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    , 'l'F''',,.•
• --- 4 erTEILS
, teti.g min be bald bs
to express the opte
tied:o2lo4 ivied* to the
_ Goverarneet, id* -re
of the Hitt lameritee
rcetmely allot. Several
TR dill ethlTeee et awn.
,imrt.;-Corottor Artinrs will
iptn to' kohl sis inqineit on the
? issuers; of Charting TOirishili.
lee a workman in the rolling mill
at the inoilikof itsw mill ran,
i#day standing near the rills, when
S wascaught between - t he m t
Arn: - throngh: Of to he was
;paned. ' •
3iihietploineed between the rolls,
She'd' en atoms. The other vas
. iagti contisrativoli cpcin spice,
nuch injured.; A. verdict in wear
:in fati• inset:rendered. •
.1 tike place te'Asy . riven Ms
on Sew Mal Bile
00apnr mailmictAßE
Tosspsw, Aug. 25.'
A • lion.Wot:43. McClure,Pa:tido:a
BogieMcMillan,3lll l ln,
in-tbstAileghway. Bridge - cue return.
bott'at 'Opts two o'clock, this star.
or si •ibeence of °tor thizti hinny;
„followtag weediot.
. _ .
!hetiva: the . didexidiatt did, bi spedal
- yap prohibi t Junes Todd and ids fendl,y .
:-("' •' • issinv , ,nsia recrossing tho bridge at, the
• • - sat= prestribed bpleire - of the
• Aire do' inSi in.the afinnaite, end so ire
Whetitei the defendant-4'dr every third
'w*Eblepli ewtunn as ihei were regained
we do f4et in , tbi) negative,' and , so we do
Whotisi; the piofi Lid Imo qter . the
peidod, :did bear a dieidend of more
)(area Per Gent. per •)annte, net Wawa
ite, or would have tiornei ouch dividend
• darter rtritee of 'toll had not been ne•
PThis we de find in the affirtnative, end no we
ell.- "` •
; 4th. Whether tlinderimdant, vested the tutees
ordetir-pioW,irrer Mem fir • cent in bent
*tech, atufetbet,rediethre funds.
, Thie ire do pna In :the effiruist.Dre; and so we
6th. Whether the tells over and above what
defendanWerearithnined to naive and retain
hi the heelef the ntakholdera (and which might
ban beenneeind,) "mild at . fair• sprain
mat; have beep saffteient to pay for and redeem
thetaidgeoMdpay the Meal:olden the apps
ed nine - 4:frenfite for the naldne of the term of
This wadoind in the Evans, and so we eay
eth. 'lndite? the dafendints did appropriate
the tolls to the paymeaeof indindun indebted
ness of the etookboldees:
This we cis fad in the nsentiis, •nd anste sey
• •
lit&And if . any of the violations set forth in
the stuotition of tho plaintiff were committed,
then whi6h of them were committal, within,thlr
tr years befoiethe Ming of the suggestion, end
whiat of them Were nOt."
. •
This wide find inthe'itErznatfee; end . ea we
ay ell. .*.
It will be seen from tho aboie statersent,tbat
Messrs. Alden and Woods Um plied four out
the men iwinta submitted to the jury. We un
derstand from the Coined f or
, t e relator, that
t • venfietwaeashed on the point.
Al's lawit from Mr. Alden, that bill in equity
I be imintdisteTy filed to settle the remelting
. , :: • In-regard to the fonds of the bridge.
0: e farther informs us that a bill is bekg preps
. • ender the authority of the, Comnumweath,
•• that impose, in whictra decree is clahrwil,,
r•• • . the stockholdtrut individually liable for .
1 amount et tolls received, and which might
r re beediceekod, could there be spy defitiency,
ithstmtporate property. . .
Thewhole matter will he disposed of et the
• t•t t erm of of the Supreme Court, when all
queethim will be fully caniumed.
Tag imam noosing a pair of
hada whiab: 'lammed over the Fit. Clair , street
• • •a tow days ago, it appear we were in
• • in saaribing Ouni constriction to Masan
awneendi Carr & Co. They wore tmilt by Mr.
• • leAßehleman; of 3humhaator. 'Ono pair
4 These immense thaberrwheela was 10 feethigh,
th tire of 9} Inches In width ; 1 2 feet
having 6 Limb tire, dui, &a.
DAllo.llli . .—The • atteettica of the 'Street
• • er, Is earnestly 13:vital to the dal
areas ematitioa of the pavement, at the corner
Foortli =tea Sad Chary alley. - Seas ad
ults win , . tualeataally occur, =less it is re
Nemeatertwe tlnd the following the En
dey .
In the 'Miele= Standard, published at Her
•• ,And-the following' Paragesphi
hie& we Wirt •fOr the kohl:nation of . all con
" Will Wm • llnllth ;:giro cus a few more letters
• •••• theciarespoadesce beteweta Thomas Jet
- Herring azid -S. JH. Smith, -'Esquireo,
• :re to the - managianat, leading by the
of as poor sinners, who delight in calling,
• unities latices. •
The tlret,pohlisatlon las onliwhatted our ap
. to for , other deoil-opements, Arise are centl
- thel*':Oßit bcfsomitaing atm auksi Wad
• aorta e.irdiz• The first -letters hare himi•pro
• • AzleTfishg.", •
We ceitetitilrehonld hare some further tufa
• •• an what is, So for,• a wry dirk.: ash:
lIIIII.OLASIT.—.4IO I=lo of • Mr. Duff, trio
• a greasy store ea Obio street, In !Mesh*.
, "Lc entered yesterday, and twenty flee dal
•• stolen. Crean the pocket et,s Bunters,
• • mu ticording there... Fifteen dollars were
• • t4ett frost the' house next dotz.
ASSAULT sie.Berrserr.— A man armed Steal
• eras yestaday committed to pesos •dl
yor Guthrie, ea oath of James blatthews, to
• ate abuse or asesult and battery, at the
• • •_term at the Court, of Questa:elks.
kccmarr.=-At &bait dusk, Cu Monday we
••., a horse slashed to Ur. Ogdas'e pop mesa,
• • mita :end running from Cheaud street to
saasyLvsks • Aram, rushed along it, hreakbag
• • ebydraatia its •eortree. Levis; dually
• • • -• after tering mei the shafts claming"
the wiadinci of Mr. Samuel Foreges'laare,
•g a ;little girl who . ' in. is •the shop at.
