The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 06, 1851, Image 4

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.11h, life IS sweell" - "islesql child,
‘And - llove,; , 1 - 19ynitykruM• -• .' - , •- ":-
In the Maidowii 'Orem .'-iimithilia,/I,Tut;
01 Oftworld II er.,lidw.3(so__ •.• . ,_'
There strAreerliimmek with . ' . . :
And flower", geFj.spirWi r •:• ‘ • '
There's the moon ' s cleerriegsigethi Mat dap;
01 ibe world is sviirtild pr)lighli". .0
--- 4 : 1 , are #'o4's4 l 4ll l MAit-jitith ', - •
- .- ,-, As he conn ed the Irif,Page,
F And be pondrio Pii.thi'diklV 'lifrn, •
And thiftime vita , A:alum:age- -. • -
- 'There was hope lit' b?e:bnabt and bestnyti nyM,
And lirknrged foi;tirltper gems; • -•-•
'He slug to life=-tillereclHeltrife-- --
Ile felt)MAW•per feimm•..-. „ .... : . • .
• ”lii, IHkfitri'v'eetl.7iMitilrriteirlig . ~- ',:.••
,-- 1 From ilitv liPr' btattisirioung Mite - -
• And s liMPO.Mallicalle, pmi the while, •
• - To the dear 'ciii - rbther side.
.0, prklii UmMSF':for vve ;will lire ' •
. Oar t=Macy 'to , prove— . •
Tlry sorrirmrWneong 't r io s t hi..—
our itobire 'in' our 10ve." . ,
"0, life Is sweeti" esid sturdier fond, - - _
Ar she gazed ori,her ,lielernrchkidi : 1 • : 7
And closer ; prosatilier esd4ww DVIL!IS
• Her tabik-whatumnOloOminwt -
"My life shall biAirikeiray child, _.
~. -7 '
• ,
I' me, gantlets, at elititt'att. r.' ' -- " - - ,
And who obeli dare, :wind italear , I • .
- ' • From the that (minis visit?" . -
-..'+---.. “Oh, life is eet ;" said sniged sire,
••- Wbose ey wits sunk and dim •- • '
.• His form ben!, his strtittit was spent,
Couldlife be..isweet la - bus? .'• ' -
0, yes! Car liti'alalzases chair .
His rbildriM'i ebildremelttog
And eitilt dmr, race !MAIO-rut rualnsce
AfsdrAfe 'seem trier; young. . •
. Thus 141rirweet; Ticaneurly Touth, .. ,
To liesk, enfeebledsgs,r ••, •
_:. • •
Love Eirlimiwithlife; through core and strifu,
In every'itried stage... . • •
' . And thotighiperehanee„.tlie path is rough, •
And, 4 . the sill shomir,l_ ~.. . • ',-. . '
. "..' In alters date therde saalltlnug yet,
To Umr.for vind to,leurci • ----
.-- - Tobacao.
The tile; of tobacco i•gniernmental
monopoly inAustria,. Beins.„:, France, and
some other neuntries:- ;The: rat which is
made ' this 'traffic - ie'enormouS, almost
incredible. Thno, 'a Sepr 'whieh• may be
bought for half a cent in the United States,
cotta some five or six coats in those piest-
Addeo, down -trodden Countries, and in this
way the royal treasuries are to a great, ex
tent - replenished. • In; order to escape' this
kingly.wrissicn;thO people have in some
Instances determined to abstain 'froia, and
discourage possible the use of
• tobacco:!: The',.governments lave already
felt the.nonsequences_in the dininution of
the Public revenue, and7are Training the
most-despotic.and cruel 'Measures to pre
vent a decrease the use of this injurious
drug.., This is ora pleee - with France, who
forced the Sandiichislandoent, it the month
of their cannon, to Purchase their bratuly,
or allow' lei* be introduced . du free;' and,
with ilagland,'Whe compelled Chim e in the
' . same vray, to, allewiltep . Ben opium in
the -telestiter empire.. .TerilY, the earth ,
• graineth because of the wickedness and
erneltYCfrulers t id th er e d i p s &
who - maintain that the:people have no'right
"to resat and revolutientre, and that govern
ments must be' unconditionally obeyed I
We wee led to thiei train of remark b y the
-foll Owing extinct fro . = letter -
gThe Gii , rsiale di Rorindof the 17th of
last tionthiellishei a sentence of the Su
preme Tribunal Sacred. eonsulta,
which Ceirdemis' - Vara Enaii, - aged • 5 4, .
'Sc the'OaVe.fer ttie 7 44' ran, &ilia:lin&
on the 10th May,Mays attempted iirpreveut
rone• Witt; Oteraliili from fighting a segar
•he It appears that all
thronghTligyi-abstinente erlitsAhd . use of
tabacee,l4 alfteiellt9**;llll3 been
' adopted. as a negative ,protestation against
the Austrian and Ye* tylanny. l ...This is
attacking their rulers in a quarter which I
they feel'very deeply, much; of their reve-1
now -being :derived from . the .tax :that
weel it is'a striking proof. ef the extent
and force . of -the feeling which ie inimical
to the'ached governments •of Italy, that
suioking .has beetiabandoned almost
resPoident "of the ‘lond. of Coramercr
.writing .from ftandisco, May . 15th,
• • rays: ' ' '
-rrlVithin a week *4' ntarly . five hum
drid Chineie 'emigrants' have arrived urn.
our shores, All in two ehip, hale- and
hearty.: They =Main but a day, or two is
our arty, and are then off to the inirres—
fir4,l3n3lng:a. picktiae,:thova, and a few
newssary-mmung and not a fee - of
theciklitptheir own native and'equip
the in.a' Orr of thick, heavy cow
hideloots„, in lima oftheir wooden shks:
- Betida4, - maifyof them 'dress up in,the real
TM - Aar Atyle,:all of.' which 'good .; foi;
trades One, feature in regard to this tiara
of foreigiimns is; that even the celatials are
rapidly-eel:paring our language - and when
I recently adopted - The - plan of, aistrilbuting
',Chinese - Bibles and tracts tO therai as they
mime `ttin bay 'gods, my heart was made
glad to heir their &think you,' with &smile
of gratitude, and then to Seethem 'fold up
the books carefully in their pocket hand.
kerchiefs. This was - eonvincinz evidence
to my mind, that' they had been sent here
Arius Yonna fdaw.--At n respectible
boarding , house in New York, a number of
yemti ago,.*ere fifteen young men. Six of
thete.finifthmly aPPeared at the biegrfast
table'on Sabbath-morning, shaved,- iiremed 1
anereepared; as to their apparel; for 'at-
Miasma on: public; worship. They also
actually' attnaled,'hoth forenoon'and after
noon. - :All became . ' reePected „and
useful citizens .' 7 . The other nine were ordi
narily -absent 'from:the breakfast table on
Sabbath morning. At noon they appeared
the ditmer - tatle, shaved and dressed in
a decent_ Manner. ;Li the afternoon' they'
Went out, but not-ordinarily to church; nor
were they'xtMally seen in any place of wor,-
ship.> One of them is now hvmg, and in a
bte employment; theother eight be
- came o ly =ono; 1:11 failed in busi
ness, end ar° now dead. Several of theta
came to au untimely.and' wfally tragic end.
