The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, September 01, 1851, Image 1

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Da.T.LT—Seven dollars wer atoms, Msyslils LaU
711,1Imatas It 7.111 ' •
WREILLY—Two toll. per ..Mu ade a nes.
oaths f ollowlog ' .
Throw onsese par sas now o a
Twenty organs .
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. Clab Lowddrwror to 0 paw.%
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c o &In wins...JO. Clue.
Sia." (10 horn impala or - iel
• no. , can unittimoTineertion.. 0 ii
•2' till— 7 90
• ' oVo tithe 900
' Mar moat= oo
• Y., torte
month.. /2 0 0
atiwgiv ,,, g 4 .l l th r lfruj e ritk. p . st be OO
4,lne danare,ebacgable at Measure (per as
.notorezeitlalrerof the . 00
For awl stational Opare, loaned arm too month. and
awn altaional Moore la.sertgl vadat the Truly atm,
Advortorm ode excellin a noo not am ON - on
bnte• obarged so a soaara and a half. -.• • •
ishere not aremonable for legal strortlentande be.
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therge4 for their =lineation '
• announclog, =lon to be ehallired there?.
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Atrortieanentesat Mark= orc'the COry for it treated
uslater ot Inaeilons. will be tontamod all.trtrkl.att9
amat exert= occool Maly.% • • •
prvil,je ruin./ adrallars atralitatoltoo
tar imenedate =data ; and el wl "metal folt
. e =mato! othorpertonanseal se all Id rants od
metraratromnotraventh - their env bostama, - .ttl all
%el.= of adralleetrOota. la length .or er.bsrEas. beyeed
•11.• Malta lesgagol'oill be charged at Lim =ad rata. For
• all each - trandent &averaging, ;Mlle nororately
erldered:Md - ilreltePt 047.0re11t te &Axed.- ; •
. • 111 advortiresocoufor- etantable Inainnl=fne cam:
er 4
' V e l,liT,T; l l=t , P.l . rl,t.= etilart% ed .
.= . l4te wawa ID hie rhargdd '
Daattenotiees imorted aattmat charge. =lra itcompa.
14 , heigtzrat:ttatrgir obituary =Alma and when
.- Regales idrartlatm. =hare andlng!communlca.
Hera, or mating notices donned to an ottention to
tarn folreen Quarto, o any pub= ottarteltunenta.
where Mum= the meat tar tazhantanee-odl nottath et aria
mde aarstationa—.rely;nonce dosigonl to call attention ty
/ payola =toroth.. w_ltalatol or Potandell taattioto Ir4l
- Interest. on may to =art= 1••11.h the =dada:el.
• hig that the .local la to be paid for. If Intended to beim:
eon= in the local ootrohn. ttyane =ll be charged at tha
ate Di not lase than 10
to "r line. _
=MOP Not ice to champ/ tap], prim.
Salem DM Petition Itreartt.
Heal Wan Ages- ta• and Anotkomers• adarrthoratrats dot s .
tato abased =der yearly rota.
to to AlL:mod Ma
ma= of that Woo and one third per cat tram tha
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101207 an Ild-RIMLLTINUIT PUrII.
Ow Sanaa, thre• insertion, ----on 50 -
• enratruarimarts VittLi rein.
Om &mem (10 UW4 amts.'
each additional amortion....-25 amts.
• . All trand=tadoertlaments to be pahl drawl.
tIAMES F. KERR; Attorney at Laxi--Otrice
cal "Forth rt,; behreem ,Amlth.tiold and Grant, Ras•
• OS, WEAVIIL. Attorney at Law, Fourth
street, mar lb* Ilium'. Tlit.bUrgli 14 ' o ° l '
sollataratt.eled Incusptlr.' 2,111,6
.6 , 1
. . - :,144171013 OLIMOIT, I_b . a. iriuth.44 1 31 ..),
Or UrtiOotoVO • r. 1., pt Atwrney3 at
LIPHANT Y our X,..., Irma : ew e . wood
la - VArt XI 1 . ruu ,Irl.:4lll___ *lithe sate or
N. B--s, D. - Olipb... :.•-•
4016 .
minas a: a. cow..
QUINN COLLlER,.A.ttorneyfi - st Lew--;
a,'oft* on roarth dreet. Atom Ittolttradd. ;• ' •
WHITE,-Attorney atlair-41f
--- on Goorlt tooot. noir fourth. in Arlsmiellalit•
;P: b. 0: L. B. NETTS Attor
* gab te
ItAMES J. KUHN; Attorney at Ls* office,
Illghlattitall, =lair orGinzat street kid
RANOIS 0. FLANEGIN, AttorneyatLaVr,
11.3.1T0 foirrtli stmt. Mtnlnargd
:PC h 0
dl 10 *.A'rs'yl -bu rOt Snyder FYI; MI ,
toll, Maxims L . Co.; Wm. U. Paper Joba PLgsdng, der
cotuaten4 U.; Tacluart, Plttatrazsb- IWAY
ereDIVARD P. JONES, Attorney at. 'Law:
offir. Fourth eftwft. Wood onl
rtiy ~: ~ ;~ ~:rae ~~ +e?fl
aIIAREISON SEW - EMI, Attaras:l;,
OtSe Ste* Otidhaistdoss—. 4 ..
ladestoams! of Mop—
51:1*.i; ip:):7.0:4:4:1:j
fIEOROE ;EVARNOL4 -1'00» .;Bankers: ;
ILA 'Donlon AI Og%
= street, out don to too den . of Pit
canfullyttetideil t'oodtbid
I WS- Z.. 9. cannlt
NoraCtia • wood
• .....0 .02,17
KING, Thinker and Exclunata Broker,
Tome. etreet"Desler fink Zfatea Min ortt-
OW and Slim. Nooks bought and wit, -
-Tha gness ensrlut prka raid in premium for Arlelle46
Iblf V bi nUsmand Main. and:flonirh-Dollars.. in pat
W ..Eichange Brokers,
o ksst, 00,5,./..i mil sad air - We:mai. MI
N'HOIM un ES"Pr., SON, -Nalets F
pti dreie
Rank Naas .21 rt
the i tniza.Etaux..._ • . •
Erl ItAH3i Bankers- and ,E:-
v., Rokcc
iy.:10.1 =7;
I Ma :::(VlRVM.Comtaissiork Mordtants
I amlsllll Brobrrdtio.ll4 Foorrod rtreaL • Permed sad
reale seemillso from 5100 Ur 5103.03 Wray. mo
wasuaus mx.c.--3.idd di.4 - 1 , L,.....:M1L.5. BUY.
IDALMER, HANNA..& . oo....uccessors .
. man. PM. a CO, Madar..Sr.Ticectxdr.)3...mmd.
daddedv la revaladd Dgmartlet.7.e.han_d.o. • • •- • -
a Desodtaga - and dractd— North Wan. cosper_o
Weed and , Ird - , , CArrreat Money -.. "D
dadc,ldtirtra edweits foroala,.4 . o,okcuno.i suds md •
b. .11 im re...4l4,dpoints dt tin Onttaidtidet.. - ' - -
Th• bdrldeit . %rum 'raid, Ibr Fenix:, ...d d:,—
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.1 31 , W: TAY 1.0114 - Cauunissiatier
111 &tor& - Et et atleaCun MII Da
Ml' to all trufness enttuated his-tun.' Tittsbussir
littaalt6etated dltrt
Motter.. &rods. ta..ealk . istml on - favor.,
.able term , Adn.neoatede rmitectl: - cieZ2
}:i:}:~ F ~:~:i:~iti ~8~ ~T:~~i}zi-i;T~
1(6 lort. Boakeoller.,9tat.kmer Prlatur:inaelntlor.cor•
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1Ag.13...1101,51E5." Cheep Literars Depot , .
1 , • Tigre street. ectrelte tbe Peet "We. Neer Barks r.
o. TM dap/ ►1.74vv0. Sobetzt pops. ffeeNifl 'to' anf of
Mg.ttf• PstalSbed at tbe publistmeee
HOPKIN - Booknellor and Stationer'
-I , te:Trroadb Ammn:a:ink.
brOLlNTOCK,Ntuififaitufer find Igt•
ark vv maim
_portoo. • of c0m0t.... 0 12 Clod.. Steam Ikat
Nfld.. de. iv exebooss; N.,86 Yeastb
sat 72 Weed K. Enttaburekt:
• ! , 117 . W. POINDEXTER; Oorneiof - Wateislad
• Weibel elreeri, Titteborgta Ccotalarror'aro
Mte+, Ibetart. and the y orrb madam - sad plead Floury
A '- ,Weetene Prrelore. Iron. rfalle,fileacsod Ora
ankle. of PittaAmegh geuer-Ql7 - .
~ ./Lleb—Amed for ale sale of f..l:firper• Co.,nd VA}..
-LA . boo's celebrated Rebore and .Yorka. Flutiadtkpll
;, plias; abS Jeuklue soberiCibae.te Tr.!. 4r*
IP.- 31nANULTY. , CO—Transporterer,
:112). iwinnuag aui Oasurst. Idatehastt. Itr4.
o=l Bal. 405 Venn stmt.. Pinrst- - ( 4 5 i
HOODS'LO ''''''''''''''''''''
avd. Ltalatheloa "ISztalitta, Mow
Ws!". Amt.
11.'JOHNSTON,' Forwarding tad
ezeriawon a....-awa, No. 1 Rama strfeL,
JER 84:'JONES, Foraraidjim-and Coat;
a6S4siNinbsats. , Deslors 3 • 'Pram.' sad Pitta
AICIARDIcAWS CO.; §necdssorsio•
Joiw.• voi.wetwe.rfa
rNav erstrt.kittaorgh Mannfxtstred. °cods. rut.
Ifiry" t I Itlt ~ 11:4: t : . • : '
aaawl. it ca. nrrzarsa....—.c. L. 'ASTRO=w.. ~0000,.0000.
4 -A. MASON CO., 'Wholesale and Retail
rkge. rv , 47 amt .91.4 Doi*ot% MAK
MURPHY & punciaTELD, Wacassa
iletafT,Dry Obods cirerier bf 1'0n , 41"
trket Amts. Plttotranat..
—r " 7 7, C7T•
. :•;.•: -. • 7 • •.. •-. DENTIST& •
r.:DA3IIIV, - Itlentist; Obrner of - Fourth
Dei*ttir ett, between 36atet enl Perney.,,,u,
'6; 4 11: fi g lii‘rx; ;rpm: N. of Amyrican
, ILkEtI3AUGH; 4 t.Steg4.4i ,
•.:". • Vlttor:slui: l•rodace gaaeiailjt. aad ior
t 'i - ,,,, lrsoffea sad Coaurtydno.lfischnoSay,tio. X/i
ad Eleterwleavet.Pittstourah.
ItTX/ -/ qCTIVILS -5-3 / CO., Imnortaes and
tigl', 1 .74. 1 7' il l'i"T 4. "7 d."1";.';?. 149
, 44.110BERT.MOIIIII:3;.Tes..and Wino Bier
nit 'idiot tbu Mitovad. Pittibstra.
L,ITIML-6447robGrocers '74,1
s Lam. y.,,,,'‘,!.1.w1i0(4,
.S k rtr , wa y ,
Mau. Dods' fungal ati. tb•
• -
. •
, .
A. FAILNE§TOCK & CO., Wholesale'
• 4 Dratanaata. and. manufacturers of White Lead, Red
[earth, and
and Laahaame, corner , Wood anti Yeanat atrieta,hrtta-
TUL. 0. 111 ZSTAI.I fa. a. menoirtu.
CtYSER k McDONVELL, (Successors to
o Koh. Rine,) Wholesale and )1.0.111.Dr0s
tabu More, pontos of Waal street awl vtreic aUry.
Sera Phjsrldane prvorlattaas carefully ootopookuloa mita anti
KIDD Wholesale Druggiuta: Deal
.. 4,* in ha mt.,. 011% Dye iftufEa.da - curtnimentt
of D. M'is's celebrate , ' Warm Specific, Lie
n.. la &tad Luna army: No. ar, cornet of Woad and
roartb ts, l'ittrburgh. Osten will be easefully pack.
