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; 11,h.TiJIIDAT 210/Ulll4O,- DEC. 6,
say;RRADI2I O MATTER nu ,- EAFoalw?l ,
01;'1.:.4011.1'..4e2E OF THIS PAPER.
%Tie National intelliyencer' we are pleased to
'l-see; has ptit no a new dress. We rejoioe to CO.
t h11!4711P20c..e..iir prosperity', The Intelligeneer
L.itiapeper we always read with profit, arid ran
:pilot &vita opinions.. •
Thel3ol4mm - Patriot has •slso donned a new
, tiress,''tuni ',Mikes a fine appearance. It is an
Thefiritiirif. Witt er. -
'Titom Ruff soucon To 1 OLcoX.,A
fe*vreeks'atimo we prepared and. published a
description netbe route of the propoited railroad
`lframlthin city to Oleau and Rochester, dividing
it' into .sections Iris the 'nature orl ttte country
citangaL. In that article we made the distanoe
toogreat by üboutvid mike. We babe silica con
vened with Col. JOHN SLOAN, who has reoently
ittursayedtt portion of the route, and who is well
..iniltuanied With it all, and also with several oth
eigenfleman, who all amnre as that the distance
;_doeti not exceed 172 Miles, as follows:
grom Pittsburgh to the ,mouth of the
Kiskitninems, 28
Kistitninetas to Kittanning, 13
Mttanning to Alouth of mahoning, 10
Phenre to o:mui (estimated) -120
Aftertiaring carried his survey over the moat
. grourul--that from the lifahaning to
Couilen, a difitanee of 33 miles—Col 'Sloop as
'atire4 nalbat the whole distance from the Mouth
er Elehouing toMO lalid SCXCeethat
saber.) stated. The length ofithe State road be
tween those points is .106 miles. This is an
iMpottaist fact, awl we make the correction with
great pleasure- There are no serious dilficul
ties 011 any portion of the route.
• 'The northern end of the roots—say from Red
•P2l,,Ti Oltetp, Through tha great even held atid
tier goal more favorable than we
had sopposed, there being ue neeiasity to fol.
fon thew-Alleys of thoatreataa incept where their
alireition ia.ecry nearly in a right line._ Alto.
-gether the rood earrberatistructed at less ex-,
passe probably than any other of equal length
numboi or the Whigs or Weetmoretand
cenney,Vissembled at Harrison city ou the 29th
"of No!ember, and organized a .Ileott and Crit
tenden, pilb." Officers—David Klingensmith,
Xt4.,3!iwijident; John - Dacam, N. A. Long, Vice
Presidents .L.Rodenstine, D. Rawlston, Sec
rctirtea;Pejer Mooro, Treasurer; Peter pen
tane, Cor. gee.' Gen. ayrirs• Markle ace re.
nterimended to the State Convention as the while
candidate for. Casill Commissioner. Among the
retotatione pitsee.i was thetollowing:
, . . .
It 'Thatalthough the recent election
'hiatiormillateil contrary to our wish., yet we
':'lire nriable to [Orme upon Our minds the belief
thil.'the,Whig party is in the least impaired or
weakental by the defeat of our Chief magistrate,
Wm: F. 'Johnston,: atotthat the result or this
election is no criteileriby which the claims and
popularity of Cleo. Scott rimy or can he tested;
the peorie are 'determined to go for Scott, Con.
• tiettiiin extrentien, Johnston or no John
titan; Vinton erne \lntim
• Mayer thelceding ',mares of the country ern
noeimprettebing this i4orttint question, whcih
cannot he Je *rad much longer with safety. The
nominations' must by made Within six months,'
and the time I, short enough for general in
'terelminge'of views, and tire attention of any con
- - . fain line - of policy. Wo „hove already given a
. ..
tracts on li ds noeution, from Whig papers both
a the North and the. South. The following is
4 ' from the New York Tribune, a paper which, from
its extensire eircoleatiou, daily and weekly, ex.
anisesv'ost influence upon the public mind
inttre - mid4le and North Western States:
We -shail pa:W.lp stejemrt any W big who nany
ho nominated, though'we 'shall not hold our,
. eelvat under any obligation to do so if support
of the- Pogitive Slave Lion, or of any measure
extraneous to the declared and well known prin.
ciples of the Whig party is uvula a Shibboleth
by tint nominating Convention. We wilb s ep.
port candidates is spite of oar serious difference
• with them:on this questiOn, as we have repeated
, ly•tnipportal slaveholders and defenders of sin -
very; but to ask us to support a candidate nom
inated and run expressly as a supporter or this
. .
or any other atiocity,,in asking quite too much
.....,WeEnifilla go very heartily . fur Nadel Webster as
r ''..XfisiCiserly, earnest and potent champion of the
7,- . r,..;s:graiidand . fruitful principles of free lands for
We could forget, in view of his re.
talon teltuod reform, hisapostscy eu the trei:
soil -quation, but why should we he asked to
support becauac of that change, when in
supporting him we .bold midi so fur us possible
to forget it! If he were ta , ran t wouhl it nut he
better to lens find in him is ideal good sad on
little evil no possible!
We 'Lave no faith iu the vitality nod potency
of whop is called the Unihn sentinent of the corn-'
try,er its. devotion to the •toMpromi.cs.' If
that eentiment were no fervid end peeve
ding as is pretended, why Amnia it not point
to and nil! td,' the Presidency the earliest nod
, net:lest-Pr its champions, Henry Clay? Ile did
• -%; not wnit -*for inducements nor entreaties to nin
. Idrn to the aide of Compromise; be came to Wag.-
Inglon Its earliest advocate when Power W.
rayed'agninit it, and scarce n hope could he in
' of its tureens. Ile did not ask nor care
whet would he its influence on personal or
prospects; ho did n at stipulate for conditions
I.„'"ur Liege hie support of C011411,1111i50 on uny - eon -
tingeuey erbatever, but was for them iu any
shape that . seeerg their adoption—fur
them separately for them all togaber, for theni
any way, and always, their ablest advocate and
-- most unwearied defender. If, then the Com
promises were as vital to the Notional existence
and lyell-heing ns they nre represented• and
werk• as. popularas commonly pretended, Mr.
Clnylnught to be chosen by acclamation our next
Ati , to Oct. Salt, we know him to be, though
for forty yeas in the Amy. hotter reformed
with regard to the current history, public lei.
Heypr..l public men of our country than almost
say ether living man—a thoroughly honest, up
right, Insanbitlitig patriot, who would hang up
hiskat in the White House with a single-minded
resolution to reeve the Country to the extent of
hie abilitY:. We do not like his trade ; we still
. more dislike a 'hasty' letter he once wrote to the
3 Naliva Ainerirea endorsing their principles,
'I which he has since virtually revoked and amp
' dead. We know that he would not. nett hobo ly
believeslie would allow Nativism to influence
hle criers%) tut President ; yet the fact that he
hod ones written a Native lettSr would he in
essantly urged to his prejudice to the canvas
and to the prejudice a the party supporting him.
To represent the Whigo as hostile to Immigrants
. front Europe is one of the moot formidable de•
vices of thcOpposition, and one which gives
theen.almoOrwssnany votes as their pretensions
to exile:fiat' Dimocracy. She should enter upon
thesuplAttitilna. Scott with roluctana, mutely •
heeneual=_litiitiorninstisn , would be powerfully
. noel to frighten our Adopted (Nana from that
t. 'enipOjejleisriwid coin) consideration of the vital
priuniples and . : measura on which the two per
ow:strayed against each other which in'iroceeding with such beneficent results,
whereof the a vet overtera in Wisconsin is in
'part ix trophy. •
',Bath are tome of our views en the present.
• Arispie.or the Presidential question. We have
d 1 o;
.no C ate, nra await the developemerits of
.€s , V.lkel•tuture without impatience or anxiety.—
;._Whenever we obtain more light, we shall make
. ..E7•llitisto to diffute it.
10.11 suh,egaeut article, in reply to some eerie
. •
turns of the Net- York L'rprtas, the Tri:uno
makcs the following additional emphatic ob.
'fere is oor grolind 7. The Whig party, oa each,
• is not a pro.fllarery nor nu nun-Slavery party,
though thiirc•nro pro.Blstery..and iinti•Slarary
whi ge 4 We are stilling to go into ayoureation
of the-entire Whig party, nominate candidata - 8
-irhonie known 'as reliable Whig; put them be
ferethe -country on old-fashioned Whig plc-,
. .
ciples, tiVO theta a unite.' and hearty sup
pore. Ent in: majority - is any DatiODDi con
',cation whicli.slasll -be. held - shell see M. to in
, tifrp:olaie.inte . the,prty..o . retd an entirely new
and eudagi. artiele :respecting Slavery; and
rattio.‘acquiesetice' in it'll test of Whig ortho
dozy, nominating no roan'who does not prompt
.ly uttai'the now Shib , ,,cdeth to their natiefietlon
then, we nay, the minority will be corn
, pietely abeoNpd hour 'ohligationt to ;Support
a inniinailon Whichli'ractically proscriber, end
ontricises 16nm:wives. That wan the l i ground
taketiinnur former nrtleli. and it is quilt, hum
, Ede 'enough. Thitr are - more of :them ado gen
-'ertilff,accord with .us , who. cannot coins down
hto it thitu.aariesdi to go beyond it. :1
The X e:o Tort . Times, a new Whig paper, but
.: .. .pOistieallig all the elements . =n en end ix,
indlttince, , has the telloiring jOldois
rcFmine4: aFtlalp...qs! th 4 4iporta.xtt.
It iiirett elear that we are not to have next
year, one of our old-faaliianed, regular, parti
zan Presidential contests. The signs of the
times indicate a different straggle. A National
Convention halt, for rametyears past, designated
the candidate of each party—and that candi
date his.received his full party support. The
contest vras.rans between the parties,—and the
result tested their relative strength. It stems
doubtful, at present, whether this mode of pro
cedure will be followed in 1135'1 The organiza
tion of both partied has been disturbed. Poli
ticians set from other motives than those of
loarty adhesion. Other elements have been in
'ti oduced into ptirty creeds than those by which
they have hitherto been mulled. New tests are
applied in every section of the country. In
other words, political parties are taking their
shape upou other -principles, and with reference
to other questions than those viol which they
have hitherto beet. concerned.
The Whig party, for etample will probably
endeavor to hold a Convention on its old plat
form—of protection to American Industry, In
ternal Improvements, restriction of Executive
power, &o. So: They will probably ucek to stand
before the country just as they stood iu 1810
with Geu. listrriaon, in IS4I with Henry Clay,
and in 1848 'with OW, Taylor, to their cuadi
dates. But this is not likely to he allowed.
Whig, from the South declare that, Limy ;menet
go into Convention on such ground. A new
test moat be introduced—a now issue raised—a
new measure incerpoluted into the Whig creed.
to- enlist their cooperation. The Whigs of the
whole country in Convention mu.t proclaim ad•
herence to the Compromise Bills, and to the
Fugitive Slave Law without amendment, at, their
creed, or else the Southern delegetes will with
draw. Senator Toombs, of Georgia, having
carried the State upon the C,omprutuise platform
declares that the Whigs there will act with the
Whigs of the Union only upon that platform.
Portiana of the party, in various 11PetiMIS of the
Union, thug die.leht terms to the National Com
notion. And whothee dope tyro. are accept
or not, the organization of the poi. iv 14.0k
m:47 -41a unity greedy impaired, and itc pone,
of course, diminished
1 la our , opinion, it is not at all likely that the
Whig party in Ohio. New York, or New-Eng
land. can be heidaeltarher urn suelk a platform
II thißoutbsfa Whirl tatdsfyttutn as essentiai.
