The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 21, 1851, Image 1

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31 ; ' " 'Attorney at n 40ffice
I nia Toisr9k,rt:. lxihreen prattellidd and dri#, Attf
403. WEAVER, httolmoy at
, I;Fourth
rtieitoint tb.lfarcei ClLlkeef - Pittib Cy}
oat attended U.:m=l;4lr. MY 'Mks
' jIItiCIIC Of QUIPILLXT. . ' I. ' Al= •,• , 11.0&
ti.of thaloutblrsi, P.l I (Line of • • • P.)
LIPHANT A TAYLOR, A , rnOys . at
1,...-oakair,i, - Youxcheitreet.NollZi. ••' milkirood
thalthe.l4 arrems. Pit.t.bantb. P. . I ' ~..'
. . 11.—'4: X... 011phant,ts Commlinioner fo; tinkrinto of
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MARIBOR Stov lift, Attorney et LitW,
Slati Oenuarallexua far takir4 Depatkos.
onlylethratants •Thiiclig. Ofik.—Foustb Istrart44b4n
QH.IN-N4 COLLlERirAttorneps*.Law--
0,-F; WHITE, • Attorney at I,Law—s-01-
es.tifttZeTl. ° "' et, 7' ! . ,v9rh•thAltrAis,Fsl'
.P. & - G.,• - L. B. VETTE •
vat .e L b .:F . .l3d Real Estate Age.2.l •
TAw.LKtrriN, Attorney at Law, bffica,
tt Wein,. 1411, araer of Grant Meet 'ad Dismosuf
•FRANCIS C.FLA - NEGlN,AttoinePittLatr,
N 0.1711 Posmit erlavel, PllbOurah. ' ' I '
teallf e.
I . TOW & WATSON,: Attorneyi .t, i
l t.
.. - Mill* 'fourth street, PittaboW • • I - !
rOo: orrlma c't " itr WV.V:14.4y" " a1 4 17 7 1j 4°
eannetts4 tletanlT. Jarboe,
DWARD P.' JONES, Attorney
'Odes 6rt Volikh nereet; between Wcol
GEORGE B. ARNOLD k CO., Bankers:
tour e t.tgrat taV,',=l,Ve„.t,.N""c2
t•ltlim IL' IL-WILLIAMS" . C O. 'Banker,
• and 71neboina diro'ram Scat Zara norm opitotal
ativada; inuabargh. • -
i 1,-EltiG i ßanitertuldExAmare
v) V 1.717.6 street. nines Bank. ' B
'Te.;=l47,"- Btr,,,rmghtlarLm.'s4
wd I = 7lft "*"'
[+~ ~• ~~t .rl!I
V • S. k CO, Exchgngo Broken,
seam r...d Cartier of Third itrul Market A:n*47.AM
'llikl:401•ILES:a SON. - Pullers. in .Forp'so
• • bad Domestic UL U. of
Bank F yede ; No. _rienKet=gB;
the United Stun, - •
RAILER & Baaken and Dx
...rheum Drokare Dealeic in Forel= raj.lbmertie
of Y , e , sage, Corclficeres of Deposit. Dank
Dem, comer of Third sad CfcC4 Meet. directly manta.
the DC. Charier Hotel.
seran.i. , - ,
.. OM a./1,111.
A/R, T D .!b IRYIN. , Comanssion Merchants
Brokers. No.ll.lE.cand sheet. Peaoaal sod
~. Zst . " - escusitios from 4100 to *lO.OOO *Mira at bead
1/1:13i111 PALII3I-.1,--192,11.11JYYL:.- ' -WIC. IL BM.'
r Air.„,...,.11.A.NNA & CO4tuceessa* to
. Iltuaer. llama '& Co- .I.ll,ern.e. =creme Blom&
dealers naEme,l mad Dentlenkt Ereinafta. Cortitanee
of Deport Dart ?Actor, awl 2p.0--North Went earner of
• Wallsted sh•eete. Curran limey received on 0.
gm nr..-eopgairray.......-.. , !--
The Willett prctartor pe4 J.) ra:mip 1 ... d ,6 = 61, ...
3' ocea. „ , ,
.• Alesuotatunbion onuogomente or Padua, ihlsgai eon.
TAYLOR; Coriniission6r' dad Bill
pu, 112 Smarr itnerrt.• Strict ottrotkor rbo
ergo n tossinom antrarlad to Ms cam • Pittsborida
man wilder ohm. on load or rootorred at short
rolloo, Notes. Borolo.-.3.lOrCirogor, moral:DO oo torot
ado tenor. - ddrastoot oudo. if required.. •
C..,STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stook
ton; Boblerellon Stationer Printer. and Maier, tor
e nor of Mar moot rhini street% lirtanurnn.
JAB: it: HOLMES' Cheap'Literary Depot,
Mad stmei, opposite the Poet °Mee. No.
, Books rn
that= y 4=psfefss . .7tratUrhed r" jthe Pagroe.
HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
IteCTS Teartb
lir.of of curets, on-aothx. stm. Boa[?, a
. 0. Maas, !a W•retb.,s4ye,No.B.s.l:mrth Aft
POINDEXTER, coineiof Waterand
a 41arkat streets. PitbsbutTh. Ommssten Alm; Fos:
asseau Horst. and for th• pureham 11114 ale of nor,
Westerufirodev.lran.Nallt,Gla.A and tbsonsrad
artisbta of Pittsburgh onerous.
Atso—Airant. fbr U.k. Judea h. Itarpre& C 0.., and I.lffil•
son's isslebrated, !dm.. and. liar Parka , Phasubdpkid
"rim; and Jolting , & Po:a pselloVha. 144-tt
A. „XcANULTY doCO--Trannportera,
1/04*Iiiiritn4 sad Ccecon_ belgnii,lgnbanta. D9O,
&dn. osaio. [do 6
zePeftand&toi - Merebstax; a 1 Pater strict:
H. JOHNSTON,,Forording.Axid
ml_ on 3 1 72 4 f,t, #O. 112 1!..em21
KIER . JONES, Yorwardink and
selgekha Mirebnab , . Deena In honn ur!l Pitts
ifonuf,attredyticlins, Canal Dad., am famth
acwc Plttoburat.
AMOY, JONES k CO, SuccetOrs to' At- .
• wed, .7noes A Co, Corruntgiiori snd VontanthUt
,Et~4 a Ps.
Piturtt ItsAnhotared Goods, Pitts
MASON kCO 'Yhoteenlo raTii
11106.. In nwy 1 Enspla DrTikods.'allarturt
lusl 11,11.11 lig Onals.)lerabAnta, ante of totgitt
let /I{lWil. ittabnrch.
41 ''L_PVIen8T8L
- HUNT:. Dentist , Corner of Fourth '
• ui1p..h...t.,,t.t.r.e. /dulcet itn4 renittiwu.
111 .
. ---.
Tr ..--. -
co AURPHY Dsecass and
ocianir.on Merebailts 'for the Adel of 'Atorriccc
Mob. tio. 130 Liberty Plttrburcii . .
y ld
• .*: yrTypvitiwsroEr .-Iyot --gerounio,
~...1,01,,,,r, lavl tbdor.:slPtingM Wt 1e r.
. atTampi V=344lll3"'''''
f:ir:i1;J.i:S~~:~: ~~a.`~:r,~A
'lVi SON
441.,.. 4 1rrig kir rtels - and .
and ICrrt.PltNhursF- .
- #)1 DRkLEBS
M . A:-.31'CL1:71:04.. CO., Giromis and
it ligLarhgatt' ar.*4
cooed Rae 'no.. Also—forZga ntlits and Nags,Wltal.
We sad, nP4l:;Daslets aapplard cm the lowest Watt .
, „..:,.. .....,,...._ 7.1..
4 A. 'PAIINESTOOK .t: CO.. Wholesale
.Daces. awl maccfactuien or Mite Leadßed
burs P•,,, ,, °C7'..W.'"!"4.rnne'''''ZMU.
...E. =van I ' I c. lenernas.i •
Ez - McDOWELL, (Successors •to
t Ken. t. Enver.) Wbakiala .134 Ltstail
tmealptino • . wroar of Wood strut and Ur.. • 40.
W Rt Denl
erallT i rAlisra b ilyrop
*I. And, ormed& Iri& • '
ItE. SELLERS, ,Whi,leitale Dealer isi
s DMV. Paints, Dia EOM, 0111 Tarnishes. sa, •an.
.P 1 Aron, PlUsbnrst4 P..
NOTICKERSEIA.M, Wholesale Druggist
. eee Dealer_ln Sends and Agricultural Imam
01. 164 wad )114 Ward of ath. ,
n unz'
and Retail
i mturisth comer of Llbert7 and Bt. Clalrko„
6CIIOOMASER& CO., Wholesale Ding
ell slats. Y .fI Wad PittabstriaL , •
• wie. =wow wusole..
& WILSON, Wholeisale Grocers We .Consmisedca 3ferobords. Juroota Dar wall. of IT
Pores Powder, No.llll &wad, awl 147 Front As. AO_
T L: 311 RF, `Yboleenle GrOoel, Commineion
vl ll.~chan [, ~nC Baler in PaD.+YM Ba¢~, mnar• cl
Q,mr—Produmand Commission Merobants,sad Desk
as in Pitteborrb .11sunfnetured Articles, Nag. iso sad 1.7.3
Beosni stmt. between Wood sal Psolthaeld. Pittsburgh.
So9] 4 O6NIXILT4.-.:.-- DELVOSTII. •
1 101 IN S. , DILWORTH & CO., Wholesale
Alickask Prof ass sad come lierebsats, sad
ma , As• surd
Cc. of lissudvills.Ccaa.,.N
,Wd st..; littsln • . $
liu4p3 E & ENDRiadDi t ' Whol6alo
sad 4
06a6mbodock Yerthantk. 006 116 Wata
and 160 111 nmet, Piluonb- • '
firat2 MAIM CottotPr a 67 Wmiter at
716" Ki.
