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Brisrrres. )Linienrron—por, =Am% i see
by their alirrileement-ilnit the""caellated Fox
foray, :of Ilockeda,.. ae they style thernselres,
have arrived: in this, rity,:and win eta a sceiee
of eihltddowto Goes at Wilkins Hail,
this ereninir;.- The &Lett hive beta •pert at the
be psi* asssiaseig Unt the ,lissa?imsseiss are
raid to omit, from the spirit land, If .tweety.dri
ands each, and in arder, not of ono:120 tck nuke
the MON 'looney, trot to give the iaabitsithi of
the faineil ally of Pittshmh, better thanes
to make tcgatriee of their deceased "Mende sal
relativir;a4wM else
from tea to terelve,;Liad from two roar
P. hf. a at their la ...the - Baia Clair
We torn:Tanta ',attend - the - lectures and
. "Indlot the tree by it knits : " • We trust that
their (Wolopsionnavoill be bottentavortit data
ing to, than -those cf thr. inallstiat who have
hamdinaptefessal to !vie in litlabarsti, and
usderatind that this family yoderity gars . s
ptirsteezhiidtioit to a ',mordfew, the ...Wick
lap" brine tondos than any "hick have heart
DA.llo.24l7llo.3auff , r4ltregrat to learn that
the Hon. lianilitr Debi is new Iyiog in Sri* .
critleal . couttios it "i t ailtle Hotel,
Hi is eilirelt4tropkip ligiiiiiatiop of thaluni,
and, an int leannikour it degystaii Nedra re.
lerday .. by bit ahoy, nr: hopes of his rummy
ate enterteltinC , Th more eminent pligaciani
in Philadelphia, Morn Ih/intl. Dr. .help, are 1
wialtiniitpou Mio, ithd miry thing that medical 1
skill could -:1 10 , — (0 - ellecioco ' l 4 l "llgcockcall. has
been dine ..,'; '".- \:: 1" . ,
ifid that se v eral members of his'
bumpy Wiliitint foituatielphilt, this morning,
and expect, before"itle go to press, to reeeire
lator batilligenee. -,lars. Denny Is in Philadel
phia, trithheilhualtuid: . ' , • -
P. P!../4 . thee the above 'was, written, ''a de
444clonie naive tcom . lisjor Denny, of Wash-
Ingtcnt,pf C., dated Tuesday evening, eight - o'-
clock. :width brings the gratifying „intelligence
that *-r;',lllonny it better, and that hopes of his
3 1 c17'!e' . 7 1 : :: :j::
........ . . . -
. .
Is2...Vhatell 1 0 .--BeT. 8. B. Warka
B011tili; a 1:4.1:Ci*34 delivered tin stoma leo
tare lattnreatog at Isfeyette . nall. / Ills - argu
ment was to pr ose hat the Federal thinatitntion
does not • recognite,; r i wi n any manner, sanction
m '
elarery,tintit Is t both tolts-letter end ' I
spirit--El i- itignumatte were certainly forcible)_
and ingeuipta u The incongruity of the th ing
Was ithilthigliMt lath; itiostorm migkt:be said
of bitrantrentlin Mental object. Few aboli-
Poo* have ,
.re c tiptat this ground, • since
the Vara:SO: cm has become a hied
fact.;:-.liis notnoW, if it ever , was; a Subject of
acottrorinty; and 've should be pleased to' see
Kr.,Vird, take more tenable ggcnna; ' '
Fir/kola for free ' n; and we are grat-
Witt to' witness the tnia, atop which Mr. ;W.; ex-'
Whited, that this 44splaid, down. trodden, an
oppressed people are capable of - ising high in
the tale of sad mental cultivation.
Thinalthe was worth more.than ail his' ergo-
fft.rrill lecture Moth this evening at the same
. .
DikitrolULLY: COS IiZIOT,; 4 •Me B .3 fect4Y ll3
yest . wrOwp Committed to prisonhy Alterman Steel
Wow:teen of;
ecnriefitt, on; owls 19,:' Of ,
02 044 l' ldnatS l •
RaArilr. -A colored onion mon*, entered
thirwtere of Mrs. Mallen, on Webster street, sad
daemon money train the phweWhen ithid bent
depoetted,. The. see* knocked, 'Mrs. , W: who
happened to come m at the,tirite;AoWn, and waste
thiaioutuOy Co2DOcru4-Mmlfard,wis cola=
I*ted told= t.yAldarmius Stool, on. Mon
dailanfauf.Sburg4 on oath of J. A. 'Peat
uipr. dloor =loot iu tho public struts.
uera p i
EtuaticrutiW ' Patziolakitiesiris Obi
alltato prieqky yby AldeimanEy
chat on *troll,' -Bogus, lirith at
~ . .
r hitor, Harm Hem
tc.(l to 'prism,* mac named
on:oath 'Joseph Attlmiip,
. iiiscuren
Miller; •
with dlsord
SULTZI6iI , ISCEliii.—Aldeimut Major, yes
tads, Ootioxiiitfil to prison Ratharkw Fos, who
mith of Edwud wi th or
scolt, t mowl . mMoloos toiocliief. - - • - -• q
„ ~.:, ...,.._:....-_--„.:., ...• ...
...,...• „ . • . . ~
COLUSTaIi. We learn from the Tribine et
TittfesTe two regosersesit with _ their
teens on street, yesterdsy amt. . neon,
noislig tang la directions, end inch uleiltlin
thi iniddle of \ the' street Neither would torn
Soffit Orltbia left until'. the £'lck of the Court
came eking. arid ordered each to go &Mita on bin
ul~n eight hand _
_Three Sweatt Made &digit
pierehoe rettelqviefore his honor, Alderman
Htsekiet the utothutg: watch , weberus, end were
all=dtted to
prison on charges of :'e!llnT.e7
C4tmax:':,-The instiyl conimente
nint at-Jaffe:non Colley cintagoosh w ill
tits placeto
lirvirms.i—Theasni Eroolii; weaned ad disorder
ly„&eS, on daft - or Vint: tlelstrn, mu Toler
diiLat.entamirted io prison; by Alderman Steel, in
ad paying ,a fine of dire dollar andtlio
iLaSes.hisen.-;.onr readers reade swillbe as pleased .
Mt,* Eat be when they tearnand Ire,announce
I that there wan no pollee Misbelief hiportance,
ifistrday;hl fill our column..
, 1
,Hullati&enno comtrrillUella.—The
bens ditiocam,r of HabmtanY lug. nontatne
Otaktilloning • teutintdare of the ere in Brad";
Sat eaustr, , bY•whichlour men loot their
Ilaturbylnight about 12 o'clock; the
Usenet Dm. Ofistford of Wyabssin&Bredford ea,
tiMistertroyed by fin, and Ibur men, 'maiden!' of
this:,itchtity; were consumed. They acre, Mr.
H Fisimr;hged about 60 jiff", end Abra,
bane .his eon, aged about'3 yens, red.'
Abate Southilifilbabarre Than* Monaghan;
sod-0 yearns ,
resident of Plysnatdh; and a
rsesilythe name of Goldensithothose home, we
MOP% was it: Ude borough. Mr. Fisher was
.trapentniew'r• pn the North Branch •Canal, and
• "' 'ifioneed se arsoffine roun directlytrter the of
' Somas sleeping room. In the room -the
deceEmal roans and a tdr.CoorNM& were mileeli
Vein thebocum teolr fire. Mr. C. elontrof the live
Sant& 'Tile says he was awakened by
Fisher exclaim, ultra are taming
WIN Od to get by gotoglOwn stairs;
, • andenarepoised by the ihunes UM so* below.
; Strands a *cad trial, ettettlhe ha and broke'
bb WHO; and retreating again to the chamber,'
ha found imy.ont through a irbsdois The
term isitationd atbmpted,to get out, se was ev
filitaft*the location of theirannobn, And one
~-• • of thebtitstag: beettheirdla try out for state:
,eselefipsa! the doer. ...1.10. Fisher - 1u let 4
1111.001121tralikiren. , We kipr not whether the
iibsfasd sad
hite f r 1 V iIS her l
'aiithoise "si2p y,•
• F. beat the llottoe4 nob*. hmreeiressehastszeV
•, _ aola of.the hosiehold Grads -noes s, single:
-1044 'Mr..•,'Yettier, ore waterstoad, Isdriceired
• Istesthastelhe day beast, and en ftstardsy hid.
, , . • void Wash or his tumid, se would teke the:titer •
It isiippased he haul Is thiethre seised itoziarisi
• . . ollirs,Liddoh,totettoor with Woks and =poi
- seasettod otth tie tottinesithere, were ill beat:
Altleohtdito the hoose trusts large shszttee;he
. • Whiettitokhrads wets asleep. all althorn wade
iticin=teszPv The *Pita ism enstral
. , . ...
~, r os. ream= of the deemed parsons
~..., , wee untied to this place atiltteadsy. sad sitar
. 1, . belt ,n I trardw were ciampct to d or*:
dikes' sintotsdfstoilis d
.. , . .
