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    „ITT, and m.
thought him nn
War an impression
- •
infallible Church was ira
hnd that Popery was not the
al and persecuting thing it once was.
f sperially'was it thought impossible that
inthisnountry, under the influence of our
. .
genial Republican institutions, that Re
: ilintista could do otherwise than improve
its 'manners and spirit, and perhaps in
become a tolerably respectable sort of
affair for 'liberality and toleration. The
" - Rlanzish'paPers and orators in this 'country
seemed to ha as great friends of liberty
SS could be found. But the
have changed; and now these papers
denounce "liberal Catholics" as little bet
ter than heretics. There is evidently an
effort going on to. whip in. and drill to
• the right principles the few adherents of
the Pope in this country who have imbibed
somewhat the spirit of our institutions. A
. great change his come over the spirit of
-their dream wi i thita the last few years.
They now come r out with a marvelous
beldam:is in favor: of despotism and intol.
crance.., In Europe, however, the Roman
Catholit press instill somewhat in advance
of their brethren in this country. There
they have gone back to the doctrines of
the darkest days • and as their boast is,
that the Church is always and tiverywher ,
thyhame, the do - ftrincs avowed in Europe
are those held in this country, though the
time to avow them-se boldly may not have
come: - We copy the following paragraphs
• from the November number of 'the Inter.
national .Magazine
In France, we. have the (.'niters regret
Ling thit Luther was hot burnt, and that.
the Church has not still the power to use
...Title stake;. and in 'Et/gland -we have the
..-;;.'t...Rantb/er, a journal which is considered the
I'r organ', of the ,moderate party, as distinct
. from that of the Tablet, - boldly expressing
'wishes and hopea of en even more debata
- '6le character. Thy' creed of the king of
``Naples'is authoritatively declared to be
';that . every Catholic. -In a late number
- said—
tS us not, Protestants of England
aid Ireland, for an instant, when you see
• 141,pouring forth our liberrdistns. When
you ,hear'n Catholic orator at some Catho
iseemblage. declaring solemnly that
:.,,f;frtliti'S is the most-humiliating day in his
when he is called upon to defend once
':"more" the. glorious principle of religious
rfreedom'—(especially if he says anything
=about the Emancipation Act and the tole.
- ,..."'ration tit conceded to Catholics)—he not
too simple in your credulity. These are
,]%brivi, words, hut they mean nothing;
nothing bore than the promises of a par
liamentary candidate i to his constituents on
the hustings. He Ts ,not talking Catholi
cine, but nonsense and. Protestantism; and
he will no more act on these notions in
different circumstances, thhn you now act
on them yourselves in your treatment of
him. • Yon ask, if bowers lord in the land,'
, .:and you were in a minority, if not in num
bers 'yet in power, nhat would ho do to
you? -That, we say, entirely depend
-upon.oircumstances. \lf it Would benefit
• 'the cause of Catholicism, he would tolerate
::you:, if expedient, he would imprison you,
famish you, fine yon; possibly, lie mi:yht
even hang you. But be assured of ono
thing: he would never tolerate you for the
sake of the glorious 'principles of civil and
'religious liberty.'"
Again, it is said—
' "Why are we so anxious to make the
Church wear thh garb of the world? Why
...des we stoop, and bow, and cringe before
that enemy whom we are sent to conquer
r and anntlffate , Why are we ashamed of
the:deeds of our more consistent forefath- i
. • era; who did only what they were bound to
do by the first principles of Catholicism
. . Shall I foster that damnable doe
' ' trine, that Sociniattistn, and Calvinism, and
Anglicianimo, and Judaism, are not every
one:of them mortal sine, like murder and
Adultery? Shall .I lend my countenance
to thikunhappy persuasion of my brother,
'"that he is not flying in the face of Almighty
GAd every' day that he remains a Protes
tent ? Shall .I hold out hopes to him that
will not meddle - with his creed if he will
:not meddle with mine?. Shall I lead him
to think that religion is a matter for pri
vate opinion, and tempt him to forget that
---he has no more right to his religious visas,
thins he has to myparse, or my house, or
• my life.bloocl I No!' Catholiciam is the
• most Intolerant of creeds. It is intole
mac*. itself, for it is truth itself. We
might as rationally maintain that a sane
man has a right to maintain that two and
two do not make four, as this theory of
religious •liberty- Its impiety is only
equalled by its absurdity."
. We refer abo've to the Univers, the or
gan of the Roman Catholic party in France.
The editor of that print, at a dinner recent
given for:' - Bishop Hughes, at the Astor
HotMe r nas complimented in a toast by our
excellent, collector, Maxwell, who, of
endorses the fallowing choice. par.
agraph-: -
.....;A.lteretie," observes the editor of the
Uniners,-"nrarained and convicted by the
Chtiiih, used to be delivered over to the
Secular Tower, and punished with death.
Nothing has ever appeared to us more oat
t:xtral; or more necessary. More than 100,-
-perscrus perished in consequence of the
' - . ll l:"X ; Wicliff; a still greater number
-• ' . , Huss; it would not bo
:•- "2:9 bloodshed caused
, • , not yet
. •
• .IJ, for November;
for November,
M Mao of Wax: • now work by Douglas
121 i mot ,
at 'MIMES' Literlary Depot, 74 Thiel dreet,
ne Pow 011tre. oott,
loar a Smyth apt Market etTeetpi, havia a recently
SD ' MY) rai n 4
tofu 20 , :tgam sad buyers gencrally. axter o fir: •Nr.
R lO COPFEE--10l . ) prime Green;
FRESH TEAS-35 hf. chesta Y. II.;
- 50 pkge. 0- P. tad Imperial:
55.1,L elle.. Black: for gal. )1Y
BROOMS -50 doz. for solo by
0013 .1. B. CANIIIII.O.
rIANO COVERS—I doz. Vulcanized In
dla I.Lubtor Plano, 1100 reed frotallnalun, and for
a at 11, Rubber lJepoo 111 Harter el. '
Or;R. J. k 11. PIIIT.LIPS
Y .
0T ASH-10 riviltii prime, for sole by -
0015 .." J. 0 1DU A o'o.
11 0L T L ni. B b UTTEH-15 bb . l l , ..
l l:l;ii , tr , i ,v ierove,
n ~,
nl5 Round elturoh Iltaltbuit.
1 In buns Ittaseell A Itablusees t' , Loeolo
10 " W. U. Grant n n's
Jobe. • hum's 'lO ° .
Fur tale by
B IWO:US—IOU dor—Poland, tor,dide by
bOl4 J a IL WlA.lgio.
. . _
ii I No 0 north st, Lan reed (hit tanyniag by Adam'
j,,,, A Inrge lit el Cloaks and :ache, minable far L.
,1130. and Unfitly.o. An early call rill wars a e%olets bar-
Also ree'd—A troth and large ettek of Trimmings, 01
cot, deekrah , e style.. . 005
-§ Alt') OIL-12 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
.4 4 on , JAMES DA I2ELL:
PTE. 't URPENTINE-70bbls. prime, for
rate , Inol2l It. A. FAUN ESTOCK
(I ETTA PERCHA !—Just Teed, a coin
-11 pls. aroortmonenf Gotta Pereha floods, ...inine
part of the fallovrinm. Heads, three Oas
rem Firea
large asearnall: Fere, Card Plates. Fruit Piet., Wants
Saw., Spittoons. Funnel. ani Bunk. of different sires,
PAtent Collapsable Oil Cann for machinery. Picture Frames.
Paguarreotrne Frames, Shoe Bolar,llater Sheet Unt.
to Porch, for lining area., Hreul Trays, Soda Plpe, ff
and b inch round Cord. with • vatiety.of ankles too OLP
manal. to rovuttnn. For Mk at So. 116 Market street
n.,10 J 11. PHILLIPS.
• A PIANO FOR $125.
NIAIIOOANY G octavo, modern made
Piano, Lotting been ueed shout throe rears, for sale
at one huntired and tsentydSro dodo,.
by Agf.;..z , v , r , rd; ej r sta r n o t t. Roardoood Plano, odors. to Mr*
A largo idnet it non Piano, on bandsod tar sale
rrrdo.Vddu b, SOO 4 . JOHN 11. MY.LLUIt.
on:15 at it tat
F ILF.SII TEAS-60 pys ., 014; ..
C k g . `"''
C.ehrints my. Uatl i m.
Rm. WC by trols) .1 A; R. FIA)13).
sides N. Y., for sale by
A not., J.a It. FLOM
POT ASH-2.5 casks pure, for sale by
0015 . J 0. MOM
8 Ri ?.. ( , ) 4 m "°" T z :gk r )lrS i .t e S b LI T N. 61 Water At..
A PPLES-30 bbls. reed on coneignmen
Mid for oak. by T. 001)05 R CON.
0014 61 Water ft
110ILAX-1 care for sale by
oot4 KRYSF.IL d MeDOli ELL. 140 W. 41 a
1 111105 IE GREEN & YELLOW - 4 easels,
gu,tior quajity . . s fdr nab. by
nui 4 &RI KR t Me1)1 WELL, 140 Wood st.
FEESII FRUIT-3 casks Zara+) Currants
31 Mae. M. R. Raising
CO hi boxes M. IL ItolAtug
" r :rnt=
Foe sal. by D WILLIAMS O
tol4 110 Wood stmt.
IV' ASII BOARDS-50 dog. liolmets' Pat
, oct fJr
ml.l J. D. WILLIAM% Cu.
in LACKING-110 dor-Alanort's Challenge
AI for axle by J. D. WILLIAMS El
POT ASII-10 casks for sale by
sort J. 0. WI LLIAMA I CO
ALITM—nO bills. forciinle by .
