The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, September 22, 1851, Image 1

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IVE:rn & CO. r
Worm a.m.
- _irmarcet rancvarazer.inzer DOM :ro TOM ran
DITLY--Sesen &lines Per annum. pirsble hel! foal] ,
•071 Douse* U yald In advance.
• WEKKLIf—a goslothge per annum; In ulnae. Cane
SIT eutlllnion the follos-lug
Ten copies do- ..... ...... ' N
The' -role or oath O IT
tdrarbe liddretood to ono porto,
in ma No Club gapers will
5e.... NW Tsar expire, utilises the money to &pot (or
' norwa.
. .9114 Sguar. (10 /bum of Nonpareil or Ice.)
brae tmertion. .S 0 10
• Do. nets 0 rr
Da. 'them ... 4 00
Do.. .two ._. 700
four mouth.lo ED
..... VS
' Do twelv moth.
&MOM& CarsiN ' fb Ittufs e
or les; per ass7;ura —l5 00
OM War fur each additional Wm.
MMtu. changeable at pimmas (per cc
nom) arelturive of Use ~
'Dor mots otdalonal &mare. lammed orar onsimotstt; and
haltOm matt
s; additional musto laseroM under the reser rater,
advectimatrot. esceedbut max.. aud mrt over Sams
1 is h =h b Au d' oot aceoluftare tbrLe i gtl akvertimmenta
MOM. amount Margo( Dr Utah. publissUom
Arromtneing candid... Or to- b. charmed the rum
mother stivortieenurnta. •
Adrerttotmenta tot tomliel an nib copy fora specitbd
number of eonatturd Duration; be Dr1)ll and 00.4
. meat armtal monainalyrill
Th. privilege of antasal adverthers la strielly limited to
their morn boduedid• Inutneen and all advertisements for
:!th. benefited other amweta. advertionsent. not
Immodiately conruested dri tbastr own blltinens, and all
dames of adveetiononista c in-length or otherwise. beyond
!M. Dat. Sturgoi at the us o al rates. FM
mil , sae • adventling. MID Mil be inaratmly
, &Meted. ansismaupt junnestD desired.
All adrerdleatanta ehmitabl. Dodo:Mons, fav eon,
ined Wd itteVtirld7sr " s hi et extpor.o.v.r4Armozi.
Misnisatt notices to b. charged b 0
000., . •
Muth notices Duetted without M nntress mamma.
Mg by funeral
be or obituary nottosa. guld •vrtuo
Kracepawdeo to be pad
I aeqralar . sal .11 others mudlng cumumult-t
-t key . or. regsdriag nod.. ..I.3rnest to rail • attetitlon to
hir.....poinses. - Wotan; or en public entertain ounts.
where Mar am nude for n 4 ttanon—all autism .1
s—riery notion destgunt to rail attentiuu l.
. cutaintm., eallsted or intemit.l promote hull.
'bloat Wawa, tan . leuretrd with the onderstatul.
tag that Mt mom la to be 6,034 Co.. If intended to bo to.
meted Ma local ram% the muss be dodged at the
r &Do( not km than 10 rent& per line.
TamanMY Or Maims. PAU. &OM Notim. to obamed triply prim. •
Ta mch. • •
• (lteal - DV...Asming and Auctioneeni larritimmrpto Dot.
Ob. OLiPod ends yearly rates, but to be snowed a De.
count of this three ao4 cm third per rout 111,m. ID.
60600101 Min . ,
• en-Tans a num . TAM.. •
Oa. &mem three Ineertions.—. -41 t 4)
Ow. 'BP= (19.11.%) ogltur in
nack - .. 4.5 anle.
U rasilrdlnertlameiltOct tersteli,Z•4l.eance.''
111- • R. KERR, Attornefat Law IGo
no Potrth betsten Smi th /341ml Ursa... Pitt.
,EAVE.Ftr Attorney: ill' Liw, Founh
strost, our the Mayor'. 05,., llttpburgl2, P. Col
-I.llous atlanded to Promptly. • myltb.lks
' h 1161.31 01/1.." .1.1-tilrlll..
(1.0.. of trarrito..., Pa) I (tLate of 1n(.11.4' I.)
9& LIPHANT. - TAYLOrti• .Attorneys at
-tat—ooks ea routhe.eit. N. 842 3 .4. W. 4
• Welled stn.., Pictsbnryli, Pt:
. Mph= 'WC:v.:dolma tor the State of
- I,Dlb
MUNN: 8: .COLLIER, Attorneys at Law
- mi. an Fourth Meet. .bor. erctithileld.
JWHITE, Attorney at La*— Of
. It u the 4 ,,,i ntra p t
. t . stntet, em Fourth, inAlb=11;1114-
;T. it 11. Is B. FETTER • , Attor)
. prtr .t Lour !gui, Real Ettiill Arra& t o triAth
43.1 ES J. KUHN, Attorney' at Law, office,
to Tiishaiac 1614 corner of great street mut Disteena
aterbetrett, Albans
f.1i.01441113 Pf NOW ROFT,=!=il
gaga a
ttotneya at .1 , 04 r,
, No, LID Pawl.l> stmt. Plttabarib.
Tan, YO[rba¢ r
* Parter,.tor ller
ta WM. ts=o "'
r lit
tJ "
I ••II
• 'ASPER. E. BRADY, Attorney at Law 0 11. St Fifth trttryt: P/nobaretl.
immusoN SEWELL, Attorne at Law,
tir OhloSticteCatertd,riimaer tatinit , £'k.
...Asttwamta of DIP•2L * G • Map— Raystreir•
~:f.! ~t:at:i:y~; ~~jcc~n:e:~:r:~
FZEORGS . ARNOL D & B,ani t rr.
yr Denim la ftehangs,Comije r No t e,
tomes Amt. nen doer te the en
Asetleaseenfally_atteodod tooksd they roceed. maimed to
. 4 16 , 27 ef-tb•Unkm.
. ~.... .... , ~ .. ..
VIC:IL .WILT.rAms E — COI, Bankers - -and .Ir.setuukgsßrokers. North Zest eturier of Wool
serf steets, ittsburgh.
.111 trausee r tioas made ou liberal tangs, &ad correetious.
......•-• -- - - • -
D:ZlNG,Banker and Exchange &chef,
bc ' t ' L l fri ed. '" "-
Tbs . ,* market rim pLid Prmium A.g.rica.
HUT and Ifuler Lid ..Pltl2l/41 /Mi.%
ht 'LAM:HER; JR., Banker imd Brocr,
legred. No. ektdidatroz tn. Bank of Plttibarvh.
E t tuizise .t -Bil nn
si mad literal Mar s
LI im >I: . n 'l',' II e era - m °rum
• • - 4.I. E NTX.I= E iILVOW"'"PI r It:
. . .... •L tli, indt . ..,l 8= 00 11 Lt. vi.snai 4 tor•
W. 1126... - :............. ..
r alba , *-lAIIR iank LM
i - ,Itratiiiir 'bulk., to Forelgo encl - Ika3. tle
of r ase cer.lffttr, or D. 1.4. B•nl , Nan , —
011ekeerase AV mull Waal strowts.
the Bt..[Eterh• Rote I . .
BAIR • • 111ViN, Commission .31frrellantS
.cod 8111Blotert,No.'114113ocoontroot.. Penne sad
tistate socoxitteo bozo SRO to 310400 olontto ook band
SlOZlULUePfUzia..;:....Joanor. [.)f-Lat.
rAI,II.ER; CO., successora to
Llama, tutoli , a flort.fla. =ux. , Waxes,
doskra Yor.firpon •nCL, Dornestro Faharyr,f..orlifkraw
Ortpplajtaffkk frairsornd Spade—North Wert rorrurr of
woo 4 sod stn,. count Mors n....1”..1 on Dr ""-
....big Im.roirt lotfil for foreign awl Am•rltro.
. •
:14:11manno made ott.noimitnents of PruiturooLlolpped earl.
TAYLOR Comthiasioner and Bill
.Ilootoi. U 2 Swag ortoort. Stria idiot:don will Go
ovii to iotl booth.* alon"! to ht. ern. IrltlAtoorob
maalolootrard saelso wlrzi F ol hood °tyro...mord at short
rodeo:. . lirOOrklloodo r a. orogotlolt.l oo favor
obis Una Aaron,. m. 4. .. tat oom
R: 7 o.7lA r aliTlig, Late Johnston, Stock
.12: B 110L - BIES'-(fliettp Laura epot,
Tbtrit .. opporito lb. PootT/Ptro. ro
J HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer.
?tars itnirtb obvet. Apollo thaldhoon.
M'CL/INTOCK, Blanufacturer and Ira
uggge mo cirtg, on oats, sun= Boat Tri •
tr. ,Warebanw,No.lsb Rovirth..
Wad ft:. PALM:aut.
co msioNTxn) FORWMUNG.
M.I9LNDEXTER,;cor er of Water and
• .ligeriod..strester, Pltt....rgo Commsr.o* aaa r.,----
maw Horst; .d far Val lore se so.lolfl of Flour,
"Wane. Produor; Iron. Falls, Ult., d Ibermaotactured
falleletatiltblmrsh goncre3l.r. , •
ativot gorthe malo of N. lia .r a co.. end I. if il
-.,.otoi'.<o.lelrratettrf.nri orrl - 1.47 Fatbl.. at Pdilad4hfa.
~ , ,, , ,feketimad 'mkt.* Co.'. capes - Ica raotA4 TOL, . 11441:t!
Art, ItteANULTY Co.4ranaporters,
• rot...wain and:onamipsibm'acyremats. Dvot,
IleasSladit.4o4 Yout irtecsrePiLt•burxh., tobis
tAki qI[III2aMIATI Merdwats, lao. f 1 Water remit.
JOHNSTON, Forwarding and
Nwdma. io. 112 Sx.d
I '9, Forn'ar. ing an oro
- ine.nl6..l3zotg. Dollen . In PTtitxt and Pitt.
• Alin :Tait; 87des-79;:i7it
• .n=aoes it Co.. Cotos6llrsad Forwardly'', Mor
la Pitta.Mo itunfactuml Gonds. FIC.,
iLltaKia ioo,lrtrisstriaa...—e. L. Amos. am.
MON & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dalai Pls firmer sad meals Dr 7
I••: . I •
B. D. , lIUNT, Dentist,.Comer or Fourth
sad Dwain. it, tetvent Market itmll Ferly ote.t,
OM:MOON Mercluotx for the ..l• of vtillWriktart
(Rods. NalTSPLlberty)t, Pittaburgb.
1119 a dr,"WiIAILI3AIIOII, iir:o7;rlVerchant: :
% Vo w '1)"`14" Mw a f
se WI =6 Stlvet. Eltlaburgh.
rit, - VILSON 63., Importers and
Whalbed. la /1•11 wan sad eatlen. IZ/
Onst. Pithrbunth.
IILOWERT,BIORRIS, Tea and Wine Ater •
'nat. Eat We tet th• Diamosui, Pittaburikh
11111. A- d
W L .e... A. Wei' s Uletegrume,' Grocers
4=ll" tq :„. A w . soOltmer4 of 1:1 ‘."4
brreat ias . 77 -0 4r e trage & m ad nal. VrWri:
n A. FAIINESTOCK. CO., •Wholesule
-13 • Drugrcist. and manufwfurors of Wbl I,ad, 4.4
Itnad, and Litharg, cornar Wood atal Front atnwt•, Pala ,
burgh. IS. - mcb7
c. 3enotrlll..
rkiiiinrd! M.CDCI‘V E L, .4` ..
