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    New EPOLAND Ferrival...—The annual
ral of the New England Society took place last
eight at the 84 Clair Hotel, Bad Will: attended
by a eery large number of- ladies and gentler
iiten.. The late boar at which they dispeiseti,
(half post urtlreo'doCk)preventa us from gir
jot a full report.of the proceedings, but we will
publish - tu-morrow:
We hope that the Pubile will not forget that
through the kindness of the gentlemanly pro
prietor of the Panorama of California, the prO.
Owls -of title evening and to-morrow evening
(ChristmaaEve) will be given far the benefit of
the blerev, Hospital.
Emu:mu:vs —We are pleased to leant
thatoup friend, Air. 11..0 Moeller, ti! the &gall
requested - eleven aliment' congregatione
end their minirteis, by letter, teat Satordai even
ing, 'in hold chord, iollections for the atipport of
the eattral.hundrrat of German and FrencL emi
grantewhoerrised daring the laseweeS, aol
- the different congregations 'promp(l3 , responded
hereto. • 'There was also a mass meeting bell
hat night, at Mi.. liirehner's, in 4e - Diamond,
for the purpose of selecting committees to en
amine the circumstances of thOseemigrants, to
mate collections amongst the Germin citizens of
,thiseity,• and to divide the lands judiciously and
. . .
1311 , 0IITAST SENTCNCE.--/I ,Is honor, Judge Mc
Miro gave his rensons'yesterday morning, for
overruling the motion for a. new trial, argued
at length on Seturday by George P. Hamilton,
Esq., in the ease of the Camel otiwealth va. Joseph
Do w es, convicted of "forgery" by'which ho and
coerates -obtained about ...two thousand
dollars from Tassey &pest. `'
Downs. was then brori - gbt intortourt, and
Judge eleCinit;, preoceded to pass senienco Irvin
' him, precious to which his honor ointed'ont
the etuirmlty of the crimes *of which be had
been gailly-floirrosn, his tonfederare, and the
proiecuting .161110811 by whose telit mooy he
(DoWes) bid boon convicted. was a G reat rascal
but was mere cypher 4 iniquity, compared to
the prisoner, his preceptor. tho great onit in
_Combined Crimes. The learned dodge
regretted the; he' bed' turned his
sitrich IWereiaquettionaLly great for gond:, or
to purposes so vile, and felt it hie dui i m
any that he was the greatest ceigeloel who bad
erer.been tried in that Calle, since ho cane non
the Bench.
Dawes on being asked whether he bad any
thing to say before sentence should be' passed
upon him roplied that be could only again do
olize that he was entirely innocent.
Ilin honor then senteuced him to an impria
min:tent of" Ere Sears and sir mantas in the
Wnitern Penitettiihry , after which the prisoner,
}ho bet:tined eery much dejected, asked perinis
aion, to here one er, two dap allowed to him, fur
the purpose of tenting up hia affair!, before he
ebb:oldbe pissed in confiement.
.JuSgs leClitre observed that be had we, power
to granthis request since be was then in the
custody of the Sheriff, who was reaporisible for
his' safe keeping. Ho was immediately taken
over to the Peuitentiary in o hackney coach,
kinder the care of a a uthaient guard.
ClIAnCr. OP . Junco hicenuna.—llis honor,
Judge McClure, yesterday delivered along and
interesting charge to the Grand Jar',:
He commenced by alluding to the burdentrin.
--der which the tan payers labored, owing to the
el:10* 7 0118 51169 required for the support of the
. ectromnri rtigtaints and drunkards, who make the
, Cormty Jail their abode.' The evil was now of
each magnitude, that sonic remedy must be
,provided for 'it,. and he thought that if a work
house. Were erected, where they world be com
pelledto lobar for their maintenance, their num.
berawould Materially illicreose, and those who
Were intsorrigible, would he obliged fo support
Pirating from this sufjeet, he called their at
tentionaii the necessity which existed for the
'aneroduction of gas - into the Court ii The
....!-Tf , co!elltrEgdbe, be ass informed, compare
atieedy trilling, fbilisrcea soh and - two thousand
.f .art'Wes -fac./usi
nese'whieji it.. wanld..afford - ihi. Court, would
me thou" per that in a tingle' winter sea-
Wien: Theywere now compelled to adjourn at
- early hour - in the ereniog, while if they were
!applied aritti gas, they cSuld hold night am
alone. A doe regard for the safety of hoiden
life, also required it; scram( accideits, some
orwhich had proved fatal, having occurred in
sad around the'Coart !louse, owing to the dart
Thoheense question was then ably reviewed
'•• - .Ttoi: present laws owing to various canoes,
were ahnost inoperative. The Court way fre-
Tautly. blamed for what in reality was the
`• fault of Many of the citizens, who Were, probe.
-- . -- bly - cognizant of the eziatence of grog shops,
would not inform, against their keepira, and
= retttsed to Veer testimony against them in Court.
They should do their duty, and if they did, one
great &tumbling block would lac removed, But
stain, the. Constables were dividedinto lwo clay-
see, one - being the friendi of dm doggery keep.
- 2 ;the, and having therein et their barc and kitch
. ens. Of toarae they did :not do their - . 1117,
and that portion of them who were willing , to
do it,.werseo 'well known that when they en
, tetrad one of these ho'nxis • ?or VA purpose of
gathering testimony, although the bottle might
pass 'round; and liquor be drank; as usual,iao
. .
payment would b+ token for It ,
' Even when the tippling house keepers were
cortvieted, many of theta were Bich miserable
Atriaturea that they,. having no means to pay
thaii fines 'were imprisoned, and 'tippet - Ind
at ttlio expense of the County, until their see
. oral - sezdenees expired. All that the Cotir:
;'could do AM to fine them from twenty to *loin-
ArMl dollars!, and when some influential doggery
1 keeper was sentenced to pay a heavy fine, he
Weald obtain a. number at signatures to a pen
`,Von tor his pardon, and post off to liarrlaborgh
railroad speed, where if ha were cunning
... enough, he eguld generally sneueed in hie at-,
.. , .
tpupt: • , •
:-.: -. .linagoikkelara concluded by pointing oat,
'nit,nonnitiernbla length, the evil at the pressot
. Itose on this subject. • '
. .
'Autacticsir Noirmariona—We give below
:: - ..thanstmea of the gentlenien, put, in nomination
;for astriona offices at the primary meetings in
:Allegheny City,. 011 Satoullay night, omitting the
delegatea to nominate a 'Mayor, which we have
already publiched '
r _Poser Wien.—Select Council-Simeon But.
Common Council—ll P Schwartz, II Idurri
son. S M Wickenlhalli and Ii
-Aldernmn—Divid Smith.
• Judge of. Elections - WA Irwin,
- ..,5".• - I'lempactor of Elections-games Nutt.
Assessor,-A Woodhouse.
Assistant Ailießsorr--A Glenn, James 1511-
.School Direetors--John Alexander and- W A
the delegates morn instructed to rote' for
Tilos. Smith far Director of the Poor.
Stomp Wane.-Select' -
Common Connciiii'm Dignley, George R
Riddle, .1 DSMith, .1 Stookratir. •
Sabot,' - Directinn--;11 .L Bollman, George It
Riddle and Jas 111unden.
-Aaseisor—Jahl Ramsey.
= -Ateistant . ASteasora—John lf Stewart and
James Vanden.- •
Judge 'of_ E I ictions- - -iAlexand er 3lnore.
inspector of Eteetioo—hforray A White..]:
' 'The detigates,to • the Convention were nriani?
mouth instrneted to vote for Dr. Henry - Ilan
-0013- fbr Director Of the Poor.
- -Tatar, Wann.—Seleet Council—Wm Walker:
low, John Benson and Casper Gong.
Assessor—A C Aletowler..
Assistant Assessor—Joseph Aohnston, 19wr.
eckool Dieectori—nornes Earley. Campbell
II Ilerrau.-
Judge of Election.-Wm Zifordo e b,
Inspector of Election—Wm Alszender.
The delegates were instructed to - vote in Con
vention for Thomas Farley, for Director of tba
, .
.' Fora= WAIT --Select Counoil—Jso Painter.
Comoo Council.—Jamea_.Fart, Thoiniui -tar
i ni
old, Joseph Craig and. Andrew Diabison.
School ••Directors--iter. Jame.? lingers T. ,: and
RObt Ft4111211.1:1, '
Miessor-,Tsiiies Grabam. ,
daeistant 'Aftelsora.--jobrt':l • ;Afteysoa' and
>c +~~: ~-
i Judge of Election—E De
Inspector of Eleotlon- r A _
Constable—A Montgomeri.
Before the Tion Wm. I.l.lMeClare President
Judge, and I'. L. McMillan snd Wm. Boggs As
sociate Judges, •
The morning session was Occupied by matters
elsewhere reported. -In the afternoon, the trial
of the case of the Commonwlialth vs John Carey,
indictment assault and battery on oath of Rich
ard !Roos was taheu up. 1. A verdict of "not
guilty, prosecutor to pay the oosts,". was re
Commonwealth vs. Bolamon Ilonatus, indict
ment, forgery. The defendant is charged with
having forged the name of Jahn A. Oddly, of the
Fifth Ward. The proeecntor and defendant were
partnere in 1849, and the name of the prosecu
tor te alleged to have been forged after the
dissolution of that partnership. The case wan
not concluded.
Tnc STIMET PiltACHlll3,4•Hill 140110 T, Judge
McClure, on Saturday sustained the decision of
Mayor Guthrie, in the case of Kirkland the street
preacher, fining - him for a nuisance in blocking
up the pakements. This Mule will we umier
stand, be taken up to the Supreme Court.
HELD TO BAlL—David (111130/1 RIO on Satur
day held to bail by Alderman Lewis, charged
with keeping a tippling And gambling house.
Semen—A aolored woman was yesterday
brought before Meyer Guthrie, charged with
stealinig a shawl, but he matter wan nettled,
and thedefendant discharged.
AGAIN COIIIIITIED—Anotbar fractional' nor
tion of the intertainable eximinationof Michael
Monaghan, accused of being concerned ins the
murder of James Mooney, was jotted down yes
terday in the Mayor's office, and the prisoner
was for about the twentieth time, we beliere,
CCUNTT Pinson—There are now seventy two
persons confined to tho County Prison, for trial
at the present session, beingta decrease of twen
ty four on the last term of the Court of Quarter
Sessions. They are charged with offences of
every grade from assault and battery to bur
EXAMINATION. --An exam:tint:ion of the scholars
of the First Ward Public School, which is un
der the able superintendencebt Mr B. M. Kerr,
Ir.l held yestmley,-and .411 be continued t -
Brectimr.tarizonnen.—We are indebted to
Meagre. Wagner, Buechner ',Si Mueller, for a
beautiful lithographed view of Kieris Salt Works
from which is obtained an oil known as • Kier's
petroleum or. .rock oil.' Its execution is really
moot admirablo,and will doulttlees prompt many
of our business men to obtain similar views of
their establiohments
For the P4lshurirl• Garen,
0/VIII. - "Or Da. VlOlgta TID TOO Sutrsatso
Entansgrs.—.Vs. Editor: Fohr paper of ytster
day makes an appeal to tha humane and the .
