The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 23, 1851, Image 2

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" L ''.'?•:: -7 :4ey'rciarning, • of tlluptare of fifty Amer.
4...""ty.s.,,tipsulah trigett , mime forty milts
':- . ." <'; ` - ' 4 i .•''' .' gamma, and themes . taken to Hanna,
tinder circumstances of atrocious
..;.. • ",.. " i'Wonitl be an abuse a, tang4sge to
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~ Mean pnblle Mind. • . • ' .
*•': ...! ~ ~ki , vitaillsifitliativieed heir than few man came
: --.. ,•,"- Anti:OriguidatM in which it Is 'alleged they were
\;:,"' : ... Feitgl.:*.rt.kiCOy le,'• that bating been
......;. • ellystyll;ftreaveoset, and ending no tevolotimth
• •'•-• ... ~:•.. tab going on among the people of c.-
,:.;`-"letbri-win endeavoring to esispr for 1l."li
•-;..,,,%110 that ';ef..y • ,, , evi deifies fir Nes, Ovionat
'..; `' ry'-lt li alai ) alleged th at they Sere anima ed. •• This
k • 11 " t • raiders the pewit: 440 n we have ispreseadsiV
,,, r . .. , :::••:- - -...s7. probable., As 'to their being operand, it ilii
'-,* •,;". - ''
I, itasily sobatmted for, Leeson finding their Mid
.'''...-" enderprthe itttaljtooPeleM, they would of cone
''.-; either th rew Sway then arms before taking to
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' • • 'tiebeii taken, Le not stated: althotultr thit ii an
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,fiii :usthit , :questioo in the settlement between
•' , two gonzassu, .The jurisdietlin of inde
,':, - i pendent. - Ateticks . emends,. se believe, three
.." „ busgass from , the cowl; and say pereutis found
,-: Wiitlitl that min; in a hostile character. in oca•
1 ,-.- . . sl'ill".. 6.1 WO treated, wider the hoof oxlips',
',..t t andirn. It these men were "sten within
"-.;.:.1,'••. _'.
range, and if it clearly appealed that they
.;.•••,•.''• ' ' _ airs there with a hostile intention towards the
••• '''' ' ;Stirling ; g0i514121614 whethera pornoaof the
~,-:•.* , '
'people ware In open emelt or not, they Lad for= .
. .' : ''' teatadill elidm to the protection of th is govern-'
4.7- , . . . but if on the, ether band, they were cap- 1
-:bired tattle *v11401,03'8," no metier when they
1 ! -3.4:•tidlAbieo,'mr what was their intention,' the goer
•Ale-lielivriiald be every different ans.
js well teener this • terribl e affair calmly.
••• 4..tiefigliiiisAlkdrour feelings, ss the coontnmen
'7 ...6:::iyollirga Toolksb but =fortunate mar, to rouse..
..--• ..' • ..• -to the 'meditation of renliatlon and ‘ii.
~..i.,,:q.. -so: thseasuthri aionnor Of their thecutlas.;:.
..-;-:1'. II does not , .4*W thet they had Siair the
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/ -, S•digt4ite ta ns ewe th eir bleeding. re
-1.,, k. Mena. ca n smith soother feting!' but these of
:.,17 badlimedimf intillbhorrense; end whatever clani.
-e.; Oftaw • autright-thi;authorities of Cobwenlght ,
lad op thou rids in 'tea: 40.4 iii :Ten
szfeuttos,in a bain!.'nuenalw, bin been
lin the visa' of • civilised valid by the
s harbitities they have orannitted; end
M . el,:y .Probable that; tn. volley which
• tengoldlid • men •to their . dread so
*he death knell ef Spaniell dotal
. Donbileas the authorities at
that . by making an emsmple at
snaratary'andl bieterons rm.:
eivnibd:_intiilifalith7. At. v...
grant'y ihelWOWit inoprcl r , ..-
is they 1:0411106116 a fetal mit
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c;fferid to tiei
the American -
"e 1 ;cll
. wed etessure, it correctly re•
Whams* of war, 'and trill hei6t
exclectuat of the patio mind In
ewe now Iwungtth to the pang
tonight Todd Vie* at et , th e In
v part of oar torgatxypien in the
":.We' now hellos that the great
datethi ea: enlisted with their gee
- It le; amt that they a itut de;•
or rather that:they tom notettett
butbi this silt rimy, o...guar
ovzonif • form 'of the most Env*:
iittiosi *or, Totem:, to that coii-
;camping's., written, the telegreph
- .a, tardutr ipartlitbiro, ttot tutu+.
tborint delf4t•b. It**,
stated, flute the poor follows esp.
*i'ittois:p•xt of eh!' force under
thin" bid ,b•en • bottle, in vbSoh
bwl 'Well ore Iposaimi,otad,
liinirtod at lianas,) asd-lbat
'meted to elude pa twit by tot-
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t ' —„,,,k,i ou:cicilittea
.... I MIMI Urn
....7 'N' _.....,_ banal, of flour 61ppad to firsts:ll Pats
.. A. : . Oct as port of trew ns obeli risk.
