The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, October 21, 1851, Image 1

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WHITE & CO.. . •
instal (Balm gamin,.
017102 . Cl2l 11113. darn. NW MW nolll3Pore OInCII
DAlLT,beren coder Dee
Ott 0p,... if paid is ..:"A• Mobil half yearly.
-WtICILLY:—Ttro dollars ptiiIIIIIIOI. ip &Jim,* 1.11.0 C
!du ou the folloering eotraltliino—
Tnree.ooplee tee, anti= -
Theiteelrot Gr each Club hilie ad;insse;ii - G"one w p.son,
Ilmrtubly In Wrenn,. No Club Papers will
arum the year euhlzus, tauten the =nay is seta fer
OM* CIO MIN of Noopuell or 1..1
ot6grittiggidl;;;Wilo — Z . gg
Do. tour tonoUl.l . ........ - 1000
• •
ue twelve month. ..--.. 18 00
ntandlog Yards. (Alines or Wen nnumc.S6' 00
Ono Dollar kr tech additkmal line.
One Ware, changeable at pleasure (per me '
nom/ exclaim of the 00
Wog gab additional month Inserted over one month, and
to ro b additional square ineetted under the yearly mink
Adrertitermeats orreeding pn Pliare, and not Over filimn
tam. to be claimed as maim arid half.
Published sat eceo nabbl. for boat adverUsemonta
noel the somata charged for their publication.
Announcing candidata. for °Moe, to boo darned the mane
ottotr enlvertimments.
Advestlsemma net marked on the copy for • aPacined
emote, of Imertions, will be motioned till [Abide end gar
ment eructed socordlngir•
The privilege of annual advertisers le 'ntrictly limltal
Mgr own immediate Magma ; gent nil adv .mtitni.. for
the benefit of other personae.. well as siladvertheinente not
immediately sonnocial with their own taisinem, add all
gain. aVermentte, in length or ottarerim, beyond
the Wait. , will be charmed lathe most igen • Yor
all -mach Una. nt advortigng, bills will be oelaylet.l7
ordered, and prompt parimot a dextral.
Ali olleertleennents for charitable. institution.. Are
Pam.: end other public menaluns. and
matt illok .n glal=half prim. payable axial in .4.
Margate Mikes to be charged 60 amts. r
0.11" matte. Warted withoutclump lades
whin n scamp.
014 liumrsl invitation. or Pharr otima. Med
soromp by taged to in paid firr• °
• Reeder edvertheas, erg air other. tanding communion.
limp" or - renielstng . notiw dmierned ro oat attention to
Pea, 4010.0., Oman% or any public entertnintaccas,
where chug. are mods for admittance—all notices of pri
.veSo ...medgMm—ercr y oak" , doeignal to call attention to
pirate enterpriess. olculeted no intended to promote India .
Mllmg Interest, en only to inserted with the andirrstand
ent Mat the name is to be paid for. If inteoded to be to
carted la the local column, the same will ho chary:id at the
rata of not lees than 10 cents per lino.
Mahon or Air Notions to be charged triple prim.
Tenure Wry. Petah:ow S each.
-Real Estate Agents' and Auctioneer.' W s not
tobe gamed nWer yearly ram, tut to be shared • diw
soot of thirty three and one third per cent from the
Mount of RUA . '
Ow Saturn has to
Doi each additionalinoortion.—.— 17
.1.17/1.13130=11. 1 •11.11.1
Otdo Sinus. Lawn) ma man
Da • oat h additional inoortion.-..,-Z wain
/1.11 tranidant adnailoamonta to bo mkt In advanoe.
TAMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law—Office
tir ee South et., between Smithfield aul 21nrit, Pine.
weigh. •
V. WEAVER, Attzrney rim at b.. Law,
[... Fourtit cat.
es ,th iit= t g e ATirtii• %bAkg
(Leo oDEloltOttOun. 1 a4i l ( tate of loullarta. 1%3
OLIPLIANT .id"I'AILOR, Attorneys at
.iN ,sr-rilglos as Fourth Pittsb streat.No.BZ4. boo.. Wood
MiiittahOid streets, urgh. Pa.
N. 11.—S, D. Oliphant lopparaladoner f or the State of
1110111 VI A. mars.. caul=
Q LLINN COLLIII, Attorneys at. Law
-111110, . 01l Fourth rtrru , t, above SoalUrhold.
Law-X „.. -
% it G. L. B. ,tFETTERMAN, Attar
teattgits...and dltell , Fatale A. Na
IkMIES J..KUHN,oniey at Law, dace
E t = . 141.1, emiaa of Gnat shad al:21
PRANCIS O. FLANEGIN, Attorriiy at Law,
Kt .170 FacErth =vet, Ettiburgh.
Orrorra 0. mom— Arror,
§=. ` 11 "-
- 1:10 Fourth Erred, rutuba. e.Y? a-
Almond. & A Jo n
ronAkorrinots k Oa; Bander , E. 14 Her
eau, Atm* Au. W. Jacks., Pillaburyit .n"?&17
AWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
Oars on Fourth otror4 herr or. Wood and Smith-
TASPER B. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
fa No. RS. PIM Amt. Pilistmesrb. P.
- - .
.I.IARRLSON SEWELL; Attorne at Law,
oak, ate. fer , • . Ark.
V,BOBOB E. ARNOLD & CO., Bankers:
1 7 - 14 .
. 4* . t.A . 1 1 ,
t . u volf .gogo. Coo
‘7 1,4f30ns earefallEottradad to, old the wowed. remitted to
tar of tbe Union.
• 'eft. i mu1a55.....:.4.11- Wear a. coffin.
li. WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers
Brokers. North East earner of Wood
and rd Westt.. Vlttelmrah.
franswitota msde on libetal tame. mad oolleetlosta
istanally attended to. .ndk-17
R.. KlNG,Banker Euthangeßroker,
• annrth street. Entailer in Bank Nonni Bills of Es.
Gold .ad allies. Stalin bought and mold.;
rbetti~.. market rem pin in presninni an .I.nm.=
Half and Merican.ind ap•ath ollar& w•
VIDA LABIUM - JR., Banker and Broker,
V V'ilthstreet, No. GA adjoining LA. Boot of Pitbl
Lcu.HIVI . LKINS .CO, Exchange Biokera,
Allenati Ewe* Moor of Thlod oad Haile stmts. All
at mad liberal rotoo.
Ikt,fIOLMES k SON, Dendera in Foreign
AOKI Doi:ladle Mo of tiebnate, (betßootee aD.
Wna,l. n. eoh Note* and Specie. No. be eterket sheet, Pitt.
1111.0011eotSour mole ow, the principal oldie
the the United Shne;
IIiRAMER ../C . fang: iiankera and Ex
ehnngs Brelurne Dealers in Foreign and Di - Amide
of Yacht:we, Oertilioic, of Deimite. Dant :Mem—
Otleir, carom of Third ands Wood AmetA directly 017Prade
Um at, Maria [ROL
I . .
I . I'4l • I' `, omminnon or ...ts
A,,.. ".. . •,,;*i -7 . "..4): i . - .1.1 ti',.. :'
10,11211.1. ;UM.
ALDER, 131,ANNA.& .01. neeeisOr B to
.ntessri, , ltespas Ca., B.TOh, 11:201.1g, Rpm&
&aim in Foreign and Drmeotte Esehorao . gertin=tos f
0417:211111=r, Ctgron l* T —N rocetrod
hodt night Morino for
end untied ma& on war ,
ty all th e principal pointt of the Matra. I_,
Thu higinrst premium paid - 6r Noraten and Uldirrieno
Adratuou mono o rowriganontiorProdurn.thitirid ...A
am literal Wm. f"
l W. TAYLOR, Cannabis' ioner and Bill
FrW. TAYLOR, Comutie4 loner and Bill
Dabber, 112 Baconsl stmeti. Eteet attention arill bar
von to all /amines* cattratsball to hit cam kitlabarda
seldom sh.ys an hang or Orcenr•d nt abort
aV 's n' ti= riali ' W " ?tigt 'g'UU'd Vrr-
:(eli);(:):4 A -3:fAir.EpaE9blX)lll)ll:4:ll
..D C. STSTOKTON 7 , iati — i - 10/111iiitIn ,ScOat, - -
BA* ton, Beerk•ellter, Stationer, Printer; and Birder, an.
liar or Warta and Third etreeta, Patel:arab.
ar - -
I AS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
0 Thirel Wept, oppadta Use Pon O fi ks. N. Books re-
V ~ma ly by:N o r aatnsi .. V i ligrard
ftla '''''. P.....
L READ, Rooks°Der. and S
• Ka TS Fourth stn et. Al.llO Badinscs.
AVOLINTOM !limit:facture! and Ira
. o..Ffor of 0.27.0:410 1 1 Coes. Ste= Was WT.
Window Ruda. to. Warehew. No-$S Vomit , .t,
uset Wood st— pittaboreh.
JELl'i% POINDEXTER, cornerof Watt-rand
itereAtt meet& Pletaburgb. Oincgreaget Ann Fos.
annum 'loom and for the Dunham end ale of
Western Prednee, tinfle.Cl laara awl the man
• •
kg of Pittabargh generally.
• gent for the eel of N.llarper Co. and 1.M:1-
in.* celebrated Manure Hay Yorke, al P
.prfeen and ignites it Co.'. superior ;Gaol Taaa.'"l'Vr
'hIcANULTY CO—Tranaportere,
, 1 Vonesadism sad Oartuahoden Blattuats. te ltr.
o..uu 13.40. P• 1211 111.41. Pittsburgh.
.arid.Coaraladon. Merchants, No. 61 Water street.
IL JOHNSTON, Forwarding .and
Colmankm luredsit, No. 112 &end aree,
KER k JONES, Forwarding and Com
asiwtotg Ilerehants, Daly reams' and Mt.
saufactueed Canal llaelaona , EarentL
street. Plttabargh.
K'ARD ."'" " — JONEST. reeersors to. At
ikici.La 00.. Cmaatsion inel .„4 Ponrsul. oo.4 lLcii i f t... er•
desbruilis Pittsburgh Ilatreset
I. a.sagurA _rtmorasou o. L. AMOS! sr.t
&LAI A SON CO .; Wholesale and Retail
Dozier. Panei sad Sim* Dry Omb. es Itutxt
1 • • . :I • :pr. 1, "llociiAt"
IL D. IIIINT, Dentist, Corner of Fourth
sr, t Decatur st, bahrepa Marko sad Terry streets,
aliftPllY.b. LEE, WOOL Thu Lies and
, comot.o.. sunk.ots for trio wan of Armlmo
Goorto, N 0 .130 rt. PI • •• •
QW. ILARBAUGIL Wool Merchants,
Deiers=duee gl6,:d Tr
M nrAZ tn r, =Al itm. Ptbunt
• .
ee A lllee . .
Os • • 3 • • , ILII .
MO er
A.;l4 r diiireil CET, (tracer* and
- MS Desk. th Po. 2 S Liberty stm, atom Wood
lion *luny' on nano • onsortment of mok• Groat.
nalkhno Tow Prate sod Ns tnWnoni.
wreatigl• es the /nut tams.
• D 11244., and raiLlovrlketni , v while Lat , l,
rtad labarge, cutter Woad amt Front otnrcti, Picts
burgh. P.. • rarb7
• ,4.
oat. Kt,11.1.1 C. bewal...
KEYSER fr, McDOWELL, (Suocessiirs to
• so s %not...tale sad 11.4.11 Ping nu.l
• •
— r -
I KIDD & CO., W holesale Druggist. ;Deal
op . ere it% rah., t/r. Ptufrx, and iinftrien
-I..m.rlotors or Dr. Al'lgme's celf.bruttal Worrl ,r Liv•
- er Pine, and Lung Sfrup: No. 4). corner of iltoW Rod ..trvets, pitteburgh. Orden will b. eurefull'y
thrwar..l.l With dknoamb.
. .
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealrr in
11, Tori• !=t:' P4LV.I.N. O lltvrAbl: ' 4 "
ig N. WICK.ERSII.A.3I, Wholedalo Ihs; gist
kJa and Dealer In Soda and Ag ri cultural jmoljuxonta
No.. 104 and ICZ Wood atm.. coruo.r of Sixth. I •
inuana aritia.
• .. • • • .
RAUb. & REITER, Wholesale and Retail
1 131 Drrig isr
Oeta. corner of Liberty and at. Clair etc. Pitur
oirg .Pa.
ka.. No. 2.1 Stood et. rittabursrh.
•• • ......
gCO.,BLACKBURN CO. Wholesale (Iro
1 1,7 ....dsd.t. Yurhhhera, and dealer* in Prrainre and
Pittsburgh Manufacture, OH, riteb and Maknagolerayo
on hard at their Warehouse. lit Watarrtreet, Pittsburgh
20h1 4 r .
um •
J... ..... ..... Wawa.
