The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, November 24, 1851, Image 1

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    ESTABLISHED IN 1786. '
n. n' wecriJ ISOIM 1103122.
area ON =NM INTLNit, UM' Ma . TO TIM POST tuna•
DAILY-s,nm deflate Per idinues, paiable half Teal,.
Sid - Dousant if paid In Menne,.
WeE/iLY--Twu dollars per annum, In alranoi. Wpm
will he supplied on the Pillow Ina couditluusi—
Fla copied do 00
Ten copies do la on
he or sash Club to 1x addressed tn one P. 0.;
awl to he paid Inearlablpin !Seelig, Pat , . will
toliaesdafter LOU year expire, oak. the money Is sent (or
• renewal • . .
iu6xi:OF - &nilmaisußo
quote (70 line/ of tionParell or
oe •
Do. each Watt/Goal Inuorunn- tt,
one week •.- .
D 0..... a.—
o (n.eto
y weeks - 4 ts ,
month o 0 CO
tour month* 10 tel
W. . cia i l2 tel
Otanding Dints, (5 liner or k-d. Per . anon.r—re ,
Use Dollar for each addlitenet one.
Dog Duture. chentyablo at pleasure (per an
' 1111 4 11 erelneire of the paper ..... —.25 00
Toe (Mon dltional mum, toper,' ever au- month. ant
for each additional atuern Insertod under the yearly nu,
h ti=ments ere-5416 a Num, awl not aver lifteen
. Ines, PI be charged ns Mi tzar.: >lO.l hmlf.
Poldlahme not acceouttuole aderrlatetuentt be.
rood the amount. (+amyl for theft putdiratiou. .
Announcing' candid at, for eltis, to
elepayl the earn,
aa orb, advertisement,
Ailrortlremente not nutted an *ha Dopy far ia etecifted
ap=abor of Intertione.olll otirtuni Lirl3.l.ant 0,0
ment exacted sonminutly.•
prlrile, of annualatirectlurttlt strictly limited to
''.their turn lonlerillto builocie; ant all advection:wrote for
the ltenestOf other Dem/mom/reit Iron advenlermente not
Intraelistely connected with their own. tapir/es. and all
klapes of adscitieomente, lu length or ollarrarite beyond
theilmito ett-o.2ed. ho rharzed at the usual ralea. For
• ell 'each trandent adrorticing, bills nil* be sepauttelf
altered, nod prompt payment Is desired.
glrertieernontr•for charitable inuituttOne. Cr.
Purl/ totraehlp, mod other public meetings, ana
nob Ilkg. to Irtubacped half pike,' Potable striuir in c a.
..Iferriage nottoes 'tole charged 50 cent/.
--Death notmerlorerted without charge, nadera epecouta•
Wed bP fainentl invitations cr °battery uolicee,
'lnt newt/taunt.' befanid for. .
angular alroptio , ert. and all other* *eluting communina
elan % or reaniting notlees designed to roll attention to
Pain e aire f. tioneorte, nay eutertainmentr,
• where charge:ewe mare far altrutt e—oll notleus of tat.
ennaciatra.--ceery nortte dosione.l to call atteutkm to
polvateenterPtirec calculated or Intended to promote in li.
.44.1,intAITST. ws only be lor.erted oath the under, land.
AM that thee:into le to be poll ior If orrenled to he In
serted In the Weal rolortn, the Fs., Wi II 1. eharze.t at the
r 'anent not lea, than 10 cent. ter 1. (o .„
Bilhop Nottce.. te ne cbtructt mote ague,
Tavern Linenee Politico* 52 eneh,
Itpl Ettata Actmta' talvertisementa nn
lu,ed anger Trutt rate,. bat to la, allotted a ;lb
thiztp three .at boa thin) mat. 1 rota tb.
automat of B.
RlZfil• 01 11.1.,[333 1.1.1 . plpf.
• Ch. 0011 , 11,.. thote Ita.rtiotta tl 1-0
Ua each addibanal I ntertion
atrenattimaxtra ta ....0 barn..
fhb EQUILI, (10 11(1,0 011. I eabrt ton... ..... .00 mots.
, Do. bath stattintal tbaettiott ...... „tta bent,
tranalant V1T.41.1 , 4 , nr2.119.1. btt bald fa ad tab.,—
A. -IV, ItUTEIt,• Attorney at Law.--Colleo.
. flows awl Couvoyaucing ctrefully udol to. Of
."..00.0. - tir. , l l Olitnott , Giont Onto, meat ito , Court
'AMES R. KERR, Attorney at Law-01 ce
ttgr. Courtt\ b.t.otst sguitbfieuriabi Grua, ern.
JOS. IfSAVER, Attorney nt Law, Fourth
Fringe, near the ileyeee Wllre. Pittsburgh.
wetter. ett.thlett t,jnrm intr.
tAKINCLICIOI-M.Nt, .1.113.1N01R
(Lat. of tatatitown. V..) (La te of Ina.. P.
L.—ono on Fourth street . No.szi.lMsrmu Woul
izattitleLl etrt.cto,
N.. • York. D. Oliphant L• Counni.unner Go the StAte of
}LINN Sc COMER AttOrileyS at Law—
tj °Mee on Vonrat street, al:oveßrolcbGehl.'
; W. F. WIUTE, Attorney at' Llis-01-
AU ...Con au Groat street, near Fourth, is ',llama' Cola
inw.rulaburab, Fa. arehr:l,
-Irato Agonts. Yo. for 4te
4: A_
I` n , Ale
EFRANCIS C. FLANEGIN, Attorney at Law,
. Na 170 Trill atmet, Villebargh.
inFtau 4
... , I I:: WATSON, Attorneys at' Lau',
No. 110 Fturth Ftri<3. l'arlargh. •
' 24..=-,flito.s.ra.r . .t 1 , ,n John Flaydrr, Pan; !Im
re:mt. Mort 'Linn M 004 Wo. IL Ywnr. Jain flf.r3lng. Ar
conntant;(lro.llV, Jack., Pittnbund, isnlay
Attorney at Law, °bee,
at oriat,stmet mei Dion:K.4
•ADWAIIID P. JONES, AOorsey at Law:
°Zee Fourth EF'wt, /mt. - van ilincal asN Smaith.
Et BRADY, Attorney at Law,
Arcot. littabrarch, Pa. .
SON SEWELL; Attorney at Law,
Corcirriariznor tar bah= Dept.itonr, Art.-
of no^n,c,. 0614111-)01137121 61..0- *bort.
u Qhlo Eta
I•l,4Xern nt
Nfi Dmiers. a Ilsrharkqe. Coin. Doak Notes, de.. N 0.71
Youtth Amer. next done to the Nook of PiNabaratt
lettloat earefullEattendoi to, sad the proeceals sawn o‘l to
any part of Nos Mal..
A. 8.. Witte-4.r. . O. 0.1•11. N.
Vet 11.. WILLItAMS & CO., Bankers
Nazi s•etkruice trokern North ' nvt eoraer of Wood
and 'el green, lltteburatt
All LraZlACtiMi meat; on ltbernt tarns, and pllectiona
promoy attended to. Ja9dy
.1 D. - KING, Banker and - Exchange Broker,
b.• , Yoarth Dealer to Bank Noun. Bills of M
a sad St.. bonnt_n and
Tbn dant:met market prim paid in immninzn tot Amminnn
Half DOW.. stet •Aleximin sad Ersedeb Imam, in D.
f amis. 2+2.4
WIS. LAM ". VIER, JR., Banker wad Broker.
4th mi., I.:D.D.D. adjoining the Rink of Pitt:burdn.
WILKINS, ',sr, CO, . Exchango Brokers,
0 South Dot Comer of Thiol mad M.ket AB
annanacne st mixt Libmd 1744,
I1OLbIES& SON, Dealers in-Foreign
• =1 Dossed'shine or Exchange. Ceitttieetee of 1 . ..-
Ned Bent Notes etul tip:cle. No. 611 Market rtreet.
flu - flal-ZgM.Colleettora made U trthelpsk
througlacrut the United Sham
lixemEß. finnirars and Ex
change Broke= Deolere in Foreign rad Dxooetie
of Exototoge,Cortlßestes of Depeolle.. Rank tiotee.—
tittle., corner of Thin' nod Wont effect.. dir,tly of Poei. ,
the Pt elutes Rotel. '
& • rßtm, omiisaionleilq;:ta
nod eV &Orem Ka. 114 Second rtrent. Perm.l and
Estate securities frnm SIOO 43 SIDMM slrsrs on band
. WO=lroir r.O.irrl-". --mama ILL.,— WS. X. Soar.
V A.1.111 - Ek ILANNA & CO., g - uccesson. to
. a'... - 11 1 :.'1"..1.T . L.1. ? `„‘TL ) :7,:,.1:t.1.1.T;
W.l4 l ":lNlVif't. - 6 1 ."1V7`; wlL:Tr°,."`".!
0 0[14 illeit Cheri:lifer fee, owl oollertioro mode on orar.
Vo t ttlt r ingligl U g ,, r 143vreit:,;--.';.i - iillrri.l.
,!' 4 1 11 T.. , Iri air exteoml;lbrneuis ai Prioloro.rnlopol .art.
pl. 810 rmte.
a -iy. TAYLOR, Commimionet sod Billtifil En:amlw Seovaul greet. krict ottentlan will hr
&i . rart to all Unionso ciotrusted to ins ore. Pittomirgli
maarilifoolured wiltio obroye.on bona or proeural at rhrrt
lOo• - Noterl, Moils, Alorlipairee, tr- urvt.lF.ed on foror
ilbb VIEW. Adman en [mole. If reliard. ool*
•Et C. SiiiakTON, into Johnston ic
ton, Bookseller, Stationer, Printer and odsr,
It sr of Market and Third strtettn-Plttsbuniti.
TAS. B. 110LIES' Cheap
. Litentil Depot,
Thint etmet, oppooto Prot . - D . 11(T .: Ye>• p o on o i4m o
""" d i'!!',!,';`,/,1. , 11,4 Ze o.‘bik6,e.
— L. READ, Bookseller and Stationer
II No. 78 Fourth emet. Avolk,
(iiuprr DBALEB.
Argt.mi'rociwitatinfacturenuad Int.
Ivet:Bl24. l V:
..4 ritobarg4.
3V:I'OIN FATE it, corner of Water and
Std Myta ttrrr;t ?, r4ttsburith i Cantlrstaa• ast , POP
r Prat t. . • Fr a Crlt% , man tee r ' qtala j r4Va r f
articles pt Plttsburga troutrally.
•ALtr—Aampt tar the tale a pl. Carper it Ca, and I WC
son't celebrated ahaurt ap4 Ilet Yorke, at .Catladripain
pion; an4 Jruklar W. maperlorwat4 Trat. aP3,tt
A. McA.NULTYk CO—Tran,porteri,
cl - LT i=..T0 r eL"."..4.'"17}44";"4 1 !""" t ° . ebr
and Comuals6len Mordants, 61 Wale
. .
JOUNSTON, 'Forwarding and
annzasaiDa sn,-dmat, No. 11.2 100. rttaet.
IEE Jr, JONES, Formanling ar,,fl
ryfniaulterchwnu.lkalen in Pipltten stul Igtcf
itazl6etor. l uttsles, Consk. Gain, nest errnita
suite. PlttADarsh•
A. A. nattor .. .. .. •.., .
......._... ,
j 4.. .
ALAXDY, ..ioNf§a6. — S . ccoestar . F . , to At
i tßi?.., ciint . %Eionand 'forwarding Mar
. p t r*: . I ' 7 '7' " 4 " Gi , Miii i/Taw
: Y 000 1 3 u I : . .