Christian. Under such conaiderations we are
all intereated in alioriating tbe sufferings of our
fellow-meu. All •ealth comes from labor: no
if those suffering emigrants are deprived or
means of labor, they are a 4:1 erg* to the Com.
monwealth, without any benefit for any. For
producing none, they consunie all. Therefore,
the best for,the.Commonwcallih would be to en
able those working men to eater into work, as
soon as possible.
Dr. %%anis owns several hundred thousand
acres of land, in different locations of the 11.
States. , Among
those lands qs a tract of over
four thousand acres, a good part of it being iro
proved nod containing already several farms.
orchards. a furnace, a stone house and several
frame or log houses, Gash timber, and a rail
way. Two hundred families, : . it lout, could be
lodged there. The salon of that land now
$25,000. lint, in order to contribute to that
benevolent enterprise, he fires it at $20,000,
only- If she Commonwealth, band to him only
a few hundred dollars, he will- let those suffer
ing emigrants Ito to the prembp, and well make
a good contract either for cacTo family of them,
or for the whole of them. The land is situated
near dforgantown,
A committee of arrangemerits is called to or
der, this afternoon, at the office of Mr. Barton,
lawyer, 56, Fifth street, at 2 O'clock, precisely,
where Dr. Vionis will, be present.
P. 8. —The Doctor has alio for those emi
grants some five or ten thonaij4d acres of laud,
on the Big Bandy riser, at from $1 to $2 per.
TIMED ABIPLES-20 lib for rate by
I_,V -Self) , S. P. $1111117.11.
1 10 - ÜBTERAL MET 1101) SpiO IN() BOOKS.
—TM subrurriber b. Jun • full onnly
tiT . ycpulsr !Simons nt; 11.• Nu.. 61
Sleltuut. run yrieln
Orszos bum.. y. Nnalland
T. One Li.- reauoi.x. cow-I.s. • areal misty at
Mr bet Churcf. Mosta,
. .
The Plata Coen. Manual, for Outman Pchauls awl
tight s,thalillt CUM, fi KL611131.
/II thirds., don at lb. Golden tlatP.
P. to—/Cfull ouppl, of th. atoopt popular wad. will
onottautly to kept fed taloa 1 • de.
NI °LASSES—V s bblo. Ntn Crop;
anin 'sad for We by • I
4.11 • J. S. lIILWORTiI it Cu.
L EAD-100 pigs for selelsy
ALT PETHE-89 liege Crude, lauding
sn4 ra.l• by MUSH DICKEY I CO-.
c 1.5 eater tad Float it..
FEATHERS—TSWis lei sale by •
deS I. DICKEY 1 - 00.. Vt_ster sal hest sta
CHEESE -300 boxes Enlieh Dairy;
deS 100
" /S C P. trlTlelletV).
II OAF SUGAR-50 lable. hazed, for sale by
ADZES A. McKNIGIIT, No. 62 Fourth it.,
ft, b 'feared from audico ala of 1110CLIA LONE/
fßoo . ,preco,Oranf or. Rbito soft Illsok Castro,.
• _
si decided barraw. .
£l.o reekl—ligntletatik'S bleating Ocwos, Whits f
Dana and Pasty Owls. mai vallety.
LOUR-50 bbla Extra, (or sale by
dik4 S. F. VON ecrolloM3T I CO.
I LASS-1000 boxes me& e. b., for sale by
for rile by R. V. To:i Boksuousr a 00.
JUST REC'D-50 yde. thicigeet Rubber,
p listllOkur. /or rsle at No. L lle N.rk.t at.
d. 3 J. It IL PILILLIP2.
v rimeamivniti47 7 i
F LOUR -90 bbLs. S. P.;
n do Erin ler ;Ale by
__Joan WATT • CO.
PONGE BAOS-2 doz. ltdia Rubber, a
f rate extlele, for elle et <w tuba.. Depot.
J. 11. PHILLIP 116 Market et.
IRUSIIED SVGA R-30 bible. Lovoring'4,
for pale br DORDRIDO: k INDIID AM.
EATHER-200 Sides N.
Mexican =tang Liniment.
WROM 111011 AND roon, bond and froe,
s - radar...ion Cad encelltions, the nose mead ot
ale I.
di r gtitte gi totei Va - o:l7l4,turan:jr;
Unite:lel opinion le uttered by all abet me Mend thaw,
that oo nnuedy ever bolo. discovered po/Set4lo.ll snob per
tee% baling and curative ander dee. It acts like magic
In I , lllatiOSl pains of a. y blurt,no morn by what eaund
or bow escruelannu—epretrtadisleendens of join., cu.,
brume. bunts, Raids, ohm., cancers rheturallem e ,pli
.Ited breast or arty wan. Interne., ditto eve, or weakness
of Joints, mud. or litraments. Tbl• dle rument equally
epalteeble and equally utt.tual to Om: Immdlal re.
lid. Tr let
ro ee l.y ICZYSER* MeDOWEIsh, 140 Wood etreet,
Pitteburr der
lIGAR-90 hbds. N. 0., r4'd on consign-
144 Front et
UGAR-20 filids. prime N 0., for sale by
de: J. $ ORTH At CO.
I ?le coFFE-I,so .l 'a iriniff!ggeubia).
Q, A L ERAT US-10 tuns Puldd, is caske
tj and bora, for rale by U. DALZIILL CO. t
deg• . Liberty strert.
VWHALE OIL-2 mike Whit. Strained, for
sale br Idefll 11. DILLEELL a CO.
bee been lone for. rim CIIEYICAL LI
,OLDP,R, for Welding Mari. hum, Ewthen and
Marble; abn, Pearls, Ivory, Ornaments; As.
11.—All sulkies joined by Ude valeable composition,
wW be tonlateri ;Perfectly soni. and reedy for use In lens
than Ilse minutes ANT It hay !wen Joinod. As It ban no
one, It Jeanne no =take of an lth &ining hosing been applied
to Om broken pats, man on t • t raw. It will alns
resist the wing. of hnt water. or an other Mud of 110010
used About • bborne, thereat Mitderi y
lerfore lb., were broken.
The nubile will at onnenee the Ltoporromee of beaming
wejuainted with Um bent and wr airt for durably re.
soaring. when the eon 4 to OVUM.
Wets lol o o,lo, t 0 vetteleaal• or Walt, by E.R. BELL ER!. 8/
stlneo2 ,
1011 EARL ASH-20 casks for ale by
deS W.* r. WILfO.,, 118 &caul et.
WEE - Fl 3 bADDERS--wantfriliy
4e6 mass Eirst and Wawa st.
f i g : MOLASSES-30 bbls.looooMol3 Be -
P°7!". t "" '". Buaßßi la it l iligT l '
-09 Wor,siviag • bagaillfal alma to , Lament. Marlian
Coin ries Collars, thin Doom, and ail tlng&Of VIII.
Its use dermas Um Iron from adnerlag tom. Linea, and
dart from etioklar; It tontalon notaloa laical... 10
to any respect. Th. Wings ITo too place felt
the netecolly of rota on article, and In his their gmrcrtgr
tma ell/ be folly ...iis.t..., tion it Wood a.
ter nu Immartlal trilki. 00. Coker .111 do thin r damn of
clotbot.ondygo Oman . should he witacit i : B Price, IVO
canto per take—tb fall dlrectlana. m solo trilateral.
and retail Or S. N. wbf, tLoa,,
• • clad . , ...rot Woad mad PIM. ste.
If I 0 R N MEAL-30 sacks Sifii, for Bak by
x,i; del - : . N.Y. VON BONN OMIT a CO.
LtiIIILLICOTHE ;AI boxes, prime
ankh', for hotly use, ott koml sod (no 040,
dri •WAI. A. tc , FLUFLu tih. :ZOO 141)
Cootolping tin of ll➢
uoiol, sod oo.oPlotO
ottootimo ger Um P4OO rano. ortqoh. ia . :54 , 1100A012:
eoUortioo 6OLLJP.K.IIII of P0DUV2 4 71:4= . 4
Bono. Illotelleo, Waltom Amax
IL I- *kik'
December 22 .
PARIS, Friday, Dec. 1.
The decree of the President appeared to day,
ordering the voting, which is to take place on the
20th inst., to he secret. instead of public.
There are rumors of the continued fighting to
day, in various quarters of the suburbs, but
they are not relied upon. The latest published
accounts state that the insurgents have been put
down, but not without a severe struggle.
The accounts from the Provinces are ge'neral
ly favorable to the President.
The movement. of the troops are rapid, ei
lent and firm: ' During Thursday, many barri
cade, Ore thrown up in various quarters of
Paris. At one o'clock, whilst a body of five
thousand troops was pawing along the Boule
vards, several shots were fired Iron, the neigh
boring passages and houses. The firing was
returned by the troops, and the combat contin
ued with spirit for about half an hour. Further
down the Boulevards minden and muskets were
freely employed until 4 o'clock. when the fight
ing in that quarter ceased; bat was continued
with vigor in other sections of the city.
No definite particulars have been given, and
little is known beyond the fact that a sanguine
conflict has taken place, and many persons en
gaged on either side have been; killed or
LONIKIN, Friday evening, Dec 5
The latest accounts received from Paris rep
resent the troops as successful at all ponin4
Several.hundred French refugees left London
on Thursday for Paris.
The French Government had the entire con
trol of the telegraphic lines, and had stopped
The transmission of all messages.
The Paris correspondent of the London Her
ald and Chronicle states that Gen. Castellon, at
Lyons, and Gen. Evymier had declared against
the President, hat this is denied. Doubts aro
also entertained of Gen Nlignon'a disposition
towards the Government
Strisiburg and Rheims are raid .to have risen.
The Daily News states that Gen. Netimoyer is
marching from the north with four regiments,
and will oppose the President .
The correspondent of 'the Times states that
the attemxted emeute at Privet was promptly
suppressed, and that the most reliable accounts
(iota that department are favorable to the cause
of the President
Oar advices from Berlin. which are to the 2d
instant, state that the nowe from Paris, received
by telegraph, caused the most intense excite
ment. The business of the Assembly was sus
pended, and the ministers Withdrew to hold a
cabinet council.