ACZ ,WATT: Co.; titolesale Grixere,
Ca=lidon Blercluzah,
_and Deehns Pxdue• am
h flaunfachm. N0..556 Libertr stmt. IPUI.
8.1 CANFIELD, late of ,Warren, Ohio,
Z;s,alrr UtZra 4 71="El fexL
pat. eod , s o
Peal MO. sad Western Prolnee . I,l7ster stmt.
Q. F. VON- BONNHOBSTAr. CO.,- Whole.
gama4o .ln.P
gam Dealt= .In.PAttabargh.. and wed.=
Prolaps 0,3 a, rorwr of Front otroot nartehtnarry /Am;
remit DfififfiVai:Vholesl a er
0. mt .,. Merchants, sad Dealers is Peodsof. l
107 Prost saved, Pia:stared
NOlSSElNtifiritta f T, Lite Englinh
amanitas Marebanta a and Mallen In Yraduce and star;
bunch Manufacture!. faa. ttecond wt. and LM First at,
ICILLS ./r.,ROE,.WhoIesSIS Grocers and
i-tommlosioic, NaZT Libe rt y .te
' OBERT 310014,, . Wholciale Grocer,
.'lteettrips:plAlller, dealer la Produee, Pith
' aeal '
. ardevt4W+L . On a
d3l •• • Al
KOEW - DALZELL & CO., Wholeenle
03131m1n410u itisr.hanbAealres fa Prolon
YirtiDarß Tduqi factums. No. 253 Ilberry
tSQ ,Wholessle
tri.Tttettalralsetures; HoNfi
.n.---101111 4 oatoaara •
ta.a.„wooattarta.. ..... trastara
WISS.:BAGA_LEY Wholesale_Gra
;ma !.)3 Wood'irtnot,
Jaws ;atm:cum-
WICK: &-•2ticCANDINS.C, estecesiciis to
a..T. D. IVkl.. Wholemde Groom.. Ter.tuding
• ana Oaccimlakm hlercut, deem itt - Imo. Nail% Gimp,
Conic iliamsocrul • PiDabangh ltaaafecutres reseralla
• • • of Wood gird Water streets, Pereborgla
/4: eciarrnm-.L..: mum
tieti,i,m ad Commiseicia licrekaups, oaten lnrfo.
WO. and -rittaburgti-lananfecturni Armies, 195.14betty
street, tlttalnagib.ra.
j:• WILLIAMS di CO., Wholesale sad
• Rotel Groom, lemur:llas oad tomosinlOo
arebsott. ant Dollen Coantrr Prodsto. arxt Ptitsburgb
ilsoubetunts, eauer of Wood sad Pittabanh.
113113.Z«..VX1.*. =MOM •
ItOBINSON; LIMN & CO:;' No: 255
Liburty stsmt, Pittsburgh. Wholeads Grocers. Pit ,
acss end Cacualsiau Alegebauts, and *slash. Pittsiounch
Ilguntregum. •
ir- do B. Fiat, Wholesale Grocers, Vont
• rolerion Merchants; and Drake In Produee— Booed
ofnil Balding.. front/Dino Liberty. Word, god birth
stmt., rittsbargh.l%. • -
Joan, • tau.
JOHNJPABS_Be CO.,WholenleGrocerir.
Dealers II Proloa.A'crelen Win41.41.0n. 014 WIl.
=shale and Beetled - pullers—Fs. 5, Comasereill Ito*.
lincrurt" Mu/m=4.
if a 01.1 s ;14 kiWo :44
JOHN H. MELLOR, Dealer in Iruinn Fortes,
Mageelntrcurt to, School &Mu. and
bUli...y. Sae .CSat for. tea Pluto Zones. Ibt
paters - An uarytracia—No. 8t Wood. st.
SIEBER, Dealer u
-4.1 bontramentt, end Importer of Pallan Perko.
.tret Mr name .1t Ovles mead and ovum Pim..
erns Colemark's stokart Atrrtment. Alm, for Denham's
R •
ILLING S,. WILSON le CO., Masi'ufß-
Ivan all tiara jab, lacface'atal . gi.a2 ia
.ehalr, and lining nag Enid:Lag, hob.r.aal
naa Haug door barfil and lathing b. ala - lina 3d Fat
24 blad Yana. at.. a. •
at LlP.P22icarr t co., No. us, Kafir
scriberr nesstedaderroidd keep condantly .
g h s trakl=442l=r=3 .l ll4aati tad
Copper No
and Tear:Barrel 3.ledsre Copper wed Z
L•hos !Win Pauora 51alers' Paints: Bkryl.e_eardorted sires.
dr-. r-..e. C.OIPBELL. cocas A
Wprobour..s9 Water stalttenersh.
ICENNED , CIILLDS'&. CO., Mannfactn
nas-orverr =mkt. 44 Bbeetinv Carpft
unn Twine and B.a. Tenn WI. Polsburgh.
M. N11126: --- _
_......,......' .....103, l. raw.
ENES I.t. QUIGGe Man'ufacturen Or Skting
..a ow:E.:Red. ilowch=4 Pk.W.g._.
'wad .EUptic &pnnia . Inn. , ' 4
lenlran in Ilflabl• Owing& Yin Engin. Lamp., anti
Mach generally. earner of .Itho and Pnet r. 0.,
Mob . . .
rm. °WALLA-LI WORKS.-sea=
net. Am? & Co.. Ittnaninamsof Soda Agal,Bleach-
Palmier,. Mutate and Enlptmia Ada., Warebonn.
No. 03. Water st.: beim Pens. : • ... , -
perms a~aa~as.
V V Baismel 0111—Imparter fad Dealer ha Thrush
end Asserlian PrperMaea. add Dada; Wlado•
Shadesd Ere Bowl hist", e. Also—Writtag, !Maids.
:e t i le 7, i . ll , =e Pasted,No. SS Woad
Pa. street" between /math
Men Titteteargh,
CCtWS4 I 4 4 OFir6i:44i4
TORN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the Lae
VP ,Erl• and Mellon Una to Skase, sad Um Lsksa—
Wks ea tbs. saner or Water ssul limlthAskt sta.
pLEECH. .VO., Transporters by Curial
azed lkornuttluir Metebautm, coma of Pe® street
4 4.8110Wil would miustrespectfallyirifo,ntt
tbepobliethatt• onhendattlirstendoo theory
-the Disdatnata Allesbens eity, • complete emortment.
of Vraltilla bllodA . allers Varditia 'Mutters an =de to order
lo the best etyle.. Intruded equal to ear 'in the bolted
States. -tho Albedo an be- removed 'without Use aid of
Arrow &ire, !Laving posabsee4 theiteek,lcohy andietext
the cabinet Artabilahment of Ramsay • Metaelleod,l era
mewed to fortiletathelr old el:Waster. is well as the sob:
lie st large, with wren. thing In their lina,
dame,. No, ArcOd street, Pittsburgh.
josEpu JOHNSTON; PinCHmealta
PP, man—Rearlderine, aim.? Third Areet and rut
ILOstai, for We.
, rVM7IXT767I
41 . ):131 HARDEE, VeterinarySurgeonilfie
ems , Edlubortrbi , Poot t. land" wo•T ni
, z=gr i Lo.
%ors .. pro th lr 3" anct% a. careful =ti
...rtut.a to him, D.
BOal g * F i re t tletal cUrfol Fen,-st tta comer
of Tpaoct nrcettod Ponorylnala
Fici:DAyno:lsW.l . 4:lB:o
-- _ . ,
NEVILLE JOIENSON,'EngisTrii tin Wood,
Philo na.11.. ( th lrl st4n7.) Pittaurgh. Pa.—Vlon , of
al Inge; Munn., ands of Shnna , P.T..F.X.eink...
Landpeapn, LincLateia. la colOn: bni. A .4) ,J .14° ' 6 4 ,....,.,. 8 r.
eidles. pada...B.mi= Cato. Stamp& 1165.1.... first -••-
of art,..l at aim imnat ;ayes. 5 5 55• .5 • : • .
, y Edablidualnaittlad die 4 otePodio the Not
On.Mi.t.burgh..n.R..../.per, Portrait. non. MN.
latindA. Label, Ardatecsard sad Mariana
Waning% Uneaten and Viniting Wax,• entravol or
anon on Rom. nun- gnintoi In robry. Gad.
lilack. In t to Mod 0pn...1 ntyle. anil Um wont reidot.
i•bh. . • • • . An9:l, •
:Wegner, Buchner &Mueller's:4 .
to their .ee 1 41 1 , 1 i gt ¢ ll t . 4st tbs . /.
a parrared to casouto;in the Area aryls of ir art,
orders for barmy Cara. Dfraesosai Caarla6 Tkaital
and Professional Cants:Maps, Charts. Lsoels. tot.
71.1 r establishment Is at ha Ca Market strut. bate..
Third sad Toartb starts. LIP OM"- Wbki , r
Y. WILSON, Wistchee, jewelry, Silver
v v War. 31111tafr owner of 3fastet;
Fourth Et mt,.l•lttsbarab.Ps.l4. s.—Watoussol Clocks
c.ffillr- reedit. , ; • -• ' •
jFi:43I.F. MARSIY, WORKA:lestib li shed
1832)_by - EDMIIND . 1511.F.12:h,
of Wesai r- Mallet. • Plttabugh. Monument& Burial
Tombs, Headstone& tatalautol Rene& (aurae d
Tier Top& alsrags otk haat, Led male to older. •
A dace setecticastr Drailtzwi qa boa; 7110
G t r` . y`~;Sc~.,~.'l.`''l
WaLlt. Nclaight
TW-ILL. give 'special attention terne Calico
ucc a claims Ihr Iterehalsti and - othrts, Waßt
wLhula god tibia: • •
"0111::la 111eb.,43. 1 1•11..?pp0a1ts the N... Court BO."
