The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 17, 1851, Image 1

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- bun= MIMI,
OM. Of 'MAD . .10.6 T. Win 00 , 20 l 11 1113 POST 0.161.
:lAILY-Beviu dollars per mamma. Vlll4lb,hslfltrlT•
BM Laub.* if paid In &drum
WittfLLFwo dollar, her annum, In Ovum. Cum
trill ha slipshod au the following tondltions:—
packet faseseh Mb to be address/al to one pentos,
bd In advances No Club
id. fess erpireu unless the money is etist for
SATES OF eirmantaxa
0101/0 (10 1101 K of (ooporoll or Iwo)
ono Dimortiort.. .... 0 60
Do. 0
Do. • two w.wbu 00
110. • 4 00
Sandlnergards, it lines or lee. per annum—AS 00
One Dollar for each addonal line.
.ote attars changeable at plearore (tor ao
tam) excludes of the paper— ...... Q 0
nob eddittonsl somas Weeded ever ens month, and
az etch eddltiOnal same laserted ander the yearl7 Mime
r Vel=estintiegreeding • smears, and opt 01212 fifteen
' b ritgelsers 'br not Pc=le rvr laal tilliatisameata to
r Atnennelogga r t= ti•igeralliirr tloa
idiarged the sem.
24 other advertleammta .
Advertisements not marked sin the no to a epeelfled
ilkomaue Of Imertlens will it. continual CM forbid. end !AV
MSo-Mica ofTroVid r. ertrertiserg le iitrirtly Malted to
hrrtr" Ut:witll d ss . ;ll itsg r gr em ltno r l
imondlately animated cam their own Ini:le:er and ail
Mslum el edvertleements; la length or otherwise. hereed
. engaged, will bie ellan,l at the mast rel. FUT
limement ailvertisios. bllle edit la separately
• and Morn% Panto-et le desired.
alairtlesments (or timetable inaltations. Are tom
Medi. . township ant other public meetings aed
:Into /Me, to-be charsol ' htlf Paces Perehle strict]
. . .
. Marriage notere to bo charged oat.
Death notions luterted without eharne.naleste accompa
nied br funeral lovinalan. or °blunter brake. tthd wheo
th ereampanted to be add tor.
Metal. nletetlfere, eat all others vending onontanarn
Hunk et :Malting natant &loaned to WI ettentlen to
Pea, goatee. Iloteoreta 'Or an of public rater Amami~
hate v Maio for admittea , ..._.p n. 0 t t0 .,,f pro.
vote wean vere mete. &Pinned to can
Oriente enterprbela,'eatculetn/ lo intended to pro: mote tali.
thlatil totem:L. Ohl Only be Interted.with theundervtand
'44l that the tune le to Ti.. paid for. If Intooded to be in.
;stead In the local adman. the name will be charged at the
rata of not less than 10 cents pa line.
Platen.. adt. blotiae to be oherantriedde prim
Sateen Unease Petition,. $2 each.
1 Heel Sat:ate gleans' and doellonters' advertisement.. not
lobe eltemal. ander yearly relay, bat to be allowed • the of thirty threw and ono third per amt. front the
'mould of NU,
ai oa nvarm
0. 1 irr
a lo 1$ DAM PA.FINI
Do. 000 h *
- feu.
teendeet adeertlenaents el be mkt In
RUTER, Attorney at Law.--Collec-
Una. and Conveyancing tansfully aU d Ito 01 ,
hou no—Bakunrllla Building., Om. Wave., win Lind C...
. ncißy •
.1 AM Kt 3 Y. KERB., Att4irney at Law—Office
•nt. Paartlt it, tattwocst ittaitheiettl sittl arsta, rat.
btratt. t •
JOS. . WEAVER,. Attorney ni Law, Fourth
ntreet. near th e Mayor'. 041, litleburgb, Pt,
otAkaw attsoctml to promptly. mylth.tka
.otrielllloLlo4.l, 4111.161•010. TAMIL.
(Late of Unalantowo. Ca.) (Isle of Imlissa. Pr)
LIPIIANT & TAYLOR, Attorneys at
law—Oelp net nurth stmeL Wood
ilmithaaN. o.llWall't " ;: b glitiltorr for the State of
lbrk. mat.
1 I!IN tLOtFitt:itttree at Law
1, W. ri WHITE, Attorney at Law--,Of
illti=rr.citnt ate .t, ualis Vourth. Arittau
rinsneye it Lin and gag•to Agents, "Elir
ing •ti
•l OW
y ! Pltuitan.-.
RANC FLANEOIN, Attorney nt Law,
N - Pe.llo pnnt tenet. Pirtaboutk. e
' . KOUN, Attainey at Law, office,
n LtalL'eottur of Grant gnat sad Hama
Attorneys at Law,
la =t, Tlttabarah.
r a Dail Sohn Pnyd
ay.,14.,Za ju u LtTa
E 258
P. JON .4, Attoiney at Law:
• Swarth stmt. Latina Wood and Balt].
atriDW ,
K. BRADY, Attorney al Li!►,
I , IIA ' SON SEWELL; Atta i n:4 at Law.
U. Okk. • • Commbainnes retaking z t
in , dot
: M a Dada, &a. cream—y-0.1
eI_EORGE ARNOLD - 8 CO., Bankers=
Naas ha. *asap% 06114 Bank Not.;No. 7 a
toarth mat dnar to um, Bank of Pittsboamn.
• Ar. 11. WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers
rig , . arts rut emus W ood
iv La. Ha - • La a n•• I. e x —.r 0. COrfil:.
AR uanatettonx mad. an Illaataltenna, and colkatican
D. KING, Banker, and Eschano Broker,
streat,.Denler In Dank of
O ki and Silver. ateeke bought and /mkt.
Th. hl market as
Tend In pnenhon fm.
Half and lieskaa and Spanish DO/WI.
toads' • Tar.
r '~~'
AILKINS CO. Esc:ham Brokers,
.I.ll , Esk . r..oornert ut.m r . Tbl t. rl sad Marlut skeet. All
I 1 1.—"
Ikoneolio MIL of - 11. erS 6ra r
• Bo* Nate. led Sleek, No. mo - AtLitr " pF
11:ottorto mode -II Um prlsolocl dr.
RA.112d, , Bankers and Ex 8..1.n ha Foret7 and Domeotte
...morie c it4=',lt=an k y oypMb
.I:bie Maks luta •
: & rkvor:commisiionietch.l.
serttrriokio rne,N roosH O Se c o on S d
0. n coe 1 1 1 . a.ld
. - : IMILIII/.11 tAL101..............-11:111117.• 9.111/.........111/111. S. MAST.
rALISLEtt,. HANNA' .9. C 0.,. Sac oo
oalrs to
4 11 ai w t
i t
6 31tt m . ....., & 11 , 11 ... p Vrawsaa Dumas.
Of deport Rack Matraand Speal•4lr ire:s=r al
, .IVaal awl 'Wawa. Caron, Moray rearival Dr
..y l t d illigAl t .hr.4=aVal i tic . row =Olgnora
, - Th. ttigS;st madam 144 :fur NO.11.(111 WO AMA*.
OW. _
ltlaancar laalleOrkarastoarentaar Ficalara,abipped amt.
. 1 12 ., v(:. TA Y L R, Commissioner and Bill
1114:40',./12 , 1 1 .. 1 tf..nt Atria attention Inn b
v, Intilneas entrantnl to Ma tam Pittatas
ISM= osiltltn altro44n baud or nnftnntt an.%
=lnn , Nott L IWP , b 110 tt.otegottatud on favor.
std• . unary made. require/. 02'
RTEMor — iiis3,
w oojr zi gatatkr nrni at i4 P ,L l=ll ItituL, ear
JAS.' B. 111 - 561ES' tllvapCiterary De_po — t.
, 4 1 .trit.oppoeito s tt. Pwgt M.. Maw Boats I.
pea r a7tranpap/tra ' . b'' Al i r.ral at I rat rodyttatil/r?:
L. READ, liookeellpr and Stationer
II • N 0.76 Format air.d. Apollo flundlant. •
, id'OLINTOCK, MAnufactirrer and
and 4. Weed it.; rittßburst.. " • 'L.
K~]d~ ~ i:r:i~ijr~~: C~Z~}:~,~s:~ll~: (~
ip W: POI bEXTER, onrner of Water and.
ill • %Terkel streets, Pittxburth, COMIIMION
th e drd
watts of 111.4tror , th grF o ttla . . ,
.4 1, vs.
sq 1.7,54%.4 1 7 ant Hay 'York, 'PtittitAgdA
Jetties t C 0... ttiftrtt WWI T... .7"11
A. Mc, NULTY & CO- 7 Traneporters,
adam="4.Zat Ytitb i tr * " ° b* 7 47b74_
u 1 Comnhaoo IL beau, Md. in Wain *W.
M. H. .OHNSTON , Forwarding and
a 112 &mad - *treat.
lElt ,!t - JON' 9, Norviarding and Com-
I 1144141 am% Dealmt ht Pmdsto srd Pitts
a. A. - ' ; aas.
Alnjolztft Uo4.tueasor to A
& Canamisdaa sod IremrsallagAlin ,
PtFtsbtregh' liastuhstared chola, Pitt.
?a. •
• r OODS : .
6Tres:f4ore sire :CLL
Dithrs lazy
and AWL. pGault, IM Mutat.
and Rntall .• Gads Untsrata. oram at Fourth'
It D. MINT, .Dentiet: Corner oti Fourth
Nod= batna ilirkst and ho rY EMU.
BPI"! lb LEE, Now. Mutsu and
N ieethants *et theor Asberioaa.
• n (lads, o. 159 Liberty' et... tititstrorreil.
8 LW .. .. i li p A ri lß .w AlJO rmi ,ll
, Zo o l Merchants,
LutnC. Oomß
di • zr:'W
DAM HARDIE, Vetrilisryticirgoot4 w e
trot Eglhabeiretyoctletel, - eroubl ieeptettally we
the pubUe that e bee eonnoeseeett 'prelim le the
. ..zedeseteeg end, 7 cereal etteetkve te lehio e .. I .
_ totase s he her se Vatetbteettoo.
.gwith met 4, lime mei
ift anneal mill be tarried oe, = g m.,
sett PeenntraltheJorue. - . W
Doctor G. Reichhelm
INFORMS his friends and the public in gen
eral, tint be him tem ot ..: hit elm to Nun M. 0., No.
next to Pt. Clair Hel.
P. B.—Pernone indebted to him tor Intinth of tin, are
moaned to nettle that I,44,Mt.ll.gtsam
F. 8.. Moore, M. D.,
mepecial attention to the treatment of dieetteeti of te...
tam and children. and acute ditailees generally. to ndl an
ehronir aud eurniotl derawa. Mao on Andareon
uear tba liami &feet Bridge. and oral. door to UM, Man
icor Miltr. Al. lleithen
froYm at>. 0
r. Wile.
51. hour. (rum 7to A. 11-
1 U. arta to
R. J. J. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
iteice and divellita6. corner of Darbutirtotre roe, No.
1 1 . 1 t)ThIrd irtrivt one deer above Smithfield et.
