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    • Francs; Helms given her sound families, pur •
ity of religion, and institutions which prepare
- the people far self- government. They are all
ready; there never wash nation so well prepared.
) If we begin in France, many—many as are her
"i'mratelletsilett; there is a paimary work to be dote
In 'the education of the lower class of people.
But in Btuagary, of all other lands over which
t God looks, he says to us.,"Take possession of
that land in the name of iberty."
Gentlemen, I have said in- the early part of
' my rentirks, that there is this tendency in liberty
—that it la: tack meanirto sustain itself. It
.111tOthell asmatter of interest to those who shall
:elide the revolution. Shall we have another
DUStOrti • another Robespierre, another revolt,
' T.C9ol l 27..massacre , in Entopo lie can
. :sanely measure the depths to which spores
•.l pion has plunged the nations by the influences
I. 'which they have brought to beer noon tbem.—
t , What then May we not expect when Italy shall
' :rise Awl shako her head—eo long gory with its
} Vain blood aqd appearing liko Samson with hie
eyes put out. Oh! that there was name man
. who - might arise, and whom we could trust as the
friend of harem' order—_of Social order and
r • • IkeitiblTiem, .as we believe in it Blessed be
I Pod I t man bas appeared. I pros
, Govern or' Kossuth the man who under the bin
t. tier. of Repubicianiem will beet -sustain the
principles of Conservatism ( Cheers . ) Ile
t will preserse mote than nay other the purity of
! the family—the just foundations of society, and
a government with just laws.
. - After some further remarks in a similar etraiu.
Mr. Beecher returned his sent amidst much op
plume, •
"One.of the main arguments retied upon by
the enmities of Kimauth is, that the people of
some portions of Europe aro imbued with the
spirit of socialism and.infidelity, and thatthere
ii fore It would be unsafo to giro them liberty.
. : 'Adralt, for an argument's rake, that this is
Itrati; ihat thent In what way are they to be
tle'rekfit for the enjoyment of those rights with
iiiiekthe Creator Las endowed all men. C.
. . .
arrive.theyet4r arrive at that t tuess under the de.
tiiocrlPttalitickles of despotism, the censorship and
oeittfilldiige of political tyranny, and the lade
-:•,•?- - P . '"4kt*agoiy of Popery, which eitains even the
&mon .! Whence came these monstrosi
'ftiftiaftheoryanddoctrine which arc now plead
tlie apologists of despotism as a reason for
iite perpetuation of their oppression" We m
-1 ewer, they are the.-legitimate fruits of civil and
tiolesiattical- tyranny. They go together, as
- the ehuloir follows the substance, as effect fol
lowa cause. is extremes beget extremes, so
• , *does despotism beget licentiousness, and Popish
mummeries and suPerstitions 'cause the opposite
extreme bf blank infidelity. Had other
data than the well knOwn laws of mind, we
riativrallylook for jest the state of things
lindintatholic and despotic Europe. France
Via of Infidelity and of wild, utopian thoo
which env. accompany it; and what are these
bat the legitimate fruit of the policy which
banished and substituted thematic and
;:the confessional. The mind of Francs has he-
Como tem tiniightenol, too active, too strong, to
be held any longer in such lentling.ctringc; hence
' we see it breaking loose, and for want of better
- religious light and moral guidance, is follew
'it4t. the 'Yale' yet brilliant imaginings of bh
drty, fraternity and social reform. Now what
is this huh the earnest yearnings of their souls
for'somethlng better than their civil and ecule-
itiastical 711 am bare'aeccieded to them—the
whose lights have hoes extiaguish
- 'ed rr al disaffection is th • astaral
:eeuliof upon their rights; their itl.
- - deliey the .iiiitienCe that they have become too
...brllghtert'ed to be duped any lotto, with that
Whiehas allied with and suetalus their opprest
Bat having no experience of any govern
:ment or any religious faith adapted to man in a
• State- of freedom,' they naturally enough discard
. . Christianity an a ocheat, and net about to este).
- lieh. - „Wow theorida of government and of social
ethicx. These things, therefore, are the legi ti
taste fruits of civil and erriesiostical despotism.
• -
' The infidelity of Catholic Europe is rather a
wegative than a positive state of mind. It is a
transition 'state, marking the iirtogress front
bondage to 'freedom, from darkness to light—
. It is a state which cannot last. nen must bars
something- in.which to trust, something to lean
13111111 aotootbing to love; and until he obtains
It he will he continually going about seeking
rest but Endlognone. Ills wild and impiortica
ble theories will BOOR prove their own worthiest.
nese, anti thou Le. will gladly Lay bola of the
hope set before Lim in the Gospel. Thus ii will
. ' M given Lim to •'prove all things and to hold
fast to that which is good" As therare now,
• , the. people of Europe can prove nothing, for
-4!!itheinrarnotallotred to examine and judge for
4 p.....knitejated that nehort time before the Amer
tf*y.4*inliainiiiries landed upon the Sandwich le
-the entices had 'become convinced of the
falsity of Gair idols, and.4l formally discard
ed them. The misalobar3es therefore found
them in a state of infidelity. Half their work
[ meadows before they arrived. Bence their re
,' markable enrcese. Something like the same
! , process is going on id Europe; and therefore we
'ought not to be alarmed at the prevalence of
'infideliti,..even thou h it may and no doubt will
lead to excesses and great confusion. Those
extreme Will teach them that there is "a more
excellent way," audited them to seek it and . .
• em
brace it. Being free, as they will true light
• and'true knowledge will Sow in upon them from
! all quarters.. The press and the pulpit will ex—
[ ert their folk intinetien and will noon dissipate
the Leilaelei of Socialism, Pantheism, Rational
, inn. nnd .
• .07hat wilite Said shove applies principally
Atn•Fian* - 'Tber. patina are not inclined to fol
infiret:.dangerine and destructive forma
irceive the. Bible readily
1.4%.,40141.11,11y :::'Less fickle than the French, and
ti plailosophic than the Germans, yet more
ahtiiid and debaited than either, we may ration
ally expect them to emir's with more readitiese
the teachings of the inspired volume. -
Germany, : after all, is the most interesting
portion of Europe. Notwithstanding it is de
nationalised sind crushed under the iron heel of
despotism, there Itta largo amount of the true el
!. ementa of freedom'in its population. There are
tbree - great classes in Germany. First Raman
Catholics, yrtio comprise nearly one half the
population. 21.1tationalista, whose views range
from orthodox Protestantism to blank Atheism,
through all the' phases of Deieco, Pantlaeiom,
and Infidelity-1 This is a numerous class. Bd.
Evangel! ail Protestants, chiefly Lutlierans. Of
these there are fromeix to eight thonsandcongre.
• gatione. These last, although subject to number:
lies =venues, from almost every quarter, are
a powerful and growing class. So far they
stand equally aloof from the crown and' from
'the revolutionists. Distrusted by both 'annoyed
, • • and oPposed by,both, theyNtand between two
fires; butnothiag daunted, they are growing in
num be r s and seal ; and are effecting great good
.t by means of their " Inner Missione,'! which cor
. •
responds to what are here known as home or
- domditio mia Siena. 'The Catholics adhere firmly
'to the existing powers; the Rationalists aim at
ierolution; while the Evangelical Protestants
keep aloof from both, believing their great husi
nese is to prOare their people as far as pen'-
, ble fee the , tertible fineries they see .
preaching. : ::Cremiiiny will 64 7: perhaps wr ought
Yol►y le riot intellectual battle field; and
rem 3t WIR.-dOubtleee gnforth Most of the great
:112Wths;irbich )rtil.catitistelyrregatieeate the con
t/iitiiit;sial;:restire it to true end pennenent
- - -
ttietef'alliperiulttled.,."-jodging from the
tot the
~ `.present'things, ,American
people do Wbot. they may, a terrible ;convulsion
is ma'ltable Europe; the =the popular party
- , thnetbteTope again be Arisen
frilM Romh, probably never to ratting that the
terrible fruits of which we hit , te
teen 'speaking, overleaping .all reitaatnt, wilt
triumph for a short time over all jconservative
influences, and, it may be, deeolate whole king
. . dams; tint these essence, even if they - taktf place,
Cdalriatcontie loug. The principles, or rather
the negation ittinciiin; which - ranee hem,
hoe to theicieelven,the
.. • epeedy L ,lttinatlon. They. will one - n.41(1 ant,
leaving the mind of the nations in a good con
dition for the reception of truth, which alone
can render the people truly free. If {his be so,,
it will be better for them, and safer fdr us, that
our sympathies and our efforts shalt the throWn
on the side of struggling freedom, in Order that
through those sympathies .d effortelthe great
religions and political principles . of{ America
mop have free course to their hearts, pad guide
them in the great work of reconstructing Socie
liar OLUTION tc Faxxca.—We shave' startling
news from France this morning, by t elegragb
from Halifax. The long pending contest be
tween the Assembly and the President. has been
derided in the complete triumph of the latter,
by one of the boldest strokes on record. France
is in A very strange posture ; for tho Party now
dominent is made up of despotic, military and
democratic elements. It is not.probahle that it
don stand long. We think it is a boldand des
perate attempt to disconcert the republican par
ty, and absorb them in a military despotism
Further advicee will be anxiously awaited.
TD CLEVELAND IN TWELVE llouns. , ---We are
gratified to learn by s telegraphic despatch from
ltontxso, who is now in Ohni., that ar •
reneemeuts have been made which will secure
harmony between the Cleveland mad I;Velleville,
and We Ohio & Pennsylvania Itrilr nadir, and that
passengers will hereafter be put throftgb in 12
hours, commencing on Wednesday next. This
is cheering news, and will no doubi bring a
heavy travel on both roads. Particulars as to
hours of departure, etc., will be duly announced.
RAILROAD.—Thero has been pret
ty good progress made in getting Wok to this
road within the the pant few days; bUt there is
not enough yet to secure. the charter.l We hope
not all who are interested in this peat enter
prise will call promptly at the store of Meiners
Lore., Wilson &Co. and Olt up the amount need
ed. tvery day developeasome fail showing the
importance of this road to Pittahuhri
Gor. Jou:taros has arrived in town with his
family, and taken up his residence in penis Street
Our citizens will greet him with a hearty wel
come. lie ratans to Elarriaburgh to day Or to
morrow, where the duties df his oflice require ,
his presence. •
ALLYOIIENT I.l43TlTrit.—Our colored citizens
owe to the munificence of the Rev: CHARLES
4VEIEcr, of Allegheny City the estaßlisment of
an institution of learning of a high order. The
edifice, is large and handsome, and pnished in
the hest manner, embracing everytbing neces
sary to the comfort and convenieneelof a large
number of students. The philosophical and
chemical apparatus are very complete highly
finished. We were informed that thelerhole did
not cost Mr. Avery less than thirt7-thousand
dollars. There are departments for both sexes.
