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Mr.% Edratun having Leen intandeeid to the
Connation, by General Joseph Marble, of West
'mortised county, - said that when ha came to the .
stand that afternoon, be labored waders* great
'a degree of indisposition., that be bid dossed it
impassible to address the '1324/11.' kid
forced Limsell there, CDIIII6IIIO Mire* feel.
togs, tj.lilltlll to the elkuent SpiffielijiMkdelie
&red by, their Ole Chief ..biegisti*:.:Then, 1
barterer, he felt better, saffMn~lorflds , .
Limits width he stood to tbePcnisetika, lied their
kind invitation to him, he would at Pet, make ..1
an . geoit, so fsr es his pentad =ld physical !
strength would permit him; to trespass BO much:
on Uttar attention, 61to; tell theta, in s' few:
• . wovds, his opinion of tie leading topics of the .
day, and Of the interests of the Commonwealth: .
, They had been told bythc,,,gentlemea who had.
preceded him; that they' a pleuing duty to,
perform, namely, to nomieite as a mattlidite tar
the Presidency, that ; ,great Captain of tholes*,
who had never marched 'bet to victory. .Thai .
plebeing duty had been performed, and they had .
Inscribed Omani Scott's min= on their banner,
whisk was unfurled and Seating in the !trona;
white Itorould ware in triumph till 155., wheri
it woothibe rolled.up and deposited in some or
ner of the Mlle Itas another trophy
~ of
theirlilastritute c ite . But tin* , had done
but Mlle, It they ppol licresind . hi would ,
paint out the course of policy 11114 they should .
-.- poem in order to render certain the eleCtions of
• that gallant man, who we worthy of all honor,
at their hand.. Tie gubernatorial contest,'
which had been just commenced; had an inipor:
tait . ..rearing on the Presidential cormpaign.--
They were called "elect !edges for the Su
* pease Drab. to bold thelr offices for three, six,
*kik 'twelve, and fifteen years. Unless they
• smaseeded in electing them and their other can
didates =the falieleetion, bi feared theyvorild
end It imposidble to elect General Scott in the
folowing year.
. -They had to seltct in October, one of the can-'
&dotes, for patentor, of the State dieing 'the
• sent three years. ' The eloquent gentlemen who
bad just addressed them, had well eedalned
';their duty on this head. He should bortideetel,
and why I Beattie ho ha d done 'all *tilde
.... friends expected; oklid etteat'aiteited In
working miracles. Tien ho assumed theietideid
of the State Government, iti affaire;weeit In
.weer:delerable cendition, indeed.. Ho -rtridi'
"licks: the liberty of saying i few words - On the
sinking fond, thought,* coed not add any 'addl.*
eland Informant . = to that furnished by Gotintor
Johnston. MO getaleroun - tad' eneoeetied In
ataidinbing ei sinking fend, €y which niittly a
million Of:defter of the public debt, had beets
already 'Paid: ' The Grover - a was a modest man; '
, and:Mid =hi tlutt!titis eum hod been. ps'id off •
within the - -lait,thrie years It hod, however,
beemptid off,!elmost altogether, within ant hist
.year. . Wiry; it had taken one year to bring the
. sinking fund irate eilette`ce, end it was now
latsntelY in oPerati* . since it would take! some
time long= folly todevelop its pawns: He said
that, tbit they would be hble to pay off this prin
pal of. theletato debt, at the rate of a edition s
, year, et litest, and every =heel boy hu e ! that
even at that rate in forty years, the more auto;
videhnow pressed like an tabus open the in.
dastry of the Mate, would bi removed. Ent it
would not Lake nearly that time 'to remove: it,
because when lwanty wagons." paid,' Abe
inter= on the principal would fimielsb, Moltke
revenue Increasing, it „mild be paid off it the
rate of trio" minions Or. annum; It the tariff
Volley 'should be adopted, besides, the late et
which it would bi Ord &trey, would be greatly
. .
Irtapposition to 04:fiercer Johnston, his Demo
mitt° fellow citizens (be called theta Democraide,
not ,beemate they deserved. that Anne, but be. -
noel= was not Sequaintatdreith the attune of
_ hilegkeey_ comity, sod fleabite= eome 'Demo
crats were Orsini, wham - ife,virished tif best
ccerteocoily. When at home' he spoke as , he
thoght,..4comathmLam:. 'f.e.ii3ll4r-0 ~--.
mug fellow citizen' Ihed : plac e d in necoleadoli
This . same Bigler was now engstied in tenni
ilagthrongit the State, and at • piece called; be
believed, 'Nine. lipthoe he had told the peo
ple that florerncV.folinston'e elnking.thad was
nothtegnew; thatbe was toe individual who had .
Intintrodueed a sinking rand.. That was ere:
Colima Digit= had indict introacteein bin far
tbeititablisbment of a sinking food into the
.loglabldrint, bet - ; a sinking fund , of such a
nature, that be could not eve get his beim
Meads to vote for it, nor *as itpused, although
Magary had at the time &majority inthat body.
It was, hoverer, a wholly uncalled for Ob3llll
- more especially on his part, since the Lo
co:to-41r begged pardonj,.-the Democratic par
ty had, indeed,. some ten or more yea= ago Vt.
tablishad a 'wrikiitr . .faaciathich„ in a abort time,
sank out of sightthe resources of Pacaryltants;
. mak theta eo 'deeply, that it was very proble•
matical ' whetbu they, could.hate ene . raised
them again.. Thectedlt of the good old 0302Z11/70 ,
smith had esni,, , terea she was unable to the
Interest of hertilt Still her resources - veer
rens and lere,ovenrielmerl, and her honest
farmers stied "sihart steering' bankruptcy and
lepodiation stir:rig . them in the face: They felt
that their characteriwere at site, and that U
'..they did not pay tlelr State debt's, an ignominy
would be atts/10, them as individuals, whie.h
the"scald n :Sipe off. The most prudent
and calculating toad nee no meat= of dlwt'l.b.
erg the State debt, end all that the hoped to be
elle to , do, was to jai - off the intCret regularly ..
Be was in the Legslasnie at the time, &atilt*,
via ii....inAtc.*ltitt oar pnblie debt we. going
ef,tiossolde thatof Great Lkitiln. Still, day by
dez4.tbit Deatomitlerhrking fandincrsecd. It
mord. to be a Met reaskonds, which swallowed
eeery thing Irithlt the tenth of IM isepingjews.