?. X . .110r,ila bil l :x. 7 good, prattiod ,. :o;o4tottlog
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, „,:,.. pskirs tisto,obtsMisi lot IL , th e
:." .„I. : ':'," Imo - laverPacl , sou ens war* !ion'
- I,ls USA: ?AL tilOs._ &L pos tont!: ot frotot4,l4 to
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trlaes t ido
s Ih,f, iaflileiietse
m;tie irtVikin
44l itt
Isso.l ar Ohio? ...Genialiris's 414 eit....,
(Att tnimiliKrtad toun picumargtiti Limpol'i, r
~, •.• Alm time rt per b..rrel, Attack would hails,
tit 4 k , is titi*,treav lop i. sa. Anil tkimiei
Ascrooo tarrigg of Amities& tour hitio been'
- • "Aiiid iota ',suit it =Mt so that, to a polotltl :
, ...., ,
!.of of ittainual of &Wu , .
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iJbla'..l. A. 1t0tit . 044r41, - .ot : !tie: t-
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• ••• • • .., i o44irsim.!;ad!t ktts
tio ratil'sre, emitting initily
a..‘ 4 32 , ....74::::10ct is 'now most inany'est— ' It' t6li
were in eiii
s te‘ ' die' Win! ilia inutility icf
the voila—if we could etunpoecitese tbey Aimed
at drawing clownmpoo Steele bea4i the tenth of
on lueensal UeaTen an.l.of ea caplet - id vwoH&
• theiecinta not 'Lave' devised:means more eiti:
to Oeiotetpl4b
pope;Thw,lsoldieg hislboioresiii does under
tlWpittectioti or foreign bajidithlk*llid . in;
oblieF iar- Wailed "pity wereide
adcolulaiiation even - bUnnine and;tolitionti bat
when eels Of &ileitis] intoleraniOnnd diabolical
Maelty..sre.,oeashined. with the stramefeil tenure
by laid' bed beide the .power to do . wring:thi
ieellag with which he to regarded b . 404 60i strong*?
ly noidllsboei,ose sad aversion, Sod . ise , ol
a diges .
. - iitweingetiono endretallatiOn,n;orpissif
. . •
the weedtklitalinge which • his huir_ilitting podi
don üßess>ezclod! .1
Andlbalt 4.,ge nitrite aci on of clegeosrs to rat*/ j
Ferdioandir Itailui.tbe "dear anti",ind vijOh
bend man or the poor.tyranint whoillte hare
t*ta°l"."6l.l!.,a,tk!ladi sW as to tut
Ile ilie2e.all&Moor ithi*inil"l he Est!. 44S*e"Ctigfttion
'bad it heenjobeeftwd.:. would have wined :to
.them littlellbeity7not Enna. But pow-dot
vestige of the rights' thitiwitistl,7;
The pdeonalie .mbeeleik.!
come6dit s endotere fdledidth
prisoners. iocstaslated urairiffn , Fst Modems:
charges or , , the::isgitest eusiikama, end who Ire:
denied in InOit !semi evens SOnii of trial. Bat
we need istd . .estiOnlitte whet is ISO well let faith
to theistbiiiiiilkwhicit ire hare adirertid• •
&wit tiaxip. iiUmot last tong in the *twat
'timer the world. :The end la evidently oi tuind;
and it difficult to perceive 'the ttli!! , *Pitlt
Providence is abordtniieliefthit terrihisolo;
meat in ,L European Politics, called. Rod Espobli
egoism., - Slo human however can suppress It' or
bold it to cheek, - main longer;' and , obese Ord;
regMi of ibleh we hoes been speaking eouviltiato
its approMisie fOod; and life and energy.
. . .
Paranoiac eSit, Etritrommtts Retutoon.-:-
At sa election held on litursday; the tenoning
gendetoen were eleouti Directore ot . the •
burgh anti Steul>envillo Bsilreid CotoP►in
Direetor.—J. 6. Moortmesl, limeph Pennock,
Wm. M. Lyon, 'rhos. 8. • Clarke, Levis Hutchi
son, Henry Graff,`nof Chides Neyloi, of. Piste.
Simnel •Li r/supeon,'ousi Wm. 111..Dsusain4 of
A Kirk ,Levii, Chartiers.
jr.;:ffekbe. Mau. ,
Jeos.Edgin . gton. 11 . 01-i4fs Con, V ll -
Thin in s strong Dail, and if its nismbare go
into the -work IDS with tho main% id•
tuntes,'And energy they can bring to btu upon
it, thoy*push it through: , , ,
Mesarsts.—The house a Adolphus liousker,
• fsitnsilletsi in the town of :Brooklyn, near
qevaland,-!iise turned on Toesdey
end children perish
efui.tef amt. . The otdent And
bus land less =infant_ ' ; • ,
•.. • .
. .
Patirocaottairoranlitotscuis.=Vis gems ,
LuntuMry' learns, that thslitilisi.!l•S;iii
pilau:6.a Erie fiats tiipt;of
U. to the:jai:talon via theOhlio old Pttitryl--]
;mils Itititrood. at Dion Valley, sm. r , ntrsetia
for at Erie, on the 12th :x0- gotta
an .gioratia competitiont la 1$ •
II ata wait has tiNi 1*0•.96144 - 4*ds.