'. ' . 4el4_7;',
The pipers vs* of the-eadtnied
tiotrof endation to the united Stake--and the
Um** . no*** tips that if ealignigoi
i pp .! tot tit Ito present rote, in ten ye= time the
• add**t Ireland willbe no grater ,than
Vteiteeelty Freeman (Galiray)*thianthat-
Ara a tatter from Landon, aancontoes the organ
ofiontiOn an Inthustial,hody appal.
Wepromote teneattentin comitenleatton be.
.*1 the anhamtption .of 350,000
asd=imattept-;tonsi:d the *tab*** of that
nays here been atri*ly enter;
Ad Into;:* ardent glean to.two eminent en
aeleing Mein "Roglatid, for the , eoetaW,foo
'Of WO - stimennfpcower and *fed *oWe. • r. to
any thbvPhettohnown on the ittlant to ion
the "fetrittertteen, the Irish and Amok*
Miller o f.ithalaall, s iaid
YOtt Pain and-Son, of Greannielr, are,
• . therm* engaged *UM the treti prink
torto sham voill *tidy appee
"I** . 4 4..miE1c.1S Zust.Colugmff,4 EOM
.~.~._. r.. ~ , . .. .. , . ..
31 381 e*124.2' *az,
LID aim= ran , * ti
. . .
.riErinpriiminctuuts BY /ME =WK.
Haw Teux, Aug: 5. '
rommtrata. - • ' • •-
- "_There are yl:mcas. of a ministerial Mists in
Portal*. . . liakhuthii ls not comuumallng that
rxerldenee lebickr• itormi hoped he "add. In
tme,regitarut an actW' remit had :broken out,
brit Ina munlitly quelled by the Duke. ABU*
shut/rum , were ' becoming - more . treciueut than
ever mere billume.
retitionabettrerm thePorta and the Pasha
of: ire, beeureleg ' more uneaah through
at the Sultan to bring the Packs into
mere let eubjectiou, which he strenuously re-
11thing irea •
0 of interest tramp in the
Eritll empthsh Parllantrati ,Tlds Papal Bill,. after an
a by.Lord Monteagh .to exclude.
from Eta operation, paned throtigh Committlr elanee i n
'the Haase of Lards, on the night of the .25thi
and MIS to be read &third lime the following
Tlus Majority in its favor in bag&
In the Haase of_Commons,the bill regulating
the =stoma Was passel finally. It was carried
in -opposition, to. Mr. Ilervie's motion, that the
crown be Tetitioned to withdraw the maritime
eitended. to certain countries which
had not reciprocated the concessions made by
England. The debate an this motionless warm,
hut the free traders overpowered the protection-
The total d umber of , vteitore to the Crystal
Palace, thi tsth,inis.26,Boo, sad the'receipts
amounted to nearlj .£B,OOO.
Lori Mendel has' started as. a candidata for
the represeundies of Limerick, and will be op.
4:7 Mr. Emile% a popular resident of the
Mr. It. objects to the Earl as an En
glishimm„ and - calls out Ireland for - the Irish.
The Lard Lienteama bad left Dahlia - en route
The'renalne of the late Mr. Shiel, are to be
taken from Florence to Ireland at the expense of
the Government. .
'A number of gentlemen, 'with Void Ashburton
at their head, have formed themselves into en
emaciation for the purpose of inducing the gov
ernment to ',bitch they belong to establish an
uniform sad - low rate of postage on letters from
all parte of the world.
The importation of cotton from.Trinidad4a
untica, Earbadoes and Grenada, is deemed to be
of mumiderable importance. '
The barred of Ireland pnimises well. There
Lisa teeth in the report that the potato rot had
appeared. The, contradiction is given on the
authority of s> Liverpool gentlemen; who hes
travelled through'all Ulster, and the greater part .
Hof edlumtlett• - •
1 At a meetingerf the Mutilators of the Royal
1 Bank, .it was Ithinen that the profits foi the year
ending on the 86th of June, alter paying theirn
twist on the' original and.preference shares, had
increased the reserved tondo to £72,600, and
. ,
mi . . Lan man win in AHD ABMS
.The steamera Cincinnati - awl Pamper° are to
aett to night for Can;
..oen. Lopes zees out in
the latter weesel, with MCI and WM. A mass
menting" is now ,being - held,' to eelebeate their
departsre • -
Nitwit, (N. J.) Augitat 5
hiariaretGarraty:an Iriah,wontan, killed Ed
ward Dtum; in the street last erening, by stab-
Wag him with scarring knife, as, he was walking
with Ida. leite,,to whom he- had recently. been
mauled. She &Seminude committed enicide by ,
cutting her own throat' Dann -bad been engaged
to hisrpret, but.had broken this engagement and
married "aziothaviroixuni. - -
Larder&le comity, ee far es hurl from,
Newton; ambit candidate for Cottgreavhed 22
mikiority.torerEnbtierti, 'iseeesiloaist. For State
Senator, the =ion Whig majority arm ?Traver
the etierselonist denioeratie candidate:
Nothing u repeiral from Indiana yet. ,
. _
• Ittcrieio. 6:
tei itte. gale occurred lest night, on Lake
Thesehoonex H. N. Oates, from the tippet:
fccelleatteel; eras stripped of bar
aid:pat •herv, roe - repairs. The LO. Wtted
iris sank,' and the Bated Hale badly Ware&
Boerne, Aug. 6: '„
Hon. Daniel Webster and family =teed at the
Revere House, *today, where they,rrill remain
fora few days....-_ . ,
Kerrrpert ELECTIONS..
. Cohmemional district is in doubt. • ?der
shall; however, is believed to be elected:Boyd
hi no doubt elected in the bat, and Grey, theM
depeoldentWlMg candidate, -in the 2d; :Beechen
stage m in ba the tenth district:. - ..
nem — , in the eighth; and Stanton, Dem ,
; The returns for Governor, thus far, indicate
• So . ,.kinks results.C4' the election for Judges •aaceitained,` probably .. to-mor
row. Saunter Treat ie sapposeoa elected
over Mantioniery, • orßbeir, to deco:Met of Com
mon Etta. •
. .
, ' • -....'.. _•.-. ~-..-......- ...- IVeanuttroti, depot S.
• The Preildeat. , accompanied by the tteatetarY
of Ws; soli of the. Interior. loft this rnmillE
Brisrox, August 5. - 7
steam= Europa inived at 61 o'clock this
.i . - , . _WASlLlEfirOie.Anust 5. .. ,
The jar,. is the rase of Hay, churgW with tics
Mulder -of hie mire, brought. in a verdict; of.
guilty, with a re commendation to the Executive
to commute the punishment - .'The /nage denied
that the Executive MO any' such power. 'The
Jut • then being - polled, four. only ansirered
..guilty," and they:were 'compelled igaln to retire.
in order te - igrec•upenis verllct •- - • ' --.- -
I. :13.arniurse, AUgueso.
Commie, at an extra session , yes
testis , 'or committee to. apply to the
tio; 'maven act empowering the city
Of to subscribe one and a hair!toillion
of."dollarai for the QteIMICID: of the BidtimorO
acrd OhioßeihrOmi tol.Psikeribarg, :Va.. ..*-- ~...:-..,"
, ....„. . -
- . . .... ..- .
• -
Flour The latter ht.titestly at $4,121®4,25,
tar old and fresh 'brands. . ' • •,• •
Orsita—.64les 6000 tushels whest at 85c06lEtc,
for.SOuthern red,. and incgos for White. Corn
ii in request at 640 Tor yellow, tad GOc for wax
ed Western.' ' Sales Of Southern mate at 20c.: -•
Proritiour and eroceries are steady. •
Whishey is selling st 214 V?• gal- . -'
- ' • . - • ' Bsirtithas, Aug. 5.
'.." - Pkmr--13.ilail400bbls. B. S. btlaidit, and 1000
bbla. illy mills at $414 bbl: ' -
By* Flour" Is' selling at VI 5611 bbl
i ' Corsi Mal-Bates et $2 94 per bbl.
rid. Wheat - tit 78@SOc, iud
white at - 80(30350,14 _.Yellow corn Is selling
At 60c,"and while at 64c per bit. Eye id; edliog
at 64e
Pzurielons-410 . W pork is selling at sls'B7®
116 14kbl.
Bacon shoulders are selling st.7;e,
sides and barns st 10011 eta.' iialCs of •.'• 7
GroaW• es—Ssien of -Rio Coif*. at
Salinas° bids Porta Ithici Sugartit 4@54; also
100 hkda ;Polio Biro ktolasses at I'J} v gat
~Fiathers=B,l4s at silo v. tb
Whlsitey:=43alea at 23 ®244llgsh. s.
.11001( NUMMI*
• . Nsw Toss, Aug. L.
Cottoa—Ths inuket fs..depeessodl, with sales
of middling at 7f.rb„ ,
Floter--The mentet is 'ratlne in War Of buy
ers: with but - it moderato business doing. Tho
sales werelsoo bblu ist $a 831® 4 12 for State,.
and 184121@a 25 for Geneses... '' . • --
, :.Bye Flour selling - 14.W PO .1 1 bbl-
Is ' '
Gretn-4sls of Ohitisrhest at 85037 V bi.
