The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 08, 1851, Image 3

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    Watern Vatiaiyl viusia. Scott .Cainentioli
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FWitiltAi'4lwarri&oodiMistiilitikit*'iii iiit.
Au*, I.l %. l ,FXrai i* **l 4l"”'"i nilaVe ,
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~. ireluVirit a. u. ...Math* batiks d
Ottlaottr sot I.larsobamo,lo woman aC that.
Wet, tor owalallr lair aso7=l that woo . .t... ,J .
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,111=tt1i:...4 -- id.Co . tv .Ths to that Ckar
1.&"4 :Int at U litirt h irarZtbo U l t i= N' ttO
.. L .,
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"=.l Haitutti alletalej.tuotau•ader ito eari•
lai tl'U t t raCht. DU= afttski. Ocetrel l r AN
....prelts.74. Oltepee { sea arOatt i g=tba
ItaalZ7,lWair''..itrot roar trzZid Maataroano 1 a t oita .
r with of tattooer me 7 0 110 t" , . WM, CO' n l L4 . 4 2 1
• 2 17=11 tlsitikaa'at iii, MI iteettloal
-..0 r . lo ... thmt staobatbe , : t og,a t r. Ottactod by .
'A . I . "'a i=P:4,,,, aud t tball be " •
PmMdn biota
if'' fkrll 2 =oP.vs....'"'s!litic.... G'
~., - Man oa attar at • baadrei tbatottat tataboto . ....
• -; .
at Irtuattatitlotious towboat:Oen kiadtoll
:::',liy the natal of Matra WOO dead, cottma Obi ;with 114
!:7 V'traltt a lgrea:l" ol "'1,111:41:
mi., %-14.41,-,,vg,th,vd,a Ale LZ .If t
t e Wb
-al 'lnitlootr.; sea Doom Ntittl... We WM . Otrtult
- It=ti tu g..tta.AL.,. tar•at!:b:4, rl ial.. a g=ga
. - freStAt i V 6t TWlnßeld gte. g. 1 . 1 '.'“ :aramtg`f
3turtaiLl==llt -ulr'''''rug ( rot I
t fintvell kat tor blot onto& at
• Os bitoltg
•.. :MO. , tat whoa ma lot, tbatatitl saan ot ataibely..o o
' atta Tao !AIWA to M.. i ltlfaer i aj mu ll
, O. .3 . 1.1.,raU
Vtrairt= waloatoa las a mead
t.ruMl6.lLAtt,..tlo halt !ktti!tigsottt intbrrotr
''..• . :.:_• ' 't . 11 ,1 .. n CriCAM,;:;:.:
F : T'."::% , ...''.. .. , t -". ' :'. :I W 4 07r,,.. ,
.....„.:-.-,. ~.-..,]•.,....:!..,..-...: IBIELT,,P ° ._attNi '
.• . -- , :^r.tvisv PnecDT an.enenciv*EinUainteen..
- 1- " ' ' -',Ai fait Cllo3laOl eito ' ihti itii. I. .T.. liesdfard,
eeisdeter':nt,the'..Pieellterien Ch oye OW
~14110)'ecrui;ilinita liddlig. divine - nee*. '2l
.....-; 'lin,oll4cliooV boliniOn i ßleleinglenn4 : Mee ;
7'll*tli the in/int Olgred*tit'Alw tth t he
~1 4 4 of
to...ft:iiiid., rrribaied t* , tWai, ia.i Ur
'.... . .2
tiiittiOTSCA it L into .. Tar neat tittle chiral;
.. Xt. - Mee* - the. carOVener, entitled. VOID
riekß,C. for 'tho tioad tute isa, skill ha kininkib
,, -- lied inithli rather Ocnit, tinftitilid4 7- ,
- :.•:-. sib chirat . .*tr , openat for at.istic asides
, ..ia nut Sabbath, a nodes ednrbieli millo found
. -•
in it!'. PrOM. PIAP B ;' -WV 1 0* iliedinia;
. whois anniniable and devoted min,, nineh nee
. . '-''''atia in.. 1 . 11 -*vrk ' ''' ''
. Onto inn. P5515611.9{214 unosn.- 7 11ds
• road less =ow been in ^regaisr ewe to' New
Brighton fut.four in which thrw it has
..` tani.4 one thousand passengers. trains
.lets run etYlt . tllteat'lelleletitY ,.s to l l: thetst
- aoeideld,"lt the Cate of twenty miles tem'
.:The engines and oars are 011ie hist delicription,
and the read bau idresdr-begon to justify the
,plediatlons , of , its Mewls. --,Tbig inoziiing the
dieltelari he the fyiduseies Serialfi l win take
eiCillitOkl to New:Brighton, in the
r •
train Ithitileeee here At lo-4 . I.
l a Orate
iddhitlicee the`Mimes F4 l . iadeSai
..111061"4. and putla number of questing.% none
• 4 'of iwee twureenrel correctly. c
• Alter %we -bid ettplalned the questions, and
suirtpi that. the answers to thaw were not lads-
WWI. we were intartned.,..tha" op*" 5141:
• ilifigialibetiani, Uiat .thlP , esasbp you do not
13, your mind trick pest
'...."`stve."2 As WS wish to:le tonsil:wed, if pcsalf,
akte141503,114,-daY. and ettlctetee to
• kelp elm' 'mind 13.144131" r as relate." let to
...— , ,eseeirrecorreet. =neer to any questions which
tee may put We will announce the Malta
ihCosiio's azosoon-,
'.-.',,, ood Se e teday. thseNr.;7olin WC,Onstiek,
'""1 tag other' anians'aeleatllle; espeeltaants
lafeSatte gail**l4h:.llpon AD ItOirted surfstie;
wore weight othisbodi being ayspended to
hi. ibittiiir rattier one toot. at a time, 4114 Ad.
rfAnnattgi.; by piano -of•;Ltmniphiste p nme. at
a'o thitt,o thiktuidet fide of s poliohed marble
finliaria *nay, last asenlng
to presence of a' large; number of 111101465 t
`...letsn4 ba.
• ;tbe..entloitsll,,e_tite ShingArhat. It
'He made seine ex CV men 7vbept, pro- snolifrg some :tliteo:iards (the length *Lehi)
010.) ye examined"-`the slab ,itomellately sf
tee, and there vita not tkesliglabst t 0.,. of,
. . .
,i :tn . ° audience fistifiesece,
thliTeeCult; and at Ote,oloieottter orianizing,
the pal
gotilnk the/fad derirf.: , * preetdpage,till
aßpear is the vivaria pipet:a too-enctrrow,morning..
Theseinteiiistiag , Irpopmelitir witl eve rise
. -to math and iliscU#l;.in of • highly
Bins -- A:large - Rahn:hay of . T mile,
fah. the Ohio arkireraisylieni 3 itailroitt ere
new from tilfßreoly'sßend Iron Wcir'ke,
sivei.. They will be allured
therAllegheay wharf.: . _ ; ;;;YY „
Datrwaren.-4. young Meananted /ohn Adams,
bblekateith,:ims drowned On'Wedenday ettn
-1;'• ing, in the' Anighenf river, - near the . month of
'the . CaniL . -He was in the -employment of Mr.
"John. Sonth; of H.e. Ind muttered
,on; of•his depth: end, not .being able r° swim,
;, ria;drowaxt His Wilms not itmostrecti
Dartrsua.n..—lD: John D. Davis has r t Tned
•flrom la "rodent European tooz.
kis(' mr; CoiorfroniT 3folorf.;--A.
town sampcilhOel Meahony was looferdo eoza
emitted topiion byMaya? Githote,, : thorged; on
'-oath of 00m Brointikin;adO. rowan counter ,
Jolt imotrropi
$> tcaatn Hsf 'honor,
Major Outhele.l re.
t' odtoPittahmgbonW,odaosdolnight.
PILISO:C. - 44 1
emnrrr thanes.. in the co
fined. to vs?" , ,
,litie:iternmeiO:-"-'lthairly witTU=lnd and fif
, `''''' t 7 PeeletliPrne left the-'Alleghenylenot. at ten
I tailrei tertteraV . n I .: , i'l'* , 'for . #r 1 : 11 t!Mt 01 : -
...-'1..,1114 the liter°lo44 Poi' 1,1 --:..
'Tiiirrisi , - or , tic AteSernirntstouseue.-7The i
: '' gllightei flouithils 'met lei:their Catribern l fie"
--'-'• ' tenfreetreelug. --.•"" , ..,,- ~.1 , • " : -
- - '-' '''• • '-' 'i *I. ii i r c 0 ti it ta z ..' ,
• -•-••
In & Salmi Cotincil;, th e president, C o l. W m:
.sekbaseu.Ji.,`tivok the Chair , •.: • , , _
s - • Prestmtadenne i Borland. BOW; DtbaTen.
