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AntilEasonk and, Whig Convention. ,
terAt a meeting of the Anti-Maoonio and
Whin Cita ficatrentiOn, held December 19th, 113:.0, the fol.
loidnfirteclutlart efas edropted :
- Ear4o4 That It nball be the duty . of the President of
tide Donrenttori to order the nett Vileat, mertinge to
be held In the Devend verde. on the wood Caturday of
. December newt. between the bourn of 11 A.ll. and Y.
-- )1. to elect Ave delegates, to me. t in Coareatlon no the
. Wedseadayfollowlog. to notolnate a media*. for Ware ,
In Dreordsoce viith which. the election for delegates
Will beheld it the lime 'Weal in the mull etion. aed the
Contention will meet on Wednesday.. lowevolew 11111,
to o'clock, A. M., In the Supremo Court Boom.
&Mtn JOIIN D. BAILEY. rrea.t.
Noutrffrowir Pusan Roso.—This road is conk.
pleted a distance of 'nine miles : from the city,
and - the branch connecting it with the-Washing
ton turnpike, l miles from the city is also fin
ished. Thin valuable work has gone forward
with great rapidity, and we understand, promi
ses to pay large'dividends. It will be bf immense
- benefit to the country through which it passes,
affording access to the city at all times, and
'When ordinary roads are nearly impassable.
the kreesurei of the Commissioners for receiv
fag dealt to this road, having occasion to leave
.the city for a few days, has left the books for
the subscription of stock`in the hands of Meseta.
Locraw, Wiseote, & Co., Wood street, where those
desirous of -taking clock will please call.
, It is . very important to have the stock taken
up in the course of the current week. We know
that the present is a bad time for such business,
but the amount now needed•is not large, and 2
little from each of our bu iness men, who are
directly interested in it, would more than make
up the Amount needed to secure the charter and
organize the company. We shall not repeat the
arguments we have often put forth in favor of
thiwimportant enterpriee, because we know that
'there is but one feeling on that subject, and that
feeling is right; but all wo say is, give it a lit
tle.aid now, with a promise of more when times
are more propitious.
The broad pages of the New-York papers are
tilled with addresses to Kossuth, on behalf of
•arioua societies, professions, political parties,
and the municipal authorities and people of dis
tant towneend cities, to all of which replies are
given by thelfungerian Chief in a style of elo
quence, sale Pertinency and felicity of expres
sion, Andle . flow of ideas most astonishing.
These labors hens nearly exhausted him, and
he iris cOmPelled to decline any new engage
ments se,Tfelmsday. On the neit day, how
ever, the tith, he spoke for three boars in a
straitt , :Of rumarkabli eloquence and power.
Whakee`extraordinary man!
On last Sabbath, in New York, an eloquent
sermon was preached in the Thirteenth Preaby
-Urban Church, by Roe. S. D:Jlmmitano, D. D.,
On'the character of Shammab, a hero of Old
Teitement times, who defended his field of len
t:Ns against the aggressions of the Philistines
with a decision and courage which bare•given
Immortality . to a name that would otherwise
finis been unknown to fame. The speaker took
his text from Ild Samuel, 20; xi, xiii and after
vivid sketch of the circumstances of the con
flict and the victory, he stated hie design to be
to direct attention to some elements of charm
developed in this hero of antiquity worthy
our attention andimmitation. The traits of
character specified and giaphically illustrated
were deeitim, moral courage, a heroic ardor inide-
fending his nyAt, and a de?errueof prr!onal ratiirm .
- , tibPY... •
Wegive the following ex - tract from the report
in the Tribtme. • '
Under the head of moraleourage; I cannot for
bear to mention the speaker's beautiful and ap
propriate allusion to Rossetti, the guest of our
city and nation, After a brief analysis of the
wetter of: courage, as distinguished from its
ommterfeits, and referring to ceveral ,distin
,guiehd illustrations of this nark trait, such as
Luther, Cromwell, and others, he remarked:—
..Such,ja mm has just landed upon our shores
7*iiillo; a patriot, an intellectual gtant, a lofty
getting, a moral hero, with burning eloquence
on his tongue in behalf of Hungary and striver
sal freedom. He has jest received a welcome
"with national salutes, and military display, and
martial music, and floating banners, end enthu
- greetings—a welcome, with national se
kites, and military display, and =lmbed music,
and floating banners, and enthusiastic greet
tre/roms, grand, sublime, imposing im
presaire, because the weldome of en enlighten
ed• and free people—a welcome ouch as repub •
lican hearts 'alone can give. It is the spontain
eous and generous offering of a free and gen-
NOUS people, not simply to talent, nor to the man,
but - as the advocate and representstive of free
dom of his father land; struggling and tremling
beneath the rod of despotism. ,
'Kossuth, the illustrious and immortal, is the
fihammah of this age, and nobly did he defend his
Held of laetile—the rights of Hungary—against
• the hasty Philistines—the house of Hapsburg.
Look back upon his career for the last ten years
alike unmoved in peril or defeat, in prison or in
the Diet-of which he'was a member, hurling
rallies of thunder bolts from eloquent tongue
against the throne of Austria, stimulating
the warm blood of the Magyar race pleading
''with on eloquence almost divine fortwo hun
dred thousand men and eighty thousand
florins in the cause of freedom, until the Nation
al-Aisembly with hands uplifted responded with
one voice 'lire grant it, we grant it, for liberty
or death:" LiKik back, I say, upon the career of
tbia patriot exile, from the time he wandered, a
young man, pale, meditative, at moonlight, along
• banks of the Danube. thinking of bin bleeding
country,. oppressed, plundered of her social,
civil, sad politinal rights, and even of her lan
, guage.and literature. Look at him scolding
misses of freedom through the land, until ar
rested, imprisoned, and then nursing the eta,
nients,or hls great power in) solitude, until
fitted for his sublime mission, he appears on a
most brilliant arena; grapples with the Austrian
despot, aidmith the' great Northern Dear of
and would have throttled even him, had
not another Arnold by perfidy, compromise and'
intrigue laid hie hopes, tjust bursting into a
Isplendid reality, low in the. dust! I any, look
at thls Man through his whole brillla t though
unsuccessful struggle, and tell me if he Is not
.distfrignished for a lofty heroism and a sublime
moral courage?.'
, When directiig the attention of his people to
,dhe?teal of Shammah In defending his rights,
She speaker was equally happy in Ida allusion
- - to Kossuth. Alter showing that the seal of
Xhe lamelitieh husbandman was not a selfish
ardor; not that he cared so much for hie field
"of lentils as he did for the honor of his country;
luzesid. > • , Thris it Is with our modern hero.—
He mama to care little for self. He 'pleads for
Allgi4o7, for her liberty and her rights. He
.41ppear. wraieed up, in Providence to defend that
Oflentils; for Mere the tree of liberty is
...7-rxifestbsed to. grow, bearing precious and Protest
i.iant fruit for the healing °fall Europe. Nos.'
enth Ira Protestant, and he has drawn his win
- ciplea of liberty from the .llible, and there is no
man - in all the-world that the Pope of Rome or
the despots of Europe more fear than this same
Hunger= Exile. And yet, while England 1111,
America are doing him honor„ the venerable
Archbishop Hughes, of New 'fork, presumes to
write him down es a bruntmg; but In spite of
his curved and expressed gall, his own country , -
men and churchmen, in their national uniform,
appear with native Americans, to.welcome him
as the Nation's sued: This exiled hero has rights
- as'a man; as a citizen, interwoven and link,
edwith the rights of his suffering fellow coon
''..trytticl4 and coming history will-yet record of
him, ss.of Sliamtimb of old, "tie stood in the
midet.of thegronnd and defended it, and slew
'the Philistines/and the . Lord wrought a great
The sermon, throughout,. woe heard with the
iiest intermit, and was a striking and bean
dfd'exhibition of those traits of character
which are demanded by the aiigeneies of the
Piti.4nt age.'
DoNowa AND K 05511374
M most interest is felt in the action or Son
' cries in relation to Koisath, Ire continue our
extracts from the debate in the Senate, as re
ported in..the Being.die. On Wednesday last, the
debate was nontinued on joint resolution in
..traduced- by Mr. Seward: '
Mr. 'Sumner said Word.s are Sometimes
hinge : , snd I cannot disguise from myself that
the reseliition in honor of , '"ruinis Kossuth, now
pending before the. Senate, when finally passed,
will be : an act of.nd mean insignificance in the
historidonioguitry. he Senator from Sect
611w right *hen he add that it ;was no en.
119.1,1411; Beyond its Immedia te yeleeme Wan altiatriatx stranger, It will help;
Goilthituciud direct the sentiment/ of ode' own
people everywhere; it will inspire all in other
lands who are engaged in the contest for free
dom*t will challenge thisdistnrbed attention of
despots; and it will become a precedent in the
thick coming events of the future, whose im
portance will grow with the growing might of
the Republic. in this slew it becomes us to
consider well what we do, and to understand the
grounds of our own conduct. For myself, I am
prepared to rote for it, without amendment or
condition of any kind, and on reasons 'which
seem to me at once obvious and conclusive. In
assigning these I shall be brief ; and let me say
that, novice not I am in this scene, and in all le
gislative halls, nothing-but my strong interest in
the question, and a hope that I may say seme
thing strictly upon it, could' prompt me thus
early to mingle in these debates
The case seems to require a statement rather
than au argument.
