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etralaspzp ay WHITE k CO
Naw. 4AILILOAD AuticaosAcusrs:—She ti/do
avid Penniyhania Radroad,Conziany boo jeetie
'Vied a tie, time table, which ie of eniScient in
tfrest to our readers to require a notice. There
are now two trains running, an Eipress and an
' • Accommodation train. The Er/mei, train leaves
thelederal street station at 8 o'clock, A.
and arrives at Rochester at ; at Brighton at
• 1315; at Darlington at 045, and at Enon Valley
station; 44 miles from Pittsburgh, at 10 05,
stoppitig ano other places. It passes the
commodatioa train at Bewickly, at 8 27. Re
taining, the . Express train leaves Earn -at 3
o'clock; P. M.,ntopping at:the same places, and
anrivesju Pittsburgh at 5 o'clock, P. M. The
~s___Arroramodatitm morning train leaves Brighton at
; t 7 SO, A. M., and arrives in Pittsburgh at 9
. •-• leavexpitbibtergh at 10, and arrives in Brighton
gill -. 30 -`The afternoon train leaves Brighton
:14,:r50 P. 'SI., and arrives at Pittsbhrgh at 3 ;
:i . .ilearx.Pittaburgh at 4, and arrives at Brighton
at b 86- - .410; up Express train passing at Se
, ;Viakly. •
accommodation train also leaves Enon
Valley at 10 80, A. M. and arrives at Brighton
4.tinta the morning accommodation train
tram :Pittsburgh gets in; and leases Brighton
• • for PiterNalley at half past eleven, and arrives
at .Etton at half past twelve.
This arroxigiment gives three trains a day be
: llama PitUburgh and Brighton, and two a day t 3
• Enun Valley. The passengers who arrive at
i th
Fuson a, night, are brought up by the
commodellon train, which leaves there at 10 30
A. 1.1,, and arrive here at 3 P. 111.; and pas
-- suageriii who arrive there during the day, come
up in the Express train which leaves Boon at 3
P. M., and arrives in Pittsburgh at •- '6. The
whole'tft - raugement is admirable for the accom
modation of the travelling public. Stages run,
in connection with the errs, between Elton V51,- ,
leyand New Castle, Warren, Salem, rte.
The Cleveland cad Pittsburgh road is now run
•as follows i A boat leaves Pittsburgh at It/
o'clock, A. M., and arrives at Wellsville about
2 P. M, - ; where the passengers take stages for
lianover, and arrive at 7, and remain'all night;
leave that piano in the ears at 9 56, Al M.
" t and arrive in Cleveland at half past 4 P. Dl.
• This tinitipassea Alliance-at 11 5,3 This takes
nearly two days from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.
Wheri the Ohio and Pennsylvania road is finish
ed to Alliance it will be able to connect with
that road, and thus save a day. Coming this
way,itta train leaves Cleveland at 9 A. St., and
arrives at Alliance at half past 1, and at Him-
Over at 3 40, P. M., and at Wellsville at 9 P.
tuid ins Pittsburgh next morning.
The•Cliveitmd cad Columbus road has also chang
ed its time. There are two daily trains and pas.
• .);. oeugara leavingClevehual by the morning train,
at si o'clock, dine at Shelby, arrive at Columba s
• at 4 I'. M. , and at Cincinnati at 10 30 I'. M
_ Leaving Cleveland by the eight train, at 6 o'
clock, they will arrive at Columbus at 4 next
morning, and at Cincinnati at 11 A. M
...paTha first train from Cincinnati wia leave at
1p A. arriving at Cleveland at 8 30 P. 81 ,
the afternoon laying Cincinnati at 2 ao P.
will aria's at Cleveland next morning at 8
o'clock, 20 minute's.
• Kosscru AND REPUBLICAmsx.--Some hasty
t,ndsgentrons sentiments have been expressed
,:feliOngard to the - great Ilungarian, because he
with due delicacy and propriety of the in
• -itliiiitions of Great Britian ; doting hie 53j011211
Na tis guest 'of Bright& .'11: Mui been inferr
ed by,surcto, from Ma speeches there, that he was
net a republican in .santiment, but favored a
conatinstiOnsi monarchy. The infercztce is er
ni100t19..113 at seen by the following extracts.
rynll-khikiirPitich to the workingmen of London, he
';diiilareei r tiMt the bad labored to transform, "in
-,.,a p'eaeefah - legislative manner, the monarch°.
%aristocratical constitution of Hungary into. a
IStiniat#i)-4 . lemkratical I constitution," bet the
faitaitishOseorthe liarpsbungs, and the oppres
sions of Ids MD:Happy country hare to use his
own etroeg language, "so entirely plucked out
"of the heart of the nation every faith, belief and
"attachment to the monarchy, that there is no
"power on earth to knit the broken tie again;
"sad, therefore, Hungary wills and wishes to be
"a free and independent republic; but a repnb
. "Iluforoadeden the' rule of the law, eecuringso-
order, aeenrity to the person and property,
Find the development 9.9 well as the
“terial; of the people in a word, a reput,-
. "'lie of the United Sulu:, founded on
from Evian, ay."
Ia hie reply to the Fennell deputation Kossuth
is equally explicit ea to this republican senli
meats and purposes. He mid.
"My address to the city of Marseilles has
' - made inown that in my heart I should not make
Ranee responsible for the inhospitality of Louis
P' Bonaparte. I havealso affirmed in that address;
that I wish for my country the government of a
republic. lam convinced that there. is nothing
possible henceforth in Europe but the republic
based on universal suffrage. with the principle
al th e eoliderly of pe les•and the independence
of mittens. I ought add that Ido not think
.;,, wthe_apinions; which now discussed in France
_ ''.- can be applied elsewh for the present. As
for me, I do not wish Lei occupy myself with those
ideas which divide France. I ought only to oc
cupy myself with that !which is of a nature to
insure the independant4 of Hungary. If I have
not manifested in Engl d that thought which I
expressed at Marseilles, it is because I do not
wish to interfere in the affairs ofa country which
• gives me hospitality, and whore assistance I de•
••-- itire for the future of Ilungary,lcr which; I
peat, I wish the repo lic.based upon universal
suffrage. Yon speak el temptation which will
be offered'to detach m from the cause of democ
racy, and of 'home which will be rendered
me. It is right to to Lyon. I that I have seen
done cif 'these homages dud that, if temptatione
were triad toweperato Me from the taus of the
. people, the attempts, • f which I her, seen no
alga waled fair with ..e." ',
TempleMa.—Previons otiose of this work in
our coluninahave led our readers to look for it
with no little interest: It is a beautiful little
book, and as furies we are capable of judging
posseste;e all the merits which have been claimed
for it. I.lf course every possessor of a piano
will purchase one, as, if it will save one visit of
a tuner, it will save its cost. It is pub li shed by
Le Walker, Pluladelpids, and is for •sale by
/leery Sieber and'. H. 151ellor, of this city.
Tun Cats-win . raNra You..We publish
this morning the particulars of the terrible lots
of lifo'smong the chilthirt of or.e of the schools
in New York, a brief notice of which we gate by
teiegraph last week. -Soma of the papers strong
ly 'censure the directors for having but a single,
available entrtmes to the building, and that an
insecure one. This sad tiffair ought to admcra.
lob all who hare charge of city school , buildings
to take every mrecautionl'apinst similar disast
ers. 'lt will be recollected that a similar calam
ity happeited a year or two ago at a school in
Philadelphia, by the breaking of the railing of .a
stairway—the children living become alarmed
by a cry of fire.
kin 14.'031=11.r-1n rd to tho rumored In
tended resignation of lion. Don't. Webster, the
liVashingtpn oorrrepondent of the Journal of
eddinteroe goys:
~'..lifr...Witeter, ham undoubtedly intended for
`some months to retire from office, and his resig
nation, at this time, may be peremptory. When
any other State besides Massachusetts shall nom
:, mate Webster, and dnottittiation is expected
bOth in Vermont. and New York, Mr. Webster
,will certainly reoign
Loar sth
IRTJOICLIIINIS AT uts.—The lictitrrille
Journal of the 1, th. th notices the news of a
.. - .
rise in the river at Pltteb l
The news was received gore Pittsburgh on
k s
Satarlbq night of a rise the river and
• epreadi like wild nra through e city, muting
mutual oongratualtions from oblong cf our .
citizens. We do not know wh en
ln has exalt-.
ed more lutenist It is owing to the great
'want of fuel. The low-water season*. has bean 1
of ontrsordbuiry long duration, and hits alislltel
all brew:he:sof trade.—osreteerehe e t e bare their
warehouses filled with goods ready:for aMpatellt,.
and while. that Is a' whole nest of boata.lyleg
Idle and =abets of steatutroatmen eagerly wait-
lag exl,PkTml"
The Buffalo Commercial, a paper supposed to
know the mind of the President, says:
Mr. Pillmore is not, and will not, he a candi
date. Ile is in the hands of the Whig party.—
If the National Convention shall determine that
his n omination will insure success to the Whig
party. he will feel bOund to acquiesce.
