The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, September 02, 1851, Image 1

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Sir MuteranCtn advanna.
WE LY-t-f en Anna, to tam., oulalvance. Cat=
II be varptivt .to thololloanng conntalanat—
.., rhea win* prt• I..nnual ' ; I 600
bta. conk, 'll
rbatpankell* e art. Club 6; tte Wizened to one per*,
;paid Invartablv In *avant*. jio Man Papery will
ba *ant after Ina ye:cr.:oM*. ttnitatt tate macaw is rent
'4'"-"Q" el a '1- or r. : ,l t C . 6 3
Do. rachs.lliti ' ood imoortio., 0 'is
itiesn .......... 000
0.. Luz months 1010
sit ..... 12 04)
oral, ot,ottts 14 Lot
tsrdit: 15 nate or tOrlastuoto-56 CO
Ono Oolttr for oselt attlittooll Itutt, •
o t ot &part, attotaeatle at rieamte (ter ea .
atm) otrlot;re of the Oo
tor each tOl atonal taut,. looerted over tala ClOtet. sad
itarh .I•Ltiotal equate IrditTtnd.os der the Taetit rattatl
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number ~f law rtions. atllbe coating:al tPI forth:l...d ray-
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Fa. rrivllego of annual airvidlarit e&irt=t i e: f r r
trade item.diste business,: and all wive
rhe lament it other poireircansrell as ail alaertharonerita not
laganilatels will their ovn business, Keel all
.CiaIISCI , of advert:a-dwelt% ro length or otherwise, berrad
tro• Magi's iodravil aal Fe charged at the or/aired°. For
such tram...ea advertising, bill, will rerandnlT
er.deral, and protard reirtnent is derived.
All wirertiseinants for shad/Ale Isialltntlons,. Ore eon,
Inneire. word, township, and other nubile reeelitnare, and
each lina to be ejlargal Ind( vim; parable strictly In ed.
Marelogo notiraait.. So eh axial Vie .. .its.
Nab uctiorx.n.artcd without chores, unleea accoanto
,tilarl by funeral ineitstiona or obituary collo.. and when
ro -pmPuotol to to raid for.
amber iwirertisor, aud all othera rending .liommonfrai
oa. or requinho' deeignoi to call attention to
ha, Yofrolos i Concerts, 1.1 any ruiblie entartaiiimenta.
where charges are mato for admittance—all notices of girl.
vita 0.-witiations—avory noUro deodirned call attention to
priest , : enteryrieca, rolouLtial to intetailed to promote indi
vidual intoreet,,can only 1.1 ir.erted with th e underatami.
tug that the tame to to 10 paid for. If Intended to be in
/ settled In the brattvioino, the, will to clintorril at the
ata o f
'nut it. Mtn 10 emote Per Ilne.
Illehop or 441, NOtiNA to he charged triple
' Yoram [titer-, $2 end,.
.• .
Itcal Estate Acecits' sal faclttoneere adrertsesarats not
fobs °lured carler Tcarly tarn, but•tn dia.' thirty Om, =a one tidni per rent. from the
=cunt cf . •
ChasEquar . i, thr. ....... ISO
an50tr.n . ...473 1Y WUUT ram.
Ore Naar., (10 it'll). oniiirWiritan— . ...:26o ants.
F. KEHR, Attorney at Law—Office
loortlt rt. barren •Botithtltliiand gram, Yito
JOS. IVVAVER, .Attorney at Law, Fourth
~reet. vier tb. Mayor's thlics,Yittelbargit,•P.
lartioox uttaod.,l to trootrtlT. awl:MA*4
6 .
t te a Ilklbatimp, fe..) 1 (JAW of India.. ..)-
LIPLIANT & TAYLOR, Attornep st,
' .lizw-0111r. on Ftruzik street Narl23( r .bstwora Wood
r]. Scalthdold etrr,, Iltrabufsk..4* _
--N. N.__E. L. mkbmat 13 CaLLIZI=Uer UM the State of
Z.,,,- York.., - 015
'BINS & COLLIER,-Attorney
4.j rm... lourt.trAsrat. al+ne Smlct2:4l.• ••' •
W. F. WHITE. Attorney'at
jin i ttg, s ii . :-.l l t . stn., Emu roartt,
1 y
P. &G. L. B. 1 ETTERII . r Attor
t.ET,c4'ar P Z . . " z""'",r-u•
AXES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, fate,
in Te!g ra3xt liall,ercer of O.= attest end Dad
• .7.Pittrbuz.en. ' JaMIT
V_RANCIS C: FL Attorney atLaw,
11: ni ITO Falai& cow:. Eltte
N. warm.
§TOWE & WATSON, Attorneys. st. LW;
Yo. 110 1 ourth!Ftmet,
, eantauG Goo. W..1.1,,,u1,1 , :tf0har,n: way
ADWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law;
ofa., .1 Lonna, between Ircud aal taia•
lASPEit E. BRADY, Attorney nt, Law,
El No. 63 Fifth Wm... Pltlaourra,4.
JT • ARRISQN SEWELL, Attog at a,
au, Btuii VT Infothz ...I=4, doff.
o.l.l2cornetto of, 1..1, or_ Oltfo..—Fo oon f of,,,,bo T o
Beilth}l•l4 • • . a-ea.f
GEORGE E. ARNOLD & CO., &liken:
Beelns Euheo.., - , Coal, Beak Note, L No. 71
fourth sauna =at doaf ro Lai Beak of Bitteburgh.QoY
letaoas earefulle_etkauted to. fad the , proceestsrecaMea
sat part of tho Baba. .
vy.n. H. WiLLIA3IS & CO., Bankers
act r -r-‘14.: Braletz;North East ear.: of Waal
and ht,txt atnectd, l'W•Sburgh. ak, •
do treameenna ando an i1b. 4 41 term-Wand collaordera
• arty stranded • • -ladt/T
D: KING, Bank& and Exchangeßroket,
• • re.rth ...c.a. Dater is Bank Now., BILL pf Zr
c Aug... Gold Si.'v t r.. tv , tatt Utt t
Thr Icigliest pr. faii is premium fcr
fi if Dcll;.rt, cad Itc!oar. tad Eremirb Del!arr• Lr i ass
f and,
..M.LARINLER, JR., Banker and Breicx:r,
at -oat. N. td, sAjblthair djPitz.buzgh.
A . WILKINS & CO, Exchange Brokers.
Tbycl and 31niketitreela
110 . FIOLMES g. SON, Denied% in Foreign
,111 • .4 Dositgli ExchanAr, Geattficatas of Le
n.k NOt ,, a o. Meirket stmert.litts
I ourgb.,_ - * <vtbe rtittcapal ct.tles
throusbout raltcl NU,
KRAMER d RAIL'!, Bankerir and'.
chaari Draiscir Dcalus lu Footsie. eat Domestic ,
Exiihaeg.Ccotitcsose of Doucette,. Doak Notes.,
comer of Marks R Thtra sal %Caul stmts. directly *wite
the SU otel:
• •
I, D. 9.1 001-3, 131 Th.
Jrft tia IRVIN; Commission March:matt;
sal Ell Prolecen N 0.113 Second Meet. Personal red
Foists srourities from $lOO to 510.0 M slows nu Lead
IZIER. ILANNA a Co., i ucce ps o N to
..11.07, k Co,'Bnottivii,
\ dealers In irera, and Demonic Estbooge, Cortifootto
of Depadt, hank Not., 004 Specie—North 'West now of
"Weal at Tiara ft+cooo. Correa !lone/ ratoired en ,Dor.
toOt. 1.1,ht Chortof;roala osolsollortiou modem, mar
jqlo()ltLift'itroltll'.fttLf i b lont a O4 ' i, " O; "' on% Amoileon
os000•nado oncoadgrazoosto of itodueof,ahlryod OW.
an li Ad bProl term.
, aW; TAYLOR, Oommiasioner and: Bill
lualnnter, - -na ErCo nd moot /Strict attention 'win b.
giro.; Oo an twin.. rotrottol to hit cam Inttaboaßn' arnolra always on band or procured at abort
Dona, 'Norm Pondr, Mortgagor. Ar-.. , gotbaed
stsla terma. M tsoaw root, if abed. • - Oda.
IP C. STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stohis-
AL. tan: It ookooller, flatboat. hinter. and Binder. fort
tor of Market and Third oLtooto. Pittetturgh. •
TABS. B. lIQL3IES' Cheap Literat4 betiot,
sur • Third striOtt, opposite the F•at baba. Bonk re
mind, dolly by es F:'• antetripthets atomised to ant of
.the Mtharloas or tic tt stators. publicholat the enblichat'o
boreal orlon
HOPKINS, Booduelliv and Stationer
7 , 4 Yourth attert., A lin MAW..
o_dort M'CLINTOCK, Mptmfaoturerand lm
er of Gd-rdi, an Cluchn, Buda, Boa
Ito V,
W Window Rodin % de, -55"dlebendle .8.85 north
d ood st- Pietelmni , • ,
W. POINDEXTEIt, cornercrWateidnd
. Market charts Pittsburgh, 091.111. , 1011/IND FOS.
!Asa," Herts. md. ier the Tutebsse andnl6 of floor.
Women, Praline, Imo. bieile, , ilest. audthetitanufactered
extJeles of Pirtsiests - b ....,..
Also—dgeutlor the ask. 0f.,.:. Min, 4 C0,e1, , t1 T... Wit.
Ml's .lebrevd Manure end liar Forks, die 5r10.....d ui
• PlICCI: era Jetties A Co.iesOpetior Psebt 4 row o a ts
:Cl_ ,' A. MoANULTY &...00—' . 1"raugort re,
C:..).' Toms:din stitl , Gootmitaino Merchants.
. Quit 141.C114,305 I ron Asset, Pittsburgh. . few.
Tierchazts, tin. 151Xs1erat ot,
VI( 31. H. JOHNSTON. Forwar• •n g and
' Fi tt.
ut kansisdloo Merchaat, No. 112, emind • stOtt.
R t StiVES, Forwarding and 6G-
Dralors to Prpluca tal
eriviss, Ctp.l NB .near 45,gatil
Any; ONES C 0.,. Succeisors to sit-
Glamirt.ork 'and Tomtit O'
F; - elmla PlAtaburgb Varinf4--turecl Gnats.
4,.... „ „.0.........,........„.0,...,0...
4..T..VASON'Ft CO:, Wholesale and Retail
r,oatr. Is r..4fr '..e.4 etot. Dry Ciswlg..C2 tistkst
if eat Pittsburgh t ___, ,_._ vl r ~:., . .
. CrWRITY . BURCLIFIRriIi;, Wuotss — ii.;
...4 }basil Dry atiods lisrelynco. armor of Fogrtb
Set otivsts. Pittsburgh. • • .:
......_... _
Ft- 1). 11UNTT — Dentiii, Corner aPo .
nit-slur nc, beween Market Uld fan'
► f0=7.17—.3
t t , am. I Luxus and
fidnalocti;.• .11..rh.514 for Lb* rale of American
Goon, efn IZO labarti - et. Fittelnutil. •
Q FI4RIIAUGH, -Woos Merohains.
k. 7 Dealers flq3r and Prolemceslerant. and
and Ilereheate,3ll.s /lest, etteet.
2d - 113 3..41,14 m.r.r.e.
, • N & CO. Ipporters 442 d
ooawbo ILarstrar7l C. 1 107. 1 %. ,1210
, flet2 i f . l l l2 o l2ll: , R f
, T ;
D ' T , eta If:V
u ti o e. ,. 71 e r
\ R.
~, t rare...... :.. .... : .... 4 Z.Z . t: 174.. .
si• A. 3r-eltritb- ' ''.6.6. :, ........ and
. to. D.... 1,:, Nn. , .eta rty•streat abort Wpm!
-it tirstsTo att Mad • I .r• _ nt of Chafes Ican
~, v ia vi a , ' T q q,../. Alma— a. x suits stol Nqts,vt vile.
*le sad retell. Dtelem inTaltd the lotrtat tem:
.- - I
, . •
: - .:. - . -- Tn - E... -- : . p:Att - ;" - , - . , '. -- rji - Tr'fi . - : -$ . - .11.. - vit . :Git - .HGA.i:ETT,..
UA. FAIINESTOCX. CO.; Wa+learde .
clattifacturvpk c!.f White 1, ..10 !. - 4 •
Ft.,4. aryl Latuur, Shod &lda streeta l,
(4. 4... atr..x.i 1.,c. aruo , ca..
yk:EYSER Sc McDOWELL, (Successors to
0 Bret e E,,y.r.) tirbnli.ale sad Itutall Drug lad
- ..cripclon stons, c• - . 711, et Irm , l Iltrn. .lad Virgin z.V..r
Pti: - .lciavn . ptt.rintione rstefully componcl.l meat and
55 CO. \Wholesale Deal
. en tet Pants. 0111. Lye knife, .0" - liestrum•nt.'
