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WILLIAM P. 3011.35 WW. '
C• 11.111 COMMII.IO.II,
JOHN 5T11.011.3.1. St Lanclotrr. !
W3l. 31.31EILEDIT11, Phibult•lpbtf. '
• • iWeIIARI) WELTER.. of WrAlcuotelande
0333101 E CHAMBERS. of Franklin:
JUAIIUA W. 1.3.131 LY, of Montour.
Eintimasonic and Whig County Ticket
• racmovcr ,ronoz or roorum-t eon,.
: • A I.T E 0 It W A It D; ot /Y. 4.40.•
fiENKI' W. W I LI..A II S. t,f
tt.mooc.” 201.1 c or mot, r yarns. smoosi. At.
WM. It, :.I•CLUIth. of l'lltAlsotAll. •
wokunro 11.011 A or rt•coro' AVAILTI - A licAsit•Am, A,
WM, BO of Low., St Chi,
TI.IOSIA2I 31 . 51ILLAN, Allectleritt
PENNEY, of mlie•xpori.,
./011S All I.LEIt, of Indialm.
AAIIVEL, VAIIN mrroc a, of l'ifteLurgh
• ALEX..IIICIIAHD ,O IIi, of Alloolonir
OM", ~ Ills OoUnT.
34fICD 31.. 1CK1.12 , 11. of Pittoborgh.
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• . ' one-unnten.•
JOILY V. HOWLAND. of Upper R. elan.
i ...
1104ICT lilhtl. ofl•ltl.burgh.
i ' * . 3ret 0R
.51.j wLsr. of .
JOHN Kali of We
'Attention! Friends of Scott and Johnston.
The attenthm of the friends of SCOTT,
.liaor.. and P.ITNSIoN. Anil:hen, went,. ~vrial,f
,f .
4131,11anre , of a thnrouCh °man ivat ion. hr
lb. tirantlou in ..017 ,110rict, fur Ow
,r..1.4en: the appotntateut of of
aen that every 0 lend .if ...t.tat and Johtoton
itul.That oho Orenaturalittd, amt that
art - 001e; depothalla (41 the ..1
Ottobee 0.11.
TN. I. "*"
epeclnled: 71. Nixor, John Morriyoh. loner,. .lone.,
0. R/1111.40n, A. 11atta.111(.0... 421*.t. Pugh. 04. i. ,alll,
A. Lloyd, Capt. F. Sridervitrilter, St."l,ldeathal, pr. J. F.
Huey. Wria..l3!.lTaller, lint, Ileenn....lnar ph A 11,11..
Br order c,l" the Cetunte.C.Aamitt....
Allegheny County Scott and Johnston
Pulilie Meeting will he held in the
• berouth of Elizaheth.on ...tutalay, the 13th of l...eptenata.r
n•cat, at 2 oclock P M.
At Notilellown, en Standar. SePteulher 15.2 P. M
At tibarvitaira. Tinwlay. •• 11.. n -
At ~rwlckli r. WeilneAtay. •• • 17,
At Rahn-Mown. Thumley,
At Cart Liberty. Friday, • it.. ••
At Melte...ten.% Saturday.
At,,Tareniann. Moeda, • •• •
At Ezekiel Milleen gnat 11,5chiy.
?uDC'=l. at 2 o'clock, P 11.
Al! Peter iol l.e.narillSiiiiw`den wan-hip.
Tin..4.lay,Scpt. 2 , 41. at 2 I'. M. •
Atd.l Donn',, Patton town•hip, on Walniat.l,l,
at 2 o:clifek P M.
At Hugh M'Cortaldit, Moon how on Thar,
day, 25tlr, at 2 I, M. '
AtJe•ae Ina - whip. on Friday. 2 ,, th.
at 2 P. M.
At Again Cowan , . Raldvtn town.hip.on Fatnnlwv 4:11t.
Al Wilkinehuric.ou Musalay,..E...ii, at I' M.
At Lawn.ncevllle, ".. :
At Aran , Jefthanntownahlto. elk Ttle.dal
at 2 P. M.
At Chalon, Findlay towtobili. Wialne , lay, Octet, lct.
At Poi-rye-rill, Thurvila)-. 2J, at 2 P. 1.1
At Robert 11 iltiaroc, Upp.r i.+l. Clair I.lwriahm, Fr.
Ail, at 2 I'. M.
At Henry I.rater'e, Turtle an Saturday, Mh..
2 P. M.
At Stang , }till, ?.Coder township, on 7'ac.,lwr, 7th, at
At the late Jatnec Phillly Robincon Tonnali/P. on
At each I.E al,. npvtln, our Crien.l will b.. addre,..l
on ' , antra, Important to the 17.1 ,- . lnh•rc't .
the country.
Ou' fil,tale in each election district of the tam., • ace
requestA have cverY
and make arrAlw.m.ll. to hrina all our Teti,. 1.. th.
order ol .
Tue Cue.. Putsoketai.Now that the late
starrel expedition to ; cpba has ended in a did,.
trona overthrow, and the -infamous scoundrels:
mad liars who instigated and encouraged it have
been put to silence_ (excuse these words. for nd
others wiit cspress their character,) it is
certain that the rash young men who went will.
Lope:. were deceived—perhaps Loper himself
was deceived---hy. men who have escaped the
death which they m thly secreted than did
their poor dupes and—victims.
Of the P.. 4) who composed the expedition, we
- believe 155 are yet alive and in prison. Would
it'not ben noble net on the part of our govern
ment to make an earnest and vigorous effort to
Mire them fr'oto the ingnuminions punishment
'width awaits .them,, and restore theism their
eau n try ao,l their frielithi 7 Surely Vt.
ish justice has had, victims enough; and if !Ileae .
poor fellows who pet attritive could, I,s'llte art of
the government whose:intl.:wily they eontetatted
and outraged, be restored once mom to Ithert)
and eliisonsttip, they Will not agar oitend a.
they have done. It would carry joy to many
a heart, and do ranch •to restore harmony and
good feeling between the people of the two go 1 . -
Since the foregoing was written we tint it sta•
ted in the Repnblie, that upon the receipt of the
despathh of Contmader Platt, (which will be
found in this paper) a copy was "sent Ty the
President to the Spanish Minister, to further en
force tie appeal eretirly'llulde to deal merciful
ly with the'prisoners, in view of the fact that
they had been so grossly . deceived."
'There has been a terrible storm in the West
Indies, and the coast of Florida, Porto itico
suffered greatly. rhe title rose in the Apala
chicola river to a great height. The Journal
and Metatenger says : •
"By a gentleman trOm Apalaedmula, we learn
that that city is now a heap of ruins. The tide
rose ten or twelve feet .in the streets, washing
away many , buildings, arid. most of the others
were unroofed by the ,wind. The street. art.
filled with musses of rubbish, and fishes and al
ligators; so as to render the atmosphere most
insufferable. Several Byes were lost."
War Lopez I.ANDCO' wooer, or. sun.—We felt
and , expriessed surprise that Lopes should have
landed with his little pa'.rty at I nhia Hoods on
the westerupart of Cuba: instead of proceeding
at once to Puerto Principe, in the eastern divi
sion of the island, where the only symptoms of
a revolutionary movemeot bad manifested them
selves, although - event:like it did not amount to
ttuch. Ilad he done so, the destruction
of the invaders would prohablyHot have
,been ho summary and terrible. ! We find
the following article on the subject in the New
York Courier and Enquirer, which we give for
what it is worth. The charge against the coal
dealer may be well founded; or it may be only a
trumped up thing, to clear the managers of that
mad enterprise of the charge of unpardonable
stupidity and folly.
Upon the arrival, this mor ning. of the steam-
I •: cr Florida, from Sayannah, additional' informs
lion concerning the sicatner Pampero has been
received, which is to the effect that this vessel
• is stilt loitering about Savannah -and the adjs.
