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    egelaet the Mated - States. Do the facts of the
. Nee sustain the charge?
yon hear it? That three harmless,
non-resisting Guabire, and eight-and-thirty
wretched,. miserable; penniles s negroes; armed
with"Vorn-cutters, dabs and a few muskets,
and., headed by a: t:tiller; in a felt.'hat. with
cat a coat, without -arms, and mounted on
sorrel nag, levied war against the United
Blessed be God that our Union has survived
the Shod.'
Sir—lt is for a charge of high treason, based
upon such levying of wine that we. are here to
- day. Itwits for this reason that the - State of
Maryland foipok her high position and entered
thls Court, as a private prosecutor—thirsting
for blood—theblood pf this obscure and hum.
Meilen. It was for this that a grave Seminar
. forsook his accustomed paths, and. here to-day,:
Wait* for blood—the, blood of one of his con-
Mituents. /t was for this the Recorder of the
city of . Philadelphia, self-persuaded that high
Agent and great moral weight were needed to
Wustain such a persecution—beg pardon—prose
'ention:--erofontetred his services.
But sir, the subject is too grave for irony,
strange:though it may be, and &batted though it
*sense to me , --yet to this man It may be death.
But I could, not forbear to say—that a, charge
-founded open a proposition so - absurd—that to
Slats it; was to refute it—could not but shock
the common sense of all the people. Aye!
yeur common sense, gentlemen of the jury. He
,guided. by your common sense. You were not
• asked to lay
.that :aside when you entered I
the jury boo, or to subetitute for its fan
cies, theories, or for the apeculatione of iogeni.
one oorinsaL
Indeed, had time to trace down in the
• State Dials the decisions upon these words, I
weld easily ahow, that from. time to time they I
have received by English rulings a narrow and
still more narrow meaning; bat I venture bold
ly to affirm that in no period of English law for '
the last two hundred years, have events ouch as
:have been detailed here in evidence been held to
• bah:4lh treason, except when the law was pro
nounced through the polluted lips of a Simms
or Jeffries. key: it please your honors, I can
findsomewhere in the English State trials, pre
bedeintin—alas, too many precedents—to prove
ihat.there is no principle of constitutional lib•
which we bold sacred that is not baptised
the martyr blood of some one whom we ro
c:- 'were for his noble patriotism, and yet who per
jibed on the scaffold—convicted of high treason
.fer his defence of that high prinoiple. But if I
am to come to more recent times, I any both
,DAS:lab and American law will show that a
charge . of high treasoll'eannot be sustained up
on then:. wonis, "levying war," received a aon
'Attntion which will sustain this indictment.
I return sir, nearer to the point of my case.
Treason against the United States, we and told
in the Constitution, shall consist only: in levy
ing intragainst the United 'States, sod giving
aid and comfort to their enemies.
Tome, this language seems what it ought to
be--plain and unequivocal. Left to its natural
meaning, it addresses itself, as ii ought to do,
to the easy comprehension of every maii. It is
part of our constitution. An instrument which is
designed. to govern all the people, should receive
no etrange, fanciful or mmittural construction,
contrary of the simple comprehension of the
.- :meat mass of those who. are governed by it.
It will scarcely be contended that the man.
ral nialnsg of these words will sustain this
To ma* the difficulty, we are told they , are
1110f1111 borrowed from the English statute, 20,
Earrard.lll; and ; itie armed to them in English
kV& long series of time-honored decisions.
:-: a certain fixed and well known legal meaning.
I Mall have occasion, sir , presently, te call
yow attention to several of the most recent
Eneish rulings upon the meaning of these words
—i-andthesif will scarcely be found to sustain
earlier v.:rings in English Courts. '
Cuyler here cited a number of authorities
.......frowillowe.ll's State trials, and among others,
Bond George Gordon's case, remarking, that the
law as theralald doWn, was enable exhibition of
Integriti.of Lord Mansfield, whose charge,
evidently sound in law, was delivered, while
- •
smarting with the recollection of the destruction
- ' by the mob of his own noble mansion, with his
papers, and other almost invaluable con
taint.- tie . also referred to Wharton 's State
trials, pages 480, 684, 589, 590 and C.A. Be
...further eited.from Unwell' State trials, vol. 33,
Page 92 /..Thistlewood'a ease. Ile also read
tamely from the reports of the United Stites
against; Bonny, I Paine, 265, and concluded by
asyine,this, gentlemen of thejury, is the case
'I open; to you. Its appeal is to your coMmont
sense and your reason, as well as to your oaths
.:as jurors. , •
In this 'appeal'. shall old be mistaken. Say
by your sachet, that this mania innocent, and re
. stsruhini to his home sod his family, from which
be Wirer should have been separated, and my
Sword for it, the memory of your verdict will be
to you always, a sweet and cheris bed recollec-
- On Leaving the harbor of San Juan, on her last
trip;-the American Steamship Aroma/Ina was
Bred into by the English brig of wer Expren,
%Wardle following circumstances, as related by
Via Captain: -
, • fittaitstrir Peourrneus,
JOAN, Friday, Nov. 21, 1851.
In order to correct any misstatement that may
be =ode of the circumstances of the English
'brig Of wai.erprers firing into the Promethersa,
begrof you to r give. the statement an
insertion in - yorrepaper
At 2. P. M., I proceeded to get my ship nuder
weigh to proceed to son, having hut just re.
Olirlalthe last of our passengers from the Pa
-1 cilia steamer, nuinbering in MI about 500. At
this moment the city authorities of Greytown,
constituted as they stated, by the authority of
-'I the Muskets king, came on board with a police
itotee, and nerved a process of attachment on
' ithe ship and myself for the amount of $123,
411llossi by the authorities for present end ar
, range port dues charged on the ahip; which
wesupposed to ho illegally demanded, and Elrld
consequently refused to pay them, as I did in
, the present instazioe.
- - The port dues are'made up from the weight
....tat anchorage in the harbor, Ciptain of the Port's
fees and pilotage.
I hove up my anchor and dropped down the
• harbor with the current, having alongside one
of theriver at.eamers, receiving from her the
baggage of the passengers. The English brig
efwar hying- - a inert distance from us, illllllC
dtately got under weigh; made sail for us, and
when within a quarter of a mile from us, fired a
mead shot over our fdrecastle, not clearing the
.whell-honse over ten feet. In a few 1:0001C1118
another shed was fired, which passed over the
steris SO near that the forie of the ball was dis
tinctly felt by several passengers. I sent a
boat on.board the brig to enquire the canoe of
the tiring on us.
Th• Captain mated It was to protect the au
thorities of Georgetown in their demands; and
• if we didnot immediately anchor he would fire
a bonth•ahill iota as, and ordered his guns load
ed with asp* and canister shot: : at the same
, - • time, our small internee left as, and I proceed
. • ed under steam back to our anchorage, and an
ohored. The brig !toad up the harbor, and an
.Ahoritti 'very near us; sent a boat on hoard of
..1. - ••• • us with orders that our flies eh ouid be put out,
ati4 ; that an officer Should be sent to see, that
• the fires were extinguished. The Shore author
,. ' a ides then came on board, and, under the cis
, Munstancespf the ease„ the amount demanded
was paid under protest, and we were permitted
to proceed to sea by the Captain of the brig.
Respectfully, -your obedient servant,
amity Cnoacinst,
Captain of Steamship Prometheus.
,-,The7Washington Btpublie, of the 4th last; an
.::.!;utiitintt.j.immediately on the receipt of the
.. , eintelidgettai. of the firing on this nisei by the
brag -of war sprees, tscompetent naval
the President's direction, order
efiste.-tepairti Ban Juan de Nicaragua, to pro
,ter,V4irceriean reseals. from like outrages for
thafature r and Inquiries were addressed to the
• Britcsh iiiernment to ascertain whether the
conduct of the commander of the Er ress was
e-,,t!rumptetlby orders from hie government.
f2.,...,..:' jrt New Tericf. on Monday evening, one of the
reward school houses woe discovered' to be on fire.
..C 7
' - There were nearly six bandied children and other
. persons in the building at the time, but through
the •pnasence of mind and firmness of those who
, had charge them, they were dismissed with
-. - out theatigheat injury to any one.
;.:4 The Linaaster, . Pa., Whig. states that no in.
. ~..: 1 - - dOf 71r., W. U. Miller recently died in
in consequence of haring been forced
... . Oarldna ' and needles by Its nurse, a girl
~ :ii infect years of age. The girl confessed the
~. a - anon, and stated her object to have
''''beett-10 render the child fretful, so that she would
..,be loitered from the fare or it.
- The pottage on lettere between lien Fran cisoo
• and the Bandwicla , lolands has been re-toted to
flie anti fOiettel hatfoitice.. - Tho Poet-master
of Ban Francisco reports ' that the intercourse
between that place And the Islands Is rapidly in
; ..Anialdiji,:and that the mails to and from eact.
T>otat,are M rogalar ae can be secured by sail
Ite' -4,111ie" reso ria lutt : .. on adopte .
...• ..:'..-- d by the IVhig members
.. :
of .Cougretis .in CaUens on Monday.--tifirmizig
Italiiitiolditig the Compromiae Measures of the
proldorte Ilitialoll. as a final 'settlement of the
. :slits.ery: gitestion—=was substiuttially adopted on
'. - thOsarne day by the Demoorstic actuators in their
eiperiment of the . _
into be poade - in New Fork In a few days.
j n Bottoti a female has been arrested far pas
, slug ootetleit bank bills. '
A call for i Wool Grower' Convention for the ' l
Iltdted -States, is published in the Chicago
juszialtg-', • • •
the Express Train commences its trips to Pal
estini, 99 miles from Pittsburgh. There will
be two trips to Etion Valley as heretofore. The
only chance passengers will have to go to Dar
lington, Enon Valley and Palestine, will be to
take the morning, eight o'clock Express train.—
The Accommodation will only run to Brighton.
We hare an interesting item of news by tele
graph this morning of a disastrous defeat sus-.
rained bythe Russians in Circassia. This event
will inspire confidence frilhe ranks of the liber
als in Europe, because it shows them that Rns
ala is not altogether invincible.
The fact, now officially announced, that over
twenty-nine millions of specie, principally gold,
has been exported during the last fiscal year,
proves ilte.onteetibly that the true balance of
trade is sadly against os, and that we are em
ploying the labor of other nations to an extent
that cannot be otherwise than diiastrous to the
true prosperity of our own country.