L ) , ,;0 . 1 , 2 ,.. 111,p . ce .0 bru e ri r 1 . 7,p/k-fttie i
Fourth ent.J4, ritezbezej 4ireCers ;ill be ea.refug; LlL. ‘ ?k
et. ervl with all..nb
E. SELLEI3.S, Wholesale Dealer th
Drum Pe:n4, Dye Stull, 0114. Vern Lab., de.. Ic..
.1 Fll, , hurei. I. Goode wen-sated.
Pllm lo w.
ji", l N. IVIC ERSII.A3I., Wholesale Drugginrt
111 1.114“ ra..c7l ray.v.
RAUN &REITER, Wlvalesate awl Retail
I.ll,erti ark 4 Clalr 1"Itt.•
urah. Y. •
JSCHOON3I Ali ER & CO., 15/11.1esalu Drug
rsta, No. 24 W 0,41 et. I . l44buret. k
" .IM." MANCIS W17.6 , Z.
W F.LSON, Wholesale Grocers and
11 L. SIIEE, Whulegule Grucer,
. 3lerchant, Paper and ]rage, ronwr of
Penn aud iru,n r:rwrta. I'al4tpurg4.
c n IANUEL P. SIMIVER, .Wholesulu ru
cor. Pro-I.e and GOVILItiII•SOU 3rcreltanta, and Dra/
eta In Alannfactured Artcle, Noe. 130 and 132
&mud atrent, t.tweddi and 3n31114,L1. 1.111-11,nrxtr.
!EMI' EL 1..1111/an nistru nnwolan.
TORN' S. .DiLAVOB.TH CO, Wholesale
Oro.-erg, Fro/uns Comiaimmion - Marcbsn., Lnd
.fr r ota for Ila r szal rowdor 4,ll,..arthille, Conn., O.
WLI Pittearqrstb.
ING AA ' VllVB6ale
JUI Gyros, wW Carumleakm )liartiel 116 War
strt,t, and 160 Elm suret, biburgh.
11:£17, MATTIIEW 5 & CO., Wholesalu
LL Ilrecors,Courtaloriui wd. Forworlios 51rr0bar77,077 , 7
oto for Wight. Calton Yarn", 57 Water rt.. rittaborgb.
dtard .10LIN
CO., Wholksalo Grocer,.
Corardnion Mtd-dhentd, and Dealeri la i r rodaer nod
llttsburgh Manura.turre. tibert, sdro.d, Pidta
bargh, Fn.
B. CANFIELD, lute orlitttrreo, Ohio,
Pearl .tott. s to
ad W
Western Prolum Fivoerr7.4, -. tVeLdr fIM t.
botwordt Sdaltbeeld and Cludidddrah.
• aleOrman, l' to 'esti enreunienon
Deniers In Pitnstrornt tlanufacturee and Western
Produce, No. 36, corner of Irout -51,mt and Chnoct,, Lan,
DICC. ............... ... • . . TIM"
ISA[. 111 DICKEY & CO . NS holeealtr Un—
rest. GOCarall4slL.l2 Merchant, atos Dealer.. It, Fruit:et--
156 Water, and 107 .Frnnt I.l.burab.
•. .... J. 1."1.3,C•1,..
Nerds"! hits E I,
. ,
011.11agber & Co.,,lin-errs.Comilv.kon ani
Nemblotx, and lloAlcrs Prolum awl rim,
bomb Manufactur... No. 1„2,..N,L.0.1 eS mud 121 Itro et
betworn Rod onllStoltt,field.
m . 61.
, G c 1 ,, L.L , 5 ,„ & :,. TE ),;., 11 , 1110- . 1 ,, esz t li; C i l , roce . rx n a , n ,„ 'd
LtoBERT MOORE; Whokeale (ire !c.-r,
IWUfrine Installer. Basler lAttel.ur a . - b
atacturee. =4 all .n..te Farvaa - a
/411.1.. Lltattr On ha. a
yala i za i tack a l f 11,a=alla,
9rocera. CATear-1,-!,a dbalvrala Yrduw
sad Pitiatrant - 453
l'Codr..s.fcc - c - crl.c4. . =1.. 0 ..
Cc“ c
Rt. a n d Dads: tc.burch Mama.. .cares.
Liber:7 greet. PitrAbcccgh.
1.0112 T.
/, I . &. CO., Wholesale Ora
-V V mrs. tic.. Is sad -;:s %sc.' iltr.buzgt.
_ma, ... _ ..... sec:4,MS,,
J et }SoI'AAT~LEOB, succoesore to
!_ 1.
tolcr c :Vg`, o ., t f,
comer of Wow sad Watcrstre.str.,l . .u.obur t pl. e""
Cticr.arx , '
db LEERTSON CLOUSE, Whdle.salti
'I .
rind and CAIMIrti,V•AI 3itttaLltn. Bealcni Fro.
bttrgb Mulahrturrd ArtiFl, Lab,rty
Mee, litt.burqb,
S. V. ..... . ....., raesll±l7.
.D.WILLii3I - s. db., Wholesale and
• 1444.11 Family Grocer, Fer•rardiac - and CCD19:11r4:01
-ehusta.aad . Dealsrs Sz Country Produ. and Iquaturai
Ilumfaoturze.“ll3. a Wool and ilft2l au, rittsb.,L
urrta. a. la. tanaaa
younuroll. Wboleasla Grocer,
araZasal Cozuntaki...llarri.alat,aad &Islam Itittabura
.10.120. ...terra, run e
&R. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Com
. ate= Itotanata, nag TY...sters In Yanture—noun:
13cIlling.s. treating ea Liberty. 'Waist.. atal CiW
atxtots..Plttabargb, Pe.
JOIII PARKER CO.,WholeraleGrouerr:
Dealers I, Pra. , lu,)utiLo. Wine, 144 w, ula
Lngsbeli aid L'AN2LtL,I 1%115:L.:L . —N.. 5. Ccauic l 1,43,
ibarty gt., '
AS. Dal ,ELL Wholeeelo Grocer, Com-
Me.rf ° .Carron Tarns. ¢nd I'isw
ginerallr—No. st... .24 7n AL-EL Littabir4L
g 0 NIL MELLOR, Dealer in. Piano Fert,s,
Meal, cret 7elel.4clel ltAtramera,
doxery. agme ka Clelelterukes haze lo4tee,.!er
West.en Penr.e.ylevaLe—No. e 1 11, owl Ct.
ENRY 16_,EBER, Dealer in Music,.Nlu
aaa Instzutae.r.t.6. ..111.1..urrar a Mali. Eent.....
sgent for CSILIA CL•rlie grmul mai-I,lre .k..irve
vntla Wm:mem Zak.. fa: InalUtaxisi
=est rf all rises taLl.- Isea and r7:aar tasks. ef:es
ebriC t lri ett n 4 - 4
. 111ilued collseap.. ere
Jura at PITENCOTT a Co.. .'.e no. Water la, I'll -
buz2l.e , •
um. 2. coati= DAVID Lars,. cam. 31 . 6:11•III:
mlbors roormlbeturo 0r.41 aDrr amilsolly on hurt An
Tugg.l3rods,lll.9tiermablo, Flubdultur, Clout. an.l
Uob Do. m
Flour /U] um Lathing Nall*:
Corm MUIR bud Tort. Bbcrol Nell.. Corm guad••Zour
Shoo raucru Nlakors' Point, 111,..0, zU./.t.
41c., etc— dr_ CAMPBELL. CUM
sca:r - Woreboum et.; l'Utaburgh
Alt - 0 7 i:u'e:147111Tur P ' , V IttuEl'ictWitsb'oPt
OAFS & iiatouSatturers of gpring
sand Ellis4n. Ebel. Playa tdotd, 8..1 Plough Wonni,
and nada njulturF. lianunedad Imo r.dslc., sod
idnalnre to Malleable Sannun. Ore Fondue Lunn, and
Cowl Trloorioga gen.colly. comer of /dm and Front
l'ittalndtgb. l'a
net, B.rci Jt Co, Itioutorturere tif Soda Aeb.Bleseb
oe, Powers. Marlette sod 8 ulpbrato Mat. 11'valve,
. a Ca Water rt. t , e/mr -E.M. •
rtler add te r 3e
Id vor
aal Arartitan Paper LlAl ' airtge sad Iloriers.
Riad.. PI. Yrinte, kr., Al.—Writing. Printing.
.4 Antral.; Paper. No. SS Wuxi anal, lagrean Foartla
Diatantatt Wes. Pittsburgh, Pa.
4 OHN ACCSOCIHEY, :t gout for tho lake
Erich nd >fletalinn Lme. to Licacer and tbei
co e corner ot Watcr and NmWitold Ms.
RLE.F,SII k CO., Tramporters by Canal
4 , ToriardlooOlerr-lo.autfs comer of Polon frtz.f.
h ao o CinaL •
:CI 4 ti 4:) AVO
I 'A: BROWN would mostrapectfully inform
flee telblie thmt,at he keeps on bead f et hie otmol Gott,. ergot
tba Dtareu Alloatef m• eamole.
of Vemlidmi Woe* C. Vol.tlfe o /31,0 ty uttere ere =do to order
to the
Tit.l3Tla.wz*t-t -1. -Attn.Auu l ,lr.Vei d
eon , &tem. Mai., m o t lb.. moot, tool, and weal
of the cabinet aatabllehmtot of itamsed dr Modell-sod. 1 am
et to furaiat Mr old memo. ma. well ea the pub
-1: et tare. , with over; thew to th eir oral.
o .t/feecyrl. l o.. Wood btrect. Pateeotela
33 - 7.=m,vr;imn=w
JQSEPII JOIINSTON, Perce i.I.ANGER signer a Third stre,tAti.ll.l.l
tient Laub. Le, for sale.
loDAM'lliAlllttE, Veterinary Sutgeun, late
troct Edir.burith Eoutiatol. wooll -irti•totA o /1
t the yobbo thatkr : .hao cotamolzonl prude* or the
arroyo oratorio= and, ; caroful rarteution to whatever
oh¢ve.c.lto bo hop. to Zoe asterrarth.o.
Iproooootioo rr;th Joroaa Hoot.. !tom Shoal.: at
Blatktorithing soil:nil to rerrkd or, at thew nt r
OTTuttool Woof. arroll:errosylraaht .lacslll,
EVILLE JOH—NEON; Engraver (in Wood,
Itgr; 11s11, (thtni 0.7.7 Pfasboxyd. I•a.—Vierfl of
is Cap. Slantn.*. Ikeda of Nov.p=l,,o. froutland.a.
Lardsdayno, , Lnid is minas: Diandocs,—tnthn fan atria
f art. and at taa I watt Wk..
, 1: r.etnaltalment. Th ird 'aline, oneself. Lbe J'
, a e t e
Plttabureb. Hat, Landscaper. botarsita. etbow4 4 / I s.
Haltnadt,Trults, bond. Lahti.. Arelattectaral and 3 - 1 blue
brawltz.s.buttunta and %Intim: Cards, Le, utgette . o:
drawn on 3torte,, and minted atota, Geld, Dronse, or
mad, to a n ad aeeena-.I teat. and at tee not rearem,
Wegner, Bnechner Mueller's
TUE ABOVE F/Rllrespeccfullyaquutee
tbele frierAe end the pvl,ll, ce4erune. th,t tr,a,
aiu prepareduxtzux., Ite 110, !Int leo( eleeir art, an
r,:era fzz Show Cards. MI Diplc.a., Cute ,
Int rrefeaplmtal Cmde, Muph Cturta. Labe4, 60.
Their escataetice.t. Le a: So. sterile I..tereen
Thlnl une Pnneth stole. mehh.ef
• - -- - --- - -
'1,17 W. WILi. 4- .JN,, Jewelry, Silver
v If- W.,. io , l Mllmary liooli. corral' of .%.:11 0 .,.F . , - 1
Fourth A recr... hzu.tpurcli. Pw, N. /1.-11".....,ar.d C.p.,“
B.LG LE MARIII..f.: WORKS, (estalJi , hed
1- , 40 by eg•MI•Nr , WILKIN.i, NO. 154 Lib-,,
Burial ~.
a Wood Arret, Pitl.rbur.b.. Mont.acrae„
Vaulty l'ombec El*.d...z . ite.; blautei PIK., Cf. , . ..d
/ VII ' 4, ' 7417,: b i.if1i or 1 4 , 1 • ;::. ` ::1 ` 44: - ialo
Wm. It McKnight
. . •
1, /LL'gite 'special attention to the Collec
- I r Mon of rialins for )![reheats Mid others:in West.
era rmhbFlVasda and Eastern Ohio.