'cent places, expressly and for the able purpose
of being captured by the government autlibri
tic s. This, it is said, is at the. 'Meanie.; or
through the influence of one Mons. Segur, (a
• gentleman residing in New•Orleaus, and who, is
also an eminent lawyer,) lie being'- determined
to test this question of arrest on the part of our
. Government: and by a - fair, thorough/mid con
clusive investigation„th'nscertain whit legal or
Constitutional rights, or both, may he connected
with it. Other probable and reliablp informs
. tion froini,the same-source renders I not only
probable l' but evident, that the failure of the
' biteClblin expedition, is, in the main, attritt
. - ntablc to the doings of a single individual. lie,'
it Is said, is the coal dealer in New Orleans who
supplied, - or rather agreed to supply the Ptimpe
ro with tlie,fuel necessary for her intended voy
age. Orden bad been given him for 160 tons
' of coal: but, so far from fullilllng his engage-,
' •ments according tq these orders,boutSo, - or at
t i
most .100 tons *M. the quantity entered This '
was afterward eorrectly ascertain to have been,
the case. and ample proof is n w existing to 1
iiortnioirate it. lo consequence of this •leficient
.. I 4opply of fuel the Pampero. ml her late voyage
• . tosCubsi, instead of proceeding to Puerto Prin• .
ape, the point of her original deiiiination, she
was compelled to stop at linhin Howl., where
• there Were loot few if soy ilisaftected 9 Creolen,
' and where followed ihe disastrous and deplora
ble-sequel which is now' knostu to all. Whether
this conduct of the coal inerciiiisawvi ocelieion
ed'hy bribery, prejudice, or tits own selfish co.
' pitlity, Fs — net yet,correctly Utdeien.l. Is Is
stated, however, that those mast interested are
determined to trace it, if possil(le, in its progress
to the first and most incipient promptinge what
• 'ever thesti may have been.: .
' ' . •
Inisnjoer ,Towns.—On the first page of this
paper, the reader will find a Est qf all the POst
(Nimes Ireland, carefully. Coitietl frOnt late
friind kind?
Irish withwbi4 . y
'.furnished o 9: The lief ..
will be a.sefial, to:Post
mwsters, and to persoWir hartreeCattion
o'rrestiond with friendfl In : Ireland; and llity are
-not few. in this region.: Extra papers maybe
'bad Wt the counter.
jet — relay i the w q m . M4 " l "
the itMeon, titi,,thermorefeter raVflg
here a Tittle moicmcii in tbV atitneiPiteie,
which rendered it more, tolernble;' but even the
breete'et times felt like a tirocco. e weather
irverY dry, and vegetation is becoming parched.
Times atanastam—Vms----September-mnaber
:of thismtnallent work is .rlteliseg, and we hail
it as n Welcome visitor to our safictum—afroedl--
lag,' asit doeif so much that is interesting and
instructive to the general reader as well as to
the merchant and manufacturer_ The number
'i,,,:fore us is decorated try a handsomolrengraved
likeness of C Durkee, a diqinguished manu
facturer. We hove long I, rn faiiiiliar with this
invaluable work, and deem it up' exaggeration
to pmpounce_it the most useful Land ably con
ducted periodical of the kind ptibliqbed‘ in the
United States- • --
iVnms,nalrro"; th. PitlAbut.h rhdir I
New YORK. kept. 9, 1851
The ret , eipte of specie from California, and the
south and west had, in. spite of the limp:demand
for England, more 'than equalled nor exports,
and our Flock of precious instals is now greater
thon in, April, though in the interval wo hove
exported twenty millitma of dollars. With all
airs steadiness in the, basis of the currency, con
fidence grows very slowly, not there iciest spec
ulation In nny article, than hall:been known fora
long period. There are. Ithundant opportunities
daily offering for profitable operations,, yet the
aenrinem' of the money market, deters people
from investing in ally long scherne. Letters
from California express a single opinion in rela
tion to the protinction of gold, and that is a
favorable one. The quartr beds, that matri of
all the gold that has been lwashel from the
gulches and river bed+. nro jest cominglifto
notice, and will for the next two years, send
double who has been sent. Altogether, Califor
'do promises tobe
,as valinifile au endorser for
the Atlantic cities, as she Was Mat year, when
stood between MI and ruin, caused by our
over importations The western hanks are now.
drawn% on our city institutions, to such au ex:
tent as to cause them to act ,with a good deal o'
caution, hut the sales of presluce, in which these '
drafts are to be invested, willa soon seldom, the
The feceipts of goods here from Philadelphia,
to he sent west via the Erie road, are very large,
owl add liberally, to the already heavy business
cf that great artery of (stale. Its September
ceipts will lig coortuutis.i approaching three
hundred' thousmat dollars. In a single day, no
less" than fifteen thousand. ,dollars have been
I sltit, a sum that turpasses (he earnings 01 any
other transportation company in existence. All
the bonds of western railroad companies, issued
by country and city 'Maturities, arc very dull
oust now, and investments can be made on them
very profitably This dullness is not caused by
any feeling of distrust in the security, or fears
of the, failure of the radii,: lan from the fact
that a' gensral ignorance of the value of the
securities, makes theta difficult of sale, at a
udden demand for money, which is not the case
with loetal bonds of less intrinsic value..
Freclerika Bremer leaves (Or home on the 13th,
after a long visit mode: pleasant as attention on"
ell sides could accomplish. Her impressions are
to 'be pubiished through her usual medium
,*—ttt)lary lloritt. - A great book need not be
looked for, as such an achievement is not within
her powers. As 'die delineator of domestic
Iscenes, sodas a faniilinr iiiiiill arirer, in a isle
i 1. field, eke Las 'mush uunit, hut when She
stielliptd to generalise the mass that goes to
makeup American socody. mei describe it, eke
l will fail as signally aS her numerous pretleces-
Quite a party *as gir •n last night at the /War
linage by a Mr. Beebe, a hatter, whom *lista,
tune h. stripped of Lis nap lh employees
attidthe trade generally contributed the sum of
N.RIL farewell gift. on the occasion of hes
retiringTioui business ro agricultural pursuits.
The cash was presented with touch ceremony,
ainid'the applause of arrond male and fe
male-Matters. syeeches,l tongs, and a parting
cup., This i. certainly it great city for public
iimioustraiinns.—whether on behalf of a hungry
'Hungarian, or e. retiring hoot black. The nver,
age . ,.suerit_ of the renipients of these tokens of
approbation is the same, and the crick has become
. .
last Reek, the mortalicy td the- city receded
to this usual average Of leYs !Vino four hundred
a very lartte hill weekly fir five Ituntrred 11114114.
and people. yet one that til not soonrhe ditoin
iyatedt with the present in mixt - sato,. which, fur ,
liflbe% the subjects for t th latinr part at the
hills of mortality, The pa-1 torty vfight hours
!ABP.' been 'totter than au - two days tn Angusy—
iodY-Yd quite equal ko the wartnesf of the sun,
ewer weather. mid liable ii provoke a return of
summer mortality.. -
' , 7" ,, The Locofoims hare prepared aterimelves for
'fife full eium at ign by elect g ilelegaies to the State
fltirention. Flat. of Ma leen, only two tire free
iiiltlers. The real are all hunkers iif the Jule or
spin school, and will go i do dlpp election either
tith pure 1/olou Immiblee ticket„ proclaiming
Min interference with the South, 'ot• will sutler
the Whip to obtain the easiest of vi rite. The
negro question berg has font its charm, and the
Evening, Post now coolly tells it. Fitt. [4 °ley,
that after all, they mast not hope to mingle with
the whites upon equal terms. 01111 that Jamaica
is a famous place for them to emigrate to. An
agent is here now, to see what Can 61,3 done in the
way of procuring laborers for Jamaica, that
monument at British •tphilanthropi," or rather ,
stnpidity. Coolies won't do there, fair the poor/
Portuguese peasants, they took there at such ti:
cost. Jamaica blacks
won't do, for they think
idleness tar better Wan work.
The Whigs at the next election will present an
unbroken front, and place the negro question
where it'belongs—amoug the minor rinestiptin Of
northern politics, giving the colored race the
some aid that wad extended to it by ,the politi:
Liens of the last century, nor he such blind men
act to sacrifice thetuselies in a honer, though
benevolent movement.
ConsiderablY specie goes ,to Eunipe, in the
Asia to-morrow, and on Saturday in the Cunard
chip; but in the face orabese exports ,1 the mar
ket for all stocks is firm, and the tendency up
want. Trade of all sons is very amide, and no
complaint is -made of the payments. ..Few even
ask eaten/nod, and, with prudence, the fall trade
can hardly fail of being profitable. C.
_ - -
Despatches hare been received fromiCommo
dare Platt, dated Sept. Ist, detailing an inter
view with the American prisoners, Who were
found in good health, notwithstanding the dread
ful hardships they were forced to encounter. The
Captain-General appears to have behdvid kindly I
on the nectutiopl . Copies of the despatches were '
sent to the Spanish Minister -, further to enforce
an appest. It ia statell that Lopes was cut otf
to deal Mercifully with his deluded followers,
who sated under a bell that the island was in
a State of revolution, a d deserved sasistante to
establish a republic. efore landing in Cuba
they anchored near Key West, where. they re
mained mieral hours, and were •isited bream°
chisel's of that plaee. l They landed in Cuba,
about two o'clock of the morning of the ltd Au- •
gust. The drat fight took place on • the 13th.
