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    . . 7 5444 1 71 sum wit. - -
Tutespititrovanovita4org *won.
hitaTiefiCio: iiiliesiainfila Usisiiir
• thi tit' Oki ' :20dp Company, emu up
IMF tr4sl . yeittaday.' Is Os court at Common
:Nu, before the Ban. Wm. B. MoClure, Pfeil
-40ot Judge, and Maus L McMillan, Mooched
1 4dts.
Moen. Alden 'and Woods for the prosecution; I
i s lands, Shafer, litannton, end IdAfin*u for the
. .istesoa. ds the ease le one of the almost lm.
2;Partaame, it sznitad great attaathos, and the
tlEkturt Boom wee crowded , with tP , c l . lO l,
'olostoopt wham we 'observed the principal Mock-
;beldam of the bridge. In tel =au of the',
. lam, there wee *beast a cart load of Wan.
,be tog the-nem* of the bridge earopany's pro
' ^ wwwelltep slate the yeu 1010, whiekerfll be agar !
A jury was !mined vitt considerable Jiff , - IV, 1
Many of the gestlemen elm were of the panel,
sot being able, auto; to None In their futdliek,
. to emu, and others hen challenged. Mr. hides;
.begged the curt to SIMI Mr John B IPPadden;
who wu in the bee. ea bs was hie brotimr•tn=
at, sad his riqUet Was ' r ecanpfled 'tidal.
The following Jmy was nutted , , ' ,
.. _ hlesnaddr Moore; Lout blieitir, Willie r m
Laciderey, Eli Pinkerton, Jamas lideokeran,
Joke Young, Jr. 4 Janus Karr, thouma Murudia,
, Youph Berths.. Ep.h. Brooke, James Brooke,
Ilexuy Ingiam.! .
Bears they were swam, the Joy= on were in:
tempted unto whether soy of them alined
stock in the. keidge,.and all responded In the
1 megarea.L. .
T.',l: Fos 1112,; rag:, Bait opened the caie
i; It ittlease the Graft, gentlemen of **jury,
!.tto luaus which you us empantreled to try, Is ore
iset great Imirtenece to this county, as Import
,Pat !Mica ie. aoy which era ocespjed the 'alien
..........:lion of this” lll D3lO, a alibi:: iii. (to
, limes thetOselves f figidharllF;. the
- I:: rtrir" of IP; Mai. Ofetgil /11114 12 7
;lVjytt. It vu en ItlrpritrTl=hlf,',l4l*lßM, li,t
• A. Ibil *IN tint. Mill the managen ovate*. get a
;:itieclast aim of money übseribed to lints .it.
: Ili 1 na, - ...pquaint. wan added totho chide;
' and addltionalptifiloploauitured I:pantile Cour;
my. - in'thi yeuriellic tAtui.'bOgo Ins , coot- I
Pi". : • ':..'.' ''..'. i '7 '. :*.::''. - . '
, .
', He did not irleb to depict:We the mane of the
... - eilirViews r e ndered tO " tbe community by thole
who erected the .hridge, bat they had not only
1. - Imett pit& tat overpaid for their trouble. 'They
~ ?
: We bound to take the charter according to the
tam and conditions amazed to the great.—
!be °bind . et dist clatter wee, that ell the
;,.' . irecere, after paying the stockholders • fifteen
. ~ pee : ant. per ammun, 'an -their innanment,
~ ; Tie to bs vetted in a slaking fund mail the
': %Ado law redeemed. end tendered flee to the
":4111816, the rtooklblitert hallniisciaved the full
i -War thereof Whenever that wee done, it was
-Alm dray at the Commoutrialth to take it in
i edam, end nee it for- the beast t of the whole
The promedlogarertac btheMissomwereforread
i la toolutizeily termed a wild gee mensosto. It
wee a camoton law priateding, end was graded
„ by the Somme Caint„ticeording to the Ad a f A.-
- emettly, in such cases made and prenrided. . Is
- awe la fact had been tanned In that Cwt., and
, ri:nutodata mated' to the Court of Caittaaa
- Plies directing them to try the same unicohni
is hos Wad forme of law. The EMpreine Court,
by Ids proceedlig, wished speolticaLly to ser
. - Isla the troth or. ifalsabood 'of cata Lea' al
, in/Ind In the dugluttbu. information end corn
• Vidal In ordei to mplify' the iziattee, and
tender the &Hemet the jury less complicated,
hol had. tritta dal - salami* of has learned col
lages, driviVile special .verdictileavieg suit:
able blank; aCtlist all they WM* 4 0 . 1 ° 6,
would be to inetivi the affirmatleiipzi negative
- of each lecne..' ifir, 'regretted - t eta had been
unit a to write II out in time to; to ttirolab his
distityphelsed appanage with. otpy.
The harsted:gaitlentar then proeseded In
. , read the vordint,lerklob =ivied ale .pages of
foolscap. It MIS i Incumbent pa Cho Common
- wealth to prove that the rite Of to il prescribed
by the set of Imagination; towboat reduced
twodlarits. They must also &heti, that had the '
tams over the atm', of fifteen per cent, on the
capital .tack, which I ,ngAi hart been received
- find eenually Infested in a sink4ag fora ea pre
entibed by the Ad, the .bridge mould long ekes
' ban been redeemed; end free to the public. ,
It if/ the duty of tie jury merely to - eacerteln
the taros of the awl and it then derolval upon
the Barre= Court to pronounce the law upon the
Irma riot for thtm; nor far that Coat io
VOZIOCLICKS a denial:tit upon the Isw lathe pus.'
The Supreme Court Done bad asthenia of that
64111.*Ci. Es thought that he maid, "out 'at
Char own mouths"oondemn the ' bridge cal-
piny. Thu set of Oaratiat provided thitt'
i msor
the eacttal . stock tild be &tided into .8000
' SUMO: M VS 00 ?each: Of hie number; tie
Etats took 1600 Apes, and individuals 1400.
Thwart ilia =WO it imperative span them, to
esdarge the l
amedi fb iif they required eddithmal
, . masa to maul toidge. The company hid
eat dam iNLI appeared by theirplesdingeln the
en" but had borromvol the stem of $18,600.
They also set forth thelinportant fact, that to
dividends had bray made farm the yea 1819 to.