Pitt.h..o, 11
Lefer.twer--Jait. Mortilaimght, O.N. Whit..
ltr plisnytan. aid WM. • I.=
- ' pectin 0: Beielihelm, •
LIZFORMSbis friends public in gen
. nil. !hit ttu. memo! OW *On to Pena vixen, Pia
ant to PI. CLit Hotel . • • •
P. M.--Pecan. bytelated to tilm fci length of time. an
narrated t 4 with. the r accouttu. • ./7/... 1 ..
DrEitY & CO. ,i Agents for Me,
dunieirrork Wort& Weep rietcriily .0 hood and'
.S=IAVZ I PPi... k Parlor quality. 8.1
• .1% 3100 re, .
credal attention the feestment of dinceset of sat
tom and children. end acute ditenert senerellr, as well at
amain and .dental dleasect., °Mos on And...m e tre,'
400 the 6
Or t0 M 4.....1 ' 2L 76 7 ir47k L P.7..4 1t fd'or
lo nifL A-11'."
W ILMARTII & NOR, LE—City Flouring ma. No. BO Merl/ entniAan.
101101A/31 max - CCivil Engineer,
nreyA.l.n 6. .e.t Practical 111n11 . 12F.
hU lll4lVere woreNlaatuna lla n ye be
foand tedirt.llo47 6P. !C e nt his renklenco . No. in
Kerb.= UM% rob.
VI'CORD Wholesalo ; :. and Retail
XIX Ifonotertarers, mit Dealers tom ttalzp_end Port
corner of Weal and nu,
oaten hill and mewled tocUI lints. =. 1 ,4 17 , 11 .g
rW atet t7 rn of Y ttir Lemma end purchase. nem ,
Imdrh4 Mere that Ibey trill tell on the me wince
VITM. DIGBY, Mereharit Tailor, Draper,
TT sad Nahr Ready Maio Clothing. IST Limn* M.
I Card
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Mai gild dwellia. &ewe of Darthigtoa'e row. Na
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D. Myers has periestvently located In Flttehargh, and
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ONEGGER Ir. CO., Importers Of Wines,
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GARDINgg COFFIN; Agenffor Franklin
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Btounboat Agency, and Shama' commie.
don, Receiving and Forwarding.
grALDWIN; PLUMER CO.. have this
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Attorney et Law. N 0.163 Mint at.. comer arCherry
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Perstssttive, and Railiting in Oil,
R. D. R. SNITS is noir prepared to giro
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Atkinson'. nets MIMI= First street, Wyse. Wood and
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LIGHTING RODS---13pratt's Patent.
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• ' Merchants,
THOLEh...ILE d . in Groceries, Glass,
Almr Yisk"Holt. run., sot
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• Owl: 10•11.11 M• made ma consignment. -
iwtte to; all Ateembasts and Pn.pelleoniln the Lokelln-
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T.ll. Howe, amities.
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No. j 9 Woc'd and, berm, Era out &maw.
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MANUFACTURER of every' descriptioia
of COOKING sromikot ProPP , 4 vat=
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EatiVltS. among which will be Ibtled
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Storer. Radtetor. Fraaklio um. pl.. alsl taxi (Ire..
to which we tont. tbe attrotlon .of builder. Sea KArttle.
Hollow Wont Wm.. Do.s. whieb we Wylie
thirattebtlots ot dealers Wore buirlsnebir ao. when,
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Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE vulentlgned have just Completed their
V.A. •"!
...1... tKr. ....wytarta. ei .1.. or au ner„..x...
9.301.1,...1 ether Flue, wad WI Wier of
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Abides' _ t PlTarews , ..l.l. PA'
Rackingham and Domestic (Omen:mare.
afaetcmrs a kook:to:he= and Yellow Cane Wale.
Eser LIMPOOI. Ohio.
Lir Salmipler 600.14 corner PUP, mad Wert! .tracts.
Monad Church balklitts.) entreat. ,nest door to J. a K.
Floyd, Wbolerele Grocers. ; •
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abler us to keep pace Wi th ell th e arrest:l tmltmort tiro.
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Brortf .her, sad &Aides for aoatottie use, in great weristr.
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1: 1 1: 4 .1.:44V5 1 :010kEDIA
For Bearer County; • and adjacent &untie:.
THE SUBSCRIBER, haring bien.lcicated
for Some two . yeare past In the Portrithing Bortsishof
heir Brighton, and resided ftromire than twelve roan Past
in the r , rtnitr of the came, mid daring that time his et
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suer• IS• sum ima,f_ralasol• Iced and One ltd.
&nen to the '' Bl:oph and nelghbortesid, for tsle at low
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teleti, tf&l.V. l ntt.b - 4, - •
Itrannt &Arens of porstmalnit do wed to call sad
examine fir tlarresehres. /JEN/. EItADFOED,
angl.st6m _ • Boat Estate Soot. •
Bolivar „Fire Brick idanutacturiiir, Comp'y..
xis. Z. 111.181 f.
THE ;SUBSCRIBERS,' basing been tip.
pointed Bumf* tat lb* at amid concern..
two anistautty unbend a eorsity of t h e celebrated Bolivar,
Me me aim prepared t in rnsee
o rewire 'orders for saki Oriels. to
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beirm.PUTtik.d. - .
We dO not deem It nand sary to
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all klm Many W
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bes: W een born offered:for .ale in the llrdled over
Stable. their sore.
rtority being well 'known to *hared. all papaw mho the
fire Brick. 111, prop:imam Lave determined that the
Briak shall Ines pond of their present enviable mutation,
and that no expense ,ball M .pared to Rinke Mrm .sera
better thin they Bare heretofore hem lab the cagy
establishment now sonnufactaring etre Beek at Bolivar.
'meh7 Cons] Ilasin. &month et, Pittebora.h•
W. Londoi Raga Lever Watches,
• Rovergortif obi Iratait metal ,d in PillAurph
poi 111C11AltDSON, 81 blarket street, is
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yrell Rood. London. • •• '
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14 . LILT= I. 11 . 11 1 1. unless orootopattlel
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latiction of the . Wig—DIXON.
HAVE FITTED DTP, (on the New York
weltllisg=tor . W a arerscone for Um se:A . Cor
fashionablo parlor; and nor= tErlareateuS
most superior aeoulment of Win Bo BroPotede;
Prowl. and Germaulloitmst 11e LAMM. LngUsti Desomke
Ilarame, Cbrotors, Turkey Bad (Buda Mug., Gimps of
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arid styles, Deior PIMA. Window tilimlo and OhodacCortain
Borders and Mende, Carton/010 o,LTaralls mid Tomei LoApo
Cord. alik and Wanted. - bed Maras mid Yringea !lap
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Comforts. klatraweo. Bede aod Pealdiron.
,All orders thankfully rewired and pp:ltaly (Med.
spin . . NI7I. NOBLE. ird etrewt-
ABIOEL KROESEN keeps conetnntly on
band a gon% oalortstent or.W - Lod Bath Tulsa
orra. bframlart. Vat Well, Mich. or Draw %lobate;
Wooden Bowls. Churn& Dry 31earorra. Moe and Vherrt
Wula Donnie, and WI abet tilld/f a wan la Ma Doe.
Harem., bhuonla foil, ;DU, street. Pittalmrab. Pa.
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XII N. .:dackot Anat. betvoon Autd &cond.
' Fittet.unds. Pa. . • • • .
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Muratori poid to odd aunt.aunt.ll.loo—Drans
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. MITI= IT -
Q COLVIN, Goa hleichants
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'owner or %Vont gavot oul.l Wsßlalustkrn Tu nn ike Ito•
me.r. - .
DZl.l,ll[li.. COIN, *ADZ DCrlEfl, ao.
Fe ',CA.:Katt:Seal as Dank of Allessroa.
Nobs and Drafts collects , . on all - carts of the Vow.—
wow Oswald and sold an 4 ee • Istdattnl.
. .
' •-• ' J. WilsOn dc Son. .
3VIIO bE AT4E and ratail itanufactu-A,
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Lharllss; Ell aell ' oa tlaa mot sroloosulle t:erias, ,•. .
New Chocolate Factory.
10. N. 01AMBON1 E CO. respectfollyinr
115 firm the public that thei amnion manufacturing
C OCOLATif of m'a. g quality e
One mit prim. This I.7borolana
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equa l Itafossiture the
goblin that Ober IllM furnish al l If not suge.
clotre beet Imported. and at • 1.. mice..
It I tor sale at r. hORELIt4 (Riad. Semi utilllf,)
No. 112 Fourth et. up Halm next door to the Slant's ner Of.
Pos. migklut(thicia
Tin 31114,1SER'RETREAT. in now open
gnu.*Pm Abe meodhatoolatioo et 'SALMI. The teatity of
lima bete much lanntind br the addition of
to. Shrubbery:and Month A largleolleelion of met
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modem. ghtabbee, of Um choked Mods, are
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thegnote lesteln
o ily put up at short mtgs.
nest and mfortable steam boat LINDGET, leaves
ulluin betaken Pitt attest end the Aid Allegheur
at the heroin& of every bony —froin 9 o'clock, A.
11 o tit iftP.ll, One usiza etery,erinting. at 0,11
etsitto . thi EmoteCUT ate limited to pay
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213 Ganien h. kept on Tetoperanos principles, and tinted
;=7) - - : - ,sT. cLintcirTuT,
. j(F . ormerly the Exchange,)
COrnei of Penn and St. Clair . Streets,
14,41 Prrralnnion.
