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.Tae—The telegraph brings us
the agreeable news that the Whigs have a ma
jorityln.the Senate of Pennsylvania, nqd pro
bably in the House of Representatives.
The foreign intelligence ruder our telegraphic
head Ts highly interesting and important ,
Lrrzstaur. Mi. - arr.—At the twenty fourth an
nual Commencement of the 1 4 rnrklin College,
Athens, Ohio, whiCh took plane on the 24th ult.,
the honorary degree of B. D. was conferred
upon the Her. Thomas C. juthrie, of Bakers
town, Allegheny comity, PI
Our thanks are doe to. Leech & Co.'s Express,
for New York and Philadelphia papers, in ad
vance of eke
The Locofeci4ost is in eztasies, of coarse,
at the defeat of fohnston and the Tariff.L The
editor says the effort to "galvanize a little spirit
into the poor Whigs, was of no avail."
Tariff of '42, with all its gilded charms,
. could iiot save the fanatic from overwhelming
defeat- Johnston has fallen—"fallen like Lti 7
.cifer, never to rise again."
••Pennsylvania has doubly redeeined herself.
ahe ban wiped out the black stain of. Abolition
and Disunion, which Wok .F. Johnston had its
printed upon her fair character."
The ' , fanatic !"—the , "black stain of Aboli
Ban!" Bach is the language of Locofocoiemi
Bach is 'the spirit of Buchananism! Pennsyl
vania is to he manacled, bound hand and foot,
•and cast down degraded and humiliated at the
feet of the Juggernaut of Slavery, if Locofooo
- with Mr. Buchanan at its bead, can do it.
We shall se,e. We have strong confidence in the
"Bobei:seoond thought" of the people of Penn
sylvania. The fanatic, as the miserable toady
tw4lavery who edits- the Post, calls him, will
heti hie triumph yet—ii triumph to freedom,
and; every noble . and manly sentiment, over
meanness, slander, and base subserviency. Stich
'n - triumphthe Poet editor cannot appreciate,
though he may live to see it.
—Hon. ono. M. DALLAS has written a letter to
'the lion. Guy M. Aryan, of Texas, in which he
discusses the slaveriqueition. His first position
- 13 that this confederacy is a 'union, not a nation;
bat rather an aggregation of nations. He says:
The elements necessary to a biro idea of Uni
snare antagonistic to those of a consolidationtz and
yet cannot help thinking that all the mistake.
; acid mischiefs to which wo have been subjected
four:dun origin bathe habituartendency of man
very ablentatesmen to import from old consoli
dated empires their products of legislation and
government, and to fasten them noon the new
lemerican condition of mere Federal Union.
, .
F - His next position 4t, that the Constitution
pet to be , amended-l-in what particular he
;does not specify ; but that he may speak for
:himself, we give all he says on that head
"As a people, we are generally calm and con
- serratire—perhaps more tamely so than is con
; geninial with the spirit and anticipations - of the
!constitution. There is one provision of that in
! etrument, which mare strongly than any other,
'marks its practical wisdom, and yet it is curiods
Ito see with_ what almost superstitious dread we
shrink from bringing it into action. ; I refer to
the power and process or amendment. Our or
: gaols law was put in writing, its delegations and
restrictions of jurisdiction were given express
-and risible certainty ; but as all human fabrics
Are confessedly imperfect, and ehoold ever be
adaptable to the times, the mode of peaceful
!change, correction or addition; was prescribed
!with equal exactness. Why is it that we endure
unsettling onr sentiments as fellow eititizens, and
winding years of dangerous agitation, gradually,
up to a social cony - rialto, 'lather than frankly re
- sort to this proffered expedient? Certainly, the
- constitution cannot be toadied with too much re
- 'menet ; certainly, what is usually stigmatized
as "tinkering" at it should be resolutely avoid
ed; but when it is plain that the proper oecaaion
has arisen, that nothing less solemn can be efs
- and that the rery.uniOn it creates and
conaerrotes is at risk, why are we to recoil from
:the iccorilled sanctuary? One of the authorized
forms of amending is unaccompanied by hazard
oranykind.‘-that of Congressional recommenda
tion, to be followed by the approral of three
?' births of the local.Legislatares. Such a pro
teas seems just now to be unpromising, but it
may, after candid and diffuse discussion, turn out
otherwise. •Surely,theUnionisvaluedsulficient
- -ky to rally for ifs risk and renorstion twenty four
of the thirty, one States; aerie we already pre
-:pared to admit that - the American people have
become incapable of self•government—ineapable
of appreciating the true sources of their wonder
- rid progress, and incapable of discarding the blind
• ' though boisterous guides ready to lead them,
• through disunion, into mutual and rancorous
jealousies, into dependence on foreign guardian
- into civil and servile wars, and into the
poor . feudaof village trades and tariffs. I think
• -it always I mistake to falter in retionce upon the
shrewd and sober judgment of, the great body of
- our fellow citizens.. They were wise enough to
,diecern the untried excellence of the constitution;
they were wise enough to amend, aye, and most
Admirably, the work as it. came from the hands
of Washington, 'Franklin and Ilamil
ton. Are they not wise enough, then, to apply
a single and simple cure for a disease which
after many years of latent torpor has sod
denly alarmingly developed? With me there is
no doubt that if my countrymen be given the le
gitimate opportunity, they will expressly and
unqualifiedly prohibit, sooner or Later what I
,have heretofore humbly believed they had by
"the strongest implication already prohibited.
They will prohibit from being forced by the
sophistries of zealots to enact the part of consol
idation; they' will place the constitutional canon
too -palpably for miscimatruction, againist the
. self slaughter of intermeddling with institutions
and rights exclnaively of State creation, -State
. responsibility, and State control ; they will ren
der it impossible, by any proeses short of tree
- revolution; to convert the ionfedriscy in
to!the means of destroying the equality of its
own members, or to direct its energies to - fulfil
behests of some higher law starting up from
c,-'the erer ranging and Incalculable phantsries of
the inner. man."
• There is an agitator of the first water. In
what way he deaigna to "prohibit from being
fo ced'by the sophistries of zealot's to enact the
\ lax!, gperits °Motion," he does not.erplein. The
,liingtelgola studiously ambiguous; but if it
''means any thing, it is that what he terms "the
iopcistries of zealots," that is the arguments
"vfithose who oppose slavery, shall be prohibit
_ ea by - law-that to /peek in opposition to it
be declared treason—that the gag !hall
he 'applied to the, lips of freemen. Could any
I thing be imagined• more calculated to arouse
' Oths most dangerous. agitation than each a pro
* poaition I Yet it la put forward by a prominent
of the party who hypoctitically pretend
to dipreesto all agitation as dangerous to the re
poeopf the country and to thersafety of the Mil
an. Let them make the attempt to `open) the
' Constitution, In order to afford stronger gaeran-,
tees to slavery than are at present found in
• that instrument- Let them try to abridge the
freedom of afteeeh. Let them attempt to crush
that devotion to a eIGLILIL LAW which burns in'
the hearts of Christian freemen. Geo. M.
Dallas lay his hand upon the Constitution for
such a purpose if be dare. We do not say that
' the attempt would break up the union ; but we
do say that the country is reedy for the basin—
Let him try it.
"The Mysteries of Free Mummy," containing
aB the degrees of the order conferre in a Ma.
tar's Lodge, es written by Capt. William Mor
gan, ell the degrees conferred lathe Royal Arch
Cheptei and Grand encampment of Knights
Templais4Kni4,lits of the 'Red 'Cross. Eth., he.
gy3 and Corrected to correspond with the
instiOiPinired fonts and ceremonies in the ea
of Free Masons throughout the
• States. By George Crafts, formerly
thties treisident Grand Master of Maniton Cowl
oil, litle...Fork. New York; published by Wil
son & . .
. "The Life orDon..iforine," - with reminiseences
convivialities, anecdotes, 'fie. By Falcontoidge,
author of Provincial Dmuna, eta Embellished
with original designs." New York; published
trypewitt 14Davenport.
The above works ere for sale by W. C. Wall,
Tonsils streets_ • .
SinaiTlz .dastimenow.--Franoe bee thirty
minions Of.peeple. and lees then - two hun
dred snbbsth echoola in the entire country. The
• sinslot city of New York bee more than that
minber, - with Amble the attendance of sohol.
aft, 11.000rding to observant travellers..
• :
&nolo min Moot.T Lasaosoz.—The 'Tent ;
sylcanien" stivastized "Independent,7 the
Washington correspondent of the. North Ameri
can, se en "importefion" into Penneyleenin—
oi n depeadent" replies, that although In is a ms-
•tive of a Southern State, yet,that he is an adopt
citizen and . voter of Pennsylvania—that he
voted for GOT. Johrustouin 1848, and should vote
for him in 1851. He then gives utterance to
the following manly language, which, 'ee fear,
the serfdikeupirit of the “PenneylvanianT could
not appreciate: ,
, 4
"I am a Southern man by birth, by education
by all the affections which cluster around the
hearthstone; by the ties of childhood and friend
ship; by the sympathies of blood and of interest:
and I. claim to know something, too, of Southern
character and Southern institutions. ikt the
South, as in the North, in my humble epiere, I
have been opposed to the extension of uman
slavery in say form, and I still hope to Cherish
thit principle until my dying day, whethbr that
slavery shall assume the shape of oppressed
serfdom under European despotism; or the equal
ly obnoxious form of black bondageere or
elsewhere. These sentiments were insti ea in
to my mied by the writings of Jefferson, Madi
son, and the patriots of their times, atut I shall
endeavor to cultivate them until better en ap
pear to instruct us more wisely." I
On the return of Com. &arras, from his
brilliant performances in the eess oil Great
Britain, a complimentary dinner was Olen him
by the Yacht Club of New York, at the Astor
House, on which occasion the gallant Commo
dore made a handsome speech, in which he gave
a history of his proceedings and success in
England, which is not more interesting! on ac
count of the splendid achievements of the Amer
ican yacht, than it is from its exhibition of the
frank and manly courtesy on the part of the
English people towards the American Commo
dore and Men. Such frank and honorable com
petition and intercourse do much to bind the
two nations together in the ties of affection and
respect. Long may this friendsfiip continue.
