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hIONPAY 51ORNING, OCT.' 6, 1651._
7 JT! Friendsof Scott and Johnston:
' ,-The attention of the friends of Scott,
rg idfus n'"' Ul i nf Pi*U"Wi eltibe. th i' vr AU er l ;7lteU/i T 7Oll "t eir r i . :t s , "'l to the .l.
• Wag.: rte appointment of Oomialthed of Vigiluith.
7 701 ‘" I' s 7 :fr 7 end of Solt .04 Jl t listern "r""W le asal bY
SW thou erbo require Ware nottuallsed, and Stud
mil:voter deposit his ballot on lb* BAwnd Tuealay o ;
• rOrr West. I • r I
Tbst followthr itsdnolthw .on 10 turallsation has beer
rez,,;...g.1, , ,..7.1.gh1.: 1 ' .
A. loyd, Cast F. lskiroutitri. M. Brvowo,tha , , Dr. ; 1.4
Uithy. Vim- B. Waß.r, Jthtee SteCunoi doreOlt AD." i
By order of th e Bounty Cethotthoe.
iillegheny -- County Scott old Johz s tanl
ffieetings. i
I At the late Jima. Pidlltge, Robinson Tthrrothly, orti
Monday, eta. et 2.g. U. . ,
Atruge Min, alder Stornebly, on Tuesday, I tts, ar/
. i
At ti, P. ijoilitsi's Mill, soup Poyetto tp.. Wedureday .
Itn i t e brrdel,lit k i 900, at Z. paroJoate. ABU. Intllstia
tOwn.thly/. at. 2 o'clock. B. M.
At set di Wad thevoltrs, our frith& will be attires/IAI
en thtdecte important to use great toll Ural taleroste oT
! h t./1/1= Di rub election -Markt of the county, ari
stood to organise, awl Stave every person sawed
nuke arntheesdnu to bring all our voters to th e
111. ;DT or4or of
We replies* our ieaders understand by this
•.. e what "we mean ; by ~ tea:Accuse !" We
do nor mean old-fashioned Pennsylvania Demoi-,
racy: the Democracy of Thomas Jefferson, of
Simon Snyder, or of the earlier and purer daysi
of Jaeksonitrm. By Lotolooirm we mean that
reckless,- unpriumpled, lying spirit which • has
pomMed a portion of the old Democratic party,
and which Is peculiarly the growth of modern
times. The great object of.locifecoism is pow
,er, and the Spoils which power affords. Its
Ant principle is victory at any expense of honor,
justice,princlple and patrbdism." Its second is,
that. ”to the Tiaras belong the spoils." It is
fomented by the .., cohealre power of public
''phender." Locotocoism is the most villainous
Oligarchy which ever existed. A few unprinci
pled leaders, Mostly degenerate members of the
old. Federal party,are the:beads and control ,
and Wee are satiated hy a well trained . baf
ntieramppera, who do ill , the ler, meand
unPrincipled, work - the! lying, mlsrepresenta. '
tion, slander, deception,;sct. These take such
trend* from the epolla as the leaders can spire.
tilt ' great nutm of the rank and file of the Dew
itt(' party are true liMmblletuts at heart, but
so ' ll witched axe they- by the word Democracy,
lb they blindly follow Locofoco' leaders,
- and thus countenance men and principles, which
irere they better inforMed they would abhor.
As a fair specimizt of unmitigated Loootoce
jinn read the Rost of last Saturday. We wish
thit every intelligent Wh g in the county could
;amid It, as It:would bririg out oar whole vote, it
nothing ebrewould.
lSp 1 .: i!.. I ' 10 , . 1 'i , II: .. !
i ' o a nother
article we have' told what Locofo
calm is. ,' We now proteed to give a specimen
of it, from the editorial columna of the Pittsburgh
Pen, of Saturday. That paper Makes the fol
loising Statements; which's. copy In Its own style
and adornment:se' . .. . ' .
That .13overnor llitnei'e admlnistratlon,'sith the
sad of Wm. F. Johnston and Thaddeus Stevens in
the Legislature, lad the , foundation for all our
financial cetbnrraresents, and absolutely incressed
t/:e Bate debs.more than any other adminlstra
ti n ever did.
, . I
tirt he .pi s:: red baci by m a e s : t : f ol::: in tn 6 a p ' led deht wh of is,
0,17 : :::
REMEMBER. :fro of
o :I:lr.a...6.,,mdir.7whi:Aguiad.6,ttuatrt tath:esathe-
8 Lte became almest bankrupt and unable to
eet ihe accruing iinterest; on the State debt;
afben the cry of repudiation was raised, and the
- credit of Pennsylvania became a bye-ward of re
mach acmes the*ater. ..
It r, would proba bly be • enough to publish the
a sentiments to secure their condemnation, as
everye Jnielligent !ennui's* reader knowe
that each and every statement*ade lathe above
' paragraph in ralse?,—and that 'taken. as o whole,
it is a monstrens perversion of the truth. It is
si fine specimen of Locofoto ren,tilessness end de-
verity, 'end of its astonishing reliance on the •
gullibility of its Sank and file: Ent we choose.
'. to press the abide statement false—to put it be
yond all , question, that they are lies ,nunanfac
tared for the ccevision, to the true spirit-of una
dulterated LotOtocolem.'
• Now, we r assert; that Gov. Eitner'S adminis
iita:lo.far freak laying the foundation of all
financial embarrassments, did nit hiciorese
' • • state debt one dollar. This we prove by the
• ~
joined statement, from the report of Jolts N.
• • maacc, late Locofoco Auditor General, roods
, • ,
oath—mark that—to the Legislature of
.e State, to wit: •
. • , .
Statement of the Tut.lic Debt of Transylvania. pa
Stock Imo yes Oct' Amil 2, 12.61 67.4622 99 ,e
Do do ... 285.101 '7l
. 2 9 1: ..... n: 1,1'471,114 qg
Da do lyec. le, 1820-_-_---7461,274 at In
110 do . I ........ 2,1?7,672
000 0o if
Do do Mar. 3.94,80 J
Do.. do ' I sta, 2.481,201 [4l
Do - 4 do 4 , Mar. 8 0, 0, 1881 ...... 344,906,63
Do do ' , Mar. 1832 ........ 2,343,4447. 4 62 •
April, .:.. .. nru u "
, Do . do . gar. , I', -05,:Srft7 74 ir
4. 4 ./102 27, 1833.. ..... - fff.c.cra 76 3,0
Lo -d0
i4Amil 6.4831-- ..... 4 ,:,3 4 . 4 . 61
`d o
dt/eil lb,
.--... .... 940.7.56 18
1.19' )ye,
4?"2, 1879 ...... fa
Jane 1839..___......... 1,1 ‘ 34.2 .9 fit
' Do 40 A
M. 11. rsru 410.‘"
Do do 300. 11, 1840 -- 1.9 3 '. % :6
Do do .Isn'y mice co r
elf« V.:Vt 11Z t. ... _ 4.1.1:1212 i •
10t.%t01e12: i wail 71 s
1126....; 2r, arn F
C,lt;clrtil.oLt.'t: 4.661 4 ,,i1l 1,1 I .:
11% P
Iss rLD:anao.; - Mail 10. /849....,....-.—,., 400.04X1 00
$40,677.2 10
hi% be seen, that with the single exception c
of the last Stein, for which a special Loan VAS
' asdhorlud, avoid the inclined Plane, .near the
Schuylkill, on the Columbia railroad- - a work of
large haportazie to the trade of the State, and 1
Thiel will be repaid by the saving In expenses
before the loan In due—every dollar of this forty -
million &Ulm accumilated while the Locofocos •
were In powtr. l dot that this declaration may i
be made more palpable, let as divide the aggre
pte of 71035,, between the consecutive guber
notarial terms, pa that each idmloistretion may t
I rest upon its o w n 61161441.
Daub.— eassusistnamea Nu. sostrsetar
11941-400.93 ilelstor, federalist, 120,Eta 93
Ira. wilt:64-4w. Andre. Iltdclae. Democrat, 6,1531,501 35
ltri 16.85—Ueorg• Wolf, do • ie,osacos 76
itus to 1646...100.r0b Mtn., Wh 4 4 4 N •
DM 1864—Darld p.n.% Loedoio. 13.100666 iod
3341.1dllea—Youbtla A. thank, do : 6,766,1523 CO
)80.277.214 68
'Gov. alma , went into office in December,
18M . , and retired. the lest of December, 1838.
Eisminatbe oArial statement above, Made under
oath' to the Legisletttre, by a Locofoco Auditor
GenersVand yen willuee that not one dollar of
debt was convicted, while Gov. Eimer wee le
office. Have we' not given you, in the above
astride from the Pot, a fair specimen of Loco
' focomerality 1 • •
• The third paragraph, cb red abovep from the
Post; assert{ that it was doder "a Whipoactinis.
trotters" that the State became almost bankrupt,
and 'lmable to meet the accruing interest on the
State debt V'. . The only Whig administration we
have hid. fir the thirty years previoue to the
election'Of Gov. Johnston, Wm that of Joseph
Ititner. • During bin administration the Interest
• on ate pub lic debt Iris paid promptly, in gold
and silear, andwithoutthe necessity of resorting
to loans, ma the' 'Gioia official - stateMent shows.
It was daring GOT. porter's recendlenn, if we
reeolleet 'trills some four - years after Governor
Rimer left office, that the interest remained
• unpaid; cud "the cry of repudistionvas raised."
lance Got. Johnston came into ofSoe, theinterest
has been promptlY pelt in gold and direr, with.
out ihe AsCupiti, or miarting to ,
i t in than semi by , a stitement of undeniable
faate,ahet:every assertion =de in the above ex
" trade
'from, the Post fit • faitt--a specimen
of mr
adniteiit LOof,"
Nfizeow'aek aurae:Jere of ererypaliticsl seit=
want, whether it ',mail not be the moo idol
' dad poliay, for na; as kaansybrluglino, to aids!,
directly or indirectly—by voting far Bigler, or,
by neglecting to vote )for Johnston--to place a
party in power which --' hue when in
office, such an enormous debt, and which resorts
to inch un mitigated falsehood, and such gross
slander„ to avoid the responsibility of Its own
asye Judge Woodward, in the conversation
at Flarrisburg, in account of. which we publish
ed on Saturday from the Thipisburg American,
and which is proved in another article to-day.