We attended the examination of the pupils on
Friday, and witnessed a portion of the exercises,
and were very much gratified at the Proficiency
of the young people in their respective studies,
. and at ' ; the evidence they gave of intellectual cal•
tare, ea hvinced by correct thought and expel,-
mina. ;Some of them gave evidence or genius of
no menu order. Rev. PIIILAirs Des,, (white)
is Senior Professor ; Maims U. Frt i gliMAX, B.
A., (colored) Junior Professor.
Thts:lnstitute is not under the control of any
religious denomination, but ita charter requires
that all its officer's shall be prufesscrq of Chris
tinnily. It is in no way eurtnecledi with any
sectarian organization, yet the detdma of its
founder was to incorporate the teaching of Chris
t:mil precepts with its appropriate course of
study. We would warmly- recemmenil to our
colored friends to sustain it with all the means
ih their power, and give to their children the
great advantages which it holds out, for moral
and mental culture. Thus will' this noble in•
atitution be an honor : to them, as wanks to Its
benevolent founder. ! •
Kossarn is expected to arrive in Phqadelphis
on Wednesday next, and has accepted Ithe ban
, •
quet tor the folloxtjng Friday.
"Tun RIFLE Bawocits, or adventures in South
ern Mexico, by Capt. Mayne Reid." This is a
spirited novel, just published by Dewitt and Dav
enport, Tribune Buildings, New York.
We understand that lifr. E. P. WEII4II, tLe
distingi r tithed Lecturer, tine been invited to at
tend the Sew Eastland .Sapper, this evader:,
and he iv expected to: present. Tide livid add
much to the pleasure Of the evening. We trust
that every New Englander will be preen} at this
f Mr-honored festival.
The Butler IVhiy, in an article on . Elasauth
"The adoption of the view. of Koreuth by
the government and people of this countr4 . would
Cl least involve us iu a diplometk war with
Austria and Russia, and might involvens In a
coot et with those powers of a more sanguinary
nature. The American people . do not 'usually
count the cost when a great principle hf human
liberty is Concerned, and should they feel'ldispoe
ed to aid the cause of Hungary, either ~by the
contribution of money or otherwise, they will
not he deterred from granting it by the threats
of any crowned idiot of the old world.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 15,1551
Mr. Thrasher has been convicted on some
pretence or other, without anything liko a fair
and public trial, of treason against Spain, and
rent to wear his life out among the refuse of
earth's depravity, as a galley slave at Ctanta.—
Mr.Jhrasher appear to be an American citi
zen,and as such was entitled to the active and
efficient protection of his government. the
days of Roman greatness, it was sufficient to
secure a man justice and favor anywhere, that
he should cry out, lam a Roman citizen. At
Ibis day in 24 civilized country, it is daough
for a subject of England to exclaim 'I am an
Englishman,' to gain allthe';privileges, and gen
erally, more than all the privileges, of amyl..
of the country. No such rigid and comprehen
sive system of protection to its citizens abroad
has ever been practiced upon by the An ericest
government. An American rarely look*to his
own flag for security from insult or - for re l irese,
when under a foreign jurisdiction. lie' &bin
prefers to appeal to an English, French, or Ger
man consul. It is time die negligence were
substituted by some things more becoming the
dignity of a great nation. "lem en Ambricatm
citizen," should be words as potent at tenet fcir
the protection of one of our countrymen as the
correlative expression is to a subject of '9ueen
Victoria The country looks with &airs et
pectancy to see what the President and Mr.
Webster will do In Mr. Thrasher's case. 1 Com
modore Stockton's resolution calls for a state
ment of the facts. It is probable they are not
officially known to the Administration. allutit
is raid on good authority that decidead and
energetic measures were taken by the SeUretary
of State to oblige the Spanish government to do
all that justice requires. The correspondence
will probably be forthcoming in a few deep.
There is little doubt that a triple treaty of al
liance and guarentees have been formed by Spain
France and England to secure Cuba in Posses
sion of the former. It is reported that owlet
the condition. is the , gradual abolition of slave
ry in the Island. If the main fact be ' , fixed,"
the condition will not give tie of the North any
particular concern. But the whole subject ex
cites a very deep sensation among the Sou thern
politicians. They are justly alarmed t the
prospect of a free negro community so c otos to
their shores. The wind never blows (Om the
direction of Jamaica upon the coasts of Florida,
Georgia. and South Carolina, that It does not fill
the bones of the whitklnhabitants with an ague.
As I said, however, Northern
o men are leVe sen
sitive on this point, than those of theßoulh, be
cause:they know thaeas long as the Uuioki con
dunes, the power of the' Union will always be
ample to prote,ct the slave ridden State. from
lop peril which their institutions may slubjcct
hhem to. •-But the secret treaty, if one valets,
will4be reputed objeft, it a matter of interest
to the entire community, becanee there Is i s gun.l
oral 'tieing that any Bea. arrangemetiS meet
In foot be . a mere prelude to the tiansfer '
of the! inlaid M..' England ; -. Englieh t i t .stm.
. ,
' O O are already coeditors of Spain . to aex i
, tha t o t exer.sl9l,ooo,ooo, not one chilling of
ethish will, they ever tellies except in the letup,
of sorde such transaction u this betieep th)l.
two goveffluments. Some equivalent to France I
for its small interest in the matter could be easi
ly provided. Now In this country the sentiment
is universal that when the feeble hands of Spain
can no longer retain its grasp upon the Queen
of the Antilles, she must, as a matter of course,
become united to this republic. They look up
on Cuba as a ripening pear almost ready to fall
into their basket, and they will not contentedly
see it plucked by a strange hand. We shall have
some developemenp on this business that will
attract public curiosity.
The House to-day illustrated the superiority
of action over the most brilliant and able dis
mission. They took up and passed the Senate
resolution of welcome to Kossuth„ in about
twenty-five minutes. The vote wee 181 to IS.
The noes were all from the South, there was
not one exception, The majority of diose in
the negative were democrats. Mr. Smith of
Ala.,,who the other day proposed to direct the
President to inform Kossuth in respect to the
the laws and the penalties of treason in the
United States, made a speech of an hour or so,
on a motion to reconsider. lie changed nobo
dy's mind. He denied that Kossuth was a re
publican, and appeared to denounce republican•
ism in Europe generally.
Rhett commenced a tirade against the Lillian
in the Senate, thin afternoon lie said the
South was robbed and plundered by the finan
cial operations and policy of the goveniment,
and neit insulted by abolitionism, and by being
excluded from the territories, &c., Se. Qie
pretended statistics an the most astounding
specimens of South Carolina home manufacture,
that have ever been brought to my notice. This
sort of declamation is easy enough, this mode of
getting op &story to make out a case is easy,
in fact to be quite plain spoken, it is exactly as
easymi—lying. lam sorry to say it, but the fast
seems to be r gs I have said. Justus.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17,1851
Mr. Staunton opened the Wheeling Bridge
cane to-day on the re-argument before the Su
preme Court in an able address. I was not
present tolear it, but shall speak farther of
of the case to-morrow. lion. A. H. H. Stuart
Secretary of the Interior will follow on the
other side to-morrow. It is probable that a de•
Milieu will be arrived at daring the present
-sitting of the Court.
On Monday last, some very important doc
uments were laid before thit Senate, which were
to day opened and read. The were-copies of
the correspondence in the case cif:Mr. Thrasher,
and in relation to the firing into the Prome
theus. In the latter case the Secretary of
State says that the negotiations are not in that
state of forwardness which will admit of their
being communicated. The documents relative
to 'the trial and imprisonment of Mr. Thrasher
are very voluminous: The most Important of
them, Mr. Webster's letter of Gee. 13th to Mr.
Barringer in Spain, directing him to pursue the
matter with-firmness and rigour to the end, that
full justice may be ensured in the matter, will
be publiehed at lengthin the Washington papers
of to-morrow. The Captain General sends a
long account of the cites to the Spanish minister
reeidont here, vindietiting the course of proceed
ings against Mr: T. He hays Mr. Thrasher
was tried by a military commission, which is
the common tribunal having jurisdiction over
such charges, namely, that of being a couspi
rator to overturn the government of the Queen
in the island. Ile says lawyers are sot permitted
to appearlefore this tribunaA in any case, but
a military officer was assigned as counsel for
Mr. Thrasher. .rhe pith of this part of the
statement seeme to he that Mr. Thrasher was
treated precisely as a Cuban would have teen,
ifeharged with a eimtlar offence; that is to say,
he was summarily convicted by a druto head
courtmartial, without any'adeeptate opportunity
to defend himself. There is no doubt in the
world that they would, have shot him bad they
dared to do eo ; and had the penalty of a cowrie
tion been death, his chance for repelling the
charge would have been just the same. It seems
ConsulOweri ehowsd Mr. Thrasher every possi
ble attention, and did Olin his power to allevi
ate hie distresses, and to ward off the peraeou-
Sons of his enemies. After the pentanes of
eight years labor in the mines, or the genies,
the Consul at Mr. T.s' inetance, made an appli
cation to have his sentence commuted to ban
ishment from the country. The Captain General
allegetka want of power. At the close of his
long narration, this officer declares that all the
Americans at Havana admitted the justice of
the sentence He says public, opinion regarded
Mr. Thrasher ae one of the originators of the
Lopez invading expeditions, and he was believ
ed to be a corre epondent of "Fillibuster" Jour-
There is much contrariety of opinion in re
gard to the prospects of Foote's resolution.—
Some believe it sure to pass, and others regard.
it as ne a rly in an expiring condition already.
