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Attention! l'riends of Scott and Johnston.
*Wile att e ntion of the friends of Scorr,
J3essoiis, leg Platte Mon, In Allegbrlo7 molly. 1° °P°''.th.
4 nrgkil,lo the importance ors thorongh eggengukUu.. ,
the tk ono( Cabs. ku ever, eluk•u n . 6 " °-1 •• S ' r th °
n ' the neteintskent o( Como:tither. of Vigilance. ,
to se e it *eery frierel or neat and Johnetaa to
..., 0.1 that %law wk.. }Null,. It aro nat1....111.a. sal Ow
\ '*l4/1' '4l.q . &yoga WA ballot an the necont Torany of
Ociubre iron..
••: Te' iallogring theurnittee Naturuntetion trat been .
ippahoW , 111.nktou k ./000 11:Argo, IL Yggekek IC Junk.
• o.g. Aimee., A. llama, 1,, eh.. gugu. Dn. 4 ew.
1,14 .7 , 4 O , Pf. P. tirutonstlll., 01. BreaJoabal, 11r. J. Y..
' llary, Wu. M. Wolter,Jeuunt Iklethoug,Jkmukb Albelts.
Ity min of. the. Gawky tkanualttee.
RALLY wales, um!
The Exeautive Committee request the Whigs
!dam iliffetent districts in the county; to meet
at their ciliation . precincts on Saturday previous
to the election, and appoint committees to attend
. the polls on the election day, and to co-operate
with tie Committeei or vi g ilance in order that
eyery Whig vote may ha polled. The Poll coin
'mitteett should be carefal to see that eacje eleetien
district is, supplied with the full Whig tickets.—,
The 'executive Committee take this °Caesium to
say to.tiie 'Whigs, that the news from all parte
of the State,, gives the most encouraging hopes
of the-triumphant 1111CC[9.8 of the Whig caudi
date fur Governor, Wm. P. Johnston—if the
duty and see to it, that the
!Whig tints is pollod, . Aho'whole ticket will
'. 4 .TilOa.4.iFc•tike Store .
b`. I)sriigtt,Col. Leapsld Bahl, .
r.441,..t0reni Anthony ilertz.
Rilaii4l, B.
Col liidirgitilioblietron, Capt. Thos 4.l'hlastere
Vaal 2usderson:Tety, Joshua Rhodes;
:Cleo. Deersie;... bleKeiry, ,
C. O. Loomis, , Alex. B. hillier,
• Alex. H. Miller,
K. Vexkirk.
President and Chief Engineer accompanied by
Mr. Lorenz, one of the Directors, parsed over 1
the Bon yesterday on the locomotive Massillon,
to • Iniintabout thirty flvo miles front Pittsburgh
in thn-vatley Of Clark's Run. The whole of the
heavy work on the slopes of 'the. Big Beaver, in
cluding the high bridge Over WalNat;'s Run, is
now passed regularlylvy the construction train.
The, great thorough cut at the summit, seventy
four feet deep, is, now ready for the trock,which
iv to be laid through it next week. ln about a
m r ii\ v
th from,the prevent time, the road • is to be
a env d toPaleskilis in Ohio, forty, eight miles
1 in :Pittsburgh. The business on the road in
ti e billei Brighton continues to be highly grat
trying to all its friends: - •
no Fsm--Scrunth DAY.—The eecondilay of
tb County Fair was delightfully pleasant, two!
th • exhibition was attended by-many thousand
p sou, both ladles and gentlemen. In fact the
s melons grounds were crowded almost uneoni
nbly during the whole time, by an apparently
ghied audience. ,
Thee, exhibition was, very creditable to our
• , artifrictiteire; artisans and agriculturalists.
S. tin - rime variety of manufactures were ex- •
It bind, showing both taste and skill, and gin
i•tr evidence that AlleghestS , county possesses
ihinherself the ability to get up a Fair wtich
Will do hyr infinite credit. We confess we were
bottnnirprised and delighted with what we saw
in the Is, hones we spent there, but we ktmw
that even this exhibition is small in comparison
to'what could be got up, if all our people would
. .
take a part in .
Howeior,the good work is begun, and we trust
• thittneit season we shall have a Pair second to
• none - west of thc mountains. Those who have
hitherto tal4n an interest in this matter deserve
great credit, and as they have abundant amour
egemen to continue their praise worthy labors,
Vl3 trust? they will continue the good work they
have begun. - We suggest the propriety of ap
- , poining WcorresPonding committee, whose duty
it shall- be to 'take early measures to induce all
western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, to join
a. Fair annually in Pittsburgh. We believe tbis
entld be done, and that' it would- drove of im-
Mensnadvaritago to our city.
; Wriossmats KICS.I3IO.—A Cincinnati paper
says that "Bill Johnston; ibilo ought to hare been
elected - Governor in 1849, made a speech re
,cently, in Which the following Characteristic and ,
faeetions‘passage occurs:
"One of the tyrants of old wished all the poo
-IA, ple had but one neck, that he might put his foot •
upon all of them at once; Byron wished that the 5
women had but one mouth, that he might hi , e
them all at once; for hie part he would'nt ete
nate the example of either the tyrant or the
- poet, but he wished that all the Whigs who may '
.stay la - home on the nest election day had but
• t one seat of honor ' th at-he might dense on hot big •
boot and kirk thernall at ones!"
15 - Tho editor of the Post, poor
,fellow, thinks ,
this was onr "Bill Johnston," who leas elected
in 1848; and is most territily , outraged at the
idea. of Laving all the non-voting Whigs kicked
a posteriori at ono operation- . In his indigo"-
1 6.0, he grows eloquent, and, addressing all
Whigs whose "seats of honor' - may be in danger,
• "What de you think of the man who - has the
, •- i impudence, the hardihood , and the presumption,
• '''sto say, that, if you will not support him,—even
though you know him to be opposed -to your
most cherished political. feelings,—he should
like to have tile power to kick you,—like anoth
eie-woithless dog, as he esteems you,—rifler the
eileihalt br over. Had he not better do so
roliitilectiou, in order to force you to vote
• • )418-
itierienthess of-the Post is as ludicrous as
in mistaking Win. Johnson, the fa
"- of Cincinnati, who was a candidate
•„t‘42.;'fei;Goiremor of Ohio, in 1849, and "who ought
• elected,” for Wm. F. Johnston of
s~ei.X*miyliiimiti, who was elected in 1848, and will
`heagai6. rnly we with "Bill Johnson," of
Cincheratt-415541'.fiere pith his "big boot:" for
toVote . for our . "Bill
elidthStdniltuideen prevented hy canoe, beyond
1,4;0011, denlves:lts appdication.
witf - •
Sonic of the Southern papers are tuft-soaping
. . ! James Duals:man and 'his candidate for Governor.
Ono of them says:—"He is the same man now
that be wait fiftetteyears ago in the Senate, when
hie. _Calhoun prOnounced him thoroughly sound
'and nide tni;the elavery question."
r Xt is now fully:Maidfest that he has sold him
, eat Shall helve perinitted to soli his state to
X ipie3 and followers of Mr. Calhoun, the
-• •
gther• inallillevs and precut secessionists of
• ' •:!1-•"Niitli..4arolina 1 Is that the way to preserve the
tl'h but Mr.enlhoun'a endersement is not worth
much in Pennsylvania ; and 'hlr. Buehanan will
find that he his made a mistakein- his attempt
. to plane herfil the attitude: of a cringing sup
. ' pliant at the feet of linhifiers and Secessionists.
• _ _
Manama Anse Dienorl—The lovers of music
willbe delighted to belly that we are tole Sever
ed withh concert shortly, by the justly celebrat
ed MAASIME hares - Bishop. Thoperi:annoutice
mezit of this Yea will be sufficient:tosecant for ,
the lad' y who possesseesuch rare musical powers,
a hearty welcome ln Pittsburgh. See juivertise
ment. •
'The attention of Gardeners is directed to an
adrertieement in reference to a lease of prop
nip on Sevickly Bottom. This is a rare
chance for an enterprising man.
ADVANct or TIM acknowledge
tbe receipt., by Leech & Co.'s Ll:press, of New
York end Philadelphia papers, of Tueidsy, the
7th natant, ahead of tbe.nutit
Dorm s Gazrrrn--.Bir:—By a telegraphic des
pitch, received yesterdayafternaen from Balti
' more, the departure of Gottfried Kinkel is yet
uncertain and he will, probably, not depart be
fore TtliOifty PTAT. flo we will havalnffirient time
tciwitike all iteceseary arrangements for bie re
ception a 1:T40011[1g manntr.
Very respectfully yours,
• Ds. ilattrunven,,} Publieb. Coin.
Pittsburgb; Oct.,_9, 1851,
fiactiurn Liour.-- A sailor, the other lies in
describing ids first efforts to become II ..watort-
Mari:nista that just at the close ofa dark night,
he istorasub'elott to 'ace if he could see a light
Aftee/1 IShOtt:time he wee' bailed from the deck
headret , aboT!" "AT, IV,' sir ,':
th ehc e
- comer .ODo -you 06 6 1102" ....les, Jar!
. •ivolf'..lighlr'.'9Dayliglit, sir:" The lookout
wait ordered down with • roil.
e ner which we .
received by the
t Mr. Joni Banat
se probably elect-
Farther and fuller
hat Col. IttADISO,
utien.-Lln the impitmari of
gave yesterday from Calico •
Prometheus. hives Mated •
brother of our Cot. Bigler,
ed Governer of that State.
returns render it probable
the Whig candidate has boe•
With regard to the eleeti!
California Courier (Whig),
.n of Governor, the
of 6th September,
California Courizr (Whig)
The return, Hine far, though lo the main im
perfect from the counties or San Francisco, 'Sa
cramento, Foie, Nevada, Ellured°, Solam, lla
rin, Tuolumne, San Joaquin, Calaveras, Mid San
ta Clara, give Reading a majority over Bigler of
about 1,000, and the balsa of the State ticket
from 600 to 800. The coo ties of Alendocluo,
Napa, Klamath, Trinity, S sate, Los Angeles,
San Luis, Obispo, Santa arbara, and Santa
Cruz, 'will give Reading at least 6,000 majority
This puts his election beye d the possibility of
a doubt and the same vote . ill' elect the most of
our State ticket.
. - The San . Francine. He d (Dem.), of : the
Caine date, says:—"The returns, thus far receiv
ed, indicate the triumph of the Democratic State
ticket by a decisive majority. The Legielature
will be largely Democrati4l, at least one poi,
grexaman will be ofthe ea e politics." But the
Morning Post (Whig), s .of the Sib Sept., re
meinarks, per contra:—" ru e all these medgre,
imperfect returns, no eon lesion can be arrived
at. There is not BUtheiell data to form an opio
ion as to the result. We ee nothing iu all we
have heard to discourage in the success of
the Whigs in the State. a fact, we have, yet,
notaithsanding the crown ng of the Herald and
others, strong faith that he Whigs will carry
tbo State."
remarking upon the
The New burl Tribune•
news from California, sad
-lly the arrival of the
California news to the 6
election of State officers,
September 3, has probably
of Reading, the Whig rand
.The retorps were so into
the steamers starting,
titans can be made mimeo
IPrometheus we ( have
of September. The
, 'which took place on
resultain the choice
didite for Governor.
.mplete at the thug of
at no positive conch,
ting the Legislature.