“We must get up a panic, and frighten the peo
ple about the diseolution of the Union." "We
mint getup m alarm, ant frighten the commu
nityon'tbe slave question." This system of tac
tics woh agreed upon, although the Judge can
didly acnowledged that he "did not know that
there was any cause for alirm," but, he adds, in
the true spirit of lomifoco morality, "it is better
to raise a false alarm than that Johnston shduld
be electedl"
The _Port, which belongs to the corpe,of the
"understrappers," mentioned in our description
of Locofocoism, has taken Its cue from the ihr
rieburgh leaded; and the following from that pa
per of Saturday, is thrresult. -
That the fell demon of political abolitionism
was the manse of the late horrid murder and
'treasonable outrage at Christiana; and that Wm.
F. Johnston,-sympathises with and sustains
three traitors in soul, who are ever read , . to
counsel butchery of our brethren of the
- -
That Wm. F..ldohnston is in daily touitannion
with the abolitionists; that be pardoifdd a negro
burglar 11leajah Williams; and that he also par
doned Than. Richardson at the urgent request of
the abolitionists.
That Wm. F. Johnston has refused to sign the
bill repealing the 6th aeetiou of the obstruction
law of 11247 : that he is an enemy to the compro
mise nod tho Union; and that he has declared he
will agitate the repeal of the compromise, if
elected. ':
That Wm. F. Johnston•ia continually talking of
his devutioit and loyality to the Uulon and his
obedleuce, to the laws of the General Government,
while:heactually said at Lancaster that Psasi
There is so touch untrue In the above para
graphs, that it is perfectly fair to call the whole,
one grand falsehood. , It is false that Oov John
ston .wympathises with and et:Lefties those trai
tors who are seer ready to counsel the butchery
of our brethren in the South." It is false that
.•she is an enstriy to the Enlon; and that he has
declared he 4111 agitate for the repeal of the
Compromise if elected." It is false that GOY.
Johnston said at Lanc4ter, that "Pennnylvanis
owed the Fugitive Slave Law no allegiance:"
Thin falsehood is coined out of whole cloth.
This is what he did say, speaking of the com
"The fugitive slave law alone is within the
reach of amendment. While it remains. the
law of the land, it must and trill be enforcedf
Resistance to late Aas never been characteristic of the
IT4iy party."
How different this language is from that coin
ed for the occasion by the Yost!
It cannot be said that, the editor does not per
lorm the commands of his ouperiorn in true
Locotoco style, in doing his share of the work of
raising the FALSE AEA11.111!"
By a special despattlipubilihed in thbcpaper,
with some remarks, on Thraiday morning, our c
1 readers were futon:se - I of the important fact 1 .
that the city of Rochester, by an almost unani
mous vote of the citiseus, had declared In favor b
of a subscription on the part of that city of
$500,000. to the stock of the Pittsburgh and ilo- c
chester Railroad. Subsequently we learn from P
o despatch to the Journal that one hundred guns f
were fired in honor of this first movement in fa-
Tor of connecting that city with Pittsburgh::
The reader will have also observed that our New
York correspondent of l i ßaturday, spoke very en.
couragingly of this great enterprise. .
We burn that just on the eve of an import-
sat electionit is hardly worth while to go Into
elaborate arguments; •cr a long array of
facts and statbnits, to prove the imPor
lance of this work; but there is one re
mark which is very seasonable at this time,
.which is, that unless we put an end to locofoto
rule, and thus secure a tariff , which will
restore prosperity to the country, and keep our
money from being shipped abroad to pay for
' iron and other goods that we can better make at
• home, it will be pefectly idle to talk about ma
king this road.. It cannot be. done. We have
come to a tight place at last, which nothing but
a modification of the tariff laws can relieve. If
we re-elett Gov. Johnston, it will be an etn
phatio declaration that Pennsylvania demands a
change of policy; 'but should Col. Bigler be
chosen, it Trill be taken as an equally emphatic
. declaration that Pennsylvania is satisfied with
• the existing tariff. We kfiow tinit many Demo
crats profess to be in favor of the principle, of
' t protection, and would be very glad to see the ,
law Changed ; but permit us to assure. all such.
. persons, that their friendship is utterly useless'
if they cast their votes for Wm. Bigler. The
question of tariff or free trade is fairly joined.
In this election ; and we hesitate not to say, that
if we elect Col. Bigler we been no ground to
n expect that Congress would heed any petitions
2 for that object we might send in. So then, per
-09 mit us to say to the voters up the Allegheny, as
1: 1 1 well as every have else, that if,yon want to see
to your furnaces in brisk operation again, your
to farmers enjoying good markets, and:the Pine
ryburgh and Rochester Railroadmade, then vote
it for Johnston and the rest of the Whig ticket..
yrs , STAMM—The 'following item ofnewe wu
received by the Canada:
and England are decided on prevent
ing a rupture between Spain and the United, II
States, and of preferring to the former her val
noble colony, but with the introducti= of some
indispetusable reforme in the* internal Govern
ment of Cuba. The French steamer, with dis
patches for Washington was ,to leave Havre on
the Nth.
The statement also reaches us from Other sour
ces, from London, Paris and Madrid. 'We think
there Is some truth in it.
This movement on the , part of England and
France into secure to Spaialthe. ptmemeltm of
Cubs, against the United States, whose people
at imiat, If not its government, are imeturied to
entertain designs of wresting that Island from
her possession. The despatches which are com
ing are called ”eeeresentatione on the subject
—being tantamount to a demand from the gov
ernment, of the United Staten uf bonds to keep
the peace. Vowed In the most favorable light,
it is an unwarrantable Interference with our af
fairs. It is predicated upon the presumption
that the goiernment of the United States will
not observe good faith to its treaty engagements
without coercion.
Interference of this kind, we . l ir e very sure,
will not for a moment be tolerated ; I and as the
whole movement (if.such a movement is really
contemplated) is based upon a presumption to
tally false in fact, 'our government is able to
take high ground—refuting calmly upon both Ito
integrity end its power.' ,
In a contest like this, as the North American
well remarks,-..the United 'estates need burn no
gunrwder," nor and a single armed Teasel to
sea; for notwithstanding we have been brought
to a condition of commercial Tassaiage to Great
Britain by =wise- goierneoent,
by means of her revenue live, can bring that
noble but haughty' government to terms at any
moment.. It has been the weakness and folly
of lout= role, which pre to the hankers, mer
chants and manufacturers of Great, Britain inch
• control over our again, which in fact brought
la into tlintomidition .of tributaMes, that has
rendered that nation so arrogant in its bearing
towards us. tic long u our merchants, man
ufacturers, Flinders and farmers look with.
trembling anxiety. to the market) rates of that
nation, of course" so long we Inuit expect to be
elder:Wed Inferior to it—and whit is more, so
lops an we persist in so foolish and injurious a
policy, we are inferior. We may boast as we
please of our grestaeti, base long as the Present
policy of international , commerce le persisted in
--eo,long as 'oar Ecru:intent re kiso to throw
around its own people 'preisiction against
flea wotaistitiow:of fitreiipters er!aisti all OXIXE!i
ease has toughly' to be cowl 1 to our pros
perity, eo,lnßg will Gnat ltrhoill retain the at-
petierltx which the creditor but or
the prince over trihastary vassal.
open the eyes of our "democrats"
view of tills great question?
It is not to be regretted that G ,
and France have thus early tat=
their real commercial and fancied
riority, , in this matter of Cuba.. I
slumbering national pride in our Democrats./
perhaps this Insult will ronseit up. As we said
before, we are happily so circamsanced, that
no resort 'to force is required to bring Great
Britain and France to term!. A little alteration
in our' laws, regulating Imports, Would very
son bring them both into such a iondition al
home; that they could not afford t I be lusoleut
abroad. This is our legitimate w port, and it
is the one which these two nations dread more
ban any other.
pressure in the money market, in
cid cities, gives evidence of the
causes which are not accidental
but intimpely connected with o•r commercial
and financial eyetem. in New t •rk there has
been, and there still continues to •e much com
plaint, and money is raised at set re sacrificec
The Boeton Atlas states that in that city very
high rates are freely paid for eh. rt loans ; and
In view of the large payment on fa sign account,
which are to be met during the c .ming month
It sees nothing in the existing eta e of affairs to
warrant even the expectation of e .e and plenty .
That journal says
'The causes of the existing evil may as well
be-looked at. boldly:in the face, n.s .. passed - by
will_tout - reproach., The- importafions of late_
have loco too heavy in propurtiou to our Emcee:.
cities; and there are immense quantities of
goods uow Id the country which are as useless
to our people as would be the fifth wheel-To — A
roach. These have been, or or are, paid
... • . . _
for. And again—we are exporting specie to an
Alarming extent,' when we are noble to bear
the burden the exportation will i filet upon as.
!The currency of the country h not a suitable' •
'tliecie basis, and until chic basis is moored, our
finances will be In a ductuatiug condition.—
Could we gat rid of our breadstuff,: with but
n tithe part of the facility we can of our gold,
there would be little or no suffering — to record
among mercantile men, for our Importations
would be balanced, in that event, by the ex
' portatlon of the only articles of produce we
could" well spare. Before this country can
L afford to — export specie in large quantities, vs.
rious tillage will have to be expected—among
which is the establitihment of a basis of curren•
cy adapted to the wants of the mercantile ern
' urtinitv."
The steady tide of specie which sets fro.
this country to Europe is evidence of tho fact
that the mines of California are not our', except
to work them: that we are in fact the miners
for Europe, and have nothing to do with the
golden treasures of our soil except to transfer
them to other Lands Gold is taking its place
in commerce as • commodity, while Its connec
tion with , currency -infects the whole financial
system, stud we are left in conetant apprehen
sion of revulsion,.
Induatry commands gold and silver as well a
other things. England, having no mines of the
precious metals. controls the coin of the world.