The debate upon it to day was very animated—
The matter coming in incidentally, Mr. Hale
made an'assault upon the Supreme Court, at
!aging that it had been orOnixed expressly to
guard moil enforce the pretensions of slavery,
and deciaring that when every other barrier of
the institution should have fallen before public
opinion, the light of civilization and the pre
cepts of humanity, it would find in the power
of this tribunal a citadel of strength, and a
place of refuge. Mr. Underwood replied to
Mr. Hale, defending the Supreme Court from
the imputation of sectional bias, and, asserting
that there were other good reason besides the
intention of protecting slavery, for always hav
ing a majority of Southern men upon that bench
Mr. Underwood deprecated finch assaults upon
the highest and most venerable tribunal in the
laid, without the allegation of specific acts of
Mr. Underwood is an exceedingly able, mod-
erate and conservative man. As a Judicious
statesman and a real pacificator, amidst the
elements of discord with which his position has
been surrounded, I know no member of the
United States Senate entitled to a higher de
gree of respect. Were all the publlck men of
the country like him, the Carious controversy
which has almost rent the bonds of our Union,
would have been divested of its terrors. I re
gret that the nation is to lose the benefit of his
councils, after the close of this congress, And
yet not even his assurrace that no injustice has
been done, or Intended, the Free States in the
arrangements of the districts of the Supreme
Court, will satisfy the North that it has not
been most flagrantly defrauded of its Just power
and influence in that tribunal.
It would appear that Boyd Hamilton will be
ousted from the place of printer to Congress by
cataract, and that Donaldson and Armstrong, pro
prietors of the Union, will be chosen printers on
the old footing of party favoritism with enor
mous prices. Justus.
For iha Pitaburgh Oardte.
Mamas. Entcosz v j-We see It announced
in the various papers, that a course of lectures
is to be delivered before the members of the
Young Men's Library, and ourcitisene generally,
by Mr. Whipple of Boston. We are sincerely,
glad to bear that the Institution has oucceedrd
in securing such a profound scholar and distiit-
I guished lecturer, as Mr. Whipple is widely known
to be, and it is in hopes, that, In our humble
way, we may do some benefit to the Institution
now becoming so ueefuV r in our midst, and that
we may accomplish somewhat in having such
intellectual treats, permanent pleasures, that we
venture to trouble your readers with any lug
ge*tions of ours. It is wall known that until
lately but few attempts have been made to
diffuse amongst us any taste for Intellectual
or literary pleasures, or to entertain and
instruct the public by means of Leoturis, Sci
entific Experiments, Reports, &c., be. Un
til Mr. Emerson's lectures but few efforts of
that kind had met with emcees', but the coons
delivered by him no-prospered that it determined
Lha Diredtors to pursue like methods of instruct.
ing the public, and of Increasing their own re
e2nrcen. To advance the desire for knowledge,
and literature, to afford our community periodi
cal opportunities of hearing the distinguished
in the various departments of science, and to
commend the Institution itself to the Public: as
being worthrof their . most ample support and
inqransillt.'=Mkdl:lneldetitally to Increase.. Ike
membent7.-Ifiland 'Bit of periodicals will
sureli be eonsldered as,LaudaMe Ojos* It
• • •
venom experiment which If suceessful was to be
repeated, but, we find upon minversation-with
some of the prominent members of the society,
that they have not met wFth that corresponding
degree of aid and sympathy which they - were led
to expect, and that it is a matter of some diffi
culty and urgent solcitation to collect together
an audiences eveamply ' , nom-ruine. This man
have been_partially caused by unpopular lec
turers, but we suspect it must chiefly be at
tributed to a general apathy and indifference
pervading the community in all enterprise. of a
like nature, and of that feeling so unfortunately
common in our city of each one trusting to his
neighbor to do what he should most vigorously
be accomplishing himself. The late lecture of
Mr. McClure, for example,'which RBA greatly
admired by those who heard it as a perfect epe
cimen of graceful, genial, and vigorous writing,
(and which, by-the-by, we are glad to bear will
be published,) was rendered to what might be
tolled “It beggarly account of empty benches,"
and the unfortunate discovery was made that few
of his fellow citizens could give an hour to him
who hod enared so many from his arduous du
ties tor them. The Committee on Lectures we
understood have hero in correspondence with
such men as Mitchell, Giles, Agansi, cud but
owing to fears of failure could not meet their
offers, nod were thus debarred from engaging
After much persuasion,' on account of the
great distance, and of the utter impossibility of
a lung absence from his duties, Mr. Whipple has
consented to deliver the four lectures which we
see announced in the papers. Mr. Whipple has
raised for himself a reputation for classical
knowledge, profound erudition, vigorous and
nervous thought, and polished style, and delive
ry such as has been the fortune of few, on this
hemisphere at least, to enjoy. As a lecture
room orator, it is conceded on all hands, ho has
no equal in this country. While Giles in fetter.
ed, and his soaring fancy crippled by disease,
while Emerson Is quiet and unimpassioned by na
ture and habit, Whipple brings to bear upon the
subjeots of his reflections such a power Al
thought, directness of appeal, brilliancy of fan
cy, beauty of elocution, and warmth of manner,
which at the same time' persuades, convinces,
fascinates, and completely enthralls the au
dience, and makes captive their feelings and
iiii ; .s
sympathies. For classical attain eats, and
ripe scholarship. DM well s f r critical
reasoning and acumen, Mr. ip e has - long
been eminent. Ills contribution to the North
American Review, especially those masterly
critiques and biographers of Wordsworth, Mc.
Cawley, Sydney Smith, Daniel Webster, and
many more which are favorites with the public.
have won the admiration of all classes of read
er% even while the man that peek,' them M.
One feature, commendatory of Mr. Whipple
to all lovers of their country, is his love and ad
miration of America. The most unbounded af
fection, and the most unqoalified reverence he
thinks due her, and with the zeal, and self-de
nial of a devotee, he earnestly labors to dis
charge the debt. Through all his writings and
orations this •• or rarer" can be discovered
When literary merit lay obscured, he was al
ways the firm to draw it forth. When men. in
whom America delights, and of- whom she iv
proud, were calumniated or despised abroad,
his keen nod glittering steel was always waving
in their defence. When national measures were
defamed, and notional honor tarnished by the
voice of detraction and slander, his pen was al
ways rashest, and his heart always warmest
in their defence. Mr. Whipple, we are rejoiced.
to say, iv yet a young man, and has not by any
means, judging from recent indications, and
from the intelligent and delighted •audiences
which so frequently crowd his lectpre room,
reached either the acme of nerfrrmance or of
popularity. lie comes now fat the first time to
the West, in the full vigor of intellect, sod in
the pride and hush of well merited honor@ Let
us, therefore, unite to do him honor. It bi slue
from our Intelligent and appreciative communi
ty,' that they give him a warm and hearty wet
come, and a contidned attendance, for the sake
of our city, for the sage of the Association,
whose proverity and adversity are alike depen.
dant upon us, and for the sake of the men of
high honor, warm feelings, and great parts who
is our guest. The lectures now proposed to i.e
delivered, we are informed, will have all the
merit of novelty, tie none of them with the ex
ception of the one styled "Martin Luther" ham
ever been delivered. and that was given, we be
lieve, I.t week before the elite of n city re
nowned for iterary attainment., and called3froce
the united pyres, and from individuals, the warm
est enlogindis, and hearty congratulation@ We
hope, therefore, that our ettirens will need no
farther notice or solicitation, hot will step rot
ward with the trills reviireil, and animate and
encourage the young men who compose the
association to still further efforts. Thin may be
called with them •the day of small things;" but
active support and patronage will do much to
increase their efficiency and influence, and widen
their usefulness. We write this without colic!.
tenon and without the knowledge of a single
member, and hope it may Induce some few of
your readers to lend their countenance and co
operation. Ben•raroa.
Fr,. Ore Commsneui ✓,.ur,,,.r
It. 01 RIDOLE, P.SI, Sir—lo reply to the
communication In your journal of this morning,
signed Spe,rator. I w ill merely refer to the last
published report of the board of rotors, in body
composed of respectable citizens, Protestant as
well as Catholic) to %how what the Met, nos.
pitel ha.s done, and to an abstract of the books
of the Inntitattlon, to ebb,. what it is doing.—
On page No. 11 of that report will he found the
following table, sit
••Number of Poitienie received into the Hospital
since Nor. 14, 1848, tante ef bolt report, 1072
Number of death!, rine., Nov 14, IM Is
Total number of patients received since Bret
opening of Hospital, Jan. let 1817 ir,7l;
Total number of deatheriince first opening
Number of patients now in lloppital 28
Average number of patients per week since
last report 23i
Average number of weeks each patient wns
• in the Hospital 24
s Average number of paying patients per week Ai
Average number of free patients •• IS
Average expenses of :each patient per week
The above staltistics embraced a period from
Jan let, 1847 to Feb. 19,
The following statement i• taken from the
books of the present year, and embraces a period
of ten months.
Number patients admitted 333
Discharged, cured, or convalescent 2Mb
Died 27
At present there are in the Hospital 23
In a note attached to the above report, the
Sister having the euperintendence of the hospital
says, "out of the uumberadmitted, we 'had sixty
who paid from $2 to $6, and some of them re
mained In the Institution from two to four months
without paying any more, not being able to do
to, and yet not fit to be discharged."
By an examination of the above, you will nee,
Sir, that there has been admitted into the Hoe
pile since its opening nineteen hundred andlitur
tern persons, Ina period of less than five years.
The above shows clearly, and at a glance what
' the Mercy Hospital is doing for the sickpoor,
and will enable a charitable and discerning pub
lic to know whether it is deserving of their aid
or not. It may not be amiss to add that .no
discrimination on religious grounds has ever
been made with regard to those who have been
admitted. This is en true that some of your
cotempararies are pleased to charge the Institu
tion, (or those having charge of it) with show,
rag noundue partiality to Protestants applicants.
These assign unworthy motives for this alleged
discrimination, whereas the true explanation ie
that applicants are received without any, enquiry
being made about their religion, and therefore
amongst those Mused as well as those admitted,
persons are to be found of all, and some of no
I do not deem it necessary to enquire into the
truth of your correspondent's statement regard
ing the number of Catholics relieved by the
Committees of Protestant Ladies. If the state
ment be correct, it only proves that those Mien
have much more charity than he has. Tbe..char
ity that inclines them to afford aid „Whereever
they find aid ie needed, cannot exist-in the
breast of one who endeavere to ntriketi blow at
an Imtitntlon, which he cannot but know is do
ing much good. Had he desired information
merely, be would have come forward sooner, so
that the whole subject might ho brought before
the public in time; by waiting until the fair was
going on, and then aiming a blow at the charity
when he thought there would not be time hi
ward it off, be has shown himself n treacherous
assailant, little alive to the spirit of chlirity,
whether understood by Catholics or Protestants
an illustrated In the conduct of the one and the
Asking your pardon for trespassing ao much
on the columns of your valuable journal,'and
hoping that if all, or any prone amailants, should
need the resistance of the charitable and humane
they may find it In abundance.
