The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, October 11, 1851, Image 1

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ornat ON 1111 1 2 1 ,11112.1.111zz2 DOGISI T 9 eat nre emet.
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alra'oalo. Maas
E ., •=lllUal Oa the f0u. , ..g
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pD Por annum . dd
' Too =otos do . . 1 6 3
The Vartat or each Club moe alit; i . e . °. remain,
uol to lorpold lovorlablr to adranoe. No 00 ND.. .111
be Pent&net the rror orplroo, - Iroloogo moor, LA rant for
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,v. ` ; ! *V*;..-17-777;;;;;;71-:;'r
"BePts OF ADvaarratero:
' Smililll . • (10 une, M D 001111 1 ,2 /11
- , lnarttion-. ... - .. 0 60
DO. each additional Leuertkon.. 0 2.
. throe
0 1 00
Un Dar tannth,/0 0 0
mouths 12 00
- - r tWeiWai . ontrie 1/4 0)
Stapling Garda. (6 Lints or Lae, per annum --1.5 00
• Uns Dollar for each additions!. lbw. •
_Owe Squawk changeable at Diemen (Pw on"
num)esclusise of the paper...4--.--..23 00
~ for each a.l.l.ltiortal aware. inserted °Sew one month, and
for each allltional sonar. Pirtle,' ander the yearly rats,
• Alvertlscronts ersoeeding a spurs, abd not Orer Atteet,
lbws. to be &Ansi ae equate mil a bait.
not amounts bin for legal adrertisemente
no I the amount charged for their publication.
- Announcing candidata for care. to be charged the same
as orbesadeartistincuts.
A irvithlemeta• 004 merged on the copy ftt • irprcifirf
...tarot samertions, otU be continued till forbid, and war
- wieui erects} actordlogir.
rim priviboul of annual 01.1151111 s strittly Waited to
their oweritouladiato birsuates 1 OE6I wirerresemenis for
, . tbs=lit of other perwsztr th an
as slladvertiscmcnt
,ete.rogir= 4 ,nis, in.lengil: ' Zf .' o l ge 4 rtr7st
"'''''''' wn gtarl bc tion usual raise. .jr t
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40 ,g pt d,rtu lei.. emu:Ugly
All adrartisexcealflAgritable institutors, fil•werono
sude'%•.to be t egarge i tl:l :;!,I, ' til b efile trA,
nistriags node. to ha ,barged 60 ream •
Death wakes inserted without &lege, unless secolops.
tiled by finseral Ineitattone or obituary notion, one when
aceorrparad to be paid for.
Regular Aleortleces, and all others wading • tutatettimes.
nun.. or requiring notices deugued to call attention to
fairs, Soirees, Concerts, or any public .ontertaintacuta,
when 4122/10211DZe toads for admittance--all nutlet, bf
W anociations—terary notice dasigtiull to coil attention to
private eutosprwee, calculated or intended to prornote indi
idual interest, etnotdy be ituortal with the understand.
.ng that the tamale to be paid for. If intended to he an
' sertesl blebs load column. tbs but , . will be charred at the
rate of not less than 10 auto per .
• Bishop or Sr. 'biotic. to bs th awed tri ple Price.
; •
Sateen Licenser Petitions all ova.
, RealEsteto Agent.' uul Auctioneers' alwatieetnente not
to bealausader yearly rater; but to, be snowed a due
l oftconal - three gad ons third per. cent. Imo the
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• Do. - wit B.4dilional Er;ext
Wm. nzta
. ona *" al=ranit Infer tioa ........-50amts
D EU o. t
_each .Ithtional
ttatuiarigrart.littatenta td he paid in advance. •
TAMES F. KE Attorney nt Law---ZlBee
ft .1. fourth zt.. batre a Bmith4e lind.Orsat, Pitt.'
. •
WEAVER,: ttorn ay at Law, Fourth
J.anvet; mat th• Ilayor's Office. Pittaburgh, Pa. o.+l,
.tiora stimmle4.t.DmaPtir.
- t.DDFCV OW." ALISAIDEIt mugs, •
tlaao at Uniontown, Pa (Lido of India.. 1 , -)
kir law—Dtbro on /fourth street, bit. 6234, between [rood
tin Itlifete=on e r ter the Mateo
, • wpIS •
• •••
tag AttOrneys Law—
?. 0- a ie. an Poi:alb sixet:abor• Btaltbilell:.
117,N..F.1 WHITE, Attorney at law-Of-
N .111; L. B. FETTERMAN, Attai r
n." r tam Agentn. Si. 107 4tla
4 .111E8 J. KUHN, AttornCy at Law, office,
Io Tllahn >• Itll..comer of Grans!dx..giut DlikmatO
riVANClSO.Falitefg:TittOrriey at Ll*,
loorastrect., Pittstrumb-
OWE & WATSON,it ittorneyat .law,Q
?id.' 110 Fourth Meet, Pilitabursibi , r
iln,s-SCLt-4.lezailder t Dim John sordim 5i01.; Un
pin, I/mix= k C;. Wm. IL ftiier; JoM Yllaiolog, Ac
ecaDdr.riU Da. W. Jackacnii i DitllooroD • • Dialilr
Dw4uto. F . JONES, AttatEpy at Law:
as Fourth stetet, betieea Woad sod Etaltal•
ASPER E. 'BRADY, Atuaitey at Law,
'No. SO 1111 b stre.t. Pillaborch.
y HANRISON; SEWELL, Attorney at Law,
- Ohio Etat Ccxotraulnner ft takicur D4otationo. Ack•
..n.rlMgccorny o ( Dow% f)f.Vce—Fon Meet sInT•
1a511132.14.. ' •-•• .•• • tarbfk....,
aEOREIR' E. 'ARNOLD JE • Butkus:
Iledus Excbasum, Coin, nant , Nobu, Na 74
800 rth artirma,• tteat door to the Batik of Iltisbardia.
AmtMitsoaratallr_atteratiti d the pave& remitted to
' anlimrt of the
3,1.• .11. WILLL, MS • & CO., Bankers
W li 'andiraeharige Brat. North East earner of Wool
sad trd streets, Ilttabitra
I Antratimetions made or liberal ..terms, rod'eolleWoaa
orrimatit =meted ta • iiadilT
itD. KING, Banke and Exchange Broker,
• roarth . Arent, Ipeidee In Bank. NOIR.. Bills a Ea.
Gold and Pilaw, dWena bought and rota. •
The Michell:market print pald In premium for Arneracan
Halt WWI. and' Neat= anti Siesnlell Dollar, tam
mei. I •• • p
WM WlNER;Banker and Broker,
4th etroet, Pia 66, adninalner the Beak of Phitihnonh.
WILKINS & - CO, 'Exchange Brokers,
Hoult,Esei Corner at. hled and Market areas. All
110LNINS Sr. SON, .Dealers' in Foreign
• cod Doze UoltlW of Esehange, Cenilicates of be
vel . Bank Now and :lonic. No. MI Market %hem Pltb
=ore on II the principal cities
Ahrourhont the Bolted sfates.
and la
itinge Bmke..lne Dealero In Foretrn and Donestln
" Uth ir I C AT tr;Z. , l tn.{ t pcfift;
t= C Bb rn ges not.L .•
, 46 11R litVlg, Commissio Merchonts l
add 611111rokera dl4 Second greet n
Mats «cumuli:roma coo to noon onsoro a Inn!
ATOM. vstaint..--.110 ILO.— *MIL L. RM.
. ,A.LMER.,.I.IANNA•&. , CO., 'ticcesfiors to
• lluseal a llama et CP. Basalts,
a dealers Foreign and Wand= Szelattne, Certif. .=
aro( Berndt; anklepme, Heeds—No rt h West corner of
Wood and ThintrtrLs. Curma. Mow) , received an Dr
t. Canhlekdadav for rale, lad =Heenan% mach on ovar
y all the principal points of the United Slates.
The Wisest premiums fall far rereign and &aerie.
All•aneesnisdaoneel:tdifinnen' tee( traduassidseped ends
on Literal ten. . '
CI Yl i O
W. TAN Comthissioner and Bill
LAS Bob,rr Seised urea. &del glad:ion mill b.
Ova to all badaea• estriuted to his cars, Piiteburth
atanalesitured articles alwag r %hasid or prcartircitat than
sals Votes. Bonds. Ida . at, tiegottaled fastir ,
able term.' Adm.*. i . • aired.
1:1*):(:) :a 1:i 1'1 . 0).3 a :4:1
1110170' Stak.TON. late Johnston & Stock
-1.". scn. BoakrelteY Stattarte,Prlntor, arid MUD, etic
4 I
- tier of Desert axidSlidni btroot,lDttbarb.
j - AS. B. HOLMES', Cheap Literary Depot,
Ibi r pow, oppoilte the Vat Deb; Near Books T
vial daily Ibleboesra. itaticriptinoe real • d to by a
Magazineit o tialrobbro, pahliehrel at tbe bibiltw'a
jL. R E AD, Bookseller and :Stationer,
N 0.76 gotartb torrAt_ Apollo Hnlidinla.
f IirCLINTOCK, Mazufacturer and lin,
..1=`,41.1T1 4 1.' eZt. B P:Alttu' r T l ::
9 Wood rt...l.ltubarah.
j a r,lt, POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
• street, Pletabiargb; CanarMallan Ina Vag
artaa noels, and tor the parrhaao ;slag=
WeaterraPrealane, lron.Nallt,lallam and Ma am
"artleleane Pittatrargb generally. . .
Aba—Aaratat Gar the sale of. N. Barger tea., and
Manure and Hat 4'cent, at prakadva.
v+iou; and Jelled. a Co.'a auperiar packeyl Tau. span(
.A. BIoANULTY & CO—Transporters,
e Yon/will:IF *ad Cinanthaloce IterehW. 10. Pg.
C•nat Yob. OS ran newt, PiltAburgh. frias
t.i..44 .603i= . ... . ......umma too..
Osonoinica itenhantv, No. 81' Vist.
H. JOEENSTO Forwarding, and
CogmWlon Iderett.t. N. 112 8/.1141 Wen;
' •
& ', Forwarding and Corn
arloka lharama., Nth. lo Prat., and Pltf►
11 6.
ARD 0/153t§ CO.ti .saccesmors to At
we, AT:* co, Cluaisslao sad Vdtvardinglter.
l e fltlxbore Slarailacturel Goody Pitt.
. --
i):}lrrQM4,4.s:4:l,q:t.ll:y 4:11
a. a. 11.1. 6 OX_, “nrinhiT N.Toat.
