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Aatirffiasonic and Whig Convention.
. - " s "BaAt i n meeting of the Anti-Masonic arid
Whig City Cnneention. held neeember 14th.1U:., the fol
lowing resolution we. laOpted:
-Braised, That it ghoul be the duty of the PreAdent of
Llibl Convention to ordentbe next primary tueetman to
be held In the several ward.. on the round !tat unix,. of
Miteensberneat n between the-hours of II A. AL and n
Me to elriA diva delegate, to meet In CODOTC.4II OP the
Wednesday - 11)*, to nominate a eanduls. for Mayer .
In imonlanee with which, the Arian the deleaetee
will be bald at the time elated In the reeolution, and the
Ganveatitin will meet on Wedoreda).. l .'cumber. rthtt at
tfoloeld. A.M., In the Suprema Court Holm
The draining Port, Of this City, professes to
be the friend of the cause of European Lib
erty, and of its present representative, Louis
Roatnith. But' the course it pursues, shows
that the taiga and noble sentiment of freedom
to man be but little real iniluence over its
columns. Its highest feat is to party; nod
its': warmest aspirations are for the 0000005
::Pr:LOCO-fl)C0.19111. It may feel somewhat the
ind:debits of that anxious and passionate yearn
.-..!'}tet for .kumart freedom which is now rocking
. :the tililized world; but those generous sparks
'irti,qtionehed in -.the foul embrace of intense
.l . Parlr feeling.' The evidence of this will be
:.,fcratitil,iiil:lo columns of that paper yesterday,
in . itidebt along and elabOrate editorial article
thdlicing the present National Ad
...iniaiatiatien, because of its alleged coldnesstre.
... - rinkisis Kossuth. The article is Jesuitical and
unntatg, and a tissue of miarepresentationv.—:
"Fotiparisons are drawn betireen the Government
of the tioited States and that of Great Britain,.
green to the advantage of the latter, and with
injustice to the former, and almost every
atop tiketi by the President is condemned.
...4t is easy to be seen, that all this is for
.party effect- We profess to be oe friendly to
- the illustrious Maygnr as the Poseimn be, end
we cannot see what more the administration of
rensidetit Filtnore could have done than it Imo
lo express its regard and warm sympathy with
FlKoarmtli. Why does not the Post tarn its bat
teries upon Congress, where all the blame lies
The answer V plain ; Congress is largely Demo
cratic, and therefore exempt from blame ac
cording to the Post's system of party morals
The President, tired of waiting the tardy action
of Congress, has despatched his private Geer.,
tory, his own eon, to New York, to invite the
exiled Governor of Hungary to pay him a visit,
while Congress is wrangling about the questiou
whether it will give Kossuth a reception [doll.
The Post assails the President for neglect of
Kossuth, and has not a word of condemnation
'of Congress. Such is the 'Post's justice—such
the aid It renders the cause of European Lib
CONGRESS AND KOSSETU.—The illustrious Hun
4arian oldef appears to feel keenly the 'course
taken by Congress in regard to his reception.—
This he evidences'in tha following eitruct taken
from his reply to a deputation from the councils
otPhiladelphia, inviting him to visit that city:
"While ho was sure the people of the United
Stoles sympathised in the Object of his visit, he
oonld not but eay that ho was deeply distressed
. at the action which had been taken by Congress.
He had the highest respect and regard for Con
gress—be recognized it as the erpouent of the
najional and in view of what it had done,
. ,
'hin-obrn movements wore neoescarily embarrass
ed. - "Whether Iteoeuld be content to go beyond
'New York he net now say: hut he Cno•
free to declare, that had the proceedings in t.OO
- which he had adverted, reached biro
before befell Europe, he would have hesitated
about earning to this country at all"
We are not surprised that M. Koamith should
feel pained at the cavalier treatment he has hith
erto received at the hands of Qingresa, as it has
distreseed and mortified hundreds and thousands
of the people of . this country: but if he was bet
ter informed reference the exact situa
tion of affairs In regard to party feelings and
finds,-and the almost proverbially slow action of
ourpongreas, his chagrin would be greatly mit
igated. No question can come before that body
big:some individuals IWilrbe found to °plume it,
either from pure love of-opposition, or for the
sake of notoriety, or from some party or person
' al motive.
We cannot think, however, that a majority of
Congreen will refla. to give Kossuth a public
reception. Having invited him to come, by a
ptiblic resolution, and by despatching a nation-,
al bring him, it would inflict upon him
an irreparable injury. and disgrace this nation
in the , eyes of the civilized world to turn the
back upon him now. -Nicholas, Francis Joseph,
Yto Nono, and all the despots.. of Europe, woulp
'bold a
,jubilee ,. of rejoicing over such an event.
'Congress may rest assured that the people of
this country 4o most profoundly and earnestly
Ilympathize- wltlr the cause of civil liberty in
Europe, and that they will hold their repro-
eantatives tea !Mid account for their Itreatment
of the great representative of European flepub
licuiSm, hi the person of Louis Kesarfth.
Some peTsona complain of Kovuth's appeal
frOnGongrass directly to the people of the Gni
!, te4tates. LWe see nothing objectionable in
thlikin a person in his position. We would not
permitanother Government, thus to separate the
people froze the official agencies of their will,
bet the eastef, a helpless exile without any pow
' aor means tint the moral force of his greet
'character and abilities, an the canoe he advo
cates, is A quite different, 'An appeal directly to
the people redid not be proper in a country with
a Govetament of an hereditary executive and
legiAative .pbwer, as it would be aonsidered
mob:Mops/1. In America it is the legitimate
way of proceeding. The Government here in
only the -reflex of the popular frill, add when
it ceasekto be such it is changed, The people
are Gmi real sovereigns, and to --tirm Kossuth
assaj primly present Ids plea, in ib,AAvent of
the Government failing him. TIR iti,proper
for another reason. The Government May not
`be unwilling to act in a question somewhat new,
antic the people have spoken direaly. It may
IM deemed prudent to wait until the people bare
,givimunmisiakable evidence's of their will. This
:.cottnet we =eider wholly unn eiroary in tile
Present case, as we believe the eopte will ens
- Lan the Government in randeri g to Kossuth
all the . honor be merits , and exp osing fur bis
course all the aymyathy he asks; t should Con-
MIMS heititate or delay, or declin to act, there .
is no impropriety in, Kossuth ca "ng hie case
. to the sovereign auth rity. Such a
canoe is in strict accordance wi our institu
tient, and while it does no harm,- t exhibits the
liartnony, power, and security of a Republican
force of Government.
•::; —:itte`Government of the 'United States hoe to
rim prompt and decided. measure, In regard to
' the bring into the etoamer Protnetbeus by a
British Anne& vessel. A safficiennaval foroo
Tie imatedisteltdespatched to th scene of the
outrage, _to gitord against any father eggres
_ Liana of ihedritult And • It It is eta ed that Mr.
vire*ni . OtplittiluiiPhy thaArst eteatner, a strong
•uotif to , London on ' the , 'subject. ?6Vo have no
government wUI
prompUg.,mike all reparation for the iueult
.":„..:•.ifbleti the iliture....dthe oase.ealls for. Thia
govarntneet to get into a dith
-ley:RiW ilto,..Unitell ;Staten. •
ttonlow.—A. meeting of the ..Democracy" was
hildin the town Of Clarion last week to con
:'elder the qiiestion. Some action was
taken . in, reference to. increased protection to
cosi and lion:: We hove l not seen . the resolu
thins, 'but - the Register says that one et thespeak
ent took the ground that we need no protection
for any thing else.,, Of course no good results
need be expected from:auch movements as this,
nor is anything intended except to gull the hon
.,. eiit democrats, of that region, and thus keep
them loyel to - the party. _
meeting was also held on`Tuesday evening
:A - by the friends of tho Allegheny Valrey
npotied and - a nnmber of
:,;:t4filevotand:and Columbus Railroad
..iiiiii*lloidit;os-dirldond of four - per runt,
igtduslititiikAanths• A. good beginning.
land flerald says that the business of this rout
greatly exceeds the expectations of its most san
guise friend, and the earnings for the past six
months are greater than those estimated for the
year. The earnings of the road in November
were $47:1%.1 11. and the gross receipt teethe
nix months ending December Ist were $343,601
31. The number of passengers carried during
the same time was 161,7;;2.
A fire broke out between 4 and 5 o'clock on the
morning of the 7th Mat., in the store of Lar
rabee h Jordan, on Commercial wharf, which
was destroyed. from this building the flames
spread in different directions, and were not ar
rested until a large amount of property was
laid in ruins. The extent of the. conflagration
was owing mainly to the want of water, tiie
tide being down. The ordinary rise and fall of
the tide et that city is fourteen feet. Twenty.
seven stores were burned, nine vessels daniaged
and over ono. hundred thousand dollars worth
of merchandire destroyed.
ELEVTION.—WC find a few returns
of the late election, in the Wheeling Gazette, of
Summers,. W. Johnson, I)
Ohio County, I , lsd
Richmond, 7i 10 ndu.,,, j .
Alexondria, 9MJ ••
Norfolk, I:13 . •,
The Gazette adds, We have not Strong con
fidence in-his (Summery' I election, although the
northwest ou the river has done gloriously." See
telegraph report.
Since that return 4 , 001. Itanrcm to Missouri
the war - between the Benton an/ Alai-Benton
portions of the Demt;eratic party in that State
has broken out with renewed spirit and bitterness.
The St. Louis Union: the organ of the Bentonites,
has proclaimed that there can be no union be
tween thd parties, and publishes with commend
ation the preceedingr of ameetiug at which Col.