IS apacione; 'central ; and meet cantonal.
rimak 11
e 1:WIL.- baking bens doataatelT e.. it:ed..and thoroughly . roaltadi .ad Improved, la add
open the isoolipidioa of4Onalle.
ThL:obscritar loom sod of th e OT. CL AIR
HOT 1.: tarotfolly lama Wendt sad the posits
that hat urofthed tt In the Oast elegant sad Kona:sir
We aty Val atoldoTod tompatant assistants and Mouths)
ssul fat to' Normals. sad that-h• tall] 700 exertkos
to math It eutul to any hoar la the am .
Tilt es]] Immo oath.' bath= of %h. ootd. - Sad =s
teaks. of Its arrangrotoots. nrodertag It Oa tocatasairs•
his stahsa to tj,,,gler* Or pirtlll#lls9t Waders. Indium. him
to acdacit sod hope for It a Mosul !Lure of patroosoo
aethtf. ![ - s ' 1 CL A. 1115NNWTT.
fresh &kit:mann f Spring Goods
TT IOMAI34ALI‘i,e. daily receiving
eo= he m ve t
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o 1 55 h Fau;
.140telt Third and Ira sired+, Pittsiiirgh,
ameenomie his preilhat triode:4 theemost beautiful
PA ~ ,J1 HANG WS that bate enamel in thin mallet
fm itar i log i.4. The . La i il i e . rtu=e . .e i rmly mid the
bitty, uneathed.. Piom 10 an d operiO ' hee la=
mane T O this enersetim ke of dogs, of which a. more me.
mut Indement ran he termed by slight than deseriPtithe
the attention of merchants -and home Meyer. to ire.
folly ;invited.
[New COaeh FaetoY — Alleghezi'•
3.1.1: A. WHITE & CO. would re•
epoetfuller infirm the Ingle that they have
np Mop ledeet., between - Federal ma nandetty
re l non malty and are prepared to vendee
B,T u ' L 41thtenrcao the t t;
to th e mannbanre of the * bore emit.
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- Peyton attention theteeteetion of toaterids.
need nalitor =Me bat enothedent.dortonne, ft., have ao
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Ot. Itopoirthe don* Iu the Ihoot manner, and on the
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Tr URGE( 0,0541E1101AL Couning,
d enrof Thltdat d lefattert dreeta. The only that
ttetton of the en Pittsburgh.
s leontraelohn /Ideal Inthvefter In the
O. Clteanebeeln Pionseed o Pmennianthip, Mercantile
Alit_ ,e
laspoto, Too, Lemont 00 I:olattoltia Law.
Tune tee • complete knOtrleagis of Boot Rendre
atayzo==lns toe == . ..t i o e . te •
Leotta•nro la =llene eeery Monday Mennen,
Bott , oonoo to nay of nu mktg. - At der nerehante. %Ka= •
. .L
1 .. ErtincturioolB32, by EDMUND
1 • WILKINS.; No. 245
.Liberty et,
• betel ofWond !Iran, Pittsburgh.
o i blonninentealtuielYeAlie.Tndostones.
1 I be., Mut% Pieees.Coornr mai lier Torn
I always on hand And made to order, °Woe
- r ! choicest Plartden, and et eery reduced
ac,..r, r. w dOrwelw en
i E. 8,1::::: ( n -----.-„ •
~._ t.p.„ tx. . 1 , 1 -...:,-,- . ---, :
F .- ."-
Dan llsotnerllentor clortloci,
lion; Pudite Wilkins ' Jot. It ' SleTken. '' ..
Ws); llobloson,gr., big otos if.,Kerr. rag, Atrbllort.
John Amide..
_,en Cash . i L ...i. ,__ . a Pons, Dreher,
Uttsbnegh r A Balm. do.
J. ),..=„;„..E4 Eoi i. . ,1 1 1 11 .7.,A., ' 2::
Robert 31elolght, bbn. " Wo. Beasley 1 Co.
Joebletintght, Asp, Brazing. p. T. mo_ocoo a c 0... .. y honn. Ankh. /Abates ACo /mires
, b. Lotbrop, Dn. Allegheny.
' El W. feels grateful fir tbs en? littera pstronen, n.
tenni durinn nintsen 1•1111 to this eity. Metros lad the
Lava and hen Jobs toonastq to his ears op to the ono.nt
tiro, so 4 will endeavor to resider ellithellen hereafter.
• (sebum Iliarawcoms 97 Thad Amt 09 'M.
J. .W. respeetfally twfanas his friends
eallneurn that tea has now completed the
and Laud stook af bowitelsokl ganitturs orreVeni awn la
thi aal). as be is determined to rahold the Apatite with
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In Agog and aim OS. exteed of Ws orders and %dig' , In
niaaufsetortng. be Is enabled to prelacy, wormed Tana
tars, b•loveart
has adosted tha prindisis of ktontlfying the eastree
en' interest
teat Stiff of p.v. o f
t 1 1,11 . 4g. th: ret=t ' aitir.Li
oat and away, that • must. or any part al 0n..-Inay to
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Parlor. drawing. dining and bed4ocas Asia. of orto7
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est:diem Catteletwakdos. Tetawdela sal Dallas of the band
/tench and Mario. paterrig Tastaes,
ladles. polar SY Ming Desks of rations Lavin Work Tablet ,
sod a.a7mWd salads. motto Kandy. and holden. marble
(my, 1ath.61117, rnanrond 01101 *Waal mat. awl on. W.
tam. extension dining tableg all dove( ttis axe leaproval,
and &Mealy the bolt Mal made; card. Pembroke ball and
plea tablas wartif i Zbadsiewls awl washstands of each •
large assortmest le lan and •tits rwmptiou ebairr.
ottomans sod wastary sod Wait asee.side bawds,
fire Kn...., awe/ mks, hat Malt, and male etoolt.esibs
and osts for dada= paper Marko. table aid tea pors.
natiegsay. nom End, and inlaid prat' Sables. lee. Se. Le.
large astortatent of Common runtihmi Witaisw
Chan. (hand magartanyplied wigs all articles in ti.str
goo • and Hotels. luottl.hol at the obtatest to , tboo.
All cotton procaptlf ottrodlool to. .'162
(4EO. E. ARNOLD & CO. have this day an
te firm wilt yLi h
b with tbwm JOU.% D. BCOLLY. The ..tyloof
ore Mom.
Pittsburgh. 711ar IM, 1911. (.12
The undersigned members of the late firm
of WM. XoCULLY4 00., hare tido day entered into Co.
Pastatendup addrt the dna of
Tor twee of ettantifutoting dewoiptiorl. of
4 171.E14; 130111. M. AND WINDOW °LASS:
rrom r long experience In the hula., thief Aettee
Ills lees that they con furnish articiew In their hoopoe]
to any manufactured la the ConateTi ead hole , Ar p.t. eirki
attention to beteln ite to merit a than, of the litend M
e:tended to the old trat. fly a dlettlon of the Awl,
DO IWO DOW prepared to fill all tbewnlers with which tior
frientle tad ettetectorre tallf favor up
WarehouwA NA itit Water atreetvrarlga
Pitt ' sborith lm , July 1,1 , 15 L
The only real New York Plumbing Petah
WTIERE work in done on Srientito Prin.
VowAttrtsambost Plaintluillu itaTranchia
done with weatticas anal dlapatola
Bathe littad o 0 with *Emu. fr0 m .. :..._.{)t0
Stands, ditoplrta
Malta, wait n or iron— •2 to a
M eta 24
Hydrant.. 6to 7
Kitchen Usages. Cut Iron Urn, WWI Trays. Ilot elr
kureww, andiawl— ripe. 0000100.0 aad put us , u alio low .
i7Otit c rr lat — riTt up at tba country.
• --P44" I "" Tl ition Alk W LgY lira /Wit rt..
.1724 batwoen Wood and Naked sta.
llaeo[AY AND
m MANUILE FORKS-125 dos.
triawr oaleforit 010 l Stamm Parka.
t r
7rePta t .v.yAw,- -
varier &ram
For stratums of Walt and lotolosio Woe, Yorks
earovot aorprao/d; =I the low Pl. at WR/ob tt.T.
aol4l. m oat hums th eir lotroductiott. ateakar_'
• Remand.
AMES WILSON has removed his Hat
and Car. Rare to No. 91 Wood 0U..1 1171rddoar math
Diamond after.
0-PARTNER 9111P:-41aving mitma my
1911acat. Ittf. h =tp• t t i
D th:
anker a' ttta ' aim:ll IrlaOltf BON, al9l W o otA ativat.
d—Juaes *M. 000ne
Na. /Anal street,. Allegbany CO,, Weir
Wawa. sakvolLT
STOCK orate Merchants & Manticaettirers'
Dank; "' a d % Itmkee.
BANK °its at'iowee.
NA .;,....,,Er.f....•!, hishoot N prozolts •• ' JAM fOr Smoot.
eon silver, la par rondo. by IL D. KINO, ...
Jolt thadEVT A ITTokor ninth 01.
For Sale _
: ' -
& LOT on Penn 'street, adjoining Mat
a... dablo—.lll to mkt tow. IftieKoabta, thy lot
ta divided to mit two pero,/ . • . Nla of
To Gaideneto.
AFEW acres of found near the city, suit
sblv of garlenlng, for Ws. Enquire of .
,pt, 0
A. WILIMB • C 67
- Curled Hair 'attune.
T HAVE on hand a largo Stock of Matraaft
et, mule out of putt Hair. 'Num utatititit tip.% tit.
ankle will p!. mil. • • WM. N0u1.1.,
tuy93 •. %tint amt. <TIMM, ti, Rad Mee._
• .
nby , 314 WRAPPING
PAPPsorams yb7
3 a Pr " tui 3.100
" 2by 32
600 " 18 by 24, 24 by 32, 24 by 34.
