The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 19, 1851, Image 1

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attic, as MI. SMUT. RIOT 00* TO 111 POST OM.
DAILY-.4ray aid Os
I i lan
ulv pra an ce.nnum, payable Lalf
if pn
WESDILY—Twn dollars per annum. In advs... 0:
Lr ru DDllel un lbalollonran
prr ......
Tcn ooplas . 1.10
sa.l invariably in advance. No Club Pars. Mu
• bio nt aftas the yap aspires, tin.. the money is ant fl y
• aaus
' ./.. 1 1(iblinu of Nonpareil or, lest/
one ineertloo— 0 110
Do. each addsdraaal leteertion.. 0 23
Do. tern weeki ...... --.... 300
. rr
U char:
Do, bar months ...... 10 00
Do. ......... "12 CU
De! tvrelve .--. lb 00
UnteillK Cardn, bore or hem pro 5n,..m,..L5 00
dee Donee. far each 4.llth:end lire.
Ilesfideare. chatigeablo at pleudr• (Der .1.
121103 erelerive of the paper . ... 00
Yor each addithettsl near, lruertial aver eveltaunth. and
for each edditlotiel setter* tweeted under the iearly rates,
Liertiteratenta eyeeediug • biome. red rot over Eileen
hese. to be chargal es • mum. seal • lL
l'ablishen not an:ow:della for legal adrerdsermeata
yeeel the &hamar charge.l far their pablicatioa.
13triouncing candidates far gem to be charged the same
sit other adrerteserrictite.
_ UsertMententotrat vomited on the cora. Mr • iteratied
number of Insertion, trill be contlnura forbld.rad MM.
inent-etheted amordiustr.
,Ttor gerallette of sonata adverthem le strictly . limited to
• .ithrar ewe immediate business; end all advertisonents for
the tenant of abet person; as ragtag ell advertisemente oot
ltrattedlatelf _monocrat with their rare burineat and aLI
lama of rasertiraments, la lenoth or otbereira, basrarl
the limit. enraged, will be charged at the moral rates For
• MI each transient Islteriratam Mlle rail be onpars“.l.l
eadetra r end prompt payment eldomired.
• All ...leerily:steam for charitable institutions, are nom.
pattle&. rand, tolerably . and other mblle mooting's, and
' raett Lthe. to b• charged half pram, ' payable Meetly In od-
Merahtett tralees to be ehenced to bum.
Dalt notice. Inserted ratrant therm untatti 410010...
Wed Of funeral Imation, or•ohltdary ratio., and whoa
seemocanied to 0. mdd'Mr.-•
Rerallra aderallitere, others eortd c 2 cotormintres
tit, or renuirira notlees deelynedlot ectratioa
dram fame, Careens, paa. any nubile entertainment..
where charges are made fdt _Mholttadry—all notlote of ;pri
vate narolo.' at-every not* doertned to mil attention to
Micate tosterrprieet calculated of intended to pelmet, tooth
Miura interest ran only . be insortod'erith oddrstrt•
. -sty that the same is te be hald for. If in be in•
Noted ID the local mlumn. the Rome will be rammed at the
t ' rate of ttot leas than 10 come yet Woe.
• ilithemey Sir Notice. to be charged triple Wee.
Ta Lbeenne Petah. VI each.
.Boistate Acre& and•AnctioneerY adrertisementa not
lobe clamed ander fault . rates, but to be allowed • ray
not of thirty three an 4 pa* thrall pm erat from the
amount of this.
_ • Van. ratairargav la nand rams:. s
Ono Squss..thres InaCrtions- . 111 00
Do. nch.damooil
aDftituarcrm ID-.llltloµT NVR
• OW Banta. (10 Linea.) one cents.
Do. vach additional, lavervica.;..-.115 mama.
AD trangent adaertisantenta to he sold ta advance.
W..RLlTER,Aiorney — si
• .1111.4 i Liana and CnnveYanningrarefally attended to. Or
aw—nakavrell'e Buildlarph Grant Went, near the Cdurt
finnan, • no.:y
AMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law—Office
beeon [Darin basrecn itnalifinld and Gnat, Mtn
110 S. WEAVER, Attorney at Law, Fourth
fo WAAL near tta MAyor's 0111 a, - PStUbstrgh, PA. E./A
ft-Um. at.oded to urnwro T. nayltb.tkg
01.1... t, I ULU/
(Late of Uniontown. Pa.) l (Late o Indiana, Y►)
ILIPLIANT & TAYLOR, Attorneys at
lvl Law—Orles nn Iroarth Oars,. No. 82N. bstween Wood
sod rinithneld semen, Ilitteborgh. Va.
N. D. Oliphant is Commissioner in the Stars of
row York.. apt!
QUINN COLLIER, Attorneys at Law
60 OM, nu Fourth street, .bore SmlchCold.
W. F. WHITE, Attorney at Law—Of-
Des as tteant Areet,,eur Fowl/410 Artb , one . &aid-
T. & G. L. B. L FETTERMAN; Atter
-1.11 two t.•• and Real Estate &Outs. No. 107 4a ,
'streetPitteburgh. reblo
TAM .7 ES KUILN, Attorney at Law, once,
in Tilglannm Ralf . =mart or Grata street atal Di mama
a . Pitteburgh. taleutle
's C..FLAN EG IN, Atteniey at Lair.
110 Feurd. street, tisburgh.
.14.1 . CIO . .... • 1,113 •
TOAT ittattlaya at Law,
..ktp ... Ho.llo'Yourth stmt. Pitteberth.
am—Akunder y Mr; Jahn BMA.,
ran. Ilarrion at Co.: 17p. B. I,ser, John Fleming, Ao.
conntent; Ihn. W. Jarlcson;Pithatorah.
ADWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
091ae on Fourth own:, between Wood and emitter
. _
TASPER E. BRADY, Attorney . at Law,
Nei. 1 05"Pifth Paksburgh.Ta-
Cr Ohio Sat. CV. mtualorwr t m taking Dwomilluos. Ask.
abut INude. OVile.--kmrth 4m<L abort
IglitESo4. torialL 1:T
111.E0(1.0E E. AItNOLD CO., Bankers:
k.. 4 Dealers in Exchange, Coba, Dank Notes. tr-,lta.
Fourth street. next dwr tlae Bank of Pittsburgh. Cul
euefully attended to. anit the proressis remitted to
any part of the Union.
... IL n.... arms_.... C. irrar-.......1 0. corm.
Ar. 11. WILLIAMS . CO., Thinkers
T sad Exchange Brater,. North East renter of Wood
And rd street. Pttsburgh.
All tranaactione made op liberal W.I. and milectlone
promptly inusocted to. mOtly
MD. KING, Banker andlixonange Broker,
a - Fourth sm u t, Dealt In Bonk ' ets, Dille of Zo
e ,Uold sod ther. Stool. bought and mid.
The hinting =oast price raid in premium for American
Half Dolive, and Mexican and ISpanirh /Milan. In
WY. LARIMER, JR., Bankerßroker,
th street. NA dB, a
Alialnlng the Bank of' Plttetargh
WILKINS d CO, Exchange Brokers,
• tn Run Corner of Ilalrd and !Lake AL-Arta All
SON, Dealers in Foreign
• .eaDnoi•otic Mlle of Excbacce, Certificate. ef
Notre and Apecie, fite Market street, Pitt.
—.IM-thlie rt UniteEtat. keva made on 11 the Ferlocipsl chit.
. =LW 1VA....- .
. . LOON.
kRAMER RAIIM, . B ankers and -Ex
enanga Evokers: Dealers In foreign and Domettle
of Esehanna Certillealta or Deposit, Dank
eL =f a ttr and Wood Meet, directly appetite
f 1.%) & IRVIN, Commlision IlitrehanlE;
and DUI Broker's. No. 114 Second street . Personal Lod
114144 4ersuidol font 1100 to SIOSIDO aloars on hood
IPA LMER, HANNA CO., Nuccesmors to• Ilassey, Mans k Dragrei External Emcees.
dram ln Vanden one Dameetio :chance, Cannon.
of Demon. liont,Noter, and erode, ortb 'Nest =M.' of
Wood ime nitre area.. Conroe now/ noniron ma De
war. Sight Cheeks for sale, and rollerreans male on netr.
IT al h ighest Poinl polar of en•
Tn. premium tad 54 Foreign and Interim°
• - •
. deem., esecle oneorteleamenteof•Prodaneohlpped eset
na Ilbseal temp.
TA Y L It, Oommiff sioner and BU
Braked., 112 Second street. ittrint attention .11l
TIM to. all =Worst to hts Flrtabanth
mananetured angler al warn ott had or prnritrol at elGli
nal. Nara Ikantr, Mangan% a-. =gotta.% favor.
afflo tangs. Adv... maga. rattinaL
- - .
E t 0. STOCKTON, Inte Johnston & Stock
.i_s• ton, liookr fliedtner Printer. and Madre. •
nee of Market end street, Pittsburab.
JAS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Third "tree. opposite the Poet O. New licoEs
e .ll:ll 7 htt r e=tre tlet'sf ISprial7ll:lProittfLel
I:7ITE AD: Jio,keeller and Stationer,
•• N 0.78 north Amt. AMU* Ntaldlon.
11/3:44:40 i):43 A A:11
•IV 2.I'CIANTOCK, Manufactorerand—im
• rort••• or okrrte, oil Clntbs. Ream Boa Trim
s, Trr.d" .en., WaramastioMS fourth at..
and TO Wand et, Pittsburgh.
.11 W. POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
KA. 11,,,k0 sine s& Pittsburgh, ColuislitOrl• alln Pols
• W 4.130 0 atut (or the purchase and mole of none,
Wester& &mines. I ton, Nal Is, 0 lass, wid th s mannfactureol
artiesor of IlltabOrgh gerrerelir.
Aka—Assist Coe the eal. Ilarper & aid I WO.
mankkelehrsteit klenute lay Yorke. at J'Aiiisderhin
&ekes, and Jenkins Lt..' surrnior packet Tana. WM:
r A
A. AIoANULTI 'lc CO—Transporters.
ljtgrijewtal Comml niosldehats DW.die Pens lei. l'lttqba , kh.
A1k.C4 1 0. 1 . 11661 m 2 6166 666616, 616. 61 Water str,6l.
11WM. 11. JOHNSTON, Forwarding and
7.„ cmamtaa,,,, Mem-0104 No. 112 Besinil 42.4.
P 1 itirei.
JEER & JONlTg7Forwarding and Com
aLlsoloti 11exettant. healimi 10 Truism Pitt.
21tabOrg•00111ictuhrial salam i Ciisul basin, mar Privimili
MOM. Yi.
