The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 20, 1851, Image 1

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JAMES F. KERR, Attorney . Law-4)fficp
S , :WEAVER,. Attorney
stre.t. mar the 31arar's; Off4=0;11 ,
• attended:to santaPti "
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!Smithfield streets; Dittaburgb. Pi. I
• ' 8.-11.' D. 0411•Dt 1/I.Ceisr.iniDn/rp . :Dr* Steed
Tr. HARRISON SEWELL„ A ifildrar.
111, Ohio State Comadmicooeilbr as t Jlak
=.4l wars of Doias,to.i 0 r
1120.1 . 0. A. VDU
HINN & COLLIER, Attorneys_ at. Leer
- -Otßea an Forth treat. ohm+ BsoltlcOold.
:1 • W. - F. WHITE, Attorney*. Lawof
'Malt t"r..`t"l."*" .ertbrnert:
X . P. U. .t..! a. FETTERMAN, Aitor , ,
nori as Lair and Rea. Edit* ..fignta;
• Plttsburah. D .
CInUES J. KIRIN, Attorney . Law office
Ttlannon as11;coonor on:nlash** sod Mann*
, Monarch. - • , I
•i.l ' KIP t I :1;7.
TOWE WATSOW;TAttorrkeys at' Lair;
ma no 7.2rth Rriet, ribt.t.t&
741.4.der 1. Dan . I .l=l/07.24. Nat:
7411..4 ;Lt V tlrg=4l4
'I§DWARD P. JONES, Attorittiy st Lsw
0111ke'm Voarth..ninlet,.bstireeft boot ma !cede-
te l at&NE Y ! "
: V-VM
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trl . ez_n t trf= tee Doa
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I e Weeebtre=ifted
ir; M. WILLIAMS CO. 13aakeis.
- sad Rictus gn Becker; tiortB,lseicOser qWOO4
t;;;:4,. and m➢eetlmt
' ="leeMel, =Gilded td. — 7 • •
D. KVG,DMiker and RichOirsßrokei
.• Yoga etreet.;Desler in Bonk .Nabei. - Bills af
Nto , ,Onid and 511,0. 13tocks bought and n:J4„ ,
Tbr Iftlustinarketinikt• paid In nrinolam for Atontitsn'
.11s/1 Dollars, and Misionn n i 2painals Dollars. In
17, --- 4131A:111144F,01.4:
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..A.LiTLE INS • DOYE•,. akeil-Dieekars,
•Month EAKllortia• of Third sad dfahatstreet& All
st enalt liberil sato , ! • -
HOUSIEt& SON, Dealers lin .Foreign
• ad Dosoie of Exchsare. OW/ends of Da
.Wm Bank Notes and tipec ßlotlr t, No. e 1 Market otreert,l2l
- thrograu " Ve n iliAlteiA "
A • amorsaamna-----1„,..- - -:. Rum.
r RAMER., & :RAHN; Beam land Ex
Otile isomer pad Wood sthrts. u almtly oppaite
Atm St. aorta IloteL t t - .
Conustission Merchants.
Na 114 6econd stkeet
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Eitate POemitks from VW to flO.OOO Go bud
- .ULTIMA* PALM.....1-JOSlttta A
• rALMER, HANNA a.- CO4 Soic4esiors
• nt.A. T . Itsrusgs Co.. Sseatikes
dosists is Ford= tad liatodittefitelisaVeooeTtitiestes
Deridlt. Itudt /luta: sod 1?0 , 4,-_ NOlth We 46 MU , et
-WWI and Third streets Curedit Newsy. rediddr an The
podt. ISlght Cbeeks is sale, and solisetimie =deco sea-
Walt the principal Vtot* of the United &sisal
Th• tag/tett pressists Pstl for Fottdittt-
Ailiattseilasis -• • vaunts cd, ?sedum bbipied bats
W.'TAI7LOR,- Con*insionet.
- BA,krr.- 112 Sectind Stria Wen*. •ie
esti to , all Prietties• entrusint told, M. Plintintienti
ml truck. %vnrs liZttetrirt
ad mm.. , Meant. mute. tf recitilnid. • I et=
•111%• ;C: - :StOCKII3N: lixte Johnisior Sthck•
• t o m Bookseller. Stationite, Printer, and Vadat, Os.
tier a! Mute szul pail travels. Bletobanick• I. •
TA& BAIOIZ S' Cheap Literary "Perak
'-‘, 1 . fr
a d lll7:iylc *P a. '''SlP . ' P. tonx ° '''' N''''' Boat, r«
. .... r . ,,e,,;,. L , 0.
~..... pe.....b.a r
...tG .
, ,_ ~ . ..
. - 0. HOPKINS, iSocokeellerrand Stationer,
-a 11,. 'Flts:7l4 Fourth street. ApolleStallaxs. / '
1 .; - CARPAT MAWR: 7 --- ' --
AI OLLNTQCK, Maanfactarerand
of Ca rpkAi OH Clutha, Steam Brat M''sa, ""t" low Etudes.3e., tr.r.hOU" NC,"-unite R.
Atul Koata4 I•ltubast - , • I-
' - puma - lid, ' 77
MarkAt amis. {Pltubtlrgh. Coinaaaral ros• isnd for the 3ml:two mad sato Agar
Warta= Produm.lron4Valls.Uluo,uml the
xrdeles of PI ttsborrlr frearrar.
ordrigtga fr al=tl 1 4 1 * 11
Pori rm,r * 2l . =
"Kan and Jenkins !WS ammetlar 'agri TWA. Apia
t .& CCT r i zi vortets,
Wl= 411. ark
• vnoannonno- -.4uartrwroolor
.• • :and GaaminSurk AlFreharits, 11.0 Wat,7 fta*to
X.. IL JOHNSTON, Forwarding ;sitd
Oftnnistion Metehutl,.No. 113 Stool dm%
lER tr...JONES,Torwarding ind Com
misedon Merchants. Dealers in Prodnes mint Tim.
JONES & CO., Succe&sors tq At
' t •rolxl, 'loam k Co, Oideuntaloa sad/onward
dasler, Pitubstrgla. Matufteugrel CICCA
.t irMa-IuArMXTM,.O4.m.