• tiara" qulteresreredy. 114311. wu Mt*
•:' pn l )4l'7
ne of .
beit. . Westoole ccrtth bu
eoeatii faz; °fZhttfored Ind
a t v
t to two
rI7 7aA'NoTM' ;f7 r
4'lm o wag b at " „c„:tir
of his NU- - •
husone..fissirtn re kinutth Gennen
Oneed Myers' Liettirger wrested
Or pollen offteer Fitrmonie, eat rawl with at
to.derrsndMr Mint% a merchant of
iaLtdelpbirs,luxd to dispose at and secrete his
• hods erithlbe tame intent:.Us was held
by Aldamm Ihichtirecter: 1.. •
• Azroartzw rio you* zun named
kniming.reomAy coromittetto priscor_by May
.o Guthrie on a charge of arum, wu
lmitted to bail. by , giving two secoridee;
_Us oactiOf V 1,500 oath, for his - appearowoo at
IA uni at pg term of the Oust
Sip" is-Dowar, fine amisge, bvoke.diwa
••• • • ir In front Of the office of the Morning
est. ~IL,belooged. to Mr. livery igtoble
.Assiiittisr.—.& 'agora man,. whose,nante Are'
sust learn. yea my serer:4y injttrest at. the
of John - Scott, :near Perriavale, on
He became entangled in the bands of
thrishiny insoltinit,',when one of hist less lea
ken, and ”tho other nearly kirn ,00t of its
• - Alfa fatalist that resort will hare to'. be
to smpnNti°u..
. . ,
Tan Aiszallik . Xmmar. Can.-21u evie - Aras
psdyettordm in the TOM of the District
feint IttOkii W. N. Irma. Rog., the Commie:'F ic i t Z t .7,4 F/ •the Coal
:- iZ . : : ' : i '- '' '. 1. P1 : . - ::.... -.. i : 4 :-f:; ; -.1 :::
4 , : q ? W
'''' ''' r.
--:..,,,.,....., ...•. '--...-.... . . ~:.,_...,,...,
wog our *soya WATIM.--lbe Oak 11111 OM tad •
awed nraidusby triton %se gal* u •Dr. an tail ago*
,thatter . eatfailt. . And if rag man iota it. and dada*
genejt wm Metros the porohnity with the eatud•
l'os cant Intredue• undlairta Into poi hiss una anima ft
parrs redly watetantlal virtue; !Mirages)" bod elide
of fad& Wantons... 4 tt to Oda WI that has astaletabed
the rayntadon of Cor..inund nand remit of San
sagertlL; bay (enroll mad or depute. Ito lotion 'up=
the busman Lydda win aneardanos TAU annual cod Iga•
loanyhical grinetple.-it grconatoe the raison. ass dlotue
And noudda of the bole, mime obstroodous,dralaree
morbid dad diarand mater, etnrugthana the stoosseh
and Oran. ornana, ante ore bum end bialtty
Wed. andrignistee the earl= faun of the different
arms of the body. This bYall tantennad withoul the
had danger of bard. db. Preodatlon betas Y nab aft
la efftesolois. It may be thought by the Oradea", that 11
among tn. cuts too many dames, Ind nyan exodus
lion, It will be bond that • luta majority: of the disra.
width antra du Lumen &rally alginate In an impure
slate of the blood.. D. mt amend. etblr , Ed.
Inpaollia bolo* offered you by .. 071. Whin of motmoms
and rater preparadonfl a', sotelltol• Ay the ortgral •
John Bull's Banatienala that. The Taloa/de protandka the
proprietor warrants to be !doctor to all otbora.
Oaorna.,-. 'anexe and .at B. the otigtual Dr. Ms
Eta, thrsqpaiala bras Sexturat—:.ral !Laval:nattier. den
adnrthecturnt On .ot.ber Sag. . •
. .
• . • • icairaza a arnowiLt. Ito wma
laloda.3mT Whotenle k Rattail mints.
To . 111 E. Airmcnn.—To those afflicted
with that. dresdfal sewage to a^ !dear COW
the proprietor. a ateLatte's Lim 1.111. we boor
to oder tbie remedy as at once ampleta and ad.. It hu
been tried often in all ml.O the afirtarr; It ha bum
tired in the mind. of the mad imminent phinktiane;atl
*lra with trlntaphant *await In dining thew Pills
to tbe niabile. the proprietor. we nebula:lW 111 dettra to
alleviate human waltaing. and dim • remedy 101 male
the =et terrible dlielaintorhlett attain* within the welt'
eale • J. HIDD k 00..
ser-Let every one who hae not pit used the
orletasted ettiblau Idelareut. Su to tho'llgelto , bOidli
torah theca vith• parealet, gratiy conesislua meat
salusbls Jeannette= erith reseal to els Westmont gate
tle, at, sad it will 111/0 Itte you ancltleates of mast Per
Inersd bi LG. isseell'adrabiszt Liallueot.../lalch bass
arcerbeen equalled, tad which cures rises elected Ma ,
tbs Lam of %bit toad ideuthlo &Tiddlers, lies ales.
• .
N 0 29 Wood Inlet*: ' •
Ik.irs to eall the L w atu m surdirt. atm.
- •IcamtaN:eaD,Dontitaio
tber are no ay to cata at rucb yaw
.1 416PAAlimittomat of 7441.:013allebTatzdagecs021
Ciiisen'sktrarance company of Pittaturg4
Mee Na O. Water the warliboun cell U.'
. .
Denim W. Manna, Ssitr.
Tisis Commo7 tenon Natured to Insure an marchandloa
In store. ma ttansito. vessels: kn. • •
• An nolo contanty fur tb• ability and tuna:sky of tha
Institution. Loffended In tno elsonsofat of the Manton.
- who am all eittsena of Pittabunh. - well and favorabl,
Intum to sno cocustundt7 hr thdr pinnianns. Intalitgassp
and integrity.. •
Draseroas—C. Mawr. Basslor,Wm. Inritur.
'no. Wait. DiTouLlinan D. Kno&Adanord Emulsion.
Joan Elarwortn.ll.. Daunts. B. M. hr.. • sightr
Ilttaboati Luelnatrance. Company.
Prediant—jws 8. Hoax.
11:8 President—famm. IteCUrsin.
Thaturar—Jogara 8. ' -
-BTeretan , --C. Om..
irtniGi part of ills paw.
Young Ladies' BemituuT
• no. zte Pave gram, 'the. • fn mune Pure.
cut remit ~to tam therough eourne of turtettetteu
In the EtteltshLeelueee 'eV he Imparted.
