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    "DESEERET..iItk • .",
Recent snivel"; across the plaices brought - to
St. LORIS information trom fhe - Ornat Rids Lahti
City; Tho settlement thrives andthe Sainte are
waaleg fat. Theyl:indr ,after theirepititrateort
earns, and call theßaints scattered aromr, to .
roll their firnitiliithont del4, to 'coma to the
Fountain ;Akre truth flows from Alto Prophet
.of GOP and assist:in fitting Cutthe poor broth
rep to come also, and perfoira their mission,
where "the',rallies are pouring their rich tree
au (into the taps at the Sainte"—where "kteslth
abounds, and every bleitsing which ever was
heaped on man is conferred." But this iannt
-all:-:theysometimes' yield to the inspirations of
the muse. Send the folloiring offnalb from the
Iresoret News:
• The , Saints . Of Cod should shun three things;
' 'Slander, tattling, and hypocrisy; .• -
They're like the Upas tree, which brings
Death and accompanying misery.
Thtkthere They'd do weltell to own; pe
L, virtue, and integrity;
Thee, the angels in their homes,•
• 13ring,joi, and, peace, and harmony.
The following extracts [rem the latest Eucyli
cal sdareestif the Mormon Apostlei at Salt Late
will interest many render= '
&Wield Abroad Through the ,Eastern States
listorco itarrinunn It ',With the best of feel
lugs, and governed by the spirit of God, we have
unitedly addressed you through the medium of
the ihseret Nana and the Frontier Guardian; be
lieving that it rests upon us as brethren in the
n °lemon cause of Inuit° encourage you onward
satin give you a links of our humble adriee;
which if taken with the spirit given, will knelt
in good. . .
In "February. 18.46, we separated from you on
the banks:of the Mississippi river; our course
WM141'1'1394 and your prayers followedus; 'you then
wished to be with us.
• Since that period we have broken the slum
bers of the wilderness, and made the . "desert
blussom as the rose." The plains where thewolf,
the fox, and the grimly bear, roamed at will
four years ago, have now become fenced cities;
where heeitth . spetice;- and prosperity, and the
spirittato' end; we have been blessed by the
Cod of our-lathers,' and now feel more deter
mined to press Orward the great work, than
Irialunuch as it pleased God to fill our grana
ries with food for man and beast, and blessed
• the !pore of our hands in all thinge we ask you
to arise as one man, and come and partake with
• •us in the blessings which the lord has heaped .
• Gnu to the fountain where truth flows from
•the lips of the prophet of God, and where true
liberty only can he enjoyed by the saints. •
- It is theduty of.the saints to come and also to
assist their brethern who are too poor to make
an outfit for themselves, and the Lord's blessing
will rest On them that do so.
It if as notch wduty binding on every,Baint to 1
bur up the rallies of the mountains, as it is to
be united' for the remission of their sins, - ,or
Odin' commandment given the servants of
G d to his people, and ea fast as the Lord opens
the way for individuals, and there Is put
into their hands a sufficiency to reach the vat
, ley, it is their duty to come and fear not; forthe
same God islet the helm DOW as was whenJuseph
lived. '''':' '
. ' We were not afraid to trust our God when we
I .
launched irda the trackless deserts, followed the
. .
trail of the pioneers, came and ploughed the land
where the mountaineers said we could sot raise
a spear of wheat; and Its altitude was eo high
obove the Intel of the sea at to warrant their
assertion; but trusting in the God who fed the
children of Israel in these' the latter days, same
• OD in days of old, with quaffs and manna in the
wilderness, and knowing that he who is_ our
prOphei'and leader is led by the same God, we
had no .fear, (feriae" had proven him in daya
gone by;) why thin should you have any, when
we have tried and proven it!
When the sallies are pouring their rich trea
sures into the laps of the min ts; whn the Lord,
n hae placed us in rich pastures,
, gin round by
- mountains • capped with -perpetual snow, where
health abounds, and every blessing which ever
was heaped on man is conferred, shall We Ins;
lee!. ourduty; and because every luxury is ao
, cumulating _around no, forget that we were
brought hem that we may forward the work?.--
:, shall we sleep and let' the world not hear the
' glad 'sound of the gasper'. No! wewill aries and
• . • folfilour part, for wa r time no excuse. Ganes
placed ea weere we can find none,
Come then, brethem, to the valley of the
mountains,. tha t we may be enabled to go 'and
magnify our calling as elders in Israel, for there
rests-on the shoulder of every faithful eider in
the Church the burthen of bearing the gospel to
the nations of the earth; end fer, any men to sit
down and content himself lifter he has made
a comfortable home, &e., thorn, that he hap not
leanted Mormonism as we have, and we know
that if we do not go and preach the gospel :
' when the way operis,-that we are under condem-,
• notion. .
Feeling an interest in your welfare,we wish to
suggest that you cast politics to the dogs; for it
is . not any part of 'an elder's mission to dabble in
such dirty work. -e, We have tried politicians and
-utilities of every grade, in days gone by, sari
. cient for us to know that they don't belong to us.
for we have aufferelaufficient In Missouri and
Illinois to learn the maxim that "a burnt child
dreads the fire." .
Sell your farms and houses, and let Summate
he in the hands of strangers, for you can do
more here; let the cry be that to saint cannot be
found, the cities are vacated, for God has work
• for his people, and do not permit the sons of
strangers to tome here and take up the lands of
your inheritances, while you are trying to spec
ulate out of themfar n mess of pottage.
•••' Shun the man who would 'counsel you not to
come to this place, at you would a rattle snake,
- for the gathering of the mints is us true a doc
. trine now, as it was when tba prophet Joseph
. liv ed; and when a man is possessed with the
.' . sprit which fits the bosom of our beloved presl
' . dent and all the brethern in this valley, we 'will
'immediately make all the exertions we can, and
. - - will counsel others to come to this place, and he
who taus nottlie spirit of gathering "is not of us,"
and we say, avoid such: for they have not the
spirit of God abiding in them.
'' 's.
Let specuthtions In farms, bones, Sm., alone;
• -your duty la to gather to the Salt Lake Valley, to
• prepare yon to go and preach, and to releue
us, when ; we have filled our Minions. -
We wish to call your attention to the last gen
eral epistle of the Pendency, where it says, that:
• ; .:it is wisdom for the Saints to gather where
- they can do more good year, than they can
do in ten where they are, and , if they held on to
, . ' farms, ac.,for speculation , that they may °I -
I . .. pent to ha ve. to get help to come out,"—why 7.
' •• because when the Saints hearken not to counsel: .
they are scourged. . .
vi. ; We - look back, and- remember brethren who
nev4well off, and had health and strength to
make adorer outfits since we left, but alas I
• they.are not amongst tim we hope there will net
be suunt who once lived in Nano*, and bas bad
' i' . , five years already to make an outfit, but will
. have energy of character to fit himself, and
' . ,somo who have been sick -or an
' fortinate. . . _. •
- .. We hanunade thiligs comfortable, se' That no
man .
• - an need suffer. ,-.
.. The road is easy for an industrious man to ao
consulate comforts aroundhito; and we now wish
• :to say that if there be any who cannot leave the
leeks' and onionalof Egypt, they. had better foe."
ward their licenses to their respective quorums,
so that those who make covenant With Godby Imo
:. nfices, may reap the-reward' which la for the
.- ~ just steward, who put his talents to usury.
I , We conclude, praying God, the eternal Father, -
• . in all thinga, and that we may see you next sea
, • -. son by thousands fiockingwo this place, bring
- fag peace and joy in your bosoms, which we auk;
~ 1 in the name of J mut Christ. :Amen. , ' ••' •
. .. 'We squib' ourselves your brethren in the
~ I. everlasting covenant
G. S. •L. City, Desret, June , Bts, 3851.
REN,CII LA TI 'additional
U supply reed b 7 1 ; puirt BURCHFIELD
DRY APPLES-4 bble,. =0..1 eael. joss
rpogylri arj (van) B. CANT/ILD.
BUCKETS -30 doz. Marietta, in store and
rarimerstup her et-
Wr u a, at: 4i b " 7"igt 2 :4 l 3;l A. VI TE &CO. ' " f :
.OSAOOO--2101iozsa RiCLUXIODa Toltegi
fur :
b lgii CO as• HAtAL d a
EFLN I4 ED T SUGARS —4)50 bbl. small Loaf,
_Le Poreierret chkrietd, o l fl 1:36..
. JAW. , A. UTL1U....0
. wig( Airiorlit.Loaltaagariteener
~) - ent colons, am sold pros iCAS WidT.
j r j bltlt or "P"ragi reja
a " r tfllj nl &J b . Y
IASTOR Bloves - for
ale ty !t=s9l 2,-latai CO
Mk ACSIMEL-+4O qr. brio very.. nice Si 1;
Itaftrt wag by (TO] MAUR DlCTilir4 C 9
1a la Oadla Instance, tined totapelworesa . '
• " • Wel Coastline.. Ve.Jtar 41847..
8: K. gastose—Tea. will recollect that who" we
Won ln rstupnygtj. in Novelott!eetest, Ton ti ... lect 0%1
•to tt*aue I ,u r te Eto le* toe Mtt•s.. We en. the • eolArh.4 •14Phreheeeklehteh
Vl7 of garNlet: then m
'wen which reeled ott the Mb or the premet onth
~„. 1 we
as the lest of 2 dos. bottle', W.
now 'wish jotrto fend as by Ose find sale notoreyergoKa
dna were: We and it so vatortile • maliehoe, afar ea.e7
pent. of a Waif 11=Ire p
j o i t.
o •- ru b Izaw , .....z; Out he Of Ile ottaotil t
t ek ‘' l i l ' aye ' eetaled. It hot never, to a Oriole Inetaece, fatal
to expel orate.- WM. MILLKII. CO. • •
XrenatZl end add hY E. BELLEW/. No. Wool st.
7 11, Valuable ImiioTement in Trines.
;IR. HARD'S Imprzvel Patent : Tit ljeS,9
Ay and lalrrilltlt•llltltEDli. y whirl •semi:Lei:a
cure ma be etucua.. - =, - *.i. 41111 ”. 1
form and prlnciples of from ether Trissest - having
ail the advantages of • Wen-e.IAL4d laelform pees.
Te mesons can les so rejeutitliihaihto ere rem and
comfort in the most dielcult eases of nerds, and can M
Inemused to &meet any
111 0 'eked. She tuesettre lona .
tnrals emt wog teees,.eo .toest lannedlately ores the
hernial Oliellihir.a9ll ne , refeet 8..10 Led Teteo,
(443.1.1111 w% even er e not Vol t'sd..
lix the um of We Truss, xtm. appllol Innerlf
hat eurgron. the wear- le phool ,Iskyono the dancer of
strangnialloru or othe dennerMe OT painful, symp
.totras width le Dot en untrequant ousetrence lo the rear
log of illy fainted Weems. It lea eery
_eccuseees practice
for pessosse arnietal Irish Kentaro to select • tense andel,
ply itthenteelvtee. This 11 • Wet heeethke• .01101ee
teen only bY lbws who unnerstand, te aneos
arts &fleeted In hernia. • • •
tie weak) moat respectfully eel the ` undo. e of PbYti .
clam to Ude '11•00, ea we imermAtkey ppreciat Its
Tall,. We also' basalt Tandy of other Tresszsee et the
130"1°6'c' l ireti 7r lertrerfoiTir W i.,._ Y en_itr. "'L
• L 2k.
letrwmet nftsborst,
Dr. Hard's Abdominal Einrrporters. "
9 1 11 IE SE. SUPPORTDRS are intended
-17 for the Our. of PioJape. 12ieri. tkoir,
eves 'alert • mer.hani.calcappOrt tO the A1...10t010..! Iper
la re q uired.' .TIAL222. ix , r i tat .aol.rt
:Ter a...1erd9.2 tan.. rtte r` X=Laummtles
are erolapit. 07th. in 1 , 3 17 1..1.11: i . O ;Croo;
gna l gt'of IgAb e l.ek cud
te2.1c... prOOthll. or 11.74
741 2 .110r10n of the iloszt.
.2 . • . 140 Woad et.. PR100r22,.
• . .
Butureattme, (opposite Vlttibuigh,Punsl24,4ls. , ,'
Vt. ILK SELLIIIIS: - 1 take this oppor- ,
[unity of toetllylng lit fever of yodr Invaluable I
te ne. About two year* sem. 1 woe Wm down with ,
revere lo o* of the liver, and 'was so reduced by'
slight sw=. other e ff orts o f' thin dreadful Warm,
that toas y Life war dermly of. Afte othermesitabsd !Mr
ed. I w advised by my phyrt ed elm to r
try your Liver MIA
sold 1 mutt my that after- - taklng One boa sad a half 1
hire teem restored to remooable health, which I enjoy st
this time. 1 therefore 'tate pleasure In mernomettottou
them to otters Millard .with /IWeese of Me Liver.
LaseAltTarßigclL : -Lim ctitt-"N 010 NEIL
Imitations The settoloe me prepwred m oodold by
R. K. SULLEIM, 57 Mood st.
X. Basin's (successor te Roussel) Pedalo:
for the Elandkerohief.
XTRACTS of Rose, Orange Flower, J
MID WO, P011.9141a, Verbena, eleeet Vanltta L ral
only, Vlolet,llllanionette,lllliefleurs, Vloury,Pmk,
Doll, Bouquet de Caroline, derauvurn, I tenetrope, CedrUlt
Mouseellue, Tat-erase, Bergamot, Camelia, 116oeysnekle,
Jokintlle, Joekey Club, Mae, Narachele, 11 =ft
Clew WA., West tkid"lenny Alnd, Casale, Cltrouelle
aud Extract Slush, hs ark ounee bottle., with Klass stop
tern All the abuse Extracts, ahicb arr oulya part of hle
tg.eelf:el.ll ear) brat
y, Veiny loot the high eetuustlon srnieb the
Oath. community. Sorrel.. by"
It E. SELLERS. 671fccd eL
White Paint.
Iced and for mile al Sox. i and V If bodwt.
thane the atentlQua/k... 1 .. 4 Silwililanit
Painters to Shia article, which we hare tieen wank tar up
w ar il s of three twauths, mat ran nwonamend to be thpertor
to while lead punt In every reeport. ',Loaned of • absorbing
the light life white leaf, elne white reflect , Ile std tenth
quentlrhana fruitier and more brilliant tr o th. it enbill •
treatentantars, and b it ti nth e rl i deratile!:r th , a d id , : i n t u u rr th.. l
folg , all w as ifTenr m ers mere tumor nth mod weight., it
. je test! seaway as white teed.