As I understand, the last Congress requested
the President to authorize .the employment of
one of our public vessel's to receive and convey
Louis Kossuth to the United. States. That hon
orable service was performed under the express
direction of the President, and in pursuance of
the vole of Congress, by one of the hest ap
pointed ships of our navy, the steam-frigate
Mississippi. Far away from our country—in
foreign waters, in the currents - of the Bospho
rus—the Ilungari. Chief, passing from his
Turkish exile, first pre,seed the deck of-tiriligal
lent vessel, first came under the protection of
our national flag, and for the first time in his life,
rested beneath the ensign of an unquestioned,
Mr. S. advocated the adoption of the resolu
tion in an eloquent speech of an hour's length.
Mr. Stockton would not have said anything
on this subject, had it not been that the obser
vations of some of the opponents of the meas
ure compelled him to .mingle in the debate,
This resolution simply carried out the hospital
ity commenced by the act of a former Congress.
That was the whole case. There the argument
began and ended. lie regarded the honor of
the Senate somewhat committed to this welcome,
and he regarded the honor of the Senate as
above all other considerations.
Ile desired to say to the Senate and the coun
try that the sentiments uttered hyKonsuth and
others, on the other side of the Atlantic, in re
spect to the monarchy of Great Britain, and
its practical workings upon the people, were
not his sentiments.
lle was glad the people of New York had
given Kossuth the welcome they had. The peo
ple of America would welcome and twelve him
as their guest. The people of new V or[ had
done so. Tho tyrants of Europe will see in
this popular demonstration that these who
strike a blow for liberty, will find in this ‘ t anki
and among our people Pympnthy in their Till,
fortunes and an asylum (or their repose.
In proportion to the ferocity with which they
treated the advocates and champions of liberty
in Europe, so would we increase the degree of
our hospitality. Suppose, by the rmolution:
deplomatists do make an outcry, had vse not a
Secretary of State, who, by one effort of his
gigantic mind, would scatter their coberebr to
the winds Suppose it should provoke blows.
had we not a navy which would show them that
blows could be given as well as received ?
lie considered the weakness of our Govern
ment, and the other causes which prompted the
neutrality of the day. of Washington, did not
exist now. The infant Hercules hail been nurs
ed. •
Mr. Clemens, of Alabama, opposed the reso
lution, and mimic a violent attack upon Kossuth.
He was replied to by Mr. Shields and Mr.
Foote,—the last had not finished when the Sen
ate adjourned.
In the Loon, on the same day, another mem
ber from Alabama, Mr. Satin, distinguished
himvelf and his State, as the following account
of the proceedings will ehow :
Mr. Smith asked the unanimous consent of the
House to introduce the following joint revolu
.13.inioIre," &c. That the Seeretary of fttato be
required to furnish Louis Kossuth with copies
of the acts of Congress defining treason and mis
demeanor against the United States.
. .
Resolved, further. That if the said Louis Kos
suth, after reading the said laws, should still per
sist in makingsuch speeches as he hai made since
his arrival in New York, inciting the young men
of the country to take up arms against a nation
with which the United States are at peace, it he
the solemn duty of the Presidefit to hare him
nrrritedand detained until satisfactory assurances
he given that he will tense his efforts to enlist
the co-operation, aid; and armed interference ci
the people of these States in favor of Hungary.
Mr, Stanton, of Tennessee, ohjected.
Mr. Stanton, of Kentucky, wished to inquire
of the gentleman from Alabama whether he in
tended to re-enact the alien and sedition law!
. .
Mr. Smith replled that he did not desire to re
enact the alien and sedition law, bat he did not
wish any mote Pamper° expeditions.
Mr. Robinson, at a subsequent period of the
day, asked the unanimous consent of the Molise
to introduce a joidt resolution prescribing that
the Congress of the United States, in the name
on the behalf of the people of the Urrited States,
give Louie Kossuth a cordial welcome to the
capital and country; and that a copy of the res
olution be transmitted to him by the President
of the United Staten.
Objection was made.
Mr. Doty asked the unanimous eousent of the
House to introduce, in pursuance of previous
notice, a joint resolution tendering a wettome to
Louis Kossuth, and making an appropration to
defray the expenses, under the direction of the
Mr. Orr objected.
The reader will see that the chief opposition
comes from slaveholding members. Slavery
,cannot endure to see the spirit of freedom hon
orodin the person of Kessuth.
A NATIONAL Writo.—The Washington Repub
lic tarnishes tha following definition of what
constitutes a •National Whig-'
A National Whig is one who is opposed to the
Wilmot Proviio—opposed to Abolition lathe Dis
trict of polumpla, and in favor of the Compro
mise, including the Fugitive Slave law.
The number of Whigs in Onondaga county
who answer this description, could sit comforta
bly in an omnibus.—Syracuse Journai.
WM11111.17014, Dec. 10
I have just concluded the perusal of the dip
lomatic correspondence between the government
of the United Staten and those or Spain, Eng
land, and France inflation to the last Cuban
expedition. The most important of these papers
are the dispatch of Mr. Crittenden to the French
Minister dated October. 23d, relative to the in
tended intervention by England' and France for
the protection of Cuba, and the memorandum
of a conversation between Mr. Crittenden and
the British Charge on the same subject, held on
the 6th of October. Mr. Crittenden informs
the representatives of these powers that the in
tervention alluded to Would not be submitted to
by the United States. He says that it would
certainly lend to acts that would produce war.
He Informs them both that the United States are
able land willing to discharge all their treaty ob
ligations towards foreign powers, and will not
tolerate any external interference having that
end in view. lie 'toys that as the United States
will not willingly see Cuba transferred from
Spain to other hands, so it is decidedly averse
to. geeing any protectorate established over it,
such as would be brought about by the armed
intervention spoken of. The French Minister
rejoins on the 27th October, and rather retires
from the position be had taken. The armed in
tervention dwindles down into more efficient
measures for the suppression of pirates. Mr.
Webster, who had returned in the meantime,
nays if that is all, he has nothing more to say.
The debate upon the reception of Kossuth has
been • brilliant one. Foote made a demonstra
tion day before yesterday, and was absolutely
decent. :biennia. Seward and Hale yesterday,
and Sumner and Shields to-day delivered, most
eloquent and powerful addresses. When' Foote
pine his feet, I generally take to my heels, so
that I lost the first part of the debate; but I was
more fortunate to-day. Summers' oratorical
powers have not been exaggerated. Ile is truly
glorious speaker, fall of poetry and fire, pon
sealing a round, sonorous voice, an imposing fig
ure, and withal ability and sound judgment.—
Hie speech this morning, in favour ofSeword'a
simple proposition to extend a welcome to Kos
suth, made a good impression and quite sustain
ed his reputation. Qon. Shields, though less
eloquent, surpassed himself in the power and
ingenuity with which he argued the proprietyof
receiving Kossuth as a national - guest Bet
while I commend the efforts of these advocates
of the great Hungarian, I am not disposed to
overlook - the reasons of Mr. Berrien, Judge Ca
-1 derwood, and others, for taking an apposite
' course. They both delivered very able epeeches
against doing anything which could possibly
commit thidgoverament to even an opinion upon
recent struggles! in Europe, much less to the
Policy of active intervention in the 1 affair' e of
other countries. ' " With your leave, x i Will
=mimeo,. orymotlior day loam yiotrs of my
6,i,5 2 - o n W m plats. :llot , ,Comtoisigosttt to
pass Mr. Seward's resolution without addition
Or subtraction, which would commit nobody. and
amounts indeed tp nothing more than in act of
courtesy towards a distinguished republican ex
ile who hos previously received, by obvious im
plication, a national invitation to our shores.
Commodore Stockton. made his debut in tho
course of IL° debate to-day, and a friend of his
informs me that his maiden effort was a magni
ficent failure, which I can well believe, for off
the quarter deck ha is nothing. lie calibre as
a statesman may be eet down nt zrro.
It is reported that Boyd was induced to com
mit the fame par of putting so insignificant n
person as Houston of Alabama at the head of
the ways and means, by the request of Gov.
Cobb, the late epeaker. It is said that Bayley
could have had the position but that he declin
ed. It is I most potently disbelieve.
Mr. Bowe, of your district, is pot on the
committee of public expenditures, a committee
which was never known to makes report or hold
a meeting from the adoption of the Federal
Constitution to the present day. The exercise
of a little common sense would have taught the
Speaker that the representative of Pittsburgh
should have been placed upon ono of the com
mittees on manufactures, commerce or finance.
Many of the members have declined the situa
tions tendered. Just,.
PArits, Thurtiday, Nov. 20, 1851.
— 1 yesterday paid a visit to one of the most
exit-mire manufactories of the Pentium St. An
toine, with the express object of learning the
political bias of some of that class excluded from
the polls by the law of the 31st of May. The
establishment Iv not conducted upon the prinei
plc of association, the workmen being hired by
the week The employer, or patron, is a mon
amidst, and taken the Cenetauttonnel, which,
though Co earnest advocate for universal suf
frage. lives in the hope of a Perpetual Pres
idency for Louis Napoleon, or the Empire at
once The eight clerks take the rays nod the
l'etste, both Republican papers, and lately enn•
retied to the interests of the President.. The
eighty journeymen take the Perste, the Republz
fat, and the Rerollitton. Thry are resolond„tient
eepared, to rote alt hr Preatiential
e,enes .1/ ay next, rot( what a may. Thin they
say without boast or braggadocio, but with that
calmness and collected bearing which. while it
whorl determination, indicates conciousness of
right This right is written in the Constitution,
and woe -wrested away by n body not charged to
mutilate that instrument. but to pass laws in
harmony with it. Thin right has been recog
nised by the President in his Message, and the
Chamber has only failed by three votes of re
pealing their law of last year. Whether on the
11th of May next, thin political disability has
"norm removed or not, they intend to exercise
their meet sacred privilege under the Constitu
tion, and, as hliChnel de Bermes declared from
the tribune, "present themselves at the polls,
with the President's Message in ono hand and
their ballot in the other." The. Men insist
upon three cardinal principles: universal oaf
(rage, unrestrained liberty of the press, and the
right of public assemhly and discussion. They
expect to conquerback these rights, all of which
are in the Constitution, peaceably at the ballot
box. I was not surprised to find that to effect
this ohjeetthey did not care to oust the Presi
dent and put another in his phice, but were con
tent with a thorough regeneration of the Assem
bly. They do not consider the President respon
sible for the laws which have successively in
vaded their rights and their prerogativeF. They
believe that he would have vetoed the law of May
31, had he not been afraid of precipitating a quar
rel between the legislative and the executive, and
embroiling the whole country in agitation and
discord. They believe that he world be
licen with s rqmblican Chamber tosupport him.