A„MASON CO., Wholesale and Retail
••!Dslava . In Faxa . T: and Stant*: Dre Ci00dx,.62 VaikAt
Detail Dr:ll:hods !Sextant... corner of Fo , utlx
•naQSllliaraet ktrots. rittetnach.
jal L..D RUNT, Dentia Corner oi
in I Pei Var ot" beiwe.b Mkt .nd .terrr +1210..
gun.PnY WOOL Dzit.tio and
Urrasmberlon liferrhastu for the ma , of Acserlan
co et (lends. N 0.1.2. Liberty st: Piltnhorch.
& IiAttAITOII. Wool kerchanto,
- DrskTs tyro= avt Praduro ceacrallt, sad Yoe.
nandnamainolon Merebschca, No. 115 fint strel,
ad gavot. Pittebnzeb.
• gaaowex~ acxexxs.
9ION lc CO liaparters and
oleah ne.aers Bard.tre aa4l Outlay Ka 1%
PB-EXT:MORRIS; Tea. and IVine Ider
L. nano.
I - 1117 X- A., ISITLUB.G,4 7 eO., Grocer, -twit
Tan Dealera t Na. Za.Ltberty stmt. slam Wood
have layman - Dam a Ilsße tamenelent at Citrate Often ,
t: 1710LASSZITr.n.. 011ar'tkrtgat'jr%Wsh:.1..
• inocciOs, odd manufaccundgrof Whita 10,1, god
I cdrurc Wood wad - Fond dm Pitt.-
Oardh. Po. mEhi
' na:a. Crarszo.] 'ln a ICDOVIIIL.
to Doff a Horror.) Wholonia ana Dotal Drug orid
ot,otinUon Damn, earner of Wand street and Vlrgan alley.
l'h f Orions• onrwritaiono rorrfulir oanaowird altDO and
- -
OFKIDD & CO.. Wholesale Druggists: Deal
. sto to Points, 0119,,Dre Studs, sod. lostristbs tads—
trrgr, 7n o d r ittil l trOp .. V.V W drOo ° 4 ,, rll7l
remh streets, Pittsburgh.. Orders girl siresrefour pack
et sod forwarded with disratch.
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
.ft. Drugs, Falai,. DT° Stiffs, Oil., Vartilities,:te., dm,
ST Mica greet, Pittsburgh, Yi. Ootida warriolted.
Pm. low,
CI N. WICKERSIIA3I, Wholesale Dinggist
r IVAU"N'"IrfieIT. '''''''''''''''' Wholesale and Retail
ai . rtier a Liberty and StCler Pitt.
SCHOONMAKER CO., Wholesalti Drug
*, gut.. Nn. 24 Wood 64- PlWAtmrsh. I
BLACKholesale Gro
eon haat urninhars. and dealers in ['ruin@ and
Pittacurgh Manntactorec Oa., Pitch and t/Ocuatlal Ira Ta
en band at their Warehouse. 1 , 11 Water street. Pittlburgh'
acrid:) .
I.u. chum re Anna =SON.
Wholesale Grocers and
l'ecedur. N ' o " 118 1 = n , rnallr for "i°
Front eta. apt
L. •SLIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Goinniission
suu d Irwin t.and reets. htnibur dealer in Pa
att:per and Raga. c;dner
.A.MUEL P. SLIRIVER, Wholesale Gra
-1,7 cm; Produce and Colamisidon tfferebanta s nod Deal
rs in rittsbnich Alartufactuze3 Anklet, Non. L3O and 102
Stroud steeeV, between WoWl and limitb,l,l l'ittebnant,
roue 5...V0LTL1 Data n¢~curn.
JOHN S. DiLWOlfri E - CO., Wholesale
Onarorb Produce and Conaralarion orehilkto. and
onto far liabar.l Pol der lb, al ilarablrllis. Corn. No.
31, %rood ot„ PittaLuroN.
7. Ma..
Gams. and (Igmailesion Sihrchshts, N 0.116 Wats
s cot, and Rh First 'tree, Pittstsargh.
enAtnEY, MNITIEWS & .00., Wholoetag
GrocedOodaidddan and Yanrratins Merciful:B.ldd
d far driFhtan.lbtton Yarn. 5. Ifiderat a Pistaburata
501nt VAT::7... ........ .....1011“ T 5590•
JOAN WATT ;!i. - 65., itfolcaale Grocerß,
OrannaWinn Madinat:a and Dailora In Practice and
i itebnagh Manufactures. 'No. 266 Mara street, 'Md.
4 B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
. Cattozoteetan end Porwerdlng lterriment. anerWlsole
w e Dealer IA Wane= Iteeerra C 0.., Dotter, Pot wad
!Pearl Aeb, and Western Prodons Remerent. Water Meet,
between Etzdthllald and Waal, Pirtsbnagh.
kg• sale emace,.,r,y forwarding oa Coroasamo tderch.
nn. Dealon htrobarfrb BlaNufsetnrul Western
Posauce, N 0.36, comer of
• Frorut ainni.nallehaaeorf Low.
an, CanimLuu;n 7~,rcEand . cud In Pvaduce—
Yi burgh.
• sat. B. 1331.199 ........... . —mats ]...1(.17.
pNGLISII . BENDIETT,. late English,
Mall:Vee e r ' eltaule.ra t .f "d t in' nee nod P oid
Matotheturee„ No. 122 Sertiodat. and 121 Rest et..
bekwerta Wood eta Smithfield. •
' GILLS Who Beale Groceril and .
030IILLSTIuLi Merchant; Co. W 7 Liberty i .tmt.
StOBERT MOORE, Wholesale ,Chwer,
rroduo,, Patin...ran
anufacturc., kirula of Foreign =1 Domenic
;•ieanti Liquor., No. SU Liberty ...rect. On baud a
h lam
L treli ol o ylepor oU • alozionaabela Whikny,
Al, (Moen% Comllliffl. Merebants, doeteni Is Prainro
Lod Pitetburgh blanuGeturec No. =3 Liberty M.ros C.
Ptetsburab. • • V_
4 011ERT A. CLINNE\i GRAM, Wholesale
Omer; Prodeide,Forenuelieig. end Com:nixie= Mei.'
e t., and 'Dealer In
burgh Ilsatufsetetree. No. ..T..10
Liberty newt. kittatringh.
• -=" - - ' - —•- .._ _ _ .._
wee. .......... ..romze n odwurz.
R. a. 1.491F.111, .............
UTAI. BAGALEY CO., Wholesalp Geo
;Tv. ems, Nos. IS and 23 Wood street, Pittaborgih.
funs u.
L. 1. 3. D. Irlek, Wholesale Omen, I'M-warding
nod Complisclea Ittchfc, o ri kt m -. 2 ,1 =
so I. rskei Water %pets Yitybossuls
' .1. a. aloos.
L CULS/U.56011
. Omen, and Qominin.ton blerchnnts, Thole. in Prir
am and ititablirgh Vann anti:rind
stmt. Pittsliarzh.
J. P. _ Q
• Retell Yar =7;74,, preince,nnhiwure
corner of Wood and • Vlab
• Incrwr. sosureets--tone. trriu..—seact s, Peietb6.
• Liberty street, Pittsburgh, Vibrdesetie Gramm Pro
' we otettiontraireirm Merchants, and deniers in plttsbwrirb
1 &R. FlO -s iii: Wholesale Grocerg, (2orn
ity tobudon Ilerchant.`und Dealers to Produce—Round
.ou r
Building, (mato. on, Llbertr. nud birth
etieets. PlUaburnin.P.
J . • .....
OHN PARKER & CO., WholesaloGrOcere:
Dealers in Dralcsre, Von•Dro Mom lliuora:;0141 Mn,.
o sad Reerifted Whiskey—No. fi, Commestiol goer,
Liberty et.. Pittslorroto •
LAS. D LZFLL, Wholesale Grocer, .Corn
mission aid Yoreranlbsg blerehont,artdlekler Inn.
e:llM C* o.rD ) Si r e n rt. * tr. trinntbeetifer=e7h.'
1011 N IL 11113iLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
401 Moole,,scol Marled 'wino:moots, School Books. and
:Otaticalet7. aeLlot for Chiekorloer Piano Foxpga, for
Welters, Pelootylrarna—Nn. 81 Wool O.
11.EislitY KLEBEIf., Dealer in Iflusie;l - 56;-
n.nrataent, and importer of nen= StriO4L
1 - 1 IL LING S, WILSON & CO., illrgiufac
tum,, of all fires tacks. loco and gimp Lulu. mini'
, chair, and.lining nailto finishing, clout. bob. and
. s.ltoo_akils; norm barrel atol lathing do.: Alm ms ad and,
It bided nail, et
ttrg c. no.
Intim LIPPrNCOTT C0..50. 111. Water
h. 7
J. C11111.1.1.Mu , CHID— CM. SriTiOn . r.
M IRON CITY TACK FACTORY.—Tho emir tp.paiseture kOrp constintly or: bind all
omen of Tark4,llrtuls.alul numbing FlMUMnir,Cloot, and
Hob NIA.; fine Blunt Flour Barrel and Lathing, Nulls:
CUPP... Null , cud TarksOlarrel Bang Copper lati Zinc
Shun Nub: Parorrn Bußene foluts: lot, u, a/mono:L.llC,
Warehouse. CO it Mar Plttaborgh._
.NENNEDY, CHILLS k COq• .lanitfacw
”n pa
at very rarlor ebeating. rairpet Chant.
Tokio and Batting. re. Mil, PO:lgnore,
birt, Berry On. Manntactaiters of soda Aakii 13leach.
ug glortatic and aulptuaric Acids. Warta.,
N o. 63 Watin• rt.. Won Yersi.
7ALIER' P: MARSHALL, Succeehor i to
Samuel 0. Lllll—Troportax and Dealer h aL Prehall
and Amerima :raper Hanging* wad Borders, Whaloar
abadas, Fire Board Priata, ae. Alao—PC tithag, Printaug,
end Pirupping No-S5 lived strest, between Fottrtb
mat Mammal aller. Plargfurgh. Pa-
OLIN A. OAUGHEY, Agent for the Lake
IN rrieAllehigan Line, to Bearer ant Ma rake:c—
wt. an thewrner of Water end Szolthilekt Ws. ,
LE:E011 Transporters by Canal
X:111 aad Vormudlng Morobanta turner of Yuan Err[
A. BROWN would ixOsirespectfullyiaorm
110 the pubbc Mg be keego on hand at gang on the west
auaeof the Diatoond r Lambent . eft/. cinnplete aawartnutrt.
of Venitlan blind"; aim Veniaan bhutiers mum& to m .- J
In W. beat f Lila. •ornargul equal td any in'thig United
Stat.. Ilia Win& on tat rentoweel without the *lgor •
ache,' driver. flaring purehand, tbe atoek,toola, and word
'of tba cabinet establialanent of Ramsay MeClellabl. attr
pra rang furnialt the& old au/tamers, aa well as the nub
ile at large, with erery thing In their lino.
ggetuy. I. I areal. Pittobargb.
meta° J. L. BROWN.
