The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 01, 1851, Image 4

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Sir!' BrV. Ikstt
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- A tie following
_.maz"' new t ' '
.. . ... . _ .
Ist tea W 1 tar oflBB2Pirsiii entlll44 , olk Sots.
ferrod the mission biliMiris,,orponssjusily- die ,
(initialed son - or Pentisibnulle.: - •• Before the
newly oppolet,ed Itialiter,,hentevei; Ind depart
ed on his mhislotri he deeniedit.dos to the Pres,
ent to.ra ' ,Otetisel iirrefereneeto the selec
tion of a a ; Mrs ,- oflegotion. ThiPresident
declined si r otetZszenee:.asid• iethirked • to the
. mi n i / gee thne as U. S.Altiiiinsoletit-would. hold
him responsible foe the.mtemer in' which boas.:
chseg•atie duties ; ' an d Viet , he would coat.,
fluently be at liherty" ta.chooso his own secrete. ;
~.. The utinisiter zeta' ned his respectful siitireerl
edgemeids,,breVberMe taking; a fined leave:
eoaghtliindvice in - regard ".tOtk-.l o ang
gentleiniiit then - Es the _service ofthe State . De
punnet* eni;l'seitt was highly reconuneridodb7 •
the (thvn) alretalT. -- Oen. .J'ackson..peonptly
oeld,_"! advise vms,'ldr, not to takethotinast,. At
is not a goitrisolgi. ofprestAiny." The Mister
f r u
seemed pi/ . FA, d obscrend that the objection
..I em a t to give is;"esid the old . hero, oe+ 'sail.
he thus to tinned:, 9:ni last Sabbath morning„ I
' attended divine Bailee:lithe Idithodist,Episco
pal Mardi; in:thts,city. - There I listened- to a.
• soul inspiring Seeman bi:ProlerierDarbin, of
Carlisle, . one of the ablest , :pulpit. orators in
America, Seated in a Peirlitme mei observed
this identical)ronEtistan; apparently en orlon- '
. tire listener. i -On the day following, he came in
.. to this chamber on public beslness. when khad
the cariosity to osk his. -opinion -of the. ermton
"And what thlnyyon, - An the young upshrt,
with consummate asetastice,.'pronoun .nd that
sermon all fioth; and Professor - Daehln a .hum--
- bug..? I toOklthe Shorty of t:toying to him--"dry
goons amo,„siatt are a hy4Lug purielf, and don't
know it. "ind now ,7 -continued the venerable
old mite, his Y . eye .11t•isp with_ totem - anima
tion;,."rest enured, nii deer sin! that a nun who
is note: betterjudge of preaching than that, is
wholly unfit -to - be your companion. And be
sides,','-her added, .-if be were the prodigy the
Seciotervof.State, .repneimits hint to be, he
would be Wean:dm to confer his services upon
- ypi:-Lie wont! ratbef be anxious to retain them
: hIVAIt." The Presideat'sadviee Was of course
folkrited by tine ambiuseadar. and the young MID'S
,4)subocquent career of Tice and folly proved that
the 'general's; estimate'. of his character; albeit
founded upon 's common place incident, was pub-
_ va p & been voted e p an drct4 Wl ce
for some gallant action, ediiner was given to te
letrato it, and after the sloth bad been removed
the whole astembled company wain with interest
to hear the eloquence that &mid attend the pre
sentation. The president arose, and thrusting the
cup towards the o ffi cer, vaid---:" Thereto thejne
To Thichehe other replied, taking it up with
Pleatitro and examining--"It tltiallionrogt"
A Thorm--It *titres more courage to think
difierently front the , multitude' than it does to
fight them.l - - Thvc first hero, therefore, was not
be vt - ho made the conquetd. but who littera
the first donbi
• .
• • .
ro EESILJONES rept' filly informs City
111, itemba.t. iad - thi ac M. h* h.
ove.+l a vi.1... , ' SOB CCO. ..4..VUPI, and MGM?
ICACPACTORE. Nek 137 Fro. street, one do. '
wt.. hf 11. A.I Pthnertmit's Drug 810 re. where he taus
In a . wad lb. saft I Lugs .. 11...1 .......... a th°
sual amyl* Vlightls brads Tobacco, .4 • meterttnert•
melt of G. eris.. 4 •nt Ns cholera bramic ....
10 OLL, fa. Sec. , AU Idris of EL.baay TO..
mauut.tanid with ....10.49 , 1.1 , OW 1"
.. ihhhh,hl,
It/ ACK.EREL-100.:bbls. No. 3 Small; to
LYj utni• so f t tot a2u. to', • -
A'tilVl-LAU for ante -
.1• . J. SCIIOOIIHAW it co. -.
bble 3,otei
- IA g'y entsbed polvyi...lln/orjascr..eelyri
low b 7 . WM. A. 111%111111 t Ob.