( uccessors to
f lk to limy A 11"0rr..r.) TVI;o1r ' r i . ,, , a.n.l it.tall Drug and
. re , crintion Mtnrx., mrnor of ,V4..1 Arr.t eu3,l Virgin nil,.
day pryer:n{.lmA car..talii companznied night and
KIODA . . CO., Wholesale Druggintn: Deal
u On Paints, Oils, Dye Ruff, and lia.tranirnlA—
pi.tor:rielop :d•Latae . e ~..I..brat"l Worm Sparo, LIT.
asal Lona' gyro,
N. corner of Wood and
Yourth stroata. Pittalaira h. Orden. will an mrafulir ra , [•
nL and Gurwarol,l with
F. S 1 LLERS , 2z , a
I e is
Oil., 4 .
7 Wax.' atravt, Pittatup;h, in. lloado warranted.
Vricaa low.
Q N. 'WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
• . Or.. W..
HAUN. & REITER. Wholesale and Retai
DrvggiatP, corner of canna nal St. Clair ata., Pit
rub. Pa.
SCIIOON MA K_E R & CO., Wholesale Drug
la tests, No. fl Wood st..Piitaburgb.
our.. ... : ..... . ... JO.l.
k BLACK BUIt:N Wholosale Gro
Igen "X itt . B 4nirlAZl, 114.:.11tegi W5:2".7.1 .
on hand ru Werth., 141 Water xtra4r, i'OrKb r . ark
vat. aima, . 1 1,
j rueyou I . a . L.;;C
F. WILSON, 1 olesa c Grocers an d
L. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, COramitoion
a Merelant. cod &ruler in Paper mud Italo, minter 01
"l'enn and /rwm ntmeta. Pittabun.h.
AMUEL P. 8111t1I'ER, Wholesale lin.
kJ Producir nad
rrie lwyl-
In Pittsburrli 31zirrifaritircil Article, NI. 130 and I=
SeNcuil lirtirwin Wood and
. ............ 51.
Urnevra, Nrodu. nt.l Comtninktn, ..,Iv , iehscuu, end
, t ento fa). Unsard Powder Co„ u( Ilalardville,C, N , No
t, Yitte.hur g b.
.61711717. ME & NORA ItA3r,
.U.4lll.corn nsul Iwnl.dJu Ilrrthalut, N .116 IT,.
err}, and ipo Viret, PMAunt!, '
. . .
IIEY, ATTHEWS S.. Cu., Wholf..saN
tirorers,COOnig,ioo and Forwarding atfirhanta, and
On M
Onto for Itriahhnt Cotton Vara, ttt Watwr at; ilttaburgh.
• . _ _.,._ .
"Itla ; .
7311 N , Jo. 11111.1v5.
1 011 N WATT & Cu., Iflioletutlet Groceret,
.10 coumdmiou Merchant. and M.A.,. in Produt, and
L11,'„V,rp,.."-...,,,..... 1,. .2,,,, I.itt.wlY t.twwt. ii,tw
lir B. tiAiirlELfi, late or IVanbu,
• 2 . .," c4an r , .
rrsrl Anb, 4.3l:lWesteru Pr.luve Watnr
betrent neattiftuld nod Wont, •
WIN BONN 11.01-IST St.
th-ni.47,";%ttf,Vrl i ".T:e7"l°°ll,?l',4."h
-I.rulurre. No. rid, nauor of ttot . it rt.r.rt raw Cltaterty una r e ' .
L.Viatt 151:715T ...... .
SAIAIi 1.)1K. EY S I'o., Wholesala Gro
g.e.ea.C.rouni,slon Merclualt.., and Deniers is Plulue..—.
6tl War, and 1k..7 Front .trrri, I • lnAny),..
M. ...... oriuirri.--
pNGLISII BliNlNE'rr, late laglish,
0•11aghor ArCo.,l l' holefuslntirocr,GarotaLvion and
on.rapluts 31erchauta. Dralers PrQua , acul
kturgh Manufacture., No. 12:: eemnd lt. rind 121 Vint et,
between 'Wad and So:11[11(01d.
.rOWI ararLt D. 11111 ILL 'PALM O. COL
• A/11 ' GILLS if ROE, WI:iles:Ile Grocers and
Ccummisfion Men:haws. Xn 23: I.llvrty
R OBERT MOORE, Wholeeale Grocer,
Rectifying Distlll,r or
tangytt. Pittabuirgh
prifcturvis, and all kinO, or and lion:writ.
Wines land Lifitaim 415 Liberty itreet. On hand •
;fa! Z s %
t VILIC4 a of . uorssonoasnwa. lst we r,
Grocer. eoaltelosinn
amt., sad Delis fa Pitt.bilmh hinimitartur,
Liberty xtivet, Pit/Aural,
au. I.oArr ..1111/1 C11.400'.
b. woco4,tnU. 1..P11
%yM. .13 , A94,LEY , e , . CO., Wholesale Oro-
VIFICK ISLCANDLESS, sucee'ssurn to
Y L. a. J. D. \Viet. Wbolonale.lrnwv, Forwarding
Ind Camolvion 31wr,hen4. doolent La In.n, Nub. MA,
Cotton Yarn", nod l'lDAhurqb ;InuriforDims t,n.ralty,
earner of Wool and %Vv., sc,..De..llDaburub. •
a CLOUSE Wholesale
Oroerrs and Cbutia,don Mer{banti, Dealer r
duc, ,
wad Ilttabarleh Man aKeturrlllrcirk-g. I. be 1:7
ptn , et. l'imburgh
--10111 T 1111.1 T.
L•a WILLIAMS & CO: Wholesale and
Getu Family Grocers. Forwat.llitg and Commireion
aub, and healers in limotry Produes and Pituburgh
ktattulletureu comers of Worst ao. Each !1., Pittsburgh.
..4.1.46.~..—..ratma. urns. _Juaur_ s- un.cams.
110BINSON, LITTLE t. CO., No. 2,55
Litertnrta,et, PLUFtrargh. Wholmam Ch*en, Fib
arid Pauburgb
& R. FLOYD, Wholegal° Orocem, Cora
l!. iNLIAt="I4V7..itT4=inrIZIT,
"etreeta L'lntatoargh.'ha
4C7llllr . Artkitcal:: " WhoiegaieZACTgg:
Ikadera In Proolneo, For•hon I.hpora (9 Mon
ongahela and liorthied Whhary—No.... latumerend Low.
Liberty ot, Pitiaborgh. •
AS.,DALZELL, Wholesale droce;, Corn
iniselon and l'orrraMing Ilerettant. and deaFrc in Urn
I OIIN 11. MELLOlt,Doalei:in Piano fort,n,
o ,, Mtale, and Masks! Imarnm•AtA, Febnal So o ts. And
',.."= . 14., P 47,,r‘g f
,7,. traVar. ' P '''''' P 4 ""• ''''
pENRY K_LEBER, 10 , . 1.1. in M u s i c, MII-
AlealllutrilmeretA. awl Imports a Italian. Mein.
...A.ut fur Num. A ClArk, grand sn4 equAr, Mn.:,
Ittl.eliNl9.l . l , XoleAu Attaehsumat, Alm.. fal PautmeaA
1 ....
DILLINOS,. WILSON 6; CO., bianufnn-'
canny of a 4 !Rises 111, ,,, 1p4 gun, lurk,
. chair, and luting nail,: born Lll, clout. hub, sou
• pet nail% hour 111.11-1 slat lathing do.: ol•c. flue :A...1W
blued trail*: Sr., ate.
OSIL.. at 1. irI'ENCO:I7 , 11% nat., al, Pat.. ,
orgb. p.;
H.. J. [a.m.— -a , -Dat ctuasil - It'aftltall.
arrlbars mannlartore a. as, munautly nn Nand all
• a... t Tart., ktrult.and r‘parat,lo, t inlalon,a_Clont, and
ob Nan, fax....inne , l 1.1,,nr. Harrel anal L.l.luna
Nall,t and Tart,: Barrel N•II, C,,pret .n.l Zia;
N.ll PattWrn Alaloq, Pointe, 81. eta, kralrltal
l'Abllql43.L, CHINN a
4 fat,ml...l . l4aburgli.
ENNEI)f, & 60., Manulactii
• net a rery aupprlor 4-1 4q,..n.n0i, (411A.e.Vhal.,
I, tt. Twin. oat tattlnk. Penn I,llmbutalt.
13 1:PTSBIntall ALKALI WORKS.--4:ieti
ta Water ot below
11,117 ALTER P. MARSJIALL, Sure.ealiorto
• Pemurl C arul In Pram)]
am] AmerlPan PaPur tfangtogs arid Iturdrpt, Windrow
Ebulos, fir. Board Print" dr. Mrr,--I,l4itibc
aollYraping raer, No. Wood A.m... uth
saki Diastpund p Pittsbappb. Pa. nr..l. [ .
OITIV A. CAUJGHEY, Agent for. the lake
fey kdie and dfirbigan Una to Ekaver and tb.n
11144 - * on th• mewl' or %raw,. and Conitttield
11 LUCE' & CO., Transporters 04.131
„By Tamarac. M erchants, carttsr of PRIII2 street
mitt. emu..
BROWN would mostrespketfully inform
J ApopubikthetbetxtWon herd tallest...lon the levet
sere Of the Dlorronnl q lorboor Car; A AOCIPIAtA AROf.tIIICIAL
o( Vomit/An blind, eleoTenition Shutter . onlor
In the beet Kyle. oarrannol ...root to Any tn the United
&ate,. Fria BMA' , .n la =Loured Without the std of
trton drier. Florian rumba-eon the afoot, t00e,an.1.0.4
Of tho cabinet onahlDihis..ot of noway AlcCielb.i.,l ern
propane) Ihrehh the'ir old enennuirre.ra ne the Bob.
lie nAlartn,stth every Mbar in their lino- • '
Agency, No. Wu.o street. Plat.burzh.
J. A. aßnws.
Puirnmmt—lteeldenrs. tnnur of mini ortrettteml nut
• men, 'A/leeway.
t ll)—Llnm, Itatd. Mortar. Lath. le., far sale. •
1.04 03:41.1:11:41Murr,t,(I);4
ADAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
from Fdllabnyvh, Sootlap& would tapperttally ne•
at the publ/c tbat h e lortomtnann.l prattler In the
Snore ryorenallota, mot, by earful et...talon to whales., Is to Lilt, he boy.,, to give astisfaetkm.
la connactlon with. Jaw., Hartle, florae Moth= and
Blarkanitlana In.geneast mill to cartlatl on. at tho cora,
of aortal t lnrt snot Itenttay/ranla arenpe.
j MILLE JOUNSON, Eneraver on Wood,
Ptalo 11.11. (thlnt ntnry.) PitttlAttgb. r.—viers of
1 , 11” A N IlachtrtAry, lin& of Nes tpAjWif. FroPfiffi , f ,
I , ..tPA. Drag lALtAIA. ISILIS SOT I.I•LtiAnA, f4l
- StAtnAA.4r a.. Dna At7l^
,rt.. 4 At thr Invest prin.&
Pittrantrob. Map!, Lowlo - amor. Portrolto, now WIN
n: ll .boodo.ftra:u Bond. Latad...trehit , ciar.l Ilachlos
prt.rin... l .oriorso mod Vieltinz Cud, Arc.,..grated or
drawn on OM., and priotol folorr; Gold: Worm«, or
I, orOr lb the moot epprovo. stylft.uld th. anon ma.-
orioro orn93 r
Wepei, linecbster & Mueller's
rigiß ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to their frirride and th. paLtln iernerallb that Orr,
pnirariti to execute, in the lint stria a (berl. art, nil
ord.. Jor Ohm. Cools, hill, Dipiontar, Cliette, Virition
oat Profersional Carle Rani, Chortr.l.ntrain, 40.,
Their notahlirtnnent LI at No, GC, Market street tntwern
Third end yotirth rtroetr. np reels • mehrotf
pv:cr 4 -
t o rem , ritt.bungh• 6.—yi'sto..tandelcPie
•torolly e•enle,
. . .