„ •
jai Puirroza—flasidearsa =nasty/ Mal street led East
, E : optartt i lte u tthe..E . .
man. '
ApAm Veterinary
dSurgeon% la
t. te
Irma, EtrbOrgh h Ecotlargh would rarpertfully
21.4 4 1pronfirtng, g ' y t rA otrentimx to trtudg ' erlo
" 11=nrrtM . Z ‘ illr rel t e, : a 1 1 1 1=11=11hoeing u
Mang. in general will be carried on, at the corner
of T. • • I street and l'enneylvenla Almon.
'lye • MID :0
NEiILLY, JOHNSON, Engnaver on Wood,
Pttuo 11.11. (third gem) Embank, Pi..—Viono
UstDdinaa arllam" Dead. Of tiemmap., trontIVISOM
Landscapes, Drug Lalsslo, In colon! Sada for Division., Do
sSstiss and6aossiations. Cotton St9=pl, Ite.,ln the (opt nil.
or .xt: and at W. lowest prices.
,,v v - k Establishment, Thlrd stmt. ..PtsiiellY Lb.
lama Pittsburgh. blurs. Isoulssayou. Portraltsi,litiots
Bonn. ImbNs ArrhtisMund and }lushly*
Ihnistnies, Ilusions met llsittny tneds.Ac_eogrartel or
amen ma attme, Kati printed In colors, G 0...
Miens intlynot aaDr.yrd col a , I t.
Wegner Buchner. &
!FRE ABOVE FIRM reirectfullyannimiice
JILJ their llama* and the, pane generally. AiLt they
ime.rel to exec.., I. the first style nt llr t. WI
ostlers Wr :lb.' Canis, tans, UI (Mona, }lon.*
and Professional Coals, Star*, Chums; Label,. an.
Their rotebli.hment.lo ti.No.tl6 }hake/ meet, batmen
nor} lad fourth *es, on mehltitt
•' , '
e'j7lY WlLSON,l l 7atehee, Jewelry, Silver
;ea gilitair nocdli,nnuer e( ldszket
iloartbstreets.F)ttabitrata.l4.. N.
S, (es tablie l
h eiad
„a r net iee ND lwbortt o ti P T. -- --.7 l
count, Tiabt. letmot,4 Mob' ,„%ral,4:
' '''4
Tor , anon on tsd., tted Node to orlit e.
IL IL A ebotto IPtitg . Of DlSTaill i. , 'jab ,;
Doctoi G. Reichhelm
INFORMS hie friends and the public in ge
end, th to bat removed hie °Mee to Perm etre,. Na
text Char Hotel.
R.—Peteonelmlebtal to him Mt aloud. of time. are
neloolt.,l to coals their WOOL.. r15 , ..3t0 •
_ .
• • F. R.Moore, Id. n i .
'' rPOrisl att.:Moir to the treatment of &Dictum of no ,
" nt d aL l i " e ld'"4 gl 1V frA7 l ,2,Yi
ear thn atoll! Onto., ar,d Drat door to ' ille Plan.
Mg Mill. Allegheny City. Office hours tram 7toP A. M.,
tram k to 2, and from 7 to 9 P. M. •
_mill! ,
R. J. J. SlYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
OM. and corner of Darlington'oren,
.Tblrd street one door above StnithlieM et.
Dr. Myers has permanently 101•ted in Pittrburgh. and
mill attend to the duties of hit PlOlOOlOO. il•Wiii give
yorticular attenUon to Solaro.. caw and the &meets of
ioaan and children. apiti;3m
Wm. M. McKnight
ILL give special attention tithe Collec
tion oT eialzuefor Merehwlle and other. lo Wed
erzYlreanaylvaetla and Eaet.erek Ohio.
°Zee In illotacton Hall. opposite. the New Gotta /LAM,
Pittsburgh, Po. .
- .. .. , ..
itelemnues:—Joho Merriman, E.C. Planesio. D. N. White '
Mean Hampton, and Wm. ble..u4less, Fr ," 1 6. '•
.1 11 - 94C-rDIOX -1
0101 I. ZICIOa.
t Spring
et QUIGG, Manufacturers of Spring
and Blister Steal, Plough htuel, ELM Plough ing. :
h and Pliptir Swing& hammered Iron Aaiun auel
dealer. in Malleable Parting, •Firl. Engine Lampe, and
tloach trimmings generally. earner of Buss and Front ett
-Pittatntrith. l'.l
)IRAJAH DICKEY & CO., Agents for Me
an:ail.; Irea.lVorka Seep onnatthily on hand and
r - aalo very leR prices and of superior onalityi liar
ant thee! Iron. Nalle.Prikes. 1119
WILMARTII & NOBLE—City flouring
Slits, N 0.2115 Liberty me of Adams th. Plttsbumh.
don 'l" al bl ` rt:hra t'' ? .` ,, " di 'm j Arft". f
Water Works , Tgling74llV g , !. f. o hay
hood betsrbit 10 A. M. 6P. ' 111., Ti his restoebte, N 0.21
blarbory street.Pittsliaigh. ! yanlAidly.
'coRD & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Alanulummers. eel Deafen in lisle, Pips Furs,
corner nf Weimi and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh. Where they
Mier • full and complete stock of flats. C. Furs, Ae., of
ererr quality vol rtyle, by Vassilesisio and in'
rite the attention of their customers and purchaser. , ou r
ally. amusing them that they wilt sell on the moat Alvan.
tigeous touts.' . .
DIOBY,TM. Merchant Tailor, Draper,
v awl Dealer In React, Made. Clothe g. 1.71 L1t444
'IIOfE2OE & RE Importers of
tveto an dtod
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu
Mal Wet) Insanace Wm.' ~tnt
JJGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Tiro Inscasats Compacts, tvdtb edit carter of WOW
add Third Ftewt..
1 r GLENN, Boot BINDER, Woc r
or rntrd is,,t7:l„.
bound fuliwtantially 800. In numbers, or old door,
bound rare harp. or nipidred. Names ninon In 0111 letter,
Thai. bo harp binding are ingitod to call. Prin. low.
• laibdly
Steamboat Agency, and General Commii
aion, Receiving and Forwarding.
tD, dsp
A_LDWIN, PLUbIER . CO, hare this
aascretsted with them Mr. John Lawton, and offer
seregee to the paid= no Steenbee Agents, poneral
COstrunimion, and korwartu i lrAyl, under . the style of
51 1. It e co.,
Lotrornie. April 11. 1001. 11:: Wilheas Raw.' ,
Attorney at Lai: No. 163 Third et_ corner of Cherry
/ el', having made arrooosomuo foe thepurpose. will
proves lonely Lands for officers and soldiers, their,
widows and children, tue will attend tu any other bust.
coruseeted with the government or any ells love s , . Ulnae
the Pension °giro, or the Courts at the City of
Washington. iargltt
Drawing, Perapective, and Painting in Oil.
. )t R. D. R. SMITH is now prepured to give
Itternetion to a to. sill, in the dfferent orenohoe
o t delightful, art. at but moms, In Metes. trete A
Ateramon's new building. First street, between 11ma1 and
Market strew, Moues of irotrurtlon. from 151 to 4/1. and
hum t3L to 83i C... Charges mot nth, Psrtiente , csu he
known by cal4lng letterman) at the moms.'
liefer-to sha t or Dr. Addison
. .
LIGHTNING RODS--Spratt's Patent.
WI oltdalt Dspot, 86 Wood sired, PittabCrgh, Pa.,
(CartwlightU Cutlery Store-)
stroct.l the they cannot get out of nyder. The Mc
atom and Attachments Wing tely, the'Voltabm
ate Blagurte are unnsalletl—fht !lode %tens highly or
namental, ed without dispum Ilts best ,lithlClAlt sere
trousenctuawsL James Jets. will sttotLts tbetta .t lit
name per foot Prier mkt the .tore, 10 roe,. .
Oradell:Ml are respectfully rettnesust tall at ad Woe
.treat, and grandee the erotic whet., al., the Avont may
Storage,Ship , e i g& Covrrn • ' don NerOants,
37 - HOLEN ; dealeris in 13 rocezi eN,
• Mk, 841 t, NUM. ase. No.:0 en DNA . . keel 17. Z
eve 'treat. Cleveland. Ohio.
Cerath *dekko,' mule on exeksigeneenk,
Agents no ell Ateambekts and 11.4eollere in the Lake 5u..
peeler Line.
Otis * C41...0kkk1aa..11 - •
' • .--•.-- -Mies& WheeJer..litatialre
T.M. Home. Cubit, l'ineburih.
_ .
Rockingham and Domestic Queensware
Klinchatl god ~ t C
L I ,I I
Emli.L7Erroo,. Ohio.
• • .
.04p2huriple' Itrouns. rotoer Sixth awl Liberty /haste,(Round
Floyd,Arh Church e budding.) entracte. neat deo, to J. a h.
o leatdtirocera.
Our extengive Nnrks enahla ue to all orders promptly.
A cotopetent desiquer being ronatantly emplo}e.l. %P. eu
rale, us to keep Pace with al/ the new and IntrnAed
of the day.
Water Urns. PpitcworP4Pl:cheta,P.ey Toys Deeeeett, ts,
Plower Vases, pallets, Mantel Ornament, .}ledieine and
Enuff Jars,' and articles (or tauestl: use. In great TariCly.
, frders repoedjwily .1+4.1 . 1ed. • mrbinat
Alexander Bradley,
No. 19 Wood street, between lire and Sawa rea.
MANUFACTURER of evei denription
of COOK INV STOVES. nf the tnort appror...l
tern, and sorb ae • rendar the t...t aatigettion.
WITIVE:i. among winch .01 to C.d.)