We give the Commodore's history, whikh none
of our readers should skip, If they wish a real
treat. After some introductory observations,
the Commodore said
You may, - perhaps, bare observed -that 'ley
hair is somewhat grayer than it was when I last
met you. I'll tell you how it happened—but I
am trespassing on your good nature.
In coming from Havre, we were .obliged, by
the darkness of the night and a thick fog, to
anchor some five or six miles from Cowes. In
the morning early the tide was against us, and
it -was dead calm. At nine o'clock. I • gentle
breeze sprang up, and with itcamegliding down
the Lorrrock, one of the newest and fullest cut
ters ether class. - The news spread like light
ning that the Yankee clipper had arrived,
and that the Laverock had gone down to show
her the way up. The yachts and vdseeles in
the harbor, the wharves, and windows of all the
houses- bordering on them, were filled with
thousands of spectators, watching. with eager
eyes, the. eventfal trial they saw we could not
escape; for thtfLaverock stuck to us, semetimes
lying to, andsometimes tacking around ns, evi
dently showing she had j no intention of quitting
us. We were loaded with extra sails, with beef
1 end pork, and bread enough for an East India
jvoyage, and were some four or five inches too
deep in the water. We got up our eails, with
heavy hearts--the wind had increased to a five
or six knot breeze, nod after waiting until we
were asbanied to wait -longer, we let her get
about two hundred yards ahead, and then start
ed in her wake. I have seen and been engaged
in many exciting trials at sea and on shore.
I made the match with Eclipse against Sir Hen
ry, and had heavy sums, both for myself and
for my friends, depending upon the result. I
saw Eclipse lose the first heat and four-fifths of
the second, without feeling one hundredth part
of the responsibility, and without suffering one
hundredth part of the fear and dread I felt at
the thought of being tisaten by.the Laverock in
this eventful trial. During the first fire minutes,
not a sound was heard, ears, perhaprt the bunt
ing of our anxious hearts, or the slight ripple of
the water upon one sword-like stem. The cap.
min was crouched down upon the floor of the
cockpit, his seemingly unconscious hand upon
the tiller, with his stern unaltering gaze upon
the vessel ahead. The men were motionless as
statues, with their eager eyes fastened upon the
Laverock with a fixedness and intensity that
seemed almost unnatural. The pencil of an
artist might, perhaps, convey. the expression,
but no words can describe it. it could sot, and
did not, last long. We worked quickly and surely
to windward . of her wake. The crisis was passed
and some . dozen of deep-drawn sighs proved
that the agony was over.
We came to anchor a quarter. or, perhaps.
a third of a mile ahead, and twenty minutes af
ter our anchor was down, the Earl of Wilton and
his family were on board to welcome and intro.
- troduce ucto his frivids. To himself and family,
to the Marquis of Anglesea, and his
,sart, 'Lord
Alfred Paget, to Sir Bellingham Graham, and a
host of other noblemen and gentlemen, were we
indebted for a reception as hospitable and frank
as ever war given to.princa or peasant. From
the Queen herself we received a mark of atten
tion rarely accorded even to the highest among
her own subjects; and I was given to understand
that it was not only' intended ha s courtesy ex
tended to myself and friends, but a proof
of the esteem in which she held our country;
thereby giving a significance to the compliment
infinitely more acceptable and vaidabe. Long
may the bonds of kindred affection sad interest,
that bind - us together at present, remain unbro
ken. As a further proof of the feeling of the
government and people towards us, I *ill men
tioh.thS following act of kindness. .IVe had the
misfortune, the day before the race with the
Titania, to; knock off a part of our outer shoe.
This rendered «necessary._that we should haul
her out, and we repaired to the government dock
at Portsmouth. for the purpose. On the instant
the application was made, an order was issued
by the Admiral to, repair • her in the shortest
time possible. If you could base•witnessed the
vigor and good will exhibited, from the Admiral
down to the humblest mechanic in the yard. to
complete her for the next day's race; you would
I am rut have felt the obligation, rendered so
doubly binding by the manner in which it was
tendered, as deeply 'and sincerely as ourselves;
and would regret, as much and as sincerely as
ourselves, that any came of quarrel should arise
to separate two nations that want but to be bet
ter acquainted with each other's good qualities
to llecome and to remain Dust friends', She was
docked at 12 and finished by 8 o'clocii the same
evening_ For this important service, no remu
neration, in any shape or way, would be listen
ed to. The Admiral, in expressing the pleatittie .
it gave him to do us a service, endeavored to
prevail upon ns to believe, the obligation to be
altogether on his.side. I trust, withl confidence,
that if occasion simmid occur, this delicacy and
feeling will he as promptly and as delicately. re
ciprocated. -
In the race with the Titania, 1 tit:taped—al
though I do not know the fact—that too much of
'her ballast was•taken out.. It gave, her an ad
vantage in going before the wind, but told very
much against her in returning. There was a
steady breeze and a good sea running, and she
fell so rapidly to leeward as to be bull down, and
nearly out of eight. We beat her, according to
the Secretary!' report, three or four minutes in
- -
going down, and some forty-eight or fifty min
utes in returning, on a wind. In the race for
the Queen's Cup, there were, ° I think, seventeen
entries, Most of which, I believe, _started. In
addition to them, there were seventy. or eighty,
or perhaps, one hundred, under weight in and
about the harbor; and such anott(ez eight, no
other conetry, save England, can *Dish. Our
directions from the sailing committee were sim
ple and direct; we were to start from the flag Cowes, keep No Man's buoy" on the star
board hand, and from thence make ;the beet of
our way round the island to the flag ship from
which we started. We got on before the wind,
and In the midst of a crowd that we could not
get rid of for the first eight or nine miles; afresh
breeze then sprang up that soon cleared us from
oar hangers on, and sent us rapidly ahead of
every yacht in the squadron. At Ithe Needles
.there was not a yatch that started with us in
sight, so that the answer said to hive been giv
en to a question from a high personage, of who
was first? The American. -Who is second? There
is no second—weeliterally true.
After passing the} Needles, weprere overtaken
by the Royal eteamfyacht "Victoria and Al hart,"
with her Majesty and her family ort board, who
had coma to witness the trial of speed between
the models adopted by those of the old _world and
these of the new. As the steamer slowly passed
us, wo had the gratification of tending our hew
age. to the Queen, after the fashion of her own
people, by taking oft our hats, andldipping our
flag.. At this same time the wind had fallen to
a light breeze, and we did not arrive at the flag
shipmatil dark- I could not learn; correctly at
what time, or in what order, the others arrived.
The Cup before you is the trophy of that day's
victory. I promised. belt jest, and half earnest,
when I pared with you to.,bring it home to you.
The performance of this promise iS another ex
emplifcation of the truth of en old saw, "that
what is oftentimes said in jest, is sometime.
done In earnest." lam requested by the gentle
men owning this cap, to beg your acceptation of
it as a testimony of their gratitude for the in
terest you have so keenly felt and ;no often and
kindly expressed, in our welfare and success.
I hare but to regret that the late hour at which
made up my mind to attempt a reply, has .
pat it out of my .power to makh it, what it
ought to be (and, perhaps, but for that, wh a t
it might be,) more worthy of your acceptance.
With your permission, I will propose as a
'Waite.— • i
"The health of the Earl of Wiltoa"
The Commodore's toast and speech were cheer
ed enthusiastically. His admirable description
of the intenseness of expectation on board the
America, on her diva trial with the Loverock,
spell-bound all listeners, and almost transformed
them into the statues to which be likened his
crew. 'Each allusion in the address to the
courtesy and manly fair play of his competitors,
'during his stay at Cowes, and especially the lib
eral and prompt conduct of the Admiral of the
station, in putting Her Majesty's dock and work
men in requisition for repairing an accident to
the America, called forth very marked expres
pions of gratification.
The toast to Earl Wilton was drank stand
ing, with three times three.
Mr. George Tillman, first Vice President, af
ter some complimentary remarks upon the lib
eral, courtesy, and manly reception given to
our yacht in England, and to'her officers, pro
posed a toast—
'The Royal Yacht Squadron of Englund
The Risorgimento; a semi-official paper at
Turin, contains a letter from Constantinople, do
led September 19, in which it is asserted that
the Mississippi left Smyrna without Kossuth
and his companions. The writer says that an
Austrian Envoy had reached Constantinople with
positive orders that Kossuth should not be per
mitted to emigrate to America, without first
agreeing never to set foot in Europe again. Sir
Stratford Canning resisted- this requisition, and
demanded the absolute freedom of the illustri
ous Hungarian.