Thiel, the right ground for Mr. Fillmore to
stand upon, and it is not diesimilar,we presume,
from that occupied by Mr. Webster, Gen. Scott
or any other Whig whose name has, been used
in connection with the Presidency. All of those
distinguished Whigs"fiold their claims at the
disposition of the Rational Convention, and the
decision of that body, `unless new and unaccept
ed, and disorganizing Issues are introduced, will
be cordially and hnrmilnionsly acquiesced in by
the Whigs of Pennsyttitnia, and we believe also
by those of the whols talon. To insure harmo
ny, however, all sectional issues should strictly
be avoided. The plitt f orm must be purely X,
(ions!, and local opinions and prejudices must
be left to expend therneelves in their own way,
and to the arbitrament of the special and di
rect representatives Of the people in Congreis.
This is the natural, reasonable and safe mode
of proceeding. It is folly to expect that a Na
tional perty can exist on any other grounds.—
We agree to come tog ther on certain great and
national principles, w Ich are well known and
established, and have been long understood and
acquiesced in, and to cave points of disagree
ment which arise out f sectional peculiarities,
to that excellent eefet ..valve for the expression
of extreme opinions, the House of Represents,
tire s.
Slate CAIIAL AT THE Sear.—We are glad 0 ,
note that a determined movement for the acorn
plishment of this very important work has bee.
started in the right tinarter. The Detroit Fre
Press says :
"A survey or reconoisance is now in progress
at Sant Ste. Marie, of the proposed Ship Canal,
by Wm. Wiley, Esq., of the Central Railroad,
who left hero for that purpose some clays since.
Mr. 'Wiley's experience its a practical engineer
will doubtless be of essential service in the mat
ter, and his report is expected to he incorporated
into & memorial to be laid before Congress at its
approaching session, in behalf of this much need
ed improvement."
We learn by the Detroit Tribune that a public
meeting ins held at tho Sato no the sth inst.,
to take measures in reference to this Canal.—
Judge Ashmun of the Soot presided. Messrs.
Sherman and Coburn of Ontonagon, acted as
Secretaries; and Messrs. Antimun;` Knox, of
Philadelphia, Thatcher, of Dolton ; Motors.
Whittlesey, Cash and Hanna of Ontonagon, Mr.
,Pareu, of Jacgson, Judge Pratt, of Marshall,
and Mr. Sinclair. of Cleveland, were the Com
mittee on resolutions. Judge Pratt and Ashin
and !deem. Thatcher, Corbett, of Indianapolis,
Stevens, of Ontonagon, I.-
ooks, of Engle harbor,
nod Sherman, being cal d Upon, addressed the
meeting. A petition an memorial were gut up
for presentation to Congress.
The Most Rev. Archbishop Kendrick, lately
of Philadelphia, has been invested with the Pul
liam, at Pontifical Mass, in the Baltimore Ca,
thedral. Tho Telegraph says of the Pelham:
"It is simply a little garment placed upon the
neck of the Bishop, at.d extending over the back
and breast. It it made of white wool, with
crosses inserted of black wool both being of the
natural color. To procure the wool for this pur
pose, lambs of these colon ore constantly latpt
at Rome, from which the staple is obtained—
The pallium I■ always buried with its possessor"
Rev. Chas. Beecher. one of the six clerical
sons of, the celebrated Dr. Beecher. watt Installed
pester of a new Congregational Church—the tins
of the order—in Newark, last week. Another
brother was recently settled over a Congrega
tional Church in: Flushing.
We learn that the Spanish difficulty is settled.
Some trivial concessions, in form and etiquette,
are made to Spain, and she generously consents
to remove from us the weight of her consuming
displeasure and vengeance. It is very kind of
her, and a great relief to us. The prelimina
ries only, however, can yet be considered set
tled. The minister of her most Catholic majesty
has written to his mistress for instructions how
to act in this new torn of the business, and if
she decides the apology , to be .sufLicient. rho
:will direct her representative here to nod to the
President and Mr. Webster, when ha meets them
on the Bide-walk, no familiarly as ever.
The President will remove Young, the Gov
ernor of Utah, as soon as his successor can he
agreed upon. All, however, will be useless, unless
the most decisive measures are taken to reduce
the saints to obedience to the lawful authority
of the United States, and to keep them in it..
Their priests, elders, and other spirimusl great
guns mast be deprived of that temporal sway
which they exercise in whatever district their
flocks _establish themselves—and this can only
be done by a gentle application of force.
Gen. Cass has advised his friends, as report
ed, to make a stand for him in selecting the of
been of the Rinse, and there is therefore •
prospect that Mr. Disney, of Ohio, will make
a vigorous contest with Mr. Boyd, for the place
of Speaker. Thiel will oblige Mr. Boyd to make
protect in open court of his allegiance to Cass
or Butler. The word is now—
'Toler ...kat king, n<roni•n steal. or dk," .
The caucus will he held on Friday . evening
of next week, and so far as now appears will be
governed by that harmony which results from
the despotism of triumph on one side, and the
timid submission of the vanquished on the
other. "The Borah" will rule there with rain
pant rudenets. The lean Cassinsaltaped north
ern Free•Boilero, or even 'moderate Compro
misers, will be shown the door, if they open
their ugly mouths. There are from fifteen to
twenty of the latter claim, who will counsel
union on a liberal forgetfulness of past issues,
and perhaps ask for a clerk or two. But strong
southern resolutions will be forced throagbat
the very beginning, and whoever is nominated
will be forced to swear by them no the Alphn
and Omega of his faith. As I have said before,
Boyd and Forney will be the men.
There ie avrecions story afloat that the Pres
ident has announced his intention to give Kos
suth a grand diplomatic banquet, to whiCh the
whole foreign app. will be invited. Kossuth
will be treated with all suitable honor, hot no
thing will be done to wound the feelings of the
representatives of other governments, or to
compromise the dignity of our own. By the
way, the speech of Hots IL J. Walker, at the
Southampton dinner, to Helmuth, has excited
great remark here, no it has there, and has ter ,
thinly not contributed to increase his reputa
tion for prudence or good sense. There was
something indecorous, to say the least, in throw
ing down the glove of republican propagandism
to all Europe, and In bidding fora British;
ance with America against the rest of the world.
Great Britian and the United States have had
two wars within the memory of men etm
and five yearn have barely elapsed since they
were on the brink of another. She is not ex-
actly the country with which we are likely to
exchange the vows of eternal brotherhood, nor
will she make to her companion in adventure,
'when she arms cap-spie, and goesforth a knight
errant to redress the wrongs of-nations-in dis
tress. The time for such chivalrous crusades
may return, but it is not yet ; and for °unwires,
we have not quite exhausted our taissiob of ea
nal digging, railroad making, steam ship build
ing, cotton spinning, mining, planting, and
(arming, to be looking out for resources against
Idleness. The speech of Kossuth, of l the Lon
don celebration, is certainly one of the finest
oratorical efforts I ever read.
Mr: Benton is gone West with his family.
The old Senator'. only remaining daughter, who
reties the punch et his Now Years' receptions,
the fair Young Sue, is about to glee herself
away to a tall son of York-4M says that gm
sipping old lady, Rnmtr, who has sharper eyes,
and a more voluble tongue than a doien Tillage
crones. The same 'anthority affirms that Glen.
Beott's youngest and only remaining ; daughter
is about to enter upon • like relation with an
giber fortunate
.110 n Of the saute State: These
treats are enpected. to occur in tints to Make
43,1441318 at the Capitol even more E lerr, thin
nom NEW 101 M.
[Corf.ifiduadrn, of tn. Piftzburifh lhaly lia.x.,tte
'Now Voss, Nov. '2O.
The mails, of the 4th of November, from Liv
erpool, is more encouraging than any mail for
some time, and will give renewed activity to the
cotton markeCand prollabl: , enhance the price
of the staple. The Liverpool market LOS been
pretty well Cleared off, and it is acknowledged
that unless we Lone a large crop prices must
materiagy advance abroad. It is by no means
certain that we are to have an exces,ive yield
this year: ‘..olu,equently mach inclination will be
ehown to speculate here, no the feeling has been
general of late that our markets has touched the
lowest point.
One and a quarter millions of gold went by
the Canada yesterday, and another large remit
tance will be made on Saturday, making: the loss
for the week full two and a quarter
which, however, has been replaced from Califor
nia thrice over within the time. From a pan
gouger, well informed, I learn that at least five
million, of dollars worth ol o g,ohl dust left San
Francisco on the 15th ult.., and that more would
have come could the dust have been obtained.—
The operation of the ti. 5: malty office now tends
to check exports of duet, from the fact that the
process of making fitty dollar ingots makes,
dust scarce, and produces a laud of currency
that cannot be shipped hither and drawn against
by bankers, profitably. It IA the opinion of wall
informed Culiforniaus, that eight milli°ns per
month is a fair estimate of the future monthly
receipts, a sum that wail Keep us out of trouble,
should our English drain reach four millions per
In relation to the iron market abroad it con-
Unties languid, •'but prices are steady. Large
shipments of rails are being made to the United
States, and freights, have advanced in eons,-
quence about I 'is j t ton to the Atlantic ports.—
It is probable that considerable shipments of Pig
Iron. will ntho tee made to the United States,
the most recent accounts being favorable There
seems no immediate probability of variation in
prices in this manifeL Present quotations in
Liyerponl: ,Merchat bar, ..C.l; nail roils, tr. Ilk
Hoops, .C 6 Sheers, t. 7 Ins No. 1. Snitch
pigs, 1:!.! To. Of coins, this is all straight, but
what causes this sodden rush of rails toward us.
