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AttWitnif ihiends; af Scott and Johnston.
~!lia-Tne'aftentiorinf t . . 1111 friends of Scoz'7,
s.rsss.• s.niten..a, In Alloth.h7 county. I[l.l»nni•
utin , i to the inanortinoaht a thowngh mentlaaan. , br
sotinallon of Claw In *vary election &Ark; for the
• nnalnlan: the arsitdittnient'of Conualttete of-Vl,gll.auca,
weh that ?Van' resist Stott taut Johnston la asiental.
ant that Itusio who ripulre It ari naturalised. and that
Ossi ware &tont hie ballot on the Ssernl 'intoner of
*4-Wt. ant.
The foilrArlaß Oomexittet NatnvelleiLtan hi 7 hem
14.1ated , AL Nixon, obs 3 Idordexa, B. Burn, E. JoekeN
Ipplirton, Bert:, Kn., Chen. Web. col. L.
3. 33 S
*. all,
Lloyd. umit. sade.trix.r, nnruuatb•is iv. 3 - It
Ulu/. B, Jae.* /110Juna..0.14
Br *tett GI Bpi. 4,13311 1ik..41.1tta. , . • .
Allegheny Cow/tY Scott and "halt"
At Bonn IVllllana. Lino. 51 Clan tonottn, no Fri.
a tt l ikert 2 EL L es, Turtle Croton &Asada), ith, at
2 Y-14 ,
tbo Itn loot enaup% l' 2 2.r.thli.
Anoint, nix. ta I. M.
22. t,
At lalnutdp, on Fussisr, ?tn. .1
9.1 . :
At O. 'Z. Conlur's WU. Forth Farott• to Wednesisr.
tn./ etg, to 2 n'eltek
01111 , 7:11; 1 13.4 92.....1 Z. Pstttrun't M7ll, Inaitnt
At noto. thew a
mportant taliivl, Our frlonds odAnnod
onstdonott I to the Aron pandas! In[4ton by
C 0011417.
~~~ J y u t r ttMl
WMIII In eicholettott alstrkt of the ecrontr,
'""dtor a p n rWa r
torl rr otr 4222ZVki
you. 'P . " 4 " a COkLifirTtE OF AItRAI.OZMIN T.
Vonm,,:are Ton etseustl! 1f not, tee to It
2hethiehately. Miles ionafe assessed ten days
before the electlia, parr will lose your cote.' Be
' exe*er this.
OZ E4CH PAGE 01"-T1119 PAPER. •
-- IttEt," Louis there are several military orgatd
;olo4'6n:493a exclueivelY of natives of Ger
msl:g r._ Decently, upon the occasion, as is said,
of the fraceral of =sof their number, they had
offenoe'tind imooyance of those who hold Amen
. ,
can Uses of tie sancilty of the depot' rest.
Governer King very properly rinoonetrated
apinsi4hts outrage upon the laws of the calm-
try; and upon the:moral sense of the commitni-
Ay. Iri t hl letter to the officers upon the aub
ject, he saye: ,
- "I regret exceedingly the dieposition mani
fested On a late oictosion by the companies -al
readyorganiaedinSt. Louis. I took great plea
ears to furnishing the aims for these companies,
but the officers conutumding them rosy net as.
`lilted that unless they do, in futdre, observe the
Moral, social, religious; and I may add, the le
gil tights of the community in which they live,
I shall take equal pleasure in using all the Influ
ence-I have in disbanding these companies, and
returning the anus to theStme Arsenal."
This letter called forth a reply in the leading
German paper of that city, which for hold inso
lence octane Is rarely equalled. The "puritan
ical no lotus" of the American people on that
eabject are treated with contempt, as is the' au
thority of the Governor, and of the laws. As
the Conetinition of the United States does not
recognize any religious icif, they contend, that
thedaws touching the observance of the
thin Sabbath are sold, beemse according to their
:' , nstions, Christianity is a acr, as di - ire-LT[3th)-
, gashed from Jud'aiwo, Deism, Mahomedaaism,
, Yagardeni, Infidelity, and other forms of rth
, • •
They, , ,alm cite the example of France, and
- • swim of Europium nations, where the Chris
. ties Sabbath is denoted in whole or in part to
amnsenseat—to military;parades, fetes, Mows,
tiatirtsl and ta„.political elections. This argu
meat is used against the .governor because he
expressed the Lope that they %%old conforin to
the Iwo and &Mal habits of the people among
'whom the,y had come to reside; and they
- ....:dcntly tlt him that his ancestors dld obi con.
ettetomsof the aboriginal itihabitante
. . . .
atatest whom they came tosojourm plainly in•
tittusting that they esteem. themselves'' superior
. to the people who occupied this country - before
.: - ...galitimae amongst 113- ~ :1 .--
i . ...T.49111 GOTETIIOe2 threat.:fo - 'and 41,_
find - tinese companies, unleas they shall conform
. 'tn'thelaws of Missouri, they-answer thit per
haps they might withpropriety adopt the anew
if LeOnlato to the Pectituattummora to lay down
''' arms:at ThennapylMt,—“Corte and to;:e
-'".::-Tliu . whole article is in a strain of er
e iMadeste and bold defiance.
Titian A part Mater. Heretdore, in obe
• 'mice to - aide:Ml - law'', the people lien cheer
oily acquimed lathe few enactments deemed ne.
emery to 'guard the sanctity of the Sabbath
open desecration. Few were bold enough
to question their propriety—Lena to set theta at
defiance. • Bat .now a numerous class—moles
front the oppressions of their Fathethutd—are
oiganitingto turn their new-found liberty into
licentiousness, and to trample upon those insti
tutions which are at once our glory and our de
fence.. .
'-- It is true that in Frence and Gerslany the . n ''
people have liberty; to desecrate the Sabbath: ' ,
but it. all the iaerry they hang. In Greatßritain . .
and the United States the people are not permit- m
led to do so—they are denied thetlibe-ty; but ob.
ecru, they can be safely mated with every ,`",
other liberty and right Flitch rational men can ,
'desire. This great fact is well worthy of con-
iltderstkut, that those nations only whose people
hod laws recognize the Sabbath In the trne spit , : 3
it of the commend, ' Remember the Sabbath.. " c
yto keep it nom . ," are in the panda' enjoy-
ment Id freedOM. In none other are the people
Able 'to extricate themselves from the grasp of
desPotisza and tyranny. France has no nom'
Sabbath—France; with all leer intelligence, dem
. tannoy and republican oonstitution, has no Sher- .
ty- , „., It would be well for thoie persons who ,
viauld if they coal, relax the stringency of our
Sabbath laws, or lower the high toms of, moral .
sentiment'which generally prevails on this sub
ject, to think of this. France, near the close of
the last century, in the name of liberty, ;eerie-,
it'd the Sabbath out of existence., We all know
'what kind - of liberty they achieved. ' Now these ,
j waives of Germany, who have come , amongst
ue, would, if thej.could, force upon us the Sate*
fatal experiment.
, , 1
~' • People who respect the Sabbath teem a relig-. '
Inns Motive, in deference and obedience' to the 1
divinelaw, require little or no restraint to keep •
therein order. Can this be said' of Individuals,
or communities, . Or nations, who do not?,,,Why
then do we at this dolled every fiabbatilkeep
ing community peaceful, and free and happy;
' and every Sabbtth-breaking people In the very
appetite conditron?, We are not theorising; but
appealing to facts open to the inspection of ev
ery intelligent man.' As the extremes, we point
in the boot plies, - to 'rigid,-. Strict, puritanical
New England, .the most peaceful; intelligent, '
pro:Moots and free community under heaven
—the vary citadel of our moral 'and political,
strength—acentrefroutwhencee maaat snreams
of light and liberty to the whole woritd; and
thin we point to Fiance--intelligent, refuted;
..,. ttbtantiftd" France.- , -tons withfaction, her press
shackled, her editorsin prison, theimyonet es
-er presented to tliebreaste of her people; Intl.h a
; government despotic in fact, though republican
in form ; and, worse thin all, both government
-,.;and people in perpetual dread ' of ,itill greater
'evils in reserve.. These two great communities,
so different in their condition of peace, lecnrity
'and freedom, present the strangest examples to
be fnan4 in Christendom of the observance and
' non-obeMvance of the Christian Sabbath.
..'• . The 1 ositton taken by these Germans that
the • tion of the United States does not
.fie or favor any particular religions sect
it tree; Ut the inference that it does not 'Wog
nise the Christian religion is false. • Cladjihttit.
ty Made :se the whole structure -of out govern
, mint . trlkesreet principles of Deily declared.
..: In iii. e oiOtutian ore 14'30 neon the teachings
,of the: ptures, and our common law meg
. nisei diviito law 'ati . found. &teen, as the
- icraaa f ontain:Of all ire: tA. 4 nliegt , the guide of
_the oititen.itiobefia, and of.the magistrate da
suing it ..
`'Gov: - pt lasso:xi will be enstainal, ei;
bope,itbk-noble eland, be 'hie 'taken; by d e
• • . 7 . o f American easing. Be Vilma Is
.deln '.b but it is ray apparent *at be has
for the of tile .oerrnewDera.