Bales St COOO bu.'curn at 55q for mixed.. • .
rsollAsss:"Thero .is less movement in Durk;
the mikes, however, b fie/Adj. at $ l4 8 4 for
W a e is , ,t3slos i. of a or e tzfit ib ls . lo 75 1,1 bsrrel. 4
Linseed pit-84.1.4 1505 gsponsnt 7aio Per
Tobacco' o... Wes of Eentoeici kit 'at C2/0 1 2 •
TRUPlP—There is klutdersti:request, at: To
. ,ilk okay-Balsa at.. 240 14 villo - ' ' '
'c l itucaThe Eisrtet is zither hieinlar wit
171fnseThere Is ;no matted elostige IP ficuM,
Sale* of State at $4 06, and of fieseses at $4 12i
"Atcati'llettlales at $8 121.* VOL.'
.:?,PlthisiOns—Pork telette atm., with eatitt.'of
itar. satiaz at43sles of mess beef at
es. 15,000. ba:- Otthi , red - srlisat at
91 ®o4e, sad &cargo At 000 "elm. Sales 40.000
ba.ela 0=14,66 far, mile4,land OS for, yellow.
-*Cotee - -;alles 2 - 0001141"Blorof!ii at - SM
Wool—The tia - Eitti: • "" "F)
Aug 6.
' Flour—The dessarid .is socisi,; with soles at.
$3.28.?.bb1, which is tharalieg rate. •
Whiskey—Bales at 18 0 "4? gall. • .
Prorisioas—.Bales 70 hit& bacon at Sie for
plala hams
.loose:: „ a d hitcfor ribbed sides,
Cheese—Sales 400 Ws at 40'11 lb. articles are vitlfoat ohs:3ga,
Beeverbe ofierinp writ' 1100-hied, 780 of
which were sold at V, 25 101153 on the hoof: equal
to $4,60(05,76 net, In aecrsging $2,62 "til
Hogs,-Soles ati $6:7 5 '.5 1 1 cwt. • -
prznanvasta.—thst. Johnston is .bearing
himself gallantly. Eels cenitantlyaddrissingthe
People, and ie.ererywherei received Wiihlayor.
No truer indicter warp political Minor, or Wes
more deserting the thanksof. the Whigs ofL.the.
Union. And yet men professing. attachment to
Whig principles urn constantly thrusting st hie
“fifth rib.", A less sturdy champion ',of the
Whig filth would retreat under these combined
'maks, but GO. J. bell •to -.Lee In who,
attacks, but GO.. /page to a race In whom
vocabulary there la no such word u 'retreat."
'New Mexrco.--Gezeral Houston, .who le sup
posed to know more of Texan history than any
man living, ; recently declared in an address de
liverid at Galveston, that Texas only had a claim
to New Mexico—not a right—and that she weak
ened that claim herself by offering to tteat with
New llexico man independent power. In or
der; however, that wetpay not be suspected of
doing the a enl;rel areeopy from a sketch
in the Galveston Journal,ithat portion of bin re
marks relating to thin subject, as follows:
" alluded to the sale,of the Banta Fe terri
tory, and thought that ifthere was anything,
*relight the trade it wee that Team had got
little more' than thei country was :worth ;: but as
he acted only in the Capacity of agent of the peo
ple, that responsibility most rest on their mim
etic:tees. • Tema, he said, had but a claim to
Santa Fe„ and that the Government Id Texas
from 1838 to 1841 had weakened that claim by
offering, in substanee,,te treat with New Mexico
as a foreign power."
Now Bain to 0nt0.4-Ths Ohto State Journal
contains notices of the organization of four
banks ander the act of March - 2I; to authorise
Free Bankiitg ae follows: "Iron Bank of Iron
ton; located at Ironton, Lawrene.ocanty ; Mer
chant's Think of 'Massillon. at Massillon; Stark
county Bank; at Canton ; and the Springfield
Bank, at Springfield." • '
This - state has a larger colored . population in
proportion to its sins and white people, than any
other of the free states;; and more than half of
all the freeeolored people ip the Union are to be
found in the five middle states—New York, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland,
The three adjoining states, Virginia, North Car
olina and Ohio, eontainscrrer 100,000 more, lea,-
ing,lesa than 100,000 for the other twenty-tio
statea,.there being eatonanttirely very few free
negroes in the Eastern or Western Etat:B.-2'o're -
ark Daily Ads. .
F,the Potighkrgurie Eagle of today
HODSOS Riven Ranstran.—On Ilredensday last
another link of this road waSopened, and • train
C41:00 down as far as TiVeli, ten miles this side
of Othlull, and
twenty-seven miles North edible
place, leaving:but this short section to be sup
plied by steamboat.—Regular passenger trains
will run to and from Tivoli on 'Monday, and three
daily trains run through regolarlyr. In two
months more the whole work wilibe completed,
It is mow doings Thy large and profitable busi
ness, notwithstanding it buss strong a compe
tition on the river as can be got up.
scoundrel undertook on Tuesday last to
theoy a train off the linden river railroad,
somewhere bete= Oakhill and Albany,hy piling
a number of ties on the track, but the attempt
failed because the jowl is constantly guarded.
a flag man finding the obstruction gave thnsigul
of danger as the first train approached, which
stopped, and the ties were removed in a few mo
ments, and the care pissed on without danger or
accident. The plan of keeping this road watch
ed constantly by sentinels, renders it the moat
safe in the country. And other roads should be
guarded in like. manner :and by th ese meads
nine-tenths of haceideins that occur maybe
. . . .
. -
ilOllOlAllOff..—ACCOR3ili to the statistics of
immigration for the port of New York, we learn
diat thirty thousand and thirty-four eroignsnta
landed there daring the month - of July,
as iimense over the arrinla for the previous
month of 64134. Of the whole number shove
named, 13,398 were from Liverpool, 4701 from
Hain, 1,926 from. Bremen, 1,316 from .Antwerp;
1,129 from Norway, 89S from Glasgow, andlesa
et arrivals from varletm, other qoartera. The
whole number of vessels 'which readied New
York daring the interval- referred to, SW 126.
In addition to these 25 steamers arrived from
Liverpool, Bremen, California, New Orleans,-
Savannah and Charleiton; bringing 3826 passen
gers, makingthitotallmmigrailou for the month
88,659. t. .
A Heim Bor.—The heroism of James North,
'a boy who assisted materially In rescuing the
buried miners at the North Bide colliery, near
Bristol. England, Is desemedly attracting atten
tion. Ata critical period, when nobody seemed
inclined co nsklife bean attempt to bring the mi
ners out, Mr. Nettleton° looked round the crowd
marl said, '"19111 no one try to save them 1" when
a modest looking, indeed rather an effeminate
looking youth, named James Nora',
will; and soon after he did enter the bucket.
over which powerful shields had been fixed, and
descended to the men. Silence was strictly en
joined, and attention mu stretched for the sig
nal to haul up. At length the signal was receiv
ed, and Ins few minutes the men appeared, weak
and exhausted. They stated that the sir was et
bad thst no candle eotdd be , got near the tip
shaft leading to the lower seam. One of them
felt sure that all below must be dead; the other
still hoped, sad thought exertion should be Made.
fforthusin volunteered; and, encouraged
by his example, fire other men now offered to
godown. They labotedto raters the ventilbsting
apparatus; but were driven up again without
my succata' North had crept to the edgeof the
tip-shaft, and shouted and hammered for seveml
minutes, but .got no answer. North's idea of
hammering was achnitable ; the barbel miners
might have heard the stroke; end thoughtit the
sound of helping commas* with rescuing tools,
when the human voice would be unheard in the
trubterranesn depths- Bat North got no signal
of life'ln return. The
labor was continued, end
at last the ventilletion was enough , restored to
allow the 'men to erect a windlass, and, lower
Borth &ism the "tip•shaft." He found theudners
alive, huddled togetberosear, tbs blocked up main
shall, engaged in prayer. Theylad worked for
hours endeavoring to clear the main shaft—had
carried tom of the debris into the workings ; but
their lights went but, and they gave themselves
up for lost Crowding to the fresh earth in the
main shaft, which gave out freaherair for breath
ing, they prayed to Ood. The scene at the ph
mouth, as they appeared among their relatives
one by one, nearly lifeless with exhaustion, was
affecting, None were dangetonaly ill, and all.
Freight received for all the Way Stations
on the Pennsylvania Central Raihroad.
41tre, •• ' Aleatory.
• ' • Jame. North.
LowleteeriMoment &... . - Z4 4 tv,Mitr , •
• .t. E ulk. Ua
1 •
"".• •
Ihml.D mx ‘ = "44' --- • - •'• 1. wallower t Ikra. •
Mahn Morran. CO. &
- klillansowo, • Aw i taa ld ws.
Ile r lrerrA ' ••• •• •f. Hie h ALM'
- 1 1 ,2 1 g 1 / 4 •, •
: -J°hMir'dl'lta COLD.
conwr Of rtnil •O 4 !cunt ,1
INSEED °ll'-14Jbabc111)SiiruitiLilw.
