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12 1 -01 th e cfmn?litei orAliqs&ies.d. the
Scott Pormeaton, bold 'on 1006:7111 inn: it van
iteMited, Thu the Whigs 04114:tiny Comfy
invitod g°:-to Beaver, . the pumped of
nearing the Governor and escorting him to the ,
Amitrimcnts 101 be mile with the Penneyl-
SIMIN tod,Uhlo.ltaO Road Company for the trip
10 Barrer awl beck. -
The 'One. is expected et Beaver co the IGth,
sadmill probably leave there the same evening, or
cm the meeting of the 18th. • Ina notice toll be
Cmetal the miclee time, end of the leselz% of the
an to meet him
The Committee eh* added the following uomn
to the Finance Committee,vim Ftmitihg•
M John Capt T 4 Rowley. Copt:Hay,
te Key, 0 0 Loomis - •
The Committee of Arno:lrma:it end Mums
mill street spin et- the came of a. Appleton.
4th ,Orteeek. shore et,
on; -the
lltb, les!" . at 2 .co'pli?o,P. M.
' -
il!idellaapntea Anzivet:—The IltotorablekiCet
. Ittealnetdtal fir the !ifeetern . District of Pan;
- el*Witur arrived is , this city, and tease
Ifetetleiaif the 11munsialeli Baum. elle will
• vier tor ilfen city in a sew days. ••
Tett 0' Bstiti:- Tatitatirtr.,lmiti.—lfe are
. ..... ~.., .
ituleb tea to the manages of the 'Atlantic. and
, . .
Phie TeleffiePti BomPaoi . f°T i. report a Prc .
C 204146 of their annua l threiiig toe the present
. , .
• yesi,•Dim' whit& ire'extract th e interesting let
. tom . of ,/shiee D. ,Bel, tat-, the 'Superintend
1:n • 'id 3 iSineriticr /diiir.s 2,8, 1861: •
. Tothoil*riontlithi , and Dilators of the Atlantic
. . tbd Ohio Teltirripbtomplity : ' - • ` .
atirrikster—Taconditioo of yea line, Salute
it due to, you that Uprisen:it the following Mate.
meat, preying your earnest and . immediate at
tention thereto . -.. * ... • ' .* . • • - '. * . •
. The oonfthence; if 1 tnait.hres term !het the St.
Lon% line, with ,theliew oiriesn3 line at Louis.'
M.ll;;rendereikrlt Lacrimal,. to base. two wiles
Ittiathenate Pile." whit/ have been in
• operetta tiro Yeirs,and ;re drib oatipled eon
. ettnitts.': .41;1'4mM:ugh,. hoverer, the Una is
• ' efothereduced to . orie,(and hardened with serer
• - al trey offices, and'be which,' alone:: Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New -York - has to be main thin
ur7 ' The grist distilrkhaire - • =wig Boni Was
nthilar seen se follow, • ~, : -• •• • •
desire bathes* oOtiriaissei Sail/Y6s 9 3.: st.
.. Pittsburgh 'has on the files, Messages for bath
thesis ktilledeiphis;.New York, end Bates, es
von air foe trey ofithek.i Add:pure is Sta pot In
. cosssetten with 151biborglif end the Mee of each •
sr* c10w0r..u.1,111 no hr . *, At 10 o'clock Phil
adelphia orithecte:milesslrey Whoa interefere.
• (Width they useolly to, and orropy. at least halt
so boor.) aed•llneksat. bans lost a Ulf le taken
up clearionthe Blee of Pittaboter. and 'Phila
delphia. This brings es to 12 o'clock, dicing
'attack time Rep„-.Yerkitte ban idle, waiting
ita-kqlbikd 11.1elerore bat boon Idle silos' 10 e..;
elsekka,thahlesi i if New York- and Maltase, I
~ an ithriZoltotret; banging a ith.te at lad 1 te,..•
- e the tway atrial ageinijay Bum .1 :
1.../OSI2Cti ., --,„ ~ , 14.t0 2} o'aciek..•'
ar -. • .-; ...'2} to 4 • o'clock. • ~•
~.,21W.Tisek.n- . -.- ; - 4. 'XS 'O'clock: ',,'
Mew icenidbe pliss',reports te.6, and to on
likkir,l9.' , .`lk ':. *si• i.'• : - .-
Mu IturilleMpeer that DM' ' Baltimore o&a is
idLa from • T tit 9,,frout 10 to .1 I, trim 'Ti t oo.
, -
"hie PhihidelPhii *thee in idle from i tolOi.
tress 1214 - 21, from 4to G. from 6to 9.• . •
Tbe,New.Tack o th ee is 'Metro's T. a l2, fr ost
1 ito 4; hunk Gio 91. ''' ••• •' i ' ', •: .