& 1 4 . wit:saisi, Wholesale Grocers and
V Commission Merehmrts; Urn. for eve of ru
Pon n Powder. No. Mg rehond. and 1.17 itont oto. opt
. _
L. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
NI, tenant. and denier ha roper andearner of
mau and from streeto. Pittsburgh. •
Produce and Commiariou Maranon, Ind Heel
gni:r'berarM'erutitlVoi A gittelrVitax - r1,! "
.1 011515
4O 11N S..DILWORTLI CO., Wholesale
roorra, Produce and Oommluelou Mercharin. and
on for Hazard Powder M.. of lia..nrdvilie.Couu.. No.
81 Worn R, I`irraboro.
J. V. 1.138.15 i Le. r.
it timers red C05500555= b1en,h515., No. 11,0 W.
treet. aud 150 515,0 55.0 t, Pittabar .11
• •
41 LEY, MATTHEWS & CO., Whiilesalo
Uroacts,CommiMati and Pomurdimi blembal,M, sad
tiM forl3llithion Um., larm, 67 Nader 02.. PlltAblalth.
/O. 1.12 .0011% sm:s6r.
1011 N WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
ej CommLiaino Merelmits, sod Dvale, in Prulanil moil
Putsburch bianufmturt N
s, o. 266 Liberty irtnirt, Pitt,
burgh. Pli.
AB. CANFIELD, late of Warrea . ,. Ohio,
. I,.... ec ivTr b , tet = l lirard . lnf t. Nivertirt i,, a r o . 4 l, ll;bolt-
Pearl Mb, ididl Watiarn Produne bpi= . 0 ViAid mrmit,
Nitric , nu dmitblibld and Wood. PittAbunih.
Q. F. VON BONNIIORST Ft (XL, :. I .l l bdie,
L., • aga Groner, Forwarding mat Controtanon Mrrett.
-ant. Dealer. in Pitrattargh slanataeturra and Wanton
I Produce, No. 30, ocapter of Front etrnrt and Chanorty Lane.
CO., Si lonia Gra
orCommisern Mord:dada, and Deals to Fnkince—
. 66'U - stet, and 107 Front street, Iltirtorrgh.
ItDI. D. 00.11 San .1. IL ,111 . 1.
BNGLISII -§ BENNETT, late Rng nt lish,
Gallaicher d Co. Wldllooda Groner, t)smndrari and
rannon; '3lerobants, and Dra/ars In Frodnoe and Pima.
burgh Nlanulletursa. No. II S docOnd at and VII First so,
borne. Wood and Snalthdold.
AMID .1 . 015.1....-..1Dh1. D. WOLLI. DAIS. C, DD.
M 'GILLS kr ROE, 'Wholesale Graders and
Naurg Oo h. on notation Merebanta, No. ItS7 Labeity • Maas,.
lao Mo BERT MOORE, Whglesale Grocer, ,
Rectifying line, dyeder to Produce. Piaster - orb,
eauferturee end all kind. of Foreign sad! Dpmertle
Witter and Liguore No. BTh Liberty errorL CM_ .bood
e Molt of rupotior old :!donougebe IWraltae
will be mold low tor cash.
tiBiRT DALZELL . 4.V. CO. Wholesale
'Grow, Commies! ou exchanta,A4leys Ib Yeledoeei
saul PitteleterKee Meueleferteeres. 1.11.17 STMet.
rittannll. - 4 -
urn i!,.'r 4 i'" . l.fgz - ln.'—'l2<fr ii 'Vo. ''
Welke . etre4l.., Ittlebetterh. ,
_ .
NIL 0101.1.. JOHN e
il:;no — a•Aan . a.IAT
Wll. BAGALEY & CO., Wholegivie Oro
vy ?in, IN ma LI/ 6'ml Istn•rt.. ricuTa.
W11ie0113.11 . 50 ..
CK & SIDCANDLESS, successors ti.
L. n. J. 11. Wick, iillolosale lan,arn. Finn"tonna:
atoll Own plisidort Morchanto, dealer" in Iron. Ni0n.....31.0.,
Cotton Isom. and Pittobtonh ilsoutactun. nanornill.
corner of Wuxi and Wator streets. Psnobur.h. '
. Grocers =I CISL
OIIIIAMOIS ilvrehants. lieslrrs In Pro
A...., Pittsburgh ilanufsetunni Artielos, 105 Librrtr
J. D. inures. —rows lour.
tirD. WIT T [ANIS & CO.„ Wholesale and
• lomat Family Groper, Forwarding and Commie.un
arckants. and Dela. in Countr7 Produce wad Inttaburgh
alanulactriresi mann of Wood acel FIRh en, Pitieburga.
&MT: • — • . uttt.a /0611..
labestr street, ritlebnegh. Wholesale Gms., Pre
use shd Commission Hersh-Ista end dealers la littabarsh
—-- - -
LR. FLOYD, Wholesale Groeer4, Cr.m
mUkslca Merchants, and Dealer , in Yrduce—lhnutel
• eh Bull:11nm [renting on Labertl.
mor ru m - • .10. pu.a_
J 0.14 PAR K ER & CO., —
Desk:sat Predoei,Yerrico Wire, Libuirii. Pia blue
o.galteis mil Beg:titled Irhiskay—N. 6. ticlamerriLl Roy,
Liberty it-, Pittabbrieti.
11.5. 1 1)AIZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Corn
missoo abut fix-warding IllercluiaL and dialer in Iron.
. Ulu. Cotton lan. aril l'lttabbigh lianitiirtrir..
U. Water it- isil Ti Fire , . U. ibitiburith
hrusicel. isrsisincegr&
ESN H. MELLOR, Dealer in Piani4urteu,
Mord, and Slaskal Instrurnenu, rwrirool abut.. and
Mationerl. :role agent far Chick.ringsa rtann for
Western Werrnerlyaula—No. Cl Wood Ft.
ENRY KLEBER, Punier in Muele Mu
ideal Instruments. and Imam..? of In•In , tirraWa
Deward for /Swans Clark r grand and rquarr
yith Valannan's Nolean illartintrut. Mx, far Dunham',
pILLINOS, WILSON &. CO., Muilufac
turers of all lava Larks. lour and gimp 6t. r .
, chair, and Mang wag ard.hing. clout, nob. sod
abort nallt; dour barnd and lathiva do: a. tam add
41 Mord
Ofltco at LI K. ENCXYIT & CO.. No. 1119. Wan. 0, Pll.O
burgh. ][
VIM J. 0.111.313.1.. —9svat atm.. ....659.arExtans.
1 RON CITY 7 i."5...K FACTORY.—The sub-
A_ ocriben ma t tufatt and kerb embantly tto band all
Hobof Taeks, Brads, Pparablec Yiblobll99, Clout, sal
Hob Ncli g Mt. 1111991 floor Barrel and Whim NO , :
Cuppor ?Mitatad TIVIM Barrel !Httb9. Con. , 9991 749.!
Elate NaHot Patent Makin' Paint., Rivets, amatal .15.9,
tic., tfc-, de. CAMPBELL, CHESS t CAE,
bpl9: 9 Warebt9M. 59 V. seer at:, PluoLuntb.
ENN ED Y, CHILDS tt, CO., Mantifactu
an r 47l:a f arol" 7 6•111111 ° .',ILP " evo 2 ..1"1.11 ' . rata' 'b:L'l'ureb)!ChLlL
net. lls•rry A Co, Slarditsctorrn• of Sods .011.41 3 1.Ach•
MorisUc ssidulphoric Acids. icsfehouse
No. Ca- Want sc. bolds , Pon. •
%WALTER P. MARSHALL, Succeitoi to
&Uncoil O. UM—lmporterand Dab , ' intYronch
and Amarinan Paper U.lginir. and I,ioniern. Wind"
Made, Piro Board Print.,
_ie. Also—Si Ming. Printing.
and Wrapping Papa, ;So. as Wood wee; botsreon YooM
and Diamond idled. Pittobiorgb.
I WIN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the 'Lake
Erli• and Michigan U .
to Beaver and tho
Wine on dor corn., of Waarr and amithfirld sta.
11 LEECH 7C - 60. Transporte;; 7 l.l, Canal
sod rm-,...nneg tn.;_n.nts. earner of Penn , areat
• •
I A. BROWN would most respectfullyßiform
dto public that he keeps on han.itlels shwa thei toot
natio( tbs Diamond. Allegheny city, complete iunortment
of gonlißm buod, el. V ealtlan Bhutters are made to order
la the boo style. warranted nztui In any in the tinißei
Rates. 110 Blinds can he removed without thsl, aid of a
atnen driver. Oaring purchased the N k tool., and rood
of the cabinet establishment of Ramsay s Ilel3elland. I am
prepared to furnieb their Md ensuoneee, as .11 avail* pub
lic lame, with every thine In their Una.
Agency. No. 6 Wind street, lO.bure h.
rochge .1. A. D OWN.
_ .
IdaurgUidenee.mrner of MINI strut and tut
Lomman, Allrgheny.
N. 11.—Lime, hand. idartax. Lath. ad.. for Bale.
ADAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeqn; late
from Edinburgh, Banland. mould rinc.niNir ac
quaint the public that has weinnien.l ;nuclide in the
G ‘ ii= and, by erre , attentkiti o ti whhtever t
Iu conneetion with rue Vauhe, Hone and
Blacanaltiana in general will be use - rival on, at the ulna.
of Tunnel greet and Pennsylvania Avenue.
El/11,LE JOHNSON, Engraver on !Wood,
Phil. 11.11;41 1 1r. rthry.) Pittsburgh.
MuchluerT, !DMA of Nturpuprny grovarydr....
bruise:apes. Drug Labels. 10 color:. Drab for IhriDou,
Zl..l . 4 , ..l==tkaut Com. Stump., 410-Inthr Orrl rtyle
lorrert rodeos.
y v Eatablirhnbrat, Third eta... 4 apparita an. eat
Odle, Aldeburgh. M.p Lam/ammo, Portrait, tThow
linlbrado, Urdu, hand. Labels. drehiteetaral and )1,411111e
Mee lindor Vialtind Carta. engrat , d "
drawn an ae and
prlutrd at
Crold, Woos, nr
81. In tla mat anmeeed Arlo. ml at the moon fallacy
able oriaa iawddv
Wegner, Buchner & Itlneller#,,
pIIE ABOVE FIRM rempectfullyatkilounce
their friol. and the pohlir r ally. genhat they
aro Ertel:erred to enrole e In the drat etrle r arl. all
order, for "boa Canis, 11111, Diploma/. Vleltlng
and Prorrolonal Code. Marta, Chute, LOAN tc [ •
Their eatablletnnent Is at Nod oil 31ardet ateeet,lbotereen
Third and "[north kr...U. o oat,.
PON, Watehen, Jewelry, Silver
gultn...t Goods, Intever of Matte am!
Fourth Strse....NGsb.?gh.l.s. N. 8.-19steamas4 ("Locks
alyhdlt • •
---- - - •
-3132mEgginyiut.K.thz, No. 104 IA!
VsnltZ Taut* flotlitones, At 7.nua =l'',
p i , „," shrnys on hand, Ann mad. to' order. 1
,- Mit. A dg= Sootkli of Driortsts ea band. I
Doctor G. 11.iChhelm
INIPORMS MN friends and die pa lie in gen
ern!, [hitt he. by retukkted hie atter to Penn street, No.
no. neat Ve r r o n e lan Rotel.
j •
S Indebted to Mut for length of time. nor
renuer,l U. settle Own. scroutt.. JTIOJm
. •
F. R. Moore, M. lb.,
rit,)l(EttpATilio, I'IIYSIOIAN, devotes
j OP, Phi attPtrittoll lilt. treatment. of dhe... of •o
own and children. and scut., Warm,. reneralll.. well ea
ehrome and PLI rpm! &Ares.. (Men UO Anderourt etre.,
_near the Hunt ed.rewt Bridge, and twit Mao . to the Limo
log Mill. Alleabray City odic. hionf from 7to Id..
from Ito S. and from to 9P. St.
1 ,Strrgl.l.lll,ll,wti ma. MlO
11 . 57Th1nl etreet o nod
ne door above emitlitleld Pt.
-Dr. Myer,. hoe permanently loratral Pittehtlrnh, mod
VIII attend to the dotter of hi. Vron,nion. !Jowl!! otre
particular atteohon to Nutmeat caamo and the of
10000 and children. aplttran
Wm. M. McKnight,
.I,t/ ILL give special attenti4n to thn.L\,llee-
lion cos dum. ror M,rchant. A I other, In West.
ern PenuFTlvanla and ElLnlertl Ohio.
Often In Tilghman hull. orponlte [tin Nen Court
l'ittgburgh, ea
listirrene,s:—John IlorrLgon, leWlegln,lll.N. Whitey
Moor. ilatopten. nal Wm. BlK.Stmllest,
154. JOIMI JOlto 1.4m00.
11 ONES & QUIGG, Manufacturers of Spring
1.1 ...a wino. Vionah Steel. Plough Wing ,
,loach and 11lptir. 6pring, IlananaelLed Iron ,tales,
dvalers In Mallrabla Casting, Yin. of
Lamp., and
Ccas. , l4 Trnanainr. renerally. corner pr and Front ata..
