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    ~*..i....._ . *.
14• . -
-...- .
:...ks liar,
.sle Hart*4gh
- - - :s-ilboss San N,,
...;2subjectof' the :Slate
--- -". - 4nient and - ban it'.' lau;I
..„. , -ln'exeetidingly decipt4ec
~.,..* #4 o tho preeeit ; all he rape .except'
,x,crtulation of paymerito at debt,under,he
„.tylabrtratiotin of clovornerof Shuck 'and-John-I
rslon. -, lle States them Shaer, - - :' " '
ttebtpaid inOnt . ..shbinie.'iaiiie . : . . ' • ;
1 _,...„.1-' , ,X.. fitivaloil; ....; : ... - -: -: ' , $5. 1 1,65G 29
...Lso. in 004 , JObliSiOteittodininialT, , 'c • . '
'in the 'neat, all the items ht totting "debt
Which had been paid; the amount Of relief tin.tns
-- f - , ''•..
-ea ~ led; nod, in chart ceury thing which could I
-• i-,:, - .' be, eto swcil the aggregate, ace brought in:
-.-. "-
, -V :well: -Now let us Nee how acethrnor John:
-r . -.- , . enlit ' atandr,irben.tre bring in all 'tin) items to
:‘ "- Lea credit.- .
'_, :: . ,: ;-,,.
-' f . ;;'; ,' ' --41PiePrieted Pee Art of February
• ~., 1 , '_ -. ,7111, 1849, to pay old debts, -- - 77,000 00
..! .-,... . i inproprtate,l per
, generai Act or
t 4
A•; .., ; ,: • Apiill9, 1849; topay debts cio
,:.:- . - -; r canals and railrotl4S, contracted
preriousin let itecember,lB43, - 110,82.7 Oft
' ' Appropriated.. per general Act of .• --' ,• - '
- • May - 10,-1850;lo pay debts cid-
t4. ltrotted precious to let' Peeern.:
~:,.. -
. S2BB 41 . 1 64 00
- r - ;;-/R'AnC4. fox floating debt, contracted prerionl
In addition to these. par
Airprobrisited by iota of
':iofiniebtbe North B*oh'Cai.l), •
.4.00,00J3 00
.then ire think, (64 wo bait. : -
not the act before ne;) en atfdi.
• sate of ' ,'" ' 200,000.00
' - ' $600,000 00
Add payment! of !oaring d - tti
ewe,. . . *3888,414
• $958.81!t 64
Bet, bear it's taintl,we.hase- not yet- seethed
the operntion,o fide sinking fund : TlniteGoistl
notJohnstuti tenithentoi few ;Lye ago he mated
that '. , tepre araii Mil fa J the ptiiiie debi
_Ha Aepi tehh,nese addresses yea htrl
bun in pvblm o ire."
Col Snorlen call thhtn °hothead re 4164
Aeautiiticitt.7: But we 'shell :tli4tet• Id a font .
dare. mbeiS th'e whOle tastier, shall be. slßelaii
Quncedi who boos been indulging in • , bold and
.retYlemideclututione: .0n the firstof Septemboi
:'<next - MontleyY the' exact amannt.ot the handset'
Counnonneftith,.vihttdi base been purohnied
and cancelled lip . !the Conuniesioners the
.blinking Ynnti, will be offiairdly published. In
..the usual time, we may state what" we knoiv to
be the fact, 'that Geer half a raillion of the bonds
:c L it thijatitectiad'imezi ourciosed and 'cancelled
14teit thertilivensor eirived in. Pithiiargb; and
Willie here.he - was advised bi - lettelthateni
additiaaal amotent,..erlaieb would iwellihe awe;
gste , th .alxrat szep,ooccwo N adi !! very few .
`OA be purchased end eencellid: .
Oi./Ot Vetnipiti4ate. - 2
Amount paid of floialuvgdebV, .usatraoterdpelor
-.t01*.1,! 1848, as above, ..$388,1414
,l3tat• bonds Tepiewuvrll iced cancelled: -
.$1. 1 .03,41/
~ ' T.hua we ass that wise oda niiiiiori:of 'tho pat.!,
dabt (if Wiraint the,tioatifig Wile, as Col:
. ` - boowdea ' d;dj has ' been paid du ing the two and
almalf,fear» w hich ,Thatilto 4, ranee
.4ehartatt!s:toangaration: Let. this suttee .1%9
we reoeive the otiic, :statement - . meal. *tett,
which of ihtfroof Ohli:sh, in'Oilst;
tn.shOW'itori. tone thaijahittineht which It ha.
. .
t is astonishing , that Col.: Swilled could he
ao reckless of his own.eheracter for veracity, in
. ~_
~; ~::
' to put forth mob a statement as the one
> whieliwiE IMeo been speaidinre statnnent-14
scusupnorted-py pes;rotifithstuldioi: it., cool
prausible tons, that, we bare- been able to .
:acitter it to the Winds, after a few Minutes io
Tin Col Bnowdea be kind enoughto .
the' public it: debt was paid
,• ? tander 00T. Shimit'a mhoinistration—how touch
Iscrusieted of:relief notes; hoe'tench of footing
'end" how muck. funded debt; Or SO"
' • Will COL Snowden inform us what amount , of
Biate•boada were purchased and' cancelled , by
preceding tolministratiou
Will he further inform us what Proportion of
. intirest on the Btake debt he paid in gold and
silrer 'during his adritinistentiOn of tim'office of
• • :Milt be •be mid enough tei Mime the
;who it 11/5
_that first paid all' that interest in
its equveleat
ISistinct, utaware• tb them • few queries, will
-.render hie rather vague statements' much' more
7114uoicepuns Docrturt.—We take the &ilea',
• ,ingfrointhe Peet of yesterday:
( ..IVe.flarl„ from our exchanges, that Meetings
.hare keen called in all oar principal' cities, to
: .;.take into consideration • the deep disgrace that
has been inflicted up= the same of Civilisation
... . by the horrid acts of the Cuban Spanish anther:
item; .and from the mildest tones of those meet..
Arcs these is nothing bat ezicontsgeumot offered
• to those who may engage in the revolutionary
- -.trove- mai snett being - the almost universal
. . aenthnent of the peopleomt tkiak it 4ey not be
' . mast aileittabt e jar our goreemooent officers to inter
. . e ocitistfthe People in a very strenuous esetine;:.
-.:Whotheritla right' or not to engage in such a
struggle-asthat going on in Chin, it is not in
* ; g. , - ; • . ..the notate of DUX people to be thwarted in their
aseigne,'lrlthant manifeetingPP°
o Titian, Or mon
.cpen restate:Me: and, theref an we taloa
foss toregard liberty.:: it might seem in no way
,improper to look tut'complacently 'is possible
upon all monnzieots whatever; made amongthe
- ! People,.anddesignadto amelinrabSthe condition
T . , • .
of any of our race; who are suffering and' op
!know: not that we ever met with
penis iso vitterly..iebversive. of all law, order,
• - goverrunvik... arid, in abort... every thing, that
conduces to the peace and well ba s ing of society .
its the above. The people who sympathize with
...those:who are '
_offering and oppressed , ' is Gy-
T.51&" -- . -- tin are not to. he. interfered. with '!in iii Vary
.•-steetramus manner ;"—a proclamation or 3°1611
- enough; or 'perhaps a writ or tWo might 'he
:'peeed, but there it aught to atop .• 'Except these
• •formalidef, just , So wive; apieseartoes,
.syropethisers, are tehe free to •-go to
=Cuba, and;
. free- a revolnilon upon; thepeople
there whedier they - wish it or not, and Mat*
throats of the oppressoro of that people. So
Thou, there isenether 'set of amps,
ehteers who'of, entree pill claim'theisme
- -muniq, in falloiring up their sympatides. there
oze thu side Of Cuba mare than three millions
o fproplasapposed to .be , more oppressed thin
The people of Cuba, and who would welcanne
their Übemitors with epee - arrint—whioh the Cu
" Dade wW not do;—and - who ate - oertainly
tcmioL entified - tofoar, syMpatVes as the Casino.
These . have many .tiateads dnd sympa:
Weep, whawmald gladly deliver theatre= op,
preMloktind bondage if it could ,be do n e
4cdly. Thhi'tfroculty, bowetier. removed
as soon as the :government acts upon the prin
',Apia laid doinhy the Togit, kfit the
eminent; as it
laittitty as ion4te apati aft Isoinnercts whatever ,
~';Made among thtMle. And ' dcrigolci to atoilicante
tatseoaditioit of atitt.tntr late who are =Poi*
aah!entrocetti.." itlneetir theOrisa exactly; The
ot4t Prah l 9 l bki imiyiii; ; Andior
.ootioiodi to 4 .40 e, In 'the sime
way; that- it it pruiatclito liberate the people of
- -Glehs-'—by wbgitigTatwith thal4rmisMai,Tdch4
bycegrymug blood anti carp ge ' and desolation
one. ntovamant by-0 0 Peelde:te ameliorate Abe"
pottitek of Maraca ; and thi
- 2 , gforemnnent;'or coarse. to'' look' ikiir!'aa.
i. - ....tiomplaceatlyes.pose ible" :
liow, we suppose. the efiiwr who vfts trying
ti; - j#El9 - ap l litifa. p0P , 41i 4 4, cat of ihtwo even-.