They look upon the monarchical factions in the
Chamber AS perjured and as false to their most
snored promises. When candidates for election,
these men gave uttenuice to sound repuhlican
doctrines; . their professions de for covered the
walls. As the hustings, on the stump, in the
newpopers, in conversation, they promised the
abolition of the old system, and the consolida-
Goo of. the Republic. And, for the last three
I years, they hero been treading the Republic
under foot, and trying to resuscitate two dead
and buried monarchies. Nov thy majority of
, the voters want neither the Orleans par the foi
-1 gitimate branch to be restored. They exclaim
with the dying hlerentio, "A plague on both
per houses!" Consequently, under universal
suffrage, the chiefs of the monarchical factions
are politically dead. The lierryers, the Moles,
the Broglies, the,Thiers, the Dupl., the Yeti
mesas, have &Me with public life.. Few, if
any, of them mon will be returned to the Cham
ber of 1851. hi, Theirs' infernoum expression,
la rife Inultitudt, applied to the class ilisenfran•
alined by the lasi of May, will Beyer he forgot
ten, and secures that gentleman's earthly dam
nation. ,The journeymen with whom I convers
ed are strenuous upon the necessity of regener
ating the Assembly, but are Filling to retain the
President. They will vote for him in prefer
ence to bairn-Rollin, though they might give
their support to Carnot, in the improbable event
of his being the Republican candidate. The
establisimmpt to which l refer is the type of
thousands of OtiterS, and the opinions held be
the torn wham I saw me identical with those of
legions of the wetting classes. hf. to punar
tine thtis writes to the Berryers and Broglies of
I the Assembly, froth hla nick bed:
, •Look well at wont your are doing, and eel
to what you are rushing, since you have placed
at your head these chiefs of coteries and fac
lions who hare successively rained twenty Got,
ernments and two Monarchies, and who will not
be satisfied till they have destroyed eociety."
FtvEn the Erie o.ette.
It is foreign to our par pose to revive the dis
mission,. of last winter and spring aeon the sub
ject of the' Franklin Canal Railroad! We have
no feelings of penonal'ill.will or motives of per
sonal gain aside froor - the public good to gratify
a connection with this matter, and are sincere.
ly disposed to cultivate a spirit or harmonious
concert in reference to all necessary impro re
ments, whether strictly local or of a more gen•
end and enlarged character. Bat having sne
ral times asserted, with considerable boldness,
that the road above referred to wee at least vir
tually in the bands, and canseynentlir jp the
same sense under the control of citizens of
Cleveland, we feel that we owe It to ourselves
and the community to which we belong to era.
brace the opportunity now afforded of substan
tiating the charge by evidence so strong and di
rect that none can doubt—leaving the reader to
decide whether our action in the premises was
influeuced by sentiments of regard for the rights
and interests of Erie county.
We find in the Nei , lurk Daily Tribune of
November 25tth, an advertisement, over the
signature of Alfred Kelly, Esq., Presiffent of
the Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula Rail
road, notifying the public that "sealed propo
sals will be received at the office of the Compa
ny's Agents, Messrs. Winslow, Lanicire and Co.,
No 112, Wall et., N. Y. until, Tuesday the Ifith
day of December next, at o'clock, P. rd., for
the purchase of the Company's Bonds to an
amount not exceeding voo,ceo." After stat
ing the amount of the Bonds, ($4,000,) the con
ditions precedent to the consummation of the
proposed purchase, the extent of the Cleveland,
Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad, the Specific
purpose of the proposed debt, the Advertiser
"This Company (the Cleveland, Painesville
and Ashtabula,) now has the control of the
Railroad now constructing from the Ohio and
Pennsylvania State Line to Erie, a distance of
25 miles, making it, in fact, is continuation of.
the same Road, under one management "
Persons are directed for any information they
may desire upon the subject, to Messrs. Win-.
slow, Lanier & Co., at their office, or to Alfred
Kelley, at the Irving House, New York.
Is stronger proof than this of the complete
transfer of coo Western Rallroad interest. to
Cleveland, needed? Certainly not. Bat we
have a little more. In a notice of the recent
opening of the Cleveland, Paincerrille and Ash
tabula Railroad, which appeared in the Cleve
land Herald, the following paragraph occurs:
"In order to complete the communication
with Erie, the Cleveland, Painesville and Aehts
hula Railroad Company have purchased and tak
en a transfer of nearly all the stook of the Frank
lin Company, and have asnimed and will im
mediately complete the construction of that Road
from the State Line to - Erie-25 miles. The
right of way is all secured and the grading two
thirds done; a large portion of the bridge timb
er is also on the ground."
These extracts must be deemed perfectly sat
isfactory as to the point bad in view. They
fortify it beyond peradventure. In contending
for the Pittsburg Road months ago, our veal was
hieghtened by the discovery of a bargain of this
sort under way if not °unmated. The direc
tion of the Road had even then, in effect, passed
from oar community. Wlthost caring for mere
Company or individual interests, and without
being disposed to censure gentlemen associated
this or that way, we felt deeply mortared in the
concionsness that the only really formidable ob
stacle to the immediate and rapid prosecution of
as improvement of great local and general int
portance, arose from the bona fide control of the
"Franklin Canal" project by men who lined not
among is, and who; from their interest In ari.
sal Road, were almost accessmily hotitili to the
Pittsburg Bead. The sequel Inia vindicated our
course. But further comment Is needle:oi The
fact" ate.before the people. They can dray
thoir own datiOlqs: .
-Notwithstanding our apparentlY isolated eon
ditlon, it-seems we are not without a vary fair
prospect of being brought into direct conamuni
cation, by Rail road, with Philadelphia and oth
er eastern cities. We understand from good au
thority that the Central Rail road company has
proposed that if the counties of Fayette and West
moreland will raise two hundred thousand dollars
the company will approprate the residue of the
amount necessary to makes Rail road, •from this
_place, by way of Connelleville and ML Pleasant
to Lattoba, and guarantee the payment of BiX
per cent, interest on the sum raised.
The town of Latrobe is a new place lately
laid out by the Central Rail road company, shoot
ecren miles East of Oreenshurgh, rind is the
present terminus of their rood. The place to
growing most rapidly, and being owned' prin
cipally by the company, it is their intention to
enhance its importance, by miming branch
rail ways from it into the adjoining couptu no
an to concentrate their business at that place.
We know of no project which promises such
important advantages to the pdople of this,
county, and the company proposing to guarant ee
the interest on the investment, welsee no reason
why the amount required might not at once
toe raised.— Unsoworrut Ilerroorrelf
Nsv ACCIDYNT.—Mr. !mac Burgett, brake
man ou the gravel train of the C. C. S C. Rail
road, was instantly killed in the vicinity of Col
umbus yesterday morning. We learn he had
one hand hold of the brake, and was threwiog
stone. at a dog with the other, when the sud
den stoppage of the train precipitated him on to
the track, and some 1.1 cars passed over his body,
shockingly mangling it. Mr. B. was about. 21)
years of age, unmarried, and was from Motlea:-
chmietts.—Clereland Herald.
Al4ol'lllo l SLAVE NA(I.O. —A slave named
War. Kelly, alias Bill, was arrevted in Jersey
Shore, Lycomingeounty, brought to Harrisburg,
and had a hearing before Commissioner Itl'Al
lister on Monday morning before daylight. lie
was claimed as the property of Mr. Jacob Itich•
ter, - of Md., and sent back to his master We have
heard that, he has a wife and child in Jersey
Shore, where he married since he absconded,
name years ago. if this it so his case is certainly
a very hard one.—Nor Amer.