It has been brought abdut by the famous NI issin
sippian, Who has been smart enough to sell Indi
ana bonds at + , ren ,rt , . As the iron
makers ofii Penn-y Mania have little to do just
now, perhaps it would he well for them to calcu
late how soon the importation of five millions of
dollars worth of iron will set Thera at - work again.
Locofoco tariffs are charming things, they
absolutely relieve large elassts of labor, and
tarn them out to goose or starve just as they
The money market remain much us bnfore
On call the supply is good at moderate rates, but
long. paper nenl slowly and at modetate rat e s,
- as Ikauplo prefer to have their funds at control
while the tendency of the market Is doithttiil A
movement was caused in Erie by the tonne offi
cial announcement. that :leash do:it:cad he
made of four per rent. in January It has been
assertained that the earnings of this road will
pay % dividend of near sir per Ovid. to the stock
holder., and take care of the interest besides
The next nix months trill shoo rceetyis large
enough to ply 1.1 tor rent prrannum N.. abundant are LIT resource , . ti r o r. rue 'tarot
ready to build the doable trick at cash raiertrik
log the stock at par for payment
Real estate has commenced to attract notice,
and prices are freely paid eynnl to the top of the
market last year. A feir houses of large site in
inimiitn part+ of the e,ian eli 11 lick tenant:, hut
any thing Wad, revue hnt, red .lollan nods
a tent,. at stun
Our Catbelie olti us are pli/aaed at the honor
shown to Pieter tl.a .Late .af s t'ardi:
nand Mt. His devotion to his chitrali non. can
doubt, nor hie ability either With all his learn
ing arol all his capacity fur doing genii. he
mitt, a determination to maintain the pfli.Cr of
; his church, ant sa I. lig as he 1:r. 1, Tr:testa:as
may count on the opposition of or.. of the most
stile churchman that 4020 controls.. A large
I meeting was recently held bens (or the, purpose
I of procuring funds to endow a Catholta Coliege
in Ireland. The question was brought before
the meeting with much ability nod force and
the result will he large donations The Church
is both rich and thaloto, and dors not take hold
cf enelt matters in II way to lead outsider, to i
they MO only half in earnest
A cheap pelatage meeting war held at the
chmge on Tuesday, rod re.,o:a!-icnl parsed in
favor of cheap mil:uniform postage Da printed
matter—say one cent per ounce, with the pearl
lege of fifty per cent reduction to all publishers
who pay a. advance. The present law is the:
port stupid budget of blunders, and no one hot
a city poz,z office clerk know. what papers do
Pay Any mange will be a reform c.
ear KOs•Mill
lor: Post of Thursday afternoon says
Rte are indebted to Livingston, Well :6: Co ,
for an extract of a letter from a Southampton
correspondent, dated November 7th, In which
a in said that Kossuth may not leave England
to the Washington, but that if he does not be
will conic over is the Humboldt.i Rumors of
Austrian spice and hired oa4.ssins taking e -
e in tbo Washington, have reach:4 Louth.
ampton, and have occasioned so much concern,
that many of his friends there, think it would be
exposing both himself and the steamer to too
great a risk, if they allowed him to take passage
in her. The writer of the letter is one whose
authority leaves no question of.the circulation
of the unpleasant rumors rf which ho speaks,
but we attach eery little importance to them,
fora very obvious manna. If hired assassins
were in pursuit of Kossuth, they would ev.ente
their purpose before the sailieg. or not until his
nrrirtil in this country; they certainly would not
shut themselves within the narrow walls of a
ship at sea, from whenee there was no escape,
to perpetrate a crime, from the consequence of ,
which the whole civilised world is not wide
enough to furnish them a refuge.
The WlL3hingtoo may now be expected daily,
and we bare no doubt she will bring the inustri
oue minim, if oat, it is probable that the ap
prehensions to which-we hare referred hate had
more weight with his friends anti with um
Intnule4 b.parture of Kb...114th —The following
communication hes been received by the Ameri
can Consul at Southampton :
30 EAT.. PLACK, Oct. 30, 1831
My Dear Sir—l have seen the telegraphic de
spatch addressed by you yesterday to Lord Dud
ley Stuart- I write to ray that I will certainly
Proceed to Now York nn board the Washington,
if you Can make arTangement+ for that chip to
sail from Southampton on the •Ilth of Novem•
her next, in the afternoon.
I am, my dear sir, yours truly, L. KOAI3IIII
J P. Cnoncel, Eery.
A London letter of the 7th intl. In the Ne
York Commercial, nay,
Previouti to .Koa.mth's arrival at Southampton,
the Austrian Minister in London quitted his
residence on a ;telt to Paris, and of course he
will not return until the Washington has taken
her departure. Tho mortification and rage at
Vienna rolOit ho beyond all bounds, Mace while
.Koestith has been inflicting heavier blown upon
ihti Austrian despotism than if he had bean at
the head of armies, the mate of nisira at the im
perial capital has been one of increasing dis
couragement and confusion from the rapid in
crease of financial embarrasment.
Among other &rice, apparently of the A ugt ri.
an Cabinet to neutralize throughout Oertatiny
the effect of the pr.eeditiga now taking place in
London, an annouccemenf wan circulated that
despatch bad been received. from Lord Palmers
ton "apologising for the Kossuth mania," and
stein that the English Government had noth
ing to do with it, and would endeavor on cause it
In terminate an noon as possible. • The moment
We no published in London. it received an
authorised and unequivocal contradiction.
Although as a general rule the London uric
taeracy have paid no difeet eivilitiee to Koecuth
Instances of acts of graceful courtesy hare not
been altogether wanting. Theeurrentler by Mr.
Mansingbonl of his entire house col establieh
ment, during the whole period of his visit, is
one instance ; and an offer of professional ser-
vices on the part of Sir James Clark, the Queen's
physician, is another. Among the attentions
on the part of the Americans, it Is mentioned
that Mr. Folsom, your Minister at the Magna,
being now in London, Lae paid his respects to
Governor Floyd, of Virginia, has issued hie
proclamation announcing the acceptance by the
People of the new constitution of that State, and
directing a general election for Governor, Lieu
tenant Governor attorney General, and mem
hers of the Legt;lature to be held on the Sth of
December next. It appears that the majority
on adopting the new constitution is 57,029, isi
the small vote 77,995. In 1848 the whole Frau
identlal vote was upwards of 92,000. Sixteen
counties are not heard from, viz. Amherst, Bed
ford, Caroline, Charles City, Gilmer, Greene,
Hancock, King George, Lewis, Meson,. PI minors,
Powhatton, Tazewell, Wetzel, and WyOming.
Only five counties are reported as having given
a , majority against' tha Constitution, viz. Amelia,
Nottaway, Prince George, Hantbanven, and
In the district Court Philadelahla, on Wed.
nesday, a verdict wits rendered against the
President, Direators and Company of the. United
United Bates Bank in favor of the: State
of Penneyvania, for $lOO,OOO, and $8,500 dam
ages. It wean action upon a bond for $lOO,OOO,
given by the Bank to the Commonwealth au a
ham= for iht ahaater:
Pecan th e X., Terk Trite me, or Normeber Xlitl ,
Forty-fire Children Kilted—A Hundred If - waded'
The Dreadful Seene— Nam,' of the Dead and
Wounded—Painful .Parneulars— Meeting of
School Otters and Ter rher.— l'arrous account,
of Mt Catastrophe.
Shortly niter two o'clock yesterday afternoon
the city was agitated by the report of a most
dreallfal catastrophe at Ward School 'No. Ali,
in Greenwieh avenue, near Jefferson Market.
At tarot, by.',a singular reversion of the I sms]
form of ruiner , not half the truth was. to ld; at
wan reported down town that the Stairs of the ;
schoolhouse had given way and that ts . dirsen
'children were killed. This was enough to star
tle the residents of that section of the city who
were away from home, and all norm . zhi c k.,,
were at once communed to convey theta to the
sortie of the disaster.
Before we go further, let us briefly state the ,
nature and extent of the disaster.
One of our reporters writes it an follows:
The causeaof this fearful catastrophe we give
as truthfully as could be ascertained on the spot,
amid the great excitement and dense crowd that
for bourn pervaded the IXth Ward Police Sta
tion, where most of the mangled and dead were
taken to he recognised by their heart-broken
parents. The building where the catastrophe
happened if, four stories high, the basement,
which is on a level with the street, is paved
with flag-stones, and is the play-room of the
scholars. The Primary Department occupied
the second floor; the third floor was used by the
more advanced scholars, and the front served as
o lecture room and was used at the examinations .
of the school.
It appears that about A o'clock one of the
teachers, a Miss Harrison, was taken with a
faiiiting lit, and a cry for water wan instantly
made by some of the children who ware stand
ing near her. This cry was mistaken for that
of fire, and the whole room was instantly alive
with the cry of "fire! fire!" The children rose
en mature and rushed for the door The alarm
was given to the other rooms on the game floor,
and communicated to those of the Principal of
the school and him aseistants who occupied the
third floor, and it was generally believed by all
that the building was on fire and accordingly all
rushed for the doers of their respective room's.