01..11 formeniod with dispatch. •
■ TT ■{{ ww E. • SELLFoRS, .Wholesale Denier in
L A D e& itt fl'a,(11: (rd i d
a . t
N. WICKERSIIA3I, Wholesale Druggist
50.1616. P a 66 W oo,' seree a t n mAre ik o u Sixth. mlement.
..,....L...__. ,
runorturz saa.. - . ..-.... ...... ... cznar marta.
IiRAUN & Rtiftii, Wholesale and Retail
Di , i3:61104., corner of Liberti atoll at. Clair lite., Pitts
JSOROONMAKER &CO., Wholesale Drug
sblu. So. 4 Wood 64. rittOunztl.
MI. VILA' 211-.
W M fra§ l sKifilo 1 . 08 . 711 e T,c7and
for r ral e a rl o7 Da
cod; and 147 Trout t 2.
L. SIIEE, Wholeiale Grocer, Commiesion
• Xershant. oauct dealer to Paper: and 11.0. eeraer of
arm aryl Irwin atrrat, Pittabaralt.
Q.A.MIIEL P. SIMMER, ;Wholesale Ge 01..)
l..) um Psoinee end gicuseitigidiou gentling,. and Mai
. 478 fll PittebUlrt. /14.nufzectumt Artielee, Pittsburgh VW end 1=
Bedard Meet...between Woad smut FlositlifieM.
oHN s, - .DuAvowr.
• • {...1011,11 DIIMOIII2.
gir baA
th; - for Ifruard Powdet Co" of 11.1. , 1 , 111
Wtol et. Vittstrttnat. '
R CrRBVID EWholesale
0g°=.3310.1.... No.llo Wm*=„WgetA
M.A.TPTIEWS & CO., Who!vials
Orecres,Cammi rt Favorxrdinir Marensats..r4
teats far /Ingham Cotton Yarns, 67 Water st.,httemrgh.
*as vat, ..... ....... ..... .70m, yaw..
ii"01P1 IVTT Vlbolesale Grocers,
Caardifioa Niretudatmuld Dealer. In Produce uxt.
ataburg 3.lanntactures. No. 2'o Libert7 stayer, Pitt.
IT IL CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
.1:423er P7e= V° 64... n re: t lining, Pet eard .
Pearl Asks and Wrsteru Produce gm:rail , Whigs' =Ws
bstusen snithlicid'arn Wont. Pittsburgh.
+, role Grcono, Y moon:um; and Comm/woo iderdk.
is • Deolgs Pittaburgh Mottof.tarea oad Wootona
Prodato No. Se, to of Front Meet end Chaxmory Lane,
DIC 4 CO.,holesale Gro
' ana,_Corandadon 'Mattawan, and .alars PrOdurs—
o. an. Water. and 107. Front eanot. bnrala
'''''''''''' late E est,'
Oallutter Co,WbolessleOrocent,Commli%o l .od
orwarattsz MesclutaLs. and Dealers to Produce and rittr
bureeen t Almolletscrw, No. 122 . 5.c0nd st and 12.1 last et.,
tetw Wad and 13roltialP l e
:rOIIAXOILI--...31ZA9 a 319112......:.14.11 C. Ray
N'GMLS. & ROE. 'Wholesale Grocers and
Oontraiseion blereterfte. 1:57 Liberty stmt,
tza aye, ,
ItOBERT 3100 RE, -Wholeeale Grocer,
iteetifYing Dl.lller, dealer In Prod.. Pieteburgb
naufeeturea and all kinds of Forel., Axel Muck
4.7.3"" flood a
InTe .'d 144""t no ass aln nr .vest.
*IIMGIU be .1d line , ear es .- •
aired. Girt...ton ..Merriwitaxelealere In Protium
orel o=o blimulacturee. Na t -4 Liberty Wien,
Pititsbrirgh. .
• rams o. ` n
WOK. 'ZIeCANDLESS, sucoessoto to
L. Wick. Whohalo Grocer TonrudloS
'and •Coaardseton Oforobods, deals. ist Nall, Odom,
.... 11..0 !Manufactures
• coon , . Wood sool strocto, Yittobufsh. , •
Graars and Commisidori Nterett . aFtps, Deal . sls j . n ben ll7 .
q& CO, Wholes le and
. • Ratan FaxaCly expeers, Fonaldlng and Commlaidan
' =haat% antl Laden, in t ry Pradata and Pinnbargb
'ltartoranthsna tamer at Woad and F tr. Pftnnunna
: lam aoaroas...—rna.
X i/
_ka & CO., No. 2.55,
rasa ' • non. •
L:, B. FLOYATlVii — olesa — e Grocera, Com
. initolon Martha: o, and Nolan in Pro:lon—Round
Balldinga. fronting on Literfr..Wool , add af,.5
iorm PAKKETCSr , CO.:Wholesale Grocers:
t o iro d
w m
ttabaz 1 .
jAI : VALZELL, Wholesale Grocer,born
mialloia and Forwarding Ilarelannt.no4 dealer In Iron.
1 101 IN 11. SIELLOR, Dealer in PiaaoFoites,
mute, sun Mulical fl r
U. :Axil Ilcot.s.
tca, li r
.01 • Kulp You.. lor
NEWRY ELEBER, Dealer in 31tibie,
ateatartamwats. antlmport.r if alzat Et:tugs.
etthtrelaWkoVat L A l tYartfniV rgAren=
taralies Lulu, lime aid pimpmap. cigar
l obair, aau uilnLc Lillm tniqhmc. tiont,•liob. and
lime mils. Pony barEQP.lpil letting 'do.: also One 3r1..4
24 bleed pail..., ar..:
• ,ClPice Et LIMN:CM CO- So. Wi,• IV , pler at, Pittp
- Tact . arm. alas. arEsriltr..
authors nianaisitocra and keep ecantentl, on hand all
mos of Taska;Bro. and finazablec Finishing, Clout.
Bob NalLe;y.faieqlt.Ploser Barrel All La th ing! Nails:
Copper Nam er.k6 Barrel Nun,: ErTner and Zino
Eh°. Ea Pointe; Elret au:arta:l sizes.
efr- ! ! CAMPBELL. CAFES 6 CO..
• ....n194 - I WarcrAL,Pitralrargh;
• • ; . . .1 etu.
',Ts erre:7 szt• •r 4.4 Sheeting. Carpe[
te. en
' -101:01 T. 4446.L•0NE& C — Qo3o;3lanufacturers of Sprlng
4.1 Blister st.a. Plough Reel. Ebel Plough Wino,
and ELlptie Euringe; llamrotrect Ln29 Leer. and
dealer. ClLStirli% Pim Ewan. Lguipn,, and
Coneh Trimminne. geurrnlly• corner of Pon god Front.
Mahan:b. Po. •
ytagrrreSßUßGß ALKALI ,WORKS.—Ben
itet,lkirr ref:a, Matturaetareet or amt.. 44
POWIt" elertatte and tarlyborlo arid. 11. atehoure
No. ea Water at...below Seri",
WALTER P. MARSILALL:, Succoator to
t4rtuot an&- Dearer in Imtllat
and'.Anierisan Paper tinnsings, and Wonters,
nbasists; Pire good Prints, Le. Also—lriting. nngg
and Wrapping Paper, No. SS Wood street, between Pouts
Dispand slier .rhosborgb. P.
AN A. liIALFGHE2'.: , A . {nnt for the Lake
LEECH CO., Transporters by Canal
- see Porrobllng Moro-Unto; corner of Pmn .crest
Os Canal.
the made that he keep onhand atlile stand ea tba west
indeed U I . Mame... A11e..7 at: • .ample. assortment
of V gyitim band; aMe. Vennipn tEhuifors ma made to order
la the beet style, warranted maid to and la tbe Vaned
Mates. • • Ms 91.. rim to =nand .m=4 the aid of
screw driver. IfavingPmmrerd the doele. Ueda and weed
Of the cabinet edidellshment of Ramsay NoCtetiand. lam
prepared to furnish thdr old autocue:a,. well as th e pub.
Ile et largeote 6 br o agt. la ...dee. •
t, Pittsburgh.
3, A. MOWN.
'—g*.lenee. cermet' Thln d street aml INA
mean, Allegheny..
N., 14.—Llene. &AA. wi t ch'
;I • mehtly
...4j)AMILAADIE Yetetin S late
stow Eirmib i, lootuna,•,2l, 1 =t ,
FsA*:dtg igt:r b ig . ta s itralatl u r•
• coormetlot.Rith Kt.- ii ir
b . -I ° -
of Tonnol Istredt . and Peozwirmas
_ . 3
p o — i EMCEE jOrlNSONirig.raver L ou 'Wood,
Milo-Ha. fthill, eV P 1 tofittrgh. P0. , --1/101 , 0 01
r _ prol.roo Proottofecro.
4 ' gr4 ll 7 4 ;eir libibt, in ml 14
.4 0aLL for Di, u. So.
tiellosooldA o f 6 d o floor , COM.; etoArfe,ke..lo fraftroptylo
of ar.. sod at tt, lowoot prior. 1
____ _
WILLLO,I SCHU 1131e ,,,.,, N'S Lithokmph-
I< LOntliiinent; Mint t; urcetto th e Post
til i e: Mambo Mars, Landpea Partrultsi Elmer ban
Eandanbels. intent - seal and ahnnino
.Drairit eWy
nainets nal illalting pin. tr., ennraved or
awn). on iltalm and. printed' In lora. Oold. Ilronna or
13bek. In the MOSt . lirprOred ATI*, and at the VIM!. rta.D.
_tWegner, ilnecluie; 14k Huelkea
PRE ABOVE , FIRIA ectfully tumounil
A, to their . 41stuis and th e I , Ito sooendln that
fl4 , 7ftilbtWaig e' fg ' ls ib t l lV ti ss i* C f ge. 9l Z o'
Th T,1414:34.411 , 114nent is st 21. 31.rkot stonebo
. us
• ~ - -
'. . • ThTiTIMPS.
. iou W. WILSON, Wateiesi,' ° Vg;: r e v ,: r a
.Wan, "aul ,
. rgh.
I ...tnareet.../qu2P0"1 4,1i4.4.,0..04.0.0.
F.ltit, mmtr-. ..2 . 2_________—,-__,
--------r-,4. established
• ABII4.IIIILe,L lk , ~, ~„, -
Ym--n 7 e%
bzzlivND 1. 4,. ii.%-.... s l
1,„...1,Vi;47 4 ,, , ,Vga.V= c- "* . " 4
- 9‘.l4.7.iorscin*490 f
4 ..
1 )- 4' '
'~! ,
Wm. M. IrlcSnig -
1,1 i g irfecri to
ts end the ECt:
eroPenturylmada and Lastarn Ulm
OEMs in Tilghman 41.11. oDlwdte Ito Nev Court Ilona,
PlMalmmgh. Y..
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. ,
Itaienantar.—J.tua SlorriGon FX-EhiPeiti.3. D. N. Whlt.4
Hampton. awl Wm. llebandh..E4O..
Doctor G. Reichhelm
LNFORDIS his friends and the public inzert•
oral, that he he IVIZIOTai hie Oleo to Penn Amt.
ext to St. Clair Ilo.t.
. .
P. B.—Paramm indebted to him for • lemitti of Um, ma
redoanad to wine their amounts. jilfato
TSAIAII DICKEY & CO., Agents for
Sala Iron Works- Keen conateogy on hand and
Jr aat tarp tow prices and of atipmlor 'nomilar• Bar
and Meet IRKS, tinil, Solana an 17 19
F. 8,, Moore, M. B.:
epeeist etteottott the treatment of th ,
me ecae. ottrte
ettlaren. sad acute AL o
• nersll7 well . ;
amnia end attruieal dtveues. Office on Anderson etc
at thellan4 Purest Bridge. and next Awe to the PI
Ing NUL Alleghenp City. tece henry Iran Tto9 A.
from I to 8. and from TAse GI P. 11. otel'Atp
ILMARTH & NOBLE—City Flcatfaii
• WU. No. WS& Liberty cor or Adams sr- Pittetrargb.
