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flosiontateisravrr.- - -On Wednesday 'night.
about 12 o'clock, the family of Mr. John Corri
gen, who occupied a frame . sheathe near Rem
. ingion r on the Chartiera railroad, were awaken
ed by the flames in which their dwelling was
-being consumed around them. The family con
'misted of Mr. C., his wife, fear children, one
laboring man who boarded with the family. The
latter jumped out or a window and escaped with
out injury. save from the intense cold. Mr.
Corrigan got out without any clothing save that
worn while in bed ; his wife thright up a few tied
clothes to cover her children, three of them, one
an infant, with the mother and father, succeed
ed, though more or Iwo bathed, and severely
frozen on reaching the house of a neighbor, ono
third of a mile distant, when they were saved
from death, though suffering greatly. in the
morning, the blackened remains of their eon,
'OLWeleike years of age, was found burned to a
arcing the ruins. The rest of the fami
ly, we . learn, are in no danger, but how horrible
must hare been their sufferings on such a night,
while turned away from their ruined tome,
..scorched by lira, almost naked, and (reeling
witti the bitter cold. The poor boy whose re
: .malns wnra left in the ruins probably suffered
least of all the family, and yet what a death !
'Coatiaaa's lierther.—We give below, the eel
- does adduced before the Coroner's jury yester
day, relative to the death of Anne Pexitignot a
.. }'reach woman, 'who died in one of the wagons
of the. Pennsylvania Railroad Company, near
Terchment's tavern, st Tittle Creek.
The inquest was held, part of the time, at the
warehouse of the ageuts of the Pennsylvania
railroad, (Messrs. Covede & Cole,) and partly
et the - American Rouse. It occupied many
hours, as some of the witnesses were French,
and en interpreter who was acquainted with
French and Getman, had to give his evidence,
through a person who only understood German.
,Baldridge, ownerof the wagon, sworn
-L-We left Beatty's wnrehouse in 'Westmoreland
ishrinty, which is the station house of the Central
reHroad, and the point to which the railroad
runs at present, on Tuesday at twelve o'clock .
I was there when the wagon,
which was a large
road wagon, drawn by .firehorses, was loaded.
' There - there twenty-three adults and one child,
and their baggage - in the wagon—at least their
tickets celled for that number. This woman
• (the dee:weed) was in very delicate health at
eche time. -The weather was unusually cold--.
We pat In their baggage first, and put plenty of
• stray on the top of the baggage, which filled the
wagon about two parte fall. The wagon wts a
covered ono. 'We insisted on the emigrant's, so
far aa I was with-nees:tag:ma, .getting out-to warm
at various plates, mad they objected. We left
about twelve o'clock his Tuesday, and the road
wagon arrived here about one o'clock to-day.—
~ I came on-in advance of my wagon to Perch.
ment's at Turtle Creek, and finding that the
wagon was behind time, rode bask to am what '
WWI the matter. Found it pileup at Campbell's
hotel, twelve miles from PiStsburgh, on the
Greensburgh turnpike. This woman was lying
dead in the house. She was lying on a bed,
pretty handy to the fire. She was obliged to be
helped into the ; wagon, to which the had walked
with difficulty. Iler husband helped her. oAt
the time, I considered she was unable to bear
the fatigues of the journey.
Wm. Baldridge sworn—Wag with my father's
wagon from , the time we started till we reached
Campbell's tavern. The weather was unusually
cold. Heard no complaints made by any of the
passengers. The etranr on the top of the bag.
gage was one inch thick in some places, and in
Some three. They wrapped thecaselves up in
the bedding, hat didn't observe what sort of bed
ding they had, except calico quilts. The de
ceased died in the wagon, and I first heard of
her death at the foot of Turtle Creek Hill.
The corpse appeared stiller than if she had died
in a house. l insisted on the emigrants getting
oat to warm themselves at various places, and
could tot get - them out, and walked part of the
time. None of them spoke English, or appeared
to understand me, except one German, and he
said they would not get out.
:Pierre Claude Petals-not sworn—Am the hus
band of the deceived. Como from France.—
Left Philadelphia nine days ago. My wife was
sick on the sea—but was well when she reached
Philadelphia. Assoon as she got on the canal,•
• , she got sick. There was fire to cook, but co
room to warm ourselves. We got on the canal
bor4, at 4 in the afternoon, and got oil at eix
next day. There were twenty-six in the room
(section) and no fire. The boat was frozen in.
• After the boat froze in,'we get off-aterixeSclook,
and took our things-up to the top of the hill car-
eying there ourselves, after which we waited un
til ten o'clock in the evening before the care
' came up. There was no houveon the hill. The
-hands of the canal boat made a fire at nine o'.
clock in the evening, after we bad been there
all day. There was snow three inches deep on
' the - ground, and it was snowing at the time
. This was last Sunday. There was:fire on the
cars, and ir's were comfortable while in them
We left thelcars on Monday evening about dark,
• and the weather was very cold. It was snowieg
The room of the 'station house wise very large,
end there were 150 passengers in it: The ear.
pentera were nt work an it yet. The room was
heated by a large 'store. ' The room was very
cold. My Wife was four feet from the etoje.
. ♦ large fire was kept op in the stove. We
couldn't keip ourselves warm. My wife was al
'ways saying,that she was cold. She commenced
, • to complain of the cold on the canal boat, and
y kept complaining ever after that. We staliped,
whole day in the room. [the station house]:
We loft it about ten o'clock on Tuesday. We
. Shea got into a wagon, in which my wife died.
" The waged was too full of hoses, 'we had not
, meat straw, and the cover west - ell of holes.
' She - walked to.tbelikoltbut I had to hells her
in. She was always saying in the wagon, I era
cold, how finis it from Piltsburgb,--thsra _paid;
and whin I, who was walking, got into ;
gsst she was dead. She died yesterday, (Wed:l
-• nesduy) about three o'clock in the afternoon. .
The wagottleas too high for her to get in herself.
dB the-women worn helped in.
Csapir Smith, sworn. Was on the canal boat_
. We.had hardly room to sit straight up. It was
very [ cold, my wife and children were crying
teem the cold.
Alexander Moore. I was in the station house
_ the same night that this woman was in. The
.: place was so cold that I thought no individual
'could exist all night there, because it was so ex
railroad. There were two apartments, one with
comfortable, the other , was very sold. All the
through passengers from Philadelphia were in
thircotiffmrtable apartment The room was full
0 through passengers from Philadelphia.
I' Enna Sander, sworn. Was a passenger on
the railroad cars last week. Saw this party of
Germane on last Sunday, at Loceport. They
had sent a delegation to the railroad authorities
-to tell them that they were frozen in some three
• „or four miles further down. They said they had
no fire during the night, nor morning. The
. , railroad authorities directed a fire to ho kindled
tillthe espies train should arrive. As the ex
press train.did.uot arrive till after its time, they
waren:it picked up. So the engineer at Lock
port hinted another engineer, and went down
with - it about nine or ten o'clock in the evening.
Claude Pierre Texignot, re-called—At the of
fice In Nei York. we were promised to be ta
ken through from New York to Cincinnati in
or.six days. Hare been ten days on the
'road now. -
C. Smith re-called—Was promised to be taken
through from New York to Lenisvillein eh days.
''John F. Cole, sworn—The party of German
emigrants who arrived to-day, had through from New York. The tickets which they
• delivered at 'the office of Corode & Cole, were
• signed by Francis Ftink, agent - of the
Railroad in Philadelphia, and were dupli
- dates of those given to the passengers by Wm.
•• Bisiihnsneiler, No. 105 Greenwich street, New
York, Agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad; from
„ the date of these tickens, they have been ten
days pa the way.
