic usa . t o
arsat aaristr.
Onjtt's nutuatfulty 1.116.1. latth7J:tt
Alexander Bradley,
MANUFACTUF,EII of every desciiption
...of COOKING .570rr9, of the mat oprored W
and .00b as will render tho but Latisfsgtlon
411,..i—YARLOR :ITOY/b,S. among which .111 b . . ;boa
/6.01141 adoortu.l folding door Parlor Stor,K CU
Morn RoolWore: Franklin Brov.n bl•lnablfusero.4l , l4
W07g41 b ir °,rotV l ',l,7l,
the 'abolition of dealers Won. DurtbnEdig elmorb w era.
Pitrabargh Gas Pipe arid Tate Works.
THE undereigned have Just completed their
.lE* flowata n ufacturlati an ant. of OAS MS, la,
pottistito and atm Fitter and aft duo of
ratan asp attar for sal* at atm forma prima They are
aaproatal cute,3l. order, to as teas. Js
No.lll and Pa nat. , •troet,
Plrt - altuaaH. PA
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufltdiiririg, Comp'y.
au. owtf.._..a I. im.....J. r. aoru.._..a I. flout.
. .
THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been op.
JILi feinted pg the .b". the
b „. 440r
trAit ' :4lre.4 t adbrerireOltr ? .= Ile e gara
TbeTX n 'l ,ri Pr' it r r/Virg tie Deck..
[gur T,'6 °l l r e em It eer to enMnerate the
ganlageo the Delver Flee Beek poi~e. over all et, :hat
, bati Wet offered for Babe l° the Unlted . Statec.ther row.
ty being known to enutet all pelage oho we
F •
Beek. The propylene* hay* detarmloed aloe the'
Beek atuel law none of.tber present entiablegeratatt.s:
OW, WO no they
*ball epayed to mega them even
better the! they lisve heretofore.. been. Tide Is the ratlr
elablletoteen now manutartbrlng Plry Deck at 11,eilver.
how ll gait ;Wag
Canal Ibtalel. &meet/ et...Plttabom
Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
ItIOILS DSON, Si 'Market street, is
Singingarea kir 'the shore' named la Rowe**.
_e guarantee le Nit bed to soh
' Ely'envointment to the Al ' intAlty, WM . MON. Ohne
tonneter and Watch Slanufacturer. 45 Ki.g 444. e. 00*
gel] goad. London.
This certifsee that the sorenanying Watch. No. le
aurranU•4 ur to be of toy wan otaettn, and neWatch
Ultb mr t=pori It iszetligne.less 46,0[0pik,p10.1 by
se agratelo 1141 ) gb .4 ° o ' .='to keep time to the eat
larection of. the purchaser. Wll, NINON.
R10100..111) J. C. 130EOKING, Manufactu
rer of Looking Ulan .4 Pic.. And Deal
. I.ol,othait .114.a.c No. 7& TNNotroot,Tlllo Roil
Pft1.4.147.. Pa.' 0c5.d10
A3IISEL' KROESEN keeps constantly on
tus • g•ea assortnonnt of Wash sarl Datb ab..
Oamailwat, Osk Wen, Ditches or Draw Drokrti
Wooden larls. Charm Dr 7 Bleasorms. Zino Lai Chem'
Washßoss* and all other kinds of wars la his Hew
WarsroOrrh Slam& FW 1, Fifth strart.Ditisbarsh, P.
0.10,00'0. mom..
OREN'4 , t , with THAN, (formerly of the
JW,t l g4tlP. ,
Wage so.. a cant anat. PAtsbursa, Pa.
N. IL—Particular attearkarkakt la Did grew of arindrar
Masa and'Orivata mould. far Buultsaar alala. saga!
77- 6: F eine, s ro f e4sor of
nEO$ lertve to'irifoim the citizens of
a Or ba l nb rr n N ol d s i 00 t heth r P lANOP O ‘ ICrN o ss r a r. e
T. "
Mi . = tfragTob.7.orl=Tth'
Eaehango Li very Stable. eadFurrushing
.Vo. 178 Penn street, nearthe St. Clair Hotel.
gMThe gubseriber,
fnl h• nubile for the liberal an." ... """
"'sere of cu.,. In Ma lanratofnre. would in them
that he Han oomm..need the tr.`..WFATAKINO bur4nen. In
connection wlth Ins LIVERY and wILI attend to
funeral. on rea.nnahle term, as an,' In the citY• An ,
nromt.tlr, and In the Lent a nd ue,test manner.
It,T ) :l l . ' !atlfii=VA V.elfigleell7ALY7L', and
rCCOLLIIIIesOnI b INV who bare thero ‘ m WV.
Or modem sty Is, s Knew. rntrioty of p•O•rne.
ly onsauouled.
A large clock of the anol• UR.
hive, IlalPs Patent Le-
Ter., True America, Beau', Crane', filocald'a, Roofs.
Precook', Bull. Iwo. Dull.
The Aliehlgen Double Plough Is a now putout Plough.
that has taken the prenuturu the State Yalu of DLit,
Penneyll/.1% Nae York, aud at the Agricultural
A liegheuy County. for It ham Won highlr •PrOetnel
wherever tried, and la ou.rlor In mode of cultleatlun
any other kind, ...tin; Lbw furrow Into two aline, and
leering • lone. deep. and perfect seed bed.
Eight boavtlful Ll.c • .rwoOinamental
J C. Parn'a l'aternt Chilled Ro lls s. Rolllnl Mill
C. Allog. Entdo
Patent Hottl..• f.n. Soap. Pnt MA. Suds Aalr.
For the manearture of Cane iin . The Kopko, an
CAAOn the prorme patented Parry. and are sow.
pier tor durability to way arbor, and add lower than tboria
made uu the old plan.
aa;it a;;;ni ave . rr
. cleacrinCon. n ea=nj j a u ra? ..„
I " °N " a N. " • " J. C. CaliCV a Cu.
Tillinghurat's .6emilun Chun.
