The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, September 20, 1851, Image 1

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otrjos as var. Mir,. air.? WO,. To rint Toot MIMI
AIIX-4114Teu herever etbauin,,t,srabla Taal/.
Douats tu
WM./Lt. — Y-I . v.* dollars
_vertu:mum, lu alettlee. CUM,
will be gunned on tha follpirtur covaitioar—
litrzirges bar:: 8 0 0
11 ou .
• thepsebet f each Club t;edirriaaed — b7 . tate
bbd to La Pad bmulabb , to trance. No Club repall
be +eat atm the year expires, wales. the mower ta wad for
'Tan , ¢o ltha>brAmpuell of Ion)
one Intowtlon...----.4 0 60
Do. oath ollttionallostrl6so- 0 , 25
ow week-- 1 76
D. two weeks 600
/6:5 tom 6 00
Do. two 7 00
three otoatta..„..---.. 900
Lo.. foot atoned 10 00
Do. ototoorttlts.--- 12 00
,Po - Melee moral. •=. PI 00
• _ Stapding
One Doll. Claddnk o i rluth Per aninn•-.4 4 00
Ose, erenaus.thungrabla at ileums (par an
ithra) athlahre *fibs paper 00
I Ali each addlthnial adnate.thoortad 0.111 as, month, alai
for eran additional annoy maned nudes the yearly
-WI prim.
AdyeditsrAathnicolading prat,. pinot over &Pen
tr=l2 , lo legel adrerthemeuta he.
Tent the smoout charged for their nutratiOli.
• ~.....annoluichur arprildsles Grams, to charged the nxbe
tt; advertenett le r= A.3th
them for a eptudil
',.guabPh beontinonlill
Prbld, end pa,
tbe prirliege of aethaal advert:Pars
a s aided limltui to
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the Ahern of other pertona,essull aa alladrertiaronate not
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boaluen, and. all
• rho.: of alvertiaothenta. in length or other-Can, a n d y
I gt . If•ftga Triedbi, at the r=";
1•EPY169,4 Whit.l.llA,Tiument a desired. ,
- al .ei l strortlsoru
do tun oe fur cha
too ritable Plantat
.10 ion; 00 thin
likes la Le char/ref/n.ll idles ird ' A
discriagl Evettcar to ha Owned 60 mtg.. •
Death cation lurarted sltdout alums, 001.0. anorny.
Wed. oc by funeralarpcoanj itivitotiana or obituary 500 k.., end shah
1, -ep
14,0111, .4v...doers. and all others nub to Mt a, or mulling =Una deargurd to anantlon to
ran.... Sonoma 'Cowart; , or _any pubtid entertalumthre ,
where char.., are aisle thr admittanc*-411tices of ref
eree, ossocialkur,avery notice designed to hall no attentlon to
WM.. at:maim% calculated or Intended th e promote 1.16
Intarsg..thrrcely be inhaled aid, underneath:6 ,
lag that Mt pawl is to be hold for. If intended to be too
rested in their.l roluron, lb. samo sill be charnel at the
, •ti ate of not lee than 10 esnta paritne.
• Bishop or Air Ponces to be charged totylr prima
Tavern Limns Petitions 6
I • • PAPP Agent.' and Auctlonearer
I poba chimed under yearly rata% but Po be Wooed • dim
tenet of - mi Ltbrae not one third per chit from tiro
...._... _
One &min On Wien) one !manilla.— --Ji) gent.
_bo. neonineettkon--.44 cent.
trannent actenribionenla to be tent to edennen
:45 -- LINIES F. KERR,'Attorney at Law . I eb
roues bet.= Smithfitild sag Gnat, Mi.
OS. RAVER, Attorney at Law, Fourth
IN stmt.... Um Mayor's 011100, - Pittoboyo, Pfi...
, leorlowritrumtlftl to promptly'.
. +Aware. OUTEL37 .LISTABOU nrl.ol
cLatte unt=s.„ P.) I (.1.1. P.)
- A.1.a.P0 A N't • .TAYLOR, Attorneys at
: N. ultplmut In Ommilistorpg , to, the bum of
' ' 710.111 . 071' A. 111113,1 . .. COMM.
/11.Ni k : disililti; ditorney. atLaw4
-.$ AM*. on foierth INttwt. Vsnlthffeld.
• ttOrllOy atW— 1-
tglatens4-bt?"1. in
Y 11; B. FETITASI • , ecwr
. atut:t4t ., .„.. is A(.44. No. tiUl2
AtAMES Jr: KUHN, AttAzzum at Law, office,
Iu Tilµhcasaa.ll•ll. ram.: of Grant . dtre.t. acid Dissoitut
y,3ltutruret. Jal6stly • .
• p ßigblS O. FLANEGIN, Attorney Law,
No. IN) Fourth Moot. Pittobonti.
5101V/1 - 4_lVATSON,ttorneye at, La*,
x.. 'kr.eurit great, Birtabaut. •
trCISMOM—AIO.IIII..i. Johnkradar. 2444 lig
tau. tilvrtitgra 'Co; Wm- B. mow, 5 .bU
( , 0;440.4[4 Ob. W. Jackson, Vittabargl. - taxa:ly .
htDWARD P. JONV, Attorney at Law:
ottiU .0 Youth phut, t..v.tweell Wood ma Eailt4-
I ASPER E. BRADY. . Attorney at id
N. t 9 I . l.ftliaa•oot, Pittotoomb. ea , I
LIARRISON SEWELL, At , to Jul at Law,
Gl Okb btate C.lsili.exca
. firjedag dcass. Adl•
cf.Darls, 111 . 4 a „above
•Et COME ARNOLD & CO., Bankers:
iut Melees In Exchange, Cob, Mak . grates, se; ?fa 78
tuns sweet, sat don to me Hank of Pittobarksh. Col
UTM. H. WILLIAMS tr. CO, Bankeri
z v v ig a aa ., Egr p r u l b rotera Forth fast: earner of Waal
LU trAaractio. made ca liberal 10.4 i, ' o,ol .Ca.n
Drumptlattnthect to. ' • initly •
11. D. KLNG, Balker and Exchange Siam.,
. Fourth Meet. Thal
Edo-er iu Buti" lOW ist T.*
..Gld mil Elver.' eke beauti t
es Ne .% sold.
The blithest =a-:4 hem paid in premium tor Assunican
Ralf ollars, sad tdeziorin aria eliestish is Vsir
Tunas. . SeTil
LARLIdER, JR., Banker and Broker,
T aljoinloir the Itiankof FS tiabargb.
ii SSILKINS CO,..Ezebangerßrokors,
Ectab East Corner of Third and Tialhatirrests. All
cru at mo•t liberal tarn.
OLDIES & SON. Dealers in Foreign
.at lttga t rlill . lle Radian Cerrattentas ar D.
N. M 2 — .4lll.oellectlans= tan Vt= t r, ler
' n 4 the patted stsept.
KDAMEW tb• - ankers and Ex,
tAan liteCkais Dealers In Foreign and Dames*
anicabange,Certiflcaaa Bank
011 bee, canter of Third and Wood rarest., directly clnraile
the 84. Omelet /lots'.
ID • . 11 , 11. o.
AIR de IRVIN, Commission Meichandp
. . I wand rheot.., Palissul and
Etta. men:Wl:la from SIDO to $lO.OOO alononrbs.l
111/z•LeL.A.!= ,
ribrEffi HANNA tr. CO., Successors to
dinAt 1.135,..1/0
WoOTZl . lll4 so t.. o 2 . `naer El ' +ierr th r W lerl f Zf r il
pode. .Figlit Cheek, ror Pole, and
a ile d made an nen*
irall the nrineiral points or the United Btates.