AMASON CO., Wbolees% arid ..getail
. A.
two.), in For* sna Stank. litiova.: 623ll .nri
- - - - - - -
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, aoraiuts
.m WWI A10a4.1 gaelants. can= 1
I) ti is
antiei, Corner a Fokao
and roims.ll„
wool E CKA Ts
•Wit PTI Y E, Woo!, Dzazzati I and
Omuta vim Merchant/ to the We'll Annie,*
Qeods, N0.1:9 Liberty /L. Pitttbarzh. I•
& W.- lIAR,I3AUGH. Wool Merchintic
A. 7 Deslexe an.liPstdace- cetwrsrly. sua 11*
• erenlh2 /ad Colatmiseicoa Iderehaatt.Ne. 115 Ithrt Meet,
17 -
4 4:4 - AX - Vitt, - 0,41,i co., Importqs 'AA
wbotew., Nakao to Illarton. atel fttlery X 1.1%
ea:hotrod. Pitt.,4apsto. , , ,
OBERT Idowas, 'rex - aria. Irmo Vie
• .bast. Fad gide of the Maim:rya:
. A. Diiitiffi'd COO: - .13400m- hrl
D•syssi 256 ittiettf stmeiseni
dias soma oa ssoa s Wee sssamesentof Chain Groas. "4
se sad lb. TOW , AIK.11:11 , 5".. 11111 11•314 .Wo2ll,inft.
osr e - 5 9 4 . 41 r 1 I° " * l Cl r4 t-
' •:. s-3t s-T I
akall LaulAt
Hoa r m 1 LitMrßl '
11. tarsal'"
iMcDOWE (EtiCcestors ito
to - Kerek Seine./ attid lean D.. 8 "a
part, earner al Wail street aid Virglq
'Peraltiar!el ea rription•otrafar compounded p41419:4
1..01....-. ~. .—.......4. --...a. MA ,
,4..,? ... DD & CO WholesideDruggioto: Deal
. - oto to Noto4 Luse ,) rum. ..4 1 . 4,...5 %
of Dr. 'Lus) eeletrtaletWar v-
N . . aul law - yrup: Nal GO, Imam oI Wad 4pd
'Muth emote.. Eltl.boWt47lllo* ...e:UPY Pak-
AL:S. SUMS,' Waoleeole Dealer lin
C ' N. WICHRSIII6I Wh, olesale Druggist
nal Dwler In Seeds sul ' lLsimaltosal
1 , 341u5d 163 Wpm steer, cams -
and Retail
Drota aormeof Mart , and St. Mar Ida. Plino
EtbigibibbiKEßltar, W-101-&W;lnfg
ltr rittadmrh. - • • ,
WWlLSoll,llthalesale Gmeera dal
Pont's r'Zsts.rilrbtilfsg e
T SarkE;jlinitilespile Omer, Cianinhishie
g Merthaut,Old dealer In Post bud nags, comer' of
Putto sad Irgns strgeht Pittsburp..
SAMUEL P. S .11ft.„ Wholesale Oro
- <sr; Produce and tbass Merchant* tusg - Begl.
sts Pittsbursh lasulactursd, gtidelsa. bog /30 owl 1=
Socabd Mast. hetirsta Wood and butigtbeld. Pittsburgh.
xr .,.44 -D . Irl!If I: „Mg:Wholesale
oweraesea.meta and
V . Riinniq Cb. Of UnialiblinnOiiin, 1 4 .
wood mi. Mtnlad: . i
AMEN.RI :/ - e' •ING - BiliAlt UT=
ata.k. P
Onion 'slid
;it A nti, mil liti mien. piiiienrig4th!'" 3 °' P " 7" /..
IVEY, -I trews '!,t, - co., , wholesale
totadtk i ' M Torn. , od ir. 57W st...i. t"nd
:win 111.7 t.....,..... • .: - . ;........1021111 IFEWS. . .
011 N" WATT • la -del: Witolesale - emcee,
gaseeession ateseassa was .Doilert An
Pr .an
rianitbrinic.. ikx. Job Liberty . stmt. PIM.
a : bar .11. ;CANIMELD,•bite of: Warren, Ohio,_Oxianininivialrotnendln&illinsbani.
Dmier in .iin Itninrivi .ftnnie,lnitler, Pat mid
Panel Asb.anditoniere Prod.. graeridly. Wain mind.
ininneest tiniiltilAd al w Wad.,Vitiabilizli. , : y
• S :.- Av.., /L-419N-SONNIIOBST de CO., Wholer
f ..i0., Tomardlii, sod ainuidoinn Mad.
ant& Dail 'in Pt.r.etniegh nianniontimen ass 6 Weds..
P R 701005.34.:46 arra of _Front street NA Cilg:lan7 L,....
arsh. 1 • •
ISMS Saar: -.,........:1.-4-.4.itanatanaisr..
'pat& D.T. Y At COC4 Wholesale Geo 1 litt0ta1.001="""4—•
JENcuastic k BENNETT, bite- English,
aawlirding irkaad .41 . 1 to Paultite aa4 PM.
Immix Man I= Salad at and Lia Itrip
UM.= Wood sod .
.ioltsr Innis—au. n trat.i........‘11.113 C. US.
GILLS & ROE, Wholeesle Grocers and
,4:ess:ss ,skrasse., 4is 2sa ussess sus.t.
Law, Fourth .
t ar
x ... 3ERT; . OORE, . Who Wale - Grocer,
, wan. Um deem 'a ` d i n, PS ittterii
' Sid i' ilidll a ' Cardin, WI Domestic
lilocs md Dicoc% Dm ilit Likeeir........ m ,,Artreet. ' On Land •
regeb 4 M b• Will. Dr tositt. °l4 : 7=e•—•r Whyte!. 7.
OBERT'• Eft 1. 7411, 1. /t.
n CO., Wholesale
and Piata . , C''Pth"'th'i lim " l " .. a - st IN"
- Grocer, Prat Voraractlog.cad Contialcsion Urn.
c ad , Grier Lo tteleargt,, lizecclhepowt, He. ;.0.
strect,Pittarargh• -
iwuter......—.4—...mese a. cceneert..
WTI. BAG Y CO., Wholesale Giro
'V is sad 2) Pittatargh. '
'WICK , N LANDLESS.'` 6ySS, Araccessars 'to
IF 1,; &J. D. wtale.s. Greccrt“rore , e'dles
end • autsole*cli Le Iron. Hasa, Gleer.