ATENTED, June 19, 1849. GrearEcon
may in Time sad Luba—The untleretana ate Maw
...Mettle the &bore Churu. of Hockituttum Watt, anti
22 . tlV: 4 7• l4r set. " TGi t ;!:ThZ • rn . li b ::;;Cel ' e7,l . o: f p ' rllt
at usury State and Count Yalr where. It hew been as.
hibltatl. and tt tly Out the premium at the Cur of
the A trietttuie New York.
toth Vtx,lM Alw. IILAKCLY a en.,
rb.o of our lrirads and lb, public giqu.rjly.
sug2.l AIWHIL
O. 2 CO Fifth auJ 100.. l
New Coach Factory—Allegheny
A, \VISITE & CO. would re-
StM spKtfull• Inform tha putate thec they have
cflcted eZop on Lecnet, boteflu Federal ant neudusky
treete. They are now Weldor and ere prepared to•
Hceder. for every description ot iflechfl, Chariots.
ansuchee, Butnies, Hatton, tc-, which, tram their
lout experistwy la the manutecture of the ato , re work.
•a 4 lb. twilit:es they here, they feelcox:Went they we
eueblea to do tort DO It. mart I...table term With
three vanes; articles in their lite
Pay in, particular sttene.ou to tbe selection of materials.
sal lasflog none but oonipel•nt Ist:Prinz., thy base no
hesitation Is wanuriting flip's. work Ns Ebel...fors ask No
attentiou of the public lu tbls matter.
NB. Itepalrin• Son• Li. tot. manner. ea/ on thfr,
most rse.w.nable terms
FALL FASHIONS—Just riceirode
U. otter* of Ufa 6..1.C.1:01. Nag /Irina.
• Lob will Woven for t here Thurs Jay
t,.day du. week, where you wtll End • bounti
ful aneorussot of •n.5(510 usw str ordtru.. Silk. I'atla
I6S 0.1 Bon., and Trictuninsa. of various html,.
•ultable for tbsseason.
P. P. Cbil..lren Lull.' Caps an] lived DIVVY
arta, awl 1....1[11 rte.. mad,'
Patent Shingles.
HE SHINGLES made of Wal6ut; Pine,
with Woad'. Ithpromed &laugh, M.
Ye received the Cent presnluto at the last Pair or Allw
g berg 1-laeuty The Machine le otanaloa titee Ohio
1.1.111. 31111 of eltepeon, loana Cr, blemeheeto. Sc,
!mad can mate 10.tek fhinele• for day, Rom the Llocta
of soy kind of nate, that troves .tty eouotry If any
further 10 0,14..00 le wantad, please tall an the sabacn
ber. al B.
ritt.huahl leaver• lo l t o el l 3 mer et Four
D. I a II: t BlUhL a.
WILKINS. Nu. 245 Liberty et.,
head arty/Ave atrwst. Plttsbilleb. Pa
Manatuanta. Burial Yalu. Dwacra
Mantle Pima, Crow, l'i hat rr Tam es,
always on thud awl ludo to ortler,att
&down Kull*, anal at very remluewl
pima a diae• electsoos ansratrisses ore
Pratt' !
t r ported f....., • t .,..41
m Italy.
lion. Darman Denny COtah Tlettuanultsra.
lion. Judge Watt. John llarper. AM.
rogn tVIr zAI hunkers
11C...burgh Dula. ea nom a Ltalatin " . k do.
J. U. P.boe c t&lF,..L4. Hill Curry. . do.
Wlleou PI - Dag. nom Farstrut. do.
Honor{ IdeKtUg E.q. Wm. Peasley A Co.
Lothrup, Erg, Allegheny.
E. W. Arlo grateful for thevery liberal patronage re
odeed during Mute en years in this city, having ,lul the
/argon and heat Jain atternsted to hi. ear* up loth. , present
ttme Al and
•111 endeavor to ['odor earlabetlen hereafter.
M .
JAMES W. woozy/ram •
Hetzler. Warecuund P 7 De Third deed.
1. W. W. remedially lamas' hie frontal, .41
aTtrUtaters that be be• now completed the largwt
end Itneddrak of hocia.katad funtitura ewer before men In
tot. city, Asa be is ,telarroirrel te wpbald the onalay with
wallattuasect toderlala best worlinastehl,p. sad newest do
dge.: and from Lim aztent of ha orders and gadllity In
manufaduring. br Heald/ad to plaids.. wady:Lel I odd
tom at the lowest pram..
Ho has adopted Va. Winciple of actedllYtturthe Mks.
eve laterret with his own, in quality at al price, awl Imre
alas,* on hang the gleaned variety of Oen,. drecrlptlea of
(arrant, Inn the ebraped and platters, to the mud ele
gant and tawny, that •❑to,. mou lt yr al en., may be
garalthad bum hi. Hock, or dustd expreetily to
order. I.le thersede sondem an Impaction, thin r te admire
ntleof Ids mtabllshamat may he Mnn. The tollewing •
al dada, le part, of hie deck, whish for richness of
=and 11.010 h mama he summewal In any of the faders
pp r i er , *mate,. dining, and betroont them of •rsty
dendredut of rasaatotd. =abet why and aalrint,
Alitabethen, Cooed - randy ana fatly Qads. of weary dee
clime., Couch.. toga. Tetteade. and Diva. alba Late.:
enlach and American ye/terns, rade., bat - fl stol
wt... peeler W Duda of 'anon. theta Wert Table,
god fancy ft 504.0111.40 danditAnd boklere. inarble
top, andatasny, meowed and watuat mutt. end loofa, ta.
Het ratenrkm dialog team. LI &idea Masud improve.,
atol decidedly tbobed kind made. card. ita. boats
mor tablet •ablettbee, halarttals and weelotanda of cart
lge eaartment; arable hell and parlor roe/talon chairs.
