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" , -,:tWEDIBI23OAY MOOING, AVG. 6, 1851,
13 • I
ewer CONVIIIIIMI., * '
'Ths z Comeetion to be held in this city
an the ...0 • tri ll be one of , the most. interesting
and impmmitthat hsi ever been held in Wont=
Yeti " "..m , , Our i Mends In all the ennveznit
ing a re Mains in the matter vith wet
.spirit: . JOIMAnt and many other elegant
0 1..
-speskes be present. • , ' . .
We tall; alto the notice, - by the com
mittee of irrsiagemetit,Ati another column; in-
viting the friends of Gen. Scott to meet in their
respective election districts, to amaze &ler'
clone to • -•• ,the conventian. I
...._ ,
At irsten republican:4 we hall with delight
the Vread of relirdaPla .FrinoiPlee among the
- people - anther nations.- Even the little flare up
InCubemeads with &mini rile:aim in the great
American heart,, before ire knell whether the
tctars ere better, entitled to the named Sorrier"
than to dud of freebooters: ' Thissientimeedis the'
result of Instinct rather than of ressan—end a
noble and !generous lingua it Le. - Wit.ll.olltstOp•
• ping to calcidite the ;digital:m.lin fitness, clia- ,
ruler, hildts, ednealicei, end , intelligence be
mews the people of the Linked States and any
other peo' 14-erbich may render that which is a
great 'rig tows a curse to them, we rashly
and tin hasty jump at - the e - conelusion that
a t
- ' what is for us must Ini : good for them. But
bah- reon 'and experience - teach a different
We w find it to bee - gamut truth—but like
:..-• • all gerieralerkths • - litible to some exceptions—if
we scan. losely.the history and 'aerates.. of all
:... ? ... .:pemple, and preserit, 'that Shay and their
,Vgovenism ':hare been mesh mere adapted to
I.. 4 .•eachibther:than i sups:hail student would sup-
Ow-,- -I'M': an :lirehrlail, : . , lehloted, ' degraded
. people axle*ltism Is thi only . Suitable form of ,
mann:rim!, ;: ; They Cannot. , exist Louder any
other. ' But ;let them
moral;rise': ever so little hien°
ond intellectual 'scale of being, just to th e' .
some proportionl6ll'l/m despotic rule be mid
- gated. : Let thent rise a little more, and pre
etntlysee eomething 'like the. republican or
represen dive; feature .derolopieg Itself, eery
feebly imPerfeetly it may 4, but it is the
... . .
boil Which mayyet . grow the perfect tree.
..' ... A firth advance gives them a constitution:and
written Owe; and dill let theireotuse be on
wird to:, i!prird in knowledge and virtue, and
".• 'we tied e despotiaMaster of the people at last
' . trateeil into their honored :errant as with
ne=hol ng his officio, by their pleasure, and ad
miniat rig the goverment on principles which
We liere,'• therefore , that it to as great a
~.miatakei to thrust repeldims institutions upon a!
• people erhose moral and hodellectruillabits and
• training have been below the required scale, as ,
it Wool be to : lay 'upon an ignorant, vicious, I
used man es trust which can only be pro-
'll petty barged' by one possessing a high de- 1
gee of telllgence and nirtae. . Therein always I
-a ti of thingsdn ninny and, it Providence: I
• `- re the most be in tlie Political Invitations 'of 1
govtgovernment And, it is no, it has always been', ,
re, and donbelem always will be so. The ex,
-.-- . tePti though' numerous, have never been
happy - Jr. long continneiL -
.. Mel t political revolutions hare never been 1
. - ensue ul in translating a people from estate of ,
slavery - one of freedom. We are not aware of
a sinsde i CUM. The American salutation was
.-, - not en' 'Spline to this truth. That was es war
0f . ... ' inth-4 war waged `by men who
vete berflreemen, srud.Who,ns such, would not
.. .
auhdzit tti'soune. asterisms ' - whick,u.wicked - ad
arhOtrattea 1 4 . temPted te ferr irPon`them- ;We
411 it a'roTotathon; but the term is Improper.
The, iiiiiieiiliiie.fiitisista,.4 the bait !niters
ritainpeake-ris, Mk Witr - oftwiee. -
. • ' .', , The Enggsh - etiolation' or 1688 ceinee the'
..3' ...:;.' illeSeide - 'etd)elt - 4 , seettllo4.4l'ilui iali we tate
iPokete of; but that was rather the recovery by
the English people of certain rights and rill
lam which they had. formerly enjoyed, and of
which they Were temporarily deprived by a had
-.. .
and - somewhat iirbituuy lidollolirlitkill. They
--. . changed their chief magistinte, brit not the form
oftheirgorenimieni. - Therdid not introduce a
democracy, as -did , the Preach. about a century 1
- sitterwarde; and which, to its short but tragical
lisiitenCe, willever'stimilan a terrible beacon to 1
-;•, • 1,11111 minting from ensiling' *gain into the
bezerlons experiment of Investing a people with I
~ . powers - which theist:l-unfitted to exercise. ' 1
' -- • ---And it present Prince's tremb li ng on the I
''. r
brink of the same horrible Votex into which she I
. then . . . .
ti. . plunged. Scan after the revelation of Feb-
_.I-...:, weary; the leaders of that revolution, self frigid
.,, . • cooed at their own work, hastened to bind the
• people in the same fetters which a few days be
. ~.. ' fora they had cast oil as' they imp - posed forever.
; The - 0 ' principle has been crushed b y
she most vigerou.s exercise of dc . polio power;
1 ' wielded by men who'profess -to be governed by.
• 'a eonstitntion 'eren more' democratic than mem
It is -* a - tienst4o' na anomaly., But did they act
- `idssly in this t . Perhaps they , did. France has
had to,lib l ity for the pastlthree year's, but the
' .. hes liatisome degree of - repose ; ,and the expoee
'of dispiiti‘m - is better than anarchy. But en
•,attotaalonei o 'state of things cannot' last. I Ever.'
:.:face tbe curtailment of . the rieht of Mgrage*
the democracy have been . gaining strength. in
spite of all the metals used to Cripple endripresa
' 'it ;- andall the signs or the times indicate that
-.. .Sooner or toter will'hurst forth with terrible
;energy; arid ov erthrow those who new wield the
- . . power , el. that goeernicrent... - •
. -.
... - , • Earwig the - democrats of France be more sue
.- - - ' &Tirol then were those of the old revolution*
-.''. •'' '. - iris, - Tery doubtful ; but be their rule- what it
'. .- • miy,l thisiecms to , be anardeal through .which
• legate is destined to pass, and not France only,
. ' :-'but a large portion of Europe. . The prospect is
_. at once Entity/14*nd alarming; for though we
eiriSixdylk forward .to a period .of turmoil
- . . and conf usion
; yet we cannot doubt Ikea ii will
--be a state of rapid transition from a bad condi
'lion toe better; from political torpor to activity;
- - • , froni , e Condition in which advance Is ImPossible,
- .. to one of rapid progress, even though that pro.
gene may fors time be marked with wreck and
diir.ster:- ,Europe is so encumbered and borne
- - . - dein, with the worreont trumpery of kingeraft
..- .' "Irirt -prieshireli, that - nothing but a political
"* addlitilnd can .relieve It. Perhaps, thew - the_
, -
/lin Seatdraeght Seatof liberty, to a , people long'
inallined, is the most intoxicating thing in she,
-.-- - - world ; ' The French in 1793 were literatlydrunk,'
~ mitt,;inriailic -11114 . in their pluentir they pilled
. :....,..... - _ . dii*ri ' their. :temple of . liberty on their 011rD
: ..... ;..-.: - :-.41 1 / 1 1,61 - .. -So they may. rpin; ria may, and probe,-
: - - lay will, half a doren other nations: of Europe,
':nrhii are only waiting for France to Move; to tin
yF r ' 1. harr:the banner ; of democraoy. le this siow,
how' striking is the prediction of ,the-'prophet
',` ''','. ''.