From that. period they had lost, all recollection
of dates. They'had five engagements, but could
not tell how many of their number had been
killed. They weruarmeld with condemnel,,mus
bete; had no rifles, tmt many individua had
reiolverwand knives. ?They brought with them
eighty-thousand cartriges, and captured many'
more after landing tho had no artilery Soon
after landing, theyfound they hat been deceiv
ed and became anxious to return home. They
had been informed before sailing, that fourteen
towns'were in possessioh'of the patriots, to use
their own language, and that the wholkistand
was in a state of revpotion. They supposed
I that the fifty men captu
with Col. Crittenden,
were endevoring to make their escape. They
so infer from thp fact that they were all, dis
pirited by the receptiou they toet with, and l dis
gusted as they said, with the lies and deception
towards' them. The country people generally
fled at their approach, nod ;none joined them.
Worn ot;with hanger and fatigue, the men Com
posing t • s body, throwaway their arms, avieek
or ten days previously—they could not distinct
-Ily remember ..when-.They had not at that
time' heard -of the offer of life to such las
would give themselves up, but their intention
ate to throw themselves upon the mercy of the
Spanish Government. They did not come itiall
together. but, iu small parties and at differ nt
' times. yhei had. subsisted chiefly 'upon frdit ,
and the 'last meat that come of them had eaten
was a portion of their 41eneradi , horse. Ile has
, reason to believe that lie persuaded many others
alt.,. The whole party mantle:o,l much indig
nation tower& General Loper On hying thld
Gant General Lopes was taken prisoner, a ory; 0
joy and exultation ran through the crowd
A Hint. We., %realm, tv n PAINT,PIOII/....--
.8 ... Cirleinnitii paper tiler thAl three yeerii
ago n poor orphan girl applied and was nthait
ted to• net type for that paper. , Abe worked
two pairs, during which time, she earned, fie
sides her hoard, shout $2llO, nod availing 46..
self of the facilities which the printing office
offered, twytaired i good education.
She is nowan Intsociate eilitress of a population
paper, 'and is engaged to be married to one of
tbiramartest. lawyers Ohio, We should jbe
disinclined to credit the fhovc, 'lwo did nut hAve
eo many evidences of the elevating Influenoeis of
the printing °thee.
The Wnshington Republic, of Tues!lay, states
was recelitA attLe Flaiy Depart
ment on 'Monday from Commodore Platt, of the
lUnited States:sloop-of-war Albany, dated Hay,
na,lBeptember let, 1861, abating that, in reply
to a.reguest from him that he might be permit
ted to 'visit the Americans. who accompanied
. Lopez's expedition, end who had been aurren
deied or been captured and brought into Einem
cm,,be received the (snowing reply from the
Captain General
IIAyANA, August '_'x, 1651
§ir. 1 have received the letter which you rut
drTsed toy roe this day soliciting my permission
to liold an interview with the prisorieri who
Luvc I,een brought TA this port, and who formed
a part of the invading eapedition which attacked
the ishmd.
1 inform you. in reply; that I order the com
mander of her. Majesty's frigate "Esperanto,"
on hoard of which the prisonem are to admit
you, ut any hour at which you may present
yourself. to bold the desired interview, with
rem.iu with the pritamers so long
ne yon may find It Convenient; and I avail
self of this occasion-4o assure you of the esteem
which your noble conduct and frank and hon
orable character entitle pia to, from me. •
am therefore, with all respect, your obedi
ent semen% tto., it). Do by C014 . 11 . /1.
Chas. J. Platt, Esq. Commanding United Simes
sloop-otwar. Allmoy. Bud Senior officer of the
Naval Forces of the Utated Suttee in this port.
And that, availing himself of this permission.
Capt. Platt. accompanied by Lieutenant Wil
liam Rogers Taylor, visited the prison iu which
three unfortunate men •wero confined, and ro:
ceived from them a 'narrative of the fatal expedi
tion, as follows:
Ertrart from a DrApateh to the Nary Pepartmomi
from Commander, Charier T. I'latt, cummandeny
['ruled State, dap Albany, dot"! llorana:
tenlrr 1.
The followers of Lupe:, having been-entirely
dispersed, and,s numheri of prisoners reported
us brought to this place4M the -rith ultimo, I ad
dressed a letter to the Captain General, request
ing permission to hold In interbiew with any
.Americans who might e among them. This
permission way
readily a ceded inn reply, which
is enclosed. The intern w was postponed until
the morning of the - :loth' the prisoners in the
mean time having ,been transferred to the eas,tle
of the ••Punta, - and sdrne accessions baring
been made to their number. The commandant
of the castle having informei'me that the whole
number of prisoners was fifty ,seven, of which
about thirty or thirty-five were Americans, as
we leaned from themselves. This officer was
present throughout the interview. Another gen
:nun, who WO introduced as inspector of pris
ons. came in during its continuance, and re
mained until its close The Frisciners were
heavily ironed; were clad in a prison uniform,
' and had their hair closely cut. They were eon
tined in an arched gallery, to which access was
had through two grand doors, the inner one be
ij ,e,
iige. the
ntircl t y w, u iron.dofor, the
laylnth elittlerin., worn
ti t - , ro,mr i. 3
theiprisoners at the time of their confinement.
,On our entrance the Amerimum were ordered
to advance to the front, and all foreigners were
sent to the other end of the cell. 'lnquiry Mille
made for the officers. the following presented
themselves, vii : James A. Kelly, of N tirleans,
formerly of Bayou Sara, who held the melt or
captain in the expedition :'Robert M. (rider, of
New Orleans, a native of Kentucky, it lieutenant
in the same . J. It piker, of ----, :deo a
No other officer of the expedition presented
himself. They were informed that I had obtain
ed permission to visit them, and that my oh.
jest was to obtain from-them any information. hey
:night choose to give, which would be forwarded
to the Government of the Umted States. and
perhaps might he the mean" of deterring ether.;
of Our countrymen from placing themselves
the same deplorable situation. They were told
distinctly that they were then fn the power
of the Spanish Government, and 43.111001
as the President' proclamation hail declared
that any persons joining on invading force would
thereby forfeit the protection ef the United
States. Thin was said to present their form
ing any false hopes. front my visit. -
The information obtained, was ptea or thr
presence of the entire ratty by the otiort,,Lel
officers, and being uticontradicted by any .4
them, may Ito scgarted as God testumoty of
the whole. •
. .
Theystated that the expedition had sailed from
Seer Orleans in the steamer l'ampero They
were not sure of the exact number comp..Mg it.
hut thought it was four hundred and eigl ty-aev.
en: that it certainly did not-amount to tire bun
Ind Before hording in Cohn they air:bored
near Key Wert., shuns, they rettivissi aelecral
!aws, and were visited by some cititrus ?files!
place They landed ul Calt.about two
nu the ;corning of the 12th of .kngoat. Their
first fight took plait m, the 16th Front that
perirld they ' hail lost all recollection of . dates
They Lad fire engagements, hot could not tell
low many of then number fool twee kille.l
They were smell with candertined . tiotaketa -Ir/r4
to/ rifles; but many individnabi had resolvers atol
knives They brought with them eighty dour
and cartridges, L and captured may more after
landing They had no artillery Sod) after
lauding they faunkl they had been deoelVet . and
Innate nniiralm to return honie They hail been
inform...l, before mailing, that tourtrea
,wcre m poisessiou of 'the "part - tot, —t
their I"g...fir—awl that the wh“le
They x9i .
la a ,t,te at revolution
udearkiag to make their ....cape Th•
er from the fact that they were all dills.
he reception they met With, and disuu.
hey said, with the •9ies end deception
teed towards them. The country penp
rally tied at their approach, and none
hem. Worn out with hunger and fatig
en composing this body threw away the
week or ten days previously—they co
Lstiordy remember when_ They had
liar time . hearl of the offer of life to
gave themiwlves op, but their intention
throw themenlvet upon the mercy of the st
government. They did not come in oltng.
but in efell partif4• and •t different
They hail subsisted etnetly upon fruit, el
tact meat that some of them had eaten,
portion of their General's horse. There as no
Inch of ammunition when they threw awn their
arms, though , mach of what they brought had
been damaged by rain. Lieut. Crider stated
that he carried a musket, though an officer, and
that he had :2:13 rounds of cartridges in his but
when be threw it away-
Capt. Kelly stated that the editor of the Delta,
Mr. Segur, was instrumental In persuading him
to join the expedition, basing addressed him
personal!y upon the.subjeet. He hat reason to
believe that he persuaded many others also.