That control ought to be in the bands of this Re
public, and it might be, if we were true to our
selves and to our domestic Industry. But we
prefer a 'tributary condition, it would seem, and
give our patronage and care to the industry of
other nations who grow rich at our expense.
writer in the National leielligencer lays:
"iris a common saying that this le • great
country; but the time income when the word
liberal eholild be substituted for common. The ,
last arrival from England informs as that, dur-
ing the week liling 12th September, there had
been very larg arrivals of "specie," which had
lands the money market much easier, and first
clans bills were readily discounted below three
per cent. per annum. .;
Now, no it in well known that this country
furniehed nearly all the amount referred to, is
it not proper that we should. boast of living in a
liberal country' We, good natured fellows,
were not satisfied at seeing the rate of interest
in England three .per cent., and the rate here
from els to ten per cent.; but, in order to ac
commodate John Bull, we shape our revenue
laws to reduce the rate of interest with him &c
-law three per cent„ and raise it among ourselves
to fifteen per cent., for find class paper. Fif
teen per cent. for inch paper is now (es reported)
the lowest rate in the city of New York, and
other paper lel fully at from twenty to twenty
five per cent. per annum, and large :allures oc
curring almost every day. As we elevate the
fortunes of old Johnny at the nape:use of Brother
Jonathan. in all time to come I we must style our
country the most liberal on tide face of the globe.
If our gold continues to leave us In such large
quantities, the rate of interest In London will ,
be reduced to two per cent. per annum,•whilet
we may. be lave to pay thirty per cent. per an
num for money. When,we reverse our system,
interest in London will rise, and in New York
fall to old rate., and then we shall be prosper
It is n Ii tie strange, considering bow old the
world le, that the science of currency, including
the doctrine of values, should be Nall in ite in
fancy. It will come forth some day or other,
no doubt, and astonish every body by Its ex
treme simplicity. But for the 'Jolene it is a
malts of mysteries, to which no one seems to
have a clue—Baltimore American
Daniel M finayser, Esq., of Adams county, is
the Whig candidate foriPresident Judge in the
Berke and Montgomery Judicial district. Mr.
Bcoyserds a well read lawyer, a ripe scholar and
an able man. Be would adorn the Bench and
we hope he may be elected.
For (4. Pilts:srgh Garr
A Few Woaos To Wawa
Previous to the alteration of the constitution I
of this State, youare all aware of the Immense
patronage of the Governor of this Commonwealth.
The' r o baliges of the constitution had to a great I
extent the effect of taking the patronage from b•
the Governor and , placifig it In the hands of the
people. The whips of the State, knowing the
debisedipower as wielded by the locofoco party,
hailed with pleasure the return of this delega
ted power back to the people, and felt as though
they had escaped from under the iron heel of
of locofocoiem that hail been crushing them
and their principles to the dust. Still there was
some power, left in the hands of the aforesaid
executive, and that power was the nominating
(appointing, I may say,) of the judiciary; loco
foeo governors always give this oboe, to their
party. Lately the whirs of the State Assembly
forced the looofooos to loosen , their grasp, and
give np.tkds power by submitting the election of
the judiciary to the people, who, by a large
majority, decided that they were ea fully able to •
choose good officers ea the Governor could nom
inate or appoint.
What has been the ASS'S since the alteration
of the constitution, whereby the power was ta
ken from the governor, and acted upon by the
people? has it not proved beneficial by giving
no better public officers I There is no other
answer to these questions but yea.
Whip, you are called upon to elect a }whole.
ry; the r whiiconventions, both state and nation•
' al have nominated prod men and from this being
the case, are you willing to throw one vote
away which might elect a locofoco jcidge,sad,eo
far as the county judges are concerned,who may
o ordain wield an influence that will tall to the die
. advantage of your party and your, principles,and
whictJwould have thieffect of turning the hono.
rable pride of whig ascendancy into a sorrow
' log minority, I ask you, are yol t prepared for
o this I if nay, watch well the ele ion of judges.
. Thelocofocos ale aware of th immense now
t er and patronage vested in the judiciary of this
State; they well know .what has bean taken
from the governor is gone. TheY now wish to
. retain the power of patronage vested in the
t judges, and use all kind Of meal* o retin it;
they court. and flatter the vote r
, and abuse
our candidates as they think best suited to the
person they address. •
In this county the Judge of the court of com
b won pleas and (Meer sessions has. e greatest
• t power, hence the great effort on fli er'part to t
S. Craft; Esq. If he is elected
would he give an appointment to a whig? I
g rather think his former political life andpresent
disposition to help ~the party th a t nominated
' answer this' question. Fon can rely on I
t it that all his influence by appoint:Meta will be
used to benefit loccdocoism to the prostration of
the whig party sad principles. is thislcounty
No man can please every person; it [sari ins.
a 'possibility; thi s tieing the case let Me ask of
e tray Whig to throw aside all personal feelings if
• t they have any, and vote for your nominees- One
in question and iam done; is Mr. Craft more ca
.T pubis or more knelt than Wm. 11. hfeelstral if
not, would you not prefer voting for a good
uthig, one of your own party, to a looofoco op
,•posed to you in enrirytmr? Let your sinew be
.1 " made at fka ballot box.
-• As Oza &Limo= WKIO
. Far the Fittsbugh Osseo.
To at "Rank and Fai• of at (.. culled) Fowl-
the debtor,.
en nothing
to the true
7 -
sylodnia Detooeracy.
You may profit by puthigihe following ques
tions to your leaders, demanding at the cams
time unequivocal answers. le there any differ .
ante In principle, between indiVidual and.„icar.
clonal economy! le not the scarcity of money
with nations or individuals, eimply.the evidence
of either unprsductiveness or indebtedness, or
in other words, that the ontlayings exceed the
' lnexiaings! Would it be sound policy to accept
as a gift from 11 foreign nation, that which we
lare equal to produce ourselves ! If all our
public works were, material nod labor, purely
Americao, could it be said iu truth, that they
lost MI a single cent. If we boild a steamboat
of American materials and -workmanship, hare
we not the boat and money both!
Does not the American consumer of . British
manufacture, mainly contribute to the perpetu
ation of the British lord and beggar system!—
Bas, it been by the adoption of the free trade
system that the British government (we do not
say nation) has acquired such immense wealth
and power! Is there any . cause why the British
. I government take an inteiest in the reduction of
_ i our tariff, other than that it will'resnit in their
.IProfit and our lOW Does not competition, the
universal regulator in every bench of business,
place It out of the power of the American men
d ufsoturer to extort the consumer ; or oppress
the operative, where comparatively (keeping the
Old World in view) land without money and
'S. without price.
!feat Britain
vantage of
ticend supe-
ere be any
uance of the
I. nr commer
operation of
or transient,
without price. ,
How cheap most foreign fabrics be, so as to
be within the reach of those who are thrown idle
by foreign competition.
Which la the true Democracy those, who,
with Jetferson of-their head, advocate American
against foreign manufacture, or those wilt , to
prove thrir pJtriotinA, Would throw their lonia;
pence into the lap of (icon Victoria?
P. 5. Would It not be advisable for those of
you..who are citizens by adoptiob and who have
been treated as slaves In your native laud,. to
pause, nod reflect for a moment before 'you pin
your faith to the sleeves of those nicknamed be.
mooratic Editors of public Journals, who. are in
' (act, the mere squirts of southern slave holders,
,Whose sole business lies In the breeding of slaves
for the hoe and the market. WM. M'UOWIN.
14—From the universal success of 11. 0.
reason's Axel,len Liniment to curing lame Leek, rheum.
atism.dhwateed Joins. white swelling. emir...tad cord,
paler. as we hare no doubt but It wdl raiddlY lay • 11
other rousedleo an the eheit as there Is Cld earth:, duu bt
but It Is the greaten remedy the warld weer know. It
equally elfective fur both man and Lei., and 5h411.1 by
all meas. Le kept In every house In Lien eod euunt.r).
gee Advertisement.- wed
car it in jast what is wasted —say all w
bare aver wood Nl'lLbra a Verralfaar' {.a4 the thia ,
64w learn an soar ,
. .
- • -
stn u. Cheraw. CO, N. I.i
Frb 9th.
Koliu" —Whet] your ageul vas herr 1 bad 'up
operwl..l ba left but • try doseu oy 31'L•oa , Neut..
Nits,sua4 Sod It Is gotug oil very rut, and thus ter I.
Lee utw.• goad sattsfartioti. cud be. pr...v.d to be
•Lst the public Rapt/, tut ire Lava got It •Coiott..tid 1
do got wish to get out. I he,. but cue &seri b,ll- W bra
Your &seat v. tete. I 11111 b. toll oar wog. hly.e.
...lir l about vs.ut tour. but II be 401. 1 herr f..r.tot.
tom Will you have the goody.le to ord., for or tie s.
r arsoriot a this rert:r. VAI
F.Jr sale by J RtbD
No. UU 11r. - 0.1 N.
151.1 , mats. CUM. ST Pgrantata —We twette the attention
or the &Meted and the public generally. to the eortank.
of Wm. Hall. of Ode elty. The me* may he reen t 1 au)
Per.. nbu may to atentleal In I.lsoloo to the farts here
set Meth. S NI. KIER.,
IWC Hen altlcted reveal yearn .oth eoreneasof teoth
eyes, ableh continual to Ineretu.e until I , ephernher, VOW..
the IngammalLm at that time hallos tn.wea the .hole
'lulus membrane of both et., awl ended In the donaeow
of a thtck Mu, which whollt Ilea:anted tut eight I had
an operatlongerformtd.and the thlrlteulng removed. .web
woo returned aud let me In ax bad a ovarditicu 6!
••• • • -
At MI, smug uf the omplelot I mean AFhltrAt.on to re.r .
ral or Mt+ ma=t emtu.nt m.4leal men. vho informed
that •my eye. weal nee*? het well: At tbletime l moil
trot diettosuLeb any olut,t. Hy the Advt• hi ant. trtemie
I KaMorwed the' urn of the P.Mulaum, both Intern Ally
and Ix-Ally, owlet • Pith to, Orli 1.71 Improlo 4.117 0.•
01 the preveot tone. eml 1 hero remmered to) eiAtit
iy. 11y ,15r7.1 health •so Ter, inutit ImPru , e , U ,
Petroleum. amt kattrlbute tegurlllooll of my right
Itelme,. 1 test:lest NI , tot geoLmJ sinet, to this elt3. hod
• ill 1. Eat 1, to my. arty rat..mnalien in 1413117.12 try
cern N L.1.1M11 HALL "
Por sme iry Key..., a 11.:Lov•11. 14u 1 It.
2.11,,.. tI Nt ov.l rtreer. II A ViMmicatml. • Cu. ...el
thaet mkt trot rtmerte; to SI. Curry. Li A Eill , .ll.. l, ervt.
Li.amieno.s.n.l li. P. ',hum.. MN pro'
. et Milt,
ml9..lty'S OmU. Hutn.l4rrnthet. Pill*.orall.
Pall Importation of Hardware, Cutlery. &c.
