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    - ' , '. 77 #ITTSBLIRGE ' GAZETTE
F‘`'''', ----- -,.._ - -ir_a_ - _ - ___ , .. -- -,',... ----------,
. .'-rr...- . : Enunurn
. . -.' "
..i ..
t'..r. j..: . -.1 AN 12111, 2?!A17. AAYLIdit.
,'" In wain he trustaii" that the flowing bowl
• ...:-; ,-! :Wang banish Sorrovrand enlarge the soul."
We seine time duce _male a few remarks in
felon' of Ona ,, litTLitairLlMTGASnat row DRUNK
...nius.”. lTho.subject, we; are glad to perceive,' is
beginning - to excite a due degree of attention,
. . llminkenucas is belicued by many to bee. 1118LAIC,
:: . ''Llilt.'ciu:able by proper Means.' 'The Gasses may,
'lreduateil by thOiltaild% - alati among • them are
• ' same of the brightest sons or genius. There is,
' ifi4l. eed,"Wearcely a fluidly of any considerable
extent, that has not among its taembers, one or
."....,- tains abates to 'the inebriating bone, Mothers
:- deplore'the vice' in their sans; wives is their hue
': 14114.. deters In their brothers. And never,
• ". ' larliaps„Was it more pretalent than at the Pre-
• • rent time -In many cases; too,dhe victims, aware '
of, their proneness to • temptation, conscious of
.• : Abe ruin tea aretchednetes whichare sure to fel-
-Ai*, make laudible efforts at amendment, butin 1
- a.. yain. Tlie sudden impulse will come upon them
...,‘ Ali tioniednexpected mimeos, and they,will sink
i,.." friata : lit, daditiou Pr; laftrinanhood 'and bite!,
•:',l' ,. ';': teethed, payer, to' one' of Oomparatite helpless.
,;.:.`•-; rasa inili,grotelling intoxication. s Only a few
Weeks age, en individual of fifty years 'of . age,
..-'teas, at the instance of. his wife; throfrn into
ji§son for thirty days; in the hope that such in
-2; r-
...itarceratil! Would exercise a ealutary influence:
.-•;: )Iflille so mooted, be was perfectly penitent, aid:
,-.. made a t &Mena pledges' of - reform. With th e
- "Saatteeptlyid Of thiesingle vice, he M an eteellent
"..::,:t . 'Wtaii-:•kirLl,.l affectionate, itiduStrious. and up
iight: illtit the twin:tent that he; is' subjected to.
• ii „the influence of ardent spirits, hjs.tehole nature
,- di changed, and rte in little ceder drool demon.
:e.t,"" , ,, ',There is,. then, -no aliornative for him but the' '
,-,, "naisen. 'On being released, shame and mortifi
,::, :cation' apPear. to 'depree's. acid; overwhelm him, l".-a . . :arid thus, instead of being benefitred, he resorts
" '!tif the fatal bowl, and again becomes .an object
": ;:, er pity .and disgust .- On the ocimshan alluded to
I'lli had not' been out twenty-four lamas before.
.': : :h'e was maddened arainfuriated by strong drink, ;
t : ,
and his wife wits Compelled to make application
for ': his mil-imprisonment a tinder present dr
-I'.. , cimastancei,attis career in this world cannot be
Fong. -, And ',yet, in ,an Intermediate Asylum,
:' „ l:: - .•'' ,
and by a proper course 'of treatment, - Le might
r:-.;•. , latta saved. ' ---- .!, . . • ' a
a;.; -. • "i"Bome years Since, s higlaly,tdeated and porin.
'. . ; ilar. actor' Informed is that. la had repeatedly
1 '. • •;;attempted to break Stray froto the meshes of in-
Piticettion, ' nod hid sometimes adhered to Ids
•;,....". - -raw..lntim for two or three. year . :Then, some
l' "•::: / •;!:•xtraortliniiry eiecumitatice won ; occur, either
; • ='.t6 depress his spirits or excite his appetite, and
, a bie was at once unmanned.' 'On one occasion he
" a l:liediperied to be in New l'ink, after a reformation
•,..;; of eighteeamonths, When eta late hour of the
r . ` . i . ..
bight;. he stepped into a thataurant for the par.
'..4 , .. :pose of obtaining fitillle refreslunenta. At the.
-,;; time, the 'bar-keeper wan making hot whiskey
'Punch, the fumes of which ISO revived the old
1 propensity, that he was a monomaniac fur the
`:'timer and was in a.statis o int teritiebriety in less
'' than en' hour, Ile could not relit the impulse.'
'' 'lt e over him like a passion, mi overwhelm
-, " :: ml came
everjr. faculty. : And yet h pledged • him
;:,., self in tho• most solemn manner, that he was
..--' 'really and deeply anxious to reform.' For rev
` .tieral niantha after the incident referred to, he
- ,, -- inished sou itisicarier of dissipation, Amid was'
,:•' tiiiiillY reduced to 'a beet.P r elcknesa Then it
a''. ;was that,the whole history of hisifelf came back
d i ,...upoili him in yield colors, arid he resolved to make
, -rPlt -another effort., lie did. Wake it, and was
.. - aucressfutagain for one or iwoyears But then,
''' train same cause unkrawn tons, Le relapsed into
's his former habits, plunged still 'deeper into the
glilf. of intemperance, i iand only. a few, months
. -.; • since dieila drunkard ! \
1- ; ik gentleman of Bbstdn, who was ens. visit to l
. " Philadelphia last sal:tinier, stated to: i IS the per- ;
.1 tieulars of 'another case. lie was and is the
1. "manager of one of the theatres in that city, had.!
• a i sonietime before become interested in the history
• : • • - of I a 'young but clissipatt9 actcr,;and made him
I must libellikprOpoaitiOD 10 join his establish- .1
..., ' meat, '
. ' The offer was acdeptnl, and tor a season
all'Went well ', Confiding in his theirough reform, ,I
;," he,saat him.ian a
.businasil mission to'New rick. 1
...,; :It Isiah:, occupy onisia' few days, but u week
a •-.. went by, and still his.agentdid nit return. He ;
":- I ' wrote to him, but still , without effect, At last, ; I
' • a venting - the truth, ,' he horded nay himself, and
• ',a ' there found , that bit confideijitalasansitiye tad fail:'
I, ; ',' en into the ifidiliabit,'and had for days been no i
ai , .ttki *West kitid of a frolic. - Ile lied Spent his ' 7
.. I „bet idellar, and presented, an appearance truly I
i.l diplitrrahle: Ilia -besU.friends would ecarcely il
A, ' bait recognised - bird, , Ale-clothes Were tattere d-'
'-'• \ "and filthy, his . face wee beaten and bruised, and I
- :hiN'iNNOCiateN for l a ticin,lweru thd tiled of the -
_--Tile: He minlad not glith on account of himself. •
.. - 2. • .Theanly thingke"ramembered was that, he cc
-. cidentallymet one or Mel of his former rampart
a.' s!ionr, , lelly fellows, stir the world ',goes;--itho' i
' . -• tempted him intoop:Mlle:, honsetinil all the rest 1
' was to' him , ,ills patron, knowing the .
' • ; .reril.worth of the man, .r.aide from ilinarmi tie., •
:: eetniked.hisa kindly. took Lim by th liand, re
': fided hint with decent aPparel—and compani.-,
• --' ed hini;back to Boston! Maio now fully redeem
mil; 10 - allappearrinces;isfrisefid; able gifted arid'
resppeecCted • and with the prcepeet o a briobt' I
. . ; resperous • career before him. But, had
hi been ',neglected, eonteniated,. , deno red and ,
--a abused, itia probable [Lathe would li e brought
~ „ op . at.the almshouse or the jail, dal . are termi- 1
; I „mated hie Career in indigents and Th grate: '
...', • -.: 3tlil farther. A few years ago, a 'gentleman
....; .. of thrtanti died in this:city who was) subject:4
to fits:ofperiodieal- inebriety, which Mo power
• , of:mason, education or socialindite/Me" could'
, i'•
_ ; :ecittartil ' "I - would drink blood, arsenic' any. .1
•ta."'• thing: "I.Woidd comMit, only atrocity, for the an- 1
aa: joynientaf the momentary roadnets"•:—vma - the ,I
language he held, to his physician while suffering;'
milder one of these paroxysms. He was. not.
. :a tart °thrums, bit a gentletnah and a atholar,'
- .`._with'ttie highest .sense of' irobity andlioncr,—
''Nevertheliss,liit moral power, his foreeof char-
- acter, his 'position' insociely—all Yielded to the,
•.; fury of e desire for strong drink-sfor execiordi.'
nary atimnkoata. lt was irreestible, and he per-.
1' lobed a victim. ' Aftertleath, it was atcortained,
• that the formation of his stomach was of such a
character, that i morbid Aeiire 'tor eacitants was i
ineiritable. It unneried, unmanned him, and
literally,oeeriuwered his intellect. With him;
therefaret . Intemperance was a •dimase, as it
.. ...doubtles3 lain many irises. The question then
•• - . recurs ..tirhat is best to be done under the 'elm '
• ''curnstanees? is.
' , existing arrangemeuta,•
• ' dare ar*, but two phices of refuge for tlif
wretched inebriate-:the almhouse or the jail,
• ~, • Heinust either be recognized as a pauper or a
....:,•:.'tirindiad,. and . in. either ride, the: chances a arc
,that 4kie diaearie; the infirmity, Will be exagge
r. ""'raled. ; rather than relieved and improved,
Surely,. then, an TNIENACEDLATS: ASYLUM, on in
diddle* where thedrunkard might be cared fort.
a... -arefeirmed and' cured, would be a great blessing,
Lit the language of .an enlightenedaphilanthropist,.
the ~ , p olicy hitherto pursued with the habitually
intempetate, is dither consistent with reasoner
• justice. Intemperauceis a lehysical evil,..e. ilia-:
nap as firmly as insanity; sad like insanity,- it is'
. -dairying , of coramisenition and sunchptible.ifi.
- -_;-cure," - There may of connie•be exceptions, titit;..
r:a this ; !wee hioad propoiltion; and it it be found,
:::'ed on an enlightened ties ;of the anbject—how'
: - initutiattjal dud an asylum firths care of the in
' ' '
' turiperata shank! be' esti:Mil : id - 4ln evergreat a,
••snity: 'l' What : countless bleseingsitvenld flow from'
i'f. - Atie ganinition 61,auch an Institution: Hotta
,' .man ai hearth; rioi At* And detelate, 'eight be
r- Shoe . andlidghtenedi • Ifotrinitny a fond bat
u arri . falliev-hfrieuteuv. 6 generous but Mit-
Fuld sons "xidjflit be eitveill —PO. 'lnquirer.'lnquirer.a l
~ppw sob k S I—The Stone '
l iven of taint P 0194 • VIIIUM Tar, .11/
v A. Lomsrtfue.' Tomilated tom the
bitiybly of art: Disoud Birtoiytebb.loto Lor, of Wat.