The material part of the Risorgimento's state
ment, vis : that Kossuth did not leave Smyrna
in the Mississippi, is put to rest by the following
letter in tho Newark Daily Advertiser:
GENOA, Sept: 21, 1851
Kossuth in rasa ! and the United States has
the honor of bearing him, with his family end
his companions, to a land - of freedom. The
steam frigate Mississippi, Capt. Long; arrived
at Spennie, int.this kingdom. yesterday, from
Constantinople, `whence she sailed on the 17th,
having them all, save two or three exiles, who
were to go direct to England, on board The il
lustrious Hungarian leader has his wife and
three sons with him, and they are handsomely
accommodated in well-fitted apartments on board
the steamer. The quarantine leis will not per.
. mit passengers coming from the Levant to land
immediately, so that . C. :steamer will proceed
immediately on her way to America;after taking
in stores Dom the Naval Depot at Sperria, which
by the liberality of the Sardinian Discernment,
is placed to the use of our Mediterranean squad
ron. Before the end of October, therefore, you
I will have the happiness of greeting the exiles in
the United States.
Austria amide every possible effort to prevent
their release, but the Sublime Porte remained
firm to his promise, and they were accordingly
estwd on the I st,,and were taken by a Torkieh
war steamer froni the port of Gimeleck to the
Dardanelles, where the Mississippi 'nod Mr.
Marsh, the American minister, who had just
turned from a visit to Syria and F.gypt, were
awaiting them. Much credit is due to Sir Strat
ford Canning, the British Minister in Constanti
nople, and the Diplomatic Minister of Sardinia,
for their indefatigable exertions in behalf of the
exiles. The former functionary is understood
to be the most influential person at the court of
the Sultan, and British diplomacy is happily
just now exerted throughout I;tirope in favor of
the right cause.
Nr. Baker, of Ohio, is now fully enstalled as
Consul of 00 United States at this port. Com .
Morgan is at Smyrna, and will remain in the
Mediterranean with. the Hag chip independence
until next spring.
i--- Aniong the American visitors in this vicinity,
I notice the Hon. John M Niles. of Connecticut
formerly U. S.Senator, Postmaster ireneral.
He goes to Venice, to-morrow. by way of Turin,
with Mr. and Mrs. Oaßier, and will probably
speed the winter at Florence, Rome nod Naples.
From the
ly hour this morning ihtelligence spread through
the city that the .fury hod agreed, an-I at ;i the
Court convened, with the Revered emitter's of the
prisoner in attendanct i
The general convicion was that the verdict
would be against the prisoner, md s e hotbed
stillinesp pervaded the audience the Jury
were ushered to their veats. They looked
worn and fatigued, having been cut eiviytwo
The prisoner wan iu her seat mud eridently
deeply affected with situation, her stilled
Rohn were plainly perceptible. and her tremb
ling frame denoted that she too had 'of
fered powerfully from the uncertainty of her
When the roll of the Jury had been called,.
they were eeked theitl verdict, and the foreman
speaking forthern, saiddhat they found Mar g aret
Garrity, the prisoner et the bar, not guilty, on
the ground of inraniql
The verdict was greeted with applause by the
crowded Court mai. Which was, however,
proruptlychecked by the officers in attendance,
The Jury were thrreopon dismissed. and
the Court adjogteted 761 ten o'clock this
As the intelligence !spread through the city,
it met with almost 'universal . congratulation
and rejoicing. There) is a general feeling that
justice is far more strOngly guarded and pro
tected by such a verdick, than by any other, and
all chi...seb respond to ttie decision which has heett
Petro'emu !
IltncogrAS CL - a. n 1 I'vrrnLicu toyl. ale .t/en..n
of the rahrtaal and the nut)lir urnerally. 1 ,, the rwruhratr
of Woo. Mali. oftiu. citr Tt,t.mar Co aren to an,
perron who may he vairtiert i l relation Cl,.' far. here
Art lorth. $ Ci KICK
`I had bwen orreil year" with a...on:vs.. both
errs, whh wantmned to in reaer..ontil Sewtombet.
the inflammation at that time h•t the
!Mina menotiruie of both eves, and rade.' it, the. debts
of a thick Um. Which whol r ateerropet mr waist. I 'had
oneranon Perform...l.4nd ha thicteninu removwd.arbtria
noon ray/rood sod loft nu to ae bad • ronditibn h-fore
At this staterif the comMant I made ehni , wdow
rat of the ofrit momentteal men. who Informed tile
that • my ryes wonyev
never et wed. At this Woe I. mold
not dlothoguirt an, nbseet. I Fie the del, of rune frwmt•
carnmenowl the orbt7 Petroleum, trash intsruallr
and Int-ally, under whktt oyes haw. truprowed Jul) un
til the preerut time. and I have rarovetwi my with , rod , '"
Jo. My arnoral h.alth waf ant,. mach Improved by the
Petroleurn, and I attribute lito , re•tbration of raf riot, w
trans. I Su:bleat So. 102 14. rand street. In this Pitt. and
will ho happy to Mee any 'nfortnation inaelatton tt ml
Forest. by Keyser t 31eD;well. 140 wand otreett K. R.
MI., 57 Weal greet, It Fahnestorh. 0 Co. atirner
Wood lind Front 'tree.: Ir. Curry. D. o..Elliutt..hoebb
DouzlinsLitud II P relorart i Allektiony,:slen by the or,
prietnr, e 11. f(lifit.
Pel9 , lkler rlanal 13.811.1111 th ,t. littstme.L.
kV-Front the unive sod success of 11. G.
Farrell , Arabian Liniment I elating lame back, rhriim
dleeered joint, white twelllngn, contempt," eorla.
pal,. de.. we bare no dnu t brit it will rapidly la, all
other remedlee on the rhelf , ••• there is no earthly doubt
but It Li the great:lo4 remesl, the woyld ever knew It in
pually etlective fur both mad and beset. and ehnuid by
eltmaitne he kept in ewer,tnern •ndetinntrY
t er t is just what wonted —say 01l whit
hem seer and ITLane's Verotiftme need the followins
letter from an spent . I l
emtuas Co . N
Fel Mth, 1547. )
' Kidd & (11.—When your .gent woo here I had lust
otwond. and be 101 l but a few I douti of ' , Mane'. V..roal.
fogo,and I Bud It Is going ort•l•rry fast. sad thus Is,
has Oren soot satisfaction. Isstd by ht , s ,sl n, ho Just
what the public wants, and wtl have got It .smug. and
do not wish to got nut. I hoer but one dozen left le hen
root .sent wits hers, I think o told me mato plate to
send If I should want morn, b t If he did. I base forgo,
ten Will you have the ergein to to order for mo nix , /er
en more on reeeipt rd this. FRYER.'
Citizen's insurance paby of Pittsburgh
0111 cs No. 41 Water rtrt in the werohouse of f• 11.
' C.O. RUSALT, Presideni-......A. W. Mum, 14,y.
• Thin Comp., Lanow prep. to Innure all inerrbantilow
In store, and in trarmitu. sesfalp.
An ample guaranty tot tho shinty and intettaity of the
Institution. is afforded Is the rherlacter og th fd
e reetora.
who sr, all eitlaen.ti of soil sad fssornblr
known Oa the rorumunity for thiir prudetn , e intelligence.
sad integriy. I
uoircriss—c. llnstion Wm. Ilassley, Wm. laiimer.
1/1.11.icra..--C. 11. Ilma , ey. Wm. ilmmley, co. !mime,
jr, t, W.I Ilugh 10. 1 King, V..thrml
John lf.,rort.h.. ti.ll..rbattch. ts. M.. ILI.
Filllmportation of Hurviare, Cutlery, dm.
No. 129 Weald Street,
Denim to all the a thef tte t. ntion
or pderrhant, ml.l (then(then(thento
Wm Troct
- •- - • -
. .
And whl,b tbs,
.... " :n7ol P inillo n.4 pler 'IT"
' "'"'l"..
oar A full agnortment of MAY \'S reletratni C. S. ACES
' ahrsym on 11. d.
Pittsburgh Lite in4mance Company.
. _ .
President-Jmee B. pd,,,
' Vice President-SM.. Stremsma.,
nesectrer- f:.
Seepdary-E. A. LDLITON.
liiirSEo dvertir mevt In Ioo IDIV part . Memnon
mzei..-.4111/onah loot know to a rpverelgo remedY
for chronic cases of Peptic the Proldtetowor
DT !Mane'. LIVET l'ilill were aid gm/pared for the follow.
mg gratify - tog evict/mos of Er MlWoar awl fnralif a Pon . "'
to //woe tool Perer and 111111ous..: ,.. 1.1aigta.
-)Mt. , oMO. Now. J. 1F147.
Ylcurn. Kidd t Po.- Aboutow. year ago 1 war laboring
ander a very revere start of Askie and Pram bat by Mr
WO of SPLane , a Liver 7111. 1 w toon.restOred to Perfs=
beak.h. I bellevethwo to ha the t medicine for Billions
cowl/taloa. that Las ever !prep enrd for We In tat. rec.
tion of the country JAMES SHARPE."