The form of the party .flfsilir.thin way pOilliblY
remain—but Its etrongth will vanish.
The only escape front dondilecaum Vapid of
course be to avoid both he horns. HAL see
lion, must agree to drop the subject upon which
thxy differ, and refuse to insert new testy or
new priacipien into their party erred. A sec
tional question "hnilld nut be mule a national
issue. The whole party lino allow different
Reclines to hold different opinienshivp sectional
suljeals—antl to unite upon thole i.oiam ri t i4
they httl4 la iOnt111011.• If this degree of whit,
tidy cannot be itraata4, tii If hos been hitherto,
the part; must he dtstroyr.l.--fa ate nature of
the case such a result in inerilehia
. Mr. Webster hag been nominated tor Presi
dent in Massachusetts: and the moan, of this
nomination is mdre important than the fart, to
far 4.3 nor present purpose il concerned lie is
not nominated as a Whig, nor upon Whig party
groundi. The Address to I#o. F,:opl. nays "'-
thing of the Tariff, of Interne/ 14+01ra/tents.
or of any of the old party Lamm. it ai,FeAa PP.
Mr. Webster's behalf, upon his own Manta, or.d ,
hie public services. - This is certainly a strong
ground of appeal—perhaps stronger thou nay
party alliance could possibly be. All we rtfe
to it now toi is. breanaa it shows a dispositi
to auhstiltitel something. clue for the old Wia e
platform, and thus Indicates theli.ue,rtte trbilit
the party organization has been shattered. -
It is very clear that if the, Inv parry of Cr
Unisa.s.9 each, is to eupport any candidate,— +c
mug be selected by a National COnlCattatt.
That mode of ecieetion doubtless hat its et li.
but experience puree that it is the only practi.
-cal method of uniting upon a nominee If no
'sack convention can be had—if the ti.'hig party
43-0.01 en far agree upon principles as to Lit in,
getter fur that purpose—then each !Raton mutt
net for traelf—support its own candidate, and
-atade the result. Tie Trdtne, se observe. ad
encores tkia proceeding. ft may les noce.eary,
but it is very clear that it teat notiao to rirtery.
EDWARii D. alTuansor, Esl., late editor - 1f
the "Ha rrisburg;lD ally American," boa pure based
the establishment of the ••Laucasha• linlon and
Tribune," and has changed its name to j
pendtnt Whig." Mr. MePhereou is etc of the
most indefatigable awl spirited political writers
in the State. The future pailion of the paper
is indicated by the following, extractlrorn hie
Salutatory addroaa:
"The "Whig" will inaiat that this country has
a North as well as a South and that the
has right,: worthy of mynah protection with {base 1
of the South. It will freely accord to the
all that the eonatitutinti of the country gunman.
tees them, and will firmly claim for the Nor:h
all tha,pririlegea guaranteed them by the acme
-tarred instrument. It will to liie free land
:elairuthe right of Free Speech, no matter when,
by whore, trader what pretext, and for what put
'Vase this, the only sure defence of nut libertirS
may be'assailed "
Mr. M'Pherson also announces his faamita
Presidential candidate is the followineirtul,
, .'We raise to-day the name of our favorite
for the next Presidsocr—Gen. Son
—the gallant soldier, the enlightened etatestaaii,
the honest man. Since the death of that great
and good man, Zichary Taylor, the eyes of the
Whintparty have instinctively turrusito the Ocar
red llero or Chippewa and Mexico all their
leader lb the approaching CSLIVII9P.. The Whig '
masses have reviewed with pride the record of
his gloribus career, and have admired the won
derful' blooding in his character of all the quta
it ies which constitute the succezeful soldier and
sound statesman. Whether surrounded by the '
carnage of the battle field, or in the private
counsels of civil life, be has been equally calm.
far seeing, wise lie has epentilzie life in 'the;
service of his country—has earned a reputation
which has penetrated no far so civilization has
reached—and with, mind polished by educa
tion and improved by experynee, be t•tands be,
fore our view, as fit a man to M.) our potty to
victory an the armies of our country to tri
Crouirdk,, the Spanieh paper, published in New
York, lu its muuther of Saturday, makes the ful-
wing oonoaoccment
'•We ire oseured that the government of Met
ico Las finally accepted the reaignation of Uoo
Louis de - in Rosa, as envoy extraordinary and
tolnieter plenipotentiary at IVaehinetoa,•vhieb
be Lee repeatedly tendered. Thia -Worthy
fouctionary, it appears, is about to take charge
of the civil government of the State or Zacate
.4, to which he has been elected by the popu
lar vote of that State. It is said ,that his place
will be filled by either Senor Olaguive or Ler
rebus. two Mexican Sinatora, who are both
well known for their patriotism and public
tse editors of Mr Pittsburgh tootle.
Ptrrsnonna, Dec, 4, 1851
Dean Elia:—As one who on the first Sabbath
evening of November enjoyed the privilege of
hearing the truly eloquent lecture delivered on
that evening, to a largo assemblage of young
men, by the Rev. W. Et Howard, of this city,
I would desire, through the medium or your pa
per to call the attention of the young men to
thee. lectures, and to request their attendance
on the nest one, what] is to be delivered on the
evening of Sabbath Hie 7th inst., at 7 o'clock,
in the Second Presbyterian Church, on Fifth
The Rev. gentleman, whose reputation for
elognence in no well known In this city, has ex
erted himself particularly in .the proparation
rod delivery of these lectures; and judging
from past experieuee. I can safely assure ray
who may feel incllned to attend, that it only re
quires their attendance upon one of them lec
tures, to ensure their allowing noon to pass
unattended afterwards.
"Tours, Taunt"
Dwelling'houses in the State
Families in the State
White males 114,221
White females 140,444
- 304,505
Colored males
Colored females
Total 'populaticu 305,191
Deaths <luting the year
Farms in cultivation -
Manufacturing establiahmenta produ•
Mug annually $5OO and upwards
Dwelling bows Lu the Territory
Farailine do
White moles 3,06
White Females 2,343
--;• 6,038
b• •
Colored males ' 21
Colored females 18
Tata popetatiou
Deethe-luring the year
Farms cultivttlea
3laaufacturiag earablidaaeurs producing
annually. ,E.oo'unclupwards
The San Francisco Picayune of Oct. Si MusD
review of mining generally in the state, which
we - abridge:
• .
The success of the miners still continues un
diminished, and tho accounts from every quart
er of the gold bearing districts are most encore;-
aging. So for from the quantity of gold extract
ed from the earth diminishing, to waft confideiit
ly anticipated last year, each day's yield Proves '
greater than the prostitute one even, in the old
diggings: while new placers, new quart/ leads,
and new deposites of gold are discovered every
day. The yield of gold this. year will he enor
mous, and there is ne knowing to what point it
may he carried in years to come.
From the extreme Northern section of the
state, our advises are neither sufficiently ample
nor accurate to furnish grounds for a reliable
statement of the operation, or returus - from that
part of the Country. Reports occasionally reach
us of new discoveries nu the Trinity, Klamath,
and adjoining - rivers; but the hostility of the
Indians, in that section OT the country, natu
rally hinders the gold seeker from prosecuting
his searches in a proper manner; and, although
aceuriuts reach us of men Making from $lO to
$ll2 per day, we are inclined to think !hit the
MlCCO`O'which hoe talented the miners in that
region has not been brilliant. The amount of
gold brought down by the steamers has not been
large,' nud the probability is that the diggings
on the coast are paying leas than th me in al
most any ether section of the state.
In what ore mere generally celled the North
ern mines, embricing thoso which extend aleng
Vie base of the S Nersdit the minro are do
ing unusuully well: Coyote diggings are being
ilitcoyered in every direction, quarts lead, Ore
bring Protipected on all ',ides, while the placers
and gulrthre arc 'japing nilmirnlily.
The miners in the vicinity of trownieville are
doing remarkably well. Several now quarts
loads of, us is reported, surpassing richness,
hove been dneorerml. while the placer diggings
are paying bettor (win nt any previous time,
The accsautta front the American river are
equally good. On the North Fork some very
evienster operations are going on, with every
Pre-Teki C success.,
In the mi d dle sad iouthern sections of the state
the miners are &dug ..I.iiiiilly well. in tho vicinity
of Makelianne llill, which hint present the great
point of attraction, the most extensive iliggilige
have been struck ,le - rtions which were abao•
joilod MOldoert monlllisago, as being too num°.
a o r f y r ot pr,iitotile labor, are being taken up,
?lid Tit the irupgii, F in H ,fil 4itroduced of late
in toshing are ps3 iris.adicgafity in this and
the southern anelikai ,1 ;hr a,OOli; i1i;‘,4'..1, I ropi
the ettlevernn to the. hi triposo, there Is pr6hably
more dirt tieing throes up then In all the rest
of the .grate besides.
The imist IlogUrllall9 qiieatiou which agitates
the public renal, qt present, nathe gold hearing
1 regiiii, is the probability of a heavy rain falling
dicing the titer s : s oothe now approaching.—
rthould the season Krivoi af.i 0,0;40'004 no that of
the year before last, or ey'en onO half na tou,Ch
;lim con be no doubt that the ainhiwitnr- gold
4-it3otnd from the earth will be ebormons. The
most of the 41i; j; irOrli Op IllgiilChee and ra
vines, threu,th whic h atecly strer,me will flow
in the event of a wet* winter, but Which will be
as dry no at present, in ease the season proves
as mild ns the last one.
The health of the miners has been generally
good. although in the Northern mines try sip!,
vas 4t . 1; ; . •Tevailed to some extent. We hear,
however; of 1,04 pi! ..•APA which pence fatal,
and there can Se ro ;jc,iiikfo;.l:l;s. m , tieral re
gion is full ns healthy no any WO. pail [4 j,:g ,
j remarkably healthy state of California 1
A correspondent of the Alta California, writ
tog front Monterey, (lot '2:i, relates the disco,
g,s7 or a very rich silver mitre eighteen miles
from nii,of ; . I , i . ae, at a point known its the heal.
: it Idea dteon;•;pge pi csytitis cuanged by Mr J. !
• P. Leese.
The line Jose Visitor vented the IoiOV6V
i statement regarding quicksilver operations in
• that valley.
The Sew Almaden mines are now in fall oper
jii4on, giving employment - to two hundred or
IIiOCAB 14 4,11, and yielding shout Itynlit t
pound- of plicntl.o. The company 'are 1
excavating a passage int o
Ins wt. f,..,., rbicti !
the ore as token, throitih whisk, liy iireine of
ears, it Call he MO out tont, rapidly than by I
It, present ruethisl, and with greater ease to the 1
w'opliuftif, This improvement will emit the'
company 0 Wt..' t v 44:gyl of money. but when
. completed will greyly jappinfat ' hfir Upele.i•lei. I
TITE,BOI exotic Vottranlrtto-: Pie h.. 4 47 Wet
I at. kgefl Earl.. on the : , th of Orfohti. amid
I aft e r .i. r.3;hpr inharrnou:orm session of three
d a ys, atij.rutucti 0.; the '.:'24. It was craup.iged
1 of thilfr one delegates, ;epror.sllting the eoun•
I ties of Sou Diem Len Angeles, Banta llorturra
and Monterey Resolutions were adopted de.