CONancts—The aggregate vote fur Congre •
far as the returns had been received at the
eailiwa of the steamer on the 6th woe ILS
Whigs. Democrats. ,
E. J. C. Kewee, 6,127 Jos. W. McOorkle 4,524
B. F. Moore, 4,811 E. C. Marshall, 4,806
This Congressional election it appears,' is, by
general ticket, contrary to the act of Congress,
which requires election tty districts. It will be seen
that lie wen (Whig) runs, so far, about SOO above
NECurkle, (Dem ) while the other two candidates
'lre about even. But a large portion of the State
remained to be beard from, which would require
ten days from the 6th September to reaCh Bau
Since the foregoing was compiled. we have
met with the following in the New York Times,
which we think settles the question of ;Sesdiug'n
election. Mr. Sigler, of California, therefore,
appears to hate met the fate which awaits hie
brother in Pennsylvania
The principal topic of interest in California.
when the steamer left, was the general election.
which occurred on the 311 ult. There seems In
have been much confusiod among the judges of
election, and the papers confess their utter in
ability to give Boy thing like a satisfactory ac
count of the result. From such data to we
have, and our private advices, it 'appears that
Pearson H.- Reading, Whig candidate for Gov.:
is elected by a handsome majority, and the pro
babilities are largely in favor of the moireee of
the Whig State ticket. The imperfect returns
received froth the counties of San Minder°, Sa
'cramento, Tato, Nevada, Eldorado, Solana, Ma
rin, Tuolumne, San Joaquin, Calaveras, and
Sisals Clara, give Reading a majority over John
1 Bigler, (Lem.) of at least 1,000, and the balance
of the State ticket from COO to SOO. The coon
ties of Mendocino, Napa, Klamato, Trinity, Shas
ta, Los Angeles, Seri Lois Obispo, Santa Barba
ra; and Santa. Cent, it is believed, will give Read
ing at least 6,000 majority. This puts his eler
tionleyound the possibility of a doubt ;•-and the
the sour vote will elect the most of the State
ticket. The *moot ate Love probably carried
the Legislature, though the whole is in confusion,
and it is impossible to conjecture what the re
sult is. Both parties claim the ascendency,
though even in San Francisco it was not known,
on the sailing of the Pacific, which paity had
been successful for the municipal officiti in that
TRZA3OS.—The wisdom of indicting the men
who were engaged in the riot at Christairin for
treason is very generally questioned, and may
defeat the ends of justice. To convict a net o a f
rioters and Murderers, who were guilty of re
sistance to the execution of a particular law,
in a specific case, where there is not the shadow
of evidence that any of the parties entertained
the most remote idea of making war upon the
GOvernment in order to nrorthrotv it, of treason,
is straining the law to a degree that will dam
age the Government more than fifty such riots'
could do. To try' them under the laws of Penn-
sylranis thiuturder and riot would donbfless lead
to con;iction and punishment ; but for the
Courts of the United States to take the case in
hand, as one of treason, is a proceeding which
will probably defeat itself. No intelligent jury
can be convinced, under a fair interpretation of
the law, that this outrageous affair was an act
of war such as the law defining treason contem-
Platea Were we desirous of the escape,of these
men from ill punishment, we should rejoice at
the turn things have taken ; but as it is highly
important that all, both white and black, should
he made to feel that no law, however objection:
able, can be resisted with impunity, it is to be
regretted that the offenders have been taken
out of the hands of the State authorities; and
that their offence, which was simply one of out
rage and homicide, should, hare been magnified
anddignifie&to one of treason.
The New York Commercha Advertiser h
sensible article on the subject, a few of the con
eluding paragTapbe of which we subjoin:
Genuine censervallsm—the cause of law and
Order—will Ible nothing,, but gain mech . , by a I
calm and rigid examination of the mode in which
Judge thane's charge to the Grand Jury proposes
to apply the law of treason. It is quite as ne- I
cessary togUard our liberties as to support our A
laws. True lroatrietiern Consists In the equal dis
charge of the • two duties. Failure in one par
ticular would involve us in deopotism . ; neglect
in the other would plunge us in the giilf of an
archy. Let us, therefore, .sre how mush an in
' terpretation of the law would operate in on
easily supposable case. - Twenty citizens of the
United States confederate in a smuggling oper
ation. They know It to be illegal;'they are
warned that the revenue officers will eche the
goods in port and confiscate them; they openly
declare that they. will surrender the goods only
with their lives, and avowedly arm themselves
in order to resist the executors of the law ; a
conflict follow', a revenue officer ie shot and
others are Wounded. Would those smugglers
i.e arraigned, for treason! Was such a thing
ever known Such conflicts, with such reanlts,
have not been :infrequent uponlhe coast of Eng
land, but we never heard of a indictment for
treason being framed against the smugglers
Yet it is easy to see that the principles laid
down in till: extracts we -htrwe made from the
charge would constitute each a conflict or riot an
net of It would be a “combinatiun forci prevent or opposeibe executiOn Or enforce
ment of a public statur; . ..accompattieff by an act
of forcible opposition in pursuance of such com
birintion." The two.sindiapensaille.elements of
treason" would be found in It.steispiracy to
oppose, and the exercise of actual force in oppo
'sition, After the purpose had .been ileolared. It
may be :wintered that the crimeof the contra
bandists In such case tooskl be (eerie;, Assured. would he'if there is no stretching of the law
iri Judge Kane); charge._But on the other hand
It' must 'belvineniberpd that, even when the
frequency ,of 'the crime dertuusdedievere penal
ties and repressive measures, jehis never been
so considered either by thelleglieh or .American '
coiirts—beettuse,',.ris'We apprebenditlon to
the law for a - perstnial eadj•orenwhen that oppo
sition has the "essential eleinerits" of combina
tion and the employment of. actual force, is riot
looked upon, an an act or. rebellion against the
Government or cot:totalities:4 or body of laws
and enactments, • but. as a crime against a
• single law, with the -Specific objection of per
zonal gain; real or imagined, in one form or in
- The reader will see, therefore, why we deem
- the indictment of these men for treirisin.unwise.
. 1 It appears tone a novel and unnecessarily stria
. gent application of the prlnciplee of law, machos
e to excite Some jealousy in the popular mind.—
• Thin embraces the difficulty of conviction, and a
failure to Icouvict of the principal abate wilrmar
the moral effect of the entire action of the
Goventmentin defence of the supremacy of the
With men guilty of each a crime as that per-
petrated e.tdtuistlanst, and for tboie who promp
ted t h e criminals, and have since entlea eared to
deprive their crime of its truly maligoatt char
acter; we have no sympathy. We would have
them punished and punished promptly end se
rawly, , If men acting under she sanction of
la which the pimp!. themselves Eire mad*,
and whichif t h eychooth'Jcanrepcal,aretobe
shot down in open day by the colored population
of diem free stated, (finding,lhoweirer,Purdipdors
and aasochltes in mime ng white men;} - .it is;
Met time that the iaw. - should put fortit_ its
strength . in stern rebuke' and retribution, and
this we treat will' be done rigorously and effi
ciently, without fear or favor. • No mob can be
permitted to trample law under its foot and
murder its officers or civilians who assist
them. Let law be supreme, let suck violators
of law reap their •just deserts,' but in achiev
ing tbia let the expounders of law take heed
that they do not overstep those settled principles,
the observance of which is the bulwark of free
FORffielf . IBA*
The following official statement, to which we
cite particular attention, exhihila the opera-
he Tariff of 1846 upon that great branch
of dcutestic • industry in which this Stale is so
deeply interested. It will he seen that, after
the first year of the operation of that act, the
imports of iron doubled at a single bound, and
have been steadily increasing ever since. The
returns of the present year are not yet com
pleted, but when prepared, they will show a
considerable augmentation upon that of 1850
5: I I_ •I:4I•ERV:Ut
Sone y a ygq Vy~ .i `
aa~ ;z
a 'Kx..a
iisiYaa 4
e imports of tho •tis.
tly expired, at the agg.
Estimatuag t
bleb ban rece.
it will be several milli°
.d that, in a period of to
y _mit/lona of &Wars o
'ntroduced into the Unit
1 KW—although
—it will he filen
more than sari
iron have been i
you which the present
interepts' These are
by the protect
tends to Briti..
reverted. Tn,j , stand
policy which has be.
try by that worst of at
cannot be con.
moot against t
upon this coo.
And now whom does this system moat imme
diately affect! We answer, the laboring men
and farmers. In the first place, sixty millions
of dollars bare been sent abroad to pay for iron,
which could have been better manufactured at
home. The country is therefore deprived of that
much actual capital, which might have been cir
culated among our own people; while the manu•
factoring interests have been compelled to con
tend against so couch foreign competition- ay
this aggregate of slaty million', nearly fifty-five
millions .remade up of labor and the , agrjenltu
nil productions necessary to sustain it- So that,
in point of fact, there have been imported, in the
short period we have named, fifty-fire millions
of British labor and British agricultural pro
ducts, to depreciate our own industry, and to
break , down onrown farmers. to the single lir-
ticle of coal, necessarily employed in the Zeno
facture of this amount of iron, upwards of five
millions of dollars 1113 value have been introduced,
thereby depriving our miners of that such legit
imate consumption at home.
But we need not descant upon the operation
of the present Tariff. It tslutly necessary to
Zook over the State in order toT:behold the ruin
which it has produced. and ;the Asulation which
it has spread through firesides anOomes once
teeming with happiness andcontent. We publish
ed a statement the other 2:day. Showing that
1450 men bed been thrown out of employment
from the mine Mthe...rilieity of Pittsburg oboe.
• • ..
in consequence of this British Tariff.
publish another statinnent, ezhibiti
results in Meteor County.
11.1 IWO
IXO out of LIDA
f 0
'AK. out Of bisin
S Lanai
llV lbye
;.7 d or
(la rnarcv W. Urrruick
[lamb. b
• •
113,0 out of I,lot
ltmron ..... ..... 1240 out of !darn
Iron Cltf ......
.... out of blxl
ktlntwite., t of [dant
.1.11.141 , 1*.z ,151.* out of Ghia
Springfield MJCI out of Liut
,Idarttut- . IWO n
unit ill c lier..
till o'.l
Trrtuotit. Coasts Iron ry . 1500 •
Apingle county fa thus despoiled of an annual
revenue of more than a third of a million
of dollars, while 1380 men are deprived of work.
Thus, in two counties only, nearly three thou
sand laborer., with dependent families, have
been thrown span the cold charity of the world,
by • policy which is every day enriching the
manufacturers of England at their expense. Let
our manufacturers, meohanica, and workingmen
reflect upon these facts,wbeh they are approached
by the demagogues who prefess so much tender
regard for their welfare [about election times;
and let them not forget theit the worst and most
insidious enemy which Aulericavi labor has ever
encountered, was, and the so-called Dem
cratic party. •
iloustou l (Texas) Telegraph has the following:—
Mr. W. deerest, who has xeceutly visited the
Mexican towns in the vicinity of Eagle Pass, has
informed us that the statement wo published a
few weeks since, in regard to the runaway ne
greet, that have collected in those towns, is en
tirely co met. He says that he was informed
that no I 311 than two hundred and seventy run
aways e wised the ferries at Eagle Peas andLo
redo las year. Several hialdred also crossed the
fords a ve Eagle Pose: It is estimated that
there a e not less than .Idoo runaways at the
town th than lately been built by Wild Cat, near,
the nio t 6 of Los Mores •
The star part of these runaways have es
caped from Arkansas, bat at least Ave hundred
are, 4is said, fugitivei from Texas. Wild Cat
has a large number of negroes armed, and they
often accompany him on his expeditions' against
the Camanches. He has made two successful lo
rays into the Comanche country. On one of
these forays he had two hundred Indian and
one hundred Negro warriors. lie attacked a
large Cdmanclie lodge, killed one hundred and
fifty warriors, and captured over six hundred
horses and moles, On his second expedition
against the Camanches, he was accompanied by
one hundred Mexicans and a large party of Kick
Several hundred horsenand mules were cap
tured, but the Mexicans claimed the lion's share
of the spoil, and this so enraged the Kickapoos
that they stole all the captured property and
went back to Red river. It is thought that .14iId
Cat advised hie Indian:allies to rob the Mexicans,
and that he will share the spoils. Hie forces
appear to be daily augmenting, and it is feared
that he will soon concentrate several thousand
Indian warrior. from Arkaneae at.llee new let,
A balloon exploded in the air, at Loudon, on
Monday, the nth; three persons were in it; one
of them gives the following account of the affair
in the "ilmer
"We ascended steadilyand comfortably and
proceeded with moderate speed towards the river
in a soothwenteruly direction. Mr. Chambers,
the man who was permitted to become custodian
pre trm, of the liven of three persons, wan Maly
waving large flags and also cutting away some
comical figures of paper attached to'tbe car, and
I was admiring the wonderfalpanorams be neath
me, when 'heard a report like a musket above ray
h e ad,anti immediately exclaimed that there was
teat in the balloon; an aaseetion denied by Mr.
Chambers, who bad got by this time among the
ne tting, and ordered tis to:throw
_oat haunt,
notivithstaettrung whichiee descended with s fidght
tul velocity — the tones churches'and fields be
neath at, were horribly nearer and nearer every
second. Exclamations of "we are all right, weer
all-right!" half !hoping, half despairing, broke
from us, followed frbm one of as at lent by "It's
all op with us!" Then sir, we three men in the
car stared death in the face some 40 seconds,
while Chambers (an old man but es brave as a
lion,) had cut the cords attaching the neck of
the baloon to the hoop, the consequence of which
was that the whole silk drew up to the top of
the netting, forming, a parachute. •
"We were then steady for a moment, then os
cillated, (a proof of comparative safety)—they
went' down,. down again with frightful force. Cer.
lain death ens now befora,ns; but not one of us
Inst our presence of mind, though 1 herd not the
slightest hope of escape. Mr. .Chamltern woo
entirvly collected and calm. We cut away the
grapple, threw oat more ballast (hags and all on
my part,) and descended with a concussion not
nearly so severe as I expected, in a market-gar
dener's field.
