The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 23, 1851, Image 1

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• ' WRITE • & CO:
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ZarTE3 or ADTERII.3IIiO. •
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11.11 .der the soar!). rxt.a,
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Vonli*l.*l4,•: for 2* alvertlaelnanta to ,
the *Mount On+t,l tro ttotr. rutdirotion.
' • An...At:in , . z.nvist. for ...M., to lo chart,'
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attictlr Waited to
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. the hensfitaf nth, p.m., p aa well to.plt plvertisnmetto not
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. the litol.l%pmusl. *lll 1, Sr the wont ram, For
.Fall AO, tiansient]. bill. or III 0.. separately
. anderml. and oromptico..m.nt ix 11cOre4.
• . Ali alretti.../.5...1• Ca xlmlit.1:11 institutions, Ore eon.
ronv . , wLtst W.: , On. %ss.l other public ometinys. nod
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Nltl. Solrnes,Cornlmt, 40 aorlohllo entertainmet.. rtrarr, are sole fdr olmittattre-111 notion, of yr]-
. TIP. nonalartons—r.rery Pla/CP .1040nd to all attention to
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mrtmt in the lasa.l column. the snren will !orphan.] PI the
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..t AIIES F. Attorney at Latr—Offieo
~.n I mal:i 1,2tt...11% Sznith6ol4l . and Omit, PIM.
06. AA/EAU:I4I. Attorney at Law, Fourth
.t 014. nuar the Ikfoyers, OLlea. - 11.1ttbitrxh.
,etuplo- rrf.m:Or
.• • nr thalontourn. Pa.) (Lau. of IrrAlisna.
& TAYLOR, Attorneys nt
. I , ..arth tin.ST4.lß.tve.o lTml
69011:1,1.1 I,,ft 4rch. Pa.
011,thant Is C,samluloner for the Sate of
inesst.o A. sae., .... ... comm.
.k CULLLEIt. Attorneys at Laa—
.;Nl,.pn izonnlvxtrwt...oovt. valtbf,ld.
1.- lIIT F . ., -Attorney a
ukar, eoarth. In ArdmaTZll3.ll2lll-
NL. , B. I ETTERMAN, Attar
. I pay: at sw acha iizst Eats. Agents, Nalo7 ith
atrial Pitt,bursts (MO
AMES J. BURN, Attorney:a law, office,
In Tilehnuin dill. entner of Oral Meet and Dlinnonn
EtRAN CIS C. F I.A.NEO IN, Attorney taLaw,
"Na: Iv north .trcet:Pltte.burglt.
2,1g1 1,1, _ !ILL 11. MTS...
STOIVIAL 5.. II I W A TS ON,S Artorneve , at Law.
I No. 110 tooth srn-,t, Pittsburgh. • . .. • .
..trr...Sc't,—..A.temott.l..r A Dar. Jobta Flu d..,, Eq.; lis,
toxi. ifoirtanu .. , Y t.b., 'Wu. R. Parcy,Johla -ilenalmr, At
acrantant; ilea.:W..J.v.tson. l'ittstborzh'. • larilar , ,
L'..DRA.DY, Attorney at Law,
R 9 Fifth 5t1,k....0h. P.
I ILSARISO.II SEWELL, tiorney ikt Law;
Et+2 , f`if2121.....,;22,r fru' taking De6nittcary Afltt
nrlftto22 tats 2f 021.—Varatk firer, aboyo
iMVgirits&i• •
fE01:0E1I ARNOLD S CO., Bankerw
01 , 11611 . EVAIRM, assn I,ok N 0444. 1 , No. 74
Yosatls.str...!.. rt... M.? fa mu hook of 11:24bunib. .041.
'Faison; carefnll oth 4Or 4 4..infd to
oni oast of the Val.,
41.1LL14116.. .. ... 1. a. G. corm.
Writ. U. WILLIAMS &. 'CO., Bankers
v see Eteltano, NortlA not corner of Wood
AO flint
411 trzsme:loga librral ten., mad evalcotion.
imunptts alaeml.l baltly
'll I). KlN(l,l3anker <cud Exchaiio
• . roiwa, atrealVisfhial'erto "(link Not, Ins of Ex
ensign,. Go/il Stack, and Fold
- Tho inari.nt ririon ;aid Premiumfor Annicrican
Ditilapi, nevi Mnzinsin ..n.l Spanish tiollan.
VI/ Ali LAIII3IEII., jlt., Banker and Broker,
V • Ith rt.. 2. eAL stjt.ining Lb,. Moak of lttlatmrch.
tb; — lixchauge Brokera,
• A' , uth VA g. ~..nter 1h5r.141,1 Market street* All
' ran. alone ,
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00 . 1 SON: f , en , • n
J Lo Dale ca .Rx.rbangr. Chtlflrates of be.
role, No 0) 3tyket. 'street, Plus
Iwgt'4ii;=.2llV.T.= ""
- 13*.i;i -
-)lllL:Rvnlinge•lfrolrA IER ',... Foreign er :7A Do. I f;
la of Dory4lw. Dank Notes.—
enruvr "of Third 1.0.1 W0..1 dli~•cllf. oppDtito
the f.t..lDasel , 11.4:
• (*IL A. wilt..
IRO o , numission Merchant.)
)11. Anil till rrnkrre. No. 1141.1esni e4set reftnetal alsrl
togal. fx,..1rt.1.m lo ,boo alwcro on1.11(1”/
.rce v 'O4 ,U.Ssa...,_.wx. X. Is te2.
1 1 10e1L11117.11. .11.A.NN it CO., SucedsForri
; I Itniney; Wenn& it te.: Wale& Ezentattax IlwAsub.
etw ,I•ndren In 1' mien sud Ikenentle tWehanze. Certifies!.
or Detwelt, llenk ,telen. 8001 Frecic--nostb Wert rennet. it
Weei etrnoe. i;arrent Mosey ren•dted' on 10-
' ir ' 4.l.e, ' Nll-1gt;47. °' „; ., Va.111 7, 1 ", Z= "4°
Tbe El o g!“.Rt erred,. r-. 111, Or; and:Anzerlean
e .t.lerseeinuow n;nstrnsenteof Prodeal.ettl;ped genet
'• on Wen," leeta,,e-
J AI Commissitinci and Bill
n-rns. Atirazno. en.te. n‘quirvd. - • ° der
• ICC. STOCKTON . , tats Johnston Stook-
I_ _• to 8001,.11er.8.1.1444T.1'xin.r. lUnll•'o•,cat.-
o.r of 1144144 4.1 nost 111.24b0r4h. ,
T , AS. B. 110LMES' Uternry pt.
I 1% 1, .. 1• of th» 1,11,111t0 1 . Nevi IL ) L. ° r
tio..,Triotionf romirol to 1.7 o.
!N00P0 , , , ,,im0.4 0 1. , 1 at ttto publiater's
L. ttaoliAler and Stationer.
• Fsurth Atr,L
Alanufacturorand Im
rc . 1 •
err! Clettru,tlSteurn Dostithro
l u . Socu arehoure. No .83 Fourth st...
1.1 1 PPIN ' Ett.;:s.T.S it, corner of IS nter and
EL.6.• 7:atatt .itoott. l'ittsburat. COMILVIOff AIM VOL,
Atawxl .rtd. Sro •tho jalrehme full, of Moot,
- Woo aora amaya. fik Ims a Math* ratautaolum
grog. of l'itt.aitrab ganorally. • '
imr—A;;.,At tho .14e N: it ttatt oa.„stri Wil
• ton's malAtl Mama, atal Bar Forlat. at Philudaphia
Mi. , affiJoaktose Gra't suiwriat ra^a,-111aa
-,Ltd , McANULTY CO—Transporter%
Gc.rwsnlin. an! CrramlFilca Mrrebaqs.
Poem *tr.. 4 'Pltnhuith.
nr4 woons aWN, pnovue,i`DEZElts
No. waut
V.A. 11. JO ign"i'ON Forwarding land
(7 , tiro Frirm , t , etrant., No. 112 Potond 'street.
It k JONES, Forwarding and Com-
L.lopm In ?mine., and Raw
k . al
lusharn.u fw-ln b. articl.a, Canal Blain. neat Seventh
ARDY, JONES 4. CO.. Sticacasors to At
wood. I.e. & C... Coevaiwton {nd rennadin •Mc.
teslPta in Pitvharzh ab1e114.1 , ..t G 0.1.. Pitt.
DR GOODS l‘reaciLuTs.
a. aoluvre 1:0,1:11,1.1:01e.. ansux<s s C 4, V. 10.1.
A-A-3iibiJlN' CO., 'Wholtisald and Retail
!Dolor, In iris y ..1 otnpfn Doi pools, as Marl of
otlott. Pittston:lo , , • , : „
t;l3lteiirit: UP, Wllf/LriALZ
AI RI 1:PLI: Dry- t1e0..1 cornor Fourth
an l d bet f•lreL,Ditoxburgh. •
jilt. lIN.NT, D ofent:st, Corner Fourth
pal 11,eArar botver. Slmrkrt r.rrry
Won IsEacTiarr4
U IL l' II Y E, Wow. lltatens and
ourrnt,4„. ?lorrltxt.. wile Of Amorlc.
_tool ,J1,11 ,, 1ti et I ztl.har.n.
-.4. • •
7 Wool Slcrananni,
Donlon Irllati s awl' N.M. - irrittrall; and rcir
vrardloo awl Coronotisioo I..roboat-N No. Ili' Viral atowd..
.s.l I.IC eoonal ftecot,y4,
l'Ani:tiVf_l 7 4 . o 2 4 l lgritYßO
.ALD4AI Veterinary Surg,ona.llto
F i linbiirilbrS.t:sul , 'Nut/ n.swifiiity ass
sir:mint t;rl public that hsrlr . .; min insaasi
ssi tisi , vss is
'to eat~axi » n sW"sMX vir
grill be rtlad st the eozzor
ot .o.A4d.trog, Pfnuilps4sdirtpaa.
Doctor G. Reichhelm
NFORMS his friende turd the public is gen
eral. that br hal rentorol lala °Moe to tarn street. No.