Illilliwn_,.. F:.flobrodon, thfai'prenent Goterear,
war. than a Domocest, and - was yet. He woe'
Me jeered *Dement. however; and was cam•
polled to leer the loco Feet, to join the real
Ikentetralle party. 'The 'citizens of 'Western
hatitritmaillN. bOwnt:i; knew afe ACM,IIIId de ,
tensined fo sleet-;,lm Geinrimr, .iittiongh his
el:Woe, differed slightly from. eon= of theirs.
' They voted foe, and. raised * hint to the office of
Germs= : to hirs : creat In it said, he hid not
dleoppoinusi their expeetitiona. . 442=100 The
karate of "4.4: o Atttlttlon. hid been very I
maws Be belikaspeNrefl; . ...d yet bad not
k"" 0- 19Por'xI*t.t. of carrying oat reanyef hie
Idematohls own eat[ faction. thee breve Whig
' essitielty in the Legislature, aft.,,, , , 7 ,met,-
emipgsktegrati. of which . 95,e.did netdresin,t, '
: The election of Genre= •Johastan, feed of 'a
il* majority . in the Le l ltatthre, wawa slid,
hen% Moof important effect upon the Conignee,::
stasiThehtgatioo. They woad then be able 1.
wisedVdo Congressmen, and then they 'might 1
aPpti sae the tar* of 1842 re-enacted.
Aatetum) Pennsylvania boa been deceived and
ktrOlei by her own Congremmen. Her eiti-
ARMS notormbeiel that fact pt, and_ were not
'Oily to forget it far .iseme time to come. The
Ds merits bad declared that Polk was in favor
of protentida to hate iodate', brit ell the yam
tom of this .party, who bad any . ohaemadon,
*laid oat their mistake.. •
In this 'Mddy, the interests of the n ieopLt ware
liadded with a tariff, that it was sanely
msereary - to allude to the evil 'limb, brought on
the community by the present eptcm. Hem
they !mei worroanded by mazinfactorles, all of
Which telt, in a greater or a lea degree, the
Warless Mfeete of thellrida tariff of 1840.
'LIMO tree peinsilrazdans encourage. home
nmanfaotores Why ghoul& they not? Hebrew
of manumit tie pt dist which ratified the•Dem
arlite to oppose it, for all partite wore aware
that, Hit Heady ltplwer had had the audacity , to
‘l i tt• • letter to the American Efecretary of
EWA; saying that any dothge in the Okra of
1846, would dopt4ase Oyes ..lieforio—asy, that
. .
it. wail] pain bet:, even in her delicate little
. ;:i;;', tart - (Toilighter.) The Democratic party Were
• gatltuat„ in 'order mit to displease her tasJenty,
— .:".b1e ,. 14 . liege 4°14 eels, that. they suffer.
' '`
• - . &Tor, tomeyer,• (nigintless of
. • '.. wiibel oii . .ti!ii anbjact).it. pro.
• • 0 : 1 "
~....., C . . and Pnioct-
. ' ~48iii!lilkfltiiiie eras hearten!,
- - . - '''lrsnitiakatind a ready mar
. , .
.• , ..• 'boa irlocerar there wen 'min
nfactories: Indeed they could' not export any
utiOes with :the:,excepilort or their wheat or
°ma: - hint others were too bulky to be ranted
aimed'. They must see that. -from the manufaa
three alone could they expect to dui, Aramnr
rating prices for their bay, wood, potatoes, yew,
• Th Apisulbrre
u and Manobtetaree went Mar
in bend, and when one flouriabed,•en . did the .
other. Dow . their Deranciatio brethelikWeitt
delude* .
the people into a contrary ballet: he
could not imagine, but he vu rare that the
leaders of that party knew better. They sew
ed to care, he was sorry to say, not for the in
tereet of their country but for their own. They
;ought office, and would sacrifice all, things to
rley .
, The people of Pulnnis would be called en .
at the coming 'election to choose • Canal Com
missioner. di he was a candidate far that of
fice, it did not become him to any anything on
the 'object, and he , would, palming it 'orer, al
lude to the impomanee of elect:jogs:a/table Judg
es of the Supreme Court.
, • This was th e Sent time that the , people ' had
ever been called on to elect thejudlciery, who
had: always, previously; been 'appoirded by the .
Govinaar. They should act with care and tan=
tint in rating for candidates for the . Supreme
Bomb. He ruidettook to any that the , gentle.
men who were tannin; on the Whig ticket, - in
point of sctudestie aittimneitta,.legel learning,
and good chirecter, mite not excelled by any
five men in Petnurylvanit, it was moat impor
tant that the persons who n were selected for that
responsible station alionldhe aturre the reach of
partiality and corruption. Then lit the Whig
party unite, and pleat theft, candidates for the
and g eship s let than not Maly turn out them
selves, but get air their neighbor; to turn out
tco, sod if possible get some of heir DemocratU
friends to join with them. The coming election
vu more important than any 'which would ever
auk occur, inasmuch as they bed a fall bench,
soneistiurp of five members, to fill. Hereafter
they 'mold only be called upon to elect one eve
ry three years, bat now they had to elect for
periods of three, six, nine, twelve, and fifteen
years;' and except in cue of death, or of resigns.
tion—which rarely occurred—they wanid Lau
no ractuneies to fill. He was glad, in - view of
this 'tate et affairs, therefore, that the, Whig
party lad put their strongest andbest man upon
the ticket.
. .
,•• Redid not intitid; to address them at length.
He was &plain man, with no piertautioni to ora
tory, but Inasmuch as his name hadban placed
upon the Whig ticket as a candidate for the
.Rce of Canal Commiasiouer, and the democratic I
party bad alleged against him that he was lethal
akto the interests of his fellow citizens, and had
endeavored to kern the volunteers in /he war
*with TIMM° he thought that his duty to the
.Whig party Ailed anon him to make a ' fey•re.
make. in explanation of those charges. He was
14 awned to avow whet he had said or done
Is relation to this tadjeet, upon the floor of the
Wyse of Representatives. He wan sidling to
teed any .volunteceupon it, an& could 'convince
him that he • had 'done niore. to support them
throughout' thee war than the:majority of .dem.
