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,rUPLIriI!ED 11Y WUrra A CS
PITT s Bxt Hp it
MEDNESDAY : 110P.2 , 110;! - OCT. 8, 1951
,Attentton! Fti.etuls of Scott and Johnston.
iter`The attention of tho.frienalo of Styx.
Paprzettos, la Allrighitny eritmt.r.
, the importance of thot i onghorgnintMLiihbr
ilia %TAU,* of Chiba, In emir, Martian diatrkit. for the
rt,Llonimittees, of Vigilance,
Peeihat every friend of limit Johmtete Is
inn tint 'whir rinnira It are hataratlred, ant that
nirro ' , Mar depreit hL traitot on the Sieottif TtrehlnY of
flair following litrx mitt.. on flantrsinntinnihnit been
11,Vmon, John alotrinon,,li. lingems
U. 0- Angleton, A. llama, Rm., Chet. Pugh. en L. :min,
A. Lloyd, Capt. 0. retiltioarilier, U. lirendenthnli; hr. 4. 0.
Wm.l4 Welker, Juries Wenn, Jomph Athena.
.07 order of Um COMA} tinitiOnti".•
Allegheny County Scott and Johnston
2 AS 9lgo g 'a Kill, ander township, on Yticada7,:tlt, at
AC U. Y. Condor's Still, Booth fayettn tD., Winlonsdni„
•ihn titw at it o'citc k.
an Th
p lir 1
JcO tan
I'. aj . iPattansna's Mill, Indium
At °dr *teals will be wilrnsend
ta t swinwts tm s Itorniatedd tan ittsnt tutunnta of
i ' sill " risttels waklrrinctlon distrint o: thn 'count y, arn
relowitcd• -aritaitizo, sail Wave etcry aneser.l,
and 'Pit tasks arrati.,onati to triad all . our Colons to tan
, - Myr' Wax. Mtrrma.—The Whip and An
ot in. Second Ward, Pittsburgh, 0111 useable
sit.dttoltarnt District Hotel, on 'Wednesday melting, Oct.
.-T r A,ipi. at 7 o'clock. . 0c7:21
.The F4ecutive Committee request the Snags
is tho • different districts in the county, to meet
. •
at their ulection precincts on 4sturday previous
to the election, and nppoitit committees to attend
i'the *as on the election day; and to co-operate
- pith the Committees ot. Vigilance in order that
every Whig vote may be polled. The Poll corn.
issittees'ehonld be careful to see that each election
at,triti is Supplied with the full Whig 'tickets. -4
, .
The Exeeittive Committee take this occasion to
sny to thi Whigs, that the news from all parts
of the Mute,. giros the most encouraging hopes
i ofthe trianiphant !totem. of the Whig eandi
.•, - ilate . - for Governor, Wm. F. Johnston—if the
*Lige: da, their duty and SSe..ia it, that the
Whig vote is polled, the whole Whig tiaket will
be elect:4ln the State. •
•• C. Leoptild Said,
• 'F:red'k Liireaz klithonyfilirtr,
Col. Loop*ld Sold,
Rilauds, IL S.' Flea dog,
Eloigan Robertson, Capt.Vhos. 5111aeiers,
Vaud'Anderson Way, 'Joshua Rhodes,
Oeo. - Dareie, ' . Hegli - AleKelry, ,
C. 0. 1.061:0ii, Alex. H. sliller,
W. K. =kirk.
• Alagoas. norm 4tre. Deistu.—The series
meetings arranged for the country districts hav'e
been gone through with, and have preyed of
most satisfactory character. They have been
geueralli.well attended, and bare no doubt doni
moth good in arousing the people to a sense of
the importance of the approaching-contest. The.
speakers at these meetings hare been varioui,-,
but the principal credit for unflinching seal and'
unwearied labor; It due to Hon. T. 11f. Howe,
, and Geo, DiStilE, Esq. Mr. Danis is an old'and
' popular stump speaker, and he has done most
effective service in pointing the people to the
?.,'pecalatioae and mismaziageinent of the L0caf0`;'...,71..,„
`;' . .. , 71 . . , „ to administrations and office holders in thin
flae he is perfectly at home, Ins long
aseep~cp.. in the Legislatare haring made him
,: i'.fidlYlapittainted with State affairs. ,
Mr Irown has hitherto been but little known
.21 apubrao speaker. Ile was elected to Con
" gresafeT,his high character for hallows quali
ficationi, great probity; Iton9l common sense.,
and eeneralinformati 012 on oyery object likely to
coma before C;ongress, of interest to his constitu:
eats. In this campeign he has established a rep
-reputation. for no mean oratoried abilities He
;speaks quite fluently,und always sensiblyandat
, .
traettrely. He bids fair to. become a rag able
and ready. congressienal debater, while in the
.Comosittee Hoorn; where business is, transacted,
he will harednw superiors 4 The Whigs of this
Cerinty owe a".debi of gratitude to Messrs. Howe
and Hartle for their indefatigsble Inborn In this
• campaign,ind weleel astound they will not go
Other gentlemen have also spoken quite ire
:queue", and done good nenice,• among whom
..;we may mention T. J. Bight 6, Geo. E. Apple
ton. E. P. Tones, and Babt. Eflilnight, &qrs.
• •We hope to hear some of the •tkt veterans in
stump epeaking, before the camgign. closes In
this city, such 'he 'Messrs.' Thos.
3toies Hampton, A. iv_ Loomis, Harrah: 'etc.
In a scurtilous sheet published in this city,
- called the. Tribune, edited by John Fowl, there
• appea!red on Monday a gross attack upon Judge
- McClure, •as a judge, a citizen, a man and. a
Christian. Who the author of the article may
be is a watter'ef little moment, or it is altoge.,
thir too. brutal to be entitled to a reply.
• Baal an assault es the one to bleb we hive
Vuivertcd,'coming from the q er it does, will
...cause Wboleeeme motion in J dge 3l'Clure's
favor amongst the people of All ghcny evirinty,
who have no ides of Beeler • sue a man as be
borne down by blackgnardleta d the worst in
finencee that ever cursed a c mnuity.
.man can lorig occupy the nsible statien
.which Judge M'Clure bus, t our giving um
brage to some persons; but It ust be confers
edbi every otie that even his re, if he has
erred, are reore of judgment d not of heart.
• The cause of sound morals,. In t e widest sense
of the term, hae ever found In h m since he has
-been on the bench, a firm dud fearleee cham
pion ; and as such, if we are no greatly mists
ken,-8e will be triumphantly •stained by the
peeple,of tho county.
,We hopeour whig friends will pay no regard
to the .nutaerous slanders put into_ circulation
by the etlnies of Judge Wel.. . As the Om
.- - lunar the - patty, as well as 'le character of
a min, he is entitled to their .ndivided sup.
"Th 4 Whigs of Maryland hart
rions victory. Four Whig mem
to two Locofocoa In the last C.
ge4lon stood threo to three. Bh.
of. Presidtost devolve upon. the •
sentat.tves, this result will give
' tyland to the Vibiga The. fol
sseeeterfol . Mindidites :
FitstDisteiet-13. L - Howie,Wbo
. Second. District—M. T. ftsmil .
:Third Distriet--Blward .11ammo.
rotuth Dstriet--Thomas Y. Ws
Fifth Distrief--Aleiander Evan
Stith tohstrict—D. Tr. , linty ! '
• This is Worthy : of imitation
Pewo7l,lltillgi.atat while it wil
will lea wet blanket to their • .
• wilt be a wet blanket to their • .ponents..
• A. Bola Petrttoas. Fonbrar.--- . . e Harrisburg
.! ...linerican says it Wei lulls poises ion a locofoco
forgery of the Proclamation, Wli h the (lover
• nor was required by law to ins* relatite to the
payment of the public debt..L. T forged doen
meat hi.psinted in °faint forw, and Is likely to
deceive at the first glance..., 1 peation of its
contents, however, epeedily ill los that it is ;n
, . •
base -forgery. concocted and!sexecuted by men
who am more fit for the 'cella ;of a jail than the
s o ciety of honest men. This forged proclamation
isilated) as thothe official proclamation is, the
, fifth day of September,
although it has been
printed within the lost;ten days, and, contains
the following asserttionr.-That gnome inereee-'
el thr State debt $16.029,947 19....1.Thi5t Gov.
Shuak pail 4.::,11,Gif. 29 of the debi. - Gov. JOllll.
&Cox paid 0n1y.5155,37,4 49. That Gov. Sous
. altos In his term approved sets borrowing $4.-
-1480,000, &c., &e. ' No gaper in the S 4 lies had.
lhisrudemily to publish the infamously f 1 se state-
Mesta which are contained in Me above. P /emotion.
I—PAIL Son. • ' ' • ' •
l es ; on e_poper has puldished it, and only one,
•• : . that i 0 have seen. .The Sun )310 not Been the
, - t
of this city, mrl?loh , ; or all the PePere of the
. .
bad . . • .
- '
State has "the audacity to publish the tufa
, .
measly false statemente which are contained In
the forged Proclennitlon. ho w ever . creates
. ,
noastonishment hers : ilt would he aston ishing
.... It that paper did not seize hold of that Preclona
piece of forgery, and anise to paint it off upon its
. ' . . /144. 2 ; 1 ga g enuine.. knell articles suit its taste.
I .
astaea4te. But it , abs o lutely ~ lutely,,refuseil to pub..
D: Lsice and Co:willpleaseaccept , oar thanks
for Now Tory sad nabololihi; popoit in&IV
final of the DWI.