The whole party manifested mach indignation
towards General Lopez and Mr. Segur, and many
of them asserted that it would heoronse for the
latter if they should live to return bum/ On
being told that Gen. Lopez was taken pri ---
a cry of joy and exultation ran throe,
• • •
They stated that Lopez was ohiel of the
Col. Lioweeman was second in oommarn,
was killed on the Idth.
Col. Win. Scott Haynes, of Tentimee, %-
other leader. According to their best be!'
was still in the mountains.
Col. Crittenden had been an officer of th
army during the war with Mexico..
A Hungarian, named Pragay, who at
Adjutant General, was mortally wounded
It is a matter of regret that no Myer
narratito has been obtained from these Ili
nate men. In the excitement of the m
. .
many would spook at once; and to come l ue
timls it WAn very difficultto get a satin tory
rumer, on account of the engerstens of all to
give it.
At the request of the commandant of th can
tle,f the prisonerswere asked if they had h dthil
benefit of medical attendance since their c !dine
recut. They replied that they bad. The were
also asked If they had been provided with two
no , shit a day, and whether they had brag sod
coffee for breakfast. dome said that the ,'bed:
btt others replied that they had no coffee. Tho
commandant immediately Inquired the rescue of
his subordinate, who stated those who had been
confined there on the previous meeting, conic too
late to be provided for on that morning, hot that
they would have their allowance of coffee a din- !
ner. Ito stated that the others had been pro.
sided for according to the order. -,-.
It may be proper to add, that the prisoners
appeared to be in good health, and by no means
to much reduced as their exposure and hart
ships would seem to warrant. They eken up
peered to be cheerful. which may have been th,
effect of, their relief *from e condition of fel
greeter anxiety anti suffering experienced during
their wanderings upon the inland. •
I should bites stated that my First Lieuten
ant., Mr. Taylor, wan with me during thin inter,
The, whole number of prisonern. including
those nOt yet brought to HAVA S IL. IS OffiSilllly
Mated to be about one hundred and thirty .
I have just learned that Loper, who twat( cap
tured on Friday Inst. (Aug. 29 .) was brought at
la,t night, and publicly garoteat seven . xrclock.
thin morning.
• At the close of this despatch the Republic
adds: , : ; -
•• We learn that, upon receipt of these den
patches, the President directed ponies to be Bent
to the Spaitish Minister, the farther ttinnfaillie
set appeal already Mede to that , government,
now ranee the feeder er the expedition has been
cut off,Lto deal mein - Irony with his deluded fol
lowers, who were eaticed into the invasion under
the belief that the.people of the island were al
ready in it state o r !evolution, and desired as=
to establish a republican government—
a state of facts which, had ithxisted, could hot
have justified their conduct, either in the view
of our own statutes or of the law of nations,
• but the expectation of which gives them a strong
claim to pardon.
From the New York Commereml Advortwer
. CoLONIZATteti—LteEHIA.—It is known to our
readers that we are friendly to the cause of Afri
can colonisation, and. that we are desirous that
the emigration to the new Republic of Liberia
shooldjucrease.—Advpcacy of the colonisation
cause is no new thing with us. We had watch
ed the progress of events in Liberia from its
foundation to the present day. We spent some
of the hint li,tirs with Ashman before his de
parture to licit new cr.lony, awl leave -conversed
ur corresponded with roost or the white men who
have pore there, either as missionaries pr in
charge of its tioiernmeut: and not alone with
white visitors or residents there hut with tierend
of the most distinguished colored men, including
tiro present President of the new republic We
have therefore some knowledge of whaC has been
done fur the welfare of the colored ruin in his
now home
We have sympathised with Liberia when ad
versity sumiunded it. and have rejoiced in its
prosperity Al no period of it-411'story him there
been more cause for etultationultati at the pres
ent, under the excellent administration or Pres
ident Robemt.
While the true friends of the African flee hare
cause to rejoice that a good Providence has open
ed such a tonne for the colored man ; where he
can at once be free and a citizen, enjoying not
the necessaries of life only but even its luxuries,
it is it matter of regret that there are those who
throw odstaeles in the way of the colored people
who would seek a home in their father land.
Many of the colored people, who reside in this
city, and who with very few exceptions,' can ntof
er attain to n higher grade in society than that
of doily laborers, are opposed to emigration to
Liberia, although it may be to theta 'eland of
freedom, and eljual liberty. They nay they do
not want to be driven no far from home. Where
is their hnme'Lle it the lard of their birth' If
the population of our Eastern and middle states
had not sent forth their thasantiti into the West,
what won't the United States have been at the
present daft Thinly peopled and insignificant
indeed. The white ,emigrant removes with his
fondly from the hour of his childhood and goes
into the wllderness, thousands of miles from the
spot in which he first drew his breath: and is
not this emigration from the East to the West,
from his home to In wilJerurew. as great, a hard
ship to the white Inane. to the culoruil7 The one
might enjoy equality by remaining at home: the
other cannot
It affords us pleasure to know, however that
the opposition to thd cane of noloni.eation at the
East is fast disappearing. Hundreds.' who for
merly did not approve of the enterprise, now
freely admit that it is the hest thing that can
he done for the welfare of 'the African race ..
The oposition to the calms of African coloni- .
nation has not been confined to the Ilnittid States.
Among others,lldeut. Forbes, of the Itritiih navy
scone tun e. tip, published in one of the Loudon
magariebes, a libel upon the cititens of Liberia,
of the worst hind. lie soiii—“ln Liberia there
is as much, if not more, domestic slavery, tint
the buying nail selling of God's image, as in
the present stales of America, over which the
ring of freilont, &c. - This infnuolos libel was
widely eircalated in thiii country: and we know
Lml the effect of preventing much aid to the
cause of colonization fora while
t. The falsehood of this mitigation, however. was
shown by several getfilernen In this country,
among 'whom were the Rev. Mr. Pinney_ the
ccorrespouthog secretary of the Now York Colo
nizatiotC Society, the Rev. Mr. Gurley, recently
veturrail front Liberia, who Wa.4 . .Crit out by the
Enited States tioveromint- to examine into the
condition of the Republic, unit the Itentlemen
cotapostug the exceuti•e committee of the Amer
man Colonization Society Nor do, the refu
tation of the charge rest with Americans_ alum.
e have before us the statements of Eritish (If
Wee, ofd high grade, showing that Lieutionstit
Forts, was wrong iu his assertion, and have al
so Lieutenant Forbe's own acknowitulgutent that
he had never Leen at Liberia, and wrote from
have tia4 that iti Liberia are found the
necessaries taut Nexttries of life Inconfirm%
lion of 'Ws, we give 311 extract Wow a letter re
cently puttlt-hed In the Episcopal Recorder,
written by the IL, .1 Rambo, a iwhitet
met Episcopal Mteoti•nziry sta
tweed at. Cope Palmas. but while on it visit et
Mount; ta wi ties thu
The pithitc buildings to Monrovia nre three
Moue churches. Methodist, Baptist Slid Preshy•
terinn. a court hone and jail , Loth of stone, u
frame government house., stone noirhet house,
a fratne female nsylian, and is light house is
word and stone on the promontory. There are
several commiatious stores near the wharves.
partly of stone and partly' of wood
Th.. town Ia regularly laid out, with wide
street:, intersected 14teisl; streets itt right aq
et, rled , and are •sha some places with the
cradge. the mango', plum. nd other tropical
The place id htettactl wwlngovid water and thi•
r tog e•es ir.iut the scuthwevt
I hese. wll,ll other thing,. cornhino ina the
comparatitatly healthy--notwithrtunAing
the u ruenatve Mangrove aviittnpa which colet
Id tint Itantireiht of 'writs of low land in
the rear-
The unprejoilineil visitor must not fail, I
think, to he agreeably ' impressed with Mauro
son Ile will, if A borer of peace and lisrmour
espectally, tin pleased with the good ord, whielt
pervtriles, the pia., during the Sabbath Every
store, shop mot other place of titisinesS ebtseit
There is tort the leant confusit;n to the
-vests doting any part of the Jay The calls
id the shihereh going hell are responded to liv
hundreds of pious ettitens of all ages The
ilitlervot plares oh worship.thut I attended, are
well tilled with devout and attentive worship
pers of thei Eternal Jehovah . . and most of the
eluldren attend some Sunday school As the
visitor enters the comfortable abodes (often elti
'•trantly furnished; of the inhabitant" shares their
Christian hospitality, ,. and - enjoys their entelli
gent and polished society,, he cannot but feel
that be is among nn enlightened. as well as a
free and happy people,
Much good in being done in the republic by
missions. Beneficial results have succeed tai--
.. nary labors among the natives, as well as
among the. Liberians. Education, however, has
hardly received on much attention as the preach.
ing of the tiospel Good COMMIII2 schools, reg
ularly kept, and properly managed, have been
very tow for some time.