Tbs blibeet Nretainurveld tar For
.end Aneirlese
Adrukensseideork ecrinignamatant Pareinee;eldipedrint.
VI : • V. TAYLOR, Commissioner and" Bili
11.2 &mod att att. etaia arta:Wort ail!
/era. to all busizta trusted to Wm cam, .I . ..tttaborga
taanuAr I turd articles altrGF , haal or proattrall
,r.otltt... Notes, Bom, ar" sgotlated On faro.
able terra. Advances m ule. . ad. •.• •
XLC. li - KOCJITON late Johnston lc Stock-
XL. too. thxdraellet Ittatlereer,Prlnter, 1= Mader, me
-per of Marts% at:426lrd streets, iltteborgh.
TAS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Thiplarreet, cripedle ttee Post•Mca. Nee Moak, rei
iticircd dilly by ermes. Sialerviptime received to
• • tho idiereeiries cr IrCeepapen, putiletied st. the pabliersee
• /Mgt prim .•
.110ffiff9, Bookseller and Stationer s
• N0...19°3=th game. Melo B.Sal.r.
;44 013 A:4:1I
, A
I.I'CLINTOOK, Mannficturer and Imr
. • min. of ttaburuh. Cerrete. 011 Clotho, atom Boa Tri g s
Or %C
WWers Mud., Se. Warehouse. N 0.136 fourth et,
ocain.. Pi
la IV. POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
Uerthet. Meets, l'lttiburatt Comma. atm Fa*
.151,01 Sfccar, .ad Ihr tb. im mad mite of Flaw
; artyrn P.N.., Iron; Nails, 0 la.asould th e ma th stacturel
trades of Pitt/thumb tothrsl37._ •
' 41.6—Azane Ow that Woof-X. U.por 1136., and I.ICII.
istna'ateelebnatvd KUM" and Ehq For s. , at PhaloaktrA4
ase:ax: cw.l.leakine a Ca's graspator partort twas. ..A
A. - .I4oANULTY CO—Transporte •
a.thoLsstou nerduatty, W•tre
11' .1 I. ..30,151E7, Foewardiag:and Cont=
• udeolon Morcherite, Itelers to Produce . PIM.
olounfootoord erUollu. c... 1 Beata. =or &Mon.
Salc.;a7ori to At
nglir-S4 tt% %tit 2 gee rG K ff tt:
burin. I.a.
A. 4.111.1014. 1rretraPin.......1.1.711/SCaT 0.4 ~ .an
AA - A; „MASON /C 00, W/101,enletnd'Reta31
Deals., la •74aer end Staple Dry Qv*, C lacer. 4
....e6 . . ,
sna .
r e tnirpri own Mrdwato, man el l'eurti3
• kat rtrretv
j R. D. HUNT. Dentist, Corn= nt'' 'mirth
• ot" betwora 51artsc al* Ram egrovi,
crEPLIY it LEE, Woo' DILL:as wad
•Vusdatulen rotuati uf Anuritszi
Gocak t.n Liberty Plizsburid,
k;,W. 11A.B.BAUGII,' Wol Machu:mg,
Dedm ittFlour anA Praia. vsosralroued Pa`
cacti Comatieiop ;rterchcat:, Ao, 1.15 lust cp.t.
ted It &coal turett, Paixbarch.
,100ANi WILSOIV. & CO., Importers an'
Whnignle Denim In ihrlirart and Oradell . . 71.139
1; - t4
;o:33; 4 ollAolitto ll anWrrla
.- c-' W3 A. ACURG CO.,i Grocer, and
r ,,
D . enr .,_ No. asVLltwrif Itreell Wood
head s emortmons or.ClevUe Grocer.
mio-tardirm Fruits and bints.Wbolo,
Doletl incia4.4 tha karat twat..
A. FAHN'ESTOCK & CO., Wholesale
Druttehtts, and manittotttetratocrf White Leta Red
1.1 1 .1, oaf Lanaegyo ocznor Wood so 4 Front tectetec ,
tarot., P.t.
rot. o. Xtitt - C-1 C. firDoll.l-4.
noto.ssorg .to
T ,„ Vt - hointele cowl MOH Ding ant
oteention btore, corner of Wtool tenet. on 4 diet.
rho prortiptiont,tarrifelly contpontulett tn t cht ette
tewrm. tutoar.
Kthls .. DniTolß''Tr . 7 Deal,
74 0 - 4,ratnteltgigatAr,4=7,t - , - ,
i ro g., , , ,, tvew r sve at co, roma or Wood .4
raul Gm-yarded vithithasten.''
Itt.E. SELLERS, t.,B 'Wholesale Dealer Jn
wO.l r troo.4 ri rj o La
_sth v ,
N. WICKERSILOcWhoIesaIe Druggist
13 .r 1CAUN REITER, Wholesale and itetsll
Dr=Len, norm mai at Liberty $s Pi
CyJr stn. tt..-
T SCHCK)NMAKER&CO„ Wholesale,Dnig
cr Ha 24 Wood Pittsburgh.
Aar F. Nirrligig,,WWolesttle Grocertrand
C=ml.loi Iltetchstitn: 4Wants 16r Pale or Po
Font'. Poder, rio. 118 Second; sod It: Front vv. .1
L. MEE, Wholesale Grocer,. Cordials sien
0)• altiatunt.and dealat in Pavan and Rip. comer of
Yvan and Innia meet, husband,
QAMUEL P. SliKlNEß,testae 4.;
Piss Ccaddluemoa 51achists, sad ad:
as in burrd :dututhaund Articles. Lim 130 ad 132
&add .tx,ert, bay.. Wood and Badthbold, Pittabusib.
OM M1R01114..,.. :..1010311 ➢ 01. t.
oy.N . s. i LLLW..6ftn Wh0L 7 .2 1
.eitgu r ir r . " o r rio—d-w-°°-r,
lettaltlDdE INGRAHAIt, Wrolesale
JUP drams =I Oomountlou Meratkott, ha ul W
stmt. and 1/0 First Moot. Millionth.
• Y, a ATTHEWS & CO., Wholesale.
jcIOLIN WATT tr-CO., Wholeoale Grocers,
'ecarm b laclack.blerelmata, and Denlets In Pirodaa•
aonh bisaufactum. 2G41 Llbert7 stmt.. PIM.
B. OANFIkLD, ilite of Warren, Ohio,
'eale . Denler Western P . 04 WI"1".
Pearl Ash. and Western Prpdtentletnerelly. ' Water loot.
between Botlthibekt 1.1 Weed. Pittebtimb.
&a• We Grooms. Forwarding wad Coussolusiao Nord.
nom Doulsou in Pittsburgh blanufacturss and Western
ralue, No.b9. corner of Front stroot and Chottosry Lour,
616K - EY .
IS M AIL CO.. Wholeaale Oro
lEGLISII & B NETT, late English,
L(l.n.heir Co. . WhokeseloUroomraGommiulaz adj
L= Radiants. mai Denim in Produce aml
broth kleaufsetursa Sa 1= Beams! 00. said 121 rinart,
bster. Wary/ and haithflea.
.1121 lriall.. —LOW To 1tT.11.1.......11.11:1 l'.' soy -
It'GILLS - ,Sr. ROE, [
W11°10,6.11) Orpeers and
hlivelmanta, No 257 Lawny
••ROBERT MOORE - . ilrliole4tdo : Grocer,
nett Vying Distiller, deAer in Prolou, l',ltts•bur
_swami:am, imi• all dA.,. of Yondop and D0...0
""'" d e i gill ''''•xt U ! 'ir 7 M 'l';el U 'iitt:
=XL be ea 14 lo= Zkil.. : ' "'". * . . 1
IA Gramm CoDuaskro glichigte,4l...lna In Ceodue.