1628 ors, the monies, being deeded to paying
edible debt.. Thlit ins shown In their very tied
report -Mars mild be no gumboil as to Cu 11-
Uglily of tbh pttoeesffing, the company being
bosadtt tharneedad additional holds,to enlarge
Os capital slook.l
Tbs jury would permits that a variety of
facts ware afraid for 1 their coesideration.--
First, did the bridge catogany manilla thatstits
of toll, and whilst doing so to *there deny the
Amu privilege Wider:ea Todd, the relater, and .
tls fan l 4-1 , ;Nat, nen timr.• nr might thorn
- 'than been, iid . lbe betioest of the. Comp4l
, • hem property total:cud, an arm oven 16 per
vacs t u au" taight hare been, or eta, tree
. : 11 properly tnreeted In a sinking fund I' End
Miry tau divided an wan aver 16 per =it,
- 'uplift auccialata, Mama of tutuil it in tie
aguoil toad t ; rcrold the tone whank bed bain
Irtml44 bun bees Imatiett.nn' calculation. 110,
,'"..inn the bride? The .lurrintuld entrtdta ,
ini k b ,4
~,,,, L A , at'-' miden bad hoeirod
ino,ooo wrath bf suet, for whkh they hid
' '", taut peld, 02 if they had, kid puid, it cut of
. :tkiti,:tak, tkiii reoliving 16 and 1,8 per cent,
4ter WM,je m erllo,ooo, far whielithey bed
thans . eaff: on, Orate :er pleedinge
deyorittiiiL =fie.' co 94,1400 ems{, issmool*: — . - prmind by the paptaiiii tba . Mlle,
- , dlillOrtathed, ti ne 1801 aliaren ...It:devolved
tiOntilihe hrldAle 'ptuipur to prui that all their
deviation had' been Skir and honest-
~ lwegi deClue, iertimelad that - be would he
: • roileetel tram the tronhis oi giving an opinion in
' ate Mass, dm lamas be mainly of fact,
. 7 hie. Woods iattuPed with his honor.
Ur, Lomeli mked the oOpoting mama to read
- QV testae on the pleading& - 'dells. Alden lad
hrtiontad,, tha dale vu cue at guts itapVt
avu, ugi tiia jurymen should be Ird'anned of the
leuling, fade at the anteet.
. - /It- ' Alden roe, to oomply with hit. Lovvlrr
, vagaas,,,atut curnavand by Meting that the
.'l4olollEng bY it writ (lino s r r In a 31th, thick coital
ts liCli in !dui light of a criminal ps °mi1.,..,..,.
.,..,..,. ,
terikykee now merely a mode to ascertain a citil
tig*:',.Whem the appl least= for.a writ aria
111010 he oppaing party MUM hiaturisaistild
ther:imetba. ' The pre t being graded by the Ba
pimiiiCorrt, the whole nutter contained In the
inforteetion and ernaplatta,sres embodied la it, to
stint the dere:ode:an replied bj .- !--
, their pleas.
bistro of taw aid tau kering been formed In
this can, the Supreme Court tuned the 21111.1111.14
to the Coat of Common Pleat, to try the lianas
, of feat farmed at of the andicalone =a simill
am:. the duty of the ledge in *la mute w a s
, . nee rely to attend end pre:am order, tenses of
het being testae by juries alone. Es teLnitted
. . that as to questions deride:ice, the Judge coda
' . act exit deemed legal, scatlect to a tall of er.;
etptioaa u in all ether came; bet he had tab
let to do with the facie.
After scam feather remarks on the lime mar
Jul, btr:Alderl reed the infontatko.
. ~
- geeing other thinge, it was aged, the! the
, ledge company Led entered nen land Wane:Los
t• OrneltnaL Wm. Bobineon, nd taken poe
simica of 45 fest In
_ltatalk Jr.,nd a few tees to
woad* as teach la held • ebai via This
l a w vs" ended to be worth then abed thy
- eadetud la considgnitice otit,Catostod
hI family bare ever sines crowd on foot and
la 0 1,243 5.1. Pt*eLt ban-1 0.4 .414. taw b.
milected, it wan acjirat: that if put cut at
eseptrandliterest, eirpradded for in tbe act of
lamerporsdam they MOM wow sec a nt to a soon
more 11111 sufficient to redeens t r = widgie. , '
It am not alleged Lim; the tad am;
traded tw o s :1 they were too if they
had netcierd, to Dave enlarged this
capital4o) attaree was to have been
eslowellvidnels.--!.600 by the Common
wealth, Wore the hung of lettere want The
Contrecenealth bad done ea they bad aimed to
do, bat this =another' had eat paid the amount 1
nancribtel tee, appropriating the proceeds of the
tans to the payment of their debts, thee delv
ing the payment of ttridards for some years,
and analog • forfeiture of the charter.
To throe pleas the Bridge Company. bad re,
plied by • denial, throwing themselves upon the
Country, (the joy).- 4.
Jodie 11001 an °beer, ol that as the papers
inn very eibli2glW3, he thought it would rare
the time of the Count It the counsel would 'vie-.
'rents the pint;, and narrow them down to
the strudiest Possible complas. .
Jar:Alden said that he had compreeced the
matter as much as pomible, in the 'pedal ver
dict; which he and. his colleague bad, drawn up
Kr: Staunton' rose to make strew remark,.
This nee , time Into that Court by • mandate
from the Supreme Court The jury II ire to try
attain. feels ; now the 'Chart was bound to ex
amine the record, end ascertain the lama to be
tried. ' It was their duty, likewise,. to inform
the jury "halt:base Manes weir; ' end he would
oak his Bacot to charge the inn on that tub.
Jett. , He bad drawn up an abelnict of the is.
trues, which he begged LOST* to present; end
would, at the proper time, object to the special
verdict prepared by his learned opponents.
-The gent !email then rend his abstract, • 177
novas of vadikii ea follows: ' •
Pint--The that isms was • question of fee;
as to whether, the defendant was excluded . from
the privilege of commuting his toll bjcpcMcd
rooked= of the Board of Managers. .
'Second—The defendants 'did not make such
report' to the daditorGemeral every three years,
aa they were required by the Act of , Assembly.:
Judge McClure aid that as the records were
cry voluminouq sand the Court bad DOM bad
en oppomunity of examining them, unbar the
aoaneelsand to submit certain dicta as the
points in rune; be would, when he tad an mot"
toady, that eight, for itudanoe, tusks SO abstract
for bimedL
Mr. Startaton proceeding to read his abstract,
sold that the third pointtras,
,whetber the divi
dends would ban exceeded Men par cent, bad
not Mentes of holl been commuted.