One weekago th ILIMS is morn ßßl ing a W n seepoke cheeri ugly .
and encohragingly to oar whlg friends of the pros
pest before us. Now we are.farranted in using
still stronger terms of assurance of a glorious
triumph. From every quarter the evidence reach
es us that the Whigs are deeply inspired with.
the importance of the pending contest. It is
true that there exists at present very little of that
wild excitement which charaiterised the strug
gles of 1840f-'44, and '4B; but there Is what is
far better—there is a wide-spread conviction
that the prosperity, the honor, and the freedom
of Psunsylinmia are at stake. ;The abominations
of LOcofocoi m have at last loomed up before the
eyes of the people In undisguised • hideountess,
as a grand Mao, of tfalsehoOd, fraud, penis
tion, and v eighty and himest sad conscientious
democrats casting it from them with abhor:
The grea fact that the free trade policy of
the Loeofocos is highly injurious to the beet in
terests o f the country, is vapidly forcing its way
to the public ruled through the thick films of
party prejtilice; and this fact will make more
now whip In 1851 than have over been made in
any ono year.
. -
The attempt to get up a "Gibe alarm" on the
slavery question, by the leads:re of the Lecofoco
party, is order If possible to 'stop the alarming
ing desertion from their- own ranks, is reacting
upon them with terrible efiket. Sanest and
honorable dCmocrists are'dispisted at the idea of
bringing such an element into our State politics.
Heretofore all parties in P ennsylvania have re
garded 'slavery as an evil, ad a thing to be de
,but which. as citizen's of a free State,we
hod no right to meddle with. , In that light the
Whigs stilt regard it; but these locofoco alarm
ists have adopted it as one 6r the most dearly
cherished principles of their party, and hold up
its defence as the highest evidenie of patriotism,
and its condemnation as tantamount to treason.
They profess to yield obedience to the fugitive
slave law, not as a painful duty, but:with alacri
ty and delight. Such is the vile. thing which
is dignifiedaeith the name of Democracy d in
The Leaders of Locofocoista in this, State have
somehow managed to descend to a lower depth
of degradation than those otany other State.—
In no other State, where they have the ascen
dency, are the the interests of the people ideati
fied vvittt the tarilf policy as in Pennsylvania In
no other free Stale ha re the Locofoeos become the
champions of slavery per ae. 'ln no other Slate is
the party is under the control of one man, as
they are in We. The Demoiracy of South Car
olina was once es much uadef the control of Mr.
Calhoun, as Pennsylvania is that of Mr.°Buchan
an; but such servility is now only to be found
in Pennsylvania. In no other State do we ever
Ind such scandalous exhibittoas of knavery
and swindling as that which took .place at the
Freeport aqueduct. And 'lino other State was
there ever such an infamous political swindle as
that of 1844. But we see recently that they are
ready and willing to descend to a depth still
more profound; and that depth has been reach
- 'eel in the late effort to arouse' a proslavery
panie, and to 'brand the Governor of the State
:as a traitorand a 'murderer F. To show how this
;last miserable device is recoiling upon them, we
:give a single incident. A day 'or two since we
pet a respectable democrat. Knowing his party
* preferences, we didl not mention politics; but ho
feemarked, "I have always voted the democratic
i-ticket, but At this electien I intend to vote for
„Gov. Johnston; and the reason I do so is, that
have no idea of seeing a mail sacrifica upon
ii~r'oib of slavery." Tait it lint one among
.inany., slash futaneet which might he pen-
.. .
' • •
i tioned. .-
1 ~ W e assure our friends that our prospecte of
! success are growing brighter every chly, and we
may add, the importance of the greet principles
caz i
'involved is becoming daily more apparent.
!.• he country is evidently on:the eve of a dims
' iterons revalition; arid nothing avert ! the
• -iiitartriphe brit a 'speedy eetern to the only
.• • ,
policy under whiCh it ever did isever, an prosper.
~ . .
We Mast stop the egos of the preclous metals.
We most employ our . own people to make our
• iron, our clothing, and countless s ther articles
which we now get froai abroad.
The triumph of the Whig ticket will be uni
versally regarded a 4 -the !declaraßsn of the peo
ple of.Pennsylvanba in favor of the protection
of Mamie= industry; and will of itself—even
before there can •be - any action ,on the part of
Congreseinspire a degree of hope and cent
denee which will be felt melt betieficially in ev
ery , aepartment of business: This, of itself,
were there no othee•great principles Involved,
ought to bring tint every Whig in the State.
• Bear In mind, Whigs, that we eau .beat our
opponents easily if we do our duty. We have
the votes, even if not it man should come over
to onr side, provided they can be brought out.
'The Whigi dee united, harmonious and fall of
hope. Our opponents are divided and dispirited.
Let no give them no overwhelming defeat. We
• sayit not in malice—far it will 40, them no much
good as will do no. Many of them will rejoice
with us. At the last Presidential election, af
ter it was ascertained that Taylor bad carried
Pennsylvania, we met an hottest i but thorough
going Democrat. ••lell,' said he; 'lon have
beaten as, and I ant glad of i; So it will be
again. Johnston to 'a noble fellow, and a uni
versal favorite; and !many a vote will be mist
for Bigler with a secret wish that Johnston may
succeed. •
rocoroco AND FBEZ-BOIL common
While the Locofooos of this State are de
nouncing Gee. Johnston in the most virulent
longnap, for his manly position on the Fugitive
Slave law, and on the question of Slavery gen.:
molly, the Loctfocorief Masmichusetts, and the.
Free Soil party of. that State have (ten)ed a coy
pillion for the purpose of.defeating the Whig
ticket, each party furnishing a portion of the
candidates. The Commonwealth paper, publish
ed In Seaton, the editor of which was indicted
for hie share in effecting the escape of the Fu
gitive Slave e , supporta i this coaraft coalition
strongly. The Bog Pool, the Locofoco organ,
sap that a msjority of the eounties of the State
will enter into this e &Mimi
We ask sensible Men to look at this. Sae the
two faces of Locofocoism ! In' Pennsylvania,
where Tdr. Boehm:Mei &cite the party,. It Is
tamely, basely subservient to Slavery, and 00.1.
Johnston. is hunted by the slanders of his Loco
foco enemies with all thereat with which one of
their . allies will follow a flying fugitive from
the Domestic Institption. Let the South be
ware of this Locofoeo party. ,jt is devoid of
principle. As it has done in New Veit, Muria
'chosen, and Ohio, so it will do In Pennsylvaniu,
whenever it conceives it esti obtain the spoils
by such a course. The Whigs; on the other
hand, are open and. manly opponcots. They
takotheir ground- and abide by it, and can al
ways be depended upon as the conservative
power of tits cruntry, never going to extremes,
and never Submitting to be driven into a corner,
and to yield up principle in a time of political
pressure and excitement.
achieved a glo
• of Congeeet
the (lel
• agrees
old the election
-use of Renee
.. e vote of Ma
lowing aro the
.n, Ler-fifer°.
eb, Whig.
Whig. '
the Whigs of
• cheer them, it
ponents. .
'We have a last word to the readers of our
country paper. Before our next issue, the de
cision of Pennsylvania in nthation to the great
principles of her policy In the future, will have
been rendered, Iloy. Johnston or Wee. Bigler
will have been elected, and the hopes of the true
friendi of Pennsylvania be bright and cheering,
or overwhelmed with despair. Now all we have
to say is, that we trust 110 reader of the °suite
will falter in the discharge of his whole duty.
190 have endeavored to - set the 'truth before you,
plainly and earnestly. If we have erred, we are
not conscions of it. We have written from the
honest convictions of our heads, and the warm
est feelings of our hearts. It now remains with
you to do the work—to doyoor duty. We have
discharged ours.
We have another piece of advice to offer, and
we think we have some right to advise in this
metter--at least we know our readers will take
it in'good part. Our &dyke
.Is, to. 'every Whig,
to rote the schole etekei: It le the beet'and safest
tray: - 'if there should be any person on the
tickettliat we did noi,personally prefer, still we
cannot Igt6l. It by cot voting .it all; or vain
for ai oppozoni , Tbe ticket is made officially,
by the solemn set of . the .Whig psrty,;tke . repra-
F esnstiee 'of our ptinciples,, and our duty as
Whiffle to Give it anUtulivided support:-
'ltswais of Lunde and Woke. nays?* Ahnip
resorted to at the last moments of the campaign.
Pay no heed to them. No truth comes to light
at BO late an hoar. Our opponents are des
perate-,they scent defeat, and they will resort
to desperate measures. Set them at defiance by
calmly wotinethe Whig ticket, and by exerting
all yourinfluence to get your neighbors to do
We expect a good account from the country
districts, and we expect to scud theta in return,
ndiss which will casino a shout of victory to
sound all over the hills of Western Pennsyl
vania ! •
We an know that there are thousands of citi
zens of this State, who, if they vote at all, vote
the Whig ticket, but who attach as little im
portance to this high prerogative of freemen,
that they will 'nobput themaelves to the little
inconvenience required to go to the place of
voting. In this way we lose thousands of votes
at every election. We subjoin the vote of 184?
for Governor and the votes of 1848 for Governor
and President, to show to how great an extent
this evil operates •
1847—Shunt, 146,114 Irwin, 128,138
1848—Longstreth, 168,221 Johnston, 168,623
1848—Cass, 172,186 Taylor, 185,644
These figures show what immense number's of
votes are lost through the carelessness.and su
pineness of Whigs of this class. - In 1847, as the
above statement shows, more than fifty thousand
Whigs neglected to vote. This inns( not be per
mitted this fell. The interests and principles
at stake are too important to be lost through
Active Whigs generally feel that they ought
to be on the ground early, and stay there. This
Is very good: but It is not the place for alt the
active men. Some of them ought to devote the
day to bringing out some of those. fifty thous
and who staid at home in 18.17. No better plan
for the rural distrietz can be devised than to hi
up wagons with seats, and carry all the willing
and tit:twilling voters to the polls who may not
hove conveyances of their own. There is some
thing cheering and inspiriting In this mode,
which, were it generally adopted, would tell
with great effect upon the general result.