Benton was nominated for Congress and a pre
ference expressed for lieu. tyre. 0. Butler for
['resident nud (ion. Dodge. of Wisconsin, for Vice
President. Prom - these facts tbe St. Louis
ligeoccr draws the following deductions:
All this indicates with sufficient distinctness,
first, that Colonel Thos. Benton will shortly an
nounee himself a candidate for Congress in this
district. Second, that he will wage an implac
,ll/le warfare upon the Antics as heretofore.—
Third, that they. the aforesaid Antics, as we have
heretofore predicted, roust either succumb and
sue for pardon in humble tones, or they must
fight out to the last, the warfare between Cob Ben
ton and themselves. Fourth. that the preten
sions of Gen. Butler for the Presidency, itre to
be urp/il by Col Bet/ton, and those with whom he
acts. Fifth, that /luring the next year, w are
to have a political excitement in Missouri, e nu
pralleled for its intensity and bitterness.
Grahapi•s May ~ fur January, 1 , -I'2. This
is a splendid number, beautifully mobellichod,
and containing I 11l pages of excellent matter.
enough to mace a respectable duodecimo vol
ume. This is an earnest of what the subscrib
er-1i may expect fur the coming year.
Arm, The second
numbgr of this highly itlatrUCtiVe and most en
torMining work. has made its appearance on
our table. Published by Gould SI Limmln. Ilos•
Mat stint oars.--We were euterilingly piens
ed and interested last evening with the lectures
and illuatratioim of Indian hie and customs, by
Nlaungwiadarts, a Chipputtu chief. assisted
his wife and sons. UM narration of what at:
sale in England, France and Belgium. was r. ry
rich and unitising. and his observations pi on
savage life, as compared with cirJizrd, were
marked by strong good sense They are ill
very fine looking people, dressed in full ware
They had a very large and respectable au
dience, and the interest taken in their perform
ance has induced them to give another ou
Saturday evening.
A failure is announced to-day—that of Hicks
& Co., South Street, n ehipping house of some
note. Last week their paper went begging at
three per cent per month, rates that certainly
betokened the event that has now transpirse—
No other houses are implicated. and the general
credit of merchants remains unimpaired. The
arrive. - of th2sLiverpool Mail with nth-ire-a of a
farther titivate, and firmness in cotton gives more
confidence to people
,here. In sterling bills an
transactions as yet, but it is thought the rate will
soon recede below the shipping point for npeeie,
as -the cotton crop has commenced to go for
waist, with a larger present stock in the ports of
the South by one hundred and fifty thensand hales
than was held at the same time last season.—
As wo shall have a California mail before atioth.
er English ship leave us, more gold will come
to us than will go abroad.
Ensincss generally is very slack, and people
arc squaring up the accounts of the year. The
payments from the interior have not been quite
n good as wits desirable, more especially from
the south: and as a class, all merchants who last
yer sold small bills to the southern traders are
the a soundest. Western traders plend the low
price of produce as the cause of their
nn argument there is no gainsaying. It is no
doubt true that the present price of bread swills
hardly pays the price of production, a fact easily
understood when we consider how large a pro
portion of our former manufacturing laborers
have been turned into producers of grain
strad of consumers. As we have nothing but
agricultural pursuits to follow, we should at.
tempt tortalik , one usual income by increased
production, thus increasing the ,present evil of
low prices, beneficial to no class. If Congress
'sold be beaten into a decent knowledge ofthe
wants of the country we should see a different
orate of things, a slight modification of the tariff
only is needed to change our thousands of pro
docerajnto cm:Learners.
Let 11, have the iron mills, the cotton mills,
and all the other factories that employ no much
labor placed among the producers of grain and
cotton instead of being tended In England, to
be fed upon the grain of Europe, and we shall
soon rally its a [lents. Grain would advance,
labor would P.I7 I IIDOP, and all departments feel
the benefit of the change. tin nation can ever
export tho bulk of its grain crops--only the ex
cess. The experience of the famine year, in.
deed all experience Shows that low prices here
do not promote exports of grain, and that we
can sell as WOW/ dollarm worth at high rates as
at low. •He hope need ho entertained in regard
to the present Congress, and no relief until
another is chosen. Who will net strain every
nerve to place in power aCo grew devoted to
the interests of our own, rather than the good
of the labor of th• world. C.
Corropunrionscr lb:
WAIIIIIN , ITON, Pa., Dec.lo.
Masses. florrean:—Laiit night, about seven
o'clock, our citizens were again alarmed by the
cry of fire, which was occasioned by the-burn
ing of a citable in the rear of the American Ho
tel., which with its contents and one or two
horses was destroyed. This makes the eighth
Ciro we have had within a few weeks, by which
about twenty buildings have'been destroyed.—
And what is more strong, than anything else is
that none of the property destroyed has been in
We know not how to occount for so many fires
occurring in our Midst, not being able to con
ceive,what object an incendiary could have.—
The hours at which they have occurred, and
the kind of buildings which have been burned
don't look as though plunder could be their ob
ject. The cause is still a mystery, but we hope
it will be solved scoop. Yours truly, y a
- "
Derrn or net Ktau or HANOVRIL—The death
of the King of Hanover, the lust surviving sun
of George the Third, which took place on the
18th instant, was communicated to London by
the submarine telegraph the same evening. lie
AM In his 81st year, and is succeeded by his 800
Prince George, now in his 55th year, and total
ly. blind. After having been more universally
detested than any political personage ever
known in England, during his
,career its Duke of
Cumberland, the late king has strangely enough
,concluded a reign of fourteen years in Hanover
amid unfeigned sorrow nt his loss. He allowed
his people as little liberty as possible, Oat Uri
like the mean and fraudulent monarchs by whom
he was 'surrounded, he kept faith with them,
and never gave pledges in a moment of weakness
with the intention of cheating them as soon ns
he could get power to do so. It was almost im
possible for a manybowever arrogant his nature,
who' had been born in this country, and who had
breathed its atmosphere for morn than sixty
years, tc.tlescend to the low villainies which
have characterized the ceutinental rulers slate
1898, and•hence, in his case, it has been appro.
printely said— . a bad English peer made a re
spectable Gerramn sovertlgn."
PROM wenaturrow.
[Ourrerpoudossue of Lb. Pittsburgh Doily (hartlud
WILFRINOTION, Dec. 8, 1851
• Mr. Clay continues considerably unwell, and
did not attend in the Senate. to-day, notwith
standing the interest of the topics which were
expected to come up. M. Seward's resolution
welcoming Kosnth was not acted upon, because
several Senators, not whip, chose that it should
lie over, wad it could not ho taken up without
general consent. (ten. Shields presented a re
solution providing for the appointment of a
committee of three to make the proper prepara
tions for the noble exiles. But that failed also.
Now it is possible that Mr. Seward's resolution
may be favorably acted upon when it shall come
up in its anise, but I must confess that I rather
suspect that nothing whatever will be dune. If
Congress intended to take no notice of Governor
Kossuth, after his arrival, it should not have
extended to him that invitation to come hither
in a national veiisel, in pursuance of which he
j now - appeare among us..
kLr. Rives has returned from his mission.
Wkicther the post of Minister to France is to be
mane; vacant by his resignation is not certain,
tort the Relief is general that a change will take
place in it. Dl r.Riven hits left Paris, at a period
when his services Might he called into requisi
tion at any moment to second the instances
which our minister at Madrid is instructed in
make for the release of the American prisoners
in the mines of Spain.
With France, also. we have some questions
growing out of the Cuban II flair which cannot be
considered nettled. It is not probable that he
would hare left his iost at such a time without
particularly good reason. Among those who
love to speculate upon the movements of dis
tinguished own it M whispered that Mr. Rives
hike returned iu pursuance of an arrangement
by which Bon. A. 11. 11. Stewart, secretary of
the Interior, will go to France, and lion. Geo
Suinmers, the probably now defeated candidate
for Governor or V irginiii. will, come into Till.
cabinet as head of the Interior deportment. It
ip also said that Mr. hires will succeed Mr.
AVebster, should the latter conclude to retire for
the present front the labors of official life. It
may be thought that this would i.e too liberal a
sprinkling of Virginians in the President's privy
counitil, but the thing Is not without precedent.
t one time within the recollection of very young
politicians, three et ... these coveted and influen
tial places were tilled by citizens of that ancient
The course of the debate to-day in the :Veneto
On the comprbmise has beets precisely what I Cl
peeled. Foote rend his speech, but conld not
refrain from remarks which produced something
like nun altercation with Rhett of S C. In the
Southern Press of this morning, appears n very
ably written, severe, and satirical notice of the
1l ississippi Senator, under the title of the
"Little Pacificator, In fact it wtay a most Otri•
king full length portrait of him in that character,
closing with a sentence in italien, charging him
with having wantonly and for selfish purposes,
thrown a tirelinvnitinto the Senate,
ed the agitation on alavery, which but fsr him,
might have -slept. Thin article in attributed by
malty to Senator Blast, and from a passage or
two in the opening of Foote', speech to day, it
occurred to me that he had the same opinion of
ito antlinnihip Mr. Butler of S. who was
an tint...hate secensionint until hr per:rive-I
that that farce had become too eerie nn to lie
played any longer before the people of South
Carolina, and then turned into a very mild sort
of co-opemtionist—that in to say. awashed
into neuttsallty—thin gentleman replied to Foote,
kml mitile.the•ery remarkable declaration, that
bad not thelntrife been renewed here in the tin
Bona! letTislature, the people of the South would
not have opened their mouths on the questions
involved in the e..impromine What a comment
is thin upon the fury - and bluster of South Oa".
lion seccesionicm, said dieunioniam in general'
I:l,ett Ittm the door for tn-morrow. and a fury.
ens diaputati , m, if not remething sharper. b. ex
pected between him and tire. —l.ltt:e Pacificator
I shah look with the feeling, of the good dame
in the memorable fight between her husband and
the beer.
