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Bev. Stamm. I. Was:fleolored) of 13ustom,`1
editor of the'...indepeail t Citizett," faierte
Mr. Nraahorea, in Ate tits. Ir We axe bite:idea ta
• f oliate that he will deriver egaretaes at the rust
of August. celebration, .(ttaty) at - Oakland, tit
11 and 3 eidetic: ". ;• •T.
Temen - Dows,L-A . number of iddlimen are
now badly levelling the Third Ward
pubila ichool house-to *; . teround...olo l OS to
"deep cute" _ around it, it had ' become en
safe, awl the; diieciais . atreed to build am
where.. ilite edifice lei I.- soon be erected at
the corner of Grant sad Elevaith streets.. - -
New Par Olitca:—WeiwWW that a new poet
office has bemestablished ht. linens Vista, Alio , -
ghlay county, Robert Hamilto n , Fdeb. - !+!L
spprnnted Rost muter. A - ._..,..-• . . .. : • • . '
- -
Budiair..=A Mau ed - Ellphalet!Weacett;.
Wu committed top • by Steel, ea:
Wahiesdsh charge d 0 0 0 1 k of Margaret, his
wife, with bigamy:. it is -said
:that: that rhe, obit!.
Tient :to his first ' marriage; titles years ago,
married i woman In Philadelphia, and- another
in Cincirmd, by each_dt eacherbene holed children.
Aunmcta P. P:O'Donntll, lis.; of Philip
detphli ii yesterday, -4n motion of Wilson
Megandlarisi Pr,ctico lathe
. . .
PASIVIO COurptarrnlrpitsr—JosialsWigglns
committalto rim by Mammon putb...
Dog,. OD , Wednesday, thaixek with - pasahig a
cactatirfait lye dallariiate on. the Harrigan
twaiii_ou Jan DOWILS.
. • -
Tune 31, 1841...
Barone the How Hopowell Heybarn,..Presidemt •
/ndipt, and Walter Lewtio; /sweat. Jodge.
Commonwealth ex Isaac Oregg . ii Idea
E. Gregg et al. Habeas corps No. TM'
ease aims on to be bawd, 'and , having been ar
gued la counsel; the court ordered the babas;
cosine to he dismleeed
tamonweslUL for Use vi Taylor's Adialnia:
tiatonn—:_vend - Ex: The court ad j ourn the sale
on title until Monday-Seat:
ltos Orr.—The bastes susched to the carriage
of Mr. .Thrtilu: . of allegtecklV frigblened
bl the whistle of she loconw tire on Wednesday
wadsin oft They were ats Prat slier the =-
singe bad been dragged: against a tree, and the
bunt anitdree broken." peison. arse injured.
Btaisila nuliras.—lilettard Wilcox WAS ooni
sidtted to prison on Wednesday,Shargod, on oath
of Bunn; bfitorite; with assault and battery.,
. .. . .
ASSAULT .. A3 . 1) . Itarisay,ghaneg was
committed by Alderman Woods, of East Bina
theism, on, Wedieedl7,:charitA on oath of
Bohan Stone, with smolt and.bsitory.
4ttsentiiiiin Edixdoolktt FitralOTTlß •- ,11,10
oodunitted to lirison yesterday bYBe4eent
of. Captain Oaked.',.ootipany of United States
dTalipeP3; e L Latge d wit h -didordalY Oandttat
Isseatiter am BATT4T.:-SOllll Stevan vu
CElVlMitteitO:prinon cis Wednesday,brAlder.
min Menester, charged ( au oath of : Leiria Kit
le, with &smelt and battery. ' '
Otsette. •
l'irrseolotf.--d. amber af our detail'
ars eatioasly.swaiting a public thle.of there.
raining lota Irt.gast listatugh, cn the Fourth
street rood.._ It Is understood that blear". Rai
& pitheridge, ttie proprietors, disposed of all the
lota they had to lien: BOUM t ime ago", *lb the
etheidlosi.of forty.t Would It isot be well for
them to sell the Soothinder 'et public.. alit, aid
thas rAire ell ti chance: ' • ,*.:„ •
••• • • •
MSS OIL ABOVE can tett •
ittd. tioildtabi tritois %as auk* uiprZa.ttl. l2 . , Dx. 2
Oita br voting And it one ant trios It. satd fat It
WO. it .111 Motto/ P0t.41457.-talt wtogo
Too esn't introduce a ovolletat. into ptomt.* isoo mina It
*MOW reollysObitattiol olartoes,treetitmoill td stmt.
et rad ottietikalogrwi ft ie thb het that bai uta:.ll.l+.l
tho mutt*. .8011101oriptoot llokt Extract of Sap
oweillorbsystut ell cavil o &oat. Ito lOU= 111. 0
Obi hood adorn Isin. =arta rtao wlSt tsficail Jowl Dbk•
loptiedeal ytioolotes--t4 trootootior Obi vorlooa aorritiono
owl mot= of, rooms otoirodicoult 6101.0itt
'MOM ea& 44otioottho otomoth
said Alictotho anon% aisles am, Itt" wok .boottiv.