The latent dotes from Palermo furnish ne
counts of au attempted•lnvertection in Sicily, by
the Baron Tee mtd other noblemen, with a view
to proclaim the independens,e'of Sicily, and com
pel the king to abdtcate in favor of hie ens
Francie. A portion of ttie inhabitants of Pal
.ermodeclare•.l In favor of the project, and the
I3th regiment fraternized with them: but by the
prompt energy of the authorities the enurement
was checked. Several arrests bad been made, in
cluding some of the ollicera of the 13th regi
By the Giberalter steamer of the 19th inst ,
wo hare later whines from Smyrna, via Malta.
The French fleet had bombarded Robbat and
Salle for eight hours. caning great destruction
of life and property. The French also suffered
some alight injury from the return fire of the
castle of Robbat. It is also reported that the
French fleet hal proceeded to Tangiers for the
purpose of bombarding that place.
The Bluish ship of war. James, had been dis
patched to Tangiers, to protect the iaterests of
the British subjects there.
• It is enderstood that arrangements are in pro
• esa among the officers of the Arctic expedi
tion to bestow a material testamental upon Mr
Orinnell for hie generous conduct in fitting oat
the late expedition from Scw-Vork, in search of
Sir John Franklin.
The overlap,' mail frcnr•hvdia resclieJ is
on Redoes-16y. the 3.1 ihstitist_ The relatishs
betireen tha British and the . tribes aloog the
isartia-weat froutirr chai 'slued very arisstistsc
A !Vial!! Meissultnan not had occurred at
Bombay. eanatd by some publication; bat the
rioters had been dispersed by the police without
loss of life. Many of the shops were plunder.
ed, and women violated. The accounts Mate
that the property destroyed is valued at 15,1.01.1
- _
New VIA!, Uec L'l
The United Staten mail attorney, tieorgia.
from Chagree, with California mall! to the 1"..,th
of November, arrived at 10 o'clock, this morn
ing. bringing 4110 pitivengm's, and $1.47G.04n1
In gold dust on freight. tot $1,M30,600 in the
hands of passengers.
The Georgit was detained at Chtgret three
days in consequence of the prevalence of a se.
vete storm, which prevenient the embarkation
of passengers. On her arrival at Halifax, she
trooorerrid 450 parrengers to the Empire City
for New (Maoris
The passengers by tho Georgia report dot
the Brother Jonathan, for Chagres, had pot in at
Kingston, In distress, having, h lett water M the
hold. .Her passengers would piliceed to Chaves,
In a sailing vessel. The Georgia's outward pas
eengers, a cargo of nails, Sc ,!went train Oh',
gem to Gams by the tie I( nailrooJ, and her
home freight, ,tc.,jcome by ,Itie; Stine route.
There had been a tremendous two weeks'
rain storm at Chagres, causinglthe river too rise
nearly 50 feet. above its stunt height, and
great deal of property bad bgen destroyed.—
Howes, men, cattle tic., Limited on the swollen
stream, and were swept out to sea. On the 10th
tha river had subsided. Alanyj vessel's were loot
in the storm, among them the ',schooner Home,
bound for Bon Joan.
Consul Owen sailed from If on the 15th
inst., in the Isabel, for Cheileston. Judge
Sharky, the newly appointed Coastal, hod not
arrived at Ifs'sna on the
rim roux, Dee. 111.
M. Kossuth, yesterday evening. attended at
Niblo's, where a benefit was given for the Hun.
garian canoe. The Whig General IZommittees
of the city also waited open him last evening,
and presented him an addresit and $l,OOO
Elticienth math a brief and appropriate !speech
in rkply.
Kovnuth and mite will leave New York on
Monday morning, in a special train for Phila
Tripler Hall was crowded to 'excess yesterday
afternoon, to listen to Kossnth's farewell ad
Afur stile hr
The steamers Winneld Scott, and Union have
been withdrawn from the New Orleans mate, and
will form part of a now line between New York
and San Franeicco. The Winfield Scott is now
being fitted out for the Pacific side.
FLINT, (Mph.) Dee. 22.
Our village was visited by o most deetructlve
fire, about 12 o'clotik last night. It broke one
in the centre of o valuable block of storehons
ee, in the business part of the town, which were
filled with heavy fall stocks of goods. The en
tire block from J H Walkins' more to the mar
gin of the river, ie in a mass of ruin.. lOrtly a
small portion of the goods were saved. The
love is estimated at $OO.OOO.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22, 1821.
Sellars—After the presentation of a number
of petotions and reports,
Mr. Miller introduced a billy Making appropri
ation' for the improvement of origin rivers and
harbors, being the Immo bill which passed the
Rouse Met session. It was relored to the com
mittee On Commerce.
Oa motku of Mr. Cass,othe President's mes
sage relating to the Prometheus was referred to
the committee on Foreign ifelstions.
Mrs-Hale's resolution, calling for information
whether any violation of the /air abolishing flog
ging in the navy Usti occurred, 'was taken up
mud passed.
Mr. Foote'ft compromise resulUtioti was then
nken up.
Mr. Houston opposed tUe resolution, and Mr.
Foote replied, charging the ,Senator from Texas
with intriguing-for the Presideney. The de
bate became quite personal, null so continued
until the adjournment.
Hover—Mr: Carter more] theinapetigild of
the rules, to enable him to futioduce a-resolu
tion for the appointment of a committee to wait
upon Kossuth on hit arrivil; and introduce him
to the Rouse.
The House then went into committee of the
whole on the state of the Union; and took up
the resolutions referring the various branches of
the President's klessege to appropriate commit.
Mr. Seymour, of New. York, moved an amend
ment to the eighth resolution, to' refer the sub
ject of rivers to the committee ou commerce, in
stead of the oommiittees of Roads and Canals.
He said that in no instance bad' the subject of
Rivers and Harbors been dirided; heretofore
as was now proposed. They were so intimately
connected that thershould go together.
• These resolutiOns wove, finally. laid Made for
the purpote of COlSSidering.thil.bill explanatory
of the Beatty Land Law of :September, lard,
Flour—Small sales at $3,10 13 bbl-
Whiskey—Salee at
. 144.014.3 gallon.
Hogs—The market is firm at $4,86 la 100.
Provisions—Sales of lard at 7d. (or bbls. and
7. for kegs. Hales of green shoulders at if
per lb. -
ases—;..alos at 37P44 14 gallon.
Raisins—Sales 400 boxes Malaga at $2,600
$2,75 por box.
Annual Meeting of the Stocklioldera
of thy 11010 and Pecozylvatila Railroad Company.
eh, the Election of Director. For th. ensuing year, will be
nl th e ComPent'e CM", l'lttaburah. en Thetreday.
the 6th or January. 15.5.2. The meeting will take 111.2
et ID A. N..and the Election between the boors 0 , 10 S.
D. and 1 J. J. DIttl()R8, Corp.'
l'ataburgb. December 111th. deleld
N CONSEQUENCE of the death of Peter
A Board. the Iniarwit which lin hold to rl.a etar Candle
Lupo., and whlrh area nominated under the sly4loo
-Pater Hamar & au. will to far inve Ynr tem. ae..
quire 01 WTI 00P.liaN,
dagaJl of the torn of Wiliam t (lomat, ath at.
Monongahela Navigation Company.
N ANNUAL lIIEETINO of the Stockhold
.-1 o ot the llooonmihria Navigation Company. •111
F. mid ' In par. an of the rem - Wane Of the Charter nt
ineorpvration. at their aline on Ora. etre., in the City
of PlttLikurgh. nu Monday the AIM limy or Jannary. A.
1 , . Curing the timP3fotnlay in the month.) for the
t•le , tlnll nr Mlle,. Lir the .11..1:kg irk,
de.53.4 ItAKEIVELL. E•ec'y.
1,1 . 4C1101i,
'lnn DIRECTORS of the Coiling Mining
empany of Illehlran, have this day male e an awl.
M . J nt utility rent. no earb Pharr of Ltit Callttal Linea of
COinfmtij: et"- half payable en et.
teL the
0.-valkee. and ttn , .ther half on kn. the anik Leomirke
neat ar th,ir tkEl, In Lb!. uty
House of Refuge.
THE oubseribers for the erection of on
non. a Here, mr Weatern Penosyivani, are
h,eiky m conned that KO macular. of tkpraty p, cent. on
ktke aocent antikarrihk.l reel, isrenLikreki 4, by Paid to
Ll.a lyekokartkr. k•ti kkr Worn the 11;th gay of Noiember
nem II; enter of the lineal of Dirnctore.
re2Li . tt JII'SfUA Ii AN %A. Tr.*.
II ETTERS Testamentary to the estate al
4 late Indians tertabip,Coctitt a Al.
ey. hayw t.Mn trante.l U. Lbn stahersihenc
per•rmo haring eiPitt arsun%t nLd <Oat. WILL rrnoi-vt
111,1141111 y stutbenti,trl GA . ...a:naval to
it. 1111.11,1: WILKINS,
A Card—Life faiuramee.
a t/ m i.
, S i d r ur
the tart rnos,t taclua m.Esra, In
elxlm Cr rvr.rnay hi me.
amraellta aNan (SLOW.) Ere Uaaamai ilvtlam. las
httral trlocirleu urrn which t 1.4 +Cain , of Itue
"Pittsburgh Life /61,1trIkIXT uoaduch.l"eb
tt to the c"ucbler.aina ur.J tuf , stutss publ*".
The critaciphs rruioatial tscr.uvoirauc lts..utual
urranueracot of Twit urglultark.n. is thr trltc cocialut
fratcruul 1,111:,•} er, whs. h hutoulitruo
- 11;cricbuitt‘r
no:".:i1C• of Strut A.A. Chant.. htureuruh.
-- •
Notice—list Certificate.
OTICE i.-hereby given that applk-ation
N Lae Mrs mai, ea tt. Evf b., Bask ftt the
fgarunt Akana lo
tvzf' r0!27.r:4---4^qizt.712,7,14,ftvi,
Steam Communication between New York
and Glasgow.
rpm ol.roar and New York
.t..atoettp tompear• P -, ee+fat pre
WIY 1.04,7 Kea ar4 ayJ
n tlz , r:tererart i. ltAto of the tv•
1 ev toe rM
GlmrTne.o.:E=r2.. ' 7l/L ea:41 , 4 ' 7;
neve. st erket. •
bnl Co•lo plamata*
TDan ray.
etil Ina l a . v prooa.A. tot oat • lo•
l. k • ,
a,..aappla War I. a v , .nai am
a 3•ro.