• br 41 23 bs
7910 400 Eloc. Yalta • P
.7 W.:
bats. !Angle Canon 61gsn Paper; 7
400 " Double. " "
00 " ' Medium " 7 "
330 " Medium yd mule Crown Rug:
Ms underlays& imps constantly on band and fat gaup
Of 0r.44.0 for 13ainWays agenuMal 11011011=100t Of
Rodsd. Cap, Lotter, nut, Ton Payne Bonnet
Dumb.. s &a.
Airn—Yeinng . 0f ad tints. for paper Oiannfsetursra
Painting Paper male Co ardor on abort un lit
61,131 Yana eintinn sad !Yin am
1 - 11.GCME,T.4.--.-5.641 tone for sal° bY
.1.1.0' • 11116 Y, MMATTMY.W & CO.
CHEESE--125.boxes for sale by
11 14 ,7 4 n )11 9 1 ' -* bbi""'4ll.bilzeka).
:BALTIC, owasteek. fat New T0rk......::::...; .. '...,.......:A01e 6
lII3IIIANN. CrAbtrAA,Jl.oas 8remen—........-4.....19 0
CITY CLABBOW, Leitch ILT,CIAIAdeIphII.- - ...:Ang 13
AMB . 1 0 ,' INC.A Ine 1kAt0n...—....-:..- ... . . .........A Anal
as 9
BFAINKLIA, Wettro.fma'llaTre.--.—... • AAA •9
P•ennej, Nl.' ream New 10
EUROPA. noon,. From.lW-ton
5 1 11. 1 1(Wo . it. th e4
NALTIG ire; *
All from add. for Liverpool. unlese otberwha tinted.
AO Letters and NearepoPern pond far Engand ben
1104 and gootheed ara gent by the I da 6 stauserr. wo matter
nf what. line. •
. Lapel tattle Continent of Eulogy. br WENN Loa
met be prepaid twenty one cents a single tut!, except lot
than platen required to be prepaid 10 ralL. - ' • • •
Letters to tbe Continent or Europe by the Cunard Lint.
anon be Prepaid live cent. odnahe VAN'S t"? thas
Ours required to be prepald in fait.
Letters by the Havre Line entut he protald teeentr tans
tr t sr=outhwelolasabfruga to be 6614. nrAtIA
by either Linty to the Etoidisent, mutt in
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The British Provinces of Lower Wads. Noes 3.otla s
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Nona Nionas.—By Plalrottlle and Roll yabont.
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P.M Union. and Dart of Watouwelaad. ois Ideartoora
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Arrive* at teand deport. at 9 A. st.
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Armes at 11 T. ot.:,dopats at 0 a. is.
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IlaHl and Noir Istelga • Arno* Potsdam
Thorsdarl. .4 at 3 a ICI .daparts klood.s.
liedoesdays and Fridays, at 7 a Rt. •
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Stnat's Atm. Ifeiroasoora
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tos, P. Ara.* Soodsst *ad Waimea" sae a r t. do ,
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Utnagr.Va..—lty Walkers mUla Noblsolons, Padre.
Eurgsuslowa Ct., Creek Yeas, Patlsnotes soLl,Aa.—
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Pa Arrival oo Wedseataps, at P. N, departs ea Ideaday
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-Letters kw the dear malls mot be la the Mee =show
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weekly,sret weekly
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SONS, BNikeni.
De. VI Yorke Abeam rer
- PEVltialiLlidli lA. I
Bent of PXyllearat.---:ei
kalt. Bank of 4.--frar
Mar-and Sian. of da.--par
Haat of Owarooree---.por
B. of North Amato-
Beak 'We...ebb Liberecapar ;
Bank of Pearnethaala--part
Peak of Penn Toe ...tap_ pr .
'Bank of tbe Volk.' Ocean II
egomania) Baal of Pa..-fax I
Banner: rellerhaaketlll. Mt I
ordaT.E_ _.- ......rtee ,
Mewl. i Sleek Bank-per
Ilearreckat Beate-- --pall
No nate:faux Ilartk...—par I
dot:. Bank,
toothirark Ban _ -1.• ----peel
Inaleanao`r 8a01a..-..ear'l
Back of klembereturab- X
MttrClioster OcoWy.r.
tf Battelle . -ear I
Beak of Da.c.a. C1;146. 1
Beak et tionaanteret...- p r I
Banter Orittyabotrab.-... fa '
Boa of Leartrtotrn-e-... -
Beak of ktklilleconc. —. ' X
klootartreerk C. 16 Book- t em
Mit of hatenesbettaadatar.
Caere. Bank-- -...
_. Xt
Womble Blit • Beige mrar,
• awl /MK:Ads Pillibirr".
'Benin st,sai
dt at Wastes -do
Ana at
I I Moe °
Ztri•rcial Bk.Uncluastl go
:art las. it Trent On—clo
!Western neueire
Bank of Mentilloa----els
?NW ent4LLID.
• • •• •
All molveat
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lifrlirifiri.s,s ' WA/IX.
lthoiverrt beat. %
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i farmerl . m 515405 X,
. Nos-tunes' k bi_ ,0511 N 55.5
!1nt1.% Western 5551-..-.
.. I lar::rik - r.
Mudirof NW-- 5
rNY am N. Cowen.— I
rritltlr . l k. s " t l 9 4 ,; ' i
SZTllalzbi.g.s. "' .
• Bk oh th• b.. il ~ Catellna
16ank of &mat C•baina..... 3
f ertocr. - 1117./4175; ....
fanner • Ilk .flancsoter.gux
Fatnene . Dank of loall.l
Fn, Ilk of f...buyi kill Cap.
rrsatlin likArsothkrygtoo
Lastea.r Uank-
Lanean.rOntarity - Dasta.par
Lawmen 11+.1,-
Ataere Ttant ofP.ttarrtlle
Wromiaglit,is atestartn.r
York 4
gem N
ands w: t
brag of
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all bLnk.
BO of Kent n
of Kau of lfloorott..-...%
Otlio X
Branch ac Acton—._ do,
Branch at Athena. do.
Brandt at Ttralavantt
Branch at Chiluatthe-..-..d0
Mauch at Clevelatat.._-.4
Branch at Toledo-. .....
Branch at Itaztort...---,
Branch at la taarasi...-....41
Nandi at
brand) Aabtabuls.-
Branch at aslant.-
Umtata at Mansleld..-.-A,
Itrattab,at dt.
liranettlat Clacalutl do
Bratteb at C4lurataatt-.-.-tto
Branca at Waattiartatt__,do
Brach at Calla do
Iltataltrat Laatcr
Branch at It u M
Manila at OIL Vetnett..-.-do
Pesach at Newark —Ao
Snatch at Elyats..-..--40
Branch at ,tartattrftekt.._da
Uraza.ll Martetta-
Itranch at'
Branch at Mt. Ilrattant.---do
/Intact. at Zactestlit•—
arratub at -I i ......._do
Ranch, at 13g da-
Ranch at Portrsooptb-../1
Putman' =raw& Bent 3
fioevrnmint &mt. Demi._ 3
I Petallarawr Bent. »_. I
o MAW kl--
Bk 0fE1.61-Imetka.Tarostod.
Bank of thoPooplo,Toronto6
linal of Montreal- • . ...6
Bank of U.1.6.au15, - ineWnio6
On nom Znrk (prein)-.—U
t Ittilmin h lptda .....
BadnoTe do_
WETTERN 1L1C11.1.604
001.1/ A. ND - 1111)
iDoa d4 ltioelpann66.--16.00
Pa1t,r1 7 .
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ommot Ot 11AIIBBT AND
l'irmsaMa. Aux, 15 1051.
Unitol FLates a'5...... 'ItTo 1171 11 6 i lan6 SO a MAY
Do. , Ico tvgx ,100 1 ills rec. A r‘tt
Pennsylvania de 100.1j .1 0.6 flat. , aitdy
lbllllo-1 ---- ! t il l 9 1. 1 11 1:111111 6 y 9 l1C
Alhroy ..,
Do. roup. ers,mirpl/10. 06 0.6 do
Foup.O's, --Too 101 do
Pitt rdy 0 1 1 ICO 00 IT .lat.islaaJniT
Du. coup. rie. 1111.1—,1/M 1M tc 40
pbai rLi. baLllsy Nov
irroAL "hi doANK
Dank of l'itsaliernit. 60i 06 110. 11 147 41101
'demi/ants' Manuf l
a ... 04 do
Nadu/dim Dona . o e/6 66
Jl,ghney ortoss Data ..1
ammo. next.
Monoa/d/fa lirldm....- 25 25 24 is Div. 51. 16651
handair et. 36 23 )6 D 1 ,1017 7 Prat
Bt. 80 44 43
Wil liams teal m 5 .150
Williamsport 11ridg4......
Welter. limoranni 0n.... 7 7 727 i. CON
ClUsens' lnomanee 12.3; 11)e '.1'11 • 11 r 1
itmerland Fireinan's .71 7 6
Div.4v.2 Or et•
11 11 1 )( do '
t Eno.: -.... W I Div.{ pr.6mo
miser Blocustla 60 1
PnbbstrellkOTLL..-. 01 15416 DlyJnlyAlide
Mown la Slaakwater 60,
y o un any Biseterotr. 150 , 40 ..•
retus'in Lantral Itosd 00144 41
Ohio Sr Cientes. 11101 Road. 1•0, 96
40 37)6
Balt. Ohio 1411 Road— I{l.
Clevelmd WelirDe 11.0 00/ 40 :17
Nadas H. Way. Dry Deck. i loo 107 101,6 Div. Ded 4 ora
Ss/ en. 51ann 1 . Co. .._ 60 50 30
Eel* Canal Domls. /all).— 100 40 4O
TurglCreakditiserlailili.,•C•l .