bkol. SM. nottateo Ito various &odious at no ditkroot
Maus o 1 Um boar. Mil. - bill •••lbrumi .vittumt tba
- 14114tottys of Wm, tbo preporation /mimeos alb no It
Is !Ehttatta.. It mar bitboughtly tb At7t l = l . thot
• gratlatt boo moor dlosaati; boo Woo 'o.lldav
tius.Y,Blb et•ad OA • lure 3.01.1t7 of lb. atm"
ii‘tdotittlflet lb. !mama tusdkr. attigisat• town taw=
deo** tboblood. -lb 000•doo400l. tboth 1 , / •dba•
''Skotoulliot boat otkrod . br -"ow Imam of :mamas
sad onto: Ogroosoott. , :r as =UMW* Ibr the iftlast
Jobs Susitatißat ' !gust& Friona= tbo
Itt , trdette4stisitli to boiiiorlot to .11 Wm. -
Xamots. , —Bewar. , so& sot On Stu colilsoll Dr. AM
. Sari ikrafrom Scogootto—otth two oo ottm. Sea
gEVBSIttI!'OOWE/J" Ito Wad 4
itibk , Whala ; . • 1
,Wholosalo 1140 spat.
. .. ..
, u
-- Bar': meLANre. Lint-PlLis' ININET •
asr.,—Tne amnia,. nun *blob chit intabiable toodldoo
Itti beam talons sod stortttott4 esti telyto mounted
.Itir go the ground of Its mtl Tato*: It too catty !requited
is mai to estabibli Its elstou to ttit We ar tbs at, taw:
: tliefi • for . tho curt of /Ha Cotooloist. The folloristalat—
:: ter Ikons ditt ggist Ist So! : Yore: shoos tbe Emmet in
• nininbilniei Kai as :torn& in that wenn eagomnp
• ~ . . . •
. . . .
minket idikhzadnitos , 6., N. I. ism ,
'..Dt.sciana-Dsar au, I tun sold oot Utter
paw cm antlous to km anothcrlot lottnotiattlT,l
odd bats otl4 moth Isms I bolbooolAo
:Yldottitth thus. Thibaut:4=U we muffing to BULB;
"twit* tbotos buttrbother ttlett w m 7 ttiaia of cot,
I do
* Pa know. • Plass - shad_ ow ortottotovotty tiosontiotoly.
' =arr. Dragsw, '
1911.4:11. Woolot. •
roe sib by
7e kreititinit reltiedy of the age zee=
'alba tbilialebtated niedisias wiea u.d.ramariAr.
staluissaut.. IS Issued seats external aslgiouitiois. aadla
'said to susiessuiciatrotalseolqualities for bealtaCtriast•
lirshia.skitvg lissibu Stu A friend bul snore
Wm, bruise, vitals theasteited soottifeatioin be Worst
Mos] smug. to no efferes. siva be was advissd tot?
O. Tunas Arad= Lisduieut, isoe bottle of ,utileh ea
*lndy hba, hitsinao She cared of
but Ite eseellest soulleloe. he .would lussi
aouituis dile of Bee itdrsallastitesa. JOS
: ' Ezadriestaialandaracadaa.,,deaa V5l.
.. • Petrolenmt
L M, Ind—Dear dr, "Yoa".Petedeixo L ararkba date
MI adds eathadtagedbmae wad thank aideared
, . tie deadET w. reflatilroals Ws as ea
ilted7 cat, .M ft b Mar bairedleadasodflll7 6 7.
Tears. Fonmethair. — . _•• EOM,. LOPE t CO. ,
, . :, Lfamaalla, Edlladee4o.: Minh 10.•61:
• 7— Bo IL Ems-Dar VAL Mr Aand. a. few Teaks daeL.
'kftEt& as Ear dean'. nal' Ott, whldi ae, Eara
bread to as de,Eoadt bamableb:
-lan atedafts k .allot mode/ tattle Teaks. We'
.. aiaaatiln mead eseelledeatdadedlltaa Embattled.
Knit? WiXd ACM*
IT Wood sznor. H. A. Maeda-% de Ca: coma
dad mad Mat dradr, 0.11. C., r.D.E,:l6llloteadela
ad* P.Madai doe Vibe ace
- Cad Ofida.bnenians.:Paabatsh,
and 'American Hardware. ,
ooltstreit,`: - •
.• . No. : W ood
A p t a.* * to mica
efba,to sa/Mors
05a NeAl Ratn Kew. in the .t nt)!:rilm• WV; U.
tte -I,ltlttreompaar
V mg: premed los toptra poirea..g... ,
~I ! !j:" *. Za d Tsraati tr . r
. vt l ?tort deans Aitborgsh. , :lroCazd f
1ttO ootabl:
' • l!itzliburgh .Life : Warm= . Company.
0.11.111 &L, 3100,000.:
, FO mit 829tRE? •
p rl.nt-Jt > usHaas.
TnaMM-4X1311 is. Lam -
""h''''Piiatighr pow
bufh„- dried Pella"'
pyrivr.4oo ow. ARO,
rag) aw.
/.117, '
• -
"1-.r.."lolAMD—Liind Iraniutts Irante4, for
i:1,:7:!-Y':; %I :W= .
'flf3H—Mookerel, Salmon. Shad, and Her-
('.RUNT CLIERS ' 1 ..xes
ssmrsirstinefar dab,' '/A9 ) :Azazur
66Water reautit.
BRICK 25;000 '
131:1X—Prime Sugar Cured;TenisKra and
liett".Drlad 140 sad Bed Teagd.S. do by
• _J. D. W/LLI.IIIIB a co. zits woca .