.• ' '', —..i'lhe Earth shall reel to we fro like's &yak-
The 'mitring of the republicanlagin nation
hitherio derpotle will be lulled, on this side of
the itbusiosith loud bursas, and with genernus
"ilitsitfeltjay; sad at the same time, the thiaklug
men wil l rgardthe event with equal pleasure,
bat his joy iIII ituidund by feeling' of doubt
and: apprehension—he will “rejoiee with teem-.
111Pcr our eiii , Pait, ire ban no expectation of
seeing;,faaystrii to comer; a medal;
Ministered Democracy patio**. Still It II the I
only wry by which they ever can arrive-at the
enjoyment of free instlnatimor, toad however
--' - Yeitreva may be their drat attempts, they will 'st
14st break their present ilutekles. OPinlon and
',Costae:ice will be free: and 'if once fres
ultimately _bee-ciao enlightened , An we
--`rmarked the other day, ear freedom is Aimed
to free, intelligent Christi= faith r is, la
time,;- will thidrs ;Shims Olt &yeas".
all dlfficultjwill Farmer,"
et cuiabcculd. a ter nights's:lnce a gantlet=
aimed Otway, Ina attacked iatheistreet by taro
mak 15ed141.1=4,4-whokaockedblin dawn,
bast r- tabbed Nut cf all blaming:
RIMUgI" RoVic camticea,
.pt, gl» Ica tack, bat yesterday r Atompaa- .
-bea lbr.the abtkee,"Oki could you spare te.mar,
loon 14 in..irips,*r44; te be . ' amnia
.rolloirta tiy,tbs seed- lytto'or...You Wet got
such *thing la nett, week abonkyed t"—le
BarattaNutituttos tzirtneed the
navigation - laws; 41f:reciprocal tnatiU;;Oreat
Britain has thrown Open her ports to the ship- .
ping of all nations which are *Meg to retip
route. This was done under the wade/ice in
the superiority of her own 'slips and seamen;
but Ulan proved losing game, so fee' is the.
,Yanketis are. concerned. The latter hare two
most important edvantsges over tbei* English
'competitors. The first is. the ImPetle . bete" s
of, their newels ; the other is, that the ItoYege,
between the Atiantio porta sad Pacific Iporti of
the United States, being among the, longest and .
most tirofitaide in the world, Is =huh* en
japed by the Antericans,'it being decided' to
belong to our coasting trade, frore.which English
vessels ant excluded, as MINA= ,easels are
excluded Irointhe coasting Dude of Grad Ilii
taln. This bai awned =small amout of grum
bling among our uthibbors oh the other side;
but as the bargain was one of their own seeking,
and made before the Padget trade was of mush
importance, there is no help for it. ~„
- The peculiar vinstruction of Mullion ships,
(says, the N. 0. Commercial Bulletin) and their
adaptation rather tO fleetness than grestrapacity
or bulk, give them immense advantage over the
lumbering ketde bottom ships of England. We
make quick passages, beating English ships, on
an average; a.month in an East India or China
voyage ; a arget ship this difference of time
makes an iminenie difference in the psy and pro
vision lista; by reason of which, we can wider.
freight the British muds from their own East
India ports to their own ports. At this 'present
time we are building vessels expressly for the
carrying trade between China and England, and
the complaint is, that in British ports,we Aire
monopolising the California and China trade.—
We aro able to do this by superior management ;
otwahipe make four freights, viz: one from New
York to Ban Francisco, (which- is profitable)
another from San Francisco to China; (not so
. _
profitable) a third from Mos to England. (prof
itable), and the fourth trtm England (nation's)
to the United States. Here we hare four freights
in one feature, three , profitable ones, and one
only . Moderately so; whereas the Etiglish !hip
out of this trade, makes but two; hence we are
able to take away from them their own trade be
tween their own ports and the East. This,,ls
aggranting enough, and we are not surprised
at John Bull's growl.
. "T®, Ett CU mi.—A:Newfork corres
pondent of the Washington Republic sap :
"The Mends of Cuban revolution here are in
high spirits, and ems of the leaders among
them, who profess to be in, the secret of the
movement, express great confidence in the. final
maws of the revolutionary Parry- In copier* .
lag with one of them yesterday, I asked him the
reason of a certain newspaper espousing the
of Cuban independence so warmly, and was told
that the proprietor of the paper had been paid
twenty thousand dollars ; or rather that be had
been promised that stun; and had been paid
newel:teen thousand dollars towards it,"
The peper-elhaded to is doubtleas the lie.
York Sun, which has for several months bees
overflowing with "patriotism." • •
Catraux.—Messrs. Foote and Qifftman, the
two candidates for Governor in Mississippi; had
a &duff lately, at a place 'called Sledgerille,
where they had met to address Abe people on
their respective pin:nip/es. Neither was seriously .
host. Fists are safer weapons than bowie
tuns. Foote had mid something about Qnit,
man's Cuban expedition. The word' liar was
used by one of them: - The rest relieved as a
matter of course.
lama Hun is laveiroos.—The Orange club
of Liverpool, =lens*: Monday, July 14, (the
anniversary of the *de of the Boyne,) by a
proem:ion. . Between two and three thowitind
persons took part In the ceremonies.. The pro
cessitm was attacked by the Irish inhabitants of
Liverpool. and • fight visaed, which resulted in
three persons being killed, and a large =liner
dangerously wounded.., Thi : scene le thus de
...45.300n as the precession • had got ;e little
beyond &mom. street; the Irishmen saluted the
,Onuogemen with antler el brickbats and arm=
the Clangcnien advanced, these who had
pistols drew them and fired upon the crowd,
while the swordsmen and =Mergers rushed on
to their assailant& temmding, many severely; and '
putting them to flight The Scene at this mu.
meat it would be Impossible to describe: several
were on the grmA weltering in their blood;
others were hastily borne off by their compan
ion% and the Orangemen being left masters of
the field, coolly reformed,and proceeded through
the streets, the bands playing .* The Boyne IVA
ter,"taking the torte through the principal
thoroughfares of the town, the line extending a
mile in length, and the swordsmen at Intervals
throughout the line on either side. about WXt
licemen, with Mr. Commissioner Dowling at their
bead, fanned into a comps= body, bringing up
the rear. -
At Park lane some fresh rioting occurred,
without any very =dons consequences."
life tore seen the following abort article, float.
lug about in the newspapers forsoMe time. Will
some of car farmer readers test the thing, and
let us know if it win do!
Present Horns Lev' 1.7 tossed ky Thu.—Take
two or three small handed of walnut tetras
span ethich poor two or three quarts of cold
wider ;• let it infuse one night, and then pour
the whole next morning into a tea kettle ; let I t
boil fora quarter of an hmrr ; when cold it wi
be St for use. No more is required than to
a sponge, and before the horse gets aid of
the stable, let those parts which are most. ir
ritable be smeared over with the liquid—namely
between and upon the ears, the nee*, the flank
'L I Not only the lady or gentleman who rides
out ;for pleasure, will derive benefit from the
walnut leaves, thus prepared, but the ciachman,
the, agoner, and all others who use hones dar
ing the bat summer months.
ABOUT norms sums. •..
The Houston (Texas) Telegraph, - of July 18,
contains the following:
laiTerld lemons who have lateiy rhiled the
towns of. Santa Rosa, Maxim and the Prthldie,
for the purpose of re-Upturing4usawuy slaves,
have retuned, and report that the ftigitiVe SUMO
are harbored by the Mexicans, and in some in
stances force has been used to prevent our c
:ens from re-captining these slaves. Tide has
so. exasperated many of the settlers at the west,
that they are determined to raise a force suffi
cient to overpower all oppesition, and retapture
their slaves at all hazards At the last aceounts
aisrge party ef armed Texans had aisembled
near Presidio, and attack she town
If the fugitive sluts were not given up. It is
inti Mated that there are tot less than two thou
imul fugitive alms in the Mexiican towns be
tatter; the mouthof the filo Ginnie and Presidio.