If we turn and look at the condition of our
industrial interests, we shall see the legitimate
fruits of this policy which is sending so much
gold and silver out of . the country. They ore
all languisbing-' , .many manufacturing establish
meta are entirely.suspeaded, and multitudes of
oar people are wandering about in search of em
California keeps up the supply of gold, and
perhaps a little more; but what then? Unless
our farmers, artisans and manufacturers are
fully and prqfitubly employed, the influx of gold
front California cannot retitlef the country pros
perous. Nothing but well-requited labori can
do that,
Will the immense flow of gold to Europe no
change the standard of value there as to bring
the wages of labor up to the stiindard that pre
vails in this country ! This may ultimately be
the effect, though it has not done eo yet and
should that ever be the case, then we shall not
need protection, as we now do, against the
requited labor of Europe. The only effect, so
far, has been to make money plenty, and keep
down the rate of interest, thus enabling the
the European manufacturer to do well on very
small profits. The foreign laborer has been
benefited by having constant employment, and
his wealthy employer has been henefitted by the
easy terms upon which he can procure capital.
Should the abundance of
,money iu England
threaten to affect the old Standard of Wages,
and. thus put the American manufactorer on
better ground for competition, England has a
ready remedy, which is-to invest largely in our
securities, and thus foster a spirit of speculation
timongst us , which would cause a corresponding
enhancement of prices here.
This difference in the prices of labor in En=
rope and America is almost the only thing that
renders a protective tariff necessary. Protec
tive tariffs have in a good degree been the cause
of it, and the long -continued want of s protec
tive tariff will cause it gradually to cease. That
process is now going on ; but the intense repug
nance which all right-minded Americans fuel
at any thing calculated to impoverish, and con
eequently to debase, their countrymen, has in
;laced them to hold out against it as long as
possible. But it is folly to expect to maintain
the old standards, if we keep our ports open to
those who work under a lower standard. Things
must and will find their level, unless we erect
and keep up artificial barriers around our pond.
The effect of this non-protective policy are
beginning to be seen and felt in the tendency of
capital and manufacturing property to centre
in o few hands. Weak men have to give way,
and their establishments fall into the hands of
the strong at great sacrifice. The oper►tors,
thrown out for a time, are fain to return to !
work at reduced wages; .and se things are grad
ually tending, as Mr. Buchanan expressed it,
••to the standard of Europe:"
The infatuation of the people of the United
States, in this matter, is most extraordinary.
Were our government an oligarchy, and the
great body of the people shorn of political
power, such legislation would excite no surprise;
but for Democrat. to sustain a policy so op
posite to the beet interests of the humbler dames,
is passing strange. But the evil which we dep
recate can yet be :arrested, if Congress, at its
present session, will make Area a single step to
wards a return to the policy under which la
bor has always been fully employed and
stud well rewarded. But we hare little hope
that it will do so: m the real leaders of the
dominant party are pertinaciously opposed to that
policy, and the members of that party in the
manufacturing States are too docile to think of
striking out manfully in opposition to those into
whose keeping they have surrendered the in
terests of the country. That being the case,
we may as well succumb to the force of circum
stances, and come down - to the level of Europe
at owe; for it is in vain to resist the inexorable
laws of trade, now that we are exposed to their
operation. Any attempt to adhere to that com
fortable steak of wages, which prevails under •
protective tariff can only entail ruin upon em
ployers, and ultimate poverty upon all.
10 , ...ne3u4enet or the Plttehtmgh Daily Oosetted
The. OMi64ioo of any particular 'reference in
the message to the pending negotiations with
Spain, haaoccesional considerable comment.—
They will probably form the subject of a special,
communication to Congress, when they shall
have asenmed a definite shape. The very deci
ded tone in which the President condemns the
late illegal expeditions organized within, our
own borders against the territory of oar neigh
bors, commends itself to the approval of every
person who desires to see our obligations towards
other countries faithfully observed.
All the reports from the departments, are Al
ready published, and afford new evidences of the
economy and efficiency which mark every branch
of the administration. The expense. of the war
department are to be diminished by nearly two
millions of dollars, if the present system of ar
rangements be adhered to, and no increase of
the army take place. In the latter event, the,
expense. of maintaining this arm of the service
will of course be proportionally augmented.—
The report of the Secretary of the Treaaury wfll
budelayed for the reception of more accurate
returns from certain ports than have yet been
The four general appraisers, consisting of Mr.
Bradley of Boston, Mr. Beason of New York,
Mr. Riddle of Philadelphia, and Mr. Button of
Baltimore, have been in session at the treasury,
for.two or three weeks. The subject of their
conference has been'the best means of correct
ing the inequalities in the mode of levying du
ties on merchandise at the several ports. The
result Will be announced at a proper time in
circular of instiuctions from the Secretary of
the Treasury, to the officer." of customs. It is
said that one of the appraisers has been direct
ed to proceed to the Pacific, for the purpose of
establishing some standard of assessment for
the guidance of collectors on that side.
- .
Nothing of striking interest has occurred in
Congress to-day. In the 11011130 the anal choice
of seats hue. been made, and members now con
eider themselves comfortably established for an
eight or nine months seige of the treasury at
eight dollars a day, and the usual pickings from
foraging about the government crib.
Mr. Foote appears determined to make the
most of the short remnant of his present mem-
Serial term. lie is determined upon exciting a
sensation, and perhaps looks forward with satis
faction-upon the prospect of a split in the party,
lie has given notice of the introduction of a
cornpromise test, 'something spin the model of
PoTit's resantion iso unceremoniously treated in
the democratic caucus. lie will undoubtedly
present such a reti;lntion, and It will afford
Messrs. Simmer, Seward, as well en Matadi' and
&hem due okartuoitlee for zroeirekdatinluoos
Fire Annita
Wasmarom, Dec. 3
of their position. The first movements in Con
gress fay . gettibg.up an exclusively "Union" par
ty, upon a basis which in effect proscribes all
othert, as anti-union men, have not met with
any encouraging succcse. Foote, however, will
be abundantly satisfied if he can only get up a'
scene of which he himself shall be the hero.
It is understood that he will be a candidate
beforo the legislature for the Senate for a full
term after the expiration of that for which he
DOW holds his seat. If so, he will no doubt be
31'N I rd.
CorzwpOOduace of Wu Pilleborgh
NEW YORK, Dec. 3
The Preeideqt's Message and the accompany
ing documents arc the universal topic of discus
sion to-day, and (OW, very few are found with
hardihood enough to dispute the fact that no
administration ever presented au abler exposi
tion of the affairs of the Republic. The Presi
dent of a minority, as Congress ehows the
Whig to be, has not rambled the world over to
kind subjects to argue in hiiiMessage, but con
tents himself with facts in relation to all that
concerns us an a nation, es clearly milted and
so unanswerable, that he has nothing•left to Is.
The Locofocn Congress which represents the
people, have been put in possession of all they
'lend, to give as relief from the evils which af
flict us, and they alone are respounible for the
future. There may be Locofecos in your region
whose instincts are so grovelling that they may
carp at the expose of President. Fillmore and
his cabinet, bat it is to he hoped they will re
member that the party here think the tone of
the whole honorable to the notion.
The Kossuth excitement rapidly gathers
striMgth as he appronclies our shores, and ere
this reaches you his arrival will be announced.
Ile and his acts are fought over here with as
much teal ms is ever shown in party polities, and
opinion is as much divided. A letter from age.-
tlovieu at Rome under date of net asse r t s ,
in the fullest manner all the motion of tine attache
at Marseilles to be true to the letter, and that all
has not been told, either. It Wan not expedi
ent, perhaps not . civil of the officer, to Ondurns
the PlateeientS of the attache. Certain it is
that Capt. Long has not denied them Thu
gentleman who repeats these charges against
Kossuth, speaks the current opinions of Amen.
icons abtoad, knew rinthing 01 the vaunter
statements here, and is o f undoubted
We ehall see what effect the air of * tree ennii
try has upon the Hungarian womler, and
whether he uuderstonds the principles at 4.-tu
ocratic republicanism like ourselves. Ile conies
here upon a political speculation, and we eon
receive him with all desirable hospitality, while
we test his soundness.
Cold weather is npon uo. and the Erie Canal
ie fast locked with ice, throwing upon our rail
roads an immense mass of produce bound Mr
New York. tin great is the 1:10li of down
freights, that the Erie and Central motet are
alike inatlegitate to bring it. From. farthoet
west, even to the Hudson, the Erie is blocked
with freights, and the road will hardly clear
itself before the spring trade commences.
In the money market there is no change. tin
call, loans are negotiated at low prices,aud little
long paper, of good repute, otters The Ateans
er, to-day, took a large unmeant of coin, tat
thin cause, comparatively little change to the
eyes of money lenders. It no estimated that in
the face of the large exports, that we ale six
millions richer in specie than nix weeks since.—
Cotton bills come forward very slowly, and bill
drawers, by combination, se such, from a itinnfl
sopply of bills, keep the rates above the tipecie
The impression now in q rite gener 41 that 'it, eing
hills must soon falter, and an 'accumulation of
specie commence in the country, to ho followed
by an easy money market and a period of in flation in all departments.
Letters from San Francisco are more san
guine than ever clout the gold crop, and wo
may safely lock to see eight millions per mouth,
and next year if there is anything in the gold
bearing quarts it must come oat. A nary large
number of crushing machine. are now building
here to be completed nest month, and will soon
he on the- ground at work. The story about
Capt. Waterman killing his crew is greatly ex•
&Rented, though he has ruined himself for
ever, as *shipmaster. Ile is a driver, and start
ed from here to make a passage in ninety days.
Ile had Isu infamous crew. Such 'an one yuly
as l would sail wi th him. The despotic law of
th sea was ful y enforced, and the result is seen
in the over-working of a crew, mean at the
best. flit crew were all foreigner., which will
account for half the trouble in the, minds of nil
who know the differedce between e Yankee crew
and the "'long shore men," made up of the na
tions of the world.
The vessel accident tins gnus ended after
very great pains to esamine into the canoe of it.
The coroner's jury, however, glossed it all over,
and censured the stairs, because the shire can
nel vote. The clergyman have preached upon
the evils of 11111,3 R door-ways and stairs, and
the Sun hue exerted its influence, but KO!,
suit is coming, and a live Hungarian has more
attractions than murdered children, and so the
subject will sleep until more are tilled. The
Richmond theatre warning wee not regarded, and
never will he sn long as speculators build school
hewn, politicians rule coroner's juries, and
questions be tested by the strength of tdreuders
at election day. C.
A VERY 0001) MOVEXM.—We read the follow
ing' from the Cincinnati Commercial with
pleasure, and transfer it to our column. that our
readers may have the same pleasure lYe ord
notaware to what extent the evil complained of
prevails here,, but any degree of it is a nuisance
which ought to be abated.
chants and ehippers, as we are credibly inform
ed, approve the movement of steamboat-owners
and masters to suppress the system of "run
ning" —st syetem that lute become intolerable
In its abuse of the public patience, and a dan
gerous and corrupt nuisance, the evils of which
I are felt not only by the etetimboatmen but by
the community at large. Hundreds of travel
! ler, are often deluded by wily triokery into tee
eelection of boats not at all worthy of public
support, and falsified out of the comforts which
they could have obtained had they been left to
their own choice and personal observation.