.:Jaiiil; • ....:LlOsarii;niim.—Titers las
aii4l4.ut tsintithc tititi‘XtriP Washittitzal,
i!4iTyatipitiY,:Ai. 4'o4'4mi:fiat tittath:g was or
. itiatdted, rice sor. Jaba
-1 sloo aidr mils] *blinding tit Olt, of his bspyisst
la the sill:slog snothri,larp minting atom
bled, and its adttnmsed by Amos Myers. Esq.,
of Clarion, and Capt. Bohai Polls?, of this city . .
The gusto. itothasisuonlyrov : ailsd. WashiSk
too rill do volt on tho isetottl Tuesday of °our,
bor. The Whip thorn are vids &yaks. This
we hays from a pothrmais vbo vv there.
HURilli roe rue ~ P rrnmatox erm'Crxmaxi-
Harrsoaa.''—We hair just learned from the
president of the eompatiy, Host a' coltrsct tras
Uen 'closed rith . thatring of isilrot4 makers,
A. D.Orst, for =king- the road in one year
from fieptssotier . -7801: the contractor for
tattling all otatiniiiis - AB well so labor, sansiting
the iron nibs apt sad clears; from Springfield
to Marysville, 31i miles, artd•li miles of in.
Out: look out girths Looomotivu," on this
track ie Oistober, 1862:
It ir.thiparpose of die Company to ird
MbrifilindietWeta this time and the 6rit of No-
Marifriiamirt,' sad to require the 'whole to be
itimidefed by the' lst of October, A. ft, 1852. •
, Laces all
,go up to Pitiburgh and ..Bradock's”
066$161,11;on the Trappen?" free rids, ar
liape loads outshoot the "Loudonville'
; Wmanderstaottist dm contract short refer
red b, - I, coosktered so sureaUent coo for the
company... Atos austrietoi taking to partJor
meat $70,000 in stock of dm Company,
000 in the Townakilp.Bonda Meabanimburi.
And than a proporUonal subecriptiaa for swab
by the tiostraetan bidding for the residue of the
lioe, will place tbs Company la - s situation to
pot the locomoliven on the line as soon as the
can be premed through, my by October let
' This work undertaken is shoot two ortnoihs
of the whole dlitance, sod if =imams take
sock st the some andentsod they
tier to do—it adds to the stock of the Cotopaxi
246,000, turf cordate them to begin with a as
plod of about 4760,000.
.Now, - let Pittsburgh pat down $lOO,OOO and
Peglif4Ptdo $200,000--striall suom for etch
planes, bat It is ill that is ukedotyor--404 we
will send you such streams of Metal aid of trade
xri wilt fey yon.•up at oohs • But if you do not,
pm hope you will not complain if 'oar people Lad
key r dm tervitation already gives , to 'Sri
I Wild s a little, at Harrisburg, taking op that old
Amur sod Using to New York by s :stoner
imate..- But so more of that nay, you do your
.peel;aid we will have hormooy is the lissoily,
mad taste the Philadelphia Pittabargh and Cia-
Hod, by our route, Mr road—Srfeggaid,
thi Now
Altstka :
tract of 64
rr7l-7 .1, 41
"Chyro-:lfYlktoatiiar mad balm; Rama.
W. learn that a atiocesaftd eat bas been made
, the Betigtootalaa and . Indium toospamp,
thrattzti 'Watt 'ha 'automat of th eir stook - oab
toriptiona luta boa latg.lJ trimasad.datias thta
tanntoar. Th. total Imam t of sack trotaetik:
titouy,ta 'oiry $1340,000, SEA It requital bat
*IBO,OINO to rade and titer tba attati'llna
$5-am (talloa to ilia ledian a Slates , Itna 7 -118 .
r bag. mule
emtieleed and ti.ll kljtown till-
TO . a4 r tneims f to faridah'tba dross-tio sal
•• • -.'0i1.. track; audit' tit; Leon
to completa the 204 milts
fall. Ti.. Idol*
•.:_ , sar, 18M.
nl; ?lon Por
*!:- ,t?:
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• ,
I • ; *.;:f7T 4- `
e• •
we . •tho aptdoes of a thoreisli);
, • ' Plonotenk in relation lathe mrealtnnelectioa
.Tlthiglikate.! ltda Mdemais (s verbs telb a:
•+;een letter, a Dimmest to the Core," A eidi
of 'Perutshieds,l ioste often! pcsitiMi er . e;
imairatifitito - tiMbe calm wheat 6atahome,bat
. ierhoastirsistgei any'itldeg Omit:
.cujistArt*ltiou.'OEfodit; awl sells.! otthe
ilesomonerialth to which he ores ale*.