Nrsv 101:14.. Lca, nog
%X •
[be (ita•mr,i lOW t. es tt. otatino • I a
464,111AME.4 BLAKELY. EuropeanA\
!coot ant I , tvake raf•l..
gnat fur art faLk.-rotarl PselEtt laa.o
I'vArwre Lt. at Slum aut. Mt. ..e sti Lar.
at.. •
•Il+. Tad Us., ealtiox fma Owe %art aol
trNW ttu aff.l r. 1.4 fooollt.
Nam Ito• 1•••••• Now Vara.. au tub. mod Lltareo.l
oal Ma III!. of •••ty smooth:
1%.1 mar how. I••••• No. York on ft.',
cm 2aah of naefi remallt.
Z Lbw sails ork• • mooch fn. Llwar
Vert pr.l sod Now.
Tht Lon,/ao Ltnrof Ymltet • nuts rornt Now Imt oo lb.
Mb.l[ol. tad 2.41 b, mt. from Loa,d,o, on U. 0u1.,130..
1. 4 1.0,40,4 4.4 4 00.0: egmy ntmalk.
C tple Lloe a tiLuacm Yaelnto wll Itnto N;ne tart• nn tbd lb .1 0. - 0. oilmrdt 6=P
1, wkly Lim of rut... trunt 1.1,:m.a,1 6 44.rn 4 0,
Lail, lino be eartorts. been Sr• leek, by Sunni
lby Caroei and gallant. to Paten-arab
hoteettgere hralve avert attention. and advice, Lir.
en elawrially at th. aMn. of W. Tapr.:Sit a 0, k 4..
nay. Ingalls, end nt the , ree'eLaveryoool. W.
J.7.Tenor:Kt .t Nee %rah : , at
the MT, rr lb. advert/nee. earn., of' toath and UN of
artvet, l n 'lttotargh.
vrana t 0 Leg In t,ho Veiled Crates C 7 Canttla. .1n
trleh rend as their friend. In any part of tailor I.
Ireland, I..roiland, cr:Walee, rI•13 took. the nereevry
ranarzynate on apylleatlon to the eutoe-tinar. and beer
ahem bnntetsl • out hy any of The ahoy* Intent. linre
pieketa. beh mg. loam 1..a!ll to 11,, tone borthen.l
(.1 heirs 4.0 ll,rebant ally., on tearable tenon, by
A., of Liverpool, Loaloa, •or Their treqemoCT
aallins adea the yenelhility of delay. !Weans tan
,lno be ...cure tryno Liverpool to ion ktallanneo.
Phltrlelphia Itoeton, Charluton and earaanalt. Dire,l
11:M1.w. *mall vt largo nteL. AA manta to
avfl J 4514. S bI.AKSLY.
McHenry's Fhilartelpiva <a Liverpool Line
of Packets.
sis.l Sailing from Philadelphia on the „VA
13th, anJ yrerpoul 0ath...L.14c( oa th month ..W2
1p : f ittb r 3 ) bilflirt r i crt; ' t. N ltrs i rr
1./13/Pki, fratiwnlel C. Usrpla latter.
•• Ibilktb,Aifyea p.
IiaLhAXIA.XON, (user.) U. Wm?. Harter.
The ahere chit. arr , bent of the bent and tryort tbstir
Wes ext end up with all hit., improvement. are most
thorrenchlt n Leng=tot t r . If . neurrfed for their se
commode ad 3c era, turtnpert;
they are commanded try torn of mktumitsifreltstent, who
are unequalled for their experience In the want sorsa*
Persons thatrous of hrinstlna their friends from the Old
Country era °Mato certifirates of paeraer which will be
good for right month. awl our agent In imland m od Lie
erronl will furnish them with thaproper loPrinatinn and
inatrurtione relative to th eir departufe.
Poe the funventonce ot fewres trichina to sent mo
op y dndul tor it Meri nicer ins: end upward, payable
d el ht witlnnt diconunt, which will he cashed by soy of
the Pant. or Port i Mires !tribe United Moeda!).
ay-Provisioc supplied pacsentrers cotollupfrunt Liver
Every week the following fondles will be forniabed
eaeh paraenper of 12 Iran of aim and ern, 211 lb.. bread,
,2 Me. 03. tea, (be, oat Meal. 14 lb. mar. 1 lb. flour,
SPb. tonlawea and 1 lb.port. Under 12 years of au*, 6
lb.. hrwoletriffs, lib. port. full a110w... of waterand no
rear, andAatlf alirwance of tep, toper and molasera
ISM). Metal/CRP a (XI..
04'0.37 IPilnut Amt. belOw &cond. Phllwielphbr.
Wlt. Y1.4)1 '
eon. Sixth and Wood sta. Pittsbutah.
IttitI N I D TTAN , U t ; I T
w !,' ,Li btl z /Nl), B at- ,
ak. a Ib .. limn of Blakely Co.. will mulatto to Issue
sight drafts au OM! Britain and Ireland; also, on Jima.
and Germany. Ofbos with Woodward Blakely t
( War....lloonts,) corm.. of Liberty and Path
swing, Pittsburgh. •
Prot r a o tte and from the old smtty) en taked on the
meet bt e
mls tarmu also, from haw lark to,Pittsbuyth.
sod soy Porn .1 the West •oo
ALBROIc IIOYT, Nos. 72 and 74 John et.,
NOW YORK. manufacturers and dealere In OIL
WT I y lll At their /gamin aro turned out
louder u patent FLOOR OIL CLOTlLA'orhiob.
for beauty of dm gad Wedmore of lininh, sun.* neT
thing of the Clod Itherto produced In this =mem , or 111
Europe. and for which they obtained the kriso medal at
the World'. Pair..
At their wareeooma In New York eau be food a lolae
and complete peentment of Heave. Medium, sod VIM
PLOOR OIL CLOTHS, from 27 inches to II feet eddy.
Furnehmr, and Cameos OIL FLOM'''.
Beaumont's Patent Starch
DATENTED, Jtrly 26th, 1850.—For giving
• beautiful Maw n aftellns, Cambric', Oa.
lama titan soma, le.. &Dill:a praystiu tbs Iron from
&Iberia& in Linen. It., and Valenta duct hum stating to
Linens. Sc.. and contains nothing urious.
inrecUnts—Put • &Ism tho sirs of a pas to • an.rt of
starch short Willow: iron briskly.'
Prins, cantatas CD.. bold wholesale
and ortall by
L hi Waked Its
dell 2 Sole L anai fur alleabany °Goats.
OIL -2 easka Winter Whale, fur sale in
bbla or draught. by J. KIDD ea.
dela - - UCI woolst...
CHAIR COSHIONS--2 doz. India Robber
and Mclntosh Mr Cnakdonni, of dlffervadahanan..n..
teed and for Ilan, at No. 116 Market •Ncd
17 0001(b
Cannon Ludic by L. Lewin anti Chorus Book;
Webto Libor blusieux •
sew Canal. bloom °culinary Clews Boob;
locum' &haul Eon,: Book; Timlocranee Ilelodwon:
Juvenile Oratorio.; Ult. Mee, byL Lawn;
&soy Boa otthe Prbouliwono Ileauttee of Caledonia:
Yrlmvr SeLooMiag &oak;'Unica Tompownee Song
Boston Cborue 'boob:
Moo—Tbe !Matrix., • very pretty new Wog: ..b. . by
1.1..1!.. Twit:law, mole by Ilre. Erne.:
Ortio, too ma, by 8.11 . /oaten
The Rook erf Agee, *tend buartilte:
The Swiss Hunter. conu;
The Blownees Complaint:
Catharine Mute bouirK. cloplete. For tale by
R,, 101 Thlwl !Meet.
toll go of the 1101,1 en
11'1.0170N IATTING-50 baleß Family, for
twee Water arid treat Oa.
IRON--120 tnne Placenix Fiunace, Lb
11 we teem the :elleebeer er
aota J.• }L.PLIPII), Roma March-
R.T,OLL-0:1 o.
A FRIOAN PEPPER-15 boxes for aide by
.I:s.. =27. SCEIOO33LLICZa co.
making land Warrants amenable, a any time
prior to the location. Seettral emend ente were
offered and ,debated, but the question wee not
taken when the Committee rose and the Cause
Wasntaarom, Deo. 22.
The French Minister has a telegraphic ilia
patch stating that the house of M. !Unpin,
President of the Assembly, was invested by
troops, and that pen. Changan:der had been in,
prieoned at the latest dates from Paris.
Now Yoek, Dec. 22.
Cotton—The market is dull, at a decline of ic
per lb, with tale of 250 bales: Priced are un
Flour—Moderate sales at it . 1,43p4,623 for
Fame end weetern, and $1,37(0;4,60 for aouthz
Grainn—Sales 4,&00 bushels southern white
wheat at 1000 per bushel. Sales 200 bushels
rye at 67c.. and 2000 bushels mixed corn at Oa
per bushel.
Provisions—The market is without ohmse.
Stooks—Were steady, and bad nearly revived
from the morning depression.'
Oil Cloths!
'MIMS well kn. •
dorted the • •
..t.l and pleuant,
establishment is still eon
.4 th. ronaforta and ayrtrable rau..
ibl lila - i gr.: oOtII)
geous to the tame!.
lhalua lava •
lone at the he
phalara We beet a t e
to Ora nattefaatlo
nr the firm rJn . Tck, 2Co .
Cl the am t. 9.s tnstl. tht Attt..'”L"t
ert.ton. to stalotaln lu r,utattut.t. Itua
t Li 013cust..turrx.
oore Rene gay & Co.: •
NIPORN .RS and VlllOlO.lO Jobhers in
m a
HARLO at: I, M:, ho s iu,i ~, 'tn..,
)1111111iVip141a. N
Stock nod mi-e. In•
.. • .5..,
At M. him*. Na. J eveut
FOR Al.!.
their more and racier, In La the ka,
• eto OILANITE BUILLON'ti, Nara. Fr ot
Ih i ca e tt t i o 7 , 1 2 02trth1 ... :ffrr a .PREe/11.1.11 VP UNt~
It It bf rftrectable ' N . Crldtrti rk.r oda tl . lc Ul rs ' in
000,4 SOU.
N Alto. Mud 'a Ilk black %WIN U INR, at the lotto
LrrIIESE super! Or articles of Perfumery,
atonset whieh are euameratell hie Jodi, celibrated
y White, Oriental Alabaster,. Yak!, Hotter. Tooth ...4
Toilet Powder*, L'hirmee Velvet, Chalk. and other spprokd
Soars—Walnut and Extra Floe Saud Brown and Whi
W undmr, Floating, Palm, Almond, 'Fancy sod Toile
S.ll, Sbs ir g Cre‘m, flair Cologne Waters Es
treels tbr the hendkareldefs, Ox Morrow, War - , Oil. Cr,'
tal Pomade. ra neer artirle,) Eau LuPtral flair Senor...