I.III.DINES IN BRIN.F t .--lllThegeSur=
kJ ZIA.. lb brirm (bardellous)jott Aftelverland Car est. ,
lotll/AL A. 1111. a Q). - •
ILL7gAPER- 4 superior lot just tec'd
11/0 AA , as by
tamer of bmItAVNi Slab
dasen.jast rerlyedsad bt osis by
'DINK flAOT=4ool.lr3.l)time quality, junt
1:; , , , c'.1 mud tar saTi by. fielol R. Y. lIKLLw.W.
aa ACID—ZO lbs:, just rec'd Bud ,fin
xj tab. 14 • , jel9 IL 11.111ELLbli.v.
a:•jr,libltlu bs b•A d ertFlete view eg i ou=brArzbalous Pars
i .
' /temr; aoldslubbc Fothavel.mabarkub.
Oroera t irski. beivutillead. Statistical. Ecuontolval. sad
It '' re °rifle Arts aut I'd r =
oPthe hai. (rola 1011. •
, The abdre valuable vvrks Cur sale br • '
• j.. 11 - . ILO. STOCKTON...I hlrrknt
from ihe manofteterent - 15C0 rt Mr& Itelthut tor
NI toreros, rot sale at the Imila thlbber Defol.
-Nor T ,een Wool at., J. re h. KIALIP3.
" FATHER- - 100 Sides N. Y. Sole, foe lobe
of the ranted fraternity Is ineited to the Es*
nant.Ear Fosmtala c ar Ur. Pavel, Vocalist. of Nett Twit.—
Just. swatted tnal nals b) W.W.
~ARIS GREEN-510 1!)s.
i n, for sate ty
iirar - 4 5 tens Miss. D. , R.,)for sale by
.ustrz A. trusansox a co.
• 4, :it }
Ttiro &•; for Diarrhoea, Qcc.
151EA4.1N MIND!. should you nevi French
% .71t , c aST.T,:rarr,,:t r =e,,tr. na j le
WISH HOARD PRINTS ;- For gale at 25c.,
••,A• by 1.1.47 W. P. ILLII.SIiALL. SS Wad k.
. .2 osier,
10 , " bright No. 2 • for Wn by
1431 JOBN WArrt 0,.
'IUNIATA NAIL RODS-95 bandlei Slit,
fa foiyr .a r. VON Bosmioaer a co:
ettENSE--52 boxes. 'ocrw 7 landint and for
Donteful Ilet•Iu sur.-dadet on • slaw
,'' .1. • ITT' Newslif
. Mute,
WIP E -15 fi atit a lhlMi co
Iyagen PAPER - For sale byv .
lIIESIP--41. bales Miaeouri, for saleby
COTTON -413 boles for sole by
xee uzr, merretrws k
LEAD, -2359 piorGalena, for este by
- MINT. AzArrazirs co.
' 4 0 pnme • eae ea; .
ikel!illifrigre k co:
R EFINED SUGARS *124 bbls. Crashed,
It IOX-46 . tca. 'fresh Carolina, for seta by
110 bti!is. N. C..for
E tal i e A l
wil. u l
g°7lTEx-2a toss Sp u~ 'ea ° aLe~a ~o:
"CWRPSE--260 boxes W. R., far salecV
Q,OLELEATEIM-400 Sides bestliemlock
`7 T' " tfr w " k L ' ib "*V. t a ro b ei it CO.
EilillNat7l 3 / I ,IIK. STOCK WANTED;
Jr , INIINT,,p) MA , forsaly low. ronallam mt.
to ek
W bbl.2.2iror !ax Z 10actinci;
' • -/12IZ Harin "
Extra TaedittsiloarAg
rsale 22
-TORACCO-20 kegs (Geds'el N0.1_54
rrANNERS'..OIio; j_ust receiving
Av - br i=sl. - uidttx leth br -..Lutra DLZELL.
Froaitcco—us boxes as'd ofthobest
Imiui• as acme obi larval* b
. F, , Water aal Rost as .
• ' ' ,
HAVE jolt received from New York, an
-I.44lThi'Valfring""kwrrw P"'Fnez4' and
• • - ,4.7 • 161:140m.e. , •
ANP PAPER-60 MOMS need; for Bate by
717:i tIII47II4I,..,EYIaPPANG .PAPER-4
b, =tar
, ' Anthmeite i-lu °"
A "
TO ' e c h o & II au
- j flErAVoibt
5114AGIO' WATCH:IW (*.Rouble : Hunting:.