Wei ark tor it cenchd ;areal of the'extreed
ere tWe hem his laser, by pence chair pert
ties.' Whismi iti:U in die:OS:not to 000 drat
them In their principles, and to etimulate
. ,
totensere)l exertioss to promotttheir stamen
end Pentane will be led by a argernsula td
mom end relied before they give wader exiti-
Pettrislyanne , After semeitelluiloWy re
marka; the letter *Made es
The pres e nt stroggle in Panneyheafal :egad
el Meat the highest moment lade bearing eat
tlef_Mire premerity of the &ate sad of Mr;
Albans. .It me my fortune to be Mood daring
Wei diatom. yews .whirls felbered *. the sers4
tosiclof the payment of the lAtereare Lei
debt. Callowl heard everywliere
ed upon her name, until Mktg* Ma erms
id sa scam wedge -,re mother whorl' flemerial
dimmer were as Witelous to theta athlete oval
TM., who mead, es I did, through to' Ordeal'
of so tomb oblcemy=la • meames, it most .be
cosfessed, notaliber without justification—
[co moor look bark opoo it with other feelings:dun three of Mortification and sod will
instinctively shrink at to. bit. Ides of witoote ,
logs *taro of the ewe deplorable condition of
thtogi. Ths rat; end lu fact She eels question
area all,' involved tinter posieeMoootied, is the
fueocial grad charictar d our sissy. honest,
and now ;debt paying, Clommotmelth. • Other
Was width-have been wade by interested par
lisesteare esralnired apn this. •
. A word Mt to m owmpolitical affialtlem lam
Decticerat, and have been one from the *ad
old dew of Amaral Jeekson dawn. My ortho
doxy, Liston. tomtit; esinot be called lo mow
trove: s f am s lldtyd EtateitHeak,, and
to Intermit Improvements by amiNstional Gov
ernment,: friendly to thi ElutoTriastay, to rise'
.' jndieios tartlf" of . and to the'
much alined standlog army of Mr. Van BMW I
but, before all, ens I an ardent. advocate , of the
acquisition of Cuba, (flpsoollar lestention" and
all.) as soon as it coo be ecoompliatted ip so
honorable manner. Ima aim ''holder. •to the
amount of $6OOO. of the fire per cent. loan of
Pentleyhanim• end - this Cairtitnies the standing
pastor my mode* little foromn. Flirty pun
dits and pennies, Interest therefore combine to
laltheme me to twine the pestling Ilona to a
sober end moues 'lzianate: Idy view of the
matter, after the most deparalimate Weans
hoe; Is the :
- Eger, who I believe to be Inspired by
ere Ithanratle ambition,' should be elected, sash
is the ',opposed' co:melon bete sou Canso sad
elfeet, OGIIIIII,II go ems In moneyed
else, sad up wing the phantom of that mysteci
of weide end extrangence In the assuage: ma
of Um remoras, which weighed so Mari!, ea
the neck of the state re few years ago. The
credit of - the tommoortrelth,"aans bilgoeiridom
cesserily draws with It the Mistrial*, oriwaelfc
ring of all other material htheillterood
templed of peconiary embarrasetereti and Meat
reputations maps mama her bread doznalm+
Sorry em ,to wy it; my democratic friends halm
Men tried end 4.1.1 ed; on one side of the Ontario
is imprinted the form olden...made eamodala
on the other, Pennsylvania with her .2 l 6
log th e duet Bosh was thenne
for yea* trio eat without lumber, sad so It
fair. co Infer, MB be the eass, shoed a mistakial
'oblivious:nu mina en a lepettaly vicious sysi
tent owe mars in the gebermearibl Mgr, ' •,
. How diftsrent Lbw prospect, if dorertor Joint. !
ton is nein chosen, by the sunset the people,"
to my the destinies of the finsti:. The resumed
'andwebeaataiaedcredit,chamfer, sod Mal
dame of the lad th ree years tall th e lola WO
sr* ths bit amine for the lama The Wahl ,
,aitrittOls • or' ono ento—his Tate/dal cora ad',
scoucedest menagemeat of her finsneeM-die
ot 14..etteellied- lotearit7. ispirinef
IMl t i t f . od SilintllSCillettnd—then i/Cceilles and
efiarta Mee nee mow-placed Pontayinnie oo •
Allot broad phellbein if hmealy and trietworthi
hew, from teldelinalliing but the. moo loomape.
taw stateunanship ever mold hate throat bey.—
Emelect the present Emetitirs, and bar coarse
still be onward r od upwacCuatil the heavy
enrion inn as as a`:legary by Ms nredeceesors'
'shell be mimed within
,Now, Maws. Editors, whines politicaprin
tip are very decided, I ea on politicise; the
every eats mar cast for President was in .18313,
,mhosti mud far lie. Van Ewen • In minim
Jog thr - questioo now seams our Stew I hen
tined se artakdbrg attiment Led etraid soled=
It matte* not to me whetter an erica.
tim, who may be thirty add ts have pinched op
c 'drumlin honor" of the Cormacemrsalth
the lock', le a so-styled Whey or no. AD
; pot at is the good of the Ben. While met
=salons one me to rope for Mr. Bigler.
be is s Demccrat„ etepri lo the wet
fere' end *potation of the Gem nye vote for
Mr. Johnston, Mouse he hoe moved himself
the man of the crisis. The danger is trot yet
ver bat when it la, it will be due ettough
'summit the helm to leas able end more latsm
recoil hands I -
. •
• The most dieweerom wad that mold happen
to Pesalsylesais el the present time, would be
the election of the Deurocrede tandidate.'--
Bo thinking, I Intend to make Om:they of. coi.
hordred mlin nut hB, to cut wrote (or Ur:
Joinstmo; the tried, true; end faithful sawn
'of heron State. L •
Ito . bagbest of imputed. abc . altiottitm Will <lO.
ter me.' The Insolionle Of that Wei 0-Leervilit
At home, dictatorial abroad--which would place •
the neck of Peonsylrents beneath the fooe of i
bees demagogues who are .plotting the deem
the of the Delon, end which tolls open her to •
Ignore the glorious nrsollectithe of the part..
should and lei be and with that trout of calm
ness and contempt which ewe gangs from the
eonationness of integrity enderreog..h.