J. k
I UST RECEIVED, by this morning's v.&
tu m b p l i le ng egerallya y th . s: A bove nc7... and hard ,
a. may he ' found al any eas e t n ern natat=o f ant e gre . -
rngements with maroslanturets 'rut Impartment sach S as
to warrant tm In adrertiring
ere are enabled to esti at
Ma lowest regular prices found in the thaltod atlas,
gar Being maned by experienced and funahed watch
maser, rustonsers may depend on basitia their Watches
repalred In ths twat manner, and warm
:gad. '
W. W. WILSON, Watch ?dam
.17'26 67, comer lilarkat and nurthstrdte.
4 APLAIN GREEN, glazed and an: an
ed WINDOW BLIND PAPER. dust rreelTe: on
tOr e
j a , t i 1 THOMAS PALMEIL :
. • Lb liorket ratv.let.
`OAP-109 boxes Cincinnati Palm Sonp
" r"'d
''''''''''''''. l. ' l . CVNl T lNG l u or .
No. nv Mons' OL
A L L 3 C y SHO
LARD OIL-7 bbLs..No. 1, foi sale by
MACKEREL-- 100 bble. Large No. 3Cfor
do by , jy a) B. A. CU / 00011A11.
V. PSOSI SALTS-40 caska for sale by
E -
:arm .1. KIDD A CO.
• INDIGIJ -2 cerouna earaccas;
{kegs 161.111. , 5111 be paid Km 03 clam
emslipssorot. ' IKAIALI DICILICY II CO,
nr 10 Water awl Froat [ls.
POTASH-20 casks pure, for axle by
VORNOO bu. Shelled, for sale 63 ,
f Ifll .p M. DILWORTH a CO.
A3IS-4 rusks superior, fors aIeSUN. on eon
br . WS
el Weer It.
ITING-100 bbl.s. (dry and v&y fine
(aALERATUS--8 mita (warranted pure)
)...7 tar bale br -' J. 5C1101.1:4512.1=ft t CU.
KE =No e. 1,2, and 3, in
and AL Ws, far 'Ale by
OCK POWDER-300 kegs for sale I) ,
Condlestkke, asncletnbrss. Teo hot el t 'elm Plated
lute., cake Rosiats, Aden quillty liedaneir
dies Table Cutlery.
Sheer Spoons. Forks, ListlsO. throat Souse, rhanufsetur
ed to order, and good 3woortaoat ary at •on baud, at the
Ltreet erlas. W. W. WILSON,.
Ether EDAM. G 7 Market street
Summer Chats.
IHAVE received a case or fine Marseilles
11. qu. it% of dLtlerent drat. foe *ale Per.
WM.. IiOOI.E. lipboltterer, Third et.
SISIOICEP HERRING-50 bra. New No. 1,
1,7 for rale at MORRIE' TEA MART, In the Idemond.
- - • .
NAILS 300 kegs assorted times in
qt. K a 1 rth
big, liiruenair:
1 met; w Tante now Latillits per re'r
IrrilVe.ter striet..
BULL ',9 SARSAPARILLA -12 doz. for
rolg by J. 600W* 00..
_ /10 ,
ood K.
Green Teaa hive advanied IGe. per lb.
OCI can buy Green .Teas, for three months
to mom T
el MORRIS' T. Mart. La the Diamon , l, at
f.t ad w*d, and the male (reprint', nutnithetanding the
11 , 1TNICe in pekes alas: ae 00 have s large arta on hrtui.
Thee sell the beet Tert In 11rtsburbh at Ws ann e al:4 de
r cowman. • tylv
EitCREESK -51 boxes receiving per
CR 13 1 1
. for
' s , J4LIIES DAL7.7.E nt L,
L".'ea tar. and 7S Fro rt.
LAKE FISH-25 bble.into Trout, (new;)
on TV.IIIIII sad for saleby
171 J. 11. OAN VILIELV.
. • . , NASWITLIE,
WM , b• ',wetland At fffrorabl• ratio br
A. WILKEIB a 00. . -
. .
ICI crag Sakti Fasl, utrg.b.T
FFER-;-125 racks_reen Rio, for rale by
yll . • . CULUEHTBOES & CO-
TOBACCO -100 boxes Manufactured ,
Raseell Ttbr ,
xtircwx "" IVO blkirl fit
1,7 BROPERTr.--A. barAsta win t . atm, .Tholiaake
tirl " " u "'
rgg i g owns- `
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facture, Varrsatoll of as high ,I.ot al ear tttrothui.
004 forme at the lowaetutairAckgllan, a o,.t l Maoist., or. Riarliat.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville Tele
/E HAEr2hthis Stoat wanted at
}lL l, lbikgfebnoto OM. of
IL, •
A. 0. Snow:,
J. M. Gluon.,
w. C. gt.ants,
QAL SODA-200 mike for so e
od• br lyn -,BENN - ATF. armor a ca).'
1 REASE-45 bble. for aolo by .
,QODA,ASH-15 casks foi nate 'b
1.7 5 .111 . 1,16.1113 y
yINEGAR-15 , bbJA. Cider, ( or sale by
• 1716 J. D. WILLIAMS* OD
ANTED—Land warrantasvantod; for
IN r • Mat Um Matra
pr,tr o ll O. -
. C
rt' Jos• - umtioc Fouh
ft. •
. Nn. Mutat stroot; mother lot of rifia
i now Wk..* Id prewnt much tn.vogn”. o litoo o t
WlT,lnent tno Mile, Inch tbr pobll aro 1.-
r:ft-MUT tomitott to oat and osszoloe. 01.%
INELIAB-130 Wine;
.10 bbla. cu.rfor e l goll .
a• 1 4.1). WI M 4
("ECU SE—Prime 1V R., fOr sole by
lJ aog4 - ••• • .U.-DALZELL &(V- Lit.41.0 . r..
.1 oz. for sale by
UkLD Jeitott Townsend - Saranpatills--24
dac far J. KIDD 8"(70..
ITI9 GO Wood of.
coosim , men!, now
8 " E-44 .1, b e xu 'Au.n . ' 9: ICK27&th,
for r _, lB ..4) ad 'rout ets
N' MACKEREL' in quarter bbls. for
male LZkika DICKEY k CO;
xrcio cornE 7 -460\1= bgsuid , R , r
,u,Aktry • #8 !,=• #O7:
Hew Books, ;That Received.
lriST: a Problem; reprinted with eorree
. tens and additkown by the abtbm. of Alton L'ocke
'•=cf c"". r r ' t - Clerratra.
r Chown of Egypt by Jamb Abbott.
• CalebNicti; a Tale of L. Poeta.. 12nen, woe.
YAnnnell • 'Win lry Anna tt. Donr7..lnor W "'Mond'
and /011.41041 e Pan. and mum
Anplaton'a Elechanice Alagaxma and Engincct , ' Jonr .
.1; o. ti
Byroo'd Dictionary of 31ocbanIca, Edwin. Work ." Do
ainoorior. 21 and 32.
Loningb Pictorial Meld Book of the 114...01ab0ty N 0.14.
Its threscranbroad Biblrllndory; with NOUN.
vs: by V 11.1116bn:11 of NastNeneteneobb ,
*gr' enrioLitod: 7 l4 . 1/.14 . 1 . P. %Wm . Pba0 .i .11244... AD,
j ' yl2 • '7O Ap,lin 13111411 w, Fourth
• • New Books. '
GODVREV MALVERN: or the Life of an
Anther. HT Thrum MYHer. With twenty•totir it
luetrallons by PhIL •
Lady In the Uniit ne ed State., ee. duringey. 10.19 and 1910
tbe Ymmel Stuart Wortl
No. 8 of London Labor sod thr Landon Nor.
The above bookajusereed end for de by
TyZ R.C. STOULTON. 4. ?darker et.
Iforee A
llotato, DotneitHe T I
- I.Pu:oga in.the Life at 11TRAL ' ient Maitland, of Pon
nyelklec written hyberself.
• Received et 1101.11 PS Litexiary Depot, most. the Pow
Oflire. cue
11001(91—No. 33 of Byrrnfa Dictionary o
Blechman and Itnaincerinfr.
7 of Apoletoria alachnulnr alagmine and Enema. , "
Aleo--A lame maortment or thookal and Behan Book
just rer . a and for nate by J. L. READ. Aueol.
7tl Apollo Buildinga, Boman ear..
11.—Kati tat. czehatigr.
New, Millie.
THE SPIRIT POLKA, composed by. 11.
Klebim, and iledylited to iitephet Faster, of this
Byerlfa Waltz, unarmed by B. EPher, by
t! , o h ti r e . c .,. l . l. t, h o lj t totie ,, t nine waltzes out. ,
poky Jones,
earletlons. by Dole.
Autumn of our leer, by laeorge Barb?.
Alp, aloe relectum of Turelg - n Music for Plano. Flute,
Be. - !MENIAL, 101 Third .asst.
je3o Ulan of the Golden Harp. •
splendid lot of ziew PIANOS now opening.
"On a -- MIT goal iwoombtouid 0011100 Plano for solo-
A.. pets mei Public. DOCUMe n . of the Unitell litatee,
the Aerensim of George Washington to the inveklet,
y, exhibiting somplete view of one foreign telatloneeitini
Lit time including Lionnilential Doemente.
• . NM.' WXXxxx Xenon.; containing Polnienli illeintionli
Geosmerl,Solentlileal , Shia:Meal, Eronomical, KM hi
tits, Emit, amt Feet:, together it
Tr= of the =and tlannfeetures, exel Sileeenlot thlt
E Tt?erageVe " xi i iralli l rtiirre c.le by
P. 17 ' 16 ° .
v.: &VOCKTON, 41 blerket et.
Nuke for Old Bloomers.
IaKLEBER, 101 Third street, sign of the
Golden Karp, has Just received—
!kVA:AMEß. or NEW IithiTUDIE POLKA, with a
beautlfal Hyatt. of the Bloomer liaitiTeartblistird un-
W the curl E 1
4." N
k h i . :LIVIM BEEP , I 2
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Alma a supply of Easton Temperance Oita Book. 1,16
Chiekering's Pianos.
TWIN IL AIELLOB., Agent for l ipm
ctoclooss . . risoos; Sent
ali Wear eh Pennatvanat too. Si Wood at ,
pasaseived and now open for sale, the fob
Ewing elegant apartment of Piano Fortes, direct from the
..diamihri. la Mr. Chirkeringa (Baton, prices ,
fine viegAnt listawood senabarand Palau iE muse,
One •• plan
Three •• nand rorners,
The above Piano Fortes are of the latest styles itT mortal
tuts, and with ail Mr. Chlekerinas fusprovementa the
pricen invariably the same as at Maim, thereby. ains
pnreluusers in this region the expense and rtek of It
One liceeercod Carded Nouldingemi
60setured tordotaln Stootatt a C -
One Rosexod 6 =tee. M. 6todart t
One - 0 Baron • it IlTtILI;
Ong 6 do
Ono «e.t.a 8 Cbictering, good
One .•B Bacon t Raven: .
Ono -n Loud a Brothent
Ono 6 Duboie Eosburd;
eue • . 63( Mamba/tau CCIIIIP.T
EW ERLES.--Just received
ar ` ir_piest ""av"7 l l"g lClT:Lt a llriii • = r n .,
sitting of reacted Collura, Cuffs, Chesemte. Litoe sad
Moulin Hlerres.Jueezott .d.lbrieFlouneinula of oeu Lod
beautiful Kyles. Jaccriett sod Insert
bun. Vilaire an DWI,. Veil.. Lace (load, Au. 'Thu atter,
bort of the belie.. is partictibuly lkited to [be oboe ,
iber tbeamerrtmost r
be found the largest,pe bau
ever allored-lu:thie city. luuß4) A. A. BIABON Ae.,
. -- -- -
i. A. MASON & CO. have List received
ktfran S ar
te Ln r lrtOro P a i r us °f •nt n y t tett. i L E I • e .' r d y ' at,
parlor ools at H 2 a 6.1 Market et. oHNW
15. f:i.N , TABLECLOTilS.—jdcarar &
" macaw. Invite the attootWou of purehatters to
or as emrtra=.9? a r t:to tiCist i lm:l);:o=tatal
rortt=es. ltraatSoirellios. oat iath Botott Dup...
att swot - Meat alwars to Be found, at lowest Hitt.
MuTphy & Burchfield •
Itt,A . VE OPEN this morning a farther p
rty oijuinculUz;efarti Chen irreocta-
Mmun b =l Lio.u.C:QtrrSr , 4 no? ,
enees, ite4 at the nartheast , mrar of Factrtl . l ' and Market
err.% 206
-Mosquito Ban.
linst received one ease of Wash Net,
0 ". P. l . '`. 0 0
fi-'l. r ol an, 'Third geese.
. JYVA •
A LA TUNK.--Lad e' and ?m,/ elm just , reeetvr , el
for pal. by RAI. PALM tat,
100 Market et
Patent Candlesticks.
Utepary Depot, Thud oppootto dm, Not Mar,
• • l'. Lade. Book, to Aneutt
Grobatrio A 159.11., .1 •
LlditeNadOnal • IT3,
Black Silks, Ma
lIRPHY .& IItifiCLIFIELD have reed
In , art....L.oler emo➢lS of ruparior Iladdr
lark data for Drerres and Apron. anan
Emhroidered flouncing&
Black Lace Veils.
MURPHY 49; BURCHFIELD hare a full
• runortrotrit'of bong rod /Nord, Btark.losor Veilr,
whirr and Vern don= do, yr...a brnoror ind
fur dor, blue 414•4 bisck Lando and figured, re.
Great Shawl Sale.
kt..A. MASON &CO.'S Great Annual Shawl
• 1 , ...1. anll conuncifie on Tuesday, Augvat sth. • ber..
hey wIU offer the largest and ben wilortad stook of Shawls
arcr •xiablt.l in Una city'. roman/fins
Plalu %lino crape iiibaw In. •
fil:rif d liatp . '
111th Silk .
Ifancy Ligitcord French Thibet Elawlsf
B PIIOI2 illintod and eullfroldere
• rochee.euhafera and LOUR - d " •
Of MA Mid Madinat qualities, allot which they are detai
n:fin& to Mote rat. Previous to ravelling their tali .tucks.
