The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 01, 1851, Image 1

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• • WHITS It • CO.
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•-lnrtar , l par sncs utv, pay-Wv ;Mit TTIT-
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.Ii4EKLY—Tan tiollar. for annuli.. I . n
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Sqnike4, Firm - we, (p, so.
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Ines. to be char-uoa 2.• oplore mad air.
Ptilinbloct• not sarountable err !eau' elwerilsementa
feud the amirtntririarpoi fur their publication.
• Atutrimechtu coaeristes•Par orlee. to be charged the mums
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kite:l4month net on . Mc ropy for a graft.'
IPasalletrof Invertiona, Irrboutinuod till forbid. and Per'
pareetencted areardi..eir•
- , .Thille•Priltepaopannuel eLlverturri ie. strictly limited to
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mloncetr..l -with UP•ir turn h urle r,., C od rill
thy,e citel•tridelimeot, in blurb or nth,evrlA, berated
thellualte elsoiroilibirill he et the cruel r erun. for
all nub .tratenent Ville trial he e•paturty
etalcoul i marl promptjaarrartit dc 4 loa- -
All eatertirententi lar charitable inrtibations, com.
eter.l, tornr_htp, end- othir public oxrtinge, 1
ectott ho be burial
Nara, payable Arktir re d.
Ihb M A r qtA t'9l" = 4 Ol 4 t 6 1 11, 3 6414 :ij••=be. '
.Ittt.tguitlral er ~ b l,l, l ary tuba .% MAL artien
Putted bo Ihr. •
advertirors. KM, all othrm waling comottnnicre
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VIII, Mime,. Or any. public cutertalattleota.
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-Oat Chet the rame le to tot pull fir. If lobrodol to tio
eerf be the local cabman. th• "Jon chen;el at the
refs of not too; then 13 r.ou. put
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lietirre hi to, 0 . • triple price. '-
Tavern tam.. Petttion: 4 . 2. vatic.
Ustatc".itrebtr' am/ tartirtigerarnta nth
lobe cbuirclAralcs Truly retro. Lau to be :alloebol •
count of thirty throkand. one thirl pc, ?etc. f rom the
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• Do. ',LAI 11.1clitioost Ittettlart. trou.
LI trades[ advertisearats to Do rai4 In Lamm.,
•: lergoarrsys:
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VjItUTER, , Attorney at Law.—Collec
et4no.-- . tbrj - and enneesi,nringexretnlty ntternlni tn. Gt.
et a k.,.. c 1 1 .,. Gni:dings, Grant h,trt•rr, near the Court
• • no;:;
I ASIEST. KEItR, Atmrnoy at Laic--Officp
.k ioourth rt; twt - oFecn Ettilchui.l.l wad Grant, Pal
J05..1 - VEAVER, Attornoy at 1,7.;,
etitit.hear tha Blarair Pl.burvh, P. Col.
.I.lonn ottrod,l cr,...tql, narMEtkg
'shimmy ouratvr, luzywocv.
(1.14 t m Untontmrst. PA.) - j (Late of 1.0.34 r...)
LIPLIANY'A• 'CAYLOIt, Attorneys at
Pyr• Ln-0111,* :Fr•nrclam.rtin.No.l•l24,belareect Wood
latthleld Ititt.loteqh, Pn. •
C. , Komisaumer iniAd Mats or
' *O5
LUNN .s:,aVLLl,ElLAttorneysat Law—
n , W4,.u0 Tourth atone Ecoltb64l
-W. F. WHITT: Attorney at Law—Of
s tte . , Ar , !mirth - , in t4 . 1=11 , 0 lid •
INT, P. G. L.. B. YE TTE131.51 , 1, Attar-
L3l. 11141 F.fal4 Akentx, 10. hri ItL
11!5! . .4 VirtAbutlt. fAblO
4A — SiEs J. Agora -- cy drICC,
to Tilglonan of Grant otorot and Dlanionil
• T. Pittiburult 1 . 4.14017
VIRANCIS O. FLO.: Ell IN, Attorney attrsw,
IL' I tin. 170 fourth ilruq..-Pinaburch.'
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. ••-•
‘S , TOWE .t WATSON, Aitomorq nt Lt w,
!..71n. 110 loattli itri RI, PAL:bur:h. 4
tairarscws—Al- - rAn,r dk DA, John Any,D, En 4.1.,
rAn. Alorri.ou A . er, Wm. B. 14... r, Jahn Flo:time, A,
cantlant.; 4.4Am'Vr“lan.k,,,yittAbnrx.h. unlit,.
ritiDWARD JO7.4:FS, Attnney at Law
. Mtn on Paton trtnere Word and atnitb
r...tb -- itmtli
ILA BISON Attornvy rtt Lav e
in.- ahem. storc.
. rartslitw.T,
EORGE E. ATOM LI) ,t CO.; Bankers:
O Dealers In rsehence, Coto. Dank Sp, te., 40.74
north sure:. nest Aare' ta the hank et Platebstraii. Cat
Dago. rarefalls attendel to. >set the r eseeeds ;a:mated to
anr-ort of the tater,
IL WILDA:MS ;CO., Bankern
V • and Eleban-a, )Imkers, North East con,. of Wood
an 4 Thlrd oArects, PatOwn:h.'
All imam... Asa runde mL lituvtA and colleCaccu
Itrom tly•attnadei to JairAT •
KUNG Banker and Exillange Broker,
.imanh,ntreolt; Dealer In Exxlk :7o•.rn, of Ex
Tbeli==t7;Xie: ' iraxYPr i i ' o n g Witt,tl/Xxx.
Alolf DolLars, and xxxxvwx sad Efxxith 'lmam r.r
-NV" LAMM Vat, Jlt., Banker and Br4cr,
4th street. No. 41 si3O:11111a . the /lank's( liithibiateh
4 , 2:11,1i1NS Er.clisnr,o
south tut Ceither of Third and Harks , : tebets. AU
otta at nano liberal rase.
HOLMES 4 SON, 1) , 1 '
ttn.or E. n '3
oNt:; 'l3l•.
rg dtln
- .. .. .....
—r...."—tr... 31 ..... j . i t A LIM, Bankers
. RAMER . ''' -
..,1..1. romr. .4. L',Z1.,.._
' ltrok p m . e t t ,,,' ~f DeposlNß.,','; ',,,,,,,it.
°apt, ' " Inorar 4 ori m llaana W 06,1 strne ,, ol.rec
the El. Charles II
_,__ 6
usa ; ors. una.
MAIRDIIRVPi. Commisgon Niers.hunts
nd 111111:rolcera N 0.114 Second sestet sad
CAW" oreurltad from 1.14) to 110.0)0 sltaws on hard
AM.. --40[301A 0.0 , 31,.. -TY. I. il . taT.
AL3iER, ILA.NA _& CO., .t . uccesaarn
• Hussey, alarms /e 11..5.10.LSCILILNOt 1311.0101,09.
dealers In YOOOl,O and Dommtk itschans, Certificates
DePIMIL Nulls No., andlipeeie—Ntoth Wear corner of
Worst and Tby street , Cr.,:ar Mow meised on Do
tl B ra g e h rtrt - Cl ' ;a ' l U pg r atrlftr d e art
Thu Idgrout ;ratans= paid for Yorelso and &curium
Adv.,. Maas on.onrimunentaot yrolamanlpped east.
on 4brral WSW.
11:%Y..•T AY L • Comrnissimer • and IEII
VI Ilrnksr,ll.2 Neennd street. 0 i. 01300 .111 1 ,0
unrea to .41 burineas eutrus4l to bas rare. PrtrAurub
- manufactured artioln always on hand Or moused at short
.ort., Brayis, Atorgogra, A, nA011431.1 00 (AUT.
- able. Wird - mares made. if reraw.; , •
c. sfiTdiffroN, late JohiNtou Stnnk
• tan. Nooks , ller, Buttionrr. ['Antis. and ca
ne orrissket and Third d..l..eM.'iltobnrgh. -
AS. B. HOLMES' Cheap LitemryiEtepot,
T„„,, meet, orp.lto.thr LIB+. Veetr : tonEn
rea astir eipre..
ths)fussilmovor Newffrtsperr, pabllrtmil rubllibes
io.e tDTlrw. I
L. READ, Bookmllor and Statidner
♦ No- IS Fourth stmt. Apollo pulldlort.
W WIWK. Lulu factnrcr
ii - 13s Cloths, Stsouss Mat Trito•
wms l'sn OS foosth st.„
• fl W. POITIIEXTEIt,enroerof Water and
leeket ttreete. hitte k ureb, CONIfl.:011 ash Foe
•4411.0,11 lIMPt, sad hr the pun-hire, and mile of Mom,
Wastarm'Produrs. Iron. Illate.acul Me manufactured
artless of Ihtlathorch ornetellr.
Atto-erkomt Mr the ealeuffs. Harper it C. and I wyp
sou'..teermed.3labrite nue if. foam a Ph slad.lpha
prim, oral Jrnkinn Oof auperlor tmettel Tem. aped:
A. Me AN DUEY., & CO--Transporters,
D r a~et,
r ir WOODS & SON, 146ftircE DEALERS
. & t r o t c. ,, sost7in,! r i.nut...n, No. GI Water atrxt.
M: IL JOHNSTON Fora rding and
112 •
Pak trILTAh.
K i tER A. JONES, Forwarding and Coin
' . reindari litrretantr, tles3rts In Produce =I Hu.
bur,.{ )lalatfaetnrvi artl , l.l. Coal mein , near Sevsztb
tarok. Yildintrgb.
gi lk
-- ..111.DY, JONES P. CO., SucecaEL,ra to Al
, rood, Jar. k CO., C0MM1,41,13 snil Fors ling Me,.
aimless in Pittsburgh Alitistasttirrt :fats; I r
b. Ta.:'
'Dii:Ir.GOODS MERCHANTS CO"Ptirg4=lll....—e. I. A57310111'
A- A. MASON .4c CO., 141m1:sale and Rntail
ficalare in Farty and ample Dry - 62 Alaza.t
and MORPiIY7S ,
I .and &dal/ lira Gonda Marchann.....e of Pourtb
brad etnnl.. iiitinburab.
8... D. lICPNT, Dmtist, Corner Oil, Fourth
sal De.ture birtlnwa Narket lak4 Perry Ftvwt;
..:—,-...11411t E, Vio9l. I . 4r 4t r l s an d
..-=' OvXmlitcleh eirlautOk:th. gii. of Amen :
....' a tioucts, - N. , 1:h [Shirts rt...Fittstursts :
.. aV.II7,c.ittIAUGII, 'iVciil M e „),,, uts ,
.4,7 •--Driwe tuft6ur stet Pr.:fort getterriVr:',. , l Ft,
. ' yrs.rdlng and CassmortfortSterrhstzts, he. 116 brat rtrres,
stlll6 Second street. I.ltt.hargb.