L' .10111b144 , 141111 , 4111, TlOffit, Painter, Sotithr . sea
--- : . c . "risid
.e* - -; - • .---- • 1 , - - '- •
the 'nzt;it' lie Oomn 'ititee oirlOrien . i, on
i'Mionew ~ Telater, - , emended by_hir. Mar
..,•-: - she% was adopted .. t;cout° ll # f "!' r t*in "
tions,"se !Ottani; :.:-...- .. i.• 4 ~- --i - .. - 4
ileeulred,let. Tbettle 'brid tesettßerlohern
.tet be reindriel 4:431-441t.' -I .-•-, I
--.' - . , Itelds64l,, 214 •On mod= of Mr. Paiute,
'•'::; -- geortidrid by,Str. Belford, esti the einimilttee cm
gragnatimit,'repowari ardieseee In accordance
etithrhisceillnamif inf.gaffing and peeing, re.
---, Wive to :Parke street: ' - 1 ' - ' `1"• - '
, , '•: 1 '.- 3/rnelted.; ad, 'On Minima 1 Mr: ioihsessh
P - :. ; Wietielterl6.o4t,thelthe street notainittee
leilitiOartitedinbiriskibilthot walks arnorsid
..; r .ghe Dismonit an d oerthe,„wbile grounds, mud
'')'ilaiiidvivid. ' . '' : ,' .+' ' - - • 7 '
EISOITO4 ,' -I , etuill, - "thu molinO of Mr: Mar.
; f i ."-iithall::simonthrd by mi._ Damien, that the Coun
;:.72aktte Akldekoit. thi lead of remit street, to
krsllllllP4lllte eetaktiott - ort said street. - 'ton. :
i..;',!•outifildist ,-•- ',..; ~, "", _ - 1
~i . .' ~- ~..thpeOfimees-pretentedthoue Frederick sebum.
poi ff .
- ...f - ,. Art.', preiyinglor the : remotest of damages to
6.i." - kis A*-cruceeirnted hT the og of 4 1110, 11P 2 'V
:,tissii.,,,lterstred to, th e Commit tee on Mims,
• ,6, .:..71 , 1dati , listiontions to re .the Ward of this
ned ell *Oar fliniages occasioned by the eipme;"
;',f...;lwerfrill streets In cheeky' '; Cacti:mei bi.
'' '— I% :City Bineiryor p a profile of the
ailar•• or Belmont , rnett. - On_ motion it was
~- •- - eirripbri. '-l'eorteerred to C. C.
~`:•'•'` Therepott of the tity reiglurraitei for July
tilt re 4 and ordeied taibf' M Concurreded. incurred
...- _. &inn:ninth-on:Os ers4', presented, and the
- ' Mayor Authorized to draw 14.3 warrant therefor.
irriniobition appropriating the quarterly
setount to each of the u regine Companies, of
'.••;., ,Itrn. bo, oii*liotion of Bortma, seconded by
Mt. Moilitowas adopted—non etatiarred in.
The check roll of the Street Courmlindoner was
email, - and the Mayor atthorixed to drew lie
"• ' t.eirrist for the assn' nmounte—erunierred in. I
' The resolidlcui for yarning Bad gradiagOarl"•
'41411457, was conecircedlin. • ~-
A Te3olzitiort
_lrss4opted; setkoddeg the
City Solicitor, to sae - - ell debte due the city.
rbe report of the Committee ins eon
- i .,,1 in by the Common Council.
.1 ~.isouon surboraing Um Fitment Commit.
e w room, PoYlot-loorlM-Beldeenllisq.,lllll
MOGI - P. — ld& pilouttaUCiwadi)*c
- ..„costston Iconitcti. ;
the Common" that' President, 44r.
Boyd took the Chair.. -- • • • ;
Present—Messrs: Begs*, Gihtion,'"Eo
go; 'Paterson, Vote. Bea; Biddle,: Renter,
Schworts. Smith, and Wickersham. ' '
A petition from citizens of the Second Hard,
relative to the grading of Carrel ranee. in mad
Wied,Was referred to the Committee 012 Sarre/w•
• ' An ordinance. for the' voting and Print of
the street on the east side of the East Common,
front Ohio to Liberty street. wan referred tothe
committee' ra streetscomeurred in.
A y Sition from the Third Ward Tire Consisny.
- Bra Councils to have Odd engine repaired,
was erred to the committee on engines, with
power to act—not concurred in- •
K rotation levut citizens of the First -Wird
preying Councils to open a street in said ward,
instead of Bank Lane, was: referred to the com
mittee on surreys, to report at neat meeting.
Concurred in-
The report of the committee on water _ wee
read and accepted add adopted.
• The report of the speoul Committee Co the
width of streets and - Mammas around the Can
s:Roe; ground, with an orlittanee, - establishing
said streets and sidewalks, was mod, and 'had
lover on Mara reading. " • "
A ontuammication was read Onm the Mayor,
Mating that appropriation No. 6 was exhausted,
and the following resointion, in:reference to it,
adopted and concurred in " • . '
Resolved, That an additional stun of 52.400
be and the same. Is hereby appropriated to the
streets andbridges,.and the same sum be erred-;
' teed to appropriation No. 6. Coloured ins
:An ordinance proriding•for the grading of
Carpenter's Ally, from Chesnut street to Byes,
'more %meet, was adopted and concurred In.
4.1 n mitt* it was resolved that the Committee
131 =IMP be, and they are booby authorised
'to haro,Ohlo street extended, and oyened, De
coding to the Act of ABlltalby, tom the west
end through, eighty feet wide, to the weed' side
of the West Common:: " • • ••••
, • • A • bill from H. Craig for repairing , hose in
1850, amounting to-$l5O, woo referred to the
Committee on Engines.
A bill from R. ll:Hartley, for hose, amount-
ong to H 832.60, was referred to the Cettotsitt.e. on
Engines. Concurred in by S.C. I
On motion it was - •
)husolred, That the committee on city proper- . l
ti be, and are hereby required to bare that por
of Bridge street lying east of the rail road,
brought up to the Proper grade, immediately.=
C. laid on the table.
The on Bank lane, and in regard
is the maruserof letting streets fbr grading and'
paring adopted at last meeting, were concurred
in by S. C. '•"1
On motion it was . • •
Boated, That the Street Commissioner
instructed norto incur any farther expense in
' the removal of dirt from the canal, without first
being instructed by Comets to do so. •
' 011tDOU911 the C. Connell adjourned albeit-peat
• •
.1 1 1 LASS '-/lANINAOTIMERS, kepvicon
.A.Terst i Mor d "Mirtl i ittr •vr'a
. . , , „ • . •
wieid,..4,, • baetnt.thlit day anneinied rith hint
son.JOHN Y DI. eCULIA, yin manna. du bonne. as
hennollmi r at the old 'Rand. ;nada the Mk of WX. Yte-
CULLY! • Wandktnt On tout Oman, ha bow y
prannnitode aria attentton to Ma quart a Old
eles. to Yontiva • &an arm. palmy so liberally be-
ALA.:MG' sold our Canal SOXk. sia our
Interest stesatbseto Michigan No. S od, Beaver,
or Clane dt twee Either of Lb sub
osallooo,st Rod ter,Pa., are snottor lort to sesUe the Dor
Ur ono . usrucrom =ram.
• . granter, letb. , ' •
' ' • R. G. PARKS & CO.. •
rotwmantos AND colummos maccgANTS.
' • ROCEIZSTII4. PA. : •
Astats# Etal& pp lO
yy =.1.3416.
to /6*
-nu ilsam out 11=41 a -
• • - JanCailaar. Apo; PilUbtab. Pa
Itaeltistsi, .1101441.1141.. • - •
yeawAilineG - AND Mann; 011'
lloebt.r. Ps.. July 351141E51.
• ••• Shoulder Braces:.
yofOULDER (BRACES the .• mot!: Bp
p tot
pond Atli. Am* stifottoso • sod cunt. It,
two to nit who mar *pin them jaft non
American Hardware.
Adam*? dents, Ne. 114 .. ....AJLIcreettocestram
Awes, Nair lam wale. thefts the AV
%sakes of toe Iludwere Trete IMW react. dem% re.
=lmin tram the maw sad 11.. k.
14? .131311A8-60 los* laverit‘s DOW
dedwd, reed wed lb, emir % a i m a co. .
- _
itIO D D LIVER 011.-4 - nrits*ltrrt,
CODLIVER 01L-3 gross genuine Rosh
fan. Clark F l '!" 7 2. KIDD co.
• •
OLD` Jacob Townsend Sarsaparilla -7
do 1 . 16 10' =1 6 .6 CO..