There are said to he at least 10,000 natives of
various tribes in and near Monrovia Sonic of
these have received a little attention front one
of the missions here. A few children have been
trained in some of the schools—and mato have
professed the Christian religion. The whole
number are more or less brought under the in
fluence of eivilisatism—and they consider them
selves under the protection of the Liberian gov
ernment, 'V( course, the whole number of na
tives up and down the coast, who are under its
influence, is much greater than above stared.
Making due allowance 'for the eirrumstances
of the Government, I was favorably iinpresred
with what I nnw and heard, during-my visit to
Monrovia. A large majority of the citizens
were contented and happy: and could not be
persuaded, I think, under any circumstances,
to return permanently to 'America.
I ant
t at
eh a
d the
Sines the above was prepared we bare later
nceoUnts from Monrovia in the London Times
'of the 27th, received yesterday by the steamer
Franklin, which we subjoin :
Late accounts from the African republic. of
Llberiiiitive a (avertible description of the elate
of the . country. Settlements were being form
ell in the interior, mot the natives of the newly
acquired territory of the (Janina, had finmished
proof of their mobile!. to iitiaudon tho slam.
trade, by giving notice to President Roberts
and Commodore .Fanshaw, of a lipaninh brig
hovering on the connt for slave. A new town Is
to lie formed at Gallinam, nod is to revolve the
name of Gurney, aftefr Mr. Samuel,Gurney, of
London. The subjoined extracts of a letter ad
dressed by President Schell, to n frientrgive
the latent information on the general crinilltion
of the republic • • •
June 20, 1001.
. .
. .
11M happy to say e r r public affair, ant , pro
greasing smoothly. Now for nome time we hove
had no misunderstanding with British merchants
tending to Liberia. This is exceedingly grati
fying to me, and I sincerely trust that the good
understanding, wilt continue and that in future
our intercourse will ho of the most friendly
character. The presence of a British consul in
Li Lois has had a most happy effect. Misrep
resentations err not so easily made, and all toot
tern of dispute arming between the authorities
and the English trailers are amicably adjusted
on the spot
•• At no tune to the history of our little ,'um
inonweidth has the progress of general improve
went been more encouraging than at the pres
ow ti me . commerce in deCidellly inereasing,
and never Were has agriculture in. Liberia re
ceived greaten attention. Among the neirbor
ing native tribe-.there are fewer Wars SU co in
in..tion, and they ',re more mildly, too, adopting
civilized toil miluntrtoue habits. ' t his in In o
great measure attributable to the etholitiou of
the slave trade upon thin part of the African
count, and I think I may muscly say that-the
mac... Cannot again_ be revived within thq hubs
diction-of -Liberia—certainly Out betweeti 'Sierra
'Leone and Cape- Palmas.
^Now that the +lave troth, is at au end anon
oar coast, anti we bare secured nearly all the
intermediate points of territory between the ex•
tremes of our juritallotiou, we are gring more
attention*, extending roar influent% into the in
klealures are being taken to form a ret
tlement in the mountain region lk tie interior
02 Grand Bari. -The country has been, explored,.
and iii represented tun bein; healthy and fertile. !
while 'the aboriginal inhabitants are , friendly,
and decidedly more , industrions oil intelligent,
than the natives near the coa'si. lam more and
more contirmod in the opinion that it is more
healthy in the interior of this country beyond
the influence of the miasma arising from the
mangrove swamps lsordering the whole want
than in any locution we at present occupy, and
I shall not fail to mve my best influence and en
courrigentint to the measures . now on foot for'
forming interior settlements.
'•1 regret very much that Liberia...mild not
he ropresentedat the great industrial Exhibi
tion in London: I exerted ntrelf to ceuxince
the members of the Legislature at their last
session of the importance of the measure, and
of the god,' that might possibly rent& to Africa,
and to Liberia in particular. But they were
afraid, in view of the embarrassed state of
firianceo, n, inciir the necessary et i•elie, 1 1.11
sexed to think that. to my knowelibte there will
not he a Liberian present •
We take this occasion to any. that the New
Votl Cobipixettion Society have chartered the
trig 7,1,110..t0r Liberia She will oil from this
port nu the I2th inst. Emigrants desirous of the new Republic will FlOll hate
an excellent opt ortunity Forty porshos have
alre:nly signified their intention of going out in
this vessel.
A l'answirannar. -It W:l7 , LUC fir - St TCI , OOOI,
that Rev. Durbin. who died at Greensburg
is few days since, lost his life by being, struck
with a falling limb, while riding through a forest.
during a storm. It isnow thought that he w a s
struck lightning, as he bare no outward ;W.
ream., of injury. Ile expressed a presenti.
meat at Greensburg before he started on his
journey., that he would be struck by lightning.
but eould net bo, dissuaded from starting for
home, at he thought it was hie duty to gO.l
•Olome Institute for Ladies, Canonsburg, Pa.
EXAMINATION of the Pupil. of
ttlw S.ruluml will hibr phh-r nu ut.
J., ..r gyryrlreJ In rvarh, nt
Hock, An ntldrro .111 lb. hnl on Ihr
by JI/lIN mrliszwihn, Ibt
Th.. !Inaba hf Sts.n.rintrn nr,or.hrl
In taro on WeJormilei,, Ihr bAth innt o'rlork
111.11 lli VILA:M . II. PrsnripAl.
d 'WM ERVI A t`ol,li}:OE, ALar
.aiJ Third rt.,.
1.:11 . 1.T1
Jun. ELLIII,I% kia Bwh limping Dopnrinwst.
unl I.orturrr no Merrantilt , ,,, , v
.1 tI ht.., I u.trurlor rrrrr
I*. • tazr 4.f VAnnootnAttlo.
A. W.voutrt. Lemur. r evnoner.roo I.4tA
V. II :tome, lastruftor to ia I LAtt
ft II Kcal... 1,444.4444 of StAtitr tonnterr ototAt, 414,141
rt., Ih-tirtzthrh Lv tworn rowntly Awl roiAr,
wt. And now ympt , ts YLRIrt I'mi..or , An I Tywohyrs.
L.urAwArson- rpnrwmentlr Arrstice,l And AleirAtill,
larntshist Awl An stlonAity 1.11 , :sr• ~m traolnw 101 Ite
prioripal works 0p.., tbs. Ant,,,l• I.i Comm/5r...1 I.A.
11y,,,Ant,IY 'our, tntrAr.• +sr r ruts, o , ,r•orso
:v.v... ran noaqhl, ... 4 rur in
In .I , lninu r• ..... Corrnurrrnti
ntr.wr.. 4.1
hur•tl. Bar. ha, Inen vv. lortrurtlnn• tln •
•..1,11111.41-1.311, upon •Il p....nt• inn
I/4,M .01.1 an• 1. 0 nupnrnrot•olotnn
n llorriannir }Aura. .... . hr..
Ili* te Instaunon In till
-1.1 brlllntakurr 1t1,11111,4 '
A Rare Chan . ce for Men of limited means.
frost.: w ish inv, t.. vnillark ery pro
1.1.1..1•:10111r". •ro ,4•1114:.
1 oh 11,1.1',' , Inchna ,
1i1t . A1 1 . 14 . W1i5 , F11.11. , 11 PLINK 1:t IA IA
. "At - titists, ttt
I: , ASE . EI l'Atr
• , 1 I J dPnu , SV 4 h 4:441(44 .4%%4 - i
SEF.I , - I .-144. 1 , 4 r -all. V,
flal•N,10‘1%Fll A M .
Sing•er's Patent Straight Needle Perpen
dichlar Action Sewing Machine.