Pitaburgi. iilnuulirtact, Nu_ 1W
Groom - .,Porsolieof. •od Commisalon
e azol Goolot log Plrcobundtt ho
Libor& off.. Plet.oboosb.
_ _ .
w. u. woawarkuul.
WM. BAG .A.La 6cdb., Wholesale ilrO
ssr., Na. IN ad 'Wood striwt.PlU•bututk.
McOANDLESS, suocessorki to
1/ V • L. t. J. D. Wick. Wldlwala thaws, f
01.. n
sad enninkalon kfinntdcatf. desiencla frost; Nslld, Ulna.
Cotton inns, Dlttaburgh Msottfdtdorrd nenfroily.
van, of Wood 4.1 Weer ftr.e.D, Iltdsburnll. •
CULBERlsol , F;i:ewuss, Wholesale
Gramm nail CommMori bleretrasibb Dealer" N , itcb i. W . r u tgol bliiartibierrinel Articles, Liberty
T D. WILLIAMS a CO., Wholesale end .
Vr:ha. ll Deatroi La 6 e
Yrtxtua. and Pi=l.l ,
usanucturri, nraar of 'Karl god Fifth rts. liststurria.
T. 1=1.33:---,1%. -.1.1a. Z. PRIMO.
meet, Pittabanch. Rlvivrelln 0:1,11; Pre
and Casualegios Mtrebsats.s.l &clan in ritttni,ll,
rm. norm-- . •
& R. FIAT* Wholesalo Grocer% COZA
• raise= ilarchants, avi Deslen la Pen3ocer—ltatt.7
Ortlr lt c . Pltth Man
sb ic.
LUxity. Pra.l. gixtb
Mearr.b. '
JOIIN PARKER & CO, Wholoa%Grocers:
ie curt.. De•ses tu grodueentim uquorp. ,Mco
Galitied . Whist.6r—lio. 6, • r,c6
S. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
p) mini. e, sad forwarding lirrehalat, mai dnalcr Inlmo7. silk GluCotton Yam, oad Ilttablulat 81.sanfsetur.8 .— Na .8 Fitter 5t....1.8.1 78 lint tt, kitisbutct.
TWIN IL MELLOR; Dealer in Piano Fortes,
so Mark. =I Magog butrmlegi., School Books. cod
'l.4t=rtiss2=Pantrit's Piano Fort.. for
E • Y KLEBER, Dealer in Mimic, Mc
+Jut man'. gAlenn Attachment. Atm. t Leinbanee
VEVVYM.I I OI: 43 : I :O
FLIENGS, WILSON & C 0.., Unntifec
twat" of an dees tub:. L,+ sod g iop t oleo, 6 ‘l=
D ¢allg d¢Llu¢c. atone, so sod
r r, Oral h' 3
a g '
3, blued war. de., de.
OlDesat LIPPENCOV & CO., No . 11g. Wain st., Pate eT .
TOOLS. CL1V1:32.3.--DAM CHM.. ..... -CUL
scrib..ra mannreetunr and 'keep conitantly on hand all
nicer or Tanks. Brads. and Spa:abler, Finirtling, Clone, and
Bob Baltic tine Blued Flour Darrel Lathing BABE
Coyer Balls and Tacka Barrel Nadler, Cooper and Zino
M. Nadia Pattern /Wore Pohang ftleetg,_assorted Hoe.
ern., CAMPBELL, C10 ,, 3 CO..
• • Ole:e Warehouse. La Water et. Pinata:rah?.
V'naNNEDY, CHILDS ,E CO., blantifewt.u
men- superior 4-4 Sheet/mg. Semlgt . tatmbh
me and 1341zin 0 . Penn HUI, flit/burgh.
TONES QUIGG, Manufacturers of piing
snd Illister Steel, Plough Steel, Steel nom& /Pl=
and Elll4lO lemetngs, Rematmered Iran Ax.l
- to u.Boble Comlngs. In. /4 4, 4 and
p4.4,Y hisuutuumreui suda innee
ers.Auristio auti sulphuric Acids. Ws:slum%
o. Weiss rt. below Vorrr..
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
E•dnual 0.. HlD—lmports &ad Dealer in Prone&
n/ Anoernaul Paper Mayas" and Itordors. Windom
odes, Piro Board Print& no. Pthejdir.
a n nd D W iamo p nd g e PlampeNt o i . V .B il 6
a W t o ,oPda s . treet bne= Poo=
JOHN A. CAUGBEEY, Agent for the LAB
Eri. ttrßesrar sad the lake.—
Wk. on tho corner a Water aad Emitbdell sta.
_IIIILEECH. CO., Transportors by Canal
an the
1 sad
For Nam Aunts. corner of Paw stmt
lay tb•publiu Maths keeps= band gad. rtaitd outbosat
xt., of Cho Diamcoad, allocchanycitr t • conapirce araortmetat
of VenlttaxibLints •Iso Ycollicut &mate. ma WWI to oract
In the boat MIL acarczatoi equal to say to tb• Unlted
Stat.. at. itilosta can b• rato.ed without Cho aid of
it4Vb h.uld°
!T u ll:4T
....Ith • IL. boa.
%ei Ito. mom, littotialgtr
m.a.:6 •
etrorr or Third caret
ti MMus, 4th; N, tm ral.
i~i ~iv:~:~~r~a:3~a=~;r~~:r~y;~
ADAM HARDEE, Vetiainaryßargeon, d ate
trait Edlnbizatt, footlcall, would to.lOntral.l7 p:
au at tbe pubtio that ha 4as coainwasd .Iflactiao an i..
&lota yrninialow. nl. et careful &amnion to whatom i.
tratrastat to Lilo, h. bzwa to riy• ottlenction.
la nostooetion mitt. Samba - 11anils. aorta atood
Blaatamithltut in arattalltill to ost—tol• on. at that n?.
al Tame! meat Ina Rontoilraab Metina. '
Vle(e)l 4 leasacWieplDAyy:(iTe).iwas:_i
ETILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood,
Plato Lisa. (thts-3 [tory) Piasharat, re.--ilesa of
irul.4ln3p4 Machlosti. Moult or NOPPaParar=tirPiame.
Lead Drug Laba:r. ito colana baaL for Dirittorta. 2Litr
order, Loa ...Asthma WM•alitantsa.aa,to thermal. et-yle
_of art. sad at the lowat priors I
ILLUAL SCHUC • . "S LitheivaLh;
Extrbildiment. Thlrd Iltreet,
ora..rimirnytt. at ev,,L.T.beay., rottt4
1h1111.45....t. Label.% .o.neeogrel 04 Mash..
Jhulneta sad Mitmor GLaes, At, numssal
Myatt aq Scoo. 004 printed /a Color. (Al. Ittonsa. err
4:4,111 the non 0w0.14 gtfla mod si n. taast 1000- S
crl"" son. I.
Wegner, Bueckner
to tlkeir mew and not ;natl.'. •
ara prepared y s %acute, In the hrst sty
Hera ear alum Cards, 11111., • Div ••••
anti th•tansalanal Coda. Maps, Charts, ,
Thar estahlishatent as No. Ctralarhe
Third ana roars, str.or. nD Pttin,
SY. NY/P-5.,04,1Yqt4hee,
Wan. And ...a4 u 147 Uonly, nun
roarth atre.l34PlUSburgt,y..,
Vaal% TcobtOleadstattmr4eatoi
Mt Xmas:lWO , • •• .4 touts to
~ TILL- viva epecinl atteirtion to tho Colley
Peorlion of rl.hnel for
rants e1...V1C! ."'4°Lt"'".