Au old, very old subscriber, called upon MI
to saji that Joe Barker is riding the county,
—and, all he said, in Mr. Craft's buggy, which
we hope .is not true--electioneering for Mr
Craft, and defaming in the grossest manner, the
character of Judge M'Clure. irbecame Judge
iff'Clure's official duty to sentence Joe Backe
to the County Jail, for an offence of which he
was found guilty by injury of hie fellow-citizens,
and of coarse Joe does not feel very friendly to
the Judge, whose conduct was approved by the
whole community. We ..have no fears that the
country people will believe one word that Joe
may say derogatory to the character of Judge
M'Clure, who is well known to all our 'citizens
as a gentleman of high honor and as of exem
plary character. In fact, we rather congratu
late JUdgo M'Clure, in having for au active op
ponent a person so notorious as Joe Barker.—
Nine-tenths of the community • will be sure they
era voting right, if they go against Jon's favor
ite, for they have no wish to have Joe set loose
upon us again, by electing a man who appears
to be on such friendly terms with him as to lend
him. his buggy.
Yestorday we mentioned that the Locrifocos
had forged the Governor's proclamation on the
subject of the pubiio.debt. To-day we tall our
readers that the [Amoroso, are making special
efforts to carry the election in this and other
counties this fail by fraud I We • learn through'
a highly intelligent and respectable citizen of
Middletown, Dauphin county, that the Canal
Commissioners have fifty-one men at work there
repairing the Dam. This darn hie needed re
pair for several mouths, and a private citizen
who woe pecuniarily interested in Its being in good
condition has several times within that period of
fered to do for $5O all that will now be done at
much greater expense. This proposition was
refased—the men were not employed until a ay
or two since, to perform this work—those there
at present number My-oar—they &repaid $1,50
a day, and work about three hours every day.
if they were to work regularly the fall time,
they would finish before the 14th of October,
and of course would not be in Middletown to
affect the Senatorial election. It is understood
the force be increased in a day or two to
seventy,five, and thel!entire expenses of the
work will riot be lees than seven or eight hun
dred dollies! Mr. Daniel Kendig has offered to
do it for fifty dollars!!
This Is the way the people's money it squan
dered, and thus It is that Loceforooffice holders
try to drown the vole, of the tai payers, and
ensure a continoance of their stealing. This
plan will, doubtless be punned In other places.
Corrupt Locofoco officers will use every means
• to . preretit the election of Wm. P. Johnston,
and the entire whig ticket. They must- he
watched ! Observe their movements I prevent
illegal voting !! bring the legal Totem to the
polls, and all will be . well. Let no one neglect
to vote, and vote early.. Place in office Wm F
Johnstim, John Strohm and a Whig Legislature,
and abuses will be corrected, the public money
will - be saved, the public debt will be diminish
ed, and the people's taxes will be reduced!—
/far. .4torr.
Fos the riftWurvil awn
Faun's Wmus :—There are only slew days
now to elapse, before you are called on to cast
your votes for Clovernar, toilet me ash of you
“are you readf—hiTe you 'organised in your
different Wards, Townships and Boroughs, so
that we are ready to go into the battle, with the
determination to fight until victory is perched
,upon oar banners. Let the cry be Johnston and
Protection. To gain this victory,. every Whig
must be at his post, and let us give old Alleghe
ny County a majority of 3,000, let us show to
the unterrified that we are in earneet. ".
oovEßNou IN 1848.
Johnston. Longitretb.
Adams, &25 •
Allegheny, 1.119 q •
Adams, • 526
Allegheny, v9r4
11 • 381
Butler, 102
Blair, 866
Chester, 755
Dauphin, • 980
Delaware, 476
Elk, ' •
Erie, 1418
Franklin, 770
X,Huntingdon, 418
l ane, 808
aul s r'
J j
Lancaster, 4213
Lebanon, 887
Lehigh, \
Lucerne, '
Mercer,. 684
Montgomery, pp
Puna. city & county, 48 . 61
Schuylkill, 726
Somerset, 1,662
Union, 1 1208
Warren,Washinton, 116
Wayne, ,
York, • •
GOT. Johnston's nusj. 297
4.rysy formed Id.e out of MU, of
There were several .scatterlog votes. E. I):
. 13assam received 48; Thomas Earle, 7; F. J. Le.
Moyne, I; 0. W. Jackie., 1; Wm. Larimer, Jr.
1; E. C. /1431prt, 1; W/21. Elder; 1, sad Scatter-
lug 7—in all, 721'The- total , number 'of votes
cut was 336,819. Morris Longstretb received
168,225—being 7,9(13 votes more..t.han were ever
before polled for a Locoloco candidate in thin
State! Gov, Johnston beat him, notwithstand
ing his large vote, and thousands of Whigs did
not attend the polls that election under the im
pression that the result would be as in times
past—a Whig defeat.. In 1848, Oov. Johnston
was comparatively butlittle known.- Now hi is
widely known, nod the knowledge of his mns
terly management of the State finances, has
given him a reputation which the beat might
envy. A little activity—a full vote, and tbq day
in cars! Be firm, he energetic, be vigilant, and
all will he well!
Examine the, majorities. What can defeat
usl Nothing but our supineness. Shall we to
inactive! We have the answer in the ems of the
Whig party riffle State. They are working as
men _ should wont. They are organizing their
forcesi and on the 14th day of October they will
teach public plunderers and Locofoco debt gran
tore that they can no longer deceive the people
With their honied phrases and treacherous pro
fessions. Make n vigorons attack, aid th!. en
emy's citadel will he CUM. Pennsylvania Will
be a Whig State, and Pennsylvania Whigwa ill
receive the cordial thanks of the great Whig
party of the Union !—Aar. Amer.
Fall Importation of Hardware, Cullery, &v.
No. 129 Wood Street,
00.1, to nil th• atter:Lino or Merrttavt, sod others to
their !Altai ertont of
Avd arblrh "boy are moat pre panol to off, at anolt prima
a•owont fall to ploase.
iir-A meortzmna of e4lats.rated E. S. A XVI
al war. on baud. anallS:r
11l a Co. here now on' nand TIA doe. of Lailles , Cerh
ow ellk, and other Gloves. Alan semi
de,r e.
iptiin of Hosiery, comprising more then IWO domn.
I)R m ESSGUgD .,. S-24pening at. A
t AI
crto.L., A N
41;7 L0V.. b 4.1 1 1707.
berme., Abwee, Ac. utb
:am newnrz
Candlewick: for sal. by
ERNS-111 bbln. Wh
. .. ... .
— 1 OLE LEATIIER-100 Oak tanned:
Ij 109 .. Hemlock
For tale by • A. (.7LBERMIN • co.
-if iLD RYE IVIIISKEY—A lot of superior
vy -01.1 Rye.. f. r bale by
M j a . U i c t .A l ii,...i l, 1 C.amban
fbtly on hand and
r pate or
A1. , 11
KIRK. MArkbt btre.t Wheat _
lIA 11. AND .511/lizl. lIIIILADELPIIIA.
bIIII/CLUEILi nciv.3bra
y t UTTER-100 kegs and 6 bbls. prime No.
Iffl I, to arriy• and rt.r Nos or 0.1.. SIIRIVER,
Not. LW •04 1311 Second otrost-
I ARLo-5 kegs No. I, fur Elsie by
BUTTER -50 kegs prime, for sole by
LINSEED OIL-20 bb6.Eiriawold'o brand,
for pale by J. D. CANFILLU.
ASEI-20 casks fur sale by
sol J. It IDINiILLD.
LEBAT US--100 bra. and 20 bbls. pure
7 for lath• Or J CANFIELD
: ,
1 1 11E1,SL-4k bores Common;
Cr.,u. for
ay e by
J. 11. LVI LLD
s.i, UOAII--10 hbds. N. 0., for sale by
F,7 .., b J. li caNerkto.
DACKED BUTTEII-25 bbls. ged, for
1 . MI a
0 by .
ac 4 Armed Church 13.11d10g
DEA ItL ASII-30 caaks Adams'; for sale
J. II FL 11.....01(1..
L by J
. . . .
1)10TAS11-15 cams pure, (or solo by
a -^ J. aK. FLOY U.
R IO COFFEE—"_!IO bap 4./ . /e . en . ,f . , . leby
VBACCO—Best Virginia manufacted, for
hr J. • R. FLOYD.
• '
FACITEAIENT congeguent. upon the
arritel *tot pn< Jenoy,Clod 611,11ntr enbeldot
be , leporture from the city, the vnt centre of at.
"ofloo ex....met to be 'ttle
• •
N. L. corns of Pourth shdeborrr sta. PHI LADELPIIIA,
kther. eau Do band the .d tett •eturtto•ut
every de:trio/to. lo the ctly. Abu, Chand.i.
lel. of the ue.rett fhatttet Loiters
ins* of L e moot aptdverd rtmatanUf B oa. h
N. h.—% • will mats m i n
t. Litlitlng p p
Ile M.* fur .+l4l. or Lucre uhtlals, as Ch. 02.4 IMIII6ILILUO
ltrzat eat at th. shorttet oath,. ,
. TULTORTLI 0.1/1115.