.:. pinto ierti of 'prognns4" 2lo :!&,int i d t&titele
~.....I.lder and ailbriettee lentirill: i fbid: i
2. s ispomso In thereat Amaricatilleart.' We he's*
. been pinsd, ietirstn, te.ottartli that - iio2. re.
spectable journalsiln oonstnetigzE,uPon this,
fAltaieliOken With favor of the Eurdpeaniti
of obserrisig the Sabbath; of pie two moil
the English end Aineilean onune aide; ilia .1
of oontitliental Europe on the-other, we er.i
simply say In conclusion, "by their fruits ye s
"LET ' MO PEOPLE mmbtata,
Uader this imposing caption, repeated fill
thxies in bold capitals, the Pool parades a ee of
as absurd paragrapheasootdd well be concei ed.
We shall taketwo or three as samples or the
lot. Here ie one:
That William Wm. F. Johnston Is a wealthy
nabob, living is splendor and magniliceure, and
has no feeling in common or synniathy for the
laboring man and.menhanic.
This is as untrue as it is fiat end ridiculous!
It is an appeal to the meanest passion of the
human beart--enty. It la false hi fact, and the
writer knew it. Wm. •F. Johnston lea eon of
a respectable, but not opulent fanner of Welt
moreland County. Through the "exertions 'of
himself and his father, be acquired a tolerable
education end a 'knowledge of the science of
law. About tweniy .years ago, then 'a
min, with no resources but his profession, he
settled at • MU/lining, where, being' a man of
talents; he eon acquired a respectable practice
at the bar, and ultimately, 'a decent competence
fora small town. To. call him a "wealthy nabob"
simply xidictdons; and as to his lissing no
"feeling or sympathy for the laboring an and
mechanic," were the writer to go to Armstrong
county and mingle with that class of men
there,' of both parties, they would tell him a
very different stork But are Democrats suffi
ciently stultified and craven to allow themselves
to be insulted by having such truck as this ad
dressed to them? or ate they so.ignorant that
they will swallow every falsehood, bowe , rer gross?
The - Post evidently . thinks so. We think it will
dad itself mistaken.' 'Here is anothir sample
of a different atripe c
Thai 'William Bigler was a poor orphan boy,
compelled totabor for his own livelihood, and
to Sustain a widowed mother. He comes from
the ; .common" people, is of the people, stub
knows and appreciates their wants, and-will de
vote his talents and energies to the greatest
good of the greatest number.
Thie le a specimen or the clap-trap ',which dis
tinguishes the lowest, order of demagogues. It
requires no comment Here is another:
rhat CoL WlAiam ,Bigler is a relf-rnade man--
that he ' has Aiwa by his own industry and. in
tegrity of character to stations of honor. and
public 'trust; and that he now occupies a high
position Si in talisman, patriot and philanthrop
• Such extravagant laudation of eci "common"
• man Lis Col. Bigler, will excite the derision
even of Democrats.
CHANG)] OF Uoua.--Our readers will perceive
by a notice In another column, that on and ark
Monday next, the afternoon train of the Ohio
and Pennsylvania Railroad will leave Brighton
at, i¢ o'clock, inetead of as at preseub and
will leave Pittaburgh at 4 o'clock P. M. inatetol
of 6 o'clOck. The days are becoming so short
that it is dark when the train arrives at Brigh
ton, under the present arragement. I The after.
noon train will arrive at the Federal street ela
tion at three, and depart at four o'clock,. under
the new arrangement.
TEE Nsw MlCHlllslloP.—ShefaioWing, fro..
the Catholic paper published at Philadelphia,
confirms our previous notice of tho rumored ap
pointment of Bishop Keniick 113 ArObbiehop o
' , During the psat. Week, vario. rumors %hare
been circulated respectiog the filling of the vs.
cent see of Baltimore, which have caused many
anti.. inquiries. Vre therefore deem it best
to state that authentic information has beep re
ceived, that on the 3d ult., Wet Holiness, Pius
IX, promoted the Bishop of this Diocese to that
.tee, and, at the 5116 , 1116 time, nominated him Able
gate to preside at the National Council, to be
held strut May, in the city of Baltimore. The
official documents, hoverer, have not yet been
received. Bishop Hartland, who is no doubt by
this time at Boma, vnll probably bring over rho
Pallium on his return"
infoirtie or &Enna hams —The Hammon
(fixas) teligiaph of the 12th Wheat thinktbst
the failure of the Cuban Expedition will help kn
the now "Republic of Sierra Madni," proposr
to be carved oat of the Northern Proeinces of
It regards this es a 'fired fact, and then
et . U . si clear intimation of farther unlawful en
terprises against Cuba, which are , to be male
dependant upon it We hale Sett] nothing in
print, even in'regard to tide Cohan matter, mre
franght with wilful madness and reckless inz of
conquest than the fallowing proposition and ar
gument of the HonsiOn papers
"Whoever may be the power of the General
: Government to prevent the Cuban volunteers
from prosecuting their expedition, it cannot pre
'vent its citizens from emigrating to the North
ern'Provinces of Mexico. In one or two months
the new Government of the Sierra Madre Re
public will in all probabil i ty be organized, and
on army capable of maintaining its independence
against the whole-power of the Central Govern
ment of Mexicovill display its victorious banners
in the valley of the Rio Grande. When the new
Republic is established, who is to; prevent she
victorious troops who have achieved its independ
ence fitting out in, their Own ports, and under
their ovin flag, an expedition capable of subvert
ing the power of old Spain in Cuba O If this Re
public were at this time established, who cam
doubt that en army of five thousand volunteers
could be concentrated at Tempi. or Matamoros
to aid the Cuban patriot!'"
A brief Telegraphic bulletin, !the truth of
which VI. cannot vouch, mentions that the first
movement against the Mexican Provinces has
been so far successful that the insurgents have
seised the public funds and marched to join Car
rabajal, who is deaiguated as the leader of the
intended revolution. The Philadelphia Ledger
supposes that tlye term "insurgents'; means "Tex
an volunteers," and adds that "this movement
appears pretty much of the aloe character as
that ageing Cuba; The revolution commences
on this aide 'of the Mexican boundary, and in to
be followed up by the hiesicansl on the other
side, on the arrival of the volunteers."
President of the Allegheny and; , Butler Plank
Road has given notice that propoials will he re: -
celved until the 21st day of October, for grading,
bridging, Re., twelve miles of the road,- trim_
Speng'e Iron Works to Bakerstown ; Flans and
specifications of which may berseitier,Willson's
Hotel, near Pine Creek. Proposalayill also be
received until the 28th of October, for the con
struction of eve miles of said read, coMmenc
lug at the borough of Butler ; plans and !peel
fisatiour of which may be 811,11 lit the store of
Messrs. J. 0. S. Wm. Campbell, in that bor
ough. It is the determination of the Company to
push forward as rapidly as practicable, and the
prospects of its early completion are highly flat
ten:fig.—ZsMier Whig.
Ent record of the Yost Office department, Brij.
Franklin, P. M. G., the following abstract is
Alexandria, Va. Post Office, Josiah Wataon.—
Amount of postage collected from February 24th,
1778; to June 12th, 1778,, £62 16e. sd. Vir
girds currency. ' •
Georgetown, Md. From January 6th, 1776, to
July lath, 1778, £14.125: Sid. I
Upper hiarlbro', Md. From-January p6th,
1776, to January 14th, 1778, 191 4s. Od.
Colchester, Fairfax county, Vs: From Janu
ary 5114 1776.-to Jews 28d, 1778, £ll 19s. 9.1.
Dumfries, Prince William County, Va. From
November 6th, 1776, . to. April 20th , 1779, ;£,LC,
14s. op.
Falrmouth Vs From January sth,' 177'1, to
August 24th, 1778, £22 18s. 10&. ,
The books of the Department Were then kept
try:Berlatoin Franklin himself, and are still pre
served among the archievea of the Department,
in his oirrauunlwritlng, when the whole force of
the Department was the Postmaster General; at'
a salary of $l,OOO per =ma. Tho present
Postmaster General is assisted by nearly thirty+
thousand guttered throughout the country.
Tat Paawrasoo Bass.—Thorp: were two or
three thousand pistons, we are informed, as,
seratled on Friday night irr front of tho People's
Banh- ahoy passed a resolution mooting the
Chancellor to appoint two receivers whom the
peophs had =lds= Tiiey;then adjourned
the Tes'utence of Put. dor, JO, burnt DIM
ineiNty. — : Yr= thence they went to the rest-
Ammo:A . :the' Piesidant, and - jyald'hito' alike
cOccillitqcik thence: to Mr. James 3iseltakes, a
director, and honored him likrodee with the
same compliment, and then adjourned quietly to
thidr hinnera—lit Y. Syr% ,
f~ I
• Picms tlu Nora Acuriecni. •
- Vitas kr..s.ast.—Ode of The last devices of the
enemy,--public contempt having stigmatised the
two first enterprises of Cadwallader and compa
ny in regard-to Cuba and Gov. Johnston—is to
raise an alarm throughout the State for the pur
pose-I-61'i westing the panic which has already
4isorgapized the rank and Sleet the oppueitlon.