°Masi. Tilghman Mali opposite the New Court /Musa
PititiMgh, Pa. •
ilrferenetri—iJahn Morrison. P.C. FlaneiMi. P.N. White.
Jleera Hata men. and igin..iiresnilleasi M.,... it?
Doctor G. Ite.irMlPlm
• .
I.xtNFOI274S friendianHi 'the public in gen
eral. that be has restored Ms oftlea Fennatr.,o;
to EL Clair
P. E —Persona oadobtol to blot for length of Eme, are
tequutod'w outtlo their ice,...924.
SMAII DI KEY & CO, Agentii for Me
dank', Iron Wurks. p couiunily on hard sad
or sale et very low prices and of p e r quality, Dar
and firmer iron, Yaf Slurs, A. iyit)
F. B. Moore, M. b.,
I opecial attentlon to the treatment of digeseeg
and ehlldron...l acute gene-Y.11Y...
<lronic awl rurgical diveg..og. oMiee ou Andersen elre4t.
lear the Iland btreet andatelt dear tO the Pig),
og Mill. Allegheny City. Oleg hourg.from 7to g
fron Ito 3. wad th , hi 7toP P. 51.
ICIIO — LAS VIVIAN, Ciry Engineoi,
Draught...num, and liraetical Minh. Agent. Makes
caught of Models fat the Patent Office., mtg. of Kochi.
net, far Min, Water Worts, Rolling Mills, an. Mar ho
found betwixt 10 IL )1. wad M., at Id rent:lance, No. '2l
liarbury Menet, Pittsburgh. • matllidl7.
'colt]) '& CO., Wholesale and Retail
JL nanutacinrors. so d Dealeneln Llato,Capaand Furs,
corr of Wriel and Fifth etreets, Piltolloritir. Where ther
offer ne a full and CV= Plots on:oh of llata,:eato, Fart' .to.. of
quullty and 2tylo. Al Wboleula and Retail, and In
fi to the attention or their curb: men son Purehlioero
all, rooming them that cher trllf roll on the most saran.
tatieolia tortito.
DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
ana D.nlyrin ileadr Made tlothing. 137 Llb.rf, .t.
Card: ' •
pit. ti. J. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
OM. and dorelline.. corner of Darlington'. tan, Ho.
,Thinl streot one ,loor above Etnithbold et.
Dr. Myers ban .crln &detail located in Planbuzsb, and
will ...tot In the duties of biz Yrotore.ion. He will Clio
perprolor ottoca.O.ln .timoicsi.croto. wad tho dioes..e. of
WM., nud_ohli_d_toLo_.opleo.tro
Im[wrtem of Wines,
w. , rt Matt a.cni tia”1:11.1.
P A, MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu
foal send Ia unvm Cou,puiy.'U dater wve-
iF GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
el the Imam , Onnpany. north orner et Wood
alld Third rtreet..4.
rivnere,l in du every deorrirtion Elitolint
and durability. Itleuk Rooks ruled to an... .d
.th[ and
bound rubninuall, Liouaa lu uunaberp: or 4•lti bock,
Mond earelully, raralrni Nam., put. In gilt letter.
who bays biuding ere invited to cep. Prieet low.
.10,11 y
Eitearabo — abigeng, and General Coramie
sion, pstecelving. and Forwarding.
111LDWE'i k. CO., hare this
day luste4 vrtr.b.Lb.a Mr. John L, ,, t,a. ar .. ti offer
1 A,egrvic, er3
publt:. &teal-vat 3.... ....oral
•and t uo , ter the
I , ALDICIN..PLUMs.Z.‘ut.t. Arra! I- I 111:
aP=- - Ir •
Attoroer l at - Ls, Nc. 164 - Thud er . icimer - cf Chet,/
havtuA rus4e ei L erartp.m.te I ^r tho PotT , " ,
Irrocura 8./tar L.r.d. ter nelners awl their.
wldowa and tildr,q, mud Weal to •ay other b.l
- erazect with a. Arrramcnt at .et Mal. ,
i,urt. at :be c,.s nt.
tai nlencn ,
Drawing, 'Perspective, and Painting in 04,1
IR. R. 5.311 T II It new prelva.ted. to give.
ttLuriatt!oz rn elszretl-ratzt.x.•
or s Ae.:4.hrful eat. ,s• b. aims. Scalfe
Iticisuctis ete hutign, Ft,. ester, tetlre...c Wood nal
~I.lret stzsort oribratetlno. 4.5
know raitalg (11.f.r...,, , n) at the rt..,
. LTJ G L. 7 .
RODS--sprat's Patent.
JA)iE :,wkaue.
W 7 is<uß Ihz..r. ed 1r0c:!,,e, - Pdtdbar . o, P.
EtTlarS,4 ttlt tte , caar.r.t get c.4f17..1 1.-
tutu scculat<lr, Fria
ancl wb, , ..1.e• bieh.:.7cn
r.Steru, . - ..,l2 , lctrAcr
c...l,ntstaettuld , 11...tra
ctr LX: Ili, at 1..4,1,.. Ito crate.
.”.I)C., ore rv..f...:;ft1117 reqn....l. call e wool
toe, ...I wllers. Alto. th.
be orvci cas2l.V
Btorage,Shippings Commission Merchants,
..ledl-rf, in G ret enes,
117, 1 :g; ' ,f ," Ctt12:1 L 4. ' i7b1! . ''"
— Gael n.1' , 1 - 13;;D.
Nil. -
, Wbe•u'... Luta), -
T Co.<l.le:. .
tin. 16 Wood Leurecn Piro: qmi Steansitu.
(&IG Of' SUL GOLDLS tatfVE,l •
itiANUFACITRER of every deseripitun
cooe.".l.Vt: Sra rm.. a the Stv, t approavl
t;ferk zuld kik.h k, ~•aff...a -the boat afat cfast.k. -
.1111 , —.1•ALLOO :•10V}S.:, aka.; wittch •el2l be 1 , 1.1
Jowell h: -antal door Ocf`t "ktaYek. Eiyt
StM”ar. Itziflat,•••• mutt. ETUVe.3. klain aulfanc,fietj•-
,a krtticf: kle oaklt. Oka a:tvat..ka ~ • 11:aa;at• raa
11 , 1,1• WA.rt. • A,. a-I ye La, it.
Ole au. att. CLalark fnarr-tokfing• eleawbare
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
rrlIE undersigned have juet completed their
.te .mt.tettete..teee all rites of Oda 1120. ! • A
col:acmes and other ht..., and all otakaof
wUeb ml , l 1it42.6e Tai, ars
rirrtrci t^ tz. arc,- witb.zittl4.
Rockingham and Domestic Queensware.
WO3D t iVAR , D, „ B LA , R ELI: ez r, .
LIST L1V1,1g:., ,,, , ,. - ,
,ruer Slsit, ra , l LIL.-rty Cr....
( . 13. i f , u111,1 5 : m . c . h ,i a;r4b_u r ag.., r a cr.., u,.... I.x.r 51 3. 2 R
I• •.,- . A.
Our cr.c.m.,ix Works .12a1,1, ye •••• ILL c,lerrrrrtn;tlT.
A vssopetrot dalcuer been, ~u ttantiv rxaptc-red. .lea en
&Mc, ILI tc , l.trrxith ,Il the :,-.0 and tam win.
rt.theda ,- . , •
%Lk, Cr.b. pitotinti,Pi,rll.lo la u.y I, e,1.....-rt t ,te,
71- , srer ram, Goblete M•ntel (Vrnanrmi,.. I,le.licim, 601
En Jars, and .rtirt,,, fa,,,,,,,0, , u..... to F rre •Arkrr.
ard‘rs rripeclai,:ir,.."Cle.l2oat
Bolivar Fire Bii.icManufacturing Coto — ley.
1L•. 4LOTL3 W. MLA- ri
O . LOVER, BIER ,ft.. CO., Pooratstotts..
THE SUBSCRIBERS, Lacing boon up-
Pointed Agents tor theabove touned ea nevi - north
I.op cotautly on bend ra supple of the coleateled Bolivar
Fire Brlek,Cruelbie Fire Cie, Turn., hearths. 1 lo wella.
They sat aleo pn•pered to to
purchasers whichck, to
In 'mutt In ease cud shape to Amt shell
Leyromptly tilled.
We do cot deem at ItlOCCtilar tr, bul.itav , t.t o the many ed•
eantagee the Mires' lire Brick ie..," oyer all otberathst
been been offered for Sale In the United endear their illlpe
rlgllgn.gTTleffllPlll(fr:'lvrt' L'lT:loaaggg'tr. h ? r-
Brick obeli toe none of thetr presentenvutble merlon.
and that no expense thall be epared to snake theta erten
better than they hare heretofore been. riche Is the only
estahltehmont now naenufactuting Fite Erich et Bolivar
411.11 & aon,
--. ...ta C2211.1 Beebe, ferrautla 01., Pittsburgh.
ii:iiiitoro's London Patent Lever Watches.
Starlor to env Watches rove Ilford. , illtaPernat.
firRICHARDSON, 81 Markot street, to
,11,...:,:ir.t5::: for . the :=,..,.g....nert-b".
lay appointment to the adtairalty. WS!. DIXON. Illaro
uometer and Watch PlanUfettursr, 45 King &pure. Go,
well Bowl, London.'
Ibis «race that tbs actonstui ito 0 1 .0010, 110..-, to
warranted hp me to
of nil mannfsetureonad no Watch
walla my nal. sap u it le xe.ttl. [141,53 V I VI:I:W./III! ht
• Cedilla. , bearaufi„nty aa,alaa,... iL Li . . a
ilt!roliVArcin;.. e..---," e ifm.➢illiwt,"'
zgpltll /E.
IHAVE FITTED UP, (on the New York
r ise,) a yo u ser l airinr Warernoin, for the sal. of Cur
. newels Materials. and ever,. thing appertalnlag to
faalrionable parka: ruarl hart triontal the Is:real Raul
rt ruperiot saaartment Satin Do Lail:ire, Drooatels.
Preach awl Borman Damask De Wyo.. Togliab Daztask,
Maroon, Mantras, Tdrizor Led G. 46. f: AMU., GLIM. a
C ord. Woreial. Bed ...Ont., and Fringes. Mar
senior and Laimarad._ Courderidines and colored
Cerafcrta, Bids and Badding.
All order. Bra . nkfutll raisin.] end gro a l ptlr
1.1.iS NOBLE. Third aro,
AMUEL KROESEN koepe constantly on
halal a . d ooel aSsov i pedit 01 Trnsh and Bath Tobc
ors, Etrarohoal. Bak t . . Kitchen cr Draw Dueteia,
Wooden Borgia, Churns. Lire Ilas.oures. Zinc and Chem
'Wash Bavda, and all mbar 'Finds a vet, to his lina.
'll'arorelani..nasonic Hull. Fifth Brent. Pittabto N h. Pa.
p . . .............. • •
. w.CUNNINGI/AM 3.tattferturers of NV.w.ror
01.00. tin. 3 Ilarket street, between Ftrst and Sawa,
MIT LE Y b. COLVIN, Coal Merchants
. s t no.r. la Dry C....1a.G...inea. and NW
,msg. of Walnut cr....1 ta,l W,-I,instnn Tnnarikai hos
' - BANKERS. , i. PAPNR.--.11.0 foII..DAD4 by ad klrin.hareP,ver.
34 by 36 •
to 74 /Infra 4L,lnent to Bawl: ~,11- ' , W rwroh., .503 " IS by Ilih jam/a!
44 br 34. 22
Kota., sod raft nalteend on all r i ft , / of th: h, Fat r .
~,-._, b z ji;
Nowa: , town It and oold on rocoralow 7
933 ."
Blow laninry .ral.i:
• •••• •J. Wilron Son. I= Odle. Single Crown errs. Parer:
a4N/ ." Doablo " "
7(KI ". Medium " "
IIniOLES A V and retail ra".......daata A , , . 34,., • wah.,...nd aiwo.c...kkug.
vi rero mi dnaleik in 0. ,... 7 ", wad 0.114. No. VI The aro:tendon:led keeps eowdently On Laud and for oaf
Wood streoL flit , : to,w ,wee Watanod „Lilt, Plata, or earhanwo for Rags a lawn, end
wannd-m_gdla 44
burgtoodrhere hhw off.' a foil and oorapif. Week of halo „NnLn.'e,dl, Letups , NatalwanN and T‘la r0P0 44 : . 47 ...
and Cape of Shelf corn and Lantern manufanturr. of every : ...VW lo,ov del. , _ .
dual and tile, hy nnolowalo nod rotoll. and tuella the
of ell LUG. Cbr nano. manutaeturet .