1,7 extra bras and bean 6.. . 1 . Fr
J •
SPONQE—Extra One baited, for rale ty
111AINTS GROUND IN OIL, in 1 lb. cane
-maw am Bay llmbrr. ChroFtelielor, rui.o nw
'‘ .1t.1 ".4 *" .rstlVA AVM& C0..24 Wool IL
, ALCOLIOL-76 and 92 deg. strength, for
ti s. by 1.027) .I.II9IIOOIIIIAKEPt CO.
Wv bbls: for' 'ale by
ke27 te11000dA1(131k
kLLEK'S Nerve and Bono Liniment --.5
pow (or sale br j. 110 4, 1 j Ascot j
'y, —ll bales Missouri, - for sale by
oso Itygr, )lAlllllOl'B
OTTON-48 Wes for salo_IIL:
E-4359 pigs Galeiii,Wealeiii .-
"ir; ; ' itligv. hinvirwa A. to.
F RVIT-4450 *. prirde Pesch ;::,
------------ _
SUGAR 9--124 Crushefl
fad Chrlikd ougarc t.t•
brands bcpr sal* br , . WA!. VALIILkY 4X , .. •
le3o , IS apitliO Weal ic • :
OAF 8.11(Li.B;- 50 loaves Layering's Dau
m ta ass.os. reft s 4
4 me 'quanta:
1- • • ' New
11. MAW.-
joke; - BIELLOBe.NoI 81
. • bad named tad Itadaddaiad Mae of
. ,
I.lit* . reslatloas by littobeic' -
Etentehtles s er &battler
welcome thee with hbeteeeh
- cher tar. Ws bead of 1111.0 -
MS UM. V. the beast be
tbee arr. tuuld:_. •
' o
are the frightle sf .
Da ' • Rheas Dalkt am r"
D sad Worm' ' ' •
kilos Days Orem • Jenny Mud Dolls 4
s e e b • milk, • • . W. 3,1 Qui , * sun
au pet swam • '•„ Wahlei I were with tbee.
Gerd Lack Balt% -Dread Rumba Phlbs
IpDintt are how the hoes liaraburgLyoliss
. •
PIANO&—A ens' etSeh sh band
end arriving. • . . • : lin I
IrS-4 casks enpe.rior, for sale on con
i tioaarot by I. WOOD 4 twOON.d.
• .
• ,
.. OWDER-- , P
WOO kvia lILI.NTs snyvior Blutins:
• 10ruk. Seedy Shoe: for *go low by
. .
171.2 .. ; , J. S. DILWORTH *CO. 1
fILARET WINE—A choice artiole,for tam.
kJ Sly nea br the me (one down). fmr sale
LOVERING'S SUGAR-50 bblg. Crashed
.11 lialreaired. far Ada by .
of N. Harper A I.k.'s celebrated Ilay and
loran, on band and for .10 at cadent brig, by
K W. YOINDENTEII, Water lancet,
.N. 12 Agent for Ranter k Co.
. • Copper Stocks,
orlE TIAVE orders for the Stock of vari-
' WWI. Commlog of Lk. naperlor. , Tbmoo
Mog rc tell will Dime call, or
i I 1 1 P . i M ig
LOUR—a+) bbls. eitza Fam., for sale by .
I n • .&.& W. MULLS OCIII.
PACIIES-10 casts prime Ifillves, for
sale br. JAI 6.t W. lIARBAUOIL '
IVEW MACKEREL-40 bbla No. 3, largo
1T7 :13.1,11 7 1Pa5t renolve
* alb .
Iv 1 , 1 ' e . rn xea Ay. an
Country brands, for aI. PY
411 W. uenttivan.
•Q,ODA ASH-650 casks, of our own mono•
vigna. ted . ot blab ern won taloned, -
avd 6e sly '
" ""' IIIM4II " •
tilt • Fan at. near tan.
PACKED . TEAS I .—Jenkins it Co.'s (of
Philadelphia) envoi= meted Green and Mark
In every variety. ran et ail dines bewypUMtooider. ant
W vrvrranted to 16..115. , T* • pougDsmi ,
1717 . Agent to JontlnTik
ttatmrgh,Vincipati and Louis9le Telt!.
!FM StiAßErethis StoCk !anted at
Erchans• O. or
LEACLUNG POWDERS-200 seeks for
AM3-500 prime Convivial. for 'sale by
Jill. B. I W. JUR • 11:1011.
OOL! W001.4--Cao paid ‘ for the dill.
ae s" 4 "":" 11.1 s. & w.its.entmatt.
CODA ASH-15 caskei_f . or= atam
Jill - r A
I!OFFEE-125 sacks Green:Rio, for sale by
- A. C 131.1303130,1 a ar.
TOBACCO -100 boxes Alanufactired. W.
LL Grant's, Rosen s 11.obil ettsre eta*
bravo /.1 Ibr sala or A. CULDIuti •CO
. . •
37 Minty
VIOLASSES-50 bblo. N. 0. for oale by
irn A. CULMEATAON a oCi.
VOTASII-20 maksvire, for sale by
CORN -500 ba. Shelled, for sale by
Jill ' J. R. DILWORTH • OD.
Communion Service.
TAN I. EA Bo RD wLs. S, A. CULS, ,i j bl it . T w E . : ; uO BAE
N. T15.1,10
.1,10 Mutat
ARD-1500 lbs. No. 1, for sale by
LI Jrn- T. WOODS A SON. 61 Raul st.
SODA ASII-21 , 1 casks
Vag sal. by J,TIO W.i F.
S HOT -11 kegs ass'd Nos. ; for sele t l B 7 •
TOAF SUGAR-150 bbb.used Noe., for
W. by 110 tr.& 7. WILSON:
DOW DEi—.soo kegs 1)u Pouts Blnatin&
1 100 . - ?9°'"4
" 11.4' ; - i t AALs fill o;. °l
FLAXSKED - 011 - 5 casks warranted pore,
for We by
He) R. IL -BILL= 6: Wood .
BLOOMS-20 tons for sale to
ottooieourod. IFS JO:a .
iflo W. a /P. WIL.6ON. -
SII. SYRUP-6 bbls. for sale bg .s.
, N -O. SUGAR-150 hlids. for sale b
(lIIRESE 151xaes reetirine peritidwell's
) Lino, old 44 Ws by JAllid DALT.SLL.
1 , 6 6.5 Raba. and 76 /nod ot.o.
MA tI CKEREL-60 bbIA. New N 0.3, for sale
4 ACKEREL-100 NEwNu: 3 Large;
qbdint tor iota by WM. IibbIALKY►CO,
• kb • is Ana 91 wo?.i et.
OAF SUOARS-300 bbln: *used Nov., fur
Tale Ay • W SS. DAT, &LEV DOT
, TS - IS w 0019.1 W.TI st.
nlO COFFEE-56V bap landing and for
..p.a.r.o . rra vrv:BAUALIff 4 CU.
prpEs=lso Wies White Clay pex;
DIOLASSES—.I bb13,511.537 1 1P
"71'1 111 li•T Witte. ••••0•11
*AM t • t• JOUN
LITE- - 100 bbls. f loW b I
id jo.rscunoos
--- boxeß . Roa w I,3mj e s i ...4A n ts 'ti avy b w, raart . , for
'COTTON-22 bales in store and for rode by
• "Water & /rot sts.
liOTTON BATTING—M . 4O Dales Family, on
lJ mialgratut, sals km to er.
111-ENSE+ISO boxes for solo by
1 A B-2 bbla• PuTn. Barbad....oe w s ha ro o0 r !ale
el 1 -0 2 1 "
a BCZCIIIRILD litre reeedred • few Owes blue slid
illaek Lim Twill
la.b ed Wrencßatah th
wi otbs, of • im
et .ial quality. Ai
esa•rarclalli vlaptokt to Omuta: Amt. ALw
CCalry. Mack Uant. Crap, Ilumbasittea. mad other
0.00 .raos Goods -4r fall asiamtotrot to Po Stand
O. at a x ore of. • mama suue9rao).
M AC"lll3‘—' l2
/V 9"
' SAL DAUZLI., OJ Tramp U.
%;./ aat br sat bi • , . • Md. -I. kIeCLVRO CO.'a
jet, . _ Woe.. and Tes Maim' •
ric,„ Jrl , 4 " 1 ,„ ". sti.mortLorto „oo
; lillo4ll acKI tca .
I AKE FISH-25 Mils. Like Trout, (nerr;)
' 434 7;;T."1 1 " 4 "4 L ' t " • .7. D. r
FIG4ROii-60 eriper ß i2f i
a ruz i nl i e N ,ky
110SIN--^J:e Ible; for gaiety
'Saw " DAIIRD • lam.
f r r Qn4 l ,wPr9 mm oi
MACKI xEIrIOO bble. No. 3 (1851 for
pL br U.~) BAIBD r teal .
DICZ--50 tierces (to arrive
TIAIRD) for sale by
Alb pori _
.NUT OS - On coaelgnment,
ow two er.l4 thew to argto ttana.
On I •
_tiwa7l DICKEY W.
4.11.1AD--25 . bblii. for solo by
'IOPLEY'S POT OLAY-10 tuns [ono& by
pas 601100NMAKEk 00.