Jewell .t is not, eeleoretbd tuthan door Peri., Store, 14;;.,
to htnenc, ituttatorr. Franklin &or,: plait:tend twat,
whidive invite the ettentiont builder, Tea Kettl,
Ifollon War, Wage 14ose/41r.: to all" of shiab .c lovtti
the atteritlan of dealer* hears nurche..itur aloevter.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.'
THE undersigned hese just completed their
X itnelve
hd ere now cuattfaxtutinir size. of GAS rill!. to
an<other FNIPP. nod all oisre of
latch the, offer lot - Axle at the lout tuinns, She, axe
now prerized to exe,ste Aden, m wzy mten U t, without th-
No: 91 and 1.4 %tn., .trnet.
GM am .I , ll . rnAu A PA
Bolivar Fire Brick ht anafactoring Comp'y.
FPIIE SUBSCRIBERS, having boon ap
i. pointed Agents for the above mamodel roneern.
'Leek ...Ural, on hand anpply of the oelebratod Bolivar
Fire Brick. Crucible Fire Clay, k urns., Ileutted and 1 tos all.
They are also proyrd to rectivo trier, for *add Brick, to
be Made ALS a m l shape to suit purehtwered which shall
bo jummptly d
Vied, not deem It -neer/wary to enumeram the many al.'
vantages the Bolivar Sire Brick pewees over all others .het
barebeew offered' for isle in the United Stetr v. their cure.
riority being welt 'known to almost all persons who tow
Fire Brick. The proprietora Lace determined that the
Brkk shall loos none of their prevent envintie reputation.
and that at rrpe... Alai! ho epared to make them even
better than they have heretofore been. Thia I. the only
estabilebment now manufactunnit Mire Brick it Bolivar.
Knit A JUNted,
meh7 Gnat Basin. Seventh FL, Sit tsbierah.
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
thopaiaario any Walther clarr nifirrd ,n ianhntrno.
RICHARDSON, 81 Market street, is
Il e sets Agent for tn. abOro
nOWILIe imamate , - Is attachtal to each Watelr
illy ayrointment to [ha Admiralty, WTI. DIXON, Chro
nometer *Ad Watch AlaOufacturer. 45 IS/1111 Nita!, tho
well goad, bondon.
alas certifies that the accoropanying Watch. No. —.le
warranted er m. to be of coy rnantdarturc, uht no If
with my nand upon it is genuine =lea. a.—oropanied hr
• certificate dspeture
gualsleted the it etch
to koel h t i lioL i etZe sac
ratactinn of the purehaser.
• efillitk •
tIRAVE FITTED UP, (on the New York
p 1..) %vs% supesior Wermotem,.for enelsaleol•C:m
it?fisDo n tto lelteir ' gg ' ter . I!:; r e " iel= " tirige ' rel ' arti °
mciti superior amortment of Satin De tains?, Demoted,
Fennell German lemousk D. Cobra, English Dmask,
Maroons, Chines.. Turkey R. Goods, Fringe , . Dimes of
aim kind. Lam Curtains, dims. plain Muslin. Ito)•
Lad of different widens, ti.lres of M. , d 1 &Ten t pattern,
.d styles, Dom kleint. iilestmeltllnits and Sheles,Curtain
Donlan and Bands. Curtain Pins.Tamals MulTsetelLoops,
Cord, Bilk and Worsted, ,Hoddinlnteu and Um
gedlies and L Quiets. Counterpanes and. adored
Comforts. Adresse. Beds and itedellue{
All order. thankfully rOMITtaI and proMptly filled.
poll NOLILE.ThIrd street
-- PINE AND womt. WARE:
KROESEN keeps constantly on
bend eggs. mmrteuent of Wash sue Daub 'rote.
e. Steamboat. Oak VI ell, liimben or Drat. linekan,
Wooden s ad hurn Dry ilrantres. Pius and Chem{
Wmh Boards, all other kinds of ears in his lire. L
{Famed.. itesonle 11.11, Viten street Pfedburth. P..
OXMAN; IN ISCUA Nag, COIN, 11.5N6 NOM, to.
N 474 /booth 0,4=1 to Bonk of Pittatoregh.'
Notaaand Drafts collected no all parte of the Union.—
Moab tionehr and odd no eottoriiron. febi•oll - wT
J. Wilson & Son.
lIOLESALE and retail thenufactu
rtra md dealers in Ilea gt
and Cam ho,
nod street. third door below tennood Pltna
bOrsti—whetip they ones a full and enmpleto enwk Knots
and Cape of their own and Eastern nosalnfartura, of I , n,
2r112 recall. avl ttrty~ Its Ito
=l:gri; . rt ' , " Zr " :ll7ele
that they will MI on the nowt nwematile tertne. •
• Jona
S BuThEY OOLVLN, Goal filerchanni
Vna t N !!4, t
• Far Bectwer County, and adjatoot tiountia,
THF I 'SIIO.CRIBER, having been located
Mr wane twoyew" put In the hourishinie Boretteh of
hew Brighton, end melded formere than terelee yearlings , .
141 the rletnitr of the eauleo and during that , nine Ale ate
tention ht, been given ahem; erelwerrly to Loot {igen.
thee. Car the , acentomeolation of the nubile rah r. he
11 I. opened SZI office In the atneasiet tenement , tollnated wit
Wrnetwae Amt. dnar the rename/ the wren/ during the
ttewartsreari and keep • kublle Itegintry for running Town
or tarter 2esi edate h ere(le.
There are now a now valuable lots and tine verb
Osceola the Pornitnh and nolgtherharli for rale at low
eves, indlarnse adeennewiena
iTllles airfare strlctlr examined Into. and no brePertr.
Will be offered noble the title In Willspotable. ••
Panora &Awns or intrehlying Fill do well to call mud
etterdnee ihrthemselrea. HEW. BUall BAADECIIIIE •
mamas, • 3 • Rea Mae Airrnt
rlTT.s#v!-00--.---- - -"."- : 07AsE
Pall Fashions.
WILSON & SON, N. 91 Wood at.,
Ithful door below Wnt
aon 0 alle would Itt-
t the I.
t, the ..notion of their custo m VS, and the public
fff their Wire ad
former stockdition whlch they am now receiVinit lo
their ot Gcods mi. msortineut konglithf In
Part of the new style tILTS. lat r Mit:eland. and whist
re much admired for t o i t Malay. and gentility:
together with • great variety Of Alert.; Drown .td Drab,
Bleaker, Malawian. and other kinds - hi lIAT3, ftvinen
1 .
and bnyu Silk md Mohair PLUSH CAPS: Cloth,oll,Billt
and (Bated CAPS, of Limon all deecriptlong fancy lIATEI
and CAPS for child on
attmsocable priectgwhol ,
sale acid intalL I
AIto—LADIES' RUES, oit : Bilacinaml Natural Lvov.
Fitch, Hemet and Comer AllifFflt; Flied and Albertan,
eunirrel VICTONINP-9 and CUFF+, Illaaes'and Children . .
Mllkifs • lehliklm
_ ..„ '
Samuel oy,
jaAS just returned fro 'Now YORK and
PIMAII(LnaI,d ie rend, roc • splendid lot of
cols for the Fall and an
%Inter Trade, and La PrIMMI t.
mute them up to order. fu a etyle which cannot he our in the eartern titles.
fisntlemen wanting good and fashionable gammote, fedi
find it to their adr.taguto give him a =B. avnGgf
1111kmAfriiii. ----
- tirE have JUN! received thisteautifut r a
mccoao a uo..ecv 'film and Wood sfs. •
Penn Glass. Works.
7. nos. 'rriourntur.
ORENZ IVIOLITALAN, (formerly of the
C of W. McCully .
Co.addufactursrs of 401
hitm on
of VIALS. uoTrus, and WINDOW ULAFI3, 03
Water and fk Front street, Pittsbaruh. Ps.
N. IL—Particular stlsotioupdid to odd mesa Wiudot
alas, add ' , ATMs, moulds for Bottles sod Tills. ausial
C. W. Peine, Professor of Musre t
EGS lento to inform the citizens of Pitts- .
burgh and'Alleghenr, that ho will now ootamenca
to giro inatructionx on thr PIANO PORTE and VIOLIN.
on n,gponal..k. Isms For further particulars angul. at
h FEUER'S Moak Eliot.., ho. 101 Thirl atom; aiWwol
ooldno Ilvp.
Netv. Chocolate Factory.
SIG. N. 6.1A180N1 A CO. redpectfullyin
form thepublie that they. ate now marinfattutin2
UTIOCOLATF. of 'leery qualltrand prim. Thu Checolaki
dnlike mote other add here, warranted parr and now
Itrnted, and hence of finer fiseer, more nurriclota end
oholmorna. Sic. G. t ClCo, haring_ been proprietors of one
f the !accept Chocolate nanufartutim In Italy, swore the
public that they will furnith no article equal if not impo
rter to the beet d . and at •to pri
lb m.
It Is for rale at V. IMad. Sorel's mlllinerl.)
Fourth et„ op stairs, twat door to the Mayor's tIY
fee. atatelentbkre)
ST,H ,
(Formerl L y the E ehange3
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
HIS spacious, central, d most conveni
y located MIL, having been templed/
ivied, and though r repaired d immored, I. now
open for the aocommodation of the p hna
The subweiber o leraiw and monde of the ST. CLAM
HOTEL, rcepectfUlly Loforms Ina nde and the pada
that be has furnished It en the tom elevant and comfortv
bloat yle. and employed competent satants and attentive
and faithful Fermate. and that to. In etimre no exertion
to make It equal Id my boon , to thenic,
The well known. central locaMonof t he none. and tom
evidence of it, arroincemente. rendering it the mos t dolt,
hit either to traveler, or permanent boarders,inducee him
LO aoLtat and hop. tor Itnnbcr.l dare of patronage.
ap22ttf C. W. LENNETT.
Fresh Assortment of Spring - Goods.
1 1 110 MAS PA_LMEII is. 'daily receiving
nom the nactrot Otis, at tee oil stand.
Between Titrd and Fourth curets. PittabsorS,
Loupe seocalihne to hie preat Mack, of ths most beasitifal
l'A PER rrn.vm-vc , c that bate vreneel to thia market
enlV t te.'7u F;r ! morel) the
, nuancreaaao. &In 10 dente n'per n laTa the prices
rangy. rn ant attractive lot of amis , of which • morn ac
curate padamcat can heformed by light than deaniption.
the attention of merchants .04 ton d keepers it rarjaeote
MOT Ineited.
New Coach Factory—Elllegheny.