11l Pr. !de has pmrmanently 'fleeted in littet.ortr4, and
attanl to the dulle• of Lie Proteeeson. Ile will gm,
Yartienlar O c t...tier. to StAnICAL Ufa, and the FIF•Foo.o. OF
rotten and children.
JAM ES Met; UFFE Y, (successor to John O.
"Ilorz:n0 Wbolosalo Drusratat, an . it dealer in 0014
Wool p ' lt OV::::11V . D=1
Pa. Conidantiy on hand • otipply of blorgan'o Oman 1 , ,i•
run. Ittor and Worm Milo, noi:ny
11. A. FAIINESTOCK. CO. Wholesale
Llotistaisia.and znanufacturors of M P hil. Lord; Roil
koadi Liamogo. corner Wood and hootPiot
burial. Pa. inch:
U.S. see.ra.l . tr.
& McDOWELL-, (Stiezessont to
to Kerr a kieyer.) Wbnlee“ anti Kele' Drug me
renera.lon Staft, Catil, or We erre and Vireo .)le).
Pbraiduee preemptions cerfulli eimpoment Lityll4eo
I !Kalm IDD it CO., Wholesale Drugeistsi Deal
;lv r.71-p,',ZT,Lr..I:,
et rllle, zu , l Lu . ng_ Syrup. No. 0% runlet of Wourl .of
Yourth otraet, PitUsbu b. • )r •n w l ll h.. careful%) P. , k
fin.mardud ultlfduputels.
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
1.10. Dye :qua, 011, Vu.niAlum.
ui Wad ptrevt, Pictsburall, ri .iondo wurrauted
it-inu. Wu.
fig N. WiCKERSUAIq, Wholes: do Druggist
kj • aml 14.1•1 3.—. &sawnltural
Nt.. RIO ft". 6 ta•rurr uf Sintb
t RA U “
N REITER., Wimletmle anti Retail
I itt.
SCIIUUNMA KEIL & Whol...ale Drag
e" 'ZI
I.ILACNIGI CO., Wholesale. Gro
kir . Varni.h.r, wn.l &a 1..» In Produ, ~1
l'ltut.ttrgh 111,mA6.:tun, Pitch atia Oakutv
t, hood at Ilhoir Viar..houo.,, I II W..tor 1.44,,,,11
v.. V t o # ..
F. Gro,cers
Pants I.u.rd,r !to US t.r •owl am! 147 t. f u r ffit..
JL. SIIEE, Wholeemle Grocer,
. Sl.rehant. awl 11.1 . 70 In Nmer amt I:.¢...MflOir n!
lotto and 111.10 Pittnburith.
4,1 4 1.3.1UEL P. Wholeemie tiro
1014naloro etanmloldon 514.retunta, and Oral
en In Plnor.
Ltsburyh lilanutartanrd .10lrJr.. N. I, .4 1=
J0t ,...........
1011 N S. DILNYOII.TiI & CO., IVlloleriale
Cirmer, I . naluco luta Conmimelun Mere/unto. and
1.,/nuto. 11a.a..11111e..,11....
31\1'...1 a-. llttnlturult.
J. W. 1M1AJ0L1.J....1 UR. F.
URBRIDGE & ING W holesale
Ons,ro and C....canbuino Sl.nbantm. No. 110 N...
u. et, aud ISO First Iltuburgli.
11 1,1,E MATT i IIE 11e; S , C ii o., ,, W i holetlal . :
ri...ta fur BrLbtarn Comm V•run,
.10.11 , 1 MLR )01.111
OIIN WATT .51. CO., Wholesale Uroeers,
I.knarsilan .1
iou Morchan..l lkolens l'nualuc , .. ;Lod Slanulurturt, St. IDA Lib•err .trne.t. Pitt*
burgh. Pa.
1 B. CANFIELII, hue .f Warren, Ohio,
wile enr , m , lirLand Forra 4 r6=bAn . la . rl4tiL .
Pearl Ash, We.n Produce generally. Wet, s.creet.
between e.0111.105e1.1 and littshurgh.
(1 e F. VON BONNUORST s. CO., Whole
osts o ter., Vomarding uot Cmma.= Itrrb.
at.. Dealers in Pitt+trurfak Ilanui,turrn ft' "Lt.=
a.. No.'" earner of Front acres Chat.. y Lon,
1.61.13 Ault. NC.,
DICKEY ' Wholesale Oro.
Ctsunia6.2l BearJaants, az.2 Ikakr2 iv Prod.,—
b Wserr, and 107 Frout rtseet. litt,burgh.
NOLISH -i. BENNETT, late English,
Claultwr A C., Whul=4,ll roonmOuramiscion knd
F a rviaditix Ilercbanta, and 1.1,2 . . Iv Produee sa Yl d iltur
burgh Manufacture, No. 1 . 7.1 Nocatel ot. asid 121
twetweeu I%Nal and Smitlf.l.l.
!GILLS 4010 E, 0.
Wholesolo Grocers apd
sseronisssato...M...Lnes s r
iIIOBERT 1100 RE, Wholesale , Gromr,
ilmelltring Distill., tinier In Module. Muhl:rob
onixfortour. and
t o lands of Forrion and Llosioodir
Whier arid Liquors, No. 3I
Liberty otroel Oa bowl ••
ury lame Met of suporttr old llosiondrh-lw Rldolien
which will Do wild low for cosh.
_ ... --
_••-• •• •
WBERT DA i LZELL 4t CO., WholeNalo
fibiugh. •
OBERT A. C1NYit1 , . 4 6.11A31, INAulessie
Groner, Prat...". Voragn
an Curnon Idr•
t. and Dealer Pittsburgh Hur.turer. 1,11
T Pittsburgh - -
.: .. ...... JO= • 0.1.11.
W. 6. W001W•112, INGALIST.
-W. BAGALEY & CO., Wholesale Oro
arm Nom. 13 end 3) 'Fond A.m.. Ptttsbanch.
111 . 41.1.46.
WICK tt. McCANI)LESS, successors to
L. t. d. 0. Wkk Orliolmssle Groom, Perwarll.s
and Oompatadon 31.retuattr...fralers Irua Nails, Glue.
Cotton Yarn+, and eutssarss Manubeturra
corner of Iruoct and Weer gesmo4l4.l.tamt,
• - - -
— Zii - uxrrsomi
• Omens .4 Concomisaut IdurritanG,; in Pro
ick sttut Fit tab urgh 11avafseture4 Artteln., Ina Llb4rty
em, littabarAh ~.-
-re. atm
L• D. WILLIAMS & CO. Wholesale mad
• HALM Family Grocers. YOTWIL:4IIIR sad troccurdssioo
lA.llth sod D..lsms to (MOUT Predate ~.d l'lrGtrursh
Usourtustares. roamer or Vicul'ead firth RA., httabur,h.
tog, armada. urrue dna, tamos.
L LAberty anent, Pittabargh. Wholesal• dyne., !rd.
and 0:01011Miall UlitthASl.6 and d.alsra ?Manama's
.. —LOW. MTV.
& R—ELOtt - , Vi'holeanca - Grocers, Com-
Ig.;,ftrMi ' gr h , 4.114121=N47.1". 'ME=
street& rittobUrgb.
J 30•11,661136....... RN ,111-
OLIN PARKER & CO.,WholessieGrocer, rr
Dula. In Produce, Foroero Wince. I.loLuee, Old If oo
=• scut Itoertifed Whiokcy—f , 6. oouneretal Roe
0.., Plumburch.
41AS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer. COol
-e3Oaton Arri Vorwardlue 6torchsuot, and doetor In lc..
. Lao, Mae., Cotton Yore, and PitUesureh branufecnoic.
conercuOy—No. Or Water st.. ood 76 Vuort 61-, Piltrbutch.
10EIN MELLOIt, Dealer in Diann Ferree,
minee:. and Stasival In m e ra.ko. and
btationery. 1401. ageut for Chlekorine• Piano PcittaV, for
Warrant Yanualyaarda—No.til Wood rt.
pi - ENRY Kilian., Dealer: .41.1-
Sine lasistiaNnits, and imp,tar of Italian Ntryag.
agaat for Nnwea t Clark , grrand and arra. , 1 . ,...aca.
arit). Caleataoto Attarbruret. Ala. Danbaa.
!OLIN WETHERELL, Manufacturer of
PATENT. Kai LI Dia awl Illt AZED 19).X YICO&mr
of Aodwr~u r4...tt1C:;1,7""'"".'-!;Z,`"
King, Pennock & Co.,
ANUFACTURERS of Cotton Yarns,
, A t arvEas - Yon, N yew. CADdle
AgOS.ents Su k r t :At Al.rdllOß AND KEYSTONE SHEET
4,ONES & 41.i00, Manufacturerg or Spring
and 1111 Per etrel, lbough awl, bleed gitoughTugg,
L and Ftliptla Spring, Paramount lroto .4 „ an d
dealer. la grantable Cuban., Virg Cimino Lamb, and
(batch Trimotinag apogean,. earner of lingo and Front am.,
littahurgh.. IL..
ILLINGS, WILSON & CO., blitourno
loran of an gis t .. tact., lads and gi mp wo la
k, cm
Detur, and lining a finishing. rim.. hob o sod
gum twig Don, tarn and lathing dot alom lin• dot and
bd blued , nano. ad. ad
- Office it LIPPANCI)7I A CO.. No. 114, Water at., Pltla
burgh. jet
13.01 . 4 CITY TACK FACTORY. — The rub-
Kalb..ra mannfactunt and atop conatannt no laud all
of Tacks, Drada.and topoomiolni Yiolahlug, Clout, and
ob Pall , . drog Illand Flour Barred add Laltdrog bona
Cowart bodla and Tacks; Ilatrod tialig ()Ttoo. and tiou
glum Nano Pattnin paten' Paintr, Itivootoo. aubroal glum
.Na., ofd, de. CA.III , IIIAL, 010100 a tilt.
• Mucha...fog Watgl . a., Pillatourglo.
eTWNERY, CHILDS fr. CO., Manufactu
rer. of Tory ooporior 44 Bhoo do ':afoot Cb4l.
ill• and latottlec. Palm eO . DIM, l'lt g.
out, Refry A Co. ilanutortonno of Sods Aols. Moot),
, Norden. Ifortatto sad liolphurlo Adds. Warolomon,
N... 3 Watef GIL., nom -
- - -
A. BROWN would mootrosPoetfully inform
the public that be tempi. ha. at]. eland the wort
of the Diamond, Allegheny ell, a ca.*. iwie.t."'
of Venitian blind; also tniitian notion are tondo to order
In the atria. warranted ound WY " it "'
Rat. 11 . Alin. au be removed without the aid of •
vurebund the 'tort ,41e, and woOd
...mat or liammay Di eUand, I aro
pm.: to furnish their old ouslomert. irr lat the rah
tiat j t o. lls. k rtv c.r . , 2=. hi their line.
mcia rittelturatt
J. A. Wilt.
-- . — i TEA DEALERS.. ---
ROBERT MORRIS, Taa and Wine — Mar
c i f .a; dee at Oh. Diamond, Plltaburgb. .