LIOLDEN SYRUP—In hf. tibia: and-10 gal
impo, Ito= tbq SLlAglm Sentry, for u. 19 bt._ •
MANNERS' 011,-27 bble. Rank Oil, for.
i. salt by . oje3
lODIDEVOTASII-50 lbs. for sale by
LEA1:11.400 'apt Oalono;
0 2, - • 61: " i• th aal.tigliitseil • co.
It i:00 31 3-200 Loan ST,ftTenti., - fof•tileiy
- • JAIILS yAur.4.
•. - . Wall Papa awl ittalleil. .-
/PROMAS PALMER, 55 Market sticei, re
spKilay WU. the ottentlOn of perd.m to ids
proeent ornaplett end esterud re stock: ...Sean 41 .... 4
every article In ble llo• of Nodule. 021
'41 7 1 /IL
1 4.11 - Mgt*
, 111 - TNION COYYllsia . PRESS—Tbe neatest
ke pt . ! . 1 i, t 6 13& 0 rg .1
r.v., "aLT. 4 ==-
I r r4tnn i ng lose labor Limo Ma comma
A rmes lam
prow Vor asio 11 • • W. 11. l &UR' •
je1:1 - Etatbarrrirarebounr, Market M.
perm mid RIAU* Document a the United 8444 ,
rom Oee , ge Washing= ta.t.r.od...
Bunn.; teuteththir I , ththeth 1114 . 6 . 1 .
thugraphipLl.Belentlfleal t eimakm,rowN.
Mesa& of the Twee , •
-.The above 14.WeEt • .
' 'EVI L ' • Oult,TON. 47 Maim.
from' th• smareaantels, MO Got Larar or .
" ga r ° !r emuapr
'WENCH .flikED—Bor ably'. •
' - weA5z*r.,.....g..., •
linporteri Canton ,qtiooW
- • %most RERLDWat BEV TOR/C.,
RESPECTFULLY inyite;buytTs to mat
lifiritios Da IIIENE—A11•40,
!•5 2 1";sitritrzrr rasu ui . 43 too. that too' boy
t'SZgig, trzt Tlack *i. 7 '' ottssm;_ Crays%
Colon.] C.V. aad JAZ
• . • • ' MUMS GOODS: - •
CLOD sumo AND WARTS—Just eaaelnd SO It.
'}g.% of lat colon and WINSS CILSPIS, of various
SATLN DI CDIDfE, Sam d., 8 . MNand ot t e rßELb
Ilat to the Cantos roarkst • 17/03.110
PAGGIIRER, N. 41 South &mad StsM ir rolo
I St. sot side.)Philadolabils - •
• No. 221 Mast 14..Pbilad.11ibi.
C. 1e0.21110...., L. MALM.
oaaaadoo 2derelam4cl464l !forth Water stmt.
lb North Whams, Magalvm. stitl
:;.. t
irCent saved to Cotafty_g_erehaata
J. KING, Dealer in BUMS AND
• 85131 a. No. le Nor th elecand Knelt, Phitodelphlt,
tee ad reel from theta mc./ rtt.nye nnn ncu
selected flak of the Om /cols. which Ell be mid at 3)
p a ct cent. kw than cen,be puecbsecd the city. Ibr met
‘l uaptan 7 . • call before tttchedeut.
To the Public
A has been called to agadtertierintnit by Rococo n. Lig,
10 the lileer York Ilerall of MR July, Mann.
the Courier and Daphne of seine dogs, in whieb. *nor
ydi ounierited obese of our attorwey,Ww.Judiors.lfsw,
eets that re dare riot thug...6bn with adrettugtkod
ywarie Potent owlet our own onsigs, and that be does not
Patente=rie r u th. tee==
India Itubbe Re M riger d irwiTr Roelroerii Canute , sod Pa
our orinet, awl are daily paying a tariff for lb* MDR sad
ON otberpenion Welt have drew atm wow it dispoisid to
do ON ralberian pirate upon (loodyeaes Puma. We
Wog it ware ilet to purehere • right. to use sag ter
breaths. to rture la N,. Bey bertiglewu Pnweriitsg,
'lW eVe O
gu a rr d .r,rs . :l2i o
t r ,AnUg , °Oe tri Whore saki, paints, Botta Ware
o rg who nem for • barge wnerstlia rreharel
tr. =All newer
o a irg ' sigriatuglig
Walter rum wit:lyres Patents, Irt the mannfirture h n
Shiud . ..ipikrliTa r by nterleineichitionofeald ran
I ' • by Win. A. Beekinernan, Treasure,
Ilutrbinern, Pnedgent.
Tole. July 141 0 , 1101. ' .
• jygris •
J. W. Heaton,
No 76 Moans Zane, New York,
iril l g E r ß ma d oL o gY in Mat i v and
sham rut. Pend/x.8.1T Basta. Aecordwo, tool
lair% RIZ, ,
Matiegnerr /mat Asostienaln nniiollll.
_Rew York LAU Rubber . Warelumoe, , . ,
.0r0.47 _Nara Lane and - No., 59 'Nassau and ,,
that toroth hum Broadway,' raetorf 2131butkith
MILE SUBSCRIBER . Prolinetor of this ea-
Jk: tablishaudd. would inform kisnW etistononk and
meal:oats gastarally, Wit ha b daily mashing goon his
Kioti an unusually largo and aszelest track of India
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and antood with UM Roast gam,.
finishes annal_to natant lestbek Be also sun
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canny dismested, by which ha cloth Is toads to bur
cwt reanablanos to enameled_ leasbar. fib. pule ewe,
d' *old IA wind. Orden* should spathrttareariaq
• .
aikkflOLS..—A full *toes of all the dilkennit 'AYH
I and varies/ea, Ham tbs. Inhumed Pan itobbent to Um
ga rj r =Phan. HHsad 7;l=7 .. . 1
turnd and Lined Patbbent. zr_
A mon:data osnonnont or ids showing oh. On
Maslottah.s.Costia.tkpek Toneben Pards,l46
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horn Cosers.‘tbitit, Botast.Pota n t .. theolo Paean:Viten*
trite=tigtrery= A tiitit kwiter ii = . 'grk
stole atantiketnear ot Vulcanised ,uetallla llnbtar woe
apstans, vain Oordystay's Patent,.
Th. Chown will ba found a mat ce.ruda can
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.non of (lapped Umiak bisanking Mon wad
hum whits and .11.
Pun HubberCenent lb: Ilatione um. " •
. salVaat . D. 1101411.5.. N. .
Shawls! Cloaks I Eaatillas!
giS. MILLS, No. 6 Cortlontlt et., N. York,-
.t, bow °realm' Ws Shawl Warabewe, a firth
et Pail analdllater SIIAWLS, commixing at al strlrr
of beach and Dadantir Wera Long Shawls. another with -
Sal Arnortagergt of Wreath and %lea= Swum aaf Loos
Shawls. at army grade:
baZir t. ,l '" ttAlL(7.=TertleraNns
Ibr o trar i.
Here .termers.
Me lan ltro Lb. rimier l rttnitiro of Saatbrra bad Was
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Abr. "awn. WINN MOW STANDS. Am arblbitlar
Shawl.lfratlllar, throw La even adored Who m&
irkarb.. /A asi to a.ra yearlf
-- Office, for Po 'reign Patents_ '
6 Wallet.. N. York. assd 166Fleetst,bondort..
de ns Creardrrdar4.',Frareer. MOM: '—grUMA,Uld
pe at-rdrope—the lanaadaeOlabi e sad ram
tataramtrale aalliaLare aen be bad bd air addreorea
rirtlete '' Weds rederree ark.:
Siterior Mack Writing_sadeopyin
NE'S EMPIRE INK. 87 Nassau e
. dr.ed... pre due 6 an. oar . elos.....—Lta • •
f_ o . the dridea — Ki. pr r eldge.
mo le the bNe. snide . .aaanrerwarea. It Saws Itr+
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dirt for arr=r ‘ r boars ' rtaaadra. lb. dam Mr
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or kepi are charged ... M ! ". ' t TLIZODOAC
• 4r Nomad" San liAdtpp
.11731 r • ./ale' TORII:
Professor Alex. C. Barry's Trieoplumme,•
diring,or.mths aed bereatilline the hie. maw;
'the semi eel dasdne. sod eases diem. of the IN
and emaecief, nee.. nee. brid% neemy . de. Lt .
CN bnn netWeel enema t. the Merry%
110.34 bee waded the Yee ekes la end slierart=e
she. eto. of Car
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.11alerive tatemaLl •,leketat from a of aliallat
h age' Vtle=stliTlebrisTrert hit Uwe who bans
glen It a • .
• Sew WO.
'Pool. MlST—Dean bee ben amine eta * ea.
taw. motion of du map. a • ..... 4 = 0 . 4
Wee. for 1 e lea dates reek end 11.1 period
bee bed tto mean of some of MO mon aorlael phyre•
NMI bee trel all the onsparatione to lb. Me eel
WO keol. a, without the lawn treadt. I wee Wien
brr • fraud la er tour Trewhanna did ee. to • INS
Owe. awl. to my earpree and grottennka. toad mete
eared la .hoot too smooths. herb vas the 'Memo. of tbe
deordw that at nee Iva. penally bled. i •
lteettfollr. loam V II MACON r.