.12 11„ A. PAU!, Y.STOCK I on
e11.,— ..,, 10 , 1A15. Winter ,
. _
I I lIEESE—SOO prime Shipping;
i / mn m+imi:
30oCunamora ree'd and fvr sale by
4 PYLES-70 bide. for sale by
ii. enCl J. D. C•ANFIrd.D.
In thenaii of Ocilla Perch. Rho. Role, which are
, to bet mono durable. than lathe, sad to lierptho hot
du and comfortable. tor..]. (with dltrctlonalbr Falun:
on) at 116 Martel. 'toil J. A 11. 1.111L.1.11'1i
;p N 1.1.
No. 91,Tru.,,,,:
' ` )ar We hr Innlsl JOAN linyr a co.
LEATHER-2M aides New York;
• I dos. Calf Sklar. !Jr sale by
onla . JOIIN le . -ITI aPI
BK W lIEAI-100 sacks Bulled, fot sale
[was! WICK A NIcCANDLEted.
SIN TWIST TOBACCO-1.11 kegs N. 1,
Met reed on consignment nod fee' sole be
BUTTER -10 bbls. solid piked;
2 . )
—Poe Ala by legs do
INDIA RIBBER StiOESLJust reed, 270
ya., Gentlenaines, and !Homes' Ind. Robber
a.. of the nevost styles solincfselnred. The nubile
ars Invited to can and exatnive oar sWek, an lb,
sty inaperizr in any ever oliornt Mar ket tT Yes ellh. at
lbeinela ILdbber Depot. No. stead
nail 1. t 11. PHILLIPS.
1 REEN APPLES—Fin b — brz. for sale by
0012 ecrner Pet:n.oo lettso ste.
lON COVERS-2 doz. India Rubber Gun
•JR Cover.. a alte dieratee4 lenethe. jtut reed sod
for eel* et No.llo arket Meet
nol4. J tyl. PHILLIPS
LAI Llfe Proverrars anl Jor.lcot, of olLtlao differput klado
Ono utoot wed, 1.1 sole at oho BOtto . ryt ta i laaot
It 15 Able. Ltneeel Oil: 10 TM. Roll stllP4n
10 tle. Tannin' Oa: W.. V.llltal natt
It, . ' Relrita Twat. ID " 1100: .
WO kw White lewd:
I L: : " l b‘a. tVei V: melte Aid tioale; _
2-1 ... IlipueLeh 15 ti j oil i lOg i r k apt i t r ob l eA for rile by
anhe No. 113'Wootfifel.
1 4 NLAX-3 tons for salt, by
CHLORIDE OF LIME—Ot the best goal
banstantly et bud soul for sale by
Wrest st.. Sear Ilarko.
,n UTTER-20 boxes. prime Roll, just roc'd
_Ns ..1 By sale by 7.11 CAN FIELD.
PEARL ASII-10 tone No. 1, lbr salelpy
003 • J. B. CANYINLD.
SODA ASH.—We are prepared to contract
vita Mau .11.nratturerr and the trade avoids'''.
en Wlr rupply of Soda Lath dating the wialtr. at
prtment market price. Ifs warrant our Pada Ash equal to
thal,dltoporttaL • DILDNDIT. IthllltY IW.
BUCKW BEAT rFLOUR-100 bags hulled,
ere and for gale b,
eon S. a
C .HEESE-7 boies Cream: .
41 " E°.l l " 'tk triondo
laLAInR •~ role D 7 I. DICKE Co.;
nob Water end Erect Fen.
LARD OIL-15 bbl. No. 1, (Winter,).for
sale 1.11 J. KIIOONSIA V.R CO,
nol 2.1 Wend street
DHOW ROOT-500 lbs. Am., for Bale by
ml J. KID') 00.
DREAM TARTAR-2000 lbs. for gale by
00l J. KIDDkGO,ta Waal FY.
POD LIVER OlL—Rosh ton ;
genoino, to Intik or by the dos. o
J. r RTlMformasby
00l KIDD CO.
AtAst, to pernrot Balder.. and Gray Gale, to rektna
the har when It has fallen off or become thlw And toeure
effectually &ff tu ar Dandruff.
6 growl jurt reed and nu ludo by the damn or While bot
tle, n o de drng store of B. N. WICHEREHAII.
• Wood otratt turner of tilgth,
CC/AR LEAD-900Thu. White, for sale by
s 7 nod J. KIDD CO, 0) Wand rt.
TOBACCO -100 bocce Sberwaod's s'a and
•on rawir.AAAA sal for rein by
7, '",IITTER-1000 lbs. prime Dairy Packed,
bbla. S. 11. gyrup, for
& CO.
Cold Weather lute Come
of 3.1. e. ond Bo n . it...dy mod. cLoT IIII4O . w. . No. 11 amicharld etracb,
Emla near Diamond .1 .o.
co. will mw.n MI. morning 10 carton., of black Silk
. of all amain.. and aldtba. oo'l
4031 E MADE BLANKETS.--Mmumy &
Ilnarartrto have this der r.e'd large of nape !
roe 01130 made Blanket, veer cheep
.Aleo. 44 white Lome male PLAN,. ki.N. North...l ror
r of Fourth tad Market .tr.
New Goode—Third Supply for the Season.
I Op.ille thismontlon their Tlllllll SUPPLY to 1
cle tor the Pall mud Want.s.
New atylo Parte Itlblame, CaMmoro, and hAk
Scarf, and wariutt. other will be open ned. •
WW-Northeeat urn. of Fourth and )larket street,
4.gIIAWLS! SHAWLS!—Now onening .
k. A. A. 31ASON CO.'S. &maw, Bar Stale toog hbawl ,
of brilliant and permanent colors.
11, LAN K ETS I—Now on hand over 550 pre.
Amerlean. Swim and Prone!, of 4-4, 10-1, 12 4, and
platn,and eina.le and double mi11...1 a
comtdete arsurtment of Cobd Crulle Blanket.,
• no. 01 end 61 Market et.
"TINTER OLOVES--Now in store,: coin
plan* usortment. COMPriFirna every variety, from
• to 15 gwr twit . A. A. MASON & CO..
62 and GI Market .meet.
k have Cra conlnment a larr• lot of 6uhterpw,
w eh we will mall a
unter the cost of manufacture.
null A. A. MASON A CO.
I , l . la .. nera • Co!ta,
14 pa role Cape, with eleevee.
21 pair lents,
. "
35 Lo or na kenning*:
" ehn.
14 Regent: daeket.e,
With 1 complete asottment of diflirrent et) lee of Hat:Land
Cape to omit. .1. 4 II
non No. /1 6 Markid
VILAID SILKS—We have on hand 30 pee.
a. Plaid 1-ilke, brilliant solar..
nerd A. A. MASON A. . 31.ket Ft.
- - • -
More New Goods. •
AMES A. MoKNIGLIT, N0.(2 Fourth of..
km, suPPIY of F^II and W.
t. ,
L the majority of which basing been purchamt at
the large auction gale. in the riotern
during the
PTtwo 'rusks, he In enabbst to illspnee of them at greet.
rednoed pries. Ile would call particular littsntinn to
Prost. Long Maul, very cheap; plain Caehtnere
Square Shank Pay 'States, at toanufaclutrea
Wrench Morino - ma and Caqauerce: tan
' It Pied Dram verr &Arable:
Cloak', Cloaking', Pc.. fir. re.2o
lAMAGED 1100DS!—A. A. M AeON & Co.
will open, nn Monday, No...umber Sith. It ra , er
ley (locale, elightly ilanwasesi by we.. erantsiaing
Gingham. Flann•ls, Muslin, Chest,. Co., de of
n l of
which will be .0141 at c...rlr on. ball the nsnal
rus.mers and buyers generally that they hare
now Mien their diIeNIND Imp. enmity of fiwils tor the fall
trade, and ask attention to their unnaually full assort.
'" 1,1l DRESS GOODS. in aliens r rietr, rich
1 .
De Lain.. Parishe., Coburg , ' Ffienrh . kiMitim. filMlln J.
Rage. tr . .
niS., Long and tbmare.—New style Id
got sere
; Coalmen. doe: Wool do plain and got Mile..
d e colmed Muted, An:
Klett plaid Ribbons, black and half mourning do., now
strie heck do.
also received a further 'tingly of super
di veldt and I nob Linens, and Staple 11.4. urn
truly;y mod all will be told at low prime 1.0 quality
Country dtmehants are ILlTited to call in our wholesale
moms. op stairs, where ilieshi are ruhl low
ILK WAR)' PAR.A.SIATTAS--Junt rer . :l
ij at A. A. MASON t CO'S. f. and 64 Market at. not
kft A Co. ham now on band TOO doz. of Ladle/ Pooh.
1112. Fleeced; Kid. and other tiliume. An, army
description of Hosiery. comprising more than IStAI abs,
RESS GOODS—Opening tinily itt A. A.
111Allt/N A 01.'6, Otrt ayit of faeldonable levee .
OOOtoolcandating of Sill, Ciohmerea lb Wove, Mamma..