In commenting on the above case, the Albany
Evening Journal remarks:
If Bill hail been a horse-thief, his examina
tion would doubtless have been deferred until
day light, Buf as he was accused of the enor
mous crime of stealing himself, ho must be hur
riedly tried convicted and sentenced tit mid
night! An hour's delay might have enabled him
to prove himself a freeman! And ne the —Safety
of the Union" renders it necessary that no man
accused of being it •'fugitive" slmll escape, be
was hurried off "before day-break!" 4
Fall Importation of Hardware, Cutlery, &e
, No. 129 Wood Street,
Innnsrn to roll lb. attwatino of Mernhnots pan,. In
lawir [At. x of
to at, asorb •
41-A fall y0ur...111 of MANN'S erl•hrztod C. AN F.:4
stirlVoetts I—An this in the
L neaeon of the
year when ',nus aro mist formidable a children.
the proprietors of I,ll.l.aneb. Vertultuge beg
hats In rid]
upnn parents. wolictring their attention to Al virtues ter
the. expelling of thew. aunotiog anal illen tabal enemies of
children. Their invention to by a phi melon of great el
perionee in Virginia. end ntler usingt forseveral rears in
los own practire, !Indian its sure,. uriliersal. he
ham town inalnerri at last tn . r.tfer it to the puhlir.e.ebony
but r..rtain and excellent medicine
Thai modicale nver, mother ran pt.. wrilb r0n11.1..13, as
ht enrrtUal run,
BLIXIINTJUS VCR. nT I l lirnortrai.—lra inertte the ottontion
ot the 84111,1.1 uni the public croarally. b. At,. crib/iron.
of fit.. Ilan, of oily. The oaao =MT.], PPro
reraon WLo way bo abobtleol In relation to the forte bore
ott birth. a )1
I had been aflielcd ~rent yearn with • aoreneseot lath
eye; whirb eontlnued to lerreinie until Yonn.tut..r. 1.611,
the irdllattimation at that time haring Involved the whole
lining membrane of loth rye, sod ended itwitheeiete , elle
of a thick tilm, whkh wholly destroyed my sight. I had
an orrnitinn perfonni,l, end the lidetening n.tnns.J. 011,1.
Noon returniel and left me in so had ncondition aa hot re.
At this Stage of the complaint I made •nplication to
nl of the ulna eminent tusdielil men. who 1121 , 1 - MN me
that 'my gym 'muli never cot well: At this time I couid
not distinguish any . oluret. ily Uieadrife ii erring friende
I etiminenced the um, or the Petroleum. leith Internally
and hcallr. under whkh my eyes have Improved daily un.
tit the present time. and I have recovered my sight entire.
ly. I heath wan very much Impeored by the
Petroleum, and I attribute the reat.gatinn of my eight to
Im nee. 1 revue at Au. Intl &maul street, to thin city. and
sill he bane, In give auy Infm-matian In reMtlon Is my
/or sal. AT Kryner A McDowell, 140 Wad' IL IL
Balk, 67 Wood stnart; 11. A. Vahnortoek, A 1,, earn.r
Wad and YrnatstreAtw, D. M. Curry. D. A. Elllott.JossAb
Dr.teiTisar, and U. I' Samar... AlkabenT: also AT the oro-
VITAIL, 0 M. It ll:lt. "t . 1,...•14TAA
Citizen's Insurance COMDRIV cf Pittsburgh
Office N 0.41 Water stmt. In thew...Apoaa oft. 11.
C.O. linos, Prooldant A. W. Mu,
. . .
This Coineon) . repa
now proil to 100t...a1l inarehanillait
hi store, and In trani.itu. rends Ae.
An ample Fustatity for th. ability and Intet,ll) of the
[willful lon, 1.1101,1.1 In lb. ehanirter th. Director*,
who an. all sills.. of Pittsburgh. amt
knewn the community for their prOiliinia.,
InteCTO 7.
Inac.rnma--(1. 11. Ht..). Win Racal.). Writ. Lariat',
..nailer Bryant. 111101 Si. King, Klwaril thatleD4
libnrath.ll. itcynnuirp. S 11. Kier. stall,
New England Society.
SERMON will bo delivered before the
Nov Enolond Stoloty, by Rev. W. I. HOWARD, at
Pre.hyterian I.lbOrch. on Sehhatb evening..
Ikermber 21,1. Roorcloon b oncomonoc at 7 o'clock. P. SI.
The Annual Festival Supper of the Society
will be OT•111 at tho BT. CLAIR Lila EL, on Moods, ovect
tog, the 221 Jr.'.
Tleketo to the Hopper eon be obtalonl at Loo3llB' Root.
SW, No. 97 Wood flu...
Tho Member. are rronentni to porch,. their Tickets
before ?rids, noon. the Wt , h .. l . e i t i . ,, lt A tis r ofroble.
4.15:11 Comm lon Of Airontoroon..
Christmas Gifts.
MILE subscriber has just received from Eu
it rare • Int of beautiful I YOILT 811 AWL PI MI, elabo.
r' , 7 "1 1..r ."'b.." olll . tealtit n t7o7ll;;Vl ' ag
v .rith ? Ur ea ChafaZChartne. Bealp, Ilrarelob4 c.
Th• abg - to . ar7a/log•ther new in Ail. and firusb.and will
M .old " "'""bir n. RlZisr;:ti " I'Mra n = r e..
dels Sign or the lioldru Hon,
f oolan
Prary Meeting.
wiIkSPECIAL l'agETllaq of Om "YounE
Ileit'• Mercantile tiarary arid Mechanic , IlAlte.te
be held lei their Room. OD thin fllondayleratilag. the
13th hot, eV{ o'clock. P ull and punctual elh•udaoen la
aa Mll:two. or We
.111 he laid before
the ....etlog. By ostler the Board.
dels:lt A. WILE INP, Bee'y
Allegheny City Bonds.
VOLIPONS payable bit minim in Alla
14. E Pale by WI . A. HILL PAL
ap d 0101 i.manniter 04 Wood pt.
New Stock of Chickering's Piano Fortes.
Twill A . ISIELLOIC - 81. {good
Mk"nill r laaVr...""V;,.l7
bratrd mulutactory of Chlekeriog.l3.to6.
Nt Factory rim., viz:
o. 12061: Oar 6 octavo Unarwood Vaf ,
MO? `'' 6 .. .. 1,76
1 . ..1,%, . 6 - .. .76
, 575
1144 1 / 4 " .I”.T " Carved Ttosearood
115/11 . " " '''
111 . 19: 7 "
2 Z Ltalu aw
I,A; -
Full Urscul /.. 41
11790: - 1. 14 4 „, ......
The following flogo Fortes from othgr mononwlarvto,ric
N 0.6561: Not 6‘i octavo liollowood, fltodart. N. V 146
63, War., Davie
3216: •• Lr, ••3nlxan.• to. '360
mst: 6 Itoonwood. do.
339'd 6 do. 226
1617: •• 6 •• Woolworth 1.1r0wn,.90U
. . • .
IMl'2 6 d;.
416: " •• Bo ud
octuv oir. a
wound Balton. 6 :76
A tushouaurU•rul. '1%5
Yor Sale.
t WELL finished' two story BRICK
.1 1.
noosed LOT, in most healthy and
mowing part of the city. The - Lot te 21 ft. on Fifth
street by-110 on Cherry alloy. Per partieulers
RUINNCIAKT, Irwin street.
The rale will be closed ou or before the let day of Jan
uary next. dellii2E(Lku)
Steam Communication between New York
and Glasgow.
FEE Glasgow and aw York
s aLlsnoM2 t0.7":2470 - 4% - 14%.4
horse power, N. Stewart, (late of the Co. .
nerd ineamerk) commander. la appointed to Silt from new
Tort direct for GISSKOW. Saturdey, the 7th of rebruarl
next. at 1.2 o'clock. neon.
Wird Cabin (steward's foe Included.) VST.
Second Cabin " " " .
No stemake passengem taken. ---
These rates Include provbions, hot not wines or 11,11. M
whkh will be eickPlied on board, at moderate prima. OW'
rim a Burgeon.
ft".lght " Tlitglgll°)N, Ittiroadalyoti"4o,
o t YORK. 2100 50 0 4 . 4 .0. 45 0 WY.'
coop,ort to the Ilhattotr.) will be op toe eattion
Oil Cloths!
4 LBRO & HOYT, N.os. 72 and 74 ... 10 hn at.,
NEW YORK, manufacture. and , ° ,, 1 „ 1 7
chorilft, inclusively . Al their Faettirtom
(nadir al:alp:a prow.) FLOUR OIL UL07 .713. nthic
lnoww any
11,17.1`111.171if1V47.` .'17,..0f 17'10; meJ.l at
Europe, and for chick they obtainsit the pt'f
the World's Pair.
J • litre.
At theta trarsroomt In Now York um
and nttopletti stecirttatlit of peaty, y e ll --
VlAXitt OIL CLOTHS. from web. tool
At.0ti5,F.,..1., and Gisowiope OiL
Allegheny Foundry for Bale.,
TUT. undersigned offer for ea' lo
tantive, and valuable FOUNDRY sumo The
etteet, and extendinn to Ann etteek.Allentc,'
h i jita t o main. tbe hoodry, Wars ute, ithith
n0...4 ° Pattern BOog cud the Imo[ ermine me
the v e nal,. eye anted, Is 100 het by shoot 76' ca
ilandry has a &alga stack and ore Ammon' 'WO ' .
areal Tab Dnymeemeto us all of reeent •
, Wheeling and Pittabnrgh Packet.
runnin g paer-en^-, packet VINCI/FY.,
1 lean. for Om re atat all Informed
ate parts terry Tuesday'. Thuraday and iatritslay. at 10
&antic proeisrly.
For Wheeling Ltle.
ik m um,- 2.5 c
If thy abyro rater are not low enough, We will mak. a
further reduction.
The WINCIIEFFEK. Cart 6.0, D. Mc... /74
Pittsburgh every 10•14.7. ThitrAlay, and Satarday, at I
A. ‘l, retaining, ..... every Mondar. w
and Friday. at A. M.
For freight or tglaragr,Lartnganpertor, ac.tantodationa,
apply nn Neard. or t.
