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, isigiimalturid
an mec hanical fair,' which will
itaks plisciMmt Week lit the market house sonars
ighleximi,,citr. bhis foir iii surpass all others
' * freer' held In Western Pemisyltania. Gar agri.;•
anlitarel Meals are fully allie to its Importance;
:and Moth, min and vegetables will be exhibited
' A by citizens of Washington, Sesser: and Butler
mtuitles, 'small ashy our own farmeim nor will
• lour, scannfactirere be behind 'hand; singe we
',barn that they ate making great preparations
..yai exhibit, fam specimens of their !tires. Werke
of art, retina articlei of iron ware, beautiful
f arnitnre, neat carriages, glees wore, wallpaper,!specimens of aleetrotyplng,windows of the finest
!stained glassJ eottest' yams, domestic mtudiza
Viand flannels, Itto., Scu, together with a great ea
platy of agricultural implements and other arti- ,
' 'chi will be eihibltedi
WetrittithCit none of one citizens will neglect
• las wort". afforded tbetO on next Wednes-.
*Wend Thu •y, of visiting - the grounds, nod
. impacting tit - visions' sfecimens of ingenuity
SO OM whi • will tie brought forward. Family
tickets for bo • "days will be sold at the low
pricy of one • oiler. • Single tickets ten conts:„.
I.II7OIITAXIIBALL or But . ESTATl.—{tar res.
:dAeirs willietaber that that valuable property,
limns - ea the dAnchor Cotton Factory Lots,"
on Fedsiial 4 . liset .Alltiheny, will be sold at .
Oa , salt Ibis afternoon, at three o'clock Each
lot has a front' of twenty feet, and runs back
one lanuired feet, - to a ten foot alley. They are
: most eligibly! Rimmed, beittg in' the neighbor
hoed of the Peat Office, and railroad depot, and
offer neasnal inducements to tapitaliste.
Satair . :92, TES Poon.—The annual meeting or
this six* vas hid-in Dr. Eiwiit'S , Church on
22021 49 Mang.. _Tho Bev DiJlßlack was
appointed President, and • P. Brunot Bee-
The followitii • Lidice were appointed officers
sad manage= oftlie association.
Acne. Alexander N' Chug, Preabient,
Me& Was. Robinson, jr. Vice President. •
.Mn., P. R. Bruno% Secretary. •
"ilreAllbert S. Hays, Tressans.
41..ainossz.—Mn 41.8. Dreading,.Mrs John.
Irwin, Mrs; Sohn Patterson, Mrs. Walker, • Mrs.
Bryant, Mrs.- Palmer. , Mrs. Hussey, • Mrs. &a
m.'s, Mn. lkshfield, Mlcs Morgan,:Miss Tansy,
Miss An4srs. ct; Miss Williamson, Miss Logan,
Mrs. Ada*.bnis Herron, Mrs Howard, M.
isieeting was addraieed by the Rev. Doc
tor* SWltt, and Bleak, and by Doetort Dale and
Mr. "
We iniko the following extracte from the re
port Welt via submitted and adopted:
From the first Tuesday la October, until the
first If April, our meetings were held regularly,
ones week, and In this time, we made up up
wards of 42 garmcits, which ware given out,
also 21 woolen garments, 241 yards of calico,
68 yardi of muilia, 12 yards or filmset, 10 of
6:111:114, one bed cord. sir of castribt, 36 pounds
of cotton betting, 29 pair of oboe, $213 52 eta
worth of flour, $2B 95 cts. in money, $8 96 Ms..
ia•groceriea, healdea 15 pounds of soareand
NOMA ttik, coffee, and sagdr and candles for the
e10k., - and 1, 400 bushels of coat.
In all we assisted about 93 families, same dar
ing the whole winter; some needed but occaelon-
• On; fonds were greatly increased, during 'the
*tyesiby the following donations:
$lOO from the Washington Fire Company (old
arganbition); $48,33; proderods of concert given
14 adirne _ Roffman ; 47 pounds of Cotton Bat
yieos.of Chinn:: 3 Bed Comforts; 21 gar
ment% $l,OO worth of Coffee; $6,00 in coal.
bi the Anklet of the cold weather, we were
. much pirplexed to know what course to pursue,
In regard to Some finales who were suffering
In consequence of theintemperance'of the pa
' rent', and others, who on account id' sickness,
" required more aid than our mean beamed tr
, Irene= us in girine theta latter were, bow
, aver, not subjec.ta for the PoovHouse In our
«, • emergency, we received meaner . I from the
Guardians of the poor, elating that they would
• give one dollar a week to any family, who,
A when well; were able to sopport themselves.—
), Abe Glow would Inform them of the children we
found euffering for foodau
d clothing, they
• 'mild take charge of them. •
iit will be UM by the Treasurer's Report that
our regular collections only staonnted to $lB5
I 60, and that our =perm* were $240.27,50 that
oorluie6666sx Irould have been stopped at the
time moil needed; if it had. notbee6 tor the time
?malooked for donations in money mea
-1 Gorged ramie.
• •
• '
; r , razutraitel iorroti. - ;
elms 'Stockton, in it:poi:we with the Wise'
Asiorlatianof Alleghrhy, for the. - relief of the
':1850--Oct. Balm= in tlia'Tressuin $l2 62
&tiered from gobseriptiOns and col-
ilectioni b/ ladies of_ the Angora- . . 4
185 00
Prof:ads of concert, 43 33,
1861—May 23d. ' Donation from
•• Washington Firs Co. (old . orga
' , 100 00
q I- 534145
1 1851—May 26d. By ainotintpaid ons
-. • • for erad4rocerigs,olothing, $240.27
Bab e l " Int,L $lOl 18
A STOCKTON, Treasurer..
.1 844; 45th, 1851:
, ~
t - -Dcatrisa titernt- , 4,. large meeting of tie
" I ,led °r at tl" W fine
° lkinsTref r hei gyten ds :
F eed
I , and they Mardlested so greet a determine.
. on to revire4t, that we have no doubt they frill;
d in re-eatabllehing it on a firmer founds-
I• on than ere?. .• •
I 'Via Cenix.--The anat. basin contained be-1
tram fifty and sixty boats, yeeterday afternoon)
It was no crowded, audit was alinoatimpossiblei
to tam the boats one way or another, and much
cendlinen canned Inconsequence-
lancenr.--Sonie fellow . snatched a
ppund of butter from a market woman, yeller..
day afternoon, end made off, closely pursued
by the owner, by whom he .was soon oserherd
ed. A - crowd composed of sestral hundred hi.
dfsbinals,gathered in a moment, and the luck
less aright *as marched off the polio,' office,
Them o wal doubtless ba disposed of scoot
ding to law.
- Conzaz—The .concert of Madame Durand
esull Signor Naval, last night, was attended by
at. erowded' and Lashio:liable audience, who sp
rand much pleased with the performances.
liocirta W
.asa 3lrirtxo.—A meeting of the
friends of Wm: F. Johnston, will be held state
pal& School Boom In mid Ward, on Saturday
ImPt.4th last.. at 7 o'clock.
Addressee may be expected from Hon. Thee.
31. Haws, Geo. Bantle, and others:
lar Frcint the universal snoods of 11 , G.
Tomn's Lublin I.Joinutd. in curios Isms backs, rhsoni
olisto.liseased Joints, obits sweilbaJpg, essarseted
yLLy. Lo vs bays no doubt but It 1,111 nDidly /it sit
‘C.0,120.".."...bb0.585i4 OA Met. Is tw earthly doubt
, 'tat it Who created Musty the world cry . tam. It IA
4,atilreffectlYslbr both also sad bout, sod shook by
4slanssulao , bag is eerrr birch to taro sod eolm*yr.
, otton Factory Loti at Auction.
14. N - SATURDAY, OCTOBER *L i will be
Pita at WIC. autpon, On Ma lonnaluehal o' r eiort•
re,,,talgtzettlt 1.071 , i, on federal street. Set's.
tau =feet front sz4 rate.
bsot, 1W 0 . , !4_ , 51A/ 0 . Tbia property is
14; p ar ti .
. . Depot. It' dannot , f4l to sante° In e• tot
. _Tsars tO conte. It ild salt Alattrably tor A ItriEL.
*bye, ituatty niuded thlactri. Persona Idatting to
• lima mono - In real eststo troll* do well to era It trot.
.102/ation. so it Is ths only property'fot In that stein
wroutot Cow premises to *avarice toner In price. 11l
• told Alt tocetber, or In lota ,to sal tpurchasers.
stolW=l:an% ;V.= t°,. 'Jot too
• • BOILE, Semitones..
A Valuable Forza for Bale. ,
h n
d.PIIRSUANCE of-the directions contain
'. - !tett.. Istc vtti and tertaineat of OLIN MEADS,
, re wig ear.. ta sthlic We. Id. ths Court Come.
. • M M
e yof Ontstrarg on MONDAY, the uth us? ut
1,51, at I 0 olark. A. IC. All Mat saleable
/TAltal, situate In lialdain sonstublo. to the Comedy or Al•
- lessbosx,..toluniall bAl bt Axga
, o ,. l . D , Ar b tle3l i tttr../ o otat Gonlot.
tterr vontalnlnn atlouV ' N/N/t7kl
AM " Ltrit:d allOaraLUA •
--7 A toms turportton masks .tom Coal of The *err best
oioAlity; the land IS of an sxscher.t deerription fot tartnin • -
"Sratti 'd .,fal ° X.......a t i 'o7 ZetA r ritirgz lq:
y JAMre • rood bassada.. Tdrots =ado at
• tiAllet SICLCOI.I.A.Ii.
• • Errs of John Caner. doe 4.
gabseribera at Public Atte
th. m . 0.., on Ilnusdnr, the nib Any et
tbal Ind/ linasni Sou , end chinellp7 estate
~ v .,11/h. trig, don enema
Reserve tk . .f'.l P A. „ taaij. 1 8, e 4
*a* boaratal ca f.t, which is enensl eve cood
W i ll i g . V4lr i hose, end all the nereesers 00( PI/oin%
Ital. anatacace at . 11 dawn a. d.