- '
~ -•1
j ac
iandcbieg.6: . d lLiSlment, in or
,ate thiMght exceesuY who ars
. to embroil this nation in rim., ea they WM
- already &Almond it by Weir inWlese ironed
bags. ,-
the Cubszs "Leh to be free from their pres
enegoeirnment, let them strike the blow; let
them unite arid creputisit PrOTifiOnal Mum
meat, sod then they wilt not vont for aid; for
who would , 60 ton Memel's. mud Winn an Mon..'
But they bate struck no • blow, and seem
in no tinny to _do' so. Whet then ore than!.
fell;nrs' 'sympstiiing with ? or whose condition
do they. wish to "ameliorator
.Alte ottration to then:Dela from the N.
,Dritaim True Delta, a Demccratio paper, ,headed
Pis there Revolution in Cubn.?'
We publish is our localleohtitm a sketch of the
meetieg of.Cnban sympaihisera, bedd tut night
Wilkind, Hall, ' The jarta_set forth in theii
preamble, no every readerivill at once perceive,
are enormously- exaggerated .reiterations of the
most extravagant statewide that have appeared
in the New York Suri and kindred prints. They
Teak .of the Cuban beelaration of Indepen
dence; but whether they refer to the one fahri-'
rated in New York, or to the one got up st.NeW
Oileans (for there are two of these veritable
documents) dons not eppear. The whole affair
• , ould he an tidmlrable 'flume had not such non.:
'epee in other, quart eri recently ended in,a lip,
turntable Sober:minded men view such
laberatories of hollow patriotism and cheap
popularify with'. contempt. .Our reporter ; will
furnish some account of the eiyinp and doings
at the Meeting. "
0£4057 04 00
COMISE : 011 TiADE.-A quantity of flour Wat
"shinned from New Brighton,. on tartally,tu:Bos•
ton,,ria , canal to Cleveland, theoce by propeller
throligh Liam Nrie, ilia Welland timid, Lake on,
taxi(' and the St .i.mtrrence dyer, toOgdenaburg,
'thence by railroad to 'Rolston, at one dollar per
barrel through. '..thier is an important fait to all
concerned m.tramportabou business. '
The tailoring correspondence between the
citizen" of Elizabeth and Governor:imams,
het been lorded to us for publication:'
• I Et.thantnt, Angtiet 19.
To. kfs Frerlliory,, Wm. F. Tohniton
S te- 1 111 accordance with o resolution
passed at iv meeting of the Whig citizens of
.Elhabeth Borough end Township, on Saturday,
he 16th instant, we, the undersigned committee,
ambrace re presents" a favorable opportunity
to attend to you an invitation to visit the darns
of EDI' abeth., Should you find It 'corminiSiit
-visit them - during your tour through Western ,
Penzetylvania, they will ,he happy in earl:ding
to you the hospitalities of their. flourishing oil-
Itate. Doping you may comply with the-thrift
lion, :and designate when you will be =mot
II!, we are, Very ; respectfully, tee.
, • • 2 Prrrantreart, Aug. , 1851.'
Skirl:unite:lt received your
'very kind letter,' Inviting Me tiait your Inter
eating borough.
T regret that Primary engagements vrill Pre
;rout me from araillng . myeelf of the great pleas
ure enjoy. maktug on . many and
valciable Triende, ae I should ,de 'b,f acoepting
yiale invitation.
With . einoere wishes' for the welfare of this
growing and Indashions eeetiett. ef the State;
'and . assuraures of my personal regard far the
Committee,. I am yours. -
.• . .
*hit Comiaittee. l _
6.50,000 00
Six Imolai here almost elapsed' clown our city
TriO3 aiimmded by theory of Revolotion itaCulm
Aram:de minutely oirnunutantial . desuibiog the
outbreak of the people. the =mune of strife, the
devortiont of the . Queen's troops to the popular
;cause; baptdre of nectars and 'smu t and the ex
taisco of afo•lioKet once hopeful., joyous ppaa
- oda and tiumdmons,were simultanemmly lish
eul at redone importa n t pointi, remote Arose etch
'etber,.aud fitiiversally hollered by the pooo4
Unoklaumisited by ,tbe fabrications of hiet year,
we also went with the the current, and Isslieved
for . a.ttme, in our .Hearts, that. the Cobbs were
about to, lad otrak for freedoM.
It - 25 WA . 5/2fficult-tp Pollees what- we 'elate
exist, accordingly, a rumor was easily magoifted
into a Positive face, and a mserable - squehlde by
editorial, ersigeratbm, swelled out to the oilmen-,
sinus of a pitched bottle. The flat 'paroxysm
over, persons of cool heads and inquiring turns
began to lookinte.matters, wowe statements,
and trim conclusions; and when thlejournal felt
compelled, by the uniform tendency ' occur
ranee of Doge On/ sarions correspo erase, snit.;
tin without the possibility of inut understarid
ing, and its regard for the t ,to question the
statements published, le hesitated, doubted,
and fituilly btveme ince nloms. • .
Fault has been with us, and dissatisfac
tion expressed;- cause we have not maintained,
in the teeth of l out information to the contra
ry, the' exist 5' of Resolution, wide spread
formidable; and end eucoessfel. Gime' base even
gone to fay as to intimate tons; that, if we could
not reconcile ourselves to the publication of er
tsgerated or fibricated accounts, it was ant duty
to remain silent, so as nett* dampen the ezderof
such breve enthushietic end daring' spirit* 'as
might feel disposed to visit, revolution or no rev
olution.; the Gem of the Antilles.
From this rather elogniar hotien of our duty;
we very decidedly dissent; for while we are as
ready as the Picayune, the officialmquth-pleee
of theltevolutionists, or any other cif , our con
temporaries, to 'publish all duly authenticated
correSpondence - from' Cube; we shall never
publish , what we have good reason' to believe
to )untrue! nor stimulate ". the disposition of
young men to embark in enterprises which we
have good reason to think aro ruinously despe
Before the departure of the ill-advised expo•
dition to Cardenas last year, we warned' yming
men moat it, and stated upon what we regard
ed end still regard as nearly the highest mrnta-,
Fp, authority. in;the isbuairy, that Quixiotiant
could comsurnate no gymiter act of folly than tlye
invasion of Cuba:with *lass force than five Una
nand well appeintid trtiops, and that any dual
tory warfar.e that may be extemporised, can on- .
ly awpwratetlie asteritY-Of monarchial &mina
hon andnoittpiese the day of final enlargement,
perhaps remotely.,- . `.. . .
The advice then Miett, we reiterate, perteatly
indifferent whether it be well received or. ill ,rei
celved;,foUowed or disregarded. If men &deli
sed of the perils that beset a course, madly_ pun
Imo it, the consequences; boyars, deplorable,
attach to themselves alone and their guilt or
their adorers:cures:, While the may compel cora
inleeration, bringno upbrahingsmare to the
lVe can readily undustend now seppeeculators in
reTolation, operators In Cuban scrip; 6r parties
taing,. a profitable business •by furnishing sup
' plies and outfits; should desire to infante the
publie mind by highlycolored or intagiguiry pie
, tures rof Cuban insurrections; bat we confess
our astonishment is profound to hear, an we
have done; men who ought , to be distinguish
ed for truth. and integrity, complain ben•
we would tot invite the publio to believe what
we knew to be false, or give state
tents; beaming the stamp of fabrication on their
eery l ant .
Weshall Continue in famish our resident With
weraelona se mate of what transpires in Cabs;
from the Ixtft Ameriban sounes to which we bin
access; bat in no
,; instance will we permit our
selves Vibe diverted from en upright und himor
able course by hope of pecuniary profit, -- or fear
of loan of -popularity; No can live without ob
taWng disreputably the first; and the emend we
should Scorn in seek bye sacrifice truth Or
lioner---Ttr. 0. Delta'
The /eadelmM and Taiss papers tnaplain . ol
thec.natartdieled dry weather in theta States.