WI. A. MTLURO & .00„ Grocers and
Tim • ' :fa VA LlO•ity street abort. Wasl
aa• a„•• •
.. • torso saanettn•nt of liholo• Oren.,
•• and Nue . • also—rornign Fronts awl Nut.. .134 f.
•1.. r. M.ll . n•al.r. 0rw0r.11.,1 ou ..y , •••••• v.....
•rta HLNGINOS. . •
. jplsoporter itost Dealer in Frond,
um.e..ft Papa assodo,P and Donlon. WWI.
ons.lso, Piro Prints, La Alto—Writog.- Prtntton,
g t yp~spos,No.ll6 Wood Wort, Worm* Pon
stnlrdsonWld alkn'zitaburch.ft. - ,
NI'CORD At. CO., Wholesale and Retail
Slunatturere. and D•lelere In Ilata,Cayked Fur,,
torn., of Woof nod Vint, nterela. Pittehurnh. Where they
Wee *full and oempleer Rork of Mete. Cayes fur, tn_ of
erery enallty end etyle, by Wholesale and In
vite the attention of their emitnalere and putchamer gener
ally. ueurion th em that they null .01..0tt the moat adv..
tnaennet teem•
11 CHESTER, Merchant Tailor and do-
lL.thmr. Nn. 71 Smithli.-1,1 stre.t. Partk-ohlr .urn.
n". P.M to n' nutl Clothing.
Merchant Tailor, 1/raper,
V n.,d, In /74.1, M.& Clothing, I, T , L l hert,
. _
J. Wilson r 4 - 1: Son.
T .
110 LES ALE and retail manufaetu
end dealers in Hate and C. ho. LI
otreet. !LIM dnor .in Alley,
berhh—whert. they otter • hill and
end C. Of th , ir own and FIIACTII niNnufact ni nt ery
quality end style, by , wh,.letWe end h•tall , and invite ite
ath•nti , n .41 heir eu.thninre end the rub!, n,enntic them
that t.,e• On the 111.1 rrim,l3•M+l,lll%.
NANIF,s 11. PARKS, Designer and Wood
• law,vrr, Phan MO, Thinl strvet. over Pn,t ulllO..
third Ft.,. 'nog infoEm• pulthe th.t
. pr, , arral u•na.tent. Mod. ikf " 04,
Eng,' ..rph of Itroldlng, lanri
31,11awr, ',al,. of d.. - s . rninon• ormsnss
Nri••t•ntker Cntuon torsos
and 611 , w 11;14. nr. Term. v. ry
1. , 1. , 14A m :1 t 1 ,, :q;11 !lIM N Lit u ltorllt;
Ott, Nlvna. l' I "'
',/ Lal+la. re.lntectatal and Maelnun
llrayruura. ' llualnena and Card, nuoravatl nt
dravu nn ond prin,l iu (slat, link'. Ilmula,
Mark. In Si,- mast arum., dtvla. and It , . most ma....
Wegner, Bnechner & Itneller's
yr lIE ABOVE FIRM respectfully antunince
.nil tm nubile it•rnnnally. that r ltiny
and Prninssi,dial II
a wns,
iniablinlaninil at N. Mdritid luilironi,
Third an, Vniorth ti
Henry Richardson, Jeweler, •
1.1 iICING
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Voura. h, s 1.. 1,, he.,.h , I e
CIAN, IV II.:SON i CO., Ittii,rl.9, :tak•l
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I OSEI'II JuliNsToN, Pnrcx. ANOCK 6.
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• 5 VA UtillEl, Agetit t, the Inks
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0 14 vt., nnrlthn..l.l.4o_
1 1. 11 LE El_ll a. CO., Trumporter , Ciknal
floret:Auto. 0 I routit
New Maittle and Freeport Stone Works..
L' DMUS D WILKINS, in xd•lttion h.-
rxtr,.•.e j I.tfa , tl atm , ttf
16+ m Lt , 1..4, Mart , 1t ..r
•17 • Ali6l y Nltattztawattat
%,attltat Lam. , thltat.taa. Ntatitt-t.. ate . t.f alartt:r. ettrtatt:
anal Ittmetsta Eta 1" Putt It , . ft , tat. rttetlart amt—ta
vrry du, itte nutt•rtal Itattlat Itaratto ..•.aattoottstatttt Lt. stt•
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atoll, anti ot, 1.4.• I,tateat tttritt.. •t 1 tat. f a tttattltstu
attar 8.1 11, pm! rtott,, tat tttit.t.trf Itt.tral I as trtadtat
Wm. M. IleßnigLt
.:ILL hire G perial atttrztti , ot to thy
C.l'. to • %V be.. Itaau,•te,a. k.•l ‘1
ik t l'llA.l{lll , i it at b.r, Nolll. l E -- Ci!l
i t . : t i t„ o r in e
vicuoLxs Civil E.gine.r.
Przurl[toaa.rh. u.l rrsr...rl A4rUl
of 31.4•1.• tb. Patera ef telatia Dlrn.h %Vikter Kr.rtr. 14411 t. 11114.4 , Us/ I.
tonad 100t . .6.1-14 A. tr..1...1. lase •4014.....A,:il
larburt tte*,.r.robtrat. !snit:4lf
tiONEGGEIt .4 CU., Itop,itter. o f
[llO ,'lnitl - 11 . .e1d otrewl.l4.•
•,...33 eta.
A. SIADEJILA, Agent for Dolawsxe
ILtu.l re.r, Ironarkoo• L00p...42 Wm-f , f,
(.!OiTlig. A 4.11 for Frunklin
71fo. r,rtt, .tortof Woof
W TUN argot.. _ .
be,cmo,l eat.antlally. Rons• to nutotwra. ny bonte
bound carefully, el renoimd 00 10 . Ir , rs ,
Thea;• olin have binding tr. tu ran.•
Steamboat Agency , and Ganda! Commie
eon, Receiving and Forwarding.
& CO., have Oils
day aamocige.l•l l lll l, z 3 Mr..lotat lA4frfoo, and off',
A •er trey iL. ofblit• fi1e.:11.6.4 Agent.. ./roar•J
1,11,,w11.1... Apr 1115. 1 ,4.1. It: I , f fllf.go."
are-o=lly • .
1101.;NTY LANDS—Carr. C 11.15. NArum,
Attf4l-co,y at I•afr. tio.dl. Thir4l roro,nll..rry
47. hannearrat.flo.ota fnr tba ppm., will
Prneurr bough Lands 1 4 r aofds•rt , . thrir
..idolro and childreu. awl will attend ..r Mho, had.
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
1 %1 I). S5lllll is !towTotroil to give
r4lßenal Lrovlu•.
1. "ri:Tiiri,i r r 4 sV:A. ' ": ,
Atkituaaa'a toot balldlun. stn., Wn4 and
Martel atm.. [lours of ataa(ooo. 14. V. to sad
from 6! , j T. W. -
other partbesder. ran ha
144,441 , f eallnia (after... ) . l 11,
Refer, a• lies or 14 Addaum I•='
Rockinghamßockingham and Domestic Queensware.
WOOIIR'AItU. 111,AKI,LY Er. CO., Mao-
orsaor..r. of Lord, nahma and Yellow Cepa Wan,
Rtar Idaturago_. 1.15.
far-eam pin Itaaana rornar Sixth Rod I.lhand .tort..tlluttod Claneb loaddlnd.l entranea ue‘l
V4r calends . . Uorka enal.le or , leda rrampal
A rw131,..11 , beioa ronsdauli
all the I. e. and s iml , rned
of Iles da,
Water rrna. ,daaraam. Pored Tol
vea, taddete. Maui, ornauo nu, alediaino sod
eckud Jam .51 arlal... 00 .... no areal raradlr..
e-adeefaVa 4. • aodadall
Alexauder Wadley,
No. 1:t Wood airrrt, &fawn FifAC 1:14 , e Sro•fi.l p.
f.V THE ii.11.1/EN
AN OF ACTU ItFlt of every ti,•svription
VhvA IN" Knorr.v. .d Ihe IlYnal .hph.ved
h-tn, ann , o-h rem), th , I e.)....061.1 1, 1r
h'l, /V xth...,4 • Well lihth4l
Josell hot., Mil, hr.., X.
I.r.h Ith
yr,. 10111 , Ow stllwulmn .4f.1.0.1,-th
Iloilo. l
an.. W...,h+ .t-10m11 a: which
lb. anent,. n 1 th-oh.). hrhrrr was-el:won.
t./.7 • •
_... . .
Pittsburgh' Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T 1 i E 11 wlersigne.l have jutlt complete," th••it
soml an an tokoufn , tutitig all *ire. pct 'UAI, PIN!.
ermotitto awl rthvr mod all .11s. of
wtiloh thry Misr tor mak st low.. prin... The, tan
now 0,1.71,11. .07 ext,st,ifttl.nut
lat. 'YANG A Go..
No. GI and s. v..•••• qrsot.
1M ::m
BOlivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
SUBSCILIBEICi, baring been ay
-1 pelntrd agenu for thealeore named ronnrn. fll
Meer ronstentl, on halol T el the relebrand Bolivar
l'r lble to.Cla y. ammo. , Ilearthrend I nestle
They are aloo prop, , d to l•Oert • onion. My raid litir•lt,
be mule An Use and •hape h. NO purchuala whlth rhall
• a d o nord. It orgoasayy to enumerate the many ad.
vantages the lloli•ar litre hock p.oerre over al lotherethat
have town (or ..le In the Unit.,! B4tes. their super
rholty being known to a:Nort who •o nee
Orlok The proPrieters her. deterunnod that the
Itrlek Atilt Mee gene nil - their (meow t. enviable roputatlen,
nd that nu a
hen rremes chill rpsmd.U.lnake them even
e.tter then they ha heretofore beer.. Thin le AM. even
egabilshment new martufacturfug Fire Brick at lir:Dear.
Mehl' 9;211011.1g Seventh Kt— Pittsburgh.
W. Dixon's, London Patent Lever Watohes,
Superior to any Macho ewe offered in Prgagolgb
ILICIIAILDSOIi, Si blacker! street. in
Th Ahlt„:".7` f0r„,...,",7,:r.4„..1471eirZtet"""
JUT appointment to the Admiralty, DIXON. (Date
tunneler and IVO/4, blonufortoree, King t001...a, th.e.
cell goer!. Loodrg.
Thin uertlON that the Iteeumpan ring Watch, No. —. It
warranted Ly me to my manut.turs, and no Watch
with my name upou it iv genuine anima arNmpanled by
certificate tgonog
I guarantee the ll'aloh M korp time to the rah
teforteg of the purctuver WM DIXON.
opt*. k
ICLIAlt1) J. C. 110ECKIN11, Itil.nnufactu
rfr hly
! K!... , t t) to re Primiues , . maul De.l•
.1 MINT!. 1 t:1,1:11;11
QADIUEI, IiKOESFN keeps constantly on
kJ ham! frorOl arrortromit of Wu. arol Oath Tohn
non, ereatoboat. Oat Wen, lillehro or Dr.. Buck.;
on :Bowl, Chants, Dry %Ivr.. Zino Cbarty
Wow. Monte. awl all other kinds o r wa r n hi. hon.
