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From statement before us of the netnal
Rear of rails on the Reading Railroad, the corn-
Talitlierialtio of English and American iron, am
indiMitsdby itidnrability, is an foll.”re.
.Ikintull:wcar+ . :ifinglilh iron, 4 1.10 per cent.
" .1 4-10 ••
Matinee infavor of American , -10
Or, eti it is given in another part of the name
dater:Mat, the cost of repairing the rails on that
road (whinit'perhaps bears a heavier burden
than any other road in the world) is in the pro
. portion Of nearly 3 to I, in favor of the Solari
can inn..
The . Biady's Bend works, in 'Armstrong
'county, Inakerailroadiron of the best quality, at
$4B per ton--at leap we are informed that they
'lava filled:some contracts at that price. They
ore able to turn out near 6,000 tone per annum,
enough to lay-sixty miles of single truth road
,with rail of 60 pounds to the ynrd,and the one
: al proportion of turn-outs. Taking quality into
view; thin in no doubt cheaper than English iron
nks42 to $45,. We hope the Allegheny Valley
• I Railroad. Company will lay their road with Bra
dy's Bend*, Imo; an it will pass near to their
works. At all events it would be too bad to see
English iron laid down over some of ,the richest
iron mines in- Pennsylvania.
Eztarao-Man c Exatims.—We publish this
xnerningou one fi t page a luminous paper from
the pen of Prof r Mares, giving a description
of, and debiting erintonts with Pages Elec
tro-Alageritio gine. Oar readers will remem
ber that we gariot few wrote since, a deserip
tion of the salmi' invention; but the high char.
titter of Professoi. Mopes as a man of science
induces us to give his article. We shall not pre
tend to enter into the discussion of the practical
success of this new element of mechanical force;
but we think the reader, 'after perusing Profes
sor /dupe"' paper. will agree with us in saying
'that it b one of the most interesting scientific
'euhjecteever Uhl before the public, whether re
garded in the light of mere abstract science, or
nlitragen t for the production of mech anic al
Imwer,Vtlilch may soon aupercede the steam en
gine on the °evict MIMI the railroad car.
I : We Midas' tend that the distinguished Temper
anon.pertreeer, J. B. Gomm, Esq., who drew
~_il'iseh,inimeime. houses at his visit lest year, is
'expected to visit this city again shortly. Mr.
Oongh did mash good during his previous visit.
end his services are MI much needed now as ever.
If he reclaims as many from the paths of
temperance on this Occasion as the last, many
will rejoice at his coming.
Thertiew York Evening "Post. irk noticing the
epeeoh ofltr. Toombs, of Georgia, declaring
Gmt the Party in Georgia would net as
Bentham interests might require in the Presi
dential. contest of IH,':
` ', says:
• "This looks evidently to the nomination of a
Nouthena Independent candidate, in view of
Which, it may be well for the Northern States to
be looking around fora candidate, who will he
mare to carry the whole North. .That done, we
wilt be content with this candidate who has the
post voters.."
Ten PlgTolitiL BataIII6JONATUAS, for ttot
Cluistolas ;Colitis:7s, is a magnificent sheet.—
Cali and see it at Tint' street, where
it is tarsal°. . - •• • 'I •
(Under this bead, no that] Moe, from thaaM Ulna. a=.
tracts•from the Wbl orem to relathto h. the nest I•reei•
dewy, without Innmding therany to endorse any main
Mena aztenntataLl •-
Free the Butler Democrat.
-; Tun .Paratnescr.—Thia is the subject to
which the public attention is now directed, and
from the present conflicting interests, wo will
now say, thetit is impossible to tell who will be
the next Whig candidate for that office. The
Man who does not know that we prefer General
Scott to any man that could be nursed, is not at
liberty:act express nor sentiments, hut that Geo.
Scott itrthicandidate preferred by the Whigs of
the Union, we arenotprepared to say. Indeed,
as the Metter now stands, we are free to say,
Millard Fillmore is in the ascendant. It is yet
come mouths befire a nomination will be made,
and in; that time important changes may take
place, and he who is now in the ascendant, may
be necessitated to lake a Lick seat- There are
`Ol. - variety of interests to be consulted in selecting
$ President. yet the nation knows, and we pray
that it ever will know, - but one interest, and let
that be a nation'a weltheing. Whoever, then.
is beet calculated to be the President of the no
timithe man for' the Union—he is our man,
and the only :man who can insure our support.
The blood that was spilled in securing our inde
pendence, and that abed in maintaining it, in
the war of 1842. isitoo deer to ue to trifle with
the interests of the country for the sake of a man.
Gen. Scottie the best man living, but if he can
aot be mats President, some other man must,
and where principle is concerned, the moo is a
secondary consideration.
. Thelfite York Courier and Enguircr, after no
'tidal the late defeat of the Whigs in that State,
remarks ea follows:
Such a defeat is, in our eyes, a victory; and
we fearlessly promise the vote of the Empire
State in 1852, to any Conservative, Union Whig,
whom the National Convention may nominate.
They dare not nominate any other. They dare
not nominate any man who is of doubtful devo
tion to the Union, or who hesitates to avow at
tachment to it as the vary basis of his political
creed; and therefore, we hope and believe, that
UM nomination will fall upon DANIEL WEB
,STEEL if it does, he will as assuredly be elect
ed sable name Is presented to the People.- And
if'therSouth be not dead to thefesling of gran
" tide—if it be not reckless to its own honor and
its character for chivalry—it will.not hesitate
long In proclaiming its preference for the loading
intellect of the age, and the greatest among the
great patriotic champion of the Constitution.
At her call, he forgot kindred and all local asso
ciations and attachments, to array himself on
the aide of the Union; at her entrelay,lie nobly
threw himself into the breach; and ;dared to
array himself against tke honest prejalices as
well 18 the fanaticism of rthe - North, in the full
coriviction that, wills than ipaton iris aide, the
Almighty Suter of thelipllitSo . would awake
his fellow.ntinai„to',a; seine , of their duty to
.Ibn:enlist andto mankind. At their entreaty,
holm Aared;the slanderous malice of.,lia,ene
..mieitinal , thearinally poisoned arrows. of :Teat
. ichni; , andlf the/desert him now, when his own
State has all Mutinied its back upon him, be
cause he hattilared'to .b e .juSt to his Southern
hiethren and tbiNCenstliutbin, Odd grant that
they may, never find' anedher : champion in their
• hour of need.
Tat. liar .Peentorscr.L-Tbia , imprtant sub
' jectlebeginuing tiL i entlY to attract the attention
of the - presses at parties. The dimension
Is fall early. Tide must be allowed to the peo
. ple who bate just come out of the November
elections, to quiet down, look about them, and
think a little before turning their attention to
the question of the next Presidency, which will
undoubtedly be one of the most intensely heat
ed contests that the country had witnessed for
many yearn- We are a good deal like Major
Downing, whose letter we publish in another
column—in the multiplication of parties we do
not well see how an election is to be effected by
the people. However, like the Major, too, we
could suggest a plan that we should feet every
confidence in being successful, if carried oat in
good faith by the Whig party of the Union; and
that is to give Oen— Winfield Scott the nomina
tion and rally to his support with a hearty good
tat anima could not fail to elect him most tri
• Mint. **come to this complexion
at last,"we Unhesitatingly predict, if there in any
wish id .secure the electoral vote of Ohio and
Pennsylvania. No other man in the Union,
that we lthaw of, etands any chance of carrying
either.of these States but ”Old Lundy." With
Latins the candidate, we ehdll go into the con
testwith some heart—with confident hopes, with
assured convictions of a complete victory; but.
should Congressional canvassing or sectional
dictation force upon the party either of the alb
- er eminent statemen Whose names have been
connected with the pest Presidency, the Whigs
will stand no chance of success whatever in this
• ' State. Defeat and diesstur will oferithelm them
' email hands and the rout of the party will be
and completer This itrplain talk, and
cos think none other fitting the occasion. Popo
sentiment must have its course - and not be
.„,"'llnented.. thwarted or elided by cliques In
congress or elsewhere: Pennsylvania bands
clued herPreferencein inequivocaltrs. - Iler
ogbnral vote will be cut foitien. cott, over
J maw Hus looofoces cal nominate:
This is a fixed fact : and tiolltioiundr
well tai o ok to it and govern them.elves accoid-
ingly.. The time hos gone by when political
materuvrcing• coo succeed in attaining its ends
in defiance of popular sentiment. If Mr. Fill- '
more or Mr. IN eheter are to be the candidate,
t h e y must look to the South for their election.
While the 1111.AC:i of tho 51 big party are devoted
to th e Union—to all meueures which serve to
perpetuate and consolidate the bonds which
unite it, and heartily deprecate all further agi
tation of the slave ill - amino, they at the same
time. are most ardently attached to the distin
guished Captain, whose eminent pultlie eerviceli
hoer endeared him to his en.try, and they im
patiently await the proper time for proclaiming
that attachment at the ballot bor. Oen Scott
is the people's Man—the man whose very name
carries with it the prestige of victory. Ile is
lineman now, and shell continue to be our pref
erence over till ethers up to the hour of the final
decision of the National Whig Convention •If
he shall prove to be the choice of that ColiVen
lion, then all's well—Pennsylvania is safe—l
is safe, and we verily believe New York is
But if not the coothe of thai.Convention. uC
shall ''hang our harp upon the willowe".•eick
up our duds" and prepare for the very head
waters of the scene stream:—the scene of mel
ancholy associations.
We still hope tbr the hest—we have nn abid
ing Yoith in the wisdom of Whig counsels: nail
notwitlismnding the movements in certain lo
ealitien, with a view to bring forward good, but
unpopular men, who would not have "the :Mall
ow of it shade" of prospect Of. election, if nm
inated, we :Mall cling to the hope that Md.-Lun
dy will yet ha our leader in 1852, and if so, we
Love not n fear of the result.
The lindercoprind Railroad la, aceding to
the "Voice of the Fugitive,"—the name of a
paper published in Sandwich, Canada, in full
operation. We quote:
"This road is doing better business this fall
than usual. The Fugitive Slave Law has given
it more vitality, more activity, more passengers,
and more opposition, which invariably accele,
ntes business. We have been tinder the neces
sity of tearing up the old strap rails, and put
ting down the regular To, so that we can run a
lot of slaves through from almost any of the
bordering slave States into Canada within lb
hours, and we defy the slave holders and their
abettors to beat that if they can.
"We hare just received a fresh lot to day of
hearty looking men and on the last train frOm
Virginia, and still there is rootn Bnng along
your•axes with which to make bow at your feet
the forest un this the Queen's free soil, which
awaits your coming,—
Correrporidenee hl the Pittsburgh (I..e”e
IVAsinNoloN, P., Nov. O. 1451
Messns. Cottons:—.ll,out nine u'eleek last
night, the barn of Mr. David !Lang:situated A
a mile east of town, was discovered to be on
fire, and with all its enntents,..nearly the whole
of last harvest's ants and fodder, ) nos
burned to the ground.
The fire was evidently the work iof an incen
P. S.—Since writing the abore, tee have had
another fire. Tho barn of Mr. James Monate,
one mile west of town, containing :uar bushels
of wheat, 500 dozen sheaf oats, I buggy, I
thrashing machine, all his farming utensils,
and a considerable amount of fodder, was burned
this morning, about eleven o'clock.