• A bill had been ititroduCed into Congress,
calling for the mustering and and equip ing of a
large number (he believed 60,000) v olunteers,
&id taking an appropriation of ten millions of
.dollars. The preamble to that bill declared. that
..war existed by' the act of Mexico." Oar army
had been marched Into Mexican territory by or
' den of James K. Polk. The army theta, was not
to blame; but its commander in chief. The Con
stitation of the United States, as,be had dew
understood it, rated the pewee of declaring war
in Congress. If Merrier had Minded oar terzi
teries,Jt would have Demo the duty of the Pres
ident to notify Congress of that fact ; and unless
that Republic bad apologized, or disclaimed the
action of its officers, war would no doubt haw
been declared. He was, therefore, oawillia to
sanction a bill width commented by asserting a
fithiehood.- . War was the lest rade.' to which na
tions ought to appeaL Sometimes it was aa
itabls; bat when It *thouldbe declaredin
accordance with the * mai oT the Co/unite
' Had the appropriation been merely , far the
purpose of sending on
,mesie to eappart done
who Were already there, be would here voted far
it bat when he blind that the bill declared that
the war aziened'hy the 'act et Mexico, be could
not emiscientiotaly sappart it. - Another mace
for his Opptatg it was, that' the government had
attempted to thrust it down their throats. They
bed declared that that wads pressiog emceed
ty for rhea additionaltroops. lad . yet - -every
man in . Congress knew that the fate of our army
would • be decided before snopplicii cold reach
Mexico. 'One gentleman (John J. Crittenden,
t Attorney General of diet:felted State)
Varreclared that before the applies arrived.
oar anay.would be victorious : and that earned
out to be the fact;'fora the battles of Palo Alto
and Reno de laPalitalvenientini:borim r
He was aticaned• with Mating attempted to
• , etarre . the volunteers;" tent unfortunately for
amm.sers, as vehmteere were known to be
with the army at that time. Neither bad he at
tempted to starve the regular army, because
ample ample" , had. been masted to it by
the appeppriations of the panne year, nod It
was nov,pretended that they were exhinsted;
but the very moment that viz wee declared, be
voted for, every i
, How bad the democrats Seted when t wait
proposed to incresae the pay of the soldiers en
gaged in that war from seven to ten dame
month? Many of them tad voted against it,
while he hadstrpporied It. One of. that party
Richard Brodhead, who had acme been electeda ,
Senator of the United States for this State, voted
against it )et nothing ia-saltlataut him.
But again, after the blobs had been fought,
in Mexico,. when large numbers of the soldiers'
la wounded and destitute in New Orleans, em -•
sUe to reach their homes, it was propaseti that
$500,000 should be appropriated for their relief.
Many of the democrats voted against enabling
them to return to Me—if die they must, and as
many of them did-;in the bosom of their fami
lia, cheered by the care and kindness of their
wives, mothers and eistere. • •
Now he bad maid this much in justificatioa of
his vote, not became its merits were not gener
ally known ; bat lest, when be bad gone, the
Drinoams here might twit his Whig friends
with having a Zminne candidate for Canal Com
missionee. . Alter that vote about which he had
been accused had been taken, the Democrats
said bytheix rotes, to the wounded and nick sol
diers of New Orleans, "We have got all we can
oat of you; and 'since you can dei as co farther
service, 'die where yen are, or. get home as beet
You may." And yet theyclaimed to be, par a
odkat, the friends of the soldier !!/
To conelatleie would say to all his Meads
there, if they wanted to carry oat the rindpki
which &One would prow beneficial to this coati-
try,.let than elect Scott; and primerettary to I
doing so, let them elect Johnston, and. unt
worts would then be carried. After that that
"mild be no tfifficulty in stormin g the Old Hey-
Stone State.-' Then the Wbig parry would march
io tracapik to the White House under the
mind of their geilazu old brigadier, nor would
they be afraid of 'any fire in the rear, far 3i:ha
sten would be left in command of the 'Ley-stone
State. "(Tremendous applause.)
As cur competitors are worn out by the ex
labor they have been called on to , perform,
within the past few daje, we defer our mart of
the speech of Aimee Myers, , Req., of Clarion
-Canty, until to-arcane morninivollarcuerre
AluxunorY anxec Cur ' 4 . •
Before the Hon. Wriini. WOW. President
Judge, and Wm. Howland T. L MoMiUan, As
. August 21.
Sties Anderson, recalled—The amnia of trip
tolls-on females, for one week, when we kept
the tlill.n.retlersged 20 cents a day,. It did not
Unomrt altkether to $lOO a year. We agreed that
.the Mumma should mum toll free, lance we
got no compexusatlan for our services. This was.
etteoded to the otherbeidges. The Hand street
bridge was built In 1871', and atm ripper Bridge
tees opened about 1839. 21101611 d street bridge .
was opened In 1841. • -
Crou exaMined—Tbere is' nothing like SO
many fS1991•11 as trades, crowing the bridge. It
never me me any concern to look whether there
envy mord (=dm than .males I can't state
! from my ova knowledge whether there aro more
I melee than fetrodai creating the bridge by the
IriP• All three of the • Smiths, Doogan and
Cook (toil collectors.) kept 'the tally of females
crossing for one week; Their report was the '
same one on which the resolution arts passed,
reducing the toll, I think the report wu in
smiting, or they could not have given it to on.
It was handed to the toll committee, and then to
the Board of /amasses. I think it was relative
to the tuunber crossing. and the amount received
)tom them. The remissions of tolls cononenoed
with the Managers of the St. Clair street bridge.
The Hand Street Bridge Company permits the
ladies to cross free. The St. * Clair Street Bridge
remitted the toll. on them firet. The reduction
of-rates was teed by the whole three bridge. at
°nee. The Mechanic's Moist Bridge has not
'remitted the toll on ; remake.. :Cook asked me
what he should do, case TOM applied to him
to pay his yearly toll: 1 old Mid= rue. When
!he went to tender his toll, rtobilf,ook to have
I nothing to do with hhn—not to ht. lidpi pass as
-G. W. Cook sworn.—l have'been Antennae
and Colleolor.of yearly tolls since 17th March,
ISA and have remairoed in that employment
reer since. • I know fames Todd. Iwu Amu..
nor at the time -Todd applied to me to take his
yr..rly toll, and I refused. , He we, not tensed
under any resolution of the Board of Mennen
When I .act tinder,. resolution of the Baud,
UM furnished with a copy by the Seaettu7„ He
neverfurnished me with any copy oattiir.•
loda. In 18471 refused him. :He eanta - soin
1848 Lad PrtdaSed him, but , not =der, or 'by
rirtne of,s,ny resideditin of Fond I told
hlm . that ere bad a difficulty--that Moon we
change our:collectors, the same difficulty would
mom again. I hare no, remateticu . of wing
the name of alio Board,•• 'sr Committee, on that
accasion, In 18ID Todd said that he wanted to
take Ugh,' the year. I told him the same- dif
ficulties eestW. Todd said.thatthe old grudge
eight.4elte . done away with- Be went sway,
and rammed in about a unit. or ao with Ur.