Irailing tho grievances of the Southern people. 1
OrFilsg the alleged tiereeeit3 - of division. peewit]. i
mg for the tranetuiskiun of copies of the reso-
lutioua and proceedings of the convention to the
novel-nor and to each Representative and Sen. 1
abLr from tbo counties represented in the eon
' venting to bria,g its nrceeedings before the Ls
giOlytOi, at it.,, yoy,ii n pegio u.j..., sihle l're
. vious to 'Cite OdjOllTl4ent, l i e 4.111 fricio 4elc
[radial, -with a .angle exception, and Cm, or two
other members, withdrew from the cOnsention,
an•l refused to take any further part In the de
liberations. because a new proposition was In-'
triduceib by a member from Los Angeles, relative
on defining a line of separation between the North
and the Nuth,
la roirouance of previous ao44° o. large and
respectable meeting of the citioane
strong county, assembled at the Court House is
Kittanning, 013 Friday coming, the 2Sth Nor.
1N51,"t0 take into consideration the propriety
of procuring subscriptions of stock, sufficient
in amount to secure the charter of the Alleghe
ny. Valley Railroad, and to mine such further
auuscriptions toward the huddtrig of said road,
no tile wenn-for the eillrens of Armstrong would
The tueolltig wol.l.aiiO4 10 11r4er, and no mo
tion. llou. LuaingAtm r,a itclit.4 1 , the
Chair. Jahn Siltbet, A 0,ot:0. A..i.runl4 apl
Philip Aleclilt., Vice Prem-lenm, and
Dr. John I.lilpiu noI Lt Pimll,l, , attimiated
The Prreident having stated the ohjeot of the
meeting, and remarked briefly upon the great
local 6114 commercial importance .1 the contem
plated railroad.,
Joliet:Roan, Jr., of Clarion Coriwy, wee
then unite upon to addre, the meeting , w h ic h
that gentleman complied oil . and Lin Report
of a surrey of that portion of the route lyttig be
tween the Mouth of Mshobing cud Cureica, iu
deffervau 'county, Taring been rend by on,) of the
Searetariee, ho explained his vory or, nud I.Bi/il
ea out the route upon a large mop which he ho'!
prepare,: for the purporte
Mr. Bilibett, one of the Vote President., wee
then celled upon and rodireneed the 'meeting, in
a short end effective open h, which he cloud by
saying that In attended the meeting fir the put.
pone of nuhediqning to the uteri( of the Railroad,
and he intended to do do ; and called upon Am.
present to do the come, whether to large or smell
amounte, se it made no ilifferenee whether 8
given amount of stock woe held by one pereou or
fly rote hundred
Robert. E. Brown, Esq., was then called upon
and addressed the meeting, and at the close of
hie speech moved that the subscription book be
presented to the officers of the meeting for sub
The books were then opened, and stack to the
amount of 108 shares immediately mbscribed.
- On motion, Philip Mediling, IEN., was ap
pointed Treasurer for the time being to receive
the amount paid upon the subscriptions.
On motion, Resolved, That three of the Cum
iniasionerit named in the act be appointed to ob
tain subscription of stock, and that they ascer
tain the expenses of Mr. Sloan in surveying the
route in Armstrong county, and raise funds to
defray bin expenses. [Hr. Sloan orated that a
fend had been raised at Corsica ter the purpose J
The Chair appointed Messrs t. Colwell, Phil.
lip Nlechling, and Chambers Orr
Oo motion, Resolved, That the Commleslousr4
of tots county be requested to subscribe 600
shares of stock, and that our members of the
Legislature he requested to draw up an net and
hare it passed for that purpose.
Messes. Donnelly, Cantwell and others, ad
ilrossed the meeting. On motion of Mr. Riley,
if was
Resolved, That when the meeting adjourn, it
adjourn to meet on Tuesday evening of Court
week, (If:th Dec. next.)
Resolved, Tint the thanks of this meeting
be tendered to. Mr. Sloan, for his care, 'abut'
and Industry, in behalf of the great enterprise
in question. Adjourned.
Jong Sonicar,
A. Ilca.wsu., .
• ice Presidents
P. I.lcctuaNu.
Adm thipm r
Secy . .
Phdps, )
The Kit tanning Pia. J'eesf, of Thursday says
RAILROAD tiunscatimons.—lVo refer the read
er to a short sketch of the proceedings of the
Railroad Meeting at the Court House on Friday
wining lase: The right epirit was there mon
ifested and infused into our community, for the
work of taking eubscriptions still goes bravely
on. Over 300 shares have now been subscribed,
mid next week, when many of our independent
formers will be
- present at Court, we doubt not
the list will by swelled to 500 or 600 shares
Considering the relative wealth and popula•
tiou of our little village, the people here have
done a 'hot deal better than the citizens of
Pittsburgh; awl yet by for the greatest ulti
mate benefit - will enure to the latter. Will
not oar Iron City friends now bestir themselves
and prove that they are inearneat to the mat
ter! . •
Yraan Of Natfoost towhee:lam
1151=210 OPINE WHIG mamas or me
In purimandeof pnblio notice, all:meting of
the prbig Members of the House of itepreeenta
tires WO hold on Monday morning last, at the
Between fifty and einty Members being pres
ent, on motion of Mr. Marshall, of Kentucky,
ihe meeting woe organized by the appointment.
of-Mr. Outlaw, of North Carolina, Chairman,
and Mr. Moore, of Penneybrania, Secretary.
The Chairman haring elated that the meet
ing woe ready to hear any proposition that
might he °tiered—
Mr. nrcoke, of New York, said that he suppos
ed one of the main objects of this meeting was to
consult as to the propriety of making a nomina
tion for Speaker of the Ilona,, and remarked
that, in view of the large majority against them,
his opinion was that it would he inexpedient to
make each'', nomination, but that each member
ehouhrbe - fort to exercise his own judgment
when the time for action arrived.
The views of Mr. Brooks seeming to be not
venially acquiesced in by the meeting—
Mr. Williams, of Tennessee, avid thut if there
was no further hueiness before the meeting, he
would suggest the propriety of adjourning, and
accordingly made the motion: which, however,
he withdrew at the request of.—
Mr Evans, of 'Marylou.' who said Ice hoped
the tueeting would not adjourn without tak.
cog some notion upon a subject of grout sod
tuomcntoum unportance to the country, and n
question which' they would inevitally be, coin
pelled to meet hero or elsewhere; that subject
was the t.ompromine melt - sure of the last Con
g rese, 111/101/, cc hs hod underntood, had been
summarily rejected by the Itecuottratic party on
Saturday orening lust. lie eorneotly hoped
that the Ileprebentutiven of the Whig party there
acoetubtc:l, a majority of whom ho was pleased
to ove wore from the non PialThlat11111:.
would cot hesitate or taker in their duty to
to the country at thin important period, but that
come geutleman retail offer a rrsolution up.
thin aubject for& e cuttoideration and nettuu of
the meeting.
Mr, Iln•en, of Now York, said that ho 1,19
there, i'oe the nest time, io tlto capacity of a
Itopiesentativo in Conger., and that he came
them not only as a Whig, but an a Union'Whig,
Coupretni,o Whig, and in that spirit end foot
ing ho had prepared it resolution embodying in
gutiliauce the prtuctides of the Prenttleut's
ssgc lapin the aUti , CI, which be would our fog
the considreatton attic meeting, iu the Milo,
tog word::
••I eaolved,
Thou ;Yi: regard the cotes t.f nets
knave n; the ad.justuient tecnsureo, ai forming,
in their mutual depenlene, tumi d
tonal concilialing anti
the hem for mitt; euure country that cool{ ua oto
coined frod COl3l l / 4 1111g isevlionmi iuterrntn and
upinione; and that therefore they ought: to Le
aditerol to an.l carried into faithful exeentine,
as a final settlement In principle ant
of On datigcroui end exciting anl•ject which they
Mr Stet, us, of Pennapitania, in a few re
marks, saol that ho considered a tecudotion of
that unneceilorp and injudtrious, 11 it WOO
the seine upon which the Wior party had
split t''o podia ego, awl he theretore hoped it
yould DOF hr 1.11t,,t1
Po.iirr, of Algiaaohiptetts, r o il that be
would not consant tole hound by tho prinesph a
of the resolution. and iu order to test die rouse
of the meeting upon it, he would move to lap it
on the trade.
Mr Marshall, of Kentucky, said he eni uut
parUeutur nt,,ut feral., an I h. win witting it.
test ehoull upplivil in the fens ouggretrel ley
to:iehueette I,,lter•l, lm
ii - rotrauty the 1,011 Jacl4 most
elli,tivtl, eine, he un , lrretviul that It wan the
same fol./ iu which the test had Gran applied iu
the Mem,eratie course It would seas
neatly well to indicate to the country the real
pocition of gentletuen when the massy prevented
each party Cattle in iileutieWly the came form;
k 4.1, ;;13^E. •tv , Democratic pert) Lail coteil thou,
...liar r'eorilueuit, 0,0 t; t o,cl.t 1: l remne the
duty of thr 11 big, to tile_ their true . poritten.
If the eirn• of the icrntteman le e. Massucho•
setts were to prerullthe p•th of duty en, a plain
one to hint
Mr. Wtiheme, of Tenneeeee, then moved the
, reliatt4 nu eau.
Penn.yi.anie, be hoprd
the motitin eouldre,d yai t 4rarn. onaolo
Min to- amend the
.utdatt 'tidal tree 11 ,
The votethen Laken op: n the motion to
lay upon the we,
tattle, red the notion liras tort by
ile,elo.l mejorily
blr l.lciieetie, of Ilene., Me Fonier, or 3lAsg.
an& cc , 0111, r.Crltielll4,l. Whose names
were net t.iietin to the tillice:eo; the meJlinf.chea
Wit hare,.
The motion was tithe pot upon the original
revoihtion, Which wha Larripa with Lilt two or
three I.h.erguing e.ocen: itn4, co motion of Sir.,
the meeting adjotarnet.
Duelling Louses in the Territory 13.453
WI"If iHMlre 41.•0.
rmulee '411,761
I 1
. x
Colored mwlw
Colored females
Total population
I n I .ren.",
Deaths durtug the year 1,157
Forme in eultsratebn3,7'2ll
Nana(erturine estat,liaLinents pto.
a , -.wle' ann4al,l ?„: 01) , i and up
jeirTLATisviNT IS Fn • gat. or Eta.
I'l.t.—lt vary to 411 • ralum• YfL.. r
tire.i.•vse.Ll.....• oft ILLin.. %4 .•r
L... Lail 4 1441 it Lar inalr it... 1( pit itiar It •lu
our paiatail•ati 1•••loars11t
•rt •Lar,L. Y. 1 . Itte It,, `4:
FILL —l',ur tr••rting a:rnt•lall 'Fitt la.
•Lisit Lair • quatil/tr ul .11c1 Lir.: Pill.
Si, • wlt .1. ...1•1 • rap., •t.l
1.:.t.• 1;:: ',lcel. 1.•••• It • Vi
/1 I 10,1 IL, Si... renit ~,,,,,
• p•-11:.• 11 :U .
r oLov lit A
ILA• It •• tarY w•L..
Fall Importation of Harawaxe, Cutlery, Sto.
• No. 129 Wood Street,
LP•11.1 L. -all 111. •lteu.,al vl iler.Lanla at. I AL,: 1,.