Good and safe boats have been 11,/ down, and in
one or two instance., as we are prepared to
prove, the owners of good boats have felt them
tareanompelled to pay runners, not to work
for them, but to close their mouths against the
injuries which their unscrupulous scandal might
Indict—a sCandal which bud no responsible
source, and no regret.' in legal prom
dare would be in the fashion of the map who
sued the beggar and got what he might have
The merchant. and shippers will appear In a
few day., with an open and responsible declara
tion; Sod all boots that employ runners will be
posted at the Merchants' Exchange, os well as
the name. of shippers who encourage them.—
Thie is right, and the only means, in our opin
ion, by which the evil can ho eradicated. It is
folly to talk of a law—as gas enough has been
spent already to no purpose; and should the
dragging time of an ago bring forth a law, what
with prevarications end technical nastier., se well
as official indifference, it would rot upon the
books, and die without a hope of resurrection.
That Linn Boyd should have been chosen
Speaker of the House of Representatives, that
men who are the avowed supporters of the con
cessions make to Slavery In 1850, should have
been nominated as officers by the nDemocratie
C. 0., and that they should have been elected
by "Democratic" votes, are MIAS which do act
aurptise us in the lout, We had anticipated
them from the first.
But we confess wo were surprised by the tel
egraphic announcement that "the Whig Caucus
had passed a resolution that )the Compromise
Measures, including the Fogitire Slave Law,
ought to be considered a Anal settlement, in prin
ciple and substance, of the dangerous and ex
citing subjects which they embrace."
For the action of the majority - of ()11l 111g9e111b••
blage, we have not one word of defence. We have
always acted with the Whig party, support
ed its candidates. and advocated its principles,
and we mean to do so in future. We have al
ways tolerated a difference of opinion, among
the members, upon question relating to Slavery,
and so are ready to do now. We have support.
ed Whig nominees whose opinion, in regard to
those outshone were materially different from
our own, believing, that notwithetanding that dif
ference, we should, in so doing, accomplish more
good, and lees harm, than we could by remain
log ineetive,er by aiding their opponents. We
have even been content to waive the expression
of our own opinions, when they were considered
as tending to discord and defeat; never doubting
but that time would vindicate their truth, We
have always been ready to unite with Whigs, for
the promotion of Whig principles, with whom we
could not act in regard to Slavery. And when
there is necessity, we are prepared so to do
again. But we are not prepared to recognise
the "Compromise Measures" as Whig - principles
nor their endorsement as a test of , Whig belief:
Neither do we look upon the course of this
eanctis as a guide for any but themselves.. We
do not believe-that the Onion is to be eared by
the sacrifice of justice, nor that the Fugitive
Slave Law le “the Anal settlement" of the,ques
tlonof Human Liberty;-41/bany Evening Jour
"How far are we to follow Kossuth?" Is a ques
tion which seems every day to be gaining in in
tercet, and every day to be more earneady-dis-
Gusset Ent before it can be satisfactorily an
swered, it is necessary to solve the equally im
portant 'question: "What does Kossuth want?"
Conservative journals say that h e ...gas to
involve us in a foreign war, that he wants us to
depart (rein our established policy of non-inter
voodoo, and to aid Ilungaryin tier struggle with
Austria, for independence. But does he? Ile
has never asked that we abould send forces to
Hungary. Its has never asked that we should
proclaim her independent, and ourselves her al
lies. lie has never asked even la single musket
in her defence. Ile applauds our policy of non
intervention, and wishes it were universal. Ho
asks us to tanks it universal. Ile asks that while
Englend and America do not interfere, Russia
maybe forbidden to interfere also.
This is •.the head and front o' his offending,"
and offending that may well be pardoned in one
whn has devoted his life to the !emancipation of
Lis country. But not tto think Our conservative
friends. "This Is i l uterventilen," they Cr?; "de.
liberate. dangerous. downright intervention in
the domestic affairs of foreign States, just what
I we have repeatedly been warned against",
Messieurs Conservatives, you are atabrand
grave and wipe, but we disagree with you. In
tervention it cerksinly'in, hot it in not interven
tion in the tkoMentic affairs of foreign States.
Hungary is a province of Auntrin, not of Russia,
and with Austria 414 act proposed that we here
anything to dn. Is it not tine thing to engage in
tinrirrel, and another to keep our moghbors
nut of it? Is it not tune thing to adj.: the bal
ance, and another to get it into the scale'
"Aye hut.-this is a mere quibble. it amounts
to the saw thing in the end. Suppose 'tussle
dee, toil take your friendly advice,—does not
mind rime threats' nod tine, Interfere': That
engages You :n n war with her. What then""
Very true. Stipp:ming such lit' be the cane,
we grunt you, it looks very much like the be
ginning of trouble. But then there are two side
ton supposition, just an there are to almost
everything else. Now suppose, on the other
handathat Ritenitt doe, take our friendly advice,
and does not interfere' Suppose Russia prefers
not to have her commerce subjected In the tram
bleneme attentions of two navies, which, curnhi.
tied, canoed those of ell the rest of the world 7
Enghttol and Americo Lave heretofore been pro
tiolltineit the two most powerful natinos or the
earth. Surely, when united, even 11119Siti can
not despise their strength.
We grant you. that thin is only the other side
fif the supposition, and teat it limo only probs.
Nimes in it, filer Nor .1a we dispute that a
wee with flumes woul.l be an event Much to be
depleted. Our ol.ject now is not to advocate
what might lead to nun k n remelt, but simply. to
ter [Wens our readous for believing that Kossuth
is not the heedless, bloodthirsty demagogue that
ho ben been elhig(d to h.., nod that the alterna
tive offered us, n not whether vr'e will or will
not interfere between Austria efel her revolted
r P it i r , n:k::: " .‘ f7t o h " :e h w tn o il tm t l w i i r f b o:l c ri t o b , " k e r i v ,, w i . ln e o n r w y f il a l t : e s c n o tr e l u l ' i g s u g il i t e n er ,, w io s i n h e h e
with Despotism. --Albany Erretny
Fell Importation of ilaraware, Cutlery, tte.
No. 129 Wood Street,
ll,sre to tall we attention of flerehants and others to
their ttune wt... of
1%11,11111y LIT RiterAT PACEttTS..
And whirh they are now preparni to utter at ;web prima
a* cannot fall to - plrant.
tra - 11 a•Aurtm•nt of H .?ANN . nelehrsted C. 8. AXES
.10.0 Lana. autrlitty
110 ST fN Form ot Da. MCLANL'a to ./'nu—lt would Ite• volume with ear.
tlf..,tes of the ,trellenee of Otte maticina Wherever It
1...1 a trutl st ha. outdo lt.telf popular. We boa In
t.ur Pea hu'.d. ci. of onto , lilt the
V•st•ltur.i h. N.V., boa lu. 141;.
II . A Co.—Your traveltna ascot left with in.
• alaut tune • quantity of Ilutatoo'• Liar Pills.
CL.. 1.1 tudd very rayudlT. and an' , the
aalt•tactl , tl. ilAw.l It I. eoutd.lered the twat taw:Heine of
the kind ..ter oiler.] for .1, Plea. ...I to souther
torolt at t0n.... turtubliv W. 11. AINSWORTH.
or tat, J. KUM tXI.,
Jti.An at Wood e t.
I,,,,r•Fartner..! rooter welt over the thou
-1.4,1 that daily Latill bursae and math. which
Citusrood, theta Uleien. tor Lin: when. If you would
nt•Lt , t t 1. , t0t to le, alwaya on head LLth barren'.
.traLutta Liniment. you ..oul,l have the animal cured In •
t... 1.,., and Ito , not only ea,. tun, tut you would
avold the rttk 1,1 Ital. the ercatureaatowtth,r. !Snead.
verlinTarnt.l sto:.4
,t,&" A Mort , lIINARIIAILL Cue o, TOTAL.
nue na rem et Pratottca.—Nrelnelli. IbiaAtten elna
or the otheuat .1.1 tn. puhlie ...malty. to the Wieland*
at it u., lien. at thie ray. The re., 7,,l U. teen by .7
;wren ehn mai M freptical ILI relaticn L, the tame hem
hell, e. 11. Kt CIL
a I hal !eel, •Ar.rt al offeerel flora with • a arneemof MN
.yea *Lice anaittuel L. ltervada uuttl Set.tmalea. Igen,
he lutantrastiou at that time heetun .. Inrnl.ttl tla etude
'mine membrane of Lath eyes, and ended in Oh. depot:lle
of !bah film. whirl, whelk, dextrayed my Kilda. I had
an art rathayeatiintfed,and the ltackettlint rentward,whleb
returned .0..1 I..rt mal at hal • ponditt,,a, telt..
Alflat ,Lt nf remplaint I trail. arelbratira to aeio
- lie. W..t 0/11112,1 7,644,2) men , %%A LAIStvo met
bet 'my ,tee Inryi.) ....I vet well. At 'biota:fel ik.l4,
al d14.1.ut. tiny ohNet' Ity thr elate. of r.7,. (Aerate
examucricaen A,. me el thy Patraleum. leAti Intartindli
7.1 Itegally,tattla WA** tRI e/ bAYeneantified dall7 far
(IL the paean; tale, en.) I hare reverted MY sialit actin
, 11i weneral taaather,- much Imitroted MtW
l'errt.leani. sal I fat fit utethe Neteratfee el my @lOlll to
It. use. I nefdeta No MYY Seecael street. In INN all. end
V. b O 7ll to raft •ny information In relaten le my
Ilcr Cale by hatter f IlyNnwell. 149 Wed area, R. 6
6.1./.. 07 Weed street 11. A. Ildineetnek, A On, coney
NON mod i'r..ta h. 11 Carry, It. A. Rlll.aLJoeerh
It..,Naef,and 11 If Nt: tan .alt. A lAttheny, eleo by the pee'
relYtet. li . 11. K !Ell,
awl . Canal Ruin. Peventh at. Mt obtab
- . _
Western Lam/ranee Company ofPittsburgh.
ti A PITA L ssoo,ooo. R. MILLER, Jo.,
I / I•Neefie7a, V. M. flop:len, aergrtary.
Will Inion• evainft .11 lonia yl Pt.lte Fire aryl 41111116.
