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The question whether Europe shall ho Cos
anchor Republican, -appears likely to have its
-aolutionin the coming year, 1852. The war of
. opinions, 10 long 'foreseen and predicted, op
lirombes its final struggle. The hour is come,
- • 'and thesitin. "-Tile Czar Nicholas marshals the
14t...f the One army ; the lately escaped
'osier, Louis Kossuth., leads the other. The first
• .111th Stir hie . lieutenants the Emperor of Austria,
the Kings of Prussia, Bavaria, and Naples, the
. Pope and a hest of minor despots t he has the
• 'resources Of many nations at absolute command;
' melee ithich may only be counted by millions;
mganitation, discipline, and possession ,—every
thing, lisiould almost item, necessary to, ensure
SUOrne9s. - .gni/nth h not a solitary soldier,
- net ontilliip, not one !penny; scarcely a foot of
ground on the. Many bathe field on which he
, could now set his foot without denger of impris
(maims or death.' The odds are indeed (cartel,-
-the danger great—the courage.whiCh is pre
pared to centre& it admirable. Nevertheless,
perilous as the tontest may seein, It is not ab
eolutly hopeless. Koesuth,-though armed, at
present, with but words, is no despicable fun.--
Those words have • the terrible power of truth
and justice. To tyrants, they are indeed awful
realities- They penetrate 'where bayonets can,.
not reactc er guard. They sap and mine the
foundatione of deep - oases in its
„strongest holds.
They appeal to the consciences and arouse to
action the hatred of tyranny Common to all men.
EOSlilifis. the Luther of politics. If an) Czar
• has his armies, Kosenth has his people., and to
tho course of . events may bare his armies too.
The potent sword of France hangs in the balance.
with a strong tendency to fall on the aide of
freedom. A smith matter, a mere breath may
turn the scale.-7• With the armies of France to'
' tackthese, the_nations of Europa would drive
their appthasorti- before them like chaff before
a whirlwind. glut this Is not the only
England, though desirous of pace, will be very
far from saying that inn* event will she declare
Mae. Iler initials in the ,Bleditarranean. would
. scarcely brook &Russian army in Italy, andshould
• the Czar once menace Constantinople,. England
_ would be in the field instantly, with the hearty ap
probation of all classes. Oar own country too.
We are net entirely masters of oar own destiny.
Events may hurry as along, almost in epite of'
ourselves.. We are in truth a powder magazine
' that one spark may explode. It may come in a
thousand shapes, manes foreseen; obstructions,
totter youtinerce, Insults to our fiagloj arias to our
citizens, the Combination of Kings to repress our
• ' principieswherever manifested, can scarcely fail .
to exasperate the public mind of America. On
the other hand, our part bathe liberation of Kos.
sath7,k the reception that await! him ; the ac
claim with which the letter to iltilsetaan was
everywhere receired,'are not likely either to be
.forgotten or forgiven. . These are they possibili
ties, not to Bay probabilities, which are before
U 9. One thing however is certain. Our diplo-
Emmy will assume a firmer tone than itrhas here
tofore. The days when our 'consuls could
with impunity busily employ themselves in tre
y-during republicans and eulogizing despots have
. past, we trust for ever. The absolutists may
hey • newspithers,--i-as the London Times—to
write diwn republicanism , ; the,accersed pieces
at Saver may_ find Wretches sufficiently base to
Incase the apologists of despotism even hero in
• Aille0";-;;but servants of the Re
have to be Republicans, and not on
' ly Republicans, hat bold and courageous ones.
The -recallof Console Welsh and Owen are anffi
cleat indications of that.
The future; then,-(or Kossuth and liberty,las
sufficient in it to encourage hope. His greatest
danger is perhaps to be apprehended iron the
-Jesuits. awl the :Catholic priests, who, though
ready enough tifplot for the overthrow cf man-
- partitively mild Protestapc governments, will lie-'
. tea to nothing that Impeaches the divine right
of Catholio.soverelgoato govern as they list.—
• i With them while O'Brien is a patriot, Kossoth,
to meths dignified phraseology of Archbishop
or Cardinal Ifitglies, tea 'humbug.'
Inviaw.of the great part allotted to Kossuth
in the approaching drama,. we have read all his
published speeches in England with the closest
- scrutiny, and they will well bear it. Weflusve
been struck with the singularly American tone
• of thought and, sentiment which pervades them.
. •
With the exception of some few foreign idioms.
they reed 'very much like the productions of
Mr : Webster. In Ability they are not one whit'
,inferior to Ide; and. we are confident that there !
-is not a sentiment in them relative to the great
prineiples of freedom, property, order, society,'
that our great. statesman and jurist would re
. tams to subscribe to. Its close logic, an emphatic
style,and tivigaronecommon sense, are charac
teristics of both these great men.
• :The bevy way in which Koesuth adapta his
ergumentsand illustrations to the peculiar air.
. ,
f ro
• camstrume o
s each of the numerous delegations
:Which:have Met hitn, is quite remarkable, and
breathe theme of universe' admiration.
' ....'There is one point in "the charecter of Kos
!nth upon Which ,republicans everywhere may
If,congratulate themselves, and which, more than
t , ,.. anything etas, we think, will contribute to the
semis+ nf his -proposed uprising. Re is CO
dreamer, no visionary, he has no yearnings for
the thopnicticable ,lie s aims at nothing more
for Ida empathy than her ancient municipal
stitutiona and the , right of suffrage. Ail else
that is desirable he rightly judges will follow.
Communisia, Soda/Imo, lie emphatically and
bolalyrthubut Now nothing so much strength
" ens the Abmilatists in Europe as the dread
• righi-minded men have of social-1
ism and socialist leaders. No man with this
taint iiporthire could hays the least chance
• of succese, and it ii - therefore a fit subject for
`congratulation that Easauth is free from it. It
is a. barmy into which no man at all fit to lead •
can possibly fell..
4e.hava dwelt at some length on this sobject,
became we feel that the coming of the eloquent
Ilangerian is likely to have a large influence ap
on us. Whether for good or for evil time only
can surely tell, For our 'own part wo have
filth and•thope in the future. We have no
• gloomy apprehensions. War is a great evil,
'whit' all men should their utmost to avert.
• And we have confidence"that our nation will be
so guided that it will be averted. tut Punnet
be dented that frequently the very best ,way of
avoiding; war is to bio'itell prepared for it. As'
a Manlier of the family of nations, with a coin
'. tante largely extended in every ocean, it is our
•-• policy to seek peace. to implore peace, arid, if
: • need be, to soaiesond 11. Bach a cotomaad, from
• each *people, we cannot think will he discs.
. 4.
. : •
are gratified tote anthorited to state that
, „. ..tlii...PenneyilvaeLe Railroad with positively be
•, opened fur travel betweedthie city and Tuttle
• .; .. Creek, and from Lockport, the present western
tertaiuns, to Latrobe, on the 10th of this month,
• • •: nett • Wednesday,„ t hus Making - It continuous
lisilread between, this city 'and Philadelphia,
with the exception of 28” miles of etaging be- i
-,' • • , tween Turtle Creek and Latrobe, over a good
turnpike road, passing through Greenshairgh.
The time will be 2.1 houre--paasing the Portage
• 1 Railroad in the day time. The supply pipes of
Abe sOatioaary engines on the inclined planes of
the POrt.egn Railroad have been sunk beyond
mach of frost, eo that there will be no ditS
' caltyith working the road all winter . The Ez
preasitrala ant/eaves this city at half past seven,
'A.114 and entre in Philadelphia the nest mor
ning.% Lease Philadelphia in the evening, and
arrive here the next evening. This will be a
'Most popular route to the east, and must do a
great baldness. .Idr. Joust Miamian, jof this
we ll k A 6 wu se Agent for the lifouongabehs
Navigation Company, and for the West Newton
- rig% and for* long aeries of yeses as agent of
the Ohio Stage Company, has been appointed
- Tiokelt Ageneat Pittisbitrgh. Thiele a most er
• iillent selection, and we ccogni tt ! htte the
tors on:having pioonxid the /16f1ICCII Of O 0
- pm-lanced - ism' ettliciencr officet..
THE WET TEE Ansioctiu Ed) TIE
Oar readem are already aware that the Dent
ocratic members of the House, met in caucus on
to aeleet their candidates
, hut SeturdaV evening.
for Speaker, Clerk, etc., and that a resolution
recognising the compromise measures of the last
Congress es a Oral settlement of the slavery
question, was laid on the table—but they are
nut probably aware that very - great excitement
prevailed, and that the reason the resolution
was not passed, was because the compromisers
' were outvoted by the Secrosioniete and Aboli.
Societe. Such, however, was the fact, accord
leg to the best accounts. The well known iVeth
ington correspondent of the Baltimore Son, who
Is a Democratic compromiser, says
"But fifty memters voted against the Compro•
mise--that is, for tabling it—and thirty-one or
thirty-nine for it—that is, aguln.rt tabliug it.—
The short sense of the long story in, the Com
promise was kicked out of the caucus by shout
nineteen majority." •
• Several Southern men withdrew, on this remelt
being announced, who felt themselves -kicked
out," as well as the Compromise; nod of those
who stayed and voted were each Democrets 64
Preston King, of New York, Gov. Cleveland. of
Connecticut, and others of the same Free Soil
stripe. •
The Whigs, under the leadership of ouch "Un
ion and safety" members as domes Brooke, of
New York, were silly enough to bold a cantons
OD Monday morning, and to adopt the very res•• ••
elution "kicked out" of the Democratic conven
tion. How many were engaged in this piece of
folly, we have no means, as yet, of knowing,
but we Infer from the following extracts from
the debates on the first day, in the House, as
reported in the National Intelligencer, that they
were very few:
),Jr. Brooks had great pleasure in informing
the geetleman. from Tennessee [Mr. Jones] that
the differences in the Whig party had blab heal,
ed. He had the pleasure le inform the retie.
man from Tennessee that this morethr, the Whip
of the House assembled in large numbers, and,
by e decided and emphatic expression of opinion
had aerjulefteed le the compromise measures.
Their breathes bed been heeled. Bet how was
it on the other aide! Mow wee it that the com
promise measurer had been deserted by a large
number of gentlemen front other portiuto of the
Mr. Mende was more than gratified 19
learn from the gentleman from New York that
the Whig party had healed all its difference,
dud had united for the purpose of supportiug the
compromise measures of the last Congres—the
fugitive slave hill and all. If be bad understood
the gentlemen's .romarks, he had stated that the
Whig party of the North were now opposed to
agitation, 4g4 were perfectly willing to execute
every article in the pempromise measures with
'no exception.
Brooks. Yes' sir.
Mr. Meade than understood that there wee
no division of 'opinion among the Whigs of the
North upon this subject. Did he understood this
deblaration to be made eutqualtfiedlY!
ddr.Brooks would only say that the Whig caus
es, by an almost unanimous expression of opin
ion. had acquiesced in the compromis lemma
' urea through o espies of resolutions, and
henceforward action against those resolutions
would lei disorganized.
