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WEDNESDAY 1106N1110, AUG. 13; 1851.
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leillaaell..BlLATlCk 20 lUlii;go.Z.Toinie.
irrox.—The cm will tears thedefet on l'ederal
10 VeldekpreeteelyYstid
*ms, 6 1 4 8 1
nee of time to look rermtd; Man, and seta
eiNgth Beirrerildinale 'fa Wait teiteehtton.
''(ltinitedin 800) maybe had from Mane
Boned Fstatestock atul Aleitiader Richardson,
of the.otHee ,of Alletthati Atte', Fourth street
like of the 'minion White 76 cents,.
P,II ILL ••••• . • ere Tenured rattorltßf doing°
among the the .. • Ae ot Cabo: Wig 11/I° P °B7
bible to, tell wh t degree of . credit to attach t o
them. 'lloth'it*teles . eend'io tile eaunitj thh
tooetilettelethone stortekin onler,te Whet the .
public mind—tlet one gut/ to tol ooo ne_
_ l °lg°7
leering.- the other to iiiskontsge. it: 'shou ld it
„ma t
kW . iminciredi' toF =in g et in; they real l tio•
thegne 'emteue triable; and tiring on s
state athlete' OtoltriotO to the p lace of Wall
Tar. 'fitinu te.:/.IIW or //348.71rb . i1l excel;
loot lammitste4 .4 te flimatetbili Col. B igler was
a member - ' tittionit . rendliti then were
only' ifft in the -hematite—theft was!
blcarn Ifiliia ~gfilir of :Clearfield, Samuel
i i,
Fegely of %Inkj 0
John ICU ylMtotareland, and
Lathes Kidder of Iliniins. • Ws plane this fact:,
upon mead, if mill:Snahlis the people to judge
of the moist'.. - of themanwho is salleit:.
tug their mot - for highest and most tarpon:
"Vile office to -.; „ eft.' , : - -e ° . . ,- --u . .. • , ;
, - -
'We balm meadMillthe! traiber of ths
CITIUSTIAX TATICIMAN, II meetly paper, edited,
bi11:4 . 4.R. W. (Wayland Mr.; Diado it Good
-490e, Washitigton. ,01. • it hi - ,One 'of tihe Most
beantifolly 6zecuted' meet vos rarer ea*, end
bears the iMpress of greet with
eicellentrt. it. Is mainly devoted to the
siutssa noun lIIND
Them ti iWsnffeather ; ta.tiov.'Jao>miotea
Ad sinking 'fend, by means ALL width;
without'roping to the bordello of tbetax.payere;
the greet ft/ark of liquidating the public debt 'ef
the into hat been. iszpieletraly commenced: and
half xaGlion hen setuallybetm paid already.
and ahiaa, it leltifelly end, )ndielatudy , pone.
rued •InJltill contloire:. to reduce it la '111.,a31. ,
Atantly*ela4ing -i iitizynalq, 'within a riled
of.lees then a single gauntlet:Li, this , onorm=W
lead may be remoWd inen the shoulders of the
The Well deserved popitWity whkh this Owl
1121:6501* has corderned upon GOT. Johnaton' Is
enewoduit shinning toVed. Sigler-, eo in order to
share bilhe linty of an-ellait to_ley otr,the
publk d bt, hetet) thane' the paternity ore silt
in, fan actrate - It in trio that...ldle in. the
Senate: a brought formats idaZY butathst
*mine fit? -Evan hie own party Mende would i.
not touch it, lad it ersegnielly laid on the table,
from width it was CM= Wig up It wasi
crude; Su-condaerol plan:utterly kopractinatilk
and ir ii. could :lace bee earriod into effeecit
would hate beep =just to indirifiduelt,'ineeptal
its. ration; and itOntious , to-thecommOn
,_f,i.7l..biii of ..ten ...iectiOiak.
. i
~two drat
SOCRO :yr tucb we as fauowe,vsnetdealnutrays
; . and means of filling ali tbiteinklng find:-.
- -
Sext.ll. -,- That from and alter tie passage 'of ,
.. this iet, all estates, real, personal, end relied*
et every kind arhattsomer,passingfroni any per-',
son who • may die seized or waisted or each
estate,' - being within the Commonwealth; either
bj sill or under the intestate laws of the Sate,
or any, parr of such estate: or interest therein
transtirrolby deed,grant;bargainor see, midi
or intended to take'effect In ase:mien or enjoy
ment atter the death of the'grantor or bargainer,
to Gehr shs:uao of - any person , or persons, Or
bob* wattle or corporate to trust or otherwise;
other gent , to, or for.the use et father, mother,
husband, Wife, ailing; or lineal descendants
, born''n lawful wedlock , shall be Mkt , they are
hereby made subject to a tax cr (Myattfollower
If the oberitor or inheritors, "or lawful 'Claimant
or claimants, are residents , or eitieens of the
Caned •States,' the tax shall be fire dollars on
cool Undyed dollars at the elestr•value attach
estate ar estates, and *nand Mat:the name rate
far erryleis amount =. If the inheritor 'or in=
herito s , or lawful el* e*-riv or claimants do not
reside the United Best.4l o and are not altbnits
ofthe then .