To,serve this object, the letter of Übraufti was
prepared, and other expedients hare been in
vented. Every appliance that • ingenuity - and
recklessnees can contrive will be employed in
this Irbil:, and - we therefore warn our readers
spat:telt the frauds that will be attempted. The
liarriAburgh American furnishes the following
particulars, in addition to the developments al
ready made on this subject:
Judge Woodward, when In Harriaburgh last
week, told hie friends here :that he Lad heard
of but one Whig in the State who would not Tote
for Got. Johnston neii, and that he had been re
cently. a citizen of a sister State, but that he
knew of hundreds of .. Democrats" who would now
rote for Got. Johnston who had not Toted for
him in 1848, aid if thin stampede in Johnston'a
favor wan not stopped, 31r. Bigler would be de
feated. To stop this,uprising of the people, he
proposed a panic on the slavery question and
..He did not know that there was any cause
for alarm, but that it was better Igraine a false
alarm than that Johnston should : be elected!"
11 - um Me Albany Register.
When we have ascertained what a thing is eat
some odes nee has been made towards determi
ning what it cc. In this respect the recent deci-
Pion of Mr: Peter Cogger, chairman of the Dem
ocratic State Committee, respecting the Demo
cratic platform agreed upon at Syracuse—a de
cision elsewhere noticed in -this paper—mast
give much satisfaction to Democratic papers
that are in doubt, or at variance with each other
on that subject. The Buffalo Courier, for In
stance, says:
"Demoorat/ throughout the State want to
know IL that they may be sutured precisely
where they stand—whether 'on pea, or air, or
good dry "
"The Fugitive Slave law is the backbone of
the Compromise, and the Democratic State Con.
ventian congratulated the country upon its pas
sage in conjunction with kindred measures of
adjustment of a dangerous controversy. These
facts are =deniable by the record. This being
so, we would respectfally call the attention of
the Argus, and that of all Democrats who have
consistently sustained the compromise measures
from the beginnixtgAnd intend to stand by them
to the end, to the following extracts from papers
which rly at their masthead the names of the
persons nominated by the convention for State
°them It in to be borne in mind that these
things are said within a week after the plat
form is constructed and the nominations made
Peon the Neu Yo 4 Eryneng P,41
What was not .resolved by the convention is of
for graver significance than what was resolved.
Aware that differences of opinion existed among
Democrats aleaut the policy of the present Na
tonal Adl/1111191T1t10/1 -especially aboutite crown
ing achieresient, the Fugitive Slave Law—the
:-..asnention eery properly refuted to save their apprec
val, or permit etch an towers/wry and eniseefins-
Mr Crag, to Se ixtr,dwyd into the crneaus.
Form the Sr. Laurence Republican.
An eiffort win made in the convention by a
For PI Ms St. Laurence Republican.
ort wit made in the coneentidu by a
ra men, who are always bent ou mischief,
re the tothlitare Stare Loco, 41.11.1 commit the
cy of New York to this leading measure
ore and Webster's Whig Administration
empt eagnally failed, .1 the Democracy
pan their ancient principles and tried in
. leacmy (be .td •tra
the rare of the,, author,. car 4.e
few ul
1.3 u,p •
r Fin ,
The at
grit .
“W. only desire,” says the Buffalo Courier,
"to ca I the attention of National Democrats to
the ab ye, in order that they may be enabled to
comp bend the position which, in the estima
tics o certain parties to the compact recently
forme , at Syracuse, they now occupy. It is u
matte of the first consequence, about which
there 'eed not and will not be either doubt or
miss. , rehenoian, or mistake. before the ballot
tones are turned this fall."
The Washington Union and Richmond Enqui
ter Sr. more perepicseions nr more-eosily pleas
ed tha the Buffalo paper, far they declare the
pirate to all right i Here is a conticbof author.
ides, tal ertbroylio that warrants, awarding to
the H ration marlin, the interposition of a supe•
rior wer and accordingly Mr. Cagger, chair
man, c., the supreme authority on this point,
kinds interposes and declares that the Demo
cratie. ditto= dais not endorse theCompromlse
messires of the last Congress.
Wahl Tioantailess ts Wittwinu.. , —We hare
already announced that the Whig State Conven
tion of Virginia,! sitting at Charlottesville, oa
Thursday last nominated by acclamation that
sterling Whig and accomplished gentlemen, Geo. .
W. Summers, is the Whig candidate for Gover
nor of Virginia, to be roted for at the fiat elec- I
tion under the new Constitution of the State.
to be held in December next. We now learn that
GP the ensuing day Samuel Watts, of Norfolk
count'', was unanimously nominated as the Whig
candi te for Lieutenant Governor, and S. S
- Rasta for the office of Attorney General This
ticket ill commend itself to every Whig in Vir
ginia,lend it behooves them to work and strive
for it s access at the ballot boxes
Res lo tions were passed unanimously approv
ing ' administration of President Fillmcre.
and in faro r of sustaining the Compromise meas
ures o the last'Congress as follows:
Res' Ised, That Millard Fillmore, the Present
Prcsi nt of the United States, 1.!.y 'his just ap
preci 'on and faithful discharge of executive
duty; it wisdom and skill in the management
of our stional affairs amidst the most embarras
eing d ffictilties; Ms loyalty to the pledges of the
Constitution, and firmness in maintaining the
laws F ilmed by Congress for their observance:
his p N.rietie devotion .to the Federal Union,and
hi* n ble efforts to preserve It as a perpetual
bond etween sister•Stattes, has eminently justi
fied tit expectation of the Whig party, and en
titled; limself to its continued confidence and to
the support of the whole country.
Respired, That the Whigs of Virginia desires
to coperate with their brethren of other States
In thifurtherance of the same national policy
which has au signally 'marked the ?regent Ad
ministration: but they cannel eupport for the
next Presidency any candidate whose fidelity to
the Constitution and to the measures of adjuit•
went shall not be beyond all question.
It is a common saying that this is a great coup
try, but the time is come when the word 'lberia'
should be substituted for common. The last ar
ral from England informs us that, during the
week ending 12th September. there bad been very
large arrivals of "spool e," which had made the
money market much easier, and first class bills
were ,readily discounted below three per cent.
per annum.
Now, as it is- well known that this country
furl:drilled nearly all the amount referred to, is it
not proper that we should boast of living in a
liberal country? We, good-natured fellows, were
not satisfied at seeing the rate of Interest in Eng
land three per cent., and the rate here from sin
to ten per cent.; but, in order to accommodate
John Bull,we shape our revenue laws to reduce
the rata of Interest with him teloti , three per
tent., and raise it among ourselves to - fifteen per
cent. for first class paper. Fifteen per teat. for
such paper is now (as reported) the lowest rate
lathe city of New York, and other paper is fully
at from twenty to twenty-five per cent per an
num, and large failures occurring almost every
day. Asove elevate the fortunes of old Johnny.
at the expense of Brother Jonathan, In all time
to *come we must style our country the most
liberial on the must
of the globe.
If our gold continue to leave us in such large
quantities; the rate of interest in London will be
reducedtwo per cent. per annum, whilst we may
have to pay thirty per cerit. per annum for
(money. When we reverse our system, interest
in London will rise, and in New Yorkfall to old
rater, and then washed" be prtsperous.
Des.ra or A Vrazaagut Drsnts.—We have
hare just learned of the death of the Rev. Sam
Ralston, D. D., at' his residence in Carroll
township, this ceunty. Dr. Ralston departed
this life no last Thursday evening, Moth of Sept.,
baring attained to the patriarchaltage of SC years.
He died full of years and full of faith, having
served hie Heavenly Master In the ministry for
a period of near 70 years—the fall measure of
years allotted•to man in this life--three score
and ten. 'Dr. It. was a tuna of remarkably ro
bust end bale constitution and retained full pos
',emcee of his faculties and intellectual rigor up
to the hour of his death.. He was an early pio
neer in the Christian Armiotty, and organized
the Presbyterian Churches at Mingo, and Mon
ongahela City. He early settled in this county,
and we think it probable hadliVed fornome half
century on the farm upon-which he died. As en
author he- acquired very considerable 'notariety
by his workron Psalmody, Infant Baptism, and
on numerous Other works of lege note. The
field of his ministry, in early days, covered an
area of near 60 miles square, we presume, in
cluding the 'mantlesof Allegheny, Washington,
Fayet t e, Greene, ISrestatoreland, and 4 no doubt
others. We had enjoyed the acquaintance of
this venerable minister of Christ for a period of
twenty years &adhere often hoard him refer to
the manes' 'of his early labors in the • "back
woods" which were attended with peril, and
and great privations. In the (limpid Ministry
be was fervent and 'devoted, as • 'citizen emi- ,
neatly useful, and is a petriot distinguished for
the ittleasity,Of his love of ommtry. A veteran
soldier of t6-th'OMghe haa flied,the measure
`of higintefidlient,•ad gone io height. award ;
His memory will kn. be cherished.- . 4 Trashing:
of the EU""hi,
rollowing az ract from a letter written by an
officer appears in the Albany Evening Journal.