Market • ter,
TA+ Winebe.ter on,- qf rzn....t l A ,, tary,r.ori.trt,
MI f „, wen.. and can det
01l o n
bee running •1' Ibr male regularl,
P T OBACCO -511 kep e. twist, for sale by
I.ll.WtiltTli a co
- -
14 1 1S11 -1(h) bhb+. Large N 0..: Maekerel,
lo blot
2 raot, C“lnnb, in etore REA per gale b -
J-15KN 11)
e l ,asks Wittier Strained tilnhant;
For -.a , - by i•lel , I to ItI.ACKIII,ItN76I
CU RR NTS—Hee'd and for silk by
WM. A. MeClAlltit A Ib,
dell r. a Tea healer,
V, EW PRUNES-1 ut tip in Jars and fan
y Itt.r.os lb earl, tor ral, by
A' NI 11-Cl.l nil A I I
FlUS—llec•d and for sale by
it• tb.lh Ihtl. .4 SIM 'IX HO a co.
Ql . li.k I NED HONE) —For .le by
t1..1:1 lI V A. 1,1.1 , 1 tit Cil
I) (151 N-100 14,18..N0 ; I S ,
.1o : --
11L der,
It I.I . IFER-1 ,.,r bbls. prime.
It -fl )
11 ' , LOU R-50 t b !;. extra family f o r by
.00r, s. Ic VAN).*
EA T Eft S-3U bags for sale by
101 l P.A W N.A MI A l'llll.
NNERS' ',Ms. for sale by
Removal--Wood Engraving.
TILE guluteriber respectfully informs his
(, frtonde and
piehlic generally, .Itt
had reenornd to litc Soothe; net rum, of Market etre., and
Inanoned, , cotrance to lb.. Inamrod.l 'atm, he de roe
Parcel en caree, tell kook of 1...d01e: and 11n.l Eton,.
1110, enot oe V...., of Menthol,. and Slant.
ncef rocteuic , :unde ut ever, d.-. " .ides,
Newenoeuer fiend, leronnlatn' lesetwur, Cotton ntandoc.: 4 lur•
Mlle. A,' Term« dcrd toulcrale.
. 1 ' 1 " JANIE:. II 1,11 1 / 4 1in ,
French Broadcloth&
URPIII BURCI I IE LD, at thh north
1 of Fourth and Markel ettroctc, afar,.
lecep on hand cum.', of Mc ahoy.. artule, and are care—
ful te, ',ere elm.. of On. nowt ttiouroded ronnuforlue,
lion'. of Cloth anti nod It to diode mithlLleF.
ton our e.end• le.fore. rclodeoe. lrop oh.
teini deno rtcast ne•nnerte, Alit, and tenor cei.ore.
Icon pricutl newt,. itrou et. nod oli•c Clothe and l'acetenceute
letr wcar. Toctd. awl Jean. of raricue enideorve.
kr , vntl et Inv qunlitv.
cloncc wok.. ulnae+ on
hand al 1,, per ION. Alan, .111 toad, of
pone ihee. del]
rt. Mini rtweet.olp , elle the Poet
hxn,lr , I n, 1.4- th e 1 . 1,1 e, Vui
Kne.tall 111,1 II an.tia. War. IlloAnTr •
Veneto Trelsrmet , or o• aolu.lon nl llA...Myeterlee, or
the Court of London. -
Ko4•nt Oneeeloe. In Enghtl,l, hit Athlre, to the Peo
ple or the State-, atol ll'et.ter'r teller to Holes
tozn--in tottophlel form.
:Atm. And Attelnelen... Unman, I'. C. Jame.
llortleoltor, , t And Cull/van, for Iteeetnloor
AlarsAno. ter January
Tile ILI A oxr.l of Nnlwlo.,n, ht Ilevlip
',Aortal Broth ' .1 Iht ChrlAnme
A lame •oppl) .1 ANNUAL , . front SI to WI
Ilwrper'• New Monthly thLteattna. tor ItecentOer
I ntenottion•l Mat:wine. Ite,enther
Illnek wont'. Alum. ine. for Noetnther
at F. 10,, IP) 11‘.r•selinely
. llob, t.r hale; • new work ht. Ilerotwn Ski
will, 11,
Ilieti , ~ art of ShelcrpetAwn QmAntlon.
hotul.n r •rol le•mlou Poor, ho.
Ilarse•r•• Vixen:me. vol 3.
r ketehee In Irel•Al. IA U. SI IL•Arerot
Lowlet...lrt Jetteltal tor N.-relater
mthl A... Wore. or ...I Ark•ls.,e Doetor
The 114.1a1,.. • ne, 11..1•1 huh.,
I be Lily end the Pt., Ws
S a n e II are,.
I , on .0,11 hie SAL, Sanelo , Ittuta.
The Taki.“ the 11•51,1 e,
Vlernorte•ot • I, ertwn, Domes
lorry !heroin.... • 141.! 1.11.- Owertenn Iterhlulton
Avotwlel er the Let1r.....1 lete
l'g auL th. l'etrate
Vl•tild• Mentgemene7n t4sAtil to %%aeon..
Sell L....option, Or • Ihrtor, of the II not Ate Heart. P." ,
Nlnte.l.or the 11.11.1 ef the Battle • role of
.ea..ks L Winter 11: 1 10 ., x1e i , ,,, f0r ,, 5a1e
ASTOR 01 L-36 1444. b.r soh; by
1.,) .1 Kl OW. 1,1
g I UYSOTT'S Yellow Dark and Sorsoparil
-111 I cr... Cot rule IA J 11/I , OA
t PLASTER--_Hgro— , for sale by
, I.lltlo APu
/ L UTIST'S Cii1.(11:! 4 --A 1n11 1 ..... , 0r 1 t. 1 me . n „ 1, in
PA NISH SA, FFIII IN-10 11, for solo by
- .1 0101 , /1
Idols. 140.14 for sale by
A 001.z1:14, A .5.
!)SARI. ASH-5 casks' for Attie by
ll Jel3 R. lIA Llberte wt.
I bbl,. No. I, for sale by
-4 4,13 wick 1 MeCAV4DI.F.JIS.
TA RCH-20 bxs. 11.1 w bright's ex., for sale
I:7 1., drl3 WIIIK t MA'ANDLUSS.
bbls. Roll, for sale
by WIC. VIA'ANI , I-hsA.
Pkg'ro t;ill%EK n' a
A fo.r A n •fl r by
J.II EiEARLS-1 4 casks ree',l nod for sale by
WICK a MreANl , l
D 0 T ASH—IS casks pure. for sale by
OS WICK a Inv t‘ux.res.
ALE.RATUS--:12 ranks fir aalo by
A , C , K L EREL--101 - 1 by
a.IL I
IIEESE--70 tklxes extra Cream Cleo e;
Jo SV. n
130 do llerlen'orelehrw , ..l Iturtuto
-- to rale 1.• o del:, WICK A McCAND LESS.
.4 Jel3 LO VER SEED—,S bo. for I sale by
511 1 111.11 V tt 1.00.
G LASS-50 boxes $x
vt pi t 14, Inv to ern Hen! UUIII.IIOO LEE
,1O LASSES-50 bbls. and 5 hf. Ws. Su
1, Itr Roue,
ee hy
so, oy
•INSEED r or.
• del3 J CANE:ELI ,
IJE. ASH-50 Ws. for sale by
deli J. h. CANFIELD
SA,l4Eur , RIITU,S-10 boa. 1 7 1 0 5 , 0 „ 1 , il i t . . i vire,
B UTT E R -10 bx 1,
4. Fresh 1 . .11 t. ~ for sale by
1 4 1 RENCII CURRANTS—.S coke. for sale by
• dell JAMES DA LZET.I..O , Itt
New Books !
T .1. L. READS, Apollo Buildings, No.
VA Fourth elm-I—
raq Dolt, or the Whale: hy
Emilia,' Selene, or the ftr...ntifir Explanotion of Com.
mm Thin,: Mr Fautllieo nr srhtede.
Scion, of Thino. Pemlllar, hy Ur. Brewer; for Famine.
or Shools.
Spiritual Reisinerotion with referl.n, pro4ent Sine,
o Cher, delitersi to the Cierui of the Dite,44. of Ohio,
Oettiber 11. !Ka
le .151, l'it tItTICAL AtiltlCULTl:RE.—Petaillux
r trloborif of the Former In all their .snmy, arid utast
iou them to the Sew., JJ 44 the 'sm. or they , euererstrelr
A,•d br John P. Murton, ti
Prof. of Seientme Aurtrultun• in Vole Colleue, New
Harem j rol . with stutnerou. illu ..... ions.
den Fourth Arent., AMLoItEAD Broldince.
IrrIIIE KORAN. by Sale; Burton's Anat..
I , m or Melonehnly; llonh j iVAMV . Lf r o , r h a:. , te by
d I HEESE—IOO boxes W. R., for sale by
den Uri Liberty
VIN EEC. Wll ISE EY--I4 bids. for sale by
kJ den A CI; LIIERThON & 00.
. _
BUFFALO ROBES—A fine selection for
ID We by, idel2l A. CULBERTSON & CO.
• eplendid rirw IsereEAA.
tome!. Stogie, will for th.• [don,
and ointitermediole points on Saturday. the arch in.t
ale o'clock, s
F" Se r l r 4 .6th' " "/413.;,1°:41107:1•2,dit.r.,.
Beatunont's Patent Starch Polish.
FATENTED; July 2Gth, IRso.—For
• beautiful Lilo.. lo bluetit.. Caroline, CA.
.are.fthirt beano% An., anti AI,. breves. the Iron from
adhering to Linen, An, and prevents dont frontatkking to
Linen% An, and contains nothing ittjurtoun
Dirartiong—Pot • piece the else of a pea to • quart of
atareh when lain= iron hriekly.
