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Betpio the Ron. 14m. B. Unekrit.'
• : e, and Mi. Bowl end T. L.-MC
ATM:01008 6.13610 X.
John Ilarier reesiled-4he yenil
V s r!kePt og9ther t iU . the J- :
The 'following• is a listof lbe tol
ace the%
18413.L4tutuary to Rh.
itlabluttiOnd—trip '
Ilegtiony end—hip tolls,
bt WatUlOput received trip to
18-16=J51y Ist to - Jsziury
. ,
atehman; trip tolls,
1847--January to Jul .
•llsigued for,
titChlnati, • - : ,
• 40
1847,-Joly o Janoaky.
- E. 6113, '
1818,-.l . antuirito lot
, to Janwy,
'.. jul y. .lBo, to January
rhrq .. , 1
..1850-..lanuary to Jo)
riptells ..", : . -
- .
:p tolls
. .
'l , toffs ' :
e examixustion of Mr. He
, . . ~.. - •
Om Snyder, Esq.... Aeons on
' • Alain waked the questio
a stockholder till last Th
. , . .
kholder for many years, an
r.-: Alden then objected to a testimony of
witness,on the following grouddr First. That
• wits ineoranatent as having be., a, etvittiold,
Although he had divested .self of. hie
A...would still ibeSiable to the Coinmon
tti, as creditor,. ter the amount nf dividends
ved by Min as Stockholder, with compound
rest_ coo. , the. same, .if the • Commonwealth ,
d malitathher Ism; that 67 had'retnit-i
tolls withent. 'the authority of law provided
corporateprop..a l ty, Ti.Tthe rid the lot
caning thereto,f`and - the continge of
,000 wo uld belanuificient to pny the amount
loss od the tells' di - Matted:" I "
.. . .
Secoati t That Mr. fitiyder was directly intend
in *maintaitting the propriety of his conduct,
manager of the.trost, aslothernise be would
.... directly responsiblaia en at on an the case
":-.. &oat corpomtentlwbose. con deice he might
.7.5 .-- .?,',. VS &Weed . 1 '
r: Alden argued his. posh on atlength and
:.:;."... the opinion of "-justice 9 pe , of the U. B.
......),:„. prime Court,'in supporter his positions, which
-1, • everroled by judge M'Clore without argo
eon the sideof the corpo lion, and the eel
•-"'! lido( exetteptione filed by ...Alden:" '
dm Snyder, swain in th is I was intinoilir.
tladeqqaainted. with -Alexand Tohnston from
15, till Slay 1832,1 when ha led I was Dunn
' with his , band writing. . :
II as Cashier of
lank, of Pittsburgh .; I in the bank do
that time.. He was an ' but not
. thodlcal book:"keeper. I n Mulled him as
mot the Dank; andgentsurer of the bridge.
t the'. ininers after .Johnstents death. After
t time
. I kept them tiff: 184-"., and= then hend
thein•ldJohn Iterper-443kance sheet marked,
. crown' witnesses, alsti stock boolc. I never
in my. possession. any ; cashier. -book than
(4aper_nurrked 8. shown withesses). It is
Alexander. Johnston's hand ,writing.. -Those
Mae a' returns to the Auditor General, are
Alexander Johnston's hand wilting.. This ea- .
oat was made out by Slr. Hairper and myxlf:.
ted tabular statement ruarked.A compared
Ith eccoeint,-and filed on, =Mid by argament..
t over these - Per muted C. - I was a mum
of the bridge eines 1840. I know
nothing don or omitted, for the purpose of I
yingthe reffeteptlois of thd bridge Ida not
owe any appropriation-et-the stockholders. I
dividends. were paid, on any stocks oath
ey ware first folly paid opby the steckholders.
4umtion, bjMr. Staunton—State the reason
the reduction of the toll at different times.
Objected to by Mama Alden and Woods.
Qtrestion admitted and bill, of -exception filed.
Answer-41m names that wore urged by moo
the Board, were to Memel.. -a the receipts.—
;thee bridges were taking of our custom
s ' pi. end tre wished tontehe all We could. Tait.
-.11 thew - hole together...the tolls have been in
' • • .by the commutation. I Sometimes they
- ---,. -- - ...5.. ffmainiehed; fa ttansmitted the reports erg
..4l:;:.,:',TAuditor General. I know of ao
- seen Imeime bean passed by eid it oet 4, e t_
' ; - James Todd,., from the benefits of com
-4'..f!...1' ... MC 'The amount of tolls to 1850; inolud- :
....,.?.--..,,, .. amasses and repairs, Were $288,509 . 07.:
.k..-". 1. - • . $187,680 920 Balance after deduct
...'.....:....,...':.1"... opera* $‘20,162, 80: I The rate-percent
that would be 054:if..alij the Moo* had been
ri - f01,:),...: , d In, in 1819, and if calematel. 1824, to
l- ..L.• ''' • i, it 'would be,.lo.B!per Gent. 'There has a1ii.:,...
ii.:,... boon e crastingerit. fond.. I elwas trled to
1 .-4F: . '• s much one of it possible.
l.:. Cele Eitateildr. ode the tolls were
,f, . • .ed in 1842 and ' 43, some $2,000. ,M
-."..,:i.i.' r that : they ..increased.Don't know which'
.. ~.. ' .5... . ' . first took the tolls f. 'Thestemisslon of
.s. i .. s .: - visits o ana* dimini sh ed . the-revenues of
; : „idt . ,,'" le brdge id-e.--Don' t know what extant the la
:. ,•,..1 4. .. ; •'•,:•'.• ea attempted to cross wlluitat paying. '1 arse
at the mmtinwhen theresolutiotrwito W..: I
. ..1.; ....•47- and do MS limos, theliveson for remitting
~, . .,;;":. -8 ): . t . toilet= theta I can ' t tell when the ferries
... '!:Y.:z. -- abolished. There wee nothing set apartspe- I
- ..". 7 1'".."1 , ‘ ....:- '.. is a Malang fond. The,contingentrand was 1
, ~,L,• .; , :it , "...” in that light, when it "would reach a
-'-- ' tailicient: llt was stowed ' in this light by'
: 4 - - Board .' i - 1' . . •
~- .. 'ta, . James Anderson recalled. - '.A. great many fa
," ..," 'l . 'ilia a:x=lM' bj . the year... :A great many did
:• : - ~,' . ... ' 1t... The 'Wits were . in 4e habit of wearing
~.. -7.- 4 . .;,'151a over their faces, and} It' Moneyed our toll
,:`......;;;;".• ...-: ' , ,*pmat totell whether they went by the yeti or
..;" Nrhersrute. • The ladies going by the year were
,A, , ...".,....; ‘' ..-,- ..tlled .Mink, and they considered .themselves in
' :r . ....slted. We considered it just as well to remit
te toile altogether: ' , ft was a remission. only
Ina Court adjourned adthin stage of the pro
'the sister-Iser of one of 'the .jarcrsi
Alm . Yrnong, Ir.; „having died this,
eosin& and especial Messengerkevimccome
town this aftereoon,t4 announce that one Ur
eons, was lying at the point Addends
Pirnsitana 'man eistnissmun Itittanan I ,
ear Paats.4-Inipanntance of publie no- 1
ta Urge aid ..tespeetable meeting of the cid,
• of Windt/term meaty in favorof the above
was convened at the town of Paris, on Ang
llittb, at-10 . -A;BL - 1
.. Thii,teeetliii was organised by aiitintittg his.
lif"" •F'N't'chliziPsti, and Wm. McCabe," I,
The object ~i the reemitl was briefly stated',
thi.secestary,exid it was eloquently and for
bliceddrenssi bjDr. 'Andrews, of Stenbenvilie 7
by the lion. Chivies Baylor. ~.
:. The following resolutions were . offered and
-_ uslyedopted. 1. ,
~-.,,' ~ 1
Desitamd---Thiraferegard the Pittsburgh and
... twobtnvillarsliroad peen indispensable link In
. '
evert &An oPimProvementsnow in pesetas 1
econectinitsistibsiphie with Pittsburgh by
shortest sod beet; eonneclon that can ~- be '
for that Perpo
- . Itesolve-Thet , thelocal interests of that part
Weehhicie county which wontlbelravereed
' - : 1, and brought under the influence of this line
' - I oommunimlion, would be • liseatil, promoted
y the construction of l the Pittsburgh and Sum- I
villa Milroad- ' . 7 • ' ' . :'i
That we tenet* no comparison. as to the, ad.
of: road tsalf, and to the interests i
Pittalitirgb. betwe n the benefits . to' be pro- ,
.- , aced byopening , a new, channel through :the
of one of the richest agricultural :and
• .. . regions of the West, now shmert shut
1 nt *tan a market! and those which would result
. ley • ven: railroad track. on the margin of
..:. gi:oblo river to coinpete with its Salida - to di
de whit already there, and which, More
verrcould only etjoy a share of the local trade
side of the river. The latter track :as
replied with the-former read would. be am
.=.l of ' istfir.i . se f . 7 'lies' foliKewO e t.fl' ,sdf
i seeco
~.. licsolved—tfutt theiyitt_of Washington Como
' which is withinthirty miles of Pittsburgh, ss
y mord retniMe and iearresaible,than
f to
• ' located orSts ralliMd, at the diStstieo of one
. - oadred ap,o,4ty miles from. that city.. , ,
%-- - Reeor-r4,-That the wealth "of this section of
.'. ~ rich county - at irechhigUal it; Livia far the
185:tr4ttly to
• •
construction of 60 inuel of the_ Pittsballch . 04
Stabeinnlle nail:nay be considered its pp
per-share of thi s Work, and that this meeting
I ,l edges Its best does to'. /sae it mbar for
That as faimerawe Putertr Unto theplough
and IrRI not look back, but will more steadily on
until we make this straight farrow across this
"neck of had; and 'we dole{ believe In going all
round alum to get aethe barn door.'
'The sddresses were warmly responded to by
the meeting, * hen. Messrs McCabe and Gardner
were appointed a committee ,to solicit rmbecrip
time, ,A resolution WU inlopted .E resting. tha
publication of, the proceedings, and the meeting
OjsurFe d • •
Wm: hicC . sus, Bey. .
Man, er
- sad trip
$.3,366 33
3,114 '23
2,356 77
' 314 Zi
• 6,724 02
4,308 60
231 00
-A.klarge and enthusiastic Meeting was held on
Aintuat, the 13th cast; at 2 o'clock,. -P. at
Holliday's Cove Virginia, in rotor of edopting
measures to connect that part of Virp4l with
the Pittsburgh and Steubenville railroad;
Mr. - Jenne Edgingtork was celled to the chair,-*-1
and Nathaniel. Wells was appointed Seeeetery.
The chairman stated the object of the meeting
which irai addressed with great force and ef-
Set by Nathaniel Wells, Faq., of Virginia, Dr.
.Andrews of Steubenville:and Messrs. Livingston.
'..and.Charles Naylor, of Penusylvanlar—,
The ffillowing reeolutious - were offered -and
unanim*aly adopted. :
;Resolved, Tkat we, as cititeus of Virginia,
claim and have no doubt of 'receiving, at the
hands of your State, equal and like privileges
with the citiiens of other-parts of this Common
ileirolved.,` That any attempt of the - eitirMs
of any other portion of.tho State to exclude us
from obtaining seem to our natural and mat,
easy markets, and a free intercommindcation
:with Our neighbors and follow eitixetut, is unrea
sonable and inadmissible, Mad most' finally and,
epeedtly be mutoecessful.
we will apply to the next Leg
laturd'of Virginia, for thisprivilegeof, construct
ing a railroad to connect us with the East and
Resolved, That Jesse Edgmigton, Nathaniel
Walla and James Gardner be a - committee to
- take Measures to procure the,legisb' Won nem
sdry for carrying ottfthe"subjects of the forego:,
ingresolution. .
The meeting was.tonost determined and en
' thusiastio one, and the generous - and liberal eon
' timeids of the speaker were Most heartily re
'mended 'to.: A large subscriptioir was 7made
1 to the capital stock of the Pittsburgh and Sten
benville railroad.
1 The proceedings wereordered to be published,
and the meeting adjourned.