Cheinbers, and tendered me three dolbn, falls
toll: I declined to take it, and al4 We declined
to bare anything to do .with him or his . tinnily.
I was not, to my knottiest" sctiog under any
resolution of the Board. ' 1 misted in making
a tally of the . money -received, and It was kept
by Itself. We ascertained that the trip toile
collected off females; wen twenty cents • day
for six days. •
Cross Examined-1 was at the bridge for eta
days, mostly 'at tbla (the Pittsburgh) mud I
should not think there were as many females as
males crossing... The crossing is mostly. in the
morning and the evening.. There are very great
numbers of females as well stipules who cross.
I should not think there were mere than half as
many femalesits males crossing. We did not in
those six days count bow many females and
melee crossed. After some farther answers, of
no Importance, • the examination in chief :war
The return impede oat, and !unclean Mr.
Anderson. The report was made oily of those
Min who paid aip. toll; I can't say that we
asked a lady, st all, for tolls that week. , I al
trap took the names of the yearlings down.•
think me three fourths of oar yearlings belong
to famtlies: I should think that,'ltenn elghths.
of all the families who pass . the bridge are year
flogs. The toretibg...was on the tut-Mon
day id ayes— ber. The return was given shoat
the( thielhe resolution was passed.. Fot a do
' tan' who . , Pik .Pltlaborgti. take tblt bT the
Tho avidaiate sides was here elcased
the tali* was opened. in the afternoon on the
part of the prosecialon, by Robert Woods, EN.,
who delivered a eery ablerand argumentative ad.
'aria , •
l , dgecßialer followed, in hlo woul masterly
at7l and ha had not concluded when the Court
adjraned at fire o'clock; '
• •
Ins 11.1.14XCL—Thls doe Locomotive, which
was thiswn off the track at Rochester, by so
obstructint which some scoundrel pliant hi the
arribidat the outer depot In Allegheny, on
Wednesdas.' The injuries whkh it received are
triffing. Soon be repaired. • •
Parosonli - Ciii.—Viai Pittsburgh built
cue, (two o(whloirsao into:do:4l3r cattle) ban
Dean Owed oghillidoindPostasyloanis Ball
road Theyidoshileted at the , Vplesly
Woirks, Movars.Vordinsn it'Thpavgsoo; •
• KIICILSDIAIT Anti rr.—An incendiary attempt
wail made on l'anday night, to set fire to the
Weird yard of DWI. 13111, on Irwin street. It
was fortunately dmostred," azei extinguished
before %DJ damage Isd been done.
• •
. . ,
Frni.--The Liana , V
file on Wedneaday morn
ing, Ina caused by tle , atsble attached to, 11Ias•
dell's betel, on bedn'etreet, taking fire. The
flames 'were eztingstialid befare mu& damage
bad becn done. 4.
Warn firma in' Oxlitiw.—The Hon. Jobis
Strohm, %Ng candideteht the office of Cane
Comtelntoner, will delve* lecture in Outman
to his fellow citizens, this netting, in the were
.honse of Coved. & Cole; ,n - Pen . &meet, et
. • •
I.IOI7VED 111 791 177(4117 71:1102A.PB LEM
11.1701.1717 7017111 P 71107117017 oalirrm
ONE Detr GATES FROM -c eirroam
Late suui Important from (Oa.
, _
Nut , Yoau, Aunt 21
. .
The 'demister Cherokee arrived about ho'eleck
this evening, la four days from Binh+, with
$2,640,000 to gold, end $166,000 is the hsads
of, peksseners, of whom there were ehout2oo.
Stue Wags the Califon:4 malls, and Bea haw
Cileti &WI, the 16th of July, being owe tar
iao:ociai. from lianas ass :44 - •
seriotte nature ,We are indebbedlo thsi
of the Cherokee; for ttisfolltribitt teirlattar.
ration . • .
The steamboat Bohemia; sidle anteing pi a
plice celled Babel Bonds, 40 miles west of He.
Tana captured a party of 60 af the patriots, who
wen in boats, unarmed; and reports lay, wire
steering for •New Orleans. They were brought
to Ratans' by the frigate Ha:bum on Hann,
day morning thetlth ' hat, at 1 o'clock; a.
and were placed board another frigate lying
In Pan- They *47' en executed at 16 minutes
put 11 o'clock alum* morning by being shot
on the public reed 'in Havens, end at the least
edrolation, in the presence of 20,000 specta
tors. ;After they were shot, they was dragged
by th by tepees, and left to the mob, who
commenced dripping' them of their clothes, and
tarrying them on sticks through the urgent,
yelling' like so many demons just eectlie . d from
the bottomless pit; and seemed to be nalting
vengeance an, they knew no , VW'
?deny of the passengers- of.Cherokee,' who•
were on thnispot, and witnessed the 'executhrit,
were pointed at with sneers and contempt; and'
were stopped in the street, and insulted has
shameful told that they went;
Americans, and O s and all of the same
ty, and that some day all of them would be sulk
ed rn the same way. it was deagerom at rdebk
each was the state of feeling, for an Amerieat
be to sees in the streets alone.
The following is gblist, of those executed
CoL U. 8. Clerideeln,llipt. F. S. Sewer, Capt„
Victor Hem, Capt. T. B. Veacy. Lint. /MAI
Mends, Lleat. J. C. Brice, 14cat. Thad, C.
James, Dr. John Fisher, Dr. R. A. Toorniqnst,.
Sent. J. Whitens, Sargent A. M. Calch,W.
Adjt B. C. Stanford.. Privates.-11. Howes,
gunnel Mills, Edward Hallman, Geo. A. Arnold,
8., J. %egg, Wat.' - Nlearsin, Ansel V. G. Teew ,
roe Hamada, Patrick Dillon, That. Heaney,
Baronet Reed,. H. Tame, kL Phillips, Ja.a. L.
Manville.-G. M. Green. J. Bethnal). Napoleon
Collins, N.H. Fisher, Wm.Cbilling. O.A. Cook,
8. 0 Jones, M. H. Hall, lames klazet, Robt.
Caldwell, Wm. Smith, A. Boss, Brottrite, Joe.
Chrindei, Wm. B. Tittle, rcht. Connor. Rat
Compley, John O. Stake, James Stanton. Thos.