. That is,: ,In'plelner., tenth, the - Baltimore of
tios wake westward 'Ohioan 4 day+the ' Phila.
delphit'office;.s . ltoure a. dsy—end the N. York
m 604421 boars it dip 7 ,' • ~.; • : :
'Thls' sena s str *Die ' iitafemart,i, bet' once- •
thetastree; with the variation only of, the cm ,
cat twins, . , ' . .: . , •- .
• It needs hot the thither statement to lon, that
airline:ea at present,is utterly Madinat, to
its wants, the publisnatmittics, Milts own rep-
Tls ' ithe , issn'2l9Sibithgb: tO, ' Cl" =berthas
hai now been iitor Ave yean, and is In math
itemrf„.:,,B9erbay. is , tils :use of its western 1
actiriv. From threentbat to Pittsburg it tads
' 1 n'PeOuvlt'li fil u": ' i/4221 Li La
i ..21,3 - thuadiate itS-MUM:ructirm of the NMI
from Pithdrozgh: to Ligcorim, with insulators
for two wins,. talc io the mos t sabsts.ntial
- ,
.2. The Octsion era line team hijrcnither
to flollidtythrrg, •by way Of the Centrel3 1149-
rood thrszith Jotmatown, - to rearm : with the
: Dna .sondeneteti .. aloes lbsi- • Casual , Banned
• tres34lcatidsystm*,' now comp Asjikisjsik
' I.lEbi - issitto of a ibiasd ~...,.
„Ligonier.: . '. • • • ~.. • ..-;•..i: A, a ,
carried into attest will ' 'tai "bee
lhaill.PUtidet* to the East....tmea of which as
ait.7lliror fork; the Wirt CORMOCtirif
• the' distrlXOTtensbant, Boffin”Brits", no
. ),
ntiostsinr. . accetintdon, -111111*..ilowistosna,
Harieba.&•:thertatieg tbsiteltrith Lau:seer,
add PliWoWit, eat Arerk;siril Baltimore.
TIM West of AU sin 1 joslests.* an almost
co ':ai s memsiection fues. Pithdrerkh with New
York and•Pliihideifthili; by alio wire at sn Umiak
sed facilitia 'lath:tint . for the often on the
• • note; ;sod Baltimore Sy; al - othfri. Stith:son
cart also /an the =a of the PM ern warn
curt <capita sithlieer Salt and Philadelphia
trosinees - . Phnstleipels end Neer Perk can drat
, 'be writing to,' oi, rsoarlot :froze Pitbilargh at
the same. tinse,'• Oyler ammo. to deecatehee
. erlthlo the Ware *.orbweruesa, to the 'merchants
• of Bt. Louis New• Orleans and Cialmred, is
' • Wu *SW,hils4yiiibieita. - : . ... '.•. - . . •
~11:y isinastsi rspeislican . the foaming most
• fp peetornithelstdtahle execution of; the task.;
.. . . , • ~. .
. ile.:Onitt*6oa tem Pittsburgh *oh*
tthissisallfigliotri Ligonier Sr' Hoch. -... ,'..
414.11 1 . 4 - 16 - '
' • Mee Dia '''
• 1 '; liciliat . ~ • 2,600
Vitamin. of the work.propaild; .48,500
For whieta griped:folly ult - an immediate ap
propriadion; lurch way as the Board my deem
depe ,
fhitseielipiet inn Doard U . ak, united t;
uctemlary mky be;le•lned at the othasa oa
the Ilturitliapsolial the aresimity existing tot
The .Jcualete route,
ellb*lslifrie.kpeeteat 'Ow, must be =pars
mexOter ttposed.
anicso brougia, Leto toe tkm
igitTt faatiee for commsmiSeiimh the po
grom of the, line must foment; bat whether,
this - - rem to, 'follow, or uot, the publiawill
mend of you the prompt treassetica of their'
burinass, at sire it to others who me ) preside"
tidos advantages deeded by yew •
, • .
. ' Superin' tauten t.
TVe are statitial to 'lsm that , . the Beard at
ooze rospentied call,thle . and te work is now
TOR Dosses Ilkaattsit—We are indebted to
the Meettr7,:l 3 : •A. 6 U. I Dayekindk, the
v allebers, ter their August amber of the Dot.•
Lir Masai*. It . eunteles,. tisttet. Urge
&umber orerreeedinitty InterestigtiOeks;.botb
- , ••,
Starrr-or^rae.Praom—lhaniel Penrose rim
committed to pima. retarder by AnordAlt
BUPs4oAkerg ad,'
oeth of Jacob Berget; 'UM
threatening his Ufa
Trrmur. Blues..—Tbe B. E. Brake, will
preach gammas on the death of notraW. Black.
tiguti Street . 141Mho Ep taupe'
CU:oth, to.marro • (Sabbath) after:mu, at three
We learn f rOSD the Christian Advocate that -
Boss W. Bizet, the emu of Rev: Cyrus Black,
was bons Jae. 8, 18115;gort dled July 18, 1851,
in the earebtoottlit.Tinetef his Aga.