Pupils are taught so speak
Lok thetreLl andthe Previa
FLY. Grim' Grannsiar School,
West Side of the Diammi, ZlUghtny City.
THERE are Two Sessions a year, each of
'Slavers, comeactng &DL L 4 and Tama4l7 2d.
itlark IMP Per Saud=
• . '6Wilkinalturg Academy. •
Mete apd Female billfish ea Clauical SOod.
- nuccnonaul, Lumen =en, - •
JAMES HIISTQN, A. M., Piguictrai.
IS INSTITUTION will be open Tor the
of_popfle (male ma Annals) On nanaT.
smarm In. Tbn comae of Inetroction mm trima all
the tnachn taught in tha ben Andaman awl Bann.
rico. Illactratione will be zinnia all bnambenclunting
of them. P The &uni s_prunded Nth anwanoniva and
-cal alm. cuble Philmotthical,
aining Astrunumical AP
nap Poo Orculare. t ntil tetrisalantmal
enemata mignon tha Princ con ipal. _
.Vrillicrehung. Auttnnne lehL—fartglthiscdtantruti
The College of 13t, Zanies.
Mb. Dinteatn Coil of th Pentetant/hopChath.
onn on MONDAY, October ett, UM. and mans
Y,:lrißer. " Vs= th"ul to n Ter n ±ut i tte 2
'owe.. of th valeta bats., toreired et any theithw
L iv A r . tad:ante Is estimated Dam the date of thw
TLIS COLLEGE' Du the tuned towbar if ause..-e
Ord. .I the orportardties the a condooetkos, ender
the nowerttl tentanatkaa-of Unt oonree,eonfore
on!O. gradoeteethe moat academical
TUE 013.6.11X= SCHOOL.' Itowliatebeg the
and and. theytopeerision of the Eaccor bot w
eer leeeteme lade at the beelnuingpf
their werloothad me.. and than for the U.
SW* dance. The onrarbt- ham
of the
axe of the Whore ewers ezeital ethentagen to the=
in the firesnaWdeboaL •.
CLAIIgES, lb. stogy i
omitted, sad Its glsee:avyroliel by sailltisiaal natio lat
Meals. Levagosg.s. Beast-keeDlng,ke. -
The adataticas the Wives la mainly bee=eig ,
by Its atoms ems toe= acall villages, vary
. .... .. ... .......
7 ICEMP yf MILL. • ow bolkting. 90 fut by 47:1; vial b
reador aoroostkost faSim cowls of tla• og amokm
In saltloa to do *mac. omms of Prollotoors. tb•
bay.. roootttropoottetoo Hugh Limey l'elms LL.rlic
tura gm Otril and Zottloil Law. and Joan IL Mo.
*oder, LI.: D., Lecturer oxabytlos awl ootr
atom .
. Tla 1. hot. <lsm. fin tbe good=o sl ir tkastaut
in th e College sad Ors=msr &boo]) I. too It aoo
.1..... ti.••• dolls" lay•b.lB tosol.stuo.air In ainaok
Applie for admioula to to U
madam ..
, • Itxr. JOILN &Urge of Bt. Exmoor -
. D.
we D,P.0.. Bod,r.
• 7
• W•abuitoo rotary. Mardand.
S. IL—lttstoi to Plttebtosb width= any laimaaatim
resporobit tb/o lostlbstloz, we Warred to lb! . Itor.11;,.
doza B. LLcaa. rtto Tomah • Troatio. • .—
r nmth - A or nxinal Seal= of the %Nati
.tismata Collis of a ...eamokyrill comassam
.... =tba =that August.
t T b l3 . • es. lormarmostioo
to male e ' one=with Iststrisme g oral sad Ir= js la it=
M.. Mbar oroamormal rs:whoa. l'srmlb.
sad oresposal anal qualifud'O Tim
sad uprom4 Time s.
Terms tar leardityr and, rt. , POlrno sta orol =WM ,
&ads= remind at say Lima Yor
.pmarotallr. or by letter to Ikea at Um
P. W LB. Prasklats...
Young, Ladles' Beminsuy—Aillegtump •
rewpea tlalr &bad Moaday. im• .o=w: lat. fa
Mar, Federal stmt. Coats al "E
rat el taltSaa W. at berstotora Fez
ale C/ Andy to the Prinelpala
Atigd amt lVatTlTEß IN. A' srlr•VOT SOH 00L,
well establlabcd. Ono wbo 1s well qua 115.4 to ea ch
• bralsehee ofils¢talealoestiaabdastroi Far
fttgaigh Qaa Company
g ta dnxtriallfeeting of the StOa-kb:olden; of
' bs Pittsburgh (tea Ottlumar. to tbepurecee of
two wool= to germ so 'greaten elan Chatteurt
for Qs term at tan. 7.13Z14 .111 Do hold th e Otize at tb•
Works, on goriday. the lot say or Dettorobtr, A. D. MU
Dotes= the Imes 2: 2 sod /5 deleak.Y.
AAHO4I M. CHAIM Treasoiar. ;
ooti. ritub,inin Amt. • • •
Pmaaltfor Coal azul Slack:
QF, PROPOSA S for delivering•in
.10: tin stores at no ofski of tbe Pittebamplis Ols
pow, 76X00 wil l
of' IlltaminaoSOosi.oad3o,ooo bush
els of Mack. will be bemired tbs Moot Ur OoMPM.
oattl Weinesdraf. 27tb but.: sA - 3 o'clock. P. M. Ms
Cowl sad BM* to to of sorb otuelltr. - ss4 dillfars4 st.
sash-times And /IV smh caostitbs studl bsionfeld
*amputation lin OW oolf!llselt to bo
" Vrortlto bvi no made Ozooothlr.orratolng 1J Oa
nat as acuity Le porlbesoottoo of c' act.
• P• s go Ds oddreret to TtIOOLAS DASNWM,
rap t of the poorommoolad osokcool 7,rorogo
114'4'77 70M M.ollllBl7.3zoosofor.` :
Wog Plttabinoll Goo Co. MIL 16,1, atoclioot • •
AMMETING •of the Stockholders of ibti
Nardi lamtleaus
city of IflologSmay._vM Um os
oftak, O Pitts oo Tedry, the 261
osr of fopt.mbor Do3l, al. 3 Y. WM motion
oaths somplutont. to Stu ebortor of M 113337...
pond Juno 241X41 . • W. P osomorrf
AltAliTY FUND, %Mow.-
SCOMPANYoffere to the ineuied. all
tha Loofity and lidystingsn of (kr Mutual azot *at
k Mfg (aSloartoforoopy/Sod) ccantinatt.nonalp LoW
sotooof proarlas• az stoma Mum lo cafh of tin pet
amino lot•••• for theak=sla. of es Pm; as
adsoola, Lo t not cteefolvo for tho M 0
an •Ch
rity ot tomboy Um
tto • tom of 11P, fritbco °pato.