WAG E Mag.
Jag twined pad tba sae ay_
71.1- J.JMED 01
Pumumuue, October 8.1
The Grand Jury of the United States Circuit
Court, this morning, found a true bill against
Elijah Lewis, Joseph Scarlet, Cespar-flannawayi
and Jamie Jackson, white men, and 27 colored
men, being all those in custody, except one cot.,
ored, for treason, in participating in the late
resistance to the law, at Christiana, Lancaster
The bill against 'George- Wise, colored, was
BOSTON, October 3
The &Buren yesteiday, were a heavy' iron
house, and a broker, both for large amonnts.—:
There is a better feeling to day, and the panic is
Wsentsoros, October 2.; •
The arount,at Treasury notes outstanding,
on the let of October, was $166,861.
The :kepolation of Connecticut, according to
the official cencue, is 270,791.
The 'free prpulation of Alabama Is 428,779;
adore do., 842,892. •
Houma, October 3
By im arrival to daY from Rio de Janeiro, .;g4
hare Buenos Ayres dates to the 22d August,.
which state that a collision had taken place'
between the opposing' forces of Buenos Ayres.
No details.
WILKINOTOS, (Del.) Oct. 8.
The factory of M'Ctuan & co., was destroye'd
by fire this morning.
NEw Sonic. Oct. 2
The Brokers are buying the notes of the James
Bank at 26 per cent discount; the Farmers and
Western at 16. Ali others are reeeired on deposit
at the Metropolitan Beak.
St. Lome, Oct. a.
A hatter named Burke was arrested to-day,
laving in his possession $6OO in'ecomterfeit half
St. Louts, Oct 3.
Advises Trcm Senta.Fe to Sept. 2d. state that
a serious 6sht had earned at the election potie,
in BertMs county, in which three Americans
were killed.
In some sections, Reynolds was getting large
';majorities over Wightman.
In the let Congressional District, Boyle, the
angular Whig candidate, is believed to be
'' .i In the 2d Die- Hamilton, Dem., haa 169 ma,
ofity 'in W.aahington, and 71iin Fredreick corm
. y. Allegheny county la about even.
, In the 3d Dia., Hammond, Dem., is reelect,
ed by a reduced majority.
In the 4th Dia, S. Yates Walsh, Whig, has
about 260 majority.
. • .. . -
I The 6th-Die., gives Evans, Whig, for Con
grens, 65 majority, which elects him. .
No news from Me 601Distries.
Sr. LOOS, Oct. 2.
Mr. Kendall, with several of his party, arri
ved here yesterday from the Plains. They
bring Santa Fe dates to the 2d of September,
Which represent that Col.. Sumner's expedition
against Navego bad reached Cyrality, where
they Intended erecting a fort in the heart of the
country. The Navegoes are swarming on his
The threatened difficulty between Bartlett and
CoL Graham is unsettled.
Feiner is progressing with the surrey
[ Capt. Patterson, Counnawier of the ill fated
.steamer James Jackson, was ariested at ,Bhaw
neetOwn after the explosion; but, atter investlEcat•
ing the matter, he was acquitted, no blame being
proven against him.
Dr. John M. Bernbesel has been elected terri
tcrial delegate to Congress froittilltah,
"li►v►a► Sept. 24.
The revenue cutter Foiwami:leth to day, for
Issist Cruz, with Goy. Letcher, U. S. Minister, to
Mexico, 'on board...
1TZ.1130 IZPOS.T.!
Now Toni, Oci. 2
!Cotton—There is no change in Cotton. The
sales'were 600 bales.
'iFlonr—Sales 12,000 bbls, at $3,62f for
state and western, and $3,8754,25 for pure
Genesee and Southern. !
Ortiln—Sales 3,000 bushels Otnesee•Whestat
97e. selcs,l4,ooo bushels Corn, at 62e Ql bus,
far mined.'
Oroeeries—Sales 3,501 bags Rio Coffee, 7 1 € )
Sic 111 lb. Soles 600 boxes Porte Bice Sugar, st
E !gi o to •
Proyisloales 300.bbis rk, at $15,50
for mess, and $13,50 for prime.
! Bstratour., Oct. B.'
Flour and Grain—No! 'ilea of flour to day,
sad no grain in the Market.
Provisiona—kiess pork is dull at $l6 55®17,
its bbl. Baron shoulders and hams at 13f4793;
soles at 10f, and hams at lOffillli 111 b. lard
tenduig downward, whirs:des 600 Oh at 9e,
take in kegs at lle lb.
!Grammies—Coffee is dull. The week's sales
;were. 8000 bgs at 01@,81- 19 lb. Nothing do
!lug in Sugar.,.Molasses is steady at 23024 c
!for Cabs. •
Whiskey sales at 22e,23e 1?
ST. LOl7ll, Oct. 3.
We have no change . of moment to notice ,
the general market-
Flour—ln the absence of any shipping de
viand, the market is dull at $3,60®4 jd bbl for
country brands. •
Grain—Wheat is dull at 60c @T6 %,bn. Corn
is selling at 36c043c ; Oats 2.mg26; Barley
55 for prime.
Provision--Sales bacon shotdders at 8c @-
Bic ribbed tides 14 "i 3 lb. •
Hemp—The market is inactive, with tales of
cominan to fair at $73@80, and of folly fair. to
good at $B5 V . ton.
Lead—ls quiet, and $4 ®4,05 91 100 lbs.
The rim is at a stand. • ,
Freights to New Orleans—Flout 40c ; Pork
60c gl bbl ; Corn 12c, and cats and beans 260;
Lead 16c 19 100 lbs. Hemp $6 ton, and to
bacco $4 Vlthd.
Rm." Oazziate, Oct. 2
Cotton—Priem are- drooping, with sales this
morning of 1600 bales middling at 7.1, all other
dseriplions are extremely doll.
' The barque Roanoke arrived from Rio, with
4,600 bp coffee.
Nzw °maim, Oct 3
Cotton—Sales 8,000 bales, middling to far at
869 e. The weeks sales were 14,600 bales; the
week'. receipts 27,000, against 18,000 atone
period lut year. The total receipts of the sea
son were 79,000. Stocks on hand amount. to
86,000 bales.
Tobaceo-43ales at 61€46t0 '0 lb.
Poik--Bales mess at 4116 60
Coffee—Sales at Sci? lb for _
- -
HE SUBSERIBER hiving now received
his entiri ersek. of PALL ANDNMI , GOODS,
Lacrtwpecifully inform his euernomers and the Oiltlie
Ilia. he te prepared to diem. of hte fiords. ea.. +4.1.-
.. I"brA 4 r4= w rg:fitapte. se well •liirge
frock. of Ironer Imlf•acels, ehoeyrteing Is rtf
4-4 (2iens tilike L lior irglit . l2lff and Wert dram% .get rich:
44 lingsde 844.,
Philo glut Eaks,al I price* and widgeg
firegsds mete :JAY,
limey Watered Silk, all . studwe
fr' halitT i t g es;
grearti%lerinos sad Casbmge•g.
Together with Freasti end Etilath Mau, lo eodlue va
- - - - -
114,12-4.1.1134 Barmier Sl:teeth:AC
H. 0-4 and 04 awl /Ma Crow~;
1•s and 104 TaLla Damasks. •• • •
GAand 3-4 Damask Napkins and DO/3W
Llucksback DiaLa and lirath Twallinitk
bleb Ftintrd Piano and. Takla Coma, nitmlb g• •Wa;
llanaville• gall% Fronk, Fittniture,Diatity. L4trt...lo,nd
Curtain Materfalk de.
LaDida In. " if ' L
o 1.41ne..3.4 and il-4
Blaak Cantnn o olaA
OrAhlabalo Lastrw
Warp thibet Cloths;
1411.1, Flat=itallati Crapati Nods and CM.
Tear, enamitatkithto; Collars and Coke; of . 01 ift•aitry: . 11 00 Goo& WU be warranted ot
color. wd Wow Co ataitt.
sepia JAMES A. MeF.111(111t.
Fine Watches! .
APLIV very auperior Gold Patent -
Lem RateJ,ee, reed by assam, =lomat Si/b..
wh,eh are sploodld Pocket Chlonotosters, of b.* .
mud umaiaio
.v.veod, of vszio. frlyl. %ad piLtinus, •.
Irkn.lticllAlLDBo:VS. kisokot, at.;
BUTTER -1.6 kegs far sale by
-ftos WICK aLikcAlanua.:
gv in ESE-8U boxes prime W. R., for ealo
‘ l , PERM 911,-17 bbla. for sale by
perl6 WICK a 3IcCATiIItESS.
r sale by
FLAX -22 Mks fo
..epIS • !CIE 31.-C 4NDLESS
11 1 1RLESTE VERMILLION-2 Cues Anemia
f .,061 . 1. ISOLOGNUAKRR & Oa. •
First Supply of Fan Goods.
TvionPur sußatinup, hue now
.111:40". thdr Mit amply of Fall GaAs,
um wt. of their maw =tamers sal blows g r
yOR CHAKIIRS—Very cheap Ps.
wart clump Bardcra, Wm at rriaterrash. ter firela
1 f orplej f . W. P. IiAIeBLI L.
11010 MID hare opep this mantilla' • MO' a
fuhionsbl, gpais. eeta7
AN Infallible Itanredy for TOOTH
ruin' cm Te4.h; B~roouu snd nleedlnr name, to
"Y- 9 . :4IV. D Vd=
-VILLE OlNTMENT—Warrauted to cure the
4l BRANDY, AND MADEIRA WINE—Io bottler and
en drartaht, for tale lor
sepia KEIL OER t IdoIXAVELL, 140 Wool A.
IkIIAPAR HANGINGS—New style of Gold
d „ o t lig d r noosing. ; Ifor Parlors,TlLll aletant Bold and
ars. for sal by W. P. EIAKIRALL.
• aryld Eni Wood of.
