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00 7 4 EA L ING ,11 WILL PE P:I•UND
• .0.1. - E40 . 1,-PATE OF THIS PW PER.
• •
DIALTH or Juncit'Woonaustr.—Thedelegraph
Ithingens the sad intelligence of the death of
Hen. Levi PlOODlthal, one of the Judges of the
Supreme Cotirt of the United States. Judge
Bendbury.haellSed s 'proMlnent place before
the public mired for many years, an Ooriernor,.
Pnatat Cabinet Officer, and member of the Su
preme Bench; and waa generally much esteemed
We eta a man of decided ability, considerable
iogulienzentl, and, fair moral-cheracter, and his
death will be greatly regretted. His place on
the Supreme Bench will be filled by Hr. Fillmore,
with the edricie and eonseist -of the Senate. Tito
-selection will of 'course, be made from the New
England States, and of the Whig sehhol of poi.
. .
The telegraphic despatches of the news re
- cetired by the Chnrokee, which we publish to
diy, brings us the &tile of the Cuban invasion
:This tricked, foolish and mostill-fateJlexpedition
has perished..., Lopez has gone to meet at the
bitr of attend retribution those foolish and un-1
happy yo ng men who were seduceld by , his ab
outa representations-and false 'promises; to em
bark in nmad enterprise which has coot then:, their
live% and a dishottored grave onto foreign spit
When all the facts in the case are developed, it
will be seen that the grossest and- foulest decep
time have-been practised, to intince men to vol
- flatcar. The Cubani, it is not 'desire
moreliberly than they now enjey—at least they
'do int wish for our interference. All:rcpresen
: till= to the contrary, are' sheer fabrications.
The course our Government has pursued in
this nutter has met with untversal approbation
amont all 'honorable and upright men, and will
lend touch to . exalt our national character
throughout tint civilized world. Whatever So.
'lent ebullitions of psasioS and roily may. have
/ been exhibited by the;promotera of - this rash in
- Tulsa, Or by.the riotirs of New Orleans. or the
actors in Ouch Cuban -meetings as were held in
this and a few other cities the people and
Government are right, and will uphold the hot,
• or and dignity of the nation. Aq regards the
proceedings of the Spanish authorities, in rela x
than to those of our claming who fell into 'their
hands and were shot, and inyegard to ell other
matters connected with this affair, ae far as it
.'concerns the rights of the nation, .we have no,
doubt that our Government will take inch action
as will comport with its duty to its own citizens,
and justice to Spain.
_ _
f.x-Srenneette ...Ctrs - or Prrrentto."—We un
derstand, ens the Philadelphia Bulletin, that the
aew ateamratip ...City of Pittalurg," the third
teasel of the Philadelphia and 'Liverpool line of
teamers, Sri% tweeted the 9City of Glasgow,;,'
. d
pill anti from that point for Liverpool on the
/ sth of this month. She may be expected, in the
course of a week or' two, from New York; where
the finishing touches are, being. put upon her.
She will be commanded by Capt. N. C. Slates
bury; au experienced and popular Philadelphia
ptain, who has been' superintending the build
p4of-the -steamer in New York. The three
taers, .'City of Glagow," "City of flan
..' m
ester" and "City, of Pittsburg," will thus all be
I. werviee in a few weeks, affording a regular
.smi-mentbly cream coMmouication with Liv
pool. I .--
We beg pardon for placing there tau
in one lime ; hut some writers and speakers, who
.adther know not or care not what they say, have
Compared the interference of the Fillibtustera in
the affairs of,Cnba, with the interference of La
fayette and.his.compatriots in, the contestle
twain these States rind Great Britain, in the war
of Independence Nothing can be more diseim ,
liar than the two cases.
As early as 1775, - the difhcalties between The
colonise and the Mother country had become so
serious, that during that- year several engage--
meals took-piles betwe‘ thesereapective forces,
. thoCrinthieutel Cengresa bad placed itself
in a balligentheattitude martinis [l3 Government
of Cirearhritain But during that trying year
no'forelipier interfered. In the following year,
War still
,continuing, Congress by , One bold
stroke severed the political bands whiah bound
these colonies to the British ablest, declaring
- them to be •Yrte..arta hdepaletent fStates." . This
was a year of darlthesi and *desperate struggle;
''but sill no foreigner interfered. ' It was firthe
lattscpart of this peer that Sninklin was com
mis:dor:tad by Congreeeto treat with France and
Holland for recognition, and for pecuniary and
military aid In our vent struggle. Still neither
Lafayette nor bad come to our assist
ance. in 1777, two Years after the commence
ment of hostilities, sad one year after the decla
ration of independende; and after Franklin had'
succeeded'in obtaining treaties of recognition
'and amity from the Government. of France Sod
,` , 'Holland, those greatmen—whose memories have
r' 'recently been 'outraged and insulted by{ being
Compared with ..the scoundrel toper":--tanded
upon oar. shores. It was, it is true, in the most
. glorione period of that struggle. lint how was
it as to their reception I Did•Lafsyette steal in
like a thief, or; did be And a unanimous people
and a well organised government ? Was lie on
' der the necessity - 'of hiding himself from the
Americans as the inyaderauf Cob■ were obliged
to do from the Cubans? Did Lafayette come
here import the standard of rev
olt; or waa it
: assist a gallant people to repeloreign ene
'• my? Did Lafayette come here to get up a war,
• jcieto bring one already to s termination?
These questions are easily answered.
' • Let the peopleof Cuba, if they wish to be free
from the domination of Spain, enter upon the
cootie ns elm American colonies did, or .as the
.Rontane and Hungarians did in 1148- 9 , and then
it will be time enough for the American people
en interfere in the qdririel. Then they will not
And it necessary to shoot down the peasantry.
'But there is no reirolcition in Cube although some
'of oar people dank there ought to bet forgetful
that.freedato obtained in such a way is no free ,
drriid at all. Suppose the aerators from the
United 'States shorild succeed in putting an
endlie the:Spanish:rule in that island, would
• thaeonake freemen of, the people? or would it
'fit them to act the part of freemen? The thing
is.a ward.
'Lafayette, 'when
when he joined the standard of.the
American patriots, did not violate the laws of
his country, as these lawless men are invad
ing Cuba have done. It was not necessary that
/ll druid bee malefactor before be became a
\ patriot soldier. He came with the consent of his
. . government, nut in defianceof Its authority and
when he'cameltere he did rot, as, Lopez did, find
bizeself in an enemy's cot:witty: In fact there is
no similarity In the two easel, at all. We should
as soon think of comparing George Washington
with Capt. Ladd, Leto:liken Lafayette, Kosciusko
' and other foreigners who came to the assistance
of, t rublutionary fathers, with the outlaws
140 TO made this miserable foray upon Cuba.
Sesiatel Gray, Merobant Tel lor, on lit.
street, annomices in car advertising col
..- that he has past returned from the east
ern pith:97=d is now receiving a splendid lot of
one she deals with Mr. Grey will be
disappointea, either in the duality of the goods,
ortha fashionable make of the garmente, se all
who ever dealt with Mtn, In his very extensive
business, cals testi'fy
professor E. P. Sierra has resigned the chair
of Medhattstics end 'Natural Philosophy in Me
University of Aoch‘ter, and Unitis:ad ttri is HT,
rs'Aesistant Professor at test
fOi Mani. yea
Point, has been elected to the Iseult Professor
ship, and hoe accepted the appointment.
ease is no , wpm l'"juti_oe
Ceri!rif Involving the queen whether is
passenger on *nil/MA has • tight to a particu
lar seat through the iiitole journey, end can re
chain it slier having once vacated It.
SIAS GLAD Waids.--Tho are pleased to see
by the 114ierti361:11P.Ilt of Menus. Robert Ifintor
htthd syMpriate oolutua that these
wort ors g 0 opepgian sgsin under favor
able:l4APl, and ire har, no doubt will do a
~.• • 'barites.
. . ...
.., , ,_
o_ . ,
n , Annexed 15 the official statseeeentim t h e Pezn--1 -t-sarre4seelding lone have been ren to.
Dons of the Mint for the month of August. Ad officers in com mand 0 the military pas and of
compared with July, the receipts of gold :dust
• c nvenieht,:nommand ee been placed. in requi
he &lame increase-f-the '
an 4 n.inalle show a --' • - Milan-for...sails s ervice The proper officers of
Illf _nage:had all • see. of the nvq. wi th in
tomer of about $1,000,00 0 , a nd; the letter op- the eeveral districts being thus ens ' ' eted - in e
wards 0 e . ,„.ne00,060. We endepteuil thataleige ,s their duties, end en lied with the . rem of
supply of the mealier gold coins reliant On hand ii filment, will be bed responsible f' the do
, f '1 '
fur the
be'yotid the demands of dep`beite... • porters of every othei espedition. am
. fellers to netts any_ecseel and arrest, r crew,
• : -COINAGE - .TOIt AUGUST .. which they may 'suffer to escape from . eir par-.
- „..j .143L1, ' titulardistricts. .
135,141 Doutiltillegles, -s2 . lei,s.",tesis 00 S These measures of precaution are d, oil oh
-7,623 Eagles, , , ed,••• • •,0' on solutely steeessaary to vindicate the sati n ed char
-44,1_155 half Eagles, e2e . -27, no - meter sod perform 11.
.11ational duty ini used by
15,08 Querter Eagles, file.fitf, 00 ' the people upon the XCel 'FIVE in the spatisegei
103.3555 Gold Bolters", . aset,aeli ou • of. the statute a l rea dy mentioned; which', though
. .