All lenne will be liberally adoraea pal na,,epi,
A home Itrallutien—inanr, by Diee-tor• who p
eh...ltere to lw Named
lyexc•+vew—lteu Mn Stzl.r, yr., J. W. huller. Wm. Ay
r Ihnige n, 'rho, Pratt. A 1.,. !gimlet. ilea Mhe t eet. Oat
(4 Jartfort. °fare. Dante, aniel
Man, Jenne Uppittetat and K. II 010111..
only, No.!, Water ,)701. iwarttpc., Co.
Op etenat.) INnylinreh. y 04.41 y
Citizen's Insurance Compa.ty f Pittsburgh
• T. Omen No •115'i/ter atevet. In ten ararehous• of
CO. Presida4l.... .. ... W. MARIS, seer.
'1 Ina Gump.; ,e nn. prnnZtr.l 4:data:salt mnrnbatullna
In nlure. and iu trauellu, cor.lo, lc.
Au ample guaranty toe the ability alai Inleally of tea
inallntiO4, AP . attonlvl In Me rh.ruter of the inraetora.
"In. urn 411 chi:a, of Palet.upgb. vull and favorably
Um/a:A[o4lw OK:M/11114' L.r the.. prulaun,
Plaretulo--C. 11. Ifosaey. Wtn..Belsnler.
Wm. Iwrimer,
Jr. N"alter Iltfaut (fool, le. JnOn liar
Pittsburgh Lite Insurance Company.
041 , 1() MIS .
et- - ,Amott
Tnalsurcr—Joszi.zi L••.,,. : , ecretry—e. A. C 01.103.
airbo• ban bl. baprr.
—Th. auturrlbur jumt rerulred a full supply u
N. Lee rumurlonn. popuu—
lar lLuka, la the Numeral
. ~ . .
54al a lloaton Numeral Hmm containinga •• No,. 1 and
2 The Ow. Lire Imist.
the best Church Music groat varirtf of
Tim eight Singing Manual, for Cummon Prhads and
Sight 1 4 11.00 G C 1 . ,... 11. KLEIIEIt.
Du Third at , ahri:l of the ()olden Harp.
- P. 13—A full supply of the above popular aroaaa,lll
coaatantly he kepn foe wale. dea
I For Bale.
ARE throe story brick Dwelling lloann,
No. 14 Hay greet, Minder'. itow...prlee. 11000.
1. em.. Ea.) In 1 - I , h. ISM In one year, and Sang/ In
one largo , he ...quad by bond and mortgage on the
preside... Clear of all inrumbrairmliVeiladil.eputa
bb.. Aping to
,b. , ..1f Attorney. at Law, 143 Yowl/ ht.
St Louis HoteL
lIDOE it WILSON, formerly of the 2
17 St Charier. hen :ea, Inform the traveling •"
nubile that the ST. LOUIS UT to now amt.
During add i tion , sum., the lion,. bat bt•enrentaleled.
extenaire made, and entirely ndurultiwd.•hieb
will enable u• to areomwindata with comfort and renattee
oar friend... deg lit
Executors' Sale of Real Estate, Ground
Rents and Stocks.
at b o'clock. at the Commerehal Sale. Dogma. ann.,
ood cod istrints, 0111 ter wild. by order of tbe
onderslgned. gxecutore of Jarrow McHenry. (late
COl of Ffitabureb,)decienwidgTllitgli V•LUADLEL O TS
OF 1111011:11).51Dialo at the null gaol cornered Peunaml
l'itt !moots. Laving each a front of about HI feet on Pent
eygeniting but about SOileut to at alley 3 feet 10
inch..., veld. on each or which le erected asubatantlal well
finiehed thew story Brick Dwelling Howe, with the •P
-porteuatoes• Al, 'TWO LIITS OP (MOUND. altnata on
the xouthwarilly lido of Fitt, adjoining lbw elle;
l i .
halltot hoots of Own,. blend WI flied.rewwwtlrei
ly. extending book lei feet; unanchor which le erected an
*smiling three story Brick Dwelling Ihmeo, with the nte
purtenances Alm, lINK LaT OF 0 11011111./. cittiate en
n orthewnlly ride of Irwin etrret, being 00 text easr
"ardry mom the corner of l'enn etniet.tending along
Irwin curet 30 feet. nod In Atoll , about SO ex wet, en wbich
enetwl one Two titiry 'Whin Dwelling • with at.
po 11211t0V11. ON LOT OF Ull01:10, on then:mob
odds or 1 . 1.,1n at thn distanne of ati root Hoax Chown.
ner uf !min atrawt, fronting about 21 feet, by abont
hat In-depth. to the line of lot Inn mentioned, on Wh
e erected two etory Frame Dwelling Douce. Also. TWO
log ahont :33 feet arch on Penn street, extending In depth
sh o ut
12te1 feet, on which are eweted two two story Wick
Aho. an annual Hround Hoot. In teen( one hundred
and twenty dollar', pai, able euarteriy. belong out of t h at
Dation of lot No. a In Ihe general plan of Pittsburgh,
brr jeontlog l u felt on Smithfield etreet and CO feet on Straw
bonnyon eruct ed..
Alan,aundry Wick and Frame tononatinie
Oepital muck . Hank of Pittsburgh:
o Merchants and Manufaw
Y.xchanitr pink;
Alhigheuy mid. Co.;
A Plan of e R.I EstaP
eel Sal. Room th .. Tercu-s Et ncru ba
Tu.. Pen.
Mts. Ilatit:REEcutAte.
,r,.I!,DAV/S, Auctioneer.
A tra or aNotice:
LETTERS'of Administration on the Ea.
h as ot hn Keen, Yart., ht• ot Yoat thortonso , p,
beny tount7, MTs% beam mated to th. SIM
atlbor,nsi wrooN Indobted to smkt atue ars row:ld to
wake lot oaPillat4 o,7lnott. 04 oar pass. mass to ors-
teraly hat K !v um eft . lct cd fu a i tPttaht,
Vury rough. which redured mo so that 1 an ohllnrd
lt my work , and that by them uw of ooe and a half terra
f ;.Lore' Liver Pale. and Mr* Lott!, of tor Imocrtal
Cough Syrup. / vas perfectly cured. 3. W. I.loau.
Wrttramto, Va. May 27.145.
1 baronet./ Stlidre Cough Myron In my fatally for two
Tram or more. and hays nevor kuos n It to fad In . Collor.
Ind and coring • rough. Oro. N. LAY,
and cold by
del N. P.. EV.I.I.FIRP. 17 Wood at.
I'DLIESI'S SPECIFIC—A fresh supply and for Aldo by J. 1(11.1. US,
dr% 110 Wool at.
4 .rlrtotent. for tale ¢l J. KIDD Co
TAnCI.I - 2469 lbs. Foxr'A Uhio, in 50
k_7 Cukagoa, for sale by J. .
deg Ob Walrol rt.
I)EARLS-14 casks reed and for tale by
_ _
QUGAR—Io Lhda. prinw N. 0., for rate by
VfoL - ASSES- - 20 bbtr. N. 0., for sole by
Book-Keeper Wanted.
A W HOLESALE HOUSE. pn Woad street,
ary will be allo•rw/. /I.ldrese with nod mn,
"Bonita.. at thlsoftlre. All ewrnmuuwat;non lw Loki
... eon %ming the 11Iments of .luale, and cola plot. no
at,ortion for the Plano Yuma, to -Inoh to whlwl • 1‘..e..
culls M arc !My Herr, of popul. uslo, r•r•nriaitllllt ••.
Vono, Mh... Walltea. Polka, I , w l waw. wo . 1 .. r,
11 010.. Pike. fa/eta. For aalob,
J ^ ' J. 11. 0101.1,1 g. 0
twe'd n larthar .4 , 1.4 or tha aioowart.ol...,ory
+.0,1, A 1..,. Wll/0 ell NETINOn, c.l lb. •
" boo th ew at
uo U o,
1 .olf 1
Fo a n r l o l l l R + e . 1 4 1F1 14 1. 1 1 1 1 .
.48,„ •:••• • 1111 . Brio
baro Jmt reo',l o aworttnent of tho now,. c0n.11...1
001-fa. 44 - A vreat varwty of Now 11.0, ....A
.lurina tha day... making an row .rfniont ow uanall,
Nil. Dory,. pleooo rail 4110 11,
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad.
Commenting on Monday, Der. Mth, 1851.
INTO 01110,
ronneetetl Rantroath leettimy to C'ervittntl,
Coltimbttt, and etnetttnett. I, I.tatirttad,
nnd only 19 mac.. ,Nitztjiny between l'ot,burglt,
rriE Expren4 Train loate9 Pittsburgh at 8
A. 141. 4 , 54•1ng I,nly at Foar 1tn.1.4.,r, hew
I Imhlon, lhalincton 41,1 noon, and rn.e4re I'ele.l4m.
k 1 lot. .11. rh.r. 1•k. eto
.1 ~ 1 ,1 .1, 4 and sultroaJ [lieu.. Athane. and
C... 1.1 •
Stages rUn daily from Allinne. to 11. ton, Iletullon.
04 wait r. and 31 . 41 5.141: and Iron Limn ln Ir. thual,
.11 , uren.
' , l. turtling, the 1:t0 r r...• Train ..44.. 1,1-4.lin. at . .1116
•4 4 a 31.. a. arm.. at 1 4 141.-
arott.l l'
414 - Tll. No. Itnehrou ArruMfoOdatt..ll Tram
rat.ur.•4ll4 A. 11..01 4 1 . . 11. .n.l No• 11,hton
Tt01441.....1 m,l '1661 aro 44.1.4
1..1.,, hoot, aim antl 11r. braylitt
lr Iran. leave, Atha.. .4 .4 A Al N. and
om 51 A el.
Th•TrainAdo not mm nn hut:Oar. •
onta.bunoes run tu utth the tram. k , at.
13,01 the str.rt
11.• t4.14.1/4 apoll. 6111 m V4•41..1 rim.. Flamm. to
is h:I4IU/k: I•All It 10.
"Elk Horn" Saw Kill for Sale.
rjrlutely finishedand
nn e to consul... room., nob, I. mlusaml no 0.
• noonzattela am. •noro Putelmnfl.. Ron., n. th•
• WiL Ilf ot xt.onsdre onal work*, consmazd. • mut/
lon mantst tor lumbor need m
in bo. Sr.. out
r ell that I. 0 , 1 .old on the prowl... Use oleAtordter af
totals at all m.oo an owlet to more dboant marl..., up
and dorm Etta milky of Ilor.ougatiela. Furnsahm.l
•Itn tunentortry naturcOof toot amt mo•t
01.0. Itsnde, able 01111 ..anda nonrated in Entets..l,oool97
..orf.e , err In . rf•rmanco of I. our, Th..
eatatalfhturot, torludls. mixarros Of Clot. portltun
Mont, Stab., de.. will be mold loos an.l torum
t . 5 P0rn""." ..1 Zaant'..;(lloN. Attornor at
decor 11(1,,b —Fnurth .t OgAr
Allegheny Foundry for Sale.