- - •
• -
111. A. WHITE: & CO. would re
rylvtfull inforrn dm public that they hart
mooted • IL op oo La:ock. Letween Federal and lianduekt
etrwrti. They arotwe manilapuld are prepared receive
Nero for every dm:4omm( rehielot, (!nachea ChariMa
Itaroucbcp,llugniVe. Wnictorm Re, which, from th eir
long erporienm In the manotuturn cf the above arm*:
atA.I the feeilito...they have, they metanfid titer ar•
enabled to dn wort t. the meat ade ta t s with
dm wanting artiglea Au their Alpe. •
aln , ontitm to , th:7lA, , tiou t o b f Arterlale,
I:agitation lo th e
et ' eAr ' Tora. ° tft t ' l;ererrA.aoZtt
attention of the publai to thu matter.
N Repairing dmir An the boot _meaner. and on the
mon re
Grindstones Grinditonts I
L °GAN, WIL,cON &. CO., No. 1 2.9 mood etre:tenon furntah u menufectureer price. on Abort
ladle., en, el, of the Lea Marietta (irindatonea, and pa:-
AL:nil:IA otaphot 44 the pork...? Antenied—dellemed 011
the abort
full ae , orttnett c.l Amen wAre .a.tAya,m hand. ,
stele Au, • 1.41„IN. IPlhtioN
® FA LL FOL. 1851
atu ' t a r V, r-d ,.. "- r7alliZnVPV:tl7 l l,T;
tin' tar OF ItaTh. which they will intiedorn on Worley,
A' 10th ant. hall
Sims' Fire Proof Mineral Paint. -
rirllE subscriber, boring completed
tablishiosol tor 4.lse.raLen then , ....rivldt.t
1.21.Y1N near %hie brad nf preps
pared to zurnnib It. through tua ,ithur dry. vs.
giound in nil. JASIFf C StIlS.
.1 A. Coulter. Dragaig, crazier of Tbicd and Wo-4 W.:
TH. Nevin A Co.. 1n111.21.., Liborty
.11. 1. ;:01p00,.....-Dror.. and Ap.lllevarn
All, ,bony.
Doa:lay. I , rngclat. Diamond.
2,, ' Errs ousn HD 1632, by EDMUND
kil - -"'-' 4 - IV ELKIN S, ..Is; o. 245 Liberty et.,
brad of Wood stmet. PlUaber}-11. P.
1 1 ..usowas.berta1V•tal1s.Toon1s.00n.
on e Om., C.rin , wad
to rs Topa.
obsa, •an baud end alt 7, osier. of the
chel..." 51arl.las. and at ran radwed
, . tr . ..., .4 FA.. pace .m, pf Wasnnys lar
. . SIAILAILIT . ' -- =1:
. a
ff ' :rrl Ital y '' .. -----7:' • , -'
' . 4....._ .
. ~
ado. Ilarmar Deeny , Clark Tisroan. Lea
Hon. Judpe Wilkie.. ..:' - ' 7 {. ! 3. `r• '... -4.1
W.I. ILobleson t sr., 1.2 J
__ . bars._l...- Architect-
John Snyder. 1.2, Cub h 1101...1 a Nen.. Iltokan.
.111.0 burgh Hank. a..., a Habra. do
3. 1 11. Shurnt.m.r. 6.1. lint a Cour. do
Wilson 11.Candlaso..1.2. Noon a 1. ..... L do , '"
Robert Nlrlinlaht, 7A.1. 4 tn. 1 1 .2..q7 a On
Jos. Leg olehl. L.4.1/Yourdr U. T. Mora.; is U.. '
ham ' • 3.hon Ithnd., Al. Frult'rl
N. Inthrop, 1.2.. 111,1tany
E. W feels craterhl to the very libtral patronaa• 7..
.ived duriez 0701,0 yrara in this eitr, hwy.,. Lad th e
1.e.. and best Jot. antro..l ta ti 'semi. up toll. pra•ant
time, xml .111andet.aor tr. rand, astlatarilon berraller.
1.2.1 .
IV Wsre , ratthe 97 • 9al Third rime,
J. . IV
Int - Jima 1•11 kale
cufluerr that he hut now unthrilenwl the larSeft
nod hest. emelt of blutertutlil furniture veer in
0110. ae h. la ilutertuitne.l untinld the quality with
iiell.eamonett material, worlananahlp, awl heweet 4.-
00110 141.1 lion the estlent of hi. order, "and Wall, - In
nanaufacturtnu. he la •-nablei 10 prulure warrinte4 furet
tuft. at the Ina'. P 11, 4, ,
. . . -
De has si , lontod rt. prinednis of Merrill'''. the carton:t
ars' Interest with hip own. in quality and pr., antstool,.•
always on hand rhs greatest variety of ewer) dew,naion
(=Warr. from the cheaper otd plainest. to m,sit
'nut and tartly. that a boom. or any lart ot one. Cud be
turedsb , 4 from his wtork. or manufactured to
oNee. fie flu:reface addeits an Inspection. that thWynn
of hi. establishment mad Lo konan The following
artwlee cal:owlet, in lard. of Li. ,tort, • hick for nebnces of
le and finials cannot be surnsased in any of the Eastern
Parlor, drawling. talus. and bed. roan,
wharf. of wrest
variety, consisting of nasal:sal. mahogany and walnut.
Eloaabethen•Consertaroirso and rasp Chairs, of eTcr) des
cription, Couches. Sofas. Tete-addle and bids...alba late 4
India. aud American pritn robe, Wbst.Nnta, nut
parkr Wilding Deck s of 'grm. kinds: Work Tablet,
and fancy Wind stands, musk !Undo, awl holders, grubis
top, mailroom', rewe
in wood and walnut nentre and man, ta,
bleu. r stearin,' ding tables; all size. of the most Inatrror
and decidedly the best kind male; net Pembroke hall and
kr talllnlG wardrobes, bedsteads and washstands of each a
large assortment: gothic ball and parlor re , ptko chair*,
ono.. and fm a, reeretary and okertses.aide troanla.
flew seramt towel racks. hat stands. and mode stools, all.
and .en. for child.”lll pap. , t.W. nod
mati., rnamwood. and Wald pe L
A la rg eassordrosnr. of Common Furniture and Windsor
Chairs Cabinet makrws supplied will. all Artie'. In tbwir
244,antboata awl Hotels, (=LAN at th• shot/eat ttallas
All ante:, promptly stlera4c..l to lW
The onlk real New York Plumbing gatalr
itiILERE work is done on Scientific
T efieet, snit warranted.
Home and Stesp3l,sat Plumbing, In all it. brooches.
done with rumtnes, end disp•Lch.
Baths titled up with showers, fr0m.........5a to Sib
Both Tuba . dto 173 -
11(anh Stands, complete ....... to :30 •
Sinks, vieuelen orison Yto 11
Vistas Closids, complete sto 04'
Hydrants ..
Deer Pumps. complete
Eitehen Reuses, Cert Iron Boilers, Wash Trays, TIM aft'
Film., and Lead Pipe. furnished and put up ar the tow .
est prime.
Lift, Form. and Vitra Somme, firdrsulic RaMsieriuMmit -
Ip uti baud. and put up •t nor distance In the roonrrn.
!Ismail-Mg ponetusily
Ylii WILKY, IZ First M.,
between Wood and Market sta.
. . ... • . .
111/. l l' dor . i
(Mot the manufacturer, Pbflrit_lptllll l / 2 ' ITOO F I:If k
want and fur br It. W. l'lll:9tArylt,
. . . .
... - ,
. IVoter Strort.
For orstnsmo of Auld, sha Intrinsic value, there tie
be surprsamt; and the-Lee price st which they ,
sold. most loser. their lutroductihrs. ardiiil'A
W . ESE t NOTES, at lowe: 1
mu aver . , in per luau , by ~
tr 1
jell Banker k Broker, Fourth Et.
"APER.-3,) man 24 by a Printing Payer.
"1u 21 bP 35
It , by 77i,. 24 by .17 7 24 by 2.4.
Fr 61. •-+ b ap .
1,00 • Blue. Yftetni7
111. bats. 81u le Crowu oulaw rep.:
40 boublr •• ••
. • • ••
`' )(edit. and Single Crown inn.
The undendimni keen. ninetantly . hand and for wale
or exch.. fur Ta0. • 1... and winierni anwirtment ol
Kobel. CAP. better. , ineilware, nod Ten rarieri, Bonnet.
MA., at, at.
A xo-- Vrltlns.. of *II nil, for naprr mannfActuners
Ihinting IMP, on phort notlen.
J. 1.. MIER4
owner of Penn and I rein eta
Patent Ccindlesticks.
.No. 81.11.40 t stmt. another lot of Pato:it Camillo
!polo, • Am artlele, •t prevent couch In Votost,e•J •grasi
improvement ott •filoh thy puhlio are It-
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Appl to the Clerk at the aloe ai McKee'. Nock, or to
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.0 2 tInt I President C C. Cu
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killiPllY . BILJROIIIIIEID, Northeast
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Fall and "inter Stock of Fancy and Staple
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autC2l , o
astern College of R I ammo - 11 ' 41g -- a Medicine
.CLElTLitttn, bait
1 erlIE Second Annual Conroe of Levtures in
[ fa. the IVentern CtilleFe. 4f lleutenrathk Medicine. All
D. on Macular, 1 , 41' El2l ,1! NI, sod continuo sixteen
1 :.• A Dr, chalr hap taco wl.leil t the PV,llly donna the
la. sumnorr. salo 0 belhortitlthst 11... larilltirs for ed.-
1 Shtutos • instruction la Sledirel Felon, se,. not
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1 1! The Faculty of twat.ftk. • ... folinveir
1 4 .0T0R111.110, 1 A, M. 1,1 . Prcif.iir I.larlfrry and liirear4of
"ortion and Children. '. ,
CIIASLIte D. WILLIA3I. IL 1? Pmfersor of Institutes
.* :gh ! PlTlYlrlr o .ll l ll l" .4lrl.73l.l . c..Prutessor of Principl,shnd
patie of retragry.
LEW'S , DOlllitl, 31. D. Profarelr of Hateria Srdna and
Idlest oristrudran.
I., LIAMILTiI I. 0111T11. 4.31 , S. D.. l'rnfreaar of Chem.
FrltrAgri l 7l.i7ll.7.llELL M. It. Profresor =if l'hrefoire
If and Sync{
' T Jl l .llli DItAtNERD.A..AI., l'rid worn! Ph ',foal i.vietneo.