-• 1.1.1110:1 VlTTValtala..-...11. torruo. N
. A A.IIASON t 170., 1Vholosalo ahtl. Retail
11 Defilers la Fancy sod .4tarle Dry tiowlo, 31s.rVot :
trot: l'it'sbotooh. • •
and 8,4111 Dor (Ic-4. llr:ltot.o; corner of Foorth•
• arta etoooto, .I•ltiAburg.h. •
LaiD.:D. 110141. C , lrper 01 Fourth
prolix. it. betr,eli Tiarket Perry stireta,
A4U It Plt Y. & L Eh', WOOL DEALE.II3 and
AlfaMlsslots alerchorito loi tNo colit or A00n . P.30
lirodtrM'oill, No. 131Laorly et- rittAbolcA. _
S d"; Vr.
A R ii U 0 11
; Wool illerellants,
w . r dtp p `i_tiC l ZTU. , :t l=47,lTiVii,r,l-1E
.a.u., oe...stil street, PiLtlta.H.:ll. •
-__— - _ . _._ .._ ...,.. ..
Veterinary Sur g eon, late
h 6Nu '" Igoe In
11.1 "' b ' W th'L ' - h" sgire.Antlou , la whatem
„ sa.u. Horse Eloelar surl
)3 . w ' i264,Lbr,rj..ralilylantraga4snried.o-a., as theeoprr
Doctor G. Reichhelm
NFORMS his friends and the public in gen
.rel, :hot to , has r..mott.l his odic, to Penn xtr,t,
. ovxt to se. ewe unto.
S.—NT:air; 111.144.4 to him fors of time, we
0.'1,1 to eel.e their strx.olits. ./st , t::tm
F. R. Moore, M. D.,
to h P e , I r TIC i li . l ., N , dovuteß
tnen uhl chil3ren, .3 ' 71 nrut.r - di.ea.,:went.ral . l7. a:Z.l f r:
rbrunto awl ottr.mi Mu ~... °dirt on Anderaon rtn4.t. the Iland Stn—t lirtdre.—and next door to the Plan
ng 51111, a ll,.heur City. Oak.. P.m ftvm 7t09 A. M.
loan 1 to 1. and fr”rn 7 0, 0 0. M. 010.0) )
I k R. J. J. MY E IV4--Surcon and Phy;;icio.n.
K Y We.. nod dweilluti.rnrner of Uarinagton n row. No.
I.9,lliird ot.n.ct one dos above yalthtleld rt.
Dr. Myer. lama permanrutlr loe ted in l'ittahninh, and
will at.n.gat tu the dutiva ol hit mteaNkna He will rive
I.rt.R.olar att..ntlon fa:rename...NT. and th,. du..el 01
woca:And children. apltOra
I Ai'q 'AIi•GUFFEY, (Fueties,nr to John D.
•y Mor,ao4 Whulrsalo Drum II!, atial dealer i ink,
Nainta. arotAhe., rwrxnm , .rl,,,
'84.4atn.,.1. nun dooreouth of hi mond alloy. I' ItL.hur 40,
l'a Cot...anti, on hand a rupplV of Slorgan'a Cough 61.
ruo. 1.10, and Worm hill .
. nol3:y
a A. FAIINE,STOCK & CO., Whole:I:0o
manufarturers of Whit.. load. ILA
Rend. mt.! corm, Wood and Front str.r., I.l(lf
banal, l'a. mesh
& IiteDOWELL, (Sucinessors to
Kest- • fieq.r.)Wholmtalr and Retail Drily end
rm.crildlort floor r,rner of atr.....t and drain rhygriane nr,,rmatona carefully rompenuard night sod
- tor.
I •KIDD CO., W hiilesnle Druggists: Deal
t, • n &
ereCio mint , Oil,. fir. !Tuff.. mad In.trum..nt , ,—
Proprietor, of 1.1;
round 40,1i.ra ;rlll 4 lVranlully
.1. and fr.roard..l suit dt.onten
- - -
K. SELLXIIS, Wholemsle I)ealer in
Rruq', taint., nr• fluff•. Oils, Carnleh.a, t..., A:.,
I._ 4 , -
- . _
N. %VICKI:I:SI' A:11, W holes:de DI-up:hit
0..7 • aud Deal, 51and .‘,1,--ultnr,l Imphqueutn,
N.... 1,6 etr, ,-,..rovr of ,ixth -
reletttet. ..M. ll , I ...LA
r ) R 0.1/ N , 1 / 4 . REITER, Whole4ele and M
tquezi.l , . c•,,reer of I.awrty ottla ,t. Char oarc. Pitt,
.urvh, I,
if SCIIOON:SIAKE Rs CO., ‘Vlalesele Drug
.) u i•t.. N, CI We..l rt.. l'lttsburoh.
. - ert. Balt Fur:11.11,1.1ml I.tolwe and
I•iltnborgh Nanulrrtur•n. Out 11>n111) aloral
on band at t,ir Wattn , treet, PaUbnrd.
p i r F. ‘ , V .. 1.14;5!: , .1N, holeAtile )Crroe t. 111.1
blnt, ../e a Do
14: From ayl
L. S LIE E, Whoit.Sule (in wer, Cominiseion
om • Al+rch.ut,nn.l dealer in rtru.r
Penn end Trwtn Atre,t, Pittoturgh.
A.NLU k.IL SHILL VEIL, holeertle tiro
rer. Proluce ens' enturoloak. .nrratunt,.. nrad
r, Pi tuburch M,,nulaxturvd Artideo,
Eeenchl vtreet. between Wo.l and Surailltwhi, Pkttgivrati.
s. ..... _
.11 CIIN S. DILWOI:T1.1 S. CU., \Vholreale
ON Lirooer, 0161Ctlitnii10
Vent. tor Ilaaard es., CAI, Nu.
31 Hunt rt.
j.. OIWITIVE t INGRA lIA Iy, IYLolesals
ururrn• (24.051..rt50u Na vu Wai•
1.1 Flr-t l'itt•l)urgh
• -
LIE Y . , .11,1.11:11EW & CO., Wholesale
un teer,ltti?a," 4 l3=3 . V
AOIIN T WA!!' St CO., IV hule,alo
Camraisstoa I.alers Err4tierr stul
ntairel4 ilsoutactar.s. tio 1.31. rt,
1 B. CANFIELD. late of Warren, Ohio,
FtasrJltic M.-chant
•rr , Cb,nr, bum, Pot
Pearl Att. aria Wr•Vcil Pruduce wsurrally.
Vest, rtro.,
betveru Flaitharla bud Woo]. l'itt-Vair,b.
• sai. (Inima, Ponrar.lll.ll4 Catarrannan !bleb
thldrre In Pit.birrpti,
run Maanalaciarm We 4
itiet• o. c.c.,. Ft ftrert arrl CIIguACO,
IM.. Maui.. ..
DICKEY k CO., Wholesale Oro-
Merchavtx, anJ Pro-Luce--
I64 l".
lfater...l 107 Fmntrtrv,
pINULISLI & BENNETT, lain ;Euglinh,
ilallin-Ixer 2 On. Wholeealr titocvnt L~etnti,rt'u.o .al
unranding .11nrckinnnk, 1.-an.n• and Vitt.Lurch Slnnornetorr., NC,t h and LI EirKt an.
men and
-'GILLS4c, BOF:. Wholesale Oronars d
Ciantnindon klord.antn, fto. an
013}rr /110011 E, Wholesale .4 - ocai,..
Rectsfying Distiller, dcaler Pittsbarat
risAnt r V..'iar,"trt;'r—,! 0 1).`",',TT:Pf.
wen- large &Lack ot tutperior old )I,ol..agetw.ts W hi,
Nti.tiTh Inar Ur
tp °BERT DALZELL a CD., 14 holesale
llsrswrit,Comrultetwa 31" edict dealers In Prraluta
an d Piburgh. .0 L•l r• ttsburgh •nuur . nu st Ltastll str
_ . .
to ()BERT , A. CUN N iNt.4 LIAM, holesale
rarest: str d
e•L . Kttehargta.
W. 11/011.1t, ... .......... ..... swot ~:" pawn Rau s.
tr. a. wooausno ..... .. ... utast-rt.
%I P!. BAOALEY 4 CO., 11'holesale Oro
, n. N oklY gm , l9 WOO •treet, l'lttsbeirgh
WICK MOCANIILESS, sueeessors tal
L. A . J. L. Wick, Whalrnale Fin -warding
- • entainistuna Marcbazar, asithas In Iron, Nails, Glass,
a loons. sot l'Aulburzh 0/anuLacturs. assails;
of Wood ani Water streets. lltnthurgb.
L 11.p.1.11L
• tiroutra anti Commits , . Merchants !waters la Pro
, ....and Pittsburgh Wanufartunsl StrUste , i, Ists-rtr
street, Pittsburgh. Pa.
311 D. WILLIAMS CO., W.holesale and
• netall tinu - Plw, Forwarding and 001113360 km
.retinatt. sal 'wales - Pia Psnintry Proluce vast Pittsburgh
51anufasturoi, earner of Wood eau' Fifth 10.0) Pittsburgh.
romsoN, isrfLt - & CO., No. 2.;,5
Liborty noon. PimafivrOO. Whol , ;olo nro , r, Pro
une aud CoMairm.M.rchuM. a3l io
Jong 11.0 SD 6.10 - 1.11 , 114..
R. PLOYD, Wiaoleialc GrocerB, Com
. I.rima Mu:chin:Tv, and Dra b,' In Prtsluou—Round
Lnrch .. Building, mr.ring .. 1.1.1 , 7. wv.1...0 nl.n
.treed, Pitt•bargla. I. _
1..11,1 In ;2
W 1 . 4.1 a,, Yontiva Wt.' I i , p3
Fsbas 6;t1.1"11i0.000.,
lAL^M liet..burgh
I AS. DALZELL, Whoicaalc Grocer, t o n
y Inlonewl Forvarding Slerch.ant.unit dealer In jr..o
Nail.. lila.. I:14ton V•n, and Pittoburch AlAnufnctures
gt.notrally— . tio. and 78 Vista at, Pittsburgh.
.MUSICAL iSsTainnorrs.
OLIN IL MELLUIt, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
II Music. a.. 1 /lair Val lottremeot.m, Sche4.l B.,ts. and
htatkaseri. 1 , 44 e agent Pt Chict..rinte. Napo RR
Vl'esteruPourmylvania — No.t. Wool L. r
ENVY KLEBER, Dealer in Maxie, Mu
oicallnitrunielits. land ImpertAr of•It.1111.e
agrot for Noon.* Clalk'• 1.179114 1.4 a WSJ I%lmo,
12 ,,, tMrcosn'a hlolean Alto. lAsulasa'o
D WETHERELL, Manufacturer of
In, An.jet-ton and 11..1.....0n elevets,Anserquare tn.= the
Liani "Wet ..ItY. r
King,. Pennock & Co.,
WAREHOUSE—ND. 2: 00011 BTllEer. inrrsecnon.
I y fiFACTURERS of Cotton Yarns,
C0rp...1 14.krp. Corarkt Vans.VV..l. , ,ea.ol/.
Ajoula or, er,Attution AND I. EY:T.,N F...411En.
INUS. 041 I
lealc /o}. . -lOU% V 141 , 100
ONES el Qullit), blanufacturervi of Spring
4.3.1 baster Hough no..
wacp and thyde . 0.41,{00. 11.4iontered !rut. ..1 - We, and
dralert to lSaligpla Cam.tugs, Yin GONiaa Lamvi, and
41),.achIntakt,g, generally. ourner of lto.. sod Frozat
I•ittelmtgl , o4 ,
. .
- - • - ••
Ii.ILLLATIS, WILSON & CO., blunufac
luvas of altar:um Lark.. Ince and Ki , nl , Gelcu. cirar
chair, aud luring Dalin !O&M., cl.Ol, tua and
rho, hall.; hour turn) and lathing do- 0... on. ~.L un.l
. 41 Muni aailu. it., Sc.