__ i peened Inure than forty years ago, has •Deqeently
'undergone the revision of Congress, bit only to
Le more Obligetory and effectual. s 1 •
The Nationslintelligencer. of AVednesely, on
the same bubJect, says: ,' 1
Public report anciebes, we have ac t doubt, '
with entire truth, Di r t adoption of the President,
;and, under his orde ,by the Heade of the prat,
er Departments, of the most energetic 6teps for '
the vigorous enforcement of the laws al pledg
ed ohligatious of the United States ini Foreign
Governments, by the employment of very eta-'
meet of th e national power prevent; or inter.'
cePting all unlawful plots or expeilid a against
the leltualof Cuba, or with a 'fault° rup re- S
volt in that Inland.. The following; e
,undor- 1 ,
steudi ia a summary of the measures adop-
fed by the Executive to carry out the above oh
The orders issued in April are . continued in
full force, us well as the PresibleuCe pew:lams- I
tion; nod the new ; orders to the Collectors and I
other officers have been most rigid and precise, 1
The steam-frigate Saranac, which was welting
at Norfolk to -convey Mr. ',etcher to illettie- 1 , '
was. uu the receipt of the news of the late .exe
cetion at Havana, directed by telegraph to sail
immediately, in order to ascertain the million
lars of that tragedy, and a revenue cutter win
directed to convey Mr. Letcher to Havana, sod
thence he was to be taken to Vern Cruz, in a
:ship of *or. But, under the more recent oil
vices, these orders have been changed. The cut
ter is. to continue on to Vera Cruz, and all the
American vessels of war en the coast of Untie
will remain there, to intercept any illegal eiPe
ilitione front the United States.
Both the steam vessels, the Saranac and Vix
en, now on the coast of Cube, will remain con
stantly lit sea, on the lookout for, mid with posi
tive orders to intercept and capture, any vessels
from the United States engaged in illegal , pro
ceedings againbt Cabe; and their intention will
be especially directed to the capture of the Pam
peep, which vessel was in the vicinity of Savan
nah river on the list ult.
The military and naval forces of the country.
at or near the different ports, have:been pieced
at the control of the civil officer. of the Govern
meat, and the contmendere of them have been
iustructed to resider all the aid andassistence in
their power.
-ilirculare have also been addrebsed to the Col
Icdtors and other civil officers at •the principal
ports, North and South, directing them to re
mein permanently at their poste, and any who
mays be temporarily absent to return forth-
with, and personally attend in the axe
cationand . enforcement of the instructions
which have been the different Depart
tnentes and all of them are folly aware that they
will be held to a strict arrobotability for-the ful
filment of their tholes.
The first act of the President, after his return
to the city, and fulLy informing .himeelf of the
facts of the care, and the undonbteddelimplency
of the officer, was the die:asset of thi Callrejr of
Ye, Orlean., and the appointment of a cohort.
tote; and the Collectors, Marshals, District At
torneys, and other office. of the Government.
have been most emphatically informed that stir :
neglect of their duties, or any wont of due seal
and activity in the performance of them, will be
followed by immediate dismissal
8,000 Half Collars, '
'O,OOll Quarter DoHere, ,
2,2oo . Three Cent Pierce.
,029.0:36 pleCtl, •
X 2.5,511 pieces,
sl,llo,toc. 7;
Gold Bullion deposite.i.for coinage from 141 to
at Auguet, tactual'.
Om thtlithruie.,
dm other ileums,
silver bullion depttelted in same tirocs - - V 29,000
a C. WiLlf., 'rreasurt , r.
Thetotal coinage from January to August, in
'cluaive,: amounts $31,04,316, of whirl the
gold I.atintige watt *31,33 . .1A/hi/. The total do
' posits of gold and silver at the Mint, from the
Ist of January toitbe.3l st of August, was 1;21%-
. 81(000! Of this am0unt.,''.:*2.7,0t17,800 was in
California gold. 4 r
IMPORTANTDEIfIe.IOX.-04r readers are already
informed that illidgllCONl:l4NAof Auburn, New;
York, granted Uie writ of habeul eurp., in the
case of th.Lelave Daniel, at ;Buffalo, upon which
thelatteri was discharged, Mal has since gone tJ
The going. involved in' the decision in this
case, says the New York COurier, inn novel one,
I undof the utmost importatre: no, should the de
dsion of Judge Conkling be sustainedAy the Su
tirerne 4:niirt of the United States,, to which the
case will undoubtedly be harried, it will prive
fatal to the ; claims of all; whet Seek to recover
slaves who; escaped from service prior to the
passage of \this fugitirc slave net, Judge C con
struing the teeth section of said net, so ;is to
appif oul i y to persons escaping from service
offer its passage. If this decision be contirmid ;
then,. all fugitives who escaped prior to the,l4th
of SepteMber, 1850, need have no fear of ;on
larrest, as they cannot held: and ale entirely
free, as }muck 'so 'us tlaeir former Masters and
The °Mosta Penneylvinil Railroad Compa
ny has made an arriingement by which-postai
gers for Cleveland to. Clark atol• Parks . .Ctual
and Stage line, are conveyed in the cars from
Pittsburgh to Rochester. Tickets con he prootired
at-the. Federal street station, for Cleveland, or
for New Castle. This is -- a great convenience to
travellers, and gives much malefaction
• ATlltlgelllol49 have been made, tato, for Omni
buses to De at the Depot always ori the arrival of 1
the - cars, to convey paseengerm to this side of the ,
Tie& and also to convey pa.srengetsito the cars
The route of the Omnibuses is =-alert from the
Monongahela House, passupSmuhfield to Third, , .
down third to St. Charles Hotel, up- r nod to I Faiim Mexico. —A telegraphic dispatch from
Filth, down Fifth to 'Market, down' Market New Orleans, dnuounces that a serious disturb
. seer took h p A lace to at , Tera r. ..Crnt, on t o he :l e et e n e f
to St Clair and the Bridge Piiseengere desi
rous of taking the oars, can hail the Omnibuses ,„11,-,;,.;:5,7 of.' tier,s by the rGo-to`T.,tror,..P.Pi The
anywhere ou this route, and those arriving can . military were called out, sad six persons killed,
be left at any point on the route they may select. and several wounded before the outbreak wet
The price for this sconce either way, is It rents., quieted.
A local
tbatac.h7,itheirj were
wontedoentiy received,
saysthe m
The omnibuses will be always at the Depot when' the
ttie cars 'arrive, and will plait along the route des -1 counter, and dial in consequence a blockade of
ignited a short time before the cam leave Thie l , the port by the English was expected. Wa are
will be a great convenience to oar cititene. The ' 'at a l
oot to understand why they . should inter:
several Hotels also have 0-nnibtieee always in i fe,rin...nlesas!i.a.ltierniaox.w.ait t?..ebeap
readlnese to convey their customers to and fro m . i lied , towards
, : bj ° ,,u. r . ul d e h 3L a a n „..
-the Depot, so that no inconvenience need be fear- levied under the threat of the adoption of alte
ed by strangers or citizens-- - rior measures by the commissioners of the Brit-i
_ __,---- ish government .
ItAILILOAU4SUCIAOLS — lt is raid the inconvei . A resolution had been adopted in the Mexican
requiring f Congress recommending qin alliance for offence
nience of gnages of different widths,
and defence 'between all th e Spanish American l i
erinithipments between different line& has beta i republics '
entirely overcome by he ihrention of adjusting The two sestinawhich recently
stied from
-our tiles toilwhiels,lwithout expense or delay. . New Orleans, under protest, far Telviantepec,
A model ear is now i in use at Cincinnati, and , have been seized by the Mexican authorities
iat Coat:cob , They were the schonsers Alois
otherat are being cOnstrumed. This 'rill be very
grit, Captain Thompson, and Sarsbia, Captain
important to rail:4nd companies, in their con- i whithey
taf,rier with roads-pd' different widths.' Advises from toe Northern Mexico, received
' at Brownsville, on the 27th of august, were,
the effect that titers was great diatrese in
it section; consequent upon a failure of the
iris. The loditins were also very troublesne
S. I' Cori Adr. -
sa AFEAIRD —We entrait the following items t-b
rom the Washington 'tend!)lic on ToesArti . morn- "'
We understand that the Secretary of therm- I ~..&&& HIPPED To tant.--Tbe Witieb &tee
eery received, yesterday, telegraphic ilisnatchts i . Virginian gives the particulars of a horrid . air
from the Collector at New Orleans, stating that , in Clarke county,Va., on Wednesday week, w • ich "
for Cuba.
were waiting there ready to embark 1 hoe excited great indignation in that sec• . on
for Cuba. Without being apprised of the nature ,
ot tie
ei‘thithimth the Collector , these „ The result of it was that Col. James Castle ..
and his son Stephen were indicted on kfo•day
pretMes, we have reason to believe thathe was
duly informed that,if the said 2,00 ti men, should , last, for having einelly and imintreifully be ten
debark under the circumstances, certain 'officers i two s i ev es th e w e lk ee de, p ,,,j et px (eeue l e t h e
of 'the United States would be held respOwiti
, i '• 1 death of one of them .) belongingto the fu er.
We are inclined to believe that it yould'lnotthe ,
',They have Leen held to bail in the sum of $: u
amiss to test the truth of bir. Rhett's ussertion in
the Sienate of the United States; that it is impos• each. The Winchester Republican says:
elide 'in this country to enforce any law in a' " From the evidence of the principal wi els,
peiglXlarbood where any portion of the people ', a ,white laborer, the negro was: fastened up for'
were loPposed no its executioA„:. • . 1 punishment,-by having his hands tied, aI a
chain pet around his neck', thrown over a lel,
yirtib regard' to the firing : l:cross the !steamer ;
and locked, just leaving sufficient length to the
Falcrin, by one of the Spanish Cruisers, the Re
unfortunate object to etatid upon the gni nd
pcibli6 says: • lie wits then whipped with the tongues p of_
It is proper to add that we are informed that, a wagon, having been previously stripped, that,'
* the American Consul at !LWOW& calling on the blows might be aid on tbe bare skin. fter,
the Captain (ieneral of Cuba, and complaining to , beating him in the l
most unprecedented manner
him of the occurrence,the latter expressed his re. 1 for come time, they left hini bound in the tibia
gret,/panish and said it ehould not occur again; that it I lion described, for the purpose of whipp in g his
had note pro
vbaessel bly
having taken p a
new comunteder,who sunse p t. lace in consequence of comanioA
von of Castleman depoied that about
n. The occurrence took place' about
had xecently come to Havana . , and did not know ten, o,clock at ti ht., his father 'came Into his
the Faker,. . house, and &IMO ced that'the negro was dead.