-The arrival of the Valifornia flea., with
news of another et - Initiative of two and a half toil--
lions of gold dust, has given the wooer market
more ruse in the face of the pro,pective ship
ments of this week. The continuation o f the fa
vorable reports from min es, and the almost
certainty,that the nest few mt.., are to exceed
all past mouths in the export of gold front tlali
fornM, gives to bankers a coufi.leuce that hitikes
them willing to extend large faeiliffes to lanai
liras men, to enable them to make their pay
ments abroad. The time, to, is fast approach
jug when cotton will but its way to the youth
ern ports, and thence to market, giving on the
usual volume of exchange. The lute of English
exchange is a little higher then by the last
ship but it ,is looked upon as temporary.
Preparation urn afoot to give Kr,,otli a warm
welcome by all classes, and it will be one of
which he or any other man may well he proud
It will he a union of civil and military. to on
extenent unequalled. Triumphal arches are to
he erected at various points, but they will not
constitute the most imposing part of the wel
come here. The most gratifying tribute will
semi in the tens of tlion,ands who will crowd
every avenue , to the landing, every street,
through which he posers, every window and ev
ery hens; top that overlooks Lis march. Ills
welcome will not be uttered in net pliralsoaa 1,,
soft toned aristocrats, but will reach his elr from
the voice of an hundred thousand sturdy maul.-
beans, accustomed to utter their welt ante in
tones that leave no room to doubt [heir hearti
ness. Kossuth, for the first time in his life, will
witness on our 'chores a republican people, goo
, erring themselves with a wisdom, a moderation
and an honesty of -purpose that may well make
European subjects envy us, and European niters
fear our example.
MeMbers of Congress begin to gather here,
and to canvass the business before them for the
next seven or eight months, fur ealwarraav wall sit
as long as that- An usual, members have not a
few to wait upon them and proffer a wnrldief ad
vice, andto makes world of suggestions. Among
the things talked of, the tariff occupies the first
place, as it deserves to do. - There ore not a few
Democrats who express a willingness to do any
thing and everything to relieve American labor
from the incubus now pressing upon it, but per
trdrill, end party policy will soon wean them
froni thir present sensible determination.
Mr. Walker's rabid speeches upon free trade
.abroad, seems very ridiculous here just now, but
it is quite certain that we shall hare the name
thing told in earnest doting the next presiden
tial campaign, now close at band.
Among the new books, worth reading is "Nlub.
ly Dick" or the "Whale" by Hermann Mellyille.
Such an interesting Kea story uniting HO much
information, upon n leading brooch of national
industry, with no much of romance, line not been
seen in the history of American books. Dims all
the charms of De Foe, all the correctness the
naturalist seeks, united to the imagination of
°Sue." It send.s -one a whaling, without stir
ring front his fireside, and gives to the readers in
his slippers as vivid an impressiod of this battle
with sea manatees, as coohl he obtained afloat.
In the way of business, things are getting dull,
and the season of inactivity, is close upon us,
outward freights are very small, but towards
the city the rush of produce teems to have in
creased, though that can hardly be for every
lino has been taxed to the utmost for some time,
In produce the movement is email, and the home
Made is the only one to be impplied. English
buyers are not in the market, and the exports now
making are on speculation by our merchants.
The only article that promises advance is butter,
which will no doubt sell at California rates be
fore spring. Cheese has been, in request for
shipment at good prices.
Tha gayer part of the town is just now in full
blast, and what with public amusement, and
private festivities no one need be melancholy, or
think there is such a thing as want in the world.
Never was dress more extravagant than this sr-n
-eon, and neither London or Paris can outrank
New York in points of display or cost. To judge
by the numbers who throng all places where
pleasure is worshipped, no were never so full
of money as now. Poor papa, may have a deal
of trouble to make his payments, down town,
but it is a keen eye that is able to discover the
smallest indication of a tight money market in
the appearance of the fairer part an merchant's
family. C.
RAILIOAD.—Thn Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany, hnve their work east of this place in such
a state of readiness, that from all we ran learn
from the meet reliable source, they will bo able
to run their cars to the farm of Mr. Hamilton
Beatty, &bent seven miles east of thin„ on or be
fore the 10th day of December Emit.- IVeeld
llearreeo RATLItOhI , VLIMTION.—At a meet
ing of the Stockholders of the Ilemnfield Rail
road, held in this place on Wednesday Intl, the
following gentlemen were chosen Directors for
the ensuing year—
Hon. T. M. T. M'KENNAN, of Washington
ISAAC W. MITCHELL, of. Wheeling
HUGH Y. BRADY, of Greensburg.
SAMUEL NEIL, of Wheeling.
GIIENII BENTLEY, Er. of ftentleysville.-
lion. J. H. Rulms, of Greensburg, one of the
former beard baring- been chosen a member of
Congress from the Westmoreland district de
clined a re-election as Director. George Wil
son, of West Alexander, also declined n reelec
tion, it eesralditobell and Laird, were chosen
to supply the places of these gentlemen; nod the
other reembere•;of the Board were re-electa—
BMX. T. El, T..lTEconan continues to eerie as
President,— Tfashington•Reporter.
'Prom rho Itapti .R,Ltter.
Entrance Colunar! iltircr—Aspect of the Pacific
roart—Uperiany Scenery— Width of Rarer-a—Pa -
B. , y— sloria Eden—The
E • rtrnt of noriguiron—Cairade Mountdiot
O. T., Auk • ;: Ihrd.
I shall not attempt to describe my emotions
on mitering the-smouth of the noble Columbia
river. Here ended a journey of six thousand
three hundred mike, five thousand eight boa
dre.l of which, from the city of New York, was
on the water. Have, rugged and sterile moat.
mins extend from the I:thMll4 to ;California,
ohm, the meagre parched sifgeta(ion of the
coast atlorils smell gratification to the eyes. I
had looked on many sublime and interesting
mountains, but the prolific COMlllalld to bring
forth ••the herb bearing seed, - and the tree bear
ing fruit seemed lot to have extended to them.
Deioxlation had hecome familiar, and I longed to
see vegetable life elevate 11l proud foliage to
catch the refreshing air of heaven. My heart
yearned for thesight of, green trees, and is all
the 111 . 11111:111ee of foliage, size and loftiness, I
saw them here.' They only who Inane made
such a voyage cam appreciate such a termina
Sunday morning .1 une 9th, the green fir crown
ml hills of Oregon were first seen. , With what
emotions of delight I beheld them, rising from
the ocean' flow my heart throbbed with joy as
I gazed upon the opening scenery, while our
nteaoier plowed her way from huge ave.& wares
through a broad deep channel into the placid
waters of Bake's Ray. I felt safe from the dang
ers, and relieved from the Monotony nt a long
sea, voyage. Though n stranger in a strange
land, I had arrived at home. Oregon, unseen,
excited my imagination. I was pre cored to ad
mire, and with my heart to love this country.
In its landseapo appearance I was thorough
ly disappointed. I expected, at thin place, to
look up to bare acclivities end naked rocks„ but
entirely the reverse. Every where vegetable
life has n luxuriance unknown in the States.
Forests, nearly unbroken, are gazed upon in
their native wildnens.—Pacifte City ou the left,
a little above on the right Astoria, still farther
up, Ben. Ailaris, or New Astoria, have each a
little opening. At iLs mouth the river is five
miles whits Ott parsing Cape Disappointment,
we entered by the North channel into Balers
Bay, n beautiful brand rheet of quiet water,
where the rive , e viands to the width of fifteen
miles. At Astoria, ton miles from the mouth
ant fifteen from Pacific City, it is about fire,
winch width generally continues many miles
Metier. Front the Cascade Mountains to its
mouth, a distance of one hundred nod fifty miler,
it has a rapid current, is deep, and occupies a
broad bed , nail snfoty itavigalite for s hips The
scenery is varied, but every where beautiful and
interestmg. the mountain become
higher and more grind. At the tlietnnec of about
sixty miles, we peened fnim mountain scenery,
except that of St.. tide& covered with eternal
snow, elevates its Might rounded peak
far hobo distance. As seen trout the ship, the
country appears to lea an extensive plain, lan
net sal with vegetatiMn, the hanks but little above
the river's kurface, nod, to some considerable
extent, ticeariounll3- overflowed. It reentreS the
Willamette 190 miles from its mouth. '
From the 'caeca mountains to the Cascade
range, it has many islands, some of them ex
Dilutive and fertile. These and the bottom lands
are !Wnly timbered, but there are occasional
prairies. Every spot that is valuable, with seine
that are net, has a claimant, usually in a hut of
a single roam. Fort Van (louver is one hundred
and live miles adore Astoria Its location is es •
corlingly pleasant, on a plain Twenty aides .
above Van ('outer, we began to enter the Ken
yan. occupied by the Columbia river, a- it robes
through. the Cmicaile range of mountains
Here the river as confined to narrower limits,
and flows more rapidly, but i very deep, and
affords a good navigation twenty five mites o r , to
within three miles ut the cascade Falls, and sail
rebtels are carried up throe nide,. --which Li
Ivry swift—b 7 raring wind which rack, up
the Koncart,,almost invariably in the afternoon
un enteruig the Kenyan of the 01, - I.le Moun
tains, the scenery ch•ams from nantre's beauty
and tier loveliness, so ma tire's sublimity and
grandeur. Here, enitiv nod nate:hocks elevate
thoir mountain peaks three thousand feet abuse
lie waters' surfs- e Here isarchitecture on an
intmettan asate , riainnti ne.sltes cud *nature are
recognized with bole aid from thrMiagioattim.
llere nail there the eye wilt trace along a de
-1 rending ravine, a pure mountain ',Deam, an pla
ces cuncealrl, and again loseht
111-I 110 , 1 rurrent, leaping along, until ti extend.
its silvery line to tbe mountain brink, and y o u
trivia a (all of handfed+ of fort! &start:n.l
?tiepin niotint 1 .1.114 i 111 h.-venal g lace.
.Coroparid with all this, the -cenkry tip in this
liiiilsom.river it. Lime and at-intern, tart
From u< /CO :nut, rr, • Prr.
I penal arrithe when man will Lei i
gotelhe oir no they now al" the diniser element
of water i which Tve Are of the opinion a. tilt as
tar off earn,. people imagine, the best, the
safest. and the speediestn of Incoutotion,
and commerciel inuTchange for the of
the 'dry laud portion Ile ! lotion we inhabit_
will he the %mom propelled cur which measure.
distsuce, eat Ly mfrs, but by miiiitus,iition the
roe rail, which will ere lone rover sod idiot to
gether the continents ionAlitted by ci nlurd man
with net works more •ffectise for the ertehlish ,
mem of •peace and coal with' anal Letter calro.
tared to make men feel anal know their common
brotherhood, than the sway of all thei
of all the monarchs that lA, slier blessed or
cursed the carat, or all the c.,nstilittinne that
were ever framed by the ameet anal Lest of our
race. Theme premise. eilmitted, the duty .of all
men. wherever located, in reference tea this mode
of tutereOnlinntiloall.,4, beemmes to' once m
(mit, and cannot I.e neglected:without injury'.
the district or neighborhood 'where they may
The time for action in a matter of this bind
lies tam arrived for the people of Armstrong
A law bar been passed, and a company is shunt
being chartered to construct a railroad through
the heart of our county —a work which, if miti•
structed, will place us within an hour and a
balls travel of Pittsburgh, and within eighteen
bourn of New York, 1.011, WI it ever mart re;
main, the great commercini emporiem of the
United citote•—a work which will tiring, as it
were, a mob market to Our very doors, (or our
surplus grain, our cosh iron, lumbar, live
stock, and even our fruits and garden vegeta.