000. man . and otooL, dardary and hook t ugs WWI boerda
Or. *credo, towel racks, hat stand., and mode Opole, cede
and rote for children; paper mach, tater and tea ; , of.,
mahogany, romatexl, and Inlaid pearl Tablet le. Az. Fa
A large etarortatent of Common karniture and Witultett
Chair. 'Cabinet maker. Impelled with all arid., la died;
" Aeatittotd. and Hotels, furniabad at MA shudaat .0400
All orders momptly attended to.
bAOLE MARBLE WORKS, (established
tits. , by, EDMUND WILKJYB. No IR/ /dn. , ' •,,,
• or Wood atop.. , Pltuburgb: Dl.nsnintx, BUM L U ,
malt, Tomb, liesdst•non ad.; Used.] Pion, e•lxtr• •
P N er T m
MsilnNs*).. ba
nr smuolev to
o o o n a.
real Eew York Plumbing Estab
iirEtZR .L E work
. in done on Soientifle Prio ,
11001 , 0 and tibsatobpst Plumbing. In sai Its branch,
done wlth wan.. 6.1 dispatch.
Bulbs ettrd up with 'boners, fro._
larth Tuba .—.
Ito . ll Stands, ado plot*
Blobs, wooden or
itydrants. ........
• Bear ... _
Kitchen usages. Cast iron Wasb . Trars. Bur Air
. Purnscsi. and LAW Pipe. tundsbed and put up at tlla Ww
sst rices. •
Lltt, rum and Yard ?nowt lirdnulta Hams, constant.
Ir on band, wad put up at dlstauca In tits count,/ •
Aspairion puortually attended to.
PRYOR I WILEY, First rt.
hit bctseen Woo l and Markel sta
Hwy. *col belebrated lbw and Mu m« Port,.rearmed from the maanfarrorn Philad.lphln. an ronfign
ment and an br • . _:k.
• For btroaf. of flnLek and Intrinsic calit o "Wet Yorke
I .olr.ticintlusonil d kelr In 'h.
k' cr ie* ".•—•Vitly
Paper. • : • •
PoPXI2.-83,1 reoi•34 by 38 Printforquen
800 • ,28 by 40 •• • .
800 " 12 by 82
8 0 J •• 18 bY reittY 21 bi 84. 28
400 "" Dit! 7 l4ltor7Ct. '
400 bale. Illngl Doubleu=e CircLun Strew Parr
.13.0 " • Medium end Blogle Decrnitua.
The undetelmned keeps conetaintiy cm /oleo 4 Ttu eon,
V u tgn f i a eu lte r nLity r ie
. fin . g i t a e r n . e rekri nr ybe .
u t m e t . .Le
Boards. e.,/le.
Aleo—Velting of ell Weal. ror Dew; mantiestrers. '
Plleition NUM made to order on Maori notice.
11•1411 'erwow of Pula and Irvin
For Bearer County, and adjaciat °Gawks;
,hav biongri been
B or gh n ton v o o r r e e e id p ardurrotbso twaay&mt.f
In the viciedty of the messor, sal doting the time Me at
tention Its. born gives, ilmnet exclusively to LendAtgerc
des, for the gonnutuadegon of dal a , a ,, dl , e (Troia
70 b.
ItroUrar '11"
in tVerntre f the 14,L..„
cr. razz- for
studs aro ow. number or valturble lot. and One owl.'
Borough nod neighborhood, Ibr st
Mos, sod terro
r advantageons.
Ti be e,slo. f warbled Into, sod no property
Will offered soden Melillo le liclimutable.
Polo. desirous of Purchasing 1,01 well to cal sod
exeorin. for dreaed's.. filt:N7, alloll BRAY/144w,
• .
Law Notice;
IHATE'reenmed the Practice of the Law,
•ml will devote tar hole Lew eel attention 10 It.
in 7var t lar . l3lb . A,which formal,. exleted Lesll t rePt., 11. ,
~..,..4b , In
.. u.tct . ll , oo . ll:l n T h i l l: . f .4 . 3 c." 14 . 7 . 1 .1 . 7
ru, llllll 4b. ll.4l e Alilj t ill:
Itroat. M. HAM PTO.
Oct. 31.11131,-131.11..dava0l
/ow and= - .sun °mar.
MITLEY & COLVIN, Coal hlerolLants
dj and 1:.41m In Drr fluid* 9rnalniaa. • ken and Had
.rner of Walned Omar Ltd uninatnn Turnpliu Ana
• 'rum.... win. n•lovf•vrl.•
To Fruiters.
with all Denesest7 male ItIS for &ion • fan. rate
and Job Boalitent, in thl. ettr. together with the tun'
Endleer el the Will. ben bo•bY 0 , ix We. The matetialn sr. WI lb woodwntlec and
meth new, and de the *lnterests enzaiM.l fn otlu~r e b p n~rl~
13.1...i1l t o sold 1.17 ineub below thely.lo*
'modelingm. no. entre prnienbi npaning which",
wellwatnecenc . .Vorywrtigulars newly at [44 dna,
imAtits IA =aims, mut, 8•24.. in:ll44W
11. 74 finatl at, alost La iktak at fintbeero4-
and Matra callaeta=mta af U 4 W
. ,
. _
HE subscriber bus in st,iretand olfrra. at
Inn Pric,t ' , oilmen; ..1" Alpena!, 11 - ibiwir...
nanu.una emi
Lain., fir,linn. 141nL,. riss•
al, Minn, Colton Flannel.. Thilat Stra.lllla, W.. 1.
mlong'Slianot. riAlt Lienn. l'innteg Wanilker , lilet.. Onto
eat{ Malluetta, Cairlinerm. ()loth, Tinned& J.....
brown an.l Dieichi4 Drill-, 'firkin Col'a C 0..,.
bete. Pudding. Vann..., Plnhnpati li!..k white. N.,
ckittnn, Ana Silk Lace. Linen Tata.
Dwaine, Dolton, lm a ler, sae , tr tip which
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Ladies!! Read This!!!
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Bend yodr orders!