The poor Speaker Lae parsed manila, very
had night The politico; doctor,. hoer refaced
to let even Lin Lest frdmila 1 eta his room. Nei
ther Doyley, Nancy, nor Joneii, it IN raid ia to
be bead of the ways and meson, and lender of
the the liflose, hut a man named ilomitisn, (run
Alabama, who woe net in the las: Cuagrera, lint
woo in central prereding. Joann ormi:il hove
been eery hied but linnet:in is wore. In fort
in the companion of untitne, he would take
the auperlstire degree. Ji nirr
it s / //.1.ce.5....1.-.Messrs Mason. Done
Mangum and l'uderwoiA
tts Fo,n, _ Messrs II onter, Bright, Girin,
Pearce and
to t c o mets,. -- Meitni•ti Ifami in, Senale,ltodze.
of Wit , iinsin. Bari. a nd Bewae i t.
toi Ua.roi yru.n --.‘1,4r, Sat.-L./Ban, Bayard.
St/id:leo, Upham and Jame-
Col .-Ige•-iiitato —Messrs. Soule, Walker. At
chistin. Syr:lancet on Wade
. 1 / a ttoro AtTalta • • M,ArA Shialda. CID .
men-, Borland, lt;wmon and font,. of TOUllt,
i.e., •
to ri. MOQUI/i. flnuaon. Hodge, of
WiSCOUS/11. Borland, Alortori. and Speniince
On Nitro: .I!Tarr. Meiorn Gwyn, Stockton,
Mallory, Badger and Fiat,
to. l',,hrte /.code. Felrh. Shields,
Dodge. of lowa, Cnderwrioil and Pratt
Ilan -1 ('loan., --Alexnrs
WUHCOU/ti, 71eme., Davis, and Ilale
/ode,n —‘l«upiro Atchison, Sebas.
kiwi, Bunt, 1101 and Cooper
0I 0.11171 A —Moaners. Broadhead, Whitr.otnt.,
Pratt, and Wade.
Os Re..braanary 'hum, —Me• aer . W a lk er ,
Chase., James, Foote, and Sumner.
/to IC. .114thriary.--Mepirs Butler, Downs,
Bradbury 'Berrien. and (layer.
/ - ,t, Id, p os t. ,,/. re no.gob —Messrs,
Hunk, Soule, Hamlin, Upham, and Morton
On Rooth dlolCanal4 Rhett.
Llouglas, Sprnance, and Sumner
Nn Penetoti/.—)loiuers. Jones, of loira, Bor
land. Stockton, Foote. and Geyer.
On the Mitre:to/ t'ohombio.—Mcsars. Shields,
Bradbury, Norris Berrien, and Clarke .
O n Parents and Patent Orll,—Nlosnrx. North.,
James, Whitcomb, Dawson and Smith.
If" lleireneArnera.—Monars. Bradbury, Bright,
Illanguni, and Fish.
On. 7'errliono rilouaton,
Uwinj Cooper, mud Jones of Tenneaseo
On Pubbr Buthliny..—Aletzra. Whitcomb, Hunt
er, and Clarke.
ro t l'ruatny.—Menton. Borland, Hamlin, and
n n Enystars./Bills.—Nlesers. Bayard, Afallory,
and Hale.
(i n the tiSrory.—Menem, Pearce,Clemeria, and
Dielge, of lowa.
/, n h'aralled 801 l r. Jour; of lowa,
and Badger.
TO Audit and Contra( Oa L'ontvnyrroi I:qn.n.rm e ! !
the S , nate ens.. —Bodge of lowa, tlVnikrr,
and Bell.
The Europese pnpera•hy the America Lave
the following additional intelligence:
We extract the followiug from the Singapore
Free Press, of October . —..We are merry to
have to record the total loss of the tine amen'.
can dipper ship Memnon, Capt. Gordon. The
Memnon, which wan from Gong Kong, bound to
London, with a cargo of man, had a dead beat
down the China BCD, and on the morning of the
14th inst., about three A. Id., wan in the straits
of Clasper, with a bright moonlight, the inland
off the west end of Pula Lint, bearing south,
and the north extreme point of Polo Liat F.
S. E. , tacked and stood to the S. W., but Im
mediately on the ship getting headway, she
struck on a reef not laid down in the charts.—
She wrn hove of the same day at high water
by her third bower, and was found to be unin
jured. After being warped out clear of till
danger, the vessel was anchored with the sec
ond and third howers,with thirty fathoms of chain
each. The next morning, (Eltli) a heavy bquall
struck the vessel from N. N. W. ; the hnwscry
parted, and the ship dragged her anchors right
astern, and ran on the reef. The ship being
bilged, the water level with the upper deck,
and no arms 'on board to protect them from the
natives, who were collecting rental them in
giest numbers, it wan thought advisable to aban
don the vessel and proceed to Gaspar Island,
where the officers and crew remained for four
daysin a very uncomfortable state, having lit
tle to est, and water being scanty. Ou the 4th
day, Capt. Gordon despatched his chief ()facer
and come of the men in a boat to Singapore for
assistance, but about three hours after the boat
left, the British ship Jorbmiah Garnet!,, Capt
Dudley, from Liverpool, bound to Shanghai,
came in eight, and being sommunicated with,
Capt. Gordon and the other persons remaining
on.the island, were taken on board, where they
were treated' with the utmost kindness. The
boat with the chief officer end his men, were
picked up by the Eastmain, Capt. Shire, from
China to Calcutta. who conveyed them to Singa
pore. The Memnon and her cargo were insured
to the amount of £50,000."
Loss or roe Atteniran Slur Groninr. Basics.
—The Singapore Free Press, of I let. dth, con
tains the following —".According to accounts
from Macassar, the American ship tleorge
Brown. of Baltimore, Capt. Higgins front Sta..
Franctsco, California', bound to Calcutta, was
wrecked in the vicinity of Tiger Isiantia on the
15th August. 'The vessel struck un the coral
reefs with such force that it immediately tilled
with water: and no there rctnitittEd no id - lance
of saving her, the boats were got ready in order
to reach the nearest port. 1,18 th e 2,10. An
gust, the Captain, will. three of the crew, arrived
at Macassar iu one of the boats, a - bile the rest
of the crew, consisting of eighteen moo, landed
at Boothian, from whence !key went, under the
guidance of the government pm boot No IS, to
Macnsvar, whore they arrived on the first
September. The captain and crew tilvcrerurdt
proceeded to Sornarang
Nto iNAI.V4I..
esl , To gkvv•NINE LIVE. Loa - v.- We extract the
following notice of a most thartatrous wreck from
the Wellington Independent, of the
is with feelings of the deepest regret that w mamate., the total wreck a the kirk Mariti e
i ,
.Ibit tont., Captain }took, anu the loss of twenty
ice lives, out of thirty ono persons, on booed
at the time the melancholy coto_atropho took
plac tin Sunday not, the Maria left Fort Vo
torin for Wellington, with a favorable wind, and
struck on the rocks of the Ronal strew, at .in
dc:ock Itedorailny morning. 'the second mote
atatantly ran to the wheel, hat the v, set anal. -
tag again, threw him over it. and before she
could he hrought to. she was broadside on the
rocket, and went to pieces nantiat immedi a tely.-
host was lowered down, into which many
jumped. but it was.rwonipeti at °IWO A }lnlay
and n yang neon who iti i heel, at the wheel
Hung to pieces of the week, and, after he
log dashed backwards toll forwards amongst
the rocks fors cob-biro-able tiro, ultimately sac
seeded in reachingt he khore. ThellatiCPA
them the course of the day, and treated them
most kindly
tt!'-tv /..I
„` , !hag ottronu 1 h c laid the
!Labeled in the London Merritt. loin!
Msokcitt.ka, N o v • lt, Ibra.
.1 most frightful occident hoppeneil hart
nltneat withal sight of our port. The ktiginter
La Villa de tirosse, going to Comma, watt ran
•down by Palle de klar-eille, ling from It:,
ly. I, Villa dohad great many
reogerk, nearly the whole of wit.) pertshet
Anomg them war the Russian ettitut Moog, with
his loudly of ',even persons nil ore tort
Eleven. A NI —I hint doe instant reretvol
the golittwing trent captain, an Eng
hall gentleman. miatne tteltnewni t 1.11.1 n chtl•l
have Le KAI, I ThTheh. are nntre mot
velerahle en
than was at firet nottotgattel
u1:1 THHS Hll' 1:111 1 , 1. T 1 l'rHE%
/. 1 , 1 r .tt Tl•nr,t night, the lath oat
HI the elup Capt . :4... trout N.rlount
lat., le, proceeding on her voyage to Liver.
.11t. out , uttter. , l %WI northwe+tern gale
th3t htro,ll'.Z, and drtftvd an the P.tie
al.ere, ititerwritlis, the I W1,01.1.` -
bled• and tel c•er en her I.,unt e 41.4 Thr
captain, the pilot, :pt.' eleven other hand. w e re
on Ward 31 tip , r, me. the- why of whom,
.ho regret t. ery. except mute, wt.
huune:l by viitioug tu the very tep of the
luantil. the other+ brine a altry fiom
he n rigiztuz, ollt` after the the tie..