&ROY, JONES & CO., Successors to At,
wood, Jones Ca.. Chaimlastoo arid Forward/ag Mg ,
&Oen t Pittsburgh hi ansitscuinul g ovt. Pitts.
burgh. Fl/.. • •
/AII2OS .t .TU.7
9. MASON Whalerale and Retail
Deslrrs in Aar* and ,Btlol. Dry tkrods, 12 Martat
-a WFI. rituborat. -
-___• .
...a Retail - MT earner of Peortta
beget otrettl. Pltt.lnurgh. ,
iIUNT. Dentist, Corner of Fourth
au I. Dement. et., txstareao 31nrkst awl in", brute,
__. __
au,t,PH Y .tc LIRE; WOOL DZALZ2S and
Ostani tsalch 'Merchants . 44 tho Res of Atiterinan
1 / a rt2in. 129 Libertyjr.., Pittsburgh.
S l'V—ll iatßlitan, Wqol Merchants,
Pionlers I pailaur suit Pristurs grarrsliy snit . For
Sighting slut Cant
uranian Merchants, e.lll, pint Arse.,
04110 gerund street. Pittsburgh.
. 4 1 . 15Ard lIATiDIE, V(
u t r.
nova Ellnlm lin u ti 2
4.4 , tg : 5.h11,.
.1. t.,
Inured fa blzu t. br
0 1001401.100 Vit.6 ' 20:0.
Makinalthias in genenl will
at Tezooldirtanl hum',
.eteritiary Surgeqn , Lltc
artniti raapni tail se•
coliainanNal nractina in tha
rani satanilern to whatever la
tr e
o gnieit on, a& tin aerner
Doctor G. Reichhelm
Is . ..FORMS his frieught and the public in gen
that too t - ..r5z ,, T,.11, Mu Prtat,
tlesi met t %or
v. —Perron , nolobtod io hitu fur . loogth of
try0n..1.,1 try rwttlo their 5m.....
F. R. Moore, M. D.,
11031(7. , PHYSICIAN, des i
/nen and eldldnro, and acute
shrfinic and nurocal direaae, Othre on .12.1..e.m .teert.
o4r Ilawl Street Vrlalge. and next I, the That.
log Lill. Alletheny Qty. Offire hours frrmn tr , aA. St.,
fruln 1 in 3..i1 from 7 to 10 1.. 51. mr , :r
PRII)It..J.J. Y E ftS--Surgetin and Physician.
tifilne and dseellind. corner of D ~ arling,n' roar, die
Third tam.t ono d..or share Stnithlwl.l at.
Dr. Mr.n hn• ta.niaonntly lecated in entehuratt, and
att.nd to the dathea of hl. Trot...A.m. Ile will ;rive
particular attention h. scnoir I. e 5.... and the el
noYca and children. apll.3ln
._.......___~ 600
...«...._.... 900
JAMES 31cOCIFFEY, (uccessor to .1 ohn D.
110 Morom,) Whnle•al.. Drugo, and th.O..r a .1,14.
Prrfunnoir.. e . So 9 ;
R' 0.1 atlvot.. unit dorm .0u th 4.1 - boo:lout P
Pa. con.Lantly ou band a .n ; I T Mom's'. g n O)
rap. LIT, 11114. and Worm halo..
A. FA lIN ESTOCK ic CO., IW hule4-11, ,
t• DragxiTii. and manutactur.a.... , IVnar 14,4,1:1•11
, and 101targa, norm, 51...,1 Ina Front otro.u., Pa,
touruh. Pa. co:
u. n. Aststa..l Wm..,
KEYSEIt 111cDOIVELL, (Sucerssrs
to Ker. A Repter,) Retail Mu.; K m
Preortiption nurner of ‘Vcod ntn.•t and V111:1114141 - .
Phrsician. , pnveriptaon. epr.futltnunponn.iod and
KIDD it CO., Wholesale Druggists; prn eal-
J n
to rills, acid Lung SY r.P: No. , ornsr el . 0 o4: 0.3.1
1 . 6111111 streets, Virtrihunah. Onler. wilt t. earortally pada
.L. and with Jo•patrl,
11 E. SEL . LERS,, Whole ale Dealer in
krog' Riti.V.TT;;,ll . v =""' "-*
mos lour. warrant...l
WifjKElttillkhl: Mholrsldo Dru g r gint
...CRIZIE 1 • W. 1.1.1 aos - Tro.
RAUN .4 1,
ILEITEIt, Wholesale and Retail
Drugg.6to.rorio, of [Abort! on.l St. Ma
1 Se!JOON:TAKER & CO., Wholeitale Drug
ap gild, No. 21 Woud rittdoltdh
• .
13LACKBUItN it CO., Wholesale Oro
lvlcers,_Boal Purobbar, end &aloe in Prodwo and
Pltutburgi Manufacture, Oil, Pitch and Uakuut •i.•l.
n bona it Weir Warciou.e. 11l liana etc..., 11.141.11r.b
1,11. , 111.
d P. WILSON, Wll,,leflle Grocers and
V t7nminia.l.. Marc haul,. Agent. I.r axle al IS
Pont's Pwwd,r, No. an& IC n.ut apl
4- L. SIIEE, Wholesaie Grocer, Commission
,e Monitor, and daisy In Paper and harm corner et
tin and Snort etreote.l . llbdungla.
ii. , AMUEL P. SLIHIVEIt, Wholesale line
10 err. PTA s t/Iti Coranahudno . I end 143-
rs In Pittaburg - h Ilanifeettirl Article, N,..
&toad arnet. between 1 1 o+d pod Stoltnnold.
_ .
Juan 6
0-OLIN S. DILWOR.TIi & CO., Wholesal,
Gmtvrs, Prr.lux,. and Cutammou )Itrelunt...
0.. 1 . tat Huard of Orno ,
31 W0c..1 _
J. W. lirrinaltrJr....l r. 111 t.
URBRIDUE holes:sir
Oroce. an 4 entaraluiou 11.rtbanc, No. IN 11 .5.
stre.t. and ISO VIM Arr.. Plltrbar.h.
111111 HEY, bIATTIIEWS & CO., W holegale
Agta.:Vgato ' i3=l . l 9
nOutOLIN WATT Sr. CO., W 11,,lesaly
Coomlosiott )Inrchatas, and lwair, l'Nxlum
11.ufartm , s. No :tot. Lawn, not,
burst, Pa
,B. CANFIELD, Into of Warren, Ohio,
J • Conomisolou and forwar4lng Mx:chant, wnd hnl,
P. Deal. Wootortk Itesor.• rot Torl
Poolai Ash. Wot4oro )`roans . .o
between •Otoit.titela and 1r0..1. Pitubutgh.
F. VON CO., Whole
s: e,,,.,tirm"pittr.Vilr..-.V:Tt...nNzlk;
Pala., No. 201, cornor of •Yrockt strtrt y L.. so,
Plttobutztv. _ . _ . _
man sm... ............... ............... .... sons, 01 , 711 M.
I.SAIAII DICKEY , CO., Wholesale Oro
W Cogamtcnion „ileorktititt, sal Dealer., In 1,41...
.0646 ater, aud le Front Mort. isms6rvh.
(I•lla.gber a Co o Wholocalellrocorn,CominOWil , ..
ociranalng Ilerellanta t and Owl,. In /t,a10., nod :Ili,
burgh lintplinstureo..No. 171 norm gt no.] 1,1 Elio ot.,
twtween Wool and tfinllptlol.l
rI9*ILLS tt ROE, Wholesale Urocerl rani
"emiratse.clarawa., r. _'.l: latberto owe,
nigh. —_— _—.
I) OBERT MOORE, Whelesute C.: seq.,
4., }Lectifring Doulller , dealer in froth., lot , urgh,
anono-oaree, anal, all Linda, of I,r. too nod lk ,eott,
Win. and Loon.; No 31 , .. Llloatr mt.. , (PO li d •
Ter, Large ,Lek clauperiGr oLI M.,noocraltelni . WI c..5.
whlch will be cold low for ...b.
110BEILT DALZELL et, CO., Whole — ttk
lb riag7Lcii=eVt."r"--•
1.11 O u SERT r A. CU , NNIIS:OIIASI,!'.%?.?.=?Z.
W. W. wonnWWWI • ...OW wiii.l.ll.
tirht. BAOALEY & CO., Wholngale Oro
, • cer, Nom. lY and Wnwl •trwt, PitUtprith
10._0. Inca 4Arit•
. _
41. J. D. Wick. Who tlmort,
find OcnamlAdon sfurenutta, Onlen. In Iron, Nall, ,11.
Cotton Yams. and l'itt..bure. StanutArturri ,t.erst , v
corner of Wo.lan.l
• art CULBERTSON & CLOUSE, Wholesale
. and Commi..inn Movt•ta.,
11C, and Pittotatrch Manutarturhl Artirl, lAt. rtr
wee; Ilttstrunib.P.i.
I). WILLIAMS & CO., Whoimmltt and
• Retail Vsmily Urccers.Forw.r.lirie emnoli•Alc , l4
jrettant, Nalarsina litqautrs Ir.lun hod P,l.talurgh
ilarmfoeturta, non.. awl Fifth
snot. ammo.. oa trrru soo.
110BINSON, I.ITTLE & CO., Nd. 255
t berty int,at. l'ittxburgh. tonr.
/ Li
co arnlConnalMost sl,chanto.o.l.l...filers Ira l'atnburgh
-sows guru wan..
Fi,oyD, Wholesale Groeers, Com
. mirsion lierchauts, and lk.aler. iv Pratu , ..-1,“5h.1
gletch (mut. vn•rty. Wood. sh.l Sitth
•treats. Pittsburgh. It
TOIIN PAH6EF. it CO., Witole.leGrocer..:
Liqor, old fler.
oLiwro y—Nn. Com.rciel
JAS. DALZELL, WlinleNale Grocer, Cool
ollsulunilaid i1” - ir.1122A2 31.re1unt..212.12 , a1, 122 , 22
era 6122.24. Cotton Yarns, 2.2.1 112.122122+2,211 Ma22222artut
stully—No. t 5 Wite2r n.. suil Th 1 2 trit it.. 112.1. u,
1011 N 11. MELLOR., Dealer in Piano Eerie..
ity Musk, sod Meutcal Itudrutaezds. hdol ate
andionery. Mole adept pr etork.inx'. New , Ent... 1. ,
Western Ihrans-hrsais—Na SI WEnd sr- .
lik'SltY - 114ELIER: Dealer in Mrisie Mu
sical instruzeriat....ndpar.rtur of Ite/Is.n
v tragg,rmmt;,bulLf.:t:"
CM& •
011 N WETIIERELL, :%Inrsufacturer ol
0 PATENT. L+<ILID MN sod URA Y.V.toltt oX V 14'1 A. 00.
nor of Asularron and Itoblusno afro..., yam in.oa the
flaw] efroet Alleatrny
King, Pomo& & Co.,
WARYIIoUSY.--NO. 1 , 1 WoOD 5t111.7.
r?Nr!or It of ANtill in AND it 1:111ToN fII CT
. ts C“.