' No! the part is altogether too MI d honoreble
recollections for Penteryivanis tot:net it. While
abstaining from ell interference with the oonttl- I
tudoool rights of others, she will be true to her ,
'wn theracter and deathly, and neither taw co'.
(oily at the North or treason et the Booth. And
=Mr. Aleut= nmatte faindoced to w* ,
iota of ter nue to censer or 'pooh/nay
I see still stomps Alsonto for nehleg to ma
tinee him la the poet of respoesibility he now so
worthily fan In the Morplog of mocha man the
honor of the Blida lo palm* safe. sod. ern '
law will be enforced by him Mushy and' in good
Those of ha chums who think the policy of a
Vest ants like re:msylvenia—what with her
two-and.a.lealf =Wilma of people. and Inmaturtl- •
hle neaweem--thoold twain Its bbprem from
dis maggersed fears or haughty arrogance of
Dentibortin sees, see on the wrong eldet 'of a
moth talked of line, and had hitter migrate, s'
soon as poladble, regions. To my •
stew, she Lea F power le the am
Windage of States, and mumot be boilled,os she
will' not ho Bided, by esecing friend or open
to but the country may rut Is the amirence
afforded by her pus career that, In every Imo.
she will do what the Winn to be tight. thresh
the hearse .
.Tho only objection that kat both urged mind
the present Execrative is that in II an shandom,.
let' If the whole State did not Mow this to be •
Woo, it would be worth while to refute theatres
but it is not moessary:: As de Colon °net by
the time lobe newly eared, I think the Simeon
of przlneala
maglettst► i h a ii i trjgod I ° , ir da tr .
:l t tml . Meese sad sidi . mg! to
I most oon tu ..
fees I cheetah abl g faith that they will *-
place the present incombemt in the chair of stets
by an overwhelming majority. They who love
Peentylmete, sted are Viand to see her motel-
Pm CMS more without e rain, will rote for Om:
'nor Johnston: g 14,101, Qll the other Mod who,
think meanly of br, and wish to strike bands
with siStiOsion Leta tad traitors ensure, ern cast
their satraps for Mr. Bigler,
• A Peesettveitest ro rev Coss
Pre.O:i the Monitore Beige of de 2.9 th of net
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lbs Chief of the. 01=1.1 Barna of thst United,
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skip *Armee to National Btatietlet, ler that
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Wideement of the crone ham* of the Omani-
Stint - of the United Stow, end the meander
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toward do Wert. & brown at clatfs my maw
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Mostaf at m* poePtg:niw,l.llai,tlW.elet
atraighi streets. to the Other part, they wiper
vans and irrational, =old Ommens • arty art
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here((Rpfssoptik ) of arid= the Milieus asete,eto
-prised, 1 eat perceive why. Arehlteotmwo;
aeons to as a ma=de of shins and labor. fine
: Mins- oilman an-mainly Presbyterial), end
whits makiny, len pretention% are fair more ends;
golds to the taste of. their deslgnero. The town
Is boUt =both sides of the Clyde, Which is one;
sod by line atone bridge% but saren•eightbs of It
Us on the north. .Antleot Glasgow, embracing:
the narrow and crooked streets, Use nearly in the
Cann% and Is crowded with a aqualidlUld taws
.bto poplation, at least' half the woman and chit
dna,- inelselbog mothers with 'children in their
aim% and grand-mothenk, or those who might
well be web, being wlthoo t shoes or stockings ha
the cold aqd toady - Ones.; Intemperance has
many rotaries here, as indefd, thronshont Scot
laMi; 'Dealers In Spirits,' or words that slink
being a fearfully common alga. lam afraid th e '.
good cause of Total • Abet:absence Ls =tine=
headway heat. - -.4llsigmelme a daily paper (thi
ant In Soothed) andmany weeklies, nos of the
' bast of them being a new one. ' The Baatinel,"
which has wily of going etnlght to the con
' of poblin questions, mar staading always on dot
aids of thdroogh '.Reform. Rums to It, and a
11/12111 goodbye to the togged land of Bong and
Story--the loved home of Scott and Rums.
The Baagor Whig says that • Vermonter Us
lore:Fite." a.toactitna for making brick by, steam
poor by illtlith• clay altered op. dried,
pulverised and . pretaed yiry into the moulds,. at
• rata of. en, thousaod ado , and placed to the
kiln far bstrotag, no sae g bolos necessary
after *lbe bricks come' from the mould. • The
italAie come out in 'a very handsome and solid
Houma °TNT, Otiiiiss woo Lerstsrtr.-43en.
intry as limey be to the gencrallf recoiled
pression,it la true, neverthlew, that Nine Orlesas,
Ws season, liabout Ina be am so citythe Om
lon. Aecordlorr to the official report of Mita.
spidtor for therweek +sang 24 Umtata; . the afr
greists interments amounted Id but 86: of dresS
qg we order 10 yews °lege, sad 16 colored.