11.1 e .1 ut 't hr`
hre.Llllng tip
N.., the I,ort.
ltwnr,, .rtYlelf.l.o
!a r T
tos oIIIVN. Thy I , ahnat, laiTez •
g with aoe,,unt• of earthquake, ale! a ,
the Vb.,. anti I,ll.lllsti t v
+ll. , cl,wearrel nt the 11 , tn
ult. ,nbtorroue h t
• another heir,, alien en,ntol e ,,, ne:tinte after o
the may,. zanf !Ilene phenomea, ern. , revrate r• I
'an the D4L +:, I. Greater In n teualt
uuntely' . ll, , af natnle La, to by
stnenteil ther. Further pnra. . of' the tyr .
tint •iti4l6, ht f n1.1. , n0, her arb••l the
nurve-r. ,erie , of. nter
mittens in the nifzrexaty. nhatit a
onarter of an !lour. The water, of t4e rtr,
mile,. /rem Vnilana, roe,,:wo feet
nbove the or , fintry add man, bona., fell
in the town lieyilf The loan of het :0, about
thirty nnle, Irnin Vallena, 1, a 1,...,1 , a
,te r-aetb , ha., al—, been ,,,ye , 1
wewler, cant , ntir•l to t•e felt IT to the inteel
datr, !.ring the Jib oft_
The.,. I. J,yu. c•,/ tri • n.Ol
Kesel Tii the kvio. ttnpersann:i,u el the Inse:
spirit of Lieerty in the CI! , 1 Wee The ...Br
of true gyeatinera appeartain all leis set+ lie
t. brare, virtue., noble and eloinent The
iven.age which is paid him rhos, deep •yrnpn
; thy in hip 1.13 t it pro , crisrs neter
tine in Aim hehafb - Bnr
r oteratinr hi. , q( ateur
, party . rentlietr . her., and przeicitninr hi. inten
ts:4v to leave err tionneatie inmttlatien• tinh...h •
trs ; rolieve• himself trent the danger sv ; lve
would revutt rental party .111,qt and epp,oltil,
The task orioeb he ha , herr, hies. h overer. i.
F.rrralcau, anb impassible of a anpitshment
The pen-eras h, , 1,. t.. the .o of
1/tr.r•thlo,4l 10 ihrecgn allow, ears
•• Toe.,•trortlon t.,:iltnreltralv the tae ,
oul.y Europe I.ot ofl .rturrte• If • i. 17111 for tn.
terrent ,, n rrrr 40 04. itl. 01 1,11710 111, the
ehnonrl• v.( 1-11,iut,14 and the 11.10 t . pan. ,
Inv,n .tre tel .lieu we h•re aksrplq• t..
vpare Wor, to the coon.. eventr, may net he
•rovle4 Ito.tuner. vise. or tile eurrpev
untionv. v•Ile Int;) len,. new facoltier, an.l
like the whirlwind in the natur•l Vonet4 whte-11
dr,away the pevtileuttr.l me, it , in a .1.?,e.1
nod l ow ron.latoit of voriety, purttlem the den..l.
1,071 .pint, onil aniurvie• the 4ltt,vgivh 117.01,"
toent. of men Itot enotety Iv now .Irometng
through Ito art. of power! to • higher cond4tlon
ver torfore re•rbe•l , thee.. 14 wile
left foe growth an 4 intprovrrovut, nut 41 , 1
wt. vnter tot, 'an ottneoetor•rr , we •111.111
revs the onw•tol your, •or thvn war ge. and that for
•n nhiret whtrh on mean.; er.,1.1 not neon
Nave -- The IS hsz , iate ren•en
lien of \ Ilant pehtre era+ held at 1 I•trielleater
the A,l meta., end wee preahled eve . , by• the
Firm reb,,bo4 t:.lo.ftwita; na..te.) oeneher of
etre prealdenia awl secretaries
The lion Thee E Sewer Ira. notninate,l
the Whir cankittlate fir the I;.;vernorship, and
Juneph :iawyer for the Ai, of I:adeoad l'etn•
liclrgatos wcrr clicarn to the Sattowal Con-
Troia°, and a ranca.ol patriotic reuelcitiono
wore adopted.
F IT tb .feria ter ON rim l'euvuat. ftaitvitan
—While the weotern train of earn were atoppi ti g
at New !bad° on Monday evening, n young Inds
etepped oau np..n ILr rhdterm npnn which the
baggage lay, to look after her truck; bur treat
er, 1,140•Ub trowelling in eiontinny 0411 her.
toll her to return to her vent in the gift, unit
ouppoae.l she had .lone so. The train eturted,
leaving her yet upon the platform; nu Stlial
the train began to Inner vheatarted niter it, and
reaching it while it woo yet miller slow motion,
she attemptod It, get Upon it; tiring amble to do
en, NI, ratee 1010 wan employed at n tracklay•
•,r upon the road, undertook to ariviat her, In
doing which by mine menus or oilier, the young
lady fell between the core, party upon her hire
unit WO, roughly handled by the broken, wbielt
roomed over her ono titter the other nu the cam
proceeded, severely raking and bruiting er buck,
owl vole She is now lying unable to• proceed
at New Ihllbtlu, but is not considered to be In a
danger.. condition.
The into of poor l'ittee was most awful! Ile
fell directly atrium the roll, and woe cut in Iwo
by the wheel, living but n few in manta after bin
The brother of the young lady, not being
aware or her accident, and ouppooing her on
board el the train, proceeded to Michigan city,
lint on the way wao informed of the accidently
it paiiiiiinger wino hod ,ieen it, and at once herapie
awnre that the perioin iujured moot have been
hid dieter, no he could buil nothing of her upon
'the train.
This distressing occurrence is a now wooing
to keep clear of ITS io motion brirnit I dr.
FalllmportatiOn of Tilrtiware, Cutlery, &c.
No. 129 Wood Street,
tall th• tE,
AuJ vl,ll t !Jo r r. n u n:r ot pc i ftrr;l 4. l . n rr uO t ;Aar*
A.- A full anourrltumt el 111 ANN'S ra . 1.1,14K1C S. ANKH
Cal hallli. am/ Mr
l'it vx.—lt would lw ea, to 09 o trdumo with co,
Ohre. a lb. of o...nonce td tltln oollleiwo. Whore...or It
lowt 001 w IMO It lot. umle. Rv•lf paiottEr. Wo have In
our prwooookiou hundsol• ur nnlet• 111 e th. followlmr
VArinburgh. N. V., Dor.
Memo, liidd t llo.—four tramline agent left I.nth me
a.hart time Alm, w nuantltr of 3MI-noe'r Liver Pill.
The .bale Int mid' Tory rapid'' and gam the taighevt
astl.fartlt, lalen:Litl. ronoidered the leaf medirine al
the kind ever arr., for sale. Nome tend m neater
runply u main tt. roteilda. W. 11. AIN MOUTH.
J. KIM, n CO..
?1& 60 wool Ft.
Vnr male Uy
145.4 wit-VI
gerFarmere: ',under well over the thou•
rand anidrnp te a t daily bargli Fumes and cattle, which
adieu render them. nalleer for lira: when, it Yon wmild
make It a roielt . telktae eiwar• on eao.l it. yarrell'a
Arabian Lhiluidnk yOn eauld have the animal awed In a:
tar days: and *nil not only Man Ilen, but you would
aTOIO the tisk a . f loalng the erratum altogether. 'Bre ad-
YondlalliOnt.) , IW2A
Pittaboxgh Life Insurance Company
CAPITAL, 3100,000.
Pnaident—.l.l. A.
V .11 , (11-maAN.
nrJn I.rccit
Ne , n•tarT—C A COLT,.
Part hir paper.
New Book's!
T ./. L. IjIA lI'S. p p , 11" BuildiligA, N.
13..41 nun,. k.4kot.. or
Thin, FnmiliA4
. .
,nintual It..,..immthal • 411 n-fer..nev to pr....ent
zt , Clergs Li.,, th 00..- of Ohio.
Ort..l , er 11. 1,61
ASO PH At.`lll•A I. •A•ilil• I:I.TURY.-lArtaHllug
Ike •••••.•cr ••I tnell Hteer var., and wimp,
thr •I dr . .•• ar as HI, run r.IY
authat thr
A , Pr, ••I a.arattlie Agrlralltrr•• Vale Collegr,
1,..., ‘..1... ILA 1111111,..0.1tturtrute...
.1 1.. III.: ti.
I,kurrh 11U11.11c4.
Kolt.lS, Sale: litirton's Anato
-1 Kik of al e1:Ln1.1...1, Wnt In,'
.1 I, 11.F.A11. Fourth .rt
Ito w, t„ r I„,
. k
I N REC. ISH El —l4 1.14, for toile by
) 111 RORES — A tine ....lootion for
A IT1.111.:11TSIIN aa,
14 1(1 11 N OK LEA
.11 •.141.4. .
f , rl 1..1kr 4, to
t /,,r•t+r
Beanmont's Patont Starch Polish.
i)ATENTEP. July 26th, I 1; 511,—For
. I.itten4 etstni , rans, rot
so, mon Itos. to, An , and •I•tt on:snots tit. , tom fr...
Ittrontoto•—ltlat porn LI. on, of • pot • Annot of
st•o I. • Iwo totitott. inn tyk h
I, len. nnnto tor Cake. Sold wholnostnnn4 rnotil
It. I:. ,t111.1..1,1t0.157 Wood st. :
dt 1. Anl. A•ont I r 4.11,1.ny Coo".
A t : Vier!'rosi,J4:rt ;
111 1... bri/ lA., enen,r- .viii,:
sn Court A t lii
to. tt....ts tit t in Juatint/
Administrator's Notice.
IkTio'ficE .gii en that Letha, td .
St t•I., 1.{.4.1.1..uu
.rentost 1.. Mt. %Os- nts, II
~/...11)vu ..r.ism...lavat..l r.t ..,;1
• ...1. , .11409, .t• lust ,r.. 111,
t. I' Ati . Fetortte
1. I VIII 11 ... . s.
• V, ,
Thc-.11. FLE , I I A N Trtie Digestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice.
4 1 It1.1)( II) a, 11., pr.,.
•to.I ••,..... • Ith
-c . ~i , .i..