Ales—ri work which, even while in the course of
coostructionwill be productive of thleseingriand
benefits' to our community through the infanrt
mentality of the cant...ay. of many that must
necessarily he expended for labor and for the
products of the moil; and which.morenver c from
its geographical position, must become the great
artery of commerce between the Atlantic coast
and the Mississippi Valley, atorconsequently
pay • larger per tentage' upon the capital in
vested than perhaps any ether I r r Oft of the kind
in the whale country. . .
And what are the people of Avnittrong county
doing to forward this emit work !' I Anything
or nothing The hater, decidedly. No action
—not oven a call for a public meeting to a - pprove
of the project' has yet been propamed by the en
pitalistet landholder., nr any other glans of our
community. '
Thin is not an It nhonld ho. No county in
Western Pennsylvania is more deeply interested
in this matter thou Armstrong. and yet her pro.
pie aro behind all others along the route in this
respect. Enthusiastic meetings. hare been held
in the counties north of us, end money subscri
bed fur a reconnoisance of a portion of the
route, whilst 'here our language appears to be.
.If any body else will build ;the road, we are
perfectly willing to partake of the benefits.'
Is this right" Doee it manifeet that enlarged
comprehensive. patriotic spirit of unselfishneas
which should ever characterize American citi
zens on occasions like the present 7 Not at all.
Let us, therefore, arouse from the lethargy into
which we. hare fallen, rub our eyes, and clear
our vision, eo that we can SOO more elearly.tlutt
our best interests will be more promoted by
lending a - helping band to the great project
To this end we propose that a public meeting
he held at the Court House at an early day for
the purpose of taking the matter spoken of in
to consideration.
SUPREMO COMlT.—(lrganizaizon of the new
Broca of Judge.. —The Judges of the Supreme
Court lately elected, met at the Supreme Court
room, at the capitol, en Friday last, for the pur
pose of drawing lota for their respective terms,
and determine under the net who shall he the
Chief Justice for the first three years under the
amended constitution. By arrangement among
the Judges, the lion. Walter IL. Lowrie presi
ded and officiated in preparing the hellcat! Which
were to be drawn from the box. - Of these - there
were fire, on which were written, -three years,"
"six years,',' ..nine years," "twelve years," and
"fifteen yeatt." They were duly prepared, roll
ed up and placed in the bon, and drawn out.—
The lion. .1. 8. Black drew tiro, and drew
"three peers," which makes him the first Chief
Custice under the new organization. Judge
oulter drew second, and drew "fifteen years."
Judge Lewis third, and draw ..six years."—
Judge Gibson fourth, and drew "nine years."
Judge Lowrie, by arrangement to draw last,
when he found the ballot left for him "twelve
A certificate of the reanit mad then prepared
and sent to the Governor, and the commissions
.will be sent out accordingly.. The new terms
commence on the fir I Monday of December
A petition unanimcgisly signed by the mein
here or the York bar tMe an hxtenaion of the term
allowed to that judicial district, was presented
to the new Chief Jyietice, and the subject will be
taken inte consideeatlon at Philadelphia.
The new 'dad , Blank, Lowrie, and Lewis,
ere all in the prime of We; and the new benoh
will commence with the confidence of the people
of the State —I/or. Tel.
Hamer - mu Raihnoau.—on yesterday, the
1 Nth, the Court of Common Pleas of thin county,
examined the election returns in referee., to the
county subscription to the Ilemptiebl Railroad,
in pursusincrt of the late Act of the Legislature,
and made the decree that the County Cuomo,
aioners execute bonds in the name of the county
fur four thousand shares of the capital stock of
said road.
J. W. F. White, ESq , in behalf of those who
are opposed to the county subscription, gave
lice of their intention to resist the issuing of the
bonds by the Commisiioners, and to contest the
validity and constitutionality of the tot, and
asked permission, which was granted by the
Court, to file, during the present term, any ex.
ceptions ar remonstrance to the proceedings, if
they should desire to de so.
We understand that eminent counsel, of the
Pittsburgh bar, 1 1 / 4 ave been employed with ldr.
White, to carry the question to Coe Supreme
Court, end that they have expressed a decided
opinion that the comity subscription is uncon
The question is now in 'Pennsylvania, and we
are not aware that it has over been brought be
fore the Supreme Court of our State. But in
Kentucky, it has been decided that such acts
are unconstitutional. At this time, there ore
probably five millions of dollars invested in rail
roads by different cities and comities of our State..
If our subscription should be declared unconsti
tutional, it will he a virtual repudiation of those
bonds. Will the Supreme Court make such o
decision? We trust it will not—indeed, we have
no fears that it will.
But the opposers of our subscription have an
undoubted right to raise the question, and have
it settled. and whatever the decision may he, it
is the duty of all to submit cheerfully.— 1V.14,1.
KoccutA and the Nev. rock Rdielnal Corps.
The diatinguished Hungarian hero and exile,
Konstith, woo at coo period of his life engaged
io editing a newspaper..4lkt] the "Pesth ['Map,"
published at Peath, the capital of Hungary; and
in new of thin connection of his with their pro-
Mtion, the editors in the city of Kew York
hove called a meeting for the purpose of devis
ing arraugements for giving, on their port, a
suitable welcome to the illustrious stranger upon,
hie expected arrival among them.
Tun ELLCTOILAL Law to ElthiNCE.—Correspond•
cuts to Paris predict that, if the eloctorial lair in
France be not repealed at the meeting of tho As
sembly, a general revolution will follow next May
There is a cool and determined spirit of resist.
auto pervading all classes of the republicans,
from Cavaiguacisis to Communists. Moderate
and temperate men say they will defend to the
lad too rights secured to them iu the Con: Undo.
Themoveents will not cutumenie this time io
the cities, t ut in the country The peasants 01
all the Middle, Southern nod Eastern provinces
will put themselves in liloYelnellt. calling to them
the workmen of the towns garrisoned by tiovern
ment. While Ihelargitowns u ill lie iu the hands
of the monarchists the COUl7l,try h ill be occupied
by the republicans. The detersoinationof the
ultraSticialist republicans to tight isvery general:
How the question will btreated becomes there
tores matter of very general concerti—Ledger.
A Nau Ost.xass NlthLionsitar. —The prop
erty of the late Joseph Fowler. of New Orleans,
according to the inventory just wade, is valued
at $!,1,0,` , 01 27, with very few liabilities. He
had, however. never paid taxes on more thou
about one• half of his property. His real es
tate alone iv valued at $42.5. Ned; good bills re•
reivolile at . I;hol,tlY2 , bank and other stock at
, /•7'. , ,t;0, and good book itteOlailtif at ti*?4,340.
The commission to each of his executors, at 21
per cent . amounts to S32,SiM 40. Most of the
heirs reside in the Distract-of Columbia, and
have alriady cams to possession of a considera
ble share of the. effects.
rowttitltif • CW:ll.l CI:OGI , Si TILE 1 1, 11 Or DIS- Me
-1.1,11• • la. SA. 1 . 1.11 0 auras, vll6 twtbaw•Jtin
‘ i ta Me att"' : ." !:; ... ,
L"."" ! '. 7 “4* 1 . 1 °
tt t „ f , l3lutslnl::bnt:rl-11;1
th.wt•• 3Wit until •Iwtts•
itt..••• Ir , at 5414, SIMII.I, the mart, ••I
Mt., ma) rel.- , n:1 :••• Itta nul.,,ntli•r•••• •
etwwl • eft-ettut I.s . titttln
•itn it _ll,- a .0. • i;I • 1 ••SI. ••••••
ltu.'. ' l.t word t ti•••• till. 1I), .11 ryt, IT . 1 1 11 , 0 , 1•1 ••• ••••• 1 11 t
..1 ...on r. lattmlaft••••
nn 11.• tn•rni•th• pr - n,,,.. nt, n 1 %Yu sitr•lust, ant.
nnn 1...1.1 114onttrinc - i rcninr of i'n , narlh. I Ali
tut,•ll.4, 1.4.1,1,. ?row bin., m.ll /,naln.
nrnntine• • 11,• me, cf nlto-ilm•
- r
111nnnin.,1, .1•16:n..0 ,nlnur.ll.
M.-, h,ll .1 C.. ami
I • - ••t•eral . ,n.r. vat.
• tI to—re tt Pitltt 11l IL. ntistae
•tt vl ttt, t.‘ th• n•ltt
ttt. •I !.• t1•1.--t...• 1,11, •n_t I It, r• •
1, Etat. thtt tt •-• pi)" •t, Ita• h..•• I.n
,• .rate.trt I•tt,r
t•-• •••••re •.tta .•Lie t• •tt•• I t ts•
J.I. eft WM,
itetrlkly the Itheutiuttimu. I - , :J.
thot Lttn. •alls
.“...r thitt ••• ro.t .111,•1 ...13 mah
..11....1.. ,, tag.11. Putt, •It•
11•0011,i 10 .0, •a. {- r• 44 41111, 441 El
11.• tl.• Itlkt •ts ,. . 4,1 W.• 44.41, gr 4.
tAn. •alll , , Wt. 111. , tOtrpt 4 4/1.1/1 1.m./te
!baskt.r ett. oz. te 1 , 1115.,•44 et4ta• •41 .11$14
H .t 4 cll. 4 , 111 , 4 0,4 .•41.1..e. L. ta.ct .41 o Iw
44 . , 113 re, tat/t, •4 1 , 44. 111— /.14 . 1 itall,tual
Petroleum I
5 Mon ItaxAscAtor.c (ire or Trrrt.r.
Ilusonvo Cram of Vttuu.r It —We invite Wu attention
/4 the ettlleted ant the ttahhe hylourally. le the certientle
en 11011. ref 100 1111 rho oxen mar he p.. 0 11l any
ve.venn who on*, I. ateivliesl la 1.1.10* 1., IL. U.ta here
1,11. P U itltti
I bwl two air.latra oforsl roam with wrorrocoof both
ry, •43eil rorfOntoorl to tornolo until Srpt.o.mh4. IsPao,
It, trsik•lom.tion 01 (tot Um. m•toff 1 1.1.4„J th• •hoI•
'oars, of both • , o. an 4 50u1..1 In lb• ...Pot.
of • 11,0 noo.1•01/0 vhclly .1\ •linywl ray •lehl I 0,4
so operstoaspotained.ooltha fhlaboatot rotio,ol. • hirl
wont rrinrotra and I.ll.Par of •• tool • atolltbon to 0..,.l
Mill ttAAV. f f th• rarnplOnt 1 mad. at Phr•Noo to o . • -
rt of ttu toot marout mohr 11 torn. •b• ti*rmsoi me
that •my •yr. would toy., .., i.II • Al thollate I rout,
not al•unout•O in, olurrl Bylloadyle. of arm. frusta.