In Many pigeon the crepe are Intent. beyond
belie Or reeeirety'. The Temitt Reptddlean pub-
Pled In hiarehal - connty; .. remarlarthat for ff
teen' fears a drought so long co ntinued 'kw eo
'disastroni. has not .been known. Oa nay heir
puntiti,m - stlf there be wren a falr orop, *bile
on nearly all,edbare Namely any thing will, be
made.' Many planters will not undatmorn enotigh
f or bread; and it , the drought continues - a few
days lankerithe cotton crops wilrbe at
most. en
tirely destroyed. is already-be far loin*
that scantly a fourth of the meal lield Will be
I.ln Northern ;T•111.11 It is faired the 'eon orop
rriltbdi fsr short of tie genital Sverige, On oe
nonnt of the lack of rola: ,The cotton crop eon.
tinmm highly promising.
The Cadio ,Ge=etta soya:- "On. the 2dth we
met with-, Dr. •J:ll..Clionnlnghark °telethons
Parish, who had ,jnot4e-ear.. nod. foots a Whilst°
Terse; withrpuv.thtooltett,-J Sad;holittoinuoi as'
that ke did not see adingje, Octagon on whlob,
in hls'oldnion;.Boo of cotton will be Wade to
'the taro. .11,e'cOP'-aoP L ab3kft• tota l
Dn.". • _ • -
&.,z.:14'p,,..L..-.).- . ,,, ..i . . , . ,- ....... - ,..': - :.4. , ..' : •.,.-
':.-",':.-.:-,: .' .-- q... 7 4 : i . :,: .- ; , ;',.,. - ,:: : ::::. : ,'-..
. ..........,,... ..
rez ma Mims.
- -
irtrit KEE tame 'stoic
=Bar 7211 iswonaitil WT.
We too taeitod to zu;01 - fruni. Ids
Arrived from Philadelphia last etesdapola *IV
ear, for scm at the Prianultazda:laqufeer, of
the tolloPiag iellip*ktp :41 , pebyta New
(Mem. It will be seen that thia etenewhit
'Mar pumait 'or th e rOts si No" Maws, then
the one ire piddle* =Priestley morning. ,
There Ii joule irrther news from Cuba, ea
cmived byalm New °ties= Meerut; the ape
of the "Patriots". It is entitled to co credit
• Haw Osamu!, Aug, editors of the
Picayune hue received by the Empire City, lit
ters from their. regular. oorrespondents at Ha.
VIM end other parts of the Island.
'• One letter states that Gem. Marano has re
turned to Santiago; ibandonlog 'the Geld to. the
Patriots, who are daily blerellSillg in nuabem.
The Patriots have now erdtirepossassian of the
notary smwormding Puerto' Principe;
Gem Loper was snaking efforts to' capture the
frigate Pinearro on &bag og Bahia Honda.
Glim. Lopez advanced to San Diego, to out off
the retreat of the Spaniards. The men under
Lopez were In high spirits, and th were hourly
ieetti*g soiluisittone to' .,
their •
The peoPle'ake rising In many placia, and en=
rolling themselverild the.cause of fieedoM.
About flee hundred mm left Havaim to jcdri the
forces of Gen. Lope'. 'Fifty of this number were
made prisoners by the Speutianber Their Weis
easily fortold. ' • •
There are now l'only seine hundred troops in
Ilneaea and the Most Intense excitement per.
- There has been a tremendous riot In thin city,
(New Orleans) growing out of the Cuban Erre.
lotion; For the past two or three days, bust.
.noes to a great extent has -been suspended, and
the affairs of Caba hare been discussed more
thoroughly. Our city tas - nerni, before known
to be en much agitated... The ermitensmt of- the
people knows no bounds. • Bandreds of men are
Pouring in. ready to talks. part In the Patriot
• A large body of the Cuban Liberatore, com
poied'emetly of Western nen; luning•bearme
raspirated by the tone - of. th e Spaniels paper
a Petrie, this afternoon_att acked the office;
Mike the winduwe and •t Ind rushed into
the offtee:i'..They tidier the prt miter if types
and furniture into the street's-. Ihe mob totally
destrqed even' thing belonging to the 06ce•—
The crowd outside esu so.dense, and the ex cite,
meat Ito great, that the pollee con* not inter.
fere to check the riot -
After the office was demoltohed, the liberators
mansballed their legions, and proceeded to the
cigar store, kept by a Spaniard, (who has made
himself obnoxious to thesetriote,) at the corner
of St. Charles mut Omar streets, -broke the
doors and windows, and destroyed all the stock
and fmaitare, which were Troy valuable. .
B 7 GU time the crowd had strolled to en im
mense. number. and the cry was raised —' Let's
pay a visit to the Spudsh Consul !" This 'in
responded to by an Immense shout. The crowd
moved on to dm office of the Spanish Comm', and
a mane of the wildest disorder ensued. The
men appeared to harem mad with exoliement.
They timely attacked the bon* - .threw the
desks, papers, and.faialtoreof all I:labiate. the
streets. They tore dowalde sign, and marched
In triumph - with it to the meeting In Lafayette
• The meeting in the kuare was one of the tarp
est ever held in. this city: The *escarp
throughoutwere charactedred by the elided em
. New Outwore, August 22.—The exoitement
of last night lost none oLita interest this taming.
-At an early hour, a body of two theism:dor the
liberators aurtmaded . the city - Fie:M. •
This oat vet wee caused by the Spaniah'Coe
sul Who haring that he would loss 4de • life on
the night previous, asked the protection - of the
American Flag, 'indwell placed in the city prison
ee a place of safety
The Liberators becaisW eitiMerolts.' dt•
mended that the ...4061thill-'Catiud should be de.
• limed np,to them, or they would demolish the
A forced sheath pelleinistierecM thegrourid
endeavoring to restore peace. • •
Eno urger shops kept by the Spaniards In dif
ferent parts *retie 'ally, ware nearlyall destroyed
daring last night. - • •
The moet.painftti part,of the affair remains
to be told, Ihe .Emplas.(lity brought the re.
main/ of Colonel
Ceittenden„lnew o `Attar
nogGuars'Crim pda
Lan who were lnhumanl yr
smdered I, the
'Spanish 00,41121i1iti4 . at Hamm to this city.
A deep 'feeling - of • awl panda , the Wink
oommanity.• Thomas' of people endeero•M' • I
to get asightof the trains Sootalning their dead
bodies Thla gate viii . to
,the sadden outbreak
• Minute pun have bear fired linesman.** in
honor of the murdered NberstotM -
The Maack on the office' or the Spanish em
end; was causal by a isport (whleh undottbt
ells true) that he reweirsd, by the Empire City;
texas from some or.. the murdered Americans.
and he canoodle give them up when - demanded
New Orleans, ing; . 23.;•;.-The fifty man who
were executed at Hatima, were .engaged IX a
Hank movement In *Attraction with Lom
when they were captured by.the steamer
New Oinesti.--kfteraini to the list =algae
frotaNeir Gyula& the Vapour pseud a law
zeroing to aokeirledge Menke as belonging to
soelety r - r they hieing, ea entering their, mans-
Wks; . rano:Deed Wit coaneetiott with M.'
Atte ware also passed depriving the obey cf
privileges, corrverthal lends in morbuttaln into
ante for the treasury, ematdpetingall. Am;
esbOdishlas trig byjnry in all criminals muses,.
a complements?* law for the "diseentralttation
,of rents," an manic Isw.oxi the subnististration
of the national meant, another radically re
forming the castom•banse. argon,: (very Inte
resting to American merchants.) and one estab
lishing the absollite liberty of the prises.
. Other acts were also pissed by the congress,
and among therm, three privileges,—ens for the
establisluntmt of telegraphs, con for the opening
of a communication between the twO oceans
through the province of Choose territory u rich
in gold .sus California.. This IS the ship canal
grant, obtained by a company of our citisens,
of which we hare spoken.