~ .. u. ~ .~_.i ..~:i;w .~.:i ~...~,~,. i i i_ i r.i~„.a. ...,
.1 , 101.11..1:T11 .1 ro
12.° r "'" , `"t b ,• l l'1 5 1$ eIRTII
-.l. 'n- 1 , ;V„ ' , 1 2r„ 4
Young Me 1 1 .3 Library • Introductory Leo-
" N-i 1,141111%
New Dyeing. 'Eltablizieternt
itl.llEirl ..`4IN &
I •A 111. 1.1..% R. .I.met,
• .•
•.•ur .11k..
.e say .•Iner
1...1 411
riiv• usl• ,11...t4rn14....r
".. ~„.
. ,~, ~....a..0. .;,~.
Orphans' Court Sale
)I'II,I:ANT t. t Urder of the
I, t•t.l 1 out, , Itut it..4tettlo4
•14 Itta itrtutio.• ttit el.• ut 4.4_ 4 4,„
• tttat 4 - 4 rt•tu ut ttl 444 - 4tuutl tut• rt. It It
4i.- I I Itu t • tt, l' au. I.:- • out
,II Low ttt. I stttortto, ol Qt. tato milt att., tt.
to.. a 31...41 l'ot .1••••••., • n Otto Itt te—ot , lttS
„,, orrt•tt to 1.•14
tot,. Gttat ••ollotu , av•stIll
patt. 61 it, otttaktr ot. kttiolrott (trtvtlt,tt to oast!
Itototr, • otl <lt to,. taultt•a Alf
to• - 1 t•tot. t It ••• —tort 7.51 15. 115.'
ota.lltolotor in 11" i•lt it., It! o•tno•I rtl.
r,..a01e I . C.ont,
.r.V.IL II
Goods for Cold Weather.
%air:RPM 1 invite the to-
sl.trt• ern„ , ,115,1.141111.11, • nprl, I 1 S
k .”•• r
The Holder of a Note,
41 IVKN I,v P.% Tltmea , 4 end A.
1 Nl,Lur". .n•L
I••• parni•nt .t out
1%11.111N:I • 01.
•"" ..• 14, II WI" I ••.ITIII,I •.
12 14,15. froch Roll,
0 1 1 7 1( 7 1 :11 , 1 . , ,, ,y
I kitlEii Es.,-311 bu, for by
p -111(11 CI:
II 511 ,1 1 . 11) . A1.1.1.V.5-21)
41,1,1,1• ‘,••• S. 1 1111/14,1
•IN/ No. I and 2 1.•.t0 Salmno—
II pi, 11n01111.,u..1k • Itruml
...11. IIA rr
v 3 1;1 , 111101.,
•• N•lr, r 1.•••••• 1,••• , 1
•uvenor T•••••••••
.1 ,•••• tuts,
iv.. n. 11, Nyrup
weeiving . 1 fi,r nitly LI
.101 IN WATT* Co
thr Ilth of ',umber. lie Trait.. will
Ilriuit on lA...try elm,. sixorw thr tinual Bair,
rrr /wallow ist 'rill sin 1,3 t
V.:11111, to Tut thi enddii they will 110.1 the
ludl tloarlse4 In ',0m..., to pour." , thrinVA °vier
. hit rate - lump/kr road In Brattyr
takellte 17ari el they Pininidronsit 11.11r,wl rota
unit to/ uu l lills.lllsllA und ItA1:113101tii.
Vara to .................
Fide to Pultituori. .......
1 . /rud.nrerr w 111 proem, their tlrdrt,..l the tare In th.
M.diutsuslielli Hour. , Mt:VA: , elurliml flirouuh
.1. Udti AlklY i. Tlrkist diarist
dridtl erne Railroad tin.
(11,, r o .n. 16111.. Post olho,—
Ann. and 111.41:v.b. , !Umlaut, by P.ll .laut.e.
loriumlld and I.lulbrator. bori.tobor
t Nap.domt. br lio'adll•
I,iortnl lirotb,r Jonatbab. for Cbib.lnkan.
A tor,e auppyt of ANNUALS, from SI to Sl':
IlarweaN ,, Monthly Attworina, lily 14....rubar
p..r..rn P.ot.b. 1.1 I and'_, prim L..e.
I ot..rnauonn , Masozior, tar .
111...taood'n, 11auarin., tor %.,,rb..r.
ii Iwo., at I.unm.., by llorarot/rray.
Nlndel Archibr.t,
No 0.
Mqby.l , trk. or tho %flask: now wort by tb•rtuan 11.1.
,111... LN
indinoary off bakaPar..on quotation,.
hoodoo Labor bud lanolon Punt, No. lA.
Harper'. Masott, vol :1, boring In =Who.
ilLel.nberolo Irolaud, by U.' M. Thartiarty.
I o talon •rt.Journat for Notrruber.
i.i ) e+ and Aare:Omni-lot' an Arkarnom Doctor.
Tto. timmiana, • tare novel LT Ilulat.r.
t on he Lily tut.l rho lit, by Warren.
tdnixofr and big rigube rianclo Poona.
of the Mottle. by boom..
Nturnorie. Of A PIITIACIAII. MM+,
Burnbaut. • 1111 , 0' ibe Aitivrtran Rasolullon.
.I.ataria Arundol. or the Italinisd of Lfo.
Prank fralrlrlir or y.oenualtittu.l.ll:.of a Ptirato Pupil.
Matilda MoutalutuarM. a ralttil to Waren...
:. poll
Dereption, or • 1111.1.0ry. of the Unman Heart, part
Mabol,or tint Child of the pat!i•riaid. • Tel. of lista,
Moore Henszey & Co.,
IIMPORTEW , and Wll4,lexal.• jobbnr s 4,
IlAnlivr Mu: AND CUTI.IIIIY, No. 1.°11.1,, V t ~,,i
~ \
Stuck inr, and ;on,. 10,.. .',
Ladies' Secretaries. 7 \
deatit..u. new 4 tvlo LAMES SURV n
rillW 0 I ;I . I
I 'Tr, Ilnlph..l ..I tr”
Jr'4 4.1%1,1'11 MEI 111, N,r! , 12,1 Pros 0.
!ki ACKFIREL--100 L . :lrv° No : f. \
IT 1
I. 4 1,1,4; ; S 11 1: 11.1 1 / 4 1:11 . 11. , ill
1,4 1 i.:.1 TII ERS —lOO bap , for Kale'lv
1' 4.. 0 a W lIINVII',II
ILERATUS-1 ,1 tor, l'uly'd, N in ensks
kJ .11,1 box., for si. bf It DA 1.7,1, 1‘ 1.,,..
dr.. , 1., 111..1W
'l.:\ 1 7 !'.. 61 L7T • 2 ., eamks yllt: i StmL .Ritt2 l / 4 1 . , 1.. r
i , 11 E ES,F.-41 hi bones Cream, superi.,
1. , - C ,,, 1 , , -AI , t,. ,
. 1 . , It f.A1.7.1,1.L A i'fo . 1.0. rt., .I `,
R. 1 ,11.740.1. C“
N - In 41.14. and kegs, t\r salo by
nk k .
HOF N II NUTS now su
it Pkl^ Lr I& \l.l II I/ E Co.
4.11 And Front AtA
/ I Olir ISI I —S drums 111, 1 .. for -ale bv
,OFTEE__ bak,, I Rio, for sale by
' 1 • .1, ISAIAH DICKEY A 111
F LOU bbls. extra 10011114, for atile by
A w a - ARRA 1'1;11
, lir, ESE- -RU bozos Cream, for sale by
I i :YiSEED bblv and for male
I 111 A IA II A I:11 Dbifl
I . III)TASi eaFkx prime, fur hale by
9. A 11. lI.AIIOI Cid],
LASS—real boxes :aimort ,, ,l, Srf sale by
N bit Ilx.rr
reroon earaetw, koga Nla 161-
[lOlOll 1111 bn • r. A' A to
or ,1•11,ya ,
l lor wt,”lysale Ana bt,Dl by
J. A 11. 11/11.1PS. 1 RI ,InrCel
1, 4 , 1tr,Ne1l TEETHING 11IN115--2 grrals,
Jnruort.l, nnyr pr mcbl mn.l ykle Ip
.1 Alt lIIIIICA 11, 1 11.1,1 •t
PONG BAUD'_' India 14.131,1.,
..t 11,r tho 10.1.1wr
.1 II VIII L.,: 11 , . 11. 3.0,1 At
V I: L 311.:11101iSIN44 Nil PAM
Day 1..1.t0ar ,00,b, II .0... ot\ Numt.ral
r...tupt omit
11..ontt N totseral Ibtrtilotty. N..• an.l
. n. I 1,1m1.. 4.111 nm., a .re, rar. , T
4103r..1. Nloor
Tb, en:ht Manual. for l'onotte.n an.l
:bl. :"11.,..b. • • K It.
bit.l o •i, r 1 ti.- n I ff.,
I' su., uf Our r pocnlarwc.f,k•
x t u
\ P
S Ll.ll{S' I M SYIII.I .
I h.rrhr tlfl , that Ix . Ott. 1.1 pit i0.att1. , ,r4,1t
e IT, .4. tgl.. •ol to , t, a
..... that I tta t t
t 131 T rt-t,rk. ato.l that by the itt.... , 10tt0 awl/ It•If b. 0.•
1.11 , r ,.1
4.•ttcl. N l .up. vat. perf.rtlt ..ured 3 IV. [luaus.
\l',.t.L.un'tu..fla t . .f7. 1,15
11.n,4 owl Crnivlt rup 1., my Ixamty for Or.
or Tarr.. nri 101,1 q Ijo o .o n t. lati 1,11..,
Ing arol ~11. 1 .1.. • eouich N. Car.