[PREEN OLLOLOTII-51) yards 4,4 t,
I_A and 6 grouter creep VII Cloth, r Window Blind.
superior for service/ td any article ma ofactured for that
PdrPoeclust ranked lend for sale by • pleoe or yard, at
the ware roonis, Boa. 71and V Wood Street.
1000 PINK-On han.
sel7 J. HI OD
. Just reccierd wad for sale 11
' arat rued stul tor b 414 by (.17) IJ. RICO
LINSEED OIL-20 bbls. far sale by
(41143 3. SCHOONMAKER CO., 24 Woad.
CORIANDER SEED-1 calik for sehTby
1101'S—Put uf,l, in l lb. Fackages, for Corn-
AJL ur '.`"` . ' l " o r"
"'1 14 7 81. " A ° . 77cCLTIRG 0 CO.,
mewl:; 2.50 Lthetrt irt
(Nutmeg) CM :NNE, put it p for Willy art. In giver
to s t. from 9to Zi poking. can be obtigned. wholesale or
rig:W.of the enbecriti. Thrt Cheese 411611110 very Plan
repute In NM cash bu tt. now tritimluced for ibe glut time
Auto MO market. Thine deigning . choice article are re.
'dtiorted In call And ermalno.
WTI. A. New CRC A CO..
sepld Urturngand Tea Dealers.
G LUE -20 bblit : reed and for iEZre by
I eerelei'se w Z at4lll:th ;M.
lIROME GREENL-lease4 for sale by
(REAM TARTAR--5 bbls. far sale by
wAI2 • I J. SC/100MMAKRA & CO.
GLAUBER SALTS-5 Mks. for sale by
or 'Wide for rreierring,_lc.-20194a,fust rma y
5E141 `CM. A. Mcl-LOKU & CO.
QMOKED SALMON—WiII be recd, this
5577 At, by Aura:m.lmM' Ioto , ITAAHIO/. for br
.ells WM. A. MACLURO s CO.
ARROW ROOT-5 by.s:Rermrida, for sale
by ibeylsll J. ECHOONMAKER CO.
ofslizat.!th-t:;t;iia -41..°I.VTAgtt 62
SOAP— 00 baits No. 1 Rosin, for sale by
.142 S. a IV. lIALBAUO 11.
OSIN-200 bble. No. 1, for sale by
. 1 8. a Ir. lIARBAUOII.
I'ILASS-100 boxes Window, for sale by
NA as . P. k K. 1.1.1103AUG11
uIITTER-20 eifs far sal:.
)y eAs.yiELD.
Lip .13
EARL ASH-40 bbli. for sale by
D AtiNs--60Tbzs bunch in store, for sale
oepSWater Iva Front Its.
ONEY-6 bb i ls. for sale by
ter..?T:d N . 9.6eattla OrwanTitedntrn
NEW BOOKSl—Travele in the United
Puttee, se., durtig Ida i bilt by the Ludy La
• `M'iltrrnl'lL - e ,_."=7,.i.. Cabtott
with end ' eurt.V. Tot Id., " 1
r,• =rAuguLt, atitletin'a Web.. ildwatbe
ho. !WAY.ot of the R....
Not PA Ineuoutry of Meehan.. Idustoe Work
a. Twit lutiest... Just 1 . .4 ke dole br •
0.1 !LEAD, 7d Aloilo y lluilgi o u i oun r :„
WO SMALL F.AI3IILIES can be accom
raodgied eitutt flout rooms ua the tem.
e. titter furolebeelorunfurnlatiect. and
the corner of Thlutand Grant sta.
lerfON , LIO.R. aid the London Poor,
•J,.10, 11. '
dal Yield' Book the Revelation,. No. H.
s elateleed at not.nne Literary Levet. :a TWA attest.
antatta the Po. WS... .P 3
QUI:JAB-70 Idtts. N. 0., Tar sale by
)..3 .02 J.I3. D/LROICTII aW.
COFFEE -25 packets Java, faille:de by
"EATHER-20 aides Sole, (beagle by
1.41 - BUILD RIDGE t 1119 elitiSl
U-20 bble.ttere Tamers', for sale by
MEN. AND JUSTIOII.9 ilk Tat P/4014—Deote.
rtirtiff. Dwelt, 1/eclaralout • Ledeatatee, F.1.e121.134
BUlaAilil, 31¢ectmon4111eet Oiet.Astteleerl aerstesosol.
A rtGAIIII.U. Vee 11 at.. to tor sale et
N. tjl.
t= .. V= a s
DRAPTSje-A laPso vela
of Note, mod Dra.PA.
bastunnely cdorsroolJ Do vela at • ..
W.. [LAI EN'S , Radno:l Stone,
MA ; earner Market end Norm/ ela.
BLANK. 'BOOT S.- S. Marrs, corner
Mane san No o 1 exert. bee Pr *de tbe laratat
adult of blank. Books beer abkrot ha this elty—tonalstlng
of lagera. Journal. Day Boot*. dhante Bwka, to, In ov.
try style of Nall.. and at the lowyst talc. seld
QAFETY FOSE-12 bbh. for sale by
1...7 sep2 L l. S. DILWOIIiII & co.
PAPER RANOINOS—Nee patterns for
-... Ade by i WALTZLI P. bIASIPHALL.
seta 1 SA Wood drew'.
N.:W DRESS, GOODS—We are now re
theoemeet 411 styleeof Mom Uoadt.raeboe
o•lllmatied. Poplin& PereMa Rob, Alpe.", Pao
nmelme. Wrench 31ertma. and TaMet I.3mts. over MP
Plmes.a• MM.. • 1.031 s.s..IIA.SUSI • CO.
WHITE GOODS—A. A. Bisset:. & Co.
p souWordlr Vi r e 9 .1
molls Bock Bulge 11W1. blnellomilc. • complete
emmtmeet end TOTT 0.00. eep3
rroßAcco-4 kegs Va. Twist, for sale by
erpl 8. •R. 11 aIIIATXI/1.
bags Rio, for sale by
EON will be received in exchange (with a ,
mall =oast of boner) to TWO BLIMINO LOTS.
• OWN Ward. Parole. td
Try acme of MOKRIW old POST WINK at P
per tante. :or sale at •• ORRIS' su Tea Mart. fa WAlSartoad.
Cider, for sale by
SALERATUS 7 3I bble. for sale by
sap' I li. a W,. llARBAtitill.
, I.X aljaed, for eel. by
Ceram Wuxi and Fifa etruh.
10 ht. cb. Dray I illk Truk le bozos Cocoa *Cbbroisla
ISO abb. . 3 ewe; seartal Fleklec
69 las. cafes Tata. • 3 - Manua sod Sid.
6 gm. Millers 4 thiebrirer 17 Praxes
Due Cat Tabu.; 10 box. Idspotd. Palm ad
=b. itarana zones.p;
roe, ✓
Corn.audVapaulsix 1 box Yarita
60 bogs bio Ceder I • 2 Unite Corn Saab:
.P, - tArr.... 2 - Ye LtVgd .' '*'"
. 04
30 -kW atull: ~... 91 bawl Clothes '' Yl . ;:a
lii `' Naas _ ZS dos. Yana Zia %tab
SO .' Mould IDi pc,l: .. Barbs
30 kegs Ground Sp . WO des. Corn D
Pain.. I Yeah= Wboksals and atali br
augli hartbeest our. Wad aud rim .v.
alo 6 010111118' TEA )lABT,
per* would do well to my.
ty rouslderod) Alloy Aro deal.
bra. Bost., for sale by
it. thugWhlsklu, u (qm
daily dun , •
lI . IIOOOLATEr-2 00
IODFIS11;-31 tee. for sale by
II 40 Mc fors iby WICK A AI<CANDLE.SS.
S ALERATUS--43 casks;
1 sz babes P,111 , 1: far rale b
__ ..... .99 _ I _ : ___ .. WICK a Ilc(l . AliDbiStbi.
PAPER -2O reams Medium; .
solo .V.PJ .. alma. fat
LiWe to by
FaNOLISY - Orlifi r CILEESE-59 boxes
ileylep's celebtabe4 ribilbaya WI Durham farm
ow, teed on/ toll sale by
AVINDOW • LASS-300t z l i ( 2 );
For rate by DENNiTY. IMMIX CO..
rell9 Front lama, near Merkel.
QIIGAII7-r7 With. N. 0., for sale by
.10DA. We are prepared to farms
Olmw menalketnrers, anst the trsde senerallr. with
Fads Art, of bomel osenufactarc. st the lowest market
peW. and .dd""...""kragtu., ,',ll,ll7tath'Urt'L
Front at, net Market.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & Louisville Tele
T HE STOCK of thm Comp
liXany wante
CO.d by
i stock extd Exclaim,. IMMO. ,
. - corner cif Mark.t .ati mini .n. ~t.
T inhighes.
description of 1.
11 be paid for every
• at tba CirkanstrFPflos at
rlulaad T .. tdrtaeaa_
jlO piga. just reed
cilooNliiaElt •
21 Wocd st.
, sod tor ula by
geases for sale
L 1 A
.ibis. for sale by.
.I.lliol.odA/LIIR *O6:
gurn .
joO MAKZR&bO..
Outfox OP HOUR.
Pennsylvania Railroad and Erlire. Packet Lin!'
31.11 mina Ralbroad milm Canal.
OWLET, NOW 11.145aN7 /MD 0011701W0L1.2 AMR To
Two Daily Linea Express Packet Boati,
On and after Monday, August 25th, the
Packets of this' Blue will lamp Putaburgb for Ltakinnt
every vornius at 8 o'clock. and avers wean; odd o'cloel,
n 7 =i l l 7 = l .. u : C."
2Xlt7elrjrl i v
met for P a.
41Mtbrough, Forty llourt. - RiR
Br 1 1.87 , 161T=1=741. COea:
them on arrival at Philadelphian,
prom.% on to Nall York at onee.
Take t h e York and Cumberland Railroad, at ELanisidmk.