Yourth—Whether defentante had invested
the awes., over Mauer cent. , in bank stock„
or other imxlactive f •
Fifth—Whether the atoms of tolls, over and
Shove fifteen per cent, which Might bare been
received, bad not the tolls been remitted, would
here "mounted to • Ram sufficient to redeem the
bridge, It tweeted as prescribed by the charter.
Himh—Bad the defendant& appropriated the
fond, of the Comprzy, to pay their. individual
insitiotedoesa for stick.' •
Beveruh—Redfany of t he ' violations set forth
in the informadon and complaint, takes place
within the last thirty years.
lir 8 ta uo um procened to say,that there wash*
differenue between his abstract, and Mr. Aldem'e
special verdict except In form, The facts had
been submitted en theplmdinp and replleation,
and he gave notice that be would object to the
'pole: verdict of his opponents, at the proper
time. - The evidence should be named to the
arm points which he had submitted.
Yr. MoOds—Zio I undermiutd the gentleman
to mean that we are to be readied to the repll,
11r. Btanntori--Tes Mr. • •
Judge Moan» again salted whether they mid
not rigree as to Sarasota in Issue.
"Mrs - Alain. said ' tiud there was 'no dispute
Mr. ',male. suggested that they had better
adjourn until this morning at nine teelook, to
glee his haw, Judge McClure time to matins
the paper" hs the ma. - •
'Judge McClure thought a preliminary' exam-
Mama was indispensable on his part
.. After coeviarnble discussion, the time of
meeting and - session was tied at from nine
fetlock to ball past twelve, and _from two to ave.
The court then adjourned. ,
• Ma honor, Judge McClure, before the !ad
journment; cautioned the jurors not to allow say
person' to convene with them on the cense which
they were to try., -; •
Prrpucapz ian tirenearrnta Bananas.
Diarnio.—A., huge meeting of our cifisenst, fa
ettrittde to the construction of the Pittsburgh and
131enbeneillentl1roni, was held last night In the
rooms of the Board of Trade.
S. D. Guam, Esq.. was called to tbnClajr.
end Ism& Pennock, Leg., appointed Viee Presi
ded.: Mr. Joseph Snowden was elected Sec
The call for the meeting wu read by the Bee•
The 'committee who bad visited Pbllidelphla.,
were ogled on far i report. (harp Den* Esq.,
rase on bedudf of the 'committee, sad regretted
tb►4 rraforttuudely, the Clielnasn; the _Honors
tile Hamar' Denny, was now viol in-Philadal
pbbt, and no mitten report bad bin prepared.
He world, bower, with the permbuitat of the
meeting, mike i verbal one.
IVpeq the committee was first appointed, they
readied Inpitteni'd tn,diathirgs the. duties Son.
care, promptly, and to mini lir
pair at /dee Hotel, in lidladelphia, on the
Standar weeding their appointment.' The
heavy rake, by which the State improvements
bed been LeMred, retarded their snivel a
llttls but hs met Mr. Denny in Philaded.
Pia on Monday, and Ceptain Naylor tided on
Teteday. thdortonetely Mr. Denny beans
11l immeNately alter his *relent; but he, and his
other colleague were buoy among the .altiseas,
explaining the Medleys of the Pittsburgh and
Steubenville red, and drawing comparisons be
tween It end the proposed ifempleld route
He found that the 8411W:teals road was every
whin- iiitudid - With fivor; not_
- ha - dig met
with & stogie person wittives not friendly to Ito
instruction. do soon ea the state of Mr. Den
ny'', health permitted, i meeting of the Mum
gen of ths Central Railroad Was called. Mews.
Haprs gad Mead, of Suaddile, wire prey
ant Mee *. and, ;together with the etc
inittee hum Allepeny county, eddremed is
ting forth the rest adeantages'of the Steuben
ville road They lad succeeded in producing
•very Womble Impression elle 'meeting,
tihri:trets unanlzionaly in favor of the printed
read. dil agreed that the Hemptield roots was
out of the question. Towards the close of the
meeting, Mr. Merri el, 'President of the Central
Hearted, ad dratted it, and in the course of his
rintarirs denied that the question of giving aid
to the Ibooplell route, had ever beinconsidersd
by the Hoard They had deer' ben silted to.
do se.
Mr. Kaprre had a way Interesting table of
distances with him, by which with the aid of a
on+, ths immense advantagra of the Stathemille
rottener/ all others ware made apparent, and
It mad great attention amongst the stooktold
ers cf the Card railroad. •
David B. Brown, Earl., who was present, de
del that be had ever expressed himself in faun
of ore proposed . Hempfeld routs. He wee in
favor of the Pittsburgh and Steubenville Merl,
and to den hie forangs oa the wiled, he look
mode: to the amount of a thousand dollars. He
h.d yid , hcrwmu,amt he was afraid Pldisdel
phis could ILA do much, dace the greater por
tion of . their available Snide, mod be denoted to
the completion of their own Central road. .
Whew received with the greatest cor
diality and kindness kr Philadelphia, and ha me,
treaded that its dated would do all in
their Polar to promo be the saccess of the Pitts
burp dd. Steubenville railroad. Mr. Dards
then mad a %Meg dietueunet Pointing oat do
ii 0121210 ilk* of the proposed dad, and eon
chided by toasting that ell unfriendly refellop
between Pittabrup and Philadelphia, yen at
an end. Hereafter the andrahht relations which
akochl be maintained 'between these two cities,
wou hi *retinas emintentmel, and all heart bunt
ings and Jed:rosin be aided. Mr. Denis ad
down amidst loud. applause, and an motion of
E. id. Stantoo, Eel., the thanks of the meeting
dot tendered to the committee, far the estiefect
tory ma/um In which they had discharged the
andote drake - devolving upon them.
Captain Naylor bad had ao interview with
David B.9rown of Phadelphis., 'Who had de
nied having mid what wee attributed 10 him i n n
the papers relative to the lisuinfloid touts.
Neither ha nor Mr. Merrick had expntssed them
reins in favor 'of that route, and both errs
Vining to old the Viltditergh and Stesbendlle
tad, to the utmost of their eMlity.