The Wm•edn'Aey Finable. eon:Adorably about
the . 0 Democratic" Cotmmtion lately held in that
city. -It oeys that 'the" ••Tomaft Democracy"
(meaning, thereby,. the pet ..Coalition") were in
aseendocutyln point of numbers,; but that they
were Out genereled by Italia and be Old Hun
ters, at least, so fear as resolutions. - The Spy,
howyntr,, proposes to see the, Tesolutbins
print before it, definitely decides upon
character- The confusion was so great that
but few
know what was pima,
Tat Forms ur Onsizawrow 'Baum 'Thos
Wmington Fcirripaadatofths Jamas! ofOom
meros says-o , It Is rather a ma:enable feet
that the Government is
_quietly strengthroday
the forte in Cherititoir herlarn—proridleg them
with mar end omaitlanutd establishingertil
lay prsetioe, it !shatter thst thisaltouldbedone
now than last **die when tbeLegislatare sad
the Seetalon Carlatittli dell meet. But ma
now it roams some little feeling - Mums the
alms seceadone; who ere sallow to drives:at
'RAILROAD Beasosurrion.—The vote in this
'township on liabstday butt upon the lineation of
sithserildng $lOO,OOO to the stock to the Stott
bensille and Indiana Railroad Ootapapyrtornitad
as follows: •For subscription 420 against, • 185,
leseing a =IMO. of 285 in favor orsubserip-
Roo: Thlirespit is boiled with much matistko.
tire b 7 our cilium; being relfsided - as esturtng
to uo a very import ant thoroughfare, •
The distance from Newark to Pittsburgh by
route ilnlatood rettynearlyr 156 mliaa—
m ftetabwrgh to
.6tanbonifille 40 mom, horn
iNenbaneElle to: Coshocton 79 4 1 0u1t lad from
Coahooton Newnan: Th rob nit the
line of the road CM hardly be anrpe.od hi for•
tility and the aletaaals of substantial wealth,
and 'the advantage' tons of being oennettatt by
iron rails and atom - power with Plttidarbit and
the intermediate towns; to say nothing of aut.
abides with the no board, 'L.cati 44 1 9_ helm*
.. - The prospect, of this: enterprise as tray flat-
taring._ In fittsborgh about 8160,0001 m al
ready been. subscribed. Between. Elteubenrille
and Coshocton $940,000: mere bele been nib.
scribed. - Dresden has voted . sloo,ooo,.perry
township in this oormly MOOD, Newerk 100,000,
and it b expected alit Jackson
Dtuddegem'will'wits 520,000 mom s.
It is the. Satiation of the Directors .to raise
'nowt to pupae. the 'road tot tbialien.i. Thiry
with to go forward sahib le Tut tits road' n •
solid buds, and meld the necessity ton an in-
.definite Beating dolt, ;which; when the road Is
completed, would abscrti Its, cambia for an . In-'
definite: period of time.. sod ;mu* the etoolc
comparatively 'tchtelesei enc increbne;
risking ettennons efforts_ to nisei 'an , ample
want to prove the mid' for the Iran before a
blow is abia, Theywiff undoubtedly inceitd.
In that cam, tile entire road franc Elteuberriffee
to Newark will be put nada centrum by Cite 100
of octoba t —Neioarki Ohio, i
Sams of tin Western jou:hula ars rajolohliria'
poeimot of good mops. The- 'potato* Otordsa .
Tim agar am. although' not tuitif olk Indigo
as format-Team .f - Alt:gash* .ths
motts;•hits rarely bean twat
flag, and vs are amedingly glad to ohrtmlelo
the fact in tha face of a droagba which has farm
dual in all Alettigns. of the canary
*meant itligullf
i : ',4iJ.,...' , .:•;:;-,... - 1,t''4. , ..•':',', , ...i'.
_ _
%-• •
r '
- 4 keoerevostestit
tins the totlow!ei dasalptloxi or the, Brit:lm
Wild - tete lei "ftentradegt 'ewer tie' gnaw
Arer e far titelteffejo end New Yea
I --Thecaftread bridge consftwating-just , atom
theupper fells, will be, viten .costpleted, oh- -
ject'at trawler and admiration. I stepped Into
the engineer's office; and WIRS fivoredinthaview
.crf a draft of the ridge •Therte are to be three
piers -boa in the" bed of the river - eaeh thirty ,
ftthigin-ttikl three 2130.111 cities, height. to oar.
ry the tuidie to the banks 013 each side: Upost'
these will rest a frame work supported by • ;po4
two hundred and fottriket above the nude playa
will be fifty feet„ and- the whole length
bride over' the- golf about live. hundred feet r
which will be extended at the ends by an It
Alen dive hundred feeler trestle workwskinge
when campleted an entire bridge one thousand
feu to length. What an nuderitaling! Stir:
pawl by nothing in sabllinity and gestideur
save the sospeusion bridge over the Einem t--L
Jost imagine yourself riding along in the can
over this bridge a few mouths hence, and while
crowing, cast your eyes out of the window into
the depths below. Methinks it would cause the
cold chills to run - Over you, ' . .
"And each particular hair,to stand =And,
Llhe quills upon the fretthl pottupine."
A zt
, VOTIS FOZ WO DIIFI1111? e DI/i/31111 rot
:Got-saxes or Tesserettau:—W palish a tal,:
blooethe number of votes csei, d the names
of the candidates at each &donna rial election;
from 1799 to 1848, [rem which it . will be sect
that the highest vote wasnolled in 1848; and Elr;
LiMmstreatti, the "nnfortunstoctunliclanP-St. the Opposition, Tho was beaten:, by William F.;
Johnston, received imarly , 8,000 votes '. more
in the Btate, thin any man'they hats' ever
1709. Thou: hl'Aeom. Democrat. 8 7,244 l Ramat
Hone, Federal, 32,642; ArKearti majority
1802. Thomas Wiese, Democrat, 47,879; JO;
Hers Federal, 17;084; Sl'Kesn'm trujority
1805. Thomas Democrat. 48,644; al.
neon Snyder. Dsrnocred. 88,878; 11'Ketut'S
majority 5`,2664'
1809. Simon Snyder, Democrat, 67,975; Jas.;
Aces, Federal, 39,575; John Spayd,
. Snyder's majority over both 24,894.
1811. Stereo Snyder Democrat, 52,319; Wm.
• Tilglonan, 8,609; Snyder's majority 48,4
1814. Simon Snider, Democrat, 51,090; Lew
Wage, Federal, 29,666; Snyder's Majority
1817. Wm. Findley, Deems!, 66,888; Joseph
Heists; Dentment, '57,272; Findley's "ater
jOrity 9,061. , ,
1820. Joseph Ileister, Democrat, .67,903; Win;
Democrek .66,30 e; , Mister's tan.
jovity 1,605.
1823. John A. Sholtte, Democrat, 89,998; An
drea, Gregg. Pedant 04,211; Shulmets
1826. John A. Shnitte,. 72,710. John Serpent',
' 1,176; Scattering, I,l74;l3hultues majority
' 70,861.
1829. George Mot 78,219; - Joseph Utter;
Anti-bissort,. 61,776; Wolfe majority IS,:
1832, Ged-Woll. 91,886; Joseph Ritter, 88,165;
Wolf's majority 3,100. , • ;
1335. Joseph !Amer, 94,028; George Wolf, 65,1
', '804; 'Henry A. Sfuleabetg. 40,846; Rit4
neeemejority over Wolf, 28,224; over Ilui
,lenberg. 63,182; Wolf and ljalmderg
gather had a majority 0f_12,262 seer Ala;
1838. .Dasid Potter, Loco., 127.821: IttoPb
Ititnar, MA; and Anti-hlsson, 122,826; Portet's
- majority 6.496;
1841. David L Porter, L0c0.;186,604. Jc.lus
Basks, Whit, 118,478; Portat's msjority
1644. Fnncia -I Suoo., 16,8 A Jo;
ssph Markle, Whig, 166,010; Shank's out
ja7 4,2
1847.: Pramis IL Shank, Loco., 146,081; Jame;
Irwin,. Whitt, 15"148; E. O. Regan, Ref
tin, _11,247: F. J. Le 'Moyne, Liberty,
1,861, 13hmat's aisjOrlty otter atl Milan
1818. Wm. F. Johnston, - 168,622; 14 ortiS
Lasing - It, 168,225; Johnston's_majority
• Tire Comae -Taaocor.-liis not owlet tot
=prim that ilacpubilo mind b stilloccup
with the tragedy :ensetod at Minna: In ,
general Atelitig, as far we canaptap;lt„ (.5
hats sought opportunities of camtredng op.
on the sahleo3 one thing is. no -th
um:amity generally do not oneri= -- the
th a t the num who so madly rushed upon 'th •
own ruin, , did so in dellanoe cd'kbe laws of
OWI2 . COUtry, and of the must re
by lion and otherwise, of the; •
If nits of the treat: This noon/Won
greally.cinalifies other feelings to which such a
whoLtmleancutionwooldhare given rise. 'Abair
enlistedagainst the - pentium* of Cubs, "Ilati
yet tzonmeness of feeling with Lopees piratical
Muni, because of the total disregard of the so:
thority of our hors which those men hats ma*
fisted. Illahrrer may be the feelings of *
American people toward other nations or gor ,
ernments, them is marital= enough *broad to
induce them to shun and tUactonttenanee, sa dice
organists and dangenans to the common wolf,
those rho set the pernicious example of defying
the law and the ungistraoy °C our own country.
It is s . healtbtul symptom when respect for tht
authority of the law overrides and holds In cheek
all individual or pemonat feelings. had them
'Mama of Spanish vengeance not first expatriated
thelselres and insulted the auttonity of their
government, the flood of popular sympathy would
bast swept !mythic% before E Comwei r
rill Advertiser.