LY.MULL Et 11.01 A. It. D. hemonetrator of Anatomy.
i i
er.lor the entire mons of Lectures
tailgate of two ftlil COY.. in ores Collexge
alrlculation It, . .. - .. .. 1.45 1
. f.........t.r0 tkin ci...c..1.4 to an eaa ,ll .ildre for
• '' Z ' i d r= ' ?r . r.-.. • . •,... ...,,i ' ' ' .'
• linutuates of nrstavianie - nreu . igal srhoot.• ate ...Dallied
P a. , ....—th Daynsent 14 ruartieulatlon fr• only.
ti 1 .. 1 .d lioard,,iticluding nom, fuel and Data.. can tar Oh.
fain./ front si.,ku to Si'l,so par •celt.
q A IleAkal and Surgical clinic)l connected will the Col.
6es and facilities alit tar afforded for the study of Micro.
oropl re, e
, 1 for further Information addres.ll ,
C. D. IVILLIAIIII, DI. D u Dean oflhe Faculty:
11 Or—Prt.f. H. I. 0311TII. Cletrlstol, Ohl.
tME Annual Course AC Lpettrrelt in the
Cleveland Medical College. econmence on Wet
top. the tints day of Novara lei-, and eontsoue eleseen
Tha tailoring on:Memel" cote the Faciflty of In
JOHN DELAIIATER. M. D.. P femur of Clenural Path.
elegy, Aftdrifery.uul Macaw of Women and Children.
JARP.II P. K IRTLANN 'redreer Phleral Di
agonals, and Theory end Pruett, f Medicine.
HORACE K. ACKLEY. M. . terror of Soriterr.
JOHN O no CABItki.S. It., Profeeenr of Meterie Moises,
rhartnikey, d &den •
SARI CUL nr. JOHN:M. D.. Pnifeseor of Chem/n.17 .134
krmicki ltifirvrydnuT.
JAMB). DSLAMATKR. M. D Profoneor of Anatomy
Tha tae fur
oft entire rouroz of Axton, le
When deidred. • promisaurr payable to ,
itooloths, for SSP. and signed
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Ale refpostiohntti le entitled /a I.", 01,1 - wtice of the Peace,
pc • Judo. Ito The Lounty or bletriet in ablcit the s'iiscr
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Medics! llrsdoatee. and them h here mended lrn
Don, are entstled too free admondon to the heeturee, et
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oommeneenont of the reouter colleen, • and motione until
tho opening:tor the Into I•efeelele,o 1. mule weft.. colt,
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• her Medial nod eurgiol ho ,rye ecooneeted sorb the
lege. under the direction of Cr errors lolamsiter.
land. end 'Ackley, m the norther. To and Importuner
of emea prpoeat.d. Irlieved the
Secretary of the Medical Yeeulte. •
Wall Pa per and Borders, t'or the Pall Sales.
4 0STICECEINED, at the old eattibliethed
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NUB and , BOLIDERS. onothdring Meth • 'variety of Wyke
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. . 1 01,13 AND SILVET
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ins atch Repairing done wanner by the
• and mod experienced workmen in the-city.
ty. W. w . N. dr 31nrbet et.
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mrsztraoe. Oct, 10.
United Stat. .130.
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/antrum, 16 Div 1./.. $3
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It. Way. Lk, Dock 100 Dz. Di.. ; D., I p „,,
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Copper :Rock Exchattu
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N. 11()INIES S. SONS, Bsukkrir Ilarkel shOeneneo /hood grid Poireasth/NatbarpeL
l'iNN.,-,1 I.V AN lA. „Branch at Massillott--..... 4,
Rank of Ihnahurgli••• --par4Branch at ir005ter.........-.-do
Keehangs Dant of do par Branch at 10ra1..---. ...... do
kter..l4l Man of do. .--Parßranch at Vonaarlown-....d0
Batik of (nonzero. .• • .tear City.B.k. Chinni:tall do
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Baas ofNortiuLtherneaparanink.Un Rant ' , 4 do
11.1 k of l•rotor.nonia . porll,slayst. Bank, , -.-..... do
rank of Penn 1444roship.. parionio Life Ito. t,Trost Co-do
Bank of tbe , 1 1.. mates 1. / Weston, Rexene. Bank-. do
Common. 144.45 .4 l',...par Bank of Mosallion2-__ ..... do
Barmen's M.rhani, Da par 615.11 Notes- .. .j.-...'' ._-...-do
Gfrarl Bank.- . Par, NNW iNtiLANU.
Kensington Pant Oar' Atl , wilartit 11ank5......, .. II
Macaline.., 01,-0 144.4. e pan 2 , 1.04 i (MIK
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.Southwark llank . • lot naltbie. n 0.... ...... - ..... -par
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Wtsterlf 141.1. .. .• - N .A.. 317 a 141[LAWARI4 '
Bank of l' o ra4 'a .411 .41 ern hanks. .... ...... Ng
Bank of Cheater 4, •4041 4 par V' .801Nli.
Bankot lianlr oarinsoa of the 4 allay --.-•..
Bank of Del 4. . ',414...44, oar 111, af Virgin Illehniond i
Bank to Is , to..fektf,. f. is , , s Rao!, V. Nor,fodk.-... §‘
Dank 4 I 4...) •tni, h . 'kr wore Batik '4l' s irginia
Rook of lo•winiourn .4._ • h.-I.ot , s 0 vh. nank .S a
Bank of 114.14114.t0s u . '4 Nen 1 Woatern I It va
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Column& Ilk A Brian. 1, par ilk .4 Y ~ r N. N . Carroll ~.. 2
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Farm , T•4' RI o f lioet.4,..garilik .4 the ettyin. Caron
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Farmer , Bank of it-virtu. oar 1 4 srik of I:Lai . Ifrtoll.. 2'
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Min ers' Bank
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Miners' Bonk of lhonenle 0(113k of Kentucky.LoohrifileeA
Iloonsigahrln rook pandit of Louisville, Thurston 0,
West Iftwiels Bank.. •.. . iilNorthern ilk ordientocky Ni.
Wyoming Ill4WAllesLarnpar.Soithern Ilt of Kentucky li'
Tort Lank .tots._.. h a l 1110100141. '
Bela, Notes; . .. h 4 Ilk of I. of Nitwatirl......N
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Ohio Neste liana . . .... Ithtus - liank and brannbes--6.0‘
Branch at Akron ...do4nauk ofillltain- 5,....-76
B ranch at (Weep_.._ ...d5, IVISIX4NBIII. 4 .
Branch at Bridgeport .41. !farina* Vita Ina Co. eh!. 6
Brandi at Chilirottio.... __.da 5110114 JAN. \
Branch ai.l , lrvoland . do Farmers' ofeehaeirs' lia!Xs
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, Branch at ha, ton.. .do Peninsular Bank-- ......... V
, Branch 01 14, law•are . .do lontratter Cocapany. toot.. 3‘
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Nranen at Nth. ..... . .. do ilk of 11 .N.America.Torontati
brawl, at Matiato.l4 -,.. A0,11%1211. OttbolY,lef Torontob '
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Braneti at Columbus do KAPTKI,N SINCRANtik.
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Branch at Stearit do ulnille...-.....,.., ‘ NI
Beane! at Elyria.. --. ._,ln lit, Louis ' '\:. ~ ..... -NE
Branch at
Elyria.. GOl.ll A.NI)I - .T.4.VALUK
Branch at Marmite- Dodkl n conavounhik...-10,00
Beane at Mt. INeasont..., do RaghnoLl-...-.-,... \ , ...19,69
Branch at Zanesville_ do hagle,444nr 14.(0
Branch al Norwalk . ,n r , Fr0d1nakn1'0r5............. E.BO
grnf,',l. :t ..:=;iiii::: :It . 6 , --"-::"-A,
branch at Eaton- .. .... dn hownwigna\------..... 0,83
Branch al Bandana- . do Von Gothic
Braorl4 at Chillicothe-. Napoleon. \ o .-_ ..... TVO
Braneh 5,t
tiraneh . Tobsgo--,... .....tap ,
Tux tullowing Bat otsrvorals and departures ohtheundls
new stands correct. to the lottor• \ ‘
EMI - W.-fay 0 recarbAru. Chumbotsburg, Prtilal . phla.
Near Took Kuno,. Gretna and Northern Foalsof N lark.
Delaware,New Jrnal, . 4 k41 Vlio rik New htiniand NW...,
Th. British-114.140.. of Canada, Nora Beetlal,and,
N 7o;.!gr". a `:.'6ilfir.rt.t.tilit i.l7:Ar i , k i ,'
ihrludiou4Ar nountio of Bradford: Ciatola . I.4ontere Cl ••
too. linnara. Ly'caining. miatn, Melia., tier.
Ting., Ilea.. mail past of Wod.orehuod, via Livermore,
Marrayseille. Palo. N,,llemlik. Near Alexandria, and loaf •
sil• eutfnly. Armee daily, at II 4.0.1 departs 41.09 at
111 .•. I. \
EtaL-By Rut', l'a., Me r, Crikwfard. and Sellera.
counties, 11 este= partorNOw 'fork and , oppertholadasdaill,
knives at 9 r. 11., .1,1 depar,t, ift 9 A. IL,
Sourfitna *No IVantax.- s py 'Washington, Pa,. Grenni
Fayette., ffmstrrsl4.. f , Mrt of W , 4...orelandvounty.Virrinia
llary land, lialtimura,„Washingfort City, dontliernaad Wrst
rrn parts of 41144.• aul boll.. il s ontuelty. !Pinola. 'Tarawa- 4
so.. Alabama, Mimoouri , Mlinissipnl, Ark... North Carr I
Boa. tioontis, Louisi.i.a., Florida. and Vex., daily, Amine'/
at 914. r. a.; and departs at 8 a U.
.Srxrarsrlu.e. 0010.-B.T. Pa\ S o6 rs. ii.l43=
...., h.q., Plf.,llollfdayot Cone, V..dadenton. .1
son, Carroll, Llano., and Turcarawras pountiss.Chlo , daily.
terriers at 11 P. if.; deports at 0 a. u.