Dart to St. Clot! Hotel.
- P. 8.-I,rtattut lodebted to.hlm for Itnatttb 131 time, see
.. .
vencnottett to xertle their aconuo“. ivlstint .
F. 8.. Moore, M.D.,
jj_ll toes.' Illa.I.U41:1 te the treatment of amens. of env
. 0 4 &Wren, and .11.dleestee generally, as .111 ae
daunt,. and r 4
0 11 else... Oftlee con Ando/non street.
now the 11And ntrevt lirldAe. and next dte., tthe Plau
tus glib AlL:4mq Clty. Inline bows freon to eA. NI
(nen I to 3. nod from 7 to It Y. 11. ottlgtt
ILI R.J.J. MYERS'—Surgeon and phyeicien.
013 and don:Anne. anther of Darlhagnev. .ow. 7'.
te„ Third stroet one dint above ihnlthtleld st.,
Dr. 3lyrre hot pennattently toe:tied In Pltiebaren, and
will attend to th e dunce Of Ms Protection. (t e will trite
vartleitlar attention 10 10101001 emelt and th Slevuee of
roues antfrehlldren. aplnnot
I ADES McGIIFFEY, (successor tb John D.
Wood nee dont .math of odo7nona,
l'o Cou.nwtlf on hood et .upply of :donnal. Cnod! , sl •
nun. Herr Nina awl Wormhalt, on I.ny
A. FAILNESTOCK. lc C0.,1V-holesnlo
o Druggists, and Inwsufsetnests of Whit. Levi, Rod
otul Wanton, corner Wood sat Proof stroots,
hl Pltn.
, rsc
no. o. Mom,' 1/0.
HYSER MODOWELL, (Sunoessors to
to Hari 6 !Lepton) Wholo.ole and Beall isron . and
ntrocriotion Moreicorncr of Wood street and Vinfln onsT.
Physician.' pi...motions manfully componoultl tancht rod
5 00
70 00
10 00
'' ... Deal
er„ ~ otp, Die StufLy szul übtrumentr.
et - quint , " nf Dr. M"Lune • eelnbrated Wortu*lpedlle, Liv
er . ga d Luna Syrun: Ne. 00, corner c,f tioni And
fount, atm.., Orders will be calefull ark
forward...l with dix.atch 7
-------- -
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
Palau. D Rat, OD. t,
or 1‘ 0.1 atmet., Pit ye tsbanat, G .ran - auted.
a.; N. WILIBLERSIIAM, Wholesale Druggist
t.J• DeLler Sea. Aarlcultural
1 . 6.5
Wood sal,. tenant of litxtb.
T'xinzucs tzars-- ....... . nzrznt.
R .. ALTP . id: KEIT.Eyt, Wholcsall
i t . t4td Retail
Irtn t . W4'
ta.coroer of 141;tirty azol 0, CO
beIIOONMAKER & CO., Whalei ' sda Drag.
dkrto. No. 24 Wood ot.. PlN.Woorah. •I
BLACKBURN CO., Whole6ale Oro
a ~J ,
eern.ll.nn. rurnighera. and denim In Produce wd
I "t:,l'Vg.le,",==.??.l . lPel:g•e°4 4 kY,Tdb a lr'si!
in. lowan/a__ 131.6.7 11 WAI.I.
V. S: co f:;? , I L . S l ( 4 )N, en i 1V ,.. h . 0
A les al s o li3:llle . rs a nt, , i ,
nc, Yonder. No. Iln :Annul. and 143 Front tp.. spl
j L. 11.EE, 'Wholesale Grocer, Commission
/LW • Urichlact, sod denier la Paper and Rollo comer al
roma sad Imm sterols. l'lttelcaryt,
- - -
g AbIIJEL P. SLIRIVER; WholciAle Uto-
AJ hinduci and Commlailon DerManti. bid Dial
ers ha DlttabriaTh Manaramatrid Ankles. Nogg and lad
leitrildirreet. betirrati Wood mad Smithfield. burch.
& co., Wholesale
Orpeers. Crodnee .srd Com:l,4am dleiraluata. mad
,i slaa o ts cwi t.a . V4l l r
:ildet of 114darda511t tio.
J. V. bUt.ll¢loll2.]t
nUftlittlDGE & INGRAHAM ' , Wholesale
. Jur oroc.. 'and Corozkixaon Ilentwata. 2i4116
#11.46' I, ISATTLIEWS &Wholesalo
grocers, Cammitsion and Forwarding ail
nuts Dr Brighton Comm inns. 67 Want sipttilartih.
roOIIN WATT & CO., Wholesale ,Geoeds,
Merchants,and Dealers In Pron.. =.l
kUt51.147.11 Manufeturew. No. 2C Liberty sren. Ddist.
-B1 CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
Ash. an Western d
Western Prodnowsniershy. vs star saws.
tintintwhi and Won. Finances.
.ky• tab Omen, Forwarding sad Coxrdaiiron rn],
sub% ,Dosters is Pittsburgh blanufsetures ctu ll Wastarn
:Pruture, No. 84. Truer of Stout street sot dor Labs.
Pau: mrt.:. . .. -no wan:.
rAlAii adift V' ..&' 65 -- whor, Ora
.. Ck=mlssiott Mereturts, .ad Antler: Produca—
, 0.11.6 :Vat., and 107 rrnnt Mee. l'lttsbutizh,
.... .....1.1 - .. - - ........ JOE. J. sa:m.ll . l
gso L/911 *., IiENNETT, lute lEuglieb,
Gallagber*Co.. Wholesalererocersbetamolaslon and
onr.nll. Ilerchautey and 1/•m hi 1,41., aM rm.
burgh 11.cuatusuroa. Na. 1= ..S.gausui sc. sad 1:1 1. int 11-.
between :1.1 spx..l thxdilleaLL
ViQILLS ~ Yr ROE, Wholesale - Grimm and
Coatntodem 11..cbaas, Ha . 2:>: Libextr
ti It • .1 s • , '.O esa I room',
(1 ilaler Proiiitil. Pittebureit
'ReetifYlnlid e-
o f y reign rind lAAAAse
14* . 115,L1b.4 - stred. •
glgV.ohs Wh•ke r• iebtl be sobi:Au•
-•!• - •
I.IIOBERT . VAL CO., Wizolemlo
Grtusni,Cocustissiou blerehuMs, del.!" flu Produza
bur Ph üburgli blagustarturia. tita rurui.
1110 BERT A. CUNNINGIIAM, Wllolescsle
t GISRIOT, Pribitice, and c0mEr.1.1 , ..
Ikuler iv Pittiburgb ILuDDDeturyy, N. XV
LtrAntr Wert, Pligsbutztt.
:tr. 0. truguiratin uthrti lug tar.
BAGALEY. & CO., .Wholekile Oro
n, Nee ID brut:* Road moot, nuabOrgh.
YWICK & -- ItIcCANDLESS, euccoimoro to
L. t. J. D. Wrack Wbobeala Omar. flcmardie:
ryl Centrobeton Marclanta. denim" In Iran: liutin edam.
Cann* Ism& and rulaburgh Manufacture* eencraUt.
corner of Wend and Water meet*, Pitiann*uta
it. Grocers and C.1119,1111d011 Wombat& Desks% in Pro
ice& ad Pittoburgh Mono &idiom] Article.. 114 Liberty
otreet. Pittsburgh. It I
- 1
!L- D. WILLIAMS fAt CO., Wholesale and
• Retell Tinnily anioni. 1' orionnting and Cdominicalon
oam and balers in (Ninntry Padua. and Patel:ors&
llonoloctones, mom of Wool and Flab as.. Pittance&
Liberty sieved, ritleburgb. Wholasale roesze. Pro
tee end Cematattebm Merehable, and deeaers In Itlttebursh
!& R. FLOYD, Wholeaalp Grocers, Com
,. mleatnn Merchant, 1111 d Dealer. Inrrolui — Round
arch Man./nine. fronting on llberty. Wood. end ktleth
treete. rittehurala
/OEM raitsts . ... ............ lex c.a.
I 011 N PARKER & CO.,l9lolesaleciiocerF:
al Dealers In Ilerluee t Forelmen Wines. Liquors.l4,6l %lons
sod IteellBml Whiskay—No. 6. Conunssentl Ilya.
ifAS. DALZELIL, Wholesale, Grocor, Com
roletinn arsd Formarlitir )lerettant.aal dealhr Iron.
U Is, tkrtton Urns, and_ Pitteetttah 11stirirseturve
cenerulle—No. tty Wster et, wed Te First et, ilttelettroth.
mrsicAl, nsrantrmEsus
401 IN li. 3IELLOR, Dealer in Pinn4Fortee,
. mgt. .11• Muskat loatiumenta. Saw! sEdr
RNRY KLEI3ER, Dealer in Muipic, Mu
.a.a Instroarekra,_ and Imgark , r of R.l/.. SLTie , Re"
iuscant far. Irukrar k Mart's grand krul mr,oaF arm ' ,
k Colaikan . o Arr.cluorrnt. Alva for orndure'
1011 N WETIIERELL, ManufactUrer of
9.7 PATENT, SOLID BOX unl BILA7.ED DOS vcr.s. aw
lIVIAZITetgditTeTAT.'"°' °
Xing, Pennock & Co., I
altmxtzt,W.T.Garerlat Yam, Warfr.Crarlir
rents for salt a :Aiwa .11ND KEYSTONi MEET
ma& ocl4
4.ONES QtidG, Manufaotarere o Spring
oa inkier Nical. Eonith Stool. 'Steil P/6Otit Spring
h and Eliptic tlxinho. -Ramo:mod Iron olar.
cloak. hlahaable Coathhoa E ,r. Engin hat and
9hathEladatnal renenailT. cornet of Ilor and ?rout sta..
1111ILLINGS, WILSON & CO., Manufac
turers of all tiles toots, loco sod VIIp tucks, dust
, stair,. dud Litugg paler.forbdttiog, eloUt.lttbi tut
eh. nails; guar barrel god istblug do.: al. 4t, 341 dad
5.1 bloodunits. to., do.