Deaths from cholera dyeentsry
city of lofsyette, stress the' river, the deaths',
but 18 dining. the same period. Of these
8 eras tinder 10 year* of ase,and 3 colored; lea,.
ing but 7 'white adults oo the Ilan We oomerat•
ulster out New Orlesas friend. upon the eridenee.
of the almost _unparalleled hitalt.thlote of Chi
emit, tut 'City". at this ordinarily sickly onion
of the year,
Poll Imporiition of Rudware, Cuthrpic
to, 129 WOod /Street, •
Point to tall Ito ottoolloo of Wortboo th
Qat, tom. met t‘
o "
. _ • •. •
id *Mel 11•7 sr* serv i rd to oda at such Odom
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1= OIL /MOTS wArin..--Tas 6.1 - nut tan tell i
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don 11 Tlll be hoed UM. • line tnuorUy ot *be err
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rode ot the blood; Se Doe dreekted. tbas. to abbot tor'
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and India brebeattne re stet:Sots' brthe orlidsal
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1 ..1 1 / 1 111o.—Sennts and sa toe Um atonal Dr. Joke
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Penteme VOW
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'r • poem' resseetPalty, .1087,L0P0 Oe'r .
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b. U. Isem—Der Sr, Tee Lead, • In eels ems
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Ulla% St Wedeln* D. 4. Vsliseecels.4 'Om serer
Wed mil free stream D.ll.lSeirt. P. A.Mee
M las, Lod Ur P. I.m. 5. .1 •Pm
esti:ll eft tala.l eilleArmallie.
lerLet every one who linnet yet creed the
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." 'h. a. hartrage, aaCtlf
;Pittstrargh Lite huarance Company.
CAPITAL, 1100,000.
- Vim Pr.44.2.-IWre Loa as)fretaiim.
- •
is smear part
*Sim te. proprirtrm of Madmen Unri niu who*:
Indri thls rend) ro at owe oafh' It W
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In tho publio, tba.proprirtom am unsaid Pr iv. ist to
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J. 111:0:1 a ca.
N. 40. WO4l
• la. itit• br
Young ladies' SeminAry.
•••• tum r••••groi, •to. •in am rinds
11res1=itzzash count a in,a!".."
hminr• tavE rsoak 0.11 aa road law frmai
Lantases. No he boots.
Attabaryl6 . • ll6, •• •
• • lrolwards. •
HOULD this meet the .ere. .0
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br Orr damn, rln murder to Mara tta. Ibb bar
br ar= w il i. r bri, bid thr . a=glArr al
.q . Z . .. i. EITOCILHOLDERB of the:Pesns it-
Ai 0 1 !....i,"lrittw i i.ll=s 7 ".• =
prt alto It ewt Is O. tott to Mt 6 4. 1W6=1 .1. 1.
i i ia 6t Ille i l!= f s liylil:s Itllg . .
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. tut Umtata, Au& a •in. ..e8.4900 . ~ • .
Wihare optj received this leriutthilA
h ese am se hone %hew.
Clam of au
seal YeWiDao =ITU sad Weal nes.
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iCKNZ. WIGIEUMAN;(formerly Of the
Wre IP Orr 1365, 4 WAMIng,
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aka. &ad Pine* mantle pacuL72l - tr g.
rotABLE — PitOPERTY an the Fos.
soN.L. An...ham kr tato al tutus, kr atr
keartra it war J. Mks% task plautrl
floes Itto kiaatart, awl *bout likam from Um Hasa
W..t IMO" ..lai t t. eta , rtt=4.4.-
=it ' S3arros =ad It rer = l t* to Lie
awl tov. fiat. war towthint at al memo* tsh e
meta! • Batakeentl4ll4lo4 4034.414••
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WI 41 Ctakinil Seirt lot taw tptalra or J.
I . ll . 7ha u t M. kitk . o3.4 . torrigryirciatakt.
...Magaat ldg t Curiages at Atactlan..
Wedzdar_ _ •
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06 . x,
ta m on a . L=ltt
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ic4a •
WSOAP HURTERS, oriiimasatla AA
him ta ?WOWIt V iriiiaz by lihipt Kayos_ Lid
.. Sather/in& ••Iles hie, by ha Adigirsi Mow.
TVs.%ls bi iyarliwiihr G•il StrWt W. 1.7. • .
.410aliadinit my has slow. • •
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X•BOSTONauit reed—' .?• •
•al*?1 the liabbar 3 Drit .
COVir.—Come to the iabsari
“” .. 1 1frara Uz i tu ► i &iti •
tyy Coosa on the teat sad Wlr. braes "'ls
on tli• ban., about sista se Ma yam ola.
Pais reosstscl toss; I an the saleMb.T.
l M3tristili'LZlll6llll.
. CHED BU TER-B' bble: andji kegs
ON" .I.ll4anrculitectla.