UlO ; 60 Wood st.
CAUSE -54 boxes. on consiament now
loam, La ale Dim= s co.
. ./1/9 - Water and Irani
- sdebT
CKEREL in quarter Vas. for
10It ICE—By the tierce or bbL for sale by
isAun cilaffi/t Colas
NUTMEGS-4 - bbl. for sale loW to close
caualiad.!nt.' ' IEALUIDICILTS t 00. • ,
.. }dog • . ' Wata and Froat
14•DAGO-i-' 2 caroons . Cariceas; • . - •
tecillaara•--wintbdukold law to 4olt
“.I.osulnent. • IHAILEI D/CILET V . 1 1 4) •
AL SODA-300 0 lbs. English; for
41 . 19 • . - scioD - 4 co.l
FOR AUGUST;at Adams'
um sLdY~ t v i t.. F rt. the Post
11 - ACON-:- . 0),00 0 bbla. Bacon, Shoulders,
iris - 24x . c "I'lMenf
JANNERS' OIL-50 bbls. for We !:2y_
wars DALZit.L.
LARD .01L-20, bbls.. No. 1. Itennett &
ads pike, far Ashilar , 113AtelDICIEZT
- - "'"."
FISH—IO bbW_Wlite Yisb;
- '
Pi ERBIUM 0111 5 W-91Extriblervi
- tab= Oostinfebeeseoried erd NI. by •
DRIED FRUIT-4001=h. dried Peaches.
tamale by ROBI&ON d° , unix Pr..
WirANTED—Laud - warrants. want O, for,
1r V +lathWar:. V. w i n ♦ t r a m , „ x ,
- - .thxue, Forth 4.
FlSH—litackerel, Sahnon, Shad, and lier
en, sBe i s,. by ' J.IL WILLIAMS * MVO
.REAM IatERSE-6 1 boxes reesi*gper
ILJ Bklvan Lbw, &fad. by JAIL= ALUU,
/S Wyse,: mid 78 twat R.
13140K-24,00D for sale
1114 MS—Prim IMO e &sutured, Yenisei:en
mum. mud umpteen.. tx was ta
J. U. WiLLIUMIS a 00.116 Wood dt.
F EATMS—For sale by
-Jre VIISTEG.64I-15 bblz. Cider, for sae by
- Jll6 it CO.
VILLSII MACC,A.RONI—A very. eraperior
r ft lfterllsCl.22o a
250 /415011
R ICE -46 tes. fresh Carolina,. for eels hy
/CIAIt O37 IIO , !.131s. Cisgfestileoly
OTTKR-13 kegs Spring, for sale by„
iy.oo• • - 1131.-DA0,1142
O,OLE LEATHER-30 0 Sides best.Thock
Manua Pm York !..tatberA r.
L it i tz = ca
10 bbls. sits& quaitYl far
iiesTOA•l 3 /•"" •
1Y N=BAGAixf*oo-
ale ,
Adr , IS am =Wag et
,b, • lIMPl i e leak,
a "!
PAINT—,I4) Ws. for ale Ilmr to do.*
TO---BACW—D3 kegs ((locket') No.l Six
Tw!t., sib br; Q JAN= DJIiLZIELL.
- _ • drified
0 bbls viceiTing
01L-5 .
1, 7 imaomist tacrdebr .1.10/0
191.4° kukts ßACC°64 . 7. 4 2s ! i P . 14 M11 .17zei lirieettr d t beef '
wan. 0,4 Irma
_ -
MIAOW WATCHES,: or Double Han#ll%
lipid Lent. RAM.. made wo so to elan al pow
with cold ass. ar. to star me bee of®st, pleunro.
Tay malmanst.seanystt am% tor nt• er
- -
EA TILERS--20 00 Tbe:for sale .
5•1.6 • O. Y W.lllAuoty
APSOFFR-1 50 bags Rio, for sale
Etrli JA.4I:B A. ilUrallBo2ra
912 - 6 AL"B-VAisdarlablia.
Y'by Da B.A.
l f i thzrzammi. II CO..
- i v p;MRIATIL
- CIALEtri.
=am " irrADDMIR
.• -
New Oinsmts,Antg. G.
The United States mail Mesmer Geargisarri;
Ted this rooming at 3 o'clock, frau Chagres and
sh e l e ft fthselresonthe 27th ult., with
800 panteagera-850 fre New Orleans, 'end "the
Want* for New Toth._ The Oeorgiathilefpfrsco
limn& oc. the evening of,the 2d Met The
Meanie:re Faleon'fortChagrev, sad the Cherokee
thrithar thithasiestled on the some day.
Thera was peat excitement st Gamma whey
the Giulia sated, awing them receipt of nets
of meetings being heletry. the' tiding' m G:trot.
of thelibertlend indepandenee of Cuba.
The Government had received ems Important
news 'ea the night on which , the Georgia arrived,
which matukod in the • sailing of all. the fleet of
vat vemelnin park with the exception of the
steamer north: Thie wax effected in the moat
quiet rammer parsnip, en.the night of the firet
It was rumored that armed fovea vent geiher
ing cliche Florida'seta; and that part of the
fleet had hems dispatched in that direction.. Ex
pressen were arising emery , , hour from the
rior, but the ofsdalts. kept every thing so quiet
Mat is vas impossible to learn the particulars of
The Government papers had been printed two
days, and are said to hare remained melting
news from - the interior,. ba , hesti tria, pro
hibited until fitter the departure' or th e Marl-
Several exeeatianthaf taken Place,. and but
I fat...the rah* of the repeatsto firs on the
condemned, therWireald hate been many more.
'Pardon has been promised all' the Instareedon
tate who Val lay down;their ; arms, vitt% the es
calates' of she 'alders, Ida; are to be a=erated,
or ,transr,4 to Spain. .., • . . .
. .
lo the Gth Coogresaitmal District, Houstop,
Ocelot eszatidato.. has a majority of '692 over his
Seceastonoffoiterit. 'The small counties to hear
August 7
- Rowell, (Dem.) far Governor, has a net .
16 comities, of 2,200 votes, on . CtenthM,
whose malmity was .8,418„ • .
'Thompson,osndidate for lieMenint
Governor, was ahead of Dizmii and Wickliffe,
=for Lieutemuit GovirnicaT falli and,
First Dit--Beyd, MM.
• SecoW-1., Independent Whig. I
Ewing, Whig• - - ,
, •Fottrth—Afsrd. Whig.
Fiftle—Sente; Dem,. (plobably). , •
• Sixtb—Whiter - (Whig) is probably 'IOW,
jtidging from the far returns received.
rmbtia—llrooketd*ge, Date.'
Drintb—htmoi, Don.; -
'Tenth—Stanton' Dem: • • • .1
We have tioaSuithed the calculation IM:som
ber* of the Logialetere; but; from present ap
pearances, both houses, will be Whig.. , ; .
• • Wasausolos, Aug. T t
Col; o.ll'. Hughes has reslgsed his cotastis
slots iu gst lialtsd Bhtßs . a*mT•.•.' .
• coNsamoriopeksEsp
.. : • • . Itaxrutoai, Aug. 7.
' Tie negro Green, who is to_ba executed atEl
- bills on Friday next, made s =fission
atieb,if true, 'tuna save him from ix.
ing hung.—{What that cuniesslon was, um' itt•
porter nith not) • •
• • • EU:micas; Aug. 7.
, Itgrgb7, Skelton, and Tailor, goirriated of Abe
maider of the. Coada twiny. #n. to be exectited
Chestertowit an'reida7 pat
. .
"AU the Congrerdortal Districts ban n
heard from excepting the fast, end the malt IN
that flanmetlf; - Pirker, Whig, and Mace:Doh-
Mon, Fitch , 'B orden , Dunhanc,ncd lindens ,
Dements, bare bemi eircta The Legisnthre
will he atrocity DeD2Ciellaie,
, t.' -, ! Cub:mere:AMP
The tolio~lnit oils were made dosing
the semi= on Wedutsdayerening. W. D. Ifor
reM,Atulltor of Stater-Win Trestrio, Secretary;
J. O. Breslin. Tre Vett-E. Pugh. Attorney
Geniii*4. - Giorgi IV; 11'4,7Pgany. Aleunder P.
Una, aritUesses..WlTtellubdWPOlri
of Poblle
j.ll the nominations were nnunimonsly eon.
The Committee on fiesolutions reported, en
dorsing the principles of the new Constitution,
and reaffirming the resolutions of the Convention
of 1848 nrimilmotudy. '
The Croft at then adjourned lIAL
We hue despatches from Alabama, sanodne
ing the election of six out of seven Milan Can
didates for Congress. Benjamin GI 'Sidelihh s .