They will ha 0tr....m1 at a great reduction from tenso r
1 prima, and Ices than eattern coat. • . sua
New . Patterns
Mu =letst , reTieekt trhot the wort extensive eastern
ket ttreet. at
° AtTlf t Atte-
- -•--
Scarce and Desirable howls.
OF. VARIOUS STYLES,. open this mona
i-I taae!.,y_elnueity LlORClllTE4D—lirelmilaw
trugrictt LL
ris. illfwtailefihe bsrk
Ellacz W o n. Mout - Mow
tilwgbazon. we— te.
Attention I. Invited to tiler choice worm:milt of Fmnet,
.Lawrir, Whits OoOds ford rove, Am.
14,/ will receive, to-dir or to-morrow, froxi'liaw V ort
Dm, Lams.
S - 111.1/11dER.11102ETS.tNll
V . 91419 . BOallef, tome totoVtlf ol d
and Bore/hold. Et., and other Naha. telt
Goods for Warm Weather.
soot eonor of F
and ourth loaf Market etreata, ne
V a t r i atl4o N ar,arm onather.onelo
EmbrolLlientan; Rented ell
New style Vienna nr,
BeiSp/ sail Varner,
Plato IMOlta Inln and Mull Muslin,:
Derain Mo
Thar han - lort tonna woolher lot at NEW WOOS,
such to Pananle, chantotallit links tor: warts. Work for do
Plant klohollittlOn,Lo4olone,Rolionlerres,lnnted Nett
for do., nrtallallit blow, data Limn Lonna, Wrench
Wren slut • ilte Blonds, tun awn BROWN
LANS, chi/Month POPLINS.
' Then Wlllontuent bring very full, with Mutant ann.
eons of Ott VOL and sold at toner ?MCC, lotineemettt•
pne alined to yen to roll sad make than pontoon.
Straw:Bonnet and Hat Warehouse, Starr:,
PALMER offers for Bale, at very
a fall anonmaac . otßtteeir snd
"101011L-Forelia sad ;Latvia. plain nod WWI
Straw; Brad. adv. Nand, ➢
A Pamtla.
bosh*, at.
trTS--diana. truth.% aad &TV Levi Ivo., Lna7.ood
str.r7,;ritt°,'epAu°,s=,,2`,. Larttizjr::.
Woes' Onavo-...1ati4111.0.4 matt aims, gnsat vati
"VBVIPAmiL Bound. .a
eF .na. r.f-
Ftnegaria'ardaar:d'Whtrannitl= NErtad
STR.A W.TRlMMLYad—bordajraapela, Hand., Braid..
. 2 1d,0 WYEWlTivavela atil Amerfe.a dat1viv...... 1
!'lo2.72trirdlLK.B and 1/IIiTITT/NN—Olant, Om. de N
pit. .d• Flovanca, void oatter ttylaa, await%
avvalttlet and colon.
ThYdv-dserrted avails, and talon.
• Alto—Bleb and low priced tavola and w 0 0rr0..., tuo,o
Box.ten. tc. \ .
114 OURNING ALPACCAS--Light in bo
. I ca l ktgegqr, gtoT:L.l7f...a otter
atTle• at ktoonots Ltoodt-4 toll oteetattneat to at touod
ar ttotatort of ktilltaltli a 111111,1,111,11.1. D.
RH. MIST'S, 510.13M1 Wisp
seri lase anfi airier dock of ashion
SOO,O antle,men a Wear for fl primp svosanitag I ,
newast styles la, k
„Fird , „;
• saw, 01..0 1
of avers fasbianable abee and colas: whl t t e speatt
LlA4l9l:l:ifo.Fe"" sll'u'reb,strfienr4"all'7l---2..'wk"l't.o4r4distOs
detersolowl. to offer at wash prim as will *nasals* all
1 ;ho law ban with snail, that not only Ma moat 11111,141iUT
Mahan, la sold at WS Palatal/4.watt, bat osm at the low.
L trel.:ii.o t o......cur i d..“..a. th.
be, t ho 14011. 310
w. mcaliaincy,
.Pecautant y matting bit Stminw d lock or
lo part the biioWillg volieticc
win Rog T 4 ,0 Pad q.v..; dp. 40. TAIWOWT p
44, d 4, 044, and.l4 .Inan: it ° 4-6, nnet It 4
d o
Pl4/0 dot 441.3-4, 64, 4.24 wool .Lcotton d
Estnt un/ Rd.; db. d 01..: cwt. forted do:
do. dad common do. tinlll4 Woo. Ms. taflcd do. dot
• ancent kin dado.LAdoislde do. dot 'Thrum do. do..
Olottup, wel . tinf do.. Iddc4.ll / 24.
tt4ll.t,Xidta 0 0 =17 , 4114 b. L di
or komb.
Ltleo-0t Rods, of ALII grew Cuitet Bliclttipt LOC..
patr,Bagtottakti,a2xlB4 Idatande.TabenellrbUcs.
Bart-ardosTh fttltllwltmbccnc4l
Co.. do. Wilt dot do. asod IriondniTslJ4 do.
14.10Stted andnarchnitd ottr wtockdlroct frt. Mu
toOtt colt Fanatics, twidi Or the /abet end
to tddlt *V
eimgt, a .Lid_.A Mre,71'.412
411,1Ztffy`ilem.._ ? ..""171":11; , ....Stiei
Tite cOrp9V yyjFehousei , Bs Fourth - stree•C
AsA3l49 • - McOLINICOC4t
• , s
, the Work fa
old Bend
Arabian Tani
thine, the troth
curt este. of the
performed by It.
neditineo sal the
It to rompoeed
to hyoid, pot..
11ml:dating, onto
or poportire, end.
the r tem. o the
to eurtodt the die.
Phlyik otoodd of
• Liolment for be.
About a yea. - spP" ..ed lac y
nife's stamaeh, grulually incrraslng In Ito 'until It br
as as large as my in, aid Po eon, th at she maid not
WS( the least pre upon it nit bout K irin, h e r a gleam,
W I got the advice of our best doctors. and Eller differ
ed. opinion about itsame said It a. an Ague bate, or
culargenaeut the Hpleem some, that it wee an Enlarge
mt of the 011.1, and others said It was n Tumor of
the ea th-arie's, and could not be eoned excel , by ratting It
out. In this ermical eituution..l was persuaded to try H.
0. garretre Arabian Liniment upon it, and, strange as It
may appear, upon th e third applhation she began to Inc
prose, and has ernatinued getting better daily, until now
,th e well , L ,, , cs c—enjoying excellent health.
Ir. AI cl..`otilif,L
Peoria, March 5.1649. - .
'Robot, Minds, postmaater.l6•Tri
Cerestown, l'a. March 27, 1149.
One woman has turd your Liniment with great mince..
bile had lost the use of her leer fur there year, the coeds
Lein . contracted so that her lept were bent. much while
rusi., log. ar , is natural for-tha positlogrof the lege while
Mint it, and she, could not bend there in tiro lout: but by
the tiro of 11. G. Farrell'e.ArabisoLiniment, ehe is now
tibia to walk with ei.o, and ~; . .s otraight limb. 1 have
Wand its most excellent rern y cur horre flesh: al., for
evert thing which requires are extl remedy.
The opinion of an old , experb/nee.l. a nd ern eeiennile Farrier
Manning., lowa. June 29,1545.
From the meetly and permanent entree, both op men and
beast, which. tour Arabian Liniment la perforating. I do
not heoitate to pmnounce It the 'htmlla homed/ of the
Age. ° 1 hare practic. , l doctoring hereon for Orlin , ' Piste,
and hare tried nil "the earlottennimentx ointments. it
mush putted up in the peters: but I must xi* that IL
ii.FarreiVe Arabian Liniment ern-edit any that I have
made nee of. By it. use. I hare cur weeny and Fparin
unit alter they Lad been pronotincedincurithle, and {hare
rute,l more than tiny horses th, n.....en with 3 - one - bine
merit. ebracing every shots of di..., from @entireties
and btl tin up to sperm, ring -hone. and sweetr. I can
aleollowr testimony edits gold effeets on the human rya
tem 1 was notnned nearly -ell trod winirr to my. nadir
wi rumen.. , and could get nothing In help an tan.
ill triennaLthe nee of your Liniment, which eritindr
ru . WM. IL tIRIMMIt.
, . ,
Sun sin of ten pot: standing cured by. IM I).,Farrell'a
Arabian Liniment: .
51 r, 11. lb Fartnan.—Dear Sty I had been at tasted with
the ' ;Arm Paln ° Lir the last ten year% and could never get
' Idce
except by labedinm but by the use of ILO. Farrell'.
'Ara hien laulmont. applied user the 1...ruPb ,,, 1 , W11 11L1 ,,, b ,
fourittuire a day. It was entirely removed, and 1 have kit
nothing of it since. I went tutu lb,. amble one night, to
tV. , ,, ,, b a o aZii . :r Z I re ' g . f. ' Cr ' n ' ts Alt Ti...i.1 " n i ' :l . l.l t :t r ii ' l ' l%
vo Nulty that they 'tithed . black ito MY hat , truueting
for powerleo , - 1 applied your Liniment,and W. well
enigh In a tow dac e to g t about tame ... Lionel. 1 ale.
ern..,..1 my fi nger n • Minoan,. ulbUtterr, by 1,1141 b, a
hark -log fall upon it: Mit your Liniment mon Li t rep
3011:i B. Alete.
f.i. cal. Fneinet. remia en., 111 . Feb. 0. Into:
Beware of Counterffih.
The Public ire particularly caUtiOned kalnet a Bart
(bola...tyro whida hal lately male Mt appearance and
canna, by the I mpuater who mitre it .. I . F 11 Farrell's Arabi.
an Liniment l'hta in a danremm fraud and more Ilabla
dateivo trom hia Imaging the llama. of Patna'. Thera
lore b. particular nen, to for 10 toto the name °Farrell).
Lio' for unprlncipl.l dealer.. will map... the SPE-
xlqu iment. s mtztum oYnn T DO for the gemunc, but always as/.
fo , rli. fherrh I Arabian fa, no ahrr,
ay the genuine alu.nor has the letters o.belore
hb, aignsturr la 0100 en IL. olgtxkle wnpper. and the.
w crap blown in the atlaas buttle.-.../1. G. IbrorrlT s drufreon
Littman', "ma. -
Anmars 000001 In every 'Own, and ilanllat in
the United tqatee, to which ono la net established. Apply
by letter Farrell, Peoria 111-with aniod reference
ea tether - x . ler, remponaibllity, *O.
toll on the agent who will furnish Wren of Char,. a
book eontalmoß 111 r-ti valuable Information for every clam
rf clUreos.
Plict—nncenta 40 cent, and sot dollar per haul..
Tote only prow,* io manufactured GT 11. O. Fermll,vola
Inventor and propriator. and wbolemls druggiaa No. II
Main invert, Poona 1114 and for mile arholeeale and retail al
I proprietor , price by It. a. IELLFIIO.
augl,dems No. ET Wand atreivt.
00114 G T 11. 31. CUltill", Allegheny Ott.
The Human Body Nut Perspire,
S 0 SANS NATURE ,I to have a healthy ap
peeranc, and persona w o de notperron,:r. ast;te
to the meet dia./sung Slain . how. Jona' Italian
Chemical Soap MOP. • free repinckna, and at the
time mollifies and tolumta 0 Ad. giving It the lc:
of lutioats
tleurry Salt Ilhetam ano Sots, are not only healed,
eared by Its use. , . as at W..: physlrian. Iv N. lark Ina
who use it In ouch ewes, and dud It unfailing—as also.
PlOipleh Illotehen. Fiveltbsll. or any other skin Manse. Thy
reader is essured,lb.t this no nseles.a, patt.i nostrum, at
. ;nal will prove. I et old commente at lesen eighty
prstbas cored of Pore lanai sore lees, mat sere been!.
tlai It—amd the realer la again .wand I would noterm
wlll Idol this not only aura bat. yreventive: and I east
now only add, that any 0114 afflicted with any of the ahoy,
or Shears will dad this all. and '<MI mere
o es) than I man •
r'L W W" I.I:t, P rnsier. the stores Jul iann oodeM isith Imitationg
and be sure yen ask for J.i.vrs' Chemical Fosp—and
bey It ordy of Wtl. JACKSOS. 01311 Arent In Illstsborab.
brad of laced.
Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath, to
M had tor :5 eente:—PereDne who have elthor. are honors
hly mowed that if their rah et ever PO Koh or then
, heeth eeneyed. dare or yell w, avel encruanel with tartar,
lost nbt box ot hem A txth Pante will make
the teeth as win. 03 SOO and ate breath W. -
Sold only at JACKSON'S Stsn, 240 LlbertY It, heed of
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Restorer awl Beau
in...—Trta sae.% i7i L. T 0... who Sotto
Joirr g y.Corat Hair newton., too. Its a:gallant Qualitior—
ttowsnwho hay. t.wsatm,. it to ponsens the folkuring
qualitlerg—lt will for, to o hairto grow ant Port •touw
astute 111[CrIKI hair to growl stop it falling oil; curs genet
or dandruff: mad make light red, or gal hair grow dart.
Tot 1..13.1..51UK the boll wit and silky, nothing ran enured
thin—it mare It truly beautiful. aug lino it
tn. It is. in
thii most etunortnral—rot auparinr--artielw tgr
So mar at WM. JACK 1901423 Rio, 210 I.3berty .01.01.
head of Wool, Pittsburgh.
Prk..--.2: rialto. 60 ants. soot
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Unman
Hair lije. for th e ebsusing of whit, red. or arry•
bouirl ul brow. or blax , , , mlor. ipa row moot,a
l'strea—SS mols. arst IL.
tlnla by. IV 31. .1 ACKSON.24O had of IV 9.1.
Pit.lorgt ,
JONES' LILLY IV liffE.—Ladies aro call
tioned aeratnet 1,1014 the . common Pr. Wed Chalk. The,
are unt aware 1:1001 trightt.lly Ittjurious It 01 to tha % kW
how bow mogb. bow tallow, yellow, sal antsralthy
.be ealn appear.. after .. 1 0, . prepared Chalk, Beeldee, it a.
in.turibue.e.utalning a large quantit, of !wall
We hate rpan, • leaublul vegetable article. wlalcb
T'dlltjloenre"Cijery'lhano,..entl!V 4 1 14 partflel I.( all deletes loos
nnalitlee. and It tnitarts to the Ain a natural healthy
a1...4.0..010a, Ileum: white; la 10. .am. act.u... 00.