IaIaCJONU /Dna 1 . :U1
ONES Et QUIGO, Manufneturerm of Spring ,
ipt and HU/an V.D.rl. Plough gterl. Plough. inga
and eprlngs. Parann.rml Iron At.., lugl
daalegg Dlalleabln Cutlnax, t.trno. lAnsi,. and
Coach Thmmlngog.nerally. con., Ed Raw. and Vr..ut,t,
Pitimburf h. Pa.
ILLIN-GS, WILSON k, CO., Manufg.--
Parris of all Ages tack, lane and gimp ova,
, ehalr, and lining wg fluloldng,clout. and
!fins [talk; dour barrel nod habit. dna al.,
ta 111101 nalla.ta„
(Moe at LIPI . K/1 COTT t 1;0., No. Ile. Nat er
morl bare mann fart.. and Itni, roc/U.131f F. 13 har.,l all Ilrirlk
eon. of Tacks, Drule,an , lftarald, Itnlrhing, Cioo, ..4 ,nil I
Hub Nall, One Muni Flour Hamel and Lath.. s
Copper Nada and Tadlr, Darrel Nail, Copper awl -,n„ eh,. Salle; Pall/P.m )11‘..ra'
att, ar. Cllavi 1 ,
apllnr lharrhnae. 2YN. , rr of_ 1 . 10...ur/o,
taro of reri euperlor , arprel Chem,
afpn win/. and Bettina Pool, 31,11. Pettolonr,li.
torl, Derr,. )11.1ogarlumre of F. 44 8.1,
A. BROWN WOUllimmit respCntfully inform
Na public that be hop.. baud at b ieibt mud meth. re at
a ealb. Inamona. All.ahany city, A can3l , 6weauortment
of Vetdt/au bllod, Vroltlan kflAntlrrs are wale to arJrr
In Ili. be.t *tylw warranted viola tnianr In the Irnlnd
Mato. 111. Mind. ran bo r.quorwl wahnut the nl.l of
turrw drivar. Ilaylnavurrlwaed th. id...A.144. and wood
of the cabinet eetwallebownt or Wawa, Mreirliare./. am
lowpar..l turnbl their old custannera.a. vell 1.14, pub.
11c at tarp, with aver, thing In Abell
Az. , r, No. 6 IN.] ore.. l'ltteburab.
tnahlai .1. A IthoWN
ROBERT MORRIS , .Tea and Wig° filer
dant, eart Aldo of the cismn.r. cirt.urr.h
I I M. A. SPCIAIit.O & CO., Grocers and
tea Denim, Zinn .2 .ndt,r
.Incelreen, nnenn et
nAlway• on liana • /arto oun.nmennt n 1 Lino: J 1 ta - cr
- .sod tine 'rear. Atn.—enrelen rem. no! Num 0 nnlr
.VitALTER P. 31111911 ALL, thliCeSSAIr DU
ninnuel. C. 11111.—Introidor and nailer In Priwri.
Ilanivarw and IMM.n , Window
/nee liaar4 tYfnGG,, Ic_ Printing,
and Wrapping Paw. b 5 Wool street between Yount.
laut Diamond a ll ey. Pittob.nb• a.
_ . • •
- •
N . l ; CORD 4. CO., Wholesale and • Retail
• a Sltinalurturx, and Dralore In Ilats,Capaand Ynts,
oarof 11 , ,nlail ritth eareet", Pittabo - 2-11. Wtirra duel
a full and ,rn1.1,...t0ek flats, Caryl, Fun, Cr.. of
ee ty Icnolmnla and and la
thr att•ution of thrlr ruatninm and nurehaaarn crner.
ally. a. , .itrin: tl,lO that [hex will .41 on th. ina.t ninon.
CHESTER, :iron:haat Tailor and Clo
g 11,1. r. No 71 t•hnEtltfo.l.l .trrrt. Purtinular att,n.
two paid and 1
I 110 LESA LE and retail mantifotti
y and dealora In Iltd• and. Caw, No .
fsnr4 atrevl. third door, bolt., Diamond
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1A 11. PARKS, Designar and Wand
IF Phil.. 11411. Thlra Kreet, or, Pon offir.,
th.r , rs11••1
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fineftuth ri.• 1 w•Til of Build hoer. 1 1 1.amle at.. and
114.•hlurr,rrry d•••. - ription.
Isl. Cullnn m•••,,
Ana Show 111, S. Teton , . very •lott •
Tlll,l Ntrtl 1. ap1..4. 111 .
P•11•1•••1,11. portrait.. Sln. 1.111.,
11t1111.,,1•, or.), Rood: LOA, .la...tut...ken. notl
11r1.•Inc, 11»zing Curd,.••narv.,l or
lr.rn 1.1.1 14
111.1, tt, the nit - wt....0w,•i1.1 .11.. mo.
Wegner, Bueehner & ?dueller's
'IV E., ABOVE El BM remprafully announce
11 to th,ir frlathla athl uv
!..rbit ,
;ZaTZlr r' :!h! f' lr ' l77: ' ..lll3l:. b igrOg, " 4, fr h f r!AT, Vt r ath: ' .4
aft.) l'n‘r,sra..wil Car., Xfaha, Char, harwl, dr.
Thrir r.taloth.hrta h. at No. ha Ilarkat traciapara
Third an.) V.hirth alrar.t• rialra garb', t
Henry Richardson, Jeweler,
KVINO re-tilted Ilk ,taro in a
11.041.•Jti0 maul., and but w.rtutly wtaru.
u vino. with it .r taint w - r 4
of 1 171:11 C 6, JEW ELEE....i ,),Kslin.
nit. n1t1.0.1011 hie Illeud4 .ad aw-E.n3er.
fool Wm/ Mom; h , will lo twild the. mon
irAl•rwt A n tw mat,.
01 .1...,111, the lateW of 11,1gst
F.J. awl Er. Cl/...33.. 111, WI., E.,
Fa, - 41.. h a* Plal, Marti, Work 'raid,. Wort
Fano 14.1.. a, Tab. Mal,
enit, Port, 311 r•
and Enke to.. with an ran., is.. fill ate 4
”rnair,r.tri erlJ. rt.. Vrb2 , lk Itnt. oiolj et,-
1 w-11 N.. •I lIKET
W W. IV I Lti ,
N7 .. i.7ZZAlt:.lll;;Lt r l I Cloel't
(XLI.N. IV) LSON R CO.. import..rn istl
NT bule.Nyle IYraien. ni
!Ins - are syrul Cutlery. N. V.N.
Itayl sweet. I.lllstntral.
11 Punnt.-I,.34.nre.mrner thirl ntr,et .1111 1: on,
—1.111:,, Al:srtar, 1.xtb.1,. I, sale.
na:b4:li .
I OLIN A. CA 1. , HEY, Agent fay the Lake
• t'ri r,I Itt.loAto Lane, to Itvaver cod tiro tato,
Wntet .1 Smittftel,
. • .
ItLEECH A. CU., Transporter'' , by Canal
nt r, v ,: r..a, kir...tutu.. router of rem
New Marble and Freeport Stone Works.
113IUND WILIiINN, it) addition hie
thlrnylre eltabllyheyent n lahr+;
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d, ent 4. Lb. t anorr he to ey
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1,14, 1"..1ah 5141.4.,.. ri he1..13.,
1,41 . h./ . ol• Yrre,./1 - 1 .14 1.4..—a
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Ceatety., kreg.,re.l t.....yeet143 ..ler. will. garing.l.
11.1.1 e. 4nil lArstay —anti Ile,. for /....I.llhllll,
1., el the p-tre5...1, ul.erall, extended
IT ILL to j thell , lc.
t.I tot otiO4o. to NI
'hr.,,,, Vourn,..n. 0 tor,
71rnon Itouq.u.f., Ww
IL~IARTI! do City
,tu b rint.
ICLIOLAS VIVI AN, Civil Engineer,
II Draustantnan. Prartn=l lliainc Agrut
drenglt, of C., tbn Patent "± , -,cin.t..-ui CI Jlaci,.
fur .Itistnts Wator tusks 11.11100 'd.j . C. to A Af an..l A P. - 51..., bk. rnotrine..n, /anti
l`kmbumh tan 1.1 , 111...
I ll.n Eli 111:ro . l titrh s t l if I , V
tu.on nual ,nrnnth
A.. MADEIRA, Agent for Mu
tual Itour.3, . at•r meet .
IGARDINER COFFIN. Agent for Franklin
Inaur.nre Orma,or. nort. es. ro r c.l
rrpr.r..i V V. et+, deacniniau of Itiniloa: mitt, , r?.
dvaataVt, Blank Itor,o. rat.' v. ant
Vann,' .uh.tantnall, Ewa.. Iv nu... ,
ernand ,E•llTii N.alve• ta.uv In loot VII,"
Tina... • hr. bara Ivrabni, snaitei
. . _ _
. .
'aiteamboat Agency, and General Commis
, non, Receiving and Forwarding.
„ ~ ,,1 ., ,
.. 1. : 1: .. 1 , 1 ,. 11::: ,, ,.
, 1' , 1 ,i,,i 1 k ? . 1 . 1- , ... ,, k ,. ....,
C h h.. (...:? ..i11 ,
:0 1, 1 1 , 7 • , , , t t) ,: i i:
” " ''''' "" 4 '''''' l l l ' . ' l ' l2l . ls " l '. N.7l'L " l r' .3 l llll lb ir 1,) , T. h. ' 4
~..tritta At.r. II 1,1. 11l 11111,.1•' Ifew
' -
*Oll NT 1 LAN Dti—C trr. , (211 AS. N ArLon,
Yi.,tto.ifio, Rt Lot, .No I Third .1. rornor .1 Cn
I, 1t..., made , .rranwetoont , for 11.. purp.., will
1 5 g.' r itn " :f u l ' 4l;l,l!; ,. . u .l.... , i ' l at7. -'. . 1 , ' f11 ". .. L''.ll
.„.... 0.n.0....1 with or wrif,nf Ito liotwal
il. Prnoitott alit.. cr IL. C 4 ,134144 a 1.1.4. tit, of .1... ii.. 17 ,Itt
Dra 'ng, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
lki .0. It.. SNII , TI 118
1 114iNV prevred to giro
Piii. 5.`,T,°.`,,',`,..",,"...4.7 V;;.. 1 r,...:.". 1 .1,', 1 '.".`,;`,".''Z1:"L1h07
Atki n ,. , n....• hoiltlista. Hoot .Noot.. Wetwooti %nod a 1.4
...,,,,, . flour. or inwevetinv, fow. ..:44 44 , 44. £ll4
1 • 144.114 , 1... 4 . P. LI. ChYritr...... db.? wertiouler.rnit kw i rallihw •1 the now.,
'''StAfoo , 111. ilnolttn. or lir 11,1,11.. n tatalitf
flocki, ghom and Domestic Qneensware.