Warrroono,./Imonic Pin. gftnret. Pilloburgla. P..
Penn Glass Works.
1. Loll.. (1, Ture. 1110111.431.
I OREN?, &..WIGIITSIAN, (formerly of clic
IA arm or Wm. Mcifolly A. Maoufocturom of all
Mull. of VIALS, MMUS, out WINNOW .11.000, 63
Wator And LS Front street. Pittaboryll, Pa. _
N, IL—Partlcular Moult/on jultl to odd clam of Wald,.
aliws And lotivOk fuouldo for [foal., and 1 lalc.
• C. W. Fein% Professor of Ittusioo,
nEGS leave to inform the citizens of-Pitts
', tem]. sr,t surctsmr, that fm win now .415 M
to Oro lurf,lnwtiOnill eigie f 44l4ol , oelF r i
L. M 4 1. 111 Ludo ELM, No.'lorAinl AIWA, cMo if
the Moil= Harp.
Exchange Livery Stable, and Furnishing
• Office,
No. 17S Pewe'rtreet, near the St Clair llo(el.
The subeeribor,
.!P f! '...:‘'...ri."7.112:!% ' 'er r ...n . :, 12 . tabula haturnt them
that h. her nAnn,thtetil the UNDEILTAKINO buoinepe ht
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chnneminu with LIVERY butnees. had sill attend th
funentle rt••••onnehlr te•rtht ee uny In the eitY• hot'
rhmhtt hthe. , tthh"r •pht.l.2 ad t eh
J Ire{ t.
m AM
eS NurruglVß.
- -
•) wnieh rna..lard Ing eraprise for WO and
1,61. 41. Ina A arwultural Pair+ul Allaahrny l'onnty, Pa
an.l nrnntnen.nd 1.71.441 para.. ah , hate them tvc
4 414 e, ENT eitykist: la .1 /II STOVKS.
,4e.r•cl ) grrat Tanol, (..f patter., beautiful.
I y vaammeled.
A ler, FP••.lc or all the km.l• In me. 11211 . F1 Patent lo-
T•ue ltnerlenn. Nvau, Crane, Kla(altr, 11'ontr7,
Imp. bull.
WI/ lILK 1'1,0,01h
The Shrhignn Doublo Plough
or. Patent Plottith.
II At hor taken the
. pmtrount at ILA Hato Fait, al Ohio
l'oon., Iv rail, \e• Au.l at the Agricultural Palr .
.111.4br0 y t , unty. for WI It hat highly approval
trio.r..vor trir.t. And is ottportnr an mule of oultlvALl.o to
kstol. rutting It, torpor Into two slime, and
o.: • drop. and prr , rt toed lid.e •
Eight A...m.11u! &Alga.. oI orniuminhal lenctns.
J I'nbmt Chlllml 1111114 A 1... 'tolling Mill
C.ting. mule hi tinier.
Anus Kurnm AND cams.
Patent Kettles for Honp, Pot A.h. S.W./Leh. its.
11 . . .
.ir Ihr mniiiCantiiin 01 Canerugs., The .Keene,u • riin thn pncnnin,ll., J C Parry. nii.l. l 'n 1 41-
rlnr uw deirnlnlitito
an, Olin,endn it lower than three
I 12.1.• un ltln Old 1. 1 .0.
114/ - .r ii dnarrirtion. Airy l l ll, and Tin
fur ntArio, and I.n.tlnte Of nnnii
Ift.ll l l Anil 1.. 611,, all or • filth wn ..irorglll.o very towel
.1, C. CAM: CO.
n.4' 1'
TillinghmnVii Premium Churn.
DAT EN'E E I), Juno 19. I t , 49. (1 rent Eeuu
-1 omy In ltm.. undervloa.vivry Wv.7
the vv rbutaz. of 11.1tIftvloun a vav,
nt vrarvhcrum.. vont, of 111111
at. 111, Turn 11••
•vr. vv. nor it Los 1....33
avd it 1..4. the ovolicau at lb.. Fair vf
Alliellrals 111•1.11ut, Nvv. lurk
tt , (KM !MAK VIA . 2
1 1 1 VtI x tLfu s, 1 4 4
f ur Iru L.lesaref pot.liss menet - ally
Met mllls ow.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. IV lIITE d (11). vrottla rti
tik., er• ISIMI•111, me.l are smemsM.l me-eire
1•11,11., (mem lhfif
and It.. • ch, M.I re•nfl.lenl ans
fml.lml .10 .41 like meamehle
lieu.. • antll •rtarie• thett
011,11.5.. If. the eelserdem ecurPrials,
atel Dom. .1 mmsllelen l eseremen. ft, he" . 1 : 0 "
M,satlell unreesnum.. 111, yr, is me [her rrtnv •At Oar
at. ill,. th, put.ll.
Keyessnmr um, is. the I—at feselsre, and me Vas
um. serum _
4 ALL FAS!! lON S.--J uNtrecriv.ogitt,
off,. of Ur, A I.KEI'IL. Fifth on.
fetllwn tqk Thorwlay t!
P.A., of 11:1. t
.til v
Wltufnt trio Mrs, 1,11, MOM
1..1.4 It. un.l.. T0mm2411.....f lan.nagi
om.n f.rmf
Patent Shingles.
sn INoLEs made ~tW alnut, Pine,
tal•ltil 1mt.r . r...1
iirat nr..tstium 1.1 Fa. of Alla
nt x tree
••••• • tar tt•l. tn.n. tint lt.a•lta
sr J, , km.l Mat tr. UOT, if
unt. tna.rniatina• ltnl••l. mil no Vat tailtaatt.
at It . r • •.1 rr.tlrtl.•lli rartl •ata
o e;g.. ES,[11.1!1111, 1:1):11t,IND
otraat. ra
ll.n.un. Pin Vuti T.
Cantra 1.1 hail: L T.4a,
a!a•a. hand ay., wae. lln nada:. th•
Start•lpa, alai at vaa7 r•-illsred
• v•P - 7 4 a A MA. , 11:,,, , Atqf Pr areitr pap
Tua Lrwl
Una Ilarmar Mont Clark Tim., r.r.q. 1
Ju.lrr ilklue 'rota.
.1 Harper,
0. W. Kr, r te,. ArrOltaer.
Jain tkr,ler. earh Kras.llmkera.-
Pittrl.urah haul. agwr Itahru.
J. R. rl....,uhrtkr.,
.. ark
WrlrSp 11X443:z.. I, fw.*ft , ..t• 4rXrl -ht. L., W L
Mrka•bC Erg. Ortolan
T. *
La. Jr-lova I:t...tra • Co rlat.ll.
F. L..ttliqp. tag.. All,lh.ny
•K W fide gia.ll+l G,r M. irri litersl ptrnoaaa r.
daring of iwiro In IL:. rity. had the
IvcM and l*tyotowucrwkiii blicare rip lu tho
41amild • 111 risiir ialliCarttria Gereaflor.
4 1a J.
1 ABINET ruitNiTuitE
N.;,--..",...-77.argn 97 &FNMA etre,.
J. IV N. raxpr , tfullT hlo frixrols an 4
toonerr that h. ha ra , o ...Ptetrd the tart.
ratrfoek of Erpo.hx l4 Sordllora
ILI. ear, as be I. Ortertolomf. otta44 ILe ttslllll with
toxtertalx hext ivrlooonoLlp. awl clot-
Rigor. Nei ferio IL..Stmt of tur or.teri aoxl fzeibto It
‘xoxf o x-tertod..h. tninled m pr0t0n...n.40 fungi.
ton, at Mx lox.. plc.
H. box .1,4,1 14, pritvipto lalxotlf, Loa viol.o.
orx nab h. ow.. 4..11 Pr., kr . ..
1.1.9 r on band Id* .....tx•rxt vest., of r..ry Jr`ro , r4 4 o. of
:rt.. tan ehnront WLJ P 1.... to tit.... xtr
a., sodxxtlr,thot o bon.. or aof part of no, 11.1 ,
forniohe4 Irmo Llo odx.k. xr la stprrxxlf to
Ilethr,Omr an Insportl.. that thy xl•so.
of h..4.l.llrhmont ma, known. ma f,ll , •tox
a part. of 1...t0 e t
:11 , 1 . : and dol.. (1.44. surpo...l an, of tbaXostoro
1' tor, &owing. 41oIng. =4 bed MOM shah., of ,girt
c.,.irtlng of r...dn01. 1.1t5 , d1ay4 walnut.
Elaxbrtie.o. Conserratolte am. Evil . over, in.
tription. 5Xx101,, T.tx-a-txt , sail M.o. of the 4.1
Preurh o ,
wl ...eau
parlor It rstlox lask of various kltr4s: VOurk Tohlre
farwy lint•lc fa Ir an d h01d...m.140
mat t;
r0y..1 and xxio a4x.
Llea,attxuxho tahlex. I.ll.4seadf Imxf 11.1pro.d,
soJ 4.4.,11, IL. 5.5 kind poi.:hall and
rxer. war.ln.hrx Ix.txrxlm rt.1.X..1. of. xeh
lora, xamorttorod in.... Loll aud rxrl,r reredlted eh.ranx
Ana , norx, ebt, Rant,,
Ifir•rxrenx. towol rock, L.l rtarvic ailorlc .hi
el:L.l,w paper morho, able
and Ir. Mo.
ouxhodsoy. and 1111.1 pearl Sable, ic. te.
I tar, ...rtooxrd of I..:anown Pond. onct
.flair.. .Coh.ort /Wane suppin4 • ith •11 ',ilea. in their
elexuatamp .4/fora:4.l. ALortood ootlyo.
All °nit. prxootalr .tencl.4
1, 1 MILE SIAMILE WORKS, (e.tabliabod
1V7., WILK IM Libre,
hew]r c1 , t..1 Pittsbarib , Irmumen, I , urtal
Vann,. Tmntu. Ilrarl•tonvv. tr.; Mantel 1,w., I,nite .04
P.ralvas•ola b. , t. anti made to ord..
Na • ,
The only real New York Plumbing &tab
II}:IIE work is door on Acientitio
V V r 16,611, mull • oarstat4,l
I 1.••• awl .1,••••1.•••lair.. ID all It*
+l,n• •,:th ••••1••••
0t1.4 •11t cduisvro. In 1115
. . - .
I S pth
11 mh Stuart, , u 1
mu. •moleu or mint ........ . lu 01
E mu.
Ilyanno . . - m
Kitrlmn limmeu, Cut Imo. .I‘.ll fra,11.4 Alr
11Pu. f4rumhuMumd Put uPu. lb" IL'S .
~ I
t, P.m,. *rut Yaul Putipm Ilydraulle Ilmler.rourtunl
Iron hum, mu, put up at tar durum,. m
gamvN" n"' gt 11. Viral rt.
butsreeli mut Atarkrt ors
- „
ORKS I 2 doze
.1 , 1" AND
wntriurß I,
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maul an 4 lor sale by
Water 11.plet.
Pry neatnneg of linnthand intrlnode valor. Mei. Yorks
mama surpnwai; and the bm mire al which thug are
uio.t insure [Mil Introtlortion.