All ths cilium:la of Phlladilptis were In favor
of that rest Ile had seenlths stilton, of the
PElladslyada Ledgir, of Is. Peztatrtnals J.
scam, tEs Elszsats, the Bulimia, and la fact, al
LE:frigid/se paws, land all wars la firer of ad.
Tad. flay deelaied their readisterse tei bait'
artieleiydatln4:l4 ataltdikUllillon till
examenii for itcadirettr.t:. - - ,_ - ,-, i ,
_ , ...111i tiia ii, 4314 that *MO& *II Tre'ititq
allied hire ' andalcog the ?oak for the read
Iva eery popular Ica Obi& I :• ._ N .. • I
' lir. Naylor Pratiethsi.a. eariatent npoii De!
alartaAce Ut: the rod, cad ..t.ot-baled PT !burl
tag that he,* 'pada, nee4 tba apeerabsal
Mai n
to the ability of*Dttaiergh to *plea
the road, 'copied by - us from a.Philadapla , pa.
pep ra that tiniabsO ! , - -'•-. '.---. '.; -- . 1
Mi. el igl iltan t.-;9fF!" 120 4. ..IYUldiitill4
ton County,:wase:MßedOulor asitieteli, by Cip . i
lain Neylor,' sal ate.lrivtcipipcusreiniM
wig . , a 'amplisseat to the SE** who had'ara
ceded biro, obserredthat the reject of the sigh"
of .way ofthefittaargic abet Btanbeitriithe
road, through Virginia, 'wee not generally
deratood,' tat iteadputtages appreciated. •.
Compaphad at colynenstiadontoisselluptgll
.inst, thit owners Of the land bad made edited of
conapance to it; 'of altlialad taantarYfoirltel
anartiollrel, lat will se foratthetimber, st;
sideraird which Might; be required to bintd!
keep it in repair forever: -- - - ',..
•• He slain' thli dada:Coisapteilti th.Lejal
gentlemen here, as 'all isin Philadelpha,234-
psuatitiNtriiYork; and allagreed that limas bind
_ ..
and superior tea abuts+. I A'member of the
has.; in'' Rabin,: lelso, - lutd Subscribed. • $2,
towards the erection of this road, assured.:l
'bat 'he was a etookholder in' the..
aid, which paned thaiigh Vacant is distend
of seven irdies, and the Begislatere havingka; ,
ei to gin It "await., the Compan,y applied
to the priers of the land thron' which'. it I
, ,
paised, 'fa th eir simple peragesion t construe }
It. Mt 4,1 bein glyzo,lia list` Pie
mission was bin _ on them. AF; " the 14-1
Leitrim could , then do, was to im the . , .- ; .
tat upon the road.' -'-
,-'•'.. '' -, . ' ,,, '' , bi
Another ohjoetioit' width hi hadaat ya k'
that it would be , necessary he ,orierke Minitrack
this 'road,th. brides the Ohio at Stenteevilli,
and how could rittiburghemi eldto do thleteith
aijieasMstenty, irhen they hid ;so' MIS,* .
posed the Wheeling'! bridge t , The cases rro I
not 'parallel 'however, since no rationantaste
would oppnee iprojece to bridge eriver,ireitii
ed 'xi doing tai, no oat:Cala. Ma 'offeied *
iatigatiOn.„ Ittnir they llould bind!, 'bridge 4 1
Steubenville', vt. 1 4.1.041 - ut,4 :choral Haifa
don. Tluty had so favonsbles'polition thetthei
could Pally do this. -.
.The chapel it Dinars-,
wills was only: MO het liroadfrotri tire*: *
Ohio. They bid a rocky foundation MI build
upon, and tlui banks we io'high; th at lii As i
, .
greatest.: floods, steamer.. could rtadily,gus
under the bridge: "' Bei world net deny that 'the
bridge at Malls* was too low. No bridge
. , .
should hare been bull; there; for the town *
Et situated 'that it *Mold not be done. Whittle
erection of a bridge at Steubenville would' be
irresistibleargattept against theWheelthabal
The truth was, that in patting it so low4e
Wheelingitas 'had- had .an rye to making'
town the head of *lotion, by olaritta.
tiona to steamers amine to Pittsburgh. , J
_ .
. The WsehiaiNon Paan-rae7 week eautalsd
some allusion calculated to throw cold water
upon the Steebeallle road. The truth"as that
it, would be better,for them to hay it built than
their favorite Hempfald route. That roots
would injure Pittsburgh if the Stembeaville road
were not built, and anything calculated to injure
this city; would, inevitably Ware the whole Of
Mertens as well is Esatern'Pennsylania. , Thie
should be the point where all articles dial*
for the West, would be manufactured. Blight
.crt Pittebureh, and at only West
ern and UmeMPeansylranla, but parts of Ohio
and Virginia would suffer too: Hlllll2lXMAktli
the Hempfldd•nad would injure Washing*,
and thought that be could con4nos any of its li
able*a that itwoold do so. If that roadie*
completed between the roes ofilmenteargb and
eifY ef Wheeling, it ma true that soma farmers
from Ohio: might take a few docks ofshag or
turkeys along it. ;.The inhabitants of Wag
ton might take a ...ride on the nil" too, but if
they did, where wall they go -,to Greenabmglit
Who wanted tO go to Oreensburgh ? , He had
never sea a nuarrho wanted to go there. :He
had travelled all over the Union, but had "aver
met with even a amp who wanted to go there.
And whet, in hearse's name, would "they d 4 If
they went there? No me could sell eren squat
Zit chestnuts in that town, or s half a bushel of
batermilk. No„ that lead OM" would be bulk
he thought. The mbsalption of Washington
county would, be trusted, be defeated at the
ballot box: Let Goo who'irialed it, build the
road, and the Lord help the stockhadem. (Loud
applause.) ' lie would islets $200,000 bribe
Bteniameelle road before the drat of April,
and more if necessary. (Laud Applause.'
Slone the Allegheny County ' 06mi:ditto , ' had
left Phibutelphia. hlr. David 8.. Brows bad se.
trued him t tat the' road *Todd' go' ahead. Why
was Acme the New Orleans grumbling
the .New' York via • Wining
them? What would be the result of the Steu
benville and atherwithirri aids upn• that city?