' Sreaxeuxr alum Sitzzaa,
August 24th, 1841.
A sad condition we are in. lam so fatigued.
with hard work that my letter mast be brief.
We have been since half-Test 10 P. M.., of the
'2lst, agreend within six miles of Smyrna, and
with our head-spars over-looking not only the
dry sand bench but a Turkish fortification. It
bas never been my experience in naval life to
witness so strange end unusual an event as that
of a large ship, with her
_bows driven high up o n
dry land by her own' momentum. We are in a
predicament which, at this time, in especially
unfortunate, as it may result (from the loss of
time) in preventing as from getting Kossuth. The
ship in very uncomfortable, and we are all em
ployed in the various duties netieseary to a re
lease. Moat of the weight on board has been
discharged in vessels and lighters' and there ap
pears, at this hoar, 9 o'clock P. M., but little
prospect that wo shall float for 48 hours.M came.
The scene around us site truly novel, Five
large steamers, three English and two Austrian,
and a French brig of war, were tugging at us.
The beach under our how was covered by Greeks,
Turks, Arabs and two or.three Harems, and the
walls of the fort covered with apologies for sol
diers At every fresh endeavor of the steamers
to tug us off, snap went a banner, until funding
we had not a rope left, we were abandoned to
our own resources.
To-morrow we take our puts out. it will re
quire many days after we are adopt to put all
things to rights- Wo have beard nothing from
Constantinople, but hope to on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mirth (onr Minister) insect us
yesterday in a steamer •on their return from
Byorout —Thy : will probably go to Coristaitino
ple with us. !.
P. B. 26th.--IVe got air this morning at 10
o'clock. . Yorirs. kr.
Ova ML'IISTER RESIDTAT AT Coverws;taoet.c. --
A. letter from Smyrtda, under date of ;24th ski
ver., states that Mr. Marsh, with hisilady, had
arrived there in a steamer, on their return from
Beyrout, en rove for Constantinople. TheywSuld
probably embark for their destination] on htiard
the United States steam-frigate Mississippi.
Some time elate, by the way, we bad'accounts
of the dangerous indisposition of Mr.; Ma at
the village of Alagdelene, which is In' the ead
Sea Valley, one hour from Tiberias, AT r
short time, to seems, be was removed to 9 fed,
which is some two thousand feet above Tibe 'as.
At the date of the letter above mentioned, .ow
ever, be had so far recovered as to gd to A .eih,
and the doctor said he thought he would 50. D he
well, although Mrs. Marsh was still gisite f..ble
1113ADEHERS SENTSNCED.--tiever vrithi. l
memory have so many persons been convict
murder In any city of our Union as Burin
last few months at New Terk - The numb , we
think. exceeds a dozen. On Saturday thre men
were sentenced to he executed by hangi qt in
November. Their names are, Michael Mc Ivey,
James Sullivan. and Joseph Clark. The I tter
after heating his sentence, very coolly rem: Ike,'
that "be did not carts tialf,as much about sing
hung as he did about a bad breakfast." M Ivey,
it appears, c ommitted
. the crime for which he is
condemned without premeditation. Having arms
about him, and being unexpectedly assails ,he
used them in self defence with a fatal result Be
ing recommended to mercy, his puaisbm • will
probably be commuted to a life-term in the tate
prison On the same day Ellen Doyle, con . cted
of ramalaughter, in killing Catherine Sol ivan,
was sentenced to use years' lei:miaow:Dent at Sing
Sing She is the mother of five children
The Lair if I , n.—Judge Kruse, of the U.
S. District Court, will probably deliver a charge
to day to filo Grand Jury, defining 'the law rela
ting to treason agaitistithe United -States, and
explaining what acts arid circumstances consti
tute that wiener. A particular illnatiatiwn of
the principles and policy of the law in relation
to this crime, has become necessary at:this junc
ture, to enable the Grand Jury to act upon sev
eral bilL, of indictment against persons who are
accused of a participation in the recent outrages
at Christiana, in Lancaster county.
Me- FILLMORE. -We have heard It stated
we cannot vouch for the perfect accuracy
information. that one of the Committee
pointed Ly the Whig Convention at Char
elite, designed to offer on yesterday a reed
not only highly approving the public course
Fillmore, but recommending him as the mo ,
able candidate for the next Presidency. W
also that i f each a resoluticn le propceod
no doubt he adopted with unanimity.—'
the Con,TetttiOn think proper to take tech
it will meet with a cordial reponae in the I
of every Virginia Whig. In no other Stet
Uniciaticattls tope) as Pt addentmet with •
wpprothition or . heist recce red with ti high •
of praise tchmvid Wl.l.
—A entered man wax nrscatei In Burling
in this State, n week or two since, as an e,
stare from Kentucky. ` The arrest was =al
on a warrant issued by a magistrate u
The alleged slave was
before Judge Denningen n writ of 141..eca - o 'L,
and his discharge depended on the gro .uti of
the unconstutlonnlity of the law under w 101 l he
bed been arrested. Jhdge Denning afte , hrar
ing counsel on both sides, ordered Ids discharge
So great an excitement grew out of this decision,
that the Judge wasioduced to write out hisonin
ion. at length, and iLIiTC It published is en able
paper,; ccritaininia clear steament of the entire
question In issue, and the serious decisions of
the different Courts of!the Country bearing Upon
AFISLYI —On Saturday, Main:sr - sr
received tuiegrophic despatches tram Marishal I of Cincinnati, and Gen Jeans, S,
Marshal, describing Orman who had been selling
counterfeit land warrants at Cincinnati.
Mc was on hood when the Cibcioatati care ar
rived about ten in the evening, and soon picked
out his customer MC was dressed in oil cloth
overcoat and having n whip in his hand passed
for a cabman. He accosted his customer, and
inquiring if he wished a carriage, showed him to
the American House omnibus. After arriving
there he registered his mane as A. Anderson.
and walked Superior St. many times, nothing the
various localities and endeavoring to sell hm.
watches. Mc followid his man Whdlinally re;•
turned to the hotel, selected his trunk and started
for his room, uheo Mc. nabbed man and trunk .
In the trunk he found a large package uf the
counterfeit laud warrants which are an ereellent
nu tattoo of the genuine.
Mr. ANDEILSOd will be sent to Cincinnati or
conviction.— CielerelJeuf Herald
We have never known Whig sentiment in 'lir
girlie to be as much VNITRO fIA It it at present.
The Whig party seems to be entirely ',chid ne
to principles, measures,. and men. At almost
every Whig meeting that has been held through
out the State, resoluttns have been unanimously
adopted iu favor of resident Fitt:acme, and not
dissenting voice to the nomination of Mr. Sr n
sans as their candidate for Oovenor has been
heard. We hail this harmonious agreement and
this fraternal feeling as a foreruner of success.
The Whigs of Virgini'a only want organization,
zeal and banishmenh of every thing that will
produce discord in their ranks to enable' them
fairly to cope with their political opponents and
gains glorious trictory.--Xe.Londem Gareth
Wiscomus.—The Wisconsin Whig State Con
venuon met at Milli-00U on the 24th initaut, 'ant
nominated the following ' tictal•
For Governor, L. J Farwell
Lieutenant Governor, Colonel Hughes.
Secrratary of State, R. If. Wright. .
Treasurer, Jefferson Crawford. •
The mouitility of human attairn could scarce -
ly be more forcibly and impressively illustrated
than in the fact that the
,democratic pipers of
New Etainsphire, only two weeks ago had at the
head of their columns the name of Levi Wood
bury for President of the United States, and that
of hie cousin, Lute Woobnry, for Governor of
New lianusphire. Now both-are withdrawn by
death. ,
UN- - A telegraphic communication from New
Orleans announces t at Lieut. Theodore A. Ster
na, one of Col. Cain en'a party, haa been heard
Ire. At the time o their capture by the steam
er Habanero he juin ed overboord and escaped
to the shore by shimming. After wandering for
• month through the I woods and mountilrisrag
ged and shoeless, acid without any other food
than leaves and wild! fruit, he surrendered him
aelf to the authoritierq and was taken to Havana.--
N. T. Com. Ad:wrier:. .
EPISCOPAL EISBOPS.—It is stated that there are
now four bishops elect awaiting consecration.
Creighton. of New York; Rutledge, of South Care ,
Ulm Williams, of Connecticut; and Whitehouse,
of Illinois. They may all, ore long, he consecrat
ed at ono and the same time, which will he an
incident of deep icirest in the church of which
they are ministers.