~ir0b.1103."1 by fir. TAO- Blot." 41. A. 11., • rof
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50t..131.,11111.1, IMlp3(7ol.lutalt,nuonn Df . Prin Ataboo,- ,
',Llght the Dub Pl..;YlOmoylojo of Cbriot taxi Life
the *WO* AffesvfOOor Utnap crW pap 'AAL.I.
7 11 , 1 4'41 TfilfstleZTIo ' fi: 110.4 mill. 8..61
41 . 0tt11:3
nice inpi)ly,of II • iud nian
nicture,vprays.on and Rulbor+wde stqinry.r.t ater.
• prv.l • . J. DILWOLtpI 1,4.
ttOkfia";---100 bllP:narrel t d ter 'ale
by fsugn 'J. S.DILWO i(X)
WIRE IatICK-,2l.yx:(!pr eats 1.
AIAUKEREL--120_bb1s. r sale.b
- auk= L• 7 M. k
AIDLASSES--20Q bbl3.o* forsalq
• , ausal . 110B14.02:. LUTE >.G CO.
OL,L3 - -LAID PAPLIZS).—Tbe. Lea
• don Cep ALIA Lotter Pae•ir., bleu: see; mate lel/.
aka Letet B. ILIVEYB Fever Werettetter,
e-Pece3 . • • • earner.Markei Seeeeel Ate. '
5i,...A„• A. bLuscipl: Co.&
2.idk josell6ll benuUMl ikacitaust , Crery rich
•.dl plain Riga WU: 'Tito a bcrrir datirable awe.
or. Irmab the vatieDtion of puthama. ALva. very'
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DRESS' G061)8 7 -3Tre are now re
.. 'tbe wryest WI Oiler Irrtomilcoi., inach.
net., repur , Airerri...43b6+4 Airk.r,
trench dleriao.e atA TXtbet CJVtL. ;User LF.O
11.0) ALAEON ie CO._
GOODS—A. 7 4 - 760.
• teced. Matzle
flid e A et e f
ceakeneat asayerratup.. ;
:. .!..1 3 1N.OFEZEr7100 bugs for sale by,
- ' E. pi:worm a co;
MEREAS; ei4d: by the Act of '';the
General Asia :My N.... Finals. entitled rAn
Act relating to Elections of
of groonomnealtb.i• It
ILittel on tor to Snake of such elietima to be had.
to to s =tics what ofileers are to be Mee
rl. pursue:Ai roof, I, CA MINX CURTIS, Sheriff of
the Conner of Alleaboty, do thereggg make kmwd and
piyis Ude public.nottec to the eloetersof lehleounty Al
i-oil:loin Mat • General Flecton be held in the mid
pontr, on the SEOUND TUPZDAIf OF ocron GUT,
~pege ...rat election distrlet• therein.
The elected" or Me Phut Ward Of the city of Pittsburgh,
to bu , el of the home Of Mr. Jane lath. at the corner of
r'+rr7 and lOttriit rabl wart •
Threiretoreof the nemnd Word °fib,. Pittsburgh,
1 , meet at tte Burnt Limier 110.1, rornerof fiemnsi and
Thestreet', evil Cord. .
The Armee, of Its. Third Weed df the city ofPitoberh h,
1•., Inset at the houde of Andrew lleMseter,
TOO elertore of itinfroorth Ward Mille city of Pittetuegh,
x 4 meet at the Public Retool HOlll.. said ward. •
The eideltns of the Fdlia {heed of the All of Pi tisttrgh.
u. meet O the Primsylesais omooled by ti :Orb
Ws Alen. newest, In said nerd. .
he electors of the :lath Went of theca/of Pittsbis rat,
mtat, at the Public &Mel ildone. in :teed awl. •
Ths electors at the Seventh Wool of the of ,Pleb.
• burgh, to meet at the Public School Goo., In said mod
to T m h ee e at t o he
Publ - i c L re h b t o h o t B d to of
ihe& caitdy
wfa rPd:O..lntegh,
Tho electors of the Moth Ward of the city of Pittsbnegit.
to meet at the Public School Henan, in a id wand.
The electorsof the First Ward of the Illy of Allegheny,
to meet at the house of J. Wog/ilium, Greet
Tim elector. h o ars e Seana Wird Of the city of AllagbeLLY.
10 131 Pet la the of Widow north rest cor
er and the Public•Sonsre.
(Ohio st eer
Third Ward of the city of Allmilmoy.
to meet at the Public &Mkt House, Itresid.ward.
'lhe of Me Fourth Ward of the city of AdJeghsny •
to Imo at the boos. of life. East Gammon, •
The electors of Pitt Mertiship to Inset at the house of
Nancy Murry. oo tbry• 'Lech la' sod FermenTrum. •
'Pike Hoed. in aebidorihim except the =Debit voters
In witons Nos. 4,7 . , and 04 of the city district, who •
',hell vote at all aeuetal eltetlone In the Ninth Wardol the •
car of Paublirpr.
The el ton of Pestle's tokuship to meet at the him. of
JOin geitler, In the .Mina. of Past Liberty.
The 'deo., of 0011104 nertmlalp, to meet st t h e Uhl.. of
Wm. 51LOOLOr. to the village of-Gast Libert/
The Gorton Of Wilkins township. to meet et theliones
f John tihsffer,• on the tit...burgh Turnpike Road. to
'raid township.
The electors of Plum lovably, to Meet at the tau. of
Jobe thentmerville, sald tartishly.
1 he electors of Patton townebip, to mmt at the Lowe of
washes:l Taylor. omit* Northern Tampllst, Mead town.
'b l r i)e electors 'or POLIO 101 , 0514. tO meet at t 4 of
!llotetrt boutililigai„os the Iswchbarsh Item!, to •s e a:town.
The elector, id leirsallles township, to meet at the Brisk
Ccbool !louse, ner lbw White Waite turrertle occupied by
Thomas Nigel. too t bow by Wm A. Shaw.
The elector. of Dieate ti. township. to meet at the/lona
ot Datel Sarver, lortnerly otettpied . by Jobs Walker. in
Elimbalt Mirciagre
: The electors of t h e Scottish of Elizabeth. tore{ at the
boo,. of Daniel Sarver, formal, - ccruplid John ' Walk.
to lo esti' boroug h.
The elocuirs cf Jefferson township to meet a She brow
61 Metal At..., former!) . uccuplot brJohu FlOg:In ald
Cur whip_
The •lecTorg or 311111 In township. to melt at the tuba. of
Smoked foraterlt occupied a its 11 Neel. In said
The el...ems:rasa St. Clair tornado, to.ussa no the
bowie of. r.. Con ar, In said Lovably. • •
The electors.. Lower - Mt. Clair townsblp to meet at the
brick tavern t a Junction uf the Cal 11111 and St-Clair
turnpiten with t ie Brownsville rood.
The elective of 'artier" township to meet at the public
house near the 9 w Mill Hun bridge, on the Steubenville
The electors of Robineon township toneael at the hon.
or &nil Magritte', formerly Audi, Menotti/al, iLI said
The Meet.. of FindleT township to meet at the Boum of
McClelland A Armor, formerly °monied by duo Chiale,it,
this silage of Cliolon, In rani townstup.
The elven:ire ollloon township to meet at the hone , of
Peter Custom In sold township.
The electors of Chlotownsbip to meet at the Lonmetif Jim
Hey, in said township.
The elector. of Pranklin township to meet at the boos ,
occuplial by Jos Lohman, in sold township.
The electors - nettle 'brought./ Manchester m meet at the
I PUbiin!Sehto/ bona.
The cotton Of Bemire township to meet at the house of
Outten, Fisher. in said township
The electors of Balthein township to meet et thi. house
Juo Cowan. in wad township. •
The electors of2nowden township M nom et the host,
of Peter Boyer, In said township.
The elertOre of South Fayette township to meat at the.
, house °I 11..liaya, as the farm of u. . Coulter.. In said
s e °I
et north Fayette town hip
meet a t the
boom now occupied by Francis datulicutat Bogen' 01111.'
In tell township.
The elect°. of
*carnal:up to'
et the house
efolamb Collankh. on the Franklin met in said town
!bite electors of Owe. township to mem at the from of
Hugh (''rummy In mkt ...Whip—end that Th. Walla..
he• Judge aud bus McKinney aui Rogers be Isom,
ton sni de election - . In said tosnehip.
The elector* of Mettactilem trmuslitti err to uteri at the
bolos. of its Anderson. In said township .
The electors of Best Deer harmful, to meet at the hones
of Nathan Conley, In mid township.
The electors of host Deer towrohlp to meet at the Public
School nous, MO. Bormoth of Termini ELI.
The electors of the Borousiti of Terminal, to Meet at the
Public School 'Boum, to mid Bonnie,
• The electors flndians township to meet .t uba house
W occupied by 0. Markey, in mad towtahip.
The elect.= ot &Ater townehai C.. acct m
mill, in said township.
Tim unsalted voters of that part of Indiana township. '
1u Allegheny county. rmidlusewahin the foilowing de
scribed toondar l ea. to wit beginning at a point on the A I
' , lawn, Ober, at the tapper line of the farm of JOhn tae
'Mo. mid running a northerlymune. between the. erms '
of :aid Cable and John Boyd. to [MCI. Y.. cornerarCatile ,
tantrotheticaunning a westerly worse to the :hider
township lip,. Irn
such a manner no. toembrece all farms in
lots situate to Vuhriowilistu's .thstrict.end Maim, es th.
Oyer tracts, within said bounderiee shell licreairer yew
electson poll of eneral electimiond
The electors of the Borough uf Birmingham tO mast at
the Plablia echoed Min-vim said Wrong h
The electors of the Borough of Lest Ifirmamtiam
Meat at the liallrond OASIS cf Oliver B. 0rm0t0,.131 1.14
The elector. of Doom-toe Borough to meet at the
.C.Ch-ol flea", In sdid borough.
- , rb• Women , tithe Boron., of Laweimorrille to 0554 LI
the Public batml Ifous+iu rvW borangh. .