Cheater's Emporium
1U EN'S WEAR, embracing every netiele
IT. needed for uent's outfit 11 orkmarishio war
ranted: prices commensurate with the lime,
Bore' Ai:am—Boys from 231, pow, old and upwards.
furnished wi th • nompleta outfit at the shortest non,
1200 sults Boys' I:lathing an bond. Ale., tiny: Mom,
Blotto, risterwroders, flandlterehlefs, Bens, Helder., nor s,
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0 , 96 II Smithfield stria. near Intmorot Alley.
VINE WATCHES, of the teed Eng
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Fall and WiaterStock of Fancy and Staple
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Smith's Patent Selflicttng Hinge d: Spring.
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Patent Pianism 11achinv, for the it eatery sod lie.utttetn
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Fresh Teas al 4educed Prices !
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NeW Dress Silks.
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11.1mball's Chemical Washing Fluid.
Tlills FLUID let far auperior to aov other
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)OUSSEL'S AMANDIiE , for the Cure
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,rancILVER Napkin Itingr, Port :Siniirinics,
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Um:Amax% Toilet Illus.. Gent: Brea. ma 11aa...5,
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and O. I'. Tr..:
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Lau T a men and Illack do .
10 blads V. U /Inger;
'2O bbIP loaf and cryrbod
/0 b. asetd obn o;
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bge t/I { Utyr Java;
50 bas Y.. . In Soap,
5 b. (NALL. ow.
b L. Palrh erin,ml 4.0
O Ills it.pldtt's Soap Pad,
J b .. ;,17.!0.
A 1... Nail., 111..., Whit. Le
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bal. lo 11..c F ter. u hums:
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20 axe Spermandi
10 Los die
10 Me Iso 1 Chocolate:
.5 lit. coma and prom.
5 bat African Wu
6 bin Lona Island ' llurt'di
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1 eel bladder; 9'4
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J. 0. WILLIAM. 11
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English & Bennett.
Merchants and &Worm In Proluca and I , lll,hurah
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tale at the lowan market taboo
-150 fines, mang Toharet., 3.60 banallln rodeo.
06k Alb lump. 140 telao 5',.0 Iltoon
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Walnnta erran t nuts ID mot. Alum.
and Oround nut,. 4 toned.. India, L.
30 hos.. nook Caner. 1110 bolo, nneln
.60 raw. TonodoCar.up 2.0
040.,, boet, .
160 drums hot lUto bbl, Crarker,
tierce, hire,
IUO Wan /L Italvlng„ B,uod lbs No. 14111. W kW.'
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VOO nistallatala.
60 bblo Loat dada,
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60 b.g. Whits Mull ElttanrCorma Yam. Datum, Ey.
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C". ."..7z. No ,
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Ito .•111, 1%11.. 7 1. 0, 44
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1,11 A 1.110 ,, 11 , W.
Mann. It l‘ At. 1..,
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Tort 1. 1,31% I .
All, I . trr,v , z
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N. I.IOIAIES & SONS, liu,kern.
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~ 1.1 Il4ni . , I'l. paril., lk . I llaailla. .
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Farm. , ' Jinn par,
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Franklin IN •Alanopt, pr..' A ,t Pant, roc C-
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8. , ,,,T. V: —II: lVolkar',. mill., ]l . -rasa Cantl,,
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aath a n, .la k 551..- :•, Au.: 11, tir..141,.. /0 It) oL. 11.: ,
il.parnt 31.n.1.1,, and, a. Al I I , It i
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[..0r1, Frunl-lort ~ 1 4 ,n r.. Pa , 4 .1.1 , :i•LA. VA .1 Talc«. IA
Fran,. a/ t , J. A . 4.1.Var1l um i , .J1r.a..:. al , i ‘. M.::
ttoirun. North, 1: A.1 , 1:.41.00. .1d AMU.
ila. Ai11T....” 11 .1nanlaar. at , 7 Si . larartr el Illotalay
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at G n a
L.C111:1.1..1. lit 1...,an . . Fairy. .t.,r1y,.• on ',Aar, . 5 1
e. il.: denim Mt liatta.,ak, at 4 a. a. . .
Fa.,,,,,,,,:—/ly l'ar,, , ville, 11,- aat..,l, lltl.aktvrek, s t
PriAl..fl, I , 111tontr an , Ate . Incltrlin, ) ; *yeas ~,,,t v,.n. •.
Clltll/ . 1., ki. , .,,.. tn-weell,—,llin.laf . , 1;a10.1111. AP4 I
Frdge...Al . • A.. ...e.l depart ., Thea.. 1,,,,, illurylar, .o
aalurdan , at 1,,, A AL _ .
Lettura 1,./ t/14 dada math. 1ni, , 1 I.e in tho 1 , 19,, °tabour 1
E.f.,,, tlt. Ir .I , uartura. kn. , . 1',., tl,a
d tn..
11 . a 1,, ft .trkl•
n...k.1y. 1,,.ir a a.,11y M alls. Mu.: L. In th.. , ',:1..., halt au , ,ur
Drug store For SUle.
r, Llotnttall sulA uKy to
15.1 L l:re U at. Lul r
J. M. ' P.9.174. u .T. ' .,;,,11 4 „, ' ,:=Mt.:
United States Patent Office, t
la.caezza 4. ikisl. 1;
ON the petition ofJesne Unity, of
tt , h I,nwitre, prnyiti. for th, C2II.IIIACU rat a relb.ilt
irralani lum for an imprucempnt Lu the ri-roußtu..ot,f
or, .I,na Or Orlrin: ;Imo-Inner, I ,, rowaro . Qum th ,
pirotton eithl pah•nt. w ink, 111,4 cloth
day of lehroory
it i• that th, petitum tM hoint at the rot
cut MTh, on rhumb". thv
n'elc,k. M.. nod nti in app..= and nin,•
mom, it Ono th..; how, who mild patitlnu cahtht suit to Ir
Per nm• upteuina• t e•t••nron ere runtortal 111. In the
Parent Olt, rhea, ar.t tomb in urr
tine. at lent turair .lar rue alas a 1 brarin, atl
teatounny 111.1 tither mull tn no. ourul at In.unr.u.
muft he learn seal trenaninual luvor.luurr Pith /;.•
are ot 00;. uthgch ill I: fur saran ;;;;unlicnti..4.
slant, Ala, that ahir nuttu• he..nutritalaal ;n the
thcal Intrlincrneur, 1111./ 1.114011.111 laautonoun.