Stases whiltrOvesiding-ent of the
gait*, en the said:his or diny shall be ten dol
lars on,everj hundroi, dollers'af. the clear nine
ot moll estate or estates,-and at She sure sate
fee L eoliziont of less amount, end said tax iminty.
. set forth in this section, shall .be amassed' end
collected In the smite manner, and under the
• • same Jmaim, as the tax on colMteralinheritl
ees i. nowaseertsined and collected.. . •.: • -
Sac. Thlr from and after ,:the first day of
. n t, all ensure, real, personal end toiled,
of. any kind whatsoever, (excirpt such property
-as may . subject to a tax or duty- under the
first ' of this setfpumbog from an pertain
who . die seized or possessed of such estate,.
- being within this Comutotarealth, either by will
or *midr the intestate laws of the State, or put
of. suet- , qssls3 ‘ or estates, or interest therein
. trartifered by deed, bargain or sale, made err WI.,
tended** take effect in possession or SejOyinent
• .
after We death' of the grantor or. bargainer, re
' any person or persons, 'co i bailie politic or , oar
parent (is trnst or otherwise) &hall be, and they
ere hereby made liable and sobjeht to a tax or
daty,jtobe collected for the use of theCongeon
' "wealth; after thet following zing, to.: nit: 'On
every'. 'estate or *Sneer rattle of tiro Worland,
0 dollars. and less than ten thousand'dollen, one ,
per cent; on every estate of the clear Value6l"
ten thousand; dollars; `and lasi than twenty fire
tholleeetr dollen, ewe Zee ara4'00 0 4 1 1, 11661 _,,,,te ,
of the clearialne of twerityllre Win= .ieuere,
and le ss thettLefii tho Mend dollars , three 'per
cane; anent" , estate of thO,Aear 'vale* et fifty
thpanaild ;dollars, and less than one,"butidied
thbuisiel:dollars, fear percent: on Mori estate
of this near , value of, one hundred thoniand
delimit, and'upwards, nee per centaur ; and in
all where. the inheritors. or lawf u l claim=.
• ants not anzers ar =Reds of thOtinited
' ' S ' the tax-or duty everyln
such instance,
ta te
• ' double the 'foregolligantounea," and no"
executor, ,administrator'or guardian; bier; her or
theirstye/all be reamed or discharged from
lishilit tor the said tax haled, according to the
j prone of this act; er to which inch- estate
shall 'object; without. haring paid: oats - the,
sante far the use afortaid, inthe manner herein
after p p ;
- - Seetlee t PeOeeihelthei.daties of ibl ' o:Oir , ty
, - eatosefielintent and assomols tinder he Lir,.
, ' election 4 declared the shove ateurseneate Ilene'
upon ail estates canting Wider the provident - el
.tse.'44:' "'i ' . ' ' '''
n . ' .:
.58C1151i &atteetee the steie!iie4eilti ke4
a separate a ccount of all monies received under
' • the pz i ovitions of the sat,, to *neat= • making
Seedon 6 providedfol the cel Od:tosticizior - I:
Bo:si l o! Cerataissionear; In be ailled ihia ,Coro
- m • , Os of th o Sinking Pend. to be composed
of the.Governer, Sena 'remover,' and Auditor
Gen ; ' , whom duty - le' should be hi' 'Opp*
-' • the owes thus Foliated tat the pitiO4te et
-State itMlzii: ke-• - '
We hiettnthe remaining senicars infrel. , -.
. •
S 7. It - shall be the duty of the atifa Tiaa;,
surer mtsedudely attar the please of this Mt,
to, min Wreaths value et the stioleassee
' . sails rawly' of the , Commenwmllll as receis:
of, elipl. and' established by the board of
revenue eommtsntoneis of the State at their last
' meeting, adding iherebi ten per mot, seal to,
asocial the =oda of perocatarte,'shicli the
entire State debt, including the relief :nail yet
An circaletlWwill
open the whole" amount
of thettaxabte propaiy - of the Staterticartalleat
as atos;it ; and be shall make out, an& trans
znit by. 'or otherwise to the treasurers of the
several counties' of the Cemmenwalth a Mita'
' meet
i t „ :.! the amount of ench per endue:laid it
shill the duty of the County tress:tare two
-mediat4y otter the reception et tho elbresaid
. • • steam t from the State Trammel to came pub.