In Santa Host; there areforty fugitives who es
caped from one plantation In Arkansas. The
over of them has made litany efforti to Induce
the& to return to Arkansas, but in thin. They
boast that they are in a free country; and per
mitted to ciao:equal privileges with the Mexi
cans. We have been informed that about two
hundred fugitives from Texas crossed at one of
the principal ferries on the Rio Grande, doing
the last. two years. We are informed that a
company of ninety Dien, - well armed and
pad, Ifili.Eoell be marched into Santa hose, if
certain slaves are not given up ; arid we should
not be surprised If five kindred or a thousand
men should follow theta should th ey meet with
opposition f ro m the Mail= authorities. Our
Information is derived from soh respectable au
thority, that we think there eau be little doubt,
that difficulties are brewing on our western
frontier, that far more serious than,
those relating to theCubaninrasion. It may be
well for the government to loot well to this sub
ject, and take timely,preauttions to prevent an
other rupture with Wilco, •
Y'4rp4yar~'laGS.ii' ' '~~dWL!+i✓~'' ~ •+` yr^ W+ ~tti.`~R.k._ ~_
.. ..-F ~•sb,sw.+:~V~...
• Psoriases Mr LAW ass Oisaa.:—The editor
of the Bt.. Teal Pioneer:imitleg from
Traverse .14) MOW, eves the following:
To give some ides of the program of "law and
coder here, I mend Jou the following Copy of
notice which was t o- du potted on none of the
three moat public, plaza' in Trireme do Sioux:
1 " 6 " 4 " 61, lkle—By foto* Of an execution to
Me Issued, epos, a judgment rendered by Sleepy
Eyes: Esq., one of the juatioes of the peace in
and for the county of Dakota, Territory of Mtn.
nesota, in favor of Bad Eye, and agahmt Iron
Walling Claud, forth* mum of three dollars and
thirty one cants, damage". and costa. I hare lev
ied upon this day. end shall offer far sale at the
out door of the court rem, In th e t own of
eerse do Sioux in said county, one otter trap one
„w id en, * pony, .and cam akin, on the
To&J...ffay of July ,' 1851, at 12 o'elock meridian.
Sold Prepertj taken by me se the property of .
'maid defendant, 1 gun then And there proceed to
De u - s t, public vendee, to ; the highest blade ! , u,
twin maim. Coast.,
Traverse de Sioux, rely . 8,1851.
Red EY° Ind hie party.whoCanted the Eats
conorretion election here, &mint/word levying
I tax on kid .bosis and: standee's binding at
this lets, end..even a small tax npOn canoe',
bellefint dual:Melo the way river Joy= below .
Kasai= ID caster.
air zArmoratr.
.444iiistatedfiosi,orOstc.q by.g. R. D.
This' celebrated passage: heard of by zany,
but which has been read .by few, we pick up
afloat among our erChanies.: It is an eloquent
tribute from the pen of Osie lib° did not bellsv! ,
either in the &trinity, or area the &vial Mission,
of the Barium'.:: - - .
Borne readers here will reaspace the tnucels
tor by the initials R. "
- ,
The m a jesty of the Elaiptares astonish ate=
the sacredness of the o , •pe speaks to my heart.
See the-writings of philosophers; with an their
pomp ere they not inferior to It? Could a boot
eo simple and so profound at the same time be
the work of men? -'Could it be that a man toads
the history of hirnsell'? ' Is it the !dyke!' snare
bitions end enthusiastic iodise ? - "What mildness,
what purity in Its manuerwhat touching grace
in Its instructions—what sublimity in ite maxims
—what profound wisdom in its disoonrees—what
presence of mind, what Ingenuity and what do
minion over hLs passions! ' Where's the mortal,
where is the sage, who kw* how to act, to tut:
fee, and to die without either weskeness or os
tentation? When he - portrayed hill imaginary
just raan'Alevnid of all opprobrium Ind crime,-
and deserving of all the prizes of, virtue, he ,
painted Jesus Christ feature for features the re
buso glaring, that all the Misers hate I
perceived it, aid that It Is impose to gainsay
it. What bigotry, what blindness it Was to dare
to compete the son of Saphore to the Son of
hbuy ! Mud a distinction bet one end the ,
other Ufiocrates dying Ittihad ef or ignominy, ,
austainixi himeelfeasilly to theists of his part; and
if that painless death had not b red his life, ,
one might doubt if Socrates, with all his genius,
was other than a sophist. (Forsooth) they say
-he was the originator of mortality. i Others had
put it to practice before him; be did nothing ,
more than describe what they had done; he bad
but .to pat in force their precepts and examples.
Aristides had been just, before that Socrates de,
dared what justice was ; Leonidas had died for
his country, before that Socrates had preclaim
ed one ought toles* his country ; Sprung were
sober, before that Socrates had lauded their so
briety; before their virtue was praised, Greece
abounded in virtuous! men. But from whom
among his countrymen bad Jesus taken those
moral, elevated, and pure Wm of which he alone
S e c re te , lessms and examples w it h The death of
Sctes disequraing philosophy his friends.
a picture as one can desire—that of
Jesus,-expiring in torments, injured, railed at,
moused by every one, is the most horrible pic
ture one can ;surmise. Socrates, receiving the
poisoned 'bowl, blesses those who weeps* pl
eaded to him ;—Jesus, in the midst of frightful
torture, solicits blessings on his enraged torment
ers. Fes, if the life and Adeath of Socrates were
those of a wise man, the life and death of Jesus
ware those of a God. . . • . ,
?soonest' or Tab.—A wrie4pcmaent of tie
New York Journal of CoMmerce, writing from
Tara, says that the Trinity The?lota be the
great thoroughfare of trade and travel for some
thirty or forty counties of .the State, in which
sixty thousand people settled last year, and Into
which one hu ndr ed thousand emigrants are ex
pected to enter in 1852. Ile adds that-he had
just met Major Howe and lady, wi th *large com
pany of Scotch "lads and lassies," en routs to
their colony of Sent, on the upper Brum. They
are reported to be the advance party of • TM
large number of Scotch men and , women who ore
getting really to emigrate to Texas in the next
autumn ..utd spring.
animas Rovotivii elf CHOLERA 11l
Cholera has seldom appeared Ins more ghast.
ly form, and committed more frightful havoc,
than in the eue of grand Canary. , Mr. Hough
ton Houghton, British - Vice-Consul at the afflict
ed island, relates, in his official despatch, that
on the last day of May a person died in • part
of the town called Bin Jose under suspicious
eirramstances, huld thatbis body was opened.—
Shortly &Bermuda another person died la an
opposite part of the the town, and it was found
- ,that he visited San Jou. gradually thereports
of strange deaths became more shirgaiag. and on
the 6th of June medical teen bad arrived at the
conclusion that the deaths had been Causal. by
Cholera. The deaths in the emburbs of
Jose now rapidly increased from 6 . to - 20 on I
the seventh.
• 'myself," writes the Consul, "was witness
on-that day to an emigration of the poor people
with their few household. chattels, towel' the
'end of the town bordering on the mole, and to
the centre of the chile artdch to called the' lia.
co, the latter comported chiefly at huts dogtrot
of the rock; inhabited by sailors acrd the eery
lowest alias of the population. On the Bth the
stmusge broke rain NI farce. At the One of
the {migration of those from Ban Jose, the pia
ci* Inhabitants of the city were escaping biall
directions. 0u the Silt sad 9th thegreater part
of them were out of the town, driven by the
moat horrible pule to take Wage anywhere.—
'consider that out of a population of about 16,-
000 inhabitants there did not remain upward of
4000 on the 10th; for, not only did thue Oy
who count on the means of support, but, such.;
WO their consternation, that the distressed pee- '
piewho had not a day's sustenance at their cone
mend. wildly escaped anywhere they could; fa
thers left their children, sad children their pa.
roots; all ties of relationahip were forgotten,
.and nought but the safety of the moment was
thought of. Many were the victims of suds core
der. The roads were soon covered with dead
healer, and the disease sehed its prey In' many
-of the adjacent small towns and villages. Eve
ry calamity now rapidly approached. On- the
10th. 11th and 12th, the deaths were upwards of
100 daily.. - The hospital was overwhelmed with
the dying, and the dead. Ambiance vu eagei.