Allalong the route 'of this road, *on ore, Bina
stone r and cad; abounded. It piped through
a lentils :ectonlny, and he worldecuieluds.,ble
remarks by plaiting Idroself to sada it bj all
the cleans in igs papa: :Di hobece d . net tit*.
gather, for his pea advantage ,' but 'for the grad
otiodely, it., Urge. ' if he were going' ole*
the country.: foraver-Inthirty days, Ise would.
Spend that brief intand Of time in daze ell he
amid, for 11, confident that h. *ld lei 'the
benetitUng his Die* end neighbors. -' ID' 14-
stivittotooktaandambistlaudvpisesto .•
• Cto.lstykrr declared; thstanmeric" as had
been the railroad meetings Whichhelted attend.
ed be hid newer before bard so gad's: rails*
,pgisebleilvenid. 'Vs mowed Oaths thanks of,
the meeting be 'tendered to Ha•Livingdorkt .
" Thin: ntaticatras seconded by Mr, &mita,
and unalmoualy.adopted. . 1 .... • • . , . , . .- ',
..I.' Pianism Sewell Esq., ' Num caned „. the• the follo wing resolutions and they
were manimonsly carried. - - '. -
_. • ... • 1
Resolved, That the large - subsea. peon *the
Pittsburgh end Steubenville Railroad, in this
eitY, and on the line 'of the road,and the friendly
spirit =Metal to it by Philadelphia,. egad
ample assurance of:the mats” of that, enter-
Resolved,' That ilia the organization of that
Company, they abroad proceed at mix with',.the
work, so as to ensure Its completion within ,pro
' Ur. Harper read a letter : from :egad:Mean
In Dresden, Ohio, giving the Most Sat .terinesa
entrances of the speedy completion of the Pita,
burgh and Steubenville Railroad. , • t ',
On motion of N. Kirk Lewis, Eai.. it ;MS ta•
solved that a committee of thirty, to balde the
present committee, be appointed* the ,Ehele
man, to Proare auteniptiona for thifyittsbagh
and Btenbeineille teilreed. ' - ' .... :- : . i.. ,
of this meeting be published In the PittliVirgb,
philid On
:p tian 'tils 4 , iZatuurrill"mailde,"' th atSteb7unaille"9"l: ~,411.
The Chaitduall. D. Dana; dellarad th fok
able speech Ware of the rod, attar tektich, on
station; 'the maitheg adjourned. ' '.", ',; -- it . '
. .
I UST BECELYLD, by thia moming's6
of rryrso ., sleartmeat °Mau& .
at Wit f I ibrxm mumuck....a th.
wi. 0 .. e... 1 .. a ... 11,ft* . Ab u *: • . gLod .
e. eeee i=itoderse Md., tetabllterneht, Out en•
nagehaests trith swan and bowmen, wombat
to ~mat Oe ler that ire seeemethel te sell at
the tomet motor p ri m bud Is the Valtetint. •
Waling salad be empranesq .41 II =
mu domed ea v tzlz theit
=.l.= emooer. gad ee 4 , . . ...
, tUgf.='; , - ,
~ • . O. am. Wet* and 7
.Biwa' Fire Proof liners! Paint. -
iruheerihar, tur t i . comg l 4:l his es
rtabllsluarut ttot the of alma mud
' lA. toor tbs bood or Nowt hit.
soma to forupdt if, thirsh bis siorolly_ titor ,or
grand 12 aIL . , . JAMN6 C. .
- . . ACME . .
• • .
A:Ocaltar, lA. at Third oat Wood Ida.:
ICllnts • US lawn stmt.
• Oreemwood Oszden.
A CHOICE collection of Etbrubbery, Vining
ftbrilblßT/00 0 1 6 11 2 / 7 . =b.
Mt. NUM* laudy mootaly aod rmory p t
weary to oroastrat yarda sat will as at
=rad rfl ' Ol 4P XL won " ; iff as
ibr ".
Ur Worm leo Comma rad iabrr takfilliorata arrnri op
Dovrhotor. W.* lllsoebooln.
AIF.r coargt7. P.. wIU moire props •noetkal.
lIAVING "sold our Canal Stook, and our
. I ,l?arttiVV= N ktita l 7
tl of " r "" nt O. PIEYa. irtMrc
Itorled.r. P., July MO. 1141.
A. 0. PARKS & 00.
OVIW/1161110 AND. 0011110.611.103
AS,i, • t rl4 'j: bik.D C arm • "
" yy
Packs* Liao a t:
. Biwa WY+ !Swinton ac e.
: Joss L. Can:ui, Wax
50r.b.5i.5e.1 . 6.101/ Ihith .
11. CLARKS it CO.,
rinwaszawo_ara co=x Siractuml.
fwelmear. Job 1.04 1713.1 a
twnB.--0° pigs. lu°sSase.°4l..
• Ofto'fildeT &UM -
e n HOULDra BRACRI3 of the moot
L- 7 la Anxtari sa4 guar II
of alto Lola AA,
• Jill" • !I IL W 44 it'
. .
... .
: BY. TRWEARAgIi; -....
Iscsnrro sr rm. stisitgt,tiirii.
sro worm - ) rviriii • . - gaggle&
lami l
. . . . . .... -
- - _
'. : .. FOREIGN N E WS. ;
•:.itiv.L OP 21111,1118/1114 RIP ,
ARVTI..- -
SUR *int laiTE2 ' MIK St/DVE4
New YORK, August 1 1.
• The AMericto steamer Arita, which
from Liverpool, at 121 ceeloedr, on the - 30the hit
arrived this morning. havispetlerieneed ad
triads dozing the mast 0' her, pimp ,
... ,
beings 36 peasengtaa. . - -z 1
The Attics arrived at Liverpool, on the 26th
sad thi Bala= the evening if the 29th.
''''' '* * 1J141604, Augitit'lli4
Corms—The market blast - • The isles of
pad thee. asp were 32,000 balta. of liala ( siact
claims lad 'Etas took 12,000. . n have
ine ha
sdnated Id lb, with the Billowing quoted-sae
Pak Orleans' • Uplands gad MoMle 6fd "el 11N,
- noba—There is • fair Mal Ilind in th 4
Market, and prices are =hanged, sines the sail'.
lug of the-last steamer. .. ' . I
Oasts—The market la 'here of hoe yellow
Corn, with no cheap hi prime or troaluesa-+
Wheat is dell, but without change. . I
.Plovutoes—Tbere is • fair request at previous
Tau.ow—Prices are 6d better.;
soceatzs—Bagar is steady. Corm is into
tim, but unehenpd. Tea has slightly declined,
and more bee been doing,. Molasses le in good
supply, with* Imp Walnut. Bios LI neglect.