Is 4 tibol4 e
11414.n . h. .If.a
vaults. Tombs. 11.14400..444 mankl Pi.aiewata and
s .K"..,z.r„
Wt. M. McKnight
VirILL give op, al attention to 'the Collee
tton of la or lirrehants and otbarm, Wrst-
arrigularlrunla and g d
aup= Oh*, -
U 0 e.. In Tilghman 111.11, onpoaltortha Nov - Court Ilona,
Pittsburgh, Ps.
Itiggriotg,c—.l.oolll'.rrimla.Pluoogin, 44 . flow Hampton, and 'O. 101. Eau. - RDltq
.___ _ __.
Dooto Eh Reichhelin •
INFORMS 116 f ends and - the public in gen
eral. that he has °red his offira tote. streec No.
12p r: to Os. Clair 11 tat.
p• rt.—Persona indeb to biro for a ItAth of time, are
requetted to settle !het accounts. 771tigro
ASA L 4.1,1 LICK Y 5; CO., Agents for Me
elmnir's Iron Work Eteen nonstontly on hand ari . 4
,VAI74 rosy low D r{ "P""" °"T11,9 tar
F. R. Moore, M. D.,
ILL sporial ottentlon th the treatment of direst. of gO-
Trturttiq " lrnar 4 1 1. '''' :. .t th r * llo4 " Volirrso .. : . st . .rr "_ 1... '
near the lian s tl greet I int, and neat door to the vial -
log MN. Allegheny Ott °Moe hours 1,000 7toV A. U.,
from 1 to lit and from 7 i 9 P. M. myteiry
V I Mils. N0.. , 667, Li r tor of Adtime st., Pdttslurkir.
hrougbtsto., uni Practical Alining Agent. Mahe"
atant of Models for2 k Patent Cane, dash of MstAti.
fere tar ore Warr tV, .a, hailing With An. ns .
Hal to
found betwixt lA. M. 6P. IL; at Ma residence, No. CI
51artiory etre.% Pittobtt .h. jatiltdir
1 °ORD it , C ~ Wholesale 'and Retail
Mattunicturers, a d Ilaithire In ilatl, Cant and Cum
corner of Hied arid PIN streets, Pittsburgh. • where the, -
cafer a Pull and complete tack of lints, Caps,. Fora, Ac, 01
rier,' qhanky and style. y Wboleetale mad Retail, and W
t. the attetalon of thvi customer• and purohsecra arnet^
ally, immuring them the er..ill emll of the Mc.t soivan.
lagmus trim, ..
DIOBY I blerchunt Tnilur, Druper.
b.u.ll).irr lu Hnady Muir Cluthiug. 137 Liberty
11 4 .
.M 4 i i un.
TTo","itora hire. one door above Smithfeld t. No
Or. Styx. Lae permatieotly I.vated to Pitteburgb, bud
sill stteod to the , diattre of tilt Provielem. Ho Vlie
part/atter atteatture w Sutoteet rue. maid tbn dines.ors of
wow= st±el!ll.ll,l9.
ONE(OEIt b CO., Importer. of Wines,
ll 1.4.1”i0k sod Sti.te It.e Smithfield strwei, lei
leer° Sixth nod Sevetitb.
tA. Al AIIIIIIA, Ag,,lnt for Dolnman; Mu
tu.ll,atety lusurant..l24;inpany, 42 W.a.m. oteemt.
1 GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Yrunklin
40 Fire Itiourunt, et.uptaly, sinrth rorni, of Vie.d
sad Third str.ota,
lir 51. GLENN, BINE. BINDER, Wood etreet,
Y wood door (min the corner of Third. when Its l
f, pr ii? * d t r 7r j atlllt ' y 7111. d
suLstantlaly. tiog. Cu isumorls? . or . nla
bound easefully, or Nanuss put on ia gilt lattera
bwre binding 7 rm. low.
Steamboat Agency,' , and ileneral Commis
sion, Receiving' and Forwarding.
tIALDWIN, PLUBIER & CO., have this
day aslggiatisl with them Mr. John Lawton. ..1 ode.
e T it Cho. VoLlio aadtgamboat AveUtd,
Commiszion. ulll Furaarling_busiosos, muter the style id
I.ollArrits, Ahrli 15. INA. 142 Row.
lAttorney at Law, ho. 183 Third, et.,,corner of Cherry
a ay. baring made arronamtneoni for the purr., will
procure !tonna Lands tur otilrera and eoltheni, their
wldowa andc n,hildayand will attend to any other bus/.
neal, ronnected with the, government or any of It. Depart-
Ments, the Condon office, or the Court, at the City of
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
MR. D. R. SMITH is . now:prepared to giie
itmrttai.n t.•Pqr gib In the different broach.. n s
Atkinion e s l igh wb uilding.
F h u i s s t
, •
15..1 and
Market stxrets. /inure of inetruetion. tram lid to 45.. d
from 64 to Si s. (,Tura,. and other partkulers tan b.
Orion hy rolling leterocon) . thr moms.
Refer to Pr. Gera.> or Dr. Addison
.la=ff tf
LIGHTNING RODS--Spratt.'erPaterd.
JA.1.1:3 JACKSON. Owls.. Anco,
. . .
Wholefa.l.e Dmot, SU Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa. ,
(Cartwright', Cull. ty Ntora.)
rinIESE , LIGIITNING RODS are so con
edj..struet that they natanot got nut of order. The In
rtniatorn and Attachment. ntting
.arrstrataly, the gninta
and glagrn•ht are untreallnd—the 11.610 being highly on
natonntal. and !without distrait the Mat entnlnetng *Ter
nanufai - tur,t. Jaehenn attaeh 01/.1 Id
op tint hint. Print at tha stlrn. 10 rent..
ttnntlntann Sr. reapartrally tnquented to call at. 05 Wand
afran.t., and t align, where, a/so. the Agent may
be man. myTitti
r.O. 00081.0 PISCLA.M.
StorsglObiPPing &Commission Merchant;
111 1 E dealers Lin.v..ries, Ginsa,
v V RAI. SalL l'lmger 4.M., No. TO iggt- and 133
Itiver stmt. Clgre lam/. Ohm.
C.Ab 1411,91,•• Inuit no canMgontentm.
Agents trg all Stemnbontg and Pmpellon in the Lek, Co.
penny Linn
gofer to—Wm. A. 0 11 n 2 Co, Clevalani;
NiirS benlamhleer, Minim
T. Id. Llone. Cr, Yittsburgh.
myl4.6m. • ,
Itockingiumit and Domestic Queeneware-
IV Tf..,...
DiL'A . L.D , T .
tong I V &
/KAM 1.4t71.rtan., Ohio.
411 - Satiple 'Loon., tomer Stith wad Liberty etrreh.,
Church hull.lleg.) eorrama nest door to J. A IL
rloyd. Wholerale Groner,
010 prteogo a Wort. enable no WWI oriel, promptly.
A emopetput aeolgra r b-log ronatantly empleyad. LIN, en
00e. ge - t4 keep Tue. sta. all the new aml Impror..4 or yle•
of the day.
Neter Urea Spltoona N.M.'s, PuteryTnye, DeaeartP.,t,
Floe, V.., Gnbleoe, Mantel Oritoggeotg, Mal/Ploe rag
Paoli Jar, and art:del for domeatle on, In great reel , -t,.
• 0 e 40. . rargagthar ...oegei. . . taataml
Aletander Bradley, .
No. 19 brood artier, between goat and Second at ,
(LION 077 TUN UOI.D,k2i PTOt6, l
likti ANUFAC URER of every descriptio n ,ivyi of COOKLY STOTTS, of the moat apprgrp.l pat.
tent, and oath me • 11l trader the teat aatlataction.
Alan -PARIAIR 15Z , .71141, among wtgel, 0111 be found
Jveeil 1 Eaa'. o.4er. led P44logilOor Puts. storec Egg
Stow, gadialong V kIM Sheers; leala ao4 fancy 0 0,14.,
1 10 ahlch ye tam. the a... 00 a of to 4 l 4 eng /... Kethae.
n0n... , Rae, Wagon Mae, ....^... t... all of .altleh •.. la..
the ottentrou of lealpre before purrhume eleeehere.
Pittsburgh Pipe and Tut3e Works.
YFIIE underei ell hove just eeropleted their
1.110? i TUBE- WORKS, •
an! are oott man luring all 0.1.• a OAS tilt. Lo.
ro mptt se ao4 other] all Alta. of
whteh 0191 oiler Rd• ale at the team adore. nu, ere
pow pr . wpare4 to pawl! e order., to Ray extentordbout de.
la, PN(/' CU,.
1.10..01 sad P.: Pr ar %tr.%
14,4 in • rrroo,o,.
Bolivar'Fire B - rilk 31tumfacturing Campy.
-- !
.111.9 LIU,. aIAMIL•
LO‘' ER, KIE.II & CO., PEormaroßg.
PILE SUBSCIWBER,S, hating barn n(1-
1 potato! A,oruta thy , •bovo tusw.l
concern, toll.
koop cogwtautle natio • • .unply of the 0w1...h00t...1 Win.
Piro hrick.Crurible Fir Clap,b armee Ltvorthv a Int ./malls.
Thor ars a1.0.P.T.r , unl.r+ for nand ltrtok, to
In. nowt. lu I.ltll 004 el pa tu.oil nurchuong. • blob than
• Ra do tot data. It u moat,' 14 ontittooat• the ogotg,
;X:=1 " Olg= V ra ttrtrl tfit77 ;I:tof. l l= " et b Le!'
rlority botto, k to athowt all tattoo. whO us
Pita Mirk. prop then have detwrmluest that the
Britt that! low. now o their altvlahla Mutton...
au..l that' nO espOnaa hall lo awn/ to malt, then *van
bete thou they Lave , otetolope . 11,1• Le the Gal/
tosbllntanout glow coal uraoloolug'Pin. Beek at Bolivar.
au.:l7 I.,sugg Buda, flavnutb .t ,lOttatograh
W. Diion'eLond r u Patent lever Watches,
ettpretor to any IF an ma offrr4 in kiNontegh.
kICHAR D N, Mnrket street, in
a Agent tot .4 aboaa natant Lover Watchaa
te l ,fr olio . ..rig guar.... attached to each Watch:
NY aPIX s lntoornt to the Ad:ain't', WM. DIXON. Chi ,
no meter tug Watell Manufacturer. 45 King Ignite. Oca.
well Made-Landon.
evrt/tdu that the re . rotuvattring Watelt,
nt.d UT me to be of my manufacture. ant nOWatch
with my nand upon at h ~0111[1$ WANI. ateoropuniad hr
a certificate/ Aoudad Ley higuaturg
I guarantee tha Watch No to keep time to Mut ea,
Ldoctlex of .4 purchaser. •11 M. DIXON
laHAVE FITTED (on the New York
plaro • vary .parlor
uk Curtain alatorials, and arerr thing apportalnina N.
the feehlonable palm; and have eelettgq the lergdt and
mint 'uvular 8.4.1212.111. of 2atlirt Lalnea, nonootals.