Ofdra at LIVI•rN COTT A CO., Nu. 111. Wairr mt., Pilo.
burgh. o 4
...-- - ..
TAMA .r. lA/IM..- DAVID f11L19.........C11A9. WYM/i/IT.
...p.....pufart ore nod lat.'' , cont.ool on . hand all
7rsets of Tarks:Bradrowd aparatder. kluishina,tdout,ntul
IjOb Na 11.14 floe ilium' rluur Barred soul .1-attdau NO14:
Luppet Nale sod Terra Liarrel Naar; Cupp, stud Zinc
(boo Naha: Pattern Moors' Patch; /Live. moulted Oro
gr.,. dc, dc. CAIIPLILI.I., MKS:" a 1.3.1.. '
arrir Warrboutc. 6019 nt.. ritt4burub.
1r ENNEDY, Ci.IILDS &. - CO., b . latiufactu-
I L is of very uuretinr 44 , ...rout Chola.
Oulu Twine and nutting. P.m YOH. l'ltruburgli.
. , .
nat. berry d W., 10.utarfureru of rr.O. AO/. Maud ,
Nu.l'ou , lrra, dluttalaradd HUlptuarle studs. {1 su-uhuusu.
Nu. Cl {rater st. blow I'urr7.
111 A:BROWN wnuld most resym tin Ily inform
to the puthollutt it.peion band ath:.andou tho vast
naar.l the Inatotawl..lll,Dany aity, • r,ttnpiPte aaaorttnetst
to" , ”thaw abo V..tntlan Phutriam arw malt. mord,
lu the l,. ti otylo. n arrantod Ivinal to ant' in Ilia lint. 3
Inital. can he rtnovra without th.• mu'tot a
Warchaw.l taw ctrck, tonla, and evil
if t rabinot .tattal,bnient Itanvntl" W " 01
pre/nal farnWh thrlr rustonnqa,as well no the 1111tP
at iozga, milli *wear t4lai In thoOr
A.avory. No. L. Wow( !11... Illtabuto-h
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ars. etolle, t 141eit. Iso a' (4R. LON. 15;14., Or
Ll^ sft/to/hi • /1:flv.o I 91, ti0..0.1 too , .
Wegner, Enechner 41r
ABOVE FIMI respeetfullyannuuDeo
to their fci-ods otol the puGbe oteraltr, that they
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aoura fur Shoo. Cara. bill . Dlytlatos,
az3l Prokolonal /Us, Cbarta. Labels, a.
Thar ana1:4161..1a la at Ns. W Xaritet stmt. burr.
Stahl sal Fourth Oran, us slain. =SW
Henry Richardson, Jeweler,
AvING re-iittedr his store in itE l
111. il6llaFol.ll.lmAnorr. and but rocrotlYreturo
from tbs eastern elf.h." with a line meortotent
of %CATCHY:Q. on.l FANCY 11(1111 , :t.
could .all the! WY friends sod eu , tomer. to
furl that ern
w - Anti 't Patel,. will NA fount the LIO3I deer.
ruble .tyleA. nu
and stake,
Of Jewell, the lahut "ries of Prmlies, flrra+l I'm
Fob and Vert Chola, letthrer FA. Ulm, Miniature
tteckets, Ar. .
F.Aney timel...eitoll l' Mad, Work nth], ork
Mmes. book, Pine, Note, Perfume litiitlra, Tall.. Jima,
Colt , Pmfols. Porte Mtailislet iu greet roriett . Chios Prot , .
rod Cake PIA., Sc.. • it.b or. roar's esristy of 1.01111 saki
.orrimuelital artlele, wl.iel, here A.ult to he seen W Ae
PteAlsh . Al. fool No SIKKET
VII W. W Watches, Jewelry - , Silver
awJ Military Goode. corner of Wu ket and
Fourth At Pl. Lure h. 11.--It slot., sal Civet.
•r•failly recur,
IV holt.",lorr In 11nr,•uro .nJ ,utiory, No. 1 . 4.
. _ .
I °SEMI .ronNsTos, llANur.a
tip corn.- GI rh,rdplr•-. E.nt
h —Lam, and. Mortar, Lit L, ay., for eml,
EbOtlEß'r AlOtitilS, Tea and Wine Ater
itchtuit. Lu.t xidt• cll . ItlAtuon.l,
- • '
A. tt. firudenk and
1....6.r5, No.
.2 14 . 71 . 4 lar,an•rortn.nt CI oirocr,
awl 113. A Fru,l• gni ta.15'1,4•16
%IT A LTEIt P. :VIA Sueeetisor to
*IF C. tiiii—s-lcuporter and in Fromeh
find A.,1 ,n Pat., ILanginas find 1.1,.r.1,r, todny
Piro Board Print, ex_. min,
find Wrappm. Z.,r. bete.en fourth
JOAN A. CAUOTIET,. Agent for the Leke
elf Erin •rhl Elizlthrtn 111 liver, mud the Irrtrrt
r. ram, CI W.l.r 1.1,1 r•mitlrtwld At •
1 . )
mod tb..
New Marble and Freeport Stond Works.
LID:MIND WILKINS, In addition Colas
[ uhf
. 31.0t.1e, Curl:aim
V•cwiug 1.1
,r) laa, rm. .011, II IVI/I 11 0!
be ....ft-L....a - Ar0...1t VnmVr
rn 1t... 1.... , ff.. a
Wm. M. hi cßuiglit•
Hpe ,, ,... ,!,. :l . t i sen , tion i tt: b t he Cui ,s i
1N0. ) 1,..,u,s
Pttle•urgb, 1%.
u. F t' I,:tv,
Wows 11 021$U , u. su..t n ru.
XV 11:31ART11,6. yottring
V !CHOLAS 11\ lAN, qi,ll Eugtneor,
Lr ur.irtatuk..,.o l'utog Mst,
l'et..ut Ot m t, t, Slsehl
.111,,, list.r ...lilac 111110.4 Ploy to
ti.0.11.t lo A t, 11,, ;40.71
hurl .1, a. 1..t1..t,arg11. 101 1 n .11)•
- -•
MCO., WLulcsulu
I u: W..ZI-17'17i1N:',,r,tfxx to lists, .
P h.trtLfi
n/lor asul, k flat, Capt,. Yure.
..4ery iaal at, le. sat In.
Its datt,.l.9 et. lt. , ar .u..t.anara au.l
ally, vaunt., tt0.a.'1La.1.1.1...; mill !ail on Ma a..., an
ta,vua t.rra,
WM. 1 ,, )1?
L., 1/ „.,. raper rtl
Ii ON EGG Elt & CO., 11111 , ,kti.'et ot ineg,
tSul hvos
Sixth .3.l:7wsrnth
A. Agent for Delaware Ma-
Lust t+enty toeutann Oumnot./. 4 2 IS. ,
I UARDINEIt COFFIN, Agent fnr Franklin
.111 First Inonn.r. c.• Compwn, north +.n n. ti rd
wret TUN .crw.
~ •
"TM. C LEN A,.. „ Wooll etreet,
iwrorkl theor Thipl.•bero heLL
rarat do we...ry &mo
Itio.ll, with Le.t.nen
sod dart , Mfr. Plauk out ial.l
bourn! mu!,,nt.,11, 4ter.r.. nroa,re, 61 if..!,
bound ,trvii,.r: repoir..l pulma gm letter,
rho hore boodius .re are ...a ton
• .
Steamboat Agency, and General Comma
eion, Receiving and Forwarding.
El A LDWIN, CO., laic this
_ll ron.-tol.-evith ttwin Mr John Invrton. and .41,
• in , . to 11... putfir 51.,nihnet Aar., ./..wr.l
" r"rr.'" lat.:; Vr t . '
Arril 15.1,i.
nvr:r2l...y .
i)OUNTY LANDS',--CArr. CaAs. ii,au,t.
,All..roe ut 1.1.. So. 1. 11,lt• I ~ ,rowr ef C11.,'
ey. herlvc y
tnrele Krrung.elennl• I. , it , - ['lull'' , ' , nil
ptorure Itelmlr i. 011.3• for ..ftwere mn I 0n141.,. th•-ir
wrirkra% and ...111.., •wi .111 ..t.n.l In Illni elllt: 1.1e1e••,..1
e••,..1 v.!. I /... e q.., mine :A nr nnt ~
th ~, 0.'1..
In•nl•. th* rev. 0n,.•, n: tr.. 0.1.1 r. at e ( li e IA
IV,tclitelan is.-'7,111
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
MIL D, R. SM iAlvor preparod to give
t inittesai t.. n S-s voril. in ksainetive
id tide art. Cr Mi. in, a'
Atitinpree L raitsits.4
:V nrtrtets , is Hours di from 2`, is end
from lln.Sr Char," and id's , 1. en 1.4
set tn.
5.1, to I.r. Aliens
Fresh 'Assortment of Spring Goods.
rIIIIOMAS PALMEI ie daily revising
frnm sn, E.,•,r0 st 01. • Id
No. 5:.; MA10.67 STREET,
. .
Between Third and I , ,..trrA i'ilfsburgi,
f, 10.0 Thr patt,f,. a,..ntir..l> far,
r t ' i;T:u li 7,T;o;. "` ;;. 7, ;Vir ,`7,l' ; ` ;; ,"'
thls stir,tliolot of +tor. tic.
olruto )12tliarivnt rra, t. (.4 tut.' ..orht Ihrri r.pti..x,
attrall,. 4.-p.r• c. L.
2. ii33;l-31 .. 0171CLAIll
Storage,Shipping Sz Commission Merchants,
1.10 ,,
LlSALElettlnrs , iniiroreries.
•" 1"
CArl, usa4e m c,A.1,uf.i...0t•
.41erAF.. 2 - , All awl rny...11..r• fn Ito. I stirem
—Vim. A. Otia 1 Co.,ANAraland
I M. htl..tpurAb
Rockingham and Domestic Queonsware.
001 AV AR lILAK ELY 6. vti.,
v ufseturen• of I,r,Ringhatu soul Ai,' GO, US 10e.
EAPT 1.131:1•11,11., uhln
4-0,11.64,1 r honum cnrn.r Xlttn um! 1.11 , 0 rt,
(Round Chur.h buildinu.) .m/wry J
Our exteu.iro 'Work, rnabh• rat unt. Iruinr4l,
A min,tentt . ...P , ...l
abb. ni with 311 V., ue•or midiluyrur..l , o.•
of 112, .14y.
%Valet (Jr...
Float, in 1.1..113.• sod
OunlT Jon., 1._1,1 bur in vralvt)•
!mtrnr r-roceluilu n. 3.1
- • -•
Alexander Bradley,
Nd. 19 li'vod atrret, loth:ten t First and eecond se,
lttUti OF Till: 001.111,N . 1../ .
P 1 AN FACTURER every deAeription
VIL ol COOK/Ali NIC/11.71, ItIM LIDA approv...l.pal
erne, and each Ae. troth, thr
Alro--I•Aftt.tat :1101 .LL. L61(413{; Witl)Cll will 0 a (Gaud
Jna ell 1L.," wlttaat.t Aoldlog doot 1,411/r 0160,
!ltoope: thallatora. iranklla &over; plata alai faaaYllta , ..
to rthloh we lova , the F.theutmo 44 builder., Tea
Wan, Woozoti Bose-, L. all of wh1,11., lurite
the atti.otl"o ot d,aloo. ParclomoK hat,
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T ILE undersigned hay., just ,Julplett.l.l their
awl are to. , arsoubulutiay all 11'C, nu.ctiva atlwr VI., awl all , n of
Whlch thr, on.; 1.. r .al. t Lb.. locr.l Thryre
prvparral to •s..,ut, orders. to aniZat , t l w , tou
No id putl ,-• •tr,t,
Bolivar Fire Brick Idandacbiring Comp.y.
rill I E SUBSCRIBERS, having hewn ~..
voiutud A,t.d., 11,r the a
~1., l u ll
cou,tuntly huh l oui.ply nl the a e pre vee
Viettrielt.CrucadeVir4ei9r.Furonr. Ileertheand I nwalle.
ryler. lor euld-isnek
They nre nnTur , f ' ,
Le snarl, in Az, and clop, to eon port ha , er4. • Is
[loo,• nual.• •iri if/ 01.1111..01 4 the tn.Y ad.
vantanen th ne e
Bolivar Wird 1110• K pp over all others that
Lave I.ern offered for val. In 11. United Stan, their r 1, ,,
u, It) benon well known to a!nz.t all nervn , who 1n. , .