1 remain, &c., JAMIE!! BLAKILY
Chairmen of Receiving Committee
`The number of pay patients is - at present
small this namtaer refers - to the time the,Marine
patients were cent to the Hospital.
Too RAZOR STROP MAR. Smith, the 1 4 / 1 10T
Strop Alan, occasionally breaks off from the
embject of the very superior quality of bisetrops,
and gives his audience a short lecture on temp
erance in his own peculiar and droll way. Here
is an extract:
"BRITH ' I . I CAT'"—When I drank grog, I owned
e cat, a poor, lean, lantern•jawed thing, that
was always getting into a serape. As I had no.
thing for her tneat, she wan compelled to take
to the highway, and the neighbors were condi/ 7
uglily ;eying out "'ones that Staltlee cat, eflit'a
d r unk' all my milk." =Poor thing, the had tp
steal. or die,, for she - amid find no pickings at
holne,-.for even the few mi c e that were le ft '
-:' : - '•1: . ..W,,,, -.-
• ... •' *- g'f?'.:1,...%75;:,...c;)'..''.5. -. . -,,,.
Ite poor and scraggy, that it took several of them
to make a ithadow, and a decent cat would starve
to death in thrve weeks on an allowance of eigh
teen a day. But when I reformed, things took
a different turn. The kitchen being well pro
vided, the crumbs were plenty, and the old cat
grew fat and honest together.—Even the mice
grew fat and oily, and the old tubby would make
a hearty Supper on two of them, and then, lie
down and snooze with the pleasing consolation
of knowing that when she awoke there would be
a few more left of the ensue sort.
And again—When I was a beer-guzzler mdther
cried, father cried, Bill cried, Moll cried, Bet
cried, and the cat cried. But when I signed the
pledge, father sung, mother sung, John sung,
wife sung, Bill sung, Moll sung. Bet Rung, and
tho eat sung, the kettle sung, and I bought
new frying pan, and pat a nice piece of beefsteak
iu it, and placed it on the fire, and riteit sung,
iliol limes the kind of singing for the w..orking•
And a third—The ilitTetence between Staab
ocher and Smith drunk, is this; Smith drunk
an rummy, ragged, and riotous—Smith sober;
is jovial, joyful, and jolly. 'Smith -drunk was
stuttering, stupid, and stuggering 'Smith sober
in cool, clear-headed, and cautious. Smith drunk
was Wick, sore and sorry. Smith sober is hear
ty, healthy, and happy. Smith drunk was
road, ill-bred, and ill-led. Smith sober is well
moved, woll.behaved, and well-shaved.
Yerwet rortody for ,Ineasee of the I..ver. ie .4 a. •ch older
date than no introduction to the nubile. Its diicoverer,
one of thy [Mot oh yticians ill I hie country, 11.1 i it for
ream to hie prmlin, belnew It OT, announnel it to the
world. The ellitener of so manyntmek remeiliee. herabl•
0.1 ae twasoselogihe mon Marvelous qualities for healing
all dieewees.d.snided •o aecompliabed and well educated
physician. wh.i naturally felt romp dread of below con
founded with the crowd of pretender,. to the medical art,
whose umdrutne were paraded in every newepaper
errl,ll remedies. for all the 111. flint flesh i. hen to The
repreamtations of Mom to whom hi. rills but given ro
lief. however, am/ the urgent mlieltationa by physicians
with whom he had ....whit,' in hie practice, anti who bud
Irina/weed the wonderful mire , effewted by bii rimed,. at
length induced him to matte it public.
Twelimonisle a , to their effloiry ran be lawn In our store
.from all parts of th • Vie?..
To ho hal of all the pit Fo-trod drumehde.
i r oad b,
Jr 1841018
Nu. nU
- •
le - Farmers! ponder well over the thou
mut ueriditut• that daily hatali huriuu mut real.. .lurk
iillett rend., them towlusii fur •lieu. if you viialit
make it • polo( to trey alum, uo Gaud II ti rarely
Ar•l,inn Liniment, you r.iulit have the auluiti itr•J iii
thu• out only tILLIN hut you would
roll the ri•k Or it.4/1314 ttio :Kato;i altoarther I+— •J
Petroleum I
{pyrA MOST ftalitAll HA VILE Coin or Toter.
illeatiskes Cork at Prrantrt —We In. :le the att. uliou
of the aftliettel and Me cenkally, to the eirt.beate
.f Km. Hall, of thin oily. Ilia case may heren by ani
reknit alai may b.. etendleal tot relation to the kola her.
ml tokh. b ILA IEII.
I bad been aP.iol l eavaral years with a eirenieaof iadb
eyaa, .blob enntinual m itierkaita until teepterdher,
the Inekulnattun at that time ha. lug Involved thy whole
110410 mambo.oe of both era, and roiled M the •ter...tte
of • thick film, which wholly deitroyed oat had'
an operaticwo yerformed.•oll the thiekaning removed. whirl.
eau returned and loft Llo. LA bad . ../.110011 ILA betire
it tits etas. of th• conaplaant I male antilleabon to ewer
rat of the wok tegument tn.-deal •
me, who tuferme, toe
01 et a...nal nerer get avail.' At Oda time 1 eetild
oat dletinguieh an y abieet by the Wei, bf um. friend,
I imanteneed the WA or the latroleuat. ledb internally
and undid. winch Mikan have =prevail daily un
tat the drawn.. aul I have ?veneered int atk it km,
My general health wait very hairdo ILI prow. by tba
Iblroletan. and I attnbuta the restoration of my aidio
Ile nee. I reside at Na lied Beeidal itreet. oathe. eat,. nal
rill be hart, any ieforeintion taloa. • int
n 11.1.1011111.1 •
tot eale by LI, per a Ito H•AAI It.
4..0 .01 ..eeet.. ti ? u
taiiclaie.and II le h kit. Alint , Lo. AIM, I Iho or,
need., L
Kum. h a. t•l , n,
Pall Importation ol Hardware, Cutlery, itte
No. 12.9 Wood Street
.r. , L••••• ,-,
'NIP. oItTED lii RECO.
4n.1 which thr,:n , ..j0tr1 ,,. 1...11r, niv . h
ETA 01S,,ll . g A
al••l•..ii haw,
Pittehurgh Lite Insurance Company.
CAPITAL, 8100,000.
0-1,•••14.1••{11 • ,t,yrk tcxs tn.
1..1{,11r04.411 iI• [sort 1.i,a1
Citizen's lusurance tioniouh7 a Pittsburgb
)SCOIIItAIIE 11051 E i ri S
4 .4 ,44 ti5r. •i atr*l. ch. U .
, C.ll Utlkcat. PrrolitenE U
Krr . r.
: krt.. irwurr all air re 1....1ire
In Wok. owl v•kk 1., kr.
. td
An 3Vlple cuAryk.l, ;nein.. sinill• nni/ ...nil, ni lb.
111 5 11.1.13, in .11,4 , 1,4 in inn riini•Pirr is lb. 0UP...,
T 1.,. .1... MI riticiinii 'n't l'lltsnuricti. ••-il iiii.l NoniniAl
• a! ala• !b. • 4,1,5 t Wiaalps!...
C 94441.1, ,1 a. I allin.r.r .
Jr., P~ y 4rrwl 111.14.1. Uh 1,11•••,1 11.
J•Ja• itaratorth. 114rha,t4 h. 41 am.
Quadrille Party.
BONSAI , FUN'S Ft,' Party rill take
. ut 111, I A.
resioluru. outl ulu.inu.u.r..r ts II tp..llll.tlnd ,1111.1
out Mel,. ltelErtr' nt.req.l par...m. et...on ult.. ar..
u-Lolan. rue. rubrurtl,-l. Tit,. .r u , ruluru.
riullur. I, (but 11. 1., 11 11. Nu
4'. %h.q.( It,.
YOUNiI MAN, ill good char.,ter and :141-
,A. &e., •lin lu. L.J sslotal nitsdninos s• a
toss•ass , nor sod n•lottiiiii in tn. is a...non. io
• situstiiiii In • noir. sulsi• ni•nulsiurir,
i•blishisisiii 'oda. silt-Alt b. lot ot Januar, usu.. lle
would Iv sici in ant siin•sitt L. could
bu4 sasisre sionpideut salmis, suit • tisrnasuoni
..s sto.roass,canstilliti • Ar
turnisbed Address." 11 A t this Airs.
To !folders of the Coupon floods of M ifonottyn
Ada Narigatlon Company
. _ . .
LL BONDS of a lees number than 334
.111 hA {AM Of It. hollers ofn de.lre) nor after It,
Jar of /mo, ti-st, At the ante of itof 'Cream:ter
TrfoAgur, Hon Ns, Compauf
rime nubseribera would cull the attention
of prrratout tlestrou• of dcalln, In 110111,1 VA ILK to •
lot. of (rum Your to rya thouutut dollar" rr , rilt.vomilttatn:
Man, raltt•Ela and salraltlio mallet., VI.. will Mato it an
aja, gut
rratly tuctuar, or bort, tt tot ..... a or
real earl,. Prt•ort• tttertral to wilt call al our
vtarrhoti•a anal raaantno the intuit...,
BAIRD • 111 Hemod
111031E-3jADE FLANNELS.-11.11'21T, A
Ilvatitn•L• haw. remlied Additioual . uppir ut
IlAti,“ , mattrFlann.lK also on.ltst,d, , 11ru•o 1..
IlatArtne Ulm. do , .0,1 !ward mule ItarrnY Flatm.l,.. ar
f , , p;,..v . ttt o t i tr . ll
t g , : d e m r 1 . 13 , 1;110.0:1 ,,,, e0 h n a u , 1ci. WELSH FLAN ,
istart,, , n to I.lJo‘c who Idtv, uped them. an.m.ouor 0!
untlttink•blv , alwor • uo Land. •lAo. orAtra beav " ,
111 '. .&;..irt i iA. 0 ::,..e . 1:::...J. - I,.,...,: i ttt U nrr r gfrc Now
Dwelling To Let
rUhEOD RENT. and pooaes.,inn given on vi
filo ,
Ist of
Isack , o
Ll.lfura ry zest • ovro story 1 , 11.51
slab %Vista, occupl.l by Mr. 51cLauslato. Enquits
dr= :LA 1.0.4, at.