Ocitt LIM WiltaaCieed• to et a s en DA
Falmorilti sold pal. ar,S , Mowmt o py
r gni tolieskajtsCaledmitiO4Vd.
T.IIEitS—WOLI lbs. far sale
..!,P:M;. , .•.'=.'... ,, .• , ;•';
The H -- toisittlitillilirk-7:-
g i O . t2.3l4,llm,*64iiEsidttys
*ollasyeoPsithoaiial th..
'''-'l""a4l.oaatArald. Dho. NOw. -Kwhe
CM:I6W fr.. 10411210.• not al the a ,
slag at tba tag
ymistaz&NNltt avh. la%
who pas It to posts wawa sot hatrhk
Phoplop 'Shad.; Town ka,. any shbacassaw.
review Is mood that Oda la n 0 .%
. assb=d s u p=
ow trill will IP , . a ...aa
prows award at were nd. OotO boa, and Owl Wad. -
Boy It -pad Ur reader it agatowoored woolakodatrla,
7111 1 =2 „ or tho u = s. • It c rgWE: h t
will 101 l thisoot oalyta etos . , fi but porsere.. o sjr , eso
c r " Mad thli altapOtkaah Mrs
sole In Ita d ah. h thhlta othro - - - •
apt i VA L you sit Pe toarif tnO soar
boy lily at WM JAI:IWO. c
Apant la
Teetklitui'Ppre, Bitighrtiti
tor bid barti osolor— , Perwambo luivieltturr. sib babes , '
thot-lf tbeir booth 14 Imre no IOW: eras*
lortik thwartd. dirt or lattor;_sod. ttod UMW
tha± .24 «n«n box of Jane AzatorPtootimaroh Poor l m mute
the tdeth &a *MO as ow, old W beend/2 citartkoooal7
.. w iP acody_st li/SBO3l/1 Lilortr / . 111.1111
• -
4, s B4;initili iLdi,Tonid.ltaitorer Nam:
0.-lAii.BWlArai .13soiww h. Dare
'ions' Cana Hair nelnr..-know ion ei.ftwoinnse.
theti•!step bate nen. we sawn It topensees
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mauls intended bar to eiet eine geninW nue Wind
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for geadering the heft son and . nothing .sib
tnn—it amine MIT besotilin. Minn Wen It V 4 is
deed.i the sicist meratient—let etVeleeTeXttete roc the .
co; .enly st
hoed oL.W W
e74cT SOYS , Stm. Sid
Meet-= no:dean can* sad •
J.ONEtr.Snliitioid:' - orJeLii Liquid - Human
lbrDen, lbw the cdanniturat widen. fed,. WM bwis.b." .
besaUfalbroe/n, or Week ot e010r..• minute&
Ptieee—b• eentooktelAtt.
. Eld4 ay woo.
JONES' LILLY Want ...tataiell ire =-
timed ...cubist using Mgt otottoottotettusal CtiaLt. Tbol
are not *tram frog Itightfultr jamitres It Is t. the Mat
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the skin imam atm ming pivrar , d OW= • DmidAtt
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'mat Joss orrabb w Ms ,
Lt. is storßstlA T rtd. War PnrlB.l a ail Gemara=
atm/10aq and I Inputs to the oils • =Met b..1t.7. st•
aar.a, dear, stilton at the =too tit. seth4 cplP.,
tb. WV". son ..04 .meotb.
Bold by_th. Agent. .L 7400014 SW Wats One.
bnd Woal l hOtaborsh. n
Batitnit's Celelxratedloap Powder.
W'ASIFING without lobort %mita
Tv tour. the stains out of table llama . arid-nap
Dtrartion pm , clothes In a eulPitirat
quantity of coth wear to awn them. them odd bre
ttooofule of Ws &lap Pond.. toeaelt tli a...tear... 1 .r
mad with the Umbra if the water labs*, Odd more of
the Powder. and boil than ten =Mutsu tootle wen paw
Mem them down with • ethk, thee pet thee to • tub and
add imaisient told water. to that thewf ietll not. tree too bot
to handle. Theo rub the dirty attraia. or in other womb , .