TtiE uOdernigned offer flir sale their ex
d•andre and ,stuabl• FOUNDRY, squat.. on
nroet, and astendha. LO Ansa alreast, 011.• brut' enabemen !b. bootolry. Woi.yrium. • Maen.oltts
Itwp, anti Pattiro OLor, al the J. of around on
flu building, are °mud, Is 100 tart or abont
Fonsadry is. • doublo atoot sand tom tornssmo. Slob so..
nen.. The intyr , reutentsato ul of r.out T!mar . urts. .”
dondßo IleFlibitAll
ti;rl 1"1.
IN ,,, SEED OIL - tt, or ea
L ty
BiJOK WHEAT FLOVII--40 onntot llalk.l,
nut Quality, Ea We by
poRK—, Hogg just rend and fur aale by
4.11 !L.
'CEO FEACIIES I ! - - 16 t,u. l f..r arde by
11 dad • - WM A 1 1yCLUIII1 aCo •
D AIRY BUTTElL—F'reotti, and hatidatirue
j ite . rer nyu a t i i. et 10 and lbs.
DD. A. birCLII/DI a
blYnw.rr• and T.s.
IDAINT-25 bblu. Fire and IVater Front',
fur tel. by LIAIAII DICKEY I CO..
[led Water And bycnt sta.
Rl.JeliEt - S--75 Joe. Patent, for stile by
•-•- -- •
110TABIL--8 naalti for sale by
11%.11A1f picKEv a C.J.
ROLL bbla. for sale by
41j1.1.'TS. TURPENTINEr-45 bbls. in prime
abllndbir udder, ger Wok(
deG J. MIMIC°. GO Was! et
'R shNCfl o Clll{ , periar, for sale by
sire .1. KIDD b W cod st
ARD'OLL-20bbls Winttr, for sale by
:dad J C t_rV Wood st
:4,4% I, 2l{larV,ret Plain 11%." e.
" Storrt7t;;;76e7,2s NLI• 102u11.i
?pieta of all Iclod,G Expellant mem, 50e.. aod rron. Itl..
Colla, b
ALT EP bags Crude, landing
ad fur IIICE{,1( A (Al,
Water and Front eta. .
111EATIIE113--75 bags for sale by
I: dot I. DICKEY Watra and Front ats
fIE ESE-300 bodes English otoo Dairy;
1.1 Cn: for Pair by
1011 All DICKEY A Co
OAF SUGAR-5O tils. awed, for sale by
I 4 dsi 111,11.11RIDUE 1N1111E.1%1
iIBUSitED SUGAR --30 I,ldm. Lororing's,
1) Int co, RI DOE a INOUE AM
ILAEATIIER-200 Sides N. Y , for sale by
des 111/kII0ID111: 0 INGIIII.AII
ICE. --'25 tierces prime, for sale by
A IN 4 :1111/111
pEARED PEAC/lES-5 bblo. new, for
& sale by • 14 it 1/. WILSON,
ID+ N.ennal st
irIEARL ASII—?..O flasks for sale by
dahw. d • 11A S.ennd at
Jes corn.' First and Wand sta.
S I ULASSES-311 bbl 4, (.100,1.10'a Itr
o , l, , flnery. for sale by EURDRIIIti n 1 6 1%Ii19 . 11!5: ? 1
-1.1 boles Russell & Robinson's 6 1 1 C.
10 11 W Grant's Ws;
6 " 1-eth Ilahley• '
4 eaves Barrows's
deb 1 1 00111111G0E & INGIIRAM.
li I RESII TEAS-25 hf. chests Y. Myron ;
26 hf. chest. Ono Powder.
lh Imperial:
" " Bhirk. for sale by
, 51)
, B o O r
tato)orha, Collars, Chin fl t ail Wads of ',nuts.
It. rrevents the Iran from sahating tatba Linen, and
asst from sticv. It oentains unthlnx Injurious to
clothe. in any tostwet. The ladies barn Io n/
the to...salty of such an article, anti In Oils their expert..
Una will he full, reahnsai..x m tosopetlLlon la feared al
ter se impartial trial One Oakswill do thirty- dozen of
clothe; and un family should he without IL Price, 1231
rents per Cake—with full direction.. 1%, sal e wholesale
and retail by S. N. WICKERSHAM.
dr6 • ..rner of Wood sod Sixth s..
JAM I . :S A. hlelf NIGIIT, No. Uh'ourth st.,
has torsirrd from auction • lot of DRIICIIA LONG
ntIAW . LB. In
Dine. Ors.. Orange. Whits and Blank
atdecided bargains.
41.0 Dreeung One.. Whits Swan
Dren and V.ey thwds, in gnat rarieti •
i t ;n g to leave this
is tan Imo. In Vocal or ketrumentai Indus Music. to caTl ' lt
her nwidenn., 130 ituntbfichl street, boosuint Platt! struet
and Virgin allay.
TORN MEAL-30 sacks Sifted, for sale by
IJ !Ist P.P. VON DONN t Ito
FROM RICAAND NAM, bond and free,
reatal] fradr i p ti Tu i lors , and ouftatlzt,..,thr 1311.11
:r2d..; kaii'mg.;:Lti .0a and Taii;. ' e n. nrroV:i?.:
unlrenal opinion is uttered by all who usttlt, and that
that no remedy ever baton, dtworered ralawnws such per
bettilog and curative perilse It acts like magic
In rcllerteK pain. of mar kind. m no matter by what
or how eirniciating—sprai., Mak...Atkin. Of joints. ruts,
bruiser. burns, scalds, ulcers, rennet, rheumatism, pile.,
rato breasti - or an, r d.. sorenews iitiffnew. or weakness
o 1 P muscles or Manuals. This Lintsnont wmally
pplbable •nd mostly effect.] in giving Immediate
'f. Try It!
For male by ESTHER • aIeDOWNLL, 140 Wool almot,
ir 11ILLILIOTIIE SOAP-150 boxes, prime
ticla. far tamllT pea l hand and Im sale
YF.! LEAF LARD-POl up expressly
j_ Or fatally use, in kegs and crocks of J, b. and lu
twin. very suparior.Juat need and tor rain by
nei WM.!, IlceLliltfl • CO
prime, fur cute
11' by ldet Wien • McCANDLILS.I.
11 UTTER-10 kegs reed and for sale by
LOUlt—.so bbl,. Extra, for sale by
ASE--1000 boxes ared, c. b., for sale by
lT de{ p. VON DONN DORS! Co.
for a!, by R. F. T ON
Good News for the Ladics!
PILLS.. lormaint, Safe and Sawlike! Remedy for
rolix Fluor •Ibus. iiitippreseion. :Verrone liability,
tins al Weakness, Nausea. I . ain. In the 11.. and Limb.
Limo of Appetite. Tremors, Pripyat.,
C.tiaanani. Inilablht Dlarielola or IndigesUon, !lam
b... or Wind, and all otaribeComplaints. Pro. 2.1.. eta,
or Pre hoses lor IL Sold wlmbisale and retail by W. U.
J•ClibllN, 240 LibertyEtre., bead of Wood. Pittsburgh,
and by ALL THE DILUUDISTS. 43- hilt nlelan so-
doted with web note Awl ~,,,
Chester's Clothing Emporium,
vELEIIIIATED for Neatness of Flt,
i d s Quality. and Durability of WOranta.ide
our stoct Is lull and .mplete, embracing all article. of
lien'. and My? Clothing and Sianthiblng Ocala, all man
ulartured under ray own lospectlon. Purchtiwra are in.
.tted to .11 end statul., as we are determined to tell
" Pi f fsWila T6 N MI: r """'"""
• N 0.71
f a ll
24. 11.—Ikty. of all aall and Mee fined out on Lb. gm*
JUST REO'D-50 yds. thin Sheet Rubber,
010 Etanilazing. For gala at No. 116 Market .t.
dek • J.• IL P/LILLIPIS.
REAST doz. India Rubber;
" e.. 6 4 . `" 4 " .
_IIIIAIR CUSIIIONS--2 doz. India Rubber
and Mclntosh Air Costdon, of drEfrrent elates, knit
reed and far sale at Ne. 116 Market street-
Ark J. k li. lOIILW P 9.
‘ - 11 1 0 ---- AR--11111hile. N. 0., reed on consign-
A 1.02(, GORDON.
AO leant and fornale b)
4, 134 Front at
Inc Slnileal Notation, by .1. B. Arkin; just reel
40.1 for tale by JOHN 11.110114 R,
Jet SI Wool at
Third street. opparlter the Poet ()Mow—
ttriama New. Alonerily Ilagesloa, for December.
Chamber: Pape,. 1.. r the Peopla. Vol. 1 and 2. Dr. Wie.
International Magatine, far 14a:ember.
Illsekario.leMagazin. ' mr
Olen-e. at Europe, by Harare Unary.
Mare' Aroblvct. No b.
or the ttliale: •oww work by Herman Mid ,
Ihrtionary nt Ahakereirean Quotationa.
London Lila. - and London harm, No.
arper'• klagatine. vol. :1 bound In ...ti n
. keteba, Indaial, U. ,
al. Thszikernt.
laraligi Art Journal for November
1...fe end Ail reran,. of an Doctor.
the Oxiiniane, anet. POT, A, Nu bar,
The Lit, and the Hee, by Mamuel IV gram.
Ir.° pato, and In, Squire Sager. Pin y,
Thr Taking of the Nutria, by Dumas.
Meteor.... of • l'hy Aim.. by Dow.,
11,,., Burnham: a tale of the American Ite4olution.
or the Italibiail of tar,
brook iairleiAh. or ,cenee in Ibi tifeof. Private. Pupil.
Monti; ima rig, lie...pall te %aeons,
or a Mmtory Of Um IlUsann Hear; part
Antiiont•rir. or F an a in the Tratiles,
lib lb.
Olden , b.
Katherine Itallon. or the Rotator Norrhager i an 111
tor.n.l It. tuanni.i.l kerolution rn Cunha._
'fbeCiinte.eior..o lbatiirical Newel. ,
Ountmlum unit elia l o,. or liu.le and Illiaaime.
TN. Pia«. Tale ot Stirring 1 num b y I'. It. James.
Itiith It la inertial.a Sea Tara
11.. 00.10 Ilun,ten, t.1. , ...15terr0.
by .1. . lb:ramble.