Of fOll OD of [belt caxtomoto and Or yobll, zenith:lg thew , Pittitinr. Pnper made to ardor on abort notlew.
tlral t ey 041.4 on the meet rowlonable DODOS.
001,08 corner of Penn and I rob l +Y.
0f,27,411,etfer. • .. . . _. -.- .._-_---_
At Sts. t.:1! .itarket , Piuthuryh
A. 11A.SON it CO. tirti 13 m in deity ra
ta., cetpltof new ocalo.. no•uy of whirl- have . beau um.
Nt'ON. to.pnlaaLr ha theta rale, ,0. , 11J0r with an loomen.e
nets vloiou aolaaoallwlth are rare fool. the.
lar..on.importzu, tA111.4. lu the ceotorla /Atka, whloh w:11
bo hoot lip duoilor. the cease, forrutag • .lock whl , h, for
gratoety. ctudil,.•aut low ortrea. ha. outer beau equalloo
In Oat. The otteutoio I wholeula en ol recall Our
chsopra L [ 0 4.1 1,, U7
'IT 0. 2. LARGE '5l 'MACK ERE . low
Maul; far .I.:e 1.. 1., 131,1r,D t
„n.t. - ,
b 1 14
7-,il tot of gtirekiiiircit ‘4..C - o.
j ~..... toy y , by ~,,,q: .1. MILD at CO.
I,IIATENT nEDICINE Dritiftliibii:S.L
JL; ;g , stand maartra, for I+l4 bl J. X 1111) a CO.
It 9 00 Heed al.
New Chocolate Factory.
IG. N. GIA.MBONI At CO. respectfully in-
farm the-pobLe ry that '
e/LI they are to w manotnoturing
of evece. Choc o nhke moat other saki hero. to warrsta pri .v.lThis la
pert and rus e se
ulterstoll, sad hence Of frier flavor. more nutrletous and
holesome. Sig. G. At CO, hartag beerrop...tors of ore
of the largrot Chocolate tranufactaren to Italy. AS.DI the
public that they will furnish an arrele equal If Lot moo.
rt. - to the beet noport,d, and at a less pries.
It Iv fourth gaet My SOREL'S. (Mad. Sorel's millinery)
No.l4a f t.. up stalre, Mit dour to the °V
tee. , attretitu(t.twg)
Tors SO ER RETREAT is now open
hr the adonoucuklation of visitant. The. beauty of
' 64oto 7'l l l'l )g r PPanta ''.7 Bll; 4 : l‘A hrthi l ecy P 7 A o ' f ld ia bl e c if lr olo ' c ' el "4 ll,l l 7:7a "' re of
kept for rale en the minims.
Tm Creams, Tr olta, Al., kept In the Saloons as =oat.
It:loots taatePully put tip at short 00001.
The neat and comfortable steam LEI:W.I4ms
the lording, between Pitt .treat end Old rAllegheny
Bridge, at tim beginning of every boo o'clOck. A,
71., until 10P. 31. Ono <it* trip evury eveol
ntrange rtaitinu pa
the Smoky City kra inritad to y •
`init.. rn
thin Parfait llonr _
The Gulden la kept .T er
emparanne prioniplee, and closed
on Sunday. apleti
(Formerly the Exehcange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Dlair Streets,
1 lIIS spacious, -central, and most conveni
ently located RL. OTE having been comPtchil7 tts
riled. end thoroughly mantel and improved, is now
noun for the accommodation of the
The subreriber. I MI, and proprietor ol the ET. CLAIR
HOTEL, reepectfolly Inform. ht e friends end the public
that be lass famaislied It ha the tenet elegant and eoniforta
ble style, and employed competent ascietante and attentive
and batten! tumults, and that he will spare no exertion
to make It any bon. In the coon
The wed known eientrid location of the House, and con.
verde.," of Its artangenients, tendering tribe mostdre-
We either 0, traveler. or permanent tioerdere.lnduirta him
howbeit and tune for it e !Regal share of tato:nun '
C. W. EN,N
Fresh AssortmEmt of Spring Goode.
PALMER is daily reasiviai
from the Eastern titles, at ate old stand.
• • • • • • ••
No. 55 ItTeRICET WitET.T,
Brthiern Third and Fourth Writs, Pittsburgh,
1.42.49 acceeabios to lAA present etock,oTthemost beautiful
HANGLYGS that hars'appearyiTin this market
rut a loug yartod. The patter.. azo entirety nen, the
tai:;! , p j.enultarly ch
saoNnotla. andl o
he eitire u , D ln . Z . nLo e fg e ni...
range. To LTia iittiuti re lobo? goods. of * which a 1.1 , . •C`.
curate judgment roll be formed by Melt than dercription.
tin attention of noerchante and hour, kteper• In ree . rei-b
fully Invited. mchl•
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
g 3136 .44:. ..., h M. A. WHITE & co. would re
epwtfull. tufYrin the public that they hare
y r op on Lamclx, bet,..: }eters! end ExbdtiskY
etryets. are ribe. tualttni: sell are teem...At , rt-t - elee
Brtlet• fee eer d deemptlon ot vehicle, Coaches. Chariot.
abouchey, Bugg:ye, Phownr. Se- Sc., which. loom their
lc,: experience in the manufacture otithe shore YeLvt,
and the facilities they hoes, they feel entente,: they are
enables' to do work on the meat mem:Labia terms edth
those wonting artleles in thodt BP.
raving partientsr ottonoticen to the relo,Uon of materials,
and haaing nen , rot sompetent aorta:en. they here no
he,.itst,:c to Yearramting thnr work. We therefore ask the
ti the rubb- to this mutter.
B flepairlbedrne the MN manna, and no the
Thig4 ahl a:At! streets, the only dlar
',end inebtutton of the hin d in Pittsburgh
arrtt: —John I Istgung. Prtn - ipal Inearttelon in the
bc len Al.oVts
el. C..rnbert:.n. Vennatenebtr.Maruntlla
an, , Leturet ca'Cotaroarrtal Lam
• Itrrra I.ltrira; rtararlyta krandelala rf lite?lne,
.4.1 Its kpplleatlnia acre r
acre rf barturea. alma. rlt
vaatt ay..1r4.4d.p......tar.. are Intik] to callsad eartztv
tn• the arramargaenta
Nartvr• on Conabarrlal errr • Mnalar evanta4
Ref.trtice tn any of Me rt....lGleot ear caarcbautp.
~: a i , Esrar,LisaiD 1512, by EDMUND
(4---, WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
' I E..a.1 of Roal env-. Ilttsborgb. Pa.
~ , . ...c r'3 l-ttje, 7 l. 4 ' 'it i z .V .2 4l t 3lVccs. 7
i 1 ......yroo_uszo ' lLJl,ale to ord.. ' ef.... ' ,
elulreJt Maxt..l., it.n,l el ~..-) enitioe.l
, vrl . ..,,,,,.... L,,... 4f Dr . alcuto ow
7 i ,•,.„..; ------
Id ~:
- 1 1
11:3. U....a 1..1.Y 1.1a.a tlernall. I.m.
kLoo. Jud., Wiliam J.* JcEn Hs. r. LM.
Win. fl 1...... Jr., 1.. 1 W, Ket.r. EM.. A.l,lttacL.
irk. e. orCtet, Ek4, Cull , _ ..• Ert.1.13r01t.1,4
turre . t44—. . 4
.-::„ .......ra.. ,:„., Hoco At Setzreat. dt.
31430.ert Mexintirbt. 1,1 Wm. 11..:10oy a Cc.
Jos. :.1^...Ku4ht.1.11. Vrattoq. 1 , . 1.11,g. OC..
hs... J.Ltua Ebodes .t C, Fr uttts .
. b. LCIt rop. m.. Alloribmay
.1 , tesu ,str.ful (...,. t.b 7. 1,-7 111.4741 7 arrottue re-
V;t 4 ..t r .1Y , .."! ' f01+7 . ..= 12 n il .- - "ri ff "4
th l
,1 4 , 4 ..nd .11Iendant•or to ver.Ser LL..
f.m " Zbendl.
/ Luton, 111inetencen . Ed 4E4 Third street
J. .A. ruponthrity leforrrie DI. triune and
gwivalaerli that be has ems co.pletod [Watrton
uad .u.. 2 houebehl funatrute ant before on= In
this cttP, ad be Ls deteraloof to nhell the quaint with'
trenueuud mental, but veirt , e•r4r.srel ntreten4e ,
rthho. tool heirt th e event o f tl'er order* un rutin: to
manufecturtra. he is ehablei to rieeloce warranted fend
tam at the /ono pne-u.
Ile hu adopted the orient/a hteof front the mt..'
tr,qoat ISA Om. 111
and Drat. 4.1 to
eltrays. us haul th e greatest rarlaty our,.
uat n el
furniture. from the chutest end platoon. ths t o
out sad yen/ Y. that a boure. or ,11 - 7 7.2 of one, mar f t h
fern:she-4 Grin Ens stork, or I...urea:and uprose!, oi
order. flo therefore oohnot ea inspection, tint th roat.-
twee of bn establithwat
e locos. The toiOnelna,
=Mies mntof. rent, of his . suet, etiab for Inehnese Of
style sod Ein-sh ottiout h. aurtsuelln thy of the.hutaro
....a, sal bee.. too= chain. off kyr)
Crscaor.: Ccues,. Fars.• sc4 Divans M i tt. Latsst
rcsaciL sal As w.n.eam "Pasha., ti - c,,...,N0u..pd
44.1r.e . twiL: mag Dal
of rarlocultlads: Work rsh , eA
1444 !at** btacele. tatuic end
ta.4uay. rcsswood anwen, eater slerls
u u a r . b t l a e
op a,eat l mancrt dlnicc tablew.all r ccl a lmroved, -
! ,i-4 , 1,,Ey the b.-et kto , l mule. esn.l.l . satralts hall eat
'ger th e n. wanlrobts. .a.hat.sals rf rub a.
htf., 4 rcn and carload trek .rO. ill- Fearta
, nat.tanaaaaa
ac..l fOr ch:ldrsa. rap, u.thc. Cabin Sal tea p+.7*.
lanb,giny. and Inla id pearl Table•,,4c. Lc. Lc.
.t Is s4ncrunent of C 00219,11 Parcuture .t] Math.,
Chain. Catintt. =kn., ourrbed ,th all art.v..W Is (bar
RaaaApal.., tad 11^teie. faiitshmt at the ihrtteet
i. All oder' , Pretcptli atter.,l.4. to
2 EO. E. 'ARNOLD & CO. have this day 35-
, the or %Rh b ttem JO o LIi; D. :CULLY IL% 0 :1.4
m will bo as eretnf,
The only real New York Plumbing Estab
1 117 . lIE RE, work in ..... on Scientific Prin.
ell•I, and warranty
licodae mud bleambeat rhunbms. ati Its brancho,
done nthoratnera and
Naha tith d_up ' , nth rh 'ore!, tr - In toll ,
Bath Tut.
ifv•ob lotand,comphdo
blok., wooden or iron .
W ater Moeda. oomPtet. Nto :l
id.od Pump, coo:ark.
Kitchen Rangel, Ri pe rm lhalcte. Wash Tenn.. Oct 11i
nes:La:el. sad Lead. fun:abbe/ sod put at the
.11 prima
LIM Form and Yazd Pump, liTdraulicilanaa.conetant
ly on hand • and put np at any die Pace tbr country .
Pep-Olin, punctually. attendcol to
1r24 'ate
Li. - Isay.r a Co'e 'celebrated Illyand 2thure beet&
received from the tuenntacturev, Philac:Wails, on toner..
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for neatness pf htdela and 02V111/11,1 tolue, thiew Tote
centot be eurpresech end the low price et which they nth
*old, mart tonne their introduction. ab:PhlY
AMES WILSeNT, has removed hie fiat
and Cep Store to No, 91 Wood .treat, third door math
Idatannd ape:,
cO-PARTNERSINP—Iiarmi; fakers FL ivy
Edward Sider, to in partnership to the
I at. Cap ant k ur boolnee, tre will hereafter do Ibuslneee
under Ild• name of J. WILSON d lox, at 91 NVoeel three_
C. —Jarnee Wilson contlnues tha Haien .tree
No.ll lederal street. Allegheny CIOT. Lately k •
Ca TOOK of the lklere,banto,hDlanulaelazers
10 Book: Btoek gran, V . c , ii i n t m mat br
c nod' Broker.
AN rt.