5,651 00
2,707 71
151 00
2,454 71
s 264 00
.6,340 60
-3,006 56'
260 '76
$6,458 00
2,091 25
243 87
$6,046 00
. 2,748 66
$6,217 00
2;230 00
273 50
$6,350 00
9,701 11
366 94
'kr was hsre
Damian/am Comm! Comvsanos.—The Demo
iratic Convention met yesterday in the room of
the Court. Of. Common Fleas.. • ,
The 440-mblejWiltion McCandless was called
to . ..the ehair, aml Colonel John A.' Gibson,
Can. James Watson, Col. Henry.MOClar en, Col.-
Jessie Sill; and Cal. Jas. - Seats appointed Vice
Presldauts,and MajorJamea C. Weide, Michael
Kane, Jtut'r, and C. A. MoAnulty, Secretaries.
The credVntials - fiom the candidates from the
the various' wards, boroughs and towns were
reed. • . F..
District' Couri•Hon. Hopewell Hepburn and
Ilon. ensiles Shaler were nominated an candi
dates for the Judgeships of the District Court
unanimously elected.
Common Pleas--Jemee S. Craft and W. W.
Irwin were nominated as candidates.
Associate Judges—Messre. General Jalletr
Watson; Wm. Iterr o James Cunningham and J.
Chatobest were nominated. •
Degudebore—Messra A. 11cCammon, James,
Watson, Jet:L.P. rutpihrick, D. H. Williams; S.
Thompkins,l. B. Paterson,ThomeaS. Hart
Her, Dr. A.ll. Gross, and Jut. Fulton, were
nomintated.' Messrs. rultpatrick and Gros, de..
Rescorder---SobetrtMoircrr, ananirmonalj
Begitler—•Andrew *relay, ananimously non
masted. • 3
- Clerk of. Court—H.. Trevino, emazumouslY
nominated... -
Couttoissitmeressrs. Seines Tamer. Wm:.
Stewart; J. I). White, and W. Taylor, were nom-
Tressurer—j. C. Devitt, Thomas Blackpore
were nominated., - ,
•.. Auditor-B. DiliwSrth, Richard Meipm, A.Mc'-
Iguster, were nominatedatt - candidatea
County Surveyor—C. H. Reaming; ennui
mously nominated. , ,
his soil. ;leis—
' Amine. I
wu likewise
. . The following are the results of the bellotings:
Ql7 . AMER tilessoas,. &o.—President: Jas. 13.: -
Craft, 04; Wm. Wx - Inrin, 42. Associates: Oen.
James Watson, 80," lion. Wm. Kerr,, 94, James
Chambers,. of Allegheny, 21, James Cunning- .
ham, 15. ° (Col.. Neal declined.) - 7
Lsotimarintn—L B. Pattemon 99, Alex. Bo-
Caiamon 97, James' Watson 93, A Bays, of Ole.'
gheny, 93; D. B. Willams, of /Thaler, 91; lilies
Fulton, of Tarentum, 16; 8. IL Tompkins 00,
Thennie Hart 9. Dr. A. B. pram, of Peebl - -
end John Kirkpatrick declined.
Conannatosxn—Capt. 1). lif4 , Whits 'B6. Jacob
Tonier„.l.4, Wilson Taylor 19, 'Wm. fitewext 8.
Tamonau—Thomas Blaclunore 87, John
Atrorroa—B.Dliworth s s, Richard !deeps 81,
Andrew hWeester 20.
Falllmportitiim of Hardware, Csitlexy;liti
No. 129 Wobd Street, - ,
Bettie: to ,eau tn. t h ttztios Malrts .o 1 othtts to
A ' a ' 46h therr ..w.f.litliterer. at each re«.
sor-stali MAXIM odebratol c. B. AXES
storari. on hand. aziallky
. ... 1116J111.1711 FLOATS MOVE FICTION
LIKE CIIVABDVIZ Ne . 22lltil—The skit Sitsti - out tell •
pod truilidie by trYiiiii it. se quiet ae a Dr. CM tell &good
:dinner hi eating it.. Mad 11 one man tries lh pet Cpl. It
Pooe. it edit destroy the popularity with tier whole Pty.'
You can't iarroducela osedielne into popular 0.. unless It
peeesen reallyeabstuutialeirtues,peetrom'Pl tad affects
• et valid ohjeutioui, apt it Is this fact that bee estabilehid
the rpratatiant of "Dun CompP4lltild ltetrect of ban'
ette4llee"ltepynd all 61,•11 as dispute. a lts ustion'ulsea
the Imp. stetson lain seviadatile with Primal P d . phi.
tolophhial principles—lt priesotp the vcrioui spratious
apt perticou of Ate body. reatopa obatrurtious, displaces
porind UP dipped piatter, strmethetui the stomach -
pit ditrestip Ppm, motes hew pure.. oub heelttri
1,104 psi .sautes theprieus hisietiotie of theOttleieraut '
osputs of the halp. Thb. is all petursoed without die
last Pip:Sabath the pepration Uh: aa safe es it
fa aitaa , ... It EMT be thoWitta bi Lb. And.g. that it
purporls to an e too spap,dhiptes. but eliolt:emous.
the. it will be towed that is lase onjoriti of the Plow
. irltieh OUP the lomat; Wally 'cripple in au impose
state of the blood.' amt.Lawas...t. thou. hyOther Per
sapitillus betog aped yOu by "PI eellelPef =luau
wet watcript , ss • 'Substitute for the; original
Jabh Sutra et. Ilds 'Valuable pesporatioa the
proptitior wasteate to t4Supericir to all otbeers..
Capour. , --Cewara and est "Ike the osisdhel Dr. Joles
Mai tisrsoseu'as Jim dostackt.—Pidhpanoother. See
sattption soother pip . • :
. -, , • ' . ' . ESVEIat 4 rsoser.o.L.i4oivmd a.
• -..teitnunar • •.• • Wholesale • Betall assets.
. • . .
BithannwhAdatundoWlonco.P•••htwohd.W l.
1,711. itaW—Dsor tic. VOW INstrokain is workbag wois.
does hi Wasik:Win Ma'am we would thank yonhowod
twodawaby the Pestrallosala .8•11tcosi W. an en
tirely oat, awl it is bolAn hscreked, t. alnowt craw day.'
• tows. wwwwwwio..• • - JOUR Vag it
11•ThWatd:4tdorod c 0,.. 0., Mooch IO,ISL
' B. M. linW—Doar tit. Soar Affinst. • low weeks 11...
Wt 6 with no Ibis down Rook tBl. whkh ••• horn wh.t.
Maw boomed to no di down inuoidloteli.
Toot andicia• Is worldne woodcuts tblo widen. W•
[ tan ate. worrol excellon.o:Antilh:lsks. if ion doshothen.
I - ovis. W.1500T14.
For ale bo Kowa WoDowoU, 110 Wood otroor. 1,
Was. a Wood otinsoW A. A. Ihhardcoh. CO. 076*
Wood 10.11714 Let fester, D. Si. ()arm D. A. Mott AAA/PA
topoglAAk Altili itlikhwaolA. doe It i th• wry .
nollAjairfr Onal Wwin.Sootrath ot..lll2sbanch... •
owlet witty one who hie not yet need the
otlebrots4 brad= .Llidotobts go *to the mak* at grin
twn,ran tLam wire a eranyclet. mu". cocraiudng -lunch
inbsobl• inflarmattott with regard to lbobrestotootof at.
bos sod it will also sits you entlficatio of faro per.
formal by U. O. Toxin , Arabba Lioitocou . whlob boys
sew bans squollotC out wblols carts was &footed alto
Sbs faints of tbs Dada ielontlflo ph7skboto,. 4 Elsa aver
ii PILL t: NO e ever
earaedlai mat bliber reontatlonli eo , ',bort • Mai, as
Us The Uwe, PM, diamond •od tortinonsela hr Ile.
Java Vligteda , Althotogli but • ehort ttnre ertnnets•
K•ot , D.lhr• Duhlie. It hie eleortly weed the tuilf
IMOWIT hitherto ansort• The &mod
for them haI:4MM( 11911109.111, 310.1.11.,-Moid 1 00.4 the.
Ittoodertes of the toedleitea who mile ha Pittaborgb,
eorstir of Tointh and Wood etreotaereanuttantlY reeri , tht
order, teach rod It sbnort utterly imposeftanto ray-.
The woo arltr of than Pals L rot waned - to
' ear
ootled. eretloo Of the amain. the demand being tea'
sad; from the Korth. Vaud,. East - and Wort. The troth
to. no &este to otoreetortoon In all ovontrte of the United
gym then that of the And these Pithe ore Doi Sot
restualy era let diertlered for /DPW. d.r.rurcruret. •'•
, lot ssle b 7 . S J. KIDD 0 CO..
.00410.wis • • No. ea Wad R.
Citizen's Insaranee. Company of Pitbanag .•
41 Wrier street, In the wareboa. fn. IL
u. nclar, irr5k1.h,L......41A. tr. & T ..
' Th in Company LOON VOW.' tO WM'S 11 Ulttll.o.lllll
I'VrAVoorOh"rir.diratOaLtl ti ILO4: , lotOittiti f
I illtlitatlL, us serususet in the • the ' tralt
ho ersetUterotr=WL o ra= r t .e e i g ott .
Pteuttue3-0. tt.. Maier, Nra r p.iiur.
Wm: luimer.
Jr Walter %%Trak Itiash D. alog,Edward Dessirloo.
" 6 i1.r.*14 gh. ) I ,D/" . . • apDct , •
Pittatitagh — Lite instirtuace'Canipany.
c/a: UAL, 8100,000,.
• revert..) C. Oams. - 4
„ 6 ... •
REirSe• edvertioniunti leamothes V' Ms •
snor.Nzo Tim ezzxua, nxxaluvu un,
AID ziroirso roil= 1.1 .aszrrtz.
, Now liesa,August 2 0 .
The etarmer rothe ilenithan, with dates from
Chaves to the 9th, and from Kingston, Jamaica,
to the 12th, arrived at 12fthis morning. She
brings:4oo passengers, but no specie on freight..
The , dimmer Falcon .711113 et Chhgree, waiting
for the Califcesaii ail& Thetrleamer Northern
er. which exiled from San Francisco on the 15th
of July, arrived at Panama ()Tithe, sth or Angast,
'with the wails and $2,000,0 00 So l& • -
The steamer Union, from San .Francisco, with
800 passengers, and $BOO,OOD_ in . PK' was .
wrecked a sc.. Quinlan'e,..on the 25tta of July.
Thepasseugers sod spaie were eared.
The steamer Commodore Stockton, which left
Panama in July for San Francisco 'returned to
imr_t.oa the 21 of August, in a let:* condition.
While Cabogo awaiting repairs, the steerage
psasengers Mutinied, and took possession of the
vessel, demanding a return of their peerage mo
ney. The Captain appealed to ,the American
The cholera was fast licappearing from Ja
WOILCUTER (Meas.), Aug, 20.'
The Democratin State Convention met at. 1.1.
o'clock, a. N. TheAttendince is large. 11. P.
Banks, jr., was chosen President. '
, BOSTON. August 20.
The steamship Europa, for Liverpool, !sailed
to dsy;Viith 25 passengers. .
The ship Ashland arrived yesterday at Ports
mouth, 'with four, seamen Jaipur, on charge of
B.:Litehfieid, a distinguished mere/art t of this
city, died yesterday,/ . '
Cottoh—The market irfirm, with small sales
at full rates. • •
Flour—The markot,is dull, with mill sides at'
$3,87054.V bbl. • • _ •
Grain—Further sales of Wheat et 800 far • new
southern red. and Ole for old Penn's white.—
Yellow 'corn le in fair request, at 580590. Oats
are steady, at sop(a)B.2o re - bli. • • .14
Provisions and Groceries are firm, with limited
I 55168.
1 .
'ttscncsan, Aug '
Flour--Sales 600 Ws, at $3,80 bbL
demand is fair, and receipts light ,.
Previelons—Sales 14 hhdiciear aides atO
10 do plain hams, at 9c dl lb.
Whiskey—ls steady, at 171 c.
Cheese-There is an active demand, with?
800 bin, at 61.