Tho remains of &Erma grianD, the million
aire and benefactor of the city of Philadelphia,
are to be removed on. Tuesday next from the
Holy Trinity , burial-ground, where they have
beendeposited since Ida death, to Girard College,
where a earcionpliagus- has bean prepared for
theta This ie done, by the City Authorities, to
restrain whoa{ from carrying their purpose into,
effect the relatives of the deceased applied for an
inpuetion, which the Court refused to graint
The Baltimore l'erliet annonace,a the death of
Mr. Sarbanielt, Heuri,at Floyd Coirt Monte Va.,
on the 6th hut: Re was a eon of the gest or
ator Pariah Henry; and was GO years old,
IFtvos OVINE Sesatni Denim—lt isitated
that at the last meeting of the 1.5). (-.); F. Grand
Lodge of the United States, prior that which has
lately adjourned in Baltimore, a select committee
was appointed, of which Mr. Colfil,"of
was president, to prtpere an npproprate honor
ary - degree to be conferred on hires of scarlet
degree members in good standing Such a de
gree, it Is said, was reported by Mr. Colfax,
and caused considerable debate.• The repre
seciatirea ci the Gonad Lodge and Gana Encamp
ment of Northern New York wore unanimously
for it. Those from Sonthorn New York were
against it. A Majority of those from the north
nett were for it. It was. honorer, Malty adopt
ed by s vote of 47 to 37. Those receiving it will
be known as "The Daughters of 'Rebecca."' The
badge proposed will hr greeannd scarlet.
Professor of Mathematics in the Cleveland II
varsity, died last Saturday morning, after an
illness of about six weeks.
Mr. W. was, for some time previous to his ac
cepting a Professorship in the University, Pastor
of a church in 51adison. in this State, where tie
hod gained the respect and esteem of all. Ile
was a man of fine education, well qualified (Sr
4,e Important part which ha occupied; possessed
q the most anti inchingin tegrity, he leaves a large
curie of friends to mourn .1e loos.-- True .Dent.
WozTn KNoms
while in the count
a rusty naiL whit•
foot. The inflamiii
very great, and lockjaw was apprehended. A
friend of the family, however, recommended the
application of a beet taken fresh from the gard
en, and pounded fine, to the wound. It wan done,
and the effect was very beneficial. Soon le
infiarnmation began to subside, and by keepi g
on the crusted beebehanging it for a fresh one to
its virtue seemed to become impaired, a speedy
core yes fiffected. Simple but effectual re
medies like this should bo known by everybody.
—Philadelphia Saturday Forr.dmg Foot.
ld bllek winan, who lived near the brick me
nghoase, i dila county, died lan week, ag
bout one ricked and thirty-years.--Cali
ser It is just ;what is wanted---say all who
Wis.. NUS ...13I'Lamv • V4rtzdfUg. sht
1.55, /[t. an 34,55'
l' . .i.w.carto. Cato:mug Co, 7 , ti
Fob. 20th, Itl;
Kidd at —Whoa 1.:.w agent at , L." t. , `‘
dpruel, and he left but • few do,r, of 311.anr -dz.
Sup , . and 1.1 it le icing 041tdrt, and thud tot
has given goadoatlefort:on. •u.l bat prornl to to,uot
what rho puhlie want, and Ire hate 091 !0 .4 000 0, and
do not utrh to gut out. I hare but one dates left. When
your agent wad taro, I think he told me arm.
rend If I altcrial wet mote, big If he Old, 1 hare for9 oo '
ton 19111 ;nu hare the doodn,a in order for me Biz der
rn tar,r.on receipt or thor PETER Flak:id."
Fdr salt y J 0100 a CO
oe'd•ddr. • No. 4) Wood t„ .
se - Froin the universal success of 11
Farrell's St-.hlan Ltnim.nt :tiring lame Lir.,t, reFum
otlrm.dideadel 0411t.i. ahlte eontdott , t , nrdl.
41. ot bare tad doubt but it rill tapidll lay oil
:the, ten:adios on Lb.. wa.llarlr ~ dat.lo
but it the arrelaardrcodr. the world sr Onto
tonally efle4tan tat Loth m .al andob.uld L,
Lat".l. kentdo r, 00, an ,u a n end :pour
LOLLAMELAT CMik. L L Yhrsohlue tame IL, ittishit , tt
ti the LOUT,/ aiLA the yothr lbw ..11‘11( Lt.
ci \Cm. Hill. tole cltt th , , he et , t
t wtych, 0h0..., Le sitehticsa er. reI•LL.AL 1.. lb. WIT Lore
,o 1 Myth n
I had t..n.n animini e.r otni ..on inktb a ,nurnestiot Iwtn
.1-arb onutitand to Incr.., until tterlnmber.
soritunmallon it that time 114Vitl, 1134.1Te1l the
Ll:lllllmannbratso t.: .u 4 .udrd iu tb• deposit,
a tbkknim. winch ntinil, Oennoyod my shilst. 1 hat
“nr,s34)st n.-r ham... Laud it. ;111.1...u1na tnmo.el. ati. I.
snou tetnrati and lolt nor in as 6.1 . ronllniou as net,.
At this staged th. rnmplamt I nit.Va apulinnumi to e. r.
t.l of Nomotot'nualunnt m,hcal men vin informs.] mo
tint •my Wye* would nom . get nail At Musnsus I mull
not 411,4114 Ulf h ani ann., dlrla. aim, el.ems Mint,
I ensamerm , l the us. tit tt. Ihrtnienm. tort .totst.l;l
audit . which my ta,Proitd dally
ta the tzusotat that, tail' I tan, ramyett,l mY sight entn••
Ali grtn.ral int.lch was lexy martiMnm•nd
Petro lray..n4l attribute tie.rwunntion at. mYsistht
J,ll &.:111/4 wren In this nit, nn 4
viiiis 1, 4 , 91 tr gu nut tr.ll4lnation in mlatuon t+mi
cm, tl ILLIANI (1011. '
For ale 1q L•ii, • 4 •1 0 ,4.,1. 14 , W0.,..1
Feiior 20 It A / 4 C.
fi 1,7 the
trlttor. 1 EA,
a. 14 •1A e.'l . tabard!.
it •ill
in ths
Bra r
Falllmportation of liarawaro, Cutlery, dic
No. 129 Wood Strut.
D+3 - It, c , al. m. I.eir .04. of 31Ptclmn ta not ctLers
th cf
And irn th, • cow prapan.l Lena, at no, b
cannot fall I.v.plesar
Ito up
. _
Citizen's insurance Company of Pittsburgh
0:a- , ND 41 %Tat, otroet In alt. trarehonee of E . II
. T.
C U. frroellont .. IC Mai.. tleer
Thle Company loom-. ,:ro.rol to ,In all merchstritme
In I.IV. In traneltn. Trawls, kr.
An amyl< altar - only far the ability arA InoraTity 01 tre
ntUtutinti. lc afforded In tio chsseraer U.* Direct.,c,
wit" aro all pilaus of Vittaburah. vol, and tar , rahlf
lumen to lb. prudonnt.
tot tot...a - tat
inarcroa...—.o Huar.A, ittasky Latl.--.r.
or Walt. Bryant. Hoch D. King. alward
Joan Y. 01,14. F. Ilar Larsab. Ni.
Pittsburgh Lilo Insurance Company.
I raJl,[ll , —J.L.•. 4
Piestdent— , Ast.m. Nl , Ctcas
~cret&ry—C. A Co,r.
aalva•run ,, aaeut m all,th, port chi. pap,
la :,es: q•se..l, ls...lhesday, Sp,
R. l'.lracrl McArthur. Darla IlsxAtsr, of the
kuLllcam M.liorigshois City, Pa . sad Silty Etraaan if
00050101, of Ifiuthinglact COUrlty Ps
1 1 tali rv,atog. o'clack, Mrs Borah I!Laa4, th•
h 3.1 rearm her are !tar thaturai a ul taha ylacr tha ,
-Irthaart, aa• •iclork. trrrh her late retldis.,:r, r-..rhor rt
aal Peuu etraetr.
the retachr4e sal raleu , al ale. de•-earahl ura rea,ht , t
o attrzhl without farther hattca. the tauinl to t
I. La. Caroatrt,
On 1h tie Lectures. ,dock, Ch
onotil. W. and Ann Eliza Ileunet. ecru three tedn ,
xxontL, and twenty-three Ur'
Tho Mends the lesoli - are toritol to attend tl, to• to Amy. at too ,loot. too. the residence of too
'eutt, on Sandusky street. Allegheny CaT.
lioutth Ward ?drool Route .
FOUND. -A small sum ut money. ullit.h
the neon hare Of Want: Yud descritattl. 0t
'Be store UNkiLl.ill BENNETT.
;4;0.1 et., belveer.W.o.l and :41E110411.1d
Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail/owl.
QoN AND AFTER MIONDAT, the Gil, inst ,
Um alarm... EMU. !easy Nes BrigLwia
clt, and rtugulu, Irt>lr Fralttall lart,ttatl.:o 1 I
Br order..l (guard
wad' 010. PARKIN, E..•. 1 Ad.rsr,
110 OTICE— The Sweklicildris-Pf the Little
I.l the ... Mi God rurtdl..dnt df ll Run Ilsdirosd
111 & Bars I.? dhazd, ,4 C.orlA l ' ll
1 ,1
ovired to be pat da or lwford 'be
n d n: dor
a liovelob,
uert. apd • •thallr amoutitLadd edil. load 'very
hl dare therrater, crotil th e whole 1.. paid.