Dr. John McCracken, sworn-1 have made a
lost mortem examination of the deceased. Her
. tangs were very materially diseased. There
tits not only conjestion of the lungs, but part
of them - were hepatized, preventing the free in
•-spi:Zationand expaneion of air. The left lung,
particularly, was diseased. The probability is
• that this disease would eventually have caused
her death, but could net tell how long it would
• have been before that time. The stomach end
" heart were healthy. The intestinal canal was par
tieultirly coejested; but this may have :taken
• place from the effect of the circulation of the
blood having been driven in, previous to her
• . death, by exposure to cold. On examining the
I Morgans in the-pelvis, found the left weary, which
• wee completely dropsical ,eontaining about three
' quarts of dark colored, turbid water. All the
other organs were healthy. Both her right and
left hens were dropsical, the effusion extending
• • above the kueee
• I found nothing, however, that 1 would sup- i
pose would be the cause of her immediate death. i
The exposure to.whieh the deceased woe sub
jected, was eafficient to cause death. I should
suppose that even a halo or healthy person could
but bneubjected to the exposure mentioned in
the evidence, without less or more
Dr. Hazlett, sworn—Evidence corroborative. ;
The following verdict WWI offered, but nega- I
.: tiled by a vote of eleven to one
Pato - lecd, That in tbe_opiniuu of the jury, the i
Directors of the 'Central Railroad have rendered
-themselves merely' calpableda ceasing emigrant
sptuesengets•to bb recoipted through to Pittsburgh
acid - Cincinnati 'without haring complete awl
7 4:i=s'==:=
certain arrangements for fulfilling the same
'Without detention.
The following verdict wee then adopted :
We, the jury in thin case, do find that the im
mediate cause of the death of Anne Pea-nig:int
was exposure to the weather, which exposure
tram caused by the culpable indifference with re
gard to human life, manifested by the Penn,yl
- Railroad Company, in not providing for
the &mecum of emigranto more particularly.
The Coroner's Jury then adjourned.
Count OF 1:21,11.Tr1t SC4fIIONS—The Court of
Quarter Session, was occupied in the morning
by the trial of a cute which we cannot report.
In the afternoon n trilling rose woe taken up,
which WAS not concluded when the Court .1
Drain room Exooseac Aar In - rawer.Ascr.
—A German, who was „pieked up in the ninth
Ward by officer Ferguson, a -day or two ago,
nearly frozen to death, and who was afterwards
admitted into the Infirmary. died there yester
day, frotn the combined effects of exposure to
the weather and intemperance.
STEUBMIVILLI: R.acaunu MEETlNG.—Whereas,
a Convention bay been invited to a meet at Sten
benville, for certain purpuee rot forth in the
call .
And whereas, the epsolution proposing the ap
pointment of a committee of two members l'ront
each delegation to prepare and submit business
for the action of a convention was rejected. and
one adopting, confining the action of the conven
tion to the isolated proposition of connecting the
Cleveland anti -Pittsburgh .Railroad with the
Baltimore and Ohio rood, thereby excluding
(rum the consideration of the Convention the
other objects embraced in the calling thereof,
Whereupon, the delegates from Steubenville,
Wellshorgh, and other places, withdrew from
the same nod organized a convention in pursu
ance of said call, by election Jesse Edgington, of
Holliday's Covet,: Ca., Chairman, and appoint
ing Compel' Tarr, Jr , of Wellsburgb, Secretary,
and thereupon, the following resolutinm, offered
by Dr. John Andrews, were unanimomty adopt
ed .
Resolved, That the adoption of a resolution
excluding from the consideration of the meeting,
and intended for that purpose, a part of the
objects for which the Convention wits called, as
set forth in the call itself, is in effect, an exclu
sion of a:portion of the delegates from any par
ticipation in the proceedings of the meeting :
and that self respaet left no other course for
such delegates to pursue than to withdraw from
said meeting.
Resolved, That this holy now - assembled is
the only convention assembled in.- pursuance of
the original call.
Rewired, That we are in favor of the adoption
of euch meuures as will harmonize all local in
tereata embraced in the general Object,' of the
Resolved, That this convention is iu favor of
the proposed connection of the Cleveland and
Pittsburgh Railroad with the Baltimore and
Ohio road in such manner as the interests of the
respective companies may indicate: provided the
narrow selfish and illiberal course pursued by
Wheeling towards the connecting of Pittiburgh
with Steubenville and by rail road
be abandoned, and not otherwise.
Campbell Tarr, Jr., Sec'y.
I - 1 LASS-50 boxes .
1 13 L.l 10,121
10 104.14. ler 444i , .1 , ..41:4 4.1.4., n•
nmcut, br (.1..i1, ALVI:PII.... LEY
1%1 OLASSES--50 bb b.. askti 5 Id. 1,119. So.
I. Rat llouns, prime. far 491 , by
093 .1 0. e.tNFIELb
IPEARL ABll-si , lAN. for sale by •
11 del3 .1 U. eANYIELI,
ALERATUS-10 la, and 51.114,16. pure,
fnr aalo by .3 II eI. V11:11 3
UTTER—IO bxs. RA, for sale. 1.3-
313.231 J B. CA‘111 3 .1.13
de VI JAUEs 1.3ALZp.1.. 1 3 3 at, r 333
- - -
AT J. L. REAlTS;%Aprdit. 'sip, No.
7ri Fourth otmet—
ohy 'Dirk, or th. Whal 4 . 4 l.of`ltiro ,
Familiar Feu.nro, or thr Vlml+6, Exp Ulna ivo of Com ,
mon Thium, ior Fata nr, 13,44.
&won. of Thing. 'awl's, tre.irr. ft, Famill.-•
"'"°— ai.npt
"' "•
jr le Atilt Pit tCTIVAL Item.lutu
t lat.n of the Farmerto .11 their eurieti..o4
Lag them to the liteatous of the ye..u,thereueceretself
wear. ily Hoary tl4tobene. F. ,
sallow of the
ell.* or the Farm:'rto . by Job„ :torten. 11.
A ,•Prof of Setrotifle Agriculture In Yale hi.
therm 2 vole_ oitb rumen.. Illti,trattons
_ .
J k
d. 12 F... Orr., nt“il. , Hull rug..
('RUSHED SUGAR-3u bbls. LOTOrlng:s,
IJ , _ for ma nr ➢UHUIIII'NY. k
t LATH ER-200 Side. N. Y., ini 0a..4. by
11 1.1,' 1.1 M: URI IA; F. a 1 Sinlit II
Mexican Mustang Liniment
vind wad fr,.
Vra,loo. color. mud curolltlun, thr qua . of
prouu Itru.l/[1.15 Ki., 11,1.—ooro.urful yaouurote.“
P on of lusttlr. sc Knyl lkot
ouitor.ol up:olon utturui by .11 who 111.11..
aud Urot.uoo, aol,111.•• sso,o
lo rollovtrut , of soy 001. tiO rO l .l.tur 1, what
or how exonfrialtoo—ruram..,ll.l,.tion. of jolnt.. of,
rauters, vr..
bre.t.t: or sus ‘Ol.O. .tiffno, or w00x,.....
Of Joint. &twit.. or bootouloo Thi. Looment •011.111
aurliuoLlo •714 r ul usl iu
1, 1 . Tr, It
For ale Us Moto/WELL, 14r,
India Itel,ber
aral Mclntosh Air Ct...hiono, of diffenent shape, loot
mad and " J. atl2 " %" "" . .. 11fil t
dad UG A R-49 111.10. N.
aTr ot and for rale I, T
111 Front rt.
OGAR-20 lihd.t. prince N. 0., or n A b. by
de2 J. S Plt.Wlolll . ll s 1 . 0.
ALEItATUS--IU tans Polv'd, in eaeks
1.01 and hose.. for .ale t, R. Li.
de° '
lIA LE casksStrain,tl,t,
- 7T (d 0. ,) IL DALTZI.I. a C.,
Beanniont's Patent Starch Polish.
yo &TENTED, Only .2.6 th, iis6.—For giving
• • v.- 1.
I,Ao o lanen. 31u..).n0 l'Arnk rho, CA
inens, le- and nonnennsendllawinderlons.
bir...-Liona—l'ut a poen the este p•-s u, • .71111.1,..
"barb when boilin s : Irnn briskly.
Prise. 12.4 rent. f or Cake. enlil wholr,aleand m.ll by'
R.. . ..1.7 Word et,
4.12 Polo Ar E ent Sr Allorhen r o,nnt r .
rook,. Winter Whale, for sale in
1.1 t.ta,.. or dralicht, .2 010 n .
d•1:1 %to .1 At
MOLASSES --;i0 bbls.
T.; •nirs Ina for sale L T
lEAD-100 pigs for sale by
Q ALT PETRE—S9 bag, Chide, landing
and for rah. br 1801A111.1CR EV A C.
der. Wstrr end Pm..