lie notice of the samoto be given , in one organ
newspapers of the proper candy; of-the este of
such pet.' aentage, and that the owners of real
estate. have th e opportunity at paying' if te
full the portion of• the State debt , that :Imp
orts it. tail: to their radostita in mom&
• came wi the par caster* established' as attire
gold, that par , money, relief note, or ceetif6
odes - pr, r a ta stock will be received In payment
:i s
for the llama awl that the said real estate tun.
ever alterbe imanaratid from- the Mown of
any titifee the. PeePese of Paling seTieeti"er
Sgc:ll. shin Ahrtheir be tha dot, of therm;
. ' end CenotfotrognaMes to hate certiflestatqf ex
. • ... on eratiaa each aid testy herz ehine4.
. . , non, or body polite, that may 100 Prater 10 pay '',
or7thsti respective pinions of the titers debt in
-.• ''. - _'-•-•, ,Thyr uk t urrY,- relief Alb* or tre rt illattis of State ;
-ralieklelfree°l.7• to ':o6iee*liti!lie,aV
by thr State itt•issisimr'it provided in the foie
going section, desiguating the muses of the per;
son or persons, .00rPtustioe or body palickee
ge - ping, thenams a the alai" laird, *W'•
ort.totthship in which said remedy Waite
tad. oleo, the umber of: WWI lotaAikthld down
theof** proputown, Use otubeeid
cares - of land, the name of ,the` original war
rantee, end such other identity fat ISpll',tlk:oo4 -
ViiiilliAtiOitiffOOrldil si gna t ni a and the
'm e t
4t the rarer county, that such person or
pump; cieparste, or body Paths. has paid ln!
to the, *oaf Misery the :Met And foil rePett.
Lthie of the fitate -- debt that primedy Waded to
sold property, or estate, egettedg. to the Foyle
thee of this act, and_that forever after, it shall
not be Lawful to meccas or eolletha tax off Aga
propialoi aft* for thi pupae of - paling any
portioaof thepresentfltatedebt: Proeidoi,:fhat
any perks, eorporadon,'or bodypolitia thstmay .
payer their respective Poiains of amebae debt
as provided in this sect threeres af
ter the pussy of this sit, shall be engirded to a
discounter &althea of fifteen percent'upon thit
amount of such debt: . -- And proviiird.fortivr,
That all real estate upon:Which the liner debt
of the Commesmulth - shalthave been paid u
provided in this and the precetthig.sitedon. of
this ma at.least ere - even before the death - of
&epic:Wit:or persons, from whom the same may
pesslor desamd,-shall be and hereby is exempt.
ed from the payment Of any ter or duty =dm;
the second section of this act, and theOutilleste
of exoneration' from the Tipper country thus;
our shall be en dent endenee of such pay;
- • 9. It shell farther be the duty of the coun
ty treasurers to keeps record of all earildcatu.
of exoneration bitted by them under the prof- -
alone of this Set, in book to be kept for that
purpose, end they shall, oho, foronrd to the
State trainmen with as Uttle delay La possible,
all the money or,oertifizates of State Stocks re,
raped bylhein the Ferrfikaili of the act,
sod thy shall ba' allowed, and paid oat of the
treierary of the profMr 111141 computes
dcui for their eareices, the incidental aspen
.llol-00111Mta with the same, as the comutismen
cui of such county may from time to time deem
. right; .
proper and• - •
- • Enc. - 10. That • eo cilia of the act; - entitled
'nen act reliant to congenial inhainumeir pass
ed the wen* day of Atual:otte thousand aiSha
kindred and iirentpeir.; and so monk of any
other hat of this Conniumwsalth as may be al
tared or smiled by the proridons of
be sad tieltame of* hereby:evaded: .
, .
We hese how glees a fair statement of this
amide waseepticat ' We !invite pardoner attni
tin to the Bth nation; ,Bigler might asy
of it as he id of int entkkidaspping law, "its
fitt/lawistpwasnoi„Pernisal erne tan"; He did
not pereelie dud *der Its prostate:is Odom of
propergAnion pre tawhilat or the nest of
ennein tassofeedulag imp woresseata„ bridal"
its value could be increiseditirussired ore thou
and fold, pin& for& compentintride, be far
evaiecontested from its share of ebb reeved
' Wily. Had that bill become a law, a may large
ammint of the PropeitY in the State would bus
beeseeleased from thbr mortgage; aBd gds,
willuottlnels. Windage to the Treasury. It
would haii been the ;right kind of. a law fel
wealthy speenlatare,' who mould thus; by the
payment of . • lille.mosey bilass swinging their'
lots or maidnirtheir ismirronsants, ben son—
awed their minty ently more yelnable, the
proprietors becoming la this way & 'prinleged
elan: There we ma n y lots is end Wound this
ng. sow .worth from fin to 'twenty (hound
sad. which pay inn in proportion,
which, had-that bill beans a law, paid hare
been rendered enospe at tin time by :the M
. meat of from dee to twenty dollar& ' We think
the lees Col .14km:id - hie friend" say about that
bill the better for-themselves.