Porametta, Algid - cab ac. or
ILK 1 SILKS '.—Nor opening V. A. A.
pbva of IleahlonaMo lull wane a low ae
pie're " e ' rft ' llVin dm also,
10 do elegant Broowle du. t.
ir C.l will exhibit this morning di eartou• of fob boo
r net
pair t Burehfield hare "reeved • fiveh adopt,' the
a ova desirable goods
SUPER. BLACK A LPACCAS-3 1 urph be Burchfield hare received a full nt or.
goofs—some is. low wittNo per yard—and aloe mouse Inner
worm Mohair A tra , ran. al al. OO Per Tont ee.3
Burchfield hate received an eueortment of Taieekin
brume, or., and Taney colt.. eibieli tam are willtug
low--aloe etiper black Citednierro and cloth, and. •art
tL‘2!L'9l.44'"PTl.n' . '! ° ! . 1 "
11ABON A IN). wit open nest lan Sala.
upwarde of all hundred ram.wl Mokoiter
and llontretie Bet Waal to whirl, a tho attention ef who
re e
sale and tail porrna• ra is invited.
—A.A. MASON CW. will m p
an oe day fio cawel of
Riabove A-
e-der opening at A. A. 0111500 A CO mew.
rich sold French Merinos and TUN" Illotbit
i.l/§l.littiftroS 1110 US. DE LA INES---
‘.) A. C o
_have just bemis,el let ea...of
toed stylew Coalmen, sail De halm.
.2:111EF: PLY ifwgitiAL e.t . itnr, -
Son constantly receiving al W fileelLlNTi ICS. 5'
t Warehouse. No.wtoOrt wv in
vite the at.tillen of those wiablna I. fu t Bonne. ,e
Steamboat,. as we will .ell lower than ore! before at th,.
T . 0
11 4 A '
Qin P .
tho attention.
of Pumhomm• a. olde.ensived
WII lower than ann W nrlnt,l tn o
l. martrt, at the
old getabliabiod Carpet Warelemea. N e Fourth nt
lARRIAait aoTII ic
itllll. lb. aieeutien of Carriage
maitufactarers to Me large *Wok of Blue rod Drab
Oil Cloths, and Ttlxamtnsa • hod. r. 0111 oil , at mlord
prime. at the Carpet Warthroaae. cc I ourth st
usoRA IN CAR PETS--W . Mot . ' L 1 sToc K
ta taw rim:tautly liWeillOg Alt 411 dock of earmeolie
Doles, and ettntorin CAIIPT.TN. of tow anon lima,
t " ' d al= :o " (tr ' n tS.Vt d' . zn ' Llt: lo b. ,:.!!
IMOon a call at the Carted W No. an boort'. .1
ocl W. tIeCIANTI /CA
RUSSEI.S CARPETS-IV. 111nCi.t.k.rock
bite for nay rich
ant new et, le
CARPETS, hi abb.!, he lunar. the ottentioa put
chant., as], Le determined to tell lower than veer 1..1:ur
in ttos market Call at the old eetabbahaf Corbel Nero
house. No. NS Fourth st
trC—ARPETS—New nnd mit
style Tamiitry Iltureele Carpet-put reed at the. l'ar.
Val i n V :lVrt=w h t ' lit A a trtli r lr l ebte 7 4 , tut n' e
w ‘ l " Z.ei '
W. mcCeiN • ie.%
NEW - boons
TAE SUBSCRIBER having now rereired
Wit main. Mock a 4 1 ,1 I.t. AND wizirtu uNios.
woold rrsectifulls lehosn hl, entat.tre and lb* pull r
that ha la prepared todiapear or his Oteda, rola, a Lott
It. has fo ' I:4 ' 1%1111 the 'Rapt, to well wi • luta
stock of Vanes Drees Goode, rot:treeing in part.-
44 Mine Alas, for evening alai [ t +
. 71 drnettot, Sell Orb;
1-4 Brocadr 4 1 11ka. . 1 -
Plain Black Plike, all prin. and width,
Brocade Man Silk. 1 1
Messy Matersd NA, all shades,
Vow+ Pot tier,
N 1.
Fre io nc d hMedina and Caphmeret
104.Mbrr with /Tisch and linglish exalt. 'a
114;11 Mad 134 Bartok? Bbeetlego
04 and 64 11 sod 111, 4 14 Pillut Wrenn
74,104 and 104 Tatar Osmotic
od 34 Damask Napkins and Dollist
lockaback Diaper and Crash Trnewlencg
ads Printed Piano and Table Corrot, pots,
Marseilles Quilt, French, Furniture, Donitr. Conant 6,01
Curtain Material, tr.
L.r.i..0 and 64 wide;
Mark Canton tlloehe
Blast Mohair loots.;
Bill Warp Tblbrt Cloths:
Black Challey;
Fngliah. Frenchd Malian Crap. Mole: oie and Crape
Veils. Christinal. and an
Sleets.: Callan anti Cunt nip.
and ilcuirry; all of which Dual.. • ill be warranted 01 Otto
NEW aims,
ECEIVED THIS DAY and now opening
at tiff. DlLlllrklil Elbert , l trool.
meet 4 g l .l7:ote,„r i
40 oleo.. 01011 aitgl <WOW Utotb., of tba moat r
m rhl nand rplenlil ...orb:mot of Vedltsza
eon brought to Oslo oils.
4011os. Underablrt. 6.1 Droners.
DO doz. flog and n.partine
A him wort...a of Cravat.. Ilarolloirodief., As.
Wbloh, together with the irri
stook of 'MAU:,
MADE UWTIIINU, of tio. Loot larbsou.ble ark, alv't
on band. moot. au. of Mr haor•t wool .!i,•
stock. of (10041, ithiptod boo geollotonob near,
to akr coaawr: oil ohr'b lb. Or•Pri. i tor 10 °
ed offer at priors for ea.,
Orlon. In Oh. Taitoriou
oar, and al the abortrst Li, •
w 11
New Foil Dr,"
.4 . MASON & ve received and
iron , b Men ow, of
"t/ ViT,LIL`,:
• I org . .„ tkonpri•-
.ri, bib
r at
thin day
which we an
e before offered
the ettnatem
' Ova ue
Aat Warehouse,
offere.t of
e ors t,.. al : , at
aW very
a, Tooth.', aml Hog Leghorn, Wrap nod
saw, human, Alain and Palm Leaf. •Itt-
Braid, Straw. Chip, nun Lae*, and
inner blo o d, and mbar forma, la gnat yard.
110 • t and Brae, plalriStan and Tat
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and Agana" whin. and ?allured Silk and
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Third slrwl. I . lt , l.rgb• and .t thn
book nun,. i 1.31
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Chickering's rianos.
OLIN 11. MELLOR, Agent for
Chirkprlnes Plano,. for Pittsburgh •
and We•dern Pomo,- Ivents. No. Al Wood I j
jun rrivit etl nllO, and ro rr k • ' PIANO FORTN:r. ir••at rnanuntr.rr or et•ickeline.
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1, 4 1 01 G SALE—A Second hand
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Thy Cuyalwr, - The Lon Es.. re r, with mu-
The liret, a eenuel to the Fir by S. Mver:
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Sew Boots
JUST RECEIVED and for bale by J. L.
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A History of Pittsbargn.
11.1 Y N E %ALL E 11..CitA10, Fie4l.—A. Ili.-
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Jtlll.N II MELLeoll
• New Mule.
T 111: GI PSY'S SONG, or My GOlant Bark;
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14.43 ths LIMP.
Sacred Mimic Books. •
I,S,STICA LAMAS, by Mon & Webb
C/9011,i SAyt
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t:tl t7SSMIN A AURA. d.. On.
1111: .11.1 0 .}: • sow 1 , 011,1i.11 (.1 ii/Oell and 1 . .11
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Tham lo want of Trail, pnrdpro , osel li. . K ll l. ll ,, Til m l i t:l. •
! OIIN 11. MELLOR, No. tit Wood ntreet, I
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I , %Mr
Iloky Iblarth from Lucia
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j41,,,nt Weal. Muick '
P.""" 71 1•• Au n''• • Bihar
salt. Non,. Blm'm
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'FENS NOW. by 11. Ryan;
Nein n c rrrrrr h gggggglyttAmeeletored you . )ts dream. of polo . , Child oi
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.eith ri -° ,,,.11 0 Illy Porter The nerenad by
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om.ob. hen the Bright %me* are freaking, drunk:
Nell . Home. I Gore The, duette. The Mibl Cid M , mille
iargi " th i'' he L e i . iiPtir:wl 6" ortric T e t w afe h tig. D .z_ 4r;
~all Coined.. with likerowa of tie.
sahlucton. La Belly of itn; , N , l „ l . lag , l i tne , tirt i llian A p i . , l , ,Lo.
, Mo lo roni., ItoLefa amide.
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id . Seoll•nit. Bon d sail for lisle by
pn MAIN II MELIA/IL, II Wood at.
con aalot Point. • Illerce Tale.
N Lamartion. Tnuieleted from the
Memoir of Edward IVeltarateth,late Beeper of Mat
to. Herm by BAT T It 111,5.11 A.,ll...etimefltoll.hall
Urn. wltia en Introduction by Menlo. 11. g. D. 0..
2 role., Moo • [llll , l
Antitun'a Wen. Antigun's. Manml of imam Au
11 Woe, with no...immune...o by Chart," Author.
Light In the Dart Place.; or Memorial. of Minton Life
In the Middle Aerie. from the Berman of the late Aug..
to e Neanden I from
13111 r
Ntar of the lt Ire MOM • 001141.1.1:1427
Macho . of BO alatthmr, by itirtiard Clo nevi Wrens. 11.
D. Lll4lOlOlOO 012a1 , 1010 of the /oil Blabop o f Onford.A.
liertaed from the tenon ilition. 10.00" Mu.
Loomis' Algebra .— The Elements of Algeba, derlgned
to.gterrera by Ellen lemma. al. Profeser rof Math
...dire, L.