Nit., NlnNully immediately placed himself in
front of the door of his room, and forbade any
of his echelon, to leave, and we hear that one of
the other teachers did the Blame. The children
of the other departments rushed - ant of the doors
of their respective rooms, and down the -stairs,
which were built in a spiral form, and com
mencing on the ground floor was carried up to
• the fourth story. The banniter of this stairs
ease way about thirty fret above the amnia
floor .d precipitated hundreds of the children to
the flagging of the Graf floor, killing and maug•
ling a large number. The news of the dreadful
occurrence spread filo the wind through the
neighborhood, and hundreds of parents and
i . lelitis rushed to the schoolhouse' to hear the
tidings of the safety or loss of their little ones.
.The crowd was smdense in a very short time,
that it woo with Wrtat difficulty that the Police,
headed hr rapt. I.thett and his asaistants, Capt.,
Taft and Seatoring,could remove the wounded.
and dying mil; dead from the building. Many
of these were recognised lay their parent, end
(Heade and taken to their homes the names of
. such we could not ascertain, but we append the
names of those who wire removed to the Ninth
Ward Public Lltotien, and thence to the residences
of their afflicted parrots.
We will here State more fully the cage of the
first alarm. Mies Abby Harrison, Principal of
the Pew-ale Deportment. has been slightlyindis
p.ose I die ii for days. but comiderrel herself
quote able le attend to her ardnous duties. At
71 o'clock, while she was heariug the recitations
of a large class ,:she was ottarkrd with a moment
Lary paralysis of the tongue; she tried to speak,
but onto' made an unintelligable noise; in her ef
fort to speak her face tra-a drawn into dissgreea•
isle contortions, god her pupils became frighten
tst thinking that she was fainting Hence the
cry f.d• -water, - and immediately afterward of
••tire.''. and the cooseuuent rush for the doors.
Mien Harrison remained all the while compara
tively help:res, nut could no nothing to cheek
the alarm., .
- The alarm spread. The era bells tolled. The
Police of the Ninth War:l o ooly a hundred yards
distant o rushed re the rpot. the foremen were to
there a LiKiniesit hal at was a Very different thing
1 he.iiiii fire that called for their services When
they first arrived, the children were still throw-
1g.,: tact:sc.-Ista down the stairway. a hundred '
werr piled in drightfoldritrection et he holism.
the •eryttatirsray was harriCadea With a pile of
den.. and wounded.
Help Vas sent fur. the pohcpand firenceto rush
ed op the stairs and forced the frightened child
ren back. statical a guard, and then returned
to save the wounded and dying.
Al Lb., time fhe netts began to spread, and
parole and friends came in breathless haste to
the pia., suss 114 heal-readies seAnewhirh fol
lowed halteS jiaietrilillOia. .e,a elo lifeless or
emended body was bond io the, it
would be followed by a dense crowd of persona,
all strirmg to assure themselves that it was War
their relative, and some distracted mother re
c.iguixed the bleeding form of her beloved child,
her slinks of agony were enough to mote the
510,,;”t heart to tearful pity.
Bat we need not dveli upon these painful scenes.
They continued up to's. late Sibiu of the night;
natal tbr fate of all ha:l he. ascertained.
The result of this awful catastrophe, as nearly
as we can ascertain, is as follows_
The number of children killed is forty-four or
forty rive
The number positively known to be wounded is
true Thar glare of whom we give the names of
the groats; p-..,4da4 .
We omit the name.
-71, \<w
13.1105 yesterdey, the IlOth, true to the
time named months clone for opening the road.
the first regular train rap. over the Cleveland,
Painesville, and Aehtabula Railroad The city
authoritim, and many eitirens of Cleveland,
were on the train as the'guesta of the authori
ties 'of rhere their arrival was wel
comed by u discharge of artillery, and they were
rttcnrt tot to the Court House. lion Wm. 'L.
Perkins delivered an able and common sense
address, in which he drew a vivid picture of so
ciety as it was before the age of iron way.
dawned upou the Union —
Uorrurto Tv, of riarksburplA ra.—The ware-
house of C. Lewis, Dent's Hotel, with all the
buildings between the latter and the Court House
including Bartiett'e Hotel and the etore or Mr.
FiTte, at Clar}:sharg, Fa , were consumed by
tiro on the i'dth instant_ The Free Virginian
eays, the halides or one entire with the
addition of Mr. Bartlett's house, were de/drop-4,
The roost of the sufferer. eucceeded la easing
the greater portion of their personal goods.
There was no insaranee on any of the property,
except on Mr. Bartlett's The Ore woe the work
of an incendiary.
Poole.; Srtiln.-oi,er g6oo,'Ofel worth of
poeter,e ;tamp, hove here Issued from the de
portme3t eipto July
kb — Farmer,. pormer well over the Lbots
gaol areldauta that luny broil bor.. and eattba
ottan mutiny lb., 11.114•14.4 tot lift; atm., ar you 14u1.1
mate It . 'want to hea.p lawny.. band It. rartall'a
Arabian I.lnitunnt. you muld bare lha animal ourad In
few dare. .ml thew not only Maar nom. but ruts would
Mlll.O Ibr al.lnaltur q.. rreaturn allogathar. IS. ad.
vattlamruL) 1
---- _ . -.
Inef - 1/Voreneta Cr'net, he Tile pen or D. Me.
LAN., pc ra I . l4. , ....—Sudlesees. with perhaps; the oluele
eceeonen of rousunceth.p. le so ouch dreaded lo the bel
led flta.r. dlsneiona. Orlirlastlng In • dleemerdelatenf
the Ilver. It N. oven morklm , lfki pith tonsuu,pilen Itself
'by the unhappy eudeb , ' , . al. , Pine. (VI; 90111 death re•
fee,... bt u , :rem pain. set • remedy le within the rno.h of
all. whisn .111 relieve all oases of the tlud. ark , bent% a
speedy and offecluel earn. Pe Oliver th.ryan. • .Lilo-
euishat plus:slab of Virginia, with •very eatenelre pears
We. Lee need then. pills In all cases of 4lsPeP•la. and IP
all ea•es •oh ebruplen 0u.......5.. Cerl4llrlste/Inehltn4ePop
are In the hands el the proprietors of this Inralustle ma
dlfil.. (J It 1.1,1 A Co., 10,101 stneet,onrunrefronstb,Plit.
burg/. I The following. however. horn nbln will speak
Whiumn. to 11,0. ',Menne under ear of those 4dlereeee
!MO. aria , frees . diseansil (leer
1 1
Incessant, Jefferson eon 17.0.
Messrs ./ Kbl.l k Co..—This Is In eert4fr Mgt as, sof.
has been ailhetal tot enewral years trill, la llocrl/4:
p a t o , a t periods, more , or leer. Pain In tea rhaht olds:,
about the edge Or lb. Fib...4401. g fo the rhtla .thud-,
er; polo in the barb Part of the had sad ahoef the ere.
anencopented by creatures, lon of apnetne, n q .4. 0 ".
et•atly eenflual to her bal. Blunt August she has Ulna
than bores of Dr. Mehaue's Lin, NIL. and 1 have non
In state that be the use of these pills en, Lae been bene.
fltal In nu ordinary degree. Under thrprOvldetta, Of Ood
She non enjoy. anal health. and Is able to attend to the
dorneene corteerna of,ar fatally. JAI!. hTWIVAIIT.
For sale by .1. KIDD I CO, N. nu Wood street.
Petroleum I
See,. A Maar RattSAA4ot4 COI / TqT ll .
BLIND.. Coen or Pririthun.--WO Ilitlte t o attention
of the afflicted and the public generallg e lo lila 011.1gUtp
of Wm. 1.411. of thlo city. The ease math" teen by any
.ernon .ho may be okeptical In relation to the facto hen
net torth. B. bil. KIER.
I had den afiheted rarer./ years wlth • eon:onto/ both
eyes, which continued to thereto. ontll.Beptamber, ERR
the inntuuntliou at th at time baring Involved the whole
Rhin, yaembrane of both elm end ended In tbirdepoalte
of a think Binh riiich wholly ileotroyed my right. I had
. operation perfortaid.ri4 the thlotaning thin oved, which
aoon.riturned end left me In so bid a rompllcres berm..
At this sumo of the complalut I Made apt/lcWon to say.
rat of the 0004 eminent medical men who Informed me
that • toy eyes would never get well.' At Wye that Leonia
not dietlngulth any °Wert By the dyke, of some Mends
I commenced thd use of the Petroleum, both Internally
and Irpr.eusder which my eyes here humored daily nu.
hit th present time. and I hare rip:ooslV4 07 algbt =tiro
/y, 1 , 47 breperal been us. t ri g much Improved by the
o b gr u , go 4 I ethane the lestomtlon of my debt to
Its uso. I news et No. 1 . :4 ii. 6.4 styest, In We city, sod
will t,,, btp•py to gite no? ltamenitiOnlil tah4top to FIT
for ... by Key gat * AleDturtili 140 Weed Asset:D. 11.
&Dere. 07 Wood atririt Di A. Pehneetoet,* Co. tommn
Wool end Front streetK D, IL Cm*: D. A; D1D0tt..14.1 41
Douglass, and LP! Sehyntte, • ileshasn; oleo bLEb! pia
0114 tor •
....• '
peutztar: s , 'oFeuin?asbianiatha..ricts;rarh
Falllmportationof Hardware, Cutlery, &c.