Union candidate
. rtaa elected ; by a large tau
The steamboat Trojan way burned thhi nto4ing
at her doek, on North rive:Nand two of thelonde„
Patrick Doused and James McNulty,
.burucil to
death: The body of a tird: person,' =hated
also to be one of, the hanth,hao been round.'
Margaret - amity has been arrested Brea:,
iyn, for the murder of Edward. D, Drew, in New.
azk, oaMonday bit
4 , Bstrntook, Aug. 7.
gOrtcerletales it 'auction to day, of 279
WI Cuba Eimsr. $4:6503 5 , 20 "f cwt. ;
.Eloor:4lales 600 W ff. s S. brands, part new
and part Molt, at
OrakEtales of to . Films rod wheat, at
18eVA,- and of wle at 820 ba:.• Sales of
.w to corn at 62®69e, and of yellow. at 6861 GOo
'lll kn. - Sales of oats at 28fg20e.
Prortins---Eales hEdi-kail rides at 91
at 91. Sales 20,000 Be clear
sides at 910 ; 70 kb& at 710
_for alittlders,, and
91,C0110 for hams; Sales 200 kegs lard at I lle;
arid - of 'lOO Wait` 9i59 , 14319 Rp.
. .
- - • , , CINCTBIttI7, 14. .4.
FltrarThe tnarketis firm, and thel ; demand fully
equal to the supply- - . Bales 000 hbla at T 2 200
25t. Including 200 barrels Dew as tbvi ; latter
IVldslu4—The:rohrketijs with iilea it
Provldons—The only. galas :.were 12 Itch
elear sides at 91 parked, and 500 pieces country
improved hams at ilto tooee
Groceries—Nothing new to notice in gyo
ILiw 4:IG
eed -41 ales 10 bbli ill 6 ceula Sal
• • -
The Ara his Callan 9 tubes. ,
la warns pith tlight rains this morning: •
.0 PUTTS TURPENTINE-1 0 bbls. =just
;wend lairX4 arbt.lreettah&B =.
T. mese 'at Wad antlaisth stmts.
Ciadaa4lol l / 4 ,_ •
___06.1,..415s ?rants set% MAW
di:03.1....." Swot spat , l!" . Balerlibm ,
lam [wow. lusLdlig;
lootd.r. aDd gO,assartment t r lnno r l the
.171rr. Slifer 80116. 07 Matat
K e AHERYitii roe years lease of the
' nd; atarederal ateest.Allana.. The W itaangi
Om aatasort &las a
t oata. sms basal
' Thu
p ro sal ausaraapted b• tw
Wulf spAr.t. 94411'
bozo W. IL, for solo by
7/60AIST it CM
:017RD bbh. for sale be , •i•
'JANES Lqilnt
$5 Reicrarit•
tmRATED OR STOLEN from the iiiiraio;
trpgMa t rwaggx j ..=
Yor ti = mitw orrztu ot omny..on
:';': . .P-•• 141113431
Al 0 QUITO NETS, Bine, White, &I.; to
11EZSWAX WANTED—The highest price
• JJF m Euh' vial* pad forr aa. atats a
arturifilna sod Wool
/ y r ppMES
ALA 11.31.-1461.0! sad Mamie Alpittuend
' i • " l'ileara.o.`
'Pkt APER l
l iANGINGS—A larg
VAISIV"' e au — Z — rifirtm t
4 VireP"ri" "
"V1E311.45 0 bar. No.
1163 3101gerelli
• .3D " NO.O/t ASA Whifri MU;
r,A 7 -Printo to Ems Irmo Greenl
tfi.s. by C.1110"7"1.1VINVE
CIANLYAES-40 biles Starl
' • J. !VD. AAll3'
uk.u .
. . • H e w
.141-01 IN li. ':1111EalOR4. No: 81 Wood ob . .ft '
. has sweeltwl or folleltaill. l . 1 . 1 P.S.da Pliege 4
Penmen Ir ire, foitlieet 'mien ' • , , i
- Welts riratiowntel:bl P.. -'', • - - '.
• . ';'
' le. Bow% eraintiato hy Hunt.. . „ a
-, thernieel df Weeder: by Poet I.' ', - . -•-, '.
Re WM totter knot me.
/aloe , Liar. Peresadlog Polt. . •
Seressoling or &boatel. Poll.. - - ,
I vetoes. awe with &deo. -
Pd Defer thee thee ttlo2d of mice: -. ' . .. '
n- 'Taboo. where eer the beset is • • -
: taiwe th ir t e ' llrfr=of my yow,• tb-. . ~
. &lakes °nee _ muss ....Won= •
' Pella. bora Orsec • • ' ` Jenny Last &ME , -• '
La is but • oases, ...Willo Willa uirt tor. ;
. Call me yet oases; - - Waal I were with thee;
Wild] la
Poltw. . - Greed Routes Potter.
' Willow sr. now the bore. Polk. '
Pplat Polka. • eelly Polk.
SelehtioesPolk. 'i. - Hated Polk. •' ' i
/714 h
, ,
serillow.raPlllie)73—.A eon' leno etoeli . ..d
' •
11. AM
w omb
t e BO lCO
&ter t
kr topVoi
10 treks Rateir z ftm • lbr
JAS. 1LW08.7111 , 00.
V LARET WINE—Ac oioe exticle, for Eme
ltf o o.e. by eves. (ow datra u hr nla
OVERING'S SUGAR-40 blds. Crushe d lll.4 . sad Pulmised, far oh by
• =canna.
A- aeco.,
NA N . k NURE AND HAY , A goo d
seHarper d sod ft* pal " k4ma.ll 4 ' Ur 1 " 21
• W• IVINDESTEtWV47 6 " 4. bY
k Awnt tor liaryer•
EoppOle - Stookil. . ' ' .
IV.E HAVE - orders for t Stock of sari
•ma Hint= Componlos of 1.00 Sornior. Thom
Al stang to Jodi vat plows esll, or W rest
- fill • • ' • • •• A. WILKINS A CO.
vg . gEsE—..3o - b?xes W. R., for sale by . ,
PEACHES -10 mica •.prime Halsey; for
nt•er - jyll ll.* W. lIARBAMIL
,PEroarnasain. Au& T
yf A k Ott
LOUR--300 bbla. extra Fern.. for sale by
3711 • • 6. W. HAILIIAUCILI.
EW MACKEREL-50 bblo No. 3, large
mulneljast reerlY*4for We y_
jyll lb W. ILLRBAII3II
INDOW GLASS-1000 boxes City sad
Coonny'lbnads, for ens by
n. a. 'mil/ABLOOM
CIODA ASII-850 cash, of our crwn ram
'o *elm, werreatell of as.bigh test as haDarhO,
sod tot: cale et the lehort 41 . chb i t llC v
•-• • Firet nen Ilaskst.
13ACKED TEAS I—Jenkins & Co.'s (of
Phnadelpbla) an, 14.. board Wren and Mart Tax
In crer7 atiety, eau at all clam be enTlP l . ll *.der. And
belnarented Lp viva 0 H5..,"" • r .
1712 Agent for Jenkins Co.
Yittstairgh, Cincinnati and Louisville T4W.-
FEW SllABEl n o i rthis Stock wonted!at
Athe Exchange Moe of
• 711' Wlll[lllB W.
SAL SODA-200 casks for ado by
.17/1 • BENtIIiII,II6RAY CO.
AMSSOO prime ca sed. Canor We
OOL! •W OO/2—C paidforthe differ
- REAutiu.!
W bY 8. a w, 111
t gndr' "
110 DA ASR-15 casks for sale by
POFFE.II- 7 -125 , !sacks Green Rio, for sale, by
!Tit • • t amnia:soy sox.
MOBACCO-100 boxes Manufactured, FT
11 IL Bas Russell Itobieumesd sAbor. .40340
brazatlrr saii A. CULIOCEXAON .
1.4 Motu .t
OLASSES-50 bbls. N. 0, for sale by
ill A- CULBriIION &CO:
I ASH-20 caste pure, for solo by
pORN-- - ,501) bu. Sbe for rule by
Communion Service.
1110 G Ilsao.t it., comer or Iroorto.
miD--1500 lbs. No. 1, for sale by
WOODS t EON. at Won' IFt:
ASH -9 casts Lutsich bl and;-;
}lnnis if/0 " 6
W.l 1:1/1.90Y.
110 T-41 kege ass'd Nos.. for sale by
.1710 w* ir.WIISON
LOAF SUGAR-150 Ws. :wed Nos.. for
seat,/ . JllO W.* WILSON.
pownr.R-500 kegs nu .foitr.'s Blasting; .
tuste i tilsaztw
VLAXBEED 01L-5 casks Warranted pure,
.11:. for iod•by
trio R. E. swan. 67'ma st.