Dire prnprletnre have determined the
Drink il Ithe only., of Chelr po.nent retnnannu,
awl hal elr,nne be epared to ma/ethen. env
hell, [ban th., lawn. hartoiarr Lynn. Tin, ho lb, only
.44,44.nm' now =snafu - luring 1 . 1 , 1-flrl . e j tAlll t livar
InCtl7 e 1.1141 lharin,Worenthol..
• •
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
Bup-4 , 1 fu any 114,1 v. evroPirra m Pas! ssrph.
RICH ARDSON, NI 1111krkilt etrePt, Itl
r ne,l l i rrver
ld ' nl7:4l;y,
nnLy.ter and Watch blenotiortorrr, hat, tnhnitl/I.rn
r,tlta , that VIM nr,nenpnny 104 ketch. No
art° rotorll , y ;o I, menuntrturt, p.,lVittreh
watt Ulf prune upon it I.••+ I/t
10,A. bran. M) nl
gnanntAn the IV pa, f.. 0 --, kr, time to the N.,
14'.1 IfiXtrN.
lIVE FITTED Ui', .(on thu Nor York
pino.l vf) , - t or:p. i rior .n lVorrerctu. te.r the vslo i o n l n Cur
tun., Curtntn
0111 trtl„r ar.ortnellt of edin IM Lo4n.a.
1",c.11 out fL•rtrla basno.k 0' 1.10.0 Eagli.fl
hl,. 'Lur! , .ry 111.14.4.. 1:100 , 0 1 .4, 0 1 1 1 m inILT .
IR t gi o 4 9 :liliergait altll n :i.Lttf.... :110 '1 41: 41 A 0a...
104 no) low/ Alats. Wincing, MAN 6.lShodee.CurfAill
und 1100.1 0 , Cur 011 n Vone,l...l...n.lTeenri Loop.,
C"pl, SM. alp.l L'Lluts. • owl Fringe.. Mar.
.ok . .tut Lan.o4.‘ .101 Ip,o ,
‘ 01.10"x01.10"x1.,1'.•6 \ 1. 0 101.10"x1., limo and th. za ddsmr.
41101 , 1er. tlooktuli, rrrin y . , l not ppllllo , l.
.015 L Nri proni bird aree L
?kV ViTERN BA:INK , NOTES, nt lowest
T stand bliztelt rr, mint t.tia fur Actieri•
IMt CllfK. to pa - fowl& ty H. D. 61NO,
• pill •
Wk.. a DrAsr, Fourth
A. Wilkins & Co.
n4IVIR 1.1".•
NN fund. arn•tally
1 1.r1 land• • •
Yes lurk and NY% EDgir.d••- •-•• ........
.. •- .
N.s York •11 , 11 . 1,11s.Inlvhls • 1 : ' ,6
' ...
It'CHARD .1. C. 110ECK !NO, Manufaci
r, t.I Looking .1.1/.. atal Virtu, Frame., and Desl•
el. In Inolstaa Ms.., tin. Ti. Thinl oltvet. Philp Ilall
l'ltlitaralA. I's. ralially
(SAMUEL K I{OI.ISEN keeps constantly on
Karol• KOMi afootr..ont of Wool. and Bath Tut,
I oroo. l'Ooto.Loo, Onh 0.0, liitehro or Draw Uur/relr:
Ne[oaon oob, Chrl, Dr? Ilowuroo, Zoo. .1.011
W tre l" Yr. %17 . 57VOIVil[li ' l r . 1111 7' 'r;:t"l•trilitl'::
Fell Fashions
.1■ ■
/ WILSON 84 SON, No. 01 Wood mt., Li
9 • (thiril door below Diamond %Hay.) woubl tn-
vit. , an. atiantimi thi-ir and tbe publir
thilr largo a..hiltion which they an. now to
tbrir .4i...a of lintal• nainirtuient tairtai. , in
nail of it.. nea HAT,. late T I ntraainiial, wit whieh
an ary Inui.h admired thoir'begiut, and airnHlV
ngi.fti, with a gars! al Windt, Drown and .
aliitivan. Hungarian. and nth, anal. , of VT mon
*nil ta.i silk arid aintipir 1.1.1,01 1 Cloth, 011.i+lik
and I th.r....1 Cali, tit all taw./ HATS
anti CA lor riiili .
triin—ntairnt at
wle and mall.. •
• .
A lure), tilNia l lli Fitt, 'ell • It and Natural Lstia
Cit., t•en •rol 311,1, Hier .u.l
l IC"l'litt I N Cil a M1...a...1air! Children'
kirit of r frirp Js awl Ibp ,orpally
51,111 t D (1, r 1;111. .ta INI
Penn Mass Works.
• •••• •-••• •
I & 113'1%1AN, (formerly or the
trat a Win. McCully • C 0..) Abulut•ctorcr•
1k111144,d IVIN LkIIV
IVA . leta.l (.5 Frmt FtteVl, mu
N -Par...l4l+r •ttennou_pal.l coda NI L I'S ..f 11'lu Inv
!Al*, aml nu.altl. fur 12ultIv• nu.l
C. W. Feine, Professor of Music,
LOS km, to inform the citizens of Paul
l) burgh 024 Ath..h.or,no4 hr will uotr ;-,7;;;;;P:,7"
Infirurlion. on the rIINtI k Oil
nu row-iambi. Insro• further phrtlt . ul •
II hi.ritrry, Alum rurr, biro
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
AI. A. WHITS A: CO. would re
opo,tfolli inform Iho putrilo that thoy bay.
omet..l ;hop no !.raft. tolvern l'odo.l and ..landu , k
l'hor sr. now mating 0n.% Err propkr-.1 to moot o
,ntor, try L1.....rt0110t, of InEloloo,C.o.ohoN
' lisrourton. Bogine, l'ho , n , no..t^.. 0.. wl,ll, from thou
Loo oxpor.,* in It. roanutortaro .tote wort.
and tlx I,IIICo a [Loy h.vo. they' conti.lont Orr Er.
0.1 In .1.,••• ort, the ro,l rvitoonablo torn.. *MI
.a orool.. 14 their lino.
Pay: p.atkaAtar ntlent.ov to tha v+l. , ttno of ralawri4i.,
ano Lavine i n
hot eonn•Aant tt, hvv"
I”,tatiAn uartatitmg their wort Ke ltwtrfor , mk
allk•ntumt of the thu matter
tilt Ite,irinv d.A.. in tho twit innonor, and on th.
Grindstones ! Grindstones !
I t)tt A , I LSON & CO, N. 123 W 05,1
. 4 •Er...A. kll turniPh 0111..1.'111're. pr M+. ,hurt
u, Alanotta unu,lettANA. and
NA.,A...1 1.. r thr yuria.e•
A lull aa,rtment (Mail liil2o
.A han,l
sAv . l. - Aul LoqN.•W I t.i.Oh
. _
WILSON & SON, FssowBAuLe IlArrrat,
op „„ --S.. Ntrul simA.t, would r•-r.,..tiulk, Inv
IVILKINS, No. 24,5 Liberty 8 4.,
Crwl of VI,. otr•vt. flttrlnife,
la_ .L.. 11. •ml Pier T.;
SIIII/it to erdPr, 11.
riLov....t Marble, .0 at 3,114er51
A cAnl., rt , :t. , 11 Pravv.v.
, Importv..l vole
lion. Ilarrtur
11.,..J14.1,t0 11 all. J. , .
11 la. 14i1Altmat, .
-It, IV. Arrhlt,t
Jr.hrt 1 , 111 - ,ler, 2, Gap ilf.ltora .1 Papa. brut. re.
Amu,/ a 1:42m, Ll,x
J 11. 02.drait,,,,, 11111 A Carry.
Ileme‘. 'Leg.
Wan 1 1 2 Co.
Slegagbt. Y.a. Canallna, l• L...
1,41.ta.p. E 1.. JilleglwW)
frwls Lr.trtul lw thrr
ery rstrEimzi ,
rrl Jurmc ewwWwts Tarrthwi Oh. hxralwg 6.1.4 the.
I wowl. and ectrtwtod tz, hie cure Ur 4 , thnpnwwol
two, :Lo.l will aw..l...•vta to trsid...r
,121 . -
I, teetunr. If are-tavola a: • trl f etere.t
J IV 1V sut..rmn him trtertht an.t
(1.3.1 ham naat maarinted the Itharert
aald ntat+t *to,of taatteeln.l.l ea.,
chle tht, an be la datertatioet ut.taad the ~..talltr , thth
material. vorthuatu.l.4.. that
sod trtaa the wet,. of 01a 'tiers sad faallty to
uul-letttrlna. he It enable,: to produce.. •arranteel rural'
tore at prat,
1. petnelpt• me the etbet“a.
er• kntereet with ltto arta. to 4..14, ao , ~ eeta
gray... Laud the ,thaaeet eathety .01,1
tar n.ture. frt. the cheatee.l and te the tlealt
waol reel!, that a hew, ar aro. tutrt nue. taa3 .
fut.:Rata-a Inca La. nt.clt.. utaaulaeture.l panty...sly to
order. therefun ....11/Ite ittlpeell..a. that Ile 5.17..11-
ineee 1.1 ht.. retataseheneat taa, folluatha
art . /. lee aueLet. Ile path, 4 tee clock, 71.11 t. L.l neltneee
et) le sun( catel. mania surpan•ed Itt any et the ra..4.14,1
I'.rltor..lravaurt. Joong. 45..1 1,1 r.rolu <Amin.. of. .rrr
.-,nanning of rollorworkl. rxmlovapy kW valuta.
klisalrrthrrt, Cou.s.rvaron, .no Easy Chunk of dr+
crzotrou. Coed - or, Ml,, Vets-wt... un.l torso: of IlstlAdr.
flinch stur Anwr.ko Troki...., 11 hat Not, rod
butol 0.11, II riling aaroauff kiwi, Work TRW,s
ar..l foto lulsol rtrwLJ,.., inunc • Mud.. .n.l
trip, rokba. - aky, roaeausi and walnut , autiv and rd.. Ir
hid.. ma tan..n dining table, .11 sirnot lb. tarulnuororrd,
kroldrvtlealr thr bert Slat loam. riot. Prirkbrokr Loll kod
in, Mtn,, Mlneoln 4505 rk.h. , t•trdr of rar.k k
w....ortrw.nk aMlide boll mad parlor rerr.orkop•owsw rok3lo...rwirW, awl link raw... Polo howl..
Er. 04,aen..tntal rack, hal atand.. and
•rl.l ernhiren. mach.. (+Lk .roJ t.. pop%
orkkogorw. ror, rwed. a... 11111.4 ion rosin. dr. ke. ac.
. . .
A tor, etieeteeten.oe. LeAterute utultore oral N maser
Chew. .I.l.eort topploe4 veto 011 vry 1.. ite [Peer
szteltesto spa ot ttp.rt.nt
All oN•ro terreueotly pettowled to JO , •
EAGLE 31AR.BLE WORKS, (eetabli,hed
1632. Pr k:IWIUNIe WILKINS, Po. Liberty et.
Kesel Lee IVemAl Petteteolgte. Weateopente, Purse!