Alei..l. or 11,- Child of the Ilattle Field, • Talent Witt.
vALuABLE DISCOVERY, that which
• fv. been longwynl,l Pr, VIS. A f3II,.VICAL
it f, tor 11./I d alng China, Olaul, Ranh. and
Pearl.. Ivory, Ornmanwat,
N IL—All urficiem wined by Mix valuable swalsWillun.
will I. rezelere terantly Noll. and truly
toe h e
{ls.. l after It has be. yowled. lt no
,sdor. / ' Less, no marks of thing having been applied
to the broke. part, aeon no nowt rtlat... It will Ow
re,. acti..b..l h/.1 water, or any other kind of liquid
nuYI at/..ut Lbatreby ren.le mg them
Moore lb, were bruli.n.
Ibe pub, .I Mit sr hecuMinif
a,tiait/.1 Wall 111. heat ( no oil, ono. for durably r•-
.Irlllg. Vtinn (111.4 t
For aale. or pawl, by R. R. MUM?, 57
Wood oinet
111•OPS--10 hales Ohin. for sale by
"- deg
rdi'"AS"—./1 r asks pure, fur snla by
LUi iA It-20 it Ads, prime N. 0.. Mr nub. by
0 4.2 • 2S. DILWORTH k CO.
IR Ili COFFEE—ISO hags for sale by
It UTT E It fo . rh ale
.. . o
OIIOT-53 kegs asti'd Nos., just - reed per
.i,Jeff oho o . Milton. and far br
- _
EFINED SUGARS-22S Mils. Crushed,
Powdernl. Clarified. and Small Loaf Sugar ot.yrtat re.
t ettof and for wile by
DE L STA RCII-50 box. just recd on
I ....iglu:tient had tor wale by.
liAltDl'..lo?gEn t L.V.
g I REAM CIIEESE—NO boxes prime, for
A: and u: Flea street.
PINE APPLE CIIEESE--24 eases prime
shT"'"' iaodnl ri co
Now Ready !!
VERY LADY having Piano should
eoh. and nuul Tompleton, row 6NAI.
. 1 1V 1 ,1,11.,. lid. • "nauttfal book fLr •PR 01:NT.—
O libuut ea..ept ion Ito neat • pl. l c• or printing and binding
...err yr. et.s.uted
Then, i• no pot•ible cavualty that can bentonto +piano
for which it doe. not imam &navy remedy. lota. irtring
7firm 1, • IL., tI e Imo tt ALWAIS IN
1 ' .17:K Prie:/dyry teti ' lirlesi ' that mech. It
non b. wont by mad is way part of the Unite.l States Mr
fe• rent..
Publb bed by Lee k Walter, Philadelphia. and ma, ha
LW of Julio II 5 1 1:1.1.01t, Wont .lint, and lIISItY
KLEBEIt.. Third stmt, Pittsburgh, awl at the princlpa/
L p
,It dux Corn, for hale by
_ .
LOUR-2011 bids. Extra Family;
nupertiou bur aale
AK. ree'/In very full awurtni•nt r.f the shove arti
cle, .4 all dualities/from common to Good. aria of plain
and brieht enlore. and of nenwt atyle, arid offer all at
In peyrys for ipIAIILT end Oil..
Afro—lleoclia Long :slum ly.uf taeweer litylea and choir.
M. • It are ..prnfne nay cord. at proaant ova, G. daye.
run ra...d. truaoarlaina Elannria, vl al.-amiable coins. and
117 INE—I casks Madeira., direct from the
L.lanal. rufa.ll,r amid, rim , o`dandfarrtle by
CSKS. I'ORT WINE; and 5 cake. WILD
sl CHEERY lO prat rre'd and for sal, by
ATI I ING-150 bales No, 1, for sale by
SUGA I II-50 Lbls. Loaf Sour, for role by
"VI OLASSES--100 bbls. N. O.;
ectsrar Molar:
5 noldan Syrup:
and TO Water at.
Parrots/ by
P lO META L--IC.D tons Foundry;'.fur sale
. I mat nn KY. stArrat ICA A CO.
SEED---125 It. for sate I,y,
114 !Mix. prime Roll, for silo by
F lBll—
bid, No. Mackeml;
ii;ttimor e
del 16.00., lb. Colltele. Irkr ea!
Illlkr. J,
LIEF:SE— 100 axe;errat,
I I del
UTTER—ZO kyx. prlwe. red,
by Idyll
_, S.
S. I
ki ACK EHEL--16! Lar
IV ale by Well & aS. ltn
LARD 011.-25 blitS. NQ. 1, 14 SA,
ramte , D. zyLL, atia
1 11000LATE-100 las\ 'co,. 1 ree'd'/t,
e l " I'rWIC *CANDLE
DOT ASII-12 punka
4.1 !\ T ICK !'
. :1 ,. 1.
‘l, 11A.
_,,,s RILL
~ n: A W.I ARAL
,- _...._ . . ..,..__
1 hills. Lee No. 3,
et. a B. 1170. AOOl.l.
NQ: 1, lo'by
I`.' , io. 1 ree'd /‘, . d Tor.
lir sale by \ `,.
- 10 - Le - ~
Ler eel by
. 0 McCA. LAPS.
g . !ItEAAI Cl , bores for 4ele by
_,/ /del K A 11c0A,NDGF.88.
9 ,_-_,-
have been re or ask by J. 1,1,.. lekAD,
71 Fourth at. ars ,
flaeea Pru• •
• Ismulltowlea
U. 2‘. Ing.cua _
, \ \ \
llardnar's Me
ifizA;a . HArzz . 4, 1 , :\
Paine • In.ntituns, of Medic . 1.
0 , .11, /Rudy of Sle,llMne, 1, \
Maurndle'a Yhysioloal: v, \ .
Carnentaia do.
!Sawa. on Phew,. of Child tit
Churcbill ou Infanta and Chll:
Churelill on I ,, ,wawes ,d* Female : \
Limon and Mute eio Stinger,:
Wil.on OndArd's Human M ato
(lunch . . 111dviR.,ry; l,
Kl " ;f: : a t a ft nrl t" ,asgal l 'VElV3l74 , 7 ; \ ,
1 1nuo,pallaic DaMeatialSkvaiman,conta lta treat-
mentVdlwranon, arith l popular. explana?ka Ana{../",
t r rju 4 : ll ;?:ietraljillt. P ll ' i 11. I' 1 . SI-1 , .-
IL•ri, , •eal al enlar.d. \ tm'Al
ilia AC NU FLANNELS. :Afar . ,
17 Burch I d bave , remlved thin mauling by Afros\
1114rk. lir., ni other milt dras of Saxklns Flu. an
..d low prie.e
Aiwa,* oat and, She (1414:111 Daohrlokabla a al, x
B L , ff . )3 , !!z- , \: , :1 0 0 .. t0 ,, n ,, 'Ala r‘. , 47 ..
n ea . l . z z e is!
'll3 EA NUTS 53 bags la\qiiii,tor sale by
' I )EA
1.1,1 'KEY t Co_ IVakekand Front els.
N10,5,F1500 d ins fresh Srsty . 4a, for sale
by \ Idal) V. A. CULDKA.T.S)I A co.
1 1 0FFER,—.31.4 bat' Rio, for salo . 'l? . ,y
‘, kl,l •
1l lISW9 t co/
.for sale by
and for sala'
9. , for
It! !ifET
,TALL corttnentuct rec%
n.a, axml Ibr We nz7
y v 1 . 1:11—A beau ful •
nnftr •
10 . 1.) PAPER JP
numtuteutjuAt tee* •
'OPAL VARISI.I—in bble . half bbl
Flowing, Scrapia i r, Mu g/ AAA Qu k Drying: tor
{..IA LAD (11L--lahask t for sal :1H
UB CARB. ROD4-.20 e Nes .‘ `satle;
1.7 tor Palo er j. ti MAK iIII,A
S puke trletltn
I goeCtitut*:
• 1 box Imperial:
cues AtaericAn : tor le by . *-A
tic 27 J. ACIIOONHAtt ell A CO. \
rtsim suBScRIIIR has jusi\ race ed a
Mad admirable and eatwoale• lot of Pianos 0 :IN.
au 7 octavos% from the colehrated factory or S. a. 0 ..
b.O. N. Y., amno ir others—.\ • l.„
a camiatad 1•11000, v
. c. cothlo tablet, '.,
11 r In do l'O Oct . \ do., `.
do dn a net. W.,
Al, one of DUNHAM'S famous 7 net IN\I,'CIII
PIANOS. equal 10 a ¢rand Piano WyoWer and ralSme or
tent. These Miami hare • new .ddinprored war, 0.,
lanlFll:'Zivia.rf=ito;c7.7/rlcr l ' lTlO, ' 7 l li th e Tut=
wmfession are reepectfollyfrolited
s tall an 4 examine
this elewant Mem:linen,- Tbo
of ta...h ST
r.47;„77. 1 2.0* Nt'Z't.hl TriVt'Mo"esath.r:l!''''.l2llc,.
that otty—onsorpawed fdr - pover and sweatwesWohts.,
and elasticity of
" '4l. a i.r.naa, •
Nu. 101 Thlrd lit- alwo, 0,
-.. .. tt l . .9 64 9. 11 4fri. '
N. 13.—Now
barn, enables
lower lb. fo
P b tgras ' =
/ No. till r
Orpteos. la
di,. and chi
kiii.s ,
Also reed-- fresh utd'lkrket stork ol piuttoltt
iacat desirable ell , .
l INSERD OIL-20 ‘1413. for eeltiAl a hols \ J. A IDV 2 y
,Q.ENNA—SW lbs. Alex. , d In., forseale by:
ej .15 ' r.. E. B.E . 11X51.5..
11.." --- A7 BAX FIR-10 galls.
,ais non
•r sale bi z , 4
seullaa\, •
FNOGREEK. SEED-600 Ik* for sale b
Buantoss Azzazdatr.—.6d•apxmopts suell rabseriptionl
- t. W. Pei.. received =a fonsnle&free or :Pa, rmei
tles all.
oCssa OF THE
14.. F
RON TAR cmrtp turn.
ATLANTIC. West, from Llverpool ... .
CITY or GLASGOW,LeIteI, fur Gloco.
Stwooon, for Lirprpool
NIAO k RA, !Rita, for LlrcrpooL..-.-.
PACIFIC, Nye, for Liverpool
IFY. l lai t FikliitoO%r rr r
AFRICA, for Llr,.ryool.
11.0X1 ICROPZ.
; 1 10116OLDT, N No , it
NIAGARA, Leo kb f r N N York
KUROPA Lott or loeY rk .. .. .........