Altlo,(ll)wAitli, LILA K ELY & CO., 1, 111 -
. I ufseturvra of I:owl...ham 1..1 Volt.. Cane Ware.
F....T 1.111.r.r.r4.1.1114... . -
(Rtft - t. S l ‘ i r 'Tt i t ' roO:2fl?l ' in7.7:ll „F o i :ol '
Vln Illtoloomo t. novo.
tour• if ort• ttotttlo uo 411 Drder• promptly.
compoto.l.tolunot loony ronortaotti omplorod• Mt. Mt•
able. u b-fl, poet. It 01l tto. sto• Puprntorl olf lw
of Ito , tt or
IVA.r Uro, ...,atooos,l`.,bero.V•Uor Tot ir,Pe.erit , ots,
Flower Vs.,. c..biot.. Slautol Ornowouls, liodicluo mad
Huqtt 3.. r.. mad nrt,o. lc, •Oan,‘” , too, In grost tart.,
/0.J.-• r.Jj, al,. ‘,4.11,1 u2 , 11:1 , 11
lexander Bradley,
jr... 15 Wood it‘ra, ',hewn F,rst and &tonal 1r...
($ll/N . ,ITY TII V. 041.1. EN ,ToVE.)
it 1 ANIIFAIYII I I{Kit I OI Pi ory liemoription
1i 11 ut f , I , A tl t, SAW/M. of tho mon •pprovol P. ,
tern, au i so , .01 foul, the 1 , 0,t +alinLotioo.
Atu—i . Al:l. , lr , '.•l.•Vg., SUMO* • Md. vill be tuck!
lowooll a 11.. w. ,loo,tol 1 - .l.lleug `our 1. .d0r 0 , 0 , 0, KV:
Storre: 1.:1ii13L.F . , rroukho MoTecideln and fan., tinter,'
L ' i
,'''' \ tre . ;, ' . " 11 ' .. ' .4,t 1t t . ,7 '. .; "!' ".: " t i 0 ' olt i r:l I r.nrl . lu " vt
. I:e ll .a * soulu a al douloro Law.. our--1..1ug aloes
i .4,
Pitteburgh oa3 Pipe and Tube Works.
undernigned have just completed their
00,„.,„1,0,," ;
arrt Flue, 0,.l 011
I . AV HO I. lit IRI )N TUBES,
h Wry oiler il tola at 11.• kmert lulu.. [her Are
,evar...l to ea use c.ravra. W MI, Crtel. 11
... 10 us d.
~ I 'ANSI A Co,.
No 91 and n 0 ••• • • , [lml..
I,l'm Vll - 1,......11 l'A
Ill ' E SIT ISSORIBERS, baring been ale
1 entu.l azetelit for rho uhuve named eutu.erna weil
..p et ....petty I, hind • .11,tply Cl the ralebrated !toll ter
re. h I...t'retribletire-C1•1. 1. Islam., Ile•rttelt end I u Walla
al.. pre plaid to nervier order. Intl Ilrlalt. tr.
tau he .1 te sul ihapa , Alt pup-ha/term sieleb Omit
Ve r . ' , :, ' ,l f eje l t i It iterouvary to enumerate the att., eul.
eta, .LP Bolivar WI, Prick ;ewe, over all otherethal
e I. .11 , red f, We In the 14.4 , 1 Sta,s. their
It; , te: well known to leneepet all ;tenon.
flee t. we
114 • 1
Le proth , ra 1.••• tit rmined fleet the
A .1, how noun nt their proeont envlahle repututit,,
tto oea pente , iball Le upland tu make them •r en
rr t,, the p cetera horemfore been. nets 1r the only
.11.1 4 n: tu,s , en nutueturenuparnr&tl . rar.
x.. \
nter, . l'hu 1 Beam. thef • 4tll...l . itt , blllith.
W. Di is London Patent Lever Watches,
5w..4 . . any Werth.* re, affned in Platten-pa.
I 1 It I:JIM:DSOS, ill Market street, in
!..7,l:f, i ,‘'; i n .r. " tr. " l: V7allerrr 'l evue l lf N'a r tle 7''''
D , app.. 'stone tu " toe dulealrally, 11H1 MAW.: 11.1,
tw/e , "• , ateetP 4 ln , le &Jaunt, lure., 41 King Innuart, lie?.
•Il howl. I th,
Thl.a..rtt that the apron:want it., Wnleb. No —,14
•aer . tuel 1 , 'm. 1.. 1. , of ray mantelarture. and no Wattle
*elle my Unit et 1.,. ie.. , ettektet u.. ,,, Mtlaultal 14
• 7,...;;11,,4 ~.1.N.,..1 . ,,, . k.. stime to th. me
.^S.,,L.s nl it* 1 tratr(l/1;12f. n '—'
15 al leVattPe
apPal It 7 •
_____ —_.
I ) ICIIA 11 1 0 .1. O. Mllitntifactu
r atf itt,r I. imp. 1,0 PiCtnn. "ft ,
•r I.nrat I n lat..crr, gt rev:,
t•lonmir. It I , V . • o•wril I y
1 MIIJELJT , 110ESF:N kcops constantly on
1J hoof a ,o; ;‘, Imon-ria..ut of 11,,1s and INfh ftsbq
1ir.r.... etemolam.. 110 horn. li.itelom or Draw tfork,K
W,....10n howl., " urn, Dry 11...,thre, Moe awl Clll.try
11'.,t, fu•arrlA, ari . 11.1... r Yitals of wan. la las lin,.
War.n.r.u. Ala Wilallall, fillt, 4trw , t. l'lttAborult, ra.
,W2l:r .
PIA,o Glass Works.
I '•`6l,!ri,P);:if.3 . : la .................................
EA firm of 11 n5‘..".. , Xyily a lio-.) Niatmln.,torrr. of .11
k1.,1A .4 i I A w.. , ,.. , , - ,,{ , out 11 INIMW 01.aaet, Ott
11nt, anrl c. 1'rm . ...,.., • I . x.
N. II —,,,,W.,,i. 0 ,4 gent too rt 4.1 to , 0,14 fkar of llfin , lcm
Ilinu+ awl pnraf... roi, , 'LIN Cyril , 01, and Vial.. anc.2l
, . .
C. W. Fei ..a;.Trofessor of Pilule,
I? EliS i'•ilV,! 1 A. .. ! Inform int. citizens of l'itte-
I 11 burgh Ana A 1,6 0 ,1,4, toot he 0111 Writ eoMm.nre
ty ,411, Inotrurtbna . 'r the 1.1.440F111CrE Ant .V101;1111,
otrrelonv i .Lln terma ' 'V, funlirr pertleulara entialr• at
It. li1.1.3.11110; Magic 'Mr, No. lill Thhq street. 11101 of
the lioltlen 440. sepl
J. Wilson & Son.
Vim. M. McKnight
ar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
Eichange Livery Stable, and Furnishing
No. 178 Pe , rm street, near Me Sr Ch.- 110(4
v not,... The Aubseriber,
!La pablir, for the Ittarall
• .ar- af le hl• Itaa hartanan ...Id Worm then
that ha loam ranumanrad thr NIYKIIT KINI; ho•maa•
c.nnatioo with ho LIVERY ht•ine••, and will attend ratiel-al• . reaannahle teral• a,. any in the rits.
him o
to promrtl} - . add in IL, at,t am' .4 , ..., 1 rummer
nor, 1.4 n JAM KS 11.11711 KW?.
• •
AlNt u re.!ijtTUl l i.Z . V.ti d „
aeul rneummended by ISO. pereen. •b have thorlip tpe
4 nizes ENTERPRISE C. , .4 1540 ?JOT Y..S
Ofl. order* Mlle, a great eartety Pa ,4 .ornc
11 1.131tilit •
• PLOUtitt.
A levee .t ook of all lbe 11 10 nso. Hall'. Patent I,
rrus Atomic., itratim, Crane's, Wood',
The Michigan Double Plough k a now patent Ploneh,
Rat haa taken they entium at the elate Fate. of m,
grnneyteattig New fort. •11.1 at the. Agricultural hair net
Alkahang Slant.. fur Itl3l It has Egon highly apprtgoel
wherever trieg, and ts .ugeridr in male of cultivation to
ahr ether kind, neting the tam. Into iv., alien. and
tearing • 100, deep, and perfect mg bed.
14111 twftutiful lie l m it orna 'N oT E o N rn; l l.:. Nl utal Fenclo..
J P.m'. ['latent Ctallrd Aho, Moron. Mill
Va..Mog. tradde to urdvr.
Peep) Kent, for eofi TT p, Pot I.VS
Anh, A•to. Ar
.11.41.111. ETTL
Fur thr nfnu,s , ttiro of (4the Maws,. TI,. Komi,. or,
tot•t.o fmtvnt.+l toy J. V Porn). p0,.1 nr.. fur.,
duroo.lllhlr to auf sml fold
tcoole 01. 1L,.01d plan.
of Stnro Pl).. 1.1 Tu4
Ws, fur ftnit aqtng• nt a•vor,
11toN tg, NAIL:, .11 .1.13 orl.r .4
J C. 1,1:1/1 t,
. Tillinghura's Premium Churn.
I_IIIATENTED, June 19. 1'49. Great Eenn
'Neu, end I.a.bnr.--The tzudzlr easetz
razwil urleur efintu, 411 Itteztztortzzall N oar. n zza
111, ere szi,zr eale 1 Izrlr erebetazzoz, cum' ret ,trz It
awl Lzrzzrt 4rorls. Ins Churn leer rzezzzirtet la. euz
tau •I rerry mato lard Count) I ezr wizen. a kezz been
labizaza, mud riferalT lizee zarrazuez oak hz e.r vt
ILe AT' rirui 1,4",1'1'1
Iwo of our Inrour. urnoruo,•
tarCi Li CI, our Fall. ltuod nlw
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
• NI. A. IVIIITE a CO: would
fu11. , 11367 . zu the thathe tbst titt.t. bar.