Cotton Yates; :sad Matarrich iterosfacturec getrerelly,
corner of Wood and star Meets, 1112.1beMa• •
it'A3E/LANK SON dc CLOUSE , Moles 6l6 t&
. ossassesa las= 111 actuate, Dales Intro,
nos, aut idaeufactard Astlein, .I.9sLiterty
esak, end
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and ..~rrs Counter Produce sad Pictsborßic
Atcoadretorer, • or Wand aVd AM etc, litecte.ricrc—
F%I7,LINGS, W CO., Nandi - no,
tam, o f
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air; sad lint. aalloa dabbing. clout, ha , ....1
'obaernalls. tow b. • • lattlag do,; flu 2d and
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01/1.141.1PpE4 . 4 pa.. wad. PAU
'le Bel
a hand all
Alg U t :111
'per sad Zine
• smarted slam.
W ALTER . P. ~ • ' MALL, Succeisor to
5 5
&nand 'O. • InaPortarl sod Dealer la Werth
and American Payer . farming. ar.rl 'Bantam - Window
Made; We Bard,Prin 'Le- - Also="Wititing. Prla.
...1 Wrapping Perfq. N W.lltro/t. .b•"re.t , rouna
1011 N A. CA:1101 Y, Agenifor the Me
ar Erie end /11kbitth te. Vld the latail=
tau an the earner M tez and liant=ela eta.
th•CsaaL Tzsußporp7 f by Carita
rorwardthig Iterchantoq
I-. e ' •
A.BROWN woad mostrespectfollyinform
thepalkthat he ke-peenhend thile eland on the telt
Waaot the Dit.eW,Alllelthreitf.h Mashea eesortatteet
of Vanities bllodg ur;n34:ltlett
to Skates, ere made to orWer
to the lost mist. re tad equal say lat the Mahal
Melee Ili, Bllnde the reaeled Inlbelit the eel of •
erne. shire, Urn tog plleehasei the, and "Mod
or the ontinetatahluermset of Ramses h hiselellesd. I tea
gelZ: V i i r tlth lketra w d Trottlers,4l.ll es the rip.
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Los ... cpn:.lo ON, i-PArzi nuking &
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ar, —ze,... and. lif . Uth, U. it. WI.
meb4.3l , ' L ••• • i •
. . .
4. I : AM HARD •NeterinarrSnrgO b tl ate
tram • rdlikbamb - '. watt d :reeDwitt4l/ ea.
K___ tha rt,blie that Daa Meamateed • practice In the :
'.'7,atrniftg; .ad, auvia oat...Atha to trhatanra la
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4 .a.r-DDlttit la mmenil triabe allied ott, atthe amps
at Teazel tirmt eadVauFaTIMAD:"...' .'
t : . ' I: c V: It • :11: t
AZ FAILLE Jon j SON,Enerstser W
SdlPba° Thal• obi • mom) Pittogirsh, Po.—Vlowo
ding% goetanoc7_ .1 • • • • or Hersp.perta • •
Landstostd, Druz Lao 1a mlße gals far-Igyvoom.
ci.thwasd.amodia , mr. • • • tits Rifer
of art sad at Ctle. • wham.
W SCIWOLIMAN'S Lithograph;
igtobliinent, AI otroot; argotolia Pmt
'PIC/Pl:gadlum lossiom, remits, Elam bill..
.giiihonds,mrano Avis. Arolillostoral arid Madam
Disgiviiingsmarand Oards...i_ .a . o engraved or
to Cris. mid tirl i t•lti onhinao imgd. Bronze. or
ibto prism , ! I • !••• •1 " l0:1?
Wegnerilltu de Mueller's
F 1 tY LrrnociA .
ITTLEAsovrt gm ,tiesfiectallyiumminco
to th eir friend' tod tloa ImM , gotioroDl.that thop
as posporod to essentig Ilia trot min of Izmir art, dti
maim to nom 41%145)3111k Diplomas, Closets, Viottnos
and Poormisionsi au.; AlaM Marto. Labels,
Their establish • t ismt. 06 Margot sprat, between
•Thtnt and roarth stair*. . mokaitf
--- -
• , -, a :4: M I
WW. IVILSO Wetehee, Jewelry Silver
j u b lir k . vei p d= . 3l3= 4 :u . kil n iir . ..t i =
&retails . read , ' le • . ,
aw l
Vioiliti; (elSiitalaila
, 1 111 1. .4 t rg t /Il ia l kitall iClThl vi VlLlKMs, o* X. ila , Liba i lt r t
1 ...
„ mi t w. m dotc.mliti.: l 7Wat t t Most Castes and ,
N.N. - rale
, ' ''4":3-. , - • i , ., g3.-,-...:-
. - •-- , -.3: ....3,...- , _-.-3.'.... - .. n
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- . .
TTirisel4l - 31204rs mos,
il I ILL give epeelal attention to the &Ilea
tem el' doh. for Merchants and others, In West.
ern • ne&arda and &Worn Ohio.
Pl C Z th' i l" . Ir ''' ..• 11"", " .3* . ''' N... Conicnto4no
Itedirrenoen—Joon atorrho% . 7.ll - Flaneedu;li.N.wlat.,
ist.p. nano". and tils. i odic.. Fa...- 1.414' .
- ,
Doctol4-Relehlielni - • ' 1 '
EMS hterrientiertnclthenublie in gen
voil, that he low armored Ida oaks to Penn etaneG rlo.
)i...., to BL Mir natal. , , • 1 ,
P. O.—Pam= lodebteel to him fora *nth of time, sr.
raqiniaiod to settle thole amount J7lAZna
yEAiLH DIZEEY & CO., Avila - for •Me
-I.; panales Ina Workai Keep emistenily on hand nod
for sale at very low prime and of ennui. quality. Dar
and that Iron, Naar, dadow. ay. • • • • irlio
' - i -:
--,.i . • ' F.. 11. Xoote, Iff. b., . • I,
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.n.i. nodal attention to the treatment of d ' of vro.
n . tarl ..„ llll . l,lra_a,
, an d d u trz ... atediaaa . tiei=y t o troll 4
_dr Iland — EnTeft Brkhro, and next daur 10 ea PI -
lon filill. Allegheny City. • (Moe tams 000 7 9 A.,
fmiLlt23. and nom 7 to 0 P. M. • yYlky .