=mile un the Otto. tO1.011:11 It eon and ettneolb
eat by the Agent . JA(.71,40!... 240 bert
Liy atm.!.
b... 1 4 WOO 4. Patel.urob nh.. 2t, rent.
Compound Syrup of Yellow Doik Hoot,
kCCUPIEb the front rank among the pro-.
‘Je oratory ;welkin. of 'this country tool completely
euriog Choker, Salt Rheum. Erysipelas, and all other am
mum analog from animpure state of the blood. An,
Liver Loruplaint.Catarrh. ;pew* Ileadartn.
Coughs, Soreness and Tightness about the Chest; hoof chin, r hparneoess, nem, and • ticaling now
about the thmat; god is ied'olth unprecedented 11,r ,
all rases of
Fentalr 11 ... ak - nem and General Debility.
• Strengthening the omicron.) lady, irons tow to the
organs,wal invigorating the eptire ',tern
If the tentimony of, th.mattias of living wittimses, from
MI parts of the country, can be relied upon, It ta siogular.
if eftleadow to curing all Llama, and restoring &Milts-
Wi tool broken, down constitutions. It Is purely Cow.,
hie In Its (.1131.1 , 11.11,11, and O, orcurateir crmbloel to Its
proportioto; that t i lphotoiral. botanical, and content Pm-
Peril. of mob to lent hortuouiowly unite to
citify the Blood. •
I t boo removed many chrooicdhasaes which bare hartiel
the still of the best physleisna and has aim mired Clanger.
4.1, Rheum. Errol .etas mod Emoncla arhieh ner.parilis
Pype entirely Jailed to make the least li:operation upon.
It has been tested io manyewes of ea:tea:lOW*
MultS. The mt. obstinate Cancers hove been cum.) by .
this medicine.. toe ray that It is ova:tumble MediCille in all
BILIOUS I.XIMPLAINTS. It removes all obstruetiool in
the circuledion, rendering the Liver fee, utter, and heal
thy. It removes Palpitation of the Heart. and Mier. , In
all ft.. of Asthma WA may he used in all climate., and
at aline...of the year.
This Syrup is prepared oily by C. MORSE CO, at nr:
Fountain ittlart, provident, K. and sold wholesale and
retail. by WICK SitSll.ol,
Only Agent for Western PenWrylvania,
roy6:y Warehouse. rumor W tad and Sixth P..
B. T. Babbitt'e Celebrated Soap Powder.
VITAMIN° Without labor!. Warranted
to ;site the stalus out of table ;lawn sod nap-
g, ,
luastinme rott Uew—Put your . elothes PUttarlent
quantity of roil water to cover throw then add two laid,'
of 1.4,s loop Powder. to each quarts of , water
used with the clothes: it the water It bent, add more of
the Ponder. and boll them ten minote, u‘ th e ng,,t, time
preys them down with a stick, then put them to tub and
add sufficient cold WWI. 6 0 that they will not he too Ind
to handle. Then rnh the dirty Creaks, or In other Word,
gore them. thorough rinsing, end that is rulllcient to
make them elem.
N. D.—Them Wing no rosin In this &ay. It will leave
the clothes eery white , and no had oil y ouritll, as verse
ways do. The entire coat tho material nsed don not
exceed two mote, to complete awashing of ton
Warranted not to rot or Intrire the clothes.
Thiiis a Powder that onenaPer will maim twelrequarte
host Wall! eon :ban.
Drerwrions rot Usti—Tate, say vie quarts of water and
role the Powd•r with it, and then let it boil. Foy fire min
utes, then add sit retorts. cold waiter stir them Intimately
together, and vet it aweiy where It will not freer, and
when told It will - be eery Mica and nice White hoap. and
• will wadi well, and will not cat the bands like other holt
heap. nor the clothes. Can be nerd with hard or eels
Irak, by ing the duntityto alw quarts instind of
twelee. The l ion Hoop la hest dapted fur weakling &leo
and woollen good..
Sold wholeselS
retell by R. E.
je .No. tor. det
HE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore. ex
..g between the itoKlendaned, under the Drut And
Io of WILLIAM .N 1 eet, LLY CO.,DIse• Matfulerturrra.
la this day dissolved by llooltsUma and mOlOll conerpt.
Either of the onderelaned IN oulEorirwl b ffettlo the etw
counts of the old flnn. WAL bIeCULLY.
If.labuntla..intY 1.1861.a1kyr.11144
AtcO-PAIITNERSIIIP—The eutineribere have
teredlnto Cu-butnerahly under the firm of Ymife.
t an eem Oltely WM. .B. PCAIVE.
tan alleaT.N
eriENNETT, BERRY & CO. have removed
to em new Warehouse, corverof gyd
Greenwood Garden.
CHOICE collection of Shrubbery; Vining
Itaapberry,etrawberry,llworeLerrr. Rhubarb.
rape Vines, hardy Monthly Rawl, nod artlrl plant
mama, to ornament yenta end ashler., g ill b ham,' at
Greenwood Nunwry, An Omnibus learn the corner or
Market and PM Pltteburgh, every half hour, toe
the Garden. Iry Crean. and other rrfreahmantaaerred np
In thr,
Orders addwwwd to the prorietoi, Weer. lilmwheeter.
aGeranmy roomy. i'4 will rreelve prompt altentum
.172-111 J. MrKaIN.
, 50 ,.... Mwl.. Rag and Straw Wrapping PT , .
'Amble Crown "
Idd" eworted Manilla
riu" Plano
ruperfor roar (Mee Paper;
" Double Mediuml:4o37 printing Nper;
The alMve. With a lot of odd sires od paper., for it
lb. to prter,s. hy •W. k:S,
htationer and P .er Dealer. '
jaldi rortmr et Market and .0 etrowt•
To .. . Druggists and Painters.
(f IARIS GREEN "S" BRAND, Turopinz
posweieneS Itir.rn warded hr the dold Medal of
America feetlnne. for re ptweessiew eleven/les imitur-
Matti at etude and rotor. The manufacturer of the above
Paint hes andeced the deepest end mon artlule
of putt (freer, that le permanent, and that ran bemuse:l
without detriment to the etude: and hae redered hie yea
eels to anTartite . uniformity. -
.ppul.tod tole asset for the tale of this
celebrated brand of Paris Urea, rew h eest. will be tier
piled,/ redeml Prints It. 0. HELLCH.P.
Irsealitable toladifs as a protection nee bards ta
tonic clardnatt, gem:mem or flo , In sear
ittiti_ther tolnwh handle enow7whlte. For sale law it
the Italia &IMO Depot, 7 sad SiVend
Biaggi' 1851.
TEE 4'ROPRIETORS of 'this old an well
amain Line, would Inform the that they am
now In operation for the fitment season, and have ocanmewe
cad reeeivlng Preis:lit and Passengers. which they net fall
p . r . en i rvA i to eared g‘ e llii points the La
lldtste, Cut.
tine will es " el'instantlr at the In . below the !donors.
gehela Bridge, to rem re freight.
OTet. eon. Water and dnalthile sts.. Pittsburgh.
• R. IV. Onnedpahlas. New le. P.:
. D. U. Maths*, Pulaski. Pa.
W. C. Mr lan,'Sthirom
„J. a !tut:, itharpsburgh,•
Mitre 4 Cr,Orrenvilir.
WI.. Ileum. Wartedoirtn
Wm. Power. tlameautvillel t, l
C. M. Reed, Erin, 1 . 1.4
B. wanarasao. notraia .V. apt
New Lake Saperior Line.-1851.
IIIE new suouner•NORTHENER, Capa,l3.
U. 4waty having every modern Improvement for
ty and tronifort. will leave Cl/wale:al on Friday, the 0d
Ff May next, on her Ites4 trip—and <mealy thereafter on
riday. at rAdnek P. 3.. for the Sant Ole. Marie.
The iteansv MANILA AN, Capt. Jolla CalnWati, will
leeTr Naut NM. Marie, fee the different landings on Late
Buperior,'en the arrival of lb e stesiner.Nofthernam making
a W n7l k tg, (: 1 37/er th n rr d 'u ft o r3ll?<.;. ''''.
. , TUILN3Iai, Proprietors.
Cleveland. O. April 2,A, Ibbl.---11
Manufacturer's Line. •
gfirg 1 8 5 1 . aidREA
Iv full operation, vrilb racillZlra eart7 a large
o.4throf freight to Philadelphia and Baltimam,setthoul
trwnrA, rpray, Iv a. Mart time, and at tm low rates, as any
In~lnlarranaeMents hare also been made lilt carrYinit
Way height A. Blairsville, Jc.bnetown., tiollidaysbura,
Water ...Ireet. Alexandria, Petemburgh, Huntingdon, Still
Creek, hew Hamilton. Idelaytmen. Lwistown, !Main.
Newport. Clark'' , Ferry, Hrriehuhr.Cp . i n utbl4 andidloth
'arg!nilaTt'llt Lror ` . ' l„ -d .n 4
the Juniata. prornidnees and regularity In ornaments, to
the ainireald mints, at thee lowed Wes, may De relied
upon .1. !MITCHELL Proprittar.
Wareholtae. Liberty street.
mrhlltr Beeend door "Ad of the Canal.
TF.III:ST it/NOBAN'S to my •brott...r.
or 10 k 111 N 111U1. the Wetness at Plttsburgll.lllhen
after he tr.:me...11 under the Ft ylr of "Wm. Bingham a
U.imehl I , BINUHAII.
Bingiumns'.Transportation Line,
aLW;; - 0 1)851. !NEI
TenIIE CANAL - being now open, we are r•...
dy to rt:rolwd land frtrward protntdirt Prmlno•
k d:nand...v. twat and
Freights aware .t lower rater ehargal by
Vro.luee and Merehandhie will be reeetrad and forwarded
east and weld. wttbout any charm. tor forwarding ur
vandwg treisht.Ttandwion. or stom..
Bill. ot Ladine rtrwrded, and all 11119.109. hithrl3ll, tn. AiL re. ot siply
WM. BINGHAM a CO.. Canal Basin.
Corner laberty anti Weir ne Ft., Pirtmanire.
int.in_vm a I/00N, 163 Market it,
between Fourth and Fifths..., Philadelphia
J.tal ES WILN, Agent.
- Na. 1 , 2 North Howard lareed,_Balthnore.
JAKE° lIINGILtaI. No.lo Wert 01.
=chi Nov York.
EffifiEVl 185
Merchants' Transportation Line,
. A. 'IIIeANI/ ITS a CO., Canal 8..1n. MA Penn Meek
CIIARLFIRAYNOIL. Central Block. Broad Weal., Phila
‘Ve are prepared to receive a large =vont merchandise
I . ;:epgref. d alit ' t e l rII.I9=X7PY.'"Z°4 ;ho=l"—'2,lV;;;
k., timetutai In .}Ptevcsm.
/4.-N. B. 'Me inercrueed nuber of Trucks jprorkkai kr
tt.• en.i Cemmlnctonent for m ctrrylus no* 4n.t. on ;the
State ,Baiirocade, will peekent any poonabilltite . cf , &dist at
Jobtalcon. liellcleTsbook or Col..bla. lb". ..
C. A..3lcANti LTI a CO,
Can 1113,604' '
,q)0 .1851
,to Shippers of Iderchisidae, Pro4nce,
" 7 . .
Ml f 1. 1.1.011 0 1 1
iTkV rPSB It T t sNsP
& CO.. Prep rtm, '217
Complex , atmePrep 13111.1
LITiLL AI.IOOETT. A • eras. Canal Baku. rittatm h.
JOS TAILOIi & ,ON. AavrlG,fialtittlar..
pmpa.rou, n1:1 • e opera.; 1,1 thajettruyi. ma
Canal. In runtrart far luta at ALA Inar ea. and'. ova
shipp.ra a• much demo hard eat< as and .41sT
MEM 1 851 ?-4"rZ:i l M
PittsburghTransprtationl Line.l
JAMES O'CONNOR et Ct).. Cautal Bain. P :Aura!,
sn'.l"N't.l'iliii.j''n't'h"FotrthC4'alptr7°.s.a.'teli'trriell'dar'he't burr
C r rilii.
nut greets, Pliihuta.
AVCOSNOII.I., It CO.O .70 Soon ?Wei , . Usltitoore. •
AVING fully completed out arrunge-
Meet , . we uill Ire prep. , ' neon the eteittlriO of the
enne) horns Carte.. t, curry treorht to slad Ittun Pit.-
burgh, Outdo:lore, Philadelphia, Now honk, Linen. Cite
cionstl. Luise/Ile. St. Lou', sod all the tan and West. at
lover eaten and with ritore dispatch odd cant than stir oth
er Linn. •All Knish ehipped B 7
ours Line an fully covered
by losursnee, without any char . owners, a proterwin
not rosily afforded by any other Line.
All VIIIMUIIiCsI.IOOO addrroond in oursolinei or agent..
Mill a Co.. Co:sunned: E. Webb. Lonnie - 111e: sod Lone
U lalZrjriliqiVe n tiqt ' oi 7l23 . l' Al= t 4 ttreT's.ititib
Philliphis sad PittAbllrek ITAIIPC,II3I.I‘. 'Llun of Ate
Sins it Co. , reNiu
rood .TeDi..... . . ig. r. NI,.
12. m,,, to Mersileu A Cinerrie.l
Canalißasiia, ilenn Street.
Penna. Rail Road Co.--Central Rail Road'
,übseribers baying beeiL appt4ntx!d
sTruLA fur the Pericurlvards or Cent!
c,:s til'arrlb.3.o.l':•.rrUtj:l:l.'re'r r,7luPer7=l:4ll
il . to vlo6 thl3 Mute will b r-errira throuub In err 4.3".
.4 ill mnsl,ed in un vII b cl rutum
u or Hwa., fur aJT,urvA.
ILoNlt,*Ls, N - Jirmo, ItcOke
. ,
ffS Ilk Da.
.NtatiallNrJ,J;tttleLl 3:Tante°.
LW-Jew,.l.4u,n,•wtt. Oral - Me, !NOLA*.