• heJ.rui anJ tho.;
l ong
I tts , herteshze the ¢Zultt . u 4 r: . ot ' l l itt%in ' t " tr ' ""r
t ' L ' F ' St ' t " Zr t h h 7o h !tt: uh
. "!"
titon. wt.:attq to their
Payllw hutUcnlar teut....l to the NA...Non of mat.tials,
and baring tau. but rtau.l.nt
hrltatua. In aarrauNoa their N.H. ft.
stfrullon of th , Math. 1,, ti
N 11.ralfitaw ft. to , .t ammo., and. ou Ito
moat frrtan.
1.1,1, al 11., 0f..1
f ao .tra,
an, Hart V01..t5.. .04 T.:awing, of wara.o• LINN.
P (1,31,1,0, 1.1.11.. , inJ 11 •.J Prras
sii, Lis
Petenn Shingles.
rilll6 SII I NGLES um.le tot Walnut. Line,
I slid Clitsrmit. with .1 I mpr,To
(E. thr sir
p.itay t It. vi inn ral,.n at the I , L is
Planing 11111 a Fin/v.v.., Imam t 0,., bliatirbiwt• Ouoi
haul ru , malr lo {MI di". ty•ci 11,. I+w, , A.
spy kind nl thairt thia
furil,vr ita .ruista. n
Ili, at P •-avvet
P. P. 111 lIPli 1. L.
16::::,1.y EDAI ITNIt
. WILKINS. No. ::15 Liberty gt.,
tie.d at W.. 4 aux. Pittsburgh. I'. •
u.uts, Purist Vsu Ton as.
Le, 11sulls Ventry and Pt•lbs te
always ma bead end mats to ortlwr, tlo.
p r autles. arid At , rrt rmiticed
rm , . A due., ..Leeert
rs e.. t • I
fr al
I" • I
. I I
is Ll:3.
lh,o How IlarmV Irrrnsp Inrroasr. ton.
Juron. Wilktro . 4 .. . 10
w.. Jos W. lipr r.
r 1.4.., Arrhlleet:
Jnhn Sup Apr. EV. Moil • X. W.f.., rg . brekr.rt.
I . l“, , arzb hoot ir.lawp g Halm, An,
IWWW Nr•Kurl.t. Co.
Par McKnight. 1 , . T. ‘lorg.
Dan. Jerher. rtharrerrrg Yruirrt
Lorthrap. Wm, Anr.gte•nr.
W. tr.rim f, tnr. wrp 1.11.ral par-puma, r.
crelyrri during brut.. 7.505 In nun .tr. 11411/tAg
Wrgest nu 4 berit las eutruktrA (IA ...yr.. up to tto•
.0.1 entl-oar wrtter.rei!..s
1, , torturer, Wara-ropurno 14: At Mint next.J reaps/ging, Inigrout tilt friends itehl
rush-goer, that he h. no. completed lb. lastcrist
and boor mot of binoo , hold ft:online. in
Mt. city. as
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alstra and from the extent of Ina .Non am) tatglity las
enabled to produce
tura at the km.* print,.
Ile h. adopted Its principle id Itiontlfious th. east,.
aro' intorest •ilkt hit mon. In duality 4.1 Psi , . an I iticot
shwa, a tan haat Me stortoti of oven deisrliesd.,
furusturc. Its eLoar,t mud plaint...lig noet
fu7n l t:h 4 s 4 tl • ::.1".1.17:.:1 )
nod., Ito thong' , ore , arid •n J1..,10.1. that tue oar ,
tasoo of titettiataldlohmt at may totten The titt.gring
artielso t• , [0.4. In part. of hl; ...I, bat, I.n . ne.buro• 1.1
stile and flulan conned ha outputted In •21 01 Mit Shotogo
PailoT. drawing. dining. anti bal rot, chair, wf ~,,,
variorv d .sontitilna of nottorond. malvevany 'tlent
Elitatoptten. Conetroatolnt .9 Sur Chairs, of ever t tio.
crlptlon; Conchs, &if.. Tetetootote and Divan. of the littoot
Cretuh and American polemist Ifaalme.. It ImitNoto. and
ladies . ;stria. %Celine Itn•Ais of various kind.. Nark Tata, et
and fan, int.) Outdo. In no. totnntit i and hl.lliert. mar Ll.
tnilimabosany t rot...vont and walnut iwren and iota- to
bleat ointnoino dining rubles: all nootial I.llena , lautprt..l.
and decidedly betel knul cant. liemtitn, hag atel
pier table. vresdredooh Itighttoonlo and saoltoteuittiot •laitit a
latgeasnnrimenC grOl. 11,1 Ltd D..rW r ....5.11 , 4
nttrunana and ttiods. osondary and ra+. •Itle hositld.
nor eingiutt.U..l rooks. hat onside. toil in ono', rill
'and nolo (or chilling, Palter Mash, A. and togt ^.
mahogany. free aid and Wald peari Tatilea ote..tio lc_
A largo's...Mmes. el Coning. Furniture and - II Inlttor
Chairs. Catunot makers tn....a •ttli ail .r Antics In Mil,
Aleattabosta and Iltitaila furnished tet tLx ehtsitttt nut,
All orders promPtit aidondlal
head of `donut:p.m.. liorial
Vault.. Tomb.. 11<wl•tnne, oir. and
F 4 1 .4 T,p alvra,• hand..d mail. to on , b.r
N • 1.. WO
The only rcal New York Plambing Estab
HERE 7ork r is , d d one on Scientific Prin
lioo, !lad :Oca.boet Plumbing. In it• branch,.
&m with naltnetui and dbornobb
Botts fitt,-,1 up itb .h.daor., from io 41:,
Both Tubs.
Moon Stand,
Nolo, w 001... iron. . .2
.ter entoploto t..
11... r Pump.. colny . lida.. .... . h
Kilrbou /tango*.
Pipe, run_ll.olar.. .0i rror.. Ho , . 41,
Furni.c., and Load, farnPahod and out ono , in. 1...
oat prim,
i 7 21 Lila& o Woo,l and Marko oto
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a cArbroded flay and Mon tan, Fork.,
rc,olood fn an tba piantifteturor, dn cort:roo,
went and fur Pal. by It. W. I . OII , OEXTIOII,
IV 04'1 Attrot.
Fur pontoon of finlob and Intrinoc value, (bran Fort.
cannot 0urpr.....1; and tho low Prir• nindiOwt ar.
mid. tuumt In.uro their lottialuctp..4.. apow1:1:
eArtat.—.l:,o raorna 24 by 30 Printing Parao . .
24 by 46
• 440 IX by 24, 24 by ill, II by 34.:A
by 4 , 1, Y. b) 43,
400 Gnu, !actor; Par,r.
OJ4IO toile. Silk Crtnou Stra• Poielll6 r.
OM, 11,oiluto and Mug!. 1.7*.v. to nun.
Th.. undersigned krotoo caustatilly on mud and f.o. 101,
or ru:spar for flagn,• Inrga and gon^ " 1
Itubol. Cop, ',arr. llardatite, and Tea Popov,. Ilonut.t
floors**, go. te.
Aloo—Feritlng of ail .10.0, Pat. , to•no 110,11 r 1 'r.
Printing Pop, toad. to ord., co obnrt
J L.
fotalf enrovr of Pennand Irwin ea
For Bearer 7ounty , and adjacent roungies,
LOCATED IN TIM Ilvit011(111 1./E NeW Illti
qllll haying been located
J. for note tivti y ran; ran Imam lionroshing Wanyghof
Ihightnn, add resided f..rtnnv• than tacit. ./env.P. 4
tel the vicinity of the note, and during that thin. tiro
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To Printers.
PitINTINg amply Rupplied
with all
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Brown .111.1 N.011 , 1i.N1 Iluxlino. Drill, Ticking. C.l'd
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C.:14.n, Linen. end slit Lan, Warn 5.1.1.
Cloth, IVrolicr,e.glinl., Thry.,,,
I:lnaing. , .. Dutton, al.. large rano I, If An.. 1.. I•ho°
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_ _ _ _
Lathes !! Read This!!!
INTHE PRESS, and trill shortly be ready,
- TUC LIAM/MAID Ti/ 1111: azopri,me
did-riptten of lb, tuartynni,tu nfleo.trumnnt. tha
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Deer, Meta, Thlto
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Chester's Emporium
lk," EN'S WEAR, embrneing every itrtiele
IVA nordril for • grnni outfit. Work nath•htr war
res..: prles,. elms:se...lm. with the Mars.
Yncit. trntn irarn /.14
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11D11111.1i111.1, Rohs, Gaiter, Stei.,
Cent, lc, cc Vl:wawa, to inecte.
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VINT VATeIIES, of tits' best Entr
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ItEP.lll:lNti in thr In-. 1 aoma,. I,
•upert, Encil-h. I I. n . oo i rttr , \lll..”
, Si e.rlE. T.
Fall and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
A A. MASON rF Co. woot reop....t.
fully yy.llro 110. ol I h.- por , liry,oerall y.
Intl the ou of tloor .urgt.
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t-tithhitahtti•titt. awl Mlll:Lark, at
'M. DIM; Y 1,0 t., inform him friend,
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V•I 1. A:.I. NT•1: G.Olll, r..l•o••tti:
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t.•1.....tne1v of HEADY NI ADE 114 1 TIIIMi taw It,
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Copier's Fire Brick.
I COPLEY & CO., near Kittanning. have
• rt. hattd • fry th.u.aorl 13111CP... f t.
tflay E.• 1,1 with J....1ab 01,14., al the
14•41e10111t, th•ry •••.bb• ••••
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nod-lf otrert, cry sole agent. far lb.. la.t natee.t.tgEl•
TTIIF SUBSCI:IIIER Lacing taken the fitore
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STA 31Pei,VIN.1 a F 1 1714 Vtin ISLItiO
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mepla,•• kepi Ly that wall
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d +Let
tA . m. t• JANIA,..i A
-Smith's Patna, SelPActing'Hinge &Spring
T HE 4 C.,,rlwiito,
I +la *LL,‘
J n. uir
.., • r •Arl. tr• It+ J • .1,, Al, tl•
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J‘A •J p, ol r•I1
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r:IJA`r , • t. U. JoIIN
lAAninJ NI,II.
ILto •••.• ••1 Irr tt.•
51r ton, r 11.1 I
11 me
Fresh Teas at Reduced Prices!
N oW 1, , ,u u I Atka Art
iorllll. 111,1.1,4 ,Li lil Al h 11.1 , ..