NICIIOLAS VrVIAN, Civil Engineer,
Dianghtstaand Praothal 'Asputt. Makes
uabts of Models loth. Patent Oflce"desigus °fah.fib
nary for Mass, Waterltitakat Roth= 6 .7
fotuul betwixt 10 A. N. and 6 P. AL., at Ids rethisuce„No.2l
bfarburp street, Pittsburgh.'
ILUCORD & CO., ' Wholesalo 'and. Retail
INI Munutetitutere,aud Donlon lu Pf",
corner of trend end Fifth sinew, Pittiarti . run. utoei
offer fon Lod otuiplete !dock of llats, rare, dee of
Ivry quality end idyl, by Whoiesule end Retell. end rite its attoution of their euetoseeree.l Ma`
.1.7. ....ruling them. t h at thtr w W cell on the moat adv..
Wcewt terms.
DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Drarr,
V V .and Dr&lc r 11..47 . Ned. /37 Lalm
IR. T.J.3IYERS--Scutwn and Phyeketan.
Oihke and Medlin& corner of Darlington's row. No.
, 11 111. rd arced ono door above Eridthfleld at -,
Dr. Myrra bra permanently Iterated in Pitiehurglli 'and
l attend to tka Auks* of a Prebendal.. flatrtti giTe
MAJ.:Like a chidren. ttentiek larantrakrsaca. and tbe.
aplikaarelbscaara of.
wetted and •
(MUGGER & CQ., Importers of Winer,
LlPuors. and Blebs c h eet., 8111Ithtleld street,be•
ween Stith and ?Seventh.
MADEIRA, Agent for Daiwa° Ithr;
JC vend Wet, humane. Cotrpsa r .4 Testiest:rent
GARDDIER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
•Tim laiwr.uce Cemporty, north oast manor of VT*
inzol Thlld
WAI. GLENN, Boor. BENDER, Wood street,
...sse door [tom the corner at Ttdrd , eher• be la
dwebartd-to do every dearriptioa or Binding With neat..
wad durabilltr, Blank Books ruled to way pattern,
_ • art3
-Weed boots In numbers, or old boa,
brood .2 , 1.11 r; r,r.Lr. , d. N 1131.1 pato, la gilt Went
Tboae wbo h.@ or
are Invited to ealL 101 l
Steamboat Agency, and General Commie 6
don, Receiving.and Forwarding.
itALGWIN, PLILIWER CO., hays this
day . ...dated with th em Mr. John larrto, and ofror
r serriter to the public NE Reartboar AKentr., 911%tat
"1"".- 11f,EL ' IVir.1 1 EZZAIV61 1 , ". "
Lorimar, April' 15.1551. .142 Willlams .
PtOUNTY LANDS--Capr. Cues,NArLos,
Atterney at Lan, tin. le3 Third et, nYrteet of Chem
r. haring made arrange.. .no for the purnner. tn.
,prceure Bonnie Londe tor officers and soLltrna . their
lealcnre and children and •111 gannet' to an -ether but
neez connected with and
a - mm.oot or any alto
teepee, t
ghton.e Penal= erne., or the Courta the Depart.
Waabin I naTaftt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
.. c kirsl.). It SMITH it now prepared to give
lortractlon to . few Fuels In the afferent branches
o Itlightful an, .t Ills moons, to Drama eloped
Atklnarn • MIN Mallon, Vint stmt, between Want and
6Larket greets. Mora of Instrairtion, from 2f to 41‘, and
from ati to 61i; e. n. Chant. end other parUrtilan ran in
Minn , n/Difterauseld at th e roams.
Defer to Dr. lientaso or Dr. Addle..
LIGHTNING RODS--Bprattliti .
Whole:ale Depot, SG IVirl anti, Fiterbu h,
(Carterrlghth utlery Store.)
struered tam they cannot En out of order. Tura
• atom aml latechmentatOtting arcusstely, the potato
and Magnets are undvalled—the whole being I/4MT or
munentah and ith:int dispute the beat entalueuir ever
mannfactured. ames Jultaan out attach them et 12.1 i
manner foot • Print at the More, 10 nom
Gentlemen are mann:fat regninted to ma at 86 Wood
Meet. and examine tar above: wh,re, ale, the Anent =if
be teen. my2Llf
0 nennv oto. ;
I*lllol,. It esaLd
• .. - .
Wholesale Gro-
at°ra li e dLE Bll lftt C a?ers G . rEttries, Glasa,
YV ilia, Sala; Plana, etc, No. 70 on Dale. and 133
velang. Mao.
0417 .' " Cl lt_ le madam! nue.
Ascots for all ElnaalTateoad l ' 4, " pallere In tha Lake So.
' Vier eel.T7m. A. Otis CI.Tr had; '
lilieeler, Baran;
T. 11. Howe. Quhler.
male:om .
NO. 19 *ood etriet, beln , ren Fir and Seco . nast..,
• . •
XIdIinTACTURER of every description
.L.Y.IL or COOELVC STOTES. of tint:most efitinVott rote
terns, and snob me will tender Um best entlefeetion.
AIso—PAILLQR 'STOVES, =OD g which be Fenn)
Jewell O. 11001:0 eel - fronded rotate it door Puler f
Stover, Iltsdnitorn Franklin &teem plant end terser Grnuu.
wbleb Invite the ationtion of builder; Tss. Settler
Hollow Were; Wsaon Donee •es to all of which welnetts
the anteatton of stealers tssferierowerlisrlag elsewhere.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works;
MILE andersigned have juta cemplet‘ed theif
AL Mewl.,
an now trtanuGicturtax sues of OAS PIPS, Lc
• •• attire and other flue, and all sixes ed •
tacit titer eller fax este at the lowest netcek Tt7 ute
ow xreparedla execute orders. to thr extent. without de
- PANO t GO. r
No. - 91 andetreet.
Dockireaun and Domestic. CLuemusware.:
IS lank-mons allotting/sack and Cans Wase.i
East Lonsanek,Oblo.
Sil - bample Rooms. enener EMS. and Liberty etreets,t
'Noun atabtalg.X.) entrastee nut dcer J.
Our exec:oleo Works enable ea m to orders premntly.l
.sl'.o.l7,==tea"Zb"all.c"titetstt=t= 41.44.1e'S
a thater eda
Erna.W Sktteons,illsbers, lanes Toy., DoeststEets,l
_Floats Vases. Goblets. Hansel Ornament., Medicine an ds
Snuff Jars. and as tleas toe domestic an. In goat warletr.l
Orders reveetlaist ...hz:tf •
Bolivar Fire Brick Idarinfactaring Comp'y:
• GLOVER. KIER & CO., P2torturroAo.
PULE SUBSCRIBERS, Ilavng been ar,
j potribel Agent.' for the above nimed odnearo. 01
keep mutant', enhandit of the welebratuthollear
Fire Briek.CrneibleFreC4a, Furnace Ilesetbsand tnwella
The, are alto prepared to receive endere for raid Mick, to
be made else end dupe to suit purchasers. whirl shall
be rf,Vol Peg It necessary to enumerate the man soli,
vant ' age. the Wirer Fire Bela paw. over all othete r that
.have hem otlered for sale in the United Bravo., thole snow
rioritr being well known to ahntat elf venous who use
Tire /Met. She proprietors hers determined thet the
Brick duffles.' nape of their onwent coyish'. retnetat.fte
and that no triteness gull be spars 4 busk., them oat
better Ab et
at have heretofore bees, This is the 01,
erthblistanent now enanufeettaine Oho Oriel st Barter. :
et,* JONES,
=chi Cane Berta Seventh Plttabetelth.
W, Diton's London Patent Lever Watches,
Beirriarlot J : atrCei,
• mole Agent for the above namal layer Watch.,
e nib /bend mamma is attached to each Watch: •
By ennoblement to the Admiralty, We t . DIXON, Clem,
wader and Watch Blanufacturer. 45 King Swum, Wm ,
welt Reed, London.
11ils certifies that the mannemnring %Vetch. Nee
warranted by me to he of my m.nfactare, and maNra
mmth my name o r s, It le genuine unlem &manacled by
a certificate bee my Omahas.
I nuarandee the atch No —to keen time to the me)
isfactine of the Deachroci. DIXON.
I HAVE FITTED UP, (oh the New York
the fuhlaroble per/or; reel hr.. telectro. we largest etglt
moat euterrior - stoortment of halo Derielnea, Deocraddr
French and Orman Duaitak De Woe*, English I/ems-At
Metoone. Cl:lnters, Turret Rod Goode, 14/;leet . throp! 01
ext " tV g I ji a ff v
sod delft lead of df ,
Door ot ;eta. Window Undo wed Atudeet,CertelA
Border. end Zoode. Carlota Plot, Tam lotted le stet Loop
Food. silt ...a Wended, Bee cubit...ea r/sLrod....
ailer and Lehrer.. Quilta Oraratterperes erlered,
Comfort., Ilstreeset„ Bodo and
All orlerothenkfullf received andprotoptly
leple W3l. NORIA:. Third Wert :
AMITELICROESEN keeps constantly ou
tas, h r Wt. (=Tx.' g.a.-00-gr.11.1a 5
71relt=turNhat WroiinddirwitthtVllnt;?'"l
Wranapar, Itradde Ball; Fillh . rdreet.Pittrbarr
W. npnanianan. ...4..-
a. Cawarannaar
I 19 TTSBUR011 CITY Cifii . O . W OßK =
Manuturers of _..
ill, No. :A Market street, Lott.. Pint lehrPO w.ii e
Pliteburgh. P. , •-, on lo
Particular attentloa pattto odd else. Aut.44
Int.t Cll.l..hiale. Uottl.y. Am, dayf_____ ,
cot. -
awri ortrizr—... .... ........:—......wme_M_ , _
Q . I4IITLEY' & COLVIN, Cri,„,,, ;M.
10 ..I .D.aew 0 Or/ 1(1.411, X ll Rea
oerieerlof Walout street awl, laeht - onlikdkie 11.
tzTunapaa • 1111- •
X & CO.,
x GEOItGE B E. 1 ., - . Sla
.. . ,
ANK,.., L.N, Berm Nons;•ac.
, Duals ill LICTIANuNrkm. 0 raw,,,, A . .
1 lc .e.,, , Z 1 7 1 1017 'A ft.".!"==.' " i ' .% ,7 ' =N -
Stroke bought awl e , nl i s
J - lif & SOIL .
..,E . arctiotail mannfacrtu- p 2,
W U cm, t nn. ,..l!:; al l atti TA,.
.w. 14 dropet, airy ouer a full ant complete Ramat Oat.
burgh-whaela awn and Peet= maristfaclore, of ~,,,
a.I Cara aryl. by w holm!. awl retail. mut Parke the
°°°l.Tillrilaiitireiotita=bbile=7. l'°'°'°'
'At Yu. 62 t 64 it rker :rut, ea g .
isbu ' r A
A.. A. MASON A 0. a now in.daily re.
AL p otipt. of aim =ay of blob hure , 0.00 lep
sallad 11prawdy for air aalea. Logan with as lams..
varlet - of choice iriealfeted. 'Filth
s.du ilou , gri Ma
teltit I :fir iiin i ge g
.117. team the a.=l • 411 .41 -il
a ttp4r74,:vr..g.if,7..bbtvez,-,..or”tatr I
, r pore le rerpta"ally lugicited. ...,,,, ',
frk, ". "o. 3 LAME '5l MACKEREL- L
11'llsztelafar sale lire by 11.1111ieltlialN.
-." ilTh so
!OD -0 / 1-- ° t . 4 43lllalUtrdt &C.0.'8 1
p_ .