Vault , . Tom!, lleololetostees. to.; Wan.' PP.% A-utro 6.1
reeer eAloPo)t oo Lapel. And entJee to Plele.r.
The only real New York Plumbing Petah
101! II EP E work is done on Scientific Prin
v um-waited.
IltruNN .11.1 ,rtaarribrarrt Plumbing, In all 114 brrurcher
°""ltVe: fr „.
11,[11Tratre • 1.,
ll.uh ,4‘rja,.1191.1. 74
7 inks, NN - .6.1Na Lon . . . 2ln
Hater Claw,. erati mININ.. . N I. 74
II; 41.64, to
Prerr. , lll,leLe
hitelt•A harm, et:a Iron Wop p l d z
t Trayo t Ho o tAir
Fun.. v. awl turtl.A. n ail up a H
it buTA, imt ut . - atautr,
twrairing runctuallr litteu.lvJ
Pillion A WILE 12, Vit.! •:..
A r N
A '
,1 'rot
'rota Ow manta,
now t. , 1 for oal , lOlNDKvrhit.
1,21 - u23102.22 .4110124 lal2l Int ramie 1.212., ti.ree
rata.. an.l 4.1 m low price. pl which they •+. 2
22.L1.rtiuvt 12.2eur. 22.01 lotrvisullon.
a 1 . 211 2 /.11.--8.0 (nein. 24 t0 . ..1 rniina P1.1....t1 •
1201 24 to 11 •
.1220 2. 12
by X:
.• 1 , 1 Ly 21, 14 to• 22. 24 lo 34. 22
•• 1221inua owl Single Um - orb Illg•
Tn. 0..12.2•121.41....112tvr 222.125.24117 ow baud nn.lll.r Fah.
or exchange 1, Itasn., tug. 11 0 n0rni 2111 2. 2,1 • 1 t 1 n' 111 " ,
liuttnt, Cop. 1....”2•22, Marlyn,. nn..l To. Pulmulltunart
- Huard., 02,
/11;0:--)41t111, of .11 tire, for psper mom fArtts t , re
l'rlndayg V.yr maleordcr ranphort J.
Iwp9Eenrur nf Venn raid tram
(..„ 01 . 1TLE . Y 6, COLVIN, Colii Slem pant
n..) and Inalnrs In lr, Ilondinl7nernt. Ir. 411.1 .11
atnnor ii•lnul •Inert aset Tmnplnn It.
J. Wilson & Son.
lif fIOLESALE rottiil Ennhufaetu-4
y v tors .114 i dmdero in Hato on,l C. 4., No. Ul
%00.1 strr, thuJ ,tr.or bolo,. Nam/au" Alloy, 1 . 1111, .
I,llrwl, —nto rr thr, .11, a 1.111 nod .-,nnylete .lock °t n.
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GEORGE 8. , - B.IINOL.D & Co.,
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Note* axl Neufu ml op all part. or the Union
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LOCATKU IN TUY. Ilditol4lll OF ngis nniunrux
PIM SUBSCRIBER, having heen lorattai
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in the '1 , 4.4 , 4' 0:4 14:4 ourkng that !Imo hit al•
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WN hove removed to imr warrroomg, No.
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to keep „o Omitnuo„ l .4 , 4AuterlilAutil nl ex , trrnanJ Out
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furniture it tvollis vritr. lranotionnit,
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Oral. ( 6 e 2 ) J&
CHESTER, Merchant Tailor and Clo
ito • We, No. 71 1 , m111)16.1tI l'orticular att.o
two paid to ❑or✓ and Youth., Clothlex uolLo
Chester's Empormra
VILEN'S WEAR, embracing every article
. togedr..l for n gent . . outfit. florganan.hin der
rant. • price. ruguneugurgt with tit* thug ,
boa 1 . 1/Ag.--ttuy. fn.n.4 nimllni.•
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IWO null.. Coy.. Clothing on baud.. Ala,,, Chia,
lisodlo.rdoela. Coutern,
Uip, r•tzoly pigs...
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,) STOVE, nittrh r the Ar•rt prize. Air lINI/0r.n.1
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A large PP,* nt all the kith!, in nee Vali'. Patent lee ,
e. True A ineenean, Cr r. Crane', hine.l's, Wood,.
l'eaLue: g e. 1401, Imp. Bull
tha. MI, Cagan Plough Na an. patrnt Plcuab.
lt at Lao taken the premium at lb. eta, Fa. ad °lay.
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Alkali., Count', Inr VOL It Pao tww‘t .
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'fiDinghusCs firemlum Churn.
'PATENTED, June. 1 5.19. Orem rAltalla
.1_ way In Timtl and Lealaar Iblerelarned ar. ta.,
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sadd ill PlaW 111.Aliill.Y I 01
Law Notice.
lIAVE resumed the l'ruxtscetil the Law.
nr p.gftwa,t‘tr , A 11
and, I.lfol nape tar,. wan,.
03 mutual MY: 0111. 1 041/ 0 t.11. , k J 0112; 11 11A11 1•11./N,
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11. 11A 311'11.,T1
11r1. 31. 13.51
To Printers
PRINI'INGI OFFICE, limply .I.pliod
witti .11 wer...4ry •it 1.." • Ds, r•l,.
mnJ :14,4 ii, r
i :ht. I,l4titli.oi, '1.1.'111, I" ..1
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w-Alculoccurt. ourtkultrit taiLlir Ou^ 0,50,
ONS —Just rverivvd ;u s ,.
31, A I.Erem. sn 9 Faith H. T
ol uo , r .o. o f ~,,••• alit
latt. .•iy•t •‘..1 trivatallo, tsikALl ltuarr,
Ca{metHiJ II ~•4
~. 'Ti cx-116.t1
Patent Shingles.
MITE made of 'Walnut, Pita.,
1. dad Ilaeoluat, irlth ltapras..l Yfllugl. .la
Odd, me-rated Ito/ lir premium the lant I' la ad AIL
an .,
County 1111 AlMarldax I. Id ot.e,uonl/ the Ow'
Ilanlatt 01111 a viam4m, loutur • ca. blanabvslar.
ha an tam. 10,010 ig, inpa ay, Yrtad. - the Mrk,
tr soy Itlad td Mutt, 111.1 o a ks%Dl ... , .I.Ary II an,
further tlestr call .41 the ratarrl
ta.r. at It. ‘,.arrea tamer al kttarth u,d Brant ,t.,
vat , bamb ,radal 1 1.. 111/UDELL
.. •
H. D. King,
b.,.c01N Ow Loam.,
..gkru Bank N 4•ught up) •••1,1
K.c.hangelou Ow Cand 11evt tvanKbt amt et. 1.1. •
t•Locks 1.1.••••1 an c• 2171 L,
01N.F.IkAiCHES, SIC 11.0 bout
liAh.Prota,nd newts sna.uul•rnArtn, non
nn hanJ, in i•Jr,llent an 4 at very law
Levcr Wetrin, from ,0
Gold ^ no on ,0 ILO UI
." - •• Won in %WO
oui pun., r,
WATt..II ILI:PAW:O4 rl.l-....1 in tin. boi.l mintier, to:
Ing L>E....11-h
nSti) i M.rtel owner iif Yourt.L.
Fall Goods.
IV rorn, Yourth and }ltal.l otrv.. have r.,/
ner.L.flevoc.a. Clack aanl y colon, C.l...irkt
Alortrio, 131.ra .11,1 lam
cy Alperra, MdlmW eaxbuter...aml
e. I•Elatc.l rrr.l.l Clain., ilea.)
Dano-k Puplin% Mart mu..l Tart
aid . Dup.:- pima chap.
Itre. hilt. L.y awl
not. Wool ar...1
41,mwl 'hart.: /4.n
Nwlalt. 11 oai.r,•• l'ltlal at,/
Jacrowt Thwa.1.1.... a
Splendid Instruments.
THE subdoritior revrived invoice
u: very Ow., r•ln - & P.a.., ...ale Nll&n..
art, aO4 alao Nr. lark. Of!! • 111
r.. l 6311 tlf
ma.). Nunn• (In, ii& int • 0•1••
tut mall a&& l&reatt.uttic. v.& roAtuutwa.k to tLa
la&-ora al Nr& 10:A ntv the tists“ Mt , : 14. V
Oran.) 1,11. e.)., I.rlarW In this .note)
aral L 036 horlsout&l. 7. I 4 . au! Or
tay& t.f cvor, &At:at, t 4
,lao r.l tt, JolJto ilea.
N 11 1 t:ertt
vuta•rni rr t,,us th.• r.,ro .torbt. .rr wartaul...l
u ut.l ou,rn.r, any ev.t I..tuught out Kr._
Fail and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
4 A. MASON & Co. would melt reeret-
V. !Lilly ...Alm ow ..r tho t r.o.terally.
nd tto• otoklrAwio tra4. itt ptrtooolor, then - .•to , and
,t,tOt tto , ll I. tall and slut.? utlo.,
tetnott Ittoodploro - or 0..4 any lb, - t•rt, I.
tory uartrat. boy.. twvt • at. tollow.
Jul t.lea 11rtorn u.llotr, aft, Icootttoloquor.2ttal..
uttontwtor, OW to. tiotwrotr Illookolot
too iluuue 1., rt 0,1,3, 700 [won Ogurod
Ito - Tlctintr, !Oprtoott
11, co.. Whit. ltuAlins. ocot
1. 1,. A
t.O 11t.o ; 11 mt.. Mott Iluen,
^ carloto. Ikon litad.ll,
. • E.a.k..1-1.01.1: . 1, , riat.oir.
• i r Cs...e . rmt Int
Cb 1.,
ra•••• 1• 1 'n pr.1.1.01..N.y. 401 !Iwo,:
1.. t •• t. l. alli ' l. 0. .
H. DIIIBY begs to inform his friemLs
‘) .334 that ha I• ravelv ing tu
hl. OD/ spylt
V ALI. Alp watirkm 111N1 1 11+,youtprI•Ing ato uvoal
over? Mang Oval IA fudttonattla. {OW. luta Oro, for ttrutle
torn tong uttrrly 1/14.411./e de-urlhr the
v•rtyty and etruatiur of the tuft.. and Wt... ut Dia E.
out 1 evtl t0r...0r ILy rt.,rqualtt uf hit .
thy prophet, hhurorthat all attu ittel. y
amyl. lo lu• lat. hint *ED 14:1 rally hlll. at,
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tonality atarit ut.ILEALIV MADE CLIVEMINE tit.. city.
all ot Lk/. .111qa at the vary lorast Dtlvaa our
Corstrartonh Ilutotry Myrrtutte. and all who °timbal...
u II Ittut It tutu It to Met, tutratlhote to
thy xto,lt th.t.ty putrhavitiv. •• they will inert with de..t•
Jed teantalttv.
. .
.3 . 14.6. Ila tla. 'f.letraa, hue nualu tu wit aLb
mr..t (Lobira.,ble 11,1 e at shortvlt unW e.
A Brat rata n.iaLaau Obta t Immo-hetet, - .<1.15
Warritou..—No. 17 ilaart Wed, l'insburgh.
v t orsEßT WINTER S. CO., Moving btken
thaabnve w o rk, will manolantur. all kind kind.. ar 0,1-en
oPI.J. Glum, tin
llprol , ristnd a Factory exclualvnly to flu
matnearturlnit of
AlR..—••Tery drocrintinnn.orra 07.110 lIIAI rLES,
Th., thrnlnVlYl' , l that Ilavy eat, torolah tall , l—• In
111., aqu,t uninutactunal tin , enuntr, and
att.-talon tc, Gu -5t0,. .., no.r. •Gat e
of 1.E.., 0.. IMP in., 0n0.u1./. , 10.
ror.. They ptayart, In 1)11 oil It, Wail .11.11
frl..uds a n d as
thevnl.h. May favor tbar.:
/to-Oro/or narrount IT
Choice New Teas and Foreign Fruit
1W cboi , lo and half ( - to.. of Ile Moo 1..t0d0 of II r•.O xivl
Too boloon now boor.. r.ono,
drools nultono
lu I.bift. oredie,ro/ro,
••• • .