The Brin ahead of the Falcoo was not Ile had been left the standing position in
necessarilyeither an insult or an aggression It which he was whipped, end died in that way.
le a mode frequently resorted to by the cruisers
for the purpose of inquiring into the character
andebjects of simpicious vessel. if it tune out
the,. elicits a lawfulveasel, bound on a, lawful
voyage, an explanation is made, and the vessel
is suffered to proceed on her voyager otherwise,
she is detained. '. •, ' . .
The fact 'of. the Falcon having displayed her
national colors . does not alter the case, as the
showing of false colors is a stratagem gener.
ally retorted to for tits purpose of avoiding cap-
We cannot doubt that the Spanish authorities
will give the most satisfactory explanation of this
Tim Republic of Wednesday Morning, hes the
following furthenauttuncerumats concerning Cu
ban affairs
Whatever may be the present state or future
result of this contest, we are quite ewe that the
Penult:sr and his Administiathin, have teen
wanting in no duty In endeavoring ;to maintain •
the law of the land, and at the same time our
treaty. stipulations and neutral obligations. As
early 43 the first reagitation of this subject, in
April last, at the same time ithen the steamer
Ctropatra wan seized in the port of,New York,'
and her captain and others arrested under the
act of 1818, the PER/SIDLE' homed hie proclama
tion of warning .against any such enterpriae,
and instructions were Issued to the collectors,
district attorneys, and marshals in all the sec•
lions in which It was supposed the,project might
be favored, enjoining activity-and energy in th
enforcement of am neutrality law, so far in d
paroled on them: and orders were given to em
ploy the land sad naval forces of the United
States to co-operate in the same object.
From the reports received from many of these
officer*, there is no doub t that the instructions
of the Government had their desired effect. We
regret to state, as an exception to this, general
attention to duty, the case of Collector of New
Orleans, by whose negligence the Pamper(' was
permitted to depart from that port without clear
ance or papers; a fatal act of omission, which
bas involved lid many misguided but gallant
young men in destruction, and clad so many
Americen families in mourning.
Upon investigation of the conduct...of this offi
cer, and perceiving that the vessel was allowed
to depart, notwithstanding a direct call upon
him by Gen. TWIGIOS to do hi, duty, in obedience
to his orders, and offering to furnish the respiaito
force from hie command in the vicinity to maks
bin, n terfizrance effectual, the 1.11.911 MT has
felt It his imperative duty promptly to remove
the Collector From otitie.
He hu aso caviled circular& to b. again ad
dressu) to the district, attorneys, co arshals and
collectors in the district above referred to, re
quiring the immediate presence of each one at
his' post, with stringent Offers to exercise the
utmost degree of vigilance and energy in the
execution of the law of 1818; and he has more
over leaned special cozonslssions to trust; Indi
viduals in 47„Tious quarters, empowering them
to, =ploy .the And anti naval fortes, end the
Militia of the United States, "for. the purpose o f
preTenting' the carrying on of any militas y ex
, podition against the: turitorles of any power
with whom the United States are st peace."—
$4.078,329 00
$9.000 ot)
`,ow do
I 0.56t1 00
$4,1 02,89, 00
1,7,461 . 1
$4,04t , .b1ti
Hottineon President of the
Pennsylvania and Ohio Rail:Oad Company, and
the Hon. Ihomaa Howe, ,Member of Congress
elect from Allegiteny„arrivellio the city, yester
day, (ran Pittsburgh, and have taken logings at
the !Herrmann' Hotel —TAr Philaildphia North
A InfTif a t f Tursday.
TiIIIIIII.g. ACCIDENT.—IIe are pained to learn
that Matthew Black, of Parker township, Leon
ard Goe, of Venango township, and a Merman,
'name unknown, were instantly killed, on Thurs
day list, by the caving in of an ore bank on the
farm of John Kelly, of P.ither township, where
they were at work drifting ore. They bad under
mined the hank for some elz feet, when the
stiperinumbeftt mass of earth, twenty feet in
i 3
height, fell in, crushing them beneath it. Th.
bodies were recovered with all possible dee etch
but the vital spark had down. Messrs. lac
1. and Goa were boned, industrious, hard wo kir
men, add good eitisens, and th eir ber ay
friends base the' heart felt sympathy o
community in their deep affliction.—Est ,
BOLDING, the 'Poughkeepsie tailor, has bee
sent olf s prisoner to loud,. Carolina—the CoU
feblioq constrained to decide that earth ldit
law makes him the property o'i Andiron ,
that the shireholder's claim on him 1. • map
than that of his wife, who is a molt • pis
member of a Prosnyteriso church in ens,
krepsie, and 'the Superintendent of unday
School connected therewith. Tb' this
poor woman would hags been
the redemption of 'bar bus{"
the regnlrement that 'be s
slave to Sioutb•Carolins bet
Thin, added to the exoribit
' for him, i 51,760) presented
—We hare a deep_consitt
catching busincta will not f'
Lin the free Stale of liew, Xi
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T. S .1. KELLY.
Poe rale by. J. KIDD k
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.Pittsburgh Lite Insurance Company.
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Citizen's Insoranie Company of i'it.tabargki
(Ain. No. 41 W 414 r orr,r, so the sarebourr oft .
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'On Thnr•day evening. 2414.
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24 ahe Wall, ed nve
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Millinery and French Goods.
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Samuel Gray.
it CL•ill BUILIWNod, II e Lola
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AS jolt returned from NEM - R d aud
Phut..Yon. .4 to wre., • ry
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make thew up order . to • aef te as, th ...q he en ,
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• n AV 1 - 1 1 .fli.E0 , S, in and hy the Act of
Fire Steel Mining vompany. I 'a a ....,,•-• t. Anewl. .kl P• tanylrawa.. lll4 .. l •
le e Z Toe K HOLDER: , are hereby notati. 4 to i a t • I, u 4 t. I 1.e , r.0n. •f 110. C...nonAkwalth.' it , •
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ty,,,„, ~,,...e s t ~,,,,,,,..., y rya., ~..,,, , the Couay.a Allegheny. a. therefore mare known sod
05p6.141041 ~• • •1••' ' '"*” ' r:tr, T . ' 7.;:1k.',71':.crt: 1'7.=,°. 1 , , 1t , El':11 St.:2,
%If -00u & llAcliS's Ill , : ITEu STATES ' liefor:sl,!;to tha SnalL D I A:LEDA Voe ocroesu Ayr.
1 v DPlPE '''''''' "' •'••••••• ••• tra m "" r ''‘ "R.: ='.*:r rgtri=l b :frg.' ~,;,,t p,1.1...,1;
~. Ly /OLIN 11 NICLIk,
npn at W.! a tom nt a the haute of Mn. Jane Lthe. at the miner .f
Straw and Silk Otaule' . • In, ar.4 inUrth Winn, In !Ida warn
, The eleeturea the Seeond ta ay lof Et:writ, 4 Plttahureh
to et at the Wand Lostrot !thud. nylon of Snood •od
I U. PALMER, 105 Market art Pt, is DOW ', Content etiran. in •••14 w . .. 1
ALchetahs. stud Olen tot sada et tow anon. , The etanots of the Thad wara . tit the nty_ol Plltihasett
th/lotsul tut ohne. as. and taney. Oral. Straw. 1.110., ', a the 0. 0 a A..p. ~......, Ina
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Phout. pleid. cgsna area fluty Waal' 41 II BON'S, all The elnlont of the liftb W I LI of th ee/1) . ot Pittal4hrgh.
.141.0• " '''' tteU/'.1.4"'4:14712.41'01610717.1.0tDP" " ""b
Sane sad Tate.. ts..ta , lo rimy,' .IN Stan. aoaortnt t.
otath.s..l eau:. II , I tt a e,elan kr. ot ttneatb Warta the a lir 0 PM/Larch.
Vanua nth. auto/ 4.11 a s. trace. La se. Plop. to moot at the Pattie tr•leoul liauee,ln soul read „ .
IW.wers, n o un, I ....... 5 .4 . ~,...,..1 .........,.. o r ilii - The elsotors of theitlentlo s tt lard of the ett4 of 0...•
Burry flood. ~0 pee I tnnah , to mat at th e. 1 shlte .4bn/ ktouse• n salt .
STAN OLAS - S WORKS.- - , The clef,. of the akttetat W.. 1 tilt/natty of Pittsbutgh.
. mart at t. Pollle.Lebtot lions, In nld ard.
The lectors./ the Ninth Ward deed., of Pthlthuteh,
It ÜBEHI'WI N I E H. A CA). , t... ra...t at tk,Pubik tch,ot Ito., tu aad.l ward
II areiyouar-ero 1. Market .:rdret, Peffstury4 t412;:.',4::-Tatl.`;;: of IT, I f ti ' o r tul " ..l4.7.llt n elfe i rt '
pj,,,?BERI W INTER A. CO , hartog taken 1 A heo,,tor. 11 th... , 04 Ward or the city atAnrth t eur.
th. ahonnrott. 6 , 41,2.0t...tag all of (mon , . i It;.c•ralttorlltZt.t....n'tlittl•.•,,•MtacFr.„.. a ' r
.- Tb Ll'.." - "nrar...l - 7 tt.T.,t..-.. ,„, , 1
.. The elettorr of the Thad tV and the at,. 01 Aheaksho•
.tonctuZZl" I. I''s to we e n a, the pul,: Ita , a Hausa la oda ward
Th. ../.41,. a ‘lO 1 oath W•td a the elt7 of A11e...1.