Mr. Meade said that the explanation of the
gentleman from New York was fraught with
mane things addressed to the refiection of the
South and of other portions of the Union, woo
were in favorof all the provisions of the Com
promise. He understood that the Whig party
of the North, who were in caucus, represented
probably shoot one-fourth part of the Whig
pasty of that election of the country Did he
understand the gentleman to say that they
would undertake to declare Data Union that
. they truly reflected the opinion of a large body
of the Whig party at the North, and that that
party was now prepared to cease agitation upon
Seslavery question, and carry out faithfully the
provision in relation to fugitive slaves! Did
he under/axed this pledge to be gives before
this Union!
Mr. Breaks replied flat the beeves planation
he could give, would he to read tba resolution
adopted by the Whig mucus.
Mr. Meade raid that therresalidien was pass
ed by the Whigs of the South, united' with a
email fraction of ther - ,Whigs of the North.
A voice. lust thetaverse.
Mr. Brooke said that a leap majority of the
Whig camels were from Northern State,. There
were not eighty Whig members in Doe House.
The number present at the caucus wee between
fitly and !sixty. At the Democratic caucus there
were only eighty-nine members, out of the one
hundred and forty-nine Democratic members of ,
the House. Bat be would read the resolution
paused by the Whig caucus. It is es follows:
Besolved, That we regard the aeriea of acts
known as "toe adjustment measurer" as form
ing, in their mutual dependence and coneemou,
a system of compromise the molt CODelliDlOry,
and the beet for the entire country, that could
be obtained from conflicting sectional interests
and cell:apes ; end that, therefore; they ought
to be adhered to and carried into faithful ex
ecution, as a final settlement, itt principle nod
substance, et the dangerous and exciting sub
jects which they embrace.
Mr. - Meta. What were the yeas and nays
on that resolution!
Mr. Brooks. There were but four or five op
ponents to the resolution.
Mr. Fowler stated that he moved to lay the
resolution on the table. He was aWhig, always
had 'been one, and probably should always re
main one.' fie stated, in connexion with the'
motion which he bad made, that he would not be
booed by thise resolutions. Ilia judgmeet was
that there - were about forty members present at,
the caucus, but he did not count them. Ile
woad further state that in voting to lay the res
olution on the table, he should judge that about
one-third • present voted for that motion. He
felt It his duty to state the facts es they were.—
Ile would not be bound by resolutions before
hand, but-intended to'act upon hie own respon
sibility in that House.
Mr. Mende mid that it appeared, then, that
there were but forty members In attendance in
the Whig caucus. It was fair to patentee that
twenty were from the Swath, and that every
Soothe - to Whig voted for the resolution. Take
one-third of the members who voted against the
resolution from the forty who were present, and
there would remain but twenty-wawa. Take
the twenty Southern Whigs from the twenty-sev
en thus loft, and that would leave but seven
Northern Whip to waist the Southern members.
Now, it walla Very significant commentary upon
the action of the Whig party this morning, that
one Whig of the North had nominated for Speak
er another Whig of the North, for whose Whig
gery the gentleman would vouch, and all the
colleagues, of the gentleman nominated would
vouch, when the nominee was known to be in
favor of agitation, and of repealing the only fea
ture, as he deemed It, in the compromise meas
ures, which was benificlal to constituents and to
the sonstitnents of Southern gentleman-
Mr. Richardson WWI Hat the soldier who in
Hat hour of battle deserted hie standard was
sure In the hour of victory to be the noisiest in
proclamation his exploits.: This was not only
true as applied to the soldier, but was equally
to the politician. The gentleman from New York
[Mr. Brooke) was the ebauipion, the leader in all,
the measures passed by the I'M Congress Called
the compromise measures; but, if his memory
served him right, (and he thought he was not
mistaken,) when the time came when Northern
men were to be tried, and the issue weak) be
made upon these measures, that gentleman de
serted his post, and wee not to be found.
Mr. Brooks - said that he voted OD that ques-
Son in the mane way as did (Yen. Cass, Mr.
Douglas, and of the Democratic party their
Mr, Richardson. Does the gentlemen deny
that he was net here when the vote woe taken,
and that he left the Housed
Mr. Brooke I answer the gentleman that he
will find my vote recorded ten times on that
Mr. Richardson said that the gentleman left
the House before the final question came up, and
thus he did not vote fur or against the meas
Mr. Brooks admitted the fact, and would only
any, for reasons he had given elaewhere, that he
deeply regretted, as a most unfortunate act of
his life, that be did nut vote on the occasion re
ferred to.
Mr. Richardson bad no doubt that a deserter
,In battle. after the victory, wee _tarry that he
was not presents to help in the combat. As for
himself, he had no interest in the abolition par
ty. Ile expected to tight them to - the last mo
ment of his existence. The gentleman from
New York, however, having fought enboth glides
understood their tactic. better than he did.
The above extract is quite racy, and is an
inkliicg of what is to come. Poor Brooks will
End, for all kis humility on account of the "most
unfortunate act of his life," that the South will
not forgive him, or hold any fellowship with
him. They know how to estimate political
tricksters and time-servers. At a aufsequent
period of the debate, lir. COAL of Florida
stated. that there were but twelve or four
teen southern men in the Whig Caucus, and
that only five or air persons voted against the
resolution. Admitting this to be trite, and that
forty persons attended the caucus, it would bum
about. twenty northern Whigs to note for the res.
,ottrti on. This was probity the number. The
*bole varrrentent was "uncalled for and iniari,
inualethe tunity and welfare of,the Whig way.
niom wiininiorox
iCeatiiimaisipe of th.Pltlabuxgb Dell, Gazaiml
To come to the core of the matter, the 'Whigs
this morning had a congressional caucus, at
which Mr. Haven, of Buffalo N. Y., took cip the
compromise resolution offered by Mr. Polk in
the Democratic cairn., and rejected there, and
and passed it two to one. Not thinking it ne•
cessary to make any nomieations they then ad
jou, nod.
This in conallered by come a very adroit
movement, and one that must deprive the de
mocracy of any advantage they may have deriv
ed from claiming to he the especial friends and
guardians of the so called compromise. From
the feet that Mr. Haven Las been the law part
ner of the-President, it is looked upon as an ad
ministratiou measure, though upon that point I
*wive no very decided opinion. That it was in
judicions. 1 think is attested by the very first
.proceeding upon which it could be eupposed to
bane any influence, the election of Speaker.
The very consequence, of holding a caucus which
-I feared and deprecated in last referring to the
subject, hoe occurred, without carrying along
with it any benefit whatever. A sort of a test
was imposed, without rallying or concentrating
t.e party. Mr. Stevens, supported by Free
SOD Whigs, receiving more vote. than any of
the candidate. of Free Soil Whigs and Demo
' crate united did two years ago. And while the
mejurity of the Whig moderates divided between
Chandler and Stanley, the disorganisers, who in
the last Congress detested:Mr. Winthrop, Ste- .
rens, Cabeil, Toombs, and their confederates,
strayed off, as ou that occasion, after purely
.outhera objecto of partiality.
Boyd, by the last tarn of the wheel, was made
to appear the northern Free Soil Democratic
candidate, es every one of them voted fur him,
excepting Mr. Tounshend DPhil). Indeed It Is
said that it was through their Influence and
determination alone that the compromise reso
lution eras defeated in caucus, and that they all
voted for him there no W9ll an in the D e nse .f_
The Ileßsage Bill afford suhjects of di.IICLUIbiO •
)1 either House until Christmas. No busineee
of import.ce vill be trap acted berm that
At id o'clock Judge youn g , the Cloth, called
the (louse to order, and noel be should proceed
to call the roll of members. to ascertain whether
a quorum were present, or ndt. The roll was
called, and 218 members were found to be pre
0. W. Sooty, of Tenn moved that the Douce
proceed to au•elention oSpeaker; carried. Four
tenets, two Whigs and Iwo Democrats, were ap
pointed by the clerk, tellers. 0. W. Jones
Dominated L. Lloyd of g.j. , ap Speaker, and sold
be itoold vote for it only because he was
friend and supporter of the compromise, and a
proper man for the station, and not because
be was the nominee of the Democratic cau
R. N. Carter, familiarly known as "Roaring
Bob," seconded the nomination for the reason
tbat he was the party nominee.
L D. Campbell, of Ohio, nominated Tbadens
Stevens, of Pennsylvania, and male same very
entertaining and at times eloquent remarks up•
on the situation of affairs which made it a duty
with him,eis it was pereonally a 'pleaeure, to
make and vote for the nomination .
James Brooks, of N. V , said the Democrats
occupied the position of repudiators of the com
promiee measures, which the Whigs had express
ly and solemnly othipted as the platform op"
which they meant to witted.
Meade, of Virginia, intimated in reply, that
the caucus at which the rejected Democratic MR
olatioo was taken up and paned, .was a mere
inandfnl, and not entitled to apeak for the party.
Deaseemmi under lta Leadrrship of Bartlett
an, Cass, or Donglass Might la -
toljetjuricis for
the protection of the South, but he expected
nothing from the Whip.
Air. Fowler, Whig, of klaseachusette, said
that the gentleman from Virginia was perfectly
right. The Whigs present when the Polk ram-
Intim:Ll/83 offered and adopted. could act hue
been over forty, of whom one•third voted to lay
the proposition on the table, and falling, left
the meeting.
Mr. Gitidiogs should not object to this discus
sion going forward at this time, but it was best to
go ahead sad organise. He belonged to neither
of the parties to this diepute, and did not doubt
either wOIM he able to make out a very clear
case if perfect servility to the slave power. Ile
was a free Democrat; and could tall them they
would have many occasions upon which to dia.
con tb,eso, questions ; as ha and hto friend.. would
take care to present them.
After a little movie palaver by some of the
prominent ;epreeentativee of the.partiee winch
divide the House, a ballot for speaker was bad,
and Lynn Boyd was elected, by a large majority
over allothers. I refer you to the regular re
ports for the exact vote. The Whigs, proper,
divided on Stanley, of North Carolina, and
Chandler of Pennsylvania; the Free Boil Whigs
voted for Tbaddetu fiteress. The extreme
Southern men went for Becock sod Bayley of
Virginia, or Gantry of Tons.
The voting on this candidate showing that the
.11cmocratic puts diicipline wu almost perfect.
ly restored, little further Interest wu manifested
In the proceedings. IForney had 129 rotes for
Clerk, against 79 others.
In the Senate nothing of interest took place
hot a short discussion over Vnlee's claim to the
sat of Mr. Mallory, hie duly chosen successor
as Senator from Florida. Mallory was admitted,
*ad a motion to refer the credentials to a earn.
mitts& of five wee laid over until to-morrow,
and that to-morrow will probsbly outer come.
Term commencer Marta : 4, 1861, and emu:nets
March 4, 1853
The Senate consists of two Senators from each
State. Since the admission of Cslifornis, there
are thirty one 'States, represented by eixty two
Senators. Tho Senators who hold over from the
4th of last blerch were forty one,. sir eighteen
Whigs and twenty three Democrats. Pf the
twenty one new Senators, two aje yet to be
elected, from the following Status—
Californla—Legielstere Democratic.