No 10 torial Plaid Llook of the MovoluUon. Loosing?
iteLtivs Pi c = 4 NL. , l4 „ l , l , l=r;a y New Iforililiki i rer.
een2 711 Apollo Building. Fourth rib
eNEW BOOKSl—Travels in the United
Kate. Ae., during ISM and 1050; by the lode Ere
,Bleiart Wortley, 1 rob P2mo
n ,,, or lb. Emplane Jorephinin bpS. N. Catitnit
with e O. I rot lam-, C.C.e
(6, 0000.0. Appleton'n Mechanie." MicaMee and
Engineer.' Johtml
No 15 Pirtortal Held Beek of the ItovoltMon
no and 511 inctibunry of Ileehaulre, Engine Work
and Pugin.. ring Junta, nu.l tor !rale by
J. L LAD. 74 Apolin
Ana 11,01.111118111,...
New Books, Just Received.
IrEAST: a Problem; reprinted with eorroa
_tem sod eeldilloor: by the bottom of •Itob Locke.
1-too, clue.
te mpos. , rr el nieer•tm. M.e. or EfiTA LY .Tacob Abbott.
It a Tale of the Puritan. Idnao.; mu..
Pema.; s Tale; by Anna LI. Don., author of - Nriends
end Yortpuee." Pep. End mu. •
Appleton's 11.11 ankle 2.l•gantia and Enema. Joan
nal; NA E.
piya e b. Dial/wary of Mechanics, Ewins Work and Lir
N. al and 32.
Erasing's Pirtorial
Book of the Revolution; N 0.14.
Pelson.: ID ileouraphr end bible Dino.; srith 2.14 th.
oppaphio Maya by Y. liibberti, of PAW tlemesee
swan wilt." by Daniel P. M 42.. Idolo.,
For rale by J. L. READ,
.1,23 71S Apollo Duildingt. Pourth IL
pro. Public Duttnanne of lb. tinned Suds,
rom the Aere•BIOCI of neon. W.hinaton to the Prmidera•
ey.exhibitiug•empleta 'limo( our lurelAnnilerlonssitow
that Dom Including ConEdeutial Doountenta.
MIAS' Watitht Raman.: embalming PollUdtbUistarkal.
13(.0011•Mall.telent.ocal, idaustital,..bleonsenical, nod 111-
=Z of terAgn
W.W.11"( Um Than Itnto
the val . u . ab . le on fin tn i c Z a l .
Dr. N•lyser's Pectoral Syrup,
•coNSTMPfI(S su Its soar!, ato...A.Wh.inditint,iuvh.
Ilmorbil, nod thr rasr. the putnie.
'MIA O Li ono of the tniot ',inite end etiortuol
fir +m
of tho Moot
an I pulainnary t i rr.nri• ed..- ili,
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affection.: and 11, t. linsi
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wet.: 'ear, and with noloinuidiA
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iln atoll to keep a -uniii•
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past mlt.f. and a profit
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before tho untdr•-• ut its, {nod - wt., and 1......
In • me, short tludi It loodu
kuns - u. It Pi put up in half pint to tti. , It .Ai
or O bettlna. Int $,50
f: ---- -- 18 - 51. ti - m - Ei - ili
: r 1111.: CANAL I•oOlDs: . ! fl,sW 01.11: n it aro 1,11-
- KEYSER'S BAIR ELI 11.. : ,fn reeeloo an 1 Inf it aryl poaps! p Vasionn and
I . . reitainitte. • nal am! Gra
For Irani., S. w.f. Is indrull and L. ~,,, sp Preadeo I alto,
,or oesolp-run. Lo 11.1. INlDloss,ls hot, ,',,nl I ... -
¢mtc:al Journal. Es.usn or 1 plots, Ilon,losi -I,d Ps S„, r, I P'sdalwas Gal 31en-liaalio. alit bo rpeespod anti it , ltittilni
anti, all oths r ninin, a. itt lint 10.. s Ir. le • aunt ior ID.I ....I ~.1 opot. Gal, su any char, Go Ds marsh. sr w,. 100f. P.a.., a• a.ll ar •s, ales:a:al, sort... pn pas* l o•ndnia Irendhs ,psausospan ...ants.
...ants.. Fs Ponders. the hair Go,IS and olio, 1.1..1 „Gina [ 11111. or /Anima: arvanbol, ..I all direroo na Daur sd il d
the clothe. sills urea.,
."'""" a ' " 44') . ‘g,74'Nii' . .; c.,,,„„ : „,„,
AN INFALLIBLE Twill ACIIE REMEDY, I Corn, r Lawny a nd Das noon., Pasolnash
IIINI:11AM S 1,1,g, ~
Warranted In , ure O n , nand arta, or r.,tt. A, sn n. re : Der • - doottls and dash sta Philadelphia.P
er d rape, and natant..., s
.1 511 I, 11 11-assN, Av.,
- --
Nd 1, North Ilnaard qr.., Dallis:ate.
2 CASES PURE COD•LIVER (111, 1 i INIKS MX1111 , 1131. No 11111 eat of
In gnarl Sal lot Ifollien, prep ay.! li d Lats,, to P.N., 1 nahl No.. , Grk
a N•ntt. .:-.., and SSO llppp r Thames: •in et. I...tittlt.t. "
stooleh nttnnantrndeti in' , pity tnitana of il,- pilo, ~,-
cia 1 551: • ar , , •,, T. .
,a a=. Potash!. s-tnso 1 is, mon.. a ADA .
Chrotar / i n. Untottla t lattintenitin. i , watt,. I „ s p . ~ 'l a
law, 111, , :Orr Haw. lions's. INI'DII ,t- l ls` • r 1 , Merchants' Transportation Line,
~,, so Pichli re , nino , ,,. l o C Is 1111.1.1 on, 5s 1 , . I .
TIIIIIIAS 11, Ain, N. II IL, as sIIN II BENS Fri. 51 I. , (SI s CV:NaI - LS 111 A CANALS AND RAILROAD?,)
P. '', ' " ''' 1 j i ' L '"'''''''' ' t . ' ''" l '''''n . - ' IVOR FIIILAIIELPIIIA ni it EcT—WITil-
Tao arial, , of Cs I 1.11-s tans, I.pldpesole,l•.,, a. o r, i
and will boeheu, all, Dolt, su ord., to-rdaf s the a. 1,, orr Ilt. NIIIPPINII
nit. ii A 51rAN Is LTl' a CUI, Canal 11..,n, 10 Penn insets
For ,ale by 5115 IiES A 11,1111111.1.1., Ilfi D,•4 •,.. ; Paralo o rsa ,
Pittaburgh ~ , ill SLISA ISA I.
Nilll,lsentralDlGrk. Baal wheel, Phila
iry _mr),..-.. Ws, lititt n.ttiotto , lit .tit r Ntlin , Font in i
nor onlittn. It Sa,ttin 44 lb. Dor Fr ...rasp.. P., •-• „rLo. I
slaia or* of the dear w. would n0...G15, op r d ra •
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De aloe SI, •• n tants, r of „I op,
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Medicine. and dr 15. Ilb all il - r• ales- a p nd.l,, ,as,
nay ampl d lit 11,. laid • I r•-•portusesdlol Go, an s, to 111,...1
laii,zless , la ‘ r , l : l , f . , , a,,: r t o lso f tbe on, • os us.. h ores s -as
Proposed and ell !sr IleF. SELLERS. lo: II t oGI A.
ist-,4 LORENCE WIIITE—.I beatitail i 14 1.,n.,
w h i n. P a i n t, Shag I.+tarhansporde In an, rill , s
we n ded ear r arinr, 4.90..4 aml +lnn shin,. ` 1,,,•
natara. Zr. 11111 r thlontrtlon. ran , r.r.,,..1 tn.. Ina ha.l
'dans of latiah in pare what ol an, .15,, kn., loos:
drniaaal•lr al a polio!, st nnutssol• aver the thatint Intit.
hir Snit. by J li IN, a 0,1 ... n n.a.l -t.
ti,..r. R.N., P . h
I' orraion• N .. 1 es D rt a drills,.
D. Annnalsne. Parrlatils. !Go, 110 n o . VI. ero. J. 8.”,
land. C..,.. Man lanalina ~. I ar,. •
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110 Wral rtrr.r, Pitirl.ara I, Fa.
Agricultural Implements,
The ;:,.. on thYrnitorisortiry Macc,ty tn thr Is nr•4l ci I HAVE
.11 . 15. i. ree.eived from the F .:4 , 41 .1 ‘ ,.
thi rya/ Asrin le r.rdy . lo, ,V,,,,,,nd Past ' 1 I PIP. •i niplonuini• .0 ..1 ths duo rnuiutarturi.
.0.1 the iniol reoeht In•stAlt, Lod I would lasi. all
H. G. Farrell 's i arm,. 0 rail and . lattillWl.ll, •10.4.
10111010 Altn.t.intoi, ps oorn. Iwato. 1....5.. turnips. as:
CELEBRATED ARABIAN LINIMENT. , iisain lirill. Pr • liv,l. et.. niits. and h.q.,
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Mrs. and has rioiatin aril getting bettor dtili. I•tall u••.:
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I'' ''''''''' 1 .1- ,lii A V E just receive.] horn Ni% - ork, 4n
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propnataa's L, PELL. b,
aag 1.3.4 • S No. •111
TIaLl Ly U. M 1:1111(111'. Allearbbay
The Human Body Muss PerePire.