Ifdemanded by the few rational Witnesses, of
such scenes, but nowhere to be found. Peddle
fends there werenone. Thewealthy inhabitants
. had only thought of their own security, and the
paltry run of four hundred dollars that is said
to hart been received from the provincial board
ought to have been expended in • few hours.—
No pen eon give you an lamer our suffesings.
It has been left to this little insignitlicant place
do complete the picture of 'horrors so ably'de
scribed by Daniel Deofe; for in addition. to ere
rythieg by Lim related, we had the new feature
of- the soldiers chasing the few men remaining
who had sufficient "strength to lift the bodies of
the dead. Yes, rich was our state the living
could not bury their deadbeforecorroption cora
messed, and tbp only remedy left was for the,
soldiers to rho on any one thel e OBl4 end—
some to dig trenches, and others. 4o 'haat in the
'narrow defiles and filthy huts for the bodies guts .
lad tam abandoned by all 'connected with them.
This state of things - continued with unabated
rigor till the 16th, the principal Question asked
by those who still maintained any degree of
composure being, whether it was not possible to
inter the dead: and the echoing noise in the void
and empty sledges end carts conveying the ne
ked - bodies, covered by a few mats, tomb but
comparatively little impression, as the only
anxiety was that they should be hurried away."
.By the erasing of the 17th the dead were lu •
greet taus ore' buried. During that night the
number of the deaths declined, but already one
fourth of the 4000 who did not By the city, were
destroyed.' Fortunately, the weather changed
sad continued MOTS healthy, and opts the 24th
of June the decline was marked and satisfacto
ry. The inhabitants largely returned, and the
dead being buried, the desolate place tried again
to look cheerful.
But the scourge had reached the country, and
had even broken out In the towns, notably Folds
end Armes, which .were in au awful state.—
'They had not been able to bury their dead, and
every horror was is full force; on the 24th of
There is - another part of the account not less
afflicting, and, indeed, more so than even the ,
prevalence of death—the state of the people
which rendered them an easy prey to the die,
ease. Tbo victims were chiefly the poor, the
Weak, the vicious, the timid and the ignorant-
"A great part of the mortality has been cano
ed by the lamina dearth of the common races.
taxies of life amo the class attacked, and one
medical man stated ng
to me that it was useless
his going •to the Ram, as when be ordered sp.
plications to excite perspiration, in - .moat cases ,
they would show him a mere rag of the size of a
handketthief as their additional covering, sod,
as in this climate so little is generally useithere
were no means of meeting this sudden emerges.:
cg. Ventilation is the great preservative, and.
these people are entirely ignorant the
or the means - of security against the attacke of
this epidemic. Those who have read of, or been
witnesses to the ravages of thisdreadfal scourge
in . other parts, (as was the rasa with myself the
year be(ore Jaen In Londcw,) cannot form any
ormoeption of the accumulated horror* - lts bbl
unfortatiate Island. The people were wholly uns
prepared for it either In their habits or their ell
nation, they saw nothing but death, and only
thought of night without making the slightest
effort to face or endeavor to avoid It by proper
diet and ventilation." .
As to the origin of the cholera !von ads Ist.
laical . epot the Consul wisely indulges Only
covjecturea,:and statements. of 'the rumors in
the Blood. The whole passage Is interesting, I
and will famish an important case for the Quer!
" You isreassare that during the . prevalencel
of this epidemic in Europe; even when It reach
ed Cadiz, these islands as well as Madeho were
preserved intact, the usual course of the winds
Is from that direction; there has been no rffurnio
noted in this respect within these last months.
The cholera has latterly been - making great Mir
agth inthe West Indies, a position diametricalli
opposed to the current of the air.' It appear,
therefor, almost Impossible theatre stauld have ,
received the -gam of this destroyer. 4 1 64. 1 7 1
through the atmosphere The credited. reports
terretend to a contrary opinion. About the .Bth '.,
or litho! May a Teasel 'arrived from Hanna
with assn billet Isealtb, sad w e e consigns.*
tutrei ..... tted to pestir uphold any praninary
IV7B thlthaS thairst Souse In, Ban Imola
ak byab 011464 Inhabited by pone people)ke
uhlehtlas 4Thiiaseisideita appeseanee p vu that
of a I/Nauru= 'rho had taken the =attests's
and foul clothes d one of tte d imenst lamsen-,
gui to teashoind that her nlopt upon
thito dosing
L thornight;'.l) . el4ll 2 soon: tOUOTeCt;
CMS neighbor Meer another wan . 'butyl:esti too
sorely germinated, and amen the air vu soffid
contaminated its total uffecta were genes
Cend.—The lirrourrioa9—The Savanah ;slue
Caution the arrival of the schooner liffidu, at
that port Item Hanna, whence she sailed; July .
24th. All wu quiet at the time According to
the following, from the New Orleans Delta of
the 24th, that wan the day dud fora general
rising of the Cuban= -
If no nnforeeen event has interfered, this
day will become illuscrions In the annals of the
struggle for Cuba independence. It is the day
fixed for the rising of the Cutons in the centre,
and eider the frowning
. csatles of Spanish op.
wasion. 'Wit be an auspicious day fo w tobass
fiber tyl Could the loud hums,—the fele ea.
thludeava,—the intense sympathy idUplayed4
the thousands who assembled in LafaYetteSq
last night, be communicated to our friends on
the beautiful isle *cross the sea, there would be
no doubt of the lease.!, We are full ofhope Slit
it will. yeti terminate favorably , thouth great,
emberrassmentwill be experietieediby the patricide
from the want of military leaders, enders rms and
The seventeenth ofthis month was Sled for
the rising in the Veldts Abago, the meet (limit
fected and warlike portion of the Wand, It was
calculated that a lugs' force would be' chime
hem Hama to opetate against the patriots in
the Volts Absjo, and an opportunity would thee
be affordedlor a demonstration 10 Havana, the
Capture of which would' close the contest. Should
the occasion be favorable, the rising would take
place ,before to-day; but this, the 24th July, is
the flysheet day appointed for the effect of the
Habanero,. It will be a darlog movement, but
on that account more glorious, and if truccusfol,
COlTNl,Caldeln of tho New York
Observer. writing hoz Banque, lows, alter s
visit to Miners)* says : •
The population of llineseta is quite small
yet—not over 10,000. The immigration to the
territory bag not been very great thus far, but
is increasing. The soil is excellent, sad though
the, latitude is high, yet corn grows as well u
to "New England; the potatoes are excellent
end abtmdant,and the wheat unsurpassed. The
climate is peenliarly salubrious, the atmosphere
being del, sad remarkably favorable for those
of a consumptive tendency. The lands on the
west side of the Idissbilppi, which,are the beat,
are still in the possession of the Indians, but
the Commissioners of the United States are now
tmdeavoring,to purchasothem.-
Cilazen planing= Coinpuyattittsburgb.
trl cdwzia. 11 Water Anon In the nand:own WO. U.
0.0: Maar • W. lien, hoed,
wit=o,3wLLtntbl=l ...Women nterehAndlse
An anahle the e ~ e lnty and inteltd=re
ottordtd ht the chowder or the
te k r ..
U na , cinema : dr =Well a:AI:LA=6W
oo latardtl ,
U La ituyy D•
Ewl U er a/ L olo ol . os ao ,
John k iobatth.