FEATHERS-75 bap for sale by
dtb I. DICK EV A Cu. and Prrna q•
CHEESE -300 boxre English Dairy:
•• Common; for Pal.. fq
. _
I OAF SUOAR---50 bbIR. rasped, for nab) by
JA3IES A. MeK NIGHT, No. 62 F'ourtli at.,
Ms twltlse4 fn.= auction • lot , k 7 MOCHA 1,11Y1)
rIARLS, in
Lt. dec ta m- Blue, roe.slog., Orin,. White 6n.1 Centra•
. . .... . ...
Lao reed—Gentletnen's [meaning flown.. White Beau
[Men and Fancy Iloods, lo great earleti. dH
FLOOR - 50 bble. Extra, for rale by' 1
deg H. P VO.N MINN tiongr a GO.
GLASS—LOW boxes ars'd, e. b., for rale by
dr4 N. Pz-VON Iie.P.XIII,ItAT A Co
fm sale by H. P. 00:1 lIONNIIIIILAT a CO
JUST itEC'D-50 yds. thin Sheet Rubber,
for Bandaging. .Yor sale at No. Iln Market sat.
del J. A It. P 1111.1.1 PC
I.IORAX-1500 lbs. far only by
41 unls J. KIDD a 111., 11l Wool mt.
ibbii 90 bbls. S. I , •
II du It, mr vele by
null • Jllll N WATT • lit
0, VALUABLE DISCOVERY, that whielt
has been hong muribt fur. rig A , IIPLIIIr.• Z. LI
D t..OLDEJI, Mr Welding Clem, titan., Earthen and
.1 arid.; ai, Nail.. I vnri..irnamm.ln. ne.
N. ll —All artlclne mimed br thin rrlauSle conmcwltlnn,
will be rendered perfettly sold. Inn.l rn.wly 1., ono ... 1e.., .
than flew minute...titer It ha. been .1111111.4.• A. 11. ban .... •
Icalor. b r okennn mar). nt anithlng baying been applied 1
n thepa rte. even on the font vim- 'lt en I .....,
mai. the man. of lot water. ur any nther litorl 01 Imonl
gar/ abont a bolfu. thereby rend, log them a. u.. n,.
belur• tbey were broken. 1
The pubbe will at Purees«. the Importance of le.r.nnlng 11
acquainted with the Lent and only an 41u 1. , dnnabli re.,
purlig. when tbe .1111 X nu 1011110 g
For aala. wholes...le or retail. by lt. E. BBLI.F.Iiii. 17
W. of street. .1,
SVCR WII EAT FLOUR-40 sacks Hulled
trat quality, lot ask, hr
13EARL A 5,1 cake for dale I , y
deb W. it P. IVII,IIN. Its ker , abi it
rf EF , F . in. A DPElN—Watited
11. A. PAIIN slis Co.,
deb corms Yiret scat lt •Le.
IithIOLASSES-30 biaiodais . 6 Re-
AJ. Sorry. (areal. by NUNiI lIIIHi Y. t INIIIIIIAM.
'in 116 Wator
(lumen, cedar*,
lbs.ue. and .11 blade brads
Gk pr,youts {be Imo from eilie-rinst lathe i-dn'nund
dust front rtickitad It nronsdn• nothing inisYbd l e
ylsthe. .0 kny Tbs ladle+ herc:alnuaatibs nit
' l ,llnn t In
try an impartial ttial aus bill 11.3 o..zen
clothe, ina no bandy rboula 4 Price. 1 2 .1 a
ona.yrr Caks—ritb foil ditertions Fur yet,. • laden:Lis
and Ysta,li by 5. N. 11 teltil:10. 4 11,1.
Jet rucnst of 1t0,.1 and Sill, /df.
101 IN MEAL-3il itackii Sifted, fer nub] hy
/ dot e. O. VaN ra.
• -
ft HI iddevrii SOA 1511 bezel, prime
.i ankle, kr (wally We... i.y
del WM. A. 11.4`1,14(.1 oh,. Yl.
eoglaaalue the Et tar of 11u... sat
s cantinas tbe Piano Sort, In •tori, is adds,
7: l .'z - Zra,gb,°°11::214,2, 4 401,;7,. - 17;!.1?....1
rytitto: 50ctt. For sale by_ -
d4B J. U. ) ULLLOII. 41 Waal at.
Hon. Henry Clay has resigned his meat in the
Senate. lie will spend the winter in Philadel
phia, and return to Ashland in the spring.
iloust.'—The Senate bill establishing a branch
Mint in California was refered to the Committee
nu Ways and Means.
The speaker laid before the /loose a commu
nication from thelSecrotary of State, etat ing that
nearly sMas.l of the $lO,OOll appropriated by
Congress for the expenses of Amin Bey remain
Mr Marshall 'of Kenttick7. introduced a hill
for purchasing the standing ptock of the Louis
ville nod Portland Canal, and for enlargiogg the
canal to as to suit the wants.of commerce. It
was referred to the Committee on Heads and
Mr. Chandler offered a resolution authorising
the speaker to cause such alterations nod ar
rangements to be made to may he deemed ne
-cessary to the comfort and health of the mem
bers. lie enid he occupied a seat upon the very
'boundary of civilisation; but he would not mind
this, did not the Iliperhorran tweezes blow up
on his heart. (Laughter.) Wo are engaged,
said he.,from day' to day, passing laws for the
comfort of the people, and putting money into
the pockets of the ponp'e, rohup pal, suprema
lez, which means the law of the land is the
health and comfort of rte Legislature, (Renew
ed lonelier ) The resolution was then adopted.
Me Olds submitted a joint resolution, which,
on motion, was al-ten up and passed, ac'horis•
iug the lost Master ()moral to legalise the con
tract for carrying the mails between California
and Oregon,
Numerous petitions were then presented, of
ter which the House adjourned.
Smistc.—Mr. Underwood presented sundry
petitions praying that Congress would pay the
Texan land holders the full amount for the lands,
amounting to $12,000,000: and there being on
ly Ci,000,000 in the Treasury for that purpose.
Mr. Seward gave notice of a joint resolution
establishing certain post routes lu New York.
Mr. Foote introduced a bill granting laud to
the State of Mississippi for certain railroads in
that State, which was taken up, and after some
debate, was ordered to be engrossed.
Mr Gain introduced a hill granting the right
of way to aid in the construction of a telegraph
line from the Mississippi riser to the Pacific
Air [right submitted a joint resolution au
thorizing a enntract with Menu, Dunsidt.on
Armstrong for printing the census returns.
which was made the tlpecial order Of the day fur
Monday neat.
The resolution of Mr Foote declaring the
Compromise measuret a definite setttlement of
Slavery, wee again taken up.
After come unimportant amendments to the
Compromise resolution. Mr. Foote . addressed
the Senate in reply to Messrs Butler and It belt,
up to the hour of adjournment.
The Intelligencor of this morning expressed
surprise that no toast 1.11.8 drunk at the l'ress
dinner, in New lurk, to the President, and adds
that Mr. IVehster's letter was received with
hisses, It says that the firatimovement was made
towards the release of Kossuth, was by Mr.
Webster. and hut for the influence produced by
his letter to the American Minister at ronstau
litiople, Kossuth ixtuld still he pric.fner in loin
.. • .
The Intelligeneer, mates that Mr. U. II
Niles of Baltimore. left here yesterday as hearer
of dispatches Co the Ameriean Mini-ter al Ma
drid, It is supposed that the diepatehes ;elate
to the Lopez poisoners and Mr. Thrasher, and
the Intelligeneer wspresi,ea the belief that the
exertions of the Government will proeure their re
(1A1,114086, Dee.
Yesterday was the coldest da3 known in thin
city for many years. Ice 11 . 119 found eight inch
es thick.
N. S t h ree. an catett,re jeadler of. this ci
ty died teat night.
There have been no arrivals or departures of
eteamboats for two days. The river is very full
of heavy Ice, but the weather has slightly mod.
crated. The thermometer at 74 o'elook, A. hi ,
stood at S' above zero.
' ICE'W TO 11ARKL . T..
Naar Vast. Den Id
Caftan—The market is steady at yesterday's
Flour—Pal. se
Grain—Pales :4,00 tiushels southern white
when! at
rovisions---Fides 200 bble pork at $1:4i•1fi,25
for mess,. and sl344i'l.lter prime. Sales 100 bbl,
beet horns of sllll.elll'llo se lad
Linseed 1 1 11-Boire 11400 goiters at , lie
ja Lmllon
I:dee—Sales 210 tierces at lc yi n..