PENT Z• 710 bbla., (Ropdl !ovule
'•• •
• sign =1,..,:%,r.1T1C.1711411AW
CARL ---
r:.. so , DA7l,l2,r4riga
j 11.-luo bbis, Straits, for salo.iff
• Wel Art_ 13 DALZILL.6I Valor. AC
101 ; : 4; es p ms.
AE -1109.144p...0:, for oale.b
FIBE - Bitte.A'ooo for salelltiot to ettoo
e 5444014.14. JOADDALIaii..
Ms. forage by
. ••• t: 4W. HAMM&
J ,1 1 7I
itAXIMS-50 dos: Tat Bale : '
ti . TCßEsnZikkibTiiidie,..;l;fmat by
‘y los= . it W.W013/1.11011.:
VH . 308-1 - bbl. far vale by' '
12 "amen : B. s W. 11•1111002.
71 .
Stem Comunimicatiali between ew York '
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()Ilia wand . New orig.<
f r gk ir Zito u vrt,it=l7)
YWrothort. kw 0 lasgow, 1,11 81419111111.. the 11th egfpfe4 .
e.t.a& 12 oklock, loam • " ',"" j: • ;:•••• ... , :r
71 sal o•Cale 0.10 (stensard's, Ear 1ae11e1d.)......54 ,
&mile • • ' -............4......:,01.1.
. geees menprortdows, bad Goa MINA
ee* will b. mow .. Wo.l. ol ..d.9 01 .11ng... ~..:
rlss a games. 1 ' ' ' I.' . .:
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'''' tn" I" P ` D ""faiiiiiNs.lii., it ..
t 1522%.
.I.xs. ' -:, ' ... taw mut. , -.
415LIYAiliitaft i t+TOKESIN
1. , we beep sow ea o eseelassel •of
WATCII.6O, of the oust eggoo.w .. l=lreesch
W thews esasebesafe. le Was 110 eleelliff.
awl Men Kilo of wet. all . sad et ...e we.
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: Voiggii . • ._ • , comet af roam
.tririrraocanii- Jrzur soosin• !
A L T 'mum . IMMURE' DEPOT, Thlid
• 4. . r ,,. t ..,, 7 0 1=7 • .
thegoltrolth aniga? ot Conan*. tills&
erke. Itaideaces. ea
or the Wand
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Latual:e Atm Xs
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Intel, or the awe of the Bann Vint a We of inter
ne Pieerrea batteatte a taliehadlaa Cast! tin; bt
Lamm an _ -
TM dente/wet a raw Pedantic • sa St-al, • .
%net " °"'W.W er the * Eateeks "" or t''r •Y UT
by I
1•11/4. • noble= 07 the author et Ma Leek" • •
The Tends (. 8
I 8
with hire
tinkle tba O. a. sae Canada.
et UN &ow ; late ot nal by Cato/ha;
Mont Whalen.
Unbolt Wan Waytaeth a tate.. hty.Wary 114.1 th
iIarfLIIATUtatISTILSIIVIS A% i rr os •
MrallTapigtad Borden, for Saki.
EST REOFJVED, at the old bliithed
stand, SS Mastat ham NOR at tlr entstastit•
ralts.sortastgteal easy cam. of PAPER I.IANU
MS sod BOAD stsertint net a .obey of Syfes
prima as OMI fall is arattertb• tufa moll Ina
c- - ToJ'lmars, Coppenalitba,
:1. on hand
' .7ni. V is." Alli.
pull Mx
A' ', • NAV WNW% ?Mew? Wolk
bt. od 11N Lad. !W.
Um Aalloma. as.. rtl,Vsts Wealrines" mob
to arta. • . .21!1.1 ATIO I TOM . ,
ler 94. Tor !bee.
•) 1 :~I ' 1
'ED 'EARLETONS , —A. A. Muox
a C. ba•siatt nel • r ninem a lugs warmest
. . . - .
01 . =r i atuir 111.1.114=mart
QUOULDEBS-2500 peS.BllooZlBen.
kJ ban Med bon mats Weg..lMPut.
6 6.a; Nam pare 6Ur 6.3. 07
SUGAR -20 hbds. N.-0.. for sale by
soak . soatemurrue see
UYEALCI TONGUES—Jut received from
EL Loa*, a try dams ebiole• loggia Tema.
in . !) • .••' • • • (krurrs malls
' gt ', le and o
wir la ta. for
.40 214 LAW', it
COCOA SHELLS, received fresh from the
4-) "" b "r'''' d k4 rvilirecLuito a co.
1 -1 4. • •
•IriIIZESE-100 boxes Cream; :. •
WICSALS—Two doable fisted Sunni Boil.
a - EL 43 Inebrs euerter. sal tre. hog. Ibry ran
"avirJr"th• ROA I We/M.)3ILT.
BIILASH-18 casks Adam', to arrivN
by • " 2.71 yLoyD.
ale •
. ULM °tooth somas.
priTAr_o rive. f . ;ar a ir . ; sap-.
B UITER, 7 4:kbIo. sod
. b ken for
0: lc ACKEREL-30 bbh. -- 11;ric ttri
001,-5 sada for salr by
saal• •••—•• • J: tIL WWII)
M0L51141.200 bblau*N. •
•• .1 TD.
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1.7 , .