Groceries--Btigai ia 66m,.with sales 100
at 6145* lb. 'Coffee itklelling, at 91-6
lAinseed Oil—Salm at 700 gall, cash.
Spirits Ttirpentino—Sales at 460 ' 3 / 4 1 gall
Bice—ades at 31c 11 lb. .
The river is stationary.
s4:.soos wow.. ,
• F Nsw .Yosr, Aeg. J2O.
otton.—bales of upland and middling at 8®
81e id* • •
Elone-43ales 2300 bbls at $3 Gaga tr f for In
diltna, and of Ohio at $3 87 ®s4llbbl.l
pram-pram-Ohiohio wheat is offer "t) at 800 bush.
Saki 15,000 bushels' damaged corn at 4 048 a
tnisheL Bales of sound mixed at 65e.
Provinions—Sales 60 ale pork at" $14 87 for
mess, lad $lB for prime. Bales 50 bbis city
taus beef it $10:5 bbL .Lard Is advancing,
nth asks 100 bbls prima at 9@9}c -i1 -
, Whiskey—Ls Domicil at 23c. - hhds New °Heine sugar
al 4}o6e, and 50 dO Cuba Idebtems at 50a.
Tarpimtina-8ales!80 0 bble crude at 8110.
Linseed Oil-Balei 1200 gallons at 73c1 ,
Btooks--.Erin R. R. has; Ohio
suss, 1860, t, and Reading . 1-11 cane
- • Nor Yeas, Aug'. 20.
Cotton—The market is firm, with sales. 2000
, Flour—Sales 14,000 bbla at $4 for Genesee;
sl* 87 for state and western, and $404 25 for
Grain—Sales 2000 ba white Genesee reheat at
Unc, and 3000tio Michigan at 05e. corn is in
fsir requost, with sales 60,000 bu at 54F1,550 for
pined. Sales 2000 bu rye at 75c. '
Prrorisions—Are mitre actiye, with sates 7000
Ibis OA. at $l5 bbl for newmem and $l4 to
Arr . old; 12 87 for newt, and $,12 25 for old piimet
Sales 100 bbls lard If 9c. • -
I Groceries—Sales WOO bags Rio coffee at.Sl,2>
0t 0 ..4 1 1 lb, analoo bags JO& at Uwe: I
I I.l.inseed OS—Sales uocso gsnoni at 72. e.
OILIS bids. rift Linseed, for4ald - by
elan J. B,CAiVIZED.
rIaKARLS-8 tom No. 1. in tittini for
L eta* . (moll) J. 11.0.11NYIELD.
ffEESF,-100 boxes Cream;
100 do Coutoloo—rebolved arul Ibr
1. by • ' ' (. 11) J. JL WINFIELD.
- • ecrams Ylotant and .
nand Wood st.
Tar &ell
VIEPPEE, C. 4.41. A &C.—
• So bogs Pds.ek Popper;
• 10 do Piatertkq
3 atlas Notmeo—lstaturant
W3I. BUIL MY 03..
13133320 Wood at
t .
. •
- I, 7 suct
_IL Warranted pare. Selected exerealf tqr medlrhsel
purposes, andfar sale by the gears or bottle
,e • • )10 . aftle" a4.1.4.51ARZ
• VII.G.LEAD-500
' 4l n
EFINED SUGAILS-650 bbL goon Loaf,
cnoboo, ro,oht.o..olcumis4, tor
aug4 Agents St:Loais Snips !Lan..7.
APPLES- 4: bb . • and 1
4LEZlNVlLlilliaraikeg_ ll 4 l / 1 . 2.
BUCKETS -30d oz:Marien.a.
far sale by, 4011) - J. D.
OTICE—The partnership herbre ex
amiss the dr= of )I,A. Will two
day been &Waived by mutual coracot
51. A: RITZ, •
-4 JOUR awns.
rACCI2I-410 boxes Richmoad.Tobacco
: —6l. eat re—of the mat maTed Mint lawn=
nn nyn nnis n 1 (mall 3 IIIOA L, Y a cu.
MESH TEAS-600 packages Ysesli Tem,
r e iv ranivals e.g .. .. 0 .3:r e ::
4 Pr, p 01 1 ,01% 1...a...i. . .-
in WI chests and unttie•—oow leading awl for ale by
WM nAti/J , KY it m
4- 64 Market *qt . , Piaibargh.
.reel A A; MASON k CO. amilaer in daily
eiii4 of new goed".manqh.leb aleve been
nerwel eninweeliftw their min. her with an hnnunee
reAert . ef choke = . 4 :=Krr i t,
ItTa i rTp i rari%. the waren. teeming s Odra whistkfor
TrAritlirnVgentertater orellerZe7"'ltrietThlg
&..m le.wwweettallynolleited." • '
NO. 3 LARGE '3l 3fACKEREL--A few
bona. kw sale lov Iff BIM LtiVIN.
ardt &Co.'s
bed. fOr eel* br O.O l KIM 4_,)).
, X , 30 muss smoceed, Syral, by T' Mt CO,
' . • Mt Wad
SAND a4l,f%:i&pb.y
CASTOR 011r420 bblo Bletiets No. 1,
11.1 ale To^ 11.3301 - W. TDD
AICHROMATE.• OO lbs. for
ale M X
ISTON CRACKERS—Buttirßirenit and,
num*. or Graham Crsoken, readmit dlreet from
ecoutrall =pawl gaba ta a
- unms
iimy'roPyrior Artlely Ibryala try •
,—saY7 WWI. A. IteCLUSO r (A)
I'OR SALE—Pittehtirgh' o :ltock;
1 BLOsir Street Itrldo 13welc_
. . QW*.' " Pr 91.V.M." - ' U erl Broker,
I.WANiED. 4— S tocka of the Pitte'gh Banks;
T V Ameriesa Delius sad Ilalf Dolly. Benlessi and
M. , ¢D''''UaMetill triatnyl""''
. - . . IL D:KIN . lisniter sad Broker.
1... sludi , - ;fourth 4reet.
Fe FINED BLIGARS,-3 0 bble,Loveriiiet
Perrrfwd. roft crorbok s nod loaf sows,
at tho towed rotes, by Coo barna or Moll by
• ror,- -1 • • Grown t Teo Donlan.
MC , COEF , E . E r -- ) 100 baritbel7l4lTflork CU
RICE -20 tee rice for sale by
age - J. H. a LWORTII CO.
ittaog7 B 4 bble rol bu.
S y O
F - OH. SALE—An excellent FAXELY ,
• =USE. Yaqui , .
1.80u0ONIAAKI:B. It W.
f 'v. i a:
wow Mob' and /milt st...
COIN BALANCES, for detecting Counter.
nit, of sli dencegintions. Is •
1 , 6* and Infallible detsdar. For 'ale hy
Alm W. W. N.
gri.OLDFENS--A fine aSBOrtMODO 0 0
IV bed. niakedweyi ao Wad...... 41110,
T A ., bbls in store and for sale lig)
r ASSFS-60
Ibbls. (oak;)
• •••; • 40 0 ot..looooBooar now.:
or s by JAMES A.III7TCH.I.OON It al.
. •
. WilkhutrarrAzaderiny ,
ltak idul Atilak ,Eitgiiiii
.. end :Claiiicat &kook
. • inuntiscsa, Alison teem. • •
: . JAMES 111,81 . 01 i, A. ?l.; Pnuicir • •
THIS INSTITUTION will be open for te
...eta. of pupils (male ilea Iwalle)Tlo lloatut,
Kama= Ist. 'Pb. otenen of lestraetieu compels. all
'the Loutebee taught In the best - I.twletalae eat Utak.
Pb.- /11netratione will be eiveo In an hvetwhee wittattio4
of theca 'Pb. Schaal Is provided with an ettenslv: am
valuable Pitikeophleal. Chemical. lad Aatrosuehloal AP
potato. Vol throats.. cootalulag felt' partieulair and
11=el'I'uVerrItvits tm r."'ll,lalit.:(suglibleol:rSai:9 ,
The College of St. James.
antb• Mimesis Celle. of thePogeothat SolotopelChurch.)
on MONDAY. October Mb. 1851, sod continue
I the met "commie:mm.4day the lasiThanday in
inly 11142- New Atalanta are reecontneented toenterst the
opening of the mina; bat are remixed at any Lime they
apply. sod the ewe I esthastel from the dote of their
THE 'COLLEGE hs. the nmal number of •
*Mss ell the opporamideo for • complete ratios/am and et
the suceeed u 1 termination of the collegiate course, confers
ots graduates the nenal sradamkal dessms.
THE OIIANItAR 13011006. Immediately Widish* the.,
College, sad undre the esPerthdott of the umm r . but. tsn•
der adinct discipline rereives hide at tbo be/angina of
their =Mud& elan ., sad prepares them Dr the ooll►
giste claw.. The oversight sad direction of the Prolog
sum of thee' Collyge mode special edvantsgm to the pupils
In the Gramistar &teed."
CLASSFS. the eddy of firma if
omitted, and Its pls. supplied by whiltionel studies in
Malan leusenages. llook-kerpleg,te.
The eltuatkra of the College Is entirely healthful. and
by Its distance from teem and Tillages, very Womble to
meet monde and ceder. .
HEMP HAIL, a new 00 feet. bY -W. Will he
tad&efe in the M
ham se cureaapplyo ly inted "lush Davey Events
_Ws D., Lec
turer ces Civil .04 Emsetanal Law. end lotus IL.Ales
ander, hl.. D.. meteor on Physics sal Cheatistry,
..The th4charge for the modest of ten months 4the atm
to the ant Grammar School) le two
be sal
tweedyitive oilers, payable emoleausually la advanoe.
AMilleditem tar sandmien to be made to
P. 0. , ,
Vir.mblog of e
toa county. Mrrylard.
N.X—Ptraxat In Pitteborgb wishbsg soy information
respecting this institution, ere referred to the flee. Theo.
doreLO: Lyman. who wail formerly ••
MIAs.. •
suglaallseralt ' •
S e minary 7 allegitemay City.
r s. RAY: POINDEXTER will' com
oftba fall taro of her &boa. on MONDAY,
of IaraITEMBEIt, on abeam. of Wastilasizaa et.
Wheeling Female 'Seminary..
THIS INSTITUTION le inn very prover-,
ons anaditloa - end numbered' at Its late term onie
hundred and brentrbre mita We bare bsgbly ea...-
led and It:twinned tat- there In the Dever.* delndinttenta
rjrz,r,===.!....,, thironab. dalthed.
TThnejbeedon will co one on the et of IERPTE3I
- oonttnsot foe calendar months.
&rants , dollars corer the enes.• of • hoerdlutt PIA
per motion; in Yee tegabtr Seminary canna. u
_Mute, ta
mtnearLentra=4l, German. MAU/WM 15P , .
Catalognee sent to persona ente= farther tratratstbnt:
Wheeling. Annul Mb, ISSL—tantak7t
— wisiarzar - FERALE comma.
THE Tenth Annual Session the Wesley
an Female nonage of Cinaltunatli win notontannt on
inday, tha th uflnguat. Tba mane of nistruetkat Is
eateadve.aenbraetnu at of the robjeats timidly taught
in male tollegeft with Inatrualantal and Total blinin and
tho other omantantal henna. Ms Tunny I. lafinti
and occoposed of wall qualified and ..expenienot4 Teacheen,
Tenn. tor knurling and day pupil. are very toneterate.
Student. teethed at any time. Int patient ant amil .
' garronally l
or by latter to tit. undereigted lb.
.011414 I'. B. WILBER. Smident.
Young Ladies' Bemiaary—Allegheny. _
mownUelr 54.4 eo 3100da7, Brptatabrr
• Row. IfederaPatratt.', Cum. of lastructioo
tate. of tuition lb.. as baretelbee. for particular.
Fonateulax. or apply lb the Prlapipals. 'gum
• Wanted.
well emblisiwet. Owe wbo le well waslitkel to tese_h
ni.shin • brsacha fa:W..ll be mb= dairsd. • For
farther cram •• • at OW.