Hornet, Akz. Jao. Stubbs, James Ells,
Wm. Regan, and Charigotobioson.
The steam ship Falzon, while on her way up
the coast of Cuba, from Chagres, was fire
at:three times. by the stemma llsbanaro, nod
was obliged to hears to, when he was boarded
by the officers of the Habanero after the Falco; .
stopped„-the officers of the Habanero cheered, as
if they had pined • • glorious victory. This is •
the third time the Falcon has berm @erred In •
'The United States sloop of war Albany, wen •
st Havana
:We leant from e passenger by the steamer
Falzon, from Chaves to Havana, that on the
morning *Cam 16th, when, off Babel Honda, the
Falcon disoovered • large steam frigate in chase
of her. When first seen, the was standing dl.
reedy across bee bow, evidently endeavoring to
col ber o ff . The Fa lcon, however, kept on her
course, acrd socm left the .bittate ,eight•or ten
miles astern. This reseal less the Isebells
Catholles; formerly the Canard steamship Cale
dads. Mille she was still in chase, another
steamer hove in sight, and giving chase, succeed
ed In hasikti off the Falcon.
• She at fins tared two abetted gime. to the Lee
:sari; of which . the Falcon took no notice. She
'than sack s tlolra along aide and find a third time.
directly across the how, although she had
the American colors flying. The chase the order
ed the Falcon to heave to, which was doneorbelt
the officers on board the Spanish steamer me
.three cheers. ' • • •
Pau.untasts, kyr: 21.
An enthusissdio meeting of the Democracy
ens held this evening at the Chinese Museum.
George , Dallas presided, and opened the
• Cu!. Wm.. Bigler spoke at length,. esplanetery
Hof his views on thi'verions question, before the
Pn 6 pliu
,Bettolotlons were adopted etroney eulogizing
the candidates, and deolaring that the Democ
racy of Philtidelphla were in favorer, encreould .
Numbs,' the Compromise mausolea of the last
Googrese; and also declaring themselves In fever
or thelill passed at the lestinielature;
the prisons of the State id be used for the
Mtn:lion of teethes., until disposed of by law.
Lebanon county, on Tuesday, declare:l infirm
of Buchanan for the Presidency. •Thie county .
was against him before.
REIVR.`i or rum rmwerrr.
IYAsirurtnom, 'deleted
The President is expected to return to, the
Cepitar, on the 28th tost4tat
soros;' ,kagest
. . .
Itch. .11.'113erens beabeen nomlatted
Conran in the Otit Inttriot of . Alibates. "••••••$".;:
- • •r.. lionatn hognst4l,,;:
rost...mutit or ads Ot t,
• 'Bono*, AuguatVl. 1
Tbe DemnevatTh *ate C,onven- .
tim reterday nominated Cieorp &Betatron Mr
Coemoor, and X W. Cu4ist Lan for Lieutenant
Rimolations were adopted strongly in Lear M
the execution of the Compromise ?demure, of the
last Calves.
~ .
• Bores, August 21,-
Usury Belau, shoe dealer of thla city, has
deean3pod, having, as alleged, forged paper to a
considerable amount
New You, Aug. 21.
The etesmer Winfield Scott, from New 011414,.
arrived to day. She reports the steamer Pali.
pep- anchored at Key West on the 10th. - Elbe
'proceeded to Cobs, and landed 250 atCubs
nu; 14 west of- Mauna -She then returned to
,Sep, West on the 121 b, took on bowl a few - re'.
s onata - sad left for Jacksonville, to avoid being
seized; and also to take on board Oen. Gonzales;
and his company of troops.
. - •
. Lomecrus, Aug. 21.
The Letingion Obaereer tern the =us of
Henry Coyu the Whig calandste foithe Prue
' Pnwell's Majority *lll each 1000 rotes.
'Flow—There La a tar demand in the mark
but at lower. rates. Thessalia are 3000 bbls, at
13.87;"f0r freah — groned.
. Uye Flour and Com ?deal then, is hitt little.
• flrainly a moderate b4diese is doing in
wheat, the offerings being light. Sales 4000 bn
at 80e for southem red, and 924, for pito,
Penns white. _Corn is in foir demand, "Ulan
4000 bus yellow. Mt& ? Ga. Oate are to fair
request at 530 bn. .
Itrelskey is doll. at 220 11 gall.
Provisions ue
Groceries are steady.
i weer 122011".
.Nnee Tenn. Att::2L
flour-4' &ate of 3,000 bblo at $3 76ga 87
for'ludinnew 81C48.94 for State as Ohio,
and s4®4 121 for Genesee. -
drain—Wheat L dull. with melee 2,600 Intedx
ele'bflehlgan at 95e, and 3.000 bushels Ohio at
814. &lee 16,000 bush cora at 66 ®67 and 68
_sound. .
frovi4ans-Bales 200 this pork at. $l6 for
=l3, and $l2 94018 14 bbl. Sales 100 bbls
lard at 9fe.
°Melia—Sales 100 bags Rio coffee at 00„
and 100 do Java at 11i0. Bales hlnecovado mo
busses at 23e, and 60 do ,Porto Rico at Mt ^e)
Spirits Turpentine—Bales of 80 Rae at 83}e
Linseed 011-Bales at 931
Wbizkey le offered at =in.
Stocks—Q. B. , eines have advanced and
and cantos 4 per ems
avnrura isms?.
Now - Yoaz * Aag. 21.
Colton—The market cootintkes firto, with,
tier soles of 8,000 ban. .
flourdades 13.000 Uhl dour at furor Gen
esee, andS3 87} fog Ohio.
.- _ .
itie Floor al ooiiiira—soes of the fo
veae at at $3 87i sad $8 46—and - of the batter
itas2 63
Grate—Shen is bat hale doing in srlat:.--,
' Sales 46,000 buthals corn at 600 !or mire! west
Provhdonn—Sales 6,000 bb la pods at $l6 .2.5
016 60 for mesa, which la an Improvement
Laid selling it 9 (pl. Cut Waists ars steady.
Wooed Oil--Sales at 77®78:, gall.
;Whiskey--Bale• 350 bbls at 24 ®26„, 1:11
• COCILIEffiII7, Aug 21 0 , •
Fkmr—The market via bean, and closed
with a downward tendency. Sales at 118@8
ZIO "II - .