::Many a man may any, did a worthy
, and opulent 'citizen, "The keeping of the
Sabbath eared me." . It will, if duly ob
served,saves all. In
the language. , of its
anther, "They.aball ride upon the high
places oithe earth."-:
1. acme:4l3st radvaland mileby -
~i~l:4;JR~Y .Ql~lRl:t'TtTf~,
ACIII-250 lbs. just ree'd and for
EAT /191. ; !g0 Sides N. li:po,2g(A;ll'l'4,,
1110TTLE CORKS-4300 for Ede by
ANIS GIME:I.-540'11m. sup., far Bale by.
ft. Br,LLEBS. ,
LAST lbs. Cantharides, for mile
Pore ftay, forlliastomai &o.
11RdItIN MINDI should you used French
sisedrots. ear oterrege be obtnu.d.s XOlll3lB .
blearybo. tie D W wart or taw
1LV,1:4 ;7114 IR CNIRM
ar", .
Mix MO Tar to
iga tra"
'II . IiNt&T N BOD 3--95 .blindleit Slit,'
0 lattiee , • ta... voNliartttioxst to,
; )12
1 4
HAVE just received from New LA; att
41), WINDpitreaRNICSS and
4172,11Wa sow ,
:Z' - .5tE1)1c,...:...:„:?.';
Irnair tG
101• 411 0 11 0 g.::
• '' •••--
•Kii-NIBEIjeg - • '
leant/Rai tainik` Midiebbiaga Math
leihingimpo,l &awe vats • rumnif
artlaleothd thansinemknia behastdidir lmelbeand - br
"khin•tgnillY hatrafedat e.• menthe. and the'
alm.bast. labraiefami falba weriiir emmeded
of WU.% attracts amis... Math. to Amide. seinm.
Ante 14 • easamtentaid hem thebretimulatinMeiso
deretieri nod by thin= wn
• Mob imehanenlons Mmeme.,lammialkohmine.
Beattie tbllnrine etthiaerldelvalmild of
themedemniace ot.Tanniredrablanlinknetit ta Er
'mimed Mir . Mid haltaim la ter
mole sterailtidnallr lamming In itim to OM
name •• mar .fete and 10•110. Mailbag could mg
a., the maannentonlttillbont Wing heriatreme
mem leint_the adeloandimelbatdothano and therellilM,
tignMe " r n il:iltrtll t a l hlaenr atet i . i tratr==
memoir Ofaliest . iMtr " wittrineci,
Lentitleal Muth" '1 mis pomaded Mtn 11 ,
MittalraJeablan Unload. nmet Itoood e strange mit
I may appearoman theathltd annibaMban the began
in Ma
' h i end tiamitmed,gettltig baiter daily until nor
Mia hi ea arta PlisOkat b •
• - ' - ekeniatmen; PMath 4
• • iirine Inman km =dram Liniment Mth
inettlea sneer him loga f slum mum the melt
r f. her_lemi tram bentannith Wbllo
la Wesel
n o t the pocillon or that lap vans
altilam and ete• mild not bead than in OM iimeti bY
thaw* M 11. 0. limitell'a Alsatian' Lthimaint: Mu tenor
std.,' to math erilb ewe and has • rialmbt Ilmb. 1 ham
Ibund Oa sanotanzalleallataedz tnr a 004 dm, Dm
otan aandennediandealm erareist
Waithlasten.lneri.Jana 3 3. - 11 1 2.
Teeth the needy and =male. mum, Whim man Mad
to: l i tir3 . 4ll7l l =44 ar lit:
hasg erimt ,tleal """" retoann botmerat than& reata
and bon all thaeareena ointamota de,
m moth vela Oa patimm WM 1 midair that EL
0. Yam ♦ Arabia, litniment maids any that 1 time
made tun 0444 r I, tit . ll . 2inte mired Brew:mud Evln
long Lane they bramenteml ineumbleoind 1 ham
enrol mon than ttin mann entke your LW
irtid."Uthanzi crate a4.6e litala th" ard Army 1 "
skin baseteetindkiny of art agate on thiehamn Ole
taim 1 eru amazed r all Wt winter to tor room
vitki nhatunation, - end amid getnetldnit o
eceonanti:94 441 am or you Liniment atlaleh =their
.of bum sears' •• •• . • , .j:'s '
Sir.' IL IL rsuOLL—liesr Eli: I-bad besa sfEletod with
the ltaa INU" for but ten yeses. sad =ld uterget
four thou • day. it Ta DDDD ~ I m j
esdliely Yeureed: Ud • +.•••
soablog of It' moo. I vast lotolle one =dd. to
=l' , to ~=•••••=1.4../S1 bolos v= la= lu slum
all sod= may boa, Ulna sao
•o bully ULU they turattras black u lut hr =;
.thmto erlawl mOolloi Tr=r l . 4 "." , """.
10 • 60 days to oro about &cab:Los surtaL.
unAludlmy. Anger- to y
ou Ammer. by.lettlo •
bees - lop awsk IV, bat you Ltedount moonheoled any.
La Ball• ProclOet, Purli ea.„ /11., ISID.
• • , . ,
Beipan_O_Crciostediiii; .
The Publie uuttimdMlT cautioned alanac . a. Eon
Mondotriiat which hes Istaly model its umenuanos and
celled try et bombs It Parreill era&
au Lialment.7 Is • danorroua trona sad moue liable.
to deneinelroci .tho name of Munn. Then.
moo be particules weer to cal Mo. it br Me mar `Tamer.