: 0cr310,1
„..,j), 6 31" riAIIDIE, lieterity Stlictii;: lite
' .
ttr® tticamr,h E- , ,,fliud. - Irnill rtspeAttitilt A ,
-, a ft e tra . tike th a t L ehi , VOIDI.O ' , IR,/ YIIKONI in the
. 4, .. n0 k.",,,. and, by iinTcrul ntiontll4 to ybovrr ia
0 tq him be ho lw yr pr4"413•400. , •: ,
llrCannsertioo 1:10/ .10:itt .. rI7 gros . S oelnirb 0 4
Doctor G. se ici holm
)11.NFORNIS his friends and tie pubis in gen
toi,b. has remove 1 his ogles to Penn street, No.
, test to Et. Clair totel.
P. 2.—Persons Indebted - W him foralreoth of time. us
replesteit to settle their mount.. iyikham
• F. B. Moore, M. D.,
N 1 sgeelol &pennon to the Mestatent of insects,. of we.
soon cal eblldree, sad onto ditch s gel:1,101T 11.• no
chronic ale! surgical disease, 011teo on Andel : son street,
r o e:l. s lla fith .l l ,i t , , tie;t o r j v h z . ,. to the Plait.
from Ito ge and f n urno 7to9P. M. from 7,,t4,709_0t:
pR. J. J. MYERS--Surgeon and Physician.
uescs dwellinn. corner of DszUngton's row. No,
rhinl'Oaeat one Mew abbee Smithfield rt.
Dr, iltr,ds has nermanently landed in Pittsburgh, anil
will attend lho dusk, of hi* Prowi.i. Hewitt Fire
"articular attention to afendsbal. ease. and the dlromara of
11 . 01101 sral childron. o eslrefirn
- FAMES 31c111TOVEY, (successor to Jahn D.
Strirsuna latiolonsale Drurrriati and dealer to Oil,
%sruishe!...Dre-2tule, nartamtolus. No. s 3
Wool 'Omer-
nor dour Kolb of Diatuotril alley. Pllt ae.,
na. ,Cuarlantlr nu band supply of Morgan . . Cough rlr•
run. tat. POO W
. atil orin
110 A. PA.IIMSTOCK & CO., Wholesale
. I/mono, mid InallUfsetinvrl of W hite
li.llaarau. erirtier Wood acOarout streets, Pto.
bard, PC Lich:
raco. . eutuaL vs.. 4. 241 . 04111 . 41.1..
iIikEYSER tv. 3IcDOWELL, (Successord to
to.Rarr a Eareakr.) Wboleaala alai Read! Drag ar4
, - ..rliptlaa arum, cario a r or Wad etr,t an,/, Viral. alar•
Phralciarka . yr..aniationa carefully a...amid:al welt aral
tar. . . ,
1. tit.
KIDD CO.,- Wholetralo Dru„,ogieta: Deal
• or, iu Paiute, Dye Attatts, aral lastrWlmutg—
Proprietors of Dr. il•Laroie celebrated Worm Speettle, Llyr ,
Ikta Lao. Nyrup: No. W. wooer of Wood aro!
Fourth euvote, Vituttaut, Order. will be carefully p..k•
at. +ni forwarded with dispatch.
11 ;
, E.. 4. S e L t ERS, 2 Dealer
VS , ker.
f i a N. WIOKERSKA3I, lYLoleaolo Druggist
kJ. sod Dealer la sdald and Atricultuni
Nu.. id dill Wool attoot, Omer of :Asti,
JItAUN II REITER, Wholesale end Retail
Inocgist, comer of LllAnti not Rt. Clair 4. YU..
I se ii.OOlOlA KER.& CO., Wholesale Drag
e" s No. VA Wool a, Pittsburgh.
g B LAC IiBUBN Sr, CO., Wholesale Oro
. l Urn otr4, Boat Famiehmt.aral deal.. la tondo. aod .
Pand.nron ll4aatotores..4lo.., Pitch and eatnEn /away.
on Laud at their Warehouse, 141 Water sung., Mothargb
Pm. • lin/I:NT
& F. Viii,§tN, 'Wholesale Grocers and
T • emamPodon Nletrhant,, dawn ataa or Dv
pone. Knolvo. ho. hit nomad. and 147 Fronts/ A. apl
, L. SLLEg, Wtiolesale Orycer, COMMiSSiOD
a diesel:awn, and dealer in Paper and LW. ...tar of
Peon and Irodu atreete. Pidtaborgh.
SAMUn. P. SIiRIVER. Whtilosale (fw
ero PiitotaurT)VtuZtal m oOd o
A ' :•tt M elea, Noe Ll.
liccood rtrert. botorken Wool and Bznittmold.l•ltubursch. •
Omen., Troffloe ka.l CX.amboaima SWAIM.. owl
,t,o,rto (Or Rivard Poordfr of Ilosszavala (An.. ho.
Woad •t, Ousburfcti.
vtrmiumoel ay. is a cum.
URBRIDI, E h INGRAIIA11; Whaleemle
LP. Or‘ , ..t. i.l emmaivina Alerch.ta, 110 W.
anatt. an& ILO Ekm street. 441.L.Lbura4
MATTIIEWS I CO.; Wholmlalie
1 - 011N•IVAii` . ECO. Wholesale Uto . cera,
•i• Comm Wt. Iletottantl., It1:1!I Is.aU Prob.. and
kattlntrgh Manufoctort, No. 266 Wholly otter". Pit.
Iturub,Pa. •
It IL CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
pammfinnn and Poritardltot Morchota. Lena tVlotlo
old Looter in Wet,. Ittnoroo Cborao, Itator, Pot and
Prort 24,1 WC , IOIII Prodoot vOttersaly. Vint. I.trt•eL
battmoo-Potttbeeltt oat Wood. PilDloorott.
• Cnwera. Ft...rank awl amoxislen
1+4.=.• le /ittnbarge, aluaufaftra. Wagtern
Preduca. Ni.. 24 earner of yuvt
rylun Owitf. - 7 - —...tossur
te CO.,' lir'brilepsle Oro
ce,Creoludicion 31crehard ti and lucarre to Produce—
0. Watcr, - adel 107 Front Mmes. Plusburch.
-rues a, comm.
JESOLLSII rszNNETT, Into Englieh,
unliazher • Witt:desalt. tirmem.Cmsdalsada end
ratiuN IS, ,whams. sad Deena in {lulu, and him
!mach alnufestaire. 121Miciand tr. and rt.,
between Vine] and Smithfield.
wari....—.7.6.9 C. sac
' GILLS & ROE, Wholesale Gteeere and
j 1i OccaaLsion Mrterbutts. No. 217 nreet,
4.obkla MOORS, Wholoinle Grocer
, rzeartuir mailer, dram Itt• Prod.. • Pi...mat
nitsetastaa and el. kats M Ica.. 4x.r.tie
Ways sett I,Sluors, tia. :113 Ltbenr v ive
larte ttocit ot imperktr •Staaaaahria
grbieb .11 be told lair tar <ash
. .
11.110 BERT MIZELL Sr CO., Whnlesafe,
La, G.roan..CatualsaiouNlachanttvlvalert ta
awl Plttabutgh klanuf.trarre. Liberty tarwt,
A L- A, ."rfriZ2.
Liuertr stn..% Pittsburgh.
Joe. e ..‘uu.saa.
NkwM t
B w AG wa A lt L n
EY e CO., Who ll lesale
Kra. 11 and 'al Waal RrtM. Pittaburgh.
WICK & MeCANDLES, successors to
V V St. J. D. Wick. Wholemate Torwarditag
at.J Coastniadon Morelia:lM &al.'s In Imo. Nur.. LID,
Cottun Yarn. and PittoDttralt Manufactan. acne:ult.,
corner of Word and War, Meet. Pittsbuzab.
a. catarst,Dl
. Wooers .101 Commit/4. Merchant. Dotirrs Pro.
unr. and Pittsburgh Manufaansral 116 Librrtr
stmt. Iltraburgh. P.
1). WILLIAIS Co.. Wholesale and
to• Retell FnmilT Giver, Varva;3lng Cocruniunon
erchasam, spd Dea.rzlnUountry Praline and Pi.bunak
nensisernts. rormwr Woad and fiftb eri. Plunburgb
110.71141111.3V....... 0 6. 111711.. .1..61111- 11.01ELIBON.
OBINSON, LITTLE 'it C O. No. 255,
d i l'snlra ti ns=
& IL. FLOYD, Wholesale Orocerm, Com
-411 . adJudon indlero n:ddl:pa.
und,Bd(dila., fruntlad . Liburf, Wood, and Sixth
011 N PARKkitFr, LO., Wholesale Grocern
II•nler• In Prnlune,Forelnn Whnn. I-kinnn , Old Mtn.
t i onnheln latleteed {maker—Ho. anume!ntal Hon,
b rah. • ,
AS. • DALZEL L, Wholesale Grocer,Com
e, carton and Forwarding Merchant, and dealein Iron.
ar and eittaburgh Manufactures
generallyi—No. raW a rte et- andlY Piret st.. Pittsburgh.
wtTOIIN- LOR, Dealer in Piano Fortea,
Marlys' Instrranenta, School 00ota, and
nuarlcmarr. 1 0 01, soar for Clnekraing'a Piano r 0,145. far
Wertern Pennrylvarda—ti a. SI W 0 ,4 rt.
11ENRY KLEBER, Dealer in - Multi°, hlu
, dud Inatrutnents, and baportor of hull. Biding.
annot. far Nun= it Cark's grand and mum" nat.,
aids Lblermarea &arra Artartnenr. Also for rhanhank's
I OLIN WETHERELL, Manufacturer of
r w r of t Aul t rl..ll .l l: , 2lltl , , u vll , n tl y rt , t i r Cs. calP equar• from the
0,4 r
Sing, Permute& Co.,
k i t 42:ila.i.tCTLi.1 0 v .IERS of Cotton Yarns,
AO , 'oO r. sale of • 5....111111 AND K FIONEEILELT
411 ONES & QUIOO, - Mannfactniero of Spring
opa Illiotor Ntoel. /lough Stool. 94,1 Plough Wimpy
Wadi anJ tallptic Sprsog4, Iforoooorool 1000 .oloK cc
&oleos le Idalleahio Cestinrs. Fire. tawoo Lamm cud
Trio nelosot of h.. soot Foosa oto,
YittAburzb. Piot
.tects r im Alalll, 4 lTot, kict',, and
rix,e, mle, flour bstrorsod lathing dn.; st.lro Goo Su and
21 blue:l
Mlle. at LIPPENCUTT t CO., No. 119, Water at., PHU.
btlich. •
21.0101.7. C1161 7 01.11-.....-DLVID 01.1— .411144. BriLITUAT.
acribera manufactury mud keep constantly on haul all-
ZtO of Tacks,llrada.yral tlymybkqg flolrhing, Clout, ard
Rob Nails; toe 111.11 Flour Darryl and Lathing tralho
and Toulty; llarrol Naflc (Mow and 'Chic
Nluw riallr, Patron/ Maks& Yointg Blyeta r tororMltlatre,
ae, CA 3IPUELI , , tiIIMM a CO,
zyllry • - Warnhoum. Wivyr rt. l'ltlalmrsh.