Cnnicb and Gannon Daman: 0. Lena,. Enwlian D•fo.k.
ahroor., mot.% Turkey Had Oooda Y.I.PLe• (limp f
every kind; Late Callahan, figured ntal;plain
land of IlilYrrvat width, CotnirrA differont pattern..
and ni Door :Ufa. W:pdoe iflprif end PhadtA, Curtain ,
Bandar. 004 nal.Pi.euttaltit'lnA,.feeril.mid I...nnpw
Cord. ast4 W 614041. 03.4 ("blot:. and i'lloget.
Milos and 14tkra0h, thalte, Countrrptoes owl coleml
foria, 3latrawi, Bads .4 ifeddlng.
All order. thankfull7 .nip m...POT 111,d
-1(10 1001. . ti LE. Third etreet. '
QAMUEL KROPEN keeps constantly on
kJ hoods flood oxonttmont of Wool, end Dab Tub.:
Dom, Ptoosobst, Oak Well. liDohou or Uric Rocket,
Wooden Do*ls, Cbuto Dry Meosures. 71to orolCbenT
Iroyh Doord, and all ot kllil9 of tron 4 lo:14141111o.
IVorrrooTo, Marallf , n EMT ntoMt Palphoreb. P..
• • A:T
B • I
02, COM,ANC NOTtg,
t tonee of eiffrbwl7.
on all putt of Ito Union
n roontononnn. • 6.117:41*.•i"-
No 74 ilrar l / 1
Note• awl Drafts collect ,
eluloke Invvbl antl void,
ome odl W•lest Di,
1 . 1731 , ,V10 •4/
L Coal M nrhanta
qome. tiromTin. rma ,t,t, Nur
oa ill/aphinatrm To m Rog
..... ... :.. tgicg
„o., Blanatitelnrers of tf snow
t. nottatotonrt end 15mend,
d to ndd elmi.. alan—Eatalari Iv
Ira dkra t
LAss. No. ...41 Nark.t
Pitt...burgh. od I p.
Mrtku lartontion •
Muck naa Don
• '
li r t H ere ° Td A eal LE tn :
%nal stee. third door
burgh—where they offer
and Cape ofthen. own
quality and style, by
attenthm of their custom
that they will roll on She
son & Son,'
n'cl. retail lOUIIIfO4III-4
la Hatt onA Caps, NA 01
low 13Esmond Alley, Pltto
full mai mihMele 4 . 11 1 ,4 .
1 Eastern taamthatam, o emo7
lonaln ant ratan ada LnYlto MY
and the pµ bl 4, %marina them
mmt roman/able term.
and acUacent,Countfp
ER, hating boob lo ated
;:rji,, th "itiantrolfe i r=lael
dr,l'o tb Z,
• • 011
of the publle reneroOr r be
ofbreeold boeough (Wasted G oo
e mare of the teem) doting the
ridio Keoheter for ontetiog Trmo
ra - r sale.
For Braver Count •
fbr 'mot. year* ,
h••• . Brljabtory and mid ,
th. mlnlty bi the •
tentlna tin beep pieeer
Yor tM arrosamod
I trAZ:VAr " rrier t ir ' • ' t
ppuant tar and
Than argi BOW • MOM •
demosM the Borough
ot., ogg torou wlrsoto
brays luridly
oflormd Gahm the
Persons &Amu"
of •
exoußrup for thegoolroo.
mm=wt.= us provatt
w i fl u do wall tO siilf
Fall Fashions
ejWILSON k SON, No. Si NookSL,A
(third door below Umnimad aller., would la
m ch. attention of their customer.. and the oublic
to their lan. addition *Moll the, an. now svetiving t.
their former stook of flood. The naeortmehlt consort. In
Part of the new style HATS. lat.', introdueed, and which
ars an tom much admired fon. their beauty sod Itentilitr.
t i m . t i .!ier with* nreat•rariety "I , l:neck. BrOVO LOd Ural,
5 .d bo '' Yß 6114!".19:1. sod other
t/VAW- T r ! '4 'll '
Ana Waled CAN; a ll
and CAPN foochildren—odered at mseemable prime, who).-
sal. and retail.
Meo—LADIEW Black md Natural Lynx,
Fitch. tlennet and (kirmy ' hIITI.FF: Filed and Siberian.
)3enirrel ICrultiN ES sod bully; 311.see'end Chlldreo'm
. Samael Gray,
AS just returned frurn Neu- Your and
I. resolving• ^Pk. , " .f
fur the Fall and Winter Treats, sod ts prepared
=eke th e m up to onler. • style which elfUllat be sot
passed le the eastern rift..
Gentlemeo trautiott gm...laud fashionable purl:two., i ll
Pod it to w elt tune . piss nil
him • . sept3ttf
W E ~-",:`,„edAu'g
.11 of our Irterul• nnol thr puhltr
sturtn eri rot. Fifth •nd Wood r.•
• .
. .. .
. .
Penn Glass Works.
.I: 4 'ls iik t ic....i . 'ividin'AkN.Tl:l;lltr7 . y:7;ile
etun of II to. 3fiutitt 4 Coo) .llnnufartorerx or-all
ion • of vlsi.o. Bort LEO. Ind WINDOW OLAtig, ill
%Vater sod GL Front anent, fittiburgh, I'..
Is ll,—llartlenixr attention jwid to odd nixett of Window
ti In.. and onvat, would. for Bottle. nod Viol,angl7.l
C. W. Feine, Professor of Music,
1 Ft DIS leave to infort%the citizens of Pitts
, 4 hltr4lx nod ho
'Allegn,. flint he will uow comuirineii
I to win itixtrn,tione on the ill AM, FiiitTel nod %Ai 1 1.1 N,
on reasonable tern,. For further partieularx onitititv at
It. KLRIIEII'S Slualr Store. No. 10l Third :heel. sign of
tpiLtloliden Hum. A x..pil
New Chocolate Factory.
IG..N. OTAMBON I a 4.'0, respectfully in
t!t 7 nt. 4 ii.sgrult'•;;;• l t li t;''l'l'en.l7 o "7 ''l?,lF, ^ e r r . ::.',.,r.'r
unlike coat talter Alild . iii,.. it wxrni ' nt , it parr it ' ail tins,.
dulterateil, nod lanee ot ill., Onror, too, notrictoux awl
of the
Sig.ll. s en., Lavin,: tvou proprietor,. of one
of the Ixtvesi Chocolate nianotortorie. to I taly, ...urn the
oubliti thnt titer will forulnh 00 nrtiele it if not *olio
nor to the hen imported. tool xt u odes,
It is for rude at Mr
(?dad ir millinery./
No. lin Fourth at-, up min.,. next dour to itio 3lny orlx 11l
ii... su.,s, I init.lugl_
1 - .. _
(Formerly the Esehan,,,)
Corner of Penn and 'St. Clair Streets,
:1 1 11IS spseiOUs, central, and. tintBt eutiveni
,otly 1.0,1 IitYTKI., Luring been eximpletaly' rw.
clod. and thorough!, retalnsi sod inatiroent to now
°pea for the seorionixdatlou of thii vitiate.
She eubscriber. knee« nod proprietor ot_the sr. OLAir.
ittoulthill'itl;.titliiis'il I`4".`,.'l,°,4:.r.dodit,.,z°t:
woglyle, and enitiloyod xinionetent assixt.snts and extentiro
nod fulthful oterrantw.-And Unit he will Poem tin exertion
to ext.t. It eilual to Soy bone. la th e moot,
lrlin well know ~r centrul lwation ot the Howe, soil eon.
Li(ll , 4l[ea of ite arratixinentx. rendering It the mostdssirs.
e either to trurelorri a u.rmnikent hoixnlers.lodurieublm
k. vollelt sod bop. f,,,r it. s Illiertill.h./. of potronage.
agilr4tf e. W. YENNtrill.
. "
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
7111031 AS PALMER iA daily receiving
from the i:114 to. 'Cities, at the oiti nat.,
Basslen Thrni and Fourth pareett, Pitubury A,
Larg. sowelione U. prevnt rtork. or that:moat besutitul
PAPER EANGI.VOS that h, eo appeared in alb , market
for a lot. port. The pett, , rna are new, the
ityln peculiarly chaste, and the iniut fan.
huh 0, nueurninewsl. cente upward,. the price, rang*. To Ilde ortrami•el,-,t 0fg0...1.. of which A Kohn. se, t
cirtetrgif '
I 0
tally Waked.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
15W A.
AI 1 WHITE A: PO. would ye
tp.ettull. inform the pulu, that they bare
0.. , • Chop on tt•rn"••P l'•dPral and r.anduoky
Ithettt. They are now making and are orrnared to revel,.
Wen thy P.Torl dew-riptifm vf
Banmehea. Donut.. ttr Ay, which. troth their
longperiencr to titi,.manulacthre of Ittr al•he wort,
sad the Evilittee the, hoee. the, f g , olident they are
enabled to do work no the ...ten rea , neble 'kerma with
throe erutting articles in their! line
Paylna particular attentwo I. ir..,! , e,-tbm of material,
aruf baeltur nova I•ut n, p.m tt,oritzuen. Wry hate po
heeitatlon tn warranting cork 11. thereforsaak the
att•Littalt of the puldic to this matte!,
S. LI 11•Tairing dotte in the leaf Manner, and on the
moo reawcable term+. w-a,tl
Grindstones ! Grindstones !
LOGAN, WILSON ~t; CO., .No. Wood.
stzteL forni..ll et tnanuttel woe, prim, on Mort
uouce. Mze of IL, to,t Marie tta riu.b.tone, and pad.
Uenlarly adapted for LL. purrreee Inteneloti—doltvered on
lb. *LW.
A a r " a r " " " r..ffiNl,74osAVeo.
fJ —NO 4111 , 0,1 Mr., would recpcafull, incilethr
attcutinn of [twit. p.m," and lhr public to the NEW
Leria.roi , HATA. en
which cbcy Till tutrntluoe Satur/40.
b. Pith tun.