Moil Efaisme—The Loudon mousy market
Is a dude better. Camels closed doll on TUAli
day, at 96tig903. In American searritlee th em*
bad been • fair business, with no vatiathso to
The ktenchaster trade* had been mere airier,
sod prices were rather In favor qt buyers. !
ELAND. - ' •L
!The Home of Cottuncote * „bas sustainad Lon'
John Road 's tootlem, - usdnding Mr.
Abe Jewish member, from his seat in P=at
by a majority of 69.
Mr. Swift, the liammist, had bean Michell
Sheriff of Laudon. . ... - , . 1
The riparian' discovery of four . bodies tf qtr I
John nenkiltee party, by the at, of a Holt
whaler, is gamed, credited. , , 1
1 Parliament clam Dar seed= befripsithP 14
aid 16th ed'Artgast. r i
The number of Millis( visitors to the peel
ethdbitiou Protionee to thamasii. , , • , I
The Preach Arscoutily has decided to adjourn
on the 10th at Aurast, anti the 20th of October.
The Committee as the Budget estimate the de
ficit:my at 69,000,000 banes.
The Prima military sulhotities of Loreie,
bare {tested the capers of the Lognisitioli
from their paters to soaks roam for the prim' of
troops- It has caused serious dimagereinems. ,
M. Ofrudin has become converted to peace ,
doctrizies.- .
The Mak Catholic. difir axe sdalfrestriam sm
art appeal from the pulpit, In fora al Lori
Arundel, the candidate far Mmeriek. . I
New Yes; Aug. l I—P. Ilt. I
Cottees—The market is lien sad prima bate
gam/gad le lii pentad, with males of 1400. hem
Plow'—dales of 1,...V0 Olga at 14,18 i. for
Oanuree, and $3.96 @ 4,00 for Stets, gad 400
for Ohio, $4,26ag4,37 for itarthero. e
Bye Ploer—aaea at 11.1.374. 1 •
Caro Mial—Salta at 12, 300 "g 1 bbl 1
Grain—Bales of 1000 bushels North Carailis
red wheat at Cc., end 40.000 Lc' ' 4.. at C° 9 4 3 .
ale for mixed Western.
Praisione—Sales at 290 bhle mum pork et
$14,60'{1 bbl, ',
Coffee—Bales of 100 hip Lapps at, OK • .
160 bags KW Sp-
Buriar- • -Salee of 60 ads' of Mumondo . 4
Oi° 10. - .
0 er ankles remain eimbinged. ;-
Foetus nom CIIII4:—* the arrival at
New York on Thunday, of Ike barque Nataeoltee
from Neuritis, the Herald bas advises to the
2Sth from that plan, bating one weak later thin
preview advisee. El Until of Puerto Principe,
of the 18th ult publithem• an official eta Waal
relative to the outbreak at Ban Jam The cosi.
amides of the gtewmaseed eves there saili
• latter to the Governor dated July 16th:
1 have great plusses to ensaltesting to
tsosilsooy that et 12 o'clock to-day the ' eq
uals, the fiat of whom mates I send you, who
were taken from the party of highwaymen who
proposed thnuelvss to dtharttryablie order, base
been presented no ma, and Lan awry your Et
asthma, that this will be the came of the cora
pieta defeat of their , plans. ea the discord bap
altered bathe camp of the Sew; eatendlog to roe
Information of the Leelliddnals We.
party. when th ey meld Vat the/ did not
remain longer, einem or eighteen of •
al them, and the party vas discovered. D.
fiepostrocemo Berme sent to ma the fallowing
dOCIUDIGO4 sad D. Hama Nunes the letter which
follows. What I say to your Swansea Is Me
ported by the indlriduaLe baton ma. 1 kart
thane arrested, and I well send them to thi patty
of &iota Cray, when they will be kept accord
leg to the dispowitisteof your Erman:icy.
Here follow the letter alluded to. Which MO
that they, Barron and Nunn, having aceLlant
thy met dm Ins le, were forced Valeta le
to their service Burow soya:
..They passed through diffinna Fames atilte
party, meatus the men who they eamenere?,
and thrsalcalng to kid them eke= should soak.
any resistance.. But when we wen tailed and
meld speak; we wonted to go book; bat they
frightened nu by saying that the mentioned
vas sines of Par demotion. width It would urn
Wine famed, but roltuthary, and that we ehttudd
Immediately be shot. Bat when they pat In our
hand, your proclamation, It wee nay to in the
joy expressed by all composing our party. .We
were nearly crasy, and swore to die Wan we
would 'be separated from the pent= itch ond
that bath is profound and slum, and I hoPe
tbot the sample gonnunent will be penetrated
wittstey Insosates, and reepeot to the laws.
Nunn &aye robetsatially 'berms am the above
To roarequence of then repreeentatiems. Sheen ,
DOT Lamer, Woe! a proclamation, offering per
den to all the betrarpots who might surrender
end formally mum that they bad ben led eif
unwillingly into the' evolt, promising. ocrettle.
las, not to do so again, and not to attend say
ecurplaions nutting on pain of were punish
coretspondait of the Herald, writing Mo l
?fourths, July 2440wiyin
• MU revolatice, 0? which you ham min*
been Inundated with ancounte, was badly planned
and badly wssonted, as the riming was not paw
rid. The olloial see ount of the battle Is pot DJ.
together earrtet. The troop/ last siren Met
the number of the wounded I. 114610,12. /be
natives had three Modell three warooded. The
firing lined three Ileum, or tall night aped
In, when the troops retired. The revolutionist'',
teenalour la all, were commanded by Aurae
Arum.. The troops numbarld cr.e hundred itt
leat7 and twenty•f re lament Thin do the ea
inlas' report, and I have reason to Wine
this nearly amen.