Vrentl, plow,
An", EVr . 4 apple,t,citron p, I. orange an.l Irsoun can.
tanlan,. vormerelh.gna , ratnnl.corn starrl..
all of which annow lona. at a very low Cann. An coon
• Bumbles.
Au bit. bee.ln 1. II , Imp, '. Use Ilsol,r's Psalm.:
and U. V. Tea; il hss Mrs Flout.
at chtsuellooloug nod Chu In has ealeralu,
lau Iva; 2 Lae Islugla.e.
JAI bus Ors-snl. , llll.di do: IN tan Mena Csodivs:
11/ N. is ellitall lu tan bier. Lk
NI W. loal and causbell 111 bas hi. I Ulao.linten
Awe.; A bxs Cocos unit IlromA;
10 Ins ass'ld Tolsu.snt 0 Ake Adtiran Muses:
AP rd Havana atul Cuba U bus Long lalaud AlusS'd:
' Ito Jib. Ilea dairy 5a11;
50 hue Clothe. Me.
2.575 We IN.. Cob.,
lan I.a<usys:'
J.' 1
w b... s/lal Out s, I snit Madder
nnnonn India.
LU bus noel., Soup: lu cshe I:ulaela.
0 In. Csatils .1.., 11. W. 1.. No I a 3 Slacker...l:
I. 1,. Palm A Almond di.; N. 1,151. N 0 AS II Mula...,
0 1.x.. Ilabbltee so, I,Jr. ~, I.a• o , ouud Sblcre.
--: bao do 1..ae1 Ji., 1 . , du. html Curds,
b 11,n 4,31. star. b. 71. e.: i'Ld n 1i.......,,-
Alio. Nolln.. , lin, WI,. 1.•.. J. 1 - . .met %ars.. u10.1..5.1.
and row 1..., j. XVILLIAN/s
1,, N,lbsust Isyn.l. 10...1 and 1,1,0 st..
English & Bennett
111110LF:NALK G1100j:ItS, I%uurrliflthOrr
Pirelli,Ant. and elralArr. in 1.1,r11,,. and I , lll..hurnh
Marrufarturnr— or-and 161 Flrrt sr., bteet
WlrLai NualhOrid l'eltAurub. [At un hark{
and ruevir,, thr 6 , 11, w tug r Well rhos caor r
rear or rho Iturpar uutrVet rack.
tho Iroxra inarkl 3,1 hag. , hen
64, A
Innen. 1 40 Pt.. loung
Ikrp 6114+4 Tneweeet., - El'k, Lap. A U ••
I, urn. 00; rut eh...hut (Ae Wed. N Sugar,
11.10 c t 8 ,ary ~mina sto Letel.l N.U. Mutate.,
Ilser rpaurrteCia . nrk
al - 1 . ! 41X/111•61 Nall., anew' Arm,
46 - boar* 8410 le 10a2 uluv,
1110 Ibrehaun /401100/15 44./trataar
helem Manuals, liallorrtr,itruo Umbro ellathlut.
1. Wainurn Cry+m nuts alcruelcie Alum,
and (hound outr, " 4 eernornt
ao Rack Caruir, '4O 1:04u
u rsv. Twasto CatA.D. 60 F.." 1
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ILO drum. 'X tierces Elea
bulas tt. Modes, ooo lbstin. 1 1.5.16611e4 616su
660 " Uroutad 116.1c.,6 A oa L" "
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WO melt: ,5.,46, co
60 1.6m.e6 Wbild•Plirpo, Uopp6r66, ldbn
W. lbw Whit* Flay6ll666rsi.o6ttOn Ilartis. bat ttir,e66l
- bosts I.lsTaaa " l'argot %Amin.
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,„ - • '\. :-• - \ \ .
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',. , - - \ ‘.. \., . . \••-• \• , \\•
\ - ' ' \ ' '\ • . •••,• , \ !.: , .
, ........
' • .: ''
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' • \ ~
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\ ''' '.\..\\ '• : ''
. \' :. .
, ~ ...
.......... __.,..___.____., .. ....
~\ A \\.., „ \. ~ .\ , v..•..
, ~. ,
. VOLVME\Ly...:--NUAIBER g6 ., ,' \. • --.- \
, -- -
.• • . ,
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-.-.. • \•- . '
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, \I.
l'rrrJoutaid. No..
.11, 1141,
.14 . I July
!.."" 'al' Z. 4 1`0,1.12:ta1l
00 ... 100 00 lint. FrLS Aug
11 , 6, . luu 0:. ku , 1 ,1 . Y Nu.
18. Wu 80 05 do
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r..up lug MI
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lou pb , 1.1 . du
(11) • . KAM Mar a Ncro
1,1 113/ .05 3 .
flank al 1.111.-.l.lmtb 30 41 ••. ct
11 aut., ; 4 0
I±Nthanua. Pshl. . • • .. 51 Lal
..... .45 Mar .1-0 4 !
chdr 115.1,. Joky rt
Ilaurd l!, 4 , .
illlatunVorl 15 '
41..A.-rx. luta:s.3.v t:01. 12 1 4 4.4„.
tlrgh"ti , .
Ltr 4.x. cc.
1..t0.1.urp [Alum,. IL
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Erie . yu n ,
CUL 1,4.. • Vrl.2
1 , ‘ , 4 , :r.. , .A.•• 0 •rk , • ft] I.:, ,(A ~• I• •.J ul,\Ml t.r
A1,,n0rt,,,,e1a .t.ltrOvaarr . tu • tr:
Youlai:ot,..• ,Iticill• al, , ~,,,. . i
l'euu .. ,ntrel Itml rt..,, 4 0 ~,
. 4 ~,
tiltin A i , nria. t'..,,1 /Lout f.O ,I 1 :7 • \
hail a Übe,. 11.11 Itoul.. 41.1 ... 1 . .\
CI.. el.t. • 11.1 , ..11c It 1.. ~,,,, 4 ,, ,
Hahne 11. VS,. Uri lA.. 11•1 luT Wll.l. LI, lor ,•E`
Faletto foltua. 1... .. ... ~, 4. ,.,
Easy l r.nsi e0t.14.141,11.. Itr• 34
1.0 44, I u+w, i 4,,,
Turtl.. ir....k Hank ii.,....i ~.. 21 14 ,
All., A 1,, r r•v 111. Os Ita ~ F,. 2 _, ~,,, . 04
LI r,..surto. turquice VA . 5 ,., _
1,44.41,r,.. 12,1 1. ,, \
COrt. • .
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ttk, ' 5, Inv
I: •ti,s
North Am...w00, .
North Or ostrrn
val '
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1..0w1a.5• Woo
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Mning Int..lihrrory 11..ce,nou
Ell,l/ 111xevx, WCR ..,I,PERIOII. S,{
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hltA n b •ton 11.1141 M.llO
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North S 1 .urrn
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Nv. 1.0, .11 ihr.t... .-- 4. .1 - ..“ 1 IV)
.... ..
i 0 Op l s Wvuhl. , Trap Rm-11.
lio.hetulat, .... ... . ... .... . . 4 aU
.2/ITr 111. I,{
SONS, Bankers.
No. 47 Warta :S. t,"<l3
rd tr‘l ilaulhili.Plitsharah..
ffnmetlstr.lla,oll,.o. 1
111ran,I, at M00d... __.—.do
' , ranch 4l Vi01..._. Jo
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t`it, Lank. Clow/natl..-
onapprrual Ilk,tLocsunaltdo
Yranklto 8.5.., . ..- • do
Ohad Ltfe Ina a 1. 7 . at to-ala
12 .1.1. E rn 11.:.410 4 nk .- Jo
Lana.. 11a...1105t..........--.ln
SRO Li,' i.,,41,
''''' sl.l ' l '' l . , A ti - K . '',... 1
-,. • I.rfr City . ,-. n....•
1 . 1 . 1,,,, , ..... , ....,, I
..• JEft•.;l a I,CI-411/Iht I
11.,nk of the W• 11.., -1, ,
Ilk .111roloin, Itn-fanOnd -
, Is Bank., Va . b.riol, ...
1'.,. to, A' 1t..., cc 1 trua -
I,relmote , a )I,•nli bank ..
:well, 11 , ,ters, Italkk- ..... . :
5t. 1111.111, 41h, 1 1kA
tl 4 .l4n a el,:t; ' ,l . I f It e .Tlt%a 'a 4
'''' .•:;;VT . l . l l L 7 .\ ' lllltll:4A. ra a
Lk uf 111. et. 4 4 ( 21.12artlilti 2
'11.1,1. 11 s‘•uth X:e.rulee.... ' 4
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Aueoltx le. • 1141,1t.41.1,
" arl"tr.VlA4AY'''' 2'l
"" ll i tZ a TY l...‘7 , ."
at of Ilrotucki,LousoTtlio I
Mk of 1.,u1.•111, l'llutalon •
N.Fthvrt, 1111, 11 h<nt uelty •
1,, , ,it1.0rn Lk . .,:r huntuaal '
P1.' etlet.
Bout 24 Pit
Il.,,L rsh-...-- 44. 2 1
al,. .4 an .- par
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• ..par
4.21. Narth am•na--peou
ilnot of:instla r 1 I.ll..riPt. par
Paul 21 Periu talrtadar, par
Cant of 11..12
C. - mm. al Hank -paa .
nano., alectuukci 11 N. aar
..tnot Bard:
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h haat 2.4 . ,
)11r1p:ur+ 112 n n' Paa ,
I're-I...tuan • 1 . . pat
Pan* 2 1
.Itant ..1 04,4: par
It.. 1..2..11. Bur
It2nl .0 1.1 C.., l'h•ator par
Ilauti ..1
1,04.411..11, .1,4,1. I.
book .4 1...1.t0u ....
144\ ul 11. / 41, .
8..% al N1...41.2.2,t1......1.par •
111. a 1.n.1, 0. par.
1.21 - 1...4.1• . tar
4422 . . par
1.114. Ban !
Par...” . H\ of tiara. On.par
IA 41 .
Varapn , tlanlint 11..a.11, par
1.1)r. r. al n 4, 4 4 ,1.1
rran‘ltn 20 ....4.1241.4, par
Lan ca...,0ut... par
Lauca.4.44.24...4 Pan• 2
112, 11.
4,2.2 t l'aii•••11.. 1
11,1 Map,. .. 1
lotl. Oa, ,
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lirato . ll at ~Italu ..... du
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Itraw . l. at I. aurae..
Itraturtk L'u
ttranfth Astaatula.
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Itramh at Ws..tangt,dl . do
&with ...... do
Brat, tb att .
raneL at St.ouberal
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brooch )It
l'r•ort. at N..•Fark... ......
Draw.l4 at Spritattlald..-....dt.
Brawl. at 3latietta
limpet] at Trot .$lO
bran' h at Alt- l'lrsasol—.-do
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Branch at Norwalk -do
Pranct. at Piqua. ........
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Iltaoth Ctallirotta, o
Untoch at Critogia.- Ao
. . . .....
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ntat. .1.41.l awl brAucbe•.....+so
1.1,61.111 ttr IllioGill., . ' .....7b
Mr " , euXatx.
N1..n0. • Iwo. I uo. Go. aka c;
Irsr.raters' Alectmnlit, bask 3
...,ernEu..l. Stock 11apk-...3
11,in•ular Bank ...... ..... :3
'l.urome• ezup5.5.....—.... 3
Ilk. of B. t. murk., Torootob
Bank uf the IN•ople. Turc•oto
i of .......0
" 71.41,!?6 " Pkti 1 i14111. "
) 4
'OO Deltic:Om dn
° 1 rl i l. s l t liN eui
d 0.....