Moo sr LIPPE/WOW 4 CO.. lit. Iristd, •L, Ptttr
burgh. .
woe .,CRIZI3= '. ...A.CIAneI. In.
scribra• cospolhatiris and kerb eorroutatiroll baud all
fat* of Tuts, erne, and brambly,: Pluisblug, ..lout, aN
Bob halls floe lihoid bloat Darrel suti-Latislng !twos:
(tippet Naas sod Tisetig Barrel bigUu Odposs sod Zio.
os Sails; Patient bilkers' Pain* filrets ,assOrted sluts,
do., do, do. IidtIPDELI4 CHESS di
oplity %Paramus, Mr WUbst rt., Pittsburgh._
I.O)NNELY, 011ILDS &I 00., I'd ,nufactu
..';':ia Ltriutsv,t42.ltrid.ilit.V,lll.
N o. 03 11 Me: la. baCTIC
A. BROWN would most respeotfulinform
u thdpattlettuit belowp,ott band atbll ttatal. thin treat
wlv of the lavaontl,lllls , abetty di,. a corstplcal amortme.nt
Vealtlao Lauda two% ettitlan abater; try , atAdt to order
la O. twat gala, watruaud equal to ino , in. the Uto
auk, 111. Mimi. eta be eat/ward wlthottAe ant of a
Mame &Ire, Magma parehawat tha dock. !OA wood
'et theeakdartattabameat Itazaaar 1100,1 aral.l I.lrl
W their old mamma. tga sw put
tip oats",tr.tbavery thing to Qua, Una. ?
4,2a1.5.1. 5 Wand an.. ilttoburab.
=lva / J. A.J31101.71‘.
Lit, claant. I ann. at Um Manama. Ptttabat
A, .. ..... . 1. ewe.
•W M.' A. it'dLURZI On cent and
V Tr. bealna No. 2:4 I.lNarty atraes,:atana Wocal
base AINATa OH bawl a 1n... amortaaaat of Cal ma Ureter.
a INA laud Twaa Ala - a—Voratigal Vaults sad N WL‘N.
roan lb.
Noir ALTER. p. 1444SLIALL, Suce9e9r to
y y B.,groLt c..lfdi—it.purt , .4 IV•ltz la I , froth
, Lu d a=uvrOntsper Ilsazingro• and 2ordels. Wind.
YrimS,lte. Attu—Writhag q tenth..
-sau Yirter Afo.lsfr s. Woal And. Youth
•autgr, rtnab,..npr.ta. •
• '
olesale and 'Retail
M ' Fa j ulaete t . !.?.? nd Itea W la b ra to lista Ca .11 F..
Vir.oci ilfth atrial+, 1 1. . .
i Tarhyta thrT
of!, a full wtiar.oiplata 111.. k of Lap, Om ar.. of
erary quaint aa.l etyla, Wholatala and &dad, and
the atuditlon of their ea.:timer, and part-haw" aeory.
ally. aasutind thaw that they trill pall on thy
lava. tam,
Po CHESTER, Merchant 'radar and Clo
ct• thier.lleo7l,llol,llllol4t roma. Rarticalar 112141:1.
Bora' Toudn' elnthlng eoltr_
AVM. Sleichant Tailor, - Drapor,
•n.. 114.4,114 (.1r.thi.,117 Lib.* 4.
J. Wilson & Son.
' .
PII QUES AL E and 4 retail manufactu
mr"l.rot-tlettere. Sp Rau anti Cat Na. 01
Rood arid. thlid4rar Wu* Plasma Al hl. Pitts
burgh—lrhure they oiler • lull •I Ni LIPM{"W".k O f ft°.
nod Capa nt their nvn mud Ea..tero toanut.turn. rtl
ausiltyby 1.-halo-die xnil tqd to the
tteattln of their ruetnmer, and th , , th".
that Mot 0111 aril m, th• rneAtNe..nnahl• form..
ANtES H. PARKS Designer and Wood
• Engraver. Philo Hall. Third •trt.t. , rose l'n,t Otter,
third story, moot reYrertfolly Informs the public that he
prenared to nyrruin all EIVIR Vr trnnestning and Wood
aueh Virlro of MOM ings, awl
Ilanhlonry. rieintirn'lznals Al ere" . ann', oeaamen
tat Nevrnputer Head, Drupe... Label., Cotton nt.nntos
and Sivnir ROO, er. Tom* tnnarrarr.
xtriLLIA.Ni SCRUCIIMAN'S Lithog.raph
, Ertal li*loornt, Th ird sto,t. oppoalte the 'on
Off, Pittnl•orgh. ) , Inpr Inonlaratn, Portraits, .Lem
Vratth rnhit.nlarnl and Maghior
Drarrin,r, lindnoty and Ainlutur. thud, ern on¢rurnd or
drawn no n prlntrd to (4.101, Ilronar, nr
Mark. lu tho Eno. , aprron.niatrln. arnt thn moot rrssnrr.
,an col r
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
THE ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to thAr frirr.JA end the ruhlie ~.-nerally. that the,
tarrpreinarl to exnent, In tbe lirdt rule of thelr
onlnrs for Show Card, MIK I.l,lemen, Chvek, Vkiting
and ProreA , innal Cnnl.. Man.,
71wIr f...t.n ...
hlinhmnt I. at No. GO )Ix t ,
b r ,ron
Thlr.l I• . nnrtll rtAirx mehh.r(
Henry Richardson, Jerieler,
AVING rn-fated hin Fiore U,
of ATCH.", JEIV and ANCY tiooo,
would rail the
,c mu of hip •nd ountoturra t
fact that emoun \
ant In found th• mold dvo.
tank. p•t•ornl ant nab. ,
docrtry. the al Btor Brea.
Fob and Vf.: etvons, Inrts. I: 1r ti l t , . Minoan,
Vane; //o/n4n. •nr,h a. rnnirr 4lnchn. Wnrk Tnt/Ico. pearl:
1344x/n/..1/4... Fan, V./4. 1.//rfnetc 1/nolno. Tntsio Mat,
4/01e. l'intaln, Porte Mon.le/ in ./.4t sArinty. CLlnnitn.l
and t/t4hon. Re.. wito //odn,rovarinty of usnful nt4l
nrnatnnnt/I artaclnt. Inhi. nn
In In/ no. 44 L.
prcnialni. I 4 / 4 /1 N./ n 1 44144/1,1.
V W. WILSpN, Watches, Jewelry, Silvcr
W., .4 MI/Itnry nn/1/, ni n-loet atut
Pow. 44.4,44. htznlon run. n. /..—‘4......nnu4
_ A CKIA.N. WILSON , t CO.: Importvr; and
ichamale /n ilwrt w Awl
eval etzwl.
~,,,,,, nr Thinfstmet
Alitabb,94 ,
N. H —Lim, lo.(N. . pair,
ii OIIN A. CAU43IIFIY, Agent for the Lake
IPJF Erin lanl 311rhiznn Liu, to I , narnr ani Lak.,
t.n rnruvr .kt atur ,tllllliineld et.
LEECH 6. 1%., 'frant:portere 11 Canal
atri ), , r wing Poletnthatav, comer of Pena
anr th.. Cslal. 4 +•
New Marige and FreenOrt Stone Works.
DIUND WILKINS, in addition to Lie
exaannlye estatli , hro.ut o latcrty of
out oja..nd a branr4pl,l4. 14.itly Mart,. IA c.tto,
adjacent to that:en:l , 4,r aloe. whore ha Cannon. • r
WOIZI,VOIIIIM':,..'"V/P7.1T."%. Hfrbrltt,".!
and Fencing for 1:+no-trr, 1..00. ,.. te t . tort ,. tvneja
!tad, do. cn t toon• —ool 1.4., fo a ,ontiuto
glace tto.t.atzotia,o retoscro no 111.01 0111 • tten4ol.
Win. M. McKnight
W lkL n Ciro
r.l c , c r i i t
c. ant .o th the Colt c
eta l'uno.s) Iran's .1 lantern .11qo
tlffles In itlghat.n u.u. o t . t weite the Nos Court lit.tos.
1.C.11..n../0.. I. S. Whne.
I . L2LAI . SalitE LT -ei:y .
- - h • 101 • • • •
M CHOLAS •VI V lAN, Civil Engineer,
. Prra.
Draughts.. end mral 1,-ont. oles
N ' l., o f fla the Patent Olhay..h...igu• Flurhl
non' for Mtn, Haler Work., MUM, )tor le
found4l.l.. 10 0.1 t. n 'M_ at x..e..t.rat, a. 21
I.M.bur, 112.1.urgh. I to 1.1111,•
ONEGGEIt CU., Importers 01 Wines,
tituers, end Fat.. 3.lthflel4l don't,
. _
111 111„,t1tE.124Ai Age•nt for liTe aware
noel Fa:Ml Itniurauce.l?rapanT. /2 At:an:Al:ea__
- CifiIWINER COE FLN, ltgentfor rndkfi
.10 Inraratt.,, tinnanr, anat. tar: 00.'1.0'11 , x...1
und TLl.rd
lutrm. GLENN, Bonn lltni,eu, Wand street,
YY w teuni the curio, a I hirl. whom. tlel.
prepared to do every descmption vi Binding with sad dorabilltr. Blank. liwk , mint to any pattern, and
bound ontodantlally i/I.IIIP in numbore. .1. old books
taltud catofnily. nr repaired. Name , put on In gilt tatters
'Now: who hal. I.:r.dmp are km rail Prke, Icr.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
lion, Receiving and Forwarding..
A.LDWIN, PLUMF.Ii (F., CO., have; this
dap amoelated with them Ile Join I.a.t.on.aodorr. ,
oeminto to the pohlir itearato Anon.. General
''''. 171.171/I, " lViiiiLl '. ; (7 . l . ii
Liming... April 15.1RLL 141: William? now.
Attornoy et how. No. -1101 Thlnt at.. corner of Qterry
ry, having ma& arranaemeote tor the portal., fit
Proeuro lloupt7 Laza.. for idheera and soldlera. their
widonn. and ~bildreo, mo gov ernor lll atzend to' any 9ther osi.
nest, conuectral with the nt ne any of Its Derain.