Connecticut—ZLegielatnre to be chosen in April
Whigs in Italic; Democrats m Roman—those 'nark
ed F. .5. are Fres Soils. or Abolitionists; U.,
thou elected as Union Mug S. R., thou elected .
as Southern or•Stdli Rights Afsis:
• Wm, B. King
debbury Dickens.
JrresniahCisradn. 18.13 Alphasia 1111.5
Wm IL K 1 OR, (8. K., • ...155.5 Lewis 1157
AIL[OIII/.11. SIB/1011111,
Woi IS &budlan 1851 David IL Atebison 145
Colon 15.1 . 1rI zirct ..... . 1E55 limn, 5 (kyar...... Inv
TrznavaTinds...., 7 . .... -.1855 Julio vr.? iaa
—.—..............1867 /loft. fiord:, Jr —lBl5
Was 31 Gale.. WA Wm IT Scam', (0 . 31.-1 , 66
-- MT Hamilton Am.. 1851
pr A ery 3pomana..--....1855 Jamb W Jitilltr....-....-1555
J. A Amin' ....lASI' Hobert V Stocklam Ibb:
MA. casuaras.
!sawn rmA 1855 Wi11.54 . Alopes.- 1553
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AMA .51 8crtime....—..1863 Palmmi P Chime, (1? 5)...1855
Wm C Daum",' 1550 ilestassio F Nude 1651
Jam A Wh1trm5........ .ym ars (Impr pin
I.mD Brght AAd
Ormsdhead, Jr... 1851
Atapben A 1ka551AA.....1853 AAA V Clark....-.. ....... 1853
Jmmes Hh1a1at....... ....... at= en.a..TJ•anre..., ....,.067
them. W Jon. 1853 11 El Plait, (5 RI 1853
AuatutusCUmlge ..... -..1355.• V Butler. (511 / 1355
-DANIA II Covirne..a......lsr , a .Ahn Ik.ll 18433
//3517 Gay 1555 JcoVes C lon” ...... ........ lOW
m . A iff,V.l4 (-) vos3 5.... i lat . :; isaa
M.,..° A .„, k , 0 3. 1 0 - 13:h Thom. J nuak - - 1867
Jam. W 11=.3rT......1553 Vali., TAV..'.: .. ......1853 ‘
11=511.1 II
......1357 SAymns ( mama
mm 1857
J. Jo ., n. : .
„...._ ' 1353 . B 111 T Hunter. IA 111...1851
13s arks &mow, (P 8./..183. Junes 31 Hum. 18 11 ) ...1857
la ..... AL. lIINIAINDIN.
James A /Loam 1855 Isaar P WAIkAr 18.55
rh. U P.M..... ..... —Ala 11.111 //Alps MI
/11113.0111 1 .
Urn, root I
Sofforson Laria.le V./ 1...1 65 7
olt o b o rr Toombs (Whiz) ham Own elected to sneered M.
11rrto 0, al the explroti. of OW term.
teAid tr• hove torlgood, to take effort =do BM lartuarr,
:LLosigurd. •
Of the members elect, and those holding over,
thirty four aro democrats, twenty two are whip,
and four free soitire. Of the free sellers, Hale
and Seward were elected by a union of Whip
and free sellers "Sumner and Chafe Were ehmt•
ed byjdenuacrate and free rollers combiatt
Dodge (democrat), of '‘Viaognain ; Melk Magi,
a film Yori;" Rion (whlg), ol Veimtitt4 Wade
(wigs ). of Ohio, are aloo put down by 800111
The House consists of two hundred and thir
ty three members, and four territorial delegate&
Theis delegales, however, have no vote.
SPEAKSI, - Lynn Boyd.
Curia, - John W Forney.
n'' 10—Willard Ives.
B '' rossg (8 R) 20—Timothy Jettkioa. Abercrombie W Boom.
3-8 W Harris (8 ll) _2—!ferry Besmar.
4—William B. smith 23—Leander Babcock.
6-George El Houston. 24—Daniel T Jones.
6—W B W Cobb. 25—Thomas 1' How, Jr.
7—Ako. 117,ite. • 26—1 l S Walbredge.
AIM/MBAS. 27 Ifilham A Sackett.
I—B. W Johnson (5 R)28—.46 H Schermer/10m
CIVFN review/. 29—JrJedicth Haojard
I—Charles Chapman. 30—Reuben Rate.
2—C Id Ingersoll. /ll—Pm/mirk S Martin.
3-0 F Cleveland. 32—S C
4-0 S Seymour
ear..rroants. 84—Lorcuro Burrows.
I—E P Marshall. new .teaser.
2-3 IV M'Corkle. ' I—Nathan Is Stratton.
neuereaa. 2—Charlen Skelton.
1-oeorge It Riddle B—lessit Wildriek.
FLORID, 4—George/I Brow n;
I—Edward C Catell. h—Rodman Al Price.
I—J. W. Jackson, (9 R) I—TheLC/iasson(Sß]
2—Jas Jobueoo, (0.) 2—Joe P Cadged!.
3—Drd J 'Salley, (S R) tr—Alfred Dockery.
4—Chas Murphy, (U) 4 —J. 7' Morehead.
6—E W Chastain, (U) 6—Abr W Venable(Bß)
6--Juniu.s 11111yer, (U) 6—John R J
—A 1l Skqelwna, `O) 7—W 8 !tithe.
B—Rati Toontbt, (li) 6—Edward Stanley.
IN 'mot. 9—David Outlaw.
1--Jas Lockhart. NIW 'uaxieo.
2—Cyrus L Dunham. —lt W IVeightman.
B—John L Robinson. OEIO.
4—Sarnl W Parker. T Disney.
s—Thos A Hendricks. 2—L D Cumptell F S
A Gorman. 3— thrum Bell.
7—John G Davis. 4—Beni Stanton.
B—Daniel Mace. 6—Alfred P Egerton.
9—Gramm N Fitch. G—Frederick Green.
10-84ntitel Brenton. 7—E M Ellebury.
ILLINOIS B—John I. Tank.,
1--Wm H Bissell. 9—Edson B Olds.
2—Willis Allen. • 10—Chnrles Bvreetzer.
8--Orlando It Fickllu 11-I.leorge II Busby.
4—licti4 8 Moloney 12—John Welsh.
k 7 ..-Wm A RicharJoon 13—. lames Al Gaylord
B—Thomas Campbell 14--.lfr.rdnder d(arper
7—Richard bobs. 16-IVen P Bunt,.
totra. 16—John Jo•hoion.
I—Lincoln L Clark 17--Joseph Cable.
2Berphartit WAIL 18—David is Carter.
/ 9 - EN - a
JR G uldingo, 9)
21 -•N 9 TounDbentl.
•Joseph Lune.
F4 o TuchT•
I—Lion Uoyd.
E UpT.
3—Pres/y gremy
4 WIN. T. 11'..d.
6—James Stone. vw.N wHYLVANIA.
11—Adinton I—Thos. 11. Florence.
—llumphrey Harshen 2—Joseph N Chandler
B—J Cd3reckiandgo. 2—Henry D Moore.
9—J. C. Almon. 4—John Ilohloins, Jr
10—R C. Stanton 5 —John McNair.
LOI:1811.21.A. —Thomas Ross.
I—LonlsBt Slartio,U) 7—Jon. A. Morrison.
2—J- Aristide L mdry 8— Thaddeus Stevsna.
3—AI i Q FootuU. I Qlancy .lona,).
4-1. g. Moron (8..11 ) tO—M. M. llimmock.
k v,ias 11—Henry M. Fuller.
I—Mosas McDonald. 12 —G. A Liron (F S )
2—John Appleton 13--James Gambia.
3—Rohert tioodenow 14 —7'. AL atioghsus
4. -Charles Androies 11 Duro.
5 —Ephsaim R. Stoat'. 16—J. X IleLan than.
6—boar! Washburn Jr.l7—Audrear . Parker
7.—ThomaaJ D Fuller.lB—Johm L. Dawson.
MAISACnUaLITS 19—Joseph II Kuhns
1— Wiliam Appleton 20—John Al icon.
2—R.Raztoul Jr le.s j Tl.onms di. /fah,.
3—James D. Dacron 22 -J. W. Howe. ( r
l'hompron, 23—John Walker.
ii—Clotrits Allen! (r s 1 n-4—. Alfred Gilmore.
6—George T Darts. !AU..
7--John tales:l. I—George Amy.
B—Moran.ltnin (r s) _—Hen II Thurston.
9—Ortss Foslo. Fount .11:01.1•••
10-Zr. Smarr. I-1). 1r &dace In a )
ualsoisn2• j—J L. Orr. (s a )
I—Richard J. Boole 3--J- A.Woudrard s
2—Wm. T. Hamilton. 4—J McQueen (s. a )
3—Edsrard Hammond. u--.A Dart (s.a
4—Thomas Y. 1ra,,,. A'keo.(a.a)
6—Airrasder Fraor :—W. F Colcoat.(s
6—Jos. S. Cowry:tn. _ raxsa rsar.
IICUIOAII, I—Andrs. Johnston.
1-13. J.-41serusum 2—A. G.
p. Stuart. 3—W. Ur Chnretwell.
3—Jsar. I Cenirr. , j—Jolin" H. Savage.
RUNGIGIL 6-41. W. Jones.
I—Julin Y. Darby. G-11r .11 Palk.
2—Gilchrist Porter. 7-11rrwlith (t Gestrg.
3.—John G. halm ifitha.
4.—Wiliard P. Hall 9—lsham O. Harris.
B—John 8 Phelps. 10—P. P. Stanton.
ki-C. It Wrllbasnr.
I—U. D. Naber.. (U) TEXAS.
2—John A. Wilwin(ll) I—S. Sentry. (U.)
3—J. D. Prretnan. (U) 2—V. E. Howard..(ll)
4—A. 0. Brown (a n,) MS.
'John 11. Bend:dial.
•H. H. Sibley. VIRGINIA.
anw aaslr.uue. 1-1 8. hlillsos, (8. IL)
I—Amos Turk (F. h.) 2—lt. F. Meade (8, Si
2—Chas. 11. Perukes. 5—T. 11. Averelt (8 11.)
3—Jared Fn-liss, 4—f. R. &week (8 IL)
4—Harry Hibhard. (8. S )
ace Tom 0-1.8. Caakie, (8. B.)
I—John G. PloyJ, 7—T. H. Bayley, (U r )
2....01adi0h Boyne, B—A Utioll.4) ($
a—Entarinellt Hart, b—Jas. F. &raker.
4—J II Hobart 1/acs, 10—Chas. J. Fo slam
6—Grorge Briggs, 11—John Latcher, (U.)
6—Janu Brooks, 12—H. Edtostshint:,( ll -
7—A. P. Steven., 18-1? B
B—Gilbert Dean, 14-4 II H Beale. (11.)
o—Wm. Murr a y, 16—G IV Thompson(U)
16-11. Stltoormaker, VINAIONT.
il—J. Ifistherhad, Jr. 1— elAirmin L. lhorr, ,
12—D. L. Seymour, 2— Willi.,. 1146ard.