I)ICKEY & CO., F i tgento for Me
chaniCa Iron Irnran. licopronnt , andty on hand and
axle at very Ina prin.,. and lq sui.erior quality. liar
and ritinet Iron: Nall, Nag, sr. .1110
. v Mil No. (rttr, Lltvrty oor of Ailams ac.
and Practical Mining Agent. Make,
.draughts of Models for the Patent Office, dotoKllll of ALletti.
Mines. Wato.r YCorits, Cc.. 1.. e
Po ' u ty
od fo t r oetwilt 10 A. M. and ti P. 11., at by re.t.bumee. N0..11
Plarbury street. Pittsburgh. • laol o dly o
'CORI) & CO.. Whtiientlitt anA ßaul
Mannlacturet, and Dealers in , Hats, and Pura,
corner of Wool and Fifth street; httYburgh tits,'
offer • full and eutripPle .toot of lists. Cap, t.:
every quality and Nty he, bI Wholexall. and awl in
et. the attrolino 0.1 theltru.toul«,tind ourelauers roller
ally. a,uring them that they wfil sell ntt th. wet tuivau.
Mg.,. term.._
WL I , L . raI; a er
t ,
EIONEGGEEI & CO., Imptfrtern of Winca,
I.lquon. and loESaintb..l , l ntrwt,t.-
taro), eball and
ill A. 'AADEIHA, Agent for Delaware
tual tinfety Insuisurvenmpauyi t W•trr itmet.
I OARDINEIt COFFIN, Agent.fur Fronklin
eV Prn lusursoce Compark, ;smell} arnve. 0rtr...1
Thint ntroets. .
irv m. T ., d E o„ l : l , ,x ,,;Plr. c . B ro n : l , tic r fl, rb l:f rd 'ootilitract,„ .
tug wa aloe.
L7= l :b n iii i t o y77l . onra t k!: n rgl i !r i o, AnY 1...-.. sso
wund eubrtardially. BOOt
to nufoorr, or .ad iCCOL•
bbund careruth, or repaired. Nam', trot on to gilt letter.
Th... oho hart binding are tortoll toleALlt, Prirea In..
jaAdly . ,
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
' aim, Receiving and Forwarding.
jiIiALDWIN, PLUNlillt ..t..C0., have ;his
day ame•tatni with them Nit J g hil Laoloo, and OF,
Rot ROra kw to the putdir e... Stourutilat A,.....0t.. tierwro , l
C'''''''''''' ''d
l''''''' AV;;lr. " l'l7ll . ll l 4 ' (V. ' , " '
Lacomuz. Apnl IN. ISSI. • lad William.' Row
apri=lr .
spOUNTY LANDS—CArr. Ca ~ Y eTluq
Attorney al L.• , So. 103 Ttonl mt.. corner of CillerTy
y. liselng .de I'r CUrr....: It
.r 05500 I.loustT Levi! ter fttews so.I roldlers,
•Idows wast children, and .551 .tared L. soy - o th er
c0nn0,c49.1 with the government or sny OIL.
men, thn Pene.loo.olllrs. or the LS , on• the City of
WsAlocion. yirlzdtz
Drawing, Perspective, and Paintingin Oil.
1101 1 , 1 t Wire
r . ,,t 1 , ? ..; i prepared a,, to
dOlghtful art. at
Atkluantia new building. Vint r .t I..tuom
Market stn.... Mut. at inatrortu.o. Imm and
(rm. ny to u. rat it n attu-oleravan
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
riluomAs PALMER in daily reeriiing
from lb. bamorn Cltte, LL lb. att stand.
Nit: 55 51.alUIT STULLT;
Between Th lrd and ilrurtA strrefe,
Intro. nraranititi. au hi. ptnonnt thdu... nta cw+ t 4i
lls_ViliNGS that ha.. •pr... , ftr,“ in tbi•
kit a inna p.m.!. The patinrn•
,netiltarly tniin , lar-. in p.n. ILI :it.
Inlity. oh", ll , ' I •
attractive 14.1 ~Iniin•
cura te Se rj,tt
the attnniiiin of intrrtnistai an.l• -,
tun, lu,lw. tanlil7 •
Storage,Shipping Commission Merchants,
% i er:i rte.. 1-4
„ 11:11 . 1 o rttLif k i.
ILmq ntrnt. Cia4aud. (Ibis,
Cub advance', ovule on ,v.n.l.,9vmenci.
/4entv for all 'v.-Asa...Us an d Pnpviler, In the Lake ,ct
[...Tier Line
Nile. k
Ibnu.rolar. A Cr., fly r.tan-1,
T. It. Ilove.. .
. .
Rockingham and Domestic Uneensware.
IVrotrD VAttit, BLA ELY ~t
V Y Mai ur•oo. of I.orainal.arn and Vallon Can. iatu-,
Barr lAvar.rout...loj. ,
04-s {.I. inanma. nn Of v.h and'
(Round rhumb tuul.naa., antran.. J • 0
Our ast..onfr
A ana !• l - a••roir tl n
a nm a ajrant
jarl,nu^onaolly lno
biru kr, .
ran all tho ao•
of ttn..tar
W., Urn*. enitoona. Mullen, Vane, Toy,
Nino or finblot.... Manuel 11:11141),..0, liedaffna, an.l
Snuff Jara. mot affuirs (or dasossta. .n ar..?✓ran...,
faoarre relosorffuhy a.n.c.nof End, I
Alexamder Bradley
No. 1s Wood itrret, bars at,/ Sopmd ru
%lASUFACTUItEB of every detieripti.,n
AL of rOUK/N6 ATUrr.C, of 11,. Moot pal
rush 1.111 rvnJer
I. *Lll'l I
J••••.) t n•lant.l,l (..1.12nt: d•Ktr
tbvp. I:rhat.r.. mt.l.llu nn.l tant
to lir h✓l' r. 10.1, Ow ..f $..
110110* Wan, 01..111:11 N. tn.,
Att. alesler, lolarr
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe anti Tube Works.
par: undemigned hate jut completed, their
sad .nro no. ennartfactorlan St as-. 01 lied 111•16,L.
manna, .ntl r.thrl VW., sad .11
W , A ,,,, MP/ offer tor .al. at tb• prtrea. Tit., w cum an:Wad to aura. ontara. to aitY Pt P•att •Itt , Pat tl ,
lay. . pPAltti a 1...1:.
&Pa Ant 1'rrt,t..,.,1l PA
Bolivar Piro Brick Manufacturing Co' plr.
OLOWEII, KIER CO., l'utorstrri.e.,.
SUBSCRIBERS. having been nFr
pointed Atomb rot the abor.j mum. conrwin. nal
keep ramatantly on bond a eupply or the celehranal &lunar
Fire ilrrllk.Crurihl.Vire Clay. I urns..-Heart b+ and I n nal I a
They are also prepared In cadt:re lot Faid hell
be made In elle and ohs, to emit which
he promptly filled. ,
W. not deem It nerepeary to enumerate the.meny
ranalter the WAIT.. Tire brick poem.. neer all otherethat
hare been offered for sale in tbe United Kra., their 0 , 1,
chatty being troll known - U , Almon all per... Om aro
The Bylek. The proprtetote ha?. deternipawl that the
Brick .hall lope none rat their present envie:A.. reputation,
and that no solo' - 01 be oparell to male them even
better than they hare heretofore been. nil le the .424 manufactutinii Y,re
IL .1
meh7 Canal Iwiri.tterenth Pittstrorktb.
W. Dixon's London Patent ..ever Watches,
.510100010 w to any Watratr en, open, w, Pars/aleph
HICIIAItDSON, 11l Market •ntreet, in
altaa4tr i eadrl;l o tar h''.
by appointment to the Admiralty .?1 Dl,XON:Chro
nomclor and - Watett 3lanutaeturi,r, 45 King now, (Ino.
welll Road, London.
Thle certiflea that the aenomplar,tha Watch. No.—, In
warranted by my to be of my manufamore, and no Watch
with my name upon it Is genuine unlroa ac..topnnhel hr
a certificate bearing toy 441:alum
I guano.. the Weleil —, 01 keep time to WI. sal•
irfettbm of the parcha.wr. W3l. 1111.111. •
aplletk .
--.,„ C •
A ard.
na,l:l HAVE FITTED UP, On the New York
plan.) • very superior for the rale of Cur
Material, an/ every thing al....Mining to
t aun t aahlonable parlor. and have. ever!' the large., land
tt roperior aerortment of Malin 111. lirnedtals,
fren,h and 4ierman Damask lie L ICev. hnglt.h 14tdael.
31artame, Chintz.. Turkey6lLed,Zdi, d
tr , l3/S. n V i t
L ' llfl i orrderant as Loon eldtbs,n'urfitees
and styles, Poor Malt. Window Blinds and Mbade,Curtain
Elordera and !lands. Curtain Pint. 'faiunda and Tarsal loom.,
Ehlk and Worrtsd, Med I.7hinta.• wad Wringer. Mar
aeillea and Lancaster Quilt, I.lntinnvraties and ...dared
Gotufurta, liede allii 14.1.111..
All onlerr thankfully rereived au/ prntnutly Clint
eral. 1PM. 1 , 1 ,11)1....111,1 .trees.
. .
yr, ;.1 flnfrtA At, ri,al to Amli qf f%U.slmr‘M.
Not'. I.D collimtmt ma .11 pal., a tin Unir.o
Mork. t
mnarht lane amtlinv nammiukta, 4K:law I
_.. ...... a
' 'l. Wilson & goo.
WHOLESALE and rotail; manninctu , A,
tang and dealera In lista awl Cato. Nu 01
Ilmod otrevt, Mini don} bettor Diamond AIL 1, Otto
torah— hen they offer a full mai eronnlote mock of Mu
and Cape f their men and Kartern Muni...ire, of every
quality nil, by a-holt-tido and yetail. end invite Mt
attenon an 0
their onototnera and the publi, ws.pring M....
that the, 111 roil nn the mom rouropaide ulna.,
• •e O.Le I •
- COLVIN, jCImI Iderchanta
Dry WM.. Drra' , .ri, Imo and Nall
and Waal.lnatnn Tarunik. ItrS
For B arer County. and a d jacent Cbt/nlier,
TIIE SUBSCRIIIER, haCing boon loe4ted
for me two yearn pad In the hnortshln.UPrmulhot
I.ew Ert ann. an 4 till:led fcrtnotvah. twello yeero{en ,
In the vtr itr of the rams, and during that Lime lII+ at.
tentlnn he, bnen. iriVini almont:earluslyely to land {Wen
...lee. For the arraTornodation of lb 4 poldot cameral.. h.
1 1 ,=. 7 . an onl7 i,,
ar , t i v . f ; ,- , , , , : ... , .1 . 1 ta ,,,,,,,. r . x . ,14 ... , ,,,i ,re
tzt a ?...ear ar afol , k a r..z a t . Pzl , 4:l:2!.enqtry for entenng lowa
There aro vow a nurober of; aluithle Into and Eno reel
deones In the llonnigh and neuthbOrbood, for sale at•low
na.o. and term. ad v . an wortliP. I
' Titlen Own" etnetly oxatrant4ll Into. and no nrnperty
will b . offered utile. the tale 101r:disputable.
Persono.dnoiroun of north...ins; }ill do
to call and
.""",,,"'•..- EEN•llit.,...lttlitiil:l,,B.LtAALl,,l,oollit.l/,_
—, . ,
Fine . WatOes!•
4 FEW "Very superior 04.t1d Patent
rx LATei Wal..l2rd. ryd• I, C41'1,, asprdA
which ern opbdull.ll'oek. 'acne arcs, v , ..2%,_0 d •
tlful llolhtc. double nodd. I untlu
lAg pg l illF...
.01,isrd. 0f varlets/. 111.6 A •nd
m a i l kt . k . t. .t..
! ,, TT 4 rdlizeU%threinerrariet V Potb 7e. tiono T. A..; gn. L ZL f,
lee:tiuireu le f geet oY
15,1" fir, l r7s' 4 7";r %at:
Dahlia, uhlos, ' Ao ‘ tle nloluto• tArtmtiosot ' arnd where
orders rill he taken .tar Apple:them - Id, Pelle:Cherry, and
lree , tlultice load Pllbert Jo. limo, Vine , Hotss , h"'
riot. Currstrts. Str. t rberri, +ke., Shru , ,hery.Stwie tree,
ae, from the 11111 Nursers.
dircctN to th=°.
yr: rtor, i through the Plrtabursh Put Ofltoe, to the CI n,
.P.11,137.y5t:a1. o f
or et Mr. P.. Maisel'', Liberty rt.,
h of Wood rt. be promptly attended bo.
0 - Orchards and Shrubbery planted ...ITU.
Fall Fashions.