- -
.r .. ~ , : 1775
Q L EALE I VIV I POSALS for delivering in
kJ • ths stares o f the vests of the Pittsburgh Gas Om.
gamy. MON bushels of Bituminous Oold.und AnitUbusie.
ele of black, will be romived at the Otbee of the (...pstit„
until Wednesday. tbe Vith inet.. at 2 o'eloek. P. M. the
Cost and Slack to be of .00h ensilty. and delivered at
remelt times awl to moth quantltim es shall be *Moved
of and &meted.
11 . Lsteadsrd of computatkm far Onal. and Meek to be.
Tfl tub per bushel. pT~
he payments to be mid. montblr—rotaird2g 3) pa
ant. as eeenrity for perbiennowirol u rttnwt." KE
4=1.. esti ' 2?thoddCompanr,Lnxl9rsed .Preposals
for Cad and Blear ,
__ _ .
JAMES 11.01:111I1f I. Trmsurer.
Ogle. Pittsburgh Gas Ce.. dug. 15011,4tametbatt
__ ___
, i• N O TIC E _____ _ ___
K" . .
hirnanyritarn and Brolonlvale Maeadamaed Turn
. pat and Bank Boad Company.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Stock
holder. in add Beeeptog erd required ato pay the
hotelmen! of Hire maw. cm each ohm* of stock
eetherbod. to the treesurer. (Wm. Lartmer t i bat on the
It tteeuth dor of Amur, MB end the fourth burtatment
of Fln Dollars ma earl" there ratemibed. en the Stet hey
of September hest. By order of the Board
aughltd . JOHN ttoizk. ti.rdui.
touruch .074 _
MEETING of the Stockholder ' s of the
North Matti= Mining Cendany..lll be held et
.Eke. le the any of Pittabedgfi, cm Tnetday.lthe 2nd
day ef deptenibet Just, at 3 o'clock, P. 11, to take Wide
on th e amendment In th e diluter of PA asonany,
preyed nt. W. PALMER, beereteal..
• •
Rail Road Election.
,Orgdnization of the , “PitisburgA and Sientonoilla
Railroad. Company," •
WE, the undeteigtiedCotiuxuasioners to re
UM ... An AM to inlen7dretu tbelhttstmerib end
l i
noo nd
n...0n0 mallow comroo " Mlnered Welch :Mb. •
ISM herein gi11...M5...Neb oo el Limos Patent, t.l , beagns dant
Itt l eTth7 sfened i. by the TruneonoMeernor ' . hoes
h e r emetitutlng Use subscribers seid Bide Sus
shall hereafter oubscribe, to the capital Moe of mid
luny. their suceemors and wig... .
Maly politic and
meliorate, to deed and in lan. under, the name Mummen.
• non Emma. we, Mertens., aihnehly to the hers of the sail
Commosisaaltb, hereby appoint cad Aim balm that
meeting f mid entenibers to orlse saki Company rill
be held. at , the brew of Abe &sot of Treds corner of
Thhel sod Wood .mete, In the any of. Pittsburgh, on
Thunder, the tweedy-ant day of August Instant. .t tr.
o'clock in the *memo. end that ma eloctens be then
and theralield. 1 , 1 0 1:111 salueribers. the said tam and
'ort ' g r eird i glisisad k. Zlo t
1000!""b'd'i"' the
6: IIefX)FILILD, - ,
11. .6. BIEVEY
• 1.81AC1 . W61 , 1i7.6./r.
Pittohorill. Aturtut E. 1431—. ALLAN
Keutuoky_ffintual LifelneuraneeCo
GuARANTY FUND, $100,000..
IMS COMPANY offers to the ineufed all
the woustry and advantages all:valuing and Joint
tort Mo. fa. heretofore appluU) 'combined. namely: low'
rates of premium.; an mutual return in rash of the per
to atop reptirod for the uOuttotreat risk of She year, an
adoliate, bet not eittiontre_pmeitton for th e future ewe
'lV at members for the whole hum of life. with an puttee
Intoreilt to the accumulating fond welted to stalk
member., payable at-dmith. by oredlto upon their poiteleg
Guaranty fond &aloud for the rennanant opeurity of
short term members, and aiso. Utt,the Preamit beonritr of
those for the whole term of WO. •
tbi only glut.' Ws Inatinnee Company
whose mites of premium arias. at a fair reduced nand.
art. with • provision.for anunnnally increasing .ccumn
hiboof WOO. ifOr futon, security) to exact P.rottant
the amount of - business and the increasing tug from 14-
esnelFte among the members.
Pam ta, trams, IV-. giving in the plan and
yaks Company. forrolbo4 grab, appheattons
foe Unuranat received by J. TIABITr• Agtoti.
Wood street, Pitisourib.
cna} just
store and
the Ware•r~LL
. fl2lll l
Mutria n k ilnr . .b.lwive trt
o Any nerso "g.. rettrnitt :aid aq recatve. - the abo•
No-Ile Water area
SUGAit 15 hide. N. O.; .
et we by .2) bbl ' .l" 9k Vartilmittabt. •
mat Libffir stmt.
N a MOLASSES-1 50 bbis. istpress;)
107:11: br CUNNIMAM,
32 Wert,. stmt.
IL MOLASSES:—.2O Erb's. Battle Wound;
far deb? &A. CUNNINGHAM,
kagl4 , • Liboty onset
piNE APPCE CIIEESK--tor sale by
atil44 WO. A. IteCLORO k CO.
Onws ass 4 Tea Dania.
"lEEE TONGUES—A primp. article on
hand aral for Ink. by mi. d. lrcLul u, a
Saida -
IROL.TaND HERRING-1.0 kege New
nomad llerrinß, for Ade br
nal4' WDI.I. 7.141.111101 cc.
•~.7■tUß MANCH&STER PAINS , of differ
-OA colors. are solil by us wo to to ve the buyer an'
aof superior quality, at ► lo► r Call sod see,
lb= at lausla D. WOODS it SOD'S.
WEATHER S-54 sacks for sale
" .mas a. a W. 11AR861313T1.
- FincE-26 tierces for sale
iL sozs • P. IV. ASBAUCI
QlloAlit-40 hhdis. N. 0., itr ale by
to • ... is B. k W. o g.
CODA ASH-40 'etas for'sale 1?y •
to 884 • 8.4 -W. LA 1401):
HAMS-20 CM Oanc for ealo by
sairS •-•.• 8. W. W. IWIDADOIL
Q YTS. TURPENTINE- 30 bbln. in fine or
der. for sale to . ' 3. BCIIOO2IMANZU A CO.
'SOM SALTS-10 bbls. for toslo by
JUA sagG J. 001100NMAIL &
EMERY--35 : kegs (aesorted) superior to
that nmally sold in tilaztlitliar r ahl,...
'LEAD -1000 OrM
A im • B'4o JAN ' T.B A. 11U*111.40N tCO.
SUGAR -140 II& prime N. 0., in store
mi tit we bi
LIEMP-17.00 bales Missouri Dew Doti
ale by JAMES A. 111PICHIBON * 00.
. .
INSEED OIL-4200 galls. for sale by
sad .7. HID]) & CO., 61 wood
quiblcsuNEß- . -so lbs. for rale by
so g 4; . J. KIDD e CO.
CAILISIIEG-751bs. for sale by
iirg..7.14 "
TING-301 Ole. for sap . 127 D ;)
) ,.; ‘VDER JALA.P 7 150 lbs.„(rei){loalo
A.LKITATIIS tonaln boxes and bble.,
1.7 far we " DALZELL I 00..
saig4 Lamar .taat.
y p s • •
E.Cibbls. ' l7 . o gieutt own Cluifirr
— IS . A. uuTansox . •
COTTON--5 bales Tennessee, in store and
V . by • ' JONEI 00.
nicF,--ak tierces prime Carolina, for sale
1 44sizza A. utrroataax a co.
' -
now styles
mai pat/aril.. an pawnslty extended= WT. affa.d
at Val; I.londatkat
Baden Chola.. Tana Cbt.ta W. , Dobetatan Glata.
Vanatallt , Ont7f Silsowood, alas. and rapier Mathias.
Yaney Wort Ras.. Ayer Walgtta.
Conlontior ...pen. Boles. Owlets.GGttee Ornanienta.
Drapitate Y trs. Teeth Ennio*, ae.
Tanareta{do Art4ter tojalb . r . A.rame or dozen.
Warman Plat" Panel . Jam Parented:2r ,
with an endless variety • o th er •at low
Wif. WAR, Importer.
au 151 m No. Onatnarre at, M. 61.1.
• • TA. 11 • 'AVIS & • •
Importers of - Sand Canton Goods,'
Na. bi 11.1264 D WAY, NEI!" TORE.-I
lIESPECTITILIX invite buyers to emit*
In. their labt.
IV NET RilletoNS—A verreletrant asanstment.4
BLACK ,71(0N . D8 ItHINE-411 saltha and priely
th. Mgt amt. 1..- • . - .
• BLACK SATIN VZSI7NO.S-811.n. auks that htilbire.
loran. aVern ...ranch asti.glartana.. •
EGES. Mack azal Craysta, Nita Ina.
colored erap. C... Leine, and 11.0 Crapes. • •
• • ' CANTON. 00008: •
CRAI4I KUM* )114,0 80/ . 11.1p. unshed anba•
rain at' all war • .8 CILAMI:a. of various
tityttyn ativtim.
ut. eout
.. S. mecum.
um. u. ..
...„-Aussu mum.
-41,3 Alvioda—rinuaiapbtr,
imam -
Ti E ALD, BUCKNOR & C 0.,% Tobacco
commuoloh Iluichual.A:NP. 41 North Water Area.'
o. 16 North Intar... mumaAnth , ^ • 4.1t1
• Anierican Hardware. :•• • •
te.nt e.tmure:oaa. won b i llge =ft sol lidz ta for lm taa r.t.E .
eAvimidneet. Ilan the mianrAttarerN tr
1121 a
Npw York' ndii Rubber Warehmise,
No. 21: Najd , * Leine, and No. P 9 'Noising 'grid,
• YindeOrner Doe. Theodor. Factory 3:lsraetffith at.
TSUBSCRIBEIt, Proprietor of thin
telliehrocet.vmsekl Inform his old ostomers.and
merchants Mall that he Is dolly receiving from his
,pull large and excellent Mak' of Della
Rubber Goods menufseturot expressli to the YaII.TION
and width, front bath, Int:Wooed severest nett awl ha.
CV 111 =1: Ilra ne 0 I lk fall el 4
Ene f ial Oen= onatiou s es l a c k M a l to the roanones.
from 34% incesPe. " Ths drillorecagellf= b'
from the best beandbandapresal witb the Rost atheerhkh.
Oldies equal to latent leather. lie also manufactures
the snow , Cloth. a highpottant imprommentwes
madly shwemm‘d, by w bl ob Moth Mods to bear o
mot resemblance ao enameled Mother.. The "lath eat&
rode and Wei as womb Orders shook( media the misty
OVERSHOES.—A. full etoek of all the different styles
sled varieties. Cone the Imported Pars gabbers to the re.
.ffed allaes— Mee's. Warmth and
Chliaren= l . &wee. mous ach e eanwo. Netintea
ported and Lthed Rubbers, • , r
A complete sweetmeat or the following .1 oho&
MotatosbenOusts.tlete.DonthonDants.Llfe Pranwers.
D'id"Tf,l?ellon7er'rr. ratY j eettel e tresa --
de M.., Piper Golder. Al nerm, 'Done, end Meow,
motbar IMO every desolation of Dubber Good. - •
• Cole menufacturer of Tsatred Iletoftio Dubber Dow
liertues, Wader Omiyead• Patent
The Utorta will to tonna,. non etios and ons
male, of Mapped Hods. bleaching them and kreinne
them whitened soft.
Pure Rubber Cement for nat.* Mie. D
• Shawls! Cloaks! Mantillas!
S. MILLS, Na. 6 Corilandt York,
at Ma Rawl Wayabatur, • *alb
IFA of an d ter 1111•
Lana Rawls.RLßozaudallua of all stYl/a
at &Aga DOIDOVAO 'Wool loather with
• full fasartaleat af Fran& at al Hata. lag 1.41
Ilforlor of awry sonde-
Alma, In ilt•uplae stark •f_Coburg, Maim. Valet,
eau, .14 v•le t CLOAKS. 116NIII.LAS, SACKS. ltas
avaiaus shi. Lat manafeetand from Plata tate
tiqua al la awa tairoruWom. tatalwaS moutasealhlr PO.