4.'.0 SA I S NATtIItE, to hwa o healthy op
kJ iv..., sad per.ot. t.o do {l..t w.f.!,
to tbn th...ww. J 0..."
ramp •.n..+. fr...irr.perat .n. .L 4 at IL..
lo lak r..
aml wailno• Orb .4111, gut most It the tnz
of au
• h it• o in'nurl, 111..0. 1.
ratnpl., nr any othor .10111.... The
ru l er
usured OA, 1/. puth.l ar,trum..
ono , trial .111 pre.... 1 c 4.1.1 eriumvrat. al 10,1
eur.l , p 1 nrol
Hui It
ha —ortr.l tlo rtsuler
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noonv/ ..prrly add. th. l 0110,2 all ant 1..
End or, et 13rtlral
tAI~M 1y 7t, Imil
, you .k • Jorrot . l.ll66Chrtsi.l,—
buy It only '1 WM. JAC:M-11N, Acrurltt.
6.4 of Wool.
Pearly 'Whitt Teeth. and Pure Itreath, to
b dwl for 1) sutra—Prwwww Who hwelallo, we Iwo4ora.
bit unuroal that of their breath la ever N. futol. tio.l.
inch:mare dub. or ratio, aml rucrtmotest vitt. [Altar.
b. of Arta, I,ate all that,
tweth a. .hits Ay sou, au,' the breath cab.rih.ronaaly
arar.t. . . . . .
Bold on!, at JACILARVIi Store. 240 Lllarrld rt., bead al
A Scientific hair Ttsnio, iteanirer and Bean
zrui gents. at m Late wad
loan' Coral Ilair Itratorer, tour tut eandfrot
who hare Lot. we svoure to rona,rita the
Ottalltbm—it lint the hair to grow on our part .loot
mature intruded hair to givar; idol, It falling ott.
or dandruff; arid matte light. red, or gray hair gru• dart
Fur rrndering the hair mull and Air uutioug ran caned
thla—lt y,
It truly beautiful, and krro. It an. It,
dottl, lb. mutt erononil..l—,rt ruverlor—.rude i,.r tli•
hair • ..
E• 61.1 0113 Y at WM. JACKBON'I3 not*, 2.40 1.46.rty otre./
b..d of Wml, l'ittsbumh.
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Human
Hair 1 , ,e. for the chan.latt of white. rwl. v0...r betr..•
beautiful brown, or bleat jet oolt.r. la •• fir
• . .
Prke•--bu rm., and VI.
Nol4 by WAI. JACKHON,2IO Lllwrty WocKI
ratat urvlt.
JONES' LILLY WIJITE.-I.ndies are can.
{loom( 000ltut using tho orrrare:l( Tony
t a rt clot aware how fligt:1111y houriouo It to to tlo. 01002
bow mars.. Low rt.ugh, bow oollow. Irllow nd
l u oklo ooprtoo.attar
uolog prorarod ii do,, It la
mrlookceetainkno • loroo oo.ntlty tut lout
Iro have preparod • boo otitol article, whit we
Jottee pantott White.
It In pnrllvt.ll , lollOotoo boluo puntl..l tif
quallthno roil Imports to tto mtln o.torol. lo.oltby • 01.
obootor, clog, tiring Ohm onto, tin.. sotto: roo.
motto on tho AID. malting It ooft tut north.
.Ott by the Agrut, tl.l. JAeltrtflh. 1110 AtrooL
toad •I Wood. Po toborsh. trio. rwntia
B. T. Babbitt's Celebrated Soap Powder.
11 T ASII.1NG without labor! Warranted
I to take th. alulas out of table litu.o .0.1 Dup.
thatonoas eon llles..—Put your clothes In- a matfett.:
qoaotity of add water to cover them. then add too tal.ho
spoonfuls of this Soap Powder. to sorb *ix quarts of wan,
natal with the olotheq If the water la hard, add more of
the Ford.. and ball the ten nitrates: in the mean time ,
press theto down with • slick, then pot them lo n tub sod
add sufficient cold water. eo that th e Will not he lax. Lot
to handle. Then rub the ditty streaks, or to other wen',
aivarthem thorough rioting. and th at Le each-tent to
make them clean.
N. B.—There below no rosin N this Soap, It .111 leant
the a oth ,.. A rt y white, ca no blot oily
a. mottle
map. do. The entire awl o f the material out
eland two neon, to <complete ...bleu of ten rcenodica--•
Warranted not to rot or Wore the clothe.
This I. a Powder that on..r d ne.; w 111 ee.k, twelve turn.
best family Soft Soap.
Innstatows roa say Ail quarts of water and
than with It. and then let it boll. say nee unto
ate.,oldsin quarts oold water. stir them intimately
toaether, and set It away where It will not trerre, and
when mitt will be eery thick. and Woo White Soar, .1/141
will wmh well tad will not eat the hand. lite ocher Son
Ba te nor rot the clothes. Can be used with Lent ut salt
water. by Malting the gonna Into giS 01.10010 11/.lead of
twelve. The Solt Soap is beat adolded for washing . T iro
and woollen goods.
lioLl wholerele end retail by .11. 6. SELLEKS,
Je7 No. fa, Wood et.
The highly. sanatory.t.leamle and tonic pro arils
ts Vlueteer. natter It far mania to (Mum. w et ,
;or the ordinary purpotes of the toilet and bath, min....
log the latter It o r r alr perfume and thammar, and in Its
gee ter etll 1 11 /Mara health.
tor th e ordittar(and
delicateporpretes olf the Wirt- nod for preeerrlng the
n_ t h ee . e . a the edatp . ortion. .Itnemollent properties lent.
pr the heat and dryont of the Olin, and Impat to It an
mandible elaatteity. Ily inhaling It and mobbing it on
the temples, It will remote headache In a levy minute.,
Fen) hold br Ile E. SELLERS. 47 Wood et.
subauriben I n Vlll
)enterwi Into Oce-Eartztarshipunder the arm of Boras.
tuser. k Otaty. Wll. 11.14141 YR,
JAMES AT/112;111N.
ItENNETT, BERRY & CO. have ve. nove d
to Mir stery Wanbonos, oamer ollThanscry lam mod
ust Mot. lralf
New Lake Superior Line-18SL
4'll E new Ftentner NORTIIENER, Capt. 11.
rmArro Imms.s•mmit
Sy ... c.mS.m. • ;II 1•••..1 . 1rremr..1.m.
n{ Ala, npm l tm Sms
I - Al I. !•Aim,
+.1,3,, , 111 . 17 , ./11TT in.!. A.l
CM •,m1 mm 1. , ./4.41 1 •1•1 In m •Ilm—
• S A Tl' It N Propn.m.r.
11. A,11 1 .,..
.k VINE I , ISPOSF:Iw op ILA Li.
I TIMST IN /1/.•,:// • V'S LLN
.1 1 1-1 E .. 111111 111 N.• Ail. INttalmmh • 11l 1m m. •
I;..1%71 "".. P."
1i 11 1\1111111.
Einghains' Transportation Lille.
riii•rivr. a larcr amount uivretiandiff.
-flip on [lir of thr Phil.
. 4
paid ati refute plat -vast lower tat., and it
11111.. Ii ft:l, pry•10.1,......1,
It 'I lir t0rn...A.1 tiumlier of Trurk. fin.vvird
nits 1,1.1 iimiiiiirniinerr Lir rurrOrof irar thr
prrfiriff •o, of dr!, at
1851 r7l - '1
To Shippers of blerchazdase, Produce, &c.,
A•rr. 2nit . 1,
RELI A NC6 PrrTsßu nu it TILA NSPOIt
ATKINS A VII.. Prometorn, No. Nark., And 64
Vonlsurrer 11.3.n.Wphis. -
'IA .
. A 1.1, Pl 7 .
11., l'Anal l'ill•hurgh.,
ill, M TA V A rt.1 , ...1‘..ntA. lhataronr,
are ...par, , srn •thr pm ulna P..nrinniraanla
Cann! ~ i , o trart fot Freivht al an Ira and 07.•
vtlir ,nrn dervatub aa.l earn an REIT .4tant
CAPITAL, 6450,000.
Secured lit air,rdancr trith\ar Grnrral Inrarantel
Low of ihr *air.
ryllE abure •proeperouti \ aud resparusible
Catabany, harm,: complied with M. reattelfuro of
1 a law of thin rims., 1,1.1.J.W .11i0r, 11.11[1, t., thou .
.YJ,. on the tarot favorable tartar. eorlatatent •Ith pru
dour, owl refott . It. NICIII.L4/A . Protalent
of l+ dlot'OLL.Unr, deryrtnry.
tortri, Nu. al ,m11.1.6e1.1 nt.. Pitt.burgh. •
or 271., A. A. (7.lltlthhll. Agent.
. ,
Franklin, Fireinsuraned Co. of Philad'a.
lti I ILECTOBS i \ Charles W. Bancker, Geo.
y IV. Itiolsarda, Thivt,Y.ll,l•4 Ilnrderat D. Let 41 third;
atryter, Altdolto IL Bone, ethrual (smith. barld C. Brown.
A. amith, Ilarrla Ptteraou. ,
eIIAII.I.X.S K lIANCKEIL, ryes - Want.
• Curithr fl. 111accrt. Aoarataty. '. .
Thin Coropany arolinura la . llllthO Inyurantata. pernynnetth
nr Inuatal..o, every drernpbtort a Pruporty In Loan and
cottotry. at rause At lan ea aro ertnaiatenA•illa neeurtly.