1 , 4400 Ow io
whl.ll ••• rnn .11 ;ul,) ,
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buf I.m. um Print 1,1 Inn sr in to ul,p
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vim •np / Orlu•Mn: ty 11, /Immo. u of IMlns:
"' I
tIVF. A rKINSoN .•41.L.1
New Des Bilks.
11 Ll,ivo re.•%l a variety t,f,tyk.
in•ludal,. a C., pm Arc< flew
Aloe, riot.' Frew% Alnctui, > ream anbile. 41,1 rerr
lexether • ilb an anee mine
rich etel •liallts of plain '.Sew, .1.
I.o•L•iie n. mink brew tiLL bnairin 11.ieinn
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unugh boriran, cnrin Killer. Mei.-,in n
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general nnnerineiet
L anent., •belrealii end re.
Lail, nt brue ntere .totlll, 1.111./1-
bele Ne. 9, LI
Kimball's Chemical Washing Fluid.
'rill:. FLUID im tar soiwrior to any miter
4 , r boa,. beintler otlrred•
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ennl• le, • inlet le Astelf an, ale -Leni n liwn• •
iloubl et ii• peat,- feinnvie, (1/11 LI. an...a 'rein OriLle
U.K. will tier an, Lb• M i en' f,,br,,n, if
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to tt, Elul I cad Lart.• born.. (nu tot . 11•Tge at th y
Prod :dont of N ti WlOllO4lOl,
11,1 norm, of 11"...1 and Ball,
. .
kV/ lit /01 0 S .%. NIASON & Cu.,
11 Nimbi 0u..1 A , lartet ar.• nor opatund and
ttred‘sn ,of tt`ut,..
..! Paull \
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belnl.,inen. At.. sc . re• W. 1.. and Vftn-d SAL. a
Otdittt• Itandit•rrhu.dt, t t h-nal.
ititn.tlatn• Lt.
itt.l i,0,0pt14.11 of Clutpre.t Han , . — 7l ”.
IE [EKE, EE NOG. GE tht• triatullne. Aurttir the Inxt Ilurtu
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Wiing the tt.{..tit, tn
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ent oft.Actts lb. ye.,
A ntlY ' rr'"4"
Napkin Rings Pnrt slnt. mites,
. I tib.rm CI. kv 'html,l bruit ' Hntte,
i. "'h
Manon.., ollyt 61..ty.em, tinut , Dr... len
Spr Patcul 11.,415e, Itatian Mrrhln
f h 1 . 11,11 en.." Silver
Cup, de.II. ItICItAt:PhON. Ilartra at.
f•O lac cl•••• , ••T linter, F..tloa:
awl P Tot. 2 to, RI,. I+,l,
'LI L 1....•LlL and Chu 10 1.14144,40 M
lan a•• 3, hx•
4 0 0 b• • •It.t, unrl Marl, do a , 1•L• z•tar Van;lom.
: 1 . SuL4r. - 10 boa Oen; do.
•L•• 0:41 sitLl cru•1••••1 1.• ho. I Cl,o7olan,
Lar. , Ikv• enetta arLI Drools:
15 1•s T01..L., l' low, Afrtean
. .11 Iln••••• , • .0..1 111• L 1.1. 1,115.1 Mtnot*L.
tot. tine dairy 1 1 .14:
, 1,••• 111.10111.0. .50
' I •
1. I I 1 , 44 3144.1.4.
, L• •• , •1 J.., 1 ••••1•0•0 4
do Lr.L.LIOIO rut • P.L.LII
P. UM, No 1 < 3lnrk•rrl.
L A/10nm. 110. N 11 .1 .4 ii Sl,,t
I. I. 7,141,101 Ca :•••••,•Ptdr. 1•1,7
1 to, 1.•1•1 C.,•-•1•L
6 - 1.•• Corn kart Ir. at, 1,71, It o,, nts.
Al••••• Nlt late Ltml, CiLLLI eo • holetude
L••• 1 J I; U L 01.
, ••••:10••••.1 • ern, ‘1 and Vllll,
lA, v c. 1.0.101
• ••
English & Bennett.
( I ROPt:-BS,
itn.l Enid Pntr.liuh4h. hole on e , hl
hthl rytrit., 6. , Ea1, 1r Writ (b. ..flor
Lld of ite• iveron merlot
10 boirni Mso I U.a.“' •
140 x*. 11. fume, 140 pkg• Youtm 0 /.0 • oh ,
Z 5 t•.t Orb, Imp. A u.P.
crux her rut chrgring do 1,101, Nu. hetter.
100 ma a',!il PlllO N.O lihimuwe.
M non Newell eiA^Are,
" 1.141r1w kree u5 . 1. , 1
Ilatana 200 0.10 A lux It 11i...,
100 tunitontt 11.1.thv lb..h,
"." Almond*. Eilb..rtx,2 lAno imitoro
E. Waive. t!r•em ne Ls carkm 01114,
athl thmth6.l oat.. j (1,1.0 /hdiktr,
thl laic. 11.w1 . .nd CPtia pn,h.
" 0 1...*T , LMem (%t•up. 511 Yule y
Inur.o. 510011AI/1p Letullr,
150 drew if sa*. ' •`I ei I,lla t'rertot.,
thin. him It. itahtter, Nin Urtipheti huger
130 "' lithund LOU ead
WO WWI tool*. 60 bide Um( tinter. 1
60 hex. , 14 film t 4- PP , re., Whitler, Chelk.
5(1 Lupo White ItreellSitAtr,Chatuct Veen, 11.10(00.C50-
h am=
Mares. , dlewich Awl l'utett Chalet.
oil ` Lienntel eopr.l
Unit.-1 Mint., 6, IT. 117 111 t... - 7 - hilT:iTiii.
, L. ~,.. . • •- 140 10. z, too Int. irbda /tog
...awl/vat... 6 . •• 1 , 106, 1 4 , 5 l ..lan
nt. 0 July
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bt Ant
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80. ~... o'...tert. lok. I.KI It, do
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httm.uret. at, t.'4 ... - luts vo 57 I nt.Jan 6Jul,
1.0 .....n. ri . e. PL11... , 1tt0, v. - , v 4 do
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11,. itucca.
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ferelmotn . • .11suta Hank i...t... :a11, d..
Faclotn, Bank :4. 5I N. :ail, do
A11.11..nt names bank ._
01111 M/ , 179001.
Ifonovgahola Undue.
tuir et_ lindire
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L.,. 'cc c.a.
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lonounnbela Marineau,
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rent... Control fla.l
41810l'enti . a. KID H.& fa 3,
11.1/. Vail Mond—.
1100 eland k Welbilln 11-8 w . 11e37 •
Marine It. IPsy, Dry Deal pre
Vapatto Daunt. Cu. . ,
.1.:111f C 1121.0 bond, (old,-..WU ,
Do. do. (new)... tan 3, •
Tooth, ernek Itead 24 . 2, p,
Minn. k l'nrryrwilke Rd 2 4,
ling.:rot.. Turnpike Rd... .
hm4burbak A t.olAti .• • lUS 1 , 11 , 1 , 00.1110
,mirth Amor.. 2t. New trt.k
North..... . ... I
Rua ~as . i,
ht..burah I• 10
LA.0.4 b•ughtut....L. .
Or.tox...ron . .
or.° Imo Hock. .... 113 i ...
I - 13
N. 110LNIES & SONS, Bankere.
N.. 07 .11c ,, ta 11. tataen.n 17...1 and itno-Dlaa. ih.tharPA.
rYNNEItiL ,, .INIA. Dracat al 11ava110n......-
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It ot PlUsburgh........-pu!ltran..o .1 11 0eater.-..........4.
Itarhanar Ilan k ~I dn. . p.r Itrao,o A l k A al a
Ile. mid Slada. of do. .•..-par Dralath .t Yoalagewerto.—do
11.00 of L'oramereo... --par City Ilan 0.
bum of '.lll Anerlea- Cotamernad lik, , 3nealmali do
Hank ~I N, o rflet,l.itartiat P Fr.:Ala. hank. ........- ..... .do
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l'anA of Pion, Tuaal42-par llhto Ufa Ina. 11 trust Co.-do
115 ola 1 , 410,1 Std.. 12 Western 1 , ...•ar.,. Ilartk—
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Olean, I.OE2 KLaui., Bt par lin.llNeil+
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Pout/ Ralik. .111.••parilla101,01.0A par
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lila 110enta. CoanlT -par 1 . 0 /RUIN IA.
Lan 1. of 10,aijlja par Paull °lite Valley .......... 1
Pap l ooll.W.M,hesur:.par Ili of Virginia, Richmond
.I.oaa: el tiaral/talaarn...-par k.. /lank, Va.. Norfolk-- :
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Drawl. at 1 . 1•••11.1.1 .. . 4" I.l3ers' Ma-hankie Utah a
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111.00. •t `a... tz..l.i. ,I 0 Lau, •I . 0,..... •ple. I W . t.litob
II t.c.l. .. 04.1-, . ,/,.. La r. Cl .11 , .n11 .1
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hank ~1 1: Cal-W.loml.°
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It, ko,d, at a a i.,,,,..., , 4.. 11. ..., i • Z,.ci ~,c.,..
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Bran,. at 51. a.., °rah, .lob IV Lt , TXIIN CACIIANIir-
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Armes at 11 r . 11 A. al.
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and Inc..U mu tie., tltno, tbm tram. northern 0.1:111111
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Drug Store For So\
frtatl Luisales, In ♦ Dolvw.l4 • 14,61141
II al ' ; ' l . !Z ' :o ' 4 JI U. Y2.t:V,l,l;ig,• r a ie
United States Patent Ot
\ ,,,r
Dame. 4, nt6L .‘
41iN the petition ofJe+so Uiuiy, of Willatig
y ton. netanaro, praying for the rahmelon of a v
.. qrj,
granted n , him fnr au stoprovetnaut in the arran,,,mant. ,
..ring for drirlut mAehturry, for rayon Ituni t a
expiration at said patent. width mkt, ply., on the alath,
der of kahrumi. A.ll 18,1 ,
It L. ordered that the ee,l4 44 , 0tt0 be hiard at the Pat
rut olllrnots Thursday, Ilia 6th of Fehrnary. 1/43. at VA ,
o'rk.k. AL ac. 4 all WT.. ate uotlll,l to aPt.I. and aho.
cau... If au, Ike, hare, ah, .aid µAlto. ought not tot.