IS MACHIN 1•; 111., I I.ta
I 14114 ersssity “th.s, ol the 1.,
en t—..l •utn , ient I,u K th ..t Is• les tie
zss such the work ef the 1..1 less ins;
ehls..s. h th
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r ...
nree-4.1 hsrs. rtel 'M “ e s Sawsh ll u r h p St
....e. Cu s lS•\hlrrs,\lraer... luses, Is
ule. ttt
Carp,' ,
'3. r, .1,1 I pl, , ,lot,rer • ruleA ix, pr. , t1.1,11 11-
1 , , mak ong,lll. Bullnod
lintlitoc. 11ln/ ,04. - 11,g, .111 , 1.,
111mlitar. ut.1.•,1 1, t•LIJ.r
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end ottotratrel. •It • ill tett I.trto thtt tete, Irtttat 11, r i
o sett tor,ti •tur toe to • krt., t• • .1.1 1,4 1. 11 -
...rt it fat eutttrttot a • .ttt tltte .• • • Itextd. 11,11
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i.t inlet! , Jr rt totn• lor Let tie Alt tot •• e. •
:tee untl tottoot t•
- The tl , will tat rottetantl, tto oteltillotetn an 1
el.. et h. prtntiviel ttatett. lint. twat, ttnyto,t. , • • •
11.11. sots I ork. to Hen 4,1 11,; or e-tta
t,u /tit elev.,. I . llll.letelo a. It 11, , all tter.ot, tot. rot.t• •I
vx/nn.• !tn. , einvn•lntpnen ntrul il b nn. t. t
•up.r.of at" •••••rpu,.
F•t• Innen••• rin:ttn•• 1.• . nn n nn,
null min wail, ar , l , lwati•nn, 4‘l Intn
. Farm for Sale'
bFFER ,ale that tr. II ktit•srliFlt
...11.4 the .. ?onntl, rerun," In Its,4 ,Irn
1/0.1.• Allnneln•nn ri•nuntn. nnrlnt Inn. •
truth Ihstrhurch. erolrntcht t • the I, t- , ttratt sr., tt r IN
tIN ..1 thr ton! ,ualttr tlf trattora la.tal. ,n: t• •111..
h a rt 0.1). and II ultdor tarrettonr
al,undan, +
rt•nventrtst tiro.... a Fere, hatak Nnto. •Ith
.1.11,1ta,.t. tprlts, .tt:.t.tti
t,tl/..r out • orehar.l
rtilt .tt Lett k.]
.Itl.l t....11Nt1tt1tt....1 t o
r b. 1. 1 . 111n..1 •1..1
!tut her tatrltruhtrol
tt 1t.11,0.
,I).F.d 111;:ki
NlArTegt • g en, eleohe not.l gmluon o
.4g toneet ot Own ll ' ornte..n.... 141 ‘V on, g,
H EZLEP'S et - 41.1,310d M
rent up Ino !snugly •-•.••
tn. ogeboorg 11.0.111..... to hold en ono, lege:te
n•geul•• in [I,. .MC hut n Intnolginn.l (~t term
ggegn gent remote, Thorn. •In iiiiii chemry orteole nro•r.
no-teol In nail nnel noseennee
. . .
VVII. k k
tr....T. tool 'f.-%
I;ti , P o u „ t j:w i t! ,. ksatt.s. lor 1.,
II NI a it .
L , (irr CRUSHER SUO A R—A ' very eltuot o
nr rnrlo for tn.:wining, &a—_llllbl. pea r.. I
QMOK Eli SALMON —Will by rood, tins
". ( 4 t'Y
. JANTETI-:..AI,LIec lot a n n u ine young aria
elo Y e woo tole saulloWst to s ' o•tre! `. :o
slpalng soung mn nineteen ',lan nae
n Iter.por or Markfor a young anal
neer. :ma n well educated 1. n + .. • ( Mean U. learn ta g e n ,
tnara bunkur, •Inn, for nn.,
labnring wen fit
or ef on pub. work, Plelt. pall Ina Al'
:tanner and leaf other, Third al.
T ANNERS' Otli,—;2o r", sale Lv
e HM.,AI 1n..11
dt lIEESK---40 bore. for mule Lc
0.0 a Haiti:Al
``'OAP - 100 NO. I Roein, br sob.
aeplll m a II !tanned:fin
14051N — Lionillita. N 1 4 Ak
, thl. i,enl FtAltlll
A I LASS - 100 bo le. Wiallow, for•sulo by
11.31 petal, sA II 11.1111131,1.11
4fi l 0 P. CARR. SUVA- kg.. juet need and
Ly for tat. In J. Yr 110101IIAtill.1: A lull
.1110,.1 alt.. t
f REAhI TA RTA It —5 bbls. for not, by
41 .. ) J .9t'llo/ONNIAKIKIt R 1 , 1
LAU BF:It 7 'i A LTS for -ale by
M AIS. , ;(I,A N -1 2 x m o , fl iz y ,ill fi
t ) Ift
Valuable Country Beans. at Auction.
haring laid .t his Farm,
, lu lobo, toarnthip, adjoining Dhoti, too,
M. - Ulm Wu, and other, foto Linn. wll,l ant tho -amt. 1.. r
trio al Intl , ln Ao.nnn. nu Till 11-It k 1
Ittilt. al lo o'clock A tl
Timrre,rt Ittt At not tan• out ..t
Lntn of fron V. t P., It. nen, nod ertielilotell h.
l'out.Titt CA. and 11nrtIon not, command..., .t.
n•lt. and .1.•11chltul tee el elleYoUt).l tav • .
touthrat•itsv lo ot the 111.1.1 rotorunil
landin of •ttinttior quoin, about two-llttot • t.lottiol, and
the. ktniann . envonni with otrellont timber and a nNI •
no'. Lavottni 013 the nye, Ito. phi , . .11.1 / . .114
1.411111A4 and Atte nrw Boar, Road rtlnnintt thrt..ntti it,
nti within len inittutre ride of It, rlt) - •h)
tattoo front A llonhony
. . .
. .
Teruo,-4Pur - Ilith the 1et1.0,. ee. en e,ual mm..
al peal/scale, .with iuterroo, io tre •ee - orod to4ol ot
,p o e,age. For Water particular, enquire 14 the owl.,
otlyt4l, pear How, Allegheur tt, ,litho pp o pp,
ru Ili. pn.11,f.: nr Keel. k hurl., kueil-MMee 111
wept LIP
To Female Teachers.
rrlllE School IlireCtorc for
rstusb. 1.4
!h. Male Grampn.' Departmnu :War, .
of the•pp11,4211...,..11 take War , wt tM
t 1
:eO4ll flour. no ltd. ktnest. near S , urtlt. on Sat terday.
the V7lb Cl o'clock. 1..51.
Any forth.. Infant...on Ma/ olktolnal DI Or. sl.4a.
at the, wharf rootoo, who will ewer.... the lasatutootal..,'
eharseter and ouallnewtiona of the aprlieantk
•" • -
Jon:, y i 41441144 See,' 4.4.41 id
I RON. will be recoil - tot iu oxchange itli
mall nv
s ot of ran:4,l for Two 141 , 11,141N44
in I.ll44lllittnixrd. b44,4i411,4 ..1
:40 11114. A1K1N44 4 4141 0 , 11,11.0,
Va. WEAKNESS AN I:) I ) E11.11.1T)-, -
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I) R. TRASK'S Magnetic Ointment-11111
ior bib by J. K 1.1.11 • 411.
Teachell *sated
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pun to tato ploo. 12,, Putrilo School room, Ilk Tont
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Lty order of thy Board of Dirioloro.
1•111.1.11' J. NMITif. Pro,et.
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, Gew Fall Dry Goode. ‘•
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aeol go,- for u.ll work. nun,. de .in our rt, mar. on
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„., , , 1 ;‘ ,.. 1,/ , 1.,- New pare , r, from 11,...4 to lle
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Third ..i.1.1 , 0u1,re the Poet 011ie.. '
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Lunt Wort lay, Travel, In. ,it , .
It. nor,- of • Intel. I, a It oak of !be i \tar,
'rho Vat, le ta of Stlrrtua Tunea by 0 i• fl Jrano•'•
bottle irun.lel, or the Haar..., of Life,
Itau Ilrtrealtoriat. eontrltne fro thentrat N..:
Tb• I W INet th, tlttal.•
liana. Ana . "low ...Waal..
Ralph It utborlor.l. • :Sea Tale.
rip.. of
11..onantee. Nn
1 .3 0 'lna, by IV. NI. Hotynollo
II•te ••r the I.tril.l 111+ itxttlonebt: a talclaf V•tet
ta. Porno,. iktanter • tale of Indian Caytirlt
\ Viral Pon•tni.le. • :tea enTI.