1.7E,....-TTElenehi 1113,jee?pjF.T.40.....;7"1
• I
New Chocolate Factory.
fo G. N. GIARBONI A: CO. ieepeetrully in
n. the w ut
white that they .re not muhmtnring
pv(tke mutt ever?"
boor, le
prit t e d .. 4 This Chorl o ate.
d of fin taro, more untele pore rtur and
leholcsome. Mg. ut.
O. OA. b aring been proprielore of the
Of the
Cluvolate manufachmes In na10...m the
public that they will famish an article equal I i not ape.
L i' W s
for a b" e t i!t m gr IND" l' Zte 'e l'a e
,ol t l l O2 fourth i
et., op Maim. nett door to the 'Mann" ' a r ou
tI L Taa . been ''''''"d inattl ' inf,,o; l :l l° l.; the -
Pbealei place
bbery atm !WV.. A large collection of ever
on of
Lloondng Pleats and EhrnblmuT. of the Cholcenhltubk eft
Jr. l t =74l ' ; jtl,7t.,tht in tu,
110quete tastefully putt up at shortAotice.
The neat mid ,comfortable Mean boat UNMET, Leine
the landing. between Pitt stmt. and the Old Allegheny
BriLige,.! , the I .silming of every hour—from the'clock,..A
31., unto 10 P.ll. One extra trip toter .%
p. vi ri .cting t
no tl..e „ S o nto .m ky ,. Olty are Invited to pay k
The Garden Is kept =Temperance pplciriplea, uld eloped
o 0 aplectf
(Fo ly the Exchange,),)
Corner and St. Clair Streets,
I[ 4 . lliSepacione, central, and most conveni
enty. to
HOTEL, hating boon completely rev.
'm ;fled sad thoroughly repaired and Improved, . lsrum
open fox the amommodetion of thspublic. •
• The subecriber, Irotee and pm_ gnat. at the cLen
HOTEL, ra . poMf• ally lag:mall frtende and the Poblir
that be has tarnished It in the most elegant and ettrolortv
ble style, and employed competent eadrtante and attentive
and faithful sernuala, and that he edit agars no exertion
•to mate it equal to mr Doom in the moo
The well known meted loud= of the tin e,., and mg
verdents of It. arrangemente, maiming it theimostdastra-
Lble *Oher to travelers or permanent boantemlnd gees Ma
to soltelt and hog* for tt a liberal share of patronage;
cr22:ts .c. W. BENNY:FT.
Froth 'Assortment of Spring Goods.
FPHONIAS PALMER is daily receiving
num the Eastern Cities, At tbs of stand,
Between Third and Fourth strethnutkErrgh,
love t. nla tetoek. ‘lP7td.b.'*utitj.
for long period. • The a pstterns p
are s , 4 0 . utirely new, Me
• bilty.l V urna l s y t e c d hu . t oo., d 1 toh e
o us.
pwa r p s i , n t t
h e dare,
rume. To this Attractive Mt of Ruda of whieb a more so
eurammtdgment can be formed by eight than description.
the *Mention of merchants and hones keepers is
fully inyil.d.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
A. WHITE A CO. would re
, wwtrallt inform the nubile that they hire
tree • a abop Lacock, between - Valera] and tianduakg
tr= 'They are now making and are prepared to melee
orders ar everydrocription of vehicle. Omelet, Chariot.
rh liuggle. Photon. ho., which, from their
long erperienne ir.the manfacture of tbe.abeve work,
and the farilidee they have, they hat eonlbieut Croy are
z n h ablvd . lo u to z i on e. raLtLe i nrilt reasonable term 'with
Porto partestlar Weal:e r re the Lemke of materials,
and 610 i. none but competent wo " rineu, they have n
heeltatkon itt warranting [herr matter. t
therefore sok th:..
littentien of the public to Ws matter.
N. IL Repairing done. in the test tout.. and on the
moat evuonable term. radetl
thin hird and Market streets. The may chap
r l d ' Instituof' tha in Pittsburgh.
Factimv.—Jobn Fleming. Principal Inetritetor irk the
Mitre of Account.
61sanixiin..Prortenor or Penzturtutehlp„Plereautilt
Computation, to
h.O. N. Vatorn, E. ',reinter oirceirmereial Law.
Thome &drill colnple. 1.2.f1ed IN of toot KeePitet.
ry branch of bud., alto an ele.
=o ". ...or ne ld ut 3 1:7121p me ,invited touell end exam.
Inc the agime re ntr,
Lector. on Comporrdel L. every 51M:1 , 1mq...d05.
petereare to uty of the 'viand dty member:oe. 14. M
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
bead of Wool street. Pitt: bulb. Pr
• • A e M .„ V:lfttl . l ' j' Ven V ire '''' 14 .6 itie. ".
0 , ..)1:ao hand and mule tnarde:or tne
itiolTvit Marbles, sod at ./y ~.mat. .
g iz. A citnice vka'ams :,./Drotoi3O at
, •
I fAllial; d , : '. ' S ' -:7----.
!.. i
i t l i l ' i . 11 , 11, ..
. „:....
1_ 1
Ilargue Dermas Clark Tiernan,Lag.
Hon. JudgoWilkina John Harper. Lap.
Wei. Annum:m.3r, Earl Arrhifeet.
John Border. Len, -
H a Anna. needier.
Pilurrgh Banc. A alm. do. •
J. IL nhoanberger. E'q. LmenC url, ,
WilrernCandre•ar. Esq. /Pan.l targeAL
Ronan McKnight, Lau. Arm. gagaler A Co.
Jen. Mr-Knight Lan. lirrulnir•P. T. Morgan A Co.
ham..Jrap.. Rhode. A Co Fenttle.
A. Luther. Dal- Allegheny.
W. feels grateful for ),
eery Mend patronage na.
rargVat 'i rlrbeerlrenl - V.ll:< d`'. b p . tVge lr,
Use, and will endeavor to render satizforlo berra!flar.
1.91'. ' W. repargh% Worms his Mods and •
cruitemere that he hag now completed the largest " •--•
end finest nigh of homichold furnitam ever Setaesewn In
this city. as he is steremidned To uphold the quality with
williweammed mantels. best o f end newer , de.
signs. mid fig. oh, extent of hi, orders end [agility in
manufacturing. bob enabled to 'produot werrented rural •
tore, at the lowest prima .
Ile lies adopted the principie of Identifying the custcen•
erg interest with his own, in elielity end price, ami
trt n Yt ''' . We. s the trieetit ch f4::',1=12?°.1°.!
part of egio. [MT he
'Firrt,lebed frimr . bis stoe Manufar.tureil eSpref.ll7 to .
LTe therefore sidles n infraction. that the edema.
mg we of his establishment may De tun.. The following.
articles coning, to tart of his Mock , which for richnese of
style end finigh cannot kw ourpmeed in amp Wth e tutor.
gating '
... •
Parlor. /rook.. tithing. bed.rocen ash". of wen..
Eliconslodag of rosewood. Ittabon.y nor te sinus.
ZeirsbeLben. Costeerratrere auct Ears Cbatrt , of.. deo
criptiost; Condos. Fofae, Teto.o-teto and Ittoarts or the laeoet
Erma, arei American pats...rust nub., Witaubioto. and
ladles' parlor Writing Desks or Tartans Mad, Work Tabled
sal Later Inlaid stands, mode statly. mot boleros. ensieblet
cop. raabonany. rosewood wed eratnut coutzu wed rota. tam
blor.oateurion dintug tablote ell were of hem tor improved;
and doridolly th e best bled mod. unlit .! hall and.
ides tables: trasdiretstc, bed.dosen aue truthatande of each e.
larsne woortment. gable ball and rarior rep.ptino ehairs,
OttOt.-15 eemts.l7 bcnk e.tars. tide board,
dre ecroeue. tour: racks. bat wand. and manic stoolr.orlba
and sore tor ctuidreu. p.per 'soo th e. telale:athe too I.oree
rosewood, and 11110.1 pearl Tables. kr kr be
A lame weratutent of bureaus. .54 iTtirloor
Chen. , Cabinet makers supplied teeth allisticlee la [bell
thee. •
Stestaboats wed Betels. turtlisbedeat theAborteat notice.
All orders Dm:lapel,. attouded tn. 1.9
(27E0. E. ARNCILD ‘4. CO. have as with [bud JOEIN D. bCCLLY. The style bf
the firm wilt be u lueetofere.
Plebeturgb. 51.1' let Ign.
The only real Hew York Plumbing Estab
W i c LE
iri fLE 7 org:. is
, d:ne on S.:ien'tifie Prin,
Mu and Steamboat Pinintitng, to all its Statute,
117.1 t. eaten. and fro.. . • . 0,1.
,wadi ist...6,c;iipb;i; b in n SO
SIMS, woodenor trim 2to n .
Water Closets, complete Ito .24
Ilydranta stn 7
Kitchen Ranger... Cast Iron Boilers, Wash Frays. [tot Ate
rntttre and hum Fir, turnlatied and put up at the lOW.
Llll,, Pore, and Yazd - Sumps; liydraUlle Rains. commits
ly =Sand. and put up at ant dletanto in the country.
Itrpalting punctually attendml to.
PRIOR-t-WILEY, 125 First rt. '
Jybo ' Dotson Wood and Market stew
Harter A Co's AA bratal Hai and Manure Yorkv,
rivemel frOtu the mama:Tumor, rhiliulolphla, vonalgtv
merit and fur atl• by Lt. W. YOINDEXTitit.
Water 813,04
Foy beldam of notah and int:luck value, lima York,
cannot bersurynneekt: anti the In. VICO al *Ala lheT an ,
vold,touat ln,nta tbsivlntrcductlan., sp26.IT
• Removal.
- .
LAKES WILSON' has. removed his liat
el -sad Co to So. 91 iirooti Mort, third door routb
of ttaroood 91107.
n, Edw.' N. Wilton, Inn, PanthwohlP CP the
Cp and 7w bonier.*we will hereafter do bosinete
ender the mune of J WILBON BON J fit 91 Wood sworn
P, 8,--James Wilson confirmed , the list an t. ti
N 0.9 Federal street. Allegheny , Clty, lonely t
STOCK of thaMerchanta &Manufacturers
Bmk; Benet of the kkeoh ., 117
If. D lerlfu,lkutottor mei Boker.
jell Yourel
WM - TAM -7 ,
STERN BANK OTES e at lowest
k . Bro . kar t heath
loll For •Sale.
on Penn etreit, acijoini"ng •
divi muit L
*tab] wl
b. ' WI... tot
Denlo6.. or
To Gazdeners.
A. FEW noreg of round tient' tho city, suit-
Ole of gardening, for Mae. Entwi're el
I 0 , A. AVILKIND & C.
Curled Hair Matraases. .
IIAVE on hand a largo stock of Matron..
ji. eft, made out or Dore Harr. Thum irantrir a finite.
rrtielo rill plot. call. WM. NOBLE,
m/7. 6 Third rzooi. oPPr/lo the Not alike.
IfAVE on hand a large assortment cit!
i l
WINDOW Ofell.N/CF.3 and CURTAIN BAND 9, of porr
i. for tyrtylin. ~,, W3I. NOBLE,
o". i ; marl, opoorita it. PM,. Waal.
PAPEII.-330 reams 24 by 38 Printing P.94Y.
300 " 24 by 38
DP3 "
600 ' 1 8 6 3 , 2 . 1 ft ; 24 by 34. a
400. " Blue- Factory c'aper.
1100 tdl. Mined Crryou Stran . farm
380 '• Moilam and Single CrOIFORIif.
The undersigned nes . PLe r masSan ge 1..441d
and , Lod far
' glad. C.0 ssban 7, l eett n enlardWars. and l'aps . r a m I=i
Fe lde
P — gPa n p g
ofm a a ll d a i t s o e so.rdrr p
an e baf M t rdannan.i...ra.
&WA oamm. 811EZ.
Poe. go d Irwin sta.
1310 METAL--560 tons for sale by
11 i• 3 RUM MATT/IMb l Co.
,CIIIESE--125 boxes for sale by
15ALLII DIC EY_a 00.