E. be. anaerlf
Pittalugh 4 Lite kora= Company.
. OfFlOl7, NO.. 76 FOURTH SIREN?.
• . °MUMS: •
• Tranamr--barra A. Was.
Doentarr. , .o. A. Cowpox. .
.drtrUmauot la sapper wt of tig.
serWoust 'o`fitss!—The symptoms of
the primate or worms m .bitten should be weal
..teed by perada.'end to moo u mere Ls reran to no
wt their erbtenee, erery meow &bolt 1. need no erle4
them promptly end tbormarbly.. no proprietor. of We-
Lent's Worm Terndrode an etedident that tboy oZer LW
beet tonne of moomplishing malt, tbarbse ever been
eabotltted to lbw pobtle. and tboy bevit• to it the Waal.
at iamb* bare the osammentrot or etkddmre tbe molt-
ciao It tee sod leltstent am. and otter hal to protege
tbe (Imbed Abet.
For ale by
J. KIDD it CO.
N. CO. Wool rL
. . AwarThe,greiteat manly of the age seems
to t>. tM ceiebrstad losiddhe rand U. 0. Taney. AM , I-
N, laden& It Is rued ss m Wenn spollestko, sells
Mt to pone. lsidiessultirnitintnitles beallusotolse:
las sins• reirfortst *lnd Iltsbi• as A Mead btJ store
as... brabie, vWrh thredeort mortitcattott be eat mrd
mord rondo to oo east, Ibex li. mis deed to trl
IL U. torero team Lhohisest. cm bottle of dads Me
tires eted dm We Mot au doubt. fres the dritelli
tb tenors. bat for this 'monied osialichm tie mstil boos
:hat a swims Moo of It. Me etreirearstroL 1714
MILE OIL tiIOVE WASltit,-Ths siso tells
soled m.dkia.b2t ind Mee odd mobs-cm Wl mead
I .lots by WIN MA tat II mem. Mrs 11,044 tats It
`KW. Lti •111 iidtm the meinantt dth the whole int 7.
Too ends to • roodielos tote parnar ash mks. It
mem. reanstabstmlial Odom, foi !moan tel
a .414 objectless. ad It b this tiit UM Las established
the romance d •istiors OtesSiend Yids Estsure
soarittL'ilmosil id rani or damn. Its senors mem
the Memo dshros OW modem yids talked aoil set
Wetted mires le*-0 edid&d meretioss
sod notion d tjb. bat/. ltllo. ohd,stUers. diedson
morbid add dosed toatur. ttaqattfroo tb , Monist
hat Limeme ems" sestet BM Mire, sal tenths
bloat. hat regulars Memento hunettou of te. dlitneut
emus albs holy. This is al pdermel dthen tbe
least deep, of bism Ws prepudloti being ea see se It
earldom It say bethought by the eddied. that It
pawn to esni too mod Almon. but UP= 11111110*
tICS. tr.• 111 be
tut a htiniusx' et/ of the dem
es diket dna the Mum War regimes to so homes
eats sees dm& SW ad Meted. thou at elm !sr
rosertiliss betas sand' sou by '.es galas of =lwo
soil lota perparstkee as • subelhato Ihr the Mind
jobs Bras fulassrille This ohlable serendkils the
dossiers 'mews to
m b. orator matt own.
carnotr,•Barar. set are br Ns Medd Dr. , ,lehs•
moWt Bsomarni• foe disitsdireepd Mrs mother is.
sdvertbstsion re mond' M.
' KiragaarnowaLL.l4oW.4ll.
4.10:44w1rer Whimsno I ROW wrests.
Foreign and American Hardwire.
lio. 129 Wood Street,
11/IVI/ (OW 1 t.TOItt
• .
• noi j obie.jiiku.toctor rimuaa I.YL 41111 AR
Betas St wing hula, sal trldth the'/ taa P"W4
tit Mar hwehaeara at Men that .tli gamma
Ckeerabir via ehr of the mutat atm
garnarkergo, linntiudecrovrk,Warek
. lug 7Lege3—Dwkr Dlr. I oar Pegeolvnin Is worth/ wt.
Aar la Edo riedoirr; Dwane we would Wale ros io mewl
no Swa dowry Webs Pronersharda Rairoad. W. ore err
tu‘lr op 4 it 1 . b twOm fat th"s ' T M' 44 '
Vows. rearantEdir. IOU?! 1450 a CO. .
ttArontur, Asldancl 0., liana 10,1.1.
1.71. tos-Dolw Er, •11.0 r Mons. • kw meets rinere
kW *lib us lon dawn /WO; Oil. wkkh w• bare mil
Plow krward W m rex keeew
Tong owlet., le worldwg 'radars II this region. W•
can obtain aural mwsllnd werellienteklf lon dad,. Mak
Yaw* 41.4 W. w. mar.
Tog Pie DgEorver IdeDowoll. 140 Weed mown
Dollars, 67 Wad Wowed 0. A. Palmas ok.A Co, WM?
MII4 host Knoelg D. M. Cam: D. AL Rillatt.Joaend
lows. and P. evr,woru, allkdaanr, 4d s ki. rn•
aoIaLWW7 • DEW 1184.0ovapport..PItiabarr6.
geirlikincs.—The Oommftteee of Arninge
m.t of lateltetioo, for the emit Coosootimm Um
Committee oo /Mame, tdf wet O. the ollot of O. Z. AP
PLIPSON Fourth street. Pittsboetbi o. Tbomfet. Ms lb
1u5t..412 Veloot. P. if, Ms the tototerypo of Ismortant
bootee. east=
parScort Ku:mos.—The friends of OM:
WINPflthD SCOTT, ate requostad to Martin their car..
atectkat dbrUicts;ou Satustloy. the 9th at Ausest, for
the pongee of thetabra delogatkau to attrod the. Scott
Oosmottloa, to he hat ht the Orr of Plttobaigh.on the
'loth of Aurae% amt for the ortordtattou of Cabs to yra
mots the Scott oat Joh:mica muse. TIM criertlairef o
bold it 1b...w00l places. is rho words Out bortiagha, at 7
o'clock. and fa the toomsklus at 3 o'ckelre P. If. •
Sy order of the Cosualthre of Anistotaolato.
ollefota . •
CITTAR GILL, Attorneys and. Conn.
• .a
Om tbSeld. Yittsburx 0, V.. • —gawky P r
AA MEETING of "theAssoointion of Tout"-
ess sad Prilmds of Itdaeatiou,. wlll be bold ou Fel.
'nosy. Atteao 011 t, el 10 o'clock, A. 74, et tb• boas. a( the
Presideet, We Prom atteet. It to.botat that 11 ousebne
-see an he the de/wlll cooed, et bulbul" of leelone=e•
erW W pierated for coakt•rarion. • assiklo •
- - •
Ni veHANIcw.BIA,GAZINE, N 0... 8, for
Ihooffee in Ito Ltfo of lentAdortooft lifoltiffoi,c4 Sun
°V.ring.."µtrlobay.Titou7 bowl. 4 , P001t0 thy V..,
Spiritual Phonon and Lectures on that
11" TIFFANY, Eaq., 'of Cleveland, will de
11JP , Urya . • Coarse of lacetares at ifllVings
fgt=%. _
r, tbo T . CO
ruralwa P 7 f 1441
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Tim oolobrosaw YO I Y. icor voter, Now VAL,
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of IL ff. 4 004 al Vt.; Porladltal Mar of W. 11,
IV = '' tto dolk citeloW wiil kw OdO2ltiol f;f. itol
ft=l. of lb. Marl of tboOT.CLAIN, IWO, nogg
e l. ~r a, ,,,hw d z s„ i rs, „ r 4
r .., : .. 4. , , .. . rzzlit.i.i....4
University of IlarylatuL
V. NEXT' SESSION will beg ig,* rx.
ivi orAir
nat.'. in. ru, d,r9 wt. or r 14
--,N 4 111- Jai. r. D, Sugars , .