HIE death wag ousdoned by a blow from
from the tannin a' fire engine. The Injury
wee so seven as to prove fatal In twenty
four bum from therein of the accident. Dur:
log the winter at 1848, under the ministry of
Hee Dr. Cooke, be me his Use to the Lord,
ami united with the Liberty Strut Church, in
this city. He wee • faithful member of the Sab
bath School, and profited by the Instrortions
width he there mitred. He was a young man of
tuight. promise, sad possessed a kind and sffee
-400110 heart.
Hie remains net, conveyed to • etetunboat,
taloned by many triads and Sabbath scholars.
and taken to Monongahela City, and Interred to
.the family gram me& Truly "man cm:cloth forth
Elta s dower, and la cat dovo : he teeth also u
a shadow; and tontinzeth not."
- .
13411401W1L111T. Emasmarr.—.4 wan lona
fey; Arad dowooard, as the ceding !—Mr. John
.111eCsundek gave a rivet, exhibition on Thare
46i / nabs& at Ufirette Hell. Galt* $ num
ber of phtlosophlal experiments, some the M
em:Sion of others, hat many as original as • they
were extraordinary. Among them were—a hie
ditenlie sieve for the illustration of stmospberle
pressure; a fountain for showing the reaction
of wear; an intermitting spring for the illustra
tion of Me ebbing and bowing of springs; an
equilibrating jet for sustaking an Illuminated
tripod; a hydraulic machine for trying the
strength of the luny; and a compound perils
dor ate eompresser, producing a uniform cur
rent of air, snstalning 11/2 illuminated tripcd, and
lifting 200 Ma. one inch in floe seconds, b the
formf of the lunge Bat the most
experiment was that of walking (by means of
shoes of a peculiar constrnetion,) In an inverted
positions, upon the-under surface of a slab of
I statist marble, nine feet by three in dintebsions,
which Mr. Mee. taccemfally performed—a fest
never before - achieved by any man I 'He after
wards explained that a alight defect in the appe
rattle, easily remedied, rendered bin teak more
arduous than usual.
After the exhibition, Gas. Larimer =des fine
remarks, stating' that "they had been called
together to witness one of the strangest perform.
sixes ever exhibited here or elsewhere: that
John idoCanstitik, (through his excellent Mend,
Capt. James R. Hendrkkson) had Welted we to
be present on thin occasion, to witness hie walk
ing on an Inverted planet, ac. In obedience to
that invitation, we came here to witness that
great lest: and we did witness It John Me
lionakk did with an inverted plane, a distance
of nine feet—we are witnesses of the tact, and it
Is but due to the parties that the public should
be so 'deifed. •
-In order that the full seam of this meeting
should be had, he moved that Wu. U. Same,
Esq., a scientine man, take the chair.
The large audience present, was then organ
ised. by 'choosing Wm. M. Shinn, Esq., Chair
man, and J. H. Foster, Secretary; when, (after
some remarks by Gen l•rimer) on motion of
Mr. EL D. King, Messes. SAL ileastlnp, Jos:
Snowden, and W. B. Neely were appointed a
Committee far the purpose, and reported the fol
lowing resolution,
Way:rises; We have witnessed with the great: !
at interest the experiments of Ur. John Ill'Cor
miek, the resale of many year research and
labor, involving principles of philosophical Inter
est, therefore
Resolved, That (in the opiates at this meeting)
the thanks of this community are doe to Ur.
M'Cormlek, not only for his original expert
, meats, but for the improvements upon, the die
coteries of others, which we ham witnssed this
• Resothed, That Mr. McCort:melt bee utilise,'
tartly rearmed all be has promised, and folly
demonstrated that hie intention for walking upon
the wader surface of • polithed umrble deb, in
nn inverted poeition, ts no aerobe'.
Resolved, That the thecae of this =Wing be
tendered to Cepteln ficodriekson, for the pon
cho and other eminence he has rendered the
Resolved, That Mr. McCormick be regulated
to deliver s public count of lectures io,Pitts
burgh, sod that this meeting pledge themselves
to assist him in the proseeution of his scientific
rivearchra • • •
After some remarks from Oda. Grimm% Rae.
UOMt7 J. Clark, Rev. Maria Cooke, end ethos,
the resolutions wet* .unanimously adopted, and
Messrs. Judah Copley, Jos. Snowden, I. 9:
later appointed committee to revert the pro
ceedings for publication.
DISCIDELTS Hoinmer.—lohn Eibtr ant a.m.
mitten to pitaia yostenbiy, by Alden= Yukio
son, ebalged, on oath of Chula Bonorz, Irtth
Waned/Ay combat. Ho tree cLothstgod, ,on
paying We Lae.