Ohio in Tilkthman.ll.,ll.l.Pl.6l.,rhx N . W U4WWW.
ht.tirgh, I . n.
haMriVol ' . ' s b n ', l s Z[lSTgli ( Si:3 l : '4° . D., • O.
W' ' 'l",
. Mar
of attelr .rt,
Cbecta, ti lanluat
abaaf, batareaft
0 017, Silver
184 111.847 .
Lead. Ja t o
Wm. IL Mcnight
Doctor-G. Reichhelm
_ .
1NF0R5.15 hia friends and 419 public in gall
eral, that he his removrd firs Dem* to Porto atantt.
iRe ta. ClaLt Hotel.
itttirbted m him fora laced of tmor, arc
morn.' to krill., Moir seconats. •JTie3m
DICKEY & CO., Agents for ME;
b /ma Waraa eroastaali
mv ..,,, ra r r , ruperior '
quality. our
F. IL Moore; M. D.,
ependal atterdlost to the treettnentof
. 11broseo pr,?:;
'A . r:;‘,W,2 i ttri g lCar d a l= d =rl r 2= ' ::t„.,
be&tteHand tmt Bridge, and telt door to the Phu,
titn f l atVat Cl ite 4 1 . ' 2. 1'4'4' A-7:44 r..
E NOBLE—City Flqiu-itig
v v No- 5G5 Meaty we of Ado-on ot, Pittabtolo.
NICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,,
taigrjll odenor tbe El ont 01, 1 1oslias of
r"dUIIriPerVtiVICIVAI4,...P, A r ..
i 11
l'Actry stroet, Pktlobah.' " jonlioill,
CORD & CO., Wholesale and Ret4il
klipautscturest. and Denton la rielkskillend ra%
bon.? of Weed end Filth strode. Pittebtagh. Whine the) ,
oiler tertill and complete stock of Hats: Copes_ Intik ilme
`tear eciality'sind style, by Wholesale and stetall. and in
vite the at.. 11.1011 of etut.ters end
oily, aerating them t h e t a they nail on the most
tagfOtio tea r cut.
Wl‘l, Dian, Morolnuit Tailor, Draper,
v V wad Dealer in Ready Made Clothing, 137 Idl.3rlT
PR. J.J. AIYIRS--Stirgoon and Physician.
Orke and dvalllid. corner of ljarllngton'd raw. No
I:hird greet.. door abed* B=llllll4d at.
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ONEGGER & CO., Importers of Wines,
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101-A. MADEIRA, Agent fur Delaware Mu
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JJGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
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L GLENN, Boor. Burpsa, Wood street,
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Steamboat Agency, and General Ocrounie.
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RALDIVIN, PLUMER .t CO:, lams this
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LIGHTNING RODS--Spratt'a Patent.
JANES J.teliE(l, ,/ AAAAA ASV..
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Wes, Orsr, Firitogeee,PiLihere,n.cet.7. l ., _rr......rt Zt't,
Flower Sane:. Ooblette, Dlsnal Ornaments, idootteics awl
Muff Jere, it: d articles for domeenc ti n e, In Post sesierg
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Aleiander Bradley, i 1
No. 19 Wood ftreet, between Fool aid rStranc: i;i.,
ANTS ACTURER of every deseriptiou
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Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
111111 undersigned have, ust completed their
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Bolivaaireßrick Manufactitring Compl.
JAIL atorth......s. K. EGSS..-14. S. solias-..-n.4.
, GLOVY,R, KIERA CU., PRorarrrons.
TILE SUBSCRIBERS, havin'i been op
polkaed Agents km th e above name.thtsberne
keep constantly 00h5.% •en pi of the celebrated MUSS"
irelltick,thosible FireClay.ll lunacy ilaartbs end
V. 7 ma aim prepared to receive oodee t ioo mid Brick, to
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better Ursa they hays•bermorore been. This le the only
establishment non manufacturing Fire Brick at Bolivar.
meh7 I Canal Bari. Seventh Pinsburth;
W. Dixonls London Patent Lever Watches
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RIO SON, Si Market street, hi
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A Card.' — • ,
IL. 'FITTED 11P, , ..(eu the Now York
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• En AND — Ckliiiit WARE,
KROESFN reaps constantly
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,Ptaamboat o A k Wall, kitchen Cr Draw tharlant
Wtodan Bowiek inds arnt - r'A nod Curry
Wash Board., ;ad all other of warm la !dill..
Worrroonr.tdirotila Mill, neat. litisbarth, Ys
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DIA LX113 7 BlM...Nati COIN, B&NL 0001), 40.
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Ir:cum:mum,- -
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/TTSBUB6II CITY . 0 . 1.4.5 . S WORKS.-
013:rtillilifiAll I 01, Manufacturer. of Wgrnew
No. 2 , 3 Alarkyt gareAt, Li.twoz,D Fica t.l ieSuut.
Partbolat 14tteutioti .cLus. Alta—DMus
Illot 01., Viol, Twit.. 1, .1/1 , 04 '
SMITLEY & COLVIIV, Goal Merchants
and Dtrilera la Doi Goal, °mark. Irob ,srA rw
ortur a( Walnut otr..t sad Frashiapl. Vaßtorilt
J. Wilson & 8010
YirIOLESALE and retail maattfacta-zi
altd dealers In /tate idol C•ia. Nc id
ood .ricer, 4 door Wow Diamond Aut7r. Eitte
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For Basco- County, and adfaernt
THE SUBSCRIBER, hating been located
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Samuel "Gray,
W. CLAIR LLILDrAIe, il. upuuki 4 . EltiT,
AS just returned Crain Nru Yoakend
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T< • call. eep.lf
FALL E.,4811.1QN.
'havn just rerpi:ved thi4 bwititiful
V rrr Mend.ATS, rn rdzieh iro 'write tbeartait
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Meetallr UM no. }lntl And
cam Glass Works.
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ORENZ WlGlT.M . A.N,4formerlyof the
44. VIALS, Mis, 4 a?Trztrda'allorl,t
.eu es irr.t street,Pittoenb,
N. b.—Particula r erttentton_pnid to odd dm of i - Indow
titan Itnd what. moulds far Bottles and 7110. down
STAR GLASS ;W0R.11.13.. • • •
Waxehotur—No. 17 Market aired, Pitubsagh.
INBERT WINTER & CO:, haling teLken
the above learksorth manar.a., al kiwi. a' or , . '
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Thj b... xliltrolitrieted • Factory ...bre* to th e
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their friends and the public In general mar far. eta.
Pattie.or atteettaa pad tartrate meld. Wag
Feiaes Professor of Mono
BEGS leave to, inform tho citizens of l'itts
us burgh%lA AllFglrny • that he trill now comment%
to give inxtruetiond cm the PLANO FORT% and VIOLIN,
mountable terms. For further mrtioulam Millolrm
11. IS LEBER'S Mimic Stare, ho. tai Third wee.. Agit of
the tioldra tahs
New Chocolate Factory.
1h143. N. GIAMBONI a CO. respeotit}llyie
film publ:e that they ore 000 maasfpeturiog
COLATS of every quality sod prke.l This Cliceolok,
pukka !poet other oaf bore In Permuted pore erg Pos
dnlterrated, and how* of dear apron, more notrieione sold
w e e.... Plg. if. k having boon prmrietark of Mar
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" 1 °.°1 7Ne 4 4 it
It le for sale . .P.0n5.1.14..117.1..nref's tallinery.)
N 0.102 Fourth st. , up nth,. ew kart to the Mayor's Of.
(Purmerly the lizeittkugei , )
Comer of Penn and Bt. Clair ,Str eta,
apaaious, central, and most oonvoni
tly Inegtth turn. haying 1.111 ACM11110%44 to
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We ether to ythvoloro or Dormayrout boarders.luthrth biro
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Preah Maori:meat of Spring Gooda..
qILIONIAS PALMER, 1 - 4 7 dairy recahliir,
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. 55 Minuer' ST¢T.Y.T.