0 Cu. sr. Ima offuriaa at weir aeml.stinual pale: Lana
Preach NlerMoc, Paranuts,,,C , Mural, Caab =rep,
Do Lames, 81110, le • del/
t iIAGAZINE, for January,
%_A reed e Literary Dets,t. Thirdst..,oppo
site the Poet Mice. de . -1
ix 111 NG
share. per tains SIM for We by
Wal. A [FILL t ('0
j_jr Effervescing Compound If you wt the acev Lurk
ant and °that . Cakes: Try It one, and an
you vial run yeast again. Far sale wholesale and retell by
bY.LLEItn, 07
To Machinists and Foundry Mea.
YAN7 oltlirely tutil at pub
Ittetion, wtu,nht r e rrrrr all
Foundry Matta., An., at Vaelory, filllrott's
inUattimore, on IV I, tbe I,b or January,
Tito lint embracea a great variety of nag and modern
built tools, In goal tinter and bat little itee,l. •61.41 Which
Twenty TURNING tititi I NAN. of. Itsf AS.
Two pop,rlnr . Iron Yl.nlnn Illarbinas. MO being of very
largo eatisettri
One amtiortur GEAHTUTTINII liNOIN P.;
With • tarn. and complete se.trrtruent of tabor Tools.
la, go other booldre Pattern. in kraut ',trio, cot
ton sod tuarblnery, Cups', Crime, Plaelte. foundry
hand. Sr. The male Aril atrinintire at ...Awl,
and continue until the entire tdoelt l ion, ete ad Ut
Terme of sale—All ennui under S camp, over 8100
and under "Um. four month.: over 14.00. eta mouth.,nor
aPPtnead Pat. ,
tiataloquea opeclfyinn et.ry item tie furniehed, on
apication, by MUM AY WIL.MoN halm..., Sid .
or li. undertilf nod. The rare Irvin lialtintora, on Min Bali
(Imre and Ohio Ilallrowl. leaving at ts u'elorS A. M., al ,
rine an hour before the tic,. o 1 sale, and round trip twit..
MA can Le Lot to 8a1i... Mr ally tent,
Kimball's Chemical Washing Fluid.
1118 article is much cheater and easier to
urn than pap, and is werrantro elution ell elude
, i .tifectly. It ran ions no I•-sta.h. rode AM:,
Sit.* cif Turpentine. Ammoula, Ands.or •n, arm lethal
sill In any m.o. 10)4111th* Mout Fetichist. eldivuell are
LiuOut to lads it c
übed In tide auto.
Liu no Wuh Rtard. lor chitties are nor o out more by the
Thof 11, than they ate by the we and test In their orna.
is fluid entirely does ewer with tbat in 1.116119 task.
din-crinna arenmpany ft
atly. bold at the nomi
nal mire of 124 crate, sun:tete. for two ordinary amid,
in rf;lrrences.—The following Latham have olefin mo
ay,...aing in hiatiiir terms 01 my Chemical Wash
ing Mid then even I could expect. They an, it foi all
pupae's WIRT. 6.111 article tor cleansing to roduired, Lie
ilemog it to be chraper and amour in use than any other
acne!, Mrs. Elizabeth Fahnestocit, Tunnel
iillartna ta , t4 cora, of Fourth end bmltLnetd xu; }I n.
tier/ R. %Moon. 174, LJberty et Mu. Mary doors, eIL
it..liar iball, (A Crawford 0.. lilt..
Mn. Umitor Manua. near
Mr.. Hannah Porker, booth Common sod Federal rt Al
it,. Mr, Marietta Howard, Lunn...atilt
Vis e n , Ltitred by lb- /ULM IiALL, and rut' by
8. :ii. IIiKERSUAM,
dam Wood, mica, of Hil h.
sUND ......
A u „,, 4,.., 3,34, sod .4'4 M. H. RAWL,
lit malty 5.,41..5.. Rams,: 3004, II Taut. Carrant,,
104lel. ti 45..... Cason: ill .. 3lse,
•..„.. ~,,,‘ --. WO . lteekery PvisK
FL' .. g.4,344.4505pP054' t rum MAD. 31tec..rout
Ins " 3 ,,, L 1 3 " " 3 erutinelth.
1. 0 ... p. lam for.IOU outs Bur Dairy SAS;
40 loluAtiws . WO WouSys Soots. A 4433;
100 . Ikatleasi Prom% FOr Ply by
. . . J. D. WILLIAMS A CO,
. 422 (I.lot of Wald sod WHIP sts.
111.1ES-200 Wt. for sale by
Ay de= . ILOBBOX, Lan& t CO.
I IJI I 7 CIiiVII EA T FLOUR-21) sacks' lluned. ' (' 0 I
UP fio lbs. east, for sale hy
'''• ,2 110ftle,IN. LITTLE ATM) \I ' ' \
HOTTER —5 bbls. Fresh Roll; . - s.i ,nt`,":.°,...”,.1.'t".'27,.,,...Ath-"•4nr,•7:•:"'b'an,"'L
1.1 le •
1 de2l 6 epee ruperlor Wale: for gate by ' \ .
tro MIN . ..N. urrLl: a co 0 . ^ ali • a.
In fhr (frirA:l:ra . ( " er') of ..I:fr,;Aerty Counib Jc..., ,
—. Jun , Ter., A. D. 18. - ,1 f ,
co• n C •. ,
..,.,e.S s e"P% In the matter nr the Partition f' ' -
SHIPS alit
letilip . ' i ' :ll ' 2:C..t.'Lt!:; " l,:! , =. ' m u""''''''' i lIA 1,?. ea?LiNo N Z `as . PRIAM * TUE UNITED
And notr. to at t. Poretnlrr hlth. A IA '
_.4... 1.'4 . ISM on motion of I lenegJo t lla-urnuek. I
i ej.:W. l / 4 , at torn, Ali 7 r th. ,tstuser. the Court ertut I IX THE VIIITr. PPM
. ••Tati , • rule ou all perrour Inhere,. to rove la, , ast.e. 1„,,,,, n 4 f r .,. L,
I. , i...
.1,0 11
•I I.; W.... 5. .1 II of .1.11 der. W areept or rein. [6•
n o m i 011% itP tn. A.`4l '. lll r T ' ''''''4 l.l . I I*a 6
fA , err ot. or lotrreft• of Ihr 'ettl fee. "rte. , nom ,/ nu, A. 4 ''
. '.."""
‘ '''
Ow ger., 1 JAItED M IlltAtill.Chrt. I ijip,jl,ol.6.i . "'“ l "' I ' r L W . T . '• ,
.. Dee 1.1
, ,I,lttlt•T ,
i N A 1.,141,A,E , ..A. N 1... „. .t . ;1t ti,r t0ti ,‘ 1. ,. 5 . ;:xn1 " , .',...,,... ' '.'
~..P et. 1 0 7
New England Society. FUltol, 1...1t. for lAverpool. ..... ... . %L... 111et—,..1./er llf
1 i SERMON Will be delivered before the! 1 , :n7 1 1• • ••••• wi2l,..u:i r .:r •.:.1.n 1 0. , . i
...... ;.„.\4A....Z k i
New EuentnJ r4ro.y. by Iter II HOWRD, ..l W' I. ' r
11,.. re... ... 1,..nt term. Chore,. on Set.hath etenin 1,10. Etat, P. I
1 , ...,10/.1 ,1.1 Fleur.... to corm:ten, at I Ce 10.... P.M. HUM IP 11.1,T ' fi o . N y o ,k ', \. . Noe In
N I ArAh.A. heart, for N \ort ... ...:,----\*. ..,,Ntr Ir.!
1 . 11:.• A tumid Festival Supper of the Sooiots , • , -"E1 ,. . Ols. Or S. 'orb . ',AS°, hi
WII/ 1...,...0 %I thw ST el. III) !full:1.. nu Moods, .vvi. qq -
it', tr.. =I In.( All Let., •I PI, e nu band tl,r Engliaa,lre
, ticker, 1, the Mo r n . , ran In. 0141114nd at 1,111115 . 11.4. leed awl errtlerl ere erht hhe Mott Arnarner.tanettaDer,
of •hot hue
The tlounuen err reque•nol to porrh.,... then- nice. Letter. to theDontlnent of !hire by the Calllp's LION
l eh, hut., 14.... the Mb .ort . a err,raule mird 6. prepaid twenty On.. rent arrnnele rate. excepPlor,
I. W10141(1'11, Inuown pia,. retfulrral to In prryail; full.
I. o LI t INIutION,
Letters to the itgainent lot tutu by the Canard Line t
A. A. lIA lila.
1 .1.. 11. 7 t Committee
Arraneernente 19u•tt Le toraLl lt , re relit” ettitt4. L au. except to throe
/ Y II ft ltil'M AS WEER, e"nuneneing Mon-
ere De, mut nreto
1.4 nun., reek.
111 lit AN SERYN A D1.3t,..
limier lb.. trnmetitaie stotervisinn of it: HORN. formerly
of tioe Vlre.m. nerenalnr, load Ala firet tip:vamp:a
tin. city fur anent
A It ELLS. formerly of Chum, s Minstrela. Duothle.
tun net...natters. and the Original Sable ILannnolitia
J 11111:09. late t.l Ft.lion, and Chroorta
and DumbintonY Elhinrl.o net...rimier,
A snou t : this Troupe mat ON , I. Intual. T. Clift !PSI AN.
the 'it ruleati Warbler: .11 MITCIR.LL, the relnbrattal
Dance., LEI POLD n. Ali:lit:lt, the ton'olnyi I Inhales. with nrtialt of oyual merit
nareltri.taitta Day ant hyttninin two perihrmanaa—al
halYpaat iii the annuitant...l at the ileum! hour In-the
Ttekatn rat.—uo half Drir. Dont, nay at 7. Can
rart n,,otataance . .
d A 14 EI-Ln. 1111.01rier0 Infretnn.