"I fell on Mr. Gardiner, Mr. Chambers, jr. on
me, three bags of ballast on Lim, and the car
over us all ; while "pilot who had weathered the
storm," was thrown with considerable violence
from among the cordage around the hoop where
he had heed' standing. 8o much for the accident
itself. The cause, I think, lies iu a nutshell; and
I am loth to allude to it, since it argues a want
of prudeure ou the part of a person who, by his
presence of mind—saved our lives subsequently.
—When we ascended, the neck of the balloon
was tied round with a silk handkerchief,—On
clearing the earth; the balloon ascended to a high
er and much more ruined atmosphere; the at
mospheric presort. became IPS,: the gess expand
ed rapidly; and the balloon burst,"
MeLANCUuLY ACCIDENT.—Ou Thursday last a
melancholy accident occurred on the Cleveland
and Wellsville roll road, near the non th of Big
Yellow Creek, which resulted in dangerously
mangling two men and slightly injuring three
others. The tames of those who suffered most
are Joseph .Doyle and John hicKnight, those
more fortunate are Wm. Ferrill, Peter Burns and
James Quinn. These men were engaged in blast
ing reeks, and but a few minutes previous to
. the accident, the "slow match' bad been opt&
ed, lint owing to dampness or improperly prepa
ring what in termed the "fuse," the powder did
not ignite and on returning to learn the cause,
the two first unwed had scarcely reached the fa
tal spot when, by a sudden explosion,. they were
thrown sumo twelve or fifteen feet in the air
Doyle's face was very much powder burnt and
his body badly bruised. McKnight was shock
ingly injured in the lower part of his abdomen.
and received several wounds upon his arms. The
three others, as their injuries were slight, will
probably be able to go to work in the course of
eight or ten days: but Doyle and McKbtght—
poor fellows—it is thought will nut recover. We
also learn that the whole five arc Irishmen: and.
to use the language of our informant. as "good
hands as ever took hold of a drill." It ,/ eeitle
Fall Importation of Harttware, Cutlery, &e
No. 129 Wood Street,
lioelro to call 1.1. Lttoottoo of Merril.. •nd .t.her. tc
tiler uurr "l of
Ara .ht-h. the,' at purl, prier
ItirA fulls...crania., of MANN . , relebratral C E. AX E•
alt.., ou Luna. su.l• v
Ptir . From the univerntil superb-. of tl, 41.
Ism.ll's Arabian Liniment in runtb lame backs. rheum
ettem..llaeatted mints, whitti /melting, e.tutrarteti ronis
petty, le.. to hate no drnitt but It will reptitr tat •I
other remedies on the shelf. 'lO., there I. no tratthit drub
but it lathe Erna:oat remedy the world eer knee It I.
atual r ly etlettive hir both men athl beeat, v and shunt] to
attn... be kept In art rt hon.« In tn." , atelelntntt,
' Pee allyettlattnent
al yaar
remits of
ur yearn,
f forma - in
tariff on
facts that
en forced
11 despot-
;dr It in just what it; tratited--say ail wit(
ha.e ever m.11111'1..1* • Venniluge 16,41 the lollworn.
iatut irons m ai,nl.
• Yet. 2411, lal7.
`V Kula (f. (I+ —Whet, rout agent no here 1 had 11l
opebsal, uid he left but • tow dozen of Sl'Latte's berton
loge, and I roaa at a. tout 01l tadt. and thug far
has given a-tual aatutfartioo. and Lae proved to he pt.
what the publie wault. end we hate got it a.goiox. and
do not with to get out. I have but one duvet! toil It he.
your again wag bare. 1 aunt tar toff Maa *orb. plaarr
somi If I abourl 'mot tuorr. hut It dkJ, I have for:.
tea Will you have th•..rder for m. ass do
go room rerelpt Qua. 1.1111,1 t t KIER
For rale by J. KIDD • MI.
aolAtalablbra No. ,a, Wood et.
ElLotioNEM Ginn ct l'arAnLavat.—We Inilte the allenltiin
of the aft:acted and the OObltr aeneratili to the ...AV...
of Wu, thin. thie Tt. rare may I- aeon LI our
person who. mar tr elietitieni to relation the fart.
reflort.h. t•. IL litElt.
1 414 boom afthcted celvaral bare with a airettrasof LOth
which noutitimal meyearea until heptamihry,
the itillammatbm at that toms hawing loaol , ^l'th• • hO•
!mina mamba., of folio •T•e. aOl euded iu the dear.,
of • thick film..hick wholly al.trOtatl my nab. I bwl
otwiratapuperfurrual,aml the thickening nquoved.which
scow returned apd 101 l me lo as l.a a comfit.. as
At thls ob.e of the complaint I MAJ. , al,Pthwtitwt L. w..
rat of the court emit:teat madtral moo. witinfaconl me
Mat •my err. would waver ael well: Al tha, time 1 atoali
by Abe a.lylce af atm.
I oommeneed the we of tea Petroleum. Laub interval!,
mi,l locally, under which me 'Yea La.. imhtwwwl dally 00-
,1 tba,preoeut time, and 1 bate tacuver.3 MY eiaht•wlin
ly. Up getters] !health ..s..ry much itoomeed be the
Petr.iloom, and attribute the textoratiou (.1 my Main L.
I Nu. lul &mod tIrMl., iu ray. aial
will las happy I. glee auy lotonuation to 0,0400
w. 11 1.1.1AN1 BALL.
g iblaorw
W Yu: W. by Keywer 6 MeLY.well. 14u Wood i.treet; L.
r &Hero. 47 W owl .trait; It A. IlutwwtweL. 6 Co.
Wood .nil /trout Li. M. Carry, W. A. 1,11ka1..1,..ath
14uOINv, .u4ll V. Yoliwurts, All..uheul ..1..° 0, lb.. pn
r. M. 1.1E4,
..11,16w:T II Canal 11•61u.tweeutlii.1 . Vittatourvb.,
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
,k, NCOUR.kOE 110111 k: iNSTITUTIONS
iN. c ir lalre Nu 41 Witter ..... tu (Le war-elbow!. ate 11
U.U. 1101 W. Yreakluut A. W. Mill.. Ww . Y.
nip LUmpAHly 1, now areyairwl to lueure all men,hatull , a
In Aare, mud trauxlits.•wwwla, Ate.
LI, Au amyl, guartitity for the ability mot itilourity of lbw
hartitatuw. la allowlul In the eLaraeter Dlreetwr,
00 _WU.. are .11 citizens f Vlttel.uruk.. well awl favor...olY
2/11 • knows) to the enrato 117 lot thrir prtateuee. lotrll.hotre,
130 owl icargr.ty.
lOU Dtaterau-41. 11. Huwwy. W m Waalley, Wm. lArnoer.
lOU Jr., Walter Ilrytuyt. Haut. IWl•ard Ilearletuu.
101 l Jobl Hat u:rLL. 1. Ilarhohrh. Mot
1,1 ..00.1 •
UV Pittsburgh Lite insurance Company.
110 , CAI'ITAL, 8100,000:
Prealdeut—.l6atrYS 11. A.
1113 "Ira Preauleal—rlauum i1Let.006.61
low9.,n.letry--C. A. ootTom.
llel ihy . ;;37 ., satprueement toenutber Vittul lb.
Grand Farewell Mini Cal Tour in America.
Al ADAHE_ ANNA BISHOP, leaving.the
evi l !! g to retu re ' t ' o Pur ' o f pe d' , I to if: oat 0.‘",1":y. r..T:l.,°.`e,
mune.' Man( the .p'letiatu
au ¢ w ' ttich ' sje nits been
' roceivetrwith w. amen innate, aud
e ta' ore. Lakin.;
to bet way many notincal parr, •h,r. eta ima not 1 ,
tied the honor to atmr. and she bege to announce that Ale
will offer to the musical &Mantua" awl the public .r ~,,.
oun Stat... lanbrelp for the only time. boo fartamed L l-
IOC L'AITIATALNYEATS. Tartly la emitting, cumbin
.4 fl ow ~ f no•ft 00, of 140Nt..V.ILY ANB t/iTtia , and a r .
ranged un the plan of Uwe. popular:varied sod new per
forannwee. which Am Inia rendered no nuevewful.
the following Hoe of rued will lie adhered to as much m
~e cuma umcea will ortuit:—Newark. Philadelphia. Barrie
burn. Baltimore. Cumberland. l'ittaburgh.ii heeLing, 1
e 1... IA slougtou, Da ytow Mathew, Lousaville. N aeb wile.
co. Louie, Memphis, Vic keburg,alatahes. New °Heat., Mo.
.blie. Columbus, Montwouter,. litwon, Savannah. Chart,.
ton. Atinusta. ColUMbia, Am, hr , and Nework.
al ADANIE A NNA BISHOP will he modeled by her TAI.
ENTER COMPANL wader the direation of 11, lIIICIISA.
Sole Manager and Ihractor .
Full particultua re..ipowting this Wand llorical VoyaM,
(which will begin In the mane ..I tide mauth.l tole duly
announced. .wIU - if
Young . Men's Mercantile Library Associa
tion, and Mechanics' Institute.
K. OLILMON will deliver his third and
last I,cture on BABYLON, NINEVEH, and 1.E11.,11191L15.
. , 11 1 91LIS. tecunprigina the latest Biblical disenveries`
among the ancisul 904 41131q1U1 hl
Assyns. ebaea, Ar..
ropious) y illustratettl an. Aaturday.,erentrig,tletobsr Litt.,
at th e City I,ooten• Room, eorner 01 11..1 and Vourtb
streets, entranen on Wood.
Lecture to cotannence at 7% /irluek, P.
Tema—Catlett.' single adnusasan, nents—Tick,ta t o
hi had at the nrincit molt Mores and hot
els. blenibirs'
tingle admission, 37 cents—obtainable. at Library roan,
or nf Committe n on urea.
for WI rilculain. ars naafi bills. nc10:20
~N the Science uC Mental Electricity, a
Ink, October 11th, at o dom. Puolie ...mors:l% ouzo
Yon.Ma olighL, at Mine boor. Admittance after the Ur.
night—gent/I,nel] It cent. ladies 10 cent. Ile arlll ooe.
an Aaylum the above flail, uu klnuday, tbe lilt, lam
kfa o'clock. I'. 11.. to continue each day Go In ilayii, 0.
tbe cure a Deafness, 'Madam., Itheumatimo. Palq, Pr,
taprlr Dmm, Neuralgia; in rhurt, all diseema may I
rand 111 by tbls aystem, intelligently' applied.
Terme--No seller earn no r-banze. Pour treate,l IFn•
CorieulMtion from 41 to r.
d Chance for n Gardener.
T"E undersigned will give a most favora
bi. vow. TUN AUIIiLY of Aron...lin Sewick.
ley BotUnn, fur • NprherY ur Onr&n, and %rip
lownweinen.. 'Hot Wad I. of lAA
but 'Pet, "
' Xiglyll nflir?froil r t ' LEF rII
or.loll J. W. P. WHITE, 44 Orant'n.
teS, prinie.eandina, for sale by
oclo JA111'... , A. HUTCHISON A Co.
AiII—ACKEREL-50041;. Large No. 3, Mtui
bvi rachumlt.taxpertlon. fur mar by
L EAD— . SS° po o . g :,,, ,' ,, n . i r e , n (l a ig ' Latin) for indr by
°ell) JAMES A. 11UTCHIS9:4 ACt,.
41 H. MOLASSES--'2O blobs, prune St. Lou
ftrilio•ry. .ale by
IPKM/ 3 --fin bale. Kentucky and Missouri
Dor Hotted, for .ale by
IU JAHUS A. 111.1TelIIWN a Ca •
d LARIFIED SYRUP-15 Ws. fur xniel,P
EFINEID SUGARS—An romortment7 of
iL or.h,d. C 1.161, Pulverised and LAM Sum, from
e St. Leal. Steam ,-tbyar Itellwery. Ile! , ILO mlbeed
prime by [be Ageute, •
. .
de of fresb b 11.4 Buelmbrut fluor. Just roe.' •
Medi et
At CO,
uelo (tracers ut Tea Deslers.