Pittsburgh Hedge Perm Bursary,
IIETIVEEN three and four raile34 .
rut of Vllleburgh. rimer the Farmer.' and
It•Ateer? Tut.Olt* I-ntj. tuteuelnu or Fourth
otrorto tad ahrut our mile haw Cart Liberty.
ettb.O•ribert rutmetfully gout teak. tn 1b.., rue.
teueerr trlel the itobuc.e.oenknr,qort thrtr Fatted. Nur
Irrutebairew. Of-. tr.. ame eremerLst betuses
OW 'sal FAA° plum, all of which a» lashes/1h; rota.
FRUIT FREt... mum lellieer or !Woe Pear. Plum. Fettle.
orrr. rlrret e Nerfariu: Alrarteje, ttere, A,
FLl•Elltel—rlr illtuthu,Ctlys,Sl.Aeutun
he r.
Fug. Map:, kur4•ll L ien .. .. Peleo. I..a.rahsr.
1 Forty. balm ne Wirt!. Popher.W.4l, late
'leer,' Birch, roily 11 , ruCltrstout. ' F y leis Ito.
la. 11", Werring Att. Enoleh Ash. badi.o
hluraMt trel.telt. . tr.
InCßeereittem - tants AND Si! 1/1114-11s: .lutelrtr,
Creltr . e Azure - Stunt rhorritat,Cleher.. A rbe.reltet. For
I , DrLrht let l'eaUmeou Arewriesn
mar, WhltiPiur. tiorear rr rum. balsuo Flr.l.llrerr Flr,
Nrntrib Vir. Iltuelaelt Frera, e.eteh Bram, tr., tr.
()KEEN 110UNE PLANTS—VIs, item. (many or them
lieu Fret rale,) ouseharlor our rariette.• In elate., to tat
Nyrrhkeicolne. Knot Chlrrtla Cleioret
Tea Feented Hoare. B.ltittaltl Hoe., Nowt. thee., rlybri.l
Perpetutl or Nuttoolaut Kra,. A'Arest untearr e.f then.
ter yerreetlr haply. and blunt, fr-ele IL.
'oaten. Ale, lleraulotne, Ortrete.
Civtur, tr.. A,
N. ll — Ali riders lAttal bell - rrclrlisdre.l M llh lel* yti:.
or uttlstartury ref...otters
Ph.. nn tall, .1 rent .....erllots t, ettrertiune
to trey part et' 010 Uttltirt M.N.
Tereus wlehtfu(( to corukturbt tbrir r.lo•rurr. groutrle
' , mild du .01 to errus • relit, a. , tr. tlauk uur flee, 01
E. w e rrrrrrr MOP.. tee loupes...l error of tire ue-..antalee.
teur fern stn eertre ot oreuud. and teur.eleertug (rata
'AI to le.o.otro, I. t. nest e.l w hied are ..1 • Our el,
f N e
tor a•eplruttou. t ‘
fo r
pir t. l 1.. ry Pl•tellettiateenarl hr . rcutrarl
r tr eserus v
L e iter. 110 a) .1,11 to our oulanens itl Wilkins P. U. ars,
I . lttelerytt.e.ll tereelerr Immrtast• aruttnu
Orde u rs left at our eta.el to thee Doutu tt otel Id or t.. em star
krt dal e. •al tad Itattentletts mettrotero.
Thr pull, In are turlteel to rail and arsssettus 001
t.e.t. •ttent...te to risitor• trlyrtt on any day ~ * , .. .7 0. ,-
1.1,. lINI.. JAI_ 511,FUNCII
• I
Os TuvelbAr, Ocroput 9w, 185 i.
• •ra Tyler* Fitt. Ors, morde.
C i e Tyler nt tho oldest
TV. Stoiratthr of Ode. st Lod
•ito Appenollece.
F.dlow Craft.
z . -5; dllo•oos.
Junior Learvoa
e•nlor llnkepes.
Put Wanlea.
S ot
mlne W .
h Mmet,ro
0.."" Tryndeos of Ale donle Fund Society.
(orator of the D o i.
_ no; Boomers of Corn, Mlle and OIL
...4 pc Omni Semidry and Troonurty.
i'. !looter of a lAkij.. INatiag. lb. Uoly Wrintut..
, 4 8,,,,p0rttl by tun Ye...words orllo Whin/Rod..
Urn. Chunlon,
, 9
Putast Grand Wards
Wput, wand Pilasters.
Put errand Masten.
.9 1
Urand Weeded.'
finality dread Masters.
autos of • 1011.. bearing the Book of (truths,
Jaatori Wend Ratios
a Deseoll 00 the , On e Ilan th e
• ° 1:11 ' , 1 bre enepart. ' th a
Black Rod. I Week R od.
• till,No Mem.
Oraud Sword , brater. with • drawn sword
- , Two Steward. with White Itods.
ad-The prostration wit more about 11 o'clock, A. It., to
the followlog ottle,-Prom the !!.mole WWl up bib street
to Irmittaleld -down Pealthfleld to Water -down Water to
Wool-op Wool to Third-dawn Third to
Market to Elt. WWI said loos-up Peoa to Ilasol-alons
Hand to Lltatrty-elo.o Elbert, to Woad-seta.a Wool to
fifth, live r ed
then Le na. e Wall. where th e addrers be
delivered Ist the bow.
. . . .:.....
The ellisens of Plttaboryh anti vicinity are *iipectfullii
Invited to attend.
87 Mier 01 the Com:Otte. of Arrantit tne hi.
8, it`AltiLlitli,
certlvlld JAIINn sui uLE
English & Sennett.
Merchant* and dram In Yrrelom mod PM/Marsh
Manufactuma—N. krennd Maud 1(1 Vint at.. Urine.
Want and naatalaid Mtlebork 4, Pi.. hare on hand
aml receir. M*11.41°10[1; gnodm which akar atm Mr
Ws at Um ImMat market ratur
. .
C 2 boy. mail NI Tobsr.b Mb tears AM Coffee,
1 , - 1 , ,, r o glb lump, 14)) Mite 1 tang Hymn To.,
12) kegs 6 MIA Tuba., ° 011,11 op. A MY. •"
OU gran Ms cut chewing do 50 btu. N. 11.11uirar.
100 " cut A drysmoking Oa Oda 12.0. hlolastal,
CO Al Half ipanblo Mors. GO ° M. IL 0 .
la - Prin.. -4.) ken Nal., ...I as.,
obl " Ham. " :W boa. lla lira 10012 OM,
IW lammon ° 10,WO 1 . 1 . .. Valerian.,
'5O Md. Almond, 711bortaa,OW Umbro Alseldar.
L. Wall.. Crean nuts 11) auks Alum,
W Orooml uts, 4 serums ludlgo,
,gyp bores Rook Candy, bat 0.,. Man notp,
Du mesa Tomato Clll.lO. 60 " roue/ °
50 0 Popp. tau., 20) ° Mould Dlp Candi.
. "
00,., 100 WM Crooke.,
150 drum) Flu. 0) thlce. Mee,
11,0 blase Id. IL llaslus, 1102(1.11aleo.1 Crushed tater
110 .0 '
`AN, msti. rinand Nacos. Ito u t i t ca rgt: t. f l . .1.,
00 W a n, wbu o Plpoe, WOOOlOO,, 141511Ing,Cbalk.
bate 111bIte Drool' brigarAlotton farm : batting, Can.
• ) b o a,. "L. Ilarans - dlevrick and Carpel Cludo.
.7 I Journal copy.'
- J. - apices-300 mats ought: .
0 . 2 bbls. Cava; ---- . •
• I cask Nulmegs—ter sale by ,
oo: . J. PCHOON MAKI/17'4C0.
rikANNERS' OIL:-30 Mils, bistquality,
a fur Me by tali J. 119110054516/1127{.11,0).
fa PERM OIL .5 cueing pure for sale by
0 .3 S.AC/10011,11ARER a CO.
A LUM-30 bbls. for sale,by
/1 oc1 • 1 • SC/1 0 011MAKER i CO.
WHALE OIL--5 casks bleached winter,
tor sole by J.'OCIIOONII,IBNO 4 CV ..
-__TL---- -, - -- -- -- . 4 1'.... WM 1-.. 1 1,..1 .
CHEESE --BO boxes-extra Cream Cheese;
1.11 do W. R. .. do \
10 do . Ilealp.oolobrarsd Corti.=
—Sot Weby . ' (W) - WIC K& kIeCAPWLIMS.
FlBll . _ . .
• '
- ' igDta1. 4 " , 4°1 , m7' , .. • •
. : -:. b % blab 710.2
25 do Vo.l ." do Willtoltsk•
—All of 1.11 il; klalulloglis bead—the bad ortlolo ova
ed.x.d Ib, and antraotad Mamas socultdorry
duroosido lousch at Sim. to: a.lo by
ot7 . ' AWN WATT* 00.
j 726
B UTTER -30 ans fresh Butter;
a 1,,g, do do—fin. MTV Dr
SAL.ERATUS+3O casks ro'cd and for sale
by (.7) ' WICK t NrCANDLESS.
SILKS! SILVi!LNow opening ut A. A.
1.3 11.1,1 ,, 0N
LU plft , es of we, tasldimatde PI.W Silt,. **me a* low a*
...1) pieces. mt. Ulw , • Liao,
10 do nlegaol. Uftoade
vlll.ltdbit moralns ri ,, L Mu-
ribboos. oe7
Put* in Metallic Park,. at Eastern Price,.
THE aubseribe6 would respectfully *^''
Invite the attelloti nf doslere
o ant tr. their Tory up.rttor TEA, I.ut
tartaill , cabrorod taa,loh heshal .otttA tort rind.. tho^ , -*
uol proaerre the Tea. porto , ti, freab.