Mee them • thoronith donna. and, that It suillelent
Itetit'a It rill leant
Ina nerr 'dn.., and no bad ally
_nor,,ll. as Nom
rape du:-The eat:lreton of the matnielread doe. not
armed trooentnto complete a nulling or Inn paean.—
Warranted not to rotor InjUris , the clothes, •
Pond. , that=raster nig mate tiretta~s
• lesscreoss ma Dz.—Ube. so els pendia of nthin:end
mlz. the Powder wilth It. and then Mt It boll. . See volnr
ethei. thou odd el gerneenth weber; the them lethal=
iff? ' thf/te Ail% hem .'"7 =ll, "' TT r""'". ...1 •
Soil . ersthceeeth and TW pot eat the tettde Ili eV P 'er lkdt
Sam nos rot the clothes. An Ile need with hard =NM
inter. toe nut= the qua etx quart. Instead of
-twelve.. The eca sow Is D as
=tett L 4 Dealing ndien
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Bdd~Onlae6 m 4 ratan br
Campania Syrup' of Yellow Dock. Root;
gACCUYIES thi" float rank among the zo-
Lir arlatory 'madklots lot ebb maim foi eunkt•ir
uzio• Coke, ma ammo, monpanb_ !,p41 , 44aa,f1! ,
..p es n''..MATismll,"
I.4ver CcessiestoL.l.turh.
Combs, &muesli sed- Tight... Una lbw Chart. Bram•
at housemen.. &0n.% •ed • Stall= smmutiom
about Ma throat mzel v mud with mmPremdeohol sumo
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. Feral - ireat4tesanzi Gemmel
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estionsartrzan, Pad In
Ittbe tete:imam Or ado:a& I.Wdr •1 Lam
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Purify Bloo d. .• -
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the *Pilled Ma beet sad bag eke, earedCaaker,"
041./Sbeona, L. 17 sad Scrattda., nail & SoradralllA
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110.214. VI,. laird obstinsurai /rgyeti i,l a nand
tbIL medkine. nay tbat do A 'Maa* Ise 111
BILI b pS ee
OUS COMPLAINTS. It rearares 01 0
the drentatlon. rendering Mx Idrer,Oee, stiln=f4
Ur. It renames
m a or the Hein, and rennin:ia
...LI rues at Amhara, sad mar 0. add in PM dbaMee, lad
TOtalamp is Tossed rely iy C.33OMC 004 aln
Panatela Wert. rolidagn, n od sold abolteale sad
0.1.011, by L- .
Una for Western Pandrylystals,,
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eetablirinaerda. it Is great alrenfairei bold to bottler en
11%.23. wad 50 sante, with directional for tnee • - •
arra iStiLLERIW Winn +Li
- profiisor A:c. Baxio Tricogeroas, ,
Pennon tnninmelol Cum Mr. Mona.
nano Americo.
Cost on rub evb . Or.
- era, You. Yob.
Itarty's Trlcorbeutso tau ankle Munn tole
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..mato:root to rot oat Ware Var
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Jl_ Mk mon 1101- eas 2.1 Straw WrayOng
60 " bauble Crown " •
fn Medium "
IS fuorflof Pat Omiw Net
100 Dobblo Meal= .11..11 byMtistr rare:
100 " Imprfial =ll2
31 2t‘23
The wall of cda slses of payark_for
the lab , eft. by .. /IYINEN,
• •Bl.tbmer sod riper Deb2o.
.1.26 . former of Ylaflut sad &mad slarsti
.1P EC TA OLE kukve a complete
1.7 slick of Gold. Silva and WA lipactAr-lexintl *opted
quality of convex and concave Mama. Wentgano to
ovary ..sur of .vtalo. anau
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/GM , . plea of
optical scrm [Pa W.•
LINSEED OIL T -141)141..f0r sale bir
• NicciNUCtlC.
hzurjust received , —
. 1 4 .14 . Ely, br
Pleat lima.. as sung by Jouty mud.,
of Cluittlarti word. frt. Sauyies PSI
' 141771; Et 1011211? Ro , PWe- • • . •
die litre Entrltud Came. by Mt. Awn Wade. at'
• Tbe Mourner. Sequel to Tett•L ' . .
Yr. vor awry Serbs Home, 'tea bY
thou be tow lose. voal Mutt. by c:
Tura not atray, duet , . by S. C. Fatter.
• time I loved Met Ilary bur, by S- router..
1 wouldkat die 113 Muter. •
. It won't bear mautioulmy.
Kate Ilcare. •
Idtsr eu —lburleite. Eeteru ASe%i
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Itryttly.• stessadtia,
:Woad Nymph, fillvervllle, num Slitets, ete. Alto
terkellou Careltot made. Sign of tbe Golden CASA 111.
PONGE—Extra floe Titrkey;for h iusle by
llumtaM Ant Umber, Chrome Taluir.Balebsol,
am Blue, &e.; same by - • _,_
-J.fiCI.IOON ABER C 0,2 4 weal st.
AI/JOHOL-76 and 92 deg.atrength; foi
al. IT J. occoorrogxEica co.