Hair Oils, Philccomes. ao., ar. marunsonared and in
sale by JOIN T. CLEW",
• Perfumer aod Chemist,
Market street. halals Phlladelphio,
43rMerth.ts don't forxet that Clegg'. le the then pea
and most ext.:miss manoVantory In the tilserttlon
trizieir it. xtr.
ariver & McLean , ' •
Flow, Proliliti ,Cononission Alenhot.,
BOUM WA:ra erns",
x j duce genin, Ell row ra prompt attontim. with
our beet enticarear give sotillaction. Attune. made on
receipt 01 Dille °Lending when METE.
~t .
„..r to-41 Hampton A Mak; Pittalnaphi
Hr. toe G. liHirr,
Mr. La :Lilo,
Mr. I . P. Phrivar,
FAcraItER, Ha. 41 South Btatai4 Scree; (above
(...ertnat. anal NJ..).Phllatleiptiln tebls.ll
U. atinatar: -.
--......_ .......... . .... .J4IIN a. GOMATZ
lOU 11. lELKOMAIII. LAM LlielLll
8 A 2 ,A, 1 ,11 4 - .4 :0 2 Dw k AR, L.t. D . ,,,,,, i.d ic0 zh i i , :. ...1 , e- ,
ItEALL, DUCENOR & CO., Tobacco
Onaminkm Mordant;leo. 41 north Watar Elate
ate aIP North 14 - Parra; Palltelaiplit; Earl
Pleur,' L and ,General Produce
/lving it Pita edema admit., ti TristssitadOtt ;
vitlt arty st her "Wirt setts. st, baud. s saul
of sham,. slth quilt sislsi its/ LULL r.tuix sod l`"rt
tiitkft rstrits,
144, tn
-1,-s,ltmt atti Crobl..s of Net-has , Lott
Sant of Wilts,
ne-lriGts Cosussrmil • Yartuts.
Prate - mu Alai. C. Barrt_Tricopherons,
1., storms., Illas sal beaotitrlng tha Whom:lles
boa marl an t Mairatt and coma dims,* of the Alm
irtsble stla, not; kLuMm matt. eto It
bse Leen •IrillAiU 1%7 eaberLboht tbst borris
mora Las rooldmk the eflrot W otonhb Mow.. of
mu, ete. of Lho hot,. sat AIL lb. mobs' libgarm Toe
tosmactheµ miocted from boalreds of cont.
trom ert.l eel, b ete. the TIM, of ton yflltcu :.c3
art 3 t he
he ortiatalloa to Orbicb Is Lioll Oh. tar, alba bate
alma It a Mai:
• t s T, th2l,
nos Rafar—Dwar nr—i E ar ula
aJttim ad J sate a cad
taltecad arrandosH the ddlp, of a over o - Arad] now
roarr a ear It Its mien pare, arari dulier that p...,54
Lan /tad the dtrirat et so:curl ter mutrstahrat
mad sal ban Wad aL tn. rreparattcde LI tee tau asal
blllll .11 terms. la taps! fee kw: 41ae f1 t" I star Wards'
y • faha...l ty txT flue retetweranur. I All ea, to a leaf
1.1a1..14.!t0 acrifarrnes .kJ entafe - arard. Lard at
rr-ral la as at tratszetem 4,, d tEff V.4ll.turd tea
&Misr tt.. areatcare I rad aa:alit Lida_
liadedr.afedll:, d a:a...Pt/AL
144Colefratad ea M, kr-shard
. 1...r, Oft T.. 1. v:.,)
P/447 11“21 . —%17 bear Sur—a ba t e .. Jr ...yr, .s [...,. .
WM a I,I IiNSI',;!A
V "" 4"4
- I ' 1 4 . :" ' Pr . irato Rerildettee for Sae. --.
.40, Ja..trat . I anat 1.0 bt a triattl tan . /lc, ,a .. . I
. tays, and i oat al, out to tor att.a.ttmat, Ca balt vat t
treat, rmt♦r. aoll WI Oa ttaa..tra.. d-aatr.w , t.r at tb• 1 rrIITE PROPERTY I.76tD.rrd ex , reditig_2 l
- bad tso atirlr• yr Moen '
, I 4 :.. v. at,'t on ttry a - nanto,,itttn. t/m.,. If ...
j . 11, INtivltm3 ~,...., I ~,.7„;;;:fe, ,; ;;, ,, ., ! ,-- ,,% ,.---tv,i2: ..,..
u ar fair ar ratan. '4 ,tat.. tt• .r.l4 , 7u . t.rca n :_tt.• , t ,...
~t 0 , , ,, tt ottojt , t00t0, ,,„
o i tto,
0 ,,
it , 7,,,, -.1
Ilv;; '''-'.777 , rmAt LP= 1 w%,.., L t ' ';':. I 1- LlV r ctt ' . 'l:.arr,. i-14Z,tk.'urrett“ttg"fi‘t;
1 1 ,...
...Moat a0tt...." COW 01.0.1na.r0. , ..1 ta:La tovoude...autt*.
'Ala lot Id tart, eatruana nazi an arta ‘.t ann,o,i. 15
1 6.6.t. " ..1. " .. " 7 " ' 44 al'A". l . I") • alitWttiatr....l a• 1 .1..1 M.a11.. taagond, L.l, tea bow
Tt.w . It w .WWJ, t-... ~,, P . M .. "' ~W .t.' ,," h "";_„" 1,4 and ynt 1. to an aitrr, rt. lAnt , ,,, ,, ,annta, a:.
604 4........ , 4 ~... .....1K p. ~. Ir. +.., -.,..t.r. co, 11.. t .11: I. man ra rt.', t. Et, - . 1-, .
i lb, t o ~,,,,,,,,, tri,ta.l, 1,11. t' ll '4 1,1.11 4. 1f......, , cvlattaL /....1 1.....1....1 1.1 Mr 1,1 u. , .1,...1,4ins n‘., ,
Igarr,Ort.4.LlPl/61‘. 4.1 14., It I. -,
t 0, ,,
. t, , ttot
~,,,, ..,o t,
let, 1,11 t0...1h/ .t., stirs ~.......• ft .W " tt- w...... . .1./......,.,1 1.. ~.... 11.. 4- 3/ , ‘,11 ~1"...c.11. al ....
.ot,.;'67ll:ll,b,l"g.)k'rA'l'i",fllt :711:','"71:"tr .: i ryt!i0....4...1';'.1,1L", ... 721.5 .:, ' . ',1' ?1 : 21 ' .: ‘ ,7 - n ' .2.1V.17. 1
am VA, 11,1.1 . 1 E....... 1 .. , .. b'.. a , . 4 .- l,-, /14 1 1,, , i;•411.1,.. 0-1 ../k,..16., .......1, I.* i
{Ter lideatr..t. t - ,tarAtuall an.l ~.. war in talo me , a i,,,,..,,,,,..4 1,, a ,,, , ~,.„,,,,,„ ~ it,. Rr.u,c•. ~,,,_
it,,,,, • mat •WW ,i...., 11 0f.11 , 11.... eil . 11.4.. Of 1 .... - . 11 ,. , ....‘. o, ~,b,t,a in ..,,t, al, tar,l., t,.....:1,,a, 1•L
.." w wt." b." ' 4." ''''.. *"..' '"" ""'," "..`.... . • t i ll •4. w.. tat.1,........0n. ,t, ~..ia, ..t• intr.rtax-,,
data ai r tt, aria. to ccost.a.,,a, as ••I aatteft ,. ..a. t t, it atattla , t axi. It ty . tto . t . , t‘ ,. , , tt ‘.. ,.., ,0ttn0,, ~,,L , ,,,,,,,
nma11....1. It Lo. Knr In tato 4.4 ti., .ere 2..,aata. at . N.,,. I ~,,,,,... , t o ~,,, too, „ t
,0 „ . . t , te11 „ , .
~ 1
r, 111 , ...11/... and al eta/Pm...Ws a,. trail., tbrutictwut 1 - t ,,, ,
thsUottod.tta.asulCaaata. ral ltl• s 1101.....i1s ...aarat, _
. __..-..„,=.................,...... i Real Estate.
GONTI N ES b; touuj facil
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.12.tswal bau. bats I..wr tu• tlor
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/dexu. Jones (NW.:
lie John A. Camel:my.
ale" re,:eirD
t..11ger , P.04,.
duively 11 , 1..01 pAltre
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•N ALLTIONNI.N, ilo. J 11.1
nr Arr.. A.
soloolco atl froroartlistot 31.roltatatu hos 1% Lsvott.
ttOetztttorr , talstrttot, n't MO
Lir:I:111r :d ' a r t . :171 * 1! " r"
Itetest to John N. toocuen: fluctoll t 11<notitt Loter,
Dealt-It Co.. Ilaokort. tiet'y
Pr Ann, emmiarinn..p.4 Fszrulf Marehaals, vo [to
1:41, Aleisat a ril l o - u.4ll.creri u 1. kterlitl4 t eo..
httotursb. • 4:1
)AVIL O. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
• and Counlllmlonrr for 1. .."1 1, ..1.
enstamtaalrAtl... promptir snorrred MA,
OLIN fl. RAWK IN, Attorncy Intl Conn-
M'Alm at Low. and Ccorimiftioner tor lb* Prifla o
outrivonis, et. Loofa, M. (11. of Ptlaborta.)
Iletwroneol—ritotbargh! Iron. W. Forrat,l, ff.n•Pfo• •
Milo; fl'eoullm• • liceltu, ingg
&mole. lleConl a 00. •
'DARED PEACITES-16 I.u. for gnlo by
ho WM. A. d/rULURQ A CO.
DAIRY BUTTER—Fresh, mid handsome
1 rat np for
C d m alTd r;tldnlev- of " 0 "
doo WOO. A te . da , 1 , 4 7.
YAINT-.24 bbls. Piro nod Water i'rool,
•for tato by ISAIAH DICKNY Jr CO.
40.6 Warr end Front tz
I)EARLS--14 nuke rea'd and for sal
60:3 NrICKt McCANDI. '
DOT ASII-15 caaka pure, fur Wu b
&V HICK t unoeffinass.
AOKEREL--100 kits No. 2, for Endo by
LINSEED OIL-19 bble. for sale by
618 J. D. CANFIV.L.D.
BMEETS -75 doz. Patent, for sale by
44 14.11411. DICKEY s CO.
POTASTI-8. casks for sale by
UOLL BRIMSTONE-12 bbin. for solo by
bbl.s. Winter, for sale by
oto J. MOD 500.03(1{4.1 st.