'neat, the . Penaion or thr Co.rts at the ritl of
Waahlnittoo. tandt,
Dirvring, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
I . R. D. 1. SMITH is now prepared to give
Lt* ofs ln r son'a orw bondin, Firat Liar: Wt. 000 W and
Mattel ittreets. Mum of Inotroctinth from to 4.!{. and
fradllirto Char., *loth, partarnim eau by
a l=r Itr. .mdtf
Rockingliun and Domestic lancenswatre.
nLrtnr.ra of Inctin¢ham amt Y-'.tus Cs.. tics.
fri-Samrlecoma. Sixth and
(R4Jund Charon holldlna.l ..otranea r of door to J.
Floyd. Wholesale 01 . 0MT1.
(Mr rateneise It eras enable us to fill orders promp
ala. tly.
A ,ompetent desianor beim: e,o4antly employ..
, 14,1;• , 1 ,, a . ;t0 keep taw with all tne mew and
Water &not, lapltron a, Pi.ehers. Fa
nr.. ion ney Toys. Resaert Sets.
Plower Pp., OnWta. Mantel Ornament, Medikine nr.4
5aa,r4n4Z.f1'11v";74:41,.,117 01"0
Alexander Bradley,
No. 19 Wood street, between Fret nnd &condi*.
lANUFACTUREIi of every description
et CUOK.),Vei STOVES, of the tuna aYptvnA e
t.ror, an/ etiela M. • 111 mulct the Leal antlafwmon.
KV/VEB. atoanir-stdeh sill he found
Jewell • Hoot , relebratert (Odin,/ ant Parlor Stoves, Egg
Klemm, Itenlittone. Frank:winnow/4 plait/ and l'eutcy Gruto,
to which we trill. the attention of holldette Tea 'loathe,
Llollew War. Wazon
to ell of which rein,.
the attention 4..1 e. be fu n- purer...log olt/ where.
m 06.7 .
Pittaburgh.Cias Pipe and Tube Work
%IRE undersigned have just completedii4ir
and atJ'atar cas..l.sturil. all six.. of U.S: I IPIG.
ounactare awl allot Flue, and all Maw" at
WROUGHT IRON TIMES, Mry oar: for u.ln r the low. Dn.. Ifyt , r•
ow pr•ir..t.rd tc,tymatr , to any rsu ',a
nt, unt dr.
IST. :WANG a to..
Yo: PI and ,
kb.' Ira'
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
: 91 1 11E SUBSCRIBERS, lenEing haell
I, pointed Agertta for the above usinea CoIIPC.L.
keep oonetautly ou band • Supply of the oelatiratod
Pare Liable Firm CI ay,h unlace Ilearthsend I needle.
They are aleo prepidsd w racaiva orders for !laid Brick, to
he made invite and }Law trona him-hamar. which , hall
L' IV" " !! do not deem n ry to en orate the towir ad
antages the Bolivar bier Brick por.a.p. ever all ot Gera:hat
hoer here uttered for onto in the United States, their supe
y being well known to aimost ail person. who 0.5
Fire t ßrick. The proprietor. bete determined that We
Brick shill e a rs, ons of their present envie:de repubition,
sad that nor.row Audi iv , spared to make them even
bettor than they have heretofore lieen.
st-k Vit. hi the en!,
establiehment now nuinufartoring
nicht Canal }twit!, icavelith .1 * Pittaborah.
W. Dixon's London-Patent Lover Watehas,
.9irooefor to any lihrOeis eror ojirerd'ia Podeintrpa.
bove [W a o 81 M ad rkeLever t strWateet,elee.
ifgrfi e tee is attached, wisdi
By appointment to the Admiralty, \VII. Bt.-Yr/Nat:tam
Li . teter art alb Alannactuter. 5 Kiwi Pap ua , For
This certince that the eicootopatifing Watoh•
wioranted by me to to of toy manufactura and POI% ateh
with my. Wane npop it is scout. tinier. 4,010D./.1 hr
• mrtia.:. beaten -it MY
I guarantee Ilia No.—. to krilaMitiae me
igmetko of the purchaser.
elicit k
La, a banking 11.1 Pfrtlant Y.... n.l ne4l.
guntitig No. lb Tblra
Patt.burett. P.. orchily
- - -
" -1 /barn KRONSEN keeps constantly
A on
Aland • rod aonortrie,nt 01 Wsoth nod Oath TO
L'L`ak. LgLlo Oak %Vol , . tiltehoo or Draw !locket , .
Woodon LioLrlo, Chum.. Ur)) Moroorrek, Zinc nod litany
Wooh &WI all oOld, Mod.. of wan• la hie lino.
WaronorLo StoontOo iloll, PlllO wont. I'lltAburlth.
apV : roo_ •
Penn Glnss Works..
• •
r. Wan. ....... .. Matrtamt.
OREN4:hiI.VIGIITICER. (formerly of the
R firm of Wm; McCully ‘110.,) Nltinizklttritrit of
limit, of. VIAL, norruts.awl
W atter and Eft Froutittreet.
ttentioni Mil tit o•tilfiror or 1 1 1m . ItAtt'
attl ottmlibi forltolvt..4 arid vlllO am.-
C. • ACkeine Profesior of Music,
BEGS frov, tit Inform tlittelft;.Cliel f r tt.•
Iturgai turf All•Mintr. Mot kir tityntilitrirri
itiro 100300 tinny Im thr PIANO VOP.IT. aml VlOllll,
" lalrlNAliline Nfr:VOnrCir=l:=Anorf
Exehnnge Livery Stable, and Furniabing
No. 178 Penn street, near th. &. Clair Hotel.
F„kt., The subscriber, ttiank
ful to the pubile. foe theMbersi
ger nf ash. In ht. line hansto(ore, would luta= them
thst L. connust..d the UNDkIiTAKISU business
too 001,1126Cti012 with his LIVERX busine.. attood to
(unreels cm gs reasonable terms es .or tn the city, Any
hustng any thing to do In hie hoe. rho nuty Iltse
him a ergl, .n doornd ,iport their hastosse being encoded
to rntu
ontly, sea In MO beet .tee usellest.msnost :
Patent Kettles for Scap. Pot A.L. Soda Gab.
For the manufacture of Came Sonar. The Seale. ua
east on thr {ant-emit...4l et J. C. Parry. and are mps.
rinr /or durability any other. and aohrialrer than rbo.
made on the ofd pl
Sar Stn..e of everf de-anUtion. Stove Pine and TOO
Ware for move, d Cantinas of every dePeoption.
IRON and A Ilk, an aD of which or otter at Uwe r..rt invre4t
Tillinghurst's Premium Churn.
"PATENTED, Juno 19, 1849. great Econ.
(111217112 Lab o r.—The underslanarl •ra Man.
untettettut au, above Morn. of nocrtushant t r ot
they ara non tor sale at ;heir aratebousa, cumer of Stall;
and Liberty 02,011. Thilt Chum has rssetve.l tbaDt'es.t .
oto .t every tatota and County Fast errors tt Lu ta-ort
•ud it recently took Co presulute at the Fats of
the Ann:swan 112PlittES' Xs.• Walt
000 letstliblast ItLAKELY 1 cu.
I'V E have }het received this beautiful
ty I• of RATS. to which /nett., th 4 uuku
nl our trirtadt and thp public generally.
auger! 71eCOli1) A CO.. ccr. Tall and Wood F.,
New Coach Factory—Allegheny,
M. A. WHITE & CO. would re
prectfull • Inform the public that th, itself
rrvctod a op on Lancet, b.eteren Federal and nandnekr
-tree. Titer are nnw maklnn and an , pr,.pa,d to rrevive,
norders fn. •very description of vihielee, C.a.:has CtuXu , te.,
arnuchea. Buz:firs, On.. which, from Ile:r
lona expert..., In the manufacture .1 the above work.
and Lb,. t..lhw a they hare, tits!, tool onnfllent they ore
ha 1.1,1 to an wurk un the mat reaxonable terme with
thta• v n,tazt.., ankh.. In their line.
• . - .
Farinarartieular attention to the issiection of M. 0.,
and bevlnir none hut competent nommen, they tant
,itIIIOTA in warranting their err, thereloreaell tn.
e ' tert ' enannel. and ma the
mast Wesamoable honea
'FALL ct
FASlllaNS—Just received
at the au.. A. LEECIL No Falb et.
en will heerwn (or inaynAlon on Thursday cad •
• Felay..f this week. where you w!il nna • leounti ,
fel lisentment of an clinre new et, In of Mraw. llt •Winn
- Velvet BOUM.. and 'Trimming& of various html,.
itable for theiwaaon.
„ su
P. S. Childratra 110.1.142 t. L. , 31.110 C.D. and Bead Pre* ,
es. of rich .d lilies.
Patent Shingles.
THIS SIII N ULES made et Walnut, Pine,
and Ct. gnat. 'with %Gars Imprceal tougle Mae
reteleed the trat premium a ofhe het Four at &Ho
f =L'ivitYor Atn . p . e ' n * n, b 4on " n 6 g g.,9ll ° n% L alier. Ou
an, kinl a ran ma
Umbel 1001, ethat htnalea le3r day, /mm the bioeita. an7
of ov aT roun .7. If
further Infrm.. le leanteel. (laen
eall Ca the subscri
ber. It H Writ Tee• noel, roraerof Frntrth and Orantee".
Pittsburgh lon13) V D.lllThitYLL,'
~,,,,t,. ESTABLISIILD 1832., by ED3IIIND
_ .
* 15:11 . :K . 1 , 7 ,: :: ,: ::
. Li a be: r
i l,
Lead ntWood ',treat, Idnabnritb.
MallUlPtilt, Burial taulta,Tombatours,
always on hand and nude the
ettottent Marble.. and at tory reduced
it .v u,n1 8,.., . : :
.... hake aeleGlon dr-ltralotnta en
.____lmportedlported . .