The above valuable Pills ran, be had at. all Warr at
J. IE4JM Mr, No. GO Weed rt.
'f'r'~~--r r.-r
gie•De_ Del—etz's laves Pmts.—When the
proprietor of this intsdnablr remedy Purchased it of the
Inventor, then.was tiontedleine which dues-red the name,
for the cure of Liter and Billions complaint,, notwith
etepd,pil sh e tat prevalence of these diseases In the
t cited Staten. to the South and West p . ..utiettlarlYs
where the patient is frequently unable to obtain the se,
tine o r . rr p ular phr,dcian, some remedy 10111, required.
at once Fate and effectual, and whore opt ration:couLl. In
00 win, prose prejudicial to the constitution. This med
icine ie .applied by Dr. !khan's Liver Nil, as has been
.sroved in essry instance to *bleb It hu had a trial. Al
.us, beneficial. not • Ponta, instance has neer occurred
to *lnch RA effects bus hero injurious. The ineenUon of
n educated and di.tingalehed physician: It law valuta.
10 common with the quack nostrums Imposed upon as.
Pubhr by shallow pretenders to the medical art. Esp.-
rare has now proud beyond& doubt, that Dr. mel,arwa
hit r. the Lent remedy ever proposed for the deer
l'urrhae, •ct please entluterfeita, goad ante•
nobly .n Lo. .31eLoue'• .o.blboalor.l Liter Pill", awl
Lute now. rho', w there are other pint yurpurthh, to L.
J. hi ND C CO..
.417,16.tcr11cc No. IA %Voal
un we lish innt , Stsubsovi Ile. c.-. by roe nos. Z.
Evw Ns S. Stoubsnyille. to iIVIAJIst,
.Isugl.ter 1.1 rwo.,ktuin Mai., M D. of Jsfrsrson moot),
At In• re.ldence, in • Lrocronmmlle, on the Itch MAt.,
11r. A:O'MM' /OIL kV, in the Kidye...4l(W ace.
Thr funeral will .1. ,Ixee to,lar. from hi. lota nn•
denrc. at 2,1 o'clock.
More Goode
‘,lußpily 3 BURCHFIELD ere now
~prolug alai, a Tarr .0 cif goralt. thei r roma rumba , . to wt. fall—, <Lome lot of Plaid Illtgrmr,
rgh grint.t•Dr Panda.
Lapel aud Cloth. Coburg and
N ro stria grocb• r , bagie, (lour and aqua... Lope. nu'
enuotry tuerr.hont, wilting b repteniatt their ptocka
ore toy:tett to rail ool;
111001 1 ENGRAVING by 'James Park,
v Juhusurz., Philo Lisa,
..t.lert, over the Pood Office. nor, V 1... of bUnid.g ,
gnu lnne >v, token. T.,rsas modem«. Lin In
LARD 011,—!10 bids No: 1 landing per'S
C0rrip1...,.•041 . Mr fir Isy
7.17 Water stmet
CHALK -5 tUns fur sale by
n . ATIIING SPONGE—II strings very line
LIP for rule 1., w. 17 J..I4:IIOOSIIAKER t 01.
ITIAL CORKS-15 bales long and short,
V tor tall. 0 r ncl7 .1 SCIIINNMA.FiEII et CU.
tiliOSl'llOll.US--10 cans for sale by
riIIERRA JAPONICA, for farmers' use—l
j tes 7, gain by rad: J. OCIIIOINIIA KEIL A CII
(t Al EN NE-1 bhl best American Pepper
J for ralr 1., nor J. SeIIOONPIAKEII-•
CI"VER-50 kgs solid packed, receiving
UP and Inn ask by not: IL DA LAELL A (IJ
t,AI.,..:EItATU - S---..1 tons in hhls and las, for
AI;L It 110L00LI. t tAI.
I,,C I ITAR-=llO Itlids prime, in store and for
solo 1, sett' It. DA 120 lA. A OA
RR LASSES-200 bills N. 0.,50 do. S. U.. , 1
jno di! ruy .10
I In nak oonprrarn., for a.. by
t. DAL2.III.L A tl., L... At
' I ANTIIABIL I -711 lbs. fresh, just reed
• and Inc hy notl7 J KIDD A 1:11' -
001P—D 1 ) DMA. on hand and for sale
61 aolL J. KIDD k Cl.
• XTRACT LC.11115 . 001.1. , -•2,000 Ib.. San
• Int.. twat. for rade by es -17 J. KIDD A 0).
I‘ll.: , S'f i kl • p) S
. Vat--4•1h) T ii er , r , e ,, a ) nd
lONDON MUSfArat..—;' , so lbs. warranted
A sons an•f Inr Lair by J KIDD t 01.
• MITE CHALK—,SOO., lbs. in store and
✓ (..r .1.. by J KIDD a 0,
FALL EASITIONS—Just received
Iho +torn of Plrr. A LEECH. No. i Fifth st.
• of., roo. - - urar ai Sat. Salts
. .11,A Dunn., ;,.naralner. of rants!. lost,
P e. Chtldr . . Itannet•. Caps end 111. Does
rioll anLI .
1 , ../1111tIlla I in•
1 1 1 11E:mbseriber h. in store and offers at
Ins how, a aLanyt.ent 'of Alp... Cahn.,
Inatn and nsurrd Kayos do Poplanh Dr Into, Alan
on, rl,lls, Crth.n Ththot I n.
I..111a, • and hrC oed
.nt Inah I.• Lien. liandlLornhs.l.l,l •
' lra ' s ' , a tr . ;
DaJdoas. Can., Dinhysllsa. !dark .tut slot. N.
641,..C•dtau. Idarn...l LasrAtibhons Linen T.D.
Ch... 11-n for!, 11 , 4.1. Thirsts
Llallano al. a tar. ..fifty Cl AD.!, ta arloot!
t 10. st nr.l- tfLut; 111, thr attontOn of to.n.ata and
I A RBUTIINVY. sr . Wood ,t
.13 A TENT TUB E A 1 1 —'2,0110 I bs. imported
dlrreL 111.1 thr !nanny..., and ...In at poh-Ls
•!!!! C
POOP. COTTON- 10,00 11 dot, reed.
fo.!! Dastand and h../ L'atr ay
• •
NIPLFTF" • • f Basket M -le •
I A 1
11, 4 1 011. BENT -- The h.sise and grounds
,st rally ld• oast- j a
tnny L.l,dnds ~( ' "'
41. tn. ..1110. ..f
,tt 11.10, 1L1.111312 , _ 44,
New Books.
I DST RECEIVED and ',Jr 'ale by .1 L.
Ith airy.
. /fa - got I.slo sn4 Trot, rimorb'na Womia C 1.13,
ur, ' , among tbr ...ker.. and arOil wood advoranyo,
of I,3mb...fin, to , lA` liproator
and ,It*rob Eh. /ingliab Li Usti
boy v. , l tbo IL., an A p,6,111• , t.( SuIPOI
arr.., V. 5. sulbor of !low asol tLnL
lia , tir. • oioirliea. :velar,
Firri Lncturra tifivt
•.., Moral 1,...,1 fitat iovooleil ...solcurd. b.
Atiiwthl ih r•ullt
hhh. praiii , awl lilt halm tail mien:Jar of
1 , 113 hit tainny up, U V ba4.1.1t.
la•-• , 1: Eh, wrilyitig with mid without trilrien
withal** , truth hod Ph" , etithwii•witi
wah mat" uth.-ro tm. turnemu. to ann.anr
an! a Jr^411•1.44./} ur BI•nk Honk and s`txt..,o4+7
lI , MI Irr.t and 1 -...ter.ot
(11 EESE--245
arra ',rim, th,
!as Cream 11,0,,5e, I d,.
• ~ " AL: !,1•4:4 , 1 , 1.i,
jj C T E IT trash. rcasitl and 6, sale
11111BACC11---'brd-igs l's, and 16',
ttit• 40; scri Inr 011..
irK A VIM 'A N111..E,A.
I , 110 COLAT,E--2110 frrsli re,',l and far
Wk . A 11.4:1041,1.Y.,
1.1,1 s Sperm Oil: 31 10. extra
I, 10 Xi o.norn .I 0 .10 Tanner* 40. n
rvivnl ADA nr ~•1.
Wirt , N DIA>,
WWII X -Alot.iNk.bEr ,
ABLE SA LT--509 bp ground rook dow
Tlandlne and for rAI• by . I,,rt bletior“
Front Arr....
I /FEE iozs Kill, lid) do Laguavra,
.•n land .01 Pair by y•rtl, 1 trl , ion Aio
-211 rte• latolinß and for solo by
!IF:ESE-2W boo in store and for silo by
!BEEN COPA L VARNISH-2U hlf biro t
urn It uro, 1r 1 , , 0.11 boo J n. 11.1,1 Coach, for brl ,
orll, I DIOK EY.tttP
. . ..
I NI)11:0--leeron Caraeum, 2 ko Vanilla,
i fil ...h. Inv In 0r... n , A.i.nm..., by
' I. DICK El t CO.
{-, ALT I'ETRE —5O bgs Crude n landiug
i. 7 .tel ler eue I u (fie I PICK KV a t 1 I
UST l'UBLISIIEI) and for Kale:
1...,0010 ALMANIU, No
TIA latter Ain tb. moon . for., mmalll Irrnsrd Urr
mo Koniinli. Ttioralonclor for the thrri Alm:warp Anna
pll o .l by oANDVOIID C 1111 1., Esq.,. vora
long and fald
kummi bilk. mmmonay. Tim rehmtiou of reading mat.
trr Almanac. wr Won. .111 be found moral,
ful. aril ...noting to all claw., of persons Poi sal. h 7
the ov.r. ,iron. and rrtall, at the book and P.p.r Warr
boom of ihr AMATO., No 57 Woolen., rlthnoargh
N II Al,, on hand, a rotor-at aiwortmrnt of nrbool
11A.5.5, Mang Bok, Writing and Wrapping Vapwr, arol
Station, goorrolly, all of wldrb will bo dlottourd ol
fair VA . for a.hor pater mita.