-Distance, eighty-four miles. Tina FOUR boon
Fan to PRUolalPida. UR Fare to Baltimore, 59,76.
do lanmrter 89 do listriabnrB MOO.
If yon deiLve chap 19aveftg comibtlable woommo
dation__a moire your tickets at the Ticket 081 m, klonoom
bola Room, et
.1. P. HOLMES, Agent,
Or of D. LEECH & CO.,
00515 Com./ Nato. Penn Orion
Sailing from Philedelphia on the
sth. and and Liverpool on the let Dr eoett month
p MARI PLC ANTS, R. R. Destons, Master.
PUENANDOAR. Wm. P. Osrdlner. Master.
" EUROPE. Nathaniel C. Warns, Master.
" 11011010. Alfred F. Smith, almoner.
11 ILiCRADIAXON,Osew,) W. W. West. Muster.
She ete..
an built of Om best. and Most costly
materiels, and am notating the rapidsty of th o us p
they are etlsol up with ail latest improvement, are most
ventilated, and are unsurneseed for their an
coransulannus kg Second Chbin and .grope PtajWCrn
they am commanded br men of acknowledged talent, who
are onequalled for their .rnrintee In the packet service
Pcmone desirous of bringing their friends Item the 01.1
thuntry eau obtain eertincates of immure. which will to
good for eight months. and our agents In Ireland...l4 Lly
errand will furnish Weirh the proper information and
Instructions relative t departure.
ne F y or e th eu e ppn t rgitTalur oo frl7r7=rp ' efer k d ' :Teltra
et - sill without discount. which will tie eashed by say of
oaks or Mt Onms in the Unitsei Kingdom.
411 - 4-Prevtilons supplied plweenzers from Liver
Every week the following supplies will be furnished
twit pus4F of 12 rears of awe and over 214 lbs. brawl,
2 lbs. rl Oz. tea, 6 lb..
oatmeal, .14 lb..var, 1 lb. flour,
)4 lb. •Sid 1 lb. po , k. Under 12 years of a
lb. bne uffs, lb. pork, full of water and
eye, and bait al town of tt . 7 rd o ow s t". li3: . aa
27 'Manor street, below fievond. PhllMelpbls
iel6rtf 000000 Sixth and Wood 000. rittsburrb.
1851. irgigigo 1851.
Dunkirk and tbse,Erto Railroad. connectlnit witb
nrst clam steamers on Lax,
E. the Michigan, Classland,
Columbus and Cincinnati. Cleveland mid INtmurvib, and
Sandusky and Chadi:lad Raibicads, and stemmas on the
Ohio mid hlMidasig Cams, . ad am Olio, Indians and
Pennsylvania Can
(80ndare exceptrit.)
la Morning
M Exs i rens Train at 6 o'clock.
Ertvihig Expmw " 374
Tho Mail Train stop. at Elmira. when. P•mrtnivin can
York 7 boors, and mke the MaprelsTrain. mitring In New
York next roc snits at 0 o•locL making the whole distance
by day-light
The Mapress Freight and Cattle Train leaves Dunkirk at
IA. M. daily: a Puwnster Car to attached to this Train to
scoontmcdals,Wey Pusengern and Drovers.
&Askant from Dunkirk to firw York. 11. Second Clam
prises will kw erten in • M 4.7.
This Compusr are pared to transpo rt lira steak and
7,46hts of all hinds to pre mid from Now YprA
Particular attention will be paid to Stark. The page
tieing 6 fret wide, glue this route great advantam over
narrow Amiga Kailysids In the transportation of Mock..
sigir Additional Trans. will tis put in commission In •
very short time.
W Vreirht iciiits will tee distributed. steins partkir
ein reetud it. urine of ire&bic vir,(42,rt..2.v...
toi'ilElTliioll•Al..tworr. Lim), irtiOam •
Bsettreion Tickets to Beaver, 25 cents.
E fine passenger steamer s
lieu their landing. at Pittahurgh and
chests!, every day, (Sundays Anapted.) as folleure—
B.ver. leaves Pltubargh at 9A. X. Rochester 3P. X
Slichloan do do 3 F. R. do 8 a. n
Pampa sriabl. to go to Balmy tau procure I .
Ticketado backwater and back to Pittsburgh. for 20 untg.
liskata gout for down mu day and up lb. neat.
For tickets. Apply ratboard the staanbows - Bruer." cc
i`ktlchksee 3.." o tb. ogior of
aus.9o9tine Water Ihnithilekl sta.. Pi tt s burgh.
E4nor Patkrt and Eellfoad Line to CleToland.
DASSENGEUS leave every morning at 9
o'otha, EJ stokooLoas to Goan. ,o throck OT orpowoo
k c tto= Leo:. Plttatotrobtal Clove
at . to Cleo/load. ITU)
To Mont.& TO botorr. To ['omit. 1.3 tourc
Bliffalo, lb - Chows, -
Tlolets given through to
{ - la Calnaba. sad Yanl► b 7 idlorrasal bad Onetunati
Uddircal. 40 . Dotte.. ' M
'd 4111ersokie. Mn
Cis... esti,. ortenistyt 14 o sket. by tho to: 1 14
ct 1..14. tr. Irosel Co. kw .r aft
shoo. at St( <eds.., L. by Itsilooot to Tl. oe
seal artist se Ulc . by e.0.m...
Purl 1. vator to Ms Ohio rt., this roc. to Clod.
testt, St sod Gals.. oill be too. nite. gni...
ant, .S ploosszee, th. ao I othor.
Iteconssh. Ps-
Im tittrts erlcrmatkm 4ppl7
JOlllt A. CA VI RFT. Meet.
(VD obtrq terem BtrattAS•tel old WO. &MM.
mad, bkocasabola
iga. • bIITZEITERN 1851
"/. Maga!
611 . 11.7(
riE Canal being in good order, we are
prepared to tranetort produce and reectlitutthie to
from the above duet at the lowest cumin Mel of
fttight. with precept... ALIA •Ileptsen. TIC Loafs end
care ars ogneet et .l cent:clic:l by the proprietant Dills
of India. tennsotitted, nrel all Inetruetloas pccetptly aL
tended to.
Apply tn, m nhlress
!JAYA A MACE: Prcpritcrts.
Chinni dada. Peon ttreet. Kluturgh.
ItAltlllt4 A LUNCH. Pryer,.
Receiving Depot. fete. 13 0 111.
Neetitt atn.ELe.
71. 11. North et, Rantoul....
T. U PEARCE. Agent.
No. 7. Weet greet. Nee 'fort.
lad 1851. WeiglPM
Vie Brownsville and Cumberland. to Dahlman
and Philadelphia.
lIE MORNING. BOAT lenses tho Ulu(
aLore the. Bridge daily, at 6 erkelt prerlsely. ten.
nee lag with Um atm at Cain beti.d .xtinaornlog•
The Evening Boat leave dilly (except Monday evening>
et 6 o'reet, ronneetrog with Lire ran Cumberland meat
evening at id rielock. •
Time through to Beltlronn. 62 horde Pare only $O.
Thee through to PhlladellAtt .. 6 .4 o hem.. Fs. 4 . 1 1
tla T e l ates reiv ".d ß 6 Ctunterlatel V . 60.0)0
akm Lida decidedly the beet routs rut.
J. 61011.118 N, Amt
my= , Odlee he the Motendmhela .
13E60 1851.
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
CIARKR, PARER A CO., .......... Po.
111 IS well known Line is now prepared to
; I Mr ir ., ="T.,"`Laß"
Tile G.11111.1;1 lb. Una are as '"n int ' wseff.i niber.qta.4
ity. end capacity of Boots. “golqi.ll. 41 Ca ptain.. and el
ficery pVIIO.
One BoaPlatece Pittsburgh .1 Clewilani dally,r ono.'
In a.n...lbin with • LIM a steamboats between PITT*.
DIJ/1011 and DRAVER, and Irks Ora desestrasaboats
(propeller and yawls). ;Ds
Parts A Co.. Vonnintown. Os
I'd:y Uwe. U:
1 Ramos. Valls.
C'.Prentiss. O.;
Mayton A Co., Ram.. 0.;
Kent, thrinnel A Co.. Franklin. o.
If . A. Miller, Cu yahoo. Falls, v.;
Wtuvier. Leo A Co.. Akron. U;
Rends.= A lettiboos,llandbsky City. 04'
- Peckham k Inlelo, 0
U. Wllllsorts k Detanit, Oflclaritt.
100 Alfaeaukk, Wis.;
Geo A. Gibbs A lb, etlf11:04 /11.;
Moons 110.1., Mess°, GI.
apl cur. Gaut and throthnuld W.. Pittsburg.
Arrangement Muds. to Forward Freight
RAIL/tOAD COMPANY receipt ,o
)01 MlCter rzna and Wayne r -
ca - ALASKATTIR=SNons in boxes and bbie.,
.port In poundraper. for “le br
aug'26 ' DALZYLI , CO
1 - IN SEED OIL-5 bble.Citymako, for !sale
ciARYETSI CARPETS!—Itee'd this day
by W. McCLINTOCK. neer and rich stile. Superfine.
Y ne, stid Common hy(IICALN CAIWZII9. which lee aro
frlrlto MI Loser thou any Csepetrierm betore offered
iir triestet. We cordially Witte the •ttrntbo of
(Mende sad throe wilting to purrliaseM lye no • colt •.
the Old Estsbiletted -burst Warehouse, No. 114 , Yourth et
mut • W. iIoCLINTuCK,
FALL GOODS.—Just reo'd, per express,
at A. A..IIAEOti s Co.'r, tOcartonebonnetlflbbons.
newest awl most fashionable ember 1'26 dor.Tabe and Fate
Vlowern 10 son Oro de beautiful color.; Lu
tdarollima ale shale; 6 dm. winch flumes,ebendre Oho
casen. French and 110-
Is merge. Jp.ot reed br A. A. MASON A CO.
I AlllES' CARPET BAGS-20 dor.. recd
ir parr:pm-a br . Irrplol A. A. MAWR A CO.