• theirLAit•ot ut
141 . toliTtl, ILYAANI PACS in",
air lul I umot tmrut or 11,04 ,Itl101,l,•
`. • •
...,• 0,1 h.n I • ...raor
AIL/N.M..% Cu.:. Prrenb.M.—lie Ice.le the &nen.,
ef lu. aftlie4..l and tbe bully genet - 011.4p the e..rtsneat•
, lrn. 11.11. 01 lb. TL. cot. 'nay leo /41. by ins
I.rr~n Ott e L ,,y , 1. abebUval In rrlatien 11..
net I .rth P.ll. 01011.
mu)t.gcn frillarewral rem" with sonneeanf both
. ye., whirl. cori.....r.rd la :Per , . until drabember,loin.
the itlfill=lll.l,l4,ll bet thaw - Lash, .rtru{r r
membranw ut .tided lu
a Lhlek tilm, which ...fully dastrnywJ nry COW. I h.d
at, we...wino performwd.stl the thiekenindremnri.d.wlileb
enna returned awl 1.41 ow In ae bed a condition IN behrte.
Al 11.1. mid, of the cusublelnt I made arullextron to let.
ral of hiss ma.: emir, at awlical meu, who luturawal me
(Let •my irewuold urea, not well: At thi. time I mind nut .11.tiudulwi, any dd..... Ili the ,Bliss sit .em. ft loud,
I nomme47l ll ref tile bait Internally
r. W{ hnallf. ands 1. Lich mf eye. b4er itutwurwl daily
im;e,•ud I heye rerovered guy Wahl et/We
il. 111 .moral bratth was 511111 Imarured by due
l't tw. hum. ut,J I awn... the notoratlou of Lar st,ilt to
ite lane I it...real Nu. hid kterraul street. to OW. oily, and
will br happy to gw. an, informatiou in Mallon le my
Is.. rale by Heys., A 3leßnwell. 140 Wood etwart. ft. IL
Wailers, 6, %trued: It. A. Fohuuteok,A Co, Curare
Nisei 4114 (mut etrurte. D. Al. Cur., V. A. Elliott.Jpoyir
1u,w1....0d 11. l• Mar wart,. Ali...rhea); alb by the pr,
.IliallaT Gual haeln.Saventl. el., Pit tobtleh
girranuara ; 01 er
sand accident, [bat dolly befall name ratile,
area rend, them uselvai fur life: w bee. If you would
lank. It n p.dut to keep always on hand 11. I/. Varrell'e
A ridden Linunent• you could bass the auk.] eur.d In •
few de, n: and the. not olfy Nara Oa, lout you would
swot I rick of loany the creature altoyethor. !Fee ul•
er lil4.lllEnt.. I
0024 _
Western Insurance Company off'itts burgh.
IA VITAL 13300,000. R. MILLER, JR.,
F.ll. Sec•Ftaty. .
c4I kin.lo of ro4a, 11 , 1 11“:61 Ilar)4o.
All !mars .1111. liberally 41 , 111.4414 en D rotply
A Loin. liasatullou--inanate.lbt I/frau°. iu tb.Nnurannity, and whn aro .let..rnntleol
orZ..leZt. tot ' Imourr.l.
. . .
1 1 1141470.—i1..1 tllller r Jr., J. W. Hurl,
t o
. n . 33 1,,
e trk 6. 116 ,,,
! pita., James Lippmoott, W U amid.
Water otrael, leatehou. of Stang •
on atuir,/ 14ObVtao. nl.llr
- - - -
Ottazen's insuranae Uoutp.l7;l" pittaburgh
t i N rie• No. al Water atreet„ In Lhe warehouse ore. 11.
c. a. Preatlont.---6. W. Simms, Prey.
Th... Company lan., prepared to Inman all merchandise
In more, and in tranaitu, wean,, to.
..i&=l l° f."l=Prt. a g.`ll l =',V.°l,7 o . f to th r . :,
•ho am .1, c4;rons of Pittsburgh. WWI and favorabip
to tb. 0417 nor than. praline., it telliona,
and intrarnr.
DraanmaC. 11. Miami. Wanjimaler, Wm. Larlmar.
Jr. Walt. , r Bryant, lintril Kinn; iMoopl iLmsiaton.
John Ilatworth. Ilarhanah. & 11. Kist. an.ooll
Pit - mina - 0 Lite lnonreame Company.
P.4.lent—imile s. Ilcron.
{lee Previlent—.arson blelb.rucu.
. Thavana—Jobleb Web.
Ilscrolary-11. A. Murex. - •
barßee alustismeal In abolbzr Dart
Mang Ken Take Notice
A SERMON, espociallYaddressed to y. uni4
4 - 1. men, be dormer.' an the oeobt Pra. , rm
Idtarrh, on Ylftts erect. on 'tobbath D
eventno, Derood.or
7th; br O. Rev. W. D. 7111 WARD.
men.) et 7 ...olock de.. It
Book-Keeper Wanted.
lAIWHOLESALE 110USf.:,, on Wood street,
illor•ul, on the lot of Jenuarv. an expen.arej
-Kelm. To one guallflel fill Out
I berm eLlery weal he stlewei.l. e..l.lree, vitt, real Li.,
.11..^efhklens,tlal at this ollite. All I,lfizauzersteau till be Isuld
, 1.1 miwilon and Forwarding 21,chant, No, 12 1.2v0c.
and .56 Comm.:mai atroyt, IT. 1.01112, Alo,
Su. '.,teat lar otterill ,n 1
m 2.1.1 to W.. pun-b... of llccup,
Lcad Bulk mid Ham.
Rat, to John : 1 . Teoraxmi 11u.5..11 A 11.210121: Loki,
nrnick l ti,. Bsulicre.
coutaitilug th. I:2an,nta of Munc. oust , Itunlcto In
..true riot. for ilsy Pinto, I,•ru, U, •Irrl. e• 2.1,1ial a rho cc
of hilly viccos ul popular Moil, c. , uitillog of
rioo2t. Alaretiva fe. Ily
1.. Price 50 t Ot. F' , 2• s/12 by
J. 11. 11 11,12 it
Good News for the Ladies!
PILLS. au I nnocont, Safe and 2 1 11, , .214.2 Ileionly for
d•timui onopoveion. Nerrou. I abillt2.
Urnanil Wrat new.. Nina In trot lbmil sad Limb.,
1 4. , • 2 1•1 1 . ,,,, T22210r, Palpqatlon. 1 / 1 2yaiod you,
Goatlvourr, lir - 1141411,1y. 1 1 yyputyda or
leo, or %idol, and all Utirlua Coniplalroa. Price c.,
whol h lzile oi an , , , l o r7tall .
aii2 by 2 t..f. /U - Full 4 ;.:itc . l ' ar.fji h ...
c 1,20 I with cerli boa 42,41,1,2
EA V y . e.l NurN PLANNELs--wer.,..,
ILiM. yr, .1 • larll,rr /dune r.ry
cit,..21, , r. Al.. 1111th. SII•ETINbob tb• •, be•t
...O. Pill.a tiv. ilio.nor. dr. •r
M. 1111VIIF
d. • 507t1.....t y•rtI11E10 • 1111
. .0,1 Mail,'
141.218,. 22 EA cßiqi r .1 Itt
Jo. 00.'2 O. U 4 01141,11. f the
uir-2 groat tar.,
icily 2unii(lll!. , the laic row ilar, waning aue..orito-ut unionially
n ot cr. will pia... c.,11 with u.
Ohio and POansylvania Railroad.
Commencing on Monday, Dec. sib, I $5l,
And connected wit), Railroad, Icadtng to C'.',el
Colarabot, and Co - maw. 1,2, Mit/rood,
aed only nide. Stuytny bett. ern Polo/. ie
-4Riance and Cs'eceland.
TII E Express Train leaves Pittalaugh
A.. 11 11007 7.lBoa,rklBt, S..'.
1/88:1881/8, 4.4Ahualosp a: 1,1 •.•trh. • P•Li••t”....
.1 luyto 4 41 . •Leri eatuevitert 1.‘,. 8 0, e
&tutu,. 1. PO B l BB4 . utol rAllroat wary, to A ///aipe awl
0 e ,BB / 4 . 8 1
tl. AlyueA 8108 4.1 1 5 1300 A ilikooo 0' C4ntou, N1A44811,01.
ypat kat.l 4010 An At to Nay 4,400 ,
POl4l, 1 .14.1
1 . kti'.'trp.'.."."‘4. u k t ' B7:l 4 4Tht74'il a P r . l l. l;e ' I%ll'o ;.8 '
Ourah al 0 I' Si
8 114 - 10% New 110,005 Aerustonn In 00 itraAn letv,A
I . o Bo .urch 0 1 AII 054 r , .01 No. ttrioantun kt
Co AU. ty4 1 0 . 0/ , olopp 8 0• ut sour/petits l e
1 . 810/butytB..
lob 14 4,10:148 1 o.•ta •ol for
14ey t pro 14A• are ..8,1 tu
rt.. 0 ..y . atir 1 rut, 1.10,88 AllBopc ut 11 au 1
tla eut a 1 0 A 41
u„ rrapnadu Dot run all Son la,
r.,• L. lb. tO/00 A 88.0.1
fru/. ;10 ,ABA r,oral Airy/
Y 1' I Ickolit spat, at tn. Fol4rat ?trtyt arutpBBBl,
‘l ,B l
04:41/0/1 . ! PAPA IN,
"Elk Horn' .4aiv Mtll for Sale,
Flints o.o.abli+lnnent, lately tini•died nod
o r,
:IZBI wll
1 8 , 0
. t1..0 , tA, e. o.lo,duryl. .eB4, 8
."70'.'4.' 'Z1ru1:00:
1,52711^1A ~sI„IZt Fearooo,,l.l{, .010 n cn+Bl mar 4.0,1 teoralk, 1/. oauPureAoup
.81h 601,01. ar t .01 u41.10.41,l h t
kaok. Gsl• NIG 1•04•1,iwi,ni..1 Gul•Pa 080 notul
of 001, ata ..tnata•Anr 1 8 Arum ture 8, 1 118 14 ,4 Ihe
•fitabi•418.....11. pn, 0.4 Arty, ual orelone
11080... ruAu, 7 , 0 8 y A /18 04 mut 1 lot, .0 tlrt•
t,ruit Intr,.••• r• ~ 00
J 0011 / 4 140N. alturue, I.AY.
00 . 8 8 8 —You01. . tV..8.1
Allegheny Foundry for Sale.
T llll urbierO4:l,..l ••ffer th, .
•I. Dlt A;A A .,
we. A. AAA'
ti.. •••.ar,. AnIAAI.,
1 an 1 P•VAru •1, 1 .0 1, ••F
!1,1•.t•t 0nz••.•.....t.0,•.1,ur..t
FnutAvy It.. a tit's.. rtoca and
owrza. 7h...u5; r veal .41, Ia a 1 or 1 , -001
I 141,-2U bldg. for Aaie by
EA .1.0 1.111<14%, Llll 1.1. • •
1 . 121, %VHF: 1 FLOUR-0J envis,
qr.. '"••Von, , 1 ITrt.
PALK j1.1.,C I o•t'd 1., -al,
p A tor h
. _
DAIRY I . ll 2lTF:P.—k ' re.l, un.i booth
, .I •••
11 11 .4 41 i
IDA INI Fier Wut.,
(..; •Aoa. L.) !,AIAII h I,
1) • i L 1,4: . ,!r
t i
r K
VOTASII-24 ex.hict for
Il OLL HHISIStO.Nh IblA. for.:,
--111 a ll .l N41.,11 I.IAKE.