Coaoiza 's laoossr.--Willians • U. Arthur/.
rag.; the Coroner. yesterday bald la Imp& ow
tits body of Williams, :whose death by draining.
we. noticed yeeterday. He ens quite a young
taw and a hlaeluadth by trade. ".
Tire Barris lan.—We refer ear readeri to
tiro sdratiretatatof the Bearer Line packets:
from Id:deb It will appear that errand= titres
to Bockeeter. bare been pot at Yu low price of
ttresty , free mato each way.
M. John 1:Sio&py; at th e cornet of Water
and Smithfield streets, Ls tke mime- .. • 4
Cesmilm-i•lthiNsw Yak kw, =men
that aver My sa6irate, zola, or which us*
fatal, occurred In that city dung the pestran
owing to: the sue 't esteptilita Several hater
occurred to this eity from the mat min, lad
nbongti no .dnies, some of the ACCideV2 wets
-n /WM. We bast that If any death 'honk!
roan &Teeter, the Corsi:tree jury will do Ltudr
' •
Writ: WASIXI).—The streets were fbnotrythly
cleansed pstcday, aid no thanks to either
Street Commissioners, or housemaids. A heavy
fall of rain gray few weeks, contributes tests
tinily to the beelth of the city.
• BCTA Streit Pi' Bacarri—No kraittat
the ymg gentlemen who %napalm this Isido.
ty, for an invitation to sitand th e °path* Of
their triennial meeting, tol nroodo7 01104 - fala
regret that- eireconeteneee put it out f ilar
power to do so. We maderstwel, boweverOghat
the attendance was large, sad that the exerdatat
were ache moat intan9itlng dascriptloa.
Jacob Wintena Esq , , s IMkoto of Jo 4 folo°
Colley, with which nee Leatlintlon 'the
Society is coons:tad,' delivered an animated and
eloquent oration, on .Chrietiatilty, the beat imp
pater at good government"
Maros'a Ornow —His
anal !toMayor Oudot;
having lost retorted, arol tr knowing of his
-mini, little, bassos was trlnsarted in hls
4ee yesterday, sad nothing of importance mar ,
Aired thus.
Tin Wurizo..- .. -Wo bad one of the hearted
falls of rain of die soma yeti/odor. The nail
poured 50 tarrents for Slang hours.
OAF SUOAB-$O loaves Layering's Duo-No trod. mee mat &wools by_ _
p AIL A. rsausw , .. • u.
CODVODLIVES 01L-40 gallons, ruin Into*
• J. 29 ft- IL !ISLAM
ODLIVER.OIL-3 coal genuineßash ,
OLD Jacob Townsend
4.ol*.plobs Co,' '
m A1 81.61
Comes—s,boxes, !ni
I.3.4o*.ibms!b* iwAngtstemeg=iii,
I WO •
0; 1 MACKEREL. ingainer LW: f•
DICUIt • . ,
10E—By the tierce or bbl. formals by: :.
Diau arrow Cancels;
P -2
Mato settroa
S AL '. EODA-2.000 lbs. Esgl__Cos sale DI
10AZInfil FOR AUGUST. IA Hohnee
the Pail COW
to= l .ll : r t T lre S = "
1."4 13 .1. 11 * JOS
12 ACON-20,000. bbls. Bacon,' amide"
• ' l . i t"' Mown. ala •
bbls. for isle a. Z .:
.I:it I , 3
ISH-10 bbls..White Fieh;
VIREMIUDI 011SESE--2 Ifstralarge Pre-
AL whoa Umbra Pam. ne'••
Jr 1713• W A. •, •
CASTOR 01L-10 bbls. arks quality, fu!
seem Wool A.
=Li 11113.0 MIL
air. -
'L.O7 "nrakrairrx
;w:r~csx~s+Mwrrt.•,v ~;,y..,~«..',.~..e_<n . c.w••_: ~-
iicEnfpk,irr ru ciuiux rimmium ma,
ID ISVOITp) , I01 mnirmion , cm-mem
• • CLSCINNATT. Aug. 8
Plour—Thrre ls &good demand in the market,
with sales 2,100 bbla u 53,20®8,30 V hbl; and
400 bbl eitra it $3, 36 -
Whiskey—gales 4417 89 V gal.
Provisions—Nothing doing.
Tobacco—Etales of 60 hhds good fair st
Molasses—Saes ot . loo buret at
linseed OB—ls dull at 76e dl gal.