Tobacco—Sales hhds Ky.. et 41(,i81 "c 1
soles of Sour transpired to-day
nor —The market is firm3rith sales of 2500
at 51,G7G1.5.1.70 itt 100.
Prorisiens—Arr in good demsod, and firm.
Sales 1200 414 mess pork at $12.50. Sales of
.7in,iko, 14s dry salt meat at 5e fur shoulders,
end Gc for tides.
groceries—Nothing of coneequence wet done.
There were noarrirala or departnres of steam
home toolay. The weather Is moderating. The
ricer is foiling.
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DOLL 'MUNI:STONE - 12 bblo. for wale by
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OCHRE—Superior, fur sale by .
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EWA 1i L STARCH-50 boxes junk reu'd on
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TUE Annual Meeting of Ili , Stiii•kholderm
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MO L.l ot firm ol slom A smfonals. Oh 4'
Nonougahela Navigation Company.
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t N AN NI:A 1,, NI KETINO of the Stockholti. Mratm ~ ... J (T•as
it,t i s :n n n i,.. , r s:• ,, ,‘ , , , s , ' ,. ...n . s . lnishelo Nat Sidnit . 411 k ; MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING,
Ittoorionoson, thro ottm• on tot stow h in. INty IT SHINES 41.1
of isstoshot dh. wit Motet, the Milt .1, id Januar,. A t •
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riltlE DIRECTORS a the Culling Mining litr .
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1 . Company of NI Wlttoon. harts Th. ohm made an 'own,. T Von t ,' sas r o, "
moot of isitr root. on iamb also, Id the manna' root of Alan. NlN•stoss Cl'., Lek KITING INK, at , tho los U n s e,
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t' lll.?!.tlSir DV I FEIN:ND. Trs CLF.',GG'S. PERFUMERY
House of Refuge.
rr lIE suliticriliers for the erection of On I FANCY SOAPS
Honor of fit foot 1a Wmtern Penn, lemma. me ' ••• non. superior lodide, ,
11,0, that an asowtoment of twenty coot mot ost i asissmosi w Loh am .n rattwi to• imtly oniohannwl
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We Tremors., on or twitsrsT tho 15th dap of Nossoilo r i Dtwt Pouth . m.roller, Chalk. mot allotr opt , o,
twat lir onter of Ito. Board of Itirnmor. Cnstrittims
renttr .11Ittlit lIANNA. Ton.. &tiro —Wants. and halms int, 'Tont Drown nod Whit.
Windsor. /Amin., 1 . ,t0. /1113.441, lam; and Tont
-Notice. &was Slimind ermut. 11,1 Ims, it ..... fix
r•rot fur tn. botulism , Itst fs, 31motioh that • nil. CriTs.
I ETTEHS Tetittinientary to the estate of iiii INstuado. sa orw East Lustral flan Roam-more.
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persons harlot: rialto, ph:olm, mid mods. NM prmrtit Pwrfonsor and stirtukt.
them dui, Authmittratied Mr mttlement to Ilarkt.t tarrrh Ism... 2J,
11. 1101.111115, s litTfiterrhasst• dittit r:et tio•t Ilion, Is the
nn • and nom tem!, manufactory 14 114. CH) lilt, kiln, •
11 intriblt il;li I :Oh mu , _ nrtil dli
nolltlatmdt Expositor.
attar. , ...zit ... ix W. mita..
A Card—Life Insurance. Shriver & McLean,
% . ,1 li. C. A. CC/M . ON, Sett . V.—LlPlth INir I Fi„,,, , p, od ,, „„ d c,„„,,,,.,„„
. 41,, d ,„„,, ,
iv. Aga matter of nottniott juattee. I teem It tit, du. ,
l.` ararioal•Op ins reel Phouht too r lororlit. ~suer to ; No 34 rts , i,ti INN rad Tract,
tort, the elem. of a trolley reretttly .4,4,1 1,, rue, • PH11,1.1.1111,
alatill;/ le ...tit 04.000 rR. thuunand dollar, he. i r - soNsiGN‘ i ENT: ,
of ILt
ami Pro _
born rood
. 111. literal prlnettle. upon ehteh the affairs of the ir ) tune ....rail, aril ryes •, or h .r. arr s .”.. via,
olllrtahurun hile I hear s ithe ...pant . are conducted. •tt OW 11.1411.6elea•Gre loam st.h•lartt.,o Aaratrao male en
till. It to the re...tenant, and patrhrta.e or the piddle I rre,11.1.1
.1 Lultrix a lieu deoret
Ihe pou-Iple of to .1.0,1 tete tow. , au the that al ; Rehr to—tleenra H.niptun a trill, Ilittehurglit
sera...trent of lour organtastatna. il the true ...Wet I • SI, Prenein o hail,.
fr ame 1. rdn-st.,. whirls tootiatort •tut elatellaull t 4 112 41...31. tattaLltu, -
- Mr :twat II nitrite, - ue,U •
'"'"'""" . 4 trl7M'nl.:l".:.ll..l'.'..ster
n 0,7 .I.ler of Pllntl ' ltr;htto Church Poortunth. i'a FIIIIUMAS VilliTE, IiONN ET il.:11‘1.!
t. -
Atn tattott, On 41 rh.uth rlecront ntre,t, rata,
Notice—Coat Certificate. c ...m.........Li..5.,.., rettlashophta 1,1.11
NT .
°TICE le hereby Estrin lt tit.. altither.loll , lot tootttl.•• ,„ st a s ~,,,,,,
ha. twee made to the Exchatore haul her rho retie, , It 1t..a1011.11.1, .1 il anal."
of Gerlthe rte n tah. ho luurtnen ... ~..1,1 h.,, k . 1 ip AGA LEY, II 01..11 W ..t HD 4 Co.. W hole
rye.. t. h..... let n ...trot rutl.
let ba t on the lute A prat I IN ..d. tirrecore. le. 1,1 Mara,. , I l tolatelpttla. apt!
la ' . nr,o_toso. Ills,. .1.15 t. ,. 1t I kit
Notice to Brick Makers and Quarry Men. 1 t .lL '7liii t k,:..6 }4. & r e : i : t 0, ;,,,,, , ,,,
111-ZOPOSA LS WILL III.: 11.1 , ;CEIVEL until j 0.,,, m i,,,, m,,,„,., v.,. ~ ~,,,,, tars,,.,. .
I tn, ',it .1 have kk 4,, next. for the delliery rf tiro lau. 0 I. Nartlt it bans, l l Cll,lalthra •.ta/
atel a tall tall Irons of trot autna theetrauista aeon, •itl
..nee In arhout equal quattittio, at tr. 4 , 111, 1.1.01 L./ , --
~,. Venn, Iva.. lituerosal l l, tupan,..ltl at " ltor ~,,, tr
Let. er n Lets,,, and Nap BA L'l'l I%IOIIE.
The prouro.... .111 Plate the I.:, of Jell err el re.
onint. and the 0r...4 the. lava.. tie... , of thy iv. , dt I - '
viettelon• I,lt, hreterrml. AVALTEI: 4; CU.,
.4 pert ton al tint or.. be !ablest •I Oran, a 1.,. to ;
he hard pr.... • or atilt.: the ter,. ant di.eurtonit *III . Nour and Genenil Produce
Le ....I aslant.),
Protsmals .111 ale. re• re .red for the ...IWO the I COM M I :". ..' lON II t) 1; SE.
block. mate Intm dal . alltataed from th" c , mtP.i....* , ... ,, I No ...r. , ..11 TII 11.,W alt D N ll 411 1101,1141111 k STlthil
at th. tube Ort.O. artere fuel otu ta.toloa/urril s hr noire., ;
.0 11 ri I. ...I I 1 B.ILTIMORE
Ornoneals aOl le. n rcl•••11 to the - eartse Owe: for the rla ;
11,, nr sasto ,roo perch, el -tone 1.. r htoalatton, st I R.I II 11 r. 1.0 T 1,,,, 1%, Tilt: boo].
the shot, peunir t r at en, ennte, h 1 ,amt for 11.111.4 f
.. ' l.. ....1t ' ‘ l.. ....D.l " ' 1..1. ' 1. ... ‘ " '" r. ."' I IL NI .tit ON cites., nONT,
Ihe pr0t....1. •
rrot 1. .fireere 1 I. Ediennl Miller. 1,..,
1a , .... r oos .at hoot-solo, 11111111 n 1, .1,
J a ler Ali I it. hotors, i 1.1 r! kn: r
Take Notice.
i 1.1. PE itSiLN S It mg. themselves in,
:11, .1..... t 1., ti, 1.1.,nn .41' 011'111.11 A h t N n 1.1.1
•tt 1 ...AO. the, 4,..••11tan / 1 4t1 ten, tie art. rto It..