Unlmaut.. *et unpetudided &Men Ell Moose Oa &eV-
RlOO 1. , 6 Tea me Oka soutane. but damn oat
fur "U. M.lttrnMs irolnias Lelemn4.7 and lola no m/cr.
tbommotiao racoon hes Lb* letters H. G,betoraccreire.
Ids alguatoto - la abet on the outside ircoc.and thump
wordatdown Mem gins tottl•—•a C s Awe=
urassadatmis." • • .
• Amona wanted In :mom ware,. TRIM,* and Hamlet lie
Om United Stabw.jutctdch one ULM. cotabilahod. Apply
by Mier to /I.ll:ParnaL, 1'..l la. IIL. with irmO unman:.
sato Muuactet,rencenibility. /to.._ - -
OsD cm. aseutvito Fonda .I'ne• of Chasse.'.
to= modainlng littiMo'aluabla Ustormatioutbr ovum claw
.Puma—iilmato; dttomMt. sa• dolls , per boalor
may moods* la motabordl - 1. O. Parell.iolo
Man atneltLi d lon t rand Mr sale wheel l inul
proprietces pica by , •• . •P. . FELLYKS.
, • auglalault • • . No, 7 Moat Anklet
Bold bp D. IL CLOW. Alicshour Cltr. . • •
;The ithiniin liOrlinstl!erspire,
QO SAYS NATURE, to a healthy ag
frgattuar s "lt"="'" e rTrAriliaa ,
Cbemical Soap one* au Inaload %tut a,'
thawsoolllB4. salon girt= it the its
Benny, net toren arena mil, i?weitsU
nom& by MI mon st tabyelidine N..lort In
= t re k .
...and c. T , 4 4: c 2a1... ....1 . t0 tt 1:
reader b amend that this la no neelem. t o
One trial will prose. 1 moll enumerate at - heuroe ty.
Terms. cared or soft beed.sze leo, =I eon beant. •
Boy it—and the realer le solo emoted I would nutria.
eilgilit.ttestbresidautpet=fitrat:Ateg rata.
Will findl this Dandy core. but enema:aim Lel 1 eso
tweettoll add, that wry eon atilloted with any of the above,
wr drolly Mar MA all: tog mu mom Won,
rab nuttier= you Ate Jam' Uslisatiletrea L l i da=
tzit r oV of only nmertin
Pearly White . Teeth, and Pare Breath;to
be had for 25 cattn—Perente who here either. are honors
bly!sionmel that it Muir breath is ever lm tool. or their.
teeth decayed. dartor. yellow east manned with tartar,
the; n'Z cent box of .10111eZrober Tooth butt will make
the leelh as . white es mow: and the breath Won:irony
aulT at .3.1.010305 , 8 Entre. 240 Lti,,t band of
• • .
. A Sci Hair Tonic% Res6ririuid
• Iter.—Tits/ , Aottlmotsta. • 'Those who Imo Weal
JourCana Mir Beto4r. 'toter Its eaeltstrt ;matte.— -
those who have DAL we more It to poems the ItOmnalt .
poslltStc , -lt irlll three thy hair to grow whaorpert whets
Wore totendAtt bait than,stoy tt ha; thmecurl
te. "' L L Zut "M the hair toft t =yr tAtt i ftesh erel
thla—it met ee ittraly besuhtlet,a.u4 hate tt ea It Who
deed. :the *met ehowcatialt supteiar—eirtiele foo , the
ohly WIS. JACKSON', Stere, SIO LiterAT street.
toed of Woo!, Plitabanth. • ,
Pricee7ODA ova% EC cents, and St •
. .
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Kunlun
Mir per, far Ur dime." of .rbita red, or gmi to r. to
boantintl brsffa. or black let color. in n tor minute. •
erka—bu eentr....l ti
Bola by Wm%
JONFH,LILLY . .—Lathes ammo.
timed who, udhr, .eoottato prepared Chat TNT
ca not swan bow- Ms.Wo.U.r InJuzion. it la to duet:lei
.how ocerte.txr. rough, how tenor. Tette*, ttotahheath7
tho thin Wean. after otttorptepoted ' Dtthtf-t.n.
blotto..ooottittlatt steuttlty leedt
„, • itteheo w aternal tefettlue attleleothlth Its
"" if el•ttlia.
tgg i tiettr= tht • ootorg, tendthy. t
etturter.ottitr. Ming white st the tame flan er...htt rte.
untie on the ate, outitte ttleM,Mit.ty . gtvot.
gam pound — Jim' . 41 - - . . Yellow Dock Root,
iIIiCOUP riai. Croat rank among the pro
kir ofletray amdk.las of this , eramtry for eampktelr
Malaywes Cooker, Balt Itbetrea. I:ryelpe
et laa, Mel other die
artataadtram tor tams state the blood.
Mtn may/IInC toe ....
Aboatts. Somme am! mottoes. am.. t;
hhitea,. or boaremem. derma. sad a hall= hamoloo
about the ttaroah sad is used with hatemalehtal aettaa
• • Freud. ireakften •Oaterial Dtba7ify.
etamitherlog the amt.:eat body. ging Veneto the
If the lestbaray I,,mah 4 of lIME ft..
aU parte at the CJI/Dt/T. am be relied p=iebmelar
ly Okad.. in caring MI Hmaore, ead aebtuta..
tad aad brash dime mhOltollema. It le rile ieiel
MO is its ornaptodtioarsod to accurately <mobbed 00 10
=rthat. the tbeadeal. botanical, mat walks. r
ad. in=harmonSoNl n* . te ter: •
It Oa maned masa a tha
real. dteramembleb holb .. bOLel
thatM/ a the ba n hysidamt nal tem almeared
Beat Blemea.Eryei ard. Semtals, +huh boattarila
/brava enttrely tomake thrived bayrensloa upon.'
It has beat taxed In army CAIICLIttniS UC.
1101/B. , :The moot otattaate Camas ham been rand by' ,
thle teediefne. We my that It le imunabkaariltinelaaa
SWIM! -01111.PLAIWIS; /t mew. all ohOrtotteat
the drallatlaa, remdertrat liverlree, artily. and heel
thy. 11 remove. FelpitaWa at tbe-Ilemt, sal relieves la
a/I cam of dettami. atO rear 0 MOlfirallcyooolo sad,
at e/1 ma= of the year.
amp Is
loo •
r •
star fl oral
tab Wee, 1,16..' ..1
a r? wigillunram.