The river bu fallen 18 inches unto last re-
[Tbe telegraph tines were down test emanisg,
wed of cuicittnall, end Seat of Pittebrnb, ems
seemutlisre are without our weal witty of
"Asa ma Wilms Einsnrl"—ln the last Pew
ellennli Telegraph we nod the . Shore queetlise
pronoroaded—immnsnied with the following ee-
Elections on the mementoes Interest .that is ill
deed in our uttom
"The day of election' approaches. In 'bent
two months we 'shall be celled opon to deposit!
our votes, for Governor, Judges of the Scipreme
Coast Jidges of the Judicial districts sad their
assoclatee, State Senators, Members of the Lees-
Ultimo, sod minty officers generally. Are the
Whip making ready discharge this duty, with*
the requisite seal and anal:amity .Are.they aware'
that victory or defeat deumbi vphtitheir efforts?
A full vote Is always awhile victory, while hill
are to poll the entire Whig veto is generally, if'
. not always, attended with defeat
• The Whigi; u a party, are geaerally bard to
stir out, mostly from the 'cause that, being so
often defeated by their own Indolence, they think
it of little use to try. Sal let them look st theta
and dispel this' delusion.' 'Whenever the Whip
bare toad* an effort, and coins oat in their strength .
In this State, they. have achieved a victory, and
shown that they are • tosjority of the voters of
WS State.. To the lukewarm and Indolent we
thermion' say stir youreelves, and ,secure; the .
prize of victory as yen did In 1849, by a bold
and triumphant effort"
. .
• A Potrnest. Sreciscar..—Geoeral Quitman.
Northern man, born on the North Elver, Is stir
ring up the people of ',Maim:lpp! to a hatred of
the land of his birth.
General Foote, born in Fanquler county; Va.,
Is cooling the troubled waters, end pearling
peace, ennead and national harmony. '
The Memphis Nagle ern a long account of
theirwomal.. addresses at Nernando, July 21.
Fciote, he says, in a three hours speech, was ir
reetistably powerful, and enchained attention all
that time. Of Qttitmmt he writes,—
"We left him in the midst of a strong and
stirring appeal on the eubject of Northern lig
grate= and Southern wronga"
They do . not speak - together—but Quitman
Mounted the stand five minutes after Foote quit
ted It, and iris greeted .with great enattalann by
his triends.—N. &rm.
icIi .. f . ONSEQUENOE of the decease of John
Me sb• portact•bir tregrtedort te/dlss Wows
Cored* lo bastry dlasolval. Jobs F. Cole
thlly asthma] to mottle Ms bestaltst of the Isto b.
All porsow horns dal= sill slaw room 11.:1
Iskisstst. Pittobarsb aid, m o lt!. •
cevioa&—roft•-'" cut.
Illarserrosa t Whams it Conde.]
The business of the Agency of the Penn
sylesins Orstrgl Ithilreud curopout gin fOra
awte4 .hart w. nu. and elle Of
• ut)TODI & UAL.
- of Pens tad Wrong stmts.
Pittsburgh. Jai, irt.lllsl , -11, 2 •
. . . .
RIVING sold oar Canal Stock, ma 0 0 ?
Datorrot to ••••Eitests Madras Pl. 2 sad lbs.,.
of Clatt • • Ports in dLtsolvtal. 'Litton of %hoer"
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MAOIO WATCHES. or Doable Hunting
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APE ALOEB-1000 lbs. for silo
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XIIIIKOSSIATE 7 rAlill-500 10.. for sal
J hl UM •A A. MIME= a Co.
108-436 tes. fresh Caroline, for lisle by
Frili-110•bbla. C,for sale by
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VIMEB3-:-260 boxes W. B.
WMI for sideV
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FMK BRICK-25,000 for sale by
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HHAMS—Prime Bow Oared, Venison And
I"isr , J. P. WILWAY&O.L. I TS WWI 6.14
VINEGAIIe--13 liblis - Cider..for sale b e iris . J.IkWILLUMS
ERESH MACO&RONI-A very ,supmor
ankle Auti. Tea and ft...b 1 , 1
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711.11. RD °Lk-42 bbls. forme by
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TRAT , ED OR inOLEN from die Ware-
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'IVIES/MIX WARTED—The !detest pries
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.- , ,•• . , New Music. - - - •
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Jenny Lind's &Tetanal' MSc ' 2'
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5t318.-4 casks 'superior, for wile on (roof
I 'rnisosstbr T. WOODS • WM.' • •
p O . 10, D E R • • • • •
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II'n.MIIET WINE—A choice article, forfanl,
" I %_ hi co_Laprrsetiii OD;
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I. W. MI 1:0UT...14W.. Avlrm.. -. •
S • &pet lot U.M. &
I Copper .. ..
WE HAVE orders foribe Stock of nisi
.: ■a~pt(lpp pW.^ of Lao. Sopertor• Thai
. J,ll . ! uvW . '... '.... ' s.. SITLYINS
(11 4 11 i f i lfS . boxes W i r.i . T sale
WILOUB-306 bbli. extra for sale by
I. Jill . a • w.ualiaaßeu,___
EACUES-10: casks prime Ilailves. for
.la, by ,TU &a W. 114111BACIOL
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EW MACKEREL;-LO Ma No. 3", large
am =glutei sval naval sad kw all. by
Jill • • S. • W. W• 118•11011.