140 Oulasebte Wee. Brooktca. • •
•• . •
• . . •
!Ws TO= O. ISO
Pus. lI.OIT-411 Mar 1911 , ...ib0tatW*7.....
dm* out •.treat deal,attd
vrtil daulruff. - I srs• told by a Mead to try sourTraoplum
ma, add I did so, bud to so/ usttddstabsut , mr bbb •bb
*Om suobod, bud dauditdl-41. G. On
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Wltb buret; t btu Yens übb;rturrft, - •
J MEADlVELL.o33lbrossltrut
.1.1111,;2; vatleduhd doubts the suttegttdatet
gio.dway, litirroirest=l tudissGiosisb•
• •
Atabt,ll AMA Nag.% MO.)
lor the heruttoeut tare of Madam
d.liesate o ut the truthful getottl=lh=
ItortrrkoVrertrlalleaelthoopoosed. It I. tor
t..lbil try the upper dame of the .1.0.11 , 111
alropteteu totretry to the I.d 111. WWII. primate to
otbor astWee of the Idea. Mope. violet to the nat.(
the holt, awl thue prometto Ice moth to • 7tnartada df
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of lb. .I t ho es eerftheati, it Matta
Entelltd. It I odd i n b rre •th.
101 Ilmoluty, sot at the thosreiste month,
the Vatted elote.ooCausto . *
CIIIOAOO. sursoie.
CONTINUES hie venal facilities to receive
o stems, Gale and Transhipment. n/1 Idesebandlso
onneigned Wm. Boats toles his dock tau, air all patati
on the tat o. and Um littnala Omni and Wear, •
Ile64ettc.-11.1cm Lon., nterlina A Gat •
Mensts. Amon a Quin;
' Mt. John A. Citashor,
Prodner. P,azuzW.l+ , a. mad Vonrariln /htueltszt.,, co lb.
• tmfro, Jum
Vlttdol ph., Ma •
Ref. to Alexamtm -
Manton. mil Loma. SWIM& 00 T 4
mtiat. ' • . MMI
111)17 - NIFO. TUTTLE, Attorney at Late,
ussi OgusatsMau / Or Ponarrinzda.lAL U.*
mom. IcaUora• preomptly 41.6. ex:l=l7
flit;o11N N Attorney and. Coro-
*aka 1.•• an& 00196111h 0 0.1. fa, an nibs :0
Ylvants, Zt. an* Il a nOat. at PlUab=l)
.• R.fervoro•—rittstnnvlr . Vt. rateud. a
.11111.4 . . lreandlem -A Meaux, John Pans. illmwal
Ecmpte. Nel.Nnsl k
Chickering's Pianos
10IIN U. MELLOR, Agent for
iIUP oft
Clammings Plate" 00 Pittsburgh
and Western Penaltissmso4o.3l Weed, ,_et,
.bes ?snivel end rum orlon har o. .
loving .h.gant seportuleut bt , Plauo Porta, aunt from*.
toesstutorr, et Mr. Chickertturs (Bodon)
One skeet Rutmood essmixttua Pft %1r.%
O. 4. P/Si " 4.
. Three " . tone.
cornet% "
two ppm.
The Moore Nob* Tittle. ore or the Mast styles of Mas
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6160 rot IIMS: •
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" 6 " ' 1466.6 area . ••.
666,66 ad 6'Dawn ly g , g, is goal m gem
v6e " "- 6.64 Beabory;
" 066 • `e4mbeuen
- • New Itindo.',
THE SPIRIT POLKA;scomposed - lorn;
Ebbw, and dalkatad to 13trybou a /calm ay Olt
'" ljaily.• Ralta. arraOlial by it:ll:l4ber; Y6la7wl OT.
Drarty'A liand,ca• of Abe mot ,aitsla oat. ,
11.11,81yonta rarlasiaaa, - • .
Taa Autumn a( oar,YM Volum. • . !
' - AL•4 aam onaeltor i Ir Mute far
Ars anim il aWrar . a.
IL—Y , d 7oTetam lAN m umr . op.l . .
Oaata7 ito "xpitassa 6 a gin Atop *a vaig.
•rram subscriber offers tar sale a fine Tract
Jew. mataluing ares,liena area
nrisity uoiaty. oontlaing . = save of tba
ma tom lead. between the Perasylvenla axed Oita, Ball
rad and Um Ohio alma Tectslanak. ornr) atm.
too; .ell saleaul 1 1 0 laaalag Pome.malthalle
• valuable Waft, Ann% with • ane PO . mid Oil IW4 !a
good numb' man, Yoe gudrum private emmery ma
dman, Ws unmade la am of Use Smut ever omted, be,
lag ammo to the city at all flame. bY kenaled. laval.•aa
Braver rood. •
• Sor Wow, wooly I W. C. DII Z enroll Bottria. Boa,
or worry. or LIZO. ff•-• RIDDLE, 140 roarth dine. auto.
• Valuable Real Mita for Sale. '.
following described, properties are of.
End the sale, mum Mow tn
• Ibur Only brick warehouse and lot; In iltteburlsh. en
ths moth aide of Wool street,
_between SUM and Sixth
street., now pee-tested Wm.kleCully Co.• .
Also—A lot he the Yeghth Word, Pittsburgh, boarded
bhtieetme t tegm th ßtlbeg Mill at the west. gad towering
Also—A bones an; totlrtre rit; of of
All. ' thew, trOntaa ;
30 feet on thelouth Common. 'between Sandusky st. and
COMMOI2, and runulner back to Water alley 240 leeti
ad olid e— elng the greenly of Ramey Childs. •
A lot, partly In Raw and partly In Reserre town
shi, Cbe waked leelow the arl. nometal, fronting
or , go o ob. eer; and 'mumblig About 1 week •
Also know and let, to Wiwi:mew Mtn now nentlided
he Creswell, fronting on Rank Lane, and Immeste•
• under Seminary 'llOl, eontabelng about 27 feet In
.illel—About three term of mond 1n the city et Allen
gbeny, erlicenbeg the redden/nor Charles Brewer, loud=
on Rater lane, near 00 11auk goad, with • large
handaomely bunt Mansion Mono thereon and reaming.
of water at either side Rimed now °routed g,
Andy to ttormr,
suckles - Grant street. Flttsbargh,
Valuable Country 8 eats far Sale atAnctien
' THE .StTBSCREBER;' divided his
la Welk town.
D. ...within ten cutout.' walk lhe Ohio and Peanut..
reel. Unread, and flee mfles from Allegheny city. on tb•
Name emd—lnho choke Lots. nontainlng Dom foar to six
teen area each; .IU .11 the Mae. by stictlall. on T 1.11.73-
- DAY, the 19th day of AIIGUNT, 1851. • •
The land la of aseallent goahly, and lee high -01.1. of
cultivation. haring
_bean kept isa droving ftgm ibe
yenta. - More am on th e premises thie•-basr.
log archaelm, two of ..hleh of the legkounUty of troll.
la la gen adapted foe minil/ Liardeullag {Kayak
ely_lutTlUg Myer hau.K on neuly all lhilota. -
Terms—One tided In hand. the balance ln Ore tqual an.
anal payment.* Aelth interest, to b. manned by bond and
mortgage. - Bulbling ;girliea gal be glee. on the but
day of September. • - • •
Bale at 11 o'clock. P. 51... Tueeday, the 19th Jay
of Annan.. 1841. - • • . CRAP.SII.IB WOMB. •
•angloltdar2t4 ' ..• . • •
Country Property.
tkilE undersigned offers for isle a piece of
Istid cantatas it beta.= Ira ma as Am..dtaded
sod leading from Sllnermillsteasst laberryordb
in sfow rode or the Cents./ asilfood. With frost of 47
r471,1 4 11;ta . .4,4y 6 0riU d ,,V.4%.,..2 . 1 , .'" ° V=
Baraast floser of - WM. mil, (70.
Etraddock's Field Property.
yiIIEILSO.WB desiring l*a utiful , healthy, hi.'
torte, and the
.tUon fee country renidenees, ara
netted to tom their ettention Bratideek's Field.• which
to mor balmy parcels, of. the mod fa hie
tamta. Eirolyffim lICRO have j been WM MN .11.713.
to wend different Indield nab, some of whmi are nor lea. '
iiit ' Zrularly of an bnlldlo t, ti fr i t. th i nVy .6" . the or ylLi r re mut.
tailed. Three vend thoroughfares ran by It. andthrough
ft, to wit—the - Monongahela HT.: the Pituituraa and
lirmidoek's Yield Plant Wed. ender, It now mmUy
ad the Peontylvmla (Centre!) on which the
Care will he' meeting eastward from s that far
try ant fall. floats lend there every fe b o omarsibus.
en .till 1.113 travel the flank Rad; and the Oas will al.
" ? '"W sie7111 1 :: foe titistunas lla hurr; where I .0411
be reedy to Mow persona the molted; ~= ?rtg
division thereof. Visitors can be seam
Manakmlloose as at a hotel. •• • • • ,
Jytent ' ' JAS. BUOUATIAN.
For Sale—Property 'On :dui Canal Baain.