Lola,cent. per Dike. nal wholratale and retail by
IL E. bELLERS. 47 Wood
del2 Polo Agent rnr Allegheny County._
- -
Digestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice.
ei_OOD FLESH AND BLOOD are the pro-
LP ducts of cool food, met plenty of nutrition ll digeeted
sot conamted Into the element.. of . Witte
out s heathy stomach, and good power of digestion, tt. le
Idols that good Ilet.h and blood cannot he prodund, oven
•ith the boat of feeding. Diapaptlea never ean ...rex as
Inca at indigestion minting.t. Thle great want of lora.
lid. la mod bOPPI I 7 aspppl4d by Dr. Ilona btoo's celebra
ted PEPSIN, or Won II ge.tlyn Fluid, made from thestom.
ti of the Co. the real digestive material lbelf. created
by nature.
valfor t
u h a is yeann.d part., ra
Thlsle something tion.
at. end ble niel .091 ir it IS
wonder. tor the - Whin with bad stomach,
giving. le reality, the digeltlon ot so ox to the poor weak
dygpeptl.l anti making gmrl 11011, blood tad rat tor the
150000.1'd end Iwurn
H e p e r e l wholesale and retall Ayer, Pittsburgh,
ha,—V«r nate by It. E. SELLERS, Li Wool street.
6.‘ A FETY FUSE—',l"oblas. for sale by
dcl 1. 8. DILWORTH a cEI.
tilTtitiCiioL,, , d Blasti ng :
noO Pak, for tale br
bago Rio, for oak by
X/ dell .L &DILWORTH aCO.
MOLASSCS--30 libls. New Crop;
To artiTo sod tbr mac 6
by ookko °trots,
dell . S. DILWORTH I CO.
L - a l .l°° pigs f l r ltaiwom •w.
Wheeling ana "Pittsburgh Packet
_ .
ARE REDUCED!—The swift .
a ' running namenaer paelet Cl.I I..I . :lg . !: %o r „,...
2. lin Owe of the James NotrevJ 1 r.,.
,b e. t m0r,d.... , 10
the abore and all intermediate Ig, la
o'clock r. ~.1 r .
For Wheeltug f.oe.
Iv termed late len+. • .....:.' Lc. Tise O k L P 1.. ". 11.1111 . N'e - . 2....1'ai;l ..
Me;i;i i i'.., ‘,. %d r.i ,
. 1 7 , • ••;, , ,., , ,1 A ir .
burgh every Tunnl•l. Ttmrtz,.....,, mood., Al "lues•
i., returning. teneeeAll4.••••
A. ( 4 ....P;:ol r g ' ll i l l :,l• ' n 't ' • . Inkling eurrior szeuntuodallnue,
' , Or.ii,, L otx boar.l.u7 to tell Ellin. • 11l N NINO. Act...
I.larket •treel..
'rho l'llopor No 2 Is non of the. fevtrot Moot. ovor
otrootod tor Lb. troole I . lvoo.naore oual 0.0,
(too,. Ofi i,, r ronwo.: iu lbo *not,
- - -
REOULAR r i'll"i'SßUlllili and 5.. •
IVEAL,VILLF. PACK LT —Th.. cp.o. .1 . V ... 2
~' .^Ar PAeket oi..nArter VOItEeT CM, A. ".
Munl.orb, Ins..ter. 1rm0.... Pla,Asryll tor W..llArlil• in.,
.. , •1... ,, , ,,,, ,
,At 1.....e1. - .1, A. Al., sm rr
l turn-
Ing. Imtv.... W01.1111 , ...,4', ,12.7 At. ii n'rt.K.A. P AI Th.
Vor... C.ty run• it. r.aa..-coon vstb thr tipArlAr..ll.l.l
$ . 1114,1,41. Rallroml lAn.• . .
M. 11 ARMS. Aloonneshela now,
ntittht Attene. C. DANN V.O, N 0.1 1 .2 %%tart and hi 1,1 - tt
Parrel. tml9
I? liiiU LAlt irrsnuttGli AND
aa, will:I:LIN, It/WHET —The ottleteltdidat
sew raeket otonmee, NUNN Al, Ctneerell. mate
i . e. now ,rforrulng her,rolar trt-tree•kly tripes between
, , t , whe hog, louring INlteltureth at 10 n'elork
W Anemia, aed Friday. sad ' , turning.
tvb.„l,, etc', Tueeday. Thumb., and Slturlay,
In rarh . ""k.
thle whet I Noel. awl le one ht the ttnott
er conetruete.l fer the treule. Itattrett.
,an thpe•ntl on her .nntuiuini it th.,
Th. Plurnol 1.
gets and sloorwr.
IREu I ; L A
well leare l'iltshurg
or, Ttowds
for C:
ory Thur.-day al
dr upon
water , ) so
Fur freight or loss.go.•Pldr on Mao&
rrolng ham. This gplendid hoot w. Loth hy
the otruon. of the Cram., lea. Newton, and other, fur
the Cincinnati and Pittslannth Parket tr., and .11 leave
esory for Cincinnati.
/or freight or passage. anPlr 1,0 . 0 1 or to
nor' U. IL MILTENBERGER.. Agent.
I, I OR SAINT Louis—Tits
last 'team. PARIS. Vent!.. W Khlsert.
waster. • ill hare for the 11101/VP and all inter
rwshato port, OD this day. the Llth at 4 I' M
For 'might or pasage apply oo board. dell
aolondel now steamer
ran. Master, will leave for the ahoy.. and all
11t , 10 1131,111., nr., on Monday nest.. 4 1' M.
r""'" Tllll'lll or m
Isl.. Agents.
IMVILLE—The aplendid new
T. MINUS. Capt. Shank. will hate for the
shore sod ititortnedinto ports on Yrida)L at 10 A. M.
For froiglit or nassutgo std.!, on hoard. dell
o. I% Ciwoo. onmwr.
-h for A.
Captina wad llorkina
•e 3o'clf,k P. • r..turaing
71h...11. and li
•. ot. and shrpt.,,
his host runnirur P.Kularly duruai the
N T I: ARRAN G - F - 31 A T
the 111 L of 1/eifrenber. the Exprease 11.11 7viepai.lll
Ira,' Ibr liepot 14Iwirly &tepee the Canal Bridge,
every runening al al. o l e-hick. Pagarugeri. will go Sr tin.
Car• mile. in Thitle Creek, where kb, will bud the
knot n 1 Cieudie. readineer tn them Sr [olive 0(1.,
to • ar•t rate turnpike foal Beattkla then
ilie .pleuilld Cara nf the Penner tennis Railroad Conn
pal, Jrnrt to 1 . 1111.4114:LVIIIA and RALTIAIIII4R.
Through in 24 hour..
Vane In Philadelphia SII
Fare la liallinitire
Pineieneeni procure their tirki•ts at the nillee in the
llenlingahnleallouen. IlagioWe Hawked through.
1110K1111 EN, Ticket Agent
Penn Railroad fn.
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad.
Commencing on Monday, Dec. Bth, Issl.
nd ennnertrd rrirl. Railroad. leading to Cie,land,.
64nnd.n. and Colrinnale. 62 ...lire Railroad,
a. 61 on/o
I. mde. Stapny helvrern Pilbifrgh,
an.l the ronowtron nah the Cie,la-nd Railroad
or A Than,.
Exprem's Train 1111,4 Pittsburgh at 8
A St.... Lorain,/ only floelnoory, ?law
•tid Anon. amil rearlier
et 10 .0 A lahrre inoienorr. take anier• to
Sokol. Pi noir, end rAilmad Ibrore to Alliance end
Ntskkosrun daft (min Aliianc,o Cantu, Illas•Illnn
nnd Mansfield; null I.non (al Nor, C..[l.
I'olnu.l anal W.rrrn.
I:rturealig, Tgatt, NJ...0n0 at .2
P. M. at 4 I'. N., and arrives at.
Ovr,ll al 5 P. M. •
• •
11,The Nros tlywhlnn /moosomonlsoliow Trotin
Pi11,0,1..10 t M. Awl P SI , An't Broclotoo, at
, A )1 Aral 1,111. SI., solynne.ltate
lbon, I,oltssuos spool our tanolss, ...Id
I,orso Po.lour.h. Hoch Mor Nenr llngtosow
Po...sw, Irmo s A. II .4 ,
AAI,o al 9 M.
. .
Th. Trainadn mum Vu r mum t.on with tlir tuun. In and
'nun thn un
Veglend . ,
F..r net.. at the Stmet Ration, to
GE01:111: VAKKIN.
dwilf Tlet.t.lurat.
sttr - The name of ANDItAW McMASTER mill
h. •iiinnito.l for nomination at the Whitt Con'ninthm of
the eitt of Pittoburell, for the °Mc , of Ittator. tioNite
"LEONARD S. JOHNS ix \CeandiSate for
Mayor at I lie next City Riention, etittieet.p. the &chino of
the , Anti MA....inie 11 big ”ontention. nnhrtn
. l'ieitso announce tltrougtur paper
J A Ilk, II A TTIIEWS nt • nnoililAte for to, volition ,
it, the n.nninAtlon of the Anti-I...nit 11211 ViVti tionsen.
Crirblerou.n.r.ry.—Mr. Editor: Yle~ne no-
m0n0... that the InrILIP of It. C. CA WVF.P. prrit• LIP
fi.p a mln.non Lo• Moro, subfrot to IL. deriLloL DI
IL. 1f lopt CooToulion. Wokan,
lN CONSEQUENCE of the death of l'etet , ,
heard, the intereal flkb h. hold in 'ho Star Candle
ino, and whidiyr... conducted under the Melt of
°Peter hood t lb., .111 to fur ease. Fur nano. le. en.