• ,
I •
..Car'neettaz‘Harts.--There is quite • nem
;time In; the'mueicid el:Clash' our eastern CM* it
the expected nrrival.'d the ' , lrish - Sinn," is
;Miss Rayi - is pleseantly dabbed, mas offset to
the "Swedish Ilighnnple" From all accounts
lobe is in many respects 'the equel of that cols
bmtati megstress. Her..voioe described ea a
'mostpurei cai,licions and flexible
. soprano, clod.
milattd aTery 4ttinuito by the deep, tender,.
paredoMitn impubs . es of & true Irish soul; and its
kare powers, sidisplayod in the diautatiolsn
game of opera, nr, the sublimer 'inspirations Of
Orienriiii or the plaintiveNuehingaimplicity of
the balled;• are almost ovally impressive and
iguioOitai °cote - esei' appropriate expressions
ecquiredlry these 'widely different styl Her
forte, !minter: is allowed to be in the last of the
three; and While she has schlemiel for herself the
title of "Queen of the Concert Room," by her
unrivalled supoiioAty on that, perhaps, most
trying theatre of a vocalist's merit, her gifts of
c rochantmere are said to be felt sensibly in ` the
peculiarly exquisite felicity with which she ren
liers the meet, pathetic melodies of her satin
lend..,High as are the praises which hare her
alded her coming—and .endomt, loo;sus have
been the artiste who . preceeded bee but yester
day, it is scarcely to be doubted that the "Milt
Swan" will redeem the promise of her inlmirens.
and lerwitch a people who; have so great a fami
ly for being bewitched as ourselves
' reni - nr Nan Butairros.—This fair C01:11131M:
oes - to-daY, and no doubt many of our citizens
"Elf snit themselves of the opportunity offered
bite ItEireed visit it. An excureion
idlipermit. argots's dein one day and retorting
London Quarimy Review - for Jidy, hai beets rat
try W. C. Wall, Fourth street' ib
'ftinendelactnui eitubsusb Dar amet.:
Ni, Yosr, Ang. 9;1861
Mandel affairs are 'slowly recovering from
the Unfindon into which they were precipitated
by tie fears of the bink". and money tan be had
b more readiness, though Winton change in`
Was of interest, which are s r eat with
the banks and nine or ten per cent. with money
brokers in the street far fleet nte nuts The
bun are very mass about making loans,
amt by far the greater part of the paper offered
b thrown out. With all this clowns however.
there have been no failures on the pert of str
ewn', and few or none of note even among the
at. brokers. Trade generally 'has , revived
I =hie the Put. two days and ail classes Omer.
• te WI as bully engaged ne . they 'Gould
sseonably expect, 4 : Tbe WWI are eramsed
with visitors, a sure , token of the activity of
The clubmen. has Wiwi great spirit into
the movements of mechanics et our navy yard,
where they are busy fitting out ships for the
Golf. Among the vessels thus sent off, Is en
exploring brig. that amid be employed more to
the advantage of, slaw in bee usual mean=
She was on the eve of oiling for Bermuda sad
thane to London, with the int/stint of making
some experiments in deep sea sounding„ for the
which puriewe scene 'silly idles of line nd been
reread, etch line being Melte miles in lerigthi:
ens whole without" , knot err blemish, probably
the lamest string ever produced..
California we are looking for news down,
to the 11th of. July via the Nicaragua route."-1
The :that steamer , Pacific, was to have left on
Adds) to connect with" the Prourethais now
dui.bees. Both are fait ships, and lila expect.
ed thin they "al demonstrate the urns route to
he Ulan five date ahead UM' , Isthmus of Ps
naion,,,Alulte-s muster ef .fitntilles as inking
=ens to go to Oregon ty clipper vessels;
Comet, the next to WI, takes a party of
fourteen, made up of physician, teaches and
their families. Me ister. fin ewers front Califor.
slab 'regarded here pertly u humbug; so far
as o:tranvia - losses are concerned. The loess
are mainly in houses,.all estimated at the ener.
nent - prioes - of -eighteen months took. It is
wedle certain that the nen bummed the bank
ruptcy of no ens, • state of things adverse to the
" t=w efti* Pst a sti.
r o f the Steel works st Forty.
fienadstrest have been obliged to yield to the
flood of English productions, and win els. the:
works at an early day. The failure is under
stood to bee bad ons for all eancerned. r .