An. ve
mt. LOT,. conidr or Pain street . an d Ste
nilen's allvr.i a mong Wt of Um Qami
a lia
on nbich are threetunT Drielcilansm...
Alnp—Al Aron
lowe and Let on ~ ant Ina fonlih,
PrnoblOrrian Cllnren CILb ww.
JASIKI3JONES. la ntlinn 0./. . •
TOR sem
The Cilancester Iron Work; at Gloneeater
. . _ .
ew Jersey,
nanufertnr. of STATIOttaRT and Makin drEAM
This adabllahruent thr the Inarustrzture of Stan iti ., xn
Loentootiree, Modena Le. met teem ably I
WNLter. deor Jersey, on the RfrerDelegare, in the tar
• .Cate. neighborhood of the 'Ott , of Philadelphia, eon,-
prima• how Ilsehlno non, Bombe' Shop. ' dollar ithora
Itw and linos lonnthiee,to • ' r..p
or elght hundred bends, and a•Mg l lnfront rem:Vert:
• 'MOLY boO met to length ,1 2Du In width, on the river:
adorning =mho. WOW.. So. the lancet ciao of 81... m
Newts, the whole Wretber punprising one of the MOO
hanylete eetabllshouints In the tartintry. • • •
Pero. wishing to enter lota the burin...areal dna thla
• desirable opportunity Or prottable loYMMent. •
,n,tija3.1174 tU about ;a 0 0 .,ty la • lers=rdi
wire Cotton Palle and Blesehery„_,
Ilium:ion try rteenotwata betereen the WWI' belonging to
the Wake, =I the City of Ph le. •
r, t. Ma . et th r uork., or ha Ltd Market
ircaluftib) " • • C. IL LB .1. C. BITER.
. .
ALARGE co m mod i ous WAavioues..2
j:l Polniesidon hatnediataly.lßD Jt ro,. to
riliT ACRES 011 GROUND, favorably.
located Oar Stranberrleh es fruit of way Shod, sad
t s icy salnutertA tiro SI Allegheny srat . tet.for aerie.
• Mtn . . .• . ' . A-MUMMA Lea. :.,
--• Tor Bale &Aqua Lease, L
of inA,ti.t N0..9, t. 1t...H5i...10A. of lb. , Mb
onAllesb L eny, m bunting. buth Ago , of Rohm ttre.t. Sr
Mans i
'Also, for rent for one or morelnt.,. _lb. con of his
.4 lot on lb . 11.114 rztondlos beet to auto Amt. Wag
Forse • pasture lot. .
For was, gr. enquire or Mr. 1110.104 BORLAND,
Pb. prembec or of Pb.' rabeellyr, at hit dire, N 0.41
Third etneet, PHlsbursh. . ' ' •
To Let,
AgDWELLINti 110 USE: . contaiuitijit
or ltriesent._ ts goat Tepee . . en Federal WM.
!Any /Sty. ilvirsat tri Pb. yantorbieh la
otongli try s swelner. /Writ lam, sa,twaroob.e. ..... b. lb .•
*a Inuabbably. , •. - Z. L. MAZZA*. Lllens7 Mee
JFOR RENT.—A thtee Blor3 Crick
4breltleitboonn, Minato on Third Mrt: Wilma
rant and Ettrin bc...1. Ix w.ll Italthe4 orlth by _
drsat to kltcben and abtorowhieb thorn Is • • batbroota
1001 hot and cold beer. rtonoolon eyes Itotontlstely
6012 to 8. , P. VONHOSINHORET • 00.
tio.en• DS
Seven Valuable . Farnurfer Sale,
A II SITUATED near tho'ol3lo and Penn
ilk_ griming Railroad,
.10 thr virility or Enl.m. inno.
tottuinlog frellll SU to =0 arm aantt, and in • innal gas
of onlttr.
And,-.lao TOWN LOTR, bounce tha moat Unions
n O
part of MP 11111 W Ind On- on
at Balm. • •
All of onion grill to ookt o asay term. for lb yardm
an. Pratt to lbw Onto ood Proem Inas Ball road, or to,
aline on to. Bum, in Pltrobornb. odd Awl taken in par.
I atm ir IA to turista a pion of Connod. edidinind Ina
Depot proon,L to a competent man or tonipany. to vont •
neat dim Hotel upon, an whirl,. Lonatal a ran be tuld to
snooty do tumor and statde mitt eater. • • ' • "
• .5.1.121 d tb• .natal point t 011..." the oltiro of Pitt.
ba r rel and Cn
tba alzt, Or , ....roan Pitts= to
rrtrn Von trasstroard b to and trom %arm MY. It me of
the swot Important points.. Molina of rancor fro a find
eboa-flotal. 7.A.000 STRYST.
04 July
I:7no:47rrry -I •43:pfli
. .
4'V.ALUABLE,unimpeoved LOT, on the
./Veortwe -eir Mogen hise=streets, Viftb Vald v. ,
ut;:dbt; , co tts Del. Delman p
on Yan fil a
rants hick tortg;
. ,
alle Abl y.
o—the threw story Drink Dwelling Llano re Liberty
street, acting the abant. the lot being DI feet front bi
100 peg . Ile hoorels large wag wonvenient. bunt in
male= or sad mittens eleven rams.
. Alai.-21 arra of very nth:Mk lout trees=iburtiti.
aim—A Vann of 1.35 saes to West Deer
Also--A Yuen of 54 arm In 'Lawrence wont). t nabs
. Also—YrUne ' ila Hearn fonni7; of nAn. .tun
Prins, from WO sundown: • ' .
Also-1.1 way 'lanais log Nanno, 11.11 mis. Priem
`4. P.& o. L vrariou.
LIU me rent Ins nnd Ronl
ny2l - No. ICC. Fourth grad, PlUsb.ll.
OR RENT—A Wnichonse on Wnterg
- strut. batman Edukot out Toru n lutist& br
prod.. bull.. Muni,. of -
TMILE well finished and furnished Stae.2
on Third sulretomar Ur Port Mite; Int ".
anevplai by Um Palm Y •Jowelry et.... Apply
to • E.k.U.S.ZZAll.:3l4berti •
To Farinens.
. ACRES Fanning and 'Orating
A.OOO L.. liTurerk ioulay loraird on 1.
t u rtag r . ll . vr , withlo twain, miles or Mil Tim Tort arvl
ti :
u mjio— ... l,ouo mn tar i 4n a tlk <o . l.l . t. w fil tai r+3•P ... ,,,,,,, I;e .
NB & 0.)...
owl orcaar . of lisrkot and Third ru.
To Gardeners.
TiVENTY.AUFLES of. Gardening Land; al
[lady =dm good cultivation, addax .r tad( of do
ku Rad Ibv 1800 an rl. —our thlvd each, and tha
=tifarran"rlintotbcoTri". 16' P4rtk ' d."
awl A, WILKINS k CO.
cum. liartet and ThIM at,.
For Sale.
THE members or the Fairmount Piro Com
leaky. otters tbelr F.. for oal.k. ILL 1.1 good or
and oral bo sold eh y. I:squire or
No' 41)61 Pau. stmt.
---- Valuable Real Borate for Bale.
till- SUBSCRIBER otters for Sale, on
&Tomato tents the following heal Letatie. Lo
a la
oi City of Mahar", via:
Na 1. Them Tiallaol• throe story &I* dwelling &Woes.
au beccowl street. Leto.. blorket and Fern etrects, Os
lore below each 19 Cost groat r y 64.7.6.
lia. Z. Contains 67 net &tot oo Third divot. wllolalog
Us Third l'eash r yterhan C./ .. l4irah, an which lo erectod One
!bar Wiry Wok house, as a priaLing - oils, and ad
two story beta, waretioner.
Ns 3. Two lota iv Milton. Bearer . 00tildr,belnelpt•
b10e.3 and.. below &taut 1110 net ispose.o v whioll laciest.
i .u.
ad taw block of tore frame' dwellioge, and oar &Won/
trione dwelling, all two ato es high. • • ..
Plo. 4. One let 60 Wet i. on bock evert. 0714.714 rho
abom mad extending to top of the 4 0 1 .
140.6. Two &anti lat h, . h S 4 I . <'‘ . l 1b0at. 1 .44 ran,oo o ll
iitron the road to Low water b. an lho Illg &secy. , .
No. O. (10e valuable wa lot, 109 bit on Wheel &se.
with ton sham water POW alleasb
7‘....7 One la oPlesito the water lot, SO twit hoot, end
txtetoung to the top at the Ma. on which la motet awe
en wary belch stOre and warehouse, 211 bran feetteleoona
hisrli. Ono brae lot lo New btaa.Bearrr maw. be
lug stunt 140 &et so Illaiethrt7. 4 1 1741 about IVO fret Sink
cootasilng 1.14 eare. ria which ars erects' two large haus
de/suns*. sad one snail
bum, used G. oft.
TtO , property woe 7000ustly accupled by 31r. T, G. id.
09.1 le low picissally loaded, being Inottedlatetyappoole
Um 0011.4013 rktgt. . _
N 0.9. Om water lat. immediately below raltrtangrldge.
bang about 103/ not In bisgilt.own olterellog Mtn wow
etywria low water soar k,or towing 3sth.
rerylLe Elk li..fitgVk l agr=r,
tod =lot st was. ' 30119 31.161L1Nu Await—
meal ' [Jontwal 804 . 1 MS colo.l ' • - .