`YTS.II.; I:PEN tIN E—l; ht,t, p
AP4A)L.A J.r. A1r01414..)
dre, J NIUDt CO. en liras.,
IinENCII Oen RE —"Stlpp{iur,
• T.' J. 1i . .1111 A CO., . 7 ..)11.•••1 •
AHD OIL-20 I,OIA. Winter, foi
lJ J. • 00, M‘ %% 04 I
0111:Is TrA Ufa., IN THE
4TI 1.1-
et ' l f,L-,7 '.
C•plf..l tre+h
pi en+ or . .111o:tax, Itag. . ftnJ riam
(g ALT PETItE— , 49 bagit Crude.
13 .4 ka oak. Ly 1,5..1.111 PI • Ca...
11. r, ••••1 •t.
IVEATIIERY-7.5 1..t0 for .ale Lp
J, I 1.114.1,1 I Li ,
C ii LESE-301.) boit• Engll,4l
41Al1 Ili - A .4 I,
g brF
ortriet; it/ LLT.—Ati Oboe To 10.t, : a
g_jr a• t..11.1.0rt.N.,.. .'• L.. .1
t• t huo, tto,o.
e A by
I It -,11 ,
1 In 111 , 11111t111•:k k 1.41 it %NI.
I EAT 1:1(-2iml Sider N. Y liir rale by
I.ltltll,E •
LV ,r it I n t It r i . l, l : ' i ' l s .
I n j i:1 1 I' I 1
It 3 4 .1315. 44i, for
. I)EA ICL A , ItS;;.• by
11. 4 I
Monongahela Navigation Company.
A ANNUAL 5111ETING of the Stookhol,l
- o. •40I• N•.
innol.l in 4 ' oo .roi.,:n• of
ernoi•t.., .1 1100 .11.. oront In 00 City
Pasol.urnh.•on ‘l.onanl. lb. Uhl) .lar of Jrnanry. A.
p 11,- first Mr.n.l•y in 00 m..nth., for 00
'''"T th 'r" I "`
) ELF fiLA IWERS --Wonted v
II 0 t , 111NP , 1 ,, 15..
41..1 01.10.
. .
MOLASsES--311 IJIIIA ojoo4oln'i, Kr
t Gner C. for in.,o 0, R 1111.11,46 ING[IILAU.
Sa) iVat,
u if
1)1 - 1•111
• Harm,.
f 155 itb1111515: k INORIZA‘I
ritt.9ll TEAS-25 EC chestA Y. llyoon
25 bf. tiny, P.m,:
5()DO Pll'l.\l' -STA
herrlttlful IttOU to
lltun .ea, Coda, 'tort ,lort 110.06.. an.l all bond. of
I tel.o tl otolonta l
ron (rota arlherlng to the I.enon.etol
durt Ist. etloklnr. It onntain• nothing trunnion!. to
clothes it soy rn,reet. The bollem hare lame 'one , . felt
the none/Polly ol mint. an &mein. .too their orpoota.
tton oat he r no competition Irorod af
ter an trial. ‘lne Co .. v. 1.1 rlo tlorly .1...66 6.f
clothes. and no !arr.!, •hould V 111... It 1131,
too. per Ca.—with full dleretlon-. For soon whole...
and ratan by t'. Y. WICK Y.IcNUAN.
IrS turner and Ss‘ll. at,
Exeo.ucor's Notivw. .
'l\ - T OTICE is hereby given that Lettere Tes
,,l laments, upon the hatal• of Jame. Ital. ell. e
ht.. 1.-. filer tofennhtf., Allegheny rount t. rinc . j.
teen duly crartnal to the rot,orato,. All pm...a:hart.
claim. or tl•luandx make known
the um. without .1-lay: .ml lu..w In.lobtod aft] tualff.
I ; .v . if:x n o , t , t i .: . the fut..criber. at hi j o A a m lie r :obordu . tioi trot
I AMES A. bleli — N 1011 T, No. tit Fourth ,
0 ham recrlveal from auction a lot of lIUUCIIA 1,0:i0
et Black f:‘.nttr.
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dret /41
• • • •
Dttoolog linvrn, Whits N1...1t
//01.11 ml Fatty tho../ gr..ot n•rioty
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XI RS. U. 1.101 , 31 AN ix going to leuve thin
11 ell, next SlateL. au.l melt, /hr.. ladles elan wig)/
tako trotone I*/ co/ or 1 otrutnental !Ince, .ll at
her rrentenre, 111 Solittateld otno.t. between :Ix In n s
and Virg./ anew
• '
d 101LN MEAL-311 wick" Silted, fur sale by
4.4 0. V.l ON 110N/it/OHM . s
Mexican Mustang Liniment.
1 4 1 110)4 RICH AND POOR, bond and free,
A - an - rad., oolnro MILO ,tt,al !prof t in e praise to mrtmottnly norm/ tu thin v0..t010l girporntinn.
hu4and , Of hu11.e..114 and 10..11 01/110. and but IsLun
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or hole oars OcioUne—ogralus, tholocation• u(4.ints. rut,
oruiro., o l. l . plyerfa.....E.. ern. rhoumati•ta. nue,
r .k, o t tototA or any pen, roto.r, /ate., ar 'rem knees
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Tr ' , ltl
S. F,6Yealt a 31cD0W13.1.., 140 Woo./ rtreet,
Patauhtl,' tie./
iniLLicoTiLe SOAP-151 boxes, prime
UV arta!, for (study ase, on band nod for ml. by
dot MLA. bIeALURU • EU, 25d Llbarty at.
11.111 it LEAF LARii—Yut up expressly
for rya,' VI, 1.12 and crooks of 3. 5. a-d 10 Ito.
" 14 ""' i " t r " . i l vlVA f .qtrtlnfal a CO.
BUTTER-6 bbls. prime, for sale
Lr 1 , 1.11 WWI( • MoCANDIA.SS..
PIT"—I° kegs ruFiC`
• •
FLOUR -50 bbls. Extr s ,fur isle by
dad Y. VON batibil:obbT a Crl.
1 LASS--1000 boxes c. b., for sale by
al kr Ale In B. F. YO3 BON NHORSI CO.
We aro now prepared toe, Ty Freight betiven
AND PHILADELPHIA AN\ BALTINIORt, " a l? EiT z mi , imps .
d orinc the winter. and will nle• thru .01 reomple at mod.,
*h. , . r. 1.. HENRY 0 AEI , a t.N., s
c a ,,,,i K.,, in t ,„,Z.,,,..,. \ DAV& OF NAIL t° TO AND FROU , 211\ UNITED
KW 1.11 no 1111111 l' . .a a ty.t., \ - \ B,TATEga.
1J: Market etre • et. '011..1.14.111c \ nr.011., t 1.11 t C7CITIrt ItTatad. \
011 AR 14:, IL RINI, Agent.
.1.2 :f 24‘41.A. Lang. Imers .1017144..e1 \ Pa< 2
';'.'.“_, U ' ln. ” . ” , r ATI.ASTIC. Wek, IrtaXly yr../ . . . . A•ee n
Chester's Clothin Empork , 1 tell. fur Ulaeau... Nee a
‘' AV/1 4 / I U . I I4I:VITIcr ivernol....• .......... ,D/e. lo
if I ELEBRATED fur Nea‘nens of I‘t, •Fin - e- 11UM41.11.1/T. - - - , . 011 . , erf •• „ ,
' Del. 1.1
N I Atiet4LA. l i . ler Llailieed- .1j7c1.4"
e.! /1 goalll/. scat Duraldl \ 1 WorkVat.ahlp i.,,,,,,L : N i . , ~,,,.i . „,,1,..,
Our aline I. le full awl tumplato, entl acing all arlarlea of ffU1t01 . A . ;,4.11..f0r li. erpacd ‘,..
Ni.n'sne.t No , Clennew and Ennn . ~,,,,e , .,... 1, ,,,,,,,- it YR 'ti A , i, Wlittt e ter ..t . .. ni , 0 '.. .L . A
1 uuu-tored under ta y Owl/ ly.t.zttitt . turhauer.X te Ir.• ~;,,,,.,• . • ',, Li „,_••r • .
.Iher 21 '
•ned N. rali and ...tome. a.. ue are dertunted 't N .11 " .' • • t ----- '' . r. ,,, , -,
. t,,,,, r,l :415 Y.J eliv.v•l fi, I.4,nrin,zr,\:l4.
We e rum' TII I t la t ,A, ,
i )(UIInI.LLIT s: , fur N Vo 14 NOT I:
V.• :L SVITIIFIFLI, ST ..n.,, arn,m,l L tio:y\ , NI:MARA. I.olls. far SI lidrk .. „ ... ....... --or 2/ ,
N. II Hoy, a 1 ..11 saes mud eni ,, ltttU tt i t , t4At , ,n M. 'heal. rAIR VIC. N 3 A tur N 1 ark . •• . " , a , ::“
eat natl... de , '. EUltul'A. Lo(l.‘ter Bo.tan ..... -.../.
' ).: land S°7 ll,- '9
I UST IL EH , I / —5O yds. thin •Slieer , ,ltol. her, \ Li ; i i i i i i . l. p . ta . ii : ii n : i \ s , e i ..:Zir , X: k rii , i t:
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o matter
Cr far hut' rat« at N, llil...llart. \I. ~, ~,, i m ,„
deb .f. a If.: ‘, l'lllL fl . .i. ~ , ,, .....r . ,..,,, , ~,,,.,,,,,,,..., of ~.,,e .i o . i i , , iii. .. Lin,
B REA . S . T PUMPS--Y 4oz i, lo4):llll\bber; %;`; t p U. ii , ' , it ii , i ;: i rtkrZ i =f i,, ,, l n tr i lf . 7 , ..'\,e.eerl. ler
1,1 1.' ''''
' l °s" , !ii viii • IiIf.,"VV,MV \ ,,. kt.u.ra ..1b"C..ti."41 '.., "rot.' bf 12 ...C.1V Ufa ,
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-- ' _ . ' ~. : m eche yrepauf rive:eel" a. elant ar a
te. excuTpt lima,
i tHAI ft UUSII I( INS—'-, dot I leiin i ltu bher ig...\..1 , 14 , 1 Ott ha t‘tltlt t y hi WU.
ILand AI luta.), AR- t....hhata, uf Miter... ahiar., piet !.. 11 t.ra ht the hi t .T , .. it,. ...... , 1.0 Pt . .. Doti ltrent). four
J ad far rale at .... Ilu Market .traet \ vent. t, , r half unuce 1..1.0 ta i . to 1.. a11t.,1...5,pt tu
thl .l a 11, 1.11 !hal:2. ' On". Uri... .
. . • 'N . Sietearetere by totther Line. t\ qt., Coottuent. mon t•-•
lA/ A R-49 1.1111, N. 0., ree ,I on eonT- \ree....l fa ( con. m
ilt \ '
I. 3 men; and tor -.ale 1.., ALEX MIRROR, ' lehoul rotann mt he added "eva 'l , tc , -...,1 Ne.m. ,
a.:s ' . I " "...,_ i c t, Ll, a eotT....otuf k.....o'llrWbtre aud Preme
1 1 1 I E Chtliter ~ 1. INlonnunn Bell Union, Nn, 1 .
oh R., T. ~f A lie.:llelß l ti, 11,4 t,...1, .6 . 01.'1.1,4
I, 11,, 1..,..1 Uti.on I , ..I T. .•t Mr ',ate ut l'uon, A .
nla. under their m. lit It. It td Mt , .11...1 Uutoo.o,l N. A
Qum.. Ite l'uot.. a. tic, 1..11,,, r t , , ,i1117.1 hy the
hranf 1.01,. ,AII All RAIN Y:S, I, ~, S.