......... 10,CO
Teo° afiders •• • 4.2
Tor t Ilen log List arrivals and departures of the rustle
titur Mandl rorteet, to the letter.
EAPOI.4It.-14 iltvansburg,Chamtivrabum Philadelphia.
New It mg, Ka.tern, Centro and Norther:, punt el N. lurk.
Imlay:ate, New y. and the six New England Orates
11., 1,11,•11 Prorinmas oi Lusi, Canada, bon &villa, and
a Arrives at A. u.; lap.. ut 10.
Nr..11 P... 710? an.l Ilnitalay,batrg.
Itrit4ll{l4 euuntJaa Anultord,Caruhrly Centre, Om.
WU. Juniata. Licutiting, Wile., Putter, Perri'.
team. Union. and part 01 Weetmoraland. via Liturraure.
ill. rat 'rill, !latent it 1 W.d4 he• Alexandria, and 1.11.
NPR .•.untt A rrrrr daily, at II , departs dad, at
gaislty Pull;r, Pt., Manner, a}+ 6+ol, and. Jotierann
mutate., It eatery, pArtorPie* look and uPPereameht,dtull •
Arrive, at p r. 5.1 and departaat Y A. st.
Zionist. sate R. ortturr.—Lir liashington, I'S., men,otte
Isi, rvmareet. part of Meetraare co
land unt, , Virginia"
Maryland, lialtharon, Washington City, nonthara and II ern ,
ern pars ut Ulna and Indians. Ilentuelty,llllllol, Tonne.
see, Alalunam, ?Jimmie, Miuttrsippi, Arians., hotth
1100, tiourgla, Lotnalarta,Blarbla. and Teta., daily. 4011110
hif, 1. tat Lod departs lit [IA. K.
arrusivrnd.r. Hula—lty Fayette, Partngton,
Plovenoe, 1411. Pa. Holliday. Cure, 'Va., Jellerson, Harr'.
eon Carroll, !101a..., and Tuararan lAA opur.lo.4o4l,dmilY.
Arrives 11 11 P. 11.: APP. , . alb 5 . -a.
Naar. li'th'e.—ity Dearer, Pa., and Cleveland. Ohio.—
Romer Cu, Ca, Cidumblanu, Yrumbull, Portage. tieinsita.
A1114•1044,,51.1.14104P,1te...h 4 A.Uttj 414 .4 , 0 44 t.U‘ 444 p.
Richland, Linalu, ()nava. Kris, Randuskr, Mood,
and Lam , causal, Una, U. extreme marl/tom mantle*
of lb. ritshi, of Indians and inoltattrut all
loan, .to. 1V ..P.ltita, daily. ASTP•Lv al II A. Y.: 1,
part, alb a. st.
Kin ISMJ.—n. Sharreihurg,llonstro,
tom. Preep , rt. Kittanning, hisklndulta., Armstrong, Cis,
km. and Clear/Arad POUntlPA.4.lally.tumrplptt Plutt.l4l.o. AY.
rives al: s. u, and departs at 7 P.
4141.1[11.—ttir Prrysville, WeaSurd. 24.110410, NAOS
villa, Ilarlinsburs an 4 New LulAtes,
Thuralays, and Saturdays, at r...; Roparts Mondays.
yrodneadsi and Pliant , . at 7 aO.
ongshola An-IPo. Pridas, at to r. 11114 de.
parts IVedue,..mie sod :mikado, a, at A.
Rad... —Pd litaduian.'s u Mel(
Coal tilnadiethumn. Rustraver.
nun, Curdlah..o, Perrtupolla. digit Liberty, Upper Middle
' ton, Pa Arrive. Sunders and WeJnaattafx, at A. de.
put. Mondays atal Clistn•lsta. at s. at.
liarnmt, 0.-6 y 11 alter el tiohleatonn, Candr.s.
I liar...moan, tiro. Pathsmore• milt, Pa.—
liediaut . a Art ties :Janda, mai Thuralai, at hi 5..1
I+l at v+ ihnday, and Thur.', at I V
• -- ,, 1 Mordailtsritle. Ilom, hien.
Ware, rist,ll,,t :taring,. f airrteu, %a. Arrlye• an
ut , drum,'
Hatunlay, at 0 A.
ntrgna - t• —lti Antrim, Notylt, R'sabington. and Apollo,
Arrirra at r M., depart, cm liandaf
at d s. U.
1.414211.17.11.—1ip logan's Marry. Arrives on Friday. It I
P dlpprtto uu Iratutddr, at 6 a. a.
Etraidttm —lty Perrysville, Wesfortl, itrealinsoir. Ogle,
ji,nitpett. White,nann, to, laelulltia Warren sad %roar.°
Arrlt rreiritly, —Sunda), 11rdurealay. and
Friday, at 1 V. and depart , Pnesday, l'inValaY, and
+lunlay, at
in the Cillleit6iirnar r tn•lr deiazture letter' fur the trlAnatly`, .ml,
',and araltly nude mind tor. tn. Mang half lathtinr
before their deparLure. •
. _ .
Copper Stock _
Mumma. , Alln , :mr Culipany • • \
1W linrta Wept i~ .
141.1 1%4.11140k
IVO BOT6e.t.
94 ° Pin b.° 4 ”
• - • "
thyligk o mitagtallalAiateii,b
MD:b. Cozoir .
.• • • 1. - . `,"‘
\ •,
The Africa le 'lt Liverpool on the sty of Novem-
ber, and arrived at New York on the 'l,9tii.
The E,i.bjects 4 principal interest , ,are, the
manifestations of Oak . respect °film English pecs..
ple fur Kossuth, and Vic klessage of the Preach
:,President. l
\ , A norrespondeuce haiLmken place between the
pritisb and Austrian Govtirnment, relative to the
reeeption of Kossuth in En)cland. Lord Palmer , -
stOn replied that his GovernMent had nothing to:
, do *del it. ,
The . ectual receipts of the' gs;at exhibition are
'set dorm at five hundred thous il pounds.
The `Royal Commissioners, have ,announced
that they \ mill not take the rsepoksibility of re
taining the` Crystal Palace. It \ ivGI be taken
dorm if thiii:.ipieen does not Intorpos .
' Kossuth orilJae del, addressed a lit e meeting
4 \
of tho workingniassus at Copenhagen Fields,—
In h ii speeds ho eulogised both Rag lid and
Am Ica, and denounced Austria and USSill
Rio ast addreivita the English will tie' de "ered
,on T ursday. \
Ki sent.—lt is impossible Mrs the Earo an
Tim is, to read the Speeches of Kossuth with ut
feeli g that he is thepostle of great principle..
e l
Far novel from a rigger brawler; he is essen
tin') a statesman, and \the manner in which , he
has one before the British public is calculated
. . . , . .
to hitch with deep emoti IT, every mind that is
capable of sympathising vdth true nobility of
soul The doctrine of Ira-intervention ho
preaches with becoming truth, '. Redoes not ask
the people of this country to aid him -in rester-'
mg freedom, to Hungary. All ha eolicits is, that
\ho principle of non-interveion shall he
stric-tly carried OUT, and that while his country
men, with arm's in their hands, aro , fully caps
ble'nf wiesting libsrty from Austria, 'they shall
not he again hunted like wild beasts by the llns
clan Amu. \ •
Kos4ru Is E:SCLANI. —Yesterdayit\eek the
largest In -door meeting ever held ia thlkgreat
parish q Marylelsone, adopted addresses to
lk li
- Kossuth, \Lord Palmerston, and the Solt is of
Turkey. At night a meeting was held in L m
both, whenan address of welcome to Kos h
ud his co-patriots was adopted. Meetings hero
I 4:ri held at ClerVenwell, Newcastle, the Pot,
to Lee, Nottingham, Canterbury, Edinburgh, and
otir placce, at which addressee to the Hangs- 1
nen chief have been voted by acclamation: Sec-
oral c rporate bodies have likewise forwarded
The demonstratior of tha working classes of
London Nok place on \Monday, and passed off.
with the lost perfect *der. ' The procession
was forme in Russell-vinare, and left nt half
pact twelve, passing along Tottenham court
road, Camden town, into Copenhagen fields.—
The purple ma hed five abreast, with flags and
`hauds of music. The weather being.extremely
fine, about :.:111 , . persons were - assembled iu
tile held, foci g Copenhagen \ house. When
Kossuth advance/ mrcheaderte, the balcony,
he was received \ "th the most entbu.sln.stie
cheering. The addles from the inhabitants of
Loudon was preseute to him, • and he read a :
written reply, acknonle log the sentiments en
pressed an previousnz slow:, and thanking
the assembly for the ho o they had done - him.
There wore no other Ace hes, and the mob'
gradually dispersed about\fo r o'clock.
The Mayor of Ifirmitighaln ring declined to
` , accede to the request, bithec . t call a meeting
of the Town Council, or to toil M. Kossuth
to' the town, the inhabitants ir a dela:With
with an invitation, which he new, il for Mon
day hest. A procession:reill be cd on his
The Mayor of Manchester bay, g so de
clined to call a meeting far other Oa m nicipal
purposes, the inhabitants formed ogm Wee,
whose invitation has been accepted furl is day
nest. He will be entertained intim FrekT de
II all. Manchester is to be made 'the great c -
tee, It appears, of the district, and beans
the people are coming to present addresses Rm m
many of the neighboring towns. _
Amongst the first of these is Liverpool tro t\
whence the deputation includes Mr. itChertsonN
Olndstonc, Mr. W. Mathbone, and other, emi
nent men. Itrit.Mord is sending an addresi•hy a
'deputation, including Mr. Robert
ft,, Mr. Titus Salt, and Mr. Wta. Rand, lfsior.:
Then.. amongst other towns tending deputatioihti
with addresses, are Ashton, Oldham, Rochdatu,;
(Inhume, Milton:jinn:dry, and GladleY.
great deal of indigtuttion is expressed at the
attempt of the Maybe. of Manchester to stifle'
an exprrraion of opinion through the council.
fta Wednesday a numerous deptitation front
the Society of thoTriendaUf Italy waited upon
M Kossuth, at his residenes in Eaton place,
and presented an address to Lim, to which he
rriltie.l ft,,peeeh rePlete with Lis u , nal fervid
Fauo rile. Csest or (Aeon 11011,— 79e Trot,
I, \ J5 stdi In I 'rosri,cy. -7-The Iloaphorus steamer
Tia arrived from no\ Cape of OoritTHope, -after
ii, passage of tbirtyilve duya, bringing dates
fniirol,* Colony to .lhe let of October. The
inniNence seems to Confirm, and, indeed, to
oLiti`t:''qtv disastrous mevrii brought bylise last
pack 1, rind the alarm wiiikeit we have expressed I,
on tin\ tilde respecting the critical posairm of
our count m elt at King William' o Townend •
in the !Hee Sovereignty, Os us withscreous
anxiety. \ \
In one ref L ose desultory encounters with the,
If'fit's, whleh we have lescril,e'd ho frequentlY,
o previous arcitg!ons, .it seems that either ow..`
'tug \ to . the de.Triten el the Hottentot levies, or
try ectileut, th lystftre Ml . rptleeti and surround
ed I. o c.qnpanioe of the -.1 tqueeti 41 regiment,
ii'iiii k llel Cat.talc Oltlttatit, two serf ants, aryl
19 ran and file: El. were, wounded nd eight
mir ,, ing The 'opportune advance of relief ,
pn,vect‘e. further loss, The 74th regim ut hii,it
also soder' d the loss of some men.