Intsent to Um sommattlos fond wand to oath
7 mean opcm Moir
r=o r=l " csfitreg the pamaoalt
short taaln lambert, oat% tato Vapootat moselq of
thous On that whole two a
lOrThis Is Um only Jlio Ll*
Woo of promlttos - aro ftuol ot. a i rals=l. ° V=
ord. .Itb zoolisiolo tor ea olosually toormolog moon.
Igloo of tondo (for luaus i s In wet sameriliap to,
Ow IN:toms of DuAnitio zol i. ts Maligns ctok flows&
po ciTing tb• omit
moo of ttko
- i1
on 2 kotkoM.A.
Ike immune roocho4 TO..ZTrI t =„ .
SAIC‘ ktodkal Lumina.
• irglay
QIIG.A.R-45 Mids. N.,04
N 0. .10.1. 4 saEs- , . 1 .5 2 bh111.1).
/Age Id B. CUNYI2II: ,
anclf 39 Liberty ear.
Q. 11. BIOLASSES-4A bble.Battle Ground;
1.7 • it• •a• by B. A. 01.11111INGLIA.U.
a 0214 AtilAberty Atait.
I.'IPN. ./..11XLVIIG 4SPO,
.1114 • Oman XO6 In maws
OLLiND IiEBRINI 10 kegs. N
MU:4 Therrivs. br
anal , ' • WM. Ite•CLUEG I 00.
ail Wan. us sal asw= dim a: P
t s, of raertr w arL ours Mr&
01dOKED HERRINGS-80 bre Lubec.
ind m a, sag lry Dusgl2l !mamma= aco
ACKNREL-40 qr. brls very nice No 1,
torsi& tri fecal:l - VICE= hCO
100 D
mod approvad broacipy. ciaftlittstort,for ado
_ • [..1a1.2) , .lsepen la WWI
pancio...ara) ran.. s_
darkai, Puic'aimmnr .
fuallad ham as.,
z .
BY ,TELEGfUnk.:,
• • , Tms =sultan nu.
AID ill romp roz mrunou 'clAirTz•
117MP4 . 7.1171F0R TILE C784N.P4TR102 !
no us court, Nuensi
narntrances( Or SPANIBII atom a illiarrlllCl
imam ORDZSED"MrI t!
drivel of the Remains of Cot:Crittenden
_ and Victor Kerr!!
The. *scan immense mem meeting held tit
in Independent Square to night, to express in
dignation's the Spanish wathorities &t Ileum
Ifot than 12 or 15,000 pains were present.
'Ca John Swift Presided, assisted by a large
number of The :Presidents, thane= and
- • •
Swift; Ject.Cadwalader sad ieirmal oth
as spoke in ittroageoculannatiooof thelpromed-,
bip. at, lievatut. • Mr. C. offered a length) '
rice of ireohaticros justifying the mom of the
patriots, and urgingthe Worriment*, of the
Amerlasa Government to premat a marine°
of similar barbarities, and etforkgr.T rfambinewi"
its tae' pocelMee of Cuba from Spate, mai the
Miathqf TM/ eathsudasthi.: - - , '
Na OX Wood st.
- • Banning, Await 26
Charleston ; papers of Saturday, teethed to n
night, harm despetchas from New Deimos, Mi
dst data of 21st instant, Stating that; a party of
Oaten liberators, mostly western teen, .exuper
ated the tons of certain articles ln the Som.
ish. Mori celled La 'Agri; Patalead bile*
Orleans, William to affairs in Cube, en . the
afternoon of that &Li, attacked the ofsoe, broke
In the doors end windows, and then , thaw
Fr!eami', ewes , Inas; lad Amnia= • into the
One, ead!deetroyed . every:tbielt belonglng . to
theaffom .
Then was no interfererme by the polies.. The
wish, after . demolishing the cake, precasted to
Om 'gauger% corner of St. Charles add armies.
streets, broke by the doors - and windows„ and
destroyedall the' stook and furniture, which
were very Saleable- 1 ' - • ,
At 7 o'clock the rioters, proceeded , to the 'at
tn. of the tkanish•Coneul, and attacking it, a..
strayed the desk, office furniture ,and property
of kinds. Thej oleo broke down ,the
over the 7itores and offices of Spaniards, which
they eaniad in triumph toe huge meeting thsa
team held in Lafayette Square.
There yeas tremendous town meeting held at
Savannaha.on Thursday evening; after the receipt
of the intelligence from Cuba, which appointed
cienntittime, and after several speeches adjourn-
Another despatch from New Orlesta, dated
22nd, states that 2,000 men bad that morning
surrounded the city prison, where. the S panish
Consul hid taken refuge, and threatened to dtv.
molleh it, unison the Consul iota delivered ep to
these. There . was ahout ; fifty- pollee on the
The bodieis of Cot. Crittenden and Capt. Vie.
for Kerr,. which have been- brought here f ro m
Sara* attract many visitors and produce
much feeling. .
The military Mimi been ordered out to suppress
the riot. Three or four Bpsnieh coffee houses
hero been destroyed.. • r
The emiiimeent against the Spuds& Consular:no
chiefly fens his refusal to deriver y -a number
of letteri from the prisoners- shot at Hanna,
and which bad Iwo written before their men
tion and forwarded to him by the authorities of
Cuba. Ile was called upon by a committee for
them, bat refined to deliver them up. &Mee
goal, he was foxed to =reader them. The'
news froze Cuba but created the greatest ex
1 Co:tamp, (N. N..) August 26.
A paint atop adjoining the Eagle Hotel was
set on fire last night, and n large number dt
btdliEngs in the hest portion of the town were
destroyed, including the new Exchange, Eagle
Hotel, -three printing olEces, and norm:roes
stores and dwelline. • The loos is estimated or,
4)125,00% keened . weedy A colored mac
. inutunl.Hobinaori wee; arrestedon_ onspleicn . of
setting the shop on fire. '
The isdalligrnoirr of thia z highly da•
notmeei the Cuban invaders as highwayrobbers,
and deserving the fats they base probablimet.