For Elale.
BLOCK. OF BOILDINOB. on the mooned Womb
euld l'eun etreets. sed Moths uo the Non
orlesoda Canal. to the Ott or ?Moho:rob. • The Lot front
out boodral end fOll7 tour feet ott ?ono meet, ett.t. use
bouttott ota M. tent oleo Webee co Wu Meet,
to a Sweaty beet alley. Montre of , - - -
.Danti an=
No. HO Pena
Maio for the Bloomers.
. . .
kigi&BElit; 101 Thud street ; iligu* . t)le
a Gallen Ram tamluat raceli.4... . !
. IILOOkIMIL. or NXW. 003TUYIL POLltt,..,lita a.
besutlfalAaatas af tta . :4l*mar Map! lia..
N ra .
uu itt g r it p 81raar . was Wraft9y..
goatees bauctlfal air of , .. t7....e.i..6" 1 "'`, 1 Q.`"?':
.w....Mtralr at Boat= Spaaperanca 41W.;11colc:1.. lila
• Mack Tea from Liverpsy •
REOEPTED - at MORRWleiiii .
C r itOite d fava6.ol ilmnd CO
vlach nest LW be Otout l y %little shad
02 suly twllttelT 5 1 0 terttbens
ats and Scotch pilaff& •
stay a» *sadly. !sum IthaJaol Tesither and th•
feZlNClNNATl—Fasipkin.m t
w." aka War
I mr e I tb= th sati *lll2 "nts% km Thum
r° ciao*
-k sr
Wee" , r"nn mi
ii4o2 X.J6323.; Airemt;
egrag a gl a i
SX6Gbacctt..'pyortagro Stturody. at o'cloc •
FOS ended Cr masses W 4
I/ bc4=d• •
EiR OLLVTI le ST. LOUIlle - ar i ii
any., vasmoNT. Ceb * t.. neilrbb:eial
Ibr the above ead all tote
co Shoratar, tlre Tth last., at... 11.,,, ~. -
, /or freight or memo. errhr we boarl. .-., ...a,
OR CINOINNATL—The The' fine - - . ` E.,.....ETA, WUklai, water.
ma/rem Or Lhe !Amend intermediate
co We dar, the tleb toeLiat 4 P. M, _..
,-_ ..„. - :-
Par freight or Waage. Vt.... 3 ...m. er.e. •
. . wILKINI3, and
,; . . gore • ' enhautur a nuarcra. Ist.
n rinll PACKET—no tot
ri._ •• • regular west totems Man Wralug.
.f a lV ,.., afnt .., a=tiae t a .u tMtnbah frea7 or=
Tharela7 often.), tar WenberorllVWohlar
and Bolteate relfornEtE leaves
awl sod naVltivery Tensear afternoon. aral coati .
even Friday fternoon. - Tor height or oralr oak
boort. ar to WEI ' W. B. WERIVM issue. '-.
:Yriyi,=,:gera te re for ' the anon and at
intermediate, ports, ms the first rise of rat..
freight a.
'T .".. .E4): 11. " ViLTP " NBIaltraft. 41.nent
eula r PILO! N 0..; A. a. Craw, rase"
will less.. Pitlaborsh tor Waiweiho sFsil
gigs 1 1 3= Z d Ca i ri2 .
is is... ilmesiam
and shlopars can depend upon this boat runialogragolaair
ring the tqw meson. wat •
d* Yor lireight puma, avair oa maid.. male
turluda. This spbusdid licut was bath
tits, tumors of Ito steamer itaao ?turbos', Lod When AA
the Midmost! sad Pittsburgh Parket trade, owl orill lam
every trodoosday for Cu..." ti Whim+ of the Ns. Emir
land N.C. For freight or sumer, apply on bomber to
mr2o ' • (KB. dIELTIONBXRCINA. Agent
WIIMPLING PACICE2.—The eptetutld
elespeekat apnoea DIURNAL. Conlevii.
ten le now parkin:cane her te Sexteimeetlytrite betwaot
tide tit
i 642 . 7tri r = PlArFl d at j , tio n t=
t... w°
..yrz Thuroky and liatem o te r
mk t we.
n rOr titessirlmAitoe.
NGFORT,—.Tho trio stoner PACILPIRAI
Os, mastr. •111 lava Ibr Ohs atom 4
10P00.P. 1 4 port. PIM Sburolay, t 4 ceoloa, p
/or freizlt or mans. orP/7 .00btood .00 OP :
IP .flw
lor.hlo lio.6lWasel 6)D 6.3 5 1fr0ck 4 ' ... ate. * . •
A MONG them nuerous discoveries Science
has made is thle genereffas Is tadlitate lb. inuisiem
of b., lessees tts mioremot, end ems mohair the term
of humat extetence. none ten to sassed of more rad hrss
is mankind. than this costrtination of ChcodaMy to the
Manus Ait. A met trial alt. vireo. throughout this
tat orsott7. be. prerm blood donbt that so medicine
or resoleination of oustidnalCret known 'ten so emir eon.
- trot sued cure the stoner= vats Om of polusonerrdhissie
which have hitherto !wept from au uddet therumnds and
thousends *mined , Indeed. than le non Mulo:dt:ent rem;
eon to ben ne s remedy his st lestitth been towed which
ma be relied me to can the most danmerous etteetipme at
the luso.. Our space hers sin not permit us to publish
sup proportion of the out,. effected Wits 'Me...ld nor
Prement , the tolloptus oriole. of amitent. cum end refer
further , . entntry to the dratlsr e *bath the 'agents below
nemed dill flimsy be pleased to fordeb . fteme; wherela en
fall partSculare, and itellmontable error of the.. r.
"Yroes Me PraddeatVaireerst Maw, As ...ideated PRO,
-lamas C. dyes-81s, I lure stud Too , ChArrrY4
In my awn use of droplet/ad Stonrlvlds, and cm
from Its ehootkad mo.Wtollon Cost It Is an admirable no.
mood Oar the miler of brynalal and bronchia/AUG.OCM.
IS my *altos so to Ito rooariar character non he of onl
so!stleo. Too era
. at Marty to am It as
EDWARD 'wren t i m4b r l prom.
L. L. •
Prom the widely odetented 'PRO/Z4VDS .
L. L. D.. Premom of ChembUy. allswalecr,
Vas Co/legaLlember of UM IdL. MM. - Med. Phil.
• I: deem the Chem Pectoral an
from some of the boot sztlehe In thellateda Molars, and,
a any effreure semen Sot the slam of dboase• It Is lots.
dot to roe.. • Efer Halm; C. N0r.1.1647.
- MAW 1417130 D. Pro:Ale:doz. fa.t.S.C.3wate,
that ha has used the Chan Patera, rich wader= nu
met, to ens. an tallansmation of the Masa.
• Fres see OP PASsfoiserhiXofeir...
Sues, kie.,Ayril2l.lBol. • .
CL Ayer. I..—Dear Rh, I ozi now mutual)
law swre. Cherry Pectoral la ear ;mottos. sad prow it la
.7 other cisithitoesatomesipeceoptelAt ~ Promotion.
ration of new wren, mew l ear alarmed it. trill can
mkt& sod ammo of the limo, that here pat to
W other ...dies. 1 inesriable recommend
tz , t =LI coaroorstior., and latch the beet
y roam H. CDSHifit*, M. D."
Prepared and sold brISILIM 0. APED. ProotoelChireo.'
Lwel4 Men. ,
Veld Plliteinzah, atolooleehol rrtan. br D. A. 7411-
NESTOLS 8101).„and J. M. TOWNSRS D. . EL P. SCHWARTZ. soot .1. DOH.
GLAS: sad by Dropm-ioe generale.
A Valuable Itagrovement in Trassea
DB. }LARD'S Ininzneed Patent TRUSS
and ItUrrUEB.IIZAUDY. br oble.b. • permanent
core can be effected. eadthely dthrthent to
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coadtrt the the moth dllhealt rasa of Wends, sad
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brute see of this Salim *ben applied pauper by a shin
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for ream. Mead srltb fluidise to idlest a tram 044 ea.
Plr It theteadve. Ms Is • bed athettee, erldsh can be
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•We aoald meet remedially an theotteestion or 00,0-.dam to th is Try., ea we Igoe they will spreeelsre
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• o r other Trued. at Use
/owed ethos. - What Trade* thastsady as bead
• 140 Weal rt. Virtabarsrh.'
Dr.Hard's Abdominal Supporpora - :
THESE SUPPORTERS ate intended chief
-7T for the core of Prole/Ws VWet road. tte,ree at
e/seat where • our.heakel l =ott.thyl o
nod emer n". = with oTgt. by alt • The die
prodneed a. weakness of the
shdootioal losuelos
Pfulapeie of the Bonnie. Wes, CooOo.
Pal. to the Opine, Laseitoi• sad Ifxtreme
/imbue of hostratioo. }/roochlae, aortae-fa of Breath,.
talpitalon of the near[. ..d
k. -HO Wad et. litistehroh.
• ~ .
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