.ALCOHOL -20 bhls. for sale by
.fra bhp
C 00.
R) / LAIN BLACK SILKS - Fur &arta and
Dram., Al o light arig . d A rk sar i , for
"I' S. 14 " e """'"IltItillr 17111dIfFIED.
BROOMS -50 doz. for sale by
DOT A.SII-10 casks for sale by
irza J. B. okirtELD.
lAV4 COFFEE-10 bags very superior,
- VI, L. tico WHO Co.
46 Libor!,
. 74)
OF THE •cen.7l.d.
BALTIC, Corstirk. for New York Auk 6
NEUMANN. Crabtree.• from lirvia. .Ank 6
CITY or GLASGOW. I..eiteh 66 PhilkArlplAz......Ame 1.1
ASIA. iiVriPOLI. N York Aug ,l 6
AMERICA La.. for /ANAL. Auk.=
FRANKLIN. Fatten. from novo.. .. ... : Auk B.
f it= m
ew.ok etlll,
EUIWPA. Nboanort Flu= Bmlon
. .. . .. .. ..... ... ....
CITY 0F kLiNCIIESTER. tkisspbell. from Mile- .
del bra Augl2l
ARCTIC. Lure, flora New York Aug lit 3
HUMBOLDT , Alves for Ilavre • .Ank ''Z
AFRICA, Lott, Vent N Y ....... .... ............ •...._......Aug ,Zr
BALTIC. Comstock. ham New York. Aug '3O
All fro. nod for Liverpool, unle otherwise mated. ' '
All lent. and No port on I nd hr Englend, Ire
land mot hostiand not Fent by the en steamer. no matter
of what lino - ,
C. U . ." 1 " , 1 e C.O.lti.eßt of EumMe, by the Collin'. Line.
must be Prepaid twenty one centa a atingle rate , except for
those pleas required to be prepabi In full.
Lettere to the Continent of Foveae by the Cunard Llpe,
=Wet lio prepeidllee vents a siofilaYull. rate. except to ULF.,
° Let
d u 1
ters t u . i il: ° ll7Le P n7Et l e, l tattat be Prepaid twenty !Our
cent. yor half nun. 100. 04 Postage to be added. except..
Groat Britain. ~
1 , ..t.T.Pri1l by either Line, to the Continent, must be
C inherent!, earls. 1
• Inland Nati.. mutt be aided on Letters and Newnas
hers to the Contluentof Europe, by the Gans and Etextwo
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now stench earreci: to the
SurnmlCA—By OmenSlava, Cbusbo.burg. Philadelphla,
New York, Eastern, Ceram and Northeruf parrs of N. Yotk.
Delaware,New Jeremy, OW the six New England BMte.7
The British Provisoes of Lower Covela Novehcotta, out
Kew Ilremoriek.dally. ai Si A. N.; Departs ai I 0.,111.
Norm klarroms—By Diairtsvills, and Holliday. burg.
Incite/hg ths moot.. of dradford,Cambris, Centre,Tibt
ton. Junta., Lye/omit.; Mifflin, McKean, Potter, NM.
nog; Unica. and part of Westmoreland,. .1. Livermora
Murray...ill; Salem 74 Bead; New Alexandria, and 1.11.4
7)i a. a.
out Arrives daily, at 11 P.N.: departs doily at
Butler Ps., Mercer, Crawford, and Jeff...4M
countlea,Westernplvtofliew York and upturClaculd.
ArliTee at ft r. a.; add depart. at 9 A. x.
Socorsav a.lp Warrnraw—llTT Washington, Pa, Green,
po e m, Somemet, part of it'sorel.Bl county. FirgOds,
Maryland, IWtlm.e Washington City, Southern and Keet
on parts of Ohio and Italia., Kentucky. litho., Tome.
re. eu 5111 .... 0115 . 0 . 1 . mi1"."1.1,P1. Arkansas, North Catts
louisim., Florida .o 4 Togas, daily. Amino
9.4 P.N.; and departs at 6a. a.
Onessellly Fayette, Prom.
Part; Pa. Holliday. Cove, Ps., leihmlem
son, Carroll, Lleelmes. and Tusestrawra. countleaDhlo.dall
Ard.r. as It e. sr.; 6 a- .
Noarn Wastelase,lly Seaver, Pa_ and Cleveland. f/h.,
Iteaser'oB., Pa., Columbiana, Trumbull. Portage, Ora
Ashtatutla,Stark.Warue , Moll..Cujahulf.KumMit t
Kirtland, Lorain, Huron, Ottawa km; resuloaky, W 0 4 4,
and Luc. .amuse. Ohio; Ma extreme northern mantled
o gaq
the States of Indians and Ellinole, Aneluding all MOM.
p ee ,,, t o whooesin. daily. Orme) at 11 a. N.,
parts at 6 a sr.
Sharrabmp,flourlon, Sptingteld, Tants
Dun. Freeport, Kittanniug, Armsentrus. Clap
low nod ClearDeld mottntiws daily, except., Sutulays. St
rivesand deparra at 7. r.
Perrysville, We:kr. Zelienopls. Porter}
CI; Ilarlitsburg and New Lodge. Arrive. Tuesday;
Th ursd ays, and Saturday; at 8 r. departs Mondays,
W u eds==g y rigitya. at t 'j 4 .4
rgeo a 11.41!,11..yrfi1e, and Mott.
...theta CAT.' Arrive. Turedays, Friday; at 6 r. de and &toda s o bt 6 a N.
Itroommall.—By Burbanan,et!. limt,
COO Illuabekbtown. lise% Dostrever,
non, Cookstown. Perryopolis. last Liberty, Upper Middle
ton, Pa. Arrives Sundays and Welmodaya at 5 0..: the
parts Monday. and Thor...days, at 0 0. N.
licreavv, ` : —By Walker's mills, Nobl•Nown,
Burgettstawn, Crno Creek Diaz; Patterson's utlll,
Bethany. V.. Arrives Sunday. and
o. 1...
departs 616ndaye and Thursdays, st 1 r.
Formats, Ss- Llinton, Munloclurll9., Moon. Mon
tours, FratigMrt For., Pa, Fairview, Arrives cm
relay, at 6 P... deform on Saturday. at 6 a ts.
~.I.lo4lLAntrita, North, Wohlturron. and Apollo,
Pa. Anima on Wednesdays. at delta. , on MorehO
at 6 s. r.'
Larununn.-113y Logm's Ferry. Arrives on TOLE at 1.5
dl-rszt , on Ilelarday. at 5 a a. r
Faavasta—lly Perrysville., Wexford, Brrakneek, Ogle,
Prospect, Whlostawn, to, in laths Warren and Venango
eurntlea. Arrive. tri-weekly—hunday, Wrdnesdak. opt
Friday, at 7 A. N., and dri;rts ToeWsy. Thursday. and
Petorday, at 64 a..
Lettere Ibr the daily. ensile must be In the OM. one hot.
defers the. depots.; Otter. for U. OOOl.
weekly...l weakly 11.114 Ulan be In the 0119.. half an hour
before thalr departure.
, N. HOLMES It SONS. Hanker.
.No. 67 Sakti G.Lattiorers Third mat Ilivriltark . PorattitarrAl
PENNSYLVANIA. . Branch at Muallloo-.......ti
Bask of Vitaltiarkb....--pariltraark et W0rat0r.........._d0
F.atainga Bank of •10 par Breach at Xenh, • do
Mgr. skd 11.1. of d0.........Far Branch at. Fouoitattnirot --do
Bank of Fomairtro-......•.par City Bank.
Neat of North ameGra--per aariatercial Ilk.Cincion'aildn
Bank orkortititiLltairOterar Franklin liank-....--- ....
• Batik of Poneeilrania--pariLalkyette 11ank.,.......-...4.d0
/Vat of Penn ToirofitiP-Per /Ohm Life In.. d 'host C0...d0
Bank of the llultaxt States kroatorit Iteserva Beolo..—do
CootGuntial Bank of Pia_rkr Beak of Neardadi........ do
baninere a Neobealcs' lit rex Naafi
Otratil Mali -
....- par. NEW ill.
tiro '" ln*. hl n•l eciiiank . ..- -P‘r'All 'J' ; ' !. alglif_ -..--3( ....paritteni York City.- ......P.r
rftr=lll 4 ll B aVak i7 : :: .. - tf• C'''''l 3l . iii - Ftati.... '..
Southwark !teak - .4rißeltlmrira. .... ...ll . . . ......_Far
ZWeerri m aatok .'" . ...7..- ... .... - t .",.........11f7p Au ti1i ,...i ii . u 5t .., 1 i ip 1u... i . .! . .101'; ' ,
B o Y _. pa r a .
Rank • Deovills.... . .—..pari Bask of tbe Valor •
Leo.. Cheater.Gor !It or: VlrElnia. Bleimolid
1 , ra , 2 , ...,.....,.,. N w .,...... ; „,„,, = 1 ,_„ ai ,
Montgomery Co. Baiti-.-tiar Brawling
Bank of Noroltuktberland.per. NORTH CAROLINA. -1 / 4
Varliele Bank-- ....- . ~.. irktok of Care Year :
Columbia Ilk A lirida;Coriar i t3ll of or. of NI. Caton : 2
I/orb:Goon Bank tatt'Forrinerrial Ilk, Gib:thorn 2
Lealosellatil-..-....- ..... parlilercbania' Bank. Spathe., 2i
Etta But.._ ._ .....---. 10 SOUTH of It .
Farmer: Ilkof Burka Co-rar fi k of ohe tt. of t. Carolio• 2
Fannon' Ilk of Lencatterratriliattlo of Synth Carotin.... 1
Fottlarkt . R.ikolkoititing rerilaitt of Charleirtoo..
FarmAik eldcbrolloillOo rat Flatidere
Mort:m.lW 1.00 2
/era Drorr.lo:ay rit.t auto.. 1 / 2 GEORGIA
kratikala Bk. Wartdaktoo per iitakusta Ina.* Bakkloa Co
Ilerneburir Bank. N;illank of Augusta ........ . ..
Illonordela Bank.-........ 301 k of Brutuoirk,
Led.attor Eaak...._... ...-r.' TENNESSEE.
loratastarGrulay. • ._ e
Labason Bank.. . Par IMIVCE.Y.
)11...c.. Iluak of Pottet Ole lii
I lk of ICenturkr. Louiarolle 1,..•
iNcnosestiela Eank........ par, Ilk til Lonlarllle.Tburraott kr
broth Bat. . iiiiZ , nre.r4Bk of Kridockr .4,
Wr ok rarilne ßre BIL.WaI tistarr;dtritoutStra At of O Eittiturkr St
Eebillfttea ' It Bk. of BUG of SlGeosti—.V
011104 ILLINOIS.
Ohio ti0ra8e1dr...j........ .... l( State Batik urt bratithot-10
ISmoch tt Akron i- daitlank. 01 Maui.... . .... 76
Brum:hal Athena-- .......tle , WItCONSIN
- . .
Branch d.,Bridp•cort-t.....d0i11vn0• 8 I , lre Ino. Cc. t bkv 0
Brdath A Chilvottr,.., . 1 ... do ' MIC/110AN.
itt - .1.1.C/vve1am11...,......10 r arniers' M.:6.111,v' Bank .1
HrtaU A Toledo-. .... .........,dopovernneal litzrk klank-... 3
Prvtatti A Daytko.. . • .do•Peolto War 8ank._........... 3
Branvhd. 1.... r. do losursouC,'.onoan, 3
Bzvool4 C01u501n...., do Stataßant . ...'. ....... _ 3
Brantlut Ambtabult— do CA IV - CBI:
Branclitt Berm-- Bk of B. N. inardes.Sorontoto
Branebtt 311tortold -...-. doi Bank of the People. Toronto 3
Itzauchst Rlyler -- ..... doi Bank of]tontreal. . - .. .......0
/31-anckyt Ctwinottl..., 4, Book 1 . /t C. Goad. Toroto 5
R r , „4,.t . . 1
, ?1t .. 41 . ,,,,L...g 0 E• 617.46 EN.C113.1..G8. .