I'Vl't IF •i I'll .. •
iIODA .ABll-41rio casks, of one own sanno•
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SILSNIETT.I/ T & 00.. ' •
' first st. war Market. •
VIACKED TEAS (—Jenkins ik. Co.'s (of
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Azad ft NI: Jass 1 11:
1,12 ----- • mifilt,
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s' PEW
RUMPN tL teI, Stock wanted at
• I t /la ''' "*"` a. want+ aa co.
SAL SODA-200 casks for tale by .
nil lIMMATIT . DEBIT 0. 00.
=ACHING .POWUDERS-20 BU 0 Basks for .
Ng+ by BM% LLY • tXI.
HAMS—Wirisne amassed. for sale b:
rat : , 5.a W 7; 1114BAC011.
OOL! WOOL!—Cash paid for the differ
'All" g"4" 14 by e. t w manhood.
SODA 4.IEII—IS cis for ule by
s. w. amasses.
OFFEE-12S sacks Green Bin, beanie .7
IL; Jen A. 011.11IIIIIKCI • CO.
TrOBACCO-100 bons Manufactured, W.
A A le:W! ,ll .itrutithitr .`
I k4 - OLAB3EB-50 Mb. N. ofor age by
Iva arl2 • •; COLPIINnoN • CO.
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M. SUL BOWLI4. 4=M try_. w
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1* fllutmta gamily W tenth.
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SC ASH-"M easkslatwieh brand;
Nab 10.11 M-0031
SHOT -11 kegs ass'd Noe., for sale by
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LOAF SO6AS-150 bbls.. awed Hes., for
au by 710 W. ar. MA.
vowing kegs Pu Pont's 111:ting;
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'.VI.I.IOZED 01L-6 map wavigiled P I P!
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owl/ere BLooms—w tons far sale to
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• Me Curl .
NO. MOLASSES-300 bbla. oak, for sale
•M 1 ,10 • W.• It. WILSON. •
St. *— • . . Is. for •
• , V. • IP. II
0. SUOAR-150 hhds. for sale by
. Jrlo . M. IP. 11111,60 N.
.11111EESE-45 bore* rec , eiviogperDidwelra
V Use. tat Cc tab Dr JallitiMALll:l4:
.1,9 • Ct Water. mil TO haat ow
ACKEB6I.-30 bble.New N 0.3, for sale
sr nr earn DALsta.k. .
MACKEREL-100 Mgt New No:: 3 l i tge;
te 1 11.
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OAF 800AR8-300 bblio. twit Nos.,
Wm by Inc. WHILST ACO.
!TS Lb Ye 9111 Nell et.
11114 COINES6O bap lon
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1,7 al M
TOPES;4SO . boxes White CM fines;
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07 wows* foloWor mad.. Ir a :11Z r " a o i
/ILSE-100 tibia Tor sale low tr,
i . J. 11011001111 g
QOAP-300 boxes Rosini , Cin'ti brands, tor
6'.71;13.°1 wn. isVAT talk.
C OTTON— WAsites le store safer isle
OTTUN BATTING-40 b ias Family, on
t./ eassiguramt, fa BATT ING-
ILIESSE-150 bons' • •
Al 171 • • WAILS tilein
TAII--2 bbla. vice /*Aide* tor •
• * Sow:snub Lab ne•lnd • Ss Own gum. eat
TirtWel !wth isba, • gad qsaSO. AS,
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M MIKEREL--50 bat. Liv:t
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• • 02 • • JANCII VMS=
GItACKED COCOA--freett—Lost reeeived
sod by • WU. 41.11311/ SU I CO., •
/IS - • Unern sa4 Twi
1 sroTl A. • I .S . 'I j. k. • l 4v 7:
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1 , 4 11 E 1:1811--25 bbla. Like Trout. (se*
'east reeltal sad beisAw 7. 7
pIO.IHON—GO tons Imperl iwb or fo a rld ni.
.1.?? —"'
IiOSIN-200 bOl3. for !ale sia ti
/Hilt—?DO 31— 11 . 0 bbl.. for b
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'&1 AOKERED-100 bbla. No. 3 (185 11 Gar
.01. br Dan BUILD a MIL
INDIGO & NUTMEGS—OD caoslimenti .
yin b. sal cheap to clam
olf INCEMS "
t„' Ram a
INOPLETS POT CLAP-10 tone format! by
V 901100:1MAIMII • CO. •
GOLDEN RU Mb. and 10 gal.
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:tar. ar rox
riNANNERB' OIL-27 bbl•. Bank 011.1.
1 wbr J.• L
ODIDE POTASH-50 lba. fur sale b
j 4 11. A. /AMINO= • CO.