13—J L &knolentft. B—Oro B .Ifen.cAoro,
14—John g. A lt a, 4—T. LiartleDjk.. (1 , 8)
lb—Joseph Bzusoll.
lO—Joky Will.. I—Cluis Purim [PB]
17-416:u:der H. Doti 2.-41enj. C. r4I.l121111),
18—Pros. King, [l' 8] D Doty, $P B. ]
*Delimits' from the Terrnanes
szcarrtusestas se narats
-1850—'51. —1848. — .
WAig. D. IVAig. Dem.
2G 2 5
X 6 8 C.
4 6 /
1 6 1 6
- 1 1
6 6 6 4
Louisiana 1 8 1 . - - . 3
Maine, 2 6 ' 2 6
Maassabosettil, 9 1 10
Maryland, 4 2 8 8
hfichigan, 2 1 1 2
ollissessi, 6 2 6
Mississippi,-..- 7.-.. 4
New Hampshire, 2 1 2 2
de. _ rpg
Now York.
I 4 4 1
C. a 6 3
IV 11 JOF 11
9 16 .16 9
1 1 2
North Carolina,
Rhode Island,
Booth Carolina,
- -
4 7
- 2 - 2
3•1 3 1
2 13 2 18
-8, 1 2
Total. 90 14C 5 118
Democratic. majority, .
Demoorado , majority in 1848,
Democratic pin, 60
A majority of the Rouse is, 117
Democrats elected,. 148
Southern Rights men (21 Demo. and,l Whig) 22
Fres Boilers, 13
With regard to the vote by 8402;10'1dt occurs
in case the Presidential election is referred to
the House of, Representatives, the following is
the remit.—
Demomair States —.2o Whi4l St ala-7,
Arkansas, [Becession.] Florida.
Alabama, [Union] Miami,
California, do. •lifiessobusette,
Connecticut, do. Michigan.
Delaware, do. Maryland.
Georgia, do. North Carolina,
Illinois, do. Vermont,
Indians, do.
lowa, , do. Divided-4
Loads:is, do. Kentucky.
Maine, do. New Rampebire,
Mississippi. do. New York,
New Jersey, do. Rhode Island,
Ohio, .. do.
8 Carolina,lBeceselon.i Dentocnttio ' 0
Texas, (Union.) Whig and divided II
Tennessee. do. ._
Tirginia, do. Democratic mai 0
Wisconsin, do. .
Falllmportation of Hardware, Cutlery, de.
No. 129 Wood Street,
Dr. to cal the A t trios of Maseb o rts load *am to
vh.tah tlrr
as en Dornat wound Warn se rub Pim
ean nu Maow.
da Thursday. the ith lortoat e at: o'clock. rt. it.. Mt.
/LUIS 111C11.611.D80N. We of Totoperoaterrills. aged Al
7..... 6 mouths. and le dors. Carelagre.2 l tla
drag store In Tomperanorrille. at Y o'clorlr this morning.
and ororeed to his late aaldeare le routh-forotte town
ship. The Inroads of the Welly ore rest...loll/ flora.'
ta oared.
Ac - At a meeting of the Anti-Xlmonie and
Whin cur Convention, held Ileeember ft.,
lusting reroluttun eras ulop4si
Readvrd. that it flail be the Jots of the President of
mu Convention Lsorder the nest primary rlleetill. to
be lasalJ to the reversal .saran, 04 the ...cyan! natuntai s.f
liereanber nest, huts,. the hour. of It d. ti. end P
.to aslesslS we delegate, ha fur. Cutureetinta. the
Hujneshic iuileis mg, to uotniusato • ceraltdate for flat et.
In secorolatoce nab lothteh. the election tor tiring...or
rill be helJ at trot. lane totate..l u noeulutlrou, anal the
Onorentran ofillirreeet ou Si min.-rd.., Lotoretuter I;th. ost
5u 0 .„1,.. A. 'll., lu the runrrnte Court Itin•to. oolefootoo
NoTioE is hereby given that an itrieoBs
- rot Tvoo per share Lae been le•Inol en
w. A....111111e Nt0....•1t tor thr N..rth ACJ•rie,rl Mining Com
, uu,51.1. et the thine oof the Treunter. in
the Car 'iltelottralt. Ilurtna). January Lit, 5552.
lir vnler of the Bourn Dirunors
tlesit IX. PALSII4II. Trraourer.
.1 N DIA;
Randeu..., Curtanu ........_ . _..9
Nnt. ItunclL ..... 12S
Na• Prunes 12% o Almnd, 11 , :r
Candied Ifltron, °rang. and L• 113011 Fresh Urdu.'
Co m,. of all kluda: LacuAltrat T.., Sue.. and rriso.
v lb•
4.S ALT PETRE—b9 bags Crudu, Inudlug
10 and for halv by 16.11A1l 1 , 11:10.Y a
Water and In..
VEATLIERS - 775 bugs for sule by
0.0 I. DICK Er 0 t%l. %Vat.. and Fmnt..
C IIEESE-3Uu beze" Eng Hell Dairy;
lee - C.13111131:1: for ..k. b r
“FFICE ro LET.—Au Office To Let, F;
lur oier l'bilo null, at U uuar. door to N.l•ou , u,..::
'TIT .' , P. u 'OL. JITIL l lTLlarts l rtt' , l{ . „,,.
(P. , . oar j
'OAF SCUAH-50 bbld. [we'd, for dale by
d , ItUSIdEII SUU li-30 bbls. Levering's,
1..) or ro by llUBBitluults IMIIIII,II
lEA'IIIEIt-200 Sides N. Y , for sale by
hIICE -25 fi ercer prime, Mr sale by
deb 11111111alai6 •
11EAREI ) PEACIIES--5 bhlr. new, lor
to. W a F. WILSON.
1111 ~...‘31311
-EARL A SII-20 naske fur luau by
deb me. Y. WILSON. H. So,n3
Monongahela Navigation Company.
NN.ISSL'AIaMEETIMI of theStockhold
,,..ll, Nairnrfttinn CoLLIIIMar•
H 41 Pura tha towne of the Charter .‘r
In.,,,r.tson,(I. LIAINV AI, 1.0 ((caul otn•et. In Oa Cit.,
of Patml.ntgla, on flow(.) h
U. PG.:, 11.411.0 Iho nr.t %owl. it.,, for the
'4" f, 17N,,
B -- I..EF BLADDV.H.S— W A by
II A PAULA I:Art o'h . I
Art ntroor Firm ww.lWoo.l ato.
H. MOLASSES-30 bbiel. GOLldule'o
I dor, for osl. by nuitutuDoe I 1,111 It ‘lll.
No IS•too. .r
11AN 1.1CTURV •
Robinson • 0
10 IV II lirsora
o ••
'FRESH TEA'-2.i hf. chests Y. Ilssoci;
hf chn.W titip Polstlt.c.
tno Olnelt. Ice sale br
lu ttie prn•nnto Inn horn rltLersis,4s t • tint L•st.n.•nd,
ttu.t f•uut .stseaspa; It c..rstett, ssothlua 'Nunn. 10
clothes lo ato reepeet. The b... 1.4,a fiat
the Derwealtr 41 each .ocruel... ass,' in this their rsp•••• - t•
t•••ts I••• runt ntn.l. ass• af
t.r acs lotrattul 11 rsn 11.1 1 0 n Ceke 'nil Alathorty •Inann
hi n th,h•ent no nnutir 0h..u1.1 ettl.ont it r. 2%
Cunt. leer Cale—with full tfitt•ctlow. For ale •hol..sin
sad retell 1.• S WICK ERI 4 II/01.
4+5 •-•rn• nt Want and
Executor . ' Notice.
VOTICE ix hc,rehy given that Letters Tex
t•foroury oprn i.e.tc4 .I.taa.. L.sitell. Sr
1 1 4.. &lit oleo, h...
Le , ra wraatio,l IL• •oL , critwr All ;nr...00s Carlo,
claitor OT 4 , .•tAx attir.t rood Idstat...lll mat. konob
woe without t.l.tay. so.] todeLtekt vlll ...Y.
IL• eo.ver.t.r..t L •sreboome to th.dir of
fllLabur.r. J A.lll, 11.012011.
J.1.3.•dt-S riaorutor
Jlll Es A. I§IeKN kiln . , No. 62 Fourth At.,
C.. 1,1,1. ml fr,m 00 , 0100 • Int of 11f, , C114 LONG
raid %.
ki T*l3. 1 manse. R Lite and 111.-1. Guira,
et deorA.-11....r.i.
Al 0 r., , 1— , ,,,C1ecnct.• (30An.., pv,
[4,n A. 74 rsr., ..... .10 ar al • oc , 1.4 t
- .
VI {LS. C. 1114NIAN ot itotng to kayo thi.t
c” I nest su •bo•l4i
tac, vplo.o, c" re. 1 .trumnids, 110. [Ms.
la, pc-hi..., I, Istiata,ll .1r 1. ristla *Met
AAA , rer.‘
, OHN MEAL--to Stttcd - , Cro Nala by
.1.4 r. r Vo7. DONAIIO‘.7 a 0.
Neiman Mustang Liniment.
•RODI RICII ANDXOUkt, hood end free
" all gnaw.. ad saa.llClatta, the wO.O 0.'4 a
N. ahigeataOrntas it Rttera..t 41 .p *ha glie it, awl ths...
lA. ny] aet.tra ‘ll. - vetry4 toteh
het Lesltoa .111 eatahvo pref....we It Sas 1.12 e
42 ert.eiti•a pone at au* tital. a • matter 6, "bet
or Low rt.-21.3 - tta.g da.l.wattoto. Sul. p aw
bras.. Lute., was. attar, rloumatl.m,
cettra'4,7,“. or ant
.pp at ta ~ ••cr
ettaaaal lo tatt2L42224,
IM. Try lel
for by 4EI dill DoWEI L. 14t Reel .tr.. .
Wit Tilt CUalt Of
000011 H, COLDS, 110A11.8MES8, nnutiom
TlB, WHOOPINO c07C,11, ()Ewer,
Aliviat,t, coNstaterroN.
Tlll3 lI.F.MEDY is o ff dred Vrthe vim:nu
oll r the rvnd Woo v 4 feel In au art,la • tarb
..1.1,10 falls to reatise lb. haOhleat that ram I. de
sired lV eide te the hind of Ins use:ult..... ar.l Ma hops,
nom the esitee of Ile eons. that almost c•erf Portifo of
the ceitiotry atriunils in teira:us, sqldiely 'koolth. she
have ores reatottal from oltranee mat ctett despdate
guilt of lb. tubas by Its woe When owe triad, 111 ea.
petturitf oda ...en other torataue et in kilt! is too
tanvt to escape okeedvet.oa, sod when Ile virtues are
known. the public ooloth:er heiltata slist.indote to air.