Britoehtt Cad. . d'O 00 i'pl74,f,V.TV.: -. .... .... 11
BrancJad Lad...der- dniOn Bitltdoore d 0........ ti
Brandt t Ftvolvvorrille.. WESTeId: l ElCktdtidM
Branc.h.t Mt. retntoo...- do Cluentokl.l..
- No.ark. do
LoYilmilke. . .
1:mm10 0170.. do St. Lou.
B ravtob.t Eonntr6vld-..... do GOLD 3.!•1,14 6 PECIS V d La
Brnoch.t 51anletta.. -I,Doulloord. Epardab.......111.00
)3/..ottut Mt.ylvvvvoir. do !Awl.. old ... - . 10,00
Branch.t 7.o.sovvtllv. .. .40 Laole. Ilelr ' 10.0
Brand. , 0rwa1k...........10 Frrth , rlcluallen....... ...... 7,1k1
Brava's.. nit. do Teo tladorel 7.1.4)
a m.......
Brucat tvv0n.....-...d0
Eltanetit CLllllrothe- ' do NspolKo. ....._.
Brat,Oucats ........ r .
Braneht Tolndo—...-. ..... dol
ILL.POStiII FO4 TUE ritrAwnou .bAZETTE xr
& Co.
PT... Mu. Aug. 26, 1151.
1 8 7 ,
4< 9.lmksid.
LOAM e o
Oultof toted Op 1,74 117 ,116 'lnt.Jao .1111 Y
1:k ten ..... ~....:100 10218100 liebk Arta
Prukayarkik:7B ...... -•..... 194), ludg 105 Int.'. d J9d7
dlla P ned. rt 1:1 - .1erit:'
c0up,...—p , 100, • 95 do
['WA:el city `'e...:.......'90 . 87 Int.,BantJuli
1.0 roup• 100 00 97 do
^"yr "‘'lo 6 4kl'"?i,".'r•-•
• fr .
rittsburgb - 40, 66 .1)1 , 51.14Pr
otn't 11anof Bank, 60 04 do
tl x, b.L ; 50i ba ',„63 • do
An• n 7 Gale hoccA.
I+Laz et.
Nortbo I.3bertirm_,
„ Di,.
..... 4 4 4
Pittlo " ... 60' 40 j 48 '1Me.(14,3 pr et.
Dlttar4l6. Lnulerlllr 00 do
Leloino 60 ... .103.4pre.(1060
Moro MexneUrr. ............ 10 , I
PlttarMles ' orir...... ; 00 60
10; e
MongWele Elao9loclll/Iltar, , 1,41
Ohio Penn's. Ball 10164., 60 40 ;JY
Bala 0401 Mall Itrad... , 504
C 100064 117.11,110 R.Bl 60 , _
Maro, D. Way, Dry,Dorlolooj 10 ; 101).031r. Dec p
Rw3l.ticif... C 0...... 54 30
Idenel Bond., (010)..... lOW 40
p. do. (n0w)...1140. 40 2
TWO Creek Plonk [land' 24 %I •23
All, 21! • j
1111 " T bi 'D T Tr "A " - '1
- el roper,.
DIIOorS4 •••• ..... 110 ' .1)1.. 18.50. 110
Nor. deer j 31
No r West
11 5i1 ' 2 4
Proeity 11 B
3)1 M! 3
fittr art Oreh Irle ...
.01Jasle Rope
Aderturo ' . s * / I
..... I :::!
BgZnz Rock— ........ 1
7 ...
' r -.I '2
36D 3 i
Meruot C2'
Pµli. I 13
121. 1 )) , No•qS • . re
Sta?e Ware Paws, for Wells and Cisterns.
XE SUBSCRIBER informs the public
:het he hastuced Mtn this region the BIONS
11731113, minfactured by Mears. Z.ll. C. J.
lltargarif Middlebury, humenit county, 0, whkh bare
given itch 'uolveneal eatisfaction,wherever used. • The
0004 Asslltiee of these Pump. via:that they are cvliT
worked. Old= or newer get out oriental, keep the WV.
Perfailif mot and coot and are-'as durable am granite
L. 'ne7 ere also cheap. They mu be wen at J. IL
CazdialCe warehouse, ho. 143 First streeor at Isaac Ilan
rie Ma.. Liberty street, below Bt. C llair. Orden lelt
thamplacv will be promptly tided by the enhecriber.
Mune 'Were Pio, manufactured at the same plate, and
faVate7e rlt erib ted7 l. ll f i r s o Ci .77 - r bi trfut
eisbed 541 them coo half the prize oil and
icMina r wtgg e JOIN L. GLUE.
PLiefie-al tads. for sale ion m elow consignMent
flZt. • 1841611D1ClatlY * CO.
L A) OIL-12 bbbi. fur sale by
COMM , 9i, C 1 A L,
Bumsoas,Anziar-tx.—Adreg*.epte amid =beer/rah..
T 9GIa Dap. preirrd .14 lams:Ned !rep of ~ pmee, from
prrrsstracia ieszEr.
- .
mewl ti starts
Shoriarmorning Wot 1
The mark. , . haturiley. was genet-411S \ dull. es usual
ort, the riming any of \be west, and era omild bear of no
tranemlions of moment Th. weather. bourn dear.
warm issid..gry. The moot. falling slowly; \but tiers is
. stag sufficiency of water in channel Menne hit draught
strut:ears to run ti th fat-1114 ,
• Rondo tonthaunto mans forte-aril sees lowlf
yet prier, martlfeet o [mortal change . The emir; \ on Sad.
nday were confined few small lots at •r...453.1t0u.-
1; , . from rksi., end w on. sat Vic t
nsn broods from Y
SlititiN.—diM sales .of courequen transoired on
nay. The amountscomidg forwent elimlted. The ml
areOurehaeing wheat to Nor eatentiat nurdinit@6.sell tiY
tor nal anti while Rrei. pi c sav et ti*mol Barley at our
'co bushel- beta ba.. been pilling Na fair extent at WO
Zr Irons first hands. hindii,frtins Masi. heenl of '
nothing dolngin corn.
ItapON.--The market width an eery
.1T tryt,and on. the
lightness of Malts holders refuse lo will lam/alms. even.
the present high rates. e note Sales in lofa of Width to
10030.15., at. pliln, betas. 694@l6c.‘ugar. curr4 do tow,
11. sides tiltiMlOn: and,houlders 4.I4E3:MeV b..
OBOCERIF.B.—We nots.. fair demand lot be milyket hier
install lots at full palms. The ynment \ ruling Quatationi‘l
are .—Suger Ohtigti6X: Cam. ftiolgese• 3folitZte
fates 6km flee. twolots 441.1 A b.' \
DRLEDdIEtIF.—SaIas human tote's% 10talleQ Si\
fader 'of nothing ho deed
trait. Ortevs Are [lemma!,
WIIISKEY ..-.Yurther semi of rectified et '
FrEll.—haley‘of Oven tonal:nit hunts at \ 10.4101,
aborts IS4Zi 2tq sal iliddlingt 3043.5 c ?
ClLEESE.—ltemaseilden W. Ricurre at 60 far
7 13111.12.
and fiti&ofdi for <Aim.
' id•rtme roll at Ificotod of keg at I Ile.
0361.--Only • modSeate bothers has been doing from
first bands at E4.fladOniqents'll dm.
asvrEW OP TEE 1 1‘ 0,0L itARAr. POE THE \
Thai far the mart.' ' has exhibited the math, uneettled
and unsatisfactory state, that Um characterised /t for the
Mr put, indee d : f or the last 'lleo gran, there has been
no dead? and reliable MarteL \ Clime rave beep stisnu
lated In the country to such • petnt, that the law and
old etlabllthed house, of the cities there anal' In wool 'an"
epalringly. Now men 'hate been the large aPonstora—to
eomeln.pnnes euthessfully, but thisyrar thsestrous to
eery many of them.
' The price of tab,. tea not thereasedtet the advanc
ed prim of wool and It ban only been in certain line and
etyles that any money has , een made e Manufacture
gr. Oa are satisfied howeem that fabric hunotrexbed
1..1 point, and will graditally,depreclate,while the sta
ple I , l , :l o pz.leabl y e
t rae . h r i a!t i s o l,g=t. f.
r tY;oLw 1;1 not
and the demand will be both active and newly, \ to le on/I.lly undergoing a change, brought alsont by the
greet Paella. for proton-to merket at all analkona of the
Year. 11 Is not neeestarT norlq lamonniate anal lug 6
Lttll:- , l , 46 u fgmerlLt ,d ativ y its thlt i tzla y srl supply end
Notwithstanding all the grumbling and complain. of
eertiLin clam of nsatufseturs.. we belieee the remorfac—
tun. Interests on the eonntry were `never U so eafe
and stable a foundation sa PO.; and with the me
gnat thr.
l. of breadstuff now on hood In this gauntry. they ra n
look forwanl to a rearon of constant mid profitable employ
ment: The home demand and and emmtantly and
Indeed nthidly Ind... Ana. troll be but short time
bellotg toors 7 thindlee will be re
hu to quired. Wr 'believe that
-with good' pa In Europe. we. e nothing fear loom
foreign mut petition an far a. Irani. fabric , layoncerned.
There lay aught adagio. In acme kb:deaf .unite goo.,
and a prospect , that all new sty lea fince top so as to
cable the manufecthrsreth Pure.* tither nth ,
than they no. do. nut it Is quite certain that the staple
ethnot hoop at its highest point- Meer must recede wst.
and will till about-horembar, when the demanded!i wain
naive. and becomtrosznparatirely hr., hut notat adrene-.
sel rates from those current now. NotarittisianAing tha
blab prints 'paid,. owing. there is yet a good deal of
wool drat band s.
_ common to - . full btml Merino rang. from the \ tars
Ellen linden, !aria fleets, 46e to the. Prima Sunny \r6crs
to thet—ltuffelo Wool limed.
akair Or.fiiorol47.s.—From various portions of S.
ham. .¢d 511.1wIlltd. we none.. romplalota of the esernltY ,
and high prim of provisions The • Weat Alahamaian. of
It counts. Alan. says Mat' the drought in that
Is unparalleled. tul that . famine Is apprehended
• in tonarsuenew. A p ith,:eeling /ma been mined for th e
purpoecrof devising eray and means for obtaining sup
. Pile. The Tucealmett pa re elw glee a ilte statement
of affairs In thatmter. and conventstcp la suggest.
The Monitor, of in the lith. says 1 11 A, high pries
and rearslty 01.11 kinds of provielena In thlsAplate is at
; Cresting sedans attel3.l4. Um]] sides en, OM selling
nt 14 ta leigents a s uns anitunlees se supplies
Rem Tenni-yeA. PoOn. the whole stork in the hankie of our
merchants arta be exhaust.. Lard hardly to bckinit for
ao• price, .¢d ut.other articles!'
' 'Complaints of a nearly total Whirs ot the torn t\p we
• nodes from vatiousother counties
The Tuienmbia Alabamian nays
In our lamellate tb, corn erop is not ll
me, hut planters with when, vir have conversed, t
• that they will make lull es sood i lf a. hotter crop th
last year Provlsluos, with 1, eareptilm of tour. are. fe
. - thcee ebb have to purchase, tuuseinfortal.le. high. thicsui
is retallms at 13 cents per pound . lard andcarve
cornmeal 70 cent. per bushel; tour S 3 per hundred. se
Loulvville Journal
flora and eases is Kritrittr--Wevuldrewed • letter re
ecqtly to.a gentleman who • ban been travelling through
Nentueky. and ties visited, perhaps. every <minty In `the
'Mats, relative to the supply of boar and the prospect of
1 the grain and other rn,pn, to which we have received a re
gins Ile mid the number of hogs In Kentucky this we
eo le about the tame as last. but they 0111 he mush hes
• vier. and will consequenUy yield'au corms of Loth meat
1 ettil lard. Feede Luc
.anntspateing flue prkes and corn
twins plenty. an d s antively cheap. the Rosa will be
• made as heav min ' his 235,11.151.-Pn
ms's ind m s
yield a Tobar;
*.24A1/1/1;tf...7..t1e thinks the market will he glut-
Thls Information wii\eiCani ri - soriel reliable , the gentle.
man who sommunleates it baring mingled with the mU
tens of the several counties through whichlhe travelled.—
Cincinnati Price
----------- _
Alma.—Thermo-were 3l tort hullos In o
maul mark. last 6roalwir, wad falling .