IiriLkETTI & NOELE—City• Flo . '
Mila. No. 6136•Lllimaty ~ i n of et.. PI
. 71VICHOLAS' VIVIAN, :(`,'Pit : Engineer,
~,z, tartro z ria.•,%rr'Lt'd, Athl"...44V•i=
any tor mina, waterWoliikllollinn ' aune, an? Illay. Ea
r isl . l " ietwist V t .. M. and ?p, lit hle rdderneatigt.7l
M'CORD . ..Ic -CO., Wholeaalo and Retail
Nn .rod Dookers t. Hotakflaptand Ti,,.
of Wood nod Will.botroota. Pittolniron. who?. ihr7
are; • foil and ocooploto *took of lista, (Xpo,_ kr, of
irnittgittrai d ' O; l triell. 7 on=dl d o= d ,' l'
W marine them that thy will 101 l on the mot odynn.
. DIGBY, - Me.rehant Tailor, Dia
and Deider Ready Nod* Madam LW Überfl et.
VITL' ell:. HY ERP.••=4 cage 0 n andPh . yeiciiin.
• benn . aad Omaha; cargo* of poriliiit= • row, No..
.rhird Arcot ono door *born E , mithfold rt
Do. Ilion tuba pennorgently Wand in rilnaborsh, ind
willliotiond to th. Maim of his Prolesskot. • Hoorn giro
Vornonlar att ch ention to Bosom num and the um of
lion= and ildren.- .•
UIiONEGOER & CO., Importers of Wines,
Glom tereath.
s. sad evb. Mr*, 161 Smithfield striot.bir
Sixth aNt
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Ma
ad Safety leanyano• Coalman 42 tract amt.
~H.\'l~)l` I?I:~A~)'~yI~ARS.iYfSiYZ'I7ti,
1 .. ~... .. .' ....... ~ ...
:GLENN, Zook Barram,'Wood Aide,
toe sad'door from tee' ono., ofTbird, whets Tot is
plepard to do dory dosalptkat of Bladlog beam
And durability. Blank Books raid to ud. gurn,
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Pitlebargh Oaa Pipe and Tabe Work,.
l 'iw ” i undersigned hare just completed {heir .
and we t now manufacturing an elms of .GASSTP/S, laa
wanoti and other glues...l all altos of
which they offer Mr We at the /newt. geom. They am
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Roeleingham.:And Domestic Queeneware..
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M Eau onad Church building.) antra.. arra door to J. 0 it.
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Our Wavle* Works enable la to ea ordam promptly..
A tompetent designer being constantly amPlolna. alp ru
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Order; ally satinigdg g . toch2Mtt
L-7----tEIa,_IFSTATE AGENCY •r , 1
For Verner Cotttag, and adjacent Connate,
• SUBSCRIBER; having.been located
rrtl%*o two years put la the floculshlue Posunith of
hew ron. and tinkled formed than twelve year. mut
In the n Mir of too Farm and during 'that time his at
tention as been de.e almost mind/rely to Land agee•
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Dos °neap an °CIu in the aformaid bore/ash ractuated on
'llmdway street. neat the centre of the Wird> during the ,
Lag. ra . s. b tad r Izezar r igilticulstry.for entering W n
There 110 1111* i, number of eatable lots sad tate red-,
detwee inithe honnuab and neighbor/mad, for salwat low
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Tithe ways dried y rumined Into, !e. tin property
will be onered-unlere the title Is Indirputah/e. .
Persona one of purchasing wall do well to eel] and
wad. for themselves. BLINJ.II.OBIIDHADFORD,
swarm . • }Leal retste Mont
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Corripy.
i...: 0f0rtn...,..11: st.iiati—.-s. 1. .onnu..—s. ir. ittowr.
. • CLOVER, KIER. & CO., P
THE SUBSCRIBERS; .having been r ap-1
.a.: pciauKt Agents for the above mimed =town. will 1
1 71;:lra& ' ,Celliretran '' Clar r iPt=l e l=gra
'They he ere, prepared to re r eelce atlas for aard kiek. to ,
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and , that /expanse shall he named to duke them area
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I .
mit • KIER ..ti JONKIN '
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thwitt, Seventh at. Pittsburgh..
Vir: Dames - ' Patent Lever Watches,
igurecifesitinag Yard' s ear rel fend in Pittemoh:
1311 itZIIARDSON 81 Market street, is
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Pl" • t•g t r• the Attalral WA/ DII.ON I Chet'
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well oof. Londe. ' . I
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LIIAVS,ITTEED. lIP,. (on the New York
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Ymnola and Orman Damask De Ulnas. English Damaalk
!Chintzs, Turk., Bad floods, Mir., Maps of
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and atylor. Dnor blots. Window Blinds =I Elhadee,Cmialra
&Wort and panda, Curtain Pit...Ts/vain nod Tsssellmpi,
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Valoeit Weitz. • •
AItI(J,EL KRCLESEN keeps constantly on
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I one, EteaMboat. Kitchen or Draw lhaebelw.
%Vanden Donis, Chorea. Dry kaasorm, Zane mid (Merry.
Wuta &medal, and all other kind. of wam tda Una:
WartroWeroi a:amnia Doll: Fifth aimed. Pittatrararb, Pa.
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,YVIIOLESALE and retail nianufactu-2
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• •y. & OOLVig, Coalille con , r ,t a bll B l
Maar of 51:341= .. :',..M. l t T: l ir„ljr,
- 771 :
-. 0 88. ARNOLD ek, CO., .. ..
1' ''.• ..-.: ' . BANKER& .- . I
Dikts is itcausaz, COIN, DAME NOM, SO.
. • ~..15b_174 iblerVe tar Pest eferaheeet&
Nam sad.! Dreltor solleetedzi= of the - 11%—,
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:•::•-• :°"•:.: • : . • - V
PITTSBURGH, - 1851 '
. New . ChocolateFactory.' : :,:- i.
§lll. N: CULAMOONI4. CO; respeatully in•
form the pubilathitt they mem now mentsfacturamil
OCOLATY he r go mlltr mad poke. Thistlnfealmac
unlike amost o mold bat. le wansfated paw end ans.
Manacled,lhenert of tina dame. mare aaWeale ad
wholesome. 0 .U. 0 Oa. harttle beau aallMmlate of em
or the laced L. moist. ntannbetmia to ltelr,memeelhe
nubile that they will famish an article egad ll tat etiPa
doe to the but Imported, and et s lea peae,_ ' . -• , ', '
. It is be We et. Ate. PollitliLl3, (Mid. Comes
No. 102 Nourth et., op stem. oat dom. to Um 11 'l
II ; :4:4471511) tit 7.1 r 10 :4 :11
r. 4 SUMMER' RETREAT is ni)ii open
the anooninualatket. 1.612011. brandy at
e a Laa s e h e heen .i nnteh Unpaired by the Willie el
' tLethriTtea b lVand Ellyn= et U tirg ' ncestl44r . •
b n i Cri. " % l ien=pt In the Weans et wnd, •
TV , V:t i ttr=l ' eleart:Vrirtosar - I.mea
the le
e, lla, betwont PM amen sal the OM d l
'Bridg _at the beginning of Amp honr-ASTun Ontleeht.