(,01 r. of WM. GORDIAN.
delot.ll of the fern of Wilom Sharman. 4th et.
Monongahela Navigation Company
I onor,unalloo, at their afhm no tirant In the Cory
rat.orati, SlorklA. the fsfth .lay litaum . r. A.
1 1 1. '4 Itb. , na the 11r4 S r
ib[11.1.1111:1'Ibe month,. for the
.1..11.T1 of otneere tar the ftMlitliij•ar.
AN ot EJ n, ection for Fifteen Directors of "The
losuraore Ovor.any,. will be held t th.•
nl,y of h. Cornpur. Nn
„H,.. A sr.—, j 6eb•.o We b . nu " "f
ALI/11F.D W. M/.0110. Nrc r.
Pirnintincit, Oct. 'I N i 11.1.
TIDE DIRECTORS of the Culling Mining
Ca., of alltihican. hare this ill., male an avow ,
want of m
fill, eauu on each rtiarn of the capital alivek
eanapaut: our half papa lila no cc lira, lbrl.llll,No
ipianbar. and the. other half 013 ur taifort Lie,actaliar
cal, et their nlGer lu [hlr 4t
House of Refuge.
IRE subrcribera for .the erection of an
Howe of Iff.fuft. for iVentrrn P.nnetbwla, arn
bet.hy rfolifo4l 11/ak 4.0•411/11tli tof twenty, per rent- on
tortuflount autxrll.ll by tart, rrquirpd paid
the Tresmor.r, off brfory tife 1510 day Of Norelaber
nost. I.; enter of lb. Illfsni of f.iramorm.
orMll JOSHUA HANNA. Trpna:
ETTERS Testamentary to the estate of
ILlevA Jam, Ilnu, 164.14 Indiana lowemblNCollaty 01 Al.
b : r l b"' Esc=r i Es i lli !trZ 'b ;rlV b ;Mltt.
t ° l7: " Ll h r V:thro l t * lnT:: , 4 tor Eoltirm.ll to
fret.ADDISON \
on 1111•10111 Kanclitnrs.•
A Card—Life Insurance.
?kiR. C. A. COLTON, ,Sec'.—ftertr Sir—
IV A.. malt, of common listice, dorm it ntl dn.
.li :,..i.d tr , itw V. , 1 pttimpt ad o Haim; manner in
whieb the eIaIDI ofpolicy rverntly eflovied by tie,
am...tina to at... t a
ab.....) •o tbottaaral dollar,, ha.
been raid. . .
, .
The liheral priaelphet upon which, the entire of the
”Pittpburehlnoue-stars Copany . ' are vndueled, e n .
titles it to the rouuderation nod patron:Nee of the nubile.
The remelt& of prudential le•nevolevee In the mutual
of your organisation. is the true socialiFt
fraternal henlneence, which humanity am.l ChrietianitY
s tor.
nolndher of First Baptlet Church. Pittehurub.
Notice—Lost Certificate.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
hat boon made to th. Exchanka Bank for them.,
r (Itathicate No. 030. for fourtaan ehanot eabl, Bank,
atleitrtl to ha r e hero thartnned hr Mt on the 10th \Avail,
IS-15. prat:Weft MU. JANE (1/111.11..
- -
Notice to Brick Makers and Quarry Mn.e
. the LW,of December next, for the delivery of tig ,
duJ a half million/. of brick daring theenauleg rrring
summer. in about equal quantities, at the rater Depot ot
the Perudy treats Railroad ComP.i. end at Water snwet.
between Liberty and Penn.
The: ropoesio wilt elate the price of delivery at each
Point, d the she of the bricks; three of, the lo tr dl
1110.10[1 being preferred.
A portion of the brick to bedelivered it tikant etreet, to
In hard peeved, tor which the mire and diniensuone will
he rtatA net...l•
Propwals will a so be received for the Ante of the
brick, male from clay obtained from the companrouroutal
al the enter Iletwn, where fuel ran Lo obtained ldkristlroad,
utem low . term..
Protedale will be received at the Fame tint, Jr.
livery cif about Goal perch. , of "one for fuunda on, at
the aboete tolote, or at soy convenient Point \lr 1 7 , log
on the eine of the railroad, between Pittaburgand
The pronoaala will be sllteeted to Falwant
Aimelete Engineer, at Maley . ..llle, Indian*Co
no rtot EI/littll THOM PtiON. Chlef
YBE Stockholders of the Pennsylvania Salt\
OD are notified that an Allan.
le.t.iug will be held OD the 511.11 day et\ Iltvesober neat,
at 12 oclock. at tb... aka of Hatand V. Filser, Ent,,
Walnut street. rtillaklelptita.
ma] :21•• OD
PSON, Tretn. and Lim
"Elk Horn" Saw Lii for tlskle.
rpIIIS eetablishment, lately finisrred and
ie rtimplets runoluct enter, Is vituatrul on the
Sionnintabsla Oil miles aloes Plitsburdb. Itslnif s in ths
ylstoity of siccsaslrs coalworks, It contniatals ii,naly
how tuatara for lumber. used In boat building, Ar k and
tor all that 1. met sold on the mina., the Blackwa rat
toots ot allaiLasons an autist. to more distant marks . up
and boo the valley of the klonorairabela. fatniolvd
pith ntoktdivenr and nat.,. of the Gest and Malit copir,
ofkinds, Ibis Mill ststul• unrivaled In need,. eenat.
oof lasi, and ratlstactory performance of Its wort:, The
ostabll , hovent, Including Mx sorest of Coal, Ilwetliod
lino,. NI,. Blable, ae., van be sold low, and on tern.
to suit purobsosnatre of
J. B. MO Entu RRISON, Attorney at law,
deaf oalow—Fourth it., near Wood.
Chester's Clothing Emporium. ---\
fIEtEBRA'rED for Nentnii of, Fit, Fine-
u „,.,,, of Quality, and Durability Workataneblp—
oar stook Is full and eomplste, ond, g all snob. of
urn'. oat Bove Clothing and furtalshina Grids, OP.-
ufactural ander turcovn 'natation. 1 . 0 rs two lo-
titod so all and vramino, as no are de to well
low f auk. So casopsor. showtov i
lcli BTUDY to.rutaaie. yj .
- .v.. II SAUTHPIELD BT. near 11.
N.B.—Boys of amnia and slats iltte ' -- - - ..L
eat no*.
New I •elng Establishment.
\ itontar . N .t. wnrrEllousE:'
AIJELLA W, near Federal atreei. 0p
t!(...5;14.1t0."':.f,`; ilt.t . rg - h Al gliTh'ei.ii;ltZ
1 trz i a . :o4 o .. A... e . ,4 of ell r ....Lte , slae o . alcrt- i, dila Vela , .
Laritavtl....aleye iaiiety 0ra1.% cca s t ' tle' rp
1 and 11. :.,,,, rertorad do u tir fonts, 1 , 6111.1,er...1 dn.
' Waal equal oda.
•n . • %par Apparr.l dean
...l or dyat
we too
ta ain to meet, •roi warranted
not ttu! , o or aod the Ltnaq tll.l, dyed without nry..
pers.. •Itrl O. r nay ether aril it.r. liable to i.yure tbe
WT., W• 1,•11 spa,. ll oar tudy to dry. tb• utterat
••dLattarn to [lt .s \ a.. who nay a 'I, no. end any go..b.
rad rnaet.n. If, ww.,..; .• ad ly• .bou runt., '•r•• tac 11/I{Nt ....r..lree lb,: La. in: tbn Lat..) Ina
acnt• it. Mk WI Elm. nIJ man r — aar aork a dna
' , a. , . rb• 4 .11 .11., Dr•i• In •fo• elate.
ilarrlanii .141 • ,•••1 ,(I.lti II• 11l Jr ta.• d.r.l•. All
;La..* a ~,,,,, ;VI ars • call...darn . our trarli,ind ;
N. It • ..I.e. t..\l , ,.ft.trrabir Inea.). aba . It•
in the ali•Y•nt .11 .... Ita y.ld lixaunn to a.n Allah.
1 11 1 A , 1 ., i i -T•ilt 1,111 01. f . 3, f 8 0r ,, r t a i 1 , .. , !:? . .4 ,
11,?(ISIN-211 bbl ft;r hale hy
la. dell \ ..1.1.. .1.11.W..11T/f A \ al.
Ooods for Cold Wea t her..
vite the at -
ft.. Tsai.. kind, of I'ry 11...1. tnntad.R.r :::,77=4,
uel. 1... •
II•do• Ital.. Flanneit, white, L an, Nre and plitid.
.ienolne 11.'.1. do al . Va.tern N,. .... 111 radon:
l'ar la ;try 1 . .. on ard, I,..elind II •l ark.,...., t,
tr.,tan, e•dr.r., . 01,14, 11.,.irv. I , n ,
.1, loe', Cr.rnlart., •• An...W.lLn I•dyddy of IILA N.
Fi 470, 1.1 rarely...l, • delu
The Holder of a N. ot,e: • -
tII VEN hs.ravat. Poe, Thom., 'oe, and A.
J. Maui, Dor Von nr tors. n falling due
tha. month. I. reque•ted to mat.. IL4ur narent •I our
od, .A.IV MK INS Co..
al. , •it ,onarr Markel and int ;ea
Bu .