The electors of the borough of blaernehurgh to meet et
the boas:. ofJaines taiarfalagabl horbugh
The aiertors of tbe toraugh of gicSeeneirt to meet at
'the Town to'ettattitrougto. !
The eLectbre tho hoootigh of Ouutti iiut.ourgh meet
at the Long, formerly arrapiid by C._ llognatioch. at the
end of the 31orgrogahele brif Kaiit tor.v
The el.:torso( the floronah ax ElLatta tOcaret at
the Itiolpiie School Howe In maid Imolai:1i
-.At which tome rail fibula. the co:Wined elettors 45 afar.
sail will by ballot rote far
One person for tiotentor of Penney
Ono person far CatuJCosouth6siourt
'give venous for Judims of the Supreme C4llll of Pena.
tyleanL: •
Ooopertota for Pr.-talent Joilgo at the Dbtrict Court for
the county of Aktnit../ ;
One person for Azt Judge of the DJUiIS daurefor
the county Of AUe
One yrrsola for Ala J.lge of (6.551.5 5: Common
Pleas.. Quarter fiestiena. Or., a Allegheny connt7l
Ler ga-oilate Juilges of earei
Ilse persona for members Aseembly of Pcnneyf roma
One person In nocorslotof Allegheny eenntr
One person forlbegleter; •
true Mean for Clerk of the C 15151,51 Onyter SeNaorta
One ;arson forr/reasnorrpf Athenthy mono,:
Oneporaon fnrCiuntpCom min
One person for Author - •
One pen fur County ourreyoi;
Also, in and by stir sth section etsot anon". tor
lath a. Aronl, 1,40, insoren, that. an
the 13th .akstion of
the sot Pulsed thasa entitled= act retsina& tothe
elertiona of lbisCommorarothh.stsall not bo aotorunorsod as
, And the return Judgca the respective district/. ators•
'tali. are yequastl to meet at thy Court Ilouso to ytte city
ot 1 1 /tubas/04 on the Fildas alter the *maul Tuattlay of
Oqtober nett, then and thins to diteluras • the duties
equital by lea.
Ulan' under my hand and Rt.' at Elttstum2t, tbta 21 day
SaPtsittbar, A. /t4l, and of the.lndepandeuceut
butted States tbs seventy dstb. •
nllaltatteS CARTERCCRTIf aberia
FEATRERS--30 aacka Iw3ding and for 'Jule
by . lELIA.II DICK el! S CU.
( 1 11BA!—Will. be publianed, on Monday,
kJ be Ist of September, • Sim roamed 11• P the
land 47911 A, berm 10 ceurt. J. B. 110LSIES,
sere() . Third wt. opr.n• tort Pmt Mime
EATHER-550 Sides Hindlack Tanned
.?ol• Laatber. rur v 7. by
CHOFFEE--200 bags for sale b • s
2 Da
UGAR—FO'hlids: prime; for Hale by ,
sug2o . R. DALZELL Lou
bblF. male by
1.0 aura° DALZELL co
111 tierces for oak by
QL «4p4 N..a R. lataUG H.
lIIKESE,4S boxed for solo by '
rtll nov
N C LASTING—An additiona'
31a ACKEKEL-40 gr. bele very nice No 1
J for nle be 1.0.1] CKEY at CO
ALUM -25 bbls. for oale by.
ang2:l .5. KIDD t CO.
xi. SCALP HUNTERS, or Romantic Ad
ventures ha Northern Maxim by COL Men* Reid.
ph Rutherford. •D. T* by litr Pamlral isher.
Travels ha Amelia; by Lid/ Stuart Worsley.
My Shoostag Bom by Frank Forrester.
Tho Big Bear of Arks** . Homonets Novel: with
lastrattoos by Derley.
' aeoeirel LIOLMES' Literary Depot, 74 Thht Arcot,
opposite theFost Offlee;. • else.l
ir . OX'S. Patent Sparkling Galatine--3 gross
ILJ for sal9 by . J KIDD a CO..
=e'3 CO itiml 0.
.• lot for no/e . by atyal J. KIDD k W.
%h =. i* day, Eatoalay, A
Mugl ITill 6 •l2= 13.1 , • aL,.
F ROM BOSTON, j ree'd-
GOO Lt. Pi IE4 py Dabber HON!
4 !kith:lZ
• 332. ^ 4,- 4 .. r
For r•ate at the Trollettabber Depot, ". and 9 Wood R.
PACKED BUTTER-8 bbls. and 5 kegs
for eat by • ISAIMI DICKEY a co..
sup= Water& Front etc .
Xj PM'ECRU 1/211. !Mir Jost rweived slot or very
Imattlful English. trio., mule expressly for exhib i t i on at
the World's Felt , to which the et:Lepton or the tattier ls
tn.& uura
UTTER-6; bbls roll butter for sale by
Ckli-SALFAn. 'excellent FAMILY
HOUE. Ezquini of
I OST .OFFICE SCALE`S—Judt. received
an addnicenn wock., and for sale be
W.W..W11.50ii, •
snies corner Winkel. orea Focrtb
bava rector...l a full assortment of the abate
attic a. at from =tic. to 1423 tot MI f.oitrio Of idadi
• -- -
INSEEDiOIL---5 bbla . Citymak ,e for sale
1 , 7 • Iszte.l 8: N. WICKERBIIAM.
UP. CAB:. •§0.1)A.--s . l z rzpr Bale;
INDIARUBBER CAPES-2 doz.just reed
(with ileerosJ iste euticlo for riding'. thivlac.
Vir ' X j
t=7.lDr '1" .1 f..II..PIDM7Pr v.
. 1 , • Time Bills .
.. :
ON' •
CINCIFI4•AI; •- • ,
1 - 47,I PAIP , N%up . •
. ! suiMt.,.-„n„
.. cu:Ulan , .
, .
. .
will br_purch.p.da tavorible raiz % Liam k Co.
MstKnOVAL.—We intend nn•reloore ibont
o tt&ittt otSabracubar, hams oar present stand La
ass an...ruined by Christ/a:LT.lyr, N 0.116 Idar ,
keratrret,nrisaillte rt,elslr here vs,: stud be pleased:
W 1
err s
tale la c LIPS, and
lE 4.4 IL PH 7 and A.Wooa
ICE- 2 -15 tes;iprime, for sale by
cl 4 I• .1 .1. DILWOUTA CO.
ea has bele ip•OWtttia meet Sof the salsa lEm.1)11:
• •ani.e,.,,,st tens Rams ere etentdatturettlle the
,ErdtedlatetssJahil ltrwouslied ie. enemy' by,"sither
Bellth' or AlD•ViCiall tosirtsetore• Every {Caws ls wer
rented. sad( If it does not prove salisfattory. Ms =Me/
0611 to yvtoreetter the Ilstroj:lehenecl, as the wurotufty
: id es *le Etaksytkie bss is_ An Ireer severelyears, arid
•Ls re:Wry. supetwalng rt.& • coal
tstrop, lbry,trlllyat Oman , hoollart ter tea Tears. • •
Far etas, ;phased. eoa. yowl, et the Welsh sea Jewelry
"tors of ' • .W. WELIStraL,..
tuas ! ! • 67; soma a Foam and Hertel
. 11FLAX,--= enekn,ftir sale by
B EEF z i zIGLET - E4-1, pnnutr-- article' on
• Libartfirt;
' .
- \ • • I
Newßooks, host Received.
rnAST: a Problem; reprinted with corree
on. wa IttLllVot. by the with.. of,Alton Locke
e Mr.
IDs ic.7 01* C 1.1.1.. Que. of F4fflit by Jacob Abbott.
Caleb Field: etele of the Purl... 12.0., mut
Faetbury, •• Thlr. by Annan. Dowry,sUthor of ... Friends
Pet , el. mos.
AppletosO• Meehan.? !Ivo.. eau] Etwther. Jour.
Int No. O.
Byrn'.uf Meehan. Curt. Wort ant Co•
elhortiec ster. 211. ht
Laetelng'm P ieta //kid Uwe of the ILevuluthar, N. It
Palextloe, It lieltgrephr eul Blblutll.ary. with Ml.lth
..gralitue Maps; to r. 11. Fllbb.r.l. of .Wt Oeureure Confer
_ ad" "W“ ./ .. . r. t
Au ullu Bulkllny. Fourth el.
New Bo
tIODFRFAY MALVERN• or the Life of on
Author ) Br Thu... 11111,r With terenu.Ss.d ii
1140 and 14. , 0
~ a or LortJou labor mud th e L-didock Sour
Th. •thavo WOO inet reed wad forada b.
A. C. STOCKTON. 4. AlarkPl
ICS' MAGAZINE, Nu. 8,. fur
4 iwmet u it'r Dontr.tle Tele u
Pemievel irt the L . l.fgi at Mn. Margaret rile a •of
u telr:l 4 l . lro b .L.kler Literary ltaeoa. ereee.e
. t , Pe.
Uffiee _
QOOKS4- , -.1%,,,, 33 of Pyr DietiteCary of
Mechanic...A gnatuearthg.
. 7 !A APPletou'r Herbania I,Lagazine tad Ka at ueare'
Also-..a large ...0rb.... of alp god shoot Boot,
lug reed and for raleby
N. LL =Kruse Ittlit bang. fy6
--« -
New Music.
oTIIE ' gPIRIT POLKA, c0u,50,361 by H.
. Klelfer, and dedicated to breybett C. Foster, of this
y d eir . r Le. salts ,
e ' T - I 'L ffe 'l m o b it ko H i2tlig. P . l Y, 'l"
• . Net, Ply. wltb varlatiougpy mate.
Daley Jones, wilt% variation, by Dal..
• The Autumn of our Years, by Ciforge.Barter
Alf,. 11101. ewleetloa of Forel_go Music for Plano, Flute,
Violin. ac. KLEBan. 101 Third Urea.
t r.A. 81,13 tbnlioldeu Harp..
P. S epterali lot of new PIANOS uow opettlux•
Ott very good areand-hand tl octave Piano for Gale •
Tv. Imre um" bucument• of the United NU.,
Irma the deorge Waihingtou to the Prooldeo.
y..thillag a complete •lest of our Wraign relations altoa
that time; toaluding Coot deutial I.loeumenta.
Nlts.a . angs., agotorsit; rontainiug
Oeortapdie.Nclehtitica.l, Statistical, re,monsihal,r lii
oataPhical iAlMlMettt., Meaya FIKIA; togothe with
Nottooe of the Arta .4 Manufacture.. and • Remy of the
Ittents of the Tim.froto
The above valuable auras for a I b
It STOCKIO. 0' Market et
2rltu3io, for thThoomers.