The New York Donald of yesterday, pablisi
what purpirte to be the correspondence- of the
Democratic Committee- for calling a. National
CoirAntion, with - emu account of their recent
meeting la New York.' The truocictmres thee
Made, favor the nomination of General Holume
as the Democratic candidate for auk Preeldenk
They are name rich, calculated to produce eome
sensation, and the only drawback open the etn=
joyment of their perusal is the doubt as to their
authenticity, arietng from Igneranew of the tome
from which the letters were derived.' They are
'apparently genuine.—Altsay Regider,
ti Zot y lg d W i l, w ly=sad Smr..Warkst el 7
Why is there nothing In wheat, card-sad Amt .
No ;the wins* crop "qt Oh i o was never bet
Why then does it bring taw pricy o that
then nos".
there is no profit in selling •
One reason is that mossy is scares 'in the
rut cities, especially in New York, .and needed
for other tldngs.
• • What makes this scarcity of money •
The neccoity of sending ell the gold we ob.;
, fain from Calitainis abroad, .
Butt whip, ft tont +dirndl _
' To pty for the immense tail:entail= of for•
eigti goods daring the past year, took a. cotton
.and woollen manunictored goods, iron wets,
railroad non, liats, shoes, &O. ' .•
Mame not make these itrdoles at home and
thus retain the money to enrich otmadiest
Tea we can make ttoon, bet not as Cheaply as
they can be made, byllis poorly- paid. labor of
Europe, and as our 'Merchants will always - buy
from the cheapest market, they send abroad for
these ankles Instead of having them made at
'But why can we not pp In oar rovislous,ei
we could If the were maaefutpred weer
no. The workman must eat Itt Enrol* as welt
Because they can obtain provisions' anion'
from the countries In. Europe. that raise them,,
than ours can be shipped to Europe for, Rene!
Bow can this be retoclieclt • ' •
.fly nob an altinstlon of the potioyof our goy
s:mount a• vat prow oar own Industri, - rolioto
it from the memo of foreign 00111 petition. and
natio van 00111111:114111 Milt to' ota
But will cot MIA policy make mittwiltattitia
Yee: nominally; fora while., Wet at relative.
ly. .The operatives will, so they multiply mud
are encouraged, become consumers instead of
producers, nixing the price• of provisions and'
bringing actually more prat to the farmer. Not
merely the operatives alone will create_ a de
mand for provisions, but all the - a:led popttla
Won that belong to a msaufsetnring village and
are called into life by its prosperity, wilt add to
this demand, and produce a ready, active. mar
ket. The 'lightly higher price of the scanufaa.
tared article, made thus higher to prevent for
eign competitlow will be commuted 115:1611
classes by the inareued impulse given to every
description of business, so that though prior
sotoaUf rule a little higher, tiara is an inane
"ed facility to meet them. 'Thoprochicers *roles.
stied and the comma? Wound, and mon
daises are. Tully benefited.
• Why is not this policy palmed then I
i keestiset the party which controls the !agar
tiqp of the °e mail, opposed to the protection
of our ovirindartry. This is pally . aqui. to
the Whence of ling 'entertained party pre4u;
dias by those who dislike to relinquish ItTaver
as teat, pertly the loug established habits
eternal, finites who han. never'manufactured
tnit Always raised the raw material, and who
,dislike's chine. but more froot-the - Alle Idea
entertained that 'oar shipping Interests' might:
sonarby eatheriet of measures. • • - ,
toratieday, endaaioting . to in#l. it pi
pfundetrteau-1 et; stator* and application or . a
vezb; r sale
fga paadva stitb . is etiottallas °tithe; =ton
r~,.~• I •
---...,.-. —,!, .. . .• • •
1-.1,T.,• - • '..:-,t.ei73..r7-I,TiPC
ink a mamma, with the graved ocaataaaaas ha
loth tut attightfittihilthiiithils—cht use cwt.
huhu. Ito prowlsb... of Ilelowe's Urn Pat. an bwri
to OW thii,proody salobt.ot al.. It bat
boo tottitott. Isom.' puts at tb. eopsery; It ha boa
lust b..b•pr.etlw of lbw inest =Aunt‘ll2l
thrall 1.11.11 taiselablal soma b ceerbut elm Pals
to the pb&. Me : propi.tors tr atiosial by a itaby to
. 21 .T 1 W tzlima Parkein_., ..a olk. meoly lb.
itut man tonelbilawase.. vbirbk than be within the emy
reach of ell. •
tor ask by
scary one w 49 441 not jet used the
..kbr.tovaislasa. , tali*
ft.Thisit , that 'jab ii , e;Aith)etv Coati - **,:idsthw tomb
Tenable tatortexilett "WI nixed to the tntathastat of cat:
=I it trill alto sire yott . eettLtbutee of =hie Pm!
formaby IL O. lazier., hiatitih Pataktut: ,ethteh• have
twer I: . ertt egnalled, and watch ems Vero ettaited after
the Wan of the mtit'schtatife taratelens t ' , Bee eaves
• - • SionranniO. thuttlagdon . 111,
- LM. itinae-Otar 131 r, Your Pnttoloati Is wanton wimp
ao• titedninir• would think Pon Wind
to tondo:ten by the ttnnaytrixds Wp
Itrilr nut. and It Is biltur 'oinked tbinlnnot Powl dht
Yours. ropictrAwy, d OLLWIAINO & CO.
tionioun. 4hl. d 00.. O. Musk 10.'6L •
Icasi—Tai Alr, Your Ania,
lat ink twiner - date Nook OM 411 ch maw. "IL
Pleasi&unard to 12S Os down temodlstily. - • . •
Your motion. Ls woeoar wonders In the. W.
.Pan obtain sandal iticellint oetOnSaka.l(7nn dolt. Mein.
rot nil* bp Kotler & Meltowill..l46 Wood street; R. IL
nolleri.'nt Wood itrod; B. A. tsbnettoolt. Ai Co. linnet
• Wont aid hone/rig D. U. Capri; D. A. Ellkittaowndt
=ion.and L. Y. athwart; tlltz tz Ma pre.
apll;llriT..: : Ontln.norentto eitudnanb. •
(ARM Otf. ii3oiv,we_nat.—n• eta lass . eau Nil
good vie** by hying It, as quick ai a Dr. tau tell !mil
Wooer by reties /I.,.hua oua menbier Wand tads It
'Ow. ft olft de.tioy'tb►moyol.Mt/filth tae, whole olty.
Yon molt Intradase a medical= into popular ate =ln. it
mamas near rubella/ALI virtue., hue ficatiellted • •
of valid obleettius, and It fa this fact that has eststillabed
the tvoutatkra of 'bow. Clittopousel TWAT:Etna of Itat;
atuarllla." Wood all este or' elevate. It. mike opal
theheeflut ey.tet tell, accordance vitta, rational and OS.
loaTblval proteolea,the TIMM osvottlota
.NI toast:at or Ilebcdyilatatoree obetrioUtus. Mellott
turbid and dismal attatter, stratutilvor the stomach
and &P.M. .ottuas. creates wilr ft" .01 mater
hltol.tute alto the varlotta fonethas of the dllltreat
emu of the body. Thle ball pertmaad .vitheut the
least data* of ham, thepeep.rWoe beteg se stdbas ft
eftleatimaa. It mar telthoitaht by the 'UPC.). that It
purvorte to flail, too !many, tlltessea but upon meter
&lute 0411 be Cued that • lane oialoell7 of the tonv
ea .mite the bonitia fordly . totgletate lam Immo
Ode of lbehlool: Dittot deathrol, them by . other Ear
Papattllas betas offezed you by "toy tillers of tugboats
'tad water iftivtavatloue as atubrUtate ea the orixteal
.loin Bull's eanapazllla nit valuable primatlon the
vroptiette aureate to be superke to all educes, •
Carnue.—Bruave out MI foe the oddest - Dr. Ids
adrs sonaxraufrom rentacky—sad hay moonier. Bee
IfßT!llta 140 irmi oC. .
aced.hamT - • • • suowia. a Iwo mats.
' Oitiiiti's insmance coMpany atPittelnao
e t s .4) , o es No. lid Want gym In the ram, , lltama .. et : ,C. IL
C.O. Umnar,Pnenteient—.-....a. 'W. Maw, riei. •
Thin Company inners pawed fa Mann all cometumictlat
ts gore. sail Is tesnalts. vegetates -
An ample savant, ts. the ability and Intamlt L e t i l he
Inatltatla La allivdod In the character et the il,
kam all • althnesta or I.l4laburgh. gal and tavera Y
nouts to the COLIMMItI7 LI their pnadcam Cagan array
inammes—C. it. Ileagy. R . Ring. Wm: Indian.
j Walgr Bryant. llcuth D. Ring. ' rud flematetosa
!On Ilarrnmll4,llathanth.B. y. !Fier. - Watt
Pittsburgh Libi'insaraies Company.