BT order a 11. bcard of Dir.:lts,.
uavrt.l • ALES
Third envettoppoml. the Pots:;t„ Monthly sLeoismtne,_ted Cktott.
History et the !tee et' the Mannroby in
CT .4. de Landadtine
betoken' dledunue.— with • tardd ttunkly
of ueetul
-100 Under else hnn of R. TowssEmp • to .
Of the decesettot Here C Townsend. thew:,
meg. i n i e . d o ltt 14:18ttp.41Vhb.utru, Letentiote. tad,
Wit P KM
Patebnran,.... 0t.3
ItOPZET • vl - 21. P. ...
Saw Kliabto. Yittabur,b
I.ITOWNSEND & CO., Wire Manuftictu-
AA. ren. N 0.19 !lariat greK, llttibargh. lynadLlaw
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yby d Darchflett 1,0 - 4/ reivlsed c fresh /a Gtr or Oa
at.v. &drab.. loud/. _
Ilarctif h.,p recerrnl u fun moortouelat
e.let—xat so low on INV, per rard—uod alsu wrto. Burr
uper MoLair Alpsecas. at 111.00 per runt.
-2 cask+ Gerdet's Seoteh Suutl;
GOlee Car-smal:
tar) " extra powdered li)uler)
1.1) Ude Terdeers' Lea:
boxes et't Lo mood.
ef.) utdP • •
AU° Ito Slue 2ltruil:
2 bal. East India ileure—cheap,
Ib v.:iv:ate. TwitLe:
bide sup. Mut -duet [red anal for ul
(.3) J. KIDD a 4.›).
M arriving, for sale
,ALTPETHE--I,tei tap crude, arrivini;
Rr do by v. 4,1 W. it E. 5511..0
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Qfr sal. by
PEARL ASH-40 cankn forws.ul,t
10.1.ECYL A EIER-200 sides Itemlook tan
ntd. for sate br V..WILSUN.
IST OF LtaT.ERS remaining in Wilkins
1„/ Fon Cam. Allegb.nt Cnnatr, 11/., Oa. 1, lcio:
rothtrs Rte,NtimlerubJvimsznes,.imn.
0 Oars
Ickes' tJunss4' I King Jahn
Johnston .VI./ Susdo
Jai:m.3s4a Ann Wittnr.l Hannah
To Printers.
YIUNTING OFFII3E, 'amply supplied
andall urhussary was? Si? tar doses • • M. /no
Job boluses, !MIMS say. together ith u
sgbireil 'kWh at tho premli•S. gond It w harrliT , f.
Yard far sole. the matitials are MI is goon order. and
mostly' rialr. sal at the owners RV. su buid.
ow, bo sold eery 011101 S below their sabt. on Imola
nodal:lag tams- Tle oboe presents an opetilsig wid th
soldoMocouru gisirMSl9M , spulr et ads one:.
i i~`.
Last Operatic Ccmaccit f—thbt night only.
THE celebrated American Prima, Donna,
AIAPAM ROSALIE DERAAD. acolskof b thees.
eut Prbiza Hue°, ote. kDVELL.I. frioCt the
Gock of SG., Vienna. Nolte. Turin, end Alan
Nor, will be the boss matins their TM ate
leeoestee tepee Iltolealee stel Gentles= Of Pittoboreb,
on YRI DA EVENTX, 0, OMB Eft .
ca - Prof. CHAHLES PRINT erilt petal& Yt the Plem
Xi - Tickets Admisetott, 60 mats. To bp fuel at the
!dome nom, piluelpal Hotels, sad et the =or.
Ihe - Dos , op® 030. Comsat to comactoore IS o'.
clock. 0c1.1.1.
I% 7 open on TM'S 'EVENING, Lept. '
T T1910..E the Atha/ono., LlticMy street,
SIIORES of the IINDISP.RICARRA.II, depleting all the
.rand. besutllul end sublime scenery up. its classiest
chores of toe Old World, for 0.07 four thousand miles
extent, a. prononoced by the public and pm n to be
by far the meet truthful..mpretteusgel sod magnificent
Painting ever brought nut In this eountri.
Admission RS e.t.a, Children Id cents.
The Panorama ollt intrumitice moeitog eta quartar he.
fon. 9 O'Cif , Cir., every evening In the need. selttif
Young Men's M e rcantile Library Associa
tion, and Mechanics' Institute.
R. ULIDDON will deliver three Lectures
prising the latest Biblical discovetiel among the Indent
monuments of suuriT. Ueda., At.. copiously Illustra.
te.L) heti, the members of the Above Institute and hhe
<Rid." generally, et the City Lecture Boom, yawner of
Wood and Fourth sneetaL .b.ace an W. 1 ., Tbe Dr
be given on Tnesdny, October %lb the second
on Thursday, the 919,...1 thetbird on Saturday, the Ilth
ins, Loam , to commence at 73a o'clock, P. dd.
Terms—Cidnins' . ooll.llo tiflOta. ons dollar. Single sal-
IQ I:rota—to by lanl at the principal boot stores
and hotels
Members' and tickets, ser.ryAre cants
tinglef Committee admisslon.
013 Lectures. .3736 cents— obtainable at lam, rooms.
For portico's. see small hills, .2iti
dy of this city
.go, stepped on
her shoe end
were of cottrie
MISS C. SMITH. Milliner, from N.
ow A . g nr— d a fai r g C m la bl e th e t. th Pabbiu rg m —as . •
ilmoe n n g
In prepamilioexerdia ail orders la the
short.. tioUge..
amag, Mariana, Ctalarerii Clothing made in [lig
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TloE—The St; klioldors of the O'Hara
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Flour and General Produce .
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In addition to the fitooe. is kotp thnstontlf on hand
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boot, suilids fool Lotting of oft Undo, and trim, other
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poem. ill which oiler coldo tlist mance foil to
gliv• , H. PIIILLIrdi
New Stock of Chickerilig'e \ Piano Fortea.
FOBS H..SIELLOR, 8i Wood street, in now
W raccirlsta au entirely rota stool of PIANO /MOTU
from the ceirbraled manufactory of ChkarrillA qtnrant
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The .Lock eentertree—
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I.:LY ET PILE OARPETS-- , T. 111eCurr.
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Id ettablishod Card, I atobduss. No. ISS Fonttle st
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hl Cloths, Lad 1 - kne=jds. width e se/1 Id reedstrod
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Noting .*Travelprs.
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Baltimo and Pitteburgh•
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Mot:ingsbela - use.
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Dissolution. •
rrHE PARTNERSHIP herotafere
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between the snltserlhers. undsr the darn. and f I
• , John Caldwell 0 its, Isdhle das disaslYri hT m tn.
l' j r fT h" "r ."' r.y c ontal , e2
Ict, 1151. dalet.C.S CaLDIT,ELL
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'The undersigned . torrimr formed a Co-loart
utrrada unJtr then etuti sa..l, spa at .. Culdrell 11.73tV.:-
-rt.' win co.ttie the .TA.N.N V(.: ASD CCH EllV 0
..),Ineee. at th- Tegmrry 14 the Ista gm nfJohlaCal , lvrll
San, la I..rough . J AME , CALDWELL:\
. Jr. I.t.lK,L—lta . , HENRI; :STEVCART. ,
Jct. Ist.lK.A.—lts . . lI.L.NIt inE • ArtT. ,
Li ORSE Foil 6.-11. X-- S -s very
0; dair:i..
La. Ole basuttr /I,,rat. Sorrout pat - ten:it
.33,11,:u..1. F...aquts, 4. - . 1 J t..f.;11,1), kt A XR .1 t.... , ..
1 Nsw .rot..{l relk-elyteg at W )141../%1,1)C6 . 8
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:We the attention 0 klO. mtatklug t.. Ilitulatt kW V . ` ,
~..stutocot, a. , attentio n
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mart.. .a 1
I. is 0 1 /IT rrAn=tautlt ro4edrlng Ids fallAt.t of suparfla
toe, and enmtnnu.,lNGßA),N CARPKES, of .as' .ltd rl ,
.171.... a{ very reduced prito *bleb as Inane ma at.
uoation 01 LLIOS, at.olu,to tulth Sttasahuatica 11..uat...
, iie, us a call et the. Carpet 'nub.... No 65 Fourth t.
~, ' W.11..-CLINTOIJK.
LP ha, Da stotp ant t.., i.a.• tt aucl 11.. styla ,ItittiS
mea,t, CA kPk. , re . , ..sse,i, he itvit o , the alto:atop of pue
ttusers.a, he I, Istsctuts,l't Re 1 caatttart ever below
:hie marital Cull of the cll et E.Jiui..l Carpet Wu,
house. No , h,arth .1 , to
FIIAITSTRY CAIiPETS---,lsew and riot'
IL ~1. ter, arnasels Catint..” ‘3 i . {'tt , a St the , a ,
p.l War.b,nio. N. 130 Fourth street. t , rwitlotarpriest
lb r lava., th..,.. ,t Wain: to pur-bas. to
.11:.: . s scsal.
tel W . CLINTOCh
1 I AID Offr-10 bbls. for wale-: ''close COD
' 4 ssga.eut, to' ,JAI.IES DA . ELL,
i \.,.