Oar Cu. the distdisaing Sod dehirerida WT.1.141. Of the
Poi/mien or,t,..shich Les Incident to ear [110.43
Aral ma oal r Ih the formieetA. attacks opeo the laugh
but to the talkies tonsil., of Cohle. Orilla he, lloarwa.n,
'he. eat fa etatiren It la the itkadateet stet Weal oitedd
eine that ten be üblido.d. No fatally ehookl be without
It. sad those who ha" u.. 4 It stover sill
kited the oeirdoo of the Lipsitia Coottatato4 slot will
kes niooguived to th• Tan,. PeCtitais of coiletry when
lb., eive keeled—each mad all si own:hauls of the first
ehr pal of the td4hset t 11.1 , 14.1 Lea mart
extensive stiOleeste desists to tatedloitu. 111th ao expert.
uolltotted m lbe outodt of which they . r .k If
non I. Oay reige Is the jiditimesi of expend..., coo
Cl.llll Xtehtg.
We has uthlrtslgoal. holesal• druggists, h•rin. b...
low acquainted ath •toi's Cherry Pecumal, hateor car
WI 0.4 ball.l Oast It Is lb. bat sad most .taiti Assn
p..leannarg Conn/motto.••ser r ed o Who t lb* Aso
gnaw People, aid so would, tram oar ano•ladge of 11.
e t .past/on,and naclolnees. mantally mintues..l
It to t 1.5.11114.1 as north/ that, best confidellea. ate./
the Ors. ounwlertl... mut {ll 01 thole c..linf 611 that
assNlicina eask do.
11.1r.basr. Xlgnituds t ...ton. Mass
{Dew Cooloma. 11•114nore. Maryland.
t./.1.1 a Init./am/as. n5....e, 11.1...
llaellan t, 11.reJ1 Co-. Cliarbanna. tl C
Jamb a. tarrand. 1/mro/t Michigan.
T U. Ma•lllater. lnul.allM, L.
Prauels a Wallutl. at Louis, ..sour..
Joseph Toot: r. Mobtle,Alalmitra. •
TI 01 , .. I h ' jt ' erit n .,llll7:ll!.l Doory
les. D. ••41/111, Trant Now ./././.1
J Tosnasatml, PlUsharall
01st Do.. Uhlcago/
t E. sI.J. llorllnglnO.
U. A. lisntos • son, Itrfolt. Is
Vl7sr i thlt ri r U t I.
0.. 11. WU. Wuhmton.U.U .
J. Wtlght 00.. Nor Whams. La.
Maappy, Wall • 1.b., Dal W•lne. I xdixxx.
C Itichmcs..l • Sign Cal
Levin A Am , . Tallabu/o, fond.. •
0. M.:strong. TenneWe
Chilton /I Darr, blttly Rock, 401'.
XSIDIr.11•410 0/... PP b e .
N.D. LaLsodle , I/Ms./un
Charlo Div, Jr., Pru st e/den..
J. 11. Turner. iinsat.o.h. Os.
WaJd. beltsteln • Ct... Unm..lnnatl. U.
la /01IZIOX Cott/MM.
V. i G lf.ratifd ° cal ratio, ®lll.
Prod. Ills A Co. llogolfu Nu. 0ra,...
A. Provoll A Co, Usa.. P.m
klurizzt , Nova Bet . Alo..
T. lam
W uo You &two. atol from oath mon. uo strous. ,
Drool an to alduced. ozeopt.tballlOUnd Ip It. ofkota upou
14 :,4 0 p 0 d app .4.1 by JAlibb O. AY Mb. bract.' Oho.-
isliftt i sburgb, wbolsoalo and Mail, by D. A. /AZ
la bear 08y. by IL P. 801.1WAITL gal J. Lou
OILAB; AA br. DrusirDistsbetsily.
A Meat for
Covhy, Colds •!
IfoartYn., 4rainia, ,Sronc
4NIINCIPIENT coregamenom.
II does t *kis. tho sionlocto It area not Small.
pa cot
the bowels: It dose not Mat tom ektn, mid render the
prom who iskos iloble to • [mob cold by overt buff of
wind toa d o 1t le parboil) bonnien la its lusrmila
sulk, goad la oda nod an. usl produclog • cum Th.
most stifled
of recont
• coi k d by It lu •f.
B h., ...Wing ly JIM action.—The old cough Illetlelnee
all sicken the stomschloid orlida. nausea, which Maws
dloogrosotd. than the wash itself. This is t beistsd to
this mistura. Mr It 114 pleasant soothing *nick, tad it
111 <ura-.vrise bc rthirideti Tlie lo
fairr of tide molten. In our ell,
our own title...
should coarimisony um of its efgcsoy. Ills the prelim/P.
lion o regular phydrlon. and ham hem cooed by blot In
hie own {Tara. fur • number of jk•f., with the most
heroic mosso
yboompliisA lady from Eitsuloneille writ ea that her
daughter had barn ottlicted k cough and expkotora.
bo. night ewe... hamic fever, *ad all thu dlatremott
mplziont of einsumpilon. arid that oho. taklust two bob
entirely cured. A geutlemon in Multiogtou
Gitw ho
r h . od mas ier ed
o with
o salm
i krodd
fore. T y th h . own alfodg y e t u l o a but .wad cf h hi . P gh
• td.
up • gantlet.° from P.m. Udine,.. writ.
that -he hoots the Pectoral Pretty to be • good article,
foe M. bog used it id iota es. and In Mot Cl
02011.111.11101 hie (motif. with it. soot perWt
emo afttr.t ltuogrt It le put up in
half plat i.ottl. at cl) eon get. or els bade. tor IPS tO.
coontry litonit.iwts Would .1.11 WI. &Sko!, of
ode mullein* on b.d all th e us.. as It le mutat Mom.%
p.rfect Attmolous seer dquinrerni for all
'l°Cti...tilitwisirst,—lhmy Flop wintry to gel 1 LO brit
some one ut roe.=
gy lt . irih hod them.
eutt Jog. Il hu in It
ths nowt soluable pl tvd nowt vv
ants mod bort. of tile inalnia•lerf4
tic „noodql bin wrrsing skilled in Me healing art.
Thßeeta .o,drivegkion this medicin. It is promo
p i . city, mid the prupncor has numerous car.
• yymi remota irtioldlng Imre, attesting lu oolueble
frif:grt:r.. which WU rho., to any permit, amity. of
ifft:. wanted Ihrouthoyl ire
biYitt th is
MI. en illfereff. It it . modicum. /t pay o toro o p v "
th b e side., they will to dolug •witartug
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g o y oe, whobwale and retall. by KritgEll Alclotii.
it id., lousslits. 140 Woad at, dal ,
LOUR— 50 bbls. Extra, fur sine by
GLASS -10 00 boxes seed, c. b., for sale by
dot . 8.1. VON LIONNUOMS t CO.
La tor e. F. YOI NOS/MOUS CO.
( 111 ILL1COTHE SOAP-1 50 boxes, prime
, 1 e ankh, rim
. toy &y art, on hand and for
st, R'll. A. 111e4.11..UR11 I pus ze Liberty
YRIME LEAF LAI2I I --Put up expressly
tot kmilr urt, m b•co aoLlen , k2 of a. 5, awl lu 16,
.111P.10, I.
just and ita• wale b
de4 we A McCLU r ILO a CO.
Ibis. prime, for sale
by I A. 4 wins 1 )1.-CANI,Lr.,, ,
It UTTER-10 kegs ree'il and fur sale by
, • 11%, -
We are new prepared to carry Freight between
Manna N. will
a .ge ß tr u tr A t , NßA.; . :l m.I
era, ram.
Clioal pulp. 1....40ira1a
8i.r11.11 IIUMPIIRE1: 1 o`O .
IC Market at.r . eet..111.11..1...i0.. •
ellaltl.p. 11. tiVOil Aveu,
:1 North Baltimore.
- Chester's Clothing .13.1nporitun i
lELE[3RATEU for Neatness of Fit, Fine
nese of Quality, and Dorabill , r or Workmauehlp
Our 'trot and ...male', emarartna all artlclrs of
(lan's arrl Clnarlo: and Furuleluom Onalr, all man
urarwerd uncle m) awn Innacrtinu Noel...err are In
altad on call sad examine, a.. ve aro determined to poll
low .f.o. ca.h. .V... 4 sr,.. J.O .4...0n0 Gods.
.Ve. 71 S.IIITI7FIFLD ST., near D.ammlunoil
N - laosnt all age. and siaor ntnal out on the
est notion deaf
JUST ItEirl)-50 yds. thin Shoet Robber,
t o r it e ed e gn t o. Fur sale at No. 110 Market at.
J. • ti. PHILLIPS.
[IRE. AST l'U Pti--'2. doz. India Rubber;
1.11 OS, 0 dot Nipple stHeld, ongle and trimmed..
detl J 11. PHILLIPS 111 Market tl.
a 1 'HAIR CUSIIIONS-2. dot. India Rubber
sod Melnintb Air l'u•Llon, of dlflrrontahatteo, Just
toad and for axle at No. 110 fdarkel etre..
de] • 11. PHILLIPU.
(d, UGAR-49 Idols. N. 0., reed on consign
totuna and for sale Or ALEX. 11QIININ,
dott Pront at.
'll l llFt Charter of Mountain Bell Union, No.
D of T. of alitethany City, has Dern deman
ded Of lb , °rand Unlon II of T. of the Mato of Prunsylaa.
um. under
Il loriaJlotton of the National Union of ICA
Mountain011101:1 no lontter recognised by the
(hand Union. SARAH lIAINEt?, U. S e.
- • .
-1 1 inn of Musical Notniou. by J. B. Atkin; Lunt reed
sod fur Wet by JulIN U. MELLuIt,
31 Wool st-
OM; SIIAWLS!—Munruv Rummy:EL°
re vsry full ass , rt,sent lb. .to artl-
I, .1 .11 ;rum r,susuou to Pwst of of pinta
briaLl tiA•rs, amdnsus-t st, ;1.1 sacs all at
h os we t s.)
Also— tAti. I ob., bss Is. ,S usarst styles Rol elsoles
I V.IIIII at rys , a ro•se t • Cr. -
Just re. Pl. -, ,5, .„
rotators.. dst
Drug Store For Sale
bu•isse., 111 16 Bon/ugh 3,l,, , inine
burmh rn,.c If
Telco. ar0...L.111:7 , 14 ttt• utn,..—
C=te:r.. " l l 72, 2 to7ft r
futurnatoonal NI•••olue, lrooornttrr
(hatte r • .11r•gatto, tor ovtruts,
tilatutes loto.vt.r, bt llotwetlte,
Arcllt,ct, Mt to
olq-lhot. or IL. It hal, • trovr wore br Ilerv.atu
pi, t,:'"
oB l 4' ral.2lrratjrdi
Ilarpttea Illtut•titte, rat 7. trolud It ttruelin.
r tether lu Irvlttokl, Int U. U. Tb•okertlt
London Art Joortttal lot Norroalwr.
• • ••
. .