No. 129 Wood Street,
Desire to call the attention of 3ln-rhAot. nr..l rothsLre
theft ituot,ll,,
1311,11:TED DV RECENT Piketon
Azul which' tbrx ary nos pr, ..r...1 14 , , frer
cannot fall to pi.lar.
al rt.ent MANN',
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
iAPITA L 8300,000. It. )lILLEIt, J A.,
F M. Gook,.
WtllloAulv JaCaln.l nil 1.: , .1• ..f n•k• Fir,.
All Wu,: at,' e..11 , and
A-holur by ht. mr. ,
to mina in the eommilml, •ho
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11..Imea. Jaanr.'l.lpplomtl, :1;1 "r'",
h4""" '
t, r haa H ra " , ' ,/ L ar s a a a at 11 o'clort. JANIE, DALZELL. : 4 11., In 11:
nlst yrar of las ntni
Tlaa friend. of 1110 Grail, are tnytt.,l ta •.,a hi* Fun
eral, thIP Jay at 2 o'clock • trout hip late rear
Ea.! !Marty
1851. E
EATINCI Pittsburgh daily (Suridio f`X.
IA rented) o'elw.k, A. M by ILA
Cnpt. A. :tot.
From thrnre hJ f tlger.Mtleo II HA NM' ER, 1.441 y, ot
Ilannryr over night, st:d Art.eing it. I 'LI:V EL 1:.l,
afternoon et 4 r. rlrck, in litnA bis Aerls , ineArtnnt tr•:,..
rn go El. of Wort by th. At..atn Los,. nn
ran the cnntt..., of IIIVISZItIi,.
Gin Cl4Afdand . ,nbr
Br the firr, Of JanmAry.
ln Wellemlly, Wlltell
ht , buryr,ll CI,A,Aed in t o lA..,
For TirkAtm OLPPI, r,. Ii Al HA hit". .Ac.
no,lf A1.mAn.f1...14 111,0.4. varAbuldb.
To Let,
commodi.m9 l Vnrelittuge,oppocit, 7 . 4
the Charles , Hotel, Weeel 'trea[. ronnhie
'ugh to 'Pan] et,eet. new neetzpie,l
'..-1‘ V;P ' 11 1" SrMIC!!! .•
to:, I,lr I.y
11 LACE WOO O. for Nort.ttilwr :
ul Art Jsurnsl. Amrtuir,
Jsrtst,ls. M
istne Itos t
`'eft tr ill. ; ~
, r-rit
ILtssivell st HOLMES' Llterat, 7 11"ra
srltotst• tits lAtst °thew
First Bate Farm and Coal Laud for Sale.
~flunuLaciiLrr ofrpr, suli. Fa un ,
th o tbith Ilual of tt, Al. , n.ynattlyphy ant, • ty.r,
In glzal.ll, Intro-L.IY Th. Yatarny dip k 1 Iyr
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Novel rind Rare Entertainment
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WAIT Y 1.1
FLOR/C- - - -
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hr . i r s for
61 Water atm.,-
- I , ll — Jii‘/AORD 1 ;001. 1 S A..t. i t c c ,.
I.wit .. , •mr,Sity, II
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4 /IRRSE-100 1 ,1 3(1. W It., tier 014110 by
/ 13a71 P
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POT ASH—m bbls, fur vale Icy
5.11. P
RbsiN--10t1 bbl. 4. N o . I, 1, ilk Icy
Bea 4 . A ll6llllllOll
iIiALLOW-6 Ecilf;
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FLO - 100-1011 Gble. Springcr'f
irt l ' tint. nit., .5Lt
ocas r A ic 11A1 . 11‘1.1:11
GLASS -1(51 boxes a , .orte.l. for PIO. by
, S N .
UOAR-10 !db. N for +ale by
peal a 6 LA IlitliPAl till
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r0r1.1144 *lO.
131 , 21
i t I A lIDEII-IKOO Its. tine Prnbro, for snib ,
bI 1(11111 A CO to ws , to
11.« Garret', Sent li. for .41)e
I. 7 by J AllllO a to 1, e.NI •
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RSENIC-t-1 1 .0 li.. for
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QM. AMMONIAC-12in lb, for .411 J, by
not: J hll , ll • co 0
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1)10 IRON-120 to. PIIII,III ' Puma,. 1..
pal, from the Allegheior IVAnrf. nr
J A' It 11,1'1i. Itnowl Church
TA N NEHS' OIL-20 WI sale
LLy.22 .1 It It. lIJIVn.
gscha g o Bank.
A FEW SIMILES of this Stock wonted by
nq.: 4 1111,1ns co
Ohio and Penn. &pin' ad Stock,
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" Pdm •SPlre: " IlarohorMr.
mop Tonratoe.
PLE i r r i nAW;;Mer: Fr„ t
Freak lloometwrm,
The .t o m a are put up In their own Joie, and berme
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Par Palo hl
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Vulcanized India Rubber Soling. I ,
TUST RECD, a large quantity of varioull
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n, rror of II LA LTII, d
I baromictioo to tbr propb. J.l ii.PlllLl.ll4,', °'
nerd India Robber Depot, 110 Market rt.
131. AN 0 00VERS-1 dos. %trle.anized In
. dla fillbt . onr I r lanco,lkpo,Ja Arg . t.z. Melon, %MI for
ea OV,g."'" J. a 11. PIIILLIPf.
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1 , 1
11 . 0 , noisy Pondar ever °dared to tills community.
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doubt of Its power* removing dirt. or ere.. from cloth.
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ill. by JAMS DALZEI.L.
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11 Alarto Cl. , eke, Silt-, rpult Mulles. OD. Tau,
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French A,, T 10,,,,,,,, pato., WeAntcboa, Pariaa Marble.
/Anuses, 011 Painting, klatch Atands, Card Cases. Slher
11. RICCA RDSON, %I Market rt
°'it _ , • .
1 11 II F.S. , SI Lii•ri '—M va b.„ llll ' o l .ißyect , tPll , l.o 2
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Ir• • •• Moto:1.11,1e Wh'k,„3l,tAi ••• ,
Cor 0010 et 11111: It LS' TEA NI AIIT. Ili the Diamond. \
~ '`.
Smith's Patent Self-Actinetinge 4:Spruig\
MBE :Mention of Carpenter\ and Builders
... 0.11.1 0 , the elrie Artlelo, • bleb IA prouaunred by
0,.. ~ , earl it In,. of New Cork And other, etotern Allot,ic 1......... the Inca •ritunbli. r„ Linn of \ the are. , Arol
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r,, I whim., that 0 el-opting, „
"r' ir.,7. i •?.,....0f ' a 1114, that will work rion..elatesty- elth4
•••0. wall .1 o.ou, to the tun of thri door . keen it itt 10,
plitrp. 1011. 0,,,1,11nc the old Inedlloncl entlna td , ,krep the'
..or rl.c, .1. Find 1;k...rt....d0ing aw•y wilt. the dimyreealn•
1....1 //144,404 It 1..... vet. , cheat.. L. not RAW to
.: , •t oot ot /one, 1. ler, ...111 •litilled. end I. pwri,llArly
abi,01,,1 to more, tolding, nth., low roPm.and other hoar,
t hirwe .utl.pit ,o, received front hew York, efrOA
nitile dr., with th• Itunroremout adituttnl. Wtoch pan
1....... t. on AppIII•VIIih l i . .10/1 0 A. 111.0011 ML, , '„
A 'Jethro,. 1 1 . 1.1ng Mill.
Ai. • :pot I. r\ t. ..le. of RIO.. for the W , o,lworth
Patel. Plensou MI ••bine, tor the Western and Southern
. , no2lihm
LP I•TTIt It - - 411 c. print.t.,:ee'd and for sale
\ k,
II ~,. ;„,...,ti I l'W. HARDAIIOII.
- -....
91 1 1 1E l'A lITN ' EIt. HIP heretofore existing
g 0,01111 00 nano of R. BARD 200., 1. 0.1. dar 414.
, ~1,4 I, 02 , IIAI rolocuto porge II M withdraw
fro,. tbe 1.110 RICHARDower
HARD, intit
Pitt •ottrvli. Nov. 11 , A. 10,01:06 It, MOWRY.
The Leather Briness mill be continued at
:b. .:./ 0,,..d. No 111 Wood .tent, al heretofore, by the
" 0,"
' ''''''
aII'INIII,AoIII/'111.141111D. tow.
I•iih.horzlo No. 111. ',A , , JILI AI 0. ilt/WRY,
Il:iving a very hale stock u every article
o. 1000, we re , portdoll;\ wdielt A finnan, of the
tor. 1,180,1 1' 41,1111, kieretotor.extchd, to the house,
0•c1,.., ou, to. , to dell Mit, our 11441 11/ 41, ,tire
-etc, Lon your ,wittotnern. . • •
.. , ...0 ot it_TlA at * co.
•-• \, .
Notice-40st Certificate.
y on( L is here ')
.go,en ‘ t int ap Beaton]
j 1 bit. open melt tr. th , liArlotnc.,llank fur Vhfrenew.
i 1/1 I,oll.rnte No AK. t fourteen Allure. In 0414100 k,
ollowril In liar, Lco dctrn cl by 414'1/1/ the 10111 \Atoll,
I•ti, /// , .1/ ~/ ////' _ , , MIDI '..1 VAL.: lIILIV,R,
IV 11 .; t l'P r lN,: i t . l P r A Pi kt—rqra7 Wrap?) g
0.,,, r w e ;t:Z i c ' s 7 4l.L, 4:1 1 t.,1 street,
1 V ~A,1:111/1.1.:.k.i1:!:;,,Itztrf,CD,,,Itia.rtbd, Amerieati
, _,, . '.O A f.TEN P. M .111511 ALI..