Nolan Wherrtirc-tly Boarevol . ...d , Cieve/.4..01d0..-
Beaver Co_ 1 4 .., Colainhiwia, Trulabuli, 'rage, tleauga,
A ahtalailiant ark,l4 a yiTe, 11.14444.041 ho ds SummlLLakr,
Richland. lArain. lioron, the
kris, andualty, w o na,
land La,. rowntrz, Chi., the extrinner n41,•r0 cople.
of llo• ',q.t., of lodnor. and 1111 no n., lona og 41011,111.
gsn, lowa. sml Wir-onsio, daily. Arrives at dl .L.A.1.1 doe
Parts at 6 A. M. , ,
IsrrnylSa.-Er Shazpnbury.liourt.c . n. princ4lnld.T.7 u-
NM. 14 reeport, !antitumor, hbkartsfyllu‘ .nifi, - .f.
lonoinat Lieu:Lehi mantles. d 011... 1. 04 .1.).. A ,
nee: at 41. ri. nod departs at 7r. It ' ,
. ,
allao.-Br Wealbrd. 14Zd ,,, 41.¢1 . . . Poeta.,
wills. llarlina rE. and New dada. A ni Tinteidayik,
ThUffslaf 0., iffl estardaye, at Ei r. IL, d 1.1.131.,
waloesdays ant livid•,l7 .at • . „ V. I
• Ban.usenoi.-Ify nsifics , silifi 11.1hFinleyrill atal Mo.
ongabrli City. Arrivet Turedays. Friday.. if r. 4.4.: d,
p.,...1.1.1ne5,1ay8 sod hat utdaye, at 43 . S. It. it \s 1
tiAlarftfosl.-ISX Buchanan. Street a HM, efil l osporto
0.1 rallty. Elinabstlitown., Gamble Rostrae , ellen , \ 1
aon, Cookstown. rorrYorall. Bart Wart/. upper WM ,
ion, Va. Arri*ftriattdays and 15 nines:.4 at 6'a . %do.
...a. NlGualty r + and Thurealaye, at 9 seat \
Benton, 1 a-Ity Walker's mills, Nohlrodown. Ca or. 4 Cross Coork Village, Fattens... okiii,,l4 - I
0,,,ha0y, Va Angers nanday. and Thuothsys, at 19., • i
do nfl ' et'VeT; ' \"a2ly
. 4 1. : 11=, '' )74:r 0 d 1 032•111k4. Nona 411
Kura, lentrikfort Sprinser. To, Fairview. Va. Arrives To
Veleta, .ut ii.e. a.; departs on Fatnniay, GIB. ..
Oustorta.-1 4 y Antrim. North. Washington. and AVOW,'
Va. Anders on Wedoredn.t. At II r. at, der... ou Nloodar
. •
P. 114 tippers, nu Patonfay, at 6, st. .
Fourute.-11y l'prryntille. Wetland, flertakbeek, LOg la
• ['morel. I.Thll...Mown, ha-Imhof, Warrvu and ‘nsanzto
vontipe. • Asslves tri..ern , kl,l-41ondie)• W•IlnellaY• and
6111'rod 7 and departo To.lAy, Thorley, and
bettaw k s kw the daily, [pall .in the Oaler Oita boar
before flair departs, p'. haul-, for thp
weekly.and weekly malla. , muot hp In tba.Olce ball an boos
before °lair deyeartora.
- -
. Copper,Stock.",'
100 ahvex Miciomorn M.lng wmnor
100 No;tt . Welt
100 103rnot.
100 •• emu. '0
I 2,
• 6,0
INL A C . O2,VMIVAL(4III . : 4 I IL till, % aim
mia117,;..11 • .1 0 0 nItr.lhAt,
, • \ • , I
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. \ \
roe otercano. '`A . •
00141. 6 6211.316611.,
. .
JOAN STROHM, of Larimater.
MM., of Mowidisi CURT.
WM. EL edEREDITIL of Shiledelphic
RICHARD .IXII,U TER.of Weennorelatetil,
iigußelE. CHAMBERS.. of Franklin: `k
JOSHUA W. COMLY, of Mininnie.
WILLIAM JESSIJE:eof nnetneehatin. g .
Antimawnitt and Whig County Tickea
lam Judges Of the Courts of Allegheny Conner. reoulrwa ! -
ID be learned in the Law'
?MIDI. JUDO/ 6? 01511466 cwoxe.
WALTER 7011 W• it D. at Peeblie.
111NR.V W. W ILLI LSI S. of httsburrtie. •
11.1100101 JUDO? Or 761 COUITS OF mom? rue., onion..
IL M'CLIIIIE, of Pittnbiersh.
1100]14 JUDO?? OF tot counts UP 0010100 PLUS. 0001140
WM. D 0011.9. of Lower Rt.
Al l.
" THOMAS L. of legheny.
J A. 111.3 FIFF_.,I , of Remade._
OEO. 0. SEPLEIONof Birmingham.
THOS.• PENNEY.' of EVReeeport, .
JOIEN MILLER. of Indiana.
SAMUEL VaIINESTOOK. or Eitteboreth
'OlOOO of AlligbenT
_ \mar oe 100 coma.
JARED Id. BRUSH. of Eittahurgh.
‘coenearama. -
WM. WEST. oX Ali r.
nwir NEW YORK.
apoodendoof Nu PlttalarghDally Gazette.]
New Yong, Oct. 7, 1851.
The week opens with -a more cheerful ap
pearance itl\monetary affairs , and funds can be
had With more facility; yet there is - , no such
thing as ease In the market, an 4 one and
quarter to one all a half per cent \is The com
mon price for bee notes. On Satu rday \ 'a raw
;dry goodi men were forced to have Utah. notes.
protested. but no alacm has been caused by it.
Tke large receipts of \ gold 'from Chagite,full.
, sro,, , and a quarter mil Eons, the supply of , ex-,,
timnown Europe tend \ make people more
corifiel T a of the advent of'. good time, but it\is
not here . yet. Stocks sre bktter, bat few people ,
are ambitious to hold much tit mach unreliable '
assets, and no permanent ad-Ovate can be look
ed for. \
\ Our Frenat.citisens, who are rttry fond of ap
peerauces, as all know, who even in dying, stu
dy dramatic effect, are now quarreling with the
catholic clergy, who refuse to pert,* the last
offices of the church on Mork who aro\to be in-
'(erred at Greenwood or other profane round
ind assert that unless tho Catholic grounds at
vil•S'illiamelourgh are patronized the rites of \ die
elourch shall be withheld, The clergy asiverkin
su'pp of their aide, that somewhere about the
aril „cc tarp one of their number was severeli s
handled y a bishop for performing funeral ser
vices in a redone cemetery, and they fear lest
they meet ta t similar rebuke. To all this Mans,
Arpin, tbeeditor of the,French Courier, replies
that the Catholic church will find it for its good
to conform a lie to the customs of the country
'there it is loeatell,and not attempt to levy black
mail for the purpce of building a cathedral,.
under pretense of I.dhering to: ancient" usage..
Our French residentente largely interested in
Greenwood and will nol,divide their dead • fami
lies to please - any church.,
The Hudson River railt
opens in form to
morrow, and the whole r oad world of the
east hive been invited to be present to assist
The time contemplated to be \occupied In the
run toiilliany is illaged at 'fivefikk,urs, or &Orate
over thirty miles an hour. Thin 's t ill be easily
done after llae road becomes firm a the upper
end, and in futare the steamers sliest econtenttv,
el with smaller profits than lveretofo for-the
fastest route takes the travel no matter hat the
cost. .
'The failures atitiounced at Boston are a fttle
exaggerated, it is Said, especially that of David
Pingree, of Salem; who may have refu.sed to
pay his endorsements, bat who in not bankrupt,
being the possessor of., at twist half a million o
real estate, and a million and a half of other
assets. Ile is an old relercbantwhole commerce
has been with India, Chiria and Africa, yielding
him a princely return. '.
The "Army of Occupation," has been parad
ing our streem to-day, that is the army that or ,
eupies oar barber shops, oue s
hotels as porters
and waiter*, and the town as v
darkies. They looked like sniffier..., Ohhd
like noldierv, and in all things compare t vora
bly with any volunteer troops of the 'city,
but for all that, they are laughed at by all \ the
small fry of the 'streets, down to jurenile' Ger
man and Irish ragemullias just landed,. who do
see thegreateat, abscirdity in our native colored\
men enjoying displeasure of shouldering a mus-•
ket and parading•with s real weapons. '
• Itneiness among all Classes continues very ac: -.
live, and all 'the trampartation companies are
crowdell with goods far 'beyond their means - of I
/Ming it\ The Erie road. has so much to send
Ot , ar their road that, theyr {rovebeen obliged •
to kharter itro boats at Dtuaklirk, extra, to send -
•the koods on \ Prices of 9vc ia d.a \ maintain them-•
selvehitere, nd no, one he nf forced sales of
any kilvdtather an \in stock., where such trick,
Face ti rtmar - The preseht moth is always •
the hard tot th autumn tra e fii' merchants
to'get th jigh.widk,anll it Is, ieto, infer that
It 3,
it few breakt , Xzre - gioveMber tb patiicthay he
copsidered te rarity othr,to be kineaed st an
early day, wE'tfncver nachimges nik, or specie
foliate come trim the Mines\ \ , , .