Tho thaupauy hare a laraa.roudageut fund.
whit b, nal. th. Ir raps:al mai INratilmujoafrly 'Anatol.
ath.rd amply, Pr uf a o,.. . fu .....-nr-s. \ -
„_. ,,1 n,., 0,.. ,kl' ti.• oaiistru .011 041 , 11.1.1, it 4 .• I -,.• . rob
r ...1 a-r.....1.1y re tb. Act a( were ar follow,
QI'F.OTA I! I. h S! - IVe bare a eXraplete ~,`;','_ ' \ ' . \
1 1 .14.16 a lits Ll. t . iiVe•ra0.1:•.1t,...4.5.r1r.,•nd , (1k1.,..1 ; \ 110rte,0,., ... .... ... ..- . V. 1910.A.:3 63
y„,,hl. of ..., tor au, robe.... ti 1....... Ire fa altracra to . ~ Heal r ac y .
\ - '.3 3 3 3 la
~,,, tan, ..1 acroattur to thottat priuctk I.
ot , Tonirrary Litau. . 1, l7
I , llcal ...i...,... I!•_11 . \ ,C , -,.'"u
- - - -
.....--. \ 1A . .3.1t, al
. 1 .I.NI i iIIE Atilt ilAy
,FoitK-A gold \
it :t
51 •'. ,.1...,!. ..; ,'. ... ' . 3 .0 N fig. ' n ' 5 r L r : lo ' r ' n . :l::..trt !Is l . ' :L. " 1i... I +=Sorra 0a... burorparatlon, a tteliod oi 71 years, they
It W. ',IAD.: rr RI:. w.f.., ,t'res.r, ' ti , had, rad' upaarrfa at 1 1.• Minkoll rdAlr Illtudry4Thoullallli
II If Agent att Ilaelar aCo DaAarel; , -.. b. Y tr.., th , reby adorditty. orulouru of rho
• ,r
. 1 .. -- • - - ,Ivanthr ot I ...wawa. at a.. 11 ma their ability ar..l du
4ntaracite Coal. r 1 4.1..0 ta. 14.-1 aria tr...-1 , .. -, a all Itatalltlo.-
J.,11 COYil:r. Atrota
-1 k TiiNS joist s otto, eil, n superior az i lials 1 arta \ odor r.. h. r..thor al 11,11.1 f'..l et,.
.31, / Pf.lo,lry or L u..... for, ad.. by ' , ~..
. . Ilea AVLII a IX, \ , , reap Mutual Life Disarm:tee Co., pilaw:Pa.
', c '''"' • ` I L a EN 't' 3T1..T.S DC iitill, W.ll. DAV is,
• • , ~; k y , J. r/tlll • .Ir., door attal,)No.:lnZl Lthe . rtr threat.
il ' A N lar l e . . E z i t ' eat S r ( f. " „ l tal N- rt : k at!: 2. ',. l t t i t ' u , ,Vl: ‘, p rt ; ' l ' ; '' a r b i n " bat: : t!a ' it !, - ,r; . ,4, --.' L . : ' ,.; ° ''r.`i`.r.r7.3 . -' .',*l.` b .rfi 'LW',
\ s\
......,.,.........,,„. fora
Itat,hurAls A rotor, n.,.. : fu r l Ct.; I . wad 3 , IL'
t.: t.' r el.,k. at the counting yarn.. or
. t ~...I...raeto r . val. a ...all ...vital of $3 , 41 Ly 1 ,0 0. at, I ',1a....a10e A lk, -No .4 lured Atr.l., 'there all net,.
.10. tut.., Of 112. enoubllon :burl... and hal , t aVbtfu:tad ,a n ndt/
, c , t en And , att - tuot.tdcaftnao,P,rad l l. -
...0 attee 0.1 mn.rhsner, 1.. atoll ....u.thut ararK. and ,••.$ , 1.1 . ~ , al,l to Pamph ote ~ {.1a1r.1.1 4 1 tn. ctn.:us...lA
rill I. .i5......1 I. • your. man •Oh • .roalt f4u ty
. ..I Ult. Ira-orate y. and Maul forma furrarLad an
. ..,, ' ;l 'i t.?e ;t r t r el!e ''. .7:! ' :o;a " ra '"' tr ' IVY t i * t .' g: . lttll i t .,l , ''' 1 "7:,", i li'fir.k ~,,,, C..1..N) , .4 . - 61 , 4antlr inc.naglng.:-
.... Azho ,. • at. .I I to-Myth:to 0M.... Itmotbrol. Alto. I,l.teUttaJal mw Ml atr turet Ibotat theured for life.
11 ' I N .t, F. r S ..l l :tl l ,?i t 'u ll tw )l i N t \ e ' n ' r . f i t ' lt U rl ' r ' ...l7 L . ' a r S 'i pe " r 'i r i tl ' ..i ' ... i iaardli ' Fire:Aid land Transportation
1 • ,
i-. -•• Var. Port Wine. r 4 - 1 e. .
1. , •• - tlAtotta Wlpo, . - .
\(' alk
14 .. .. IJ.ns.r. ItaiF, . , :-.1 • i r rii E liisnranne ,ittaT.Arq of North America,
7 . • t..,.teb a Ir.-I,llh It v Ad.:Ai - I I. l'atlatopliia-l'haawat,l:l4.Talata.SMXl.o...o.
tb.n....ta b. l• \1 WY t Alra; - dab.. i 1... oAI. a I.od I.Vdt od. IV`i , male I nattrianta on
1.4 • 41. 1101114.1n' lAA Ma ItT. It the liarab.l...l. . t0.1.10t, aud ttlyo ranter...ln this ay th.l Vlealftt, aro,
; ~t. rt..t....t, of A......• (IPA, ‘ .tuna. rhl pod per Ide.AELI 1.11,
-A. ' . ". !•0 i “ther te...tala. dther b. Inland tratlnadhatital cr ..t. Wu
s t N DRIES--5 Mils. !Sidecar' s: - .6fts. . \ , \
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I Arthur CI Conan, Pre'!.. 'l'hordasKY,Cay.a,
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I Iles E I. {l.llt •
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ft N I I.LA • Iik:AN S--2.11 Ili•, fre-h, fur al, i :V , t . t.rne rte kith ..tandatg, tuntTpotionlo. MT P=1.,111..
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1., II A. VAIINEaTta, It 0 t ‘ . \, mat be ermoderred , as am horetruya), to tho itualto
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lii Kauai otrett...
t 1 lirlttllF I KID havo tfot 0ta . 1.-1 •• •.••••••••• - iii • \i \ - - • --, •- \N ---- \-• -•
iutt. Mae • orthao art•t tfo‘rne.....‘ i••••• ,. •• •• -,r is Delaware Mutual Safety Insurancieamp
vrz & FP3U.ItEI) ' t FFICE, NititTli 1200,11 \cif Tli ' EX \
4.4 ,P,'...`,.t . , - ,'`.!,.,': 1. / . ;.‘1 i n
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Fourth and Athrltoarroeta. Ettot ~, , , M AI,T.-ilililriilaS, Merrhtwlk.. an., ether
......, SI l'U PI Itl KV lICIIVIELD. i r,,,N1 •r, .11$ t.. - ...n and country. Iron," aura, ust 11, or
- • a' " - ' I, ray at tho Inaoat rata nt . promiit `
1., UTTER -- Fr,b Roll, in Inns', ree'd daily . I 7,4T . ,',,,,,,,,,,_•,,„..,.,..,„ ~,,.„, ~.•,,"..,y. c„,,. „„,
I) 1, iis•- , 1 J. II OA N rfEi.f.. , and 1.11:1,1 , ,,. 1 , 1,q,5,, , r cc, , e, undrr , on, . td , o. al
- „,.„,, , „ , \... „ I polkn , ...• the ~,,, , u,./ may df-dro. V ,
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ii .isti_-14) 1,14,.. Lake Trout: I Duren,, /i.:,.a1. Edmund A : FouJer In C.
, Nor, Ilia. , Kum n, John 11. Penn.., :annul. aAI .14
... " .°
- J. a ~ -..,,-,„L„ , tle,,ro.,•C' I. .r. Edward laalitaturt. itiltde it. DV 0 .
1 - .. ''. .....:. •".,... 1 ii... 14,1...kii. Jo in Nr.o h. Dr. 11. 3/. Hugon. darnadi. \ :.
5 11 ,,, , 1 ,,, .
.1 . : I: SA N f w-• ,, lri A V . .. , 1
i . i . A f L 0 ... r .. ; , : ,. 11i,% . 1 , L ic'
~ i u ,'".,.. 1. I . ,. l '' ' ' • ~,'''',!;:•', i,l l: ; ; • ;.., IL i r ., tr .
u . . 3,,. B F . il ":,: .
r . i . , , I ,, tg' ' :::
t . EN. lIEW , --10 hilt, bright Eng., ii• r.ale 1 0. , , t f. t ,,;.,..,.,,,_p.,„,,,, ; ,,,.., c „„,„
T by 11. A Y111NK,. , 11,4:K t kV.. , , . o , n /.. L„ z ,... n. n
s \ , lVn.t.lan laam. ,Went Tu.. C. llama, CO.' I ' l4as . -
11 , IiEk•ISF:-.11 1 bores extra Cream IX , r id P. 1 , d,,„„, 4..,,u w. ~i ,„,..r.
, ~,...,I far rata I, _ ----. . .. AS - Orrua ni tar parr. No. 42 {Water 1171Ret.. Pllte
1 u ,4 •1 ...e . .. ", .... - -, TICS 4 tlicaNnuts. ; har,t,. tor=tr\ I. 4. MADEIRA. A,rnt.
LIS/ ii IT , E FISII-1 n
m ll , l - : , 1:.. , and
,i,,,,, h I s;
i. t i. I:t . for !..r
-rill ABLE SA I.l*-1n Nolo,, for sale 11 \ •
I unit' *lca a MrCANDI.I,.., 1
1. 4 1 NtILISII LAIP , l'Al'Elt:S--A choiceild.