K LEBER; BB Third street, sign of the
tiolden Harp, hew yust noised—
BLOOITEIt, N Fl. V COSTUME Polka.lrlth
beautiful vignette of the Bloomer tkostutue. 11aWlabd uo.
14:1..Crarltfl ' aft,
y n:moDattuo .0
r' beautiful sly of ••Nelry ow LAily
Alan, . rylpl.l> 41 Baton Temperate,. tiled Book. 104
Chickering's Pianos.
I OWN 11. IdELLOR,• Agent fur
54} F
strt es :i‘t'eof
note opeu rata the fob
Voting elegant a:am - Went of Plano Voiles, from the
Da.ufactory, at Mr. Chletering , Wooten priers
tam elegant Roaelsocelumbarand Ma ....yea
•• e.val
cardtS tot, ••
yltdo -
. rtturttl corners,
'Frottat.kt .
The aberf Portoi Sr. uf the n'ler of furl..
tut., sad watt all Mr Chlekenug'. Improydmpota, tLe
prlpe ittintriably the sautesr lint., tb'esetty• saving to
W e l
ton. Mn rdttlus tupertd. sad Irk r.l int.*
Que Hogre.oolleuved Mou .etaea i•un, mat,
ulactured by Adam Stedsrt .1 Co,
O. Adam Btodiat I 11,
• J flacon i 14. - 1-11;
tt.,l ••,, as good io a,.:
'Clue J clacol kas•u;
1.11, •• 'Loud I Itruttitra;
Va. •• •• Dubelo Seabury;
On. 1.1.11.un
iirnbau. . •
- • /311
.. •
NEW EMBROIDERIES .-- lust Yeeetv,l
per !SWIM, • let, lame
of NualanAJ•ru, .
eete,l•llb krml. are lbt. 111,1 iittpurtatit.h..,o.
Vigit, W0rt...1 Col Lat.. Cud.. Cluquiretti. I.a, ...I
1.a.1 ay. nal
beautiful nil.. Jucuett and Sal+. Wein,. and Lou,
Ivy, White ..nd Black Coil>. La, Guile, le The atter,
lion of ttir ladies is particulatlicited sr. the
tlie.tarritituetit .111 acti larizeit.yethaps.
•ver uttered In this' ritr (suit) w. A..11/liYiN a er.,
•. . .
,r Mitts, .
9UR PEI" BURCHFIELD tiny.? rez'd
by eaprean another aupply gupork,r Slnhalr
and S/ikA Ifor Vrt,na and .trmna. au.r.?
E nbroidered Frotumings.
A. MASON I CO.' liate juNt received Pr' rot ‘suthful .F.tularnh.ter.l
hrousrtn and Flhuning, ()row qtr., and wary so
s..niorscoda at 02 S nt Mark et ott s o a p
11E\ TABLE CLOTHS.-Mcerar @
8.L.11131,1,3 tp Vitt. the a:tenth.? of porch...v.
ar anaortsorut at the above gonds, malt, in.datunk, and
h.rge sues. ALso—Dtanen, the yard. of Carlow arLdflu
and ~uallth-e C.O.S. rowelling, and klah.h Hncnr, Dhapa-a
•woartrnent alma ea
U. he found, at lonnat prior
aunt , .
Idurtly & Burchlltdd
IILAVE OPEN this mornicri a further sup
ply of slcAlnltc.fietUng, chltc:blLe awl vten. etc
per. <tau Mute Clark Lace Worm heaLinea Clock ,
L., Rummer wear: Irifb tester— wel ranturerl Fier
racce. •c, cr th. torrtmast corner o Fw ooU and Market
exec. fcts
- Montag Ban.
I HAVE just received on . e e a,.. .ve . e of Wash Ne
/12 7 wkle.
'' ?" I' . u POBLE:, Third stn.
TCHK.—Ladl•ins6.l•6ll666l,6lnes tuotleatlved
ER rule 1:1 It IL P.61.611T.
106 hlk trt
Black Lace Vella.
assortment of Lang 64.1 . D. Black Lacs 5e11., ,,, E1e ti0 1:12 0
404bi. J: k 0pd i n t,e o.. ry beand Tissue
at. osT
.od * rated. tc.
.n 4
Great StLawl Eltde
A. ]MASON it CO.'S Great Annual Shawl
a Edo will ecromorom on Tuesday, Ansrod n
A.lll offerlbs largest and bent selected moot of Shawl,
ever exhibited in this city, scmprising
klain White Crape Shawls;
firs ' er7L4's
Rich Plitt
- fancy
r ! r ilflVA o Flynn:gland .14wIr.
• Ertr_bra, ()a/Mnore% ' d Lar d " . ••
Of Ems am/ toedlOto qualities, all of -blot they are deter
mined to eldev out, previous to rendthan thels fall stock..
They will he eased no a grvat re:duets. frnao former
nriom, and lam th an eastern mat. - ant,
New Patterns,.
IL" TER, jun mommd Isom the most ensosive +asters
thartufactdries, and for PO+ al the old stand, No lb Ma,
551 srrwel. Ir3ll Tao 3. PALMER.
Scarce and Desirable Goods.
OF VARIOUS-STYLES, open this morn
mciis'hack Bs say
Imert Hl ArZal;'! onrolnk
, do.
Attootiois it Invited to their choir,. assort:arm or Frenrll
Lawns, White Ikeda , dresses, tr.
R' .o will re Fr,
ceive, toelay or tomiertrow, from Nem York—
/broom Dens Lamas.
PALM/111 has Just received a erred variety of new .
ummat Bennet., mane beautiful and cover style.. Also,
Memoend Boyle liredd. Straw, and oiler flats. let:
Goods for' Warm Weather.
East corner of Pourtbr and Muhl well
ye with goods adapted to arum weather, such es
Scotch and French LAWNS,•
Embroidered and Printed kluslito'r -
New style Victoria Myrrh=
Stream end Timm;
Plain white Serbsand Mon Si elfin..
Bemire B.
They haveduet received an Riot NEW 000E5,
h aeParaeola, changereble Bilk. for Searle, black for do.,
Mask Mohair Illitta.l.lelatlloem, Undershreves, Ironed Nett
for do.. neat hjain
_bazar,. dark Limbo Loans, French
Linens and Drills, Whit* Blonds, new style BROWN
LAWNS, changeable POPLINS.
Their anortment being very full. withconstant woes
*ions of new goods, and bold at former mcm.lnducements
are off 2s end to burn. to ply and make their purchases
Straw Bonnet land Hat Warehouse,
ALL PALMER offers for Bale, at Very
a loqricea, a foil wartment of Smaw and NI Ulan
901YATS—ForrIgn and Auto-ratan plain m... 1 fancy
Stimr, ChM. Gimp, billion. Lace, Blair, Pamela. lag.
barn e. to
nd Bo • Leahon, fancy and
plain Enda, 01.0., r f ' Mimi and Palm Leaf. In
fanta' Lsatorn. Braid, dim., Clap, imp, Lae, and Bair.
mow mows. Jenny Lind. sad other forma la groat wart.
try it o ll&V.olkrannet and &se, plain Main and Tat'.
Lkr .il trOtha sad colas, tang 0.... sad Cr. Cap.
'Cotton Betts.
Palariste nit/ IV
kSlati.V/YAVANgS—Curds.Taasala, Battu., Braila
PLO IMRS—Freneb wad American Bois*, NW.. awl
" Woll 4 l4 l ' .'h AldrileD ir tifS---Cilace, Oro de Na
ples, (no. de BAB., Vicuna., wd oth.o styles. wadded
dailies,' mai con.
3A MN'S—Assn.! nwlitin and coin.
A34-Kith and low Brined Paranoia wd Umbrella. Baud k. =WIN
MOURNING AL • ACCAS--Light in body
ett,mn...,"..v.,r,.. 24.
of Door/Hug Goods—a fol. amorttnent to be Imam
at the atom of MURPHY a BURCHFIELD
WM. =Ere, Ile. L 36 Luther &nut,
Y Ism and .torc h hock of
.Ilaishionable Goode,
ataptailt to inntletothi s N% ear fot Stentir ootiapridtip
...en alias to Athinican . Znittleti, gist trench -
thaw; rarpsplawlld assortacpt of Testings and C oths
of weary thablorable .hale and color: yr tel f eimlte; witk
&Mr S. la., 6n manntof th ed e
le: took
weest * aid beet selected
Stocks west of tbe Allegtenlow all of which the gooprietot
detwadned %Wager at such priors es will coeielnce all
who favor him with • call. that not ably the snort anterior
Clothing Is sold at Ude establishment. but also at the low.
est prices In the eiti. ss i iint
. mews la the Itharzecuted. as usual. in the
beet poredble mann.. and a thei shortest notice.
.'"4". L 7m'l h : a' rß AaIk"oARPETS, OlCLOVlSi dearietirr N, Coolritnx piAthefolkein
• . ' CARPETS.
Extra Rolla ' , drat Bile Carnedn do. do. ,Tapesta7 Brow
t.i1,91.ELTA:47 .3 "`",,arY 1 - P% - ;
Lye. 64, and 24 twillro Veuitian; 44e 3, o-o, ued d ire.i
plain do; 44.2.4, bd. and 94.001 and cotton do
Chamille Rusw four do; do: extra tutted dot dui
do do.; &town do. Chenille Dr -Nam tutted dot do;
gbety Wm do do.; 'Adelaide do. doe Thrum do. do.
Crumb Cloth. Beiting,do-. - Beed 124, 6-4, and 24.
KALV:4II4I.C= ?al t t trY rise lull or ro om.
Alter—etalr Bodo, Of all disk earpet Blodlogr. ILK Oar-
Penn_ }Ledo • , 64,44. and 24 Matting% TableLirtuaz Crash
Buttplaner; Boetetack do, Transparent Window
Venitien Emboawd Filueo
Coe... do... Table doe - do. eland do.; Wonted Table do.
Mein. Innosted and purchaeed our atockdbertftenn the
wog ealtbzweed Facw,rieW Wag of the Lana. =Most
proved' Erne. and odors, we rontared 10441 00 our
- msrirkB kusto,.ers O. prim. low at My coo to puree
awed ,had!N Me boater. ' •
....11.33•110 50 call sad exam!. our Me* at
The Carper Warehouse, 85 Fourth 'treat.,
tuba, • W -240LINTIXTEC;' •
Thema! Estivordinary Disoorery in a/ Frorid is
i • tic great Aixtbicen &may fir Mars and Beads!