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PAPAW JTAXULTIVrIhat Iwo aphearoil in this mortal
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Nagy Coach Factory—Allegheny.
40131... 6 , M. A. WHITE CO. would tit
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Grindst4utes,l Grindstones 1
ILSON 44 CO No. 129. WC/0d
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Qv wharf.
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cuilwew Lur.O.N. l`f 1110:i A Oa
I WILSON k SON, FAegicar.4.444
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• the Wed eR 1.141;1 atm:, All.pnesty, Le pr.
grota P.l.4 Is aI inreso.S P. through, bi. 'arch eqbar drs. ca
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Acittria: .
L . A. .al t r i D ca rtigt. corpirig Mint gad Wood ..:
Ti.7.11g,.. Drs mg -V" Axil r e., Vealan3 st.,
.1....Ph:m.c1-....D.I3:L..DIARincua , I, Aiks..,
,r 2.11.
WO l : S.
• ETE•s“siun 1.832, by EDMUND
. WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
hand el Wood latreet. Plttaburgh, Pa.
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facturar, Wan-romm • 90 Third /diva_
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Ha has adopted Use praelpM of Iratialitag the name
Wannh wnidth
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rascriptla of
furrature, from the cheaper; and Wawa, to the most el*
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IWdfa parlor
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and cots for paper tackle, table and tea Dora,
mahogany, mamma, and erd rad pearl Table, to. La. An.
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Sinks, noalta or Iron. . la 6
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Kitchen Lanp.ea, Ottet Iron Buller. It ash Trap., II ut tr
Farnonea, and In - LI Plpe, turn Mad and put up at the Iner•
ma. pim.
Lilt, Faroe, and 'lard Pasant: Idfdtanlie
I, on hand., aid put up at ant &stance In the ounntrr•
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Inlaid:. 125 Vital L.
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Silrea, P. f.x.b.p .so,c • ; , ,W A. nb
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PAPEIS.-221) rirsar tj by ZS Prlttirsr PtP.ll .
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coo •' 1S br $4, 24 by 52, II by 34. YS
140 " Bi
1200 tnlbs. on¢l, oto. Strew Pop . or.
250 edicts sal Single Wiwi Rug.
Th. uoilForslood toys 0000/00212 4515 hard ors! Ibr =AP
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Alro—Willog of oil saes. for — Poor 05 5n'ir 4, ....
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Isor6 ernes of Pain sod Irsia
• !tent Candlesticks.
vg=lrita.dd.,:,7„mgr.P IYN
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
aPisad Louisville Tele.
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FEW SHARE. or 'this Stock wanted at
ja. the Exemagig
M rELOPERTY.—A barsdn "
1161:40704 ee•
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For two
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Letters tothe Continent of Europe. by lb. ColliesTsui
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Branch at Mt. Plcualit.—.llo
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Branch at 'Kornai&
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1 AREA 5.1. BRUSH. of IlttstrATA
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Luca. Dad ',3s4L,A for gold fair
for mmtoort 6.1,1 for ~,ursri, c k,L,
Vitt. , il l / 1 a I.[ult,l damolei y 95,t
and reutitry. bifea of Rice. i moll lots, at 44?..4.4;c -- r• 0 .
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meeting, Hays •
. Ir, spite of falsehoods and miarepresenia,
tosas—in spite of the slanders and vituperation
of hostile deinagogues, Philadelphia hen canoe
forward in all her strength of numbers and en- 1
thunistrov, to sustain her great and good-Gover
nor The immense meetlfig which convened last
everliok within the hallowed precincts of Inde
pendence Square, fho entire harmony and anon
imityta-hich prevailed over all thevast concourse,
and throughout all the proceedings, the unpre
cedented enthasia.ste displayed towards him who
has proved himself the wisest Governor Penn.
oyivenio has over had, mast inevitably rest a
damper upon the prospects of Locoforioism, and
fully vindicate the feelings and attaolunents• of
our people for the Union, against all who, like
• Bigler, would make it the plaything of a faction.
It was canoes to vritnes4 how dismayed. were
\ the tow Locofor'as who hung on the outskirts of
,t a ...4ensblage, at perceiving all their visions
,-.6,n divsehoions in the rantis of the administration.
v utterly dissipated and destroyed. To see
thii all again gathered around our old council
firlo Staining with one united voice the choose
and r, 'I tried leader who has done eomuch good
servie,• the right move, to see Philadelphia
prat.] f et Whig Governor, and rejoicing peer
the pros Sr ter, of his re-election, woo e. glorious
sight iot 't• y' member of our own party."
l'he 4s . 7 aaspiaiona. and tie meeting
l•stc. , evnt. f Whig gathering in Philadelphia.
1 it the Wald Irt the city,. the North American'
says, and all \ - the djoinlng districts 'were frilly
represented SRL it appropviatti tintless and
badges of diet:Mode —many of them reviving
the *rooolleetions post notelets, auditor inspiring
[loot hopes for a gthrionttriumph Ebegarselum
I los. mamtfactnren, menthants ant working mem,
turned ant in fall 'strength' and - made up a de
; mOEI4/3.931 It which, in point of numbers e ch
rimoer, .-
mer, mbstanoe, and intelfigeuse, hat hardly
ever been equalled in thiltidelithia ,
Pasorstor Fseary, 13e,,''pnelded, attained
by a parse number ofVine, Presidenta. Ifr.
\ -- 7
Frriey made a few 'opentlig tannins, and was
• followed by Judge ,Conrad, inxis, , speech replete
with eloquence, humor and good sense. On con=
nailing he read the resolutions, wln6ii; were natal
moony adopted. These resolanon e Ott mlit ad-
Ilairsblo, and we regret that want or spans voila
, .
• path 'es to exclude the most of .theiss , ilmbing
them arc the following- " ...\ \
Resolved, That in the. Wards of flo'ltentuiti.
Johnstorifislast annual messig•ii, t'Perinsyltenna,
'her people and her ionhoritiaa always havedieen
; loyal' tp the Constifiniou. TheY \wish it neither .
Ito be evaded nor amended. They . will not pen`be resisted?' , . \ . •
olvid,, That rho alcalnistiratiOn of Press
dent Filmore has amply aid nobly ticancited the
confidence of his country, and won the. adraira
tiou, applause and gratitude of the
,patriotic of
• purity,wisdom ana i4na
.11 parnet; thths . _era,
tua, his hale io fidelity to the Conatitation,
his devotion to the Union, his vigilant and ‘ fira
felocution of the laws at horns, and his chiral.
' runs maintenance' of 'mit honor abroad, retader
' the present a model adminietration; and While
they jefstify the pride iof his fallow-coutitryinen;,
esitart the admiration and praise of the world
Resolved, That Governor Johnston merits our
profotind and endariog gratitude forreacydrig onr
I down-trodden State 'from the hopelessness of
I debt; that his genius sad courage in establishing
11 .. S r i: k o i n n li c:
t r q ii n e . d i 1
e f , o i r w t h eb.4mnuntir
energyoar debt
I p;viding the moneys required, to render it er.