.... "
...r .1 . - .. , •
1 --' ' 1.• .12.,_____ juji
- . • ...
Ilea Harm. DC1367
110/a.J.lgn Wllktos. Clark
W Tiernan, kcsi..
tril I ry 34=4 - Al
PUbur.ll Harm. arativer • Ilakm.
J. 11. Shoenbrrger. Curti, do,
McCandlgra, !lap. &R. iiarreat. 4/o.
Itabrrt 3,ldiulkhC Eq. Wtr , Balr.!.T & Co.
.3.2.11eki mg ht. 22.., hc..122. I. T. Mort , 05 .
hr-n. JoaDos I aim 2Co Pm Ohl
A. totbropi Alleghe./•
E. ~ G Is grotchal. the my P.M...* To
mired rig ToriLi2oCyvare le this City . , tocring.
Urger.. aod-bectjoimcitruoted to I.le can nh to e. Prom..
varoyoul will endeavor to rontlar 61/11411CL,1,1 bith•itel,
fauna., Wart-roams in t ov Third erase
J. V. W. ropsrtrolly lolnctos his frienda eo
mummers that he hat sm. mutple.l the Liu
til time 4.-X Of bowel - gold fnmetnot ever sumn In
his eity,out La It daterstilool to uphold the quaky adth
wellgeasonod material. boot worksaakshll. and nearest &-
Alen. and from th• extent of Na order and laallitT to
triannfactnerm. ha Is enabled to pmts. warranted furni
ture, at the lowed once.
Ile tma adopted ike ortadol• of latertifilast thueustom
era' interest rids Ns own. In naallty and Ark. and keep•
alga s on hare the =metre Tarter of emery destriotitat of
100 . 4 um frtde the eheapeat and olalnsat. thenual ele
gant and coeds, that • hon... say P.. Al Atm. mar h e
famished from, Mr noe , h, or mationtruseel exp ready
order. de therrfora "dicks an inspectlon, that the Mean-
Mars of his ertabnahruent may he lumen. The fallowing,
artieles sensed. In part. of Wit stork, which fir riebours of
otyle and Arden emsmot. be aumwssint In any of Om bittern
Plater. drawtint, dinner, and brderem ober. of erary
made., mortelug of roaedood. malmearty KM walnut.
Elisabeth-el, C6ll Sr r 110,11,1 Viri Ester Chem, of e'er, de.
miptlon, Conches. Sofa. tat.a.tete and Itirans of the latest
French awl American paderok l'ashae. What-N.M. and
14110 a. otseor Writintellauks of saw.. kind. Work Tables
mid fang IWNd stands, wale stamte. and holdees.martlt
to, mahogany. reatuvrocal and walnut mitre and sots, to
blea. anima:on 4101nr 4111.0 all &Ismer the 0000 Improved.
sad dmadedly the best kind mad. card. Pembroke ball and
oter.tedes wardrobe. bodsterla and wmhstarals of each a
larm• aseirtmeon audio hall and parlor remotion
asuman. and stool. seirmam end bank eye. side Ward.
fire screens. tonal rack. he eaten. and music stool. Mi
and cots for ehtldrent payer nmehe.ittide otul tra ;op.
mahogany. rooms me. and Inlaid react
♦ Isle twiortment of o.mmun gornicure and Windsor
Mena Cabinet makers mooned with all articles in cher
Steamboata and Hotel. Atrtneted at Me ehortesi not..
All onion. oresnotte Mtesded Us.
EIAGLE .MARBLE WORKS, (establiabed
111Z1 byIIaMIUND WILKINS. IN Liberty
of Wood strert. l'itObur ft o h. Monument, liornd
YaulM. Tom!. Ileadrlonet. ao. Mantel l'wert, Crota aur
ro, Tum.;aware on band. and natal, to order.
A rh0:n...4,11 , 4. Trlalmm,• 1,..n.1 140
The only real Hew York Plumbing Estab
W lg w ßE:irork lo done on Scientific Prin
noe...4 Stuart,boat P:umblau. in all IN Granath..
dou.• with mum.. up! kliAputill.
nails Pawl up ir/d. .Moen. from $0 to $
teNt r if . tru n a;;WL;Piei; ''
7 ''''' ''''''' """ t'L°,
• ........ •
Water elo•eta, ouppittr Fto 24
to 2
' Deer Pump& oompfeto....._ 5
Kitrhae Manors. ILStat Poilera, WIWI Trays. Hot Air
Pom p ace.. Poaev, Rod Lead Pipe. forearhed and put up at tha too-
Foice. at,l Tani Ponape Hydraulic itetru.conrtant
lyt oo hand. sod pat ttp aortlistauca4r. the aun ts •
Itet.Mlok P.....girljeAVatl, First .
171.4 Wool and: Market eta.
JUIL Harper k Co. celebrated Hay mod Manure Forte,
rk..17.1 from the mannfacturer, Phtladolphm, co momom
remit tad N.W. by w - FulNUNITtit.
Wawr atreet
Far hemmer. of Sash aid hart.* 0111 , 20,,ti." lOrk.
be sorpreset arel . t lam prize at ettolch Mug ma
eohl, MUM. Insure their lc action. ehMolf
PAPEIL-32U nm. 24 to RB ['yr:Aka, V.v. , .
230 " 24 Ly 30
300 12 brat . "
000 " 18 by 23, 24 LY 101. 2i us 4 4 . 42
br 41. n 07_13;
400 Moe. F.tori
1200 GIL. 2130 et. Croy. Stylow
700 .• 3idollazu
320 " 31edlura tad tltotcl. CRAM oc.
TOo vo.lenagnol keep 1.1:1314.011 . OD 112.08 and Icy Lll
o rroboy, o tur 11.• • large .04 general .1021Mdtit of
ittalot Cop, Lottor, iloffdff3ro. 4ln Vapors, 0000.0
boards, .Le-,
Also—folthuf of oil 411.61, 737.7303301 . 3a0.0..
Pritat.l. Paper ¢1•410 0111.7 osk short norfoe.
fob2a . oarruy of Ponn a n d Irwin sit
For Beaver County, 'and ac(forent Counties,
MBE SUBSCRIBER, having been located
J. tor /amt.. Jeanfriths her/dishing Borough of
hes Brighton. and realdrd fur nave than twelve Fear. hest
teat h as
of the num; end during that how Ida t.
ant has be. given almnet atelastrelF t o Law/ Aft..
Ors. For the a...n hat. of the yrutllo ff...t./17, he
enaraVAril . Z e l t h i rr dt= t i rIMOVIII " =tre
CIL giroitVrarertaleVelZ°A" T°.°
• • •
11.;rea;olooars number of valuabla io aril boa afar
domes la the Borough and oelgtiborhood. for eels at low
raterotrul toms advantageous.
Title. always strictly axam.loed tato. ita.2 touPU'v
will boo °Mond 11111.1! tb Utle Is '
Permute deer°. p . urchastna will do *stall Anil
exabolur tor bitetuadvent Dahl. /LUSH Illtal.lrublh
ftord, 11.0 Weft.. 4000 t.
• Law Notice.
111 HAVE resumed the Practice of thi;Larr,
...I will devote ony whole U. and attendee W. It.
rertovratero which *meetly existed betwelli A. IL
Mailer. bete sad etyvelf. was dlosolved. gum. Mao sit,
by mutual comeeett. • beep - taken Jtfille 11.11,10'111b.
lute gotylilerstdp. Unitiroe Fourth. above tiorilthllvld
otryet. H. HAMM . IN.
oet. 31. 11151.-Inolblaw . Y.ortl
_goal More to
1..3 end beaten:lo Dry Ala, (Ireeevies. Item stet Nall
metier et fan.l el. gashing." Tunybike Boa
To Pruners. •
APRINTING .OFFICE, amply iMpplied
.1111 alltumour malty ale for doing a brat rate
, and Job llutlnrar, In Ude eq.. regethld We,
ornlrul leam of prernbes. cool ed., Jrn. nrnlnT
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A larire.stoe2 of all the kinds use. Hall's Patent fos.
vvra.. True Amerman, Kean's. Crates. Kincaid's, ITond'S,
roamers. hull. Imp. BOIL
Thn 'lleh!gar, Double Plaugh Is • St a te atent-Pl
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Pentrqlvanla, New York, and at the Agri , ultarnt Pelt of
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eon long Shkeri, Irish Limn. Pongoe l
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brie. Pl Censwe, Crebrpliee, Mack and white Ne
Mut. (1 000 00 Linen. an/ tilt Le.en,llll.l,en, Linn Table
Cloth, Woolion Comfort, Wove.. Hoek, Thre,
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VAL. , . o,lh C. AItiIIITIINOT. W.e.l
ladies!! }lead This!!!
Xl , l THE PRESS, and will shortly be ready;
n'tl.ll lIANDAIAIWTO THE ItIAO: outoprtoistg a
al description of the coeclordato of du. Instrument. tn.
dafects to which It I, liable tatoa t UA In out:lsbell. the
method of remedying etch dem% andtortnn'tOnntb....
torso the bertruttn.ut always lo Leon" fly P. B. Tann...
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other advantage , . It sill
effectually guard yoU i baring your l'lazgo spelled Or
• •
Ladles and gentlemen in tbe ditto of Pittsburgh and
Allegheny. Oeolrlng early coplea of the work, eari be fur
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united Rates. Mt allot fot drawn. ' .
brown to hook rollers and Hoak
There is no mono appropriate' prr.ent that a it..ntlttuau
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your ordera , toe2llro
Charter's Emporium
lIEN'S WEAR, embracing every article
IN climbs tor • genre outer- Workmenstilp war.
ran ; prims commensunitewith the times.
Bon' Wzart,— tors fr om 44 tsurs old sod
furnished with • somplMe outfit at the shortest &Mir,
IWO suits Bop' Cl othing en hand. Also, Dols' Hill,
t a c p .,... l s, l: ncl i o i r . s, nett etthosfs, Belts. fruiters, tucks
rn7. - 16 Sso . irliislil ' o!t i nm., near Diamond Anse.