Loa] and for tato br
• WlLjt. IiteCLURO t 03.
h ' 4 1 7 1 ftr " A. ILCLURGI a co.
:.. • tlnited States Patent MSc", I
.. . _ 0.-rosss I. 1051._ I
ON the petition' of M. Sorel, of Paris,
Franre. t.rayirm for thy..amnion of a pate t gaud.
.slth him far au improved mothod of preaerrtnif Iron and
et..) from rind nr oxidation for any.,years from the raid
ratiou of said putout a hlch taken plan , oh Ut" k'''''.. - h
day or Doeraiber. POI: ..
(Cl. ordered thu the said petition tio baud at ilia. Pat.
eat Offle, on i 4 adurilay the idl, of I....camber. 1051. at It
o'clock. !Li and all pervotia are nottlieddo aPPearandahoa
nos, If mar they have. ally Nald WOO.. 0 . 00, .. , Woe
Persona (Tat - wing the eiteindida an minind to ai ., io Oa.
Patent tith,. their abortions, opcitically Pet forth Yi wri
ting, at lea twenty day, before thu day of heari µ-, all
te..lintuny li ed by .ispr party to be 111.0.1 at the lariat:.
muat be t .l en and transmitted In arrordaner In lb the
rot, of it oy ollira which .11 be furnialied l. m.pheatiou.
.linleml./alio. that this mare be pOldldied In th,Nl
- Iptulligencer, Republic, and V 01.,... of Wanh4iiiion,
D. U- Coutier and Onquirer, hew York, Penuaylvallla In.
unirer. Philadelphia, 14ntvy hanic Prosideure Juurnal.
p ro ,idamy, Itlode bland; Melly Ad ,,, ...r.8..... ala.o.
paetiii.olts , I.....ininercial Bullehu. tit , orient... Lou maim
,lid pineburgh Omen, Po inburgh, Peuria4rauLa. nice a
...A 1.410010 in....e5... a ...11, previona to the ..a 1. day
of la...euil, neat. TllOl4. MBANK
orhYlarithil Comlni+Auner of I'. tits.
Comtnlouer ots.
New Music.
Milt: GIPSY'S SONG, or My Gallant hurl;
I at aunt, wills raptor°. applause by Jenny 1./ad. at
The Er ' • u:up'sl
bynA a e . r t . G .,
i t
it rbot. holtle: y Catharine bay•
Tn.. Foal tavted 11.10.01.
by Kiel.,
Tir; Vt01.T.r.. - N,z,f),TV -
Ai de pelt-rt..° or the Pultuloe and ,le
ntratde I ate. foreign nod atueitan.
- KLNltalt, lot Third alreedi 81011 of 114 lloldro Harp
• Stereotyping • ;
frill F, subscriber is prepared to ELECTRO-
R, I FEU I.IOTY PC Cute. Newspaper Ilea.. ar , tibetiort
odiet• out moderate fermi. The dursbnit, Of the
ru,,r eartrot. Ito le etnitoated by bet dget. lu Ile all
time. guests tban that of type own!. The subaertber of
tele for the preeent to forobth Eloetto SterenlFltee no mot. ,
MN,. at the eurtontary pricey .1 those male I) IN. oil
utelltol. Female derantiGa Able kind of Intel ouni artll
orders, ur lbetr patnet, at IF. W..Wll.dON'tt
d..eretry Flare,oroor of buurth and Market etnetai
,colt A. 8. IILAK
New Marble and Freeport Stone WOrka
1 1 UNION D WILKINS, addition to his
A eaten.... entabltahtnent 0 Litivrsr tdreet• bend tt ,
044..4 otebed bractelt of Gl4 Cool. 3Larbte 11urite.
adjarent 1., Cemetery ',Gent he 11.1.111h.flilfeA rr
err varlet y of Marble sod FreepolNlone.etri alt.nunieure,
loon, dumb :tuna, Venter., . f hl.rblr: F.rh,og
and &nodal( fdr Cemetery lade, kn. of Freeport bran—a
ter, durable material. beton lucated..enowenteutulhe
'edovlory, he la prepared In etecnto onlent with Ononttld
ttude. sod no Ihr lowent terott.—and boot.. fur a coattail
-1 the patronage beretundt• .0 liberally extaudycl•
. . _ .
Caution. ..:.
.Incl,-•-i a n•••• drawn br l'rel., • Clo .to Ili ord.
:JP flee.umti,l, tin . rd hyptember :It. 1%51. pa' ab , • (on
volalb.• allpr . datr, .100 bandr.4 dollar, (SI J.) a
rmytu..ut nt re.l lA, ha. 6••• n Mopped. • :ir.
- • •- -
I.IN EMI klz.—
..-, • .L.,,,,vc. u In. nrajtwd Vaal.. ull,
n •• - ••' Llophaut oil: 4
0 1.1•1•• - ILackod Whal.• WI: I
I - brown ' 011.
1 , •0 nava prim. Rio Code,
•• 1.1 i'Ll.l4. I. li. l's.a. •
roadway Tea:
12 stud 6 m W.I. extra ann. On tattliif
• Cohan, choir.. brautla:
• hi " It. Lumfm. " "
N•it Jua , lan4lng an.trar Cale bY
unlvvroally arkdowledged.anpe , St,
, rl i 3l . th ' a U n
n u ' eq " ualVe ' dTr u p r uM 7 2l P 2a;
Inagra4ne, Innonh analagnuo th liner
Asninu,lal Cream, and .04.. And, tt
..Il,..r.Til ' ott a nYZll, 6 ;;:tei: " a;tl V aa ." :n c retrr '," li7
mat: I , nn•aarael artat adranta nv,r
arurlo, 1,01,4 0 , 04113 - preaaml 'tom 00
u 004.0.0. •OL 11111, audio not 1 , 111,
Lyi tlO. matte. for nhavinit. 11 . 2, n
•an, of ihi. arttele dunua lb. lan tar,lva
, ,rrnd .I,„rt medal. avardes n., It.
. •
talc •ttio•l Ili...tilel eettuaattuu in a bleb It ,•:held 1.,
`teaitutittutt, ipt tale• and r.. 3411 . ot,
t It Y. af., p. Ni Po •t.
. i
Pittsburgh Hedge Farm Nursery,
1[1.1..:1:V ,1 1.1 I. ,. l , i , ti hw tLa b ee nL
.I s , il t d he 1 , .0 .., ur ., : .. n i s 1:1
S i , .. 16..,... Turuttilte Poad, texteronon of Fount
ttettPt,l alai about tate mile from Kam Liter,'
es rubarril•Prit reopeetfurllt give 001.10.• to
, ittly put
to es stet the puttlie a...waxily. that then-rale Ire 1,.r•
ept •-• tlerealoutees, ac • le.. wow ....Ku , . l , ettl , iPtl•
telottarea _' , uYUU , t plant•. all of IttLl,tt are so • health, eon
• i
4" 1311T TllCES•coustatiug of Apple, Pear. Itlttio, Pcouh.
• tLa IT TRU:ES...O..Iu, .d Apple, Pees. I'lu to, Pc
'la's,. A atleut, N ertenue. AU:m.O. Ur.t Taut*. Ite
dlt DE
taTal Llud lu en a .A d mu t' r s lo tu am Llud o e ul . u r t Local. . a
Waal. Poplar. Wtwalog It - aka. N at,
Tuht,Tr-.. Horse eltreluut. I'autUaulu
ltd. Endlab Art, Eudlah l'eraueo
rapetrin, k... •t. ,
IrN Knoll,!.] TRY.LS AND Sllffl:!lS—Viz 1 !,nips,
c..lar. All.rf iratf Arl.rvfla.s.eblnr-e Arbrr wiles; tlut tr..,
11t46.11.1 1... . Col:2.140o 1.7. ArurriJou Holly. 1..urr4....!r0
. 4 :!ii ri h rtt l . ' 43 ' l . :;i S t l 7 rfle. '') ; -‘ ‘ ' i..ii i tn,o l" :, Er r . .4 . l l, 7 ''''.
i ,
. I ' ll:t, , 111/11.4: I.I. Ir ANTs-- , ,... aims, ounut or
Sr nar.7 ouruhrtkuir ovrr 7u ranrilr• fia elwries. to rra
1.• r.I .4 Ohm... /rwrrbloLasuur,F.......o.luranaint C.tur..
1r r ,,,nleal /tors. Buurrbou 01. r., kl u alteßLd., ay lair
1 ,, .I al or Itrfataant 1b..... A grral tworlirr of thrw
r. twrlortly bard, and loloouf frvery tbrouJboot tlhr
.o.outer onarou. A 1.,.. tierlrututur. Olt...wren., OrsuJr,
Oulu, A , .4..
N. It - -All orclrr. mt. Le • ....w.......1 wait IL. ;foal.
I.lrun. careful', parkr.l autl ...rot s.ror.laug 11. 4lnfrtior •
4. -or part of
Ihrit...lstafe. , :
io', L rtrTh7,"..",;:tT„':,;:','lTt, "`.: ° :'..`V.Z7.,:":1;
~,,.,-,:...r..t. to turpfra.el out 01 lb. [f .. 11101111LL1 1 144
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3 t o itoki.v., 46.,grrat nuasher to lelftrh ar. of , • Ilur rsar
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Orrlfor.l am' rbrularrr Platfliorf emr/rutorlibr f , rltrrf ,
u rearuffabb. Irmo, pas.lll.“ out addrea• at Wilt in) , I' Ir, near
atr.burdll. • .11 r........ attrutHru .
Andrr, 1.11 as our .414.41 to 110. IlharuouJ 111.20,, rt. war
t 4.1.../.11 Awl zutur.liare attertlloo.
Th. yu 1., .0 grurral are fur 11er to oull aual ma.
: loa our
t kr,. Aftentfou t.jroJtor• r..-ITrla iall am Ss r.,
elm ” 1 .sfrt,.
..1h 14 St.& JAS fIIJKL/OlUl
: f rre ,I.llf,ft.T . I
For Sale or Exchange
rry roswbio,
prowrt, In
ewn by he name of
ulaika , ,.. I.llthbar end - ainalAT B 11.411.“
tut 1... i wear the trentral Railroad It will he dig - We... 10
I , ,•itether by rale ur !arta, for•proPerar in On, oil, or 're
Moly it «dd. a lan p err:ld
be bad 40 radoadet ,
, bat ouiall 'um will tw
Ii 1 in baud, C .
likonoyttly'aolado lb. porehaaer. 'A:alt./h.
No 44 OHara ate... Loy at hi, CO, N 0.14 W ht.ol
ht. 117 Fifth street, itoinedtatelf ohhkeite tha Court Illooae
fildrA d a Patnhadrt fdiarazded, toil anr other
cilen, to soy ywyledi deainhet
ado.l perrutand thatr rtahnhuo
•11 A CO. Isar. now hand dna ol lehtlea'S'aah
were, Flete , ,,, - Khl. (1.11.1 other A 1,,.. al , re
de.erthtion ul Iltahert, ,a•tuoriaitig rata, the LAM dosau
. _
IiRKSS UOODS—Opruins, 11:14 at. A. A
y MA ail!. a DVS.. raer. M
tuo.yleg fa4ullable Drat"
ratua.tsup,l SOL, CtalraW. Ile
l'arazurtane, allas.ora, ar.
. ... , , •
BA'rf,ll , lfl t CAN 14,EW ICK-, ,
.2„m i.... f . i1.00.0i
u: r ,
' "" k '`CiILIKOWS Ir CO
R E.'s: S-10 bblo,. Wbite for .a. by
4/ CilLll MIT •ON i et)
S OLE LE AT liEft —1 , 1 . 10 , rf o r des (I ,
j a r ! „ tann . ..,l
F O. ,alc L, A CULLIERTW C: * CO.
Lli Itll . ' IV fil'ili i'l' ' A lot f .iII wrD•r
() - ' ''' ' ' I
-,"" '''''
it urrEit-104) kegs and fi bba prime No.
US 1. io sorive mud Int vil.. by tl. P. , Intl V an,
• ork No-. MI And In n.craul .tr...l
I Altli-5 kegs N. I t r . ti u r . lu.l i .:
. i i. r i,,,,k
1 A ors _
Btl7l 4 klß-5 0 kegs prime, far sale by
iii .1. B. C INFIE.I D
I I NSKED li I 1,— , 20 blils.O sb
LA for Fab, by J. B. NFIELD
fIIEARL ISll—'2o casks fur sale by
L oi, • .J. B. CANFIELD.
. .