LAMBS. of Orange, Bud. Pluk. Blur awl Gyre"
fortMlidreres I r .. rro and Pucka, jurt bred By
QUGAR-20 bbds. N. 0., for ualo by
end. HARRA UOll.
gIOLDEN SYRUP-10 bbls. fur solo by.
MOLASSES-50 bbls. N. 0., for sale by
1 1 , 1)1 A RUBBER CAPES--2 dos. just reced
1 (.1,1 slermo • sirs: rateartiele tur ridlog or Orirlog
tVc%rs " o. ''" E ' LVIT • "111.1,110.",,i11nkr4."
it OTTER-6 bble roll butter !or oak by
r 110IIBE. Enquire of
0P.. 4 .1• /ono ofsomooof of NSW PALL 1100 g
to •Web Way aTtto the Mutation of their rustomars
Um" geonotli. 41,-Duzioa r r OW" thV b ril
50 ,a V sta Lao
. = T. • g2 . 61:4 , 4 . 1 .4 =
: oftigni .
THIS well known establishment, is stillcon
didadlo the .am. Manner It has elver. been. The
central and pleasant Mtoahoo of the boe Il COL4OIO* .
out arrangement, sad the roma.. auJ tut:tele. to he
faded th ere, earabluv render I t agreeable cud advance.
grans to lb. traveler.
fleeing Lees out: of the Oro, 04 John L. Tueker &
so 10tood of the establish/neut. th e etthscriber
pledge: , hls best exertheus ra halt:tate Its repute/lon, lual
to pr e satlrlattiun to hie costu me rs.
p=:(rod):Jm KM. 11. PAREitIII.
ACTUREIL, ziogab liecsoJ Stre,t tabolo
at, east eada,Yl . laladOphla_ feblL:l7
SAGUIA, ..... .... ........ ...... coaoaarn.
AGA , A D IQ e•
Jill made liruers, No. =1 Markel at., Philadelphia apaj
ItEALLD, CO., Tobacco
linamissfon Marebants, No. it North Rarer rtawt.
10 North Rlurres. Philluteipbh, own
--- TiiD - Wms ignore, *c.
JJ. COMTE, French Rectifier. 360 Eighth
. anti, NEW YORK. has his Distillery In full per
anon for the manulacture of Fine, Pure Bonne.
Brandy, Oln,Retrent's Punch, Curacoa,Ahayntbe. Anisette.
Bitten; lie. The Brandy and OM are carefully mule ec
=ding to the beat receipts mon to the South of France
and Holland: the quality eq.% to mostof the Deport.
Mons Irmo lb.. countries. Deal. erten Inrll.l to call and
Dodge of the qualities. and Simon their orders to the tf
floe. al Water 'greet, NEW YORK, which will Leipromptly
attended to.eepPlm
American Hardware.
LIVEN & DOUGLASS, Manufacturers'
Agents. No. 5 Platt street three doors from Pearl id..
rietroar. would reapeetfully nvite the attention of the
aniwers Thule to their i
Stock or e fioeds, rewired direct
folio the manufacturers; and for rale on favorable terra.
Steam Commitarcation between New York
and Glasgow.
HE Glasgow and New York
ati.iiiita cCll M pllre P••••ri•I oew s of "..
CI MOW. 1,000 ton' and Dai -- ans wr
harm power, K. Stewart, Oats of the Cu .. .....
nerd mann%) coommoder, la appoint., to mil from els
York direct for Glasgow, on Saturday. the 11th of October
nex at 12 eidock. noon.
PASSAGE 00111.
First Cabin (ctimmare fee me1uded.)...—......... .190.
Second 55.
No Maurine peasongers token.
Dins rats% include provisions. Mit not wined or Noma.
which will bel etiPPlied on beard, et moderate prim. Ca.
AV/ • Suriparta.
n'''''''" P'" FAVeLAVBIT)N, = Dmodway meet.
aniaPd2taistor NEW NORK.
• New York India nbber Warehouse, -
No. 27 Maiden Lane, and No. 59 Nasaau street,
Tient cornet fleet BlTiOdlntr. rietol 215 ESA 24 th Et.
THE SUBSCRIBER, Prsipnetor of this es
tablintstrat. mantl InDumi old enntomers. and
mereb.t. generally, that he la daily receiving from his
fartory an unusually Lane .d , vatellent mock of hails
/lubber Boole manufactured expressly for the Pall 1' 4c,
and which. Prom baring Intrraittool remind nem m.l itt
pommt. improvements in ire, machinery and moMmitioe.
he Mel. caul:Meat cannot faii airing perfect eatiataMion.
Special attention continuer to be paid to the matfeft,.
tuna thromal atelplain CAI:MADE cutTll,ol.ll vidtin
from 3-4 to 1-1 inclusive. The drillaarecarefullycelemed
from tbebut trt.o..demvadAlth the dnestgrant which
ilniattes aunal to jaftent leather. iln %ISO mannfmtmvs
the Muttata. Cloth. a highly important Immo - anent re
matt,. dleomereft by 'which the cloth la made to be. an
asset to enameled leather. The plain Satoh
made sod mid a. canal. Orden ebonid apecifY the mrlool'
OVILBSIMES.—A full Mat of ell the ditleront etyin
and midi., front the lmjorted Para itubteth to tße rtv
toad. PITNtUId S h oe
s , -embracing SIM% Women e
Childret.'s Boots. Shoes, Slippers and Varelais. Wonecn
Purred .01 Lined Itubtors, te.
A amp.. monttramt of the Odloriog olvay. en band,
DMaelatoehm.DeatA Cap, Ponchos, Pant, Life Preaervers.
e c iding Bowe Calelet, Reefing Jacteta. Lel .
gin.. Tobacco Wallet.. Machin Belting, liospltarSheett „ rog,
Hoorn Comm. IV hip.. crust Pump., Steam Packing, 00006-
eolelftannbrufv 7 of Vule.l.ed Metallic Rubber Doer
Spfinum, under Uccelyme. Patent _
The MORS • Will be , foam! a molt certain cure and per
motive of Chapped Bands. Llearnhaa them and teem,
them white and eat
Pure Bobber Cement Mr Hatter.' tau
Shawls! Cloaks I , Mantilla !
S. MILLS, No:6 Corflandt si. N. York,
iolut at
AWLSeI WareCoun, • Red,
stfl. of Talbasul Winter Ell oaudefing of all etyles
of Pbretc Lad Doseeette Wool Igag bhawle, together Mil
*MI treortaleat of French sad by. Square eud Long
Haute al tale. of ever, grade.
Also. ea •Ilapedv• oulek or Coburg, Merino. nitre, ERE
Rata, sad Velvet CJ-0A1,9.11:11E1114.da. OACES. go, or
restoor*bapea and ide=tanstecturod from beds gat-
Lae gera WS. 6 melted eaudutoutall bet
e n Il Mmu
hshao tete,n iu.bfe y a o g a tlbgnd
d uWeoor
laud OO gazer* and reedy-mule good, for belief gear.
utteurpueed lath. r.
Me, eopetior WI RE-PROW STASDA. - Ur exhibiting
Rama .ad donemal Is. ever, - Mode* Pant go d
14 god SO each. ' tottilt
To the Public.
tNBIA RUBBER, SHOES.- , --Ctur attention
Mu teen called to'ariadrestlaramot by Itomm 21. Day,
Oohed la the time York Ilmold of llth July, EMT asul
. Combo. and Enquirer of not. data, ha whkh, alter
sittieh oat:unitede uf our attortry, Wm. J udr,,, E. 4..
ha aromas that duo w not Mow. him with piratloa hood-
I.e. Palwat ooder our owo tiames. and that be dro. of
k ir:%?4 ," rg. '" !rAtAlo thy
igrtr=l,.. " Ct "'' ,. a
Ind. latiliter ' llhoer vole% tirmlymea lisimite. mid paid
ray money... 4 am dolty yartadi • held lar Mamma: sod
•111 Mbar pWron idea 11..1. acme tam Moho., ad to
do an. raWer thio phote upon Ormlyearl Pangs. W.
Mat. It ooze 151: pordomni • rlint, to um • rathl toe
brut. than to to. It. afr. lOW lontog lawn proforma&
arishowladaal ti yestaMamie hlr fadeout Ile la oar
oVnelt:frorht li w.if: , Trx.,..t= t tit .° l=
.pr I.lCeurs awl oath" Mr. and we etorm/
Mr. lh i y, 4E004. and that or. mu own signature, OM
0W.14% •Mal. Owdyewea Potent.. to the smonfartur• 4
tiw abotwolidabliiirts adagios So the pOtAlet soil no Elea
:ate U'ol 0.. M ad
". •=70 " 1 La ' V= ItI L :
vat iu:boVb. k.M.
OXON oh E. ..
to W 'A. Ilitothwhani T
3304 - inpf.A.mamt.tralT7 - 6.
vont)* W. flair/damn. Prmittert.
11 T
mr om July 1 2th. Mal.
Superior Black Writing . and . Cppying Ink.
JONE'S EMPIRE tti Naium..treet,
rusiß iucan. N , . Tort.
rta. wt. des— ..... .111 nt.. Ont. P• --Ale 00
On draopht auto.
This 1s lbw art4,l.• roloulactorod It dorm, frsely—
I. a sc..l COPY INO INE--atal yin not mroxtr, mould.
rrotipltato or 'hwy. sad p.m.. all li. qualiOra ergot,.
.1.4 • dual.. miles Ink, natal& for thr quilt. and aa!
mirot.ty sdapt..l Nr lb. noel Pea.
und•rauned I. Kew*, foral.L to thr traJ•
Mar hr. iport ttmot rowtonplion, al tiu. akuorr war,
lo prlrm, put up a• prr order. nod to nor P•rt
of thr Icy fro• cf charm, llochary-e for c.r.c 11m1.11
or 1.4.11 , air rharir.l,tra at twat mat
IR Naaao rt.. Poo Enthllara,
m,14 NEW' TUNA:.
m. -YE IV TUN.