11,CUL CUAlllaittall, t
re bid AND ltAL.lllte S. w et the t, Of Mr. M jtu Ladt Lat.
aleo-nere deserspilon of rotund WIMP 'AIM!, ILe sorruns h
ILU Wernahlp to toWtet a the Loon of
IILA , K IVRTARS, ALLA MINERALS, II Mra S., Murry,. the Mrel.thika and !atone Itr.
they Oather tbauselvto that thee ran tarnish tenet ,, . ptke 1 , 44 , in tha townsatiP es'entthtetnotllZ .l est*. ie"
Welt nue .41a1 to any sotostacturna In the maw', end , 41n0 1n an4koss Noe .1... and It of the etir 4101001, who
Una boys by street tAOIIIIOIII6, to 101,1 t a, •hare .0.11 ron at al several Archon la th s:nab Stied st the
of patronage th at tta. been cotenant to at.. cootafactu .11 yaf PitteLonak .
ten T
en et. personal to Ell 011 ft. not,/ lank WOO h The etect.,ol .1 I•vales to goat at the /wool./
then Mt a n the public . ashen/ MO, We, tt,•••bt John Bettina. for rull. , of Eard Lthoritt•
_ f nencislen , anwhon yang NJ:swede wunads sesta,
ttl.k....ettriot,...l...l,lts.tiergotkill., to lor .„ /4 ,7 the b se
Rowand Tonic MirAure, The elterwei of Wilk.. won... . tunt tall e t....
at John antler, nu the tftenaborgt. Tuthnite 114,1-1. su
wall, ' soul toweabto
kowand Compound Syrup, of .Ulark;,,,ry Roof ,,,TX,:ttt,ar,f,,T...1......a7d towel at the C 5...!
fru':ONE ft Univers/0 1 eStuLlObed I,,G)^. J,l .e or Pan. Pa...La, to meet at lb. hooey 0
1, fee 100 ER •01/ SALt. th e atl,r n4uallf vtlo 111 . r.h .11 1 . 1 " ° I I r i l • I •IratI.I.II “tr .l3 • •-III••I ' r •''••
• t• " ••• ' 3"1" L'UlljaNr 111, 1 Pb 1 I r i onshi to acre at the hos tome
T•I•••• •••• 1 ••ill• "Ir4oo " 1 •I ' r •••• " ••'• ••••• Kele ' rt . l, 72 f .;.:'. I,°r..:ibtl,';argl2 Ito.. In esti tosne
~.,..r , . , t II i era.
"`' a i
- , - 1° - :u
o rr,.r..1 %.rattle own.Llp. to tont at he In hl
wept 1.3• 01..1 Hine L, :- ,.,V 1----,
Sato , Howe. near the Winne H0,..e Unmanly an ortea ht
Notice in Partition. Thou.. 500 and en • tr 5120 A. Shaw •
Tt.e etertur• .• 1 !metal. township. to .1 the own
II A I , IN All MOIITON, milow, W illiam of In., fo e .rweel r neoplk , I y Joh. bs ann. .•
T o .Ntortou, Thant. Morton. %inn.= Elnyd and Swot , • L 11.1.41, h
L•• .110 Wllham Man. 11144 Anil Ann he. wife, Ilanualt The . lent the Itorosa ., ef , I i.,..oteth.t,orn: 5110'
ITE'W.l.i'Atkr.;7..L.'l,llant."'.l.:ft,..:lr ..1:.,7:4',11:::".1..i. '"" ' - ''''
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glsOeri.S7hoillo4rfn". tro:;sl.llll.l,rots'4l,olur„7. II of tr•:::::l'.Z:rle:'.lfltTel', I : . :krl• L t ', T , LT , rl t t ', ltk l rlts 4 : 1
Morton neherns Jane Morton. and Usnoth Morton. nat !.tta n
~„ a . ••' 4 t... l . l yeeton of NIMIko toonststp. to meet stake boof
7;f`3so.lr4=l.l:',,tif"..Y.ll2shl'..tin.:onsl;ll‘.:. Alt- Senkoel It 11 , 0. V f went' meanked flay
3 .• II Neel. slat
aneny cunty. Pennyleanl. deed ,„,r•
Sultry le hereby given to the above named psi... that Ilke s,/ . cuir ~,,., hiv. want et the
blareirtue of • writ of Partition. tented out of theUrihan 0 ".. a'. 1..... r.. •••• ...I". .
Vlof sold enuoty. an In.est wilt Le held and taken the el. tun of L... rrt t. , talt• too whip 4 1 .. 1 n 1 ye z, t t aLlz. , .
upon tll/ 06,1311161 1 Menlo derwriled• being the nal roan taw. trrer: g 1417 . itrzr.f..z.n.Lt=tot nu
.1 the staid /amen Murton...ln - IL ea •eartaln to of feud 1.
'" tr r ~. it 11. nen tuonthlo to nes , a the vuhle -
Itat '4 .• e j I a PP I III " Cr Khese.W*4llloqnall'ssa's."'LiettlleVlbfee b , : r u s a•i t t , , , , Fr lb. haw 7:1,11“.". brit on the 1n...0. tne
' 1 0 1 . 411 0 / 4 .tto , I . titt .I:rulti!Xjo's..or.:rtrVegyrtl; The etertnre of 110... tnonehty to meet at the boy n
oath. pars,* , . .t in { partytiou o r ealoasa.,... 001 .0 of 5.41.4 Manion/. tortoni/ Andiey M. /art.,. In oast
prune:WA of lend real estate. far. In nyld writ ern/went, It
....IP . ~ .. . st
•1414 h three and plan you met attn/1 11 you think rower ..,,,,, r.i . a; r; rr ga r ....p,.....7.4.24,..j.
~,, . .,1,2c • h b ., 1 1 -1 .11 .
, 0, m LI. thertil
Sheriff'. OM., !litanies. Sep Lll -leopn wt,tel• thij s i t l :lS:Sa t tf t V!,. szt io t t t; s hl ss t. :: t s n t s th L tss t at ttst itst,.. of
I[4 l 16.11- P.O. trust., to .114 towskably
Tts•• electors of tot,..tovetnlkly tu snort. the 1.. •0 of 4 no
111 , . Ifs sa, town..
I be
4 Iran olio township to okeot at the . on
°rankled la Jta ltanueu, In eaN wernah,s I
The ~i ., t ort of the Uranuth of Maucheen to meet at the
Publl.•tetrout boon •
The •.ertore 0111 tow ne.o 1 on- , a the . 04 . 0 01
notieth I ..Ler 10
a d d unmet.,
ilea . locum 01 Baldwin tou nobly t. rant at the Louse
..f duo t o Voron, in s eala townthip . ,
~.., i
ofTtlrtel'Vy7r•'. 1;1 ' 47.1 1 ;To VI; ' ' '
The Ornate of South II ort, tovenstOP in runt st the
hour of II Hatt nu the tarts of 0 1 Coon, to saki
ho L u b s: n ' t7:s ll 4C . : t r tl4.l ° t 7 t h I Y r . ors 1 1 a . J r .% 741, 9 10,1= 0 " AT.
lo old too - whin ,
The electors of 11016 townethp to won. at Ito Icon
of Jacob ltalthugh, on the Eno:Mtn road, to seal ..,._
•h t eleeton of hitt townahly to onet st 04 1,04. of
De o ts b d t o, ? 4 :TO': Itirt7rr':o7.len•thlioVv% be ‘ .111. 1 1 ' 7-
I till Ul L2in neat, 0 10 mid toetaahip.
The glestnn of LeCandlese.tfarsthly ere to coact at the
blow Of Jos A tawrons. to rind ttornabli.
Ttn •Isetoht of Wen nen toonahlp to meet et the boa..
0 %alb. Cnot.r, 10.514 trnattilp
IL* elet ton of lout Deer toony to meet It the Pohl.
Srhoot nous, In the Iloyouals of Tanta. ,
11111 .11/0 ton or th.. Uorough et Tarentugo to rant at the
Poollo Se4,l Itousa.. Ma Eknntigh
The elunon a Monona tonwhloto tont tt thou hotter
"Itlf,`Tigl'isili.',lo%tfelft 1:1 " .1 IL ' a saore•
aim. in .add werneldp
no onalltiad torn of that pat of 1.0.11.• tot nada,
itsetnAble=;/",!,,'.7"`1,; T1V1,..',141n1,1,1h,°17g°,7,.`tt% Al
tlattetth tint, st ' Llto upy•r li ne of the fano .140110 (o.
01.;snIg:5011:rAil,?'1V4,1,o'or,, 1.--:=oll:,,,afg
'l4.c:. =ttzz,r.l:l,:„;- - g,?,:...:2 , .,; .
',.;;P:gt.w.11tr.°4 14 ,744.4.17..;a 11, t0.. - .;.u.r,T,::
1 . 10
140011 nm to tha Donauttb of rixoprdarrh, at the
elretkorryoll crania LetnntEL
Won at
thTelltitt:WllLL'ho'isb.i7:l'.all,l":l,""' "'
Th wttor.. of the borough of Kat Bsitt.lnghato to
mentho Iteltrsta Offite Of Oltver U 1.01110 , 1 1 / 7 . 0 001.1
TN elanur• a 000..1 Iturtotan to ant at the Public
1. hunt flume.. said Inroutfb.
~.the electors el the 134.frulic ot Lawrenceville 11 tont at
tins Vulallo o no lIIe to raid bonsai&
The elnoton of tho bortoogb of tharpahursh want at
the haute of 310010 Ettarp• to mad buroupth.
u:Jhfri, tlettjt u t f , tobkilitaava4thof Ntelteesport te meet at
Tbeeloctora ' or the tot . of South Ptlthburgh to men
et 010 ban- mntyl.o.l la E Ideastuluct, at the
-11 ii7<.i.;,..Titiit„",ll2,-.1v..1.:14,„ r.,.., ,„
01110 bv, , ,vntvr„zlgd. grudit h irt,tor. 01 ator,
laol l witi l ,lPr balm 101. ar
itiitt= rr=rottill=gr. "
,tgoraum Tor JUdgea of the nupretne Court of yes..