1 feetive; that by the restoration of confidence and
reredi, by rigid ecomdny in •the adminiatration
te l government, by checking long-seated abuses,
and hy\Fueimitting arelextraidnivary exertions,
holism, itt little More than two genre, hemena
bled,to liquidate in all $7311 235`cf.the debt of
the State . ", Mot in trio noble triataph of genius
Land patriotism Gores-DOr Jonaton his regenera
ted ti., himn\el,.o the State; has secured and
Sn'4'ertsinFd the cv al and speedy payment of
our debt, and diem meat of `oar people and
l c m
their paste sty from, this Pararyzing obligation;
and \nal eu bled 10. to look forvrard with comd
'denesto a new vtidt, brighter malls :Me history
ec our\COMmopirealth. '
Resnleoll,The ; it to "do justice to the
deenies\c' the State,\the policy of (tortJohtid
ton howl he fa it fully perseveringly, maul.
niintsd, th t our in s euntrii . ea,should be developed•
by a fosteridg protretiondia protection idiocat
, ed by Ain and opposd by Sigler—and that nor
credit sEetild be upheld ty , s tlais admirable and
;Miumphant syntete or final:ice, a system try'
~..o curt which, while onNanet Have riot' been heighten
ed;.oar revenue 'boa limn greatly Increased;
- ,, V."1 1 -cri t , whilo, our e musk have 'been ajminiehed,, our
~ "4 , ' b i', , S''t o improvement , ' hare Sheen eastly«ystendeil and
\ sf, 0 0 ,,.. 00 , improved , our ommec ii. e hai,been‘eniargedi OW
'' ki ts-
M" ' industry encoara`g i ;d, a d our general prosperity
o 0.• ,ot.• •olava. I •
, 00 0 4,.., ~, ~.. • wonderfully sesta ed n oinst;tho blighting In-.
s l ssi 109.1 " I I finesse of oar present des : truedie tatig,' •
1 4i' ` O T ) 111 1 0 1 ..' Resolved, That we will ield an earnest sup
. I 1.,1.3 16, es, on to the re electiortof G r og. Jobis s eton, ward
\ '''" . ",.l ,'1 V I lir lUrn to highly ash peculiarly qltalifusiv—by
I e I 0 6.,%, ' hie - en ; mordinary abilities, Os sound views of
\ ' ~ `;', I • 'o' ‘ 1 0 `,.:1 \ I Silte policy, hi,. ardent \ devoilon to 'his naive ,
L, eo!
,‘,,, ceninione-eatih, his wisdom, jusl.Vco, sadluabriel
', 1 `7: ro ~ ‘::, c 4,314 -!, tit:evil:le Caer&v, and his 'tepublihan clareeter,
',.. \ ' 1 ' '.' '\ 1 '2l, ' I.lfahitsi N and principles—to elevate the reputhtiop
- ' ',I I t' ' '' ''''' 'and promote' the prosperity 4 Pennsylvania.--
'that his 'Aerrloes demand our gratitude, las cher
acler merits oneadeviration, and his tinenta iind
neva. fusimith, unbounded Mkintage to th e ,
1 State,. from his tont:muted 'kronen to e air '
ranceinent of 'Or Interests. \
. : 0.• I i '4 21 \1 ''
After the realling ` of the resolntioiT Govekmor
• aOO i Ot. Wm. I . Juhnoton,was i tat”clueed ats \ addrear .
--' oe n o
' 4 '",\ 4 "" • ' ti " 33 " tiu gi a3 f4 7' 3 '`,_ ' • \ 0
-• . 5 , ,4 I \.ni , , i i \ 81!BEGE ' \ ,\ ,
• 6 fro 1 l, %. ' Pibw citnene, r deeire to return yektL my `..,
Fr I C'x' ol \ ! tha nks for the li.i4d and eithigilastio Banger in
.1! , „, 0 ; 1 1, ,' lutichldo havo'veccived Me apon my' pr lint'
' ; ' 7 igi% I 'Xi4t to'Phpadelphia. I.' thank 'yonota a,rep is.
300 0 ' 3 7 ' . ' 0 . ' 'boa - nMG eq for 3 3 7 Presence on th is ocessio '
• rnBridl Tu " nlLE T'' 3 `"l u "' T ' If' I thin i, have o nerved in thesis assemblage
1 o o f%he pen le 10 Sentuity for our political insdtri.
tiara, Till nd, yea, elso,'as an Eneoutive Msg. \
tstratiu, for y uv,presence here to-night, because
It' assutes me atthe ptibllo, are determined his
examine \ the an 'of their servants, end to' peas
i uponetiastie note ith the voice. of approbation
' ILor dis'appl•rstio 43 their lionest jnaggionts
nosy sunw• thorn N:gbt. Lai./ thank'yon for i
J 'your Inendatice, as candidaiii for office, be
came It 'ittrer4 RIO Opportunity of expressing
to`the people My, views pan public measures that
In than gowns:lntent, co Muted of the people,
,• and 'ender their 6 razor 11 may know the epin..
!, ion of the mita,. whom they aro (Salina upon to ull\t\
, ~
; vote atthe nett el non.
I ,[fieris the Gtivern r was ' terrapted by thenr.
80A7.8 LEAVI-010 Tale reps.
, rime of numerous de gsation from Kensington, -
roe PIIILADELKIto ANDimi,,4lsouE., spring, Glnien and No thorn 'bertha. proced,
0 Locatt & Cee rusenzor Peeler Mayen 11BAT at t , a in a.,
I ed by bands of rinds. Slur ntp iter'didnot die=
o re.
tinctiy hear the pasthipas of the *eh that lin.
~,'',..; '''' 3 """"" ' 3 "1 ...... ' mr.ilately tonowod.)\ \ \
- .r , T/LLE. 86. m. 6641 6 r u. N.
- when the go!ernment ontio the.people,
a is ter them t o o lie vigilant, 'n refe \ rence to slip
j 311 7 W STORE. I ' ocaduct of theleugents lha e toOnnucli regard
', 0. co yotTR777 xi' REEr. u , . , r , ' "'"'l''" 'h , land, to desire tob • the
• it 1'
X SUBSCRIBER harmg 't_ r hen the \core ' n,yself, for the repabli i titunces of "this
Tr etan, e uu havti.a ..or "Y.'' , 1 ' - \ e rnae DU , Oil 0 spy.
„ , 4 t , n the bud., a t u....uo•ua-d....a. - 0...r0 , k!.. , men whose opinions an public policy I`...enuld not
eu r °t tr
~,,, , , , ,,,,,i I conscientiously carrY\ out. The heat \efintiait,
F. 66 • Y• a AP" , ,Mt-INI " ' n'U‘
r ..
- . orln my jndgmen; invorret the \ eft l ttemen\O{ Ina .
, \ D8E ... G00 ,.. D „ ti .„ ,
v ,
: „ . .„ . „- isa ,tportaut queeti6ns to tho peop e of \ this Etate.
ir 5. *lOl ISIOCL of ...Uult.ii . -
~.., G Gus . ~,,,,,,,0 5 ,,,.., Li , o,..:,ilider:os n ) 116.1. t.t.1 . 1 .If it were bin a mere elrort to e ovate A 11i"l3..
1r .,. 'L i u, i. r aoc,-1z;:-,„,,„ ~„,i 1 . t%, offce, who would disoinfrge this' \ dunts ot i t s tie
m acron . sa a co,. i tatll-LtIG, .r
. I,tu •Z! r ook that. ID E emir° under the constithlion and the sin,
Ins st..Th tr.. •b . '' • • ••••-• ''''''" ''''' ''•" •IA- . wiN i nitelit.j, it would be 'Matter Of actual nic
e hare in ter-elly, tpl i, be Lso,rail /vv.