I; C. I..aprrsu3larr York. Pro; atrutarJoarturl.Pr
lrlurul, bails Ad.:Bllla.. Ihutr.u. Slar.u.nurett,
bu 1 . 1.11, ;vant Itn;uirrr.Phuarteltthrs, unar Pg.
rah ;curette. Pitt •iurrgh. Prnuar •u ,
ord. 11 holing tun. 11...agrure. ;;rtsu weak (M a ther
ale., 'Fuel.. prat lama 1.• tha Mir rill i t i l s. ieNn i Tdze . at..
del law 3u Curanaluainner of Patents._
_ Copper Stock.
jon rbar•• Mlno.nots einmc Cr...pany
,/otoni...u. •
.1 Coi
On, and tor rale at Inn rater, by
A. WI LK I tin A 01. for
and Parr hnonettrakers,
I* en.? Alert...v.l ~ er...
Exchange Bank.
AFEW SH ARES at this,Stock wanted by
n.4:2 A. , 111..nINS a co.
g !oRNELIAN ItI.NOS!—A large, assort
v;al.o ate. mlt 1L n; elPt rea'4l
. . .
' I 1
\ - • \ \ -
\ ,
1 ' :
.' .
\ \ •••,.\- - - \ \ \
\ s .
.t k • - . \ +
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. \ r
~ . .
- • \ • \ ' . \. •
, \ \
• '
, \
7.•. ' , :
, -
\ \
, .
i' •
''k '
I \ !
\ .
11"111 (S RG El GAZETTE.
11t1 0 I ANIOI7I 111141VB10.
\ R. \C. SAWYER.
I.‘ 1 , 1 , 11,T1, Pill.
The 4asportntion Merchant wants a tutu! ,
'I Lthe East Vit . which he can pursue hie occup Iron
The drayman wants a road' froth the 'set
which does nhe terminate on the, deck of a at
\ boat—and, in 'Short, Mr. Editor, ( fora am tiring
1 ;our patience Atli these so evident facts) there •
il\ no one existing interest in our city which .
. .. j Cannot he shown to be favorably affected by the
/Lar ad , At-tabor-af t 6,4,1 t. ; Project in question. \
- ,
ALL ENT VALLEY itguitottii,.
s:I: 'irr.t mitt. Ben 20th, IE9. j The s e:barter, which;, as has been repeatedly
Mr:. .I. N. s tl lira : —itrar .5,, The\i„ I urged upon onr-cititene, it is so important to
, rul secure . and place hey cid the .danger of me"' • ,
"" cr amendment, is amo :the best, if not itself ~.•
Railrom venterai. s which have been presented
tampletk ' by
nearly, o o , partly rho meson 'and / the very 'best lathe Stat ,I t t provides that th , , --2.• -.,.
,were th e
of dce... , , , 1\ , t i 7d ex e t h e a h l a l r.ryt to\ W K a i t ti. P ho lt n taL i f i no th t La c / fA to rcut.tfi e ,\ :. • , ,l`' ..
cussbin fort any Y:'4 • Time after time woe 'Siete line. ‘ te4tetch willed P Company May
the °opposed Lecessany xcitcment gotten up.— choose th e be., route for if eir thtemt,,,.—
Great meetings were Lii —public spirited chi- Thhre is no thx):natlividends, al ''n the charier '
lens made stirri speeddi son thesubject : ev- the Central rd, until thus t tidends am
cry body felt the Nrtait of railroads to our a : •..,
eueec , 2.2 per coot. 'er smooth, bn addition to •
community—evogy nowee :deems to gee their the'preeout poli4s f our State, eilch Is, to
constructiononnue ced. 'Il )7 ton,joe urged charge to the ne ther for privileg a granted,
the horses, twit, no thNlders we e applied to the there twe'ether influeis et at work wh . ch render
wheels. Whiledleinulk (if i\ may venture to
.it certain that the
Legg :fare wi ll
at a\ree7 ear
for day insthe session reps /it, or by am • dcaent, '
name him se . the, patrodt,deity \Of locomotives ,
„„„t of a bottor,yaidd in \tifi(meantioe
a T vai hi l: c lu iut in e th r e i_. e n s:o w;
those wile worked with other, tools th n tongues
—who formslied dollars in nett of garde—Dal us in the positioe of a deed re.vionk tope in . '
amore, New York, and Bostot\were en ged in and delive : , r-a form of one ment before b
making their connections wall th s e West ming ignatures - a 4, allirral. One igniture Is
north and south of on, oaf thiltalelphik erg go i re 4 t o rh o h„,, of two e h o awad Aare . 0
'RI, ry
\s \
. _
asleep. At Isst , hntire•er,, Inc . ! city .tie to etu d e . zt ,„ „ ur tb,d . • T he rernor most
her necessity. One a non.„ , gratul‘fxcite kpts then i tette patent,-and the tier will be ' ...J . .
reached the proper working..point., trtid we ,iliie . placed'beyood re IL
Organize the Allt ' , l:Joey Valley Rail ad COM.
just now about to enter into the crogymene et . .
some of the long hoped for re'sultri. ?ilia!! we pony, piecing at its ead the man makfor the , i
here fold our arms for repose under thelmprei* position\ and who, a a prominent Demurest 1 . ''''
sloe that we are a -vastly enterprising, pti•ple,” pleasantlYiward a few ye ego, "was defeated ' ~
but that all is finished, until we areagain Waked for tie \ special purpose that he should .make \ t
t o a sense of danger y o our business, and iiiiht. this ralresil„;" and in the e years the shriek a \ ' ' - 'l\ : i
ence by the efforts nC some rival city agnrh.t the locolnotiie will he echo d from the furnace'. : \ '•:I: ‘,
us' No. Pitr,shurgh \has entered fairly Inty walls of lanes and Yee. 'to re=echo among ' : -
the race for greatness, and In this clarions Strug% the pintrf' sts of Warren an 3lcKettn. •
gre we must maintain nuhmaition. Let us need Are there not two or throe
“zolllions • :. -;',
let sporting .f necessity, but let our afreadY k," owne rs of vast estates w will take the .. \ V . '
evinced lieserality and ease g, in plariniv "ond w le small a duntof stock nos K netessary to - \
prosecuting our plans, carry i a oneraii!, quietly, rieAtzinlish so esirable a benefit tthemselven -- • , s;. j
j. I .