Q A LEItATUS- 1 1.01.1 bus. und flf.lbbls. pure,
10 for P/41, by J. B. CANFIELD.
I ;IIEESE - 4 . 110 boles I.:!ammorn , .
n,s ' L''
t". . fi . ' Li ' , ' .. t iv.i.L ,
ts ws tioAß_l,, litids. N. 0., for Nile by
11ACKED 130TT1':13, - 24 •hbli4 good, for
``oula by J. Is B.FLOYB.
och mound Church Ilnll,lll.
. -
DEARL ASH-30 casks Admits',' fp! Bale
L by J. Alt.. 11..01D
VOTASII-15 casks mire, fur .. .all; l l ,o :Py rb.
uoi .! '- l'-
O i 0 COFFEE—'2SO begs Oroen,foreuloby
lL vvi J. t FLOYD'
FI I OI3.ACCO—Bett Virginia modulactod, for
Yale t, I t FLOYD
En: lish & Bennett.
English. & Bennett.
1L?riA1..5.4.1'31.1.-?,!!.°C. GROCERS L ' d n g tsi ru i r ' g ' l!
Alanufaet ure,--No.l= Pl. and 141 Ptzt at- In.l!nani
W.srsi aO.l sta. Pittsburgh. Pa . ma on nand
and re,..lre
g‘ada aht , . 0.1 arint . kor
•al the low,t market
Nutea.narif To
lump , hags 111..
, ntl . rma
1,0 - It. lump, 141 I.kgs You g 11101. ts Tea,
6tw Ork.duip 11. P.
a - nu., to. eut chrislug do C.O bbd. N tl. Sugar.
lon rut I dry smoking bbl, o.lklultres. •
nu II 11,01 inatiud. Cigars. no 11. ,
pAgon.. - 400 kegs meted gm*.
46 Ilmam , bnam /hand 10111 HI
Ital . Common 10,090 Salerains,
14 1,11,s 01010144. Filberts,.2,ooo Unabrn bladder.
E WslllUts nuts Al easks Attain.
loam Rack eaudy. :kat boxes
rwre 'roman. catsup. "
60 P•spia, Satire. :MI Alouta Dip Candles
6 I.4.oinnre, 100 bids eraetera,
160 drum, 01114errea 1116 e.
lon bone. , al. It. /tan., 4,000 Margo, I:Crushed Sugar
** Urnund Inn pkgs pt. and Flaaks,
Lasts tlina4a.- 1.0 bids boafi Sugar.
:.0 bus. White 11P, o .onrraa. I .l l 4 o ,R•eb,a l k.
60 bags Pilule ItratilSugar.unttnit Imns, nail vu, ,alk.
bra. , .. Ilarapa dlrsria mil Carnal 05•1171.
r 7 IJourtud
‘ll ISS C. SMITH, Milliner,frOm N. ifiz i
IV' York-24: , t. Clair .trvet. Plttaburgii—h
..h aa
uog gag..d ni
fashuable drrmutsker, (rum Bal
timore. and ts toelevuln di orders at the 11 E .
vea. , l , • oel.llll
M. and M, Bank. 1
.. , .... ... .. • ..
le SHARES of the CalAtat I.l.nek of thi
y Bank •aule4 I,y U. A. JILL A C0., ......31,110 Rork au4l4seliang. Bruk..ra.
oor ulul..r 'lbb Amu of li. 'filViti4l,:a.t. A CO. Ma
.1trA.11.. 4 by Co. 4... a... at Harm C. Tovrwerul. Oman
j.relanna•ill &anti... lb. buelneas . lien:la.,. and.
tb....tyle ol IL TOW SONY U 1 Oti
WM. tmcß
l'ittaborsrh, 00. 0,1851.
... !Inghtton, r. 1 hltaburvh.
'TOWNSEND A. CO:;Wire hlantifactu
it. re, No. 19 51•11,...t.w.1. Pil.laryg b. I/v.21.10m
-, rut uu '9 .... tr o pcur.d as, bettortll , lllT
n.:l/4—lrry silo •rlc.r. for /...le by
WM. A. 31e1.1L111111 k CO..
0 , ..3 • irt.. , re slid T. De.alent
..__ .....___.l_
'• __.
ikit) . l . fE WINE ,,, VINEGAR—
! .
I. b,i
'err ~.I . ..ti vi g . °nail for ,2U Libutr gt.
oc3 - -
iODFISII--iteeeived an7.lforjeale by
4 . i 0.-.3 WM. A. ...cbtrail a co.
-- .
Matchless Blacker
_and Inks.
at.egf.tbicia,-,=ta mr= ,. . Gal yet ollerril
if,tottb.fiaNTl CO. =Street, Strtrlr=
Ybliadalim. Ps. ...34eas
auk clove:,o . \
0 , 7 J.tellOß JiNIAKVII .03
r i I AYNTaitS . L-30 'tient Oality,
I. for Ralf br J SCIIIIONMAKEMA (1).
PERM 01L-5 etteko pure for d' 1\
•• I,NJ.
. .;.
i LUSI.-30 Ltds. for sale lly . •
, \
il ...7 .1 WIll s aINMAKILlt s t a co\
It/HALE 011,--5 easkm 1110i'ale1 *intei , ,
1 V fur male by
J PCIIIL I N 1"1 11:):.
iiFESEL B) box. , extra Cre V Vhee\ e
. ..
,i, s
.1, , Ilealo .reyb al.llrttylim
I.r..iv by be o:, ti Ia r a)I9NDLN,
FiSii— \ •'`
.: bbl,, N.. I Lake Kutwt lot ,alLut.a.
' ''' ' '' 7 N N L " , - T. ' . • Iletl . t " b , ,
—All 0( e 11: ' ,Ielluilvetin braud—tb. t.....ll ' !artt;ia .
L :. "' Ttat ' lnt " „:t r' r.riir: . . l =V d .. 4 ; ""'"'"."'\."
BUTTEK--:lii rant. fresh Bt4ter, ... \
t/e7 ..-'
Ll l ' i ICI( l' F . -tt.VN ' l l rl V. , S.
Q A LEBATiI S . -30 c. 1.14.
,l . 1,11:1 , fa r sale
by - . i \1111:4!...1111.,1$ :_
61 . 11,1 W. :41 . 1.11: 4 . .--NOlv ope itrig\t, A. A.
I - 7 NIASON a 01.1. '
~,, ~i,....pnj yr/r liqhiousblo Plaid Silk, .. roe a , \ log a<
plo ' rati le t../ . ..51 ,
L, do egant ttrooade d.
UNM E T E 1118 BUS:--A. A. 31ABO 34 SE
L..). Itlll exbiba thin tuccutuit ..:artnna al rleh betp•
nel ... riLL. un ' enr.:',
: .
i l ' . ; IR TEAS
i up 11/ l'atAs. at E.tarn Prices.
rrlIE subscribers Nrould rexpeetrfullvTA
invite the attrotiPn of retail dealer" aria
, r th e ir very auperior IT-I.S. put up In
p " ra " ;! - ;V U lte L: ?er t uVrt " e " r:ll , `Tr..4." : '..
The wawa/aw .-..f 'C..... put up this any.fur vaulting.
•re ohs nape that (thpuab lout lately Intrnlneel)
Lase almu.t natlnly .oPer , "^dt‘l the hr.«!Trtn,
Our arrange...a. ani Lwllitit., tor baying Teas. art
4tch Oint we are conntantly receiving Irrllt atilt b
•p arc puablakl to sell hav Ten. ht. qualit) In 11,
All Teas wad I.) the bul,criberoatru +old un thxlp,
anti rriwnrlbiii/y, Linn auy out alvtua oath.
raturnea, and the mousy rPlaudP.ll.
- MN —ll. hat, been tatlyranoa that theme are par
enotrea In palling. throPraTJ l l'venPrn Peonaylvauln
and Ohio. worthl,ya and tlatuaa.,l Two. p t up it , • .tht
tar manner 0.• nun, 0, .tiiilatina Punta. pr ac unto..
rem outalora (rapt un. Tu .laid Impoeittou Lt lbep
..hParve 1 0 . , ^ , Pr) P OO . 1 1. PY I up 1 .1 Uala with
our name Dad wan....
LtNIPIE of all oral.. and vartpt Pa. whaleaal;ur
re.ll. at the Join,. ran,
SIPLIAIIai a tai Tv, I.ater,
NEiV CODPISII-5 druu. just reed add
for gale by irw7 AM). WATT t
—A. A. MA:. 0: A w RI open
ic bnove good,.
Now openang et. A. A nIA,.^ltN W
.1 Croach 11. nnm Awl 'CUR,. Cloth, owl;
" •
1J A A. MA,I.IN A co. bar,. ji1,t•rr,...1 35nf
Canlmoen... ant Lon., O.ll
I i E , SI , P i RO PE
ruuntox ft,. Can.l t Frat,rty Mn .n
•kort .11,1anct frt. th.. de•la , t tlar übl. , I,IIraniTAILL
I:ailroan term< appl, t..
.." DONN (00 . and 00 Front .1.,
0., rau,b.rft,,o
al I •
_ ..,
i 11110 AND PENNA. R. R.-4aregtor
Ur ..In at an for 1,0 P.N. Apply to \ '
11'.11 A. /lII.L A 00-
0011.3tdda. Sttirli an I Esch•una Ala.' „1
if , HEESE-10 0 linxeN\Cream: , •''
.i'd for sale 11 n''
- • "°.r.;111,.; - ?11; .
~m , .„ i W aiteratr.-Ct '
i IS I I% , 7:Gp i,, I'ItEPRED , :O , ILN— . 2O 1,1),I r
lat s
1- ,,!, ' li ti. ME ..Eltn..: W.<4 at \
. -... . i-- \
vw i f lALE
t. 011.- 7 ,75 gull+.
.u . .1 . t reed tad
' '
i IRE.1:11 TARTAR-1 1.1,1, N ' AR.RANI'-
k.l KI. Pr ILK. for oil.. 1-y ,octll 11. SaLldttn
- •
i COARSE tiPUNGE-2 • 20 lbs. 0 . supericir
kj quality, lor nal.. In it, li.K. 3 •LLKItn.
j • *ARIL AMMONIA L;`2 en..4lcs for m e IN
I. J 0 ,- 4 , it C. ntiL Eli,.
' •
CASTILE .10AP—::0 l'',.kiirx for salt,
I._l ~,,b \ it. E tt< Li i k 5 '
••" I , <o Miinufne u
-11,1rC:ri!ii.it2).1,,j; , t :t . ...t lt L E :i l •g l' ..n i s fr; ' ....nd n !.
r ru Loots.; date.. No :I. Third .i<Vuel., Nolo lII\
l'iltobutnn. I,-
111Altli M1.`..E1 1, POESKlNS,yluretty , b'
I r Borrhheld 1.•.••r..-NovoNl au looortilltnit 01 V......•in
...,c , •nd i•nor ,ci. rit. wlnel.. 1.., mi.,. <Ann.
uo. --.1,... tun., I. • I. C...--inito-e• itua <KW ...out • v.,.
. yof tty le, rep-ntity ...Upton tor u...,.. - ii.. . t •i.
1 ii:NUINE: mAscil wrEit uitc4ti.o..,
,11 —liwit sluntya to round at lti nore ot .
..... kW 14.1kl ip, ¢ Illtllpliltlki.D
I sr.-thou.., nr, tbo Collin.< Inn.. i'"iit•i. 'I
tio lon.. will No nold at th• ..111..• 0( Padua,, Ilanna, •
co ..a. 1.e110t05na...... tlorolu . ...lon , ....1.. , 0 0 1.... i. 'l'
tl K. r s yn. KN1.,,..ii
iirrrsttu nu it NURSERY—An thunibu
s_run rrrrr I I Rum the <urn, of Slad\et and Yourtli\
..trael• to the ioadoon. noun, Irani. Avon..., when. tnere
..... duo. 0id1..........n id ..r.....e. lu.o. Huila. Lindy 31..tithlt
..1 Known.< It.•••• N...l.letiodi. Moo. de., Now ntorear.
I .oU Dwarf 1.••.< <X Aelect a•rttt.o., Ibirbal•ous Haut,
nablia• Md.., Ant. hisium.', earnupbub It., Nod • t ....-
...Ilion .ill be Worn ha Apple:by..l du. IN...Cherry Old
.luni Ire,. <Ohio.. awl Filh•rt a, Grano Volt., ilnndet...r.
i ..a. Currant.. ntr•rerwrrie• 1 , .. titan...rt. <got.. tr.. ,
d., Iron. ate Ili. Nur...rt t't` d '''''`'''' • ... I ,
, <odor, throudli th. iNt•torret. Pt.! 011110•. to the tin+ ou.