'Only Affimiti *mem Prowinoilti
ralyfer. • Wszebassip.eamsr Wald awl Sixth stsaitt
B;T:Babbitt's Celetaited Soap Powder:
WASHING' 'without 'abort Warranted:
•,r to WU ths Mahn out of whim !Innen Led WY
Dresemoss roe Ileit.—Pot your chrthee in • sailelent
water r
bury omp.. r w them, then add two whir
wwmnmlt of
wed with tb?gother. If ther,:veler trLl it
edd iiartt 'rru7re"'ort
the Powder. sad toil thus-ten rein
In the neue emo
pan than demi with • uk.t„ then pen them In a tot, and
solittient nil water. to this th e will not to C. hat
W hustle, Then rib the dirty or In other words.:
tie, ire. a thorough reta in
and that Is =MM. t. to
1.. B.—Pbere being no meth In this amp. It will Are
the chess very white. wet robed oily • enw,U, u Amu.
F. 441 lill...The entire wet of the mental lewd ewes _not
two cents. to complete s .washins of Lou pertnna.—
grunted end talus or iolou the cloth..
, Is • Fai , 41a , 1210. ape paw will =Satire:. onarM
hail 05111 Loft
6 1 ,=, prirder",eytg. . te dg ar. :.74ratt!
Wes. th en add elz odd water; air them Intimately
south., and set t sunty when .11. will tut them, sad
When ookl It will' bowery tblet ane nice White .tan'
vuteerell, and sill not eat the bands Ilk. other taut
asapwill .
nor red the clothes. Cana need with bard or ads
water, by teething the sneer Into el. gouts Instead of
twelve io ad Bort bn
odt pis beet edspled for washing cdha,
eat ,rt,vieeie um retail by it. L
he, 67, Wood et
'KAM I 14' FRIEND, or Baking Preparative,
ssrporbeller the weasel Yeeel,Vululogiticht.etrea
sweet, noire:Wu and digestive Bud. of. pure odor,
.in less Urn, and ethos con than the ordlo Portunted
bush _which is to a gent extent. etn.
dentithole Pains atter men% heathicies, and other salute
&Pm. Sayaia att_tang for
soaking Cam , sadll34.
colts. ZM prudent Moos, ibis preparathes will make
if more louse of 6 pounds each, tluto with Bum.
of d lee, and persons circuitry constinitimes.should
bad. pare brawl. se o r of the .Ment. mailldnew a the
time. far lkopltels.larmuks.Btho:4loldUlL•M l
It is • great. advantage. ew e In bottle. at
' 1.1..,V5-= mute, with Moments for ewe
m7a - IL S. anunisaa Wood .
Professor A;C. Barry's Trieopherous,
giIIitEDICAVED 0031P0UND.. , -Tbe 101-
-lo Wing teettmoulel Is from Pin Yuan, Libor or the
• Asetuannn Comma on nut eaktenee bun
- • -•-; Naar tale. Feb. 21.1340.
• anl Trieepluleva Ilea artlelitbes we take pleasure
In H rid i ng aw the Walnut eatenenebnuna. , We do net de le
upon abe nconthmastk. ahem, but inen Out Ora DK.
Real ImgrlßlA*
of dent,swathe tub; units Is tend.
to ktull , IleelibrOute. end Sleur. lt .
_On menace dm.
end. eumute:r t ax nein am 'enemy In. growth la •
swum* seminal PI an/ Oth. .9449. 1 "..
.11111encoo r needs b sun one Douse lobe maenad
°d aced> botileg a BtcWi<a tee kiseitrta,al the principal Me* 137
ba. bottles. Inius 21 $- tmli er=e.
0.4 bY
A.4ll2TT'i til lr P
i 2V3RB ant now
Watnpyltmi b tot or
Ylt catill. by WA. A. H'OLOWII OU.
tbn of tbo toodlool frotorratr Is Invited to The Ere
Las fountain. br .13 , —Pood.o.oligs or New Wet.—
Jog Wweieed *MI ter Whle . wiLsoN.
liuv . i :tH . C.4 il ~ . .0.2 Small, to
anivizatt far snla by .
ALU 24-49 bbla. for sale
t 4.41` e • • C t • vex.:
hst . renaludwalrid”Atdnerrtltt"4,'
• ale Pr,. • • witt-Awm
AARDINES 121.1BRINE - r7-111 - kit:e - Bar;
cat itiPl-VM A-
111 ILL !PAPER—A - anperior.lot jtud roo'd
lad for gale W. S. HAVES. Stalana.
Ye* tamer of Scowl awl Mutat pa.
~. .~ir ~. .... -': ..F~.:
Art, PlON=grri'lir MIMEO ITk
• Phi uraaanle of
ddiat lb. Mated 1. wiLLAVD
Maw immeles;rlb
"the .=,genewgod want
_ sa bonne Mae paligo WO walla POS.
tend Mewls the Still af4realllinigh
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the perf ats Lewd Mew no o n`
1111 T dedVti wltr
glowity.tbe grader of awn, it ,.. / .., =the
tfalgtx . blie tan& alma, within the
ffori ball Ifeensol nWt flaw prfaciPslewtentgla:
, Toriro o.. figlar two, of mg* Wee.
township tenth of Mlle eta.. ef
= " rabegrdistarglifalAfllya . ftiet:
TAeee rnall e p w
P an J .d A . t N w O e LlvEe.,
t el n m a , i „ l
s ta
111. the Illteenth &war
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jN pursaancaof law, 1, MILLSIVF/I.l.lallitr
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• At tint Land OM. at dlCh=f, onsonencins on Hon.',
day the first day of &number next.fOr the disnanataf the ,
patio lands Minded within thy ,sollorkur tlissed tow*:
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• • Townships twentyweven, twenty sod twantreciark
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Townships threadrliren. twf:r2 o t i. and twentkdne.
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Township twentr eight. ott • oic.thit ,
Township , twenty.three. twenty-Om twrinfpelght and
twenty-nine.of 11.00 9104
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twentrolne, of range nine. . '1
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ailed by the tot entitled_ ./LEI Act making MO
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The WWl= of the land• sill be entoomenleat the days
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Books! Boots! •• - • .
'CILITITZ'S Biding of Greece. - -A. Mao.
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Thieriot) } D. D. Birhop or lilt Littio'rt By Dr.