1 WILSON Sr. SON, No. Si Wood oL,
el • Ithinl door !whoa Diamiutd alley.) would be.
clte the of their customers and the public
to their lora, addition which they are now reeelving to
their former stock. of Goode. The amortmest consists In
Part of the hew style HATS, lately introduced, and which
00 very much admired' for their beauty and stentintr
tooether humanist
gruat variety of Black, Brown and Dran,
?d, won. Humanist, and other kind/10f OATS, 1,3 r mw
.04 hey o Silk and MoIudr.PLUNII , CANI: Cloth, 011./311k
and tilased CAPS, of .hung all fancy HATA
end CA I'S fit ehildn. n —offend at reasonable price•. whole,
b.l and n.tall.
. .. ..
Alreci—LAleES . I.lllth, via. Mack aud Natural LI.,
Filth, Genii t arid Cooef NIUFFe; hied arid filberi..
Squirrel VI(JOIIINES cod CUFFS, Menem' ani Chlkiren'e
NI - CFI'S. -
'' - repleiru
- . l
. . . _
Samuel Gray ,
LI AS just returned from New YORK. and
toake Mow %IT , to ot.ler. Is whieh cannot Ito sue
papsol na the to,tortt OW,
liottlemeo wonting Rood awl fattannsblo garment.,will
and It to theirtolvantatre to Rive 11141 • colt. . pepotf
WE hare junt received thin beautiful
.ty b. or lIATS. t , whiell welovitotheatten
tido or our fri lteligli ' Z M.. 'l Zr.7l ' ll " l . l Ll Ld Wood .t,
Penn Glass Works.
LAtINS. 11103. 111.1.1111.11.
lOlt ENZ & WIIIIIT 11l AN, (formerly of the
A firm of.,Wro AlreullT A Co.) 111.0f.,,0rnr, of all
kinds VI A 4, ISOTTIJ.e atmI,VIjINIXIW GLASS, 03
Walrr.mml Vroot xtrnet, l'illAborgtk, IY
It.—Particular tattentitto mkt to odd nisei. of Wtodo•
Ettotiltto for Bottle, and
C. W. Feilo, Professor of Music,
U EGS leave to inform the titizenli of Pitta
') burgh and Allechro . r. that be will on. motormen
loontru,tho. tbn IOONo fitltTß and VIOLIN,
reaarmaldo Lento inr further t,artieulara enquir al
11. Kl.Elta:ltY , Musk. 1,14 r, Nu, 10. Third Ornet. non of
nolden ilary net.,
New Chocolate Factory.
1.110. N. GIAMBON I CO:rempectfully in
unlike nn.ei other rold oerr. IA ...smote.), v., anrhle d
dulterwr.l. and h.e• of tint.r flavor. mon. untneirnts and
whoh..enne Md. M. A' Co.. baying ta...0 proprietor* of one
of U.. largest Chrrolan, tnanntartortem to half urtira the
public thnt they will turnirtt au article o•phal if not PUS..
I lt lA,
the h.., Inunart..l and et • les, pn..
lA, fale at Mr SlittEl:l4, (Mad. Sore'+
fourth el, up next dwr in the Motor'. Of.
(Formerly the Exchange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
rtHIS spacious, i•cntrul, and most couveni
soil, tended IIuTE4 having been completely re
m •11.1. and thoronahly renatrnd .n ,l tattPmeed. to hno
npeo the 8.x...1mi - elation of the p
The eutwenbee. and prnprietne of the AT CLAIR
IroTEL. Inh,rtne ht. Glenda and the public
that be ua, turnt•Ead o In the moot elegant and coml..
etyli, and employed mmyetimt amndants and attrutka
and talthltd permute. nod that be alit epare no omert.inn
1., make it equal to any Lowe in the country
. .
The .41 known mistral loratlne of the Hour, and ma.• of itA arrauirrorro.. rewlrriOg 1h....tdr..1nr
Lir ,It.h.r in travel., or prraarwor b.ardern,lo4or , s elm
and he, for It liberal *hare of pacronure;
•P2-" , rf C. VENNWIT.
Nevi Coach Factory—Allegheny.
sl„if,... M. A. IVIIITE
fo CO. would re
inrm the public that flier Pam
erect . i n alu o Latmet, Mtween lectern' and t , anitualty
alswele. They are LIVW making and ae prigiartil to receive
order. thrll,ll, do...ripp:km of vehicle:4(3mA., Mario*.
ll•rourhe, Ituswie, Photon, tte whish, Irmo their
lonetwrletin in the nammtartursi a the Slur , work.
and t he farilifiee they have. they awl malltlent the r or•
enabled - to do wort on them ot wwww•ble terms with
threw wantaist article,. ra thmr
sz t, L ,„ 4.4 , v t s,n r o t.. t ht t e ,:, ,,, ,z t...te the amlretioa of mAterialn.
tlemitatioto smoke., 111:::r ‘ :Orr ro:4l " th rjevt " atra
atteoncso of the publsr thl,o mat.r
h 11 Itepairioo duce on lb. 01.1/21.1. and on lts
mt.t retx.naLl. tom, .10111
Grinds - tcuaes ! Grinditones !
I °GAN, NV I LSON .1 CO , 129 Wood
LA otrwel. will turnuilii uumulaclutre• 'w obtTl
oun, mar maw el lb. 1.e.,
wilm.t.i.l Lir 11.. putpiwe.
Ow. wharf.
A Nil a..ruurril in t . Aiwa. luuwl
...A,: o IN. I\lLlwll a Co.
„I wiL,...., , A SON, F.ll/1111119ABLE HATIMIIS
. —No 91 11 ~ ..1 rig., would 9 , 1999.1fu11y 1.24.1.b9
91/rum n of thrtt runr...”r. and the 1 , 911,11 r Co the :s LW
1 TVILI: 01 . 11,1 Tr., whlrti Ch., .1/1 intr.,llle* on Satanl99,
the Ir..h as.l still
Suns' iPtre Proof .Paint.
Tin: uh.crilwr, having, complete.l hie es: ,
tablebtsnent ,r tbe preperaboo p u:
N. b.. 4 F V7, - L1 .7
y reel to barn. I . It
erennd cati !AMEN e
J A C. , ulD.r. Dru.ggist. re•rtur n 1 th.r.l sod Woad it,
T II N... to A V.o. Druggists. •tr.eL
II I' ~Leertt, Drug.gtet sod .1
EsTsausucu by El.)3111)
41 . w I LEANS. tiberty
o V , , f str. ruo,wryn. r.
Una unl e.n.. tin I
Nam). Ilrm. Cent, nd Tut,
4/ Ira, on 14.,..1 and tua.l ,a ovrit r. a,
Ito nn.a
1.:14,k nom., N4r4. 4,
1 •• • , ::
Ilan. {lappet lh.nzu
11,t, Jodi.
W.. 11,,b1a5x... .3 ,
Jahn enplo, Cun
. .
. . ..
l'ltulurgl. ltant ........, a ital:M. iln.
J 11. Anenl.riger. 1L.,. UM A CUrr), 4 .
WIIN. SlnCatncl 1.... 1... a. 1 ,,, m.,,. '...,.....-. do
Ilabert.MrYinlgl.‘ , -.I ~.. AA.A'AI A CA ,
inp SlrKaLcLl...l',.l.nates- I. T SLirgilum It Co.
ham.Jumhua 1th..1.-a I en /mit'.
.. .
N. LA4broy. Km., Allrehtny •
V. W t.els gnlefol Gar m.
wrry ryttraos.r•
ra ' r . c7 l .4 4 :t7l ', n4 " :Zel i tnt " lal n ult ' 441
Oro, and r•talor esalrfarttou h•mr•fter.
fivturrr, War..rguma Mint Kull*.
.1 W W. mu... Wally Inltrrm• Ma Mewl. and
engtosnort. that tge ham lama ...mantel...l the luant
and Onratrtoek 14.4ae144.1 I - Limitaryave. la•fora ar..a In
Ulla:qty... by le it...ruing.) In upload t4e 0.110 •ith
aroll-okmantied mawrtal, Nal ar..titatanshlp, anal neweat deo
..lanK an./ f 1 ,121 tb. e.t.ant kl• nni.ra and facility In
antifarturt.,. L. yr..tur. nurnotnt furul
2orr. at the ' , meat Imo,
Ile Lae adopted tke prineiple o 4 Ideullffing the m. 0.,
ere Vita lac ow, in quality and prta and ate - Pa
alas), un hand the arearmo earner) of evert . deow . rintiodo of
furnitur, frcom the , I,earteer and pliant, n, the toted role
mtnt and matt, that a hour, or au, part of one, mar be
fun:doh/4 from hip work. or manufactured ospreaely
order. Ile therefor. ettlirita an norpctron, that the *dean.
illar.ll4 Lae retablieliatept pis, kuown. The foollowlat
article!. toner. In part. of tilt steak, wldeb for A.m.. of
att: and hotel; ran eurpaued to any of the a:extern
Parlor, dratelog, dining, sal tord.roont rhalre. of every
earner', enneteting of r.oaerced. mahogany and na1...1,
atliesbethen. Conserv...4P. and Early Chain, of ever, der
eriplram pourhop, Sofa, Trtetsdete and Pilaw of the Weld
Fremels and anorrnan tattervie. fleas, What-Note, and
Parloor Writing I.ote of ration. kind,. Work Tables
and faun; Who,' staple. mow 'rand., and holder, marble
top, mahroaartr, rot...word and walnut In and ant, ta ,
filer, elle:talon ohnMot labia all alrep of thentrat lraproeed,
and deeldodly the best anal made; car.l, Pembroke ball anti
mar tatter. wardruhee, tedoottwol• rtnd traolptatala of each •
large antortment gothie ball and parlor remotion ehalra,
ottoman, and el, 000t.,.tary and hoot outtaa, rile board
are aereena towelearl, lat wrestle, and mutt, Weds, cribs
and ad. for rhildron, paper krh , , table and tea
mahogany, roorewrond, and Inlaid pearl Titillate. le. tr.
large axorttnent of Common Vurnlture and Whoulpor
Chairs.' Cabinet makers antoPitod with . 11 in Lb•tr
i A tr l attr . Arg p r:l: ; nizted la the abertest i ro..
The only real New Yo e r n k t Plumbing Edith-
NIIIIERE work in done on Scientific Prib
• del.'''. POW warrantsd.
Inum %rat etwarobnat Plomblnk. In all Its branch,
with nnatnnas and dlapatah
Path,. 011.1 op with ohowera from ..15 to $l4
Rath Ton. ..... „. .. .... ..... 0 to
1aa...1J Stands. complota . ...... .. a to 311
Pin as, woodon on. trnn ..... .... to 0,
Watar Cloaca, coutylvto n In,
Iltdrants to 7
hear I umpn. complete
Kitchen Ranger., Out Inns Boiler!, 'Wash Tray, Hot Alt
Varrmetle.LeM Pipe. turnlehael end put up al the low.
wet prices.
Llft, VarJ pump.: tiYarttnnc
I y on hand. and put up at any dirtanee In the country.
Repairing punctually attemP.l to.
Haan • IV ILNY, 111.5 Pint et,
.1T2.1 between Wool and Market eta.
fl AY ANTI 111A14IfliE FORKS- I_"s duz.
re U Harp, Co's et•lrbrawl liar anti Manuie forks,
meat and for Yin br
• • r. • • .
IVeter Street.
tseatture of floleh wad Intrit , et, eeaue, the. Vnrke
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& Ilroter, Vourth pt.
• PA ivame 24 by 4 ., Printing l'ap.r.
Nen 24 by 36
31111 11. by :12 .•
61. 1. 1/1 by 24, 2-1 by 32. .lhr 24. DI
by 11. :NI, 43.
400 Illne. hn-tory ear.,
ilari tent. Ningle Crown (Iran I • aper.
!is° Illeliona and tOngle Crown BARK
The unriernlgned "0 0,. . 0,1 r band sod On' 0 .•
pr each... for a large gaol general umortzneut of
Auld. Cap, Letwr, ilarilware, awl Tea Pspeng 11.0.4
Bonnie. tc... &a.
Alao—Pelling of sli Axes, for paper tasonforturers.
Alao—relting of ill Axes, or paper round sedum.
Ninth. Paper made to order.on elhort j u
(Ala morn. Of Peon andlrlrlo eta.
' Patent Call&Bela&
al Market strait, another Int of Patent Caudi.-
ek...newartlUe,atynwent marl la road, Laa•sw.dat
ImDmrement on" the rid atria, which lb. nntlite ara tw
ay...ninny lor tad to call and ..amine.
Pittsburgh, Cincinna tiaph. and Louisville Tele
. gr
A ) FEW SHARES of this Stock wanted at
the liantiature Mon of
too& s
PEICIPESTii—A bortroto 1 , 111 5 = irdfrak.
oon to •
/I* • 111.
A Card..
%V I E have removed to our wareroom . e, No.
wk ! rp l o lt i Llv . r . k . rtglzL e aear Libe
te gl. o 7rhent
n3 we n iLl.v . nd or
own imanufara , ve t gf -fly o il clean! , rarriage curtain and
Veen oil cl o nth 11;;It y , a isTd 6 e r gillvds` t TOSTld a m t, ,
Laing, adapted, with English a nd •OTrynan oil cloth..