IuTSTERN ..BANK NOTES, at lowest
v laultet rout, sod high.Brurcilo pad for Ala,li
e. Otlver, to par fool, >3 li. D. ROO,
'en Booker it Broker, Fourth ire.
tor Sale.
&LOT on Pato .trees, adjoining Mat
thews' atiale..—win Kid low. Lidoelrabii, the lot
dtelaed to grui.two persons. Lenoir", of
Jon A. stiLKINa a co.
FEW scree otgourd rear the city, suit.
able of gard...;. for .1. EOO Ol . Dt
le 0 WITaINS
Curled Hair Hat:ruses.
I)IAVE un hand a largo stock of Matran
, =We out of pu.r, - These 'stating, lk tint raw
clo 1•111 plea. call. W3L NOkILU
7bird th• Post Wk.,
ILAVE on hind a lare aesortment 0
wt:i wry CORSIOES and CCHEM!: BANDS, of 110 1 .
Ns trnllk s for our.ilta. WU. NObLE,
noiriqoppoal. In.
Nut CM..
01.0, :METAL—, 60 tuns for sale by
1 • JeW lulsy. 51A17311ilre it CO.
C 11!..E . 5E,-- I:15 bole,' fur
A Lcoltot— '_ t) fur 3aTO by
1 - 'r"' J. hinD a CO.
IifAIN 'BEACHSIEKS—For .Scarts ilud.
Drexo.. Al, I.llt tad duo cll....untie t•llk.. 10.
a... .1 1.1,...- , ortmtutk,2... found at the &Wee uf
..... ...... ............
3111113'11i '&11%5E:C111'14 ~
11 1100MS-40 dos. Pa. stsle t by
I.lp! 17,
'OT Ash --111ca,ks for null b 4
'JAVA COFFEE-10 bags very stßeriort
ism =4 Llbset7
<el I .+
BALTIC, Cnmstook, far Na. York Aug 6
HERMAN:, Crabtree. from breacen.„-.. • ..-..Ang t) ,
CITY or GLABBOW, Leitch for thlladelp4i......Ang 13
ASIA. Barn.. N • York ..... ... .......... ......... A Aug 16
AMERICA, Lang, br Bolton ..... ...... . ...... . ..... ...Aug M
FRANKLIN.. Watt.. from Item Aug 21
MIX [NrirD
PACIFIC. Nya. fromr. MIT.
New York Aug 181
BUItyPA, Shounon From Boston tug W
CITY OP MANCHESTER, Campbell. from Phlla-
delphin. , . Y ork Aug
tlt7VlESUir ' Llt7g ' I,f ' a"
-j u t; §
l i
AFRICA—IAtt. trom N Y. .'"
. — l .-- ......
.Aug 2:
BALTIC, Comstock, from New York 1............. Aug 30
All from trod for Licurpool. unit. othandso stated,
All Letter. mad Navespaonns on and Br England. In.
land 1.1 Nogland are Dent Isf th e rat steamer. no mutter
Otwhat llu,
. .
Letters teibe Continent .4 Eitiope. by din Colnns Wm,
must be prepaid twenty cue cents a single rate. except tor
these places required to be prepaid In full.
Letters to lbe Continent of Europe by the Conned Wu,
mutt be prepaid flee cents a single rate. except to these
Places required to be prepaid lu
Letters by ale tiarre.l.ltte, must be prepaid twenty too'
'r t. h
ms. t by
Otibre inland l'ostaso be Ward. cYmPt. to
• •
'Newel:avers by either Lipa to the Continent. most be
P rekdd tout lamta each.
Inl a .d mutt be added uo Lettailmud Newspa
per', tothe Continent of Europa, by the llama and Premed.
Tnr following list of errivnin and departures of the mulls
newetande correct. to the letter. .
areeMburg, Chambereburg, Phl
N. York, Eaetern, Centre and Northern partsof N. York.
Delaware, New Jeremy, and dm Near England litatea--
She British Premiums of Lower Ca na da, Nora Boatia, and
,New BnsatokAally. Andrei at si a.: Departs at Ir. M.
Not..Lorsam.—sp Bleuravllle and Ilhllidayaburs.
Mciudlog the mutant.. of Bradford, Cambrlis, Centre., Chen Inn, inn, Juniata, Lsoruning, mcEest, Potter. Perm . .
Slogs, Union, and part of Westrooretand, .1. Livermore.
Balm Road., Net. Alexandria, and Jodi.
an* m
ou nt). Arrives daily, at 11 P.m., departs daily at
Butler. Pa., Mercer, Crawford. and Jefferson
counties, Medan, put of New York and oPPerCanadh Ws.
Andre, at 9 r. m.• and departs at 9 A. m.
doottuna. Amp • Walream.-497 W.tangsou. line".
Payette, Soroarret, part of Westmoreland county, VIVI.
Maryland, Baltimore, Watthincton City, Southern and est.
ern parts ..1 Ohio and Indiana. Kentilekr, Illinois. Tent".
err ,
lemma, Missouri, Missireript.i. North C am
bins. Gyntiy.. Lomat., Honda, and Truss. daily. !antes
al 9,4 at 0 a.
1/I,—ar Fare,
tA. Barlesten.
'lonia, Paris Ca Ceee. Jeleraen. Minh
and InuarainaseOuntlae.Ohlo.itally.
Arrives at tl r. u., gerein. at 8 a. it.
Koxip4la..Bl DvoTer,Pa... and Cleveland.
De.or Co.. P. Columbiana. Trumbull. Porta,. tleaugs,
Aslinibula,htark.Warne. Medina. Cni.hng.!. B.Eamit i lak
Rilehland. Lorain. lluerin. attains. NH.: nal:dusk - T. wood.
and Lucas count., Ohio: it, entreats nrirthern mantles
es( the Slates of Ituftine azol inoluitng all 511,111.
invra.. and Wisconsin. dells , 0111 T, at 11 a. rte: de
parts at 6 5. x.
Kinert, , , —l7 66erruours.11.6usWQ Zurbus6sid,lsren.
tam. Frweldrt r ,hlttatudan. kirkindult., Armstror.d. (Ur
•5g'6.46 count., WI,. except ou 0.111 , 1411
neon at 4 A. 5. sad depart* et 7
et w.
14usanr—by Forus•llle. Westort Zelleouplo Porteds
lisr . htelnag surf New Intas. &Wets, Tneedays,
Thureds64. 464 Falun:Lam st 8 P. w . Mouth.,
wt.d...4.7. and Fridays. at 7s. w. •
btetatantl.-131 6turwpon't Italluttuder sal Mon,
nttahols Qt!. Arrteee TnewlarW. Mtn, at 6 w a.; de
pads Wedneedwrs sysi Dattil4l474lll 6t. 5. • •
CrdoProw6.—By Dars4stasn. Street', Rum. 81oKocrrort,
Coal V Ole, . Ednebetbwrwn. (rumble', Rewtpseet. P•UPer.
non, Cookstown. Peerrdpolls. Cart Llbertr, Curer 3111116.
tun. F.. Arrives nundays gad Wedneedsr s-te; dw
perts _lonia, 4.441TEUM1444. at 9 ...t.
.1.754.,. VA —Ur Wallies cutrirNotateetewo. Ctodnr,
Bargsrusu•wr.. Cows Clerk 61.111g4 Patterresee Pt
tn/. V. Anvers 1341.11 , 14r4 sal 111113014 j, 44 to,. Li
. rs., !fonder. and Thursdar, at 1 r. N.
wn , P6P, S'e —A te
t Pltnn. :inrdentsville. lim 63r
n. 31
tone. Frankfort Undue. r. Falryle., Ps. Aryl... en
Feiner, at 6r. de farts tan., st 6
AutrranyNotth. Washington. sal Apollo,
Pa Armes vn Wed.neednys. st r. derartr ou 11.666.7
idr.4;3124 Ftll7. ASS/".. EP Btkdkr, at - 0
tr u ggb a a, Valltkrd, Break.< k. Odle.
Pmp Warren
Alt '' , it Vi 71, 7.%•::Ts fe:fir,"*.Llfy: aW
Batanlar. at .51i
ready =LPL , * f a tu the: 0%. nal+ all bear
I.4d,re !Lan a.n..:1.r.
CM.I.[CM WILY V. tCI kari➢Lbl 0•21111,
S. HOLMEB 4 SO: Q., Lazikers.
IY.. V .IFark4 a; &Town Thlnt mod "Mcrae, llternao9l
- Branch . at Murillo... ... . V
Baal a ruistuargh ....._rat Brant-ht at Wocamer. Ad
•'..oanar 11.4 4Ao . . par branch al Xenia— . .... do
.11.....1 54n. 4 du.-- -Dar t ßranott at Yr .113.pao•ra do
Dirt of Ctreonerna . ..par,Cltv bank, um:annual . .do
Paul of , corth AmarLit--itratCariuntercial tht.Ctocineutt do
tkana i MtcrthtuLltru-nme rat Frar.lahn bank ... . en
Dank ~.f Pe1i111y1....,—..... Lafantote look ...- .. to
Mat of 4 . MU Intekatrp.„7.,obau Lit. in, a Trust . ...a.. do
: ac cs tt. nitred ataut 12'Westarn Brawn, bank- do
Of - m=4T tai 0.00 1,4 . . : Paribank o Alseeliloo. .do
hum. , a :lecta.:ll, 131 narl6m..ll None. .. .I.>"
titraad Ranh . ~. . . .... NE , ' LNCLAN I'
K....1u0r7n Cant- pat .47.1eolonut Laoka . .. V
Manufar 4 Mach bant. par NEW YOitti,
Meucant , r l l9.4'.. . , pa: l ,Na., York City-. .... .....c.
1.1.- r auctatvlnfo_BA. . I,rlCouncry . • •• kt
1104.1oirms. Lank ...., ..parl 11,111 - LAN7).
ttonttmark look. ..... 4 , ara..ll3ntoca par
Woman, bank. ..... .-.. „port N.JI.V9EY ADBLAWAB.P.
Baal of e t. l. ?,:'&'7 . ' Xi.U`dv,*t'ol.ll2.Pfr.---. ''''
=tlDantllia.....,:f7' ''''th*V.lrr-near.
Bank of Dal AL, Ca.s...r-tcr.lik of Vlrglfa,
Bank of Gerzoatatiown.l.... tat Ea. bank, kaeNckfulk.....
bank tif °attn./tuna:At-. V•Parmara• Bank of Viagra,. ,
Bank of Latralse .. -151archatelef I Nook Bank tki
Bank, of 511dAlt ta n_ ..
...... 1( Nora. w,,,,,,,r. 164, ..,
Ithatar,q7 C.. Bul.--.5.f., Branatea.:-......,
_.,. ........ V
NU ofhorthattaberlarelpar NUBTII C
Cniumkta It a tkiikenDopar',Bk cf Et. o N. °aro/ins . ... 1
Baylor:0ton Bask . .• , par'CkM4.-^errtal 14.15 Clunk'
CasAaa Dant . . .rariMarohantat Butt. Newborn 2
.4: r t. tuna
.. ea 0 91)1 1 111 CA:It/LINA.
rarmari . Lk of b , ock.Co_kar Ilk rt tha bt. rf 5. Caratr.• ..-:
-Farman' bk. of Lanotattat Haat el Evaila Car 01.... 2
/aman hank cfltealla• C.( Clyale...-.... 9
Farm. Ilk 0f4. - Janylkliten.parlPlantere k 91.1., ma' Bit 3
1.4 Dm. Waynarbor r t.. XI 4101t01.1.
V ranklin INA 11 ashinkton pai.An a ToMa loot banking Co •
liandatut r Nant- - . .5. Dank of Angnot e a. -.-. 2.
flammable pant__ .... 5L
Bk Bk cf Brunsertet A turnota 1
Lankttar Dan, .... .. ..fart L I.ENNViar.Y.
LanuamarCouarf Dank..-.oartAll tole-apt bank .. t . a
Lebanon bank.. ._. . , narl h.ENII.CICY
Dtn•ot . 13. k cii* ,,,,,,, 1. 1111/3k of 11.antircIty.L.vals• Mr 't
Motootathtla bank.. • oar Elk of Lcuireilla, Thurauto N(
Wert Dranot,Bent. . 1, Northern bk of Dentneky 5(
weumairurbk, l l • JkoMaarrepartsout.bern Bk of Rentuckr. `tf
York Lank- . .111,55 , 411R1
Boiler Not. .. . , 4 , bk. 4 eta, of )11mouri `A
ClllO. 1LL110.119.
Otto t.tstrßant ta Pt., Bank and bran- her. Ar)
Branch , Alton du ,Bank of Min0t,....... . - 76
Itraneb at Athroa . dr , WISCONOIN:
Branch .13nl e mport . dolMarike .s.slrequa.c, chla •
.Brac.,ll at t'tatteotba . 511C1 GAD.