The valvautia, Teas put uplo thio • my. torretaillog.
are on .bylutio that Outu,ts but lately Intruttut,ll the,
pare alum. entire!) thporrodpi the haame Thu
Oar al . ..ottoman% pl facilities tor huytna Tea., are
*nth that we aro roes tly rr,lytult P.
wo are enabled to oollas tow leas or 111. qualtt) la the
ea.t. Tema aohl by thoput.seribere are Auld. there
I. pauroutro ant . espauy, oo
a .+ ,
out atalma oats
fllumay cotortUal, arid tho mou,et
I'AUI ItI,V.—W hake too• Wormed Liar ini.ra aro por
.13/1 !DOZ.' to .ell throtin ‘Venterri l'eutta ) “..ta
atJ Ohio. Worthlroa ahi daroaaal TO, put up to 11411'
ha macaw , ' tu can. by ezbibillus
Teas obtaitoat from o T. avoid hums/Woo of this Wad.
0 ,,... paa th a t paokage put up by a, la 141).41.1 with
wad guarantee.
LAXIMN 't HAS of all goadra and pariah., cr
rotall, at the lowtat3 n roteo A.m
et, Ulttl a 00. Tea Dealers,
oaf 3A Liborty atront
V, EW drunel lust reed and
11 for sale by (co.) Jails ttATT h
--- -,----
For Sale or Exchange,
t.A:gtLi r tt i l: . t , e i l . .2 Derry Township. Wo.tmoreland
Ilite ' iloperty le knotwn hr the name of thr °THREE
SPKINUS.' or .. I.YCEUM" tad - 111tS:AT BEAR" Caere.
situate, near the Central latrosd. It will le• div0....101
tootethar, by sale or barter (or proven) In thr tit, or ...-
amity. at told, a inks erscP: mai , A. had on reasonable
terms. and but a small sum will be required in band. It
any adrantane to th parchaftr. F.. It. RE ASTINGS.
No 45 inhuman t. or at his DIR., No. 4 RFD.. and
Na. IV Fifth. strts , t, tnmediatels optaplte theßott. Don..
and Jail.oe7,ll anter3t
alat .. /L del...lath, Pamphlet forwarolt.J.-. and any other
Inh.rotatlon Siren, fp mo, pervor dr.idna It- troPlMmhoo
1.. mmf'' Pew. and nretaYMna their comimutocations.
b. .... , A . ..A.. x 11 /ORIN 6 Co will ~ pen this dor Ds mays a
1 ~,,/
—Now openlna at A A. MASON 0 Cti '.i— . ...1. 0.4, ,
utrkh sold Frecteheleritios and Thlb , t Cloth. o r e.
tJ A. A. MAMA OCo hoseJost rocelred 15 r.. 0 of
brat style. Cashmeies awl Ps Lain...
A lot Ft armod trontinit n 5 fret on Craig street
2-7i,',Tlm;;;‘ . .,V.T.;.:':uaLhe":.lts!'LTlVlTtal:,l . l'-',:„:
Halbmld For terms, appti t
5 V %ON llttlibllOS 6"r A CO- 93 and t 6 Front st
not l'lttsbyrah. I, ; 1
A 11110 AND; PENNA. R. R.--00 shares for
1- , .1 " `"S ' '' to'. $OO paid.
/11 1.1. A CO..
oclllltdait Stock acid Eschana. ttr6 C ,.r...
C IIIEESE—)OO boxes , • 1,0 ' 0r... —Just rrereivin4
and for aalc by I. JAMES LIALZV.LI.,
Wad ISS Web, tarsal.
Ur of this delkhous article just r.<. sal and ; for sale by
0. 4. _ ILE. t.5EL1.1.115, A. 11 , ot et
ittaiLE pli, - - 7 - 75 galls. just re'c'ta ami
for rate by. (ortSl It. E SELLERS:
a 'REAM tkRTAR-3 blobs. WARRANT
1t..) ED PURE, for sale by torn) R. E. RELLERS
, .
ir 10ARSE BBLINGE-220 IMt. of superior
NJ amour. Illsale by toe) 11. E FIELLERt!._
el ARP. AMMONIA-2. casks fur sale by
C I ASTILE I CtA P-20 boxes for sale by
, rod , : It E SELLER,
RICHARD .1. C. BOECKINO, Mannfaetu
no. sr L..king Ala,. and Plum/. Frame* and Des;-
la looking 'lute., No :4 Thad street. Philo, 11.11.
i'lltabarch.l.. ' S i, lit
an cSfußby re. ,:t
et.staono no ss and Saucy mdom. tch tbey a, 5..1110s
Ida —alai sunlit Curk GSM, mar. .14 clotha. sad • earl.
my of sllte• ea ewer adapted for boy a' wear a. o
--Can sl aya be (nand at the stuns of
Stockholders In the Wiled vial s Company ot
.tilaan. will I, 11,11 at the ctn., of halm..., Ilsons a
C., In Pittshortth, tot Monday, Orlolser 0.513 o'clock. I'.
AI K T FRIEND.3 , e's
, rorpor of At aikat atpl Focal:.
streel . :tt . rlZVar b fL fr PTot i t ' yleatala Arson em, there
'satanic< r.,lortir.o of 1 /remphonwo Pt... hoeS; Month!,
and llntiolna,Rumn. '3.lti Adelaide )loss do. .Sew Psorra,
1.500 Dtrart ptear a select variedly/. Darhataous Plants.
Latillas, Phlos,•ottibitilums. C.'ortmluons.. la , and a b.r,
marts will I . .. Oaten tot dant...Dwarf do. Pest. Cherry and
Pima trees. (Dilute and Wilbert do. tirspe Vsnws, tioneelwr
ries. Clorrantl. Pltawborrbrs, te.. !brunt:seer, (hal. 5r..,.
Ar., from the 11111 Nunes, Orders air to the pro.
Ft..., (brooch the NM...bos s :l. i'..,,t OM. ....thr llard. to.
CZll.= t'l lo ir:iVa r t. " NI ; h.l' "aired..
' t i •ttr.!l I. •
• ' JA' , . ii,f11;,,,r. Jr'.
111 . 4trthaS.Ls and Shruldwry Planted ise . If tonsder
M. and IL Bank.
4(I SII.B.ES of the Uop i tal v St elt . o
of this
1.1',', as: `""."' hr
Ko , k anYS:I2. A* Ino 4 tem , ,
i0.1! " 1:13 ' 1,; itt".l.?`: of l:.
Kfis%'? ts Tr, I st:a;4 ' . o t?». l .ll .
rsmrd •111 motions , ths hiisiners as be
,totore, ..t.r
M e: ash of R. 101.1 NAP!. D A CO.
Wal I' T..y4NSI:ND.
iU., for nab: by
' ',
laustxt ro,isor.,
, ,PW Iltight , ..
I!TOIVICSENP ei CO„ 1 Vire ,Hattufactu
.lt. revi r , Jo, 1.0 Mattel •1rr....7,11.1,,0rg.b.1,vi,,,.ti.1.
lilltilSri ILIALNION: .,,, AND I,4I3i , STEItS n -
•'"—"',""'"'''. '''.4 is7li " . l B 7 . 74,ct, • l - ,i) .1. c:.
oc3 urocer. 81, 1•1...1..n. _
- ; 13.10 r ' '
, r/ 10e0. for p!tkllog— Lm sal. , I, j
~,, 3 . 1
~ trii A.A.11.3"-1114.1 • C., ~. r.1,1t,..,q, n,
COPl: f itill—fteeeit'ed
1 u. 1 1 1 ,1 1 ft.t . ...
, 4,. t.
, 1,J 107
1- t'"
Matchless blacking and a.
rilliE k.:ELEBItATEI) " Al A 'I I.:III LESS
i 111...‘iliiNt.^—vairuo:ini st.,:er., tt al, yet Aer,i
L 1:,r,3t: ' , ' ,.. 7 : ',''' t:r l ; ,," .7:7. `,,` °;: t t.; ` (;:i r rat ' . ' l7. * l l ,
•.;,..Ppi,ll , -1031..1 . . , L ~, t0 , ..t0al
114 1 011/SD---A lanall ,oru of nlquiv, whioli
I thei.nor rlo 1,•,,. 1., r.,ll.ndr no I .1',..,,,31,111,, it ..
Ilkr 1.1,0 el ..,',1.1311 • 11ENN,7:71,
~.-.1 :left.] nt ,1 , , , ......11 X ~.1.1.1.k.tbri..,,1
Olno and Pennsylvania Rs toad.
Cr th, fi... n Ni . i.t A1TZ , R . 31 , 0 , ?.: . D . A N
. 1: :
a ti r i b t , t , t . i . n 1 1.,
i , :siie . lL.:l ,N et e . r tt , te r a i n ;
,i tlyc H T.Nitra m i etr. t . .'2 4 t44 , e u et
neltf OEIO. PARKIN. Tl4et area,
fiEVirqloollBl NEW BOGIES!
TI m
111 eat, oppe.tre the root titre.— 1:
Airt e . • Neu at,,thly Mattaalia. (Jr OclnLet.
Motor Cl the Beetorathrn ut the XL-Parch, in Teanec—
k, A. lostbarber
Itankbte' Ita•assue. for Soplateltur—trlttpalsrr e ra raptly
ef tpwral artul.a.
A I pile II Ilarchhabi twee reeplreJ . fresh alloy!) of tLe
above tuuratue coy., ..•‘
I 3 Eitertifleld base r!Mais,l a fall astortraent noay.,
G , r414.. 44 3.4t .. , [ 4, .. 4 foe , pot Tani—and IlliXO•orn. sup,
surer flab Alpserss al $l.OO tot rant. 0e,..
k.- 7
2 cans rancor. Seoteh Yana:
100 lb. Cawiroast
oat". extra powdereJ Olnyer.