MAP.. A. 1114!. IL 0, Obssabuy sad PbAnaseY , .
Batumi CAA, az• Ak.. TAMPArtIe, 1/400/A. mid
Itahrual h p Miaow
••- at. Payac, 4 1 Clikort. asO_PasettcaValei sc.
Rtahand. IL gam. th, =Chat , Nalal 4
m a w. Nahum U. IL. Path w Anatomy,
- The moat mai& manias Po cha mom pan ac
C•ratltraVll==Peollaaara t i alth
out 1"; la that Witham laillmarn with Um a4atitiCO
Of !Willa. ta q. Iratda,lattbout &acts ththa suing
•..".. l 'lrb, . • hattriatnal"4l'*'- °1:1'
'•7 0424 !" i1ktr?1,a1,711.4 ' •
, . . . . • • • .
. EiciluxiSeachas Waded.
Tag SCHOOL DIRECTOBS of litifiaris
an eranty.14601611.5.4
y, the Id at I•O=DM at the bows of 5113aUlei. HW
111i08. itg. Peaultrusispaud, Dorm Ur tram PUN.
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mete= rawscit—raterrraker.
LINEN TABLE' OLOTIES.-Ttloitrer & umtir awd.k. or imam.= te
• anortzmine . ,..._„ the stove
1 47011. Cram p. aset Haan Dispus.
anal t. air.. le be Sound. at kquot
• . To Let.
, . .
enbearibers, intenduat=eoYo
Leanr.74 Water street, eaves or
w reef the Wareham they at we m eet r—Ho•
...tong etreetranobe to MIA Area. Pa►
...ton given On the let ot t iroef s, mt,_er.teemelif re'
~ r,L . ai, .81:11P MIIII.I. aw. .
six cent , BertardP ''
DAN AWAY from the subscriber, on OM
Met AIW: Patton township, so toctentei ote
eal.= to the ter troetneer, br tioe zwoe of Joroas
UM% about The 9 loam Mel, and betrom 21 sad 92
=aVelnsitoam_ b iAlfrl is U ottl= t ting
de*. eott elm boreafter.
suitor:Cr . •
• ' Strity Ccrw. • -
VANE to the enbeeriber, in Lode- 4; 1.
plelanow townsip, Beam Pountn_C,
or slont the Mb of July. • PHINDLn VOW.
with crumple! bon, ii•o Is wiling ma, aboulWren .
or sight rears old, aml ono wild i r n lbw
ad Ww Market. In
Plttshorwh. about Arc or six months aim. The WWI will
awses bn com , Pwad, pone
_prw z . t a r ? zamand
sturew3tTM r
lI:LEBER, Third street, has just
• .tweelewl--
t not the Dank
The int of Spi.
Old dog to me!..ithatine Dar .
California tiallope—Lehlteky; •
3111 rl,ll Taal ma r'" Ethl* P l ' ...n g —T.d.r,
Queen of flown wenn
M mivq
eatus or the weber.
Joe Mandy;
Ohl for a home betide the hillg
helot An nie II the
Mauldin wounded the eptrit that, toyed then
7:oje=—..tenne Lind;
Moonlight Is eleeplug—Llnley; ' er,
In ellenc
The -
Telnelehorn'olksOrith Vignette.
I) 00K-KEEPER WANTED to take charge
of • Ma of Books lo . wholesalo venal boo. • St
' person of •spetirssre ILO Stntnnitaid..d havixthor ,
°coal toms lodkos of th e crater] busiossa, syse
- Adams throngh on Post. ammo to tLord.
do.:•pplissot. givltus name, e. zefaressos, le.
or•a Bs,
HOME. Enquire of
.oz 6 • • 3. BeHOONMAHM t W.-
. East Pittaburgh.
AN COMPLIANCE with the request lately
made through the rol.arto of the Uuotle. and of o
argil_ number of villa... c. •111 otter at pail. ale,.
SATURDAY. the 10th day of Adrost, at 3 ertork. P. X.
all the lots In oar pl. of Tbtot Pltt.borch,Ohkh mar mt
. - be ditty ..d of bat... a& and that day.
toall bo .roons dratrlng braaUlal. thoP. eadrenhat-and
hcaltlhy looallana for redden...At rare ohm. lo pow of
N./L.—Theo. lots are ht tb•aryttnal plan of 00 Pitts
Barth. as 1.1 mat by oa. • artext.
(Port crap)
.FOR RENT—The Dwelling,' No.'
Third street. somasithfiehl—as moo ot the
hack buttlitor sot Pelothtlit er , 4
Nath realm house la completed. lbw bed chamter ola the
mcood door bee helh rmao attached, with hot met cold
Inter. water closet, to
11m—the novas aditinklit at i ardente rot Enontre
Voorth wad, now Wog.
New Chocolate Factory.
C .
M. N. GIAMBONI CO.rgspectrallyin
the nubile that they are sear maufartoting
000LATIS of oreti . qualltr and prin. This Moeda*
mold ot het% la UMW pun ssid gp,}
&Aerated, ad/ of tout duce. wont nutritious out
nholeromo. ElitAka Ou. laurjog ban isonulatoul of ow
a ma lame. ebeMlata Ilasonnetorin lnbul7 aanno
public that they VIII furnish an *raiw equal if not nusr.
rine to thortost lmwrn , d s _w A ad, at aim Fba.
It la for Baia It SOM A , Mad. Nan g, mul
N 0.102 Youth at.. an auks. neat door to the Dawes Of
, .
. .
okNY PERSON who can give such iaronea
• boa to tbo ttodorsitrasd as yid lard to lb. rtearrrf
body of MICHAEL. O'BRIEN; a passouger as Ito
otosatboat Clot . ..tad MI ororboard os the Zld of
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I lames blab. Wit anapbaton, and black balr.
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p osT OFFICE SCALES—Just recZt;d,
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VOIN BALANCES, for Weeding Counter
tiJ kit Atossiess enha or all dassablatkaur This is
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sni.4 W. W. RILSON.
tIOLDPENS—A tine assortment of the
a ts,t =We &Isms CM band, awl •rinrrantol.
rAts.bbb-i.-let !mr,
F EATIIERS-S4 auks for sale 'by
Rs ICE -20 tierces for sale t v 7
16. AR—SO birds. N. ht i le i r A t u lt a
1,3 suf.
SODA ASII-40 auks for sae by
La or. ootamayou.
I~ABIS-4,0 co! . .lreConreased, for sale by
oors IL • W. HAIKU:MU.
(a PM 'EU BRENTIN bblb. in fine or
WPSOII SALTS-10 bbls. for sale by
avg 6 BC/100N MAXIM
Ii , 7_SIERY--,35, kegs (assorted) superior to
st" ''" ur **l w "'AVM arks/ co.
'BEV. S. R. WARD, of 134.4t0n, will pea k
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FAD-1000 J
pigs Odell, g
11003 Ma Ran Is Nala by
earl /Mal A. LUMMOX 100
(.1 UGAIt-140 bbdee. prime N. 0., in storo
bad kw HU by
but • MVO A. 111110111101 .1 A 00.
4 0 0 bbeel. Plantation, (oak;)
HOT-60 keg% fur Pale by
aurt LOAM L 11171"CMON • CO.
H EMP=MO bales Missouri Dew Retie,.
sal. by JJ.3I A. lIUTVIIISON AW.
To &iota Teachers.* •
ArIVIVW:r , lb. c i t ' V " blr,
r4=antreln"uralget ° d in.let="
Turnpike. at 9 o'slack. ILA. to rassatte 011 tenon. OP.