IULASSES-22 blue. S. 11., (St. Jameeo
. N 0 for ..In 1 / 1
0 11 LACKI1U1/N Ivo
Islt I 'FE ItS and °there requiring good
tio• and well wl,mtN .00.1 t. eurtable
not the tra..t• Warnio/, Vann. Y.teuell,
r.naino Wall and 1.1 - 00.0.[ ttnet
,nato 111.n.1.0...11 • and Ilatr, Palo,
rt. D0n.,,, Au 6.2.1/.41.0 of our .task
vt 01 alio- u. . al. I.y J KIDD 1.1.10
tu Wood It.
I T lIER LE Vld ATM', a transparent anti
• nob In In *tore and ior .a.l.f
4. KlOl/ CO
- -
E NA, burnt and ((Bigoted. a.transparunt
7 awl for 10 J. KIDD A Co.
I 1(1110 aOll .
Alt ft AMMONIA—bIJIi ll.q. for Bale 62,
J hlbLl.4l‘)
rritAvELlNii BAus---2. doz. India \ Bute
• 1.0. 111,am., a fit-0 rate cruel,, tor eal, 10 , ,
J. a 11. Y 1111.1.11,.
HOOTS---U pairs for 'ale by
a II 1 1 1111.L11 1 .f..
NDI A ItCiußElt EBBING—SiIk an, s l.
• 1,4. u. 1, Owns,. foe .al. at No II) Marl. xt
-•- •
Jon J rt 11 1.1111...1.11-5.
L , AR NIPETS—I-2 doz. for sale by
.J.l /I 1 . 1111.111,.
Ir.,kotr4 or ;for trallon. foblo at
4101(111t , VC MART, Ifittontol.
vf-ntion tn•plo: but In purcha•lna 17LOTIII 511 Is
orlftly to know •Iforo twee. -Our mono, Jodviovoly
Pforlin.frff art- fr. , 4.1 IO rail at CIiK,TEIC., 1.411-11111.
1,1 of %If an,/ Igor, 01ollatna . and r %amino our AM',
1.. r oar...,lnkl•ant-Jo/110 of 0f...10af,
.h h• not mot,. ~,,, t.l ,off.---. , at.00t 0qua11....1
..1 all -Itoff ,110/I•r•
61. f+ I l'lfl If f 1-1.1,10
71 fuotlfifol.l 41 trot
Sltuaton Wanted.
PRACTICAL and elperienred BOOK
I, 1 1 1 1 •It/o-f- •11,14 , 1,4 an Whott,lll. 11f.0..•
.1.111, SXIIKNeIor, .40--roof-f
,froff IL.. 410. 11t1,1011 - 4b P. U . '
-1010 if
Young Men's Library Lectures.
P. II: 1 4 1 I
t P P the
.T.r 11. rusk I.lllh, Si Th.
1.. " - nu r ..
P.., Sib Si,. h0.,11.1.
r.lar I .Ilea elnrre dmonnia of I.lrendluir tn. N.
an. tan'. , nnr- ran nma.rturet, Laaritr.‘ kir Whlppla.
VI;;IVT:17n" :
f ~• ak..l : l> ran tar olaalnarl at
k, anner..r. and ti,.—r• !I. 11., !1....111.g Korn. .1..4 Ile. Con,
II .11, Mr 10:1..11,
N II tit:nen.
,r A 4111.14.:NS
C ITIZENS' 11,,Immee Sh v r. 3s of
ITIZKNS • lkepomit, of
,t, • .IU.• hr .1 WII.OINS •CO
I;1 .„
.t., a.,
e.• IL. Pan. u.r .
•.....r !,.M K
cwa C•rmkt..•
4 0[IFIS11— . .!11 tes. Grad Karl[, (largo,),
4V 41 r. 4 , 1.4 IK I
•1,.1 . .t.
1 4 1 rV FF: V. 4111; haws m
4„ A It.\ 11 S-- ror 1,1• s Mn Parlamt's, 11. r
..•I• I I w 11 11,. 41.E1 Il\ t,
•nd 1V.,..1 et.
11:.1ZI ANI) ANNUALS, reed
.111111,p, carrarr Dre , ot. Thlrd oppwite
la.l• • Bock. L.r J4¢¢.,
.•t FT 11,0K11.-- % h. nelats of nil Ihr &carnal,
1, I.o en
1 antd inn 10w..t e„l a rn
I UTTER—I 4 pkg.; reed n a n , d ,
, h A n- s r p a L l i %t:y •
r I Altl/-5 kegs fur sale by
TITIIIY SEED, for role by
FL" R.-44 bid , for sale by
`VGA R-15 11114. prime new, for solo by
L. 7 J•ln _ J4lllO WATT CO.
110 , L1 i .. BUTTER-5 liblL llf or
w se ,rr leb , y eo.
1 4 1 11ENCII CCItIIANTS---5 east for sale by
.I.ll' JUIIN 11 ATT CD
BoAßli OF MANAGERS of the
and Otunintbitre, Plank Bowl C,.ml
Pan, '.lI un,l at the of me son-rt.lary. No. 1,1 FIDn
re,, In, Ilrurch r coming, Ihn llth ion , II C.
!lA,' 111 W. 0 LESLIE, Pet 'I ;„:
VRESIi ORANGES—In prime order, at
11.1.01 Inv or :nnts per dozen. fne
Mint It IS' TEA MART, Diamond
B LITTER-it) bbR. fresh Roil, for sale by
;15 bu.Sdiall White, for sale by
()1 , .. „ 1 . 0 ,, N5--4 Lb's. for sale s hy y.
lILED PELTS—I doz. for
i• saltait r..
NUTS-206615.1_1 ICEORY fur 43aht i bly ,
B ROOMS—^_OO doz. Dry C;tra,for iv s . al it a by
_ P
1117 I :‘; DOW L A YS--200 bas Iltl i3 O n ty i„ a n d
lOFFEE--100 bags Ria,'for sale by
x_..) S. I' SHRIVE/I.
d VINEGAR-fel:1:161a. for salelhy
1,1% . 0. P. SUMER.
Q, A LER ATUS--I0 bblif: , fo:r sale by
•i S. r
S UNDRIES -1000 bu. 4 Bran;
auu Shnsts:
cr ;111,1.111ngn
IWO Nur.
lOU bbl..ll4our;
60 dux llruouur
P IG METAL-12 two llnela but blast;
- 11.11ornnla bukAt.;
tor •al.. MURPHY. WILSON e CO..
Iv Vl'md Woof..
1 4 1 EATITERS.--18 sae ' 4 4 L , into Ky., rec'd
2.7 , T '''"'" -47. as t -
4 , 0 IF , tr. SO-AAR—RIO bibs. for solo by
dor J A AIF. A. iftiTninFona-Co.
Q 61.1 A It-L'llEhds. pritn rc crop, on con-
FJ .lontorut, lauding p er rtr Vortnont, for rate by
d,.17 J. A B. Itourol Church.
g 'LOVER. dc Tf MOTiIY-For soli, by
I,_! dor J It. PIA/I'D
J u r IC
i ll'? I EAT
j oill :R a f s i. 2 t t , id,
/...1 ERMAN CL73.1-100 bolo!, foi ß A e
der If. DAL/0110 , Liberty rt.
BUTTER -2 boxes and 2 bbls. Fresh Rolf,
1., Wolf I It. DALLBLL t OA.
MACHINE-1 eecond bald Smut
for rain low to clot. coveleurnent by
t. 1.17 It. DALZILLL A CO..
T ll ,
‘ 1 , 1j, , 1 ,.. N „ TE 1C 1.1 . -- . U--For Lia r cre ii i b m ia uf b k ,. ed ,
d " .
.11" I w `tiiri. 4 iicid, a cu., Liberty
ICKS•'—Another rot of ma:
ini t a4l. l) l L 'aE S le T uirke.junt olue - to baud—and trY 'Muhl
advhhn pureben.r. to rail arty. en thin Artiele in At peaeht
grnat &Man& kleitif 11. It ICHARDtAiN.
I IRAN I ES--11 bble. just reed per
ntn.tonr Dltul.m. hod for Ws by
ti M. A. kIrCLUItAI a 1.:11,
.1016 Unuce.r. Autl
/.I.' il
lL n ED . fl u .L1t r 8— .4 1. , t , H,11 , 1 6 1 , ? . .}i 4 1ii. Crumbed ,:
JAIILS A. IlLiTelllizr: • bY.
A words Vt. Louie VlAmm yoga. ll.rurrr.
113LANTATION IifOLASSES-20 barrels
:1 0 • l a uding "`..rA t ikrl."iregligf. , 3 co.
LIU A It-25 MIL Dew, to arrive, for mile by J. 8. DI LIPORTII it
K superior
very eupe
irti ‘ ro i cithe N... Brighton Mill,
" It, nets, rua.tanrlr tan hold and for
tetToolcl• copy.f -
11 A k.-49 bales for sale (on wharf) by
AI - W. & P. WILSON, 14i First 4.
I'AR-40 bble. N. 0., for sale by
dell J. 8. DILWOIITEI a CO.
11010 SIN bble. for sale by
111. oat a.S.nnWORTII & Co
lens .tq the [lsere L,n murt he p twenty tour
per e Postage F. I uldecl.•arept to
street Braient..
Newstnoerot by either Ling to the Contle7t. must I.
pretuld four [von, each.
Inland Yuen.. must be added on LenorelT o .,i Newspa
per t the Continent of Burnt, the re •Fr e Bar Bremen
The market on Saturday wee without an •
movemint of Interest. The weather vu Ter, cold, and
very little rem doing in the market. fo far es gnotatloite
or. coed, vs hero no chanit to notion.
Ft... , lill—Ziotnlttetandlne that tvviiitite ere virtinatif
cut air froth oar market, the eoptillee on hand seem autn
dent 10 the demand. We continue our quiitstlons from
Trot betide 1,112 7142 97, and from store af 0043 IZ(13
3IT bit for e. I'. and extra.
me,..f t REELINO PACKKT,'7 splendid
cloaca Et eteamar DIURSAL. well, moo
ter, let a porton:chap her raga tirtirackly trip betimes,
this et% wa.r.b .1
" D'J
AlLV.4 c rtroMUittral=4 '
The Diuipal s side wh.l Coat. &Pitts otwol Meanest
and lastest Ws ever constructed tor UM trade. Puma
gers and shippe can depend pa her diatinulnicia (ho
Al i .k4ipFF!, , ,‘fr,ittsKlE,L.g.% 4Ettir .
.—Ther . el No, mut er .
trill Jetta Plttobitrtib Captina r atiddiockipse!
d epend
mit o'clock, `E. P. g r o g and ahlypars
depent upon this boat Tang regularly darlaik th.
low re
fight daan.