. 0r.... ..1 1. 7..11 c.
1-osr , r. the a.trt of I arn. by' Rich rd
• 1 ,3, 1.91.44 % th.. author Of Alton Inrke •
lb.. In rver .I.yrNtnnat. totth 11, uranalons.
riot e'er o thrrok, the I.' and
Ito • or tl.- :nu w Ma) of ro•I',1t1I.: by CarolieO
I or liont • • \
110 Ile, of ne.l IV rola I. • tale; 1, Sfaryllonstt.
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/ter rrtret• by A A II Alit l].lrin ,;,,Nl',l
ortttar. Jon •••V ..,•11.11,1.1/ a
i.1111" . 41.• 1 101 , , , .1a great let!
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J Ant:, DAL/Y.IA.
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~N , 015 ,, , ,
i by ,. 1,1.11 , y/irr.
i. •,- r,, •-, 1 5 r I •on lo In .r, not p•-roen 0,1.1. 1
0 • II .‘. a LI. ,1, a. It. I, 0,, " ..E,,kl In thy bat
•• - •N , ei..: ~,,, f. N• 11, IL • I , elno 11. SorouneAk, nof•
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1 on- , M. 0.. I ...00 llt ••• • Ino tr• Toe no fit W.l WcrolO •
• k L.LI• Ln• uon. n r.... -- Inr.lw to ..ore
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W •111, "%Wool'
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nI root. •• ron. ntf I, Pennt oml.our-llon•Lo. Olin,
..t o nk.l.on. Inte.r,lo • Lon, oa, Oleo- Volfe, • nrerinror
r ) e l •• ••I L ...lono No .... i•lonintmek no ler•lnt.d. No
.1 1, 11 N II •1 CL,14.1t. •1' Wrool o
1 1.1 ‘ 1.10 'FA r. , .;!.. 4 --.- A splendid and rariod 1
' !./ %:; 5 4 ., " \`l'..r:7o:Z;Tip't,.: i i::i,,7,7:. 7 a, t,4, 0...4 g
.I I I 11,X- it, . tf• rt•nro onsl ehrooo no ek arifTwor..
1 /..././.•.•••-eoloo or
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n ~•',• '' , ' , U•s'i•s - • - t Ono ..I. ots 'no *lon, f •olrenntor ond
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I .r . • n.l- Ti.hc• Ru,i, II I benotok• Trumpole. wlf,.
..t . .o.ri•t • of I' neon Ih-11,1ne1., ..O. Ned ono nr,4l by Ow
• It o- ,le•••• In. wof., to • too worennt..l to Inv c.v.
r• • ron neoro • on .4., .sore
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(.. I- onneno.l 11 K1.1.11111:.\ Inn' 'I lon] St
OW` , 111. 1 II I. c'W.1.1.1.• •11Attr.
.. •• •
To lkDoksellers. ' \
t• \ (ii.N6 MAN. about 24 yea, 4f :we, is
,i,„ ,i,..,,n• of orrenrin a notnergent r....• Clerk kn oboe!,
ro on .onno yr, .torn ray • loon Ilr n• won ffenprolnt
..1 e. Oh 11, I ..m..... h ..,,, • r.... 0 0n0a.,..1 o, nt tor ncer...•
Csf : e•er. onel o•st brow , el r•••,••••mcnoodo1ione •• Any
• . u•noll.lltente,ll. II 1.11,,e1i Iv D Frunclr, rim of, ll It.
• P Inn-, Ineenon. •Ie•. '' wel)rt. knlt A prompt.nneutina.
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0, N - GI.JSO HAllil C 1:144:-59 bon ILI .,
rt\ t.
110. 1 , ',let.. 4 1 , tlllitt , awl Parham nom
It 11..1N 0 k1e1.V.111,1....
‘ I .% I 'ls 1::,. KB to 1,615. 1,-24bls. Nn. 3,,f0r sale by
...r , . WICK 31eCINDLK:••S
11 A(K).145_..,,1711 don,. I ';l,rn. fo sale by
i /4 ntote.f WICK 1. eLnANI3LICe: , .
g , i4T -- h Et.--:100 bag" Rio, for sate by
' -'•
if 1 jincoLATE 2(5.01.,. Bost_ for We by
' . - ..... _ _.
c(IiIiiSII- :1 tn,C. for , ale by
1 . ...n • - WICK A kIoCANDLE... , S
', .0.,,,,,.. r .., ..t.. t ,, RICK *3IoO.IINDLEnki
• _ . • . .
1.. A LERATUS-43 rusks;
171 • ..., loon, Pule,. for nnol• by
/I I H EKSE - ~, Motes, On vonsignment now
/ 1t a .1in,,:.,......1. Ly 0 , 41011 DICKEY CO. ,
'9.05 . It ntoi ...I Frou ~._
e OTTON --4, bales for Halo a,
1:;AIA II nicKEx A 1:11.
Von/ Witlor sod Front -1w
r[p II E ii li LISC RI I3ER havin , g taken the shlet•
A , F .... ;7' ,ZTl';V: i !:=7. ' , - .., ' „ T i 1 1. E. -Vir...i7 n rlV,',.',;?l, k ,''', 4 b e y . ~..G. ~.. thie,lvt Mir of iienteintior. with • lame and
I' kNI•l. iiT.n..i'Llii, iiiiitiltninii A MAT,: FIIIINISIANII
1 / 4 ; ,1 ','7;:i!..1.',.'..'. . t ,q!.. '' .. 1 1 1 ... u /i ‘ ‘ . . if; ‘ ,....1; v 1,; I rrkiViSl.
iv that iroll,
k k
eivii Knit favor e.ovinnililicaent
o mil nein.
11 f. thivii ermit,' die.inin,
riona viol liii w Vueniehing or Linen en
... that tr.
v, b., no Wu oure enconleto !qua than Ono
111 OW ,10.10 1, Winton. devoting particular &atria
, . .
i, . f
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r` .
, lb., I.t.nrlll\. of Ittn,intwa. Importing thr clam
Y Y. 4 :.T., ""'
, '"'"' . ' AV. l 74,l\ ?WV ' "
i.,; .. " . . I ''' : ur iFL Oltii)0('Ii ' llooi' 12
i., 1 ~.:'.. .t rwt.' io lin , t; , ll , .rolt e Nrw.e. ' ll I . and ftl.ollr .
~1.5.-, c.c , la. 1 ' A.? . .\ VII.TIIVItra??1" '
I, the .1 -•.s or •nt. r
. . • t . t.a
ii triNtto 0 LAS: tc . k . l ss: S:10; \
VI , c J. I; 10 412:
4':,r t4f4 ht lIF N:t cu. Hmciry a co.
....0,. 1 14 rOnt ntrwet... now Starin.t
, C . l . IMAR- t i lt d, N. 0., Vscr,e, Lo
71 ~..,,,, \ ' RrA,NVIELH
UOl./A ~ ASII \ ',c• are rreicßrcici to turn,ll
11 tllinw arum nr. •• awl the troth. 0.11.4411 r, w t th
I. kth .. Inane tn. tift.etar, .111 Mi. Inwein. nutrkrt
ion, 4thl wh hwe Orr nt equal to 0.-n...A irtstwrh .1.
1. Fr4nt mt. tkear ?kWh,
111CiiI;Ai Br Louisville . Tale.
'‘ "f ti..., ‘'ioccpacty tratfind by
A llitklNtt• CO.
',twit nu ~,h.nehanwr litrnker,
4,1 ..r ni 11,41.41. t nod Third otrtwtw .
• Silver oin WiNed.
rilti F.) 1g1i,•, , 1 4,ri r will li paid for el ery
I ~,,, t tr Ln ..I ;=,11,, , i.,, , ,,,, , ,i i iT irci t ,, , ,, ,T.i., , ;;:15.,.• or
i IllEitiE -i i lIHI kIIP, ~,,,,
'' ..V " Til I l ‘ r A tc,-.T..
SA 14:11ATUS--- s c , !vice.,
\ _
1 • ',..'• .:11,i',„ tr .n.l I, i.L. -
.11 ~.%I.i li.
I AKE F I iiii --5 AIM.. IV iliti \hell.
11 PI W. 1.. I.4kt. Tn. - I, twit. r •
1%1 AOK Ell El.-7 14)1.1. No. :4 c male lc
( ll
ITIS III& .. lltef, l \p4 4 ,l;7l li
~ 3,ieA\, y ,,. 1
1 I IrrrEit--tol o 4+ I,r /,11, V '
twn,l h! 11. CILIFILT.