The Republic is more. moderato, and &aim a
simpention of public , - Opinion in relation to Mr.
Owen, ,thd Anitviean Conril, until facts are
81=017 Starbl- retanud- to Washington
- letters from. 'Timor Kerr. My. Stanford
tad others, brims. Lopez for abandoning Colt
tenden'a company. which was captured .
Vigor° . us efforts ere making bare to raise re
isfamattate for Lopes, with some prospect of
peons. Mem arspleaty, but tondo ars Unshod.
The steamer Florida from Sarazumb. whims*
lib* sailed on Saturday. reports the steamer
'Pamper* in Dote Soso& 60 lase' below that
Slut waukt mach fiannnah bn Saturday
where - a Imre; bwmber sriaro *minas to
embark for Coba. to john Loper.
• PICIZADLLPILi, Aug. '2•&
Ykair—The market is quiet, with =au law
at 153,76 for he* pound. . •••
Ccrrn ideal—dales at V.,87
Grain—trodung 444 in adman ... Cant is in
fair demand at achi far r am. Oats are Intl, at
8!o fak Dn. '
Provision' sad Graderias are firm., •
13Amuxoss, Aug. 26.
Floor-81a760 btu City Mille at szoi ; n.
B. L bell st nsw. eta.
Ttain—Bales red wheat at. 710750, and of
*Eta at 75®844c~i1 Mt. Hales 'yellow awn at
66@560, and white at 56@660 111 tm. Bales of
oats at 286)112o, and of rowt. 640 1/ Mt.
Prorietum-4he market Is Ilstu atytistesdrie
-:,firooeries—The - market. Is quiet. Baiee 2000
bas e Rio Coffse , at fli(geiu lb. fin* and
Maumee are don: . • _
. Wool—The main fa dultlmiles of common
nntrashod at. 16€110o "10 1 -
Nsw Yost, - Aug. 25.
lam-4U sales are 4,000 bris. at $8,75e,
8,87 for lndiaue;andef3,B7®B,B9 fait:lslo; Rye
scar is quoted at $8.87 per be. ' •
({rain: --gales 2.5,000 busliol; AThIo Wheat at
000 baba, .Bales of Rya et' '08c; Balee
10,000 beads to/zed owe at ps @No "ta
. .
Prorkkoss—New mesa pork is offered at $16,..
50, andprffse at 1818 111 - 144.
Whlsksy-Balas 040 at 230 'it pito=
Ctrwerisa—flalts .100 - bags Ma Boers at 00.
Was 122 bids Cubs molasses at 24. and 100 do
Chitaas raga at 43®0 ift lb.
Hempr—flales 40 tote neyr &iv "Strad 48180
1p tut. •
Eiplrito 411114.-GB:83 80 b#.ll„ St 8&(a)84o
11444 . 1011.,-1344 .800 galloas at .78a 11
Tobacw..B4la GOlthda J 05...., at 51(343t
lip lb. '
Ettooka--Iteadlag bas *thawed }. bu
dab* j. Bales 11.8. Eliza 1867.4 116.
_ _ .Nsw You , An. 26.
Catto—Sales 800 bales at 81®8} for fat Or-•
leans, and Nig/4o for uplands.
illatir—Balen* 18000 bble qt $1,;50 for new
Genesee, ono $8,7508,94 for state sadlrestern.
and 844 fa round hoop Obi°, -*
Grain—Balsa 60,000 bushels wheat sit,9l4 for.
Weadgasi, nal 800 ,ftrr - Ohio: • Woo 85,000 bu:
tuna an biksgs76.lni mixed' vestals,: , Bslas
-8000 bushels of rys u 680 '
Provisions-Bales - 800 bide pork 'at $16,62;
for num, and $18,12i for prinse. 7 llard is bear
widaluu—eales.3oojkla et 234) i;lidkri.
• - - CINCEINATT, Aug 26.
7/0111 , 4446041 are istarrasia' g, mad prima
are laver. - Egos 450 sbls at $3,1503,25, and
and 250 ale at $l,BO "4E) bbh •
Wbbkay-43ales at 18i /# gal. ...
PrCiiiisar,The , market is -worm. Salts
40 bbla =sr ppoorrk. at $14.60 `44 bbtAkklas 10
bbda :bacon = elders at.'slgBo,, and; 76 40
. i,Watgas insla&ed - ' ta'74l:*4st
talm - 382131401atti tf 50. V tb•
- 710.*04.-: itassaad is fair, at former ;
r.Oat ~ •-•Sea'''.a .sishels new crap at
15irisaitai men
1 1d
facials: - auk iatt.
igaira 1144 . .4!*_0001Vi Platuagi.
:T. , -friz, ,,, v4- - , -- 57.-7.- . T. , ;;l7.:ff'xs
Naw taniam, 26.
• , o.ottota,-Tba aim to day were 500 by it 7to
far'old:crop middling: and liligato for num do,
and good middling to fair at 40.11 lb. -
Flour—Salleof Bt." Loofa 41 -
- Prorliona-l-Sales baize !idea at llelli,and
abouldera at 4 PriMe lard in, bble
selling at 10g1610. and I*. tesa at 11(.11;e '
. Tan Flaws Cons.—`We trinehde the fold. 1 'ring despatches, ' under date' of the 16th; from
ihe Commander of the Habanerolo the Ilavernpr
General.of Caba. It gives the patients:ea the
chase and capture ofthe. invading' party, not
with the clearness which would' be found in an
American of English despatch, but with notquite
to much bomliast aa we expect to find in a Span*.
lab docement , The account differs in some par .
ticuhua, it will be seen from any which hare
yet been published. There is nothing Said of
naming any if the boats down; and the statement
is distinctly made, that the prisonerearere taken
in arms, which basis:ea very generally reported
not to be theSese. The point Ls an important On
ig the'queitiena iwhich will probably arise from.
the tramcar) a; although wo can hardly see UV
it could be believed that such a pary, so orgen
ised, with trincipal and subordinate officers, sod .
at each blithe could be found smarmed. In ea
far ae s Spanish despate.bla authority; thepoint
is establisbed.—N. Y. Cour :
. .
Ilia GenenddeJose Herbs de Boo' '
duos Hommandszt General of the Marine of this
port; immedistelj upon- his 'tiniest at this port
in the steamer Habanero, directed to his' Excel-
lency the GieverborCaptabiGeberalthe
commtmication: -
”Most Etnell t Sir: —Yesterday, at daybreak,
I. left Bahia Benda in the minunerSobanera
ilth the vim, of reaonnoitating the oist of Play
itaeand mach to remove all means
of embarkation in the neighborhood; ill which
the pintail pight escape, tut that in ease of any
attempt to land on that coast by any new extecti
liDD, all aid alight be found venting at its db.