To Printers.
PRINTING OFF . ICE, amply nuppliell
with .11 uerrsotry rer ale for doing a. orst rots
AK and Job 111.17,41, 11 th. city, tchrathrr with thy ow
osplowl hour of Up prennws. goal will, Jr, lor hereby of
fe.l for nth> The materials ant .II In onion., an 4
tnostl. and tho waroirs ants ragwort oth-r has,
s. sold sry uth halo. tlnor valor. on arr..
molannt torrn• ! the m ahoy. proseo. openlna wLlrh
...Worn occurs. For particulars nor!? at thin oft.,
Sacred Music Books
lANTICA LAUDIS, by Mason & Webb:
WWlCAltiriat'Acitrit do
THE II LEE 11l K. w new enhertion td (lbws and hart
felerted and arranged for the nu 111 Con•
rentine, Teachers' Inelltute, and Clauses of the Itemen
A ry,h..4i Mudr. hr Lowell }lason k flew J. Webb
':.7.c• ;Mi°4l7;roLtli'Vr f
~71711 . " h r
LA , Nlik.:Ts.-1 have received my Intl
ei:wk or BLANKeTE, of the diflerent• oiree
wnrding Inkokete and nee nnr nbnek.
nellb W5l NOBLE
S SOW, or My Gallant Bark:
,ITZ ..rvi :4, 7 . L ' i ' l..:al . ason r 17.1e " o.I IVebt, ' ""
!erne plaudit, or We abode wnrk Anted tort Int nth , hr g ,, ~,,,,, w ,th raptartan, applating hp deny, 1.1n.i. .1.
~14 JOHN 11. MELLOR, al Wool Of. hf.r ronrwrt in Pittaddarnh. t
N u
LANK ETs—l I II The Illonniefo eamtil,nl.; a very pathetic ..4.:
are retained rny The Lonel., On, ih. run 1,, Catharine Mayo to Amen,
Pwit of 10.ANKETP, of the diflerant gig, µ4•I Ile la corning home: none lo Cantata', Ila,
.a. wanting Ittanketa artll eat/ and nee nor Moen The l'oradatettal Itefunal.
II Kleher.
at-a WM NOBLE.
Land and Lots• m.o.—A aronnal pelmet'. of the mhat popular atoi de
f elan and Arneman
Tr; " Ernag rd et r" nt4u c li m rrlle . .... " by
011. SALE, on the Pennaylvani. Cecil. " r^u^ '''''' "' .
U. gudnEtt, tat Third ~,,,,,.
••1 joining the 151.11)A WORKS at Tarrnturo: ocii lion of dime tiolden Mari ,
tlllegln Aar , of Land. with a valuablo coal prewe of
u , n u ., u ,,,w or good enal. Thiol property tr well sot, New Marble and Freeport Stone Works.
.. , v., ~, • location for niannfaelortng Inr
tt—additittnt ann.. , t he f"tidt willi . inexhauati. LI MUNI) WILKINS, in a4idition to hitt
•uppit ttf coal. nod meal and river for trarnn't" U 4 estgonst. ealndlohraent on Ueda, •trk.t. Load of
Hood, pro opened • branch of hio Ma, Marl, M nett,
r n't
''''' ' 'Urn '
an li" "". ''' 1)....r .a , L , adja,lli l„ thr ex,11..„ 1a1,.. • h. z - 1,.....uf.-.,..n.
111 he t hilt out In Int. d wthi on Parma anti In onan ery ••00ty of Marble and ,upon. tone,•id and0gn,,,,,,,
to Mt tottnlt.n., de mom/ . h.'e tteniktt lot' ' , Mild.. %Al, Total% rum, Martha,. ete . a Marble, Curbing
• owing to the great demand for tow., omit loto In the . n , ~,,,,,,, o i r eertodery Lot., lc . on (r...p.rt Mane—.
mediate vonnity of the extetott, Soda yin now in ~,,, r . U. llama logattal ....venni. to the
ration Icwiatttiwai TIMM/0 MELLON. ~,,,,.h.r,. be L. tinfoil . ..l U. extrute ' , Merit with proint'i
. _ .
itinho, and on the Inartatt ler:wt.—and hop, tor a enntino
Conolly & Co., - ' an, of the petty:ll.r donator., An hlwrally ,rtr001,..1
,w 0
now., by the l'atent Proctor., of 5, (iodic!, . 1
. ..
Land and Lota
Ott SALE, on the Penroiylyartia Canal.
the &ODA WORKS at farntm:
Ittn.,n Aetna of Land. with valuabl. coal privilt , . of
„b oa , •flod enal. Thio tr r operty well soft.
rv•ry rvmpect • location for niannfacturina Lor
ground for huildm.p.. will an Inexhauall
ble •upply of roal. nv4l th• canal and river for tratand
tatinn. •
If not mild in lump tsif its Ow first of Ite,latior cunt.
will lin laid out In lots and solli on terms anti In aut.."'
nt to .Ult Vu mha.nrs, as many bits.. stipllril Cot building
lot...wing to the uriint demand for boos., nod kit. In the
itnlD o 4lll.• ths 0 ,1.414,14 Nods Works now In
ousrstion. ttws I TIMM ne KU,. IN.
Conolly & Co.,
I.IIE subscribent, havin g rented the Tan
v,ra w. many year ocempled by it.,. Jnhu
ant' prepared to tau leather of al I kind. by this superior
Process. They hare felt some hesitation kt ullinc theta.
t.ntion of the public to their leather, knowing that so
mans worthless patents had at various periods been
hr ought notice. that It would haat... nor... Able to
loaner persons to buy. animas sizing al certificates.
,anal know:ober to those of a new patent medicine. won ,
appendel to an advertisement- Relying en tirely al
the wad quallthm or the leather to attrut the attention
.nf manufactures and leather larders, they hare felt un
willing to ...rt to such LIWIRSIP of procuring ens.. bat.
as It has been asserted that the dlecovery was noel.. and
the leather warthlem,they take this means of Inciting the
nubile to an examination of ita merits. They will gum .
ante*, all their leather (call-skins partimslarly) as equal to
the nary' Wit manufactured In America, sod conlidentl)
hype that Mar !rill aural the Vretteh after a short expert.
frgre ' d ' reff i tl. "
orlsW.t at. awl Iteenaht
---- CCloaks, Ribbons, Silks; &C.
feEIVED thin day and noir open at
114 NIGHTS NEW STOP.E—au large aareoreraa ea
emtedeeted Silk and Cloth Cloaks; Plaid Silken Plaid.
Striped andWanal Ribbdtm,
fiN and after MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th,
lb. . - Clealand and Cminulo.l Railroad Company vc "
11•04 OUL from Cleveland au EaPrea's
at 6 o'clock. nzrirtnc fn Cinch:man at 10 deka next
worsting. maktng 4-S Iwur, through, Fr ucitete apply to
JOILN CAl:link:Y. Ascot.(o amtrv.)
arror of Water and Smithfield st,
ocll Non...agatela Howe..
5 , A.MUEL KROESEN Iteeps constantly on
1.. band a goad assortment of Maab and Bath Tub,
1 onto. Ear...boat.. Oak Wel. Kitchen or Draw 80ck...
Wraien Bode. Claims. Dry Me...urea. Zdrn . and Cberry
10mb Word, and all mbar kinds of wax, isi hia line.
Warrroom, Staaonie M.D. Fifth ntraet- Pitteburab, Pa.
an. 34,
I3CRCIIFIELD have ree'd
IL& thin morrnow by alaprtou tho folloirina artiolto—
.lllch colored all wool Do Lain,. 1 -16 , 1 a,
1.1106 Lta.tor Flack 'ilk.. all pro,
Ilmaado Poolt Ile Solo.
Mara 11.7.11L0l L.)lka:
Low aw
otl4 Al uortla rm.. Fourth aZI Market
King, Pennock & Co.,
mANITFACTURERS of Cotton litany,
c T a .... , ..c . ,7,i, t, , n Varf .: •••ri, Yarn, emad . le
Age.. for fah. of PK AND ki EYSTIPNE SII Err-
Notice to Brickmake.
O EALED PROPOSALS trill be received by
Ile Building Commit... of Ba
lie Jolty., of n BRICE. earl) k. hu
Id.iwason.Jexnlxluu.t..ruk, Btu ,
11r.rt. lie.. will to. furiiiidied on onnlloition 8.1110 0
[V VNtiL At ob., in the notu tbo Cathrilrwl build
near St. tout School noun.., tikArio, hour" of
.nd .:clue., A. NI.. rh.r. he prii,sals mill a 1.., Ir r
m.., up to Saturdni .
Nunn' Grand Pianos •
I UST RECEIVED, a splendid
0 ontare Itwirric.l full stud IiP.AND
frotathr &eta,- ef 1 Clark,
New Vora. `Tlttic matrolficeut instrument
tct..c..sec the latent Improirmenbk curb Lc patent to.
p.. felt hammer., orol patent metallic. tu.. It.
power and voltame of tine ard truly titonichinui and qlCil
tic the perfertinn of Its mechanical tn enable the pertnr.