W Rl'll NO, nod WRAPPING
PA PlCil.—ribo ',ging 24 by Printing
1. byn2
600 In by 21, 24 by 32. 34 bY'IL
400 • FT tl • e! Pg ., Z„ by lft;:.r.
IWO Nil.. Oinile erre. dlr.. P.p.
• ron '
.s6O It Ilum tint einglA Crown au,
The nn,lervigned kpepo rongnint y on hand gaol Or Fah ,
. 170 . a n Irtr, ( I... r t i ts l .l s ..ll:n l i a l:Ce. a a nd nd ' rx " l l l= • ,:. " 7l:, n n t r, • • • •:
Algo--Pelting of all allele. for paper.mgind4e - turer.
Printing Paton male to order on phort
2.1. MIER.
61,26 cornet of Patin and Irwin ots.
Por Bearer County, and adjardoft Countits
lIMIE SUBSCILIBEIt, Inkling been loeuteAl
for wmo two meadt to lbe Nourishing Ihnough of
Now Brighton, nod ror more than twello years pout
lu too Tidally of the earn, and doting that limo ht. el:
tenth.o has t.. given &honed earluelvelr n , Laud Agtto•
et E. Jael hr
i lgo " leray ot;:eq. o ' rar n th:titt r' re " of ti?Xitu) ' Llit ' rtn ' s (be
put veer, mot keein a Public Registry for entering Tow.
LOU or other real este. lor sale.
Thorn sr. now a number of valuable lots and non nal.
drone in the borough and neighborhood, for nate at low
novo, and }MA 11AVAZITAL•filln.
Titles Owe,. /aridly ...union" Into, and no ,intone
will tie olf.trnl noble the tit , n inLitsputabln
100 ton, d.iroor of porch...lw will do wall to call and
evetnine for thexnelvve. RON,. 1111811 PItAPYUPII r
~,el5 t. • 11.01 Roar* Agent.
Law Notice.
HAVE resumed the Prnetieeof th m e L ,0,, a,
A. I
Any., lnln Vertn. whip. ol3,vou Fourth. ahem. yrnitlplolu
Oa. 11, 11151.-1 nol:d.2vo
mna 11111111. M. COMA.
SMITLEY g COLVIN, Coal hierchanja
and nowt., lei Drr firornried, iron !mod Nr..41
.rner of Walnut atm. Tomtit. Lc.
To Printers.
PRINTING OFFICE, amply supplie4
h ali ham/Karr anaurrlall Ihr dolma • Ord rat.
w 4 Joh Male., to ltd. city.
togellor with ttia urr
expired d the wad..., .out will, rla, henhr 01
tbrad fa Th. laatortals ara all to prod order,
1... My Ow, and sa the oirear. aro ocianaal Othan"..
nem, will ho told wiry moth Wow thew value, oo ater.m •
roodstlart larb.s. The above mamas .0 arehb.g which
ntl l4.l.anecane Vor rartlerdaz. arrlr at 'WWII.. • •
DCALIIIttI IN tzeNANal, COIN, DAN[ N07 21 3,1A
/Iw. 4, N. , :f %.3..k Nrauo , mm..
llotneed Oaheealleeted ea al pette
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the tte•
Meek. INmskt sod sold aoo wassimunt. .147warr
TiIIE silbscriber ban in store and offers at
low prises, a ¢.3.lLeaurtmsnt of Alpaca, Cobeirga,
n gml IlgolVd Mona* do Lain., Poplin, Pr into, !Dan
rli fda.7.oattgllattuale. Tbllwt. Stra4llln, and Wool.
a lung Shaw,/ Linen, Pomo* Handkerchief, 0 ...4
Q•avata. Rat/nett, Caaahnero, elnllt,,' Joan . ,
Brown awl Bleasholl Mu.lin, Drill, ling. Cord Cltarn
b , Pa 4, 14 Canvass, Umbrella, bier and white N 0.4
ll ..
I rA and Silk haee.lttb no. Lamm Tanta
C oth, Won lan Comforts. Move, lioslorY. Thro.tale.•
11 udlnge. lld%ton.le also a largo variety of ,Psalar b. , ...tie , .
1 ~.., reensatfully Invite Ma attention of me rc hants land
enlace. • og/l. . ,C. ARBUTHNOT. On. Wood at
- ' 'TAdies!! Read Thig!!! --
XN TI}F, 'ARFISS, and will eihnrtly he ready,
••TI:It lIANUMAID To THE PIANO: notonthdYnS •
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ata.Je idogganf Mo.. John U. Mellor, Wood otreal.. t d
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Chester's Emporium
EN'S 14.4.11, embracing every artiele
fnr igen ouldt. embracing
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Ikrre s,llt-..4i0r• frow94 pmcgaild, tti r tnlf.
furniAb with rotopietn .4.1t131.. tho ober..l wain.
IWO mats Boys' Clothing nn h•nd. 11.•' Ntiirts.
Worn, Stnzpendera, lionditerrahlfp, AMR. Gaitma.ttockm.
Cap*. le ., An. IV. Find, t,,
n0r . 13 , • Ti emit heahl .trust. row Diaszonnl
VIiNWATCITES, of [llo.l 4 l'om, Eng-6
it' it Pari and , l n.,•
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Kir" toyer Wei+, $l3 00 M
hol ,eytinder - .. to :tn
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1, W. 11 w IltEtilN.
rt X 1 117 Market /1. rorn, of Fr•ttrlb
Fall and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
A:'MASON h Cn. wnold matt resper.t.
• roar ..1.11 ut...011.1011 of tho !KIM, 00a4 , y011,
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whirl. Will to. loon] larcor than any thoy over
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140 00. 04. Pronott
IV. moo" 11 htto 4..00 144 4 ,. 443 44.0 a o n a o y, ‘
I , l4yrtsoa " 1,0 w. p Sheetinc. +o .an.. /1141 Lt.., •
4. !tattoo., rattorto ILmn.tkithhon,
1440 " 14440 t coakeelolloo. nrlonol,oarh Flow , r,
:.!! a Coaololoroo, la.. 000 tot, fancy Oils.
N. 17 000 AS. •
DIGBY bogs to inform bit. friend 4
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varlet, ao.l el• 111 PAt , rn. t•I
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C.r.trarturs. Conntr, M.r,l-.•rafit..ll,l trt, rumba. ,
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flat nmets their A•slefttfific• t.•
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Copley's Fire Brick.
I COPLEY t CO., near Kat-Inning, have
J C. Om ,lur• Ct.? Oar. a, li,-
annatataret• .ml Mar r a 14•11111 Kit aI o
Warol rltert, Jr, ••• . 4. 131• lot 1 1, nomad arlicl•
THE SU - BSC:MISER. hartne taken the o,.re
NO K 2 FrArleTll rtntr .oruyowd by
r. P' st rrhtto.ll , .•
inn op.-p. rw My 1.4 .1•, •,:h'.
it4Sel'. NOVIIN I N.. a HIRING Ft . itNl+llllNii
teowttwe Irith • ...A of TRIMIII.I'II, priiNtsu
1N0,.,044A, sa nneTM4, phe helvt.4.••• .11 by lb. ••ll
..Pro and•Pllnhlu-ta
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11..Astsur 141114 A %I.10:11; (It.
Smitii's Patent Self-ActingHinge &Spring.
pritr. nttentiori of Curpentorp. and Builders
I 4 r...tho 144 I. tit.tootottel4,lll4l4 I. { , 4,4144u1,4.41144
Otto oollotttifto eton f.\ov. 1,4 .5..• nth, ea... 7.
• A. , •101 ,, ••••1 0, .1 ttan •4 4 ,44. .44.1
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war, %t 1 • opntlff 111 lb. tr, It It •
lb. 144 .arbt.....l.prlna In.
oats door lnw.l. aria lAA, awn., gtro .1 It ...nor tar" [loran. n, lin r.l. to
ont of r.twtr. ver, •oPhnd• lrnd Pwrrharlr
.144.1 err re, 1,.11ng, bar,nl..,
A lam. oapply Alm from how Vnrlt. a/An. •
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vrwrn 00 appliroar..n . lull:, A 111,0 , 1 KI:
An.etton, I.l.nt U ror
Pst. ' 7ri
b. rn
Fresh Teas at Reduced Prices!
TOW being received. and on liand,r , Thti
1 nlitillet7E l i t .t . TA ZriTarVt.7.l}.7 of Wight ....the recynt mnsrts.. lA. es, 11.1
•• .11 it fully '.IJ pwr vont I , el, • our i•tro.r
Vain Ts. sl.2,:hilpet
ter, tsar Itroaafast Tea at .4 us ILL. .
We Pave lit. atm,. In the colons] r. yolt and Ind(
Await. aval alai small, gnat lan in fla 1
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an ler finaiit no. VI II A IleCl.Llaa A 01.,
atoll T.. 1..1.m
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I RON will
reee.ived in exchange (with u
.4 ru.n.,l P., Mil
in Lb. Alrlh ..t: Lb Wt. 4
Nem Dress Silks.
lIVE have just reed a variety of ettvlem new
• fan, 1,...•• leet.lni • frle patent. •dry
rtrb Brc•-•an
AI.. plain and flay md 111. k slr. lb. lett, of now
Ala, Plaid Vnricit • worry •rlazln and , ar - T
1111.1rIbl• pew,. fur thn. wronn
Together with all i5,11,14 , ..1. of tlollea Orren.
paler ahaLli.o of SIC.. Monro do LeAne,
Yroneh Morino., of rholn. drab ,owl
Mantilla %nine., to-• .1. 1. flrorl.• luua StirmlA
Wool*, ....srtr. Von. 1111.10. n, Ar.
•••14 Northeast enr. Wea l th a nd tilart•t oLs.
_- - .
MI Cone. )Inrorsn'a IVArnt hlorcon ,
h:erve aud I...dment, •
vorlen.l .....nrunoht of Prue.. Shollrho.., Ityr .
null., I voodoo.. heria.n.Areo. In., Ac, • 11..feeole ood
ot th• el•-r, • t JAhlIdA Ott if UVAII.I,
.111 No. 9.‘ Wm.! l'ltrxhitroh.
Kimball's Chemical Washing Fltud.
THIS FLUID io 1110 suporior any othor
Omr. hood, erernflor, A tn it.O.
A It wool.. hnt •
to NOW,- any. Aimh•re •
doubt 01 at. rower. Io rrtnorstnr dirt or arts,. Man rho/.
tog. It will too. In tor troy In.lur•An. fabriro.
neenntlnot to Oho dlrvetints, lu•not he hod hr lb.
•••11,A, or in iolltirkli in colt much/worm, V. 1,0••••
to, IN , Plus.l rt. bare • bolt]. fto• of -horn, at thr
Drug Morn nf Y. N.111CKE111,114141.
no:1 rornrr of Hood bud blvitlogb.