. ,
• At gelatin the morning, I couinumicated with
the -Hamlet of Iforillo, aid learned from the
platitude that at ten o'clock on the preceding
meting, Wlergenumber of the Canaille. *holed
disembarkel.undertlui orders of the. traitor fro
pea, reendrarked in-four boatewidohWere found
upon the shore, with the view of reaching Hew
Orleans, and capturing on the way thefuntreesel
they might:meet. Calenimingthe hoarse which'
they left, and the distance which they might have
pawed over in the ten hours which had elapsed,
and supposing that they hid headed for New Or
leans, they . having disisppeered that dheetion,
I followed that course Wittoall ideate
.np; but
at. the end of that distance not'getting slgnt of
there, it Occurred: to me that their moues had
been among the k ( small Islands ,) along the
shore, and 'sly directed mine to the pae
an° ef . AirreuM through: that to:enter among
tho inlets, that I mightuse my utnioat endeavors
to meet with the flying pirates,
At tensin the montingl found myself In the
neighborhood of this passage, and. in eight of
the four boats abovemendoried, which were pas
sing slang the shore, but Ito near that I thought
I should not be able to approach_than, To sot , '
teed in my attempt. I ordered my, kneel to be
put to the height or her speed, sad I do not
eranstate ;the case when I say, that for more
than thirteen. Miles I followed them, and even
then succeeded In overtaking only one afloat;
two others I overtook in the sedges of *bland,
—the fourth upon three of Cayo Leek*, to U
teri which pupae, when - : I had taken the first
beet, I meted my own vetsul's boat to puma
the second and third,' which haul secured them
ralves among these sedges,—(we thus trandate
visorylat;) teethe officers ofthe Navy who were
In "the boats, the miiinei and seatnea, as well
with° supercargo,D. jgrmio de Avellano the
captain of- the etauner Cardenas. D. Irrarlisco .
Estoll,—who. stimulated by an honorable rad'
oriem. have taken part in all the entices of this
Teasel since I mil-wd my flag in her.—phuiged
to the water to pursue the pirates, of whom only
lira escaped, leaving their.artes, not having
succeeded in their attempt to fake porapssion of
the boat stranded upon the Cole Dube, on aci
count of' her great else, which required. more
:force. Finally, my boobs having stained: to
Me steamer, I punha. for the above named key, :
sod anchoring near, I again armed tholes; and
went with them to reconnitre the inlets again
until I found the hurrah of .which - I was in
search, with the view of lending and coming to
dote marten with the eying pirates. There
I found hidden at the head of one of the inlets,
twenty four innumber, with their boat stranded
eating the sedges whence they were taken pris
oners, the result being that about fifty were cap;
tided; among them a commandant end five of.
firers, all armed.
thir aid important Zara is, that the rehire
era completely disecemaged and the greater part
of them seeking safety in flight; all impressed
(overshadowed in the pompous but somewhat
poetical term of the original) with the valor of
our troops, and convinced; that no response to
their doctrines would come from the - country.
- she remainder of the delimted' contains no
information upon limy point of interest.
VLen;sorir; . A.tigasl26.
The pia' ch crop has been eery geed along the
shores or the Chesapeake, this season, one grow
er bang received 017,000 in one we ek,r and SS,'
000 in the nut, for the produce of Ida orchard,
of roar hundred acres.
Sill:Wuxi, Actg. 23
• . • .
. .• NEW PALL. GOODS, • •
; At %oa 62 k 64 Market street, PittrintrA •
MASON & CO. aro now in daily re
..ts.i• wept of ow. gmds, wixaf 'a
with bent Ira
Mad twilwir.taiwther az Imam..
warietr of <bozo Via.llll2:lLld WWI WM , CM=
t r =lrturair the sows. f:stinw • doek '
nr which for
Camas is nwpwtfulit ichetted.
Nrir roux. Aug. 26...
I,Ntwtot • DAM a IRVIN.
sage •
g ARD OIL—A lot of Burekbudt & Co.'s
.1A beg. far na• br faaNl - J. KIDD CO.
80 maul smortml. For rasbr J. KIDD t. CO,
.a.c9 CO Weed a.
AND PAPER—SOLI rms cured for rale by
glarg. - . J. JUDD a Cu.
PASTOR 011,;-20 bblo .Blow's No. 1, for
al• by Nasal J. KIDD &OD
WRENCH LASTING—An additional
frailty reel b 7 MOILPITY s 101MILMELD
DRY APPLES-4 bble. and 1 Cita just
sscshsalso tor sal*D7 (AaII) J. D. CANFIELD.
BUCKETS -SO doz. Blatant. in store and
far ma• WM) 7. B. CAX FIELD,
YOTICE—The partnership heretofore ex..
Mang on4ortbo Ora of 111.4. WIRTZ t m:L bar
e dot torn dlorehori br notoal consont.
~. , , , 5011.N15.
salt It n. NAVA ELICITL '
BACCO-210 boxes
c it Richmond
sotl E4—of lb. , an bYt t is.l"Ys
for sal* by • Wall WM. BAG* I' * e
RICE -20 tea rice for sale by
VP UTTER-6 bbla roll butter for solo by
_ J. L. 1511WOffill 2 00
'?OA SALE—An excellent FAMILY
n°lB4. E'."47 't is KROOSSIAKER •
130 ST OFFIPE SOALES—Just raceired;
1, w witt*lsi !toqL, ana tar 0 1 1;4. • • -
sas6 tern., Ntartsi Vostrth i ll' J.
COIN BALANCES, for detecting Cotter.
Maarhse min, of aU dinsttaratiosA .114111 s
tsr7 Saki sad Weals detectoT-
CIOLD PENS - 7 A Etna assortment of: - the
asd make tams so was.los.rorssass.
'('AR--50 bble. in etorv_and for rale by
1n All DICKEY W.
KL4I3SE, S-160 (oak;)
on 4A31:81! 14IIuTCLIOON CO
YAKIDE POTAB: • —lO lbs. for sale by
cam, viz oetawas;and In tdadinalar,—Aer
WAS!! BOARDS-25 dos. Zino, for sale by
PASTOR , 01L-10 bbla. extra quality, for
1...1 .101,7 WOO. BM:W.I7*M
j I 6
S iRON-60 tons , opper s ior, , by,
-4.30• • .-. BALLO UMW
TAp 33 -200 bbia. for sale b-
GREEN. OIL OLOTH4-300'yards :di wit , '
jurt rsed tron tactrtry,_l=l kr Weld
Dim arul V %Tea! J. U. I•llALLati.