_ .
4 initiSTi AN NI I NbTHEL:—A new eye
-1 , te, ut N.. 1.11.,.. hy . I It Atkin. 4,,,t ree'
and 1 d rat. 1., .11.11 N 11. AI KLl.tlit.,
Drug Store For Sale
eN OLD vII , IIE, doing
.1V • vorel retao• In n wljolning thie
e tb.suiro terms imll.•
nod r./la r • J .
10,rt1,44 sod J. R. Togruntod, hi•rket nni.s
Third err., opqmito tla, 1,1 •at
Alaraor, Now llnalbt, alae•zittr,.,
Chem raj -r. La Ih. 1•••••,.1.1. • ••I I mai 2. mire
I taioruatamal elogltsitto, far 1•• , .1•31...r
111,••••aaa,r Na. Netta., tar Sorotah-r
tslattoa , .1 Cur.., br Herta et , -` .. .'T•
Nu... •
Mat, lark, ar t/b, 11 hear; • pri• work I, L1..r./.•
14.11.1•4r3 Shatrarronn truotatiat,
I..t•latt bale r mat 1,11 , 1 r.“
liar, • 3lne•etno. rat 3. taotrol anu4so
kebara la I rol•tol. L. II . •
Art 3.•ura..1
ht Novaatt.,
Ls, &tut ailoaatu..• ar. Ark•i••••r In., tut
Tao• • no. .rot IL, Bala,
TI.. Lay and rbo IV•rrou
lotnora. • ..1 1 1.3••otan. I. Dan..
Ileroy Berbhaen • i•lobt Aaboneata nrralunou_
Loe Arua•l I or lit. 11 •811 , ..1.•1
,rook 1aid...01.-r •oara•-. tta. Litoan Prtvato
I•1•1I• lout, mot., • ototull ti
$.ll fa-roatroa a, • li.mary Ito. iluussa Itoart, {tart
Attlur l'atm•r. or :ben:rain tbr Tr.virs.
JO • W... 11, .11• Ion ken, I, br,
Eth e r
•la•te az the 4,1,1.4 I.k.rohater.•o Ills
ft, VIA,. .Ir. I, 11..1..4 ana•••1
''uttboanla 'bob.... Itar. aar Itto.antac
Tn. Lab" ot e•brriberata, by a r IL Jantoa.
1.101 1W0...M1.1. • "ba. Tale. •
11..,ra1t. II
al e , • 1.0.. oi \les ro
h. thy., Caleb by II IV al. Itel aobls.
ry` ll.l,l Clair at Lb. Itattle ~„Id,. Tale of W•Ler..
VA LU.IIII.E. 1)1:: , COVE
do-0n..1a,. Ittr viz 1//edieL/
. . for I% ,111,4 01•••• a. I,la, I. , ,thotzt and
•1-t• 1 1 -.10 . ttmn•eult..
ll—Ail artdri, ••,•,.. • 1.1 11.,.,. ormnr•lflnn.
rlll 1.. relt.l-1••1 no. 11. anti ••••..11 1••••
Man nee It La. • I.4.ant n••
ettlort it 1... Kr,. T , n •• 1 1., •• •1t1. 11 . 1
t d-nut, la ettr,-,. •tt 11, La., I. 1.••• II adl elan
me,th , llqo.4l
..t de. 011 them •• ureouk
thr nuln , ug,rl.,•(
o .at. i t. .. I rit 1..,
.•r ty SHLLLP.,:,
I I li a P_S: 7 lo baler
DOT ‘l44m pure, b,r snle by
1 it.: J
11—'21.1 hbd, prime N. plot.. by
dr J. 01.111 I'll it 1 . .)
14 E I I . :
I) °LI. 1111 I. Li t., • 1.11.1 ~ H fII t (0.
. .
`IIU r ;vid jtk,t re , :(l per
"ll " u " 4.- •cm
.it , N I . , ,.L Sr u li j a‘il:!:7-22 , A , 1 - 11 ; i:.
~,C l,l♦ ;hrst .
ded 1 %lid • A Illkft.lll , 4lN
VEARL -' l * Alit.'ll-7,;( , boxes 1 2,2 re ,-' d on
,"`" '''lll
by itt.y.J4I.NES a CO.
• '
•ol• by • , I VLi CO.,
1)1N1 APPLE cases plime
a. ,unia,,,u•L land." a tbl 'or rxir
10:i lit•N‘lb•lL , T 1.,)
No* Ready !!
Nt VERY haring Piano
A P. •rul yr..) Tnual lotou'r nr• I•L•ok.
• t.,• t• • , autslid Ebr, for • PFtIF—NT.
Uith•oco•wytwo orai • yoorool pribboo •••••
r••••nis• Olga o••• b•pywn.• Pluto
r.b.11 .1••• oot
I ..I zn. pm. tr tbr io•orotuoo• AL,
s $1 — , lbols tro ou r. iloo Jo•i'h It
, soot b• 1•••,i •by o•• 1 o: tb• brot—l Ot•to•miva
1,55 br I b, U•lbey rbtirJrl,,.. sod en.r I.
1... i J,ll, II flEj \' • bul •ny
I•LLlibb. (Lb, •Irt.l. Paitolrurata. so I .1 Lb. priarlyul
rbo. ,
rr"isREMEDV is offered to the comma
nit • Milh the i . i.oh.lenne we Joel In n a cruel. rc bh
rv.. 1,4 1 , p1e.: .11.-co. that ran be
.0,1 0, ele of it. i.e.:a110w... i 13,1 .lm e
. the r. of or. curvo. that shorn iv., tiortlCu of
tho aw
olit.titi If to reiro,ht, tl4. 010 f) aoll 0 o•
10-.2 1....1.irint (mho olarniitiit ovej &operate
f the unas • hr its When otic It. a
ever, toolicloo of Ito hind. to too
hol'ent to ewe,orkirre iu lrtueo are
knuwn. the public tin loo,r hrtalLte. •lot onthlote to em
pi., for Hie ..... 'tar .n.I ilenguri la. alrei-tiow. of lb.
pulmonary .rnon.. wloeh Inehietit to oar ate—
and4.llin net ioalr in the torn/4.1.1de &Hotta ution the lun.ry
hut for chi, wilder vat or C. 4 le. t eantme.
Re . eu.l lot l intilren It lo the ple..ontest and wafe. meth
oino Met Innotitoin,l fatally . nhuohl wi huut
Aid tbo.s.: who have iasol It net, will
R awl thy opinion 01 the frolowit, ceutlenten, eho ill
lot en 0..11,1 in Lb.. Taro seethin I of efeintty Le
they at. located-..banda. 4./1 as Merchants ef thw
aloft .4 of t l.a hl. host atom, ter--iti the naieet
Vstengte wh.ileia/e du soeli,oie. with ith •otierti
mime unlitniteit on the otaitect ot which the, .peat_lt
lb. •olue in the 11:neilt 01 esperieue, ere
W. Wu isy.J..talatoothtext& Ir ua-lata. lava, 1a...,
l‘mw satt ta
ualaa *at k err • 1h..t0 hrt.w.r.l. beret., ww
uty oar 1.111 that tt a ae au.l ut./..t-tallactual Maw
ray Ica l'ultat la.:, C....ta10n ay, ..Rena! Thu api
..ncan Alai %I. auula. tract ailr. anhirleatt,t lta
w,aaton an talllawa
a h. the a1111.,1 a. stall., thaer I...,atin•lalc, wad with
tla twin c , WWI .11 w It will da far tlaar .11 that
Ithr. , ll/ .11 au.
11.1.1$••, ...1mp..., Il alnn, 4, o.lttalote, llaryllod.
L. 1 ,,
iltg,it Ch.,l- o t C.
Ektratli. AlrbigL n.
T it y.
lo •tt .no lit. Lot., Al,..nutl
• . .•
Toaker. alomm, Alabama.
T A /la., llurlingt/m. VI ramal
J M 1,.
. .
M. A. Mama,. A eon.
I,l•lr..llDmettar.i, Dueingual. Del.
sh tiiik.tE 1.,. 111.44e1p10a..
Z. D. a t 1 .IDmAn. Da.nm,c..,11. U. c
J. rtatil ,'.• .
V.01...1. Wall 4l„
II It. strts, Konr.lllx Tvunk...,
I . kotton • iso,•r, I.lltle Ilrwk, Ark
r ,la..te A
N Ii Idasadi,
IN ronrtasi 1•OI.11tPIES
J II • , 1.1Y.r.1r.r •
Y M. 111. 13 , 1 & G.. I.n Clux.
Cr.,! A 4 . Nr • lirtnad.
?poi. d.i • •• N
o • • "'
, Jolly, linThu.rick.
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81h auclt. u•ourvun. and In.m ouch 112.. ILO noon / gar
p0n..1 can Lc a 1J0.....1. e0c.1.1 that fouud upoo
rreran.dno.l •Idby JA )11:9 C. AY} L. Ches.
•nolc,AloA 11.41 L by A. 1/111
Nl.l 0:1% A , nuJ .1 11 TOW u4Y.
l 0 3~i<.rpec/ CuL ty U. I. U LL iP. vd J. DbU
I'l.r•.Mim It lll..:iui.ii.
A Medicine for
4..1 7/urtrvnra•, Asihmo, Pronehltz,
x/ It din.. not smart. iLss stomac lot.,asa renderstl.
pate tits Marl— 0 , 4 nd the
twriton who Mara II liable to a fresh cold by every nod of
•lud that puss. It le perfectly 171.01.• Ita asotti.
sots. aud ho and and ..04,ual In onsducina a sure. Ibe
moat violent cam. ofrosvnt Cough,and 111.1 . .{1[341 have
betel cured by it In a few ionise.
It has an mt.-sly ems/ arnsoi.—The cad rough to.licines
all inst. the ..,mach and orator. nausea, ahieb la more
di/agreeable thin the cough I.e. This to obviated in
this mixture. for it is soothing .tisie. and it
tartcure—Ar tar money teal rrAndhl ' The csialro , Ant
tart r of this tunnel°. in our city. train our sown ci;l-,fire s
Mould roan.,. any one of Its aihrsney arAsAtin
,;l, ' tt roc ' ;:t.ti " er h AT V.,
heroic 1111,,./A.
taasstlß;(lr n.—A 1.1 T from titedlenville arrltim that her
slaughter bad beett aillieted with is codist. nod expietora.
11012, night smatr. Leine feria, mad all tbv dietr.ania
of ,ueureptiou. and that alter taking two toots
tf,m. - ,.b.`" an. entirely cured. A gontleman la Washington
asunty, who had suffered with ...think and chroale cough
for al ht yams, has been aultrely Wierka s and the roust
br the uas of Mirada:on at bottle, of this Pecs
toral dime A arnthmsm from P.a.., 1111nola
that 'he knows the Pectoral Syrup to be • goal article.
ton he has used It in his own case, and livthemoan
of his Gutsily. with the mod. perfect autee.A.?
tier oar
~.",•1 4 .°2°,
mon..jrlitorekeepera would do well to keep a ;nom, P ' r
this medicine on hand all Oa time.. it is me Of tho matt
tArfsmt and vilicaricia rimediea era; movor..l for all
(bush. and dirmites of thslllll., and lualalent °Dolma,
tloa. • •
atutten Errro.-31.y persous will try to per jou Wildly
one Ut the votrioue uatrome, but do not heed them.