Tha peoelscstion of pardon has had scam e}
foot.roar of the throrgruts presented thinned*
to the Governor at thla port on the hat lust,
and are now ptisonine. It le impeded that ell
who corn. in and present themselves will be par
doned• There are now only six, Including WO
chid; Josqedn de Angfro yout - la the
woods, sad thine are surrounded by troop*. It
is mid that they are reduced to the nesealty a f
deflecting the:maim porpeAahtngwitlthunger
In my apinlon, the taterreotdon is at an end
for the present. •
The ilershat we am teamed that the nit.
tin. hare lost all hopes fora while at least. The
movement bas Intremed the feeling of hostility
among the Bpeadarob against • the Americas', eL
whose door the whole affair In laid. It out said
at Nonitas that the whole movement was shock
ingly arranged—that by mletake In the pen
word s ' in stkestlng the Governor's house at .Lite
Tunas, the patriot' actually Fred upon nth other
and killed seven of their own party.
. According to private advice', the pardon es
tended-to those who would surrender to the
gorimmial will not mult very happily to then
who were unfortunate trecogh to meat tette
terms. Ten or twelve had been sent from Need.
to to Havens; to be Imprisoned In theltisnal.
It la reported Ott moat et the papers I d a
patriots, with ths names of those engaged inUilf
mum, had fallen tato the hands of the gorses.
j.. 4 IELLOR, No : ZZ av celf sow stik st
ir e m. AraturZa. ft ra ft '
te tri trlMlg
I'd 811 a
• Ont" . . 4 %eaannta
;pith:4lAL .
T 441 bov i t.bapig w qr‘ ; •
allaar6lnflitoS-1 lint! stollmplail
•E. - ram & • cx,t,..
r• t,..LIFI4I3I4IiNaILDW4r,
Itt sturpiir.,
r il. rtLY; la iitp .ba.feit ♦
_Art-Ant asurtssist.
lAD 84 TAMS.BO346—•
agE s erpr DJF i1. a1.--.111 • 14, boa
W . .777=biar e F ri .
env. Wow oat ass *m. •
. •
CllrtON MOW: '
Ziti t tl=ll 4 •lll) SCIISSR-4alfria l 11
4 i:A Si hy‘
• WM DL calm. isnerts. Berm sal altar Eil4
poesuarls thaamaioa aseitot—r-i _ • JILIkKia)
F *. • • 41 earth Land •
ixoydf; ARD•
BQ OR .I.:bb: T ,
•I•Narde Marva
FLIER ANTELO, , Oestiad Cknzimis!
orb r ..a — lth".
•tt!i' - wiwar . :r . ua,lis
wer Cant saved to Canbt p_srettazds,
It J. RING Dealer iti BOOTS AND
IBEIOn IS North &wad Med. Mtn
hae Mit reeNt the metatectory as aslant" ti
ides•d *Olt awes gads, lhich will e• ma la
IMP % o .ld.weelheekf, he 'warm In _ the d 4 .. Fr ! etett
`7., ll lMiiifif4. 1ri......1...: . ,
_ .._ ...1, -.4 . attentig
ihs Ow Tart Llerakl of Ilth Ja114141,
Zupan*, of atm. da
taf t . ke rid.,
...41 " r i e4n0 . =1,1 , 1 chum+ loot ;rlil 3 lr . l 4 4
r nr""m IZ7=7lll ' riutr i th'
' lIH ' 41 ' h ..,
At Immo Ire , t 4
Istille at.. .der tkoGlTtse. Fat. 0 to. sad
ear wawa, *M
al rtel ettp
O • WIZ a
the at mutt o
;a UMWW4a p lwo& ay w s , Acot. g
tht•P 10 woe VD • right. fe w • ••ads
tear.Otas lo In r y turileks two prowls
ites••l•Oper me. 01 "Me • etil L mum,
mad lie paw •14=
sr a
~a o=ltat 1
rah :to him tar • Kap parshma
sad we wit under thew. w doors
ah® a
sof UM ova ow on tlynatanwlrith
.D.: , V6naea P•testa, ta the twralbolcu• at
oboe. Wlett he U ethalaa lo the otatilm Yd a ll Ova
T ....
t:100 sad 41 oho ace warmed •tth Ws la wo
rwilas hla was la viattlas id selttrat
4 701I 5A 11411 .. ..,,h_VAIrlikrEnO,
11 00....., D lensidrat,
Kre , UM, ...1)1214 1 11 :1 lY2ailk
1 I. WHOlbeitein.-
dr0.16 Araidea Yr* Pori;
and Jobber in FRENCH and
ViCIUMIEcT A:loops. r .0.4
moors, owe V
14ye:na a l:a isermaeraemaLeot
br him". 411 Pendia
PAcsossoMasport Amelcas SW Top ;
• Net/ York India Rubber lillaphask
Iry 27 Maid" L M
asit,• saki.l6. P .69.llmoini oral;
IrenitZlet e 7 l lo Me n t . /;•
..4cirao '."3.6aat 'sameortfa wbn 't4
. 4oa cm. '
%Mort *a vanlimal /an. aaa of
flabameNikolka amiszallorwW. cranult b tbe IVA
and na WA. [Ma bawl air larmalanwl .nasal ar• ea 4
aasat Isapavavarrei.. la els oacti:n.y sad
voa/aSaat esaaca eltra porta:a mailatecalms.
&artist auratice easilatin uAu bi WatzE r
Donirr twt Vta aot= ll kk L t i rr=og
rgarly dlamagrma atm dcalk caul.. up bear
noes nealloisoor to Mar Rq
*sew. lbw pLain CM&
ea& sad oala anal. *W. oboall molt nnat7
. .
of ummy—A ten it'd of all do eure,t4 .t;1
so• vszSoolow. lose Ur Impor74d Pan iobtors to flor Ir.
000d.d I=lokoo--notiootos Look WO•eill .4
Pb..o Piro mot Toodaks, W o rld.
W• molt own= tho Iblloolo• 01001 op4 r, t"
i rcobooT , Ltegr t =l.2 .
ferita b i ' = "th ir '.. tl% "4 =11 11 / 4 11MM "
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;" P =l4=httbst Dow
I%op, folio Goolmelr . host.
.• Own wiLl 1 , • bad • won onlola carp =r•
angora of ilood• lOombhog Um sail
slue obit. and osft, • -
Pon Robing Comm I* Waver v 0n, :9: - ?...____ - - ... - 1 1 929.M_V 1 .