Aliso. Pk lid 211
11/6i•nsba.lllropike ltd.. bp, •
CharUers .
Pittsinatith lkerton ,„ ]06 7.1100.110.
North Jimmie= 3 0
North pp qn'
North Western.—_—_,...
1 . 1 7 7 /7
sbur. s
Pittgh k ~.1 ,
Adventon• 11 1 ;
Dowilais uutht. s 77, 07,
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rgnlteel- 10 7 .1,1
............. , •
' 2 I'l
Proposals for. LOCO] tees
Orrice. os mu ' ll
denleod. for 101161
dart,il,74 Ten Pass se
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those doss need or tbe Cosorm
gars. Platform Carr sr Qtri
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Mal undertaks lode'
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Jraothes and Cars.
axt. runt'a R. A. U.
.'ittsaurpa, July 31,1631.
II be received by the
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tkLAIN BLACK SiLKB-kor Searle and
Dnases. Mao, light aintdiark chin hie Wks. tot
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• .I . 7r= MURPHY & 'mamma
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• WINDOW comma and CURTAIN lIAMICI,_ot my,
rastilaietitts Um Post
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Ile Mi. ;NKr remised sod Ibrnrded tee. from
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21nrolay, Angmt 21, LI.
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On Sae TOO Ns Cage, front fine banda,46 ^4e- Corn la
dall'and aritbont Wore:mkt: = Barley ta itelftnif at 60e, and
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win 9.1119, 'Bald 20 Ebb toolanee• bbli) 37r.
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4 0 ugly.' • . ' .
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9,1(e for barna. 00061 M at 6/Niel fbr barna. ONO fin abouldera
and ZOO Moneta'eolsdhams loyal% t. xad '
la hi llrohal lot. at 961 oio 10190 n bbla am'
WHlSlClY+lialea 60 labl;. in lots, at 19,01, 16 gal. -1
pion. kw oiaaolm lo omo gallon.' • - : - ' I
SODA. .011-3ilaa 6 tons at 6Xo3lbr to, tbna.
APPLES-Orean apples ace aelllog by the bbl at 19 ($ 3• .
60196b1: !keel& to yet. ire comparatlnly
DAY—Prartber arts at the asks 112,01611t60:
• etur pm Douro; *taxers,
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. riots—The mutat 11111 eotto Una's ban L ot Mott. The
mills La ••••••• hut aa lb. an srfad It. and all that
attires la tradilr_takea. A Wit or IGO bbl. at tho lowa
t atra.l ,l r. , Ira Ramstare and tba milk at 03 48
Gal• Wheat acattfatiaa to n Wastee.' /I ' ll 4 44 MM'at.
39040 e sr aballat •ad ••• •••0••••• Oata /41 4tt
II bushel -
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phatlatloa. Saha or aboart dab • rim 14 lots ea e
t TiontioNs—W• cauld'oth 'bki• tiati 4 c4 44 k
bbls mesa at 114. and fatally lota marina at • 4 ick
Ta Woo., rem 16 eta clear Oda. at 9e. 4 eta,aa4 3 m4O O
so glib: batr . at k ri s =
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loaf laid at IOW/0 amt lana.—(7,ottnad.
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11` Nales oPlib In Merge loYows.-20 bleat:l33,
30 at SH. 199 a 1168.14 and 183 all $llO.ll bdo :ALMA me.
tha and prices ern aa but quoted.
• besta—Home. IST pigs also nod at Si Z. and 600 do tapper
Mos at Si 2714. Holders generally Om at 14 saw 61.18
Poca—Baim today ode Hold, and mirodee 40 barrels
unbrandad country .13 2fc 33 do dalncy .117 . 1:TO
41,banols Joon' at 14 5m4 . 40 panels Albion mtnt
14 75 '0 bbl -
Wmar—Ltdca 4148 sky sad 70 hbly'tde-11.1 us at 70T.,
351 at 77047 at Ille.19:11ks and 30 bets at 75e, rest 66
Ike 0 bbls Has Eacbasen as to 82. • Ida L •
Coast—Was lees tban aka MI followed sae almanac,
at =4.19 do at 20c.403 aka ardold at. Mg 83 do at 1.*.,6d.
AI yellow at .T/0. Tam 'darned. 327 do at 3 k. aIdI II .IMW
Haslet nominally wooded rattorda. 1 • .
, Dann fiXD Itra--We_gootr, fair arta god
at 65
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and 0 at 65 Hi 70e
bn. - Ire entote modnall7. at 6381606'. Bala mdela
lkormoso 2100 Ws man park. lorlndlno 2005.
76 sad bbls, • Md. .1110 salsa of hell.
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1 340, nod
bleached at SI 43 11 bag.
IhAzam—Market dal!, and odors tergllnti downward.
Sale 6111 bn. ; 1
Hmes—W• ends dry lint at 91Cle, dry salted Hof
WOOL..fira gator* as D. emend rates. moraabsd 164120 c
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1U221,-Thn• wen' 4 14L, 70 1221,m' 1 4412146 b 7
metal mu /4 124 2222124, 44 4422.
Battle; Bennett. Breen:WM '
• ?PailAren. Votes, Deaer.. , i •
Beaver. Henke. &arm •
liandrieltannatcHeee n e.
Attutie. Parkinson. Benno . •. .
Th. BMW., Bailer: West Newham.' '
J on M ian s lAs st; erneand s, uLatt.
' ttette. littuter, Wellsville.
on Rutter. Gordon, Wheeling.'
• • • i
Mohican. Boles, Dams.
'Bearer. Gordn, Deaver.
Attenti, Parkinamh lisowaseuje. ••
4 -fai= - .4ll.t"4•Zti=i
JUDI, Bennett. Brownsville.
Bizet. Calbown. Wheeling.
Washy. gala. Hulett. Ctsietnatati. •
_!e nail. .
DOtwistli OVIHre Wheeling_ .
L •-. linua.z.zono taxa DAB: • ' -
D Leech A Co'erams.siger Packet Leal. dally Ba is au%
1L0V15.13.14 PILAU 1.2.
EPAPNEVILIZ, Pd. i, sad d Y.
mons BY RIVER.'
19H11111.111Csla bble wblik 49 160 Ulla
P•too 1111 Wei tAlon: 14 AAA. lob Loctill C. 10 ek4
Neon./ Peon. 1 exp. pkgs Bator i Ponrih:T earboyo
ton A Borrr,ll Abr. Imam Amami A Co:ww: 1
money J 90,d4r.1C112 barreb
floor 6010 t llog TJ stowlroJl Wilowth . b o,ble. •
Pro 0 toso-41 blob lob W 010,911”: 61i91 legs but.:
99924019 wwo AA wool Leoch Co: 00 bbl 4
_floor 801 l
a Leggett: ail do Brown Alzkrattlet: piano
• 792.644, dos 19.
.14112.EL154-926 Cods P 4.69421-1.92 lardas tau
Bow Tsre.r. 1244 Irma 1164 ff 1! fq 14 Ws tobarm 6 it4b
164.1692 6 aka 96alLetwa a Css S bbls dour enrsnr; 2 du was
RA/ R Cts• 21 pkg. =lse .1 31 , Cally: 23 bbls flaw Robert-
-70 W wbeat Wllmarth Noblf,:mdf• Irani! Iliaby, 26
6616 eoar Twalwa tOm2I do J Wlb lot fosuftwe BU.k•
Jar.: Catsla tow.
CINCINNATI—km lacm-21 bbls Gnilf A Co: Eder
n a Nlcolm 23 do alwhol D Lowtm 8 emp Digs Darr
PRA RwrfAma-24 IDlr mh1462 J Tloda66; 12 buodks
Ond: Ow atow pamerns A Hadley. 63 lAN ‘111611.6y
P kttornow 22 As of wool fallen elrins !key DMA
rws A Ca
,J /I 11622 D-12 by II Graff: 23 bblxwbistry A C
Thate6A: 3.5 W wool 14 Ws DMA.. D lamb. 36.6. word
Cotimd. t We; A WWI lobo SWAM 10 weda.Dater .2 kr
ona: 32 Imo. leetbef Clark thaw:l4 Da lams W 810
hum. 173 bblo uldalum J 31 Han* 7.2 tow pig 636121
Clardy Looshls.
BROOMS -50 dos. for sale by
174 , J. D. 11LN/lELD.
DOT casks for !sale bj ,
hal J. B. (..ArillaLD.
JAVA COFFEE-10 bags very superior.
)eut recd for roar by_
A.V I W Z 6 useity ve.
4 - - 4 .. PLAIN GREEN,'Adazed and unglai•
wimbow BLIND PAPRIL *.eiv . ea
for sale t110315-A.41111;11//tr,,,
• nal
V,iDAR-109- boxes Cincinnati PalinScnip,
nea oa teeetreument and fa We by
14 A. GUN:it:OI:LAX
100 • N. L OO:
4 1_1.401E10L-50 Rile. far sale
LA'" OIL-74 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
Irso a A. WAIINESSCCH & 00.
XAFACMEL-100 bble. Large' No. 3; for
INA lale by 1133 IL L. CMy(011A11.
E PSOM SALTS-10 reeks for solobr
J. Kum a bo.
TIOFEEE--150 bags Rio, for solo by
irw 41111.4 WATT A.OO.
INDIGO-2 ceroona Caraccas;
r 4 tags Manilla—will itoM low to don
nuottoment. . /SLIAM DICKZY W
Water and hong no.
Q - AL SODA--3000 lbs. Englisb for sale by
Irls inapt 0
BCON -3.000 bble. Bacon Shoulders,
11.10 .24°° "IL ttitlMAtia6o.
T,ANNERS' OIL-50 bble. for Bale by
J. BIRD OIL-20 bble. No. 1 Bennett -1
.1410ooe• make, Ibt ISALAII DICKEY A CO.
rflel ' ' Water AAA Incet suwt.