1 UNIATA MAXIMS-2 0 tons for ea's to
swinwament. br KIER=N
0. MOLASSES-300 bbls. oak, for tale.
IN •bY ' T. WIIIK) , C,
Q H. SYRUP—% 1448. - for esle -
Ago rrATEPPe-k.. 'Rfflmru"ft•Wv — •
81.0145 , 160iibds' for !alit - t:
5710 .........
IHEESE-4S boxes receivioryer
Lini; ulk kr age by JAllfr DALZELIZ
jr3 66 wan, and 7 5 V , M , S.
50 Mt. !7q,m4l,,lLTfare.
.N l l. l t e s "RE .t i rs
ACKEBIL--10 0 bbls. New No. B Large;
astas and for axle by 1131. BAGAIX.V k
30 to ard it Moist_
7 OAF SUGARS-300 bbte7ars'd Nos.; for
lkii RAGA
IS an L d ri
%fond t.
UlO COFFEE-560 landing atoio for
by 301 WM. ktfl,ll.7 t CO
IipIPES-150 boxes White Clay Pipes;
too Ewe.prattrstby i r y i
QUILT? MOLASSES- 27 bhlt. S. IL Syrup
erior sztteie. of
i "'"' uy JOILY *ITT a cd.
V LUE-100 bbls. for sale low by
, Of • 3.scuooNws inas
QOAP- 7 -300 boxes Rosin, Cin'ti brandg, filf
11/111- 1511. 11111.11.1.T*cc..
1,13 DI awl 11/ Wad 4.
V OTTON-112 bales in store and for snle'b
.176 , . Won a Irma sic
tIPTTON BATTING-50 bolo family, on
I " l `` ."s "' " ' 4"'d° itiaVin . azi atxl.
.nineßarbadoes, for old
i. KIDD o W.
• Itcacennsta have 'Tootle! • fee , pleoes nlTir se!
t Twilled %troth Cloth, off goo! WWl's. Moe —
Weolt Drab Wt. Itxr Summer OW^ • ,
OURN ALPACCAS—Light itt body
Ateinattl i tatrai: Zatiorga I
h 7;
` 4 'Nr" "Viraitillirrurrittr"
MACUREL , -50 SP?' alge
c "" a TIigsVAIIELL, ae wa. s.
a nt received
andby • y tim e r.CLUo k Caekh.!
lad Tea D,
in der lo
was W l°
H d d.14C043..1=.
AKE FISH-25 bble. Lske Trout, (new
'Y. 1, 1"" 1 " 4 " i " J.B. CANTIELV.
VIM -----
r IRON — GO torus raperior: fosale by
I_ -.14) . . swan/ salmi
- - .------- -.--,
II OSIN—MO bbleu for, sale by .---
.1.6. 100 . ' . BAIRD A' IRVIII.
. .
T IR-2W6app 61.
Atti,;"J - 1 - 41 ) b,bls.lilig 41&51) fr
EIPOE-50 tierces (to arrive) foreale by
LID 403, BAIRD 11
SIIAD-25 bbls: for saofoy
_ - nun° /11113,111.
fIOPLEF 8 POT CLAY-10 tons for sale by
CIOLDEN SYR.UP—In bbla and 10 gal.
eM, from thy 11E, 10,911 itelinfrn Mk 172_
02 JAMES flUTUI11150:4 a co,
rIANNERS' OIL-27 bble.t. BankFLOYD Oil, for
inieke jod . J. aI.
lODIDE POTASH-50 lbs. for sold logo
EAD-1400 pigs Galena;
'l4 600(1 104. Sari,* ,„
I POWER 3IATO4ES-250 gro. for tigiaii
Li Jell p. AIIBUT Vt.
111. LOO SI E—WO tone Soft Tenn. for sale by
P • JAW*
'Wall Pappt and Bordara
TIIOMAIES PALMER, 55 Market strait, re.
Atootfollr lov11,.• atlonUoo of zosfolmori lo 61,
skelrifftnlargo7l rx)4
JAVA COFFEE-40 hags Tory superior,
nkea awl foe ma. br•
Wm. A. mamma 1 , CA.
rtEete,.%4MaLti!" than ""i' nll
fitellenerylVarebutee, uketst •
rl=lfoi=xaoCJ.ntrnAel tbe jtryl ri t i s
cri SAWA" virot t ffErgne:l . .. tbsi dace '
e e a
2 1 1 - Fr atpitrerPim%ceth. •arult
Alta a ttrao th isrartli
rapt. thm V"at
9:11 relMa47 311;;k4
Q. 1 4 iri li tL II " Ilkl ur 13. ..1• B tt;thetnat. airsj r us tl frr ;ws. 'f°d`
Nog. uta Moat J.& it kuluas.-
'ER— s tar: sale ;l onia.
FEF7 j
i ~ •; ^ t;a'+J~ F
r*. X.'~l i~~'Y't'7 - .e~'S~y.µ .t-.~'~" ~' fig{
Inipirters rick Ind CattOnlksods.
110.61 muuDwer, /caw
• ZA E A
a -
RESITCTFULLV inn& Wpm lil*Sai
t i
ONNETTANDsN-11.4TeleMareamAaar• L
ataatt erlae .m
'the g EDE mbittMm
faach:RATIN Eusnsvu—Swcwskstiwthwwl
RE OM, Veu black aml Marl Crseata.
eoloreti Crarmi Crepe Lem, a
00 nd UM Cr
II ams.
CRAM su wus elm susess—asss rs.s:sym sw
yobs. ss ell velem and mime DRESS CISAYIS.M eameal
t3ATIN Dk: entsu. ssus , sso, Berger. mei Mb.' Bab
pmAller tbe Canton market. 1711/.00
T urA z r ea r g i L lcl.4.l.._ikra gecood 846jeal
a o
-/DAGAIR.Y, Co., Whlei
rats Omer& .43
J. J. 'SUM
HEALD, Bito - KNoR 2b . Tobiccir
. Mxo?'"lol9o2l.b t ' 6 'l9l, 2l =ptatalitV erth t. 7 ' 4°7 - I:6"4.uiri
RCER & ANTELO, General Oomnint—
rlan Madam* rhlbdelphis.• Litftel
on eansignment, of Proloot enmity. Usagteak
Vlr mld
t Cent. saved to Coenlaerehants.
M. J. KING, Dealer in BOOTS AND
.., 81191r. tio. 46 North Ncoad street, Mulch:phis.
=led *re of thi?:bove=lTerwillb7oold erg
pz ma3gre then me be rumbaed to the NV. for tart
Desiree grill do well to eat bekn pateheetee ,
r° o4 .• ' • . •
To the Pnblio:
lINDIARUBBER: SEICIES.-4 1 iii attentidu
bottom called to an milewillarmeat by Rotate 11. Dar.
Melted to tbn New York Herald of Iltb Jolr.lBBl, and
tbe.Coarier and Intaalrer at mow data In labial.. alter
mach notowiint abase of oar, astorneri Wto. Itaiont. Sal+
ha neerta that we date not aberga hlmaf W OVUM am&
intro Patent vale: oor own nanow,Land Mat ne does not,
inigig . l: o l:4 „ = .2 Pategln i l=o p r ov A
India Rabbet. gaols under tictatv ears
Manta. and read
in= 7. 0.4 azdttiLpging a t triff tbe d ern
do 7 og. than Pirate new OnctlyearN i gtenr Ro
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think It mare inet to parelme tied. to new • "and pa
tent. than to lonian in .111. r. bay having bentproweatted,
a imed tke.freatYr rtglate.' glade•oddment. and
aimed in Inmate wt to Whinge kis patent. He aine
atonwpeLog 4 not °atria irdlince aaldpotenta.bat to lola.
ang% n dier tinad as t and por Otte d aatm bti g g , a wr•i tos
tW ebreo omb he 4 0 0
10 1 .44010t t ba n a010 n annd f
we give
mat be and all who are eanorroed with him to VIP.
rb or ...Into b=onatelavailattatt of ealdyan
'rota Ma, p
THE PLlVitit
01 4 . moth] ernktmt.
Yaw Taldwr yrZi.tat
J. W: HoMerton, - • - • •
• • No. 75 Maiden Lant,llho York, • r
ELPORTER . end Jobber in FRENCH Iliad
ENGLISH PANSY, 9 . 003.9m120 , 16 .1 4
.6Elst..este man, eptp
AV.% Or Faber's lord Pencil.
AlwactorrreAreot tar AzwripuTltt 'rev% Ilmnork.
• 1111tha
New York Indio Bobber Warehouse,
So. 27 Maiden-Lane, .ond No. .69 Warehouse
Find eorner from Broadway. Factor? nSEast =lnst.