I II 1I 1 I'litlN -AO ton.; Jenny „Lind FUrnuee
ii 1., Mir 11,11 I Ise AlleApny Whorl by
A\ A R. FL , AD.
Itt , i 1.1.. ISCll'Elt—ltt bldtc.r.ktekit;uir„,7.le
1 .fl't 'I: B . I I EAT FLOC It.-_sosse. ' k in store.
1 .s.i for ale by no, i .1. # It, i LAIVIL
V EIV FISH ' , veiled at No. LC lair rty st.
. 01 .. s ~.. 111 ;elec.] in 1.41., New •lo'- dn. tilD,
Neu ktt- ~.t..,1 0, t id.. i.. ri Init.., Ne• C. 116-11, N.
, LP. Ai , Ibi. 01, enrin , r.r so. 1 1 \
u. A. MeCLUIIO 2 (till
'Jou 111 - rf Eli -O bbls Prime reed and
i I 1.0 •.1..6,i,.., s. P,:111110 Cal. ,
i )
l I.T It --.5i1 k reed gs fres reed and roit,ale',
il 11T 1..
S I', SI i lal' !;11..
1 li A 11- '.l 1 bbl.. Lovering li Crushed for
gaga 1.1 0. I'. snail - mt.
1 3 Et ~ ois-100 doz. Dry Corn, for sale by
-_ - -
l i i ii i A 1.1 , :lt ATVS - h 1.1,1 4 for sale by •
- _
( 2 1 I 4.11 11N Ett Alt-50 ,Ibis. fir sale by
• 0 I. liIIIIICER.
. 'liplt y NIT?-31 1 libls. , fo p i , ii ii a i lF. ,, hl ß 7
New R - nil Road Hotel to-Rent
riliir cxt,n+ive and well rorettrueted Rail
I I, lattri WeetorotrelanJ votary. Ps,
r. • of Poi •toirxh i on an lion of the Central
Huilrosil i will re teal early next erooth.
1., ritnr tarerrahle critol ruant.
ti- 11.4, in ...moor to the
~; • art.... arairottural ri.giOn. where prprielons
f et no the lino thn
i.e. o xr where r \refl.! pattoua, may te. rt
I is, It 4.4 1 4.1
marlednerroe-1141.4 by the tiroe
t'er er month, es t be xertely
„it It e rieniteevie her. or feet
li- keit,. ...I if: fent .1e t, [brae ....shod,
fierexionnt fix ite. It orll Le craps
of . .....fonil•fin e aliour one hon.leei J IVr. Donor.
• ferli.aii otter. to an • 1 ;l1 , 44,
4 4 —p, tri Irrorly • noodyrat. In.
Ai •,.. ot I r .1...•• I. ad.:rev:v.4 In the sub.
re:l ne,..1..en , .1111, rennlyrnl until Ow sth
• n-n.n 1...1. 4 1...
.::1,1-•1 and unnt:
nix.. m,... rarr osl.urn b. and
!Le ..taue It. loon.*
I 'HEAP PI A NOb!--Ju., rea'o s 44ll ll
/ fmn: tuanurn , ter, Da-
Vo • N ' ti.i[ . l7l ; ' t-o r T . l " 4 " te
11... • Int trnon Wot Award Baca; and littai
art JUIIN 11. 111.:LLID1.,
%I Word street
ik7 1)0W ULA.SS---'2lso tas ;sz IA) and 10
w ‘ l2 . rb" by
Ginl:n.•ou to
,rneral mon:nitro rant M.thtnnen. WA. Rye
mit Y., I..rturu.runt. . .Aolowsle nr.dre.
tall, at Os Dr., ntrr. uf JANIE* ~1..•FE1,
^ " lY b. , M 1 ,...) 6( ka..
, rine-burs:h.
"lOUS i 0 .
t': S A I.NI/INE, for the Cure
hi ,th „ . 4k u: c rtcsr., In :rll ,s int: :t
th.. t n
i ' r7r ri t.
- nntel n al
tn,rr r thy w.,....nty dut.lnurPutun or the
Oyu, Irma, n:• antirtftt Matlnst the indult.
rn: 0r...n0r • ;
A t.r,• •oryi, 1,0:0 w.i re7,l and lily palm by
U. X IiNLLKIf.X, 6. N. , cbt ob.
....,,, Tu r itrENTINE, ALCOHOL, tiv.—
pt,, t . , ;..t.) . . n. l t .t . rt z t art, 1
. I z, r: (11,, t%yr4: 4 i . ti n tyrt..p .
~ .: int,.lln , ! /9 " llua,
Iv 1: a ...... , ...1. it. r 1. , 3% , •:X .
,1•/•• 1 ..1,
.4.raft, It ' lilt i rig' II 4 ,a,s . •il i tc ' 64 . , s formaLe by
i 4 I: T T.l PERCH A I.—J(l,a. re cl , 1‘ corn.
li I pinty ibrr , relentrtt hi littyLn Penh+ Gnd. onkllraind
on prat 0 the tr.thrretnn Nil Heart, dyne nr.t.\ . rtirrn,
I.rg. •rd ror•li. Fn.,. Cant Pint, fruit Dish . ' 'sorb
Da-m- `,l‘ , ..ns. Funn.l. and Dottie, if dia.V : les.
i1..,1‘;',..V;r:.',',‘,7';e",5.,:',,i,1,...T.',.'dt°::. '' l r e y s . ;arlt a , r .:ll . (Jill:
• 1',,,,, t,,, hal,. der.r . ... Ur . Trays, &A. P1 0 t , ..14
a. , ' a auel, r , n10.1,1. •at a vs,. • .rtlelos I nu.
m.,,• , e,..lati,n t..: La, .t NA I .M•srker atter
~..,,, 3 a k puri.l.ll . s.
1 )Tit
, S4AH4NVIS---l a gr t ,ttsv r. ii „Pr ut di Itulthe
~ .., 1 , .l a,11,11{1L rite, 'Il'S.
e,e5 r , 1. 11. 4' , 11 , 1: il L
t O , T b li t T l N , (: , — ,t Orll.ltv,ofl.
ov to Fz r , , .''• , '";.. , '';.:;: r •:t u ,"(tatl'2.‘,.. A i4,".iai l :.?llll).,l . it ." , '
S .k1:1(1N41 VLANNP.U.;--11rey, of 6 el
- '‘."'—' " s nii, l iii , ttri iliZiPiltii. hr
t lik I-: LSII FLANNELS-4 frail. t...tvorttve
v v .. tilt. ntt,rtnr arjlebr whiyh ba,, blaurrin air.,
mush 'lnv-rt. - tn". h. rr,lrtt+4•lthrtry. are 4 by
. - 1, Ill'lll'llY a DUlletilllll.D.
.. ,
4 1 AS TUBING-100 1..41. 14', 1-4 u. 71.1 1.2
11 n. ..b 1.,, , .. Rill.), 61,1 Tuht •, Ilry,rnly by
noir J. a 11. HI I LI . 1 . , , ,116 Marko, at.
V KV, ' t/l/01IS !—A. A. !t ZN & CO.,
h. , . Cr: rtnrl rn{ Mnrbot ntrunt. tore ow hpr elms and
~ ...., • Inst •me . .0,, ........4 utir, I. O.'s ( I ,, us• mutd , s-
In, J.; r..... 4 1.,J,J, nod &Irina,. Ireohrth , anIN 'A/ rasa*
C.hurr: norl Pagan,. On th. I:, run. CehMeraa, PaSaVan
"'"'". an. ' N "'ay., In yam , * A1N. , .....‘f ~ m.ri0...,
11.,,,,,,,.. It. . •r ; 1,, pl.,' ttlnyrt hid \I any Kilts; a
1.r,,... ..d 01 C.,llars, i'apszo l,,,,, ,llandltereh h., (Thrtnl.
•,, and ~.n.r .ml , al, Flan Canon,
ii.nal,.rnel sr. nulti
I I Ed1,1 , .:111,
, ECON'O , 3II , - , .. sand C
ahn O. 0 1 HT, . It. ttit more oturtab!.. than Icalhe , r, sod to feet
dry and oomf ,, rtslile. boraal. o , lll‘ dlreollons I Ind
nal at VI. Markmat. I ...Is; S. & 11. PHIL ..
IkII Ultrily ,c 1/1511C1IFIELD, N. E. t,.
1 u...r ~I Fourth and Market stro•ks, basin
t . 'l'l' .T l‘ Nm '? (Eli h ßl: , l " /Ifi. ' lt•-.: " '7"b-21^ ,,, ,,fn,„ ~,,,,,AL
'gni.. ^.9.,rs and rm.., ger., " Ily ' , an 'a e ' ste ' lisis . eta In trylrrobtror.r. _ tarts
• Fresh Teas at Reduced PriTs!
iv ow being rereived, and on linnd,
I a! Co. or, 100 pkea.
tittla::. AND MACH TL%n,
huo oh. Caner the ',rent
the cwt. and
0 yr mu 1.11 •I halt IL
mot. Wow our former
.0.-0 Mara Tee . :175j0.(10.4 ...... 40e.