V . 1 .114. ft:V= l r. M leather. ea imam of the
and haerZto p l 'the thow 9tm
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Sap • or parterat, hot the thha the shoals will tat Cops
oppi, will b. rude hoer.. that da r iU Y' e
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LINSEED OIL-4 20 0 galls. for sale by
tingt .1. 15.1 DD OM. 0". Wool
(;LIJIbKSIViTER—GO lbs. fo
l ri i : D biou.
ALOMEL-75 lbs. for. Ws by
a! u T bble. for od a ! la m a
WDERJALAP-00 (pur e) , t for male
by sofa " J "" D 1"".
- C - Ta."ERATITS -:-Ttons in boles nad bbh..
1..7 %by al* by MULL A CO4
.44 Liberty itheet.
CCHEESE—Prime Vt. IL, tar tale by .
anal a DALZI.LL at. Liberty of.
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b. 7 Wools bottom, MOM to grind Toms."
Wel Court. lioarto. a. ditty lrf.. 14.
at. L. T.. lamour—Yon eat torottont toot when we
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to try ytar Verogfogo. toted tto vitro*, - Pro MO to, sod
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Ire Int wooded. It b. orret. i nett . saodzsmatow
and told by It. Z. lIILLZOS. No. 67 Wood It.
- oust -
MINED SUGARS-00 bbl. Small LOA
enah°4 P "lr d ri cl ang i nS,
Agarda tor EL Loa/a roszar-irataarr.
bblg.l4. Lad. Mum (Air Mod Sim%
19.110E:-.0) tierces :ritaisearolina, foe sale
AL seg • "• "
Black Lace Ve3L.
M%to.URPHY & BURCHFIELD lave a fall
wood:mot of lons sal DomliSlook
orbit. Ind • team r • gm. w 0 ThMao
Great Bbawl Us.
IfASON&CO:8 Great Annual fihawl
.uloomoooot ott'reittay, Anna Otheyboto
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Zot , t i g ii oirtsts
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4.11 X .I.WIST TOBACCO-104 kegs No. 1,
1.7 pert ;yea ane *r ale et •.
0p,2 7 5 . Dots .4.=.04tr0d
Proposla' for Locomotives and Cars- ,
cm?* of +.l Cote asb•PlorA N. U. 0 , 1
OPOSALS - will be receive bYtlitun
-JIL • detsbneed,
01,02fbrAnalldbit, the Oh% ti.
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dam and Tee...reeen=to be egolls rtr . a ellboWle. * To
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°Utile ireee or aairevelk=e o . Uwe CtilbeWr. -
• WM% nibf" . .111 , 4 PeridoW.
• .• • •
ten Dollars Enna
L,OST - Oa Thursday eming;* either at the
rh , :rt. or Worm the lbwOtt oat Oroat'otroot;
Mb. timitbsoßt or TbirtlMsAko _POCICUT WAIL.
LIT or PORT MCOOtAt m eontillthor OM $OO Is DOW ,
ood wane moo or ma but to U. oRoor•
t Tim ober.
a mrazdorill to pOd to lama. mill retool n o
thin ka . , sarl
1 "
WASH BOARDS-25 doz. Enc,for sae by
• • "it - Z. D. WILLIAMS • CO.
SQUE/All—SO hbds. for sale by -
4 Rosser LULL, Ploudi Manzhetura.
anent 1 - N0.147 libetr
A t ts...ixtetavo. and Ln rot oda. Wk. 11 7 '
JOHN miticLum
83 Wool ass.t.
Arrangement Mule to Ferward Freight
Jt La. ILAILUOAD OOMPA.2II temeir. to z Philadabbhbr
.1,31 corOar Peva saMirne
New - Patterns
.stariga fh,.. the mot ontradvs eitedan
Etre a th.
02-10.414 r.
A APLAIN GREEN, glm_ed and meas
..* al WINDOW BLIND PALMS. Jost reorlrod
for y TllolLie PALM=
10AP--109 boxes Cincinnati Palm Soap
reed 0111.40.3..nt sad tar sale b 7
ALCOHOL -50 bbla. for sale by
.11-30 B. A. TAILIZSTOCH t 00.
4 11 FINE PAIR OF HORSES, erfect
ly %motor,. owl Bolted to d e te r dooblo or do-'
I " no ' U i rba= . t
107 1
T/11, sr
ply fild(l at 247 Liberty atroet.
LARD OIL-75 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
D.lO • . B. A. VALLNESTOCK t 4.16.
0001(81—No. 33 of 'Byrne's Dietionery of
Merbsairs and
•1.7 or Anktmeag=l.6.kixti , and ' ' .
lema,' • 2
Alarr—k large anortrarat of Clawdeal ood Sacra Books.
1.4 reed sad tar sale by -_,
_J. L. RCM Marg.
78 grolla Ba/Iglaga. Fourth li,ent. •
N. o.—Rsortaten fa exthange. /Y3O
ACKEREL--100 bbla. Large No.-3; for
msle by jr3o IL A. CIIhNINUILOI.
W A .
e tholsMnlmtit ,
e = o eGeeo.=r em
Summer Qua,.
IHAVE received a ewe of fine Marseilles
QuIL., a &Masai *lsm far We km.
.Iy= WM. NOBLE. Uphoktarer, :taw 4.
sa wet cauan:
. .
wk. awns= now landing per st't
Ilartlbrd, for 'do by • • 'OMAR PIC
wadKILY 00
V Water Inman&
QMOKED HERRING-50 bre. New JO.l,
io tor sale at MORRIS' 22A. MART, In the Diaspora.
. Fine Watches!
A PEW very. superior Gold Patents
Lover WWI.. br 650.466
rital noi7ja.%ooblo kadla Ze ds d Hood= L t n.
mangymgrand, of Tarim, Wire and astteres, at •
R1CUAZ.6601471, 61 Martit fi.
• tik.r..974
NAILS 300 kegs assorted sizes in; store,
tor ah br ' HODIN6O% lap= iW.
Patent Candlesticks. ' •
artl, atop:lomi b t o a vO 0 1
EPSOM SALTS-40 casks for ogle
irri J. KIDD OD.
LCOIIOI.--20 bbbs. for sale
.ira • J. MD A CO.
Bear Books.
d r I ODFREY MALVERN: or the Lift, of an
VI anth e r. By Thome =ler. With Iptentriberr lr
leatratkets by Pat.
TriVels in ON Uilitai States, during 1E42 litld
DV . b . e .. l. o 7l=lltto lir d 12= 6
. The stove beets Ann reed and Ibr de try
C. tITOMSON. 47 Hooket et.
S, Ybil.Fal Lank'
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I On& ol ir lbw esth Tallgeow Luting pr 11:r
low, me b 7
ID la 151C1C,Itif•OD..
C U J E rr --125 bc'reaJggllyl.
br. J. KD 4 ,
.11Z • C O W o r,
J7 2 S • 4. n nna ca
: -- Simi' Fire Proof Mineral Palnt
reF. subseziber, ht t ga n. i cameeted his is
' tiblifbmot tbo of o i a . mod
Ithlk M W r,b
e ed of .24.1 /Amt. Wt
ployo to furnish It. throolth Aim sr Al tr il T la.
" J. A. chyalier. /0112/17 of Stdut ad cod lan
T. flovlo I 123 Llbollf amt.
ad. Alleglin.r:
VOFFEE-150 bags Rio, for gala by
JOllll wart a co.
Green Teas have advanced 11)c. per LIZ'
3 701 j can bey Green Tea*, for three toonthe
se ena. u WOILILIS. Tea Mart. h. the
old pra. axe the slam aotalthataadi.a
edema la prim. rad. is they ha. a large etacithethead.
Th. tell the beet Tess la lthttabassth at Mt. etareLead
A Good Bargain is now Ofersd.
7msTbreo to lam taw. be Dammed; Emmegb.