WILE SUBSCRIBER Proprietor &thus ea
tablishanott.' would laiorrir hi. emiteuriare, land
merchants ionamily. that be is dailymalting from Ma
betMl tious.tfy lama and Meek of lota
Rubber Gonda maaufaeturrd eavernlY for the Fat end..
and whirli, them having lutrodnewl vermal tut met Im
port. t improreravots In lib mathlnery and menroaltio.
6. feels coutalant rannot tall girths yarning lattnianti... •
Swirl Attention rontiouva to 6. peal to the matiothe.
tura ot. Soared mad Main CA 11X1AORCLOTtled'all widths
from 1-4 106-4 Weimar*. TM. &Ma are 'stated
from that beet lesaids.anderemad with the nowt [oan.which
enual paten loather. 11 adm masintsetwas ,
the maxima. Cloth. a tittly traportirat thatoovertmot re. ,
randy ducorrned. bY orb • h tho cloths la made to beat an
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MA told vo anal. Mien about] nowt the aaliaty
OVRBBIIOEI—A oil stork of all the /
and varletter.• Isom th• Imptetrd Sara Rubber. to rW
nowithi Purpetual tilom—eintesolug llers. - Wasman's
Mahone* Soots, Roam. Slip yen nod Eamlide, Womoes
Puna! and Lima, mo ot • • . •
A complete a
amorsnout ry
of the fdlowhaft always onhand:
blot utodgeotOoars.t`apea. Covello& Pants.LilliSnortrawit
[Molar Moves. House Glass. timbal daeltate,thina.Lali
pthaTobamo Sheetins.
Moo. Core r, thlalpf. onset Irimpai,Stemo Paellog, Stour
dee Worm' Paper Madera. rthr Saint DOM, arid /Isom.
tamed. with aver, deerriptkes Rabbar •
tole martunseturrr ot Voirunisal Matalbe Mader Dowd
limiting, wader Uonlyeses Patent. - •
The (Wars will bo bind. mort ordain murk=
i 06100 them "
• "
Some Rader Cement for ...Mere' tow.
_ Shawls! Cloaks! Mantillas!
S. :MILLS, No.B Cortlandt et.;ll. York,
orentirur • 'his Shawl Warehouse, a Brett
i l tr i q lalrad - W Inter ;BAWLS...elating of el dyk.
of Prole!, ant l t.o lee ttra..l Lona Rod; moth.r with
full areeirtmant of V e r na . and Vienna Sumo and long
Broths Shawl', of every
Aim. an extensive *bra of Coburg, Merino. T6xrt.PU
Satin. and Velvet CLOAKS. MANTILLAS. ihtd.:llll. Sr.. of
Tarim, tholes mai ay lea.h.nufarturail•front Tapia pal
term ot hia own Importations, mitalred emalwasatm7 Pas
Marra .incurs
lie tarifa. the special att.thtlen of Southern and Wert.
ern Herrhthts to the above. as they will and an sae*
meat of Shawls. and rradywalule goo!. for Ladled wear.
" rdott t 4, SMOli STAIVINt .
Md* and . dmmed to every mimed Pritt mil
Comab, t thd Ph each. • . Patti
Office for Foreign Patents.
No. 6 Wall et.. If . York. 166 not re.. bmdoe.
In &re Brenta Prow, Woo, tiatanad. and all
M. part% M Enlorr-41. Pow/4a, Cala, and tn. Dm
raft!rsr:aaW.a stir ate,
j S":"
Superior 'Sick Wring and SoPyint
[ONE'S E3IPIRE INK, $7 Na.ST4II/ street,
1/0 Fountains. Nor York
sziT P. rs TO Ina TS.libt
01.artA, tf. _ll La Oft for . dr4 ..
,TTs •-• _ T.l 4M. ..... fsdlk
Thus , tbs toss artists ITiloutarTareo lt flows ItssolY—
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IT Nassau C.. Ana Buil4logs
Professor . O. Barryi Trieopherotus,
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gl o r t !.4n4 1:=1;.A o b t i t , n4s ini.o rtria. n ,
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t r n..,oO.ho d t t a. and a r lth n nim r l lancSon. ak
a a r rrfou Otnwos/a ele+ted 1.000 bovlvls of ofailar
rl 71:17ar V.111 ' ; lgl r rbtt
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ratar—Drosnr-1 Jet d l ,es ° lll 4l.4.22' alth "W a cts : -
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dans, aed have tiled all 11,j . torlia=d7= 1 .=. 1
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Zeta, and. to My .rtnie• and mrtall
rand in about tram. nth'. Boob arial,thevio!ones ta•
&order that at Mao
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Th ntoColoottbia .trmt, Deailar•
• ' • ' . -7- ItaliToal, Oct. =, 18.30:
lt—Aboatire rear. atom bolt
Ihisr—HTE4 - me Is
.1 1. . 4
iiTli,lteirtetrit'rttik4b7 :Amite trr roar
600. AM I did PS. SlAt m my ariordoloaeat, ta7 bar •10
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LrAl Ilrookleray.
If say ladr er tehtlecom doubts the agtkentleltr . pf_tr s
*bore. Mar rill pin. ail at Prokeear • u_lair pq ct.
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Una; Attorney at Law.
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Itefarearee--htutawah , Icon.. W. Forwall, Hampton A
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ftempla McCord a Co., . - . . aastair •
...• • • Chickering'a
101 IN BIELLOR, ..%."en„ t !Or l i 'oo*
Chlavrinfes Pianos, l'ittabiteteh
and Western Bretwrlfeala, No. al Wood st.. •
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for te aeeeer
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Itt CUDDLY..N Cotteeta Bass
Latta.covets, or tilo. lO Youth street. fit
Valuable 'Real Estate for Sale: -
TIIE following desciibed propeitles sre, of=
fared foe sale; noon ear Payluents .
hurston Inlet warehouse and lot. In fittsb.db• lst
the south side of Wood street,between Filth and Eldth
stresta, now orentded by Wm. McCully A*, • _
Aleo-1 lot In the rlghth Ward, Idttsbnerk bannad
by the lien/deist= Bolting XVI no the uulds Itnn frootthi
stout LI) Vett on the Mon= &eta tires= •
Also—A hones and Co n In thaeltyof • Ilsdherry, fronttn#
30 feet an the Booth mu bemoan Pando-SY st- 0 00
Esat Gorman, and running bask to Water alley 240 feet.
adjoining the ptt/perty of Hann - asttps..,
abt ses iot :an r"el i loiboo .° n' s ," thsllartnail m oold ' Urf:oldirol
on the Ohlo Oros. and 00011101,0 abont 11 assets
Also-4 house and lot. In Allenheny city. now °mudded
by Juries Crowd!. flooding en flans Lane! trod Rao-di.
peptp r poded feud:nary )1111, eontalnuan about deet In
**AO—About Ones sem Of Inorml to tbt city of Alla-
Sheer . adjolobut the residents of 4.Tharleehrower,front=
NS etre 10110, near tho Plank Wad. with a argo
han d somelyd !KIM Nonskid lloose thereon, and two springs
of water 1.1 .11 Ms tinned. noworeupled byld.Chnrch.
Apply to JOBILPH AUornejavt,...
Taltable Coantiy Seats for Sale stAnction.
TEM BIT.B.SCsitERt. Illyink-diiided hie
...7139ttriteking gt:Mllll,4fLnr.otowsr:
4.1% 211,..d.0Ld trim - yolk
Allegbrny on ,
Dune rort—toto ebnke eatartolog from tour to PIS
WO der rub: trill th. rove. by . tantion. ob itZ
. DAY. rho 10th day of AUGUbT.IF4I.. ."
the land 1r of eseellrot quilt r, ant la • high Mato Al
cultivator , . harm: 'bee. tort as a tlrovlojf UM ice •
oonbrr of feats. then gee na 11u =.!&11711aft:
adapto o. hnad4 ted for Coutarc ruttier °adage,/ Ecru.
"t h AV=IfeiTATZS:giLVIN I aZ: ra.•
rit par! roßtutergit be.b=gryonbtorlttut
diZalf'n ea.k. A. M.. e t ag g ,aitz .B. - RT.
. .