.r,,,,,„,,., ,
Alms to tht.t . Watt, ~,, , 4 _,.. t .... 4 ,.. 2 Mui 4... , , .66: 1 men whether .0 or I. oho d•, be the , summed;
rj,lil=l„.l, l „,'" \ '''" 'IA47,
~,,,,,,IVWX:',''' I candi titc.' 'tot if I con entry the citizens of\
aye:sot., ttle Portion of Peedieji nail. that ;i:oporrun
v - . y., Sil • ERIV# 3,15 , LusK_Ey , vii , , qtmatiorio—ltaporr..rt to a oar an.areats, ars ace
b it, ...i.i . •4. 1 , 5 ,r , ...11 . 1q10 "rs:A...u....itt, ' volved in the comidg cunt et, and . to be settled
"'-'"" ' lll 4 . Z i . :,.,„". '..,....„1: by the reit:tit]. am minfide t that there will be
„...4 a. err w tteis 4ltlAt . r
Abw. . ...,, s, - ,V,.. ,
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th...--.9..tru.Lan letter td the i tar tat
r..ry Slat. dont. in fdre,etl rot , ' in t h e
eoentry Aoki tupplie I ote.:. &ttttsta ot
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arm. and rise •k E 1 aoron .maltln .. la
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avert rm.... at hada Ltaina roily tonoloveta :taunt., It,
winter, with ;ray:elan. cheap 1...1 the L4et tug ..tan and
tale lanaily Iteorra IV firozate italic. the Lat. - pool
tattylott as follow. tls. r.nttile - annoll
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tars La rental, lu the.. stir ar... ILe very aeltte tterataatt
tar rats fn:111 and Oth. I . blanket on.a. culob at
ativatter it lat.:mit, I.,lnce We brie nn
meat En a:EMI,. rn k.agthla reatabing. Lald tte-atett
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the ULU Lest. tarot Tall his were ofirroa at yeth:le one..
ettlegr ct ClEat. (Hilo aunulhar iv. ford:,
utinr iarapms,
Tr, s:..yort olltonJay say,
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from MIO OA bevy? tenr444l99:one La WI wine. M . , MO-
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ern-amen eurtie 'sr
SONS, Bankers.
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Then to a rkair .fln In ntxt.
trriol thaette to mt., etelt.e Error or in •Woli E.; ttlm
holden of Tamotsu:ten.* rorintra.gct
&sitter, rf thr rrotarrat rf the Cult, rtritrt,
, 1111.1=:i i t.lzatti o lfe , ,ivarkt
rabtfc duo, or« pr.fettml unqtr th7trtadn'oLljtrt
Drat cf !Mtn attwer WM., they to:,
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It 1.1 crainrsvol that tha Hank Ceamniaraaners kif 1111.. -
-leg their ant ual siapainats.n..l tht. Lai... , t..V.a
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apnea weopl..l loan, that L.tberaa, 55.,11.1. 1q 5.1555.1 y 55. k
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their coat. capital:audio' artlrtion. 54 5 0. psnt of ttu.s. ttt
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elated, wi th tbla arneo4l al bur1...n..55:1 Leire a halal.
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. .
• PFPI( Prrl.l.llllll
of Philadelphia had a grand rally on lest 'MO,
day, and the gathering was worthy of other days
of Whig glory and enthusiasm. The .Noith•
American, in, introducing an account: of the'
VOCUATE LXV-INljilliEß '32.
halfwit) bejast and tight to theinstitutions
under WI 'eh they live. \ '
Permit eto occupy a Moment of your tiros,
while I ma e n:fow remarks in refereneelo home
charges whi have been Made again,t. hun who
addresses you. Tithe Arm plate, it has\ been
charged that the pre3ent Executive ha&been on •
faithful to his pledges In cue or more partieulvrs
R ban been said in reference to the exereile of
that high power vested Im cue by 'the cnstitutiou
—the power of granting pardons and remitting 'i
fines and forfeltures , ,that (late failed As dm ..
o t 'i
charge the duties which I'' owe to the citizen. I.' ' • i
mention this far the; Purpose of aakiug your 1
attention for one ,ntettmitt, to, a mat ter,
. about
which' caaneton this oceasfoo.entel• IntOclintiL -
The eremite of 'the Feria ng power„wesied ire " ...'''
the supreme 'Executive of tit Sta v e , may be,' and '..., .
oubtless,, in many , Inatome la abused. It 't'l '-
•ay be ahuled by the one who eroi,ses then pow •
e and it may be abused by theca from. . whom
luiterivee hie information. I a say here: that
\l'lt \tit...exercise of that power, upo no aingle oc- •.,
o was Lever influenced to ior with- . , a
\h I a ardon,laj polithmlpartieliti or prejudi. .1
. tuan
°!!‘. \,( lee of " good--geod," end tip •Iallt.) I
*N I NFMIT:ethieSTOred, ,from the llghto 1' •
...1 ~ -
c,nl obtayi to guide my judgatent, t, make. - • I
such, eria ne upon all questions ofilto klutl
that \rill 4%.\ presented to me, as, juatice, and th ' i
required. Timm I have granted pardons list ' - I
might hi bitter not heed granted, I have na \ , i
doubt; hat alltnes of the kind the public r - , I
cords wills oiv ti had the moat 'oonclusir. \' .
testimony he rip \ ritt,a of the worth of the objet At \ 1 .
hem thateleurad been glien beforb the act \ ' 1
w s done. In uo ingfikitudancrlhave teverfailed• ,
to re every e rtlett I mild to obtain' infer \
Ms u from such einumetkan my judgment told rue , 1
ere liable. 1 inky \ futther ray to yOu that.
.tortthstanding the Is t rge luareahe of our popu
(at)on,tied the consequenedarge increase afar - tzar,
and \ .oViae number • o \ronvictione for . crime ~ . 1
within tie
theitshavelmon few,, - '-\' \ '7,
pardons , &a' tad bi \ the.p sept\ , E;eindive than
v• ' 1 . \
by his :prod -ear:lora \ Arm ' ev 'elte.3-ge has 'Seen
made, and t t is, notwi M mg. whether
thesepardons re righ(or not,was pledg- ..\i
6 x
edagaliast thiierchte of the ne. :hag power. . - 1 .. ''i;
This is unjnit d untrue: \ I , ebnid. t, nt any
time, 'or tuadet\ t iv iretuastancesllt v pledges , i
myself agriast a ercise \of a \pone ti - 6ach
must steoesstiVily \ b 6 ilerl'into aotio . a\ krAc ls or' .. ;
rtrt administration f e Government. 7 rest
applause.) It has lo a toted that I hillik en
derelict in duty sud f se to pledgesXbykaz t
ing occesiridilly arrest
State, by the exercise u . th veto power, LM ..
is Vested' in the Exam" rit b th e Conatitu int
I freetyl say to yon, thaw IV4V .been oppose,. I.\ \ \, • s . .
the too
, frequeut use, `an ‘ltaitt sO declared ~ ~ N -, •
the pro le upon - a 'farmer . AlApn, of vel, \
power. I believe its eterelp Ste part of one
individ al; on very frequently vetinling the vr. \\ -
titan of he people's represetay, es, 9 not a .ri.
public' feature in his adzatatririikio . I , aidr 1
before t e lest election, awl lit c t t aste ‘
m ' on l r-
peat, fo the purpose. of vie& 1‘ Self' in . - \
the nit mut of this portion of he\ co atcn
wealth, here the charge h bee Mora Le,
made, a d insisted upon' then. in btke 1
begrfei e to refer you to acme facts u at
the rime . During the admlnistrati a( , ' 7 '
Crithe P rtes the number of bills, vetoed er rt
eve CO t 5;. that had. passed the Legislat -e 6:\ , -
lug hi s tericus of ea years, 19115 fifty-seo-v,
making an average or more thep., nine d u i
each 5 on of the Legialaturdl. " During h e
'adroit tintion of his- immediate succesiar t a. d , \
my p ecessor, the late Gov. Shank, Ulu num °, L \
her of etoes In a h. little period of ttle'more'll r.a
m izsi
three years-Jhree searions.of the Logisleturn \\.