NE1001)S1--A. A:' - hlAtioN &
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No.. 41,:and 04 kfarlirt Ana., an now orrning and
tvr..iring AK, .444 a notirOv hew Ilona., ounpru
I t sa \, ' .: a lr len 74 It l r:t ko t r •
V i ' r, ; 1(R r
61 tu,:p .l e r;Tol4 u ec le ;
I g m bud or ar enhroldnrirs v uh ealleon d
I.IIOUSSEL . B AMANDINF:, for the (lure
IL sod Prevoution of Mann. Ilso lo—Tho eery .1
Ii tunre pal. ad Om Asubudine, during th. lad thirt.on
h col I whi 1 i
Irl:ll , ; l l r ;o ' tinu * itl ' ty l . b bn .l 3 l ll4fsC:roiti lir ' : its 11 ' 4i ;
thrt it PM, without elaggbration. robbnl.l.
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Ala. with whirh many Sr. afilieldt during thb
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00111 It. it li0LLF:1111, to 7 14.1 It
kJ Alarm Clock, I
mono. Dlantol iatocatc. Totlot (II
taw Pctent I
Vicuroc.,ltl Pain:Mo ,
0.. MAW
Coto. is • , 11, ill,
tin N, Port Dl.OnDale..
Fruit Ktlvo, Chios Vwn,
Ihinn.a. (lent.' Drum Inn Caren.
Mnteh.n. Parinn Marble.
eh IlLit.dx, Card C.+,. Nthor
I ell Alt lotON, M Ilarket et.
!:. Sundries.
00 hits clouts T. U. Imp., 6 las 11.akerk. Yultis:
and U. P. Tow; ' . 3 has 11.1 , 4 Flour,
01 chaste Uolung and Chu 10 Lae Naleratau
lan Iva;lsinglass,
00 lur Ilronn and Blank din 'AI Imp Mar Cand len
10 olds N. O. Susar; 10 has 51 do;
".6) 1,1,1. loaf and erualowl 10 has Nn 1 Chnenlaln:
flWnar: 6 ban Cnnsa and Ilrenug
IP tuts mould Toluaons, 6 Na. Allioan Was,.
M3l Havana and Cabs 6 has Long Island Must . .l,
Iliann. 11.0 ark. Na., dalre Salt;
05 bail Ili° Coffee: NI las Clothes Nola
2.5 has Laguayta; . 1 ...a !ladder)
:al has lid Cot Java; 1 ratan Indlim
al Use Itosln Ncul, 10 rel. Vols)lx
I. has Castile do; 11. Lida 1401 A 3 Mackerel;
6 Lis Pala) A Almond dn. Ni Lads N I) AN II Cols.)
5 by liabblll's Snap Irlc 00 kg, tiround Spin,
' I! to;. ' : Cola kI . V =I3 i .. " ?to Tr Corn d'
' lc '''
Ales, Nails, uluts , u hits Land, Colton Vern, wholesale
and Weal, A 1 J. 11. WILLIA)IN 4 Cc.
ni.l 2 Norlkuntat ntirner Rod and 1 / 1 11 1. at.,
. .
Ina. a. r.. 1.111•: ...... ... ..... ......._... ..... —aa, I lIIIITNETIL
English & Bennett
VI HOLES ALE 0 ROC E RS, Com m isHina
V Merehenta nnd Medan. In Produce end llttabersh
ilsneactom.—tio./T.Oleand n 4 and 151 Vine botemn
Wood acid MalthOold Oro., Plttabuoch. Pa-, hare on band
sod will melee Lb. followlne sbMb arr. 5 ) 1
ngle lo w mt. marked oaten—,
I bosom man'f'd Tobacco, 330 Lanolin, Cope.
150 Va. lra Aln lump. 140 pt.. Young Droop Tron
5A Aro U teat Toneuro, —" • 1311, Imp.* CEP..
50 Ammo lino eel chewing do p 0 bbl. N. O. Sugar.
103 . tot A dm. mooting MM bbl. N.O. flotsam;
LO AI Half Aperdah 00 It.II.
30'. Principe 100 Itros Nall., sealed Am;
45 8 .10 boom snlo A 10.18 Olsaa,
100 Onlanmn " 10.000 IM Salmon; •
al mat Almond.. P 1brt..2000 - • Ombro Madder,
Walton. Cream net. 20 omen Alum
snd ()round nuts, cernona ,
50 ') bozo. neck Candy. 'BOO Nam Dmln nona
ear. Tomb laraup, •to • Amor
Idoutd o Dip mrike
luo tbt.
Irk/ boss IU. a. Karla; ealb. ma
ro thmabal llama
Orousd Spines, • I 0 and qt.
bosnlttle topers.. CLAD;
bags White IMO eamsr.entton Yen A slnmo
2, bowie Llama . 11 1 mainknrui I.lerlealMrdla
)22 141,1
WIt t KINS & 'CO.
rrensinott. Don. 9;'-D.SI
LORROI. , R. : : antas99.
[lotted Bute. teo If 7 .iii — !lnt-Jaek July
1023,,1. tat . Feel kn.
..... Apo looy lk .IDt.Jao k July
IDMn s'l ... —lOO 06 e Int. Fol.? *OO
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uel u 5 du
Dn.coup 104 do
I . atolutruk city lop yo 6i Int.Jrvk July
Dn.' coup P1u1... lOU t, do
Allo Loth
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Bonk ot, u or 4,,
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Vachon,... all. In •
Allpghnny Pannier ......
klountugettkla' 2, 24 194 1199 4 lit rt
Clalr et. ➢ ..... -• Inv uly 101 l
Hand et. 1.7111, ' ht , 4R ';i77
Northrrn Li.lbor°. 1,0 30
InFursorr 1 4 41 Rov - 511 tY
C 11.4 0. luAur..oce
, , DrO
to mar. ¢ •60 4. , 44 Di 1.4 1 7 . -21 Llftt
It-iLoulvville N.. 47 47„..: dv
Ilrip WI 11 ...
314104 laturseSe-.-
, 4 .11 ht. . •
PIttabul4 . 6001.11111:1-......1 6.0 ,
'Dr • Div.. 1.4, tev're
. 91 ....A..r. 44 AO
o.utral Rail PtouP .42
Ohio d Peoria.
it 111.....1 u al Ij JD
ly.ll- (Min K P
ali ost.: . A W.11.11..11.11 (jr ;
Sir,trth. Wl4l,,kir, joy jun?, Div De< 4 rrct
V.votte '
Nri.On.4l Ltd, lu) )7, ... •
Tonto. errek 2 „, 2 ,
Perr)vv.oo 01, M 27. h 04%
Turi4.l... Rd..., 6,
arna I
........ 100 3to .
PM...hunch S ••• ..• 145 , 111, 1040.
Am•rtran !O !Intl
North II • ll,
11011 ell, ........... 1. 4
Kurk‘a • .7
A 1.1. 1,4•1 ..•
Lkkazlknk ...'
N. HOLMES At pIINS, Bankers.
SL. 5 grid .1. Lt.,, Mara and alaarthrh.P;4o.,..h.
110,0. Lt'ONI A. , Dranof at .14amtlion . - 1
0.14.1,•,4 -par. ftrar,E Worattxr--.--.da
g00f.... Iran% of 4r. . par ittarott at X. 111.- •
11. r. sod !dab elf du --pa/Bruno!, at
Llault of{COMEtnaP . C.. --pax City m
I:om:tad .....An
Itutk r.lN•oth pay (.11mInorthal lik,lloalomatt do
11.nt ofXurtdan lat.artleapar.loroutho 'taut.
1 11 . , t.p.',I.sfurett• - ....
Pal!r/hin lwr. In.. t Tr.t ak, a t ,
I.l‘ n(tha ticaug Plata. I/IN...Wm llowary. Houk- —do
lintien.roiai Hank .4 hunk
Flortooror Slacharsto, Ilk par F.mall
k... .....pa5. Ntl4 ttiIILANI,
H.....1.t0n Dont. . . .. par Hank.. _..-.-... I
. . .
Bank part N kWVC
ita.c.ozzar.' Pant • .-. • . WIN.. lark ay.
11..1a.nenrIng Ranh -,pat..lancrj .
Phila.lrlph, Bank . par, NaItILAND
.•. ,
1 1 / 4 .utlywrit pax .....
ryst . .....
We•Crro . par JKIISII:Y • ILAI , I /41:6.
Hank ofClatut...r.t.orgh.. I All .eilttpt I
Hank 41214.4er I.: , 4tAktr..l4At Vll 1411%1A.
Alan a Lentil PL. par tittik ord.. I ....
l<sat. ChroAtet .I4Ar lit orr LllcAmottd
pant r.I li.notettown
.114.1 i h I Hank°,
Rank a 1 4.u4 0.1 N1.r14 Bank
Kant nl 41 , 341 , 40.14.. 1 Nt,rtb flank—. .
Alluntqc.l4,4 . ........
Ilaut Norttuml..nstripar NU14711 CA I:111.114
et liant I , l4ault of C.A... Year ..
Colorth.• I, 11,11,(14par,l114 of et. of - N. 2! Ilk, Ii
1 1i0n...
P.a.,. 41.n.bsts4 . Newlart,
En. 114tik ruI.7IICAIaiI.INA.
_... . . .
Itattn.r. Litt at Kurt. Cr. par Ilk ul lb. St. of .3 Kat. ,•3• S
Part-wry , 11l, P.ri Ilan a-1 3outt. t•nrmilt.... •.•
Ytantart•lt.nlypril.adin t : parl.ant 01 k 'harttlotoa--.-._ 2
Yam 111.,.11..r.., tc.11,. Imrll . l^nlA-1, A kt,....h..k.• 2,.. 2
Yatt 1 Pot. Al tlt ...a1.., . II ttr...K:JIA. ,
Entnl.ltn I' 't ;41 ... t.,,,,t patiA.nat• I u... 1 flanking ea
ligar...ttut, bang . I liana nt An loata-.
llot aisle. Rana...... . t•ltt of ttrona,rk 1 ocustgl
T AN NIK.;i:K.
Lanratd,t ttounty Kant -..p i tir All at•lanit Itani___ .... ._. 3
tobannn Husk KENTUCK Y. I
SLII.n.' !task of Pots. , Ill a IILe4 K ont.trity. Lents, ill. I 1
Mtmtrugaho-la 1,04 . . t..., Ilk .11 I.3elfftillr. That-num • ,
Weal branch familt- ..... 1:N..6,n Ilk ot K.nettelv '
Wl, ins 1a.% illastarnfpar itto.uthorat ilk of ft.ittnritY •
cork but. SI istou iti. i
Rolla( Nit - - - tata--... ..... lifi::Ntattt a Mtn.,..4,a.,1 I
4111.3. - j1.4.,1K(118.
..3rKol Mast atal bailteltalL-1,3"
Etyneh at, ..tatt............t.. 4.1: utk a 111,539 . .._......__.6
Ittatub al U11a.... ..... A., lt 130INKIN.
tkranch at KrUlantutrt.. .. dailhultm A Dir.. Ini. Co. eht.ll
Brunet at Ctilltrollt..-- ..4o MACIIItIA.N.
Itrantit at L./ .....1.. Farmer. Machanki Kant I
trandt .t T.4.‘ln. ..... ...... dn Utry.rnlnant ttt.vk Basa-.... 3
litramat at Itt,tx.s. ..d.,Proltuallar !lank ...----... 3 at Iriansra........ dn•loattractenetmaystay ..... -... 3
Itrattat at Cr.turtbna dtt•t, Ilan! __. . ..