The ingentatious this wok have not been ex
-01111111111; sad - there la Wood reason to believe that
the July impartation included to it considerable
extinnthe.ustaVAugust 'receipts. _ The Bah;
F Trtuifit4 has now in its vaults two and s belt
1 , millions of coin; of which anew& a bolt
will be ennui , next week. •= • •
trade R. now calcolating largely upon
thsadnntelle utile , . Tont of the: steamers to
Nee wows, old& they 'argue yin ;due at our
*III the epee% that has for years slumbered In
the tank vaults there. The coin there It Is
:aria biome !star la Emu of the circulation it
is 'MATO tO ter' vonible*
'eat, Wit Wean be usem vity
iza u m,
le lees than malltiablt ; Till take the puc e o f tiu.
to • 'good awes. - •
Gotta opesatara errsevryqulst- et present and
:do ibt seem =le= to aeu , - , The =War that
!bend le to boreeep food, courequeutly
'retga large ;•em=iom.' of cotton, makes
theitet Wit OM pekes for ths=trill mate.
sdneuse: eat hoverer the large
priest of few tauatlM beak, but iarate dug fill
graPbcrettoMaide ilkbrutebtll air tbi took.,
de the elodiettlutibtrtherele rather mare
eadiess to the and stork market, but
tam must' "4 tether detetualvett
for as
Aus Efuttemell::Zollrathersingulsr
fort 11***Mtirea i* 7 * Lunen, you hay,. ber t
tithA '
Mier fithe ithy ithdies.- - Did youirar,is
you walked out on your farm on a %the
vausseuelteusenthinutetvii‘riiaiiaii - W
Wise, sod you see your crops inspired willt,ftret
vim to use • familiar erpreSEMN yon aohld
ahead see theengthervvyettrvedniltstinstymF
terdlY drooped, non; Prolnisce
didyou then,l siy, , asii panel; Why is this?
or did yon pus by without a thought?,dnd
when yon took - hold of the 'PIO& : aid' iaui
round your field, again and with taming over
the rich soil, did you then eak yourself, Why'
you did this? or efeettlon content,toolet' like .
the Inests harnesselto your plough? For you
part, fanner. S. I know' you ask always to un
dammed the reason, end Mu apply it, but can
I say the use thrill farmers? lam !della not.
Few, indeed,k6OW the tree theory of Plonghbifv
or of anyotherofthlft dilly okitlfriOnS. - You
ask" them, whY they plaugh?Ahey ansier, to
make our crops grow. . Tlas certainly. is-the
reason see far salt goes. bet do they averthink
why Mistakes place! So it is with many other
daily tasks. How very few know waT theTaPP,I,
manure. They know the effect, bat as to the
tithe they are le ignorance. How few famine
can tell why churning Produoiss butter, or why
they ea mutt in making cheese.; Immune,
hie examples of this' bind could be mentioned,
and that little word why could not be answered
Now this can be sniwered if it so pleases' the
farmer. There' is an answer to every one,of
these questions; for every operation of the flam
er depenith on scienttho principles. .
But as I said before, how few farmers can
ewer. them!, Now l ask you. as a piste and
sensible farmer if this is the proper course?.
Suppose that • tosufluitorer of cotton or wool
len goods did not usderstend the Drell Of col-,
coring bin cloths; that he worked es roost larmen
do, by hearsay and by what they learned from
their tutus, Do you suppose ththmanufeetor.
err would be We to compete with one who on.
de:stood*, why of his operation."' Not at al=
he would mat with felons, aid he could not
account for them,' he know, nothing Orclunds
thy, .and consequently cannot plebs, new co
lors; he mud be content to . use such as his
tether need before hint. The ea s e Is different
With the one who uaderstandsthe matter. , = If he
meets with a Mime he soon knows the reason;
he onderstanda the science of coloring and
brings forth new patens and cabin, and drives
the meacientific man from the market:, This is
folly exeniplitioi by the feet that every coloring*
istablishmenth has, a 'them* In its 4311007,
whose sole Detainee, is to to attend to the prepa
ration, end to study the. propel, lee of. now
Ns: do not Wealth, setY.oo eft:4 far
mar should have a chemist on his fuse, nor elan
that the flamer himself shchld be thoroughly
versed in saintlith matters; • not at all; but hs
should possess enoughotecientifia knowledge to
6=land understand Ids „Asher. It riot
0 moue of peouniary profit to hint;
Int it will be a source - ht none ending plums
and enjoyment._ Botha Is a fanner in the true
lease of the wind; Its is thee Du lord.
The farmers itt Seth path at the country ap
pear totem a woe; idea conatrabg the any
to get this knowl.edgeo I hope in my hut letter
to show theme shorter and better one than pro
bably tiny ever that:lp of. You'll ,
' • ' , Foe tu Pitlibouipt
lookbig over the proem:aryl of the Board
Managers of the ,Allightny deltiultund So
ciety, I yam eurprised to see the'tima of bolding
the Annual 'Fair So .clasirged as to be ainuiltsne
nne with our 8411+11 Fair, ;to be held at Barrie.
burgh. • As I haw it was the Intention of err
end of it. resiaters to be at Efarriaborgir 'on the .