Sinus' Fire Proof Mineral Paint
TILE soliseriher, having einitpiete4 his es
tablicl..nt tru c lbwreclon vbc.ce.nancal
&ruck, tug" th e t„..4 or tedcrzl stme...l.lleul , eny. Lam,
pond to ruxwilkb 11:112muyb cither Jry. .r
{mound In n.I JAMES C SINS
J A• Prucgtot. ••,•rra
r 11. Norio f•C, brugad.i..l,l•llmrty
V. P Drug.itt •1.1.1 h'.•.1..ral et
Alleybc b
46, Evr,‘ ra Los nto g 32. hr kl).111.1 ND
IV ILK) NS, No. 2.1:5 Liberty et.;
bead of Weed btr.... htt,Gurali, Pa. ,
MotaottP,ll,iriel V gult, ic.mtalott , a,
Or, Mau m , Plee•te, Centre au...1 Pier Top%
aiwltre ov baud mid muir to enter,' Ile
ilzt . A pl,tel, r
IStetuAnn -Z
-• ' Whom,
I. , 1•211 71. ma y, k. , ).
JuJg. Willis. J,-.ho [tart., E.,
/1.4.b1u50u.)5.., Herr, Lnj Atchltset
Joins gtty&r, Kay, tbmit Irloisan Nlus,4l , ltera
Pittsburgh bank .0,...,4. Ilatitu.
J. fi. Stmetstvq, or kr, iilll l rat . ",
.411/sun gloCau.llsee. ha,,,t,t.
Je4..l4cliatgbt. brining- T ) 4.rgs- , t
ham. Jaubit.,11,..1.... • Oc (tau:"
Lothrop. lfettbe./
(awls gratmful tb. very Pstrunage
cei wed during years tu OA, city, basing bad lb.
largest 50.4 beat rube entrusted tnti.,..t u hy,
to .bJ srll ea.••• - t•r t• tolel.•ru,t.k.a
(arum', Ware.rontnt r . 11, 1 , A
J. w noLtwt.futlt Inform, 111. (nine Rh.j en.t.tneta that he has nun nrinviet...l Ite. large , t
and finest stnek htantelinl4 ftirtntztte .ver neen
111, tilt. at be le J•ternon.l if uptold the ~ontity with
•FII *looped reatettalt, teed ercrlunatutiln. n.rrett .te
threw; and trout lb. extent 07 hd ont , t, and faellltr In
mantlfacturing. he la onablod to pull.. warranted turn,
twee, al the I Iron pet,.
lU. tad4ted Vie prlttettlo et_ 1.1 , 144 i Inz the elute.=
an. letereat with hla earn, to quality 01 Oa, and hwt.
hand the gleateat tautly of r delenptinp of
Inenltura. from the rheapeet sod
frrglste;il';'''',l:l;';W.T",..7.galltrj:tnn.,.l`::..o,,o..*:,7; I.
railer. his thetten,..,ltri. an ilDlPPrlion. thatlhe adtan
tag. of his eetahhetitnent mat in Leo pro The r..41.-u w
artlelea nraulet, In rttt. crt h. tux), rhleh el
atg: sad tnith cannot he eurtn,tel 111 ant el tha yautert,
Pastor, draalux..4lthig, and I,l.rohm thstriCa fetid
rulety, onnalatlux, of rcoovrtao.t. rn•Lonand nod nralo ut,
Klltabethen, Camaarratoln, eon Ilvy Chalon, rineery
etlptnos: Concha., Notas,T,lclddelo and Idran. ottbn lataxl
Pr filch 110,1 Amrflgn pallortm Taal.* Wbal-Nota. aixd
hullo.' Darla' Writing Dalkr of tark,n, II orb Table.
and fancy Inlaid atatud., Muir ctand•. itaa tohlarc. marble.
nXnalln/Xxof, nowarond an ,loot c10,tr..• end rota, La
tos, eatarman dining fah lAK nilslre.ot Ltnit imprvved,
and deridadly the brat kind mad,,ard, Itiolaoltn ball an d
pier Ltd., Inatdrolon brdatenda End araan.tauda of cart a
Large amorxonaoh antble ball and pralur
ottoman" and Wei, pocrotary and h0 , 5t.11.11.1. rid*
Orearteaml tones man, bat ntataln. same I,elaalg,,rl •
and to, ohllarro, mart, fold. and tot pnya,
inainaor, rnleirand, and 11,1.14 port Table, te. An. lc.
A lama asaortment of 12 , 0. nm Fernitnra and Wlnd.or
Chain. Caldnot makacs ruDDlled pith all &Md. In add/
htaain am and Rotel,. furnished. thoi ihnnyrt
_finAlera promptly attended u. n u
The only real New York Flumbing•Eatab
MTIIERE wort is drino oa fkieraine Prin.
;a to I,rancban.
a...lth mahatma and . .
• Baths 0100..1 up with rho., r 0. In 112
Bath Tuba..... .._..„ to 31
Wash Piarals. completo. '''''' ... '6l II :II
rinka, wuxl.n or ..... , dln 0
Wafer Owl, wmple. • .....d.. . ‘,o
"...Pa.°. comply..
Kluth , l2 Itung. C o- n libt Alt
Feu-name. sal Lend 11p0. faro hbel and puLup at the low.
run t .
UM; tome, and Tart) rump,: flrdraulte Haina.rorotant
ir hapa. and put up•at ant dh , Cara, thlirountrr.
punrutally attende4 to
h WIL/10, 12.5 4 tni
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New York, Ea...tern, Centre and Northern party of N. N 044
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The Bnldsh vine., of Lover Canada, Nov. doutle and
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Maryland, Ilalthante, Warblng ton City , Southern and Pleat
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Brimtaterals, Ourr—By Bonito, Becton, Ildrington e
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Ibetti.y, V. Arrereo Sunday. and Tieuen.l., 10 6.
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at 6.u.
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I. , Mre. their
N. HOLMES &..,SONS, Banker;.
.Ya. '6l /Wird stbralol,76 nand and I , :grar.s.H.rat,hryal.
PENNSYLVANIA. ,lironrh at maa..11, 0 ,,...,
'Eat* of l'itiabrargla- ._,..Dar, at WarAta-r . ----.4k,
IroP.. tm ,fl znK ,' !!.......zilg , T ,': l::t?t;;, - ;,7.- - L.::::1:
Bank' of ectrunereo. -- .... par Mr Bank. Cinema./ -,....d0
hank of North *moil...a-par Comma mina ...cluclunas.l do
bank olleortb'nabortlea ha, Franklin Bank.- ... . , ... .., de
Pont of .l a ranarlTania- , -.paLlAtarotte Ilank.--- ... - do
Ptak OF Pylan. lolrnitiallL-par;alblo Life Inn 4. Truot Co -do
Eta% of ..V./341,1 :Wes l 2
har d y Ileverre 1 1 . k. -Ala
CorwuncLal tout he Pa.--parlharilr ed .31.....114n-. -de
tuarours' A 31n - banlea'llk par 4..11 N0r............--„ ... do
1 310.04 Bank.- . ... O.O NEW EMIL...NI .
)I.u, a linen
-par, NEII 1 ult/i
aesquiv.' Haul. parlNea 1,. al , l
l b
'.l l C°"''' - . •
o p auk • pa: 11.01W100
444441 th walkßook- .. .. ... .por 11•11:er.cre .. - --par
Tro.loaman'a 1.1.u1t . . par'Ccontry
Worrell. Hook- ..... D ar ea JEIL , a El a 14.1..1 14 Ant
hank al ChlraLerataorlall.. Ail All mirror Lanky.. )1,
liwat of CLeater Gountr ; .peri VlllO I NIA.
11.1. of la.:rill.-- ..... ...parlllank Of I lio Valle., N
Dank of 11..0, Cheeter-par.lll. or Virginia. Hictuoaraul In
Rank of alortraawnwn ....F.• Book,‘••• Nt 1 h 1 " 1 .-• ~,
4':::'..,',`::`,.=:.. 1. ... ~ Ilitt:r. - . 7.f.Pirv-ciottl;
Bunt of lll..Lllotonn.-5 . ,.. Si' Nottb Woatern (taut. ... 1.
Mantkomorylla. bank. - pax ktrunthe, ...- •.. •-• ..l.
Baal aair b art hunaloarl.4 par - 0011711 CAEOLIb A • .
1.‘..1.1.• took .... ....- ...... l: ; Ban. urt•Nr. In! ... I
Cc4latala• lit A las aLlie I....apar 1 1 / of 1.1 at N C. , lta. .
Per... Raul ~ parronguarclal Ilk, 11 Undue,
....u. Ilerebantr . bank, Noart.., 3
Eau Bank. _ . .. , 1( SOUTH CAROLINA.
Fannon,' I
to l
o f burl. t., .r.....10t of tba. et. of Meath:h. 2
/newer: f Laurastor.par'll.k <4 South Carona... 0
!annnr , E.all LfEend Intr. Ban% orChnthrsion.-... - a
*arm. BkofNelloy Datil I.l,prar Platatorie Ai Slorb.p. a . By 2 1
Fir 3 Lar,r 11.ra...burg, a, ' l/rl/111.11A
Franklin lik. par An
of Ina A /Unlink LL
IllarriaLurcllann ... - %...MaLauenera..- .-.. 2
I L ' u ' ar .'" e.i..r . llru n k k . •_.• • ...
. .....2,p I.
' ' TE ' ;l?ethEk!' ""'l
lAu.atorCeuhrr heal -pat All aol rent hank.. ...... 3
lobar.. Pout .roar KENTUCKY.
3110. e: Bawl of
Ilona __..Por 11, UL of 11.anacky.Lhatlavalle X '
Houonat.latarla .p.rilila of Laulsoill, Thur... \
ne.4t Pr.. IL V.I. . S Northern Ilk or Kanto/AF a.,
Wrothicaz 110.1Vilkoeharrehar ?lowborn It of Kanto/Ay 1, '
Vert 11..1 - . %, milquiti.
&Lotter N. - Ca.-. ...- 1.1 Illt of State
311.001 ..._ Y
Oil Itl I LLINGIS. .
~0010, State bon. ... ... 0., Rale 11.00.1 bgnoebaa, _to
Akron . -do, li.ok of I 1110.11.-.. .... :6
...nen ...bow. .1, IVIFIX/NAI
iil %CCU at 1,1 , 4,1,4 i. ...411Isrl. A FA. Ina C o C daze
Ilruarb at Vlllllrcalbe lIICIIIIIAN.
110. 0 4. alerelsaa.l .4n Farmer! &Lachman.' bank 3
Shamir at Toleat.. .. __d..,alwornment Noe./ Il.k-- a
Brame]; It IN, Wu-. . J...;r.i.,11.11.1. 8ank....--...... 3
branch at P.lvrarn . . go Itlynrint.Conotaant... ..... 3
...hen. 1... lwobtia aL, State bank . . ..... • .y
Branch at Aantsbaila... do I:40013i
Eran..t. at 1,1.. a. . ,la. 11l 04 II p+tuoriTorhutob
Bra.. 14 )lahrflold do haul Id 1,,p10. Toronto.
1:=.;a1 Pie:7a... ' fiirlrn: ' ol t. ' Z ' '.[lZ l ' T.:rOlera,
Ilraneh al Colombo, - . . dot EASTER:a E.CLII , ANGE.
Brawl, .t I V.Llnatta. . do On .N.... ur. cp ra ~,,
lirraiach'al._Cadle . .. dn On Philadelphia do-- .... 1,
Branch al Lae...Ur do llu Itadtartoro a1m.........0.
Branch at Moo benr100......du 1 , 5 ithTlCltti F-NC tfANU E.
nr......h al 014 Var.._ Cincinnati._ .• . , t
Broth al No.. la - 40 Lennorhi... .
Ilranak at Elyru .. de R. LOU D, ; .