17f HITS GLIIE--3 bbir. for sale by -
VN'S Nerveruld Bono Liniment
I. el.
Black Tea from Liverpool. ' ;
a than lot of Btrosa_acid 111 be ramrod CONOOII
MIA *bleb neon trial ` Wbe bowl to go Masthead
asey In ['Mahwah. Tb* rotate an halted to
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Le r at U allir lb . ' nil kinds *M I L, used he
/1 - 10.1 M--150 b Itio, for sale by
11.) 8016 J COICHISON it CO
GAPE ALOES--11100 lba.fori um =y •
PRUSSIATE POTASH-400 lbs. for sal.
V.ODFIBII-4 tierces for sale bi -
JAPAN VARNISH-3 bbLi. Baltimore)
I TINEGAR-30 Main. kurecider for rially,b
VANARY ' fiEED.-,3Aaltas. just ret.ein.ii -
Iu frau m• Sul, • pal= surate wu ßrantaluk
and Ruh stmt.
114E.EINUA BORAX--500 lbe for sale by
i. 14 J. ILTDD 00-40 Woed
FLAX—.I9OO lbs. for sale .by
GILLETT•s 303 PENS--A fretibmlly .
the..pertor !led Pam•tied sod tr
corm. of Pomo! sod Ildazot RL
Will Paw and Borders.
XMAS PALMS % 55 'Market greet, re
tins a rtrateares=
ererT ankle Yu Isis line of beldam, .
J A' • ' racy istipOlor,
?PAR Sew Hcda
SPIRIT _POLKA, composed' by H.
tb -..4.0.0, 13 4T‘P',F" . "I
- pk:sed
Pgl~'t~N dos
IV,== II.
1;7 4 .7
P. 9.—A tolooda lot of nos PIANOS tow optok6t.
COW TOT Pod 5m06166.66 6 Oda?* how Ito ob.
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tr *mimeo pifiliw. , Lloniiiitialii46 l 4
p..1.1..g ot agniala Ito. et Awe" lroll
satteoaktaneru that ;labile mho edit be rug et,
the undermost.). Lead Moe la the etetsof,AMl.
el le=iiMa. redi a m ell le": oti
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'ete ,y,dpri4ll=recnorthe iiifbit• thite - ef
VZOritmeeltaitti&kintectm.l6m r '
:T= ==r..i, ii yos.;l;'
At the LW Ofhte et QIUMPAG um W amenteehth eh
Needia,Mo =NMI day of . anakitEr
_tau dip
ral a 'l"l,hids*lthin fln”
ar vat etheAfalsrimeacti wriAsa.
InnriaNam claum _sad mama. or nap ...Tumor ,:..
, -,.....-na-vraiStrrai
Migittl. " = t oie l = t =l
twenty ot yllootetel tmettr
tee, east of the IM buds Oro la tooth ilt!.. '
• TmOtship olmaremigi Mr.: ...:: ' . I_..iii. i.
i rm i fett 6'"4"4W"4"llll2l
Moe mt trv=lll.l4lthiltni=l
- ithek Ltd Mee at MIA. 21003.
re Vu e ttereleVrVirtil= i tte 4b44 ..t.
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ondlottlSk u pteet l =MOM&
The math -Of poem the wash hall et tea,
Ithetittual seethe% hM i , it* lwra. bla
Li r % I = f,::ereit its
ocaetmest mama of trentrets. sal the wet half Um
north.. wt. of tematymnem ha tornohly thme, of
"A eoa,=nikui kito. h..' it aclea*
" u. li r= " 4 .1,V t g 7 , Zr . a=lV It,
.7.4,l44=e t : d eXel Imam Mate .I.l.the ~e
"4'l =" . 'C M "
re: SIVPAS=2* eoet.VAV ' Mrte. itte l' g
cab. e* held WWII bentoftwat bl i r at
Ottottese, 11 , =:nermedli .
is I , Aft* the eat adJiTer f i An =Maui
MM. thaortielatimapaneass rtal
8 W: emu' 00 Mt. , , , , .
- amt. of Wm. law Ina be elmi, ,
metal out/maw and prog as tb. or
der Inirbiel they ore ednetheel. Ime s of MO
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Bitiumont's POAult !Starch Polish ; t
TIATENTED, July 20th, 1850.—Foi
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Din•tions—Pa • Ettoo u=2.. of • v•• to • 0.. 1 a
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a:n. tICLI.BRIS. 07 Wcall st.
. Copley's Pot Clay:
TFEE": ealaaribera aro • now Ma- Agents
of .I.ooplor I Co.. fortbo sate of their Pot Clay, so
im of 1..11 estabUshod soontation for th e insnanseturs
of Mass Pots, Stool Pots, an. ft Is made alone of tbn mod
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VIIIT PINS-4;ht retched, e beautiful
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Jell 137 Ila4et swo. oarisiert
TEMPLARS' SWORDS—dart reo'd, is lot
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4.4 L- . -Cash, paid , yrrlY,toitil,4l
INBEED,OIL-1500 c rIle. , Fre, for sal
LARD 0.11. 7 11) . bb pur2Vpter, ,
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1111,LOILATE POTASH-50 lbs. for solo
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111. W. WM% Watchleaker,
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Cheap Bled De Lame.