Branoh et 1:1•0a1.1tat . do karmark .... M. , :o94 , Batt 3
Uranela .tlO . do,(toaa. --•- • ant. .9
breneh .S. S_ IV'S. . ~ .Vll`salioa ar bank.. . ..B
branch at 10,1roestra ._ ...dothertaranceComkeny 3
Brant at feint:abut.. -. ~ .dolntate Dank ...... 1.,...... . 3
thumich at ArtuabuLA..... 4o CANADA.
'Branch at Bala= .. . do Bk ofß.N..llll4firA,TorcaLeS
Branch at 11ansfi
Ipl,t ell , .I,lqßanktuf tl
Bank ehmitt. Tor e:91.4
branoD at Ciunnriatt .. .do Bank of I.I.CanZIA Toronto))
Brant'S •tCclambu• , .4n EASTERN FiNC •
Otaurb tit 1 1 Bettluattto. -, do Ots N,. toll i rem) 'a
Braneh et CA4I, , do 00 Phtladoin a dn.-
at Lannutee ~ ..tioDo Baltimore do._ ... Ai
branch at Luiz:Denville . .dol 111.19111 KN SCILANCIL.
}Mauch at 110.100:,=. ffnetnedanall.. I ...... .41,
Branch at Newark Actulterttle... .. ........ V
Ilraneh at Eirria ... do et.• Lora, ....-4
Branott at oprinktell . . do JOLD AND ISDPIIZ VALUE
Bradt et Mar/aft,. . do , Doublecmr,Dpatalrls -16,00
Branch at 'nen .. _„,, . do d'.l pat 14,50
Drecot of Mt l'ii.nt dcr•akaid , 4. - 1.00
Branch at Zancethle. In Beiria. , ..r.., I , 12.00
gr'tk :t i;7,7,.'1k . ...I; T.TVgg'rl.."'; • • :5'3
Brant/ at Portamento. ..dn'tlsottral,. . .1 . . 9.00
Brant It et )5404. . iriScaerelei 1 .. _1,93
.BruneD at haannna„... ,do,ran t.l dera '1 - , . 'l,OO
bran at Chtlhoothe : ,!Nancl...l . r ••• -.• 2. 11,
branch at Cuyahoga.. ... , 101Duc,t5...... ...... . 15
Btattoh at I ftti.o do,
713.10E13 OF BTOCESI ,
A. WILICINS 84 Co.. •
11914:Etel.:019: C.OO - 117 ill
Peralaylrool.. 100 'way; 1 00 so
~ 100 9 , 0 00
.1.11,13 - C 3.... ;t
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pc, 100 99
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iour, 6*e. fu11... 100 40 47
Pitt,burzti-.. 90 ...
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tit. Oa r st. Lrtdit_..
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:5 11
amen' Lii.uname
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u [more
Pitl'itb Ital'e t 23, :3
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Pitt el. o tt.
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31.11. 10A,D, CL•CILIVATLk•i
6L6 IC.
P"b' tk kt,
VAtTti 60 t60 46
6 6631
itttg:° °E,lfckl.,‘. 30.
Pecc uttt67ll EL4 , I r. 46.1 64.11 it
0166, 01'6.26. Ball Rasa. 0 , ?
8.,. 0400 11.611 11066... . .
Cloooian6o Welt6ll6lo.}t ba
61101665 N. Wa t t. 101'11.6100 107 102.16
160 0100 60 60 30
Erie Canal 1.106610t1a
' Do. do.
,rt.l6 Creek 1.16616 Itoad
01 u 160.0 16e08466111.11,164 15 .. .
Clroutu.l7o. Too,. 0. • -
Pllsobargb d IkcwJ.i .....
Nortb Awritan...
nunas .. 316 3
fltuttur,h Isla
31urc.bwat. . _ .
Dooglass 1.1.3373t0,
. .. .
Paniroulaz <
, K 4
.1 • I
Storm Ware Primps, for Wells and . Cisterns.
.AM .
ARE SUBSCRIBER informs public
that ha b lutrulnorall In. tl.l_, resiimAh.. STONE
RI clanufacturad by 11F 1T 1 1 7 . 2- (1. J.
' of Middlebury. Summit monty, 0., which hare
• IPTAtI univerrni satidtarticn utterer.? u.d. The
th4zio limu . are. Rut %hay net
worlted.schun or uescr got out of repel? , awned water
Y.fectly and .111 nr6 WI datable as van:.
rocas. Th. a. .lo cheap. They can be scan at J. B.
Caufdda's ua r,fion?, Noi Ihi First etztei ti V i ir law
store, on Liberty atrucL tit f! Ont...
at pls.. rill ?rotund? Idled T rubv411.4 . .
fl , WA. firs: ntanufacturod at the plum. pull
foy,ournying feint from apruigs, or for hydr.te ,
ran al. fin fur half and can be fur.
' obaird et lera thin.: lb. polo of lend pip,
fu:` aaertf.:l .101111 1.. GREER.
bbl,. for sal. , lot tr, elan consignment.
LARD 01L-Ilt: bbl.. for sale by
.1717 J4.11F..8 DA.4.7224
Dun:mu I.l3....—Advertactvins and rub.c+lP. o . ,,
for fhb paper remtred and fin . .. Med froAof expew, from
Tuesday nitormag. Eupt. 2.
The mutat gesterday , was wphout in) one..mut oi,h,
tore.. galee wen, conthed to mall operations. with no
particular change in quotations The weather conUnnes
warm and dry. which is lisiainffing Co tall its effect upon
FLOUlt,acarr a ly aay thinaterarthr of notice trarmthred
It ma. four market yamentay; nay limited
We may mud.ue our quotations froth fret lianas at 112.2 - il
3 0G43.3 12 le.Fgatill, to quality and brood'. From
stare we nate .ales at $32.143 3103 Xi 10 small
OILIIN—Re have no change to notion in tha grain mat.
tat. Ileneltits have been light, and sales limited. Wheat
is telling steadily at dm mills. In lona at klaff24/4
66e 5, Au, for red and Whim; Rya ta steady at 40et Bayley le
satiable at Wet Corn la nominal et 34435 e. balm 41X0 bus
Oats at 244:270 from Oral hands, and 30431 tram nom
O)IOCERIES—The market coOtinues vary fano, at full
prima Sales 14 bbds N 0 mow, In different lota, at OK@
MO for fair and Primo. and 414 for common. Coffee 1. sel
ling In small lots to city and country, at 9443D74.
Tales 100. Able N 0 molests, made up of small lot, at 34(.1.
37c5 ;rad Sales a tea rice at 40.
PROVISIONE—Wo ttotlce a rotittitued firmer, tD tha
Lawn market. at lull Dila... hales wob oetaratern cured
at, hartiehUtdilOa. slaiuldera 6%40. and aides W I C hir.—
ELIVI 13W me barna at 916, arid 600 ha shoulder" itkaiie
Ih. I.lw extgai cured espaliered. ham. at 103j611, , 1tud of
dried boar at the ism° figure. 0.
11111,510EI—Salea 050 tibia rectified at (S. 21e "f Gil:
DIIED MlT—Thera I.a better, demand frr
fruit, with same haproactuaut in prima One how* lord
Out their nthhil 01 twitches at. 11 15 it ha: ander. sic north
Sir? burl.)
horn jereencoolle roe Av./car—Mr renewals ere the
fe of dour Inspected by eur dour hen , -
fore dories the month of .414zu..
. ,orfltle Huard. , Eten a r a n a togrey
Flee, 261 204
Condemned, ii i '
Are flour. 00 -
'.)11 , 1d11 tan.
From the You reel: .Coserne'reerd .ildverruer.
Imams, Augus 15 11.51
Everything is going on quietly, an the present
week has again been barren of a important
Semite. Throughout Europe there 'rievertheei
lose, an eMdeut growth -of uneasy felling.
' , - THE 11A EIVEST.
The harvest here, just now,. theoet prom
inent question- The weather Gonda el, favora
ble, and there are consequently no toward ac
counts fr from mg - quarter 'in Great, Britain.—
strong doubts., hthrever, are raised dr to wheth
er the \ yield \\ will \ultimately, prove heavy,' or
even bens average. \ Those are fouinded entire
prevalenCe of an unus,uelly low average temper
acme froth, Agril \to the beginning of. [Represent
, month—a Clrionnisituace which, wherever it has I
hitherto ocnirred. hes afwaye been f mud Moon
sieteat'arith a large produbtion of wheat. The
OfENAI CORUIDIRCE. \ thrashing machine howethr, will athne \ decide
Sr. use rel the Colloeterto book . the tollenothe echth:4 this point MianwhifLit baquite erumn . that
of tee buotet done ea the Pearttyl•Letto CL.I. theirted the hares will generally be slate e e, and that
the mrcmcf , ea- eke. nem the ereeleref lea canal et the.,l2ome et eke at \ preoeut on hand ' email. _
the Ste see. test
1 In Ireland the extensimarrwapp mice of the
i D arbg A ' , \ '.'-",' as I 1 tato retie Crow fully confirmed 1. b t some die
~, „„,„,,,,,„ 1 ;!,, P° .,,,L . •,,,,,, ‘,
~......, ! tricte have entirely `escaped, an the guard:l
e:Wren bay. tO) \ tOe Ity [darned 'wan 'eery large. \The thee crops,
Sty e .n.l 31.. p slue. be,, 'l'l2 . \ : 6 , -
. lel I moreover, on the 'hole promise well. ', ',
R;.. In e
Ctrs, Mu. 20 \ ,133 . ; /reel the continent the, accotinu are Varlo9l3.
Count.. i
1 '''', ' ''''?' .I It actal\ beyond donht that in the North of Di
lle, 1,5.1 .
p; sts. .../tte Itetch.:o ' [ rope th aw:semi has peen a bad one, and that in
0 24 %'. b.. , " 3 2 -'4. ' other parth there ie ndt meth propithilirrof any
wee. buy. '‘' 1
tateds, t... teo2 • thing beyond au average. In aomia,distriets of
C j at'ri, ,'',."` ''''''''''''' '''' ''l3 ' I I:V2 , Germany; and also of tho south of France, ter-
MALL: 0.. ass) same core ecorma 'end inundate nave
Loethro IS ..' ' 144. lto3 .934-2 , a t
W1..0. \ tII tea 11393 ge. \ . '
pee, ierieseeen., rev.. • le .W 3 ' Nevertheless' the benete turn MI theduatia-
Bowes. Piank. to . toot,
Weer oi.. numbs, '''''''' ''',l'Ll I er, which has n w it. centime for nearly a fort
PO , . awl Salle. , Ple soo Ini Elise produce,' e natural
,efferit ion ourtmer
start*. mutate,
Wool. cords \ '''''' . a-3 1 t Meta , d a farther decline of tram IL to . 1.11. per
flalua•Liv, ....4. • \ 3.oLet. 3.002.130 . quart In doh quo [ ions for wheat has accord
cede.- res, ' 1.,10b.P03 ~.1.2a1.3...3 ; .
fly to
Kato. CC.. Boas and Seem w 0,L00t..2 0 5 , mgiy ila pasce. \
Drug end llottecatoa let :tat 1 . 3, 50Wt 3 . 1 ' FOREIGN' AFFAI/lE\
Dro eta.. tet.., 21.10.tra 1 ,
tee Lento L iY"'' • V.!., • ,, , - lAltbo nouthig of perticular moment has
teal Lento., leo
aluevero. r.. 0. . 1:1.0e., "KY.7. ' t tritheptred egsrdieg the affairs of the \ continent,
Swoon.. '.cadent
11: 2 . 2. 2 r !..t . t't ? im.S.imposei e not to notice the extent to which
Herne .I.IY orCoUtt9 tli.
lest +Le, es. ' 7 ettlt -t cla, the couvictio ..0 entertneed that matters can
t...tree ,rod Latoo.c. 0, 3,3.0.\ 2.'113 A
~..., „ 4. .., , not go oa MU h longer no they are. . ustria,
Lit t .... stn .., ~...