LIG slid Advourureo ,of Arkarmw. : Do.wr
ThoOlmni.l.k. Dro• a.m. 10 Hui wrr
The Lo, Ker. Furuton•l ornm
4141%00' awl hir.S.qukr.
11. latterti or the rly
Shun yr. • of • 1,..,•txri.11. Lumwo
Ikrr Ilurnhaw •• the Asnork...
Lw, Arund-i ItAlln.l 41. 1..
k runk t•irl•lgh 4.r rectos In LEI. LIG•of PO's. Pupil.
ilst Ids Mont, saur s «gull to INse.our,
5411 , 0 - 0p:1o. s Illtotury 4l the Iluman
ArtLur ter
Ilk a We J the I-4401l fa*, br Marton.
finttiorlt, Itebel 01 Dnrchost t er, as lb.
6,0.1 il.utura 111,. Der olullna In Carolina
Cnot. , oor, on llllltoriral
runta.,l,l sal ,Itan.lsrs, or Pude and Dlnsaolua.
. . .
lb. tate.. Isl. ~ lePrriri Tux., by U 1•. It
I,lph Ruth...lard. s timid,.
• , • •
The Bull Iluntero, • Lie eftles'en.
The 111,04, Chlel. h.) W. H Ws nnlnS.
Stahel.. the Chad of lb. 11.1. 5i.1.1. • Tole of Water.
- - - •
hos Iv. Inn, ennabt Cur. via AI , In.VICAL LI
ter vi ('lilt.. klarthon .d
rs is —Ali oiy. I a. ails t•lJ..lecoonesoltion.
will L. n ',lei; I
• isr,rtly 11.
le a
n nee. le.s
lLan i s •Ile It ha. A. n hes ne
.. is 1e... us, cu•sts anyttong hors. Leers
to the be... clam, el. on lbw toe. aloe, It wills..
mnat In.
.e Wu.l t wan,. or ether kind of
I a,. li us .lire., thn. .le s. thew WI LlFeltAl a.
s were brnken
1 te. sone will at enee se- the Irs.nortanee •1 boc.ll.
mI--os and enls ic.a for Aurably
snan, a ..en en Inlhnn
III OP .I -1 11 boles Ohip e flf u, s \ a ‘ l c i i i i, tg
WIT ASII-25 omake part, for solo by
01.1 — A a. prime N. 0., fm - lialo by
JO MO J <co
- ---- • •
11 1 9, FLP EE-15°.1"roilgt:;itireobiyoo.
DOLL BUTTEIi Ws. Frerii, for axle
it be 3 N 011.1V0R7 II • CO
E-33 kegs ass'il Nos., jo.t reis'd per
IL Podlerr Ikad email Ira( ruvklid pot re , II ISON'
SEA itc it --A) base. joel reed on
( rrudgtadeat trr salt by
drl HARPY.J3Y{:eIt IV.
TUEAM CHEESE—sb boxes print, for
ded • rd WV/ 1 /Ira
1.1.1 NE A 1 4 PLE easeo prime
qualdd. pot laadrd earl itrrale by
dr/ P r VON 001011011/1T 0 co
Now Ready!!
FVERY LADY having a Pinny bbould
Pn ana. and man T•adniadu . • nen Gook.
ne•T‘ixd.n' ti.l. na a nrantitul loot fur • rIMENT.—
Withun•stertion u !win • 0..01 pn.nd and laindling
•••1 eae•natn.l
Th.ra .a.,..hke....talty that ran 14m:op:at.. Pnoto
5 . 4 •hleh .t eat point an owl
disrctiono how lastruh.aat •L'IVAIn IN
TUNIC. Pt., S. •.-.Veiillta o times that mach. It
cap ho nut mat W an, Gott of the Ua1t...1 6.. NJ( 11
4.. r (amt.
hol Lr LA, Waltar t Phllaa•lptda.'•.3 mar b.
1.1.1 a Jon!. W INA Mg-
KLIMEII, third sueot. l'ittslrurAb, w.l thr yrlocipal
Loot ..tor.s 4.01
Great Sale of Long Shawl s atlow pion.
A A. MASON 'A CO. will ofien on Tuesday
pre.o nth thdr
vious stock will asks oh. want *rare.. bhawl male
over hold to Ibis OILY
91111 E Guardians of the Poor will roceive
osto les oth thweto we. (4r fatolotilou the
now A.. Mow. •1141 owe hundred Wriitight 1,011
stawt.s. awrreadeto wuntda. which Mai \ at
..hato lira, Fourth •tr....t.
llr onl.a 01 the Uoildsug Vouttultl.4.
del at 11.011WitT . gear,
Mil F. Co tonctnenthip hereto(ure ext•ting be-
Satan the etoder•lgo J. owl, the firmTulVh•
...Nth CABAL a CU.. lu the Carnage alp' Waitott loathes
testae*, au daaole,tl by mutual c00k..., oo e.'
Nueleel. ty the rlllolrewal td Kb, Townsend I' the
Ora. Tbibusiotas Ell Mt trot' will be dolled by th °lb.
Cr patters. MICK Ti iIV nhEtith
l'ittatneah. Noe 24. lan. rlTtlit".". \
Notice. \ .
rpilE undurrigne4 \gill conti'hno tht Carri•
.x., t r ,
.ILW,ltr i n l 'tati.facturn,i , tusixass i Va all lta
I r g?ift t Cu. r * t*
* And.,
' Zi fi ..WlY.ll4, t*".
. I !°P .:', °'. " •
111./Dec,, , ,, 0.4 i
k1.c1.1• IL Yllll INS.
-It /01 L .:EL tit : ill 4 1
o, lT., , T, t ti r o. 5, fur Nov ,
a Zultivat,,r, io, N.,...a.r. .-
L 11.14 4. N.U0.4.1 Ilyrulno, 10r Deuembar.
I.•vire• 4.1 cur val. Lt 110L.1 1 / 1 0 . Libulay jhip Ne.
74 Sblrd az.. 000.0114 the Pod UMas. , 140 V
§,,,, -3 6Ii i :Lf00 bill. 02., foriaA* .
. WICK • IllelIVISI6B$.
II. NI ACKEREL--200 bbls. No. 3; • 1
. 100 bblc No. '•-
bltbly Foy vale by
dal k ULU&
PURLIAId CILFASEI4O bze. Ilezlep's
teletkated Ihnitaba nod tiututea: Chem, tbl, day is
d bbd fur gals or
THE SUBSCRIBER hai just \ receivea a
most admirable and ertentlee of Pluw• of 6. 6lg.
7 miaow*, feum the calatwatel factory Ft, B. Pine
bam. N. Y...0t0n thers—
• ftaalralat Pianos, 6 mt. gottde tablet. ‘'
II do do
Ala, do do eF._
Ala, tam of DUNRANNI Omen ...U. ;CONMIT
P1A51.8. ritual to • grand Plano In perm ansywohnoto of
tone, Timm Piano. hare. am and hummed lionegalbsw.
lac I rrtr flog. fell 000..112.00.0, and th0u.50.44..
Mention aro respeathnly to . call stir eta ' ne
this elegant hetnunent. The mate of It wa. exhlblz.ed • 0 67
Means. Punta A Olson, of etomonall, at the Mechanics' s
Pale and pronounced the 000.0 Piano ever brought la
that cite —.mums/W. Mr power and sweetness of tone ,
and elasticity ofn,veh. 11. ILLNII7N,
be 161 Third de. oleo of 6. (laden Hoop.
N. o.—New SITILOWItignts catered loto with Mr. Dun.
bane enables the suMotibar m nellyhts Pianos 10 per mu t.
lower than formerly thusenabling purchase., bgy
cheap. benefit= at the east. Cali a.d 66044.• before
purchasing elvewbere ncOM
have boo. renting. and an for sal* by J. le READ,
,rtL co. Aluilo Bonded..
Iminahne cac n'sti. of Medicine; • ,
do. d.
U. P. bispermatary
Ilanlner'm blellonsey;
(Mirror's gargled do.
Hoppers Madirel 40.
Polor's InstUdiesof Megw(go;
(hero Study of Medictoo;
Mardullie• Phyalohney
Cypetzlet4 dw.
ett•azion bee* of Children;
(thumb.' cm Itifeles and Childr , .:
Churehlll on D seams of Yeosalso;
'Leto. sad Mates'. Ptorgerr
14 Hann iladdard!, Ham.. Anatomy;
Hooch'. Midwifery:
Mingo' Trestle, an Obatettim;
. Itlrke's and P•xis Pbyeleloiry;
Ilameepathle Phytictan.eontaluing tba treat
ment of diem..., WI popular esplanalloas of Auatoml.
7 g1 .1 4 1, 4n , liyalspe a =lii i. dt.l4 . a li/ j ; itep uit,ol.
An abridge; m
geotood sad etilnrget.
CHOCOLATE -100 bxe No. 1 recd and far
br ' WICK it
DOT ASII-12 ciakn purejOr sole by
1 del WICK •• 1.11-CANDLIM.
- - • -
(.1 - AtERATUS--=.easks for sale by
1..3 del WILE. a IIeCANDIESS.
DlGdot M WICK 111 ETAL - 1 1 4 torts for Role by
CAM RE :1A- 1. 200 boxes for le by
, WICII • 1114•11 AL
- iturngoas Maxicas.—lave .3
Ihr 1 pla inper noneriviNl • • forward •
th , * offiv. 4111 s
P •31111:13
. P111"117
Ornol rfTS3I7. thirrts, 1
Fr4.lar ersortif Doe. 6. i
/4 \
o.ineps exbihited no improiruent esterloy,
.n.l allonlni I.ut moagrf• materialle fort re, Wu nine
nvvtro. of 144 M-ft lots of flew 31ola.cerif aiii ...,ebtar..4l
.1...-” r 4.4. /.....n to arrive. rill probabli‘bririft dr. 4 to ,
cr. wftlf in a bro 4 penu , t flour and ot4e.yroducl; comes
leole awl, Put W.: caul. 1644,411 \
ELM 8-11,4.4.44 1 soterds4 6-6 4 6 456 "I , 6644 AP
.:I4 41 S 1 tr 2 44 44 SS: 40. t 60 S. St 66, ' 44 0 44
MO. !ti oever4l SU, 112 Saki f.
111:UES-76,r , I. r,r: little orlering at pro,ni: Outl.
ure at C , ro. sbelled 14.; Ity. 4,u;
ell kaOlE—Sil... 4.00 v Ira W K at 6.50, I mos. t 5.10
lots at t 11... It
I.lou Ks prim. roll at I'3 ll. 0e.1111.1a
LARD--Sales AP , Ileoltad W until quantitleat taa quota
lu N.: In told., 9 In kegs, tor No I,'
TALLOW—Ia quotall at 65itia6;t(e.
ASHES—HaIe OM !Ds tialrratus at 50.1%)00 Wa Pearls at 6
and IA eke Soda 2.1, at .V.r
UEII3.IAN CLAY-841C 7 rKS at LAO P tut..