I rosoarto•-.1 W. us. of Mot I' /radon, both Into.yraly
stol lor./If . gobs wto•L of yor bay•lrepro•wld•NY no .
ttl thy • ow- le h o ., gaol I to•y• ...not my .I.IA roan
It bly art...T.l toth ot wk. n . Ullllll isoprorol by lad
1 . •trolowo. sod I altrilwto IL. 'perforation of In/ . 1 . 0 % to
I. tor I r•Elslnat N.. lir2 Sorottl drenl.lllllll/ city. no/
will P.. h.ppy to yll. any Information In naatlota II my
1 IP ILLISII 11A1.1.. -
• •••••••tr bl N•Yor ft 11,1••••1 . 141.5 Wool Alrl.o W. I.
Nallrra. 1.7 NIAAI rtnwt: it. A. •Lnealork, • Co. corner
Wool and Volaft •Ino•ts. U. 11. '7,11. A_ li.lpott.aotoPb
lkafplook..n.l II II NIL. artr, II rofhour. slop by th• pro
9 AI It INK.
oda .1.1.• T t..n.1 Itoon.••••• 11,1• rl•l.nrh.
Fall Importation of liar mare, Cutlery, ie.
LOAN, V11.%_ N & CO
No. 129 Woo Street,
Ifraipe to esti tor attantisto of torebant. .04 ottorra to
Wear taws 'Tom of
1 , 11•01tTlal UV RECENT PAiriirTo.
lad • blob t Lay ar..z . .rr ot p r zrv . , , ! ,.. ta atf rr at putt; prices
a - A tullataortatuut ur MANteltalebratedtl. S. A XlOl
.1.. r. no hand.
Citizen's Imiurance Company ri" Pittsburgh
No el Water .treat. In the waratunteo ore. 11.
II iiTTSTLT, Prooldent. A. W.
Tbo. Corapaar leanly prepare.] Cu Insure all 610te .11/10
In too., mu! In tratoitu. ertatla At.
An ample guaranty lor the- ability' and Introit, or the
Inatlluto.n. atiordad tba rharactor of the Director,
ao. all N 0... Ptltoturult. and tavorshlY
latkoan In the catout unit r tor their prudent., Intelligence,
and tatearlte•
Umtc.rom.--C. U. 'homey, Wm. Rm. LerMar
Jr, WxlM3. Ilri wnt Ilugh n. King, Edward UessleM.o
John flar.rarth. ilmhauah. M. glor .3011
Plttabargh Lite Insurance Company.
Pon;Went—J.l, K. [loom.
Via Freslartil—SArust. IlrLß].
Tr.uurar--Jostru d. Luc. .
SA , FOA/F—C. A.
(}Sre ariVertl.ment to antAlk.r pat b.',
Unitarian Worship
4,1 IIIMSELF —The Fourth Igo:nurse on Mils 50tt
0...1., tnlviou the esamination of lingo pngengesol &rip.
tide W.lurnl In support of theebw.litte Deity of ear na
y..will delivered at the City I....eture 110001. icooll,
Third and Fourth street, Cl Sunday eleolssou
llornino A g"74ZstUg.l it
Pint Rate Farm and Coal Land for Sale,
P 11E subscriber offers for sale his Farm,
I on the 0,111 Pool of the Monongahela Slaoltweter,
In Elisabeth township. This Form is one of tto, beet In
Allegheny county. and n, tale. nearly ILO Acres, OS of
0111111 are Coal and Limestone, with every WHIM for
loading Into boats. A large tOrtion ut the land is first
quality river bottom. Tim Farm will be void entire. or
subdivided to suit purehegere. The Ikea will be. sold with
or separately from the Perm. This Pam Id , . ndiencli
known. and any mrsoo wishing to buy It • be libel) to
1.441/110 11.1 Ininoelf. regard LIMO
atel terms el F.lment can hoproeud nom the eubreri.
led on the nodal., or front T-J. re ltsq... MI Fifth et.
no:ntrlltigeltu , n Itki. Mgt.:LUKE.
. . _ .
RTISI"S CANVAS-250 yds. prepared,
)111. mounted. for sale toy J. MIDDA CO
no22ea Wood 'el.
. . .
XI ADDER-1800 lbs. fine Umbro, for ogle
by J. KIDD A CO., RO Wood at
6::IIUFFL- . 800 tbs. G arret'scotch, for sale
b' J. KIDD 00, Wood at_
SEC—ToO for sale
lbs. by •
mat . J. JUDD A CO, 0;11'c:oil at
SAMMONO.C4-1250 Ws. for sale by
h 1053-3 bale. Fresh and White,
Do I.KLOD 00. CU Wood 41.
'VIE PUBLIC tiro eauti"ned rkg,tinqt re-
L er.l•lng tn. follnrraua notew the hatmets. Er,
nr Iher .nre Ranh. In..rn ..bat the ...11....riberr,
nn Ihn Inght r.l the l'..h Ir.. n. u 1.1 .1 .I.n
lino, In the ord., of llonrer, < 11.1...1',
Nn•nallw., Ttb. Iv , l. lar f'L'T. 1. Al. n mar- arr..
Ur:ohr, 1:Irt. Ural. fr.r the
t.ottrr are andornerl .., 11,
lILInn I:a a A fa.
Ill, -I
lax. an I In
Arum., ma,..n.r 1..
o Nn I 31/toter,l.
to; ~,•• 1 •
rreint nts.llnr Anl, ,
nn2.2 ATI 6-110.
1 , 11.111 t'KEV A lei,
nn V, on, anot .1.
1)1l IRON-120 t,.1,
Ijou tln. AIL -In L•rl.
nnJ2 J I: I V Ilonn I
011.-20 WA, sup.. 1.,. sale t 9
ttro2 - 2 .1 • II VHII.
C LOVER .1 SEED, 1,,
Exchange Bank.
A FEW SHARE . ' waned by
- 1 ms2'l A. 1111.1, lA* t
Ohio and Penn. Railroad Stock,
17011 SALE AT A LOW RATE I , y
no= A. STI.EI, A;
Sight Exchange on Cincinnati,
F OR ! AIk at the mat fa,,rable rater by
_ . .
Fresh Fruits, Hermetica y Sealed.
F RESII Peaellep; Fresh Strawberrie24
rr,ll T.,mat“.•
Frerh Cterris, Fre:ll Tutu,
The above are put ap In their men j sod hormett.
rally ...tied. retsTniop their Prigtnal thorpr uhd freAmese
Fe., side hp IVPI. A. Met:1111W •
up= • ,J, I.ll , ertr
Vulcanized India Bubb r
LIST huge qunnt to AU sarimi,
01P thtekuoves nt Vulesnae.l Splinp. the hsre aroplot
pl n experteneeil wortninn In •ole •1 half •Ple
pug genlleutru'l boots. nAI •lipi rs. Nz,
vitt, the attention of the villa.. a Pitt hueFl• apil • ielo
Ity to this Calin.,whtrh 1.0 Leen un•/11 taror with
the .+ ern pabhc for the last fevl ear l an.lreeettmen.l
Inn welt an st•lnet, h., re.lva , onp. P•rat•hr, ettl
fan, nu at • _rust e f 11 IeAL 11. Jeeeeses •ehe.
ral intr.eluetlon to the people .1 . 11 P/111.1.11,,
India te
Rutr 1 H
•t. 11•urt., •t.
covEßs_. doz. "ulennizNl In
,l.lHrt,Pr Juet pert! to , . and
AI the Luther Depot Moat*, et.
[...rum. haw. laird In 3K, Itozi•tor, toll,. of A
tunny. llh-•
111 Cunty. scan.unla thr
rtn-n ••
tral .ra. colons, and Guar liana. And 111. th...... 1
room. nr, ...tried to orphan , no Ikl
County nt.rond.l. ountrulatirn and nllowntoo, on M. t.
dna. do. of Dejrnahor neat. ale
John J /.la'r cd John A
W Hum Al.. r of d. II
Jahn 'lb.., Aoltnu of hr Sion
Alehrin• Stormy. rd Adam Atli,. nee.)
Jaen.. .Doan. (luanllan of minor lon,. of 4.4..+ Porto,
J 'Dodo. Adro r of Ann MOM,
W. IA Newell mod J ?Irak. .Altnr'• "1 N dordon. •'.l
Thorn. A.lmsr of rd•r. l'Audhartt 1
11/.lx id nt.•.n. A.lot l l. of Andrew W.f.... .I—purer
Arrh.b.l.l Enarrl. Ailm'f of Ant 1 d...... nn. doe .1
11 Ltll, , 11utudtatt of inittor Mara of Amhs,....
A.'. A.ltn'r of 11..n5. Willour, doo'd
law...Lurro 10, F.. r hf And Looni.
W I Union. ottani... or minor tont% of NI Cntiod...
J H. ',0d0r..., trunra.nn of K•lf .t.f
Mon 31 Ilraharn. tam
John ahort. Adrift."( Wrn (do., doc• I
lion, Chalfant, A1,,,', Da,
Mar.. lototi. Adair • f eh.
J., I
Jam. I'.ll .1, A 1
Fro.n•i• Karr, Artit, 1 .1
11...h.rt Punta!, Aim Jona d
Jan,. 11. ro.q. flonntnn ..1 tofu, loaf ..f • Ilel.l
rro deed
llanr} h. Gm.;, Adm r of lit
Ilena•t•r• -4, •
THE st oc khalo r ,a the Ct nnqx Ivan cl
Lu h
ittiztautturtu., t - .4t r tt.t,t to.. P. , c/1:4”..1 .1.
irethre fic, lb. tall .1.. 4
• s"
4 - NEAT, mirttne. leather (41111 neiv 11l 'll.l\
..1., . - rhulsfir fi r 1.
11, ofi - -1 , 11 1 . •41, r
Kimball's Chemical Washing Fluid.
Ills FLA ID 14 f•tipet anv olhrr
LIMA AT l'eiwt/ar. or• reLLiieLLi a„n r „,.
A rr—il• Lai • to, hil•
ria ;weer. trot, iee.r Llere sierewew rk.
In e It will wit ow, %A , treLre It.. ai w it
krr-oAilu, lb^ (1, 11 , IL •nla
. A.eeeLre, twaleo tee rear, nee.. r• Veriwetai wi.l L
1,1 rem L.A.. Lora,. ..e•
TrA. st.e,
41 I rerun.l•a-al- ley
I LASS-100 1,, 4tzr. NV Indou
I OWE-1 1, 1.1
01, le LLI
lee—e• -I.Laweionei r—L
T/weeitw par, wiLile •we Gam.
Llll. I,eiei
Tarr r•Lwei L r•wi.
r•-r • L GA flvei Llzere--wertite...
awl It.: .t eiwriL
r ii; A 1.11. 01 weii.,„ e r
i.e. AIL leurr 1,u:1 AT .r
Wwerer. ll lrer
" L'ee'Z.ll7l'ri.ZlVlA :
: Ll.Lsowiw, IL in. , 11.1. x "
I 1 111E1 In nil
Smith's Patent Self-ActizgHinge & Spring.