VID-4400gr0 Galena;
cOOO . tal. In •
Amu • ifirrom
UOIFER hIATCIISS-250 .G/ole by
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1414:9148-200 was BofkT • Yorsals by
TH°LM PALMER, 5s ?Juke' swot. re ,
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1 NDIA. RUBBER, .11ELTLN9--J ost iu rea:h
Ie" : 4 F T P, ‘ ' l l7:4 " ,tuSta b r'
N ' s ihil • ; ;• , , ,
'WRENCH eAPXR—For salsll
~,...........:••• • • • •• • •,,,•••••••• • •:.•••••, y •
A. IiaCIAGO *co.
Larders at French and - Cantaii Girds,
• •3.61 DROADIBAT; KEW FORKr . • •
RESPECTFULLY incite lugers to exam
T R A I NB U S NATI-Nllyyaafaomnt
PlirAtK mats ast Tar be.
W.. sty. PO WWl Watt .o PetlitattiOn.
SEBBZ.S. Ve/rets; taiwy•en•LL., biwk
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CaIPE SHAWLS AHD INlAltret—Jort preterit au lo•
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'BUCKNoR• Tobseco
VItGER:4 .ANTELO. General Commle
Vrr Dent saved to' Clillllhy X_erchanta.
M. J. KINO, : Dealer in " BO O TS AND
61100. No. 46 Neat!. P.moad Angel. Ptill . a6elphi!,
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To the Public
. • ..
ViDIA RUBBER SUOES.-L-Oai attention
hes bait rolled Weondrerthosmot by Deena U. Day,
published I. lb. v.* rrak Herald et 11t Jolt. eod
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Mr. DOT. AiltecUr. n.d thA am our own Academe. with
view., man poodles... Patents. lo the sonnoteelpre of
the Mose *bleb be It offerinc ihe oubiles eat
nob. Udi la hod all who am moans.] •Ith mlt tut
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Thlll 11ZWAK IL llakbloson. Presi IttlODlth NINA. 00.
FORD 4 pp.
Mn Yogi. Jilin je3...10n
J. W. Holborton, •
No. 76 Malden Lame. New York,
kmPORTER nod Jobber in FRENCH and
ILSOLISII PANCT UOODS. Gorman T 0 7 ,6 01.• , ......
Illstre...lllBl. Pruett,. Fria Wu*. Atcaret., leak.
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MED: SUBSCRIBER, Amprietor of this os-
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• AITERS llllttlt—A toll start of all the 410,0001 o rl.o
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PST Dabber Duval ter Elatzere • OOP.
17-142 • D. DODOILM
= Shawls! Cloaks! Mantillas! •• '
S. 311LLS, N 0.6 Cortlandt se., N. York;
. Of I 'rjil...77P.,*,t,e , r n tr=47l. l :'
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4 Office for Foreign Patents. • .
Net ITAU rt.. N. Fork. ICG now iL,Lowlors.
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l• • • 6af all stroat..liet
Superior Black 'Writing and Copying Ink:
1 - ONMS EMPIRE U.K. 87 Nunn street,
41111 Ihialtsl4llM: 24. York. • • -
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Profesiii - Alez. C. Binfertieophestms.
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F. id OR RENT—The Dwelling, ANo. 155 A
Third n.t. tvost Bodtbdold— •a as Um
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odii• ham I. completed. lb. bed thamtor o lir
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Sewickley Property for S
TITS subscriber offers for "sale ens Tract
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poverty lately paned by the Roomy ty,
•Allealway entity. etueUlalee stout erne of t
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valuable Wets" roam. vita tee taw sad Oil SILL he
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Itas Sena& soul, b ice. DUNN Came/ &Atm. Man
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Valuable Real 'Estate for Sale. • •
rirHE following described properties are of-
Ind ter tat, upon •.l
k4ll . .torn Met warrboam acid lot, la PlUaltattb..
lb. moth tat. of Waal rtezt,
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. Apply to • . JUSlttltl KNOX. Comer, lc.
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Valuable Cotaitry Beats for Bale at Motion.
HE SUBSCRIBER, baying • divided Pis
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DAY. lb. 1 0th day of •uuun. rut
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Country Property.
XI LE undereigned offers for sale a piece of
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" loth • oorroror 1/0* gnm at OM ZOMBIS St Um
We Wow. . • • W 111.• un.l. a Co.
Braddoek's Field Property.
ERSON 8 desiring beautiful, healthy, Pis•
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for Einle 7 -Property on the :Canal Basin.
Itlial,corner of Penn street and SteE
• rontotili sltry. lath:ling Mt a the entente
no. es ',Web an Mn :211w.tcr1 P fin 1106911.
A.1.,-• 11..• .ed U. ON Palm Olnir t. Wit the North
Pnetibruu Marti. Vlfth Want. twain at _
jma Es AIN V, 147 t wt. Lk,.