-Loris lkt \ '‘. Leon Ala, ?WC AW92.31L1LY.-171W‘
Legislative Ne
s mbly met-on the 4th.
i\ e
M. DupierAw s re-elected President of the,
Assembly. A. •
Louis Napoleok ad met with a violent attack
from the Legitinup and Orleanist organs.
The Debats sayl,4 at its effeceon the &seem-,
bly, was deploratdcA il that tho\sentinieuts it
, gave rise to on the tc hes of the majority were
repelled by movemmo f incredulity,and irony.
The majority w ont of be convinced that' '
there exlnte an intentio tot co.operefirig with It
.at the very moment it igmlit, to di- Vow the,
most important and deciav act of i perils
mentery lie. - • ...
''he 'Pre4jileni is next. 4e k sed of p sons'
ambition and \ clumay caleulatioN.
• The Electorsl law proposed \y',c
he Presi nt,
is almost ertroplete return to k old Electeral
Lew, aa drawn dr
and requires 'of'
Hence. \
The journals!
deeming it. On'
journals are plc e
suffrage., which t e
civil war, othervri '
The President v. 9e.
of the country as reo t
that u vast demagegi I
only in France hi `thnio
for its of feat the I
Is at present corn
The noooutacel
ell to oppeal to
for re-electiO, i
Patric, appretitl
Mr. Croton )1t
Goo for n repll I
hors of the Bout
returning to Fro
M. Corbin hme
Minister of Justir
pointed in hie yl
• The Paris lin
enable rise has tai
A Peoensci: t
ray.—The latest
the :Wrest§ has
the Ansemblk \ at.
Allaistry is +4'l4
htt..tsAut 0 f.`t.
Assembly met i t\t , ''
ideate message i
reokliug, The he,kl
od a Ter* erowdel
hug over of taunt
the tgetillen ion of
(as, A do . ;Orli
In res. fro ....L ila
Presblen fro
the record ken
Okatoir 0 ReiV
at Ilfli/la 10 ,reset
portlltit eitelks WI
Strice my. lasi met
1 thick it heAseari however, re‘paso is silence
the etentA VVehl, itlS'epite et myaelt, may . have
produced disepoloroy ‘ whit a Vibe
regrWith theexceptle o(Nrree piirtiengitation.,
the public peace hai teentronbleihatal even ,
at various times, whetißekttiiiik difficull3e4 \ were
likely to weaken the centitnent of Publie,aeanri
ty, and to create apptehhiU.ten, 'the\ tottatty; p . ) ,
'- 5 ,'W
Peerul itiltade, bee elioiecon&dekeetu
• Govertime*, erlalchTto mole ei,moet pkne- \
lat.4nOoy. .‘, , .\ \ "
tc ,‘e.oc
aa I a tuittever;"beiteprude tto dal otle.-.
3"*ith illOaloVw en the`,appe ne o owl\
it A rat deaagegical con racy 1 110 i 11 ,
Ilkif 16 reauc'e \ edid'ilioPe• r ll '
\ , \
ld g ;
ATV' t
pc e 6 s.
\ v_
\ ,
\ '
' lStiesarTensiel, - ;;;liigl;eZtend lit eirrataieen
thons evethinto e smallest communes. Alitlio
madness an viol co'of party—everything that,
is iUeorrigible,
whist,it is at theisambtime with
oat eitainim4as or things, axe agreed
to meet in 183:1, zioto ilonstjact bat `So over
throw. - Your pattiotigNand yo r' courakitr,,, with
Which I Shall ensnarer keep paeo,will,i,l, am
' sure, eava Franc6lkom the ' , istaiga iwberifitb
ehe is threatened. of tokeetiquelliese d. 1 , ,, f'
ere, we must look t b, thela with * t• fear s
,and without cziggeriition, . \ati' a' 'lO i we
thanks to the . steeigth
- itkightenc%Retsl,,
Ida a th ftttylao
litkOUr,:gt.i •
en* thtrOf
\': . • ''t . '
it. , , endliaOallg.
icin of that trysts
il'A i c . satelinteres
ir, Own.ffqcste t
ice \ stiglites
bro ,,,
religiki ; in s, oral
ling tetmpOns
and . *lrk tae
cure froluaNhesb,
so to Orb, other\
' rii • \
Ito, to rue zo
tbrelope agt{ei\
i keine ity Mean
agsdstanee oral' .
sh kill mrbit,.\
rineouch *ink',
eve recon o , to \ \
c necessity 31711: i,
T\ to \ sietaiVon 'tile ' ' \
ark s _....,0nes of tb,it Astanistratloni and \ \‘‘
shOwe s how much progrees,teut beeirmade'sinco s. s
the laselmesmge. ft anuOunted lhe lire dodge- '
minationlon the part of the \ ErosideUt to coralikt, \
byevery - kelns in his power,' the vitt eenSpirir. '
cy in progreVs of organizatiett, in Er,. once and,
throughobt sttrope. The state, of ege, pro ". \
Claimed late' ,in . the ilepartmeilbsof t e•s(lher ,
andNievre, hall Checked the oktiskenee mit of :`,,,
a new Jarquerie.. \. , s
The Presidelit'llien recommends .4 elitsteni- \
lily to relieve the \c offering of the 'of reirtneute:s \
at the armies of tho Republic arid' EU} ire, Mad, '..,
• ;
prOeee.ll to lay ` elms, the-Arsembry a ilttitnent s \
of all that had Ise do s nelry the Clovernin tisinces
his last message. ,Thel,flaances were in xi .\ fa- _
voluble a conditiots.ns eireumstances'per* ied
.. . •
'and the deficit wouist not exceed the proxiSi 's' ' s • •-•
q th6.1,,i,k, , t. A piaject older for thi s contit •\ ';'" '''"i
tea of thg Palace on 'he Lohvre would . .eho \ - '•'‘' •- •
he 'Tilimittial to the iiVersibly. The. mesiesgb . '. ' ';„ --..;
thenquirs a high compliment to .the liberality' '..
of Price Alpert and of the English people ; Who : \
n \
had hietl" given so cordial dad hearths/do' a eh- \ -'. .
ceptiouto French visitors adslmanufactureig.L- 1 :, s \ .„
1u Rome \ the - domestic sitoktion Was of late \ ' \\,\
greatly improved, and the Porvonld Roonitusve• \ \ • ,
a sofficientty'respertable army or his prates:- s" \ .7
tion. \
EnghnotandFrance had ofFerek M
the .cci-opc; •`.: ..\\
mann of their' naval forces to Sprdki for eath
fence of Cuba. ",The message sub3Ntiently•res
fees to the abrogtion of the electarallow of the
31st of May, 1530;'Which the Preside* bad al-: \
ready regarded as a temporary measuriA . nnd of •
which he had *Ways Considered it his duty to, ,' "--,
demand the repeal. That law had•reducea.the: -'- - s'i"'' i'.. - .,"
embetof electors fromlo,ol/0,000 t07,00000.i5.' : ' s\i - ili:
..-•_ -.- -
It was at the moment ittras voted a law of fah
tic safety, end the Assembly had been perfect
justified in enacting it; bet It had produced perfect
contrary to those anticipsted at its pro- •
mulgation, and its repeal, would deprive the an- -. 4 5,
archists of their only ifreyeau nal their last itti•"- 1
gamest.'\ , 0 , " • .' r --7 , ,
The o President thexidisclaimed ell conslJera- - >o•
lion of personal interest, declaring that thawel
fare of the country was hie sole object ; that he
regretted the necessity ander which he bees
of separating froth a:Ministry which enjoyed his
confatenee cad esteem, bat that he believed the '
re establishment of universal stance, "n ith
broadest basis, was the solo means of vomng, :
at the revision of the Constitution, and a t\ t he
legal and peaceable solution of futurcidacullacs,
and it was for that raison he submitted its Az-
sal to the wisdom of the Anscuibly. -
sa I • :\•
The .message concludes • with the follosi •g \
Ell Mary : •
\ p
\ 1 11 . bhyf just heard a faithful exposition of
\ al
the a tnatien of the country.. 'Via to th e pist i l it'
others satisfactory results : netfirtheicas a seam._
of gen itheiminess tends to increase difidy:• - --
ir,teik where ,labor grows slick\ poverty 1111 - -
meaty,, to crests. Are alarmed, and anti - social
experthrtio . "spill high in. proportion no; the.
~.infieblil were\ of the etate approach their
In suilaa s ite othings. the first mi r e ^"
government. me b e o reek out the met
avoiding tha.di e ra hich threaten, and
sore the bestime 114 of ety, ' Already,
last message, ry"wor on this subject,
member it with ‘ pride, w re favorably rev
by the Assembly\ I mild t you: ~
" The uncertiunly Of the uture gives
many-apprebensidhs, while it awakens
hopes. Let us all the prepare to sacrifice
hopes to our country, amtlet u give heed
interests alone. If, wring th - ethsiat
vote for the revision of the constitution, a
stituent, assembly Will remodel ourifundamt
laws, and fix the destiny ith thaexechtite p•
If yob de not vote it, the \people in":3Bsl'
solemnly Manifest the expuisslon ot, it
anew. but whatever may blhe nolutin,a
future, -let us understand c 4 other, ill
that it may never be passionl o 'ourptise a c vio
lence which ahall decide the fate of ii,greal ma
thin." • \ . ' : 1
\ ,To day the qUestiona aro the e Ine,' , .inAty
duty is not altered \ It is inflexibly to niainti\ti
order, it is to banish all causes of agitation, 114
order,that,the resolutions which' are`ao ,ifeeiliA, .
oar t o may be coneeited amidst calm, nod
adopt 4.1, without contest. •
\ ~. , ,
• ,The ,resolutions cab emanithe oulr.froth a
decisiteutht of the national sove,;igr.ty, \since,
they are'all based on popular ol tion: Wet \
now, I hive asked of myself whether, , in"th
presence otthe delirium of passions.`af the can'. • '''-'
fusion, of doctrines, of the division o partici,
it hen ail combine to attack the morals, the'jtii-
'tate, the. \ inthattity of the notion, we o ghtqo ' \
stand l'iy red lean shaken and incomile e the , I,
only print ple, which, in the midst of the ge era [ • \
Chlibg,,Provi \ dencliphollls for us to rally ro d.'
Since universal 'mileage again raised the o- \ \ .•)
'.tint fabric by'eubstiinting a right for a revel
~ • ,
denary fact, ik it wise is us to continue nor a. \ -
rowing `it' basisC And, lastly, I have asked '
myself, when neapowers shall preside over the
'destinies of 'Ole cohlitry,shauld we ".not from th e \.. •
Crit compromise the stability,ifweleftapreten ''
for questioning, thei \ origin ;•or fo misrepre.
seating their lecitimacy ! •
No doubt was possible, and, without ishing • -
fora single instantAo Swerve Irani than Hoy of
order which I have alwaysi,followed, I havklthen • ••:,
- ' --- -ttospects \to separate fr‘a • ' . „.1
the fulliny conhdence tilt • 4
oheaseanother, equally co
wok, and of those whoi)e
ieuare publicly kuowit,liak \:,
adroit the necessity . of re- '
ol suffrage on the broodeot
the, have presented to you
/bleb restores the .priumptit .
in retaining",of th e law af
irythiog which\ winnows un- -
from impure climentti and
',Nil - motion morn. moral and
co equently uo ,featnrea
tau this Asses:ll4f for I - ' ''. ' --,
, ark to-dap for the. with; •
if the 'lst of :flay, rap .pPe.
..,, \ : \
orotati n which I then gave '
tanby c, cabinet wlithh ' i o ,
t i li ' k ' lt t ein tb or l i re r s i e j n Y t ' inWg b‘ r '. .:
tWfircit tanns uthle \• . \
ireserthed, no, ne will, I tie. ". ' '
r thatoit was !ideal 'act \ ' .: "
. „ •
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