' itsvlcios . is i Itutillui ~.•
E S.
e.M, - + letirjr unerld i teMetke
ot book). OM le V. ` nom with
0 toll saolfl/O•S3 of /nab 1124 1/Mai SW Ma
Me•ai, Slaw L 4 of •IMIT r ...
Wok= essomito do. 0f . ,.....11.1 ... 112
low, Tatra CWAYS. T S. .
t - Itooo, old fooliaosthy P.
00, loom..
Do' Onno. Ito troisl stfoofJoo of &C , 60,1111.1 Wok.
ont tana .. t . To n tro. so r . ..114= e a 4,1=
1.. LL.
RIO* STAXDS. Sow aothlll ties
Rboof• loci ttsati Li" eloomd la Dm" colookl Pros mad
Coto, os IN 0003 15 *orb. 1411 f
Office far Foreign Patents, • "
No. 6 H.. N. rat*. 4.1166 fiat st.,
• Wilma.. aitlw
,atm cam b. e.a r t t ep..*
ir.ll urosarria.;t.
gamier Black Writing and Copyg Ink.
'ONE'S EMPIBE INK. 87 Nam= in
ejS /1•6 1101341 ass. n Yoelt.
quirt& INEd6s....—s1 t 60 maps 4raz _LAO so
suss "
Is. ,
iia 44 m
ctArtrils= ' 4ll4 l ==.
dersy. 6/14 possum, LH MO cual. ll moan
Wrung 1614 nll6t. me tL (MR, Led .14
alrWy .46661 d Itrt slut Wad Pea
u. l:46l=aprolgrl fun d 2.
t r o. ltz n teet• eS.
!mix ; gi.tajg.p.LroxiiVlZend
ea kap an durpd7riG al sett
2161141•11 wmp"
ProtaitorAleL Q..r*_Tricaplucrami;
uras, wernisidiadilleantilytna the halzondies
soul itai du:IMA sill tutu etimairre • c ut b WA,
slandat sal snake. eilasp, de. It
40.10aW 0... b1 , Ispertlogar=
l'14.."::'11""'1111" 11.s t
g i'Mg port. .41?r,.0 val. of tOlo or~ales.
lO.tofinuesda. 11. wttla 1 the
11 Mn by thaw .bo awn
One It • MY: . - - • •
N. Vasikapt. =M.
hat. pail— tit..l tra barb said. with • ca
Imo. onsava et Om anp. al a mat =anal abav
Ib 4
t -r. z lb* ativba t 1.2"2. 0. 42
ma. t 1
a• l b 2 a, e.t.a nal all 2 4 , 7a11at that e.
col 74'..►,.....-,-.7,,— T ---,,,....=-114...7....
nark and. la my manes sad enbleasnan bawl malt
=a stoat t. menb• la. woo dr nob... at tba
that at lima I ata Pannqrl4.l,BLT
"424U214.. ' 12'" 110 Oa . Ms 4 I.
• •
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lac 11.7 . 12 Nat eir-...itoatt. oamitaa v air
awl an • dat, .4 ay bad au cad,
VIM Lonna Una tan . • hind to try rat
Eths adltilq uol to lay anaulatarmat. iar tab gnu
mad. aal ..11 tha &admit mina al. al iba
sa• Gam rat 10,00.
Wit.b nowt, 1 us, year 0.11 wan,
• ,
_J 8 SILMADW ILL, 64 111.4.7.
U s 4 7 Lady a vanilla. &alba tba eartaltne w il at the
abirm, top ob.. an at Plana. • 0 dna,
piey. l!la• Yak, 40.• la all prod•e• one.
„Cr the 711 1 Mat Nora La. N.. It, 1.1140.1
an is so los tb i mm i g i nat=
a Mao
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Ye a ',.* II . bi lb. .[Tar cluat at I. e.qamalry; la
:41/A5=t 2 :47 7 1.1 2 11.1 22 . kV '. 2 : 2 44 2 t0 In a := o :2
Cb• , sal ttst. mama Ila grant, to • nootartabla
na. t dadroa lao dnalrat sat wart ad name tat
tali toe .4 a... It vat can all ala•aarat ibo map,
sued 1 mat ba., 4. mom tat alba obsonou ellaa.
rnl 2 .lit ° Mt :14 11 '1 = bt t 7112, :,= , ....r..1nt.
5...1 E= ,. aada a* vnailnapan‘Uv, Iltzgvn
•FozWANDIxo oomirseloN macula;
cuicaock maws. - •
CONT I NUE S pit nasal facilities to re.iietiv
o lriiZt u Veirroenalt i AV=
later•saa—t=. 14.08 :ur°,4,4'.
• wm.crc....=!;
• • BT. zoom, ffissouar.77'
Reims. Comb Aria. arb],grirsrotog . lllrrrisala. oa the
Mb; to Alrier==.3. SbrlblS • C..
Ilttsbargb. • . .• • • • birkir
pO3lll AVID Ii..TUDYEE, Attorney u w,
bad Cbroadokron lbr lbabrylvanl4. bt Lc IA
490111:111inte memo eantenn. =air
O.OIIN H. RANKIN, Attorney aid Coup:
*Akre let Lew. and Oceasebeicter IL etatie. 0
onlesate..P. Loctla k ito,
ac... thet. kl ) •
Raiielen l4 l . l
•• • • Cdekeriore Plazas. •
JOHN 11: MELLOR, Agent for
Cblisrthe. Plum; Eft YltuDiamb
:=4 " 1 " opn "'""'C Zt=4a
ems Mils the
• Oe• alacsA Iconrood tut 11,4=11
Oise '";
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47 . tautd "Ir., 0
bosum 67.11=0.
. ,
, A15 . M17,0101.1.6•21 licerno,6,l6 0,11161•5 A.
11.6ent.1.1 ttrdrt
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• Uwe! Ratio; ' •
me-bat.l 5 •
0 631k1,57565, ist4 . 4
Qom • • e.em
~; • ...bowl
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0 PLUS= Isaisstmlai nevi, vicletrefie
igreaMitrt , Oar
Valuable Ruff Dim . tiliesneColudy
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Valuable Beal Estate at Atietbui 7,
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VOR RENT—The DireMog, No. 155
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ACRES 'Aiming and Grazing
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Kentucky Mutual LifelnstrraneeComplar.
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• • Dr. Hard's Abdozaitutl Elopporters.
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