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with bealms7 ac. Tb• 7 IM7 be divi
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t.p MPI7 to BAWD* IRVIN d .
maw nu et.
bargala viU Duero it 415._11n1fan
De male mact , BAir.o
114 ILIlv
lowed st.—
(3-300 bbls. (d ry and'very flue)
'POLL BRIMSTONE-2 bbla. for sale by
ILL 370 .7. 9171100N1LNE3 & 03.
4.2ALERATLIS-44 casks (ivarrautell stre)
fur be
11,7 e by j. WAOOMILI9III I! C O.O
UST fICCEIVED, by this MOThillftla
My exams., aver} =pyrite assartmeat of Watch.
••. We teebodfully Inform wrenstassers and the
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I .17Z ,a, MS. Market awl imam Marta • .
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To , MISIrt blast tort tahnsm.
oulooser wan Isiah' Limns nouns asso' i =
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swot to.; at thy northeast corm or icarthand Marts
wren • I IT=
1911WA3008131 NEW - BOMB!
41A T HOLMES' a rattin DEPOT, Third
LM Li., L 2176. . ,
The Aaveataxve of Paul Pertt:
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Thekle: a est
Coanteee of tr Dom.
reathe cm the helms of • hy web
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a l att of
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M o f the Heat
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Th. Roma byßallret:
Th. Mir of Nutt laad, a ut t betiry
r grag r. 4 .S=r I , I= l
mocady Jor—s.L.
Mae/'S ted_rs Boa. 1.2 . 1 71
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U TlN ' 4lVir=l. •
To tfie Deld t
liEANNEss a ziseeiin the head, And all
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N. hte,;• 4 , V11 br
/Yr. mann., Nearing /lariat rd the N. Y. Kyle entered
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Mt i leTe: whol&lo consult him. to male an early call.
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Iteherea etreet.• • • • - • JYYrmk:
GUAILANTT-FUND, T,100,01*. •
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rs COMPANYoferi to tatilniused - ell
r .. a .ra. 5 , 04...1TuAym of Um !Mama 'Want'
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Allegheny Countl, 813:
;tl(daris .troittrton is. Andrew Nate?. ,
7NtLe District Courtjend. "
tO lt rii isna. B6 • Ism. Di. '
iioll Of Xr. T. Malan. /pr ia uned=
=sot: 111: Smith. tat, bay '-
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sailttor star* award Trill AA 4., re a
I:M " ... a razzr Ilat ' ada; . crioili th
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Ct. IL utrrif. Auditor.
Scarce and Desirable Goods,
OP -V -
ARIOUS STYLES, °Den this m or n.
1-F gaV I ZTW , Th ilekV: 4 l = 2 ins
14toutkostsNano torttoll so cholas uloStomdat ?Meth
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Tome Ladies' Sestaary;—Alteetesq%
EtAND MRS. N W. Miaow, win
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Bowsaw stmt. Cents et
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WV. W. J. 1 3 2:MREW begs se intimate
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anarAOHO= collection of Eihrabbay,=
Ems, BannsamiStrawbanTseannbans
Yineav bard/ M.thly and sway Laud ma
canary to ormuneat yards and XllOa *and al
Maxims and VEZintePtstabarst. scary tett b oar. ea r
tha °laden. Crams and other rdt•lostaasinnlanD
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24 "'"'"' Pi " TBI "I.=.
RENNETT, BERRY k. CO. - hove removed
to their tury Warauxiahms.r.f 041.0117yre.
IVIACKEREI—Non. 1,2, and 3; in ti
,2 61041 LL bbla,n Wm by jom , w A rr g co.
I HAVE just meived one me of Nash Not,
1_ Ulm yuds vide, Mr Mariulla
1y7.4 WIC 1108/X. TIMM
11100 K POWDER--300 kegs for sale by
AA 1724 fa. TON 11010110881 . * OD.
!GEESE-75 bons for sale
The only real New Tette Plumbing, Fatah
- lishmemt
WIESE work is done on Scientific Prin
t:Wks, and wansatad.
sad susootow rnosolos. iss so its tosoobso,
dons with mama sag dada. .
Baths dant up with Lamm from---S0 in $l2
Bath 6to 20
Wash Puna, to BO
Bina, woolen of boa.— 2to 4 •
Wata S to
Hydroids— 6 to
haw Map. camphor-- . 5
Shama Kara Cat Iron Bala, Wash Traws.llctAlr
Forma. and Lad klpt. Maxima andalas kta
qr " Vft., Pans. and Yazd Pampa 51aulk Baras.etwatush
tr oa hard. sad pat op a say dlt In the canna•
puratually_ attended to:
PRYOR WILNY, 326 Mast st.
jai harem Wood and Makst
C liggs---200 boxes prim z e, }l !tr siaxgera
irsz • I ore . e • •
New Books, Mut. Beeeived.
VEAST: s Pleblnn; reprinted 'frith earreo-
Lre milltiong by the author of Alton Lab.
Clotdebs. Owes of Firbt 17"."*Abwm
WA, Mk% • Salo of the l'orltana. 12ma. inna. _
Easily= a Talc: by Anna IL Down, arttlierarlttirat
and formes! Pap. and - .
...M i res Mellen:kV Munroe sad Saglemierf Ulm
11111161 Dlctionati ofMethanica, nen Wart nig Err
eoting N. 31 and 32- .
Lands Pictorial Pleklilook of tbo Iterrolatkan
as "d PbI9TI ig..__...tor&hirbr.:, ziaz
Mee; ealtet, ....441 P. Kidder. rano, sox
. For tale by - .1. L. P.XAD,
Iry 73 Aiello Bonding. Fourth at
SALERATIIB--12.5 boxes pose;
•4obbla "
OIL-29 MlLL lor=o.
LAKE FISH--10 MAL White Fish;
" 10 5 tskefroat
ht " Ibt oak bt
Timms-30 dos. Marietta, far ode by
ROOMS-50 dos. for sale by '
it= J. 11.11111111ILD.
11141ASII-10 casks for sale by
:7r= J. B. CAN_
Shirting Muslin kid Irish Lbtons.
KIPHY&BURCHFESLD have received
farther , supply of raprrior &helm Keats sad
yareliand directly froot the imasenticterere
t i ezi tAzd di =l c :Ara I ch . filter
.n:. .~ }T
Time Bills
11.1. , CINCINNATI. _
141n :Alli av lools„
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WM be pardnial at tivorable raters
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• T DrcialFti and Paden. -
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edetreted bread of rade Greene P.M.... ho =de
plied at reduced pion. ./L. IL WILIAM
We -_ ZI Root amt.
iiii bbLL
ED LEAD-5000 lbs. for ta le by
CJOAP-100 boxes No. 1 R.osin, for We by
1 0 be
0 bbb. Nee%
Juvt :mind MI for maleM
iyl9 JoIIII Wire CO.
ED OIL-411t:nteorW.sZei.
PlT!t ir E S TONE-800 1 fts.l . or ssoleag
ACKEREL-100 bbla. Lair No. a;
00 bt • " •
alto by J7I9 a it W. aliltaktillt
ULP.IIATE, QUININE.--SO as. to eale by
la /rig 1. lIDD CO:
lODLIVER OLL-3, gross genuine FM
Iyl9 J. KIDD & CO.
Jacob Townsend Sarsaperills-24
dfonal• by J. KIDD &CO., '
ifiIiEESE-44 boxes. on co i
t gen
_ s ent not
J 719 woos. on not Dr
N O car
: 'I , _ MACKERI I ha gartarphls.
Wan •• / C Ka.
ICE—B.* the tierce or bbL (mule by
" • Welar sad roan di-
N UTMEGS -1 bIL for solo low to do
tooot otourti,
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ND/00—.... MOMS Carson's;
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wau sad 170.141%,
Azamican lismbnn.
N 0.15 Platt 6111.10,emn.
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-Apriv ROUTE TO NEW YORK crrY via -
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OAD 6111 k CANA
t•-• - • MORE, AND NEW , YORK. • - !'.
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