Nirat •artetJ.
In addition to thy; above, a e hoer eonetantly on hand a
fall stook of India Robber anschlee baiting, boon, e team
Mtt.t o t,fi l a...thing, ladles and gentleman's shoe.
Ilnativu. of at kto•ts. and every other
orllel manufactorml of India itnbber.`under lloodyvaeo
Patent, all of which...water at Prima. that fa•hat fail to
plow. (f , _) J. h. U. NULLIFY.
Flour and General Produce
othereaßt r 44
with any marke mine gra board a moderate wale
of charge.. with quick odes sod quick return. and heat
Reprime, we would rtatentfully molicit patronage.
Refer in—
rresident and Cashier of blerehants' Bank:
flank of Baltimore;
Commercial J Varmrrs' Rant
Chartiers Coal.
haring made extetteire arrangement% for shipping
Coal on the Ohio Over, at the harbor at — McKee's genke:
are nun prepared to deliver tire hundrcd tons a day, at one
dollar per ton of th:4o poureecale weight: bye per cent
Nino allowed fur Imo In tthipment, or (until further no
tloey ochefi
tell y h e
Au. fon, iljloca.
They will t.t the rnuntry et their wharf atone dollar
per 4rn, to all parties loading thcir own wag....
This Cootpany h. peculiar facilities for loading Stearn
Boat, canal iso.4, Plat Boat., to.. for the Lake or lower
A ton of Ihn.ntaitu iforin t,, t. of Plttnnarnh
lk.l, nnely mmoured.
. .
Apply tt , tM Clerk at thwoflion Bock, at fa
the Moaner, ELWOOD MORRIS. Eq- at Moaaaaa
Fall Goads.
rldner of Fourth and !duke. stn.., ha,. no'd
I , n.ncb Merino', black and carry cola, *Anita He
rour,da. dn.; Cb 111.1.1111“ 31erluran illack and E.O
cy Allure.. Printed Cnabgnorca and Moo.. do
41., Printed l'enelan ClotbM IlaavY
llanaaok l'opllaa. Black and Pallor
DrevaEdlka: ratan . plaid it change,
able Irma Loon and
:Square Ward and flnonbe
Shank ek-actin Roa
stn Itlbbcdne, Neck Ribbon+.
Noradlo Work.' Conan. Sarin and
• Jaennel. Tlarer
l. Lille a Vlotoria do.
StrxerLaz ler , i , t . ed ,, ln t. c l a r. l . and l o ck . 1 onr large... Zit.
Splendid Instnimente.
Ir ltr'subscriber had just received e
. ad
of • very choice arlection of Plan, me by Nunns
it lark. and alan by Dunham. Non York.
M Amon nth.
rre. • manuirarni full .reel seven octave Grand Piano,
made by Nun., t Clark. mi. inutrument, aft. a tare.
fal trial and tnyeetluation, Ca, pronounced by pro
hater. of lien Kora ally the bead toned and moat rou•
tutu! Grand Platt° a• yet manufacturetll4 this conntrY
Allo Reversl ruperbl46l. lath, boriaonta 7.1% and Or.
tare Piano. of every variety of style and pr l.
The 'l atnr
enbeeriber born [ u.
ne.entire modern Wet, narranted
goal, If not eupttrior, to any ever brought out lreet-
rplIE SUBSCRIBER having taken the etore
a N. 82 #CiLUITII STREET, formerly 0ma01..1 by
111 r. 11. EATON..bI h.rtny vowel, fehttral the gam,
will °pro. .lat of hepte.mbrr, with . largn sad
mprtior ruck ttf
DRY 006 DB,
forth.. sith aWA of 1711.1IMINIIN AND FURNINII
L‘G 1:0011.. , M rootplet, s. hervhsfore kept t, that .all
Ituova sal favors. ..tatAbghtartit
11. r.pirCUallyla tram on ch
Ilooruinc artJ Vuroithlo, or Liven Good, Ulu
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Lion br....ctlyo b lif br i t=
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JAM) "
Wrtul'U:rl """, 7k . 1
Fall and Winter Stock of Fancy and Staple
A. MASON & Co. would ina.,t rfspeet
rs... 1007 ...belt the atteatlois .111. 00010 pentrall).
and 113.• •hoIeNLI. •In particular, to 11.1 s. sars. nal
cmfolly Felwriod marl tio.t. kw tall and •Inter gale,
.nut. •111 Iwo foUtul
r , t/rTn7. U. 11 th"
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1011 rri;Drii.
t.h....tlaw 100 Iwa• cu,l.llenin;l4
ptie.ent LSO•11, StuetlSlCt I 10 rm.+ ITI.O Liperse.
(Al arton., murt Itlbboor.
• . - • • •
nt:tryCsooimrnr.r. 60 p.. colurna
Shlrtlug Chrekr. e 6 ca•cv
. . • , • . - • . ... ,
in caws 012 • pl'A Lioiwr. 100ii..Mni. 110-iery:
Li i - - IJl.irtm. wwortw.t. .
IWKilher with iwirt, .nine •1•11• 1 / 1 it..
• Dry
lai.)l. Many tr 7 to in form his friends
mwt thu h. rwalvin, hp , tint Ottrplf
IeA L LI, 141hith 1,104/1" comprictm 101 111¢Sli
lam al.. fafthionahl...r.r.t. act o.w. try death..
Iwo'. wear It below ottrrly imiwenstill. to dewfrlb. the
kali.ty marl rlwitapeo of Oa rtyt. 4wad tat.ras of LW Ca.-
Ikimml tat VeKtrac or tb. timerterti ester or hl. Mons" .
Ms prow - iota boat , 1t,., all Who wo.ll toporthalw hitt
•rtirw to hi.s.litw fii•nr him be
lo html. tb. isaw..t. boat mratifbrtur with rol, sad mat rall.
w.f.'. rte.. cif lIKADY 111115 1 . 1.4 FSIIINt/ In tb. eity,
.11,4 wl3; offer.,
will L. lowest prim. Cr
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I.grly , 1,11 h [au,
Iln oturk I , e(cto purrhsrau, a• IL.t •th anrel •412 dm
A &et rat. P4l ii..13:140 forl ,
•Lilo //ydra,xialf of of 0.,05.t0 ....Wm,. Of
flotomoso and thsty-r0v.,4 noe , ••„0 4,144 . 44
tho 0 4•( nanet of the ',tent vool of the frtm
` r+l , %, I dlove Rn.% uof "'MP.
" " 11 '. ; '' ;11VKEY.1 1 11__UL.
11. r... 'Weed .n.l 212211. *ls
Irnrchbuse—So 17 Barker strrel. PatsburyA.
I OTIERT WINTER .4 CO., Imving taken
, h• above 5t44...i1l msoutartui , 101 hind, of Germ
a/ I,:ack Had," Gia.ts, it
l'aetory exeltulvely to the' ,
11. K, s. tIII,IINCA, ritgra, AND lIIADLIRAK
fftlIV;;;J,i .1 1,; : .;! ° !:71 : ,1 ' iriZa.4l. l .n!`" Tn.
E. '"
Ttell flatter thriumetelet tire, ran furesleb artlelee In
their line :heti. to any In the roootrn tint
they hope. to •ttlet ettenthm hunlonee. rent rime./
halmoehe the l tin, n•co extend.. In other utsnufactu
rvro They tr. ;.rr,•,....t it MI al/ tit elt/ers with which
their fricuele end the yuhlle In
may laity then,
henee/ar plug In wwld, uphhT
Drug Store for Sale.
Fig gt 6 r.Y 111 , 3 , 11`INES, In • Ml.l rat•
Ica • •holonalo rolul hu•io•nn •na hu ant
r ln
an•llent rot. or r 14.1.121 •al the ganarnt time. nom.
•Ith th• ••••rsi .I.•nnnn
noglAinr inedgran, to•h thr oth, Ing•lnv• rrn,l•r
It g rotaLl• nv••t.nt'ln •n} •n• 4••inng•nt
Pr particul•r• tn It•• o ~
Western College of HomceopathieZedicute
eat YLWYU, 01110.
1 111 E Second Annual Couree of Lecturer ip
thy Wooten% Mlle, of llooorado Modiflote,lll
rocotorwoflay. Noveltiloo m .:4l, oot and cocaina. eta..
A nee chair hoe loon mble.l to the F•rolty duilon th•
,mob mummer. owl lt belloro.l OW Ilse twilit., an
tainino • 1.1.0001011 inotruotion to Mobwal tklettm are nbt
h.. 11 % •olbool - in this ' , notary
The Voeuity InrlblartlOLl •0follow.:
• • - • • •
bTOILI4 1:0SA. 'I Prot 111,1 Uml Vintarna of
Wom• u aal Cluldrem
• •
ell A ILIA • D. WILLIAMS. Itl II .,or of Institutes
sal ['ma, i ~1 Ilnir..enpslDT.
ARTHUR. r.III,HNLL. d. U. Profess, of Principlessn4
Prsetles'of r orverf
LIM DI DODu4. /I. D.. Professor of 11sterla sl..dies awl
.Msdlesl Jarlopro4nrins.
11A$11.1.TON 1.. aIIITIE A. M.. M.D., Professor of Omar
Wl', and Tosie , ,losgr,
11(11LATIO P. ATCUELL, Professor of PlIplolo•
U and Mysel.,
JS:111 DRAIN/MD, A. Professnrof Phrsiesl Manse.
1,114.1., K. M. D., Doloonstrslor of Anslosa
r— 1.,, satin. noun* of lewfumt
Ptcoiro. of Iwo full rour, In other 11,11cires
Ilstriculation air
14inonntraloes . 44rk. (firtrorrailire tri .11 tandidater Mr
. . •
Oration.. of reetwelable 61Paiiffi school. nr.. rulmltted
to die course On payment of olatrirulatinn to, only
final Dowd Including mum, fuel and Halm...ran be ob
tained from 11.1 w nu 12,611 per week..
A Medical nod !Swaim] clinic le connected wills the Col
l., and leellitlee •111 ho alforl.4l fur the nth'. of &Hero.
oneopoo Annan.,
Yur further information addree. •
. .•.
C. D. WILLIAMS, M. D. Droll of the Ffc 7{n
Or—Pfof. 11. I. Nlll-4117 - Clovelnotl. Ohio.
OE Annual Connie of Leeturea in the
elrvelentl ILlndira' College, will en mcnrrin.. Wnl
rleAday. the fifth Aer of November, end routioue plArrn
The o,llnrlna gentlemna eon:moon pm Vacuity of In
JOHN DI:LANIATF.II,II. D.. ProfJAnor of Hen•ral
wow's, TLJory onol ' Orartlen of 116.11e10,..
11011 ACE A. AlCh I.P Y, IL . Prolepoor of .4 orsOIT•
JOHN L. OAIOIELIi, H. D., Orofeprofof SlADria dludlrs.
Pe' SAlltl7l,7l 4 . l4 =ll . M. D., 1.r0f,41,..0r of Clo.mlnirr and
11 Jurloprool..3lm.
JAI-1111,J DI:LAIIASHIL, H. D., Profiruor Of Anatomy
a rhyilology.
Tho,fer fur 11,, enlirn root.. of Lnelilro.
Alallkulatiou .... ........... ................. ........... 3
• •. .. .
ilraduation lee
When desired. a t.ronnaw.rytion, payable In twelve
month.. tpr amt. nioned jointly with Nome porno
•lwe renjanotibillti , le certified to by &Justine of ll.a
or • Judo. in the County or IP•ttiet in which the alrOer
males. will be oomph./ hi thh place of money at the tlatil.
Medical nraduatve, thorn. who have attended two
Poll coons of ono of ahleh woe at 11110 I natltu.
uon am entitled to a free Ws:hoodoo to the Leetureh by
narinit the trot...ion Ito only.
hoard, with room. hold. and fuel, ran bn prnetiregi
at prime ranninit from 11.60 W 112 her week.
1.0001 faellit, for *oil boanhou elm be obtained at Mod
era. noel
W+llininer, mune.'" h , cur,,,inw m....t.ricuturts
,1 Clint; ill rointneure four works pmvious to the
roam...trot or the mauler roue, and continue until
thr opening of the term. rtorteudi It mule lot the until..
.vettra of prlvete euelotuy on the must ferule.
,e Alrdirelburgles! ellnique renown,' with the
College, under the direction of Pis/fee/eve I/els/meter, Kirt .
lend, end ArkleY. In the number, variety end itoporteore
ot ranee Preeented, Ls believed to be equal to any In the
rountrY• J. L. IJAII.ItL4
„ • m
trplfnf Sacral.; of Dio Modica' Varolly.
Wall Paper and Borden, for the
JUST RECEIVED, at the old eetablished
5t...170b Marigal argot, VA= moat id the oslabnitad
LNUd r.astrro factories, a groat Many cas. or PADEN HAND.
and DUNDlSlUl.nomprtsinis such •
oi strict
and prior. MA ran ha mil to gratify the histealital txterL
the Tierra of itn moat fastidious and spononikail.