IVA'reliES, of tho ben Erig-n
Rik Puts, and Genera new
on hand. In attention Varlet,. and at earn low
Go • PUT.
d . toner Watches, (rem 013.00 to FR, 0
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WATCH REPAIRING warned...l in the brat ati•nner. W
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Fall and Winter Stook of Fancy and Staple
A A. MASON Co. would most respect
rt.., fou r %elicit the atoiotion of th e putilte geoersiii
toil MO wholesale trade in particular o Weir are. :aid
carefully ...lacteal .tort of for 1 . 1 1 and winter cal.,
;cloth moll be fouial larger thus coo they b•vo seer hi
llier offered. We here reeeiveil ea lollow.
400 hale. Broom It 01 , 130. idSO O l.O4l cod aquae. 0.0..1 ,
Ilk) POWs St Uroaberitois.° pre. uperitir
100 w Hausa.!., coed. ac . 000 owes ileor..l I riot.
lad ," Tlckloir Ito' p. 10. roil. Net I Slu•
115 CV,. 11 hit* Mushoic fitio p,. I.i.r.metta C 01.,..
Sheet., 1 . 4 p , mkr n
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• •• NEW 000 D S. ..
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)11;h1..DIGBY toe to inform bin friood6
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o LL ANii WINTEIt GOOD,. cototoultt ....t t...t0l
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pal{ Woo, It li.diteutterly ltrlpOtllbl, to, 11,t•
varlet,' end .hugger. of the style and mitten, of la , t'ot.
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,rumble at ilA
ble rtixt of Itllit 3101/1: CLorllliuti it, di.. ea),
all of which 111 tr. ollired at the very purest price. t..r
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Malt lon Id atyle at the shortwat tiozire
A first a n,. ialratnan IFlttottyl itonwdiadali. ort.i:o
Copley's Fire Brick_
•Ir ,COPL'F,Y .s.. 00., near Kittanning, have
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rajSUBSCRIBE having taknn the star°
I,F-LL EATON, and having ardirelr refitted tins war,
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tevaitlwr 'Atha gtect. of EXILAti.,Nas AND
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portion of Si. Goods hlootelf,nnd
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gairtlint Mess .1A MKS A. MOKNIOIIT.
Smith's Patent Self-Acting Binge it Spring.
1, 1
T UE attention . of Carpenters and Builders
ts woad to tba thcrie ietticle.whkt oronvont.mi
ciaatl6a moo of New fork and otErr moons
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A ilecbroy Planing Mato
A 1.,. not for the .ale of Itlehts
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P.m{ l . lalatt Machin, (or ma W.utarn and S , rulto.ln
Elate, 0. la 34,1
Fresh Teas at Reduced Prices !
NO"' being received, and on
.1 ar, ..1.1.41 ntrect. r plgp,
ti:a AND 13IA1K
boarbt num tbr rwcwnt redurt..n In lb.
which we ran .11 wt tall, a, p, mat. toslow out ft.m.e.
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Extra .1 Toe. tnll.l.slSupre to
Very fine knwilah Urvattaot Tea gt 44 to u:4l.:c.
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nolb Toga
tRON Avill . be received i¢ exchanga (trith
rmrll .emunt of manor) .1- LS¢ BUILDIMI LOTS.
he Sixth Wan.i. rn7t3fr.
New Dress 'Silks.
IVE havejust reed a variety of styles now
• v fancy Dnepr n few pattern. renT
rich Hrmnde.
Alao. Own and fraur,..d /lava tha latter of aea
Pty k..
Alw , , Plaid FrPocli [law, a seta article, and sury
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To,ther alth an a.tortnwar Ci.ffea rolog , t,
rich and Mbar gluulcs of plain )llnus” de Lomat.,
Errneb Merino, of chatsdrab arid other color, /Hack
%manta non k lirmba Long tihawl,
Foarrlin. ?car). Van. Itil+l,ns, ae.
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unIZo Northeast tor. Feat th Mart, tau
tf t haZ.P..v. m x°.7,l° . :jart., ITILI2 1 7411 T .:,
usulral assortment of Droes, Meelictinea, P• 1131, oth. DJ e
Stuffs, Varnisher , . Perfumeries, ie.. Sc, whokralto .h,l rt.
M 0..) the Drug bt...te ut JAMES 31r17livria.
ttolit No. 93 Wool .trest. Plt.tsbunat.
Kimball's Chemical Washing Fluid.
HIS FLUID ie far euperier to any other
.kb p rowdarreer offered to fhb. C`ll3munit
uccd trial 10 Ilathrr any she may ban. a
doubt ot Its powers, in prmortu ,Airt. or Small sirm cloth
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gallon or In ball,* to suit pumba.aera Parrot" ol,hing
to try Ma mmi hare • bottle In• t •harce at Its
brig Stet, of N. IV iCk;I:ItSlI.:11,
notl toner ll( • —•
( - 10 . 4 ALL
IVEIV 0001.)S!-A. A. MASON s Co.
No. 62 and 61 Market One.. are no• opening and
retWITIGIR •00113 AKI CAMP of antlttly Nen t)ood, cornpr,c•
26 gases of Long and B,panre Waol.n 'Ai ovowil
Coburn and l'aramana Cloth. IS nagaa eashawn... t,r21.,n
Clutha. nod Da La al In rants /11.4evas. French Sialtr.,
B.nabatlno, to.. sc ; ill., and Fan - )
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nltten. and Amer ntabr.ddernA. Flannel, Calle.,
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laza* atfhplif Unroll) jtiut Xwegli and foe .ale
ii;dEL.I.I:IS.S, 67 IV.I at.
MYER Nppiiiar Flings, Port Alonnfoes,
I 3 Alarm Clark/ Fruit Cloua
Alaotal Ortumeut.. Toilet 631.84., Drvioqu..
French OP) (.11asvo. Patina 11 . 1.% alatebm. Parlan 31orblo
tal Faaulloitio, Match Stards. Card C.ka. ,deer
euVe:4 , ' • 11. R/C/lAIIDSON, Mart., et
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60 Alf. sheets Y. IL, loop, 0 boa !Jacket's Palo a
sal O. P. nos; 3 Las Ma, Flour.
taiassn. Oolobss and Cbu. IV hoe asieratua
bal Tea: :2 bag sluslam:
SO tam Osseo and Black dm al hos Oast Car-diva;
to Itbds 3. Iv dasset• IC has Aparso dm
70 Obis lost and stuebed IV Ors 100 1 Cl/oral:dm
6 Ins Cans sal Drama;
CO a en:
7. 0 . 5. f5a1d Tots, 6 bo Anima oalua 1 - :
sv SU Harass. and Cubs 0 loos Lo. / stead alust'd.
CAssre: 160 solo Sae dale? ISOLIt;
76 too Rio °odes: 60 No Clotho. Vas
26 . bras lessusyss: 1 oak Mahler:
603 too Uld (Jos Java, 1 am.. indigo;
IS boa Railly Soap; 11l asks Posse&
to tau Castile dm IS bale No 1 a 3 Slackers!:
6 b oa Palm t Almond do: TO olds bl oao 11
~.;s iat
6 tam Babbitt's Sass Pads: au kira dauoua dei
0 bo do Yeast dm 12 dos Bed lards"
6 bag Cars March; IS das ems Brooms
Ala, Nails. ..11.45. White lAA, 1.201001$ 1.111. wbolisals
dmtall. by J. U. IV ILLIANN A M.
0,2 Northeast earner Wesel and Filth eta. '
/all. I 44..... T.
English & Bennett
,11.1Aerehaats auo &Wall la Produra and Pktrborab
alabufactures—No.l22PournufiLho•l LSI Vino nt., In•treen
ne4aud Onottbfinkl Ila t •Pll4burgb. Pa- Imre nu bond
and will manor fulleolux plods, .140 Llier uller go
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150 bog. naan't'd Tubaern, 060 burial, Pollee,
L . Mi. Wog alb lump, 110 pyn Lnang 11,Non Ti..
tegn 6 tetra Tobacrol. 01 . 5. hub. a O.P
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TO Ilitrelper 404 knar galls...LW isen.
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41004 (Irnato Mad 'Ai cuts Alum.
oral Ilsolgul Out. 4 ne1,01.1
20 boots 10.00. Gawp, 0011 boxy lagin boats
60 carte Tvolato Cat-up, 50 Vane,
"• .Por 2LO " Bonk, . 0010 *Pip Catulbo
P 100 bbla erankern.
)(0 ll•rner
/CV brain R. Raising. 6.4)0 lbs No.l Grarbrd Bogor
qO .O • Oround 1 , 0 pay and
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15161ta ILlpas, • clopperao. %biting. Cbalk,
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All, 01 eo C. • - 30 ,
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Bank mf Dia-MaY 4 pr ct
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Alhaghmur naalugt hank
tam. armor...
Monongahela Itralg.
t. Clan Bridget..
hand Mt .
Northman Libman..
IVllllantanart Undo,.
2. 1:.117;!;!:1
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Am...elated C.. I '2 n • 1.47 Dee
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A. 411.
Putsburgi, ••• /r 1 fib 0. , . 1 O:1 rr r
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old: Is. 11 , r?I .
(Y.T;II ' JII.; .. • "
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RATES OF DlScollti.
rzrmtucu: nkxra.
p 4. SONS, Itxukerv.
g.^24.-en Ike-.a Ira I. l .,,Sta.l,lefuryl.
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hwok of :11,.U1h,-.1 ',to , . h.o..rrh
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haro.r• A moo - - Co.. par %olt.. de
:REV, 0 ,1 i1..1ND
flora. .v.r! S PA, l'itH.K
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S.nothwnrl 11.ank.. . ...... -pa,
fra-I,4aan A bulk .... ... . ... .. 1
p•rl S J ELL19.1..111 A .
ilap, I,l“.a.:l.r.burr.h- 11AII Aolvent . 1
of Coont, V/11..11.N1A. ,
dant of ..... th.v.V•llay 1
Ilaou Chratcr..par 14..4 Vt...nin. Illctunonal
Dank. .4 .ivrsnntann.....-par o.nt, V...
liant Or., ... al I 11,4/11)-0.
nal: o 11..erlomt , a Mich Lank
Bank .1 ... 1 Nurtl. "
11.1. 1 1 or N.,1.4.11 , NORTH J.- CAIIcILIN/1.