' I/new/son fir President Judy ol the District C , tart tor
the county ot tlexa•ay .
mu. ptrtoo r Aso laatat .11,11s e of the thstrlet Court In
r.b &r,,, ,,t ,V,V;f4vaant .1430.01 Court. at I.losnu,no
Pints MOarter t,r001u.5.... of ml5OllOl coaxal:
Two for Auocls. 3.44.. 01 ..... C0.t.0 ,
We p.m. far amostren - of Assembly of P•Utlij 10001.
tnte person for rt umlaut Allegheta matt
8:: Vero r t ' gr Clttr .:',;( the Court al lauarla Snetons.
thio No. 1 Lake loPerlor thaziots
Ltda. No. 2
Nh; Whin.
to bbl. Lathe No, 3 Marterel,
LEO. . 1 No. 1 ° tuts reco,7.,ng
and for tall Or lanai JOHN WATT A CO
a _7 at Ph.. ;Airily PAW, 'I
to tad. it 1,10 lanar.
"AIUcIOPIL_Iii , ‘•
lb rant that aluene.
10 Ghia. LYS:AN ."
• Poir'd For all. 61 ...1 4 I JOHN WATT a Co.
• Strayed
FIROM the aubsetiber, living in Fronk
alp dealer roanty,, on the tab of A ugu,
ira” ' ,.. W aTolil . 1401 i UV, MAUI:. • etieklog bald 00,- , 1
11(Iftbli COLT, mad • ttt ee. rent qa u*l 1 1 1021, hou L k'
ed with gear and Mu japil white. • Own abb. re.
g*".4 will be Rib and
1(7111 1 11 Illaulabbacti. h .o e that betloar it
thou asalo
- JulIN C.
e . Attniniatr ator'a Notice.
1" 'TICE() is' hereby given that lb. antler=
stgond the conaltotetl Adadnittlaior of
tbeF..tala of Jania Pord. let. of TarontOna doOJ. /ban
.LLto,e .it papa.. bating piens ag ,, t.itiLt ti t i o . .l4=• O neMr . .... -
orated . them dw.
let being odet/ted art (en“ o
payment to +h. .11b•-rib, A. ',
AA A '.
mg antenatal Buffalo tp., co ,
Farm for Sale.
;:r aulowriber °e'en n Fnrm fur rale, con
y t 1.101 EIOUTY to 00110 consity, (I 41.0
th- so . half mile. (rob Ilidgenar. 'theta are slaty. arra.
Tb. later on t ir:u.'.ll!.ttS.lllgef;leprfetpial2,l
Apple and
.Peah lA-am - Moon the_hre mlr LLIA.III.:
apt, elm - orl ..Itoin,ng faro of Thin. W bastard.
Lai for Bale. . •
LN pursuance of the will aud Nshunent
el Was , Law., lafi AliegbenrCoutiff and donal
aw townebip, dedd. I will sall It public yawl. or
inn. on Monday. the =lot October 0000,001:o'clock.
of wtrl daw, on the preenlow — all tlklit I ntation or
tr f t1;01 41
three creak, on the •Clu wedges, and by laws .1 0- 4%
U It • etliega, en khe north; contalunag . bout Two Ilun.
wad and I:Arty Andes. wore or IeSS. A bra rood from
th, Washington and Pittsburgh Tnrlpplke row thiough
the farw, Wading to Porca's(lbrinerlfidercrtni) adll. On
the farm Is • young Orchard of cboldo fruit, • good Aiwa.
1100 w log Porn with died. wound It awl • well of wa
r. wi der don, About 101 arra.. of the land le aw , *
and • high stati of eoltirktiOn—V of Oils is Creek
Twos at std. for partscularplogpairceot Wm, Willson.
Attkrnw at Law, Pittebbeghi leCka. Peso), on the PW
inleac gatoirdlialk tow liernottarlllin oe the psworincr,
, JOON 111ChilAfl. bir
Mount Auburn Bt Apction.
W ILL be offered at IPublic Saler on the
Tr..ll..q.l n li v in leuft;fulFl7sll.``ii pto
tt l :2l4l 0. ron kt.iterscat tt;tl ma. This roincl O ;
a the .
t. Wilted eau of ealtivatfoti. vrt.luanttho hhtme
nahatA• i ko... .
In finger% of o
000 to.
,d,to,. widow, td 4.lorto&aoad oat ra *Maar to.
hnameetts [crept
tb&gt.l rsk. It hot sold to.
Ir t roVe l ri t i * itiat contaut i tratt=t. 1. ./tltotater.: rod
Plttabtirsta. and Itat‘ mrt. KW. those altos lot raliknOe•
of soy Itroimrty DOW lo IMll2!ite4 Mid SJ the term arto utt
,1010.3 non born a t, %until : It WIZ ime leloco-
TATLY4M J t 4;11: "'
Ora. pd . the Dahmer nn
~i me to
rtat patahl•pee. LaMa •
• 1.14:$ utio s.
ViIRV 431:1PER10 -
Tie, isfssis , a3 Titat7l o AßT:
tbt Plamanat. UT.= rlsepers leo do Ir,su,T .. Ipln
ma ame Wkiatiss. es (qualtY s..stiersd)thet ..s pei -
Oa/ 1t5414.4
d Perulvanhi Bailroad
(,nnid tith,
LE2 ' '11 . 34 . E'Vr1 . 611 61174 ) .1. 4 ' ',".3: " A . ( sll/ E3f I' . N•
LEAVE PITTEREEG I I at, 10 A. 31. and 0 I '3l
WAY FARE, 311 3 731. PER RILE.
un.lrr twelvelyeen or .0. hs ll Priee !
B••tereer , Pateburgh 10.1 Yleyeellie. • r.. toI
lireerlum. •
Bri'b' st ' r.tluced - nste i st "
",Le'rXiwkire.t.'el'eUr. to sow etsnoo mut
Krt.e.w bid,. o
Pit Lacy , the
tsburgh su:l iieir brighten stet bark,
.1-3. but Escuralou
,r.g,T:t, r„O,-.7..i1f,r return nip
.111 ter at the DePot•
ct;"Z-'031:111;"t1Int13.01j=iTil r Len ui Ito' 'tus"
.Haase. bumws will an , wawa the llosougsbets
House Waned lately prey Wu. W
ofthac.ra, tot
t Ore , t 33 yew. passeugere tho DePOr. pulsing by the
Merchants' 118.1. the Et. L'harter. along Ellthstrest..
W.. 31 to !I. E.. and -•lsts• stn.. . 13 7 Point
the more. k3ll3.souvre eau bell the Omnibus, and be
I,VlVal t l u rc!sEl jW will esterulA beyond tie• briebtort
the 3arllyst P 13 1 3,0 " , . 1 e
By crder ot the Itoerd of Directors.
att,e.,ll Ticket Agent.
Horticultural Notice
Pittsburgh ll.rilcultu.l •111 im thy
19tb of Fiapivintmir, SIMIVNIC
gruel. for exbitiltiau mu.t WriiGorti ,
ilie tbiturcilttee ipf Arrisogiimetibi,Liafor•Si o'clock, A M..
of ilie I.llb of tiirptobatitir-
Mtg..; isms be Awl from r.PY mombar of lb. fix
Crimmittre--price. IL anKle Ticket, lib cep.
rrw u~ ! iififer of Committpr. nebb
Dealersin Liquors, &c.
.1. CO3ITE, French Rectifier, 36) Eighth.
atreet, SKIV boo hit Distl.rr to full oper
Um. for the manufacture of Fl. Alcohol, Pure Opal.,
hr.. ',Ulu. lievent i a Pooch, C.o.s, Alosynthe, Anhielte,
tilltern.. tr. The tlrsodr eat Ulu are rarefolly mole a,
uu.dlog to the lost remit s risid lo the South of Fran.
mut Holland; the (itality ni.l to moat of the Imports. .
tlott from thi. roiittire. Dealers aro Invited thrall and:
of the quahlier. and forward their orders to thus of
1.. al at. street, NNW YORK, or Lich will be prnmothr
Th. highly rotatory. trahounia and tonic prop...rue+
ol tide Vlsregsr. Hader it-tar suwitor Water
ho- the obituary ptirtd.on or the toilet and bath. surueee
lug the latter an idt teultion- and I berdinee, and itt Ile
gmg .inr Mew, for the tifouitotiouot elestilitoeu tad health.
It 1. highly r•-reuomeudeet to ladle , . for the ordloory aud
ate purger+. or the ,toilet. tad Cr pro...venlig the
treellueed, of tbe rooottlesien. prov. , ti. tom .
leer the hrot pua drrueez at the slat, and impart to It at
edt - eeold •laetleitd • 133 . Whaling it. and nibbtadt it to
the temple.. it will ' , quoe It.
E. few tolult..
- 0n.5 Sold tat It. E. 67 Wood et.
-. -----
/ tifflESE—Str bxx.t.rilne W. R. Cur sale by
l ./ ores JAMEN VA12.k.11.1., 00 Water et.
-- -,
t 1 A Itt'llTS ! (lit It PETS !—Ree'd this flay
J he W aIeI , I.INToCK, new and rlrb etylea 'lnertia,.
00,. owl Canto. /A t,/tALS el R ißrs I.oloowe nee
. to Pell I,lloar ttun sue Corp...a er betwre offend
.1n tb.s. sati,. 00.. awrdiallY ft. We the of
i t
' t
::'. ' O 4 l ' d
.g.:.r, ,°,,,11:0.0.f,,`1,:':.,`, 0 h'..1.',1° 3 ...1'.7 , 7,•rz 1,1 ;:. -
~. vr. an-CL.r..STUta.
Auction Sale.
triIESIRABLE Rearllstatel s or vile, on the
'hal 01 rantember. at.. 3 Weinet, P II 1
h. Ilan,ou c.t Nunnery Bill. cob about 10 arra of
1 'vr rt L siul now 111nct. CattsFa. Intilii(o . •rte..