We hart, now an euallieme assortment of
ATIMIEN. of lb. moat approved Enitilah.kreorh
and acorns mannfactur, Io Erse Hooting.
and mbar styleakf our, all aunt:doll. and at more rm.
" Irr-h Di/palling dons In the bast maws by lb . .
beat :tol gloat
workmen in the o ily.
W. W. W/LBUN. 07 Market It.
aniaa mamma Fourth.
coaNxii OP MARIA= AND .1111 RD BTB.
nrratonon. Oc4lo. 1851-
1 ; fA . .. 7, f 1111.14.
1..0.11,R1 I ••• .; '
United States Ws '7O fir 11l i lnt..Jua &July
100 Lyon*ADg
PetinsylTuda Va..-. ........RIO 106 1101 , Lion hJoll
Do. 6'n 490 ge I 96 llnt. feblAug
An.'.9, Co. e... --...., ..... '-ilooi 91 , 92 fin4.llsy* Nor
Do. amp. W.:649'100 96 '96 , ' do
Do. round'', 100 94; I I .‘ dt.
Pittnburith city o'n 4,444 00 , 41
,i n t.j"l, o l 7 .
DO. coup. 6 1 / 4 . Still... 100. 9s l' 97 ' do
00)4 Int-Iday alloy
Ottoa,..ony''Z,°.',"---..pha_l33° Z-' 6 6 , • 6
Bank of Pittvtourgb 160 ... ,60 DlT.iiay ipte4
Slereholdn'a Marna Butt 44 . 4.
/2irliange D•n6 _j h. Kig 62 : .I! \
Allegheny Saving. 26 . 6, ; ... ... I \
mous ATM..
i '
MOnonds6rln n o
to. ,26 2.4 21 X R4'. Diu. 4 2lot \
et. oar •st. Br,dx. 1 2 . 6 3 , . , juir7 p l od
Hard St. Henke-- ...... —' 60 46 id
Nortbern libertir, '4O 22 di
Williamnport Iltidde 05 In
111.111.1. C. I .
W11 . .k . r. 1...1 - L..' C .- • ...' Is I 44 .DivN0 1 1 2, 6 1 .2'411
Cl Ai ti soc " l.4 " 4.47Tire n Ton7o' C' e , Co -. :
...." t. it ':
1 6 1 . 4. , D1' . D. ' " il i .
26 o Phil'....,— , ..I 80) 40 ; 40 Ilillv.tir.3 ht ct.
Pittsburg . h. . Lotilsviliel 00
to; Di 1
47 do .
L a na Erie '
... 'DIV.{ trce.6 Das
Illorse's Ilarbetic. ,
un RORD, si.tcrisat... I ' ?'i .
to. I ''
I \ '
littabitrati Das {Varna.. -.. 150 fit 01 \i‘Dly.Julyillnr a
.61oromigabehi n . lacliwalorl 60 to 62
Youghoiiiheny nlaravratr- 60 o.i -1 ,
Dentin. Ventral hail bowl, 00! 4ii .1 io
O h)
a' I, nreli. Roll 141111 WI 35.1 f 35 '‘
halt. ili Ohio hail Road.- to .
Clevldand K 1Ve114 . 110 IL. It 60' iii ii k t ;
Ilsrine h. Way. bry I.siiiyo 101 Ins. D. Dec 4 pret
Payette lilanuf, Co— ...... .., 00 0u 2o I
1013. eßnal i1...,Rt1ii,.8)--ilOlO 40
... • ,
i ,... d u l ew).,100. 4 3 , ~.. , s
natio I.reek l'hincßoad. 25, 21 ,
Allay,. I. Perri - avail* I ) Rd , 251 .-
tireernbg. Turnpike Rd..- to
... \
Chortler. Oaal .- - 03 SEI ,
illtinenota I ...! 166' 1 -. • i
Pitinburth t 805t0n._....' ... ... 10.: I - 2 . 4 4 •.1660, $ lO
North American ----I, —Di . : N. Stock. .
North 10. i- . .. , 2 %; I \
North Willtern.-. ...... -.H —lO, 7 ' \ 2
Iron City
OW Is hot.) j ::1 — ow , 1
i5...... i.
Plitidoiirgh 0 isle ItoraL, ...1 ...
000401.0 iloughton----; ..... ON, 1)
Ontonagon \
Ohio Train Roe.. ‘
Vire Steel ' -. .... . 2 . 16{ .--
Reported by the Mini., latelligrnee
- C.Pr.t . Stork Nash... ,
Eaoh. ILutsoa, Liz M 0.,.
Pitta-• 114. ch ICU 00
North WoAt 33
Pitt"F Dzwtoo IClltr
North W..“
Copper Ve.lle
North ...... .......
bllnoent,twt ,
Iron Llte.
Forret . .
Toltec ..
I)tkin ... ~........
D nought,.
Whattmp , .
Num - b eate
New Tort
V•OT;wi T e.o..7 `--- •
hatneula .. •
:it "ul l la
.. .
3 (<1
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12 to
21 00
75 10
12 00
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4 00
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, • •
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....... .Cut. ro t Ill• yrrettoratt alksarra. 40
N. HOLINfE3. J4\BONB, lisetkvs. --
.v.. 0 Aar./ stadaionlo Th.fro sod itafra r iffeOffith-
PM .NSY L V AMA. itmach at Mortal it— 'li
Baia of littsburittt.....-.--P. , Mtkpob of Wocottk , -.---tio
lioflia4ro Doak of d0......yar Iltalorti at Z 0010..-.. do
N... Dal MO.. of do •.... _par lleanth at liottotr o • .-do
o.okof casarrar„. ...... psf. City Bp*. Cifirjtm •_. -do
Cook of Ssa
orth A•from--par Cotoolliqvislßk.Cin .40140
Itimit onort.ll . o tatfortimpat Vnankbp 111.1...----, *4lO
kook of l'itoarylvarda.. _put LidayettAt,Ck- ---:. -,..d0
[..1.( efoo To.fut 4 P-IMi Ohkrt.ito lis. A finint .. *So
flank ef di. United 0f..1.4 Wootern
7 7 llant4 -4o
CotoundrelLl Built of Pa-. Baia of Id too- -....i 4.
Illattorni• it Mechanic:OA ff.:Wl:tam _ ,
fitful b001i,....
~. ....... --Du 1 , 11:1A fftiLAND. ..
Itoroolorno flatil....- ...-.patiall advent Elatika-----.....
Idavutar.• lloch Hoot -tag, :31:14" t‘tift):-. .
Morgontr, Watt ..-.4.01N0vr Took Lity.............—p0r
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i . U
Pli4.ilsi ,: .: „ ei t.(•:LAiD.
~0,b...k L 1 : pi,,,..0r..1 . ..! ,, .
Soiith. • • ,g. . . par; Baltimore.- .......-.. \,. k.
Thal • • '4lkaak
We...zra‘11.k....... - fa7 l / 4 . 1N.J1M/Y I ir1d...4 'Anti. '
o.k of Ctukabrraba ' rkk... All solerat bun.— _. .. X
flank a Ch...., c... 1,........ VI IttllN Li-7 ,-
bank nr Dauvillr.. . 2... par Bank °flit,. Vallee.._:...
0.1. of 8.1. en, Cliwai;r..o.lok ar V. 10... 0 4 0 = 0 .3 X
I.IE of ._par KS- ilakik, Va.. knrfolk-..1 X
lank al 0..111 4.uilat- . X Yankee** Bank of Virjhals'A
'o.k of Lrytalnkra „... klrrhanta , A Sl , -11 .I.4ak X
Flank of klkidlelvarr, ...... la Nortit W. 1.. Ilkok i ...— t .
atakworarry Co link .p. Brattehea
ltatak of Montt am by rhual pui NOIL711111.1L,l;q 4.
Carlisle slitu r k of INLp•
Onbi. • NMI... Olagurrk dSt. 0' Al. ifadi
iutri fa.., 2
Doik , •••• Dank.....P•r e•ormervial 4Lilmio.oo
Caonno Ilank - Par Met•hants . Basflt t Netrbrr•ll
B•••. ... _ SOUTH CAItoLIS A- f
of ihe Nt- of N. Ca;ollna
. . . . .•
Emmen , 33 ~1 `Lacu1.A1....3../. Bank 0 South Carolam.- Ts
Faa0.r:13233.1:,...b0af.'140t of ChaAo.o-i, 3
Warm. 111.C.A.31111.110‘..p. Pluarne 31..claths' at
F.A. Dr. W.a....325E ti GEORGIA.
p•moklipl”.. N haAplaos. par Aught. Ip.. A Boot* o Co
H./Tabora hilsal of , 2
, ... . pa of Ilen.wirk. Alwasta
IlApla_a. solvent MAIL ..... ....-.-
L•banon Bank Pu'
L intr.' Dank of Pottanlll. K Kkof Kretucky,Loulsvlto
Illooonn.bola beak- ... ortr Ilk of Loutarllle,Tlunton
Peet Ilranch Rank.. Northe.rn ilk of Kentucky
WymilanlllolCLlkeebarrepuVouthren Ilk 61 Kentuckl II
York Bent— .... • 14 • LISSOM.
'tonal 116 of Mate of
01110. ILLINOIS.
Onto State Bank-- ----- 6ilStata Hank and brancltea—.6o
ranch al Akron._ . . Sant of 76
Srana at Atb0n5......... Ao WISLUNSIN.
Ilrancb ad brolar fort .. Stant., 67. Co. aka 6
Dranch Chiatoll. do 1111111111 AN.
Branch at ei.volarul .... Fannon' 111,1.111m' 11.1.6
Branch at Tolode, .. riorertunant Stock Bank-... 3
Branch a.tbayto..a . 4u Initanalar Bent
Bran , b at D.lawaro • do lagurancr Con:lran/
Braarh at Columba,. „do Stat. Baal_ _
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Branch at Salem . . ...._.....-0o of.ll.N.Amertra,Toronto6
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A. 1331174.12 DKPAIMUILES. OP *AIL&
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• •Itrortax.— (( l, theensburg.ehatobeeebnew, Ph
NOE York, Eastern, Centmetel Northern parts of tr-Nork, Jersey, and the ofo Now Englull Mates.—
Tha Ihitiih Prowlone* or Lover Canada. N_ ..ova ',moth, and
New ilruns•kk.dally. Arril. ff a. tr.: Depute at 1, IL
fiorro haerrart.—lly lilarmillethillldarsbaPa.,
Imitating the mural. of Bradrneel, Centro, Mr
ten. Juniata, Li-routing. 1110110 McKean. Potter. Po. Tiou•a„ Union. and part of Westiooreland. Ala Ltverroore.
)1 urrayertlle. bale. n ROGall, New Alexandria, and Indi
a,. county. Arrivn daily. at 11 P. Y.: damns dolly at
Lau.—B7 Butler, I'.; Brewer, larzwllurtt. and Jrßerm
count', 14 esteru part or New Vatic awl ortwrtlaald.dulli.
Arrival at 9 r...: awl depute at 9 a..
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!Ayaw, nounnuat. part of Wetmareland, enmity, tretnta.
ry land, IWnmureWatLinatou City, klouthernantl Wert.
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Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois. Tenn*.
see, Alabama, )11auturt, Xitsaluippl, Arkansan', North On ,
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at 9)1, P.O.; and newts at 0 O. .
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rrive. at 11 r. n.:„.donarla at e .
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Beaver In, P a., ColumUtma, Tramball. Portant. G.
Richland, ,main, Homo, Wawa. Etta, tlandusky. Wood,
and b.. MOtiliel., Ohio; th e ”treme northern connate
of tbe Mateo of Indiana and Illinois, Including all llohE
fan, lova. and Wiseman, daily. Anil'. at 11 a. ; de.
pens at d a„
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lierrsanni.-11, Hharpliburg, ilcicutteen, prlng6ld,Tanni.
tuns, Freeport, 'shunning, Kiskindrthes. Armstrong. Mare
km, and Ch. 8•1,1 counties, daily, except on Sundays. Ar
rives at 4 A. et. tad departs st 7 e.
ittnicsa.—lly Perrysville, Wexford, Zellanopla, Porters
villa, Ilarilneburn and New Lodge. Arrives Meade),
Thursday, and natunlaye. at 8 p. tut departs Monde",
Wedneedays wad Fridays, at 7 6. st.
BntinVlMA.—Lly Sturseeten and Mote
easaitela CRY. Arrives Fucedays, Friday, at 6e. de.
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departs 'Altmdayst and I P. a.
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,Latannotti.—lly Logan's Fern. - .levee on Triday, at 6
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Porrysell 'aro.% Brxnknerk, 081,
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T. 20,
risduruay, at 4i II.
Lettere For am Jail,. lettersst be In the Mice ane hone,
iefore their departure; fur thr Irsereelely,rem&
week' eetedtly notallte In the Settiabalf hour
before their departure,.