II until 10 P.M.. UP. extra 'trip mar *ming: at 7.1(1,
Streaker.. Yhttlithe Smoky CUT a.. invited 4, 1 0 1 .•
vl.l lo Mix voted newer tiarrien. - • ' • •
The °entente kept an Temperneee plinelpiren anetiorea
on area ay. .
or mevirthe Exohange;}.l.
Coriiii•df Penn St.:. Clair /3•*,:r:
'rl3. Spaisicras, - cenitral, and most obattni..
ay kested TOM: W. , .amp .0
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The enheeriter. lams and lePptiethr the _it dint
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snit hdtWal =mats. enit. tint he will acre noenek
to mak* Ttmnsi to say
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Ms either to treeeltre nepamandmt beatders.lnanareinin
to Wk. and hope knr lik • liberal oz. ot MI RA t
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Fresh Assiirtment. of Spring 4k05.41
TO5l/03 .PALMER:. is • dailf
&CM the Eaters Mks, at tbs eta rand. r
. No. 55: Maiarr. Slum • i
Boames . Third mid Fourth strietr,Fittabirstk:
hum gouruton. to Ms palintt Moil. or Um mottleoutlM
.P.IPXR.H.LNLINGS that hen 114pland to WO market
l'hu sal P The r' 4.l ' 4.=t l l7 , l 3l*
maw,. To Ws Minal. Ott
by of w MOO us
mato lo t eau be Ihnstal by sintit than etkek
the Wootton of itiorthaoto end haws korpent le eerie
•New• Coach Factory -/ lllegheaT... ;:
IL. A....WIUTE h CO. , would
Intone the public that they' ham
thop oa Leak, barren /Wend said. amdeekr
streets. Tiles are Om making are pregarallo melee
atlas Mr near dmal of reMeles• ameba, Chide*,
Bartmehe• Boggles. Pha e ton., he., Ms. which. hem darts
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eembled to do vats as the mad assesielde terms with
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Weediest of the paldie to Ws malts,. •
P. B. assatable arm. , Repaid.* dome IN the bat ...mum. and Ost Be-
• Comm et TWA ma SWIM MM. The sate elm-
Isattudion et the kind es
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Seisms of Amnesia.
0. ii.Chsesberlin.Peshesei at Pssaloambls.yeeseatie
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lideresecte MY se ths redde Yod+s 'a.Rhas icili
• EittsuisiDlB3:4by EDMUND
WiLKINE3, No. 245 Liberty *R;
b te= 4 ,4 4 `lTrie . lirt.l.
Ma. Mastic Mem mid . Smm,
stmaic cm band sad mad. make. maim
, dolma Xmctim, ma 4 r•Mmm2
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Wm. ii 74. Alebitort .
Jahn Mayan. gsp Qum vircas,Brobiara.; -
Wilson Met' limn A natant, do.
Robert lieganlght. •' 'UMW I
Jos. Wanted, Loh litnishriPl). T. Lor tn.
Man. caboam corniths
- 8. both Re q., Allegheny.
Jt W. hale gratahil br tte wry. /them! Datriniaga re.
mired dining Watson yearito this city. haring bad Wee
lured and hoataotw entroabed Seldom+ tip • the •
fartroor. Waniments 07 4 90 Third armor- • ~
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On city: as hs isdirtrrostood to mihold witb
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sosanhetaring. he la enabled to .Prodisin narrigind o=ab
tore, et the lowan prices.
lie has adopted Le principle of idardifying tin eiudass
ing Internet with his owe, ha quality Reid Swim, and o tre
id= litand iro ~ t 4 .7 greatest varbety of averf o dt b ier e I of
tan[ ad cwdly. stia c t b r=, or . r port of I , mayt
of nom hit ' 4.s to
h e therefore achoita an ititliat advare
noes of hie astablichment may be The followlng
articles consist. in sort. of his w for names. of
i=smb 1041 puma be sarpamed in any of the &nom
Parlor. drawing; and be d-room dial.. Of erall
variety, =Lasting of rownroseL maboy and walmit,
litisabethen. Comervatoirs and Lial Choir[ m u7 de.
cried= Coaches. tiohu. Teton-tete and him.: of the
French aod American tattering Tooham. What-Nota. mut
WM . palm Writing Deka of venom Work Tables
mi 4 fang loiLd stands. music stands. ant bolder. marble
top. nialangar, pi , oswood and walnut emits• aml ... •o_it!.-
blea, extension dining laden all .I...albansort
and decidedly the boat bind made; card. i4mbtoka ball
pier table.% wanirobeg bedstead[ and washstands of each a
Wm apartment, gothic ball and parl• nongion chain,
011013111111 and stools, seereto7 sad Uorraser, ride Naas.
fire mama towel racks, hat stersia and mane stool/401W
and iota for cbdidren: how
.. tall. ant tea poys,
.gtegsay, nnewood, ad maw pearlmarbe,„
1.. te. 40.
A large assortment of Common rnitorgand Winibor
Chain.; Camas[ Spier. supplied wi Yu th a/1 articim in their
(1 E 0: E. AftNOLO Zs CO. tiara this day m-
aaLted with them JOIIN D. SCULLY'. Th. *44 of
the ll= wilt be ai turstafers,
• Pliutrargb. May 15t.11151. !ay ~ • '
Thetindereig.ned members of the late firm
of WM. McCULLY CO. hare tats lbw entered Into Os.