I: I:
I I ot.rws sPEChric -A fre.h koppl
A awl 1.4 chile nr .1 lill , lJ 1.11,,
C1.1.:1"1W RATio:s;s—
-i C... n,.1 hv J
10:1 . 1 V.. r!5O I I
It LS-14 Cooks re.••.l nod for Anig• by
it_ I WA, vrim.• N. 0_ 1../. • :11/. by
1 dam- Jlll A N . :t
1/1/1, N. 0..
JA1110.4 11/ I. aim', C/Is
Book-Keeper Wanted.
Wllt/LES.ILF: HOUSE, on W.ulstroo•t\
II F. \ Y 04 FL \ N tois
.111 l 111
rt. 1111
41 1 ,1 . 6r . 1 -
, You an .
itOYS WEAII. - lli RV." 0, RI ltt
p gt 4-1.
gu tls• ,A
,r• •al, .11444.... rail • rAI. ••
a •••,, , ••
IN ' , 1.:1.1) OIL-2111405. for Seib' LA•,u•II
I I 1,,1:1A49.1.1rA1A:
1 ' II K 1' nog. Ju.l , re , Al
u - rrt.E A ‘O.
1101110 o'll ES-11; 1.: Ly
NAM A 44.41.1 , 4:0 a ,t
k 11Iil
1 . 7 , tty ,„ . ll,nA II lb
r. I
AvA Or•r•r• s•A TA • 14•Inro.
1 11.liNt•-2.5 1,1.1 a. Fin. and W:stx.,
ant rn rl .ta
)I) I . CK 1 2 . 7.• do 7. Potent, for ..ttle I4e
1,11 All DICKEI I a ell
litEr \ I • ot-I. for Palo by
et NUM! DTVEL% a
1) 1, 1.1. Mil bhl-1.
I t PiCli 1 , 1 a
I NM) “i ‘Vittitr, for KO
I OILRIS' TEA STt.iiLE. IN 'CIIC /.1.1•[••
4- , k 6•...5a,
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Ver-i , T.t.a. Al.
1,..!11 , TCRPFSTINF in
'1 ICI NCI! —`4llrwrlnr, ft, nal
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6!A1.1 rETIt _.y) lag, Cr,!'.u In'
as. irt .44 1., kyi
1 4 'E.V111 Vitt.; -73 h”•, .ohlo 'by
AV A . 11 . •1, •1,1
r 'AiE-,;1141 1.1 x.•• EtigitAh 1/mry;
AlAll 1. , :.•1411
IA) k SUGAR-30 bbIA. 11.% . 11. Glr m:
1:111.1,411, A Isllllll2
e HUSH Kll SUIIAI . I-30 bbk. L o r o ,
1F...% :I . I I • )
lILIE,‘KEI , P 1! AC ES-5 bbIA. orrr, for
IW •
11/EARL ASII-20 cortk. for salt. by
o A r M MAR I:, lIA
B I LK 111...1DLIERS—Whotekt by
o • VA lINK,rOCK a co.
. .
mut, bias.
••••'• No tin
\l'.ll lor.l
{.l 11•1.
1114 , twsti TEAs-hf. Y. lipon;
Itt 'OlOOOO 000 1.0.r.0,
ImP " dal '
Mark; for 000 Ikr
111 , 11111t1IME 6 0.01111(AM
r 17..
1 1 Z
0.0 pro.ot. Ow I n.n Ova, ....nrrio . gloo;.. 1.'00 ' 0.000
..4 1,111 -.At.: r 0.1.100 t..
vlothrn in an) n.Vflt Ibn 1.01.0. flute 100.: 00.00 MI
IL^/01i 0001. no •nd 0. thin the.' ' , 1....C.0
1100 rill 10. fug. r•• 11001.. 0u .1 iii.. 2.0101-
.01. 0.4 oter On,. • 01 dO nurtv .1
4'10110.0.... 1,0 iOlll., .1 it 10. 100100 0 Pri., 10.. •
. 01-0 102 diroolo.oo. For 00.10 1111101f14311.1
unl Mall 1., N ii. N. 111CKIZitSUA1,
d , •5 \ oorm.r of Wood and !tixil;
l i tt hi ES A. Nh s iii lIT, NO FoU ni.,
1 re.crivott from\ auction / lot of 11111.1.111 d UNIT
Ulan tire.n.Oraut s l:. N tole Black 0.10/....
harganal. ,
hit. et.
Fnn, in,..nn vnit vart..ll .IN
It C. 110 FM Ag, in going to leave tllit
/ V 01.7 . nr.t bock, en/ ihylte.lll..e. Is.1),1 .v 1.1.141
to tn or I. 4isoneto•l
tier I:PISMO/M.1d rf
mu.l VirJtu
A It N:0I: A L--. 30 HaekeasSiftod, for rule Lp
• d.. 4 a.. V. VON ItIV,IIOI,ST S 4.1”
II I SyAl.'-150 holes, primp
fund!, halul lur ...le ,
Or Lawny rt.
YM )1 F . , LEAF LARD—Put up exprestaly
(or krullr rt.., ku, „r.elr nof s,•rul Ilut.
tury nirruorsur.,urt rued adJ for ...lee}}
JN • IIIeCLUJIri A Cal..
BUTTE,R—ti labis. prime, for mile
I a., 1.15.11 , XirCA
. 11.1 ul , " f ER —1,!! kegla teed l a antifSoretaieby
LOU R 1) taV
—se. Extra, for e
• 4 P. V11.?:Vul:!rill
I T a
1 1)011 ..artaj , l
1. ,. ; ,: r ~.11 , :
111111 I.IRtiQN '
, 81 Y. 'IIN NON NiioltST`
I UST MXI)-5(1 7d. thin Sheet leuliber
• for Fur ;Mu a, Nn. 11l Slirrkut xt;
duo , J. a It, 1 . 111L1.11 . 8,.
II REAST P . WO PS-2 Ilt) k z.. Ithlia Rubber
p, .1.0, a. dus. Nlrk.l . x . Egti . tlot a tei!nat?49.4l. •
4 "
d 1 HAIR
:11 )lrl u ntrrN t.L;w,hlTri
. _
Alt-19 b brie. N
1/...74;0nt and For we by
) tem ors
axol for Ha. LT
11 del
tit t blVr nocx.lynd ft 44 five of from
lAit-' c name of Artosaw Alc3Liarla will '
, • , 1..• subuothel for nomination atthe la la COLITePtIOD Of
OP roc •T 8 I the•lty of Mut.rub:foe the °faro of.l ',Tor. no:htc
A • •
Jtv.?I•EONEED S. JOIINA in a e;ntlitlate for
,„ ._ .cxeus STEA.II! El s . •
.... , s Mayor , . the next City
Sc:'Electi subject to t e .1•61110t1 of
hale t,P S.I:9ft.INO TO AND \ rita TIIE UNITED` ~,,, ant), ttasenle-and Wia Mnveution, . • noltEte
',,, re.aAi.• t......hdltillOttfEC thron es your s paper
, re.Vw 'lll MOTTO re arm
t t -r.t, t..,. from I,lverynol .. ~,. \ Dar ~ JAM FS , l‘rillEWS. we a \ for Mayor sniziect .
al \\l''. Mem., t• Li ivall .... , \. hee 61 y n iy,, ~,, .., d.,,,,0n of the dy.i,y1,..,,,,k , whi v . c n i.,.. - -
Yof. I. tIVIEIit Leiteh. Mr Mlasyce \ .....Pee 0 , \ '‘.. ‘
. 1 1 , 11
, 1 . 1 4 1 1,E A D . L.
for p 4 4`.. n e i rt %
.I ' '', l it j W.,,r ‘' .‘t NI. brr.-1r Plcain art- -
PACI 'l.'. Ny for wad \ Per .... i noun, that the Ineml• of U. C. EAWY YE will ' per his
I I It , ,'t . 1, ,, M. r Livery. , I . lth v, F 4, I elairn• ',lv : net:kin:Mon for Mayor, elDnect Id the doefao of
II t.1.)1 \\, MI n. for .1 mob
a t my., ___ . r.„. , r 5,,,,,
... _
.:___ ~ 31 1 the Whig \:cureuth'sm \ ZOUTII IV..
• a
11.01,11 i {Ora.
II L... %I 111. NI. —, for N York \O le \ Thep Totice. \\
N 1A..AEA.1....ite11.f0 N York.. ' ' '' .- NoV+ , , ..: ,
vat'll. If% :1,... ter \ York .. . ..... ........ , ,Nor \•i iLL P f MISCIVPA in-\ . A, IsAt. for I Mon ''''' '''''' - I de1....1 A KENNEDY \
\ , . .
All letter. r.g , News revs on and fur England, trey en. pt.., ei M I,orth at,
, ~ l h a xli .; ‘ , : otta lan 14 Ihy the I, t atessuer.nonoTer‘ n ,. ...•V i le t, vh LaLlter in this .
.i.ctna. mar
‘ mere loth° Cdutlnent n Europe, y the Collin's Litte. P'''' i....r. them. ,
do he prepaid treentr One is a ilill le Iltf,...TrePt ir ,. ' „). 5 ,,, , ,
, It i tll. , \
th\ pla,. , room to be prtonal in I L
1 .t. era to the Vont eta of Europe by e Comm , ' Line ,\
tntoXl frpa.,l Ore
~ 7 . a u k:n.l7 . rate. tas l Ler .. nt to .
ls,a., liirrNl to be I u. • e., ''''''
l(N \ cON: h hf teter
Star l'`atulle \ \
Lettai n, the /Is., toe, piltsl, PP, twenty font , Beard. the n.A \
- one P.N . nit num, Inlakd Posta.. L. he ad ',anent to hu loes•\:m 1
the et) le of
rest Hrld U.