Whiskey—Bales at 17}0
;Cheese-861es 200 bolas at •
'Provisione—Ars Om. Balm 100 Magid at
9e, and 600 kegs at 10c lb. Sales 26 klub;
bacon 'ldes, ribbed, at 9p. packages extra.—
Bales 6 do at 100 packed; the outer rata senor.
ally salted, but &bore the views of buyers.
droned/es are in steady request at torten
;The Hear Las tall= ex imam since last re
Ruuriuroas, Aug. M.
Flottr—Breadstufg is dull.
B B. dourest $4. pgirt nab and
tftrvialoto—Sales 0:4,000 119 taccei st 84 f
slioddero; 0103100 for sidos,snd. 10 @lto las
• &les 20011:4.1 bad at 010;11, and 200
'mop /Jo at ]lo • B. Mess part ti selling at
46 no; and moos beef at Slab 0 rci LLL
Chosst—Sides rt ogq.
Imalsimi-13itles 1000 tmgo at
011 lit • Saga and amitosis are _
• ,Atidaty is selling at -
' W of is doll, with isles of commas siting at
/ 6 0Veitimaxid. • • • ,
FEW very suierior_Gold Pratni'
Lem wee., ~.Y by.
Onedld Poclmt Clualiseelen. ept haw
.1:1110 Ilstatnelest4 dad Ibnithigt Me. Vain
gmarsmel. oftlau
J 77 '• • 11. a+CA. ~•••
FOR SALR—.Pitt•barg Oas Stock
c OWL , tart Aids. r a 1.„. 1
444.'"'"iinn seat
KM.), Bat s... nd Brew,
• •
WAN TEL—stocks or the Pitseeasti
[DU Dollar
ps l Wl.„entrett ang tenors CeornaTh
,m Wilma mar prim will oral
H. D. Jana filar
.REFINED SWAB& - 30 bblp Laserintio
AMI• st the a/rd. by tt= or Walt pl at
YOUy . m aI L ZW....
WO Ciiirri--4‘ol - 74sinst
. DI! . .11:911111 CO
10E—Nl.tea 'keret sale by
jut, . •
J. B. mitwomuriOD
L I 0 ER-6 Max re buster for et
VOll SALE—An =Vent FAMlGre n i
12: nous.
. Leatoonuim al?'
130 ST Off WE SCADS—duet received,
ee wine...a kat. eee
wi •
• I coma sod
Col - NBALANCES, for dittriing Counter
• rot Liberian, foto. of all 11. L
very mark sod laThllltsio 0•Owtor. solo
- - ow • ~t .1
4R-50 bbls. in dare sad for sale by
aaii • ' ISALLEI MIST 00.
11C1OLA8fiES160 bbli. Plantation. (irk s )
Wl* by irmLikitirafarrogri,
1 - 1 AI •st /TT
Cradled. Polretmtload Olaf mls)ty
dAtimi A.ll .X•ou •
11.11 1110srlisfoirr.
F EITHE gack ifitr=. ;ea
'IIIIOE-26tiereasforeds •--
U. gage I . 111. •w. UMAIMIL
SOOAR-50 hly. N. 0., or ode b!
etalca for ist= li.
WY by I. 1101100)1111111.114111• 00, •
PROM SALTS-10 bbl.. for sale by
mg. J. 130100111KAILIM1
BIERY-35 kegs (assorted)
that kingly odd Is this sub& Ow polfby -
;.ye I.IIOUOO 141 f =KR •OD. •
EAD--1000 tg. Chilean;
.°°° 'rot' 11 - i
A. a sitrAnnort a co.
SUGAR -140 bhda. Owe N. 0., in store
4:4"Nl• el mum A.uvronteosa aik• •
'ILJIEMPD/0 bake breismai. Dew' Bolted,
Elsnwbe. mos a t ztriatom auk,
mist • •
LINSEED 01L-10)0 Obi. for sale b
lOU /MI. e. wore
for ado by •
--C,A a le a ) 4 lf F . 1,-75 lbs. for 'r . 4e a tu a
bbla. for sa l , l l/ 61 ;,,, •
•. =Bs
pOaME!t JAUP: 7 I6q !!/e_
QALERA,TUB-4 bons aid Mb.,
bt Oa.
,‘" /nosy Omit
, fttgao i t%w culled firpx
0 0 7) : , ,baktsiTontsyses, in stare and
e. Nam try" 'AMOY JON= a -
92i perces loriatCarolina, for sale
eiV k - 441,12-11"7"825"*°°'
:; 4.T04.01.10..0;111mke,
. S . • : •• :I)FMCf I I
• • I , • Comingtopt,
.:4FARDSik . ;FM
4 . l sairut,*. reek.
B AJI TP 11 "
eigONSTANTLY- ARRIVING, new, styles
Wed Wiens. sa wousally azOndal varlAdy,odonst
" 41..r... T WIta. t' re tha*' Terts gr . Wers. LW:molls" (1 . IsAk.
Inet. l4 ! Inoy, sesssms, Ohm and ht‘s. Mead A+.
Mks. •
5.5, 7 Orlotst„ Test
Daum. ram lirt!„l34.
• Colllitio•eww. Mt., (Snots. W. Orwahlinth
DraitN l ie wrk•W tomt eilt 7.11. Raab.. ikh-
Ar , i 6 wK b sh. esos-or doom
(Maus Slater. Powleits. Jr.aCtrpr. PereamtlawUtips. est
with oa e.s3 Owl., of Mow et low ram
. • Nil. LLIL“, Isaporin.
tiiaulmNA I Commove st., nstabornos... -
i •• • •R X. ,DAVIS & CO., • • •
. .
Impartial of 'French and Canton Ovals;
IttSPEOTFULLY. invite !mei" - to exam.
lee ttuer dotA
W' A N
vemoterult sayketeuvit.
TA PPFTA AND &I TT' RDlRONS—Afeßooatosoot
#4.41:1BY08 D 6 BILLNZ—A/1 .Id Ms .nopries•, a
•b„,t *up. •
A L :rs a.. u
;MACK BAUR make that bils . bar•-
.U =2, Tl;4
OIt&PN SHAWLS AND SCANll—Juai. rwmived as Dr
vtleteLell Wan wad Drtem DRESS CRAPES, of vszioso
BAR DR MINI. Samosts, !Argos, awl *lbw IRIIN
pr ullu to the (beton swim. . • bIANNU) , •
s. CoMtsan.
I Vati l lf. 655W - Darra a ColB - '
I soh ankrettailk asll
4 tw
BALD, • BIICKNOR & CO., Tobacco
Illier.bas=lZorth irstatzr..
- . .