ITT — FATIPERS- ,- -Yor sale by "
P - - '•:'IDA UDICWIk 00
gstriLmtalrimb`nrl7l , lTTlflVl
Noted for Three Prime Artielnl
111E4111 Ibillt4PtiDl=—Pdatits' litalit
it.,..itt st Mes‘ bootee tot mluns . .
' ' - tiiinsapotiwEr4: 4 -
TM brit itSISXOI ONANDY: Pittiburd.
maps you owl tbe 44• Er
jai: ear dosed alas us mum • •
ONGAR" ,l 4 l rerbles embed kuid Pulver
.l7 i n d ' N.7° " - f VIWAVor.
BY .;rt'Atlrl.,
saw= is Ting
aan airOITEY101: 11 # irnlNl*ol/
[The eaetem tekgnPhielino i n s tint in work- :
tog order, Inet everting, 013/31;(111112411br we are
million* our wind reports fmn the ealik]
Nsw ounitio, .iniy so.
.deiquctive fire accuiied at Aligiers:last
nlght, by twinty•Bie' biases . Tere de•
' - Cnictiarn, iuly, 31.
• ' flour—The nit 'trist is quiet, viihkalas - 800
lunTels at s3l6( } s3 20 per bbl. -: '' '
Vildski7—The marketis Alan at 171i24171. :
Baoon—Ls In good demand. supplies scarce.
and pride very Lein Sam 40 kbda - shoulders
at alisbut how held at 7a, _
...Bogails Sem, but not meh'dolng. I- . •
. • The river Whig slowly. The weather is
aid and pl eat • -
- Nen,Ouu~e , lal~ 30.
Catoll--the LOW Waft yesterday were 1200
bales; and this morning 200; at Telor bliddling.
Dealers Me awaiting the steamer's nein:
Provhdones Bacon 'Sides and
Shoulders at 7} ®Tic per lb. .. Pork is firm at
sls or Mai
The National Intelligenceruf Monday Bays:—
Waled:evening saw a gentlemen direct from
Hanna, who, hiving been a pUbtllo3l . In the
rdeututidplsabelas (he as Charlestoni, bad irsde
the trip Co Able city lakes than six days. He
states that Hanna was hlied - with - moors of a
revolt wallet the Goverment the eastern
post of the blind, which many rums supposed
to be of a WIC= Among the reports
Is one that at ruerto Prixtelpe - three 'companies
of the regimerd of 'Cardabria. threw dam their
*ruts and went Over to the Creole insurgents.—
The remainder of the' regiment hatteren publicly
disbanded at Havana - Another report is, that
the peeple of San Jean de las Remedios are in
open insurteetiOn, and' have already established
a provisional government It in also, earl that
at Tunis a detachment of ' Spanish trump were
defeated, 'whilst in pursuit -of the .insurgente
with a loss of two er thras hundred men This
loin and' defeat, however, according to - oar in
formation, may bale been the result of accident
as the troopeare stated to have bane:roaming the
river in a .scow,:thich Maidenly conk, whereby
a large number were drowned. All we have on
the subject of these repeated outbreaks in the
Quetta ' to .. llaba na of Tardily lut, the Ztd
instant, now. before no, is as official publication
of which the following- is a translation:' :
. . .. . . .
nes.AZTEUIT or urn leurnier accirraxv.
Ms ecieelleecy the - Cape& Genera bee re.
ceiredrionnieunicationfrom the Commander-In--
Chief of the Eiger/ Department -Mem -Manta. -
no) ditedJuly 15th, including a cog of a letter •
Bent to him on the ISMS 'day by the commander
of the infantry regiment of. Yeabel 11... (Don
Jewel:tail) in which this altar states that he
attacked the band of insumients commanded - by
the rebel Don Joaquin Spero y Agutero, In whelk
the latter 10Eri fin Men 'Maeda fourteen homes,
eleven saddles, eighteen • carbines, six pistols,
eleven machete% (long morels,)' fifteen Wile
knives, and a medunne cheat with all its - con
tents; he notbeing able to destroy the remain-
Am of these adsmable and deluded men, bemuse
they retreated to a thick and impenetrable for
whence they cannot escape without receiv
ing mother severe imam that vrill eating die,
.Jiffs, excellency has also received another corn
nomiation from the Cemenuoeder-in-Cidefof the
Central Department; (Gen. Leyninty) dated Pa.
erto Prbuipet; &V 16th, in which he states that
another body of, rebels - (twenty men, command
ed by Manuel. Nunea) had appeared, and that
forces had ben cant to pnrsno and arrest them,
1 whicti has prol:Mbly already been done ',,-
In view of them events; his *titling has
ordered a, Mart mares' 1- to be convened in the' ,
disaffected &trees, to judge 'blear end sum.
scarily; UM ensurpcm, - their accomplices and
, en PTO-Weed
by order of iihieexcelling, for the
g m.
knowledge: of 'the inhabitants of - this '"; I'IrDZO Emma.
THE 111ffifIllffitiNDBI IN 0011 A.
By the arrival ye sterdry of the ochooner Pen
ile., Capt. Townsend, from lienvitas, the 17th,
instill% letters were received from Cuban earn.