surely, in enterprise after ente rise , and; rein and heir lees ab •
h fe e ll w o eft w
4.A.rprerithd.4,...,,,.. .
r., ,, ' i ., :
ti rely with the progress of the a, r, we will neve r ‘ no t e e k r ey ee theg
fall behind our emmpetit me. .
f :tau *undred th sand, who will e taketi - to1;41 ..".--. •
The next irmst important moron fits in which bundred hares of Mt g Sod be profited erehy;lii , „&t-T '',-.
our ei tee of Pittsburgh and Alleg eny,iehould Atm, ther is not one but there are fit hut:;&,..' - " T : - '
he deeply interested are those of th Strube.• drelt s maim cturers, m reliant!, drayeten, - itid4,_“l l l`.
ille awl the Pittsburgh, Kittanning a' I Warren lobo rs, ail each e one,--two,--fiv ;•,..:'-:: - .. 7 1 , ,- ,-- :‘
Railroads The first of these, lam in fined toten ail see a my p rech lion will be *moms .:.
think, nerds no advocacy from me. In a fewrith ot t,, \ Bti • * ,
week:. the sues..., will be completed. ThOt p
on- '' - -
pii. r enicient engineers. Messrs. W. Mitr,.
Roberts,find b Mitt:ll\ll, Esqrs., will m ke
their report, when, if the '.rpnernphictil diffietk
tier are as slight. and the b mutate prospects ea\
• favorable a: a reconnoissan lad them to he
;iene, the completion of the Steubenville and
1 Vitt-burgh road may he'consi, ered a' a 'lined
The well known accorsey and b 'llient profea;
einnal reputation of Mr . Roberts. laces hie re
port Ireyund cavil, and if it is favou hie, we all
knew eningli of Capt. Naylor, and Yu board of
dire,.t.o, I. E. o.eared they know of 'no such
1 eon! . fail '
Although the charter of the -Pittsburg Kit.
truant's, and Warren road was, I think, the ra t
I rail road charter granted weet of the Alleghet 'es
1 in nor State, it is comparatively a new subje t
ito met of our t'rens. ft hoe, until very lately ,
I been lest dire°, e than any of the others. And r.
1 yet it wetter to nt tr. Editor, tohe tbo.niort int- I
inn,tra :,,J ,Dil Ex e Me, sir. if .while giving t O.
• •tne ie.,. for, td's concluSion, .1. happen to de was
travel over ground iil e dy so very -familiar to the ash o,
you, and tt may be ale a y covered by.yonr 'ed- the b at sir,
itorial remark" on the s bject. high ol rock,
It will. give no a cote, u ication with \Phil. and ce sin drat,
dolphia, by way of the Sun . y and' Erie`itail- board. Fitt radio
, rad, R
I are soshrea, be prosecuted to e rlj completihn, sad the boo rollog hear,
avoiding the I, Ilea:bent , mount,' ~ and which- r ` she was lowly uacke
oti set ins Ihe increased distance° the one against\ rich' gavietterliope ii,
the steep grades of the other—wi he almost, if see on oast. A\ \
, ..
, not altogether, as cheap and debit. the a route, 'op in to the‘calon s bo,
l for trade and travel between the t r \cities, as seaa coolness Dever ,
is the great Central rood. There wit 'lire hurl- 'ilike, Cap thin 'Van Al,
I nes, for troth of them, and co r• irttitlon cave tot Men to
id for the heneirt of the community. . and
,ssengers, w,
It will allord usa direct eoremiridestior with
New York, by way of (Ursa ahl Piernoot free R. en 'objected'
' from the microns charges to which loan inercb• a- • thane was
1 Mae and travellers are subjected in their pa:' Ibis also,
sacs throe gb large cities. :'
9' dg-•
It will be the hest and thorteg route from the .
le ,order
sJuth•wcat and cities of the Ohio river to New. 7entral
. . . England and. consequently, a large sharo„ of .
1 , travel will be by it divertable from thou lake
,snore raitroads hr pass through Pittsburgh: It 'STATE . Mr..4 01:"V,ASSEN _
Will make Pittsburgh a central distributing or, A meeting of ti ': pass tigers on board 11,
diverging point, from whence the traveller may L ltayfl war After her , • , \,k, the follo leg reel
clioschis route to llordon, New- kork, rhiladel- l u tion ag adopted: \ .