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1851. EOM
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_.-•.' .. -• • TATION LINE. . . •
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littsburgh Transpartmion Line. •
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W. W. WILSON. Watch Maker,
. 67 - .1644, Cfrracr of Tows.% si., Pittaiwrsh,
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Lewis's Patent Itevereibto Water - Fitter.
SNOW: to be. ten it operation at WM.
ITATit CO:d Platabred No. to Your* street, lee.
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010111010 PLATT. 151 Walnut street .
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eggtablo not Crutrrok. • . • •
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All rounolgetured Irma las tout sautoriAls. gad Sllg tare
at llao Drug grul eg‘rd Wog of
':••••'--•"•....-; L.
' BOtank=t • Patent Starehltlish.
1011AVENTED, Jull2Otti, 18501.—For girig
Ati ftlt booass. " l".: ° ,Xst illga hl ( utt ham
ret "t:troorliTi d """ ' ll ` l%'4'4'
Dirsetreas—Put ► Woe* tN. Mt. ot.► t.• cmrt or
otseet, mean eau,: I= Wail,
12}6 mots w Cake. NOW wholn•l4.3d .471 b/
- Z. lintAll3. 07 'Wad mt.
. -
• • • C,opley's Pot Clay. •
MICE ; oubeenbers are. now Sole Agents
iXt r ot&titsl a tt..."l " th. rtlos 9 Vs. i. ` 4 VI L A=
ia no. pa x Mod Pots, tr. P A It tads of ow of thy waft
'lntaslbls sobstsnoni known; and Is my condhlly kslededi
sad dogwood previous to Pusllnt• •
' tl.aglOtibldlLlll • en. •
CUFF PINES--Jaee reteived, a beautiful
weruarat at Oslo Gol.l, Waxy Ensioelled. rad 0b
....1'1.1 6.1 " 14. W. 111.5. jiroller.
j•IE . cr litsx et anirtoston of Yourtb.
rMPLARS' o lot
. o= 7 Tew tut e'lirords, ',lib Um Labium or Ih•
m7l! W. W. WILSOS.
WOOL—Cash paid for Wool by
Lie u ' °LI-1500 ed*
LARD bbls. pure wit.ter
I. do No. 2.
'Yu pie br J. lieU00:411i1212!IN),
L. Waal st.
LIQUORICE ItOOT-400 lb.. for sale by
Ji24 E. E. IMLE.RS.
'WO METAL- 7 5G0 tone for sale by
to) MY. If CMISITS & CO.
La Isrrolublo to Wkaasprobnakxrte tb• lands In
Douse clvarias can, at riaorra,4ta in war
141.Wild r It sv imiri wo plk
CREAM TARTAN-1,000, lbs. Cor e
ral b
Jeer • JILI y
VM I V : I I &M%!2!E3ig
tow dos
• Corm of amil . sad Mtn atm%
grIBLORTE POTASH-50 !be. for sale
v . 3,3 ranearroca a co.
. •
sorpliesaf Nem thady„ Nut ban opm MIN
srif Plan Mark Ms, Name Idiliby • •••
cod Loam, Elsa BM Moe De Lbw •
. dadrabby ytMebyrs vill NeU ,
ir 7 maw of Noartb sad Martel Weida. ,
I Cheap Black De Leine.
••••at • lot of too (WI mol) blaek.De on o.
ZnaCO of . ,j 43
• swdor airtime Muslin&
I 'HY it. BURCHFIELD have reel
this =main =alba 1 of lbw Bblrling.lllun
BLACK BERAGE—An additional supply
.13 ned-thls mandos at ilv“tor• of
,11? fall ax PlUal MU OF
A. A.; Mason Et co., 62 and 64 Market at.,
gal commence on THIIRRDAT, - June 26,
s t LS mother JO7.
Salsa, Roma .111 to °paled to as retell Imp.
ems article thmearboat the stall:Nang .111 he
' p o k e d et 1 4=7:111= IM.lB l7teels ano;t
twat Ina to lasi very dense and&nimble. •
etoek. et MS. eaogninag Mom alma &Oa Sem.
will beelsed mai ea lams= dlooat from wog • des:
nog Dna WU es km , •
Iti=Mitlteli"'iwio"'"" loo
.1 .
Film Preach lava, „....-.........-..........-.-.—..1
Roe Prluted Barmy. -.-........... — O l%
Roo Preach Jamaot.. ... . -...- .......16 Mc
SOO pes. heath and E IL& 0taatu0t0.........:..1 . Ne
grokbudAtWiili .
Yyst Awed ealitoon.. - ... ...... ~...-„—...„..0N,0.
WO moos SOCHA Amerfrso Coilools—...-....%)t0r.
30i1 " aural Woo Ittryclod and Brown NORM. sr loan-
Aboy,=.ltt=rs, Tr noik 61 '
Immtaga , ora
Lima, Wlilto Goals, floaneta Eluvial:loth., ie.,. _Watt ,
or oftlx an lauaras, raaioty of all Mods at Dry Woos. all
of =will. be marked down st wrest Iwo tom Emden
n 6 prima .[38251 A. A. Matlati t CO.
Goods far Warm Weather.
N IIMPLIN B;apiF ßOI oorttr LLFID, at the litir tt
arter stneb. an l,
"ft'lll k .tft,‘,VClA 9 P — h_ . " l "`"" th
teetetueme tee Petaled sauwaur. •
• New style Victoria liltrititiri
• Berarite a Thw;
Plain white nd
Berle and Mull Maalox
• •
Th.iirai;ll7 - 14.1Thi mktin int a Ni* Gods.
e.obe.logeable MN talkie., bled , . Sae de ,
Idea ?lobate tdltlaktwe Oloees, Undereleents, Dotted Nett
a; nirteln
LAWNS, cbantreab e romans. • • • • • •• • ,
• 'Mae mortmeot tedus eee - DID. with easgisat
141,44 PA coals. awl eold at unemet ellese.toduetraarate ,
are offend tobayers to all and mks their parehare*.
yELVET CARPET3.—W. M'Clintook has
• In ttote sof tor sob, the taws auartems 4 Pol.
y o. ntik altreffetikd tr, sonnaLlAirpt
VI has to nom sod forsals • lUTII assortment at mat.
nor Etmatsts CMPet&ta Istaott It . Invites Las attantinn
esu.mrk CMlOst wsrshma• malts Ifonrchst.
• v a olo,i,an Jun reasived tido =anima
a ouiptay of 11. Lyra =woo aad elato artleto. •
Al" m addltioaal supply nimpod triloadtka ribteosa.