Paints. G. ',V.', .\, 231.303 ' Naples, the Pop ~end all their petty Mile '- give
Rowe es rage • rusths. 2 . I."t \ "4.‘" . fresh proofs every day of their belief that- ey
Fel. e... • 11131. \ leave,
Totem. t.. I le hteeturseterc... L 11.4.40 , 3 I` .1 . 70 .130 w posime the e erscret of maineeinang sir
Ri"."- , vs". . 1 " 0 . 4 ‘ . 4 - 1 " and that th • hews nothing to dread o
.T.:'2 , ::::, - .N.. . ~,.,„.., r, :,pr's P'''''re
easith 'v. .0., lung as they , do root uffar themselves to be
C,potv. att a r - '.. 3 "...t° . . '' . l urged as before into A temporising or midal
Grreete -
In.. stes as 11111 Z, t 3 Colin . The worelltlutt of the-se countries bowie
Inlet Wocatts et oath.. t heu.lert twriams . . , r
!res. bee pet sheet - , loteic I,ets, A - I P.TeelithlY from 6 tof karafiLlsY under
sensual arises-ea, ' owoo , :i. au 1 the long rule of terror o the Dictator /*nada,
I 'ef''Z.iM. - I[l.lwo to , o \ e ,
~,,,„ min as that extraordinerjNbeing \ ceatzived by
Ereteob trett,e s at. ' WS" rltas . hid • Woe, prisons Mad ese rations. ; o paralyre
Intl:1g .1 0 ' 6 .3 ' very attempt to remove hi :, and died in the
' 2 . 2 ' 3 possession of power between zunllso years ot i
nee. be sego. . CAT I 1e.124 • '
Bettor.- -,., r , ....5.. t ., age. it maybe thought there i no moon why
Tin.. bier" • 1 - . 1 ,1,:e4 the Same proceedmge may not p ve,equally aut
, kra. Ls.
11,s tars, 1.1. 14.9151 et 153 1 -41 when imitated is Ear° eTo \ tar
Burs. reottob Lel mw. Po. 25-402 ' r.3..Ye't tide .othelnsion, however, the fart qesentsitaelf
Seta. X.chter.
tined ttLee.. 2.t. ' ' " 2 '" Y. t..t..1 that Paraguay was and is wholly removed from
we:melts, ,23 . 30 1 5 , , to; intercourse with civilized nations , and the eon-
Mn C. 0...
elm.. tar per.. , itt. :301\'l se/treat influences of eurroureiing opinion. \
i e
aseareatui 3 ., ,e0 ' ni- 2 .. 0 The Meat hope ob the Democrats oonaists th
outs, ere ea,: 5. n.“,i,... VI lei
OP, 'ascent lapt ,a.. 1.. !I.:1: ems, the pismbilig of a war tetweria France and \
Parer and h . ...-. ' 5 .- . .. 2 -` , "' .th. , •'''''' Austria. 'lf a republican candidate far the
Its ,ad bottle. St. , cll.. t I: \SUP,
Potreslocto 'LOIS , . =fit French Presidency shout I encored in May Xext,
t"ceca nts. ec. ' , Sra... W 3 S''3o./13 it would of course be ths Bloat for an iinniedi
leseenser, sep o travollol. ' lal ste isso.e. , I ate rupture, in which I mace would be )joined'hy
.t riX.O KIN I all the populations who sr' even now full of lel.-
sir a 0 :......,... 0 , ~ 1, ,. .- 4 . . see.= [,lassie - pataence. The:\ elasnces if Zonis Napoleon's ee l
rotzlor. 1e,.. . ',W "VP election are din:Mashed by the anticipated tha
reiree,... 1 , 1 ,
,f.:. 705,a50 didature by the Prince do 'ilonaville, and by the
II.), thus union of the democrats na fat n\ of hi. Carnot.
menu es, . eastro ° Loit.eSP
law. mines. nests ea: Wl' against both these a-spirants.' Theametter, lt.erte
ULU. bee
‘.. ,1 . ....\ A"..,,- ) ', 3 , , fore, is becoming more doubtful tbs. oesr,,mil
&toe. eel Lectseal
Peed, We. . O2 \. •al the Italian Austrian abeabotista, aeo =thitemhig
Tebsevo lea 2, , ' 344 47 - i \'!"•!= their sense of the crisis by ellainonal pecan
whed. boo
Le a , riot a .e., , ,,,,5iee., Sc. 1.71 S it bond. On the other hand it is by noel
rare. Rs
. ..iM . Rt....'11 probable that the love which the pies rot goeern
u owl poltrlat. 1t...
co older b. ,
.13.2331 . r...t32 meat of Prance show for these supg ets of s:ir
rtera ttelts , .. D. \ LI, , ,
13.3.311 534.214 der, i ;mey . prese as treacherous as Fos,thbY
Leather'. t
WonL.lts. \ .‘34.1 1 " , °J-fIATI, 4 originally ezteaded toe and their rethlutionary
Berk ttts,tol, <cc.. ' 1
_,,..., LA . iribjects in 1845 As the growing fee' regard-
Pert. i.Totrod,
&nil/1.0.1;44a. Iwt. ' ,1N.515 / :;.1149 , Mg Italy gains eirerigth, Louis Napaeonmay,ree
hotellas wet beau. l e.
1.0(r1 ' non 00 another demonstration eimiliii: to Ids eel- .
nice -aw, netett a r. , • 1
Woorf for foal. t.t.q.l lb ebrated letter to Nl:Edgar Nay, by way `of a
reeves, r.
Cafe, to. ies , stimulant it the critical moment of the elaohnu.
Bee.. se.• 6 liste, \ , , . 1 4- l'll that case he would not be able to ' draw back
Drugietel testletetto. o . s .21.114 IST.SP2
ttri. (Wed, rte. ' SEL.27I 4C4,2:7 ' from it, or pursne a directly oppeettheourse with 1
termerreme ro e \
i ii ,A , ,Fr„ l ;,' ,4 „,A 4,1 the same ease as before, since a t:park is now let
1a...var.., t.,..
Grcaterlos. WI \ 1:,..i0 Lisi.W9 that is wanted, and there would he no time for \
IlLnlwere and v4tiery tS. / ' 3 ' . ' 2 ' : ' retractiot.
lowl loottlta,, i; t
i-ri 1.650
Llcutn \ *twigs, rats 2,135 b.o. Meanwhile Austria is likely to give abundant
rim:cane eL (a ei',`,:i, proem:Mirth. The jealousy between the rival
[vs.. eivesae are t USW. , "
Soft, b.. \ .ISO' 66.T41 Willis! af , Ronie is erippneLeed only with the
team.. se 4 . 4 -x. 4 . 74 ' greatentdiffimilty;and it hes:been elate Mao that
Taboom keeled-3So .M lt.ttil
, 75,51,1 .352.2.4 the Emperor hie allies intend to persevere
11idrePe 1.ti, 1, t cs en ' \us . 1.4 a; in their intention to disregard thrs:protest,of both
- nu eel ether Wm. bo. OM ...301.e.
CIL.. henna. It. \ emcee Prance and England, with respect - to the Moor-
Coat (mineral.) it, -- - 1.1:71.[M =3.3 , 2 p0ria 1,,,,, o r
CePre anyng,,ry, and Tario pr0yi .," . .,...
tt. Se. 1114 1T . 126.431
tit lette.Wet• 2 Austria in the German Viten. rulers is the_
Tree rue. sir bet , ,S ) ri 1,064.4il
2 ,.,.,, ~9 ., ,,,, power whose suppOrt is 'deemed' 1-etifficimit e
Two. castlsinl, Z.t. '
1!nEL..1!?..5510:4 , a1. 3 ::13::1 . .. to .
. 5 . .,11! , and the influence of the Czar has j st been far
--- ---^` a , a new r.'
Er s birotz &Luz—Car tnesal R 1/ onaptafora hour la
-1 foam , who rsever watchful to 'all maters parte:rung th
the inspection offour. said be gm other dal Our
millers, or at lrvt someckshem. othla keep those tunny
scales to.aatah thole tour 'a this market. what weighs
the barrels fr om Ito he hoary. and the flow from 1
to 7 b.. r.. 0 Ito,. trite eau be. 'etts are at a he: to
kr., lost 'Staple says be think. at. It
fame well..
: , [to want Siouan.lA . 4 obarook Joao. mat
Alan Kin: wad 12' Wm Gormley- .ere Inunlyininned
renvoOng their goods ti iloit new Lowe, on 'Mon, 6t.
ahemnand 'lto. now.. are of TocenteTortino Ibex
ntonawint boso boules in to. CITY. and are gulp, or
.' that oortion oS Wool; Et. bio•oo,o\anond
ii;F: Fit:ill:si' ;:tiri;: — silass 3,664.,.4.11
14,14 beer,
7:alit. sud e=cr.''' . '''''. , 0 3 ff .1 NI P
, .
Steel. 50, -' .3..00n" ' ' o:olis' e.,. ~ 5.43,1:\ ,, H. 15,lede
Putteed port 1.,,..,.. .. VI
IS. , 1 ' ' Yd.24te (,37
Ct.te.o. 3..
Fut. We. ' ' . '4 l/ . ‘, 4 ,%11'
Flour. bbl,, . ' 9),443 le.': 43
Card and lard oil. De. . . 210 C 6 .11 : 4 1D
'12145. 5 .... ,
Brea.. number.
Gelid &nut, 5e 'O,M.b 1..161 '
Lima bu.
I .lltet i P s ta% 'sm.. \ 0.547 224
SAJ 34.,:d
Stouumme. thtamelusteerogglnper. \B4 p:13.,
fy..g.... , "„ lard. , galle. 2' ii'.. ''' q 115 .1 Of
Paper aerkl'Lles. 15, 63.U61
Raze, 5. '‘ 147. . taa,.7i.,
I , 10,131
WrriTroo'll,' ' 4l '6 ' 9'
tut:deem IL 4,664.1 .5
,useelen. of beate\ 313 '\_ ... 3,373
Kusenirere, mile.. eurecd. ^64lh • S 0 54.3.,..ebt1
4.rouUt or tolls re Ived swo - 4100.)? lei
. N N
cub Feb R Leg
luLi vt.k 's ba
bfb,a `Coy
rnrJa , f - , ly
.I,bls, irret
a 1
1u 4410 t
.1v Dec $3
T.QP..kI pr et
pre Orno
hie co — . V.rlit were
mete) mare.t..l.a t ere
t,. ,1
. \
Battle. Y..,caet.
Bee., V . ., Be.
.! , . ,, NILK . a nd ,,, rick.r ..
ir ,zir s,
L......'" • :.., m 1,,,. Neat .\tt
...era, WII • Clnetnnett.
Joe Neleon. NB Wheeling; •
Atterturkey ;
e llertU T
, e..
gai4r, trig; r :
.fttll Ite i nol i nA ß o ' N ' gret.t".o rt.
now ' ewr. liallerlest. Newton.
ltortßod. Ilmelt, Cio onall.
Iterate.. Oonwell. Bib Poet.
I B porton, Vitaeling.
",‘ T '.7 DAY.
t los
I, ‘
os nine
Cron, nll las,- anlobore %hit dn'•
zeoßse BY :BriTsl{..
r: \ N 1\
CIIICINNATI—Pc". J 11 Ussals--10 dd, hss.
whisker J 31e Covliv, +A hats fea th ers 11 bat bad b
a Co . 1.1 cks .bould,o deJlern NtolE , lo Kids s
Itorosr a d aLobloson, bbl• Zro.lll a &nun
3 b. co Bin.baud Co; 7 do mds,qrstr co:O ,A
bsrlor eb,W Ilerbsta,b; ampere %mils
BEA 111cnuss,11lo 11-1 ha rtldso J A CadAboy
1 do J liortola; NJ do eKresn J B Cantlrld.l bdlo leather It
84,1 s J Ii 31e/lor. II do EkLoormla X doJ
Kidd A D do J L allow 11 bas starch J Iticlanioo '
butelrA Bala*, rode 1 Ixa. faturda J A Crusber.
uNioviLLß—Pra Curfax-1 k Mao kip lard 4
do butler row Bather A Birds tobacco 19 al towbars 1
bbl a kas lard 9 Dia pap Larch A Cdr, d tbdp totem!
D 1.60 ch 6 Ou's . k i sSasassgar P.A.. 1111
HOMING Plat—Pilot.
CINCISS:6II4.7 11 Harris.
6.6irirsApst *Sir 6=6\
. ,
. _
Clerk a Thaw : 4do W Bingham:3 bre II Curt ACo ! biltx are F. 48,000 and ;their wets .00, t. ',
Ibx Ki 111 eke shorts 1 dor broom. X o lattabes Itin
•i '
Rearalep D arn, 4 bills tiatseerl 310 sln Dr. el, 20 e.,, !Th c anna is not reintionetl.,
butter n Dalsell. T taut packet from this side will be the At. ~ \ ~1/
CINCLNNATI—NA Gases-12 pkg. gm, ano shafok ' lanti n th e 20th. i• ' SPLgTaTOB_ \ . .