C 011111.1... Ilk 11,, 1, enrno, 2 ..._
It ' 2 " ,[.7. t.' l ' ; ' ‘, ‘ :l.. "' •
Sri,. %lay! , ..... .. 1
P.rlanti Ilk of gt...l . 7 l 7&rniTss s
rmors' varl Bova eauth 0.1;1:ma-- a
n•llank of1,,..11112”. Hoak of Chartoooo. -
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at p.m. lamb....
111. :1 koala:1-4
York Ilona ..... . 11 111,Ft1L.RI.
1,..rt •, , A.... i!H: nt I,t. ~.i - ... ;rt i
totip, I . 11.i,1ti . 31 - 8 ' -**—
Ohk, Ate. halt: ... _ ....... 1 Stott. Mott ntut bratuthaa.....l.ll- ,
Itrantit at Akron Se.', , n:MLA.
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IlratAclt at Att... n..- ..... -Alt.• . Ilk ItlA. , :,Ell'i.
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brourit at Ch.,-..1....4 .. • 4 4 1 '. , .. ,, , 1... - f.s.i.,' 1..2,1% S
ltrat.t•h . TA... .1. I,4....rnmeta ~t act i1a0k.,..-S
I,anch at I.a, Lto ..... ...... ti..,l...tunt,nlar ... ..... a
Ilearst h at 1 , ...a a E... . cio , lll}%l num., C..II , aUT--...-.. I
Brawl, a , . C , .lututt u,........ At ..Stab, bask - ... ..- ..... .-- 4
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Bram•At t 1 ItAut., ...• . 1. j., 1 .
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I'SBUR( N IC A 7 E'r I, I , world, is only oppression, struggle, wan an 4.
I 1 ' ' con tinual boiling of volcanic firec [Applause.]
11 \ .
1111. CAN DID 31 4TI: FOR AtiO ( , F pirrsßeßoli. , The amount received for the tickets,- arms
B. C. SAW ';' R.
, suth
4,_ txrdre tho'6r.rnd dollars, 'which iill went into the
; i s
IT HIO CA N 1.11 , AT I, Voll 31.‘ TOR O A
I.LEIIIIIN V : Treasury of ilanwary.. At the class or sl:is
speech the following interesting incident tech
1 place:
How Kossuth made his first visit to Drop yet
on Thursday evening, and in accordance o\th
previous errangement,addressed the citizens
had assembled at Plymouth Church.
The Church was entirely free from decoration,
with the exception that the front of the choir
gallery in rear of the pulpit, was hong with the
United States and Hungarian flags, gracefully
disposed, while suspended from the upper galle
ry, directly opposite, was a banner, on which .
was depicted a spread Eagle, holding the. In-
'Cho Merino band was stationed in the front
gallery, and played several pieces in the course
of the evening. Several excellent pieces upon
the organ were also performed, before the com
mencement of the ceremonies.
The choir gallery was set apart for the 1190 of
the ladies of Kosauth'e suite, al number of the
Hungarians, and the " Alleghantana."
In the pulpit, which was entirely open, seats
Were arranged far the use of the guest and two
kf: his gust'ds, Ileneral Bethuel, and the clergy-
men in Atrndaner.
By the . hour appointed,Nie Church well filled•
in every part, with the eaceptien e:( 0191 r e -rats
in the farthest recesses, and the rear of the gal
leries. The centre circles. h. wgv er,were crowd
ed with double rowi of seats, all filled. The au
dience woo certainly one of the mostintelligent
and discriminating we ever saw asiembled. The
silence and atria artenzion maintained during
the speeches. added e'ery moth to the, interest
of the occasion.
At 7; o'clock. Mesdames Koseuth and Pu'shy
entered the gerry and were greeted with much
ekthosiasm. Madame E.: toured her handker-
chief in acknonlulgement of the compliment
(lot. Erlsiah entered the building soon after
wards, lo company with Dr..Deecher. His ap
pearance was hailed with moat enthusiastic) de
monstrations by the audience. At thename mo
ment the band etittek up 'Hall Columhia.'
The exerckeA commenced with the singing,by
the Allegonouns, of : au appropriate soui;,pre
pared for the, occasion, in which were the airs
•Azurri,a,' •Ood ear thaKin,' .Yankee
and ibe .M4rgeiliol . s Hymn.'
The *inginir traa interrupted several rides by
the SOUIVIIJ of applause which burst from, the
Assembly‘as striluni sentimeniewere presented
The Alletrh. • certainly deserve credit for
their clear Ilion, which rendered the sen
perfectly distinct to all in
t wnt of t
An address to ti
ed by the lie,. I)
Dr. Beeeber race',
assembly inaver]
coolie for about an
eloquent m a nner.
or tWo extract.
was an the sohjee
ho shnwed that th
struggled far active _ _ r v, trV \ edom against
the Government o' Austria.. ID the part of the
spervh he used the following remarkable lut
a-011V I,
N0w,..1 believe that the temporal pewee of
limn.: is about falling down forever. Thaiis my
conviction. [Great apPlanse] : The ;temporal
power of the eopo will probably fall clqwn\ at
the next Revell:Moe; the warning voice of‘whieh
already fide the air; and which in pointed eat by
the fingerer God. I say this prophetically) I\
have read it in the book cf Providence—a heck
which bi - Mae to be a revelation to Mankind, iu
history, and in the exact knowledge of the pub=
lks spirit of Mimanity. [Applanse:]
- .
The inters-ration be oxpects e United
Stott . o. ho followel• • •
lid now what Heim I from the great peotd.•
or th i ,, United States! My claim is that there it
It upon principles,
antilwatut.of those principles moat ho that evcry
country lirlitheeight to dispose of il*nettinit a
itself, and that no foreign power can haVe - thir
right to interfere with its ibmieetic coneCrna
That priuciplo is rleognized to be an interna
tional law, far I hate at hand the Blue Book,'
where Lord. Pelmereton has placed before' the
Parliament of England all the foreign cornea
pendenoe of the nation, and there the Czar at
Russia has recognized the principle. When ho
Ertl gave to Austria assistaucejin TransYlvauia,
•and we had beaten his armies, then the English
Minister put to them the question, was it his in
tention ±till more to interfere in the Hungarian
war! The reply from the Czar was—\o, that is
not the. intention. He considered the things
rian war to be a domebtic question, and therefore
be had no intention to interfere. The principle
then has been recognized, and by Russia. But
the principle or law must be t - tlirried. put! Who
shalrearry it oat? . The eiecutive power of the
international lair should Le recognized oily by
a free nation, for no other nation eau have the
power. , Tberettite I claim this aid from the
United States. The great principle of Interna
tional law is the tight of every.nation to dis•
pose of itself, and tile. United Stated should de
elate their willingness 'go resp . po that law, and
make it reaps red by ether.; [Applause.]—
And should I be so happywa to see thlinecum
plished here in your great end powerful cauntry,
the hope of humanity, what w. old yen s . have
nehiived by it! Yen would hour prevented
Russia from interferitig in a new war betwera
liungary and Austria: hod by tibia what would
you achieve!
Poo ironld have taken 'away the last prop
upon which the future of An.trin re ones. Tim
ken Is no prop, the army is no prop ; nye, and
\ establish-the principle of the "non-interference
of Russia, and the last prop iil.taktm etWay.—
Ufhen this lest prop in token 1,/fair, Inben nyery
prop is gone, then what will be the consequepcer
The buildingitself fells without ournid—there
fore ft is a serlotni recollection ifi my heart,
that should this principle be carried' out and
protected, toy a nation like the United , States.',
besides haXing some material aid:— . .ticit te',wage
a long and bloody war, but to-be ready kr all
,work would be achieved. 'The
money mised \ would of course be too - smalba
sum to \ carry - eh \ rt war. but we must be prepared i i i
\and the'snutlon nu in 'condition to meet !Yen
that exigency. That is the difference. By pin- -
meting: by establishing these principles, aid-.
log .I.lungitry . to meet :cows the smell force or
Austria, which can. remain to him, sten if these
props are taken away, Yon will 'not have caused
war,. gentlemen:, \ will have articled war,
Ton will beye paired humaMty from ranch blood
shed;hare 4.ecticl - from inmmuity
_many eta
, ferings, [Applause]
Brit. I atetall there, are Men of peace
say after alitkis is very true or rosy' fine, if
you please; .bet '.we will have `peace at , any
juice." Now I 'say many things in the world
depend upcn a tro,estlefinitien. `lt is not true;
they are not, men ofpeace who epialc`r. They
are Men who wouldemiserve s. ,„ the
_present condition. lk the , I lion
peace Is the ocaffold \Peace.
which in Lombardy, the\ likofai
-cis wan nixed - during threethoi .
pence 1;ls [be prison of. AtMt,ris
Biota. , peace t the blunt mertuf
tented nations peace! I belie
not created the world to -be
utdition. (Great appianse i ji 4.
AS e el it to-be a prisomfor Unman} 'y ‘
pr cent condition is not peace. I it
tion\of oppreesion on the European t
and Catlit it, is the condition of .oppr
ame l \
> be peace, because nalong as men
twos. . oppessed, so long men and rail.
discontented. And so long as men and m
are dincotted, there cannot
be pence, t.
cannot he t ,anquility. It can Ice but a TRIM,.
boiling eierhkstingly, and at the Slightest of
portunity hrearg out and demolishing all ar.
' ,m e m propsto trannerility, and those_ interests
which rely norm ;qntt u ility. . Eurnkinis cputin:
fl atly a great .tt . tle•Eekl--a gtem barrack...