:ft this Tanners' OIL
76 Were 0%1 Lateran.
4 0 htle chip
OW Ihe Blue Thrall:
1 1: bale. East India Twine-o.nm,
: 40 lb. ratiestatni Tanta:
te IA) this .op. Iline -Just reel sad toe sale
(oe3) J Ella , • Cir
tiACKEREL-250 Ibis, nrriving, for sole
IT by (oa) W. aF. WILSON.
4LTPETRE-100 hap crude , arriving.
k r W. by lec3) W..t F. WILSoN
ASLI—.IO casks for sale :yr
iI?!..E LEATHER-200 sides hemlock ran
t J Ro sale by tocZt H. u F. WILSON
I~IISS C , SMITH, M illiner, from N.
t. Cwr.tmul,
noevnevievre fsethonablc dresanaker. tense 1.10-
Moms. end pop Wei...cute all miler , et the
elturlest amiss.
Clbeks, eni Chlldren's Clatbum mule In the
neMest manner. pettish
NOTICE—The Stnekholdem of it he O'Hara
uivv.i'Munitactorina tamp..) or Olubumb...
s. by notlard tb en assessment n orenty.nre per cent. .
to tic °"'" t ' a tte
vgblW"r" .1. tr 00110 lANNY, Tremurvr. •
A Card.
I'VE hove removed to our wnt
areroos, No.
v,y Ile Market stmt. near Liberty. where we Intend
to keep on baud • complete amortubent ot eastern and our
own manufmtute of floor ail clothe, cartialteourMlo find
furulture oil clothe of emu description; trinemot,
ersi•tf 01l cloth and buff limn. wlsolow blibde clo th s
wimp, oomplete. with &what' and tleuntm oi to
treat variety.
fatd a.
I addition to the above. a • keep constantly on hand a
stock of In
dia Rubber machine hotting, hoe, steam
11. Wye, clothing, ladles and gentlemen's Mom,
, sandal* and Muth. of all kinds• and every other
artfcle Illartufmtured of lodlo liubber, under lloodrearle
patent. all of whirl. we offer al priors that rannot r all to
.I.l*. locfft . J. 111 PHILLIP,
'Clarioneta. •
riIHE difficulty of obtaining 'a •orrect and
1 itood4oued Clarionet In this eountr ,lhavfnit hewn
louit and meerely.felt b y tbo muslial pub le, lbw subncrl.
leer has had made for him expressly, • olc* ltrisrlion,
wblch ham Just arrived. They are from the factory ot
the Lest maker In Lamp., and Sr. weir. ' 00051105 to
rini Clatlonet• ewer offered lbw .51e--fart
' he itoek—emnprlsm.i
-,1 Clarlonetto-12 and 13 Keys:
I o ofvoodflod this
rafitobanco. .m nut
Sign of tile ,io11•• nary, No. 101 It.
ritlE PARTNERSLIIP heretofore ezioting
ji between the eulocclbers, under the name and stYle
oi 'John Caldwell row" this day dwoolred by mum
al consent The burioesa of the Ist. arm will bo
(wt let Mat JAM ki CALI/Watt.
''he andereigned, having formed a Co-part
ner hip under the name and Mile of ' , Caldwell a tew•
a st ' will contiotie the ra.N..VisTO ANL , etilfliFlNO.
by new, at the Tannery of the late nem 011.PM¢ t..11.1wr11l
a ' l.'l:t, D iri.Trer °""° ' . le2lllArLagk
MAHON a CO. - will open within the next few day.,
opWarlie of els hoodesol saws and pulimaterof Foreign
sod Poolestbs Pry blood& to which the at salon of whole.
sale Mod retail porcheeere I. Invited. 0e.2
NeiXr Stock of Chickerines P o Fortes.
MIN 11. MELLO% 81 Wood street, is now
it r rtr gt= l :lllll=Prf k ortid P c i e r it i , F = o ?
tormlialap of a/i the earletlee .now manufactured. Thu
rpr i,".y.t h emimay the moos mkat Ilcsrton,withoot any
charge Ihr tramportationm Halt
011 Mama
MMus la part payment
Agent far the fait at Chtetartaira Mame for Western Pa.
• •
• =eons A arntudr.-- ,' AdeerElsitkoate and subeript,orke
tC r nl. paper reeelee4 and forwarded free of vivo:M.l,mM
Ole 0f.11,e.
REVIEW (11? TEE rrrreStraon waxer"
Fl.r IN wot mdW 'Adobe,. 7. 1851
cxsam. lithcata—Dealtth the week. Just closed, haai
ors. generally Lai not Lath a, active eta •ottpate.l
Doting thy drat Go days after the rue. in the it.... 1..u.1-
nrprelig uP to a ermshlerable degree of livelluew and
v!irit.y.. but the sudden muter. which ensued. mooed us
eltuwt rerg-t that out change had tale, p 1.,. The
thet''ray auldrient InsPortthre to muse
at itoprovethent in that dep•rtmeol of trade. A
of loat.."left her, fnr .tillerent polou in the went.
but or ...eta. that theheleo opt euilleleut toalloy
of why • troth that qu.arters rou.euuentlr. our
mule h.. very little Improved by the Uteri... In thy
riven. The ielyrn,rtuent in the ...nal letel.ratiOn has
hrought P.roartteuroaterahle quantities of dry gcmals mud
other went anal.. athl the demand for thltushot hoot this
pelekt 'reel bee Improved, though but very fele steamers
boon departed during the oral, xihr canal bin fine [mei
:ebie orderitud all are want i. !. hoe to the river, to give
u an active and bus) fall trade. •
Ttoi Ohio A-Pennsylvania Halirtant continues In excel
lent euthlition - ; and • heavy businoes haft been johni Deer
that Improvement. During the neat ending onSatuniay,
Ow 4th lriet,tba number of plawrigers twastog turn the
r,wd cat :M.', and the cash nreitus for paawrigere and
unouticed n, $1.1.2 111:. which are Tory Ilatterlow
u•sults noun a tollen ocrallrowal . extenJln.t from Uns polar
to New Brighton. , •
A,llk,—Thealem 41.16* Ow neck bate le..tronllned
iimil e j ~ueutif:e,tor riff. pnwutnytiou,rlth to workedch..g, 10 Kr noWinue our tlllef as follow,
areOring to quality and Wm.
of .el.; t‘c.:imklrrmtug 44(44),,c
..41 . 1 . 1.E—Tbe. tr....1p50! arevu \ am.lea hare 1..... n vers.
11¢h 1. and small eark , e ,\ A only have transpired at fl t!.....4050
132 - 9 4 ht.l. areordln to quality, \
ALE-I%e notice a aNuallame.d gouttemaul to the mar
ket at toll prkea. A \ flt . regular bunt c , ..s Is doing at the
t..llowlua ratet • .
enmeuon, la bb1...... , \ S.l Ou
' - ." half bbt, ; 1 .?,,
'Sur. do.s. .
- -
Prime. I,hl ',.,.
- -WI bbl \ .‘.. 4 Uto
U p
541 %hr. ' • \ .............. o tou
half tOt ....
.............. -:.. 4 ZA.)
1. , ar Lbt .NZ -:.-.-; . ..: 40
AI.O.,II.JLITe hare - 51;-altehatton to notice In *lso
bel. The regular current rates 4e ;,t, ga 000 lit .at, a,-
( 4 /144/1j to airen,th. . \
BACON—Th.Ire hare bean no h. aar operation*. in bacon
Llarloi the rot week. A fair aeue4.l burtneer. ho 4 eror.
14u hem dohog at full pokes. The foltpatua are the prys•
ettruing rates of the market=4laM at‘d can Tamed llatto.
WI•0• 11 . , . Attgar euml do lltfi 6112. ride+l . o...l.shopid,r ,, ,
en.h and time. ' -antillea eirkurh gun,
gnlatr, eared meat are Ilautc.l.. and are ge?eraily wkld be
bow the above 11,...urer.
111:77E11—..r1r, have been kr;dl , maintain/A: though
re..elgtm have been Itgbt, and Ihnstod. 'Frgkh .11
kutter Iron wagno I. worth 15 to,lB,,conaunn 'Au 12413 r
lk bal,otof keg batter from store at 101.giit11e,/. 11.
, • ,
11(IAN. SHORTS. •r—Wr have uo 'rytase'to‘Setkaio
Sr( .... We couttuue our uuotatsurN from the says.aud
from argue... Brew , 1. , 91... Chess .t,4161.11184\30 GS
"..e .n.l Shorts at 1 , 02ir 3 bushel \
111 : ,,, 5--SotTlva ire Hunted. anJ we earl ouls .I,ote
norolnall, from store \t SI C:('1 7Z, for Oriole Nita., iu , k , l
113:141 00 WI 1 , 11. fur 0ri0(.4.
BEESWAX—We may rude rrgatuallT at 21 (VA. fro
Era( hauda. arta 21424 c 17 (Mee.
EIROWS , SIIES.7I:SES tt.bureholloufarturerl,hrown
ObeNll,l an, melting at 7./e . e \for A So 1. and 7r roc:tor,-
• SUCK ETS AND T1:11,7- We Totter. the arrival of\ shine
roosiderobe. LA. tlurlus the wek.. and there arofaAr sttrOta
rs baud. Thu result' rafts ars Darker. SI ( S 14 2ft
reu bawl, mm 4112 12% (4 :2.5 f at .torel TUbs $7 CS 7 \
Intro lost hands. and lo4[ 50 I s tun ,
B. (N AlS—Ths regulfr ruling r . are SI 021i/11 Z:4
1 5 5: from i4004.7(4 . 417r(5411ii sles.o\ from Prot hands.