COOklug c gtood Currant! ...... e.
her -Otincb 124 e.ih . tor o.
Polc"r of all binds; Excellent Tots, We.. and Primo 4reebUruund
Colfee.llie. gob
`YTS. TURPENTINE-15 bbla, in pi — e
1..„, 'hipping onler, fur aisle by
deti J. KIDD & DO., GO Wood et.
• 11,4 , 11ENC11 OWlRE—Superior, for Bale by
JAI J. KIDD At CO.. 60 Wood st.
- .
• Al. "°.• 0. IL ne77,7i•
ra l' in br IV. * F. 1111. 4 .0 N.
116 elKotpl gt.
MAN u'A C TFO I o t r E
eb D E b T ar ° 2; l lFo C t ‘ .lxts
• 10 - W. U. Orttab.
Cobh /Label'.
deb * &Tr' INOUR'I,II.
FRESH hf. chests Y. Ilyson;
c la. chest.' Uubt Vowdor;
I mpero.o
" Black. for rids br
_deb - auttatuDox• iNuattem.
HOPS- , -,10 bales Ohio, f7)r sate byp
i p - tilASii-25 (nuke
j pl , l .. rE i gf r p , l t e a tp,CO.
socIIRISTIAN 'new liya•
tom of ilmtscal Notation. by J.ll. All - Lo' Jun un'a
for We by . JOUN L.
61 Wool
1101-63 kegs add Noe., just reed per
17 .11114IItt Nihau, s.l Ca We b
4141 . JAIM.9 A. HUTCHISON at CO.!
111 EARL STABCII-50 boxes just rec:4 on
. „
Valuable Property for Sale.
YIIIIAT new and elegant Brick Dwell-
Z. int Renee, Faust.. in the ot Rnehreter.::: . te
Beaver eouttT Pa-. betwreo the Ohio river and he
oblo sod 1 1*1,0.d. The hoc, 1,/ ef, feal 121 . nt by Os
feet ther--two Annie, etad haeement •tory; abo, ao •woe
•tnrY with font , tool hod mew The Lot no arbieh st
elands le 100 be front nu Of IL)Ido river. by I 3 Lot Jeep.
The yard is fro sal mound boo,. i. beautifully laid
sod plon:olt6, Spurlale, ot ehrobberY. flower,
10., •oh a ,ubsOuttliLl Oka. wall aroundre, st.
AI, eanien lot a.lo.itslng the enme. Yeet poare, to
coed onler sod eolo‘ation. For fertherebartoolun in.
Muir. of the odeersber, on the parolee,.
d. 17.1111 \ 11. CL1111if:.
W.II{F.IIOU,SE, situated rn Water,2
.v I ,en 116ttet nod Ferry ela., 'elaihatrle tor '1
t WhoGeste tirov,r, I,etu..el - GiGenS.
G , een ttainethatear. loGittre of
J,ME.I 6 HALZEI.I 6 GS Wutor
Allegheny Foundry for Salo,
91111 E rfor oak their ex
• . 4 r •Ga•hle 6S , UN NU. Gtuale op\haeock
' , tree, Goa 61:w to Ano tare.. Alletthearl The
I.oihher• etuhre,. the et wir. II saelnateth
, h..r• •nd •1/.1 lot r,ourol um 16hleh
the hoaa/oo• .re ere, tea. o. her n. at.ut:o 644 The
ettnar, hoe 6 Jeuhle etol Iva forunere. With lira,
L ,e en . The )fly, menu ere 0.,1 roaent ennetruttiete.
art, Melihoe6llAN 6 ell
A llu
rlrretnq part at the eit • . llie lot it
ror toAtirulars ap. .
br . 'l'
" VV7l. ' lt 111 r. I: T, Iry iu
Thu tole All I lot e1t44.1 ur the I4i dur Jan
us', nuat. mkt()
To Let. \
4 N OFFICE. N Ball over Polo allNind next
door to Nola., Itacuern4arprlOu.4.
no, • eni“ lhoulitu t r lb., lt,lratuattail.
At «nue, fluor tloLlega.l chtust AA., ttttt
deu F. It tiAZZAIII, Awn,
For Sa
TIIE three story brick ening Hall Me, F.D
No In Ile, StAtlver tuts—prier, StAltAt..a
ma, Sslro In nub. r.O; in out. rut..stul rt).9l/0
five luttr4—to laugurutl ut Ahtl roorrvoguArt
1.rum14.4 Cluos of all ttAutuhreocout, pod !Ahaul(.,
n.IV. a A. C. I,
,i4 hie th l r , ly to
Alton.. at i 43 Fou M rth lAA
St, Louis aotel—New Orleans.
1: 3 b .5 .r ! , ; , 7 4. 7 4 2Ai , , ,
10 1 1 = 4 of the W I
"t.a4 lZl:t
will en
a ,
our Irina+
0 F! .. / r e p t i j i LL . ET.- A t It O r frt , e s e i T , o , Ltt,.
gu.r . rwxypo Rum, it o =ln
E. b. 27.ik La.,,r
llfi LET-From the first of April/next, tte;
dweller how, with 1..1.1r btrini of
luod, n4oated
n 0.21)
it y COAL a:tu.. in laird liam..lltionnwittelit river.
Tao volt:. rf Coal fro oneurptio.o.l ill nnaiiil an.l adaan•
tasea for minute. and equal to 11. I..ator. lb. river. •
dlia--Ona ll.inl undivided uart of one lottralf...l and
ninety arr... atepolly Cool lit. alcinuntrahala Cu, For a
full ilea-nation Ea the nrorastriaerrint and Woo. aE.,IIIS to
novlo s ItAIILIi L lwri...
"LP Alltli & IRWIN have t\+o ndole
IJP very in.etre.l.l..ur.lionrove.. Lou. ea...lA...air urty ate
r.a.10rte...... In all:alien) , L tin. a ei. untenprovotl
01111041.- livr karat... For u.. uvular until,. ai
Desirable Przperly X 'ate.
A NUMBER of very val. lc 'Building
A A 1-1... lObniiii6t7 tho i 041 11.,1 tit tl tilan anl
I . tion, Irani. Raltroade in /Wet:bras 'qt.. c •10. no IL,
Railroad. cod ro aranitlin. on I Ji. i.. \tt oteoro..
aril on .111,Lesir , nun .
Alen—a rat nr.intprorriri ‘ er on the itt, 'at Lit.-
orty anti Fa-trry rtro.ra. 1010 .L onntati lA'. Ciro.
MALI CAI:Y.9I2r l:briroh. nit fret itor.evn I.lfert, L Lao 1.,
doer nu liar ore. ruuniac haat la a rnac alio. \
Al- .-1.2, ( tin. auto/ lint. i 1 4 ,11..,, llo.iaio on ibi t ill
'lnit.,- ad,r.inm.; lloi alio., rno Int 1 tu, re. ,N
ILO fol tk•Of, lte /,, IS lac- +al /O roam. t.. 1.1 -1
tn.elorn 941, a.n.l ' , on...Lir oloren ronntt.
Ata.—A keno 41 ai-L :toe... 111,11'T., rvortoLT. O 0n....
fr...., Now Cuallo.
A .,
fro . In roar, roontn. o: rat. nt ii.vea an
errrit., from rain aro : tioan
or 31. 1,1. E. 17 lon coocLitionlatioc t•rc, r
tantorney; S va • La.... l .Ln L .l kles ' l ' lTZ.A 6 :,
o-n - ta %e 'I7 Fourth otrr-t. Pintit
A Ird z I ao 1 rroottn, , aiot on .:rala t
az./ TIIIIIIIIIC /. P i us to i -01 l V.I. no, erne L o
afar, di:Wt.-In na t, Jct.. of tb- tint, cni Li m 0 ,51 i.
"I'L' : , r'flt?;',".;',.-, .3 . ' . i:1.:i.t
.....n. ettor..rab. l'a
TIIE well known E,IOLF. HOTEL.
;h tit:Til 7/1144 t. ,1 111:i:,1. 11111-1 V Y.l.Plilw. :''
tz. , ..•
M.1•01I1(- c......- 13 p.
1,, by Ca. I ll!th. :. 11 . i l!lh 4 rtat:tly 471
. II ,
Tl:i. , lan, an.l rntnevAirut 11,4 I—mnt ! ,,m 4 y, yyty,..d.
41 1. tr,t.rth 4 go. li I 1...• II • 1 lalt•I :.I , ny 4. 4.!!1., .12.1... h,
rntn1!Z".1i'a1t77.,1'......74',1;*1t`• ; `, ..;;Pn: ` ,T : 4 - ,f, ° , ‘ ,.g: ',
erstloae 11[11,11l, cet •Iln Lar.., wt..r.1.T.....„1. , , mnic1i:
c d t N. 4-tbn 1.., 1 . .. 1 . 4 `." 1 . .t.t.4i., 7 1:': ( r , , ,h r. 4 ittin . .L1 .ay. 11,
iIT I• ,r . by, .1 eitl L ',EA r, wt.., k ., rre- . • -
butt'.w ka.r.. tzt.i,to.
_ltw• 1.1-0,1 vrai• re:tell:lr ere,t,l t• p.:11 th•kg lit 4 An] zupq 1
tc.•,,r,..<1 Atilt. h•• ober. r . . , ..u.5.e.te1l •••... , torr•rem. ,
.L:0 I i•.• 1••••-.1e.l. II au tim - inalwr.‘nrlcsi, ti:.:rt• t.l tho I
yr.. 41 crruy...l . I .rtc•r 11,.11.,¢b I.: 1.1• JA.
I• v e•••ti..• r•-ru .01. , An,... of tb,...,.. ,
Cllftin DX( Sr En
1 \
!!!,.. .1.1. . ea!, l'h ttj P1,1'611...3. 11:11,
11 . 3 LE r—A 14tge awl enn , ,nieT tlr 2
wAho. , r‘c.ol2S,,,lrneet,Lor• c • ct tt, 1
so ! , 141144e11. 1. 4 1.,t,...1
_ 4.41
F 01: SALE--Two 11,,us_e3 and I.ot. in the
FOIL War..l.—no, byl.y.rty .U , t. ao.i t. oi Peri
yytyro of gr0ut03.,1,% tyAt no If .toter
:Op itol 014 koPoyzy, at 34 ot.
. .
11t.M211.41 , /, tor 5.1.. unnanio
tYCH yoyrb 111.C..2
401 f
op •ii siobes 11..n1. i it,.