Ab ,,,,, . 0 , ..,,,,, ,be above, tatd 00110 lota of
f rotn on,
This rt n. y. ar
at ra' tnr had or Federal n. ill the Ibun
dsey Ilan rt Alleatrd, oft, and the most desirable neer.
ed this tr 1.3,171 Feder.' itrial will sonn be waded. when
the aces. will Oa auy. the thapreintwea there la an abuts.
&an, of water gni root. 1104 .1000.1 ever) . Doll P.a. ,- •
.dvlichtful vle•
Terms—One.borth a note at 9.0 I.p; moan 111.1 u
if . WI, 0.-10011 k let; and the balance 1.1
Jaott:ti. WA
A Om ran. te, repo at Slet.AN P. A MOFFIT'....‘, .00
, Clalt
smat. . eept-St
Express Packet Line to Cleveland..
ficNILE Proprietors of a:0 Packet Lines tuix
ma.Se the teouletti areangetnente with the Ohl.
I Le na Rallrcud Cennany, all paearnarea
tether by the Cleveland et New Cleetlgactrte:Wdiretttn
thronEL lkket. at IL. Ober. rtdated with attrk
t whteh well give Owen the prlellerre of going to Riede
ter ,lther by the Cars or the Stesentext.
F:w ticket, *ply to .1011 N A. CAU , IIF.T. ACI .
corner Wel,: and .'rotthfield sea
h I lISI all:I". •
Great Bargain!
erttl 11" r r 1 ,1
ta Mute, is npnnosts th. Canal ° llasts. and
Insatton n 1 Ihs Psonsylvatna .!lanisna.l Passenger
t. u .11.. rant., t, scs vsan-11111. Pn llll li.t. a
r .. 1 paruculars oensilse tl
I AMMAN, 1....155ai at . nr
os., Pittsburgh. Adminle.ra.. %of the estate
In ,
11... mas Falssnao. ds-c%l
ropy I :en anJ •statr
.Une pert tut Intout.rof 41Urrhraf Lamm :
Oneyetsou for cou.“ C....12310ut
tn. t.
pawn for Auditor
Onoperson for County zurref of ;
Atoo, anti by thy 6th asetton of &D'art approhn
lattt of Aron, 10,0, It 11 ensetel, that the I.IIUO faction of ,
Mr act nta... WI. 2.1, nalltn,lau art telattag thy
ennUotto of thlskroottooriwaslttartiall cot b•cortto.aroan
to pr•Trit ihrLX
or . boneugh u olhar
i troto
Wittt:Allirrtl'utrn=rul,' • ••Y •••rn
And the return Judioa of the minority. &WWI, CAl's.
.1 required to runt at the Court Boon, la the crtr;
saddim sfterthe Moan TursaltY
Octnbor' moat, Mon abore to Wort:arra the - dun.
rh t trt d tcaltr b' r l a band and nal it Pittsburgh, this Aar
of holotaatharid. 1361, of Um
UplLd natant tho arreaty anti.ES CURTI
ouPlanten. CART:. 00.011. '
10 COFFEE-100 bagsairsr roc'd for 0010
• • •
LargeN.o. k. 3. for
b 0 prime N. O. Ittugar.
O. Ilolaeso4
• S 11. g.r ode by
•'- • -
Sewickley Bottom Property at Anctioa\
N Thuriday u l Orning,.Stptember 'I I th,
100, o'clock. Will be mold. on the presolee. hi IN L.
9N lure and valuable LOTA.loodeotoelY eltnabAl b.
twee° the °Lie dear Joni the Ohio end P. Raanad,
• Lunn* :row three In fatten Ler, ea reran!) with
by Win. C. Dann. 'Weil rust beeeen et the
B mum, 01 an Lb. offOulUd.
The elute ',ropey y greet induct... to purcle
Wing em u., the Jeoltable 06..4 100 salo n,
11.1, ea. 0013. ey.el is -a .10 , cutuutee' rid, by .11ruad
Own Pillatur. .1 ,
`TUCKS,FOK S ;.d, AL ,
4.1!". l et i llegheny . a7inga Ipstitno.
R a ilroad:
10 Cititeti* Inautsna 0010 0j:
•• Weeteru
to Aline Cop 01 per . A. A-
Ll* E A
C n‘late
LH 0.,
• nr
eent,late3w,A litoek•lnd Exchange Beater.
1 7 —MURPHY A BUECIRIELb have 91.... d
UMlng • lot of Swiss Edging. and hunting; Jerkonet
Edglnge and Irverting. Bobbing WAinge and lee`erting.
'thread Edgluge and inserting. at new etfbo end entA
Elmo, .14
ig a.:T . .l N „ ? . . Ratio llevutrl Retbery:
"Y La. 1M.11 t 7. ,
JR baba sod fis see by 11011111111 , 111 , 1
116 Warr, and 160 Pt
b b l 9.
by [rept) BUR/3011XIE & I NOlllto
_ • •
S 11. MOLASSES-102 bbl . OoTiale:r
For :air 57 (..1 , 41 1135 011111.11,0 4 ' iINOTM:I7 I. .
OiOF.PEE-250 bags prime Rio, fur sale by
j bey 4 BOltaltIDGE A INUILItASI.
LEAS -5p 1.4. chests Young llyson;
IMierij:foi We by
lAritait 1.14)E a INGLIFIANI
lOFFEE—.I.S packets Jive, for sale by
I EATIIER-200 rides Sole, for .rule be
4 )IL-- ,0 2(.1 bbln.
t f; u r s ui tl A e id i . . ly
prixue N. 0. . for sale by
0. 1 ,4 LIIJKB..h11)013 I(4111NASI.
IS .11EREBY OIVEN thit . an Assessment
or Two Dollar, per ehure hue bee
lo h ik l ll e•led Co eh the IA
ows.. Moth of the North Amerieo.ftut Coauhuur of
Deholt, payable et the Office ht the to Not.
Lus'eb, no Monday, the U O th.ilwag E fie t. tu r be r e uLat ; .
(h/lue N. A Mmithrt,`..., of Detroit, Pittautruhrhe:.4.,'Ll.
gEos leave to inforpl the citizenit 4 Pitts
rgh sod Aliss-hsov„• not be letil now'Unmmeure
to gi wren
Instruction. FORTEand \VIOLIN,
reasonable tem Frii
*. or bettor tarticula enquire at
KlF.lll , ll . tt Morle floe, I *trert, COI of
the llohlett 0500 •
TWO . SMALL 'FAMILIES can be accom
modate,' with plekpant fn,nt rooms'on 61^ ..c.nd
vither or unfurotelard, and I,ard. Mkplr
tho r,:rper of Third and Grant sta.
tONDON LABOR and the London Prtnr.
N. O. 10. 11!
i ll et+rial FHA [Wok of the 11 , i - elution. N0..16.
itrttirill at 1101.51E0' larval. Depot.. :4 Thlrd Mort
cppoelle the Pont Ultra. , tep3
~.. —.
TO LET-'-A large and coifeentent2
waltli.llol.!2E. no 8,..0nd etre., tetwern Vinod
an .rhflald. Ett.tulte of ..
oun. UR MEDICATED C 0511.0 1 1,. 1 —Sneer law ,
conedrfor the permanent can of baldness and din. aeeitor
the flltllillM generally. that hae reached U. populark
•nored by lb. ertirle known an Prnfceßor Harry RS/Imph,
crone. or Idedieallel Compound. It is grateollyely '°r' b.l ,
It. owe dun of the mtomuotty: to atm , . ewer r onr
r...ry 111 the !and It is owed to preferenee mother amehie of
the kind. It Impart+ visor to the too. of, the hair, , and
tlors pr.:mu:a . growth to a reolvtabfellt.., 1.1,-
.trurs the dandruff and wort, and makes the hale Oneand•
MT d It .111
7.tra 7 l?. l l ' !, "` obr.a. th li=• ,! .. - Pdr ." . " k l, 4
tr: ::‘, 7Xl2ol%l.`,.',lar.i.V..l u° '' ' ''''` d. 1 4 \ '
...:: - It. E. EELLEoz. 57 Wood it
Building Lots for Sale,
Do order of the Guardians of the Poor of the City
of Pittelhergh • ,
TVIL h L..I3£. SOLD, , at. PublicAuction. ,,i . ( , 11 ,
o eloct. P i ' l . . " AXir`r ?' ‘ ' lNll , L 0 3 7 8 .. - ntruato to 0h.. . A...r01l
00.1,1. Allegheny. near the bete Railroad Depot. Thee
1, - ,ze are each VA
br IZO fret deep: end from their.
no.almity to the lier.,6 and Harbin* 01wp.. will hr eery
:leslnble for krneat bonne. end offir so ezrellent orpor.
wally for prt..dtal.l , lnerlltoirnta IN.rall. tirade toonto et
u.k. , J h ~510116.11, A D,
,p 3 ul Chunotorof Coot, , Real Efittdr.
JR lai,,,,STe
t 1t ,,,, / , ' , 11 . 0 . 1 . t..c .„ 1 ::1 . i.,.,, i ,, L1i L 1 . 1 , 1 , - .
:llbpctins. Boratot.n., 11,111Vot ' t! ' ne l t, ' /Xeleaof I . :=Z ,
Attaehmenta. Fee Odle, it.. le., for wk at
111 se ... . SV U IfAYltellB, Stationer.
rner Market ual E4COIId FIA
IJILLLTs t 1 variety of 1.04, and Dr* te
aninontelr emgraverd, for eate at
tV HAS 6 , 5 Stammer, - Ptah.
tin s;owl., Lark. wod &eon at.
LARK BOOKS- S. fAsrrs• corn , `r
Ilartor soul &noel strrato an. farl .ale tb• tare -t
:rlterte 6 ,Tolrm ' tt 0 ' r.71/ c .1‘71112 , 1r
are ety La of biedemo, and al 0.15.14 vices
N0i5511 LAID PAPERS —The best
KA Loral= Cap and bat.. rave:lSM , . .nu cresatalsed.
eau n. hai 3, HAL INaPer IL a.k.a.