Mere Weser.. • •
Ile invitee the special latentlem fanithean and lrelgtm
sin lletehente tts, share. ee the/ nal iltal ,
wet el Mauls, ant reaattlnent Innate ihrlYtedlle . .... In the city. e
AL, entwine WIRE SCIOR STAND.% fra. e t hihigtin•
Shawls and Mantillas, dnesea tn even eoleand aW
Onsob.. at 14 and .1a east. • jettn - tf ,
To the Publir-
he. been called to act stiverthenwett by Bosons I.l.Day'
pabilsbed in the Nee Yorit timid of I I th ALIN PAL and
lin Oar*, Ind Enquirer Of woe date. An which, atter
ninth unmanned stare of our attorney, We.. Ju rwO
h. asserts that w• data not Merge him with Online (3 Oa .
rates [Wont nor own name, that h. don sot
felines Iltssfyw's Patents in the manotorturie=wai
We no, poirbasel our licenses tho man
Wis. Robber Roses neater Condemn'. rattan, and pafd
one Eniacy. WA *nodally mt. IMP Ca the sumo and
say other Derma talent - have done tise mom it titer...o
do to, tether than pirate Inca Gorirear'a Patents. We
think It woe Inn to porrhrse a Or ht. In me a mild Tor
vatohnn to nonage Ids. Day tt born rirsirelin
.X.0. - kdsrod notalrear' nenti
s Night, Mae • Setaellaela.
wrod in tonne not to infringe his patent. U. is now
um,. DUNG not day to,l22ange Mad
bine. fot a hove non P.n...
W.tems oo .
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tnerffig • '
b Wm. A. B,ltiontattw • freannwr.
THE INDIA exams mea..oo,
Untehltnam. Presidents '
mieb A co: • -
New Toas. Juir Ifftbs WWI. Arffiffst
J. W. Holbertan, : •• •
Ka. 75 Maiden Lane, .tiin,
IMPORTER and Jobber in FRENCII and
1E GEM! VA:itT.OOOl l .O livnnala Toy. tilaoks Ve./
edam, ttlakin L4061.9.6..4 Iloan.,A.coaratons.
tag ilium. %Mims,
Accent tor 116,bee. lowa remit,
Manntseturor.' Arent [pc dzartlfanTla TOYS, firs.nakA.
Superior Black Writing aid Copping Ink.
TONE'S EMPIRE INK, 87 Nassau 'Area,
Sun BuUl New York.
pier ran= TO eva Mk.
56 ' 6 or. psi pos...
Oa Clifstialft.per ant.
This irf Ombra article anufactured. It Yoe. freely—t
Li a mind COPYING INK—and mot oc6r 6 iff. natal&
precipitate or decay, ILIA pours. all the qualities moan
ed Mr a iromi Written Ink e suitable fur Um 03111 , tab
unmade solapted for the Reel Pen.
The innierasned I. prepared to tarnish Mirka trade ei
ther Ler export or home
at 'the abure any
fon Mime. out ma prr 0,5.0. and nelineted In an=
of tbf, Oar tb. or aunt., N*.b.p. for. •
6• kers am 'Marked extra al nett ofia lizoixam Lkwr,
57 Liam. sivorrnotes
Professor Alex. C. Barry's
IL" storing, yrererilits sod lemattfying the tialr,endies.
tom scurf tat deadrufh lust coring of the SM.
glands arid mow.. stings. eats. brute. ars... *tr. It
h. been aseertaltad 01 ex - redolent. that Barris Vrlot , le
.nof has preals..l the same ednet in curing dismeeitof
kis, .10. of itre horse. end ell the animal kingdom. The
following I.linaostais i . *dotted 1001 hundreds of similar
~.r,;; r. the shin
bl 01.0ee 000 Lure
Wen It a tr.:
11Ser VS..
11...—De. 011-1 hare ban =Med with s cui
Immooo graph. of the scalp. of a i m. arartsrated eh.
leer. for the tut mite. years. 1.440*1. that rimiest
hare ha 4 the adv. of some of the moat eminent Phil.
Irt.. .4 hare tried all the preparstlons for the halt and
aim sow known. without thb lasitbeseelt. I wee esirliwal
by a friend to try your Theophere. 16kt .0.. • last
twarri..xl. to toy carpido sod syartficatk. linuallsayeelf
rural In !about two magi. Such on. the 110/600 of tb.
diauder that at times II was partially tdind.
hesportfully, you" II fiLIPELVE. •
• Oast.. street, Itecolayo.
New Wag, Oct 33. IMO.
Pear. Mimi-1110m liir-34houltw0years ego my heir
time out • meet deal, end ml heed wee ranch indicted
wttLdeudruff. I wee %chi by • friend ta try your Trlcopher.
ma, end I did to. end toll) astonlehment, toy heir was ,
thinly rooted, end ell the dandruff dlopi..l.
howl now shown for Itmlf.
With•rerpeet. 17 I . l3 L =t
033 Browkwer.
If ny lady tir ontlemito double the authenticity of the
acre a , they Ell Neese Profeemr • 0 Bornrtoince,
137 BTOOdUaf, NOT Yea, Ewe he Ell Produce the origi•
nal letters. ,
i tirsl Argue, Now
euro CoirISZI.
tont ZEE of the creel= generally, that bee mocha
the popularity enured by the ankle known es Protmear
Beiry'e Triarehencie , or Medicated Comecon& It lt
u.d by the nem elemet i Of lb* CCSOSilenitn 112
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tb:bsit, thungatoles lei growth to • matarkable
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t od, hold, dew worm, and other otroodolus Aeons
den Of the skim to chairmen, es wallas egleser. Amide
ruminated. It. Is cold la
tattle& rem inimut• et No.
37 hreadwer. end at the Dragging getierellr, throughout
C"TUES his usual facilities ia receive
as. &gra 19r. C eisni a avo Th lta bl 4fflidig_ll .ll l:r.
on th. Lath , and the Ininoto Coonn end RI go.
Itoforonceninloronoltorling: 401,•
' Monona A. Mune/.
Win. H. Huta
DmedslaDontion n ComA budzwas, aogIAT
Produce. Conutastn , . Vorwarilv .. llerchsats. on Me
An• to Alaxantler G 161 1 .14 ancttarros, 13toirlinx k - 00.
Plastropzt, W4:11
AVID C...TOTTLE; Attorney at Law;
and Commissitrovr fbr Pamathaufs, Bt. MV OS*.
conmuttioationx promPUT antwated. „ O=PaY
louN7II7R&N --- KIN, Attorney ma Conn--
.thx,t law, and Coolodattooo for . t.lro State o
onsTiTools, tit. Dm* (lot.of 111140=0.)
nefereoom—Vit.aborgto lion. P0rr0rt.11..14.. •
11.111 or. DMA:wiles • MaClum John B..Parke.liboals
figuPlo. McCord t Co. , sogl4ll
TOT RECEIVED, by this Morning's
• maim...M.l.A of Wiacti-
We respectfully Infarct our monomers and the
public g ener ally, that we have now. and tntend
keeping constantly. ae good are assortment edam atetto
mg may be found at any eastern establishment. Our ex
regusemenu with IDIOIIftaUSSIZ and impotters are math m
lirsgraut us in advertising that we am enabled to sell at
the leered reenter prim dead in the United Matta.
tire Being Heisted by experienced and garbed watch
makers, m e = may depend I: Metz Ouir Wsefebefe
W. W. iinIPON, Ws/di
if= fff. corner Market and Yourtb Meet&
sons arilda tan bo hid at lb. enne
litiliPtir a BUiLCIPIELD.
- V I OLA SPECT . OLES—A large =orb:dent
i =Arm .lil i t t rar, z i ptl=nr . kina.
.d to the 'won ....e6g to the rrin~t➢t<+ of t+➢uo~
szoe i . p..b?le*Tnit la to aids. , - • ,-..
W. W. W7lO
tT =tan
... . •
EFEEVXSCING 001001 LIND,. a i mbei.
tut., for mut [or rad,* bread.nk.,ke,, by.b.l4,
•nrintot pr , awl in dour la efoetnL 74.
WM. A. nrclunu
Llbaty st.
For Bale
A LARGE lot or. picoe ofground ottOste it
tbk sato or lb. city' d'filtstofottl i a
of kori on tattoo street. sod B low
to &witted stmt. !Thisprotterty Le k , -
the Old Beata. sod thWeiedoity of the priest*
of the •Ws bletaalf. DO. and the dwellhht bows of
A. W. Lenox% Ewt" sad eso be cud fut ealteblovenod
ember for the ere ton of 000 or two Umtata d or
Mae dz or eight smaller temeotente.
Torso—One third 10 bend and the Whom to ere !wad
esooot payment.. word by hood and
ISlOWNLwitmuuol r.t.
._.2.t5="! •
on Boarod
iot. ttlx,
'eh 15i1= 4 441
aka, wed me
nrentMAW , *
limarth And. Dear Word.
• Sewickley Properly for Sale;
MILE subseriber offers for'salOs fine Tract
of land, containing 7 16 sorra:being a pot . 'l.l of the
lateltenned the Wawa% no.. It:Un
VeLfolgo 'l a land, t iTenorren tht , Penn: 1 1 . la ar:1 6 Ohlo Itall
'road and the 13Mo AT.- TM natio* (216 .e n) [
'the wed. le 'MI adapted tbr fanolna pann*
* valuable Water Amer, with a toe Ban and Oil 11111. M
gad running Older. For gardene or pirate rentn , rad
derma* Mit propartyla we of Me nowt ewer etea, hav
ing seem to the city at,il. times. be Barred. /we. ond
Hlao Nor larm noble to NV; C. DUNN. Cron's Bottom. Bear •
er county, or ilD1). 11.111111,14 Vow* 6126 d. dm "1""
burgh.. - ana t
• Seven Valuable Farms for Balk_ •
-LL .SITUATED near the Ohio, and Yana-
Wean% Valtroad' to the ehialty of Salenh:Ottio:
entail:lllw from. PO a 2 10 arra ash. and he • good stab
Ale 6-100 TOWN LOTP,• between the present belie=
pert of the Tillage MS the Dtoot Bohm.
la of which will be told on ead• tee= for the Panne.-
•ere. - Wray to the Ohio and }beagles= Ballrost, 00 In :
either of the Raab in Pittetroro. win to taken la pay-
I tied ebb
to n • pheoe of gronent. adjoining the
Depot ground, to • competent man or =mum to anot
seat el,. bowl ewe... ' , tab • folenteda b• and to
M ate the tour and etable with water.
r le the eentail point
the titles of Pitts
bomb end Cleveland; also. between Plborch end Ws.
ten and the benent,to be derived from the Plank BAWL
now hang eorateneted to and re= Salem, =aft cae of
the moutmportantpolate. the line of railroad for strut
eleas IloteL • •
Sawn. 0...Te11y 1, '61.--ifeatednah . •
- - - - -
valtutble Country Seas for We at,Auction.
rE SUBSCRIBER, - having divided hie
Anm—meatwar 137 erne, Walled In 800 loin •
within to talented' walk o f the Ohio and Penneyb
nada Maimed, wale. miles from Allegheny city, on the
Heaver mad.—lnn choke Lea, centataing Dom four tone
teen ems each. will roll the same. by atallon, pinis ,
DAY, the 19th day of AUGUST, 1361
The land Is af excellent fluidity. end In a hint Ante of
cultivation, hayloft hem nein at wdloving . farm lbr
number of Teas. There an, on the peones Wye bear
Inn ordssrds. two of which aced the best9oalltTof fDIIL
it la well *dept.! for Gruntry &ate arDardening poojoo
as k tr . t . A=ft i lll th ris ar
nom,rtn i zegr i Vl te m kt.
nut paynset= tutereet, lo be eseared e by bond am
010 privilege. will be elven en the
l eret
/Fir 3 at 11 &cloth; A- 111: on Tuewiay, the 19th tInT
of Punnet, MI. DRAEMUU MY=
I ,
XlitE und=offere for sale' is piece of
roateinlea between Are end eis .forrea eitneted
pa need lading trom lillonervill• to Rest Liberty. with
-Ist elm ads of the Oaarst Rallroal. .Wlth a rront or 47
tron the rad, li is well maned for Wing oat into
ait lota. A Fumy of the ground mey be menet the
Beal. nom of • • WIL a Ml.l. a 00.
il'...ienZera *. • : ' . •
Valuable Beal .Bstaie in Beavet County
at Auction.. -• ;
nenbscriber offers for sale the following
~. shi—
n Tiro lota In Tartins. limiter sounty,be I
T ns loM
Noe. 3 and 4. bring abotd.loo feetunitarnen nbith Weed
ad one block of Sim frame dwellings, too one semrate
fronts dwelling, all two stories high,
Na 2. One lot 50 fort front on Meer. street, opposite the
abioreoust extending to the ton of the bilk
No, 3..Tw0 leash tots, ma 50 feet frcat, tranit
trots Me 1.61 10 law water mart, an the 1110 1... r.