I rt.., 1..... Nt<ouo,..r .t 11r' 1t..t...1.11'... loltert, ....
near the tumid of Woi•I st"
will 1...< nnwata II otteuderd to -
Atilt. 111.1LINKIII, dr.
t rritarla and ntirublyry ninulun 1,..1.1) to Irtalli
• . .
' qtr.EsE--:+0 honey-{{,rime NY, R., for sole
1 1 by WICK li 11..WANDLKI,1
Flour and General Produce
1:111;611,11. •DVANCKA MAIPIC tip rnXfIOYYR T+
lbvtiglit at a4t ,qual 41,KCILlireik Trazottartation
MI at* tzther tuarttl nu Uv Pea t.i.ast. a ttml•rat••••••••.•
.1 „hog., with ..uict rale. and auk, n•tutDt.
ark.'t inter, a..eauld . re.teet lullf ....‘twit petrotiv.m.
Refer Ur—
azd Cwhier nt Nl,•l3attle • Bulk:
Rank LA ttaltuact,
.• •• OPtamerttal t tantkrro' Rank.
oet:-IttAll. •
Baradiug. •
gym) SMALL FAMILIES ran belLecout with ptennvia front non, on the
a.t. either forulAnt nufitroi-hol. mot 'Kant APO'S
the earner 4.1 Mani and tlranto :
sußsetuicEtt Inaing now receive,'
tts. , ...ullro .fork of PAIA. AND WINTER GOODS,
.aid r0n.,111.111r Intofna hia eustor.ra .9.1 th,l , nblie
flat hw 1. pr,,w,...1 ts,iiis., of bl 4 u0.,...ta, 'val., a1,‘,1. -
..ale or °awl, at very 10.
all haa In 1./rr tiw,da all Um l?tsplo. ..,11 as s lar,re
at,,,..k of /'averl),,, lioWs. onmpruntlf t. Part
-11 Clistke ;Mtn. for syrOrnt and str,t dr..., v-1111.1::
44 liroraule t , tlls. ..., - "
Plain IllaA :Alt', ail ti ,,, ... ,1 . 10 t.'
Ilrond.. Itlyt edlk. "
near; Watare , l Silk. all +644.,
Fr•ort.k Pot4in...
' •`,
Murlnu JALaisn, „..
14v.och )Ic t ri OW an.11,...h.q.,
T•stellwr 11th Vr..ncla gni Pnali..l4 Print,ln .ni11.,•,..a.
11.4.12-1 and 13.1 11ar..1, 1tert1.,,,.. •
*4, Wand 94 - d Ins. l'lllow Linevs;
1.4, n-1 and 10.4 Table 0 .1..14,5,
5-b,aod 3-1 lounaak :rap tis ainl D0i11.4
lincksback lhaper and !ranit,Toselllop:
11011 Prtoted Plano and Ts C0 ,, .4 ank , ..i , 10 04 .
Mar...ille• 4.11[5 Wench, Furni tr.,l/Atolly, Curial...o
C urtatuAlatrnals. ec. \ .
Lu ß w. Bi !` k li= l l7
' Div• 34 41-4.4,
Black Canton Cloth":, ' ,
Mann blohalr Imstr. , N ,
ell Warr Titihrt CloOs;
Illach Cball : ' '
..4 \
Eusitoln, d, • li•ni,;ine.r-v Inds .9 0 o t ,
V. 119.. Chemiesttea a PAafreot Collars so Q.IL, 01. ,
•nd Hooker,: WI of wk. In limal•ottlb , .. unt of .t.
r.,10r. end rlost , for d.a .Ir•' \
nevi!. JAMUS A. Ilek , llli Ili.
L h .7llt 4 o r t " : . l'lllowLthevn
fts aanl Doilies;
. e Covorsf tstapexto goal.
~ //Auny, Curtaiu flll I
,trlme stuck
s UNDRIES-5 bb's. S, "Iratud: " • \
2 b `4
axeo , •441 bgaf Tol,m
40 - 0412, :V Toba , o4o.
. .. rt.11:114 :ii , Taber.:
P • - 40 440.44 tboy 4141 - for oak by .
se p:l.l_ II A lERY„ .1iiti1 , ... , ,6 co
4.; TAR CANDLES—In whale nd-lit has.,
i 1.4 r .ale by Iseli22] Illaillb. 0N4.4 , 1 1.,.
. 4 -
I EAF TOBACCO—Ia Rlalsi:t boxes, for
- LA .Ile by inep22.] 11.1141/Y ~11.111.:11" Lt CO.
if IAVENDISII—Extra five Cav,e4sh M
k/ barc, Lir • la 14y IiEVSCfI. a 31C440‘V EL.
mplri I.b , \'0..1.4
it UTTER— 0 'kegs and 5 Gbh, rac' and
IJI for oat. by p 2: H. aW. IlAillil 11.
.. - ..__
I 1 INSEED.OI liblS . recd, and ar %le
bj 0ry,27 , • :•.‘. 4. W 11.40041.0 i .
TANDOW GL .9--'3140 baa rec'd * I
`f T 1041 e by to -, \ 4. .4 W. nAI4IIIAU . 4I_
FINIUBS—'2O doz. in, toe sad for gale by ,
111,„ .p.27 ,\b. L t 11. II 41401410411.\
, 111 WI K. ETS-50 1
Lor.. n okore mid for Hale bN
. iir: ly u AltllAUti II .
~!..p 1 : ; , : t; 1:::
hllk., 0.. .401 4144 all Ira. M4Ol
, .
FININIIS-0 doz. in, biro and for galc , by .. \
111_ . aep.27 \ le.. a 11. 11AlthAUu11: \
. .. ~
, Ili UCKETS-5() 1
Loe. n qope mid for link by\
Allrpm . u AllnAlni II b e
111,31C„11021(..'?:-LiA.i.,ki:e140r1; :!.. p 1. , , ,, t ; h a i , e ,, e . ::
h, \., nee endue. ate lee sene
kILS : 80 k / . , n_i:d
11 braille, na N , ,,d.lo „ i.. ,z ui. ~N,
Q ILK I'OPLINS-- . Beantifn, \ , 00tis—jnd
I. re ed e ... e e u e r.,,,•!. 0p . ,. A. A. L'i , L, o:I • Cul , .
• N , ...
d I.IOANS--50,000 Itegahn. Pi\ liripo. :in \ - 1
1 J Hamel. Chew, on blanketed lee !We b' \ \
sea= A. cui.p.rn".l a 0).
. , . . . \
, r;i , CS-- , i
m, • ....., ....: e, ...! In,, In- , ~ nnd
fri r nde hy ' ISAIAH. 1/ICletli a l le,
eagle. ' Weer wet Penn • rea,
Vkill. diA.M.KERS—VeI. cheap IV, \j,d
1. pee. and cheap 11nrdera in hen 1 whlteveueL. 1. ' .1.
I..._Leeplell , II P. MAK: 4 IIAL
a Iwamoto° hate-open thla neninial • nnnalt
be ahoy. 4.oml:table. ene , da. ..1 , 17
4 N Infal ible Remedy for TOOTH ACNE
¢T Tartet no the Troth. Sege ind hleedhue Gnu, W
~ ...zeta le.e. .... It 'EI A MalKilVtiLL'e.
. en 114 e eet
Ulf mu
drsu bt
the ware
nib area. , .au,''.a —Adlertitm ant..aantrilirlatkine
6r thla miner* and Ohne r4ed fmeof a:ye* frt. '
snow 1
. - . .
a . PITTSBURGH . .• \
Orry.24...rma a nasal". i V
Frlrday wonting lictoher'lo. ; '.;
at atral quietness prevailed thrinix .at the mart.,
.t ~
,eurits . ail n sale. of mousey( (ran, ll
I LOUli \-Salea were runt:loud to smaji ha ~v rancipalle wawa , at $3 I 1:bra:l lb: From slur's, tor 4.4 were, If
'ivai its..., a little Letter. with sale. In Ntsriir nut lota at .L
Sui .t 7,43 tO - hlil Sale, .0 tilde extra Maur \ fro store.[
till 4l\—The market in quiet, with a unite bunt- I.
nuedunag.„ Wlirat is whle at Cla 0 42,, Cile:\ Itye
in lituli
Oil, /ladle, is wo\tli bUr.aud tlano TI au .-,.. u: rats of f,
tt:ta14 . 148.1 ES-- i u geLeral bil,lllr, il‘ ili%to at fits n
,aria 4 ...4 for Sugar • OJ. ay 114,. Motet.. :4 ha iii y\
,ar &dean, and .17 a re a s tur ellyarl,..r. Cam.. aim.,
With await and.. bf It,: 1 ilia tainhe, :isle* of tire at 4 1 0 1
'''lt ' ,l: -.' o, SI ON,—Yaleihhiue Leett confined ri small ki..
*... 0 1:' , ` . \,;,.. fair!, \rKt \aineul. Sales of [aroma it
\`,. U, .ho Idera, and Oe fur Lams ';ilea aro barcei s
alb Alen. allie tirtid Der
, Ls warn, aul we hare ho t'
' ll 11. ' :241 ," : ' - ' • ' Slaale. ILO at et 0 ti!, arcordiug to
real i \ \
VI:0i WII KATt LOUR-11.4,4, Cells, to co we forward e
u.l wAtudea ,ales at SI 74 1' 16.4. I,
tattibi, • .1/il . htinueLawitel salt, tirid baud. at 51 500
2,0:: ibi 44, , tile_ Iteveipte eouttutte ‘ tliNt.
Cr ill, Ka , 1 --ca15....3 Lbli curt itkt Skt 'ltatitle : sales raw
at li, P ,:.A u k
ivralttit:F. Lite a large hardine:4 \ LI I . Levu dying at
the curial at 4, ot'‘reil., snit :.1W,1"4. 1 / 4 Ababaunol.e.
' Dirt - ft:it—NU Ad I butter at 1 ;4 1 :A 1 e \ `al,. fa 1.,..
..1 tuN.. m, am jw.keal. In bid.. at 1,10 4il We
:A bIIEy V h rthithul sutra Late trtisittre‘t 1.1.64x1a
\ Am , . 3 4 4 1 pearls'.': ‘ , alerattia 404.1.1: and. Tots at 45rsa
' l l l . niejj ' ittr.L.--:iales \ of !wi LW. Nui 3 at SO 'ji l l4 LW
•ItiA.i:3-e-riates ahla.ll) \Amoy cast' h 0 101 Jul,
I. t N IWKS—there is • rerviar dentand In tile market a -
tall nu,. nay for l'lthiburZli mmiutticlured 5ta1..1414-
\ b
• too
\ tallow Iljcalatio. and \ eNainitan diviril at *114.5b1
- our winotatturere are doithtal.l l r hi;sin'ea\ e
ni W.' t‘,.,t 4 .
,03 I• 2 \-Itegular,nales of ro.sicjit 40.4 i,
Ib 1 ilit la. \ \
O—Sll ...lee at 7),ibtijlie V.
. I :ea r.—iftert.. were tales in smalt lkota at 3Za 'II,LI. \
Money mailers at.,!:ew York siill appeal be
in .. •. utted ',stallion. In refer.. re to the inn tee.
.... at nib:. n th. billowing trout the Time, nt t e 4th Wet \
e uhttilinah e. ul. the. J., ht• here a bar mu la its lia -
I 'l.l .liarscler. but it n said the toJr..hants noble via
their liabilities. and In a general a a4,, 11* hate. gone
through at watch be ter Way va. expected. jis sant WY
banal. Iturlu, 1.111 ..treugtheiteal t:, the 11,1. a. of specie
, IrUlll Philadelphia. and 114,..t0t1, awl hAvan, no ar of . tar
i xi,,,,
. i h er ,train of .1 ~... Iron. their vaults, hail:tour eI ee 6,r
-44, anal to alai ialiddtwaunaidli,SVlStVll.S , l4,.. ”Pr4di
1, 4reatli inat4d many pante:4, theurow. to dal.