29d of October,‘ rho mud with relottede• stag
froronee or the other; I bare no doub t but the
Board of lament of the. - AileihtuY) Arica*
tuna Bocittf might, and will select mina day
previoris to,that, giving time to seed stock to the
State Fair. I madder the society is greatly
dolued to ths Board of Managers for their an
era. and tummies in the promotion of the ob
jeers of the Society, in ptling op so spirited *
list of premiums to be compotes. far at oar next
AnnuarFalr, - and, in, the prisms
for thiploughmen. I hope there wilt be as much
enterprise in our ploughmen at- the Fair on the
day of our ploughiug metal. The general older
Ito is that a great imprerrearint and aid to the
Judges might be given, by noticing the different
breeds of horses, trattlo and they are ,
tridatiT important, as it il Impossible to have the
beat wool and mutton from the same
Bbonld you think this trustily & wiser in year
valuable Guatte, you will Ire! wisher
of the Allegheny agricultural Society. - ,
weer thoux, „ lsnues.—Wi fine theat.
Paid Pioneer, that the treaty with- the appper
bands of Sioux Indians doubtless,:. been
made, and that it only 'amine to treat with the
lower bods aisembled et lientiote. No difficulty
iseipeetedinthst irnneo.. ia not WSWwhat
*mount of territorry kaa been **IA by this.
Dept/alio, bat Mr. Cos . & his speech,
indicates his desire tip all territory' ii
fir west ai Lake Traseriesrunning up to the
Wed Hirer of the Korth, and down to the weid- -
ern border of the lowa--sll that they own east
of the kiiasiolppL We errs- not Intortied as to
the sum to be paid for this territoct but zu
-Moe puts it dOwei at three inUlicma of dollen.—
Prison . ametunting to forty thousand dollars
wens to be distributed. the Signing of the
"The editor of the Pioneer; ,wilo has returned
to Bt. Paul from the treaty gnu& says that
much dlvenity of opinion existed as to the ex
tent of bad to be cold, end the alone, to be re
ceived for it, although all are willing to
The Indiana were convinced that •they moat sell
or perish, to precirioas is the chase. •
"The SIOUX Indium - number in all about 25,-
900 souls, and their territory extends from the
ceded bade in lowa and Whimma, to the terri
tory belonging to the Asainaltaina and other
tithes, which divides their northern bounday
from British America. Their limits exnmd
South-westward from the across
the 3Lissonei, it near to the Rocky himmtalts
as their roving tiindi, known as the Tatou,:
and follow the Buffalo rangers." The Sioux of
the plains live upon buffalo, and u many al 000
lodges of them were encamped together last
"The Council' commenced oaths 18th, a k lext
band of Indiana muted topertitipate In the
treaty having arrived. The "Pipe of pure
was pitied vow, and thou Gov. 'Ramsey open•
ed the negotiation with a speech. Mr. tea fol
lowed with a statement of the object of his nth"
doe ; and the oonnell then adjourned.''• The meet-.
Inge were resumed from day to daj"tuitil the 224
eider°. when ill the main . points of thi Treaty
were slued upon„ end the next day the sigulag
the 15th, the editOr of 'the Pioneer writes':
"A Sisseton luau has arrived, who says that
five days ago, a party of sts Elleselm Sioux, In=
eluding two of la thin 'children, mere 'attack
ed, 40• Mlles above •Lurqui-Pule, by a band
'of 20 Chippewa (or possibly Winnebago's) who
haled and scalped all bat one of their number; :a
boy, who sieved by musing. The boy sari 80'
Maas without stopping.. Two other Elock
Awned with. the boy to .the piece slaughter,
'llan they found the Ithe =mad and behead
ed.. ' They lid their remelne in a pile, and coy
aid them with a klanket, where they remained'
antit the remainder of .the Blasi:ton band tame
down, on their way to tie Meaty, who found. end
buried the dead. This hatehery occurred . )use
after muttile." •
- Tee fisitornt blooms —Arrett of go Mordorr
—The Providence .fountol of Thmsdsy morning
states that the body of the tems found burled
in Seekonk, last week, ie.thought to be thatt of
Abby Cookson, wIA of John Cooks:al, of Paw
tucket, Mua, though the identification is not
yet outaht. A sitter attire. Cooksbn Identifies
the gold ear-digs ,found on the, body. and also
deo:Abed the 'Mal of the lower jaw =Jetty,
vrithout seeing the body. , • ,
Mts Cookson it is s left Portuaket on the
234 of ; June, and went to Providence, on her'
way to New Bedford, ewe, which time she Jute.
not Waimea, aunt by Doi pawn, who la ont.