4 CAPITAL. $100,000;
01770 E, NO. 76 FOURT' STSBEZ
s r a na . a
• Proident-aumatrom.
As Presirab-AmErn i ttmantAia. • •
A. Own.
SAA• advailswolat Ist soother Dart of mug pager..
luportaion of Hardware, Cutlery, *a.
' • - No. - 128:Woodltreit, -
Lulu b <rU LAII Wangle. af Man:tante and cam to
" . %near was alma
fullaanatavanta N at
.ANY 2 eslet,sted B.ANICS
Ora h a nd . • ' L.
- - -
#ITI3LiC me hereby' ovtrieeedoefto'
T MI,. two Itotom &lora ..00e Urbot. mtotom
• try Wm omtkmailtor--ome • Magri* dollen omatt-4450l
lie or 13111as>71 . pi Wooly dm.pp OUR. •
. LW Liza-R. Marvistorn.l"a
yIIt,'.SUBSCRIBAnmoER. luxving removed to
- sot umamft ammo Is IS.
*oath INC POoftioott omotio lOprOmh. etio•
Ant mo 4 likOlmamt moot. en noofts the dom
Vootomble, Jarsaite loulio to oriamizmukto47 11mOot
mat the mtrktot ottooloo w theolm
sot moral; +tto* eamolmitftlam osta AVICkmo $lO
..eon.i,owory, SO mmanwott.o amo of • Woo
oim memo Lebow mOthaat mdtttlooal than. • - • •
NEC HA/00RM respectfully inforais
pozilit.a4 imbllac4PittsbanbasidEllalitar.
41111.4conswor siligeinuramtVe owto• Pinto
am asul In
t ah . o 6 , abaci tlu, Mt irl.k In
inn— Or. • Im4als• mi U. &IMPS Wade
lEtom Ms 2 1 Merl.. • sugMby
lit - low fat Cash : • -
'comptd• .4 marls tr w ggr ,
Apply st-11. OM*.
1 1 LTACKERET,--501blik: Largo No. 3,-Ma=
gretroatto lupectfois; kr isle br •
•MIZS • JAXRI IIISTC1:11/ • 00. '
lA B . A .It -10°° P tg a s 141:1'&.
S HOT-. kegs jl or ealz.
LICE -1S toe., - orime Carolina; for &do by,
17 asa:29 zuntsaantrcHum & co..
QIL MOLASSES-30 bbhc. St. James' Re
►• ems. fo• orl• Ai. • •
imerA JAXtS A. itcransos * co.
A..rcratENS;VX, .11.8ORTMEN'T QF
.11.31WEIM mabnetng grin 1 - witty of pAtma
PAOAL.Jort noe'd Auk ky_._
. anent-. :. • VIM PA Mitket '
• embeichte the abet attraetlre and hstdossable dant
wee. In ase. put reer'te eta tbr nl. at a gala rethetket
hoht threw heat. - • . 11103. PA LUCE,
• aarZe . • ' No: 66 Mutat st. .
F 111.. . BOARD PRINTS, at a diuount of
tO VTmt. face lut Neu'. price& ion• neetnd
6.1.1 Knot, toe for sal*
REG BUTTER--50 kegs prinie,!n good
" I "e b Airozi. P.813111111L .
EA.NB-30Small White,' for sale by
Jur =ea SAMUEL P. =ma.
BOCKETS.-40 dor. Bearer, for ardo by
aoA- 11. 11/WPM:MIL
►TUBS -10 doz. for sale b .
s. •
pi Rim REEF—I:Tans &43WilVa . stimior
'YarePfraperlor Bow Cppnl Doe. irgaed; Ws by
ZO. I Matra, o.
, • •
radial and Ibr mai. try '
s - . A. IPCLUPAI • CO.
CLNDLED GINGER-1 case Cant= Dry
raeerms (flaw, Jut ...NI amt Iv ride try
I b il pinta/met of an Order of the Orpluilie
omrt er teet'earFe.2 .6 lol 4 . h tMeed4,7 1 1 . 5 :7 ,
rot Ud r "'d trat ttrr i girtWease laYie City or MAMA
• let of ar)...1, ilia meeturre. '
tr of am, Jetta Atetieve, oar% la the ■44 city, d._
Ward 1 Nail lath. lai , j t t of lot. told out by ,-....Wiktts,
4.10; irenktirsif on OW abd tai.t la tridth . 40 at ZI
fal, end mending. took Grath alley 70 Ni', htd
z oo dx: fir= op=
; v s Irjr . a. to . iteg
"d".r t d.'l / 4 "ddn6;ll".* biDlriret 47 .YM" ItIIZ
r, mh,g b r IV hriett 4 a. Cr:4ll l :ixrt• full l lugar.S4 0-
war. Pelee 10 etlook.A.ol4 of mad oat, eGI wale of
'tale Ma& karma by - ,
pia WM. WiLIZON, Adrift.
• 4airftwatal •r : • '_D: . Henn . OLrt.
• • Notice to Ccmtractars.L ,• • '
QP,ALED.PROPOSALS for the Excavation
,arA 19 .1P1a1tg.71,1h7k1=1,7,1 1 ,1"4:
=V I th. b. m . or l int= i x t. rie tv i t e4
ttlf apost thonte Mo at, at ammo gpkr.-Ittkesgs of tb•
Commit. of.Matt U rn , Flntoth. la Chardon
• T. Notice.
Xl . E n Stbcklaoiden of Little saw Aral
. Has itsalmod Oompor.' Orshr not Mod lOalL
ot ltlyor Dolly. par roan ao toomind beim
ea ao Won the Jot day et Omar, put.
tt doittaii.' isdjaceit - Cotintiej;-
.N9FEC SUBSCRIBER ; having boon located
Er mottle* ewe put lo the toculoblee Boma of
is Irlehtm sod welded braes Um twelve met pen
In the Tichlity of the eszaticad dulior thee time ht. et
teetka hu beutedua * el M keeat esolostubf to Lead Auto
OM kW thibleammod of the yobbo Oure/17 be
ltse mau4 Make in the Osk{ Omagh (.1 4. V . :
Woad my Anyeez themitu of the Wee)
rt roar pa a %re llotatt . taw ateo
• Dor om a meta( of tehubto ,kte itsciflaa
deem the Some% and Delabborhoode for male at tor,
week Mae sclventemat.
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OUISVILLE LIME--150 bbla-juss reed
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61 , 44 Ppm • tad 2442111 r
. . D. WILL • M.
lIGAR,Z 'bags Emil; :
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J. PI3IM a ca. -
Q13:118.1150 , htittL F a i s l:4.; fortuVart.
IN SDOIIr-2Obbla e, for sale by
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I S H. MOLASSES-20 bbls. for
S OAP -150 bozos No.'l, for solo low by
rpiar—loo bb.ll. N. 0., for lido=
.aer =GUSH a
thi ls X;ENmmN
►IIOBAOOO-=lO kegs 6 Twist, for sude low
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CI9ARq,---11:1,000 Prin6ipe; •
zo,OOO Halt Sposdi!a •
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NT/ W SILKS--Redd this day, a beatttifal
-of la or ose asts 81113 and eathn @Hwy I iCh
on. at • Naar] A. A. 2IABON AN.
sum *cas. !unjust aimed no. iota lOnintit
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Embroil/am. es mad 64 lisairat st. • saill
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bvit un it..7 :
WEATHERS-10001bl'. to write and for
a• 'auto. Noel MAUR DIM= & 03. •
e. RE
• : , BalwpPotler's Appointments. ~- --
A, 41.. - .11., New Cistie, Ow In ancor atom) . .
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, mess 591.1.,1 A iL VA 1 .. Z ., t . 03 a n. BeaTer.
•• Ve, I t kid. CluisiCti'ZZ=7. Om!
2reii;; '. . ' I Pftfth...k... • .
Septembeitt. 4901 . 14. 4=aw5.)
Trot Thompson's Female Seminal%
rrIIE Mit Setstoou' of the Fourth Year of
this lintltntlffla eemiame. ae licedirT ant,
bwasbor U. Early andication .111 amen to w
cire adadahm. Y any Vtl lbsiLtael mother an be aplomb.
coodatei. for um= 411.0 die at Prot 1 . 24 nem, 14 Llbm
• •
• .
T ER PROPRIETORS hiving made
:nd furelahod it LongbeOt irltb - farpror taint E ar
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KW Haft', w7A sot o a
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Athattiq Mos. sat the sabmiler adravor to maks
his Sm. to•tericirpartmat
Corifeclianen Wanted: _
rrewo good Confectioners wanteds& Na.a.