Cu. Vl . ..Fent pre.eUre Lein., paretal.,r,e will ilitair ire the
•• eve, 1/cll reL.k. and tor 4.4.11 e title time Ut otamel, We
..u4ested .We other. Jai. that a the Lanka Would \ mate
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tarurent nuutuattous. le.:milt rop,.rts ',yid set all\ thi. •
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iZ i ti " :l;t a' or4 =4ls " a u nti " .VtTiV ' , , ro ' ileTia ' a; ' . ' w h l. rn' T
The failure of Vito Burger & Co., of Cortlandt,
t etrest, him; td - the ling.-.[ whiatesah , to New Verb:
• waualunauto oil to day. The hrozhoca were .oVA...oat. 0+24
.' 14 ,hat,ouppni4 that, Wei wohld hut tall milrh below half
.. million ot u
dollars. .
The dry goods house of '. limas & Muir also
tailed t , , day. There were rumor, afloat rewarding its sta
✓ bility saute dll. Ohre, SL w. refrain/id from alluding
• hi et the [tuts, and their smut., autertstned hope. that
Warrto luta be able to go on. but ..hems Willy wished hare
not been realised ,
. The dry goods house relJrrea to yesterday as
haring deptuul, •as.. that of MI ura Earl I Co , wlitch'lr4ls
• ...what unexte.etbd, an I,IJ ne yaw .41 the how% vt.
apl ta, la, a:
I r, capable, mel , llNClietkeed merchant—
It . raid tha Ihra had wet b dli an uneXpected losat ot a
iowitaletalde a:mi.:ULU !Mee tie. Let day otJuly last.
.. Aluncy rates of discoiait are unSottled, and
j ' , we ` ,train trvw afettig atunta:olO/ 'until thin, s mailbag a
' \ aware teltular ebannel. Nab. moue). except We bur du
'l \ i7l l""a n !r :,-.1 ' .... ` ;,T,; '• i ' 1i , . - .. `'''' Ve • Oki, `•:'..°,':.:::‘" --1 I.
‘,. i,.
\:,'.!..; 0 ~.., diseonut on dii . ;oalt..
I . - '. COl,iderubl, ',Olt . ..atm.:A was Wtg cartied is
th. , ,,,.....t ..s . ehaux, ii, relation la a - dal:levity lastreuen
.'i.: lit \inirteb, a wholesale dealer in stationary,. \ W.
otieerv:t: ti.tocus. Alt.. 11. . char u .va with bailing Our
- name tinte' entered .....Is under false hie:oleo , Th.
builecudi., nu du:covering the tat. entries. called upon ,
the Allo,l,al' ulo at onre proceeded to the Ware ot Mr. the buttre shuk on Land. which was "err
. large. awl Ifterwardan clowail the door urtiler seal. •
In retereuAN to the State flank, the Tribune remarks--
!._ "The discount ou State motley is back nearly
ha the poial ` at lefore the panic. Brokers are but -
togiitwl b i W. , i,. mad P. hephrtlog .to oar to Ile U.S.O
e er of the flurra will however, be telt
LL I P ' , ' r . 2 1 f7, 1 .1 11 . 1 L b .....1h th .r e rttlueilop of the v • Plavaa .fabe cue
hr., amoupte ul alleh Lave beep dnvera luau,
. ut )
tolhel'oulthilers One*, Wu nun Os altbdrawn and
„ • n J
, . a. of our Batiks, alt.,. had to reeahre, to day
all 1.. Web war oronst:) Mut.
tttatt.'4,.J'hrra Ira. 3 fray 0 \aorly.:•• chtaml by metal
mart, at dtikk. kat ..yealog. akl
J. LLrKiy Iletalrickno. I
xllayt ilro.ll 1.18,
s ' L L
tailey, %Ertl Neirtato, \
• bnarrr.l.l.4o.,a, Itearvr. \
\ s .
. • Attantle. Pukitmaa.
J. AleK.,,Hrtsdractatt. Alekeelport.
ii..aear am•
' ' .114cInAlw. Bow,
X. C. l'aptroant Pact. 1.4.Ta1 daily at an at :1a
t7IINCIN NATl—Diurnal. L s
\ VANin r , VU:LE L —Eapacr,, , ,
mtatraayttas Pae.Ztt LiTiq
' 'IFOWN.9TILLF:.'S 0. a. find G
F.:.171,(1,4•11—Th• . 15na , attar Warns). 7 (11114 C , torall,
a 111 k•ara'aa .W... Oda day:ad - trim, aMO 0 141. 1 .8' to
pawetm.ra au ear., .ad Ptm , mat trip.
ZeN to , ti,LL —The Gar 110111 .lrauaht attar i:al.a . aa,
Pant Cat, 0111 tvavo Rot abO.. thia . ,,ay,l4:kruur • lja..,p
-.l...rtmatty Inr .1111„,n
Irt.. 1,144. ttobinno. Ws , stherti
4..”..p0e...11 rittoburgh OW the fah fr.:
Tlo..teauter UirtWN. C. hamlet, Le rottruns het.
I:4lx , mciatl •124 Louuville.
The enrarner Shrunrelonls,l4t Lounville for rit Lnuis on
Ihr nat lust.
. .
The stenseer Mt Trrnon has been charnorsd br the Mad
' COlllpatir. and Is running inconnection trith the
tednecu that point and Lovieillle.
F"v NI)—A stUltil Nam of money, which
tbo owner can Oxen by otiling and derenbiao It at
11, Anew of • ENGLISH A HEN:it:Tr,
...-, \ Sveljnd et-. between Wood and OnAtbaeld.
Ohid and Pennsylvania Railroad.
4 IN AND' ,AFTER MONDAY, the Gth inst.,
y tau attertioonloaln 501 leave New Brighton at iti
...rhea, cod re , Orritna, leave Federal etreet tftation wt .1
V. M. EY ' , ed. , , 4' Ltosol of biroetora
- ...:Lzr ' ' - GEO. PARKIN, Ticket AR.nt.
NEW BOOKSI, NEW 1300118!-
Thing atrert, onnnkelte the Poet
larner e Nen Metithir Magazin, for °ann. ,
llntory of the Reotoralyal oa the Munareby in France---,
by A. le Lamartitn..
Bnulten , Mumripe. for neneember--with • large .407
rd aerial arttel,, ue3
eor Bur:bliehl have A oo,vrl • fre.h .apply of the
.4.. re do-Irabie nr 3 I
BLACK ALPA,CCTS--lilurphy &
' ,. -7 7 l it l e P e E 4trit h.oe ree•tred fah .anittnent atove
ILI lon itn In! , :e per yat\l—nn4 ateusomeeuner
roper Sh•h•W Alpatra... fit peqard. or 3
\ 2 enik GarreVa Sen\-h Enult
alOu Canwruoth
niat rims prwrderetft„Finger.
Ni bbli, Tanner? tnk \
bnaea cal Lnuarood: \
.101,131• chip
5000 lbx Blue Vltnalh
•, But India Twlne—lAluf
lb, variegated Trine:
• 3u hbla tap. Ulna- lust re-c7kl and tor We
Ly \ (.: 2 1 J. KII/k) At .Nl.
AC K EL—L'5O hhls , arriviug,il4. sale
1.1.11,. WO) V.1414)N.
ALTPETti,-100 hags' ertlde,_ am ,
by \ 'W. al. isitso,...
eaeks for sale by, \
pet: ' W. & V. WII.SON
4 , OLII,LEATtit\R-2041idEs hemio k tau:,
t - 3 n. 4. tit . 1 , be • Ine3lXV. F. WI .BON.
NOTICE—The titt.tckholders of the 011tira
Glum Menutectutitn4C6tripaut \ Vittabarch. .e
bor,try notifiecttb. so 4.....r.Perucnt of tAeoly.llte Dermal.
bat teat unlereal on the etoelkof the C.kunpany, to be pals
to the Trvanurve o 0 or ~0.10. r. instlet.
• ....•2,141 J. VIJAKA I.I,NNY,
1;$ A. 11;311 \
Burg,llblB, a
$1:1,11TA. 671{ At.
It. Cheese, 1 5 do
ale by
... . -. .
A Carit. • ,••
. \ • ,
Ilt/ E ill tusi m v ... e k r , h , !u t : L ed_ , to v t i. ll , LU T e . l=M ... e, ,, t ,i
,70,. p iiil baud 0 ZV l S . a ,,!k rtr'9 l, 1 4 1 ,:• 4 2., t ..g z,r,
..up ulanufacturo; or nor o c e. r go
atrulturr oil eaothe f arra, drawn D.u: D'ahaquat*tat.
cwo od ch.tb and Lo Ilueo. 'undue\ blunt, aht i, llllol.
wan, rotutd.t... nab 'oath , . and Ge 4 1 .13.11 oil r ein
,graa. van., . -
', 14 ad.latou to the ahor Ito lar ,, ta runetantly oat band a
fuli'vo.:l, of .I.E* Rohl.. achine haltiow. hue, ety
paktua. to, elothlatu. Dame awl trontlemaa'a eh a.
hint., , aandade aml Luelaine 11l oll.altada.. o 4 s, erl ot Sr
ertilielLuaoutarturrd ot Ind Itatota.r. owlet.. tivtdr , ..•
patekat, *trot which a 0 ,.. at., price' that cannot nut to
Or., t,,,za 4. 4 . 1.1. P 1111.4.11•4.
Dissolu cm. ,
r 'III E . PA ItT N E ELSII I P heretofore extAtiag
it t.t'w«., the under tha name .yd atyte
-John Caldwell a ram." ta Okla der dieadtett by . In tato ,
al convent. Tio. Intelorea ot the , late Amoral be artlint
by Juhu CaLluall. Jaatt!a, CALLON Ki..-u, .
~,,,,. 5. 1 .145 1 . \ , .1A it ES CALDWELL
The ultdereibped, having funned a Coo-part.
urt,tot. nudes. 11. haute an 4 ttyle t"o Calawnll A m.....
an." wall ctlntinto. the T.I.A'S.CCU AND CLUIRVIAII
1 ,,,,w,...,.... /b.. TIVIIII r c 4 the We Unn of Sutra Caldwell
& 70*. au Duqueankbe Hash. • JAMES CALDWELL,
1151.),t. 1,4-710 \ _ 11C-eittir lirEytAlty.
IMIM IM IiOODS,i '1 „. . '. 41V • IioODS !--4. A .
MASON A CO. rill o 'ti erflblo the beet a dare.
~,rattbla .11 pit huodmal r .441 au4 vauta gas ~.,,,,.
and Domoetir Dry thads. h. .tat , la the att a .yu ca .., 0 1:
0,," ... mr , und. - • •,.,
qw Stock a Chick 6 :l6nßeit'Piano Fortes.
i PUN 11 . ME LIAM; t , tli'ood fltreet, 6 gu.w
IA \ visielm putiroly sell 0.0 - s•S of PIANs, PORTKI
...„0., cossululvsy \sr I.2.icksztu.s, ISstst..".
„,,,i 1. 6 ~,,,, a .it, H. Tarietleg' s swig suassfactures. Tis,
...Lt.-6. sr , . , sys:sibiLl' Ws ..... So at \Postss., boo sop
141L ' '':=V i' ll,r, zt. „ .. \. , ,
, 4 li MELLOR.,
Assst, ft, \Ss rals of CtLickeriss's lamsd 1.. r Hiss•rs Ps.
it 71 BMW's IF.FERVEKCI`Nu L , 0 Al-...
ip pounti,upsCholoiral Vass,. 1•o d. L ., ....‘11.....r assosto•
, - .,.".. , :tizzrayt. 4 m°,4.",zr Pa? ‘ ••:tlt:lk,..l:
‘ .ses sAkls fur t•nrurpoge icle sliasul•Ln,_ \ ' $
\ A. it, esnsos,(:-Deosist.-
'‘rlss.oreltla rk..vular artlcliklurt ~-.....4.1,-.....“*":.
. 552..". . -•., L. - ' 4..1L SICLUSICS.../4 cal at •L
DUTTgIi--1,11 kegs kir isle by -'\' I
LI ‘‘!iiAAS % - WICK • /WAND • .
\ P lititind , Lifetnres•. :`,. \.'V •F •\
O N e
talk. ~t,tr tr......atiss a ‘ h,s l .d.. , snd Ire.. .
' . \''
ti::,..s . of %t buret -yr,. esilT4t s tli . • • Z: . tf 02:
k ,,...,
K1N. , 11.t bt. , „hy Prof. F....A.M. of ‘l...billsitifhis. . ' ..-
yh,.....',...fal tutd hotry n•esp,Cturectlrl be Ihydrated
~,t, o,,,twattnhyl French WaiaNro. oral mort_thut 2. , 0
U ` d ' '' ' ''''' "a" Vf ' ,T: a,): , .g.;;,"=tvi..:itia
......„....„, i. •
cw. worths...time. unman Of 114 yrho of totealototh
it.l , lloh la \Y s ltl,.l,, ft. eactt Wenind, oothhOL
\ ,,,
L A \ l3lll C \ l \ _ , • .