}las, Timnth, wod otlier kirws
,t, r Luc IN JUN/
Bey Llvtt..r. Lard. Lard. Oil, TobaCcD
11,,1b Iva 1,4,, U. 11 ,
Sat, flart,N. lrnul;h) ' l str.lltelt. Lirrtnau
, uea, llatruttrar_l.4.N r IW
corner Penn and Wayisa streets.
I rt.shurtrlt. July Ist, 1,5'1.-111 9 „,
_ .
ht received for all the Way Stations
.n the Pennsylvania Central Railroad.
Adam J. V. alter,..
Jem J. lig- M 1: 11 4t...
J. D. Kerr.;
A. II .Chat.
F. A.
J %Wallow.* :,.n•
11.. L.,
Ifflnunt flniOn,
Pprutp Creek, '
u rp .,,‘„r,
)1111 Crrpk,
Jutat Pinot dr.
iiPAPiMr t I mak,.
john Livynt.
ranicr of Y.. awl its &Tor Itr,
July U ,
AL, 11.
r! CONSEQUENCE of the decease of John.
deFeden, the nertnerehlp heretnforeentetlnn between
I.- mien 6 Co',ode I. larreby nnoolvnt Mohnle.lf
lulll nntbortrod v. 2,1t1e thr haginem of the Ine trim—
All l persnoa Mann. will V , r-see tmewont them Ibt
ito urgh jinn* let,
12am-cream. to afrradeu a Citrectr l I
The Iminege of the Agency, of thy Penn
srlelmin Oddest Railroad Company -41,.maityr hti rorp
duct. under the name and erY le C
f . „ ~
/ • corner of Penn and Wayne tfmota
Plttabdralt. July ISM /Ell ii - ll____,LL_
'- - Agn --- 'eul turnl Iniplerrieuts.
11AVE JUST recoired frail the East, the
follow ., implanenta,..all of thit hem manufacture
a v ,
trecefwe.solr:att...W...l•7,..lltl7o.72zsa:tir.i.i.,ll:4.,ll/00,..„.,1d 1 , ::: t ., n ,_ 111 ,,,
• 0 Shall, (arbors. and band po r..
Etna and Cons talk Omuta Unser,
"rwitatrlo Moat Cutters _ _
KM V oars
sad Caw Chain natter. ,
014[2,1..1'0min and Om.. liPthrit...4 Moat. P •
Cattateeli two, dd.e and four prima lurks. ..
All marted.tortill from the brim orittortale. and Pir salt
to the D"' "d
'"" of
N. WICKER-SU/0V '----
Curate of Wood and Cloth nice.
Beatunont'a Patent Starch Folic . ..
PATENTEH, Jul2.Gth, 150.—For hivhig
• bantifal elms to Libras, isho B
lins, Cambria. Col.
ant, Shirt Posen., A, Rnd also proweists the Iron Dorn •
Alloying to Linen. 01. end preweno dal Onto milking to
Limn, Jo., and comm. nothing injurione
Dir.-UM:2I,-I.W • Mere the cite of a pelt to a eart of
atarsh when belling . . Iron brOkly.
prie, 1.24.: rents per Cole. Sold WlTlOlebali4lrid 001 by
110 • It. 7 SELLE i RS. 67 Wood Ft.
gtARD.—f have removed fr . :. my hew store;
Oboe doors below ! ) nearly opposite the Dank of
oh. ',Cowell will tw 010.10 vrt my friends and DI
beepcitizen, end missive a a h:i n u of h lt i V madam,
, I I
I w k lll
7F,',.,.". b rityr, erri 'm uerilosis.ltijoti a r ra r i Moir Matra;
r; leather Beds. liolstea. ,mol Dillowis Wankel.. Donn,
, ~,,e r, a , n,...! R od Oomforty; Windows:Dodo, of seers ra•
1 1 1, 0 hs, diets, old ~.tery artlelewroally found in the
ulry'elrenti‘e=litsitTs"Sil7lllln.d' .L"'"'"'ci.
Rol .
M. nOLILID Third street-.
117001. - : - Cash paid for Wixil by
\ 7 to t slllitt'll V t hiE. ~
, •
• Vornices.
HAVE just received from New York, an
her large 1 0 101 m, style WINDOW CORNIt'Es road
tT o AIN DANDS. For Mule love.
ter WM. 7.171111.1:.
. _
Q, I' EC TAC LES I—We have a complete
4,7 pipet of Gold. SC., and FtonlEpectachoi and the Met
ttotlity of convey and ammo, Claws. We I. Rhombi to
verY Mid} of 01.1.1. A.-cooling to the Triatipl... of
ty±ost Ija2tl W. W. 1 ff...aoN.
'apply ort:. Marro.. alfrbo.'a nod
ootly. Cork, on hand and for aale at owe 'lobo, by
It. W. COIN DEXTER. {Cate att•.,
119 Aleut for Unx • At Co. _
Anthracite Coal
TONS ;just received, supe
ftm i,. ll Anti r gira t
L c
• Copper Stooks.
)IT E HAVE 'Orders fur the St 4
81[Wog Comp:win of AAA* tht
w slttog to Roll will p00,.0 0.11, or. lOW..
/lit • A. WILK.I.
Pare Brtuidy, for Diarrh.- &a.
EAR IN MIN ID I shoulii you a' ed Frenelit
Itratety, thoivzsiriaorr cm • obtated,.at MORritte'
1 16 Men, In the Blassorel, at St • r auart or tie. •
WACKEREL-10 0 bbts. No
arrirlo ..134 for mile by
r , - OMIS
LIQUORICE RooT-6qo no. fo sale by
1111.1.1181 L
' 1
Office of Combo** , Gen't of Staorintoce,
• WAsubiurox, August `..'„ 1851\
J EPARATE PROP O SALS will be receiyll
0 04 ,, thi ,„ mk ... .0011uoo lot do, of Oetoberinat,f
the delivery of Prostates. 111 bulk, fur the uso of th
troop) of the United Rants. otot , intipertion, 00 follows:
At Net
o: f
Orleans Barrack:, Ltouitianct:
BA rreLs reit
/25 barrels of fresh surprrflor flour
65 bushel, of n • white Ileld benns
bid pounds of gt;od bard nosh
=pounds of gaol hard spermmendla• ~
11 bushels of good clean 4 0 7 r 1 . ,. Poi , .
T.lO gallons of good &NI" , innsar.
At Baton Range Barrack:' 4,_ L0y::,',,,,, • '
gr. barrels of Tama.
I'2, ban.els of fresh superfine flour
Si, bushel. of tarw white field beans
016 pounds of good hard soap
2731 pounds of good hard sprna mulls,
14 bushels of good den. dr , 'D.' 00400
2, d/ gallon" , of goal older sistegar .
At Keuj West, Florida. •
'65 barrels of pork ,
125 barrels of fresh superfin's flour
.55 lousbelaof riew white field beam
076 pounds of good hard soal , 1.1.041 1 of good hard sperm :undies
' It bushels or good d•os drY no" ,eft
=, halloos ot good elder vinegar.
At the Public . Landing, sir miles from Fo.c: T,,,,,,,,,,
mouth of the Chirmichi.
65 barrel, Or pork • .
125 barrels of fresh superfine 60110
12, bushels of pew white hold beans
026 pounds of stood hard we*
lal potimls of good hard sPerm,candles
14 bushels of trend clean dry hoe salt
TA, gallon. of good cider vinegar.
The whole to be delivered lu all the month of April.
I0:.2, and to leave Natchitoches by the :kith of Fy1 , 00.0,.
At Fort Smith, Arkansas.
af, barrels of volt
125 barrel. of fresh star...M. o one •
01 bushels of mew while field beans
070 pound. of good hard soap
on . of good hard Sperm candles
~ ' 4.i 4 : 1 ruslie d is of ...a <l.-or , uFr n.ooolo .
0 ..100n0 of good elder iritiegar.
The Whole to tip dell - renal In all May, lati2.
'At Fort thhcon,,Arkannos.
,I 4
255 hortvla of pork
' 71','5 barrels of !trot. tuperhno hour
ltd. Ino.helo of new 'std✓ field heano
2,11 M pound+ of good hard Coati
~,,,,, i s oon el do of gii,il bard otsio , 2 eandle.
4 1.
400hs of spool clean tierr Duo Fedi ii
CPO gallon, of goal eider Vi ar.
The whole t. 4 le. delivered ha, all May. 1.62 .
All Fort Su,lhog, 111. PotrY'.o.
255 haryylo or volt
',armlet of (mob oupertne flour
165 bushel. of new white toll beans
1 2.,11M psonclo 01 gail,hani map
-1, 0.4 , 00 ,,,j0 of gad hard Callow candles
12 - buehelet of good clean dry floe cult
an gallon. of gaol rider vinegar •
Th h
e 5e,.1.. to be .1 re
,lired from the 15th Vey. 11,52. to
the 15th June, 1052
Al Fort Ripley, mouth of Grote-.ring nrer, 130
miles above For Snelling.,
I.b harmlo of pork
M. Grumd , of forth insperilow floor '
L. , bu.hels of newwhite held been.
010 pounds a wool Lard tom?
h...y., ,ono, of goal herd tallow ...nibs, -
14 igioliels of gout clean dry fine raft _.
• 2,00 gallon• of hood cider vinegar. ~ .
Th.. whole to irn deneered teem the let 5une.1.2 . .....t0 tio
15th August. 11 , ,,2.
. ,
Al Fort . Learentcorth4 Nisrourt 'lt i :rt . .
0 barrels of pork.
.. .
1,.00 barrels of froth ent..tfinkfirtir
=AI bushels of new whits field beano
1,101 pounds of god 1..4 toot.
1.21.2 tyonoi. of gicd hard tallow eanOies
ost bushel. of good elm. dry fine hill
t , ii gallons of .ml elder vinegar. I
The whole to be delivered by th e 1.4 June. Bea,
At Fort &oft, on the .Varnht/On tiro . , ifissOuri, 70
miles land transportation from Independr, co
thy ..lit..tourt noor.
t.I booyeh , of pa l m
lira hyrols of fresh Superfine flour 1
55 bushela of new white field beans
F7O Puusids of good hurl soap •
2:41 pounds of hoot hard sperm eandiew, .) '
14 bushels of hoot clean dry fine salt
-2ib galleon , of stoat rider vinegar. ,
I'he whole to be deliverod by th? lea June, 1162-
Nuts —.All bidders are n•rtuested to extend the =ou 01
of 0114.10 bids for noels article, and exhibit the total uneunt
of inch hid, and uo hid will tw hneil en nolo , It ombroceo
all articles roquired at stein.
Thr periods sod nnantillest , , , of each delivery , St those
57::...4h5t"..4P‘t'e11X7.t1 g ' Vogr, w l .l o.. b' . e.. ' ,P . 1.7;11. h re 1 1 ' 1 t ,.
Is:4 -, .
The itch. of 'which the pork is packed to be faith:tell on
eorn. an \ oneh hog. to 'high not le. than two hundrod
wombs schnling the twit, figs, ears, end snout. Sale
phis' me bit übstituted for ;be ham, The pork ic tohe
first salted, with Turk's bland salts and then march:My
packed with, the mine arti , ile in Memo not esrehittig eight
pounds oath/
When the parking ha. Gen c o mplted the contractor
must furnish \to this om en • eernticate frt. the packer
that the pork 0 berg so galtal and packed. The pork in
nri be contained n ...sunned heart of white oak burnt..
full hooped: the beans end salt in harrels. and the scap
and ...miles in rt us. bolos of convenient eh. for Crane
Salt will onlybo ceive4 byre easurement of thirtrdwo
quarto to the buthe The candles to have cotton wicks.
The rmvlsion. for : , Peter's and Fort Ripley most Pass
St - - - bouts for their u mate destination In, the'firet week of
April, 15.52, d the nom for Fort Ripley tinsel par , ,•'I. .
Peter • by lot JUDO.
JUDO. 7. 2.
A 0.1.1100. an these pardeulars will be considered a breach
of eontrnet, and the Department milli*. atrthonmed m Po ,
show to 001.01 there Poofh, . '
The provisions will ho Inogyoted at Na time and pia , of
delivery. ...A on , n 0.....0 to be - Pehl by omtreet”r" , th i l l
thtli , a r r&deptwited at such !dwrehouse• as may be design..
" Thy ' Co ' nl " =y l t e ne p r ' niV O 4e l ; the prieilehe of Jo.
ereasing or
a l l the nantittro. Or of ithilimblig
with a, or all nit/idea mull, at o.r. pt., in say hnee
b.f. , " ahterlog into eontrack rol also of lrirretotti. or
re 4.10100 thy.,,nantillo. ot eanli ellrerS one-third en , *
onont tri tontrart. sin giring
dar• • Ptvvw . ot unlb . '
Bidders not heretofore contractors re required to aerom.
par., - their proposals with evidenee , their abilsty.Mgetie
er inch the rims, of their roiviith , who. , roergosoihitsts
muot be centred by the District Alto ey, or . by ....eV ,
non well known to the Unvernment. pt oral, their Pe'
tail:ill not tie v.-it on.
~ i '"' i r Ci " ; " lril ' r ""
',,,.'",?. ,%;,'
1.7,', '" -' 1, , ' '''''?' r„, v.,' A.. -
.wgZt7';;ll7- .;fraY i.',,,,,,, ,1.1.,. ~
movement to the remota a dearer!, lbo t
donor. or the motOrne, of the isontreseiomS, a ,
Na Tor...not DYNAtttco'n ,
No draft. on de office will be to.eerted.
any rimuntsomets. ,
'''th ' ' ,....,715ft ,'. 0 f1 . 00 1 7.1114 . :17nt r'r 0gi . ...en
'oo'ol ...'"
00.01100 1i1k,0., , ,c. \ ..0.
Noy.—Etlttor.yrlll not be paid for insertothth boor pa
per, thin aleerthement unto,. authorized to do,so LA th,
Commtiotrr General of Putonstenr, i
• iFt()CERIEtt , , ttc.
11°1.1.111ING4Til/OAR-511(tsbls. Crus6k '
•ild ra --d• I 'l'4 : P..eui.orstrapN aFo \A,
, CIIEIS- - - - 11.1 eag 9 prim;:, \ ilalVs. fol\
P ( ...
..i. by a 711; 2, A Sr. IlallllALllll.