Kraurh at trittatrum.-.... do -A N ALA.
Itt hurt) at Palgtu .. .... d•lt 4 t‘l • • I A
••••• • - t• -- -
.. _ .. ..__ . . .
... -..
Itran , h at 11.41.14. .., Lln Han.. I :t,.. 1,...,4..1%4-.1.6
Itrangb at Ittnloa
Branch at lineinnat...... JniLank of I.-
hanch atC.tunao.. ~I.E EAta;itl EIIIAMIX.
litaarb WA astanglo .A... 4tart.lo San lure N . T.ltl)... ...... 4
Ur....,4 .4 ~.`,11„.. ... . ..1,,,,.. 1'1,11.11.1E4a5. Jct.-. . --la
Branch at.Lanmater.. .I It Inallnanrs. tin. _ . _..t,.
Emu:what etatata•u•alla ... 40, I% KtaTti.ltN Ii3.1,1110:131t.
Itrancb at 111 a ...fth aa._ _4o,'Llannnati 'n
Elnan.-A at taa , nartt anilaanalil....... %
Branca, at 111 na.... Init.l lonia... ...... . ..... , ....1,
Etrarn.A at i7ringf nlal 1a.1tEtr1....1:: Ata b2tltittllt t /1!...C.E.
atraraq, at ,aring:
', or , ~ N(.,.,„,_ . ,I„,la.attlnaut. npantab ......IKOO -
Crattall at Troy4l do Paartta ..... -..1 , ..1at
1/rm.+ at NI t { alct Eaate. .Id . .10.03
Itratxtt at Zaatacila........tin E.aate. new 17.50
Itrattat at ore:aalt .tao,Freletaltnra....-. - .. 7..
Praorh at Pat., ....jalT ar
aat Iltalora , ... ..... 7.ato
thwelt at Pattanotallt......dott
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Imt-tet am,- ''..4.
Manch at aatt. 4nlia.
I:mat+ tat littera... .. .. ttatTeatittiat w era..
Brandt at t.:Atlllmtbe...-. dal Nam - team.
ttratat.l% at euvaltaaa do, Curets
Brant+ at Tt.t.ttn.. .I.t.
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run .tands rorre,t. to the 1e..,
aNTYIIOI-14 111.-duburg.V.handkr,Dura. Phlll.l44plaln.
New Varl., had, ro. e.utr. and N..rlbern parn of N. York,
Dalawar., and lb. 413 Nan England 2.ladga
Tbs. Ilralab ~,,, • Loa., Cana.l3, No,. Santis. and
New ru ar
nsva..d..l.• trnr... at `a Y., 1.1131/ NA
Ynana E.graaa— Ity Illnanille and lenllalaratruig.
Erndlonl. ligzabna. Ventre,
Juni.LS %liENn. McKean, Pottar, Port,
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Waal street, satJ J. N. Tairuoma. Market strewt., rata.
burgh havZ":ll
'United States Patent Office,
Mortara 4, leLl.
kN the petition of ' Jesse limy, of Wilming-
Ni ton, Delaware, praying for the... melon of a palont
granted to hint for an Improvement In the arrengententuf
gearing her drielng for *even yeags front the
explrellen of mid patent, whkh takes place on the oath
they of February. A. Li 18%1.
It le °Neml that the mild petition bo heard at tbe Pst
ent °dine on Thurnlay, the tab of February. 1452, at 11.
&clock. If.; and all permeate are togged mu appear and show
rant*. if any they bane. why said petttion ought not babe
Pam.. oPtineing the extension are erg tared to Elle in the
Patent "elm their obortione. aridriticolil owl forth in wit
ting. al leiket twenty date before the day of hearing: all
testironnt filed by either party to he needot the heating,
mind to taken and tranunltied In ...ord.= with the
ruler of the offlrek whieh .111 to Parnteliod OP n.pplkaUnn.
()em', algi. that thie ladies to publlehol In the Nei
D N onal Intelligente', Republic, and Union. of Warbluilita.
DC.; gapers, New York; Pnwideuen Journal. Provklenba,
Ithede loland,_• Daily Advertiser, Breton. Marsatliu.thg
1 . ..n0d-11..1a I nonlrer,Philielelpbh, Penneylkanlig Pitts-
burgh liaaelte. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. and lb, Jour
nal, Wilmington, Delaware. once a week fur theerdknm" -
Aye weeks melons to tide fifth day of Vebruaty no t.
Ronnulanlonyr nf Paten
Copper Stock. \
'lOO share* Attune/iota Mining Onnuiany• \
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ExchangeEtwnk. -
AFEW SHARES of this Stock wanted by
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TeillkEsE-100 boxes W. R., for gale by
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voLum:E.•LXV--..-NUMER'.,IOS ,
PIT'FSBURGH GAZETTE. - is of political existence, the datinatlon of ;which
-- ---- - - - no only to exist for yourself exelasively, hat ,,,
man fondle
IC 08 8 11 - VII'B'I:MEAT BP ItE \ CH. 'irf e ., 114
ti t o,O 4B , l V l ST e i M ng ber fh: r n t.b gb e r g t4 ail " Cl U ainliMhiCh '
HIS MANIFESTO TO THE PEOPLE OF HE are due from that famil y W e ar " every one o f
• its full grown members, but also gngsged to et
i-ll'llq.P.D' STATES. cry duty which , that great family lies the right
-_, to claim from every one of its full grown mem-
nation may he in the situation, either by a
OaThursday evening teat, the Municipal Din- eqmparative weakness, or by choice and policy,
nor of the city of New York, to the Illustrious aaVegesei and China, or by bath these cm:dine.
Governor of Hungary took place. Every prep- an Parson, tuadegDr. Fraacia, CO live it life so
aention had been made, to make it the mo s t elude f rom the world, indifferaws to the dem
i trines mankind, in which it ea; tot or will not
magnificent banquet which ever took place.-
have an abase ; but then it must also be' pre
lim boner Mayor EINGstAND, presided. A Peet 'fared to ecome also excluded Inns the benefits
number of distingtushed gentlemen, from van- of progre civilisation, and national inter
-0114 pane of thacountry, were presents& invited mine- Su a nation may well :my, "I don't
guests!, and letters were read from Mr. Webster, care about th fate of whatever other nations in
the world."
Mr. Clay, Mr Can, and numerous other official
d number of clergy,But I tam suresno citizen' of the United States
ignitaries of the [sod A
has, or ever will line, the with to see this coon- ''-'
men were also pneent try degraded to the rotting vegetation of Pars
, After the gneete were seated, Mayor limos gray, or the mummy existence of Japan or Chi
'tsan and Gov Kosstrrn s entered the room - na l The feeling of eelf-dignity, and the ex
pensive qua li ty of tbseenterprizing spirit, which
After the storm of npplause that followed their
are congenial to freemen, 'paid revolt againit '
entrance had partly enbeided, Ald..Enew for- the very idea of such a degrading national cap
molly Introduced to the company the City's tivity, But, if (here wereuven a will to live
Guest, i.or is Koscren, Governor of Hungary. each a mummy life, there were no Feasibility to
A remand of applause followed this•hatroduction, do so..
whieh being stilled Rev. Dr . Rittman offered The very existence of your groat cotustry, the ', r
principles upois whirl it je fouted, its geO•
up the followiogPayer . graphical position, its present state of civilize-
Almighty -end bountiful Weer oLallgeod, we Hon, and all its moral and maker - MI interests,
look to Thee for thy Messing upon these rifts of would teedifsTeec'PeoPle net oatiffee ceeletete • ''
thine hand, and upon this occasion of our hap- but incessantly more and more to deveope your -
py meeting. We bless Thee for our conntry• intention/is with the woad- \
We bleat Thee for the plenty which thou didst Theo, of course, tieing in ao many respects
shower upon it We ble 49 thee for opr liberties. linked to the world, you can have 'neither th e
and, above all, we biers thee for the knowledge all. nor he to the position to imunin indifferent
of Thyself, through Jesus Chrtet thy H en , b y to the condition of that ont,warl.worlti you Ire
which our plenty ie made a biasing, and our Ilk. in et 3 many respects connected „with.. And
erty secured through the intelligence of our peo- Yeti cannot remain indiffcrinf.eo you ninets,
pie.We earnestly pray Theo, fi tied, the de- feel resolved to put your own self-coosisteut , '
fender of the helpless, and the liberator of those weight into that balance in which the fate ant. \
who a g o h atte d , that thou „tm.& extend like condition of the world is weighed. , -- ."- - 1,,,,,,,
ble.pings throughout all lends--everywhere break In a worth ‘ the glorious Republic of the Unia-t•al,.. •
the might of the tyrant, and let those who are red States molt feel resolved tope a - point on • ::::,•-°
oppressed go free. Prepare the nation', 0 God, earth-a power \ turiong the nations; or elm it- sZ-'' •
to receive this great gat from thine band, which self will be damned to contitinal decoy, and
we know from thy Holy Word it is Thy blessed soon cease to be great, glorious and free.
porpoite to Win+. And now, 0 God, we would You are a poier on earth. Yon post be a ,
thank Thee, that Thou wonldst from among the power ou earth. Sti„ of 'coarse, you must sive .
children of men raise up toose•whoin Thou, by unhesitatingly accepeall the naturalminscquen- , .
Th . ) Providence, wouldst make and firlosPhe ces of this situation . \ou cannot allow that -
lights and examples and deliverers to the world. any power whatever , shoolddiepose of the fate -;;--
!Ye thank Thee for him Thy servant, who ie of that great family of tinkulititrof - which yon
present with us at this time, and we pray Thee are such a prominent mviberi':or else you ' - "
that thou wields' guide him, and direct Inai, end would resign your proud Mein."' sad resign
percerve him, and strengthen him for the great year suit prouder future, an \be p ironer on
destiny to which we trust that Thou hut called earth no mote.
hint We thank 'I bee that we are permitted to Thus, I hope, I have sufficient shows:l,o'ot,
weactime Lon, and we hope . the testimony of Clue "'mid coon that do ct r i ne o f " m k' tater f e m nee
have been established by the founders of your
united nation may go up unto Thee, and through-
Republic, flint which would hare been verycon. ,••••• ,
out all the world, against all the orneloes of ty.
nay, and against all the consequences of bond. Yemeni to your infancy, would not. tonvezii- -
age We ask, these Mere/nes for Christ's sake, cot to y our aisnhend * • st
Amen. It is a beautiful word of Montesquieu t at re- ••• '
The company then tuned !nit. !tenon rib
attention to ice are to he founded on virtue Anil ro
. know ni that tartue,_rse sanctioned by ou r' you
Christlan .7.'