\ - Atlti.EN
'L.A.IEST pAiNtiNo . I': TT wpßu).
1 10\v ? .3,., 0 wn on 7 'lll - § ‘ i....\ 1.. ),Ni,, Sept.
Nit . . .
•th, at be Atheo tn, Uteri; . na.t, 111.IN11 , •
INti,.. II cot: thrICAL `ltl•alltAVA oh, Me st•lNAand ".""-
1 1 ;
,Ihrlll, 4 - .1 the II:WT.11 AN 7:Ahl. '4ey ti nt-all lb.
soot.l, twalsofal a d twl,lato 'cow, upo n b e elaulral ~_
ch,. ot lay \ lyi tV rld. to t. VI, Goo tt.o attd wutea
In wocut, ael L O wore , mod 1 4 tAil•oldlc and ykota
hy tar the nolo f rral. oh comoryttoes and momtlinent . .
'rlia."lt.:7;:,,'‘C'XitirtoTlAnnt. . I .., .
Ih. t• w traia. wit ,cote.oc ,, t . nt 'at • . e ‘ s ti. be. . , .
`•:-;--r=-VI----- • ..
TF., n. _ \ , \ • ,
A PRINTING 04 , ` an. y• oupOied ~ , • •
rt .io, all' I hetotwahy nave wt. f , o a abr. hate \ I
8.., u; .1.. I• 810unt..., in ie try- ciwed; wilt the \a.
'wry,. ~.....1 ty. troth... crlw !. Ile, hereby f- ~ \ '•
ketett fo ottc. Tbk mats • are all ut It ord. : , aa i.
uh-tt -U . on
a.,and awth.• ow crs re .1 , ... ,4 lo lt•er l V - to\. ‘,'
17.111:: Irtt ' i t' lt...tte N" p '. t n
'r a l tY 7 t . • l Tract - ‘' • , \ -
0e1 ... t.q7 i ..t .. , For p/iTcula ,ay ly t tr.i. ghee\
• _' \ Ci.`94oneti ' -t N7 - \ ' •
rilllK,difrlsivity of nbtainiag a .orrent Aid \ '•-•
k '''' d4 T's s •i-riiTrat v ......s •tf: 7.i, n Za::. :* . \
he k'K tt ' as mi turyja`sfor him .\ 1, .• yrewlyiva
ac e.tow-di,, ,
hiett have uet ame. TL ars Ru m e tory o _ s
the,lort maker in a:tient', and , sou ant .1 a reartutto - .
`OV Clatlvaela\• • svr ottrred for - ealr-ely \ , .1\ _ . \
no start cote rites-, \ , \ •
A larinneht,l2 altalt K tilt . . t '
b" s • * : -.-
.... ' II
. •
Thom In want of r Ily pt. •Clarkele n •
will Ind . a \
tax thaoce. \ V ,
I. ItLY.tle.•
act • Viola of tb tlolde 11. !...%I, 4 ui TEN t, . I \\\
SUOAR3O hid . N. I, for s o b 7
u.l ~.,.
\ 4, 1 01V0 DALtELL: -
l'IIIIREI: PLY 12. ' 'Rat. i...AII'E.TR)r
, .
\ ii. tihw carisiaully roue: nv al.‘,llV Meet. NTOOK•11,
Carpet 0 arehoutoc.l4o. a:.••fo at .1.41., to wbi .h whir M.\ • ~ ~
ette the stlentlwo urthow w . aut I n c \ !Arad:, A... or • •
I .l l tetuoste. at we will 'toll low th 0,1, before In MI. \
.!. ..,, - ---, -- 'I . ,W2,,,r \ \ •
. OR. FOR FOR SACE—A very desiiral• '
/le family Horw. 'warranted rtctln hl
I. taltyt-7.1:
• a round. Enquire of '
Sell NM AKVIt a thy • \
21 %Vaud' \
, .
1 -2 ,I,vifPII,E CARPEIV,. 31cet.trA
a Is now eonctantly rocelrbto fe 1.11 atuik..4. \
11.111 P flit, of the rkheatwol newe,t Aly ps. to,which•be
art. , attention of pUrthoWn, as he I ,2 \4 li efttratined t 4\
- . .11 lowa than ewtr before °acetyl In thia net, ,a \
. I •ttit , r , Vittol Irt-d Carpet Warehouse, No. b.l ay rtb ,g_ . ~ \ .
\ \ \ ,
.. i lft ALOE CLOrlf. & 'fRI • IifiVIINGS-- \‘, \ ~ A
v, .1 V. Slot r KliTOCK aortic+ tbe attention oklarrianw L •,‘",,, \ t
:nano vure hast , t Mare rook nf •Blue and Prab,elnthe, `, , • Lt
• Ilil elntze, and TrWY:nuns. whtch ten will twit at rodwont \
l• • prima. at the Ca talk Wa l ; T nu , ne. i.l. Fou i rth . st. N teal . . ',,..t, , .
' :
t IN I II3ii,4IN I'4 .E. b--W. auLl 'LOCK
s e
. \
• 1,,,,,,,,,,..„„ 1 , , , ,,,-.iuse hie full etoek of superfine, ,
t, ante and otwomon I , ltill.Alt l CA ll l'el`e, of new and del
' et, les. at ver o VirdaeNt prows. In whira Coo invite the at- ~ \
• haunt of tb . Irish pa te,furviah tileatutiot•Or Houses.
I tiiTo UR a Call k the Carret Wttrehlma , 0o Os.
I..tittl.SSELn, OARPETS—Vi. Macusrocn \ .• \
ifi "hip in store and forytalhrichurl net; irtyle BRIM
hed.S VtRPETS. toWthich he Corner the atteutlonof ip.r. \.:
OrlysAlla la detect:minor to sell 'were than ever heft.
o lu tble tits[_ Call at taw Id estahlt•bed L'arpet.W are
. 'hottee..:l6, ba fourth rt. , , ~ _
itillii l f.STkti CARP !F5... 7 '''osv and rich
• strle b TallotVZ? Da.7, l s r S
~. L.ltOt r:e . •: i d a c t: t he car-
a ct .' ell ' ontl ' l ' :•Z ' t. w l ' hlny. Itnut4l r rtt gee us u a ear "'
Ar, liNcurrroon. • . •
d -- •.
• I A.RD Ott-- o bbis. for sic to ' , close con- - • - ' ,
- sA ...........,br\ \ JAM 2 pAI,ZEIL, L
' • 1 .-.•, •. I \— hg IV V etrer.lL
ripOIdACCO---d0 k , opi No. 1 6* hist, Gedge'a
_IL brood. hr .O.• 1.. i 13. sic r.. ' oliath .
... A,IOI.ASsYS' ,. ---Illid\bis. N. O for . san by
, JAMF--$ 1 , Latt \
Real \Ettate at racoon . • \ \
".! rlini E nubeteritresh WI - 111Vi at, Pub 'a iuk• \
_R • hun. ma the {.oottas:l , . 00 . arattay. lho litt T day a '
10ctuber next, that - welt known tk pawl eliaralle mash\
rr lobsoent. sermons oet-Whiethby 0 SANWA" deed, Situate. . ••
ty v.. e .ro, torry.hip, irotonltately•heyond tbeA.... ,
.„,, 0 _,,, „u 5„,. ,ble by the new` Ittoattln Sbe \ ,
lot Is. 112 feet by O ICI feet, hn Which ' erected' Yoe
_ont • \ c' I.
le thick Darcildua
c e nt
Ii 0•0 . • arrant. bulltil. • t. . \
'.. ralo to commence at deka:a, A. 41. \ \ \
Gun, • • •
MI de prcuan , r, nu ' • unalsy. lho lir ot
I' ester near, that welt I,dorru [4 p sod eltaralle snub -\
lidsonat. tonmorly ondtiodhy O. hANlnd, s deed, Antal.
o u e s e .re s torrosh,p, itutonhately`hryord the oft Ilde,
i,,i - b,,„ o „d s , ou me s ldr by the new` •nostllrt Raul\ The
lot ts 112 feet by 'ICI
to Vhish ' erected' ono
,gred \ ,'
Itrlck Dwell.. 1100, aud.oll the ors ary our bull 0..,
\ \ \
'''''' w '''''"''' " " d'k Jlll4 - 1 1 1:P.51 NU, \ \
, OMIL6It IL 1111/DLY,
. , IV-.IIeIIt.NDURV, e , u ; 14„socutora. 0 - "P4Ii \ TS \ I '`.
. ,
i t , 1 ANII,F AC T U RE - b.:4IY TILE "NEW \', \
at salsa,' N, J. \ ', \ .\ . 1 \
Tbie Cumpaoy Is prepand to 6,lraush uaupply ut them , .
'ablaut.> ,
Whleb hays IssuUtoUoll :fter sereril trot.' trha.Lutt In '
Europe aul Oh, tlonnl :nate, to rento Thew' or* al
be add _pfoteLtlra OroPertlrs euPrnor to' 1 other
paint whateer. -, nod • '
Is purrly an Ord. ol,iur. IV to trarrattrd f.reo \ fru= dt \
t'ltztr;',.tt. i 'Ltdor.i.ur=—:%l°47 ,o s4 - .:L L .1 ,. \ ,
I:::.r.".',.', 4 „"Ltkft:p„ll2l'. an''' . r 4'. '..
1 - ,'
When expoust to sulphoione -or , roephdie exhale or
el ro when stun up lu • elosernota. Am an outghle pal t.
to afthstardo a roothemehtuats and the arathey hat
than Roy other, Pot Is , upr liable to tuna chalky or
etutold. sod rid , • Olt I t 11.11, be 11,..a11.1. with 11111Kolor
with ',annum) ann. or ',IP 'do:al...which Ora a t nds
brand porreldn Glad. .• , \ .
' \
Tina Ara fundshed at a los 1 , 11....1 arf..undoubtKl . \ •
W. hit
tat suit best pants In the market for coati
rooti; hoeing. outhouse, dealubsant, or arty expand our
tax• of and, Writ. no. or in , . as they urat , .. l - 1-
For iron curt acnt 'lay arr particularly iaruahle. as they " ~
fora. a ...frank nu...clout. ant ...trete YrarePt. au/d•- '`, •
~ limp:they dry oulAly. and hss dig a pun. roetaille - Iner, • \
'O,l r
0 c0d..., cols
. 1100 4,000 of the Taub, valuta now
to us,
Inds. supplied Oil I Oe:,tla lolll* . br the Attlee the
~.“.,hf., 1 :•,„, , • ~...,„ E.,..N„ , o
. ,
oath Whyte, 11,11adalphm
.-- '- ' \
', ', , Fine WatcheiV ,
it..V\IV: very - superior Gold Pakenz. „-- • ,
Leyer 'Wangle, rred by s esPeee. eteettArte , *
utudi arylealid Pocket elssoranortere. of brats , • \
!hart nun .. double eired Iluotlu.V. at, Plat. ars , \ ,
"rTY "‘I. { '' '. ' llllgll . 4l=l:4 7 -t7thlarkat a. \ \
1,1. \ . ~\
riMIE uuderoigned will pay' the highest man-
IL • ke , Prier. , o ooeh for oor husoltits nt pure Boottat. S ..2
eelitothe \ No. It Mortot etroet, Philadelphia, . X
i 1 KAN liffitill ES--Just reed and for sale \
ii, )be the wke,. Gel:toile'. et 1101thle Sea the ' \
":' , UOAR-4-Chlids. prime g - . 0., tht . ssle,by . . \
s•sts ', \ RIMY. SIA TTLIEWS* CO. : I
N PPER \ LEATHER-40 Sidesgood henry -.
t .
hop, L4ther. Ca 0.1.• by ,
..i, - )-. looorktz... vrri.o t co Liberty et.
L I L - QUIt-7., blds2Si•cdfo ern, family, for. '
_IF odt !».
1.., OpursuN..tmrte sat,
fo . P . ..:56 Libetli st. -
DIG 4ETA ,f 5 tuns for vale-by :
I_, ...s4o, \ it II XL MATT LIEWS t CO. '
A10L..t . ..5- - 3 \ 4 bbl 3 N. (:).],- —;
11 hr. - - look cooperairt)
onag " N. , HEY, Marctlews tW.
I L T 110L1114". LITI.4IA.RX• IrEPOT. No.
/ :1 Third etre.; opposite ths Po. them
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