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!al.ta4 maw ,
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o:TvEff , priffrr , rpVlM"WFrrril
U PE ft 'MOHAIR MlTTS.—liicaras
llnd•nzta bays rateivod Oda• torttur
twit the story warm sod d
outlgt . • •
mune saritrirth
: .. ' •• -SEW =BIC.
ATICLEBER; . n.IOI Third street, hiLej net
.tome tram., `to.l•pweaerepub
lowlas on •od ~hob O° . wade ..
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T toloi dm &paned gar. l 41•fia.l sy 4 t sr
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swam PYikli: ' re Ii T firTr aC .
Oa= Marlst; Blactia &Isis. . .
Ilatalin • . •
. ' ugl9 • . INN o itot iiololol lIAIP.
iggloo; iambi prim 1,41 I WSW. Lad Warnots
ss . • - OZU. C. ARNOLD a 11 Fourth Pt.
• .. IMPS. •, • • . •.: ant t o at Putabazah. •
rOVAL.---ntand to .remos• stoat
'unapt Soillepb",_ll , an oiff lonont *LK le
avaTdoa zummito lar= e4 p.
.te f= reny riglo Ct io jyr Vaal.
.-. ass lII' • - J. 4 u.lll. PST aa4 litWoodn
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.7azitiz,. Houtz,
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_________ ..0
, sad 20 Weald.
HOT-40 ,kegs su'd Nos., for ado by
1.7 •nal 1.1117W117111M • OOP.
, Orinditnes !Vela:out I
kOGAN, WILSON : & Ca; 129Phal
Ar.t.w ill fanalak imealselanVill pllOlO.O. WWI
any lia• of ea twat raWtta taipo,
llWlutl .400.1 err Or wpm 6aaardaml an
the *hart
, • fall ascalaaast of masilatair ~as baset.
tuella - LOULIC 1.,;10.3 • Op.
T • • •'-:••••••• • zruw Kilda
omi htv AR, 81 WOod strilii •
ibmstar••• maw*** id
wale! /Irmo, 1 wit r• •
Ulni use thy haat.
wwkw with glad WiLlow Woall
auLgi v4 LLod i ggl . S:m ...t.
Loth r Witt
. .
. : 'l -- littsburgh Omp : - •
4 ....
- Ettumaxl Meeting or rhealdrs of
ow Ptalbersa Or G./pb. is Clon e. Or /
bre perm• b nem ii• = s r Cloon
ti a. 44 Mtaer.4l,4 at lilorktuaber. A., 1111.1.
WM - A ri.iii...
• Rio,' for
OFFS-30011 4 :40 , 1,611111,1et
EAS-40 At. c • y Fovrelumm ,
: • . 1 -11r .k
wag - Is .- / Jilt/ D T AZ;te, talitatit:
imp • . . aukkoPotash: • .. 7 •
OVfIE. 170 Mggf{io , for aU~D
IGAM-50.000 Caution. hr
roffir-,•150 MIL and fik.F., for male
ay oasts 4.'• W. 11A111&120/1:-.
pa a LT—t:
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er i Ml i E ad i . •
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INDIA tl:113BU( LVILLPSa-36 das;"jaat
'ulud. Ihidll4 T Ilhot Idlustl: merle* *a' 2 . 1
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1.1• hos tualu. .km pad 4 .:. or. 'I L i inia l fer a.
SEIGARBB tad.. _Cuba ma Fano Rico
logf ia ll o ,Molo '
riIOBAZOO---2.5 Ithdt. No. 1 6 twist. foe ale
A: by bit ' JAADALXILLAIIIratr at.
- 100 SEIOO vi W .l L fOr m ant. , ll , l
16 b°
i‘ a . l 24 °/3;— ' ,2° '-' ° * ll °3 - 2' f llt i 4P7' •
id.uti to pith sib br
I. 411311
AL Z out setoinsola.
cog 4101/ 1.27 la otbath at
tell 00 cot 8 /Mal Low CUT. at. 4 Dana.
Jog Ph Old Oltlo Mr.*
tits DfloCJ atiO astoadiog tort to Um F o
1/VT <11316.1141141,110 of D.
or at Ur Soott000• ft, C. ureic 7trT-
• anti— • ' ague 'of ,Mabrt mad Ss.
WILITING-40 OIL ext_la . 2..for *414
SPTS. TIIIIPSNTINE-35 bbli. for oak by
el. SOD sl..1;10 do
S-• 600161 rigs., fa sale b ,
I ° .l 1 71 1 M; ♦CM
r ib EITTSB--9 bbla
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i;Nww oLJ I Des-tretaii . put
.X 6 '.'" 4 "..,MISDVIVmsr a (ix
rIiZIME-400 tonifar Ala
.411/ ' , lI.TON NM ROB= CO,
rA RUBBER GLO 11. (I, •
aamtcost of 1441meaadGertionsallaft tab.
W... of .11 IT• Mit •
sad reta Ll* Wee! 4..". "1a !"
- ' •
SCOTCH SNUFF-30 bißtErlaoxes Somme -
11 3 'HEAP' PROTEII--A. L &Luca &
him hot Zt dd ea i beactlfatan by
9 'TA Math II Mid LtV3=rdittinG
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