No. 4. One valuable water lot. 100 Dort oO Wheel Neat.
with ten Asses water Powerettsellest
lot °Melte the water lot, fd Pet to:atom&
emending to the top of the on welsh le mis. tme
oro may brisk - Rory end ware-boom, by 60 feet, alao one
frame Om/Msg. two stories high. •
No. ft. One hors lot in New Brighton. flemrere
erg .I.a. 440 het ea arooderiO. Mont irst
smetining acre. on ehteh are erected two boot limos
*Mom OM mall frame boom, used se an efsert.
his protest, was terni=comorted by LC. Gadd.
tele, Jatii=tl. Mkt* imme o iiit ol 7
No. One water lot, trontediately below !Midas
being shoot 103 Pet In length, ansi entendlng tronsi=.
sOrM to low water mark. ar tonh , S i rdb,
If not sold dor* Tusday. die th MY of hetti 4 mbit
niatoil private irk, It will Own be amid at <4ll
- ola Lao prendme Tana at ode.
annOsitirtm Agent Ow Johnston f koalas:
Valuable Beal Estat6 foi tale. •
THE following &scribed properties are of
*red for Pia oboe easy payswato: • . •
fear story brick won:howls and lot. in Pittsburgh...
Ow swath side of Want ttreet,_between Fifth and ninth
ammo% now onewpied W. McCully a Co.- • •
lot in thy Eighth Ward. Vitteboonb.. hounded
M the lterninsttew Zoning Mill on the wed, and fronting
about 111% feet on the MotTnehela n ee
, Ator o. Arr o. .= the tay . oTaltra , ttttl . 2 - ,
itaerfl i gneson. u• rowan: Lisa to Wet. •Iley 210 foot.
" itelit. P" 1 7 1'
shins, tbe wood below the Maxine Llospind. " 4indstg
ow the Ohio rivet end oranalning about 11 seem
Also—A house d lora in 011erbee7 enr, now pere*4
Irjr . z.. - 1. frontinh . Beale Lane. and_tacht;
7 ELI, artitatahlr about
Aleo—Abet Olen awns of n•rfetisl to the tit) of fale•
then y. edietuin Oho residenorof Charles raw a, hooting
OA Plank Roo& with • larinewnithandanonly built Man
sion limn. tbereonow4 twos:orb:um of water It either lids
thereof. now occupied by n.Cintreh_ _
Apply to - • scrawl 11.1110 X. Attorney, &no
annisllnt Grant street..Piniennwhe
.. • For Sale or Perpetmed Leduc , • •
el In riot lot Ito: Mt, In the original elan of the horn
:2141 , abthr L thatina au both tdeeof itebettastrtet, and
Also, 'for rent for one or morera.tri,the rand. of the
eat 01 4 on extesuline beck to WV stmt.
netoanhd es aMAO. lul
rot-Lends, • ervpsire of Mr. MOZhh BOltht NM, tn.r
thenler,ferbtibtr. et kWOmar. 20.111
Tad ettesy r.aAt
. 'Real Estate for Sala
A ValtiAßLE.oalmov:ea LOl tee the
corner of and faotirry streets. PlftkWard,
crilgor th ', ' l ""thert.7 lAb.
j i y. e
r;o—the three star* Britt Irwelusn' Mew on Liberty
üboirdn th bore, ter tor e 3 lett
erre.. g lk
0) feet deep. The how. la lure end brine treat by
awl= style, and contains eleven room.
Alto-3tems of vary valuable Wad near EharpOurali..
Also—A Farm of 11S Wei to West Doer township.
frmoileo—A. Warm of ir..4 Unit* I..rtrano• ainnosy. tuna,
l aCf-31it t* fri Beaver eisalf. of 4asioUs alma aid'
mtg.. from duo urea down.
Also-12 ears valuable lots laltau•6s,lllbsols..
U"'" of inTramAX.
ittorearo at Ln .4 864.1 Estate AMU.'
' No. Fourth
r .
To tamers.. -
00VCRESFarming "
id Gracing
Land.}, haWarr. county. Inadect oa. th e
i cke:tizagrr,lFitt4, tvey, caw of tint York ..stl
AIm—LOCO Jxiim. la Pali. =nay, In we Oa
tine tame . tame . Maw alr i of . —. A. WILKINS a C 0... ;.
sail' • corner of Martet sad Third^ '...
• • .
.• •To Gardenem - • •
rVEI'ITY ACRES of Gardening Load, al
ready umies good'ocatlsstion. lottkok ow wad Oa
.44t for
tt " =-
quite at tho /101.1 lloa.e wum
and ' eoroer of Dluket ..1 3 111r6 rts.
• Tor Sale. : ..•
ioetabeis of the Fein:taunt Fire Com•
pony. oileet thtir Sitsao• Ste eala It is fa good at
2rind be sg42 eb.sP•
litilrf 11. Se*,
;LPS:tt : No' 409 Yvan street.
For sate.
DID ° CK OP BUILDISON, on the monad Wash
in and Pena meets. sod feenciag 'en the Pe
sy yenta Cenal. to tlis City of Iltosbna. • Lot trouts
OM hundred and forty lour feet on , Peen street. and one
hundred and Not feet rdne Inchon an Waal:dant= tdoeot.
'to • twed!Y l'"i".q 1)AVIll ram':
• •
For ale, •
AIIA.K:ERY, 'with. three ears levee et the .
• stuil:ouledetal atm!, Alleirhany:.. The Il•ker• ba•
• futures neecesary Tor do:1g • • !up ba stehtss.• nu
Oven Is-lane. and •-•••11*...1, io, she b. de. , Ett ,,,
To.. Yo , ta.s.p. l 7 to. BAIRD 4 IRVIN,
JTIT. .. : ' . .114 Beecol d.:
... . . .
• •
No.St Mar Arad. onolbor lot of Talent' Candle-
tio%Lilfrittlti't •
• T • Dallas Bovard: . • T, •
IJOST, on • = easy evening, - tither. at the
Theatre cm tureen iM Tbsetre wad Grq . et 'treat.
a g e rA h li T B ZVIIC "± =A4 ,,, T e sto "2 : =
.m some papers of oo but to,tne owner. •
The alone wear will be 1014 to whoever vnt a nta l rn it
Vi1iT40.863:-/30 el& Wine;
- - - " Var.llll4 CO.
C / e Br '' - i P i l r'TL l D' r a&;g e u b ly..
lIL PRAYS QUININE-50 or.. for sale by
- Ja01:.• Towniefid Sarsaparilli--24
O l et.tar.wer • JAUDD* OO .:d ~
tIIiEVSE-54 txmee, on consignment now
%) landing, tor gag L 7. %10.1AII DICZET avo.,
17/9 • . water slut Front Gtr.
No. 1 MAOKEREIO in quirt bbla. for
paleby .1841 AL LICYLY t Co.,
.1719 , Front OF
tho tierce or bb for sale by
K tez slut krcas
IVUTIILEGSHI . for soli low to close
FLA XgRFT) 01 casks warranted pure;
H. Z. SW Stool h. •
JUNIATA BLOOll§-2.0 tons for We to
tp. do r,bt tuteem a. .
000 for safe - by .
, - 4.1
VLAREN - WINE—A choice article, farfaut.
iv Mr sus; b tba Ca6ll (one dwelt& WA,
GLASS-1000 lxue City iuid
L .
akmr.aufauxus.. •
.:!ii: -. .::';, - .. : :.•1.':' ,, ;.•_:= - :' . -.-..',: ., :. , .:-.:.
FOR eiNCIINATL—The filie
__., , ,
downer OENE V A. Wiekkes. muter, ,:• .. 446 ,
loom Ibr th e abonsadiatormadiale
on this dor, the 314 h0t...W.10 A- .11. -
7. ,
'or toght or pasonootgbro , dol , ..
881171/. B . NWiIiG,
.lamer ItLYWIAIWEIL; Harldt.
master, will Imre tbr the ewes end to
medh= We day. the net butt. at •
Foe toe seem+ war ba.t. • ands'- ,
jr,R OINCINSATI-=-The sple&-Alhi t
-- did beer ual light draught ate= bat
ZNK. tbotala 0... L. Wili." o4 ."
leave for th e above am all irgetwadlaho wants. tot Zvi:
den the gal. at 10 attlotk A. 111.. I
Wm freight ' or rava- J. NXKIVNJONge eg , plf oil beani, ar K. Agval
Sale, o
17. Is
lilns boom'.
cyst:nob, Um
istdort, Irrhs ' W for the 4'
• ‘ iCV •I SI I
win:A party on tbl• dim al 4 o'clock. C. n.
ror Arnett or pones+ W,II on NAM. n° o9
yoR WHEELING. The. fine'
1400.1134 ff DIURNAL. W. S. Omvell.
Irnrd.7.l.ltlatr '4 l= v""
tle 4th daT_of
*erred az giobile
SIIMPIETI PACKET—The tert rumble
WILUIVILLII. Cert. D. Yumut..iii
ma a• • regular packet baleen Pi itabgegh, Whoellair:
Brahma:et. ig.dualieb.laurin PittMt.....,..".7 1 ".=
atteuncou (or Wellnille,Staabaurilli,
arum ghork ,,... laulteracam , ax alanibenviD.
sad &WWI: tearale, kares gl .
lgtVrel lush
livery turatar anerseaa. sad farocash
iirwrg,Vrday aftuerma. For freight ar poseur. aaPir og
board. or to I i rig I W. B. WlllSkilat. Meat •
Third ets.,
t rim,. Ins-
Boma R.
...rics a.
WY the
en of
amber on the
bet and cold
ElV"iVlgran:t lP 9Ml
Intermediate pnts, en the flret ries a . • "i 4:
} l r y2 "ll4`"`P tn=rnai&Vrairstivat.
desaar PILOT No. 2, A. K. Crane. master.
will leave Pittsburgh for Wbealing. Peptise ard Bungsh.
erery Tuesday and Prtday. at - 3 teebet. r. st.: returning
learn tinnlish Wzr Otet. Wheeling . and Pittsburgh,. ev
err Wedneplayand Kl=War.atlOdedoen.ll.. ir. Parmunra
..1 Au g= depend upon this best running regtdatir
water mum. . ,
d' in '' l '''' ln,litl:it Or paal,Sre. irDIT WO board. ' Mtn,
ingbans. bis splendid hoetwasbaUt b
Ow owners of the steamer Jaw Newton end °them Ibr
the Cleseinnal and Plitsburgh Peeket tnall and will liars
mar Wednerdar Ix tlineinnall, tit place the New Tar
Lad N 0.2. /or freight or:pareme,,,vpitewAnotni, ce to
in..-2.1 ...21 . 13Knuan. Mae- '
- •
mi a ...l t a:LIN M a llit S ZCZ2r al'
b ..
rill city. and ' IMWerbrlitSlitttlatial. at 10 %data
awry Hetalay. Wehmetlay Pri, and etegnlng.
lama Wheeling ery tatelay. Th7 i g m d
or .
enah week Pa rk a lalanaffka on
Iln• ANEW 1 , A131/1
41 ,..ny r ' d fat.. 611 .44617=, rolock. P. 16.
lot neighs orsmosse kOlkY
.-iaatao - No. 61 Water and 63 Yraat sta.
name cum op
A MONO the numerrine I:UBam:cries . 94ileitee
luse node in this gwernetteu fo ladlitsda the business
of 111.. /mete its endotheoft:thd semi Proineth the term
of human wee. time eau hemmed of more nal these
io stanked. than Ca conhibution of Chendetry to, the
Mailed Art. • root trial of lb rtrbus armada this
not econtry, but deem tortoni a doubt that no medleine
or combination of medicine. yet bhoww, can meanly car
'tied and cure the siumethos =a lath. of pulmonary dbease
which hare hitherto wept front our noldet thoosande and
thousands oath year. Imbed, time linow abondent pa
gan to tellers a randy has at length bath bond which
no be relied an to era the not dente... &Sections al
the hats Our than bete will DA Pa.ava to publlob
mirltheleortin of the cube ofhddi by lb nun, not we
germend the following Opthionis of eminent bah mdthfth
Anther earthy to the drcular, which the With below
Maned will always be pleased-toforth& frecorherrin sr.
foil particulars, and ealinastehle proof of these Luny
Pent 14 Prudent &rod Mem the celstrafal PRO.