..... _N o r
. All Letter^ end Norrae•Dera no hand tor .England.
tend and
what line. Scotland are ern( br the drat steamer, no matter
p tothr Con
rpeW , ,
t for
Continent of Europe, by the Colllzie Line.
letter to. the Continent of Europe by the Cunetl Line.
moor be pret.dd to. rent. a singlepd., ekcept to thaw
plaree required to be creoald In full.
letter hr the Havre Line, muet be permit] laentY root
t , • , e4t . v i :::: n l f. ounce Inland PC41.111, to be ulder„ except to
Nowepapere by either Lino, to the Continent. roust he
prepaid four tenor each.
Inland P.R.+, tenet be aided on 'Lotter, and Nowell.
pe r t) the Cootinentof Rump, Or the Havre and Penmen
pirrsEtraciaLtiumr. .
Orreg Per*comuni Jilarwriz e
51onday morning, Dee. S.
The market on Saturday. ass usual for the
clueing Aar of the week. tau moderatel wathe. with no
material change in nu:nations. t •
FLOUlt—The restalp4 wan about 700 bilis. but the narm.
Lot tr. ' , err MID; and toost • of It went into roue. Ire
bare sales of ISO hbla at 12 57. and lot at 62'115 0.3 03 10
for f. and extra brands . Bain from Men 4e.ft confirm.'
to mall lots for city consumption at former polars.
UlLAlN—Rectelpt• wens light and only a molar.. ho
airman doing. Sales 4.0 bn abetted Pam at 40e, and 100 do
In earn, at 45c ? double bu. Bale of 30 bu Ilya at 40e 11
bu. iVheat may to 5.44 at me. and Barley at 45 48c
011 0CER14-R—The market was Quiet with a limited
busintaa. Sale of 3 tarts prime, old Sugar at f•Xe. and
bb4 now Molasses at Me? gallon. hmall sales Rio Cog..
•t 0 V99%e 1 a.
PEAHLA.BII—d sale of 5 tons ate° la 0.
LINSEED—A sale of 10 bbl. at 7dr ?
BUTTER—SaIes 1000 ba prime toll helm store at 15c.—
Keg la 'sinus, at 0. , 400100.' according to Quality.
CIIKESF.—SaIes ho. W at file,;ll
111JCK WHEAT FLOUIt--ttalta 1.40 u Its at $1 3711 100.
Cl4ll'tiß PEED—. 4 Wu of tit bu at 15 24
SALTPS7IIIE—SaIo 01 10 hag. at 554 e
PlElli—We notice a..falr general buslum &MEM ton at
the followlug prin.—Salvador Herring 10 25: large No 3
slarkasel 11: No 2do 410, and No 1 at 512 Salmon $10:
Lake Trout 1015001; and Codlfatt at $5 25 ? 100 Ins.
The Philadelphia Ledger of the 24 net has arrlutsrest
log statement of the operations Of the Mint durlngNo
rember, from •hteh me make the tolloarlng extracts--
The coins, of gokl for the month easeeds by about•
quarter of s million the amortnt coined in October, and
rintehed the my Mitre 10.1113 of 115.11i1JX , J. The .14
ilateeilOil during the month was 15.4.5040,
three quarMrs of • million greater than the amount de-.
waited during October. The silver bullion deposited du
ring the same time was Vkkiillo. The foliontngta the total
coinage (or Nunn:ober.
2...zian Double Eagles
U.%) Karl
105..404 Uq lartet
21C.07') ld Dollar
111.111. Quar t e r lare,
Came Dollen.
137,50 u Lime, \
:00.000 Half Mora.
64....2/0 Three mat pieces,
1M,124 Cents,
1,577,42.0 \ $5.530.706 24
The fallaeriog shoes the rralpto end discernment,.
thi °face al the Amine. 'Trainee, of the United Stet ,
the Riot, fee the month of November:
Oct 31, 141—Ralenne,
1 1 2.--Renelpoo custom.,
51.3E0,1543 55
SI:F.3ES 3o
ic , ;z7tifeeToolu;yi,
Tftacary dnam. 11P.744 thl
I.ort office warnatc 23 C 43 03
ll:sten...ln Ins. p •
.$1.4331.3% , 1 31
The total oolosew cold from Janos, to November.
Locluodee. &motto. to NhITS.,I3I.
By a a4temara of the oiled States Trvantrer. at Waal,-
Imrton. ere learn that them ax. or the 2.ath a lt„ the
Trateury, Publeet ilraft;u3Ll33ll.saf 74.
The total demuita of the Qr.:lona Metall! from January
to NO•atttber, tack:Mee, areNS.l2.sl2,stga, of wh.le.b Califor •
nia eoutrlbutedlefl.ll7,lll.
1 • HOG TRt.
Coax:NAM D. 2.
r' The following etatenuronsbowa number of hogs that
have arnood pose the connikencenien of the &won to this
By rive, meals and rail nuabt. 33.7E3
From lienteekr. ZIA*
. dianabterad in Covington. \ 11.000
' Through tollgate& 10.003
:Hawaiian...l at Plainville. \ 7.h00
To &hie date last year. \ • VI:ZI 7
We bare not freeload retail. Ironsthe tdil Rake* the
Xv9l.ler earkbage roads ad& but then bav`not many usx a rrived
by those nade yet. Lest year at this date, 15.1;7 boos
Lad loon revolved born R i. Including thee. n
teen! in - Covingtea— (Ciro liu.
Lleas—&bout 29,000 head hogs babe beened. i'
' hear of but few tranaaction& ' , ritual/are loth eed ve t}
considerably. tad' the market price now is $4 40( 1 SO ne .
IVe leans that revere' parcAaoev have, nest made jo Ebel-
DT .01Itr. for this market, at 13 la tern, Chick Iva etill
higher rate. The weather Is gettiog 11. warm for
to and soles. a change lakes Pl ac e ,
hothUolt hill ita dd.. ts ,
itirm—There Ira. 4 tet46 Inches In ehannel, tor pier
k. at dust, bun ova:tins:and
ABBINAD. i \ .
7. McKee, Flemirietwin. MeSamoan. ,
gtiarille, Partite... Briswatertilw
- Th. . S triver,BalleT. %let \ New tn... •
Baltic. Bennett. lireirturvilla
bearer, Gordan, Beaver.
llichwan. B.W. Beaver.
J. 8 , /.td.
P''J". tai ,ham.
Forest CBT: Murdoch. elleville \
Genesee, Nally, Wert Newton. •
Kerman. State, :2 tone, Cincinnati. •
Intend. lo.'{ Bata - he/or, Cinci ant
, them]. Cinawelt, Yr Beebe..
\ Ginn., CartibeliN Louie
vtiaTarkinaon, grills.
--Bennett: eier. Brow seine.
Coe, ileadrickeen. ItAeerpor4
!brier, W hewten•-•
2, Gordon. Beaver.
4g .p. Bow. B.T.S.
• fiayse2grblet„Blis ,, sbv h.
i"; ty , Ilu 'i r:lochTWe ' ll ' inv ' l - c• .''.
il , . r. 2. Moore. Whevain , \
Winches , Moore. Wheeling. \
Buckel--p els.. Dean•Cnidviniati.
Messeege ‘ 2,No 2. Fisher. Cagliari&
10•5331.X,AV1NG V11:4 DA
•poi( PLULAbIIaILIA MDR t u '
D ColPanruitfe, recta I
F 31 .
11 11 2 . , LSClLLE—rentsl CRT.
N ivriLLE—Fort'
lICd 4..K.A.
Loc43 3 , 3.
Poa Warm:
Xcanattl..lll I
hNt... r e esular ha
mail on ,s Clltabnrsh .
for nays Oita
lic of \ put nri v m : lint. ;
x , .... , 0 uln .6, --. •••.••••.. COPIrf H. A. nn • '• is &lends, trona this el‘s I\ Wheeling. lc: , non 1 ,
t . aua ocrusranan
trot plat" de lamb! the 'hen tha
ores /‘,., ,, ntbatwean tno of tta assaant cm te7. l In ttis a.
~ c.p.
C. 4. tads:inns settled tlus dt ty. and lb going ao
retoth that ti e teputaboa\ of Ids boat was ItOstaka.
th .
and h dalsrmlnad that Its an&ster should lair.-
tat ned Cr at 4 petit of Ms Il(s. %We via stank.*
that Cap Co ell bas pasted \ ottkhla declarntlon.`d¢
the Innttat , cnense of thittorth awl n d ot
ea, ba• mad,
bla boat Lb itenelal favedita of the trig In which she . :
I. st/satesd. rik, an and` aid <lWilliams
and Seam ateAntlsotan orsterllnsnos/ nsa 11 .'0
sod respectad WIN ttho Lao! tbens. \
• FOIL NA/taw flog light d thilit'atme
' kart rat. Ceat 111illar leave ',AI alieves, tkos Val. for
s, .NlA.Uks• sb. will ale next boat. carfo\tbs‘pollat
iobed vrilo Intact sal pum
gew s U. iveommodathiraitatii all that could bidaared.
Polk , 4111. - 11.u . —TljeL !Shelia 24 . rattebt steer tai
Caot Colt burial Ivent anavort rah' !mat
aboe. thbrennion. The ansfixelaleirt Calmer. • •
[we aceseetegdatlooa withoot'ex
Fos Wsuallikc. , -The •Dlckcli4
Cast Mos.tock., \kill, lease as abartS.,kh
o'clock. Th• FoiTt CU, Is estirsls ' co
s atsl excelloot scoisclaatstlans.
EICYCHftYk BY irizaz.„,.