N .... 5 .4 r '
bee ...h. ' 4. to the ( ''"....i. .. 4 b. ' i '' .1 . . 7 1!•11 I \ of tlis firm of IVll,. ' n ' fll 'U orni '" alt l . 4).h . sL
repaid lour mts each. . 1 / 4 \
a. \
. . ~...
11.1..1. PL , -.• muet he al lon I...tters and *es- 'net: fie hereby given that an assess- '
t, Na Cvkjt ...tut of Europe /4 th e Ifarr e wad •
ment of Two I,llars per Flare has been levied on
due. X \.
hfre,•/I , le Fix. I. of the North Ameoran Mining Yom..
d Detroit, payable at the , e:.. ot the Treasurer. In
y of P.E...hurah. on Mtdt.ley. Januar, 31. h. InZa.
11l °Ater of tlo• Indent of Lawton
It, PALMER. Treavurer.
onong - ahela Navigation Company.
IN'N I:AL MEETING of the Stoekhobl- -
ot tn.. Munn baba Natnmstlett 1 :.....rany.•111
p111"1130, .4 the provlslon. of the Charter "ert' .
ration, at their .trine on t; rant street. In the City
...utak., an Mooney. the filth day of January. A.
es *
U. ing Cl.. urrt Ylenday tu the month.) far the
.1..0,1 1.11i. , 101 for the ensuing Cr.?.
ue,),l ti M. 0 IKEWEI.L. Seedy.
• •
, A N ElsN,llolll for Fifteen Directors of "The •
, e,tdeinFuran, Cornte.ny." will be held at the
tithes of the moony. No ha tinter street, on the tided
31onclay, Ise I. ,f heeetnO‘r 1n.,, between the hours of In
n'elohlt A N1..0u1 k 3 o'clock P II
. .1,11., ,kI,FRED ll'. MAKES, Seer. ,
—' • N., ,
l'lntroreau. Oct IS. Insl. -
MIK, DIREIORS of the t.k.llin Mining
, or.), 0., asti 0z... hare (lustier wale an ammo.
m lit of tiMy ,e1...0..ae1i share of the central Mork of
ea' Coal..t.d: one b.a,..r.,,i,..” or b. tore the :WI No
wen IK , r, and,the other Enlet , u or theMth De:ember.
tt),al their nth, in tht.elll. • .
',...r0, talEN:ihI.Y T. FRIEND. trams.
. , • a- _ -,-..,-
,lause Itaf Refuge. • .
cirllD, snL. ribers i r the erection of an
A lion, At 1 ettige for l ...tern. Pennsylvania. an .
hers).) todlhed \that au as. esst cut or twenty per contras
M amount \ subset - I,d ht ear is n nude.' to ; sr to
the tteasurey. n on leder,. th 11.11, day of Naventber hi' ord r ohthe Anent is Duren,.
...Nd , JOSII A HANNA. Tn.!. • •
• °lice. .
1 Ercr.rts Te rat ent.try tho estate of
.1 Jame. 1:..., late . h. loam Mao hip,Countt or AT-
i ...heti,. c1... , d.1,,,,b.... greeted to LI • ftuldentena; all
erisen. hurlnd ,Is toys e.t.d. se.l ewe le will anc...ta
anrhantated d datiensent t
the'' '\"'l. \ 11. lIEPI :EN i ,
, 1. I.IILtDI WI 1..61.NE,
no 11../let •,
E oath.... ,
. \ A Card—Life ns rance. -----.
It It 1.,. A. 1,91.:10N, `.4. 'y.—fle r Sir
-1 '
IT Sir--
\a mutter of rOplo. JUII rt.; deem it , Jut. ,
e new the very 1 , ..0 , a.l bin taa nor itt
whirl. the rime. of • \ tvAtcy tee, lir. ell...toedmo.
amounting to nhotit 15:4o00., foe thnuaand doll . h.
the ttfen.l prinelple.,
~.y ,a,n nine ft. \ a ‘c., Vidirs a do
,Pitt.hil Idle Ih.oran Cm.npany" do oducted, a
lit], it to le convateritudeand palm ge of the alai..
The pnu pie of prudent. \irnevolon ELM mu •
.n0w...n..2 \ of your erne. tint, Is‘ the trod ceuirlie
ltraftvetod hetntd..nee. which olnanity al l l ChrisUanlty
ath Mort app ' . A. M l7.‘. at ' ..l " 7.M .1 1"
nn . -7,1t a rif P1r:1 4 141 1 4t. 1 E orch. I'ltte .71°....... ~
Notice—Lost Certificate,
;N i . l ()TICE in hereby giten`that app ication
has Neen mad. to the Exchange flank fur thit mows.
. pi C.rgitle.t.• No. 1.1% , , fO/1011111e211 than, In taudDank,
.Mewls) to here le en deafly") ed byline en the Illth , Anitil
1..-E.. .....Yd•daa ver MELd. JANE. J/Alltt4 .
Notice to Brick linkers anti'duarry Nrcm,, \
the 3.11.. d U.. , ,e neat. Cro tho delivery or .0
and a hell Ma/PTn of brick donna:the...dn. . D \
P 0114211.... ID a1..11.11. 0.4134 omstaitu, . the Outer Ilepllt to ~, \\
the Peer., baths Itut.ecu,l Company. and at Water err
, \
between Diertt and Penn.
The prurdeals o wilt ets.the one, of delivery . each ',
PotuL aud (Id ...or the 1,,c1.. Ito, of the larger di.
loelllG plwferred
A pund.o of the brick to beueltrarett at Meant street. to \
to haul prretod, use aGm It the ride and ussuenatuna will
le stated separatelY•
Prop...oda eill al, le trdeived for Om whole CC lb/ '
hock.mato tn. etay °butted fir. theme:wane. Irtnalc4
at the nut, ltspot. • here fuel can , cb:ained by raillessE
opnn low terms
Proposals will be received at the tame time. for the 4..
liver, of ale ot Nov battles of .love for f.mudatkdt. st,
the fibre pont, or - at any convenient point for Icadfutte,
In the el le of the between littahordth amt '
Lu shpr..poe will be directs 1 to Elwartlllifler. DK.:
A..........te .In, r. at Blolrattlle. India. Co. Pa.
PAIIIBURGH • 11)1,14K.h — f,
\ 0,, Prtnit ' ..666 Unites,
1111..4 mortar. Ocr. Pi
The wenther yesberday was driv\ and gloom)
a6l hu•lvenn t.nerally 'neer Ito." ri ,, r
on lE r f a ll. but (A k re In nose a fine taco of Inate.
env all husineol r ur r x
41,1'6-11.... market t. Ikthout say mate al ehan tr
The tmoortallimn Son stout tat I'll.. of whir nre I.
tit the Collor mg lot.-1401.1.1a choice extra 111
1.0 a. f anti .Itra at 12 11463 Irk Lp sate.. ' 4.0
5.1 . al 1510. 61 mt. S 2 75,140 at $2 hl. 10. t hf
and ..roat so P
1110 FU.O It 61 (hi.. dahlierable at florist 11.
at 51 6 1.1,1. :'tiler k, from ntore\.o. ft! 60. The -
HICK WHEAT 61.01:1f—Salen WOO S. have at SI ff:
160 an.l Inn. 6..nek...1 at SI fet log
•110/CEIIIE6.-ne1...610 hat. Rio Corr.,. u5e:24460
obdara, to 4 , tr. at .rotad , c. and 1 ve nihtar at 0.,
ooKA k —rah, I, Harley fam e Lore “
1., 1.6 torn m at 45e. Vet, little lona dam in Other
6talnn. and pm,. nhon it. un.haturs.l '
111E4 6E— 6.1.. ~.A1 W I/ at ti '.r, SI SE
4.14,;;1..-. Fur matoulartorit. continue 64 n ice);
hitt. .ale. of all they eau pod, at the roll,, It.
P.hhe: •
Water ),racker., 11 t t erel .....
Sutter ••
1 4.1.1 , 1"
Not 1tr.a.1.14
r , ..61 2
40 5 ar cracke, Sp 1,00
6 c
6 e
th. fresh Hell at 15 an tmall
Int. 6, 4 .01.1 at 16r SI D.
• IV 111 SF: EV-6.1e. 100 0.611661'..m lola. at 11.. term..
0E 0—.16. ahlte at SI 4:. from .tor..,
1 . 6.4 1111.E6 of 2:111a 170. 4
The following Silica of Real Estate, Ground
Boot, and Stooks were made by P. M. Davie,
Auctioneer, yesterday Evening.
Ilona,. or Lot cor. Peon and Pitt st.a.s4ooo
do. adjoining • 3400
do. on Irwin Street 4000
da on Peon •• 1500
7 do. " each 2107)1
do on Pitt • 0 2400
do. adjoining_ 1 3100
ground Relit of $l7O 1535
163 Shares Bank of Pittahtirgh Stoekti6 545
It/ do. M. or 01. Bank — Gb 124
Iti do. Exchrdige Bank ". 53
lu do. Old Allegheny Bridge '• 31 50 1
tat do. do 0 31 25
5. do Nlaintingahrla dn. "
' 3 do. Allegheny Savings Bank 171 '
4,4 .lo Western Insuranne Co. " • 15
I\i do. du. " 14 75
4uv do. do. " 44 50
4. dn. Citizens' do. " 10 75
10 do. 0101 Copper ,• 50
77 do. PO., )tin: Lab Tel. •• 45 , 50
4 du., Marine Railway 103
ttllbl.M, ilf, I.
ratth..--The\V W. an Inereme in l b. . mihnly of necred
at 1h..,11.. lA..i/tt , mid nn,,! derlinwil Venni Ilits peri
id until the hitt id Mr >ear. the tri•etet ma, be expert,'
innto•if.r. tiii.-
dunnedir[lon, in. Ice.,
n i penrre- halelmini.iit hme.l the Idea nr mak.,
...1 viand...« 4r llainiellt van). tine, Ite, in high
Th. F.M.eingi rieni ‘ eil 1:44 hetid..l • blob number 701 l
nen nil.. ti. ed., hu -diem, Idd left liver . 41.01.1, mid 2.01,
drive.. to ghilindiltiii n.