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DRY '000D$;
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.A: - A. Mason & Co., 68 and 84 Illarifet'it.;
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- MTI.LL cOmmonee on TarisoAr, - June 28,
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A. BIASON''& CO. have just received
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VEAPES! GRAPES I—A.A. MA.sos t en.
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LAWNS! LAWNSI-4. A. 2dAgeN &
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A. MASON: 4.00, won' mpectfully
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SITAL3IER CLOTIIS, for Metes and Bops'
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6) CASES Green Mixed Jtane;
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lOIA ROBBER COTS—An estallent cot._
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Straw Bonnet and Hat Wareham,
No: 105 . Iclaisrie Srurt,
IL PALMER - offers for vale, at - Tory
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•• - Tha"Capet Warehouse, t 5 Y oni
GOOD TEAS, go • , •.A4
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Obbla.newl.Bsl,E r ckled Herring
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la data sad Oa Ws by LW) JOHN WATT 00. ,
F ISEI7-10 bble. new Lake, Trout;
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4 - J.D.ctorrinue
A ir4 RD-20, Ml* No. 1 ' for Bale
• b . -
. . .4
yaw OIL-8 11)lo.dio ; 1, for oak. by
LA /018 . JAKILS PALM/. CS Water 11...
3. MACKERELe-50 bble. for solo by
eals b p i IL!
ire 6) ' 7/011N;ATT & CO.
110" 4.30..811GAR-2.5 hhde. for Bale
IN .1i 023 - • ' J. a. atsm.n.
is; %MEG bbt. Na 1,13./.B=
NEW,NO, 3 Itt&OKERELlO3..bbls. and
:VI 26 bc. 44. to anise • - • and for ale by •
SYRITS--Underwood's fine Lemcin Syrup,
i 4 . ll .... .erepute . g g er t re toskles Leal. Ad. . -
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leit) ' Grocerti Tys Deadera.'
niAIRY SALT—A siperior'iutich for the
°r " lAN P ‘" P lrri l redgoV"Y
AOKEHEL-60 bbla. Na 3,-. Cur sale by
WINDSOR SOAP-50 boxes Hyde's, for
eh Sr Dar'xii a. L. FA IMES:COCK 111
VI/311-25 bble. Lake Sup. White, 1851;
, • J. H. C.ANMELD.
QAP SAGO CREESF,—For sale•by . _ -
kJ :382 0 - - • • WM. McCLU BO •CO
fil is
/POD FISH—GOO lbs. very e, for sale by
Luau& 00.
litalYTTAciftiod. Lekiiiiia
-21,1r41rr'''.4!!'/-. Pr ? l 'Ail:MI(11/o .
INSEED bbla. pure, for sale by
4e16 '. WELSCH. LITTLE & Cu.
ItAICON LIAMS.-10,000 lbs.finpelior get*
it V, heal* by 1/.OIIIBON, LIST LE CO,:
ACON SHOULDERS-35,000 lbs. fortade
44 , 10 ROBISON, LrITLR 00.
BACON -70001b9 iirtimt, Sides, Shonldrti,
fix ma by . B. t W. LIAILI.IAIIU W. •
KILOUD-110 bbLs. uextra",Hour- in - atore
and Ibr ALM Dr Joao . kW. ILLELBAIMIL
R 191 1 715 bble. New White;
: 6 X. -"
2. 8.662N611iLD
CIALERATUS-100 boxes pure;
80 bbh.J.B."
IMS3-200 boxes for !il: lamina):
est 'be. en ui
/9 6l,th. d
IDURESS-80 boxes for Yale by
_ yr-tun brcakr a CO.. '
JA ' Waft? and Irma st.
MACKEREL--Qinsttor bb }a No.-. 1; fat
ta.d.d. .toie ord Tor ado bs
- . ' ..123.11AUDICXT & 03.
/il.O Water & Front litx.
ACON—al eke, received and for sale by
LINSEED OIL-10 bbls for ealo by •
CROCOLATE-128 tae. Boston Choi°lo
-ika by ~„ _l4lO, . RICK I MVANDLEES.'
LARD -OIL of Bennett & mnnufae
tare, *tab by . 12111411 DICKEY' 4lg
Wat.crt host Oa
ARD. , -2,000 lbe. Lard, for sale on boa
-1,411 altiassent Dr T. WOODA SUM
/03 Ito. al. Water rt..