Intionista in Puerto Principe, to their friends in
this city, giving some interesting particulars of
the recent outbreak, which hare been fansiehed
to as by some Cabin gentlemen of reepectibil
ty, who have 'also supplied me with a copy of
the declaration of independence Wired by the
people: PrtheiPe
no official account of the instrrection it rn
trio Principe, heretofore published. related der
to e
_amell skirmish on the 3d-of July, in which
Joaquin de Aguas y Sanchez was taken rime
ner,-and o few arms were captured by the Span.
lab troops.: The news by this arrival is up to the
14th of July from Puerto Principe, being eleitn
days Werth= the last anoints.
The prontincissmento for independence wee
node on the 4th of July, on which day the tint
'real battle fur liberty may be said to have taken
place. - 'The government troops; prortionl g Y4
out to make prisoner s of anyrervalaticarlats,
up with th e guerilla party of Joaquin A y
Apart, at the foot of the. Cassano mountains,
and about four or Ave miles distant from the mil-
lige of, that name. The Mins numbered .200
men Ind i s 800 men. ecnikting of
100 knows a 2110 dnfintry. After a sharp' I
engagemenAthe Spaniards fled, bidet their
captain and tawny rears killed, 'together with,
lightens , wounded. no Cubans bad tio or
three wounded and ions killed. The Spanish
solffiera after the aides!, went over to the Cuban.
side. This battle inspired ray great confidence]
sarong the people, and immediately the number
of the insurgents increased rapidly.' At disbud,
accounts they were known to number 1000 men
and more. They were (Elided up into fire gate
cilia parties, Of 200 min each„ under the com
mand of Joaquin Agana y'Agnere, Francisco
Alcorn , y'Estrads, and Übaldo Antonio y Pins, i
These parties are stationed in the :strongholds in I
the vicinity of .Caocarro , end Principe, drilling
; sitijmenting their numbers..
Ater die battle of the 4th the Spanish troops I
hurried back to Principe, seventeen know funs
raisarwo. ,Whentlse news of the defeat reached
Principe, there was a great excitement among '
the and nothing but the large number
,at soldiers prevented& general tieing and • nuts
urn of the treqe- Tie presto is over 4000
strong, and notwithstanding Ole large number;
Gen. Lemery did nit dare to withdraw a- 'angle
manta go out in pentads of the Cabins, for fear
of a iisisg, tut awaited the arrival of reinforce
ments from Haman; wham he bad eent foe 2000
ann.,: The**. dein fuss Havana stated that
these troops had tailed tor Rine*, distant 460
miles._ Thus while Gen.: Lemary was confined
at Principe; the Cubans *ere gathering numbers
land strength ,
At thriller accounts from Principe, many 'of
the. Cubans hid left the place; to join . the gni.
'dike: - Prom the torn of . Biyami a party 'of
200 men bad ipsne4,:from itillnClera, 100 ;
and =Acre from Bonita' and all the towns in ,
lieighhorhcod of Peineripe. As fiat as the
newe3Preed, dite people' senColf parties to the
urrannbiltra; so that the numbers of insurgents
will have become very formidable bifore
Spanish troops can be brought, spinet them.—
TheCobans, however, are, poorly armed, and
I bar ander many disisdnitigei
PrinAgnero Benches wits confined in
nost prient, at
lathe eon of one of the
atrial men in emplace: It is impposed he will
be shot. -44.. T. Voir. *Eng.
- -
Itafords us great pleasure to be able to mi
ser* our readers that the intelligence hem all
patty of the interior of the State is encouraging
for a leitleetionot Omen= Johnston.. A steady
an4lootoring effort in this city and corulty, on
the pert of thaw who hare felt the latellffel in
fluence of the preeant administmdsion—end who
has not 2—will secure a good and micessful gov
ernment. for three yews more;and the solid tm•
tablishnent of that wise system of public , pol
icy devised by Sou. Johnston far preserving State
credit, reducing-the, public, debt, and placing
Pernsllemmis in tht high and Proud Position
• she Seams to oocupy among thti States
of our glorious Union.,
_-Tho - people are begin
ning to discover the full extent of the trend
which the opposition are now ettemptingto prac
tice by mesas or A. COrrOPt °l4 and 134
are determined to raft, by such airexprestdon "
at theldlot box as will effectislly crash all such
schemes hereitter. The double-fain:4 potation
which Col. Bigler hat taken for, himself, has die
ettbraml many of his political friends. end ex
cited a feeling of distrust which - sonar lose him
thauesude of Toter, while thr pert that Mr. Wil
mot is playingin this olfbmeeeking douse, has
invoked deep 'on on all/dam. We ex
pect large remits tram • these minim, and . from
ether and proper contdderstices whirlers opera,
flog to produce - - sierra . among the sobstardisl
interests or the State, by the contingency that
the deht-eresting party maybe restored to pow
er, and with it may come a return of that seat
lea polio by whichpostetitY was 'serif:4d and
public faith prostrated during their farmer tan.
are of oftat--;Nortit Amer.
&taro or (tonotoonsTlto &mid of Ifealth
Report show 186 deaths in Cinolonatt. dosing
the week ending the 24th Inst.; of these Genet,
MO wore ehildron =dor pro years - of age, ond
sis 41114 Of obelus:
. .