Professor Al C. Harry's Tricoich A:
lJ rrevervlni boaaUfrios hair, ersdlcs.
tinx .earl eat dandruff. fled rorlos dinners of !be plln i
;4 ' 4, 00U ;td., Illarr . y's're,,,,h- I
Les ilvlao•LI dr. tame •Llect corm, &wean el
Il k to e l r •
nln 'Z'".b l ei.'a; t g- P " , =';
girt. It • trial.
. its SOU. Sept. 22, ISSO.
4241 —Dior ha,. boon traded with COO
tut —Dior Et—t hate teen afhleted with a =-
Lanetv ettiothal of thewalta of • moat ago . ..alai thaw.
Sr.. for Uns lart aleteen - team...3d durlith that peeled
hate had the withei of wan the moot
oiana and hale tried all the preparatiowe Ow the halo and
atlo non known. without the lewd liensitt. ICu advised
tl7 • Mood to Tvirophermv, I did 14 4, • lad
cwt. and. to toy auteprioe ind twatifentiou, found nitwit'
rutc,l in ,lout two moothe.. Foch was the veileheenf the
dixtelet that at three I a partially blind.
Iteatioctfully. route, LI V el ItAPELIE.
Columbia enact finallytt
Nn roar. Oct.= 1650.
rho, tm.y—Ely Druz Sly—Abinthro yenta., my hhlr
utit•• Klima &at Mirtntil wn` Nmvb
with ithaltnr. Iwin told Dy . • NNW to try your Trloophor
oh. and I clkt in. atul to my ostonhhoinot., my tin,. ...
rtiotint, and a
R ll th e .ctstittrull tin
Whit unit elpnrs tor ani. •
... .. •• • ••• - .
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i '' ' ''''" l . llti,a43llrowlway.
If at, hair or arntlenfaa' 3 llOL A lPla Um aqtaotki .
I ll . o n f_th c :
o w r, they ICI plea. call at Yrefer,r A t:_ , lt . tr • .,. 0:1 6 ..
I.lll3rtarlwar, :tr. Vara. wham be will prat
mil Idler.
1144. la (From the lll emltaedyt7 and Naval hymns No , 184 0 4
no r lor the yentunent en. of baltheste
tad or the ...los geneallyolut bee ressehal
the popUlatlty thJoyed by :the wilr, . known ex Prof.sof
heery's Collanthd. Is es .
tensiself nand by the oath. clan. of the communltt:
altn.tecery nursery In Um land It Is used to Paths. , " to
other uncles of the kind. It Imp.. ethof to U. ...or
the belt, and Unto pmenoted Its ayonth to a nrothrtable
ayee. It deetrote the dthdyntt and scurf. tai makes the
touchUsm sod
bea dewt wimll e
.nodother a o m h e n oota th n e enelth
dery of the skin; to cheap... se well.. eatery. It stand.
notlealleth It head It. lame bottles, price Zonate, at No.
17 Browthay, load st U.. Drussleth aanerally. thenuebout
thethatledlitatea.desnada. apaltlf
. _
%CIOi I ITINUES hisAisual facilities v., receive
Scam., Falr, and Transhipment. all Ittersbandlas
sonnant4 bun. Boats lento Ins dock 111,,.., all is3lnla
cn Lake* uld lb. 1111nula COM! and
Ilva.repao—ltlesarn Pam., btarllna (dal
dismal. Joon Qulafill
111. Jahn A.Caughry. apalim
. H. kin,
? . 1 AM) ACCtIONLEH; Ito. Fat, etrttt, PEOIIIA.
ttlttalca to Commission busttoook: augl47
ST.,JOSE:PIt, 21113901121.
Prothro.. Corantiadut...l Forwarding Ward:ads, at the
Levee, EL Jr:wept, Mo.
{Who . In Alexatoier Ott ani. end Lorena Binding A Co..
Pittsburgh. ,
'at/ T
•VAVID TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
and Cergarissitmed fur Penzwrlvarria. tt Latin, Mo.
antruaturitatata promptly enstrend. meal)
'll (AIN 11 . 11.4..NK1N, Attorney and Coon
,/ senor at Law; wad Comsultalnner for the Hiatt o
PardoWlattla llt. Lands, No. (laHel f er burgh./
Ilefaratora—Pittshargh: lint. rd. Ilamptan A
hillier. Illintdiraw a' , Witte. John E. Part, dwells I
gelatin. lifeenrd A Co. • .agihrlT
1.11 IBBONS ! RIBBONS !,-1V e are opening
111,rot. uerr and 'lwaulllul Ilemort mod NPek lilbbon..
merßLA(Jii LAIN SILKS: —MunruY
Iluttertehin bat.. Jl. reed n rplendkl amoortment of
k WWI, In. 614. un
per )ard. lin y en. will do well
m mli sn4 onwha,e from 01C111
* getpl
tin ttro now cinema .nut. that stork of Ilerat, and
.reye de Laitteo RI. loos than Tomern er•at. . ouir.fl
rtl.ll FATE. a Tale of Stirring Timed, by
0. I'. It. Jan.., Doi..—tlar most •ort the
au or has ever written.' Alou--LlttelVe UT." Age, No.
3150-111114 with julent•llol' and walla' matter
for eato at IIuLSIII.,' Literary notoo. Thlnt ....V . t , el`
positisiie Pinitptiee. suer.
.p.:NOINE 110SE-500 feet 2 inch 3 ply
tudis Robber Mew. Granata out etirresoli fi.r • ire
'none urae.. •tutite the Eire Department uf both
ncities foal! mid examiner thn, ex they ate warren...l to
and more pronoun than one leather hive utanufortured.
In all ease. Vibtrx thety du nut turn al. &a R . V...."
the motiey will to rottuong ad. the Huse ' , Taloned hr new ante. J. a IL P111L41.1.b.
WANTED--Stoeks of the Pitto'gli Bank.;
Amnia:an Dollars and lialf Dollars: Ileucza wa
DWa 1 ,1 4 .,,U 0 =Vrb , T u ra. Crowns: r. .lr b. Broker.
Tonth stmt.
• T Let. '
BE - well known o
DOW occ 6llna up Ohio.ied by Col. THOR S. WEBB, .:. !A 1, 0 1
This tare...and commodious liotal—tontai , • \ npernftle
of 13) rooms. a goulleuthee'pthlor $1 by .0 • Male?
parlor that ordinary. 4 primideß.l 6 6l. l . ft , ' . 1 '
, t o\st,
Cached, • dining roc. :ft 14150 reet---si.. tediw • Isa
mediate 'trinity of the latent Whoale .0121 WW rly
othionto the veil known bowie of ECKEL 11.111011 L A
CO. cth be had at • tow.neble rent • and after •
FIRST DAY OY APRIL NEXT, vb. Be•reeent.o.R.
ar. lea. es T h e • `
The Howl Ir. recently erected atop the . and mm
Improved style. No other twerentneml 'or. hoverer, i
thould be .eded,
the unparalleled 'mese of the
prevent occupant during the term of hle
For further particular. ettut. of the,ow or,
.pftocaso New, rithrThird at, Bbi edelPlO.
• - a
Valuable Beal Estate Pox z ale.
T"following described prone '3 will be
.1.1 at public saleon Falai, the 10th • a• of tkmber
nes v t of ID o'cl o ck. A. hi .on the mini.. o Wli th iseuy
yw o lids of grthital. on th., oornor al tie. or• t and'
Water &Rey, bsii..... 19 feet In froth. vo Bea 't o rt v and
eat manna but stlnng 'Orator Oley 76 foot. vh ta are
erected two throe story brick hwelling lith , ear con
taining eight thaw Aloo. one Pasant fon r '
Rueave et,
22 feet in front, rind 71 feet deep. Abp..* Vevtht ot
on With, alley. 23 feet 6 inch. ha front. and 60 feet A .
Al.o, one two story frame Dwellinu Ron. and Lot, 21
6 inches in front. and 60 trot dosep; 'containing oigh
The stove property is about oth squareßoth the Penn.
minnia atd Ohio Rail Road Pepin. Vor ftt
Other Darn , .
lam Inquire of the subscriber at his 0111., ,i 411th Are..
Terms made known on flit day of eel, •
.41. I. 6 EVART,
_sepl4:4. Esth o 1 Elizabeth Wilsou'll e tat!, dne . d. '1
I 0 LET—A large and. con aim:it Ers
WA RFARRIbt, on Second street-bens Is tr u th j ai
Smithfirld. Enquire of . , ',
sold WAL 11. JO lAISTON
. Great Basgaia I • \." 1
—The MANSION HOUSE, ftrzaerh . ept by D. 11.,1
ut. and now br .1.0. 0.00.. h. haered pliehte Phi,.
Said BOW h. ODWOlite Co the Canal thein. di *adjoining 1
the locution of the Penney locale Rat road thorn,. fit.
tion—has rented (or $1,200 parr year— el p te cif in
and Inc.ra For further pertlthl if mule. a( \IL
FAIRMAN. Federal M., Allegheny:,n a LIAMFBELL.
Liberty R. Pitmen-eh; administrate. the estate hf
Thome. Fairmen. deed.
'''' \••
Private Eesulenue for 8 e. \ -- •
Frill PROPERTY re oared exce,e4iV i '
2. it low. and on 'eery arcothtilodatith term
is most eligibly Moat.' in the raphilr imp clop tl'
' r. f £ll ;g:rdiosTrin ' tlnre ' d i t ' igli? of < 1 ,1 ? - 1E7::
butu ' h 00.1 throe rivers at • gltheielvide he ng .-
01 ‘.