Extra to 111,IntSuper 7:4 .
ory Coe 4 nellth Prrektut Tee at 44 to tali ,
We hero the ale., tune.. It. the original 0,4+ and belt
e 10.0., .1.1 tel
a ril rut up la Tin Volt wham., to
to bull ler pet - molar!, intite the attention of Itotail turn
„ Quarter Clint,. rout 42. 10. tt it tl it erte
tntn '"'
- --
DlO COFFEE—WO bugs rime
14 1 1iESII TEAS--:is chests Y.
a " ei4te ' lNNlkr
.111t15 wsrr A C\
110sIN b9 .s .
b !i0 er.lto
r 1.161 JOHN o,trr • P). \
.63-= ----
FAC2l , llt9t
Price thownuTs
lloblroon`.. ea;
to IS tn. U. lima s 6'
t• Plekinern A
10 World'. Felt
10 keue PittTwi atotr
n: uht.punt,. -
6 •• (...evealletu
lu •ur , Cud br 411110 WATT A CO.
L EATHER -200 sides New Yink; • \
6 dna. Celt Sklar: forrale trlt
4101.1 JOAN WATT k CO.\
UCKWIIEAT-101.timeks Ilulled,for ;Ye
" hf tnultj WICK It eIcCANDLItItS.
UTTER kegs justreo , .
d, iorendo by
DEA kai--This day rend and toe aulo by
S UNDRI ES-3 bbls. prime Itoll Butter; •
ken. Pladindij:
4PO L 4l l :11 7 4 1' irr.%%11=4
betroen Wood and tonitblZoldins.
`'ALT PETRE-89 bags Crude,Nto arrive
ond for ..le bi LACKIOP,t CO,
__non Water ood frost
Cold *ostler has Come._
orklan's sod 1127.' Rood) .
Halo m.orama. , We
rtudr CO plum, No. II Smithfield Mae.
Dolt, a.rlThooondl/107.
II.IaNG-300 bbi3l.,sitrttf.by4
, 's s :Z I N'l PAU/ T El,'
x , .
ikilOsYlki? il l AND 41 NINO CIOMPANI".
hewark., J.'4 \
rhi, Company Ca ‘ preper al to funolahoa Irtipplyoof the..
, Which here'been foaled after \several 'nom; trial, both In Ewmtoe and the United Stater, to retain toeir orlgtrusl
b e
And protentlee , rerp7auperior th, woy other
paint whatever. Their \ , \
1 le runty an Oxide of Zinc; nd la eiarraioted free \ On . to all
suit:lteration and Impurity' ~„..,....,...,.
, beautifully white, and la anti ly the frf ,,,v pit! a
' C i Sic ,'" eela: th t.g l tzr i fad`ll' !*, d ''''" ti s,
When expr4ed to sulpha..., sr itZie ahalationa, or
even when Out up in a el.* roorn2\ As an 1.. W. int 4,
It a n a southern th roat., am the Ober becwr‘
than PUT nth!, ant being liable to, urn lky or to
crumble and rub tart. It may been, wit any color,
with water and sin. , or with frartdeb.,wh h kir the rele
brated porcelain Onialo.
Throe are furobbed ate In* prier, and • undo kOntll
the cheapen And two peat. in the mark for coating
mrtfe.l..neina, outh , nota, steamboat., or any' ‘l 44 . l \ir
of lanai. Lyirk, tin. ia. iron, as they 1.. t0tA..... ,
\ WEA rflEll AND FIR}, l'ltf . '.
\ 'For Iran 8uri...1 they are protienholy veinal:lf the y
burn • galvani,, moreeetinn, and enUrely Freer. oalda- :
Linn, they dry gni:lly, and basing a pure metal! ham, ,;
do Mit thalide mbar liko meal - it the earth/ tednte no*
I,4Jora supplied on Ilt,ral tenms by the agents of •
ratnl4sl.. Y. C. JOSES 4 CO.,
au.. 0Pc41.1 : :South %hare.. Philadelphia:.
\ ' \ New DresB Silks.
11/E Las ., just ree'd a variety of styles new
v • faniy \On*. bilk, inelbdind a fay pattern• very
F rich promote ,
- Ale 4, plain - Anl figured Black Silks, the latter of new
atilt.: ` \
Abio; \ plaid rrenrh Merin., . rarer ankle, and very
deelrablironle Roc this reason.
Tog etbar with an'inoortment of Coffee Intoned Green,
V;Pri,!ll.3lrti C:,d,;VAlntr'utictrotill:r'Zit:Ltr.rin'
Contin a Vette ' te; nor 'stria Mocha Lan, Ohawbe. Woolen
l i ft b illll . l% BURCHFIELD, .
nol4 ',, \ Northeast ear, Vourth and 4lxrket ida.
t - i Lf.)XES - 1 `LOAESI—J. A. Mai Nla Ilt,
I No\ armlet et, hairrte'd MIA Morning by Adams'
raven, It fame lot of Uinta and facks, suitable far La.
' dies and Children. ttn early call will secure. dunce Lan
gain \
Alsoree'Lfesla and large, stock of Trimmings, of
I moat deelrabb4 lea.\ . , noI4
by 1101,-725 blls. 76 and 92 per it., fur
s ' \
1 ARD 01L.,' 1)181 ,1 / 4 inter'Stnune , for
' .),1) . ' ''--- ' "d
i 4 sale b, • \ \ ft P, MELLERS.
int ARS ti . A3IMONAA- 4, casks fur sale by
I_J an
INDIGO-2: easis \ ' ' Sfadrns\nnd Manilla, fur
.a.e 1,,- \
\ ' k' C. SELLER ''
il ORAX-151 1 0 lbs. \ for salc\by
LJII nolo J. KIN/ ,t COs en Wood ,et.
BICHROMATE POT 7 ASH 00' —Aollis.for
sale by \ J. KIDD • CO
LCOI1OL—:10 bbln. 92 ' eritl 76, for tittle by
act . Knob • CO.
, INIEE D OIL-20 bids, fot\sale by ' •
' EN NA-800 lbs. Alex. and In.\ for BOJO by
, nal:. IL C. ski.rrrer.
Dit LSAill FIR-10 galls. for salt,. by
ill yet:, if R. set. as,
V tII4I3 , I3ILEEK SEED—GOO apt for 'sale t,t, ,
1 coil J KIDD a CO.
NOT.A.SII-10 casks prime, for sale by
n.l , t t J. X inn a CLC<
Il li ,, L r li b p;ff \ l"l'Eß-15 li_bis. a
1 1 ,. 'l;li o rt n t u froi . `c , ,.
wit:, .., Round Church; Fluildln;
NI itNut - AlkftutliD ToßAeco .„ ,
A 10 boxee. Enseell • Robinnon's S'4 s . • File
0 .. S} IL Grant •
a .. Jh . nee t eon's L
,ree sale by (0.141 J. 0 lt FLOYD.
.. ..
BROOMS --1W Iles. Poland, for sale by
Holt .
_l \ _ , J. a 1L FLOYD.
pRESIt TEAS: --5q hf. chests V. Hyena;
'tt \ t ' itil?7. ° l°,;. d iSftl m i.V 4
For s\t ‘a - frolsl, \ Ja 0 Fla/ID.
LEAIIIER-150 side N. Y., for sale by
nnll i \ J. &It FLOYD.
*DOT .A...ii-25 cults pu747lhr sale by
L n'plr, \, \J.A R. FLOYD.
11. ETTERS\3estamentary to the estate of •
Jam, )po...llide of Int 11.• tonatb. County of All
t`olt7,7,il7,!,„h=7:„lrit= lebei.a'tlgt;l'e.;cant
them duly atabyrdl l ted for erl/irnat p t A V
nol4 l law Oa
D ltOthlt's=-50 do. for sale,by \
l) oat T. 'WOODS t SOS. 61 Ws. r .L.
._,_ ... _
A PPLES-30 bins. \r . ec'd on •., consiOreettt
.‘"l,, and for .1. by , 7. WOODS a rON - 1
t n all \ ,61 Watar , ik
i 1 u OVERS-2 tio;. \ -Intliagtabber
11 I C o or.r, V all [Lc dlarrent \engt.h., put reed
tr, sal. at Nu. 116 Plarket aro.
.14 , J`A D. soil{ let.
LIFE PRESERVE:RS 1 , ,J.1ci11tET.51,..6 dol.
I.IY. PreArrtarn a nd Jac Leta of ail,tho dlfferril kind.'
ISMS ut.i.clux.ll, far .aled lb. llubbor Deic L 116 Mart. St.
.11 J. `a 11. PHILLIP:E.
-\--- \--- --•-
B ORAX -I ease for sale by:, t \
null HEYBEII , 4 3fe0011E4:91/14 - cod s t. \
4( ifIROME GREENTi YELLOR 4 r4 cams,
1- 1 .:‘7 . -- qvvpaoouzila..-ELL.D\F.,4.
F ..aI RE. S II FRUIT -3 email Z I
ara° ttaitts;
bossi bt. E. Bats \
no .4o•Ass it t , t . " . idna,.
For .1.• by 3: O. ' WItetTS C IP:t \
.14 \ • • • 116, Woad . \
AV ARII BOARDS--50, doi.4lolmes' 7 ,
V 1 ant V., for We by • I \
nold \ J. D..11 - ILLTAIIS &CO.
n LACKING—IRI doz.Sitilon's • . alien
... k
LIP for We by, J. D..11* LLI.OId CO I
DOT ASII=4O casks for mule \by '
JI.. nol4 , J. D. WILLI/113 & CO.