Far fre or passage, Cy'
Th.mstet to coon other respect is quiet. with lip 0
1./RAIN—The e. 116.1. for several /lays have bran mallard
towall lov., • —W beat OrojOoc. R. 40. Barley 40. Corn
405345, and Oats
Unt)CERIES-10 e have no particular chan. either In
promnr d..mand Sugar hiatead, aka small ania. at 6
1.17 0 4:, Molas...a Is scary, and nary dm at 37 GP 3 50 for
Orleant, and 404041 for Snaar hours. Cater Is steadl.
with 'wadi vales to CRY lald country at 4.0 may
1...w0n...! it 4 sc Ir m.
I.Itt,Vl,ll.MS—Wr have no alteration to nollm In pH
re o...thin, or ron,tuance hu transplm.d.
A6llE+—+i/n tine. lawn enunned to small lots at. Soda
A 413. 300 ' 3 , a .I . stalsab Salaratua 5 41. Oa. and Pots 416 e
01111,13E1 —Further a 11... of rectified. In small lots. at
, 421:(C1.5.11•TI, Dee 16.
The followino,tatecoent 010114 the buthoest of lb. Post ov.l of Mt totooott
11.:o•lved b) river renal' , Ana rail . . 10.346
Uo e from Kentucky - - .8,000
,I. , laughtermt in CoTitilVOU ............ :LW)
Through toll 'gate, .. 14.174
eltu9hterN.l l'lNlnvlllr 6,510
Totnl'. . o'o,o
trevlowly report ' rd
Tu_thls dlite net rear 164,733
We hake not boen • ebb Leeortaln the number that
ott,the forriet fit= Kontuckr the Nutt week, and
the tjAou Arleen ea 0.0,4-teen eetlenate. which. however;
IN not far trots. the correct nuchhe.r. Thle eatlniate If wrote
it 01 In corrected an our nowt,—i Prim, Current. • .
10,1: NoV EMBER,. 1.551.
Th.activity eble r h began to peni1e...4161 month
...., isuetl to lorwlerate extent thnnin.l3 tills. and
au lon e n ha. Pat ittnm the wfiale realized prletelp
rompare. with the lodh‘,Ke,s w.e. In the tartan. yet
trh , . I out.. oh ti prrow and coarse cloth. Hare
and g.n. a tali. protit deutiption or
the tu•rket.le elounafttiv•lrii i her, and the demiod
keep., pee. the produfklo, SD. m• tbdon la an hits
.ointe.llo,o keep pare with the
prire ot w..' It h,. beva illaterent within ., far In [lite
koal meant:melon.. name. in are., romp ht
non vitt...the I..nalrti and equnnental mantitactarrr. But
etril the Anierlean ruaoulatturer will bare roam het
terr Lea.,• tarn., profit lima hen twee [berme For
the tan two Fur, The crop are mut both la Logland
•0.1 , hem.thout tun, uutelly. Ihte will make money
pLot r. end to tarreaelne the ennetampau will taseessarl-
It ateke it lea, an Wi,ert L. *gad to out market with.ut a
last. r al•nu.e than the, have been coma...lnt to tate (or
the put thre....ent.r. nut the strut use will he lb. de
n. os wool (rat Auntsall.. The wore bl the groat
aloatalaee al kohlla that at gion Is cuogroind, and Me r.f,
up u on the •ntirmlearal luterert of that country are
nature. pen,plll.l, Alt the surplue labra. hm none to
ture. oral the flock ma
ter. are len • 'thou,. am u
s 0w... to 1:11101S, or •beat tholr in many ta
rtan... they ate tall without en, tauter
This state thin, must maim:tor the price anneal sir -
•r., who, end It will the trianularturerr a batter
rhea,. at home for a earree,ful . - omprtltion with the tor-
There now doubt but that the arrelartlho
efcol la the Un.ti hit pot IL opt tap with the demand,
toil flint Jell ...act. is urns; lug larger ever, ear. L,
' el hewn opareted this rut tO help to
late slot, The eat recur &nowt. II the immtner en4m(ll4, what. . ler. te.ttmo of lb. mills ware partialtn
the aterwritu tiie , ” the money market, which encoprll
el the manatee, 41 . wome larger otitis, and tha vary high
hr to •hirh attainekt to the manna: thaw. attars
o!. le.en the means of accumulating...tong to the amount
or ,loot tae, met ILL weather th e SU. thou tut war.—
This. but for Ito. A urinelien new.. would hare tentleann'
to Liearees-Pri-e, 0. 11 /0, the inert. will Le tolerant...l
wail to lkillegaVarj.—
Ne ,tranne our puohalons. - •
1 0 4.
Full tl,eJ Sannel
Light Merino ami ..... --ALVIN\
Pelt. am In demand and ontae In .Orly.ilmats od .
tared taro, Aims le.H for tlMM:p..e.and the ,driCa• maga men
to . f.e. Tit. demand 111 lon .tme 0001 oat din
Wm! Ihntrar.
Adams & Co.'s Express Office
S R WAIL/VIM to N0..80 FOURTH Street.
cr• nreivingt imut rhilaelphka lu
twurc,..o.l Co/ wardmq to l'to:cddphla fu to boom
West Newton Plank Road Route
L , TEA SI LItS leave tiller a day j morning
1. - 7 and ovoutr r i ll arcs., Bonder./
Merniog float tear. the Blind' Boat, above !be 310-
nonaabola Breda, at R( o'clock.Kooning hoat leave, oallr (excont Sundarel ats o'clock.
at , to Philadelphia. 511. T. Baltimore. MO.
For tick.. call at the Plank Raul Elottontrakela
Hem, Water aueot.
0017 J.J. EVANS, Agent.
Stage Coaches for Sale
liilVE.fine Troy built Coaches,
I haring been run but • short firm
..ith blamer+ and teams for each if re
%prat. f r sale lory aurlisra D. LEM:VS CO,
derbial (butal Baia.
To Bridge 'Builders.
EALED PROPOSALS \ for re-building the
li - re len Structure of • Bridge over Pekottie Creek.
now began . . Pete, .41 be rerelred at the blommaisalnu
eS..4 Allrehrny and Wertmorelandkouotie, letitre plant
ant effeenleatlon• ran be sent till It Milletnoon. of the
1' Inge. \ JaMes
dele Comaalstiacees of Allegh.o, C0n..97.
Comnaluloorr‘9 1.11119«, Pitteturel. D. 12. 1951.
- & ReanotWilod 8
THE Aubncri er respect furm
s his
farmer Illena I the public.
ite_herally, .hat be
hao removed to the Ahtkaortrot tomer of Market atteetand
the lhathowl. letttracmln the Divanthl.l where he il pee
p axed to exemhe all kludsL.f Dealgulihr had Abed Eiumt•
•......hrlt SP Vteara of Il Idlnito, Steszuheate and'ilarhlal.
mry. Porivtiel" - &ala or .7 dercliPthhh OTIIMIL•htM
N....piper livid, biro gala ea ter~ Cott. h.tulDs, Show
'Bilis. tc. Texmo very toai
_Jets . \ JAME9II. PllFllia.
LOOK 07! --
A Great Speculation I'
.CAPITALISTS.—I ?tow oiler for sale
esti LAND. principally under One cultivation. within one
mho of the Cityof Wheeling. runninedown to lb. Ohio
neer. and bonierMg thereon. with inexhaustible supplies
ilrat rate coal, alue where boot s quo ley loaded direct
from the nukes. end which coal will won hemmetthe I
...met supply tot city consumption—the bankenow nos, 1
or the city becomme more or lee. exhales tiek Also, for I
enn; miring en. or purposes therm Is non superior
tit ' land running d ion to the river, and Rhin oti;\
mile of the (My o f. Whee ling, which City to no the 'en-
PleiUnt of three rutin:Ada in active progrese, to cont.
ur i Tho Lend also, le well adapted to gardeniAg
meet, buelnem will !Aqua., as hams.. wlth th r. e-1
wants ot the city. will dispose of the property' in whole
or .0 hunired nem lola, provided .0 arrangement of that
kltd could be mnslaclorily made. Any intbrmation
"rented upon thirsubleg ran be had by addressing the
aubmriber. at Wheeling, Tit. • t,
dellfloo GEO. T. TINGLE:
Olive and Green Satinettl.
fro .tern. or ea. colored hatinetti• ..0 saw
I. I N ortort . wear. Alito, timer mixed Ulu, wad • fall as
wirtmirut of blitck, Matte mixed, •e.'•
60, Twowls sad Jim. rreat , Tartetit tabled aka
t i rtZh V V:Ati t s o nil h •li ' w ' ilrf i lalitt.tt4etto emir "L
Buyer. aro inwtrof to call with when making pturitli
wa, our asutirtmunt being kept Ter, lull by the alcuimt of Now Goo.. u•lt
bir+vi pate. nod the health will bosom:1. MORSE'S
.. ..ompnd Ityrup'of Yellow Doze Boor le the beet part.
11, of t he blood now known, consequently Mohan res.-
A end Hemmer ot toalth. All my on who bevel:mod IL
A few (
bare oft.] performed wonderful entre, mita
ttoprekent ' •
“The undernened basheen at:Meted with [het llntterlnC
dlo•me—toneumptlon, for , many yearfiend her case gm - la
Cl' how*. by eta physteumm the lodneml to t r y
the Syrup of \Mow Dock hoot. and after taking ere bat
tbe wag to perfect health."
D.C. Weal., Yet.
nth Ward, Pateittrah.
The above Medicine le tor filo whole ale and retell by
.lall.l \ FLE
10 14141.1 Wood sc., tor, of Math.
Feefich Broadoßah&
AI ITRPiIY &11UftelIFIELD, at the north,
11 eat isomer of Ouurtli sod "darted trivet& Oval,
ti n 'moil a e appl y shorn artirle, &IA are ram
f a in M ashen: thore of dm most &paroled manufacture.
ar..ra of Cloth will stuillt to that,. &dean:atm In ottamiti.
lonnut p p de nacre porctlaalon. Thar ohm keepilrencb ,
klritlah nod AJLerfron CaesiMate., thick and fancy xolora.