... C.E. Apt, tatreel._
'TOBACCO- --2.0 kegs No. 1 6 twist; dge's
1.. braz.l,lor sale hik JAMES DAL 'L.
M 01, ,, A Sq.! , -- (90 b01t. , :. 9 ,,. ... D f0r!.1 a. by
OttUGAli -30 hhds. \N. 0...f0r sale by •
s,. \ JAAIF..4 DALZELL ,
111 i'.. unktersigold willpay the highest mar:l
~,, ~,,,,,, , M a. barony qu.ttit r of ;titre 13rtn a a,
dtrnrt • . Al. VAAL,
2 ,. Ai Marketer:vet, Pblla,,!
( RAN,BER ' itIES—Just recd and 114 r stile
be tbA,,,u•rt . .I,r Lushrt. at Nit) 1.5* 'lam Mart, In the
Ina and \ •, AR ,44 MA., primo N. 2()., for salo t.i•
1... ••••;•p?.. ,
~._ A iniEY, MAITRE:Kit tCO
I i PPER "I, 'AT It-40 Side4'Tood heavy
' il t,,\
I cfrvr Lel, r, far• Ala by ~
1 , 7 9 latat OS. I. I JTLEt CO., 2.5:.:1•1bart7 at.
, LOLIR — , ‘t, le. - Scott's extra fairaly, for
.1, t; ',,, 1:6,111FON, LITTLE At (XL
ta, ze Llberar 1,,
—A• ---..- __
DIG 4ETAL \i 5 tone for sale by %, ,
.1.. ea•D'Sa. tan, XATTIILW3 &CO. \
ISIOLOSES--.3.01 , 18. N. 0.;
' VET " • LIA - LTI -'° :.r gr..,
New '
4:4:24 . '„Va,=='"':' ''', '.
London Labor ti 044,0 . t b s ; -" '
' N\
London ArtiouroN for ~,pi.... r
•totLI Architfot, Sna. 1, 2 .n.l 3.
\L ,
, Itar•ldn Meattgcmterfe. eeatull to V sonata •
II Dtvottn. Cr tcllLit r oral. Lqitan art, Part''
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itatherlue Walton. ur the Xabi} of Dorc\e-itek, • tie.
sal Itnutarrvnf tin. Jt,•rolannkyln Can•li a. , ,, ..
31rchutt& Mnstartnn for na•orr• • \ '..\
'I naContetear, en liarrori ,,, .vae,
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Ltuif k.Oll hot, _rut's Wortler!, \ Truro!, .4 t - ,I ‘ , pkl \
Zllte. .:
Itavrice of a Danholor. • Bcy.t. atlD•tlti•aar ,
I::!'ri.lortVrVrzr7 ,- eiv 4 . , ,P .. , T . ... , .
~,„.,.g . . /1 rtioiTtelat, namylotteisst th. that. A.,
Tee Tr :a Pat 111:* Paddy ' \ . \ 't,
iian,jr n
err, edytoro 25 east, , \ \ \
Thenu r • bestial.. , s •
The Sealy Unte • • tale . cf:tietintt \
The Otwxy . I.lle, L4•_t., A. N. Itituol.D. a
• Rabe,. tb Cita'. Nth. ''' rtw ''‘l''"lN"'l7.,,,,,i'r"
lc,. \
jtjAltis G ,tIN, I %see or the hele ra
ted “S. - brall/l. roWobital.. th, gobl tolatik of -ho
woman loatitutorlor • , IN . nt s of ado, OM latt 1,.....,,
the doopnt, moat brill's.
.„,e n T 4 sortat (Allen yvt riaa
'torah Purohaaing Ol t lVoll t woo bo amooofactuntr, wk,
Wtable to roll on ma awn .to . ort Onraow. 0c0.,1 o
a,„ al o or,ookaa. s J.. 011! A.} W KE.II, A 012,?,
_ a, ' 2. • • atroOt
wit . .. 6
~ .., O r i. , f rii.ros i n , Wald, sin 4, ~
J. „„, e . IT la rotelpt .4 . 1.611 I, of Do Ltrawl; .
~. ~,,a , .. WI Itturol . alkokroo To, Do halo.;
a.ll of which •ey,•ib .3.4. ht. . pro SOLI Otlollty
awoort 001.• ma loth \
IN 1 1 1% erks. TI; -- 01 1 . 1 .‘ "e L le . r x ' V . z i n4 . n b_d_d be ; ', e
k k
sueetww llostlar and lor a eltd .t.lst• o t , ets . •
oats A dubber ot labor,. aux •to _. • el for tow
..1 ye work et lad: bola. Al., •• • 4 A rabs
wade • d *et soda owe
R' au Ito borrow eal soca La • a ralor
sa it oats. • pls,;efu a nine young ood ebott
- -N- du" ' " d L f th :d. "' ' '' ,Of •'' rind
= ,tdt pi lot ~,tl:.od dia;dtr l ir* it
lot rho co use is euttraly ar, la et t at ~.
bar Wad , 0 11:11. 11.611 Pt W a 11. ,
Lowe Is trel n i w aladed• sae Is las a d• pee a
gossa yaw. Male teem Proxy - dila, Pa. ...or f
pall blare, pl cal/Abu. iSatelOer. c ,
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SILK pop S—ltitis. ut. gc , o , . 1
14.7 mid par ex• St rigro k A 11.40 N
. • - .. • ,
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\ ‘, •
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\ -
\ ''''
, ak •
BM:wont Amzilert.—A moberesoM modarbocriptiomo
Pr lb'. Oopooorroiord oroi,tOtorageot frooofexpeur, from
r. 1 1 ,11 oak.. \
\MOVEIEF4iTS a i l
Bram\ Wes. •
'nunt TOT. =MD Enjii
\ '
Ships 'Learn , For n.t.e.
wuhloshori-----. , iN Tor ' theme ..._._Oct
Arlin S York., ...... .L.lre _...._Orr
N. York i, • Lren.........0ct • 1.
~ rhoriohqr.r., \ \
All (eon and for I.lterieLL iii,Nier 4 1ibe1...1.' I.
All Letbers arid Neown'oP. , . no b•libi Ibr 14. g b., ' o '''
ihrid and bootland ere ', teat lit the urst. stilarter, DO othel
of what lU.
Letters lathe Om:Mould of Etiroilir, be the Collhis Lre.
mast be prepaid twenty oar rents a Engle rhte, ...slit tilt,
a:l,e Owe: required to b• prrohidihil Drib , ' ' • •
Letters to the Continent of Europe by' Che Ciunsird Line,
mum be prepaid fee rents• eingle rate, exc r ete to thaw
places requir.l to be prepaid In
Letters hy the ilmrs Line, most be yrrepald Mmitity Lint
mum per half ounce Inlend Mistime to be added. except to
thirst hritain. \ . \
Ninesneeere by either Lino, to the Continent, past .14'
prepaid four mom each.
,Inland POslllyre mitst be edited on betnirs sod Neese. -
Inland Penny§ mono bo molded on betem. sod NeniPn
to the OpollnootoflOurono. OT the nom' and Ytemeo
• tire:! VriTsatrant, Oats - era
the up.rOug of canal and !leer, navigation, which hao„
heti, w long,hupentleCl by the draught, ban -\
selling Influence w ousineies. .clinalderall'e :hos Leen
doing Once out, hot report The river, though falangagian
lo for - co, ndltlon \ light irliciplat etionMeri, and
business along thy wharf, Yesterday, wnq quite I,Trly •
,•„ FLOUR—The reewipta of Pour, still continue 11Tht,
Co. have no large eales rwport- \ Priam Lave given way
since the rise In the iciest. an/ aides no fol
owy—Du labia at TT 12A(43 IS; at ta lOgel /0*
bbi,l ‘ from store sales sera confine tn lots for
city consumption of t3(44 I.SI
cutilll•i2,lll Wllnit
sod gge b
good Bo ley, Oats'
an thy staff at gar. itiles fr%di' Ire id 32 Y 31c? ir.--
We baye nothing to retort di Cut . '
13.33CEILIE.6—We slate cont uril Anne. is tt u inn
kYt. with a (slew... rat burguyis 46:16 , 1, trim -Agar stoe
oar liar report. 0 tails priry 6,6;,y, 4 raw: li 30 gool,
fair at tii..l 12 do avant: at 0.1.1 tin, - e Ls b bl ,
.I.. \\
Malwity. it 364381 1 y, 4 mar, .10 hf ad bay. Cathie t ol.icl,
4 MOS. Rice I -, xllitag triiircanclte 4 464.4. -ft a:
E l tormioNs—;cci... a etate nainega doll gOO
arm pricy. ..i.i.iyi 13•11106. plzin 0.0 num .I ity, NOIII
ta do at Ite; 201.16 I...shauldera n PlSts tsu 101009 trdo‘6. 4
tap 4000 Ms eddy. at lOci . '"itito la. ad. sed #.14.4 Dr 't
ri Suvir cured .atParsod hams -4 at Igrooyebnitc.-- ,
I antler Dale 12 c ihouldepeyeateidn eiftYrnou et Itac
tfillEl..-3.1. of 2 ca. Pada -.2.'6 Lt e. Aiming is,
aelli a. at 1(651 x 4 Pearl: Ci.Y6614. au 1 Pots • 4/6 c 90.