BROOMS-its doz. Cora, for &do by \
111 IP voll. \ kk %VIM 4 IteCANDLY.S3,
117 ASH BOA .5--40 doz. Zinc, \ for so
I_T br _ ~ WICK & Ader..ANDGESPI.
lIEESE—ki box's extra Cream D.'ll. F.,
rved and for We bT
wait - WICK & 11eC4.7t/Ll/:5.4,
`IrkURILA bxs. Neale a
ed i
ea/domed Curb= and Kinuted Cheue, 4le day - 2T
Tnd rld.
11 1 :11.TTIO CIIEESE.--400 bases for sale by
Cols • WICK & IfeCANDLE ^ .3.
lIIABLE SALT-1n for 6aie, by
1..14 ' WIC ACt MrCAKl){.ra.
POT ASII—A prime article for enbi by
nol4 wlea A IIeCANDLns.:
INTER (I LOVES--Nowin etorcl. a com
v v plete assernt, entoprielnu ovary eerieft,. trot
613 i. to 16 per pale. A. A. 1168021 A CO..
, .1 tr;. nu 1 ..1 CA Ilarlulestroet.
—, t
`bar,' on entoMporoont • lat., lot of Cauntarranee.
Icier...lll .11 unJer the oast ..{.Ananufsethre.
L.A. 31680 1 . 1t CO.
\ \ I v ... 115m0e Co6ta, large; A.
1 61111 nu Cayes. wlth sleep.:
' t4year Maw, • ,
`, 1 , L.... Lezonsuc
\‘, 81trt;
‘1 AtesulleteJacketu
With a eouip la assortment of dl.
Ceps In sun. J.
" ÜBli ,
I‘, .
NDIA NR 31101 ..,, 20
41 :: : : Ladlek. Chntletnen's. an. ...—. ......1a Rahher
A 4, of th e newest styles entworaeturnl The , putilha
are elted to ..y ck ,.. examine our retail stock.. they
ara en Hoe to an ever °greed In thle dry. For We st
the Inane rubber pot, Se., 116 11Serket West. \ , •
nos, , . ‘ A J. A 11. 111 ILLTSBI. \
r ''' - — C
pEROVSSION. CARS, --2,000,0u0 tu ~.6_ t 4.e,
_Ly ,foo13) ' 04 8A lINYSTOCK &Ca ,
LABIP I \LACK.. -4.0 \ bblv. in parrs aseiii
\ 5 limns` • ~• ..
SODIbe. retna
45 %,,, bu
ntrfa for Nubby
41SISESTO(.1C at:XL\
.. ...,
M7CED AT— 91,in 61b. Jain,
rg 11 .Nkqt " ".ll 7u'T " 1 4' 1 7.
L. bicelarno ico.
i CAROLINA GREl i ":B4,hist 'r',!!ip'd at 256
Liberty Arvin. and 11.00 bY ~ s:
131.1 K M. 4. bIeCLL7iO It 00.
' UCKWHEAT FL UR--, , , Put up in 5 - 0, 4.. Z
' ''' d "N rb
r i{',S l i. bieCLORO & ' CO,
!ki lo,.
13 ts rind Tea Osaka.
( j • °RIDE OF LIMEI-Of the best qual
euriettaiitly on baud Lad tb\aale ky ,
IlKiiitiClT, =RI e CO.
- _boiii \ , . float ta t noar Matte— \
g Mats. Winter L844,0i4 lane.
V/zd 0. nt.aucaus..4
ilTEES mo tti za?
r \
0; neaVad tar flja by
volt- J. B. (1.01,11.:1.1).
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A PPLES-70, .615. for We by \ ii \
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SANS of Los t 0.1.4 u
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'Prinw mooned from 112.73( $.3 21 e• t.
1/4,j6(40 2.5 net. and arenueltut ' C. 1.34 g . /
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ta. P.. . re , llltann: to:rive cony a y morn
In price, . -0 atlll ho of some ca. t, It Is ,
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lens 64,5 N. browns a. Cricuruclutrath. The accounts
from the country are Iti General Inv, able tor ma nbareMbit \
Yieltl of th • .truer crop. But little 7.1%...5es remain.
Pricetkrk.2.,; re., .
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There is less inquiry for money in the street, ' \
anearat class, paper ho. been dole at 0)4 gl' 10 ematlc4 ,
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- . --- 7 lh ,
shiptudnts from New York continue lame, but they , ' \
ore Emlaricti by the homey D . ,Epports of gold dust from Cal- \
itornin \
In refernuee to the imports and expurts of 'the
United Eutt,!.4 correspondent of the toston`Dally.Adie.e-
Ulmer. makes lg. following rtateni.t, slearly showing th , ~
error of the Jothri* of Commerce. on Bag aubject. 116, \
r o a n y t r h - e " boLoekt
us a Mte`t , he acountu a pon e t
he foam a tone . _ ,
nerehant gill ba
Imports fr s the
year eothog 30th Jane, 1951,
wowed stem.. \ .
Nato,. of • ipOrle 'ln ih r , \ , , , ltMe timeslB3,ooo.oCo '2l \
0,000.000 \
Deduct nrethred 10, pa oirthe bal
sam a th. previoue...eak 25.0 , 0..0 . . \
' Leering \ \ -. 18240.410 u
and *bowing • dace...y.ol.V. all Ile cold
*snorted of 5 10 . 100 .000
The above I. the Vtvcile fort.‘yeh kb the hgn hes of tiro
Journal of C.ammetre abow. ^ 7re\o. hilt. .
This is'settling day withthe n o auks, and there '
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from each other, and ...woe of the else ulte abort to day.
The demand Mr money has Leon a tire. od ~n has
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,ver. we boar of no cheer., dtioulti\them , be no reduction `' \
of prone ehloments during tn. next 'two ort‘three Werke..
more cumnent. money ...ark. , al , fwancrimtle. and Co. '
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thine, For tent clsosnaper, the &eland Is 0.;..d and:th.. ..
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tent. herand daze 1/1 going eh / 2 4/ 5 1 1 ..1. . .
\ here was receivedit the Snb-Treusu $90, 7
OFNpaid $ 13.4,b`11. balance id,1P5.470.--rhihnent. . "
POR. OF P T t G 1
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J. Baiaril, Vetblvs. Elisabeth. "L
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tioviee. well, Woe Newton. ~
W ,och.t.e, Aire Areseillea. ~
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Wellasile. Christer. Orileeport. '
Tuscarora, Yo.e, Cincinnati.
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th. Clty of Plaattrah.
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N . oTIOE . T ., '-
any es7titast. e f I j.t.kll
ru.ltteJted to Tatum K.
liar owner. toc:::1
CO, Llbery
s. 11. 1
W.. 1.71. 8 41 r.,
5, fooJoier;
T UEeutscriben
hereby to More oftiler Refuge bet
the , 11121.4. oubscaibed by
the Tnneares; on or teL
ottet-A BT order of tb
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tter. '
Menry Depot, rim
m hand 30 tins.
0a...3b,r‘ kn n.
. .
130,000 \ B*l.
g L EAI:ED PROPOSA.,—._ ue *Live by
ro the . 04 Loaf Oie LUTA Oa^ until the :Stlt Nor •
tete, tztec., gar fyroldillay 140.049 brattele bOS itu.di
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lobo r. 7 tbe wbole adeal . tliptrd• swr. :
_ s p. Leak ae. 1.1361..,(3. - \ ',. . .
for rale by
BALM Alllllt .—
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TSBIIk- ` 6H wautzt,
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The weather ye:teiday w” cold
ut dvr ..r,atious , bn is fair otoaral bashnatl.. nuaraFt. The reMpts of p \ure•
2.tc10 Iddr Flour cart e tai J: l, nu lamer
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won :1
, \Anparatively light. \ \
VI, 11—The Obi)" 801. to j vttenl, fru.
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for. f.. and $3 :',l:al 7 for e at en .
Pl r UCKWltt:dr—Webral , d of not
anciice doing. \in I , l:anneal four Me '
trill tandr we ts at $t 1011104; A
dre3a3~i.aaek .\
tift./.6i—tihrt, (.11,itUlt, in fair rtyl
irnmi , rksna Ill* Cavorth 40: and, Barley St
. .N. , :,0 t o t)sta, is two , Jnta at the'riir r. at 241
rd For.. at 40, and 16{t basin varr at\Pc 'OP
tiILOCIVIIk—A soy ate businript I.
r last duatations,hi,44 no eentintokar 0
bd , c'tntnen at 244,13 c, fair and prinia 31
at 4.11,1 0 ma...-
S .. 3733. sLi43
I. ..thug iu small lotiat 9 , 1 •*?09 , a , ,1\t
itinp at -lia , lik M. ',
(I: It 11l Es—Fate. of 3 Idols a; 57 709 ‘
...Icing higher ratra.
tF-ED—Nruallaales transpire at
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10. 21 Lblr rootified. it.7.l‘
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811..T11044 Nov. 21
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witEELlV—cii r pk .<, r_
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WEL SPILL rOrt.t. It . \
IN A.III.V,ILLE— vv. , ..
EAVEI.—Movn v 1.9. •
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