- relipan, is but the effective coercive of e. prin- 7,
ple-"Then shalt do to other, no thou desiresfi VI
others to do to thee " So, Inm confident, tha
it were sufficient for me to rely eimply-for th
decision of the question I hare the honor now to 5 ,...i .
treat-upon the Virtuous feelings of your gen
erous republican hearts, and the cal:Hostel:lcy of
prmciples.,- But All rbe g leave to Melatioll9.llo . ,
in materiel respects. mottle essential ditferetten - ''.. ;
between_your present euwittion and that of -
• \
' ..,. • . '''t
Then your infant Republic, composed of thir- ' ....c• •
teen states, was restricted to the,bordets of the ,
Athletic, ,Now your giant Republic sprawls to •' '' •
the Geilf of Mexico, the Peelle; and your terri- ' s'r ,
tory is .world Your right" hand= reaches En- -. '
rope over,the waves, while Your left band reach- - -
es over ther,Pecific, the East of Asia; and then
in the midst of two great continents, there you -•
stsw3;.in proud Immensity, a world yonelf! ,
Than you were a *mall people of three and s
half millions. Now you are a mighty , tuition of
twenty four millions.. And more than nineteen
millions .ant of these twenty four are see' -
over yonder immense territory, the ticket
world, employed'in the cultivation of tht
that honorable occupation, which in eve!
has proved to be the most inexhanialb
„toostiontallay . iegaouree of pobliewelfare,
prorate hapeonesa-as also the most =we
ally of the love of freedom, the mast I
preserver of all those straight, noble ant
onus tentiments which the •eonctant s
lion with ever-young, ever-great, ever-bc
't,Nature imports to man. Add to this eon.
on, that this immense agricultural int .
\ whitch, deriving large markets and affordit
the, same time a most solid basis, ale
yam\ manufacturing industry, and to
co‘merce, has developed in each an in
propertion, makes each a boundless dill
between the infant Republic of the time of
ingtonksud your present giant Republic
though you may very well be attached to
original constitutional principles, because
butof liberty tire everlastingly th e ,
but in respect to the exigencies of your
it's imposathlo, not to feel that,,if you at
replated in your policy by interest, thee
country has other interests to-day than'
\ then t and if e'er yen ore to be mutat
your policy by the higher consideration a
ciples, then you are alreatltstrong mum
fee`that the time has come to do ea \
And I, clouding here before you to p 1
cause\ tif oppressed humanity,-I resolet
clan that there may perhaps never nail
a timewhen the elevation of your pellet
high level \ of principles identified with
could provoither more glorious to you, 1
beneficial t humanity; because we in
are uppearneGy on the eve of that da:
either the hopeat or the fears of oppreis
Lions will be crashed for along time.
Having 'Hated \ o far the difference of:.--
ation, I beg leave ow to state that It is entire
ly an unfounded ant posßien, that e, the doctrine,
it l,
of non-interference ut foreign matters had ben .
to 'the people of the \United SAMtrg, by your . .
greet Washiuglott, bequeathed to he n conmitut • -
uonal principle to you. \
No' that is not the ease \ I
\ Firstly. Weshitiston never even recommealtst ea
enceinteeftrence, of indifference, to the. fele of i
nine nation, to you, Hu Imannly recommend- t
ed neutrality, nod there it a el:tights difference • t
between then Ivo ideas. - \
Nearahty is an idea 'whittles." reference to ' i ,
a state ht war Inetween two belligerent powers, '. ;I! -
and it la ' this case which' Vesbiligton contra-. 1 ,
iplated wisest he, la his Fasewall_Addreoe, ed. !,
I's - lewd the people °lathe Unit S tates not to en- e q , a . • 3
ter tato entangling '/Hliancee. Let quarrelling Ni,s, ":4 - "'
payers, let quarrelling nation own: Ins vet - ..• "Ir s t •
lades your ownmoncerns, and lee foreign prne; '. t ;'.... .1 ..gunnel\ about etobitionntoples, oescanty, par- . ''''-, t F...
, -riw, , .-- -•,,. , Neutral" - • l'iii. - of cog- t-, •
40SO state ' ', -i \
,lbelptinciples ' I \
trarj-FCreez" ~,.i
to dispose •' '
drelity said \
ferent ideas • \
Tenet mat: \ ''
stiots to dire. .
9, tO • gherige a
and, there- `v ` ; '
tee of el \ \ ,
.....1 . ,N
'i.„ \\
Ohm to d - \ 1 '' \
' , Ha ljnit ' . \
i a common • '44 1
wont: law . \ c
rot 'tad. \ ,
iecaul,e the -‘ I \
lie, as?so \ I
s testa •on \ ••t.
tik. If t• at ;..n
mimeo pu, , I a ' :".•
nadapenden \ I •
' niht. but ' \ ;
matter of fact, n 0.... __,,, be k object ,
_ . .7.- \ ' 1
-- v
to Whatever!time, to whatever chan ces of ewer S-5 ' ....74\
sad of "joining. \ 1
And where i the citizen of the United Sues I•Z4 tes ''.• \ ,-
.. ,
who would not el revolted at the ideck‘tffat the
existence of this at republic is not 2\ raghte‘ t l, \
r.s iori
, __. •
• '
out, nor a lawful e, bat only a- mere sec dent, '
.omere matter of fer \ •,' \ \ '•• \
If it were so, y u were mat entitled te ih• t r \
' -
vote the protection o God for year great court s •
try, becauee the fitotet "on of God cannot, wlth , \ s.
out escrilege, be utvoked, but in behalf of juk \
tine and eight- You had'uo right tit look Co tb\ i \
sympathy of mankind for isurself, fie s canse yen \
•,„ 4 \
e • -
would prefers an abrogation \ of the labs of ha- l
maaity, upon which is , found your nen lode- \\
'', l \ \ i
pendent, 701 , 0WD existent. ' \ \ \ \0 \
1 • \ ,
Now, gm:airmen, if these be aciplee ofcom-, . •
men law--of that law which lute IttYkL to , \ \\:
all, alts to every nation of Annsanly-if the fa-. \ . \
~,i, ` • " --,...
may to dispose of itaelf is , th e coWmock lawful , s -c -,,, .
righter every nation-theo the Interference with \ ,\ ;
, this common law of all humanity-1e mint, \ :
s tset of hindering, by finned forces, en lion - Iron' ; \ \ t -
exercieing that sovereign right, roust tie consid- \ , `A . i a
teed as a violation of that common itablie \ \ \• •\
lair twin which your very existence \rests, \• \
and \ which, being in commonv law of all , ' ..k
humanity, Is by God himself placed" under \ the at, •
safeginnd of all hamazdty--beeausts Ill,is Glid 's '
himself who co mmands us to love ontlaeigiftire
SIB It 8 lon =nerves, am to do. towards\ °nat.'s% '
PM We desire others to do toward outlell ' ilS.';'=" \ -," ,
Upon this point yen cannot remain leilit,-" \
cab Yon May well remain ritutroOtt" , *l7 \ ; '-•%,,
I \
\ \ -'4 •` • '. ' \
\ `• 1 •c•
\ ,
eg leave \„,_ oii
my duties which are the lasting topics It myreriectioae ,
reriections, My sorrows and my hopes.\ I take
the present occasion for a highly Important op
portunity, I take it for each as wilt Prah s ablY
decide about the' success or failure A' raj
ink the United States 1 must therefle hate-
My embrace your indulgence for pret long,
-plain, and in no case eloquent developernent of d
my humble views to the benefit of thatr
‘n i t z use
which the citizens of „New Tork, and you ar
ticularly, gentlemen, honor with generous
pithy. \
When I consider lie sympathy of the pearl s
.of the United Staten for the cause of Hungary,
no generally diffused as to ho almost universal,
Ind so resolutely pronounced as men pronounce
those feelings which are intended to be fol
lowed by noble and great deeds, I would feel in
clined to take your noble and genems aid for
the restoration of my native land to' its sover
eign independence, already as \ granted in .prin
ciple, end for me notbirig left tzt,do but to en t er
into • negotiation about the arrangement of the
details, were my confident hopes 'not checked
by that Idea of non•interference \in foreign,
chiefly European, affairs, which, according., to
the numerous teatimoniali. of your moot distin
gashed polititione, we are told to be one of the
ruling end lasting principles 'of the polici \ of the
United Stouts. s,
I highly respect noire thee of thia conviction,
gentlemen. This source I. your 'religious \at
tachment to the doctrines of those great men who
highly proved to alt posterity theirwitolorn liy•
bequerhing to you the immortal work of the
constitution which; aided by the unparalleled
benefits of nature, has raiksi you, in the short
period of em:ay-five years, from the precarious
11 \
position of an Infant people, to t preiligions
strength of n giant nation. The b eficial re
sults of the wisdom of the founders of ;oureat
er kr,
Republic you see in a happy reality IV \
would he the consequences of 'a depart fro
that wisdon you are not sure of. It is the efore\
natural that you feel an instinctive fear to nett
even with improving hands, the dear legacyof
those great men.
And as to your glorious Constitution, all h. - '
malty can only wish, in the common interim
of . mankind. that you end your posterity may
yeldong conserve this religious attachment to its
fundamental principles, which by no means ex
clude developement and progress; and that every
citizen of your great Union, thankfully acknowl
edging the immense benefits; of this Constitution,
may, even in the moments of the most passion
ate irritation, never forget to love that Consti
tution more than the momentary passion of his
heart, or the egotistical interest of the passing
hour. May every citizen of yourgloriorincOun
try forever remember that a partial discomfort
of a corner in a large, Pure and comfortable
house, may he well amended without breaking
the foundation of it; and that among alLmssible
mean. of getting rid of that corner's partlil die ,
comfort, the worst would be to burn down the
house with, our oat bend.
. But while I thus acknowledge the wisdom of
ynur attachment to the fundamental doctrinre
of the founders of your united Republic, I beg
leave with equal frankness, to state that, in my
opinion, there con he scarcely anything more
dangerous to the progressive development of
whatever nation, than to take for a bank that
which is none,—to We for a .prieciple that
which is but the convenience of the putting sit
uation—to take for sithetantial that which intuit
accidental, or take for a constitutional doctrine
that which was hut the momentary exigency of
administrative policy. Such a couisoof action
would he like to that, when a healthy pm would
refuse to take substantial food,•becatme, when
ho was once laboring under weakness of stom
ach, his physician ordered him a severe 'diet to
keep. The consequence would be consumption
Let me suppose, gentlemen, that .yenderdoc
trine of non-interference was really bequeathed .
to you by your Washington—and that it was not,
I will prove to you afterwards,—and let me even
suppose that your Washington imparted such a
meaning to yinder supposed doctrine,—whicb
wore equivalent to the words of Cain- , Am 1
my brother's keeper"—which suppositiOn would
be of sours. a sacrilege. But suppose all this.
And I believe that, even under snits suppositions,
I may be entitled to ask—is the dress Which;
well suited the child, still convenient to `the
full grown man—nay to a giant, which you are?
Would it out be ridiculous to lay the giant us
the child's cradle, and to sing hinslo sleep bs:
a tonally?
In those times of the foundation of the trot
ted States, you were aa infant people, and the
large dress of your then comparatively not large
territory, hung loose on your puerile limbs.—
In those, times Lyou had, of course, no`wiser
thing to do but to grow—to grow and to grow.
But now you are so far grown that there is no
foreign power on earth from which you, bars
anything to (SF for your own ezlstence,—fisT ,
your own security. This beingyoir present eon,
yOu 147 entered /Otto the seccmdststaksre
. .\\
. • \
- •