;. • • . .. . .
laranob at 01 y i
Brandi at Harlalla . . do laouLlutza,:apanlob-,....13,113
11r.orri at ¶5OO ~.. .1, do Patr10t........a.l
Branch •t Nt t,lO
Branch .1 Zana,.lllo .1., Eagla, non.. - .lu,ra,
branah al Norwalk4l44 Vl , lniallalltir• 4 - - ..... 4 1480
lintncli 04 Pottedeautb o thnt.000.....!4. . ...•...' SA*
Llanorta ct E4t. ,, p . : .. , o Enrereirrna , . .••. 4,7 , 3
3 .3 , 4. 0 t 0 0 0 13 t-........, a renalullalero. ...- 0(00
hooch. co b. .do Nahodront ... . -.... ....... aoo
Enitirb at Cyr ens . ..rata
13:waeb at Toledo. ....... ......,do.
Utn4 , l ' , tate.. 117 .1115 '164.1tt0 41July
Y...... 100, pn.2l. 100 . 11d- 14d• Ang,lroola ...
lon. Icu.h: 103 15t.J.4.1n4
In., 4'F. 100 OS lot. Fold Aug
411.'00 ()o .7F ~ •10u cu, 02 31A, A N.,
ton. Wrap. I'e.etir 100 00 "01 do
14, 100 dr.
Pirlsburzt,l4 91. . :1nt...1..e.J.11
Iro.up cat- it.x) 00 07 .
... . in° 07 10 4i Int. My 0 NOT
Inr.roU. M s , l'hf p, • I, do
RANI sTnr.s.
(tank of•7 4rr
iterrhootO• &lawn think 45 do
kzehanvP ILit, Qt d.;
Allextolar 6Woit• Dank , , •
1111,1.11 °cf..,qulet Undue_...... y'Dir.Nt, 4,7jett
, C3al e r t ..... 7
tiorthrrp mß lberti, ...... 3? !
Bridg. 25 ;7, .
w,,,t...rn I ,suraaef. C 0... 171TI:orTV7‘
Inalmauv lIIr. .
Assodstml Fiewmao'. / 3 M .
171 6 !
l'ltt . gb to ......... I 60! 45 11)1v 3
bu”L. L 46 ,, • r 4 i ct.
at Nice .
• A' Dit.ll or-0.6 610
RAIL 10..
111tebur fl' d GO a
mu.npiiprebela Slerkwaler: CO. eo 62 ;
feno . luotihru. Slisektraitz., •
Penn '0 Lentral Rail Road! bui 441,. 44
W.11.'11.11.01 Co'
Mario. ft. Way. Dry D...k.100 , 107
huelti hilauf. C 0... ..... 60
Erie Lan&l Hondo,
Do. 00.
'Puri!. Creek Plan Rou' 2CI
Alt.,. I. l'errresille Pk 11.1'
Turnpike P.d.... 1,0
Chortler. Cool Co ............ 1 26,
pit... Dumb d &pt. .... 10,0 'Div IPSO. $lO
North At:wriest..
.... 1 ' 20 itie..Stork.
• North
. ...... ll
4 4 4
PProh4rph & 1.1. Horpc., •
Ohio lid. Royal
murtr '
Ohio Trap lapri, ....... 11N,
Fern ....
........ ... "
00 ta
102 x•Div. Dee{ Dr et
4 40 0 ... 1 -
21 30 'la
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VV• 4 a.nan -. Rya. " 2. ' l) . :l,llDY ltts ;
flan t lagllarv i lrueb cad umrsika l Urqvras; soe
7 1 1 'l O Mua arca.
' • /r.crtlk
\ --
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thin G 8...
30108 (laarrra
Ing, EvPd 24, - i
Pr o m
the ItT of water In tiie
eamil sat I both .i'ltil thereat
Rod west a/ here ~ o ntinue., ea -
i•Vrolanstiv dn. Improvement nub I
doera favor,' . rtal I. ra. Sal,. IP ow.rr
dePartMent" of tr. ~ are t;e,
o . .4
tyztbe regular'
demands of the home roam ptlon, consonnently, we'hays
tin heavy Opefatious to retdird
rt LOUR — Th. rereinta vestoi\lay warevo fined to a raw
mall lots, with sales at the riVVul from agon at $3,-
;My and from .tore at id d 7 160 ? bbl, Mini to
band. • .
.01LIJCIMIES,Ii• heard of uotht g of nonaal \man' do-
ire in graft, Wheat I. In rogniar d dat the at
alatl o s , qataar\ In brltk demand a l-Valnv frt. Ors ,
hand.. Ilyo wo qußte at t oo, and Maria at,:de ? On\
PRl 3 iSlONllt—flavoneontlnrire fi . iln.' u 4 prieva. . pia
COW ha shoulders at 1.1.4 e! Pales plain ttai •at int idl Ne:
I:(angle r‘dredl do at dtT2. and of .1.1,1 at , t,S4 an 100 ? D \
(Piller."' Q lola suasr at otacl , vol ttma,-.4
of 1 bad. '4j. Of do Ltd. )(de '
--. vt 51,, 7,
3, II
unall mare itm.vNiatpv,
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' lt ‘ 1
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ilium, en ko , r•rlF , npo
nia.l ,4,112,n
1 stolli/i are corlinc4 lo Mains., i.„,... v .„.
•Ites..i!,l CLlcts;c• toe cl•lde-C,
WEllftlit... titled
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i n a \ o
all lot, a M 004,
casb sod time. , \ VlNPll.llt:,elos in .l 1 lota I, /4lad at 0., cent,
Thrmark:[ in owe!, awe oc
change: t \ .psta ~
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ope lont,,,pt 17
DOM Raiff: I 111 11 , :p5. ", ' !
There can he llttlerhanne antic In tho gsac .1 oleo
of the market. from nor remarks of I , 4.e.. t ee /'e qua,
titles of goods arc heiog retired from a city 1 - .. r h, ged
-0001 trade, bat with the ote.pdon of . t occry brow, It est
itlitl4h the eooot i r etrsTigtit itn rkn A,Z , ..;M f ti c cle. '" ja r k
they do.;xtot rob It. coat of prdluctiOn. \re loort, it
reliable , tworcsa, that on the whole\ the etcsig uf both :no •
len end cotton geode It now lighter than et [bonito, Per,4,
:od last TO/41.; and should the demmobruptiona at 11.07 aw,
at preeent. until the middle ot °clody. thozreAt canine
complained of tu agents will be eel\ clear. nut: and
matlohtetlntra will have ends
opportuoityve ,ell ['heir grede
eV. prod, , . .
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alltoWif,sktiErisos ohm 011.141NtltS. \
The tirm•fecitot on ' the part of eollerc.)noticed blunt
precious reetrw. as bre, fully auctained t trottgbodt ;Ml.l
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Tao, of those then noticed. hare been obtainell. Bret attic
heavy sheerloge harlog told .t 7%, toil fur tilt orditteC,:,s,
brand Ili i now the man[ prke.
The atUOUlit of buktnew hnuteactesl eines ourcfael. Iwo \ '
been by the oil, trod*. who here takon foul, bf light ,
obese:Um, at from 4,e f. Co. leasing but • mall 'fort In '
lb. market
. .
• , FOREIGN I/RV {Jan's.. •
Cankidering the acleaneed ttnew of the amain, the .'alts
of Ohm past yeah, ending tille warning. have boon Quite mit
lafaetory...d the price. of • mute kande of goods haw.. lard
garni--all ea Parathattas .d ',Minis de laloa hi&
Orhilate • ItlPara 10in... mw np ,, Mary In ionelt. Ira.
elea , bl the ate twwwd good, and Stamm! Sorg. id maxi
onalitien au 'desirable irtylea, a I. 1.1. h.t ..,....,,
Manta. ill e moue rtneaat ipataol.tne ....trio Made
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but the eltuation Wan& in Eon lend hr the tart arriael"
wee reormented as f ,andnOtni. labeler ante exceeding
ly-ham and &Oni Kann., fur Matsu., M comm
un.. at the high tri, \ of Wool, were much higher. and
enters from this rerttntr) were lee nuelmemed until price,
or mant Meedni eccuara4 alt4other llntieh ani.ale. thin
article has done well th houthe i.e., antwithatand
the Mimes* hien aroulair
much prmt,lartta
with the tried. serierallY. M.. St o
• \
, , •
•,. \ PerltnlalPult. Fept 17,
Mnney II (nightly ...per altio str, lair eview. The ,
- amount of *Met! y ISratxlate serctering at 1211 tont ite,
tint equal tribe demand, and so e etramione here been,
made at • confirm.. 0f ,, ,1 ati2 ii qt. ,Latlttal from the
,rountry, to a najtml extent, le wahine toreatment at the •
'Math rates . ..natbanka routtinuo to IrNewlork in Pe a t
ancl , holtottr UP; phew for's...), . o p al to great here at
its that city. or ha Ittoetou. %. quota. el.. tivnaturt,
~.., 0( /2 1 ,1 Cant falenanialit2/41:, CO! V,ith good r
tat<141.1,10412.. The wawa I. hewn
.1.• VlVent. In the.
Johh.PPO , ouw.t.P.Priting. atitr farm We resent fe4itie
•in Una market, em arelioduerd tehhluk thutt phut) I tit...
ted t‘a proatthat Ar ''
P"ggrj'EA':',:ott'ro [lan. ...MP. 1 4 41 adelPhiat if
is to, be ineMitted wet a lit. inthroPeUtent is noemmetable.
In the cities_ The writ. spent .onyx dim in
New York hiet week. need It I. Dot •th be dirgrtho ‘ t•that
much dunnage aid onea inem is experMoced by tpa mar..
eantilselaama -Ilotteerof rend rate Lea - edit find t e ,t
-,trioncorentesim in manta... rantto . 211 /. V.- , tre
bets re go at 12 11 mon- Tita hen. c.a.. Wend ri;
1r.., u their old limo, and their volley. en far ~, th e . 0..,
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at 5.1 5,. to be delireied In Eteeembey, lth t 34 . 11. been
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loan well ft, farmer., and \ try ed .1 the, within
each. look to feria Liam. , TM a er\ arlet`ahit Ito.
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her . I .WW ORUII. rte• we, ram 501 , 511 e 1111 nm.
$ 13, 45..px...51 Wagoo•r's ime,4 'wed. o
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IIE SUBSCRIBER,huving token the store
FVURTJI oTRENT, formerly www.Ple4i Dr
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will open, un the lit di, of hertetolvir, with n Int. s \ nil
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hoe thOr.OVlllakl..l4 ainality ar:do,l
% 1 1, - ATE2o(hrza. Bost., for eale by
\ wwl: a 3.OcANDL.E.s. •
‘opFisu.--a tae. for 'oknlo by
• onlY s' Cii e MoOANDLEU,
bbl.. for pal. hr WIVE a Urea:lD/S.:4R.
, \
Q n ALERATOS,43 casks; ~ \ '
P.'' boir, PfilVdi for sale by
I APER-210 reams Medium; \
Lk* Craw. foe pN loa t.
/1010 JAItES , ,D LZELI,
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aODA 'ASII-:-We are prepared -to tarniA
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mice. and tr Waive .arrant opnel to tea beftelrartt
Fronton. mat Market.
ilitalnirgh, Cincinnati & Louisville Tele.