.. " ^
I Aill) (111.-12 . 1,1,1 m. Nit. 1 Bentiet 4
41.1,... 'ma, Int .al.. hr 1
ISAII let(liT nt t. ~
~it . 11 Ste M t sat. tl d trroor-et .
1 I.:SWA,A .0 FEATI.IEKi..-- ,
.I IP ~..k. ta. , -Ta
, 34 .4,, I.wthtwtv; to wrtlro4.4
h • 41.. h.. . 1tt.1.1.4 II 111eli EV a 01.,
• ...i.. , W,.../r ...Id lcei,nt tt,
'lllll , Ir. 11A1111 E s IJ N 1 LLD tjAll,'.:3
11 , "p i ,,,:5 7 c . rvao n". ~.11,.... ~,1 r.vvd 41../ for
Jon S II 44:1.1 n.
tent, • .111,. .3
Silk' Goods. \
to Market ,greet, iv Row
. for .al, at Init. nrfrri: ' s
wn,l lan,. lirtnd, Straw, fiintp
ottani and lawutintFtn,l, ft
r ,E
► 11. I'AIMP,R, I
kit, plot
u.l ;ON YETS,
the autumn.
+lJtiv n•
stsn and TOltaslt.bon
width+ and rotor..
rilk, Salt.. V
Frain*, S.
, 31.11p.1 graplwarted
'H.R.% Crap, L. Pluvms,'
Pd • •••ttndanoluneotet tIll•
113EARLAS11-4 . 0 ht4s: ft:\Lale by
-F- ~.
, . 1 - -.,-., -
1111 AISINS- 7 60 bxs bkinth ihNstorr, for sine.
ke, kw•by , IFAIhII DICkFy k Cei
ftro % WO.Fr and,Pront ate.
HONEY --6 \t,bls. for sll \ eby •
IFA Aff\blCK • k et) '
1.4 1 1S11—• ', \
. .h. I,bll. ~ I Latfr Su Fsdin -
\ .. : 42 h i t i g o
: 1 : \
.. \
1,., .1 ,. •N . o. •• {Vb. FI.
\ OM bids: Larg Co. 3 Mack..
_ . lnd for ' , lll. ht ' thef!S JOHN
ig UNI..ftIES--
ky :w hilt.. Trial , . Fogkr:
\ f.O Md.. F.ll Moluovr.
Ii deicers Mo.; •
• ' \ lo caw, i.e.! .FlFmr:
, , NI bble,Cronl.l\
‘. - I_2 '''' lol WAI: ~
1' S (.\\).
\ \l.
I'ERY,4IV:t.. R
1 11 . :0R . 21Y-E moi ;11 .... fS T tt , .. , KEY Till
In thF Diamond. T...rn krFren. would , lorFll no ekitn-
In th...... WhlAinf.W.,quallty F 41,914 4 ,4 Ito, on . fi.o,k
-4FI r.1,...F oeob \I
Horticultural Notice. -\
ricli : AuTum NAL EXIIII3ITINc t of fbe
IlAtnburif 14 ilorlleulfuril Foc.letyrill boll Id on If. I,
‘ F ' i11; 11 .A„,.. ' .1. - ::, ' .: , :c. ' :;T1T ,,, L , .1 . -nr bLc‘!,..i^
,o' 11. Croporrnittoe of Arroncomouto.N.4o4'cloek. .310
I W. 17lANef Soylentber.
Posnlq,llll7?2 ran_bt: had , tenm lily member of th Zz
-9.ltiffle Titke'
WriP"alti. " ,'
j , r
1 -n
haul I•4ci •1,
I. by 411 r
116 l 6"
ir I RUSH. & NWT Si
v . ; ~,,,,.,,, (~..,..0 IX'
Ss, 11 : IIt(II..A t SSI , IS-- li
re,•41, ) 1.141 \ S , u l
letlITE---2.50 lel . 1
llrEA:••,-50 ni, Aeste •c•
re W' , 4 iteint el
If I OI•TErT,-4.25 paeCeb , Jnr ,
k .eel j, I'VI!•IP9'"' •
1. \4, :A•I'llE I am sli l ee,Sole, 1
~ ...,4 , , 111 I E.11p9 . .. ,
r _ .N ,
b .
1 4 -20 tilic., , arehlllls.S ; I)rAtl6 , l \
0 'Vkir.-4001) :13 1:U0, Vinetp Ilv pri e,
~...1 aad . furall\ 1.4 . 011 h W i la:g . o . •
\ For \ Sale, ~. ,
I f law Met lied 1. lith tbs .3 l - ',I,
4 • • l' "" ir ill/k ! ' M l ;:tigun ' ', ewlrt ..t.
••,•••J Tt. HKielf.. Pi .slAtmla' s Fe'pt.'t
st . I eitd llin tgersn( the e
`I, t g r;n 2 . r :e d %74Prt r .taiCn .. ,
A. lof four rex rit for u Moo
‘k o pr. or then it ter Tipt.ttles.
o s e • I after the ILt filet.
c r,
- one in box. :and bls:•,,
it DALZP & s tn.. , \
1.1 ty 'tree \
3 TES cari,h neon .
• ut min.. on. .4.^Y.
lobed. otttl board Atm!
rrl: T'resiV
t nnr rot
A . = :VA'6 ,
A 7 'k^ sale by
w hat o‘smALL A.,
. mndeleNl with p
floor. •Itherqurnkhod or uogi. I,
la th,Jorver of Third aile_Sorah
----"'f la110.0, Mlle
LONDON. LAllO.k . and the London 'oor,
'llo[oriel Field Rook of th • -`rol • on, No.lo,
Reeetved .t 11OLSIES' Lt • LI. .1.- TlOThlnl dr 1.
op t ...rite the Poet Moo. \ rep!!
\ Vl:l,—Tb+ Is toi
reined, for the pennandot eure oPdavdd • god dlatiatro of
toe cranium generolly;,that haw - neighed ho popularity
e nt oyed by . the erten, known as Prvisor II rrs'oTiph.
theor meditated CoOlfedottd• It IseStana rely \by
the ori,Ar alipei of the roil oath: to Olin .eoedine
., fn the l a nd Ot la need In profenvnei l lOoth _ le o he.
the Wet It impart. vi t ro/Ono the !Tonto( th n a l,
th.. promotes He growth to i t remarkahled o. \lt d...
inv. ) n the dandruff and xeurf. , and maker 2 al flnearid
, d h.....y. It velll eure all dleesiwoof the,. .vitteh secant
bead. dew dotter obnoalcus die rant tel S.:
to cheapna.a, as tell as etnraey, tt Honda Aptivall . ,It
la 00k1412 large bOttlen, price 7..5 raIH N ny o .
IL E. SEL.F.T.S. 57 ti " oel H.
S fiGritli-70 hhds. N.. 0. fpr salelt, \
J. s. , olwourit• do. : 1
. o ft...a, Rondo. Declaration., Indent. Exeentlonv.
nuhpiertu.Srunotonv, Riga of Caot,Artleleapf An 0k... 1
H tio
aeh.nta. Fee Bllle. ke.. te. for vale at
nev..l . anner Market .t ( o n et..
,‘ DRAFTS—A larp . .riety of Not. agot Draft,
..audeornoly engraved. for oale at
\W. S. HAVEN'S dtatlonery Stgre,
ftep.l roam ll.ltet andtr<o.l.l.
Market and SecOod otreeta, h. fat nl. tho largaot
otock of Elena Dinka over offered Intlds eity—cidtaist.
of Eng., Jonrooll. Day Hooke, [Foote Bova, ..., to t tA
er r etyle of binding. anA a t_Lhe lovirotrolo., repo! r
Ca AFETY FUSE=.I° bble:. for sale by •
i.Z., 7 ftep2 .., J. S. DIEWLILRTH d HO,
1 PA . P I. E b R , HANGIt'2 O S- ET, N p e . w m Arter i ls 101 .
0.3+2 S Ins Wood SLIVeL \
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, . BOOKS I—Trayels, in the -United
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Stuart Wortley: Teel. Etna, The,
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Fourth street.
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L ARD OlL—la Ibis:No. f, for sale by
J 1.4 augno , J. KIDD & CO.
VENICE STONE—SGO lbs. for sale by
aug3o. S • J. KIDD a Olt.
rrkr: RR A LIE , . ENls,, A-1000 lb. for sale by
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Mercer, Arno, A,
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