Pasaengers feoMalitri;ia re 1 ery'senguine
\ eke to the future oT at $ te. 'T-0 erecatlons
bp, the Tiehuice 'C mmitv, , e , ribit he they
why appose\ to be s he s ce, art n o \dauht the\thost
efficacious„ tangs in\kesping \he mob spirik,aral
the thieves and..'nourderpradowththeria. No eget,
no trouble, is deemed tooNgreat`b4 the Corimilt , \
tee to Secure the•Yillaini s iliey or after, It'l\ V
attempti \to Scsreta ‘ himsaf r en so thotbregoti!
line, he is breaghtback . b depulatioh a ‘ . or if t'
,from San Diego, It'in the s \ Il\vs 'Sohllt on
trial has an importanyyritne a sentshe fXsgot,
costor no coat, and if the ma isfound.gullty, .
he \is executed as promptly. ociteea min
utes, so an eye witnesarelites to ' otily\elap.• I
,ed from the Gull the late' eritoin s eft the . jail
'until 'the/ 'were executed, '•thotigh hh distance
, 1
to, the icaffeld wasifull. half a\mile. The Sid- ,
'pep conitats are fasfleaving Den Fro lace, and
it \ "'DI not,tit rang before socteli the vel , l'ac ,, , ,
quire, as good 'a tone'as it has nowt \ ' ther,
new, countries with !achy., curious `papule io . '
• cn
' \ term 1.111 , . CIII. YOilt Tribuna \ \ \
OIIDINATiIpt or 1111191 NAIIIti.-013 Siliday e . e.. \ ,
Ming a largliandlepee eseinhlad at the\firoad, \
way Tabernagle to witnies the tordinationthf L.\ \
.'Gulicli, 31.41, and ll\ Lohdsll, ?it. D. the ‘.!
liver as a missiMtary to filioroneste,, and the lat
ter to, !dotal; in Kordietart, Afffir 'singing\ a 1
hymn, Mr. Thompson, pastor\of thelyabertmale •,
read the k prociediti of Me Connell oß,Ministcrd, t
approving the•twq ndidates for ordirietion,and . '
i declaring \them \ duly qualified fir their work. '
Mr, Thom Fun then ad the 4W chaMer of
1 Isaiah, whoa veal toll° ed s by sinekug theffilitta
' Hymet•of 'tbo\Chareh taut: - \ `,•,, ,
"" Cio•:.-ye mamma ers,of Gmht _ ,
•Likee beams f Titling ll" ':
I , After 'alleging, Mr. \ Thotopria stat ed ;
that;, ;
' owing to a sudden \ and anyermirlaposia, D r .• •
Ithltdell waa pritented from bffing preset:it, but 'k
he would proceed to 'read his dise . ll
o oas thspgh
both of the candichae6 were \ prerefit Ile chaseh
for his text; Revelations siel, f, ; •,•i a d I ~i,,, ;•
another. Angel fly in \ the \ midst r ef 4eaven, hart,
Mg the'everlaeting Gospel to p each \ uitto them' ,
that dwell on the earth, and tO every '
and kingdom, and tongue, bud [Maple': ..\ , r
' The eubject of the discanise, • , prhici 111 IS a
deeply batexestmg and aid , k one,\„,wasj"Tlie' I
' Moral Unity Of the BARS." ,e ea ßk \ th e [be.
I , - v , .
, command to, preach the GospSl aseutned%the'. `
rinentl unity of man, whatever May b'trie.,..dl.f4 .
1 inrences indiaated, by the physiologlthl en 4 lath's:Ai
c brwrorietics' of, the. rice. -Thu - Goivel ill,' i
! adapted to all mankind: and,wa hate. th e l eb r i_ \ i
' our promise that; the lordly Celt,•thisigileArab 1
theswarthy_ 'Copt: \ tho degraded' PaputtnAlle
' retched' Samoan; arid the revengeful:,
.temtudis, i
a e l l „illd ewn with 'the•snhosen `, race, and sax 1
. ham, Inane and Jfte4, azul , their 'seikli an&
a k q at ciiilizedand barbarous' tongues •, 1 1,,,,,,,ad . t 1
Idol thersotig of - Ideees'andylie Limb:" ' \ 1:
I e ed , ,thitrofornbintti t ofinen;„lit.. That
1"\ n„,
all, soars Alke \ depraieth '2d, DitliOunity s of
more action; $4. The uniiersality cif,the retie',
one; Main:era:it'd worship 'athoiligmiuMnd• and\ .
4t h• h oral' unili, is seen irCtlie fact,th:t4 the .t .
Gospel p AnCea ittsli natienathelike resnits• : i
1 1112. T. tided that, both thifhliesionairle are I
well mialift . V i h'yeletoms, Sid iittpreitied the. rant
that 44 q cation. *rotactitexidoir theism:l'On - -
/3" inere . us lint it Would Open• them 'cidoil ,
'which would • eivrise be:Situt, arid be pled ' "
of isfet7, for aVasind that'ila •oinierfesri Met •
)tialtutgatt" is ustshrive safe the handie 1
F4Rissl , „=peOPle , an ancoininfvelle ~
, 03 . - - -
ti \ "G°re'hre°l"" said Mr . .
T.,''...ii; 'your favor-
el work!. ud
Ply with •everling Unice WA shall •
i MCet in an assembly where the paleOurcasian,
the.`tawtry Malayan, the tun-bunt African, and' ...
I Ora Polished and unrefined of every: chine shall • • - .1
nnel, and sit down in our Father's Illogiforol PI . ,
hi:large you, Brother! I charge this congregation! •
I charge \ rny own soul to appear there with iaols '
renewed thrones oar labors aa .traptdae of xrv"
deendk g i 1 1ee• ,...• '''', ~„ • ''' L t Lt o . \ .
; After prayer or wry. Mr. Patton , . , ...i • \ • .
Dr. Pomeroy,‘ one of the Secretariesof the4nieri-t,
ran Board, delivered the charge. He introduced if
by a condensed' statement of facts in regard to. ';'; : I
thegeogniphical distribution of.thejlilatiota tif the ..• it,
Pacific, it particular diacription of :Micronesia,. ". :r• ,--
4 , nd its people who are othlalsysa origin; open.; •l- • .
rank, generous, trusty and inquisitive; ready ••_
to?: improvement,". williiig in leant rind'
• • ..
forN•oreign civilisation.— 3111;4oneais: as desert ,
.. : • .-.
bed \y the French geographers, comprehends ,
, :. : 4_
le , erik groups - Cif islands—Pelew, Ladrone, Car-. ' ::, F
oline, ftndak, Ringsmdl, and ,eue Oi OD others. ; . • .. .
Katsebn'a, lOnille, { Silkenof 6'o - Jilted States . .- : -•'.
Exploting,Expedition, and otherr!elescribe - the ' • :
Microhestans es possessing; great 'areetness of - •r
diSposition, \and a very high regard'for: the fe- . •
male sea.—The remains of ancient ' etrilctrires,
Etc.. show thAthey have descended Mari a us-'' . '
Don of former cirilisairon. • ''\ •
The udision, trhichtwill be first located at the
Caroline \ Islands, trill be a breach of the Baud ,' • "
wiCh rebind or Ha s wailan missied4 U 4.1611116 - -
partly sustained bytihe ChniChes \Aire.' *r.,' •
Gulick is a native of '' I•;; • , Bandirich r T lands.' • • •
father baring been on of the Manila ry • rein- •
in 1826.
forcemeat, who \ went fro ibis cOwitry to Oahu • r
After a collection, and \ beautiful; alirts‘onary •\ .
Chant by the Choir Rev. Alh. Paris, tic the Rand- '
wisp Islands Mission, who will soon return,_are,
the righthand of felldarship ofiValf of Drell. , \:'
welcoming Mr. Gulick to his eld of lakrog_ o '
appropriate to him, as \ he wasit . natiie .wf th . \ ,
islands. which so recently ,. haver bear blessedrith .•
the Gospel, and now desire to seni it to . others
still in darkness.
PEILII:Org Poi . iTION.—On Monday last, Mr.
4. R.'S. Val) Vleet, , of this City; and Mr. lions- '
corn, of -Boston, were, standing upon the verge' .
oNorie of the higheat•precipices a short distance .
beNw the Falls of Niagara. Mr.' H. stepped
upoa,a shelving point ofearth which be Mistook
for projecting stone:* for'the purpose of looking
at tho \boiling waters hebizt, when he soddenly •
felt the`earth, giving away beneath him. Quite
a numbeof small trees wererooted in the bank
„fev..below the ourfae4., Finding hims
elf going, and remarkveny strong in the arms
ands hands, 'Mr. Hanscom succeeded in seizing '
the largest ire'o, at a point about ten or fifteen.
feet down an above 200. feet abeve the water.,
Mr.,Vin Vine With no Less remaxorable presence
of mind, seize a 'rail from the fence near by, .'.,
and placing nue IA in the crotch eta tree and .`•,,,
the other upon tb Tnitik, succeebed—at theperil . • ':',
ofloting his own-I --Ili saving that ofhis friend. •
Ste 'on re!.—its Al.' PrwavyNminn, if we
mistake not, which re , eiitly had a'glotritig , no.
count of two Brothers: <OA and Walloon Bigler,
who were about to be choreal - .the Democratic .
Governors of California an ti Pennsylvania. • The
Caljfornians'have disposed uf Moir Bigler, elect- - ;
log a good Whig over hitd bj‘ skeral thousands
majority, and we trust PennsAvalba will make a
ease of her remnant next week caay Hand him•
along.—NinYork t ri bes,
SOLD . , DEciDEDL . T.—They have lome famotr;
"spirit rappers" 'in Illinois.. who'make 'equal
\ pretensions with the Fishes and Fok , es 'of 'New '
I,ork. Recently, the Elgin Courieraid the St.
Charles Democrat published what purtoried to
I be.`it "spiritual communication from dlie,kcventh .
I Sphere " The Courier stated that the Oommu-
I nicattqn was made at a Mr. Daggett's, - ,nekEtr.
gin, tkrough two mediums, both reettlitip„VO': . %,:,..'
same byn-aps, at the same time.. The Demoeloot ';. v -
also endorsee the Spiritual sobleci of:the:tomtit:l,i '`,‘ .1
nication. Mt turns out that the ''xiipliEts":o6ll6; • i s .':
it 1?oclily fr'hpz on old sermon! \ ;... ' . • •-'. -.. l'-;
Slver Coin Wanted,
h'eA.riee wi II be pal.
TlEhi 'ei pr ice will be paid -1 e
~,p e n , ,,,„,.1 11‘4, .i , 0 qr,
,A.:l, \i '
PI. oo7of
Alarkt.t sod Third aro.ta. \e f ,
1.(1.0'N will be rectived in exchange twith a
a \i%ll,l , i,vi . ig . of n 5') . !7 l'W.),.
, r , n ,e,.1. 7 E. ATEZINFON A uKELY.
11* 'Tr Roue of 11001010' p el I MDT Wl.:i it. at 'sl.
pep Iteat et, nr rate at NlOlO4lS' ea Marl. la no DIAI7/1111.1 , .
, ‘ 4 9 , 1 , _
4 .
0 UGA ' 7 hhde. N. 0., for saki by \ \
-I,j \ ~,,,w!i " \. J. H. CAN 11l lb t s
' \ -
'Q, gat .4Stl—We are pre are. - 1 t4Murni,9l3 \
a_7 Ulan toaScoi¢rtnrrrs. and tl, troOr oPnerifty, with
Soda MIN of boato manufrtare .a f: , e b i x , ;: ,, : , , ,,, = .. t
pli-..`oo""u` '`nit'ri ° 4l. l l7 BEI :Yet Ct ' \ .
Fravt \
\• -- e
Bills . \
N,CIN Ei \
kITI, -
". ' ''' I° ,l.ll..ti r Loui. . .\' \
• • \• \ NAstivn.t..E, \ •
1 .
Iv \
Will be pftithaaal it laTorifilo‘r , ate l ty
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