SLENNEDY, CHILDS .t CO, Manufnetti
rent of very Rerfor 4-4 Sneoing, 4 ;e2 = ped. Chinn,
adinn Velure and Kaman. Pomo Mill, Pittnburgb.
•purroußuit ALKALI \YORKS.—Bon
-I,;Vrt*Taftl',l,M=l:alphurie A L cida n _
tin. o 3 Watery et.. Wow Verl7.
1" A. BROWN would most respectfully i nfiwru
the pub] ic that be Item nn hand slide Iliad on the next
et of' the nil/mood, Alleeleeny city. a ...alpine evoonment
it Verna+, hlludet AL. Veuitlan Shutter. ore mnde In order
n the tea style. nu - rented "quit to nay In the United
elate.. We Iniude con removed without the aid of a
; inn driver. Ilovihnpurelw<ll the stocklln nod rood
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c e , ml fuenhh their old ennui:Dern 0./111M10.11 tbn note
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J. A. nrtow:i.
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wegnur, linechuer &Mueller's
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their frianala tau Rannrally, sna, tae)
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ord..r. -fir .her earth, bas, Diplarces, Chock., VlKllian
sal reolaaninnal Carle.-.llana, Chan+. Ulbali.te. •
an 4ntabllatanala is at SO. (6 Menet street, bete..
TWA d Irsorth stetetr, rake. • atehtttS
Henry Richardson, Jeweler,
111AVING re-fitted hiS store in., a
. handsornermanner. and buttenently retort.,
the eastern cities with • toe saiiortment
of ATCH FS, JEW imr.Y. and leA.tiCY 1100D8,
Saritwll the attention of tar Merida wad metro:3..B,in the
Sart that among Ifs %ratites will be found the most ileii
table atrice:pattermi and makes.
Of Jewelry, the lati-it styles of Brodie% Erma Pin.,
Fob and Fret amine, finger itlatm Far Rhea, Miolotore
Lockets. Ann
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I.!rfacad Bottle!, Table Mate.
_ _ :Dr! , to awat varlet), Chian I , rah
Orgaz ' t . otV ' Ltleles . . , wah .. b . v , ,T,rlf,Y ,"-- tgt *"l
prociat 2 l. [ma) . 01 IfklartrAltEin ' . p.
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W IVII,SON W•ttaes Jea. S'l
Wart, and Sillltvy th ud), ewne of M t a
Itnurth d Illtaburwtx,ra. a nr telltkAd
J°GAN, 'WILSON Impurterd and
%%Molex&la DraleTll In 11.r4mrant .n.l Caller, No t.
PiA—Ro.kt.ea...ornor of Third Atry.t tsudEsgt
l , ruhq.u, A llegheny.
N Moth, Lath, A.,., f..t elan
LgottEaT MORRIS, Ton and Wine Met
<ban!, Tian eittn,of tho ol.nwod. Plttnhurr,ll.
IVICt. A. ''
CO.,' ''' and
y y IN•alere, nr, Liberty greet, et ' A•: Wood
elnee elerayft oo betel • luxe Aeeertegeot Ll' . e
v sand F in e Ted.
Al—eer •n It d e u ' W
v hy.ll.l' C. mu—lmporter and Dealer m Fr.rth
Anwritaa raper Il.ssmitt., an 4 Itcrial, Witslow
612.1.E.{.. Vire Board Pero" Alm—Writincr. Prltan4.
a n al 'Diamon Wrapptndi, Paper, Atsbutgh, Waki stroet, b..creeo Carte
fOIIN A. CALIGLIEY, Agent for the take
11..dlalehlati Line, to Below the Lakes—
ton:. on Cbc ;ern, of NVater land Snxithnekt %U.
LEECII & CO., Tr:ln/Torten by Canal
J ferwartiox ..lerthants. corner of Fenn ormet
and theanOtnal.
New Kathie and Freeport Stone VierKa.
yiMUNI) WILKINS, in addition to Ills
exter..l. cetabh•homent lAN et, afrr..t. head ot
otd, ea" oper,d a hram h ht. Eagis Marble Woe!,
adjacent to M1,0.8110.11' .ate. whore be mannfactureA•e.
and Yawing Ihr Cot:lute,. , of rrecrort Stotte—a
, hxy durable 1311.1<T1 la Ilona to the
eelonh•rt, tel prrpared to execute onlere with D.r.adPt -
Una, awl on the h•ern, form..--and hops rd a enotintt
wn vt n.. t.tennace trretzfore NJ Mandl, extended.
Wm. DI. McKpight
11,T1L . L .,,,, gi , ve special attenciial the
sot •°4 to R reD
Office in Tllkhlaan 11512. omut. :;,,m" 11001,
Pittsbnolo. Pa.
Ilamn end arkrone...s--Jobn M son.orri I.l'. tlinltr,
I/naught/tn., cud Practical 11inang A,..vut.
gb. of Slodel•lbr Iho. Pairot Meer.]
ner> Water Wort.. 01111,1,-
found het , rt lu A.ll I'. M... 1 Im.
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XI 'CORD 5 CO. IV lb.) 05Ilie and .Raoul
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than but tit, will 'AI on tli. trowt selwww.
Uwe.. tem.,
HONEGGEIt V CO., Importers of WineN, 4.4 mut., ottrort.
ttho, so 4
. . .. . • ._.
13 A. MADEIRA, Age_ut fur Delawaro Mu-
Mal f.afety Insuranve Crtritn y , .12 Waw ot rm.,
JGARDE': el ' iljtakilfACPCt fpnklin
Piro Iwurarldn C9,apirl4 , unit, asuit ' of Wood
sttil Third OU-wt.. ---"" ;:,
GLENN, Boot Bmpts, Wood street,
ewzrawl dorr fn , m th. Nw - fwa Th',l, when.. he 4.
tutuol malwtnouslly. IwaaL. in nutalwt, r 4.1 t..w•
bowl,' <artfully. www-4 Nara. f... $.3 4,11 lea,'
Tlpwa who hat. No,l;nr •re ;11s Wed to c4ll lA, hat
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
, aion, Receiving and Forwarding.
PI A WIER 4.Y.. CO., L 111,1.1 this
ditty setkliitt , llrttbrirm 'Sr I , hn
MITTICT`O to tho VfLl.r N flnmt..t Fmot, zivurr..l
lart•lcr 1.1. c or vf
BA IN. rtu)lim. c‘t.
torrrrru. Arrif 111. I%
kI P UNT LANI/S—Carr. Cuss. N
Artcinry it Law. No. 111 Third 1.,. cortwr r.; Ctlvrr7
4.1.4, haring trildr arranAlmentw f.,• the. vary+, vtil
CMetor . .. lunt, lAtt,t• 16 , r nr..l •
..11 .1,0 I t.• so, Ludt
nrol, ~11.. •41 k. L ..r tny ..f ryrt
,••urt. .t t.ll,
Drawing, Perspecidve, and Painting in OiL
111. U. It. &MUTT i prepilt,il to give
r,• m I.rnoebes
; ill t • a.ucnttm art, nt 1..•• r. - eup.... in •! a•-•IN a
Atkin.e.... Vint ntr•..t. IVoal 4114
biartet strette. lour. At InArtulitio, tram and
(morn eltu u. Chart, girl ntin tart , ul.
knUrn totit.rtu. n 1 .t th. r:LuniA
hr hi.rrun or lu
. .
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
1 711051 AS PAINTER is daily receiving
frtst tA. fittern C tln, .t th.
NO. 55 31A61.F.5.T STC[TT,
_ . .
Beiwren Third and luuttA Err., zbursa,
Lai( I hi. itut-oeut t th• 1113. gt ttrautitul
PATXX tbat May aitltttured In tb. ut•Aut
tUr • Inn;; .rut.l Tt.t, pat.:tug ar• outlutly tut, th.
Nil In pottulturly L.Alf . 1.1, tuiu,iut nt dors
unituryb....,l Frt. lu (1.11. uir.Mr ,,, t h . Pr..t.
rouge. To gOlld.S. C.I which • more sr
run. eau L ttratett oluttt that, drxriptlnu,
lb. brlelltieJLl or copreituu. •.1 hunt.. lt , per..
Intrt..l„ tueblt
; n
• HUSSEY & Sniff:Lint,
Storage, shipping & Commission Merchants,
WT 11.
, L
Cash s..lTbActo wade (11l ron...lmeu.
Agsata awl In Is th• 'Ake SA
penbr Lltin
to--Wm. A.Oll , A Co,
Min A 1%
T Al. llowt.CsAl.:er.l.2tt,bdrAti.
Rockingham and Domestic Queersware.
ufortur,.rtn of i,i1.11.11461 and Cnno Ware.
Lorr Ohio.
*Penile rioodua, .orner Mtn and I.ltorrin ran" r,
(Wound Church building.) autraur• door to J. A W
Our eatoranvo Wort,. voardo UN to OW ontoro prtnnOtir.
A telilptl.Cll drebruer tonna coustaully...ruploral.a.i... , on.
•blea para an!. all r.h.. near and nanrorod of ft.
of .the
Rana Uraa. 4.1tr..nn0, Pl.vb ors. Fanry T.,
Illoner Vistas, Gobleta, ?darnel Urtuanent, JledlAnt and
Sault ..
and artn.4. doncatx un, In (Ind turn:tr.
Order" ray.dfully 5t4.41.1. nn.l/11:If
Alexander Bradley,
No. 19 Wood street, bet lerro first ord Second as.
fAAUFAf'fQRIat of :s ii v . e . rydeSoriLtion
en.l eurla 64 w 111 th e L., eetlet:AT:r "'-
AI—I'M:WU EN. amen¢ which will be fouiitl
Jewell A W.V. celot.ratol folding door Parlor Storms Ea.,
SuArec Erentili3 SUIT, plelti and fancy I/we,
le which we invite the attention of buildere; To, Koulor
t H b o o l l
olr c u e rn
rebah. n o h W ae l o n f u
w el t o d ewl •ero, irrolto
Pittsburgh One Pipe and Tube Works.
ripriE undersigned hare just Crlmpleted their
awl are nom tanotifactUrl. All 044 of OAS
eomntlre end other flue._ and sit #.11 ,,,, (
• •
.bkh they offer Ira nate at the loter.t piires They are
~.,..eute order. An ao;i4 L rt,telthflat de
lay tt a
tio.'ol and v, !,•
[obi Mtn • Pllrt eau r .11. PA_
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
sun Y r. s. sffssassr.
OLOVEIt, lElt £ CO., PkOrItTORS.
9111 E SUBSCItII.3EIIS, having been ar.
prattled Auente 1:4 the shuve nem.' concern. snit
keep ratd.ndr on hand a eupplynf the oelebrated
Vire lartra,Crociblo ore ore iboarthsaudlnralle.