Clerk A klefirstra a 00. 5 Wes rice. 8 & yacht a kb& dl\.,\
boom aboolderl Clark S Thar ; I box hardraro.: II Groff a r
Co. 17 exp pkgs. Adams & Co. To bar sagp,pliner s. Rat. , Arre ,,L ,__ , . , 4 . •
eau.; 17 pkg, rage . J Plank lett,loo KIDS IS Hen. ' , W.- I u k fur poutleu oLennes were SU ft*.•
tek a Co: - \ -; quent at N \ It is unerstood that the Aus- - •,'
... ' trian C.abitit has address., the Government of '' `i France on the , subject of th t protest against hat :. \
incorporation in the propos d Germanic Coated.-
~, \ ration, declarinthat she -( Austria ) peraists in
TIC ET. . her purpose, an will accomplish it at all ha-
vuesoa,\ Sarnia.
. • , N
'*. \
WILLIAM 1 , ..700...4T0N \ • \ •
ex,. ttanatenrrnm, \ \By a law Pantedthy_the ratan )fin .I.y the \\ i.
.• \„
• JOHN' STROIL3I. of Limo 4 . ` i 16th of last month, all tea here of sch o o l s are - :‘, •'
moors or v. suntan coca ex c luded from the Com on Connotl... Clergyinea. , 1 ' \
;labia: „
adja E Pifarit.l,4 lla ,,,,,, d , I may Ile admitted with 0 - sanction of their an- \ - •,,
GEORHE CHAMBERS, of franklia, , ,
JOSIMA W. COML, of Montan: \ \
WILLIAM JESSUP, of ficsquelanno. ~\.
\ \ \
\ The following is officially anounoed as having l' \\
Antimaaanio and Whig-County TiOrat.. 1 ... 4 , .
upon for the rganixation for the -1 • N
w reevr MT. OF Inkilla COVET DV 'es of chisswig Holstein' \
'Pett 'F' OISWAR. D. of Peeble" , ', i I , •
~• \, •
Lr .Tb Danish monarchy torms'one united \ „
, nation, under e aims prthae, th the pima
If Eli R I tr. wiLLle.lle. of Pittsburgh
riatannwr JVIXII or coast ar 'Gus= lIMICKII. lc . ~ order o stmeetsion,,with one lit lomaid and .:
WM. is UTERI:E. of Pittoburgh. , ` ' consular presentatioa, and one li one flag,
\• \ ,
.....* , • , ‘"ne..o* ''VVr V' V ....... "'.. ''.. ' one syste of con4nerce, navigation. ins, &c.. ' \
WM. BOGGS. of Lower 84 aelr. \ \ a ,
THOMAS L. SI'MILLAII. of Allogben•. • ! elsall be estrblisliedThe sinking fund of the
.raar. • . I Oxblio debt oflenm k and !Tolland shall take
z- --
. „
JOHN SPCLUSKEE. of Bob •. , , , s
JAMES 11110 .of Stuurdeo. , - \ , place, and th e onion\ for Holstein shall be fixed
GEO. E. APPLETON, of. 131rmingBenin \\ • senftsding talltrul s atiOn `.l . The Duohy of
TIIOS. PENNEY. et SPlCorowort., \ • . . , • • • • . '
JOUR MILLER. or !ninon . ` Titoism's, shall c minim \to form a port. pf \ the
"loosen ,erthi4,6z confed ration ' \ 3. When the Affairs i
SAMPLE EARNER fOCK, ' • I Plneenreb a.hieh nu' tere tie the \ a:hole . ..of the niormrc3Fire
.RICILIAL..±(ni. of Alli a f -or. diSeaSSeitin the Council of \ State, the Bolstein
Xlidater all bevel. delibeauttme vote in the
MIL. eel'. WC..
JARED V BRLBII. of Pittsburg
COntill. . The Du of Schleswig shall have ....
10/P,. V ROWJ-X.ND, a up, c.v.. , a ape** Di t, and a su ordinal.,e administration . •
cowsusemorrs ~ I for terrain airs. In 'o en cakes it shored
ROBERT Ell4l, et Pittsburgh . .
, the systSm of't betunark. , 1.";. t .
,onymyry dr a l,..
tux WLE,I. of Allegbenr. " Deamarknad S' blaswig eri.l hat, the same go?,
. . ~
.DITOI. ‘,, ernment and the me Law, \\ 6 \Theptirdsh aiith, '
JOLLN EMERICIL of Weatelk. ' 11 German people in he Duchies ' 'enjoy the \
same rigida ad .otectionf, 7. he affairs of \„• • - .
Schleswig an 11.ols in, which' ve hitherto . , ''•
\i'd\ ty.,.
been in common willhenceforth be parate.' S. .-/
No change can h' made:a the above regulations ' ,'• , ,
except with the co sent the legislati e powers
S. The Duchy of L nen:. g. s h a m cos '.,,,,,it0 i •
belong to the Ger. noir.'
s •oafederation. The
provisious of Art. 1 o ap. , to that city; ,
\as to affairs which are not; \ .mriloa to. all the', •
monarchy, the Duchy eh II 114 eno adminis ' -`,
EcL \
non and 'special Diet. Te„ 1 i will'exerc ii \ .
Its legislative powers with th e ."..g. . ' - \ • \
' TIIREEI • • i,
' • '
,N , \ ' ''', •
The let of September Lae a de „ aitely flied '\ , \ "' ' '
• upon as, the day for the li Lion \ o Knesibtlt N• \ •
and his cempatriots. It to sal Wi th no truth \- '
we iMagine, that Austria will dec. re w. against \ , . I
the sublime Porte if thin purpose car .out \ , ' , .''''.
The Independence and Mississippie re . - ex
pected at Constantinople to convey er. '
,oliti \ • .' \ I\
to the United States.
Coaaptraples, ar rumors of conspiraci eon
tinuarife through the 'ltalian States. . e, to
murder all the Auetrum officers in Venice in one '
night, is said to have been discovered accideitly:,
A nobleman died suddenly of frioplexy; the gbv- ', \ , \
eminent officers proceeded to seal up his papers :,
and discovered dasunienta revealing the plot. , . ,
Martial law Ls said to have been proclaimed, ' • ;
in Milan, and come adherento ' of Menthol had, .
been shot. " -
A letter written at Naples on the ith inst. says , ' • „ .
that Mr. • Glad.stone's pataphlechad caused much , . .
excitement there, end hod been the subject of , , ',.
much discuss= at a meeting of Lae Cabinet_
The political prosecutions, however, are not ilia- • • \,-'. • •
continued cr abated. , I \ \
The French troops 'at Rome hid- extended
their military occupation,sind plentedthemsalves. , \ ,
. ,
'so au to command all the fortifications. The ,
Austrian troops 'who have entered Romagna '
were fortifying , the entire line from Anicons to .
Foligno. Shyness seems to base grown up be- . \ -
two the Pope •and the French, "troops, 1...ki1s * '
holiness" .greatly desiring Austruin instead of
Fretuhooctipancy of itocie--which is decidedly
probable. . ' , - \,• \
The fears that the grapes-along the Shit':
wcald fail: to ripen this season have proved
groundless. Since the solar eclipse the weather , -
lute:become as favorable as could be desired- \ I '.
- 'C APE OF GOOD ROPE. ' \ , 1
Advices from the Cape are to July 24 or M. - ",
The Cape Town Mail, (if July 1, takes a gloomy
view of the then existing condition of affairs: - -
' "The 'accounts from the, frontier toe at
.. \ \.,
fiery plijit more painful ondffiaear ti t d en the
B l r t . is \..
e dent '
that the
.00lonists there . . . \
~ ,
ble to \make Lead ail., the increasing
ho of the enemy, ,The most:active said rasa-
lato elders 'are falling one, after another.—
Field hornet Gray, in Lower Albany ;Tied Cor- ,
net AlbTse, of Albert. District ; Field Cornet , ~, ,
Bouwer, f the Saga, have all been attack down t' ' \ ', ,
within a month. ''We receive, week after week,
lameritable\ 7we of the murder of thavellere, the - ~ \ •
burning of la meatewis, the devastation of wide 1, \,
tracts of country, where the horizon is described '
~ f , \ ,
us lighted up at night, by the dames of deserted
,' I', \ \
tarns houses There is no wondpr that a .getieral ' ' 1 'N.. \
gloom prevails at.Grathani'd Town. ' . -,1 \ s
• "The frontier colonists, have certainly done
almost all that imeneen done during the Dist bin
mouths, and that lett . a little, for ,/
of ' th e colony. But ere is no concert, no eye- \
tem-,in a word, no gnvernment. Our
_enemies ' , • ,
are united, and the CP0101:116/,, the troops, the \ - •
\military officers, tho•civilauthoritb , es, are work-
mg, if mot absolutely fliaiDet oae, another, at :
least without co-operation\ or symPetthy. The • ,
levies are about to return t o their homes. Sir
Hairy Smith, who lately wandincel the approach- ,
bag close of the war, h a s ordered a European
force of 800 men to be embodied at Graham's' • , .
Town, for a terinof six months. \But, undei-the • ,
present system, there ion no appar6ut reason why ' ~..
the war should hot continue for six , years. 'Vet,
, •
with a colonial parliament, uniting all classes \of °r
the eolunista in a phalanx, for the common de:
fence, and with Sir Andries Stookenstrom air,
commandant general orthd colonial forces on the ' ,
frontier, this wretched coldest, which is wasting
the beat blood, and derouring the wealth of the ' •
harder cllstriots, might he' ,. brought to a close in \J.... '
six, weeks." . -
therextended by the' appotnnnonq o
intry in Greece, who are likely to p.„
subservient to him. l
The extent to which the religions element is
mixed with the existing movements in - Europe
constantly rooeivea fresh illustrations. A Dr.
Bonita, having been recently cleated to a Cells.
ease appointment in Alllittill i 123.6 been sl*.r
ceded on account of his being 'e Protestant; and
a - Roman Catholic professor has' nominated
by the government in his pieces \
• \ Upon domestic paints there is nothing to re
po t. The Queen will go to Bcotlapd ,on the
27,th and London, as far es habitual\ cisidents
alit Deemed, is already greatly thinned \ The
daily 1 dux to the exhibition, bower. a attunes
to give he - atreete all the signs of buena coal mor.
to the 4 kght of the se,asca.
News, rho tho Cepe of Good Hope thin eoi
I has created an un favorable. impression,ln n-
1 secleenos of e war remaining in nom suo.
1 'threat iot a ti e felt in the conflicun - gaceounta
t from Havan a, eceived iv tlie - lan steamerfrom
New York. \Po in find it dithoelt to be li eve
that... Any 'body of men in Cub:. could have been
1 o foolish as to a • crept a new outbreak, .m. 4.1
I they had preys :nisi .esictunted their ground,
:'he tire. 8.. - It. steamer, now in prooe a of
reatoration, is ts lii i approaching oompte ton,
nil will nail ford W 1 .rie, it is said, bete th e
d of, the year. ket - - hint will be of tine
Nred borso power \ no:. malty, but will oak
u sis. hundred. JO .e construction f a
d dtionoe and opaoe bac i. by new boilers, she
‘l,. „,,.
will'Onhatity carry more \ .. • 1000 tons of cargo
in exeither previous ur ..e.n. She ia t 0 .50.: l
coma, Si. 210 lust clea r .• _ . re , instead of t a
, I cite ...I.:M/lIILtG —foe kor..pose Tines
f,,,, tit a, . formerly El , ii• . four, but ant , dwells upon the 1 orttinee tif tins invention,
will ull'l\ til' - ..1 ', 5 1 11 . 1 6 flfi ' • yards ‘Ol. ! sad says—lilt has te on tilde ;sited i and the
=Una. \ . \
\ , results have been 'high natiof-ietory Nonieri s
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The same journal declares that the rebellion of
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"These objects," according to. the Cape Town
`\ ere the expublMn of the English auto
mats frnm that portion.oc the frontier d strict&
which ia‘eituated between \the Suiday's, the - Bs
viatan's; ind the Keithamma rivers, and the nom,
pation.or that territory by the flottentota, as an
independenfthation: 'These intentions, however,:
have not been \thterthinea by 'all the Hettentota
in than part of the country. Many of them have,
remained faithful, iu spite
,of the defection of
theft can:trades sad relatives. . • ,
•.Thi \ Hottentoth in other parts of, the o°lol4
have Macao concern in the , plot whatever. and
have evinced no symptoms of disaffection. Tho
rebellion, taken in connection with the‘genersi
hestilities, cannot be properly termed a 'war of
races. As the Fingoes Lave been contending
against the Eraffars, so, in like manner, the, Hot.
teatot levies froM the Western thetriets have`been
fighting unhodtaringly Unsin,t the rebellious
Hottentots of the frontier. The insurrection, in
fact, i a purely Weal affair,' affecting unly,„
comparatively esmil itud well defined section of.
the colony." , f •
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