Unit that he sew her in the ,ous at btanstleld
on OOZE& of July, cm her way tov the elate ;of
Mine, to visit bar father. - A dispatch has been
seat to Maine to ascertain whether 'the hie
rubbed her father's house; if not, there can be
little doubt of the identity of ' the body. Cook
son; the husband, vie iu the habiti Atf , quire),
114 with his wife; and they hare several times
upustee lie litrridetme •on 'tumidity.
tiondog lart for Suffolk; Ta..-; In the schooner
We published striegrepla davdriiiteleiday
morning embodying themato risteelated above,
end the attention of the police was directed to
the subject, Tire Oregem vas =opened by the
stet, of the veather,.l* come through the Surd;
instead disking the outward pastsge, - fia yes
terday anchored oif the Tattery to suit a - fa
vorable opportunity Nor 'putting te The let
ward PMMI. becoming Mace*. . of,this fact.
went on board immediately, arrested Cookson
sad took him before the Mayor, who ordered him
to pe detained in emody and sent back to Prim.'
ideate far exam nation.' Auntie of,thesecused,
she was lo.oompuer was' also strestc4 elan
the supposition that h e' may be regulated with
SOON of the tame oft the cue. ,Cookup, whom
wrested, betrayed moth. =shay. and alarm,
tospits bis attempts to appals-cool end coiled,
ea ; .Be :asserts his; innuocomm, and 'NV be
bairns his wife to be still'' - 24 r r k
: LALII Exiiiiiaw.—Thadisar. tbeisea ending ,
the 7th bawd, Sao- Ain nine thousand two
haadiedn4d tiro sledignitht thdle 21*
.• ' '
upon as whifireal; Tat sk.
Roar foie So emidi7hotuand h&c Afi a lax
ka*" torte eels blUdiafirth*
tie toot ordidy;'l4l,4ls ware paid into th•
city 4010•11 1 / 1 • had tax on emdrautt.--N. Y.
'-i - ' 51 '
i-,,,.....176 3 9 11131111 —Picer5,'
sountry.,thiva ere-elehost
ohms etesto 'bleb lies bll
lucky Alto* to take tow
We bee feels cc
be intetratiog Se oar , re
who left the phoilpel of
wile took OW plum*
wait hint tome time
3112/1112,1 ;
that, In ad pi;ta at the
sta-for tadirripaltap —
Wan of It,
aeandng it whlidi may
dam - Jurtioa,
tt, was an ofd Wad.
In adonmulatlng He
nit 1702, and 4,4 d in
.;intestate. Auld.:
Rd a! id of Ids
fat;biarreass; 0,77.5
do do - 6,670
do - ,
do do' 18,670
do do 27,250
do do • 5,450
do,_ .2 19,000
do di • - 19,250
do di 11,250
do - do :16,600
PC! i 111141114 , 22,000
1799;.1eivittii Do ism
lowingl lig tOck
844-4 took, 'ro,ooo
!do tiit'do, 80,000
- [do old-do; '''[! 40,000
Indtli- do, 28,890
Ciniaols,l "Pot', 50,000
IdPIIIA mother, 10,
04okftooki • 8.5,000 80,1 to
41,3 at do 24,000
Lows • do 2,090
d'en't at bank, 67,710
• ,do at ' 6,1)00
: • ,do k Heard ,' 17,800
`do at Stephan-
sote4 19,000
.ds at Gaoling's, 7,000,
jAziokrn Inraraaecr
Mice, (shares) 400
Nikor River Com- •
I Perl. 0,000 1.
On mortgage, 200,0001
Landi4 5110044
(Per 4n. Mat
{{; for Al
,yean, 'B,oooi
In addition to this, there is tichest of the de.
Dessert "mother, lying at Child,', In Ludo,
which is said to contain a lugs anomie-of plate
end other igostden, but has not been opened
since the demise of the old lady; ,
The iamb nine of this pi:l' M taiga, v . :-
cording to Enniish authority. - euseded
000, aw mare than 8110,000,000-4 cam-which
would make its pousesor, we imagine, the doh:
{ AO : mania thi world. - - ;
The quake now to - solve Is, who are, the ;
beiref In England, all claim boa omen; and It
Is certain that tin descendants.ndat on Wields
of the Atka*, but as yet rotricogtdsed., NOS
long ago a whole convention otJermingsmi, base
all - puts of the United States, sal at - Nu/Mlle,
to appoint Until:lit* "to Institute Inquiries and
raise funds to investigate the matfgr. - Suter
trendy a convention sat st. Chart:lllmill e for.