'w vblelk the
It. Kuala= of aostraagrala ballad at No. ert aa4
ea, k.'
!oro New Lawns ; ; •
A. MASON I CO. have just ieeeived
• ae ct . th:::ery doefrable brava
tarl.tTAltia 84. Marbiatireet. • 7.9"'
yikLAWNS REDUCED !---A: A. Mesa &
aro DOW drain( out thairtur=tculcof
ertat b =7.2l:7l 6lll ark•t gr3:l?
White Zarse.Wes,Quilts.
T RAVE on hand a large assortment °Mi
x. l .oa Americas QUILTS. a BPP.d.r WV la
Ezratly minted prim. WM. NOBLE.
• •
THE aubseri . ber, Lasing made *Mute
meet. m elnaecetance of tarn tnalnn.a
court Do eland br I..rt of An an am Gam Ms
Null 044 of Ohm, Hosierf_JUl:..bona, Goadh Ear
broldevirs, De® 'Erl=o/nE4, 9v Enndllsr-hiak Er i .=
P r =.S/Vintii,' and Tb.tind and Needle ar•
tide, Aho. 0.1110 1 . 1 . 1 Pka.... 1 .0
math , nduced Dna% nbnlevalenni MAE. .•
IV ' • Y. ELTON.
. : To Iffilllners.
CRAPE LEISSE, blue, white and pink;.
Vloserwol3llk, " '
Crsprs slate sa black.
Maud. wblte; blue l y:dr and twrw= '
Artificlal Flowers, owlw
7 bar. lad ned ats an. white, plat, bins sad black
Crap. abov. ram sad dodzable ipxkle TUI be 'old
rimy at am 2 61 Uszkrt. 11. ' 1621
L AWNS! LAWNSI—A... A. IdisoN & CO.
bare jcise opened spe case plats 'black Leas. scrl
cp. AWN IVW larts randy or Isantlfal faster color.
ad Lace.% at vacs Imo pins. at Tics. =l.l 04 alactetst.
. •
Co. are now offerhut th eir hate lad varkd .eat.
meat vl Pm-4mM at very related pm.. Cvemetey mord.
to sat others are ve4o , 4tml esmolee before
Fine French Broadcloths,
NURPHY & BURCHFIELD invite the at,
tentloa of bargee to the!: easertomot of the shove
Loft. Alm!. neer Al the leh '4 .larlettegs- .• .4•2 momf.otottt l'
VI:UPC - SHAWLS, at reduced prices
A. A. MASON A M. will dor ant their duet of Maw
d=odeteaterevi Mama. at..t . cm
• No 6 62AlsrVIL. • Jar
I AWNS 1 ' LAWNS 1 at fit eta. per 'met—
AA. A. MASON CO. WI a t .
.iparrtng the teurt. wea.-
11..• WI of ebesp LK= en, •-xhitnitAl In thl• 4t7, et W Ppm Phi leente per Mel sr , Tle• &Weal. ot.e.
. _
(HEAP BONEETSI- , -A. A. Mawr &Co.
MIRFLN(III FLOWERS:—The ittenkion of
• Piano and Table Covers.
&A. MASON do CO. would. respectfalli
. non too... Maim of le Mete my en
menu...a al viably Walla eallblel.el
sad table roses, ..aortal ea Aloe. .sett_laeVmieelal
g ri ;1 te itr,W 4,47 "
Zitlistart CLOTHS, for AleceiCrind Bop'
1..7 Weer; alma, Tweed. Cashmatetti.lilandeassa. i4la
gust variety- of Milo' alal oonam.. readied sad *demi
low oaths stun -
• 4813 . • otO.rirr • suacunsw.
- - - -
Bunbteld bass rsselnd • supply cettss sbors Ps.%
adlas some or irray suparior psl3
Lace Cnrtaine.
T' HAVE just received: direct Irons the Xl:a
-pat.; a Was wosisoent a LIP 061 , 4111.14 'Watt I
• Bell law. Candy Diaterisle sai Vilna:dos. of touts.
J HLAPS--A Superior urtiele n tirl ia t
_ for
by mul"
*Oa= ot — Xlifir7. •
OASES Green Mired Je4uus;
Slut. Brod Oath
6'61. J
ned from 4asteritounitneto
71 " ' ag =1 " .1 " 4 4 2...1. sny farenble tlsos.
4 lifealfr a is&
at 7
• I: : •"t IQ • ' . 4
—Then Inoue r. of . utility fa all Wale of
writ aliretkna Ir4iie ta reanirad. our
driving aro, la an. . also. ui
infallible nanny any bautla
. awl! J. t 11.P111111141.
INDIA. RUBBER COTS—An excellent Cot-
JIL abut lb, yore ewers aeon; folf.odborister and lar
yorvions to sir n
wsu-fer ' •
J salo . Moo. IL IM MS.
and 10 Wood N.
atr 10
.110TTON.11011TRY full
i f i; , l 2 .ema i rrltlf LIal• Thmal, q ll4t. uui4=lll.
muIIM ramib at.
IARLEIPPRUIT--400 ha. Peaches;;
trt.c each tirrst."
IFLOOIt OIL CLOTHS.—A - bags. stook of
Incos ou clottm of widths notptoll Iraa it to • Tal
• ar• Itirp•alti ••11 latr as t he =OW . Rods
intretmott it& Om Let. U.:chants mt boom', an
moaned to gaud enattlo• cant rttjtjtmO.mll
elsewhere. 11/I.LIYIS.
mite ' - • i mkt Wong eI
Straw Bonnet and Hat-Werelionise,
Na 105 bLuiczT Szar.vr,
442. I'4.LNER . offers ror sale, at very
• 1., V*0..411 stortotant dints" and 11.1 Thar
;110/VN LTossign 410 A1440454a..0 Owl
tam. Wad, olds.onap, Million. lam alar,Panisis. Las
13 as.. le.
IljAra=treal. atard
Ot u t , ilrsidaradmsa r.
Olds. Imp. Leah asal
ca7.4s=d,aad alba Wahl. 0 , ./116 .
M itaftrellich D••••• 1.4 od.s.v....ant-
Gem vadat and cant ants tams sad Was. tape.
LICTS—Ylsin and Noma salts sad Wand talk sad
Croon !Oita
STRAW TRINNIXO3—Cads, Tassel,. Batiat dna%
Nl•tinak a 1... as.