I ile., men,' fnatilld 25 to 13 fa OD thillet.d. nous/ a,
te icing 1, md..anif %Foraging 11.1 km •
llogo- lhe .1.1.111 y of• mirk 14 rather indifferent. and
the inerket mom,. nun Imignal. We our. at al
rnielini--V1 • have' n tin.: reel Fonoon. 1. n."
inn. iine /x.. 1 tide ...len I. t • Leen mal e h. th. Mad. at
tiftel...a o ed
P e rode Wee Mdo Le 1141 W.f. Domani Arm*
al SA
',fen to dad td 12,00 MA . Walls Moue MII3 931;. /Ma
fnd. H. • \
ft nint—Tbere-na• but • mall Yupply eif iihrat It Mar
tel on: Mortar. nod pnce• ad/a-nerd lc 14 but. limme
neda Ton,. lauver,..the regend •ere .
red. ....“
nen-, kill .4.1 or .Iri. the eaten .if incid to !mime l4lng
o.ade II .0 0 4:,,,,, .Lit. ' , dal , . •oil Inually Muir whini M
and,. Fatly 10- the Jar one or Mio pmeelrnt prima
....I. 1,1•• ..k1 .. lagh in 0 1,0midae. ,
,WA . f tie.
ld cor 113 n
at 0104,i, 0.1 vliiiii and 02Iddele for
r/11.i. No berr
~h... ..r Uarvd•nd oat. at r.linds.ll,. - \
Purmno-rnia. 1030 4 .
Fleur—The Inexact 14 quiet. The demand for ezmnt 11
linillnl. anl the ....1.. rehneted are 4 or 0.. Wit, otindaril
1 .m.0.n.r.5.4 01 Md.iglngt. holden met:m.6ml lon MN:
•4 • tete, brand at 0.1 20. The mile. tit did rimiinruption
•re imunritte .it ina Memel. quidatume.
0.. Fivenr—hothing &dux. .
Cori. heal—A .ale of hin bbl. rt lik I.lli.
01,10— {\"10.11 . ar‘tte. ii.lni In demand at • lurthec id
,iiiin. f.t laagr 'ti lift rale- .110ort bu prime Sontberianuil
rnit. ind •I 4., urn in ,on m. nd iebthi at 91c. anono
iti .. if watile.l. A ..r rim. bu. dither. id 72g. enrui 14
, -.iraing tri more Meet., mut the mart. t ch.,' doll. rale.
a 11
II hit'ne• lnuthera rekluir at t41,51M.07. Including
..nine m.l 41n, to In 0 0.1.11[1.1 011 0 , 41. td. I, a• 0.14 nil
......1, .2•ln Pelavare weld at :4,.
Whifte lo li re,lf trine r. isle.. of harrcla at 217., and 1.044
Brame-T hem :lest A hatite, io channel 111 tier
it. la 4.4, Ifta ovrasit s ne, and failing.
J. IllcLev, lleWrlrtiW, Ile,Brecrort.
Attaral, Porkmaral.
[hg "too,. nje:t Newtons..
ialtar.. Bennett.
at,. Gordon. Dearer. \
S etnoan. t , see. It.a.ver .
ua.anl. Ellaat:ath
4, City-. II nia.rh.
. Deal Nea....
1.0. I. Canwell. WheraIIIKN
ilaens... Cane. St
' ... se: 2 Fo.ber, einc3nr.
11 wlln,l ItJantat.
I:a Ilan:aoa
Atlantic. Par ins., lirowsunall,
Baltic. Bennet Brownsville.
Thn. Slam, ' kr, Went Newton.
S. Well Elisabeth.
Batley. 1I • Norton
' l'orea Ca, 11ur.1,11. W.e11.47111e
. italsoaer. *loom, It n like
• ,11 Pser Nina, health,
rtitssnt. Clestn
Slay. ,tlonden.l ,
in In..
It Lefel, A Co'. Paszastt..;er I•artel leaTa
'NEILS V IL LE—Forest (Sly.
Ilk:AVEß—Morning tsat ,9 a , a.
Evalli. boat 1 r a.
sT. L)UlS—Eallor.
1,1115% ILLE--tior %do.
0110W316111.1. raccry
Mktg . ' NSV 1146. 6 V y, and 6
tally at 1..„.tk
441111:1.1N11—Pyl rureaa No 2-;1 bdl iroOka Kay s C.
rolo. loarbo. 1 bat IX A Fboa; 17 I.bla door oath. , oo
Wprolanr.a-71 Ica, 3 bole lard liroara,l Hirkpat,
r 1,1" 4la do kin do Armatroorr Cron, a Co, 42 Magi , .
aIdFS., .N on,, 4do 'ant Al Irk t llcelodleet. 2dn
ill JAI Limo: III) do dour 11 elaerinarrir 31 No barley
A Csalbell. M I.llst leather IV Illatatrarn a Co:2 Gas mite
Balrelr a. Furs, Ih.
CINCINNATI—Pea Ihrtantio.n-0 batrod. 4 dirpa-
I:pkg Adam. Co, Ihi .11.1. e II drill* Co, l'lrou
1.4.,an0rt a Barr; 25 lard, mate 7 do allouleirrs I. do
hew. J For., lb Jr. 1.1,11 oil Tll !Farrel .. .l Co;\32
do t It Floyd. I ha hoot, Dower. t Parry: 1 do , p
Coo' II a Co.
V lltAvrE—lo) bllbs flour owatr. lftt ..
vLuaer, Wlll.artla A Noble.
1 . “ Pultw—luo ton. pig ate
Nitukt x etn 10 do Knapp A Tatra, 9 Pro
A Pllillips; Iltio .1 It Alt T Holmes. •
ST L(11:18 Tr& ilr.N eke hud pipe A (I , ram.
UN. ref. many J A Ilutchhion,..2uo dry tdd..• 1P Twang
A C., I.a. Itair teldx. Wm., a McKnight; k dr.
Co• - odo Y .4, four pig metal Etervou Pr.tou
bge Illiry lf,:,1:::::!1*,! 1,1! batfer:' 4°,721:,`;1!;;, 4 Pn1:
kw I la I•blelorar T
Pula—la n•Aln I erk 1.0 viV 6 A Gordo.: 406 PIG.
A Liuvt....o a 11,g bklem J Mtn word W Barter,
- . . . - .
ht. mar, II liestf Ns taw./ 1% .11. otter a c o;
F.ntP4 wet al U JII Suoeutmeget, 10 ain 1 110
ton olollou.. A GI; 6 !ails elovarneed 12 61430,14
-- •
\Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad.
Connaenei ng,' on Monday, Doc. Bth, 18.51.
INTO OH10;„,
And ionnected will; Itadroada teaming to Cleveland,
Colunbne, \ and CtneinnelL 622:tridel Railroad,
and only It) , , mate ,Sto9ing I,eficien Pi" ttelntrgh,
omit). conniV(ton With the Cleveteend Railroad
ea Alliance. ;
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441 - Th \ Mn. 'Plight. AcenAttudation .Tralo kareP
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The Pater% Train tear. AM.. `at 3 A. At.'and
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The Traituula of runenSun,lay. ' --
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NOTIC *, &c
111 E Stockholders of the Penns;
th.e II fact 4it m: Comynoy ..f+. nntl Am/
1...t1ug viii 1... held 4u the fdth day of 2
• J. ..... , rxt. at the .ofliert. il Samuel F. Fit
7i. Waif.. etrret, I . lsl4.lflphht.
fr,..21:,... 0 F.0.11105t11,01.4.T7
\ - Allegheny Foundry for Si
T'-i undersigned o ff er fur ad
iseure and valuable PuUNPIZI". altua
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buildin co brava.the I,,unalrK,.l l s o z o p;nae,...
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'Good Bows for the adics
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sod b, ALL THE SSTS.
cleoel wlth`c‘cl2 LlAbitletAwl.TlS
Cheirter'g Clothing Etnnorinsty ,
VELEBRATED for Neatness of 'Fit, Fine
of quality. and Durability of Worktasaas/A.
Our suwk Is full and muipltta to/brach:, fl attlrlat of
1t1.41'. At" Boys' ckanlng and Fora L4610g Goal, all
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N A IL STUDY TO 1.1.1 CA.,...
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no, Try It!
For gals. by KEYSER.* IlelVirEL 4.0 KoOd Moot.
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VALUABLE DISCOVEITY,‘4 bat witieb ! .
bee been long sought tor. fin A CItIqICAL',E • . •
i, l , I l i' l .OLDER. for it 'Ailing Chi. Aix. rates • •
Marble, elm, Veen, Ivory, Artnamieut*... .. .. , '.
0. 10.—All unwire joi.l b, an valuable ourAprentiollb, ;
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sill be render. rerfecti, lintl, end 00.17 7w. um in lAA 0 ,
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.1, vrta.l...• or. 0...1, by . R. Z. IigIASSA, - , (ii ,
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#-- UCK WHEAT Pl!OU 11-1 Q sadks 'billed.
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ia Wilt la—'2o hilds. prime IN. 0., for sale • •
Altdr2 J. S. Dl 2 VOit7ll a CA. ,; ~
N° COPYEC-150 bags fur sale by ..... • • A
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uo r BUTTER - 117w
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