Lid obi mature the collect and rare...llone. cittbnut the
f the etilt The I urtutur. piaremel rich and
in good tact, without that indl.crunintie overinadt, of
andwork. which , tu a city Ilk.. l'iltstfargb, shut.,
imprisitible to knop 'Henn and in uicel tinier The Lobe.
and ..n(1..m..n are
r ape fully Inlitrii In Cali 304) eSelll
- ll...uric/called moil lii;t l to i ltltire E tt , leave. the prem.
in.. of tin. culeciritair fib I , lot Tided .t,
tail:: • Sole 0001110, Nunn. and ClarkN. N. lk—A co reeclved. a ri line general assortment tif
Narita. int lading Lunt. \ IV se id, le
New Stock of Chickering's Piano Fortes.
(.)D.N MELLOFt, + , l Wood
•1 aunt, 0 h-rnitnnt nnutely " " ° .7.Vr;
ahnt nt PIAN4.I I,lltTht . l. Crum the calf, r ,
bralol mahulaetnry at Chh enna. &nu..
thn rartnun, non manufentunal. Th.
arr ;naafi:o4 tit. rant na horatnn, with.. an,
Marna Itt tranatortatinn rok
Old lhanno taken In part payment..
AVenl c , l ettirtethn'ii.2l';i'anlne"l4l-!,AiYt.t.ern
Patent Shingles
bTHE SHINGLES 'mule of Walnut. Pine.
awl bliestunt. with Wrauru Inthrinn. - 1 Shincir tlw
rwuitvgal the brat proinintu at the 1.1 Felt of 111...
71 . 1 .
hand bun niakth,onn uninglea rat any . . (min th.. blunt
any lona of ra r lbnl,.n rnuntry It ant
further tnnirtnati..n igunnit. Mow.. rail on
I.llithurrth. I. lit Inibl.l.
AN AR Y SEED—inL rime Sietly. in
; rtnw. nun nn •ab.
h J
into J Atub a ..1 W., ...1
PTS. TURPENTINE— ' aI bulk. prinn.,
I:3 Cr 1 , , ' J KIDDA ell
I ' , REAM TART.A.II --. 21101r lbs. pure. fur .
11 . j mi. by .1 Fillth A C..
111 I CARR. SODA—botiii fib, . I ae c„ ..
Ara Cx.tla brunt. a CJ
I.kRTA RIC ACID - I ( 4a lbs pure. fir
J 1311113 a eit
ja . . frinth 1.4,1.1..i.w.n. a. thr thug atbrb,....._
.1 Di. a la.
.BurrEß- t
INISAA RiL " in. fur Snif. by
. I. A W 11
11 , E , ESE box - e 4
pnYr ASH-19 cask, Nara for gale by
aft IlAitli11:t.11 •
SII. :SIM-ASSES. for safe br
• o. a 3311 11.11[p1t:,11i
( • lIEESE—I taihint,. 'li 11.. for gale by
r, A It II A IlltAtAlli
4„,ITRA.A; PAPER- • 20 9.1 l
b. I" ant Irunn
L l S ' f al the Depot lea,
Nt -. n.111....•1. ,11.1-. T SVEN
141. 10:A14Y I'El,OO TY. k • r.r. An. ann.,
al' $1,.-e r•m11 T,s
A , 011FISII-- I ot,l, 1 r .n.b. by
.1f it Xl.'
E jt
t , it.'Bl 16 Ls OIL k‘Lt tr,
O a ,. an., two. I,:enr
f.+r an.. ...can at ••
.1 II VI ILI 11 . -
1 4 ' L1)011 OIL CLOTII
con ravl. Flr., 111111..
- ,
J u+4 rer',l sad b 4
Jun t.. J sad tt, tale at ..u, Oil 3i
Masaat tt
If Catharine Keough
i h t.i. ; rain :tt mtio
H D. Kulg, -
1.) ANKEit .I\l , EXcIIANGF:
O. & P. R. 11.•
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tt tat, llarart Tat. 'ln.,.
I E LAINES- eis•niFir. lu eases
L n 1 A A .N A VA, tr: anal . Markt.i
pLAJI) L.t ES - 4 1 nest
no ttta.ninte nt A A MA:atAI CO'S.
1011 SALE— A first rate FAMILY :
It JACK 11 tt
t lll F.FINEI) llSNorttnent
t Cry. 1.1.4. eSs.rl,l, Pulveryryyl snd 1.. f Sucx{, trr..
, URST osly
prirev by Ihr Agynty.
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t ug, .01 , 0 g, 1401, to o Putd. rag,
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ll onme hour
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Ton:Po—Not rtoljef nt. ohargo Ittoor tn , sted Irro
enttoultraton fromll to 12 ttoll. tr
Good , r Gardener.
r IIE .ni
ono 1 will gke n moot faVLIII
- Igovto of nom, TO'. ACIIEr .1 Eraklll/d norrtclt
I, !lotto.. for nom, or Ottrdrn. and roll nook, in
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tiro! tonality. and to Itrottitos to an ....Hord ono. lowing
rnotoplrnt Irtlts landing neol nolluttul
And only 12 rdiloo fron. tbo oat
..1011 J W I 44 ot
uo ICE-10 I. prime Carollol.l., for sale by
11, oat , .141110 A HUTCHISoN < CO
EAU-550 pig. Galena:
IJ sonot toonolo 11.7 tllght 4.44 for onto t y
.1 A 11)10 .4 11 UTfIIIyON A CH
‘IIL MOLASSES--2 11 f r atin. to - iine Si, Lou
n " - "1:„X l'n""
HEM' -60 balos Kentucky and .N 1 issouri
11.. RoUrsl. for rale Lt `10111.. A 1117TolltsoN
‘LA SYRUP-15 1,b114. for sale by
,to 141110 A. lIIITCIIIOON I On.
- •
ACKEREL---51.Th 1,1.15. Large N 11.3, Mao
onehttoolor Hort...ton. for on]. I,y
oclit JAME: I 1117C111.1N a co
111 UCKWIIKAT FLOP kt , —A superior arti
frr•tt ttlyttzU;l, , , c von n
I k I.lloortt .1
"'2l' limo,. and Trot bottler.
g OSIIEN AND W It. ellEESE— s Cor.
If rtnntly nn hand and for onlit Lr
oro , A Mr 171.1.1104 A (NI
. nn hand and for only Itt
6'Nl. A. ItrelXllll k 01 I
New ~NTLic
Y HE PUBLIC A 11.1.: CAUTIONED arga„inst
ro.vlsinic Woo drawn by lioehle. A Co.. to the ostler
Mreormirk, dsiO.l Seorrolwr.l4,
1.1. parable four
nth. allot thus, fur eight hundre dollar., ioo,i ,
payment of void not. ha. n p
.mod Iw
1.1 [3 NI/KIES--
10 , mite Win
:7 ter Ntrained Whisk 0111
Elephant Oiki
ILackol Whale , 11,
1,r...5r , Tanner.' I .II;
150 hags prime Rio Coffee:
hf 'chests V II Teo:
13 - Pio...hong Ten;
.sid 6 hose, ostrn 800. for uni.
boxes s's Tame, rhoito. brand.,
1 C. Lupin,
15 tier.
r-. 3.11.. Cr
4.u.10d 6uesn
:71 e-oft .113Ftluiding old for Ask hi'
nog CO,
B E/k r.. .N S-10 bbls. Wifi c tr d for
Shaving Cream in the CLAW Ina Au CREArt Is nov universally mitnow
t, • . per
In eu..
This LAT
delightful preparation to uneuttalle4 for • •
tr• and fragrant, though somewhat anahm, h 1
laitis Antlrs:lAl Cream, and other .imllar co.. • • t un ,
ter surpasses than ail by the ermalent mate • • s •
of its lather. trbith so softens the beard ae to relfl
ri b ., 1 ,6„.. ~,,, ..
. e , . s r ikpusgem•el Crest ad,.
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the itopor4d article, In tieing tresdrlymrepated I ..
be.t mammal, with . the gee` t a r tish and is not 01
test. hut al. the cheapest:m . l.le (cc obsving. T
sine amen of this article 4nring the lest twelve y
and the m•ymal gold and ether medal, awarded fa
strongly attsat the Gish estimation In which It Is held
the 0.21611.112111, For sale wholeiaalt and retell by ,
K. I. FALLER?. 5.•1t , cescst.
z.,.. be,. Halting: `,
Zol - 12ziadlewtc: . kr 41, b
Si 12ziadle•Irtck:r 141,1,
A CC LIllift,Tl l 4)NA clt
("1- E LEATHER-.- 100 sides 124 tanned;
A l .i ! .3.. ; Eit.aPPOL) "
1 2 .. r 4.10
LUI), it lE , H S t KEY —A lot Inf . stiperior
A. CI 1.11ERT: 1 021 C-1.
12TTER--100 kegs :Lnd,ti Ibis. pltrre No.
Jul 1. to nrylvt. and or Rah. 130 P. P. 2 1 1111111111.
• 120 Ltt.l 132 zserot&ettext..
A kegs No. 1, for ru le by • \
1 ,A3lt3El,` FJ\
B U . I7 E I{-5 11 kegs prime,
J. f f . , . nle 1.
LI N SEE LI Ull.='_'o bbis.Grixwo Is brand.
for ...alp by J. B. CAN fl ELD.