Low pricad ;mien. brown, soda/len broths and L'oadoulta•
11, hope wear. Tweeda awl dean,. of venous toLuttra, -
►;, 524 511 at Inv porta lot quality. ,
A thole a make etlift.7l.lllELTleil, always iriu
car tor d. ovine Linen., made
submeriber has just, t)seived from Ea
o' t of brautlful PINS, elotw,
•eurelJ c. 4,1 oat otot.elliehtd. Alno—usbue ealecUon of
i.TottA;;lir•l.4eur t' n er uew stjla ood GUketunou
I ri to elope o • ' omeoL
" " Lr"lr
81fro of the Uolao
- --
Goods for Cold Weather. \ ----.
yi UR PIES - a
‘ B LIRCIIEIELIY invite the at
tetako of bdrc to lima . err fall aaaortadrft of
„o n ,. mad, of ri U.! r adapted far cold am ;ar t
'''. lll.g• Made Plaona white. brown, Ida* awl plaltir„
Octants. 11rIth do. Fulcra Madeall colon;
~,., t„.. a , Q.V., do, ~ Parting do, dorkir re y . ar o '
tlcf..6%triedt..4‘ttot..".l9o7ta7tle°.".\ W oad h' d ' i r tloo 6th alsly . ply "l a r lsLAN ' .
-loam ku.i ne.e . rivad. - \,. .
1 IRIED APPLES-IX' bbls. far enlei by
1.1 dela ~ \ 6/. P. BIIItIVYJE
60 altdri , ttar. Nati Gib INntorn
ft'F'\),Al ,tl.lottkl."..tbrltigiec"'
fort raoclatag alai bowl.. by \
deb, JOldti-WATS a CQ, Marty at.
‘ 3 labls. hub lloS
• Cot bons 9; 2 ° B
60 b b euY
• hi
I club 31nrr W
& H. larrai
hut reathins amel I* ice by
dal° • Jor
. ,
,A,VOR. , NEW 'ORLI:ANS.—The - .
1 1. Wendm_ now NEW .
an.,,,..1. . tutor. wAll leave h.r the a loe
d 4:11 inter4 t ediate t :.l o t. as ~,,o ~,,,,,,t oo 0p ....
. ,
P* might hr trlfr.U. e ,ply on b 0 , A P„,,, 0
A..... \ , AMICK a Co.. 42 Water at ..
heeling and Pittelnirch•Packet—
fiA,q;TE,..1..1U(..7 D!—J l 4l N igi l ga it \
\ 's
1 ..:;.,11;: . ..g.TurNaky, ThorallY and Saturday, a to
1 pr...,...1. 7 .', ,
1 If the ASrirr rates ore nordow enough. w e .N make
further r.. 1 oettoo. . \ . . \\ ..
The M INCIIESITY, Capt.'Gra D. Monet, will la t . .
thttolgtrah every Tuesday, Stinralar. and Saturday. at le • \ \
A. M : returning , learef ‘ Wheellng every Mond a y. Red
ned., and Friday. at '$ JI. M. \
P.:. and or paavage. bay log superior aeremurealatiOae. • ,
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CI, I l'l'Llt •No. 2.' Capt ir ldooes, ,, will v e eat.
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The C:llpper No, 2 0 one of the festal boob erer •
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4, WELLAV4LE PACHDD—VM rPienllgadt
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1, Or. '" r a c ke t famer FOREST 1.. Tl,_ A.
Dualoch, twAter, klat• Pittsburgh for Wellni/le emir . ` --:' •
it r, I:elal'alfs 4 Xrlttr .) " 1 1:y . ` 1 .11.010.4 Tihr. V; . :. ~
Formt City runs In eponeetlort with the Cleveland and \
Itsb , nrgh Rall ,, road e Id: , „
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neket Agent. 0. M. IeARTON Monongahela Irma, ' \ "
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~L.O t Agee . .BA K,, ES, No. d. IN Mar and 64 Tint
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Allt PACK RT,CINCINTI, diptaln John
ir an nattera. This rtairsn boot wa. built by
the own,. of The seam . litaaa Ndarton, and wham, !, .
th. et.d.n. , .44 Pitt , _horith P.ket \tra4a and lear
arery IVeiltte,Jar fur Cincinnati. \
n o r freight or pausal., apply . on Ivard. or to
nol: U. B. MILTENBVIGER. Airent
Ladies ' Seeretaries.
TWO beautiful new style Lsatts scares- • .\\
X atm finished and frit axle by .
de4 JOSEPH )IEIICR, No. ti.l4Pcnn G.
New Dyeing , Establishmeni.
...itotp. , •
SABELLA HOW, near Fedeial stree l .
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prone the 'Tartlet Hotel," A IleghvG Cite, w tit t orto the rititene of Pitt/hurt h. that they dye ~•\ N
Drees OnOdol, 0 , , of ern . , Glade tad oolor,_ Silk Velvet* \ \
dyed end finished equal to new; Caahrocre. cant.. era ',
lte Lalne,hlitiale, and erect , violet y ,If dres•Roodaelesord. '‘„
soJ the colors to•tonG L. then. former brilliancy, leaden. \
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W or dyed or,thout being (sten to D.., and warranted . s
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L.erts. •116.1. or any o th er thhetand liable to Injure the • . ....
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Ity elly. delChig .
Ca — IVISS WATCLILS, direct from Ge- %
I 7 nera.—ti do: Lallat, Gold limiting Gwen ' \
Wahie. of weed., quality and eligaut dreign. •
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Oti - Tairte..l/1 II: RIeII , IIOIIAOS. • \
Book-lietper Wanted:
W ,I 0 SA LE LiOUSE, on Wood street;
dl rut, ou in, 1.1 of J nosy,. expotleswed
To one g otlitnlta au olttuutaq,
oaltry It. ekJ.11,.., with rw.l namN
.. 11nk.." at thl4 .011..nalulakations will Fe held
mtaideotial. l N•ear
Steam Saw Mill for lieut.
. .
rIE SIIA M SAW MILL, at the molth of
Candy CroeD, billn mile. shove Pittahurg lb• -
r At i ost.eny rio.r. Muth .4, Ifatkred furl puL lh• Mill'
Uln mAxi ruoulog I T,l, ant • Ira Cht.pping
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lwrge Dwelling lluun•Alajittwetied to the ' , remind. Fca
Distbier appir ILe premiers to
Wllkinnbursrb P. Pee 1957.—fde11,11w1.3
Good News for \ the'Ladiu I
, PILLS, an P tun/rant, Per Cffeernat Itounaaly
Ni. Alb., *appro.., Nervous katalay.
General Weakne. Nanum, PeloLiGtba Goal .4 Uinta.
L a " a r Appetit", Tramcar. talvtatio.
Costly..., Irritability, Piapep.. nr , lmPaeation, flaw.
Waver ,au 4 all Utorlua Complain. Preto eta;
and hr ALI. IM DI/ualtha.. 414 a Po I partalata
,Graal with ~c
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The True Digestive Yloiti, or Gastric - Dim
fi 001) FLESH AND BLOOD are the 'pro-
NT ducts of good food. and picot - , of it. Weil iilliP_end ......'' ' ..
and wall ocavettni M e
Mtn the I numb. t.f nutrition. tattle.
out a braltry stomach, and g ood sower of digestion. itie..
plebs that good dean and blood cannot he peceineed. emilil, \
1 . e.11:t L b eutll&'i r
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WM IA name NOT septa - I.l ' hr lii. /taught . a's Md..
ted PKYSIN. or true 'limner Flnlii. mede from /bestow.
bell of the Ox. the teal dig - retire material itself. created
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doing wonders toe the - Lean Kin," with bad stommixe,
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fig t =a n od d l:ntgla g r i l s_ot h oi 1,1%P I ! "
El oubfELL,
(humid wholesale and retail An e nt.or Pttlabeabh. .•
also—For Me by Pe. E. bilLLElin, 67 Road street. -
Chester's Clothing Emporium;
jpELEBRATED for Neatness of Fit, Fine
so Dees of Quality, and Deratally of Watkatamais—
Our stunk Is full and comphre, etattracluit all - arrielee
Dates sat Doyle entail:W.4 Yurnintting anode, Wm.
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No. 71 SMITHFIELD .114 sear Daoatond
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ElMlN , arid tt to United Matta, to retain the+ OdittrUi
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1.141 übanrfor. Their •
Is eniely . an Oxide of Thei s sate lieraireniel free tom at
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be•ohtelle white, moil it vetted,. free Crest the VeUelleltel
YeitinrA,' ,I,42,.ert,,,e=rtriltjell eleolterons to the
irete.r6T - Tur*A. YELLOW;
' • • • expo:wen to pulphunsus sr mephitic extmlatioisa:
soda when Mat up in • close room is as outside - t e r
it withstands neouthern climate and the wmtber
thsuNiny othor, not belay' IMAM to turn chalky ow to
crumble mad tu b GIL It may be worked with my make,
biyht whter uni Am. or with raronsh,•hish giros Mot Cele
utted &veldts two&
Thome furniehongt • low priee...l ore undonbtadly ':
the. cheeped and lomt Won; in the market tor ownini
O, Soudan outhouses, etewsliaste. or tiny ...Pi aim
Mci of wood s rit. tin, os Ono, to tiny Ire both
Foe troy . A .,* they are putkularly valuable. as MAY
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non they dry num 1 ....1 h•Tt • hum imitillie hem.
do not Meuse now mane- t the eirthy UMW 00v
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F ish -100 bble,
20 'V.
TIIK KORAN, by . rtan's:\4!LIISACY:
my et ItelmacholT; ontslann's ult.% for We by .
4.12 \ 'li
J. L.' ttE Fnutrth
St it .oxes ' • qr stile b y
14. LI • \
4 ,/N. WILISKZY--44 bble. far Bale bp',
A.CIILBEItr4ON 4,00.
UFfAI,,fritIOBES—A fine selecton for
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VDER-31)00 kept Blasting;
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fia ALE RAT:I S-3 2, &As for ealo
13 dol3 W /UK!! AIoCANDLAInn. L•••
Asa boon roalxod. And an for Ala by J. L. USD,
• '
ull,. at. Apollo pond/ono: \
\ yattoon Proglao Ala/
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‘4ladoor'o 11 Lloary: . •• •
Coopees Paula/ do.
Booporo Anglia/ do.
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Clinabilk on Damao of Pumas:
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lioateo Itharifer. -
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ge — No 3 Mackerel;
No. • • ,
M. Rao by
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10 pry
2 tasks C 046.11
20 Ibis. for eale by \
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