: • A 11111711231 Hardware. • • '
bedatvre Arcta. no. I Platt sheet, three doom [roes
I meet" hire TOSS. haute reepeethslty Invioe the al
iened. at the Mutterer* Trade to their Sleek of 000 D.
toed from the asaanftertanree, nd for ale ee
rms. • • jellgtto •
New York Indialubber. Wareham,
Jg. *am Lea s and No. 69Nattau dred,
IM ntealfreadoref. Photer)ll6rsetSith
THE SUBSORIKER, Proprietor of this es
." Laillitoork4 emsld ham= lie old mama., ad
merrhaste "roman). thet he le deny omelets" traa
Theory mthamilf three ea! math.: thee of lulls
neither °mole assaaaMiere4 ertmeely Ow the Fell Troth.
sad erhkh, tom beilm lotrotheel s.msi are sal lth
wale' ltsprommealo la his mschthery sad mathathoo.
Irels matters( MOW 601 gi•ing prrret easyd•rue.
Opertsl sthattarlothe be pad to the masa.
lamed eat 6 CARRIAOK CLOVI t ef thl widths
3-4 to 64 Iser math dallemmerefellyeelacied
'seen tort teeled speed otth the taut rum "dab
nal I Ursa*. Bo ale mothatectorre
the Milan ell . • highly Osumi.% ipeo•nrolol.
awl► aukwyrral, by which the cloth Is mode to beer ea
ethos narathlame to muscled Mother The "Lela futhb
made sod s•l6 04 alma WWI should moth the Moth)
OVXI.6IIO[2.—A fall gam" et en the d leat styles
nassw, aes the belooled lan fo the fr.
moiled Porretosl Okee—eembrerteg /foes. if ermeh aed
Clondom'e Pmts. nom M A.. pg". sod thodsewe...Wamma
• epopilot• ••••rtmert er the Worth" etas eeeast
Merl o toe to... Costs. (Yam. Realm, fame. lla
Darla" inormAg i =. Jmieeut . ailgi
'hes TobeeseW Leath. Naive. Honked
Ramo °ova.. pg 6101
Pa•tJag, --
ger reser Wm. Alf DWI. auk ma
•itt , .my 41.iniptiao of Bobber throes
kg. mth ol olmalsed .thostlie Ito beer Dom
Illyr , avy ander •
titlY•r• growl • •Wel
,mete.. of Chs Wooden thou thell
them Mots
Ye. "abler Cemeat Ith natters . am
orIT-hee D. BODO
• Rawls! Cloakst.lffuttfte.
Eta: Mll4B, No. 6 Oo rt laadt st., N. Ircirk.
Is sow , opooolat et WStool Itonlmankp frwe.
of fal 11•1 Wale, aawnoimil4las of en O.
of toottb sod Dogoools Wool Loos Mono. scootbrt •11. b
• fell soottoosit of limb woo {low* kw, Bad
Math. illus Lt. otoffirf
ortoxyggf Cton. Siortio Thfbrt,lnk,
Sotto. sad Teloot MANTILLAS. 110.0(1, of
ooptooo osopoo moolohneuvi Jhas Pula SOP'
ppmrr~of M otu noolrot onatooothb pot
to rtesme
opitiastfastios of &mama end Rod.
mlitrob.soto to do atom se airy will Sod so !mat
moo to Mao% sod otoOrmalo goods So Wu? low.
siourpored lo O4y.
.b ooporlot MAP MOW STANDS, Sot' übtbfliap
/boob, sod ?WWIIr dnood N ofon oototot ttiol sod
Comb, at Si .4 SS ouch. toSSif
10 cnwrlPOniA
LIN A RUBBER • SHOES.—Orrr attrition
niii, taw ta an sdrettammosi by Homo 13.D.T,
to th. New York Llsrali of Ilth Jots. 1141. acid
CoasSsr th s Ittootror of mom ILION. Is •hiclr ens
lamb swots anus of ass Warm was Alamo. Sag,
be owwwte sr days sca drugs Ma grab Aratasd Goo*
pew P. 0.., oats" far of! v... osd that as r .0,
~,mcvig,w4.1:4,11a...n.. '-'''n%,.te": - ,
lbw. kabtgor etas* ender Uodlysors Adana sad Said
Oat Moss. sod sn Sally Atlas 0
Ikv Kw mats oad
lime*. versos Nis tat 11.••• &as tha mos. t( dladavkl_lo
de so, Islas , Mau %Ms saga tkadyo Mutat. Ws
Mak It aces Ns to osmium. • OW. tom.. v . l4 V.
*with. te iii~r It. a15.D.Y1. ,, L1 t.r.
Odiaarladi 0 ewes if At. sad*. futon sot to lanai* KS Sasso
00. he
N a sh
to lanais nal tat 101
Wised .17.5. she bass, as • las so
fts lisnoss sad sus snot oaks thass aoA
0 7 ,... samt
1114 bay. Knotty. as! Lbst war ossosro .
vino. gyp. thopdpree• r•Lealts. &WM 1=110.601.6 . a .
like — dka statists ts seedy) to tbs smalls sad s• (As
Oa sod ad low snedverVedd •14 Ws tp pef
dada, az nadlog Iskt auk to Isolation of mud Ass
eat dtrbvt..ii , PL.
Battu; froossys. '
o(l. 6itis
ar v. o. A.
IL KalsaAtillah fotKadals• . .
.....As - rob* co. . _.... - -,
._ tom
_TIZA,IIII. _ L .. , .'....1. , - -
Bales 4410 Mb
•.. '., r Nr!. --...—
.' - 1 - 177 - ' 7":: - . • , .._ .:
~ 7
! ' .So. 75..isiam base. .v.ilive•e,,t ‘
,4, •
gPORTER and Jobber in FRENClraiui
LNIILIEII TAX_CT (101)1X1, Gamma Tor.. Ohm TOOL
8 laiwkast. Pool* triod Rots, Aeroldoero4 Lamk
las tram Ughat nut" me.
Arent to Isber's I.mel Pendla
MWILet" , ./' AOl9l is Monies TinTop, Dl tat,
JSu k
$7 perior Blac Wrtlizitaad ng bk.
CNE'S XMPIRE INK.Nass Copyi au Wes;
Edo /tnr Tat_
nit to ChM.* &raw fluty—.
Is °OPTING INlPer d 'lril sot =mak. am*
grerripLtairer ekray. sold wawa. aft tit, qualttlet mph.
ea • rod 11rttiar isttable lbw Ito Wit. NW .00
.ITabt7 tatt.4.3 an the elm% rtak.