~ one uPtawlng IL, ratenaton are requira.d to Ilk In No
Patent 0111ra then. °Nett - ions. bp..lllcallrwt fmtt, an an.
mg, at Iran twenty day& to.a.r• the thq .44 III"4 - no: all
1.-alimony 111 , d Ly tither party to La gird at the 'marina.
tuna I. taken and traurhard la I:rdanor r 11.1,141..
rule', ~. the °Ulm tehlvlt wialle attnal od onappllcallon.
roofs, alk,„ tont tat. byre Ltpu Who,' 11, theAtt.
tlonal Intellupprer, nouhile, and Mon, or AV , ltakungton,
11. C, Napreak pn.•• vot, ProrOOrooc Journal, / rotrulguot,, 'Maud: Dail) Adtertivet,khotton, Masasenuaetbk
V.1+ , 11 , 11151* Inquirer,l3,lladelatta. Crawl - Iran., ill,
I.,µi tntautto.l'lllaburgh, l'envklaanta, and the St . .
nl, Wilt:nun:tun. Lenon, tom n .I,eSt tr ',V .- I:Tr'
Ore we...ks prrrloo: to lhonfth 0141 v . 1,.41,1,,,
I° N
poi l'ateka.
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Copper Stoat..
Ito elien•A 1114trieein,s alining cooy•ka•
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Exchange Bank.
FEW SUARES ot\ thia Stock•dri
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ORNE LI kg RINGStAi large
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L 1.2 4
E., I: 11.1 bi',,rl.+;rsevatiu
k B. C. sAwYT.B.
Y OF P l / 1 13tfilfr *ITANSEfIP.
. .• .
Some week . \ ago, we inserted asnotice of the
arrival of this n iTuibc.t eteamer 'at Philalei
phia, to take her lace in the new line of steam
era between that cty and Liverpool. 'We copy
below from an Nish aper an account of her Sr ,
rival at Queenstown; formerly Cove of Cork,)
where she had been obl ' i‘ed to put in fur coat -
---- ---
ritoll Ttir CORE irError4 . B or liorrMilL9 .15
The "CO!, of l'ittAburgh" . sti tmAir in co4renstotrn
Our harbor him again been the refuge of one of
the transatlantic steamships. She Cay of Ping.
Xtresb'on her homeward voyage from. Philadel
phia, firing encountered adverhe gales, and the
quality of coal she had been sere d with turhing
not bad after being fifteen days o hurinx make
el i
for Queenstown, on Thursday ev ing, for an
additional supply. W l e
have had t e fiatinao
tion of inspecting this magnificent s 'lb which
has just been built for 'Messrs. Ri baron,
Brothers, of Liverpool , and this was Meter first
voyage. She is the largest steamship tbat'has yet
been built, with the: exception of the Great Bri
tain, being upwards of two thousand tons bur . leti
and 000 horse power, screw propeller, her length
of deck 265 feet. We regret mach that h'hr
short stay at Queenstown presented the cititruN'
having on opportunity of visiting this huge !era?
athan. The various cabins and saloon are splen
didly fitted up,' offering a temptation, iu the
way of emptily, to emigrants such as few other
vessel/ prese*.
, ..,.
'Mr. Mitchell;the AMerican Consul accompan
icd the commander, Captain Stotribury,, to this
city On yesterdarmorning, and introduced him I
to Ms worship the Mayor, Mr. Shea, and 8000'
other members of the Transatlantic Packet Sta
tion CoMmittee. Captain Stu t'esbury very cour
teously tenderal these gentlemen an invitation 1
to vied the ship, which was at once accepted,
and the party proceeded by the , twelve ti\olimk
train, being joined at Blackrock by the city High
Sheriff. Sir 'Thomas Deane. By a strange co
incidence, a distinguished American, General
Stewart of Baltimore, who is making a tour in
Ireland, having came to pay his respects to the
American Consul, farmed one of captain Stotes-
bury's guests Nothing conlil exceed the kind
amps and courtesy a the captain and officers of
the ship in pointing tint every object of interest
in heir. After examiningher'aninu tell', Captain
State4bury conducttl the "gentlemen to the prin- '
cipal aaloon, where a splendid dejenner was
laid out\ On the table wnievory delicacy that
the best of our hotels could ,apply, with elan:l
imp.e ad akStior. Baring partaken freely of the
goal things teforii them, ',
The Mayoepropoeod the healthof the Captain
and euocres til the enterprising firm to which
the ship belonged; and iu doing eatie said he
trusted that only'. short period wouldelapse un
-til those. occasional visits of trausallintie peek-,
eta to our hartoar, which were now meriiiMatters
of chance or aecessily, would become an every
day matter of fact, as they could not fail proving
advantageous to both ountries o and emu:Muer
alien to the owners of the vessels as a taisitiees
speculation. Ile was happy to bear the testi
mony of a prntical man likaCaptain Stotesburi,
from whoa he had elicited the opinionthat CorkJ
was decidedly the most advan,tageous port for a
packet station. His Worship then passed a warm
eulogintn on the American getterosity of which'
lids contitry.waa the recipient in,bur time of de•
atitution and famine.
Captain Stroleabury having returned 'thanks--
. 8 ir,Thornes Dean proposed the beallb of thedis
Saguia - bed officer who had so opportnnidy joined
them. General Stewart; and, in connection with
the tout, the Americas army. \
General Stewart, tie returning. thanks, stated
that one of his earliest recollections was \the
pleasure—almost enihrsdasm—with which, Isis
father used to describe the natural beauties of
the rimier unit position If oar noble harbor, Inv.\
tug buil a sojourner for aiirue weeks, tuanj - efira '
sinoe, - attlie Cove of Cork. In feet, such an IMPes
sino it did make on him, that he wan, determin
ed to eonseand see for himself. and helm re found
that all he had hoard of it fall far short of' ilia
reality, forit. , xras truly beautiful,' , The -General
concluded's Wetrotoquerut atktiesa'hypaylirg'sf
high tribetato the character oftaar countrymen
in America. Who:\ he said; =TA some of the beat
citirens, and whosie adaptability to the taws and
animas of the States was remarkable.
—. . .. - .
The health of the Mayor, hosing been• propos
ed by General Stewart, nod respouded to by his
Mr. Rennis Dean then; in proposing the health
of the Atnertcall ronsnl,'Mr Mitchell, which was
warmly receive d, paitta well-merited compli
ment to that gentleman, wha, since helms Leen
prtknoted to tho, °thee of corona fur the Ameri
can nation at, Queenstown, has given the moot
unbounded satisfaction In the discharge of him
Mr. Alitebell returned therike, end, having
propo,,rd — prosperity to the CitY, otpork," the
party took their leave highly delighted with their
The eau Pittsburg proceeded heiToyage
at four o'clock yesterday evening. •
„ .
One Of the most important manufacturing es
tablishments in our town is the Oil Cloth Factory
of kleesrs. Albro and Hoyt. " The faClories(ex-',
elusive of driving floors,. An.) cover an area 'of
one sore and one third, or a spitct4qual to twee- \I
ty-two loleof 25 by-100 feet, and we are inform
ed that no other Floor Oil Cloth establishment
in lA, re,-H can compare with this' itiextent and
importance. The buildings are'wormed by means
of hot water and steam pipes, and.every improve
moot in alt their internal areangeruents which
\ modern science can-suggest has .been applied .
steam engine grinds the paints. Hallways are
eieeted for the ',conveyance of cloth fro one
dePartmeur to &outbid., and every labor as ing
deviOs may here be found in practical oneraffort..
Accomplished artists are constantly employed in
drawing original designs which, if approved, aril
.traneferreo toi blocks the bloc for the printers. Home
of these nee of exquisite beauty, and elaborate
workmanship, far surpassing anything hitherto I
attempted in\ Hits branch of manufabtures, and \I
the gristle etlect is immensely increased by a'. .
methdd 'of printing invented by Mr. Albro, for:
which ha has admired letters patent. Indeed,
A person% 'who hanooly seen the colon of other
manutaaturers, can„ form no conception of the
s differeopo made in their appearance by this in
tOzttion. \ - The blending of onion, the alimite
tied perfial ehading and the perfection of the
printing, pvoduce an effe,ct superior in the best
tapestry carpeting, while the tecentpatterns, all
of which aro \ original, are`achnowledged by all
who have se en them to be iniezeasurablystmerior
in beauty and taste to anything ever btfOre pro-
thicedeitlter in Ensape or Amertca. Our readers
will remember tha a Prize l'iledikwas awarded at I
the World* Fair, for specimens of Fiber Oil
Cloth frOM this Faotory, anal we learn that no'
other'samples`at all aitresetting them , either its
quality or appearance , were exhibited by the
or any other m facturera. The ,
pieces were selected from the - stock on`hand in
% .k,
the factory, ( not made fora purpose ofexhibl-
tion) and In orut jiarenig men a enrmisked by I
. some of their more recent pat MO. ,The cldthe,
'which ere all of .the heaviest description, are
made in pieces of 24 1400 feet Home ides of
' the.quantity of materiel, 'treed may he obtained
'when we state Hint thretrhundre%ons of one
kind of paint Is used in A aingjo year. We ought
to have added, that Messrs. \Nero :Hoyt are
\,gents„for several other factories, awNi. 'hilt to
t sir warehouse, at 7'2 and 74 Jebel Stet t, New
Pork, will empty repay those whoWre engsgod in
he reatle.—Rizabrotenten, .V. J. .annul. \\
I WAR\ LI 47 Pound!--401758 the 'Rowe of C 6 . -
I\ I f illa 8 issuc; a oortunihion to tulj not theotands
ht, ud nodar the superiuten, &Fie i of cam
etelt offeiankat the Mint, &envied by none scien- ,
- tit amen,' the \ standanl was de tornii fled: and . two
trey-plo ends, lif extreme accuracy, were produced.
Coe of these \poem' wolghts \ was deposited in
Ut r,l,
‘4lto tl Iva; of Co moos; and wee 'destroyetin the
~.,,. of 1 $, and a othei; until recontly,'",bas
beek in priyote kto de . , This duplicate of the
orfghtitil stalidard ti pound.has been, eincnthe
deethuittion Ofito ..fel low,
w. the-weight always op-,,
pealed,. \to to `any -. Orr : mit-eh n for the trial or.
weights \ It WAS yeetertlay-eold by auction by .
hiestrit. INttick'„and Simpson,"tlio wellAnown
auctloneeni\ef tlivadily:\ smongstuther -ellecte ,
1 of the twe‘d \: tlmurne, f".,lq - , formerly Ring's
assay master ; The weigh, alluded to prodtioed .
',zl7, end waiumoersituol to,4ve been purchased
for the goveniut lt, "'The hydrostatic balance;.