Aiimmmer. AttMiforMti WiseTZATZ = Wer
are informed by Samael ,b 1 Lane; 'Seq.,. Pled,
dent. of the Mesh*,
_end -Butler fliaili Itosd
CoMpatiy, thatthestoding first,three and
A half miles of the roadlis cointlebid; and
Rut the lumber 'dmigniti :far the coutructioa
has been braced, down by the recent freshet In
the Allegheny.: "The be completed to
Splines Rol li ng in September, and it is
conterophited to allot the Obstruction of 'tamps!
new sections Immediately. The doubters may
as well knock attar, si thertisd Mill be 64ple
ted to Butler by the fail of 1862.--Butier 'Whig
"Gov. Jotterra CONUML—We learn by a let
ter received in this plate on Saturday last, that
his Excellency, William F. 'Johnsion„ Governor
of the Commonwealth, will vise Butler on Time=
day, Augnath 14th, st which tiniehe will address
the citizens of the country on the policy, of his
administration, - and the severallelitical ques
tions of the dsy.,The Governor dedrestoheheard
by the citizens of the several political parties,
end we trust they will all be 'present on the oc.
We hope immediate arringenients . will be
made in the sires' townships tot= out in such
force as to gire a proper reception to oar dhs
tingoished Chief Magian*, and be worthy of
Meehan:der of Butler coney. Come one, come
all, friends, and Gin people of , the borough
will meet ,you. with extended hands and open
Anangements for the reception of the Gover
nor will be made In a dsyor two ' and will be an.
Minuted Lades reason . —Butter Whrsr. •
certain that the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day
ton Railway will soon be open to the pubßc.
The whole line to Dayton. presents unmistakable
evidence that the road will soon be , ready. The
calls are down on a large portion of the line, a
few iodize here and there remaining unfinished.
Locomotives and gravel ears are running to and
tro trenspOrting materials. fic. Station houses
for passengers and freight, and wick-shops are
going forward at. Cincinnati and Dayton—wat
er and wood staticvs an in progress—the &8..
Amity, et the crossing• of Mill creek, has been
overcome—the bridges over the - creek and the
are nearly all ready, as ore the paten-
get and burden ears.. WO hear that conductor/
and agents have been .appointed, who . are per
fecting themselves far active duty. But few
weeks will elapse, before .you may all ride et
ease on this excellent road, in ears of the first
class, undernentletnanly (Inductor.. wa at low
New lines of omniburaes are to run in
connection with this road to all parts of the
city. A general ticket office will be established
at or near the corner of Broadway and Front
greet/. The officers, director:4llnd contractors
are all very bray in getting all things ready and
in first rate order.—Cia. - Gar. .
Tar Warm Croja—We believe thatour farmers
have generally got their wheat barrelled and
safely stowed away. The crop is large, beyond
all former ones, and their quality cannot be ear
Boma of the new eropims already been brought
to market, indoor merchants speak of it In high
terms. —Mosakui Neva.
- IXPORIIIOI . DZCIIIO/1-bi 'the Unites States
Citeitit Covet; yesterday morning, in the case of
the .United States is: -Weise; Mr. Justice Orler
delivered the Opinicar of the Court, maintaining
the motion of District Attorney J. W. Ashmend,'
for a perpetual injunction to reetrain the collee
tor of State and county times of Cumberland
county from.proceeding to collect certain taxes
messed upon a military poet; occupied as bar
racks by the United States. -
:.The opinion decides that there is 710 authority
by lair to impose a tax nix:many property owned
by the Anited States, Within the State of Penn
sylvania, aid that all taxes heretofore messed
are illegal and void. The opinion Is very able
and interesting, and will be published at length.
—Pka. Y. Amer., 25th inst.
Burma Laic Nor To= Crrr Bartioan.—
This road, muting from Buffalo- to Bornellsville,
where it connects with themee road, to being
pushed fonrard very vigoro. Itis expected.
to be finished and in use between -Hornellirrillo
and Portage—a distance of 20 miles---by the lid
November next, and for the entire distance hi
the lst January, 4852. . .
. .
The Burlington Hawk -Bye gives a Statement,
of the mead= and property in Des Moines'
county', which contains some interesting items.
There are 229. .942 acres of lut. and 14,4813 In
habitants. The total value of real estate to
$2,130p2.4; and personal property; $477,572,
Burlington has 6,129 inhabitants. The papule;
tion of the caunty,has increased 1,500 dining the
put year, assume volution of entered land
is $5,87 per urn .
Emma= Samier:-Inrsormners or Calico
nuturacrous.—The British tissulation for
the advancement' of science is now bolding its
annual general assembly at the eity - of Ipswitch:
PrL Airy. the. Astronomer Royal, Is the presid
ing officer for the yam r ite proceedings possess,
as they rdwaya do, much interest, many new
facts in aciente having been ; already elicited.—
At a meeting of tffe Section on Chemietry, Dr.
Lyon Playfatr reed a communication from a Mr.
Mercer, ”On a - new method of contracting the
Fibres of Calico, and of obtaining on the Calico
thusprepared Colors of much Brilliancy ." which
to offer salmprovement of no little value
to the mannfactorer. Mr. blercer,_ who com
menced his experiments in 1844, has ascertained 1
thit it Cold solution of caustic sodi—aimple
thing as it is—bas a peculiar effect on cotton
fibre, causing it to contract and remain so, per,
manently, after the Soda hue been washed out
Caustic soda, as Dr. Playfair observed, has long,
been used in the proem for bleaching cotton.;;
hot this power of altering the enema of the;
Mae, be rays, only belongs to the cold soltdion.;.