No. 129 Wood Street,
Denn to roil Me angel= of Morborto and .O h . to
31 ,
that Liaai M c
- FOREIGN LTD .nozegne
- _ _
whi.rh they a protrll ,i to offer •,s
pyA tulloaaortaxot of llANN ^ a , elobrated C tl. AXE: ,
40Sr. en hand. • suet:,
Citizen's Immrance Company of Pittsburgh
m sT oake No. 41.1T4tkr Mut In the vanbone* otC.
C. licamtt, Proof...lent A. IV Mane. ewer.
Thu t.bmrany illl3O. ptlparol to tumors all taerebAsatoe
In atom, and to tranoitu. voirel, Ao
An atoplo pyrooty tot the .11..141, - Ity et the
Inatitottn, &Gras.; in the tbl2.lrt of the thort.,:a.
oho are sli clUceps of PittAttub. ell ant tavoratl:
known to the ootomontty their prodetve.
lni.lll~vn v,
1.0.1 loteltrtti
I.ll.loloas—C 11. liosse) . . Wm Sanity. W=. LA.n.nt s .
Irltltel 11r, ant, Hugh b. KW,. &Irani thuloton.
Jobn 115trw0rt1..5.11.b...n. 5 11. Kier .Witt
PAttabnrgh Lila insurance Company
CAPITAL , 8100,000.
Proeldent—Julu N. Hoax.
i Nrevlout—Nufun Nleacauff.
tf.o.our—lusts N. Luca.
..i..roWT —C... COLT..
...furrows.. In another part of this rarer.
ratur.lai. October Et. or •oneeeuan of the In.,
ana Eine.. of B. Ktax.
Funeral frqm his resrleure un Front street. adrolnlon
Flret Ward Flutllr School. at Y o'clock this afternoon._
CO will our.. Ibis jay LU eldf II al
Now ousuln.{ MSA
A. A. AN &
rb cord &ranch M•rinos and Thl tat Cloths. o
;A. A. MASON & Lave ,cut reertrud
lasi sty le. Cashman , . ant Os, Lairon.
A lot t.t grout& irouting fret on Cr•lg Am.
rvutging tett to Canal. 701. property I. hut •
awn die... tram the rsiot of tb e Ohio and Pennslrans
' Vt tr li '6
,Irt awl 95 Front ca.
Pittsburgh. P.
CIIIIIO AND. PENNA. R. R.-40 sham for
at Oa Ot go ;mkt. Avail' .
bozos Cron=
110 •• Gammon—J.l lair
ad fur by J•MESDALZELL.
oc6 iTater Et e.
veo bf this delicious at-triv
11. i a.
. SE ..LL4E113.41' 1 and Wovi. bi
W .
HALE OIL-775 galls. just reed and
to , .1. LI • loc•e) R. L 131:LILLS.
1:1) PURE, tarr Isle by (be) R.F. SE LLOII.S.
110ARBE SPONGir-220 lba. of superior
V,/ quality, fur ul• by (KG) R. S. BELLEIIb. _
GARB. AMMONIA-2 casks fur sale by
obab 0. 111. BEOOEIEB.
CASTILE SOAP-20 boxes for aale by
ocll It. E YELLEItb.
rat of L o oking algal awl ?k ta
lub. Frataban4l.4o l
a p r . ,: b. L;al i ta i kUWr.. 1.10. 75 Third stbabt. Ybllo 4 Hall
tharchtitlO ham moat Ted •an assortment of Doeskin
ver mid farm, colon, which May are seilluit
low—also super Mack liassimerm •od.cloths. and • yeti
-517 a 071..,dg11y mlaptod for Miss' wear. mil_
L.R —Can to found at the store of
sucknam.r. m the
Mining Compan of
mhigan. will b. held at the ollce of Palmer, than. a
Coetn Pittsburgh. on Monday, lictaber 6, et. a o'clock, P.
M. K. T. PRIEND. heo's
run .... ry hour from the corner of Market and Fourth
smarts to the Danl., Pennsylvania ATenus, 1111.1,1 them
is• choice eidiection of Orsen.botus Mots heady klonthir
DUO -Dwarf
Henning Roma, IMO Adelaide Mora do, New Parma,
DUO Dwarf Pear of select nestles, Iferbacpus pi gg y.
Dabilm, PhDs, Lath hinlunm. Canadian., la, and whom
rder. will be taken for Apple. liwarf do, Pear, Cherry and
Plum mem. Quitme and Silbert do. that. Vines. tlocesber.
elm, Currants, Strawberries, lc., kbrimbers,.llbade tre es ,
iws nre e ry Orders dimmed to the pre
rise.. through the Pittsburgh Post time, toile Darden,
Penney Hauls AStans, or at 31r. It. Niters, Liberty si,
near dm head of Wood et., will be promptly attended le
g l i Orctuade and Shrubbery Plemied neatly to ordes
M. and M. Bank. • ---
A SHARES of the Capital Stock of 'this
I Bank waked by. MA:
. A . !LILL d CO.,
ogidltar tatn-k wad LYclaange Brokaw.
Ingbaler the rum of IL TOWNSEND CO, be.
nt dlseolved by the decease of Kees C. Tommie!, the un
derstrned erll mutilate the business se heretofore. under
bh• style of It. IOWNhEZIU •CU.
Pittsburgh, Oat. • /ELL pea
Sim /hightail. h. Pibtaburgh.
lITOWNSEND CO., Wire Ignalufaote
. rers, No. 19,biarkst street, Pittsburgh. itieldllsrgir
. . . _
up ft O. twd
Par al. by ito 3.11141 tan e, huutetkally
Tery imp er
WM. A. AteCLURO t CO.. •
Orem, end Wal DI:4IM
zso inmr4r
CODFISH—ReceiTed andfor sale 14
WY. XeCLUao sou.
Matchless lilackaand Inks.
BLACKlNG"—warnntal .ac•rlorw sk3/
ry'szahao .randphu.,...b.o4dElT
IFOUND--A small eum of money, which
the ow ner r tan have by tailing and deecribing It at
Oct 6...4 et., between Wood and Fmitlanehl.
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad.
QN AND'APTER MONDAY, the qt.h inst.,
the afternoon train sill tenet. Nen Eirlahl.4.,:t.lit
'Peltro;,lrSelso'f'ktdkonLzdz-1.,. .trove ,I
oe2-11 001). PA It r o,lN, Th‘tet /Went.
rk r st , i ir:;:',,74nr;%l.4, ° ;.. P , —", ..T - t...1.c?!
111,h,r1 of the ReAtoretion a T.X . Mou l areny In Fran,—
br A. tl.. M
Hanker? aaasine, foe September—with a largo supply
of u....fL0 artlelae.. oe3
_ .. .
t\ Flo . 0 Burchfurld bare receAvel sloth anent, of the
neatdedrah.• gorub. 0e.3
• -- -
Puretfirld have mceived • tali assortment of above
meals—some allow as psr yard—modal...3ms imp..
ut, 7d0h! . 11 . AlPams 3 . at SIA per_Lsed.
2 calks tiaeret's Pcoteb Nnug:
:WV Ihs Cam wood:
'''..Valsta'n'or7dStre Ginger:
boxes es't Intanod:
AU Ws elan
501. lbaßlue %ltroil:
0 bales haat India Twlne—che.A.
50 Ito variegated Twine,
za, nbis sup. tilue -Lust evcd un.l tor sale
(oc:t/ J. ISLUI) a MI.
IVIAEIikitEL- 250 bbls, arriving, for rode
111. L T (al, W. a F. WILSON
QALTPE'IIiE--1 00 bags crude, arriving,
13 l a gale by 0 , - 3 ) , W. aF. WILSON.
PEARL ASH =4O casks for sale h , i ,
• 0 ,
A OLE,LIIATILIER T; 2OO sidss hemlock tan
) W. a F WII4ON.
PRINTINO OFFICE, amply aupplied
It with art u•erssary :moor 6iP our emu. • tint rate
.1 Job ik111111..5.. tl.l. tr;etwr with the un•
{l.- au..l • Re, Is horrby
Po yaw lhr tna , ..riai. are ali sival order, auti
u.,a, a u.l a. the oiler: are crutaßad in
„rsap~d, !K. 101,11141 rittel below their alio.,
t a .m. rh.• aLx.r. pi- , .2t0 .t ,,, uiu.K Whick
geliutuoreurs FOX tnrthrt.lar• .01.1 i at ltllo
cr C , M
~r,• leoLtnette. ,
r..lWa d er. s ., onk tny ü b* p u l hviw x sider. et
‘hl.''..t7;:e...Kr•Latilee. an] Chil teen, Clothtn, ma.le In
.hi n t
aerate. suns..., c
-- •
NLir lei:- -Tile Sto,khuhiere of the tiara
,oeufecturitof Compsur at.
tu.ltted t•. au
La. to
teeu or.lerea g
un tar atoet of the Ca/ay.:U. to L. Wad
o 11e.aeiteer qr Getrer tbr lab of luelatkl.
ur J. u'LLAKA IMSNY. Treasuier.
. IV ALT MI & CC.,
Flour and General Produce
C 1.) )lISSION 110 USE,
11••Ing at J...rt •quat iv Tr... Port •,
WWI au, marl. •s, ••• l•••nt, • atod•r•ta , ll
rat, otteß gales awl qukk Mum.. 4.1 In,
•uIJ r•pr•ttfull, patruu•ge.
Dank of 131ihnorc
or ,
Varao.r. Hank
11.00 N 11:V will
es open within the neat few dal..
utnoraria ol /11 Lundreil ~ sal Oant.attea cf Purainn
i liortiestic Lorr 0.....1a. to. which thy alltutino of whole aucl retail) ur:hawr , I. ilo.ted
A Card. 1
IV' F;. ,4 11a ,i r 5 e rt, r , 0ru „, ,, 74 . 1 ,.. t . 0 , t , m ,,,, r ,, ,r i a . r . e h r:x m art ., :, lo .N s. r . o
to Leep 00 hand a enzutoleteauortantat or taaterti and oar
ow o manufacture ,if eta, oil elatta, ,arria4e euitaia awl
furniture all eTottia of nn nee.c.1n , ...: ..ani.l.airtiat.
all cloth sod boa 051.0, •indow blind. sad trim
mings comaieto. .1511 PogPth .50 iie i rlasta all clnlbs IS
'r itl s aLltiol to the Ow., as Sort .t. t. n liana a
tali mtort of halm Rubber tuiwatise Writing. 1.a... *team
Wain, top. elothina. laanna an..l gentleman's .11....
batt.inati.lo.4. .tat tualtitia of ali 161aue. anal. .... other
article mantiLacture.l Kart lull* *Luther. Jar tiutal,rar •
pataal. all .5 whp-b . a. op* at price, that awning fatl to
plan,. • .1. I 11 PHILLIP , .