• .j mom C. Artir-.81
n I turn need That Ceafry.Pectonal
In my own ease of deepaested B.rmichltha and ant athistual
from its theasical medi
I.e tation thin an @desirable coos.
• Irssl " opin= a. lo bdkf a th super pe ior shandy, 112.11 in My
vervice, Toth wia v r A ti a , riwirtga,..,_4*
howD.l:l2n.c...lttr.....ceiebratedePßOFLEZOßlELMM. X
Yale thlkun blather 'of th C realth rlll.=
Pdentilla ..rtim of Athena end Snoops
dean the ct.r..7 Pectoral an admithele eon ton
from me. of th e last *their in the tdderia hides. end
• to
thertare ratiedy Ith
thee of Mecum ft
. s ham
ded to to Pew Haven. Ct. So , 111.19.
Amos PAITI3O/.: Pufthiad of the 8 C Soudioeurat
test tie bah that the Merry rectors] .thiremlerfal ono
TOR to ace WS inlts=3.ll.2 of the
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radon of many SWIMOWN I 14A It will thee
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Prepared end aokl ley lallf.B C. •1101., Prerticalthethe
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1112TCCE. 00- and J. 111. TOWNSItIe /
ShAllegbear flty.. by H. P. &calm= and J. DOC,
alt gad ley•Drentalets idolawthurT
ELLESS'.VE.RiaIFUGE--"It has never;
in Waste Instance, felled to expel wnna . •
Cabal Onus July Ya.,lllly.
Ur. R. E. Sus st—Yon will recollect that when ere
were in Pittsburgh. I. liorembeiltat. yon Peormledon us
to try yoar Verstifune. ttst Its virtues. We did so. sad
thsouch the Winter ..'aid .has we purchased. which
Care It a lair reputation. In May last ere_purdo.d.or ,
which was disport./ of iistanedisirlr. We then ordered
Woos. et Web watched on the Ithtv of Oa portal swath.
sod on yesterday 'we told the last of dos- botllee. We
now wish you to sand as by the acct We conveyance.
dos. mare. We find It so valuable • matlidne. that eret7.
Ferran of • Wally wishes to hare it Is thp.r ,„ =ttacton.
Thaw who Lave purthwed It .rind be y
to give serilbuttg of its ezeelloser. Out or tbe,gusatill
we vended. it has news In starts Instance, failed
to expel Owns. •• •• • 'alt . C. MILLEN. it 00. •
Prepared and W.l by IL E. SY it.vit9 No. b7Wocst
sue& •
To the Deaf! • •
DEAFNESS" . _noisez in the bead. and all
from the enc. opoectily
osonniu=lnonTrritgout pain or inconvenience, by
U.. than.. Prk.CP:ll /twist of *he K. Y. Eye
Sorasty, end of 99 Arch st, Philadelphia, begat° antionnoe
sa ntniare.dara. The number .t uciporta of the
owe sada Ws esn on his cromt stint. thou:ratifying
mown of micas. 'slab attended Il l s treatment. hose do-
rend him etlissil , te his return. stay, bass 'rill da.
rend Moab costieuitionse. end it setll be adelseble
jar them "rho midi to consult Wm. to.tuake waif calL
. Ds. LI. mar be consulted. unlit Tame, notice, in Alle
gheny. second Iniek dwelling beyond the &haat gown,
an babe.= street.
A Valuable Improveraeatin r Thames.
DR. TURD'S Improved Psiient .T Rif S S
a n RUPTUSZ RENEW. by whkh a permanent
ears can be. effected. This Tines is entirely &Want In
Mem aml principles of extant from other Drumm, basins
aU the avantage* of • Indlestfolated and aniforEi prate
nom 17. vaunts ma be PO mutate as to en mos and
comfort In the wont dlalenit cases of /3ernia, and osts
Incrosasd almost any Sores desired. The Tommme a••
tooral. and bans .bro
td 2it o t to boar inattedlansly u ser the
ton at alortits.4. and
and:r 4 lntst tride r and
nt es= ,
By the me of ads whanapplisd=lybY a slOll
- th• wearer to placed be the danger of
attmo, cs any other dangerous or painful soap
ton. winch is not an stafraguent mensenos in the wimp
Mg of lily adapted tresses- • It is a very comma practi
for pets*. ahead
This is
to must • teem salonte
ply it thamselsem This is • Ind practice. which cm he
men only by thaw who ondastand tW anatmoynt the
pmts affected in bend.
We would moat rssomtfally tall tbs attention 011%14-
, dans 4.0 this Tram, as we know they will apprealma Its
sal.: We also have • variety of aber Tram at tits
lowest prices. /nlaat Truk. tent censtsatly on hand.
140 Wood at— Pittsbwrith..
, Dr. Hard'a Abdominal flanOrtara.
ly Orr thi rota of Prolat& Uteri and all than dbe
sad. caber.. Snackankal my part to the Abdominal %loan
L rewired gin perfe4 Import to the ablaotinal
organs, a=ar=ll% ta t to t ter=L late 2.t.
are Pro . lapais Uteri. Walla/ of the Bowels. no, Costlye
m." Pal. fa the Beek and Spine, lassitade mod Lame
Weelloss at Prostration. Brooahltle. hbottoosa
rat Breath,
Palpttattas of %ha Iteart,Beerelean. sad Vara diddlitl.
• . . • .140 Weed et. Mahwah.
. • 13elleie Liver Pi ll s: . --.
" 119130301Wg, (4 ,. /a Pittab./1/hJJa.ili• W.
Ki l l: : IL E. SELLERS — I take WS OppOi
- tunlrf of Untiring in oo of your Invaluable_
. AbaOt two yams age, I was taken down with
yowler inearomethn of the liver. and eras wl reduced by
night tweau and other awns of tat. drtedful • &sue.
that my the wu derpaired of. After other moons teed lei •
ed. 1•woe advised by est. ihrefelan to ter your Liver hits
.and I shut SZY Mil. &MT toklax one alla • half /
have been revealed to reasonable health widen I as
thill clam ' 1 therefore tate pleas= to
the lo others al bead with deem°
J °P OIL'M.I3 err. • -
Vows reepeettally, . . i IViLIZIL
• All other rum maw. niver Pillar are nounterteite or
We imitations: The gond. ue• reeteered Wood *Old br
ITO - , • • IL X. OnnnnA:O7 Wood et.
X. BadOel (successor to Roussel) Perfoisiei
i - the Handkerchief: ,• :
LXTRACTS of Rose, Orange Flosier,
h eroine, Posl. Verbena. Sweet Pea. Vanilla. Pah
. Ylaket..lllonotte,Milialleurs, licearr.Pinhatta
not* bkounet do Wait" OCKOMCI, Ilelletsovo.O.dns.
Dllosoulein ita.mitzr=ll Ca rib llfaemlit
gtltit:', Nr47.%4 1 Jenny Llnd. lkea.
and Patna bluely n one owes* bottles, Otto nloso .41.
.to. - Ail the above Itatraetembiel are only • Put of nu
worm:Lent. ane of the tot? best Quality, being manes&
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with medial een , The atonal. gale. made Lo Ude
rotor?. folly test the high timation to which they aro
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la Rood
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edved sad for salcat Fa. 7 and 9 Wool st
• : B—We invite rho ettration of blouse mei Stramburt.
IA thin article , whkh we here been wens for el.
wade of Qr.. month. and can recommend for
to White Ina paint In .11017resPett. lmstead of ebrewbtos
.the belt Iles white bead. a.. whits relied. erg conx
onently bee a brother and 111.6017r1111.t. form. It acquirer
emitter hardens. end is more <tumble for inxide or °own
work. It will mot. rub *MA:4 cen be wage.' awn., tn.
m nob we it Corse more nabob WWI enwel weight, it
i. tea& u cheep ar white lamb
. Pita Trod Mineral Paint. •
THE subscriber, haying completcaliis es
-1.; tabll.hmag. for the propsraUm. of the above named
much. neartta brad of Veinsi stmt. Alletbaze ,
kt. throush his agentk dtber ,
gronsut l / 1 • +AK= C.
teMee r" b ri tt '''" lgl a bay,.. l4 ttsa lr : C4
SDA • ASII-450 mks, of our own meow.
ut.% Trona:Ad of hist tea.
=I l,a sal..loinot souk.
, .
Ititnulli , ailthillati and LoutivilleTelt
Siff SHARES of th. this Stock wanted
the , Wiens* Of. of , ,„,
Ola Ali SODA-400 cooks for plc by
br AOLLLNG POWDERS— 111:1111 0J° Y
ma coaks
WOOL! WO . O f Ul-faab ptsidf . F t4e diS
CgriORATE POTAS — H-50 lite. for sale
44fAlinatt= 4 00.
• Adirs Medkited Livid, Wide. • .• - I '
• „
II i IS ARTICLE is intended for f trimly u m i..
• •
. 7 - • .0 ...u.5.r .b0011 ,. 1. fouod n the .5.k.a. P3:::::: ,.. 6 17 . - .
' y a 'ha land. Mechanics who aro fa nalstaal dander o p t
to ma of tools. eau Ihnd this artials to be laval, -
le to th em, and alher a fair trallyetil eraaidar It. lap.
rib,. =V nerd* that ma. Ma • anahcall. timing Err .
, lisently nada sue of Jahr. Medicated L Ondalaeltral 1
Ipared by Mem. Pentisid A Caso i := o %. , .
cheerfally reeocaneend it to OUT.
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St. o.i
OUlliUli, M. ' - ' -• , '
'Y''.4 •,! , , - muinzo_N E.R.L..•
cuswo .ru BOER.
ComorlltAs W/ha nratMabut pitricland ha . Meat, Of •
Far oda by •I! A. FAEMICIK C O.?..
1. isll . . - meow EIN Waal and rand W..
IT IS put np in gnat bottien. - and con!
W. the ahreuith al see mire ar teach Pal
pratn.-11=7.;,!Tra.,":•....°921, •
been a veal N.M. .- Y maiebal
wLen put, aml pee. tr.weeparea. eras We
plenum 16ir all dimes trimusting trees an .
state a the blued. the - toe a eleerury,lutuelati ta l
aka, evil baba.. in youth. learea Wo. .•
assert that JOHN C.111(412 , OLP 841264 LP
"-MLA is the oxLey prruaratou Deere tba public that la
unneued OD •Qietly eeeturine DOTID OM a =Libras •
eteeeeth• Tbe easeartrtlN 41: el without mud ..
tee urea. and every puma. D.I.D • I aged. Lt__ •
• ,_,enhiere to
the strietat thiml•ftlete. TA. -• uelea!
bean being rued I
Bair. o-estus' tee; 'tit snail
ether valuable armee. yelethes aereaus tha bare mr.
=",,,:Mr41.1" t aegr.tai eeeeY,.wad be the
, WILL Cif aZ X11 . .11061 ' TAIL!
or Bllq K.U. C500gn..4.4
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, ex latent:6=U
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' III . IoO th
re=rtillag a. .
. . •
.. . .