BLI_NIeIS W. has* 11l eat. of ronsqu.neceto rrport
W e may ',oho°. our Isurtatiotla at SvGekNu 3 ton, areortk-
COTTON SAW , . (tar.,.. ~.0.. Ttr, is •
h. 6 Ittr .
ha ,
15 •\
u. 16
ho - \ '\l I. 2.1 e •
No Iv . 2.4 e
Ka/ Wit,
5. ..... ...
...... • flualcut \ N 061216
11111D.6 Lave Yo LltreqUou.\ p+l,e'llr< µoder at
11.1..114601u lota Pnr
11.111* 4 . 4.a.Nr0,0 , ... , \T0 V Au.
...... ..... ' nk
Qk ‘is
Dv 4o ....
bu du cocoa. ..
ORPCIL—Tho reaufur Pllts(Jurgb rutaulfactu:Syei,ur
Ingot; are, IY fuln \ anti
at 3 , 4 43r. ra.,b 1 tin, 6.1 rt u! 11•1 W s lyl
17r V 5
RACK Elt. 4, —Out cuuulacto 5,5110tte to tin s‘s
tolumaa.l,lll, rater .1,11 tb27 u Wake. at tbr• o.lllii I •
11 air. Cruet.T. V ... .....
la', •• 3.60
I% a
te' Cracker?, li berrel-.-..... ~- ......- .... 1
I.74t r eeigle ••
' f "4 11.? 5 7 ' ; . "1 .-- \....' ........
- 3 ' ''' re e Yva .. r. k
'r • ' A" -
C AN ELE...-EL•te \t♦4 n.C. , er ~ 3 . ... in th^ , ...1 ,, •.
1 r.. iar Ir e !• Isbute.eb mannfa. oriel hiS- •Mete.
..,01.1 tallow lteltildsc awl exectruOn• silted at Or* 0.-
e),er enanurartbmen xe-r , ohm • liter Wein...kat tlxo. rates
C111,1,E-Itte rxreentor 1n the river ha4roaabt Sot
..r- rarvdder,l4l4 pnatellt , from the Sr e;tecrr }L.,,,.,
ae. 1 IL , . oxert•t IA In exxxal Woe) r... 1 ,. Of a. 0 .0 .. 3 . 1 be.
b•re trete.1.1...1 it tbjtk!AteX 'r for mexr.m on 4 ‘
EIIIT.I/ FRI.,IT-310 'rale. bare tratertrl from
re,. et it LE:44I 75 Lx tvectiem and el .$ aTe A. buebe.l for
.1,1.1 e.. ,
bill El) REEE- L1:Y.41.1 welet.f es?•rn eured hare irenx
r,..J at 101.:*Ile Si S. wltte eery ItUe oder,. \
ltlt IA iS A h P ‘ SIEDICI:i E.. , -1{ • are no eltenet. to 4
“ „ ea
~,,e l, week . Ti.. fillip 0,1,3,f
.... ena of tbe. loadr.c etrtlele• under t . bred \
A 1...•, by- ........_Ai ~1117 E.lenlikr. rr0br0.....-13 .5,14
.4.4 in '0,15. , Ur rat. T ter.__.- 4.1
A ..varrtxda., ,2°,,, 3 .....1 oil ‘lto,i.. ~......_. 4 13, ,
Amer Kowt .... ...../. ‘ ,sr.: Rhubarb n. t - 6 411
A ,u•lartiv . ..... ..Itl xxxll eel lawn... li (1.,21.1
V dram l'emarta... xxo t , ..): Senna ~...15 leal'ex
i ,, ttuat , .....-, .1/294 1T.::1 , 14e , --`'.---11 ..';',
C449phdr, rr1 . 4.....4, .s,t . , , . u, ..... ~ . .
Ell,,rble Lao. ,4 4S Um yota,l,,kl t. d ,74
'..r.. ! . . ' d,! . .! '''' ---
. 44
'.. .r , r - t . 1 - 41 . ; '-- ' 4 . 't
171 ,.
‘ U ' L U...
IV t.t.ix --- llq I Peru. Sto32:!
oath -3.1 kip, b boineal ..-...., b ~ t A..:. , ,, ,
,kI y, i Mille - . ..J. (4.1 ki ...•
/um 14. pal . 4, 0d44 4 Vl.
, 11111Trageetextb. -IS 31 ~ 011.( •, .....r. Nol LW ' i 3 V 1 .0
11 klto A.R., is .A'
...... . sb, ',.. o .4• 1:104s.. ..-... •41..gik,e , ,
Lexuertoo 11evt.._... '1 .4 .... Lei,. 2.415. S'.,
• Dell la , s' I erversonxt.... ..
1.4 , Or.- ....... ....., le tee lx \ rtes..:_:
4 . 10d402
1,1-I`.--1b.4.4 froit,, ,•go:. . 111 ` , : . '".."'t ' * ''''''' fr 'i'
~„. v t
ri.otat -The iv 1., ere, LlLirenl,tbr twig ...A
h., e ex, be...te 4uch ern were 14101,/Cip• biit cisuatertalei.
cuentl,• Lave bevve bertnent In br we n. \ eta enure Au
...veer trivet...en denkta tbat. 411,1 .0. th , .o.7enling 5.e4.-
val.. here enxbuLlml(4 1900 or 12 , , 't Ll4atS3 1244,
1,. 1 13 la 1., •I. and 2.\10r .... 1 . ..= 1 . 1,4 *. l'.. Lt.•
extra faun], et f 3 a) Ltd. Sale. fitern ?tore Le.,
be e , eontlned to regulat.elre : .1...1 lots al S. 33,1 if. 3 3 : U
W .I. '_.k. by tbe R1C1414 eLI ak S 3 5 04 3 , 3 \ \ 5,,,.
RYE FLOUR--W• ben Rant \ of nothing .1' tnaten nee
.1.,,,,,,, tie, ry• dour We Id ir 4011., onminall, at l2 47 (.9
114 from Wry 1,
01611-The principal duet... , hake bolo Cub No4,Sier'Se
Vllll—The principal dews* , tisa luOn 1 , .. Ng . 3,N41,7
crel, with Ales l'Allibbls. in 1 , .41, .411 :two: 14 551 e •X , d ik
the Sirliall 541 at, , ,111: 25.. 11l oils, 54.44 a moderate isuk. , .
IWO ms burn doing at, for No `,. larklual In N3g610. Nu . I
In 11l 50012 rcalopon 111, dhaaN . 2:llAring 16446 25,101
whit; nab $0 (11 SNU NI Ltd. l fob Is Quoted at 14 el
lou Tha
FKUIT—The demand Is 111, willumlrsrfOraisirmatgla
1 , box: of 01/nonds at 1.54r26c Si. leAf Orogral Nuts al
14.01 D bustle': of Viltughs at re:\l;\ Cream Nuts at
7 .
of nt.: Curt - any at i 46004114 nna l`Nnlifilell/ Wain..
P., :
:o.ndlnf figs at 121(gUlic DD. Orange J .moats are
wary warm. and we can report oo saga
CANAL V figitilin-llts following the banns
1, aomuol ilia leading argicise Gnat tills I .t <sot
Ilacon. bolter and tallow \ tlf
La rd and lull 0i1...._,..\
o: ay\
. Leaf too '',. . ....., .... :. ... .. ..... ....... IT " \
t , lt d
s, 651 k .. .... .. 6
oo .
................. .................. Kg
. 1,
01104511111—A fair general usln...par been dlp, t e
....... .
- .
of 113:e. 16 hOds tniMe Orleans et ON, and 00 domommdm‘l
and teir nuelltleclddots, at tit a otatk V. in ; on time.. , „
IOLL Milo violent.. In two lota. at 16.-- and smaller lota st'l
dahmLyre et gallon. Stkiter Lou. tool.eLm la quoted at 47
(d.lac VI galluo. :'ale. 10 tugs RILL Correa.. 0 101.4..01.4
VL,c. do time. a ha quint, Rime la self to In small lola
at Ideate RI m. The imam • market ioI,TUR ly well sup
altA IN—ls the abmora Amoy heavy are ta, no large
.0" b ae , trammirod durinie met week. Wide. la in
~,lr r ,,,,, e , for million at 00(didael Rye Mi Da)tit 404.511.
and Oiti . ..Nt. ilk to. from fir. hold.
0 ERIIAN CLAI: , -tfialerate talc tranroire at ei..,\OA h 0
0. ton, cosh am this.
iIAV—VeI. it the emlea anumulloame 40 wase.n,l.,4 a
at attura , v ~,a , ..mealrm to ouailt
IldYS—Nothlne at ennwamene. healLe, on doing in hate.
We may quote at Cal ilt 5, 1 M • fitaidart \el, \ \
UR/Ur—We hart no njetpoon whlch'to
ground cm - L . 0.'0
tot „, n ,, a , Av e may (mote nominelly at \ RIOS n. 3 $llO V
IRON /011; NAILS—WO .obiA Ida of .kcy.l6ol . MU.. to
th. minded article. -
laoa—Vial bar ........ ......... ...... - 7....-......2 \i114664144
iwand and pinata b. ...... ........... Vet a
114.6 ••••••—••• • ... . • - • 0.660
........., ..... _...,40.1i
Natty-,111 6/ '4 4 / P. II •T 4 16.1.61 .:, 11, 4 4
.. 0 to 7 Pion ..... dd.