A 7 aqf *WA b 4 ,107. Ibr % urn
SPONGE—Tatra ftni, Turkaar sale by
LCOIiOL-78, and 92 dogostrangth.,
yay by I - J. ISOROONNAKSI, sco
_ -4-
ur HITE GLIJy,--3 bbls. fur sato by
A LIEN'S Nervo opet.,,Nortif ; §
.0,1„..r°0.4""1 :.touoomusorcico• •
HEM' --41 bal.
td 0004:4ansia. is no . _
jiliq APPLICATION - BE . 142.44
. • piem won: ACRES. tiwto
- wand-m.llm preladso uf,)
LEAD --1359' pig& Galena; tor add by ,ritiiimry , : d twt i afg
liryll,3l4.Ewß,l ay:1717147 •:-
cw.skt 104.'Cluttledle!egEast DimYark g i udoTja t?,,EtD 7 34 bbUlreatel
by= 1 . 1014 . 1 ! . ' , W l 4 Culaxt r ai- . 4.11'• , - • ; mom?
COI7ON-18 hales fin sule,by . , .
.1. 10 3 attIIIGAIATTLEES.4 . CO'
• .
iAINTSGUOUND Jig pm, in-1 lb. CAIls.
Surat as 4 Ram 14aba.Cbromol4dlinr.ParisCireash,
14" '' ' ' j r :VCI I. OW Arai 4 00..24 Wood tt.
a Missouri, for sale by. .
TBsffiOßT 88'68B
welficawiestabliilitaititi atall aim-1
-.11164.11k ude tossmd ft tid tdat.'l:Co
co and dlascutt edits** of Ow ho 1102101110
oad drstudeicentr, ttott th e codatotta and dodscla tato
found dote. darblw to made It dread and asidats•
Rados Wan odd of dm tlrts of labia. inciter a du'
do tang dt Us at ottabldiaddat, matettilbsr
r e rr o r: 1 . 24 , 14r t er
t ir =tor Itdodtdtstda.. am 2
' NZLCtla.: ft` T=cretrlirese. Samba, Gl;a6
' t ijr .b6 pr. H..
iant7 Itaakathlifork Ikcits, Paper Weiglits, he,
Cwaket.lowerg Nom, Boxes, Cutlets, Cake Oranateata,
4.hadtbe foto Attie% Teeth llt - oshaa. ka. '
U r t i. %itf , . 4 e re" =um= I.
with an t•ma s ta r . met,. of other awe low ratoa.
`analt.litt Ira I COMIIICITA
J - I.O,l u MSl' }3° ' ° ' l , Nta'w.
RAGA Y, Co:; Whole,
oae r warn: No. =1 st. PtaladelPtda. :WO
'BOOHAOR lc Tobaced
. .I( C lWW=glalstat g ' 41 1 W
- • To Itunberi, CopperOmithk dx
'En undersigned keep constantly en band
e<s.ssrviunntr er i t
kwaraieVer l ibe a gasstqed cod Palatal Inc
INW"co' .13.1"• °2D9 ' ThA tTa .." 3 =
ma.. Hon crel Mach Loaded al% linsaboss' Too*
A C "Alm''tam .. T "Stril ' er ldr* A W T6 49l64". 4l YOUT,
I th k 411,081 270 Pad great. ?law rana.
&am Communication between New '
ita Glasgow.
Glue and Now York
ono EClOMOttatid 41ixAlit
anallt=tc=r. of
oted to
Lit trO= M... ",""' it* '4014'
Find C.
No dance neteraw . : ll . l .
Thee rata twits:le bat na whet wellenoce,
which tto tarp en laterl,staadarete was.. Ca-
F*7 " Wt"' "' taigalinartip , r&
• iauct632i...t. • rut o •
Now York India Rubber: Warehouse,'
'No. 27 Nadas Lau, and Ken Victim street,
Vat actor Praia threktwa. Paclap9lltest2,4lhet, -, •
ripHE SITBSCRIFTEH, Prrtor of this es.
taildlehtnentonzoWinlara . b oultaira, ma
ntenniante ce%r w lttr . :* be . perelaw than his
eatery .= atto luta aM .oak of Tows
Robber taxa amen y ler the leallTrodea.
eta which: ham bathe birettas:l avast no eat tap
iteproaciento hie machinery awl anntaithela
be kelt a t canna MI gala porta eatia.
Specist attention canine. to a pal to the tosettlfes
Meet Agora ated.plain CARSIOJIL Challtof Wealth
nom S 4 to la 4 inanalve. Mt& ormattrolli Wootott
Men the bestbrands,an4 r e nd
the Masts ommtdch
lialebee ass
to ostont. Path". Ile deo mannhoturas
the amass Cloth, a lateb.l7 important texproamat re.
tenth- diawared. by whaz the - cloth is rade to beer ea
esect Pentablatere to enundel IWO., The plata Satoh
made.. stOd =mt. Orlon Mont! ormdiY oaid7
uYYSffiOEE..vf fnit .141 the Orhe
attd afloat*. has the Imported Pare Weber. he
armlet Paeans' Ina—etnientelns Mn., Weamleo gait
(Whiten% rows. Rots, Sligo" ootl . oadds, WNW@
limd ad Lined hubbay
connate aentenwel, or the Miamian "Leap en issisi
Meet ntocha.Ceets. Cepa, lonc i =ta, ata' e nr'we,
ta "Nigt .. Bettie =tit SW ".
• r.k. , eh z
liaitFnerniTinenr, Air Snit, Dellogiiigares.
iirtaa halter Door
hpriage, rata Gotetraeo Patna. •
The tiara tail a Sand a neat certain are atal pep
Pere RobberCannel* liattert
It2ne D. 1101XDIA1.