Bnanett. Brownsville
Sheituran, times, Letrrr.
llerver. Gordo. Beaver .
J McKee, Elrugrieloson:Neßeosnor,
Atlstotte., I l Articus-n. Brow:woo:1k.
Mot Elwlvor. pallor. .Poet Nrwoonw •
lioronsw Conws6l. Whultaa,
. tit
R at LOl.lll,
B }
Ihurnal. ConwelL Wheeonn.
Not No Crane, Pocknatirorl
m tan. L/Aou.lllntoreoras.
61tchIA.I11. Bow.. hers. • . •
Beaver. tinrion. Bearer
Atbstair, Prattnon. Br:M.1111r
3. Aleflew,liendrultnon. slnKersr•ait.
• Thos Warts r West Newtm.
Arens, KL:n4, , Wellerille. • •
Glattens. Ebbewt, Louisville
Jefferson. Johnlton; Lotalretll6,
Ass Nelson. Moore: Wheeling. •
Llurrn. 31'3111111,
D Co's Ilnuenger racist I clarli nt. 6• at and
P m.
LlAlCl.NNATi L .4.llartit.rd
WREELING—DiurnaI., tiIes. BROWNSVILE. I t. it. and I r.
Foa LonevltAr.-1%. dna aceamer Hartford. baring \ I
been detained. ertil poetelrely [are Liao day at 10. A- M.
auorrs BY arm.
• ,
MASSILLON—Pcs e b. 11,11amaa--3 tads wheat. Leech
t 51 . 51 ran 1 111. tots, 1F n Ilan 6rl lOm
Tralltan NO bbLs flour, 0.11.1112,4 Sad th.• Ido 'kV aaM ,
51i Ebb, flour Arto.temog Crozier. ;15 bblo flour 10
shipatuff. E Bea/whom lot metal, 11111 k Speer.
WIJEERING-I'a Aar-TA-31 keg, I btoCbuttar. II Uraff
Cm obis twachea. It Dalarll Co,• 4.kugs butter. Jaa
Mack; crate a ware I bok.Corcale • Coke 11 boxes egas-E
lleueltort, 39 bga nabs. It 310ffett: 31 bgs wheat, owner.
PT. LOUIS Pro Comia.,-13) empty boia..lCoylu; •:.•0
hk, lewd pip , Ogden • hnOwdan; 10 As feathers 4 bbl,
ominy 0 do pea,. I Dieter /I Co; 47 bale. mane, King
Pennock; 3. lalls leather. k Bingham t Co.
51tTA51011.58—lb lustaa —3O tobsecoo. ii Graff
• Co; 33 00.1.40, 1/ Leech .5: C., 20 hamtaand HAD
.tugs, Sheriff & Binning; 17 aka oats. J 11 Floyd: 30 D b .
wheat. lflltuarth • Noble.
ZANKOWILLE—Poo lthda tobacco. Wm II
Johauton, lab& do. Clark Thaw do. 11 Graff Co,
3 do, it t Co; 1 do. D T ;Dorgan, 29. aka rage; .1
Black Co; 2 bma glaw. Outlaw Roberto*. 12 mud/
3 al• eaaka..l Rhodes; 3 bbl. aggs..l Pinny A Co.
WLIEELING—Pra d II GORDON-100 bbls flour 3 Wads
tobacco. Clark &bbas da Wm Ilinghran.&& do,
I) Leech t Co: II lebdsldo 15 bll Gbh! batter, 20 km. do,
II Lind* Co, n 1.610 dour, McCully; 14 bbls do. Drown
Kirke...nob, 3 ralves, I , box ;mutter I do white rablts,
owner aboard.
WEIRELJNII Dira , Mbr-19 auks bacol
Man bbls whiakay I " .. VVIT 1 pkgs
Wiltoarth Noble , : b. 3 Inns
mom, Wm Luta., Jr.
lICCHINOPORT—Pro Mot No. 2—M bbd, tobarro. I)
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COIN BALANCES, for detecting Counter
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awn W. W. WILSON
PENS—A tinettuent of the
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abbb F. W. WsILSON.
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O " I:ASSES-160 bbls. Plantation, (oak;)
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EEPSOM SILTS-10 bbls. for sale by
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PRUSSIATE POTASU-5O /b5.;t:1';7k..173
by , tJc] B. A. rAmittivett *
SAFETY FUSE-2S bbls. to arrive, for ealo
by 1).2) J. a. DILWOHIII C CO.
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WOOL TWINE-500 lbs. for sale b
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DOLL BRIMSTONE-2 bbla for sale by
RICE -20 tcs rice for sale by
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WM. M. MEREDTTIL of Phllndelnbl
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JOSHUA WC, COIILY, of Montour Y,
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PENNEY, of m`ReerpoW,
JOILN MILLER; of Indians. •
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JAILRD L. BRUSH, of Pittehnfiih r \
,UN V. FLOWI.:Iii6: of Upper St. Cfsir.
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JOHN E3I,6EICE. of breaodlas.
wrsaisarsa circa.-The Portsmouth, Va.,
aecript has the foHnering letter from fin of
„ .
ficerson btiarel the U. S: \ 4ship Albany, dated
! - \ FlAiosia, Cuba, /Luz. 46,
The '. S. ehip.A.lbany,lif 22 grins, arrived, off
Havana even '
ays from Itatiseeola, on the 6thi
of this too th; et day contratuaicated with the
, ~
\Baited States Co I. Retaained in sight of
the Moro till 'Morning following\ when the tom-.
mender, Chan. V. Plh,tt, ageill "lett% into the har
bor, this time haying an interview with the Cap..
tain \General of hat nba \, , othing wai,learned in
ducing. the belief t inimealate invasion
was anticipated; in the gentrarybellef seem
ed to be firmly enter ined4Tneedat following
G\ 7,t
this interview, the Al ny slued in sight of
,Cuba, leaking the U. S.earner risen Billie har
bor of Havana. On M day hboutthe time of
the interview named with the Captain General
of.Cubst, Lopez landed at ahia Honda, fifty,
l p
. milt's west of .Havana, the ney . s of which,toming
to the \ latter place the same zught, was brought.
out hrthe Vixen to the Albliny, and both of
;these Wessels, the only portion of the Gulf or
Home Sqbadrop in , these seas, immediately 're
turned to Havana The first day's‘rtimor, after
the Albany's return, rme that the 'Fillibuateros , „
had march' ...twelve milei into- the country, to
the town of -Boca,. and there holding flan:mitts
foot of theco mountains, had cut to Pieces
two entire conipanies of \ the Spanish infantry
who had been tic much itiadvance when thelk.
tack began: T e Spaniards, having steam at
their disposal; h d thrown two thole.
sand men upon t' Ireriturers,- but a
bloody regalee first attack. A
thousand more i d from Havana
on Thursday the ilsq must have
gone too near the rifles, 'for they
were again yeeter I b' three corn
eteamer went in
cira L ' directs4e tau t
ailed with troops
10 fact of the tents being hur
ried to the sesta ;den it 'probable
that\there is el ground It..c the rumor that
severial hundred\ Spaniard=, among whoM \ are a
very liege proportion of officete;hove alreadyfal
len. Elh . for all this, the fate of\ the expedition
ie waled for the Oubonos,abowever .free with
money on , boasts_ of i fight, will. not handle the•
musket—th do not jain the taradersand the,
brave sympS jeers, deluded first, are .illready \
falling, ase • ce. A horrid Beery remains for
to day—fifty en detached by Lopez Su aizi,
crih 4 \
some town on ar near the Coast, were caphieed
the Spanish Admiral link nightnt 2 ii . .`st.:k4
'key were .brohght into the harbor, placed 0,1:1,
bohrd the frigate . Esperanto, (Hape,), and 'this\
morning, at nine o'clock, they marched down
the iangway, one by one, stripped to troweere
and elkrt, some even without the latter chve;rlng
bareheaded, hands tightly, bound behind \ their
beeke—thpale train, hurried by the ;minions of
deepotieni..towards the land of, ghosts. , '.a
lieLenvikhaa49bew , A e;1
diers, were tatrelieaded. and almest naleit, bond'
marched dowlk the flagship's gangway' on the
the elde nett ta, and nor two hundred and fifty
yards from the Albany, into a:ferrY \ boat, trane
ported to the hezl of the harbor, distance abent
one mile, and %there, amidst an immense con
course of spectators-perhaprabout one\ hinadred
thousand—shot without mercy', I saw their pale
faces and firm eters as they ileecended,from their
trio! to their death.. Many were, very riling,
and some had the forms as they no doubt;had
the souls of heroes.' Of the whole ,party oty
one of them was a Cuban, which of itself shows
enough of creodp-Cuha's f etziotism I Kent... Were
Irish. and fury/aware our own .Puople,misled, it
is true, but doubtless believing that they were
treading in the steps of tarayett s e . and those
ympathisers whose names are enred in glory
the annals of our revolution. B -Cuba las
n revolted, there is no war here of e people
ag 'net their oppressors, and our .o people
oho d keep aloof, or ; descend by tens thou
sands o drive tyranny to the, Land \ where\ it is
indi us. '
It is id that there are twenty-fohr thouiand
Spanish a Idlers in Cuba. The 'litievites ins r.
retion is sußpressed. Lopez mulct Fetish, ail
all the sm.. • are ap
pioachin that I
should h \ Sans
as these
WO s
ate t 1.5 for
il :, i i a e
to the son the
South, the, ,, g or.
gan of the p
.) 1,.. a the
State of South Carolina, Upon questions whic h have naturally , ggested themselves in vie of
the Cuba mania. Nationca liieelligencer. .
(Teem the Merl sten Memory of huge. 23.]
The precise cha ter of the preseht revolu.
tionery attempt cairn t yet be ascertained. The
rising at Cienfuegos,. bout which we had many
pompous annouracemen proves to have been a
matter of no great consequence. and - has been
apparently quelled with little difficulty on the
part of the Govirziment. The landing of Lopes
is perhaps a'different affair. He has a band of
bravo adventarers with him, and 'seems to have
fought his way through the first aesailants'with
complete success. lie has, `no far as we' can
judge, secured *a foothold in th• onootvv. and
the result for the. time being v upon
the attaohment or disaffection s to
their Colonial Government. .the
time being, because it is- n that
England and France will int. v•ent
Cuba from being torn from 1 n of
Spain. We rather think they_ h Lem
selves to do so. On our side, e DU.
cess would probably harry an.. Itit.u.
rers to the shores of-Cube, ana wan smo...tiful
: • rden of the Antilles would thus' be the sinus
for the fierce contests of nations... To. civil war
would be added the desolation of foreign {rota ,
Mon. Out of each a coil we see not bow Cuba is\
to eac.ape short of the waste of her wealth, the
interruption of her induarr7, and probably the
disorganization of her instill:aim,. We' in the
South ought to be eaitious how we forward so
disastrous a result. . •
To see Cuba independent, a slave State on
our borders, rich in products, and free to apply
ber own resources to the eupport of 1121 effective
government of her own—this Would indeed be
txcelleat But Why should_we desire to drag
her into our oterloaded and sententious caravan
of States? Why should Me South? for, at the
moment when South Carolina is pipparing to fight
her way out of the Colon, we takti it for granted
her people will not waste their blood in the en
deavor to force any othor country into it Cu
ba is a region already well peopled, with man.
ners and law" fixed by immemorial usage.-
These. diff,
There. ter essentially from • our own. They
ere the manners and laws that belong to abso
lute government's, not 'republics ; and there is
no instance on record where the people of Span
ish or English descent have coalesced harmoni
ously into one. It is the union of elements of
everlasting hostility and discord, and, instead
of increasing our strength, it would be adding,g,
to our troubles. It is indeed urged that by ad- I
mission into this Confederacy Cuba would speed-!
ily be peopled with the Anglo-American race,
and thus become one of us. Something of this
'would doubtless take plate; but Cuba has al ,
readtmore than the population of Georgia on
\VOLUME 1,X \ V....Nt4118E,11 15.