' The degree of condensation is equal to from one
fifth to one , third of the total robots of cotton
..The practical applMations of directs ery untY
be inferred. The first obvious one would'.:
that of converting. coarser finer fabrics; l
which is effected by taking a curse: fabric and '
steepingit in the proper solution of.cansticttoda;.,
In which the contraction of fibre itiparts to It e
fineness of appearance not before possessed...»
Dr. Playbill ., exhibited to the Section specimens,
brought from the Industrial Exhibition, and said
I .
improvement Is so peat that, "if the fund
calico made in England, known as 180 picks to
the verb, was thus acted' upon, it - immediately
apputed as fine, es 260 picks." Dr. P.' also ox
hibited stockings of open weaving medusa& in
this manner into greater "minces.
Imother applleadon *rapid - be the improve- 1
runt of colors, to whielthe condensation imparts
depth and brilliancy._ -
"The r effect of thin alteration of texture,' says
a notice of thepaper which we find in the Athe-, I
cream, "was most strikinglyithown by Colorn-,
The pink 'cotton velvet had its tint deepened to
an intense degree by the condensation prmesi.
Printed calico, especially with colors hitherto .',
applied with little. aatisfaction, as lilac, bad
strength and brillianej besides thus prodnelog :
fabrics cheaply finer than an possibly be woven
by hand. -
The effect was shown of patterns be
ing formed portions of a =face being pro
tected- by gum from condensation. Thnslat-1
tarns of- appatently Inc work can easily be pro.
dared.. It was stated that the fabric:lbl this
process have mach strength given them—for,*
string of calico one half condensed by caustic
soda will break by 20 0n., . while the enacted tt
an string • broke with 18 os."
lr. Idercer'spaper.was' deemed of snitlidlitt
importance to be made the subject of. discria
sion between s u ch menus Faraday, Minas; and
others : and it rim proposed that misansoopie
eraminationeshould be made for the purpose of
amentaining the mode end nature of the change
effected in aotton fibre by' this new process,"whieh
as the repoiterdeolerca,.."bids fair to CM erl All
immediate and extensive alteration in thd; pat-
UM and produce of cotton fabrics."—North
. . „ „
One of the English Whole!, on Conplalcirng to
the inspector of the - Great • Pali that he was
closely watched by two' policemen - all the time
that heeras in the Crystal Palace, 111111 told that
the only thief who had lately been taken was a
swell mobsman disguised in episcopal gear, and
that the police did net know him, and suspected
a nand attempt of the kind,
- nye that the following isgood Oma
n= 'That that 'that' that tiuttiman tittered,
was not that 'that' that that other 'gentleman rs
, Kirkham in his Orammar,,given "theta" fa
suseession,:no as to truthe geodsinse, se follows:
"The Odor said,in speaking of the word that,
that that that that that lady palmettoes& not that
that that that gentlemen requested her tonna
lythn' He says, "this sentence, though render
dared ,liislegsnt by a bad tholes of words,'is
1 staidly. grammatical - :The Best that le's noun,
the second a oonionctilin, the third fp 10dethe
prong, the fourth -a' noun, the, fifth a rebates
pronoun, the sixth an adjective pronoun; the
seventh a noun, the eighth a rebatee pronoun,
the ninth an adJesdie pronoun."—Dernit;Ado.
Omar or Primula: Clo Carror, - Jolrli.
TRUSTEES of the Pittsburgh Gee
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' Groom old tub Drikri.
PRESH MACOARONI—A very ei9eiior
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aOIIN II - IiFELLOX.NO. 431:W00d street.
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LABET WINE-=A choice article, for &sa
l.) Or an. by lbe OW &AVIA, COt by
liOVERING'S SUGAR-50 bbla. Crashed
nod Pulverised. for se' by •
)[7n l o.4,l4.4thrxrit,
.}il2 ""PiliraKtigtarnplM.
Stocks. , •
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CIIEEM-30 boxes W. IL, for sale br. •
bblo. extr at za . a for
v ou c ol li t by.
EACIIES--10 casks " prime Helv esUGlL, for
*alb by - Jill 8. , k lIABHA
'MEW MACKEREL-50 bbls No: 3, large
aa• ma ckaralJustylaalvat and kw sat ty_..
jot • a. a W. 11611.BAVOIL
'ENDOW OLASS-1000 boxes City and
many bran.% air sale by •
SODA CAfike, of our own mann
dem% tented at at tdel2 4. lus herded,
sod tor ale at the lowest market
"DACKEDIptda TEAS I—Jenkins''.l Co.'s (of
Pbtlado) superior Dead Gnat tad litoolt
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AMS-500 rime Cammased, for
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WOOll WOOL!--Cash paid for the differ
yort grades of W. 5.1 Dr 8. a „minima.
S9ii t ABII-15 c"befiregiaram
OFFEE;I2S sack, Green Rio, for saloby
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brad. for a 5.18.17 CULDERNISON II CO.,
MOLASSES -50 bbbs. N. 0, forask by
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• Coninuroian Service.
HAL DOW 1.""
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ARD— . ISOO lbs. No. 1, for sale by
• irlo .T. WOODS 601‘. 61 Ways .t.
WM. ASH-23 casks Lutwich brand;
torrid. by -Jirowitsori.