Pertness/do under the star of
ViEr . ,llO , llX ' V,
From their wog nipanence In IDO bUel..ll.l.l3o7cumer
thentrelves tbsit LW/ ent t h e artiele• their/inn Kind
to iniy snanutsobisod the maul; and boar bv strict
attention to business to unlit • shan of ths panne
sin extended to tin old 111%6
.11y a division of tn w alook.
i r izi .. ar d merz . m . iist to 11 6 :14tini w nrietstrith one
Warenotiss. No. 63 Water stroot i rovr t liarrp
Yitteltiviiibi 1.1151., .•
The only real Nem York Plumbing &tale
liehme# ` c. '
WHERE work is done'on Scientifio Rin
d:4l4,lml warranted. • •
m turd Otrotoboat Plumbing, in all 11 brorabs.,
dune with maga. and
Bathe fitted up wlth shower., from .33 tO
SPLb Stand.. ..... t to a 0
o 6
Pink", ...ten or -
Wider ComPixt• ...... ea : 1
8.6 y p.mpr S
Elteltun Out Lran WWI Ttsyx. hot
Yitna.cok and tips, P:1=11111:6 and pa K. utb•Lx. -
Yon., and YuNlPutom FlTXtuat Xxxxx.xxXxtxxX*
1/ on sta. and pat 7 dinar. in tho coaarl
- "U Vlll'Orttler, US Pint id.
bettreut wood and Market att.
/hoer ir Co.' celebrated Itiracul f rattre Yook.
roomed Item the tosorthictu rhiladel hoar corals.
mot and abr rer,
eale by , YO NDEXTEI4
Water Street
For heath«. of Itelah arid Int:l=le rattle,
_thaw Yorks
caosiot la summed: sad the law price at which they are
eold. meet loran their Istrolactioa. 1
- -
AMES WILSON has - removed hM, gat
and Cap Stars to N 0.91 Wend stmt. gad 0:09 month
.-talten my
Km, Edward -IL' Wilaon,lnto parlemblp .Lbe
Cap arist fur lindoetn, Leman no bnalneni
=lertlye name ot-J, WLIBON 110 N. at al 11, ofatet.
' ' WI
WI evotlnnei tba and qllnk"
N 0.9 Iva* +evti v[>,a7 akr• 44-4='; IL
POR 0/411. • • •• " •
STOOK of the himehanta & NalMfaitarenr.
Bank; etas nth,* /rrehana• BUIL Br •
. • U. D. ICINO Banker sad EMU,
STERN' BA ANT/314 NE NOTES, at lowest
'TT loarbt nstes.and tligbestjaymiu ped tb. AM.!'
can Wirer:ln P. u• KINo•
Jell • - 11xaker • iltoksr, Fourth mt. •
Fot Sale.
...*LOT on Pm:in - :street,. adjoining Mat
thews' goblo—nlll be mold low. Iftr re Jnblo, lb. lot
Cato dlvldtd to nitnit two Venous. Eng of
/elO - • A. WI lONA aOM
To . Gardeners:
.* G FEW acres ofgourd near th e city, snit
eau sustains. for ma&ZO•pi ot
• ' '• • • A. W re ILKENS
urled Haar Eatrapee.
Ir. on - band a larm stook of Mamas
mato oot at pare ILI,. trautiom Vot tote
plow 1
_I. W3l. it
orz Ttdtd Amt., ontytto tbo ItioTaa:
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PAPSL-350 na . 5 . 3.24 liy 33 Prlntinr .
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iltMO 60 Zinn iretomi'atir:
bps. rg , l• 4,402rn En/w Part.
360 11 and Ski& Cnmnintin.
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5. 4:11
1 1 .1.1. Un42. Hadrian, sad. 1 . 1110.11 . K'
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.1•1:10111sif "pat somle to enter
1 4 . 21 nnna
PdTKO NETAT...46O tons for - gale
= two ... 'IItATIMIM
i nggESX-12.5 boxes for side ''
Jsz - VALLI DICW k CO. i
A , LC01101,0:1 bbls:far talart4jl;•,
77 2 1:.7".. -•,,
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A.rfaUt7 Ell :
LAYS O. ita**l.ilo•Juux nom . ram :um=
: . .• •. - • asoiiaa as .7' - •
IlLTlCAletWeek. • 6
ItIMIAStt. Ctubtrog Cm 6
CITY or GLABCIOW,Loitth 1 , 311ad010h15...-Acit / 2
AMA. Itsretsto. N • -. 1.-Jog 16
All Il m, Loos. 6,r Barton
iReAII, Wets°, from 27
_ ritol tai smut ISM& .
PACMC, Kra. from Nes rot 19
41711111 , A, /S woon Wl.Olll 21
CITY Ott 91ANCIIESTXR, Ctuspltoll. boas -7
• Ave 21
Alta 11 . 1:1;;;.: o
111111BOLLtr. . Lints Ott • Ilarro-...-.= — •'..34 2 2
41111 CA, bott. trots.. • Ansa
s&LTIC, Cootstaxk, from Nov 30
1 I. All hem and Sor iii M=4 ask. 0th0rd.,_.__„.40.4 l
t All lettere sae 111e=rtzi,,,,,,..—...., _....
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1 It.heS lb.• ' ''' '-'•
Lawn to the Coatloesd at 11er0r . .... i0u......s
tr. beN....'"Vdt=l. U. i c„ l- th'ic,..;,,. au..
Lamm to the Ceelleeste ,
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onus be prepaid Anv wale .... ; it ,..: „.
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We may senKk that the above rates anf anteeat to en,
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011 -iardEEl US declined. a Ahab, and we now quote
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Cadre may be 44,..1iered at a matte ef from 30 to 0 0 4.1 e
At Thiladelphti. on the MIA* arol market Ira quiet.
tad as rearipts , 4lll* olf. tae - of the to dealers
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to a medusa t =lf. '..Thera acre alee. the am
-411t2 weak, of 12,00 Mance at 40 0 ;de, am Ism at 44e,
10,000le seizatiatd a 4 mat klploor at. 41.14 0 4.1 e, 12.0:0
M teb 0 38 040 a *OO te polled at 2110=4/..are2 WOO a. -
Itambebrag as allia la IC - principally at 4 ad 6 =maths
The Beam medic ale. 100=1 ba .1 yam;
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xo .0: ' X.AnZ/111,,TBSDP., UV.
• Pi Prr TSBOIMIt, Aug. 19, 1861. : .' .
• The past +: has been one of the tightest in
the local Money market &alms been experi
enced for tomtits past. The baniut and brokers
hare reduced Izcheir line of discounts at least
one-fourth of lie usual luosonnt. Best paper in
the street is lit 1011 '1:1 month ; and second
rate paper pasipe with extreme dithculty.,
Owing to thOightness -of the money market,
stocks generaq hoe* been depressed, excepting
5011111 of the btter desitiptions, which stillre
tain their prerlou_s mites; viz from 5 to 10 per
. The Boston Pittsburgh Mining Company
hare declared ,semi-annual disideind of $ 5 , 0 0
"e there.