01.L. , --2•lee of Nu I Lard at 7.; Nu 'ld,. Cue; Lineatel
70 4 73 g H gallwl. iu • regular ••Y
bbla tom plautatauu A10ha...., ou
tlic whorl, at 31c; ealea of Sugar. old. at ,ggui, lu awe.
hih; Coffee It 4jytitytt at 9.t.t.hit • sa la qu.htr
liW--isle IN beul. avenstuu about 16U bo, at /tic,
eau little °Claim,
LUCON—Sales of ••• hams, la small luta. at lAle.
%%e tale , from the Collector'i Wale the 'lallutrilig exhibit
of the boxinese done on the renasyleatiie duelo,
the mouth of N r. ah.,,from the opeatug of the cans
to the 51st November, 1511
During Nov. Slam °Out
Agel pr..lu4t4 not 44.'..1. INI, 121,1115
114rley. buo, 31111 914
Bran MIMI Sinn etuti, bust. 199 7,1135
\it)... bu 4, 11g
4,',.r0, bus, . 'i ' 42
1.141 tn.
.!:. bV?' 1.19,9u0 31,11. V
. ....7,! . .1.-3
- -
Vat. n,
I . tat,. b
Pen., u.
T0b..1, t o ot rnatactured) 9., - 11u.t.0 2L...
NVbeftt. t., 2...A.6
Dry 111,14 L. LW) - 39..69
I.e.ttarr, D. 1::7.1..1 19,1.31.
Bark. 1unGr0.,.1....i4 ~...d< 91., foil
Mani.. i15uR,...... 1.,. 1.140 , 1 114,146
1/...1. P.A. , 11.1.<7.
1N1... sad ,
nail, ! bOu 1,6,1.1
Shini;le.a, uo,fauto
eta.e., tanni...r. vo., 1.1..../0
W.... 1. ...a...
gum. Um 4.11 , 77 .314
Ut..ltgu 1,61:1.3011
and Shw
DT ...and Meth. an.:..
122 WEE
2.1.1.... 1.1.031..1
un.rrhe, IL.,
u,a..rc Cutler,
. . .. .. .
Llgutors. I horrigr., 1.044.. • 1 . 2 i 2.,
I.s.uot. 4.. 2L.1u0 '14.01
itcv, ftordastr k ba.m.Y.Z••• 6,70, " 7 ...
:alt. In, 12046 1u...721
...61114 , 0 1.068.9,60
0.0 2,667 ,b7O
2,1.116.1 1205.066
4—'4l 01 6-20
Toare... ,tnenuEsrturr4,l Zs.
N.,. WA otilxf agh..s. - 1..
CO.. tausirml., IMA.
0 , 11. ,
'ury.utn. ton..
Iron. yl.cs. 0... .1.511.3.32 1:.477.4:A
Iron. cit.tos.. ; 104.700 lAJJ,MOO
1 ,, ... 1`1 , ... 1 anchoole , 2.040,7110 1.4.461,=
Iron., two and short. e06.11.0:1 2,.....1.71•0
Nnlla md Apar, Ibt. low ;Z . /.600
I.rel in Oar or pin.
u. 1.6., 70.100 705.01.0
tin. 11... 174.510 1.002,1.1
e110t... 11..1. 2 -...., • 0
Fish: barrels, 3.010 '2.'412
Hutu, 14 , k)
Fl.‘or, ham.ln. 2,410E4
Bore, lirenria oat 0111 two--,.1:15n. 190,0
t l. .1.4/
I.lrirk. Numbrr.
21.9al e..tiZssl
• .. ... , . -
ttriwltlt.u, 6,10
Sioal.ln, G., 417,W, 1.1.141. L.,
blau,. filr r0.).512. pa. 11.1.0.%) lOAR,CoII
FurtaiLl.w. 24.
unrrait *635 : '6 l '
wVo t t ilt
nil , perAws. ,). 2
till,trarno lAN s,
140.100 0%.0711
l'utwr And t . ...,16., 4, 74.9., trut4464
Tu• mad tlo.u. 4, 304.0)0 16.7.1.
.001Hnmoe. GA. W.. .
G.. 3.4..it1l 3„tr.N.3.1
10.11.0 613.31,0
161.u00 BU7,,UU
B,actish within>, rbs
•0 I .../...4
u~o i -e~nmo,
Ibum. o•.
• • • • ..„
11.. tun.. . . 1:-..:4) 176
11....6., ...1.3:11.1 1.371,04 J
II". 1.r.6..., 1.213 1....m..7
t.t.A. hue: . 211
aa. ~4
I?..,nntra3 10,1N.1 yin ono a. As,' / L....4 .. .k 67 . •Itn ,
Tot.. 1.. d. to, 1 2.6.1711 IS.SS.9vS
11,14...... kis. 2..0 1h.71
• .
Ihtr butlain 0 rano. sklna. 51. o,d , 1.15,1
Priktlmr•. 0. 50.343
4,4 .. 904
fd:'‘°!4`' t' . °'. 11 - 1
~,:,7, 1,
:::T ;"z a. 0..0
W.n1.0..., 1931.5 1.4.51001 X.
'art lun,round. ma.. .1.0 11:0,,i
hara.,...und. 1.771
Doard, Omit., 2. f 21.070 421.05"
Ilaidluir •trl bnlla. In , 3.000
Karr. 1., bbd. and WA, 2.010 20 10
tlalngl.a. nuashrr. 00.0 W 31.00 G
14nool tor foal. mad.. '2.1!.4 1,1 44
fllnalrarv. W. coo 1.73 a,
COL, 5... . 145
10.4.. Shvcil t. 1.4 84. 1.4Y1 ,
Mug. and moduanna. Ms. 10.0510' 175.091 .
Dry tic.... D.. Pio. L1.,14 350.9.0
Enetbenwarr. Int, 12.5.5 3.7.yag
(, • '417 1.125,1 V/
firnorries, 0.. 1. .137. 14....7.701
Uanlware nod oulnal 0, a 4 iio • awO.SS9
Lwa.l Da1.11...,
t.1.x.:: . ( ... Gr0gul anlla. 0.1. 1.115
13 ' 42.71:6
WV". cords:, and ba.,,..a. 15 0. 9.151
Baia. 0
u, =.7V. 13:4972
td..., are. 8.. " t 0 0 ' :t1 g - . 7 41 '
Tol..arru. Imanf..l Da .
01 151.1. y. ..11a. irr;f..l6 ' 4.910
N'tndolor glaw. tam,. . .2.41 S
P.r.l and mhar alba... 0.. 30.117 4 - .1...1..•
C 1.,. Orman. os. 41 a.
(..N.l. (mineral, VMS 05069 5., C.-
11.0...., 0. • 133. 1
ti , p.09,.1.A.
1 .7...t ' 1nt f.
' 21‘.0 5.
14) 2.14F\
a. 350 .170.15
1r... 1.10.. int and anchoulaa.l2... 00.0tal 54.111
Inn..are and 440,1a.153, G 09.244 5. 0 1 7 . 157
...I .b . Sc. and 9i., 0., 0.41 u 13 . 4,0,25
Solo and .016..... 7 i.i'M .:: 1 .' 07 -..',.:-?
51....4. It*,
M.. 032
•.• • .
14,er Lotl barrel,
Frrn,h a )1111slooes, Zbo,
Lary .c.. 1 f•ra 141. lbs.
Jnoa kones.
Marble. I.:-
ix., 6.041
0.153 24.010
uuw 22,137
load tmormaght pffr.
. . -
Oil, (4. i.t4 lvd,) galls, 2.7.59 7.1.241.%
Par..l .1.1 11.4..5. lba, 9.531 &0,11a9
Tar awl Koala. 9.909 :4215
Sutalriea.lbn 1.473.&= 1,117.6:0
. .
vs.j o ce , 8, - , 049;A
10513 519.901
60,113 Z 37,179
U.OOU 3.51-V
Lard &
1 , 17
A ll. 3•0 candles Dw.
Stra. pser.
• •
'Number of boat...lowed, 1450 4-1418
Palmennem tulles traveleJ Z,424.937.
Amount 01 toll. 17,879 $1:87.407 89
pEt-We, the undereigied, prosengere on
board the epleMid mew steamer PIMBUROH.on her
first Min Rom Cincinnati to Pittaburgh, lake otameloo, be.
lore Parting to
unlin testimony to the admirable
mannegin leb atm I. magagml. Co p t. Di m. I. Konlett,
M. urban. mat menilomanly.oftleno lo conamang, is mt.
Mall/ entltleo to our tbanki fore ht. an:rambling (Mew
bat to ou `.sole awl aim:prim arid we would algorism.
DOT Lhanitglo W. M. ItorlDbm. 10111*
chief clerk. tir his c.natant efforts toimateour tripagrvir
able .rid pleUeat. Wit have found the accommodation.
of Ow .. Pirlebsargh ° la ail reapectasoperkw. and bar ta
ble sumptuously aupplical CM. Me amal Minas of thbi
10., •
We tate greatMessum to heartft moommendiag her
ti the D I traveling owcommoll
Ir Jon
S. it Cie.; Ifim S. A very.
Jones, Tots. Mrs .lauraL. - H. Ma Mew R.Fla m ing. Fitts
betrtin Mr. Item Db. boob/Mlle; Um. Warren, Connect'.
Mrs. Payilot.Cmirtleut: Mr.. C. C. Hook, 0: Meg
toe! " rirg : ° J , l ' Ze, ' ll ' iriC . s M toViegifera p .trrg:
Mu; Delli
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Dadersawaalledm liberal' terms bat/m.l.nm of MA
fr P. 1.1.40N1d1 APO,
ausrl 21.1 7 koutl. Wbarma \ Ptilladeluhis
1 11FsESE-46bia. W. R., for folk by
HERRINO-150 boo. Dry, for man /ix
dal \ WICK a buoanot,r.4 4 4l.
BROOMS -200 doz. Corn, forszlo \
461 \ WlCiek MeCANDLIIO.B3.
F •
LOUR--201 . ..bli,,Estra Family;
100 Eamon=7Rtab b_y \ •
LIEESE-100 boxes : cream, for solo by
- U
. 44 ?1
B TTkR-50 Cgs. prime. reed and for salebi Lou N. W..IIAILBAOOII.
MACKEREL -160 bbla. largo No. 9, fur
silo by [dal B.s W. HARKWaII.
LAID OIL-25 bbls. No. Ijor sale by
Banblekt hare melted th is amateur by ripreq
4.1 jund . other laymen of Paellas
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Ei.r.••.c City. ?do e..e_ . 1:. 4 ,. Vt ...11,..1in \
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'l, a this uturnitia at
Foa War-wall—The
Cou.all. .111 leave am Abel.
LOllllO ILLS—Psa VmLaaol-10 taut Likuie
Ick F Co: aMs cottco T Artor:Li \ilt ¶do Birk
wick: 31 Jo Kennedy Maas • C : 70 tplir tom
& Loomis.