* lallurnal LnspeLETtt,rd ' ::4 4 11:M . T1 ' 5 '. 1
are well worth thel attenUmn o pWn.tint Polk f
pnrchaaer# Li. . T. 7
ea4erior or, Lfrvar `gnu J. Chem ,
viama. Lc \ yap.
1 . 5 .., 1:W DRESS GOODS—We itre,norr re
1 c ; the tleVo. fail otiltlef Drtsetlend, ou, b,o•
Gs :17aehineres, Ycpllsts, Pettan fintra. Alper.. r•
tatnetto /ranch Merlon.. and Thlbet Clo th . 4.1.1 , ..1dd9,,
p1er....,.. open, _ 1 oap3l AA. MASON t 'to .
~A , . .., ,5 1, . .:0x
. dc .. Co. , '
t l oet Vi!'illkdoi'm'iiit.ttrlS"Li.cir..r.rl";;;',°,l'',,' g',tl44
- - °'..''''tair . ! - > ter..— ___"•P] A
roR RENT — The Warehouse, No. 189.F,7 • ".
, Llb,rty Axe , . et present cstuplel , by Thundasii`
malt Prewsolon mere en their. of (aztehte
sen3Al •', End Lure cf P. 1/ILOWN, on pct.....
1B UTTER - Ilitd, — and 24 keg! for tale by
.51 1.1. JOHNSTON
I.P. ROOMS - 75. dot. for note by • 6
7 Ilk. Cider, for sale by.
7_ ..1 ' WM 1.1 JOHNSTON ,
V E W B 0 OH Sl—The Stobei;st
h 1 damn of !~tint` pee a Villa, Tale.
r A Its Lantartt,„ ranalated tram the
Mont.( .1 11.7 , Eda ‘ ik.l ibetenteth,lst , Itte.of II ...
Hem; he Rev . 1 11,,81tt5.11..A .11W:tor of Kell.hall.
Ilerti. aoo sniinth•tuddjon Idf Stephen 11-Tynd, Id L:
2 • 010, MI. , • ,0 \
AutEd.n . a ' Kaman nu*
Ant ip4l,-. • Manual of-Roman Au.
tlftr, eltha,uowronalll (Moons: I,ol:berles A'ultd.o,
Light to th• Dart Ilst;r. it\ portelsof ebraottan Lif,
In the MOdle Ades: frund th ',N et an uf tbe late Ando,
too ,recoter. Moo , mos 't ,
TU.. eta, td lA. . te• Men: a :dcla otary on the Serld
Chaplet-al et alsothea; by Mr , Chene•ca drench. B.
Id . Examlatoe Chaplain a( lb. ' I.Lhoord Ostdr.l,Ar.„
M e
Irma t• LonJou edlto.tsast , - tun , .
Loomi' Algebra --Tbe Klnerkenif
, rdd, de•semd
Ibr Iteatuners. ,by Elias Lovnals, 51. :, • tar,or of Math.
cantles. •e,
No 16 Pictorial FleM Flookof the lr talon; i.e.s:ne
"d, .?orirt! . .it:gtgol dAAp '.* . rd° tAtil.t , . °
0110 DUN ot I
4-- A N\ .
AT 110L.1fES' LITF,,RARY .
_1121.1 otrret.oppw.the:tsn Po.t
ItYeTallot ' S "7"' P`T b "
The Coalwoor,JlLotorwal Nne , l
Sonhe an ams and Shadow., or R H O and
lylu,ellne esuul Wottluy al,
Reverhw of • Itartekrr a Book oc,th.
[Atte!: • Living Ago, No. 311.
The roc. • tale of Stirring Tnnee;
Arundel, ur the Railroad Of AA
lu a tale of the Lad... t'sne
Caroline of 'Orating. No
The U.S. Nat Qtse. Unide
Ilaaly Andy: (two edition.) et,
Ralph llothtriord. n Sol Tato
The Scalp Ifnu?rr, a tale of linxico.
The Model Arettlte , t, wlth d“igas c
enburban 1114.10.1116•11. 20.
Ditltlallar of hteettanins. No. 37.
The Ulm./ Clalah bof W• Beim)
Mabel. or the Child the fint.ll.
ThePlosseer's Daurbtee. e tile of 11
emeroon Bonnet. ~.
Coot.. Dr Adventure.. a
'.t ut 1..4.1.14 ...
The Lltestustrn by'Dotene.
erestle: Dr the Nab
by 41 . 465 by blay. either., \
teust, s rroblete by Mr Dun,. of - Altou Loehr.'
Ile Turners.. eompstiou;,telth_lllustru i t=.
Ir47ko'r.ll?:lroLbrllT:etrk'sleUOP.,:t. li,,,V;Catohl
Lee urn.,
Tbe Ilstruf Sernrt t . la te; by Very Rout.
The Iteuehby UDbuers s ' . ''''''
. , ....
COFFF.E \ -100 bilge Ri I
UO/LK-70 Mids. N. 11. for sale by
• J. $. .IVOlrrll a CO
rrEA—WU hf. al,. I. El.:( . p., and U. P.:
'.• '''') "'"'" J'' . 6.. DI *OATH,.O CU rrOIi & CC(X.-60 bates extra, V.E..ale by
' J H. DI!..1!VISII. At et/
\-' -r.------ rib — l'
ft leg-- \li g, tiVITCB Or iit . ea wo ~ b, a
IA seta \
' -
po . ,r,'. ‘,--,, 1 , .'\''' f.,0.r„..:k.„Li., , A ,,,
-10461; \ —t-NAlaispply 0111=4n:tun
taw, ',.1.1.,..0v b. Itrui fur mile at I ‘.. soft..
.I_±.2 LL , DILWORTH A .1.
4: AFE'f - FU4E-12 Is.. for side bA
1 .7_ .M 2 __,‘ _ \ 4 . ‘. l 'l ll . W ° l ‘7 l !_ 4 '',„\ •
iiipEß, NoING.: fle w liatdero for
' , NAL T. \ ,JIA aum..i.
u . N '''Y • „ 65 Nand .t.r...t. ,
ITItEEN WI \DOW Pt -Plain o
sr, , ,LTE 4
r~ll4 V
"M s lWriti; • .Jot
wto ext):7lbrt vtl.l
d. burl : Alb .!
" t eon tt YttlAttok tb
bo... l Bra l a blettbbirl
s. NV& 4
El Pl
ver Coin,Wpted ,
price , will T "lts , ti d
s jisarintl•P
~ , ,, P,S, s 7 P ARADEtang'
C 3 ,
ens ki bons,
Titro r e &
W•re, Cu
X1:11., LamPe.
He Trim".
14 i Ttial* — e4/ 5 -b
now err,' Un di
blartellpd, e WM;
:EMP SEED -25 bble. , far We by
5 .0.c. - .. \ .l . KIDD & CO., et),Wond at.
I D OlL—lfkbble. No. I. for ealibv : \
Yir:t ICE' STON I—SOO - Ib, fur sarkby
i1,14,-, . J, tilt,D't CO.
TEII.4A, DE SIEN ikt —lOOO lb. foirsole by
ine.So \ J. !LIDO & al,
tiragifore\tor Sale.
.. wrocii. 4F VEDICINtIi fp • nrit rit. , ,wa.
Oho fur • whole and rani) tutiora.. and Imo an
',' ' '%=% , 'lt ',o'.', u 4t•V.Mi r 4 , t, r,' L`Te . ;.l T L ,4 ; 7 6.o ‘4
rano r tordinine,,, , ,, ten with thoott,,,, tostnasair.iulers,
1,,, ,sl:\
It o n - .,table itaeAm of to u, .3.4 ,1.. of ongaring
',u it. or partieulat• dret, Box a. with rvoloa,m , ',.
trV. , 11 7--, A itCit F I g'1,,1) uric i 4.,
1 ils ope Ing a har0,10,....11 lA . N LIV 1 , 1, I .I: iit),JOs,
to vt le r t, th Inilt,, the 141 ction at Owls \ clootonters ond
'.'="nu g tlretl i p i tthe 4s o le rol,r•TrV4.7 111
toslntalatny ao,•••ortanenr \ n t to br ntirpt, I,l,llkti '
7 r reaDW!,-,,,.\sula,
E \ tg / -1 2z , : 1 4$r t l i n i t:;.
_ .Pl\ ByßdllFlElb.' ; i
‘i: kiTUptlyiii/. 1
, d a Otitetee \P. , 1,,
tti the tektettpn
s4t.theeV ,
- I..rior. au\
from UST REdtINED, fron
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erkt . Olated Corriage Oil Ittl. W0111,4t
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ARD 01L-10 bt ,
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WHITING -100 bbls. for sale by\
I .uez. 3. 8000:010ER ro).
Dissolution. of Partnership. \
ie ,
T ILE SUBSCRIBER, Wing told out \k ,
eet to the lisogilcftwi‘ ftellipg to
tile-re:1111 ' g 'gr . tan, from the 4tti day of Jor, hat. •
11.. further Interest In the Fame UII Dera.t. ihd
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Val (70".)' toy
• Notice. - 7" - F - \
► rtf E.Stockliolders of 'lle Little tINT
hurl Railroad 1.4,11101.12)." are hereby noi dal that.
Ila EDDIIC DI Otte Dollar" vet share lireeuired.h3 1, 16
0. sr 6.r5.. us. i.e 4.r of
1 21 'rd'r oftl
- sue 41whl
• A Valuable Farm for Sale, •
I i :iONTAINING about. One Itandred \and
Nioety law*. In WAt Deer..,Towaehip. .1111*.
ttr e Za -' o ° . u . ' r. ', l TlM? . 6ll ' ,V.., ° . 4 l ' n ' eV r oPguATlV;f l4 : l:
nurgh. Tbe xoil etrellrot. almoat on. , lNcindrvd kens
Heated sod under gr.t few . , with manlike Dwelling
Howie and a gond Darn. There Ic nbundancv Of Coal on,
f'rth' lVl . gfjg ' egrl i gllltle. °XlB
rio'gtar.drit.tatlt: 'Atturne, Plltq,ogh•
Notice to'Contractors. ,
cIEALED PROPOSALS [Or the Excav'ation
m the ten, pf — The LittliSew )ton
It 4 - 11 rout," will ne received by vbe Pmsident nf the .I.`pm.
unul the :nth .ieptember 'next. Vista and !gm
..leallone mole...ten after the dth of 'September, by tau
Ina upon the ‘Zysldent. or Ge• - rCe
Company. at t Ok,howe of Matthew Mantra., rtic , menenv,
7lT ' o b l l Z:r of tht, Board of TirretO7 of "The Little Raw
'' ill .Tg . , l ll l ,:t"g t , ' ," '"'". W 11. ilrY. Preaidel.