Thor an, preparni to ndoire onion, for Paid Prick. te
be =Kin 11l 11. and shape tumult pond' • Lich shall
be promptly
We do tint d.ved It nee...wiry to enumerate the many ed.
An the Bolivar Vl ,. ltriek toodees over allothantthet
have been offered for sale In the oiled Steers. their mop,
rierity being ell known to a: , ocod all leu'enne utm nee
Vire thick. The- pld,rtetors hart. determined that the
Itriek shs:l Inge none or their present anent:de rut . .dolled,
nd that no ext.,. 4.01 be apace' en make the. wren
better than they have heretofore been. This le dm only
establishment now manufacturinu I.l l 7 ,l l l tri , rt j zt w t,
; real.
reeled Caned Cl.. Pit tsburith.
V. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
alma - m In arty Ifulehrs ever eitArete en .1 . 11100011 1 .
Li r itieliAlilLSON, 01: Market etreet, it
. sole Agent ha the etudro, named Inver Watches.
The 611.1•1. duarontoe •och Watch'
Br appointment to the Admit:My. W3l DIXON, Chu.
tunneler and Watch dianufsvturer, 41 iiind 4oinam,
null Road. Iderelne.
Thin ,r 1.10.. lipat the scram pm:tying Wat , h. No.
warrant...l by Mt. to to! ea' .7 menotooden. owl no Watch
• all my rano, upon ,41.1 . 11i1P .1111n44 r‘s•orn,,,,llo
a.d- barind . oldatenstere.
guatant. the W Web. ht. —, 10 knulderdt tle sot
teetiodi nt the parele. 1.
1 7 11. AVE FITTED UP, (on he Nest Y.rk
very euperior or the noir ot On
to, CurtAin Matertole. end every thine eppertalning
the fobloriablo parior, ish.l hove the larreet and
Idaroop!...Chlutaeo, Ttrlliiey_fted (keep,
rx d r o vra,.,%%•,:pvav , „"r?..e.lTZ; t gOg;
sad Alas. ly Iran* 111ind..0:41,,,4".c„ ,
Card. nartdr.Curtedn
Card. Silk sal Woreted, Ch 10..... and Frlnteee. Mar:
e ,h1.1 hamwt.r !late. lhathtorretme atel nolpreel
Cnraforte. Bede and fhol.llllA.
All Order! thigskidlly re , e , erd and pronn.tif Ch.&
0515 Nolll.l, Thor! etreeL
market zstes, lad blabot prtrahl toneri.
(Aux to par fu4o,l4l..,lkilti.V.l,o.thit.
ixcifein ARD BASKiiiO - 101thE
A. Wilkins & Co.
lye , tern fun la wanorallf . —iu
I , rrinla nod Maryland . • ...... . .............. ......1
hirw I.,rk awl New England.— ........
Now Jen., .
... ..... .... ............. "
N.,rth and RouthCarohnw. 3
.(71.L.N0L. tlOll.. 513.1. M.
Neat fork and Philadelphia .......... 316 4 '
ICII A RI) J. C. BOECK nufactu•
ror or L.lttow °law. and Picture rnmem, wane
a , Las .ro lF.Mk . Ulm., Na. 4 Third • wed, Philo Ha ttTrit
AMUEL KROESEN keeps constantly on
1.5 Lan.t mg ood woortanent of Wsuh Lott Oath Tnta
I nrar, l•lte.xt, Oat Well. Kitchenor Maw I.inclUtk.
WaNlen lhorls, Churns, tir, 21no and et.l7
Weql.b..nwto. lOW all other EktolA of ware In bi Kh+
Warm...dn. On Mole lall, F.ftb street. Pittsburgh. Pt.
• - -
Fall Faahians
WILSON k SON, No. 91 Wood
(third door bolo.
three In
ram fibs anal:al. of then...mere awl blic
to t heir logo addition Iv. 'toy ara now nmetring to
their termer .r-lt blood . The la. rtroeut ento4ga Ira,
part of thr lately introdunnt. atnlarhl
•rn very
DAlroired fur their beauty .4 smollll ,
too4l l . with • urea* varil.ty of Black, Drown and
kleak-a Ilutrtnan. and bind+ of for mg a
001 and ho a; tillk Sod llohair CAM Clotb.ol,l
1 CAl'n, of &brow all desenptiougn (Auer Lliatt
and CAnd for childr,u—off.inalat Peru, •bola
male .4 retail.
... • . ,
AIIo—LAUIV. 4 .• FURS, et, III•ek*NI batursl hrett.
Fltrh • llonnrt ano Cone, SIM,. 11.1 and hiberholl.
rllrrel V1c1 . 011.1Nt.4 !old
CUFF 311rmaerarl Children . * , ..A. mnb.rirr_t_
• •
IVEif lui-
of ve just received this beautiful
strfe 'Lira. to whieh we 'welts 'louden
lion of our friends and the pp hlie ssnrrull7.
email neOOKD & Pilth find Wood iits.
Penn Glass
r 17. Inas. 1710.111.1%.
tiOIIENZ WIGIUMAN, (formerly of th
A arm ..f Wm, Mc(: a ullyCo..) Montfort are:. or 1.11
me a.) VIALS. BOTTL) rid WINDOW tILASS. 03
\Vete). on.) W Fzvnt et.rwt, Illt.hurek.
it.—YartirulAs ottention . palal to odd xi:ea of Wird**
GI.. and orlyst4 mould. fm. &Attn. ond lqats. sogX
-- -
C. W. keine, Professor of Music, • '
EGS leave to inform the ritizemt of pittr..
1.11 burgh and Allee., that he velll t.or room:or:mr
to an. Itt.trurtlops the NAN,. YttltTE Atilt VIULLK.
et, rrot.onsbln term.. Yur furthet ju,rtirt.alor. ,
11. Ii14:141C8 sltt•le Yo. 10111111.'4 rurret. rtkn 0.
Pew Coach Factory—AUgheny.
M. A WHITE CO. would It-
OPeettull: InOwnt the public Chet tr LIMP
.mO.. • oho°. Loral, betwe. Federal and Li:away
streets. The, al, now snaking and ore nfrper-4 In Prate
order. 1„.., no et, jrocriplluti of vehicle, ()Art.., Cheri... 4
Itarough.. Le- 00, winch, IMO eel ,
longperience, to the ...torture the obote eon.
and the ta.dituem the, lase, lb.-, feel mothlent.they aft
nark the 111041.‘gialle tern a f an
thnne ..uttng ortirle. tu their lite.
Porlug particulur atts.ntlon 10. the aelertinn Of fl.kerll.l4.
and honing wine but competent the hove pa
itenltettnn In orrAntlng thelt .ark. therefor, elk The
•1101311014 01 the nubile to thin matter
1.1 I•epair11014.100. (0 the Trot mann, and .a the
reofictuble tern.
Grindstones ! Grindstones 1
lOG AN, IVILSON & CO. 120 Wood
4 .4,...,11 ferateh O sehttut., i titer. pro tat thcrt
hitttett. sot else of lb« beet Itanetta tortntlettirmt. and pert
1,11111,15 e l se of
the purpttee• Ishethlt-ti—tiollsetetti
,Le whttrf.
A lull ....rlment of mall Pimn always on hand.
—No. WI Wad ...wt. avy1.1,4....1u11,
lb, 14411 11
10.1. anti
OAEst A IsLINU ED 1532„ by El/31uNT)
IVII.IiINS, No. 245 IL,
he-. 1 at Wad strwvt- Ittyt.thut,th, Itjt.
m„,,,,,,,,,..jutti%gut1...m t.tutt.
1..... 11.1ttle. 11,,, ( . 01111r amsl Itior Tom
nl• •1, • tat hautl la,' Ina& ltt rrdttr. nr 11,
. , t-401.....t hart It, ~,,., a ; ~,ty ~,,y,,,
t nr..• A AJAAN. ...1A.., at 4 , AA , AAA ..
flit tont ,
eT47(••T , .
'' ---
ITTIO ' I ' t
.1 J . I t 1 - --•
_ l. -
I .
r t• A ,--, ~.._
__: 7 _,.
......1 .1„, 1 . i 1
Ilat.. Llarmar t.taitr t :Ark rwrcao 1,3., tt 01,11.. •• .4 It., :, 1.,..,
44 ut. It..htuottt. .r. Lap , Jt tt. A.:, t......tirtlttl•el
John ,t , t.plo.r. It-ttivuh N W.... • tk.ttAttn , tt: 1 ,. ..
Jo h n
Latilt, tklutre, • 1,...
J. 11. riktwagtotagy.t.E•ll.. Hill A Cur:,, 4.,
Villutt Mr(24.lltto, Eq. lia - Iti tVim:eat. tict
Itfa,” MeEnl,4. EN. wm , n,,,,,0.,.. v..
n‘Fht: I, NI
S Seth's,. RM., A1...Mr., • ,
feels ...of, foe tbo "cry I:trial inilistits• re
y ears In fllle My. >ll se NM Ito
larrM an•l Eon S•tx awry...34S bk. ca." P.a.'s!
11..4.1.1 *laud... S. Troller.
tertc,r. Can-rty , .. c tr 4 itant ttreJt
ti re-qactiolly• Infr.tmaJ•J• triecJa aud •
andFn that be Cu coy rctuyiet.. tb. Nolo,
:nc.t etc , t , 1...t.....h<J11urn0tt , , e•••r mJc 114
411.1.2.• L. le , 1 :rnatse.l acnrl.l ,Dslit) wIAL
.41 fnca th. +a teCt ot •c.l 4E,
icacatartmrcac. t• •Eratld ri...ll.4.•xeranted tuna
tun, at tbe Wachs crl,a
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110 Ea. ritopt. P. priouga• Pf f ft. lb. mot..
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0.,. be 1.1 the gro..t •lorf vb,:pbonal of
furbilopo. fn. obrap.. . 1 4 1 1, . 1 o. 1 • 1 . 1 . 11
44.1 .1,1 go
that bour.o 1•111 1 ./ 11 11 , .• 111.
ft... Inc. 1,1... k. or llMAlliaolutrd ensr•Mily
11. Phri. 14.11 the odoso
Lao, /.1 bts 1.3 .` l,l l 1 . 01 / 1 1 . 11, 4• fa port, of h,. flock. wElbfr nobbou
booth tan y ol tt. i:441013
P,rLn, druandr. dining. and twal.Prodn'ehalro...l aver, -
runt', ttaynoundt nanruoat. EIMIIOIO.II and
alaaboaLon, apasnr•e„... aro RA, Clad, of ...arr.+.
criptkat. :ad., Tap...tarn an..l 1/drans Ow la..
truset. Ina? Armee . pa. talail: Tudia..‹ L• 1 „ u, and
laPae' part, Wrilma la.oao 'ann. ?Linde. (dirt lad,*
Naas La., viand, anuonotaude. and Lddlora.
pdp, ana/bnoran,. •nd nalnuf. tanti. and a... ta
-1,1,.0. • alatudnrd Manna lafllm all old, of Ma Mt..? lln o , ed.
and daral,ll, IL, berl /Ora mai, 'ant I,f:omA, 1..11 .ra
luttablern loraldonao .mad onallrisaals of rub a
e updramerad .td, and parka nonaptarm ,Lair., and a...valor) •cd Wet carWo.otio Lards.
en ,roana, anon.l ruts. hat atanda and mar.: ram?,
AO4 1,4. tar pairaad , jot..