U ACON-5000 lbs. Hog Round, on con - 1;111i
mebb, ibry Ws by T. woops yam,
CODFISH -10 drums for sale bi ru
SITOAD3- 7 :lo6'bbla. Clarified
la Porde:re:Laud CraAte . kltaralei/ -
)ICE -20 tierces Caroline; for sale by
S V i r * "--.23 "dB. N. 0., for aalo b y
'ORN-4O bbliifiellid, for Bale by •
;a° - Y. VOA BOIMIOILOT t co
• • 10 1 ! • .1
in store and for - sale by
. Wain Limo st•
LARD ---12 bb
UAVANA SUGAIL-50 bli Ittio Zia
naaingar,JaAretailed sad In w.>) 1/1M141 , 011 ss ikutr4AZ, '
. . 11.110 11/mar gnat
OAP SOGAR.--30.b6liToaf sugar (as
itsiTiData inotaws,
Na 116. Wm. amt.
• •
RIOE-14 tierces for sale by
4RD-12 bblo Na. 1 Lard for Dale
`STARCH-40 boxes lionbright's - extra for
tgjtaleby • ' WICK• bIVALDI32SB..
riltDOlLr42 bbbs. for solo by
la • . & icuLaavon.
1111131:8-30 bra. W. R.. for We by. CO.
ha• • a. r. TON BONItOECET k
- -
COFFEE. -300 Green.lio CU'
IL ; 0 1 . 11
j %-15 tieroeseeh, for
. nt baomi
lED BEEF—^, Uriine, just' re
cavedwad Am wM br Yee S:Nr. iIIAnitAGUEL
SUGAR—CA lamb, received and for sale by
OLASSES-100 bble , just receive:l:land
Ibr We by R 9 IL W. 11ASZAU011.
ACKEREL4.O bbla No. 3, 1851, in ;
1V.11.41%. sod NS. S. 7,11.011At0y.
'fiat - Vaal ry e flair for by
17 he . WWI• WCANDLEM. .
SALERAT US--31 mks, for sale D i p. •
• army. t 11134.15_1 . 4.7.;9,.
easiiiaime on band and
1.-7 sau ar . win& a arcoanss4.
, ibr male tor WWI lIVANDLUE.
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Utz', INaddlig.t= /le. arett a rat MAIM of' me
t"b 4 1 373 aad a Ibb, ll ' iftrltillitr= for air, To
.b. 4
r t = rt. A. NeJLU KO a CO
sad Torrraalara.
__ YE FLOUR- bbLEfoi Baleßale
• pi, =Ur " ' Ir. DALT= 1000-. Libirir e
—. ___
CHEESE -50 boxes good W. It, for sale by
moo- . Co._
AbON T 4I::6IO Shoiadeto;
sva RotWeileta
aa co.
FLOUit—g bbin
MPSTARD SEED-600 lbo. for tale by
. .la a.L 11.1.111ZSTOOK CO..
IitACON ROG ROUND-8001/114. 'Simon
11.11 112 m..; Sides. and nankin% foe •
D RIED BEF-3000 — lbe. for sale by'
SY2 4A-60 hhdfil sale
b, ezeelled th quality , and gavot by an to the
-I.lly—ecostsalt on twee 1104 br Ws by the hell th.A or
triztaiuln.owiduTt...,;i • -u • •
• wiad.a...4%.!!,:
ROOMS--50 dos: - oommoit to beef
" sum Amy: 010 by
. • n= , lummox, LITTLN tW.
.' J. D. WILLIAXB. , & CO., . ~ • -
.., corner qr" Wood irtif ./VtA Pate, Pittsburgh, '
Kurr. NOW IN STORE; and to =Titre this
tack lb
m llrgi . guit, of 026=4 meat Vt.
lib bons vim, Un.607416 btan uemC o
Matt Zlr2c7Vash
45 I:47.l:ests "1 &I. , 00. 60 ba.. l , Ala*,
117 td4ol kV04 5:411"4 P titli 11..171.7... . •
yrs 604.1.0ra
_6 B.
. i, • „
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1 11 3; t 24 " lil
r6 ' : ' LA (=et lu 1 d
/NS Dbl. 0.1 sod alb& - • rastenssuas;
,i z . ii,: i,
1 .. 5. ; _ 66 .0 0 g l ond_1•01 16.14•106; •
' . 4 3
L1ik .,. .. *. e•th r .am,. mE=g i kti, -
.: 6C:I Hard= - 60 Melly . .
1200 Si to.U. , . 1 es Ithel - Candy; . _
, 2 " Gana Cara* ..
I ', tr. 1U . 0
. 1 tr - N. ~..L . ,.....''P,T. .