phic \ dr Baltimore, either sit the ,rent cities of 7ttt grpogo .Provlc e•have caped
ile ea..t.. w 111,,ut int.t.iai the exhale: of Hole: : f..oni end n and fearful s
and h.kruen in the u: tans. , T. wefee% in the g
It will \ a.eit. also, by way of do: Coolaity ow t
l hem .\. that s simplis etaolt,
Erie Road, had perhaps eventually I'y o shorterlrmo un,.that atiatiee In sy he
Tendril:trough Frani:lin, a suiliciently dived emu- i' li.l' whose eXerriOnswe - wwwavalw
nmnioatian with the lake at the town of Erie to j
,We left \Buffet) at 10A 'te'clockon ,
command a fa. portion, of the travel in that di- ' niiwt. 'Tit high Was pear, thnugl
reetion. nod tuteehef the trade. wind from t e Nor ward. \ Aboub It\
'lt will, in, coasequence of these advantages, ed till South at, a d at 'olle, we Met
he attractive of business Idea nyh our roads, ex.. I force ed, Itha li tuch agate as Vt
teraliqr Wert woril, in theater:lL of which so many witnessed on thi s a onot grwateny, The 0
of our, citizens hare,inv&ed. most intense, amillre water being warmer
It ire fact mentioned by a director ju the the air, etentil rose fro tt no th ink that
New-lock rind Erie Itoilrocd, that a large quen. I wereshut in with ttiemist. ' ;ro tad tth•the la
lily of towhee is carried oiler tharroad from the till ll e l, who, the stobecame so furious, at
head waters of the Suriittehntion river to Phil.- the ice collecting in se h quantity forward, that
delphin, by way of New lock, and those cities it • was no longer tato breest it. - ctVe -then
rT \
receire lareesupplireo of himher (rota our own turned and ran down' th lake \beforrthe gale
Allegheny, near Olean. And the intelligent cur- till 7 o'clock, when the aptain 'being tearful
re: .ondent of the• Daily American, who states nfketting too far down, again turned and
i 'this \fact, shows conclueirely that lunthele can be up Ihe lake nailer 'easy rte m, hoping that it'
I brottol i t to ;k r city by the fronooril road or a would soon clear up and given name land mark,
' co•t ue s crrater than is non: incurred in rafting. Bat the mist packed staore c °self open ad,
It will d:Lso avoid the risk attending.that mcdunf while the storm of . bail and Soo increased =:,\ '.„.,
getting it\ an
to market, d have the m Nl\ blitioonl Then commenced; as it were, duties \ „
11 a.
vantage of. M arriving a much more perfect state: of Ike Captain and his crew. ' T ,• ughoilt all. `,
for. he tures of the consumer. The limber lands \ t hat dreadful day annbnight,•Catstall'eu Allen - '\,
borderiag.oelbe river are font being divested of, and his mates kept the deck., Neithe the attirm‘,. , \
their valuable ' shunt , and much pr the rpher ncir Intense said drove them for an ins t groin •. ',
tibia, comes to , us is hauled a consi•lemb e dis. j their posts. Covered with ice, with.. de and , -
lance to the fiven, end whoa there most often re - I feet frosted, yet undaunted, they met eve ether-A '
main flit'inany noktiths until the fall or 'spring 1 gency \ with that coolness; mange slid agg,. to . , ..
frelbeti eioblen the‘raftsman to (tart on his peel- Whinh, in the end, we sold .otll, lives. Ate„ In- -
lourdoernward voyage The proposed road will stout's indecision, at times, would have honied, -
give access to a new andcomperatively untouch- 113 iato eternity. . \
ed region. The expensive hauling of lumber to At 8 o ' clock, Tuesday morning, iv heavy eta' -..-
the river will be coved . \ the owe, four, or tin j struck the Mayflower, and she portedther rad.; \
~_titht now lost in "waiting fur H. rise" will I der chains and broached too, said lay ilk the •
eliffire in eone degree to thy tt for the market mercy of the wee., whichseemed to etrike with
The beery fall and poring \investment of thethe farce of rocks hurled against her. The sec-
Oily lumber merchants will he unnecesiary, for end sea parted her larboard hog chain, end for
he olio replenish hisdituck weekly or daily if hr. five hoers we lay pounding in the trough of the
. 1
will. . 's , sea, it making a clean breach through her gang-
To the owners of rod beds in our vidnity the way, we deeming every sea would break In her.
Allegheny Valley Road opens a now nod east lower works. Her, guard under the baggage -
Market (I . See two or three of niyaottimpreve. I room . now gave way, then.,.upiler her Yore mom,
r oent friends sneer at this .assertion ;: but what I then under the saloon. Einallther crew got
glint project woe ever yet advanced without ex. tackle to her rudder aft, which, 'owing- to the*
citing their sneers or opposition 'll The coal in , which covered the ropes no soon'as they were ~ •
' our Immediate vicinity sod on the hooka cf the I exposed am a *cut of time and severe suffer.
Monongahela' and Sought:10mo): 'rivers it Well -I ing. The mates and nrew froze their fingeres--
. known to be much superior to any , •liscorcred i Now we were only able to work the rudder about .
north or westward of • as, and, consequently , it i 24 feet. Her fiat mate; Mr. Caielry, took his -
will take precedence in any market within reachd eland at the stern lackle;,and.•working it
I *Jost as it now does in the eolith over the product j the chains fromab:o're e remained . w
or mines situated some two.or three bunched oil went ashore. She we r gal* the - . •
ee6a orr , n hundred miles (at Cannelton, on the I s storm, working to' thil'S . ciu ',arch It was now
'hioj . ) nearer the place. of consumption. Our 1. I, o'clock, and the gate inicliiieriabad to:a:lnert. '
Chartiers or Birmingham coal rain. (to ray nu. ; Mine. . Still shot in by the.liatititittat ) e iiiiiik:. ' s.
, thing of those on the Allegheny river) are nearer j a heavy sea now strucklbir.boat; and carried ' ••
. ' •
(,So : Lake Erie by this route than the Cumberland Veit her starboard smoke - ripe, tkod nearly all •
!.wiinee are tx , Baltimore . They are nearer to the e atttenings , of beelaHmakd one. 'The Captain ' •
I thickly populated western counties of New... Turk urns itiostPt do meet :this tleW'MiliftVune. A.,
and almost as near io Lake, ntario through nos man wttAticned with haseip,hatideetniclawas
~.. j \
chests as are the Schuylkill county mines to attach to the engine„readyoto play on \ e Pet . '
the city of Now-York, which COMMoeS no nittell.TOPpeai`antSg o'f, fire, and there he stood . 'll we
of their product. The consumption cf coal br needed' hini ho`. longer.