, a,
ell the , • mho 1.11 tr. rOn,. , 111111/, heti,. 11,
eNtect lettil nt, an • tr. te I r,orte.l lIP atsaiu, !how
Jolt, I 1 LAIIIIK.
dell Jar a It,. rtat,no or l'autptell 0 FLettruelt
"Elk Horn - Saw Mill for Sale.
lately fini.Lrd and
‘ ruing ottl a L
• onanatallac tntla. a,fnn,fe r
tiotna I n
Irivity It..taa•• atastaann. • r•raa c..r too,. ta...1 io a alt..” 1 .1
r IL.. I. a. ataol—• tw - a aster of
atl... at •II ar•uan. Pal atla r• - lwaat soorket, ott
won down th• tat., of tt... flocoggoltaa Para.Al
with toochroory fi.“l etturo. of Oz.. lwat na - t , /1••
toetit ibl. ttact, auto - mita It nob., rrofoant
of (EA. MIA p-rfortossteo of it• work 'Me
..tabiontment. lorltallna fit f'('2.l
Hon, al, la toalle a.• . 0411 •a.l un tau,
8 . .71.1F ' 40N. Attornay tit Inn.
. . 11,
Good News for the Ladics!
it t..vrimitE'S FISENC m.‘
IP VII La.... Ingee...lit, Saiu mad Fde. r liir
(ly•uat•l a1..••-•.1' lie.) an.l I, ii. 1.1.
laasii et AL, Treincan. ilthetayinin
CostiveLiras. 1,0,1114. 1/yoses.lia er I iiiiiaa•Stan, I laid
us.. in. ianil ail Prn. IS. its
sr Ste Anse. ter II aol.l ...'I retail tiT A
Linens atrsait.. baa.l ol We,. I . ...bunh.
an! by ALI. TII Wa l ls , . t a. - Full- lA, e lay. is
with e.chs
LITENAItii 0F.P0T,Nt..74
• nilS4 alrsisti.atril• the
tit IV's.- • n.sitplatei.lalal•ny
Vonetn Ty. is. it. tit ....urinal.. a., •1... - 11, -Ur. •.1
ei I ynelvii •
Kr•onstl. • i•yainitte. in ilr.elan.l.l.i.
Oa of the United lilat•-• A•Lrli
netn—lo Sera.
.11sni. iit•tnale• • I'are-,-• b•
•sal r
I athe: Nati, Mai .I•nari
TI,. Ilu•rif..s 11.
I•eirrial tArr knathan. (I..t.irna•
•iipsly el' AN'. IL, (reel SI 1. , II:
~ .I i [Lain:it.,
Marks,. e
.1 bur. s, by IL ra:elly. ai •
Mold Areblieet, Ne. Lb. IrLalt. • nen •.vk 41 11.1inno
ItisloaiarL nt SL••i.rrati
London lan, ari.lL •, enilonln
Harper • Ilvasine., yid 4, laininl in niu•iln
1t...b0a In Irelimi I.t V. al Ttis. - terai
Landon Art Jeurnal Sevemte,
Lae ad rentiln• of au A:kilns,. Sli•cLut
The thool•nii, • i.e. 11,,1rel Lt
The Lily ais the lie, anonarl •rren
Lion Qui,. ate! si•neho I•nuaa. •
T•ting lb. 10na....
Mei:none. tif a Phi eian. Pima.
Ilarty Iturnbiarn. a taw al lbe Amenean
Len. Sr er lb. Kazis/Lail et I. ft..
/rank .Weigh. et b.-ones In tb• Lillis( a Priryite 1,01
Matilda I. N',lnks,.
14airii.rien • or • it Lba Human 11. art. putt
Mabel, or the Chili af She 11•11.), Yletl. • isle sl Water.
m. .1•13
r'. L. Ilalw
i Steam Communication between New York
and Olargow.
THE Glavow and New York • 1:_ -__. .. --- —.7 - . _.- .-:- -- 7
stramatirp f'rdnnaao'r r. , • ',rut mow -7 I ...p. a-m.p.h.,. .. . ..; ... L . p• no
ahrmarrhip Old 'titott , 1„,..2 .0.. .0.14 , N
h;.1,;; r.”,... S , I- a am; I fahr trf th. Cm I L' AAIII EL J. %VI:111E1H I. L 4 et i . Coto
..d .. , .... - 0 ~. ....n.., i . •WP . .tw , to Lt... '.. 1 I -1
rn.. , ,n apri far a ord.,: t1.,r11., h. No. ...a ler.,
Vert direr, for Matto.. on Itmurda, the %hot dehroarr. . anal:. ,, .r. „,,,,,.,.., p „,.......... ......... 0 ..,
eat. at It: o . oltark, irklurl. ; ; a.rrtsrlrepl., -.ten. pr pap, r...1......,e1Tme •rf !L.P.
P • ARAN/. lioNtr.
Firth Cab. (areararl'a fe. Inelartrahl ........ .. .... ....f ttO tttrtt rt . ' l .^ ''. ~ .. ~. i.••' l, '. , t^^ , .. ~-
II I••• , *.
PPP.P.rue. tataatcem taken.
rator inehrte prialad but not wlnt. or honr. j ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI.
.n. - 4....0 ,- ~,,, , u..1 , m lewrd al adatemle prirea C.- ,
ri" • 'n , lihnkkr. - . ' 51IDDLETON, RI Li:Y .s. 3110 , ..14
voT Notch! or rattan.. -.,...,,
J yr . .." p ~,,,., nr. .. , „, ~,,...t . i ...In . • / mr..7 . 1 : :,at , ar j rza , , , r , ...de1 , add:Nan, pr, ll.e
... "". I he., 0., ti0r . .0.0...”.1 . 1....rtr0a. dlerltua a la..
2 ,,,,,,,,,,,F t11 ,, (1 . 1 y: i .,.... T 0 ..7 ., , , : . an l d 4,11 P.a....r0ar,. is ...„._.T.,,,, ~,,, ~
tprew. '
'''''''''.. 3 .` - I I 1.11 IL e. TI I T Lk.. A it•atiev at Law,
ea teai..llr,
j A A • N , 1 ,,, E , 5 .... ,/ 3 t , •; . ‘ ,.. 1( ,
, 1 1 1- ,... 1 ... 1 :1 , r , " t r:' , „. " . 51a r\ .1‘ 1 '-, „...,:LY,i;f;::: ' ,..: 7 ., ' ,.,!?,!...:::::;:r "".. .
arty I.. „ .Amtnt for the followlnn l'aedet 1.0 n...
...,m O . 0 , 5t 0 .m.,,,,,.. d e ,...,, d“.., d e ., •,,,, L., . .11 1 . 6 11:N It. It .1N It IN , Auerney awl I, \ .on.
• . m;li, . La., hod . • ~n„• oar itd the Ma. o
Intlwallow Tall Nun, rallina mu, New Vont and lit.?- l rel. ,11.00., "rt. bat , . at.., itare T or
. 1 . 111 , ..,:h I '
. the thh an I 21;4t a..e .. num. ' 1tehr.......,--1.1.....,1. 11. w. W I ornar I. Ilanrorm a
Na Lino low., S•. York 0u Ore Mai. and IAT;01,011 i ~,,,,.. ‘ , ..1.43.110. %W.. , dol. E ho., 01—“• A
on the 1 Ith of ever, month. , _Temple. Nl.l .1.1 a 1,. anal. I.
Rod Star line.l .... N.. lora on th. Iltb. aul 1.,,e. I .
loot on the 2 , r,1/ of /well month
.11 AN U FA ,, scrultn) TOBACCO—
z Line . ml. trove . mouth hem Liverpool and Ner, 1 N . . . .
York. r . :ty., t,, , ap. hherrmad's L . . And I;; ; +,
Thwl.mulon Lim of Parket. ran. from New York on the .
111, at Irdlt. and 1:11.11, anal . from L. A. to lb, MI, lath. i .. 'l ' '; rrolt!. l t ' n r . "'” ,''..