I '4
. Enr.h•h Laid Pawls, nap an;l r n,;l i trt .. l , ‘ , ...d of
Slationrr and Paper Ih.sler,
realtt h.trthr a sbtrt., 411141 Sl , nond .traatta _
I )11.1 NTI N ti P.Al'l , :ii--50 MOMS Double
1 ,t
sisiiiii. 'r Nei
ains ~ luiir• • : '-' ,01, ' ,..1 1 .,r, "
Ilint ter 1 . ,,,t, :I:NX,,
Parcr IN•al N.I. ,alt•
er. fu r. Idarlgad I
ink l %
...,.1 Kft.
cool/. ..
4.:. UiIAR-2.4 Ithds. for rale by
t -- , ~,,I.J It. ItALARILL . CO. 141 , 4, rt, 4
Sight Exchange on Cincinnati,
1.; , Olt SALE at the most favorable rates liy
11 A. WILKINS /2 CO.
~OUItNINiI SUAWLS—Wo Rill open
nsil llmirnin.l au hawl44.
mat A. A MASON C CO.. Illarkel
SUM CA :111110ft-9 tibia. for sale hr
11 v.lll .1 KIDD eo.
.vde Ptn. fek
04,1,../4 Stock." fir rale. Apply earn .44 ,
B L h ICKW 11E
l E a p tt l:'L s a....N;i o E r. L , S— ..,,, i ri c eases, i r a , tri , ll , f ) ae l tu . re „ i!
' o ' l ' bat
Fresh Fruits, Hermetically Sealed. •
1 4 1 RES11 Peaches; Fresh Strawberries;
L Na.. App.4 1 41 e.;
Temateee. Ilarplretties.
Fr.lll eberrien: Frv-h Plum,
Tlbr &ap arc. put OHO their own juke. and hornartl
ently orialioo
/..t emir by IVII. A. N.1t.1.1.111111 t 141.,
nut: Lltmrtt 4.
4)W i , NER.
non til $4
listkr et
IJKIT ASII-8 liblo. for male - li l y
II n 02.4 S. AW. lArttlAUCill.
• -
DosiN —too ma, 3.N. I, for enkby
nof:1 H. &W. II 3811,1 :It. 2
g 11EESP.-122 Cream, for sale by
) no::1 JAM E& 1/A1.7.n1.1, IA Watt, st.
g v LASS—IIf4 Window, for
JAMES DA1.7.141.L.
. .
1.1 10 tierces Fresh, for Kale be
nrCI &AMC& 1 , . 0
Ik p, tl' tralr Wrapping
W 0144 2 11 A Wood rm..
"TALL PAPER—French and American
non WAIT Y.ll P.
• -
A)Ill I RON —lll' tone Jenny LinATurnaee
ale from the Allegheny Wharf. bry
J. • 11,: P,1 ‘ .4)111.
I.IIOLL hble. riritneCfol , , 1?11.11:
It by notll J. P..i,Gre.
t/l ,_
end for rah, by [ma,
Vulcanized India Rubber Solliig. \ \
JUST IiEC'D, a largo quantity of rano\ o \
thickneowa of Vyleanta.l Uolinn. hate .mp In
a ., an experien,wl workman to Foie and balf..ole IWI
anJ gentlentru'a awl aLi t ,para. We now in ,
attention of the Mzes% of l'llleburith and' vicin
ity Li ad. O.lolo,whirb 1,..en a rnwing is farm with
tint .astern public for lb. loot few year..and rocurametul
hat Ilrelf. to it d.o, jar Ito Lonvoary, Ihoentittll , and fb.-
fart, amiss • great prwaerver 1th01.1•11..1.....rTt, seno
ra, lutruauutina 11.1..qude. .1.1 P 1 ,. I
nor.: , India Rohl., Depot, Nlferkrt.Ft.
'PJ TARTAR-4i blAs. pow'd, war
Gun. for •ale
nz.,3oa. A. PATIN ElMit;6 II CO.
01L-50 basketh for sale \
..ono FAIINE2T , Ca i ett.
I Oltbr: FOLt SALE—A very eler•it .
blo Panay Ilan, Intonate bort:nit , ki
tom& ratalfin of J. n.llooNktAKlttri WWWWWW
ail 7.4 Wia3tl
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, of
Corn pant insure,: ngainst loss by tire
re" rh•i.., la, • eler - pro ,, f
1111.:-; Coutpan:, t t, urea. Lives. hetwven the
I •tlrau p pit! vr tnlan
1" 74. A. 11111. A 1.%.,
11.71.,', 1 . P,iT.Lureh. 1•a
Pittsbun"4 Lift, Insurance Company.
rI , I I I st):I,PANY vva., incorporated in
ll • 1 ` •r data • 1 , 41. tutd nnal hen
11.),-1).) to, • I •••l ‘ utint..., 1•41)ou the Jitlot tttot.t and
5111111.P1 Oa,
1..11 vl4l tho San • t,, on•daird th.f.
I') \tat)jl.l,... nut' V 114,11,4 444..
1••••• r :att., 4 ))). )-1/
utt., thp pnylp 11/111br,
anal n mum.
,int),..• d•r• t.a• 1 rt•tarlt torm•ltl..l i)T OW.
Th. a'l,),, crandrl it a d 11ftt,
yr), ))). nottn; an t ), 1.1 4 • 11r.. loldreo, pat
r 1 R
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.orthaie.,),) lutn,l s,
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,ptt,upl N 1, 111,1.4, p, I`l,Je4t.
Jar. , 1.1.110ik. A,
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n). 1 tir):1144., it in.1))111i),
.1. A. Wii•or).
11 , n 111110111 ihuin3l, 141, , atrvihri
11.. If wt., rot•r•,. late d•trrrt.rd of 'V retadturia,
M. l Oll, 55,d) r. IIII•I•tradt Rttitk. •
alay 1.,. orr,cr
1.41C17 , 0..
Ilan 1 W A Mreatl.ant, I
tP.P •
0 , rhytiouns.
1;y1I1113. M. 11., 11 tlintmlimn,
Jer.nslah v. M. U.
Nvm .1 W114, 1 17 ' 4 ' 7 4 4. ) " C trg " i t
A: 6., 1111 Fourth '
~ 31. D., 011th otre.vl.
11 al 31. /a 11ar,....D. Lawr,
Or. 101 worth ta. all....adattro al tba nTery
Jay. 1 . 2 ...clo• 0.
tJtAre r,I th. l'ampany, Fourth Ravve..
.1 1:1•JA. s C. A. COLTON. SPer.
Western Insurance Company ofllttsburgb.
I IAPITAL $300,000. R. 3IILLER,JII.,
) 11 tlardat. Se , retarr.
Will lava, 0.4161 ell tinal. nal:, Vim aml 3l•Jinr.
All 4ou. a sill 1,..111.•ra1i 5410..1•a4 nod pr.Rply
Aha tar laJlitulhu—Tam,o/1 Ilzr.rWrx Rho 0`
known to 11•. , rataulanity, 011.1 who nap drt.rmiruol
51111,, Jr.. J. K. 11011.0 Wm. I.y•
Oa. li. I Ina...a. Th.. 4,040, Al,. Nlatkk, u....111act, 11.52
W. Jar,-.2u..1“... I.loeas. Natbauurl
lI, J I J a, 0101 11. It rquitL
otr... •ter .Irwl.(warellouoa al Spanc 1
11,1aino I,loJulr:h. JuJ:dly,
riESI,GNEIr only I.r the onfer 'el:kenos of
lt proprra. ha, an umpl• capital. and afforMi palmal•
.Iduld ad .naman
datadi, rtly and n, mdry manhunt.. and mar. of
dwell:var., i..daltal autari priardr.
A. A. CAttilltlL. Actuar7.
:dtranel. A0.:.1 Mulallad FL Plltn6llll{l/
Orleans Insurance Company.
76 -
!ki,....v 5,.,,,
!It'll 1. \pt ,
4., -,
‘, 5
1 OWELI, F Fr,
i rs of ALGOllltts
th., Coma.. In f tdll , d N ,
DAT., of % ins and s
.114 - . All orders from l'
at lowest market ;Axe! \
Lewis's Patent ,Ifeversibl
I S NOW to be . eeen, in .1
I TAU: it CO.II. PhrberS, No
I N o trl o o I SlT:irelr i e ' el:Autr:r *" . V
. Gold 11...1.1 (non e America lr
and •C. runes. (nun the Frank. n
Ohm. for ito.otwriontilts Ito el . I ... Vllrtlex ......,.
from thorn tsarina tbeNt welt. Philadelphia.,
of which the following are clamp - ~
"Colt.anstsetts. larch =th. 1051.
•. 6 ... i 7 R ia g j:.l . lro l' ; 'L e r ;t U lleregTh ' Vat r fritterer. in-l 1
the lovers of\
ve'o;edinV.3l,osa...l.. Pa t ent
used on of theca Sir meet.
al months, tam enabled to Itnlce of the . value.
liltilltrlE I•LITS. la. It out street."
.I.ntUttdr.etna.Mareb ^MG, 1051.
The PoWnt Reversible Water filtorer, 1n elated by Mr.
!tar:noel 11. Lead., and u •e+ l by nor for Iwo. oll d th , Lat . oti
re=re r" co " n d r7er; It ' a n t il rivll". t eVirrejlri: ral I , Ow r to
reronanwrol it ' to the public. ' JO. P. 'AI 1.A2.111 . ,
It ,/,\
No.B Somas :reeL .