'or Sale Low for Cash
4 P T E N h T , CS , T O‘d
cull t.o
onth, Apply .t lhu. .¢21,111/m21:?:9,
AC KE RE L--30 bble. Large N. 3,bias
j‘x r.arhurette torpctl , m, fur rain by
LEAD -10U0 pis Galena, for side
sag2.`, lIES
110 T-25 kegs for sale - • \
aux. 2 JAMES, A. MITCHUM; &
11 ICE-1 8 tcs..prims Catalina, for sale
'l4 ll. 310LASSFS-30 bbls. St. James' Re\
b fkMEF A. nucmsoN k CO.
80R.DE1 , 4 embraring a gmat rerirt of pat:erns
L2rtnlt VIV 711.1fEk-, OS Slarkt .
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No. 65 Market It.
rm.; PI - LI:YTS, at, a discount
tr.. ttvm tut yiafr Jun tretTed
. latket tr...., .0 In, mtle
11 . ?
UTTER-50 keg prime, in good
cN•r, . 4.
s b ime El. P. SUMER.
;0 bu. ,Small White, for sale b
UCKETS—N-10 dor. Beaver, for sato by
•ug:',l 1, e. a W. lIARBAUGII
VBS--10 do 4 for salj by
W. •
MED BEEF4-Evansi A. Swift's superior
rer s i•X;eiin-re i r sogli Corti L 3 .0c01: for .0. by
V. A. nl'ti , .l.l..kto co
r.k ilt\-, pfct.enn cu.
• ',VS Liberty Ft
ANIIIED GINGER—\t eaao, Canton Dry
ki PT " u' r . ' j‘" \tlN ' la. 'r
1..1711 . 13 (1).
New tinsib,
410ITN D. MELLOR,. No.VI Wood street,
ie. receli,l U. (01losing new eta popular hike. 01
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1 Dries Jcurs—S- C. Fader. Illarth fr , b, lotta fly Lsrt.
Obi toy a carry ma 'long—dad mom . •
st...ars-Sul Ntsldo—(llover, . Fad March:\
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1141 MA , tbll4 part.
The ...Slier.
,Wcrld'a Flair quoi Ski ,
11 pa. riches, thou bur .
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Diligent Urea Coq:tick rte.
I lhadeto I.lyecly , Atrota. amt.:litre: . Bell Walt,
blip. Nancy . . r.,, Illorther. hbarus. Sin/ Fly.. Jess,'
ocay. , Cottage, aide, 000.13, and Colll
Polls, atter,
LI. E-150bil.
7 11,00og
astrd7 Cl Wal
. , 133.01 cod F,lth trod,:
I F tddh c.,,
1i1,013 ABr k T•yr, IS boxes Gams g Chocolate.
130 oat: hot ... .. . d'eatara assorted Pickles, ,
3 - Ikantrans and 9..1-
b O.. T . llZa_ T i b tfca c rOtral ,ly Praurg
' iirs:Cut debar., i ‘ 10 bosaa Almond. Palma and
dtlal. 1160.1 se - g..r. • T,On. &Ng.
30m. Coco and list's...Ohl 1 hoz faring..
td bass 1110 Carrel 2 toots Corn Ourch:
2., •• 1..11,111. Code, S " Babbitt's Stop wad
'dr - 0110 ..1 loa " Yout Powders:
00 - Staa Oa , c . d3 besot Clothes yks.:,
Is - Stood , dd Soo Patent 10,0 L. 13
10 ._llon/ 414 DiPP , •I " Board*,
...kers Ground tylrea. 1100 400, Corh`Boasttl.,_ .
b 0.04 Pepper & PatittotoS. I %Shalom. \ 6.1 null by
\ J. D. ItaLI.ptICA , S.C.O.,
G A R-51
bbls. prime, for onlO‘byl
ENOLiS.ll,:sgmarrr. `‘‘
KEREL--GO I;bl32 , :ica. 1 and
1241. f. 1./ qr. bbla. 1. 2. 2:
bbls,,for sale by
.4,7.; EST LISII t lIFNNETt ... _
boIA No.l, for sale low by
ENGL. ttll
I{-100 bbl'. NV., cereals low by
CCO-120 bxs.\Cis Luinp, for sale by
CCO-40 . kegs G 'et,,for sale low.
RS-10000 Pfll3Cip
5,000 Roy is \
15,000 Ilavaos:
30.000 Hatt
60.000'bmIDoqq fora b
lo,t of sulsortor
emolleoP. *ll .
tip ).1. ,,,,, , t Co 41avejupt opttlaNl s ..' lot of 116caseds
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DAMP ate'
for rale by
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lIERATE. a Talc of Sti r ring Tizaaq; by
t.) It ik .lattia. Ea..—the ntottliiiirestleig Teak
•o pep
La, er tattier, Alia.—Littell. Laing Age, 7
V v. amain* end untiel ' •
Far ale eLlll6' Liana street c
plate tle , Pal
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' - I,lt;s. •..' '• t 1 d'ig ' 7 4f." •
- ` , . - -- ,, r -. ..\ •' ...«.... 0 ‘ ,
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1. , %. 1 1• . ' -, - ' 3 . 1 , k.t.
1 . 4 .
7i,"•,% , b c '4' , 41 - ' , , 0*
z', , - 1 .-
1 ,- 01-• 161-t. :-.5' . .1:,t.., ,12.-
' ' i , : .- N -- 1,144,1- ti,, , .
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............?„ _ 7..
.4,-•—_,---t,--- \ - ---
\TEI N E °
c r 0 SUBSCRIBER u3.4 : \ TR hating r . 7 0
~t :.
F U. F ATON. Als hodos 0 0 .,1, r.
\ PHI 0p... ILA id- ,I . p of tcroolt. r •++
1" 1- 47\ " Ij u k r :S 'c' TAPlFl , NUM UNIJA 4 itAR- 4, 1 1. "`" 111 " .4
, DRY\GOODS, ', _
, 11 , FIVAISH
t i a NG V. o r
o w v itk
,0 1 i e . i .,,, ,, it . , 41 ,, ,
3. , , , ,.. . ;,, , „ , , , ,. , , ,,,, ,„ , ,,,,„,„
,vuld-+,t,..„,,, trr
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l ' , ,'.,, '.. - „ o = '''''''' b'''" J A\ I\4 A ' Xer\ !Gar
. 5 SAlrtJ'rulo
SA% 1,
.BATH AND Nkir difler4. ',
' ..,,,e, ARW:GEUENT. , . ,
e ion I.Tli 14e, Ohio cold iNo .46100. '
PASS \ r ,.. 7. 4. lt 6 sc' . fh . i tak e et t ::! :l- I R a. .M. t . rit s in \—'
' iACKET 111 ' !. V . F.L I ' PE ‘ l'aler JIl 111 11 , '''
' An anival at Neak tig12.'112.11'.5e A, II da11) ea4l•ltes ,
at, New eastleat... l , .M. \ N
\ k a ,....iag loave`N • Cas4l. at 71, al., arrivln at live ',
110)0ton I.a. the itti"s .M. trAitk . ,
T.Joe Packet can at 1, .vile rah the I+ for \
';1 1 7 FIL• Al ‘ Ve'l ""k!.
\ \ • X ' 111 1111:. ,I";W r e " t! " ette:t, . .
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B.lDWELtAikllClol‘.lll%'l'..l',.l7.(j'''. ',.k
Caripicte to r,t..kport, '2.0 mkrln err ' t .14:dir, \
rr LIE §I. SVIBERS 11:0,1 Ai,. 1 f•asure ,
lan 0t An Mont' , and r, fin, 1 the Pon \ ~.
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Stationery. Cutyrr, Vnn,l'etinnru.'ri , a` ,
+Nailer, Turnltnr, Dlga, Sledteinn... Sall.
.. \,,
d/ery. &r.. tn.. \ • 10 ” -
STOONDOLAS.I—tiarna gueontnan•-kirt.n,
nen, hunt, Dre tuff , -
~. , n o h. , Cit' - ‘,
Flaz. Timothy nd her ()nos snits. ~,
Wool, an..
TM B.IICLAPS—Beef. l' rk.,11 ttas. Lard. tonal - ,
\ OIL Tehuan Leal. t3alT . Tal nat. dram and \
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\ Rap. \ °
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-11 TEL, \\ , \ \ \
„ ,
' SURERIOR\ STREET,' C I'AT.AND, ': OHIO. \ \ ' \\ .
1 '
Tlll-IPROPRIETORS 11,111 k MM. ampl ‘. \' ', ,\ ,
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\The. Drawma boo . Chamber, ad.‘5004 UNA., Tar.. •`, , \ \
and Bath, vltt not t excellrEl by linteln lo the ' \ , v
Atlantic, citi.,\ and tti. nbKrstwr ogra.nenZ Maaan; ' • .• 1 • \
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11.11 i• Salt
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lIEARLS-8 tons No. 1. in sill
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fry.GAitS-51.1, nao (.0
FLAW ' R-150 E
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9611 OIL-20 bhlu. No. 1, foi
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1 4 NLOUR 7 -13 1 bblt , fresh -pp wund Family. rar
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- -.------•-- -
INDOW til/.llSS—Lptra quality iind.a5..k.....,
..k....., .L 4». Alld bri4a, 14 Ma, 0 /
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I. VV.!. Uos.NhOTIST t CO.
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