.n 3 U. aul Moo y,Pst.ton yyttaro
14{.1., et.v L tio.yr
by ato.nOngyl CC yyttlyip.o rlysy.oyy.o. by yoYhcf
ur ( tr...un• r. , TKE:I - 1).‘t11..g- h,, ear
,ur th. emu 4 L
.augls r. l, 1 .35k0.t at.J Rs
I; Vli ILENT--11. ril
No. 1551;4
hml our, neer t0..11, - .1.1—a• ••••41
IraCtlir'o.:l:ll.. t:41•
qt7Z6 , sr Irr
Aft-ma has a ball. 11% in attatt..-..4 • 11.14 11, 4.4 L.l
nt ,t A"“" 5 1114.1 N.
auz.Z. It F..urth over \CNN)
• For Sale or YerpertuilLease,
li g OliTY-TEIREE 111311.1)1NC . ; LOTS, laid
ca Ah.c 4.11. in the bristina.l plan c.f thy Luca frontal:lga° both elan on 0tz.....1. nod
Al., for rut Itr ono or loot, rearo,
out lot al tbe, 11111. barc to lac
iv . t. Gnu.. a... in. 11. r. Jo' uur.LAND,l.etr
yt bin clt,e, Ha
I TI ' II 11112LI1S
A Good Bargain le now Offered,
R . From Thrce tr. Four AM ituquena..llo
omr 11. r-ea—.. at ES. In
cvnd tan toug
with neromary buildiev. Sr The i
into lot., amt. - A.l at prntit.n , p , -.y.may he I, 11.p0A.1
n. poretia.h. aypir ru
111 i , ozaa rt.
• • •
Kentucky Mutual Life Insurance Company.
THIS CO:5lPili:Y offers to the insured all
the Rcurity and advantanl,nf tho and3ront
Ftnelk Plana Isaberetoforo arvlle.l) nmhined. Irma): Low
rates of prerolont; au annual r,turn to r.arlt the per ,
centar., requin.4 fox the coutinuent flak of the 'ten ttn
adequate, hot nn t exe , ,relvenrnsirion fu tit, futurn anon-
flay ot her. Mr the wham te rm of 11k. uttl, nittita-
GI, interret In the annunulatina fund arcurn.l to much
members, payable at death • by endita even their
a ,vararat, fund JOarat..l for the I.rmauvnt reentity of
abort term member, and also fOr the nroent arearity of
thorn for the ♦ Lole arm of life .
Ihrible la the only Mutual Lan lndannea CutnltanT
rani. of oremtunt are tan/ a; a late roduced ntand
an!. with a provirionf or an annuallyinereaalue acclaim.
latinn of Innis (for future security/ In exact proportion tcr
the amount of Inutionea and the Incrozaing not Ilion tul-
Tannin!, one among the meretrera.
paaipanis, sr... CC. / noise in detail the plan and
rateant t
a m s natant:tr. furnlrhod_a.t.rtia. and antdlratione
for Insur ...ter,' by J. TLIII/31i2T, Agent,
us Wood etroct.
Nancrt. iMAVOCtII. Dledlcal karmlner.
Jr' 2 nlf (1,1
rioDEL , il—e drums large, th e sale by
tUFFEE-150 bap Green Rio, for sale by
dt. 'trawl bicKXl( a Co.
VIRESE—SU boxes Cream, for sai r e.l4
k V. lIAKDAI 117.
INSEED 01L—S bble • rec'd. and fey aide
W HARR tear
DOTASII-10 casks prime, for sale by
H. a K . lIAKDAUu 11.
I LASS-800 boxes assorted, far mile by
Ur ilia Is . 11.11111AU011.
141)111 cerudn Cameos; 2 kegs Maud=
4tl curl iDuwrrlt, 1.• wlr Inw W clone.
aeD 100100 bieliNY a CO.
OLL HEADS i'BODIES--.lust reed, en
Jur imantanent of Ind.. Itutbrr 101 l Houle awl Il.klaen.
ut differaut wh04.1, and wtall br
J. A 11. MIII LI.I MY, 116 01.rtet It.
lint:NCH TEETHING RING".,--2 grose,
a! of in entirely now erliel. , loot recd and f.,r bale hs
W int
atusso. Va, Slay
• dry m ere b
oult. cl
whicharify that I Imo *filleted for six ruouth•with
rmlured me PO ' • - • 1139 0 1 010,110
001101 Y work. aid that hr ure of • heti i.ltaa
C( hel ve' LIY, ••./ two Lou - Ifahortal
ough dyruo. ,L••• PerfeWY chteal Homy
I bac. u a nd se ; • f
Ftucc., v. rfr h ikt p
, tr cu a ny rough , .
gr ad
and for pale b, J. E.II/II a 'O.,
ointment, Meanie by J. KIDDd 1 :
lia'l'AßCll-2-169 Foxe'ti Ohio, in 5 11,.
mickutes, Mr pals Ly .1. 1:1I.D 2 Co,
dee Wood PL
Lida _
UTTER-5 bias. Frekh Roll; • -
P. and Iken Pee CV.'
NEW LARD—In MA*. and kegs, for sale by
de) B. DALZELL it Cu ..I.lh.rtr At. '
GROUND NUTS-52 sacks SUM crop, ea
,.de for side trr , , mutt DICF.B4 I IV,
o ..' W•Acr sad Yront du
• CR0.1.1 PITTSDITII,O 11 ‘.
ONLY :3 lifilritY T11R01,411, -
milk: Express Mail Train will ?care the\ De
-lon laberty street, alms the Canalidirs. er•t7
tn,.ratog at o/ock.
will no hr the Cars 1: tall. t arintonw
anere the, 0111 Lud the, best. of l'oerites in readiness to
r/liiry thew miles a • first rate turttldk
Iteattroad lo
y'o Statios, ovnadurtorn aritlierti train (mech.
I,etweeo Itriztou's and Realty'. 11311,,0) amt tb take
the uploodld nem .leeping t. Car,or. the Prot.ylraniskltail
Iroad ',4upenY direct 1.1111 : 1 1. 1 33.1 . 111A nod. BAITI
PIOS•4I{,I, for Be/Limon. take the Carl, o , r11). York end
Cumberland Itallmod at Ilarri,hurgh, arrirlos et
wore to nretlttst„ and to 11 isalun,zton City Ito name Morn \
«r of ht r al o ll«ll,Je)yhuryf and r
train. oa.krustig, cirs ‘WID. m. 2.14 4
IL. L.rl •lrC 'l l4l
phla It. same I, ento a+ the KW
olug two daily trate. from liolli.ooseurg to Philadelphia.
Baggage checked l/11911,th to thda.telptna Fars tbroush.
111. .
To Let. \-.
irrommpLiiinn2Tralti gill leave averT afternoon al
for Piet fly, gliiig.hurg and Print/nes
lieturniug Trait. I. all leave IlrinLan'e at 9 o'clort A. AI.
and I': Al, alai. gng at It'ilkm.hurgh mud East Liber
, and arriving rit.“1,11 . 071 at tick a.... 1 1,•174i
e'eag. P. PI
\ k:Lg L, betty. Ir. rent,. Furl. to WilltlnaLurgh,
'A ( tee Far. L! Turtle Cheek, ,aLtg,
tagsenvere 'Lill Future their at the'rglleg ig.the
31raggIngLela Muer. (I,tuerly the canal cflice.l 70111
1.11, gu hew- Leforo the do,grture ofruitTraii'L•hen the
,:ftSce gill Le 01.4 fir the rah, of llcketa at the Imp, tit
Lm .Iberty atie. f.
,SIKSKIMEN, Tle7el germ deltel( ' r.... Co,
- - -
Itigia ~at2I3ME-F.
Per Sale.
And the / and Cleveland Railroad.
TIIIS we., . and old estalilisbed Liue
having totalednectien with the%."Pittaburgh
Clev.•l•ed Italtioal loint.any,' are Dow carniug
k.lgbl dal , ' el'uadav e 4eevtial/ to sod Imo Pittehurah
Sod Cletelaset, mid all Intermediate yolutia at llts lall.ll
\ . \
The steam heat DEAVER kreeivia and earrie• tread ht for
he illicit.. If ue 4.14 Irani. Pitteburgh ram n, latish
at all o'clock, and kvellerillelti 3 senora, P. M. \
I•aa+au• carried thr Wl' Cleveland um all Other '
lot. ` vu the route,. by Onto vat lleaval,alWellsettht,
Pio taila Polo/may to lititiorat . , and Itallroad thaucteto
Claralitaitaeme - ....e . .... 11 1t:P,, \K,' .11Fattit:lo . \
\ . ,_. Alittili l leOlklikillitar . ,.. Ica Haut
dela '. Cor.W•tea A t ,,,, hda,14.... nateaurgb.
ll!il[ , XTi!
And tonnriled e . l
oru Ifl tit),
a a nd)(,ronneclkor
at Antrturt.
F`SpreSl Truitt leaves Pittsburgh atB
1 A. A , tAfl.lng MIT 4 Ceuteklef.docLretrr. Na
luuth.n. i , flotuttan u
Mir.. tuaebef l'alestlue.
4. au ItlAu !m itnna REr. lay. atapsu to
10.1., rutin t sat \ ; tLiutra to etl.soce and
run daily (... , 11 Alois... to Ontaon,
alai fru loop to Nes Caul*.
I 14'
tlu• 40. na Truitl'alrrtinn u#2 . 1.11
Y. L. PA at 4P. rtul at :
burah nt
N . 31 \
h~l Le ttractuT lmcnuardatun . 11matt Alm
Pltt.ttra a: 1, ...acti,l 31.. awl Ilulaiton at
M 1...0 ,topot,. at. Ittutrowtlaukata.
Uxcur., , n Ti:k•ta I, two day/ ad'eueld
n urth. 1. , ,h M.l\ antl Nte.
...optor traln Alliatt. at /1
rt t
airal. tat run, Son •
uu.robtu.uu ran 4.. (.. 4 , CID-flu trahll to and
truu. _
ar,ty. t•urial \Rt., Station, to
For iale,
\I k Ultigp .7 il kl, SUiar.ENSION ,
I,_, SarlcalL.o. we stS , fstaar,l fral„,, , ,lata
en d 41... v. y1.,...5. j.,,r14, hi.. ot lalan to s
an tatta.L- 004 In, Uri.. .
\ '• Canal a d PsU ' i.;4l 2 lhtta
~ I Cws. 13 ati.l44Pwwrh'llt,l:dats..VLstadal
\ • nAftersl l, ittr.
..1...1\ \ 1... ;e:‘, r rt.f Apt' ,
r.-, , -7 , --,..--- :
- - tzge.-t--i- ,- , ‘ , — • i
w 1 xr F.: R ....4 11'1."..4 A' ( EL ' ..Y 7 '.' ,
9 111[}' antliiribers, agent, Forona Periu,jl
I; n,, «a. o,l.,itita,soac7i
,,, raw,
.11 hist clans vv-Is nodw - -..-.....-.5'1,23 V .1111...