01,01 10 the business part a littsbm : ea Mae In
eminent doge. the ailventstr..l loth tuw end obont
Th. Int le large. embracing near th of mvand. r t
otte-Ottudred .rid fittr fret rant. mean .k tarotkr:Ln
dred end My feet to an alley: The lm ems aer,
new the hthse brick. built Is Student. . a L h . tIS
material and nontied In the beet in toner having everi , , .
asthenia.* that good taste and MOH could naggest, wl
due or. gard to ...any. There ix • well o sesselinat vs
ter at the door, innVplpes labs Ihr hydnatit r.
house and etabling. a variety of choice
. 0 00 =
hay. -In Mat., Its ettwalen arstorsahire.air be
sscreeisesi by an examinatith of the prenalses. Uthtle
men wishing to bombe. are limited to call on th e mule.
eigned. who will take plowure to giving Peery Irifortine
don. It I. arase ebance tor seething .I. delight:al rert
d' or urethan on iipeculatia , • .
' .4: ' P e2 BAIRD A IRV ot IN. 11• Sewed et. '
• •
Real Estate. -
OR SALE—Two Houses and Lots in the
Fr. Ward—one on Wberq street. nod rite Other in
Alro—A pier. of ground. 185 bet on
i ltilbs ll ter krect. by
100 leer on Samar. rt. Enonirti at 117 bi,
auglinat ddourrod
Seven Valuable Fanaifoi r ciile,
ALL SITUATED near the Ohio and Pe)iya-
Railroad. In the aknnity f firdcra, RUA
containing flori. ra RI to RV afore garb, and 'IR a goal Wane
Aboo-100 TOWN LOT.. between tbe ittiri buluntaa
Purl or the village and th. Depot at balem. •
All of et bkh .11l b. void on miry terme for
Stork In the Ohio end Ponroulvanta, pr
either of the Banta In Pittsburgh. .1.11 bo talt
=an t. •
lola° wish to donate • piece avowed. g
Depot around. to a competent man or campany, to erect a
Drat clam Hotel upoo, au hirh a lonntou atie to bad to
Wlr the b ar= d re/ "" pinl " tVer ' ee ' lith• of Pima.
turah and C ropy
D/reknit ale°. between Pltteburgh and Woo.-
tot and the benefit to be derived from the Plank Roadie
now Wag conetructed to and Dem ealesti.\makea
theno of
the monn important points on tbe 013. of railroad arar
clam• tatilllidTfikEr.
balm 0.. July 1. •tl ty•-tillne
GROCER. )11t/ICILANTS.—For sale do t ; accommode,
r grNrantitetTlOLVP7T4XLlV.grgtg
ing nn the Penna. end o .. staitroad ‘ ceilthin pp al
the Itepat..) and extending barb to thei.anal Butts, 'the.
by adonling the greareist facilities he ahlrfarnt ither
ths Itailroad or Canal.
For terms enquire of D C BT , CKTO.V. Allegheny Chum
cr at the Bookstore of h. C. I , NA:dat.
cc 1S earner of Market and 3 bird ste
For Bole
i4LARGE lot or piece of ground situate in
the Sixth Word of lb. oldtobui CtottOWl
Ot IA lett on Fulton great. extgallna bock= fowt
to Crowford ging. 2hl.ptopert7 I. lnested 4thectl
the Ott Basin, and In IL. .oidnity of the ringener
ir lb. 0. Meogf, god (IT dwelling bogs. of
A. W. Loomis, Kg.. eon , bo 'ooltoblo 'Tonna
either Int Obit goo.. 41.150 or twoLai \eful dwglitnu, at
Sal * zof elobErtusller Kneatonto.
uTIZIP—V. thin] in hind and the boa use In Soo Noel
Ao. , Sorstenta , oa•cutv d by bond tug. .rgnite.
pply to
notolltAti STOWE WATSON. tro at law.
No. 110 Fourth t.
FOR RENT—The Dwelling Ntt \ I'ls
, 2
Third WM- over dal 1tb11.31.1— .0 wed a. the .^
new beet bullring end the palatine end rapertha
the entire hemp. is ronapitted. Th. lead rh•ro% th• 1
aeconei floor km • bath men attached. 'with, het 1 cold
enter. water closet. ae.
Abo—the non. air•lana. ex • erelorale rNE airy 1
1.1 Li DARLING lti.
aaet,tt F.mirlb Arad, may 'owl.
For Sale or Perpetual Lease, s ,, \
0:r io cot ka.NO. N.I. lb* mistral Om of the
m frosting m.both &Use of Batmen* Stree•Ci ne
.1 r...... lame. 4 , .
Aim. far rent far as of War rim, th• Medea of Aa.
cat la on 0.11111 ritreattar,bark to Ride. are.. West},
ocetried ao • pasta. lot.
Par berm. /le.. oniare et Hr.
. o. TiOlti.AND, near
the programs or ce the saboartb.i. 00, hie oboe; ho. 101‘
Chan.. Pittsburgh. .
Baal Setate far 841 e.
VALUABLE unimpniveci , LOT, Ale the
It 'MTN!, Id 1.10.11, nod Fadarr otmola. Filth Ward.
voLoorlto the Uerrano tatbolle Churell. b 0 fag rrmat La...
tn.LT 100 I,et barn to Spitu.
Tho---161. thou .tor)) Dlrelling Roo= ou Lltorty
.d dolt' the ohm... tbn lot baton fort hoot ht
'The tono.• Os Inn, .4 00tm01110t... 11, / 0
mdern .I,le. sad coot.. eiotto moan.
.111.—,11.14.1/ COof tyr7 v•Ionblo 1.4 ....tbarpobordh.
IlorEano of VA lu West Wet t00...J0.
Also—A W•ron of 234 sr,* to - rwoon fr mile;
from Nen e.
N. P. 2 ti. L N. 213761121 AN.
Attorners at, Lam', 42.1 N 221 disc. Arcata,
PI 121Folatth street. 1%20.2122h.
A Good Bargain u now Offered,
Frnra Three 4, Four ACHIM, to Ortyuram, Borough,
u,nr island—on. the prentlAnt le • goal tan yard,
rith.ttemirary naiWlvgr. tr. Thy prt,rty mar be Mel.
de,l,lnto lota. am! mid at • gno4 Parana. dLogeoni
purrheee 3,111 apply to ,11/411D IRVIN,
/7:S \ 111 Snmod et.
A History of Pittetrargh.
n Y NEVILLE B. CRAIG, \E& .—A His-
Km tory. of Pittsburgh, from the earlleat krirel vrtien it
wu'vi.ited by white mect. down in th. Mom of the last
cautery, vith notice* of the gr. adebllthesenlof mime of
the impormot tothufeetorlde and various world of inter
nal Imams anent. op to th. pnwent time: to Vfch Is add
ed • theater town L. i1tra11t5...1.41.1 0 for tino
tfsctart. and commercial pursuit, with • eamtuary of
he siOnlntata amount of bum.. transacted bars annual
ly upoa
our nen, canals, emi slackwate protaments.
The.. no point In thts Bolen where ro w 000%, halm,
hot •••nite end sun or hieterinal interest have
born compressed e Ohio do brief . pets:A of thecae In the
douotry around It,, head of the ) le. To collect together
and ...Molt In historical onier e. v.ione inchlore s
anti to pmcialm the advantaa. of or patellae.. math,'
for rapitallsts to settle bete. tbe ohiede of the Pr?.
posed walla
itt'llf:i Eiro . t b' eZ7 .l by C o' i(T. ,: :',. ti. ueLLon. \
rep2s . tl Wood .t.,,..t.
Tho College of St. 14;tes.
(The Dkcesin College of tbe Protestant 41 Am/Church.)
1 ora.n on MONDAY. October Mb. leal...aak continue
until the neat doummeudement day." the lid& T relay in
Jolt' , 164.1. Nye atudents are tecumMernied Men t. the
openlog of the seseirm, but are reedy.' at thy LI • they
apply, 00! th . char, Le .timsted frousthe dale their
THE COLLEGE has tLe usu.! Lambe/ of chase\ e
ford. ail the opportunlths for • romplote eduestloth auk.
the surcreeful termination of the collegalocoursamon m
c TIIIrIIR. VIVI ti Tgetstireri k : l P ts7Ty 'Joining OA
College, and under th e eupereislon of ' illaitector, but um;
der &Wool discipline, receives at the beninning 01
• their acedsmical •ounee. and prepares L.1:12 for the wile-
Mae Masao. The oversight &col direction f the Profws
eon; of the College secure ..peciel edema.). lo the pupil.
In the Orcinumr Pebool.
In the PIEIICANTILII CLAIBI.9. the study of Greek', anti its plena suppll.l by &Millions) Maids It
fdalern languages, Book-keeping, La
The siOthtion of the College le entirely healthful, atid
bpi()) distaace Dam town. and villases, very deniable tr
good morels and order.
KEMP HALL. • new buliding, 90 feet by 40, will to
ready for occupation in the courne of the coming=
to addition to the Dormer cothe of Prof....the
hare recently appointed flush Davey Evan. LL. D., lAr.
Ilan vOl.lllLud Pewleal.l Law. and John 11. Al.
mods. LI,. IL, lecturer on Ph is l. And Chemistry. \
The whole charge ha these.lon of ten months (therm.
In the College .0 tirammar &Moot) to two hundred and'
twanty.fts. dollar, payable eemPannuaily in, adv.....
•pplications for edmiesion to be toed. to
Ilse. JOHN B. KERPOVT, D. I)..ilecar,
College of Pt JUL,*
Washinguon manly, Ileryland.
N. B.—Perm. In Pittsburgh widang any intmniatlon
respecting this Insiltutlou. are referred to the Rev. It..
dote It. Lyman. who ern formetly • Ttustee.
sualtedlaw at „
University of ifayland — . ' .
iIIE NEXT SESSION Ari,ll begin on IVr.o
-01.11010, the 11th day of octobela )811. and doe. id
lath. 1012 • „
Nathan It. Smith. M. D.. :turnery.
Wm. I:. A. Aiken. M. D. Chemistry
and Pharmacy.
hamoel Chew. Al. IL, Tberapeuthw, Alal(wis Medea, ..1
Joseph Roby, M. D.,Anatotor and PlLleit:
Wm. Putter. M. D., Theory and Practice o Meditine.