If you ta t s
get welt boy Dr. !Stromlo Pectoral Syrup.
and tate an other—lt will mare you. It ha. In It some or
the Must valuable planta arid hart. of the eautagg radio;
end eompounded by a person ak Hied lathe healing art.
hsre can be no deception In this mollehm. It as prams
1.1 In your own city, anditlare propraetor hes mamma.. e r a,
tallest , . from henna. residing her, attssanD la ralnabla
properties, Iv WO twssaarti to an tenon delitons
warps tirdq,
lavabo trWta3 of
throng/peat the United Stalest* asll thia
tat gating Lem etweaunte will be nue/et Pete who will
lake an Intereet theenedetine. /t will pay a lar d . tar „1
ada npe, berudosobitty, wl/I br doing suderind nap
wapitr 'crate, be placing In thee hand. the geese/St
net et e tp. the &Mara the world has ever prod
Tor eale, win:aerie Cad Mall. by PaNYSLII. t kleDoW s
ELL, Litagetigte, Fltadtarga, Pa, dap
- blsti, or nAvlred and
, ----.
\ P11713110110H MARKET.
N \ ,
\ ,
Orr.. Ptrnacat I,\o l larra, • \
.i\\ , :strain,. monaltik i
, k.r_ 4. i
, e m4ket yesterday was extrecaely quiet,
s,i vir fr. `aoth.s I ramTkre..l. IV a uoteat:, ekauge In
,0,,t.,ti0p,. ort , c, .11,02 r..malm‘l about as fbar . 4. 4 ., ,, , , tt.
I I.oliN—Ttle ri.VC/04 Of Vu I rst. , ,lay vret. "taraly
worth 130 letna: amt sales .4re coutim..l X., a f,,slmall
loCs ~ u tar. t4 , lr,rf an -I from tra.on at a., 1,7 tor a f.. Knit . 13 M extra. r ext. . 1.. a in litilite4l IoL, hom store at 13 15(92 1%A
3 2S, tor a f.aa,lostra brauda. \
(MAIN—A 4alea of lulu Wheat ,m ILs wharf at t'.0e. ,, ,,
Sale. 220 ha Oaia at 2542f,301.1 at , , and Bil at 2.5 c ?bu '
No salsa of other \rairts to rrport.
tilt , ICEllll,-1 1,, [nark. a 0 ante ,aitt, no atmarrot
chi,e in pi Le .., ,i .
car l• .riling, In t... of 2to 3 Etats
at 0(5 4 t:!4,,, 4 moo. ',Nor Motasier may. atuoted at .tit
0 .alloy —aith ..ry l lama yet arrit.l. 'mall parrs lii.
C.,11,.. at Ui,(4. , ..!i„ awl ltira'at 44.0. i. 44 D .
tII.,TTLIt —Salvo to the extant of lbw Po rime roll at
1:..e. and of .mall lot, 100 01 q\talltles .1 . 12 IS . boo is
aora, 1..4 1 9 it 0•—C.,atm,,,. ,n a. , ,,d ttamiT,l from first ba ditatJs
ets '*,tozett
Cf lEEsl:—Sales ..11 1.1. prime tilt at 6!(r, D. ,
940 , 4 AF•ll—.t c.,1,. rf 54, r 1... at i Nato term. . \
lt 1112 , KEY—Small .atta re,,tilied ...ire nt./teitN.ka.
11 .Khan.
liosEr AI A Itt:ET'
. . -
At the first board, Girard hunk ildennaed to
12. no s Nleil/nnien In ',O. IZen.l.•• °pone.' at , Lto%,nod
loonos 4 'ti ..,,h1 at 121,. .1.4•1 t. sulrnll,l to Ms.
'.13 thn clono of Ho (ant Marl. tlon,ling al wak‘A to ~.1n!.
nano., Icon,. I,onling n.rren...,l no 80. Sts. Nay. 1.,,.;
• t. .... advanord too 9. And 10 , 50 Island ..1.1 nt O \ ,R.,.1-
5. , Nit ottlttzt It. 1241 i. At •,01.,1 I. It Morns afkrnuoml
In An. 41,1 run. '.final 13...... AI .i. All. Allo•ben,
( \ bola ot 1::, Ile•lin• II X ,J 3,
Tiic market was firm in a exefipt- ileadtag,
fton!, 1.,..1..1 la Mi. The, toss• elnnly 1,1.1:el in !•40.:
or, \
• •
tilonq remains in fnir 4Ptrinad nt
tottotri,.. rtatily plant,/ at .41_ ...lit. thitlatt, tott -
mem.. to tAtoorttle.l tot eh the rte Of this month the vet o
limper 'mkt.
Tit , ' Mint pt?" to mum,
PORT OF ertißuittiu
1.% TLern wma 5 4,5 S ivrticA in eh,151.1 br
et duA. Isot eret.g. in . Slang
\J. McKeit, Ifen:JrkWn. Maa.port,
. • .
J 'aril, I`.vtair
/ or! o. Elitahoth.
ell r..lltinNli. •
qq Duck, ode. lir . airi.ituriiiniati.
%Arens. l• net. %
nx %It
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OWNSt/LLE. 8.4. 5t. ‘ 8.8.A.8 P.m.' ''
' l'—The PI., rev:l7lB,l.T ,dI;A ,
Lin,d R.
artirle tml..\tio heal or racer .n , c11.,qc... iu Nihon to
the Wiarbem r and Cllpt ,, m ~,,,, the . i .c , l 4 f ) Al , b'''
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at, \lwo. in t .ir I I !Id, . 40 , 3 re,:atto•V theta V\ t,i.u.
pram... the m•lt r 1..-tae..t. thi.u.... , 1, , u. leave °a al
teruat, ditt,, la, 10l al the ...sip, F.
the .6ku
'gaunt. of the L-ut bat the ...titer Diura I. rt.. ,f the
fine, t•taito that ever t 'heal la water, hiv, \ tile ltrruat r
dm,* altt. th , If loco ler , . and h.. bera`rjinalka egular
ll, li...that c..pult, f..r e la..t thirteta tautithsould
Ilith., the IVoletle.t, . Copp, . bailie. , their\ d .It
Aul.l tett. r theireotaliti la_ik.ta a... , {-a-g-4r acid ' • ,
lk IMPORTS 1V RIVER. . `‘,
Wt. LeVILLE—Yrk F . ...i11:7-16144 Wheat 2 ril,,
met Igialartis 6. : , ble, Iti bin bout .1 Itubir,,un lot
Jos, o per. a bbim I ba alder .1 tut.. 3du putaitry ~ ,,b-r•
r• 3 la,g v b . ,. td II Lardee-a.
Ma ;lAN, -V hbla flour 20 .k• hest A r,natt ond Vre- -
1 A L1,,;. „. 1N1511 wheat I% ilmarth N,ble e' bda wrker
I, Pm Mt. IsKi. No\l—l rave And Lirea.
\. hb,,,,,, •• Llande• .1., 1..- nu., t lark • \
I /0 .. A. 1.4. .1 A . ;6du 3 Ldla pa
-1 .. lot I.blo .I,,ur J ,I, It lu,d. lit: mei.
.e,,1 . ,72, 1 1 ., 1 ' ,: ra '1 11 " ;L:us Vat !4: ' a,'.
, mx.,.. c ., i,, 4,...1 (era Uu: II 1,1,1 ,
• Morgan.
, i II • r:Ial, ' alt, dba I, hal; 6.1 du
•nura rakriai mo , halue,
.t". 111
Greabßale , Long bawls at low p ces.
,i A.,MASI N . & CiNwill open nnTues ny
l-!,Tl e `i r,:g7,44 , .. 1 `I,`e:Ll,:asrZtx,',.7
-"... 4 n wlt thalo. tau uniot extenot, nha•l .1
eter toeld in t I.e.(' \____ . 4-1
VIE Goan immi ef the Pt r sill receive
Mt...male staLl 11,14 h tneetolv or furntlentaz the
ur Al,. Idoet.e oh one hundred % aunt. lron 11,1.
!a.a.,:veol,le tu untolc. which may we,/ at I:uar
mire. Venetia , eut.
LI T onler of toe nikling enmmitt v It ,, IIERT 0' 1 . &L ey.
I .-,
am. N. 1 oolong Ot.h..ea—
rewew.o.l Ptah., tabiet.
it .10 nt, oKt.
do dr Gdet. do,
of DUNHAM'S Canova n't, CONCZAT
PeA I N - 05 ual to a grend
in power 17ndl roinme I
tone. Th'ese Piancorhave new and Improred tootle, allna t \
In, a eau large felt rover, hemmer. arel
ell the ad 1111/11,Vs f a grand nano. Tilt Itutolic .and
profesopy aro n , epectfulte lathed to mall tad examine
Ms elegant inatrument. tto. mate of It "me exhibited by
Mearra eolith * Nixon. of Chimonati. at the Moot:tank&
Vale. aid hrononnend the finest Plann near brought to
that el.—event - I.r peUrrr and • weetneer of One.
tid elaatirt ot ' , orb. If. KLElltitt,
No. tut Third et— awn el the Golden [tarp.
N 11.—Neer arrangements ...toted into 'with Mr. Dun.
ham, onablet trio ainhaerltirr to gqihit Plume 10 per cent.)
lower than formerly; (ha molding porehe`era b.)*
cheaper herr than at awn. Call end eat/noise before
le /genes,.
R:Ar rbb, l b :I • n 029
—— -
bane been reemeed, sad are for Nag by J. L. READ,
7S. 'outfit .1, n 11.410 Dull4o, us;
t.',7,°,.•1 1 ..'r , :17. of •
La . o. n p r i r ' ' P' l. 11= 'lNetionair; •
Hooper'. Surgical do.
Ilor I
Modica] do.
bonnea of Itedichro
Omni Study of Medici. •
Ilagandie'a Phr.lolo , , •
Carpmter's 40
n F
tibutchill on ll . seeveri of Veniaies:
and Mutter'. Surgery;
WitsWDeon theidard'a Ilummo Anatomy
Onoetia Illdwtkry;
Maio' Irratlow.on Obstatrim; '•
Kiras's and P oi e t
llommpathie DemmUt Phyalchtn,tontainlnig di/FUN/eh
ment dile., irith Popular explanation/ Of AnatCloor.
Ilerhed ' and anlargeri'"'d —it. '
11 000LATE—Wil taza Nii:liee'd and fur
lj sale bj_ WICE A MK:AMAMI.'
IDOT caa,Ye pure, lb, male, by
11 d.l ICK • ilre•Mll,./.68.
, Elt AT US,-`-'2
I.IIIIG METAL-160 ton.slar safe y
(BEAM CHEESE-200 boxes for gale by
1../ dal WICK s IIiceLNIDUAL
aut ,: toift, ._
_.4l4ti at tha VI lair tkonwitiola
tha etty \4' ifttAorgl. for Ilk macs Of Mayor. .11 . 4.1
`•, air', S. Junin is a candidate for,
hl kyor at th nett City Elottl....tiva to ttuiladaloak oe,
the tnti 31..... .3 U r til!Ll./..43 , ,...... a , nolikto
announce through your paper
'We. OS • ehtstl4l.te ict. Mayor...4*C
the Aau.slmouie ..od Wahl Cuere."
__..% . ea 103,2
. _
E4itk.r: Oa
re thatfrww l MlWoc.H: c--e.twYrat will press tds
d awn. c w wWwilWrifoXiaTor. to LW. 5.a. 1 ....r
Um Willa Col,/ \Wm. , .000 y
, 4) —,--------...