7.1.1, and :Mb, of every mouth. t "t to
in. II (Iranla ,
Th. IN, de Lim of Warw. Packet. mill horn Not. Irak I 011 '' \ totriona. ••dn.'s , 1 k's
ALibman. on the Ist and IL. of .aert mouth . '• \\ .41. V. Va. .1. 1 ,, ,
A Weekly lane of ItaatoM from NI. Or. 1 lll lot • IN ltehur , t, rho.
..... . _
to .• , t a 1,..
at,,,,N WATT A IN.I.
Deily Line for emigrant.. from krw York, by i•!tren ,
boat, Railroad, or by Canal sod kallOaf. rictoeonce
Panengen 0111 rreeire every attention, and qtr. , . ell ,
en ft:on-rani, a! the When of It Taionovit . Men
Quay. 111i1,101, stool qt. ( ... eKe building, Li r011...4 W•
T Tai.noott a Co- r•oulla garret, Now York. or rat
the on-. of the airertloorr, corner of SIIOI Laionty
atm., Pittelourgh.
Norton. resisting In the /lotted Stab. or nomad. who
wleh to nod for their Mazola in sal Pam C.0 .. '.
knotlatol, or. li glee, ran root, clot nerea T 1
1,0011,11, on application to the outteente, and hare
theta brought out by any of the aterve favorite lion ol
I•loieb rang. 001111 1,10 lir 2.1•110 VIDA bilethe.,/
log torn elan Merchant Alt. , . "
way of Liyerpmd, London. or filaYorow. 'their trequonel
uf railing pr • min thopoaellollote of del.!. 1..... age nn
ale. be war.. trent Lis torfool to NC. °Oran, ileltinvot,
Philadelphia, Matron, Chati!oton, and Potent
reinittatores o, , tnall or itorne mit/n.0 ,, ...lit"
tor= JAl,ti 11, AK ELY.
McHenry's Philadelphia ez Liverpool Lute
of Packets.
„ired,, Soiling from Philoolelplcin con the ,Ao./. 4 '
and I.lretyaeol on the looiol reel, nuoutb...
'hip MARV PLEASANTO, It. It Poosocton Minder.
1241IZID:411!;„`,..:1"e.vki::.t.h.Q;V:"`" .
JakkitlolN, Alfred V. tonoltio, %looter.
811Arif AM AXON, (near.lNV lid%rotor.
She above .Larry li/V 1.111 Id 1110 I+4 and moat ao.okor
toateroola, and are noted nor do. repidot r their insaago,
they are fitted or.t ith all latent tintonoresoonte, ore inn,t
thoroughly ventilated, and err tonouirieneeAl for their woo
notutncalethone for .ti..coond tb/nn and oktnrage
they are commanded by won of arkutowledned Wont, who
are uneqUalled for their espoorbonro It, the packet oarvire
Penns. tinfou. of !mowing their frintut4 tom thr told
Country an obtain oertilieqtea of punage o whirls will be
good for eight month, .0,1 our eqtenta amt 101 l
erpool will furninh theni with the prop, infortunttion
Inetrurtlot. relation. to their oloparture.
troy the MT/ 7,llYller of nanengrra wishing to aen I tno
r, rrupply doodle for CI ....fling and upward, os!able
at sight without olloorount, whir), will too ow-Led lot any 01
the Hanka tor Poet !Mien in the United Itlioniona.
4..aritneleirone etiloplled panengrek o'otninat rant Lire'
keen. meek the frdlovine SUPIII. I Will he farniehed
evh poop...nave nlll years of are and over
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14 lb. moluoes, end lIL pork. Pod, 11 yourh Ala,
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QIIGAR-10 hhde. prime N. 0.. fir saboby
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S-7o boxes extra Ca - titian Ch e ese;
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LO ER SEEiD--75 la. for wale by
1103 1.46
DOLL BUTTER-5 bble. Fresh, tor sale
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well known estal.tisliment is still eon.
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Professor Alex. C. Barry's Trieopheroux,
0 11 widrATED l'ItM1 . 01111:11. for
It, holt,
ta, sort aaidi till. roriog hf the ttido,
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t.set p taw lo 1. - Llet it is hohl by Na , Who
glith It .1,1.1.
Frill'. PROPERTY It offrml
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Tt..• to tar,. rust:tante), hear an arta al amual. I.
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fa.t to an alt., la haw...ants are
Le.r. the hall.. arta, I all, in ra,,rn .1 1..1. , at
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that :oat Ito, and .1.11 erlultt waft
do...,•ard to Thera L. • well of ....11.att wa
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Paot Blatt-11r Ns: Fir -Ate,ut twa Ivy ;t4 It to • r•I " I••• • ... 4 • r " .
„., t•r purrhaw or. • yerulartialt.
atth.l....druff I at. DI la a ft . ..rad..., runt Trtat4.l.., • ••. - ard.
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towi how Al....att for I FOR LE- - Two Howtvt and Lofts in N
unit ...heat, I am, plat ot,',
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If not /404 11441144144/ 11,4044 ... 111',1, 1 1,, , , R 1, V1 14 , 11 ' 4 %lg..- 4 hi. •of krattul fe. act Iketatrretreet.hf\
eat., but •••• 1 1. , • • 301 f/-41,4 •E 1 . ,11; 10.01 f 0.
am 1: NW...A Wk.. Ikkekl . w114 P" ... ..e. • tt kf I,lauf Mal a 1.,/
- -
min., •n I Naval argue. Now 10. j „. • ,
111.01 It SI IL NI - f.,r rala au trenkamo.
11-, • DO rata,' par, IL. 1. - 4400.4 M eur.. at I
Ja , that ,rat. •aluable bout.,
....ea • , •t. a t. awtWi.ate •••4 '••'.•-
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• thy, le. atn It .4,1., fl:•• o.f •••'••••• '•
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U ar I rat, t. a. ar a... I ttttt r 1. •• • 1, , nrk
ann., aud IL.) at?. '
4.0.10 1.4 411 1. 01 14 41 1, • 141 th^l ruii fiEN I-11 Ilia llio l r 5 15.52
.04.0 n 4.0 1.11.1011.1 1/•.0 11. Lb, -
1, .1 `1""t1'
.Le t ah, tat al •Itarhal. alth lea ar,J nal '
(Ifill'AlA ) AND'PE()IiIA.
rtrai. yeat nu 4.
For Sale or Perpetual Lease,
THOMAS RALE, 1, 1 (.1rf 1 -TIM Et: - 81f1LOLN0 LOTS, laid
MAN li nCI •11,1,114 , N 1l EIICII GI thetaws. I
z t.. a, I ath *la.. Reb,ca, tkr4 - f.....1
14.1. Leh.
• 11N:1 , ' IN F::11114
, 11 . 411:,1 1. 1 1 1, , ,nL In.:
~ ..„1 1 , 4 4 ;, 0 , .p . p , 1 . ,1 ,; . . 411: w ,. c: . ;4 4 ,. 4e444, 4 1tr ,
an.l tt I anal nal 1.. r •••,. ra.. AL • h.., •It 11,k,hjaih,
1, •et utr• - •1.-at . - t• 04422 .t ti, 4140,1.4-4, st, •..a.a. - I,c. 61 tn. cmte, So.
4./. •Iseet,
•I t. Jal. CaucLe• .;Seta.. t tt OH KIN
Wm. H. Haskill. 1 A (rood Bargain is now Offered,
/4,1. ucrlo:, k, 1... it .•1.1 a, a F relf. Thrre t.. Iraut Eh 11. o•agh,
ILL er /1... • 1.1.1-an A want tau • ,
/ Aneo....a t • Lttall.... .“' pr ,- 1-11, ...L. ,- •
_ _ in, t•... a•LI 44 a .0441 ,04111 10,410 ,1,44.441
iI , IIRI. A 1 , 51,.. 1
ben Ybat. Kept. 1, 6 0.
list b•ve attlElml 4.11.1. • :lb
orr.j , tuEld IL. t 4 • b1,..-t E.,i•%•1,1 :bar
*nor, Cr 11, 11.4 rrarn, /EA dinibb 111•1 pork.'
hut. LaJ W. Wm« a ...ebr th. pbra.
taib•r• tn..] El 11, bEperEl,.., t).• lair and
ttn rl^. Irb.hbul IL IcE , llEnebt. 1 •3...Prband
by • to tr, y,br T•L•cpb.rour I .1 , .1 St •WI
t. I.t .0 frly and •rst,ll.-slio• b.0101b,...11
ItinEl.t . 111.1 E
111 b I,I I IILVe.