. . . ' tlit.=. '-- . , ---
' ._ • the use of
PLIZI in ins Ms e=liii, .- .'
' . . ders. Genera eblln.T. Drnp/ LnLen. u . a ._ • •
8 OungXs. Codds._Westos of - Esed,, .•
ratat,aary and an oilser disown tendlajg tit
Lim blorlaint, - Innale Irreaalazitka and aratplintb.
Mak and Venous Undsclu,leirligeity. Nicht thnats,
liconcr. banrudeace la W.. catrustalostal ►
Nom and la awing and innunar.dxind. ands lieffillegr
br the imam. and male .4 yleslstit mnt.tilk flag
t rriar to. Dina Lick a Om—mmo wear. az ,
The Ibllowbut It the verballst capy of offladoate now be •
the paneetiou of th e =Order. of Dere r
Am Z. W. Rath ts wtd.ip vevrollite..3 Ike
elogsvut and atho.pauthl wthro. Clear& Church. end
It.. &Stevenson has been Inunne m cos of the neeetlh
oulanted anise.. that the llontacky Conforms
gicrs ,'' ! ‘ 7sl.l7=fla. , eVl U' ot n ig '
Book llan the world prod., better, ars= .
uthlduCtotT lath:amp infarct, l ray .o.thatoet
Atter Tcanspny v..s- via ...xkv• aloud in Fervor eir
11.:5-13s , thatirathos.
Londrds, lday
We law. rued John DON Sanewarilha and nave kw. •
Me Be go. vitt. entre cetlotacto. and we have no hes •
Pathan In eating that we bellara 11 to be • safe sod
able latedthal orcpound. and calantal. W prothes aorh• . •
good .11. Teal.", rkEldi coated= would thong. '
chrrtully Lod rand earnutty- it to the ,
ast. • rr:f.dbrtud.)" ,--•• V1at0..,,,1f
=LYNN otta. . • '
.1316111 . 1704 Cal= amt.
Ho. yrs all shako a 0100 beradtal lad.a
fray caw. cheek. Itow often du we ...mon;
estedeuttids Mtt ?Mos.:r u n eoZofgy to .
it=ll. to restore to tem: a eon= of %at dlonee
has dmival then, 0f..1 that great 1 sti=ss
the so.. 1.111 Streaps-Ills lathe beet
It beautifies the the attn. tk . reacniog tom rertitha of '
soorhid and &nasal matter the Wood:mai. Ups..
latelthy. and TiSo d 1.011 , 41r1 MAMV• O
thin yellow and k courdenauom
the Edorm and freahstwo of youth.. L.s ate.= the .
gee of paints wad mister... and ow Bollb Earspeaille.
Meetly ofketual renely.. ward to the wipe to am. '
Irene and &Untie enough to theta..
Tetfimony Like 04 Following, genders ate
012 Cosuaizi im f6a gficiracy of Bal.
from Dr. 1,. P. Ytatotta. Profs., Of Chemistry WO.
• Loelsrilla Weasel 00110.0.
'lbs. looked of e the 15st of hustalienta 00.00100
John Bulrs Otatthenuel Eatenrt or sompolinkozatumo
besitstion to saying that they fora • mt. coutherancl, and .
one that Iv.. well to chronic Macre, e-to which It le
hot a. g t de c.. .. : , P. AsD ELL. ,
WI.DELf PYLP-4. .i!rst;osba aaPooratutc. fothdr.U`
Jkaiss boys 41 407L1:3 BLILSAPI
Lootsvata. Navel 23.1842. "
I have eras.. thaprzeontebon for the streparatket of
John gall barsapantla, at al I belie. the ei.btnation to -
be. oxalic. oue, and well calculated to produce an el
isoProadou = the touwne. L b.. rood it hothetn
wbLc and privase ',mut, and think it the best article.
Iter=USense. 01. PYLESOL
Physichat et the . I.OuisrUle Marina
J OW , Iff.P.4S7.IVMIRPirIZA •
s 31.1X)IVI.
ISO. We. staled, Pittabur.. ra•••• W Celesale end 9et. B
—rord'ale by
'CIIftRY azl JOS, ..150170LA.F.5. '
rte. city. ard. by Dru.niistil generally. jell7llM3arT.
,• •
7.1•10 Meath. lonott. Inelpiont. fkososoidkot.
Ennotortooklauconbaariflattoe.lerogalattlenotrootito‘ •
intootiouonce of.t4itte.thtutrol PO:tlzolimt of the System. -
Th.yrotoot 9Ditir.and Gloomy Stale of Mod. are nasally -
Dr. Gupattes E.Ood 'of Tam Dock ood Sarotpon 7 / 4 .104
4;1.1 Immediate raief br re:Lela= tho fount:an of lobottlt '
sod atnength. tbo blood. it controlizorbal htunato. An.
stousto.rol socrottoro, And pen beach: sett. to •U`tho
It. powe
Ite nal ar&
lterative oroottetaok render It tooollorly
vale to the slender and delie•te RaiStillltio/2 of the Ilte
Itlroeeo•tely counteracts that dtttenetaillel7o l 2.
tom sad Ittnitode too twatmett to the foliate frame, any
impart. MS =era 11.114 bII.OIIOICI u etoprieing•se they
'are grateittl. We - bat* elide.* 'On Me which Wine. no
olooz l 7 to We toectictra to taastiol *alga .
who have not been Dlesetd eritti ofttoring.
proMpeis Uteri, or Telling of the Womb; of Antrum star.
Mom euredly l ,Guyints Katact of Yellow Donna • -
Eetraparilli, ate: every other biota remedy hal ban •
'Wet:coons. 0.. tn. 110/49..' . •
. .
... di * . that MY yds. stud - 27 years. bee suffered
utter the above coMpleticior bre years. !teary. all that
time conned to her bed. • I have for four Janie constardly , •
employed the bort mean! talent that &old be jianntred
this section of the country. 'without any benefit'whammer. •
I have also Pitchasid every instrument feemomended fir
the mind such dismiss. all of .bob proved *cattle*. •
In the
. sprint of 1148, 1 on stidund by Pry friends Is
iry Dr. ill:years Yellow Dock spilEarsapiadhs, whir-boss.
run Ws four mamba. After elle had used ICI= aboat tam' -•
stens; hems evident tu al of tie that sbe ism improving,
affi ••,
from thla time she improved rapidly, and gained dash • •
arid stmurtia. Until she La no adorns Mott et:ant
We; being neighbor* to Wm. mat Jabi Monfort, ltume
'that the above animism:Ms. as to the Mena* of 11.rmidum
.tort, and es to the Mire being effected by Garrotes Yellow -
Den sad Zumparilla are mil:rift:rut .
small Avancsa.
White Paint.
4-4 .• 4 . . 41'. 4'
.fring's Eolf-Carte of O. M. Leonard.
• .
• • 111.001130. OUR. Des 1,1349. . • •
Menem B.P. Sennett tOrn—Gents Some time 100 1843 •
I waiattacked with Magi Evil in 007 um. which Mame
so sore I could not um e .' and in 1 8 1 3 mortal...aka wt.
I employed. at Maryut times. each =radon of celebrity'
within my reach( all toil me my aim most P. ampotated.
Traci the - wonkier to the forearm was full ot Mid=
this to
wee.-otraingth at m was completely askant.
ed. alai Saudi
qutil Ist% slim I raw an edvertiument (Onleoteil. ;• •
Yellen Deck udtlerssperlll.) whichi read. and meet for a •' .
bottle of the arida. Daysotab Yellow Dock nod Saimper
-rillipond me;.took no other semely While using it; ,
ud fit myself perfectly wee beltw wimp the .loth but, , .•
tbs. Had 1 used 11 al the List •Pptalyasa of the malady, I . . • .
am sus it Would ham used me nom years of palm end .
udeling. I most weakly recointund map person gm'..
Siring underway =Mho disease. to me Guriott's Yellow 7 :
Dock and tesemarilla. which will macre than to health.
Yours. to gratitude; 0.11 LEOSIABD.. • '
.Cup spin aggros4ed case of Erviindeu. _ •
the Ures paformoi by Dr. CuProtge Y.PYraci. of .Yellow
Docks.= SasuPardlo. aulastiee. She mead's gamma .
Math continues to Mute otter di...pi le .
Cu.* are not 'ehronicinl mall' time hae fully Waal that
Mel can he no rein. or rttura.f thedfwr
Piemiat. Herkimer co.. Pehtuiyy. MO. • -
B. Y. &mutt a oM—Gettla Itis with greatpleaum
rwrlt. liar shout the way lmppy eflecia'of TOW Yellow .•
Deck and Yareapanlle upon my eau,. wbohaelang ham insl; •
taloa Under that drultel sad buthmena dhowieelitTidPo -
am with which he was attacked amt Was for me .
al months sttendedtry ems of on: bat phyWdens. who -'
ried thelr skill peruse:l=ly for fire moinbsOrl,thocci WV ,
beneficial results whaterrer. He became reclneed m Ape` •
fort skeleton. 11. hal:alarm foci Ws pep - to hi. Usk;
whichwere omtinually dirhan4isa di=tatingly offeneie•
polo.' dledical sad surgical Skill was bridled—Mundane •
std it.. hi. pea on. hOptlrL, 1.10.14 could bi nothing
duet o a ged that, Mail/o gumming idorri. Myna** ,
has and rayed( thought lle dineolullori , near et band.—'
0005 (who had cured a child of
with your inuleablemedwine) all l-000 to make &idol
It: sod. mom from the tealms desire lode wormthing while
life bubo. tn . ,. Coma any bops of gating .u.r. Ipnaond
t i..bAtles of your Yellow Dock and Serrausilln. asfi '
commenced Ming It; mod to my astute/wank he Amgen
to implore helbre Install mat We third total.; am; held*
be MA used • half doe= bottles. toe amid walk out. U.
used to all twelve Wiles during Ca 700 1849. a= by 00.
tabu 'at b..waa berfeals mst o rc o L F• O 7 ve4,11 o t .Na
alma. except the enun is remorieh and he renal. it
'Perfect health at Ws mums time. gills recovery, under '
Cu Mesa= of find. M entirety
owing to We nee or your
- Yellow Deck sad Sarsaparilla; axklaboall.loa3batt bet
under greetotaiimikca. to }oil, end it &with mut
joy that 1 info= you of ' , ha
lasi= eon.. . • llunettl.HY. • •
JA.111:3 11.1383X1.1.
5414 by J. P. yeas. bnieusur Sanford a PalsaYourtlY
udWallintaieeis.Cl=husti.Ohim Deocriddgentlor the
South ud Nest. to edam all orders mat be addiusect:
J. xida t 6, B. A.4llmeitoel k Cm. Jones. 1, •
wilco, jr.. Pittsburs.M Lee L Beckham. tillegbanY CHM
lenehingual L. IL Bowie. ilniordown,ll, ,
{Fehr. Grreosbureg 9.'Soents.llocurut; Beak M
(win*, peed elksa. Ilontinsidon: 31rs.Orr, Hollidaysburg
Hildebrand a dniiesum Wright, Hdrassedm
L Co. ViOgiiVinerg .1. Son. ligamouhlamt
, Ilcianded ASb. 5. Callender, A/Amarillo. Dorton I Col.
We. Graham It Yorker. Mercer; Jams Healy MCD.,ltille
km S. Smitlmlleenin J.O. Brumisertoo. Warren; Y.
S..kou. Coudersport. Y. Crooker.ine •
te"FIYO4 4I Per Botik;.-Si.s .Idindis for 35
. - • • Beyers ' Piano Preceptor ' . •
111., u SIEBER. haa . just nceiced.Beyere
know. la beg work of the-Weld reer - Vitahhett. '-
tea. welt twelve obe of the that sumarhat catopowera
for ; bum , eta rovita.tco bvze euvtled► watt
a evenly lett by toestutlat public, eh: v ektoeuts•
book, Voyager. oad iblerestan, to the smog. both V ka ,
thke amour
tog tat kozonduAteilou.and Irksome tret. ettkle
de saktplaa Vsyleig. The tolkwhv ?Maga who hce• '
esamigt4 the vosk.ars referred togh
113XVIVVIX4kbagg4gatbga reaelZoth— jet