Fbbls:'Whito ?lab;
10 kt.bbls. " • "
20 bbls. LA . ! Trot
1,14 24) bt. bbls.
410 COFFEE-SGO bags landing and for
ash by yyS VOL 11A11_,ALIX a CO.
41t . 1:50 boxes White Clay'ristes;
100 *tone Ply* Ileadq_b****bl
68 W/1. RACIALZY * 013.
- Q"
Ifolasa*,* yuperlor artitle. lbr bo_y •
. fry . JOHN WqTTa qo.
- • • - • - - - -
PAPER--Vox eali, by
pOWD*R.-7-50D kegs De Pont's D kottigg,;
1.144 , 1 t r.
• QOAF — /.00 /10404 . No. Rosin,sale by jr/t , it W. lIRBADJIL
LINSEED 011.-1590 call. for sato by
jrl9 •' J. KIDD 100..60 Wood rt.
LIBLICEB±6NE - 81541te. for BILIQ bV7 -
;rte J:inzb cb I
viresil BOARDS-25 lids. Zinc, for tali bj
- sae 3. D. WILLWIR •!.• 00: •
A I SECOND-HAND P I AND,' Ilabogivn . y
r t " I ' r °°' ° Y‘A I °• g rilrAr'argfrt ° '
' rst •• • RI Wrol Amt.
S - 6#11: - As#— , :ra casks Latwickl?„7„o4
Forial• 6 r/1 8 Y__ " 1.1 T. WILSON.
QacricziA 94.1iSrglie7,, for et=
&a — OM:EN-340 lbs. IV. for 'sale by
I id° esu ate.
1 • .Communiv •
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WILLIAM 7..7011N5T0N.'
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• JOHN MOBIL of Lif.oessfirr- - ,
' ' • WM. IL IfIfitI2DITTL of 11,11.661Alk„
- • R/CRARD OULTift, of Watmarshod;
• °MAME CHAMBERS:of ilantlbs
Jilt/BOA W. ookfLY, of Ifootota:
WILL/431 JLI3BOP, of Funnel:mom :
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1 Anthruksinde and Wbig County Ticket,
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HZ !CRY W." WILLI AM!; of PittoborAl. , '
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. • . MIL 3.II , CLURE, of listaborgto.
`AssocursDnoro cameo, pawl* eromcoM,
, WM. ROODS, of LerworStaab.. • ,
THO.V.AS ACHILL/IN, of Alleghigy.
• JOHN ArCLUSKEY.of Roblomml
wt PrNNET, of oo'Roesport,
RAMC= PADNRSTOCN, of Dittaboroh.
ALEX. RICHARDSON, re Altiohosty.
JAW u. BR.IIBII. of 'iitian'ugh.
JOHN V. Rowiliiin: at Ornareiele.
WM. WWI, of Allegkeny:.
JOHN 1.11161t1L pr
Urns? iNiin CUMI4I.—An arrival at Charleston
bringS datei from &inn& to the Bth instant It
Instated that 'three days prerione to her ironing
F small United States steamer arrived al Harm
is, with some intelligence respecting the more-,
manti of General Lopez; whichottuied the great
est esnitement, and all the Spanish reiwels
wai'and dieresis were Immediately ordered to
amble along the coast The papaw contain
nothing concerning the Cuban Iterolutiort: •
ALA BAYA .F.IALCIIOA.—If cur accounts: from
Itontgomery and other parts of the State are to
be 'relied'upon, . only two "Southern Rights"
candidates for Congress have been elected, out
of the Seven members to which the State Li eini
"tled,'and the Stets Legislititre - vUI be composed
of alarge insjority of Union men. • The "South
era Rights" canclidates in this State, it should
be „remembered, do not advoCate or sustain t h a
doctrines of theDisunlonists of South Carolina.
The following is believed to be a correct list of
the members elected to the next Congress:
1. - John Bragg, "Socithern Rights" Democrat.
2, James Abercrombie, Union Whig.
8. Sampson W. Harris,- "Southern ; ' - Rights"
4. William B. Smith, Union Denumrat.
6. George S. Houston, Union Democrat.
8. W. B. W. Cobb, 'Union Dmnociat,
7. Alexander-White, Union Whig.
llort Henry W. ColieT is re•eleeted Gossett
or of. the State trithouvregedar . oppositbm. In
manj of the 'comities he was supported by the
altiost rninimotte rotei of both the Unionists
rad Southern Rights men.
Nolen Constraa Etscrzos.—We At length
have scarants from the tint district of North
Carolina, which confirm the report of the re•
election of honorable Thomas li Clingman.—
The Delegation in the next Congress front this
Onto will therefore stand as follows, being poli
tically no change as compared with - the last
Ist district. Thomas L. Chagnon, Southern
Bights Whig.
2d do Joseph. P. Caldwell.
3d •do Alfred Dokery,
4th do Junes T. Morehead, Whig.,
sth do Abram W. Venable, Democrat
6th . do - John B. J. Daniel, Democrat:
7th do William, 5. Ashe, Democrat. •
Bth do, Edward Stingy Whig.
oth do . David Chitlow, Whig. ,
, Tat Bison(la ur Sours Ctixotaxa.—The
. .
Greenville (S. C. ) Patriot - o f the Bth draws the
following contrast r between the present state of
ipiblieniatiment in the State of South Carolina
slid the prevailing feeling withiti its borders
several months ago
"It is indeed amazing to see what changes
take place In public opinion in the short space
of a few months. :last fall the whole State seem:
ed to be for secession. Now, if it was left to a
vote of the people, a majority 'Wild be found
opposed to it. • Six months sines, there was not
s newspaper in South Carrolins that did noted=
voeate disunion and secession . . Now we have
the Southern Patriot, Ilamburgh Republican,
Charleston Newit Southern Standard, Columbia
Tranacript, and Erskine Miscellany, all opposed
"Not a whisper was heard when the Legisla
ture met of any popular egression against se
cession. Recently Hamburg has, with great
unanimity, declared. herself in the opposition.
Pour thousand persons, 'at Greenville Court
House, on.the 4th of July, expresiid themselves
by the preamble and resolutions adopted, hostile
to eacessims • Henry District did the same at
a publicr meeting on the same day.
"Last fall there'was not heard a single voice
from the leading men of the State in opposition
to secession, except from Col. Grayson, Mr. Poin
nett, General Hamilton, and General Thompson:
Since that time we have seen letters opposing,
with great ability, the separate action of the
State, from Judge Cheves, Judge Butler, Judge
O'Neal, Cal. Preston, Dr. Lieber, Judge Witliers
Dr. Dickson, Col. Burt, Col. Chesnut, Col. Orr,
Mr. Barnwell, CoL Blocks, Col. Boyce, Col.
Owens, and many others •
This looks pretty well for tue beginidng of en
opposition to secession. But it is not all. Last
fall associations were formed in almost every
district of the Stens for the purpose of .gzitat
ing and controlling public opinion, as was done
In Prance with to. much senoras during their
bloody revolution. But now there Jacobin clubs
are dens in Charleston and elsewhere, ind they
have in a greet measure ceased' to meet.',.., The
members:have withdrawn, and in 1:0114,ilt.
stances are ashamed to acknowledge their
bership.", •
SERVED Hu Rlaar.—Aiiable.bodied lazy beg
gar was arrested in Providence, IL L , on. Tue
sday, and sattineed to imprisonment In. the colt
typal for two months. The Journal saya:
“lfe was arrested while soliciting Charity of a
lady, and representing that he had been blown
up with powder in Virginia and disabled, and to
prove this fact, he exhibited &written certificate,
purporting to have been signed by several per in that State. But upon a search - of 'his
person.another certificate was found, stating that
be was "-blown up in Mtutiachnsette; and there
was also found stowed away in his pocket Utl in
gold coin."
&non or New 01=25 POPtriAnosi.—We
hire often heard It remarked (says De Bow)
that New Orleans was a mostperfect medley of
"all nations and people under heron. The late
report of the emperintendent of public school*
of Municipality Numbq One,. somew . hat con
arms the impression. It appears there are 2,-
256 scholars reglittared
"Of the scholars, there are 179 whose mother
tongue is the French ; 909, the English -;
German; 43, the Spanish; 16, the Ita li an, and 1
the Poli shlanguage. 1,163 were born in LOCLSi.
Zit* 396 in other Qtates eg the Union; 269 in
Prance; 227 in Gennesr, 167 in Ireland; 691 n
England and 4otiand; 16 in Itay ; 11 in Spain
8 in Mexico; the West Indies; +4, is Cuba ;
L in Oatutda;, 3 in Belgiuml; 2 in Switzerland ;1
in Foland, and I in Australia." •
Idasasencturrts.—An intelligent correspond
ent of the Boston (Democratic) Post, in a well
reaeoned article, demonstrates that the Whip
will be restored to power in blamachtusetts, at
the next election, "by the misconduct of those
who formed the coalition ho the Legislature to
elect a Preesoil Senator last 'winter. 'Ws abuse
of treat has created so great dOgust that it
will prostrate the PreFent State gorernmant,
and bring npo Is, portion 'of the Delnoßreny
deep and natt4W I:ensure."
WI learn from the Boetendiape t e. that Meesro.
R. UICOLN & CO/ NNWaxe about establishing
aline of steampseketabetween that city heaPhil
adelphise The WsZiont Peas, the pioneer •revel
of the line, inner nearly ready. She is of about,
B. tons berthas, and for motive phwer has two
engines, srith 31-inch cylinders, and 34-Inde.
stroke, applied to Larrao . propeller, which is?
feet in diameter. Her engines era 4rect & ak a ,
not geared, and are capable ciprodocinowelve
•kttots screed. She has spleadld'accommodatlons
f or o ii hj e f lneasegers and large capacity far the
stowage of cargo, and is fitted thronghont is en.