\ r.t E rAt uto .tiug ',Abu Anti-Masonic and
khig Cite -Ouse otioll. held.pythes 1 . 1 111,16:11, the tbi,
!derma runt... arid, iniontilil .
4501v.,1. That It . hall be the uty of the Panicle= of
thlelf.lonvention to caller the lie' lehoar, meetings to.
be heit lit the ...vend meads, on ftocl =tansy of
Devetoliee nest.. lonwewn \ the hdo ot II A. and 6P.
31. 6. Meet halui,'',T.W."..."'; C..""'“" "".
1.V.-cluelclti it.
nominate 4 mlidate th e Mayor.
111 weceidence with whi c h. the e ion los delegate.
will no h. 14 at the tune ant,/ In the ' lutihn, and the
Coo vontlonWill Ineet on WeJneeclay, beep:mot Mk, at
10 .."1.16c6. ANNI, in the Elw =ma s t Coon 1 1 %. IdeSat
V, OTI ll t, : k.j9 hereby izi'vn that n neseia
-11 mull -of Two Dollen put sham Les levied ea
to Aswe.ible •Iclvit ...I ter berth Ame.min al Ina cum.
'way it la, mil. phi LL," the affwe o • the T =cr. le
the City of Plltoboo t 1., oh 61,oday. dean., 6 , 1665.
d..1,: a """
' 'l4-lk.”.4"i ' b ifl ' lttrltaws •
N. 11.1 A
A N Elootion for Fifteen Dirt;ctoii of
I,:irtit:;oltolue-Aux r. . be 'held
1:41,1 . f:l=t t it.:'eour.
o•ck., DfueJ.Y• A. At. and 3 n'eloet 11.
' ritraari.ou,
riMIE I)ll{Efil'OltS of tfte_Celling
Clap., .fkkhigan, Lave this day s tnadatet ala
tn.. Of Illy cants on each attar. of the rnpital *Olt
+3,1 taltupany: one halt' payable en ar batbry the =Oil
ranaber. and Lb, other hall on 0r Wore tbes.9ll)e,t.
'''' ' 'L
‘ th"r
Lb lZ.lnEl.i r: FRlEtiD.Treee,
... .. .._
House of Refuge. \
. k IIE sue,etillere for the' ereetton . r.
',, Ilan, at Refu, far Weattern l'annaylannta
hal rt , y uutitled ghat to aiaaaatnent . I' Neat, Pay ea ,
the alo_nunt auharribad by nab. la raquirad to he.
Ibe Ir4a f r .44 or LaJara the .1.11. tiny or Not.
"" " . (11 It. rd of Inrvrtora.
"'" A. r ''' "'"' " ' 1 AlLsiiiki HANNA. Tress.
__ rf: __, __________
F.TTERS Teetamentery to the estak
Jame, ll•ps.. late of Irollaoa i.m.n.LlNContsti
legh.toy, jlee. , ,lNzatr graotk.t tl, ot.lbserlbßK
rer , wns traeimr eialma riol trial. will *roust
.Iteni duly dlllilt.ictrarti or eettlement to
11. revues,
tt.m..teolAw, '
It. tet.tve.
ii, CardLife,lnsurance: , \
N\,l IL C. A. COLTON, ..S.?e'v.—Doeu•Sir—
A A,l oratt.ppf nourninn jitctice. r .1..... It mr cf.t,, ~
ti a innnindge the very prnmet end t.t.tleina tiler in
will i tbn claim Of • runny ritently untied - en,
itirmuir , tre r° mr iiiiktkirri fir , ilinnetunt dollen \ bee
linen t itil. - , .. .
inn ttnrel priticiphir upon •h. it the affitire of the
••Pltrantipyb Lite inelltllnne elltnpauf . it* tiourrurterl. on- I
title% it or the c.n.a.iletittiin 104 PetmeNte, . 1 it. Pithlia
The enn l iple of pru.lntithl tnn..eirblerici'in thir man
tier.anr me r ..,r your nrgeniratlan. Pi' the troei tretalst:
treicruirl-lernittentres, ro limit humanity an
""" r '''' B.lt4nnt LTA7ll:lstni.
yr Piret Baptist piturch,Pictribni.b.Pa:r
,'rotn the first of April pent, Lunen, with tireuty MEM Of
v." 7 e ,
91 1 01. E
• ler
Notice to I: ri : Makers and Quarry Men. .
4 the'lMth 4 Day Mr vest. fur the delimit' of two
awl a 1.11 tail que of joielt dorinathe ensiling mningend
.1.110, In about equal uumultles. at the flow Des. of
~l. Pen thy I inutßialimeal Cernpany.and at. Water 'Smo e :
1- 11.7°,,,'4. 1.14. P
r. 1":.: 'the pees if de Dee at esch
ltd. and the lea V d .: Imeks; ttajit et the War di
p •
ns:at beton rsl. .
d. portion n. t twist to be dellsons at Grant 14ac Lb.
be hard pees .or al. h the ptlea and dimensions will •
be etab.d term to ..'. '
betriLP‘,;rl ;A 'l,':',.,'„zgl ttr.,', h p'!;tAtheid .
f ..masm y
at the nun, Dawn h 4e...1..wi .... I.ol).ldt:tea by twslmaid.
hito law limes. , ' • \
.1 1 ram.41. will he lead at the tame time. for U. dee
!leery of elmoit Ma i meet of .lone Mr Mandatiern aS \
the •1. n
1. tate. or IA y couwevi.nt Mint fee le ing
ea the RHO Of (Lo .I
1 ..., totweep I ittaLumth . mot
Ihe swwvoutla will tw II ere-I to rdunua .114111odlteqe
A... eta* t.0.1t.....r.*:. il.. r lile. Indian, Lb. 14
0n:.',1.1 J. EL..i. li. 'llolll,tlol. Shirt Knee.
T, \
JAS. S.' tisON & Cis., 'Ave ItESIOVED \ ' V
IN their atom ml Moe, i. delpt.i In I .a."to the otw •
4.11 teacloth .elfd \ 1114 11111 LOIN i.lns North Yount et-,
3, ,,
h,rt. tn.., ~ ..utir • '' - • • Wk:11/UM 1 , 1 , ONi . \ .0
r1tt01....,1 , .11.1 ..0 rar.t. rho. Markin., N '
1{ i* t., all . , ..ili std Dealers in Sta `
C10d... sheet
A , A, NI.. Do, C• • ING si/fi c :st the lowtet '
11 7 1. n. manikin..
LIE SiOCkill.
al.llan ur Inc etantsthl
er(11 h. held ..n
11 at the 4.llice- f
7,sk, Walnut street. I . l3llftlelph'
La 1
I‘l l .ii: N a - s t il T ! ' Ar.UPu_u t
ft;i7Nt;. ' ,.2;
as le
6h L bars barn runtid aner
anal the Uidted :tab
I.e.tiOx and plot...tiler prope,.
punt at - bat...err. Thvir
1, purely , an Oxide al Zit', Is warranted (ton Mat
ulultorattNn and impurity •Latauwrer. It pants well,
beaumplly, and to tulityir in.< from We polar/nuns
When arpiouul atilphurnaa ar meth,. a:Watkins, or
urea bru Lout up nt • clue tuna. At , an oulotda isonz.
It siltbetatalea aunthcrn climate and thetreal.r better `,
than *Dr di r, tud !wing hahlo to turn chalky or to
and rub tut: It may be worked with any color,
with seater and °rival; rarnit•boaLich alto the tele
rated /Are...lain htudi,
belV are Purnietied at a 1550 priew.and'arnitraloubtaallf
a uh,..,tust and hart paint, in the mar**t tor enwthatt
r, rencina, oulhoue.,. abudoluato, an eapueed Dar
to o wool, On, or arel44l,
n tufa, re they ale tau - Urn:arty ralua r. 4) - ‘,7 •
tam n 'lratunt ronuortion, and ruluvly prul nt °aid.
dun, bitend hrt. a I.,itre toe 1k has,.
.16, nut e•. color many,/ the ka.tthy ind la wow' •
In UN,
Lauder, cu liberal tort. hr tha atratila that , •
romPr. ..virs a W u ',
• yw 7 tlontl, *hart.. Philadelphia.
c ERINO.S!--,MUllrur &Baitgu
baiukt re ed au %enurement of &Lure
or .at ler, Itur runes ltd. quality 1, Also, r
\ .24 \,
LIP•Far 5 'til., itto hare I . ,c'd and 'situp low theater. \
\ \ .21
4 , EATII Fl It S--2 1 \ each s prime Kentneky,
t V l''' ""`r.lT.:47;°.l'ail,'irr',li7ielree,etn.
i A'l h IEItS &ABEKSWAX-L - \*
109 oerks tyall.enn , .1 tieregrs Berw=
I Lanclllle and for von b,\ WAI All ONE SY & Cu.
nr,t4 . x\
\ i.r and rtnal. Oa
i : UNDR , IES-- • ‘,
kO, . , • IS 1.1 , 15. insf .Snas,r:
5 1.5.5 s Lorerli.g . s nuar:
L 1.1.1,, - ena.lls,lBogla.r,
s - Pu , rerirml supar,
309 1011., 1,.. 31 IL Hoist.,
50 hnse.en.aro Cb...,
2110 Amot Straw and 11.2,1V•ap. firer. .1051 r ,r,...'iu e and for re sale by
F LOUR -r3O Able. Superfine; .
1 0 Col.: j. 551 rre t 1•15.1 for saleby
0021 ,
)..VLS-- , laid hu. on col . tneter s ge for[
.....!. '
\ 01 . Water strut
QUIU.NO PI4NNELS--Grey, of ciliTe.T.
L 3 4 " ud '''''''' '"°,3,1,;,71 , frn Villt,Al,T2 br
D 0
IV L ot S h i n! eFuLrencerlNT Elek.'whAltiel!h=tro%ernelli
'. mrti h e ''''44,'''''''''' to " "AA! aftl%zitivi,,,L,,
CI AS TE1,1.31N0-100 feet 1-8, 1-4 and 1-2
"oc l g t thA p u" t r alt Pn l ' PT it aka 1. ..
d 1 /..11.:ESE4110 boxer prime Crelun Cheesit
l i j o ore eua for s alt do
'''''' s , W "
1 t DALT.EI .1. k CO .. 1.115n17•4.
11 1./110---2 east\Atadraz and, 111 .----r-----. oJUlbe, for
i 'of h0X.,54.:L.1.10L`1.
IX-5(10 lb; N Ior m1i,y8%1 6
llg. Rood
d. .
I f
lo in \th iatlAoo4. wool dasa. ft..,
ftor itsu.ver
n Near
Mmt detkion
xtr,og Eni4ll,
rxerllna M o n orri.. To+, Man'
DI • 114 allor,
\ J. hi El t D_A LO.
Al I I ER lil,
11 ROOM;
Id II dal
) dal
J.TX pal. br
LAHD 01L-25 bble. No 1, for sale 11.
cies I J.LNIES DALZELL,6Bllraterna
Butthllekl hp., received this mere In k Z rif 4 n
frif • Urn...l other fanfares atpckhn 1 timbals. no.
117,1iTu'lletal. :the frennalni f Otarlititikabl e
-ab tons Tenn., - fur sale low to
IDEA N bags lardiilg, for tali
f del I.I)ICKET a 00.-,Uatat asllffing.
-15110 &ruins fresh Sinyt - A.O, tat
by \ 14] A. COLBEATtON A 00.
't ie. 1 LIR iTltlla