‘... Iltc,h, Putter. lard. Ta. ~v; anl WI \ ~,,
\ 111
1, ,• 1 1 .4114, ii,a , ,ii, i - 1 . ) - ivii: -...31011 \
CO% Cat'/: • COLE. Aeentr, ',
[Pr.! ?eau awl Wayne ottata.
l'ttt.hurwh....e. Ist. 1..11. \
ig.„o•EgwriFE'll4. ...-L...W*4
\ .Ind Erpirs Facie( Line for
THE 3I ruing Linn will to e•iii , acan,_ . i . ,
t1nn,..1 aw lona. e• tkinse abet. wi11 ,, , ,, -.. ,^-..,-
''..a1"1 . )17, -..- .n.t7,.t.;ZhAi!;,!!....110,
o J.I
Ct . LE1...11 a t 0., Canal Uatla. .-
reitn-ZO.. lB5 1 ."lifr a z
1.141 TRAVEL \ , \ ,
Li EAy LNG Dittibargii daily} Sundiiya. cx-
IA ~, , c ll, . ii-ii la ciii, , ,,ii, .I\ll, hr the \ ,
WT EA It \ 110A,T
FOREST ...:. CI TY. \
Capt. .1 `Mu \ U DOCK, \ s. ,
TO IFELASV \ .%L.LE: • \
From thew. , hy .tant, (Z) niillW) to 1 AN1.11 • 1511, loll; at
Hawn, otet night. an.laitl!ina . ll),CLEVELAN neat
afternoon,.[ 4 0'c1,...k. in Jima IN la Ite t a Cille112.(1 in,
.r Li at. Fw-t wr . ate by th. stesna iwt.s null. LakaWdo.
rola the enntiounnre of navigatlnp. \
• Ilnao to Cleveland • \ 30.1amin..
Fare ..
10"1-1'1' .. 11 1: . . 01 to; !‘ VII: ‘ ,.11 . 11 ' n . :. '. pls e r.\ '" I: 1 117 , 7dr ; ' r- la tt
Piosbwrgl, to Cleveland in s War, \ , \ ''''
F , , , 1t0 h.. am'', to ti. 11. lIA '. cant.
1 1 2'4 ,,4 NlSSOSlnahela Ift .iiiiaa.,
Time Reduced to 24 Ilistra: .
“N and. after the lot of :December . ext,
vy F , ,,, , ,,,a, n,, carried bythePennesivsni hail
sra‘l Locusayy, between Philadelphia and Pittsburg , in
,1 hoots, with nuts ... Mat, of &sum: nvst no ...I at
. .
SII.,CU. •
Tht. t• the thin t...t srui hest rutite betweenthe West
West en 4 the Atlantic cat, end the sccotanussLatione are
In all icsptvis of the h1,1,0,t thersetsr. _ ..-
.. .. .
• THOMAS 1100ilt,
nollglloo Agent Penn . & hallroag Gaup.).
IN 4g HOURS, ', .. •
N nod niter MONDAY, OCTOBER L3tb,..
the - Cleveland ad Cannnatl raLmantlat
er rend cot from Cleveland a Layeva navvy
g ay reel
in at 4 o'clock, arriviag in ,Claruma at 10 °clack nal
morning, _Making 45 hours_throna. Per tteketa apply to
JuliN A. CALC MI . Agool, lat. Rapt.)
corner of Water ad mttlepale au.:
°ell • ihmograltela llama,
—_-_ _
ISSI. aati :1851:;
Danlock tud the Erie Wilma& COUOMMIZIR .“6
I , At time nteamnrA fat. Erie, the 3liebtava, iverf.laaa.
o.lunAus ClacinnutLeteveland and Yittebarrh,
, 4144u , kr 3 Clummati kad ea... on the
ohio .0
0.1 Ito Otao. 1.4.1.ana sp.!
LI.:AVE: DUSK i nk AA 1 , 01..1,411V8
• •
&Neville trar " ^
be Mail Train f.h.b. at Elmira. Whet. Nabtittabt ran
'deep 7 hour, stid tate the EartrotTrain\ artiallatir ill New'
bort uetttocruina alb terltaatboaatorthl!wbotratettobte
by 'lt
ye a. \ •
The Kt . pre., Freratit sod Cottle truth Dookireat
dadt; a 1 . ..141er Car Ir attached ta'thie Train
ar.enuefliate Ivay Pataetioera anti Drorers- \
fare Ireur Ittattkirt Nei, tiara, 30. s},eacirl elan
brie, will be atrrn two, Late oxya '
•dit”, tr,ll3yart, are ornate.' to traitorport lIT. *Wet VA,,llto ail tiodir to Uhl from how Volt. \
r.trioular attention Will be bald to Writ. Tbd grip?.
1.1, a t r et wide, Ktrre t hit tbulaareat id
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.4;idd..tisoz.vat Traton wilt be rut to ccrovastatrat la It
re, •tudt time
t . viubt T4rtitt sill be dirtzdhutal. airing WI partial,
tare tr. r. earl to tbe arrva Of. ttblfl;. !Grit.
L' 1 c ...3,14 . 150 RAH. rfOr37. Dtto/.4.t:
li F ir i n ,P r2 % !; 2
,ci 1 4:L
UREA)I CHEESE--,4G boxes trime, for
ci r. F. VON DONHUOILT it CO..
tO and 41 , ..,1t0n otrett-
VINE APPLE CHEESE-24 Mures prime
quality.oya landed and ler rale s
r, VON uomitrOasta-co.
11.1 SAY PIANOS! — Just rac'd •"
nr , a3_na• minul•ebarr of linnet, The "mo'ri
lEWair •
Al!o, • lot Uota Woodward Mown, mod
ot, York. Jollri IWO 4 a4
Woad meet.
bblo. and 1O hf..bbla: Truth,:
x • , • •• Flab; reed bad for Ade tr
bold , , J. D. CANVINLP.
A.k.00110 25 bbLI. 70 and Jeer et., f
%2L .br " . . t-
eWintf Strained,
Atypurro 12bLs.
\ -
•- • -
NEIV A/111,AN0. -
I\3 1
ing on Monday, Neo..Nity,lBs 1.
'XTENTIED FROM i,ffrilsuaga
INTO 0H10,.,
.0 Railroads lead:rip to Cirreddrl,
Cincinnati. 62'74:Je3 Railroad,
&agol9 bjlvrri Pridslovh,
th, li7rvelond Railroad
,Trc'..".`k -4
•: l ii:d, tr a
'W.._ -- ,_
aim of .Et
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R::_4 Leff .ffENT.
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rota the Nowa of Ito cures, that almost ester pullon of
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but for We nobler . ...wheal of Colds. Omaha, Haareastem
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It, a Mow who hate used It never W il l.
Be the opinion of the following - getithosell. nllO.lll
be Iwo, filed In the various kutlons OS rattrihT Whale
they are ...Led—each and all es marabouts et th e AM
clan. soil o the highest eharecter—to thaoldentadul moat
•sionitive a kohl. doeters In medicine, with en ennui.
en. o
oullein t \io ch. tobieot of which Ilier speak. If
m . r v I U 0 In tbs Judgment of experience, atee
We the under, sued, whotesale dry mast. , baying been
long acquainted with Ayor 0 e Cherry Pectoral. her.l env
tils 0.0 bed of thet it a the 6..01 and most stfeeltua UM
-ody tor Pulmonary' Coniunirtlon ever <dem! to the Arc
trims. Vol yle Alga 1001,‘,l
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thelom , m 4 um tolIL:t I:.gltteralf
all lit
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Howbeit. botmatols A 'O., baton, Masa.
i i t, it Loul:r. Balton iv, 111 L end,
Ilevlleul'ffarerreil'&tettili, fa. C.
. 4.7 P.P 1 c/ 11 7. 1 V, ' =II:, ' \ i f.,T,'"“ ,
gramme a Welton, et Louie. vi, o
,„ -5e...".
Joseph rocker. Mote, A tabu/on
0. ...... , 1
Ilavlland, Ruder a 1.... Anzus 0 armor 4aoarts.
lesao D JaMM, Treaton. Nei 1 r
eme \
J li. Townsend. Pittiltaralc Pa.
Inert A Laa4..bitoae.llll.l.
'fi I I S ' lt r nins VV'e ° ,ll•„%e.t . , l-..
&mem,/ Ilriaptiondzit limink , ton, Del.
Joh. (lull Oct .1 Co, /101.14 la. Pa
/ li. a IV II Oilman, Wash glen, D.C. t.
J. Wright A Cit e , Now Ori•IUS, La. •, .
11 \
Watson, ell a Co.. Fern Niagagt„ Indium.
F.F2lf'="..°Tta/LL:i=F"rloil4,"". \
11 II Etronc. Knotellle, Tennessee.
Chilton It bum. Little Kruk, Ark
\ Outlet Slabs A
d a le Lestoston, 3110.
N D Lobacho t iedra Tex*.
Charlie D,or, Jr , Providence, IL I.
.1 \ M. Turnet s elm...e.t.a
Nile, taketelo it Co, Chnclanetl.o
J 0 Conte te, , Valparalio, Llllll
P. Al. Dinuffni 4 Co t Ina Croic klestoo•
gust litree ktio . 11Nota. hew tirenede.
'Po ', t rews, lb Lima. Peru. L , Lle . btu, hiss biotin
' N .S WIter :row lit Jabot, New rirnsinack. ' 3 y,2; -- "
C O. rebook* Co . Rio Jaaeircßtartl
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With .ch to and from each mm, no abeam , 2 2
hoof can to adduord esce pt that LanJ inns &Sestinas:4 I;±, :
Prepared an! poll er .1 CM LS C. At ER, Pea..-total ty , -,...
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OLAS sod br Druggist,. trstidlr.
. . • •
Tilt. GUISOTT'S Impovecl ..Extrie. a
I_.! . . YELLOW DOCK .AND, ia.3Wpi am! a • - '
711 original and air recalne , proarati , n for
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\ IT WELL CUSS .WIT 1 1 . (W —.
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Mr. Jo D. Perk—hoar el, It 0.
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1610 , QS.. la the winter of 15101 wr
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turn of my'Leolth t any other mum than by the agency
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'mid earsaparil la. • 11 AbSEL VA 1:111P.M.
',Ale. J. D. Perk—D e . it, 1 mast ilea the foregoing gen.
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DR. •ISS•IDEEIL . L , \ •
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tattle: Sir. Bottle 'Jar $.5. \\ •
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