H. G. Parrell's
pq getiuin v e Arabian L"ilt2t[)
at %dsub4'l': th e trote
,Mcha placed Payer t leasttlezof the
article, and the no.) mares befog dal!) performed to t
which proviouidy had Misted all other medicines whit the
Skill of the best physacians in the world It hi rompowil
• f bolero.% extracts and 40.une geauliiir to bratita, pop.,
Iu • coomatasted form, all their stuatalittlng, too
ne, ,netrattlip. uncutime L oa v iris e euiei • loth, info. Oct? used by the .. S01:13 of the
, Dee " with such miraculous success na ...tiring the dm
saws of both nab ex.! beast.
Head the following nunarlable cure, lanai etiould
th-nrietwee place tl ParrelPs Arabian Liulment fat be.
ioud ahr emit. remedy
About a ,eer and a half aw e, s 'nolo% appeared in 1:11
elotaw h. great:milt uoreasing In ore - until It Le
eaxie ne large its Of het. and so sore tfut she road not
tear the le.. Pfeeexre upon It Without glair. her extwin•
twin I •vt the advice of our best dieter, and they differ
n opinion about IL some sald it was an Ague Colo, or
alargament of the hpleena eoCoe, that it was an Enlarge
`petit of the °earl., and Wows MEI It was • rumor of
Orarle6 toad cou ld not beicured except by eu Una it
ut to this critlealisetnatioa. I was peratuaded to try LL
/arrelPs Arabian Liniment Upon 11, and, .usage to it
may appear upon the third aliplowton she began to Ica prove, prove, nod has continued getting twiner dally i uotil now
she it as will as exec —tauortrig excell/rit health
twirls, Marco 6 0042 . Li al riCON "i LL
Robert thuds . poctm.atnr. Sara
Ceresti.din Pa., Moth Zr, lase
um areman kiss ti , nid your Liniment with great success,
She hwl lud the use of her legs for thrtw years, the cords
being contracted. that her legs were bent. touch while
tthdiug, as Is natural for th e pnaition of the legs while
and she coulinnot bead them In the lease but be
the use of IL U. Farrell'. Arabian Liniment, she isnow
able to wait wi th ease. sad WS a straight limb I how
found it most excellent remedy for horse that.; alai, fur
every thing which requires an external nduedy.
The opinion alio oil, experienced. and okintifie Fortsr
Washington, lowa, June V, then -
Vitali the speedy and permanent cures, Loth on men nal
Gad, which your Arabian Liniment Is performing, I do
not hesitate to pronounce It the - tireat.ftemedy of the
a A S " hae b t e rri e l rt ' bul te c itu 6 :ll o h = LlnUr=t, r s.Tc t . , .
so touch puffed up la the papers: but I tunes nay that 11
U. Parridla" Aral!. Liniment exce.dx any that I have
code use of by its use, I Cater ured Sweeny and :bum
Jong alto they bth been proriOunced incurable , and 'hoe
cured stare than gftyltiorso this reason with your Lini
ment, rothrachig oetk shade of disease. from scratches
bruises up to spasth, ring-bon. sad seMtle, I
Ado bear teidimony of Its good effects ou the human 8,
tem. I was rumbled nearly all lot winter to my noon Ethinuithtism, and cithld gu to
t nothing to help me urn
Ui comm.ored the u. y our Liniment. which entirely
fror'w , ht" • test It. UItIMES ••
:Sun Pain of ten year: standing curet hy II U. Ferrell's
Arabian Liniment
11. 11, t/ , Fkaltrty.—ltror dtr• I had Loku adlicterl altb
the ',au Yalu" for the lout We you, and could a...K.4
telly! ...scout by blersday: but by the of 11.0. Farrell'.
A roblou Llulyneut, .0016.1 over tbe temulee about three o ,
tour Utuor • dor. d 116.4 euttrely eel:nov.ld, sold I hove bdi
uotblys II It 1110 V. I web.. lulu the stable out uo‘ht, 1,,
syddy it to • hursyro sure led , sad tomt very latur,he slum
blest sod fell sualust tut crushitug tad browout thew
Lailltlutethoy turned a Weekso soy bat, retulering
them pimerleby sputted rust Lltutorut, ad as, aell
euoueh ha • te• day, to go about agent so ammo] ar
.l...eyorhed toy fiLlge r aborklas ...Uwe. by latunkt
bark 100 apt, It, but tour Ltntneut buul Leulrol it at,
Ls dolt* rrerturt. Peons ro., 111., 1. 1, 0, into
tinedre of Cowl:AV,
IL aI u itl. AGAINST INIPUSITION, 11 4 4b Hi lUI
lbn Puboe are pymcularl cautaube4 xyalu.t a 5a
haa lately male Ito arra.* awl I.
ea 11.91 by the Imposter who tbaktat It Farrell.* Arab,
blutiarat " Thin • dau,remia, awl =are beta.
deeelye •
bum hi. bear bay the ear, ell Farrell. Th.r,
lure be {articular never wadi lord tar
Luttoeut," for übpnoriplaat deale-r will,lmpaie the .S/'I
kiter'S saarbeeealpou you ter the arbutus, but ula.aa
roy- U. I:. Atil/T4FS Aratraue Ltaataont:' and hate dive.
as the genuine away, bae the letter, ObeLore
eit,usture a. al.. no the outei,le wrapper, amt
.1 I I ia the I buttl - I/ th wearer,
eur • , owu tea V
wanted th-Esory Tosta. %alms mali Hauls( lo
the Uttil.l Etat, In .lalcla ens nvt sstibllsb , st. *phi,
by tellst tc 11.0. Fsrsell, IN,rls, With scs.l rstsrotas
, cLuartar. Issounallsalt, le
Csll.on tbs ewent who •111 lurstal ft.. Cush,
Wu[ mantaltalo4 mush is o us6l.llll',lll3.LOD for svors rlsso
, clttssue
Paa-+-2...nstlts. evcas, 11A lorie ,lollsr par ton,.
'Esh , p lasnutschasst by IL I/ isrrell..,
lautalstur.ut •bulstals 4rthugh,t; 'Nu
51sIn strErt, Potorls. III: us' h,r sal+ wtattsisslstol tststl
I}lS ur N s. E
w:J ICY D 0011111. Sites:Jen. Oa,
- - - -
The Human Body . ittrat Perspire,
SA 1s iN A1'1) RE, to hay.• iirmithy at-
Ur] pettuss srt, lO ust,snrylrs. Itst...
ths ttust 411011stith:Eklo thssusss Moor, Jost,
ebstuicalSospchttsos s Yrs* • 0 th"
Wu. iholltusio sla when* Ms sta., gtrins tt lea
of so haunt's
T, '.lt ItGoalc, 4.1,2 taut LW, 1..40,4
curwl Gf tic 14, Li at I,caan : uhy 1i1t44711 IL t art tia
who ux to au:11 cur,. auc told uutoulta,.—as al, la
Pcupir, Illotthra. rnecklc, oral+, ,Ater Thc
realer to it. , :ur..d that %ha I. nu ...lea, pullet nestrain,
pco. trial prow.. 1 cottlJ
at lowAt eucLty
11 11 'Zt:'.'" L ` too „:`,T,T;:.
pollll.l uct r.uly cur, tut c creccotarc. arti I , ac
pow only u4l, Mat any ock.llol44.lthao 1 ;data. wren and r,llo.
aimua ilas Ilseaars, will tool Or, all. atcl avec morc rea.ltc,
ftedcr. tbc. R.rll.ll are f10r,1,1 0111. 1m:0oro -o
Pe.rly White Teeth. and Pure,
ba4 Rs 3 ucta , h•rttlo, 4th.,. .r. Lob., -
lA, 1211.1 a their LrsatlL . etsr ea foul. ct
tS cr ~ I ;7e. erp- , astni with motor,
theta emt bus Cl Jot.' Axubar fu,te I. C, .111 meal
aer c•eth as 41ntr as sous, eel tb. bre,t-A
Sold not, cc JACK,...oN'e . Z 0 Larritj at% E.. 4 cl
A SeterAdie Lbw fonw, itlretOrer ILud bunt.-
'ter —Trim; v:riu i-get
lux.' Ural Ilsir its strelbiut
1•11,, bar, oat. re ar. it to plarmig th.• (Al,.
quaint.. —lt wall tisir to {-art •
ilattire ititaitiltil hair to gap it Who. 0 . .... •
or dal:Art/ft and natio tight. xray bolt oriii•
Vat rt tertas tht bitlr rut,
males it truly baiiiiiatifol. sod lino , , A.
that the malt iititiertor—oriticle
Lt JAWLSUNt% Saari, 44 Libogcs stror
head of vic.a, Pittsburgh.
shsk it
JONES' Solution of JeE, a Liquid liumuu
Hair I)7e. L. the enanianj or wkalte. ma, et Err: hair. t.; •
haen , jrni I, nnn. or m".' eel, In • OW
pt cente. and SI.
• Sold br Wll. ACLI ti{)::.l`44 Linnt,ntr•et.heal of Vet. iltuturcb '
JONES' LlLLy_AyLilTE.—Ladie are ek , u
tletzad s.anot usu. ch• c-ascoafx Dual[ Tl,
ere run rows bon frightfull, inn/rm. •
le ,t,,.. b0y mars, hnnr rough. Llw yellow
Mr Stan •nPnntn- at."' unnii Vrnrpktrlt.;tain'
I N47r;s7l!••parest :411 r 111, T: l 4,l o b l lrTit.l a. •
Jeaes' nyanub Lally W to. ,
It to peristtly Innocent, bring pattertl of nil Atn.n.rinna
nualitim Lad It unpartn to tine skja naturnt.h.mdtny, .1-
annoter. des, Isnng whion t.l. nuns Linn ertkancr pa no.
nwhe on It. skin, cnakl.ra 1.1 smootb. -
OZ l o o 4'< th fu• c; ' • •"'
••••••,,ii •
Compound 'Sirup of Yellow Dock Raw.,
0 front
. rank among the pr.,
Halt 0,7.71 ° il ° ""
‘ ' n.- i rrOnnylairst.catanti,l.7•l*DAM,.U..Lcb Liu
4 11,1ituen alrout an. lama: N.:,
ttif :od
- Female IreaAnr:s usd (,rases! Debilay.
Strengthening the weakened tvll. vein( Mee to tn•
variono organe, and tnvigmating the enure sualcia.
If the testimony of thousand.. of living vrithetnee,
11l ;Arta of the country, ref, yelled won. It Is dugular.
y ohicarious In curing an !Amory, and restoring detente.
tad and broken down condlfutione It le purely Veaeta.
hie In ascompoeltion, tad ao amtratelY emnbintel In It.