=stunts., . ay./ IOLW ra'arl aldr.. 0^ Jae an.
' A tun. adourtropof I ,, rnmou l urrattue and 01t0da‘n
Chard. Cala./ ma.,” oupalp.J with all urs. lao In llddr
A et l r l a .fulolaa a la p prom N ?,.t ? t .
artta e r d nnpl al tho
. pt aor
o. van
ACME MARBLE WORKS, (extabliv.hed
I 16411 ny EDMUND WILKIN:I, Ac. 1,4 Lll..atl
or Wood gsrort, PR/min.:6 Ilononvut.. 111.1.1
VAnl4. iambs. L1...1•Z0n,
alwaro on hand, will um. lader.
The only real New York Plumbing Natal).
cork done on Seientitio
v Prin
"rii.., omt varrantood
Hog.* tad Mmi.:not Ptumhing. 10 .11 Ito brand.,
don l= gr4..=and Jl.p.ioL
Bp.:, 1.,
.... - ... ••
Vi art) Rani% , cuph , to• ••• • • , .
Wt.o1•111 or Iron
11 stet- Closet, encupl6.ll,
• ~ . , .
h..;uµ;,‘ Cou.l I run Viumb Tray... lint Atr
rutpur...., and Lal 171 M. furnfolled anti pot up at the
Litt, Purr, nnul liunlPurnpr. Ilpdraulie am, con•iant.
1p on beau!, and Put up at un, Memnon In thu pountry.
turptirtog punt.tuully art•odp.3 to. -
}ltYllit A Pt ILI: Y. IMI Firmt .1..
}7 2 1 tut.t.rven Wt..] •rul Marina ata
II Ail' AND 1IA31;11.E FORKS--125 loz.
Ilerper t Ceie eeleloratcel mid Slanuru Forta
r..ermd from the mentifactvrer li Nlat t l . MT i :z i emehm.
met., and tor sale L.
14 4i, 014.4.
Yrs IL..turo4 4 bcl4 - b 144,z1 Intriarin value, tb,a kirk.
" """4".";,!;'
xl.lO ronmst4 Era hibilutt 1. 4C4,
" 21 i
?DO " 12 by 22
' " 11 by 24, 14 by 32. 14 by 04. 2 , 1
by 41, 11 by 13:
/AP bile Pend. ..rn , rn ltr.w Paper.
700 " Media
340 Ited ns
hun and Sinai& Crown nog.
The undcratanal keepe etnortyntlY hand and MY
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Ruin'. Cap, LAU, Hardware, aul Tea Itonlnd
Also—Felting of all 41,1. Inc paper Millillfarturon.
Printing Pape, mad. 4. ordered elont
corner of Punta
-• • •••••-- ... • •• •
I . COLV IN, 11,111 • Merchants
17 anJ Drairra In Dry (MM. Drrworint, limn and Nall
mtnar 41 Walnat arropt and ,
Wulonata, Turntdk•
J. Wilson es Son.
lILVIIObESALE and ratail manufactu-4
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Note elw Dream roll tot ou all pltrt. of tho Uolon
Inuoht Fold oo foliNikeT
For lifaver County, and adjacent Counties,
FriiE SUBSCRIBER, haring been located
for acme two ymra howl Its the hollri.M o ft Borough of
how Bright.. andreehlonl ft, twat. tb. teelte rennin...A
In the t.h.tult, of the tame, end damn. thnt hie ap
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VIVE hate removed to our wareroome. No.
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to two on hand % eumnlde sisortment or eastern sod our
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Swan oil cloth end Lug linen, WILliOlll WA from.
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Crest refuel,. .•
In addition to thee &beer, to ever, onletantly landfull nel: el huhu Ituhter utsehltuo
p.m.. WI., Header• ledtee and gentlemail
Wore. teregal• iii lutetltut of all Male, surd ere - Mother
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, ere > offur at P ilaitierezzver
CIIESTER, Mefcliant, Tailor and Clo
P t.
urlieular at,
Chester's Emporium
EN'S WEAIt, embracing every article
I n
W..—ltoya emh+l for • genta await. Worl W mnamM
raotrti; price. commenguran• •lIIL y the times.
Wm' from 24 the
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fnrul•he.t with • c.mplete outfit AL lb.. shorten notier:
VAX , 10111 Clothing on lion, A 1.., lloye
Clown, Stispen4rr, IlAndlLerehlth, /W.. Wolter, ! , eIL,
St. WA pawl) L. ,
nov•I I iimithtivld rtre,. nen, •InAmond
wr"v Es. which tve«ived Ma Mat prize for P , f4. arid
/. I, at the Agricultural Fair,. of Allegbaby County. Pa .
and r..tntrirndrd by pp•suppi whn hay. 0.. In Ilia
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or P . 4, 1,, ‘ , l broutift
A laraa Mock of all the. kende l ly usi.. Ilalry Pototet I
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Th. Michlwan Double Plowth I. • two . Want Plonet e
that ha. talken the prennlove eit the Stat. fairs of Uhl
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Allawhyny County. for 1,51. It ham I ran bled, anon,.
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beautiltsla , !l ' 4 O OLVlVZltntsl for vie,
PATENT call t 1 ED RULLb,
J C. Parry Phterot Chilied Kull.. A1,0,' Itoll.g. Mt
Ca...ting. tondo to 4.r.lar.
Patent K.lttlet , for Svaß, Pot Ash, Sod. AA, a.
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11105 awl NAIL!, all al .4101 ar. nff, at the rerj lowa
J C. 1(1(11? CO
1,17 r
TWinvhanVePreutimn Churn:
•I)ATENTED, June 19. 1+ 4 49. Great Ems
omr To.. and Leon. —Th. underdane,l are man.
tbw...trim: the ate , ve Chum. of Itockinahatn Ware, and
eer are nun int .a at then. watehou, mtner of !•Irth
4.4 Li lrn,. .(tee , I ht. Chum ha. r.r , irett lb. pn.l.
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Wham/. • mutt rr,analy took tb• premium at th. F al/ yl
the itn.tteau Institute, N.. Yuri,
urei WooDlcAlt1). FILAK ELY CO
Law Notice
JHAVE reautned the Practice of the Law,
nue a..,,te my w hole usni. arul a...zit/on V. It.
P nartnorshin nlinn fnrint rli I•tt-il twtanili 11.
nni., tam+ pin,
bl kLaltip.l has, 11. 11.1.11170 N.
1,, into part., ',bin al.ovio,inittifir
frlnnt. ft. 11A3111'0N.
11.-I. 21, Ifisl.—!ntil.ria,.'m-S
To Printers
APHINTINO OFFICE, nmiAy surplind
.06 tion..ory ola I.r de. a OrM rt.
.6 and Jot. Homo., Mt Mo. tut, ,I.,,,,rtLet thr ✓
ompbrkt few.. Cl tl.. rmtnluo.. gr.,' .111,1, herr`,
frrrd for owl, no toatoriols an. All in good orkr, •ti
mktly if.. and . tb. , ovu encourt tu t0 , .1.
bo rob! wory wort, IDit 11,ot wait:, on armor.
tortnK. Th. onkel. ma leprniva - .lncb
treldomocrort , kor totrticubon art,lr st thl•clkst.
A,i I ALL FASHIONS--.Just received
:. al do. Aare Mr. A. LEI:(11. Nr.
et b...tom for Ingtoo.tion on Thur,lar und
irolo of 1.1. tr 'reek. • Arr. you yeti DOW • fount/-
NI ..nrllloon. or an rot!, n o ow idyl.. ot Straw. YAtio
SA, Idt. &mt.., cad Trltoolk.,-..t Itio 4 ".
+oilrbll hr Mu...A.6n.
. • . .
ebilArraN IT-moots
n , Och stsl hlano.ful
Patent Shingles.
FirEIF. SIIINGLES made of Walnut, Pine,
awl Cho ttn.t, with Improval I , hin:le 11.
e. nreirc.l the Er. rrenuont tla• loot 1,1? AM.
f4l74`llf.V.;2; i tit'pr,"';: h ;•%,ll'2
Data can mat. 10..otar .11.tnaa. tor Jar. Iran the bltrtt
at sus kind el Ihnior tlat crt , r-..autrt It
Furth, Informal ..4 1... i... .aa t..t.ll,,rt
te-t: .111. tirti...110t.1.,...rn.c Foot. lan.lllr.utt.a...
1 111.11111:1.L
H. D. King,
b.1.011N at. IN, bl.b•tt trelto.l rate,
tretArclual. N ough: .0
r.trblito Eapt Wr.t 1-16vht en I
Ant!. and n1..1.133
ivicreims, of tha beat Eng-L
U P .Iflntt
arv..ry• mumr.turrnt..•
Nr WWI, in .0011.nt 1.,.
Pilva Laver Wialrhol, fr,n, alto tio
w,reit nErAIIITNI/ r....rtui, In 11.• ln,l in•nuer, It
in. b, .1,1107/
Pall Goods.
Y &E Nortlicamt
1 CO tut.Foarth y
an] Iv,. y.u. vi
,n.. 0.•. tllleAa.u ,.
WA a.
CIAMIr !teary
111...• pus
1 , •••-•
pet Fll.bu Ner,. 1
11.41.e.1 4,1
,Ina r .•,/ 6..1 L.. ‘1 I.
..! IVY w• Om'
Splendid InelruntPuts.
9.1 i F. kLnr^,h. r hn, iliSt nr. i rd itm•ire
Cisr). ntr. , 4 , A AA+, n4f PiAnnv. mad., ny ono.
•r 4 • 61..1111,0151 14111 01i, wer•et A,A•• awl
Nun.. A 1.1.01 In, inottAn.,ll..r
tn•: &IA •A, ~nonQunewl 1.• pn•
nA.AA• . a V , rlt 111. nunnt L.., and /AtAt 'An
Ayful ..and 1 . 1.. t.••• y•L A,Anntactannt lo gtila rout., --
Ann oAtyrAl At.,Asn I.lln nazivnaal. t u•
I•T• hann. .Tl. -...r1itE„,..„.