1r15:11e(e.4) .Don A4a.e. curet.
- •
The Oloneester Iron Works, at Gloneeder,
New Jersey.
x:r l Nsi . v s4 , A ggig .; suon i ror
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LARGE COnllDiOdious *WAitinotil.Ea
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Par • Pemetual Leue,
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Yor eanklr• of Mr. 1101111211MRLAND. bra,
too otelotter, er of Oar f•trolber. at WA WWII M.
!Vol strrot, Plttrlntrib. • -
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-To Let'''.
DWELLING llOUSE,"containin
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I relent Mr. Ile Orme It tar. real. • Mob lr
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. • MAKI 14 Treat ft.
ALL SITUATED near, the Ohio and Penn.
'Antis Itallfted;)allo. tletoltj of Palate. 0110 .
footalaim o tom to to= assar.astas ma in • tool aata
Ata-100 Wawa the lanasta boater
Port th. Rasa la
All a W. will to way arm la tha
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tither of ao Books in lltatargh. will be Ulm la pei•
I also lath to Amato • pis, of mood. atlawilt Rol
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caws Moral.. IAD9IL 8711001.
Real Estate for — • •
A VALUABLE ottimproyed LOT, on the
41,er g titter' , '/e, i i`alrXretir r ,rit'erit
ofas he 1/0 at/ dal.. near. roaolaw hack to bbrai.
thro. story ES* thrall. Dam at 14/.4
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10U hot try. Ilse boor la lona ma
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Frio.. fn. attorter.
Alao-12 aty fis to te to floor* Mad& , rrket
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Attertseri at Law, sal Boa OW.
. say=
FOB KENT-;—A Warehouse on Woter
bobs filarial
tam ALIO& lb ,
prods. boatd.. Xmalre of • •
aroll .1 1.3 DALZIELL. 10 Rata at .
TILE well dnisbed and furnished Store,
• •te•nt, oar hon Ord% .a prom%
wooltd Itss. Atm., •• • Jewlt7 Amy. *mg '
.mir IL D. OA/2003 L.=
To Pannem
. . _
. . •
1200 AORES•Ftinnio% Ana Graziag
• gay evcr. L igt.ts I lan Adlo. at I.tTli leViistul
Kris kcal. •
Also-100 Arno lo klk musty. lbe olio's weammods•
Ong unsu., Eiwuln of • A. WILKINS a CIF.
mt 1 *. . anew of blartel anifhlAl Us.
To Gardeners.. •
rVENTY ACRES of Cardeni %sad, a1n.17
n.17 puler ford'eultteetleth tealtie Mt Sae tf GV
ha, *lll4. e,14 lb+ POO ureo—ane thhtt nob, tett the
helm Ibrallastig lluM
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retweet Martel sod Ththl eh • •
For Sala.
Members of the Fairmount Fire COM.
ririar, wi l l
trier &rem rAr• it b rnx 4 C , `
sad will tor madam.. Sarkitro of
sAlirf • ~ d 4g Y.. • tr.h.•
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to • tong, ktit y. Intalt• of - •
ectikla • • . • • N 0.104 IVY it. •
Ku& for the Moo:Iwo..
. . .
U KtEBER,IOI. Third street, ids;s:crOo
EVArina n r h .:TairrPattro i•
Leavtlrnl •hnw of 4• 11=4.7•4=abtisti
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rp1 ••• b•aatlrs a* •••• • i•• 37." • • -
4 1 ••• • •• u bows impersam Oho t.O
• Black Tea, from • .1. • •
I UST RECEIVED, at. SIORR S' 'retina!,
wr • cloan lot a Strom:owl sir Ilgtototd 0350011
1.W% rbk.b awe tritt .111 be faced to gr•• /Moto Nod.
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TON oF,lyintE °SIDE OF 7 4Kc,....r* .;
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ems. d "" - v . esewt.. nine at Mortals n initatind rierint kr dr. Pion vial& trio
RITANNIA TEA SETTS; O,ASTOLS: te.ith p..npr tain.2
to vienje t rAt, t r .7%... 4
...... li. . u,. u ni tour tea ed linninniti Inst.—U. end= •
~,,,,,e, to to Ur ton yen at Ur kind ever.
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111. MUD 01.1.-14 Ws. for sale 17 . .LP ...u! , • or"' ...• viza ...t, `"?.,==.2.."= a d a l : rst•.otoil. Ma
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Foit sr.,Lows—Tbi
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9.qm Sail Ur Ws.og litkek. P. Y.
freight or . gamrft h spply to %mad. n• to
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146 gwroN JONES. UAW-
R I NATI.,,—The
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Erdman. and Sanaa; ratandni.inmi=
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• 04.14 a. Ms. [11.1.017;
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For Slab. ar pas. saly boft, • • •
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