.t NS tv IN rtATP
•j'IIE ~f ettrile.nt,r4 nll.l
tta4lll- . I tit.
.A.lttot that w .wt - tto/
II ...ova., • .411, r
with It •rno, br Itt• ~ It
.1111.111., i , rry t•
4,1 oat .1 tvlate, r.l t.
...hooted 1n...., 1.1.1ut Ow.. 77thrt
"‘ :1 " 1 ' tr. " S. 1 " ..1 " 111 Al 2, :t
7.; IA N7ll
Asi.mb.riv Vho t ine
aotot tt.. I. of It . Ototst•ttrltt
Pottrot . Ira tn. A l. l..trro ,ontlt•rtt
Viru riEA P ItTN P ttOr.toittle /sung
t.1..1 11.51. it, JIAOD Mt* ,I•t .le.
tt, elms. t,tietwae ki..wr .•
i• w ,
IFOOt th. tno NCH bill UAlilt,
I . ll.l.hoich. Nu. It. it *IttWItY
The Leather Ilu ine aill he . ntintie.l at
lb. OW erAtegl. No 101 Ve.l atm.. •• hr. 114,, h, the
00/rtigOel. yrolex Me , lune ..ail rt
~ 1 1 r,4lt nI 1
: II l R 1:1, iu,h,x,
Pll4l , zar.h. ~ 1... • 1 .1.0,11•, ii 1111K111
llnving ft very I rat` Ktook oftt Pry artivir
to oiA/ moltett s mut. osuee the
very libretti yettrousg• rrolufOro 1.1 trod. to Ow toot.,
tottlgli t y tumuli-ell o 111 In our po•er t. kive .I.llre
liuw roe •41•1
104 i ‘,l
Coitipottud 13..yrup of Yellow Doek Root,
if 'CCU PI ES tho runt mill: among the rr,,-
151 .1 . 1,11 17 raeslsrsostn of this. mum, for nst,l•l•lf
earliss‘ Csoltssr .11 Illtron. .1s•
ef...1 laving hub a .11 . 1 . 14 Al. ,
I,•••ri.b.,sisallss,fl.rykssrls,lfy•p•pda,llplulartsf.•.l , lfaln...,
l'A.ssjsbe, frorro•Ass .1.1 llibtuess• ahoul Us. rbssat.
dd., or b0a5r.0ur5t....117n.... grs<l liellossr
th. throat; .c.l u... 11 wilts uurrefv..
Ita ruve
• • Female Irtak-nts. and Ornoral
atranattonlng analioned lady. giving ton. the
watuurgyargaus.atul latial.rantict thr rutin. cirstrni.l
If 140 toothimny of thou...oda 0 beim: • Ones., tint.
all mitts of No rountry. can rein .1 upon, it I. +mauls,
.nu.oon. rumor Ita mid re.loring JAM.-
Ird d biokrit &ma constitution.. It I. purely Vrarta.
idic I, It. comp,,amon, mid coo arrant clf rombinod ita
proportions that t he thrmiral. botanic,. and medic., pro.
mint , of each Migrations Larmonimisl unite to
Purify thu Blnol .
It tu , removr4 Many etitonlrdiammea•hlcti hate belled
the of lb. hest physicians. and ha. aim run.% Canker,
eels Rheum, lirsOirriaa and Mendula 4rhlrh earnataitit•
tlyniji• entirely falbal to make the lea t impre.e,on
ItMen tested In many 12,t er.ltillrh
Id MlA. ha.
The moat obatinate ettimmter hero mind by
111. Woes' that It la total abb. to.dielne dldl
BILIOUS 0.911 . 1.i11NTe. It temper. all ote.trui Mina Ile
the rimulatlon. randitto] Ib. Idetrtrer artier, and heal
thy. It name. l'alpitatitm of the heart, and mho , . In
all rum of Asthma, and may I. used in all climates, and
at 1,11 ...wormer the year.
tiyrim is prepared onty MOS* • CO.,ett 102
loin rtrert, Provident, It. 1., and th.ld atholatall ma
nual, by S. N. WRIKhk3I.IASI.
Onll Agent Wt R'l.te......rrrrrrppppppl'.nneTNanla t
porternE a m i . u n t u tn , ( L I f
humor., a. 8:1 . e.1., " n, [fittierlntrridnrit., or Iloortgis " : s .
dm latter bring amtarred.
iziern 1l required. Appleat this
. - .
Notice—Loot Certifi ate.
piOTICE le hereby given th it application
has two motto to tho Ezolnman Ma 0 for tho'reossr.
of Cetildeate No. 113 Ii, for (florin, sh . re. ~I[l b.,,,
alleged to have I,n dertroyed by On, on th e
Ito b ' A pnl,
145. ot0):31•ta MRS, it a Na: tittle:t.
lA/ RAPPING PAPER—Straw Wrapping
Niteroi' all Fi.,l for We hy
aort!.:l 11 I' Al AItHIALL. i. , II orsl street.
ALL PAPER—Fiench mid American
st in Paper and 11 , rder, for polo by
Horse for Sale.
HANDSOME brown colorod
his ye obi. lei 4. high. rultool
IA awli/lo a
ur . 11.
au4 1..14 au., phyrlnns....t•
irably, yr wrPoo wanlinit a linnti burgs bur, l•ri.
. .
Aix, two 'n4w neta. of 40 tan, caah, anitabla far Mbar
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IV UTTER—cO kegs fresh reel'd and for rale
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UGAR-20 bids. Loveringle Crushed foe
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01100MS-100 doz. Dry Curb, fur;idOCy .
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1,79 1202) R. P. SURIVER.
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~t, r•rot. Morwitn 'a IWnr. Killer, Ilnrwitn ,
A. In 1 11 , 11tleld'r Narre and 114.0, lepin,ent. 4444114 •
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1 ,, •• 11r Lot 4.4. i , 144.4 Irk , It Ince Lend
- . ” r1 , ••••11 11 1.../th , /,. I , :i irrnr , Tharlser: 1, ntle 1.,
.1 1 31 1 . . n 11 , 0UFFEY, Prritrl-t,
I rTTA PERCH A !.--Iti...t ree'll,`,l Inn,
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part or the 1..114.4•14,4.4 10,11 f1,..i, Oche Auer. I,
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i li , t.t I/ be 1"
J.* ii 1•11iL1‘.11 ,
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gilt], cLuTii t:LOTRING--On hail , a
% Itmr, I of\ 41.41, INtatithi, ....tin 11.
ii... 1 , •••- er i . n,... 11,11., . I nerrtr. ' , tar ‘•••••••11r. 1 n'n.
• .•.•... Ae . 0,, 01. m 11... , 1:41,0., 1 , ,,,t. ti”ll,lkct . ,
~, , . J r M. Plll LLIP.,. '
Notice to Capitalists. \ 1 1 1
i Big T Till I 11 LIN , OIt Eli 811 NItEN 10F.
71 1.4 I, 0. 11.44,1.4M11.- ,m, 01,11 lino Itanro.r.l l'lint
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101 I,ln. Prthdrut tif ..•
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SACK IN O r, FL . A!Ck i s kLS--(11 - vy, ni tlt !r
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11 / ,' F: I.:711 , 1.2 A N N L;le,--1 .. 1 h 1 . 1111
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dI A '., "I 'LINO— IVO Ipot ‘1.,4 , I-1 ~,,,1 '_2
% 111 44•4 It 14. l, Let I 4,4,, I Op. I, \• 1, 4. I /1 "1111.1. V, It. M.:1,4..
\' Ell illa )1 los ' - A
. k m As, :c , v ~,
•,nn t.l Mee,. i ...”4,4(..m... 4.. , 44 ..4..4 44. PI
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I I I.A 1:111. El '0 1. , WIN . 3 n.l 1:0.511(11 T.
!!I ;': ,:'.;.,?;:: ,';;'...'.\
Ir. , .. , ...rrte : lrr . t: .. ;ILI L. i .p,01..,
% I 11:1'111 A 1:1 . 1,13)I. I j 4.1 I'..\. It, ~,,,
t v ... 1 ,,,,; ~ ,:t.51V. " ,.:. ' ::!: ,k >!;, , ,:,,.t.V ., .1A r c7,41.r
:" '' . r . ' "..!''''' ""' " ...., . •La ~. n...... .-
Fresh Teas at RedneedPriees! ni•
N'' • ‘% 1. , ...:: r , exis , .•ll. an. a
i o I. an.tvtt
r \•, ,-, i .••.) •,.....,' il
...,,,• • .- o. •..r r-ipele 4, an 11. , .N•e\a1..1 4 ',Vat . ...1, •. es, eel, M. PI, a 4 , r eel,l eat Lem..
44..-, IPA i r., -47 1 45. M.. 1 11 , 41,1 --\ " 1 "
• 1. r, he,. 1 ,Iteb.
4 el •.. peep,. I, qm a 11,1r4, 1 1
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t 1y
„„, , p 1 II e •41 tamu ..11,e1m\lIto
• /A, I .-..anin.eraiad
0 A 110 . 1. 11. •
I 111 , 11111 Grepu,
. , JiiIIN 11 ATI' A v... 1
Fit K TEAS hf. et,to Y. II.:
of c. o. mad
.1011 a. n.l LT • I 4.
—tat 'il lar:
11l .r a! JOHN WAVY (511
I .1 NI FAt :I' I !
• • •
,t4 L T"' "
to wet ß.t ll ward,. SA,
lla Colt lb,
10 Woe Le. !air h
1,. kr, l'itlTl..ar6,lT-T'oun.
I.`sTr oTo , ;
an..l .I.ll h N WATT t
1 Fl. TIIEIt - 2t a: melee Now York:
■ B
Calf S
or .alt. L T
.0110 WATT a (0,.
1 - 1 t ; 1 1 ,(
r . Elt—kego te
reo'd, for Italy by
h oak A ilti,ANlll./.7....4
I 'EA Ls _Thin fay rooNthl for sale by
F:S- lth, pritno \Roll Butter;
4 o W Imo \t.„
ar.. l'a-1,1
4do Lao,.
11.. s I,,Taaa,..f.t. Nal, by
00111.1.311 1.1 ETT, AICULtki Pt,
Premium Cow and Calf. \
vrt'ir let, of tho eakt and Calf. -;
titat toot the prat Iho orrat r go
wiThing lo \r,turn hit
Tani Vowand eat, at Tarawa.
! . t •
port IturL~
Arrl T t. M the l
1010 atr
Wlltsosburlat. at....l•3T•A v ,
Canal Boats.
ITEI.I Tait., Crud tu tele. Pa. Liherattndaht..
will Is. paw. Ana prTand deTratrh virra. lto •
Aps.l T a:th. 000* ot the Chartiorot (Tool CoMoLow. at
thoLander.lan.l. at Th.. MoTtouttotela
nor. TI • Ea glue ! , Chart/era Vaal Cortmarty.
ia ALT PETRE—Faitage erode, to arrive
1.7 and (or otalo br IMO All DICKRT C 0..,
nor. W Moo and' front
Great Sale of Town fats in Wellsville, 0.
g k N thy 3tl of December; 1811, at lOo'clock
NJ' A the protniftia 'h., eadd • Mir, number
01 RIJI LIAM) LOTS. tavnrably lacatod for buoinnaapiar.
mars, Laing or, both phi, of tho Railroad and Railroad
fill,- InillottiAt•lll... Tom. at Talc.
nol 440. 31,S rtlt^horT"h•
, .