. 'ShawLl Cloaks! lffantillsi, VA
S. MILLS, tio.6Co ist
Ttlandt., N. , •
b. atm amins Worloasia apott
rPusioartat t at of bath am LA= and Long
tthavisof law pldo. • Th .
tWarkillit=it i AlS.ll).ClU ll V lll 4
swamp shapes Mt Wks, smnafactonat Pada 401:
tom al Ida awn trascasotasals tacataad maskaaaatbl7
Nom staassara, •
11.Jasits• ttto nodal OSUMI= nf ematbers Igasts
ass alaaolisots ,A. abase. as taw 011.1 tad ersert•
lams ot boa wia..aad marosads atcaLa, far !Mita
la Wu city. • -
loaf ealor MRS 511.0 W MIMS. far ocalstbit.tiat
dzsaaol La gam ealaa o llaires
Cants. aIA and SS mall. • 2.24.11
To the Pubhim
nilA - RUBBER SHOER.—:Our attention
,11 leo hem et 11.4 oinun: Hones 11.1 ear,
cot Ma UM Ads:
.thwoilitatv aCo4 Aroma ul WO* la 'bleb.
&ub wxotet.i at. s atom wordor.. 422.4pdarma
ha ...orta Oat It• elan tat ammo Was IrDh
yea , '• Meat coder our von home& on GlB4l ho 'l'W tr.n oot
lazt . Cloratostenadbv , la the ottaoa..
one Wane Ran 1,240 r (7.041.11 ha.% =A
moerr sad ore oo.ur Mk& We ice the cane map d
rxjtzwe swabs tea. &O ea Mama 11'6
th.tok nem* cureWa elabt. Wes. &old ale
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thas (. it. Mt. Day Waltz arta
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not to =lege hISI•st•O , 110 1:10 ,
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nit dinan• old that !met oar wen &Weston.. •Ith
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tb.....hoortoolt be hi..rozhlg to the otlW
orAte• dot b. ao.:1 all .1. an mattaaea with tim.lllpar.
aciPRIS yeo4/41RoodAiRada!tietolaUott of &MILO.
er. RUM.
g&7lrtri7 ARDRC/114.5 CO
sax ANlTAtigilidMiruVla...
LI. Thitehlasoa, Prendent.,
!It. rem July 12 , 141110 L .137h1toz
J. T. Mlbe#on,
No. 75 itaidua Lox< Nee rork, -
EIPORTF.B. and jobber in FRENCH iatd
Lll5ll !AIM! 0001,1% Den=i=m, Glum Taw
tilateg i ,LiftePooritsOzatll Bcnr.n. Atexrdsaos. Lea
gentbawl LW Puma.
ior Black and Copying Ink.
NE'S EMPIREST Nissan sisee;•
Baitthast. Nr• Tart • • '
minVCl,2l% -
tut. Op tO -
• 6 // 04 . &tdAtii:W.lf Zar' • 26
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tb.r hr aims or hoc. masaptvdon.
t- h n.e rr t b ocooK• the star. •••••
!rd . :C.4,j ?, r 'Mt b eta 4
or ktat Outset
"Wan= Ala; 'Burrs Tritopherow
V, union, yrezerviriP twauttfylne the halrorellr l
tins .turf and dandrun. wad mina disease. of the •
, clef 1:04 nazi:A 1 . 6t.1.4{ . 4:411 ,6 M . •=y r ti
sans V ete.c gr, l
Sri~l laesse
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the entlatatlon w itke . kia4 br t wbo hare
rk, WO.
: Pam isaur—Deaf .it-( bare been Meted with • co.
tonna.* eruption of ay Pun. of • Mood wersritad-ebar•
era, Ox the tut Kitten ten, and Omni that Dieted
hare Ind the dike of some of tam past erobierit shy*.
dart. ail hare tried. all the proptratiotte tr the bah pad
Ake new known, without the tout Wheat. I woe UMW
• trbmgt to try your Tricootieresda I 'Odd so. s a • Last
resort. and. to my *war** ana peallkosticto, band myself
cora:tilt atourtworaoottis. Purls _ riolwerw or the
dlondeLtted . J.' Liam I was ritruel r.::n
•-• :T n nal:dlohntitila etreet, Brooklyn.
, . ! Veer Tess. Oa.=
autir•-!ir*ar ISIO-41touttwo roars apo in=l
an e, aid 'i my ‘ itatoulatonent, 1127' ha* wee
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URAL) ;Sal Estate at Auction. , , ,
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' • at Auction.
TEE enboniber offers for sale the following
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HE following described properties are of
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114.otnft, za,tny MIMI. • '
bid Estate Ibr- Bale.
A VALUABLE unimproved LOT, on the
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M. Dr 1.00=6 fo:tory. toantrogUr otlng
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t ar) ACRES Firming ad Gnuing
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FrWENTY ACRES of Girdeiliag
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For Bale.
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BLocasor BUILDING& aa the tonna Waste
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Tto atone aft *lll told to WhOlver sill ram la
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RaNE-50 oz. br aale by
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RICE—By the tieroa or bbL for Bala by
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Mudgmant. , DICE=
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41: .ty s iV al. z. szums,
I:II‘:LATA. BLOOME 2 o ' tgmi - for - ialo ,to
REgLEAR -5000 it'B4°Y ',e:igk 00.
VLAKEVNE—Aohaioe artiole,forfaax-
IJA oar. by !! (9;6•MMtVr,
INDOW CLA6¢-1000 boxes City and
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and for
11)1111 2 ,E13-150 bores,WhiteEict ai
QI4I'LIP MOLASSES-27W/ V . .Brp . p
!F?`• / !: Tiffeiin fill a
iLtV -- 04:31,!—Z — uh failifor thediffo.
RATE - ' TASH-30 Ibit. far male%
, 114 grAtinamsravo.
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- Ported:lt •
'stemma manuyarze,
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!WEIN 'PITTSBIIROFI & 81:13171811,.
dm= MOT No. 2, A- IL Com. =Aim
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AMONG the nunteroue diecoverice Science
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Seats* M. A. TM Mel of Es Memo thmatpont thla
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MAWR PATTISOOL Absasssi tes c tem,* mg
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Dow wish you to mud to by the fang ale 1.0.7•906.
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tier who Ws risebat.l_tt would he WIWI, willing
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- • ••••
DEARNESS, noLit..l in 'the head,' and itt
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• Clin4SB. 31.0..01
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Abdominal Smarten. . •
/THESE SUPPORTEBS are intended:chid
az Limns of Pagoda Mart. 10, all tLoM di.
*um miter. atacbtalest
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ttuttri. 272•7 amcat to
ammo. suet tear la Imre wttlk =Wart 'l:=
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Sellars' Liver Ms.
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/ was advised by soy physician to Is 7 rIA
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this. time. 1 thase.a take
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troancetfully, GLVENEI
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JUST lIACTIVED, by thie incasii:Z
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