THE STOOK of thin wallt . c . k by
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Silver Coin Wanted.
willbe paid riir;.every"
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1010 RT tiTtNelf BRAIS
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FOR SALE--Pittaburiii OwaStuct;
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ILEESE-IQO boxes for Rile
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Andinesoi4c and W . County Ticket. \
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if E N imi7 ‘-',. i',` or : L I It M .1%, 4.Litubßrgh
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, Amnon,. \ ~ ~
'CLVSWNY. of lioblukou \
FIFE}.' of Spnw*,, \ \
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lILLER, \of Indiana. ~
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WILK \\:
rghtisiirtiatte I
. ,
\ N el. 0,, i'?! . 4l.
,4 rarrirapl a vhe ll'ortics frie, ,M4r4iLo \
', li. , ie 'nn old but terse saying, tha : those laugh
bee; Who laugh last \Lod when ths sciefer has` l
indulged in his gueArs at other poplittt on-'
pens° with to. presumpteous conriden, in WA
own superiority, mid in it., spirit of malignant
\ triumph which betilys liatftzl whileteprtlrinas
lontempt fork rival,'the liteelaugh "ail the ail ,
Vermin: has .for his I pee : di : arty psm.
4146ml:bitter oonti,L This is ow the predira.
men %of the LondonThula+ arid . some othr \
S , \
printa,in , that metropolis. Tont milieu..., un
truthftk and most impudent orgati the English
\peopleAns it professes to be and for Sallie pin
*sett 1 .-tweloubtedly is) joined with th British
g,\.t\!rumetAi nrgently . inviting the : Baited :
Suites to Con bate to their magni fi cent eject
of krvrld's li ir. Thotigh'.wre had little k, : sin
by s‘' , . \ l o l og. atehwere ift:tder \no particular \ o li
,ipithine,to\ aid vitiNflorifying or magnifying\t e
British government., or its subjects before le\
w4d, wes.eneronsfy res fi onded,:sA fur as w
confit do without putiltg utirSelres to unreneocut
'lde tiouble 1,-\ind inconverkimme Our reward wars
adittleitempest of derislen, dettaction.and slam
\der frout \ this Lundon Tiuke endue coadjutors f
and \many tif oar '',, torn peottle ati4 presses Were
tie skinned and silly enough, to take shame to
theme : 6,l.6i that weliSdnot d &l e better, that we
bad not \tent more orfinet- specimenicto retire.
lent ouisedvance in in4etry and \ \art, in convey
a jester if the gretiftteds and 'mastfificence :
of our co rm[. It
,i,..5 hallo months since, you
published in the Gazette ith views open thean
thcious hlielof the Times, 'tun! the eupertinone
-4 \ , s \ . \
relict I treltiprs t.c hose among \us who , shamed
theMelves::in inieit \ u hurry ti'vy liecoati.'
when s ?.. , „'!erbertis uttrorered his fang!, Iled \ our
citizenA s tioue nothing\ at th \ fair,toNdistingniel
their glo ions republhi 'among \ tho naetnispf the
world it uld hare hheit-uojeet. oneself ter-
tiLCattOrt. 1? despenderity\ It 7'11(1 \ i : 111.e been
no failurefb \wen in truth \we itoer ceirly: en- '
tered into tEte ompetitiom a\l beyet itesour '
: national infancy c ive ennuld p t L a be en , 4,-
appoi...d h atl we„ \ been.cclipsed in a'co partsoli .
of progess with nakione how in their turity. :
But what is the'result ! who lauglts now ! '
`w.ere: he their jibm%\their quips and .. e ks, i
ir. 7 \
eke Wreathed stuile.2; \ \ at their oirti\gre ese
and o\rpretentious insignificance,. : I,f;\tmid e 1
Tim s, lit, substance, while... maligning \ and :tili
precise : its \eur country, tht,Entilisiriten:,ia . dia.\
'iogui.V.htii "for any geoid qaiity mete that , nno.:-.' :
: titer it la I\r \his modesty ! Ili is rather given i
t4nderialiti . ,:dg himself!! Is he then whaf-a
rap oppOrr*ty he now has\ for exercisin g, ,'
this \ rdinal\ viktue of hie character. Jonathret !
said u p ing eteept in deprecation\of the rid! -\ .:
,rule of is rtlpPretiirtut, critic, restick,4l the quii,
as beliefr at nitw ',I come outright : 4161e : end.
*hat ifi e result ,A part of it Nei ett,:t in the .
t t sii.
ipubkic prin . but not \all., I have just lied tho
NeeNre of coniersing lortli, your distingikheil
townsman Jose \ ph`C 6 . . h \itiedy. Esq., who tie.
Ltureed no the l i acill, and bo from his °than!
posiiion tiro token a great interest in the Faits .
Nn%l ~the : Aniericitt contrib ions thereto -
1 0 Kenne* informed hie et the Americans
'bars , receive se greater. mastic? 'f nrst priz a
air the entelNors of "may °then . .ti on iu p their emarihtitione. 'NI 'trivate,,lel
licatlittil, ingthi o tp meAanism, es\ ld ki, we bore ok \fie first p \ re. in agricnCial. "tnPlti.
Ments we WtCr.• befor el! coMpetitorii..,,tliv teat'-
'. ing'tnachitl\ Vet' to \hame the comp4nli s v \ el
crows.. snit s ' ttpid oontrancesof Etighin , a\e,
they ate ;its! fed the first \ prizes, for thc , fs . xc
epective artile , . 'Our Llour \ was the whitew; n pl
' rest and ariet. • oar dekttreotypes by farlh
' clearest and tht.‘, sA , our : r .criegoa were th
lightest, most gra s mjuland'hentiome; s our cotto '
was the longest 1140 nest `and the•w4k of et '
theta which showed\ the Most : Sxalkil genius
out Greek slave fiti\,`esch lad A. eiy : : one of
' these 'objects had the iti ' ks poured ( - Sit its 'ten
omens spite, hence stigruatising the 'fi.merieen
division y the pair, in ill4-rose, a , Ve ailtcredit
.to the exhildtion.
1 ) : \ \,
k 1
But a deeper humilintioh net ,emau \ e'4, for
our libelleri,while this lendfng orgarief 'she"
` ! : •Whoiemarclkis o'er the mount ,, tin wave, , :.
*hose home I, \ on the deep" 1...
w. 4i.
~ .t
sehargiug upon America and' every thing
American im PerreTsial strearee of, lipse, the '
yacht interim errive in British Water!. _and
challenged any craft 'n England to g ttial of
epect. The challenge vets not nocepte4aningh
yachting is`n eporf'(or which the EnglieVkive
prided themselves foi'a cery, but in reputed
contests the America (listened everything Aril
Mb ehe'could get , h eight 'of, and thus took fill
theii thechampuinship of Unfit\ own ease; A.f '
to nth : he ' ll:mit- chacomfiture On iko very,elemenr
which Brit:W: ) a professes to have ruled for twe '
..centuries,.:dp6ng '„thti whole tim e f .their thief
: American eteninere,ivere ferrying e Atlantic
crowded with pinisetigerts with. ri'epe land rsgr
[clarity winch'. hut, tde \ cienily:'ehiiived that dr 7
met folloi : eicry'sffOrt to conten with mi
ocean. Utle !not fear Wl` preket pat i
ore from tin. tithe Uteri:Will he no
: 13 . tis
iger ethipe in tiny line' between Britain
cited States. l`confeen ic t have felt
idlgnation at the', : unmarey and inhospita .
:eptian which the.\kmericane met witll:t
ids °tench directors or pohAopinion In
: ini, as tiro London' Times, and for one,
. 65 \ p-revoked beyond measure with * A courne o
thosy s impletonaMt home who would pave par
chneeki ` 2s'forbea6tnee by admissions tiryldicite
tu, the : ch ' sracter of
: their countrymen.:.•And I
think it only fair to retaliate upon our ungener
ous assailutits by reminding them of, our com
plete ouncese,•end their, own dieggice.ful over
throw, John :Bull, if ho is not entirely pant
leanring anythink.vrill have been taught `a moot
useful lesson by thb experience, of 1801 When
etrangere'risit him on his own invitation hewill
learn to keep hie dog off—and s in all his pack :
ha has not each another ill brettemerling, ugly,'
cur as the lohdon Tithei t
\ Mai
icorrolpoodioco of. [tow PlitAhorigh ihmilte.]
DOWIONBrOO, FitIONT Cor!irr, 1
irate or lOWA, Attgl.4t,27th 18.51. I ,
'Aimee,- Eiovrotti —in '. your' ie*cr loryuly
\:llst I see a letter tram`Mr. "Th r. lefferoon
utherlatui in litlioh he,attemptsa delicripti‘on
set \ this Western oocuarry. • 1 will ad k that ha
han,.in , some respects truly represented it; but
is \ ohiers be has willfully tiiisrepretAlcil it or
be tadlt be very ignorant 'of 'the whole\coeptry,
andespeeisily Western Iowa: At present, will
encleaviarto correct sotaivef his mierept, ta:
done lu,rfipird to- We4tena lowa, bortiermg .4
the Ateso• . River, and leave the other Pfrtl
*tithe i .". .. soti well ^no* thetcat leiswieiN
`‘.,: VOLUME I , XV-'=NUMBER - 33
I have traversed thitriOarttry‘frOnt'St. Joseph,
!do' to Large Sioux in lowa on both aides of the
Missouri (I'pressuneaaranchas Mr. Sutherland
has,) and have ~ , p ent nearly twdyears in Oil ex
ploration, and fancy I know what Lam tenting
about atlesat. " '
He (Sutherland,) admits, .4•th ,
r‘ for agri- '.
cultural purposes, the land e.Lttura.- tent cone- .
ben of lowa and the north western: aunties of
-Missouri cannot be best ;" (very Bharat admit- .
!him) but then goes - ou to •.state'that ti\ town
sites, mineral, coal.'. limestone, b' 'ding stone;
water power, stream's of. water, .td.,\ all on
theNilmaska side of the,river, and mine oti\the
east side ! It would be a singular \ Country.
I where; according to bin own words, ityearinnt
•• be beat foiagrictilture," ifthere wore ; noatreama,
to Carey the Ailing rain, and meltingsnowfree..\ l/9.,e
the 'surface \pf 'the earth, and yet be•dry., and \ •
trillig as th' country la, in every part. Itthe
gentleman has rev Tweed through this connti•i. ' \
("ihieh 1 heard e did,) he must have been nab . '
believedtar uL l Y o li: y j ,,,,. . ,,,T ai eh a ryo eci a , ,z oz . he an ao , ul t d hin n k ot
th Era v k will e 'aineW b. ,, ,,,, \
Whoolboi c who bass map to
look at. Irthe gentleman 'pa- ' - " I;
. ''‘
country from" St. Joseph to Se \.
be prem.'s,' he could,not 1
,following untried streams, all ~eaill-+{moat, mill-qirunit .. and there are mi
themhtpresent, vtx .NodaWay,
,Indiau,\Squawereek.s, Rock Cr.
Llishuabhtana, Plumb tLyeek,\ '
quite \Creeg., two Pidgeon Cree
lielyer,\ William,Saldier,, Little
'rivet., 'end ..triaanj more smal
Theses irear s da , with their t m
ries, atford,the greatest facilitt
er of anypirrt of the western'
author Dr, the.:pres'hut , upon i
now review_hisetathaent that
or mineral here,'ainifieintimati
on this aide...LH hare to Cross th
for all their material he' .built
:coal to keep them Atom 'Teri?