YOB 4 FEW A rE.17.1 - GS °IV:, l'. ,
BINTIIE'S Grand Tanarainic Skete4es;
11. ALUM HENN' 11.11NTA1N,—,,,,,,
ly ov• and Lltectunt in Juri,n, uleClltttO lIMP•r.OF '.
Lona. innu any thloß lilanato otrorrd to thOplki , ..
1 trltrin.,:b ront A; LO be W.I. Om 110.1 s ..0 u.kAktaree.
ont.l 1 1 '
Cold Weather No Come. '
sdn i ? Li. „ E r s i , T Eß 4 :t i s .o ..k; z o o ri l t
r t . -t
A-4 to plea.... Nn. I Staillafield atreo4
oMstwat\ I , lamoni alloy.
Nem Dress, Silks
11' E have just ree'd variety et: styles new
vranrr Drw. clue, icwiwitua • I,..a'va.lextu. veal'
Al., plain, and fla.annt thlark Pilk., ll'u.'l4ter of new
A.. Plaid Frond, Mtn., a gnatc anlcl.l, - ,aad an,
dealrold. g... 11. for tbia
with an .....onvieut of Coffer rolorod.. preen,
rlni an 4 oat, olladea of ,Intn I low.. dal...a
kn-ncll Steno., rholm drab nud 00,4 color.O.lllact
11 atatlla Ve.v.t.4 coo Alt I. Wool,. La.: W4olgai
ohs% la. Sean.. raft.
,11 , 111'1 . 11" I fiI , IOIIIEIELD,
p. 14 Nbribrart vor. fourth andAurlbt *UN,
LOA KS! C LOA. N. SI—J. A. SleliNit.7
• v..urth r.e.11 thk morning br Adam,'
e_rbb lo
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1 1., nib] Clohlreo Au tort ,rlll...citr. rhoinbar.
of Trilem . i . ol , :, ni
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b 7 \
I Alit/ OIL-9 bbls. Vi s iuter Strair9l4 foil
4 444 n 10 It. E. EWLE".
I A fill. A 411 MON lA--2 c'tv.vkh fort.le by
it) bibLEILE.
eaeke Mailras ft 41 10.91110, tor
imle br It. i:xLmotn.'
it 011,LX-1560 r o i
JUP nnt4 J. RID) eor (Al wee , ' N..• !
11111U111t0111ATE tkitiSll.44:loo6,ll4s - 1 - 10.
• mt. by J. 1114, 4 10. I
LCOHQL—IIO bbles, 92 art 76, fneialn by
/A. uois J. a
KIDD , 00.
I INSEED OIL -2U Gbh, for sale by \ !
• not! , 3.IfIDD 210.)
Jr 7. NNA-800 Ib3. Ale: 9 dl k cfor ealt4,by
tp AA-S.IIL Ala. 1 7 5 le IT
• .15 eay.gas.
FUNOOREEK SEEK -- 4 00 lb sale US
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. • - ...., •
116/ANIL; F C T URED BY tfa, NEW
.7}:II.F:i PLORINa AND 31.1.NTNO:,C011ir.N.Nt r
at 7 , 41.1. rt, N J.
Thial.l.etapaoy Is p s ceparral to furniel a suppli of thee.
7.lNc's PAINTS; •
tound . ,attrx year , ' trial. both . hr
ei.J the 11 ckit.,I,,UIPA to re taw their oryneal
protertre. eug.nor &LIT Oh,
•thti..,,r. Their
' I. t 'in.l7 WI AAA. ot linr, .ad 0 nattented .from 411
.uluitort o no nun hopunty • habas , ter. it fl 4,11. ta
bonumull,, whit, 41,5 is antir4,, trey how the
to eat other, pen., so dangerous to the
E. r . '2l7. i r :::l"4n r 4-+ and their [.,unrest
IT W1L1... NOT '11.311,N IrtZLI.O . IV
1 a In. es poo.t. to +ni n th.... nr ruej.lnhe \ exhalations. ( S r
, ... ''''' 'hitt nn'ine .rme m. 0.. • A. , an s ubnde laont.
, it •1 0, tan0 a N,uthorn einnate 441,4 the nether Letter
l'nhan any other not sle•tnc habit L. (urn halt, or to
k r.n : ol , ..le ,,a nd rul, o n ‘lt lea) P.1.t.,1,,,,it1rd,..t'if,.
i:411.1 ...: f . .1: 1 1,1.7241 ' . ''‘'''''"'"' ''
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1.......,,.. lure Inhod In • l. pen, an.l sae utulonb.lll.
the 11.... 0 ,1 aun 1.-rt Inlutih. ih tbo Inarlot for tx.nung
r• 4 ..N...nn...utt.....;,..0 nn ta. a1 . 4 or a ny ea l oyail aur
b., u • ...t. 1.n0t.. tou, or, truN n.. the, are loth - 1 , -
VEITII ER A N.G.) , lltil PROOF% `'.
IN, , ulu-o. b, are pard, , ulari, valluble, h a they
1.0%1 ir Jr.., 0r,..3, ~ •I.l`rolle, ly prevent oxide.
1.3.,. an.rnjr, nou•ky, ann blnna Wan. motallie beaue s .
.10 n ‘ o..rfe wl..r 1110 't o any \ ‘.l the 'turn., own. no , .
. L.... ~
0,0. \aup t hlloJ on Ilberal trrtus h the agents of tbe
au, .1- `-'nl \ -- South 11'h. l'hoanelnhls.
• •
NEvir at . p_oKsl NE*, °ICS!
, Ak T 1101,NIEN• LITEit Ait 1" bKi'll'l', Nu. i 4
jik nest sirs., ~'. -es tbo Pun um;, \
tiratu n n a 41 .1,10 , 1ne.
Inrranr's , •
lut.ronthonal 04..7n.ra . for Norotritvr • \
r 4,,t
Itur t we. Near 114.11. 0 41a.,ama, bn N.oo t hor \
0,4..1 .1n 1./ ''' , o. ~...,
)1.41•10ck. rr thy 0 italrt k a now Tort by Ilet t aa N Mel.
rill, 1 , ... t
Ihonohary ot ShlloTrohn:lo...u..tatino.
Ilurt,ona n n ah,l enlttral,4. f..r o, emb.or \
London ,Lab, r and . orviou 1,4 r No. 1,.,
II ar t . r 4 A141.4.411e Vet.,:l. Lirsa 111 taunt., ...,
-k, h hr. In Iraland. b, 0 .St.reart.'r.t i
LAMP. Ar. Jaurhal Inr 0...t0100ry
Life cud A Irentunu. uf en, Ark. lan Duch,
'I 11.• 10onlane ann. novel by Dunn r
lutorunto nal ',1..... 114.0clobeN:tan osrellent No 1
'fh., LII; ant ihe in, by Itathool IVelnn
The tiaree Cook of the , l )thirty-.. , url4of Dan Marble,
P... 1 4Lll‘o{.• awl PIS ,141... S•brl. I
Tho 'I n of thy Rutile, by Dunala.
leuxono. of a .110.01.P.e. ll Deb. ,
Ilerry Burnham, •'l4leof the Anienntn liervlntion.
Lea. Arundel of the Itenroed
the Infe. A.
Prank iesrloinh. or /none, in the Llfrof a Pkete Pupil.' 1
ll,turt ot tn.' I:rAtcretion of the klunarehyla k• Frene.--
0.111,11 , funtarnnorle. enonull to Warousta. \
tu.lf Linceolka, or a Ihntori ot thr Human .11ealt, part
Pe•Ornt , \
A nhor Con•er, Of 5.....1,13 Mt Tronle, \
liLu. tabu. Oho tildeu Fend, by Barton.
hattnrloa 0 4104, or tn. 10.4•1 of hurchestar, an ik . ..
tonral Ennueifec of the Reaohnl o n In Caruhrsa.
rte. Coule,nr. an Ilielorieal Nnval. '‘.
:uh1.........ual ,hanone, 03 Bud s and 111c0orne
111,. I ot,ll. 1.1. .ntirring Taco, by 0. I'. 11, Junes. '
nan,h hut norturn, 1. SvaTal..
the ',op Iluntoro, a tale of - Alain.,
1 hr 0 no.a n Clast. to IL W. M. arynobbs
Slehoh ur the Ulula of the battle 1.0, a Tale of Water
Von. 1 uolt
IIOT .I.SII-1U ea-4s prime, fpr sale by
\ g 4. Is .I.K 11,11 ,4 CII
. . .
1r LI. lib' TT Elt-15 L 1 . 51„. .,
i l , '1 0 0 1. 11:„ . 41 ,.. ro. 6.,
bit, to Itoottil l'huroll.llottnion
iv in bolos Ituasell 4 nobin.un'e /..• Lutny,
AO - tr. II Ilrant s
o t, •• June. d Son'sl ur cats I c y \ I hold 5. 1 111.1,01,n.
B H(10,:i15-100 doz. Poland. for sale bV.,'
J. a it. ruivb. ,
'I. 4 'IItESIIAS--rif I hr. chests Y. Ilysoni,
2. pkg , .liunpow.tor At mponso,
\ ~ ,1 hf 'rhos. sup. Illark Tee ;
.1 or anlr by l„ \ 1. ,,, L . N. Ja R. 41.01 - D.
IEATIIER\-150 sides N. Y., for sale by
4 s „., J. A R. FLOYD.
, FIOT Asii--72\ eas4s pure. for sale by
, . ' J. a it. i boil u
''ickice. .
1 ‘ETTERS Testamentary to tLe estate of
. j ann .• It n aa. Into u(1 I'l4 Uorrnhip.County of Al
b h;lion't.,lo'.l: barn born n LA.4,0 a. ~b.,,,b,...11
1''' , ..... \ h , 4 1 1` , ' l 4" , ...i ''t \ ''ll. l "'Mt. 4 10 I't , ' , ot
them dab ituthe n tleaten for .toetoont to
V\ ' 0 01.1'0011N,
\ s \ ‘ r.Tei l l ' ln''l S l:KlNS,
Lcolt (In At_
~,___ ..,,, kaeentnrs •
14 WJM '-'-' , -r 15 d I' -
itt a ndu py sa
i f [lola \ , T.ll 001 PS s, k N. .1 Water et
i POLES---40 , bids. reed n 'consignment
.. ,-1_ ~„i i e,, ,ale b r .. -
\ 1..110:1'5t .... ..1..N.
no \
rut C +
,_ \ ,{ ..