, I t • kr•••1•1••0 ILrp. N. ,
N It r, ~•••• 1... r•-••• ht.... ...1.,t0.11y
ml•sen,.r tn•rn ••”1:1••• • arr.!. itevl
.• .r t• ..FL, • •er wt II K
Fall and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
1)111 GOODS.
w0 . u ., 141 rn ; :t re,cpeot- .
so 110. 1.•011cni•r, 1.• lartr .•ra• aO.l
•Ine-11 • • 10w.1.., ..11 and winter
•0•.1, • 011. 110n.1 rr rr 11.0 any am, Lar. e,•r
loro ner..l lie 10. r. 1.A.1.-1.1,11(0/ •
1.•1.• Ilrnan 11.4.1ina 'nlol lAna ron•lmo•nr.A•oorl..
t.l-- I.r. • ktnnal..r.r...j ..0 a•A Innen. Illant•In
1. -1 Prints,
1 111 1 I wan., /1/0 11erin.....
111 WM. 14.1•11,. 1 - nrAln•ltaal. l o l .ll. - 11
111, •• 111 . 1 • 1••• InArrA..., all •
.1 Orr.. i. 111 1 ,11 •. 1 1 1••••• 1 rIAli 1.110-1,
p•'nalanvto. -arton. tort 040000.
mak. 1.1. 10. 100 Frown Ea
11.0 • ••••11n.n.1., So Fon, .
r ll
• Al..n .A Croltluert..
111 •*-• pro a 01.1 tow den 1n...0,
11 J•au. " annalnl.
'nava, -Arra
1.,r, latnal its Dr;
•..n 01 11 •1
11,7 M.
, D o 1111" Legg tD. inform his friend,
m tl,.t h. 4tacirlua h 4 Urt poop},
ef FALL AND WIVI'EIt remprlattig nruat
nor thing that le fiatlaionarte. Ced , and nee, foritenti ,
men a wear It !wont; utterly iiiiyeeeiLle dearrila the
inel eleinner or Ihto•tyle snit patterns or Ma Val
/atto•re Leatimea.or, the aut-re rqualitr 1114u0 . 0.,
It.. on , prii hop., that ail au , . to Intriginetrien,
article to he tine rill , isn mi earl, cell.
on hand, the iartmat, hest manor/vett...Al t _ apil meat huh.
lonahin +welt ClettrlllNll in the oily,
all which mill be et the very Warw. tine*. Wm
It nry an.l all Rim parch...
lae t raly, note 1.. thetr ...dean... examine
the rtie.6 le.f• re ritu.i.e. ita they .ill me. with derli
del harcnin•
a.vert ante. thr Tailoring Hier Mule l
n the
wont faialiLinatile it, le at theTleirteat ~,,, Le
A brat rate SiOriaman ranee! immehateli. reol 3
_ _ . _ -
irarrAnwe—Ni, Muriel ntren, P,itnTur, h.
TISERT WINTER k CO., having token
Um above vorka , will manufacture all klaida of Them
ea.. /Rod r; re, ICineilteie dc
VV.Z . ,;l:trnrl•ttat • keel...T . ewelualrely to the
kiste-elery drierlotion t Lind ICOR tI4 TTIJ,.
rne t Zri ' r.7i n „ ( t u lZ
they Imps, :A 1 .0:11:10 1111.1‘11,, Pa ' rlt
of tiatrenage late been tither 11111.11{{ilar{0.
Th, to 1111 ail vie artier. viol! whieh
their fcendo and the 1.111.11, its 1, - 111•4.1,1 ma) favig them.
no minute nriatif.r.
Choice New Tea, and Foreign Fruit.
Ito rheao awl half die.. .rd.. fu.r kirlibl Af t4..0n end
blank Tem.
700 linaen or. hunch ralitior;
to th' ti ‘ lT ' ;e l :l l l•T: l rall i t 'i n ta n'
iv r
aa bor. ne new Mamma tic,
/WO aroma luta, ha.;
faun, box.. prone.;
lu Wile. }retch plume.
Alr., FT.?. apple, citron p.l. orange awl lotion va4
died. ..dine, rermeeelll,mareamnl,cora 1111011, Ae- Re..
all of whlrts are now ./11111, la • one low %turn for etch.
50 blf. thr.dl. Y. 11. Imp. b bia Ilecket'A Faidn. '
and U. P. Tin 1 431. Niro Elnur.
31 ebeate Oolong, and Chn 10 bse Sa .
la. Tit; 1, ha. Imulil4,
E 0 1f10.1),..n And Black dn, 31 ban Mat Ca 10.11410
to 1.1.1. N. 0. Nurar. id 1.... cp. rin do,
..M had. WO And erust.,l 10 his No 1 ChnoulliC
Naar. 5 Into 133e , 00 nod Broom /0
40 01s ...Id Tol.sta,s bss Attic. flinger.
-31 51 Ilavaus and Cubs 0 ham L.. lidwaa 51ust'd:
Cigar , 150 relit One dairy Bali;
75 bp. lan Cori, C4l Its. Blothw Plri;
15 bgs Lagoa) on 1 ,k Maddxr
IP his lild not Joy*: 1 1,4,..n 1...11gp:
fall ham 11.1... Sus% ' 10 r.I.A Pots<bi
5 bat 1'...1i1r de, It. Olt No 1 A 3 Marken':
b has Palm 2 Almond ft 31 idaa 5 0 *X 11 Moles:t. 4s.llAb4tit's Snal.Pwdr. ; 111 kVA llinuiAl Std. ,
..: bl , 05 1',.., an; 1% Jo. lid 00000
5 bay Corn Starch; to 0... ems 8r00n.4
Al.. Nada, 11104, It ORA 1....0.1, lotion Vittn. rh01.....1.
Soot 141101.5, J. D. AV ILLIAIIII
nc2,l tintilleaft emu, 11.....1 Nod Nth as...
English & Bennett.
WHOLESALE (i ItOCEItS, Commionion
MeT(116111,1 and deals., In Prrodon , and Plttaborgh
Immufarturca—No.l37.l3. o -ond rt.aml 1511'13st odd o , talaan
NV nod and bmlthhe'ol Pub , burgb, Pa.. L.lO u band
and 0111 mmHg 1110 folionlbs, uml., arbleb they OM, for
intle nt the Inmost market run,-
140 tom , . maul' .1 Tohturo, :MO law•
lOU W e bIL lump, 140 Young 110ren
Ukruo 0 Grist Solauxo. , 01.1.
. ynoe One cut cboving do 61.1 bbd. N U. 3ugar,
10. " , ut„ 01.103 00nolang 10,0 bblo 0101,0101,
40 31 Half 33 , 01.thhLYaa., W 1 1 .1/.
11.11 P 31.011 ., l• 400 bog. Nall, all'lol star*.
l• Havana 1111 box. 3,1/010311 G.,
Mamma .1 .100 lbo asluratu,,
00 bade. A Imo 4, Filbert' , 0 0 03 0 , 00.0d 0 ,
E. Walnut, ern. nute - 30 aGko Alum,
00 baonad. ll murm l Gndy , M 1 0n , b nonu lnd4•
00 040.,Tumato Cabaup, Panay
" B , llm, 11ould A 1/In Candice
b Lbductfre: bbl,erackrn,,
140 dramaFlgs. 21 ligroin
100 bola. H. H. Ealdlno, 0,0101 11,03,011ruzbed
1.11/ Ondlnd 3pfcm, 140pkgo pd. and 0 , rimk ,
300 matn1),0010. Bbl. fast !Wt..
wwt , re Mal , .
00 bug, 11,111 to Ormdlnugar,Cotton VandG Boffins.Osn
03,1 Punta r /Lao.. 0 dlooton. on) Corset Ong.
ocl [Sournal rops.l
Prrresclo . i‘pr.
• •• to 'Krauss
UOItxJ Stat. 4 ....... 117 - 1 )5 '
Pomo Pranin 10,,s 145 Int-..lanaJuly
10,. 0, 100 14, !tit. M
311,01 > Co. . • ..- UV lure Nor
o ouP. lOU iitt do
Do. .•• too 00 ' "do
Pittsburoh Oily Ina, too 07 , lot lop &July
Do. 0001,0'4, us VI
ray 0 . 4 • ' 1.1 b 0 14 lot Ma O
y l:4o•
lbo. cou.l.l', lu.) 401,, DS 1 J 0
uotit erocra.
Bank or Pli.tnbutgh. L.)
IlerchootA'a !llama fio
!Adm.°, •••.• 60 01 N . , Los,. Ju
Sooritg. Boni •
Monona air St. riohr .
.•F lul 1 11, MU 4 14 et
Cl J
Hand Ht. Isrklo•
Nortbero„ r y ,
W illiamsport bride,
ivoal,loll. • •
WetAtfqll I ratt. ... I 1 12 t•ov 14,1-
luAuruoco . . • Inv
Agtmoetat..l Plrtioisn'o '”
4.,Dl' ' a met
L. `PP
lake • ... 4Pt: 0.6m0
RUE.auen, 1,10,111.1174.1 i.
naa. de
Plltabarph la %Porta.... I.e 6 „ 6 ,
Illunotutte 6”.
Tuudhso al bonv alac Slarkaratrknater
Per:natant:ad kall 47 7 .
ohto Penn'. Itall Howl 6, 771 .
141 t, flblo f.O
Cleveland in It 6.
Marine R. {S.). Pry ikaek lob le; Ai.. per pod
IPay'ette !donut ..... 6 , 6 „
Erie Canal Band, tnkl/ • lOU lte
Turtle I•rerk Plank Hoed
Mira. Pernewllle Pk lid
tireenetnt. Turnpike
Charttera Coal , z r
,ChtJul, (..\r c
North Avneri,l3 . ... .. IT ... N. dicta
North IV r.rt - ¢ . l. - \
3rmi ear .... ,
Nureta ..
l'ilciburiah ic 1.6 Itoyal... .. ~ ...
Ohio lalwit.,,l
ohiq I hi, 11... n. ...... .... ... 1 , .... t s ~,,,
Anne I
rb,l by •IS. Wining hitt.lborame A..rrbatiott an
Strrk VAlrbsng,P.
i:tnic 11.1u.a. ,0,411 r.., Sept Is
I.ttla • II :.4,43 00 .31E4 lur
1.1) I
7:4 '
Zo to
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I W Z:o 00
A 14.4,1,11 . .
Nortb 11.,arr ot..
.mh I 141.4
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r 1 I 6 1. 4
:!4-... 1 ; ' . ‘"" 44 :; 4 44 ‘. 4
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4 P
tt '., 4 2 L.
1. tt f I I
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I. 41L1 II 5e.:14.41•ry
ce.u/sneo DuIT tea 004 rrm.r.1....t.r,.. IT
N. IiOLNIES SI el/NS, fh%k.ik ,. .Zfl.
A'.. St 1/.1024 •2./...tw00752004141 41+4,2.1`,5. Itun.-ra.
I'E.NNFVL \ A 5120., 1114444 h al Al ilk. I
thmt ef nramwr.L..-„..Tll , ran , h Kt 1%. .r. -......._-10
i...x..L.c.r. 44 .444i1444ch ot •Zt.'4l
11 , r 4,1 1 / 4 144 ..2 to ,par.lira4rl, .1 • 44.44 4•ta. --IL
H...• 4.4° , 14..4 4 4 -..4.•• I,lt, Li 444. .1/ moil. 4,i...._.t.