'1 New Stock of Chickerings Piano Fortes.
1 0
I toil IC 11. MELLOR. e i wood street, is now
renairli. ~,, .tafr.ill.or ino:I. of PIANO Ei,IITE.
1 num the reie,aten manutorlory of Chickerian. bato n. moup .f atin, • all Lb. vii.&thia a uptatifartured Tt.e
Pinoea ate iota/14 , 1, ata -*ma ao tit Basta, without au,
aharie tPah•lo , rtatina or el.*
: uki PiandA .5.0 in part pay autut.
Ji.111: , II lIELLUR.
•nent 12 the .ale of eh...l...ratan* Piano. tor ll e .1. no Pa.
-- • -
Petroleum ..
Blue, dithoulty of obtaining a correct and
10,04.1,c,1 Cl,nr.tes t.‘,l• Liar.; beer.
abd 1.11 Mr puytir, 31..130cn
bor ha. !La.!, co..tu tut Atm rxrn , •9 l ,l - ..
kL bf jkot Ttrf Lbe fl/LLIA",
IL•l:eat roeikr .0 Europe. ...I vrazn,32l,3 synts-ILL
aI3F annooes ewrroarml fu. 00
A Ctuwo.l-3:lnuLl 13 Eerr.
Inwant rr.tly tInI tILL• •
••• ch•cen. KLE66I‘
Sr,:a ul th• bf.u.o 11•-• - i N. 161 '1 n 1
PARTNERSIIIP herewfure exilting
11. batween the,Mader the usrao and style
C. 1.11,114 non. ' dat....) .
To Printers
The undersigned, Loving Conned a Cu-part
-41 r•lall. uoast the name and atjlt CO - Csblwoll a el•ol.
art,. coututue the TANNING ANL l:1:11/112.VG
itti•lnooo. at the Tannery of Mr ham tirm of JOhll Caldwell
S 'lmo. In L1,11081:1! lvlNaah. JAME:.!e&LLAVELL,
t1•.4 1 / I JI —lm aNGWAItr
No. ennttasill, rwettrun; . W bIcCLIN7TOCK'
Caere Wanthouge, CO !want •trwot, to which In
, the attentlon th,-• tll•hltM to lotttloh IhM , o oo t
Oleamlt/ste., am we will twll lO're, than et. lb..
..okalte•asur Si evb Festb.rc Ilsoith. and
~ aur DICKEY • CO,
111 Vist•r //root AA,
awl sourl.l vf J. etlliasni.R •
23 V.
•• rn•riwitgt LU fall starer of
CARPETS, cb. wilier, awl act•est tu whlcla
m aitre the 4:1.1.: , 312 ystret..auet, As be IA detets:o:l,l
twil tomer 11,..1 parr Lphrte olforel In thin" =not, 41 Os
- C LOTH TittstmiNo
11LINTUCK Inn the attentlon Carrtap ,
manufartur.r9 to LIT lame ourat of Bine and Lhvb ChM,.
twin., Trir.intna, •bkti
yri,, at tn. Carp, 'ilarenott,. 15 Fourth g
• Notice to Travelere.
Mafia PACKET LlNE...srlu•ivalp fur th. tourer
atva a ;wows" to and (ma"
Philadelphia, Baltimore and PittahurglL
Me Canal lo•log t•nw In gm..l orti•r. this Packats this
I.ln. will 1.•• lady at •. 31. and UP. IL overplay.
,ueotiow at Lorkwrt with the Pan .i n•Vv i a t al o t m ila t i , irt:
trr LELell • 1.1)., Canal Bum
I. cow rouwatitly reseilus hi fall slosit of I NTO I C .
me. arid common INGRAIN CARPETS, of hew mud rich
styles,.t very reduced pines, to which we ivy,tw the at-
I, oilou of those wilhium to furnish Steamboats or
iiv us • call at the Carpet Warehouse, Na lb Fourth .0
sot W. SietiLlNTUtilt.
has in
t osd for sale
invitesad new style
pa - CARPETS, which he the atteutioa of pa,
Chasers. as by Is &termini, to ill lower filial aver her.;
la this market. Evili cc the old established Carpi tot
house, No. SS Fourth t. - OO
. ,
Iri A PESTRY CARPETS—New and . risk,
1. ttylo b Twelr, li t rtorlo earo t et. )m4 ree'd it tbe Vito
w.,11,17.4=:,,T:ii.'„ trAth,cext, q 0 7,1; - . 4 41'.„ 11 " .
ocl W ' ooINTOC...
til ARI) OIL— lil bbl.. for sale to closeecin-
Ai ripooonal. tO •• J 01E9 DALZELL.
.1. cb Wotirottm..
TOBACCO—tt) kegs No. 1 G twist, I
J. brand, for bole Le JADDEI/41,4.
Ai OLASAS--100 bble. N. 0., for
.1.73 at , , JAMEO DAL
QUO Ali —31.1 Ithds. N. 0.. for salo b
),7_ ...1 JAM AA DA ,
11 B. undersigned will pay the highe
Ik.l Drk , ,•'b• hr an 7 Quioatitrl t u u rs
o '
14,002er Nn 41 Slnrket 'tow!, POlla
,vowsii - SANISERIIIES-r-Just reed and forte.
. by ibe purr, IT Iminbkh at MORRIS' Tr. PIOI,I tbr
Dlsraupd. po, ,-,
.Q 00A 11--4-1 itlids. prime N. 0., foratiltil by
Li rep . ...P PREY. NLATTIIms aco
- i
iII'RER LEATHER—fu Sides good heAry
C/ Upper Lealter ‘ furniar by
..pry) lIOIIIrOrL LITTLE A CO, 25.5 Liberty it.
.. ..
IPLOUR-75 bide. &totes extra family, for
r so. by 1.411 , 2 UN. LITTLE 0 LO..
Iota) Zlltaborty st.
13 - 1 G hiSTAL-46.5 torts ter sale by
%7110LASSES-32.4 bids. N. 0.:
Iyi its tit - - kill. I. , roperagec)
Hew Books.'
if on D
ik.7 ann of Mech ntrnot,
an oppoics, nte
complete. the Pud Om, .
London Labor in:W.141340n 1000, No. IP.
Liaidno Art Joon:lel for Septmber.
Model Arthltoct, Nu, I,'l tusd
hy.pi t he Monts auntie. • tequil to Warnutta
p o w Deeeptlop, or • 111Mory of the Human Den.. an
Arthunay. or Sconeelrt the Tropics.
10 [Aleclam 01.100 Fan, bratecton.
0410 tem. hator,or the taking of the Dyetllo. by A. Du'
Katherine Welton. or the Nebel a Dorchester. tos
torical Romance of the IleetAutloa to Ontolltm -
1117.V'Coulet'eor, en ' aleroli ' e.:fro ' o b elf .
400000 0 nod Phrulown or Dude and Blossoms.
~.lady poselloo Tratale We halted
. ..
Palace*. of a Bachelor, • Bock of the itertrt.
The Fete. a Tele of Kitting Luse, by O. P. P. Julies.
l tele Arundel. or the ltellreaS of Lb.
Ireerninie Horticulturist. comnieW from the thy; N o .,
The U. E., Po-et ods. Oaf. _ ,
Handy Andy, t o.e edltlos.) :A cents.
, .
kielgralrrtrri., Is telerritotten . .
The Ulywy - Cttlaby O. W. 2d. Iwynolde,
• mete, ar the (lb Bd of rho He iluLt, • Tale of %lintel ,
RigGREEN-80 cues of -the co - 1173111.-
C L m tad "S." brand, rewarded by 110 gold medal o the
alma Institute for uniforatitrot eh.* add he ring
the d.ipatoamt gad permanent Wren ye. pa
dewed. Pereldwitdr digetly Mae the JlettUraetwear.
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ai Wool bleed.
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-010 bble just receive
and 1.14: Dr iman exusaa.
11k1.1.012 aryl eitberripilorT
to $ r Is parkreeeleed and fbrlrs.riled free at elven., W
/1•911 Slit UNIT=
For rryrrn.
4 ° tlr ' :
York. .
S York . 01.00. Oct 11
Lirpo..... ~(let 15
N York.. . !law, IS
N. York , . .2•2
N York . Lilerpool 0,0
i Irop
'A netlp Lou
Atlantic Liverpool . York . .I.lct 1
All from and for Liverpool. unit, otbenrt, Atatri .
Ul Latika and New:papers on band for Engianil,l,
laud and Sontland are rent br the find Metzler, no matter
at what bans. •
• • •
Letters tntbe Continent of Europe, by the Collie's Line.
must be prepaid twenty one cents • single raw, except ear
thaw. places moulted to be prepaid to lull
Letters to the Continent of Europe by the Canard Line,
must be prepaid Pre tents a ringle rate, except to thaw
places reguired to be prepaid In lulL
Letters by the /here Line, must be prepaid twenty four
cents per halt ounce Inland Ponape to be added. except to
lirmat Britain.
• ,r h , artprri: , lg t. %it!er" to•tbe Continent, must t
Inland Yosta,o , can't be added on I..rt end epe.
the Continent of Eurnw, by the Ll ' ar r r. and '
grams P.TTMCILCaI Gums t
Momlay ridrutet• t.frtota , S. I
BUiteells on Saturday On, a. Is tiqually tbe ea.. eery
and outer: and but. 11,0. doing. Tia• weatbar as. Pool
cloudy. vllb aPPe•rati.of ^". •
FLOCR—The receipt. were not so In nu Fridar.
and but ton' aisles tranaplrad Sales .4' aas
144 al:tufo(
bble rboica extra brand, for the plaqUeglle epitler talt.r7,
at LEI 30 @ 001, and 13 to :00 bbl. a 1, and \ eitra brands
at 13 126 - 53 15(43:5. elan titan. salts Irani rontinsei to
lot. only at 53 ‘1143 37 * bbl.