HOT-11 kegs ased. Nosi..fir,egbjm
OAF SUOAR— bls. 450 b ailedWlL Nos., (or
ials by 1710 W. • If. MS.
VOWDER-500 kegs Du Font's Blastinv
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UNIATA. BLOOMS—W toes for sale
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COTTON BATTING-50 toles Family;
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t'IIiEESE--150 boxes for sale by
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Wart4t l 3 l 1111. No; 84145,1V0i
R ION,--50 tierces Ito =Wear esle4
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WI be r. 14 dm. clot 14. p.
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OLDEN SYRUP—In ht. bal. &d id gaL
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TANNERWOLL-27 bble: Bank u % for
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UOEFER MATO agt3.....250=thr Sae bY
8 L00 .,02.. ME,• : 200 ::, tons t3o . fi jm,ia TenzL oal.
Imparters` of French and canton Goods,
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United States Hotel at-Philadelpilia:.. -
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STATES HOTEL. -Long-known in eonneethat with tba
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'TIM. SUBSCRIBER, Pro_ pnetor of this
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!PERSONS deritilitital, healthy, hia._
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For EW-Pinfianty on the Canal Bann.
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The Gloucesterrsei Waft,' at Okmeestei,
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Apple:Wm to be aids at the Rata oe ha =I Ihirket
eavid. Philadelphia • _
Jr/alttealle) 111. • J.O. MEL
For Sale,
. . . • _.
••A LOT OF Olt0IITirD; on the west gall
/IL of Wokiblostoi Wort; 100 fest moth of Wylie
5t=.1 . 07 oot golo u l i M it r4 =cat i Lleg lo mr.,
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. . . D. W. AA. S.
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for rent tbi Oro or mato Tw0.200 Mid= of the
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For tenorr lot e of Mr. 11101113130111.111 D., neve
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To Let;
A DWELLING' HOUSE, containing 9 g. 6.•
ItitsfgAVNTAl tetP4l.=l 1a rs;
awerb Iter prdeet. Rent law,uldwi i m
near Ito awath of
Valuable Lot on Third sheet for Bala
WILL sell the Lot en Third stteet,. ad- I
Cloboty Establidoorst of Was Noble ow
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- - • -
EOR RENT.— three eery bri b. elA
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IHouse and Lot to:rild&
LARGE LOT, on L.:tamale:rest, gia
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raitOOSI TO LET, on hiarket=
mood dam tom sett eetioLobtir the
end /*mete/ Store of W. W.Nenroo.
MTV NOMIk bee the beselsormet front Um =tie
the bat keetien Ihr • Dry Gaels astlT•terf
trot tbr the telexes of the feer.hilL btyery
tram of JULIA OILIT.or
- • Real &tate foi Sale. -.•
A-VALI:TABU , wliiaproyed 10T,' on the
=me' of . I.lbergA .lie seel 11=ets ao seA 1111.11t o ra
= ll l/ ass 4 . on 7. r. maize brto epvlsot
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Alarent Yana eelsl3l West Deer
Alem-A Rum of M aura la Learner palmy. - riffle.
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attoraere at Low, sod Heel Mate AMU.
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VR RENT—A.Warettonse on Water :
Amt. banes Igorlaical Farr. angle F
advar Wilson oar
WIDE well f3nistied and furnished Store,
dtriA rls. zurr the Pod Calnooti wont
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ea 371 " 3".
To Farmera.
AOBE., • •
V 3 .F arming
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du tams- Eaquirr of • • a:Wllaudi 4100,
m.yl , cor4.r outtartn and 'Mini ism
7EENT! ACRES, of Gardening Land; al
-70 Aube oxtl'eultJvation, AAA* ense was the
. Idll of mkt AA 11.500 Aete—ozo Card nab. fool
Cull* Atl:T=lf th":/"'.
Amon Qt !Ante. sad Third
r Tot Sale. ' • •
frHE triembere of the Fainnoiuitrire Com
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OR RENT—A Dwelling - House-on
Third Moot. att. and rem s hot" tltteld It
Sit Ittlttem‘ Ism 7034. Ittat am , Mug
rentid um. tad poottloo Om btatodhttar. ' - .'.
. . Alto—tor Balt at UM. IMMO lots In tbs If bath Illtra,
IV.lDerllasititeNltartb , stmt. Ire*
Volatile Real for Salo:
rSUBSCRIBER ears for Sale; ... A
orablotS h. tbe Pillooted Real Mtge, In
City of Pi
Tam bot throa *ld blob dialling amok
Ileoundstreet,toreton Nate; and terry ativeha the
Lob Irtnda.ol9feetg oat by 50 do*. • -
No. 2. Contains 67 on hest on Taint
_shoot adj Alan
the Tahal t edia . f .. 2useh. an which le using we
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_lota in Tallibin. lanon ionisty,Autt lota
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Nome dwelling. ell tiro suedes oh.
No: a. Ooalol6o feet freed on NO .o.d. 0190lte ou.
atom and estandinitl . oth4 h toV i d
ttig . tte rued tato ► In• mark. on Ito
No. 6. One ntaitt r • witat 111,100 daet on Whoa moo..
with tan sham water ideobaataelko. i
Nat. Oro lot mor.' the _vat. lot it e: fret fiont, ant
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big stout 15) time OD Braadlna: sat atone =tett dola
tontaining 136 sena on -.aka am erected too Lana frame
and ono ntl e gifn
'2" am! rxedT_ P =oUT InnirodinmeUteif OpPoohe
Vargo lot, inniabdfai s ui imknor.Dieoloraa4
=t i r l gar h ` tr. "'p:r dh s.