PACKED TEX - !-,lenloinP St , Co.'s (of
l.'"A ji hts'" S " :llgf kU' :: l ti kT.r
In ...ry?gly lltsVeryll9rr.Ai
be warm:ll,lW AAA nAtiefArlke. w.
roiNDEx i w i \
1112 &gent fur .levklAcl A. s lo.•
1 .1A , 3 5 y: ,-- 0 01, prime La s /I:ll i P , Be i ll ii f t :Y . A. aLe‘l
Allll--- . 15 11 0 lbs: , No. 1, fot sale by
La \
. s, io T. IVOOI/0 t 0015, 01 i' rot:\
Ar 5UL7.411 ' .---1 5s0 LblB. ElSB'd . Nos., for
gale by .00 IA . d F. 1111.80 N ., L ,
N 0 MOLASSES -3 bbl,. oak, for sole.
. be ,110 \ W. gF. w I L.SON. _
` 11 SICRUI" —° -
.6 bbls for sale b 0
I ~ ;ylt/ Ai AF. WILSON
N 0. su,AR-157114.1.. for sole by
w. a F.011,./S.
... .
C 1 , 1 , 1..ET5 .. .F. , - -- 1 ,0,.,,. 51.ioxes recei , ‘ „ iiAp i e ) r AL ß z b i lnell ' s
ird ' by
69 W.tgr, itAl TS AnIAII, 4,
Ni. ,,K. E It E
LT , L , --, 50 bbls. 1 N A T ,.... N t 0 .i 3 0z for ale
m , A Oli: E RE 1,7-101 1, 2
i i. 1 ,
~b 1 ... Neu' No : 3 Large
WrAltut nod Sur .ale. LT 'r WM., BAUALSV t CO. .
a, Is sod 'AI {Coal ft.
' - - 1 '1 .
VsAlO St CA RS,-"3lrbble. ees'd Nos., for
ni, by 'Wit. lIAtiALF.Y A CO:. .
5;5 \ ~, ..,.1 20 Htzokl 4.
1 1 1.0UH--'2lO , bbie. ikail;llFa u m A ig, A f i o c r u sale
/'CHEES E -150 ''9 bone..for sale by
7 /A) 111 I. A1) , 111 DICKEY t CO
VI ACK EllilL-100 bbls.‘„Lorge No.'11;
so be
tier ale ~,, ,yl9 E. t O.IIARIIAGOiI
IVIACKEREL-50 bbls. Laage N . :,.;', „..
''''''''''' ''''r C**.l
n . " l:l;ltrati.E l . l :: cfo wow A
A •
M ACKEREL -50 bbls. Large. No. 3:
- 10 1 4,1 !... .: '''''.
JustAT:ired and far sale by JOIN WATT„..
05AFSjdAii-61) loti;es Loverinn 601.1-
blo r,^ d and fu w r m eral . 4l ,, b; l,cLuu .
Fit 111 T-3 0 , 1 ), busp. dried lepp p ti ß J ck , ifes
for Mb, bT
011 LIVER 01L-40 gallong, rots wuut,,'
S^t solo by pelt , IL - E. SELL,?ItIL
COPLItER 017.—.3 growl genuine Rush
ton. part A Co.. for W. by
isu—llackorel. Salmon, Shad, 'and
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Career of Wood .as d Ftfth Streets, Pittsburgh;,
.#IVEINOW IN STORE, and to arrive tnis
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116 ratty hoses prime Liven 110, dheen l'atvett Zinc West.'
. Tea: ,
45 1.1 oho.. do. do. 50 boxes. extra pure Star
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100 blurs Rio Collor: '. 06 We. N.O. Molasser.
Alll ' .I.natters and ire.: 13 ,••• .0. N.R. -
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60 hoses sealed Iti.rtb. ( lb s, , fiell'. ,
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0 bays Is•pper 0 Alloplm 1. . Casttlo a Almond'
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.i. roll. 0111,144 in;
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100 bblr, I. C. Tar, torn
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. .Pi ..tligh Life Insurance Comp#y. I
talk .OMP.a..Ni was incorporate in 1
haet t ui. 1•51 , with a Perpetual. Claserr , and baa
ettudneneotresa on a capital of SIMAX.. O . \
Title Coln 3‘., dew, tontine-1w boll on the Joint Etarb and
a}lutual plan. }
\On the Joint.,F.D.c(plan the rate,. axe untied leas than
the" . ehneghl tat . Moat Companies. and F Cep
tfteen Per Ce,
loiter than the rah •of meat Stork Compann.a. `.. \
Mlllisal rale} krt....thole:me .4 therAe adopted brother
rafetv eondurnd Opapauhd.. rho..• in}aind on the rant..
al promtple lehroll n N l :lontlntied
hol ieso furnished by that
,eyetent id In.uran tend the Cap and Surplua }and of
the Joint }hale dep. nrent. ,
The %ter perntita the m ina of menranee on life ,
in o'ver, ram.. tuoluetD4 the mho dr •ife, children, pa
,u/a. Tel 14.0.• fiienele....or , redltorl—to ~core the life of
,notherl.2l \ hetro•uoaet}u l 4l.. betiebt. pa? able After death.
partite arriving...l the ante rat :Ai. Z. tat. or CU,
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, Japare. te. Moon. \ lefte:ldenh.
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ite , }l . a \ ijel , n.Clut y r t , : „.. ll; r„ l r lre•nten!. ,
Clrei. A. t i ,, , 1 . t , e , i4} , e..jef.t;,..„:l Moon. \ ' 2../..1.11 S. Leech.
Jobe: F...lillvenrth et male. A,. C.ltoo.
ram 3lrClurl. n WM.yhillipe.
.I ' . A. wits ml
1, in an or riarea4.\
11,rn 11 il:teni Wilka , late ,ciretarnof Mart
lion, 11.14 r I.lervenrd, late }ecret.ey Of Tre.oettri
John not der. re..t.. Ca ler of IlittAnDrith Dank:
Malcolm Leech. beet., 11 k , Vcrale nrocay
lion. A. 11 . Leonia, \ .1. B. 31cCilitatint. Ern.
. *antral, : noann. e,
. nenaleinnJ 4'Aynciar-r.
Jeateph Ottatuan. M. IL, \ll illiam Addiron. Id. D.
Jeremiah lin , oka. 01 1./., P.O. Edringron,l l l. D.
A:Tomei/mg d'Ayrecitens. e.
teaxnuel Dilworth, 01.. p.. 47 Smithfield stre•it.
,Itoleert t.tis \ler, M 1.411:1 Fen, etrect. t,
John tiravford..}l 1.1, te . • .ea t l lreet, , 4.
Um }tel.:. Mnrgate, al.}}. nil loortr e d i ct. • ,
Dr. Dilworth .31 , be in at:et...lan \ te at the c.flicv.Orerf
dal. at 1.! o'clock. \
litheelof the Cniunr r. No. :y Potire.tre t..
' ON ore'
State Mutual Fire itusuranee Company,
BRANCH 0 FFICE4t. h 4 Sagrrare Sraas - r..
rirt,autautn \ \ . ,
\ Errpnt talk. Slay kt.t. IS:11. '
rrHE hemi',:evidenee\ of the eueee , a of • Hie
Directere In endeavoring In make ti,te iiret \E.: A11."77 ,
I. FIR!: ~.V.,..134-\ CE 1.1.r.VP.1A1 . al ttatk wan. of
the community. il. the istiparalle 14.1 amount ol \ 'memo.
7„: 0 ,, h ,.5t 7.. 1 :;:",t,- . 74,"71.T14't",;' ,1 ;i 9, ;.z . k r i"g 4 r. ri n%
ItliComPanY• Ne.rIEL. 11, property
I*. f the
eat , kind In mall Ha •-. 1.1.1 a lerg.l , [Moffitt. to nnet
( I ‘ l ' e r li . •l. l e Y NT...t 7 roltele• •loi
e ed 1
lon. •h, expinlacrmtnated. oanerld. P 2,
Amount of Pn,perir In.uned
Dn. nn led, termtn•ted i antned .} 2lll 72,00
lin In il.
Do. Premium Ned >• 0 .... .. in,6761.: ea
Do. teenceled. terratusined.eplnd 1.. , 7 10 ' l.
Do. ler ',en,. . ....- , • :P.O „el) Tr
Do INO Preini one , rectelYed.., ... ,1.5.5 - 14
111,11000,11 • ee•e au} U. 4„
I} ,k,i,
Halal:re in la} or ,d ibe t... , , . to ree .. $ . 27,i124 tk
'Ku city or eneinir ) werebante„wo ,narner. of dwelling , ”
and lemteteel :toil r.,iintry ;ohne., b. bend Oda eon ,
pany ...ed. adaantaaca In point ot e• rTI,JIIY.R. Miljty, nod
•,11 . 11.• , Inf. nor, to no Ineurance l. , inatlani In thierountrY ,
Cetnelncted cm the eetuintltle rind. re. fy improved syrteen
of ChteoMeation oh bunko, . . srleidet.: .11 }peenel hararele, in
ring only . hmityl amount in any nut lorality, theta Pre. -
cludlout the frevsenry and nocurrence of Derv. finer:add
alan do ' e th e :inn* and Thiltlal plan, it not 0u1y.p... -
aewe , O cite:tone... send 4 , 11...1 , 1attun ofl..?th method..
but ontltlea the Down,' to. in `in Drofd•
Directore.—lohn P. ltuthetrinol. ~. J tilllertsS• r• Am....
Alento A. Carr. t. i'bilAL, }.-Oit , ..rk. :mantel:donee. Itc.h . t.
liinte. Jelin it r .4n, .toe, a-1 e the r t„re. \\
J. \P 1:l'. llttit}oltD. Prveident
A. J. 611 LE PT. .terventry
A. A CA§Atta. Ardnarl•\ toy It'
N. 11.—A Scrip 11.—AD el( f ,teen per rent. on oar ming
prllicie+ ha. , hewn declared by O. to tn.} re
tet-able at thee. ofliee Mr ret0.\14 , .. fir redectitable ii, cash
at the end ost tanett dare A. A. COLP-1111., .11t. .
. ,
Franklin Fire Insnroaee Co. of .PhiladM.
fItECTORS: Char cs I. Bancker, 'C , c,
Sr Medial-do, Thn.:ll. t. }lnnlerai D. Load., Toldak
ii l P:ne Adolphe 1.... Bone. } ,mnel el ant. David e. Brown.'
Jarvb 1 ,.
eintah. Morrie ran, r-urt.
CllAllll .l I. 11.1NcKlig, Prioddent.
• CaVitr+ G Blettearn. :,••,' .tary.
Thin Om pan, roma:v... ... make Inentnn.e. permanient
or limit...l,lM r,. , .1,, , ,11.1 Of PINI , ,i 109 own and
country. at r..te. tee low se. ,ro en.latent *Ph me•trlty.
The Compan. hare see. rent s tore.' ' ntinlhdet hind.
hich, alai do ir Capital ..11.1 Itrm,nime,„i holy inverts. , 1.
afford ample poduellon i then...lnel.
The ...eta et )n• ill. let, .51. . pule
haled amicable to th} Act of Aneembly. were WI folloWN
31ortnaae. s 1914 .
• Heal rotate
Tem xerary lerannA..... .... .. ..• ...... ~ .. t...t. 7,, A l l' .
• Sir,. their In
I. a :41 'year, ey
bare pant opeva rd. fit On . Wilton lourdlundred Thou. ml
Dollar... Apr . ,. 1., Lire. therehy affording evideure of ha
adatntage•fif Ilieurnure. no• Ural 1..., their andltt and
l''"''' '.'' '''' ' , ''' t ' l . 7l ' ; ‘ Vl l t il . ' ; ' }l l K Agt,nt. 1\
, 0:11,..Z.411 . of 11Cit .en d .. Au.
apl, }...
Penn Mu Life Insurance Co., Philad'a.
- J. , 1
~,.- Hoo ts. Ir. d - , , ,....1.w No 3 , 1 I..Lberty aUret.
or the helper ~,11.Terlietten nf pe.r.nna nooallna in ute
lower plat of the ea.,. the ataht nut, Man leo found dent,
from 11 to . arid .., to , n'eloetk, ret the room el
J. Schocerenaker A Co:, No 1,1 Hoed otreet. vette, ill nee,.
sary information will be gsven and ,rti La untrat : , ,n1 promllt
ly atter..l,l t, I.t.nsphlete Aram:py inla
batten. rat Lite In•nrai•-.., not Man} furnt-hed on
" ii il i r = ', :fork teeer ,i.. 4 ..:...0 , . , and eenetantly Inetvw.}}r \ tit.— divided annualls amonget thete e nonered for ilfe. ,
1...b0r.:1, J.. ..1. 1,1 —t....} 4.
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation \
Insurance. - __ . - 1
• •
F. Insurance oqupany of Notth America,
Peltzwophs.—ovirt..!..l 17..4 CoollalSsoo.VJo.
..11o.Loor, I; 1,1. WOI make
builthnoo and th 1.13 In Mont, and ?Irma, al..
1:70 , tr o•-r) Atore.,l boa,.
and tio, to' la Land troonvntsii.on or on tho
. .
Arthur 0. Ortflln, Pm,. Tboman P. Cora,
tauel W Jon., John It. 1, IL
I,3w m arl I.lnlth. lt, , bazd It.tWood.
John A. ltr ,, eu, 'A illsam Weld, •
,atuts..l 1' ,Intth. '• Franris Ilosklo4l
,arn.-1 11r,..k5. , .. Attetin Allitrona,
.Chart.. Tayl , ,, ' * Wm. E. BOVri,
Annum..- IS ha..., .. tlrorito AT unwell.
Ja , •oh .9 'i1n,n,..., r \Jarne,..N. DiclOol!. . •
S. )lor Tv, V r Mt, U. V. Atwrxrd. t"...< y:
Thin 1. throttle. I ra.urance Contpmyln th.• Cninal ,atatea
sod Isom It. high rtandat, lona eaiwnet , ...atnPlr rn.?. , ,
and ..I•l,t,ling all rl•kti rd an ...Itras hazardous character. It
paar i.,....0n-ol, „ .1 n.. olerung. amp ....urai to the Publ.
‘111..1.1A111'..JUN.F. 6 , Aimnt.
.m . ...l , .1:41.‘ E.ll Front street
‘ ,
Western Insurance Conipanyaf Pittsburgh.