L 5.... L+1 , r 41 .:4.1t1 1. 4 . 444 , 1 - ,....11 , ,,, auu, ,io.
4L444 ..r!....•1n 4 Ltt, t 4.4 , 1.4, V 444 44 1 1 .54 . \ tt.
r.: ' ,:t .11 : :• . 1 . 1 . 1 , !..: ' ,1 ' :,,o :!:I ' , l ;t l : ' f.:;.: • l '. : " ,; . i . is••\ ,',. ' . ' t.
..02 10. C... .102,4 11,4,” 1t...1,. it..nC, . ..s..
~m.“ 1.: 11.45 ot I:4 444 r 11442 41 514..•41444-, . \ In
44,414, 4 44.1.44 i • 4.14... r email N t.:4• ... ..'. .14
Mrsr.! list. . . l a , NViv FLNiILAA.I,
hru.ln,L.nll44l, 4405 4111.1..`1 Illr.k• ....-.. . 1
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1 . 4•14a1.14h1a 1,44 . rt
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Itabk 1... r• • .11,12.1 •Ifl
0111 r- , 14..01
1•••14 l • t.1..11 fmrl
I wry, ••I . 1
f lat, Lf..l . tsant.n. -
f pai •
11.6.4 ff.l‘l..irai: I ....11. , lista.. %%fp...
flak 4..111%4. • M., h ,Bauk
If•nlf • f I!••rtt. TI• Atom
\11.•[••••••1, C.. I , •L'a p n r lartir.ftn• '
. _ •
itan nal 4.
11+u lullaut
Ht • WO, .4. tur lu ~tn.
nat., Dank 'Y
\ I. ....trig .
Farm.. lit 114, lik .40.. 41 of 4.
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It • r I - I ElAtalA.
Kt NI lA, A In. • Ilanttust
11..4 I Nut of
Cant I Au•u4l4 I
tuuK. .1
Hank.. .
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Haul Y.r 111 •
Hank eof Knntuel/ '
tt Ilk ..1 Knntucti
~ /k Balk It 411,401.1t1.
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0,, Ain.* . . . .
AID et tkate of utpantri i
ollt , lI.LINVIY.
Oil. I.t• neck . I mate Bank and btatele.--/N1
Prore , at Akron- . ... .48, il.ll 4 'I Illinois . . ..... .--16
lir anet at Athena - .4Le II ~A.AANSIN.
11,.,.,, .I ll,,Llgeton ..11 , lartne & rte. lAA Cu ,Aka M 1
Itrar:li • 1 1%111041e . 4.. A1it...11104N.
I;rauel, at Clevelatm./ Yu- I.r, W•Ch3011011' 11.1(8 a
rrauch at 1. , 1et. . .. ,In,t).eerntuent .stoel. Dank. .3
liraneh at Layton .....
. 8 Went nmalar Bank. -. ..... ... .2.
Planet; . lAA...a .. ....'lnatirmacrt.. , 3
1,4, .. i `Out:olw. ... rlortzto Hank a
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Itrabel. at ,nl , lll . . .. - --do Ilk of H. Y. Alaftl,,Tcrootof,
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The lirdol, i'maltdes of Lower dismal, N.
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Slurps, Palem kluoda. New Alvaaralrta, and Intli
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Thumlays, aral Patients). et 5 P..; d?arta 51 4 ralarA
5Y eeln.m.Lye Wed Fliday, al 7 A. S.
BeettsMus.—hr Uturyetam's /tall,.s3rderrille, and Mo.
ratahelo City. Arrive" .ruradadA. nredard. at r•n.:
pm, Wedusedaya and Skturda). et A. W.
Unlntero...—By Buchanan, street . • km. 51 aiawart•
Cad Vallee, Iglleabethleru, Gamble', R stn
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no. Cemkatow. ha r t 1.11445,,, Clip, Middle•
ton, pa. Arrives Sunday. nod Ile.elneeday. at A. a.. de.
Mte Mondays and U
Unmoor, NA..—.lly alkeee Neldeetna. Cando,
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Bethany, a. Amer.. .louder. and Thur.-day', at 10 S. my
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• •
v, xiis,sura\ • t
- a
We giv `below a foie Sultlltiottal extra,? from
1 Kossuth'e peeches in aqua. \
tth Peace at.WeettriOD ;
1 Other also 401!ts couldave supported 'he .
, Hungary, but a rse of the Pe. ce Bocut s ty is mei
oily 'obliged to \ support it, if this logical,mseer a ,
tainly it is; if it ie thing to ite"cept the rotrlP
,lions of its succese, s certainly linnet , [Hear
hear.] Get us takes ;. to conside *on the mode
Of pence; for imstan • man is kht out of his,
IMuse, what shall we d \ ct with regardln the prid
ciples of the Peace As o intion7 Nlitot he try .
to convince by blowe„ N 1 aye the prineiple, th at
would he encouraging , a ciple of writ's, and
that in wicked . Vilt\st is t e to be done; To
surrender? I believe \ that o Id be eqUalltim
p l. would be papish . ne pillar °raw°
o p f ro th e e r'- so ' cial order, whilst it ' 4 6 1: be oppo%l
•to the instinct of self preserve " which 9
has given to the rest of the ,wo RA No man?,
whatever society homey belong *ill give his
ward to keep the people out Oftheirvernment\
It must he coneidered , th at themin le pf non'
renistonce is a different thing fo that r .peace.
The despots of Europe rely on, their force of
arms r And would they ever abaiitlop t t pow
er:' [Hear, hear.] Throughout hinter there
was not a tyrant who wan net opposed to hose
institutions which were for the developmen4 of
liberty. Of course for a nation in the' hap y
condition of England, with its liberal \inelit•-
floes and its public spirit—such a country , o
. course, never would require recourse to \aims
for reforms. 'elms a guarantee of ,progri4S, 'in
its moral force. „[Hear, hear.] Cot althoitgh
\ England does not how require the fares of arms
'to effect its progress, it was necessary in the ter\
elution of IWO Therefore, I confidently , affirm
tht it is on liberty anti }unlike alone that peace
can\be permanently based. (Cheers.), 'As to
the principle of the Peace Eociety, as a,Chris
tian pirinciple, none can, shore more heortily
. than myself in sympathy for it. What ir, the
Christian s religion I Ho I not ' , read the angeli',
words, “Glory to God in the highest : pence on ,
earth, and , good will tp men?' Pence to tou r- •
dcrera : lt , would be`the enicide of society, and
that is not C' mien. The secondgreat Christian
principle, “Th ii shall love thylneighhor as \thy
self, and do un others ss,thou wiehest others
to 16' unto thee.' \ Now, if, anybody sees a mur
derer come and phll his neighbor's house down,
would it not be required by that principle that
ha should go and help him : And it matters not
to Whateociety you `belong, your neighbar is
The Saviour has said. Than shalt Q uo the neigh
bor as thou wouldnt do to thyself.\ I fiud, too ,
\that it is a Christian duty to glee \ a neigh• , .
heir what belong, to him, but li i; not a ught by
the Christian religion to give what does not
belong to him—the freedom, inanki Is
not that Christine ? The ae4nd prin ciple of
thin glerioim association is that of non-in ede
m., lei' foreign matters. This is preclV
what I admire. lam not come to,entrent E .
land to hike up arms for the restoration of Hun
gary. I Rust England will go' on. \respecting\
and maktng respetted the sovereign right. of
every nation \ to dispose of its own affairs:—•
[Loud checri,j This association is notatit'Eng
lish trisect/Allan only ; it is an association for
the world. It it not for England only; ititifor
the world, end tfierefore,l confidently trust there
to not a Musk member of the peace association,
who would say, - .9,1 r, this crisis of tho desh
niee of mankind exists, but Englund will not
mare about it." That is not the principle of the ,
peace association, it minuet he its -principle.—
((litters i Public opinion is limited to where `
it can net, and if publiesopinion should be pro
nouoced bedorehand, as the rule of every poesi
ble exigency, then the Emperors of Russia and
Austria Might reign, to spirt of the public °pia
con of the world. I declare that although I MO
'for peace, and it natio. tif\ Europe are for
peace, we want peace' net in tag prison—[hear,
hear,] and peace there cannot l'g so long es the
material welfare and moral dignity of oppressed
nations sire sacrificed to the iv:Libido:: of families
—wlong as the entire of the gove nments of a
great pert of Eoeope ran he summed up in one
word—'The people pay because soldiers and
'spies are to be kept In servitude.', There is
no pear's for the beadsmen in prison. 'lied his -
4 o ti or-el:teed this fitifworld to be a prison \ to h i .
manite. l'euee can only be founded upon the •
craf‘entraent of notion, and that content eat
is a fruit whieh io no other garden than liberty
growl\ \tr'heeis 1 It 1.1 a calumny—it in`el-
I most a \ injury. b. therm. the people that it louts
disorder, and looks tor thiorder and strife: A
have„theitembis and thotriatabhere. and had iee,
Itirmitigham;without a' single roolier to keep ,
' order, iirohl lave never seen greater order than
here. iln every point I fin I the principles of „
the peace ev.)nmation 'identified With my wishes
and wants , \ ,
'N. \ er 111150 TON„
1 \ The eta, of Wilshingion is honored and icro
nfortal in- hiatork, clirrometoneeii, the curious
i pik- of Idle, the fielta of the past hate ordered
I .t tfitir the glory ar l‘it Dame Ira+ acquired in op.
I potitein to the looses. 'et Enclaud. and to tee
I:Nth:lid:nen in lione line English hearts, ae•
knowle'dge the worth of ttintmeme:ie thethlghest
tribute sr the principle ok Freedom, the high •
eel prookof your elevation vf sentiment. Out
of those Sqtunente„ which,in\England bath riDit
honors tlic!patne of Wa.hit , igtap, it is impossi
ble that the Ilreedeto of the world will norarrive.
'That is the like I wish to tee , reitiired, and with
\hot hope in ut breast,-I teerknotT, if possible,
encouraged to 6 on, eneourrice4in`my condom,
new ti of the Jurflfe or God, etiMmraged iu the
resalution of noyiVf and my peow,i r d. in the
righteousness ~ f ky cause and 'll.l \ the confi,
deuce' , that I may t,et ere toy fatlierl`a n d the,.
and I hope, independent, by the inighty \ pretec•
tion and by the •91nprilltlet of the gie . li,t English
people, which are erutioVied together. , \
The last extract we tokkte day from tlie .
Inge of this Truly- great man% i 3 the following l/t
-tie address to r n number of T.nglish Ladies ehq
presented him with a copy of ;he Bible.