• used for the tril l f t he s ptandirkin 1768, with:\
several botes,ot, treutoly acluirate weights,
wear withdrawn, \no bidder apphiiing for the
same.. • - The sale lookoded \nuiny. hgrjons MSS.
on Mint; affsirs.-4,sgioggst tbsse.wwacrocker's
Register - Book of driwiegs fonmedsts,seertialid
tinder the. hands of 'Wiens Winton or tek. Mint.'
1 aturs.ontainlog thirty tiuntuntaphs Or Sir lasifo New
ton, sold f0r.L.40, aturwill,\with the most Inter-.
estingof the 'oilier MSS, fipl:fits resting litson '
fe7the British,\Mosentn..4.6/.\ 78„Cf.1 pie4'of
George 111, dated 1820, ititd \ tn . very no. con
dition, sold for,CBl,—.Englisli
p ‘ ißcr.
\Last Year twenty, shoosand.,,tie#es o beet
'tt t . - packed in Cleveland. ThiSO,year •t is
thought that the number will not Wfted ght
' -
Nor Castle.-
Gazette lately (mid
give' or, in the followir .
result of his obierrahons.
New Castle is We seat of jur
county, and to one, of the most t.
in Western Peeney/ranic We ape.
two in that riciniti, 'recently, and it _
much pleasure we noticed . the Impten
which had been made eincti we last paste(
way. The population o'f, the price le not
are informed, about 4000;\abdtbe'prirate
! ling' as well as the publieedifices, aro of
and substantial character, evincing that
irens are industrious, thrifty and, withal
epirited. The new Court dunes is rii
stately FT...portions, and -bids fair to be
beautiful building. It stands upon a eon
ing elevation, and when'eompletad willrot
itoposMg appearance, and afford, eremite
ted cupola, a fine view of the town and sure'
Mg country.
We observed a Tiny large'three -storied
log just pot up,, probably 100 feet in fret
of lofty appearance, which we are inforuit
been the borough for their ;
school, It struck us as- peculiarly crab
.to the intelligence of those who have the o
are-merit of that department. We always
disposed to honor them who show & discos'
to throw arena.' the scheolhonse .a ohs
beauty and loveliness to lore the young I
its walls. How often it is a Contracted, r.
sire, little den, where eltildiect Cr. bud.
huddled together, to contract diefteetor eon
,found their fir{( impressioteboPeduestion - with.
11l that in ,hatel and.repugnant to their feel.
JR:kg. So far as delightful eiwation and an ex.-
tentverairyn wel veutilated building le cone
eenifid, the eitizens\of New Castle hare guarded
again'( such impreserons.. . , _ ,
One \ irent driwbac to WI proeperity of the '
place, atti , l , -which must oriously affect ire inter.
Roth, IS t o suspension o the extensiverolling
mills, furnaces, mil nail d ories, erected at the
confluence OT the Shumate and, Nishannock,
within the borough limit, ese establishments
are of the rays' eztentive Intl, and doter a 1
large space ll'ot their fires a epot Out by the
blind policy of Siltlind politics party, and in- ...',
1 \
stead of the rattle \ of the Machin and' three.
five bustle of basybundreds, l the. ti; epee no- ,
thing but piles of blimkened but' say striae- . ..,
tares, and the ear heers no sound Min the pail- . - . 4 .
nig of the wind as it sweeps through \ We lofty .
smuts of chimneys. Mk iS_Jlltehell--s 'cot but
a trutvil•toi,;otd commiNary upon the . mama:
tire policy that hao produhe - 1 it. '
• THE AriaLo-uxo RAKE."' .;' .....; ~.".'
The Rev. .i. I . ..mimic, o "hewOrlean ' e 4
preached a sermon on Theuksgi n i g is day, from
.. - .4
the lent, "Gad -Well colaree Japli k .- In which
the various trines of mankind deer - tittle" from • 4
that san of "loth are traced. After s'Ojtog that.;
; .
errabian treeliqoaa rank Japheth amoug \N lepro-
phete, and speak of eleven of hie sline,wbulketemo s •
the progenitors of as many Asiatic natibite k ' tlie..." - ",- - -......j ,
)ho . ''\
reverend gentleman proceeds : "• -- \ _
.4 ... nl
It wild be our purpose, to,day, in .....o fira:' , ....„ - ,- . 1
place, to consider the evidence . *LICK are. e4,4_ , \
hood, that the English and Anierican - -natltins". - " , - 4 J ‘,
have descended from Japbeili ; end, in the see- 1 \ ,
1 4\ \
and place to bring forward Curb itestintimil 'acne : \',,
in reference to the American nation. as will 4 -,1 . , ---,
show the Inulerful eulargrnietit by which God\.
fine verifies bin •a tent propheey end
prbmine , ..... , - 4 --,
1. The drterat r! 14e .rtraarb Swats -171,1
d, rd 6271,%,..., i'
Ja,Pheib. I l ; -" - 7.- -- r '', '`,.. -- 7,-,14
From the !seven eons of Japße seven nations "'"' - ; 4 ."",
had their origin. The 'Cimbri or. Curibrii, or' . e .;
i 3
Cimmerians, descended from omeij the fitcy. 2\
thiens from Magog; the Macedonians Vont Ala- ..
dal ; the lonians and Greeks from Javan ; the
~,. .
Ilumoviten, or Boniame, teem enheclwand the
Thracinna from Tiros. 1 bed.. .e telsete ft theta
.80113 poesessed,ell Europe, tha_ Islands of the 1 -
Ifeditteranean, Min Minor, a il - tbrwiarthern •
parts of Anis." • " • ' -..,
Ida •
The most ahthentie facts w mantes,'" be f e
gleaned from ancient history cam with „the "
most prdhoble traditions to p hthat....Weitern ' 1
and Northern Europe has teen. ' epled_by three I t
. l e
. .
.enceessive tided of imMigrati from the. East. , e
'Thine were, first; by the Kiesmerfans and Kelps; ',
emend, 14Y the Serbians, Goths; Wail Getman;
thirtbr - rheftehontiiiiitelinFlferinitliiis -- lt \ ; .
iti fr the two first, starer... Locoed that the in-
habitautinf. Beghwarlara descended ((Tamer's
Hist. of the Anglo-Serene, vol. L; 14:" Lt.)
From-authentic authorities Teener Ms prov
edbeyond a doubt that the earlientinbathants of - e -
We North 'of Europe were the Kimmerieus or
Kitubri, and delta;
nod they spread. ever it ' , 1:4
from Thrace to dolland and the German Ocean;: , .. e
to Gat ocean from which the pease& Ver.:di:, i
rear to England. From these trlbe.strre deseend- .r., ...i
ed the Chnry, or the Wel4h, but it is to the itie-e - ','.4 , ..... 2 ,
and Stock of the Europetuipopolittledi that . - -.*.-.'ji
look with peculiar interest. 'From thisnot only :.. - r. - r \ ,
the`. Amerman and Engliele, hot also .the utoer
celebruted natious of. Modern 'Europe. which t . • •
haveby immigration contributed to otte , popula- ' - 1
lion, bare unquestionably descended. r The'on- \ . 4
glo-Scions, the Lolland Scotch;Nortnens Dan it\ -
I Norwegians, Steeds, Germans, Dutch; Belgians, ni"
Lombards, and Franks, hare-all sprung from 1 „
the seemed greaneiresm, or fountain, which may 1 \ ' - A '
be called the Germetf, - Scytheito, or Gothic.-
(p. 76 ) , ~
Of these all, the Anglo.Saxons ' ee the people
from whom the English derive their descent, and, ''''''4-:. ' \
therefore to themparlicularly"efe i.euest give 8. - - ... 46 „.,i ,
moment's consideration, \ . `.. 2 . . 1
At the neck of the,Cimbilari \ Speninsala, and '
_. ' 4 '2 t
1101111 of the river Elbe,'were in ancient clays two J
, .
l ' small tribes known an the Augto:Sazons.n, The l .
Winona were w,Eleythian .tsibe,and ire mention- •..: -
led by Ptolomy of Menet/dela as early as helore ".:".., „,
. - .
A. B. 141. oSalinistama, er , the eons , Of Ssfizii. - .....1
abbreviate,' into Seksun, which Is We sam .1
sound as Saxon, seems a'reanoonble etymology'! ' ....'
l ot the word Saxon." \ Tinier) ''',Tite Sahel were \ : i . .
andimportant brunch' f the Scythiaue, and ere '\ I I
mentioned bath _ by l_lip (lib. rt. e. 10) and 134.3. \\? ‘'.
ho Gib. xi. p., 476.)
~ \ , ~4 i
The allies.or the SAX° 5 were their neareat ''' . 4\
neighbors on the North, th Angles.; That par.:\ a -
fielder position which wea pied by; the En- \ - 4 4, \ , •
\gles was according to the v nerahle ; Bede be- \
teen the Jutesand Sauas, " ter-prorincias lie- \
tarot ct Serzonum." 1,7, I. 15 ; s tritnefatid by
Amp Alfred the Grief: "tlie lord terynt Co tarn
'l ,,s
I , r ' • •
.end Soo, ') This particu l ar, co tion 13 by an
;aecient Saxon author called "Old ' nglaud.'n .l \
(Turn. `c. 100.). \ \
lime Wen, we find the fonntiin of the"Aoglo- t - • \ „
Saion ries in these two Scythian trihes,‘We...lll. .!
gels &cid Sweets ; and the Seytbfans Tees . the '2 \
descendants\ f hinge& the eon et ;Biotin _ ; t r .\
In tint fifth d Ortiz eenturiee, after tb ,Ro-
I mane hadre ' from Britain, the Anglo4sarbfis ~,i e
who bad with t p other German tribes between t
the Elbe and the hire formed a strong coated'\ :
eracylnvaded the laud and gradually conquer-n .
ed it. The am:dont *uhebltatits, andtheiposteil- \ ;
ty stoke Romin pet '2 disappharil sa,the new, . :--IL
, conquerors edrauced, receepted their Yoke; , \--",el -
and Saxon
„laws,'Seto language, Saxon Zi.. e.‘, , "!
nen, government Sind' atitutiont °Mem , \
'the land." Thus clearly rat dietiaeGyhaect
traced the origin of thanob Atiglo43axon dame "..,14,.....
called England, who hale gi mi.sto the world a,,„,2 `7,
daughter 110 leas noble and ; who is celled i \
America. May that God who tis . made them of --
one blra, one language,'aad _or tv i religlon, ever, •.;.,,1
preserve them in harmonj, sfrien hip and love. -
. .
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LOOK OUT! 't '' - \ ,
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title. the Inn running town to tbe river, end wttiii. nhe ''i
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rine. point of three , ralitowle lo active proven to con, '
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ma, which honors, vlll, rennin ea Wennd with the ' 'i
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