Copper Stoat.,
100 shario blionsaom
LI .100 000 000
" -
300 -
io u • larlot.
I , ll,Bteel.
° TlAMlWO,VartielltitWitairm
a 1423 \ O . MF "4 1 1. ( 74 : = 4 . 414 ' 4
„ \
Faittemen: The warm interest you have always
manifested in behalf \ of the Pittsburgh aid Alle
gheny Orphan Asyltn, hoe induced , the Man
agers to acknowledge, through the medium of
roar colnisms, their grateful sense of the gen
erosity which promptede lute Dr. Hertford-,
it is said ht the request of a lady—to bequeath
to the Orphan Asylum an endowment, which
will, when le,
, becomes available, entirely relieve
their Board from all solicitude bout its pecan'-
ary concerns. This liberal proaision will not
only admit of extended operstiona for the wel
fare of the children, but will open to them many
sources of comfort and improvemen\ncit before
enjoyed: \,
The pleasure which, \ even in anticiphon, is
derived froth the exemption from smarty on
I monetary enbjects, will enable the Managers to
\ prosecute their arduous work with fresh "Igor;
mhile the 'confidence in their\ fidelity, which this
benefaction implies, will consols them under tall
dioappointments and rebuffs they sometimes ha
to bear. \
Apart, however, from the ple a sur e felt by the
Board, in thus publicly expressing their grati
tude, as the representatives of their helpless
charge, there's an additional reasonifar this com
munication, and-that is to rectify a misappreheit-
Bien which appears to have arisen in elm minde r
\ of many pemons as to the period when \the bee,
!ardent intentions of the testator will berarri•
ed into effect. \ An extract from Dr. Hertford's
wilie-a copy of•Fhich hae been furnished by\his
exembsr with equal kindness and promptitude,-
*ill best explain s tkis intentions.
"ult ismy wish and desire that after the.deceas ,
of my wife, all my property be sold within two
years;; and the money or obligations be placed
in the hands of some Institution that will pray a
suitable interest therefor, • and that the Interest
be paid quarterly to Managers of the Orphan
Asylum of tide County, end nowlocated in Alle
gheny town.” \ \
\ 14.• XIII a p pear. frorethe above passage; that at
lOtilt the Asylum derives `no benefit from' the
bequest; bat mai \still dependnpon those =anal
enhieriptions by 'eh it has hitherto beta sus
tall so nobly.— e manager!, therefore, hope
thattheir former pa rts wil l . not desert them
new, hen their- aid hat required for a limit.'
ed time„ and when in ' pectation Of, more &ban ,
dant. renosoces far the tare; they,wish to in
rens° the. number of th \children, end extend
e good adios:lce of the titution. \With this
vi w, they take this opportinity to inform those .
wh may teem of suitabl objects, tliat they . '
hav an excellent matron, teacher, and name,
empl ed; and that their comm :110s edificewill•
woo odate many more orphans than are, at
present nder its roof. A visit to the school-room
and nn would remove prejudiee, eboold any
exist In t e minds oPsnrriving felende; against
this home Ida fatherless, and refugia the un
protected. he season uf the Managers' . nollee
. non is at laild—it being\ thought beta to make
in the autism's, as the gentlemen' is\eceived
i . \ the eummar\-and the board trust at this
will ;suffice to preheat their losing form ermis.
tenfie;, and that their efforth. to discharge the
high - behest committed to ther4. will still obtain
the pnblic patronage.and sanctihn.
By older of the
N. W. Camio
' , Tin Lig, political interests, of say individual, eithar,vn •
on Law re Hamm—The Taw for the 'm or without the administration. Tatils"po % i
ta n t l ir earien af, intemperance in Maine \has been 4., adapted at the outset of his career,i• \ Mr..
remarkably egeessful. The , followeng dnecunent •Fillmorehas inflexibly adhered, end, we doubt
exhibits brightly the -result Of 'the laws exece. not , will Centinue totteHere, ; nor hashe at ea
timgauthorieed. suggeetions, or encourage d e
tiles in the moat ireportant city
, of that states ,
peeta 4 o . a. s eem. .. rue , * a darer ., mama ..
• , s, CIIT or E;IIiTLAND. (.‘ Ile deems bat the &election of a Presides'.
lilsronts Orrice, Sept. 18 , 61.
.1,'"., vial . candidate \ ehould beteft. to th e unbinased •
To the Ciii.erne of Porthirof, ', . \ action of the Whig part in convention, that
The "Act for the fluppreseion , of , Drinking' their negrol and enforced upreselon may lath-
Hogue and Tippling alib," passed \ at the last 'bete the individual moat LOSS table to the great
erosion of thO,Legieleture Mu been in operation body of the Whigs, and most 'hely to commend
in this city shout three enths, and`( think it the end - rages of the m ejority. ;
proper to give the people oF, Portland some deb 51r. Fillmorea purpoea has then, by a die
nice information of its resultd, \ interested, national and canners TO course, to
At the time o f its passage, there were supposed commend a Whig admi'abtretlon
lthe favor o r
to be in this city from two hundred toe American hredhuns theerican people. Beyond he 'has en
• red shops and nth en places whem intoxicating tared into no covenants, embarrassenthimself by
snore were openly Up to all comers.. At the no committals, and seeks no \reward bat the, sup
iits;ent time, there ore no place where suite part of his polity by country he Lea endue
liq mare sold openly, atod only &veg . :me where need faithfully to serve.—bie.... • . ~
they eresold at all, and that'with ' t caution \ •,, ,
and,s creey, and only to those who ithe person- Goinismalogurron.-The defeietofillov.43.ohns
ally' orn, to the keepers; and who be re. ' t
nn ton will cause a shout of endtationfrom the Teceo
lied 4t 3, ,,,, to betray them to the an 'glues. f d eo comp, an d s sereet joy that the ii t ssasein Mel;
These p with one — poloothi7 with e° e x ' intim breasts of those, who, profesthog to bdthitl
eeptione—Mre of the loweit character; an ii 9 far friends, have arced his defeat. The Whigs\of
2.. ,,a,4
u they Sell s tbeee liquors at alLminister o \the
Pencieglvanis never had gad never wen hue
&praved s eppetires of the basest part of our Um
standard bearer more Worthy of their arduous,
lation; but t e keepers of fleet'. pieces will olin
„, and of their support. They had SSW PS feet
j ' e l i :d. br o 7i g i 4 q l . I '4:7 o 6 " N :r eed i t thaelrOra,:, is h0 t . .: .. proud of him for his talents, prudence, 'edge
and foresight, and when he boldly took th . field
entirety extid Shed in this city, The shop.
every whig should have promptly and_realo h ly
which I allude t are kept almost exelueively
rllied to his Support. Had thin been done unit
for &intern the few persons who are ne•
d.y man, Gov. Johnston would have been
br°u % the I -nP in th e watch hnuec• are re elected by more than twenty thousand mijorii,
the en guers of e eltablishments union t \ of this result we have not the !cart doubt."
themaeli Oforeign almost without exception. G ,,,\ 4dahttetea would hay ._ had no d immo ty ' fa
The etoc Align \ ice th e keepers of these "
'elects ha Othand wh the law went into op- . eve icing his foes in the Locofoco rank's, hat
those in the ranks of his political friendri have
nation, wi 1 fCIOII be.ex,a ted, and umedifsculi \
been More formidable. While acting ai epies
ty \ will be lama ., by the in replenishing their. ,
el s
' 1443 ' " tle\ i lWill . e 9' e " t° stop entirely , an itie l y a too tn k \ good " ca ai u d ti . sp en d t c o o h m ide fort. their " ec th te e and ene'
th y :
the Seppliee 0n,7 lige which have hither- regions f2o; the Whigs generally , and only, at
to bee reeeived Anoipally y .Railroade . and
Steamboat \ \ ' lut, erica ed in accomplishingtheir objects by
WI goalie perso who are ow sellinga false and ap unholy issue. • They will eventual
thee. ly 60 what'lleey have gained, and the small
gigue unlawfully en \Flirtiand, doing it on a hand o r etmapimore here, who boosted of the
yery,emalthesie;, the so lies Which the meet of intentien of their associated cohorts Over , the
them \Veep en • hand \are extremely limited in 8 ,,,a iTart ,, A ,„„„,,,, Frho ,,, f , joh a,..
.....1, and' erery precan OCI iS ism to Conceal too ee iiiiw ei .; Op, -rejoice for a while In the
them frep the Police. \in fine rho searched, achievement, lout tebetrayed and injured people
was found lees then oneetteg, in tw smell bet- will marl, ~an t ?in . \ the. tr .. 0 .7.
~. , .\ -
lies, in ariether were found gill three mall bet.
The defeat' f Gov. Johnston, is not aloes ‘ of
ties, contenting leas than three quarte, Ooncealed ttetery to the • pamy merel y . R i „ , 10 ,,i,
in the cellarthehinit a board; "ireanothe the li
the people of e whole Commonweath' whore .
quer was fogod ',Mee the \ 1 gorbeineti le the
earth, and some wait , lbond on deeper imeiceal- intereets he had aoTaithfelly and so ab l
yl sustain-
\ ed—whese
b a d
en - had firmly 'upheld, and whose
meg \ \\ ,`,", \ ,
' : \ credit he e seprendly eiented. His Mesa-
Three months t ea, t he were,in \this city rev- orea it. le to . hte woods ferr\thme years longer,
,eral wholesale dealer , no\ liquors; \het at \ the
would have proved so enceeful, that all'aur oi-
P resent time theca. \to n 4 s \ ent"the \ 4 etect .. 4 Crew; would ham. looked upo — n \ the State aa lifted'
business ceased entirely, when the lawo went in- from her slough of debt, and iselieved , fee* the
to , operatiim. There, lag nab \psaltery fix •
~." burthens of teution; while higelectinn would
tha:atat " ,. ak ci the a nitt • af tial'. 6 ", n at t autat \ at : \ "'"' have so-alarmed th e Locofoco reelection
Traderet that'
law, ' th , °h ig h , atithar wa a in 'F ra ii res e : aa la r 7 they would have consented to a nOeldidcation of
large' eesle. \ Operstions \on the latter ere,
promptly stetted, and the, othee \ has" been e, -
4 \ 4
the Tariff so as to relieve the clamor,of the peo
ple egthat question. That each results Would
molished, At e present rte there is zle die -, tai fotl„„„wed gobeerrhar9olgsteres election, there
'thee' in' ins 8 le ' •:
'vendee be a doubt But the reverse la now to
The r ts of e law so fan, havetheen tun • ed it T e l . \ '--
bt3 weet .—a, TeL '
salutary IS desiciva thu its m7trelent [Heeds
had any ee on to \antocipate... Altheugh ex- ' \ '
ethi d4
09=8118 STATISTICS OF • 1830. t\ :
tremely gringent in to protielon , and trumma \ \
ry in its proces s es, it was . reeeivedoctlie, \ great 1 \ 7 lidtision. : ' • ` ' ' .
majority of the 'people \of this city and of \ the 'Dee s e ling houses in the State ‘. 'l.--,71,618
"State, with approhation-lquid_by all, ith quaet p • to •
' 72,611
iocquieseence ; and in thigcity, Its vigorous ere- \ ~ '„. ~
cetion has been attended with as moth quiet ' r White es .' - 9.08,471 , .
tee, been experienced In the ;Amnion of iteyoth White females* w 196,626 ' ;
Cr leer upon the statute , bookg This law \holds" \ \ \ \ ' —442 ' 5 • 887 t
out rip inducements to resist its provisione t but Colored melee , , - ‘1,449, • , ;. . .
makeidt decidedly for the interest of all to yield Colored \ ferimles , 1,145 ' `,
a prompt if not,cheerful obedience, toils require- ' \ ' \ '., . . ------- 2 ' 631 , , ,
meets: and the reault of it will be, that the traffic, ' \ \- \ • ‘ .
in Intoxicating liquors to be steed as i drink, ' ' Total (kilt:dation
n the year be entitelYeupereesedie thle State. \ Death dam g 7
.. ‘.„, 4 ;.? . . 2 „.... 8
But some persons tesy be \ formd, : Whe will " arms cultivation . . , l'ANtat
make attempts, and perhaps' enpiessfalones, to lokenufse ng \egeblishments p . roducong 1 . , 0
evade this hurler a time; end to'risk ite.,penal- T. 509 and upwards =gaily . Atstrt .
la itei
lies under the`temptation of. large prohtsrand \ \ \
thus habits of intempernton , will be continued in ‘.. '',4einetear- - , , ~,
a Congdersble number of`ourpeopli,Particaleir-1 Dwelling holm in '
the State . '. 2 8, 26 1e ,
ly of our foreign population ; bat steady pugs- Famine!'
vecence will enahlons at last to bring, all
each \ m ales .. .85 , 69.3 --..
persons to justice; ordrive th em from the busi- Whi te
• -.• White fetUles ~ 76,369
The law, as it nevi\ etands„ will enable the ,`„ . - „„ eiet A t ma k . ' \
people ofehis State to suppress thetratflo in in- •, , ee
~,.. ; dem ;maim . 271 \; . \
totiestirig iiquora, except in a few \low shops, .7
where it may be secretly gold, when same addl-
Totall e popithition • .' \ 182,659'
tiotial provider's' may be diWirible for the Patigi olayee \ ce o, ' , \ "48982 i
extinguishment of the tra ffi i6. and to pre:ent it , ' ~
. ,
from reviving. Wheel thevtoplanee of the a thori- -, ,,,,..., `i t____,_,._
ties thrill, be rehired; and lem confident \ diet " . 4 ", \ r"P`"_•. 9 T
e a. !hate, da ri ng tea year ' 2,987
the friendief tereperance in thiaSteta are
es \ 0 -Farms In eigivatiorr t • -", , . 178
any addition., ti nu on a' si er6 p=io P n ' s e tl74 tl in ei‘ .th ac ie lin k nec l ea„ , f , M sw aiinfactu .d ting w. es i.d. tablieibetents prOdUcing •'
anti ally ' . '7l
eery to accomplith these objects.. " ~,,
op...atm, et me low in th e ett. i\l tss 4. •
, Fodentl SSPZSIti SITS population•
f ee l e d a marked ' , change for the better, \ th e every \
, r.