M. Kossuth said—l thank y'dp.. I take itfor
no merit in my life that I am a...religious mans
not for any merit , of mine, tmetwcanse it is a
necessity to every egntest and thitrking man, and
because it is the most rich and fruitful source of
three sentiments and' hose feeling:Awl:lA lead
to happiness in this world and bliss i&the world
to come. I shall value it bocarme I tuk't4 religion
\to be the most rich soitree of that coaplation,
Which I have wanted so often in my life. ~Being
a teligious wan, and loYMIse religious, well
anenemy to superstition, intolerance, and fiikati
clans, as on the other baud, Ithe friend of flee
dem,. I readily confess that it is from this grkit
book that I have learned thelprinciple of lovitig
my neighbor as myself, and strength and cone.
age to act in the great cause which ktotalways
been theguide of my life. 2tidge frotikkhis how
1 prise this gift to me presented on the part of
some ladies, and of which &copy was also pre
sented by an honourable worging man to my wife
at Winchester. This, sir, will remain as " the
choicest gift I hove received.
The Examen ladronsor.—Our readers bare
been informed that Kossuth speak. the English
language fluently. Ilow'be acquired a know•
lodge of it, is tbue explained by the New York
Herald: •
' , Having been consigned to imprisonment for
3 yearn for disobeying the edicts of Austrian
Government, he applied at the end of one year,
for the use of h00ka... , Ho was offered the choice
of one—provided it ,was not of a political char
titter. He asked for three. The request was
granted, and he selected the English Grammar,
Walker's Pronouncing Dieijoruiry and Shake-
preen. thy attentive atUdy of these volumes, he
mastered the English language before the term at
bialmprisonment expired,, Such a man is Eon
Guth—the great Magyar Iforo—and the idolized
of Hungary.
DISTIUSSINI.). —We learn that owing to 'the
wesok of vessels no Lake Superior, laden with
supplies for the miners, a famine, has occurred
in that region—so that some 30 teen, women,
and children started from the iron mlnee,through
the woods, for Badeooutic, a distance of some
tin miles, with a foot of snow On the ground.—
They were out three dayirand au tiered terribly
A perdue, of them have arrived in tbie's.ity by
water( (hie poor woman, it is mid, clung to a
tulle bible in nor posseshion until she wasubli
god to drop it through sheer exhaustion. .The
children were nearly fiexen. They ore Well
worthy at !the benevolence of our
Xi/ranker liiirconsin.
We learn lky.a gentlemen from the Sant that'
the alsigemg*d been good then; same days be.
fore be left, and the weather wee winter-like
There were some 8,000 to 10,000 barrels bulk
o f supplies tor the miners on Lake Superior still
at the Snot, with no prospect of their being nett
forward until next spring. The prOpellor Man
hattan was compelled on her last trip to land
some 000 barrels of supplies designedihr Onto's.
ogan at Eagle Harbor, for the want of \Harbor
improvements at thb. month of. the On H ogan
river. It was expected_ at' the Haut that\ work
during the Winter would hare to be suspended
et q number of the miters for smut op, supplier,
end"rhe men would. be compelled loose e e
country or starve.
It le , . Cigna. to out gurernmpt that rue h
state o things shotdd be slowed to eilet In the
\ Lake guperior counry, as for the leek Of a
I ithip cartel three quaiteranf It mile in . leng,th at
I d ie Sal# , ! Millions on millkna are annually
spropriated forsthe tit of commerce onto
set. \ , outAhlle the HartiOn , inatilen of thtl
inter= aretentirely neglected by egrets. sife \
trust \t e meinbers who 'reiresent the great*.
ternalsc mmgle of the wintry will of consent
to rotea ollir, for light 12013/0 at tho Atlantic
coast, eser. in\coor--* -4 th , a libel* West
tern River 'eve ti , . Whig
;Administr and \Riser
li,PPrtpriat l i on of Con
loses shot tneasurt\ of
juNeo to 1 it 7:.f le
West.—Cl • ‘
't GlVki
\ Bo saidta entered the
bar-room r s to : the bar
keeper. .• usatehinip .10
hur nmy
It air. t t I.,
„dentip s as iti• wit
ticism. I'm, as e -,„ ...,s, ti looked abort-the
om f the em eof approbition. And yet
Ora wa a - eneer the tone 4 . \ the request like
theVe \rs
er o eme field from the psf,\ for the speak, -
ena d all 's aseocikes well - knelt:that the bar
keep was a rofessertif rellgiOn; dud they knew, -
too, th t he li duet thas„pologythakbe wassonly
the bar- eaper, hired toNeerforni at eirsice about
which: \ p Onall,T, he might have \tustinorpplea,
for be staatheiwner of theliotelah Wags bar
keeper in 1i a drisithat the3iktiew wlesaot waxit
ieg in sense h' IgoVit of the great the and" !.
rousing:or:pea)s that are belie pours fokth on .
. a subject of tonMsnruce.- \ ..... \`‘.
To this "wan was intir wed thkeall, "Olen apt .
so. ething to harden heart!" 'kid he keep ,
wh woe Meant, and to .dotni a decay sr bf , ' --- - -- ;
\ i
brani , and 'hooded I \ to ho a p, or,_thit he,
alghtlelp himself. ; And he di so, a o id , ,- -
s . udde passed. oier \unei I thought of 'th t `,..
e ressien of tha•Saiihr, rr o"l'l4cibe wort • '‘,
bec use o offence t! it Uentet
.eds helhit
fences\ao e; but woe to thaa \ m a by sfahmthe
tom thi" ' \ 1,. ' `I,
om Ung . hordensdhe he " . las, too true
el f
'Af sdescnpapn f what\tbe• e sk -ha:the
other ge`oel, Wsyond question, i ha ened the •
the hearts., .of Flo th—ofthe one agni to drlnV
and. again theneeint religion, and agtdd \to : make . ,
light. of the Yearfallact that his awn s h•Ort was\ - ~,
baidSoed, and fearfully:bardenitietir \raN; and , .
of the 'other, -
to \ smile \epon the one thaiitiftlted \ •
alike`himself and his prafeasiontif rifle: l / 4 14'5nd \
to eeil, his principles, and . his self-reepecti.luid ; -A
bie con.„.e., all\ for It paltry',, price .4 . : the . \ ,
glass that purchased. ' \ \'. - \ - \ l ,
Sowthinp . :(o Sardra the ee‘ort! Wimembiteit;
young man; and toucllof tfideociaVglus. lid - ; 1 .
memebr it, .pirent, - an permit not your child , . • ,
- and invite not your friends to partake . ht it. Be - .
Member it, ye dealers , who for filthy hilre; are
pouring out the tide of death, and hardening a
your own hearts and thoslyoni, vied*, •for
the juirgment. Reinemberit ye friends °Qom- .„ \
perance, and see, in the nab of it, how bleasid ' k \
\4 \
is your work, by which you ma keep the het • \ ',\
of thousands tender, • and ea • perhaps- th • \ \ \
, \ ... _„ i
souls from death. ', • \ ~,..•: „
' i . ..',
S. VI dA ing to harden the heart! . What the BO 9. . s
er asked for is sot the only thing that . 111 do 1. ", " . \
l'oo may harden your heart not only by the Ili,'
toticating cup,. but in a thooeand other tetql, \
By neglecting the Sabbath, the sanctuary, the ' \ -
bibi - by profaneness, or lewdness, or falsehbod; ..
• \
by c tiro away that tract, or disregsrdiug that . \ ; \.
friend expostulation; by forgetting' father's \ 's,
counsel \or a mother's; by going within the limiti...",•.V .
of temptation; in a word, by trifling with ion , •
._ \ \ --..
dmieuee, - or truth, or Ood's Spirit is any form;
by any or 41 these things, you may harden your .. • \
heart, and 'hal yourself over to death. .
toOarden the heart! Tremble at the . \
thnight of anything that:shall do so -fearful .a \ •
works ; and ratimoaeek for•that which may setae, . \
and sidulne, and melt your heart in penitence at ••' \ '
the ernes, \ and prepare it for duty and heaven.
PARKS, Designer and Wood.
1540Aver,Idlo /IAII, Third street, Gino root Ogee.
..rr. mom!. rArnortrully Inronno tin:palate that tie
•L. proononl to Areourn InuLls of Leolgolan And Wood
Ener.vlng, ouch . 1.1 \pens of Building., rfloolobenta, and
IlAchinAn`, rocon.l..Oeals Ayr" . delerinttOn. OrnArnro•
MI Lrnaolgirte LAW.. Coif= n4rDr
"loot uma. a.. lon= vary too:tont*. it •
Compow# Syrup of Yellow Deek*oet,
g CCUPTV:B the fro \ nt e'ank among
NJ, pricked usethcinea erre country for cutenigtelY
cunt.; tanker, belt Rheum. ryalpales, Kcal all other4firc
OW* tr 1.1114 hum an Ito_ma=a 41 the blow, Am,
Liver mmi elaiut.tlararrh, Dye Ileanaches..blziars4.
ms o om, rnyerimai and Tight., a Gout MeV: Ihng
chit., or hoarseness. drromm. 4 a tickling mumationt the 4tirneh ahJ 1,14001•1 rit untuncedanted smsrenn
su all caser of
Freud. .Ir,,,L•neis ( and Or ma! \
Muff: giring . tone trt Shit
•eisco. ur[2o*, cot loshmratlou the sauce eyeleto,
teAtinmor of th.anstral. of Umng nitnesem..treen
all tort. of the coutry, oon he rcliml linen, In alugular.
....1,44-mim in rota afl Wooer, and aoriciu debllite- •
nen dove constitutions. II I purely Vegeta
ble In ' A t. comp...thou. and so accurately. mbleal In IU
P.Mll7.lttal the chemical. tuteuirel, sad medical pro-
ncrtleS.. each lermstlent hannonlouely oat. .
Portly the Bickel..
L\ t4,
\ -
It hes re oval many chmuledlecoseinhich are ImUled
the Unit e Lein phyvidana.anJ bits oleo co Cinktr. A
dolt Rheum. .1 - welnclan arel.nerstiala. artitchi liankipartlls
.44 nsioi cotimlly fulni make the /cut Unprmakna upon.
It lea.. Mr. in meal' 01140 of CAM:XI/MS .11U-
Yluftsi. The must obstinate Cancers base been ekteat by
\1..,.( that it is araluahlemediApaa ha all .
COMPINAINTS. It letelne• ell o.6.truetkVLß la
the c.n. elation, 1141.1e.0g the Llrer rree.'actlee. Doze
1 0 0 . 10,06100 rd 14.4itatton of the neut. au4 mailmen be
ell macs ot asthma . . and may be amt in all climate/4104
at 411 20101911 01 the Isar.
Sr.` rce144 , 1 only by C. SliniBE CO.. Mad%
V. 11102.0 4mcct, Providence, It I and enhl, wholemtleni.
retell i W/CKYAttlilikkt.
11 teIiNVIIE IT FLOUR-100 bags hulled; \
# to r tory stud Mr ralv bf
1 t 1 n 09---.4i salts tar s als . by
kl—, - , ---- \. '
YEACIIES--270 busheLs received on
Yl.l•lS,Clent cod for mle. 14 • . -
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