These Filters are warranted to take ont cl rued or
taste which may arise from doco.p.essittodosk or vett...f
hb. matter in the water. Thoy aro 4 ..rn. ,4 44. 1 4, two
mars, sod will. ordinary caro will toil loot pad r main
' hr
''''''''''re.a JAl st tmt ß l'hila lDlN,
gtlo:t, • .rAmh s. dolnhi
I Ell) PlPE—Cornell's impoved pe
c to
4 Lead. Pipe for Ilpfssante. ~ •\ \
A ir
C d=fic R
r.teme; de.
All sloes oo hand sod to altiil...Ni.C , lV ithoN.
131 Peons street
Heating and Ventilation.
Ilretin• Ay Steam In llnlelo..C. , art Hoot, Lectura
no...rm. Bank "Mr., Storeft,Vactorira
er,rl4,.Ferirtiuts,,publk an.t r 'iv ate. Alec,
J n., and 11 rr100 purremrs when , rrcular
tet•yryonr,....ither tdah nr In., is desired; au t for those
Parr", no ..thrr o.r Wnl It to It.
!law for V. utilstioa, bf natural or fumed means, .01
prepar..l Iri!ervver tirlred.
Buildings ot the rarioum .leseriptioru maritionad are
upon sho 1.15 n is ki•teru tzmr , s.
as [l.• lavrhod lerere. • whole...,uniform ht.s, ar....)
trrnprraintrv, with rutin. freethrra from
sm.exe.a.brs, 511.1 ratrit rrnal
Copley.'s'Pot - Clay.
Fr HE subseriliers stre non- Sole Agents
rd J. Copier d 1,4-, rm . the sale of their rot CIL.r,
ArtieLe of mul•lghwt rortaration ttr lb. memutedury
of O k.. 4 h . 1, LA mad. of one if the meat
put our %IV, ■nnwrs, •11:4 la very esrveli ly
mad '6 7 n 4f6,11010;11 • nn •
- tB/ E are instittetett by the owners UV slow
Ll T rurvae ' L h e, " kr " 7urklilt
mre ISlvrk Ziavoket Crating;
In why.
Ifivrilrete. Or 12110,)
• Jenne., blue wad
IIUIII./rr i
ffii es for u :::.!e u Z OT.
2NI aor6 u
2w. COFFEE—Lk) bowl tor sale by
\ma ulc-La A1.*!.114D LESS..
tt.s macka for sale by
210 buthele rezeivecl on
n0ii.., 4 27 " A t /.Klts ' Irnat
11§"Al f tLY11 Trt — te IN ---
•, nous& wbub cott•lm m JAWOI.C,e,
- PinS--2AO boxes for sale by
, .
Compound Syrup of Yellov
g kIAUi'IES tbn front rank among the prn
.4.11, min .an itar..u.L2rtal.. tit ' ng.. l 011... u. Mrs
lever Oretnlalnt.tharrh 3LlwWwll,l..chrs;hlSLlllWwa.
COUILII3. L-wene... and ' r eam &bow th. t:Ltott - . r...-
chit, , t 1" ,, .... dr",.. and a ti.ltlinG aenwaLan
*bit the 'MI..; iiiia Ls uw.l WILT onpnwwleatel warcww
in . , ...... „/
1 Fn.: 1:6 Wee.yst and Gatetal DthilifLL '
St ntthenlcw the •ewtennt bd.. ...Ulna hwg. to thw
rart tge. rt.n., awl Instwcratine. th.....1ir, ~ . .LL •
1, u, ....d..ny
thon•Lmvln ot 11. in: •.i.-...... front \
all ; rt. of Lb. cvnran. wit h. rytw.14:,...n , a nzwlar- \
I) !banes.. in entyng ail !hon.., an.l r. -n,Lin,, Llebilinl - ‘,
. i..
try„,, b„,i,„nr down eLnutltutlLL... It I. rigr.lT TLI,Ww
bi t , k. ...n,inon. and .1 iLaurst,l, entubln..l na thi
MT /host , l had Ow ch.wm... I..talarwl, wr..l nvodit.l.Lwo.
p.Ln of awn it:44redielit h.rtum. , ..11, wait* to
Purify the 111004.
m,,,,, • e,,,er,hrk.eirdi,...... wb!.:. NIL. heal!
th. A in 0 the 1,, 1,13,.......q . ,1 Em al,. etn,ll. l ante,
halt :1..L.L.., LT, ,trel..,, awl L•lcrr,uls. winch : - ..w.r.triala
~,,,,,.. entreat,- L.1..1 1., to.A. IL, ttely.t..... I.a.
It lans I..en t.....! In Lol.n, ea., L 1 CANCL:.IIOUn !TU
MOR:. Th. mr...l ol.tinat. cam..!. 1,,, V,,,,,,,,, ~
this cue.ll.ln.. If ...Lay that it I. ns. l ...{. l .lnwhelnw in all
1111-101:6 (1111 . 1-II:`,TS. II groat.. all otattni-Liaos in
th. curnlatLn. rrudoring the LI or In •.I,tiv., and Coal
,h. II ....,.,.... V,.ipitay., r.I it. 111... r.. snd (.li..L. in
a11..t.e. of Ll.lllnts, and icy tw .....1 In all die-tat.. and,
al ell ..?....2.C . , 1 lb” ~,,r. . _
• IE.. Syrup le preleige4 gn:r by II 11N tILNE CO., 0.102
Fount,,,J etre,- Yr,,,,Y.,nen,1: I„.non hvie. , Nl•nrl
ronsE 11 it KEN:4IAX,
Ouir Agent f.r Weetrzu -
Warrlnnx, et mar ,n.. 1 ant :rain tot, me.
Needles' Celebrated
IL/ Th.ise highly meditate-I i‘las,..r. Lave b.,. nr.ull /Ca
I re
Mu. tweet, )care, d ori .g al. i-t. time they haw*
mie!! yennavent I,eutat, n• then et elannearps
libruoratte sod et:et:L.llle o, 1 eter aer ndered. Il e
Pionall• of 111. higkeet ...ado et,e, . a tywri 'their erandiewlt \
t \
tioo has been submitted, hare c's o the pima Itattathatt \
testlroenlah, as to their Ftiparior tirt e ever all ether lame '
tars sold.
rh. , irldredieuts of their rampositlen, es,
mreeetly ernablood reader them {..,,, /
Perseus sulTerina with ruts:marl does
Foe rains la the breast, resultitto fr. - 41% rotracted raid,
trlns , a!ne ee.a,b, and local t....i11. to the ea ions nentaboj
&wares la the daly, their hem th":al cliwriiatre It
ilueethin or illertite. A a ri.meety In Lutabaym Um, ...
z rtn t r, i ai;r i tho T ntsr , V ,l a r f . e.r....7. , - „ :, so;- , .1 , ! aNi t ! L nirdri..ea.
10 , 1' weakness ..7,pelne, In.Uktertn:LtlieW,,Yla"lll.".itt
from metre aerate, these,. of the lt.taays, - r
ae-, sis
r=leTh r ni l t l aV: r 'l"4r.
slier:e:lce rare nll.l Ir
appli e reittoti.. To sueh at ntt,r ,th et! in.a."
thatlv are rtemottetided, with
that their leinet,sal edema will be t. nu
Fur sale. wbuleelde and retail, by t.
' '"
Mehl , . IL E. 21.1eLERPLO:
DEAUbtuN'l"s PATIS.i, R- 7c1 7 :4 - 1 - ;
hsn, mr Chine • beautiful glove to I.ln
e. On Lars. Slur t b.-.wens. sad flat leei!
u..e pnr•ntn the Iron 11 , 111 .thrriew to the la
from sticking,it motility! tt..thin MclUrloll-9
apy respect. The ladle. I,lVos 1 , 113.0 non yen a mach au enure. and In tide their exreetatt
4r!ealleed. se on recirettlion li feared .lie
. ,
\ eery esistollrml \
, r l r .4.511,11.4 e.
N. ll.—Oor Cat. will do 0.14-tr aeon of
firmly rhouhl nr Irithnor 4.
For,Prir• cowl per Crate. F.reh
Web: IL. F..
kelettb Mllll 411ren
1,P:11/1, b; Woool
, -
'• PETROLEUM. OR •••3.K OIL. •
.•• "There are mem things In beam ad earth. \
'Than am drothipt of In plitineop T.' `14.• \
rrnE, VIRTUES of floe rem kobia rein* ~,
~ .a.. 'll7, and the eountent application for to the Amon ,
ems, tow Indaced Almon hare it) ut up in thine, with In
belt and titration.. (nett. benefit tif the not to, , \ .
t The g/ITRuLEUII irprocuoul 'gun a well n thJe rout)
,at a degth of four hundred Ma m a pore, mulalterm. '
Ve...1 a rt icle \. wlthetil gay themiegl thanate, bo runt lts 11
S k\t,
news Verm jtature r . lima Labratoryll That I Wm
properties rearbing a number of diteniers, 1. IID , _ . '
matter of acertalnty. There am men; things in be am \ •
cana of natural arbleh._lf known • might be of tart .1•13.1- .. A t \
newt in allitv land altering, and manias the Id a .
health amksisoOto matt; a nufferer. Long . before love 4 1, \
prietor thintight otputtor s it Main bottler, It LW a Monk. ,
k •
Lion Mr the sure ortlisease. The constant at dallipti t 1,
.clls for it, ad‘several remarkable vulva It pe - . •
, V.
domed, Is a aro Indication of Its Altura popular kr •
*ride spread ay unties In th e core of di., . . 1, \
We do not wia tom aks a long m.o. of Mrilfatm. • '1.,.\
intooconitelti that th medicine eau meow work Its i
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:John Dinah, rallloo Valley, " " °, ' ' •
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