?tr. askrstrewl aretarat taratdt te the Orb al.
dm, lty 4= ran a y boar eammoptka. at tba &ma am
L rari
of tsCal• &awed wra at sett tot. •
•• • '
Profeasor• Alex. C. flanYaTricerpherons,
moblt IP , bso s 4 bawdily - Ps dr ha:thermal*. ,
W mot ws• aspired. Psi Putnar &watts at Mt dubs,
. pork; atimporsta. brae.. nes... Pe. It
d.Wws td :wisest. that Daises
nap hat *arm* oiliet Ls turps 41apt=
Pet . bows. see 611 Up POPP tUttadost Tha
Jaisined Pam booboos of Om Um
' will None le 10. WE. of IDS pl•Telsbm
I. yeasts It to hahl W . thew who have
SWIM • trial ;
, _. - Kins Tcoo._tlept. C, lOW.
P. 111,4T—D..r mr-1 Ur. b. Mideci 11111. • Cet•
fairms•rupbm c 1 UP scalp. of • stoat aerrawatel char-
FLi liar Pat Utters rpm and asses that prided
ra had UP ark , ..r.b. of th e opt eldest pint
.,.,„..., all Up sreeentlest de tie Lid P apt
MR/ km. 4 Irlaplat Up tart boadt. 1 nom'
• Pima to try tau Triscpbtreap. I did Pt riii.4
Pork ea& to ml aosorlso oat aratilleatista. Arid Spelt
sand Ls aka/ two swaths. Oath Co!stabla art. VLlM leva t li watihe skew, of the
*Wader that at hap I ;mut ..
1407 NET *coy Oct. d:1 .
. .
. • •
_ .. .
Proo.ritio-.llr Dr: 6 , .. •Atioathro rears wo ty=
oo out a Anew Wol. 44 or Woo Woo iamb
m oritlt Warotr. 1 woo to 4 IP/ • *trod te try row
ow. ited I 44 to, WI to say osloa/thlwal. otTVlrwi
Wady mold, owl 41 the daagirsa 61.4yeend, os Pm
bad"... 6111.2 r • iu• molt ,
• With ..1. 4 . / 1., •. f7'V= . 4.l. lbaist witr.
If soy la4r . r P.l.Same 111=sa A tbestint? . =
• tr=sy, 'l lialtrk, WM. he will A= WA.
ul Idler&
. .
f . It • 1 , 111. and Nava lrgos. Nor. t._13.t0.
1 ' rp r r. f.. t. - ft,nt , for tb. prrotoota * eon of OWL.
1 ad yaws aMs amain:it froorrant. ' that bal‘
I Ur popo , l7 . l . p u ttlotod by, t/to wick. team so
Marra T/teo us. or Kod.n.lod Cotopmd. t f If =t
unttlvolr I/7 the um/err/ow of fan rontatfoltr; Is
0.4= yo....ry h lL 4 lltol t ard It Is e.: 1 1 0 t o . pro u r, oar,.
fetal oat Itioazootoito Ifs
gh 4.4.7. Ca''''...t •.',Vr=, 4 t:
4 .... a ■ WM ~e. It 1.111 eon oil dinstro o! U.. otaA.
raid WM. day w.nes, ma aba obnoxious Mao.
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A.A_KuE lot or piece ofAtoild lariats in
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• :Valuable - Beal Estate at Auction. • 1.
rrHS • SUBSCRIBE ft offers for...Rale, on
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1100 M; corner of Chant and Third ata.,
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VOA RENT.—The Dwelling,.:No. 155
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&mitVey Property for Sale. • •
OWE erabscriber offers far nalo a Ina 'Tract
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• Seven.Vahudde Farms for Bale.
"A'LL SITUATED near the Ohio and Pena.
ea - ltalliVgat u detnii °
ev Wealth , • •
Iso-102 TOWN WM between the prethalbedtathe
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LII oblth will be sold oft dry term bertha main.
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Valuable comxtqliests for Bale atAmetion.
T HE • SUBSCRIBER, having divided hie
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DAY. the lath day of AUGUST, MIL
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day of november, •
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Country Property:
THE undersigned °rein for sale • piece 'of
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Valuable Beal Fatale in Nava Comity
.at Auction.
Tsubeeriber offers for isle the following
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proportgoatonoorly templet by T. T. C. Bethd.
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Valuable &al Edge ftir sale:. .
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•• • •
For Sale or P : eneSaill•A.ft-
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Third anat. Pittatana.. • . • ,
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my= • • Ko. 1O Aunt taws. littoborsh.
• • • To FarMUM .
ACRES Farming arming
AlAttO Luds. la Ninon county, koatod ack the
vermy within twain tolls• ci A. thr. cat oat
IMO Awn In Mt county, On Po p•maealp.
flag . ter. .I:Fp . z . Llre at
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To Cii,re leners. .. . .
IrTISNTY ACRES of Gardeiiing Load,l.-
IZty ooder gird tallinaks. vottAhe we NUL 0/[4
.szp a l boo aid for 1500 an ecte—ota Med cub.. sad the
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• •
&BAKERY, with three years lean of tho
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03 woo sectow7 ter Mims • taro b • shie. t. I. lam
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?No.SI kforlort erect, ocolbor lot ,or Potosi. Coat.
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REESE--Prirne W. L. for role by
C- /IL PALMS aso. libatr is. .
SULPILATE QUI.NI.O OZ. for sale by
Jon - • . • J. ILIDD*OII.
OLD' Jacob Tormend Sans
. • • J. Z . IDixiD
CEEBE-54 boxes, no aormignmfmt n.
Wigs, Or SW DICIUY !I W.,
I his • Assn ded Trost ids.
10. 1 • OKEREL in - quartvr bbls. fa
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Rol Ratite for Bak.
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For Sale,
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R WHEELING..—The fine h ar a
B. CcemptL
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rOGPORT.—T will bs It» Rams» PACllli o llairld
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nJa. of America and Yampa.
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To the Deaf
D EAVlaSS im _ises the head, and all
from the ear. ammiLly mat
I=7 "kb wmisiZerreat p.ln or Isionmonmea, by
F., Principal lariat ea' L. N. T. Em nod Zan
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A Valuable Improvement: in;
DR. HARD'S Improve d Patent TRUSS
and 311TPTURE MIEDT. by which .
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W./Lard's Abdominal Supported'.
.THESE SUPPORTERS an, intended chief
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