D irks , style. She is a fall4hzed barque, sad
l oo ks vell aloft. The Bei;j. "Inktin, the second
of t he line, is of the same power matt capacity
and it Is designed that each of the vatsels-shall
sailrespectisely from Boston and Philadelphia
12113 ALLOW AND ranzaricriiarroat
We 'llbn:desire call . the ittemtbin . eriarr
readereto another portion of the facts aseartid
in the extriffifrom the letter dna MM . s's DM'
=eras' correspondent. , - 1t is m .;
"The consumption of cotrimgooda.has
ed in the United States, probably, toes greaten ..
ettnat as iron, of thick fir 'cotwtosPffee
as hoses
nemsfientrof article has itureased more, per.
'laWr Wart any other." .
The, recklessness of assertion manifested by
this writer in relation to cotton Ms been shown: -
Instrad ofogrowth in the &mania ceruserepti*
anointing to seventj per cent, it %abets men
that the actual weight ' . consumed is not as great
at it was font yma since; notwithstanding
increase-of pOpelation amounting to fifteen per•
cent.; and we elan show that the statements in
regard to iron are armless true. than those in
;In 1840; - the domestic manufacture - of
was Variously estimated at from 238,000 to 317,-
000; tom and may have been about 8.59000
1n 1841, the furnaces and bloommiesbuilt
were bat six in number. In 184.7., a large r =
thou were out of taut, and: the domestic
tics' bad than certainly lolittle teorethen2oo,,,
000 tons, turd probably to I much less than
quantity. In the five yearefinm 1842 itt 1818 ,
there were buil under tub I"lrenign lawns" of 1,
the tariff :of 1842., thirty-four furnaces for the
consumption of mineral coal; neventreste far-
races for the 'consumpticaof charcoal, and air
tj-eix bloommiee, making a total of notes, than . . .
one hundred and ferty , one. In the last of those
years the production was estimated by the Secr.
Peary of the Treasury, Mr. Walker, au noless
than five hundred and fifty-fire thousand tons,
showing an , increase, under the tariff 0f..11142,.0f
considerably more than half nurillion.
The railroad eicitement of England kept; , U
the price of iron, and prevented the tariff 'of 1
from becoming operative in 1847, rind there Were
Molt that, year eight mineral coal , fUntseet,
twelve charcoal furnaces and eight Mammies,.
and the product is herd to have been not leas
than 810,000 tom Since - that - finite there have
teen built of kinds-bat;ll thhty-fog, addle •
much more than ambulated have failed*: been;
mid out by the sheriff. Of those that remain in ;
the hands of the same omen, very many ere
ere totally silent, and of others very many are
doing but little work:: ..
The capacity of the furnaces %Perna'
Tanis in 1847 waa—tons - - 5 3 0,000
The actual make piths* year'was
That of 1849-'5O was, 196,000
It'will be seen that the' make of that - State
Wes this nearly one-half of that of the whole '
Union, and that it Lad fillet off about one-half.
.Since the date at which the statement was made
'there has been a- further, great falling off; and
we are assured that 'if a new compilation were
now trade of the furnaces, blOomeries, &C., in
end2outiof operation,. falbaree, Ste, the table for
the west of the mountains would show Ilk falling. •
off of nearly one-half of those Whose ppredact is
included in the above greatly diminished quan
tity.- In. Eastern Pennsylvania the anthradte
furnaces hive managed to keef4otion, but
the charcoal, furnacet, ' except from' the
quantity of their ores; can produce non suitable
for making car-wheels, are,. as we are informed,
"emphatically extinct," in .this Stutz, molt of
the iron works are -, 1ar.....1 'end such: to the Case
with 'a large portion of those mist .of us, as well
'as with those of Ohio and 'ahem of the Western
States. The result is, that the present manifac-.
tree of pig iron and of blootoals estimated at
only 400,000 tons; hitt, to avoid Arnim we will
Wilt 450,000. which arevre4 :assured, fax
In 1842, there vras not, we believe, a ton . of
railroad made in the Union. In 1847 there
existed a 'capacity for producing 100,000 tons, '
and the number of rolling-ruffle was rapidly in
craiieg. Since then, most at hare been
stepped, and many .of them' luive been sold out
by the sheriff. Tae number of failures 'snit of
sales by the sheriff, since 1847 amounted, a
year since , of furnaces, rol li ng-mills, ,Zze., to 'no
less then one hundred and twenty-fotir, and by
this. time they reach probably one hundred and
Such being the facts: via recommend our reed-
ere to repents° the .extract furnished them from ' ,
the letter oz ,The ITnion's correspondent, in which
it is stated that the etasurop,tion of home-tnan
ufactured iron' ~ h asi iiiereased more, perhaps,'
than that of anj other aiticle„ and, then to judge
for themselves of the policy .in whoie defence it
is necessary topublish state:ciente so widely
(grant from the truth.—N, ,
Tar. Axmuesit FLAG
is correspondent of the New York Express relate* .
the following Incident: '
• -
"A young . American lady presented a small!
United States flag to a gentleman, who ascends
every Sunday with Mr. Poitevin Inglis 'monster '
balloon, the Globe. This the gentleman has hi
ken with him in all his flights. A. fortnight.
ago; however; they made their descent in the
neighborlieod of a rich proprietor's rhoe*” who
_received them with the utmost kindness and hos-
The family were so much pleased with
the star-spangled - banner, which they had of
course never seen • before, that the gentian=
felt compelled to make a present of it to the la;
dy of the house. It now hangs upon the Wall of
the dining ram, with the following vrordstunder
neath it,—"This Athenian flag ascended on the
15th of July, 1851, in M. Poiterbes balloon, to *
the height of 6,800 yards. This is =elm
tion of very nearly four'ralles.' "
We learn from the Galena Advertiser that the
treaty lately made by Commissioner Lea and
Governor Ramsey with the: Lower Bands of flee
Sioux Indians provides that these bands shalleo
ceive, when they have removed to their final
destination, some x':25,000 to pay their debts
and expenses of, removal, and en annuity in
money of about $30,000 for fifty years: The
.lands to be ceded by them amount to sixteenna
lions of acres, lying along , and west of the Mis
sissippi, from the lown - State line north to the
Falls of 8t Anthony, and above that place.—
The quantity of land ceded by the Upper Mende
.of the Sioux is twenty one millions of unit
Nat bitellismeer.
• Txtuunts ToAccov.—lle Woodville. (Mist)
Whig, of the Istiostant, hm thefollowing korrible
• During the List few days a report hat been in •
circulation in our vicinity Mike following effect
—lt Ls stated that en Friday lut, asthma child- .
ran were returning from school, near Liberty, .
in Amlto county, they were overtaken by.apack ,
of dogs in pursuit of ruxurwaynegroei. The dogs
fell upon them, and before assistance could berm
dered,,bred end warty derostraescry one of rhos...
The father of the children , hearing,their:eczmuns
end the barking of the dogs, ran out with his gun,
and succeeded. killing two of them. -At this
time the owner of the dogs rode upend threatened
to shoot the father if he shot, any pore of the _-
dogs. The:distressed father is reloaded his, gun
and deliberate shot the :owner, of the dogs':
throught the heart; after whiciche . gaire:hinuself -
up, was tried and dischaiged„ We have not
heard Menu:es of any of thepartiu.
We know that such stories generals, they tryst,.
and wenincerely hope that the reports that hate
rearilied us In this case aro eraggerated.n
A Comet Endangering the .Eara—Bouthrtx,ia. ;-
his Common Place Book," relates . that ittA. D.
.1712, 'nista predicted thatthe Dometwouldtip:.
pear on Wednesday, 14th, October, at frreiniMites -
after the morning, and that the world-would be
destroyed by fire on the Friday following.. His
reputation was high, "andthe comet appearpl. A -
number.of persona got into boats and barges en
the. Tluimes,.. thinking the water the West parr.
South Elea &India stock fell. A captain of *Dutch
shin threw alibis powder into theriver, that. ths
ship might not be,ondangered. At noon, after:.
the comet had appeared, it is said thatmore than
one hundred clergymen o were ferried over to Lam- .
heth, to request that proper prayers - ndght be
prepared; there being none in the church service.
People Deliemed that the day of judgement' was
at hand, and some acted on this belief; morels
if some tesiporarY . Veil was to b3 . .V3peCted: On.
Thursday, more than 7000 kept mistresses-were
publicly =wrist There rwas &prodigious rut
on thereboak,SirGilbert Idealism., at that time
head directed, issindorders to all . the fire °Hamra
IA London, vsydring • there to' keep a good look
out, and hate r riparticulareye tilsoullan Bmak.
DASIELBOELLIcAn 0111. man geoleman risd d g.
in South kmboy while mowing us k week in Lis'
delds;was struck with paralysis, and 'being un
able to make known his situation, *Maned foi
two days and two nights in the open air without
food or water. diligent search was toads for
him by his -friends and rel ativ,es; but without
an until the lapse of time' stated.
RlLlatax u GrauANT. = 3l. (heparin haa late
ly evert 50E10 frightful amulets . of Gestrunt.
among hisatatements aro theser•Pnbliowonthip
is - diaregarded. Ia Berlin, - out of four hundred
thousand souls, there ore three htuadred thous
and whenever attend any of the thizty-tio Outr=
Dr. Tholnck declares, that, a few atonths,igo, '
at Halle, in the principal 'service- of the cathe
dra. there.wure,preaent fourteen per , solUg. itLen.
other church*, and in a thbAfire... Nettday
he attended a s e rmon, ofwhie was the ad , '
atettor; . The theatersaro as fell aatheeliurohes
`~~ . i
1 ~ ~fi:.
, t !,