OltAIN—We beard a{ nothing or ~ .P.- 1 .04.1 4
and laic., an g”neratil . :ljbin tb.. range ay our 1 0 1
notir• a continued Sansue.e. in,(be
market, •Itb • fair geruirel business doing. N
• t o ,itt...SM.O.h . ... s . l ulassea 5i.:4904e 'tor Oristms. and •7‘(14
fur Sull.bousa: Code. 9/4.irihe. mo Kt,. it 4(4413
pnovistoNe-Igimu Luntll3.3 t 14 ... wills sale, In
a 100 to tool S. tat.olain bane OA. sera do 914 ion
sugar Curn4.4o 11 4Q12. rides 10c. andlticuldors ,X,Cibl a c\
Sal,a dried N.ef at 11/(4ilic it In.,
LlCTlEhieboir. roll continues in fa reoueat, by lbe
tal or box. at lee, and common dual 12 Ide bO. Sisit
lot. at 10011 c 715, oar to. totter
INlEESE—suppiles base tome forward party
and the market ta welt st,clad. tales •14,n at mO,
• for cream.
caa 1 0 110aing Is a list of tLe m nfartit,
rare Vic. ,
Craeters,* barrel
Butter "
.• ''''''
011 tic s ••tamp
Sugar etacsair• .1-
. • ...... e
rtup roe., 1 ,, ,W slowly 'FL , . •aom
In • tail 1,0.11. Irons brat bands at..T1n5..410 4 Z. Clu
ar I:, 254.0 W, and Flax SI 121, iA bu s
TAlL—Small sales traneturs Iron own tat 11.3'75 Si 1.01.
note Further sales. In limited lota at 13
ASIIES—A dueler., Luarneso dolug at. litaia deb 5.4
Sataratt.s, 01101011 at 410 qb She
Wlll5/2:01 —Sales in hmlw lobar 2, for rectibed.aud
21 lot 1.•••
V 12, small lots to! ibe bit at sh 0 , -
* gotten. •
StIOAK tsigarta u( nugar add.
ma the ta..l•'of Ilal•na stag Nlstagusi (row the
1,1 Jauuary to the gni of au,uaL Ital. sr... as lolloss—
t,to 7114aa1 Ls. •ogar . •t , .: 6 43 hhOs guularsgs.
From Malaga.* 3 1 .1 - .1.:a7 I.i sugar 4 Iklals molar.
ra :rho expors al ;gulags. 1 , Cardeuss tor the sagu•.
grew. wen 1 /1..14 551.. tolal, 1 01t1.211 Lts sugar. and.
Ll/51 htuls guaigsges TLe e ry for the sag. period 1a
ItolL a... 1 3 11.571 Oa/ sugar. along la , h:d 55.1, lualasses.
FlAur-7M arras!. of nos ..nut
brawls In better dell:M.l Ne
1..:.m. $4 Caner 14 3 ratrn.tirs
at s
eoutntro Is dull 51 .4
~ into—itor J. , of n
••• u.d.tce .uusll sm..* St
LA). sal... of 141. 51 .itO
fur Southern. ay St:Ss It
Vacant:on.. tk.t I
There nee eon). appearance ol unprovement In.oner
matter, results Neer luta, Aare en: hot einal.seneklo' 130-
i ..11111.11 tuntnine. when further trouble among the
r , Mat) bents mod •111.1.10 ed. Yontg Ltildmaam man
• yertein degree of ml (.ieune in the eathange 01011
i.. b predln - ated on thy awl) movement of the new cotton.
There Ler. ben tea, sellers this neat, at • 1,11-
..14,11 tomthr hisbrat rates ).1 :-...ptember, and it LI he
-11,<4 MO Irb4i• Mcr7.l.llliio d<.11.4
C .thoelatal tulle might by 0011,110.1 tnie month, without
the um of c spa,. But arca. n 1 the large tankers
• ,or ud)
w ad fags. mvs'ing gold without Aar 0 0 01
a, t.orent adrentaire la rates. and it Maf he from
• ITO. that of strengthening their inends en the other
a. ly. theer.bunes continue th eir elitatnent for 10010
• mite to core;
rbo . gold statietice far September, 101111 In favor of th e
entry -note ithetandina the fur th er ehiptuynt. of tu.n)..)-
✓ Dim,. The ))etas depositary N.J. at Phila.
-ip•ttia-and ate -, 3.4.0 atlery, strleans Another
la.tlctortory Ham is , th at the arnonnt reprenentesl to far
b. - might la Catalbrata Passengetat ars substantially scribed
L. lb. flint retance: tn..,161 - rmight for
, a. Ness Tort., show" dr.1.11/..17.3 , whits the deposita at the
I uric Joao Mint In Philadelphia. are g1,0)..Z.1 , 011.
.tor money ratan stilt continue below these of N. Volk
and Doeton. Prime paper to ranted at 104,11/i eeot.
G.,tl Vann. only liinen ...some of tht. money lenden
unioubled.l.lh4l l ). Thidemend fur paper is runtime]
u Philadelphia ragnatiarya. There are nowt). for the di)
fit...* In talcs of our money m k<t.beromt the Imo tre
to.the one! trade) •ugas.rted yesterd•) Our men
ei.ntcle wterue. elteoet DTetee4Wir To the magnikOtt t'n
e, slums of New Turk, mores `aith more prudeneeqn ref .
01 , 0rx. to rent& prreonal and) angly s apendituree.and the
proportionpf lunita Dip) ethnic') yd. The Enures de
'eloped 'by some of the late failures In -'en York, eahlblt
an eateneion elute mean er right (Ald parotid the real cap
ital employ ad Bulletin
The improved feeling which \7re noticed yel
l. rior in thy stuct market: a. baring otcurrel at the ae
on board, direloped 1001110 a oriental advance of stocks
morning. which NW. NUT maintained at th e afternoon
I)..erd Government. hare not 'keen effected. as 11e7 dm
n share in the dearer . ..on .if 100 zuc.rkei.. hat are. as the,
bore been all throutth the Jiff -cdties. rind, demand 01
le.:meet anvarTlog imam, In uthdir stools. especially ;n
In there has been an average wham , to day cd
I rent- Eris elect advanced 1.1 ) :, Erie Convertible. 1.
kadlng Thr root closed with ear
.1..1. G.A..,
There was hardly so much ,lglemd for money
to day. and there was mare real,' stl.phlY indirattog •
il‘lat Improvement m seesaw kilt not to.the natant to a,
-t noes, yet paper Is diaconate] to gnAere,proportion
lc than at 15 rent, which are the eatreAe farm. within
tech ail prime D•o.T Tedren.-14:Tihoue.
n de.t . cbel , In ctiannnn anla
art. it dui!, ILt odidldpit d radddll
. .
.1111.111 , 13 ,, ,
J.lloKee, Lieu , lacks°w ildS7Pn't.
talsiall, , .. , ...•
Ibu Shriver. 11•11,,!, Wut I, mrtnne
1 lieum 115.11,, ~, rot se'.'s , ,,,
• 11.13 k I,•ovett.. ann.. , ill \
Desv,r. ilm*, 14,1,4. .: \
‘lseh..u. Dotes, lirly.u . I \
' Vinru.l Carmen. Kfieellng \
Atlantis, Pluktneo., Litui(uk.ll
&Otte. Bennett. Bre•OBTIkle,
J. Meg.* 11.tiarielumni, Mr.}(tos r
Thaw Elirk..r, Balky. Wen :....e cti,
thr. , .. Reilr). 3 r.... , ....An.
StirL. B.Ate. beam ,
,lecu. ClurAnuati
Lwch s
same;sarrmrilarrer 1.01.
iIItoWNSVILLIS, S soil e.
The water was again let, into the °anal al
LoulavUlos th. fifth The dootisln tt was about l lr,
The weather bad boon clrodl and eslid
rua t assum.--The splendid rsavaeulrar star
Capt Gmwell. well leave Mr Whwillor rad all the tate-
UtedtaiO points morising at IV olelock
Th. stemma" J V Adams and Capp N.T. Nth Loured Mr
St,Lsalls. were atronmi Portland bar la7maina.—
The Adams Las tha Ltd, Franklin's (Louisville
Journal •
The line eteminers Jane F,nut . klin e , Lu . el ,, la ru .n r, rl , , Al r tlto:
1.-.4, for Cincinnati . to 4.; ehslc bte L .\-:, Lo
Jour.. tLept 'l',.
.... . ‘, \
Wilk:El.lTiti—pea Owne-4 1, em . flt u tts ,
, 8 , 11- 6 2 , 1 10 14 e. .:
'''' ' ''' P"'" B° Vl' llO D 'Vlble. 11,2 19 LAI. [lour I
Co 91 bge wheat VI n . • . . _
..: , ...A
•ae nat. I bbl, li kw* butter ArnietT0 ., , ,. .e r e r. 0 , 2,....,:? , ; .
.o Brow. , n 6 bd‘i k .
Dour owner.
PLA linaoas-2 sts flnKnl its's. sago Canna A Mc ,
bss •s.r.l3.4Ham I 4 2 0 . 15 bite )arm W
Its4alry k Cu: L 0 hbl. vines - at Lambort A Shit... , 3 ba1 , . 3
Lb,. t Llgsigt,• 2 the.ig his W Smith, 140 n
.I.ltoseWllmartb Z;r11.,16. )141 IV II I ea .
quo L. bah'
_ .
AA. MASON & c, b. hare on hand, and
e ara daily Iflret , lpl of Juke q uantith:a el New Dnese
r A; kith as tich (loured bean, Caelanarres. De Loren
ali c urbich thuy will anarenthe nt PH.' and titoOltr
against a
this market. eaepn ,
W 4. ,,, N , T ,,,, Ep , —Flares , f 1, 0 , r.
I ti :u r i .. x t d , ) ,, c ... r of I
Coachmen. !bunion.. and tut a Wealhotter Ur Con.•
mss. A number of labor... can be intnialhen no wort
awl rotatory work at rhea aetiv. Al4r. nab% cbaintur
o.ld, mrssaV,refi , n, szka .01 awl dry oar,.
Wanted toborrow. sueu r al..sunts on. ou t rs well endeta.
...I. Wanted': a plan. bra nue young.tutin. aged shout
bl. in • drug guru. to learn Ono humored, For In, .
arab bon. and lot of a bout anu aeru ufamand. .41
tented and improved. with a good paring of water tor the,
I o Tbr 110055 Is entirely n ew u witbkitcheir4n Ore baa,
tart", and two Tann p.m. alnre, panned Well. Tliet
heuse le well entabed, and le on tt 11111..5 bl, . h an d.
aorac Ter.', oar tulle P . M= ISIVWII.III, Pa. ; Fur turther ,
I ronalrulare, Orme c all at !nun Ilarrir jantency lI In tI IVel.