Molokai IL Thomas, 11. D., Ifllerderl • Di... Of
Women end Children. )
(awse W. bllltenberger, M. D.. Telhelogie4A-mitomr.
Practicalod ample opportunities fur th e uthaaattlost of
Anetesny al a moderate enema , \
Clinical Lectures tour times • week, by Pro femots Smith
and Power. In the Baltimore Infirmary: with the prielleg.
of daily edits to Its werde, without charge to tim student
for the ticket.
Ftea tor tho Loctorea, 590 itgr. Practical Mutoa/
MU; lilatrictilation.s4; . .
wax.. K. A. AIKEN, Dun
Baltimore. Julr. augu;l2usw.r.t
Kentucky Mutual Life Ilurarance Company
ICOMPANY offers to the insured all
11. the or , urity end n4tatata,rer of the Sikkim' Julia
Soak Piaui , hereitufbre applied) rourtid,smel , Low
raw, prritniuta: an annual returtf earl, of the
nlO. reptilmd fur too ,+ rbil et the Yrs , 00
atinquate. but nut maraasic• prods.. pir the future
rity ot usemben tor the whole terui of life, with.
tile in tttttt in the accumulialua se-curird rod,
membem, payanie at death, by credits upon their piiitrieei
guaranty fund Uranium) fur the kerutauent n of
thorn Lenm member. and also for prtirint ocieurity ig*
tit... tor the whale tuna of life
airrThle is the only Mutual Lite Insurance Comnsuy
whose rates of prottAuto am td 41 a lair reduced stand.
tirith • Prortsionf or an annu•lty 11K 1 r4/01141
of funds (for future security in rue. proportion to
the amount of busines• and tLa
aae among the members.
Pamphlet+, traria, ar., giving tu
pu IwuTtm~ m+ 'eft tErnioledirt.,;°„Lwfr
,0000. Vo..natu, Medical kllmaluer
JI4 II I (41 . ,
COFFEE—am) bmg. prime Ma, f or sale by
es • JA 111... r DA.LZZLL,.OB Water et,
Sil , P.
or .. , C i A b El y B. SUD J A m -T . N . krienfet'd and
.002 - \ Zt w oodhwa
EON. DIA111{111:EA AND SI}OR Obi-
PLAINT-Tri tome of MORRIS' rnaho old-Preach6iiA'DY,
a NDP. at SI per bottle. for tale at MO Ae RMS' Tea Marta
la thetas:nowt . 6 tepll
rii,LNNERS' OIL'-20 bbh. for'sale,by
sou S. R. awls.oun.
, iv A , Ars \ ,\ \ , mini , - , ,
s . .
ft.F.oxVT --- m . m , 4riDs 7 ... : --- , --"- H o . vu „,„,,,, into , '
4.0.1 •\\
,A 1 main- v.. . . \ \
11 = th ,7 1 >,, 4 "' 44 Er ct ' I t ifoVAl\ e°17 ",,,,.. 8 '\; ° H) )13 1.:Z.00zr0li t citOta' \
....4i . w ' 4 ; ...lola 04 miarning, .... L e , . s . , \
Mows In wary y, Th . hal Sadanht %IST CONMEMON. \
:X l ' L \ °.=. rritTirt' d° ,_= \ 1 - 31 offetiti to e comiiiiiiitl u zirjutl \ u
tu,Sf g,
ESP'---- VI L he fie \ \ ji .1.t.r.t...14 ylO .11:44440054
Moos. S. Cog.mnater will low. It Lana our w*.t. to
show anute . tur&ta on Wady, 'gait Lao um), 0, *oth of th 4 \,,
afflicted, but frnkly la team team th. 111•1 0040 m ift - s . \ '''
dal, at, 4 orlt. \ o. ‘,l , a tiatingtoshed mug! trod ... o *.. . 1. trv:
\ l' , --. o ‘, am. tryt , 4 wtdoh awl J Tm UM 0,..., \
TI OR INt. N - T4—it4e ewe! /dad,. 094444.1 10 N. 0..,...,,,d4 bole. ‘,
\ lie
~.. a, 4. )10:4 Calm Mohm. •10 mategnimh;la 401 4 41,0 0° ..° °° '''' ,..u t t ..,7 l Aye for shore 11 1 1 ,n , ......% r i.- h salty wtichflittat WM not. 1 .
thh. day, the 34 hot at 10u•clack A \ •
bkir freight r p ,up•y on b 4 144'd ma Bug, gra, WO 61.44, Mod gra 1, an /01417 ..,-- ,
from the Odin Into all roe pub*, leattllag Wee .
.rin il.,t thkm , r fellable, gad an northr
T . ' • 'FOR • ; TIQN, eri.
• their beat ino
(17oa stir 4 .l .l raym...4104 \\ ' •
&press Packet ‘ Vai Cle . , d. : twin cam, ligmloin °Wa* ,
, Dug Sm. / didAym.l azurwertng WPM. tea
......: n - ' '''e. '''' .....,`"' . p . . "' ''''f, \ ' it VI T r e. : w 6 Wari r tt r i ' ,„4 e b 0 f rt. °l, '
T.', rropneterß t rite et ming.* IlEtg- in own bon e of e t,datutind end '1 ` \ ,S.\, ,
ha. made Ito ralitlale . monity . with th6Ohlo
04 4 11: 0 4 . 4r d 1ut .. :. es . Inittagyedianle ali o . BlD' \ \: . a ,
e Peee.e B!enreed r''''
fi'' ,rp kx`''fr Tir T u"*."a fflrCtlittr u lßl\ -e°
WM..; by tbe Lirreland or ti T..,. . ed tt i an t e
~, ,kr sm .
th h tick to at the oflgoe, 'win a ad Mok, Ma, Fee - 164.7. /44.7. \ O s l ib . \
„ , :tf,, dint.. them the Ptil,t VT 56° T, . * ff s Overner In ‘ th namalltOtt /1114. ‘ 114 OTT \\ \
"r dale
r b' the
th trlrr . ' tour+ Art. D r i ' ,l "' in Ihs 1.4.. cured of wngit ontugh
er)i lfirer AZ smitt, a"... (qr. t. 1,;,) mr Imat ir i mg - Ufa. ' er ' 7.ya -- -rt, r rr 5 T° -\ \.
wpt int_ \,_. ' ), i v
o n'ttut trgh • e=l, when Ih= t 4 44,11 * v
Ohio 9.11d\ P01L1133 1 /17filafilrailT01111 — .., \ •1(411, A • 10.1440 \ T 'e Di \ Em \ ,
gaggSEE \ - lk...iti.o.u.ina..a - , T- \ \
FROM, PITTSBURG:Ic riIiFqtIOHTIIN: Lt . \, Jo " "brut : ea "erere. l'"ble. '3 !l e ' . )
\ • .... \ '
„matins ea mud. ty ark a r ...,
41 IN trod atteill:M 2l l , :: AT, AUG \ ''
T 4t13 .1 ° 00 . 0 . '4 f.... -4 . - 0 , 0 .....1= 1 .„ th 0413 . enh ad slroi ,.... 4 M UT. ....", ' s t, '
1 I IESI. • Fewer. Train Alp run mfollchal. , r aop „.., p a ..., ~... „ 0 ,,,,. , ii ,„,,,,, , ,.. ;,...
LEAVE - @Joh. st wbsild reach nay ease, nail commenotif the ',.
LhAVg rrrJerunati, .4, ty. M. and 4. M . use of yotcetfirtry reetorul. which MA me mrgdubl to- ~ \
li AIT FARE„ CI'S. 8 MILE. \ 1K. b ...:21 Wm s h frodilualithztay stremgth 1 1. 41 ! N..,
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For through tickets prilt to OPt). PAILIVIN, '
'ticket Agent, I . l4lAsut Depot
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\ DIDWELL'st \ THEE. ton. o,
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BE SUBSCRIBERS Ilav4pleasure to
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New Fall Dry Goods.
i A. MASON & CO., have received and
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HIS INSTITUTION sill be open for the
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THE Stockliold of l''The Little Saw Brill.
Run ballad Rind* e ,.. are hereby notified Malan,
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Ily order of the i I. of Dlrectoss_ .
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grin's Child Lit America: anntil nlialsy, by icy
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Home. Ithene. I Lath Tbes, dp.tiet The Wild Old Wocd '
belly lAdyi Keening Pent—Twilight Dews nth
Weeping, llama I feel Is drawing nigh. dueticc Bongs ot`.
the Blind Ithitherw Coltuabia. with likmem at lino.
Washington: Wile of the 1 Olagen•Taltse btN4nk Lit
itWittig Ponitueblnalln rarnrite Walt= Album
31 aim A thrlyis Waltz: Ilagone. Force., &amnia and Ate
wmbly PnlterAtbree redgmw-Camelia, Alpenhorn , and
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Maileth Seer. • • la Petit! Tambour—Rondo% &Ira
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OM N. A. Mining Co. of eauctlt Plttsburg4.Viep.4:ll.
NOUS. ‘t,
ALL PERSONS knowitli themselyeet in-
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INow Music.. ..,
OORE 11. ICIELLOR I I •No. M Wood street,
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tad c y Joner—S..C. inaten 'Muth from Ludo de Lam.
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Father's Prayer: I a remoTo—Hotaell to var.;
!dna Hardy: ' , Skirfr me If all dose ow
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Yr. Beetnegr—Re take Amuse tri statiug East pm - \ '
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\S. F. ____:—Dear Sir. I purthesed. • det. Woe opt _ . ',/. . \ ' 7 1 %
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mess of the Itythembles, sad Nambuom of the Limbs, of . •
tenrears . MAMMA solely, by•Aiapar• Tether Dag ' •
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bottles of \GOpott's :fellow Deck sad Astompartlls. which `'.,.- • 1 \
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Put.l„tud o \ Toms teary, MAROUS PeAULDINO.
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glass, ..I.lth '1.13,1 edited sisr!istars. a, P. Eamyt4 ost th a: .. \ •. : \
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