I"l'Elt—P2 bbla. froth Roll, for Rale by
,itio 0. r FILM l' - R.
1)R , 1 1 F , , , p PEACHES-30 lA.
~. for
rAl , e . : .
URIR!) APPLES-20 hill, for tale by'
doll! d. r. snal VEIL. •
. •
ril Wt. New NoO rilbbed Ilerrlnt,
300 a No. 1 sad 1! lake truperl., 51...t011.
ll. 11, )1.-Culloarlio 'trend.
Ant) rereir:nc• ~,J for talc. Ity
.1.•li. .1.111% u•Arr A at, Liberty oh
SUNDRiES-- • ,
3 Ltd. Kr.ab Ural Butter.
r. •
New ClG•er Seed:
f botes new II Raisin(:
21 exalt.. autterior Tanner% Ckl;
:1 exalts II inter W 11.11 4 ,011: \,
- Juel receiving artTfr i' t:;l S e b I ) . Syrup
‘l \. "l"''''' '
daw JOHN W %TT Cth
_7 \
Ladies' Secretaries.
TR'() beautiful new ACVIC LA 01i4EGRET
• finlehol and for rale
des Joa WI% Al EV Alt. R,. .121 react al.
‘I ACK ERE L-- I \ Large NoV,
IVI a , lr hr e. a lIAunAGOI._
6.: A LERATUS-10 tons Polr'd, in ea„cs
aj and boxer. for sale IbiNZELL t CO.,
dv , kthmty .treet
1111 A LE CI Le-2 easkli I 'int. Strained, for,
V V .mean rth.ol R. /./.1.Z1.1.A ., tab
I.: ES 10 boxes Cream superior;
at. I i° Cnntmon. formic 110
R. pAL/A:1,1. A Cn. biberay
IJTTER-5 tibial Fresh Roll; \
mad 1 G.. se, tea
b• Idetri L . \
N EIV LA RD—ln b tits. and kega, f sate
It. DALZELL A CO.. Libe I' Pt
HOUND NUTS--Y - .] mobs now Cr ,en
I run..,. far mle by ISAIA t, H DICKEY A
eo Wal sod Cron(
lODFISII-8 drums largo, for sale by
1 . /
In , 'IP.kIAII DICKEY k Cft.
(COFFEE—Tio bagu Green Rio, for sale b
(lIIEESF,--,50 boxes Cream, for sale by
P. W. WAR/lA[lllli.
- . -
INSEED bbl... ree'd. and for sale
POTASII-10 casks prime, for rale by
.Inl 0. tw. lIAKIIAUGII.
L 1 LASS—SIA) boxes assorted, for sale by
1b)1 den 0. IV. 11AlthlartIll.
- , _
I NDIGI,I-1 cocoon Camens: 2 kegs Manib
on , ennaignment. for .01. lent
IiOLL I I EARS & RODIES—Juat reed, an
I I aotortmant of India Rubber Doll Ilmde Ind. Katie,
at dKlemat •al. wholmale and mall by
de, J. k 11. lIG starael
Vitt:NCH TEETIIINti RINGS-72 pules,
01 an entire], mm tnat tweJ and Cr atthohy
.le9 .1. t 11. PRILLICE.II6 Market 0. '
PONGE India Rubber, a
firetrala article, bon,sole at the Itubbm Derot.
deo J. ‘II,PIIILLICS.II6 Ilarklk at.
—The eubs,riber haa rmethed n toll tnoply of
popular chartm,lbaka, in the Numeral
Itnaton kuntemi Damon, Nee. 1 mud 2. •
The One Line Psalm:Vt. coutathinc a Knot variety of
the btat Clotrol. Kw, io. '
The 0141.1. SilleoG Manual. tar t'efflafflA.F,rlT-I. sod ol the " tiKoao " flth
S.—A fall ruppty of the alomoympular works . will
cored/tot-4 ke pt f ur lola. dea
'vv.."... vs, MarT..llll.
" Yberehe tertift that I was afflicted Cr rat tunnthowith
a dry mtmh. which nedumel ma so that I Wm 01,11 -M to
quit my work. and that by the. tooof ' , mantis half boxes
Lie, thllt, and tan bottle, of the Imperial
Cough Sy CID. I Wail pmfectly enrad. .1. W. llnms,_
IVIAAActIo. V... M.r .27,,w0.
I h... used t , ..11,.. CoArb t•rruo in t>, !milli! for two
a"... , it o r r;; , .. a ..1.1,Nr! e
(Ito. N. nAtr , Atrown It to ftil ip.tre,
, reli.r.
1 6 i , par ...T et1 and 1 , a ' l3 by
...!...• R. K SliI.1.13:?, I.: Wood rt, _ ,
tIrIiI.WIFS SPECIFIC--A fresh raptly '.
iY ' r.e.l 3114 for eAI. b, J. KIDD &
. . ., .
li ` e LiECT IC PBX PA RATIONS--A. full as= \
Ilt:4 ga.rtAtrett, for rale by 1 . J. 19 , pb'h n)._
L , T.:viten-2409 Ibit.,Foxc's Ohio, in 50 lb.
del isatkave, for ale by J. KIDD A co.,
(A ft ond gt.
QIUGAR.--I0 blob, pr i l iic N. 0.. for the by
f. - 1 dot . J AMPS A. HUTeIIISON a ANL
XI GLASSES—?O bblo. Ni. 0., for sale:by
doi JAIIES A. lIKVIII2iIIi & C. 1.,
_ \ : \ RAR_
le Re
Book-Keeper Waited.
WHOLESALE HOUSE, or‘rWood street,
will want. .m the 7. or Jon.",no experiment,
' -Keeper., To one welt n 121016.141 till lb...lotion, a
Itheral eaLorp will be.llo.ed. Add .... with real
Bona," at this °like. All communicaeion. , ,ill bold
Von:Jilting the F.letnente of Mamie, lea conklplete in
..enctlent, the the Piano Forte. to which le Wrlan,er
collection itr flftypleor of popular Marti, MUMPS/11. of
to ,nee, Handles. Wolin, Polka% Dance, kr- By Edward
L.' %bite. Palen, Wet,. For saints,
den t J. 11 . MELLOR. 51 {Soul
11EAreqANT ' ON FLANNELS—We ba'se!ri!X t
make. Pillow Ca 311,41itt0, de.
deb NOrtheaso cornerof Fourib and Market ea
QOYS' {I/EA.—it - UE/ - 0Y ,V -41711CRIFIELD
have Jn.t ree'd in awn...nerd of the above kmd.,cf
micro. fr#-A Mrwt van., of New Hood, reed
during the lost few dare:loaklnak rtneent antorunliy
full. Borers .111 Pleat Sell w‘tK tte.
INSEED Idris\ for sale by
LA 1/11)1115.0VIITL,
YORK—s Hoge illnerPo'd rifltt f'or sale by
Libertr et
fiARED• PEACIIES—JS bu. for sale by
111 A !AY BUTTElt—Fresh, and handsome
" W r i n "'-
WM. A. atruLUßli A CO.,
den Oro,. am! Tel
1. -
- ILIA INTI.-'2.S .1)10. Fire and Water roof,
den Water and Front
BUCKETS -75 de;a, Patent, for sale by
den \ IPA DI
lAll CKEY Cll. \
TIOTASII—S\vaskm for side toy
OLL BRIMS' ONE \ — I:2 bbla. for saLe by
, HD OlL—`2o bLs. Winter, for sale by
A den . RIDI4 CO. Wrmd
444 Conking Rabdea....s tAlond C \ nTranta....- X e.
her linnet naklna...-12Ne.1N., Malaga Tina ..--1234e.
Nee Drunee —...• r/lin•
Candled Citrun, Oran.. and lemon renl.)'restt tiround
P1 , D441 of all kludC Kaeeilenl Teat; CAe.,*cul Crime Ri0 1A.ff.....10e. II D. \ dry
Ftdridan oral, for pale by
deo J. KIDD CU. ID nod id.
FRENCH OeflßE—Superibr, for ale by
<lO J. Krm. e O' 0 Wrma 0.
SALT PETRE-89 bags Crude, lading
and ter ,nk by isAan I , lCg.f.Y k IX
Water and , Lmot L.
VEATIIER3-14 bags for sale by
JC deb L Dieter 1 - 00.. Water and Frontrt.
(111E1, )-300 boxes English Dairy:
100 Commmt; tn. sail
. .
I A SUClAR i s iL i n 'b it i lna a n 'd ,.. °fi zoir, bi
i - TffijSIIED SUGAR-30 hbla. Lnveringle,
nklobe 13131111R110E t 11 , 10111101.
ER-2.00 Sides N. Y., for sile'by
eon Demo 2 itiottpal.
I.IIICE--25 tierces prime, for sale by ,
- • - , - --
1 )EARED PEACIIES- 5 bbls. weir, for
a_ gale br , W. W. aE. WILSON: ,
..b., •
- , -
43EAM. , .T. sii-20...3aRkiAfor &ale by - \\-
L d...t V. At Y. IY7I,SOtt. 118 &trawl .
Vii EEF BLADDERS—Via.iited by
1}../k. FAUN rATOCK k CO.,
corner f1ty1...1 Wool ylx.
• i T. ISlOLASSES—.ll. l btiliTcloodale's Re
\flot.ry, fermi., by BULIBRIDGE* INGIlltAll;
'ln. 114 Wavr st.
bo!eo, ki l 2s;rl 4
\ A
s k
4 can Corrolveo 2 . 2
FR 'TEAS-5 ht. ches4 Y. II OD;
\. SIS teeheelA Uar Powder
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