.The Engineer,than . -
steamers on Erie and its tributtleY tek" is al. , whom a cooleear more bravo men-does no era,
ready immense, and thelaferior quality o f th e i r :Ist, new put cutallfire bed in tyo fornacea, d 1 .
f .
supplies, which mainly go,frein Ohio and Mercer I worked her at
,that. , , .:
,_-cli qv ip this Syste, it theyrteciple objection trk, ' The . hoot waS, now virtually a wreck. Ile
int iniversaleutirtitetier ter ‘ weod, as that nett..l upper cabin had started, and She Welted two
ni isitleiky,bepopoilig more sparee and costly at feet feet forward and nft,with the tea. Captain Van • '
th t a oqqhf,VEJAYI
'Allen made up his Mind to beach her, an, ehe '
. (‘' \ being" V' l - - l'•
Arrangeinontsois you know„nro, now , pti d ,not live out, and 'endear:Orel to get bee 444
made wit'. wily:epic in the gaily, completion • before the wind for•that purpoee, but she Wm 1\
of the Sun ury 'and Erie Boa., , \ It passes ' loaded so with ice forward, that it wad retina
1 through, Cr ,'eonneT us with, thos,cimuties of lose., We now held mit: codas S. -14„ wind ' - \
McLean. Elk, Norr, , Clinton. LycomiusColum. IS.S. W. At i o'cloek, ere,struck • field- oftee, , -
bin. Northumbprland, s:e. Prominent, citizens • which stove in her wheel hohei and Matted her -
I from some of e these h re already ..erpreased a' . lecke tomtit* She was now k pt anther course,
I! warm nod decided joie .st to one projectviying I as-Te sepposed, far elevate IL She worked..
Nettie ressons far t sir interest wtth \ the ! ebbed three miles nn hour. At 101, the Captain '
1 entailing north of us more 'rtimedisteltlolerent- I hunt the , lead Mil; no bottom ~.,, reached, and
I ,i . t i., . -We ' Want:our, b on,- nor flour, otir ,at 11 o ' clock '
she struck, and coon, though eke •
' 1 •::k s mince n 1 nor emu. a.Nd calm, sugar, atelliine at once hacked, was hard end •.< fast. She
mo l e ., ; gins: picks, sh..lrt. &c., from I'4o-, pounded hallVand„was immediately matted.—
! ..
burgh and id vicinity; ore thiolltwe can get thed : j . :Abe came 4036'i - rine-half mile etiore Elk Creel., .
1 :gleaner and butter there than it where else." Vllll\Milea itiO•e Eirie.rAtdaylight; with aasi s t ehee
The difficulty in getting pig MI from that linta the shore; same.2oo feet distant,' a lifeline
I Porn , . o( the lryn rigion throub which the: ties \got oat and made fast ton tree, and We
road passes will be moth decreased. If the ac- were tekin'aeherebithot:f-. \'-'-'..:„,.
toil direct cot if I rWamportatien altou be great- • ' Our thanks - are due te:Tudia' Blilea,. - for , , his'. . . ~.
Cr on tide nmicle r (which bit the tie - gee Mel am tlmelYald in g etthi gnitisilarthqiibelidlagt*,',i`ti....:' -it:fA
net sure will be pee ease, as many turns, a whieh . uponthe 'hank, and, forrendering,tigeerry. aii...!,, , ,..„4„;:.
-are now quite dfainut from the rive; will every' sislanetiin'biapetvet:'-. - :':: .•:-.,., - ,.,Av,i-elAi
ntsar the road ,) the differenee wilt go reimginrned"., Te l : l 4t,VM.Attrit.his Mates, Wat,'C l 'ains,',. ( trE , ..l,l,t . t 2 ;
to the iron master, in saving of interest olio's lir and Roarer :Rik:runt'
,hiti-Engineirl" ri,..i.iii.:.:',1t7.47,
investmenp in manufactured etock. Ile - irky iLItRIMN, undietrovidenee,*o repeat .wit:e*Xr..-.F. - . , t.7!...C,",
.11 weekly the product of his femacelf he r 4 I our lives; atals‘a such ipretherent. shill- td-wiyg..,,..•. - -.7." 1 14
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\ \ from tb Cleveland Herald. •• , ,
The card Ohe s na sengere oil he Mayflower,
for which ne are `l, aided to A. Backus, - •:,
E.4q ,of Detro, „ • i t b read with teat inter=':,-,'
g 111. g ets 'I of a disaste no severe - i
\ , e rV . an7 , thl l' e g e l er curr ' d 13 the Wes t TO I:A*l. -1. :
Mr Dark. says i .it e oat wita - fa ly_en. '.:',
case wall ice • whirl n talc e EN the seas TZIT. ...
the b, t, moknie 41 gr . Mg, r ing soon , y
mum b c cbeertrir lons to le 'ears of those im
beard be dense reset vel t the boat, and \
rem as gl, . the Mae!, bacve oould
seen the e 4 and the cies sky. he air
so cold that nen who
i t 'or t mutes at
the ice eased heel, left it w tit fr'l
~ .1 hands \ ,
and feet., - , \
After the part t; of the hog, c *at, Tl\ cabin
moved two feet fo and aft nab c ry motlon of
the sex. , s \ e
It is wonderful ho lr men managed ko fix ropes
t the rudder et' the Siayflower, when:shot rod
de waa covered wan [lnca Ice, tnereoging with \
the ash et every. nave \ ,; 1 ; fen mmutes before \
the b at struck, 'blend 100 ed up before her, a \
high al rocky ahure, irldeh promise) speedy
and ce ain destruction to the hoar and all 'on
board. Tith rudder artatord, nod almost use
less, the r cam rito down, wheelhouse stave in,
and the boo hexelly to the troughs of the
sea, she was lowly backed off, and run 'to the
spot which hotter effeoting a land
tig• for ihnae on oard. \ \
From the (Inn mto thevabinboy, all behav
el\ with x courage) d cooltiass never surpassed. - ...,
DurMg the whole ti e, Cap Min ran Allen tiei- • '
ere mered the cabin, save tot men to duty, ,
and Ids cfficers and er r, and ssengers, tiers
pg untirmg . •himself: \ .., '
It is init.' I
that Centel Van A
leaving Detroit on hia lost fp, an 1.
overruled by the owners of he boat.
itahl that beleft 131:falo agn"ust his . a
meet, bat inebmplio ne with a elegrap '. cT k Ol3l the Super/ tentlet%L,f the idligl{ll e
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