TibBEE undersigned office for sale piece of
• host mmtelolosr between five sod six hens. flCuttml
on e nod leading from Illnermille to fist Liborts.
to rewinds of the ftentral liallros& 'AVM frmt 0f47
VGo Thema: It Is well stlat te4 for loyloi oat Into
ler4 Into. wormy of the grotsl may oe seen steno
Ilsakton of. • WI& a
- Braddock', Field Property. 1'
LrERSONS• dishing beaiitifiil, healthy, his.
ink. endeben: kenos. fin country neidenevia. era
Led to torn their attention to Braddock . . note, which
LI =ear being mid mama!! panels. ea 100 mat Tamable
term. Eighty-are Ens hey. been Urn and this pewee.
nerarel different letteitlitale. wale or Elam steno+. ttn•
by building, de. For advantaswe of every kind.
marina of arena from the 007. the plan is Etre
yelled: nitre grEd tboronabfarE auntie end threugh
it. to wit—the Menongthels riven the Pittsburgh nod
lirsddoelea Fleet bleak hoed, whirb Is now earestly
ea% end the Pennsylrealefeelitral) ludlroad, on which the
Cara Ell be r=ng euteranttrom Pittsburgh MEI..
by neat fall. fleets land there Eery fen 1, 0 are. OntElear
Es will Eon travel lee Plata hoed: et* the Can Ell el
nays dap with and ter Faber:Mem•
Tam ruttiest:lr the onnemer et the faint,:nkm. diet!
Ds ready to ation perms tee grounds. Are, my, piece of
dtalsien thereof. •initore inn be ertommodetel at the
Manion !lames at • hotel • • -•— •
jylirtf •JAIL W. BUCHANAN. .
For fiale--Property off tho. Canal Basin.
• •
4 LOT; corner of Penn street aittt Sie2
veronn's elley. Inetuding sin sr cusslr.-
.arbirh are two torch- boo! !:riskMEE.
riek •
Alstr—A threns end int o. Peon tercet. next the Youttb
Preabyterisn Chant], 11111, Ward. Metal. of •
JAMES JUNE:, 141 Cptinolllo7.
r7l kleitljecal) _ above Ailesia greet.
The Gloucester Trim Maki, at GlOucester,
inaturbeehire of STATIONARY end hiaIiIIaEEVITAM
MtEP i BOIL d S r .
h O e mth VrWure t eP COO
Igrotoottere.-t otpny Ra e most tsendthly loaded at
filenthther. Neu +lathers oaths him Delano.. to the int.
seredithe neighborhood of the Ceti . Philedelph , +rap
prime large Machina Vlop, fludthei ~ t ++
iron amt MIA Rmodeira, ea <amble of thilgOrtai • - , 111
or ri ht Ithedred baixte, and having in Routed lb. ^.:t=
a. NY HARP COO het ha length by talo to Ptah, oath. stns.
affording ntherior theilisirs for the largrst dare of El.=
Wimple. the together oothreiallte Pee 00 th. Wet
markt+. odabliahatnate to (ha tummy
.lurruP wishing to enter into the badereeorill find (hie
a doirable opportunity for prolthehle intheburet.•• -
; eat V t b :l P XI7+P-13:4 * .! ' g h uguit ' 2Ent : I# .
nthelou by theatoteata themeeti the Scharf belonging t o
the Wort., and the City of Philadelphia.
• • Appikanon to he ma th at the %gotta to HP 133 Bland
"etrort. Philo:l4We. -
To Let,
A LARGE commodious. Wm:sinus:. gr.,.
11 '
1714 tliishiifitin.
Meated ter Strawberrieser fruit of any Nisi.. and
irith a a f or stiteutee alive or ASeabea/Siatlar‘wwwe•
yelb A.1411.441bi1i * CO.
_.• For Sale or PerTetual Lease,
F°STY -THREE BUiLDllitl LOTS,- laid
off In out lot N0.:9. la the eateleol Pl. of tles roan
Allegfieny, froatineoe both ebbsef Reboots rtrest;ami
on Funk I.
Abet for rent for oto or eon. seam the refill= of the
out k 4 on the 11‘11, oat le. tact to I:Mho asset, Mel?
orrap1•11 as • pariten
' For roan., is erolturo rt threta COILIAFI:nl
the preesimr. or of use subtollber, at hls tZto, ha t ot
1711n1 wnt, Pitt.b.rsb.
To Let, • ,
...11DWELLINd HOUSE, ~o ntaining 9Ft;
er 10 re., in Vert rtir. rtn Federal Weed.
.no g Vifr ' 4 l ;i‘l l . l .e r Ve ' A ' awYP.l ' tm ... ./Velet t ett=
en lisetediaraq. . dI:EL ti'alti.ill. LibertwiLt . .. : .
,telOdt . • near_,ll, mowth et MEd: '
' ,l 4.l° dw r* e/li r uG E b .N.L .TrLeta r t:Lt: tor l Xwiect!. %
4 7. ' ' '' elt th' b' gradPeVe •Ttfrie t rlntlyb --- "
Jig. in e r. ea an T It
r a teom
1.1101 rt,1.1 water. Premee.e/t - da green Irmstlediatelt
". :;:Z w E. F. VONDONNHONFT t. Ca ,
tin.= a Uirtnatst .
• even Valuable Farms for Sale. ..
A L SITUATED near the Ohio and Penn
.Anil ..41. lioiltred. the et Select Ohi>.
ritanionir town 60 to 14 sues aarb..arel gpod sten
of cultontion.
Also—lin TOWN lOTA. between tha'pren-ut nonnoso
grutof Ino pi Into and thn Depot eit Sidra - •
Anallulikh la told no rooT W.* DT the OntrAern
tethersuia to ;Da Ohio eta Donut 'learn. Itunrcni. or to
of the Danis in Duributyb., !rill to tenni In °r
l on , - •
also win% to Aninte a ritce of eTonnd- Stanton the
Depot ground. to a caloapeeDt man O. oomfan7. Di etvl.
tug 11on-1 upon, on oluen a foot:dais can b had 10
nruply tlia - bottoo and ttabin *Rh water. _
• Went to tbo (tonal Idol letirieu tho Mita 01 Pitts
, u‘ e ein al.o, beton. a DULL - art] atul
te and lb. dentin to no dentedbon.the flank Itoodo
beton onutrutted to end tratdnaletu, oak. it on.. of
Ne tuna tow:tont tonits eq Inn nun of nallenod ter a tint
Onto Rotel: ZADOE ETIIEZT, ,
indood 0.. Jule I, .tl.--1 erS
Beal Estate for. Sale.
ArVALCIABLE maimprova LOT. on the
tank of I.:berty. and Fade:, su, , to. Fifth Ward.
nry wad tb• GenaAn Catholic Cs crab Vll.l.lrent ou Llb
.erty. by 109 ANY. dety on 1' arlary, rtmitinx NOE to srrinx
. .
three st. , re Itn<t Pirellis.; 11... OP Mart,'
street. adieennin !le alio, the. L 4 boon: feet front bls
10) toit deep... The bowie is I se and eon ftnienh, built in
- stole. stele, and eouLsins eleven mow..
Alan-11 arum adl7 ThJusbl# 1.4 nest FluirlisuSati.
Also—A Vega/ of labactsa tenet Poet township.
Also—A Puny Odel lldi asses in LA.:mem:a ',null . . mils,.
hem New - -
Also—Varsna In Braves counird. cl vatic
~ alma'
vary valuable bet* In ...
co Illisieds. dinva
- stall:rata tunnies of
- • - • N. P. IV L. . .
- •,•••- /Stine:aids at Law... 111.4 PAW* AP.%
• zity2t • - Na IDS fourth street: litlabslanh•'
lOR. RENT—A Warehouse on Water .rn
. Wee. between Market awl Terry, oattabla
produce blame. Ymtpir,t •
a JAMY.P DALZELL, 68 Water at.
To Let,
rrEIS well finished and tarnished Starcia .
1 oa 'Mint Arel, mos tbo root Otftto. tyrosoot ^
oornte4 M Ste,. Partk.tom a Jewelry Ron. typly
to • r. D.1.1.122AM, t•lbnlY tti
To Farmers.
00 4CRES 'Fuming and Grasing
11 • Lando, in Wiesen coanty, locstiei ea the
AB Cli o
p . steer, within tiretvesnilee c 4 the New leiii end
Also-1,04(1M4es in Elk counti, ceie on seccutuiot.
tins terms. of • • 4it 1 7, 114L15h a 04,
• mrl • ~carner nArket amlThlsd n,
To Gardeners:
rEENTY ACRES of Gardening Lind, al
ib roml'onlikstion. wain me Naafi.
I. on.. MO. aratkno' • para. Far ; ILL' l'"cillarl ii:-
" in " th " E "' ki " ii '''''"A. - IVILKINS t 01,"
- at 1 corner of Market and Third sta.
_ ____
For Sale. '
2rae members of theFairmoint Fire Com.
Ittf.T,Pfters their roPaill , . , for sole. lob In goof or.
" be 'l4 thr*P. alni of
tf ' . No
40% Fenn moot.