11 to - Gun
. ( i 11 e ,,i 4. °, . 1 ::.1 1 1 n 0 t ,c , i - iit 1 - i l s n ur d Ms, but 1... k. ',1 end
'T 4N . L 't : 1 ''''; 116 " S: "7* 5.0 it. rl ‘ tkto eSi
it \ \ FE PIIESEItV/T5,..4\ JAOKETS-:.4i 4•4
LA ( 0 4. Pllerr.era and 5 rkets,nf ell Illn. rr
antent Uinta
u....llnothren. for unit al to go bN l :De l ot, Ili! Aturt . c.lgt
\ .s.N, 11. P 1111.1.11 ., ‘;
11, '- g.. , -.1 elm, for ~...1: /.v,
iAir, , _ . EKTS6I: 4SI IN AlcE'kl.... 140 Wood ot _
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k , Annorl. : rAnaoluy • for ..ale I, v 2
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J. P. W ..,
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14 ~,
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. z .. E , . I , .N , i. I -I 1 i i;il,.. ht.sored chiiii, , ,,,ko,
J, 0 WILLI/ 11,t/t, \
I.IIP . . ASII-10 ea..k. , fill. nale by - ' -
1 \ nn'\l .l 0411 ILL .S 4 lAII tlo.
' it I 05-175 ilia. CurnXfor sale by
i +ll ' . Wien .11. , ,AletlANDLIZ.9..
liV" ,1., - 11 \ROAR LIS--dt wir i .lor.f4ine i fiirs . ale
1411 Et:s o b ates
1,_,. ,-..1.t 4 0r le LI
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i i Wi11.% 111 - lI:ESE-IM/ hrs. Ilezlep's '
A v ...i......,....ii h t 1 and holnae n 't.'borae, this nay 1 7 .-
c•tteul and La r ally
on!.. WICK A SIoCANDLI`44.
d , LI TT LNG CIIIi \ ESI-100 INIXOS for sale by
at ...• th,l4 ' , WICK I Iirt:ANDLESSU
'W lIITE FISIIAte bbls. and hf. bbls: fur
II v by ., 'lti'li P IIeCAN.DLIKiti. ‘
it -1. BL E SALT-liamses, for sale by ---'
in,il KICK it SIcCANDL
‘ L±S.
. ..
ra ASLI-A prime arti \ tur sale by . ,
toll winu MrCANDLItSit.
..!.... earls faathor k
Lan.finc man tor una by 1511 3 0 i1v,?1, , r,, ,, r...,,..
fV• t al. Front oik.
W INTER GLOVE Now ti store, a Corn
-1.7 tnt'perp;s . :"‘ . " r '"1,7"1/kl4' ' &!'"'
null , . • El .. 64 ark.ttk street
. TEAM 130.4,,T COUNT .11.PANE'A-We
hareeeteleelerwile • largo .f of ..11.114 17....
hit Ira rill nil tu t tner the coat of to unlarturn). \
anl., A. A. ISO, It 011
1 NDIA ItURBEY,t CLOTIIING us' v4 . '41,
A '24 Ofticerl. 0.1041404 c
v., ,,h, , ,,, ,g. Ca ,1 4., 7 1th aleerur.
49 .. Luna 'Lerrentfo " Shutt: ' \
:a Rec.enz s enkrt.,
With 4\rompleir 44sartmarat of dillerent44l.4 I Lam) " `atm 1.44414. P. .1 J. •U. Phlll.llra, ~
nola• • ' Co. 116 alttlet -
lialt3etnetin. and 'midis Rub .
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the Indlwltub4r RePat../io. 116 linyluet ante
nnUJ.. fi ILLIrn.
. ___ _ „-- =-- _
I)ER - CUSSiOItCAPS-400.1,660 for sale
A! b/ 1.0131 :' D. A. YARN tSTOCK a (xi. •
LA"' BLACVrt bias. S - 4 parrs, weal,
'': IL c '"" in hulk _,,, 'r* '
.n" , VN A -mg e nvr,l o ... - by
lliC111) 31EAT*Purup ti lb. Jars,
Jr Tot latoallr am, tbr
o, ; \
ha= I% 4. 11<!- : ,um) •
VAROLINA ORITTS—Just ree'd at `22K,
,1 11,/Lllirty.4trero4,4bi Yor aslll4
. X bola . ."—, -.. wl. .3.IIcCLUiII.I d CO.
UCKWITEAT FLOUR—Put up in 50, 25 '
and by 16..1=18,1:m1.1A b '
111 4
\ lat. I. mccurna a co ‘
~. tiroon, bod Tea Dealom
tiii\ORIDE OFIUME-ot 7 the best q ufk
~/ 0 yforutablly on bbst .d for do by
1100 CIT. BEKIbr CO . \
nol3 \ • ~ Frani mt.. bey Rabbet
iri IL-16 bbls. Winter Lard Oil, landing
, I.J , d fatale by • 0. BLAME/MINA CO..
.. an "
ifiliEE -75
SEOO 'rime Shipping; '-'-----
arl. .
, iooobablorg reed and fir bale by
003 \ J. B. CAN Vino. -
A PPLES -70 for salt . ,ty cA.s.viLL6.
AUP 00 , 1 (Or Mar
13EARL 11811-10 'tons No. 1, for Sale by
.12 J. a. Qin EIKLD.
it -- ft - 0 . 041.<:56 doer.(.k sale by, \
5013 J. B. CaNilXl.l2.
1 4 11S11 -..r . 20 blllll. and 10 'bf. bbls. Trout;
" White Fi.h reel and for 41.1 by
5013 -k 'J.O. CANFIELD
E NOILSII LAID RAPEIIR—A choice Eof mesb um rsooss.sso l t, bb '
Stationer and raper Dealer.
noL corner of Market an d hewed Rtteeta.
tiONTING PAPER-50 reams Double
otedlnto Irlnllti n Pa t er, 21.37, 301 ream. Iropertal
Printn e , Paper. 2:111.1. i.. 1 , ...r i at , n r y ,.....3, 10. k e i 1t i { . 1 , 11 ,6
''REEN APPLES-68 btda. for tolls by
all rortuir P a ts ladlrols O to.
4„1114.1A1t=24 hhds. for solely
0 m.l2\ : R. DaLZELLa Ca., Liberty / i.
pure S.AI.;
D;Li,r11.7 . 11,.V \
ILIODE1). ARCHITECT, No. 5 1 fo r Nodr;
l i t's"rt f ,trs t isM s° " mb "' -
LW ' Satiouni Ma g asit Drnentber.
Roo m 1 Rad tot Rola OL)IES' Literal Depot, No.
Teed 4....1.0040ette th e but therm a l :
haiii 'on hand 34pes.
'Maid Oka. I/41 435 f
5012 \a. A. MASON k 3latket kt
4-.tHEESE,...-, 150 boxes Cream, for sale - by',
' tlOll & 11A11116141U
OLL.BUTTER--.1 bbl. for sate by
• \ - 111OGLIall a 110511/11T.
or,les prime Roll, just read
• J. n. VIRLD.
.. .
LlCilll4illNO\ SLIAWLS--We will open
IN tbleracradu,lea L nasea replan tAaalc and alalla and
gal. Ilonaning Long nblrarla. -
Ani2 ',\ A. A. IA ON it CO.,
, Mk.t 0.
1.78. TURPENTINE-4N bbls. prime, for
. 1 26 4 0 br \ A: A. VATINEAToCK a CO.
,LOTLNl3 7 ,3O9,bble. beiiixtimfor oak bt
VV . apV2 . VATO,4O.OCra
LoF °ngli„rQ ..
4.009:7111.t . 210 . 0,1 !
a w a rz *DI
for Ibis par, 7 1
b.* ofsv.
. .
i,.1 7 1- It. C 1 A \ , '
, Pli , T . i'l' , .. - .." - "....., ° ;,"..."..k . ;.7, b 2‘' .4 ;..`,,9:.
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, ~
' \ • X
-,. U-0 unitizET. '
~ •:, Nkermr4ll 0r5..., i . \
..c, ;; , .; - vitr, L.. t:'.. - ; \
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sLie Sr out door otrlra w, oat N . ,,,,,,.„..,,,,„,,,t h .,,,,, \ 'l
Istaile.l The. riser S , alfa rk .yn tee and r\ a nd rOatri,the re- ‘ ,
..rorrasn/. there will f10..,t 10.0. 1... n ..avideral,,L. v/a/ to \'' . ,
yls e w.. of huh river, \
\ F,l,til ll -• fa, e..-eipla f evArdall s or•\t , .lerat•. ow \F, pg. „ ,
, ,
.) :4 ,,.. ~, ~,, in,,,tani,.e...•th..7. li;L the salvo dy]
for .. f ;and i..ttea I.r.tut , .t 10.44 .10... I , rti su.rr aIS ,
r.s3 ''.7 . 0.:N1.11, r a f. nod extra.
ni.T . K%t ler.% r ILI, WI: -S . UPP/I. •, at.utidant. hot \ '
.i.n,e, i, no tantor:al chance In Pr'sr. we , onforto our `,-
LOLA...of 4. s I :A. si ta nr,t la A 74.4, I. - V ,
u.l fiv. el..rc, ~
(0Ilif• lit.AL-4140 .11 ea Ip. have tranY‘dr7.l tit NI!? 1. ',
t; mean! p....,-..-IV. , nolo, o. ,han,f e fa Stye market', tw . '..
e. nry e. walla tiro. 11, have val., li till. N it .9,,,,
m LP, •L , . t.' ...toot , •od .4: to CI, t, ,ino.l fair awl
prime quallti..o tat. of 4:i LLIA Sinfast.• MIS \
Ifulc, with ter} 'mail autlPilv , flab ., oil l l t. lei. SIOS- \ r ,
'C a.. . ''
',. .ti. t U... Sales of like is II ktrot 434, . ‘
WI, ,
AC:IN -t ern htile d'ai ' llg. We 400.5...11 ,I
tiotitt ' , Zvi, f. 74 sboullo , illa4Strl.,, far li .
s,l,•l.lrepFit.. : .\ '
POIfF.-41. ruitia'r.rps , way be SI lull 11i. Lave sates L''lnflf pca ham. In y
and . 2. 041, thouliero at fir Sl\ to, to woe..
Co al•ugltitered, thus tar. fLOo fiend of h a.
'LA It 11-7,4.16 of prim• to hble ilit Slitloft-, a
tee j. ta. 'I ' ,
IlitTTF:It-lialea 21 Leo of (•'.e,.0
Tiler , tY e. frodotorroarot for prima rt ',
tale. -ell •4 Itlf,y'alt. - t , In
OIL C11:1:-.i s Inl.. of -4 t1.t.0.4.11311S I
API.LIA-f.ale , - .1.I:. bly, • .4t: - .i,'N , Artie ~
sot .1811 hid. The ral:ou roue are, aoaffr
SI: 15...)15, ,1.4 - ,1,
111 , 1T,,-I , coon.Lo. r re Jerllned to St 504 Lit. Ottiolitts
do IN ;ll' St tn.v..and II rOVIlla 1.441, to Si . 2:al 511'cr buthal,
an. .bowie ha other arta..
110 „11}.14L-Ilonot t s a• boats hose arrire)' bat no r
.44 to any laifr extent L')le transpired. Quito largo
aulnLar al host, are' roarl f,itig at liarelo leland, here
I th , .41 PreLohlS, revisal un•JI owl," are mad, when Sher
. \,7
.will be drOPPell downln then . lrfa.ctive place. of uolcatl-'
' lag. 14 , 04 /aloft Iato• of A r llogbtny foetal hava trattapi \
of'Stla:...4 'IS ton. ortll,o uvual eivlit..