, ' ? " 111 ' 6 ' to 6 tech . ... - .7.2 . ..t.d ...... ;ti '. \
to aK \
; •• . Lot Li to 7 Incti...-...-4 . -..... 1 ' --' •• I
rtta a i t ,,, n o m a am niean.eub t to a &mon- for Mob. -
Howl V —la nuoted from more t II .dell 16 bbl.
01,01.—IVImlow. Riata, city b la. Il bklo 13, 10 6, 11
v 3.0 : lo ur 14 114 64 64*, 0 00 •14 Mod? Rene Ile .11
at SI haw tia boa than 41Y 14164.
LEALI--Ther. 14 • regular demo. .11. park.!. at 6
0, .64.140 , 1 5:1(c ‘'.,
Lapp FlTs—Tio prawn ran gy ef DM . 14 7d1,40.e •_ .
In, to vise. \
Sm. Lest.—ltestalor loan at 6Vie by a theetand To
V 1 it, whim cuL'
‘Vadr. Lan—tar. 1444 I. 141116 F '44c sz, .4 zi,,,,,, . t
IMO * 606 , \
LeATIMIL—The markk, \ mallet n 4414664, bout 1t 1
week'.goot•tlons. 041611601. 6 4 • 4 •1` , 41111 66 '. • 644,
lark do icoge< 66 12 , - ! k,
LARD-15applIell en:atone •47 lintited. ‘ited no re of '
C0.F31.13re bare tnnialdqvd, \ - ‘k
I.U/1111.1/ , -Tbe tout.6l 11 - 11644 laltly 4144 , 11 ed. We
atom at 611 for 4666.6.146.44 $4 416..tron4ttur ye,. ,
i /000. Shine. from 7..t.i s rt oe oit at 1701\® 12 ,
mett.ivElsso g o qmama
Yaw VnsrarhoLliboolng --7601a ' • , -' .
' nclnnati-... ..tide.* •- -
' do L ''
Vmdaftlle.—..,..Unatt In .N . "''.
do Natthettle . ' 40etl - '
do St Louts ,4 14 1 .
a. ~. ri winiaa.:7—% •.• - • A .;,.,
it sr remark that thoillisse rotas ‘ loatideet toite-
truttlon ars i onllng tittle atigiOn7ter. • • the condition
4 tIAL The regular current ra of thi.tooriret are
OILS We tiare no further chastise 00114 ha Otte.—
Small lee transpire at this following rs,.:,r4r4fty
.0 I 70e. and No * gallon.
POT TOES-14mlar rules at 'Zs git brael for \isle \ and
t Neshannock.
wow git-11,, a a e d, Dupont, and Radii
1,1,1, may tie quited In large quantities, attv:S: and '
idgla eg. at keg. flock Pouils at
for large and small anosaltleS. • A
'ITO--Siale. 11100 bushele at St 75 * boo
- --P.oleti al 10 11 001. \
ETAL—We hareem tranuctlona • tonotire'in tilt
KAli "—Rags are worth alit. for goof slam mito,l 4 41 p
tool tentand.
SEE +Arnim ant hauls re;sou,, cineer
Ttiontliir 2P, and Flax peed at 51 i2S.* twin+
nia.LT—Salts in a regular way ot 10.10 * JAI. abut: Is '
tee Pe4darly iselsOliatted pricearloot
Stlitp—ltegulor soles of roan at 44.13iii* b.
,lUM—fair..o,si..o=gaTo p b50....t sib kn.
STEEL—Lk-at r..i att. <Cana= do Ile. illister
S 3 ‘ ll . ll Ks — Ntamertila , (4) l X4;l.leTe.Ls;.4ooc, - I_saulariii.
Alnpiro Itle 11 P.. ,
81 . 141 Ts . TOlti•KS ^ riNli—Sgars Woe 46-11 gall
—l7bl: ez ir.-e.r¢..
TALL4J,X—SmeII 7Vica7gx•
TAR—Tber. were eale;,,ltt mull lots Lt. 3 blot r •
TIN !'LAIC—Tho rqlitt ' A,lroce• of the tnarkii are SUM
, 1313.54.11 , 1 LS, 4 ta ,, ..-44,14` , L05. ofr tor mob. Mork
rolUna'at 21025 e coo Ume.
TOU4CPO-11cre Is a good dentimd fur all deseriptlOnS
of manufactured tuLareu. and uric" continue eery
The fullowimt may be given, as the present ruling ir - irw.
Virginia manufactured 224 Z, Salt_ring,
burgb'Sateni ,, . tenet 17.413r.Lady s twist IQe.—
Leaf tubaoce 1s quoted at iti:diSt, Itio , el'a and itobinsun's
are 1141 at :
VI YkoliAß—Solng In limited loto lb. bbl. from store
nrirolir ran= rat., tar rtctlfte.l. la
100 bbls 'caw at 2.5 c • •
Wool.—Nothing has Imam done In wwi for rotas thus,
spdprioits atu alawstber antalaal. 4 ,
IV, learn from the Yhlladelithla Commercial wt of the
Off foil. that uric,* of Irma ip that , market had amain
, Intbtly receded. 'oat@ of the sales .poarlrm a lirefitie of b
, o Jur qa Z. at complikett with the Dien of February last_
Among the oafer rePtrted were 6900 P. prime ''.a.aotly
Iln .v at LW: 13.000 Z. .o 1 yulte,l at, 30 Ua 3lgt 15.W0 Oa
ea•rn,o blood, at 37e. and :5.000 Me: mlaexl.%, and full
Olcol at 4,234•1 e D.
The Cincinnati Price C4rlnt of Ole ,trt last says that
uo pew feature had qv:ova:fin the market and.very 111i0
Quotatl ono for the tattoos grades rums foam
,Sho weather wa• fair, and toore favorable fjrtrialaz
In:an the...Tv:rings at the reales to Aar were Ed0, , A0.-
\IL9S. amcontlint to mete :•00 bead \ •
of Bettie. 150,heas1
orphxep. Ilog, Whirl, were sell: a t sllahlde'clime
acin last week's prices
{.I.!LTILL—Atout 400 head were sold At, 54 $4 Op \
Taa net.
otieve4 were roll at 4141 50 it, ‘ bead. ~
{look-Sales:2,l' /brad at iXi 100„lbv.
Ilowa,aan 1341.e[5-1 , 10 rows w \ A
. limlted
Wl•re gold \anent; 4,17 ISZ to 5
• The llailin .... Sept:,, Z.
w:Tering* of heirs reachel 1100 hind, 85h of which
we. .Id • city Ott• here, In were lea r. and,th.
driven to P hiladelphia. .. ,
\ Pee. rang...dhow= • to 12 KY.; on tie 4 nitod to
1,0045 SO net. and awe to S 4t. gross. .
',lfogi , —Are . lie . note aSO 0 .-1.1132 no , '., \
. . .
i l Prrriaoson, Oct, 7,
n .l
regard , to o r lot .l money., market, we
bat •no Important clan to non _• . It isi if stly:tton o•
hale otahtt:• owlog to. the ,Ise in s tb ver,and the shah y
rot etwto of trade, , supply •I' currency 1. about ,
sa to t ea.coan.P., Fas elaeep • r past. on
it 1 Ita it ern\ Exr gM•on . e Past 'continuo
.t rat .
A6‘ ''''
Vi .' '-. 4 . . . fir. P .. • \ \
.Ow Tor tbe al'inste so • learn y die Tribune.
thire ' e.. n lo• peed feeling la t s .took e net, with
.4 \ l\
I.( demand fort 1;in0...-o, and a s ight say •co in duo
ta h umwaally:toonsimirket Lai.- • eery strin
g. . ma tall'a 4on paPer.'and t • rates nirre•-
ul It was dlitirta lo get mWoeY,on lon Goy nacieht
• S4le stock, atlet ltibetat, 'end : feral legal
I t.nnt and 1. W. Cnte day,IWIVS not uenti • al.
• I ob.. toper the are 1‘ to 16 IR t.
' :IPhlladelphia North\ American jeers e follow .•
ILI '•f•how York flanks •brob Lute to to
el ltlon—Fartnere Ihoak Ikf Sllna:lllank of efr Mich '
.1111 astern Book of IThite'twk; Jas... Bank. James
elli , betax tank at Babi go, ah!M the Ns ' . auPto
PE \L,
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\. . Anancaux, - \
71 L open on TILLS, EVENING, iSv. ‘
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'REV. it.. an. 111 : 14,11 .364tANKA:4; ,InuoL laa ill the . \
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ung: Mens ethantile tibrarsr ALSSOd - -
ilO2l, ' and Xechanics' lnstitute.
I R. G LIDDONViII delicei\threo Lecture
on HAIIVIa.. NIT:II. A 4 , 2.•:5,k;hru5. 4 . ,,..
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„sra—Cair,.nD' courve titlet.: , ot.. d , .11.1r.
- .. • ATItRISIANInd, --.------'
Al ri ,,, L open on 'MIS. EVENING, :Sept.
1 7 „ 7, , i , i.,,,r, , c t.t-trii , !”.•, lAborti . 617.1. 11171 . 01.1•
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Young: Men's ethantile tibrary ALSSOd -
110/I,` and Xechanics'44stitute.
IL I R. GLlDDONVillJelirei\threo Lecture
IT I 012 HA II VIAIN. NIT:11. A 4 , 1.C5,y,1.5. ~,.m
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0.1,0 end I curtl. ' , tr. et.. .N.ranco on WoPt. Mkt &rot \
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ol.r.Tburt4l.., . It., tho tra en :Itunity ktb.• I,ltta
i'4 l, I.'" - . . - L ' i . ; t t;n=l " c Vet . ;*, ' r f V L trot l [:: ' V.{ \
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895 of which