Si ILK „ POPLIN , t , CXuta . iral ,... gdy‘la . ,j . t:st
A. '4 4 !o_ '
itzl ASON'S 1i1.....C,K
.I N . k --U groat! aai, kci,
.iyi pieta ., tot ,o,in by p 26 . SCITOONSIAIibar A Co.
IQ ALERAT US-4 d{thice puit- for 80014 ~
13_ 'rpm
___ , l:.!!_Rtltlytll't..llAßE.b. .ac.l._
I IQ,UORICE 8A.1.4,-..-S caeckfor sale hor,
1.4 In rfnai \?, &CHOW:LAVER a th.l
.1-I Wand. or Chemical Yearn der.--I Ore asenutre
a u tea ...tal,,-,....ipt Compound, ''lur Dread‘aatl Cake,
niaininnortred by It T. Ilabtatt. a ti, burin:WV on 014.
P• 01. artlde for tba P.P.. HO kgt . . , , , ti;:,.. , z„ : „..„..
t ha. of dm PoDulh”Aki.J'A VI T ' 4 " 4 ''''''''''
It. R. A iir. Ella. hr la ft._
4,,.. ,P EN - EltA OIL, (Partersbut4H bb , a
a.. 3 Vans article. for sale v F..
F.F.L.Lium , F.7
wool .
AILS--800 kegs tss'd city broaada,,
N nand 000 L. rata toy A. coLoakcrso*
Aco \
tub CT
o •
%:110AWS-S°.UU(~ lteg~l~a Principe and
Aaßas bb A A bst4 t. mat b isoi,A
anti... CULUX.:
Wr i t* open on THIS, L ETENING, I Se p t.
1 NG :' GRA,NT'itett.hifiS.M.'ll.olokfdlti Of th ' S S I & and
'I•11011.E.1 of, the MEDITERRANEAN. depleting ail the
grand. beaunfut laud subiltne Ix - emcee upon
the chwaloal
11'°.,4".7<.`,':,.1.0;d'4R1t 01 rid, Irrr:4 mile.
• , ,b.,- (Vb. must nruthful. commixonals• lOt frisizniacena
''''' Alnlisro ‘ r2.= . Bgirrnn t 5 %147. T.
e a
c.,...s Panacea. IST commence moving at • quarter be.
111.(elnek, ever, neening In the areal. . @sign
an 11.4 Men's Mercantile Library Assecia
• . lien, and Mechanic? Latina
8 R, OLlDDON'trilt deliver three Lectures
a 1
1 riNfiz Mr latest Elibllo•Villiscsiseiles sacc.itto the ancient
onnments 4 Assyria. Cluinee. Ac, sagionaly illustra
-4x1.) Is.l l :re ilar weathers of the isle/re Inatltote and the
• itisena generallr. et 11. Cfc, I..xture `Mom, money of
, Xisxl and !math nrexxx. eotraoce ..r. 11 1 .1, The first
!oscura will be giten on TI rsloy, OF•hiLer7th. l (bease - oxid
on Thureitay. the'ain. aril the third ini Satorlar i , the dell
ices LetrIIRA to ommienne at 71, o ctal P . o , `
TOMll.—(Atlseneraorft tickets. , one dol lar . ‘Elngle ad
mission, 50 cents—in he Lad -at the principal' herb Mare.
and hitsie. Members .. sourae tickets, weventptieweentai
• ue le ainittalon.3lX,'sente--,obtainable at Islbrarg, sc...
..i..-f Committee tin Isactures. ' .
For ;articular, we .1;1.11 bills. ball
A Valuable, Farm for Sale. '. ''., '.
IN PURSUANCE el' the directions content
" ed in the last will and testament of JONN CREAIIg.
..../d, we will expoor M puhllo sale. at the (Enid House.
in the City of s Pittaborgh, oti MONDAY, lbw Bth 417 of
OCTOBER. lahl. .a tu ocloA 4 A. 51.. all thiat x•lnable
YAM situate In Baldwin tow shin. In th e E o sins, of A 1,,,,
isaheny. [woodsy by lands. of I iel /Lieber. JohnUordon,
.la.:ob Crawly. and. others. near . t a elz .1111 s lermon the
Z mogal . gl 4 a . Lizs i„ contsuni about NINeEii.SIN
A large proportion contains Sion Coal of the re bet 1
ualiey. th e land is oC an excellent daseriptton for farnling 1
purviews. and gem. wishing to etig4,re either la astorpl.
tura 01 the maul
bush:teas. will find toil • desirable MI. ,
multi . to...entre a good banish. Tersas made' amino at
sepZialtlawlta TVs.. of Johyr 'reeds. deic'd
Real Estatimit Auction \
rrillE subscribers will, 3ell at PtOlic Auc
tion,.l. pun, ornate-4. on Whorsday, 110 0111 1 an, of
isxoher neat... well kmo•u eXsigsnd Chamlfery wanly
lishinent, formerly occupied by W e iANDOL, don't altuate
Mosses township, immetlisfolx, ' , sauna the eXtY line.
I nda bounded on one side be the nest Franklin Kurt. Cl.'
ii , . r t i l c i i i , l , l , l . lif t t a l ,, ql6 l feet, on which \is erecaxl OS pool
Ironer,find all the nee sassy out buil4Znlia.
rely to iwinmenee at II o'clock, A. sf. \
-- •
111,1 311INEY 'I-APIA/KIM/ AND 1110.100 'O.SIPANT.
Nat bseert. N J ,\ „.
\ 'rhos 12sdopeur to prepared' to biro “h • .U 4 0 , 7, 4, ~ .0.
a sre l,. ha, been tottoti after reverAl Jr.,' trial, tYyth In
hut e and the baited nat., to retain they onl
beau end proteruys propertase superior to any .0 tr
Pat. egttever. Their
Itburelt - B o (lib. of Zhae, and as aurranted free from
tslulteratlou wad Impurity whetsortet. It sneers well, Is
besumully white. end L•entuely tan trum.the pots:moue
E . = t e lee 2 4 . to r :s .. t :y i t l lter ir p i Slott ,, so tlantorotte to the
f i relsl. NOT TL PS YELLOW
n hen espostsi`ao mslphuroue . te plutle exhalation e, ur
;..°ltra!'t"a'olol'ulLottifencllg:rt.. oi A' th . e ' le ' elit ' a d s!' =l . '
than ..,- 4hrr;'no, teag liable to turn chalky ur to
\r‘rrllcoh.l:,..t.otroLt‘iu,tt:fl,;',. lt,tmrl:,!,7.,o3s,dchwllit.t.to4-.solarn,
tosoo.spest sod* les 5, 1. .. ` ,1.,i: r,q's ."' rnsfeltr= ll l ,
us,Krenchyg, outhouse*, 4 et,. wly auto.] sue
in.. sr,vrasl. brisk. tat. hr irtn. -• they are both ,
\ ‘ ,
For tr satiate.. thsy art no. ocularly valuable.. thee
r,to a t; tank r.souedituY,\e• a, satinet) prevent raid.
not, they re yule Sly, Lod Ip, nig • purr metallic Lamb
„to not ehe ,ae ,Yor ;Ike man). of Ile earthr pain. now
Dealt-is eta peel su aL Lena :e'rytte•hy the :teats of the
t- -.1 sikl. CO..
''' s me . ,2 l .. ta i • 1 -.0 h V\‘Y2tes Philaaelptua.
LTOBACC 150 tea. manf'd\ Tobacco 0/3
head and , B•ir 0,
' ,p, A. C LIY Y lIC Yc '
i'lltiAft-20 Ws N. O. jast\read and for
~, PI, hr tsp . . A CULBSYitTSIIN NCO.
(LITEESE-- -50 b e W. R. just i : eTc'd, and for
, / ....o, hr sq:CIA . CIILBEILreON a CO. _
i \REAM CLIEESIV - 7 5 bzs illreceii - per
1,_, , E. E. 1 k Hoe, end Isseele by •
sop ` . 45 ._ \ ' .141IES o zzabb.
Till OUSE DE LAIND'ii, in great vai.t}\o I
IV 1 .4 ~.:..piand Prlnts-C. ho o ey 1.2% cis tokfty t
01,050 &.'"t'' . Loo
ser`.4:. ' \ North ha' .tetAse 4th spot Martat -%,„_.
ouni ontucn
•n e common
• Ohio mod
14 I bi
are fan
ae b
hortt enk. an]
EAT r i . R.R ED GING I.IAMS--Mutp 'T
i 1 e Aurae have reviatd a kolre ametuaot 1;
at.,•• ~,..I. of flaaqu.lltr. Also, • VIICI , IS O i r•-•
. 4 5 ,1 5 •• , \
•Laaist *al Lan 1.• ...haw , 6,
. ..•
IV ELSII I. ANN ELS-1N RI - tauten ma
' V .. hrth"u. ' - '4
b allgh " rikßFlELD
•••p2.. .
1 4 -1 1tENCH NV LL • PAPER—N., general
ylb a" . .artzu.vt of 4el. Liaothvr `c,ritt , ...., ,„ p . v .„ 0., C
.4 , 2, , .
, 11 , 10...... A
4 11.1 t . I
lit , 1...Nf1(1i liLf.Nl.l
, l , A r ER_ axe ,
Tl ' "'"'""' i'''''''''\ ' 'ru07t....?P.11.4,F.J 1 .
.T 1,5
111,1)elitiT... 100 dots Iteaver s Elneket.4,for
Lil AIN by a. 2 ., 1, .\‘'VICII /a 110.:ANDLE , i , _
.II.IO,. b Is No. 3 ‘ .slackerkl
...riis qu` '''''''A'
' . f li ' il; S ti b il iiii.cL . rotEss. l , ,,
Minnesota Copper fctock. \ i
50 511 ,, ./ l i.RES of this S A toi i i ,L orgi ,. l , . l k e At , , ,a ow
mule, s.lst•st d Third sta.
lir ALL PAPER-Fresh asilortment for
V Inn n.neits4 frcon the met nelebrated mann
faztori, PhtladeattLis-.N , ..r 4,rk; and 110.4 an, In addi
tion V.. • 7.1,4 stAs=rstis =attars:late. for ml• by,
..p.1.5 5.5
LIRLIA.SI big highly still! ovst,4 tt,is, srKra r-ossm sot f , r , Ae by
I.llU'rf Elt-slt 4 kgs 'resit ButterreNred,
p and Inn sale ses,2-, WICK. 6 11.-CANDL
tr , REESE-9:4 bis IS R. Cheese, 1U: do
4...) Cream, and for Is br
3.4'25 - LIeca , ILLIIII : 9,
S UNDRIk.. -• Saleratusi
' n ' rVa *taco '
in ecke ,
been Elsie f In by
CANDLES,-la whole ud hf.
sale by ,NAa7l7'. U\End CO.