FLO IiTLS--Vroult tad disarlant 11priga amass and
P ;tinr/V. ararbrallara-0 bit ds Xs.
Oa aim d• Morava. sod alba slsa mortal
tWltx••nd orAan. •
LITT.NS—Assott d midi. sad colors.
das—nleas and 4nsalad ihassolS sad Umbra , Baal
irm..muraz . atterv= 0 . 44
abated t=dlsrana — '7lrsas lar
.h Spier sonsc.dag the
mks American.lad beam , bat
mare. • . I 7 .1.1114 laportmanat Of V 16.1 C
'etlmm ,"" rulti " f " a r= "'lM :rf tiMirita
', Out man. ejtd. and batalt!ss . ..l
stocks sod si tae Alktnall of taloa tb•
Is *demised ao OW at pan sa will oca;l7
to tar...hint arab a rail. that not tidy tbs oast manor
Clothing sold at this aststdisatasal. bat also id, Um low
est prices ia 111.4 c0t
All Gators ta do , Tailoring Ilsa .in t 4 •!
posakia manor. and id ths station masa
w. aCectistanc
IS am esustantly nativism I& ulna etott of
. canonic: is smiths 611mici 'Meting
'it". stay.' Volret PU• Corpotc is do. eolimds7 ran.
ods . do. do. Etro.r . rid; mpor.=orporto•
2:1 ant= tdill ' a rii r. 44, 41.,,,,n1tt
vol. do; 44,34, 04, sad 114 WWI sod loom do.
extra Opals atta Soo do; 404 oatrulattod do: en' do4onookoo do. Door *dr tatty do. do:
door. a do. do.bedotalersco do. do.
s onto at salk 6 tsaoe L
11-4,74, 04. 44, 44: and 3.4 oil Claim
doodt,ot 41 do= Carp.* Blatt= UK=
P.Ocrtat4o:=4"oood.l4 Carr, Tot
roji iffaiktodaddic Vonktost Aw l % Mao
0.7.14 Mood do: Vir= .l2. t. th 4
altridod iroodoloo. of ten Med sad =stip.
wand styloo sad.eolsole le• 424 impend is Adtv oat
P*F" , " .. .ghn , P4 4 P o s i g
e ts . ipt AsSyssrafta.
y tastes to fial sod sinew ear dock 43
• Tba Carpet Warehouse, 85 Fcmrthetreet.
rnchl9 W. MoOLINTOOIL •
R REAL GOOD 'E a K!,l .i go l a
Sas Nut. la Us
or &amok' Tort w Dleu k.lotAt
new 121, eed g
ei l ltr` are JOUR WATT raA
VISH-10 bble: new Lake Trout;
. 1.7 10 et. far isl.
A pi lt-20 bbla. No. I,lotosal_k'
ARD 011-8 bbls. , NcL.l; far saa by
- JAMS DALEILL.6g Wan 0.•
3. s : : 4 bble. for sae by
ita bby• to• rktetiundlog
• 20 ta." " •
rat Ells br - JOHN WATS' &bp.
O. 8131101-25 hhp. 12t
11 '
Jam- - • z.
1►• TMSo3-1 bbL Na 1, f
f oT ab
II 25 !VDUs.: stisni74inal sad ls. nal* tor -
jah J
fb2e Lemon
...y AA* ••
'Yon` Mpg and atraarberyy Vinofflartior ado- by. • .
Wm:A.IO=LO It CO,'
L I AIRY' SALT—A superior article for the
or tads, poop is rsii irt o mosr.
Tao • ; , 256 Liel/ leCo
.AME4 . §(l up bLl: ii iN f o or sale !)y
ITIIrINDSOIL SOAP-5O boxes Ilyde% for
lia/a br Ingr2Bl 11.41. nIINESTOCIL W.
I'iSti-•-25 bble.La . k . e ! ti l t, 18,.977 --
sal• by 1° ht . )69 3. u.casirirt.D.
COD F1 ! .9.11--600 lbs.
w fl for sit a bg
D RIED PEACHES-100 bushels , dried
INSEED OIL-10 bbls. pure. for isle by
Jal6 11011113011, irrnal Leo.
It LOON 11A118--10,000 lbs.imperior qaal-
ACON SHOULDERS-35,000 lbs. Air sale
BACON-70001b&Hams, Sides, Shoulders,
ar sale by . Jon . IL k W.ILkItIIAUOII.
!!extra , .. pan. In OM
and*? We br 4•10 •S. W. 11A65.A.17011. •
Fisz-15 bbls. New , l4bitN •-1
SALERATUS-100 boxes pure; : •
• so Ws._ 'S....hubs
• A. J. B. CANT LEM.
' , ,BEft3N-720, o : boxes for wle by
ACON-16 casks Shoulders,
19 " Bung lbr iale ;
jela ta Viktor rt:
IP,ILEESE--80 boxes for sale IT__
IBAI4II . wlengrstec4e
ACKERElrlarter bbla No. 1 - fat.
suclama. tam agar* bai l , 03!
ACON—D) aka, received and for sale by,
NMED 011,-10 'obis for saI42NI,
HOCOLATE--128 bxr. Boston Chobolate
Wa ~ ,Wica a wcuum.tas...
][:;ARD OIL' of Bennett Jones'mai:offic
iates, ft nab by- - ISAIAII DR:KBY CO.
po 10 . . Weer Stoat Nis.
ARD.-2,000 lbs. Lard, for sale cow
Attnatt. by • T. WOODS t SO*,
no:61. ifura
U.ACOII--5000 lbs. Hog Round. ost cansign
Jl rbear ,lirr wby T. YfOODittiONl,6t:
CODFISH -10 drums for 'tale_y_
j. 2 .• • - J. B. =WORM' 1 1 1q___..k.
d S-100 bIAs 7 . I=s
LL Crol a Sa• glA ueori * ca.
110 P 10E-20 tierces Carolina-for sale , by
- annes HINCIIMX 00.
hhda. N. 0., for sale b
BORN--911bbls shelled, for sale by
8 , 10 H. P. TON 8088110840 8 CO.
LARIL-I2 bbL bi gore and for sale by
• " 4 , 1 . r Dif 5, 'glZ . 4.
AVAISA SUGAR.-50 his white no,
,we. sNrar,,Put rani wed ind tot
'" BUBB2-IZlVrateraaajceeLt.