of our. State--Was alrty•six—making an sera- 'A s
age-of tweaty•two each year. t I belioved—ho-
cause I was in the Satiate of your State ro. tt., \ .
time—that the exercise' of the poier referred '\\
As was anti-republican in its tendency, anotwav \
opposed to the bent interests of_ he people, I \
have no doubt, and have before tta
frequently E, \
yrhati uow repeat, thttlt mast ,- have heal rn '
abase of that power wirich milled for siofy-e:. \
vetoes at the awn of thn"Legielaturit in a perl‘d \ • \
or thzee and a half . ..years. Citizens; by your.',
partiality I have . been iln the dispharge4f the -\, \
Igxechtii - e duties three pence, and dudes:that
perietllave been called upon and found it ray
ditty to eto seven atate‘ s taf the Legislature.? Tire
fiza Of.these ware the f ete of a bill in relatlati
to a trestle the town f 'Brook - wane, eel iho
mac of the veto was, that the Legisisturalied
faunal 'ately before *lied aD, act prec:itielY the
lame in , orit in letter 6 end'en Dicer. (L.atgl,
\riv) T. oaght that ao 'Oct of hasty legislation, '
land I said, o to‘the Le . !sienna in my veto tne4-
ailEe- Thu nazi Stag the veto of an act fur 'the .
ozairritation th a kailroti thrOngh some of the
interior corm es of tic State,' and twenty-twin
boi l Of ,the, Sltiators present tent a writ
ten requelt tom to AM that 6111;-because it had
parsed Zeithont t elr *.derstinding its prow....
done, {Groat Is hterA The next veto I Lent
tertiO,ll i etire or lep,resOtativen, at the'Sritate,
I amno'now caluat tcrli*--was that or the
apportionment bill, TVA not only -violatei'tlav,
Constitetion, bat Whlob r depriked large pot floss
of the people of, theii gim of \ riprestatarion—
. a right-sacred to, them, johd formidable ion deaa•
‘ sgogata bray, ,(Qreet z ., :latiso.),. •:
The next wan' the vet of \s till i res'en tu
your Court. of ' 4 Z:toiler io 5 of, is city and
00*Ity the patter overllommea, mankelbelielei
-t Dower whether 'Or y lnot, pre 'et.
w then exuttreg, woul lit
• -, larii than in co
',h4. . ty',', and 'el
- 'orttaz....i
that, ioreer' whether 'COOL. pre ' ertAestod ut
der the law then emsting, wont 'be better v e : i..
ed in exi . j , other piaci; than in co
e, yi,4 sat don :o
, .
pass upon the rtgbtty','„and eputtsion oz
citizens.`, Another ausertratkagrant e a t - treO.-" "aclusive right kf nerigatit by p m
a portion.of the Stmcinclisiona river. \As that
river was a.patilio higEway, enatrati tr, tit's .
States or thexdori, tc4 c eiv.. 'did Le ,I u\
had no etoratitutiouttl aUthorlty s to dept -c es'
portion of thed citizen', fi L ato nakigiting t t. i , \
steam. 1 The slith Nini 4 casacf el,°roe, el. - el . \
within the jurieddetion o the Coatis, add, OA,
fore, expressly prohibit d bY \the ' Mtituti -,
from the interfereacie ok the Waist ro:, Tb
last wan of a bill which rekuiredtn,sll Oruro'
districts of Pentoralwrile 'that lawyem, Or rale-
Men learned In the law, sliouldi , bir' tdee s t,rct
I associate judges.' You may • no;.lappre its
the force of this objectieti,'beeinse I cyour' s k,ty
and county the aseocistUjildges ere stgiotentli
remunerated, while en the ; rural dist oto is
same elope of officers ritaiveatioutEl2qrS - 14(.\
[per yeer. You can usilyitnaghte' what hicd. et \
a lawyer miald be obtaind to eerve far the.; oi ;i ‘ o.,-
I"beliove however; the Legislature, in..ase tani
1 that noue'but a lawyer should be eleotod al .4 , ,
elate judge,_ transcended the, power vested •
vtx, .
them,, iniumrich ao thW reformed opustithti3O ,
li ,
had placed no mitatlarqup . on the pc the "t
choice of these finiedonartea Prettied ablator ',
that bal. ! , the Home in witicitit origirtadd,‘:,,,,,
no eatiefactory Were the remote see gned'in rnj
message, or so entirely was that house cOnviC, •
ed of the propriety of the rifles I entertniuel, ,
that alt hough- but . the day tifcire they Possed the
bill by a large majOrityotot a single mat had the
hardihood to record ,Itielvote 'against that veto
message. (Great appirmse) - •
These are, then, tioti &WM lir which I have ex
erieed the veto poier during the time 1 - hare
presided OTC. the public effalrs of tho State; itind
for this, exercise of th44powrz, eharree have
\been made against Me th at I.'flolatet . pledge' ,
given to the people." Observe—al l, the inst'aces ' 1
in which 1 have been Called Upon ta"tlith that I
power,_ ware cases where the'Conalintrou'ef 'the '
,ltate bad been violated , or ;where ! It woo Mani
int there, had been hastylegislatton—thet logos
!stare itself admitting it to be so. I know of no
ether accusation in : reference to tbs.diechirge' of
eietTtive duties, or 'eseenatite tights, that cur ,
political opiereachrintie, cten proper to bring
i*Tflth eso Prelitainar'obeervations, Iproceed
osilow that important ltatatlona are ime,lyed'i4
a resultof the nest elution 'And hire I
frankly declare, I hseelno other , interest the
coaled than\ that whieteelotigis to alt within the ~
soundof my voice. Tomo thispr"epetlty ofthe
State" 4 a bleSaing=it 4 the ' Same' to each stud
every ettitent—tb me the iajnry \tor tiorroftld- of
e Stataor its institutions, would be a lament
able evil, es et wood be to every man who he.tro _
me z , I luratto interest separate or di : 11111)st from
yours, and I.desireto havenone. lam perfect
' IV watittg tcoatatl . or\ fall-Asitak or sWitto-,ritb
them orlty o .the pen le of Pettosydratlia. ••(Ap
nke t subj \ tto.'w*ett I will ask'your et
tention is tt! f,be Tidbit," debt ;ride State—
I kno*i olismiselon 1.1 necessarily dry, "it I
ant "AMta
1„ you re)ii bear itidome' for thefew
moutents, tionery year`tjme li' ea - placing,
roofer ai Ican the action of the present admen- -
latration in. rektence att It. The publie debt'of
'Pennayhania was licurred for the pit:Tose of
mustractintymir , great Lae" of Cilia!, aod Rail
road". That system of liaternol I.mro t - cuto•tt
was ContiMented In \1824.54 It • woe criednanst
daditea to oonnecit he waters of yens' beru Ufa'
Delaware With the waters of 'de Olairsand•the
waters Of Lake Erio. "It was *ended so fir as
to brice improvemenk Up the , 'ver Delaware
te,reach the ctiA'fialtbtiz Well to der - Mote
the miners/ resource' I open' a different
branches of the'Stron a n .. •
In 1885, when the lata 0 - Tar Wolf edited
fkoei Office, the pbblto debt of 'Panyetvonta
amounted to abonts26,ooo, ' The Noit lice;
of 'the canal and 'railroad, "este ding . frtore- tit
city'of Philadelphia to Pittston ,wa r thf.p f•
, eatruzw.irzd
ato m / Dor
w hi os ., nt sr e e do z , a i t i ln el g on thS
',mother eon constructed : along ' the fee'
d t he T l: se r finequebanirs_ c tua n d erte
son n,'
t er.b ,=' w ce ae lp iltr i ememe , -
" ra tan orrabh Creek,' and 'tl
Bearer riv ', s pree beiagparts
I t.
ertaribr , .!,':ig