, API AL $300;000. R. \)IILLER., JR..,
\\ l ''''' frn, F. l ' i • `-'''r'lon.,..'-r,,nrY •
' ..unlit a. [lnds of rt,ks. RV. 1.0,1 larine.
ail t ~.,....F. lirlii I. blwrall, altu.ted. and prnwiply praul. •
owe n.titutton--luanaged by Inrectora who are well
kn w In the ...nutuunity, and wbo am by
p rt., and bb.rallty to tountalu the rharader whlch
chef utt . ....antft , 7l , :fi r erinu LI, be3l prot,ron Intho.
Dia. A.1,.....-. )irtl.,, Jr., Oro. Black. J. W. , litillir. N.
rarti r\
H01t... •I', .ctVor.. lhanma. C. I btu... A.. NV„Jar•loor,
1,1. - .4.,, , n; Jatuta ttt , Pin , a , tt ,'
'‘ Uk " l?c;•V I ‘.- t.r•‘t ' t . • '' . .b f . l\ Co
up gtai;.,,Aahtl:h. . ''. : ."' .. r.- ''''"
' -" 7,,,t1y '
Delawar atual Safety Insurance Comp'y
File ‘i , a)lt'lll ROOM OF THE - .R.1• ..
\ ll
elins,; . VlArd ...rot Pltilad ,, lpid.
l'lct la.-ca I,a,',,ltrollitac.. Membandtre, saarothar
prt ....rly. , u•ay, atr.i ,nntr,, alai., , agnlnal lots ,
ckanra, bf tire. ati . l of prrnnura. , \
sMAltt , c nist•tu. -....,1h, al.. mann: t e,..1a, tazgtwx
ant 4 \'..u.,C , . tore' n,t a , mtwv... un.ler oPet! or al.emd
'''l‘.4...ain;"T'lr.'tt'.l.7oll'ff.Vl'l:r.try'reLbto Insure Merrbandlee
tranar. , ..I us Vin,,,k., , ,1:a1l ram, Canal boat,. and
13teatn la t., on rivor , iand laltr:o. on th..monlibrraltkrnts..
Dtaarri .--Joraldt I.l:Nral. !Abound A. &oder. John 1...
Daii, lin rt Burton. Nu It. lntnt . .., eatnnel. ralwants.
tleorv.. c. .Itar. &Isar Darlington. l'aarto H. baail., Wit-
BAlSltuhrvi N..a n. Dr. IL 1 11u4on Jaw.. C.
.11and 'lln, hthis l'auldts , ,.., It.• June. bronits, Stenr;
eimul. \ iit‘gll CnslF. kit,r -.. th,rdl. `Dever Blellrron,
Charb.s*ell, , J. ki. John,. „ tnn, Sc.a Dr. S. Tlndrtda. m, V, . Err, Jr. \ ,
1 , 1... ,,,, 1 ., ' E•cr1T.110...11.-7A. r fiIOTIVIn. iioAil Venn.
Junt , f 1,,,a n.
11 , n.taxsiS , l narlN, I`,.llent. \al+ C HAMA %Ire Pr . eni.
dent. .1L.t.f) , 1. V... i'4.,•?, 4.,,mhsrit.
ca - Orri. s ot th.N. , . Al, •12 Mart 'creel- 1'1[1«
burgh. fr=l . l ' r . 31.‘„DEIKA, Agent.
. -
Ohio LaboraterY, -
\ ~ \ ~
' 1-1- •7 6 \ 11 —.L ' I - b c . - 9 2 ; -w-----!-- , "
...,„...:, I .our 1 _ , 1 ..., , 1 it__qr........ ,1 •
11 1111 i ' SO' IWO ua (111111
%sal — , 85 ~.T-...) . \ 94 ‘,..„iiiir-r -
Per cent. Stionktb. \
lOWELL ELETCII I I& CO., Illanufactu
ni4 ot ALMOL, Par, into f.c.oloViealbt Bran:.
a , Ccrper 1/1.15.9 , 9 , 41r MI , 4k...r wt./ Aon hand.
borner of tine and Front ar. la. Cowman, Ins,
Albe-Al.l onler. from rtb.burg wlll 1., rrnmptly 1111,1
-1 \
at 10w... mark., rrlnr.`, . " aar AY
. . .Wmes,azd qttors. s ,
Na. 157 r.0.,-,/,,v .r., Arnterly .I),\creteker fatiory.
n rleams , .. of Pittahara.l\ . i.b a. V....n... 1 ~., F.
°"" l ' t ` l ' ` . '' s p"li !oqX. r i,-. " 71 ' l, ' l ' V Y 't, r l ,l • ` ,%!.;
r r.0*... - I ,'L so n i:t l ihr.L . e.. ' Aand. arb . ore` . ,tbey e . lill al
ways keep a fall 11.31 , rtinent , •1 the ht atoca , -.sloarlb. and
\Frprt.4. r. , 1 and whit.. Wine.. Air, Frenoh 45.rk and yes
rori t s ' rs ' ila_:t. `h sr m, l4l ' in v ss. "' •t ' % , p L ihroNtlli k sts, '
04.1 ail. apyrol:4 brand, ya.rt ora. Mattua, aborry
any mu..rat 1 , 11, , ... A braallte,. So. "..Abfbaannao i it. 1 . 1..11.4
berrkll4., SWI. Mkt I.lmbnuts th.C.A.,X , .. All qv, [II UO)
Oml,ll. w h01..a..•1.., ~ retail, an lb. tnevt.,....‘ortal, , lona!,
One l ( f li, e partn....... Mr.- lt , b,a , ..nely null enntinn`Pa hi *
importaton busin...4 in ttn-lat) of t , . f art, ehr wPeep flew
is to avll a cheaper 014 t• I,tter , ortn . b. fib., ww)
othar I, it , In thla At,. l'lrna...
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anwr na call,
rareha,..lorwhvre. ', . .. •
. Oa-Faculties rum‘ll.4 trwe of extra char . and 'at it.
~ ' ,..!L!_', .! .!t__ , A,-;--- " i-4,
Lewis's ~Patent Reyerailile .Water . Filtet;
(I a Oli
S NOW , to be seeo inoperation \.4t W3l.
TATE b'S, ntabl.nb No 10 'Fourth Wt..% bt
wven limy and
\ •
LlTerpaa.. , anl at I.lolt ;WILEY,,
i: i il l'r' l t' r l“.'burT !ij ' o r" tTTiol lelair i.lmorlct It:[tof :To.
t . l 11C , ertineatn Iran the Franklin Ityrltute of Phllfalrb.
' N . ii , Z, '" f ' ;:. ',r n ' T,n4ll l :rlre ' ex i iTwx. ',l l ‘ . ,7„, V,t ,l tr..
7f . hirhth. Ibllnwinl arr taarupl4:
Pniuno_rat4, March 2.Y. , t151.\
it ifell bie taut rwommtn.l to the lewert,of
ram War water. th,Patrtit 14.'0,4 \.le Wat,r,Vilt+rer.iir
r art%r r ‘.Tam ia r ' n ' ;:Atrl ' V; l ff . dr2f ' ltin " r r i. ' ll 7 T... fur "' ar' S
\ . ,41.:1111fif. PLITT'. I'd IA alnatatreet.”
• . "I'lltilDr.tral,Marcit.l.4tl.. ISA.
The Patent Itaver.ible Water Fillerer,lurrntrdhy Mr.
Samuel 11. \bowlA. ark' load by me for sonir months at say
ra ' wt r.';',1‘;,..,.,1..V.:V,:.!'af
Io 11'ay...•Tw'.,",,,"*.h.:r Ti' l
r...,onamerbt It \ to 11/. mt bin.. ../bINA.S P. F I tt.I.AMIt.
c. O ' e. ..r atret . ,"
lttere•P` warrant...Kt to 10, ont g , .tnell'or
tants whirl. WA ar1..ab...r0 .1.....-ocr.y......tanann or ~, , t .t.
bk. matt,,* In th watn. Tb, nr. warrenrAl. • 1.... t twt,
,Ye... ,,,, 1 . . , 1 , •• J“•••• - y • hew will hart sew a nvlstn
v ane to .••• ••,•,• ,•• .. arly ,, o‘ax , l. ..
m ...b1.9 Arch Atm., l'biLlJelnl , t.
- .
l EAD Pi PE-,Cnitriell`ft impro\'erl pa ent
' Ague.l.7ta, ' \
Ity.tranli. erms
All on band aal. to arrir . •l, , l .r We. brj \
AL.E.N.sNuts outtno..
inch]: LI . \ IV4 Enmt at..
Heating and Ventilation. •
trz \
W, E ii, A i lt ,,, E r b 31 „ .. , t 1 ., Ef in N 1 LL , ...A. i. 11 r, 11 1 14 , TUS • or
Prfss, . B .:: ,' ; k y .7.!! ,1 4 ' .=7.1,ir :s ' :i N s il uT4 ' ... \ ' /\ ''' .., a L. b "‘u %47 ,
d, a oi Dr,., f,..nrn•t, tor all num.+, wbera re,ant ' e
letnr.:rAtare...ithtr blab or 1. , a, la dented; .14 \ Pir Ow,.
I lter;Wen " efif . ...i! t ly. l. ''''' '''
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ag thrmethol ia, , Turs a whcle:no, uniform b..a a any
nvilra‘l terap.ratur, with untiro Trve4.ta from \et.
. : „ . ,k,..,1,...,1,,,,,,,,. 1 a ,,,,,,,,,, , , ~,,,,, ~,...,a y„.s
nub \ , etiAlCkt,AStilDail.A It t.ICELI. \
\ i Copley's Pot Clay.
iILE- subeeribers are , min . SOIL' Agents
lc ' of J. Ceitl.r kee., Par thA DA Clap. an
lire el. of_wellantablishod rep... Pr the matingareure
tr . litg . = . l=e.. j.: iLiwabeed yaw tte j =
,sebb elebbeed rift. toi atilt: , .- \ .. I ...
' \ \ MY* \ A \ J. Ja..00,. .;
' \
H.R.. At L. RiAIO3IIN.
~11rastl NAM:
1,71m.1 iti!ttor.
• Needles' Celebrated
W:4 Vrn haste
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For ...len, nolo:, ,P.. lA. i-i- LI," PP. 57 Wool
------1----rErIiOLEITIft,\OR ROCK 011
-Th.n are more thlngsM2 hmiten and eartlt„
“Than are ilndunal of impittlorwrhy .•
T ILE VIRTUES of tNs ren,:trkabie rem,
dr, an , Ptlis onnortant lIPPI Iran!. for It. t, the pmpl
mor.lian 'panne,' him to hart. it Idit up in I., , tthwt. with I
tads and &wroth., for the 1.-nottl l of im• math,.
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cans of nalum. which. if known. miAlit‘he Le. mt. , •iwi
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th. , Idoom
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\IfIII:07,IC„ , IllttiNfillTlP. CONPUIIPTION, (In ils ea
Ilr ' iq , ; ` ,. r i.ll%. ^ g ::‘:•',1t;:i . .;',V,3: . :,',r-1' , ',':::!:7:,,' - ',
H,...,.,,,,K1,1nt.., Pain, in thr it it., or :Me. Serra,
lil ww. Neumigia. PalAy. Itheismatto Pinny, lona, FryAip •
els. TAttee. liWWWWrialn, Puri,. ,onl , l,, tild .1 kr1 . .1
de. G in . Ik• ne drbilit>, re.ultlnd from orimkuni, re
long twl rroirdentd, raw:, id dimme. 1111' Iltvillrilli• Will
~,,, ~.., 1,-,11 ~.., , ~, ~.,,,I .r..S,It• u n d a I.Tillt
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Nime G ilt. witht•la the ingantnre of th• ,
Sold It'7, rile pi ppetor. \
„. P. !d. 411,h, enroll . !Wdesi
I. ' t. 't
-. a b itil iL lit it i Pti L l 3 ? ... t . it ' i:l .. l..:., '
tpoimer Vi.” In t and Virmn A11 , , - .lrlwo
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1. 7 NoW i till — in Whit .r, ,i.. 1: nu , l utilictea
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1 ult . '' , ac. •fl.f lhid c. Ise ent , A l '' VI :rt 0 ,b. PETRO
' LEI-11. toutut it. /..- no .1, ~,,, !mow., nturh •
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in the fik, o one , t 013111 D it) 1-11.. i I: I.W %'nines
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kfnz NU mot:. mt plirt•fzeon wily ,•1 I , tn., numerated. \
bn.,„. .
k Rendez - I It m.o. very‘plth. to, alte, n tkill. 'I ho , Petro \ I ,
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,ii....d0 of our moth, earth, inil note , . Pont', and of
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11l hos r unAI rite-. aft, r\b. r m idetri. hay,. falliAl to
render kin, roll. f It ha. Akin dJi eumutind, of Idris
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hiw. cured Chidera llorbuz, h.:, re or tiro dt0....), It dna
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, 11l hilIFVe and
Amid.. It I. ledier t It tnnny medtrateminowspol. or iontznont \ .
I. \
that wA km. of It will cure . 1td1,1..,n, hc t. l n frotel foot, k . ; ~
in a Vie awl anon, undoubted totkimonY , ti iw furnish- ' .
owl of`thr I , rnt eontauroi in , the i. - !..lrA Ala . !. nn , t. ur 2u:11- o .
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lik.y...e,t 31r1 1 / 4 .we11, corner ofilroni eirrAt ml Virgil;
• alley; 11. , ..E. hollott. LI Wt.,' strowt; It S. Elliot and D. kr.. 1 ,
elirry.Allrchcri, . l i.J. an. the sprzipi. \
It. ROSE'S OELEIIIi A TED 1 - :11 - EWES. ', '
0 1)
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tri nr ''' '), i ' i h t
' it i r o I t ' r• l e l I ' m ' ',' ' .l ' im ' gr. " ,i, r ' ''' s r i k
I\ VP \. ' '
U '''''unr •(
"hr'' f i t ? . : "" " '" I '"'r '"th'U"'" "
- \ '
~.. y . in etfectlre n enpr o
. 1, ton, t iworwt.Wra! it A.p.- \
den r.f t. .11 nont Ph.yme - m l . li.lor 11.3 Air, Mad Its
nate of thn 'iillerAity`of 1'..,.' fr..- and fnr didffr ' - -
yet, \•sin, bitm le .0 engazial in thr 1111 . 4 - 11411 , 10 n of die!
mow, d the am - die - M.lm of rvinedier, thApd,
~ i
Vitro gb the b. , ri Itiii indsting tai e. in renuoidMn with k
rt‘ ,..
his Prn ih,lsotie ,r rut , . and idhor ot biA remedies. he has `
weiniAlos uttnitAkiel crunninNt in curing, Ito,- tlroadfnl '
fats, tournt,... Tultrrrulaf Con.uniption. Canoe..
iierrifuls. fib. lazattsm, A.thms. Fez, anil AFIN, Eel - Aran k
dill tool, (\brink I.m.ipAinA. and, nit rho, qlotinale MA ', .
easr.,,,eculiar 0, I malt-. lad., I, Avery form of illscass 1 ,
awni.he. under the ipo of . hil'romodlc.. to which hitmani. ',
ty I. imir-dadf by the nil of on. ci minion,' only,for that,
b. incompatiLle with Phyrktir veal Litt, bat it t he are of
\ hiA zeturolto.. ndapteil to. mulrpretrrilortiot,Adtch yrionliar . , .