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• • ••For Bfle.
ocKegogAtas. üblarr.z.var4h.
lara.a, Is Oa OttylAirtaMe, no WI Mato
oardrj i aod
Z . - - The AL itsTATE-For- index . '
geadJadtas Alta sib. a a =roata i a t e=
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at which
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Mrt.- 1 ! *'91. M!" .1.' " Val ZJIAPOI
RAI/MEWS - MAGAME,;:farl' . . ll oa *t
lam nadarditllCUlLlß i 14artart
e is 41
thew alt. 01136-
jar on ebb day,the Ist Itut. al 10 oNakek; 'K.
- Ae.
RI" . 14 'Z i*r un
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Tho fine E ar n ii,
• • Weimar Cacausber.sillisAn
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W I WWI W. WU" Anat.
fist ant tbe rt.. ator t
r ( S M . riff LIVIA a
Itcifr LAft - PA"O .- KET 7 ll.gus i g
PILOT No. 2. A. &Cm* seasler.
rill Inv. POIAIncILS P.* WS.OKIPPO.A I . 4 SwI NI N;
Tualgy .amd Friday. at S *max P,so poOMISZI
13.141 WA.OAS
edonklar Lod , • PossragerS
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_CINIIIN3II7.. Captain Jan'
the owner" of the gamer lase Naeland•othere.lbt
the Cincinnati =I kittnntenit hold Cade. end ofilleson
ever" Wednesday for th”. , ..0 In plena tto Nen Env
land No. . Nor fro4tht or mo i g n et=d, h?
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new vadat Maw PA
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Wrong: sad WbroUsts, tearing Maawo K lO c'elort
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AMMO as nimeroturiNacoveries Science
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• PASSOB 11.11 C-COCK..
haus C. Aser—iihr. I had used your Cherry rectors/
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1r al. 0.14:5 . :Leader of Ma Llt. Mot.
detantine of Azoodo. and Rum.
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00 and J. M. TOWNSZSIL
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- ••
at Vabutble Improvement . in Trauma
BRACALED'S Imppyed .Patent TRUSS
. F.UPTITRI.R. RM,IDT. by which a
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/LIU= bIeDOW ELL. Amt.. .
140 Wood st— tittebaszli
.DnEard'a Abdominal Supporters; -
FIVISE SUPPORTERS are into:aid chief ,
ly For lb, eon of Prolapsla Uteri and all Sta.s
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liosS Palos la Uis Back Lasstiods arid Extralos
nallass of Prod:y.olm, Bbonnovet
Palpitatloa of the newts Diji9MagMslod.b"l.-
. 110 Wail xi" Pittsbaroto
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111, Ilswou-01 rm . 'Semifinal , . I soy witboit
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arkd sold by R. E. EnillalgOT W orrl
by dirtiszt.ts .9.7•111. • r rorls
JUST Tery excellent assortment
or MANTEL it stoni in to PEI ell partailt
. Multel Elwin,. to ELM web, and avant
en—ctrenp month ID pat one r. 17 tern. •
•1, - W. WILKIE. Market •
• ¢lO • - • • eanwrof 1' :
REAIP-.--130 boles Mi:D. R., for sale by
,ARD 011.10bblo. for solo by
.r. 14 J. KIDD t W. 60 Wad A.
1017110.391 LL NETER for the sake o Fa
47 v Liebtqius,=. • great .imerSeast Ban
Ooe ifollagh .ordt boa a stELL'a"`'''
e ewes.
T I IT TRY 11111:734 for sale b-.
C01 . 1. 1 N--500 .
A_RRELS-.-200 now Eons. Yes sale by
.nee :.t.DILWORTII CO..
' • 1000 togs 111T . 40r. in Maansinr: • !
. 2400
. 1,00 . " R in I.lagneer: fOr FA
lon by Ilr2) - .1. a. DILWOKTII a CO.
____, _ .
SFEtt FUSE-2 bbls. to arrivC, for sa
y tier 1 .1. E. DILWOOTTI a CO.' .
VORN-35 bldg. far sale by
lJ E. y. vas soNsizoYerk
93 and 93 /rout tL
fIOI'ASII--30 casks pure, for sale by
W . 05 .1 TWINE-500, , lbs. c. for sale by
QPIRITS TURPENTINE- 10 bblo. (to or
I.J . o) . fte sale b7_ J. cog
/. rote for rout for rain rir bro.& cat.m.f... blvitieh
rlns of 13 per mat in floor if...67 , 1 01 a r xx by
WIL 11 It übms
MOLASSES -200 bblis. N.& n. fo n r sal iD e t),
101S11.--Mackerel, & B. FLOP.
Shad, and Herring. fc
J: br jel
bbls. Boston, for Rale by
- ' J. kILFLOYD.
r „.o4o...vsset reed end for aft, w y holinale 1141 to.
ft.w.wlv.w.wo • •
;L. _loot the Plitdough.
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Nit.R. E. SELUM:---1 take thurappor.
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EXTRACTS of. lkitii; Oriika Floirgr e tthw a ;lreritv: Sweet Po% Tcollfsg4a
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White Paint
t ritig *Eat •OXIDEOF ZINC, re.
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