Propurtione that the chemical, batanleal, and medital Pro
pertl.l of each Ingredient harmanlocoly unite to
Purify tlio
it.ime removed mull chroulediareasswhich nave tald..l
She 'kill of th e lees. physician*. and bag also can, Cant,
alt Rheum, rirmiwl..ll her - Mile, which hareaperilla
Hyruye. vittirele hotel to make the lout nail...don co.
It na• been tented In Many of CANCEROUS liU
AlOll.B. na m u tt °Leathern (hthoers have hero cured by
this medicine. Won, that It le a velueble medicine In nil
BILIOUS IMIPLAINTS: It remoras all'obetruetione
the circulation, rendering the Liver free, active, and heal
thy It removes Palpitation of the Heart, and Tnli.Tes
sal calm of Asthma, and may he meet In ell climates. and
at all mamma of.tke year.
Thin Syrup le 'prepared only by C. MORSE A CU . at 102
Fountain etreit, I and sold whhlenale and
retail. by br,„ IVICK.EiIBIIAM,
Only Agent for Western Penaseirmue,
mrC , r Wei:krone, sorter Wocel and Vieth its. Vitra
B. T. Babbitt's Celebrated Soap Powder
WASIIIISt without labor! Warranted
tortzke the stain. mat or table llaneu and asp
PI/Mc/lain Via rcur ckithes la a eudLnenr
itUantity of cold water to corer them, thou edd two table
spoonful., of this Soap Ponder, to each six totaru of water
. need with the clothes: If the weber is bard, add mere at
the Powder, and boll them Len miiiutea In the mean thme
press them 001 1 / 2 with • nick, then put them in • tub LOU
.eald auldeleht cold water. so that they will tbe too Ltd
, handle, Then rub the dirty etreaks, or In other words.
glue Means thorough tnge., and that to euMele at to
make them lean.
N.•lL—Thets being no mein in thle Coup, it w,ll (care
the clothes very whlte,eand Lad ally smell, some
maDe do.• The entire cost of the material ue:sl doe• not
oete.d Zo o tt ro'r' P'a""
Vale It • Powder tat onepaper Frill make tweirequeste
. beet fatnitY drift nowt ,
DatsCirmit'a eon Ule.—Tate, ear elsquarts of water end
Mil the POirder with It, lad then let it boll, say Bm mid
uties, thertadd als quarts cold wed, stir them Inumateli
4trtgrdft'l.rffi` le
.at cub well, and wi l l not .at the hand. like other Non
dose, nor rot the clothes Can be used with herd or salt
water, bk making the uuntlty Into EIS outer. luau.] 01
twelve. The dolt &imp is beet adapted lit
and woollen goods .
Bold eehaleeele and retail by II ti ELL/ills, •
No. at.
OTICE—The partnership heretofore ex
istin g water tbe trial of 11. A. IV lIITE a CO. Las
, day bPieen diseolveJ by mutualt.
H.. WHITS. ,
lull. H. 11. tiLltlT2 •
CO-PARTNERSIIIP heretofore ex-
IrtleF between the undersigned, under the Lim aml
y of ItILLIAId IIeCULLY t Oil-Olass Alanufectuners,
Is this de, dissolved by limitation andUtuattml consent.
Either of the ondelvignedis authorised to settle the sr
counts of the old Groan WM. MeallAsY, 1. 11ir.1.141kw3m5
PARTNERS]] P—The Pubßoribers have
wont:llmb Co . Pertnetahlr_under the ffru! 4.Bealre,
A E AM. B. CCAIFE. • •
j D~)].NNETT. BERRY mov te:CO . . have removed
opts Cholierry auf.d
Greenwood Garden,
ACHOICE collection of Siiiiibbery, Vining
Roam llakkbermStraatherry,noneebere,,Ehuharb,
rape Vines. barly Monthly Na wee, ee,,a e v e r, p). e t out
etearary to arnamentiants and ganlene, win be low/ et
OrilelaWoOd 1'i11r14.17. All Challibtte avail* the neuter of
Market and
lee ilatrnmto. Pittabernh, ever,. half hanr, - fat
the Outten. Crearaearrinther renektamenta ...reel on
lo the fah:lons.
Wr0+.4.4 to M. DrOPlletor., Wee. I.laartte+terl
4.llegbearcounty. Pa. •1.11 raeolve prwavt atta..l..•
P ,
360 room MM.. Vag end 134iiw Ro. Fp iuo Parr.
250 Crown
60' " Double Crowe,
12.5 ownrtent Zlanina "
" Oboe
,ypitSlol. PrAttnEdl NM; •
100 Dean.* 31.ediont ner27 prloong Peßen
leo imperial.
The above, with 21622 lot of odd iius pepts, kw sale et.
the loweet priow. by W. 8. LAVE N,
ntationer end ram peek , .
1J2O• earner of /Win n and Sown.l nenortak
To Draggiste and l i aintero.
fiIiARLS GREEN "Sr BRAND, Turavoss
- Scusrurffs Prn.r4 tverstle.l by , th e Gold Sleds/ of
t e Atossicsa lostitots, for
11/ Abut. and eolca, tbetasonfteturre of Ms
ra ces
kalut las stroloos.l ttio deepest ant! MOM. brli ocle
a ' fitr 4 es ' g.o j' ttrerl ' slrtnrtsitdlg ' rt=
coos tot...stoning nalsmat7.
thabur.bmu .ppcdoted sole sent for of-thler
odslersted 'Osumi of Path Gram; ra5.b...,, sin So sop:
Plied al rolloseClP3oes: 111,;LLEItS,
47 Wade:wt.
RANSPORTATION - I', \ 11 - C'E cf.. 0 S.__.
- -1851. , iaMil l es° C°" " ' . eeni P t‘ P übgelle4
1- ./INO N Ati:tei, V.;t1k151.:
TR tYLL.' LS will\bireeeje
-1 ON TAE EXTENSION CANAL. \ 1,..) ed 't Lid, co. •• I the ay Of Ootoherktrit.tor
CLARKE. PARRS aCo . I,,li,rilt. PIIUNI.L. - rura , Ihe 4- Ile -p of vIA , I A. in ~, 11 Ibr the use erre
rill:1E PROPRIETORS of this old and wan .''''\ " 4 „
v..1'',3,,:4"1:" ''''''' ..„ ."' : l4 7 . \
I IPantrn Line. would int..rnt the publk that they ere I `A, ... '^,`'""... 4 \ -- - . • :----- \
rap:, 'cope...dun for the pre..aot ...on. end haven...amen. ' , "4 . : ~ _trre. , - 4 -3. \; „
tymitett ruruirt.g. Frei; ht and PaAaeln3ere. whiep they are fitly , I :
.\'''' = -- ;;;V, , ,. g a . "it, liodt a m. ro , ' ,
,r,„,; - , - ,7 t,,,,..i0'r„'., ',;.,',.,t: th
~..I;Aff'd,:',lltk", '.. ; ,E, E O E , ..L . GNE , Vd ..' ' ,
Line .11 6 .temstantlr At s tbe landing. below thA .3 / 6 130.- I ~ /5 1 PM....1 . . a I,DNI h.4" . 4 ,• ...db. \ • ,
Gabel. Dridare. In reeds.. freight_ 14 on,hele of gr. Ge Ve salt
JO/IS A. CALIGIii: a, Av., :ai gallon. of a `Moe yin.
, N •
0ma.,,, e,., Water and Smith& I e t a , Patabu:tah ' 'ri ugf BCI, - • ("Mat O.
n ,.. j hac pork i , ,
R%, ConamtebAni. New tutte. Da • , 3.... , bare, of eresh pertne flan \
D C Math*. . t'ularkl. I a ~, i. ~,, hnana, pf new er Ite,tllo,be .. ,
W C. lii 1... Sharon: - l ' 570 a
lt gown • \
J a Jul:, Sharr•ehnean, • ",1 potnalt 4 \ll.aal rtattil \
-.ou Achrw& Ca.. Gl,'
. 7 ,,,,, pod t ell ‘ WElon salt
[len,. trartstown I
... ~,i,,,, of y, \. elder rustatir.
rim You've, Connaantrnt- .
13 t.: 11. R... 1, Erie. Pa. ~_ . ' 1 17 WA qbri.• \\,,,\
ti al Ihrttze. 14,31113.., ~.., .. ~3 P ~ lo L m Ago( po \ \
- I 2 . barrele of Ire. vavertae ik . lit
New Lake SiTeriot'line.-185L ' , ~..., b .V l 'a °''' * 4 . ' .132 ' 3
.1, ta.. pun 13. of food n map
rIIHE Dew mteanter,NORTLIENER, Capt. ll' I. ~,,,, rue , " . 6 1 iii.d ...... . Eisr ... na ..-aie\
J, , i. 5 , 514. T. barite ewer, modern Imptnremeut ft, , • ..N . ,:117,7,,, ,fl " ,,;;;if,ti,,v,:,tr 7"\‘ •, and ~ ..omfort. will leave Cl..velan.l on FOlny, the :4 I'. '-, ...- . .
a 51.1, n.rt, on her ant trir-and weettle. ther-after on At :Se Puthe nautst, st\nts2esiMe t ' P7OIPP
Fr'llitr4='3'.alflll4:\ ,r &it '. . l %. S N " afi ' lZtt, w ill \
~, of V' t" - c \ 4 = . - - -' 4 '. \ .
~..., Swot t.t..... Mari, for the di orent landat, oln ••••ke I ', .... “ 3 " af• k le 'r9 ... ~...
nuperlor, on the vele al of them.., Northerner making , ,t r . *. - -7-. 4.
re,nlor week', his throusbOut the ...noon, between ,:, urhals of near • t 011.14 ..,,ja
.. 4, ,
Cleveland and On. CoPP , and lm Mtn. ' ..;,, unde of goodqtrAlexpo ~
S 1 A. ICIIN - Elt. Pronnesor. 2 ?? F4l' d ." ( -IFl xd . l 4„. 0 .1 ,- .. ,
uh.rEa•ua. U., arra z.!,
--- --.-
Mannfactarer's Line. rlnegar.
I Ir
po es all all month at el ry , .
.3et t<no, anh of Fehru
goil 1 '
O a
, r
s• ,
1.3 that (hi' 111 Pit.. Famt.u.<4entirely. of B..c(ton Bon,
LA 'four
no• in full operation alai &Milne. to mall a larke ~.--e•
'gra' , ` 4 ,,,f 3 g.. 13 ;- h- , ,, , 4_?thl . ellAlna ~1 \ 7-- .