Valuable Heal Estate for Bale. , . •
.rfr, SUBSCREBEJt olkrti for . Sale; 61.2
. . [atonable tem.: th e Ibllowing Neal EA.., to ~ •
City of ilttabusrgb.v.. -
.. • • -
• No.l..Tbree wahlsointhwei Wry track dvelllo. Loon.
on Sewed trtreel, between. blanket and VereT . Mewl,. 0100
loin breath 10 Rat hoot 14 60 deof... • - • • •
No. 1. Contedas 6T' teatime on Third atroot adnun , nd
No Mini rnalnjtelsn.Chwreb. on •wbla 1..101114 000
four Nati Wick. Imam. toad as • tointing 004.... ad on.
two storftwit. warebot.o.• ' , •
NO. A Two lota In gallelno, Deaver cnntt . „ belt. loin
Nee.3 and 4, being oleout 100 feet square,oo whlhinerent
od one 01000 of awn haute dwelling., and on. .ft... , dwelling, all two envies blab. ..,
1 • N 0.6. One lot 00 Nat fronton Llaelistried, opposite ant
alma, and extending to No 100 of the NUL •. • :, •
N 0.6. Two beton MA& emoN - 50 - feet. 0001, 000 fanning
twen the road to In.irster atscl., no tb• 1110 &Meet.. ~
N 0.6. One valuable , water lot, 1.0 Wt. 00.110.1 /00 ,. .
111th tan .11area 010.84 . 10wer attached. , ' - , i •
NO.l. 4100 lot oprentla the 'rater tot. 60 feet frost. and
oxtending to the too of the . 0111, on which Is ...Ted ow
mown , Wel,. Ores and annehoooe. LW 1.10 [0 , 040/s0 Me
fra me .. 00elling, two 40001 , high. • ' .••
N 0... One lon o wlot In Now Brlghtein. Beare, oeelatn ...•
lug sboot I[o test Olaßiti4ll l lay. sod abeam:WO feet deep,
eontsltang I , i acre, 1.0 wh:eb MO erected two lug. frame
doe., and ON Men froate . foree, toe as so ogle.
Dtr FT,nollelieitg:lrer ber. ' o 4 l= 2 g4 a =
. • Na V. Ono water lot,lnnoollebdi ltalow Valle eiNel.,
twit. alnat MO feat la tang*. and tatendlng fretNll
otroet la low 'rater 4.414,yr 40010; ratt ,, ' •—• • ) • • .
no above ononeeti will be sold on awry faeorablei term".
No IWO); Stare of ,I,t. O. STOCKTON,eornet TP4I
gr i ltgget en..., • • .. , ,101IN . ItLEiIINO, Azad- ' -
• eaot,ll . (Jouinal an d To. cony.] , ,
For Sale:
BLOCK Of BUILDING as the estrotrg Wash
itemlit=%.,r.ct,-.ldYlnOtsettrthr She fronts
aw busdrod east Inty lase feet Sri Peas street. sot pee
bustled end clue feet Woe theta. oek sthsete
" .. " 7 . 1 " "11.7 ' - DAVID aitar.i.
11.104 Heart et=
. , .21 1 / 1 110 for the iihMlnere.,,- } ';
a KLEREft,IOI, Third etreef, eika 6f the
'‘thlt iMis fl t." 7 ;.• 14 : mi JA d M POLK/J with
beaattfal .lead of 1,11 , a . pea* kall y libillz.
a % u amp gtrx, e w muk - zzp..l=m;
may. ..l...lZAPluetcr."l...=.7ai. , , t 716:
- Black Tea front Livened.' 1 .•
ite - . ita. ut at atalaaALlA Ilacilivand roil
I du. "Web upcm trlarvai t• linisid to so a llt "1.04
ol .a, la Pitaabaub.- TIN pablataaa larded to abl.
L 1 . .......1r../Ush, I and alajaaa•
_pool. la part; .1--... ,
they aze•sosru ainarar paatbay ama .a UM
' --- fi l rrANTigrA l tg•
v„...0.• damn Arli.rt. .1. Del
i " te " • th'"nb rra grhasi,, o'clack.
P 941,16,
) 4 ;SIPrNNWI - The
aidA• saa
. EN
= l Ara. Or th a 4
..At to &dock:A.l. i • I
beim! erki'' , " - ••e • -
it, will leave for tbgisbart mod
g r ,V a llatfildapt. MalettorM
ortpglltsy. gth WA. xt 10 dela& A. M. •
ft DAsaie. oslAted. , ' • INAS
• Amonntsit•PAClLlT—The tvet =WA .
ran al t s regal. parte WZLLflLLa . =it i arres,
iftenactt=l4lM ll3 e.lan. eteTll. =
nem ThErnVerman for - Ifteubesmatt, wammg,
I=n Os sad attallah; setarstiag.burrap=
eery,Tousda afternpen. Rad
tVr i d.W. ir.r2l 4. .8. " JEB.:A M4'7
i l rimfrar i onT4rgratrui r . 111 -
Intmaedlate rcto.= dm fart Noe of warn. •
' for (foliar or yam. *only' an board: or -
2 if= - •GM Amt. •
TWEEN P1TT510N1G11426131.11 , 1211.-,
• stmuar. PILOT lick. 2, A. S. Crum. roaster.
will les,* Pittsburgtt WbSeltrur. Omits. 334 Mull&
sem Talmargy arld 221222: - at A
del.% p. - t 4 lwrirralas
Math Stmilsh for Carotins, Wb.ll3s. and Plttsluoutr., or
erw Werke:ein and 10,9einek..s, Pamomms
sesi shippessesu &past upan.thls tad running rtiudsir
duriuk the kw vain. - - .
For treicht pamsze.wroliosi Maid. .• ' mylo
311, rearafiW ; :ls3tsisjor'
tresenai the Amer Issae Pinto% sad othen,
the Clueisusti mkt Pitubutet Pseket Leads, siUl will Ism
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'b'' : '''. usswis, g. P4'. i l mt . XrVf
sor3l -. •T • 1313. .0022-
p Drt Ikr . Z 1: 1 :ft :.i ' ;
WIlt1=1:1 PAC/UM—The
L w i d k l . i ;
wdeyifsm D ln l g M . ci
AS. iOum
re sylm
iltnrdWuwm elugti ZrP=
;mu WYWay. Wednodayl _Obril/4.'41
. 1 %b:1 y....w.f.
Im 1 , 11.1e1l
wwierery Tuwolay. mil
to eart yreat.; IcirffelleV r = m DI=AWYds
you MABIETTAAND,HOCK: i m ak 7 2 , --
niarcer.—Th. th.d..... wawa
atoter. will MU* for the ahem* o?,1
termulizt• vats rem Thsp47. la 4 .
tor (Mitt "I pwsP In q ..
T~RO bc. 4 .1,1 * ecr i . ,
me 1214 • 8. 61 WOw
ion ens MUMOP. ,
A pitYNG. the =mn diecovides ReloJece
Dunn& to eft goneatlon to tadlltoteitis batten&
of Innen It. erdonoont, and enionokHog no tom
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can a to con th* ton t &ACK= eNtka
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1 dna [b. Chun Pectoral an odedrat&
from .C. 41 of the lert onion In the Mania Did
•wry sdrotrn ready igns of diver
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444 to con! bow NaTtn.o4 Dla.l. Mb
. - 7.410/4 rrzscti,Asdamicf m.B C. Sissaftatatu
that Do less awl tin Cherry Pectoral, with neadadaune
um. to can an bottammollon at the l=po. •••
rraiaigatute.fint Pudokolisigt.B- '
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Elva transediata relief by renewing the :suntan% et health
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ProWOO, COL. -1. or Falling of the Wesab, 0 t . ..: 14m. AI..
O.tolo t cured by Dr. Otiyooteo Estoatt o' ' , • 'ov Doot and
.toroopoxillo. after mu, ether kayo t ..1.-4T had Dom
tried ortthookt rolled:
. ' Wasson:us, O. Ta. LS. an.
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• In the arias of 1343. I wan indused by to erica. to
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use4.lor four mouths. Alta oho had used it for =oat four -
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that the abaft stew:mats. as to the annum of km 3100-
be. and to the Sure bent onetot by °Watt's Yellow
Doh and Eamarills, aro atektlynra.
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• - Won= 6zovs, Don. 1.1343. •
' - E.l. Inseett Jt Co.--sleards: Soma tints la 1343 '.
I was Waded with LIAO Lynn my um. whk.ll Decants
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tetras wader say stela alma, to use GuYston.'S Yellow
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TM coiets psebrmrl by Dr. Guysott'e Rand of Yelknir
end P, Isstini. Ma patient'. antral
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Cure. ors pat clounkled unlit tine has folly =MASI=
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the taming of OM is onthely cobs to the sno at yin.
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.. - E.L.EB.Eu ' has. just recdved .Beyere
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