1. Lib. anat. - aas2lld*
FOlt SALE—Two Houses sad Lots in the
~ Pae lhal—aa. ea Malt And. sad Ur alba. la
• a15 . ,;:41 pieta arf . .>u att Walten ativat,
SC* ata Saws, at laaptle• at Ai lama, R.
scyatictf - • ' Palma 6:97 , 1 .•
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mattatke- sogIOJ M. W. At V g."
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al Ws aoa.a. ' W Od
. W. WLSO,
1011121 ann. Mika ad /bath di.
1r .
XISAIMI ricks: a W.
• Go s-5 bbte. Fress..
prim' W. 8.. for sae DI
SALERATUS-6 tons in boxes Loa tibisi
fn posed rvers, for
/LEE FATE,' Tale or Stirring l im nee,
• • 0 -P. n• /33,r-024 men f aterrialsti mut the
bal am wilt.... Alao—Ltmalll WU' Avala
:;0-411.1•4 with Warder ams 4 total matter- •
Fpr who at II oLllll3' Wata7 /MA. Third slava. .11.
LI PERSONS knowing tlittaimilves
debtod te. as Or pry
d Otth ot are=rtr 1ia , a14114
itur th a r=llll l b__ylaesd to the Wain or &
for tollertino. JOLLN PHEYUARD, 817 Liberty
lONOINE HOSE.-500 feetl7inch 3lay
ra ladle Robber Scee: brooaitt eat stimuli lbw ft."
oa pa mere. We *rite the /Ire Department of loth
eines to call and exam!en thin. .. they are intruded to
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I n all cara ohm they do Doi tarn oat as cenceemcd;
the money will be Wended Atha Home mimed bynow
175 r. : J.* IL KELLUM
amPI • ' - 7 and ft Weed 4.
ir I O.II3IITTEE for ol
•-/ 41153010, tO the Pith
r'd Ch e iTrN. I inn littn
Wadi" I.lasomn,
!ear honer,
n A. WII
NathAnla Wnn:
' John Birminghm.
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raiENT — A - Stolllllolll . llo 1"..01
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PONDER -150 kelp Blaatin . It for sale by
Wili-740:10 am Can for axle by
!yam_ a.s. imam.
yibLLlft, -- il)13-1841 India Rubber, just
beaatUal stkla. /or ishi_a_tbeM s. r De.
wt. 7 setl woos • J.arst.e
WIND r* COW SHADXS—A aupply ru of That. lA
'L i t wthaa ! 21114 " ; Valt. C
TNDICRUBBER CAPEB-2dcrsjust reed
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THE- STQC • 01.DERE4 of: tho,4•Pek ,
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WE hail
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bbla. for sale by.
TEE-400 ban Rio, principal") rime.
Jut rft4llml fa. pro 70113 gut 00.,
3.8411 Liberty ot..
American Hardware
4 DOUGLASS,- Manixfactorers'
Utak Na. IS Plat 'tram; tanadoarattam Poke
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dotta SmithaT
Willy= Nixon.
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_____ • Pi= Wass Warts ,
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• • •ROPIIRTY 011 the Fssr
Bags to . Dar Ws or ambling* Re at'
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trot ?Adv. 2Le submiber cateitodd P , Tri • 1.,
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y ocomarins—Just reed, 300 feo
ma . j. ? 1 , 12 .7
t irosLaval wlth‘tra
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ALU bblo. for sale by
wig J. SOD • Q.
VSCALP HUNTERS, or Romantic* li-
oltam WlWortberta.....„ .. liettlor m t .
Trivillts i bcnthiat Wonky. t. ,
11;.=••. - ...,, • ilmormia Novel.
I° =r uusiii Nile. 74 TIM ' 6 . 1 .
nodes PostOelias.. •. .4,03
zabbt..E.duk.moui.. ; - -
:: ••_ - 715 Wad& N.o.l3arm fbe malog I
nugrt DALZZLL, 611 Wake
COX'S Patent Sparkling Oalatine—.3 gem
Mx dot. SoOrthiar. door, not Oxr tale ati •
WHOM BOSTON, just ree'd—'-.
soo itotloon ply Ism s Eiit;so How
4% , a !wt.,'
aa2 . 734 " 4 " " " •
Yoe se• • tti• 14vala Rubber Dap*, T ands Wocd
aarla • • • ,J.k H. PHILLIPS.
• -
-DACKED" and 5 'cep
b r .4. by . DIM!' * •00..
- sus= • Wain a haat eta
'Lzazt.1 - ' oi mid if""'"atal
Llbt,4.ln "6-4 '*a4!
S UP . . GARB., ,. sope..-73,kkefi&A'4untAiliale
OIL -IUO bbls. 84aits, for gala by I
an • JAMES DeLZZLL, C 8 Wifar sr.
• - -
TAR -100 bbls.N. C., folp l e b
WEE BRICK-0,000 for sale low to ewe
owolatomat. R S • . • JABLISDAI2.2I4
IRSMaiia t iaMa
1).11.00X8--200 doz.' for sale b '- , -
B aaial d. aW. nAn.iitur,
_ .....
fifI_HRERE-100 boxes Cream, for sale by_
4441 6 t W. 1112611108.
.EGI3B-1 bbl. for sale by
irsuen IL • 1F.111118140
e i .1' I :it ' .4; .' A :1)1:.
If w. bw. cos ea ezarlatt saw:twat Or ..1%.
LIVIII:S. of Lb. wan heath •••Hit•
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aol maw arias of oar. all moon pal AU prim co
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Dad lad Snag ononlaroi workman In the do.
W. W. wuao:i, err 112.14 a.. t
sada taws. of had a.
•IfEllif Boololl_ NEW BOOKS! 1 -
" ftar,4:7 am.. . , , ~
'The Wald Arebi attti deigns of Often. ribs,
Sabastast Haddam& - •
[awls Araadt=llainit at Lira.. ',. .
• e==te Ark leant. • ,
Th". Wpm' C-.1.1Ak
mud O. OL. ,814... •• . .
maw. la do mud of tba manumit atm/oat Writ,
Tb•Piaaoseailaatobtai, a taloa( IsCaa CWI,7 bi
Seaman Dasaat;.•
The Attnnamma of
}Shall Periviakk agm PINT: , L •
SU umbra. of Matra= Dr
-• Nada Of thorum. af rads IT Mai. 114brdaat.
ka taa of Alttadocka•
' InsaW lw• CaorV aitb Illnattarata.
Tssealara Gala. no MILL:4 Caaada. ,
Xmas: at tba arm ; a LI. of .w twr. by
' !Ma Mir 44 11 4 Wiy*ed. • ten by - Karr 1.1.111"
_ . ,
WO Paper and Bardere, for the FallBaleii
EST BEOKIVFM, et. the old established
tmt.'s* Kartsi stave. Tam mated the mlLbedad
eta*. • =DT cum et PAREIL HA G.
INGLI sad HORD ersapastad .nab • variety cd AO.
sad prises as as Isadly Lllievsdbtas Maw.,"
the views sEtbs asta . issalioas sad commies]. ^
• sag2o • . • reoxis pAusaii,
". ILA OSQUITO RA R.. 9.400 VB. instree'd euid:
mew ray ago . • A. L & rXt;
truer) • ert lad 14 Iterbt t..
OK 4si~ Pia Mea rsetwa big* enurement
; : . e I . " •
CHOOLDERB-2500 pes.l3aconShontd4ris,'
to Just ..ea sown. hemp. vAi c I
yl[All3,-500 m e eszwassed;
• - asks 1
14r 11 121 C‘ grri ite•
' 110t180214 urns *co.!
QIIGAR-3) hhda. N. 0., for sale try
1,7 avg 9) - 110131BON. urns k c 0.4
~!9' ~F . aM'S3Fl~x'F'r'.7~
lIFFALO TONGrUES-Jostieceived%:='
• CS GE' "_•::E, White sad Color
t=1"Vl r°7" I L " Ls "l th s
3razi2 •
griOCOA EMPLL4, remind Ereshfrom chi
oLk ' t.aa " r ' sr " r"l. l)lceidtG4 MS •
10.2. -0
/1:430... • .I*. •
CIIEESE--100 bops Cream;
mem • 150 c'="s:l4A.Wat):
srs • ' t.HA :er epP
• • .
• • Steini 'Bonen.