. 1t..141/4
. sad la iu,aat rate, . any a
other regular Lin.. •
11n malt
trial arrangement. hare Mau beep male Mr earrrao
ana lat 2
Nay Freight to Illairselllo, Johnstown, Ilollidap•bura,
t. 1 \
Water Street, Alexandria, Pet , raburph , Ibintiox.lon, Min A 7,a..t/ \
Creek. Now Ilzatitlton, MeVe)town. f......t0an. 3111bni
Newiri.rt. Clark'. Fero, illtrri.burg.Colutubm. end .11.1,
n hancurdiato p•AIIIA . On i.e.', V.stn•C.nal and Port
d s h i ci ., r . \
age Hallroa4 Hari.: return load, .4 13Am ,e,-tire,l Iron,
the Juniata, t.rotopturne and nepoierit, in ..ttiputeou., I
..Indtt, , \
the 5r.,....0.1 ~n,L• .1 the loweAt rat... tn.A., be rel.. i
keine a lt \ '
' i
511TC11ELL :+oirr, et 'tipeirt , rt
IVerehou.,, Libert. ntreet,
_ to,mild tr 1,--ond door weAt of lb, term! \
MIITEREST IN B/Vliff.A.ll'.l 1.1.1 T to tor IN() bmtber•
1.11.: ,
B It% U. U. bu.1a1e...1,11l I. ai•Eunra sr. ll here
Olio I- t ran.acted Linder the et Tie of ..1V in. 113neben, A . s
Ca" • (Mehl/ RN/11Ni.11 411 A ' ,
Bingham* . Transportation Line.
11,0 w., v5.,11.
a-t73*k; 18 ) 1. ....- ..,-, \
I ,•ron,y. 'acre, FIU
ut.rx-raN. \
I `.
rjrllE CANA L Laing mu, open, we us.. re.i. \ \
.1, to reooe ...1 ion, arJ pnonpth . 1, e 3,,, .rat r ' 5,
, \ '
~ re. t aint. l te. east and , o,rt .
L . , :00.- 1.1.a.1i. aol blir... ran ~. 1,1.ra, n, re.o,a,m. "
\ \
\ ,
• Prowl., amt li. rd, Eteb r. • ,I 1 t... r.........-. 1 ~. 1 !.3.... a rd,
)June.,4.2., 1. tifi ,
ram 00.1 •,..,4 without sirk, ..I..rge Mr (..reeding , ..,1 ~ \ ~
lat'.Vll,l'4;:l=4;ri3O:::';',ln.r.-,..,,,„„„.; val /itc•f '
au, nded to Add nr root,- to \
- ' '.
W3I 131..../11ANI e. CO Canal It .r. n
' .4 . 3. * n
a_ ""E',l4iPi'LlYit'l",Zli,°;;:,",r,?:::','„,'
'_•:-- \ -
'between Fourth And Kiln /II 131411..-13,Me , \ . . . \
JiN11.:5 , W11... , 3,:‘, Agent
if' - 1, .
~.. , ~ ..ttb 11...... art "ire, beitl6lul..3 -..
JAM), , b1 , 0iiAq.,...1 /U 1..41.. •
Ltta.) , l.]i \
ra , ai
• . • .er, &is etri,,79'
B2tEii 18, `) 1 gi_i----., indepeaden ~ .ay
Merchants' Transportation Line, •
i::, i•,`":i: f,"r I'AT ~,.. fk,. ~\ .
i „ ~,,,,,,, ~,,,,, la , ~,,, h., ',1.. RA I I.RipAL6, ) •,.. burheLs of ne White held ;a \ - ' \
1.4 1 011 Pill L...i DE LPI/IA DI I: Ell' - WITH \ •,N./.. , 0e , t , 0f s‘•••• vs wan •. , \
OCT lIP SIIIITI V,/ 1 ru7l;:4 ' s ‘ .rt = / i ci ' gi Trm trt
I.TCu 'lra :A 1., LTI• A re, .1 .11 } t ,l: ...... v.... ~......, . ..,, ~ of
~,,,, " r
~,,1T, , ,.. ~
117111.1, It 11 tit It, central tu.,.,. br..A.l f: ••t I r••te r ,,, •wk. ''' . 6- ' 3 ' n, 6 7 Eb. . 3 t Junr t
-11 , totidelare nested eznen4 .
' °i t
h e 6 are ta•r•a•a t ,,,,, a - • • large ..r ,,,, .“ ~.,',,•../!.• ' E; r t ea th :l3 l ',' l ', l. * •ll TO tZlntartlV •
• Vrtedrt;:,tit e s! ' l e
:le ' t ' pgi r'''' ‘ ll . l b n ' tege..l '.. Lrl ''' s ' I
?. ' ...e..; '' ::. ' . ',1, - ". J ", r, ' t '. ',.i.n . d .. E.A ' - ,
a, ant . P 7 . . ;., I, I {,•satld qu+l34 , les et....h3dellrer
6.. time th. 1...4 any poen... Cr .2..1L . v.... the, are not aroe.3 ...11/ ty. up I
/fir NLi It. inn-raw-1 nortlin. ,/n. -. • v.-, . 1..: .1, ~,,,..1,, z ~.,,,,' b.r.1,1,,,,,,,, : , .la:4l' . an 4 le
the Canal t' ,, mmteesoo,re bar..., tio , ni. L.., ~. , e e ~,,,,
uate Railmalo, .13 pr.,. 1,3 e an, P... , 11.‘“ , , 3 -.• •- 3 IL. 1t...“ %/ tacti the pork no p /0.1 ,• forte
.b.hLatown. Un 13 . 1 ...1mr0, Ar.!o 3 w.t.r.tMa 3 b. ` , .. , .a ~.rn. antd /sec La.& to welgb not !rot n two hu daed
1 , 1 , 1,. , L , r 1 a 3 - , pono,h, axe). ng the feet, lags, exit,. riff:moot , '4.,.
tett, , 3
Canal Mutn es,eeer ma, ba edholltute..l Pm the 13 hepork IA lAt
not ...met with \Tatit.. laismel salt, , then mrefu ?
a2Wgia 18kie; , - 4 Lz--': - !* ' . .%'=i':;lt th "7 - '''''''''' - ' , c -4 ,!°
,g . '''
V. en the Pwaln4 Loa neve cOmpbete \ the ract,
To Shippers of Illerchnzo-m, Yroduse, etc., ~ •p:. ; V,,, ,+ ;r : !:'t:b a 4uj , :;rr.h . ..iva..z, 7 . 1 . 1. . 7.7.ti;
1, ven re. rars,re,:x9.......aatru:ax cso A t..Y uatun•A In oafarr4 heart
• Ili. \oak barrel.,
RELIANCE ' PITTSBURGH TRANSII:- I , a au,rl. the bran. and halt In b • alpi the Amp
and ....lex In Orr. boars of toneerden alredbr .....
, , T ATION LINE • • ,,,,.,,..„. ,
at nl,, a t.... iropr,t,r,. '`. A .., ~.,,.., nit, \a; .•1 .../1 ',17 ,- ,-, EN , a -, 2, Ey , aaux-al at of a:drip:Coo
<a.m.,. rreet, Plilladelpho -. \ von. to 313,1 , 134,1 c.a. dire to a.. ...taut ',cat.,
• DELL A I pi,,mar, r an. nt2 lanai EmAto hn-u.rg' , .‘ \ 4L ,, , ,,,, ....0n.5. , r
_,,,_ Pet,'e 11,[1 , 1 E(.1., it IC, 1.1y4 pa.
.19: 4 . TA V Lot. g rwr_., Age., M.m..,-. • \ 1 ., , .. , ~ , r , r* , = , Te , •'•e!......e.1 U 3. tntt ^ V‘ 3 '''
n e e
are Pr.lareA, .. the netdno of the Penr,l,,nla \itort,. mite
..t.A the starts Ins
Fart Rip] 7 musty. ..I dt.
nal, to cnctract IT" PMlyrill at Li.. I, ~.,...,, ...,“; I .:, ..leic, it, 114 .4E, Vita
hipperr.snw..ll ...P0...L. •n.: ...r.. •t. •o • rat,: Lam. • A falj.nrelti theopartienlers .11 rem , Idered • bokb
...,utmet, and the Department will be thorned to pter
." I,, e , PPir the, ptets. - •
• petrlnou. w3ll be Itif,44 et lb*
r... and all ers - to be pad y.
, detrYltrst arty ch "forebear..
•!, ,.., e at . ten . at..i ...f
, t . . „ 0 , 1 , ..8. estmen:
~..1 ..1\ PT:1210.4 Ito auw7tittes
4V10 " ,0 ' L'l 4 :t 4 . .„' " d " lii:
. q.5.u.,,, of etuth acit**ti
tenet) to ittitup,kisty day.'
...fore eubtre,tprs are ne
.m4.7:4.1111 oridense of the;
es of 'their Pe<l . .lrldep, wh4
hr the Dultrt...t Atte,. - ,, E
t .. b:terttnPrnt. ct.%er
d o n
us atop
', Z "1
6- tA r rgWx d p:
in end* public t
d. pf4llvery. tt
the e a
Vol lAse...ret
51 In awritn
h iR&V °7
'afar El''
• Pittsburgh•Transportltion Line.
J.kif.ES O'CONNOR t CO., Cana: /Win. Pitt- 4 / 2 1,4h
MILER, JAMES A . l'evotA Rr , AA 11.1
rot Na. 3 South fourth otto.r.
out 'tr...., l'h:laJAlrlha..
O'CO:iNORP , w .7d Norm Brltimerr.
11t, A V/ICG 4 . 11/I,y completed our lirrah,;,\
Mon we 0,11 tr. pinharrtt arra th.
10 , 7•13111. C•llni, to curry th.iaht tr-ni I Ino
burgh. iAlthaorp, thAladhlpinA, .o ,n.
hlhutti. 1.,010Ti11t,,t 1 anh• an all th. La.t owl
lowrr ,th cli.hth.h and .t. , Az.
or Ito, Alt shlytrJ our Lie« aro mil,
by maurzonn. an[hoot On; rhArAr
out reAlty affnrtleJ by Any othor
..r ,s•
4'4,11 It Co,lnost, I: ls I,,,nreite.„ at,.l I
(In hero., At I,nsua meet pr. 1.1.1 actvotir
B Onr Liar hot 0ur,ae1,..-tiou
1%11.1.1p41:, watt Iltuoburch .
kW* Co.