't Burini.o, Nor. 15;
, • ,
Shalt-Douala a Ict. 3, , txtert , t to flay, with a tolertAl, ..,
.000, F.,r the , 111110 II:IIIII • i,i,..theht 10,10 hblA at S.J f 1.,/ • r .
for common and tarred Shi.lninin. Intlting az , .l Wlnlaulla , ,r
and northern ithisl,and CI fain, I.ti for SamY 1 , ... , 1,... , 1.
cbotre ,oull.rn ‘01.1p , . in nuaaii , loft, ...
\ .relit-Taday theta iv • if....l \ truttlirr 11 artist, of otio .. )
a, Lot COMMA 01 41 at , VO ttnl, f , tor latie.l4ll4ol,Sle for
white. and 4511,r'Upper Lake nod, /prigs. okl. wilaalfo,ted
buS, o corn re iv leis dolt. L? dor, 1 . .3 holler, are
ErtuAr. The Ira ...acifonarcrtorLed See ouly nhOut ..000 Cu
.1 41%11,1ic . \ •
ititke.,--Islo I,llt relquext, trittilea of I'llii bbisut
ISS/r o O
Stnvlaliar-No ell'ange tOnntien.-ICY:liartiorrial. l• ,
—........- ` .
11 , • 0.--\ Dont of • cv , utrat for lUall hv , l at 114 `Ana.,
6111v,rable, lie,inher \ Wo , \ hear ids. tat Loutie s jot.
040.1, or.. t,lft.l At $4 :,1 \$ A 2.:1, e,•• r.111...ed‘ If e twliqo
it irren/ mop, noel, tul V. , " 'W
turn thv ,11.40,tt . t.t4. twriar, a•lsleh
ha. ea... 4 mb' , , a.lua'r.Slls'
th.. ,,. /tllLit i r n e „ otz::::4 zinl , JNt: ,
net t
Tn., Terre Ilauto law., ..mrth
th, re now. It 1,,t, Al t 44,/ 7:. , 4
g0.,,a 1,.., r \
The livaronllleJourrml ukr• at
bc..o mad. they,. Ituf e%ler SI
`mu tor ter., oLolcr. ,
\. 1, 1 0,h tens
• le of
Si,,L-11.,,te. Jour. No. I:. \
14 kaa.artme atlas.
at I:, lower qua&
The‘stoct market opened
Plijia.l.lph,n Lank -.ail at
and Pen - I,yo 43nm al 1111%.
er.1.1.,$ Schoylklll46.l
dont.. • IA
• Pal/Ml.l*lvallomi • •ha
trot n:, oarinK\lo Irnna No
• St ...tan. nftcr .nn,e
tt In* c
Lnan nava
cell wer...atie nt 16. elinan
e, on the,a Lunde we. WA 7,1
North Atacric.• Ghun. Omni at)
butl.troml F.A.res V back -101 l
. .
Mm a thi••u. ....rre.rl
turtlrrr unite from Currme to ra
• Thero wlis . more inlttliry
d.nnlra der,lne Iv
tunuitei nun, at any thiiii7.,t7.r 7 it ,ut i, an
11...-reilitor, a I I: :..tnab M. Co tart Si day to hr
, rPort or lh , mhiintiti , iiatnviintril at a lurnier mere Thr nrantnitti, tomitotairia th. a.11 , 4614`r .1 Fulfils
itt. of 1 . , on thr al. in inidaltixiiit.i. iii. ii,iiiiii.iy
,I \l.
, hi. t.-n,.. •liiia their tiliiisti 1.1 .i a; thi, unit µ•r -
itip nor,
he eoifinge of emelt gold et the 'Mil:lame
lio lipiii that it hot i-yrn ,irt.rJed thii ili.nianiiii
roinni unit, • Mani of iiiir i-iii I.solii, art.,' dram
p1 , 414\ pw3 11. alit il..i arrnoialai iiiii 44 Mini+ small
.1 tip i.risnitioi at aloe), iliri iiiire hitt Ikrki ha.
ly dlikapyrwrii.t..- i S Amer
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',Thera a more nei< , ..4.leami for,
—.— . lore
ICI. _ , ;rl4ll. l
r atl,r U.rcalel — eN
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on )..I .1..w1E l+t 461 jr. ~.t, tut Wilt Mr dil.pelt.
6satsktlfrsra liksio r me eN n sal . s.&... , 5A1c.j . 1 . 1 . 1 , ,! . 1L.,, , 5z
113::::,:. ' 1..7 . 0 ' ,.r t •i - Z7::sarr,"falorshlei. , ...t;sioanm,
.....r iiiaark , S. , LAS 111 e 1..,, I.‘sm.ti. , r. , ~..
~..nau ~,,, s, .... uc's4sy over. kmi 110, x'Aile hilt 1114 . 41 e
su-rosmnrat34.... 0n.4,1.1. sa,nc.. 1. ir. eta, pire!
i.,d .1..¢...19 Amt 114.41, .
.:1 he ..!........tes Ir , . on:
.nt. tb, bulk: of ~01. 4 h ‘ l FL.4.111. c.....-oyd r, Las ba,m.
. The amtleat receivo at the Soh-Treazt
st7..tutt. P, , ,,a1..1.:t0. sto.n,„ sa.:;:tt,9lG.=4-trit
Rum. revtdc •PP,..,m^n,
14..A.—Titpre wat ; .......,. ~.....,_
[Cari..,at' .1.t../4 tut :ad risliag.
T. .4I llonlrtelsoon. McEnewp,l
Atlantic. holonann. Enna n... 11,...
filmßal, WeAt. ewtnil
. Bahl. ltenntt. Itrownrrll la. ,
twat:J..l:l.lkt, Dearer.,
Allchl,ran. 1i..5i...n.14...0r.r.1 .
J. RayEr..t. P.... 11.,...,
Eaten cot. SI ard.w h. Welwrllle'
Winchr,t, }.1..4mr, WhrchuT.
.:11p,wr Ma.:. Slonre. % Peellt.•
lAI, - .41.1 Patlot.. Clwrinnatti. s
".., Lo 4 \tc, Dran,Onrlnniatt.
..• Paxilneco. Dooom Ilk,
,„ RAID, Dennettl, 111,o,ville.
.J. }DR...., IleratrickYon. Meito....fal
's Tbn. ehrm.. 141107.,Wrat Nowten.
\ S.ltear..t , , Dural., Dravq.
! ' ika ' r . rStl . , l [ ? _44o. l .;: . ltr.l t b : troy. ourdoth. I 1,11,i11r.
\ litadena.. Cochran', St- 'tattle.
hurnal. Ovnwell, \ Whooler s q.3
.ttella, Ko4Dt. C0.D , "! , .e. .
IPall Oolumnts. (N , lO. Cl‘l,,nropt.
\ '`
-•••--.', ".
D Letteb A (VA FAmenitar 1 1 / 4 eitnt.lttarelat
,\ w.ntsciLLE—Forest 14.'2 ‘. \,..,
\ NASH , . ILLE—Lnella._- ',
, I..OUISTILLE-Aini,lll44. \ •
DEAVER-41OrnIng , . bunt D
Eyenina that R.r. a.
‘, ' zunr - sera.Lirgzi; UNA.
BUOWNSVALLE. A A. 14 - 11,4,6 r. at .
tia. IVA ORRIOSOrnekt.
.(lII.L.Iab - 0 .04Eulld .i,„ 4 . ketitaar IKlkik•rl - . I
M 0 ,.. r i, lA ae
bb sao,t\O• 10. '' fistr . ,, - ....'
WELLSIRIT T. II:I\ Fon . tiT--13 bblko.iat. w: ':
11 :g:Ve"0r,. 4 04,1%; g uit:,Mt.,%, EbMrlT, . \
AVLIVIiI.I.`itI—II4 Dll.l, ll—lot i .. cd." II Erotib s ‘V ' '
bur Armaitrooa'CrOW a ll_ do lII` a Cl'lt' ,. '
b bre • lard 67 Aca soot lk a LIKReF b.. •
•b 4, a Odle; idd bole true CI . A Cce. 6 Is bawl
Ilabtbalb Ido II 11-31 bite; 1 .. bulk .at 12 el
do 'do •oeloe Id do boba:do sk, do obbrb
B 'ANC , Prat kir uta.vf No. '':".,--5.1"
\oheee 03 B infield; Ill'bblk flour, .3\ A
2, ekeks\tleah gs,Jot ackne, 110 cow tat'
k &\ Co; 6 IciNgs bt; ter,' l'i‘4l
Yo n g " Co; 14, bga corti.',Detti klaughej
ttgio arley,;',l IV \ Back ; akbble and-hl
ale, drier. \, \ \:',,,,\\ . \
' StirLEoAvo S: Jok
ilikror at rho trestry Election :1
die AntlAramortia Ulan Cony
I 1121 ,
ke Pl#ll.M ottnee th
JAMS MATyIn:W9 - ror• to ' oruif
to tie nonittaCon or Anti-!(a .
iliiirMAT ..NLTY. \ M - 12 '
Wm: that the him& of It. C.
elalatr for nominatilon for Mi 7.
the Whig Cehtehtlog
•c 0.443•• '
rmnsny a intnnwt,'l,,,,i..
nun of tati aeon no esch.abare
odd war' hoe hall bey - 44• ,
vemkeg, and theothet heir taker .
eeet,7ele °ems m Ude el t V,..
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RE 2derchnidA' andlll
K.of Pi re
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tot me trmthe. Perekde nor deal
\ -••• • --," "''' d'•
likourikl . E.—jln) pereoi
im, 011i.1(rti M titiatale— rein
daV evr.i.o ...04 '''Fa. I ,
t i ne
to tune M. as it. tot
the owe, 1._ , 71 R. r_,
\• mule of Et
T ll s4se gll o t i s et
beseby ameated that am...MM.
the amount YaLemihed by mete.
the Tremor, \e, .1 , 1 / 4 ,leddie IL.
arah li ...Net °cit. , hbent
• . beZelf . .x• -Jted
\' - 130,0 lanekeli et
.....,, the .41. leabe,tias bihey Co."
b.i.:1 0 .t. Me fan:doting 1.11.0. e
at rtthdrargh Coat. I:dub]. rep r.
end at the /dation , lo i; ie.E . :l at 'tut
Mier tad summer id of I V.:
24.04.) bushel.) to Leda 'eared OW t
0.1. aml the, artolo addend brlet
Monte to be =We ma defeMeS to VP..
w.oco The•emdafdr U . '''‘.-- — 7. 7 ;2 , - L'. '
...Meaty , by wrizhleat at Vt. Loaiu,la t he eo m . ‘
Leery, suet perythe as may ho aeries dAeheteg.l l ?era"
tato by storage U. abble &Mount dedreeM . ,._.
........ ...7.
ftLomb, }fa,. 10.15.51.—{ndkterir \ - .
~ rnt nuotn
no ealiiof
dUito ~t f 4
J .~h i~t 7!;,
I: 1: aIY~9 Y
no the wharf.
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