,blasts of winter. ,\ • .
'Now, any one who has ilex. t
section of the country,'lnd fake
exititine it, or inquired of the.;
• know 'hatter than to inake s sile
these. ~, I admit that the rocks
t,lienie,like the craggy peakac
Sierra \ Ne . radas; in this beautif
count yet.. we have atone in"
eaey c of coes,s; both limestone
'ries,,jeal ostevery pan of the
r\ sr
have b een a ota St. Joseph to Se
•Ife gondmin will come ern. _ mmiot,
the AIieSOCC Bind's, he will find the, reap in
1 / 4„,
many Rivets jecting, out near their\ hasekfer
miles In aticc on. r They also make their en
pearame oti,the' s \
gin- of the small' stream
add in the rain florally.
There Ditone a ough within three miles of \
this place build a city as large an Plttahurgb
•o} St Loni , There is an - abundaricent "Warr
'too also,. of eatirsaratevinality throughout this , \
c tmtry, and rbavadiseaver a d miaxtensive -bed . \
o t within a half a ( ((le f' this. I have •alsd ' ' -
'Po •d an extensiie bider tone coal about two •
Mite:a : from here, and trace it for several miles;
I hav a ssn it in diflerent piss es , and I believe
, the i art abundance, of it thheughout Western
lowa, '',.
, Los t own sites flu the\ richt-, we hare no - ,
` bluffs g immediately to lire?, but there .
,-,-,. .
;are high, an dry Bottom' Bite.,,t.La will lan•pare ' . •••'. '‘,.. , i
beautiful the the Bluff Sfige on th other aide.. \ . ~ ; 1 1
'I will now elo e, having miwle this c • mimics \ ' V • ',)
'don much toughy Hutu I intended-,,an will say \ •.\
• I,
iu conclusion tha t it is 'through flo f ling to- \ \ • i . •
;ward Mr. Sutherland, that I' \write t' , brit 't'''''' • ' \ ' , \
t \ \k„
Merely to'correct themisatatementscMitaid in. \ ' ' ,'', -.\ ' \
his letter in regard to our country, ' : • -,,,/ •
Yours Respectfully, J.. VAIrSO. , '''
.. '
From tlikTEashing - ton Repetblie.
\ '- \ ,:, '
MS MYSTERY tursAntram, oa. How' \ • U
cckimurrs OF THE CARPET BAG GOT IMO' .. g "-;•.•
THE PAPFY/S. , a..... , :•: ~ . , .
‘, Our readeM. cannot have forgotten the elegant, • \ , -4- • Nl'
• ,
Highly itererucrive, • and very racy epistles, which" -,
were lately published in a batch: and which were ' \ - , .-•
t. ' •
written by.certaha prominent politicians of the ',
Demheratio mud Fce,e-soil Mr. Donald- ~. • . i • , ,
'son and a Mr. Greer, as also the piquant , \ -. , ,
;letters of these eminent politicians; and wire '.\ + 4
Workers \to each other, touching ' th e "embjectot. - . '
',the Democratic nomination of e. candidate for the . ..
We openour eyes with Wonder, and rip • lit- • e' ,,, • 'I ~ \
tie &wee o f, incredtdity, when we first swerlhiS • • ',‘
highinimporeent and apparently secret 'entre-
Ispondettce ex ed to the glare of a noon'. day \
"sorMiti Allow 1 rk paper. Our, first th& \
p 4 \
, s .
,waa that. It aa a other "moon hoax " but H.\ \ 1
tl)t eertltilli inteith peculiar style of the differ- \ ,
enk,writers. It,n wise the distinctive eharacterm \ \
tics )11' each, in fn} a 1 we are ncqemlited with \
,ithemNwere clearly , discernable, soon ;convinced \ ' ",,; <; . al \\\
any roar, the letters w•e. genuine. This being \ -.); _ ', . I\ \, \\
•Se•ttleel,ll; our own mind, the' next inquiry; sate-
\ ,
„. , ,
;rally elegy, hoirreme they to be made publicL, ''
i , • \
~ . „\ \
Ily, Whose treaahery,"e rby what legerdemain, Came' \ •
• they in print' There musi\have been cheating ', \ \ 1" \
rounl Shat' board, we \thought ; hut whet.eheat- ' \ ,' ' I '
ad, whe'd , laYed fah..., Who peached, who aim, \ ' : ,
tee-ii*il, who bad exposed, Hie' 4 -sayings and' is ,.. - r' .
~ \ •
doings': b \ r , „thi',.o , , political wire\ pullers, was a .;
. \
thing we naiad dpifathem, and which little coo- '.. \\. k
, •
cerned We, thlturti it seem. the letters had' only L\ \‘: - , \
been ahoWn i rd, 4.1 Member„Of the \ Democratic ~ ~ -,t
General C"onitnittee.'' , Hut Time, wholes ever
proved himself\ d'..great\f \ riend nil Trritlie,'hae in -
pail .ditulgett.tlin Secret, tliougla'as if purposely , .•
to keep our cu'rscreily 'dirk, he has divulged only -
a part of the secret. \ ~, \ ,
.The following letterfrom one of the wire•pall- i'' . .
ors, Mr. Nathaniel aTelfr=or, as he andalmost
. .
every body else is -locensconally 'styled; the - •
"Hon." Mr. Greer—to thie.tditor of the:flew, . •
Fork, Herald; tells a pert hi the story. 'Hait.
pears front this that the letters were genuilie. ,
indeed, there remained mi. doebt orthatebefore i \
notwithstanding the extreme "relTelarice of the \
editors of the Union to believe them - se; and Mr. ~ \
'rear, it seems, wan no much assoniattedand an-,
tegeti at seeing,thern in the Harald, when te . '
AiPposed them snugly hid away in , hie \ flimpet -
11\es our neighbors of the Ilmore?ee,mecltdhi. • ,
eq, the letter; bereft ie., •
\ '
."1.7. s i, FOUR:tarn= 4 1 •SZYT,'AttgOdb2Z--ta. \
To f-1t• 4 1..0ri of the ,Nicie Fir/. hreraid7 \', ',, '
le.lo\ 'int; over your paper of this date 4 find' , . • \
a nunilie6if my private letters: ' \ s ", •.. \
In juatiketo-myself and the'DemocratiC,Na, • ••\ ,I,
tional Conimittee, I shall request you to publlsh ',
-.„, , \ . - \ 1
the followthg‘tatementi
I came herreat the of the , Hen. C. 11, • ~..; I” .
Donaldson, In 'the milt. part oP Jpne, for the' ,
purpose of attending ter,certaln •matters forth ',, '" :
in the pubtishedlettera.", After Mr. Donaldson's \' • '•
, ;
' , departure for Tek,aN I Wks induced' to show the ( s , , V
eerrespondence tom 'member' ofilie Democratic' , "', \ i
.General CommitteWorsthis city : Some feW days , . •
I;1 0 , dila, the lettere acre ithatracted fr.:MI - my , ...",-
..,,.. \ ..---, ,
valise, and a packageefiiiiiar in site and appear. - -
~";:,...,,, ••• ..1 ' •
an em was aubstituted. ' , lliad, of Connie, no Sur '.;.., •• , \ „i ,
. ..
memo Nat this was done And wap greatly nur, ~ i, \• , .
prited, of i opening the FlOald•of this morning, -• , '..: ',... \, •
to see he the whole of this, tsyrespondence was
peiblishial. \,,,, A' '
1 merel7 a re this statement:in order toshow ' :s' ,'". ; i\
my fellow co, itteemen.that I , t , ' - re had neither '... • • -•__ ,,, ,:', N: :1 A `\
thart nor lot, in the matter of ii„'publimitioti of , ' ".4 '' s ~, ~, "; _ , \
their lotters.A \ VI, "'•\4\ - \ . \\
\ N,lmpenative ibligations compell‘ta to leave
the.,city for thesirest 'so-morrowto trAng, but I
sbaß ‘ Place full ilowar in the halide oF,lny legal
ad‘Visi,ra to prosecutei., the Iftrald man)/ other ' '
i \
griparkgiving publletry to this correMiddence, .
as wallas to ferret • •flutthe means of tie:tling r _
plactahhayeur handl, Atm. is a youni, hnd , • , '
gallant:State, Demecriticdo the core; and' ..,
pledge licr&elf to standby' 1,h 4 :. position it is we -
imioweahls ihpw occupies . s one of our ciAl'" , ,, ' • ' ' "i
semi, I ritual iv found ere,r\ trtt to her interestal ~•,, , ,
• \ t' i
an d det,. rm t n q to oppose the xtamion of tila-V,
very, now free from its bl.tfbg Doti. W e ore ~ sl:, .
Teffeeboninit Dcretoerste. \ , ;„;\ 4 . - \
, . , , ~ „
Hoping you wini..puouan teem 'relines as a \e i , . . —.. . •
..attar of publii-, ind private- jaati , I remain \ ‘
y . .. \ 11-3, dm. 4 \ NATILL.NIFk REHR. ,
, 4. \ X ''.•. -
.1r Greer, itseems, has ,gone hapne to. Iowa; , , `I-.
tiltsl;4- hicit we learn thaahe,bas. "a le* habit, ' ' '‘., -.) , A
'Him ad a name," andes therefore, icen -body, ' '.'. 1 \
and n t a man of stra , He, pidauses very
strongl for that State, , ,,ar i d imdertakeli\ to tn-
done\ he .Democracy. Detittless he Wilf'in •
good li; oraisea ; having es Much expemen
and ex ess In fingering', bre political wikee, • -
it would haetrange if he did 'net so pull this \ •
as to, make • her people dance). iii any tune, an \ ;
keep' ny thne he may dictate:- 'Rut, as to that \',
mattor, we hat him over to the'people theta , \ ..
s e i se , we ilh i never again see'ihe name of \
• •Ilert" Mr. 0 , but we shall ingootinehtlY ' •I
~ .
think of Demti wire-polling ; 'add . 4,
1 'collet expressio ' astonishment' which we -
opine Came over he ountenance of oat neigh- i ; ...
bar when he first-sites these ratty epistles. , "r„-e.e.Liy
h c
. 1
.„,-‘e• may.
\ . • .;.!.4 ,. .: •• ~4
Tore litoOtena Cosir In reference toirie ...-.;,,, \ ,
Bloomer costume,"fit oicreagendent of the Leeits ..."''f,•,.... \ .:,
(ling. }Mercury sends the NM:ming le. d i , .P 4 t, : 7 4 7 .,":Eir1.,.,‘,
Let the ~t.m. of •Ainericalre'as as they please; ''l\ - '4 4 ' c f - T E ' ; " '''• "
Should they all -cut their pettienats re and by their \l\ ~...':,,
"Lis only a bold protestation. . \ \
Against a bad habit, 'r - putours'in 'Lti
an [eat .id, 4.j
, o,,,, cer y pliCe . abere they h‘sballdi have N
aid dirtieS their.matting, : 1
I l he .Z.n rl , lt :d '. ; . s a l l i l ,, r.f - y th s: d r i a:,,.. "Tp tle j , c,i4 s e rirts ; than ef , th is e di r s
w orl) 4u -
r„s . \ •
yhethave done it to Itilarne,O r qui [bey reVilwr„ - •
yAndr wig iciig th en ibele hablM , Whett Yker , mid. ' -