_ _ \
. •
scarcely more eltan one-6 f the area of Geer- • • ,
gia By what pars are we ,to -change this ',. • . --:-
- X
great populatian ito one of different laws, man- : • '-'
ners, end nationality! Are they to betitermi
tested, or bought od ? . If either of these pre-' ' * 1
cusses is. depended o what lli. meant hy•the ,
l i ,
high-sounding declarat n about liberating the. ;
t \
\oppressed Cubans' 'the enter Prises on• foot - \1
weld then be better cliMmetemsed \ as attempt. . .
to ermasess, rob, 'and ,extbrisurate the Cubans.
Oulilove to Cuba would pp eve ee ballast Mite- •
.. : ' - k ‘,
tion\iii , ich a hief lad forty neighbor's gold • ••, ",
watch, rather than that vidaa Chtis'tian has , " • , •
for;his eighbar. If we look te ,
- the union of the: „ ~ . ,,
perad.• of Cuba with this Confederacy, as; we , • .• \
have already roll fad we think the abatis
,;_- J
weak' be deplorab . It was in this latter as- • , ..•
•ect that • Mr. CallitD considered and depre =
ted the acquisition ( any portion of the set- ...-- s •" ' .4.
A d country of ' \ ,..lexice, and, still more strongly
Oaf e Island of Wis. - •
\ InT c l l e ty we nee niagold, erefore, and abundant
etil s , result from, the acquisition of Cuba, we '. ~ 1 •
mum a that the jaadikg
. argument whioh hiss .. -
recitmllai praised \into. eerri agabiet it .ie
en 'ocretniti ted absurdity. Th Washington let- •
ter which e quote hiettat the se,lament in the ,
conclusiba,‘but it has been natal untiftelly in
nearly alit\h/tdiscussions af the e ; yet we have. - • .'. :
The turumeat is, that the MinexatMpi of Cuba -
would ruin the South; by drawing etwas slate ~
. .. . 1
population; .it any rate, that it would de plate .
the tarsier Stateb,and for one,slave 8 tate ac nixed
there would be three or four lost. • The ger
to the Southfroni t stich a source is allege er -
imaginary. The island. of lenba proper, eat - '
sive of the keys and 1 - mall 'islands armuid it,
d l \
skaters of no more thin 32,000 square sailers,r\ . • ..,
awe-thirds of the extentaf Florida. The island '
is'and Must essentially be agricultural, and by ,
consequence will never accumulate population in , ' 1
'towns, except for purposes Of:eonarherce. \ \ Much , ,-
the greateat of its good landa \ are,alreadytnder !
~; •
culture. The extraordinary demand for eleven
there during the present century has sprung
from three causes. Ist. In, the year 180 n, a t ":
\w hole system of depressing reatnetrons on th
made of the Island with other countries was bro-
ken up, and it andenietit a dust •Shange in the • '
. .
. .
.- •.•
range of its trade) and them tires to enterprise • .
in cal \ tivation. This cause has had tirimpretty
near te, exhaust its force. , ., 2. Thasipanish jaws ..s.
allow stares to buy theiv freedom, by obtainidg.
a valuatiii from public functionaries, tend \ ray- •
Mg up lli amount as they can . Hence thein is .
a- consteoii timed upon the population 1131\rmari-
cipatioi, an there teat this time in Cuba a fret , , -
colored ; populition nearly equal to_the whede or
the same clas.s . 'n the United - State*. .3. The • •
Slave trade within the last thirty years has had
a peculiar character. Denounced as piracy by \ t ,
'the great nations, 1( has necessarily taken much \ • "
.N ,
edam cruel characthr of piracy The hifficul- \ '
ties in the way of marieporting 'slaves have\ given ,
Mee to the disproportionate impartation of rules;
bet 'because they coulebest endure the passage, ' .:
\ and perform more labor henbitrodueed. In , „,i'., , ...,- .
the census of Cuba for 18,4, there were 153,000 ' • ,
male ela‘ves, and 103,000 feMales. ,We have not. : •
seen a later census embodyiu this item; but the '-
disproportion of the sexes has of beendimininh ,-
ed. Slavery, has ben .in Cuba then 'an inane-
\ trial speculation than a social institution;
and the consequence of thin iimeseent eniancips
civil on the one' , harld, and the substitution of
newly-imported - Africans on the oth, has bean' '
thai ( the institution lies assumed a mullaidy
- ar .
haralr,character, eininently unfavarax to the
daratihn of life. WeMiave,heard it said iliat e .
ty bluer\ is the ordinary limit of the lit
slave on the sugar
: _pliintatione, and that S:
coneiderablit portion of the year theytwork . 4
teen hours it the day. •• t ,'
Now, in regard to eactroneef these coraidei
tines,/ we think it neatly certain that the mile
of Cuba froth the Spanish doeuirtion would v
a great changeln\favor of the„perunnent
aoter and nature `'crease: of thmidave poi
, tion. The can& . .of the elate trade we
Boon put an end to eemancipatien eyetem,,
(With it to the still wo eyetem of working ela\
with an eye to exacti re m their einewa' '
eaa, test amount of lab . The institution we
become, Elo it is with us, ia4..kindly, and,
enshrining. In each aco tion - the slave pal
'att.:l,. of Cuba would be M(flitielat of itself t
\ eet any demands for the ex nylon of cultiVatita.
\,, But \ taking it as it is, - ode the mmmer
svi atefutmode of supplying the deficit by
'Main trade,. and the beat estiates • allow •
,38009 elites a year to be imparted into Ce
It la not believed that the site la. over
-- •000. Now , the increase of slaves ' \ the Ut
nutria \UOO,OOO, or at the rate of a 17 60,i
ra‘ ...
, a year, and *e could according y` b the i
moval a \ that number annually without inainieL
mg the population at. home. •No each
11111-or Ca bemade upon the South. an(kiey
care populate a half dozenCubas in the t‘xt
thirty yasiewithout L feeling it, except inibe -
tallied valueaf elate Property.' \
We \de. not, therefore fear the annexation f‘_
Cuba - because •,dc any fatal drain on our:Mar \ \
poPulation; baiAbecau.seita union with the Uni- s .,
ted Stateit,evenMitit could be effected without f
the,procesic f• wait Mid the imminent 'risk of an -
entizat disorganimitllin\ of its social and industrial
e \\
system—would he bitiogruous. and Unnatural;
•ecause it is tar the ititereat of the South that
• ere &mild be \Othertve countries than' oar
'On ; and becau ee our perienbe has latterly
afforded a moat impressive, demonstration of the
time \ honored‘theory . of phikaanbere, that a wide
eent\x t
of dominion tallicomPattble with the Free
serration of republican inatitat ons. • We t ede al;
ready foiling that lawitad coastitutimis =arum
in the way of the Central Government. Give tin
Cubi, used 'to the control Of an arhty, and from its
insularposltion requiring t strong, pro=
tect it, and bow long before\ our Ceatail Gemara- '
meat would become an uncontrollablis despotism.
, \ • 1.,
.Tun Proems. Stave. LAW Atacama --about,
f• r yearn age• a man, somewhatdarker•Mum the
av rage of 'whits men, but much lees dark than
many whitetaen, came Into this Slate and' , toOk
up hi residenoaat Potiglik'espaie, is Dlitaleffit
,00unt. He 'was\ then,about twenty year ? \of •
age, in enigma, industrious, and distingaished ,
for his fie, manly , appearance. He soon became eseablished as ritallor, l and prosecuted his trade '.•
with, suiceitin that city. About three months`,
\ ago ke martied thaaief rof his partner in bu - - \
mesa\ and eiprything in the future wore abun- \
Ilia prpmise, happtace.3 d usefahress. The '
\ r,
name °Nixie m waalchn s. Bolditig. •
Yostarhoy mo 'ra g a warrant was issued by
U. sl, Cominiesio Brigham \ for the arrest of •
Boldin,g, on \ the olistm of Mr.
_Barnet Andeison
aa a fugitive slave from Columbes,,South Caro li ng. .
- The warrant was priliptly . t i ceuted by the U.
S. Marshal; the allege frigiti Wasfound at his • -.
work in e•shop nerStdo V to tha•Eastern Hotel. -
Without having any oppo ~unity o asTapginhis
business, or \of taking leave of hot 'fainily, he
was hurried - off to a place of,confinament, where •
he was detained until the w*tie- of thaeara ari
-1 neansCed that the time. af theMdepartaqtad ar
-1 rived. He was then run on heard an licked. i '
He was rem be die city, and spent last night in
the tombs: •- -
~, '
\ \ L
loNyoing°PePottiel' o ty r
\ cl ind b i e e.‘ en n :.
l ' h e in 2 rig un littO` c e m he
fr edom of - Which he else -the. summarily •dtel
• p Ted,' nor-even of saying a word of parting to \ .
1 hie ife, wham he him ni t reaeou to hope ever to \
meet 'n this aide of thmgrave. ; Ai ezaraina-
tion o the ease was ordeted by the COMM.'S- \;
'loner, \ -A,• , take to this miming at 11 o'clock: 1,
It was., stponed, however, 4 , util * to-morrow, in .
consequ •of the \bane of a s s it of 1.6.14 Or- •
'pits having :
: ea issued by Ridge Earculo, one of
e .
the Justice,
i k the S
,reme Court, returnable
at , hit offiee • Poughk epale forthwith. • To this.
writ the United State Mare . hal \Jropoeis •to
make a written later°, s [nag fort his reamers
for not prodacin e bod of Boldink, whom he --...
proposes.• to, leave ehind nt ,in the tombs.!
Marshal ,
Marshar Talmadge ell the ektY thin nenn in the :
tam for Poniakeepei for theßuipeae oft:Wein
the return in person. ilia neglect to produce \
the billy on •the return,l3 enui lent to &die:. A
bedience of the writ,, we tesnme at the Coixtf., - (1
in Poughkipaie will decline to - pro ed with `dec o
investig4ion, but take' •• sediate !spats. , du- '
force the writ by appropria prone . Thal* .--
we Mistake the character of • dge 11 a eulo; he
will ascertain, before he bas fi• 'shed with, thin •
tee, wiether the privilege of th • writ - qtaades.i...
myna exists any longer in the Un ed feetatla,•Cr- •
whether it bum been compromined. N. Y. Era:;
day P \ oat.
SAND PAPER--500 rma :Med 3. Bby
to be
• '
CASTOR Of 1;---20tbls Blow's No. for
Isle by s J. KIDD*
FRE N C LAST' .IsrG —Asa add.iti 1.
1714bff it.ncLcarLEW
n RY APPLES-4 bbls. and , Peask. jubt,
recelved 04,1 i
L &L. Marietta, in atnitt and
for *au br t..n; J 13 CANFItI.I).
NOTICE—The phrper,lnp hexenotete e
istlll..un.l, the q: 31. A wirnt s'eo: qa
tEI, day [sera cluaK,lvl,l hy
aml • '
JO . IN . •
TOBACCO—_jO boxes Richmond Tobacco
sod .
thP..rnrs4 454:334 ,
au for la by fatal; . tp W).l. UAliaLl.r. tA).
EFINED SUGARS-100 bhl. •SmAßLoak,
erythed, rewdereQ. 504 Cl.ntrd, t1 , 1.14.1e by
.1(11E, 111 1 70[1.$1,11_1(..V• •
aktgl, .I,g , taltaft.Tpt. 116915