11:111 , 1bibt,:a iltEbErn.
1 f
A.Ppi.Es e „., 1
•41. ,, , , • 311 r' • W. [IL ..B.t‘mi
a rnvivra •t 0... I Merl, • Int at,
rvlrbratnt ,trn I 1,1 r• rladivis•
p 1 lns
- tiborkiur, Itiorc ,flO
bow Clio,
%%Ma tat,
fir.. 1111. it-hrormt Ertl hu l u l t.: W•WW , t tehut`.
A"" rLll 'm ""
Slant r. 11,i110? • SW.,
tu•S ll•try rt.
fi bra i.tiu A s smululcu TottAcco
• • 1 1 1 0,1. 1111 n 1,1 ., 1,, IV SlreArrln.E.,e ,
11 . 1 : 1' ., INI;
Cintl44 baud:, 1.1 I. ‘l...b;Cholr Mora. 11,4,1, • .
tt II ebb. I lab, Mu/...c.4: •
SI4I. lbuttnonset,onorr 4:144. -1,,
Norzurd OrliA nn,
Juvenile .netorlb 111.. II", by L. 514.,,E.,
N•111,11,41t btl In , b , .14.14 , 4411, th,nutn.,. 01 C.,14 , 10L144
ITlluarr 041,, , ,,14.,,z Trlnpernue. lNnv
C. ,, r0• In. lu,olu
Jfir• .111.tilev, teryl.l4w
II ,11 in
. tola, SIN.. brovn
o t.
h• :1 lrma,
The Se., k (.1 ~uartott,
Th e 144.44. Itoolvr,
Tl, 111, Inv,
n. II Sion ~r ihe th.1,14r, Igor
ToN NI i-50 bales 1 , ...1;\
1111141.. V .4 , \
Ugh.. and Fmnt
lII' I I Hi 1N..r.-10 nine I'laerni Furnace, for
rate re.., Ilw Art. Own: Whorl. by
not, .1 a It. EL II I:. libund Church.
riIAN NEIC.S . 1 11,—:40 tibia. sup., for sale bj ,
.1 A a vt.l.lrr.
FRICA PEPPER-0 boxem for 5a1e1 , 3 7
.1 SellintS.llAllie.l , ebb
r ir iE subseribers reprer.lully .111 III:. at
tu 0..444 11,,41 pecners•..l
14rot nr.d br
t.11111ct: ANI I I TEAS,
whirl, 0,4) bn.r,. Inrnrsl,l. Iran..
(1,0 A Brit now:ited
and rar,rl3l • K4tehurb.:
pr:en, , , Alt. Pruitr:
In L,,,gtly s- rn .1
, And 14
h l b ll . wan , . 011111 ban.:
3-11 ,',1401l poi :I , ,:441t4 entrant<
11e..1 . . nun.:
•• f..ncy -. our.
11ItIpt(Lin.11.t. War , . Cht 41 .1. ,11 :
15 11 rtny eV.
Oneba, Ccrudr4lll.
M, 44144 . Landon 1.1 mad Swam.. utal nu nuo Forblg,ta
Ibbnlnens. and Harare, ~ 4 4401.111 W.. d.
men., le ti, ri.. 01 n, Turk.
won, m 1114.14108 altob•etber 4,4 stns§ellue.4l , ...l 4 Yhst
YIW 4441 i1..311,4 1 . 1 1111t
. . =liberty st.
-,,, ............„
.;,... • " .
trAl.*:W.- , •
,EIOUSES, F'AlplS, &e.
Allegheny Fourdry for Sale.
rlillE undersigned offer for \iale their ee
-1 tensive ati4 Talluble FOUNLIZr,P.tuat.• ..n
•ttre , , au./ exteurlinfir Aou bltn-ot. li;rouy The
I...ildutgmelmore the tutk.l37.. at. tun. . 01.1mmith
nd Paz WTI nil, Int 1,1 cr. thl whwh
hu.loltur- Arowtorteaht. liV hot Lr .Mat TE , .pt Th.
10uuaty ha ps.ek turtme.,. woh two
" "* " . l . "'"'""
s '\J, " ;( k 7 .7. ` ;;; ' , "" ; ', Z. ' n•
For Sale.
. WELL finished two story
1101161, and LOT. ut a rnaftt ankl
pro[ the . Th. tot I, 2, i,t-th
I (At," tilh.r partieulatt •,pl•
ill rlt,ttrt u to- left., tho
u. a, 44,...,1 toil
To Let:
OF , Fll : E . overPhilo belt 7 : 91
11.. • t sm... I.a s c o lit,om, l'ennonlystussia.
A 'su.. ne.yrosl.l4o.l l'srmuununn
rt thlturd dar
I .1.9 m II I. A Z 0441. Lltresty .0
For Oak.
TOE three story brick Dwelling !louse,
i i
Ns 1.. It., strurL. Surd•da 11 - OUO.
rmsT. In ea.O. is. at Los 'our. 40.111:11.10
fir- 1. o, — . t. Imnd sod tonrlssurn an 11.
p ro w l !
pul Clrer nt all, and title a,.o.tont.e IV. A. Y. 1113. L.
.1.0 a Atturnra: et Law. 141 1..001..1
St Louis Hotel ew Orleans.
I,~UDGE W rtnerly of the
nt Cheri*. I, :env tu Inf. mthy truashou
Daklls het the "r'1.1 1 1:11 1 11 11 7E1. tms
Dunn..the rust nutneurt Ihp hour es I.sro rsemsleisd,
tulditmns ram, mid ,stun!} sfurturl-a.shis!.
.111 sushi.un to xtnnrutrosiet.. with rut. fort end r a.
nur Mena.. di, 41
0 k e ' e F e l e C r i nue T ii i .a l .l r d t e7i; ‘ dree ( e 'fb e,..Z . e: r ‘:e. L r. t .•ll
Rau,. l'cqsrs...nn alert. im.
J. E. Ir. 0402411. Lit erw w- r rhoa•
91 , 10 LET—From the trot of April n krt, r„r.-
• lan, 'ls-slie hi to u% rut h t•rutv ayerskuri22
Isn't. rltuyarl at o.ll.lsyt.
. 41,10. n a 1(.
For Sale,
L " Ilt N1 1 ) ,11 " :0 'D T 1111 rd FORT Y‘iO. O An
. E ts S 21 4 F
Too veins of lost
ms utuurturs..l iv qual.ty ytnd xJreua
tsarsfor minim, nod squal Its the twat on Its river.
Alen--OrarOwn umIII,Ird part um. htitslud 50.1
Wm , / torso. thr , lllorraduto Illannuaahrlaelll irr a
toll de•rrlpllbp of ths prnis.rt isocur null 1.e., Mild, to
unv /.. IIAIIII. • 110
11 A IRD S.. IRVIN !MVO also tor Kan 4.0041
.1) very &strata. unkapratral lute eutt•lde fin litnYute
srulrustu. to *flesh...3y City A 1..,, unlmprms.-1.L.a...
ruitstde mr Wm... stand. I, patttrulare apply at
ahoy. twit/
Desirable Fr - Oce ' rty for Sale.
A NUMBER of very val. • Buildine.
,^1 adirqulng out., n • 01d , so
Pran.;lranla Railroad, In Ars.thrn,yi .frontior '0 ths
limina.4. mad un rranklatt. thdurli. fl Jututte sttesta r
anl su Allrabru % warm./
AL A a slu•I 1
ds urumpsuard I.ut. no the rums, 01 lals
slay •tul Irsolory ettseta, Ylnl, 1.1.0. eau wits It., 11,1.
1.111 l olb.lic elsurrh. :II but Hunt nu Illurty. I.r JO. kid
nn 1.00r7, runolua bark LN durtua
al-d—thr [bran. story tars 1. /Austin., House on laiserty
street, mlnnumg the IL, ha twang Inult
1... 1. sllbs hour« it term' mut Lunt In
I .s•lsrn. 'ark'. sad cumulus el-sen
Also-- A Farm d Iny.l ecru. IL Lssrema muctr. 6 mils*
tn.c. Neu Cantle
Alu—/'arms to ltraler rumar. of rarioug Sisel and
Corn di a / a vrr...fda
r.alu lo• mud un arrulaznodatlna rm. EuritUre cf
N. I• a 1. la V . l 1 tII3.IAN.
AlL.rm rs mll.stut- gvul4.,
... / • rl. l'lttslUral
mrd murmur 1, , Gs
to u
I. .•I Ihlo ld ldd a
I.•iylui/ I,d hr ,IN u.,hale
, ior mly n
•t l'
4,1 A( rent
rsa In t...bust 1.• .