%t ech is the coOdi 'on of Eirore; and there
re, let me not eec ose who, profesnitig to be
m of peace, will no help oppressed liberty,
bec)t i uso they will hi se eace. Let 1110. tall them
on the contrary, thitegetion in not the peace
in wit - ch they are interes d..- The , oppression'
of nati is whit they\
n' not
in, hes
canto th present conditiMs • not peice; but is
t 4 My . principles in
peace,_ use I Swill - faitlifulV . cnitserre the
prlitaipte of tbir r fy ; and ItEli uply tip= - that
priaeiple 0341100 es\ ittented'i. and
Aealrerith tha eanteriteieut of - nattovi;an there
be peace upon *
die. .[GristapPls e.] yid'
?Fl , And: ,, D7 Files In peaces tits • g Pifce ,
cogniiit pact.. WAIL the prow \ of the
Mr. Beecher stepped forward, holding 111,114
hand a , caie containing several. Revolutionary
relics, and said.: \
1 am regewsted to present to yen this casket.
icoutaining—nol jewels, unless you call these
(holding op &cannon ball in one hand and grape
shot to the other,) the jewels of war. [Great
laughter and applause.] .
M. liloasuth—/ am somewhat inclined to call
'Grata: s
‘Mr. Beecher—l hold in my hand a ballet and
a apeahot, which were employed , I believe,
by e Ameriean Patriots at the Battle of Bun
ker /ill. [ Applause.] 1 hold. with some dif
fietrq (ra ising the cannon bail), snather argu
meat w ich was employed tinder the direction of
the gr ey Pacificator, General JACKSON, at New
Orleans, s ilatighta ‘ ) Theee were put in this
very atrongansse—notx witirout beanty—by the
citizens of EXerlestower, hate'. I erre they lutes'
added a littlo enclosura a leek of the halrof
Ta 011.4.5 Jam cm, arid 7 ofsaw Jacrses;
and a statement at thesewar- le relics were
(lateral Tee Bon's 'brit to
upon the occasion of
A... lik,
Bunker Hill, in 19 ' preserttil tok itn through
the hands of the th (inertia of SM. oar
' own Edward Everitt, m the citizens Charles
town. They remainedthe posectsio of Gen.
Jackson atter he retire 'ram the P,roal ney to
his hermitage, end at his death he pies Mad
them ea a token of his re rd, to N.\P. t,
Esq., They have been kept his family fr ut -
that day to this; sad it w expeeted the
would remain as an helr-loam fo getteraticrs.—
But it seems, among other thing this Illungsri- • •
au cause has brought out, urethan old Inetuirriz • .:
ale of • war. They couldn't! eleepalouger.4. ... :I.!
[Laughter curd !applause./ ,He desi il t o, pro . . •
sent this casket to the Governor of ungary..,,,,, •••• -
'Bat thou if he presented this casket, th 'ultra t
halls might all and maim a few of the ..e mite`.,
•of liberty, and that would be the end '
of - ain•-• ' ' . :I ..' -
If not employed in that way, it would be i ii- l i,
'lying to him to know whether they can be maitl s . c w,. - - t .
in any way to enurimaterially to the betivsVo z's - _ . ... ;
Hungary = .....n•:•a • .. I ~•
If there could g 0 some way of convertittethli.?i ,.
n - e t j , ''..i
.- t '
iron into gold, then it could be. It AseVerib, -, ; l \-;Vor„.'-`,"'.
dens. [Laughter.] They have besiteparchiset'•:,l::
. ...,•,,,,:ti, •
by a member of this cundregatium andlitegal,rl,l;;V:t V. =- . 1 1, 1
Haman has contributed the MOILS of chasigliaraT, , ,:;,-:;if
the iron tote got,i, I.wl Curl jointly presentlfil/ts l ; , li.lrti-"!'
in behalf or the rouse of lib t • ty in Hangar7,AS ~. r.,.
Goa. licastalt. I nava hers [holding up a lefiF:f;:i: - \ ,
tee] tee-chemical prueess by earth this tedeficurr,-;1• •:;.• . j
has been made; nor I have only to eliyarti• l ';':l/•:;7' ' 5
Lees sof, 4Utr.lity af boa: in site metal 'flirt.'" .i.a.e,
can he chanzel ty cl,e-sini proceie. [He tat=
ileuezzer, Doe. 18, 1811.
Cashier of the Attics-tern Eialtaaga bank of . 7 --- ', ^
New fork, pay to the order of Luis aossalh, -^".."
doverunr of H 1 ,
Hungary, One Thonsan i/tillers. ..
12,wint s llloNestas.
\ My dear sir; (meting to. Qv, Xossuth,)
tarn from the cougregotion sad this tighten-
thin, to you I prtunt. tbio to yen, Tbeeo (tab
ing `op the ballets) coca had - their meaning.—
These \ once were employed is the canoe of Lib
erty; but now how tinrmloc,r are they! They are
memorials or the post; and they are endeared to
as not hytheir murderous work, but. by those
things they \ hare ahliteved in Illla !nod oars. It
woe because : we hod men who dared the battle-
field, and trusted to the and cannon, when
they were wonted; that now we hose our plenty,
and our peoce'ord UM instittitlona, and tlatt .
Liberty which y oh hue auwell explained to tut.
Sir, the day is coming 'when }oa, In 'your awn
land, on poor own plains, canto Leeds...use such
'arguments as these. ' , ,80t, hOteivity alert:F*ln
a time come w h et! you, too, ehelf.digytp from.
year Selds—then given to etrlaulture—enotie- -,- ,
tens; of past straggles: when. year isinnaiiiillf
be as silent as onre;'l7iletl your siords etHlhave;
done their work; when your befleta shell be
looked upon as having done their Went; eel
come rather the memorills of tti. post ..(rtp-,.;
irate waa ofTar
which — P. ev.
.ortnith to the
,ch.. Kos;loth
On his nodal
:o tor only one
Of his speech
erty,in wh i ch
mry, hat long
Governor Kossuth limn is cciittpany*. ,
with Mr. Beecher, and the as terribly selisrated - -..:',.
witteedne cheers far the diatidgaished; guest:47.-
and several rounds for Bowen & Skelainee.
. _
nom Nsv Yolk
fCorrt•vmvicace - ci ths TiGsbLe-zb. G
, .
Nerr , Foluc, , Deo: 18, I 51, ...-. •
The continued absence o f the California 8 - ''.
'.'' . •
. .. ~ . ......
ee, with the gold reesitionCe, an d the, large we .
-! ! , ~..
; Jets of coin by European pitekets,:bealtack.
ce, \
its edict Upon the molter market, and the pri
of Nods has advanced sethlibly. • Loans en vial
bore been litthdrawn; mid' the Steckel ;ItryPetthea
cited odd in many cases, thus creating,,' , 4edta a .
- stampedeleille , matirrth s end a fall kl,thelactlit . --
The panic is 4 little checked to-day, awd -- eiseuld. „.
the California remittance be tarp businees in
the street cony rally. This continued ilnchaaticrt '
of the money market, cohabit brthe lass 'of our .
~ .
precionc metals, too elearly'shows the tusOurid •
. , .
condition of commercial. alfairs t atid, temporary
and short periods of. ease !thould not•divert pub
lie attention from the cause that produces such
dtsisterous effects. Ittis idle to say in4, , foreign . '.
debt has been paid, the centirthel exPortef gold
in the hoe of large exports of cotton - an
. ‘„pre• -
duce preies the reverse, and no one Witt Watclues"
the course of eichange con resist the condos'
that were California to su s pe nd her prodein
of gold, a ntlivereal failure w o uldl be the ri
It is a small faandation f ora Steady m oney 1
' ket, but Califorida is per only basis of hop!
Kossuth continues eel \be the leading, topi
conversation end of interest beret The sub!
;lions for his aid are already large, and the
dress which is to be delivered at lirooklya (c
bar and to the ladies, seif be doubetWell•
sum to fifty thousand &attire,. apart from .
coin to be realized by the Cominittee orgsuil
to prectre contribution, and inAtre a . •• Hun
rianNational Loon. ". Tots cortrilttee is of
highest respectability, nod if Conge SE does.
thing the industrious and chivalric lunga
will carry away the materiel aid, he a Its 7
upon n million of dollars. A goad erg m et
used, and successfully too, to shoe'. the i•
&veep of intervention, but this will not p i
individuals from contrikuting largely, end s
pressing their convictions in to bold atone ,
have no small effect abroad in alirsoliag t 4 .1
lore of nations upon the score, of revolution,
well to encourage republicans every where'
The Forest trial progressesunite rapidly:l
the end no one can foretelL •Nra. forest •
concluded her evldenco to prove the 'dittos's
of her husband, but thus far nothing bas be
elicited that'would justify' a jury In award'
`her a divorce, though quito auti.--iUtit• to me
the"publlothiok ebe 'deserves it' 'As the' t•
Will embrace sfr. Furrost's charges agelnat
wife, the resell will settle the whole of the 1
'happy atleir, and let,the parties reties to private
Cold weatherls Upon U 3 in all the Tiger of a
Ne*Englianl winter, end fur the *parcef two
days it lea not thawed at ail, the mercury nick
ing seven deg„ \ below zero, and kept dein in the
small figures throughout the . day, •Placte of
amusement are,thinned by the cold, and half , the
indience at the ileler Place here absointelyfro•
zen out last night,a the end of the - ; second act
of the new opera. , 'ii hare e new musical ce
lebrity; in embryo here, in theirhape oft daugh
ter of Downing, a fentotts. colored 'oyster man,
• who hos acennotilateds a \ large Wilily of 'good
looking daughters, upori \ vebom:he his lavished
large sums fur their edacnii7, and has in re
serve a handsome fortune`fo each when be de
parts or they gSt married, ;bt hew prima dota
-Ita is said to be superior In op!rii and there she
• The' sehetnelor the “Iferill's s Fair." 'its Nen-
York his hot met hinch . stiecesa nud•will prolaa
WY ge by the board fork doze's reiaetts, each
-„of theregoad ones.. The 'mein One' is \ want of
Confidence In the Wuthagers' and the early day 551
pie th!i affair to come off. ' When 'it' is earthed
'oett•lt will be by new mee;riutel will be a ekvdit
and het a shame to as. i • • • - - •..
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'' Phillip's' Fire Anaibilator has been tried upon
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