The desociatO Firemen's Ituturance CoMpani
hare deelereds#iridend of $1 share.
The redcoat .08' count on the" Beat hare ad-
Moe& and* now dole at 11/ cent. This
is owing to tilo l.. r) amount required by one
Merchants,. mat of whom are going East to
purchase their 01. supplies.-
Cutlery . is iiir i stioderate supply, but it is about
matficient to the...i.4 , ed dattuutds of trade. It is
bought by the at about .1 9 cent.'die
There has beat a 'decline Isr : 011io anifilitn;
li t
sylvania lisilroai' I stock of about 5 11 omit
but this; we ariOnformal, is not on 'commit of
any depreciatiof in the ;actual value of this
stook, bat can lisiattribeted alone to the'present
tightness or thentoneiriarket, and the scarcity
of funds,'which hairs induced Sales at the de
cline above noted, There tuts been a steady in
crease in the recalptitlif the road since its Open
ing. The increase iritLe.itamber of passengers
for the week endlng on 'Elattirday last,, over the
preceding one, Was 716, and the. increase .of
cub receipt i lig theeante period; was
wok - -
.6^_}, which e ' yOW to show, that but for
the present striWgency . in the money market,
there should, endive believe will, Ultimately be
an advance rather than • a decline in the Price
Of stock.. ; . 1 ' '
At Pluladolphiii, on the 16th inst., confidence
in the commerci4 circles watt slightly better, At
we learn from the Bulletin and for the few
days preheding, veallittle•lad been acid of dic
tate to inercantgaeredit. The currant payments
of the jobbers
: and commission men were not
large; and but fo? the pressing preparations of
the timid and aver cautions against hard time[
Arad, tsere woad be less difficulty in negotiat
ing paper. Under this state of things, the off
erings at bank, std to note broiers, were out of i
proportimi to thelncreui of the former and the
abilityhf the latter to command means for pri-1
vide lenders. There hen therefore, been no int , '
prove:nerd in the :rates, but it was exPectedigla
a few days cabs r.would bring ma , t21141 more
The Commetriel List rays„that the rates of
money have again mme>sm, and that the very
best names cannot under 12 per cent;
and good parer tit 46. The stole brokers were
generally full„.-ind offer seri& selecticin of sig
nateres,,,,af-the tibove rates. Bides of them of
long,niiperience•say they have often 'known
oliey. dearer, tqn- seldom scarcer then at the
present time. 1 ' -
At Beltimons, , nt theelatest dates, the demand
far monsjin the iitmetled net abated; a better
feeling, hewever, prevailed; negotiations of first
quality paw .winn more readily effected, at
rates ratierlowie than those of the preceding
Undoubtiti,namei were taken at 9(.12
cent. The basks ere said to be dealing quite
liberally with their customers. .
At New Fort, ha the 16th hut., as we learn
by the .Tribele;ithe 'stock market showed no
marked trazislton, exoepli in convertible Erie
Bonds, which were, at the second 'board, ham
mered down at &I, but afterwards 'rehtivered to
66. Government Moeksbidimprevel Vice t,
with butte* Offering. 'The money 'market was
without any particular Oharigei but wae,'ifaany
more ateuiitaat on* pet*. The - hest
mamas taileit p(i)l6 t seat; and the amount
I 'at! =00 1 ; eltiraird.- I tit !zih?g; paper; at
04 4 .i*e; *Oa* :the'redeNie
_ .
The amount received at tluslitth4reester7 wag
$138,120 !paid 54,42,610; balance $3,280k917.
' Them:Mutt of Barnam's eras:tint:las to they
Neenah: Bank, at Bridgeport, of which he le,
Presideat, vas $lOO,OOO. • .
It is believed that the receipts of gold from "
Cardernia, this Month, rill be ftilly then and •
half millions. . The deposites. at the Philadid-'
phis end New Orleans saints; in Califorzda gold, -
sinee;lanuary 1, 1861, have been cia nand nom
bens) $30,000,000. ,
M=B Mi'T
• Eurts—Some 40.) heed vren:off<red. to day', .rll.lcti more
=WIT tam Dr dr/ st i= 601113 , 1111 cif. paw,
azna to 6.106 it elm, Tx.L
Brers—Aiowt. 300 bead were Offered, Eat lialeeWt $lO2,
• 1
The . °Wings Go Slosrday re 54.1060 No 600 odlob
woo KW glir ta lfr i bara. 60 WM . kft osor. mad 346
• Prim mind frogs Aft, 83 00 thi tog. 001011 . 110
81=6 0.4•00 averaatax
Re queut lhoa S&LS teWlsaettano... •
Three' Lee bee.-. decline bath lath. number and
Price of beef WU* Anne oar laanrrect, there Wed offered
eddy 1000 bud. inclodinn. MO driven .11a. N. -Yost: the
Prim rending iram SS to S 11 103 ner: .•
/a Clows awl Cain.. dere Us barn no hanis Oaks.
The offniass =amine abaat 350. Freshe i o. mitts n e
516 to 85..dariagars $l4 t :A. au! dry Con Sala la up.
In the oderfila of nags the number has allalltly beam►
ed: flare Ind*'OD add at prices saatdaa tract $6 to 0 23
lad Box , • -
Shen; sad Issalm—Thav araa =0 „a with is
chime. la pears. Naha or the knave at tl6O '4lO, sad
the laws •175 to 3 60 V‘ beo4. as 17i analltr
• attn. , -1 . 14. yeti i imt,3 inches in *ann.4 by
metal =A. Let antaint. at a amt. ' •
gym: • •
Baltic. Bennett. Broworrilio.
I.lthigoo. Bolts, %aver— " .
J.Kellso. R rt ode ino l olo. Wow. kotoo.
Po . fhoa
Atlonr ..
Heoin. OonvolL. Whoolost.
7 ToiOgolot Woodburn. asKonati..
. _ - Dird.1191.11.1
Boiot, Bearer. • •
Boo,oxo. Gottloo..Boaver. • ' •
Atlaatie. Porlisioon,
J. Mao*, Ilototriettoo. 1K• _
Tim ..Mb*oer, Icon N:= •
Beanott. Brogroovillo. I
Area; Knn.
Finotsdorr i ; P ey oe, Wabash. •
Corn PlarJet. borr4o.:ll"Dgelbur._..
JoLLs Dcou Zara
Pilot Pin Crowe Sontote; •
GloOtas, nbat.