COotto,sa,o, to )IrVodlon k , ovnlo
Canal Bast', l'rqn
Perna. Rail• Road Co.--CeKtra.l Rtill Road'
subneril,orn haviuß been
shipping 4,41.0 t• Apr Lbw Pttd./1•i.t ,,, C•tut. K./
Aut. Ittl , no pa1. , 11, v at. 1.., rmitirett t
calve au) aszt,tatt ch.r,itull., ‘ ,,itt: ny
tittr..l, 'le [Ws :Gut, ;au, ttAs
intl et - r,tc[ttnt us grill L.. furi,t/.1 0 . 1
nltto t'hAt/It• C. ad .11.11,03
/Arc!! cr. trrrr._, frunitrrtusArre rrrispct,
Dry ...k.../..1.1.4.:L..0.114.1):•.....t5tn0uari.L'ut1ery.......nt,
lArTry, Fru.. lartuturA , Urug, A,
Ilanlwarr.QuevoAA . A..(troccri , s, J. btu:lA. o l4.
I,,All,,ClovAr. fl ax, IlmAtt, and Gran, WAAL Sc.
Port Butte!, Lard, LA,I .4 Intact, LAI, C... 4. A.
Talluor. Oralri and H 5,.
Vale. ISAA - MA trouglA, Clay.
BAstre. 11. , :o. 1 , V , ILA ,
1:0 , 11 , 1: A It Cy
.A.rAr I'vau AAA WArne A.r.t•
11.1 , 11,—(.119
Freight received for all the Way StatioLs
on the Pennsylvania Central Itailroad..
41•71,31,4 t0r.",..
1111 . J- Acts= J W •Itor.
MILIlln. ...too North
/....ritto , •h t , Jun, Ifillikou
Mount UI.L. J D.Z... , h1r:
!10n... J. D. Eirrr
?Tu.,. CD , *I, T. Milliken • •
14111%.,,t,,,,,. A ll.C:nrk
F • .s.cott •
Lanown.rr, li.. 1t.,!..r0...1)
tltirlsburd. Moder , . ~11 a. 1‘.....1:11t
J. 1Vo.:Itoror • bot.
I.knocutmom. t.tor, :11,r..-..m. t • .
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Prrrytrillr. ~, D. h00tti,...0
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The business of the Agency of toll Petal
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ducted under the name sod nt at
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Pittsburgh. July let, 1051 —lir,/
Agricultural Implements.
IHAVE JUST received from the Lan the
following Itolecuenta. all of the beat anta:y4n,,
the most went Invoatinne. and I tou t . Invite all
Farmers to mil and examine my rhea -
Urcllln,3lllehlue, for corn. teats. turnata sr
llraln Drill, ( rin, oat, and baeleY
Caro Cob Cr ushers,
Corn Sheller, fur horse and lintel ooacr
Shaw and Corn Stalk Cuttlug bon..
Ve,etsble Rout Cytters.
Yoivas and Can Chain Heller, Ccutateal liratu and Urns, tlrthe., sat
Csetetsel taco, Oar.e cad four prang lark,
All manufactured the beet materiels, and art eats
at the Drug and Feed Fran. al •
a. 1. 11 ICKERMIA.3I.
ml (Succor ceo nod and Stith stavein
Beaumont's Patent Starch Polish.
- DATENTED, July 2fAth,.1g50.--Foe
• beautiful Glos. to . Linene, Murata, Catut , rta, Cola .
shirt Bosom. ar...and Mao preeente Teen Clam
adhering to Linen. in, and arpTun.t duet from ttwk;ng to
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Direethnts—el'ut plea. the Rote of • d quart or
starch when toiling,lronbrletl-c
reloe, 12[t eau. per Culte. Sold erholepale Qui retail by
A CARD.4--.1 have removed to my arts atore,
) (it. (threa divra below.)
appotito the r.. k
Vittsburab, where I will be glad to P.,. my frieula and tel.
low cltistam. and revolve a (brim of their cr.t.a. I .111
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reather Reda ,Doberr. Ptltowa Blatyaot..., gado,
Cauaterponea, add Comattur: Window sha t t oa ,
aietr. Door blato,aod evert MIMI° thotally. flomd In the
mmt eitenalvelatibllahments of the Mod. °Mori Ramon
tally valielhal and Moot promptly Idled.
%Val. Nitlit.E. Third atm...
li—Cash paid for Wool by
c . Cornices.
T HAVE just received from New Yuri. an
t tris'aiii h r.:N i a. c4 r7:::,l.lo,.. '
Jo= . ,TM. NOIILE.
ia-PECTACLE.SI—IVe have a complete
,teak of Gold. S./ Iver end float Spectaelea.atl Wohat
await) . of wove% and manta. Maumee- 11, a elitapea
every variety of vieloo, aroonliatr an lb. brat prinefelee
optical Fora,,. /16211 W. W. W I 1,4,
. v i L ,
wait " W. PIANDIA, Eu. l W•Wr
jyy7.. A.,st Lir 11:413., = Co.
Anthracite Coal •
3n TONS just received, a euperiar artiplu
ur for lound.r7 or lapily for ...dr , I,
C. A. 5 1cANCL.11 - A ea),
/a • enual
• •
Copper Stocks, •
WE .. 11 /:l fiv l i T . E.Lrdera i, f . of f tLib t. SLoc , k ,i, t t r a h r o / :
rnshiag !Poll tout View pies. roll, or oddreor
hire Brindy, for Biarrhcoa,Ao.
Elk IN ehould you zu -d Freud)
BIWA/. On •IrT g,t Noma,
art, to ate 1ii.10n440.1 SI per quart cr
A 1 .11.0 . E ... }tp2 ; ; . — .., -I , T , bbls. NV. a Swat
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va: tottN WATTA Cu
LIQUORICE nour--soo lbs. for sal!) by
Jas n, R,d3yr r T. 2
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.I• ' .. r “% A .
174E ' r;, ' N . I .' .r
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''''"4 ls ' ars ' aill bw a i
Tr= r1 1cV.p.ai1 , 1.3,4a bt k,
b\ r„ \
Mtiq aull s ool. • 411
r r' gg::rrtie ' Mf.. u :lir , t.t. • L .
augliztalet... lb
MOUR--50 , •
a' , extra fun
r&le 6, • ".11AlthArGII.
111:00)1S—'20(4oz. for s by \
aual 5. . .A.R.134.1ZGH
ESIO b4)f.el3 errata '‘or sale by
I_ , stis4 S. aW. Tim:mu ,
-- C - d=rbbl. for s -- ,TTiy
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rt lust rr , eivfti • 1•t&
‘lft, YF D TARLETONSI, A. 1,11.1 3, i ,
Jun n•elf:•••• , i ,, •••
T4lftoo, nes t
noir LDE S-25001,c5. Ba4aShentlden,
1. ,u .t roe fro nook., bous., for sate by \ .
..2n HOWSON. LITTLE ( ' 1
pENCII GE ATINE \ ,. White . •112u1
pr4erral fly Ching usi,tor
40)4 Jellsei, Or., for olio ,
\ NI et •,l'ejj 6 /11.1fA.. i.,
WIC AtiiiELLS, \zteeived n creilrfrdkri thi n
• Ilroreno an T4eLAnal..7s.
x .
( REFINE:I) SUGARS L3obble `koicrinee
cric.,e: cei”ciu'd• .ft ` C! " ` 4 l " tit P i n
' th-I°**""" '
bj. tht l i ' ,..*Lux. £CO
--, . rp A nt Tea Order*
Vi AN UFA CTURiai TORX.CCO-109 bxe
• TL„,„.. t ~„ 0 ,4 lau,de a's and g , ,, In Von, tor sale
.. "a ' - • ' ISAIAP DICKEY a \CO
, ual . l ~ . -. 1
RI A PPcbES--4 " bble. and\ 1 cask jhet
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'CR Ei'S 2 XO n0t... - 111arietneetor4 and \
.ii 'en. by Own) J. H. Cailair . l,D__
Fir Abi:io-: - -271IAlemel Richmond ' Tciitokco
—t, and e'.-.,r the , nitv .. t Uproyed A b u rtfrang
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pik• - ...kiNCIIESTER , PAINTS, fbaifFeL
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~,,,nle.,,f V., rlor g 05135.. a 40:W; ( 1% I
0.N ., !.. ,, ! „ . at \ ania3l
`A\ll ,A ER-500 — rats 'ass 'd for sale ei
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AST•ES--Iti bbls. (c) . •ress;)
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- ---.—
‘,l R. 1 OL SSES--20 lible. Battle Gr . u.t
. flr 5 In by \. . F. EL. - GUNN/2;011AM,
nunll ',- . . .T. 2 Lihorty @Vent,
WE A. LE-. C. 't: E—r. . ...I. .
IVII-.1. - 3LrCLUttO a CO.,
Vsnl4, 4Jrneers a:n4 Ten u.-,lm.
O,GLANI/ 11161i1i1ti .10 ',kegs Ne
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.btli, primp: N. 0., in store
br * .iANIE9, A. 11171".
PTS. TINIPENT4.Iif: i -30 bbln..ip floe or.
ror KuooNrkrAtt a co.
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WIPER ;1011AIR hirriS.l—Mcaray
k.,7 Discus:up hove sorely,' thiS Ul morning • taither
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bightlrilmarket pri.a by pa , d fotlaul Wen.
GEO. Z. AMNOLI)* CU% . %fourth at,
.vats mar to Beat ut /It...blush • •
NjoRARLAki—IB cask's idame."to arrive,
k tor .10 br ' J: tB. YLOYD,
Intl9 11,trul Church. Ha!Wag.
PUTASII-I.s‘ene_ke pure
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itp UTTER bble, awl 5 keßs, : fdr Poiti,bv
IlkT 0: 3 91ACKEREE-30
bbls: Large,An 4. ta. FLOYT.
Backe for ea I? by.
11 °° ,,,, b r 83c - 5. a -
liCKlit.4-- , 50 dux: at
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eityliske, for anti
-':',,- • ' Copley's Pot Clay.
~. I I IIIE 'subscriber' ars, now Solo Aiknts \
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bACIALIT & ;. . of 04±", Pots, Med. Pots. ac... , 104 itwis of ono OM., t'
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Amount 01 Property . a ...:.. . .E. 86,4.10 er) disc `lo:luntiouterio•-•
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7,-- N °l c ,. .P=l, l- {.111.741N. 40. ‘ 1. \\\
P 5 I S. E. , eaatrof sotta ace sa ar, , :n, \'\ IMPORTANT TO 'TEE AFFLICTED.. -
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