()EARL ASII-20 casks for sale b , y,
N , s J CAN) lUD
S.AL9tA I TIJS - lie) bar. and' 0 bbls. pore, I
F:ESE-400 boxes Common: \
t Cream; for FL.. Lr \
[..l.i.tß-10 'NAL, for sale by
7 ' t. J. B. enNintu, '
DAek El) — I3UTTER-25 MIL good, for
g_ t.t - J t a.rI.Z9L.
Ilt.tsull Church Balding.
1,11F, ,, A , RI. A entlku A
j da ,, ,tn it a . ' 4o lo - !_ -\ sale
poTA Sll-15 casks pure, for sale
.0.1 11. Fy,i;
k t2OIFEE--- , 2,500 bogs ()J4c.r i t , ,
T OBACCO—Beet VirginiitUl U ntifneted,
.r. ICH. 01..01'D.
u tut la • tatt mtutal care, b.ramjim.ll.'
;talml —very ertor Yen- hl
ilracem ituti Tva.lltalem
rr ott,..snr meltaim—for mlett\lty
{e 1I A SltteLl'ati a Ct. Dia I.ibertr Ft
8 PICES-3 {)41 mute Cassia;
. 0
64111 ik.IN MAi fai x
ivod and fnr- , alell
OD Fl.',ll—Kc'e wm. A. inci.umt
rrANNEits• oiL__..3l) 1,1,1. bßst Vality, 1
1 tor ..xio. b, 1..-7 r J salutniMAK El_ k,co.
4.; l' I . : li 31 0111,—,3 Asks pure for sale by \ ~
.1 I•ctIOONNI . KF.It a co,.
I. I L Lll3l—:iti b 1,11,. for sale by ..
- .1 $411. , N1f Ali v.R k es). I
lp i V 1 1, 1 ., A . 1 1, E , 1 11 I,—Z,
, e , a , %k h 5 ,0 b .. 1 . za ,,, e i 1 - gl ,
a w o i , nter,
~.: - 2+ W.,,,,d stn.
lIEESE—xo buzo9 extra Cream Cheese;
• 11.,11p.....1.1,tte,1brt . rham 1,.
51cCAND1. n.
hr a WIE a 51c.C.A.
Nn 1 Lnk.. Sorel-tar &limn-
AhOl• 4o do
0110]wi • lil ,
45 .In NI, I Lt.. WhilrtAL
(II /If II II IN, IrLuIINII, I•rmnd—th s arLielot ever
,r4+l In rI1J• mm,kot. arul warrnnt,itt;73.alr.
•ormbl- I time Ye,
iII UTTKR—W-cmgfre.hßmt
%‘ ALE RATUS---.0 -Ikti for sa
hr • w WIC n.McC?.."1../.:S.i.
EW drinnnAse roe . xr
for rwl, WATT A. ••••
„1110 Aso PENNX. If. it.--tlsn.W.,.
" r' d A V4 •
.I,m,t awl E7 . ctmov•Aroltr ,
E ESE—limi C r e,u, • •
`I , .T
H ALE t iL--;7 r) .ga:11”. it." 4• reed
V, 1..1 4+o. 1.,
REA 51 T.Ot TA It 4W'.akR:ANT
LE, 1.1 IL?. lot E
'OA itS.F4IgirI.INGE-- . 2 . 20 It ' . Of biliperlOr
Allll .4 51 516 N 1.1 \r oak
. • . R it 0..E1,..k. ,
(' A STILE l'Ai A P-- . 21! b ! , x,...N . ,: r ,Oe 1.3. ...
\ • ~. V..., ,
V-iftICE--- TI I 1: l'A KT N 'RS . lA' I , LIST.
, 1
:;.r.:;',7.',.rj:' • Wrs " , ll ' ; k " lT '.." ' h''"
''' ' - '
fMMO. T.% SSE,..Stv
t ,I I' .11 , W • INI, .
: ~.„,.,
~/ lltscbt.v. i.
' ',lre 31a . tau ill
l' tutu b
it. r "W N/n E tis . s l :„ l „s e Wlfhas a a. ,7 '-as. Ns
1. , 61: - N I. A small, sum ok n4lne v, • liic\
, thr ..Qn, al. bay.. I, •silinw ajtt.l d -..ritlArs, It we
T0 7 :4, ? ,.F. 1 .i.r. : ,. t .t., tr C0 3 ...,, , , ,t ,r v e rv 3 h 1 a ... . a
„ f i a ,..
ROUND---A small, sum ok minev,
.hr Lat,, 'MO 11\-.4 . -ittAny It
Ohio and Pennsylvania : s '.. .:
1"11 Aso,:: IN. TIME OF NT...VI.
iN AND AFTER MtiNDAi . , th
Aro, Nfl;ruy+'n to 11.111 ~..ay.. Net,linl, t
-LeL and re,ammnrEt. vi,
T..1 0, N1 .ITEr'' , ,':,
' •I IM .rdpr ..f of Ihrm - wr..
xr "V.. i'A Ilk{ V, itek.A
English tt Bepnett.
lIT i
T1...41,1ra1.5v , 111 1' J• mi 4
No. 1",.! 5...N.11 , 1•1.1.1,1 .1 Firn
enz.llhlleld a.ll4l ,1 1 11.41,nr - 01, Pa. Itur, /.13 had)
11.1 tbe ,rws, gne.V. 1.111.. h fot
11.. a tn. 14..4 mazk..l
150 ¶.rate,—
ruar..l , l Tr.hdrr,. Ihgh. 111 v
.. d pkwa loam:
tad. NV MLfahsv.,
1111,hvh...11 +. l 11 .
'3,P • I . IIIIXL, 4 ,31 a.keted
4.k '• ii•• 41131 • - ,01
•• Coalman / 0,01
. ,1••• Aslll4lllcia.
.It.nb Al0il:
,r. W•lnuu, erwatn nolo . • Alum
N•knd Or,un•l w nr. •ru
,• lutes Ruck l,.uJ T
w. lomat° t•ataup. . ntcf
•• M old k
z 1,1.0 r
drum. tierr.u,ll
ku••••tfl lboNo,l
I nut.
hoa•-• Wlnt "
J. tuu. lou• t•uunr.Cultun %arm,
11.tane •11,1 k a.l Ou •
Juurnal 0 ..ur., •
\ I old k Dip tletpllot
pt... Qt. Flatlt.l
L o . •
he 1/I. Eli .1/0.1111 r Packs, at Eastern Pr
rilllE mobscribers would respec4full.vp
the a:unbolt of re l.] drealsra anito
ou.e. t o thelr re, 4uperir, Tert,i. put •up I • •
...sable rneetrl packs. seabed tn. to carbide the
.ot, end preerrte the Tem perfectly fresh.
I he art ...gee of Tem put up In this way.forrotailin)
•, on obvious that (though bat lately IntrAluseJT the,
ha, simoet entirely auperreds4 the loose Tem, .
our arrangement. and tactllties Int buying Tr.. are
snob that we rix constant', M.Vi,,itel; fresh Teas-which
•••• VIN. et:ablest to tab 10 low m nuof lite nnallry In the
rt. arf-All Tear sold by the subscribers are sold on their
ynorunts. gonl ,sponsirrthip, so that any. not raring stab ,
lartion may be roturmal. and the money reranded.
1 . .1( TiOS —it a bare been informeal that then. are rao .
n agYtillt - U! ' .7. 1 .r i i111: 7 a 1 1 4 :;:4 =l ' 4 . i;V: Pr o ' L ' it i :l3T. c ,rtnit
I. manner to nor. by exhibitions sample+ of In.
Teas obtained from ors To ..old imposition of fhb. kind.
oheerse 11,. every maekage put tip by ne le labelled with
°or name and guarantee
a t TY.A6 ,k 1 all grad, and varletb.t, Wbblorals or
ret.l. at the lowest rates.
1.11 CII ARD .1, (:..140 EC K black u fact u,
,I I.unklnv I.n and Picture Frame , ouga
lo 0!"..,•••• T.r.l otn,.. Philo - 11.1 1
_ _
1'~a11135 L . 5)IITII , Milliner , from N.
j•j York—U St. Char
••• efilf.col • ra.hlonahl , . drratinn t k:t. u lc:ll — A ' n?
Pr"rtre-11..extrotr , n nler• at the
•hort••t paw.. Ch‘l.lrrn , Clothsng made in th
nyruner n 1
betworn Ihr putwriben.hd, the name and htyle
01 - John Caldwell k .?..n." tbl u t d.r dlosolred br Motu.
aI rutownt. Thr`huainew. of the lee drm wltl tw ladth.d
hl JohrwCaldwell .1011 N C Wit" IiLL
The undersigned, riming formed a Ca-part
ander the m une nml ntrle CI ITaldwell alc,
ecnticue clo• sivISG .1211, , 1" kit FIN , :
l,uniu+r, at chr firm Caldwell
.. l° b "" . '"n" . iI A rrIic C A4R4 Y AW'
'let I•t. INd —lla
al - New ark- N J •
~ ..
w t t ..mozzty IA [ 1 1'1,23,1 to furnish a tmtnill\of tbe.
... .