miler pupol, {
' From 'thaws oanunderstand, the Impteation
among legal men who have otantinedthe
Sutter Is, thud's embalmers the,duomdaans
OfMr. Et'll:JaLtdap:of this city. -:: This gentle;
men has already been to %glut to turestigefs
the matt"- and Intsode, leas% to premed
Slither again on the same busintest:,
The Bridalt Government has been deelerms few
• long time, to Ind the owners of - Mut estate:—
Tliveth'Esehth papers, judos has beat nide
by. Ma authority; out; lading no maw to It;{
instructions were slut Woe to tlds country kr
the desundants of - Muted Janine; who awe
hither from England in 1681. The lost Inquiry,
was addruesuli some years ago, to the fleastesy ;
of Stabs of the Mind Matas, and adurtisetoset{
of this fact Nvo, biding vu made: Mars Mars •
quay: the British Count at Norfolk, eusived
from high fOnctionsrlits At home, &Odious to'
{proceed to Ethateth sty woraty to lostituted*-
{ Ulu inneetigittless as to the Alesoutedule thin
some Chine, who, it Is {believed, ens
Tb. swei4ine with added the British lain
are obierud willstegerd to property, Ii beat*
Adly illuttntted in this „matter. Hue Is ail *
asense- estate: which- was left lily years so t
without any Omer, and, as fa se the Nora*
'mut knew, 'without a wobability, after linguae
a lapin of, enes; of found: but, under the
p f dalia Me of the laws; It. is witched sad
cherished until, we oppose, it has tubled tin
!begins' valuta It I. still Wet is trod, to be
onewored to , the heir, how remote soarer, or how
:far soarer retooled front allseues to English
Mr. Emerson; in one of his meet locum;
related a similar Incident, to show the stability
of the Englieh laws.- A man died siren hundred
year - ago, Leming a portion of his property to
be invested in such a way as to imply a bail of
bread and ale to 'rho:puree should apply fir
it. Notwithstanding revolution, civil war, and
ropers and chop of all aorta, the bequest Is
as rigidlyebsuvod today as it was when it was
first made, , Mr. Emerson Monett,' to test lb.
matter, enjoyed the benefit of this , shrugs and ,
remote charity —4fo3ele Tralme. .1
• COLT'S Itsroc9alts.-3o great Is the deamod;
'aye the Philadelyhis for these tail,
that... Boo men and over . one hdr•M - then.
'send .lollare worth of machinery cannot imp!
ply, the demand. Forty Ahoutand of these
' gums will be turned oat of the fnetoty in nil
' adelphla during the - pretreat 'year . a' 1851,,
and still the 'apply will fall short' of the do
tting'. . .
The demand for this arm I/1 to great thet
ColtWillinobably'hara one thourandinmt at wort
is • • 91 7 - - : .. •
_ • ,
. I Ber Is IVES PILL. .—PIO ElMlletno ever
,inmtt tot . Hist o Mew imolai* It so gait • thne. as
Du lb. Lim fitMlassrand rad essatratral be/N./go -
Lana. at Tltrals. :Attract Dula Mort tramtralto
trate brace Ma prate. It has shyly *trod to Mato
dean oflmpalmity tranto amsarpmeed. Tb. 4.103 M
Mr tram bat teame lemossm. Nears. Klad Co.**
Parattars of . the asedkram "to "mkt la Pinanash.
carat of Meath railltrat strati, are moan* teething
orate *Met tray tad It trawl tract . Imprattle to no-
My. - Ito popalatlty of thaw Pill. Is oat esmisma to ate
pct oalm man at lb. aostater, lb. daunt Era[ re*
nd, from tba Itostlt;tratb, Cut sad Watt :Tb. Wadi
i;na b man comma la .11 anima?" dam Onnail
Sum than that at the Um. Mal Mae Pat rat Ira two
cramp; ens cat. y
trastrand In Minna dini O sattnen,
Vol irle b . TID a;
. -ras946ll+lo l Note. Waal
terns greatest remedy of the age limmi
tot. dug re abratel toolkla. called 11. 0: 1/13.41's
llolutott, It 1. ad as Se atonal matte" .ado
.41. to p.m* ase.t woodtatul gWilta brbtallogotokt ,
tea Ittla.lestotiatt piastut Wats. ks. • Mind tod • mest
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or mat resodl.. to to eftwt. whesi b. wall 614.01 t. kl
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the Wart, Witt th 4 sscaltatt nattleta., TrwealL ban
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Vice Prraitzt j easulata L MSAlL
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M=o Macrame Uarapary of Pittglruzgh
r ,„ No. 41 Wein fitmel. tit the Vilinhotin• OICLi a.
• C.d. KOMI. 1100.
' l 'n" caq =tlrtitarr"faran. I".ri" dw
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WHEW TEAS-600 packages fresh Teas,
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