(P r ' nr tb '''''' \ i ' \
Dr Ptiwa's Itirtli Alt mare 2111.. who ..rt. aro Intarlse ' \
tidy arkonialnlg.- , , to 1.. superior to All Other, nA a Purg.
tire or liver pill. Insomurb R. thr3 lent, the 1,,,,wep, pro. • •'
boll y free Nom , Oirlii , lll., W. I.IIW , bii. 1k.1,1*. Pillkarti Ad
tuitud. br tbr Fruit s , add - A`A...... tioAaliat rtf iterm , min P - —,
Led tit tonnti..dLo.m...t . , tint IA ing ratidiof that A 11. m trial, ~
is solar...tit to rymi , llA what 100 , boon raid. In thernlndno,
the moat skeptiral. \ . \ •
\ '
Tito Willett,' al- , inet , tit , Loall upon the sM pm. \
mow PerstlA) ono , f the . tr,' pamphlet+, wiring n def.'. •,,
.1 aermunt of end romps . and . ritinhAtt•M• , \
For -ale by theft' lowing.agen/s. m l ,ll. by Mod deur-
¢inu.throuchout th Atm xl
J. Zkitoonmaker a t:o., 2& VorA st.. Pittsburgh. \
,J. ld. Tr.szt.end. DmigirlAtt, 5 Market st, .• ,
Lee A Iteckbamt. lirtiggi ,, L % oar Cho Pettit Offim. Ann: ',
ai m. ph Ilarkl.7,lharliinztOn, err county,. R. ' k . \\ S•
Min Fillott, kin on V Alley w - tt • ,
te ' ,
Zrl. TILE AFFLICVD foundin
Pr. I)..tntt NFACIonr. LiNImENT. '
or . ^ic rl nL which has aprstlbe tennof thnty .Tome:.
vri,lte,.. awl hat, beyond it 4 null. Leer \ll,, nava,. bf Ur
nt lb, lite, thounantl, of Intlinals, in alutont, cirri
«ton• cluiractrn.of dinese. W feel the,: an ha.ntl no. s t,
PIP«, lo nlyi nu that thin the mail - edict*. hot hfaf born
bo the alflicted, thit o.n+. ery 'not the Annie
*hat it la told tor.
It halrund.enato repahl« of 1110/0
y other raetlielpe offendfor rale. teetrare n T hom
mv.l« or sofa. or by *hat mesa.
A•Astroll,3.l root in«inlt pro« 1 Cl the • Re
that 10. la the only article that has app.:to-en in th ftratpt
patent flediefito that hat ever beett patron:an-LI a rote..
et' the prn«,« elite uetnintly. an the 'FIlt«1 a .rablit
Komily ervr ctfere,l for nit, or 1.\.n1 by rot
The lion Grinnell; Th t., \ll ,i on. .obt.
m,r T is. Int« Mayor. lion. John A. Din. Ineto,
tor. 11 11 Port,. hog- hdltor at the nt of •
'limas, ant n ho-t other Ilvtloguithed rintens of IC
who have fully Irned ttt , merit., Itnre nt . I tn 4 • ,
•proortr to ken o eo tfem.
A. tt it evil knon that Patent Mftlirin, ore n Fr.«
elly nstrtnited by the I.,troed, wealthy rant ireles. • t,
TitVtti . . ! rn ' t 'd on/ Tr ' te r cl=CtrO l gt r lt 7 ll::: - I n !.. ' e b n P tf i rTi • \
aerun year, before the public.- If- tr.t frt.hun ore no* ittr:
beg_ Thtn intstt uutloubttnlly in ttrontt
,terteral u....fulue,a nod 01313.3•11
`: •
ac zd all the
pmtus .1•1o..1,.. lb. \
seatrate.tin Natl.« haft. b«en ¢.1..1 without cornplaint.; ,
!vete nerfeeretl nuelt antratltitton ro,tvn.', nee all other\
\hare RI t.uld sttaner better.. had we' hot
rtttfn our rt, , ,,PirPrl, Lb,
Thin or netore'« remeoli't Pterkted fro. te
totNinternal as well «,..ett«rn«.l.r. I t arU>Jltent.
te ,U •
:y upon the \lnt aserk.part--, ving it bran rukd etrength.—
it,. • sun tun. for Pixerbea. Crank,. \ thikku! . l:bolir, qui
ail epatmoduk 4.thrtutn 41.auFt , rf .kthe ,huiner and
\testa-. In s.,le tn• tkunale, from whitt{ver. eau.. $t cc , 27
hake onniontod.
For cab to Pkftrhuras. hy It. P._ t•etlen, !de..u., Kidd .1
en., mud Ogden '‘k k olden: and by the. retaiF Poet' (
genrkully. It I, Out up tn• lour. two. kind one .dolling bat
To the itesdefe of the Pittsburgh \ Gazette,
'DUBUC ATT\ENTICr iil respKtfully irt
_i_ ritAdi to the folldwing tr ths, ref forth m i. , 1 ,, a1k0n to
one of the mu mapert•Mt twm ..11,..'rt runb.rn nu , f - '
1TT1141,1.731 OH Rut; h 011: tt t• not more k.urn,ona
tit 'r h 1:7 , ;17,7, -`, l•, ' At ' ..Z,i ' .ht ' ; , Tr 7 , l T,i `.....:,.'''.'llt h i c 'rt. l l:t 4 74: \ •
to n ' eat. nark.. 'into then, I\-•oine Iti ty appu,rint , kl T 3. the ! ',
nmsnunity, Ittai we alien, that IL: hm.tes tt v. trit , Ll* '. ,
more tertain 911 ll' rttut fano. I.prrad 7 I 1...1 the renkti , •
~ty of • day, gotap tor the et , le k.r emk.un money; \ •
trot. on winch we eonreive. Will cm:none-to tn,tited when \
- a n of
of ra.atrum• hue,• h,e,a krgoit.l3 Ti,.' hit - 61011n Pr \
hNatural Itennuly...lnhorat ell tp tht depth* ~f the earth .
y en a power and tmettry that 'mach. to er,rn alklturusek '
ropeUtkon• It b• oar kinky: when we went: aßtut*medi-
Hu, that we w 1 .1 1 ,• LIO. linth—[t.2,[ It, nor- nuthum \ eaten.
mint to deerds , thaw. who roa, tru•t our word or put,ceur.• "-
.kb•nte at or etatemeatt Iho r.ek an km, apt to ca r t at
any tlung that promises relief from Arm . no
1.,..,11, b.. t..• 111.b1.,
„wrunght to answer t1.... , 19., of IF,
log•or hurnhugutnufieme of them. Now, we dont4 tletira" , •
to do 1111 A we kn.. anat....mirth:lt the truth krk relation
our trilled, should he tab in coin to ,•ettre tor it • rep ,
. tanon.far exe,,tinF any stutkkle arucla n$ the matena rued •
Va. P 14.1. unsvntahrdlatta—farte that mt., Lta....,.. rtaltl.d. ' \
in our t, end tughborhoed, b.., amp , n•unkuu, m fa. '
ro of thr l'etnklk•um.
Withm‘the plan. two two of Ottr fort, eithkenk • ,
.1.1 wen•VO0.111 blind, 1..,, tx•en ro.tored toemin. Sl.
era' of
I.lindm.,, in the. I'M,. of Wan, I.kke. , been . .
cur.-1. - 'And. il.. the raw. of in...nth-man in D,r. r rounty. ..•
Therm... attn.', btrt the, are ce... z own. I. and May
be reftrred trqu, any peekon. wht., b."... th,..., pp the Fpb
-1, Thetenk r . woo. corn, alter 11,5 hatt lkwn nhandone
ed hr 1 4 .7nMa , sa hetketee , .The trued. um will 'cum '
when in•eal ary• bnE to divrtlon•—rharrh , ea,lk,u.ntery. \,.
' Pile..l.heinuittunatUout, No ! tutknoto. an the:inn. .
Pimple, on th.ldre.Chroult Fun E. ek. Ittnork4rta, Tetfrr • ' ••,‘
Scald 11,4. pain , . In the bonew arelyuct, obl rens, lliern,
ty,...... ~,,-,s,..ekttooke eakinha, Art in:us. nronthit" and all
Pulmonary akkleetikunk rut • Clazunir neut.. tendtnuun prat
Burn. and neutda. keesaea a th• Hl atidtz and Eittrs o l l l •"
Esnortated hipple.. Corn., and Bunkum.
(wt. It is a •“...1:110 n•uat tratvrr. and hat bewn tried
In moat el the al.ave.,,nwst, within the ynst year with the •
most ParPret sone.. Genii:l,2n that will Jartrniigh • • •-‘ •
~,,,,,,,,,,,,, o r n t , ,prieten. w.will take rl.atkurein show. k
• Inc thrtn to tho afflicted or tin. friend.
\ Whatever other. =Wk.,. ahntst turn knedirin,i, '
Prirwleitio io Ow greate4 lt , ul.r or At. ,. ..., t1AA416... ,
oft+ mankitur In the profearion dm betkinnin. to -woo It '
In Ar Lou,?! rr Those who at firet Iruked.on with dpult .
am uneertann, ..n. willina ni award tt doo.prabak onel . • ..'
,:•,',. • 1,,,, ..." , •• ~ ~,,,.. ...t he r T..r ruin , rot y, all will to '
.ori, llwl to uknowirktur that thrtl . utre.tento. J. theiVetg,
!Ft 111 I,r, • , ...1" 41 , F•kr‘kale, whoteutte end rte
WI, b, ,
5„. 1 . 5 . F.1 ..1 . .1 ., : r tt 1 i te1a.),! . .F.LL, 3 1,/ , =,,,r. ..•
ElM;t7l, ! k.i g in 1k0tterm, '" A11..71.41 . , 7 a. '41,',,, 1., ' e.. t i a'll.
' •
art..., A, SI. KIVA. Canal Ilania. Se.k - r.t . an Ni t a- `• I.
burgh. stuV A Fahneatalt..l Co ,yon.l and l• •nt els/ \
j• 10 kk ,
.. - - ,--- -
.4.IELLI . ' IMPERIAL C'OLtlll SY.4lf.
1„3 —lt it r wt., easy to take, tuni hirhty efileariana
, Att.uittnaz City. Vanh kkl., I at:,
'.llr. lt.ig. Felierr-sly clatalr.43, 1.1..,thk.r., 'tarn n I
mktdent to troulAnome conaha, and Litho: 1,4 dirk t ,
1 rentedi• to terlk littl. purl - eau.. I wan 14 , 411 , ri by utre,.
Ilarment• about 'lour Contult `o rap to Mc It • trtak- r
\ •
V• • • • re 't nrti7:: C at r Ml: . :A '-l e; .l =t r • ; ',* 4 . , Lt g ' oa " ... ” . • .
• l hewn tv ,,, ta,n'tp,i it to .1' ^,..",,...... '1..0. . 1
, ronseltncinx. ,,,,, ly belie, that It is the „ ..,.....inkb edifttai :• •• .
'','"" ''''' 'b. " '''' r d ' '''''' ,.;:l ' O ' it• Ant.
rue - --. ' •
Partuats °tumid r•ltp \nit their chltdma tn sane 111•0•0 ' 1
<Una. wkikri they may v. eur..4 by • 7.t. et. bottle a Ude , t
ArtnP. . ~,, ie
l*panwl Itlatilmld by P. P.. , ELLER'S,. • , A
aneh2ti LT Iffentirt.. And I , IIII2gIJL -.Heald
' - - - I-- -
I_ll.\r EN T MEDICINES, tic.—A irtrge stoc
-1 .ter.., and for Pala °tithe wow 111..2,1 t...,-.•. .0111 . •
n.lkta•Vintrnent . I=ttc , :kaita . .. • 4 \ 1
L.. :: '" .l " Vt . ' 2 ,l l.ln 4 l l ret ' e r nt ft h i ' t 'r e,rl:ka d: sr l i r i r't :sll7. Of Ii of
• .
I .4..1dr... te.r , ~ n, 1 ,6,,,,,,,,.
. -
P Inmost , .lu. k Carrenter't F.akturtef Ituall
Pit 4. A tat-ikiDon. Court:ll.u, • .
I - 14 , ' , \,• \ Dalbl'h.t . orminative , '
rater. * . ...punkt,. :wt., for Poi . i •
.• I,T,•••• . '. .oro ot, Ktug P L',ll kkaltr. •
k ti • Ant YtMertt: \ ikla. snialt- ' ' A; , ' '
' E...ArtnActl'. , l••,irrant
\ \ '': au 111 k ‘ a T l '' ' ' n ". 4 •k . : C i \ .4t= '' • • • ,
!i l ,n %\. \, : t„t= Y. -
..\ ~,,,,,i l, ,
Bowl:ir•ro, Fol •\ - Mtwowl
~.." ..i•Vro ,- , twr 13.1. • '. 1
1t0... ointlarnt Fe•tt.• i 're ...I
Mt . ..npalming tent,. $ ardener . ,l, Liniment . ... • \
ewaltrit!,Ptlatten thwthwy -. Wyn: . • . .
Thl111:14tOff EMI! Gait, ri,,,jp, ,
‘T . Orla 'l4
At tbolnVit Br \S. N YtilelitllFlLLlt o f ''."
ant \ barna WicApsl load tityt.b grwtil. • . •
. .
- • \
ir \
'--151.1* %81glig 4Q:
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1 \ `''' -* ,