\UlL.:,—Linseed la selling tura:tali Isis at - 3. c .II '1 laid
at‘i 3 O, and N.. 2du firic la altar. .
PtTATOES—Bides of nen C I oo.oku 10. from \ '
..1 tiecr, at 31.4320 . 10 r 1:Y.6.06 , n. =I " r: 00 . Par reda.
BUTTER—Kent limited si...s et red Lat 1 . lfe...stud
taint 1f14.011.0t It \; \
PAM, E—Cbeere is ingintii. - to come iltret 000011 2
and yugylien will nig srenailLaty. We rata ea loom
awry lit rly tar eoturii.n.ud 6.6./..1 0 310 fgrereurr. ' 1
• tEED3-sales 60 bets:malts from UV. bands.. • 211
held at $2 60 trod stn., Cloy. i 13 aintat rd s3'3o.f m
ant bands, Yr aag 00 0 9.
PALI.OIV-1 sal, of.
10 bar ~• sal renated at 6W f 37.
V lb,
DRIED f&312-Nell sal from staritat 01 62 ay, 1 Ii•
for mato. aril 81(53ta for i,gles.
lIAI-ILegular acts it 0., scale. at 312416 VI tali.
ITIIISLEP—La s lea 100 alis, iri lot. at 19560.ca5b for
Ka.. its2l rash and time tyrjted. 2361
WlNDOW"iiiiiklYS—:ale 400 04. oby 12. in lots, at
31 37 for mune/ . bread....
Flail-The market tardinue firradniori ani are'yolilaie
rained. Pala bare be.. 4 •', . Pie agent at tlit. following
rides-- , N. 3 , 3[lK...ere' Si 4 bbl. 1a Ins, nod V..... 5 3 sine!
14,1, Co 23019®13, ..1 No 1 at 312. svnlt. ts 4an *el,
ling at n 10. and Pate tapestry Trout at SS ttbbli Xt..-
r t l;iNs l .l , l , lm .. ros o It= 3 1 %•3 , 23. No 1 trlanard 566,1
, ..,
FIATtERS—PIas tasnot I. unisi, and miles tannutl to
limited 4...2 344436 c 3 Z.
CANDLEd—Tbarela a rnul agilecuud it Use rmtrirst a
full gaireis, say for Pittiburgb rassinnettu - eds Yds, =Yrs
mould tallow 163610:60, wit common dined at kilt.—
'Our manuaktursin are doing. fat butuesa .0 tbay? tit.
rib. offering, of
Poe offerisvid of,OrsTos reached 1100 food, Al 5 of srhieb
won sold so city busehera, 50 wen , lea ore, sad IES
Strilto to I.o.llsdolphls.
o ST% th. bOor, Elosi
$4 1 .017 Su ust.oad 2; C :i r is:ld It grog,
liodo 7 We quote et 55,00.-1 Aossrkoo.
. n
\ CANAL';OII3632tCE. ..
Ws etka }Moo Ms Collset4,'s books the MlLawing es.larbll
.0 th e boshesks dons cm .tho Vltaayls.ida Canal. delime
the Meettleht,Prie. also, from ilha 6pmellsag of the moil to
the 30th Pep - . 3K51 ,
ihiting Sept: ierms °Virg
\ IMPORTS.', .
Agri pradorts e It \ spla-ld. 241. Ve,165 , h0,4.r,5
Barley, btu. 27b
Brno sad glair • off: bus, 4.000 13.1e7
Bye. hue, • . 0 0065 6.001
Core. hos. \
Ea. lOW.. 'VS
. .
.. ..
Cotton. \ .•
1 9
' 5:
Hay. ton.
/letup. Le. '5J..2k5 172... NV
oats. btu, \ .5415 . 25.751
Potato., bus,
deeds, boa ' 10e \ LlOO •
"fob... (not ossfarturedj.r.. 15,900 , 2575100
Wheat. b.. 545 .. 1.55Ps
'Dr] tilde , Lon \ U,OUL/ )30,14k ',,,
Leather. 15 t. i \ 54.7 d) \ 414,M1 ,
liegt... (unatvuta.) ort. \ ~ i' ti, . \ i 6 . - i i . : ll
, Boards, Plank, as, toe t
\ Hoop pole., nnmbet. .' pat 11:7.00
, Pant and Lail.
T unklat, number.
Woos., cords, 4
Chtoserate. Ins. 0 1 . U
. 3.14,515 s
Cones. Ls, r . , :V, ant.5 1 ,51:0
/iota (....,Bants ani Shoes. tr. 4,095,175
Drava.' Idadlonsesl
3,21&`47, , iird.Y4
14 1 dord.. 00. '
DI. ma , . me, • cow \ 51.91.10)
2:althea's - los, 755 . 11,000 '.
dlaareare.,Las s . 4.000 , .5.50 , ..
dr:aeries. b e. \ I 770.009 9145,521 ;
Hard...l-ea, Cutts r TS De., 515.754 10 . ,5L1 SP.IS '.
ad. white, )11s, \' Latlas
red and Wasp's*. L.. - 0•1291. •• 01 ,
• t ors. (Partin,/ Cell. 45. ....01
lAz fg•,V,
a. • s, oxisla„L
,b,sff , (11 1 4. 1 ". r..,,,, ~,,,, , t,
\ 2V . ....os. " ‘trosonolan --- ' bared - 4 '5, p'9 ' ,ll/... 1'',400.195 ..\\
5.15. and other 001121 M, ISs, /W i t 1, 7 11.5, 0, ,
ClaT berrmart.DP.
an (Int!1•1.1 lbo. 52.1.. 21.1: .
Prl ' : '. 4rt .' iY: : '''
..54.455' 12.271,e..
, ' 71.71X1 - .45683
. 1 1,, 511 0, 05a .b ar t.. , , n , on., 15 „600 1 700 t i 1. ,0 0912.5
Lout i s?l . ; It
0. 0 00
111 . ,600
Red Or re. 1?1, ,, \ 1 ,'' U.ON , 4.90 u
dpantsh hint) Os, -
, 1 , 2.5110 .,,, - 7 . ...4 . . 2... r .x.,r0
.„ 0 ,1, n, 27,5uu 6Z,59U •
barn 421 17.4.3 i
lour. burgle, w
butter, /.
V1:,74:,.".iti.,. 4 rmil .. .. ~.,0:nko \ \ m,300
: . ,,.. i.i:F 5 : . : ,7: :: r , :: ::::,
a. ' iw2a.l:',
. i . , 7 , •
B*k. N rr b ! - - ne l ft '.,W.1 . .t/r) t,,,, 1
. F,,..,, , A0
ParTusd ' il . i t i' it. ' V., . .2153.9tat ' -,
•inreltt..... •,, . 1115556 ..L055112 \
p0 .,, i „ , 1,, \ Pp.stuu , 172-500 )
Psousensere. dee 11 - stens& 31111. .1.1110.15 s
r" troin ' et. '
,A .n rch
ed Oldnt 5.110.01
Parley. boa 1 61 5
o. We. i
Uor""h4'''''\\ tut
te.LOiX/ \ 703,Cdti
c 5 . 5”.• L". ) t
slay. tons. . 43...\
,_ 1 . 010.
fleinp O. t'• \ 2 %194 . .0...544
Licks 0.110.. ' V. 54,001' tag 702 cO,l
!beeswax ana ,0 , : , ..t. '' \ ' 51 0 0 0 3 \ \'' . l: ,
• 'eobs;Z h lkat Le. \ s t, 7.4.519 \LT.:OIISu
I,' ..,'P=l; Lm{ use sties. 'La. , 0,1./(et \.:;k1,790 -
Weathers, Zs • • \ 29 , 2 1 , 15 '..' 91
l.'s add . peles. Pi \ .st. , ,L 239. \,
rs hides Ls. • ll,Tio 148.4ra
t o bides. 15 • \ 1.2)3
Lobez. 17 , ,, . • \ 51527 azwi
: 0.. 1: r % \ \el. 2. 5.1=529
Pas (unkronnd).. 4 .• '•
1 1 ••• I r
Bark wad.
1. blanks, de, Teel.. \ 79 . 0: 7:73.9../1
llesklldg and bolts. No. , . 5.000
Tllgt `
\ l 2 \3l,OOG
o ttrm,
\ Chlosererte. LS. • \OW \ 1 1 75
\ 6:.
Boots. la. 4. beta.. .492
` brodS - stal naktbiose, De.
) Dry 1./.la, Ca •' ' rt,tlB „ I nt ' l! ' •g
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