F.AF TOBACCO=rIit Olds. on boxes, for
LI f timtin.JuNts
11.4 1 RESI1 BUTTER-`4O bbts just 4 7 e'd and
balsule e. MOlllan' V.% Mart In the Diamond_
DISH- gx.tra VIO Cavendish To
tssso. rot mit- by wev...pu IIe.DOW
sepLl7 \ 140 W at .
1.1 UTTEIb-10 kegs an - d - S .C bble. reed ud
1.1 for ale by, .co'27 n. W. ItAitilitail
INSEED — OIL-5 bble . rcc'd. and for‘s , ‘
11,4 4r 4 , 1 , 7 \ F. aW. HARBAUtiII
W 1
, N 0 ... D0 - 6L
ASS 3W .. 5--
s. a W. 8 e
Hd r R e ll ' A d UULI I
/PUBS ---20 du=. ,in store and for sale by \
•Apt'T tt. • W. tIARRALiqii.
u UCKETS-50 des. in store and for ealeby
LP • . P . 27
.._. 6- . A W. ElARBA.titill
IIIIICII SILKS--A. •A. Maaon & Co., have
i tnuot nto.D.l • teautilut La a vArf superlar dress'
`0 Cs. pew awl rt , k attt... . • tqa)
--. • -
C' , I I EIKS E; -LSO boxeg 1 , } , , R.;
I,_. • to " Crava: for gale LI
: , 7D , F 7 4 ` . • ,
_‘*... DALZELL a cu.
ALEliAill:4 -7 11l WWI in, boxes and blds.,
a - , 1.4 .tl-b, ],.,.....,/ I. DALZELL 4 Cu.
K .EU BUTTER- 95 keg. 3e,sh, for sale by
B. DALZELI. 4 co
i t OURS AND STA'IIONERY — Just reed
1.11 a, novo S..S' Lautal, Depot.
eeptl . 2 - No. :4 TtAri !UN,.
o) .Lana far We at • tole rate by _ -
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\ set 43 :ta. , .. aud E.ltatte Deittera•
' , LOUR gilL CLUTU-500 yards a' , „ 4, 5,
t i lLOUlt :Ul LAall--500 yards a, 4,5,
IL\ 12 CM, .11.1. t. , ..ed Crum , tbelVlipard , ke
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IIN MED OIL-30 bble. for sale by" \
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OIFVF.,OIL-10 baskets for sale by
5.0 , 10 J 5C1100 , 4 MAKER a CI,
ilf 7 Aiti:,,VoilhlONlA-=-2 ;asks for sale by
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Prlit M 11.4 ARbIIITECT.--NOs. 1. 2.
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161)1- - 100 bbls, Eitig:Faaily, for sale
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l'U ACKEREL--100 blel Large No. 3;_.
111. ).Iso...lthco.t. ini. •Inui,C,r‘ale , 0 . - .
~' ~1 W ,11:V111/ .., 11;011.
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nu1.311.16' Uterar
2410 tb. Hat 06tH
lhl ENV BOOKS.—Travels . 113.(k Adveptures
ko Moak, m,we Lc:lune of apatanl af I.oN4tinlar.
lammed nu Inot a ptalny an ao:onnt of el! nnnneir,
1 tn. penpla• by W. W. Carpanter, late thn U.
m t and 33 Of /liana p1c....7 of
Anal med. awl for aul.' trt L. AtAin,
arplt; 78 Apollo PlaildLo‘a,
x:4 sArtn: 4 , 7110 P—A fresh napply l ath
Itit reeAtr deital for
L h
TB Apollo Buildings. lotattheL
ON DON ART lOURN At., tar September:
Vietionary of Mechanics, No. 40.
Laiddh Labor that the Landoll Poor. tico.'l2.
I.lrods'* birhs.h Av., N. 3 64 p
pth aths liuLllZS • LitetsitT Depot, Nri.
'third stmt. opposite the Post bithee. • pep=
rftwo cog, FLATS—For sale by '
A. on= .`, J. ECIJON?1A!€1:11 t co.. wool a.
StGAR-4.+9 IThcis. prime,. for sale y
7,.---- t -----
NI OLASSES 7 -15U bbls. N. 0.;
', -L. .:\ to; •: syrup
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' Nln oak moninme. for sal. 4 14' —• '
• tet.l IL. DALZELL 4! .. CO.
IL IS bble. ‘ll . !lce Linseedif:rcejie4iu.
LAM) \
Jumn mite, for.imli DICK= # 1.
V- , Wow. 1,24 Front MvAti.
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\NLANGA.I 4 / 1 8.E—l'elak Saxony, for Sale
by , arpl.2 J. 00400.1MA.1.11.11
I:fh I'BlE''
go Rio
6 evr. i.l•;,!'it;
5 0 kg .:: , ..T•Ut
23 h 1e.4
3u hbls.P. R. ti.
2) I LIA 1.. if.; 1! •
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10 ht..
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aith, cta, veer Large teak of RgADs
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FtlNcill• of anode, adapted Poe reuttmart wear, fa the
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IirASEJ-f - NET, far Moiqui Bars; 12-4 \
wide-4,00 yeah tastree'd, for to tote to oat.
moo NOBLE. Thad eL'
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t•roli • BAcurs,.uNITED STATES
• DISPENSATORY, Dow 4,dftloa.,ustnidLeß4 Ear
APO Wool pt.
if 10 EE--250 bags Arillle Rio, fbr,sala b
FrEAS-50 hf. chests Young Lipson;
\ II aria roNN bi*.
rirO.,BA.CC b°le!fer extra,
10 cub
20 GU& store an•
j L AKE FISEI--51 Flail
bln. White 'na
12 bar.. babe Trout lbr
' • J. B. cia,
ki ACK EREL-7. No i ' r : e f iti or i salit u b . y
iv I .as
E AT HERS-40 sackilanding and for Ole
I: by Ceepl.l ISALUIDICIrELA \
ink:ESE-8U prime\W.lL, for;aleT4
skW ,
Mr DAIZELL;6 S Wjalat
ACKEREL—V-5 bble. taiga No. 3, for
W.. by p.OBl .5A3118 , 8 DALZELL.
, GO hits. time N. 0, Susan
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.1831-88 DiI.2IL.:L 08 itater at.
—MURPIIS k BLIECCLIFINGD hffe oyfned this
:horning • lot at Ba iu Ydglog and IneectLn 4ackoatt
ti=r fol i lfuersinge. Bobbing' Tici r, c o V ? to. f'Netttvq
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chef /AA
POW'D SUGAR-50 bblajor
%a we by BUBB - KUM t
f;4 H. MOLASSES-IT ,, la!Dli.'o 2, oodel j ea;
'Of :a. by 1.2ep41 BLUM:WE 2 /Mr
, —
4tiT El l II 00 K S !—The Stone ,
_n____n ,
..,, \.,
l t ttltuoto of Faint Pot= • VlllorsTile, .21-Jt...? ',
'by.' .Do Lontortble. Tronalsted trootttbe ~,otr, -,,,
' 1' 0,21 v 4 ty o: Ci . . Edward Blekeretethlate baccarat irre- .\ .
tob:lleitst by itel , T. it Itteks.2l. A- Hector of Sellebalt ;
Item; `with me Introduoticto by Ettobb. IT- TYttio D. 1 7.4
2 tote, Tboo. rms. ,
Apthorie Root. Antiquittex a ltanull of SoIOV A La.
bquitioe,lettb onoter cots Oluottottertr. by Chariot I ,al t oot,
L. I. \ t.. .
1..0tt; In s Pled oO thn Park Pie 5 1 ,2 22 , 62 1. Of GlVtottest Lib
to th e b2Ote Ozer, /ma the tier..a of Chet au Ate., " \ .
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Iteeitted trout the LOCHOtt ie.:UW.lBp ._.,,,, . \ "b
tote i. gebro.—Tbs Elements ',,,y t , Oodold ~
for ikenrieriik by /Was Loomis. 51. A..., p0et...2 tit Moth.
' N 1.74 tar.* hold n. 4 sch arreleuae I:esels , . \
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i.pollo /3 olldimi. Toostb at. • \ I t
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ifci OFFLE-4 ir;tfibil Rio, for sale by'
4, RID . (T ICS A IfcCANDLYS& -. \\ .
1.V.t005 1 7.170:1Q1.. Cora, for sale by \
I 1 'tree , wita a skaaaffEsea. . \
BITA V .:IN/A TEA WARE Caroinunicue . • \
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Kee, ..a..., ijitAado ' 10, Glos " C‘
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' 1V F :•? 1"4" N ' t! Ifl7 ( Trd ,I.l.lP.'"•PP` d ` a "' • - /',,
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11RITA Y :iNIA TEA WARE, Corninunioa
Nytt Cutcl*Caudleitiet. Cag=.l4=:: .
jj"L (21 , eold Pans, Speetad...
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g i'VEEsE-51s ixaek . on to . no •
nweing, by 1.91.7..A1l 1?IC; KY 11i90.,
. *ell/ j. I% star • IrprA st.
COTTON -48 bales fcksale b
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FROM gSTOD.4i just re2Kd— ,
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lor Bali at Upilpdt• ilbber Delp; 7 ivad 9 Wocd , irc. • ,
•u•Z.I ' \ .., ' J. •E. V111,4E198. \
pACKEIVRAIT. TER-8.,bb.1f. `end 5 ke)or . ,\ „,
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lIRYSTAC7PUACE PRINT 'l r —hitri!:
fincanitn ‘4ii:jazt racolved *144 . .0'
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Time 'BM'
\ Lac trat.L.E tais \ .
\ Y t*IiVILLE.
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,r 2.1 A. U.II.KINS CO.
QUOA 5 Midis. prime for sale by
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UFFALc TpkiGUES—JustrAceivectfrom .
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