~ \
, \ .
department whiStOs unde.r the care of the police. . \GOOO YORTIIIi4VIIII I.4kIATEII7,\ FAXILT.—
The night police hat comperativeljnlittle oot ,eco- The , Perin Verrespoitat of thaßoston . 'htlai sayer
thing to do; there are few or to etreet brawls, that \yad pee du Ca le, whos e musehist
and it is eery seldom that the police \or welch eit wt the the Court of UPI XVill e : among some
aro rolled upon to interfere in any queorrelito papers that recently Mutte intn\ her .postoession
disturbances of any kind in shops or helmet' in foetid raaterialie fora great salt ip favor lif the
any part of the city. Before the enactment Of\I A A
Yetthe These she 'dared Po\ the Mereptis .
this law, scarcely a night pounce over, without. Dieorgoi Wuhingeon Lafejette, who; logreter,
some disturbance of this description, and fTSte- 4411100 Unbar In the nit sfademe du
times t h e po li ce were called upon to quell men, Qahltiengaged to ti emote 1 her
if his be
such disturber:ees in a 'tingle night. \ half,• •• theta beve h the pra • lif the \ reit 1r
A t the commencement of 'the presdat year\ suticlul. The Court at B e o eau: haideigded
scarcely S night passed over, withoutthe commit. \ In 'Her ever.. The Whole amoent recovered is
tal to the watch gime, of more or lea Intempe- said \to he 2,400,000 AV widen \ the piiiii \ k ‘ to
r ue persons; and itoneetimee many such were f l at: Oeceive half, or abont186 4 0,0 00 ", !', \ '
committed in a 'single night: The practice for- \- - ' \ s 1 \ \
merly was to commit too intoticated persons who .., . T .,.......\ \.,,,,,...• ti,„••••„, li.
are, az.'
were quiet and able to" et home. At present, tbe ' t ir G yZ"'"". . Court,,
, Th 1147
orders to the Pollee and Watcers, to arrest all .
persons found In the singe' or other 'public pub- . • \
' • e WILSM ifx- ~
ti c places, either by night or by day, who temp.. \ H.R.\ 428 li!ood . ze-s t,L_ ,,ttu. ,, \
it unmistakable gigs of intolication; yet with all bug to , •il in iet e tr hat s . a a ll o f k ti 7 . ,a ,
thieriger, the arrests for thls s Uase ace raj' few \ imp* erne
Drugglnym, . '•• '' ' ''
—sometime a week or more, i and ones a fort- ' an, X .
night, 'having elMled without 'any 'committal; H.A_RD tt , : CUThER,Yt s IiO4,.
and w e re it, not for the low grog ehope, kept se- ' ' ' ' 'is , `'R RECE NT Where're, 'i: =-.. •
'wetly by foraigeers, the eotoinittala,• to the \ And wh ' a a ac as o n i,"Ml, t b te eees ‘ etace fthr! nt a%
elegt-hecuiewoulemot aammt to oitebiameath s . ! fe a4f o il .... of . i o i o ijouomff:Ai.ll:!l
atorthla al:fenny we, bePio Ito remedy withinihe othrau esawret.' • \ •• '
.; • eagfr,,,
, . .
•-• , 'N - - - \ - ''' ' '-'*- \ ''.: -. 1 :,...,', :-:' -
, \
• . \
_l. 1 \
year. The witch-louse is, now used tel. keep
seised liquors instead ofdrunkards....4ml throe
the waste ways of the lock-up, oofidenined
ore passed off into the' common sewers, without'
baying filled their mission of ruin eaddeath to
our citizens. ,
I am assured by the members of the police and
watch, that they have now little to do; while be
fore the enactment of the law against tippling
shops, their number was insufficient to prefersa
entirely the quiet and peace of the city from the
numerous persons to be found in 'our streets
all times of the night, more or less exeithd by
strong drink. •
1 hm also infornied en sufficient ant4rity,
that religious meetings held in the crating; for-
mealy suffered serious disturbance andinterrup
tion from persons who would come there from
oyster shops and drinking saloons; strongly
'cited by intoxicating liquors, but at present no, •••**
trouble is experienced front this canoe. .
The operation of our. Liquor Law has not yet
had time to manifest its effects upon our Alma •
House establishment; yet, unmistakeable later
Lions are - already observed of its fined results in
that direction. .There were in our Alms House,
June 2, 1861, (the law was approved on that
day,) 116 pentons—on the first Monday of Aug
ust there were 136--and on the first Monday of
September 81. There were committed tol
establishment hythe Municipal Courtrin jone ,_,
July, and August of 1860, 14 persons—by the
Liverseers in the game months, 11 persons; far
the, corresponding months of the present year,
the wereltomeoitted by the Cburt and Over
eight7 tkni s Y tin t en wo tyll d ve .x
fox4he Zu ' etann 'ng
tlue _
of last X. A considerable number of persons
now 'rig in the dime House, are advanced
in life;irile, or otherwise incapable of taking
care\ of th selves; but the most of them l were
brought up. • the city for support through the'
direct or in • - t influence of str,ong drink.
'\ Neat. Dow, Major. •
121F c 'PRE13IDIIIIDT. `, •
Wp observe the the Democratic papas' Beek. -...-
to create divitions \ and jealousies in the Whig
ranksltt relation to e Presidency, and in this
connection mberep tit the ', position A` Mr.-
.Fillmore\ \
It is prOper, in view this flint, that those '-
who have hid the Wp ity of knowing the
sentimentse ,l ll ,l lr. Filimm on this inffijite4 from
time of &
the m r; W
essiethe office which he,
new holds, should render hnn an act of simple
Solstice, by ' a Statement Which is. sustained by
the whole tenor o his public quite:it. - , ---
On assuming resitienc, Mr. Fillmore.
adopted as a rule o \ policy that Idiadministra
tion amid, be cad on with a le refkrenee
to the public . good. 0 was kes Ted, in spite
of all local prejudices, dof all conseqammes
Personal to himself, that the constitilional ta d,
legal rights of 'everyporia n of the.llmen should '.,-
'be maintained; that the, la executed. \ \
Without partiality to settle and fedi ' duals- '
that honor and good faith should Abe
1 twined ' inviolate; no matter wh t tempo un
popularity it might. bring upon the , r
tion, and' withotit regard to the iktluenee 'huh
such a 'course might exercise on ties question
1 the euecesscrrehip. HO , was resolved,.in! ilite,\
that his administration should be co ducted on \. ,
the most elevated principles of public uty;
1 the offices should be filled by men best utlified
I Ie; discharge` their functions; and that e , ps
tronsge and Becilities of the Government'
, 11 1 ould
betemployed erdy for the _honor and al• , inge ,
ot inn cotintry,lnespeotave of; the perso or `,,, \
t \
political interest& of any individual, either,wl - .; '
in or without the lomitilstration. To this' po:-
4, adapted at the outset of his career,`-' \ Mr.. •
.Fillmore,has inflexibly adhered, and, we doub t
notwill Continue to Adhere; nor has. e at an
timeauthOrised, suggettions, or encouraged e -
pectaiions, 'contemplating a different course.—
He deems that the selection of a Presiden. \ _ \
tial candidate \ should be , left. to the unbitased .\
action of, the Whig part in in convention, that \
their natural and enforced efpression may indi- \
t p\t
'tate the individual most acts table to the great ,
body of the Whigs, and most 'hely to command
the suffrages of the ajority.
Mr. Fi ll more's purpose has been, by a die-
interested, national and conserve - TO course, ti;:
commend a Whig administretion tq the favor or
the Arrierican people. Beyond this he ims en
tered into no covenants, embarrassed himself by -
no committals, and seeks riorewar,d bht the sup- • •
part of his polity by the country he Lea endear-
eyed faithfully to serve.—ff .publi. . ' •
_ Govasoalonierres.-The defeastofGov. .obria -
Len will cause aahout of eaultationfrom theletco
thco camp, and a serect joy that the intimssin rseis,
in'the Meseta of those, who, professing to beide
friends, have caused his defeat. Tho Whigekel .
Pencivlvanis never had and never wkil hive
standard bearer more Worthy of theiristrdencr,
and of 'their support. They bad cam to feel...,
proud of him for his talents, prudence, 'sdotri ''e
and foresight, and when he boldly took th . field
every whig should have promptly militate ly
rallied to hie Support. Had this been done unit-
Wily ns,.one man, Gov. Johnston , would have be'm
ra elected by more than twenty thousand mijori \ 1
ty. \ Of this result we have not th e least doubt.
Goviliihnston would have - had no difficidty in ,•,
ove ming his foes in the 1., ocofoco ranks, but
. those i;the ranks of his political friends have
beau ore formidable. While acting as spies o
'.-sad affording .• aid" and comfort," to the enemy,
they took \good caution to bide their acts and in
tentionstri; the Whigs generally , and only, at
last, ease ed in accomplishingtheir objects by
a false and an unholy issue. ' They will eveataid
ly Mid what \they have gained, and the small
hand Of consmrstors here, who boasted of the ',,
intention of their associated cohorts over the '.
State to divert weisthosisand Whip voterfrom.Tobtis-
ton to liiisler; itioy rejoice for a while in - the
achievement, , but It \ betrayed and injured people
will mark and pun the. the treachery. ~. , .'sc _
The defeat' f Gov . Johnston , is not aloes of
victory to the ' party merely. Ois ritaartip,
.k bw
the people of e who's Commonwealth who ''.
interests he he had io`faithfrilly and so ably sustain- -. \
ed—Whose honoithi had firmly upheld, and whose
credit he bed aci. proudly ehowted. His Mess- • t
arcs, if left in.his Winds for \three years longer,
would have proved ao truccenf,ul, that anima' oi- .
nectar would have looked apon`the, State an lifted`
from her slough of debt, and relieved" friiM the \,
burthens of taxation ; while hie \ electiOn would ‘,
have so-alarmed the Locotoco Fre4 'Beware; that •• ,
they would have consented to a , ii.difeatioli of • •
the Tariff so auto relieve the clamorof the peo-
pia owdhat question. That each results Would
lutip foSowed Governor Johnston's election, there
' , cannot be a doubt. But the reversely , now to .
,be e,xpected.—iihr. Tel.. - : \,: - y
• ree co ore. ems el - - \ ' '\
Totatfree popidetion
81"es\ A , 48 98Z-
Totai population \ 209,88% - l'.',.
Deaths daring the year . \ 2,987
-Farina In cultivation 1, ,, . I ,758
Manufacturing establiatirdents predOcing '
$5OO and upwards tank:tally , . 71
,Fedentl representative population ,
~ 100,846
\ .4' ‘ \3.
__ r \ FAXILT.—
'The, Paris torrespott of the Boston . , itlas says
that \ ' , Mad tme do Ca la, whose \name / 388 4 , Cht" ‘•
ed,with the Court of Ilia XVille: smog DOM
papers that recentlyVu . trios intk,her positevaion
,f o und mater ' aln fora ant suit in favor Uf the
44faYeteei. Thse she `dared td' the Marquis .
George Mrashingnon Lafayette, who; however, ~
dialined etubarkl
to theisolt Madame du -
Caiia'engaged top acute 1
, heraelf his be
1 hMfahii, to We h \ the prom aif the 4141 t Wail \
1 andoti c 'oL The Court at Bor eau: hastliWided \
lin tier aver.. The whole amount recovered is
rid \ P 14 to 2 .400,000 f, whicOite pironytto
milfmeive halt or &boot $240,000, ! \
~ r \
d \
.ly ..-..,
1- \ .
! ' i ' . 1
t \.
:..1 . - 4 ..
in s; - ' .-..-. " 3
by . , .
1 ' \ • '
.. .
. , .•- . \
1+ - A