ST LOUIS—Pa J Aoi•iii—Vdry bkl•4 43 gni& do
W &moo, s bble &mask Waterm. * Son: Cdo ma:o*r
do noiftitpotnio.*Caiitoio B D4lioy: 30 pli*. 0.01
1. lode mdse klurphy Wilma A Co. ,`,
LIBIDO F.POllT—Pck WruktiLi e-30 bulk\ moot to\
Pi tails cutmmo D LeroM;4 Co: Si B. mra 17nex
WICLLSVILLE—Pst Fuels* Cat—Z6 sky Whesd , Wil-
Nobb, So .10 brio +l. riff tloin 54 do l'lllo
- Ict %mad. 1.1.1ze1l 1 (10: 4 dot. broom.. F...h.rar iI3U. -
olog: 7 b,o, Coot Alunlook,unilty loy of Iroltht °toot
EI4PCD4-9 hat , clock!. D Gregg: 7A .
eke rts. dila. 104 .1., shorto .1 1‘...d:251.114 leather U Da1...0;
...0; ire. I ern, rad. 4., Joi Grvocu. 20 brushes Ba/talar
Lean .1 SleClor,r; 31 do Darer.: b. 014 4W Lwas;
kits ms.hlle tr..* t.
Idle I lo.ks 010. Iroodsi tow 2
hlul• NG Übe,' Mathew, t Co 006 1.• f d Armatrona: 34
bbla eiover.4,l Da nut.
rrs Nr. 2-1 bbl tatitar 7 keg"
I.trdtu , t C,klo 6.1, lobls butter It Dahrls:ll.3
tlnur :0 bu a
out+ owner.
Its NiI , OIILeTCP-12 1,14 'tom') C0c1,.; 4 do F. Cram
font 31 4. app le. ' 4 to,. 11 Tngßout: 17 btal hour sdo ap-
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/I ' ::e: ' ZiS d 4t trr" . °,;. 1 .1
u 0.1: 10 ~,,,: ~ Of do .I. OIV Smith: 10 to o. van . I LP,-
fug.too itnc on A C. Iv: h. barley J NI 11:set:L. bble
lard Elarr it kvr.,• the a wagons Toortarend Carr t CO.
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P. DirivtAt 15:. 1.110 paper Ilr P 11.•M1bel. 9 ck. Whit.
a Co; 3 rar6., I,o nett Berry It C, 1 anvil lona Wilson
2 Co, ca., mi..o 1 Ureg, Id pigs tolso C 1d,...,i olty; 9010
hams BJ N Smi • .
reelhe name of 4DEYW MCMASTEI
be euhinittnl tar nomination* the Whie Convent
the City of Pittehuroh. for the nnlco of !darn. nt
leir LEONARD S. JOHNI3 to a candidate
Mayor at the next City Election. auNict to thatleetaton
the Anti Maanalland Whig Convent/or. wan,
.11::"Pleaso announo3 through your ,
JAMES SIATTIIEWP: as gin... Mate Ott )(aim so
to Ma tuutioalloo of the Mai-Amok COW
ier3l.croam.rr.—Mr. Picase
.; nen that this fnentis of IS
C. FAlkrt wil \prom
for nomination for Marv, sub,ecn tontiedneisiot
be Whin Convention. Eon. Wittn.
AN'Election fur Fifteen Directors of
Mites& Insurwore Comtree,“ will be held &
one. the Compeer. No 1,5 Water street.. on the t.
Monday, Intb ..0 Deretaer feet., between the boon pt
o'clo•-k A. )1. Red j n'ci.elt P. id
delis A LYRE!) W. MARKS, Seer
Pam.. I, 0..
TILE DIRECTORS of thetColling Mining
Damper, a Elrltiman. ham thla day made an asanaa
ce-nt efElty made en each Our. or lb...natal Mobil of
erd Cowan,: on half Irn,nek ern Cr Latare 1.1103n11 No-
Tanabe, end tle—ahnr halt on ea leKre theD)da Deembee
nut. et flair EDDA m Do. mar.
or., KENNEDY T. 1 , R LEND. Tana,
House of Re.inge.
TIIE hubscribers for thA-erOction of an
Rowe a Refuge ter Wrieern lesserivenise era
heeeby uotlf,lthat aseeerment twenty per-amt. eak
anneant IRlb,Mihrti 6/ tjo/..1S rnswitr tn P.M Pe
the Treeeorer. on or beiges. the lith 'da te y nt.bovon .
oat By ordercf,W Nem!. of I.finenors.
ccZlatr. .10AJWA HANNA. Ter. -
' • Notice. • •
Y ETTERS Tritammtary to tho'iottte of
° X. 1 =1"1 1 :, 4 '. c° m4r a ti
ra - „;% ? t,l.TU===`,.4° "I'""
H.111.1.111311N,_ V,
WM. A1,1 , /80tr,
teltitmnd. ._._
A Card—Life Insurance. .
Aliit. C. 4. COLTON, Seey.—Dear Sir— ,
AA amnttn of eomman dtodion / dam li my dote
.owledge 1.4. On; prclayt SA4 obliging manner in
whin, the Maim of a teller namely elfeeted by nitte
amounting to iaTut 46400 Mc Itganuml dnllars; be
been paint
c C,,
h. liberal trineiplet °den elech the tad re ef the "
, Pittsburgh 111. Immune. ,to puny . ate readoeted...
\Mtn It to O. cement.tion'tiod maronmas of the nubile. • ' \
\ The prinrhote of prudontial Mum.... In the mutual
arrangement , of year urgantration. t* the ve. ...mast ~,
Mammal benlflerom, which tainmelty and Christianity
b " * V'"" 7* * ex t ironYtaVA.Vin'
ntrYolew • oPPint Baptise Ch.M.; PUtsburgh. Pa.
risoUT—Fr L oat the tieg. of 'April next, -.
I, nig.. dwelling home, with twenty oil .I
i t'.2 . / h'ra ta Onlaand. •
' MARDT..Patilli 5 CO. •
Notice to trick Makers and Quarry Igen. ~,`
the 20th .61.1)nember est. for the delivery Of two
aMU nallloriV brick ring the etaubsit milingand
in abou t ',l gum 1... at the Maar Depot ..‘
la. Money It sum road perm. end tat Welrr ,oll ,4 I ,
between latent w it P.m. \ • ' \ .. .
Toe PrOywals state tbe en of delivery at,eseh
Point and the toze of 'Me tants; ono Of the lerger \ M '
tension. Nana Inent.t ,
A Meilen of Mr Isnrk Mikity.. at Grant simat.lo '
be baripe.deft.d, for ride \ 1 . . , :: prim d dicommons Will . '
be orated separately. - .
Proposal. will Sao tte red Um whole of Mar \' 7
brick, made from clay obtained from the evas 'figrOtind \ •
-at th e outer Depot who're farrnatt Moll...tied b rallealde.' \ .
aim low terms. • . \
wk .
Propmds will N. receMet at a game Ulm. Ins dert
livery of about 400 petal. C Wm. tar %Med IA , ~,
the aborear ILL or al any cony .at pall for
en Met of (be railroad , be a Y...4\agtiltkr
The proposals will beat:Met to Award liftler.Bl4.•
' m • Pk.
.-v*.,:n F - - -- o3,tll=•Viti,'":l!ttef !Wet. ' , 'r
dm S. Wens. ' ..‘ Wm J. &MA •
• -.
IT SHINE'S 'OR ...: ILA . .' \I
J AS. S. MASON ,t CO., have RE . NOV ~:- - :A
Leer acre and fartnry 1. Philadelplabte r to thy nev • '
erecis 0 RAN ITli 11 DINU, lab Neathert et, li.
• they continuo to 0 0 !., • PlitinilC3l P Oblf • ' l
TiIItUSANP DOLLMI2, tor atm rower Moe racking. • '.
It leinkl Is r ill maroctable Manhunt. and Ditaleriejts the
United ht...
04Inn Almon'. t bluer ha bluer WMTlNG MY, at the' menet.:
. \ ..
. •
, \
. ,
TRE Stockholders of the Penneylmmo' b..
ManufzetotlocUoathooy aro wilted that Am
eettho will bo hold on thorn!. day or Deember swot.
ot 12 okdoek. at th e °Mee of Samoa V. Fhb.. Not.. No
lON Walnut stn,et. , -
0021:2•• 0110.111011110 N, 'hem als . d . SW.
BENCIi MERINOS!—Muirur &BUlttlll
muo have loft reed as sonrtroont of above Good..
o 'choke colon, various shades of boob, Oreno.ootroe.Oal
or,Wo. et very low vim far quality. also. Coborws of
the 'work., colors. •oal.
Alt eta it lICILCIIII.I, hate 'wed and drat fd ET- :theaken
wad n 024
nor. 4 m d f pr ime
J d
\\ ooe Jl3lEt an . U r relthog
10Sawks Fratberw , . Ittlareasßartnnitc
Lan= and %Wale by ISAIAH MCKIM • IX).
Straw and Frost aria .
ltebbla Loaf Sew;
."' • &burs Lowell . ada.ll .atrar
IS'abl. ercwheill•
$ .1r Putrarlawl • .tl OW
\ 100 bean saw Al R. Ratan= • ' '
\ fie bl. lac " " '
SO boss emus Cbwww
WO Kasai Straw emd .
i_ll2 receiving and kW Welt , -7.."Mr"4111 T
tall • '. /OLEN WATT A CO.. :
F :30.0 .IoILY ' LOUR-30 bbls. Superfine; •
10 txtrultut 'd for 107
WATT * 0.1 1010
kATS-=zl6oo bu. on mniigriment awl for
ILI sale br T. Wer.tea t SON.
nt2 l at Water Mawr.
ACKING\ FLANNELS—Grey, of differ.
PAIrk m URPHY kliO oalnrx lust rveakt
1 M nivrigux
Vit ELS!! FLANNELS-A full wts ortmen t
• y of that mapretor satiric which has What., aims
so mash satisfaction t 6.1. summers, lased by_ •
'IUAB TUBING-1W feet 1-8, 14 tuyi 1-2
A.B Inch hulls Rubber do. Tublba. ins W. by
uolx J. J U. MILLI Vs, 114 liacket
HEEsE--.5v 3 boLevrime Cream Oh!cr,
"m "'"“ .k ii DACY•ba. Co lub, , ,ty
Niloo.-2 casks . 81a41nu ,
BORAX 7-151 . 14.) lbs. far sale by
J. KIDD t 00, 60 Wood lit.
liICIIROMATE POTASH-3000 lbs. for
J. KIDD 00.
- -
Try Morris' 50e-. Tea. .•
aORRIS [lib always sold the .bee. Tes In
JI Pittabargb trio lt, but bow thu g na ll bf
, thus aver
Ron delirious Onloog —.14.'0 . lb.
bum, buirlleb Brlnklast •
15m.liont four.
Mord: Mc. Marc Is 111„1.b. Dlunowl.saboa4 illrObjboar
Dlimond no=
ITCA3IPIIOR-9.bbir. for sale by
I T .
B AIRD lc lIcVIN have a few Awes ',Ohio
UCKWItEAT sada for bale
11. sucerni,Ess:
th. Krw It*: bY
se Yll Itolobasar ud
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