To Let.
'I I IIE well kn-wo EMILE 110141,!..tei
I 1...11T t'llll.l. n 1 ir• 11 1 . 111LAT.1(LI
11 . 6* nerutd 1., 1.111.0 1 11111, tsrmerl
11.1. Irres Rod e-aurnausur lintsitaironstaimli4.
mud ..ultrar, ,Tl,l, ..1. ts..l nut.. • \
ischsrl. eltrana I.y at. 01..1 In ths
ussu s ts eternit, latm-t
1.0 vvreutly er...1-1 Lunn the Isuirtstld trysrt
tudr. , r4 dru. On 110 r ~,,, ,11nre..a•s,
';'r.L.i.t.'S::;Vln't'...;il! e"
let tartly, pr. ttnarar• en.intrs the' turn.,
1,....11 00 A 1.4 t.a.l.h 1 1 .1 1 1.,
orta , 11.11.1 n.. 1,1 sisltils
/ -- A large nod eorneoientj
1111111', .I'. .....l-enuarterrt, biases.. %I
qud niultbfielJ 04
WM 11 .1..11‘,T0N
Private Residence for Sale.
Kentucky Mutual Lite Insurance Company
utT tlt ARTY FUND, $.llOOO.
'II IS S IM offers to the Insured all
rare...l Lat.., sp. n turn to 61 toe per
1 . 4,11,1 Pa Ll,O rontlozeta 1.14 of Ow ~.17 au
.el•t0 WI sat ext.e.elte orveLLltaa fit the haw,
111, La ot grazr• Plr vrtp.le tel-to.fllle
.teao g..-
.. L--1 ..0 ~LargoObt Mai ...L...t to nob
ru pg,lage att. Alti ete.tat the.. p 010....
• aLl.r•or, lon I .le.po-P town..' egnty or
.Pgt ten, .n.l sl I.r the I rewnt ..Lira,' Pr
t u rra 1110
1110-1 t... 14 LL• ouly Lae lonannee araapetty
•••• peewit, ut art. . zear re .L.ea sten.l•
•.r. • png moat. t t. Lamatallp 111V1C44111,' 4,4 111114,
ol too I,lpr luture govt.,' lgi °La. Pr.10 , ..1..1 14 ,
611.1,111 t tuotter• sod the La.:Leming
act ...a, 0 4 . aketol,•.
Ira, Pr 14,/1. Lletsol Phu 0.0 mad
u., • / PL , L.Lount. itgrr.oll-.1 La,11., Nod Lggeloal.goL
f ...oranee J TU11111:1T, A II
113/ II ...I .11.11. Pitt ebta
,torn 11110 , 0, e kik.ll I attoorr
IC II 111
IMA TE POT itSll 7,c io i ii i :„ L i , l % , , . , for
Ohio and Penn. Railroad Stock,
% A :311 BOA RD.S- 1, - , 1 , 1 ,,,,c t.1t1z ;,; Zinc, uc i,i f t .. , r , sale
It ESE L'Uo Lan. IV. IL, fyr Kith! by
- .
I E . i i it i tiNt;-1 11.1 bog . , Li y, Ibr Hale by
' BEAM CIILEJE--21.10 btoxr,s for .1..1 by
1111 K A )IoCANIO.EI+o
\ I .
OLA bbl,. I:l , a , n s t . a l r l4 ion,
For 'ode LT
null It LTALL CO., labrOr
-3.‘ rio. hare toot rt , .l tooortment st.,oro Ono],
ro .' Vg ". l;!; " O r al l ir,
. Alw, l•
' noN
I A M 1 WK-441 - hbh. uss.4:lll"-Ile
murh ruh,
As TUB!.
k inrh grullallul
.tyry awl In wale 17
n,.11 . 1.. DAL/.
N 1/1611-3etsicA litadra:t
L, .r.1`.7 • . 1. ,
' • •
II LARD Ull -19
F E „
uAI SAM F"--.40 galls. Cn
it 0u1G1.4
And the
,Par,onurph and ('ltv.
~11 LS well lcuown and old eld.a.
1 I ,.in d 11,rto, edorte,•ndu •11.11 111 t
.g . • 1 •1 ‘ . - 1 ' 11'4 uhatT.'ene.:=l'lTO.--YFA,I
auh ' eleteland. and all inteturd . rd. Polak, an
The steamboat 0 V reveler. anJ earlier
, r/r•..1 lt•r..or I, Cl.:veturlj
I.oltal. lb. n , at , -nrunl.ort Hoare: to
•1,1, cod,trot to 1 1roor. r, rni tritroa
Clevelandit lt / . .4111,1 A
J A. CACtilln
Coe IVver'/1"111111•11.14 PIN
\ Ohio and Pennsylvania &Ora
COM tikencing on I'Vlondny. Dee. Bth,
"'TO OKI°,
And ennnee Ire
itachlng to
Co/unthrt 112 mg . /fa
d. 1•14 only +l4 14 hittreen
atul then .M the eleneland
at• Atha,
91111 E El 1 lemurs Pitteho
A A 61. at relrlek 11..rh
Strdea run\ •111 Ir nom /1/lane.• to Vanton,l•l•ll ar
•nd dad'Arnin knot, h”,r I,Wnde,
Pdlant , n111•11,reu.
1 1,1 W e -tome,
i t . nr , ha tory..
I Tr l ral k lnavr; Pnlertina i rt p . l , l
. enter at I. no renter
liirTto Itrlrlann Arai t nditl,.n Train news,
Iln.huran at 10 A )I, and 4 1 . . Ti.. 1401 her bT , osl
• 1d• t. 11. and 1..0 1. ,11., rt Intarmnlnate at.-
non, Pdent.lrn for trS dare are raid be- Intlet,or d b. n. i4 rod her s /Indla,,n.
The I . d.r.nrrr leaver AlllAtter at b A 11., and
Palen At 9 t SI. • ,
The l•thlon unt run.. `lAndar
• 1;d 1 . Intl •
fr•l:nT4tie"/[,.% ""' "'
Y.alntet% sway, at in. / "Jdrol Strehl htstion, la
I/ 1111/1 I: I. t Ith I h
•1•1:1,t Arent
I brnugh. at
, t i w , ...b,
x.. mu1i,";i''4.t.t.1t!a...1.41,a.
~_ 71 North aktect, llaltinure.
Freights to and train the Rastern Cities.
iris TE 1: A R 1: A IV 0 .R*E -V T.
D. LEECH 5..\.:13.5. mat\
att l & 7 :i -4 4 . Mggi,
UItING TED.: "SITSPF..\ * §ION of Canal'
, Nariamtbot. fa nib I .r.rant Incurht ,, to and bow
. t. •Kne plan ~ 100100 blit. 01 1.1111&V In abontektdlnna
a \ rates. At td, 4 , , or attar,. \
\ I)
11.4 lid 4 /ILAPK. \
\ Canal and I . e. i , ndt,Pithhurch. \
\ llOOlll3O I,ELPII, \ No: 1.1 and li Soua i Vnat i z , el, N FM . ati:Lba.
_ , \ EN to 11 :Joni, curet, behinaan,.
IC /TA ) , / Ja
,'l g : ,1 It I? 7
N' .
ii 1 r;
,Ilve.ribere., agent 4 for the Penn zil
f,„ 1. Tftta/u. 11.1y , 1N4.1 C., arc 1.,./ I , ,,,ardd to yempt frvi s
I,rogh dun y‘Lc •Int., L. Pldiadrinhla. 'at tha uallb -
Vry . altlnd. cla. , Inc.,' and nool S1.2:11 10,/ It 4.
toll Flacon. Ito • rl, lamb lath, end WI . '
"''," ''''''''.
\I\th—FIVE DAY ... '"°
. -
1 thAUDIt a 0.11,E, A cant:,
~,,,,i 4 „.„.
D,., 1 \ ,, , , chac i r . Pr. and Wayne At U.
dd. .i.if ',... ,"' . ee
._ : ' - floimarx .
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The L 1,111,6 Fruotlet Cattle Trait;
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