~,7'l bl ..C l =
2 •". .6.... lii% '. ,' , •
ih Mr i..,
1... . " 1 bbt. sub. Oat.. 40 . ...•
1 ''" •.* .• :. I "..,_Crous Tutu; -,
10 ki n 'y . =tart 6610 rout 1006%
10 "• ' %vit. ,' 1 ...1 - . lidnotam ~.
. ° • ". Mir . stml 61611001
10 , °. . ... ". •i . 1 now tha n iiipi
We" Its. B V 2* .s,. t ri .="="rti tesxss,
Igo - ....S. . 401gcr,,. ..‘ . . EOM. ameiVeallin
20 02s . :Ink . • . I' ..6
° 1 .0 0 1.1606=1 : ,
ark ea 0646;
; : • 1 01.060;1=11101.6 , 14 0i1... iidas , ,
yo b i ."o,oLo SOO V.)1.11.11L.14.10u5r.
- ' PUM4bU I. X.• .!'bb . A'I 26 balm wean *tr. -
/ 50 b1 ' 647 =46..4 '•
It' ; . O l galintr
.4 1
is - , 117.1 0
dram Ilsr In d.a..4
1 b I r - ASiunr: lt ::- .*,... ..h4,
md V.
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t aro.s. u r , ....5..-
- usWinami' (1.414.4 grog" '
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1 63=bit t •Pipm . 11 " k Ii , COL II =. - .
.v . ,,,1 2 '':. 4 ICK I VA - V e Zs i ld 1 aiaii
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MO ti .. 4 0 1 .b . , vb.'
. 72.1 .0. 7 .1 ".5 44117. ,
ilt M i. ......, • , 1013 gwes 11.1. D. slm;
104:0 Pa. LOW °lb • . ' Molbous Mosta &ea •. -
• Ice do. /WWI; - • LACI . . - ouiti,ar
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sratmoolumt of irxd,ugadaraitk i rfi nti ,
Norma. 41 - • 1336=14,ma4 /X Inas its.
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T HIB . COMPANY , incorporAtfn
February. lasl, with a tenet.' Caerear.
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musk relations. triads or creditors—to loser* tiro of
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or abort the prase arrl•l2 at the sae or te/. CO, or E 6,
Imes&Elmo. trusktall.. a..
Emma DeChaim. 1 icw =
12.=: .. .1. l i T4tOr ‘ i. M. 54.3 " Z: . '
;Irian S. Ilroa. - Armor& D. Leitch. -
Jobs B. Dilworth. . Chz=tow,
tirrauel Meant., . . Witt.
. ,
Ilea William Mains. Iwo fklarforf of Wan -
'lloo. Walter forms". Imo Boorotary of Treason,
John 0w1... rOq..l.*chler of Nu...burin Bank "
newt= /..0-14 Eft", Wbolesal.fitmew.. - - •
um A. W.
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awn Gartszo. IL AL, etee,
Ai Mists Addion,
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Annul torrSZl ' d Stmt. - -
Robert balder, IL D., Ind Fourth otreet.
Ala Crierorn. D.;:di girth stmt. ' '"'
liarAtn. O. bin Liberty stns. .
D. Litisreeth to in interim. n bt w e seam elm
" XVI' Vit (Ammer. N. 75 /north - .
• I IdlstArdi . CAA-WM . ON, Prey.
St!tte liana Ere Sastuariai- COirTany.
ucc eat, 160 L "
TIIE best evidence of the success of the
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and • bogy prolortlint Insured
whole rea. , • MO
. Do. do..pol.tostaituted,..agd, v 2 • - •
Amount of revirumnretvii.— . $7.68144.10
'_Paw. {.lmloltal,tYpltbd..TLhl 03
Do,. eanenlad,lorminated,asydred..." 01/ -
Da. 61,607 74
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Whole nal kosea and aspeastopo34,...K . Fdll
Balance In favor of tha In Oath ' • W= a
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Ishartorr..---John It KotherlbrA d. J.tfilkil m n.T.donan,
Mann A. Carrier. Alla C.•SoOgok-k tonna annan,
likAA John A. Parka,. /anti. Itutherford.
A. A. Cuotti. dctslatT.
_ _
N. B.—A Peep Die Wad of Wham what; ari OnlAtinr
pollens bail been 4/echoed br the larteoote, and fa ova
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of the era] of ninety Oaf a. - •A; Casatca:Ast
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Dollars Low* by Pim [twat otronlipc. wrid.hoo go
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WIFIN, ent
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R THE AFFLICTED will be found in •
Dr. Dewitt C. Ifelitageen INFALLIBLE LINIMENT.
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To the Readeti of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
TEUBLIO ATTENTION is respectfully in.
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