YOB. pan.apapins A..vD mum:Hoag.
D Let& Cris ft:ranger PackAL lawns daDLat Sa a ant
szorxsvar,l666666 . urz.
'*ItOWNSyILLE. 6 L i..oa 6.6..
cozwimmax. .
-4011 M STROHM. of Luteawas.
.ISTQLS'or srmWEA mom •
WM. M. MEM:DM of l'bilidoolyblu
RICILARD COULTER. of Wedamandult
JOSHUA W. COMM of Mottwar..
MEI NI JESSUP. of Scagoetews.a. ; ' •
Arnimammio and Whig Canty 'Mixt
w i; ix FOIL wA it riot**Ql.6
II NILItW. W. LLI All of INEoburglL
r0...0rn ntto rocol• op lovas. u. 4C.
WEL IL NECLUEE, or INtroboaloto
ANICKXLIT. Emus Vmo, Oliffra. WM^ aG
.JOHN 'am-cyst:x . lr. ItAthson.
JAMIE FIPPLE of Snowdon.
MEL P.. APPLETON. or Bargolosba..
THOS. PENNEY. or Ergeospozo. t •
- .10/LN MILLEIL of ENE..
EA3IFEL rAuxuzcxtc!,l44,3o.
• AMUL RICHARDSON, of:Alloghoor. •
JAB AL Bum. or Patabori%
IMRE= stico::,;
• 1010 t
fearrirpmylince of ibePittabart6 Via:o44GO
• Neer Yens, August -16;1861.
Thei arrival - of the Baltic,- Capt:. CoMitock;
from Liverpool in the tunnelled time-of nine
days and fourteen hours has been-the irobjectvd
much 4:m4mb:dation on'the part of shippini
people, who are quite certain now that John may
as well give over his attempt to beatlonathaa,
on salt water, and confine his attention to odic*
when he can heat ca with his pauper labor.
It ,takes science to' run steamships;-
partmeat of mechanics we are dieldedly in - -acl.-
lance, and capable of matclang any improvement
they may make abroad. The news by the Bal..
tic- is favorable fOr cotton inasmuch ea cotton is
firm. ' The success of the San Juan route is said
sorely to trouble the Pacific, mailship company,
a shrewd association of merchants who are fully
aware that a shorter and healthier route must
eireisede theirs. However, .they ean.afford to
lose more and will stand alittlecOmpetitlen be
fore they break. • •
In the money market there is little change to .
notice, and thestringency to nearly u great as
ever, the banks:hardly amounting to the extent
of their receipts. : In. the street„ notes of un
doubted, gotahunrawith two names sell at lyplt
per ant. month readily; uld as usual, pap
that the banks refuse at serest per cent, is 'quiet
ly discounted by directors at Streit rate. Stocks
are gash:dyed one or two per cent per day but
an advance can hardly be looked for even in
. thtiie when interest will' be certainly met by
their legitimate profits. Some stooks of .known
mine Ara now depressed to the primitive - , sold'
attwo years ago, when in an incomplete state,
and not as now earning millions per umzon.—
Railroad bonds of remora-Worics are not in faror
here jastnow, and can be hid at cheap tstes, -
ready money being warded more than anything.
Trade - inactiveamong the dry goods peophawho
however,' say their - customers porches, with
mere care than usual; and- show no ine t lination
to obtain large stacks. 'A few western and nor-,
then, buyers have made their age:trance and is
• general thing are prepared. to pay, which is
not true of the Southern trade. 3103 t merchants
are now at these ports, Maid 'bean the water
ing places earlier than usual by the datum:dent
bathe money market and the cool weather,which
is of the temperature Conamonly experienced a
Among the paesengeis by the Baltic was Bar?
ace `(Freely, who after; his travels returns the
same good humored philosopher as. ever, timid of
travelling and glad, be'sare, to be on terra fir
= once more, for the; hotrors of sickoessibl
lowed him almost to Una). street. Your col
umns have ,borne t.eitlimijoto his bAin 4 ,
his rambles, sndi‘-nuiy-li:Cd: be rumba tn:.
know homtich such a trip:costa All Ina -_
met by theimall sans of fifteen hundred dellszi.
open", as • all - sill .lektirmiedgis.
w appreciate Mr. Greely.'sitettne.,tontOnn
t cticustni upon fOreign menyptid , iolitntettis
ea they appear to a early, Londe ripiddittan.
Mr. (Freely remarks that the ratiniikat:Of goods
pow being purramsed abioaddivery :large,.and
thinks no bank policy will , he Sailor to keep 'our ;
coin at home to the' extent' antiattor,'ontrtkitcy.
This afternoon
,stocks are a litattetterind a
feeling prevails austriottom hat' been" reached..
Pennsylvania Greer cents haver 141 mt .80;
Delevarc4md Hudson' Cetlel it /00 lied Zile; 70
cash. Erie convertible bonds, 2364ii-lliere,-is •
strong feeling aMorig•Operators tot affect :Stdriee
in stooks, and a groxing conftdenoiti among the
outsidern'whti are to buittlarresent
loir rates. The Pacific took s4likooo mcoin to
i d a z,.whirdiviii less:than wint ; , iintleigated
On Tolm4Yntortiim bids ' s?, to- be i opened
icir the. Pft4 -oertificates 05 /11/5 - ertatt , of ens
milDoa:. Th•Priees obtained for thenswilltilum
tbs. real Natant' the money smasher, - and "restore
the drooping spirits of: merchants::' -
Of doted .news there is none:intik Won it t ,
and none there : th er than the above, .
Pens SET, one of the "-warrior Chide of the
Onohdagas, died at Onondaga Castle; tot the llth
Irustizst. - aged 0 8Writ. The' Syrscosi,learnal
eve the deoeaeed was latent. and faithful Mend
of Vet .liultsd • Stew Gov eratnent;: andOzeong
the &Isla and Arartiot . a Ito atiweredOtatutral
Porter's .call for.trolunteeni in thewsz of 'lBl2.
to protect *hi Niagara froAtier.At thelautle
ttratippewa r ' the Onon theirOhlef•
, lAuFart,.behaved y. leader fell -
Inthelutttle,"and the •ctrief whose ditath iirnow
abmiwtwoeleed etwound, oa wetetateterldeli:
he has weeired atratohnt.: He Ira IlatAltdd.
gent, =bible pnett:
tanah byliawhiee gad eatit!ltll , tergb•- -
comrlik9x o f th e . -
. .
A , 0
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