Whkh liar. been found atter weersi. years' 414. h it ch In
F;urt, tad the-United :late., to rolato their orbrimol
beaaty and 1 0 -oltetlle, 1, 1 ,111., 41attellOr to any
t otitit whaterer. Their
I. .1,4 an 01.111..., nor, and I. w a rranted free from all
adulterati o n and tmounty arlttoes o r. It \ cover, troll. Ls
betantirully orhi., and le .stint` free \ front the n enoootote
rE n 'tal l t' t ol'i f nteq's * .nr i tar'tfr=el7 ''''''''''"" • ' ton
IT ly I id, Nol"ruitic I\ .i.r..0 W'
When expo•ed to quiphurous or in,hitte exhalations. or
ereo when shut uo to ache.. mom. Au to nut/thle pajatt
It 1t1tht.140.1. , a .F...111a111 elint•te and rho .othe r hott e r
t . tetn any other. not leis. lioht.. In turn talky ,lo
erunl.le nnd ruh oil. It a t he worltell otlt an t 4,1,,
elt!, outer and sir. or with rarnodt, ',bleb tt h . ‘he oelo , ,
Mated t o.nelolu Ilni-h.
n... an. turoleiami at • low prim, and arm undohntedly
the rheaneftt and best mints in tbo market for enatine
roolA. o,ln...outhonatot , eteamboate, or any expo...llmi
fore .0 briek. ttt., inni, ao th, ore both \
For iron airfares they are partteularly ralu\ tile. us t h 4
torn l A wt.. to ip eoon,tten, uoi entire!, o ,t.lto
they dry q ui.-kly, and harls. I pure gil ts ha,:
.I.• MA eltauge odor like many of the earthint, io.•
Deo t e.
o lent en f olted On liberal f,rmt br thrß 't 'd 1 ,
eoin F. C
any, . • F...10N E 5 a iAri ort
au g 7 d.,.t0l IT .'south %lli .I.hinelelhhut.
Beeswax. II \
. \
THE undersigned will !myth,. higherkmh,r7
0.. t n o,o, to nab, for our n uantity of pure lleeratk.,
4.13 tlollTerr. . 31. KtiOLF, \ ,
senaT2te l'itt..4l Market rtreet. l'hatulelphl t . ‘,..
ULOUR.- - -100 bbls. Eitra Family, for ro L le
I: by ...P . M e. OLit,ILtRII.AUiIII. A
.I‘4 ACKF,R.Fir--!/00 Ills. Lfiiik No. 3:
1. Molachtutat. Ingpec ...1
ticzn to, .17
gert. fit w.ttric Anon.
TRASK',B Magnetic .Ointment -100
-- . .'•.. ,-- ': . ' -- \ -- 1 --,---
r k ttte attAtertpti
ott and to ae
a , :4,ltree orespsll7. fro
OV or Ttrc EME
s t a t t
,0 A\l) FR.I) aNTrEP'
s Tat [SUM !MM.
• For \
• flute.
N .. ..
Bits •
trts arr
c s. \
OA SP OP .44
, - -
‘; , htpo \ •;••••r • •For Date.
‘,..''''''''' ".1
1 1\r t .- . ..:Lare ' rVoo ' 1 . ..._ .. re
...... ' .4A..:...1= i-- . 1
11 \1\
id' ' 11 : 1 *--- -T. ' 1
~.% r• - :\ i, fr....i,...ii,.,„,..::::::: .-
• .‘ ,„0.‘,. k .v,. - \
1 - Cantle .. ~ ldrerpool .. \\.N To Urt
All fro ‘ a A ‘for Liverpool. uhlets oth , rwlu. Mated, , .
All I...tur. add Nel•ll.Dr A baud I. England. 114-
land mud *0 \I , L , . d ‘ xtv , fent by elirxt etc .. et - . no matter
Af what lin,. ,
‘l,..ttere tothey \ ..ntlnant of Ear. ,by the `• tilled Line,
lam.. be urn* t enty , one tell. s t iiugle re except tor
those places requi s r‘ to 6 PtvPsta Tull.
Lettere to the CAta • Dent of Europe‘ the C .. rd Lin,
L e tts la, prepaidllru 4p
a 'burls , exrept .
p required to be‘p paid in full. \ ~ .
ntr'l b 1 the Used he, must be pa p ai d tilka four
',74 .. .. V:r&y . ' .. ..' lo • d P‘utsue to dud, re .t to
Neuipsture by either *. to the Conti t, m u
k r' ktl - i4 u''' s.l7el, b- bel .‘..l' on Letters N 41-
rs . to`t \ ho ‘ Contlnent of EarnO. V the Ilayre Igui ta
\ \ rrrsßultext .k. : ay. . \
, \ urna. P.43a : 4xxx , r ,
\ ' Pills, toornitivtoi,Ur ICr. l
The • market aseaday arse neat,lly Try,
\yet. and) .‘ ,,, L, wrarw buunem doln,/,r114\ no um -AI
chauu, '
li \ OCR —T w rec. v , bX , railroad ..tents v, sure tai , .
~ • •
, OM Mi. lONTI3. UGAR7-30 Wide. N OL,iiirm - de b.* '
M.' \ '''T • •For oc i
', j .P_ l l‘ 2 ' !.11,.1 '. _ ,
'''''''' : '. .7..... "\ PO r ct.:. -- .1.:1.17,•• = rV00 ' I:_*.tri li d -r illi) 014.=-'lO bbl9l ‘- fO - 1 . Rale tO elutes COO
, i R then
10:1X0rk.......Ltrerpm1.... uument, by rroi tir -, , oki2LL A t...
.-. sr .‘. ..!,, \ Vorl, Glasgow I,'Oct. 1 0..1 .
. •
'i:F‘. ..,:,\ id i v .7r, '17.7-'11: IICi L sA S LSEIVAY Ibis. N. 0 . for sale by ktr-A ''''' N 1'1vii....\....1 rerpool ..,::::Clut \ ?.....• 11 oct ; '., `. JiBIF..; DALZELL - .
~,,... ' ---: \-- ', N .. l '\ k , ;\
.„.,"."''„ i "'" * " .(". .-*
Fr 0i1,..10 , C0--.- 4 0 ". i . ..N0. 1 i's twist, betgeel;
Vtlentie .. . . l„iverpool .. \\ .0 be Ort .•\ . 1 !'r0 , 14. :reule'by .- . 1.11 1 .4+ DALZELL.
, -,
All t'. ..i‘for Liverpool. uitlese at .nslor statrd. ~, II ACNE ELL-25k tdile, arriying for sale
all LAr.„ ,, ,... arkl N....Aw A W ad I. Eugbmd. lr* - \ ill by ,L . tio3) ' W. k. F. WILSON. L, ,
'''',, ''' 'r . ' '''"
" ''‘''' . 1..
""'"'''''''' s ALIiPkTIC '-100
Af what Ilue.
crude, arrivin,'
‘l,..tter.. tathe,(..utlanot of Bur. ' , ; by We `•lliree LOW, , fr , r sale by' - ( no 3) W.. P. teritok. 5, ..
MOO be prepald t etlty , poo r,.ob, a smale ra except !or ' ti_Ri c• ,Asit.....\4o ,
sate ...)
thu. Places , regO.V., tu be Ptvrald \a Y? 11.
Letters to the C.O.p• Dent of Europe ‘‘ ,. .., „ tbe C.. rd L 1... ' oat ‘ \W.d F. ZILBON.
-- ~
; ;. ''''
t 7e , l ' u ' i e r l :Pl . o ' rlp PPiri 'l l ' u ' ll. \ ''" r.. " . Lh'''
Q 0 E LEATFIER2OO eider hemlock tan-
' nter.• 6> the Marie be Must b. preisid t•ilk/t four kJ ani \
i.i '',o! gq...1, by ,
_(3) , _ . W„ aY. WILStr.. . I
W,,. Vt i t,": in 'I \,"" th .." ''''\ d " ° ' "' ' igENL oll., •: (Parreburg,./--5 libli, a, ."
\ i4flp f eu:re by ,„ ritbe b r , :. ,;o the Conl.l\e t„ r 7 lj prim e e 1... for)mle by "..- ,
~,,,i,„ , \ • R. 11..5ELLN1t9.` , 47 Wool se,
, '"Xi"4l`,.. , i:::‘ b. •' 0. ii r . N.-'.- • tl ) If .EE ''‘ 94 . b', WI ic. - 6beesV, 105 da
„ s . tt \ haeontlueot of BoropAy the we Drew u •
Cream d0., 1 celred 'for Pak by '
\ , Vt/efi.`,.. MeCANDISES. \..,
:\ 1
\ 1378BITROR \-
4.::.: . -.. URIIAM ' JLESS 0 Ilks
. highly cal '
. Ural.. Clagetstpisl i d . r.Y Isal9el r. , rale& . \
N , ,, Ch..k 113.1 ND S
, \ ~,,,,,.. p„.„ , 0,.,,.., \ f.
.\ , \ 1. .„,., ~,,..,i,,,,,,,. to . ; , 11 ly TER Jlitt . Frett.i . Butter received
au.l , . ?or We. by sr Wit, l 'SWAN DL..91,1
The • market esterday wee nerally Y r:Y\ \.,- :,,,
~,,-., . --- 1 ,-
\k,Let and' ul a `mos'e busmets dultisaiLbuu ma - , FRZU
•hat, .
L t . ! ti ,,, " , \ ' BUTTER , ‘ ..50 bb Juid rec'd and •
\ \ .. for.,
, at SIOR/IIV Vallart in he DOOLIO__
lc ` OCR -T r receir by railroad ..yest_e u v, treLe u i
'S BLACKING-- se nairld .1
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