I OAR SUGAR.-30 bblarloaf sugar (.
ectr44 mceobtiv)lbiss}.
ICE-14 tierces for sale' by
.{a wxca WC.I2tDISS9.
MIE-t-712 bbls No.' 1 Lard for 8010 by
S T . * . /1 . --40 1 1axzx Bolbr c igl i it: extra for
LAl,l')°" --32 1)146 I r a s e e n b Alaivaii
_ _
ILIENSE-30 bat. w.x. for sale : by
. . s. r. VON BONTIORS2 a CO'
bge. prime Oreen '):tio Co
tes.reerlral sal for als tg,_ JOUN
w a r co.
Pe •
lifikel3 IL --15 tierces Fresh, for sale by
111111 ED BEEF—:4OOO lbe prime,
.17 =lnd sal lb: Wel by je9
UGAR-64 ads, received and far ale 133
1,7 • 1 , 4 , lidalLIEN
ACKEREL-60 • bbls No. 3 1851, in
.1 ston wad Ix slab, - :I*9 3- W. rurtatuou.
itt i :iplFLOUß.--VJ ?tdveirgar fok
CA raal?„ $.
SALERATUS-31 euka,l o f i COr u i ss
CORCHINGS- 5 osaksprizaa on hand one
- -WrCKI 110CANDLE53.
ViiiiiilTlA TWIST TOBACCO- , 40 kegs
t.essis bt Jes ". INICY 41111!LIANDLESS.
ag Ilexal. 904:7: COLM'ae.: baking Akio b..t. of
rest Irltla the üblit.ou of eakt saw only. We Hoax
b. Lund the swat eterrealent abl cluspis• tba aats
•• n=l for bcntoottokl par•moklaTtgur 251p•en,ts b
. t•ad mild inslcima tele Ma =Mint 21•441. LaAt
k our, with • sews arnurse
••41 trouble. • alms br VP la 0C5ME ......
d ', "4
"X". •
'TM. A: [Mat- :
mr2ll' " _,- - ' • Asermea sad Tut
- - -
YE FLOUR-8 bble.for sale by -
lar3ll IL TOASSXLI. Oa. LI brtti
.11f.Ewa5Sr.---5° bazea
lbs. Shoulders;
BAcoN-43,0fr00 n.nibialgra co.
11 4 '14OUIL- 3 1.0 . Db . ?. Erk:
'1" saw ; - .71 aw.
UST ARD skaa)—apo 16s. for sale by
` aW.
BACON BOG ROUND-.-800e lbs. Bacon
-3000 lb& for tale by
Da= "
UGAIL-00 kthdp., N. 0., for sale ,
• 11. 111, . LUAU GIL
-—— -
ezetallftl 531gyadigtabaugklbj
KO .
main anfrrak Mann.
Ammixt tolpert; •
in ~
111 E, andtiiiiiie this
la, d oast t Lissa&
saws OPMW
LZ dams - Mao Wash
ss.amna -
BO hatai Tor Starda
It Res:.
- PalsOand Boa=
Ips. watilan Isalsil?a •
i Corner of Wood mid •
• 115 es i boxes ems
45 bf...elkoli
46 we user
'22 'IP Mgr. Js
• ee boxes ry e 4 s 3
.35 bbls. bes. I '
0 =t Nal do.
" 2 .24 ab. Worm
1200 sstra M 22422
1 911;1s. tissestrs '
au burs Strata esrbs2;
IUU Iu doss $21021222
luU Its susailsolles /lour.
Um AI. Sadbps..
a 4.4. Saki •
lb° " Cosa
Ulm. Nal*
wrs Banns /WC
111:1 an➢antaanz ?num
Pt bun
U mkt:
" stos OM= -
Ll. /1021
1 " (lam Tuner.
2 Beined
10 a l ltttnet 44 l
. asroa.-
' 1 tea eel Agit
• • Oil. to , nal=
._ .
Al No
20000 lea A 1000011 4 ...
• P l4l ' bit 2B halo Droll NOR. •
460 Inas V* lamp Il• 100 lag. Waso/00 '
6/. Kam/4pm 'OO Good Mann
/a t„ ilia . . 000 demo 1 / 1 /o • /
Io it. oedeatu
.. . . 00 5 calm.
, p... 1/In/ Ceseltali.
I . 1/1. 0, T.,.... • IS • 0 • LookNson.
00 " " lota . IYdlinioll 00 " San= Ileschna
100 eon LlsoM/100 Onialo 20 ".. Pelnn oooo . 4 ..
Y. 10110. klbalen
~ • - , a . _,,,=.;,,,.„,
.ttcritaatioiii., 10,1000•201 On• Ten
la/ qt. tal O. Malin &Pal llOna • . " "
YVMKutSt tellitia•; '
au cr. 41231 , 1.1.2
• Winn n O / I, 2/ ' " ..1010 Ws. la./ POO ans
• 100 lap Nalsoial don . . 00 .ln_ 4. l ›.ann,
UN la. V/lo,: .. .20 blll.
40 bb.o.oppor WI: . 103 a."201/0010
lit 01i.../4OP IA . „„W ..,: c .rer dmir. t 4. -
u. .!.. :, 0• 2 r , / „. 1.1 : -., . , . . 10. a 10.4.au11m
" ' " 03 " .01001/M•n, j •
ON .44.161M lano U ra 11 ""4
' 7.1..- '
1d . T.N... C '''" U SAhror — .W nal TOM_ 4 0 .11. 2
OUT aine. • 6.
•001 1 .... wm aama11 0 , .. a . or
, T• 4 7 " . 9.4 1 1 1 3231..d. ti1n1ik u 111ga r /ILTT4 •
Mama Mt in , am:l76
. IXIPaI ;--
S COMPAY' t .e.a ilticirrirsted
1151. with a Omar. b
C0...d bars as meal
Cacurry raw %atlas bah an araralatelt
thaJoiat atakplaa Um rata an arklitrdla•
thaw aarad by Mara fly ad as fa car
lows Urn Um ram( maa DWlLaOaqm,l . . .
Maul car ass_ we Aar as U.. award DT albs
indbAiretai Mama- Mao Lunn!Oa sada
at lan Us mutated nauttla Oat
JaLat Bark da a.
rkrarar- "KRW' "44'
7afY 0[
lb. Mute persatta the crarlag of bandana a* CLIr.
la sway Tana. lactuart M MIA of alga Warr., Da
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