VOA C ai,re-;-TWei double flued Steam . • fl.:
CC en:l2 tubes dismata. fad feet Um& Ibry tan
bs seen an tool et• sumer J. 3. Ceti:aid. • •
IJEAIILASH-18 mkt Adams'. to arri
tbr se* 117 - • _ r.7.*11. FLOYD.
amtl9 /souse Mardi &Wan&
VOTAI3II-13 casks pare, for sale bi t ,
'ARO L IL no
B UTTES -6 blgti. and 5 kelsiZtoalAtbr
51 1 - o,ffilr f.Xspl 3:4 •
001,-5 eacke for,salti
01,A.t8r.3 . 200 wt. li. 0.;
! h ri. /WM.
aro qr . • ea t s • „ .r 8
' gi giii . 1.7474.7 - 171.7 arc lay sabnimi—
atm - Jaw T Lint, I •
Eseeformayeltarlet Matio=tbee-Iloarq
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e m i r e,t ta, fiwie.l Moizz' ' Que . r. Z.ll•;es . 1 '
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- Mesa Thulat, - ' Blexwhe Apt*. - - '
waa, BMX 0 THY corset Ifill.P.
bigbot soarkst wk. I* •• Oa Usid loirieraiU
6ZO. /L azziOLD .•
.: oterth se.
stazt3 • -
AtIOVAI,—We intaad to 'remove about
36th of Ibridostoy,frast boy invorat Azad' to
sew aceapied by Quill:Lea Unica; b1e.116
tat Pm.. Cbdr it-orhrt, vs &all b.
to ford& rrely wybkl* lin art um. es
a 0616 J. At II; PILIIJAPB. T =I 9 Weal st.i • •
AllArntESSM_ hare in store &larks
.onerat of venal Me,. Ma 11Z few!,
• szol SDFlag Mattromei. n••
ft• . :fiTitfLJl. Ttard arat. k r
a n is - • dimwit. the re.: Qom
filL;-15 Ibis. pare Linsevi.l, or
•21 sal
1 e by
Lir ann. • 7.11LD,
-Elegant Light Canines at Auction
szawitram, TRADED
N °Week, at the alks et too %tones.
w loth owe Goofs. euweis.lllLem e
ee will be wad liPh to the Weikel. eis
UM VA Sig t D. a e a
" en et I = t A P/ kia
07I Mi c thIift :
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ad= ;it itiIeWEIBWM Mar' "1 *
tlOO ta , imistiaiOkiatb. dzryloo,
pill LEAD -5044r Lead, to arrizi tbr
TER, OA/ gic•kr..---:1,-' • •
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'd.~l'=~ ~'
.w*rom. , n.-44e,
Ortaditzmes 1 Orhubtlit.
I . OoAN, -WILSON & CO, It • •
Afie, szee state/ the best 0 •
tbeilextephretkibe att!Petteeee,
11 17L1 - 7•Cetteteitt ateisee"ilviin in. • "
E RRESE-100 bone Cream;
WM. - Seleatad EKOMS+ , *. a. •
" 41 " .04 . 11 * mil by the quart ye batils s 2 -
11012810 TEA. MirikAil-
DEUCIBLES—BIack Lead, Cru tibias. frZ
‘,l Tatostan; ILus. nun Na 20 to Mau. oak loorl
orixel-300 bags uziate Rii.. for sale bn
(.3 Ware t
VINEM3-40 hf. chests Poriehong; - •
" 110 21 1 8 7ristem P""'" •! . ( er geti
Amman Dal I,
X.. us Wasie
S UNDRIE.4-4 easksrFotasirt
bbl, Lat.Carramr. ea* eft
.416 , • • • • • J.IL WILLIAMS 00.
COFFEE;—I76 §Age
rIGARS- 50,000 Commonjor ule by
' & W. 11 altaiDGll.
ft • 0 • r • , a rid• or . ,
1 .7 : 1 / 4 mals & 11A1U17.0311. 2 •
VOILRENT-A ie;;;;„tio tio .,
e .. land atabomyylah TORTrd e
y Ifs!gos It Ciikrk..etem Wet.
.g at 1
- wood greet. Pittstatek , '
rDIA.P.M3BER ,WRIPS-30'"doz4vtit
reeeined. ftixe 1 to I Soot Ist lenz Juiperiar
ce . =ink nattlag slay bas.. -by Wards bad
Maud mr.Z • tuabViniger "rag=
4.100AR,--88 Mids. Clam and;Poto Bite
&J Alvan. or nims •WI 'mined . d entbr .
. .
CHEEmertn° boxes
'ARD OIL --20 bblis. No. I, forsale b -
JA.vms D '
anal ;
(mom • or tali int totetittiOdol
b 5( Gant
. 4 =oath 11=1
los 00. Ma rearo. srod 013.1cr ag:o POMO rit
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tau mucosa Or . . . .
..- /or terms root** .fn. C:ATOMMOM Afilige... — . 7 ai*
Or at ll* Boo*sttro of . k . f . .,. 13:L0C0:W E .- ,
bLls. exrra dm, for,;aale
. .
PT& TUEZENTINE--3S bbl& for ale by.
S UP. gear.. SODA. 0. far
. _
1V 1312"48-85° i lt b lYll7 . for zai&
-)AAQ&--2001be. for sale }gyp,
jYL .drU - i .. - e.`a.L~ + EYTOV K ino.-
: MAL Packed, for tabiby
JUIP east& W. t). NiTLSON. US Swatard:
Fs I . s^7.l.
'WINDOW ElLaSSExttit Velitya444-
, wind sizes slid brands. for sale •
. • alma:, Y.NONIVINb OMIT it CO.
)IERSE-100 boxes for sale by
.10. r. 6 r. VON BONNHOtIST • MI.
m0rt...1 teditimagnuitmeihkut
% of all kladaltueld.sand. far as3a •
awlaMall, at tlun /tab
COTCL SN IN-0 boxed Boum' pale-
Q lSmff.n* 3i%
PRINTS!-A.AluoN. e
IWSLrir= t 9 1.214%=.11V4 4 .1___=
Alsz i t . ea t gro a rz th elez=tal .
- Nan. Ca and NI ilarket ,
MACKEREL-50 b:1118.1.10. 3
- • th
. • Y
a p s u
.-. LI/Ants Want.
Odes: - 60 bade N.'0.,.
for gaiety;
S Juzgli , .1 J.B.DuAroarn a Co. r
. - -
RO9/4.9-450 dirs. Cara, to •
• • vt3
C OBR-2:10 btu par sale tr---
4AFETY RPS.E--10 oinks for.htsittio ter
ab by' +: J. B.IIILWORTH bgi
. -15
.7. f g r o v erN ' ra a we
e ll "' E F - I'abeitwgil!lir;Lbzka=?
10DY131144 tea. for aala
• ' _ WICK! keamiaat R4'
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avid's Rarsols, • Thew laxasa an la C
thated:lStstmAged Era anezualtil In nail
Ihitiab on Amnion vaaalhavra. , -Am lisszAs o
_mud.' sad 1.1 Is. dam sot von
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Rai ebb. - szticl• Ma la am...rai
; 13 ==ar e requity boning Oa ten yeers. s, ,
/or salooKborsgale sall Mgt. kg thrra
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wtli eciniei +,14.1
AIESS PLIMIXESEL-0 - 114;ge1u1 — e " ..,.:
1331.J 4 1. and tb. bras takes • • Ibratl.
IVl ACKERBb—l i V a t ris ? x t. 3 /4/13°,
VILA% wilt for aideby • ...
- steal winra ikeinuces
QTAROII-42 boxes Bonbsixbt's eiteefite
;Uess - (stem WICK MeCAMEXII
ROOIIfS-183 , do! corn broom for IV :Jr
_ _
VIIOCOLATZ-140 brer.Bosten.Chooolog
gL/lbr Ws by Dactigni ' WICR.• hr.LNlngir
VIIESTNITTS—t. brio for sao
Peed, Crop" 0f4651;
JUST ieceilrk from the eaiti, oiciseeid
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tae $4.1 nom cam: of Wecdixed Elzdt streeta.
OOLFS GOODS 4 is Minya
samtßirine: lack lima Ciotl4 -
aSen• •• • annum “fttAcis inm;
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vip.usws,-iso ban bunch in store, for fa!
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tigatlEWSTtilich"tisy"Alt=et re=
QUGAII-20•oan) 81,0., in sane anti -
10 , ado .
- -
WALEILATUS 75 boxes, - ,
„ _
Fs4b7- - ecl:
• • LIssIN Wowl
•7 • --- ZINO- ' -PA/ NTB, -- ; , '
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, . .. ,
.WHITE - ZINC PAINT •.: •.:,•;---, . ,
. I, ..cki.C.fEire , ; t2d I : 4: ,.. ssartfro . i.foolt . ag
beaattroUr leVeo a:ARUM,- ten inva the aol w eroar .
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IT WILL . Nor TURN:ItitCO - I s l- - •
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it ealthatands a soothera 'reimala ma Uto author r
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