VD/VILLE—Pia 4,'11...-17 bisection 1 dor:it
/IC, Nrx i l ''' grtc:At ' litta k r Pr d arrott.1 4
.4 4
liratio A Kelton I Issittodis4 c ti ,c tifdoss; 23 dastoast Lomas a
Wlslatkosit: 112
_tits fisthent, t. , 1 let & Co: t \ hOds tOtotos
J Aleitoosld; 8 do J A Masons, • V do Bppert,oo bbistnlb
ilosses JO ‘, htuis T smo Ilgtisinstot
~i ,g, . 4 1 , -.5 ilmC . b s olis . i, .
ta Y trolenitlerl.r a. s' 117ttlXi 3 t,iiintA lob W Jtdlrtstort
00 bbls orbvos ‘ Wllooorth _ to, \ ',, .. . ,
WC i L01318):-Pue llngto.-1. bib /Milt 2 ad.': 100 do I
I to a Itoet;42 piss tend Ifutenirn A Co: •OCSI do J , LI
tie so= iron Wood a Co; 1.. , , tooolo, bbloaudth A 00,
=l;i7.: '7l Inot dnr, dtlAtari n
,r 6 34
Is '. 4flFt l igli7 ".' 4o o t ' r
Ve7 " a. ' .47 4,17b 4 1 ,V,:
\ ,
. *IIES\ I7 O—Pra INO -7 ptsiint Baker a
onsylb; 2 , tails a pp '. 4 Coto: 3/ .4... I an LW do
• rloy At i. W ood; 189 EL•s bud Mot IL low* dol bbl
b , Oor• 4 Colo: Is stloogh points LA. todsoll•
, 1,
E tt ' ti;at - Th k eis d n 4 ii !IT ' M t.' I igif. °°,
: 7 ~,,,4,1t7 , 7 , ..7 , , Ki,,,,,,, th , t5, ,...,54 al k i r ,
de .4l;
rA ybut. . i tt , Nnatt: , /a bdt. ta„7: \Kidd a Co: ludbD., 4 :l
Wgi.LSVlLli—Pas roCtrr Ctrr,=-107 muds Goodarl7r. Z , s
TEL gra clot 11.07inlon t tapper% 1, 1,61 1 km wasp love , ,
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\— Electiom . • \
A N Peetioti for Fifteen zie,eto\of " a
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\ Prnsumtua, ps. lit: . /ML
;CTORS of tho Colhng Mining
lichlamn, bare thintleyvearcann imam
• on each .ham .of the al tea stock af
alf payatde . nr before tuvg.Xith No
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the 11.111 day of Berettl• \ •
rthpri of larminre. \ ‘•
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Jf VW VA II AN If A. Treas. \
Notice. ,
ETTERS Testainenta.l7 to thii s estattia \ . •
I James Row, late of Indiana townaldp.Cnunty of I.• ~ • '
T en,. deo'd. have Mon granted to the stheeribarE I
perm. hawing maims agalMt eanleatate• writ present
them duly authenticated fur nettlemeut to \ ,
. • \\ , r3lll.ttZTlMke \
toll(larrat. - 'Elamatetrlt
-t'---.—•-re L .
V A Card—Life liisttrance, . \
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,NI ri.. C. A. SeCOL - TON,.ey.—Dears, x ...._
•...t.v.lss• Matter cream:non jturice\ I deem It my . 11o \ Pe' • • . ' ...
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Whiell the cla f a - nnticr , erratik, etr,..ted br me....
amountle mahout 1$6,(00.) fag thrtummd dollar., has .
been paid.
• The lam rinciples npen whieh Ili e ard,sor tb. ,- \
.Pittaburgh e Insurance Coropaar ore manducted. on•
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The prmelpl of prudential beemoklam Mate Mutual
arran,mroent o your oramd.rallen,•l. the true anendiet • \ '
fraternut benlll nee. which humanity end tbrlatianitY
Loth muet apart) . Itmpeetrully yours, an.,
no'27alaw of rid Baptist Church. Pittsburgh. Pa. \ , )
'Antic Lost Certificate; '. \ . '.
NOTICE is he s
_eke given thut application ~
has been made to the Eathange Balk for Wenner.- . - \
Certificate No. frallof tonne.
no to mid Ban.. ,' s \
alleged to Lave Men due red by Me
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April. , \ ' ', . \
134.5. nete/V:Aatler 111L11. JANE (Inge- , , , . \ - . \
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at ~1911ee
'FILM Futscribers
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the amount nubunibell by \
the Treasurer, on or, belnet\ l
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hE Co-partnerribip heretofore existing be- :•,,,, .
K tereen the undersign.d, tis der the hnit of ZJWN-. \ '
t [....D.CAILIt a Ct). in the Car egamat Wagon making , \ -
buninees. wee dimly - al by mut 1 mosey:. on the 25th
lusteat. by the erithdreieel of Mar Townsend from the' ., , ,
hrs.. The Implores of the arm ' , gibe doer,' by the nth- I,‘
err...torn. .END • ,
' - t NT. Peri`i ,- B. • 0,
Pitteborah,l'inv.V..lB , l. • K. llittKI.NY-,
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THE undersigned kill contin\
tho Cam. "
ego earl Warne mscute , turing busineyi In All Its' ..
eti., at the nia 'sten:l, unilei
r 'Pb..abe me A rs Ylla.LPS,
CARP. a Cu.
' ‘jttillEltT Vtlt. ''" .
ti ..I.l{ettil.
Notice to Brick Makers and . Quarry 3 f;n. .
atROPOSALS WILL ,BE REcram tit • •
the nth of December neat. Gm the debark] , ofcm , • .
a half of brick dortnathreningng apingttl4d
stammer. in shoot equal quantitim, at tiro Outer Depot
the Penneibranle Comp f. acid at Water, 1
between Laberty led Perm.
Tbn onmonaln et
L b.
prime of delivery at each
pointcend Dm aim of the brxts; thane cf tbe larger db
01 colons being preferred.
.ePortion al the nrtek to bedsueereoaft Grant stroot. to
toml preerml. for which the price atz4 dibllql2lll,llllllii
Maud tieparately. -
Proponale will Mai be received fbr IV - whole cf the
hetet, =YIN from clay obtained from the coreneny'atmotind
at the outer Depot. where Mel can boob;aioN by miltemd.' • ,
span ion term..
\ •
Proposal. will be remind at the tame liace..,for the de.
livery of WOO perches of .nton. for fontaLepe :t" ,
the above nomts, or at any enbeenDnt pant foe
no the Ode the retinal, bete,. littnbuta anti
The propane!. will be directed to Pasant Mill EN
Asxciale 1011orer. flithrm Tile, Indiana Mo. Pa. ,
tool 1 .l. ..1111 TlitikircON. Chief ahinh,
MASON ' S caujameg BLACKEIfa
:FAS. S., MASON 4. CO:. baye REMOVO
11/ theft\ Moke and fartory in Philadelphia. to the nen
` s and roacioah BIALDINGeloVharth rearm et.,
eh - -tbef, y s i „ tt.inim to oder a` Pitblikt' 017 ONX
TIIODeA.• .kna, for any stmelloa Mice . Mack'
] nold by nks - pocuLla Morel:ants and am to the
V lV.ltaseti %lie black IT fliTitiff
prima \ \ . •
-\\\ Notice.
r \ il,Stockb (oot-a of the Pi
' dlatmfactothictkimysoy an Of
s leetinglaill be behiAa . the fifth d
at Idi oirloeta at the r. to' Samuel
76X \Walnut idreet. Polha .Iphi.a.
n02,1.2we 1 fithistlitiall'S
\ ZINC ‘ :?0,I 1
Nu . , .,;,..:F..i . % i , F , T tr E Ea
at howar4,N. J. /., 143a1.3.° j"
\ Tbi.Drunneera inn...... 1 m i ni
\ " '..ZiNb PAI
Mitch ham bmr, found 'tall. nen.
kern and tbe United "titan, t,
beautyand prat...rte. prameties
Mini arhaterer. Their e
\ WHITE 7.1 V
hi nutria, an Otide of Zinc. and Le
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=ran te ' mtart i k ' Sr r itili •
When Imposed 'to sulybornits'or me
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ithstand.. Nutt... ti V r _i . , •
tbs., .any and
not being a•ia
crumble and rub pit It ma ba
wittawatar and alma. wilb Mcnis
heeled homalain [dab. '
l i b .h yte are Dirrsialied id •is ye .a.... —• undhubbelly ,
th ebeapeat and beet paints in the =Met loser...Um, `,
coo fencing, ontbOoma, steatulmaM, or may OSPOArni mr
Mom II weal, brick. tin, or iron... t hay e rr both
Yee term nerve, Way., D n7deuDd lil, 7 sid'alio•lss 0 .7
fa= a lilbriaLlC falt.ctitta. and 013/11,1 yrreent'orlda.
elan, they. del oniekly,lind Ravin. • burl M.taiii.
do not change mbar Idia nntar of M. metbro.too. tto.,
Wet \
Dealers repelled on Ilisral ten. by the agents of h. \ ••
.rompany. . . r.D.JOSItd &Cu. . \ , •
\ ana74 , 2n) \ 7 donde Illtareer. Dhlladelrbis. \ \
aKILENCIIIiIERL NOS!—Mcit ear & Hoitctl- , ,
rue bare rose reed en ass o rtment if &Dore ', Goode, ".• ._ .
e lea rolera.'larlent• lthadp• of Drab, Green.CatVo.. ‘„ \
or, At.„ at ...Tr imintea fa
di r nallity. .111.0, Cabo dof \ \
tbe ntlaniealore. \ ''
_ _ \
10It CK 11. t '„ ,' • T 1-Ali
i_p..,rm,t licummir.l.aya rt.c • klaiztrelffer kyr thesberiv
_ ..
VEATI.MIts--21 sacks prima Kenticky.
.113 m's re; \ pew:oar Irene, And 41r 1.14 by .
`;14.1 \ JASIC.A A. IttITIMISON • co.
11.4 1 E&THERS & BEESWAX- \
14.0. Pealber34• 4 ifor4sll.e.rax
• ding and Ihr sale by,. /MAU DK Ii; it CU,
Yrtm MA.
- ---- -
. 7
uND s:=. . - - - .„ .
le.ou. Loaf SW: 1 \
,i,,,,..., Cowie. ' . r. B,
anc k .
- • ...y, ...• Crwhed /3
k PaliirrlWl Supt, •.. .." ..,
Er. tzekv..kt.X.ltuinc - V.. •
Axes Cream Cbeem, k. k•
1.. aza..rtil UseWtsp. Pad% "
\JOILN WATT A CO. ••• 1 . \
derfinev. • • .
ttn..;:pirt. ree'd'and (dale br .N. .
, k
, LS—A fiali - aisortment
ieinrithlch has hitherto e'en
1. 71 . 1.'t" \ I‘' on
V 1VQ46.1,0,
L.'s AS T,Ulll.NO ‘ = 7 .loil, 1-8, 1-4 and 1-2
Limb intas Retbtiml322 7:Rm.:K zttigiar
itzar oast Mr.
morsoa, at 10
w' a tut *muter,
130R.A..XVISN Iba. for. Mileby \ •
• . 0 15 1, J. KIIID 'lt. CO .60 1"ood st.
1 It ICIIRO*TE POT A Bl i=-30001bs. fur
iii nu bl , ...LUDO &SO.'
Tryllorrie 50c.'"Vca. \ '
MORRIS haelawaye eold We, best Tto iil
ritubursh ar 3r- i, lb.„.lmt 10.0.9 , 1. sstsitlT is - ,
thr:llllB3:sikt.27l7/. -7:1 . .. N...tete- " \\ .
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Morris".;res Slut Is us We Diansond.loteed dtte frosst.‘ _,
'st ( )&fhlPllolt- 2 ;., s\bble. for seile bjf
i\ nolo \ \ \ .1. E/Dfi*OU.
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consigxuaailt and far :
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GI Witter rtiwet.'• 's •
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